xofeno · 2 days ago
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CHICAGO P.D. 7.09, Absolution 9.21, House of Cards requested by @meiostessa
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allthewhumpygoodness · 2 days ago
LOVE the trope of a captive finally getting ransomed back to their own side and they're brought out in front of their friends for the first time in weeks, maybe months, squinting in the bright light, pale and bruised and limping, and they're practically dragged towards their friends before being dropped unceremoniously at their feet, they try to tell everyone they're okay or even make a joke, but start to sway and then pass out before they can finish speaking.
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gingerly-writing · 17 hours ago
Prompt #3105
“Mercy,” the hero begged, grovelling in a pool of their own blood. “P-please, I- I-”
“Give me what I want and I will stop. No sooner. No later.”
“I can’t,” they sobbed. “You know I can’t, please-”
“This won’t stop until you can. I hope, for your sake, that that happens sooner rather than later.”
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whumpy-catfish · 2 days ago
I took a first aid course recently and had this rather silly idea:
Whumpee, who was tortured for an extended length of time, escapes / is rescued and gets back to their team. The team all know what happened to them and help Whumpee heal as best they can. Eventually Whumpee recovers enough to start going on missions again.
A while later Whumpee gets a minor injury in the line of duty and goes to Healer. In the course of their survey Healer absentmindedly asks their form question, "On a scale of one to ten, where ten is the worst pain you've ever felt, how would you rate your current pain?"
Whumpee just stares at them for a minute and then deadpans "In that case probably a one."
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befuddled-calico-whump · 2 days ago
"So let me get this straight," A said through clenched teeth. "You want me to give up information that you'll use to kill thousands of people, in exchange for one life."
Villain smiled down at them, their knife resting against B's throat. "But not just any life, A. Your friend's life. Will you really just stand by and let me kill them?"
A squared their shoulders. "To protect innocent people? Yes."
"You're a fool then. Give me what I want and you and your friend go free. You can run away to anywhere you'd like and forget. For once in your life, be selfish." They increased pressure on the knife, drawing a choked noise from B. "Or do nothing, and watch them die."
"Do it then," A replied. "Kill them, and lose the only bargaining chip you have."
"I suppose you make a fair point there." Villain's fingers twisted through B's hair, yanking their head back with a sharp motion. "But I wonder. How long will it be before the sound of their screaming breaks you?"
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whumppromptoftheday · 2 days ago
“You’re ok, you’re going to be ok.” 
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oddsconvert · 2 days ago
My heart goes out to Whumpee's who still want and try so hard to fight back but they just can't muster the energy anymore. The fires still burning within them they just can't let it roar.
They can only resort to small acts of defiance; muttering curses under their breath, scoffing and growling, weakly pulling on restraints because anything more is too strenuous for them. But damn it they'll still try - they're not breaking that easily.
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a-class-attempter · 21 hours ago
“Awww, you can barely move.” Whumper pulled the sedated Whumpee up into their lap. “What would you do without me?”
I’d probably be happy, Whumpee thought, but they couldn’t help but be grateful for Whumper’s gentle touch.
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Avataro Sentai Donbrothers
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of-wounds-and-woes · 2 days ago
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From the Turkish series Büyük Sürgün Kafkasya episode 4…
For @99point9percentwhump and @queennuthouse 🕺🏻
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the-bloody-sadist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Vent art I guess I’ll just throw up here without tags or anything
Me 🤝 depression
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whumpkinpie · a day ago
Caretaker giving fever ridden Whumpee a soft, tender caring kiss on the forehead while gently resting their hand on their rosey red cheeks to feel their temperature while they lay comfortably in bed.
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gingerly-writing · 2 days ago
Prompt #3103
“Little priest,” the monster cooed. “All you have to do to stop the pain is pray to your god to come and save you.”
“I won’t trap Them,” the priest gasped. “I am faithful. My love is true.”
“Oh, we know. And that’s exactly why you’re the perfect bait.”
