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“I can’t believe there was only one room left.” You sighed and flumped onto the bed. The hard mattress felt like a cloud after a draining day. At least the covers seemed cleaned. You and Levi were on your way back to the Headquarters after completing the two-day mission entrusted by Erwin. Two days bearing with Levi, his expressionless face and his crappy jokes. You couldn’t wait to get home, submit the report to Erwin, take a refreshing bath and get wrapped up in the sheets of your bed.
But halfway there, a thunderstorm broke out and impeded your plans. Visibility was low and the swampy road posed a danger, thus you agreed to spend the night in a small village a few hours from Trost.
The rain, however, did not seem to hamper the celebrations that took place within the framework of the grape festival. Four days of entertainment, exhibitions, food and lots of wine. The streets, restaurants and bars seemed on the verge of collapse because of the number of visitors. And, of course, finding shelter for the night was no simple task.
Finally, you found a small inn with availability, but nothing could be perfect. There was only one room with a double bed available. Levi turned his head to look at you and you looked back at him. Although he was not a saint of your devotion, and he found you the most unbearable person within the walls, somehow you had developed a language of glances that only you understood.
The owner of the inn, a small-eyed, white-haired man, waited with a smile plastered on his face for you to decide. After spending hours searching for a place to spend the night, you both knew you’d end up regretting missing this opportunity.
You left the horses in the hands of the stable boy to be fed and watered. Irritation flashed on Levi’s eyes. It wasn’t the most hygienic place, but at least they tried to cover up the unpleasant smells of urine, sweat, and mold with lavender and rose petals scattered around the main hall.
You just shrugged it off. Given the circumstances, you could not afford to be picky. As soon as you entered the bedroom, you dropped your leather pouch bag onto the bed and drew out your sleeping gown.
“Turn around!” you ordered Levi, then began to take your clothes off.
“It’s not like there’s much to see.” He rolled the eyes and complied.
You washed your face, hands and feet in the basin and put the robe on. It was comfortable and lightweight, perfect for traveling, somewhat short, though. The hem whisked your thighs.
“Done.” You said as you walked towards the bed. You didn’t expect the room to be that cozy and well-equipped. There was even a desk in the corner, and a chest to store your belongings.
Levi’s eyes widened, and he gulped, trying to disguise the slight shade of pink that crept across his cheeks. You had pretty legs, he inwardly admitted, but he had no intention to eventually tell you. Perhaps a splash of cold water in his face would drop the temperature.
Levi took his jacket, boots, and belts off and undid the first three buttons of his shirt. The raven-haired inhaled deeply, hoping that at the very least the sheets and pillows were clean. The smell of the main hall had made him nauseous.
You felt the bed sinking and opened your eyes, turning your head in Levi’s direction. A line appeared between your brows. “I thought you were going to sleep at the desk as you usually do”
“Stop whining brat” He threw a pillow at your face and settled in under the covers. A whimper felt from your mouth in chagrin, but you were exhausted to bicker with him.
you sat on the bed and began to pile pillows in between the two of you, building a wall that outlined the half that corresponded to each one.
“When will you grow up?” He clicked his tongue and rolled over to his side. Now his back was facing you.
“Don’t you dare to come to this side.” you warned, turned the lamp off and snuggled under the blankets.
At first, only the sound of rain hammering the roof engulfed the place. The occasional shout from a drunk man in the main hall joined in from time to time. Despite your fatigue, you were struggling to fall into Morpheus’ embrace, and suddenly, loud moans and the sound of skin on skin colliding coming from the adjacent room joined the concert of unpleasant noises.
You were staring blankly at the ceiling, counting every second for the nightmare to end.
Levi rolled over on his back again; apparently you weren’t the only one who couldn’t rest pleasantly.
“It seems they’re having fun.” you commented and Levi simply hummed in response. The situation could not be more awkward.
Finally, sleepiness enveloped you, and without noticing the world shut down around you.
The sun had not yet come through the window when you woke up, begrudgingly opening your eyes. It was still too early to get out of bed, so you decided to stay between the sheets for a couple more hours. You observed the figure resting next to you. It was a very unusual image; Captain Levi sleeping peacefully as if there were no worries at all. Though it was hard for you to admit it, he looked adorable, with his disheveled strands of hair stuck on his face. You smiled as you stared at him, thinking of how kissable his lips were.
Yes, even though he drove you crazy, you loved Levi. You died and lived for him. You always searched for him in the room, you had memorized his scent, and having him so close made your heart pound wildly.
But you would never have the guts to confess it. It was impossible to know, behind that stoic look, what he really felt, and the last thing you wanted was to humiliate yourself in front of him. Pride and fear were stronger than what your heart dictated. Maybe in the future, maybe in another life, you would muster the courage to do it.
You slowly approached his mouth, those alluring lips, and brushed them fleetingly into a chaste kiss that meant everything to you.
You pulled away before accidentally waking him up, but his arm wrapped around your waist and you felt all the blood rushing to your cheeks. Not knowing what to do, you tried to free yourself, but he pulled you closer and tighter. If it was a dream, may it last forever.
“Stay,” You stared at him with wide eyes. His voice assured you it was all real. “it’s still too early to get off of bed”
I'm in the brink of falling asleep. Not proofread at all.
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Hi jelly!! Huge fan of your work, you're truly one of if not the best writer I've read from in a while. May I request a roommate! Levi and reader where they are best friends but act more like a couple (lots of cuddling, hugs, forehead kisses and smiles) and his friends (the ones that have known him the longest) keep telling her that it wasn't like levi to do that but the reader is confused because she thought he was like that with them too but after asking their other friends they confirm that and she decides to confess and when she does (after overthinking it for a long time) Levi's like "I guess you're my girlfriend now", gives her a peck on the lips and moves along to finishing whatever he was doing.
This fluffy piece has been on my mind for too long now and the only person that can write it best is you!! Sorry if it's too long!
Aww, thank you! That's so sweet of you to say. I don't think I am that great, but I'm glad you like and you read my stuff <3 I'm happy to write this because I LOVE writing fluff.
Tumblr media
You've always been mine.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: roommates, friends to lovers, cute, fluff, modern au, manga artist Levi, supportive friends, happy ending.
Concept: Levi cuddles you, gives you forehead kisses and dotes on you at home. You think how he treats you is how he treats everyone else, that he's just a cuddly guy who likes to snuggle. However, when you have a meet up with his friends for lunch, they begin to talk to you about how Levi treats you and make it very clear the man is in love with you and he's treating you more like a girlfriend than a friend. You think on it for a while, then go confront Levi about it. Levi, in a cool manner, declares you his girlfriend and carries on with his work leaving you a little confused. So, you chase it up more with him.
You yawned as walked in through the front door of your apartment. You'd had a meeting and had to go into work for it, but it went on far longer than you wanted. You wrote books and short stories for a gaming company, so anything you came up with they made into games. You worked from home, like your roommate, but sometimes you had to go to the dreaded outside world.
You slipped your shoes off, then smiled when you heard a happy meow. You picked up your big fluffy cat, then hugged him. "Hi, Boss." You kissed his head. "You been a good boy?" You smiled when he started licking you. "Ah, thank you for the kisses."
"Tch, oi brat?" Levi leaned against the wall with his reading glasses and comfy clothes on and a sloppy cardigan. "How'd it go?"
You put Boss down and heard him meow in protest. "It was a waste of time. I'm so tired. I have a story concept to finish and send off in a few days and this meeting has just taken up some precious time."
Levi walked over to you, then wrapped you up in his arms. "It's okay." He kissed your forehead a few times. "Tiredness go away."
You hummed a laugh. "You're so nice to me."
"That's because I like you." He looked down and frowned at Boss meowing at you two loads. "Oi? You've already said welcome home. It's my turn."
You giggled. "Aww, poor Boss."
Levi picked you up and carried you. "Mine."
You laughed as Boss followed along meowing at Levi. "Poor kitty."
Levi sat at his desk with you on his lap. "Can you look at something for me?"
You nodded. "Sure, what's up?"
He moved his papers about. "I'm doing a horror manga at the moment and I need an expert to tell me if the tension is good."
You leaned over and read through the pages. "Hm, it's wonderful. You've really captured the tension of the moment and the look in this insane person's eyes is amazing. Well done."
"Do I get a reward?"
You looked at Levi. "What do you want?"
Levi stared at you for a while like he was processing things, then he tapped his cheek. "Kiss."
You kissed his cheek and giggled. "I swear, you are the most spoiled roommate alive."
You slipped off his lap. "I'm going to nap and then I'll get to work."
Levi chased after you. "I'll come too. You know we have the same sleep schedule."
You hummed. "Because you're terrible at sleeping properly if we don't."
"You're right."
You yawned. "Where we napping then?"
He picked up Boss. "Come on you big baby." Levi sighed and walked to his room. "Move it brat."
You hurried after him, then flopped on his bed and sighed. "I'm so tired."
Levi threw Boss on the bed, then grabbed a blanket and put it over you and him. "You better let me hug you." He rolled over to face you and saw Boss in his face. "You are obsessed with your mother."
You picked up Boss, then lay him up by your head. "Keep our heads warm Mr."
Levi dragged you into his arms and sighed. "There, now I can sleep."
You hummed a laugh and closed your eyes. "Sleep well Levi."
You sat at your desk typing away as Boss lay on your lap snoozing and making bread in his sleep by using your thigh. You typed fast making up a whole concept and making sure there were no plot holes or issues. You gasped and jumped when you felt something cold against the back of your neck. You turned your head to see Levi.
You rubbed the back of your neck and sighed. "That was cold."
He put down a large smoothie down made fresh. "I know. So, I made you a smoothie. I thought you'd need the boost."
You picked it up and sipped through the straw. "Perfect. Thank you."
Levi leaned on the back of your chair and looked down. "He's really going for it. He's making good bread there."
You hummed a laugh and petted Boss. "He is. Oh, I'm heading out soon to have lunch with friends. You coming?"
Levi shook his head. "Deadline tomorrow. So, I've got to work hard. I took a break to get you a drink."
You smiled. "Aren't you cute?"
He kissed your forehead. "Says the cutest one between us." He sighed. "I'll take the bread maker here." He picked up Boss and sighed at his protests. "I know buddy, but your mum has to go out. It'll be me and you for a bit. You like our play dates."
You giggled as Levi walked and talked to Boss. You downed some of your drink, then finsihed up your work and sent it off. You downed more of your drink, then changed into something nice for your lunch with friends. You stopped in the living room and stared at Levi as he had Boss lying on his head as he walked around. "What in the world?"
Levi glanced at you. "We're bonding."
You hummed a laugh. "Sure." You grabbed your bag. "Alright, I'll see you later."
Levi walked over and kissed your forehead. "Have fun. Call me if you need a lift back or something."
You waved to him. "Will do! Bye you two!" You hurried through the street and went right into the nice Korean BBQ bar. You hugged Hange right away. "Hi."
Hange wiggled you in her arms. "Hi!" She pulled back. "We'll get a seat and wait on the others."
You followed her to a table. "Sorry Levi isn't here, but he has a deadline."
She snorted a laugh. "You two are cute."
You looked at the menu as you sat. "Cute?"
She nodded. "How are you not a couple?"
"Because he treats me like everyone else." You smiled and waved. "Hi, Erwin. No Mike?"
Erwin sighed. "Work. He's got a deadline." He sat and smiled. "How's work?"
Hange wafted her hand. "Enough of that! What do you mean he treats you like everyone else?"
You hummed. "Well, he gives me forehead kisses, we cuddle, he picks me up and carries me around, we nap together too."
Erwin frowned a little. "He doesn't do that with us." He handed the menu over and ordered food and drink for everyone. He sighed. "What else does he do?"
You blushed. "Well, when he shows me his work I sit on his lap. He also cooks for me and makes me drinks."
Hange sighed with a smile on her face. "Ah, young love."
You laughed a little with nerves. "No, no way he does. He treats me like a friend."
"He calls me four eyes and shitty glasses."
Erwin nodded and poured drinks. "Calls me bushy brows. He has never hugged me."
Hange nodded. "Same here. I've never been hugged by him."
"He tells us to leave him alone when it comes to his sleep schedule."
You frowned a little. "So, what are you both saying?"
Erwin moved the food around and looked you in the eyes after. "Levi and you are practically a couple, you just don't kiss or have sex yet. If you like him, just ask him out or talk to him."
You nibbled your lip as you blushed and through about Levi. "A couple..." You ate your food and hummed in thought as Hange and Erwin chatted. You took part in the converstations, but your mind was mostly on Levi and how he was with you. "Is he really treating me like a girlfriend?"
Hange giggled. "You're so cute. Yes, yes he is. The way he treats you is unique to you and him."
Erwin rubbed your back. "You just have to choose if you want to make it official or not. Do you like him?"
You nodded. "I do."
Hange winked. "Talk to him and embrace him."
You smiled a little. "Okay." You paid part of the bill, then left your friends with hugs. You walked home and gave yourself a push mentally to talk to Levi and ask him how he felt. You walked into the apartment to see he was cleaning. "Levi?"
He looked over at you. "Welcome back. You have a nice lunch?"
"I did." You walked closer. "So, Erwin and Hange brought something up."
"Oh yeah? What did those nosy little shits say?"
You frowned a little. "That you treat me differently to everyone else. Is that true?"
He nodded as he started dusting around the tv. "Yes."
You gulped. "Are you giving me special treatment because you have feelings for me?"
You followed him as he kept dusting. "So, you like me more than a friend?"
"I do."
You huffed a little. "I'm a little confused, because because you haven't confessed or anything."
"I tell you all the time I like you."
You frowned a little. "Yeah, but lie can be friendship lie. This is hard and confusing because I'm in love with you and I very much like you more than a friend. I like you in a romantic way. Hell, I just said I love you. So, you can understand why I'm surprised and confused."
Levi stood up, then kissed you. "I guess you're my girlfriend now."
You stood there shocked and blushing, then you saw Levi carry on with his cleaning. "Would you top and talk with me?"
He turned to you. "Talk about what? You're mine now. you've always been mine." He kissed you and hummed in happiness as he did. "From now on, we share beds."
You blushed and nodded. "Yes."
He kissed you again and said you name so sweetly with a soft and loving gaze. "I love you." He turned and kept cleaning. "I'm going to finish cleaning, then we'll watch a movie together. Okay?"
You smiled, then hugged Levi from behind. "As long as we cuddle."
"We always cuddle, but this time." He turned around and faced you. "I think I'll be giving you lots kisses too."
You hugged him tightly. "Sounds perfect."
