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Anya is everywhere, AND I FCKN LOVE IT!!!
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Zoro taught her his ways.... lmao
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Levihan undercover Spies AU commission done by the talented @AshTheBread on Instagram
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Eren can attack my titan anytime 😏
Art by me - no repost - procreate on iPad Pro
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JUST BETWEEN US | e. yeager
ft: eren yeager
summary: eren should’ve known better then to fall for his best friends sister, but he wasn’t the only one at fault. you should’ve known better too.
content warning: afab!reader, modern au—college ig?, reader is armin’s little sister, pining feelings, reader is 18, friends with benefits, brothers best friend!trope, angst, confessions, not rly proof read.
a/n: yeahhh sorrryy i was gonna make this into some filthy ass smut but instead i made it angsty with zero smut. oops.
Tumblr media
he was always “armin’s best friend!” the entirety of your life growing up, and for the most part, you were content with that.
you’ve seen him cry after scraping his knee on the pavement when he was 6. you’ve seen him lose at playing kickball in the elementary school playground, and pout in the grass until the bell rang. you’ve seen him drink a whole can of beer in one sitting, only to then see him vomit all over your basement’s carpeting.
and vise versa—he’s seen you prance around in your princess dresses as day-to-day clothing choices, even seeing you force your older brother to be your knight as you walked into school during your childhood. he’s seen your room, and the millions of cheesy posters that had decorated your walls over the years. and most importantly, he’s seen how you’d always get flustered from the sight of him—even at the younger age when “cooties” existed for some people.
while he was known as armin’s best friend, you were always known as armin’s little sister. his best friends little sister—off limits, do not touch!
honestly, eren never intended to do anything with you, despite really wanting to. he’d always think you were pretty, but he knew even at a young age that flirting with you, or even expressing any attraction to you was probably a bad idea.
but, just because he knew better, doesn’t mean he couldn’t do it.
the school year went by agonizingly slow, the only times he’d really enjoy it was during his breaks.
especially summer break—the best time of the year for eren. not just because of the delightful sun bathing, but also because he got to come home for a few months.
to his friends, family, and you.
eren was delighted to see you’d come home from college earlier then usual this year, and he definitely convinced himself it was because of him. despite the fact that he went to college with armin and saw him pretty much everyday, he grasped onto the single excuse of “hey dude, let’s hangout!” every single chance he got the day you came home. he knew you had nothing better to do, considering all of your college friends were across country seeing their family, and your hometown friends weren’t in town yet.
it was obvious how bored you were, spending every day since you came home on your couch watching tv. and every time armin would come over with company, eren was displeased to see that you’d already leave before even saying hello. it was getting all too agonizing—and confusing.
you weren’t surprised when you peeked down at your phone late one night, only to see the simple text you were waiting for to pop up on your home screen.
12:57am eren: open ur window
you scoff quietly to yourself, not even bothering to turn your gaze. you expected nothing less from the brunette.
you twist your body over on your bed, planting your feet on the hardwood and measly walking to the window. you didn’t bother to change out of your college hoodie and plaid pajama shorts—considering since he’s seen you in much worse unflattering clothes.
you pull back your curtains slowly, and to your absolute pleasure, there sat the brunette on top of your windowsill. his head was down, eyes on his phone which you peeked and saw he was in the middle of typing a follow up message to you. upon the curtains drawing, his lips pull back into a toothy grin, and you have to fight a laugh from leaving yours.
“what took you so long?” he hisses, a little too loud for your liking.
you reach for his hand, pulling him with little strength to bring him into balance, and you draw your curtains back further while he toppled down into your room sloppily.
“jesus—eren, shush!” you wince, reaching your arms out to grab his before he made a loud slam! into your floor.
he mimics your expression, tucking his head into his shoulders and a grimace guiltily painting his cheeks. “shit, sorry. your parents home?” he asks, picking himself up.
“no, but armin. is.” you state pointedly, folding your arms across your chest. his eyes widen as his lips pursed, his expression nearly making you laugh but you knew better.
he reaches his hand up to the back of his neck, rubbing slowly and twists himself around until he plops onto your bed, like he made himself at home.
“well…that’s fine. i just came here to uh…talk!” he gives you a grin, and you tilt your head sarcastically.
“right. because that’s always the reason.” you still kept your place near the window, watching him while he swiftly kicked his shoes off using his toes, and shoved them next to your nightstand. his little smirk told you all you needed to know.
“fair.” he nods, and leans himself back on your bed, propping his hands behind him. “why didn’t you tell me you were in town. why didn’t you say hi?” he tilts his head this time, and the smallest pout molds onto his lips. you couldn’t tell if it was sarcastic or sincere. either way, you shrug.
“i’ve been a bit busy the past couple weeks-”
“liar.” he hardly even gave you the chance. “armin told me you’ve just been sitting at home all week.”
you squint, then make a mental reminder to scold armin later. you sigh, shifting your weight to one leg and slowly sliding your foot against the hardwood side to side. you bring your attention up to eren when he jumps a bit on your bed, scooting himself back a tad. “i just wanted a few days of piece and quiet. what’s so wrong with that?”
eren’s lips curl downwards. he tried not to take offense to that—and fails, because why wouldn’t he?
“and that meant you couldn’t say hi?” you don’t miss the smallness in his voice, which then makes you step forward on instinct.
“i didn’t want armin to suspect anything.” you spew, and even you wouldn’t have believed that.
his eyebrows furrow, tilting his head only a little dramatically as his expression molds into confusion. “you saying hi to me, your lifelong neighbor, wasn’t gonna make armin think we’re secretly fucking behind his back.” he states plainly, even adding a little scoff.
you roll your eyes at his behavior, making short swift steps towards your bed. you hop up so you could place yourself directly next to him, your mattress causing you to bounce a bit. you ignore the sour look he gives you, seeing that you chose to sit next to him instead of on his lap which he tried to make look so inviting.
“i’m just being cautious, that’s all.” you finally answer, and he frowns. you pick up on it before he says anything to counter you. “remember the last day of spring break? when armin almost walked in on us and wouldn’t leave my room. and you were hiding in my closet. for thirty minutes?” you narrow your eyes, leaning back to make sure he could see your expression.
he licked his lips, an attempt to hide the small smile that was growing (only to once again, fail) as he nods his head. “but he didn’t!” he shrugs.
you suck in a breath. “not the point eren.” you mumble, and he drops his teasing demeanor. he leans back a tad, turning himself to the side to face you better.
eren wasn’t liking where this was going. he’s always known you to be sort of bossy, and directional. he would never admit those thoughts to you, however, because above all of that he still found himself liking those annoying habits of yours. he liked whenever you’d scold him for drinking in the house, even though you were two years younger then him. and he liked whenever you forced him to push you on the swings, tell him to do his homework, yell at him for getting in fights when he was younger. he liked how you cared for him.
he never once thought sleeping with you was a mistake, but he soon felt his throat in his stomach when he considered that you maybe did.
“what is the point?” he asks, trying his absolute best to keep his voice from faltering. the small breath between the words made you pick up your head, your eyes searching his.
“do you regret it?” he asks, and he thinks he might just die when your gaze flicks away from his. he sucks in a breath, and suddenly he wishes he never texted you. he wishes he never came through your window this time, the time a few months before that, and especially the first time. he wishes he didn’t come to you on new year’s eve, pouting about how he didn’t have a new year’s kiss and you loosely agreeing to be his. he wishes he didn’t find himself in your room, on top of your bed, kissing you all over and in ways he’d never actually think he’d be doing with his best friends sister. but he’d never regret it.
your lips part slightly, still avoiding his gaze as your silently reminisce on the last few month. how he’d call you to ask how you were doing every few weeks whenever you were away, how he’d text you random things that reminded him of you. how he was the first person to come see you the night you got back on spring break.
and how you spent almost your entire spring break with him—in secret of course. it was always in secret.
you snap yourself out of your thoughts when he shifts uncomfortably next to you, and you glance at his hands. he quietly picked at his thumbs, the quiet flick making you furrow your brows until you notice…he’s trembling. it’s only faint, but nonetheless makes you look into his eyes.
“no, eren. i don’t.” you lean into him, gently placing your soft hand over his. you wished your words were convincing enough, because he still didn’t make contact with you. instead, he brings his gaze down to where your hands met.
“tell me what’s wrong. did i do something…something wrong?” his voice was quiet now, almost faint as he asks the question.
you suck on your teeth, your own gaze changing from his left eye to his right. you note how his irises almost look like they’re twinkling in the faint darkness of your room. nothing but the dim decor lights you have wrapped around your bed and on your walls, and the brightness of your tv screen across from your bed lighting your room up enough to see him well.
you bite your lip nervously. “eren, i-“ you stop yourself, instinctively taking in a deep breath and swallowing before continuing. “you’re my brothers best friend. if he found out what we’re doing…he’d hate you.” you mumble, and mostly for your sake since you knew you couldn’t raise your voice any higher.
“he won’t know! he won’t ever find out!” his voice raises only a tad, considering he caught himself before you smacked your hand over his mouth, and he shrinks a little.
“he almost did. twice. remember? new year’s eve, too?” you nudge him.
he does, vividly. kind of like he never stops thinking about it.
“he almost saw us kissing. that’s nothing.” eren counters, but once again, you want to relate to the fact that he wasn’t getting the point.
he was, though. he heard everything you were saying, albeit not wanting to.
“then-then why don’t we tell him?” he asks, and suddenly a wave of excitement rushes through his veins, and he thinks that might be the best idea he’s ever had. he’d thought about it, a little too much. he thought about what it’d be like to introduce you as his girlfriend, and to take you out on dates. he’d do all of that in a heartbeat.
but just like before, you rain on his parade. “eren, i don’t really want to tell my brother that i’m sexually active.” you wince, even the thought making you a little uncomfortable.
eren’s eyebrows pinch, and he pouts. “well…well yeah. let’s just, leave that part out…” he sits up, forcing a smile on his pink lips and your eyes soften.
“then, that leaves nothing left to tell.” you try to explain delicately, but the news hits him like a hammer.
of course he knew that. he already knew your relationship was nothing other then a hookup, but that wasn’t what he wanted you to say.
“y-yeah. right.” he nods hesitantly, and you frown.
“besides, you know how ‘min is. he’s only ever had one girlfriend in his life and he hates talking about it. didn’t even know they broke up until 8 months after they ended things.” you chuckle lightly to yourself, and watch as eren raises his eyebrows. “oh. well i guess you knew.” you shrug simply.
he smiles. “yeah. he came over crying the night it happened. and he’s seeing this new girl now. haven’t met her yet but i think he’s in loveee.” he quietly sing-songs to you, and now it’s your turn for your eyebrows to widen. you soak in the subtle shock that statement gives you.
“really? love? he’s in love?” you ask, each time you said the word you lean forward a little to really emphasize.
“‘m pretty sure. he’s always talking about her. i bet you he’s sulking in his room right now, wishing his pillow was her.” he sighs teasingly. you smile at him for a moment, before the thought hits you.
“we’re getting off track.” your smile drops and you look at him with a certain sternness that makes him want to curl up and hide. he didn’t want to talk about this anymore. all he wanted to do was to pull you into him, kissing you passionately to the point where all that was engraved in your mind was eren, eren, eren.
it wasn’t even that he needed to have sex with you anymore. he just needed to be by you, with you. he needed to hold you.
“i don’t want armin to hate you, eren.” you brush your hand against his thigh, placing it down lightly, and he’s thankful you didn’t take move it.
“well- why do you assume he’d hate me? you don’t think he’d be…happy for me?” he sits up, shoving the hesitation and uncertainty down his throat in a pathetic attempt to keep his composure from crashing down.
“you think armin would be happy for you? for sleeping with his sister?” you scoff, the words spitting out of your mouth and eren sucks in a deep breath because this time—you’re not getting it.
he sighs deeply, eyes screwing shut to poorly try and hide himself from the situation he’d kill to not be in.
eren isn’t some sort of player. surely, he acted like one to desperately try and mask the fact that he was just extremely lonely. he’s slept with more girls then just you, but to be fair, the group was small. and ever since new years, he hadn’t been able to get you out of his head. he’d hadn’t been able to sleep with anyone else, and he’d plead for it to be break—just so he could see you again.
“do you want to stop seeing each other?” he let his words spurt out, bubbling in his throat ever since he got the hint to where the conversation was headed. he didn’t want to hear your answer.
you frown at his hesitancy. you could tell the question was eating him alive for whatever reason, and you selfishly assumed it was only because he wanted to have sex with you.
