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#percy jackson and the olympians
cybelecavern · 2 days ago
imagine hestia and sally baking cookies for the demigods only for apollo, meg and percy to eat it all without sparing a single crumb for the others
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daughter-of-sunshine · 2 days ago
Christmas headcanons pjo edition
cause it’s just the right time for it!
all year campers got lots of Christmas activities (everyone’s free to join! If they choose not to it’s totally okay). The most fun is baking Christmas cookies with a big decoration contest! It’s always a close call between the Aphrodite, Apollo and Athena kids.
they also have the whole Secret Santa thing going on, which is a big event and most of the time everyone participates (who doesn’t love getting presents right?)
the gingerbread house contest is almost always won by the Athena cabin. They lost once to the Hephaestus kids cause the Hermes cabin pulled a prank to destroy their house
the seven plus Reyna, Thalia, Will and Nico baking cookies together with Sally
Percy insisting to have at least ONE baking sheet full of blue cookies
him decorating the other with blue sprinkles and icing
Will burning some cookies (will was in duty to check on them) cause he was joking around with the other. Nico making fun of it
singing Christmas songs and drinking hot chocolate during the campfire (and eating the backing contest cookies)
Percy forgetting his gloves so Annabeth needs to warm his hands
Nico forgetting his gloves (on purpose of course) so Will needs to warm his hands
Leo being a human radiator for almost everyone with his powers
at least one trip to the Christmas market with camp half blood
Frank shifting into different cuddly, warm animals every night to keep Hazel warm
watching Christmas movies and eating cookies at Percy’s place (obviously with Sally)
Annabeth absolutely hates Christmas, cause they never really celebrated it at home. She loves the whole feeling of it tho (going to a Christmas market, backing, all the fun stuff to do yk)
The first Christmas with Percy and his family was her best one so far. She knows why everyone loves it so much now
everyone showing their different traditions (cultural or just “home” traditions)
the week before Christmas no fighting in the arena allowed, cause Christmas is the time of peace and showing love
the Apollo kids missing the sun so they installed uv-lamps to get their sun in some way
Annabeth gifting Percy gloves in case he got cold hands and she’s not around to warm them
Hazel gifting everyone selfmade jewellery out of the jewels and metals she’s able to bring to the surface
Frank gifting the most wholesome presents to everyone (he thought about them a lot)
Piper sneaking away from Christmas charity events she had to attend with her father to meet with her friends
Sally inviting everyone to a Christmas breakfast
Will and Nico gifting each other the cutest stuff ever and totally blushing
Leo gifting selfmade animals or other little gadgets
Nico pretending to hate everything but telling Will later that he absolutely adores Christmas (Will totally kept this a secret…)
snowball fights, which are absolutely insane in camp
just basically everyone having a good time
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latinobipercy · a day ago
percy carrying around extra napkins wherever he goes in case annabeth gets an idea and she has no paper.
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annabethy · 17 hours ago
everything's icy and blue
day one: ice skating. "bruised buttocks" —ash
For as long as Annabeth has lived in New York, she should probably be used to the cold. It’s tolerable, at least when she’s not standing in the middle of the snow, but it’s still not very pleasant when she walks into the big room with floors of literal ice.
It’s worth it, though, when Percy presses his warm lips to her neck and gives a subtle smile against her skin.
“Are you okay?” he asks, but he sounds humored. “You’re shivering.”
Annabeth rolls her eyes and shrugs her shoulder to get him away from her. He doesn’t seem particularly offended by that, simply moving away from her and choosing to look her up and down instead. He’s got a dumb smile gracing his lips, and she finds it cute at first, until she realizes he’s mocking her distinct lack of warm clothes.
“Shut up,” she says.
“You could have worn something other than jeans and a t-shirt,” he chides, tilting his head. “Is that my shirt?”
“No,” Annabeth lies. “Can I have your jacket?”
“You’re ridiculous,” he says, but he still shrugs the jacket off his shoulders and holds it open for her to step into. He pulls her hair out from beneath the fabric and finishes the movement off with a kiss to her cheek before he whispers in her ear something about going to get their skates. Annabeth’s left on the edge of the rink by herself, and it’s a bit terrifying watching the children stumble around on the ice, knowing that she’s not going to be any better.
