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Hey y’all, I know there’s a lot going on in the world rn, but I did start an insta for my embroidery business. Pls feel free to give it a quick follow.

Also keep an eye out on that account for some new pieces going up this week whose proceeds will be donated to bail out funds across the nation!

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Aw, that’s very cute! I’m afraid I actually don’t really do embroidery per se – I do cross-stitch which is generally done on a very specific fabric, and my machine does some embroidery but I don’t really do more than program it. That said, there are tons of resources online and if you have a tumblr I’d make a post and tag it with embroidery and crafting to see if folks would be willing to help! Readers, if you have tips, please remember to leave them in comments or reblogs, since I don’t repost asks sent in response to other asks. Thanks everyone!

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