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defectivehero · a day ago
prompt #264
“That's a blatant abuse of their power and authority,” the villain said, their nose scrunched up in displeasure. The hero exhaled shakily.
“I know,” the hero whispered, trying to ignore the stinging pain in their cheek. They swallowed, pretending that their mouth didn’t taste coppery and metallic. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”
“Okay, so there’s nothing you can do,” the villain rolled their eyes before getting to their feet. Their eyes gleamed, and a mischievous smirk appeared on their face as they continued to speak. “There’s definitely something I can do. A wide variety of somethings, in fact.” 
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epiclamer · 17 hours ago
Hero and villains powers work only when they are around each other. Their powers are basically interlinked.
The more intense the attacks get, the more powerful each side gets. If one tones it down, the other has no choice but to.
Basically, it's a grey area where nobody can win. There is no winning at all with hero and villain.
They don't realise each other's powers work that way, and their fights are very long.
One day, hero and villain are fighting and finally realise this.
A healthy dose of angst it is. >:))))
(No reposts but reblogs appreciated <3)
Together Forever
“How is it that neither of us ever win!” Villain shouted, smashing their weapon to the ground out of anger.
The words—although mulled over many times by both parties—had never been spoken out loud. And the fight had stopped completely.
Hero sighed, wrapping their arms subconsciously around their chest. “Maybe we just weren’t meant for this game.”
Maybe we should quit. Was left unspoken.
Villain knew, Hero knew. They had been at this game for years and every day they’d return to their homes and wonder what they could’ve done better. But now, here they both stood under the full moon, wondering if it truly was their faults after all.
“It’s us, it has to be us.” Villain gritted out, curling their hands into fists. This game was getting ridiculous and they were both just so tired.
Hero shook their head, sighing in defeat. And when no words could escape their mouth Villain took up the speech again.
“Every other hero, every other villain. They fight and one of them wins. One of them always wins.” Villain laughed as tears streaked down their cheeks. “But not us. Not in this game that we play. Not in this stupid STUPID GAME!”
Villains voice raised by several notches and Hero could see their powers slowly become unstable and reactively course through their veins. However, not only could they see Villain lose control, but they could also feel it in themselves. Their powers were reacting back to Villains, pulsing under their skin, begging to be set free, to match Villains frequency. They were on the same frequency.
“Villain-“ But the other was far off in their own world of depreciation, laughing as tears burst past their defences repeatedly. “Villain please- listen, stop it-“ Hero tried to call out to the villain, feeling their powers build up more and more and more and more-
“VILLAIN.” They stopped, glossy eyes pinned to Hero’s as they finally shut their mouth. Hero didn’t know what to say now, it was like all that energy, all that power had been drained from them once Villain was pulled from their spiral.
Only now as Villain shifted uncomfortably did Hero realize that they had stepped forward and grabbed Villain by the shoulders.
“Sorry…” Hero murmured as they pulled their arms back, silently missing the warmth from Villains skin. “I just… I think I know what’s wrong with us.”
Villain raised one brow, sniffling for a moment before wiping their nose with the back of their hand. “Oh yeah?” It was a biting tone that made Hero shiver, but they remained as composed as possible.
“I think… Now just hear me out… I think our powers are connected.” Hero concluded, eyes shutting as they prepared for Villain to lash out, but no surge of power came.
Instead, Villain looked at them wide-eyed as they finally were able to put together the pieces of the puzzle. As if the final key has been turned and the answer has been revealed.
Hero was right.
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villain-enthusiast · a day ago
Can you write something about a confident hero flirting with a scientist villain? The villain tries to act cold and maintain their composure in order to hide that they are totally in love with hero, but fails?
anonymous asked: Can you write a snippet about a confident and charming hero flirting with a scientist villain. The villain tries their hardest to hide the fact they are flustered by acting naturally cold, like they always do, but they clearly like the hero? Thank you! :) ✨
tw: brief threat of violence
Villain had not expected anyone to be in their lab when they got back. Especially not Hero.
But it seemed that surprises liked to get the better of Villain, because when they walked in to test some substances, there Hero was—dressed comically in a lab coat.
“What the fuck are you doing here,” Villain sputtered.
Hero perked up and turned to face Villain. A quirky grin split their lips. “Just taking a look at your work.”
“My…my work?” Villain stormed over and snatched back the vial of liquid that Hero was holding. “Mind telling me what for?? How did you even get in??”
A simple shrug was all Hero provided. “Your code to open the door was 1234.”
Embarrassment flooded through Villain and they flushed. “I have bad memory,” they muttered before they could stop themselves. They backtracked. “I-I mean, I just, it’s—,”
Hero chuckled. “No, no, I get it. It’s kinda cute, honestly.”
It’s kinda cute? Villain inhaled sharply, trying to retain their composure. “You need to leave.”
“Do I?” Hero cocked their head, all innocence and grace. It made Villain’s heart do a flip.
“Yes,” they hissed between clenched teeth. “Unless you want me to throw you out myself.”
