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the-stove-is-on-fire · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay Day 2 - Home
“The house you live in... when did you stop calling it home?”
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wildfaewhump · 3 months ago
listen up I need to talk about characters in pain alone. a fighter who won their most recent match but who goes home alone to a crappy little apartment where they're lucky if they manage to make some ramen before they pass out on the couch, only to wake stiff with bruises in a few hours. a vigilante who loses to the villain and gets left on a rooftop to pick themself up and try to stagger home without getting found, arrested, or passing out in their costume. the new member on a team who gets the dirtiest, hardest jobs as an initiation and who can't admit to anyone that they're breaking under the pressure because all their teammates will hear is weakness.
I need characters pasting bandages on injuries with trembling fingers as their vision blurs. I need characters desperately trying to haul themselves up just one more stair so they can stagger to their front door. I need characters who make it through that door only to collapse right behind it, watching the light in their bathroom blur and fade before they can get to their first aid kit. I need characters passing out in alleyways only to wake up hours later and know they still have to try to make it home on their own because they think they have no one to call.
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elfbingo · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Another random sketch while I work on part 4 of my MHA fan comic. Todoroki bandaging his own wounds (poor kid). My headcanon is that Todoroki is so used to bandaging his own wounds it doesn't occur to him to ask for help.
If anyone wants to color this go ahead!
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tatooineknights · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Luke, you can destroy the Emperor. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together, we can rule the galaxy as father and son!
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the-stove-is-on-fire · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
DannyMay Day 1 - Memories
How bad could it be to dwell upon a better time? To revel in nostalgia? How bad could it possibly hurt you?
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friendlylocalwhumper · 4 months ago
the tender moment when a whumpee is finally returned to their best friend/partner/favorite teammate. when they can collapse into sturdy arms and let out a shaky, exhausted breath. the way they melt into familiar touch after flinching, fighting back, running for so long.
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jen27ny · 21 days ago
Tony pretty much accepted that he knows nothing about Natasha. Which is kind of a bummer, because out of all his teammates, she knows him the best, right after Rhodey, of course. And yet he doesn’t know her favorite color (he suspects red, but who really knows?) or food or novel or movie or what she likes to do when she isn’t kicking all of their asses.
He suspects it comes with the terrain of being a spy, the entire keeping secrets thing, so he learned to accept it. Somewhat. At least he’s not that surprised anymore when she picks up a weapon like an expert or can do all kind of things like an expert.
However, there is one thing that does completely surprise him.
It’s months after their pardon and since the Avengers are back together, when one morning, Natasha checks her phone during her breakfast (a simple black coffee) and jumps up, fleeing out of the room in a flash. Before anyone of them can even process what’s going on, she is already back, dressed in her usual black suit, her hair (the blond bob slowly growing out, the tips of it now gracing just past her shoulders, and her roots bright red) braided in a quick style. “I’m going somewhere.”
“Where are we going?” Steve asks, immediately standing up, looking like he can’t wait to punch someone, throw his shield, and break some rules.
Natasha is already halfway across the room, not even giving them a look over her shoulder. “Not we, I am going. I don’t need your help. But I’m gonna take a jet.”
And with those words, she’s gone.
For a couple of days, they hear absolutely nothing from her. Tony plays with the idea of tracking her, but knowing the spy – or as much as he knows her, which, as we already established, isn’t that well – Natasha has disabled it. Steve hates sitting around and waiting, and with each passing day, all of them get more and more nervous. When only one of them is going on a mission, it usually doesn’t end well.
Then, after almost a week, FRIDAY lets them know that the jet is back on her radar and about to land at the compound. All of them immediately race outside, absolutely not caring that they look somewhat desperate – and even if they cared a little bit, that little bit vanishes as soon as they see a blond woman covered in blood and mud race out of the jet, pushing a stretcher with an unconscious Natasha in front of her.
The burning questions all of them have are ignored in favor of making sure their teammate doesn’t die (which is such a strange thought; someone like Natasha Romanoff doesn’t just die – she raises an eyebrow at Death, and they scramble away with an apology on their lips). The woman ignores their questions and sits completely still but tense, like she’s just waiting for the slightest signal that she has to jump into action. And she does jump into action, because as soon as Nat is out of surgery and brought into a normal room, she runs in there and slams the door shut, not allowing anyone in.
Tony is the one who is brave enough (or stupid enough) to try to make contact, almost 24 hours later. In one hand, he holds a freshly delivered, still warm pizza, and knocks against the door before he has FRIDAY open it. The woman glances in his direction, eyes flying over his form with a look that is clearly trying to figure out how she can kill him in the most entertaining way. While she hasn’t left the room, she did take time to at least clean her skin, and take off her stained vest.