She hadn’t even wanted to come because she knew that it would end in a million bruises, but then Percy had brought it up, and he was so excited that she figured a million bruises would be worth it.
Even putting on the skates is a struggle, and Percy doesn’t bother to help. He just openly laughs at her, and she gives him a scowl that doesn’t faze him.
“You’re the one that dragged me here,” she says after a minute, leaning her palms back onto the bench behind herself and kicking a leg toward him. “You come put these on.”
“I already put mine on,” he teases.
“Good. Then you can come help me.”
“Only because this is painful to watch.” He drops to one knee so he can delicately tie the laces before moving onto the other shoe. “I can’t believe you don’t know how to ice skate.”
“Annabeth Chase, architect of Olympus, but you can’t ice skate.”
“I don’t need your judgement,” Annabeth tells him, but she’s smothering a smile as she pushes his hand away and chooses to stand on her own.
“There you go,” Percy encourages, walking behind her as she attempts to make her way to the entrance of the rink. His hands are even extended behind her as though she’s going to fall, and Annabeth is slightly insulted by that. She swears people are staring at her, and Percy isn’t helping with the way he keeps throwing smart remarks her way, but she forgets to scold him for it when she steps on the ice and nearly takes her first fall of the night.
“I’m ready to go home.”
“Oh, come on.”
“I’m going to break my neck and die,” Annabeth says. “Is that what you want?”
“I won’t let you break your neck,” Percy promises. “I’ll let you fall, but break your neck?”
“So reassuring.”
Percy rolls his eyes but gives her an adoring smile. “I won’t let you fall.”
“I don’t even know how to skate.”
“You put one foot in front of the other, like—” Percy’s arms shoot out when her foot slips out from beneath her. He has an uncomfortable grip around her waist as he tries to help her back to her feet. Percy’s lips brush against the curve of her ear. “At least let me finish talking before you throw yourself at the ground, yeah?”
“I don’t like you right now.”
“You love me,” Percy dismisses. He lets go of her for a moment when she’s upright again, but she gives him pleading eyes, so he replaces his hands on the dip of her hips. “Try taking a step?”
Annabeth’s sure her stance is reminiscent of a deer in headlights, but she drags one foot forward at the same time Percy kicks one leg back. They make progress slowly, but Annabeth’s content with borderline walking around the rink. She spends five minutes like that, and at some point, Percy abandons the spot in front of her so he can skate beside her. Annabeth resorts to squeezing his upper arm, but he doesn’t make any complaints about that.
“See? This isn’t so difficult.”
“I’m never coming here again.”
Percy snorts. “Alright.”
They begin to gain a bit of speed, and Annabeth feels triumphant.
“I’m a genius,” Annabeth says after making it around one lap. “I’m literally so good at ice skating.”
Percy throws his head back in a laugh when she takes a stumble that was particularly close to bringing her to the ground. “What’s that you just said?”
Annabeth playfully tugs her hand off of his arm and shoos him away. “I don’t need your negativity.”
Percy sticks out the heel of his skate so he can swerve in front of her and bring the two of them to a stop. Annabeth balances herself by grabbing both of his arms, and she doesn’t miss the slight sparkle of amusement in his green eyes.
“Hi,” Annabeth says, locking onto his loving eyes. “Why’d we stop?”
“I don’t know,” Percy admits. “You look adorable, and I just wanted to look at you.”
His hands rest back against her hips before circling around and tugging her closer. She smiles softly and rests her chin against his chest, and he kisses her nose lightly.
“We can leave,” he says. “I won’t mind.”
“You wanted to come.”
“There are plenty of things we can do that don’t include you running into walls.”
“I only did that once, and it was your fault.”
Percy bits his lower lip to stifle his choke of laughter. “How is that my fault?”
“You’re nothing but trouble,” Annabeth tells him. “I’m always going to blame you.”
Percy nudges his nose with hers. “Why does that not bother me?”
“Because you’re in love with me,” she says earnestly. “It’s kind of lame.”
“You’re lame.”
“And your hands are getting a bit low there, buddy.”
Percy smiles and moves his hands back to her waist from where they’d been drifting lower.