“maybe.” you mutter.
you couldn’t hear it, but eren’s sure he can hear a piece of his heart crack.
he doesn’t want to cry, and he doesn’t think he will—at least not here and in front of you—but he can’t find himself to move. or say anything. or even think. that was the last thing he wanted to hear. he didn’t hear the uncertainty in your voice, because the even though the simple word had a 50/50 connotation to it, he only heard the worse half. you might as well have just said yes, and stuck a knife through his heart.
to him, it wasn’t just having sex with you. it was the comfort he got to feel. your warmth wrapped around his body as he held you. the way you’d always kiss him through your orgasms, and that simple action stupidly made eren think you liked him. it made him think that maybe it wasn’t just about sex to you too, maybe you really liked spending time with him. and maybe you were going to give him a chance.
his silence made you drop your head, picking your hand away from contact with him and allowing it to fall into your lap. you weren’t sure when he was going to say anything, if he was going to say anything at all, or how he would respond, but you knew you weren’t going to speak first.
what sickened you the most was you weren’t even agreeing with the words you were saying.
you weren’t dumb, but you were incredibly dense in this situation. if eren could, he’d scream at you. at how incredibly wrong you were.
how could you sit there, thinking the only reason eren texts you, calls you, climbs through your window—is just to fuck you? how could you not realize how in love he was. he knows better then to think you were just being cruel, but he can’t help and think that you are cruel. he’d give you the world, he’s made it obvious every single year he has known you, and you somehow had no idea? could you blame him for being so hesitant?
yeah, you could. because he was impossibly dense too. how couldn’t he tell you were pining after him, day by day. each day right before he left for college the first time, how you didn’t talk to him because you hated goodbyes. how couldn’t he tell that when you offered to be his midnight kiss, you were practically pleading on your knees. and how you waited every single night since the first day you were back for his text.
the silence in the air was suffocating, especially since you started it after announcing a broken statement. one you didn’t agree to, and he didn’t agree to, but neither of you had it in you to confess.
you close your eyes tight, having nothing to deflect the amount of regret and guilt that poured over you in an instant.
eren thinks this is it. probably for the best, but he definitely doesn’t think that. he thinks maybe he should stand up and leave, but he really thinks he’d rather die.
he won’t. he’ll stand up, like the half of his mind is telling him to, and the other is screaming at him to stop. he’ll walk towards your window, and step out without as much as a look back. he’ll see you around, sure, but it’ll be nothing but a simple nod now. he doesn’t think that’s best, but if you do, then he’ll do it.
“wait-“ you pencil your body, standing up in an instant in order to stop him from ducking underneath your window and disappearing from your line of sight.
you swallow. “i’m sorry,” you mumble, and the way you do tells eren you aren’t done. he turns around—slowly—his eyes fighting to make contact with yours. “i’m not being honest with you.”
and he’s not being honest with you either, he thinks. but he lets you continue, giving you nothing but silence in return.
your breath bitches, fingers molding together and fumbling sloppily. now it’s your turn for the trembling hands—legs too—as you step closer to the window.
“i don’t want to stop…y’know, sleeping with you.” you nod confidently, (at least you tell yourself that.) “you’re surprisingly really good at sex. like…really good.”
he’d be flattered if he wasn’t about to shit his pants right now. he was thankful you said that, at least. it gave him the piece of hope he needed to keep his composure before going home and completely bawling into his pillow.
he sucks in a breathe,
“i don’t want that to be it.” you slightly slouch, getting progressively closer to the brunette slowly before stopping in front of him. your soft, sullen eyes make contact with his.
“what do you mean?” his palms feel clammy.
“i mean i like you, eren. a lot.”
and that’s all he needed to hear to let out the breath, one that was even bigger then he thought. one that practically had his lungs about to burst in his stomach, and one that would’ve been enough to cause a whole tornado.
that’s all eren yeager has ever wanted to hear from you—from anyone. that you liked him. a lot, at that.
you didn’t want to sneak around with him anymore. you didn’t want to only fantasize about going on dates with him. you didn’t want to tell people he was just your brothers best friend.
and he wasn’t going to let that happen again.
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If I crush the devil on paradis, I’ll save the world... then my parents will be proud to have me as a son.
reference used (x)
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Shingeki no Kyojin NewDays
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I can just picture Levi dating a single mom raising a daughter. The way he treats your daughter is so sweet, he treats her as if she's his own. Usually he dislikes children, but yours is a whole other story. He spoils her so much. Carrying her everywhere with him around the house, and taking naps with her on the couch (although most times he's awake and she's asleep in his arms) You're damn sure that she's just as attached to him as he is to her. The way she clings to him when you're walking about in public. She hasn't really called him "dad" or "Papa" but she calls him Levi, or "Vivi" as a nickname. It's safe to say that you feel like he's opened his heart up more to your child than you. But Levi always makes sure to show you love as well. Coming to meet you in the kitchen after putting her to sleep. Arms wrapping around your waist as his head leans onto your back. Embracing your warmth and your touch. He loves you both so much. All he wants to do is keep the two of you for himself, safe and sound. If he lost the two of you he doesn't know what he would do. Although he may have difficulties showing it, and may not say it straight to your face, you and your daughter mean everything to him. To him the two of you are his whole world.
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Some small banners of Levi, Made them for my friend jelly. 
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anime heroines
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━━ 𝙙𝙤𝙣'𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙣𝙣𝙖 𝙗𝙚 𝙤𝙠𝙖𝙮 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪
Being a scout was always a risk.
There was never a doubt in those who chose to give their lives in order to save humanity and their loved ones. No one will ever understand the hardships of losing a son, daughter, cousin, friend, or even a parent during battle.
Everyday people died, that much you were willing to come face to face with.
"Y/n!" Jean yelled out. "Are you almost done with the chores?" He jogged over to the corner where you stood cleaning.
Pulling down the white handkerchief from your nose, you replied. "Not yet, I still have to do the bottom shelf."
"Seriously?" He whined. "I'm starving, I thought you'd be finished by now."
You shrugged, "You can go ahead and eat if you want. I shouldn't be here for long, I can catch up later."
Jean shook his head. "No I don't want to leave you alone here."
"I've been alone on expeditions before. I think if you left me here by myself nothing bad is going to happen."
"Yeah... still-" Before he was able to protest, a sound of footsteps were heard.
"What are you two still doing here?" Your heads turned to see captain Levi standing there in the doorway.
Jean turned his head and raised an eyebrow at you. Your eyes widened, "Jean." You warned.
"You promised." He whispered.
Shaking your head fast, he stepped forward and nodded at you. Meanwhile Levi stood back seeing your heads shaking from one direction to another, along with a list of eye signals that he had no idea what they meant. He sighed for the fifth time again today, "I don't have time for this."
You both stopped your silent bickering hearing Levi speak.
"I asked you a question." He sternly spoke.
Feeling your cheeks burn with embarrassment you decided to answer, beating Jean to it. "I-I still need to clean the bottom shelf. Jean here was just leaving to go eat."
Levi turned to look at him, "Is that true Kirstein?"
Swallowing, he nodded. "Y-yes, sir."
"I see." Levi said, "Then get going you're holding your comrade from finishing her duties."
Jean excused himself but not before tilting his head and pointing towards Levi. Before you were able to say anything else he escaped from you.
"After you finish make sure to go eat, then head to my office Erwin wants to talk with you."
"Yes, sir." He gave you a slight nod, turned on his heel to head out when you called out to him again. "Captain Levi!"
"Hmm?" Levi turned his to look at you.
"I-I..." You looked down at your feet then back up at him. "I need to tell you something, sir."
"What is it y/l/n?"
Taking a deep breath, you grabbed onto the confidence you still had with you. "I know we have a very respectful relationship between a cadet and a captain." You began, "However these past expeditions that you allowed me to be part of made me open my eyes, even more than I thought they already were."
He crossed his arms in front of his chest as he stood there quietly listening to what you had to say.
"Some mistakes happen and you helped me realize that some things are out of control while there are others that have a solution. I've come to admire everything you have done for the scouts and me. You took me under your wing, never treated me like a clueless scout like Kitz did." You chuckled lightly, "With time... those moments started to be important to me in ways I never thought."
Swallowing down the ball of nerves you had, you decided to rip it off like a bandaid. "I like you, Captain Levi."
He held is breath.
"I fell for you these months and the more time we spend together the harder is became to ignore it. Believe me the last thing I ever thought of happening was falling for someone..." You sighed. "Yet if I kept quiet... it would only hurt me more in the process than being rejected by you. I don't want to die knowing I did not tell you how important you are to me."
Levi looked down at the floor, he has gotten countless of confessions when he joined the scouts. Every time he rejected them due to the fact that he never thought about anyone that way. He knew being a scout meant coming back dead, he already lost his friends, there was no telling what would happen to him if he lost the person he loved the most.
You did not rush him. Ever since you became part of the survey corps you heard the stories from upper comrades about the tragedies that Levi had gone through. Levi may be cold at times but when it comes to his teammates and fellow comrades, he cared. He may be one of the few people with the biggest heart.
After some time he finally looked at you. "Why did you decide to tell me even though you knew I might not accept your feelings?"
A small smile formed on your lips. "Like I said one day you can close your eyes for a moment then the next be dead on the floor. I didn't want to go with the feeling of regret and even if it does not go the way I wished it did, at least I said it."
"I admire how far you've come, y/l/n." He began, "I have come to respect you for being on alert not only on your surroundings but also keeping an eye on your fellow cadets. I can't return those feelings and I hope one day you find someone that will."
You nodded slowly feeling your heart break apart.
"I may not see you as a partner but I see you as an equal on my team and out on the battle ground. I hope I can keep counting on you."
"Of course." You smile weakly, "Thank you for the trust." blinking rapidly you tried to stop the tears from falling.
He noticed your red eyes, a feeling of guilt ran through his heart. "A-are you okay?..."
"I-I'll be fine, sir. I need a minute is all." You replied.
Something inside of him wanted to stay and comfort you. There was nothing more horrible than being alone when you were hurt. Countless of times he wished someone was there for him, it was a bitter life after all.
However he didn't say anything all, only nodded, knowing he had to respect your space. "Alright, let me know if... um you need something."
All you could do was nod, it was painful that he still cared despite not returning your feelings.
Once he was gone your tears rolled down your puffy cheeks. A sob escaped from your throat as you started to feel the pain in your chest. You could accept that this job came with risks but it felt on the same level with getting your heart broken.
People fall for others all the time, you wondered how did they ever piece themselves back when they got rejected. It looked easy to be okay the next day, you weren't sure if you'd be able to pretend like nothing happened when you had to face him again.
But this was what you wanted, you knew the low percentage of him feeling the same way. Now you had to move on with it or else you would swallow yourself in a dark place.
"Y/n?" a voice spoke, you weren't able to make out their face due to blurry vision, all you were able to make out was their deep voice. "What happened?" they crouched down looking at you.
You launched yourself at them, wrapping your arms tightly around their neck.
"I got you." they whispered and you buried your face into their neck wishing for this painful heartbreak to disappear.
After recovering both physically and mentally, you were able to act normal around him, despite the little flips your heart would make whenever he was close.
Levi was impressed with your professionalism which made his respect for you to sky rocket. The last mission not only impressed him but also Erwin, due to that, he decided that you were capable of leading your very own section for the next expedition. Resulting in one captain to oppose Erwin's decision.
"I'm not understanding why you can't let me do this!" You exclaimed. "I've proved myself before you know I can lead my own squad!"
"When it comes to training you can, but it's very different once you are outside those walls."
You tried keeping calm yet each passing second became troublesome. "Help me understand why you aren't letting me do this."
"I'm not letting you lead your own squad and that's final. I don't care about Erwin's orders you're under my squad." He raised his voice. "You follow my rules."
"You do not get to decide that for me!" You yelled feeling all frustrations rising up to the surface. "I've been training for hours on end for the same reason! I know if I go out there on my own to lead I'll be able to do it!"
"I'm done talking about this, y/l/n." He sat down and looked at the papers on his desk ignoring your cold stare.
"You said it yourself that you saw me as an equal, Levi." his movements stopped as he heard you call him by his name without the formalities. "That you admired how I kept my eyes on the surroundings and looked out for my comrades safety."
"I did." He mumbled.
"Then? What's stopping you from giving me the chance of a lifetime?!"
"I'm not going to let you go out there and get yourself killed or worse your comrades. There's no need to explain that to you again, now unless you have anything else to talk to me about then go." He stated looking at you coldly.
"Fine, but know I'm not going to stand by at the first chance I get." you walked out slamming the door on your way out not caring if it annoyed him.
Levi ran his fingers through his hair filled with frustration. A beating in his chest told him to deny your request. Never did he deny someone the chance to move up the ranks but now that it came to you, it was different. He slammed his hands onto his desk.
"Damn it!" He muttered, "What the hell am I doing?..."
Thoughts of you getting injured or worse killed, ran through his mind. Since when did he start feeling this way? He knew deep down this was going to kill him.
"Is he letting you?" Jean questioned.
You sucked in your lips, shaking your head.
"You should listen to him." He said. "He is captain for a reason."
"His title doesn't matter to me, he could be the king and I'd still go against it." You looked at Jean, "I understand you are worried but I know I'm ready and I am not going to play by his rules this time."
"Alright, what should we do then?"
"I think I know who, come on." You grabbed his hand and ran down the narrow corridor.
"So you want me to back you up? Even though he was strongly against it?" Section commander Zacharius questioned, looking at you both.
"I know it's a long shot and defying Captain Levi will be trouble-"
He shook his head, "I have my own squad I run. I can talk to Levi about the making you part of the next expedition."
