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#shingeki no kyojin
little-spoiled-brat · 2 days ago
Sorry for requesting twice i read the rules and tried to open the link where it would be easier for u to see the requests but I couldn’t so i am sending here.Can u do 18. "i can't sleep without you." i am saying it again really really love your work <33
Tumblr media
”i can’t sleep without you”
Tumblr media
pairing: levi x reader
cw: misunderstandings between levi and y/n, fluff
Tumblr media
- time away -
you and levi had a bit of an argument — the type of argument that ended up with the both of you yelling at the top of your lungs and decided to take the time away to give each other some space to breathe.
you both remained professional though, communicating with each other during training but you were not on speaking terms outside of work.
you moved back to your room for the time being, it felt weird to sleep in your room again after sleeping in levi’s bedroom for almost two years but you were managing.
however, levi wasn’t managing as well as you were. he was so used to sleeping next to you at night and having you encased in his arms that it felt off for him to not have you there.
it was hard for the both of you but if it meant making your relationship stronger then you would bare it for as long as it needs.
levi found himself sleeping alone again just like for the past couple weeks now. he tossed and turned in his bed and fought hard with himself before getting up and leaving his bedroom. he walked down the hallway until he was standing in front of your bedroom door, bringing his fist up to the surface and knocked softly.
you awoke to the sound of knocking as you groggily opened your eyes and got out of bed. you were still half asleep when you opened the door, your tired eyes barely able to recognize the faint outline of your lover standing in between your doorframe.
“levi? why are you still up?” you asked tiredly, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes with the back of your hand.
“i can’t sleep without you” levi admitted, playing with his thumbs and refusing to look at you. your eyes softened, your past conflict was suddenly forgotten. he was still your lover and no type of conflict would ever change that.
“you can sleep here if you want“ you said, smiling tiredly at him as you moved to the side to let him inside your bedroom. levi was hesitant for a second but entered your bedroom anyway.
you got back to bed, facing the wall as you felt levi get in bed with you. he faced the other side so your backs were towards each other.
you laid in silence for a few minutes, the sound of your soft breathings filling the room — neither of you being able to sleep despite being in the same bed together.
“y/n?” levi asked softly, turning his head a bit to look at you. you hummed in reply.
“can i- can i hold you?” levi asked hesitantly and a smile pulled at the corner of your lips. you turned around and faced his back, wrapping your arms around him.
a sigh of contentment left your lips at the feeling of his powerful body wrapped in your embrace again. levi turned around at the contact, wrapping his arms around you and pulled you closer to him.
levi ran his hand through your hair and you snuggled up into his chest, feeling sleep slowly engulfing you.
“i’m sorry, for everything these past couple of weeks“ levi said as you shifted a bit to look up at him. “i’m sorry too“
”no more conflicts and misunderstandings. i don’t like being away from you” levi said, burying his face in your hair. you smiled, pressing a kiss on wherever your lips can reach.
“that i can agree on“ you whispered, you could hear the smile forming on levi’s lips as he pressed a kiss on the top of your head.
“tch. i love you, brat” levi said and you chuckled. “i love you too, levi”
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vialesana · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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saveyourt3ars · a day ago
Be clingy with Levi, always text him, tell him you miss him, send him selfies, tell him about your day, he fucking loves it even if he does call you an annoying brat
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sunny-theauthor · 2 days ago
Dad! Levi Hcs
Tumblr media
Header made by me
Dad Levi just makes me so happy :) this man deserves so much happiness
Prompt List
Pairing: Dad! Levi x Gender Neutral! Reader, Female! Reader when mentioning pregnancy
Warning(s): Fluff, mentions of pregnancy
Tumblr media
Ok, ok, hear me out - Levi would be a great dad
He didn't have his parents growing up, but he would sure as hell make sure his children do
He would also make sure they actually have a childhood
Dad Levi would be super careful and gentle with his newborn(s) cause he's scared he'd hurt them
He's terrified of being a father, but his S/O knows he'd be great
Levi would be a super strict dad
He wants nothing but the best for his kids and will do whatever he has to do for that
He definitely would be very against them go it into the scouts
He wants to keep that part of his life, the death, the depression, and the sadness away from what makes him the happiest; his family
Levi with a pregnant S/O would be super sweet, caring, gentle, and attentive
He wouldn't know anything about pregnancy or giving birth
When his S/O goes into labor, he would absolutely freak out
He would be able to stomach giving birth because of everything he's been through
He wouldn't puke or pass out
He would be incredibly sweet and wouldn't leave your side until the doctors made him
He would cry when he held your child/children for the first time
He would let you pick the name(s)
After you give birth, he would fall asleep in the hospital bed with you
He wouldn't like feeling/seeing the baby kick when you're pregnant; it just makes his skin crawl
!Pregnancy Over!
You would have to teach him how to feed a baby, change a diaper, hold a baby, etc
Man would be clueless
Levi would definitely want a quiet, peaceful life with his family
He would want a small cottage in a quiet village far from Shingashina
He wouldn't want kids until after the war's over, but having them earlier is okay
You guys would trade off who puts the baby/babies back to sleep when they wake up in the night
"The baby's awake"
"I did it last time"
TONS of baby toys, blankets, stuffed animals, etc
He loves baby clothes and thinks they're super cute, especially baby shoes
He'll cry over a pair of baby shoes
"Levi, they're just shoes"
"But they're so little, Y/N! Look how cute they are!"
What I'm trying to say is Dad! Levi > Anything else
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story-kat · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Art by  nalonzooo
Posted with Permission (reprint/edit and/or commercial use prohibited)
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thecommanderzoe · 2 days ago
So hear me out. 
I’m terrible at writing meta posts and things but I’m going to try. 
Tumblr media
I honestly think this is such an important scene for Hanji as a character.
