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#kpop smut
boulevardk · 2 days ago
Gimme Gimme (m). Part Two.
Tumblr media
Preview: “And my body…” you moan, “it feels so warm.”
Johnny touches your skin and confirms the heat you mentioned. He leans his hand closer to your core, flips up your skirt, and cups your heat. You gasp loudly in response and your eyes shoot open.
“That’s what it is, baby,” Johnny smirks, “That just means you...really like us.”
You nod in shock at Johnny’s words, “I have never felt this way before!”
Rubbing his fingers slowly against your pussy, Johnny explains, “It’s okay, baby. We’re right here, and we’re going to take care of you.”
Jaehyun looks around from behind you and notices your lack of underwear from under your skirt.
“No panties, huh, kitty?” Jaehyun asks mockingly, “Now, you didn’t do that just for us, now did you?”
Pairing: nct 127 x black panther hybrid (f)
Genre: Hybrid AU, PWP, idolverse, M/F, smut... ;), series
Word count: 6k
Warnings: profanity, dubcon (...? like a bit i guess), low key bimbofication, dry humping, innocence corruption, nct are horny lmao, mentions of size kinks, johnny and jaehyun have big dicks but we already knew that so that's not new info, fingering, reader's first orgasm... i think that's it?? lemme know if i'm forgetting anything
a/n: i’m really happy with how well the first installment of Gimme Gimme was received! It really warms my heart to see people like and appreciate my work :,) i really am a softie for compliments. also, for the life of me, i couldn't find a high quality, recent photo of the members in this chapter lmao so the banner is just gonna stay as the one with all the members. also, this is like half way proof read lmao lemme know if you catch any mistakes. Anyways, happy reading!
- jay
“...You don’t like seeing us in pain, do you?” Jaehyun asks, looking at you whilst biting his lip to keep from moaning as he rubs your hand against his cock through his jeans.
“O-of course not,” you stutter, turning back and forth to look at both boys, your hands still on them.
“You can help us feel better,” Johnny rasps slightly, “You want to make us feel better, right, baby?”
You pout and look at both boys with big eyes.
Johnny groans and ruts against your hand, “That’s our girl.”
“Thank fucking God,” Jaehyun groans and pulls you onto his lap with your back towards him, removing your hand from Johnny’s thick thigh. When you're firmly seated on his crotch, he grinds his pelvis up into you and you gasp, “You feel that, baby? That’s what you do to me.”
Your eyes widen and he leans in closer to your ear, “You’re gonna relieve the pain, yeah?”
Nodding quickly, you whine when he starts grinding up against your ass slowly. It’s taking all Jaehyun has not to rip down your skirt, whip out his cock, and make you cream around him right here on the couch. As much as he wanted to fuck the living daylights out of you, he could still hear Taeyong’s voice ringing in the back of his head about “being soft” with you. Jaehyun scoffed at the words.
If only he could see you now.
“Fuck,” Jaehyun moans as he continues to move against your barely covered ass, “I don’t even know why you bother wearing these skirts, kitty. They barely cover anything.”
“Not that we’re complaining, though. We always love the show you put on for us, baby,” Johnny reassures, looking at you with a smile, “even if the show isn’t always intentional.”
Jaehyun rolls his eyes at that comment.
The other day, you were walking around the dorm, looking for something to occupy your attention. Jaehyun, Johnny, and Mark were sitting at the table when you entered the kitchen, and their eyes all immediately moved from their phones to your figure dressed in an oversized shirt with your infamously short skirt.
“Hello, boys!” you chirped, trying to maintain your charismatic persona.
All three boys just nodded wordlessly, stunned by your appearance.
Your eyes sparkled when you found a newly purchased bottle of milk in the fridge that Taeyong had gotten specifically for you from the grocery store. Apparently, black panther hybrids appreciate milk just as much as the ordinary house cat.
Reaching your small hands toward the glass, Jaehyun nearly began drooling when your fingers couldn’t even wrap fully around the bottle.
You let out a chirp of delight when you noticed a jar of cookies above the fridge that you knew would go perfectly with your milk. After placing the glass of milk on the counter beside you, you began jumping to try to reach the jar above you. You huffed when your fingers weren’t able to reach the jar.
Johnny chuckled in adoration while Mark struggled not to coo at your cuteness. Jaehyun, on the other hand, had to rearrange his pants as his cock grew hard.
He could just imagine the look of shock on your face as you stared at his massive size. He could imagine your huffs of annoyance as you’d try and fail, to wrap your hands around his cock while he’d just sit back and smirk at the thought of fucking you stupid.
“These are getting in the way!” you huffed angrily.
Johnny and Mark looked at you with confusion while Jaehyun was still in his daydream. Although Jaehyun’s attention was effectively caught when you reached down and pulled down your underwear from below your short skirt.
“What the-,” Mark said in a daze.
“Fuck,” Johnny continued for him, looking at you in a state of awe as well.
Jaehyun was just speechless as you peeled your panties off without a care in the world. Once they had fallen to the floor you kicked them to the side and muttered, “That’s better.”
Once your panties were gone, you jumped once more and finally reached the cookie jar on the top of the shelf. In the process of your final jump, your skirt flew up with the motion and all three boys sitting at the table got a clear view of your ass and long, black tail.
Jaehyun’s cock was straining against his pants, Johnny fought not to drool, and Mark’s eyes were as wide as saucers. All of them were shocked to the point of speechlessness.
Once you had finally arranged your snack, you turned back towards the boys with a sheepish smile and gestured towards your discarded panties beside the fridge, “They were hurting my tail.”
Even with your explanation (which to any other hybrid would have made perfect sense), all three boys were still mute, replaying the event they had just witnessed.
Mark clenched his eyes and jaw as the image of you innocently removing your panties was branded inside his mind.
“Oh! A patch of sun!” you said excitedly and pointed towards a window in the living room, “I’m going to go eat my snack there!”
“Did…” Mark begins, still in a daze after you skipped out of the room, “D-did that really just happen?”
Johnny ran his hands over his face and groaned, “It was too good to even be in my dreams.”
Jaehyun grits his teeth. If you kept tempting him like that, he was going to fuck you on the kitchen counter right in front of the two other members- Taeyong’s stupid rules be damned.
Mark cleared his throat, trying to regain his composure, and shook his head thoroughly for good measure. Standing up quickly from his seat at the table, he hurriedly shuffles over to your panties beside the fridge. He quickly collects them in his hands and leaves the kitchen before the other members could see the bright blush on his face, much less tease him for his perverted actions. When, in all reality, Jaehyun and Johnny just wished they had done the same thing first.
There will always be another time to take your panties.
Jaehyun was going to make sure of that.