"I appreciate the offer but I want to have the chance to run my own squad. Erwin trusts that I can handle this, all I am asking is if you can help me convince him." You explained.
Zacharius looked at you uncertain, Levi would never deny anyone the chance to get experience nor defy Erwin's order.
"She won't be alone in the expedition." Jean spoke up, "I will be there along with Reiner and a few other of our friends. Commander Erwin set up this squad especially to make sure everything runs smoothly, sir." placing a hand on your shoulder.
With crossed arms in front of his chest, Zacharius nodded. "I will talk to Levi."
You let out a breath of happiness. "Thank you so much! I promise the expedition will be a success."
"I know it will." He said, "I've seen you out on the battlefield and you have helped me more than once. My squad is set to go out as back up that day as well, I will be counting on you to lead."
"Yes, sir!"
The expedition was officially tomorrow. You were helping Connie gather some supplies along with Reiner and Eren. Loading up the wagon was a bit hard but having someone as strong as them definitely helped.
"So what do we call you tomorrow then? Section Commander Y/n?" Connie teased.
A blush crept up your cheeks, you shook your head. "There's no need for that. All of us are friends... plus adding the first part feels too formal and weird."
"I think it's kinda cool getting to be called Section Commander." Eren spoke, "It's so cool how captain Zacharius helped you out."
"I agree with Eren." Reiner said loading the crates filled with weapons. "It has a nice ring to it, don't you think? You've earned the right to be called that."
You bit your bottom lip trying to contain your smile as you put the extra gas and swords down. "Y-you really think people will think it's cool?"
Reiner nodded smiling at you. "It does, Section Commander Y/n."
"Reiner you really know how to-"
Your body froze, Reiner turned around to see the captain standing there in front of the doors to the stable. No one made a movement, the three of them stood there looking at him, while your back was turned.
Eren stepped forward, "Captain Levi, we are almost done loading up the-"
Levi looked at every one of them, his stare said everything. "I need to talk with, Y/l/n."
Reiner spoke up. "Captain Levi, go easy on her. She didn't do anything-"
"I said to leave."
Slowly you turned around to face him. Eren looked over your way, you gave him a nod in reassurance. The three of your friends left, leaving you and Levi alone.
You knew what was going to go down, it was obvious that the big elephant in the room was never going to go away. This situation was getting more annoying as it dragged on. Never did you understood why he was so against you leading your own team. Since you joined the scouts all you ever did was train and become the best even if you didn't end up in the top ten.
Anger was slowly bubbling inside your veins. All he ever did was stand there looking at you with what seemed to be anger and disappointment.
"I'm not going to stand here and argue Captain." You took a deep breath, trying to really control yourself. "I know... I just know if I go out there everything is going to be fine."
"You're really that confident?" He scoffed.
"I am." You stated. "You know why? Because I have a team full of great fighters who I know I can trust and depend on. I can lead that team, I know I can do this. I have the best in the scouts with me, sir. Tomorrow that mission is going to be successful and I will not come back without each and every one of them."
"Are you willing to die to rescue them?" He raised his voice. "Are you willing to sacrifice everything for territory that we do not know will be good of use or not?! You do realize going out there means death."
"I do!" You walked towards him, "I don't care about me dying. I can care less if I'm the last one fighting off the group of titans so my family can get away." stopping five feet away.
Levi looked away, his hand formed into a fist. "It's easy for you to talk when you haven't seen your own friends die in front of you."
"They may have not been my friends but they were part of the regiment. Losing a single cadet in the scouts is always heartbreaking and you know that well enough, sir."
He turned to look at you, "Then you understand why your squad isn't qualified to go out there alone."
"We are." You said, "Tomorrow we won't be alone. Commander Zacharius is going as back up as well, Erwin made sure to add people who were capable of getting it done."
No matter how hard you tried to explain it to him it's like he wasn't going to budge. The person you fell for and still cared about, did not trust you. It hurt when it came to Levi, it was always different and you hated yourself at times when it affected you.
Clenching your jaw you spoke again, "I don't understand why you won't trust my skills."
"This has got nothing to do with your skills." Levi said.
"Then? What does it actually have to do with?" You questioned looking at him." "Because it hurts knowing that my- I-I mean you Captain Levi doubt what I'm capable of doing."
"You're not ready to go out there..." He softly spoke, "You are part of my squad you are under my watch... I already lost too many cadets. I don't want you... and them to be part of that list."
Your gaze soften at him for a moment, he cared. It was written on his face even if he did try to hide it. However your mind was made up. As much as you appreciate him, relying on him for everything will only hinder your progress.
"I'm going to come back alright? I need this to improve my skills and be seen as reliable. Tomorrow everything is going to be fine. I just need you to trust me, Captain Levi." He looked at your back as you walked away from him. As much as he wanted to protect you, he knew you were right.
Colored flares kept going off, one after another.
Your mind was racing with possible scenarios of your friends being injured or even dead.
"Please be okay, Sasha." You mumbled to yourself as you made your horse go faster. "Please be okay."
When you arrived to her aide you saw she was surrounded with three titans all staring her down, trying to reach and grab her.
"Y/n!" She exclaimed, "I was trying to set up the cannon b-but they kept coming."
"Don't worry, focus on the cannon! I'll deal with them." Getting off of your horse you used your gear to fly into the sky as the grapples needled themselves into the titan's nape. They were abnormal midsize titans, meaning not difficult to take care of. One after the other they were taken down with ease.
"Done." Sasha spoke as she landed down next to you. "I was terrified for a second... I'm sorry I wasn't able to handle them."
"That doesn't matter right now, all that matters is that you're okay." You placed your hand on her shoulder giving her a gentle squeeze. "I need you to go and help Connie with the wagon. He'll let you know what to do."
She nodded, bidding you goodbye as you both head in opposite directions. Since the mission began things have been going south but you tried your best to keep your head clear and focused. Your hands trembled despite acting calm on the outside. You let go of the reins and quickly shook your hands before holding them again.
"Y/n!" Eren yelled as his horse got closer to yours. "We secured the west side of the territory all titans were killed."
"Good then that means we can go forward to meet up with the Commander." You said, as you got closer to small hill you saw Armin kneeling down with Bertholdt beside him. A sudden flash then showed up in between you and them, thunder roared in the skies as the yellow overpowered your eyesight.
"Armin! Bertholdt!" You and Eren yelled, quickening your pace. The titan showed up, it was one you had never seen before. It roared and in a mere second you could hear the rumbling of footsteps.
"Eren can you transform?!" You exclaimed.
He gritted his teeth, "I still have some energy in me left but I don't know how long I'll be able to hold them off."
"Do it as much as you can. I'll help Bertholdt." You ordered, "As soon as there's an opening take Armin with you and run."
"What about you-"
"Just go! I don't want you to comeback you hear me?" Without any words left to say you got off your horse and flew in the air to slice off their napes. One after another kept showing up. It was never ending.
You looked over at Bertholdt, you could see fear in his eyes. "I need you to stay calm okay?!" You yelled out him. "We will get back home together I promise."
He nodded, "R-right!" as he flew beside you getting the Titans from the right.
You looked out into the field seeing your squad leaving in the opposite direction with no titan running after them. You made sure to count the wagons that transported some of your friends.
"Y/n!" Armin screamed from down below, "We have to go. There's not enough gas left in your gear, if we don't retreat now we'll get taken alive!"
"Where's Eren?!"
"He fell unconscious after transforming but we managed to get him out." He replied. "You need to get Bertholdt and follow us back!"
You looked over at him, you saw the last of his gas spurting out in the air. Your mind was racing with thoughts, there was no clear answer. Dying was the last thing you had planned, but yet there were many discoveries and materials that could help out the scout regiment.
"Bertholdt!" You sliced the nape from the titan as you made your way over to him.
"Did the others get away?" He asked.
"They did! I need you to do the same." You flew up into the air before spinning and using both your swords to cut the titan's eyes then nape.
"I-I just can't leave you alone here! There's too many of them for you to fight off by yourself!"
"I won't accept no for an answer!" You retorted, "Go while you still can! They are going to need you if titans come across your path again."
"Y/n-" Bertholdt was hesitant, guilt build inside of him knowing he could help out.
"Go!" You yelled again, clenching his jaw he followed your order. He landed back on the ground running towards the wagon where Mikasa and Armin were.
"Bertholdt!" Reiner yelled, as he extended his hand out to help him get on. "Where's Y/n?"
He looked away from him, "S-she told me to leave... I told her we could come back together but it was impossible. More titans kept coming and I couldn't even-"
"Damn it." Reiner cursed, "I should go help her." before he was able to leave Bertholdt pulled him back.
"You can't go... it will look suspicious that the armored titan is rescuing her."
"We can't just leave her there!"
"I know, Reiner. But we have no other choice." He said.
A heavy feeling was inside your chest. 'This is the end... maybe I should have listened to Levi after all.' You chuckled to yourself, as your eyes turned glossy. "I really need to listen to him next time."
'If there was a next time.' you thought as you landed from one titan over to another. Your blades were getting shorter by the minute and the last gas tank you had ran empty. Landing on the ground you decided to make a run for it.
Beads of sweat ran down the sides of your head, your legs were tired. You tried your best to conserve your energy but as you looked back you saw how close they were.
"Shit!" Your foot went in front of the other causing you to trip. You placed your palms wide open to stop the impact from hitting your head but it was too slow. Your head connected with the ground too fast, your vision became blurry.
The titan got closer to you, closing your eyes you prepared yourself to be devoured. "Please... make it a fast death."
Within a second the titan fell down onto the ground with a loud thud. You tried your best to make out the figure that stood in front of it but your vision started to give out on you.
They quickly went towards you, holding you in their arms. "Hey, I need you to stay awake alright?"
"I-I can't..." A weak smile covered your lips. "If I do the captain is going to kill me when he sees me..."
"I'm not going to kill you, brat." He said as he held the back of your head but stopped, feeling his hand get covered in red dark liquid.
"Captain?" A tear slipped from your eyes. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to make the mission a success. I was an idiot huh?"
"You were too cocky." He answered, "But you did fine."
"At least I was praised one last time by you, Levi." You cupped his cheek weakly, a shiver ran down his spine as he felt your cold skin against his bloodied face.
"It won't be the last time, stop talking as if you were dying."
"No one knows what might happen..."
He shook his head standing up, carrying you while he flew through the open fields. His grip on you tighten as he tried to quickly get you back to the walls. "You're not dying and that's that."
Your head rested against his chest as you felt the wind hitting your face.
"Levi!" Hange yelled from down below. "When did you get here?!"
"Hange!" He yelled back ignoring her question as he made his way back onto the ground carefully. "I need your help."
She looked at him confused until she saw you in his arms unconscious. "Y/n... where is she injured?..."
"She has a wound on the back of her head, apart from losing a lot of blood. I'm not sure where else she could be hurt." Levi answered as he placed you down on top of a wagon.
"I'm going to need to get her stitched up, she's already lost too much blood."
"Is she going to need a blood transfusion?" Levi asked.
Hange felt hesitant about answering, she saw the worried his eyes carried. "I don't think so."
The rest of your friends looked over to them both seeing what was going on until they saw your body.
"Y/n!" Sasha yelled running over to you followed by Connie, Eren, Reiner, and Bertholdt.
"Is she okay?!"
"I need you to stand back and let us work. You can see her after I patch her up alright?" Hange said.
"Didn't you brats listen?!" Levi yelled, "Go back to what you were assigned to do you are only holding us off from saving Y/l/n."
Hange gave them a reassuring nod, each of them left with worry in their minds. Silently praying that you'd make it out alive.
By the time they were able to treat you, the others were already in a deep sleep after tonight's events. Your squad had taken turns guarding the camp site while Levi stayed up watching over you.
Your eyes were still close since operating on you hours ago. There had been no fever which was a relief, indicating everything was going well.
He couldn't stop looking at you, even if you were injured you still took his breath away. His mind kept going back to that day where you had confessed to him. Since then he never thought he would develop feelings for you.
You were right, spending time together made things change. Now he was on the verge of crying realizing how important you were to him. His thoughts were interrupted with the sound of you coughing.
Your body ached, you immediately sat up seeing you were in some part of the forest.
"Hey be careful or you'll tear those stitches apart."
You recognized the voice immediately, "C-captain... Levi? W-what are ow ow... you doing here?" holding your stomach.
"I got here just in time or else you would have been dead."
"Did everyone get back safely?!" Biting your lip you groaned feeling the pain as you stood up from the ground.
Levi did the same."Hey hey calm down. Where are you going?"
"I'm going to check on them-"
He walked over to you and held your shoulders making you stop. "They're fine, alright? Everyone made it back alive."
You looked at him, "R-really?..."
A sigh of relief escaped from your lips, "Oh thank goodness... I was so worried that they had..."
"You scared the hell out of everyone you know."
He let you go, his hands falling at his sides. "You passed out when I went to rescue you. There was blood coming out from the back of your head and you had a-..." Closing his eyes he tried to keep his composure, "A large wound on your stomach..."
