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“You dont seem to realize I’LL GET YOU IN THE END.”
Inspired by the painting “the fallen angel “!
Reblogs are appreciated!
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Hello, Dream. Are you well? (x)
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headcannons about poly / freeuse vibes with the brothers and mc? not anything cest, they’re just demons and don’t care about monogamy and each find time throughout the day to use mc to relieve some stress 💕
Tumblr media
❝ the obey me brothers vs. poly agreement mc ❞
ft. lucifer, mammon, levi, satan, asmodeus, beel, belphie — obey me!
requests — open!
dni if under 16
Tumblr media
— honestly, it starts when the brothers start falling in love with you one by one, but they don't know how to work around each other. — so, of course asmo being asmo, he suggests that they just all each have one day a week to be with you. — everyone casually being like, "did you have fun with [other brother] yesterday?" no jealousy. only vibes. — the public finding out about this arrangement with the seven top demons of the devildom and starting to flirt with you when you go out because they think you're up for grabs for anyone who wants you. — and subsequently getting the shit beat out of them by the brothers. even levi joins in beating them up for daring to flirt with you — and double dates with beel and belphie!!! a date at the ice cream place where you lean over and give beel a kiss, and then belphie gets pouty!! so you kiss him too!! and they're happy!! — no because i'd like to suggest satan always trying to outdo lucifer!! a competition where they bond over pleasing you, jokingly "arguing" over who did it better! — movie nights. one demon in your lap, one on either side, two sitting on the floor with their cheeks resting on each of your knees, someone behind you on the couch with their arms draped gently on your neck and shoulders!! — also getting all the food. like, they would constantly be sharing food with you. — it would be a FIGHT to share food with you. like, they would compete with each other over who gets to share their snacks with you. — belphie would absolutely steal you away from dates with the other brothers to do Things
— and now the nsfw!! — the brothers going one after another in a day. you fucked out, having had lips and tongues and teeth and dicks all over you all day. being blissed out. — the brothers after beel complaining quietly because his massive horsecock stretched you out, but not finding it in themselves to be mad because you feel so good. — satan asking things like "can he (lucifer) make you feel this good?" — please say no for your own safety. mans will get like 200x rougher if you say yes. — having different experiences with the brothers!! slow, teasing, sensual sex with asmo, but rough, animal fucking with beel and satan!! — THE BRAINROT IS REAL
Tumblr media
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LUCIFER | 1.03 — “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness”
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mammon | lucifer hurting you in the heat of the moment scenarios
originally written on: 19/01/20
“Well, if you love him so much then why don’t you just leave me?!” he yells at the top of his lungs. It’s the first time you’ve seen Mammon so angry and it’s honestly rather terrifying. You’ve known for a long time how clingy and needy he can be and you love that about him—so much—but it’s never gotten to this extent before.
“I told you, I don’t love Solomon!” you try your best to reply in a stern tone but the tremble in your voice is nearly entirely out of your control. He’s not the tallest of the brothers but for the first time, it feels as if he’s absolutely towering over you as his eyes burn holes into your face. “I was just having lunch with him, Mammon. It wasn’t a date.”
You feel your teeth began to chatter as the shaking in your hands spreads all over your body. It’s not out of fear—not entirely—but sadness, too. It’s just a fight, a lover’s quarrel, however, the ache in your chest seems to suggest something even worse than just that. The hand wrapped around your wrist suggests it, too.
“D-don’t lie!” Mammon growls, his hand tightening around your arm as you feel your fingers start to go numb. You try to pry it out of his grip but a bright light flashes and before you know it, his appearance has changed and so has his strength. “If you don’t wanna be with me then say it to my face!”
Swallowing thickly, you feel warm tears begin to stream down your cheeks. His hold is ridiculously strong and impossible to break out of. You feel your racing heart jump around in your chest as pitiful sobs slip past your lips.
“It hurts, p-please, Mammon,” you gasp, “it really hurts.”
The same light flashes throughout your room once more as he lets go of your wrist as if it were scalding hot. Taking a few steps back, Mammon gaps at you with widened, teary eyes, his hands shaking in front of him. His eyes dart between them and you as if trying to comprehend what the fuck just happened.
“(Y/N), I—” the Demon falls to his knees, feeling his legs give out underneath him, his trembling hands grabbing the hem of your shirt, “I’m… I’m so s-sorry.” He starts to cry, even more so when he feels your fingers brush through his hair. 
He’d hurt you, hadn’t he? Why, then, are you still so kind to him?