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Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 29: Interrogation, Bondage, Vibrators
Tumblr media
“Coming in for the kinktober request! If it's still available lol. Levi is strapped to a chair by a Marley reader and interrogated, but it's not just any chair. Levi is sat with a vibrating dildo inside of him and has another little vibe egg strapped on his tip. And reader has the remote. Every time Levi doesn't answer the level goes up. Soon he's purposely stubborn and reader has long forgotten her goal. No information is gained, only a lover. LMAO I know it's weird, hope you're doing well!”
A/N: Special shout-out to proofreader and cheerleader: @ackermans-freedom-inc​. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you enjoy reading it 🧡  
Word count: 3700
Tags: levi x reader, smut, canonverse, bondage, vibrators, power play, stockholm syndrome, dom!reader
while writing this, i listened to this and this
Tumblr media
It was not his first bout with torture.
In fact, it was ironic - how his very induction into the Scout Regiment came via that same method. Grabbed by his hair, pushed to his knees, his cheek became close acquaintances with the pavement and its puddles. And that was just the start.
Breaking bones, throwing slaps, and strapping others to chairs. Levi had interrogated others more times than he could count, had undergone it himself a handful of memorable occasions. It had been part of his underground upbringing, of his enlistment, of his entire life. And if not for that, then karma was bound to catch up to him. Levi scoffed to himself, he should have seen this coming.
It was not his first bout with torture, but Paradis did not have devices like these.
Nor did their participants don these outfits. Not aprons, not rubber gloves, but latex and thigh-highs for the room’s officer. No bag over his head, no blindfold over his eyes, but instead, a plethora of rope tied all around his body that was otherwise stripped naked. Ankles bound to the chair’s legs. Wrists adhered to its arms. Back bent just the right way to accommodate its special features. Legs spread just wide enough to give you the view of it.
A small round apparatus fastened at the front, externally, at his tip. Behind him, beneath him, a much larger instrument nudged within. Belts particularly set - foremost, they prevented the movements that would allow him to induce his own orgasm, but were also carefully loosened to mislead him into thinking that he could. That extra inch of leeway would incite a futile struggle, one that would hurt himself and aid you in wearing him out faster.
In addition, those leather loops had a welcome side effect: how they accentuated features that were invisible when you first saw him shrouded underneath that opaque green cape. Without his uniform, with your expert bondage, and at his thighs, torso, groin, his figure was made even more defined than the black spandex suggested. Acute divots inside his upper thighs. The symmetry of his abdomen, pair after pair of muscles, rippling with deep breaths. Erection of a size much healthier than his height suggested. Low light of the room cast harsh shadows on his skin, suspenseful sweat painted glimmers everywhere else.
Ah, enough admiring. Pinching the inside of your palm, you grounded yourself. Time to get to work. But first, “You consent to this, Captain Levi?”
Pure mockery dripped off his title. Here in Marley, that honorific carried no authority - not only did it do him no good, but it was part of the reason he was subjected to this special treatment in the first place. Any old spy from Paradis would have gotten the same sentencing as those misbehaved Eldians: sent back to their homeland, just a little bigger this time. However, for the second-highest ranking soldier in the corps, the intel he undoubtedly carried, and such a pretty face - what a waste that would be.
His answer did not come swiftly - none of them would for as long as he held his intentions. Levi kept his attention deliberately towards the floor, utilizing precious seconds to summon the right response. Maybe you thought that this would be hell for him, but how wrong you had been about that. An erection already sprung, his insides already burning, you mistook his symptoms as involuntary and inevitable whether he was enjoying himself or not. But the truth was, he wanted this in the worst damn way, but if his captor knew that, he had a feeling you would take it away from him.
A silver stare downward: taking in your expertly knotted ties, surveying the cut-offs of his circulation, they were just background to his true concerns. How to answer? How to answer? Have your way with me? Too compliant. I have a choice? Maybe you would stop.
Darting glances stilled as he likewise settled upon a reply. His expression snapped up to the one above him in both physical position as well as that of power. Steel gaze shone underneath his bangs, still wisped in whiplash. Teeth clenched, he growled through them, “Do your worst. I dare you.”
In a rare twist, it was him who took your breath away. Brows knit, a twitch in your lip, you narrowed your gaze in a close read. There were undeniable signs of vulnerability: the rattled rise and fall of his chest, the pink peaks of his pecs, the throb of his member yearning. But despite his physiological state, his composure remained calm and collected. Irritating how unintimidated he was - deliberately meeting your eye contact, a cock of his brow accompanying. At the very least, Levi implored you to understand: he meant every word. And if you fell further into his trap, you would question whether or not you truly had the upper hand. For a moment, he had you convinced: maybe your tactics would fail, maybe you would get nothing out of him.
But that was before he knew about the remote in your hand. Come to think of it, how could he have? In terms of technology, his nation was a hundred years behind yours. It was the first time you ever felt a tinge of sympathy for your adversary. His flawless instinct, abilities unparalleled, if only he had lived in Marley, maybe he really could have been something. A partner of yours, even. On your first day of training, it had been harshly instilled - never give mind to those devils, for if you do, they will have already landed a seat on your shoulder, forever misguiding your decisions. It was dangerous to feel anything for him, but at the same time, your train of thought regained the confidence he threatened to take - the one you would need to conduct the session. Because certainly, he had never experienced stimulation like the kind you were about to give him now. Poor stupid thing probably didn’t even know what vibration was. With an eager smirk and a crank of your dial, you gave him his first introduction.
That initial second was always the sweetest to see. A sensation he had never experienced before was impossible to prepare for, his reaction likewise impossible to hide. Levi Ackerman was always careful with his words, parsing over them in his mind before he said them aloud. In turning on those toys, in making his thoughts spill freely past his lips, you had triggered two firsts at once.
The widening of his eyes, squeezed shut shortly after. An old habit, gritting his teeth, contending to reserve himself. That worked for a split second. “Wh-Wha…!” That telltale jolt, a steep arch in his posture, throwing his head back, Levi screamed towards the sky, “hah’ahh!!”
Clearly struggling, but you showed no sympathy. A coy tilt of your head, “Hmm? Sorry…” you danced your thumb back a little, a silent demand of his response, “can’t understand you.”
A fast stir at his most sensitive spot, faster than he could keep up with. Reaching depths he never knew he had, at the area untrained, everything felt new. Levi shook his head, his look perplexed, struggling to identify this feeling. Faltering movements of his diaphragm were predictive tells to the rhythm of his words so inconsistently spaced, “The - The fuck…” a broken exhale, “is this!?”
You had him hovering around level 3, but decided to give him just a taste of what you had to offer - what he was in for. 7 presses in succession brought him temporarily up to 10. “You asked for the worst, didn’t you?”
It was then he learned a hard lesson, one you had mastered in this role, how the worst often brought the best. This was one of those times.
What the - !? Shocked by more than just these foreign devices, shocked by his own body’s reaction to them. The familiar rise of his floodgates, the spiked honey that raced past them, flooding every capillary. There was no doubt of what was about to come, given the hundreds of times he had experienced it before - but he could not wrap his head around the timing. Only a few minutes!? Faster than any time he had gotten off, even at his own hand. Already!? But, the most he managed was the first syllable, “Ah - Ahh - !?” Pitiful.
Sharp bucks of his hips were stamped by your bondage - not killing them, but compressing them. Offset from his usual pace: more repetitions squeezed into a smaller window. Wavelengths of his orgasm made to match those of your electronics: a humanly impossible frequency. An entirely new high, one he did not know he was capable of, Levi cursed himself and his body, “Ngh..! Fuck!” Pitch and pleasure cascading, “F’Fuck me…!!”
Fingers seized a white-knuckle grip on the wood grain. Toes cut to curl against the cold gray concrete. Both of your jaws had fallen: you never would have predicted he would cum so fast, from the first damn crank, but just when you thought you had seen it all - not only how fast he climaxed, but how hard. Every violent thrash in his seat and tall streak of his seed, each startling choke and guttural gasp for air, his condition gave you a secondhand effect: feeling your own arousal start to stir as witness to this breathtaking scene. Thankful that his eyes had rolled back, he missed your flash of shock as you took in his strung-out state. It had been strictly imprinted in boot camp: never let them see your waver. Even just an inch, your prisoner would take it and run with it. Before he could, you sprinted back in control.
A silent throat clear, maternal tone revived, “Oh, Levi…” you cooed, “that was only level 10,” waving the remote in front of his face, tauntingly, “and this goes up to 20.”
But he could not hear you at that point. Ringing in his ears, drowning in his own cries. You had not blindfolded him, but you may as well have. Fluttering lashes granted him only slivers of awareness - strobe lights and blaring music sourced by himself - all else around him lost.
Opposite to him, you remained well aware of it all. Coming up on 30 seconds, you glanced down to your stopwatch. Still going, huh? His figure still trembling, his passion still expelling. Such a long release suggested that it had been a long time since the last. All pent up, it must have been a while for him. For some reason, that had you satisfied. Licking your lips as you stared at his sex, still pulsing, painting himself in his own cream.
What a mess you’ve made… You knew one would happen, but not before the interrogation. Once again, he had you oddly lost. How to proceed? The expert dominant within you, though, chastised your perplexity: Idiot, what difference does it make? You heard him: do your worst!
The snark that landed you this job made an enthused reappearance: “I’ve heard rumors about you, Levi… many rumors.” You alluded, “But perhaps the cutest,” riding crop sat beneath his chin, beckoning his gaze towards yours, he fixated on the evil in your eyes, “you’re a bit of a neat freak, aren’t you?”
No reply sans his labored respiration. Not one for nonresponse, you brought things up a notch. The remote powered back on, brought back to the level at which this all started. Simultaneous, gloved hand wrapped tight around his member, stroking him a handful of times, manipulating his spill all around - up and down. Through your leather, you felt his blistering heat, his continued surge, only encouraging more malice to your spread, “This must be agony for you, huh?”
A slow shake of his head, Levi continued to face the floor, expression hidden by his locks of convenient length. A face that twitched between spent and a smirk, if only you could have seen it, you might have read his mind: quite the opposite.
Instead, you persisted with teasing, “We haven’t even gotten to the questions yet!” In your condemnation, Levi detected a confusing blend of critique alongside enthusiasm. Further complicated by a lighthearted jeer, “If this is the best Paradis has to offer… well,” you tapped your chin, pretending to care, “how do I say this lightly?”
Stiff soles of your shoes made clacks on the concrete, approaching the man seated before you. A crass crescendo made from his post-coital breaths and your sauntering steps - both increasingly loud to the other. Hands on your hips, you bent at the waist, bringing your lips so cruelly to his ear, “You are fucked.”
Your neck so close to his teeth, vital jugular dangerously near his sharp canines, your supervisor would have scolded you for letting your guard down, but you had a good enough read on him. The insane blush across his face, his violent tremble from head to toe, his cock smothered in his own cum and already rising again. Levi was far too weak to do anything. Although, if you had a perfect read on him, you would have realized: not only was he too incapacitated to pull such a move, but he did not even want to.
Running his fingers through his hair, turned slick with his sweat, you tousled a bit. Palm pressed to his head, you leveraged yourself down to his level. Eyes sharklike, they sensed his rushing blood, took note of the tears brimming. “This is going to be a long day for you, darling.”
// // //
The first one. The second one. A few more after that. Of the times he had cum, of how long this had been going on, Levi had lost track long ago. Even for you, the professional, it was getting harder and harder to tell. The spasms you saw in his first orgasm, his diminishing state made them appear chronic. A flinch here, a flex there, who was to say if it was the start of another, the end of one, or a plateau between them? Low groans and heightened gasps, just off the brink or right in the throes? His pleasure was no longer a single song, but an ongoing symphony.
One you interrupted time and time again with sadistic inquiry, “I’ve heard a lot about you, you know.” Tucking his stray strands behind his ear, petting him, praising him, “Not sure if you’re aware, but you’re kind of a big concern here in Marley.”
After a series of inhales and exhales, Levi languished through a rare rebuttal, “... Is that so?” Total disinterest plagued his tone, but not for the reason you figured. Not a diplomatic tactic, but rather, apathetic towards the interrogation itself, too drunk on dopamine to care about anything else - even if it meant the damnation of his nation.
“Oh yeah,” a particular sigh of yours sent a spark through his shaft - he longed to hear it again, “you’ve got the higher-ups looking over their shoulders.” Your thumb stroked his cheek, lingering cum from your handjob before made for a crude fingerpainting: a white heart shape on red skin canvas. Admiring your art, you took a step back and chuckled, “If only they could see you now… I guess they’ll just have to take my word for it.”
Levi’s lips parted in a stammer, lap twitched when you raised your voice, “Oh! Or maybe…” Past the blur in his eyes, he caught an enlightened glimmer in yours, “have you ancient islanders ever heard of a photograph?”
A flashbulb memory. Shiganshina. The injection. The basement. The drawer, its hidden base, those books. Though his first encounter was only a couple of years ago, he had heard of a photograph indeed.
Never would have ended up here otherwise.
Never would have brought me to you.
An infatuation ran warm within him. Tainting his heart, clouding his mind. As you moved his appendages this way and that way, manipulated your model into just the right pose, and snapped a picture bright and loud, your flash blinded him just like his developing crush. He did not interpret it as humiliation - even though that was your intention. Instead, he savored the smile that tugged your lips when you looked at him, the tiny dance you did when the polaroid printed, and how you tucked it soundly in your breast pocket. Levi took special note of that - the idea that the picture would not be on your superior’s desk tomorrow, but rather, kept forever safe in your bedside table, whipped out not for the sake of evidence but for your own personal memory in intimate self-loving times. Maybe if he was a good boy, he could even get a copy for himself.
More than that, even. He could see it. He could see it! Even as you eyed him like prey, even as you degraded him to nothing, he felt himself slipping further and further into the syndrome. Perhaps it was not his status that landed him in the chamber with you, but in a bizarre twist, your true love for him - a love grown requited. After all this, you would bring him to your bedroom, house him secretly until you two could hatch an escape plan together: Marley, Paradis, wherever. Get married, have babies, and brush off the ‘how did you two first meet?’
Smiling to yourself, how obvious it was - the mindfuck that had come over your prisoner. To keep his secrets would be much harder now. A glee in your stomach, excitement in your arms, ready to reap your reward.
Pacing back and forth, turning on your heel, your attention stayed soundly on him, “Humanity’s strongest, 90-some titan kills… turns out, he’s small, puny, pathetic…” tongue slithered on the last adjective. Rubbing his bare shoulder, tickling the crook of his neck, you spoke over his hiss, “Tell me, Levi… how could that be?”