“Hi,” Tony says, smiling, and holding out the pizza, “I thought you might be hungry.”
Her eyes land on the box. “You’re too late,” she says with a Russian accent as she reaches behind her and pulls out a familiar Chinese take-out container – one of the left overs from the night before.
Tony can’t decide if he’s surprised by it or not. “No one of us notices you going to the kitchen.” Not even FRIDAY. Of course, the AI had an eye on their guest (can you really call her a guest if you didn’t exactly invite her?), but according to her, the woman has done nothing but sit by Natasha’s bedside, whistling a tune from time to time.
She rolls her eyes. “Of course not. Do you really think I don’t know how to not be seen?”
He doesn’t know how to answer that. So, he simply holds out the pizza to her. “Well, if you’re in the mood to eat something warm…”
“Is there pineapple on it?”
“No. Do you like pineapple on pizza?”
“Don’t know. I never had it. Wanna try it, though.” Before Tony can offer to order another pizza with pineapples on it (even if his Italian part is kinda dying just thinking about it), she takes the box out of his hands, flipping it open, and taking a big bite from a slice. “’s greasy.”
“That’s the best part about it.” He steps a bit closer, emboldened by the fact that the woman took the pizza. “So, we didn’t really have time for introductions.”
“I know who you all are,” she says between two bites.
“Yeah, but we would like to know who you are.”
“I’m Fanny.”
“… is that your real name?”
“Of course not.”
There’s a bluntness to her that is so similar to Natasha’s and yet so different. Tony both dreads and can’t wait to see the two of them together – he’s quite sure it would be a conversation no one else would be able to follow. “How do you know her?”
“She’s my sister.”
From everything ‘Fanny’ could’ve said, Tony didn’t expect that. Because unlike her name, there’s so much honesty and a matter-of-fact attitude in her voice, that the simple thought of her lying seems absurd. And now that that little puzzle piece got revealed, the similarity between them is undeniable. They’re not an exact carbon copy of each other, but the way Fanny moves and scans her surroundings, how she seems to stare into your soul to find the best way to disarm you, is so… Natasha-like that it’s undeniable.
That woman is Natasha’s sister – whatever that exactly means.
Because the one thing all of them know about Natasha is that she has no family. She told them often enough.
Tony clears his throat, hoping to hide the fact how surprised he is by hear words. Fanny is simply continue eating the pizza, but he guesses she sees right through his façade. “I didn’t know she had a sister.”
Fanny snorts. “Of course, she didn’t talk about me. Is probably worried I upstage her, that lame poser.” Even though her tone is monotonous, there is some affection in there, hidden way, way deep underneath the snark.
Tony likes her – sure, he should probably be scared of her, because anyone who claims to be Natasha’s sister is probably more than capable of embarrassing and/or killing him on the spot, but he still likes her. “Should I even bother telling you to take a break?”
“If you want to take a shower or a nap-”
“I literally just said no.”
“- there’s a guest room ready for you. And if you want anything else, just let me know.”
“I want a dog,” Fanny says without missing a beat, throwing the uneaten crust of her slice back into the box.
“If I get you a dog, will you tell me your real name?”
To Tony’s surprise, she looks up to him, her lips pulled into a small smirk that looks so much like Nat’s, for a second he has to remind himself that it’s not his teammate sitting in front of him with some technology to change her face. “Throw in a pizza with pineapples as well, and I’ll think about it.”
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higherthanakite · 5 months ago
The Prodigal Son Writers: “Malcolm’s fine. He doesn’t need to go to the hospital.”
Tumblr media
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gingerly-writing · 5 months ago
Prompt #2668
“You can’t- you can’t fucking buy me!”
“Thank you, beloved nemesis,” said the villain in their favourite mocking tone, “for rescuing me from a slave auction by spending an exorbitant amount of money on my stupid ass.”
The hero flushed, their blustering almost knocked of course. “I, well, I- what were you doing at an auction in the first place!”
“Oh, I don’t know, it’s not like a friend-of-a-friend saw your name come up on the advertisements and contacted me to let me know my idiot nemesis was up for sale. Honestly, it’s like you’re allergic to gratitude. You’d be too busy screaming to deliver this inane lecture if [supervillain] had bought you instead.”
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aceofwhump · a month ago
I’m just curious, why are you so interested in whumping? I stumbled upon this blog by chance and i don’t get it, but I’d like to understand why people are interested in it
Hi there! Welcome! It's okay if you don't get it. Whump isn't for everyone but I applaud you for asking kindly and being willing to learn. And that's a very good question. One we as a community often ask ourselves and we honestly have yet to find a solid answer.