Hero smirked and slid their hands into the pockets of that stupid lab coat. “I mean, what did you have in mind?”
That caught Villain off guard. “I…” they trailed off, flipping through the possibilities in their head. “We’ll you’re in my lab. I know what these things are and how to use them—I could throw burning chemicals at you, hit you with a tranq dart, and…are you even listening to me??"
Hero had wandered off at some point and was weaving through Villain's stuff again, humming tunelessly to themselves.
Villain gave up trying to say anything and instead opted to a simmering glare, but it quickly melted away as soon as Hero ran their hands through the rich locks of their hair.
Why did they have to be so attractive?
"You're staring," Hero murmured.
Villain immediately averted their eyes, cheeks burning. "Sorry." They cleared their throat. "I-I mean, I, uh..." Fuck.
Hero smiled cheekily, leaning their weight against the side of a lab table. "I've never seen you so worked up before. Cat got your tongue?"
"No," Villain snapped, but it was a half-hearted attempt at sounding angry. "You just piss me off."
Their opponent snorted, rolled their eyes. "If only that were true."
"Look, Villain." Hero pushed off the table in one fluid motion and approached them, hands placed casually behind their back. "Just look at yourself."
Unfortunately, Villain could not. Not with Hero standing so fucking close to them. Their heart felt like it would explode out from their chest.
Hero slid a gentle hand above their chest, feeling their heartbeat. They raised their eyebrows. "You are awful at hiding your emotions."
Villain tried to breathe, but they choked. Hero's touch created electricity, created sparks across their skin. "I, I can't control my heartbeat."
Hero inched closer, and Villain's hands clenched at their sides as heat shot into their blood.
"I know," Hero purred. "You're just proving my point. I would think a little scientist like you would be able to figure that out. Y'know, anatomy and all that stuff?"
"That's..." Villain clenched their jaw, way too aware of everything about Hero. "That's not really how it works."
"Oh?" Hero's hand slid up, fitting under their jawbone. "Well, do you know the way having a crush works?"
Oh my fuck. Villain had to remind themselves to keep breathing, which, to be honest, wasn't working all that much. "...D-do I?"
Hero laughed at that.
They were so close. When had they gotten that close? Their lips were right there--
Hero retracted.
Villain sucked in a long gasp. They resisted the urge to grab Hero's arm and pull them back close, holding their hands as still as possible at their sides.
"I'd say, Villain, that if you don't know what it means to have a crush, you ought to rethink your priorities." Hero shucked their lab coat off and threw it onto a nearby stool. They smirked. "See you around."
They sauntered past the very tightly limbed Villain, heading towards the door.
"Oh, and," they turned back around at the exit, "if you ever want to hang out, just give me a call." They winked, and left.
The Villain collapsed after that, using a table to support themselves.
Just give them a call.
God. Villain thought, shaking their head in disbelief. What a fucking tease.
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a-dead-lake · a day ago
Deaf/Mute Villain Prompt #2
Og Link
Mute Villain:
"And that is why this city must be destroyed," Henchman says, watching from their place behind the tied-up hero and sidekick as Villain finishes signing their monologue.
Villain poses dramatically, smirking at the appalled faces before them.
"Y-you can't just- there's innocent people out there! People who don't have anything to do with your grievances with-" Hero began, stopping when they see Villain begin to sign again.
"I could care less," Henchman translates, placing a strong hand on Hero's shoulder.
"No man is truly innocent. Not the people in this city, not you, not your pathetic excuse for a sidekick, nobody."
Definitely going to be doing more of these.
If you use this or get inspired from this, tag me, I would love to see where you take this.
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sweetwhumpandhellacomf · 2 days ago
Part 1 | Part 2
It takes close to two hours for Hero to regain consciousness. Villain expected less; Hero had always been so resilient on the battlefield, jumping right back into the fray without a sign of fatigue. But then, Hero hadn’t been tortured and starving.
They slowly open their eyes, first taking in the plain white ceiling above, then casting about. Grazing over Villain before snapping back, wide, alarmed.
“Welcome back to the land of the living,” Villain says, keeping their voice clipped and dry, as always when speaking with Hero.
Hero blinks at them, opening their mouth to speak and reconsidering twice before responding. “Why didn’t you kill me?”
Villain sighs and shifts forward in their chair, tapping their cane on the linoleum. “Do you think me so honorless as to let you go without a fight?”
Hero chuckles, then winces, bringing their unhurt arm up to a suspiciously boot-shaped bruise Villain had noticed on their ribs. “...Felt like I was gonna die anyway if you weren’t gonna do it.” They cough, dry of throat, and Villain reaches over to the bottled water on the end table. Making sure Hero is watching, they twist off the cap and break the seal, then open a plastic straw from the cafeteria. Beverage thus prepared, they lean forward closer and hold it to Hero’s lips. They seem baffled, but accept the water gratefully, having a few long pulls from the straw. “You’re so weird.”