You start to pull away and it’s then he feels raw panic course through his veins. No, no, no—
“No! (Y/N), I’m sorry! Don’t… please don’t… go,” he pleads, feeling the most pathetic he’s ever felt in a hundred years. But he’d much rather lose his pride than lose you.
“Shhh,” you whisper, prying his hands off your shirt before you kneel down in front of him, “I’m not going anywhere.” Mammon flings his arms around your neck, pressing his face into your chest as he continues to sob, the guilt continuing to weigh down heavily on his shoulders.
“Just take a break!” you plead, refusing to let go of his arm. “Half an hour is all I ask for! We haven’t spent time together in ages!” He doesn’t respond and does not try to hide the annoyance on his face either. 
“I already told you, I’m busy,” Lucifer snaps, “I’ll have time for you later. Please, leave me alone for now.” His words slowly transform into a low growl near the end of his sentence when it becomes increasingly clear to him that you aren’t going to give in. He feels a familiar burning sensation in his chest that only flares up when you open your mouth to speak once again.
What you want to say isn’t spoke, though, since the back of his hand collides with the side of your face before he can stop himself. The terror of his own actions haunting him from the moment he feels the sting on his skin. You let go of his arm instantly, both your hands darting up to cup at the pain in your face. For a while, your head remains bowed, shielding your expression from Lucifer who’s frozen in place. 
He hadn’t meant to do it, he swears. All he wanted to do was wring his wrist out of your hand. However, he knows he can’t say it that way, he can’t make excuses for an inexcusable action. Lucifer wants to leave, to remove himself from the situation for both of you to cool down, but at the same time, he doesn’t want to leave you behind, not when he’s hurt you.
“I-I’m sorry,” you whimper, your head finally rising so that your teary eyes meet his. You give him a faint smile in spite of the reddening patch poorly hidden underneath your hand. “I was being too needy, huh?”
Wait. No. Why are you apologising? It’s his fault. No. Please. Stop—
Yet again, Lucifer’s body moves on its own but this time, much to his relief, he simply pulls you into a hug. As gently as he can, the eldest Demon brother holds your head to his chest.
“No, (Y/N),” he says in the softest tone you’ve ever heard coming from his mouth, “you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. I’m sorry. What I did was terrible. I will accept any punishment you have for me… but…” Lucifer kisses the top of your head, “please… will you consider giving me another chance?” 
Slowly, you nod, and while it provides him with immense relief, he understands that he still has a long way to go in fully redeeming himself in your eyes. 
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Tumblr media
 Made by Kacs on The Sandman Discord server. 
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thewritetofreespeech · 2 days ago
hello! i just love your writing so so much and was wondering... could i please request headcanons on how the demon brothers would react to a mc who likes to walk around the house wearing just underwear because "it's to hot to use clothes"?
Would be shocked to see that at breakfast
Immediately tells them to go put something on. It’s not appropriate at walk around the house like that
What if they suddenly had surprise guests?
If they want to walk around naked they can do it in their room (or his)
Has to do a double take when he sees them
Working in the modeling industry, it’s not the first time he’s seen someone wandering around half clothed. But not his precious MC!!
Snaps at them to go put some clothes on. Only he’s allowed to see that!
Beet red at the tip of his ears because he’s actually pretty shy about nudity
It takes a lot to get Levi to look up from his game, but that would do it
Almost an instant nose bleed when he sees MC in their skimpy underwear set
Stammers horribly as he tries to ask them why they’re dressed like that, but bails and just scampers off
Texts them to put some clothes on because he can’t actually say it in person
Gets immediately flushed and probably snaps at them pretty hard. He is the Avatar of Wrath after all.
Apologies quickly, however, and takes off his jacket to wrap around them
Protecting their modesty, even if they won’t
Asks if they can go put something less revealing, but still breezy, if they’re warm.
Oh? So it’s that kind of party??
Obviously the least offended, and most excited about their decision
He agrees. It’s too hot for clothes. Let’s go back to his room and make it even hotter ;3
Offers to go shopping for cute panty sets if they’re gonna keep doing it
Has no real opinion about it.
It covers up just as much as a bathing suit, right? So what’s the big deal?
He more just happy that they’re comfortable. He runs hot himself, so he gets it.
Would prefer that they put something else on, but won’t say anything about it.
That was certainly a surprise to wake up to after his nap.
Gets up and immediately glomps MC with his blanket to cover them up.
They can’t just be walking around like that around his brothers. It’s dangerous!