"I guess this is the part where you scold me right?..."
A sigh escaped his lips, opening his eyes he looked away from you. "You could have died out there..."
You nodded looking down at your bandaged stomach. "Yeah.. I guess I could of had. How come you came?... I thought you made it clear you weren't going to 'come save my ass even if I was dying' "
He clicked his tongue against the back of his teeth. "I had a feeling something happened. You may be given a different title but that doesn't stop you from being my cadet."
"Your cadet... Huh?" A sad smile formed on your lips. "I know you're serious but it sounds nice..."
A silence roamed between you two. Levi was a complete mess, he did not know if it was the right time or place to say everything he wanted. You on the other hand were afraid of what happened, if it hadn't been for Levi right now your body would have been covered with a blanket on the wagon.
"You should lay back down, you need to rest." He said, "Come on." standing behind you and placing his hand on your arm, leading you back to your sleeping bag.
Your cheeks flushed, his hand was warm against your skin despite the cold weather.
"I don't want to sleep right now." You said, sitting down on the ground and resting your back against the tree.
"You're not going to be able to heal unless you sleep." He said.
"I'll be fine." You reassured him, "You should sleep Captain, you look tired and have done more than enough. You should rest."
Levi sat down next to you, leaving a bit of space between you. His gaze focused on the ground. "I'm not going to sleep... it's my turn to keep an eye on the camp."
"Then I'll keep watch with you then."
He shook his head, "I told you, you need to rest-"
"And I told you I'm fine and I don't feel like sleeping yet... plus I know I owe you an apology."
"What are you talking about?" He turned to look at you.
"You were right..." You mumbled, "I-I shouldn't have gone out on my own... leading a squad is a whole different thing. You need to know how to strategize. How to keep calm in difficult situations, how to go to them if a problem does occur." your eyes started to become glossy.
A sigh escaped his lips. "You did everything you could at the time..."
You wiped away the tears that slipped from your eyes. "I-I didn't do enough... I almost got myself killed. A-a good Captain knows what to do, while I was just thinking about holding them off without knowing the consequences. This was supposed to be a chance to prove I was capable of leading my own squad... to show I would be able to handle my ground." A shaky sigh escaped your lips. "A-and... y-yet I was lousy... I'm never going to be able to become like Captain Erwin... o-or you."
Levi sat quietly, didn't know quite what to say. He was angry at himself for holding you off and treating you as if you were helpless. He couldn't help but wonder if the words he said to you could have made you lose focus.
"There will be a time where none of us will be alive anymore to help you through difficult missions. Everyone is different when it comes to leading a group of soldiers." He looked into the flames as he spoke. "No one will be perfect enough to lead a big mission the first time."
"That was my mistake in all of it." You mumbled.
"But that doesn't mean you did such a bad job." Levi turned his head slowly to look at you. "Seeing you risk your life to save them even when you're retreating away, is much braver than what I ever have been able to do. I've been on millions of missions no one has ever gone back for a soldier even when they were told to retreat and leave them behind."
"I thought that it was my job to save each one of them." You admitted. "I've seen the damage it's caused every time, including you. I wanted it to be different this time. I did not want my soldiers, friends, to feel afraid. I wanted them to see that I had their back, no matter what."
"That's more than what any other person has done in years, Y/n."
Your heart skipped a beat, seeing from the corner of your eyes that he was looking at you. Your head tilted down, looking at your lap. "I still have so much more left to improve... this was probably my last chance I would ever get to do this."
"If you really want to become a captain to your own future squad... then I can help you out."
Immediately your head turned to look at him, making him look away from you with a flushed face. "Really?..."
"Y-yeah..." He cleared his throat. "I'll talk to Erwin about training you if you really do want to lead your own squad one day."
"It would mean the word if you were able to help me, Captain Levi."
His stomach did a flip, it felt like a long time since he had feelings for someone. "That doesn't mean I'll be going easy on you."
With a wide smile, you chuckled. "I wouldn't be learning otherwise, Captain."
"Huh?" You asked.
He turned to look at you. "Call me, Levi. It's seems easier instead of having to say the world thing."
Your eyes widened, in surprise. "A-are you sure? Usually it's only with people you trust-"
"Now you're one of them, L/N."
"Then you can call me just, Y/n." You said. "It's gotta be fair for both, don't you think, Levi?"
A low chuckle escaped from his lips. "Right, Y/n."
There was a moment of silence, the sound of the fire could be heard crackling. It wasn't the moment you had predicted would happen with him, but it was more than you dreamed of. Being next to him, was more than enough even though, it hurt it was comforting in a way.
Levi on the other hand wanted to say everything he felt. Seeing you unconscious on the ground, battered and and bruised, made him realize those feelings he had, went far more beyond than just missing the captain and cadet relationship you had. Slowly but surely he started to miss you as the days went by, today's events only made it clearer to him.
He tilted his head back against the tree's trunk, closing his eyes as his adam's apple was exposed to you.
You looked over at him, admiring how beautiful he looked. Often at times you would wonder how life would be beside him. Would your relationship be kept a secret or out in the open for everyone to know?
"Look... I know this isn't the best time..." He began. "...but I didn't want you to go on this mission outside of the walls alone."
Your body tilted back in surprise, you wanted to ask him why but it was best to let him continue.
Levi opened his eyes moving his head back down, noticing your quietness he continued. "I know I acted like an asshole towards you, I apologize if it made it seem as if I didn't have confidence in your abilities. That was never my intention."
"Then why did you?..." You whispered, feeling hurt by his lack of trust. "I thought you trusted me to be out on my own..."
"I do." He breathed out, focusing his attention onto you. "As biased as it sounds... I always thought you were the best out of everyone on the scouts."
A small smile formed on your lips. "How come you didn't trust me enough to do this?..."
"I-I... did it for you..." There was hesitation in his voice, it was hard for him to admit it. "I wanted you to be safe... seeing you in such a bad shape, made me realize how much in denial I was." His moved on it's own, stopping mid way in case you would pull away, noticing you didn't he gently rested his hand on top of yours. "Because... I care about you, Y/n... more than I thought I would."
A feeling of relief spread through your chest, along with uneasiness. Levi became too far important to you, that if you were to lose him you didn't know what you would do. Your friends were like family to you but he was different.
"You have no idea how long, since the day I confessed to you, I've been waiting to hear those words, but..." A tear escaped from your eye, making him worry. "...now that you did... it makes me feel afraid..."
Gently he cupped the side of your face with his free hand, "Afraid to lose one another?..." using his thumb he wiped away the tear.
"H-how did you know?"
"I feel the same way... I've lost to too many people in my life."
You reached out holding his wrist, "I care about you too much to disappear one day and cause you pain. You've already been through enough, Levi-"
"I know I have." He looked deep into your eyes. "In this world filled with Titans, nothing is ever certain. But I decided to be honest with you because I don't want to regret not telling you."
Tears fell one by one. "I want you to be happy..."
"And I will... as afraid as I am to fall for someone, I want that someone to be you, Y/n." Using both hands he cupped your cheeks, "I promise to do everything to make sure you're safe." he leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
"I will do everything I can as well to protect you, Levi." You assured him, "I won't make you worry again like today."
"God, please don't." He said, making you chuckle. "I don't think I'll be able to handle another one."
Your arms wrapped themselves around his waist. "I promise."
"Thank you." Pulling you into his chest, he held you tightly, feeling secure in his arms.
The worries melted away for the time being, but even now it gave you both a bigger reason to end the threat that was to humans.
Hanji couldn't stop smiling eagerly at you two, as you started to load up the wagon to head back home.
"I knew it!" She exclaimed, "I freaking knew it! Didn't I tell you Moblit?" she smirked.
"Come on section commander, I think it's too early for the teasing." He said trying hard to hide his smirk as well.
"Who knew that Captain Levi, would end up liking Y/n, huh?" Eren said.
Jean rolled his eyes, putting the wooden box onto the wagon. "You were far too dense to pick up anything, Jaeger."
"T-that's not true!" He retorted. "I knew they liked each other."
"You were the only one who kept on asking questions about them, Eren." Armin said, making Jean burst out laughing.
"S-shut up!" Eren exclaimed.
You were folding the blanket when Hanji walked up to you. "So? Who confessed first huh?" She teased. "Levi screwed up the first time didn't he?"
"I-I uh... no not entirely-"
Levi stood behind you both, staring daggers into her. "If you keep bothering her four eyes, I'll make sure to tell Erwin your little research project is off."
"I wasn't even bother her!" Hanji exclaimed. "Right, Y/n?"
"Section Commander, Hanji, Miche needs to talk to you." A cadet spoke.
"Ugh." She grumbled, "Out of all the times he could have called me..."
"I swear if I knew that she was going to turn into such a-"
"She's just happy that her friends finally found someone." You said.
"Still she's going to become even more annoying than I can usually tolerate." He mumbled. "But yet it had to be her to be the one who finds us."
Smiling you wrapped your arms around his waist, resting your head on his shoulder. "At least we're both now together... don't you think babe?"
His cheeks flushed, hearing you calling him babe. "I can't argue with that... beautiful."
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Howl's moving castle but it's levihan
Tumblr media
This was set in the uprising arc after Hange said they'll fulfill their duty as long as they're alive. Levi didn't like it so he took Hange here and they talked. (and kissed)
My first ever levihan fanart 🥺 (that I posted atleast). Just got into digital art few months ago so I'm still figuring things out.
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aengelren · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Eren being a husband to Mikasa in junior high and spoof on titan
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meinqiwu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
all slaves for something
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immanime · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 1 Official Key Animation Book
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mikasa: “You have to try some.”
Levi: “…”
Rivamika fanart.
This artwork was basic on a story called “Sweeter than ice cream” by @mk-kaze hope you like it.😊
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Paint My Love
Tumblr media
For @giuliadrawsstuff. A drabble, as promised, to accompany your wonderful art!
Tumblr media
He knows he's going to fail badly. Which means it will be a nightmare. He's going to fail in a way he has failed in not falling in love with Hange, with the way they're laughing, smearing paint against the wall like there is nothing more ridiculous than coating an old room with new colors.
Levi knows this is going to be another wonderful disaster.
The colors splash and splatter, paint streaking against the surface, and Hange's having the best time of their life--"Oh, Levi, lighten up, will you?" Another chuckle escapes them. Another sight for him to behold. He's so in love with them--in the most quiet way possible--that he does sometimes wonder if Hange sees him more than just a friend.
"I think you should just go for it, Captain. Tell the Commander what you truly feel for them." Armin was being honest, at least. That boy wasn't favored by Erwin and Hange for nothing. And he's right, somehow: Levi Ackerman is a man of action, but in this case, he would also have to be a man of words.
The captain's eyes flutter to the side when Hange rolls up their sleeves once more--splotches and smears of green and purple on their arms and face--and tells him to cheer up once again. It's been a long week for the Scouts. The military is allowed to do community service and this is what they've chosen. And here he is, Humanity's Strongest, trying to be as refined and composed as possible while painting a room with the person he loves the most. He doesn't even realize that Hange has nudged them on the ribs to get his attention.
"Jeez, what is wrong with you, Mister?"
The commander taps their paintbrush against the rim of the can. Levi grimaces. A few flecks of paint have stuck to his clothes. "I'm trying to focus, Four-Eyes."
"Focus on what?" Hange's climbing the ladder to reach the corner of the ceiling, their overalls undone right below their hips. "You're doing the strokes in different directions!"
He checks the angle of his own brush and sees Hange's point. He can't do this anymore. Can't hold it any longer, so: "Hange."
"Hange, I need to tell you something."
They're not looking at him. "Go on, I'm listening."
This is frustrating. Levi tucks his fists and releases them all at once. Romantic confessions be damned. There's a song that mentions that love should be picture worth a thousand sunsets. Then again, he doesn't know how else to do it. They're humming a tune while trying to cover the small spot on the edge, when--
"Hange, I'm in love with you."
It's quick work, quick enough to make Hange slip off the ladder in shock. A yelp and then the ladder crashes, the paint bucket tipping over right into the Captain's head as soon as he catches the Commander in his arms. They both fall to the floor--Levi shielding Hange like they're the only one worth protecting in this world. He's agitated, thinking they've hurt themselves just because of this stupid admittance of his stupid feelings. So much for painting love like a thousand sunsets. This is nothing like the romance he's expecting.
Then, Hange laughs.
"What?" he asks and quickly realizes what.
There's paint all over both of them, dripping down their heads. Hange's hair is coated in green down to their overalls. And he's all in purple. His arms are still around them, one hand on the back of Hange's head, his chin on their shoulder. This proximity is overwhelming.
"You could have avoided that, you know," they tell him. Hange faces him and wipes the paint away from his eyes with their thumb. "Fast reflexes and all."
"Well." He's embarrassed. "I was hell-bent on making sure you're safe."
He's probably said the right words, because Hange's smile is genuine enough to be his reward.
"In that case--" Hange pulls him in by the collar and presses their lips against his. It's a deep kiss, the way his mouth captures theirs ever so slowly that everything else has stopped, everything so picture-perfect and breathtaking. It is a wonderful disaster after all. "I think that was a splendid confession, Captain," says Hange afterwards, the world a blur of paint around them.
