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acourtofmidnight · 12 minutes ago
And that’s why the Night Court had risen to such powerful heights. Because they put pride and hierarchies aside in the name of bettering themselves, and each other. In utilising strengths, not punishing weaknesses.
Teaser for Chapter 9 of Fireflies! Between re-reading ACOSF and applying for summer jobs, I’ve had a busy week but imma try my absolute damndest to have this out sometime tomorrow. These next two chapters contain scenes that essentially inspired the entire fic, so I can’t wait to share them with you :)
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fairyqueensworld · 26 minutes ago
Part 2 of my fanfic
Tumblr media
Rhysand POV
I can't quite put my finger on it but I feel like Feyre is keeping somethings to herself. No I don't like she is obligated to tell us. That lump in my chest grows but she is mine, can't she tell. How can I make it obvious without making it obvious.
I watch her now as she walks through town. It's like the townspeople have already accepted her. How weird is that, it makes me feels happy to know that once I make her my Queen, my people will love her. How can they not, she is perfect?
She is so perfect that I don't feel like I can ever be right for her, how can anyone love a monster like me.
And so, as the night comes and I am in bed. I dream, I dream of her and I dream of not being that monster. Maybe in my dreams Feyre can love me.
Hey all so welcome to Rhys head. I will keep my chapters short and sweet, like a glimpse into their minds. And I will post everyday, so don't worry
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duskandstarlight · 48 minutes ago
Embers & Light (Chapter 36 teaser)
Notes: Hi tumblr friends! Here I am with your Wednesday teaser for E&L. I’m super behind on writing as my week has been beyond mad work-wise. But I’ll try my hardest to get something to you on Sunday... 
For now, here’s a snippet:
Feyre pressed Mor, “What exactly did Nesta say when you saw her?” 
Frowning prettily, Mor searched back into her memory. The action irritated Cassian. It couldn’t have been more than a few hours ago. Why was everything taking so damn long?
His friend raised one shoulder in a half-shrug. “Nesta said she was running late. That she had to pick something up, but that she’d try to hurry and would meet us at the restaurant.”
“She’ll have Sala with her,” Azriel consoled his brother quietly from further down the table. Everyone else had fallen silent without Cassian realising it. “If Nesta is in trouble, she’ll fly her out of there.”
But his brother’s words did nothing to ease his panic. Instead, icy water sluiced through Cassian so suddenly that he couldn’t think or breathe above the roaring in his head. Because Nesta wouldn’t call for Sala. He’d ordered her not to take the manticore into town with her only a few days prior. And all because he’d been a panicked bastard who hadn’t wanted to give Nesta her independence lest she fall back into her old ways.
A string of swear words left his mouth.
“She won’t call Sala,” Cassian admitted after he’d finally stopped cursing. He pressed his palms to his eyes in despair. He thought desperately of Sala. Wished the manticore would take Nesta up, up and away from it all. Knew that Nesta would already be safe if he’d have just swallowed his damn fear. “I told her not to take Sala into the city.”
Tags (let me know if you want to be added/removed): @arinbelle @superspiritfestival @sayosdreams @perseusannabeth @mylittlebigplanet @biggestwingspan-az @bellsqueen @ekaterinakostrova @bookstantrash @prophecyerised @rainbowcheetah512 @awesomelena555 @wannawriteyouabook @callmestarky @lovelynesta @melphss @darkshadowqueensrule @laylaameer01 @a-trifling-matter @grouchycritic7794 @thalia-2-rose @champanheandluxxury @swankii-art-teacher @princessconsuela02 @lavendergoomsltd @little-diyosa @princessofmerchants-reads @jeakat @sjm-things @imwritingthesewords @nestable @inejbrekkxr @silvernesta @inyourmindeye @amelie775 @helen-the-weirdo @pizzaneverdisappoints @wishfulimaginings @trash-for-nessian @my-fan-side @sophilightwood @valkyriesupremacy @onceupona-chaos @inardour @thesunremembersyourface @teagoddess99 @ellies-iced-coffee @nehemikkele @misswonderflower @nessiantrashh @miamorganvel18 @kawaiteacup @nestaa-stan ​
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corrinisantisjm · an hour ago
hey anti sjm club 😏 what if ... ask game ...
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mmvalentine · 2 hours ago
Prompt request perhaps?? I’d love love love to think morrigan had a crush on feyre the first time she came to the night court and stayed with Rhys for a week - and I wonder what would’ve potentially happened if feyre took morrigan up on her offer to hangout…. Or, maybe, if they hook up after the bat boys head into the birchin. You are so so talented and ilysm
Awww ilysm toooo okay just a lil fluffy one just for you x
One Perfect Breath
The truth was, that amongst the Night Court and its inner circle, Morrigan was the only one Feyre really felt comfortable with. The Illyrians had power rolling off them, one of them seemed like he could flatten you and not even notice, and the other seemed as distant and unknowable as the moon herself. Amren was literally not all-fae and showed very little interest in Feyre besides. And Rhys… well, Feyre didn’t know where to begin with the High Lord.