No answer, but not silent either. Harsh panting. Jagged sighs. Low curses under his uneven breath. Again, you incremented your remote - the oscillations stronger, the thrusts deeper, all of it faster. Levi’s throat ran raw with shrieks, his joints trembling under pressure, hardly quelled by another round of bliss - one that almost hurt at this point. A stuttering, cumming, hot mess. Deceptively, shockingly easy - the total obliteration of the soldier you had once feared so greatly.
You crossed your arms and studied him. In preparation for this appointment, you had been warned countless times: He’s not like the others. He has a special power! Him and that gloomy brat - look out for them both! It was why you pulled out all the stops for him: the silicone egg that vibrated, the six-inch dildo that thrusted, and twice as many belts as you normally would have. So fucked-out, in the tallest trial he had ever faced, but he had yet to raise a finger. You had not seen any signs of that mythical ability. No attempt to break free from your bondage, not even the grotesque threats and filthy insults he was so quick to toss around. The definition of his muscle, the casualties attached to his name, a tinge of panic in your chest as you realized that just a few extra pieces of leather would not have been a match. Surely, if he wanted to - he could have broken free, right?
Fingernail traced the lines of his body - no doubt about it, such solid muscle would have been more than capable of escape - bicep to wrist, clavicle from end to end, down his sternum and along the underside of his pecs. “You’re an Ackerman, aren’t you?”
Steel eyes slowly looked up to you, a deity he deemed unworthy to be in the presence of. Levi Ackerman, at your service.
“Someone with your looks, your endurance…” A quick slap of his nipple drew a screech both alarmed and alarming. Stinging nerves, he relied on his screams to release their tension, and with that voice, you felt your veins run cold. To witness a man so renowned become undone with panic - even though Levi was your enemy, even though you alone were responsible for causing that feeling - the effect was contagious. If even he was scared, you were in deep trouble.
Both your breaths were irregular now, endlessly echoing off of the cell’s stone walls. You could only hope that his own mewls drowned it out, that his other senses sang loudly enough to distract him from your tells. A deep swallow was an attempt to bury your arousal, quickly replaced by more ridicule, “you must be popular with the ladies.”
Levi blinked harshly, as if something was caught in his eye. Cutie. In actuality, it was the thought of competition: all of them nothing compared to you. Though, he was not sure he could handle another press of your buttons - literal or figurative, “I was…” fingers wrapped beneath the arms of the chair, clutching tight, embarrassed, “popular enough…”
Unable to identify it in that moment, in later reflection, you would recognize it as jealousy. A sourness to your tone, your growls sent shivers down his spine, “Bet you have someone back home, huh?”
Certainly, that question had nothing to do with Marley, but both of you were blind to that now. Too caught up in the scene - caught up in each other. The warrior and the scout had unknowingly put international relations at the bottom of the pile, the relationship between you two the only thing that mattered.
Drinking up his arousal, all for you, envy dripped off your tone, “They’d probably be a little upset, don’t you think?”
About the nature of your inquiries, about the interrogation itself, about his allegiance, Levi gave it all up, heaving, “I wouldn’t… give a shit… if they were.”
Of his body, of his abilities, no one else knew him better, though you were approaching a close second. Blurriness at the edge of his vision, consciousness threatening to fade, Levi acknowledged that his time and energy were running out. The last he had to offer, Levi spent it for you. One final eye contact made - once again hoping you would understand: he meant every word.
In his gaze, pure submission. Tongue flopped over his lips, saliva pooling between your boots, offering himself to you. At the silent proposal, you felt your heart flutter. For the first time all night, he had summoned a version of you that was pure of ill intentions. Your heart jumped to your throat, to have the renowned Levi Ackerman devote himself to you, it was too good to be true. You had to double-check, “What’s that supposed to mea-?”
Three rapid knocks on the door. “Hey!!” Hand clamped down on the handle, you saw it bend in your peripheral vision, “What’s going on in there?!”
"Fuck," you whispered, just hot enough to make Levi tick again. As you ran from him, he rolled his head back over the rim of the chair - fixating on his exhales visible. Fading from white to gray, gray to clear, in the cold dark room. A stupor he found himself in - mind wandering - was the room always this cold? Or was it your fleeing that shifted the aura from a fire to ice?
“C’Come back, baby...” Levi shivered in his seat, teeth chattering. Ready to pass out, lost without you. “I’m c’cold...”
All of your instinct yearned to turn around and go back to him - but if you did, you had a feeling a fate far worse than the chills would have found you both. Three large strides from his chair to the door. Opening and slamming the iron panel shut behind you. For a moment, you were recalled a faraway feeling: a hand in the cookie jar, coloring on the walls, flying too close to the midnight sun.
“You’ve been in there all evening…” your officer towered over you, making you shake in your stance, a brief taste of your own medicine, “got anything good yet?”
Too good.
A look back to your criminal, you saw him sound asleep upright in the chair. So effortlessly passed out, no signs of discomfort, you wondered if he often slept like that? Implored to know more about him.
You cleared your throat, threw up a hasty salute, “I think he has more to offer, I’d like to see him tomorrow.”
In his dreams, in your mind: Please.
Tumblr media
// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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ikimonoeren · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☆ warnings. none fluffy fluff
☆ summary. you have a new at home ritual in which you sing your heart out while you clean before your husband comes home. this time, though he catches you in the act
☆ author's note. short af but this makes me remember why i love writing for this man <3
Tumblr media
It would be about half an hour before your husband came home, so you did what you found yourself doing for the past week which was doing chores while blasting music in your headphones and danced around the house as you mopped the floor. You didn't hear the sound of the door open, nor the jingle of your husband's keys as he hung them up on the hook that was attached to the wall or the monotone but content, "Honey, I'm home."
He, however, heard you belting out lyrics to one of your favorite songs and followed them to your bedroom as the corner of his lips turned up as he leaned against the doorway with his forearms crossed.
♫ You are the dancing queen Young and sweet Only seventeen Dancing queen Feel the beat from the tambourine, oh yeah You can dance You can jive ♫
Suddenly, you felt watched so naturally you paused your music and looked up from your handy work to see that your husband was in fact watching you with the most amused grin on his face as he unbutton his black collar shirt.
"Having the time of your life?" He asked in a teasing tone as he starting to approach you.
You felt your face fluster as you could only watch him pluck one of the headphones from your ears and put them in his own ear.
"Come on. You were so eager to 'see that girl' and 'watch that scene.'" He continued to press on before your face contorted in embarrassment.
"You...you are so cruel." You pouted at him grabbing back your earbud.
He laughed out loud as he pulled you into a hug and you buried your head into the crook of his neck.
"I'm cruel?"
"But I was 'digging the dancing queen.'"
"Can you shut up!"
He laughed again as he squeezed you and then put the earphone back into his ear and hit the play button on your phone. Your head perked up as he put his hand on your waist and put your hands around his neck.
"It was cute." He smiled at you and you averted your gaze.
But the feeling of your inital embarrassment didn't last for very long as you heard Levi sing along to the song. That caused a smile to break out onto your face as he swayed along to the music and you giggled as you followed his steps.
He twirled you around and you continued to burst into a fit of giggles like a school girl. If there was one thing he enjoyed doing it was making you happy and he would do almost anything to achieve that glorious smile on your face.
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If someone studied Levi’s behavior, no one could ever be certain that he liked you. From the outside,he behaved with you the same way he did with his other comrades,and only people who’d known him for years would have been able to guess that there was more to it than just platonic feelings.
But if,however,someone caught the look on Levi’s eyes every time he looked at you,thought of you or talked about you,there would have been no mistaken to it. You could control your demeanor,but eyes had a language of their own that couldn’t be mastered. No matter how careful Levi was,his eyes always spoke for themselves,showing his deep care and affection without his consent.
Even if this was still a light and almost unnoticeable change in this so composed man’s behavior, his closest friends knew immediately when you entered a room as his pupil grew bigger and his eyes showed such strong emotions that it was almost unreal to think you hadn’t noticed it. Levi never spoke about his feelings,but one look into his eyes and everyone who dared to look could understand how deeply he cared about you.
Levi’s eyes were an open door through his heart and soul,and the only way to cross it was to be able to understand what they were saying,and answer them back.
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levi-my-beloved · 2 days ago
imagine just fucking levi into oblivion... like you come home from a shopping trip and just bought all the toys under the sun, and you get to spend the rest of the day tying him up in different ways, slowly inserting a string of anal beads into his needy little hole, watching him squirm and mewl at the stimulation as you slowly feed the last, and biggest one into his ass, cooing soft insults "needy little boy, pretty little whore". cockrings and fleshlight, turning up the vibrations on both and listening to his desperate screams, muffled by the tape you have over his mouth. poor baby can't even moan properly, his voice just breaks with every hummed cry, tears soaking the blindfold as you finally, finally remove the beads, briefly fingering his clenching hole before making him cockwarm your strap, leaning down to spit on the head of his leaking, pulsing length, flushed with an agonising want for release, but you still don't touch him, just watch you saliva mingle and dribble with the amalgamation of fluids.
pulling out and harshly thrusting the entire length of your strap back into his wanton ass, watching as his hips weakly thrust down onto you as he begs, and begs and begs. how can you tell? the broken "'ease, 'ease" from behind the tape. let the poor boy sing, so you do, and revel in the teary gasp and the unbridled scream of pain laced pleasure. lifting the blindfold up to his forehead, wiping the spilling tears from his cheeks. such tender movements in contrast to the brutal fucking he's being subjected to. taking the fleshlight in your hand, pumping his shaft, the vibrations tickling your palm as he fights for his release.
do you let him? maybe, if he's been good enough. if he's listened to you, obeyed you. if not, you remove everything but the cockring, leaving him rock solid, desperate and filthy with his own fluids. sitting on his cock makes him balk, his brows pinching, jaw falling open. you make yourself cum on his cock, flicking your clit until your walls squeeze and flutter around him, leaving him breathless, hiccupping, pleading you for release, muttering broken apologies.
and you just climb off him, retrieve the chastity cage from the bottom drawer and lock him away for a rainy day.
"good boy levi, but not good enough."
i just think that would be neat :)
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holy-guacamoly · 23 hours ago
Home - LevixFem!Reader
Finally, I am back at writing for Levi. I missed this. <3 To celebrate properly let's start with some angsty fluff right away. I was feeling extra soft so bare with me. I swear I feel like there is not much plot just tooth-rotting cuteness. Summary: You and Levi come home from the raid on Marley, burning to embrace a special someone. A/N: I tried to format this story a million times and there is still a weird break at some point. I am going to just leave it like that because I am losing my marbles if I go in for another try. Warnings: mentions of war but nothing too graphic
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The rising sun cast a sepia-colored filter over the quiet landscape. Slowly the nightly concert of the cicadas ebbed away into silence. Not a heavy one, but the one that embraces you during a morning walk. A light touch, painting goose-bumps on your skin. Everything seemed peaceful, concealing the horrors that lay behind you. You took a deep breath, the first one in weeks. The cold air filled your lungs, allowing them to unfold. A corrosive taste of gunpowder and metallic blood still lingered in your system, but the smell of morning dew provided a remedy. The fact that you were surrounded by such serenity still felt unreal, like a dream. You made it out alive once again. By mere luck or by pure skill, you weren't sure. As your husband suddenly spoke it almost seemed foreign. An eternity of silence was something you got used to on your way back. And you surely weren’t expecting that something this banal would finally break it. "We're here." You stopped when those words left Levi's mouth. Two sets of eyes, one steel-grey, one e/c, scanned the scenery in front of them. It was a house, nothing too palatial but not too plain either. It looked minimalistic like the stern captain liked it. The fact that you also resided inside those walls was given away by the countless sets of flowers and ivy decorating the white, wooden tiles. "Looks still the same," you stated, almost in awe. Of course, it would still look exactly like you left it, so why were you even surprised? Did life really take so much from you that you expected the worst around every corner? Was this cruel world finally bereaving you of the last ounce of trust you had left? As your thoughts turned into a spiral you felt Levi's hand wrapping around yours, squeezing it gently but with enough pressure to keep you in the moment. This was real. You would see her again. She was alive and so were you. This realization was all your brain needed to finally force your whole body to move towards the building. Hesitant at first, you were now practically sprinting. Your husband mirrored your movement and so the both of you ran hand in hand over the neatly moved lawn, over the porch through the front door. As you almost crashed into the warmth of the once welcoming room, you were met with darkness and silence. Only the growing rays of sunshine cascaded over the furniture. In an instant, your stomach dropped and fear gripped tightly around your insides. Where was she? Why was no one home? Your breath grew erratic and your vision slowly began to blur. Blood roared in your ears like a thunderstorm. Right before you were sure you would lose your mind, a shadow figure brought its attention to you. It was small, petite even. "Oh thank the walls!" it exclaimed, voice pitched with pure happiness. The tiny figure hurried over to Levi and you and was quick to pull you into a tight hug. "I am so glad you made it back alive. Rumor has it that we lost a lot of brave soldiers. Is that true? And about Eren Yeager...is he really-" The waterfall of questions and remarks was abruptly stopped by the raven-haired man next to you. An old lady, in her 70ies, starred at you with the biggest eyes as her blue iris shook with expectation and happiness. "Lydia, we are so glad to see you. Everything's fine," he murmured assuringly, placing a hand on the woman's shoulder. Of course, it was a plain lie that things went fine, but this wasn't the time to break such horrifying news. You were tired, so, so tired. Not even in a sense of sleep, but your whole system screamed for some peace. Explaining and re-running every gruesome moment of your mission wouldn't help. You would let Lydia in eventually. Called person, Lydia Gardner, was your neighbor and dear friend. This overly kind woman had been in your life since you could remember.
