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egc2002 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
@Marvel, Please give Thor not only his brother, but all the good versions of him as well
Thor needs a hug and be happy again
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warmblanketwhump · a month ago
a Concept™️: sick characters who hide their illness not because they’re ashamed or embarrassed, but because that’s literally the only way they know how to deal with it. before, there wasn’t time, energy, resources to just Be Sick. and they just can’t turn off that instinct in their head that says that sickness just isn’t an option.
so when caretaker asks them why they didn’t tell them they were sick, they turn big, confused, feverish eyes toward them and whisper “I…I can do that? tell you? that’s okay?”
and the only sound you hear is caretaker’s heart shattering as they throw their arms around whumpee and hold them tight.
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ryan-perera · a month ago
Tumblr media
The most beautiful love stories are written when two have done the soul work and embraced unconditional love - to love and totally accept themselves and each other for who they are, and without resistance, to open up their vulnerable heart to the other so the frozen places can be melted.
Daniel Nielsen
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marry-me-malfoy · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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nyxs-sins · a month ago
I saw your request open! I'm feeling soft so may I request: MC walking up to the brothers and hugging them, when they say something MC whispers for them to be quiet and just say "I'm just glad I met you" 🥺
My heart-
Yes I can.
MC Hugging the Brothers
He just kinda stands there for a moment.
“MC? What are you doing?”
But when he hears your whisper, he can’t help but smile a little.
He’ll carefully wrap you in his jacket and envelope you in his arms, holding you close.
“I’m glad I met you too, MC. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. For me.”
He’ll gently lead you in his office, bedroom, music room, or any room that is nearby and empty and sit down.
He’ll pull you onto his lap and bury his face in your neck, inhaling your scent.
He loves it, and he loves you.
Though the moment doesn’t last long, he has work to do, he promises that you’ll pick back up where you left off later that night.
It’s the softest he’s ever been.
Mammon had a recording of it, but it’s not something he would sell, even if he teases about it.
No, Lucifer later got a text from Mammon that was the video.
He gave Mammon a short lecture about it and ultimately saved the video.
It’s their little secret.
Eyes: Watering
Heart: Melted
Arms: Wrapped around you so tightly you’d think you’re the only thing keeping him alive.
After he got over his initial shock and tried to push you away, he was overwhelmed with happiness.
“Oh yeah..?”
Asks you to repeat yourself a dozen times.
“I’m glad you’re in my life too…”
He whispered it so softly you almost didn’t hear him.
You gave him a kiss on the cheek for it.
After he recovered from that blow he took you to his room to watch tv and cuddle.
Best. Cuddle session. Ever.
Wakes up.
Faints again.
Wakes up and stays semi-conscious.
He’s so red in the face.
“I love you too.”
He’s out again.
Maybe warn him next time before being so cute?
You nearly killed him.
But once he wakes up and calms down he’ll invite you to his room to hang out.
He’ll even cross his ankle over yours if you give him some time (and a lot of hinting).
But don’t expect any other physical contact.
He’s working on it.
Smiles softly and puts down his book so he can wrap his arms around you properly.
“Hello, MC, is there something I can do for you?”
And then you say that?
Satan can’t help but to hug you tighter, closer.
It’s like he’s trying to protect you from the world.
Or maybe keep you closer to his heart.
You will never know and he will never tell.
Lucifer snapped a photo of you two hugging in the library and made it his wallpaper.
Not that either of you will ever know.
“Awe… MC! I’m happy too!”
He’ll hug you back gently and cover your face in kisses.
He’ll gently run his fingers through your hair and just hold you.
It doesn’t matter where you two are or what you were doing, right then all that mattered was the two of you.
Gently swaying back in forth, feeling each other’s heartbeats.
When you start to pull away from the hug he’ll gently take your hands in his and lead you to his bedroom for some cuddles.
Maybe he can convince you to finally take a bath with him!
“MC? Is everything okay?”
He didn’t quite catch what you had whispered the first time, so you had to repeat yourself.
But once he did hear you he felt his heart get all warm and fuzzy and he gently hugged you back.
He’ll let you hug him for as long as you want, stroking your hair and occasionally feeding you bites of food as you eat.
Both of you make yourselves comfortable and you stay like that for the rest of the night.
“Even after what I did to you..?”
You thought he had been asleep.
Belphie stays quiet after that question, waiting on you to answer.
“Belphie… I forgave you. Why can’t you forgive yourself?”
He won’t answer, just turn his back to you and hide his face in his pillow.
But you don’t miss the single stray tear slip down his cheek.
After all this time, he still beats himself up for what he did to you.
He regrets it.
He wants to make it up to you.
But he doesn’t know if he can, and that scares him.
He doesn’t want to lose you.
He can’t afford to.
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anguishmacgyver · 8 months ago
your character goes limp mid-hug, much to your caretaker's shock. the options:
they've been hiding an injury that finally caught up with them. the dreaded adrenaline crash sapping all their strength
or they are sick, slightly shivering, and no longer in the position to support their own weight. unusually pale, they may have the courtesy of warning for this one ("I'm not feeling too good...")
or they're hit with a tranq dart; caretaker hears a whistle, a hiss, then their friend's eyes roll back + they go down
or they are simply so exhausted that they give into the safety of a warm, friendly hug, unaware of the caretaker calling out their name in concern
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xshinina · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I ship Nagito with hugs and affection
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