To his left, Johnny moves one hand down to unbuckle his pants and places another on your thigh as Jaehyun continues to roll your hips against his own. You squeal when Johnny’s hand reaches your inner thigh.
“Oh!” you squeal as your stomach twists in knots and a strange, liquidy sensation forms between your legs, “What’s that?”
Johnny quirks his head at you, “What’s what, baby?”
“My-my thighs!” you exclaim in confusion, “They’re all wet!”
Jaehyun and Johnny share a look with each other.
“And my body…” you moan, “it feels so warm.”
Johnny touches your skin and confirms the heat you mentioned. He leans his hand closer to your core, flips up your skirt, and cups your heat. You gasp loudly in response and your eyes shoot open.
“That’s what it is, baby,” Johnny smirks, “That just means you...really like us.”
You nod in shock at Johnny’s words, “I have never felt this way before!”
Rubbing his fingers slowly against your pussy, Johnny explains, “It’s okay, baby. We’re right here, and we’re going to take care of you.”
Jaehyun looks around from behind you and notices your lack of underwear from under your skirt.
“No panties, huh, kitty?” Jaehyun asks mockingly, “Now, you didn’t do that just for us, now did you?”
You feel so good from the friction of Jaehyun’s hips against yours that it takes you a second to remember you’ve been asked a question. You shake your head quickly while clenching your eyes, “N-no, I didn’t do it on purpose! The panties hurt my tail!”
Your stutter of response has Jaehyun rolling his eyes, “Well, you won’t be needing them from this point on anyway, kitty.”
Johnny begins to rub his finger up and down your pussy, “How does this feel, baby? You like Daddy’s fingers on you like this?”
Johnny’s use of the name makes you gasp.
“D-daddy?” you quiver.
“That’s right, baby,” Johnny smiles at your shock and lets out a soft laugh as a thought crosses his mind, “Ha, would you look at that. Rubbing a pussy’s pussy.”
Jaehyun scoffs once more at the stupid comment. Meanwhile, your neck burns in humiliation at the comment.
You had never heard such dirty words before.
“Take your hands off her for a sec, John,” Jaehyun huffs, “I wanna try something.”
Johnny does as Jaehyun says and removes his hand from where he had been rubbing, leading you to let out a loud whine at the loss. Jaehyun removes you from his lap momentarily just to shimmy out of his jeans. Next, he moves to lay on his back with his torso propped up by his elbows. Once he’s situated and his lower half is left in his underwear, he pulls you back onto his lap with your chest facing him so you’re straddling him as he lays on the couch. Then he takes your skirt into his hands, “Let’s just get rid of this, shall we?”
Jaehyun barely finishes his sentence before he rips your skirt off your body like it was a thin sheet of paper. Your eyes shoot open and you squeal once more at the sound of the fabric tearing, “Hey! That was my favorite skirt!”
He groans as you shift on his lap during your exclamation, “I promise I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you all the fucking skirts in the world. Johnny, take off your pants for our kitty, won’t you?”
Johnny snaps out of the daze he was put in by looking at your bare ass and hurriedly takes off his pants but leaves his boxers. Like Jaehyun, he wanted to take you on this couch, but he also didn’t want to overwhelm you. So this would have to do… for now.
Once the older man had removed his pants, Jaehyun said with a rasp in his voice, “Why don’t you get behind our kitty and show her a good time, huh? Just like this.”
Jaehyun demonstrates by grinding on your bare heat from below you, your warm core directly over his boxers. You could feel his bulge through his pants, and your eyes widened at the size of him.
Did his size and hardness indicate his feelings for you? If so, he must really like you.
Johnny nodded with a smirk at Jaehyun’s actions and gently pushed you back down so that your chest was closer to Jaehyun’s and your ass was presented to him. Then he positioned himself behind you and held himself up as his hips met your backside.
You bit your lip at the new feeling, relishing in the pleasure from Johnny’s large cock pressed against your ass.
He must like you even more.
Once you’re fully sandwiched between both men, they begin to grind against you, and you yelp at the electricity you feel that shoots through your body. They begin to grind in tandem, and you feel your brain begin to melt.
“Oh,” you pant, “T-this feels so good. I don’t think I have ever felt so good in my life.”
Johnny chuckles at your comment and continues to thrust against you, “Is that so, baby? I think that makes three of us, then.”
Your whines echo through the living room, and Jaehyun has never been so glad to be given the day off while the other members have a schedule. Johnny is relieved to be alone with you too, although the idea of other members walking in on the two men corrupting their precious little kitten has him thrusting against your harder.
“Wanna know something, kitty?” Jaehyun whispers as he leans towards your ear, “I know this whole little confident personality was an act from the second I laid eyes on you.”
You know you should be more concerned by his words, considering you were fearful the group might send you back if you didn’t meet their expectations of a social, friendly, and outgoing hybrid. But as much as you should have cared about what the handsome man has said beneath you, your mind felt fuzzy from the pleasure you were receiving.
“Hey,” Jaehyun says, grabbing your chin in his hand and lowering your gaze to meet his own, “Did you hear a word I just said, kitty?”
His grip on your chip tightens and the slight pain clears your brain a bit enough to focus your attention on him, “W-what?”
He smiles at your dazed expression as he and Johnny continue to rut against you from either side, “I said I know your secret. You don’t have me fooled.”
You gasp in surprise and in pleasure as the man beneath you thrusts up against you even harder, “W-what are you talking about?”
“You can’t play stupid with me,” he says mockingly, “Rest assured, though, kitty. Your secret is safe with me.”
Before you can ask him what he meant, both men speed up their pace, and you let out a yelp.
Johnny grunts behind you and puts his hands on your shoulders to pull himself closer to you with each thrust over your bare ass. Jaehyun’s hands are firmly set on your hips as he looks up at you.
“I-” you whine, “Johnny, I feel funny. I don’t know what’s happening.”
Flicking his hair from his face, Johnny laughs, “You’re gonna cum, baby. Do you know what that means?”
You clench your eyes shut and shake your head back and forth.
“Well...Let’s just say it’ll make you feel really good,” Johnny pants, “And when Jaehyun and Daddy cum, we won’t be in pain anymore, baby. You’re doing such a good job.”
“I’m close, Johnny,” Jaehyun groans, “Fuck, I wish I could fill you up right now, kitty. I would do anything to make you cum around my cock right now.”
His words are barely processed in your head as the knot in your stomach tightens and your thighs collect more and more slick.
Fill you up?
If your brain weren’t so fried at the moment, you would have asked Jaehyun what he meant by that.
“Ah!” you squeal, “I think I’m going to faint!”
“Just give in to it, baby,” Johnny coos from behind you, “I promise it’ll feel good.”