“Thank you,” Villain replies, setting the water back down. “Hero, old friend, I’ve wanted to see you beaten at my feet since the day we met.” They flinch at that, but don’t break eye contact. “However, there is no satisfaction in it this way. Finding you beaten, dying, and broken by another’s hand.” They take a deep breath to steady themself again, tightening their grip on the head of their cane. “Who did this to you?”
Fear flickers across Hero’s face before they look away, tensing up. Villain ignores the prickling from their own old scars. “...Very well. Here is my proposal.”
“Once you have gotten enough strength back to walk, one of my people will drive you to a location of your choosing and drop you off. You will be blindfolded.” Hero’s breathing hitches, and Villain reconsiders. “...You will be sedated and asleep during the ride. Once you’ve been delivered, well...” Villain hums, as if mulling it over, as if they hadn’t spent two hours thinking on this already. “Did you know I haven’t taken a vacation since we first met?”
Caught off guard, Hero looks back at Villain. “What do you mean?”
“Old friend, I mean that I spend so much time planning around your shenanigans that I haven’t had any significant time to myself in close to a decade. Nor have many of my junior staff. I think two... no, three months for us to all get a little R-and-R would be appropriate.” A smile graces their features. “This goes for you as well.”
Hero stares, slowly processing Villain’s words. “...How do I know you won’t wreak havoc while I’m recovering?”
“Have you ever known me to go back on my word?”
“...Guess not.”
Villain nods. “Well, regardless, I’ve never been to Spain. Valencia’s Fallas festival is set to begin in two weeks--have you heard of it? They build and burn these delightfully vivacious pieces of sculpture.” They sit back in their chair. “Perhaps I’ll bring you back a souvenir.”
“That sounds exactly like your style,” Hero says drily. Villain smiles, a bit more genuine this time. “Fine. Vacation sounds nice.” They sigh and sink into the pillows on the hospital bed. “...I haven’t had one in a decade either.”
Villain nods and stands. “It’s settled then. Here is the television remote.” They pick it up from the end table and deposit it within easy reach on Hero’s bed. “The red button on the table will summon a nurse to you. If anyone mistreats you during your visit, inform me. Everyone has strict instructions to treat you with the same reverence they afford myself.”
“You’re so weird,” Hero repeats, reaching for the remote, flipping through channels as Villain leaves them to rest.
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avvail · 2 hours ago
HIII!!! can you do a villain and hero who really like (maybe even love😩) each other and the hero has to kill the villain cuz their superiors told them to, but they can’t and so the hero ends up taking their own life (and the villain is SUPER devastated but is also happy that the hero cared for them a lot? this is really specific but yeah!!!! have a good day!! 💓
tw: suicide
“What were you thinking?” Villain snapped through tears, bundling the Hero into their arms as they continued to lose rapid amounts of blood. “...what were you thinking?”
Hero might have laughed, might have made any kind of response to let Villain know they were still listening, but they couldn’t.
Their cold body slumped against Villain, fitting perfectly into their arms, as they rocked them back and forth and whispered brokenly into their ear.
“Fuck, Hero. God, I hate you so much...” The villain sobbed, their breath catching in their throat when they tried to breathe. Pain squeezed at their chest, unlike anything they had ever felt before. “I hate you and I wish I had never met you.”
Hero still didn’t respond, their glassed over eyes staring off into the distance. Villain’s fingers crept underneath their skull, handling their heavy head with so much care. They pressed them into their chest, keeping them as close as they could, savouring the last time they might ever be able to hold them like this.
Even so close, Villain couldn’t feel their heartbeat.
They clenched their jaw and sobbed into their shoulder, gripping at their bloody clothes with powerful desperation.
Part of them didn’t know why. Why would the hero throw away their life, just for them? Their perfect, stunning life, just to see Villain live on?
“It should’ve been me.” They croaked, throat raw. “Why couldn’t have been me...”
Hero’s mentors, the ones that ordered them to kill Villain, landed on the scene of the crime a few hours later. All that was left was Hero’s lifeless body. Villain had already fled the scene, burning with agony.
They swore they would find a way to bring them back. No matter what.
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wildfaewhump · 9 months ago
listen up I need to talk about characters in pain alone. a fighter who won their most recent match but who goes home alone to a crappy little apartment where they're lucky if they manage to make some ramen before they pass out on the couch, only to wake stiff with bruises in a few hours. a vigilante who loses to the villain and gets left on a rooftop to pick themself up and try to stagger home without getting found, arrested, or passing out in their costume. the new member on a team who gets the dirtiest, hardest jobs as an initiation and who can't admit to anyone that they're breaking under the pressure because all their teammates will hear is weakness.
I need characters pasting bandages on injuries with trembling fingers as their vision blurs. I need characters desperately trying to haul themselves up just one more stair so they can stagger to their front door. I need characters who make it through that door only to collapse right behind it, watching the light in their bathroom blur and fade before they can get to their first aid kit. I need characters passing out in alleyways only to wake up hours later and know they still have to try to make it home on their own because they think they have no one to call.
