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politijohn3 hours agoAnswer

canadian here but i wanna say trumpet and conservatives did a pretty good job of making people think trumped has done wonders for the economy also i keep tryna say trump but apparently my phone doesn’t even like him bc it’s autocorrecting. Like i’m not saying it’s true idk jack shit but I do gotta say they’ve made it seem like it is because when i hear people talk about trump they’re like oh at least he fixed the economy and stuff like that

The US is on the brink of another recession. Trump didn鈥檛 fix shit. He鈥檚 a moron and so are his enablers

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politijohn6 hours agoText


Certainly, this will have zero impact on a Biden Presidency /s

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politijohn12 hours agoText


Certainly, this will have zero impact on a Biden Presidency /s

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politijohn16 hours agoAnswer

I’m wondering if this is right but jeff bezoar rich not the same as let’s say drake being rich or taylor swift bts etc bc they offer a service they make music, sell it, go on tour like they make tons of money yes but they offer a service or product like you’re buying their music, so you get the music you buy the concert tickets you see the concert etc. with jeff bitch face and trump they aren’t they created the company and now can sit on their ass and make money from others doing the gruel work which is fine i guess if they pay ppl fairly but they don’t so like for example there was that ceo who only takes home 70k a year so all his employees can also make the same... that’s like fair but jeff besoz pays amazon workers not enough am i correctly getting the gist of it?

Definitely a good start! I do want to say, it鈥檚 important to then look at those seemingly less sinister examples (T Swift, Drake, etc) even closer. What are they doing for the public? Are they giving their money back to the community in a meaningful way? Are they supporting politicians who will fundamentally uproot the system that has created society鈥檚 problems? Are they speaking up about important issues? Often, celebrities will give money to charities, which is great. But charities can鈥檛 possibly resolve the core of their respective problems. That requires the government to be involved. So if those rich people aren鈥檛 supporting policies and candidates who will do that, be very weary of them. It鈥檚 sad to say that many of them genuinely don鈥檛 go that far with their goodness. That鈥檚 why we must tax the rich.

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politijohn21 hours agoAnswer

i’m so confused at how ppl still portray blm as being a big threat/dangerous like where’s the same energy about kkk and other white supremacist groups? also ppl be like were all causing problems lile umm you had 50+ years to hold cops accountable for their actions, change the trainibg system and stop them from killing black people but you didn’t do that so you dug your own grave

I wasn鈥檛 ready for the tea this early, but thank you for delivering anyway. It鈥檚 piping hot

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politijohna day agoAnswer

Have you watched Totally Under Control? If you haven’t seen it I recommend it so much. It’s on Hulu and it was honestly incredible. It went over the government response to COVID and even though we’ve been living that response (or lack thereof) seeing it all synthesized was so harrowing. I think everyone should see it but especially people who might be on the fence about voting because I finished that movie feeling even more motivated to do my part to make sure Trump isn’t re-elected

Thanks for the recommendation! I haven鈥檛 seen it but will check it out.

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politijohna day agoAnswer

Am I correct in assuming that if the House and Senate gave a shit about citizens and pulled their heads out of their asses, everyone could have received another stimulus check? But instead they had to go for a supreme court justice?

Yep. But are you surprised when we鈥檙e dealing with politicians like this…

What ever happened with this anyway?

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politijohna day agoAnswer

I’m sure your aware of Amy Coney Barrett being confirmed in the Supreme Court. I’m completely baffled they’d actually elect her, but the fear I’m facing overweighs my shock. I don’t understand how we could possibly fix the damage she will bring to the U.S., and how women’s and LGBT+ rights will be in the future.

Trump鈥檚 presidency might only last 1 term but his legacy will be the hundreds of unapologetically conservative federal judges he appointed with help from Mitch McConnel.

If you aren鈥檛 demanding radical change to our broken political system, now鈥檚 the time

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politijohn2 days agoText



This does not mean you vote for trump, and also there is a difference between banning fracking and removing our dependence on it over time, eventually making it to redundent to use.

Legend says if you criticize Joe Biden/Kamala Harris, a neoliberal will appear and defend them for no reason

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politijohn2 days agoAnswer

bro even catholics don’t like the catholic church like especially this generation at least that’s what I’ve witnessed they’re all like i’m catholic but no i ain’t support that

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politijohn2 days agoAnswer

A reminder to vote for Shahid Buttar if you live in San Francisco/CA-12 and Paula Jean Swearengin if you're in West Virginia!!!

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