The pressure in your stomach builds and builds, and you fear you may actually lose consciousness. You begin to see black spots in your vision, and the dam inside you finally breaks.
“Oh, my God! Jaehyun!” you scream and feel a surge of liquid shoot out from between your thighs. Although you don’t fully pass out, you feel your body lose most of its strength, and if it weren’t for Johnny and Jaehyun holding you up, you surely would have fallen on your face.
“Ugh,” Johnny groans and tightens his grip on your shoulders, “Fuck!”
You hear Johnny suck in a breath before the fabric of Johnny’s boxers grows warm and wet against your ass.
Before you could question what the substance in Johnny’s underwear is, Jaehyun’s grip tightens on your hips as well, and his thrusts up against your pussy speed up even faster, “I’m gonna cum, kitty. You think you can handle it?”
Although you still feel like you're floating from the experience you just felt, you nod at his words. It isn’t long after your response that his eyes clench and he lets out a deep moan, “So fucking good.”
Unlike Johnny, you actually get somewhat of a glimpse at what happens to Jaehyun when he cums, as they’d explained. After he curses, his hips stutter and his mouth forms an ‘O’ before you feel the same sensation Johnny had given you.
You squeak when the fabric below your pussy becomes warm and wet as well, “W-what’s that? What happened?”
Jaehyun smiles at your innocent question and appearance, despite the fact that all three of you had cum from dry humping, “We all just came, kitty. How did it feel?”
“Hmm,” you hum and smile at the thought, “It felt so good. I never knew I could feel something like that… Why is this fabric wet?”
You point down at his boxers and he chuckles, “That’s because I came, and your cum is there too.”
Gasping, you move your hips away from Jaehyun’s crotch, and you notice a giant wet spot on the grey fabric of his underwear.
“Oh!” you stutter, “D-did I do that just now?”
“Yeah, baby,” Johnny laughs, plopping beside you as Jaehyun gets up from his position on the couch and sits to your right, “It’s kind of hard to ignore, isn’t it?”
Your face burns at the question, and you bury your face in the crook of Jaehyun’s neck, biting your lip to conceal your yelp.
You feel Jaehyun’s chest rumble as he chuckles at your cuteness and brings his band to the back of your head to soothingly run through your hair, “You don’t even realize how cute you are, do you?”
Johnny smiles as your hum for a comment is muffled by your position on his fellow member, “This was so fun, baby. Now, how about we get you cleaned up, yeah? Something tells me Taeyong wouldn’t be too happy to see you all dirty, would he?”
You lean up from your place against Jaehyun and shake your head in agreement, “I know it’s important to clean up… But I just hate being in the water.”
“Ha,” Jaehyun rolls his eyes, “You really are a cat hybrid.”
Basking in the sunlight pouring in from the window, you began to purr quietly at the feeling.
Shortly after the group had adopted you, Taeyong had explained to you the delicacy of the members owning a hybrid. He had mentioned that they belonged to a strict company that wouldn’t approve of the members being distracted from practice due to a hybrid companion living with them.
Jaehyun had also said that their jobs were very public, and information about you being leaked to the public could not only damage their reputation, but it could possibly put you in danger. At that comment, you heard Doyoung and Yuta mutter curses under their breath about obsessive, toxic fans.
You felt conflicted about the situation. On one hand, due to your inner shyness, you were relieved you wouldn’t have to make many public appearances- if any at all. You didn’t do too well in front of big crowds…. Not that the members needed to know that, anyways.
You were also disheartened by the idea of people potentially disliking you. Unhinged fans not liking you was something you could live with. Something tells you you wouldn't care much for them anyway.
But when Taeyong had stated that their company and fans might disapprove of you, it made your heart hurt a bit. Even the thought of people not liking you made you uneasy… You wanted everyone to like you.
Once you had expressed your sensitivity of public perception to Taeyong in private, his eyes softened and he cooed at your sensitivity and innocence. He hoped you wouldn’t ever have to find out how cruel the world could be… not in the way he found out, anyway.
He promised himself that he would do everything in his power to protect you. And when he shared his concern and feelings to the other members about the situation, they all agreed.
Even though you had only been living with the group for a short amount of time, they had grown very fond of you, and they never wanted to put you in a position where you could get hurt.
On the other hand, however, you were disappointed you couldn’t go outside more frequently simply to enjoy the nature around you. It was no secret to the members how much you enjoyed soaking up the sun. In fact, whenever the members would see you lounging in the sunlight, sprawled out with your tail happily swishing back and forth, they would come over and join you.
Your heart jumped a few times when the members first began to approach you, but over time, you grew used to their company and looked forward to their closeness in proximity.
Your favorite member to lay within the sun was undoubtedly Taeil who always made a point to brush your fur and scratch your pointed ears softly just the way you liked. You would lean against him for hours or however long his schedule allowed and purr against his chest as he would sing softly to you.
Although you enjoyed your time with the members inside, you still did mourn the chance to go outside. You missed watching and chirping at birds in person, and the experience wasn’t the same through a window. You also missed rubbing your cheek against various flowers and plants that had an intriguing smell.
You understood why you couldn’t be seen by the paparazzi… you just wish there was some other way to get the time outside you had been missing. Until then, your view of nature through the windows in the group’s dorms would have to suffice.
“Hey there, pretty girl,” Taeil’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.
Without opening your eyes, you stretched on the carpet and sighed out to the man, “Hello, Taeil. Just the person I wanted to see to make this time in the sun even more enjoyable.”
He chuckled and joined you on the soft carpet. Once he was seated comfortably, you readjusted and leaned against his chest, finding a comfortable place to rest.
“Where are the other members?” you ask him with a yawn, your eyes still closed.
He brings his hand to stroke your hair and hums, “Every except Haechan is at a schedule… Haechan is at the Dream dorm for the next couple of days.”
“Oh,” you nodded slightly, “Can I tell you something, Taeil?”
Taeil’s hand stops stroking your hair and finds its place on your thigh instead, “Of course you can, honey. I’m just happy you feel comfortable enough to confide in me. What is it?”
“It’s just that Haechan…” you trail off and twiddle your fingers, “He makes me nervous…”
Taeil sits up quickly but not too abruptly to alarm you, “What do you mean? Has he hurt you at all? Do you want me to talk to him?”
Taeil knew how...intense Haechan could be, to say the least.
Taeil knew the younger boy to be zealous in every sense of the word. But a sex-deprived Haechan was an even more difficult beast to tame.
The oldest member had overheard Haechan talk about how rough he had been with his bunny hybrid at the Dream dorm. If the time came that you wanted to experience that same kind of roughness with any of the members, Taeil would be more than happy to participate.