Tumblr media
Hope you like it, Giu! I'm slowly getting back to my writing once again :)
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His Solace (XIII)
Tumblr media
Summary: Life is full of unexpected surprises. 
Word Count: 10.8K
Warnings: Racism (Eldian/Marleyan), Angst, Cuss/Degrading Words, Mental Health Issues, Intent to Kill, Violence, etc.
(A/N): The long awaited chapter is here. I’m so sorry it took so long. College, work, life, you know the usual. Anyway, I just wanted this chapter to be perfect. Hope you enjoy this long chapter! Remember, I don’t own anything!
(Year 853)
“Gabi! This is only practice. Falco isn’t actually your enemy!” 
(Y/N) watched her students complete their training of the day. Hand-to-hand combat with bolt-action rifles with the standard-issue knife as the bayonet. Luckily, the weapons were only a practice replica for the children to use. But (Y/N) noticed that one child in particular was taking this way too seriously than the rest of the class. 
Gabi looked back at her and smiled apologetically. “Sorry! I can’t help that I’m that good!”
(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at Gabi’s response before shaking her head and letting the pair continue practicing. The girl would always show her worth every time they were to be graded. She raised her clipboard and began writing down her assessment. For the past couple of months, (Y/N) noticed vast improvement in all her students. From hand-to-hand combat, emergency medical services, and even marksmanship, each one of her students have all come a long way since the beginning.
“Mama? Can I train too?”
(Y/N) stopped writing and looked down at her son who was latched onto her leg. She didn’t miss the look of wonder on his face as she knelt down to his height. 
“Oh, Kaito… You’re still too young to learn all this.” (Y/N) tried to reason with him as she ran her hand through his hair. When she saw his pout, she gave him a kiss on his cheek. “Maybe when you get older.”
“Can Papa teach me?”
(Y/N) sighed at her son’s innocent question. It wasn’t the first time Kaito asked about his father. Nor was it his first time asking to join training. Usually, Kaito wouldn’t even be here with her at work as he would be with Zeke’s grandparents. But today, her in-laws had to go to a doctor’s appointment and (Y/N) didn’t want to bother them. So with no other choice, she brought her son to work. It was a nice feeling to have Kaito around, making sure he was safe and it seems that he enjoyed his time with her as well. 
“You’ll have to ask him when he comes back, love.” (Y/N) said as she stood up and continued to mark down grades. “Now please go sit back down at the bench.”
Kaito stomped his feet. “But I’m bored!”
“I promise we’re almost done, Kaito. Just be patient. Go sit back down.”
(Y/N) watched her son walk back to the bench. His stuffed toy monkey was the only thing that kept him company. She smiled fondly at her son as he interacted with his toy. He was growing up so fast.
“Your son is a little whippersnapper, isn’t he?”
(Y/N) looked over her shoulder and immediately stood up straight. She raised up her right hand while her left one stayed stiffly by her side. Different from Paradis’ salute, (Y/N) couldn’t help but find the Marleyan salute uncomfortable and a bit odd which is why she tried not to do it as much. However when a high-ranking general from the Marleyan Army was right behind her, (Y/N) had no other choice but to look presentable.
“General Calvi. It’s nice to see you, sir.”
The general looked at her with a bored expression. “At ease, Ackerman. Oh wait, it's Jaeger now, isn’t it? You’ve been married for… three years.”
“Almost four years in a few months, sir.”
“Ah, that’s right. The years always slip by without me noticing. I bet it’s the same thing for you as well… Raising your son on your own and all with this war going on.”
“Oh well… Kaito is a good son. He doesn’t cause trouble and Zeke’s grandparents are a huge help.”
“He reminds me of my own son when he was that age. So young and impressionable, wouldn’t you say?” 
“Yes, sir. Kaito has certainly shown interest in training recently. Just a moment ago, he asked if he could partake in today’s training.”
“Really?” Calvi turned to look at her. “If he’s anything like Zeke, then he is destined to do great things.” 
(Y/N) smiled at the general not knowing what else to say to the man. Of course, she has heard about General Calvi before but this is the first time she actually met him. She was glad to finally have a face to go with the name, but she had to know why a general like Calvi was here.
“General, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you here?”
Calvi let out a tired sigh before looking back at the several warrior candidates. His eyes looked at every candidate with an unimpressed look on his face. 
“I’m sure you heard about the recent conflict at Fort Slava.”
Yes I have,” (Y/N) watched as Gabi once again pinned Falco down. “I read it in the newspaper this morning. The battle will prove to be difficult for Marley to overcome.”
“Do you have no faith in the motherland?”
(Y/N) gripped the pen in her hand tighter. She told herself to calm down before choosing her words carefully. “I do have faith in Marley but from what I heard the Mid-East Allied forces have technology that would rival Marley’s Titans. Unless Marley has some sort of plan in mind, then I’m afraid victory won’t be ours. Our worst case scenario is losing a warrior.”
“You’re as perspective as I’ve heard but then again you would know that, wouldn’t you?”
“You were once the enemy a few years ago. In fact, your devil comrades have taken two of our Titans. Those of which could be beneficial to us in this long war.”
“Yes… I suppose you’re right.” (Y/N) admitted though the next words that came out of her mouth were uncensored. “But this war wouldn’t have happened if Marley didn’t lose the Female and Colossal Titan in the first place. When the Mid-East forces heard about your losses, they saw their opportunity to attack. And why wouldn’t they? If the island devils could beat Marley then it should be no problem for a technologically advanced nation such as themselves. But what do I know? I'm just a devil from that island.”
Calvi only stared at the woman in shock. No one, besides his wife, has ever stood up to him before. His high authority and Marleyan status usually gave him a sense of superiority especially over Eldian devils. But this woman? She wasn’t like everyone else. It was actually refreshing, so refreshing that the general let out a small chuckle
“You certainly aren’t afraid to speak your mind.” Calvi said as he placed his hand over his mouth, trying to recover his stoic personality. “I can see why our own Boy Wonder fell for you.”
(Y/N) looked away from her students to the general beside her. The mention of Zeke made her miss him all over again. How long will she see him again?
“Sir, do you know how Zeke is? I haven’t received any news from him.”
“He’s still alive when I saw him a week ago.”
“How is he? Is he alright?”
Calvi smiled down at the woman. Though she tried not to look like the typical worried wife, she cannot hide the anxiety in her voice. 
“He appeared fine. A bit ragged looking but that’s what war does to a person.”
(Y/N) let out a sigh of relief. She took a glance at the gold band around her finger. He’s still alive. “Thank you, sir… for letting me know. My son and I appreciate it.”
“Speaking of which, your son has joined in your training lesson with the other children.”
(Y/N) looked in the direction at the bench where her son was sitting. The only thing there was his stuffed toy monkey. But before she could panic, she saw her son right next to Udo and Zofia. A thin piece of wood was in his hands as he tried to copy Zofia’s movements of her weapon. The scene in front of her was just so adorable that it melted (Y/N)’s heart. 
“I suppose he has…” (Y/N) commented, her eyes never leaving her son’s form. “I’m sorry. I’ll go tell him to go sit back down.”
“No, no. Let him play around. He should enjoy his childhood while he can.” Then he looked at the children in front of him with a serious expression on his face once again. “Now, then, your students have improved but if you have to choose… Which four are the best of the best?”
(Y/N) glanced up at the general before looking back at her students. She didn’t have to waste another minute before answering Calvi’s question.
“In my opinion, Gabi Braun, Falco Grice, Udo Bock, and Zofia Reitsch. Those four are the top students of my class.”
(Y/N) gestured to each student when she said their names. She didn’t miss the gleam in his eyes. 
“Yes,” Calvi watched the four mentioned warrior candidates. “They are more outstanding than the rest of the class. They’ll do well learning in the real world. I guess it’s decided then.”
“What do you mean, sir?”
Instead of answering her question, Calvi brought out an envelope from his uniform and gave it to (Y/N). He watched her open up the envelope and read the document that was enclosed inside. 
“This… T-This is a joke.” (Y/N) outright glared at the older man. “I can’t go to war!”
“You have an obligation to the motherland, Eldian. I thought you would jump at the opportunity to atone for your sins.”
“I have a son!” (Y/N) hissed, not wanting to make a scene in front of her students. “He’s not even three years old and you want me to leave him?!” 
“It’s the least you can do,” Calvi retorted. “Many Eldian soldiers left their loved ones to serve and fight for Marley. Why should you be any different? And even if something happened to you, your son would recognize your sacrifice.”
“General Calvi, please understand-”
(Y/N) stopped talking when the general raised up his hand. Once silenced, Calvi brought out four more envelopes and gave it to her.
“Make sure to give these documents to the four students you mentioned earlier.” Calvi explained to her. “We leave by the end of the month. I want those students to be at their best when we leave.”
“You want children to go to war?” 
Calvi let out a chuckle. “They aren’t just children. They’re warrior candidates. This will be an excellent test for them to use their skills that they’ve learned. You and Magath will watch them and provide your verdict on which one of those four should be the next successor of the Armored Titan.”
“But Reiner still has a few more years, doesn’t he?”
“It’s just a precaution and since we’re on the subject of precaution, I suggest you find someone to take care of your son. I heard that Zeke’s grandparents, specifically his grandfather, isn’t doing too well.”
“What happened?”
“I just came from the hospital and I heard from the doctors that Mr. Jaeger is slowly losing it up here.” Calvi tapped his temple. “Oh well, it was only a matter of time. That old man has been through enough. Losing both children like that. It would make any person lose their mind.”
(Y/N) felt her heart sink a little. Mr. Jaeger was a kind man. Sure, he was a bit… reserved but she never thought it was a problem especially when Kaito was around. The young boy brought so much happiness into his great-grandparents’ lives. But after hearing the news about Mr. Jaeger’s mental condition, (Y/N) had to find someone else to take care of her son. Someone she can trust… but who?
“At least you have two week to find a babysitter.” General Calvi tried to comfort her but failed miserably. “It was nice to meet you, Mrs. Jaeger. I hope with your skills as well as your students’ we can end this war.”
The general faced her and shook her hand before leaving the courtyard. (Y/N) looked down at her hands. The four envelopes felt heavier when she looked back at Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Zofia. 
“That’s enough for today! Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Zofia please remain where you are. Everyone else is dismissed!”
“Am I dreaming?!”
“Are you serious, Mrs. Jaeger?!”
“I can’t wait to tell my parents!”
“All our hard work has paid off!”
(Y/N) watched her students become excited at their summons of war, much to her dismay. She readjusted her hold on Kaito who was getting a little fussy by the minute. She offered some words of comfort to her son assuring him that they’ll be home soon.
The young mother looked back at the four young children who were beyond excited about their involvement in the war. Though she felt some guilt, (Y/N) was still proud of Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Zofia for getting stronger and hopefully-just hopefully- they’ll return home alive.
“Alright, everyone, listen up.” (Y/N) brought their attention to her. “I told General Calvi that you four are my best students which is why you have been selected to come with me to Fort Slava. Make sure to tell your parents or guardians. We leave in two weeks. You’re all dismissed.”
As (Y/N) turned around to walk towards the exit she felt multiple arms wrapped around her waist. She let out a surprised gasp at the impact before looking down.
“What are you four doing?”
“We’re hugging you!” Gabi exclaimed as she wrapped her arms harder. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”
The other three voiced their thanks as well. Even Kaito, who didn’t really understand what was going on, hugged his mother. His small arms wrapped around (Y/N)’s neck.
“Mama is mine!” Kaito pouted, squishing his cheeks to (Y/N)’s. The young woman smiled at her son and students. She kissed Kaito’s cheek and with her free hand she gave the children an affectionate gesture in the form of a simple pat on their heads. 
“Just thank me by doing your best on the battlefield. You four were my first students before the war and I’ve seen each and every one of you improve so much. As your teacher, I’m very proud of how far you all have come. I don’t want to find replacements for any of you so please…Come back alive. Promise me.”
“We promise!”
“Good. Now go home and share the news with your families.”
(Y/N) and Kaito waved the four children goodbye before making their way home. But of course, their journey home was always full of surprises. Before she could take another step, (Y/N) made sure that hers and Kaito’s armband was securely placed on their left arms. Once she was sure, the young mother made her way through the small marketplace.
“Mama, what are we doing here?”
“We need to buy some ingredients for dinner, love. It’ll be quick.”
(Y/N)’s heart almost broke at the sight of her son’s sad face. Kaito quickly buried his face into his mother’s neck. 
“It’s scary…” 
“Oh, Kaito,” (Y/N) brought her hand to ruffle her son’s hair. “It’s going to be okay. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
“Mama’s strong.”
“That’s right and since you behaved today I’ll make you your favorite for dinner tonight.”
Kaito perked up at the possibility before muttering a soft okay. (Y/N) kissed his forehead whispering an I love you to him before making her way to the nearby stall that sells poultry. The middle-aged man there looked up at his new customer. It always amazes (Y/N) how a person could go from nice to horrible in a matter of seconds. Even when the man is an Eldian just like herself.