You were only a toddler when your family moved into this house, so Lydia was part of basically every milestone in your life. Sadly your parents were taken away by the grim reaper too early and Lydia didn't hesitate to play a motherly role to fill the void that their deaths ripped into your heart. "Where is she?" you finally blurted out, throwing all your manners overboard. The old woman gifted you a knowing smile in return. "Still asleep, my dear. " With a soft tilt, Lydia nodded in the direction of the wooden clock that decorated the wall. "The sun hasn't even fully dawned." Right. After being awake for over 24 hours, the concept of time didn't seem to be clear to you anymore. People tend to sleep during those hours. An audible sigh fought its way out of your vocal cords as you let your frustration show. You hated the fact that you weren't able to think straight anymore and above all you hated how you probably had to wait another few hours to finally see her. Like he could read your mind, Levi draped his arm around your waist and planted a gentle kiss on the top of your head. This little gesture was simple but it said a thousand things. I am here. I miss her too. It's going to be okay. His face still buried in your hair Levi whispered throatily, "Let's go upstairs and check on her, huh?" You nodded mechanically and Levi shoved his worn-out body past Lydia. You mouthed a silent "Thank you" to your second mother and followed right behind your husband. The stairs moaned under every step as you tip-toed to the first floor. Every cell in your body begged for you to just run to the room on the end of the hall. To finally embrace that sweet feeling of reunion. But you knew that this wasn't right. So you sneaked over the hallway, scanning the picture that hung on the wall, along your way briefly, until you finally reached your destination. With a soft movement, Levi opened the ivory-painted door and took a look into the dimmed room. A tiny bundle of blankets rested on an equally small bed. It rose contently as quiet breaths left its nostrils. "Kuchel..." you breathed out, voice shaking. From the corner of your eyes, you noticed your husband's body trembling as well. Never in your life have you witnessed the stern captain to be such vulnerable. Even after years of marriage he never let his guard down. Not until now. Tears painted Levi's skin as he watched his daughter sleep without a care. He wanted to hug her, pamper her with kisses but he didn't dare to ruin this perfect moment. This was everything he ever thought of for the past few months. Over and over again the warrior replayed this day, where he would be able to hold his daughter close to his chest. You walked next to the love of your life and hid your face on his shoulder. There was no need in holding your tears back, so you let the waterfalls spill. "We're home, Levi. We made it back to her." You felt Levi nod against your head, while his hand searched for yours once more. "Mommy? Daddy?" a weak voice interrupted your blissful moment. Your daughter sat up, confused and kind of groggy, as she rubbed her chubby fists over her big eyes. Her onyx-colored locks were standing in every direction and you had to hold back a chuckle. After a few baffled looks and whole-heartedly yawns, Kuchels face lit up. "Mommy! Daddy! You're back!" she shrieked prosperously, waking up the whole neighborhood. Clumsily the young child wiggled itself free from its blanked fort and rushed over to the both of you. The pitter-patter of tiny feet filled the air with a joyful symphony as she repeated your names all over again. Levi crouched down and threw his arms to the side to welcome his daughter. The biggest smile danced on his lips, one you've never seen before. Your child held such a special place in Levi’s heart, even you couldn't compete with. "Daddy, you are here!" Kuchel exclaimed once more as she threw herself into her father's embrace, almost knocking the air out of him. Both of them crashed onto the ground, as Levi cradled her close to his chest. "Yes, I
I missed you, baby. I missed you so, so much," he murmured against her head, trying to get a grip of himself. You also got down on your knees, as your daughter made a grabbing motion in your direction. You put her tiny hand in yours, while the digits of your left hand caressed her chubby cheeks. Unlike your husband, you weren't able to hide the heavy flow of tears that painted your skin.
Like a merl, Kuchel chirped, "Why are you crying? Aren't you happy to see me?" Her e/c orbs scanned you curiously as she clearly didn't understand your outburst. You laughed wholeheartedly and shook your head. "Of course, I am happy to see you, sweetie! I've been thinking every day about you." As you spoke Levi pulled away from his daughter so he was able to take a look at her. Kuchel noticed the movement and gifted him her whole attention. "And you, Daddy? Did you think about me too," she asked nonchalantly as her tiny finger found its way to Levi's cheek, tracing the wet streak on his face. Her brows furrowed as her confusion on why everybody was crying intensified. Your husband took a deep breath before he said, "I even dreamt about you every night. About how we were going to drink tea together and clean all the cupboards." He referred to their favorite activities. Kuchel was a mini-version of Levi after all and just as much of a clean freak. The girl smiled. "Auntie Lydia and I had a lot of tea parties," she explained proudly. The both of you let out an overly surprised "Oh" as if Kuchel was telling the most interesting story. As the tiny girl was babbling on about her adventures with her beloved aunt, Levi rose from the ground, keeping her secure to his hip. "I want to hear everything about that, but how about we prepare some breakfast first and then you can tell us everything you did while we were gone?" he mused and planted a soft kiss on her cheek. Little Kuchel nodded eagerly as she rambled on about how she wanted to have pancakes with fruits and how they needed to see her newest stuffed animal, called Pebble. As you listened to your daughter's sweet voice, you couldn't help but let yourself hope for a second. She deserved a world of peace and you would make sure that this was possible.
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levmada · a day ago
this new episode has me thinking about levi’s tits again :(( his arms so thick and warm when they wrap around you, kissing all over his big chest and taking those fat pecs in my mouth :(( sucking his pretty nipples :(
Literally Levi’s figure is so packed and strong .. his midriff riddled by muscle that you can squeeze and make him turn red all over by running your palms over again and again :(
watching sinewy biceps flex when he picks you up. flexing, thick tummy muscles when you ride him.
making him all wet by running your tongue through the rivets in the center of his belly where his abs slope, pronounced and firm and strong :(( these same muscles trembling and clenching when his dick pulses and his creamy cum spills all over his heated, soft skin :(
smoothing your palms over his pretty pecs and squeezing them together. wet with kisses. imagine.
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rouge-variant · 21 hours ago
Levi Ackerman x Reader: Making Dough
Random thought that came to my head as my cat was making dough on me…Enjoy!
Word Count: 814
Warnings: Only Spoilers for Season 4 after the warning below
“Who the hell is that…?” Levi glared at the pile of fur sitting happily on your lap. You looked up to greet your partner and said furball moved up and glared at the raven head while proceeding to give kisses to your chin.
“This, my good sir, is Heichou and he is now our permanent roommate. Say hi Heichou” you grabbed his little paw and waved over to Levi as he mewled.
“We are not keeping it” Levi claims, crossing his arms annoyed. Only you would manage to sneak a stray cat into the barracks and have it happily live in the room you two share. The cat was rather small but with all the fur it shed, you could make multiple Heichous.
Without asking it was clear when you managed to come up with the name as it slightly resembled him with the black fur on his head and the rest of his body with the exception of the paws, face and just under his neck with the cravat sitting on Levi’s neck.
“He’s a good boy though…and look he makes dough on your legs!” you squeal excitedly and he rolled his eyes before walking towards his desk to get started on his papers.
After a while, Heichou got bored of sitting on your lap after you fell asleep and his kitten curiosity got the better of him as he saw Levi’s pen waving back and forth. Coming closer he jumped on the desk and crouched with big eyes watching the pen sway back and forth.
“No…” he whispered, watching the cat version of himself. The cat meowed and looked at the human. He reached his paw out slowly to see if Levi would push him away. Levi didn’t, slightly amused with the kitten’s behavior.
Whether you knew this or not, he had a soft spot for cats and this one was no exception. Even if it shed like crazy. Amusing the kitten, he waved the pen again and bit back a chuckle at the head jerk it did towards the pen. Moving the papers aside, he grabbed a ribbon he had stashed in his desk for holding papers together and dragged it along the floor to keep the kitten occupied.
Back and forth, back and forth, up and down, repeat. All this was going on while you napped. Levi was careful to keep it controlled so as to not wake you. But Heichou lacked the stamina of Humanities Strongest and grew tired after a while of playing. He then chose to take a nap on Levi’s lap and repeat the same thing to him that he did to you.
Little toe-beans and tiny claws kneading the flesh on Levi’s leg as he froze. Not that it hurt or anything, it was just a weird sensation. The kitten was purring and nuzzling into Levi’s torso before yawning and resting his head down.
At this point, you were waking up so Levi didn’t feel bad for calling out to you.
“What’s wrong?” You get up and walk towards him, taking note of the abandoned booklets and ribbon laying on the desk. Your face lit up upon seeing your two favourite beings getting along then laughed at Levi’s distressed posture.
“Quit laughing…what do I do?” He demanded softly not to disturb the kitten.
“He just wants attention…stroke his head and scratch behind his ears. He likes that. You’re doing great!” you smiled kneeling down and resting our head on his unoccupied thigh looking up at him.
“Tch, now I have two needy brats to look out for” he sighed but did as you said. Maybe being a cat dad wasn’t that bad, not something he would admit out loud but his actions showed.
SPOILERS FOR SEASON 4 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Even after the war was over, Heichou was still Levi’s lap cat. Though he grew up and now had to sprawl over both legs, Levi loved it nonetheless
Of course with the new injury, Hechiou was curious but never scared. On days that the pain was bad for his leg, Hechiou rested on the armrest of his chair and made dough on his arm instead.
Gabi and Falco also loved Hechiou but he was strictly Levi’s cat…and yours if he felt like sharing Levi.
Hechiou enjoyed the new ‘toys’ you had brought originally to help Levi move around. The wheelchair was his afternoon nap spot. Crutches were the new way to get attention and the cane was his new wrestling toy. Much to both of your annoyance and the kids’ enjoyment.
Regardless, he made life easier when coming down from the aftermath of the war and was a perfect addition to your earlier family even if there were going to be new fur babies or tiny humans to come in future. His special touch with making dough on Levi made your lives much more fun.
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animeaandp · 2 days ago
Tied to Apron Strings
Part One
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Summary: After suffering a horrific trauma, can you and Levi be put back together again, or will you both fall to your demons? Either way, you'll do it together.
Warnings: swearing, violence, mention/depiction of sexual assault
Notes: Not the best summary but you'll figure it out as you read. This is probably going to be one of the shorter parts, just a heads up; it's more of an introduction I guess. This story is centered on the relationship between the Reader and Levi; it's one born from shared trauma, PTSD, and co-dependency. Not the healthiest but the question is can it last and blossom into something more?
"I said. Where's-"
"The Reiss bitch-"
"Don't tell him-"
"Shut up you rat!!"
There went your nose, not that you could feel it at this point. How many bones had Kenny broken by now? You can't move to check. Honestly, it's a miracle you're still breathing. Wheezing out those last three words drained the last bit of energy you had, but you couldn’t let Kenny force out anymore information from Levi.
The two of you had been captured by Kenny and his men during what was supposed to be purely a recon-mission. Levi had narrowed down their headquarters to a few areas in the district and split everyone up into groups. There was no way of knowing which building it was so instructions were given to check every single one, but no matter what, we weren't to draw any attention to ourselves. This mission was simply to gain as much information as possible to help prepare for the official attack later on.
Levi sent you ahead of him while he finished mapping out the details you already knew to the others. You made it to your agreed upon location and started scouting the area. It was an abandoned neighborhood due to the locals fleeing after the fall of Wall Rose. There’s no sign of life in many of the buildings, just the occasional factions of people scouring the trash and rubble for anything of worth remaining. You stuck to the rooftops to avoid being seen.
After a while you struck gold, spotting a familiar frame flying off with his own ODM gear and a few men behind him.
Your first reaction is to go and report back to Levi, but you remembered his words from earlier:
“….but if you see Kenny: Do. Not. Lose him. No matter what you follow him and leave behind black smoke signals so the rest of us can follow your trail. Keep your distance though.”
‘Levi should be right behind me. Do I wait for him? No, Kenny’s moving too fast; we’ll lose him if I wait any longer.’
You mark the building Kenny walked out of and set a smoke signal on the rooftop so Levi wouldn’t miss it. You remember the fight from before when Kenny wiped out almost all of your men and even had Levi hanging on by a thread. The man you were following was quick and dangerous, you’d have to be more than careful. Any mistake would cost you your life and until Levi caught up, you were on your own. ‘But, it’s captain Levi. I know he’d save me.’ Your grip tightens around your blades as you start a mad dash after the men.
You're heading south of the outlined area and worry if Levi’s been able to follow your smoke signals before they blew out. ‘If he didn’t see those last few, he’d have no idea where I was or how to find me….no, don't think like that. Once Kenny reaches his destination, I’ll mark the area then turn around and wait for Levi. Simple.’ A few more minutes pass until the men finally land in the middle of an abandoned road and dip into a warehouse. You perch yourself on the rooftop next door and begin setting up your last smoke signal. Before the match can even spark, a shadow jumps from behind and swallows you whole. After a short struggle and blow to the head, you’re stripped of your ODM gear and officially captured.
'SHIT! That was too fast; did he know I was here?! That I was following them?! Shit! Shit!' Being in the clutches of a psychotic version of Levi flooded you with dread and stole your voice away. Within the twenty feet it took to reach the door you grasped at everything,
'No! Help!'
even the clumps of dirt on the ground.
‘Please! Help!’
You looked as desperate and pathetic as you felt,
'Somebody help me!'
Pointlessly resisting against the eldest Ackerman; The butcher himself carrying a lamb to slaughter. Your heartbeat pounds dangerously as you literally hang on by the tips of your fingers in the doorframe. If you went in there you weren't coming out.
You’d feel full of hope seeing Levi fly faster than ever before, but the eerie chuckle from behind shocked you back to your senses,
‘It’s a trap.’
“It’s a-!”
Something cold digs into your neck.
“Not another word doll or heads are gonna start rolling. Long time no see runt! I was hoping you’d find me. Took a bit longer than I thought-” Levi shifts his stance. “Ah ah ah,” you can’t fight the grunt escaping between gritted teeth, “surely you don’t want to see anymore of your people die horrifically,” Kenny’s fingers on your cheek felt worse than the blade, “especially one so darn pretty.”
You pleaded with your eyes for Levi to make a run for it. Either that or to forget about you and cut up every single one of these walking slugs to pieces. Yet, his eyes only kept apologizing to you. His gears were spinning but getting nowhere, frustration overwhelming his usual calm complexion. You even see a hint of fear in his face. He throws down his blades and ODM gear, following Kenny in as he drags you by a fistful of hair and knife still digging into your neck. The building is stock piled with weapons and ammunition, supplies, stolen uniforms, maps, and worst of all: men everywhere. You and Levi were completely surrounded.
The two of you were led toward a sectioned off portion of the warehouse with heavy duty metal poles in the center. Your hands are bound behind your back. Then you’re thrown to the ground while Kenny leads Levi to the metal restraints that apparently even someone with ‘Ackerman-strength’ couldn’t break. The reality of your situation settled in at the confession. Seeing Levi willingly being bound to it,
‘Don’t do it. Don’t! No!!’
“Don’t Captain! Let them kill me! Get out of here-!”
Kenny grips your face to look up at him, “Sorry dear, but I’m gonna need you alive for just a little bit longer. Feel free to scream and cry as much as you'd like, it'll help move things along.”
And that’s how you ended up here, a bloodied and beaten corpse, face down in the dirt under Kenny’s boot. Truly, a sacrificial lamb. His ‘interrogation’ with Levi had been going on for about an hour and your body was almost at it’s limit. Every time Levi didn’t answer a question or Kenny wasn't satisfied with it, he beat you until blood poured out from somewhere new. Sometimes just for the hell of it. You urged Levi not to say anything for as long as your voice lasted. He fought it, he really did, but he broke a bit more and more the longer he watched you inch closer to death.