However, unlike the other members (Yuta, Jaehyun, and Haechan in particular), Taeil wasn’t obsessed with the idea of corrupting you. Taeil wouldn't necessarily describe himself as vanilla, because he knew he wasn’t. But Taeil didn’t get off to the idea of turning you into a sex-crazed minx like the other members did.
“No! No, of course not,” you quickly corrected him, “It’s just…”
Taeil raised his eyebrows and prompted, “Just what?”
You conceded with a sigh, “He makes me feel strange.”
Tilting his head to the side in confusion, he asked, “Strange how?”
Blushing profusely, you bite your lip and take one of his hands in yours, placing it on top of your skirt just above your core, “Strange right here.”
Taeil makes a noise along the lines of a gasp and widens his eyes, “W-what do you mean, honey?”
You close your eyes and breathe deeply, “It’s like there’s a rubber band in my stomach that’s about to snap, and my heart feels like it’s about to beat out of my chest.”
Biting back a moan, Taeil inhales sharply at your words.
When Taeyong and Jaehyun had gone to adopt you, they mentioned that the adoption facility was unsure if you had had your first heat yet since you were rescued and not bred in captivity. Taeil had always wondered if you even knew about sex at all. He had always imagined you knew the basics, at least. But considering how… sensitive of a topic that could potentially be, Taeil obviously never asked if you had been given “the talk”, to put it simply.
“What else do you feel?” Taeil asks in a tone just above a whisper.
You begin to move his hand around your pussy slowly, the fabric of your skirt beginning to dampen from the heavy amounts of slick dripping from you as you thought dirty thoughts about the men you lived with.
“I feel warm… Practically hot to the touch. And my thighs,” you whimper, “They get wet just like they are right now.”
Taeil pushes his hand harder against your skirt and discovers that you are, indeed, as wet as you just described.
“There’s something else, Taeil,” you confess, turning your head slightly to look at him, “You… you make me feel the same way.”
Throwing his head back slightly at that information, Taeil firmly presses against your pussy again, and begins to rub slow circles over the skirt’s fabric, “Is that so, pretty girl?”
Your eyes are big and glossy as you nod your head towards him.
“Well,” Taeil begins, “If that’s the case…”
You let out a yelp as Taeil begins to rub your cunt faster, your skirt fabric completely soaked at this point, “I guess I’ll just have to help you out then, won’t I?”
“Fuck,” Taeil curses, “Your skirt is drenched at this point. I can’t even imagine how wet you feel without it.”
At that comment, Taeil flips up the front of your skirt and his fingers make contact with your bare cunt, and you gasp at the feeling.
“Oh?” Taeil asks as he continues to rub you, “No panties? When did that start?”
“They hurt my tail,” you moaned, “And Johnny and Jaehyun also told me not to wear them.”
Raising his eyebrows, Taeil smirks, “Johnny and Jaehyun, huh? I should have known. They’ve been dying to get a piece of you since the day you arrived… I can’t blame them, though. We’ve all pretty much felt the same way.”
Your eyes widen at his comment, but you’re unable to stutter a response due to the sheer pleasure you’re feeling in your gut.
“You like this, right, honey?” Taeil asks, to which you nod frantically in response. The eldest member chuckles at your nonverbal response, “If it feels good there, you’re gonna love this even more.”
He skillfully moves his fingers directly to your clit and your shout at the suddenness of his actions. He begins to rub even faster, and his actions have your eyes rolling back.
“Tell me how that feels, my pretty girl,” Taeil mutters beside your ear.
You attempt to clear your clouded head by shaking it repeatedly, “I-it feels so nice. My whole body feels l-like it’s tingling.”
Taeil just laughs at your reply and continues to rub your clit in quick figure eights.
Taeil, much like Johnny and Jaehyun, does have to restrain himself when it comes to you- especially considering because you two are home alone. He could be the first one to sleep with you and no one would be the wiser.
He could imagine all the members (especially Haechan) throwing a fit at the idea of not being the first to fuck you, with Mark and perhaps Doyoung being the only exceptions. Even to this day, Haechan still rants about how he should have been the first to fuck his bunny hybrid- even though he fucks her almost every day now since her first heat passed.
Even Taeyong was possessive of you to a certain extent, although it came from a different place. Although all the members wanted to protect and care for you, Taeyong undoubtedly felt the most attached to you. And considering how you spent the most time with him aside from Taeil, it was simple to say you felt very attached to the leader as well.
Hell, you even sleep in his room every night. Taeyong always liked to argue that it was best for you to sleep in his room because he didn’t have to share with any other members and it would be the best, most comfortable situation for you. But the other members saw through his facade and knew it was probably just an attempt to keep you all to himself.
Although Taeil wanted so desperately to take you to his room and fuck you right now, he knew you weren’t ready for that kind of commitment or change- no matter how you were grinding your pussy against his hand right now.
“Right there, Taeil,” you moaned out, “Johnny said this feeling means I really like you.”
Taeil smirked at your comment.
What kind of nonsense was Johnny putting in your head…? And why hadn’t Johnny and Jaehyun invited him when they made you feel this way before?
You squirmed in Taeil’s grasp, and he could tell you were close.
“I think Johnny called it ‘cum’?” you innocently stated as you not so innocent ground your hips down on Taeil’s hand, “Is that what I’m about to do?”
“Yes, pretty girl, that’s right. You’re about to cum for me,” Taeil said as he felt his cock grow stiffer and stiffer by the second, “You’re doing so well for me, honey. You’re so close.”
You tossed your head side to side against Taeil’s chest as your orgasm drew closer and closer.
You felt like there were fireworks going off in your stomach. You had only received your first orgasm days ago from dry humping with Jaehyun and Johnny. It felt so primal, and you loved every second of it. Even thinking about it now, made you moan loudly.
Being with Taeil was different, though. He was solely focused on making you feel good. And as hot as your body felt from your impending orgasm, your heart also warmed at the thought that Taeil’s attention was purely focused on making you feel the pleasure you so desperately sought.
Taeil knew that you were so innocent and clueless that he could probably convince you that sucking his cock was just a sign of affection, and you’d probably fall for it. It was fucked up, to say the least, but Taeil liked the idea of being about to manipulate you. He wasn’t going to do it now, because he was worried about overstepping your current boundaries.
The last thing he wanted to do was scare you away right as you had warmed up to him … but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to jerk off to the idea of manipulating you right after he made you cum on his fingers.
“I think I’m going to cum, Taeil!” you shouted.
Taeil sped up his fingers a bit faster to get you over the edge, “That’s it, honey. You’ve been such a good girl for me.”
You whined aloud once more before you came on Taeil’s fingers.
Taeil had fingered his fair share of women… but none of them had cum as much as you did just now.