“Sorry, I’m closed.” The owner announced as he got up and began to put away his items. “Now, scram!”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes. This happens every time. Usually, it doesn’t bother her but after receiving the news from General Calvi, (Y/N) wasn’t taking this man’s nonsense. 
“Look,” (Y/N) placed the money on the table. “I just need to get a few things for dinner and I’ll be on my way. Please.”
The man glared at her but his eyes shifted towards the money. He glared one more time at the woman and child in front of his stall before swiping the money. He counted the bills and (Y/N) scoffed. What good would it do her if she tried to scam him?
“Alright, but hurry up. I’m a busy man, you know.” 
(Y/N) rolled her eyes but made no comment. She could feel Kaito grip her uniform tighter as he hid his face in her neck. 
“Kaito, I need to set you down for a minute. Just stand next to me. Alright?”
“Yes, Mama.” 
The young mother crouched down and placed her son’s feet on the ground. Giving him a kiss on his forehead, (Y/N) began to pick out the necessary ingredient she needed for tonight’s dinner. Meanwhile, Kaito stood close to his mother, not wanting to stand too far away from her. He played with his toy monkey for a bit until he felt someone staring at him. 
The toddler looked around, trying to find the person. It wasn’t difficult as Kaito found the person almost immediately. It was a man. A man that looked older than his father. He was wearing a dark coat with the familiar red armband over his arm. When the two made eye contact, the man waved at Kaito and began walking towards him.
Kaito took a step back and latched onto his mother’s leg. “Mama, can we go? Please!”
(Y/N) looked down and noticed the nervous tone her son was using. “What wrong Kaito?”
“The scary man is coming!” Kaito pointed out on the street.
(Y/N) looked around but she didn’t see anyone fitting Kaito’s description of a scary man. Though (Y/N) knew her son well. He wasn’t one to make things up and the look in his eyes… It broke her heart to see her son this scared. 
 “I don’t see anyone, love.” 
“But…” Kaito pouted. He could feel the tears welling up in his eyes at the very notion of his mother not believing a word he says. He swore that the strange man was there. It wasn’t his imagination.
“Come here, love,” The young boy sniffed and stepped into his mother’s open arms. One arm lifted him up to her height while the other rubbed his back in a gentle manner. “It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay.”
As (Y/N) continued to reassure her son, she looked around once more for the strange man. No one around looked suspicious as everyone around her looked preoccupied with their own business. The mother looked back at her son, giving him a kiss on his temple.
“Let’s go home, yeah?” She asked the child as she swept his (H/C) hair away from his tear-filled eyes. 
“Mm-hmm.” Kaito nodded into her neck. 
The mother and son made their way home, the child practically never showing any signs of letting go of his mother’s warm embrace. After a moment, Kaito’s soft cries turned into sniffles and hiccups as he began to calm down. And once arriving in their quiet neighborhood, Kaito felt better when he noticed they were almost home. 
But that sense of comfort was washed away when Kaito felt the familiar eerie feeling from before. Clutching his toy monkey tighter and mustering every drop of courage he had, Kaito peered over his mother’s shoulder.
(Y/N) felt Kaito’s body stiffen and before she could ask what was wrong he spoke, “Mama, he’s behind us.”
She didn’t react. She couldn’t. She needed to maintain calm and collected, especially when Kaito needed her.
“Everything is going to be okay, Kaito.” (Y/N) whispered to her son, leaving a chaste kiss on his forehead. “I won’t let anything bad happen to you.”
Hearing her words, Kaito nodded. (Y/N) continued to walk at a steady pace. Their home was just around the corner. She hasn’t even seen the man yet but she knew he was still following them. He was so close that she could hear his footsteps. They sounded strange-uneven to say the least.
As soon as she saw the familiar corner, (Y/N) quickened her pace and made a sharp left passed the corner. She then stopped walking as she waited for the man to appear around the corner. She listened to the uneven footsteps coming closer with each passing second.
His shadow came into view… Then his cane?
“Who are you?” (Y/N) demanded the stranger. “Why are you following us?” 
The man fitted Kaito’s description. He definitely looked scary with that serious expression on his face. She noted that the man was older than her. His eyes met hers; they looked tired but determined. She also noticed the red armband on his left arm as well as the cane in his hand.
“Are you (Y/N) Ackerman?” The man asked, completely ignoring her questions. 
“... I am.” She readjusted Kaito away from the man. “Though, it’s Jaeger now… Answer my question… Who are you?”
“Please forgive me,” The man removed his cap and lowered his head in an apologetic manner. “You don’t know me but… I think you know my daughter.”
“Oh… Is she a student of mine?”
“I don’t think so.”
(Y/N) sighed. “Sir, you’re wasting my time. If you don’t tell me who you are-”
“My daughter… Her name is Annie Leonhart.”
All the words died on her tongue at the very mention of the person who was (or still is) the Female Titan. The memories of the 57th expedition ran through her head. She remembered their attempt in trying to capture her in the forest and for a moment they were successful. That was until she roared which as a result caused multiple pure Titans to come out of nowhere and began to devour her Female Titan form. Everything that happened afterwards… The death of so many scouts. Her brother’s squad. She remembered how frustrated Erwin was when they returned back to the Walls in defeat. 
Their deaths were by her hands…
“I have nothing to say to you, Mr. Leonhart.” (Y/N) knew she sounded harsh but she didn’t care. It was the truth. “Please stay away from me and my son.”
(Y/N) turned around and began to walk away from him. Until she heard Mr. Leonhart’s cane clatter to the ground. She turned around and saw him on his hands and knees.
“Please! Don’t walk away!” He begged. “You’re the only person in the world that can tell me if my daughter is alive. I’m begging you… Please… I just want to know… I need to know…”
(Y/N) watched as tears fell from Mr. Leonhart’s eyes, trailing down his cheek, and finally falling to the ground. One tear after another… 
“Mama, why is he crying?” Kaito asked when he noticed that his mother made no attempt to console the man. Instead, she just stared at him with cold eyes. It was a look that Kaito has never seen before. 
“He doesn’t concern us, Kaito.” (Y/N) replied to her son as she set him down, her hand wrapped around his small one. Her back was already turned away from Mr. Leonhart. “Come on, love. We need to get home.”
Mr. Leonhart immediately looked up. Kaito stiffened at the sight of the desperate father. 
“Please, don’t go! She’s my only reason for living. You’re a parent just like me! If you lost your son, wouldn’t you be as desperate for answers as I am?!”
“...Let’s go Kaito.”
(Y/N) took a few steps forward, tugging her son along. But the sudden loss of her son’s warm hand made her stop altogether. 
“Kaito!” She was just about to scold her son but stopped when she saw him standing in front of Mr. Leonhart.
“Don’t be sad… Here,” Kaito reached into his pocket and brought out a handkerchief that his mother gave him in the morning. He offered the piece of cotton to the older man. “No more tears.”
(Y/N) walked up to her son and Mr. Leonhart. She placed her hands on Kaito’s shoulders and watched the scene before her. Mr. Leonhart looked at her, his tear-filled eyes begging her once more in a silent manner. Though his attention shifted back at the little boy in front of him.
“Thank you…” He took Kaito’s offering and began to dry away the tears from his face. “You’re very kind.”
Kaito smiled. The man wasn’t so scary after all. “Mama said I should help sad people. Right, Mama?”
He propped his head back enough to look at his mother. His blue eyes seemed to radiate innocence and his smile that graced his lips was so carefree… (Y/N) internally sighed in defeat. Kaito is an angel compared to her.
“Mr. Leonhart…”
The said man perked up at the mention of his name. He could feel his heart racing. Is this the chance he has been waiting for?
“If you have the time, would you like to join us for some tea?”
“Yay, tea time!”
(Y/N) picked up the newspaper from the ground before she turned the silver key, rotated the doorknob, and opened the door to hers, Zeke’s, and Kaito’s home. As soon as she opened the door, Kaito wasted no time brushing past her.
“Hooray! We’re home!” The child cheered as he made his way to the living room to play with his toys.
(Y/N) chuckled at Kaito’s childish behavior. She looked back at her guest and noticed the fond and almost distant expression on his face. 
“Please make yourself comfortable,” (Y/N) told Mr. Leonhart as he limped his way inside before she closed the door. “Here, let me bring a chair for you…”
“No, no. It’s alright. I don’t want to trouble you more than I already have.”
(Y/N) nodded. “Alright then… We can sit in the kitchen while I make the tea. Pardon the mess…”
“Mess?” Mr. Leonhart looked around for any signs of a mess. From what he can tell, this house was the very definition of clean. Nothing was out of place and every surface was spotless. “You have a very clean and beautiful home, Mrs. Jaeger. Much better than my own.”
“Thank you,” (Y/N) said as she swiftly put away her groceries. She then placed the kettle on top of the stove, letting it boil to the desired temperature. She turned around to face her guest. “But if my brother were here, he would say otherwise. He’s more of a clean freak than I am.”
The moment of silence that followed was an uncomfortable one. (Y/N) didn’t mean to mention her brother-someone who is considered an evil devil from the most dangerous island in the world. It just slipped out. 
This was her home. A place where she and Kaito can be herself. Their safe haven. There was no need to be afraid of saying the wrong thing. But now… If Mr. Leonhart can tell that she still harbors feelings to those on the island, will he tell Marley brass?
“Do you miss your brother?”
(Y/N) stayed silent for a minute. Should she answer honestly or not? How will her answer affect her and Kaito’s future? After a moment, she decided on an answer.
“I do,” She confessed as she crossed her arms in front of her chest. “He’s been by my side ever since I was born. He raised me. He protected me. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him.”
“... I know how you feel.”
The high pitch whistling from the kettle filled the room as neither adult made no other comment to each other. They could hear Kaito’s voice as he played with his toys in the living room. (Y/N) turned around, removed the kettle from the stove, and poured its hot content in the cups. Once done, she turned around and set the hot tea in front of Mr. Leonhart.
She sat down in the chair in front of him before she spoke, “Mr. Leonhart, excuse me for asking, but I couldn’t help but notice that you don’t look anything like your daughter.”
The man huffed as he took a sip of his drink. “Then you would be the first.”
(Y/N) encouraged him to go on. 
“I found her. She was just a baby and already thrown out of her home by her mother.”
“She’s lucky that you found her.”
Mr. Leonhart shook his head. “At that moment, it was more of how lucky I was.”
“How so?”
(Y/N) noticed the way the older man gripped his cup tighter. The look on his face… It was of self-disgust. 
“When I took her in… The only thought running through my mind was how I wanted to make her into a warrior. How she was my chance for a better life as a Honorary Marleyan. So once she was old enough, I trained her. Every single day. I was relentless with her.”
“Sounds like someone I know.” (Y/N) commented. “I had an uncle who was the same way.”
“Is that so? Have you ever lashed out at him?”
Mr. Leonhart’s lips twitched upwards, briefly. “Then you had a better relationship with your uncle than I had with my daughter.” He then tapped his leg with his cane. “Annie had enough, rightfully so… One day she kicked my leg over and over again. The doctor told me I won’t ever be able to walk straight again.”
“You must have been mad at her, huh?”
Mr. Leonhart shook his head immediately. “Not at all! In fact, I was proud of her. I was even crying tears of joy at that moment.”
She gave him a confused look. “Why?”
“Because… Her training paid off. She could kill enemies without a weapon.”
(Y/N) remained silent as she took in this new information about Annie Leonhart. She never thought of her as anything else but the Female Titan that killed several of her comrades. 
She sighed before she sipped her tea. “Well, she did exactly what you hoped for. You got your Honorary Marleyan status when she became a warrior. She was sent out on her mission to retrieve the Founding Titan and for that very reason… Your daughter killed many of my comrades during an expedition and even more in the city from what I’ve heard.”
Mr. Leonhart noticed the bitter tone the woman was using but said nothing. She has the right to be angry. In fact, he was surprised that he was still here, sharing a warm drink in her home. If it wasn’t for her son intervening, he wouldn’t be here. 
“Please,” He began the speech he prepared for this very moment. “I know you have every right to ignore me and my pleas but I just want to know… If she’s alright… If she’s alive… You see on the day she left for her mission, I finally recognized her as my daughter, my true daughter. I realized that I didn’t care about becoming a Honorary Marleyan.”
“You had a change of heart?”
Mr. Leonhart nodded. The frown on his face deepened at the memory. “I was a fool for taking so long to realize… Still… I had her make a promise. A promise for her to come back to me.”
(Y/N) could tell that the man in front of her was sincere. The tears in his eyes were evidence enough. He had no ulterior motive. He genuinely wants to know about his daughter’s well-being.
And like he said before… As a parent, just like him, she would be just as desperate for answers if she lost Kaito.
Mr. Leonhart waited for (Y/N)’s reply. He watched her every movement during this moment of silence. The way she held her cup of tea. The way she closed her eyes as she savored the taste of her drink. The way her (H/C) hair remained perfectly in place as it framed her face. He also noticed the way she looked at the ring on her finger as her thumb gently caressed it. 
