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ace-st4r · 9 minutes ago
*TW transphobia, transphobic comments*
Actually one of the best things about my moms transphobia is that whenever she starts complaining about some of the trans people she knows it only further reassures my little queer heart just how many of us there are out there
Example one: her first (of many) rants to me about her co worker using they/them pronouns was also my first time hearing about a non binary person in real life so good for them
Example two: walking dogs with my mom past some of our neighbors and unprompted she just goes “see that boy there in their yard? I’ve seen him wearing skirts and dresses sometimes, it disgusts me” haha why does it disgust you, bc he’s got better taste than you could ever hope to have?
Example three: once driving past a family walking down the road next to us I gestured to one of the little girls walking and mentioned to my mom that I liked her pikachu hoodie and without missing a beat she said “I’ve seen that family before at work, and that other girl there, her sister? That’s actually a boy...[insert unnecessarily long and transphobic rant here]”, mother, that is not correct, but good golly thank you for telling me bc that’s so cool and good for her for being herself
Legit I’ve probably found out about at least three or four more trans/gender nonconforming people connected to my life through her complaints about them and just- it sucks that she ever feels the need to be upset enough to complain in this way but it’s also awesome to hear that there are so many amazing and valid trans peeps around me, so many more than I realized, and it’s so cool!!
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baronessvonfawn · 10 minutes ago
Just a reminder all jobs are worthwhile ! If you’ve got a job you’re doing good don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Also anyone without a job you’re doing well too I know you’re trying and doing your best and sometimes our best enough doesn’t pay the bills but that’s not your fault! I appreciate all of you !
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no-sleep-need-musicals · 12 minutes ago
Hello, everyone!
Here is another cover! This one is extremely casual, and I didn’t even use a backing track (partially because I can’t find one) and I recorded this on my phone with no exterior microphone. This is a cover of one of my favorite songs, Requiem @ 3 AM by Erinn Scates (which you should absolutely check out on Youtube or Spotify).
The lyrics here may not make sense, because the song’s lyrics aren’t written anywhere on the internet (that I can find), and I’m not very good at understanding words audibly, so the lyrics here are my approximation of the lyrics in the original, and they sometimes don’t make sense. 
I hope you enjoy this!
Cover Taglist (DM or ask if you want to be added): @grangerstarkid 
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rockbottle · 14 minutes ago
does anyone in this fandom actually know what danganronpa is about
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thahxa · 14 minutes ago
imagine bein corn. like youre just chillin tryin to make a life for yourself and some weirdo fuckin ape just kidnaps you and brings you to an all you can eat buffet and the only thing they want you to do is eat and fuck all day
fuckin wild
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windyqs · 16 minutes ago
Anyway, I feel like people who say views don’t equal quality are usually the people who have millions of views and comments with every fic, so it’s sort of hard for them to be put in the perspective of someone like me, and since I have low self esteem, yeah, I equate none of my stuff doing well with sucking. And I don’t really think my writing is good in the first place, so the views thing kinda just cements it in my mind.
#personal#anyway this was in reply to a comment but I felt it smth I could say here too#idk if there’s any little ones out there following me like me but I feel#if there is you can get where I’m coming from people who say all this stuff#they usually have millions of comments and views and love so it’s sorta easy for them to think that stuff doesn’t matter but#I’m sure they are right but there’s a dif perspective too mine and I feel like sharing it#they are probs right that it doesn’t equal quality but put yourselves in our shoes for a sec too#and I know it’s not just me cuz I had a couple people relate to my authors note beforeand say that#I can’t speak for artists since I’m not one but thats why reblogs are so important to them cuz it’s sorta like views and just likes don’t do#anything#in my case reblogs are comments and honestly I can deal with a fic flopping more if I get comments but if neither happen then yeah I focus#on the views as my source of you know affection for a fic#I know it’s just a click and anyone someone you hate can click it but when you don’t get many comments and kudos that’s what I tend to go#too#I know it’s selfish to crave attention for smth I took the time I wrote cuz no one owes me anything but I do you know and so#this is just my perspective#and having people literally say don’t read Gonkillu huge huge accounts on Twitter I’mjust I’m really tired and sad#and it’s true anyone who cross posts on a03 or just does it in the tags#out stuff isn’t read nearly as much but maybe I don’t want to lie and tag stuff killugon just so someone will read it#I love Gonkillu and I’m proud of it so the fact that I’d basically have to hide who I am just so I can get more of that affection I want#it sucks I have to choose and I’m going to choose not lying cuz I don’t like killugon#by little ones I mean smaller accounts ect
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twistedfakeboy · 22 minutes ago
Do you have any siblings?