But now it was do or die.
“Tell me where she is OR ELSE!!”
Kenny retaliated this time by throwing you down at Levi’s feet. Things go dark for a second from the harsh contact. ‘Oh no…’ You weren’t going to be able to handle much more of this. The sounds of Levi screaming and cursing Kenny were distant; not nearly as close as Kenny in your ear.
“Here’s the deal sweetheart. This runt isn’t giving me what I need so I’m about to kill him.”
“But there is a way that you can save him.”
“Well, you could convince me to spare his life if you were to, ‘put me in a better mood’, and maybe a few of my men also? They haven’t been with a woman in quite some time and are just itching to toss you around.”
Your eyes are too swollen and tired to properly see the flurry of movements in front of you. It sort of looks like Levi could be thrashing against his restraints. He may even be screaming at Kenny to go to hell and something else too? What you know is that Kenny gave you a chance to save Levi’s life so no matter what happened to you, 'Whatever it takes.' Ignoring the cold touch grazing underneath your shirt,
Levi becomes hysteric against his restraints, screaming he’ll kill Kenny if he lays another finger on you! Begging you not to do this! He knows how sadistic Kenny is and would rather die a million deaths than let that man have his way with you for a second. You’d die no questions asked.
But it’s too late.
The deal’s been made and you were physically too weak to fight off a fly at this point. It’s a whirlwind how quickly Kenny throws you over his shoulder and yells for his men before dumping your body on a nearby table. Your arms are cut free, instantly falling limp to your side. You wonder how loud Levi must actually be screaming for you to hear him so clearly in your current condition. His voice clashes with the strains against his chains. You wish you could have held onto the sound of his voice a little longer.
Soon you’re surrounded on all sides and begin to feel your body being jostled around. Too weak to resist in the slightest, you can only silently cry while Levi howls like a maniac being forced to watch. He becomes feral against his restraints and manages to break the chains on his ankles and stand but no matter what he tries, he can’t free his hands.
His eyes never leave you...
Glimpses of you being stripped and tossed around like a ragdoll by filthy hands.
Seeing small sprays of blood break through the crowd after every CRACK! and SMACK! that jolts your body.
Watching you being beaten to death, an occasional strangled scream managing to escape.
Fluids mixing with your blood, dripping off the table. Boots sloshing around in the puddles.
The demonic grunts and groans. The laughter of monsters he swore to slaughter.
Levi’s wailing from the depth of his soul; roaring for whatever fucked-up God existed out there to end this hell!
HOURS of this!!
He screamed the entire time. Loud enough and long enough for the rest of the squad to pinpoint your location, it was the only reason they could. But you couldn’t hold on any longer. You couldn’t keep waiting for Levi to save you. No. No one was coming. The last thing you hear is glass shattering before plunging into darkness.
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titanialev · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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nelapanela94 · a day ago
tw: mentions of blood, injury, bit of angst and fluff
Levi's heart twisted in his chest when he found you, adn feared the worst. Sitting under a tree, with your back resting against the trunk and your eyes closed Levi cursed under his breath as tears shone in his eyes.
Was it to late?
Blood still gushed from your wound. He ran and kneeled by your side, and hope returned when you weakly muttered his name. The clock was ticking; Levi tore his cloak and wrapped the piece of fabric around your leg to stop the hemorrhage. It was a large, deep wound that extended from your knee to the middle of your thigh.
The natural tint of pink that brought life to your cheeks had faded, replaced by a deathlike pallor that evidenced the long suffering you had to endure on your own. Levi couldn't stop regretting that it took him forever to find you. Without wasting any more time, he furiously rode his horse at a fast lope; as for you, the thunderous clop rapidly grew distant until silence took over.
If your life was coming to an end, it comforted you to know that your last minutes would be in Levi's arms.
But the light at the end of the tunnel never came.
Grodgingly, you opened your eyes as a sharp pain roamed along your leg. A deep groan fell off your mouth, and you took your time to recognize your surroundings.
A hospital room.
You tried to sit but the pain was unbearable and you were still too weak. "Don't move"
Your eyes opened wide as you turned your head to the side; that voice could only belong to one person. A ghost of a smile drew on your lips as he approached and took a seat on the edge of the bed.
"Hey" he placed his palm on your hand, transmitting his warmth and love with a single touch.
"I want you closer" you whispered, and he let out a sigh before laying down next to you. One wrong move and he would fall on his butt to the floor. Levi wrapped his arm around you and held you tight against him pressing his lips on your forehead.
"You scared me" he caressed your cheek lightly "life without you would be worthless"
"Levi..." Your lower lip quivered as your eyes swam with tears. Words stuck in your throat, and the pressure in your chest didn't seem to cease.
"I know it sounds selfish but" he held back his tears, struggling for his voice not to break "I don't want you to...," you met his glossy eyes while your hand found his, intertwining your fingers. Levi gulped and continued "just, please don't die before me"
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m-jelly · 2 days ago
Hello <3 Can I request a Levi x reader where the reader gets hurt during a mission but doesn’t tell Levi because she thinks it’s not that bad but it was just adrenaline so it turned out to be worse than she thought so now she has to go see him for help ?? Love all your works btw :D
Happy to do this! I'm going to go for a broken bone, because when you do break something you often don't realise you have until the adrenaline is gone and you're like oh shit...Thanks for the love. Ya'll are the reason I keep going. I can't stress this enough how wonderful you all are <3
Tumblr media
Let me help you.
Pairing: Levi x Reader
Genre and tags: Couple, love, worry, cannon world, hurt, comfort, happy ending, cuteness.
Concept: You and Levi are in the early days of your relationship. You care about him so much, that you know he worries about every little thing about you and the scouts. So, to reduce his worries you keep a lot of your problems to yourself the lessen the load he has. However, on a mission, you land on your foot funny while saving a scout. At first, you think everything is okay, just a slight sprain, but when you get back to the base it because very clear that something is wrong and you have no choice but to tell your boyfriend to get help.
You landed on a roof next to Levi, then jogged to take the momentum of your gear. You sighed, then glanced at Levi with a blush on your cheeks and saw he too was blushing. "How are we looking?"
"Beautiful." Levi blushed more when you giggled. "You meant the mission. Well, it's going okay. We have a few more titans to eliminate."
You rolled your shoulders. "Alright. I'll go ahead and do a clear up."
"Tch, oi? Stay back here with me."
You kissed his cheek. "It's not a problem. I've got this."
You jumped off the roof, then flew through the streets and saw the last titan surrounded by scouts. You saw it reaching for a newbie. You flew for them, then flip and twisted over the grabbing hand. You grabbed the person, then turned with them. You cried out at how heavy they were. You kept going to a roof at a safe distance, then landed on your feet with the full weight of the person. You winced at the pain in your foot, then you slammed and rolled against the roof.
The scout sat up and shook. "Thank you. I thought I was dead."
You pushed yourself up and panted. "It's not over yet."
You got up and ran along the roof, then fired your gear and went for the titan. You flew around its grabbed arms, then went right to the nape and cut out a chunk. You landed on the roof and jogged, then you sighed and felt something was weird with your foot, but you were sure it was just a muscle.
Levi flew over and started shouting at the scout you saved. He sighed after shouting for a while. "Tch, stupid piece of shit." He walked over to you. "You alright brat?"
You felt a weird throbbing in your foot. "Yeah, I'm good."
"You sure? You landed on the roof with a heavyweight on you."
You gave him a smile. "All is good. We should head back now."
Levi hummed, then sighed. "Okay, let's head out."
You nodded and followed him and the team to your horses. You rode back and felt your adrenaline slowly going only to be replaced with pain. You felt cold and the pain throb through you. The pain made you feel a little sick, but you were determined to not bother Levi about it. You walked to your office and lay on the sofa panting at the pain coming from your foot. You winced and whined a little at how much it hurt. You thought it was just a sprain, but this was worse.
You got off your sofa, then limped to Levi's office knowing very well you needed his help. You didn't want to burden him with problems because he had enough to worry about, but you couldn't ignore your pain. You knocked on his door, then smiled when you heard him call out.
Levi looked, then smiled when he noticed it was you. "Hey, brat."
You limped in, then closed the door. "Umm...Levi?"
He frowned a little. "You're very pale. Are you okay? You hurt yourself, didn't you? Why didn't you tell me?"
You welled up. "I didn't want to be a burden. You've got a lot on your plate at the moment and you don't need me to add more."
Levi threw his papers on his desk, then he walked over to you and scooped you up like a bride. "You're not a burden. You're important to me, so I want you to tell me what's going on." He sat you on his sofa. "Tell me everything, okay? I tell you everything due to encouragement from you and my dating advisors."
You hummed a laugh. "Erwin and Hange."
"Yes." He knelt in front of you and sighed. "So, what's wrong?"
You sighed. "I landed on my foot funny and I thought it was just a sprain, but now it's really hurting."
"Let's have a look." He pulled your foot off and paused when you whimpered and cried. "Sorry."
You shook your head and sniffed. "It's okay. I'm okay. Just, take it off."
Levi raised a brow. "Sounds familiar."
You snorted a laugh. "Dirty man."
He pulled your boot off and smiled a little. "Made you feel better though."
You nodded and sighed. "You did."
He pulled your sock off, then inhaled air between his teeth. "Fuck brat, that doesn't look good."
You stared at your foot to see all kinds of purples and pinks in your skin. "That looks bad."
Levi hummed, then touched your foot all over. "Let's have a feel. This will really hurt, okay? I'm sorry in advance."
You gulped. "It's okay. I'm prepared."
Levi kept feeling, then found a clear broken bone in your foot. He look up as you inhaled, then bit your hand as you held back screams. "Sorry."
You shook your head and whimpered. "It's okay."
He stood up, then leaned over and kissed you. "I'm really sorry."
"It's okay."
He kissed you again, then pulled back. "So, bad news and good news. The bad news is your foot is broken, good news is you get six weeks off."
"How is being off good?"
Levi hummed. "Well, it means I don't have to worry on missions that you'll get hurt or taken by a titan." He took your other boot off and sock, then leaned over and kissed you again. "You'll be safe and sound here."
You giggled. "You're happy my foot is broken, but also unhappy that I didn't tell you sooner."
"Yeah." He walked to his first aid, then came back over and wrapped your foot up. "I'll get you some crutches. I don't want you doing anything you shouldn't, so I'll be your carer."
You sighed and relaxed. "This is like a dream for you."
"Yes." He gave you some meds and a cup of water. "Take that to ease the pain. I'll get better stuff later."
You took the meds, then sighed. "Thanks for this."
Levi sat next to you, then pulled you close. "You should let me take care of you more. I know you think I have a lot of burdens, but you're my priority and anything that happens to you is not a burden at all. I care about you, okay? So, tell me everything."
You hugged Levi's side and smiled. "Promise I will."
"Good girl."
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anlian-aishang · a day ago
Tumblr media
Kinktober Day 30: Vampire & Period Blood Play & Cunnilingus
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I had artwork for this fic commissioned by the extremely talented @rosenkow! I have worked with her numerous times and she never disappoints ~ I cannot recommend her enough. Please show her some love 🖤
Word count: 2400
Tags: levi x reader, smut, cunnilingus, blood play (bloodthirsty-vamp!levi eats her out while she is on her period), fem!reader
Tumblr media
A cruel coincidence this all had been. Underestimating your cycle by a week - its actual arrival date landing on the next Thursday, the same day that Levi invited you up to his place for the long weekend. So early on in your relationship, you felt too intimidated of canceling and far too self-conscious to admit the reason why. Paralyzed in indecision - you went with the flow - a flow that turned from light to heavy on the way to his house. Sifting in your seat, you tried to readjust your lining, readjust your attitude: how were you going to get out of this one?
You had put on your best show for the first few evenings, but while he was at work, you utilized his time away to curl into a fetal position on his bed - writhe, sweat it out, let yourself suffer through your symptoms in privacy. Clutching his pillow to your abdomen, his scent still lingering, a grim reminder that he would be home any minute. Goddammit, you cursed yourself, why did it happen to fall on this weekend?
The truth was, it did not happen to. Later on in your relationship, you would discover what a meticulous planner you had fallen for - no accidents under his control. Levi had been keeping track of your days even better than you had. The timing of your period and this visit was no unfortunate happenstance, but rather, his own calculated intention. He simply had a knack for this sort of thing.
You could say he was born this way.
// // //
As surely as the moon rose and tides turned, clouds formed and rain fell, uterus filled and emptied - as did Levi leave at sunrise and return at its set.
You had been in a deep sleep, a rehabilitative crash nap, when you awoke to a thump at the foot of your - his - bed. Levi’s hip sunk into the mattress, calloused hand rubbed your shin. White button-up tucked into black slacks. Free hand unfastened his top notch before threading his belt out from its loops.
Slowly, you propped yourself up on an elbow, rubbing your eyes of sleep, grog in your voice remained, “Le’vi…?”
“Morning, sleepyhead.” Though it was actually 6 PM. Levi checked his watch before checking back on you, “Out like a rock - you feeling okay?”
His words of concern were sweet, but there was no sugar to his voice. Maybe concern was not it, but its evil twin: intrigue.
You would have thought harder about it at another time, in another state, but as your head ran foggy with fatigue and your body fell exhausted with cramps, you had been drained of resolve - though you still had plenty of blood to give. You could say it was a cold, but that would awaken his clean freak - keeping distance from you, scrubbing everything pristine. You could say it was food poisoning, but if he spotted blood in the bathroom, he would mistake its meaning and insist you go to the hospital. You rolled your head towards the other side of the pillow - frustrated, emotion-prone tears forming. It was foolish of you to think you could sneak this by him.
Taking in his hand so soundly on you, you were likewise affirmed that you had no other choice but to admit, “Y-Yeah… I’m -” each word was hard to say, you ran through them quickly. “I’m on my period.”
You braced yourself for his cringe, his recoil, his disgust. What was even more riling, though, was his sliver of a smile, “I know.”
Your casual perch snapped into a panic. Eyes wide, fists clutched his bedding. You know!? Immediately, you lifted the sheets and peered down, petrified at the idea of Levi seeing your stained laundry - or even worse - bleeding through his pristine white sheets. Thankfully, it seemed your pad had caught everything, not even a drop of blood on your silk panties.
And what a choice that had been - to wear your pretty underwear at this time of the month. Through half-lidded eyes, Levi surveyed your particular garment, a satisfied smirk swiftly formed. Acknowledging how you must have known that there was a chance you would ruin them, but took the risk regardless - all for him. A silent understanding of the deeper meanings behind the dress decision that men less wise would perceive as random - meaningless even. Levi shook his head and scoffed, how they were missing out.