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livingforthewhump · 2 months ago
I…have nothing to say for myself
continued here
Sidekick shivered in the corner of the cold cell they had been dumped in, their cuffed hands held close to their chest. They’d been grabbed by Villain’s team on the battlefield, but no one had spoken a word to them since. As soon as they’d gotten inside Villain's base, they’d been left here. Another shudder wracked through them at the thought of what Hero would do to them when they got them back. They wouldn’t have gotten captured if they hadn’t hesitated. Hero hated it when they hesitated.
They flexed their jaw as much as they could around the jagged metal bit in their mouth that kept them quiet. Hero liked them quiet. Their position was to listen and obey, not to speak.
Suddenly, the door swung open, startling them. The figure who entered held a box at their side, scanning the room before their eyes settled on Sidekick’s hunched figure. Then they approached. Sidekick, if possible, shrunk into themselves further as the person knelt beside them. They were unmasked, and their features were soft and kind when they focused on Sidekick.
“Hey there. I’m Medic,” they said. “Villain said you may have gotten injured in the fight, so I came to see if I could help you. Can you talk to me?”
Sidekick hesitated, unsure how to proceed. Technically, they could, but the mask strapped to their face prevented them. Almost unconsciously, they lifted their hands to their face, numb fingers tugging blindly at the thick leather strap.
Medic had tensed when they moved, but now their brow furrowed. “Do you want to take your mask off?”
Sidekick nodded, suddenly desperate with tears burning in their eyes. Whatever happened when Hero found them again was going to happen regardless. They couldn’t stand this anymore.
“Okay. Okay. Here, let me,” Medic said, gently pulling Sidekick’s hands away and rotating them to better reach the buckle. Sidekick brought their hands to the front of the mask, easing it off when the strap came undone. A sob shook their shoulders as the metal bit scraped the roof of their mouth as it came out, tracing blood onto their trembling lips.
Medic circled back to their front and froze. They gently lifted the mask from Sidekick’s hands, eyeing the blood that lined the area around the mouth. “What is this?” They breathed.
Sidekick sobbed, pressing a hand to their mouth.
Medic looked back at them like they’d forgotten they were still there. “I—Um. Are you hurt anywhere?”
Sidekick shook their head.
Medic took a deep breath. “Okay, um. Let me take your temperature, then I need to go talk to Villain. Okay?”
Sidekick didn’t respond, but let Medic press a hand to their forehead, hissing. “You’re burning up, kid. Are you sure you’re not hurt anywhere?”
When they didn’t get a response, they stood to leave.
“I’ll be back in just a moment.”
Villain stared down at Sidekick’s mask, turning it over in their hands. “What the hell.”
Medic shook their head. “Yeah, that’s about right.”
“Is this a muzzle built into their mask?”
“At the very least, it’s designed to keep them quiet.”
Villain cursed, tossing the mask across the table in front of them. “And you said they have a fever?”
Medic nodded. “They didn’t have any other visible injuries, but that’s not to say they don’t have any. They seem pretty shaken up.”
“I can only imagine.” Villain stared hard at the mask, gathering their thoughts behind their steely gaze. “Have Henchman and Teammate bring them to the spare bedroom and check them for injuries. See if you can get them to tell you their name or something; I don’t want them more freaked out than they already are. I’ll be up in a minute. I need to think.”
Medic clicked their heels and left as Villain sat down, thinking back to every interaction they’d had with Sidekick. They’d never once spoken, in any of their fights. The mask covered enough of their face for them to completely fade into the background. Thinking about it now gave Villain a sinking feeling.
They had undone Sidekick’s bonds. Sidekick was still too shaking and weak to fight as they were led up flights of stairs into a comfortable but plain bedroom. They felt open and vulnerable without their mask, which was only slightly helped by the fact that none of the three people surrounding them right now was wearing one either. Fear and frustration pushed down into their chest, coiling tighter and tighter until it felt like they couldn’t breathe. Then Medic sat down on the bed next to them, placing a hand on their shoulder, and the coil sprung undone.
Without stopping to think, Sidekick sprang to their feet, shoving towards the door in a desperate attempt for freedom. They didn’t even make it a step before one of Villain’s associates grabbed their arm, tugging them back a little harsher than necessary. They cried out in pain as their scabbed-over wounds were pulled at and warmth bloomed onto their shoulder, sickeningly thick.
“Hey! Go easy on them,” Medic protested. They pulled Sidekick back onto the bed a little protectively, while the other two muttered apologies. Then Medic's hand left their shoulder like they’d been burned. “You’re bleeding.”
Sidekick risked a glance at them to see Medic staring at their red-stained hand in seeming shock. “I’m sorry,” they whispered.
Medic looked even more surprised at that. “Why are you sorry? You haven’t done anything.”
They swallowed, wincing at the movement in their torn-up mouth.
“Villain didn’t do that to you, did they?” Medic asked, looking towards the other two for confirmation. They shook their heads. Medic frowned. “Okay. Can I look at it, Sidekick? I just want to make sure it’s not infected. It could be causing your fever.”