Ok so I know this was probably intended to be innocent, but do not ask me about my personal life. If i wanted you guys to know about my personal life, I'd tell you.
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welcometohighwater · 22 minutes ago
i’m a total sun-worshipper, cannot get enough of it this year. possibly in part because i am missing half of my thyroid, so i am always FREEZING indoors and only ever truly warm in direct sun. and it’s mostly great! getting some of that sweet vitamin d into my shriveled rotting brain too!
except i’ve gotten my second sunburn of the year and it’s not even june (let alone actually SUMMER) yet
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riosnosestud · 27 minutes ago
JUST to be clear, this is what I expect from Beth when Nick gets closer than 10 feet to her in tonight’s episode:
Tumblr media
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askdaddydearest · 33 minutes ago
An important message
Please block @kiddo-love , they're a MAP
Aka minor attracted person
Block and report them please
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heisenho · 35 minutes ago
Hello, my darlings! This is a post for rules, characters I will write, and everything in between! I'll kick it off with Rules first though!
While I will write fluff, angst, what have you, I do write smut. THEREFOR, THIS IS AN 18+ BLOG. If I find out that someone is underage and following me they will promptly blocked. I want to keep me, and you, safe!
THIS IS A READER INSERT BLOG! Meaning, I will only be posting Second Person POV fics! I really like immersion and letting people see themselves in my works!
While I do write smut, there are still certain things I won't write:
Yandere themes (I'm not too great at those for some reason...)
Extreme Abuse
Will add more if I need to, you're more than welcome to ask if you have a request you want me to write!
Here are some general things I will write:
Reader insert (tis the reason for this blog)
Smut, fluff, angst
Non-glorified Mental Illness/Abuse/Etc.
Certain attributes for reader (aka: 'Black reader', 'Fem!Reader', 'GN!Reader', and so on!)
General Info:
I don't really have a method to how I write requests! I try to go in order received, but sometimes one will give me more writing juice than another!
I'm very judgement free, so please feel free to indulge in your NSFW desires here!
I've no clue what to put here, will add stuff as needed!
Characters I write:
Alcina Dimitrescu (MY LARGE VAMPY MILF OOF)
Karl Heisenberg (The only man I truly love)
If you have any questions/concerns, please send an ask/pm! I will get to it as soon as possible! I'm the weeniest person you'd ever meet, I promise I won't get mad at you if you wanna talk, whether it be about requests or something else! I'm just a big ol gay woman in my early 20s, writing fanfic for the people that need it.
~Much Love, Beff
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stachestachestachesebstan · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Important news folks lol. Also, yes, I sent *that* gif as the first message in a new text chain with friends. May it continue to bless us all.
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sailor-boo · 37 minutes ago
Honestly my entire life is now just waiting till Are You Alright is released on Spotify
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captainpikeachu · 45 minutes ago
John Walker’s ultimate tragedy is that he’s a “hero” in a story that he was never meant to be the protagonist or hero of. He was designed and set up to fail so that someone else (the actual protagonist/hero) can rise. That is the role he serves in this story, a fallen hero, and the show makes that incredibly clear when he falls and fails saving the hostages only for Sam to catch the truck and rise up. They couldn’t have been more obvious about the roles of both characters if they tried. This is why we are barely given POVs and context to connect with Walker’s emotional state, he’s a remote and distant figure whose motivations remain somewhat ambiguous on purpose to prevent a true connection between audience and character.
