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heres icarus (they/them), amateur witch and nuisance of the galruk region

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His breath hissed through gritted teeth as he heard her mewl of pleasure. A soft sweet music in his ears. Swallowing harshly he kept the beast at bay, for now. Andrei removed the hand from her neck and cupped her jaw, stroking his thumb on her cheek.

“You’re so beautiful Xaviera” the first time he had ever spoken her name. It felt right on his tongue, a sweetness he had never known.

Uncomfortable with his own softness Andrei grabbed her ass and made her legs wrap around his waist, growling when she grinding on him a little. The wolf crashed his lips onto hers.

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When Ian pulled a knife on Mandy’s abusive bf in 4×10 🥰😍🤩😇😊😍😘🤩😚😇☺🤩😇🤩🤪

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LOL can’t get over this😆😆😂😂same thing happens after 5 years and its really hard to choose between two angels😌😍😍😍

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immortal n ~eternally mourning lost love~ byleth is boring just pair him with yuri where its canon that yuri shares his lifespan

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ok goodnight i had my birthday now it’s ending hope u all enjoyed. anything good that happened to you today was because i wanted it to and anything bad that happened im so sorry or if it was minor i did it and you deserved ok bye

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Loops & Leo’s friendship is my favorite. This is just a bit of a ramble about one of their friendship dates. I hope you enjoy this, anon! The SW world belongs to @lumosinlove.

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Angst with the smallest hint of comfort <3

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I can TOTALLY see Noya just screaming at the top of his lungs in gym class once he wins a round of basketball or something LMFAO ALSO AWWWW THE DAICHI ONE IS ACTUALLY REALLY SWEET 🥺🥺🥺 and i mean like who DOESN’T eat ramen like crackers and dry snacks 🙄 KJSDNFIHEUI ALSO HOW CAN YOU PUT MILK BEFORE CEREAL I’M TALKING TO BOTH YOU AND USHI 😡😡😡

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I am utterly obsessed with my oc Andrei and he just might have finally met his match after 27 years of a brutal life lived. Once I saw @horrorslashergirl oc Xaviera I knew she was going to be Andrei’s perfect battle, a clashing of a wolf and snow leopard waiting to become something more… thank you for all the Andrei support!! Hope you enjoy this paring as much as I do 🔪💕

Chapter 1 from Xaviera’s perspective linked HERE



The wolf was on the hunt again. Leading him far away from his motherland and into the Himalayas, a place unfamiliar to him. In dense woods on a mountain side, he hunted, waiting for the prey to come into the large clearing, ice blue eyes were sharp and focused, breathing slow and squeezing his rifle, patients fading. 

The customer didn’t give a reason for the wolf to kill, but he didn’t need it. Just to see the blood ooze from the wounds under the broken bones, the smell of his gunpowder to the copper of the crimson liquid coating his hands as he squeezed, feeling the life drain away between his fingers, and the look, oh the look of prey when he would meet their eyes for one last time before they were gone underneath him. That was enough for the wolf. It was always more than enough. 

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