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Just because Haruka’s not the strongest fighter ever doesn’t mean she can’t shank a Titan bitch when she wants to. Shes smiling at her achievement (whilst jumping up and down excitedly inside for actually managing to do it…) though it probably was most likely just an assist kill…. alright look let’s just let her have her moment, okay?

Also, have a bloodless version. Why not. She hates those damn goggles and we’ll probably never see them again anyway.


Haruka is my own Attack On Titan character, and yes, as always I’m very aware that people mistake her for Annie with glasses/goggles. 😊

I also had a stupid amount of help with this drawing from @mischievous-maiden because I could NOT get it right! 😅 I’m proud of how it turned out it the end and glad I stuck with it ❤️ Also where the heck have I gotten this style of colouring from? It’s so bright! 🤷🏼‍♀️

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So I finally got a Wacom tablet and after getting myself used to drawing again, I finally got to finish what I consider as my best attempt at digital painting so far (this coming from someone who hasn’t been able to draw in almost a year). For the record, I do not have formal training in painting (I’m into more of the traditional sketching stuff with a damn pencil coz I can’t color blend in real life). I used to dabble in the digital art stuff so long ago, but life happened and I haven’t practiced it. So what you see before you is bottled up creativity, and I’m pretty proud of it.

And of course it has to be Petra Ral. She is best girl. I stan her. Might do a Levi one next, coz I’m Rivetra trash.

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The Noblewoman

(Y/N) didn’t mind the fact that the relationship she had with Levi was a secret to everyone else. She respects his wish of wanting to stay private. She understood that he had a reputation to maintain and if word got out about his relationship he’s going to get a lot of unwanted attention. The last thing (y/n) wanted to do is cause him unnecessary trouble. Besides, she actually enjoys their hidden relationship. There was a certain thrill and excitement that came with sneaking kisses behind corners and heading to his room in the dead of night. Sometimes they were a little more daring, like that one time Levi pushed her in the supply closet when he saw a cadet coming their way and made out with her. They came out of the supply closet like nothing even happened but it was hard for her to wipe the stupid smile off her face. It was fine that no one knew about their relationship, she was happy to be with Levi and give and receive love.

However things changed one day.

It was rare for a noble to visit the Survey Corps rather than the superiors going to Mitras to secure funds. They weren’t complaining though, it saved them the trouble of riding in carriages and dealing with numerous snobby rich pigs at the party. From what (y/n) heard from Erwin only one woman was coming. The superiors were waiting in the room where they would be discussing details about money for the upcoming expedition. (Y/N) was sitting next to Levi who looks bored as ever but she catches the subtle glances directed her way. It was his way of saying go to his room after all this is over. Been a while since they had some time for themselves and she was eager to kiss him behind doors which may or may not lead to other things.

The door opens, all heads turning to see the noblewoman enter. As with every other noble she adorns luxurious clothing and expensive jewelry. “Julie Rio.” She introduces herself.

Erwin offers a friendly smile. “Welcome, I hope the journey wasn’t too bad.”

“Ah well it was quite alright. I had a good carriage to transport me.” She states offhandedly as she takes a seat. Her eyes glance around the room and (y/n) notes the slight disgust on her features. Of course she would seem disgusted, the military wasn’t some high end place that was up to her lavish expectation.

“Let’s begin. We have an upcoming expedition and we require some funds. It would not only go towards the weapons and uniforms but in addition if you were to give an extra helping we’ll upgrade our research that will further aid in our cause.” Erwin lays down the details.

Instead of a response Julie was looking at Levi with a dreamy gaze, cheek resting against her hand. “You must be Captain Levi, yes?”

“Yes.” He answers curtly.

“My, you’re quite handsome. Those eyes of yours, I wonder how they’ll look in the bedroom.” She hums.

“Julie..,” Erwin tries to step into the conversation to get her back on track but it was as if she didn’t hear him or chose to ignore him. The woman was focused on Levi and her hilarious comment made (y/n)’s eyebrow twitch. She remains calm though. Nothing to get riled up about, she was just acting flirty.

“None of your concerns.”

“Oh you’re the cool type. I’m very intrigued to get to know you in more ways than one.” Her implication was loud and clear to everyone.

Levi’s eyes narrow in annoyance and (y/n) was starting to get ticked off as well. Wasn’t this supposed to be a meeting about the funds?

“I’m afraid we’ll only be seeing each other this one time.” There was a slight edge to his tone, a warning sign but Julie brushes it off. She leans forward, eyes half lidded.

“You’re very muscular, wonder how you really look under that uniform.” She ignores his words, biting her lips at him and (y/n) wants to throw up but also tells the woman to shut the hell up. Around the room everyone was visibly uncomfortable with her inappropriate flirty comments but she just wouldn’t stop. It was taking all her willpower not to just snap. Her hand curls into a fist on top of her knee, glaring daggers at Julie.

Levi releases an aggravated sigh. “We’re here to discuss important matters.”

“Oh but I see you as much more important, Captain.” Her lips parted just a bit, tongue swiping her bottom lip. “You must be so stressed with your line of work. I can help with that, I think you’ll enjoy it very much.”

