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the-z-system · 2 days ago
Dealing with your source/creator dying as an introject.
Hi, my name is Technoblade. I am a fictive/faitive. The person I am an introject of died very recently of cancer.
The guilt I feel about being a introject is immense for me right now. I am still in denial for the most part, I feel like this isn’t real.
Here are a few things I find have helped me
Don’t be ashamed for being an introject. Still being yourself is not disrespectful or rude as long as you don’t talk over grieving people/fans/friends/family.
You are allowed to grieve in your own ways. Scream, cry, listen to music, go offline, anything. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or others you should be free to grieve.
Interacting with your source. I find re-watching streams or videos has helped me remember the good.
If you are like me and there is a place to donate or help the families of the grieving then please do. Whether it be spreading the link or donating.
Talk to people you trust. Be free to vent your emotions in a safe environment.
Self care and love. It’ll be hard to get up, shower, eat, etc. Try to do at least one though. Take your time getting re-adjusted.
See a therapist if you can. Grief is difficult to manage alone, talk to a therapist if you have one.
Important numbers:
Text HOME to 741-741 for a crisis councilor
1 273-8255 is the American Suicide Hotline
Other suicide hotlines
Suicide prevention chat
The Trevor Project
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platonic-fo-quotes · 2 days ago
Happy disability pride month to all disabled self shippers!!
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petitefleuriste · 20 hours ago
I must not underestimate what God can do. 
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hopeymchope · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yeah Republicans came up with this idea in response to the “stolen” election from 2020, You know — “The Big Lie” that has literally no evidence behind it and which ahs been laughed out of every court in the nation for not having a single basis in reality?
They claimed that this plan would help them “prevent another stolen election.” But of course, the election was never stolen. What they mean is that they will use this to prevent ever losing an election.
We already know that most of the conservative justices on the court have spoken or written in favor of ISLT. The only one who hasn’t already established her opinion of this on the record is Amy Coney Barrett, and she’s more than extreme enough for most people to assume she’s in favor. In other words: This is basically a done deal. The decision of the court is plainly obvious, and it will signal the end of America as a democracy forever.
...unless someone can do something to stop them/change the makeup of the court before the decision comes down, of course.
Biden either needs to pack the court ASAP, or make certain multiple sitting judges are prosecuted/impeached.
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this-account-is-a-mistake · 12 hours ago
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primusdemoniccreatrix · a day ago
Please beware and protect yourself
In fandom, there is no room for hate and the restricting of personal freedoms. Not in life as well.
People we know in real life can be our biggest enemies in plain sight.
There is a person in the Transformers fandom who goes by the tag/name QueenNoPlot, who is a self-declared NSFW writer for the TF fandom.
Disturbing information has been revealed about her true colours. She is a liar, anti-LGBTQIA2+, a forced-birth extremist and a Trump supporter. She is pro-gun, anti-trans, anti-vaxx/mask, a Christofascist and polices others for their NSFW works while being someone who also has NSFW roots in fandom. She is also known by previous peers to be very abusive.
QueenNoPlot displays a disturbing pattern of gaslighting and manipulation, a pattern which I not only witnessed but also was on the end of several policing, gaslighting, racist and queerphobic rhetoric sessions.
If you come into contact with this person, please know they are more likely to do harm than good, and for your own safety and peace of mind, block them and do not interact with them. They are not someone who can be trusted and have many manipulative tactics. Please be careful, and please spread the word to protect others.
TL;DR: A user on multiple fandom sites calling themselves QueenNoPlot is a Christofascist and manipulative person who may still be prowling. Please be aware that she is not a friend to anyone but the MAGAts.
"Lord, protect me from my friends; I can take care of my enemies"
Note: if you follow this person or try to defend them, you will be blocked. I will not waste time defending someone who has done numerous inexcusable things. Other than that, be safe and be informed.
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fernlessbastard · a day ago
So I'm opening up commissions
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Contact: preferably email me at [email protected] (but my DMS here and on Instagram are open)
Please mention comissions in the subject of the email.
Doodle - $5
Small piece - $7
Medium piece - $10
Big piece - >$15 (negotiable size)
Doodle: - $35 (~ half of A5)
Small piece - $45 ( ~ half of A5)
Medium piece - $65 (~A5-A4)
Big piece - >$90 (negotiable size)
Doodle: - $45 (~ half of A5)
Small piece - $55 ( ~ half of A5)
Medium piece - $75 (~A5-A4)
Big piece - >$100 (negotiable size)
What I won't draw:
Nsfw of real people (unless the people involved give explicit permission)
Ships including real people (unless the people involved give explicit permission)
Noncon (depends on the context)
Animal abuse/harm, meat imagery
Anything suggestive/explicit regarding minor(s)
Ships with big age differences where one person is very young (see 9yo and 15yo, or 18yo and 30yo)
Terms of service:
General terms of service:
The prices listed above are all in the context of pictures of art. In case you want the physical piece, I need to be notified before starting the commission. The price of shipping will also be added to the final price, after all the add-ons (such as 25% for another character).
All drawings may or will include a subtle signature that you may not remove or change.
Prices are subject to change based on demand.
I have the right to reject any order that I do not feel comfortable drawing for any reason.
“Extra Detail” will be evaluated based on the amount of additional, complext objects, and doesn’t inherently concern the character’s design (unless the design is overtly complex)
“Detailed bg” referrs to a background that portrays a full scene, and/or includes complex patterns.
Unless the piece is of a private person, I am free to post the final drawing to my social media. (I'll still probably ask you if you mind, but you know)
Currency accepted is either PLN or USD and can be paid through PayPal.
Commissions can be paid either 100% upfront or split 50% upfront and 50% after sketch approval, depending on what's been privately agreed upon.
