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Hi everyone! My name is Sheridan and I’ve been a part of this community for five years now (wow long time). I’m in my second-to-last semester of college rn, and I find myself very uninspired. My classes, from this point onward, are online. Online is difficult for me because I study and work better in an environment where I can bounce ideas off of others. 

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in me creating (or if one has already created) a community where we could facetime or zoom to give one another motivation? 

For reference, I’m working on a literature major and a creative writing minor. The biggest things I want to finish before next week’s end are my screenplay and some poems for my grad school portfolio (due dec. 15th). If anyone at all is interested please let me know! 

If you’re majoring in anything else that’s totally fine as well! As long as you’re cool working with me (I’m a little obsessive about my work and definitely a “bruh” study girl - my redbull collection in the pantry can attest to that) but I stay on task, and I’m not a distraction. (Also if you’re in highschool that’s fine too I didn’t even think about that but I was in highschool when i started being a part of this community it’s fine come hang).

I’m really serious about this - I’ve been thinking about this for the last couple days and I would love to meet people from the community that I’ve been a part of for so long. 

Let me know if you’re interested!



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Recently I went for the wedding of someone I apparently knew in my childhood and ran into a bunch of other people from my childhood. One of those people was my old high school maths teacher and despite me remembering nothing about this man except the mountain moving effort it took to stay awake in his class, he passively aggressively goes off on me talking about what a brat I was back then and he’s happy to see I’ve matured because daddy’s money princesses like me often don’t go far. …Okay. So I’m seating alone and it’s still bothering me cause I can’t remember actually being rude to the man, then a friend of mine comes over and I ask him what the fuck I did to that man and he’s like “…Are you joking right now?” I say no and he reminds me that back as a high schooler I literally had a problem understanding sarcasm and social cues. That high school teacher had it out for me, without me ever realizing it, because one time I was zoned out in his class and he’s like “Would you like to solve this equation?” You know as a punishment for zoning out. And I suck at maths and I’m not about to humiliate myself so I say “No, but thanks for offering.” The teacher then goes, “Excuse me?” And he’s really looking at me like he’s waiting for a reply so I reply, “You’re excused…?” So that was fun trip down memory lane

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Unlocking students’ potential and helping them in realising their dream is something that Delhi Metropolitan Education truly focuses on. Through our skill oriented teaching methodology coupled with events and programmes held at regular intervals we strive to provide each and every student top class education!..

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Dear students,

I officially decided I wouldn’t be working over Thanksgiving. Normally, I would use you as an excuse to get out of Thanksgiving dinner table culture wars, but this year Thanksgiving was canceled so I’m watching Demon Slayer, Inuyasha (in preparation for the upcoming series), re- watching supernatural, getting drunk, and smoking. I didn’t give you hw over break(never would btw) and so don’t expect me to:


Talk to your owners. I mean parents.

Answer questions that do not entertain me or are not important. For example, philosophical, shower- thoughts, and random -ass questions like, “miss how do you capture pigeons?” Are fine. Important questions, as in life or death, are fine too. I will not respond to any questions whose answers can be found in the class notes, makeup slides, nearpod, syllabus, or rubrics. If you’re not on fire or entertaining me do not message me.

Leave me alone I’m high and I’m making shitty destiel memes that take me back to the hell scape of 2013.

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How I prepare in advance for tests: Tips

  1. Take notes while in class! That way you force yourself to pay attention to what the teacher is saying and end up retaining things easier;
  2. Ask your teacher as many questions as you need while the new material is being taught. That will allow you to gather more information for your notes and will let the teacher know that you’re interested and paying attention. Some teachers value this and you might earn a few participation points;
  3. After class, rewrite your notes. They don’t need to look pretty. Just organize the contents you learned so that you can understand them later. Usually, I even write small notes and examples as if I am teaching future me the contents from scratch;
  4. Do a small revision a week before the test. That way you will have more time to fully prepare and, hopefully, you won’t feel as anxious or think that you are running out of time.
  5. If you have anxiety and have a hard time managing it before the test, try creating an anti-anxiety plan. Write down things that help you relax (like movies, songs, activities, food) and either take some time out of your schedule to do them or incorporate them in your study. Do what you need to not let anxiety ruin your day;
  6. One or two days before the test highlight the important things in the paper and summarize it even more (usually I can turn 6 pages into 2 where I just write the main concepts that are harder to memorize);

And that’s it! Usually, I read my notes the night before the test and review them in the morning to make sure I got everything memorized. I hope this can help some of you. Everyone has a different study method and this one got me through high-school and first of college. Try to find yours in the meantime and feel free to add more tips!

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this is your reminder, complete the assignment and SUBMIT 🤡🤡

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White rose propogation


Propogating white roses in my garden.

Procedure in winter 🥶(softwood cutting)

First cut the above portion of flower and remove it

Secondly at a 45degree angle cut the stem above the last leave set.

Since we are using softwood use a lose kind of soil, in order to avoid bending and injuries.

I will make an another post after few days and see the growth.

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We are the one-stop solution to all your assignments and projects. So what are you waiting for? Just ask and we here to help.

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