Shuffles them off to his room in the blanket to keep them ‘safe’ from the others
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idk if this has been done yet but it’s a mood
Tumblr media
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Made a Levi thing ig
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Who Gives the Best Massages [Obey Me! Headcanons]
Obey Me! Masterlist
Ranked from best to worst
Barbatos - It’s canon that he gives the best massages. Just ask Diavolo. He’s attentive, uses the right lotions, remains professional, and will adjust to whatever feedback you have for him. He just wants to help you relax.
Asmodeus - He does give very good massages and know exactly what products to use to leave the skin and muscles feeling relaxed and refreshed. He can get a bit sexual if you don’t set boundaries with him, though.
Simeon - He’s not the strongest, so he can’t do too much deep tissue, but he does have a very nice touch. His presence is just relaxing to be in, so even a surface level massage would be nice.
Diavolo - His hands are warm and he’s strong. He can do deep tissue massages no problem. You’ll just need to communicate with him when it gets to be too much. Unless you have a high pain tolerance, he won’t be able to apply too much pressure. He has learned quite a bit from his massages from Barbatos.
Mammon - He’ll gripe about it and say that he better get a massage in return, but once he’s done complaining, he’s surprisingly good at it. He’s helped taken care of his brothers if they’ve gotten hurt. He’s also very attentive to how much pressure to apply.
Lucifer - He’s also learned some things from Barbatos, but he seldom gets massages. Still, he’s massaged his own neck before and knows how to release knots. It’s painful, though. Super painful. It’ll feel a lot better afterwards, but the massage itself hurts.
Satan - Knows that anatomy and basics of giving a massage. It’s not bad, but you can tell he’s only ever read about different massage techniques and has never given a massage before. After some practice, he’ll get better!
Beelzebub - He’s able to do deep tissue and knows how muscles should lay, but he’s afraid to apply too much pressure and treats you like glass.He can’t use too much lotion or oils because of how they’ll smell - even the unscented stuff. It smells like food. His hands will rub against your skin a bit more than they should. But it’s still a decent massage.
Solomon - He’s okay at them...But he always wants to use a weird lotion or a potion he brewed. Hopefully you don’t have sensitive skin. If he do want a massage with him, you’ll have to limit what products he can use on your skin.
Leviathan - The boy has issues with his wrists and doesn’t have a lot of stamina when it comes to applying pressure to your skin. That, and you being naked or partially naked would make him freak out. When he does get comfortable, he’ll only be able to do a light massage and he’ll be clammy the whole time.
Belphegor - He’ll help you relax, but he’ll just get a machine to massage your back unless you beg him. Even then, he won’t last long. He’ll get tired and demand that you massage his back instead.
Luke can walk on your back or something to pop it I guess.
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misty-purple-haze · 19 hours ago
I just had the best idea! I’m sharing this with you and one other person to see your takes on it.
MC is kinda just vibing and doing whatever, ya know? Well they end up talking to the brothers and the conversation turns a big morbid. About MC after death.
The brother they’re talking to is like “we’re gonna miss you when you go to the celestial realm.”
MC is just like “bitch I’m coming straight back here cuz I’ve been hoeing around with God’s problem children.”
Bro- BRO-
I’m shook, this idea really is fuckin gold, I can’t wait to write this out thank you for sharing this with me-
I hope you like it!, also this is a really short one shot but I hope you like it though!
Heaven’s Hoe
Silence. That was the loudest thing to be heard since you had said what you said. You didn’t really cared for what you had said since it would turn out to be true. You merely shrugged and walked back with a poker face.
It was a lazy afternoon in the Devildom even though it doesn’t look like it as the Devildom is always dark. You were currently sitting in a dog pile surrounded by all the brothers, the royals, and the other exchange students. How Lucifer and Barbatos managed to make time for you was a surprise in its own way, but them, being soft with you. You could literally die. Currently you were sitting on Beezlebub’ s lap while he was feeding you food. Your lap was occupied by Mammon and Belphegor who were fighting over your attention, Lucifer and Barbatos were just smiling at you caressing you every now and then, Satan and Simeon were reading you books and asking you your opinion on the books, Luke was trying to give you his cookies, Solomon was telling about the anime you all watched with Leviathan while Asmodeus was doing your nails with utmost tenderness while Diavolo was listening to your stories about the human world with a childlike excitement. Safe to say you wouldn’t be allowed to lift a finger this moment onwards. The conversation was going fine, everyone was laughing with you. “Guys stop! It’s not like I’m going to live long anyways. I’m a human so I’m not immortal, remember??” You stated while smiling. It was then the chatter and laughter stopped. “Guys?” You looked around to only see the gloomy faces that replaced the happy ones. “Mc…..” “what? It’s true though. Y’all will witness my death one day or the other-“ a hand closed your mouth. “Why must you say things like this Mc…..” “yes darling, you mustn’t talk about this right now. Who knows if we will ever see you again after you, you know….” You removed the hand from your mouth and started laughing. “Hey Mc. This really isn’t funny ya know, I’m yer first man! If ya die I’ll never see ya again!” You wiped off your tears and looked at them. “You guys are stupid I swear” “pardon?” “How do you guys expect me to stay in heaven when I’ve been here hoeing around gods problem children??” You asked with a blank face. “I don’t wanna be known as “heavens hoe” you know right?” And with that, you shrugged with 12 men following you to your room.