“Your daughter is alive.”
The father wanted to jump from his seat from those four words. He felt as though he could breathe again. But that changed when (Y/N) spoke once more.
“Though, that is what we believed… You see, she encased herself in a hardened crystal. I wasn’t there when it happened but I was told that she used it as a last ditch effort to avoid capture. So to be safe, they had her moved underground. But that was three years ago, Mr. Leonhart… I can’t say for certain that your daughter is ali-”
“She’s not dead… My daughter isn’t dead…”
He stopped his rambling when (Y/N) brought her hand over the table and let it rest on top of his hand. He was surprised at the warm touch as well as the kind smile she gave him.
“Mrs. Jaeger, thank you… I can’t thank you enough.”
(Y/N) shook her head. “Don’t thank me. Kaito is the one that changed my mind.”
Almost as if he was summoned, the toddler came into the kitchen with a bright, happy smile on his adorable face. He barreled into (Y/N)’s arms and once he was seated on her lap he spoke, “Mama, I’m hungry!”
“You are?” (Y/N) teased as she ruffled his hair. “You’re in a hurry to be a big boy, aren’t you?”
“I want to grow up like Papa!”
The mother laughed but nodded. “I’ll make you something to eat in just a bit. I still need to talk to Mr. Leonhart.”
“No, no. It’s alright. Your son is hungry and I should be going.”
“Are you sure? You’re more than welcome to stay here a bit longer-”
The man shook his head. “I’ve already intruded on your time long enough. Besides, you should treasure the time you have with your son.”
(Y/N) looked at Kaito who was still on her lap. The boy was playing with her hair, ignoring all the boring grown-up talk, but once he sensed his mother’s eyes on him he gave her an innocent smile. It was the type of smile that made (Y/N)’s problems disappear… Almost.
“I can’t argue with that.”
Because in two weeks she will have to say goodbye to her son before going off to war.
It was hours after Mr. Leonhart’s departure and during which everything resumed its usual evening routine. Dinner went without a hitch as Kaito ate everything on his plate. Bath time was as chaotic as ever as Kaito loved to splash the water around and play around with the bubbles. Fortunately, all of Kaito’s energy settled down once his back hit his bed. He laughed loudly when (Y/N) tickled his stomach and in retaliation he tried to throw his blanket over her. 
“Oh? You think a blanket will stop me?” (Y/N) asked as she continued her ‘assault’.
“Mama!” His giggles and (Y/N)’s laughter filled the once silent room. “It tickles!”
Deciding it was enough, (Y/N) stopped tickling her son only to give him kisses on the cheek. Kaito giggled once more at the feeling of his mother’s kisses.
“Yes, love?” (Y/N) brought the warm blanket up to Kaito’s chin and sat next to him.
“Is Mr. Lionheart happy now?”
(Y/N) smiled. “It’s Leonhart, love.”
“Oh… Is he happy?”
(Y/N) thought back to a few hours ago when Mr. Leonhart left their home. The smile on his face and the look in his eyes were filled with hope. 
“I believe so,” (Y/N) answered. “It’s all thanks to you, Kaito.”
“Of course. If it wasn’t for you… I wouldn’t have made my choice but never mind that. The important thing is that you helped someone and in the end you made them happy.”
The child wanted to point out that he didn’t do much. He just did what she had taught him. And after hearing his mother’s stories about his father, he knew his father would help a person in need. Right? After all, he helped Mama from the scary place.
Kaito was snapped out of his inner thoughts when he felt his mother’s lips on his temple. 
“It’s time for you to sleep, Kaito. We have a long day tomorrow.”
The mother laughed. “How can I forget?”
She leaned down for a good night’s kiss on her son’s temple. “Good night, love.”
“Good night, Mama.” He lifted his toy towards his mother. “Don’t forget Papa.”
(Y/N) smiled wistfully when she looked at the stuffed toy monkey. She wished that she was actually going to kiss the man that gifted Kaito the toy in the first place. That he was actually here with them.
But alas, (Y/N) could only wish for that dream to come true. 
So with a heavy heart, she gave the toy a quick kiss and tucked the blanket once more over her son. 
“Sweet dreams. I love you.”
“Good night, Mama. Love you.”
(Y/N) quietly walked out of her son’s room, closing his door, and walked towards the small but cozy living room. Only when she sat down, (Y/N) let out a tired sigh from her lips. Today was just a day full of unexpected surprises.
Closing her eyes, (Y/N) relaxed for a few minutes, relishing how comfortable the couch was underneath her. She slipped her boots off and unbuttoned her uniform’s coat. She listened for any sounds in the house, any creak or any squeak, but she heard nothing.
She sighed once more and opened her tired eyes. She looked to her left and the newspaper she threw down from earlier laid next to her. She completely forgot about that. Reaching over, (Y/N) read the newspaper.
“The Association to Protect the Subjects of Ymir met yesterday at the International Speech Forum hosted in Marley. Their primary purpose is to protect the Subjects of Ymir from other nations as they are considered victims of the Eldian Empire’s forced breeding. Instead they insisted that all the hatred should be pointed towards the devils of Paradis Island-” 
(Y/N) stopped reading and threw the newspaper in the trash. She didn’t want to hear anymore of the same bullshit she’s been hearing ever since she stepped foot in Marley. Even when they were considered the same race, someone will always put the root of all evil on Paradis Island.
She wondered what Erwin would do if he was with her. 
The familiar feeling of pain in her heart almost felt normal. She was used to the feeling of heartache every time she thought of her late lover. It has been three years since Erwin’s death but (Y/N) can recall every detail that day. Sometimes she would often wonder what would have happened if Zeke and Reiner hadn’t taken her. 
Hugging her slightly cold form, (Y/N) got up and made her way to the bedroom she shared with Zeke for a brief time. The fond memories of her being pregnant with Kaito replayed in her mind. She remembered how scared she was at the thought of being pregnant. All on her own in a foreign country with no one, not her brother, not her friends, not her comrades; she was on her own for the first time in her life. 
But she was wrong. She wasn’t alone. Kaito was with her. Inside of her; a small bump unborn and yet can feel everything (Y/N) was feeling. Though scared at the mere idea of becoming a mother, (Y/N) knew she wanted to bring Kaito into the world and no matter what might happen she’ll protect her son with her very life.
The first time she held Kaito in her arms… He took her breath away. He was so small in her arms as she tried to be as gentle as she could. His first cry was music to her ears after hours of labor but the pain was worth it because Kaito is actually with her.
Before she went to her bedroom, (Y/N) quietly opened the door to Kaito’s room. She smiled fondly at the sounds of her son’s soft snores. 
“He snores just like you.” (Y/N) mumbled to no one in particular. It was more a simple observation she wanted to say out loud. She wasn’t one to believe in ghosts or the afterlife but sometimes there were moments where she felt eyes on her. Eyes that were watching her go about her day. Strangely enough this feeling didn’t bother her. In fact, somewhere deep in her heart, (Y/N) wondered if she and Kaito were being watched over by Erwin. 
The idea sounded irrational. She knew it was just a desperate attempt to keep her memories of Erwin close to her heart and mind. Yet, she didn’t care. If Erwin’s spirit, soul, ghost, or whatever it might be, was still with her then she’ll keep living her life all the while cherishing her late lover that gave her so much. 
Kaito’s snores interrupted her flow of thoughts and (Y/N) couldn’t resist comparing father and son with their traits. The memories of Erwin sleeping soundly came to mind. Most of the time Erwin would sleep over his desk whenever he found himself overwhelmed with paperwork… (Y/N) lost count how many times she coaxed her lover to get a good night’s rest on an actual bed. The smile he would give her each time she kissed him good night. On rare nights, Erwin would convince her to sleep with him as he claimed he slept better with her there. 
Again, (Y/N) lost count on how many times Levi found them together the next morning. The look on his face was priceless, especially the first time it happened because Levi irrationally thought that Erwin and her actually had done the deed. Their relationship was still in its beginning stages, sweet kisses and warm hugs were the only things that were exchanged between her and Erwin. Something as intimate as sex was the furthest thing from their minds at least at that time it was. 
Realizing how late it was getting, (Y/N) closed the door and finally made her way to her bedroom. The comfort of her bed was practically calling her name which was ironic for the woman because no matter how comfortable she was (Y/N) will always miss the warmth a person can provide. Maybe she could sleep with Kaito again…
She shook her head at the thought. Kaito is almost three years old. She has to remember that her baby boy is growing up with each passing day and fortunately Kaito's childhood was better than her own considering being an Eldian living in Liberio. 
Her fingers made quick work getting rid of her uniform until she was in her plain clothes. She then opened the drawer that contained her clothes. (Y/N) grabbed the first thing available and quickly went to take a shower. The warm water rained down (Y/N)’s tired body and while she would normally relish her time in the shower she really just wanted to get to bed. Today’s events still weighed heavily in her mind.
After finally changing into her night clothes and finishing her nightly routine, (Y/N) made her way to her bed. Slipping into the soft sheets, (Y/N) laid down in her preferred position. Her hand slipped under her pillow searching for the one thing that has been helping her sleep at night for the past three years. Once feeling the familiar fabric, she pulled it out from under her pillow. 
The forest green fabric with the familiar Wings of Freedom emblem: her Survey Corps cloak. It was the only material thing she had left from her life in Paradis Island. If any of the Marley brass knew she still had this, they would have it thrown out and marked her as a traitor. (Y/N) knew it was a big risk to keep her cloak, Zeke told her so, but she didn’t want to get rid of it. She recalled her conversation with her husband years ago.
“Zeke, please. This is the one thing I have left from there. I can’t get rid of it. Please.” 
“But why? It’s just a cloak. You don’t need it-”
“I do need it, Zeke. And it’s not just a cloak… Please.”
Zeke took a moment to think of it and just as he was about to disagree he looked into her eyes. If eyes were windows to the soul then (Y/N)’s has been emotionally scarred enough. And Zeke knew he played a huge part in that damage. 
He sighed, “Just… Keep it hidden from others.”
(Y/N) tightened her grip around the fabric of her cloak while she placed her other hand on top of her pregnant stomach. “Thank you, Zeke. You don’t know how much this means to me.”
Zeke can take a guess. Besides, he was the same way. If this cloak held such sentimental value for (Y/N) the same way Mr. Ksaver’s glasses were to him then he understood.
“Anything for my loving wife.”
(Y/N) rolled her eyes at the comment but smiled at him. “How lucky am I to have such a doting husband?”
“I know,” Zeke teased as he took her hand and brought it to his lips. “I’m such a catch, aren’t I?”
“You just had to ruin the moment with a dumb baseball term.” (Y/N) complained but the feeling of his lips on her hand sent a sense of warmth throughout her body. 
“Baseball isn’t dumb!”
(Y/N) opened her eyes as the memory played in her head. She wrapped her cloak around her shoulders like she has done so many times back on the island. A smile found its way on her lips as she remembered the time when Erwin gave it to her. 
Finally, with her cloak embracing her, (Y/N) closed her eyes as sleep took over her mind and body.
(One Week Later)
“Would you like some more tea, (Y/N) dear?” The older Mrs. Jaeger asked her when she came up to her with a teapot in her hands.
“Yes, please.” (Y/N) smiled at the older woman as she poured the content in her cup. Once Mrs. Jaeger sat down in front of her, (Y/N) asked, “How is Mr. Jaeger?”
“He’s sleeping right now. The medication he’s been taking makes him a bit tired around this time. I could wake him up if you want-”
“Oh no no. Let him sleep. He needs his rest and if you don’t mind me saying… You look like you need a break.”
Mrs. Jaeger gave her a tired smile. “Is it that obvious?”
(Y/N) nodded, “I’ve had the same tired look before.”
The older woman only hummed in response. She took another sip of her tea and watched Kaito as he was trying to read a book to his toy monkey. (Y/N) followed her line of vision and both women smiled at the sight.
Mrs. Jaeger turned to look at her grandson’s wife. “Have you found someone to take care of Kaito?”
(Y/N) sighed as she shook her head, “No. I’ve already interviewed a few candidates but… How should I say this? It's just that… I don’t trust them.”
“It’s reasonable to think that, (Y/N). It’s a mother’s intuition. If you have the feeling that that person might not be there for Kaito’s well-being, then you need to trust that feeling.”
“A mother’s intuition, huh?” (Y/N) chuckled as she placed her chin under her palm. “And here I thought I was being overly paranoid.”
“Well, this will be the first time you’ll be separated from Kaito. It’s normal that you are feeling this way.” She couldn’t stop the frown from forming on her face. “I’m just sorry I can’t take care of Kaito myself but with my husband’s mental state-”
“Don’t worry about it, Mrs. Jaeger. I’m sure I can find someone to take care of Kaito. You just worry about your husband. He needs you now more than ever.”
Mrs. Jaeger could feel the tears brimming. “Thank you, (Y/N) and forgive me.”
(Y/N) placed her hand on top of her in-law’s. “There’s nothing to forgive, Mrs. Jaeger.”