Looking back, the first time we see her, it’s having Hanji and Levi taking down titans like it’s nothing. We see her excited to go on another mission. We see her walk Eren to the trial. We see her patch him up after Levi’s kicks. We see her compassion when treating Sawney and Bean. We see her skills in making weapons against titans with the female titan. We see her kindness with Ymir, making sure she got the medical care before anything after the castle. We see her leadership skills when facing off against Bertholdt on the wall. We see her theories come true with where they would have taken Eren, with the weak points in the armour, with where Eren and Historia are... you get it shes full of theories that come from facts and are correct. 
We see Hanji formally introduce herself to Historia using a name the girl hadn’t heard in years. We see her shocked face when told she would be the next commander. We see the anger and guilt she felt with Pastor Nick. We see her smiling when watching the cadets get rowdy over the red meat before this mission. 
Hanji has core values she sticks too. 
And the times that she slips, like the time Moblit tells her she’s got that mad look in her eyes when capturing Annie. When Moblit protects Hanji in the scene with the MPs and Nick. She was blindsided by his death but the moment Moblit comes in to stick up for her she fights back with her little act. When Moblit reminded her about her compassion when doing experiments on Eren’s hardening. 
You may have realised my point. 
But in this scene. Hanji’s just come back to finish the job. She’s just lost everyone in her squad. She also know Moblit sacrificed himself with one final act of saving hers. She’s angry. She’s upset. She is grieving. 
And Reiner is there for her to take it all out on. 
But Jean says something to make her stop. It reminds her of her core values. Knowledge. Compassion. 
I think here Hanji’s face is so sombre in the last panel. I think she realises if Moblit was here, it would be him saying it. Jean has taken Moblit’s place as her anchor. Keeping her grounded. And it hits her. Moblit isn’t there anymore. She’s changed over the events, yes, but I think losing Moblit has just sunk in during this moment. 
I hope this made as much sense in words as it did in my head. 
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little-spoiled-brat · a day ago
- nsfw visuals with levi -
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
watching you give him a blowjob in the mirror
- levi strategically asks you to give him a blowjob when he’s sitting in front of the mirror on the end of your shared bed. the sight of you kneeling in between his legs, head bobbing up and down on his cock and his hands being tangled in your hair was enough for him to cum on the spot.
burying himself in your breasts after a long day
- levi was stressed and he has been asking you the entire day if he could suck on your breasts to help him relax for a bit. after a lot of begging from him, you finally let him since you too were in need to relax for a bit — you were in awe to see his closed eyes when he toyed with your tits, releasing soft sighs to tell you that he was finally relaxed.
reclaiming his property
- levi got a bit jealous when some boys were looking at you when you were walking with him in trost and when you got back to headquarters, he just had to reclaim what was his. completely pussy drunk, soft sighs and sinful moans coming from your lips to remind himself that he owns you and every part of you.
acting like a brat and he had to teach you a lesson
- levi had enough of your attitude and he doesn’t even care if your legs were shaking or if you were overstimulated. you needed to be taught a lesson and if you were begging him to stop or slow down from the overwhelming pleasure? he will only make you cum again.
making sure you’re more than ready to take him
- hurting you when you were supposed to be making love is the last thing levi wants to happen so he rubs the tip of his cock on your clit a few times to get you ready and wet to take him completely without any kind of pain.
teasing you to see how needy you get for his cock
- levi is a huge tease, quite literally. he kissed you and touched you the entire day only to smirk smugly when he pulls away. when you’re both finally in bed, clothes were barely off and he was in between your legs, you were stupid to think that he would give you what you need right away. no, levi teased the fuck out of you with his cock just to see you squirm and beg him to make you cum.
wearing his shirt during movie night
- it was a weekend and you and levi decided to watch a movie before going to bed. however, you decided to wear his shirt and the sight of you wearing his clothes was enough for him to slid his hand down your panties. it didn’t take long until you were both masturbating each other, the movie you were supposed to watch being long forgotten.
riding him to hear him moan in your ear
- when you and levi are having sex, you would ask if you could ride him and the second you asked, he understood what you wanted in an instant. he let you bounce on his cock, hands on the flesh of your ass as his hips rutted against yours every now and then. once levi is close to cumming, he pulled you close to him and moaned in your ear — sending you over the edge. he loves hearing your moans in his ear too, he just didn’t want to say it directly.
challenging him to use only one finger
- it was a mistake to challenge levi to make you cum with only one finger, you should've known better when you remembered that the man was skilled in everything. it didn't take long until he had found your g-spot and not only did he made you cum, he also made you squirt. levi moaned into your pussy as he took in every drop of your juices, not wanting to waste any of his prize for winning that stupid challenge you gave him.
watching his cum drip out of your pussy
- nothing turns levi on the most than seeing his cum dripping from your pussy. the thought of breeding you, swollen tummy and carrying his child was enough for him to gently fuck his cum right back into your sensitive hole.
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jumpinguptothesky · 2 days ago
The Soul Smuggler - Chap 1
Tumblr media
Title : The Soul Smuggler - Chap 1/?
Summary: Hange Zoe is a detective in the Trost district crime unit. For years, she has dedicated her heart to stopping the evil deeds of the Titans, a criminal organization that spreads terror throughout the city. But one day, she crosses paths with one of their top assassins: The Soul Smuggler.
Warnings : Angst / Explicit depiction of violence
This story was inspired by the Web Toon: "Purple Hyacinth" which you can read here! The plot is not the same, but I wanted to write a similar story for Hange and Levi! I especially want to thank Ness (GlassesAndSwords) without whom I could never have posted this fanfiction. She spent an incredible amount of time reading it and making corrections, I am eternally grateful to her! Thank you Ness, you are wonderful! <3
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