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Wave!! Surfing Yappe - Episode 2 Part 2

Despite Sho’s warning not to go, Misaki decided to go surfing while there was a typhoon and almost drowns. He is saved by Sho, who was upset about his recklessness because he cares so much about him~

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Wave!! Surfing Yappe - Episode 2 Part 1

Despite Sho’s warning not to go, Misaki decided to go surfing while there was a typhoon and almost drowns. He is saved by Sho~

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Number 24

Various screenshots of Natsu’s scar from his cervical hernia~

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This is an amazing question that I am so thrilled to answer anon! 

So I have been writing for a very long time, since I was 12, and I’ve always been very passionate about my creative endeavors.
I started out writing fanfiction in a fandom that is still very close to my heart and I love very, very much (one that I recently started writing and posting for again!), and I stayed there for years doing femslash and genderbends and occupying this little niche corner before we started seeing real LGBT representation on TV and movies. 
I bounced around a few fandoms, writing all kinds of content, but typically I ended up in these odd little corners of the fandom that only a few people ventured into because I was always fond of the darker parts of fiction…I loved whump, I just didn’t have a name or a home for it. 

I was bumbling around a tag I like on AO3 and found an author that caught my interest, and I followed that to another author, and that other author had a link to their tumblr. And even though I wasn’t in love with their work, curiosity got me and I followed it and discovered a few more whumpy authors that I did fall in love with. So I joined a very small discord server and made some friends and realized that my odd little interest in the rough, dark fiction is actually shared by a lot of people and it had a name, and it had a community…and I just knew that whumpblr was where I wanted to be writing. 

So…I made my blog and at first was just reading and interacting…and then one day I had an idea and I wrote and posted it. And I was hooked. Whumpblr was home. 
That original story is long gone, and I’ve grown into some more fun ideas that I’ve loved exploring. But no matter what I work on, it feels so good to have a little circle of writers and a huge circle of readers who share that passion, understand that interest, and who don’t insult me and belittle me for my interests. I had some nasty fandom experiences and I am so much happier here. 

So that is my little story about what got me writing on tumblr! 

Tips for new writers…

  • Write what you love, what excites you, what makes your heart sing! 
    Creativity should bring you joy. Yes, sometimes it sucks, sometimes it’s frustrating and infuriating, sometimes it’s boring and feels hopeless. Sometimes you hate it. But underneath all that, it should be something you love. You don’t have to love it every moment, that’s okay and totally normal. But don’t write just for followers, for requests, for obligation. Write for yourself. 
  • Don’t stress what anyone else in the community may think. 
    Not everyone will love your idea, not everyone will read it. But someone will, I promise. Don’t let anyone else’s idea of what you should be writing influence or direct you. It’s yours, at the end of the day it belongs to you and no one can take that from you. 
  • And, I think most importantly…
    Don’t compare your work to anyone else’s. 
    I know it’s really easy to sit and compare your ideas and your writing to other bloggers’ work. I know it’s right there and you see it all the time and how can you not? But seriously…please keep perspective here. 
    Your step one is not the same as someone else’s step one. 
    Don’t compare your step one to someone else’s step ten or step sixty. 
    Please remember that your work is unique and is amazing all on it’s own. 

I love seeing new creators in the community, I LOVE finding new stories to read and follow! 

If you start writing, please please please let me know so I can read, follow, support, and encourage! This community is full of brilliant people (you guys send me some amazing prompts I would never think of, so I know for a fact this is true) and I want so badly to see you guys bring your creativity to life and let me lose myself in your worlds! 

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Niki hangs up her coat, deciding to try and put all of today’s events out of her mind. She doesn’t want to deal with Jack or Ranboo anymore, she wants to be alone with her thoughts. Maybe she could even go back to her library and work on it some more. It’d look a lot nicer if she started setting the floor and walls to something more cozy looking.

She hums quietly as she grabs a candle, using that as her now light. It’s enough for her to grab a book or two, before sitting down in the armchair. She pulls a blanket over her laps as she sets the candle down, enjoying the dim, flickering light.

“Hey, Niki.”

She lets out a shrill scream as she jumps to her feet, dropping the books to the ground. She stammers and stumbles around, fishing around for something to defend herself. It’s when she backs around the chair, she sees Technoblade standing in the corner of her living room.

With a sigh of relief, she slumps against the chair, letting out an anguished laugh. “Techno, don’t scare me like this. You should have told me you were coming over.”

“Oh, hmm. I thought I’d stop by for a surprise visit. I wanted to ask you if you gave my offer some more thought.”

