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A tip for Social etiquette :

When a person is asking for some important contact information regarding their university or job,

You give it to them WITHOUT asking questions,(why, when , what) if you know that info,

A person can’t always be a situation to explain all your questions and ALSO wait for when you’d give them the required info.

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OF COURSE!! byt please include all tenses (ex. : fae/faer/faeself) I also accept emoji pronoun mcs! i go by neos + used to go by emojis, and i understand how hard it is to find content creators that will use them.

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i’m literally dying trying here and i see little to no results. and ik i just had like two months off work but i haven’t had a day off my bullshit since ???

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thank you.

hello. it’s been awhile since i’ve last gotten onto this blog. i still get so many notifications every single day from people liking all my writing, and i appreciate that so much! but, as i grow as a person and mature and figure out what i want to do with my life, i decided that i would no longer like to be associated with this blog, as i’ve had my real first name on here as well as my face plastered all over my blog. i have not come to a final conclusion yet, but i have decided that i will be going through all my posts (yes, all 4217 posts) and deleting everything that is not a fic. after that, i’m not too sure whether to still leave this up or not, but i’m sure i’ll figure out something.

to all my mutuals and followers who supported me the 6-7? months i was active, thank you. i appreciate all your kind words (and not so kind words i guess) that were sent to me and i’ll forever remember the love and support (and sometimes lack of) i received. it was a nice time on here despite the ups and downs, but i think i’m finally ready to let go. if we were close/interacted a lot and you want to keep in contact, please message me and i will give you my twitter or instagram!

i also would like to say i’m sorry. i’m sorry for the way i handled some things, i’m sorry i basically begged for attention at times, i’m sorry for the way i handled relationships, i’m sorry for the way i acted and handled things in general. if you couldn’t tell, i was not ready/mature enough to actively put things about me and my life out on here and i didn’t know how to limit what i said and what was appropriate and what wasn’t. and sadly, i didn’t realize that and my parents didn’t realize that until it was almost too late to pull me off of here. i did and said things that weren’t the smartest nor were the most mature. and i’m sorry. i want to let you all know that i have grown these past 10 months i’ve been off tumblr and while i still have lots of improvement, i can assure you all i am a better person than i was when i first started this blog.

if you have any questions, please feel free to send me an ask or message me! thank you for all the great memories on here, i’ll forever remember the events that happened on this app. i hope you all understand my decision and support me. thank you. <3

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Just a reminder from me and my dumb brain

Anyone who likes/supports/etc OMEGAVERSE stuff can unfollow and block me.

I do not support OMEGAVERSE in any way, its abusive, transphobic, and r*pey

I repeat


P.S. DNI with me either if you are transphobes, homophobes, racists, pedophiles, and other nasties I may not know the terms of

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oh by the way y’all, taylor’s ultimate goal here is to create something as close to a replica as she can of her discography for the rerecording. it’s supposed to sound identical to the original versions. she’s not here to create alternative versions of each song or spice it up - for the purposes of this project and for the purposes of her artistic journey to finally owning her masters (which she should’ve been able to have from the beginning, but that’s another conversation), she’s making replicas. yes, we discuss her doing songs that were on the deluxe or platinum versions or touching on unreleased songs because she said she’s got a lot of surprises, but don’t attack her because they sound similar to the originals. that’s the whole point. that’s how she’s getting her masters back, and we need to support that.

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