It wasn’t at all an overstatement to say Taeil’s hand was coated in your slick. In fact, that statement is more of an understatement than anything else.
The eldest member removed his hand from your skirt and brought his fingers to his lips, tasting your essence, “Damn.”
You tasted sweeter than candy and easily sweeter than any other girl Taeil had eaten out before. If this is what you tasted like after simply cumming on Taeil’s fingers, he couldn’t wait for the day where he could actually eat you out.
Hopefully, that day was sooner rather than later.
Your eyes were still shut as you rode out your high, and Taeil held you as long as you remained somewhat delirious from your orgasm.
When you finally opened your eyes, they were hazy and glossed over with the slightest bit of tears. Your tired eyes met Taeil’s right as he had brought his finger to his mouth to taste your cum.
“What are you doing?” you asked innocently.
Taeil looked at you in confusion before following your gaze and realizing that you were talking about what Taeil was licking off his fingers.
“Oh,” Taeil shrugged, “I was just tasting… Well, I was tasting you.”
You looked at him and pondered what he said, “May… may I try?”
Taeil’s eyes widened a bit in shock at your statement. How could such a dirty comment come from such an innocent face?
Humming in response, Taeil brought his hand back to your pussy and swiped some more slick onto the pads of his fingers. You flinched a bit in sensitivity from your orgasm, and Taeil bit back a laugh at your reaction.
When he brought his fingers up to your mouth, you looked at the substance coating his digits. It looked strange, to say the least. Although you had little to no idea what cum truly was, you were intrigued by the idea of tasting it.
You wrapped your lips around his finger and sucked somewhat cautiously in case you didn’t like the flavor.
Taeil knew hybrids (cats in particular) could be quite sensitive to taste. Although your cum was easily the sweetest he had ever tasted, he was unsure of how you would react to it.
Your eyes were still wide as you sucked off your slick from his digits, and Taeil wanted the image ingrained in his mind for when he was going to jerk off later. Taeil genuinely wasn’t sure if you were purposefully promiscuous or if you were just naturally this way. Either way, Taeil couldn’t deny that he always enjoyed the shows you put on. Like the one time, you were playing with a toy Taeyong had bought you and you bent down to collect the toy after you had hit it under the couch. It was safe to say that all the members who witnessed the event were turned on within seconds.
As you sucked off the last bits of slick from Taeil’s fingers, you hummed at the taste in curiosity. Taeil was impossibly hard at this point, and your humming around his fingers made him wonder how it would feel to have you humming around his cock. The thought made him shudder, and he had to remind himself to practice restraint.
You pulled away from his finger and licked your lips, familiarizing yourself with the taste once more. Taeil looked at you expectantly, awaiting your response.
“Hm,” you began, looking at Taeil again, “I…”
Taeil anxiously awaiting your verdict on the taste. He certainly didn’t want to be the reason your hyperactive senses reacted negatively.
“I actually like it,” you finished, “Do… Do you like it, Taeil?”
He was relieved to hear your answer and nodded frantically in response to your question, “I like your flavor a lot, honey. It’s even sweeter than you are.”
You giggled when he poked your nose at that comment, and you turned your face away when you felt a blush rise to your cheeks.
“I look forward to having another chance to taste you, pretty girl,” Taeil whispered as he leaned closer to your ear. He kissed the side of your head, and you felt your whole body warm at his statement.
Not too long after you were adopted by the group, you were timid around nearly everyone (with the exception of Taeyong), and you had never had any sort of sexual experience in your life. Now, just a few weeks had passed and you had had dirtier interactions with some of the members than you ever could have imagined.
You had suspected after Johnny and Jaehyun had made you cum for the first time that you were addicted to the feeling of pleasure, but now you were certain of your assumption. And your thighs grew wet at the very idea of what kind of pleasure awaits when the other members got the piece of you they had all been drooling after.
a/n: jesus this chapter is done FINALLY
tag list: @sapiowoman28, @flowerboykun, @gomjohnny, @eggbutnotyolk, @johnjaespeach,@meowniee, @thebreakfastatmidnight, @artgukk, @bebsky @renjunato, @luvenshiti, @lihyuck
if you want to be added to the tag list, please send me an ask or put it in the comments bc i can never find it if it's put in the tags alone
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sinswithpleasure · a day ago
The Future (ft. TWICE's Nayeon)
Tumblr media
For Nayeon's birthday!
Unedited, as per most of the quickies are.
Black. White.
"Are we done yet, honey?" The Catwoman swings her whip, the crack sharp against your ears. Your lack of a response makes her laugh. The laugh you once loved.
You struggle to get off the ground, and in an instant, your wrists are cuffed to the ground. Nayeon has a gun in her hands, firing two more cuffs to ensure that all your limbs are restrained.
"It's good to see you, honey. We've drifted apart, you and I, and I want to have that fixed immediately."
"Let me go, Nayeon!"
"I don't remember you saying that the last time you were tied up like that. How times have changed."
"You weren't the callous bitch back then."
"Name calling? You can do better than that." Nayeon stands over your body, still resisting against the cuffs. She smiles at your futile resistance. "I remember you being so good at tying me up back then. Now you're the one tied. Feels good, doesn't it?"
"Let me go!"
"No, I don't think I will. Not when you look so good—bruised, bloodied, tied up just for me."
"When I get my hands on you—"
"You will do nothing. I'm gonna leave you here, honey. In fact, while you're here, I need some help."
"I'm not gonna help you, bitch."
"Of course you'd say that. I would too, after having the shit beaten out of me. How the mighty have fallen, huh? You used to teach me all the combat maneuvers, and now you're soundly beaten by me. Ah, times have changed." Nayeon smiles, tapping her foot. "Anyways, yes. I need some help, and you can't do anything about it anyway."
"Fuck you."
Nayeon only smiles, letting the whip fall to the ground with a clatter. She undoes her belt, pulling it off her dress. Her zipper at the neckline is next, before Nayeon pulls it off her shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. She exposes herself fully to you, a lack of underwear existing under her clothing.
"That's right."
Nayeon's body still gets you hard after all these years. The lady herself has grown a lot since the past—her chest is fuller, thighs thicker. The same thighs are covered in her slick—exhibitionism still gets her horny.
"Oh, you're still attracted to me. Good." Nayeon has a hand on your bulge, over your super suit. She grins, before her claws protract, slicing open your suit in seconds. She grins at the green underwear she gifted you on your birthday a few years back, before she slices it to shreds. Your shaft pops out, standing proud in the air for a second before falling over.
Nayeon straddles you, pushing your shaft against your stomach. She plants herself firmly on it, her labia spreading open on your length. She begins to grind along your shaft. You groan.