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awfulwhumpsideblog · a day ago
I love charismatic Whumpers with unlikable Whumpees. Whumper is everyone’s friend, they’re always ready to extend a helping hand and are overall fun to chat with. Whumpee, meanwhile, is reclusive and manages to be rude in every encounter they have with people. Whumpee is by no means a bad person-- they’re just sort of stubborn, argumentative, and unpleasant to be around. 
So when Whumper hurts them they both know who everyone is going to side with.
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whumperful · a day ago
The punishment should fit the crime
Whumpee stole something? Bind their hands or nail them to a surface (maybe do it only on one hand and leave them there until they've pried the nails out themselves)
Tried to run away? Break a leg/ankle or slash their feet so they can't walk
Hiding food or taking alcohol? Force them to eat/drink their entire stash in one go
Hiding from Whumper? Make them wear a blindfold and make them do their daily routine blind if they don't want to look at Whumper
Dropped a plate or glass? Make them pick it up but stand on their hand to break it and so they get shards stuck in it too
Too noisy? Gag them or restrict their airway and don't remove it until they've learned to move around silently
Burned the food? Burn them with the stove and make them eat their burned food afterwards
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defectivehero · a day ago
“You- you’re a monster,” the scientist hisses, adrenaline pumping through their veins and forcing the words out of their mouth. Their hands tremble at their sides as the figure in front of them stands up to their full height and turns around. There’s a pale sheen to their skin and an amused expression on their face. The scientist can’t possibly be fooled by the placating smile on their face, not when crimson red flecks of blood litter their skin. 
“We’re all monsters in one way or another,” the vampire grins, their fangs glistening in the dim lighting of the cellar. They pick at their long nails, turning their palm around and inspecting their bloodstained skin with interest. The scientist resolutely stares at them, trying their best not to let their gaze wander to the bodies sprawled against the wall, the puddles of liquid beneath their feet. 
“That’s not true,” the scientist argues, their gaze momentarily diverted by a groan from one of the people they had thought to be dead. They immediately take a step forward, only for the vampire to step in front of them, effectively creating a barrier between them and the person on the brink of death. 
“Deny it all you want,” the vampire shrugs, looking entirely at ease. The scientist clenches their fists at their sides, trying their best not to rise to the bait. They glance over at the person one more time, only to find that the light has faded from their eyes. They’re dead. The scientist was too late. “I see it in your eyes, in the tension strung through your shoulders.” 
“That’s a lie,” the scientist seethes, feeling their anger begin to come to a boiling point. Their fingers twitch to grab the dagger they keep in their boot. The vampire seems to notice this and cackles loudly. Their laughter is hysterical, maniacal. It fills the room with a suffocating air of mischief, chaos, havoc. The scientist takes a deep breath through their nose. 
“I wonder,” the vampire breaks off, a knowing grin breaking onto their face. The scientist feels dread coiling in the pit of their stomach. Their heart pounds in their ears. “How long do you plan to ignore it?”
“Ignore what?” The scientist can’t help but ask, despite the foreboding in their mind that tells them to escape. They glance at the stairs at their side, wondering if they can make a break for it. Evidently, their thoughts show on their face, because the vampire raises an eyebrow at them challengingly. The scientist desperately wants to sprint for the stairs, but they know that they’re outmatched. They know when they’ve been beaten, even if the battle hasn’t begun. The vampire seems satisfied by their complacency and they crouch down a little, low enough to put a hand on the head of one of the bodies. They run their fingers through the person's hair, in a gesture that could almost be mistaken for empathy and vulnerability. 
“Stop that,” the scientist says, the words slipping from their lips before they can stop them. The vampire smiles, holding their hands up in an innocent gesture. For an awful moment, silence sinks down on the space. The scientist can’t hear anything save for their own breathing and it terrifies them. 
“These people were all your experiments,” the vampire whispers. The scientist feels all the breath promptly leave their chest. They try to inhale to get some air, only to nearly choke. They hack out a cough, the vampire’s voice fading to the background for a moment as they try to regain their grip on reality. Of course, the scientist isn’t given the luxury of falling into unconsciousness and escaping the situation. The vampire’s voice cuts through the overflowing stream of thoughts and feelings in their mind. “They gave themselves to me.”