Sidekick whined slightly, hugging their arms over their stomach. Their burning eyes stared resolutely at their lap.
There was a beat of silence.
“Sidekick. Can you look at me, please?”
They sniffled pathetically and looked up at Medic.
Medic offered a small smile. “I’m not going to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, okay? I just want to make sure your wound doesn’t get any worse. Is it okay if I look at it?”
Sidekick’s hands twisted in their lap, and they looked unconsciously towards the two people towering over them.
Medic followed their gaze. “Do you want them to leave?”
They gave a small, jerky nod.
“Okay, they can go. Teammate, Henchman, could you please wait outside?”
“Medic…” One of them started reluctantly, but Medic shook their head.
“We’ll be fine. Go on.” After they left, Medic opened their kit of medical supplies. “I’m going to need you to take your shirt off.”
Sidekick complied with shaking hands. They heard Medic suppress a shaky breath, not just at the wide, weeping gashes across their shoulders, but at the multiple scars layering the skin beneath them. Wrapping around to the front of their torso and circling their neck. Sidekick hunched their shoulders, wishing they could curl up and hide.
“Sidekick… where did your mask come from?” Medic asked softly as they cleaned the open wounds with gentle hands.
Sidekick bunched their hands up in their lap, trying to tune out Hero’s voice in their head.
You wouldn’t last a day with Villain’s kind.
“Um, ah! Agh. H-Hero.”
And you certainly wouldn’t last what I’d do to you when I got you back.
Medic hummed softly, pulling out crisp white bandages. “And did Hero give you anything else?”
Sidekick couldn’t quite figure out what that was supposed to mean. “Um, lessons?”
“What kind of lessons?” A new voice spoke, steady and calm and dangerous. Sidekick didn’t have to look to know that Villain was there now, but they did anyway, tears rolling onto their cheeks as they saw their enemy leaning casually against the doorframe, watching them with that unnerving gaze. Villain kicked off of the wall, walking closer to Sidekick and leaning in between them and Medic. “Well, Sidekick? What kind of lessons end in scars?”
Hero/Villain drabble taglist: @castielamigos-whump-side-blog @twistedcaretaker @lonesome--hunter @poppys-writing @endless-whump @multifandoms-multishipper @shadowylemon @utopian819 @whumpkitty @journey-the-panda @freefallingup13 @shameful-indulgence @1becky1 @temporary-whump-sideblog @chartreusephoenix @thelazywitchphotographer @onestopheroxvillain @smolxhero @mylifeisonthebookshelf @broadwaybabe18 @grizzlie70 @sunflower1000 @digitalart-dwa @tobeornottobeateacher @wolfeyedwitch @canigetanamenforbritney @ladygwennn @onlywhump @suspicious-whumping-egg @classicplesiosaur @lemongrass404 @defective-angel-13 @alainayumira also @trans-writes asked to be tagged :)
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gayacademicwriter · 2 months ago
writing prompt | nobody
"Get it together," the villain ordered themselves in the mirror, clutching the basin with white-knuckled hands. "Nobody wanted you. Nobody wants you. And nobody will."
"Excuse me." The hero leaned on the doorframe, arms crossed. "I didn't know I was nobody."
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ghostly-prompts · 2 months ago
Prompt #76
“What is wrong with you?” Villain growled and stepped back from trading blows with an unusually bumbling Hero.
Hero stuttered, red-faced as they gestured at Villain’s face. “It’s just that—that I’ve never seen your face before.”
Villain felt themself stiffen in shock.
They’d forgotten their mask
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llamabird-writes · 4 months ago
The first time the villain kissed the hero it was rough and quick. A hard press to their lips, a firm grip on their hair, and nothing. The hero hadn’t expected it, there had been no warning, no slow build up. Just a fight, a push against a wall, a push of lips against their own, and then they were alone.
The second time the villain kissed the hero it wasn’t real. It was in the hero’s dreams, again and again. For days they dreamed of nothing else. These kisses differed; sometimes the same roughness, sometimes slower. The hero always woke, though, moments before they could kiss back. Their heart would be pounding, the sheets tangled around their legs, the warmth of villain's lips still somehow engrained on the hero’s mouth.
The third time the villain kissed the hero, the hero kissed first. The villain had been avoiding them, they hadn’t seen their rival in weeks. The hero had begun to think they wouldn't see them again. And then, they were there. Somehow, the hero had imagined the villain would look different, be different. But they were the same. Their lips, which the hero found themselves staring at, were the same. And, after dreaming about it for weeks, the hero finally realised how desperately they had wanted to kiss the villain back. And how angry they were that the villain had run away.
They were alone, thankfully, and the hero didn’t waste a second. The villain, obviously thinking they were approaching for a fight, braced themselves for the wrong thing. The hero lunged, grabbed the back of the villain’s neck and kissed them. It was rougher than the first time, rougher than anything in their dreams. The villain pulled them away, held their cheeks tight, stared into their eyes, and pulled them into such a gentle kiss the hero barely felt it.