"There's an old proverb that says 'The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The next best time is now'. I should have done this years ago, but you're here, I'm here, and we're together now." Nayeon rakes your chest lightly with her claws—enough for you to feel it, but not cut the skin. "I want your child."
"Fuck no!" You wrestle against your bonds again, but she holds her claws to your neck, glaring.
"Move again and I'll cut, then fuck you in the time it takes for you to bleed out."
You carry on resisting, and Nayeon's blade carves into your neck lightly. The skin breaks, blood seeping out. Nayeon's gleeful eyes scare you, and you fall back in fear. Her hips never stop moving, and the pleasure slowly seeps into your veins. You try to control your breathing, but a particularly hard grind to the underside of your shaft makes you hiss in pleasure.
"Ah, let's not waste time." Nayeon grabs your shaft, positioning herself atop your leaking tip. She sinks herself down on your shaft, a long groan escaping her lips as she impales herself on your shaft. When her pelvis meets yours, she rests her hands on your thighs, moving her hips up and down to ride your shaft. She moans, her pussy squeezing you tightly, just like all those years ago.
"Fuck… you're still so big!" Nayeon gives you a glance, a smirk large on her face as she watches you resist giving her any reactions. "Come on, you know my pussy feels good. Let it out. Let me know how much your cock still loves being fucked by my pussy."
You groan at Nayeon's dirty talk against your will. Nayeon's dirty talk still gets you to this day, just as she did back then.
"Face it. I'm still the best fuck you've had. You've never had pussy as good as this since we broke away from each other, hm? I can feel you twitch and throb each time I fuck myself on your cock." She leans forward, playing with your balls. "Oh, they're so full. I can't wait for you to empty them in my pussy."
Nayeon fucks herself harder on you after her words. You can feel how close you are—her words about you twitching and throbbing are right. Looking at the hottest woman (and now archenemy) since your youth leaking all over your shaft, fucking herself with your cock is the worst and best thing you can see right now. Her fingers rubbing her clit only makes her tighter, hotter, wetter.
"Come on, cum! Fill my pussy just like you used to. You told me you wanted to father my child back then, and I'm letting you do what you dreamed of now. Cum, cum for me. Let it all out in the pussy you love." Nayeon smirks, moans of pleasure breaking the words up. She lets her trump card show—her former pet name for you.
"Cum deep into my pussy, toy."
You blow your load. The name is all you need for your shaft to pulse your thick load into Nayeon. She fucks herself to completion while you paint her walls white with your semen, your shaft hitting her G-spot three times more to bring her to a finish. Her walls tighten and pulsate, her slick and semen leaking out of the gaps between your shaft and her walls. She groans deeply, fucking herself through both your orgasms.
When she stills, she gets off you, semen oozing out of her pussy, dripping onto your shaft and the ground. She walks over to her clothing and whip, her claws retracting as she picks them up in her arms. She walks over to the hole in the wall she threw you through, and she turns back to wave at you seductively.
"Thanks for the baby, honey. I'll make sure to raise him right, just like we intended."
Catwoman Im Nayeon jumps into the night, her figure disappearing in the darkness. Dimly, you curse before the exhaustion of battle and sex takes over, your head falling back and sleep claiming you for the night.
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rred-lights · a day ago
daddy’s money
“you don’t know what that skirt does to me baby girl.”
pairing: jay x fem reader
genre: smut, enemies to lovers, non idol au, private school au
warnings: jay has a thing for skirts, oral sex (m receiving ), thigh riding, will probably have a part 2
word count: 3k
You hated Jay Park. You’d hated him since the day you met. The private school you both attended was prestigious and you knew it could help you get into a good university, but it was also very expensive and the only reason you were able to attend at all was because you were given a special scholarship. You had to keep your grades up to keep the scholarship, but that seemed easy to you and you were so grateful for an opportunity to be here at all so you didn’t mind the extra work that came with it.
On your first day, you showed up in your school uniform, which had been given to you by the school. There wasn’t a strict dress code, but the administrators had noted it was an institution with class and students should dress accordingly. You didn’t expect to be surrounded by students wearing clothes that cost more than your car.
You’d gotten lost early in the day. The whole school was massive with tons of floors and halls with hidden staircases. To find your third class you had to stop another student and ask where room 408 was.
You didn’t want to talk to just anyone, so many people had already given you strange looks for your simple attire and a few people had passed you without noticing you even existed, but you had hope that there were still kids at this school who could help you. They couldn’t all be bad right?
“Excuse me?” you’d asked, tapping the shoulder of a taller boy. He was wearing a simple black suit jacket that looked, at least from behind, like the uniform jacket. It was only when he turned around that you realized it was Balenciaga.
You felt shy the second he turned around, taking in your outfit and the simple skirt you wore. “Um… do you know where room 408 is?” you asked, wishing your voice hadn’t come out so high pitched. With the way he was looking at you he didn’t need to say a word for you to know exactly what was going through his head. Another scholarship kid.
“Go up two floors. It’ll be on the left,” he said simply before turning around and walking away. You hadn’t known his name then, but you learned it soon after. Jay Park, one of the richest students in the school. His dad was a CEO and his mom was on the school board.
By now you had met plenty of friends, many of them scholarship kids like you, but every one of you were united in your mutual dislike of Jay Park. The scholarship kids thought he was ignorant and took advantage of his family’s wealth and your wealthier friends simply hated his attitude and cold demeanor to anyone around him.
Ever since that first interaction, you and Jay had never gotten along. You were both civilized enough but as you grew more confident and comfortable in the school, your dislike for him became more public. You didn’t care if he knew you hated him; maybe if he did he’d leave you alone. Usually he did, but recently he’d been even more of an asshole than usual.
This week, schoolwork had been particularly harsh. You had three different papers due on the same day and were trying your best to finish all of them ahead of time so you’d have enough time to go back and make edits. You’d been staying after school every day to work and you wouldn’t head home until the last bus arrived and you were forced to leave.
Today was no different. You sat in the corner of the library by one of the large windows that faced the park next to your school. You had one of your essays already outlined and the notebook was on the table, along with your laptop and the book you were analyzing. You flipped through the pages to find your quotes, already highlighted, so you could write them into the paper, each one explained in intense detail. There was no way you were going to get a low score on these essays.
“You’ve been spending a lot of time here,” someone says and you look up to see Jay Park in a Dior jacket leaning against a bookshelf and looking at you.
“I have work to do. I’m assuming you do too,” you tell him. You honestly have no idea when he does his homework, or if he does it at all. He can’t get kicked out of school with his mom on the board, and besides, his father’s money can take him anywhere he needs to go in life.
“You always have work to do,” he huffs. “Do you ever do anything interesting?”
