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id: the start of a twitter thread by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg @TheRaDR from Sept 15 2021 reading,
Today's a good day to talk about prayer, no? I know it's a thing that feels hard and uncomfortable to lots of folks, so let's spend some time unpacking some of what it can be. 1/x thread.
For starters, let me make this clear: I don't believe in vending machine theology. Like, there is no version of any understanding of the divine that I have that involves me praying for a pony and getting a pony. Or a fast car or that gig that I want or whatever. Courage, patience, compassion? That's different, we'll get there. "But rabbi, the traditional Jewish liturgy includes prayers for livelihood, for healing, for all sorts of things! We ask for stuff!" Yes, and the traditional Jewish liturgy is written in the first person plural. Not I. We. So again, patience, we'll get there. / end id]
The thread continues,
But first, I want to say a few things about the act of prayer. The Book of Samuel talks about a woman named Hannah who's stuck in a dark place; she finally breaks, starts crying, and then, the book tells us, she "increased her prayers before God…. Hannah spoke on her heart." She's considered the paragon of prayer in Judaism; she didn't recite formal liturgy. She teaches us, though, that prayer is about speaking on your heart. It's a means to express something of our deepest selves, and not only naming it, but offering it up to the great beyond. 
Whether or not you think of yourself as someone who believes in whatever might be called God, I'd like to suggest that there is power to this. I don't think you need to know to whom or what you're praying in order to pray.
Sometimes, you can just... pray. And see how it feels. If meditation can get us centered in the present moment, prayer can engage that presence, draw from or offer it up, or do both at the same time. Meditation is the work of the breath, of the stillness of the mind. 
Prayer is, as the Jewish tradition puts it, "work of the heart." This work of the heart often emerges from the hardest spaces. Sometimes it comes out of that moment when you're at the edge of your ability to cope, or grief, despair, fear, anger, disassociated numbness, or overwhelm. Or from a bunch of those things, all at once. 
Perhaps our prayers are open expressions of resentment, desperation, hope, gratitude, wonder, frustration, questions, or many of the other things a person might feel when we're up to the ears in it. Perhaps something else. I don't know. 
I can tell you that if you spend all of Yom Kippur yelling at God until you get to the place where the tears are, or yelling until you find a new truth that you hadn’t uncovered, that will be a day well spent. 
Yes, you can yell at God, you can be angry at God, you can yell at I-don't-know-if-there's-God-or-what-but-I'm-gonna-yell. The God in which I believe can take it.
Jews, anyway, have a long, proud tradition of yelling at God. It's... kind of how we roll. 
But real prayer doesn’t push aside hard feelings. Nor will it magically fix everything. It can help us to name what's happening, & to pour it out to the great transcendent beyond — to turn your isolated feeling into something that connects you, that binds you to something bigger. 
It is this outward offering that turns "feeling feelings" into prayer: we don't just experience them, we offer them up, to someone, something. We say, “here, can you hold on to at least a tiny piece of this anger, frustration and despair for just a second?” We connect our heart to the great infinite everythingness, the gushing, pulsing stream of life within and around us. We reach out.
It's about tuning into that which interlinks us all, that which is present within and between us. Try lifting up the things in the deepest places of your heart and try to release them like you're letting the wind take a balloon. You don't have to even know whether anyone's taking them or what, just try to pull the words up and out. 
So then, to get back to the words in the prayerbook. First of all, permission:
If you're in services and what's happening with the prayerbook and where you are with things isn't where your head is at, let me be hopefully not the first person to give you permission to just be where you are, tune out of the service and tune in to your heart, tune in to whatever's happening there, do that. If you do some real work there, you've done good. 
The point is not to recite every word of the Yom Kippur liturgy while your heart cries for attention. No. And as for crying in services? Feel free to ask anyone from any of the shuls I've attended regularly since the late 90's (aka when I got Jewy) if I have ever been seen sobbing hysterically during prayer services. Uh. Yes, hi, here is your permission slip to cry if you need to. 
Sometimes in the process of prayer you move stuff around and find true things and clear out some things and the true things come out through tears. That's OK. Sometimes life is so full and the only time you have time to be a certain kind of present is during prayer and so it turns out that's when you cry. That's OK. 