The woman smiled at her. It was hard to believe that (Y/N) came from the island. In her opinion, (Y/N) was nothing she thought an island devil would be like. She was kind, caring, and she had a sense of grace in her that was noticeable by anyone. Was it possible that Marley was wrong about the island devils?
“Are you finished with your tea, Mrs. Jaeger? I can take your cup for you.”
Mrs. Jaeger smiled and nodded. “Oh yes, dear. Thank you. You can just leave them in the sink. I’ll get to them later.”
(Y/N) shook her head. “It wouldn’t be a problem, Mrs. Jaeger.”
Before the older woman could argue, Kaito ran up to her with a big smile on his face. “Grandma! Can you read to me? Please?”
(Y/N) smiled and took her moment to quietly slip away. She made her way towards the kitchen’s sink where there were quite a few dirty dishes already there. 
“Might as well,” (Y/N) told herself as she began to roll up her sleeves and began her task.
As she washed each dish with such dedication that would make her brother proud, (Y/N) didn’t notice she wasn’t alone. It wasn’t until she looked up and saw the reflection of a familiar figure in the kitchen’s window.”
“Good evening, Mr. Jaeger. How was your nap?”
“What are you doing here?
(Y/N) searched his face, her brows furrowed with concern. She never heard that tone of voice from him before. 
“Kaito and I wanted to visit. It’s been awhile so I thought-”
“What are you doing here?” The look of anger and disgust overtook his features. “Why are you in my home?”
This made (Y/N) stop cleaning altogether and turn around to fully look at him. He looked haggard as if he didn’t sleep at all. Though it was the knife in his hand that immediately caught (Y/N)’s attention.
With heightened instincts, (Y/N) tried to remain calm. Her son was in the other room… 
“Mr. Jaeger, what are you-”
“I ask the questions here, you she-devil harlot!” Mr. Jaeger stepped forward. The knife in his hand was pointed right towards her. (Y/N) noticed the slight shake of the knife.
“Okay, okay. You’re in charge here. It’s just you and me.” 
“Why are you here?” He asked again but this time the anger in his voice was not misplaced. “What have you done to my wife and grandson?”
(Y/N) tried to keep her features to remain neutral but her mind had so many questions to ask.
“Answer me!”
“Your wife is in the other room with my son and Zeke is still at war.”
“At war? Zeke is at war?” He was talking to himself now. “Is it with you island devils?  It is, isn’t it? Is that why you're here? You’re a spy! Infiltration! You disgusting island devils have finally proclaimed war on the great nation of Marley!”
“Mr. Jaeger, you have it all wrong.” (Y/N) had her hands up to show him that she’s unarmed but her words fell on deaf ears.
“But you won’t win. Marley will rise above and they will show no mercy to you island devils!”
“Mr. Jaeger! I’m no spy! Marley isn’t at war with Paradis. They’re at war with the nations in the Mid-East.” (Y/N) saw a glimmer of hesitation in the man’s eyes. “Do you remember when we were all at the train station?”
“Train station?”
“It’s where we said goodbye to Zeke, remember?”
“Yes, Zeke. Your grandson. My husband. He had to go to war in order for it to be in Marley’s favor. Remember that?”
Mr Jaeger brought his hand to his head clutching its side as if he had a pounding headache. (Y/N) noticed that the knife in his hand was slowly lowering. She took a step forward, her hands were still up. She was just a couple of feet away to grab the knife.
“Give me the knife, Mr. Jaeger.”
The said man was crying. “What’s happening to me?”
“You’re sick, Mr. Jaeger. You need help.”
“But I’m a doctor. I can’t- I won’t…”
“Even doctors get sick, Mr. Jaeger.” (Y/N) told him. “But I can help you.”
“Why would you help me?” He wiped away his tears and raised the knife once again. “You’re a devil.”
“Because you need help. You have a wife, a grandson, and even a great-grandson that cares about you. I care about you. You aren’t in the right state of mind. If you do this, Mr. Jaeger, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”
“Regret?” Flashes of his innocent daughter and son came to mind. “I don’t want anymore regrets.”
(Y/N) gave him a sympathetic smile. “Then just give me the knife, Mr. Jaeger. We can fix this.”
The seconds ticked by and (Y/N) counted each one. She waited for him to give her the knife. It was a sign of trust and she could see it in his eyes that his initial resentment towards her was almost gone.
Because at that moment, just when (Y/N) could feel the knife’s handle in her palm, Kaito barreled into the kitchen with Mrs. Jaeger right behind them. Her son didn’t notice the situation right away but Mrs. Jaeger did. She even let out a small yelp.
Angrily, Mr. Jaeger tightened the knife in his hand and slashed it towards (Y/N). She hissed in pain. He managed to cut her palm. Blood spilled onto the floor.
“Dear, stop this! Please! It’s (Y/N)!”
Mr. Jaeger ignored them as he raised the knife with the intent to cause more harm. This woman, (Y/N), was a devil. He had to eliminate her. The world is better off without her and all those island devils. He’s doing the world a service. 
A service… He stepped closer towards her.
A service.. He raised the knife.
A SERVICE! And with all his strength he slashed the knife in the devil’s direction.
It was over in an instant . (Y/N) evaded his attack with such ease even while bleeding. He blinked and the knife was knocked out of his hand and before he knew it his stomach was against the ground with the devil on top of him. 
(Y/N) saw that he tried to reach for the knife but she was quicker. She knocked the knife away from them. Her hands firmly pressed against Mr. Jaeger’s wrists.
“Let go of me! You’re nothing but a harlot that manipulated my grandson! You hear me, you devil! You’ll never win! You hear me! Marley will prevail!”
(Y/N) tightened her hold before looking up to see a grief stricken Mrs. Jaeger and a terrified Kaito. Both had tears in their eyes.
In a calm voice, (Y/N) spoke, “Mrs. Jaeger, please, I need something to tie your husband with. A piece of fabric or belt. Anything.”
Mrs. Jaeger didn’t move. It didn’t even look like she heard her words. Her tears trailed down her face and her hold on Kaito didn’t show signs of release. 
“Mrs. Jaeger-”
“Don’t do it! She’s tricking you. She’s a devil! A devil!”
“Mrs. Jaeger!” (Y/N)’s voice brought the older woman out of her state of stupefaction. “Please! I want to help your husband but I need to restrain him so he won’t hurt anyone else! Take Kaito with you. He doesn’t need to see any more of this.”
“Y-Yes.” She carried the crying child out of the kitchen.
“No!” Kaito cried out. ��I want Mama!”
(Y/N) wanted nothing more to comfort her son but with Mr. Jaeger acting aggressive she had to stay put. The cut on her palm still oozed out its crimson fluid. She could feel her heart pumping faster than usual. (Y/N) took a deep breath. She had to stay calm. Not just for her but for the safety of her family. 
(Y/N) quietly hissed at the antibiotic ointment the nurse applied to her palm. A worried and scared Kaito was by her side. 
“Does it hurt Mama?” The young boy asked when he heard his mother hissed out in pain. 
“Not anymore, love.” The nurse finished bandaging up her hand and left the mother and son alone in the examination room.
“Really.” She waved her finger to show her son that her hand was okay. “I’ll be fine, Kaito.”
The young boy didn’t say anything, instead he just wrapped his small arms around his mother’s waist. (Y/N) smiled down at her son and hugged him closer. 
“I was scared, Mama.” 
“I know sweetheart.” (Y/N) brought her injured hand to cup Kaito’s chin so she can see those beautiful cerulean eyes. She wiped away a tear from his cheek. “But I’m right here.”
“I want to go home, Mama.” Kaito sniffed.
“I know you do, love, but we have to see if your grandpa is going to be okay.”
Kaito frowned. He didn’t want to see his grandfather at all. Never again. “No! He hurt you!”
(Y/N) sighed. Of course, Kaito doesn’t want to see the man that caused her harm. The event that happened today will forever be ingrained in his mind. 
“Kaito, don’t be like that. Your grandpa wasn’t himself at the time.”
“He gave you boo-boo!”
“He won’t hurt anyone else, Kaito.” (Y/N) told her son as she picked him up and balanced him on her hip.
Kaito huffed in defiance. He wrapped his arms around (Y/N)’s neck and closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see his grandpa or even his grandma at all. He just wanted to go home.
“(Y/N)! How are you? Did my husband-”
“I’m fine, Mrs. Jaeger. It was really just a minor cut. Nothing I can’t handle.” 
Mrs. Jaeger sighed in relief but the guilt was still there. “Oh, (Y/N), I’m sorry for what my husband did. Truly. I thought he was getting better.”
“None of this is your fault.”
The said woman shook her head and brought a tissue to wipe away her tears. “I can’t help it. If only I took better care for him then maybe-” 
“Don’t say that, Mrs. Jaeger. The important thing now is that your husband is getting the help he needs. Right?”
She nodded. Her eyes were bloodshot from all the tears and (Y/N) couldn’t help but feel sorry for the woman. First her daughter, then her son, and now her husband. She was beside herself with grief. How was she still standing?
“Mama…” Kaito quietly whined into her ears.
(Y/N) sighed and gave the woman a small smile. “I’m sorry but I should get going. Kaito is a bit tense right now.”
“Oh, of course, dear. I’m sorry for taking up your time. Go home and take care of yourself and Kaito.”
“Take care of yourself as well Mrs. Jaeger.”
(Y/N) turned around and walked towards the exit of the hospital. Unbeknownst to her, the older Jaeger woman was silently thanking the universe for her existence. She knew for certain that she wasn’t a devil like her husband claimed her to be. 
“Thank you, (Y/N).”
“Mama let me down.” Kaito begged as he shifted from her hold. “Please!”
“Oh? Why? You like it when I carry you around, Kaito.” (Y/N) asked as she set her son down on the sidewalk. 
“I’m a big boy, Mama!” Kaito whined and yet he still held out his small hand for her to take. (Y/N) smiled at his actions. She wondered if Kaito insisted on walking because he was worried about her injury.
“You sure are, Kaito, but maybe you can slow down on the growing up part. You should enjoy your time as a kid.”
But Kaito shook his head. His hand tightened around his mother’s uninjured hand. He brought up his stuffed toy monkey for his mother to look at.
“Papa said to take care of you, Mama.”
(Y/N) was surprised that her son could actually recall Zeke’s words.
Neither mother or son said anything else on their journey home. The evening sun was once again shining its last rays for the day. Once they finally arrived at their destination, (Y/N) brought out the key to their home.
“Let me do it, Mama.” Kaito asked. His hand grasping for the house key.
“Alright but can you reach?”
(Y/N) watched as her son tried to insert the key to the doorknob. She tried her hardest not to laugh as her son was on his tiptoes to get the door open. Smiling, (Y/N) brought her hands underneath Kaito’s armpits and lifted him up by a few inches.
“Mama! I wanna do it! You're hurt!”
“There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, Kaito.”
“But I can do it!”
She smiled at her son. “Maybe when you grow a few more inches, love.”
Kaito huffed but he finally turned the key and opened the door to his home. (Y/N) set him down on his feet and let out a sigh of relief when she was finally home and it would seem Kaito felt the same way because he finally had a smile on his face.
“Home!” The boy cheered as he went straight for his toys in his room.
“No running Kaito!” (Y/N) called out. She just locked the door when she noticed something off about her home. Did it look… Cleaner? Just as she was about to inspect further, (Y/N) heard the sound of running feet.
“Kaito! I told you not to run!” 
That wasn’t Kaito's voice.
“Kaito!” (Y/N) raced towards her son’s bedroom. 
“Mama! Run away” She saw him running up to her with a scared look on his face. Crouching down, she asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”
It was difficult to understand through her son’s cries. “I-It w-was a p-pirate.”
“Pirate?” Now, (Y/N) was confused. “Where?”
“My room!” Kaito wailed.
(Y/N) looked up at the direction of Kaito’s room. Pirate or not, there was someone else here. “Stay here.”
“But Mama-”
Kaito gulped at the seriousness of his mother’s voice before nodding. He hugged his toy closer to his chest as he watched his mother go into his room.
(Y/N) quietly entered Kaito’s room. Nothing was out of place which was odd considering Kaito made a mess of his toys this morning. So who cleaned his room?
It was then she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. Survival instincts kicked in once more. (Y/N) grabbed the invader’s wrist and with all her strength she flipped the person over her shoulder. Whoever it was slammed against the carpet floor.
“OWW! What the heck (Y/N)?!” That voice… She knew that voice.
“First I get bit by your son and then I get slammed to the floor. What’s next?”
(Y/N) immediately let go of her old friend’s arm that she still had a hold on. She stepped back in surprise. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
“I told you it was a bad idea, four eyes. You know she hates surprises.”
(Y/N) knew that voice too. She would never forget the voice of the person who practically raised her.
But was this real? 
“Levi? Are you really here?” She didn’t dare turn around in case this was actually just a figment of her imagination.
His touch on her shoulder proved this was reality. “I’m here, (Y/N).”
All the emotions she held in for so long broke down at the sound of his voice. (Y/N) turned around and engulfed her brother in a hug to which he happily returned. 
After years of separation, the Underground siblings were reunited once more.
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