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oh-theatre · 2 days ago
Happy Bi Visibility day!!
For one day only we can be seen!! So go cause chaos!!
In all seriousness, to all the bisexuals, you are valid, you are loved, you are amazing. Make sure you take care of yourselves today aswell, happy day To you all
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sewersewersewercouch · 23 hours ago
So the Robert Manion situation.
I’m not going to get into exactly what happened here because it could be triggering to people and I don’t want to explain it wrong by accident, but it’s on Robert’s Instagram story. If you don’t have Instagram, it’s basically all over the tag for him on tumblr as well. Im feeling a lot of things that I don’t really want to unpack right now, and I honestly don’t know how to proceed in this fandom, so all I can offer here are a few PSAs. A lot of this is just kind of parroting what I’ve heard around the fandom, and if you think I said anything wrong here, you can absolutely let me know and I will do my best to fix it.
This goes without saying, but don’t defend what he did. It was shitty and wrong. I can 100% understand the want to hope for the best, but there’s no sugarcoating this.
You might have complicated feelings and that’s ok. Other people might feel differently and that’s ok too.
That being said, this isn’t really about you, or me, or anyone except the people directly involved. Nobody owes us, as a fandom, anything. These are people who most of us don’t know personally, and it’s none of our business except for what people decide to share.
I know everyone else has said this, but do not under any circumstances bother other Starkids and Starkid-adjacent folks about this, ESPECIALLY the person Robert tagged. Like I said before, this is not our business and nobody owes us shit.
Also, don’t bother fellow fans to talk about it if they haven’t or don’t want to. It’s a VERY sensitive thing and I can understand why it would make people uncomfortable.
Don’t speculate. I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about why they think Robert came forward now, or why the person hasn’t talked about it, and while I know you have good intentions, this isn’t some fucking hexagon puzzle. These aren’t characters in a musical. These are real people who are online and could potentially see this.
Speaking of characters, if you still like Ethan or hidgens or whoever, you’re not bad for liking them. They aren’t Robert, even if they were played by him.
You’re also not bad for having liked Robert in the past. You couldn’t have known about it. Still, though, do be aware of your personal biases when posting about it. I, for one, really did like him and look up to him, especially as a bi person and an aspiring actor, and I know that that could affect the way I think about this.
If you didn’t like Robert in the past that’s all well and good, but for the love of god, please don’t post shit about “well I always got a bad vibe blah blah blah.” You’re not better than people who were fans of him just because you weren’t. This isn’t your chance to morally one-up other people.
If you’re talking about what happened in detail, please make sure to use proper tags. If you’re not sure if/how to tag something, you can always put an “ask to tag.”
Just…be kind to each other, please. We don’t know the full story, we don’t know what Team Starkid is going to do, if Robert is going to be in nightmare time or future projects, and the only actions we can control are our own. Just do what you can to support the people who need it, step back if you need tp, and remember that there are real, human people seeing what you post.
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gravityfallsrockz · 2 days ago
A little late, but it's a national holiday!!
Tumblr media
It's the anniversary of the day Soos and the Real Girl aired, which is the day Soos got a girlfriend!
Happy 7th anniversary Soos and the Real Girl!
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ranichi17 · 2 days ago
I really, really hate to be doing this, but my pay for August still hasn’t come in even though it’s nearly the end of September. We’re nearly out of cat food and my cat can’t keep any food down for two days now so I really need to take him to the vet. Even a dollar can help with our exchange rate so please
thank you
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mintedaisies · a day ago
it really, really bothers me that so much trans positive (specifically sexual) content gets crushed on this website. a cis, or straight person posts nudes? likes, reblogs, weird comments and support from other nsfw blogs. a trans, gnc, or other “abnormal” person posting censored lewds gets their content reported and taken down eventually, if not immediately.
I’ll scroll my dash and see whole penises; heads, slits, and all. I’ll see vaginas, asses, and holes alike. All just out in the open. But these aren’t flagged. Why? Because the creators are cisgendered. And it really goes to show just how fucked up it is that a trans person trying to create a platform that they feel comfortable talking about their experiences with sex, or with their life - something that some people still see as “taboo” - is shut down and thrown to the side just because they dared to “step out of place” and embrace their bodies and the ways that they love proudly.
Trans bodies, trans lives, and trans love is holy. Stop trying to take that away from us.