But there was something so easy about Morrigan, something so unapologetic and unclouded in her lovely face that Feyre found herself drawn quickly to the female. It was like of everyone here, Morrigan was the only one who said what she really meant. Who was telling the whole of the truth.
So all week Feyre avoided Rhys and his entourage, but let Mor in every time she came knocking.
Which was every single day, promptly in the morning as Feyre was finishing breakfast. Sometimes Rhys ate with her, more often he was elsewhere and Feyre ate alone. But it seemed that every time she pushed her plate away, the golden haired fae was at her bedroom door.
Not that Feyre minded in the slightest. In the year that she had been at the Spring court, she had gotten to know Lucien and taken Alis as an advisor and confidante. Tamlin’s body was as familiar to her as her own. And yet with Mor, Feyre suddenly felt like she had… a friend. Someone who sought her out purely for the joy of her company. Feyre didn’t know that she had ever had that in her life before.
So she found herself on the last day of her week in the Night Court, not with the High Lord but with Mor, lounging across a plush velvet sofa and watching the twinkle in Mor’s eyes as she laughed. Unguarded as ever, and all the more charming because of it. Feyre could see why she was so well loved here.
Feyre had woken early that morning with a strange mix of relief and anxiety to be retuning home. Of course she wanted to go home… but she had successfully avoided thinking about her almost-wedding, and wasn’t ready to think about it now. Mor arrived before breakfast, as if she knew Feyre needed her, and had been a welcome distraction.
They had been comparing preening techniques of their respective High Lords, since Feyre had let it slip that Tamlin spent a half hour brushing his hair everyday. Mor had laughed so hard she snorted, and then divulged that Rhys’ skin care products cost more than hers did.
“But you’re immortal and perfect,” Feyre said, confused. Mor laughed. “I forget sometimes that you used to be human. I never met you before you were fae.” “Well tell me then,” Feyre said, leaning her face on her fist. “What unforgivable flaws do you have?” Mor made a face. “Well no, I have none, obviously.” She grinned. “But Rhysand is a drama queen, Tarquin’s clumsy, and…” here she paused to look around her. They were alone, but she still leaned forward conspiratorially. “I hear in the Spring Court they’re terrible lovers.”
At this, Feyre blushed deeply. “Well,” she stammered. “I don’t think that’s entirely true.” Mor rolled her eyes. “My dear, I’m afraid you’re not exactly a reliable source. You only had human lovers before Tamlin, isn’t that true?” “Well, yes,” Feyre admitted. “Then you wouldn’t know,” Mor said. Feyre lowered her voice. “So you think fae in general are better in bed than humans?” “Honey all we do is throw parties and go to war and fuck around. What else are you supposed to do when you’re immortal? I literally have had centuries of practice. And you’re telling me you hadn’t noticed a difference?” Mor fell back in mock horror. “Dios mío,” she said. “You’re wasted on Tamlin.”
“Okay,” Feyre said with uncertainty. “That makes sense. Well I guess either way I’m content and that’s good.”
Mor sat back up. “Are you sure?” she asked. “You’re not curious to know what you’re missing out on?” Feyre shook her head. Mor crossed her legs under her and leaned in closer. 
“Are you sure?” she whispered. “You wouldn’t want even one, perfect kiss?” She looked down at Feyre’s lips. “Um…” Feyre swallowed. Mor looked back up, and her brown doe-eyes were luminous in the soft dawn light.
“All I know,” Mor said, now only inches from Feyre’s face and suddenly serious. “Is that life can be full of such pain and sorrow.” Indeed there was a now depth in her look, an ancient hurt, that Feyre wanted so badly to smooth away. “And so any chance I get, I choose beauty.” Feyre’s eyes flicked to the rose of Mor’s mouth as she emphasised the last word. “I choose the lovely, perfect things, even if they only last the space of one… short… breath.”
And then Mor kissed her, and time stopped altogether. Feyre’s heart thundered in her own ears, her blood was free-falling though her veins, and she was very certain in that moment that she had never tasted anything so sweet as Mor’s lips.
“Mor!” They were interrupted by a deep, rolling voice.
They broke apart, and Mor looked up innocently at her High Lord.
“What?” she asked, eyes wide and lips slightly parted.