So, then, back to the words in the prayerbook. Whether you're more comfortable in the Hebrew (and occasionally Aramaic) or English, or a bit of both —permission slip to pray from whichever side works best for you — the prayerbook is meant to be your guide through a process. The liturgy has been crafted very intentionally. It's the trail for your hike. It's meant to take you on a series of risings & fallings, openings & closings, peaks & valleys. The blessings before & after the S'hma, before & after the Amidah, where (on YK) the viduis are, etc. We talk about keva (fixed form) and kavvanah (intention) as the heart of Jewish prayer. Taking the intention, the heart stuff I've been talking about and binding it to the words in the prayerbook, and offering it up. It takes practice, sure, but if you're in services a bunch tonight and tomorrow, why not practice?
Find some of the words that catch you in particular and really...pray them? See what it feels like to find some words that you wouldn't think to just write yourself and pray those?
And then we get around to the genius of Jewish prayer. The ways it shapes you, like water gently shaping a rock. The number of times I have, in prayer, had to find the ways and meanings around words I wouldn't have, in my tiny, finite, ego-driven self, thought to write. The ways that we — not I, we — has worked itself into me. It's not about my own love or sorrow. My own fate or concern. The hike has taken me to vistas more profound and beautiful than I possibly could have imagined on my own. 
And it's forced me to tap into pain and suffering greater than I wanted to, because that's part of the work, too That's OK. We. Us. In any case, I want to bless you with the opportunity to do some of the work of the heart — tonight, tomorrow, and any time after that.
In services, or just walking down the street, when you're with a cranky child, at any moment when you need to offer something up. Formal prayer — yes. And spontaneous prayer is valid, too. It was for Hannah, it is for you, too.
Offer something up. PS: some theological Qs can be addressed in this piece, though more Bible-focused. Viz prayer, some Jewish philosophers talk about prayer impacting the person praying, some talk about prayer impacting the divine, some a combination, you don’t have to pick.
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cynder024 · 2 days ago
This is not me, they stole my shit and I have no clue about how to contact the assistance of the website.
Tumblr media
Please don't buy from them, if you actually support my work, since I wasted 42 hours of my life on that crap.
If you really want a print, just ask me. I do sell them. Thank you.
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evil-osha · 18 hours ago
In these recent TEFR-y times, as terfs divert all their forces to attack a page where someone literally posts about being an evil version of OSHA, I've been misgendered.
But actually, it's really fucking funny. I've blocked the person who did it already and it's almost a shame they won't see this, but, for the record, calling me "she" isn't gonna cut it. You see, let me introduce you to a magical world called:
✨ AMAB People Being Nonbinary✨
A long, long time ago, not so far away, in fact on this very Earth, for centuries, people have existed outside the gender binary. (Just check out Two-Spirit people to get you started, although disclaimer I'm not Native American but it is important to recognise that being male and female/neither has existed long before the days of the internet).
Long story short the British colonised almost everywhere and fucked up everything. But recently, we've made the world a little less fucked up. We've progressed a lot. Now we have equal treatment for everyone! (Theoretically, unfortunately shit still sucks so it's more just a loose idea. But at least we have that, I guess).
The point I'm trying to make here, is that in these past few decades, many people have come out as having a gender identity existing outside of the binary. Those who were previously assigned as women at birth, and guess what? People who were assigned male at birth too you dumb fucking terfs!!!! You're so fucking stupid it's laughable!!!
In conclusion:
Terfs fuck off, terfs dni, terfs eat shit, trans women are women, trans men are men, sex does not equal gender, gender essentialism is bad, and I am literally fucking AMAB so literally you're gonna have to find another way to insult me, dipshits.
- Sincerely, the guy who runs the Evil OSHA blog (You can call me "Ash" if you'd like.)
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percabethfangirl · a day ago
I think it says a lot about the American school system that I have a 4.29 GPA and am still worried about my grades bc I have a B+ in math. Like, I’m taking three honors classes and an AP class, and I’m a Sophomore in high school. But the pressure from my family and just the society we’ve created in general makes me think that’s not good enough. I should have A’s in all of my classes, doesn’t matter if that means sacrificing my sleep, family life, friends, or extracurriculars. But at the same time I have to be perfect in all of those other areas too, bc otherwise I’m a failure.