“You’re so embarrassing,” Annabeth mutters, shoving her face into the crook of his neck to bury a smile. “Everyone just watched you grope my ass.”
“I was not groping you,” Percy argues, adjusting his arms around her so he can properly hug her tight. “I was helping you stand.”
Annabeth gives a sarcastic laugh at that, but her head remains nestled against his neck. He’s extremely warm, so she doesn’t think she’ll be moving from his embrace anytime soon. Percy doesn’t seem to mind.
“Let’s go,” he offers quietly, squeezing her slightly when she makes a hum of disappointment. “We can go home and watch movies. That’s much better than breaking bones, yeah?”
“Instead of ice skating? Where’s your Christmas spirit?”
“It disappeared when I watched you run into that wall.”
Annabeth threads her fingers in his hair and tugs, though it’s not hard enough to actually hurt him.
“We can watch Christmas movies if that makes you feel any better?”
“That’s more promising.”
She lifts her head now and catches him gazing down at her. He towers over her, and Annabeth isn’t sure when exactly that had happened, but then he leans down to kiss her forehead, and she isn’t complaining.
Percy extends his hand to her, and Annabeth takes it. She makes it off the ice faster than she’d made it on to begin with, and she considers that a win.
“You know,” Percy begins, pressing a hand into the small of her back as she steps off the ice. “I’m not sure what movie we’ll watch, but I’m willing to bet that they know how to ice skate.”
“Oh, shut up.”
Percy catches her by the arm and pulls her into him again, and his lips hover over hers. It almost tickles, the way his lips brush hers. “Merry Christmas, loser.”
And it’s not quite Christmas yet, but she gets onto the tips of her toes and kisses him until she forgets what the cold feels like.
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stanning-reyna · a day ago
Lessons I learned from each pjo book:
Tlt- it is VALID to dislike teachers, especially when they make your life a nightmare
Som- don’t judge people before you get to know them. Simple as that
Ttc- this world is a mess and you gotta stick with the people you care about
Botl- love triangles are stupid and you should CLARIFY your feelings for someone if they kiss you
Tlo- power is dangerous and no one, however good they seem, should have too much of it
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biblioklept-writes · 2 days ago
You're Photogenic
Requested by @calistnems Hey, can you do a Percy Jackson x reader with prompt “wow, you’re photogenic.” We’re the reader and Percy are going through the readers childhood memories/photos, thank you!
A/N: this is kinda short, but i hope you like this! thank you so much for requesting. oh my gods i really need percy to hug me rn my og fictional crush.
Tumblr media
The sun was peeking through the windows, illuminating those beautiful eyes Percy always found himself getting lost in. He watched you from his place on your bed, a serene smile on his face as you scrambled about the shelves, looking for your photo albums.
Your mother had been obsessed with capturing every memory with that camera she always carried before the age of smartphones. Finally finding the three scrapbooks and two other huge albums, you huffed as you dumped them in front of Percy, brow turning inwards in a frown on seeing the smile plastered on his face. “Something funny?” you enquired.
“No, it’s nothing,” He said, shaking his head. “Just that you look so adorable fussing about yourself.”
The compliment made you blush, and in an attempt to hide the effect from him, you sat down beside him and focused on the scrapbooks your mother had made instead. “You wanted to see them, now suffer.” You declared.
The dark-haired boy sat up decisively and opened the first scrapbook. The very first picture was that of a new born baby, you, wrapped in a white blanket in your mother’s arms as she exhaustedly smiled at the camera. His green eyes softened at the picture, but he didn’t say anything smiling to himself.
The next pictures were from when you first rolled over, when you first learnt to crawl, your first-time eating food, to walk, your first time at a zoo, your first tricycle. All of the pictures of younger you, smiling at the camera or looking at your mother. Percy watched the pictures, the smile never leaving his face. And you observed him, heart pumping wildly at the sight of his smile. Oh, how this sweet, perfect human being came to be a part of your life, you’d never understand. But you thanked the fates for giving you this time with him, for this love you had for him, for the love he had for you. Now that the war was over and you finally had peace, you wouldn’t have shared it with anyone else.
“Aww, look at you being all caked up.” He chuckled, looking at a picture from your second birthday, where you stood in the middle of your friend group, a crazed grin on your face through the mixture of cake and frosting. You had always hated that picture, but your mother loved it. If thought too hard, you could still remember the butterscotch flavor of the cake.