There are a lot of different reasons why we are interested in whump and they vary from person to person. Some of the reasons we've discuss as a community are:
We enjoy seeing people go through difficult times, either physically or emotionally, and recover from it, receive love and comfort from friends and family. Maybe we don't always get that in our own lives so we love seeing our favorite fictional characters get it. Live through them. It's why comfort is such a big part of whump as well. We love the comfort part of whump.
Maybe the characters we love seeing whumped are similar to ourselves and we enjoy seeing their pain validated and seeing them recover from it. It gives us hope that we can recover and our pain will be validated. That someone will see our pain and help us.
It gives a lot of us an outlet to work through our own traumas. Maybe we had a terrible childhood or have gone through something traumatic and whump is a way for us to work through it.
It's a safe place to explore painful, traumatic, taboo things. Whump and dark things have been a subject for fiction for centuries. People have always been interested in these kinds of subjects and we are no different. They're interesting subjects and we like to explore them.
I've seen a theory that we like whump because we're empathetic people and pain gives you endorphins so we get an endorphin rush from seeing fictional characters in pain because we're empathetic.
We like seeing characters be vulnerable and overcome adversity. To go through something difficult and come out the other side. It makes for good storytelling and brings depth to characters.
For some people, it's a sexual thing. That's perfectly fine and a completely valid reason to like whump.
A lot of us are asexual too and I think whump gives us similar feelings to arousal without it being sexual. (at least for me it does)
Heck, some of us are sadists. That's fine too.
Personally, I think some actors just look good like aesthetically when they're bleeding or bruises. 🤷‍♀️
This is one of my personal reason that I haven't really seen discussed but it's definitely a reason I like whump. Essentially, I struggle with recognizing emotions both in myself and within other people. Always have. Whump allows me to explore and learn about different emotional reactions which helps me recognize those emotions in my loved ones and in myself.
We enjoy the character dynamics that come from whump. The whumpee and the caretaker for instance. Or the whumper and the whumpee.
But honestly none of us really know? These are all just theories we've discussed amongst the community. All we know for sure is that we get good feelings when our favorite fictional characters are in pain. There's just something about whump that makes us feel good. What it is exactly is hard to pin down and changes from person to person (some enjoy emotional over physical. some like hard torture and others don't. we're all different) but we all get what we call "whumperflies" when we see/read good whump. It's a physical sensation that manifests itself in different ways. For most of us it feels like butterflies in the stomach (hence the name) and it feels good. We like that feeling. And we get that feeling from whump. So we like whump.
You'd think this community, being full of people who like seeing fictional characters in pain, would be cruel or terrible people but this community is full of the nicest people you will ever interact with. I think it correlates with our love of whump. I think we're all so nice because we understand pain and suffering and don't want anyone to feel hurt in real life.
I hope this answers your question nonny!! If you want to learn anything else, have any other questions, or wanna explore it some more you are more than welcome! We're a super nice community and all are welcome here :D
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three-fold-symmetry · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’ve heard of Purge Trooper Cody, but now get ready for Dark Trooper Cody.
The knowledge about Phase 0 Dark Troopers has been forced upon me and now I’m going to make it everyone’s problem.
Go on, read the Wookiepedia article if you want to suffer.
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nibeul · 4 months ago
tw for a little bit of blood ( ´▽`)
Tumblr media
ok uh, I was planning on doing this and got sidetracked, so I decided to combine Origins and Valor into one,, I hope that’s alright (we’re also gonna ignore the fact that this is late for the combined prompts anyways T-T)
I think Cody got his scar around the first year of the war shortly after being deployed. He already has it by the time we see him, but it’s darker and more red than a fully healed scar, so I think that places it between his final years of training and the Christophsis arc (for my personal HC, I say it’s closer to the latter). It’s also jagged, which probably means that it was caused by shrapnel, not directly by a bolt. I think maybe a shot caught the corner of his visor and caused it to shatter, nearly taking his eye out, or shrapnel from an explosion managed to slice across his helmet, the plastoid just barely keeping his face intact underneath. Those are just my theories though! @commandercodyweek
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anguishmacgyver · 4 months ago
your character goes limp mid-hug, much to your caretaker's shock. the options:
they've been hiding an injury that finally caught up with them. the dreaded adrenaline crash sapping all their strength
or they are sick, slightly shivering, and no longer in the position to support their own weight. unusually pale, they may have the courtesy of warning for this one ("I'm not feeling too good...")
or they're hit with a tranq dart; caretaker hears a whistle, a hiss, then their friend's eyes roll back + they go down
or they are simply so exhausted that they give into the safety of a warm, friendly hug, unaware of the caretaker calling out their name in concern
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