This is a toxic frame of mind that so many kids have forced on them, myself included. My mental health is far from okay, and I know the same is true of many of my friends. THIS ISNT OKAY. We shouldn’t be expected to be perfect in area of our life, because guess what, we’re human. And humans make mistakes and that’s okay. And yes, you should try your best to do good in all of those areas of life, but 100% doesn’t mean 120%. And your best doesn’t have to be as good as someone else’s best. It’s okay if you don’t live up to every expectation, because many of those expectations are unrealistic.
So it’s okay if you don’t have a perfect GPA. It’s okay if you don’t have all A’s. It’s okay if you don’t live up to every expectation. Because you’re human and humans aren’t perfect.
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seven-halfbloods · a day ago
please read
So some people have noticed that I haven’t been as active as I usually am.
Truth be told it’s true. I check tumblr at most only once a day. I’m not as invested in the Riordanverse as I used to be. I still love all the books with my whole heart but life moves on, yknow?
I’ve got new focuses. I have to study, I have to find a part time job soon, I have to run my shop. I don’t have as much time for Tumblr as I used to have.
What I’m trying to say is; I’ve got a exactly a month’s worth of content left in my queue. After that, there’s not going to be anymore. This post is here to tell you all that this is basically the end of my content creating on Tumblr.
Ive had this blog for a year. I started creating in October 2020, and started to gain a following in September 2020. Exactly a year.
I’ve had the opportunity to grow so much as a creator. I started this blog in the middle of my Spanish class for fun, I started making textposts using FRIENDS quotes and my imagination. Quicker than I could’ve imagined, I gained almost 2,000 people who enjoyed what I made, and thousands upon thousands of notes. And it made me feel good. So I kept creating and I kept growing. All of a sudden I saw my posts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. It was wild. It was a great way to relax myself during the 3 consecutive COVID lockdowns in the UK.
But now life has (pretty much) resumed and I’m busy, I don’t have time to force myself to find and make content and to post it all out.
I’m not saying that I am leaving Tumblr. I’m still here and I’ll stay here for however long I can. I’ve made some incredible friends along the way, and I’d never want to give that up. It’s just the regular posts that are going to stop.
If I feel like making the occasional post, then I will. This blog will not be deactivated or dead. It’s still here and it will always still be here. You can send me asks or tag me in stuff, and I would LOVE to answer all of them. Heck I have asks from months ago that I still need to answer, and I’m looking forward to it.
Tumblr has been my relax mechanism and it always will be. It’s my time away from the real world and I love it for that. But I can’t relax and I can’t enjoy Tumblr if I have to constantly make content for a fandom I’m not as invested in or a in a life where I’m always busy
Just because my content is gonna stop in a month, doesn’t mean I’m going to disappear. I’ll still be answering asks, and participating in tag games and interacting with you all. I just don’t see it fit to be making actual textposts/content as my life is moving on and I don’t have the time or patience anymore.
When the PJO tv show comes out, you bet I’m gonna be on here SO much, and perhaps I’ll make some content. I’m looking forward to that.
tl:dr, Life moves on, I have lots of things I need to focus on, my regular 1-post-per-day content is stopping in a month, no more content after that UNLESS I feel like it, I am not leaving tumblr, this blog will still be checked/active but posting is simply stopping. I can/will still reblog stuff to this blog and I will still be accepting and answering asks <3
Thank each and every one of you for all the support I’ve gotten, especially my lovely mutuals.
I love you all and see you soon
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allegra-writes · 18 hours ago
Life Update:
Hey guys! You know I'm not big on talking about personal stuff here but, well... My dad tested positive for Covid today. He was the only one in the family still waiting to get his second shot, because he's kinda of a little (a lot) scared of needless so he got his vaccine later than the rest of us and then the cases went up in my city and I guess shit happens.