His snicker of delight, you mistook it for chastise. A deep shudder, nerves stinging - it was more than just embarrassment now, but total mortification. “H-How did you know?”
Levi tucked his lip under his teeth, parsing over how to answer, a bad habit of his daylight form. He had tried for years to break it - and each time he pierced himself, it was a painful reminder why. He snarled, reprimanding himself before considering his response.
How did you know?
He thought about his desk calendar, the one he so excitedly ripped each morning in anticipation of this day. He recalled the times you began weeping at just the slightest things, much moodier than your typical self. If he closed his eyes, he could practically see the white cotton turned red that you had tossed in his trash bin, haphazardly adorably attempting to hide it with bundles of tissues. Those kleenex turned out to be futile, though, as his sense for blood extended far beyond vision.
Fuck, just the thought…! Levi grit his teeth, feeling himself succumbing, his facade disintegrating. It was just your body’s natural being - no intentional enticing - but you had him shifting, feral, bloodthirsty.
Just as your period had depleted your composure, his darker side was doing the same to him as well. Like you had admitted your real condition, Levi was implored to share his truth as well: that there was one reason - one above the rest - he had discerned your flow. Levi propped his head on your lap with a grin inhumanly wide, taking a deep sniff before sighing, pleased with your scent, “Can practically smell it on you, baby…”
Looking down between your thighs, examining the scene, an immediate flinch - one he felt as you did: head to toe with your legs wrapped around him. “Wh-What?”
Levi ignored your question, inhibitions taking over now, “You’re worried about leaking, aren’t you?” Reading the waver in your eyes, your lips that moved but failed to pronounce: yes. Levi answered with a slight smile, a press of his palms to your waist, and leveraging himself further into your crevice, “I think I have a solution - one that’ll keep you clean, make you feel better…”
Oh, good… a massage, a heating pad, a warm bath.
“and make me feel better, too.”
Levi nestled his head into your thigh, bangs brushed against your skin, titillating as his proposition did, “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”
The longing in his eyes, the proximity of his mouth to your middle, at last you recognized the position he was assuming and the pleasure it preceded. He had always insisted that he loved to eat you out, but it was not until now - seeing how enthused he was to do it on your period nonetheless - that he finally had you convinced. Exhilarated hormones screamed at the idea, first-few-months-of-dating lust tinted your lenses, rose-colored. Hand tangled in his hair and shamelessly edged him closer, prior shock wholly replaced by animalistic desire. Sinking lower to his level, arching your back - bringing your cunt to his lips, “Yes, Levi…” you sighed, “I’d like that…”
More than just blood now, arousal added to your mix at the thought of his tongue wiping you clean, of red streaks on his immaculate skin, maybe even staining that ironed dress shirt - you could see it all so clearly.
At least, you thought you could.
But maybe it was another instance of in-heat ignorance from you - unrealistic expectations: that he would not find out that you were on your period, and that he would be anything short of ravenous while guzzling your drink.
One hand pressed hard on the waistband of your panties, keeping them in place for the fingers that curled underneath your pad and tore hastily. Rather than ripping your underwear and tossing both it and its contents aside, Levi paid special attention to the menstrual product within. On the pastel stretch, his gaze found and fixated on the thick glob of blood. At the sight, his eyes flickered between their two types: the stoic steel gray that everyone else knew, and the scarlet feline that only nightfall and your blood could incite. Split-second iterations that altered with every blink - his vision turned to strobe, tilted on the tightrope of beings: human or vampire. A slow bend of his neck brought his direction up from the comforter and onto your sex: laying eyes on your folds and your sweet strawberry jam, that was when he finally switched for good.
Pointed ears perked in anticipation of your startled shrieks and screams when you found out that vampires not only existed in this world, but between your legs. In an odd twist, it was you who shocked him though, with how you failed to notice. In this position, his head angled down just the right way, it allowed his obsidian locks to serve as convenient curtains. Sweat-coated strands of hair distracting enough to the glowing primary underneath.
What you did not miss, however, was his possession of your used pad. Tempted to take a lick now - but he was the type of person who saved the best bite for last, really savoring the taste - instead, Levi tucked it into his back pocket. A treat for later. Noticing that, you - tilted your head back and released a sigh - one that turned into a screech upon first contact.
A razor-sharp edge tugged your lips apart - above and below: a fierce wince, legs stretched straight in ricochet. A cut he mended with a slow slip of his tongue: starting at your cleft and crawling up to your clit. Low voice beckoned your glance, a red pearl on the tongue that praised and swallowed, “Mm… so sweet…”
But your moans were nearly lost to him now, drowned out by his own parched thirst. Wet smacks of mouth on pussy. Deep gulps of lifeblood down his throat. Luscious slurps of red velvet, his ice cream cone on a hot summer day: “So…. wet. So… good!” Levi groaned, “Fuck! You taste so good!”
You had never witnessed him like this: pussy drunk and far beyond it. Laboring to sit yourself up and take a good look down - your pupils dilated, veins turned electric - with a close read of your lover. Your nature stained his white shirt. A face paint on his forehead, nose, cheeks, lips, even his hair. His sheets? Forget about them. But despite the mess, he showed no irritation - only enamor. The clean freak you thought you knew was nowhere to be seen. Levi Ackerman? You had obliterated him.
The scars of his fangs, your painful cries, he soothed them with praise, “You’re okay, I’ve got you….” Muscles spasmed, climax nearing, he cheered you along, “That’s it, that’s my good girl…”
The total package - his flawless tongue and its way with words. Throat slick with your accumulation only enhanced the voice you already thought perfect. Even without your blood - if only his seduction and his saliva - you were sure you had never been this wet. Familiar aurora enlightened in your mind, a familiar signal flare to an orgasm beyond all your experiences.
It was unlike anything on earth. It was out of this world, this realm. Maybe someday, you would figure out why. But for now, your mind could not fathom that future - could hardly handle the approaching seconds.
“Oh…” You writhed, hands made tight fists in his hair, pulling him those last inches - crucial ones that would get you there, “Oh, Levi!!”
“Fuck…” Levi cursed. Never had any mortal gotten the better of him, and ironically, it was in your most fragile state that you took him down with you. In the throes of hell week and on the brink of climax - that was where he found his weakness.
Levi’s hips ground against the bed at a helpless pace. Desperation seized his features: eyes squinted shut, teeth clenched, neck veins protruding. Head turned into your skin, breathless pants fell upon it, “I… I…!” Slow and savory licks flopped to match his thrusts - fast and frantic. Scalding exhales and burning words crashed onto your cunt. To others, they were words thrown around in heat-of-the-moment release. To him, it was a truth he thought near giveaway, giveaway to a secret he swore to hold, but he just couldn't help himself: “I can’t… live without you, baby…!”
And years later, when his hair failed to gray, as skin remained smooth, and while he fucked you just as feverishly as he had in the honeymoon phase, maybe you would get your first inkling into what he truly meant by that - but he doubted you would ever guess its supernatural origin.
Finally drained. Levi got up to “take a shower” which was actually licking the remnants of your blood off of his skin. You decided to “take a nap” which was actually weaning off of your fever dream.
// // //
“Morning, sleepyhead.” But this time, it was 6 AM, and you felt a lot better. As your satin panties were void of blood, Levi had likewise freed himself from the confines of clothing. Immaculate chest and abs in your peripheral vision - his work threads bundled on the floor, stains gone.
But wait! That hadn’t really happened, right? A harsh series of blinks and the day’s first seconds woke you up from, “a crazy dream I had.”
“Oh, yeah?” Levi tilted his head down towards you, undermined curiosity painted his expression, his tone, “Tell me about it.”
You opened your mouth, prepared to ramble, but were cut off by his stunning appearance. His canines shined a little brighter today, as his tongue glossed over them, you convinced yourself: maybe he had just been whitening them lately. A stripe of blood on his bottom lip, the air was dry at this time of year, they were probably just chapped. Early sunrise tinted the entire room crimson, that must have been the reason that his silver irises appeared a shining ruby.
But each passing second that you stared at him, your attempt at self-reassurance weakened. Black bangs combed back, pupils particularly dilated, ivory skin appearing numerous shades paler than you remembered. Levi tilted his head, offering a knowing smirk. You ever thought? It had not been a dream at all.
Tumblr media
// Kinktober 2021 Masterlist //
Tumblr media
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ackerfics · 7 hours ago
College bf! levi would lowkey get kinda sad and a bit cold at seeing that you've cleared up your whole apartment and done all the chores because usually, you both do that stuff together (and talk, laugh and take breaks for tea between chores) and he'd never EVER admit it, but doing chores/cleaning WITH you is one of his favourite things to do of all time.
omg levi surely acknowledges cleaning as a date :< and i agree that he would feel disheartened at seeing your shared apartment so spotless after a day of endless lectures. he thinks that cleaning is a domestic thing to do and whenever you do it with him, you two share this wordless connection in a silent yet comfortable setting while doing chores in different spots of the apartment. not to mention that you sometimes pull him in little dancing numbers during specific songs in his cleaning playlist (as you call it), ones that he outwardly shows his distaste to but secretly enjoys it because your laughs are so genuine and carefree while twirling to some old tunes. so, pls, give him your love and affection --- make him his favourite tea and put on his favourite show even if they're just a bunch of criminal series, horror films, or reality tv. promise him that you will clean the apartment with him next time. after he asks you why you cleaned your home without him, a microscopic flustered expression lights up his face because you simply tell him that you did it for him to lessen his worries, seeing as he has tons of schoolwork waiting to be done. this one time, he lets it slide and the two of you bury yourselves under the covers while the drama playing in your laptop becomes background noise.
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 30. Thigh riding
Tumblr media
Pairing: husband!Levi Ackerman x f!reader
Synopsis: — Maybe if I was riding your thigh I'd feel better
Warning: thigh riding, handjob, tits play
wc: 0.6 k
Tumblr media
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated
Tumblr media
Kinktober m.list
Tumblr media
"I can't," Levi grumbles not paying much attention to you when you sit on his thigh, too busy signing papers.
"But Captain ..." you pout teasingly, you know he gets fired up when you call him that honorific when you're alone. The arousal is clear in his eyes when he looks at you, "I have work to finish, can't you wait?" he asks watching you undo your nightgown.
"Can I ride your leg until you finish?" you ask dropping your clothing to the floor and rubbing your bare breasts against his chest.
There's something animalistic about the way he looks at you, the way his chest rises and falls with the effort he makes to keep himself from reaching for you. The way he craves your touch never fails to make you smile and even as you brush his crotch there is a shy smile on your face.
Just the thought of him looking at you makes your skin tingle and you're painfully aware of the blood rushing to your clit as you sway your hips in an attempt to get off on his clothed thigh.
"Mmh Levi" you meow rubbing back and forth, your hand doesn't stop stroking him between his thighs, "touch me" you ask in a huff biting your lips.
"Come here" Captain Levi grabs your breasts and massages them roughly, shivers run down your spine from the pure excitement in his voice, it's not often you hear him like this.
His mouth is hot as he takes a nipple in his mouth and sucks it greedily, you throw your head back and press your tits to his face, "baby" you gasp as his teeth caress your swelling nub.
He takes his time undoing the buttons on his jeans, "take it in your hand" he orders lowering his underwear as well.
Levi is hard when you take him in your hand, you massage his head with your thumb to spread the drops of pre cum and slide your hand up and down his long shaft, "you're so big" you murmur moaning.
When Levi looks at you your pussy tightens, he gives you goosebumps when he puts his hands on your butt and moves your panties to the side, "keep going" he orders pushing you onto his muscular thigh.
Your tongue rolls out as you sway over him, your clit exposed on his jeans as you ride his thigh, "so ... uhu" you meow.
He moans as you move your hand faster also increasing the speed of your thrusts, "uhu shit" Levi closes his eyes and sucks harder on your nipple, kisses the tender flesh around it and then moves on to the other.
You're furiously fucking his leg and you let out a guttural moan as the hand on your ass tightens, his cum splatters on your hand as your orgasm hits you like a fucking train wreck, "Levi, god" you mumble slamming your hips against him.
You barely felt it grow and suddenly your whole body is quivering and trembling shaken by tremors of pure pleasure.
Levi slumps down in his chair taking you with him, "oho I really needed this" he murmurs moving your sweat soaked hair off your forehead, and cradles you in his arms as you come back from your high.
Tumblr media
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undying-vagabond · 2 months ago
slapping their 🍑 in public
with a great ass, comes great responsibility
he’s gonna be taken so off guard “HEY!” especially because it’s in a public setting
secretly likes it
“waddaya think you’re doing to the Great Mammon’s ass?”
he will turn to look at you, bat his pretty eyelashes, wink and say how you’ve been naughty
stop before lucifer scolds you for public indecency
nearly has a stroke cuz it came out of the nowhere
super red, but kinda turned on
eyes will widen.
he’ll be like ?? what do you think you’re doing
when he sees you pout, he will answer “never said i didn’t like it”
assumes it’s an accident but doesn’t mind it either way
“you have such a phat ass i couldn’t resist” (basically that nemo scene of don’t touch the butt)
he’ll chuckle because you’re cute
thought he was still asleep.
if he was sleepy, that woke him right up.
mf will smirk and be like “ooh so that’s how you wanna play”
has an ass that won’t quit
will raise an eyebrow.
admires your boldness, like you really did that huh
however, you will receive the bedroom eyes so
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veenxys · a month ago
「Levi being a simp for you」
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
he starts craving your presence and your cozy nature all the time; he will be confused at first, maybe even irritated, but there is something about you that leaves him enchanted; that leaves him lost in the immensity of stars that inhabit your gaze.
he doesn’t know how to show his affection through words or big gestures, but you can tell how much he loves and appreciates you through the sweet look he gives you or through the small gestures he usually makes such as; get breakfast ready for you before he leaves, the way his gaze always looks for you when he walks into the room. how he wakes up in the middle of the night just to check you’re okay and put the blanket closer to you so you don’t get cold. how he cares about your physical and mental health.
so many small gestures; fingers lightly brushing when you walk side by side. knees touching under the table. he pulling you closer when he’s asleep. he tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear so he can see you better.
he always walks on the outer side of the sidewalk when the two of you are walking side by side to keep you safe from the road, he holds your hand tightly and all it takes is just a light squeeze that all his attention goes to you .
he remembers everything about you, and every little thing you told him, even though you think he didn’t pay attention. he knows every little detail of your face, your hands, your arms... everything about you is memorized in his memory. he also makes a mental note of everything you like, sometimes to surprise you or just to keep that information with him, because everything that comes from you is precious to him.
that said, he memorizes all your favorite things; how do you like your tea/coffee. what’s your favorite dessert... and he always says something like ‘no, they don’t like this’ when someone mentions giving you some present he knows you won’t like.
he always waits for you to wake up before leaving the house; the first thing you see when you open your eyes is levi looking at you lovingly as his fingers lightly slide down your back/arms. a slight sideways smile appears on his lips as he greets you, calling you lazy before kissing your forehead.
he also always kisses your forehead and your lips before leaving the house. it is a way of silently demonstrating that he will soon return to your arms.
when you go out and are carrying a lot of bags, he will take them out of your hand and hold them for you until you get home, without saying a single word.
he keeps all your favorite things in his house; your favorite sweets, bandages, medicine, your favorite tea, comfortable clothes…
he always has an extra hair elastic on his wrist, or clips in his pocket/wallet in case you need them, and in fact, it is he who ties your hair for you.
when it’s raining, levi literally does everything to keep you from getting wet; he gives you his jacket and when you share an umbrella he always makes sure it covers you completely, he doesn’t care if his shoulder is all wet, the important thing is you.
levi knows your body language very well, so all it takes is one look at him to know what you are feeling. no matter where you are, if he realizes that you are feeling bad he will take you home immediately.
he only sleeps after he’s sure you’re asleep. and when you have a nightmare, he does everything possible and impossible to make you comfortable and remind you that it was just a nightmare, that now he is on your side and nothing and no one will hurt you; after that he can’t sleep again because if you have any more nightmares he will be there to help you.
many small gentlemanly gestures; like opening doors for you, giving you his jacket to put on your lap so you’re more comfortable sitting while wearing a skirt or dress. cleaning your mouth when you eat something. letting you shower first to get the hot water.
you make levi feel and honestly he hated it at first. but now he has no choice but to surrender completely to this feeling of being yours, and that was the best choice of his life.