“No,” the scientist hears someone say. The voice sounds wretched and broken- far too weak to be theirs. Despite that, they feel their lips moving at the same time the voice sounds. Could it be theirs? “No, that’s impossible. I’d know.”
“You’re so engrossed in your research that you don’t notice the fallout,” the vampire says, crossing their arms over their chest.  “The lives you’ve taken, the dreams you’ve broken and the hopes you’ve shattered.” 
“Wh-Why?” the scientist stutters, unable to keep their thoughts coherent. Their gaze catches on the person that had been on the brink of death before. Long matted hair with a golden sheen cascades down their shoulders. The scientist is hit with an overwhelming sense of déjà vu, as they begin to recognize the corpse. Blue-white light, steel operating table. Fear. Each time they blink, they relive their experiment going wrong- watching as the subject’s face contorts with pain. The scientist has to bite their lip hard to snap out of their self-imposed reverie. They turn back to the vampire. “I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?” Desperation leaks through their mouth and they’re entirely unable to hide it. 
“Some would call it vengeance,” the vampire replies, appearing to be almost bored. They pick at their nails as if time is fickle. Although, the scientist thinks, for them it probably is. “I prefer justice.” The vampire grins, exposing their sharp fangs, and suddenly the scientist understands. 
“No, no-” they stammer, starting to realize just what the vampire is aiming at. The scientist takes a few steps backwards and the vampire follows them, arms crossed behind their back and eyes flitting around the space as if they have all the time in the world. 
“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” the vampire asks, their eyes boring into the scientist’s head. They blink tears from their eyes, glaring at the vampire. “All those experiments...You just wanted to be immortal. I’m granting your wish.”
“Please-” rips itself out of their throat as the scientist scrambles backwards. Their back hits the wall behind them and any hope of escape shrivels to dust in their mind. Gritting their teeth, the scientist stumbles to their feet and flattens themselves against the wall. They hardly blink before the vampire is pressed up against them, the sharp edges of their body digging into their own body. The scientist tries to fight back, pushing at the other’s arms with all the strength they can muster. It’s a futile effort and the vampire in front of them knows it, if the excited gleam in their eyes is anything to go by. 
“Oh, you poor thing,” the vampire grins, their nails sinking into the skin on the back of the scientist’s neck and yanking their head up to expose their neck. The last thing the scientist sees before succumbing to unconsciousness is the vampire’s fangs glimmering ominously as they edge impossibly closer. The scientist’s vision is slipping into darkness at this point, but they still register the whisper against their ear. “Now you’re a true monster, just like me.”
©2022, @defectivehero All Rights Reserved. 
endnotes after the cut :) // and a thank you for 3k followers!
I like the idea of a vampire serving as a sort of moral compass for the humans around them. after all, they were a human once. it’s not entirely unnatural for them to want to maintain order, even if it is for their own interests. vampires are so often depicted as the villains...  the vampire in this certainly seems to toe the line between antagonist and villain, but it’s still a far cry from the typical villain role that vampires are written into. rather, they could almost fit the role of “tragic hero.”
Tumblr media
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 3K!!!! i’m in awe. when i first made this blog, i had absolutely no expectations… about a year and a half later,,, here we are!!$ i want to thank each and every one of you for your support- whether you send me asks, comment, reblog, or even simply read my pieces. i see you, and i greatly appreciate you. i wouldn’t be here without your support <3
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i-write-whump · 2 days ago
When the whumpee hurts their leg, but they don't want to worry their teammates or deal with proper medical care, so they decide not to say anything. The whumpee trying to hide the fact that they’re limping from their teammates, but getting caught after only a few hours, and their teammates making them tell them what happened. The whumpee admitting that they got hurt and didn't say anything, and their teammates asking why. The whumpee admitting that they didn't want to worry them, and their teammates pointing out that they’re going to worry more if the whumpee hides this kind of thing. The whumpee begrudgingly admitting that that makes sense, and their teammates making them get medical care.
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jordanstrophe · 2 days ago
<–Previous  ❁   [Masterlist]  ❁   (to be continued)
CW: Held hostage, soft obsessed whumper, some comfort and caretaking after collapse 
“... Whumpee?