He's ok so far, if a little fussy. I just had to teach him how to use an inhaler and it was a bit funny cuz he's basically a very big toddler. The rest of us are getting tested the day after tomorrow, but since we're all fully vaccinated hopefully we won't show symptoms of it turns out we have it as well. We're already quarantined at home, so I will try to stick to my planned posting schedule, but I'm not making any promises because well, my family's health comes first as I'm sure you guys can understand.
I guess if any of you were ever planning on tipping me, now would be a very good time for you to do so, but please don't feel obligated. You guys know I do this because I love to write and share with you, and the love you have already showed me earlier this week is more than enough a reward.
I love you all, please stay safe. And please, if you guys exhibit even just one of the symptoms, please go see a doctor, even if you think it's just a cold or allergies. It's very important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible in case it does turn out to be something more.
Once again, I love you,
Allie 💖
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fructidor · a day ago
Just a message for everyone out there:
Be careful with what you post on social media, please.
One person I follow on Tumblr, which I will not reveal for privacy reasons, posted their full name somewhere. When you Google it, you find all sorts of information from it. I found their Linkedin and Facebook, which then had other information on it, like their school and town. They weren’t a minor, but it’s still not good.
Anyone that wants to mess with you, and do worse, can easily find this information and track you down with it.
Here’s some tips for staying safe on social media:
- Never share your Last name. First names are okay, but I wouldn’t share them unless you’re 18+, and I certainly wouldn’t share them if they are unique.
- Never share your address. This is common sense.
- Never share your irl email address or phone number. It’s not good, and those can be traced back to you if it has sensitive information.
- Never post anything related to your town/city. Stuff about time zones and countries are okay. I know I’ve shared my city on here once, but it’s a big one and not much can be done with it. If you live in a rural town, or suburban one, or really any town where a lot of people aren’t are, then don’t share.
- Never share your IP address. For the love of god, don’t. If you want someone to hack your computer, do so. If you have common sense, don’t.
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skinnyjasmine · 11 hours ago
Please go and report them , they dmed me pretty recently and i made the mistake to not look at their account before answering, they follow MOSTLY ed blogs and are looking for a slave , and either they are making a joke or not its still really weird and not how slaves are in the bdsm community
You do not just go into ed tumblr , and get an UNDERAGED (most of the times) "slave" out of no where , please this is dangerous both for us in the ed community since there are many minos here and for the bdsm community
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also someone that is older than 25 doesn't go for people that are barely legal to get a slave ownership over them , its a big red flag
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percebug · a day ago
Tumblr media
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I have something to say. I was scared to write this but I really just don’t know what to do anymore.
A year ago on this day, 17 September 2020, I lost one of my greatest friends. He meant the world to me and finding out the news of his passing wrecked me.
I know I joke around a lot and it may not seem like it but I’m still haunted by it and the whole of September I’ve been so anxious because of this day. That incident really left a big impact on me and no matter what I do to move on I keep finding myself back in stage one.
Now I have to finally face the truth and I’m still running away from it. I’m still scared and have no clue what the do or even feel. i just don’t want to accept it. I’ve trying my hardest to distract myself, but I just don’t want to do anything.
I’ll be a bit inactive from now until I calm down a bit, just to take some time off. I’ll try to reply if I can. I’m sorry
Thank you.
- Credence
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gluttonousrepose · 4 hours ago
Just a reminder for Halloween coming up from a Mexican to everyone—
Our culture is not for your Halloween costumes or decorations
If I catch you wearing a stereotypical Mexican costume of a poncho, a gigantic sombrero, and a large curly mustache it’s on sight
Dia De Los Muertos is a celebration of life and death and for families and friends to gather and pray for those who have died, not your demonizing bullshit of turning a beautiful celebration into something SCARY
If you see Dia De Los Muertos costumes in stores, then for the love of everything don’t buy them
Please spread this around to get word out and as a reminder !
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boobberries · 22 hours ago
age indicator somewhere that i can see it. i'm so fucking tired of soft blocking people.
by the way, we've hit our first big milestone since the follower purge! we're back up to 1.5k.
thanks for all of your support, love you guys <3
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demi-cool · a day ago
This is an important post --
@/pupresq on instagram is a non profit organization helping stray and abandoned dogs, operating out of Delhi, India. Recently, they have been severely struggling for funds, and are in dire need of any help!