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sakurashell · 23 days ago
A young man’s dream
Content: husband!Levi, jealousy, smut
Pairing: Levi Ackerman x fem bodied reader
Content warning: explicit language, spanking, fingering, unprotected sex, hair pulling, degradation kink, praise kink, choking. Minors/ageless blogs DNI.
Word count: 3.0 k
Summary: Your husband’s getting a little tired of seeing you flirt when you should be picking up your daughter from school, but he knows you’re only asking for attention, and he’s more than eager to satisfy you.
a/n: this isn’t proofread, sorry for any mistakes <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Levi’s a simple man, honestly.
He likes cleanliness, seeing everything around him being tidy. He prefers warm drinks and warm weather, but not too warm to make his clothes stick to his skin because of the sweat, in that case he hates it. He enjoys music, calm melodies that bring tranquility to his ears.
He hates when there’s too much noise, and he doesn’t like long-winded people. Except for you, you get to be as verbose as you want. He loathes who believes to be free to do anything just because of their wealth, and he hates unreasonable and presumptuous people.
He doesn’t deem words to be enough when it comes to showing something — whether that might be affection, hate, determination, anything — for he believes in the power of actions. If you know he loves you, it’s because he shows you constantly, not just because he tells you. He prefers things to be clear, and that includes whatever might concern you, since you’re his wife. To put it plain and simple, that means he also wants everyone to know you’re his wife.
Not in a ‘oh, she’s married’ kind of way, but in a ‘oh, she’s married and that’s her husband’ kind of way.
And with everyone, he means even that young man that tries to strike a conversation with you whenever you go to pick your daughter up from school. Levi’s not a show-off, he’d never make a scene, but he definitely notices what happens around him, and he will take care of it if he thinks it’s necessary. You’ll never catch him causing a tantrum if he's jealous — which he is because, again, you’re his wife — but if he has to put someone in their place, he’ll do it. Subtly, slyly, but he will. Well, not so slyly when it comes to you, but that doesn’t matter.
See, he’s not really the type to indulge in social activities, which it’s precisely why he usually waits for you in the car while you're busy waiting for your daughter to come out of class and run into your arms after a long day. The main problem is that there are other parents, other moms and dads, and it happens more than not that you find yourself stuck in a conversation with one of them, he can’t risk it. He doesn’t have time to listen to other people’s issues with their refrigerator, their kid who doesn’t behave, or their soon to be married older son.
Not that you do, or that you...enjoy it, but you’re better at faking it.
That’s why you’re confused when you feel a pair of big hands settling on your hips, pulling you closer slightly while you’re busy talking to someone else — a boy. Of course, you’re immediately aware these hands belong to your husband, you definitely know them well, and you’re clever enough not to display your confusion or astonishment on your face at his sudden presence, it would be detectable to the person in front of you.
“So uhm..that’s — that’s it, yeah. You look really young.” Jean repeats, even though he’s told you already, and the hands on your hips clung onto them just a little tighter.
“Thank you, Jean. You’re very kind.” you smile gently at him, maturely, like a mother would do.
The young man meets Levi’s condescending gaze only for a brief second, before he scratches his nape bashfully and shifts his attention away. You know your husband like the back of your hand, and the fact he withheld from the comfort of his car to come here, among other people whose only hobby seems that to gossip and tell their business around when you’re supposed to do him the favor of spare him the exhausting job, undoubtedly tells you there’s something more to it.
Admittedly, you know exactly what it is. See, you can be really mischievous sometimes — bitchy, he’d say — and you can’t deny the fact you find the way Jean’s eyes linger on your silhouette whenever you get closer to him to be amusing, or the fact that he always looks flustered when he tries to approach you by complimenting your hair, or your new lipstick, or your dress, or even your daughter to be..thrilling. He’s a lot younger than you, probably by fifteen years at least, but you’re aware this is what he likes.
He has a brother one year older than your daughter, he told you once, and he’s the one picking him up to spare his mother the hassle.
“Yeah? Good boy then.” you had said at the new given information, he doesn’t know how he was able to hide the growing erection in his pants that day.
It’s not like he didn’t presume you had a husband, he was certain of it, he just didn’t really think about it until this point, but now that he’s seen him, he’s not that willing to put his balls at risk anymore. Or his neck for what matters, because by the look of it, your man seems actually capable of breaking it. Except he chooses to make him suffer by forcing him to watch his fingers dig into the flesh of your waist, resting over the fabric of the tight dress you’re wearing — and oh god, Jean wishes he could tell you that it hugs your figure perfectly. Actually, Levi enjoys seeing him so frustrated at the thought that he’ll never get to have you, or bring you out on a date, or kiss you and fuck you.
He really, really enjoys it.
He feels pride spreading in his chest every time you nestle your head in the crook of his neck affectionately, to let him know you’ve acknowledged his presence behind you, and he feels it when your ass rubs slightly against his crotch, just enough to make him understand that you know what’s going on. Truth be told, you could safely say you were planning this. You’re aware he always watches you from the window of his car while he waits for you to come back, and you knew by now he would have surely caught up on your conversations with Jean, that’s why you flirted back. Not excessively, of course, but you did want to spur a reaction from him, for you like when his possessive side emerges from the shell.
What awaits you at home is unquestionably worth it.
He’s so relieved when your daughter finally approaches you, and it’s not a coincidence this is the day of the week she has to spend with her grandparents. If you believe he doesn’t know you’ve been doing all this on purpose, you’re wrong and he’s about to show you. So you greet Jean politely, right in front of your husband, and go back to the car with your family, ready to drop your little girl off to her gramps’ house. Everything goes as usual: Levi asks her how her day was, she tells her about the activities her teachers organized and occasionally throws some funny anecdotes in, and in a bunch of minutes you have to kiss her goodbye for the day, promising her you’ll watch a movie together when she’s back after dinner, even if she’ll most likely fall asleep.
The tension grows thicker as soon as you’re left alone, and it only intensifies once you’re at home and your shoes are discarded. It’s a warm day of spring outside, so no coat was needed. Often, it would happen that you’d go directly to your room to take your clothes off and put on something way more comfortable, before chilling on the sofa with your husband for a while. Honestly, you thought you would at least have the time to do that, but as soon as you approach the kitchen counter and pour yourself some water, Levi’s right behind you like a fucking hunter. Not that you mind, anyway.
“Won’t even let me refresh in peace, huh?” you tease when his lips find their place on your neck, your voice conveying excitement.
He sneers, you feel his smirk on your skin before he nips at it spitefully, “There’s no time for that, I need to teach my wife a little lesson.”
His hands travel down your body, fingers skimming over your dress until they settle on your inner thighs, spreading your legs apart while you hang on the counter. The thought of what’s about to come makes arousal pool down your panties already, but you know you’ll need to be obedient this time, if you want to gain something.
Well, being obedient still doesn’t deny you the chance of playing innocent, so you don’t refrain from answering his provocation, “Why’s that?”
“Jean.” he bites the shell of your ear, you have to force yourself not to rub your thighs together when he licks it right after, “Was that his name?”
He recalls the way the single word fell from your pouty lips, the ‘J’ rolling off your tongue just right, enough to make him imagine how it would be to hear you moan it. You hum in response, pushing your ass back a little, eager for some more friction that you don’t receive, because as you imagined, he’s not playing easy tonight, distancing you by bringing one of his hands on your spine to keep you from moving towards him again.
It’s frustrating, but you decide to be cool about it, “He has a little brother, comes to pick him up every day.” you explain nonchalant, “Good boy, right?”
Now that prompts him to react a bit more roughly, and he abruptly cups your cunt with his palm, glad you’re not wearing stockings today, that’ll make it all easier. Don’t get him wrong, he loves when you do, but they’re still an ulterior layer separating your skin from his, and he couldn’t bother to deal with it right now.
“You seemed to enjoy conversing with him, unless I didn’t misinterpreted your pathetic attempts at flirting.” he taunts shamelessly, getting ahold of your briefs and bunching them in his hand, before pulling them up and rubbing them in between your folds.
You wish — really wish you could stay put, but his gesture makes your legs tremble in anticipation and your lips part, you’re able to control yourself just enough to not moan ridiculously, but you’re undoubtedly soaking at this point.
“Pathetic? That’s a little mean.” you pout, faking touchiness, “You know, I think he’s into older women.”
He scoffs at your affirmation, lifting your dress to expose your ass before pulling your panties down entirely. It’s sudden, the way the air hits your bare cunt once there’s no fabric to cover it anymore, and it only serves to fuel your desire.
“And I bet you like that.” both of his hands go down to your bare cheeks now, groping at the flesh with his fingers, hungrily and vigorously.
“How could I? I’m a married woman, I’d never indulge in such dirty perversions.” and there goes the first spank, hard and decisive.
It stings your skin just right, making your ass jiggle under his gaze and your pussy only get wetter, “Don’t lie to me, I know you too well.”
Of course you can’t escape him, but you’re not playing stupid for nothing, right?
“I think it’s cute that he’d probably call me mommy.” you chuckle, and the thought only makes Levi grow more possessive.
“Are you saying you thought about fucking him?” his teeth are gritted, and his voice comes out a little harsh, but he knows he has nothing to worry about.
“I’m just assuming.” you breath out, implying your answer, and you receive another spank.
You moan this time, your knees buckle and he has to encircle your waist with his arm to support you, which tells him just how much you’ve been craving for this. He bends you down over the counter, you follow his lead without any protest, too eager to have more to stop him. Again, with no kind of warning, one of his fingers slips inside your cunt easily, as you rest your cheek against the marble surface and try to refrain from begging pitifully already.
“You’re such a liar.” he groans, starting to rub your clit with his thumb to enhance the stimulation — and worsen your torture, “But you just want my attention, don’t you? Want me to tell you what a little slut you are for flirting with another man right in front of me, hm?”
Adding another one, he curves his fingers inside you for a while, before starting to pump in and out faster and faster, until you’re eventually unable to conceal your moans, and your lips part to let them all out.
“Yes! Oh god — please Levi, just fuck me already.” you’re straightforward, he appreciates it, but it’s still not enough.
He’s painfully hard in his pants and he wants nothing more than to get rid of them, and although your punishment is definitely going to end sooner than intended considering his erection, you still have to apologize. He keeps pumping and rubbing against your clit, you can’t even close your mouth for a brief second because of the pleasure spreading through your body, not to mention your legs feel as though they’re about to give up on you. You’re soaked, even more than soaked, you’re dripping down your thighs and he moves so fast that the lewd sounds only grow louder and louder as you paw your breasts on your own, pinching your hardened nipples sticking out from underneath the fabric of your dress.
“You might want to be a bit less pretentious and a bit more apologetic, sweetheart.” he scolds you firmly, not stopping his ministrations.
You almost grunt in frustration, but you know it will only protract the suffering if you let your arrogance take the best of you, so you comply, “Sorry, ‘m so sorry Lev. I won’t do it again, I promise!” you whine, propping yourself on your elbows to raise your head, “I just — ngh, I just wanted your attention, wanted you to remind me I’m yours.”
He must admit, this is even more than what he was expecting in the first place, considering how bratty you usually are, but it only shows that you’re being honest and you really are needy. So he wastes no time unzipping his pants, pulling them down with his boxers just enough to permit his movements and allow his cock to be free, finally.
He slides inside with no warning whatsoever, immediately going balls deep before grabbing a fistful of your hair and hanging onto them as he starts to thrust in and out of your dripping cunt, hips fiercely smashing against your ass.
“That’s what I like to hear.” he praises, but you’re too fucked out to even answer, and before you can gain back some composure, he’s changing the position again.
He brings his hand to your throat, wrapping his long fingers around it and forcing you to stand as he pulls you closer and starts kissing your neck. He nips at the skin and suck on it until he’s sure he’s left several marks, all the while continuing to ram into you relentlessly, as though possessing all the stamina in the fucking planet earth.
“Shit — good girl, taking me so fucking well.” his other hand goes to your pussy, fingers taking care of the swollen bud, “Squeezing my cock so hard, are you close sweetheart?”
You do your best to respond somehow, nodding your head and whining in reply, but he’s not satisfied by your attempt, and grabs your jaw to shake you from your trance, “Use your words, you were talking so much before, what happened?”
He’s good at this, you can’t deny it. Actually, from the first time you two had sex you knew you just couldn’t lose him, especially given the way your heart flattered whenever he was around. He knows each one of your secrets, even those you think you’re successfully hiding from him, and he has every inch of your skin memorized by now. He knows exactly what to touch to turn you into puddle in his hands in a matter of seconds. He knows what to say to make you beg for more, and he knows what to say to make you stop from crying. He’s perfect, both sexually and romantically, for you at least, and no other men could please you as well and as good as he does.