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eterni-ki · 2 days ago
url change part [redacted] i’m not keeping track anymore lmao
honeyseungz -> eterni-ki
interact (reblog) if you see
tags: @angelhee @many-gay-magpies @ofaffectionate @definitely-not-kyuzu @weuschoiceheart @bluejayjay @unbothered-soul @arsonist-twink @sightlysungie @just-a-demi-bean @yourlocalhotgf  @cherriki @faeriki @leeheeseungs @dimensiondilemma @koishua @jenossslut @jehyvn
... i think i should make a taglist cause i’m really just tagging random people that i interact with/interact with me normally and i don’t want them to freak tf when they can’t see honeyseungz so 🤷‍♀️
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stoukadraws · 15 hours ago
Important announcement for Chromatale
So I just wanted to clarify some things to avoid anything negative to happen. This is also to inform any new readers/followers.
Tumblr media
Now since chapter 1 of Chromatale is finished, I think it’s time to say that this comic/AU contains Frans, considering that my blog contains Frans content this wouldn’t be much of a surprise for any old followers and is also the “non-canon ship” in the description of every page please read it.
Now before anyone goes “BUT FRISK IS A CHILD/KID-” just let me explain first! Frisk in this AU is 25 years old, an adult, while Sans is 28 years old, which makes this adult Frans.
I’ve done my research on age gaps and anything less that 4 years is legal unless they are a minor, and Frisk and Sans in this AU are both adults. I even asked my mom if it was ok for a 25 year old and a 28 year old to date and she said “yes, but if one them is a minor it’s not legal.” They are not minors in the AU.
Now that the age gap clarification is done I’d like to say if anyone here dislikes the ship I would definitely not recommend this comic/AU, and instead of sending hate just unfollow me or block me instead since sending hate or harassment does not do good at all, so please don’t do that. 
In the previous versions of Chromatale I never intended to add Frans since I wasn’t into the ship as much back then and considering I made Frisk still a kid I wasn’t going to do anything drastic, but overtime when I developed more of the AU I decided to add the ship in since I had a “what-if scenario” and because I was into the ship and seeing that I can do almost anything with the AU I could add something that I enjoy.
But the AU/comic isn’t going to just focus on the ship since it’s not the main topic/plot of the AU but to give it more drama and different relationship dynamics since I want this AU to be an actual good AU and I’m really trying my best to do it with all my experience as an artist and writer. But seeing all the support the AU has been getting recently it really gives me a lot of joy knowing that a lot of people and even my friends enjoy this story I making, and I am determined to finish this AU the way I want it to.
Chapter 2 is currently in it’s works and will be published on late September or early October.
That’s all for now, thank you for understanding. ❤
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startistdoodles · 5 hours ago
I've been on Tumblr for like 3-4 years now and I've never gotten an ask from a spam bot until today? So I don't know if it's a more recent development or if I've just become the target of the bot army but 🙃
Just in case this is a newer thing, I wanted to talk about it and use it as a friendly reminder for you guys to not click any suspicious links anywhere, whether it's in your inbox, your messages, heck I'd argue quite a few ads on Tumblr itself might be scams too.
The Tumblr bots are still rampant, and while the ask I got was certainly very obvious to be a scam (it was your classic "Get a free iPhone by clicking the link here!!1!"), it may not always be like that for everyone.
Stay safe out there y'all!
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theoppositeofadults · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adhbabey · a day ago
There's no real way to say this, but recently I've come to the conclusion that I need better boundaries on the internet in general. I need to do what's healthy for me, and talking with everyone on here, or following back everyone is just not going to happen.
I do disability advocacy on this account, yet I am disabled myself and incredibly introverted. I struggle to form and maintain relationships, and I'm not going to be able to talk with or be mutuals with everyone. I can barely talk to my mutual friends on discord.
I have hit the follow limit sometime in the past year. And while I've blocked people, unfollowed a lot, it stands at 4775 people I'm following, and a good chunk of those I probably should stop following. And right now, this blog is at 4194 followers, that's a lot of people that I'd be terrified to be stuck in a room with. In general, I do not have the social energy to talk with or maintain the potential or acting friendships I have on here, and I am sorry about that.
I stopped following people back a while ago, and I should have probably not followed a bunch of people back in the first place.
I have struggled with boundaries for a very long time. From undiagnosed OCD to RSD, and dissociation and shit like that. I struggle with oversharing and overanalyzing every little thing. And I need to step back from that. I need to stop trying to overexplain and justify my existence and opinions at every fucking corner. It's toxic, it's unhealthy and it's fucking traumatizing.