I am attaching photos which outline the cases they are handling and the cost they need to raise. Two cases, Ori and Noor are esp important since they have the least donations!
Their google pay number is +91 8448858166 and for any other details you can either Instagram DM them (@/pupresq) or reach out to me!!
It's important, for them, and for those doggos that you help in any way possible!! Please, please, share and donate!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@khaleesiofalicante @everythingstucky @youdunnomoi
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smonie · 2 hours ago
i’m down to start requests for people to send in an oc/muse that they ship with simone (again, they don’t have to alr know each other- i will come up with something) and i’ll make a moodboard inspired by the two of them, as well as write some headcanons? we feeling that.. or no? i already kind of got an ask similar to this which is why i’m considering making it an official thing i do on this blog
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randomfandomimagine · a day ago
Opening Requests Soon?
I want to be opening requests again soon, but I have been feeling inadequate with them for a while and there’s a few things I want to openly say about it first to know your opinions.
Lately I’ve been making a lot of changes that have helped me maintain my motivation even as it steadily declines, but the urge to quit this blog is stronger than ever, and there are a few reasons why I’m having this urge now more often than usual:
Firstly, the lack of support, writers can’t stress this enough. I understand that there are less people on Tumblr now, and I have resigned myself to having very few reblogs, but even so the number of notes is still quite low. Obviously, when I take hours out of my days and write something that I’m very proud of and that I post for free, it feels really bad to see it doing poorly. It makes me want to stop writing altogether, especially so when it’s a request and people continue to demand I write for them without supporting me. Again, I profoundly appreciate the people that do support me, but it seems like they are fewer and fewer people and it’s starting to stop being enough. I’m so badly discouraged and burnout. Please don't take content creators for granted, if we lose motivation we will quit!!
Secondly, requests have become very stressful for me. I know it’s partly because I’m not at the best place mentally and emotionally (saddly, I think a lot of people can relate to this after everything the world has gone through lately), but that as well as people not following my rules and not supporting me when I do post contributes a lot to my lack of inspiration and motivation. I just don't write requests with the excitement I used to and it's almost becoming a chore, which I think also impacts the quality of my writing.
I have thought of ways to continue running this blog without those two things getting in the way, and I must admit that I have considered not taking requests anymore and post only my own writing, but seeing as I hardly have enough ideas of my own (unless we count my OC series), that’s not ideal. Besides, I know they make people happy and that is the main reason I started taking requests on the first place!
Possible solutions: I have considered taking a certain amount of requests, a number I can handle without getting stressed by new incoming requests, like 15, for example. That would help me not freak out and also avoiding taking forever to write and post the requests and have people waiting. It would mean I would have to be more picky with requests and only accept one request per person so more people have a change at requesting, but I think it would help.
Also, I thought about maybe having a consistent requests schedule. For example, open requests once a month on the same day and close them each month on the same day so people know when they can request instead of missing the dates. For example, it could be requests opening every month on the 15th and closing on the 25th or something like that.
So those are my thoughts, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, because I don’t want to quit writing here and I want to find ways to solve these problems, so help me stay!! Please let me know your toughts about all this, especially about the solutions!! I need some feedback!! 🙏
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twinklelilstarkey · a day ago
Sunburnt is now only available to read on Wattpad!
If you missed what happened in these last few days, another person stole my work and claimed it as theirs. If it had been just a normal imagine, I would let it slide, but "Sunburnt" is more than that. I worked for days, hours upon hours to get that story made and went through so much time to achieve what I wanted.
Wattpad provides safety to their stories in a way that Tumblr does not, and probably never will.
I am doing this to keep myself sane and to not have to deal with all the drama again.
I am so blessed that my story got that much attention on here. Like, come on, 4k notes. It still feels like a dream to me... It's just sad that some people would take advantage of that.
Hope you understand.
Click here to have access to it.
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fuzzythememe · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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screamingghosts · 2 days ago
soo, i'm fixing to do general headcanons for the creeps. let me know who y'all would like!
tagging; @crebby @somewhat-crazy @lightbulb77724 @theweepingdemons
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