The fourth time the villain kissed the hero, the villain didn’t let a single part of their body go untouched by their lips.
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defectivehero · a month ago
prompt #241
“You don’t owe them,” the villain hissed at them, emotion breaking through their emotionless mask for the first time. The hero blinked at them, startled. “You hear me? You don’t owe them anything.”
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crazy-sevens · a month ago
Writing Snippet #35
It was quick. Quick talk, quick vows, quick glances. There were no objections. Even if the hero hoped there would be, no one said a word. Everyone approved this marriage. Everyone except one half of the pair. Weddings were supposed to be a celebration, but it was feeling more and more like a funeral every passing second. Of course the villain was smiling. Usually she’d meet that smile with smug defiance, but she was all tapped out. She had no plan. No way out.
It was quick, ruining her life. That felt like another insult. That it only took ten minutes. 
She paused on the ‘I do’ maybe so she could at least feel in control of something. The villain’s eyes narrowed, but the smile remained. She was probably going to pay for that later, but she didn’t care.
There was a reception after. She went through the whole thing in a daze. Dignitaries congratulated her, she smiled and nodded. Her father’s toast, his wish for the alliance of their kingdoms affirmed, she smiled and nodded.  When the villain murmured in her ear asking if she wanted to go somewhere a bit more private, she glared but nodded.
The hero sat in the bedroom in a chair by the fire, it being the only light. She was alone for the first time tonight, the villain leaving to go ‘freshen up.’ She had already tried the door, it was locked of course. She had let loose a string of unladylike curses, combing her fingers through her meticulously styled hair. She hated how she looked. She didn’t get to choose that either. The dress was too much and too revealing. She already felt bare underneath the villain’s gaze, she didn’t need to add to it. 
But of course this was about appearances. No matter how much both countries' leaders said they were aligned, there would still be a power struggle. Every movement of hers had been searched for weakness. But she was good at pretending. She was trained for it. The paused ‘I do’ may have been a misstep, but the rest was perfect.
She heard the villain unlock the door and step in, locking the door again behind him. He came up behind her and caressed her bare shoulders with his hands. He kissed her temple.
“You look stunning,” he murmured into her ear. 
 She didn’t answer.
He took the seat in front of her. He looked her up and down, analyzing. She kept her gaze fixed on his.
“You seem unhappy,” he finally said. “Is something wrong?”
“You know exactly what’s wrong.”
He smiled, infuriatingly. “You know, I thought it was a good idea, but I wasn’t sure how your father would take it. I was surprised how easy it was to convince him.”
“He doesn’t know you as well as I do.”
He raised a brow. “And what do you know about me?”
She matched his raised brow. “I know you’ll do anything to get what you want. It’s just figuring out what it is you want, that's the tricky part.”
“I want you, that much is obvious.”
She scoffed. “You don’t love me.”
He smirked. “I didn’t say love, now did I?”
She went silent at that. 
When she finally spoke she willed her voice not to shake. “Well you’ve won, haven’t you? You have me. You have my kingdom’s alliance.”
He chuckled. “If you think that’s all I want then you must think I’m not an ambitious person.”
She resisted the urge to spill those whispers she heard. The plans she’d stumbled into. “On the contrary, I think you’re too ambitious for your own good.”
“And I think . . .” He drew closer, capturing her wrists in his hands, the hot breath of his words against her ear. “You’re too curious for your own good.”
Her eyes widened. She went to stand, but he had her wrists pinned to the arms of the chair. Their faces were only inches apart. 
His eyes were dark. “Do you have something you want to tell me?” 
She couldn’t speak.
He hummed. “I don’t blame you for eavesdropping. It really was their own fault. Assassinations should be discussed behind closed doors.”
“My father?” she choked out. 
He gave an amused smile. “Don’t worry darling,” he said. “My father.”
She swallowed. 
“Now tell me,” he brought his hand up, fingers feather light brushing a lock of hair out of her face, “Does anyone else know our little secret?”
She mutely shook her head. She had always known he was dangerous, but she’d never been afraid of him before. She had been confident. Too confident. She hadn’t told anyone about the plans she heard. She didn’t know who she could trust. But sitting here, trapped under those dark all-too calculating eyes, she knew she should’ve gotten some help. But it was too late now. 
His smile widened. “Smart choice.”
Her voice came out hoarse. “When did you find out?”
“I knew before the wedding.” He shrugged like it was a spoiled surprise party instead of a murder. “I could’ve told you, but I didn’t want to ruin our special day.” Her eyes had dropped to the ground, but he took his finger and turned her chin up. “Now the question is . . . What to do with you?”
“If you’re going to kill me, just do it.”
He chuckled. “I said I wanted you. You being dead doesn’t fit into the plan.”
“And you always have a plan, don’t you?”
He pulled her up flush against him. “You know me so well, [Hero].” He twisted her arms behind her back. She gasped. “And I know you. The plan isn’t safe with you out and about.”
