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“Small Spelunker”

Just some internal exploration by one very pretty and very brave wasp lass. I feel like she’s gone in after some sort of treasure.

*Please note that most of my niche/fetish works are nonsexual, ALL are of a safe variety, and all suggestive or specifically kink material is consensual and will be marked as such. I have had problems in the past of people not respecting this especially from within(!) the vore and other fetish communities online, so any not heeding this boundary will be immediately blocked.*

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A MASSIVE wasp landed on my desk at work today during cleaning time and walked onto my work bag. Panicked, I walked over to the school secretary and asked for bug spray for a bug, forgetting the Japanese word for wasp.

She came over to the desk and asked, “where is it? Where’s the bug?” And started haphazardly moving my stuff around. When the wasp ran off my bag onto the ICT guy’s desk next to me she screamed and struck the offensive wasp several times with the can (not actually spraying the can not just bludgeoning it several times).

The students came over to see what was up and started laughing super hard. Basically nothing productive was achieved today at cleaning time.

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