“Behave,” Rhys replied sternly, his brow furrowed but his mouth twitching.
Feyre just shook her head, dazed. The heady floral scent of Mor was a haze around her head, and even as the female squeezed Feyre’s fingers and trailed out of the room, the memory of her smell and her whispered touch still lingered.
“I must apologise for my cousin,” Rhys said, still looking like he was fighting back his smile. “That’s… alright,” Feyre struggled out. She searched for her lost breath but couldn’t quite find it. “Time to get you home then?” Rhys asked. “Of course,” Feyre said quickly. “I, ah, will collect my things.”
Then she wandered one way, realised it was the wrong way and turned around, and eventually got herself ready while Rhys watched with stars in his eyes and an amusement that he kept carefully under his tongue.
Thanks again to everyone who has been sending me prompts, you are sending them faster than I can fill them so if you don't see yours yet please be patient with me!
TAGLIST: @ghostlyrose2 @highladysith @stardelia @feysand-loml @tillyrubes10 @ratabrasileira @live-the-fangirl-life @maybekindasortaace @annejulianneh111 @thebonecarver @rowaelinismyotp @loosingdreams @whythefuckdoiexist @inejsarrow @swankii-art-teacher @sjmships @courtofjurdan @teddytdr @thalia-2-rose @positivewitch @asteria-of-mars
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lemonlei · 2 hours ago
Valkyrie Training
𝕍𝕒𝕝𝕜𝕪𝕣𝕚𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝟙𝟘𝟙: 𝔻𝕒𝕪 𝟚
Goood Morning!!! I hope day 1 went well for everyone! Since we are just starting, today will be a chill day! Here’s the good stuff:
•Stretch: Do your usual stretches to stretch your, most likely, sore muscles!
•Abs: 10 sit ups, 10 Russian twists, and a 20 second plank!
•Cardio: Go for a 1 mile run or walk to finish off the day strong after your ab work! You can also do a 10-15 minute workout on the Maxi Climb doing small, medium, or both steps instead!
•Stretch: Cool down with some light stretching!
I hope you are all enjoying the challenge so far! I know it seems like a little bit right now, but I don’t want to rush into the tough workouts just yet! If you are new and would like to join in on the challenge, feel free to do so! The first post I made with the idea is pinned on my page! Happy training!
P.S. If you feel like the workouts are not enough and it feels like you aren’t working anything or aren’t working enough, do an extra set or two of the workout! Remember though, we are just starting and you don’t want to over exert yourself! Love ya!✨
Tumblr media
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dreaminginvelaris · 2 hours ago
if y’all wanna stan a beautiful, kind, sweet, patient character. stan feyre, not elain lol
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kayla-2 · 3 hours ago
Look, I totally get if you don’t like Rhysand. The “I hate eveyone but her” trope isn’t for everyone..... but don’t say he deserved to be r*ped for 50 years. Or that his assault is just a sob story. R*pe that’s a real-life issue beyond fiction and have real victims that can read your comment and can become triggered by it.
This is not an attack on Nesta stans because of course they are all not like this. So don’t start. This goes beyond stans. This is just human decency.
You can call out fictional behavior but to say someone deserved to be assaulted is sickening. Assault is not something to toss around. It happens in real life, what would real life suvivors think if they saw you say that someone deserves to go through that.
If book characters start to cause you to forget moral values than put the book down. Because comments like that is horrible.
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dreaminginvelaris · 3 hours ago
let me just say one thing. nesta doesn’t love feyre. she never did. her little display of “sacrificing her powers for feyre” doesn’t mean shit. she legit did not like her powers so what was she sacrificing? and seriously, she legit told feyre ily during a moment she thought feyre would never hear, so nesta did not intend for feyre to hear that shitty declaration in the first place. y’all have got to stop with the “Nesta loved her sister's soo much”. no. she loved one sister. elain. she despised feyre. where is the love some of y’all are claiming? get it straight, nesta never loved feyre and honestly, she still doesn’t.
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zeethemess · 3 hours ago
it annoys me to no end that the only positive posts i see about elain is in relation to her being mates to lucien (like headcanons about how she would be in a relationship with him/ the mother of his children)
and i know i talk about elriel a lot (so i may sound hypocritical) but i’m also an ELAIN stan (because she’s a unique heroine and has so much potential to just RUIN me in her book) and a big reason i ship elriel is because she wants him + they have a lot of chemistry.
anywayz stan elain as her own person and not in relation to a male!!!!! xoxo
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duskandstarlight · 3 hours ago
Okay I'm rereading acosf bc yes, and I just hope E&L ends better ( acosf ending ain't THAT bad, but it could have been better, for one if she didn't lose her powers - I mean not completely but ye) 🙄
😂😂 No pressure then?