(y/n) slams her hands on the table, a loud smack resonating in the air as she sharply stands up. She had it. Her eyes were fierce as she stares at Julie. “You really are shameless. Speaking of these inappropriate things during something important. You do realize that we’re to discuss the expedition right? Or did that thought leave your mind because you’re so utterly narrow minded that all you care about is fucking men to satiate your lust.” Poison drips from her words as she rips into her. The noblewoman’s eyes widened at her ruthless statements. Everyone else has gone quiet in the room as they stare at (y/n). She wasn’t done yet, overcome with fury that words just kept falling without thinking.

“All you nobles only care for yourselves and sit on your wealth. The day you came to help us and all you care about is being in the bedroom with a man. Let’s get one thing straight. Levi’s taken by me.” (y/N) freezes when it dawns on her that she said what she shouldn’t have said. A few gasps were heard around the room as she just confessed their secret. She broke Levi’s trust, no doubt will he be furious for revealing their relationship.

Instead of backing off the noblewoman grew angry. She stands up as well and glares at (y/n) head on, her eyes ablaze. “ Don’t make me laugh. The Captain in a relationship with you? That’s you little fantasy, poor girl. You wish to be taken by a man such as him right? Too bad you can’t.” She mocks (y/n). (Y/N)’s fear of rejection by Levi was temporarily forgotten as she directs her focus back to Julie.

“You speak of Levi as he is some sort of object just to satisfy you, disgusting.” (y/n)  retorts back. “At least I’m not the type to look down at those who are less fortunate than me. Instead, I help them while you merely mock them. You are the low human being.”

“How dare you!” She screeches. “I don’t see how possibly he loves you. You are not nearly as pretty as nor have the class as I do. Look at you with your filthy uniform and dull eyes. Your hair, don’t get me start on that hideous thing on your head.” The words stung a bit. she wasn’t going to lie. While she knew appearances don’t matter, especially to Levi, she couldn’t help but feel attacked.

Opening her mouth to say another remark Levi suddenly stands up and yanks her forward, lips colliding together. A muffled squeak releases from the depths of her throat, her eyes growing wide as Levi kisses her passionately in front of everyone. She couldn’t believe he was doing out in the open. She was so stunned even after he parted from her but he remains close, arm around her waist to bring her towards his chest. The superiors were all shocked save for Erwin who had a knowing smile on his face. The best reaction of all was Julie who had her jaw hanging open.

Levi shifts his attention to her and his fierce look made her shrink back. “Listen to me very clearly. (Y/N) is my woman and I only love her. Never in my life will I ever fall into your bed even if a King forced me to. Get out now, we have no need to get money from someone so pathetic.” His words were harsh and slapped her across the face. Julie takes a few steps back, tears springing forth. “Y-You’ll regret this!” Her voice cracks. Then she flees the scene.

Levi heaves a heavy sigh. “Thank fucking god.”

“Levi?” (Y/N) says quietly.

He glances down at her. “Guess we’re not a secret anymore.” He didn’t look mad but rather..amused? His eyes were sparkling with mirth. They turn their heads when Erwin clears his throat. “Congratulations, you two. I’m happy for you both.” The rest of superiors agree, congratulating them as well. (Y/N) grows a little shy, hiding her face in his chest. However there was a small smile on her face. Her heart feels so warm when thinking about what Levi said. She loves him so, so much.

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I will do it like the past request: in two parts. Today start with Kruger, I hope you like the scenario, enjoy! 💕



🦉 Terror session part 1 🦉

You laughed when Kruger suggested watch “The Exorcist”, this movie is old and isn’t scary, or you thought this. Outside there’s a storm, the grey and black clouds covers the sky and they are blown away by a malicious wind. You lower the shutters to the rain doesn’t fall inside of your home, but the drops hit the shutters and the roof causing a dismal atmosphere.

You doesn’t remember when, but you hug the Eren’s arm and rest your cheek against his shoulder, you have to make a great effort to not chatter your teeth of the afraid. Maybe you influence yourself or maybe was the storm. A lightning bolt makes you jump on the spot and bury your face in his shoulder, the perfume of Kruger provides you calm, but not at all because you continues listening the words and strange voice of the demon inside of little girl. You know that this night you will have nightmares.

You thinks hear the laugh of Kruger, is soft and almost inaudible, the storm darken it and the scream of the movie. You feeling how Kruger inclines to you and he rest his chin in your head.

“It’s just a movie” he murmurs.

Kruger moves his arm and put it in your back, attracts you to himself. You quickly hug his abdomen and rest your head in his chest, his heartbeat calms you a little, but you can’t stop to watch the movie. Maybe because you need to know how will end or because as stubborn you’re, you have to end to watch the film. But each scream, each fright, you jump and squeeze more Kruger. He takes the advantage to hug you, he caresses your back under the jumper, his fingers calms you through the skin. His other hand rest in you hip and his lips touch your forehead.

When finally the Father Karras leave the house you scream and sink your face in the Kruger’s neck, he stops the movie and tries to turn the lights on, the light surprised you, the storm continues outside and you’re incapable to move. You feel the Eren’s hands under your pullover.

“It’s just a movie” he repeats before kiss you.

Ari 🌿

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