That was what made you angry. You were used to being looked down on by him, but to have him call you boring to your face? That was another level of low, even for him.
“Do you ever stay out of other people’s lives?” you ask, standing up from your chair and facing him head on.
“Hey I’m just concerned for your well being. All this work can’t possibly be fun.”
You narrow your eyes. “Some of us have to actually work our asses off to be here. Not everyone can just pay tuition. School work doesn’t matter to you. Not when you’ve got daddy’s money.”
Jay raises an eyebrow at that. “Is that all I am?”
“You tell me,” you bite back angrily, and for once he actually looks stunned.
Before he can respond, someone calls his name from the door of the library. A man in a sophisticated suit with a woman next to him who you recognize from the board who oversees your scholarship. If the woman is Jay’s mother, then the man next to her must be his father.
“We need to leave soon if we’re planning on arriving at the gala at 7,” his father reminds.
“I’m coming in a second,” he says, nodding to his father who steps out of the library, his wife not far behind.
Once the door of the library shuts you say, “your dad’s hot. Maybe he’ll pay my tuition.”
Before you can fully process what’s happening Jay is shoving you backwards and your back collides with a bookshelf.
“Don’t talk about my dad like that,” he says angrily, his eyes are fiery. You’ve never seen him get this riled up before.
You roll your eyes and harshly shove him off you.
“It was a joke dumbass,” you say and sit back down at your table. Jay is still breathing heavily but he steps away from you. For a moment you think he might actually apologize, but instead he turns around and leaves the library without saying a thing.
You don’t see him for three days after that, and they’re the best three days of school so far. You get to cheer on your friend Jake while he leads the mathletes to another victory. Heeseung had his first choir concert of the year and you went to one of Niki’s dance practices. It was nice to spend so much time with your friends and not have to worry about Jay. Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last.
The next time you meet ends up being in the library again. The room used to feel like a safe haven to you, but his presence was really throwing that calmness out the window. You couldn’t help but be annoyed as he walked across the floor, his shiny black shoes clicking on the tile with every step.
He doesn’t say anything, he just stands near your table awkwardly, waiting for you to look up from your screen. You did appreciate him not disrupting your work, but his presence alone was enough to throw you out of rhythm and you had no choice but to look up at him.
“What?” you ask, your voice coming out more venomous than you’d intended but you could help the bit of pleasure you felt when he jumped at your voice.
“I uh…” he clears his throat and you suddenly realize he looks nervous. “I wanted to apologize for the other day. I shouldn’t have pushed you like that, that was over the line and I really want to make things better.”
Oh. This was something you never thought would happen. Jay Park was apologizing to you.
“Oh, um. Okay. I accept your apology, but you should probably work on that temper of yours.”
Jay smiles sheepishly. “I’m not usually like that, I promise. But my dad is like… this is gonna sound dumb but he’s my hero and has been since I was little. I don’t like hearing people say bad things about him.”
You hang your head. “I’m sorry about that. I shouldn’t have said something like that, even as a joke.”
“Thanks,” he says, the tension between you two fading by the second.
“For what it’s worth, he seems lovely.”
Jay actually laughs at that, and it’s a nice sound. You mentally kick yourself for liking anything about Jay.
“I actually talked to him about you and your scholarship. He was a scholarship kid too, you know. He wanted to meet you and talk about the future of the scholarship program. There's a charity gala this weekend and I don’t have a plus one yet.”
“Are you asking me on a date?” you ask with a smirk and as soon as you see the panic on his face you burst into laughter. “I’m joking,” you remind him. “I’d love to go.”
His shoulders relax and his easygoing smile is back. “I’ll see you on Sunday night then.”
You weren’t really sure how you got here. A week ago you hated Jay. A week ago he shoved you into a bookshelf. Now you were standing in front of your mirror in a dress he’d paid for, wondering if he’d like it. If he’d think you were pretty.
It hugs your body, showing off your natural shape and the whole thing is silver and shimmers under the light. It’s absolutely gorgeous and you’re too afraid to ask how much it had cost.
How had your feelings towards Jay changed so much so quickly? You used to have to stop yourself from rolling your eyes whenever he walked into a room. Now you’d fall asleep thinking about how soft his hair might be and you’d stand in front of your mirror before school fixing your hair. This dress was quite possibly the nicest thing you’d ever worn and you were glad that he was the one who would see it.
You step out of his bathroom and go back to his own room where he’s already wearing a fitted suit. He looks up at your reflection in the mirror and his eyes widen, but he plays it off with a smile.
“Can you tie a tie?” he asks nonchalantly, holding up a tie. You nod and take the black fabric from his hands. It only takes a few seconds to get the knot right but when your hands drop you realize how close the two of you are standing.
“Can you really not tie a tie?” you ask, hoping to resolve some of the tension in the air.
“I can, I just wanted you to do it for me,” he says, his eyes staring deeply into yours and you notice his pupils blown out in lust. You can’t help but feel proud to have this effect on him.
“If you’re going to keep looking at me like that, you might as well fuck me,” you tell him calmly, adoring the shocked expression on his face as he processes your words.
Then he’s pushing you backwards, and you’re ending just like you started that day in the library but this time your back hits his bedroom wall instead of a bookshelf and this time his mouth is on yours.
His lips are soft but every kiss is desperate. His hands are running all over you, and his body is pressed against yours. One hand wraps around your waist, the other running over your stomach and up to your breasts, cupping one and squeezing gently, causing you to moan into his mouth.
When you break away, you’re both breathing heavily. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long,” he says, his forehead resting against yours. “Ever since I saw you in that skirt…”
“My uniform skirt?” you ask. You’d never thought much of it. It was a simple navy blue pleated skirt and compared to some of the clothes the girls at school wore, it was plain.
Jay nods slowly. “I always thought it was unfair that other people got to see you in that skirt. I… I wanted you for myself. I think I took it too far,” he admits. “I’m sorry if I ever made you feel uncomfortable, at school or otherwise. I just… I can’t take my eyes off you.”
Your breath catches in your throat at his words. He’d liked you for all this time. When you were busy hating him you didn’t realize that those prolonged stares across the cafeteria weren’t angry or spiteful. He’d been pining over you for months and you hadn’t even noticed.
“I… I spent so long hating you. I didn’t even realize…”
“Do you still hate me?” he asks, a teasing edge to his words and you can’t keep the smile off your face.
“What do you think, pretty boy?” you taunt, bringing his mouth to yours again. His lips move with yours and he grabs at your ass and runs his hands over your skin. You can’t help but smile into the kiss, loving how much desire he has for you.
You let your own hands wander and you let your fingertips brush over his crotch. You can feel him already hard in his pants and you palm him through the material, causing him to moan into your mouth.
