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#original characters

Finally, get to post 2020 art! 

But earlier months, I was busy interning as storyboard artist at a local animation company. So not much fully illustrations. (above is me work from home)

I draw mostly in sketchbooks during inbetween works. Maybe I’ll post those sketches later. 

So firstly, here wanna show ya my “while waiting director’s feedback” storyboard ft. my ocs Veil and Liang. :D Drawing non-stop on certain episodes sometimes exhausting. Refill back some energy with these! I can’t show you peeps my storyboard episodes I worked on because it’s NDA.

Now I’m half freelancing, half jobless; but I use this opportunity to mostly focus on my personal project while doing commission. Tough times we live. We’ll see how 2021 goes… 

Hope you all stay well and safe. 

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[id: a young man floating in water kissing a merman. the young man is filipino with pale skin and an undercut, he wraps his legs around the tail of the merman and holds his face. the merman is white with dirty blond wavy hair and glasses, and his tail, is black with large frills on the front and back and sparkling rainbow scales where the light hits it. end id]

alexi is living his best paranormal romance life since he found out his sorta-boyfriend is a mermaid. 

characters from the monsterhearts 2 game I run! charlie (the mermaid) belongs to @ceres-and-luna, while alexi is my npc

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CreatInk 2020: 25- Mine


“My love is yours, and yours is mine.”


My lovely boys! Long time no see ya <3

For those who aren’t aware, those are Itzmin (being hugged) and Eyvor (hugging Itzmin), former main characters of a now dead story that, however, I’m thinking about picking up again in the future. There are some things to fix, and much to further develop, but I believe it has the potential to become something great :D In the meantime, we have some drawings about the lovely couple once in a while. If you aren’t familiar with them I suggest you lookat my ‘Original Characters>Dragon’s Order’ folder in my dA gallery ^^

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I’ve managed to read the first arch of Wings of Fire in a week in a desperate attempt to draw dragons

It makes no sense, I know, but moving on

My friend has been working with me to build up confidence and help and I finally managed to get something


And when I tell you how proud I am of myself for managing this


His name is Snook!!

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