She blinks as she watches Techno. He’s pacing around the room, keeping his cloak around him. He’s brushing his fingers along her walls, bookshelves, even her other items. It’s not something she’s exactly thrilled about, but she doesn’t dare tell Techno no.

“Er, no, not yet. I’ve been a bit busy, Techno. I told you I had things going on in my life.”

“Oh, sure sure.” Techno lowers his hands and faces her, staring with narrowed eyes. In this dim lighting, Techno looks terrifying. Normally Niki doesn’t hate or fear him, but this time around, she’s certain he’s not here on good will. She can’t think of why he’d be angry though. Maybe he’s just dramatic.

“Yeah. Erm, I didn’t have the best day Techno, I was hoping to be alone.” She offers a smile and waves her hand toward the door. “Thank you for stopping by, and don’t worry, I’ll get back to you soon.”

“Oh, of course. I didn’t mean to interrupt your evening.” Techno turns to go, moving closer to the door. “I just had a question.”

“Yes?” She tosses her hair back, trying to keep the smile in place.

“You heard about that nuke test today, didn’t you?” Techno leans against the door frame. “I heard it went really well.”

“You heard about it?”

“Niki, I’d be surprised if anyone didn’t hear about it. It was pretty big news for awhile, and I do hear about things going on. People do talk to me, and I do talk to them.”

“Oh. What did you hear about it?” Niki moves to sit down. She has a sinking feeling…

“Well, it’s kind of funny. I heard you and Tommy were at the giant crater that formed when the nuke landed. I’d have expected that from Tommy, but the strange factor is you. Why were you both there?”

“I was helping him get trees. He’s building a hotel with Sam Nook.” She shrinks into her chair when Techno kicks away from the door frame, moving back around to stand in front of her. “I promise, we didn’t expect it to be…”

Techno leans forward, pressing his hands on both arms of the chair, keeping Niki pinned in place.

“Let me repeat myself here, in case you haven’t caught on to what I’m asking. I would fully expect Tommy to wander toward a nuclear blast out of stupidity, but you’re supposed to be smarter than this. Considering you told me you don’t like him right now, I’m a little surprised to hear that you were with him, at the blast zone.”

“Techno, I don’t…I don’t understand what you’re saying.” She draws her knees up, turning her head to the side to stare at anything other than the giant man towering over her. “You should go.”

“Okay, okay.” Techno backs up, holding his hands up. “I’ll go. But, just so we’re explicitly clear now, and there’s no misunderstandings between either of us-”

“Please leave.”

“-if you attempt to kill Tommy again, I will make sure not even this house of yours remains. I’ll leave this place just as much of a crater as I left L’Manburg.”


“See you later, Niki.”

Techno leaves the house, slamming the door behind him. Niki sits in place for several moments, before peeking out to make sure Techno is really gone. She can’t see anyone nearby, but she still doesn’t feel safe. Retreating back to her chair, Niki stares at the books still on the floor.

Maybe she should just go to bed instead.

Her bed would be safer than sitting out here.

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Part 1

Synopsis: a human man finds a mermaid washed ashore in a storm. His dream come true becomes her nightmare.

Content Warnings: mermaid whump, nonhuman whumpee, female whumpee / lady whump, creepy whumper, obsession, noncon touching (some of it sexual), “caretaking” gone wrong, captivity, torture…I’ll add more as I think of them.

Tag List: @deluxewhump @freefallingup13 @strangerthanx (if you want to be added or removed please let me know!)

Author’s Notes: I am so eager to get to some later parts of this story, but I need to get there at the right pace..still, I hope this sets the scene a little more and has some whumpy moments for you to enjoy~

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I have some more ideas for Villainsicle, but as of now, i only have one more part planned (though I hope to continue past that!) I would love some prompts for these characters if anyone is interested. Magic anons, prompt lists, whatever works! Thank you so much!

If you aren’t comfortable sending an ask, feel free to dm me

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Guys I need more injury whump and pain and oh gosh I have a craving.

I love prodigal son supernatural daredevil. Halp.

Nothing has been giving me good enough whumperflies 😭

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Whumpee let out a soft sob as their legs gave out beneath them. They crumpled to the ground, just inside the empty warehouse.

Curling up tightly, they tried to shift so that their ripped and bloody clothing covered as much of them as it could, as they shivered in the cold air. They leaned back against the half-crumbled wall, making themself as small as possible.

Exhaustion weighed heavily on them as they laid their head down on the cold, hard concrete. Barely feeling the cold anymore, Whumpee closed their eyes, trying to slow their breathing.

A small part of their mind told them that it was too dangerous to sleep, rhat Whumper might still be looking for them. But the large majority of their brain was too weary to care anymore.