“... I need you awake.”
A faint voice came from directly above them. Their stomach and chest was tight from adrenaline; but they couldn’t remember why they were afraid. 
“...Don’t pass out on me again. Come on, up you go.” They heard a grunt, followed by a strong arm leaning them up. Before they could open their eyes, a firm cold glass was pressed to their lips. It tilted, forcing them to swallow a few sips before whumpee snapped their head to the side. 
“Stop!” Whumpee barked, wiping spilt water off their cheek. Shivers shot down their spine when they heard whumper take a deep sigh of relief. A single finger followed along their jawline, before a sleeve dabbed against their neck soaking up the last bit of water. 
“I’m sorry... You fell unconscious shortly after your fit in the garden. You were a little dehydrated.” Whumper gave a concerned smile. They tried to press the glass back to their lips, but whumpee whimpered and jolted away so hard their head hit the back of the couch. 
“Oh, hush, sh shh... You’re okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”  Whumper soothed. To whumpee’s dismay, they weren't angry with them; they only sighed and retreated the glass back to their lap.
Whumpee blinked and nervously glanced around, they had been brought inside and laid on the couch; several pillows stacked under their head with a thin blanket draped over their chest. It was... soft. The whole living room was soft and decorated with light colors and greenery. 
In fact, it looked rather lavishing. 
“T-take me back... Please, please take me b-back!” Whumpee bursting into tears, clutching the blanket to their chest and fell into hyperventilating breaths. Whumper parted their lips to speak, but whumpee was already inconsolable. 
“Wh- whatever you want, just take it! But ple-ase let me g-go! I don’t w-want to be here, I want to go h-home!-” 
Their words dissipated the second whumper touched their fingertips to their lip. They hissed another hush, before taking their wrist and pulling them off the couch to their feet. 
“I want to show you something.” Whumper smiled, ignoring their pulling resistance as they took their arm. Whumpee was too frightened to speak, too scared to rip themselves away as whumper tugged them up the staircase.
Whumper must have taken their shoes off when they laid them on the couch. Their bare feet sank into the thick white carpet with each hesitant step. At the top of the landing, whumper pushed open a door and excitingly urging whumpee inside, bouncing on their heels impatiently.
Whumpee stood skittishly frozen, hesitantly glancing between their captor and the open door. The only reason they entered was their sheer will to stay as far away from whumper’s hands as they were vigorously shooed in from behind.  
It was an open sunny bedroom lined with large windows. Hanging plants draped from the ceiling, a bed in the center with more pillows than they could count. It was light, blissful, beautiful. 
“W- what is all this?” Whumpee stammered, the pit in their stomach growing the more they realized just how much whumper planned this. 
More specifically, how long they had hunted them.
They flinched when whumper suddenly wrapped their arms around them from behind. They heard a chuckle, followed by a whisper in their ear.
“It’s home, little flower.”  
❁  [Masterlist] ❁  
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esperosisdoeswriting · 2 days ago
Prompt #506
Tumblr media
Heyo! I don’t do continuations anymore, however, I’ve decided instead of just telling people that ask that I don’t do continuations anymore, that I’d write a prompt in a similar vein to the requested prompt to be continued (if that makes sense). Either way, please enjoy!
"I'm fine!" [Hero] insisted as they tried to get up.
"[Hero] I heard your ribs crack when you hit the ground, you need to stay down." [Villain] insisted as they delicately took [Hero] by the shoulder, keeping them pinned as gently as possible.
"So you can stab me easier? No thanks." [Hero] struggled, but every twitch shot lightning through their chest, paralyzing their lungs.
"You're going to kill yourself like that." [Villain] gritted their teeth as they forced them back down.
"Better than you killing me!" [Hero] growled right back.
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silver-ink-iron-words · 15 hours ago
Prompt 12
The protagonist had reached a dead end – there was no way they’d be able to scale that wall.
They turned around slowly, taking in all the guns now pointed at their chest.
“Come quietly, [Protagonist],” said one of the guards.
“You’ll just have to kill me.”
“Oh, love.” A familiar figure stepped forward, and the protagonist paled. “We won’t be doing anything like that.”
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