She struggled. “Let me go!”
He squeezed her arm, as if to reassure her- even if it was anything but reassuring. “Don’t worry, I’ll come visit you.”
Almost as if it were on cue, two guards walked into the room. 
“Take her below.” 
Part two here
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hufflepuffwritingstuff2 · 27 days ago
Don’t Touch Me Part 2
This is a continuation of Don’t Touch Me.
“Where are you taking me?” Hero asked.
“Somewhere safe,” Villain replied.
Villain looked down at Hero as they carried them. Hero wasn’t kidding about the bleeding. There were cuts and scrapes littered across their body, all dripping with red.
“So,” Villain started, “who did it?”
“Who did what?” Hero mumbled.
“Who hurt you like this?” Villain stared down at Hero.
Hero swallowed before answering.
“I don’t know.” Hero said.
“Don’t play games with me, Hero,” Villain said, “you know I always find out the truth. I’ll ask again: who did this to you?”
“I’m telling you the truth, Villain, I don’t know,” Hero replied weakly, “I didn’t see their face.”
“Fine.” Villain said. “We’re here.”
Villain stopped in front of a small townhouse. Villain opened the door and brought Hero inside. Villain dropped Hero on a large sofa and set about gathering medical supplies from various rooms.
“Gah! Villain!” Hero cried.
Villain tried not to all but run back into the room.
“What is it?” They asked, “what’s wrong?”
“These are your good couch cushions, aren’t they?” Hero asked, eyes wide.
Villain planted their face in the hand that wasn’t holding a first aid kit.
“What of it, Hero?” Villain groaned.
“They’re all dirty now because of me,” Hero said sadly, “they’re covered in blood and dirt and-”
“Hero.” Villain said sharply, “I don’t care. You shouldn’t either. You’ve lost so much blood that you’re becoming delirious.”
Villain took hold of Hero’s arm and pulled out a small bottle and a cloth from the first aid kit.
“They’re just cushions, Hero,” Villain reiterated flatly, “you’re a living person. I’m more worried about you.”
“But I-”
“Hush.” Villain said, “and hold still. This might sting at first.”
“What might sting at first? YEOWCH!” Hero cried.
Villain had poured a small amount of liquid from the bottle onto Hero’s injuries and was now dabbing at them with the cloth.
“Villain,” Hero hissed in pain.
“Yes, Hero?” Villain sounded bored.
“Do you have to clean the cuts?” Hero asked, “can’t you just put the bandages on them and call it done?”
“No, Hero, they’ll get infected that way,” Villain sighed.
When Villain was done, they started wrapping the bandages around Hero’s cuts. They then went on to disinfect the rest of Hero’s injuries, much to Hero’s dismay. They took their time wrapping bandages around those injuries, too.
“Done.” Villain said.
“Thanks,” Hero said.
“What are siblings for?” Villain said as they turned to leave.
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a-dead-lake · 17 hours ago
Deaf/Mute Villain #3
Og Link
Deaf villain:
"If you're gonna keep talking to me, at least try to look in my direction. I can't read your lips when you're back is facing me."
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sweetwhumpandhellacomf · 2 days ago
Part 1
CW: Hospital care/medical stuff
Getting Hero in the back of the car was easy enough. They didn’t so much as flinch when Henchman stuck them with a needle full of sedative, and they were out like a light before they were buckled into the back seat.
Villain tries not to look at them too much on the drive back. Their nemesis, beaten and weak, utterly at their mercy. They could tuck them out of the way, ensure they would never interfere again.
Maybe Villain had wanted that once.
They focus on the scenery of the road.
The Henchmen all stare, or at least pretend not to stare as Villain follows the unconscious Hero inside, strapped to a stretcher and pushed along by two of their medical team. Villain doesn’t look around at them, keeping focused on the path ahead, the route to the medical wing. Thinking.
They watch from outside the glass walls of the ICU, both hands folded neatly on the head of their cane. Their staff is hard at work, treating Hero with all the care and attention they would afford Villain. Broken arm set and casted. Cuts--so many cuts, all over their back--cleaned and wrapped. IV fluids, a blood bag, replacing all they’d lost.
They seem horribly small in the hospital bed, hooked up to tubes and wearing only a hospital gown. An encounter out in the city always made them feel larger than life, but truly, Hero is shorter than Villain.
After Hero is stable, Villain walks into the ICU room, pulling over a chair to sit by the bed. They’ll sit and wait and think as long as it takes them to decide what to do with their beloved nemesis, their most despised friend.
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Villain often leaves flowers as a calling card after they commit a crime. Hero is slightly impressed by how well taken care of the flowers always seem. 
Entranced by the beauty of the plants, and wanting to figure out if the meaning of the flowers can solve the villain’s identity, Hero shows up at the local flower shop looking for answers.
Villain, who owns the flower shop and is dressed in civilian attire, is shocked to see Hero come to their store. They think they have their identity figured out. However, when they realize Hero is just looking for information about flowers, they are more than happy to tell Hero everything they know. 