“Wow, you’re very photogenic,” He decisively said, as if he had been thinking about it for a while now. “No wonder your mom has so many pictures of you. Heck, if you were my kid, I would have needed an apartment just to keep your pictures.”
“Thank the gods for the development of a smartphone,” You sighed, hiding your face into his chest. He didn’t need that ego boost your flushed face would give him. Percy had already had a lot of leverage over you being the more attractive of the two of you. He, obviously, disagreed, but what’s the reason to lie?
“Oh yeah,” He nodded in agreement as he flipped through more pages. “My phone’s memory is already half full with so many of your pictures, baby.”
You looked up at him, innocent eyes, surprised. “Why?”
He let out a breathy chuckle. “When you look like that, my darling, what do you expect?” he leaned closer to kiss your forehead, and you felt him smile, causing your lips to involuntarily curve upwards. “Gods, I love you so much.”
“I love you too,” you whispered, half to yourself. But he heard you. The lean arm that wrapped you in a tight embrace was evident enough.
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bbyannabeth · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
if we loved again
“Hi baby,” he smiled, pulling her in for a kiss. “You look very pretty.”
“Thanks,” she said, kissing him one more time before slipping her shoes off. He took her hand and led her up the stairs.
“Do you remember where we left off on our Marvel marathon?” he asked, glancing back at her. Annabeth bit back a smile.
“Oh, we’re watching a movie, then?”
read on ao3! | start from chapter 1!
i hope i never lose you: the (taylor swift) playlist
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thejudgingtrash · a day ago
What I love about PJO is the found family aspect of it. It’s not just groups of friends. Everyone is coming from a small or fractured family and is connected by a loose mythological bond where you can still find best friends and soulmates.
The fact that your life is a dangerous adventure but you can overcome it with the right people who are friends you’ve made along the way. Be it another fellow demigod or a titan. It’s just super sweet.
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cybelecavern · a day ago
apollo going to sally for comfort everytime he is reminded of his trials, and sally preparing an emergency stash of blankets, brownies and hot chocolate everytime he visits and hugs him tightly while smoothing his hair back, and kissing his forehead is the sweetest thing ever to me.
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It concerns me that Annabeth or Percabeth antis ship stuff like ApolloxPercy, NicoxPercy or LukexAnnabeth.
You don't see issues there?
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notbadyetsadboi · a day ago
Hazel: Nico isn’t answering the calls. I'm worried about him.
Will, casually: Let me call.
Percy: Hazel and I have both tried six times each, what makes you thi-
Will: Hello? Sunshine?
(phones are monster-proof, don't worry)
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solisaureus · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
that creepy hades kid
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bbyannabeth · 20 hours ago
just like magic
prompt one: ice skating
It was an adorable idea, really. Very seasonally appropriate, something she’d always wanted to do anyways. But ice skating was still something she had never done, and now she would be doing it for the first time on her third date with Percy. Percy, who she really liked and was now going to royally embarrass herself in front of. Awesome.
She had watched a few videos on it last night when he’d finally caved and told her where they were going. She’d thought about telling him she had no idea how to skate then, but he’d seemed excited and she hadn’t wanted to ruin that. Those videos were the only reason she knew just how to lace up the skates, though, which were already uncomfortable and they were still only sitting. She looked over at him just in time to catch the confused look on his face as he tried to tie up his own laces. She watched for a moment as he struggled to properly tighten them.
“Percy,” she said calmly, trying not to laugh. His eyes flicked up to hers.
“Do you… know how to skate?”
His cheeks flushed, even darker than the cold air had already made them, and he blinked at her. “Uh. No,” he said. “Is it that obvious?”
She couldn’t hold her laughter back any longer, giggles erupting out of her. “Why did you suggest it then?” she asked, scooting away from him gesturing for him to bring his leg up on the bench for her to tie the laces.
“I thought it would be fun! And hopefully not that hard…” he said sheepishly, making her laugh again. “And you’re smart, so I knew you’d be able to teach me anyways.”
“Perce,” she smiled, placing a hand on his ankle as she looked at him. “I have almost no idea how to skate.”
read on ao3!
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