There will be no Briallyn, so that’s a start? 😆
Tumblr media
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cassiannestas · 4 hours ago
nesta would deffo be a communist 🙏🏾🙏🏾
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ilya-boltagon · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New fancast of Helion and the Lady of Autumn from Sarah J Maas’ ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ series. This Helion is portrayed by Mihir Jogh, and the Lady of Autumn is Katrin Auer.  @helion-ism this is for you! 😊
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kayla-2 · 4 hours ago
I loved Acosf Feyre.....
I’ll never understand how Feyre gets called out the ONE time she put her foot down towards nesta. She found a new family that appreciates her and is a fresh high lady still trying to find her place in the world and that one sentence that gets pointed out in the conversation is when she said that nesta was embarrassing her. She even said it after nesta was arguing with her just because she stopped nestas unhealthy spending habits that was hurting herself, rather than helping.
She didn’t blame her, immaturely tell her never to speak to her again. Feyre took the blame herself for NESTAS own spiraling and thinking that space would help. She didn’t spend years berating nesta. She didn’t need nesta at every waking moment and not consider nestas feelings. But the minute she says that she was embarrassed, which is a natural reaction that we all feel, it’s an issue???
She didn’t get mad at Nesta when nesta used her death as a argument point and literally told her own sister that she was going to DIE, just to hurt her.
She kept her anger towards Rhysand, and rightfully so. It was dangerous to dump that aspect of her pregnancy on Feyre, stress is real, what if Feyre fainted or got so overwhelmed. Feyres powerful and She could’ve injured herself and her baby. But no she was calm and made sure Nyx felt nothing and said she would fight for her baby.
Feyre is literally the absolute best, seeing her in nestas point of view really shows how mature she is while being extremely young. Feyre was only thing that kept me reading that damn book.
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 5 hours ago
Feyre Aelin and Bryce
Last one before I go to bed!
Feyre Archeron
How I feel about this character: eh, similar to Rhys I'm not her biggest fan. There's just alot of other characters in acotar I'm more interested in.
All the people I ship romantically with this character:
My non-romantic OTP for this character:
Lucien and Cassian
My unpopular opinion about this character :
I understand why they had a child, but I personally felt it was too soon for them. They haven't had time to just be. Since the events of Acotar its just been event,event,event..I think Feyre and Rhys deserved many years of just loving each other and healing and teaching Feyre how to be a High Lady.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
Treating Nesta better and hopefully she's learned from the past to not stick her nose where it doesn't belong.
Aelin Galathynius
How I feel about this character:
The love I have for Aelin rivals my love of Nesta (I know I don't post much about her, It's usually acotar on my feed.) The hardships amd struggles she faces and how many times she could give up and yet pushed through. Yet she can still smile, crack jokes, and eat chocolate. Nothing brings her down for long. She's filled with so much strength and compassion. I just, yeah I love her. I rarely finish a series and say I'm so proud of a main character. I did with her.
All the people I ship romantically with this character:
Rowan Whitehorn, Chaol Westfall
My non-romantic OTP for this character:
Fenrys Moonbeam
My unpopular opinion about this character:
Tell people your plans! Also, sometimes she's a bit too arrogant.
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: I wish we had a little more of the Chaol romance. I wish that she talked to Aedion about her plan. Because it was kinda fucked up to think he'd be okay with.
Bryce Quinlan
How I feel about this character: She's like a blend of Aelin and Nesta to me, so I love her. It did take me a bit to warm-up to her. Once I did I loved her and the journey she goes through in her grief. I love that she's opinionated and fierce yet has the biggest heart.
All the people I ship romantically with this character:
Hunt Athalar
My non-romantic OTP for this character:
Lele🥺😭, Tharion Ketos
My unpopular opinion about this character:
Idk she's really stubborn. I'm not a fan of party girl Bryce 🤷‍♀️
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:
That her and Connor had some time 😭. I don't wanna say anything about what I wish until I reread. Maybe I'll make a hosab want list post
Give me a character
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asharcheron · 5 hours ago
istg... i have to wake up everyday knowing somehow, even in fanfic, tamlin is gonna piss me off again and again and again. this child do be getting on the very last of my nerves.
anyway ready kings, queens, and vagabonds by gingerwritess because it’s fire and it’s elucien. what more could you want?
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shansenfan · 6 hours ago
Most ____: ACOTAR Couples Edition
Most romantic:
Most fun:
Best suited for each other:
Varen? Varian + Amren/ Emorie/ Elucien
This was super hard!!! I wanted to put everyone in everything but-- GAHHH
These are my opinions, but I would love to know yours!!
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