I am not the goody little two shoes that I was when I was younger. And I never wanted to be put up on a pedestal over others. But with my growing platform, I need to accept that I don't want to be friends with everyone, or please everyone. I need to stop throwing myself into conflict because I feel like I need to have an opinion on every little thing. I don't need every little thing to be perfect.
And I am realizing that I don't know everyone who follows or sees my posts, and I don't need to. It's impossible, and I am not a deity, I am not an angel. And I will answer if you say hello, I will look at my asks if you send me a nice little thing. But my messages and inbox is open for questions and concerns. I am not looking for connections. If you need advice, ask for it. If you need someone to talk to, I get you. But I cannot solve all your problems. I cannot be there for every darkest moment you have, and I cannot make decisions for you.
So the next post I make, it'll have information to look up and contact if you are looking for someone to talk to. But right now, I know I am not that person for a lot of you. I need to be responsible with that, I need to put my mental health first.
This post is not to call anyone out. I am not making this as a bad thing. But I need you guys to stop putting pressure on me. I am disabled and mentally ill, I am unmedicated, I am still getting my life together. I am not everyone's friend, and I don't have to be. I just want my blog to be a safe space, and for that to happen, it needs to be a safe space for me too. This is a blog for healing and dealing with disabilities. This is a blog to talk about issues that I *want* to talk about. And I need to put myself first. That is not being unkind or cruel, it's being realistic.
I need better boundaries on the internet, especially this blog with many followers. And I need you to respect it.
I can't maintain friendships and connections with everyone. I am introverted and socially drained in general.
Being a disabled creator/advocate means I need to be responsible with my platform.
You may message/ask me if you have questions or concerns.
But otherwise it's unrealistic to keep running on empty here. This blog is supposed to be a safe space for me as well.
Lastly, if you need someone to talk to, and you have more problems that can't be fixed simply, then you need to start looking for a therapist or a counsellor. I will have another post coming out about that. And do not worry, I won't be sponsored by Better H*lp.
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katsukisprincess · an hour ago
❗️signal boost ❗️
please do not think less of me for reaching out through tumblr. i am so sorry in advance. as some of you know i finally got to move out of an abusive living situation last january. in august i moved cities again, transferring to a new school further away from my family. things are piling up more than i can handle between moving costs, tuition, rent and utilities, and miscellaneous bills such as rideshares to work as i do not have a car of my own. i am working but started this job this month in the new city so i am not on my feet yet.
i've reached through every lane of assistance i had- my parents (my mother graciously sends me grocery deliveries through her own public assistance routes but she's across the country), my university, public assistance, and have not had any luck with getting things to a spot where i can be out of negatives. there have been other factors such as unsafe walking situations i've been in that caused me to miss a few days of work on my last paycheck.
reaching out for help is always upsetting and i understand how it looks from the outside especially as everyone is struggling lately. please do not think less of me for this post or for reaching out, i am begging, i just want to be in a place where i can be the one to help others as well. even hours ago i thought my oct 8 paycheck would get me what i needed for the rest of my rent and things just keep happening and piling and it's taking a mental toll.
again, i am sorry for posting. please help if you are able to or boost or send a word of encouragement because ya girl is at her wits end 😅for months i'd been worrying about a car so i wouldn't have to take public transportation to work and campus in an unsafe city and now i'm realizing just how much greater my problems are growing.
i hope there are people out there that understand the fear of being your own only backup plan.
i have:
c ash app: $skylarnovaa
venm o: dm me bc it has my full name
i also have zell e/ fb pay pretty much everything.
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curse-of-tales · a day ago
I DON'T WANT TO BE DMED OR PINGED JUST TO BE TOLD "Someone's using your art without permission"
Cuz I just did and I'm not happy about it.
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aah-eee · 2 days ago
the only true soul, mind, and body healing experience is having a cat rub its head against your hand
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pizzapancakess · 23 hours ago
door to door door salesman boundaries (important)
hi, one of the creators of the door to door door salesman fnf mod here
a reminder to please not do content/headcanons regarding to things that are nsfw related to d2dds. please. it makes both aura and i uncomfortable. jokes and lighthearted shit are fine but if you are embarrased show it to your friends/family please reconsider posting it.
this includes going into weird detail about specific nsfw shit. it’s just weird. i had to read something i did not want about d2dds and i don’t want more shit like that ever again
so please listen to me, never do this shit.
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beyoncescock · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
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