Don't send me any payment before I have agreed to give you a slot and requested you to send me the payment.
If for some reason I'm forced to cancel the commission after not fully finishing it, I'm entitled to receive payment for the work I've already done (for example if the piece was meant to be in watercolours, but I've already finished the sketch, I'm entitled to receive the payment for a full sketch)
Upfront payment is non-refundable (once I start the commission) unless I myself cancel the commission.
I will notify you when I have started on your commission and you, therefore, lose the rights to a refund
At any point of the process you can contact me to have a civil discussion about details of the order - I'm human too! Just be nice and understanding and I'm sure we can find a compromise, whatever it is.
While I'm working on your commission I will make reviews with you to make sure I make it just right for you!
The amount of reviews depends on the complexity of the work.
During the reviews, you will see work-in-progress and these images will be of lower quality than the final piece.
The time it takes to finish your commission varies 1 week - 3 months (or more in bigger pieces) depending on factors such as the complexity of the commissioned piece and the workload in my personal life.
If anything comes up that will slow the progress of the initially estimated delivery time I will let you know asap.
Once the piece is finished you will receive a picture or several of the final piece in good quality.
If you want to receive the physical piece I will notify you when I send it and provide pictures.
I am not responsible for what happens to the piece when in shipment.
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trans-t0uya · 21 hours ago
Was really really really hoping I wouldn't have to make ANOTHER one of these for a long ass while :/
Can anybody spare $25 for gas?? My mom has a job interview tomorrow and we've been distracted by the whole "try not to starve" thing so we forgot we didn't have any in the tank.
PayPal: @/heartmlm
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obaewankenope · 15 hours ago
I have £10 in my account rn and can't do anything about it because I'm injured and disabled on top. Fuel is almost £2 a litre, electric is... Just ridiculous. And food is hard as hell because of my own allergies. The only bright side is the pets have food for this month.
If you have anything you can safely spare (don't you dare put yourself out) I will genuinely appreciate it right now.
[paypal] [kofi]
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zu-is-here · 12 hours ago
Kist isn’t even that great of a ship why does it need a whole day?
Every ship, or character, deserves a day, a week, a month or even more when you love it╰(*´︶`*)╯♡
UPD: ☆
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lumberjackloving · 14 hours ago
heads up that while i really, really do like ant/anthony, it still doesn't feel as right as i'd like my name to and until i can find something that feels like *me* I'm gonna stick back to emil
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drayslove · a day ago
announcement !!
tw ; death threats, slurs
hi lol i dont really have ANY thing important to say, other than to the anons i have rn in my inbox. and i do not wanna answer any of them, i am tired of getting death threats over a concept fic i made like months ago.
sending my death threats and slurs everyday is getting old, like really old.
so, i will no longer like write it for your sake to just shut the fuck up. that includes my stepmom!reader x draco (THAT I ALSO TALKED ABOUT MONTHS BACK.)
i will not accept any step!peter or step!draco aus, unless i want to.
so, no more "yOuR dIsGuStIng" "kilL yOuRseLf" "uSe thIs🪢tO haNg yOurSelf" in my inbox, if i see one more time any that is related to me wanting to write a stepbro! draco smut. i will be turning off the anon mode. So you wouldn't have to be a pussy to talk to me on anon mode.
thanks for listening lol
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dreemurr-skelememer · 2 days ago
Hello! I love your works, do you allow using them? And could I use your art if I credit you?
i allow reposts (with credit) on other sites besides tumblr, instagram, and twitter!
for edits and such: go absolutely fucking wild
for youtube videos, dm me first, absolutely not for gacha reaction videos
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What doesn’t kill you...
Hello and welcome, camp counselors and eager new campers alike! We are proud to announce the HACKETT’S QUARRY SUMMER CAMP CELEBRATION WEEK. 
What is the HACKETT’S QUARRY SUMMER CAMP CELEBRATION WEEK, you may ask? Great question! 
It’s 7 days in August dedicated to celebrating THE QUARRY, the new game from Supermassive Games. One prompt per day, we welcome all sorts of fannish content: fic, art, vids, playlists, gifsets, headcanons. Anything and everything! 
The celebration week will run from August 17, 2022, to August 23rd, 2022, meaning it ends on the one year anniversary of that fateful night (or morning, technically) at Hackett’s Quarry! What a better way to commemorate that crazy night than talking about our favorite characters, ships, and more? 
Rebloggable versions of our Rules/Regulations, FAQ, and Prompts/Schedule will be going live soon. In the meantime, reblog this post to spread the news! The more the merrier.
You can find more info at these helpful links: Rules/Regulations | FAQ | Prompts/Schedule | Navigation | Ask
...will make you STRONGER.
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obt-tower · a day ago
Below is a list of some cancer research and cancer support charity links. Please check these links out and donate if possible.
This a Tribute to Technoblade that the SFA website has created, you can donate here.
This is the Tiltify link from his fundraiser stream, it was never closed so you can still donate here too.
Lastly, I’d like to say that I hope everyone is doing alright. Take time for yourself and hydrate especially if you’ve been crying. It may be a rough couple days, weeks, or even months. Grieve as much as you need and make sure you look after your needs. 💜
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soft4gguk · a day ago
let's talk about him (°◡°♡)
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fernlessbastard · 2 days ago
Hey guys
In the light of current situation I will be toning down the content.
I haven't posted in a little bit, and I had posts lined up, but I'm pushing them towards a further date as I don't see them appropriate to post at such time.
I hope you're all staying safe.
I might take a break from posting for a little bit.
That being said I've been preparing to open comissions - that's still viable and I will be letting you guys know specifics soon enough.
I will probably be particular about what content I accept though for the next couple of months or so.
Please stay safe all of you.
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renaissanceduroi · a day ago
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the Council of Lysandres
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