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Tumblr media
been working on some OC stuff, will return to regularly scheduled pokémon and danganronpa content soon.
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 2 days ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
Lucifer: Who commented "Nice feet" on Asmo's recent post?
Mammon: It's obviously MC, they bark at feet.
Lucifer: I'd punish them but they'd like that too much.
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viriborne · a day ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to draw sheep mc with the black sheep shown in the To Do loading screen! I'm pretty much just going out on a limb and saying it represents Lucifer (or just the demons in general) so I based most of the colors on his demon form.
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nethyswain · a day ago
Tumblr media
She is the moment 🖤
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radarchives · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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mammonstoothbrush · 2 days ago
asmodeus | mammon | lucifer | reacting to you asking them about how to become a Demon
originally written on: 19/01/20
“Ehhhhh? Why would you wanna do that?” 
legit interrogates you on why you’d even ask such a thing but does it in a very sweetly curious way 
also interrupts you a lot with his own assumptions which mostly revolve around: “you wanna be with me forever, don’t you? I don’t blame you uwu”
ends up spending most of the time just imagining how you’d look like as a Demon 
even if you insist on knowing about how to turn into a Demon, he’ll feign ignorance for as long as he can, just running his hands all over you, putting your hair in different directions to imitate horns, looking at your fingers and imagining sharpened nails etc.
Asmodeus is aware of the way humans can become Demons permanently 
but it’s a torturous process 
and while he’d love for you to be with him forever, he can’t bear thinking about you going through such pain
so for as long as possible, he’ll pretend to be his usual self and fawn over your appearance relentlessly whilst hoping you’ll eventually lose interest in the topic
“Huh?! Why’d ya wanna know such a thing?”
looks >:( but is actually :0 ? on the inside 
if you tell him the truth (“Because i wanna be with you for as long as possible!”) he’ll pass out on the spot with his face all red 
but if you lie (“I’m just curious”) Mammon’ll just shrug off your question like “how the hell am i gonna know about something as stupid as that?” and pretend he doesn’t care even though he totally does since he lowkey suspects you’re not telling the truth from how sudden your question was thrown his way (his one braincell decides to function on that fateful day)
just mention going to Satan for help and he’ll throw himself on top of you to stop you from leaving 
“Fine! Fine! I’ll look it up, okay?! Stay here! Don’t you dare look for Satan”
Mammon will genuinely try to find info on it in the library but will give up super quick and just look for Satan himself for help 
“Oh, yeah, there’s a way but it’s… not exactly pleasant” 
he’ll return to you and try to lie that there isn’t a way but he’s too easy to see through
“Why’d you lie to me?”
“Because… because you shouldn’t do it. At least not until there’s a more painless way.”
“Aww, do you worry for me, my dear Mammon?”
“N-no! Shut up.” 
“Okay :( ”
“Wait, no, I’m sorry D: ”
“Yes, there is a way.”
“Will you tell me?”
is super persistent on not letting you discover any information on it
you’re not allowed to go to any library without his supervision 
“What’s that book you just picked up?”
“… it’s about dogs.”
you lowkey feel more annoyed as time goes by since his insistence on telling you nothing seems as though it’s not backed up by anything 
you try asking him why he doesn’t want to answer your question but Lucifer just brushes you off by saying stuff like, “if I start, I know you’ll just want more.”
you can’t get information from the rest of the brothers either since they’re all under his orders not to tell you anything about it
it eventually turns into a bit of a fight between the two of you 
you feel as if Lucifer doesn’t trust you while he thinks you’re prying too much again 
“I just want to be with you for a longer time, okay?” you finally say and it renders him speechless for once, “I don’t have any—any malicious intentions! I just… don’t wanna die so quickly… okay?”
he’s only able to speak when he sees you’ve begun to cry 
Lucifer will immediately pull you into an embrace and clarify that he’s never believed you had any bad intentions 
“It’s just… not a good thing to do. That’s all I’ll say for now. It’ll be painful. Maybe too painful for you to bear and I just want you to be safe.” 
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thenightling · a day ago
Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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