If Whumper does find me, they thought, drifting off, then at least I’ll have gotten a good night’s sleep.

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*cut to me scrambling to create an entire world, storyline, and characters 4 whole days before the start of Febuwhump*

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King Takes Knight (Part 5)

Shawn gets just what he hoped for.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

(TW: Torture, captivity, ‘nails’)

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When the whumpee has been held captive by the whumper for days, and they’re in such bad shape they can barely even stand by the time their teammates find them and rescue them. The whumpee trying to insist that they can walk out of there themself when one of their teammates offers to carry them, but when their teammates let them try, they barely manage to limp out of their cell before their legs give out. The teammate who originally offered to carry them catching them, and then lifting them up to cradle them against their chest, ignoring the whumpee’s protests that they can still walk, because they clearly couldn’t. The whumpee struggling and complaining for a few minutes as their teammate carries them out of the whumper’s building, but eventually relaxing in their teammate’s arms, because despite their protests, the whumpee realizes that they probably couldn’t have walked that far, and there in their teammate’s arms, they feel safe for the first time in days. The teammate noticing that the whumpee started leaning into their touch after a few minutes, and making sure that they keep holding onto the whumpee until they’re safely settled in bed after being patched up, then sitting beside the bed to wait for them to wake up, because while the whumpee would never admit it, they seem to feel better when the teammate is there.

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Whumper slammed open the door to the cellar. His head hurt from a hangover, and they don’t really remember anything that happened the night before. He probably forgot to feed his prisoner again. Oh well, it was just one night. 

They shuffle down the stairs with a water bottle and cereal bowl in hand, they struggle to get the light flicked on with their hands full. The light flashed in an instant lighting up a truly gruesome scene.  Whumpee was strung up by their wrists just hanging from the center of the room. They were barely recognizable, dripping with blood, and covered with bruises. 

‘’Oh no…” Whumper muttered to themselves.  What did they do last night?

They cautiously approached whumpee, who had their head down, hair dripping with blood, pool at their feet. Whumper was holding their breath, as they shakily checked full a pulse.

Oh thank goodness..

There was a very weak pulse barely keeping up. Whumper was instantly filled with relief. For some reason, there was a surge of protectiveness what pulsed through their gut. They quickly unshackled Whumpee, and caught them before their knees hit the ground. 

“It’s alright… I got you.” Whumper muttered, more to themselves. They took the Whumpee’s arm and leg, and pulled them over their shoulder military style, and carried them out of the cellar. 

Whumpee groggily awoke. Their vision was blurry, and their body felt numb. They felt so heavy, yet so light at the same time. They felt like their body was on fire, burning with heat. They blinked their eyes open, and could see a figure standing over them. They felt a hand on their forehead, but they were too exhausted to try and squirm out of their grasp. They gasped when they felt a cool burst of ice on their forehead. Something soft and cold was being dabbed onto their head. They took a shaky deep breath in response. 

Whumper sighed as they dabbed the sweat off Whumpee’s forehead. What were they doing? This was their toy to break and torment for fun, but after seeing them almost dead, it scared them. They were busy having too much fun torturing them, that they hadn’t thought how they actually would have felt if they lost them.

“I’m sorry.” They said, not sure if their pleads could be heard. 

“I’m going to fix this…” They muttered, leaving Whumpee to rest on the couch while they returned to the kitchen to finish up that soup for them.


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I’m writing a Whump story but I’m kinda stuck so I need recommendations/ideas/tropes/prompts/etc.

What’s the ONE (or many) THING(S) that you want/need in a whump story?

(For insight, my Whumpee and Whumper are in love, Whumpee is a pet Whumpee and Whumper is a crime lord. There’s one nice butler that’s secretly in love with Whumpee and another butler that totally despises Whumpee.)

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Enjoy this pre-view of @alliemackenzie28​, @inkwelliann​ and my whump photoshoot today- enjoy the rest later on @whumppics

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Handsome Siblings Whump List

Next up is a Chinese Wuxia show from 2020. This show has two whumpees for double the fun!

Content warning: This show does include instances of suicide, although not a major part of the show, it is present. I have done my best to include warning for the specific episodes, but it is likely that I missed one or two. Stay safe, everyone. 

As always possible spoilers ahead. 


Whumpee: Jiang Xiaoyu (Xiaoyu’er) played by Chen Zheyuan 

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Doctor Stranger Whup List

Hello and welcome to my first whump list! I am starting off with Doctor Stranger, a Korean Drama from 2014. 

This show is full of emotional, playful/comical (which I did not keep track of), and physical whump.

There may be spoilers ahead…


Whumpee: Park Hoon played by Lee Jung Suk

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