“Yes, yes I’m cumming, ‘m gonna cum for you.” you cry out, there’s drool coming out from your mouth at this point, “Please let me.” you add, because you know he’d ask you if you didn’t.
He lets out a throaty groan, satisfied by your answer, feeling his cock throbbing as your walls clench around him, “You can cum pretty, give it to me and show me you’re mine.”
The words chanted in your ear bring you to the edge, and your eyes roll to the back of your head as soon as the orgasm washes intensely over your body. Your legs shake and your entire body jolts as he keeps pounding into you, until he reaches his own high and fills you with his cum.
“So good, so beautiful.” he coos, both your chests rising and falling heavily while he waits for his balls to gut entirely before pulling out, pushing in with his fingers whatever doesn’t manage to stay in.
He knows you won’t be able to stand for much longer, so he grabs your chin to pull you in a well deserved kiss, stroking your hair affectionately while the fatigue begins to settle in. You must say, this is definitely better than spending the day on the couch, although you don’t mind doing that either.
“I’ve left a souvenir.” he mutters, almost too softly for you to believe he’s not being sly, but you catch on the minute his digits skim over your neck, “I bet Jean won’t be so chatty anymore.”
Tumblr media
SAKURASHELL © 2021. All content belongs to SAKURASHELL. Do not copy, modify, or repost my work. Do not share any of my Tumblr content on another platform without permission.
taglist: @simpxxslutxx , @the-princess-button , @coyloves , @j0livi0ni , @erentoes
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bibblelevi · 3 months ago
Levi Loves His Stupid Girlfriend | Levi Ackerman x fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You put on a costume hoping to make your mean boyfriend smile and don’t anticipate the consequences of your actions.
Word Count: 2.5k
Warnings for degradation, dumbification, dacryphilia, sadism (Levi is mean), squirting, fingering, light impact play (a few clit smacks), overstimulation, humiliation, exhibitionism/semi-public sex, Reader is afab with she/her pronouns
Author’s Note: Hey guys here is the first day of Kinktober! Please enjoy Levi being a mean boyfriend but also being kind of sweet in his own way <3
Tumblr media
Levi loves his stupid girlfriend.
He loves when her ankles are dangling in the air, sleek Mary Jane heels strapped to her feet, stockings hugging to her luscious thighs. He loves the look on her face when two of his fingers are buried inside of her embarrassingly wet pussy. He loves way she cries when she comes.
Obviously, there wasn’t a single thought in your head as you chose your Halloween costume for tonight. You just wanted to impress your grumpy boyfriend. Every girlfriend wants to see their antagonistic, mean boyfriend smile every once and a while, right? And of course Levi isn’t any exception. Though, he does look quite pretty even when he’s frowning.
You do know one thing for certain: Levi is a stickler for cleanliness. He’s always scolding you for leaving things out of place or not cleaning the dishes before plopping them into the dishwasher. He’s also very adamant that you use the shower shabby after every shower to ensure the glass doors remain smudgeless, and that you wipe the counter down after every attempted meal (it’s not your fault you weren’t blessed with the cooking abilities to rival a goddamn chef).
So, you thought that when you flaunted the adorable little maid costume that fit to your figure like a glove, that he’d—at the very fucking least—say something.
But no.
Instead, he stares vacantly at you from the doorway as you emerge from the hall. A snug and tiny black dress adorned in crossings of white lace cinches to your curves, hugging you in the most immodest places, and the scandalous neckline leaves… nothing to the imagination. The push-up bra you wore underneath has your entire chest nearly spilling out of the scoop-neck, and Levi’s slate eyes capture a peek of black lace from beneath the neckline. Whether it’s intentional or not, he doesn’t know.
When the short skirt sways with your movements, he notices the straps clipped to the lace hem of your stockings—a white garter belt, without a doubt. One that he bought you on Valentine’s Day that he’s taken his sweet time removing thrice before.
“Do you like it?” you ask with big eyes, doing a spin with your heels clinking against the floor. You run your manicured hands over the white apron perched on the skirt, acrylics tracing the ribbon that’s tied and resting on the small of your back.
Fucking adorable.
He huffs, eyes scanning your body toe to head, drinking up every inch of decorated and exposed soft skin. Eventually, he meets your eyes, lashes coated in carbon black mascara, lips slathered in gloss and framing freshly brushed teeth. He’s sure if he put his tongue in your mouth he’d taste mint and whatever flavor lipgloss is on your mouth. Cherry, probably.
“Sure,” he says simply.
Your nose wrinkles and you pout. “You don’t think I look hot?” With the pep in your step gone, you stand beside your boyfriend. Levi decided to ditch the costume this year (which he did the year before, and the year before that, too. You’ve learned by now that proposing a couples costume is a hopeless feat).
He reaches up and tugs on the frilly white headband holding your hair in place, then brushes a strand of hair away from your face. “Hurry it up. We’re going to be late.”
You roll your eyes and brush right past him.
He’s positive this is going to be the longest night of his life.
It took approximately thirty minutes until Levi decided to corral you into the bathroom. Thirty minutes of concealing a raging hard-on from seeing you prance around in that skimpy little costume. Thirty minutes of watching you smile politely and giggle with your friends. Thirty minutes of watching all the guys at the party ogle you like some piece of meat before he decided to remind you—or more so, remind himself—of who you belonged to.
“Quiet,” he snaps.
Obediently, you press your mouth shut, helpless whines vibrating against your pursed lips. Levi’s brows raise as he studies your features. There’s a wrinkle etched across your forehead and your knuckles are paling with the vice grip you have on the edge of the marble countertop. It’s pathetic, how much you struggle to hold back.
Well, it’s not his problem that you’re having such a hard time shutting the fuck up, anyway.
“You’re such a dirty girl,” he exhales. My dirty girl. You would think that with the moderate pace he’s snapping his wrist at, you’d have enough time to collect yourself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead you tremble profusely, squished chest heaving up and down.
Your boyfriend steals a quick glance at the display of cleavage, and you’re thankful for the momentary pause of stimulation.
However, you’re not thankful when he eases both of your breasts out of the snug upper half of your skimpy dress, the bunched fabric helping them sit all pretty and pert. The cool air quickly nips at your nipples, combining with your arousal, and stiffens them to peaks. Still, Levi gives each one proper attention, slathering the soft buds in your slick before returning to the throbbing spot between your thighs.
“Levi, wait,” you whimper. “S-someone’s gonna see.”
“No one’s gonna see, sweetheart,” he coos, using three fingers on your clit. As you gaze down with glittery eyes, not only do you see the swollen, damp tips of your breasts, but also his wrist moving below your skirt. You flush all over; hot enough that it throws you into a haze of Levi-centered thoughts—filthy, lewd, Levi-centered thoughts. “I locked the door. Unless you’d like me to unlock it? Crack it open a bit? Maybe you’ll feel more inclined to behave.”
You shake your head vigorously, pleading with glossy eyes and practically squeaking before your hips rock forward. He can humiliate you all he wants yet that won’t stop your body from chasing the dreadfully slow-building high. Arousal pulses through your veins. It clutters your brain and makes you soft and malleable. He’s so mean but takes such wonderful care of you like this, it’s actually more endearing than it is cruel.
“Whatever. As if I’d ever let anyone see you like this,” he assures, still so goddamn condescending. You moan sharply. “I said, quiet. Christ. Do you not know how to listen?”
His fingers glide through your slit and prod at your fluttering entrance. As much as you want it, he doesn’t push inside of you but instead gathers the mess you’ve made and slathers it over your puffy clit. It burns wonderfully. So much so that your eyes nearly roll to the back of your fucking head.
“If you listen closely,” he whispers, leaning forward. He presses his damp lips to the corner of your precious frown, “you can hear how wet you are.”
Your eyes definitely roll to the back of your head this time. It doesn’t help that he chuckles softly into your ear, like he finds the sound of your arousal cute and amusing. He even slows his motions and holds his breath, just so he can listen.
The pad of his thumb takes the place of his previous three fingers, which all sink inside of you at once. Unrelenting. You choke dramatically on the gulp of air you were holding onto. Dazedly, you feel his fingertips curl up inside you, creating something like a “come here” gesture as he strikes at your ridged walls. You know he’s searching for that one spot that always makes you shudder.
“Hmmm… Where is it?” he mutters to himself. When you moan softly and bend to meet his touch, he clicks his tongue in satisfaction. “Ah, found it. So easy. Does that feel good, princess?”
Levi pumps his fingers into your cunt, angling all three fingers until they’re perfectly tilted against that spot.
“L-Levi!” you mewl. Your heels clatter against the marble table as thighs tremble from the stimulation. It’s getting harder and harder to hold them up and out.
“What?” he grunts. “Stop making a big deal.”
“It’s-it’s a lot! I’m— “
“Coming already? That was fast,” he murmurs. He sounds disinterested but the harsh glint in his eye tells you otherwise. He’s enjoying himself immensely. “If you come now, I’m gonna keep going. I wasn't finished.”
“What about… the party?” Tears gather along your water lines, threatening to spill. Levi tucks a strand of hair behind your ear but does it absentmindedly. “M-my costume. ‘wanted my other friends to see.”
“Mmm, and they will. When I’m done with you,” he replies. “It is a cute costume, after all.”
Your breaths tremble and your body tenses as you test the edge, but your gaze snaps towards his. You can’t help the tiny grin that pulls at your mouth, which he leans forward to kiss again. “You like my costume?” you whimper in a sweet voice.
Levi harshly massages your spot, quickly wiping the grin off your face. His mouth twitches. You gasp.
“You’re dressed as a slutty maid,” he days dryly. “It’s a wonder I’m not bending you over this counter right now and taking you until you fuckin’ scream. Now come. I’m getting annoyed.”
Seconds later, you have to bite down on your lip to quiet whatever sound threatens to escape. Your fingers scratch at the breadth of his shoulders, clinging for dear life as your cunt desperately squeezes around his fingers. You come hard, your moans dissolving into the cotton of his shirt.
But he doesn’t stop. He doesn’t slow down. Even as you begin to come down, he continues to pump his soaked fingers in and out and probe at your aching spot. Hopefully the music outside is loud enough to hide the indecent, downright guttural noises crawling from the back of your throat.
“L-let me suck you off,” you bargain, thinking that your offer would possibly persuade him to grant you a reprieve.
But it doesn’t. “No. I’m not done. You will take what I’m giving you now.”
Your stomach muscles tighten up as you focus on staying as quiet as possible, while Levi bows his head forward to suckle each nipple between his teeth. He bites a little harder, enticing soft gasps, nipping you in other sensitive areas.
It takes two minutes before you come again. Levi works the orgasm out of you, pinning one of your thighs wide open as he does so. It isn’t painful. If it is, it’s a good kind of pain; as tantalizing as it is agonizing. Your expression constantly tilts between a grimace and a frown, like you can’t bare the weight of the pleasure he’s making you feel in this moment.
“Why the long face, sweetheart?” he hums. His voice is the only thing you can hear anymore. He pets your hair and his fingers slide out of you for a momentary reprieve—until he’s swiveling them over your puffy clit again.
“Y-you’re driving me crazy,” you moan.
He wipes a tear off your cheek, then another. His eyebrows raise. “Having a hard time?”
You nod.
“You want my cock instead?” he whispers.
Licking your lips, you nod again. You don’t care how many orgasms he rips from you. If he offers you his cock, you’ll take it.
He snorts softly. “Cock hungry slut, aren’t you? You don’t deserve it. Not yet.”
Slick paints your pussy and inner thighs, and Levi uses it to his advantage as he plunges his fingers inside you again. He isn’t met with any resistance. He simply settles his fingers back into that familiar position and gets to work while you choke on a sob.
There’s another coil inside of you tightening and ready to snap, like a spring stretched too taut, but this one feels different. Heat crawls along your cheeks and down your neck. Your eyes nearly cross out of sheer concentration alone. The pressure pushing down on your center is dizzying and it burns and you shudder when it consumes you. Your body thrums.
“You okay?” Levi asks, studying you.
You moan a sharp, airy “Yeah!” in response, thighs trembling as you struggle to keep them forced apart.
“Levi! Oh my— “ you squeal. You can’t help it. The sensations that slither throughout your body are too much—too invigorating and consuming—that you reach between your legs and grab Levi’s wrist. Instinctively, you arch away from his touch, but he merely clicks his tongue and shoves his fingers back inside your awaiting cunt.
With his free hand, he takes your wrists, pinning pinning them above your head against the mirror. His thumb finds its place on your swollen clit.
“Don’t ever fucking do that again,” he says with an air of nonchalance. “Unless you want me to put you on no-touch the rest of the week.
“N-no, Levi! Don’t!” you sniffle. “‘m sorry. G-God. Fuck. D-dunno’ what’s happenin’, I— “
“You wanna spend a week humping your pillows? Like some pathetic whore? Disgusting girl isn’t allowed to touch herself, so she has to find another way to come her brains out?” He continues rattling off in that low, dangerous tone, your babbling continuing on as background noise.
You shake your head, your body clenching. The heat inside of you builds, bangs, and clangs, until you’re on fire.
“I can’t— f-fuck, Lev’!”
Juices spray from your cunt in streams, coating Levi’s wrist and forearm, coating your thighs and the sleek marble countertop. His silver eyes widen with interest and you come even harder when you watch the smirk curl up on his lips.
“Oh?” He carefully withdraws his fingers and splays four of them against your clit, rubbing quick, aggressive circles atop the slick bud. You whine as he continues to milk whatever’s left.
He lifts his hands and brings it down, swatting your cunt, but your pussy is numb so you don’t really feel the sting. That’s fine, he seems to think. He keeps swatting your clit anyway, the sloshing of your slick so loud that it echoes in the bathroom, or maybe it isn’t echoing at all and you’re just going insane from how strong that climax was.
When it stops, he cups your entire pussy in his palm, which is now dripping from your juices. “Messy girl.”
His lips press to your cheek, kissing you where your salty tears have sunken into the skin. You feel the cushiony weight of his mouth all over your face, tracing your chin and jawline, until he’s breathing below your ear. He massages your thigh as he hums, “I think you’ve earned my cock tonight, don’t you agree?”
You gnaw on your lip and nod, nuzzling into him. Buttery-soft tissue is being rubbed on your inner thighs. “Mm-hm.”
“Costume stays on, though.” His mouth finds yours, lush tongue delving between your lips. He tastes like liquor, and it leaves you trembling for more.
“Wore it for you, Lev’.”
“Yeah? Even more reason for it to stay on,” he whispers. “Shoes, too.”
You nod. “Shoes, too.”
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