Hero develops a quick crush on this knowledgeable shopkeeper, never considering the potential connection between a florist and a flower leaving Villain. 
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yetanothersinner · 5 days ago
Prompt #9
The power-draining cuff sat heavy on Hero’s wrist. Since it had been placed on their wrist, movement had exhausted them, and whether it was from the lack of power or the dread, they couldn’t begin to guess. Tucking their knees up onto the small bench of the cell, they buried their head in their knees, hiding their face from the flickering, nausea-inducing lights. Twin damp spots bloomed where their eyes pressed to their knees, and they choked back tears, muffled in the darkness.
A door swung open somewhere in the hallway, footsteps clicking sharp and quick down the concrete. They stopped abruptly in front of Hero’s door, a key rattling in the lock, and they lifted their head tentatively from their knees. God, they weren’t ready for this.
The door clattered open, and their eyes stayed on the floor as Villain stepped closer. Hero didn’t think they could handle taunts; they were on the brink of tears as it was. Hero flinched violently as Villain’s hand entered their vision, but as they looked up, the hand having not connected, they saw that it held only a screen, cheerful music in the background.
“What the hell is this?” Villain demanded, hand clenched, white-knuckled, to the tablet.
Hero glanced down to see the procession-a victory assembly, crowds cheering, a Hero at the head. Them at the head. Well, at least as close to them as the Corporation could make it seem.
Hero’s laugh was brittle, startling Villain out of words. “I’ve been replaced,” they mumbled, head back in their knees.
Villain’s footsteps stopped. “You knew this would happen?”
Hero shrugged, trying to play it off as nonchalant. Maybe it would work if they didn’t lift their head. “It’s what has always happened.” Their eyes flicked back to the photo. “Under the suit, no one will be able to tell it isn’t me.” Their throat turned thick. “Guess you’re not getting that ransom after all.”
The silence dragged on, and Hero couldn’t wait until Villain left to heave another sob. Tears etched through their cheeks, chest heaving with each breath. Villain sat next to them, placing a hand awkwardly on their back. “I… know I already offered in my monologue earlier, but you could always join me?”
Hero sniffed back a running nose, a small chuckle escaping them. “Thanks, but I’m fine.”
Villain sighed, breathing growing agitated as they muttered to themselves. They withdrew their arm from around Hero, reaching their hand into their pocket and pulling something out. “Let me see your hands.”
Hero obliged, lifting their head to see Villain unlocking the cuffs, dropping them onto the bench. Power surged back into Hero-a ghost of their usual power, but returning slowly. “What are you doing?” Hero asked, blinking back the last of their tears.
“Letting you go. What does it look like, dumbass?”
“But I’m going to fight you again.”
Villain sighed, helping Hero to their feet and through the hallways. “Yeah, well, go home and rest up first. Eat some soup, but don't include too much salt. You’re going to want to eat bland foods for a couple days.”
Hero let Villain help them with their cape, opening the door for them. “What are you doing?”
“Something I'm going to regret.” Villain leaned forward, tucking Hero’s hair behind an ear. “See you tomorrow.”
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gwenapple · 4 months ago
[Villain] could still hear [Hero]'s pleas as they begged them to spare their life. Tears bubbling from their red rimmed eyes, desperately screaming as they grasped the edge. They had only scoffed, kicked them off the cliff and made their way to their date with [Lover].
Now [Lover] had stood them up, not answering any of [Villain]'s calls or texts. Sighing as they clicked the phone to the life, they stared at the screensaver of [Lover] kissing them on the cheek. They were so careful to keep them out of their secret antics, far from the explosions and knives that went by.
Never did they see [Lover] and [Hero] in the same place.
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avvail · a month ago
prompt #32
tw: captivity, restraints, brief mention of blood, suggestive (nothing explicit)
“I want to ruin you,” the villain hummed, their voice a dark whisper in the air. “This undeniable desire to see you unravel by my feet. To watch you give in and let me strip you down to nothing but a submissive little shell of who you were."
Hero’s vision was swimming, and the conviction of Villain’s words made them want to throw up, as well as let themselves go. They tasted copper in their mouth, bones wracked with so many aches they could barely fight against their restraints.
“What’s the point in telling me such a thing now?” They wheezed, cheek pressed up against the shards of gravel on the floor. “Don’t you have me right where you want me?”
It was the true, that the hero had been defeated so badly that they couldn’t put up any more of a fight. They found it impossible to dig within their determination, instead listening to the strained pump of their heart and feel the pain shooting through their body.
The villain briefly smirked, before the emotion was snuffed out like a flame. “Oh, no, sweetheart. Not in battle. Battle is far too easy.”
They crouched down beside Hero’s quivering form, fingers tracing the track of dirt against their jaw. The hero couldn’t contain their shudder, suddenly growing hot.
“My desire.” Villain cooed, hot breath blowing against their sensitive skin. “Starts with you in my sheets.”
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