If this had been his story, the lens we see him through and how the story would have framed him and how we feel about his journey and his eventual loss of Lemar would have been VERY different.
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strikethunder · 45 minutes ago
talk to me abt how brandon sabotages himself all the time bc he doesn’t believe he truly deserves love in the way that love is supposed to matter — he doesn’t deserve unconditional adoration and support from the heart, to be cared for by others in a genuine way because he’s selfish and egotistical and crude and there’s villainy inside him, and he’s conditioned himself into believing that he doesn’t even want it.
he deserves fame and money and power because it’s what he’s owed — it’s what he’s spent his life learning and striving to attain, what he was raised to believe is important above all else. 
because why would you need to be tied to one person or one group of people if people all over the world love you? if strangers adore you? if they know your name? 
why does he still want it so bad?
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riderunlove · 49 minutes ago
Guns and Ghosts 8/?
Believe it or not... this connects to part 7!
After waking up in a cold sweat for the third time that night, Julie gave up on sleep. Each time she closed her eyes, worst case scenarios played out in full color. She hadn’t been able to reach Luke, instead she watched him kill Alex and Reggie and then turn on her; Caleb laughing maniacally in the background. Sometimes, though she knew it was impossible, she watched him kill her Mom. Those were familiar horrors. After the revelations of this evening, a new one had surfaced. She, Alex and Reggie stood and watched helplessly as Luke flickered apart in front of them, face a mask of pain before he vanished forever. 
She slipped on her oversized monster slippers, and the big orange and brown flannel, and made her way down to the music room quietly.  
To her surprise it was occupied. 
A surge of protectiveness flooded her veins, an urge to stand in front of the guitars; but Luke was just looking at them, desire and frustration mixed on his face. 
“I know these are mine,” his voice was a whisper in the darkness. “I know they’re perfectly tuned, but I don’t know what to do with one. That’s still unreachable for me.”
Her heart cracked in her chest and she hugged herself so she couldn’t try and grab him. Touch seemed to make him uncomfortable- another thing she wanted to kill Caleb over. 
He glanced at her, “I’ll go. I’m making you uncomfortable. That’s all I do now.” 
“No. Stay. This is your safe place too and I’m not going to make you leave to accommodate me. But I am going to play something so if that bothers you, then go.” Her tone turned teasing towards the end. 
It earned her a small smile and then a curious head tilt, “well you are wearing the sad flannel. I wondered where that went.” 
Julie forced her face to stay neutral, and took a shaky breath. The moments of normalcy were becoming more frequent, but each one felt like a gut punch. Mostly because each one ended abruptly when Luke just looked confused. He’s getting better. We will get him stabilized and finish bringing him back. 
“Do you want it back?” she started slipping it off.  
He shook his head, “No it looks better on you.” 
He shifted his focus back to the guitars, hand coming up to rub at the back of his head and she forced herself to go over to the piano. She started out playing snippets of a song that had been building in her head, but almost unconsciously shifted into the opening of Bright. She felt Luke’s attention land on her, but she kept playing, then started singing. Briefly losing herself in the song she chanced a glance at her companion to see a quiet awe on his face as he moved towards her, pulled in like a magnet. He hummed the harmony, and as she finished the final notes, his voice joined hers, raspier than normal from lack of use. The harmony was imperfect but she couldn't have cared less as warmth and affection flooded her and she basked in a moment she had feared was stolen forever. 
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Heyyyy I can't find your other blog atm so I'm asking it on this one: Any advice on starting a rotbox and/or handling the contents?
Also please remember to drink some water and stay healthy! -⚡
I'm literally eating a fucking pie rn so I'm doing the exact opposite of staying healthy
First rule is to look up what's fucking legal in your area.
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wyntered · 53 minutes ago
using long haired icons vs only having ones where he looks grumpy/in pain
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