“Can I?” you whisper, stroking his cock through the black fabric. He groans and nods unbuttoning his pants.
You push his hands to the side and drop to your knees, pulling his pants down, along with his boxers. His cock is already hard; it’s flushed red and you love the way his head falls back as you stroke him. You start by licking at the tip, before taking the head into your mouth.
You start slowly, bobbing your head up and down, every moan that falls from his lips is like music to your ears, only encouraging you to take more and more into your mouth. His hands tangle into your hair and he guides you up and down, setting the pace. You feel tears prick at the back of your eyes as the tip hits the back of your throat but you blink them away.
“Fuck baby you feel so good,” he moans above you. You continue to swirl your tongue around his cock, making sure to stroke him every once in a while, and squeeze at his thighs. When his legs begin to shake you feel a sense of pride in your chest. You’re the one who’s making him feel this good.
“I… I’m gonna… I’m gonna cum,” he groans, waiting for you to pull off, but that only makes you want to continue. You bob your head, squeezing at his thighs and hearing him hiss as you barely drag your teeth over the top of his cock.
“Fuck,” he swears and his hips buck deeper into your mouth as he releases into your throat. You stroke him through his orgasm and swallow everything he gives before finally pulling off his cock.
He drops to the floor next to you, cupping your face in his hands. “Are you okay?” he asks, his voice suddenly much softer and full of care and admiration. You nod and he smiles. “You did so good for me honey,” he says, kissing you again. This kiss is different, it’s not desperate and it isn’t as heated as the first ones had been, but it’s soft and full of love.
“I think you deserve a reward for that baby girl,” he says, a smile playing on his lips.
“I’ll let you fuck me in my skirt,” you say and you notice how his dick twitches at the suggestion.
“That’s a reward for me,” he laughs. “What do you want?”
Your eyes fall on his thighs, still marked with your fingerprints. You slide your hand over the skin and say, “I wanna ride you. Here.” Your fingers brush over the fabric of his pants and you push them towards him.
The smirk on his face is nothing short of devilish as he pulls the slacks back on and sits on the edge of the bed, pulling you on top of him.
“God you’re so beautiful,” he says, kissing you again, his hands on your back, steadying you. He squeezes your ass again and helps you shift so you’re straddling his thigh.
You can already feel your panties getting wet and the soft fabric of Jay’s pants feels so good against the bare skin of your thighs. You feel pleasure in the friction as you slowly grind your hips against his leg. His hand on your back is rubbing in calm circles and he’s holding you steady as you chase your own release.
You hold back at first but Jay begins to move his thigh in time with you and the pleasure you feel is doubling.
“Come on sweetheart. Don’t hide from me baby,” he says softly. “I wanna hear you.”
You moan louder now and shamelessly ride his thigh. His pants are soft and his thigh is strong and his hands are holding you. Your orgasm seems to sneak up on you and crashes over you like a wave. You cling to Jay’s shoulders as waves of pleasure run through your whole body and he never stops rubbing circles into your back.
“You’re okay baby,” he says softly. “I’ve got you.”
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nsfwmaemi · a day ago
Could you do public sex with Nayeon? Maybe they get caught by another member or close to getting caught?
I Must Have You (ft. Im Nayeon)
Genre : smut, public sex, m!reader x Im Nayeon
Word count: 1.4k+
A/N: Heavily unedited and I just came back after 2 weeks. Sorry for any mistakes :'>
Tumblr media
Fuck. What have I done to deserve this? It felt like forever since I felt this way. No, better yet, I’ve never felt this happy with my life. Perfect job, perfect home, and most importantly, perfect woman. I guess after five failed relationships my karma had to change at some point, right? Oh wait, hold that thought.
Nayeon’s tongue asks for entrance into your mouth.
Mmmm. Even the taste of her mouth tastes perfect. Tastes like camomile tea… did she drink that earlier? Oh, and a hint of waffles. I know she’s an early riser but how early did she wake up today?
It’s 5am. The smell of freshly watered greenery and the smell of blooming roses fill your noses. There are the sounds of birds chirping, wind blowing, leaves rattling. The sun, still rising as people are waking up to start their busy day. A peaceful morning. But as for you, your day already started an hour ago when your girlfriend woke you up for this spontaneous adventure. She brought you to the park to walk around, or at least that’s what she told you. While walking, she dragged you to this not-so-secluded spot in the park behind the 8-foot tall hedges on the edge of the park. She wrapped her arms around you, muttered the words “I must have you now,” then pulled you in for a kiss. And here you are succumbing to your spontaneous, seemingly horny girlfriend’s barrage of kisses.
You feel her hands cupping a feel down below. Shocked by how fast she was moving, you ask, “Are we really doing this right here, right now?”
“Shut up and lie down for me.” You could only do what you’re told. No more thoughts, only your beloved to think about.
You always take turns being the top. It’s in her nature. Sometimes she acts cute around you asking for daddy to punish her, sometimes she is sassy enough to leave you blue-balled if she doesn’t get her way. It’s always one of the two but you got used to it. You’re a switch anyways, so it’s fine.
She pulls down the basketball shorts you randomly picked up while being rushed by your girlfriend earlier, revealing your already erect shaft. Her eyes widen at the sight of your precum as she grabs your thing with her hand. “Oppa, I see you’re too excited.”
“Well, you passed on some action last night, making me sensitive. Is this what you planned all along?”
She doesn’t reply. Instead, she chuckles and fills her mouth with your cock. Yup, no teasing. Straight into the action. Enjoying her treat, she never breaks eye contact with you, feasting on your length while wearing that smile you first fell in love with. Feeling the dewey grass on your back, the wind blowing on your exposed bottom half, the love of your life salivating your sex, all overwhelm your senses. She makes sure her spit is spread all over your manhood before removing her cut-off shorts and underwear, throwing it aside by the hedges. As she rubs her pussy, you see some precum dripping to her thighs, then proceeds to position herself above your shaft.
She slowly impales herself, taking in your whole length. Her walls need no more lubrication because of how wet she already is. Both of you let out a moan, loud enough to express your satisfaction, yet soft enough to make sure people walking on the other side of the hedge won’t hear, if there are any. She takes her time adjusting before taking you in deeper.
“God, I missed this dick,” she mutters in between moans. She denied you sex three times the day before, so she is as sensitive as you.
Your hands feel what they could feel from your position. You start rubbing your palms on her creamy, luscious thighs, then move to her tiny waist, while your girlfriend picks up the pace. You grab her bouncing ass, bouncing more the harder she penetrates herself. Of all your past girlfriends, although hers isn’t the biggest, hers was your favorite. Daringly, she discards her crop top, tossing it near where her shorts are. Your almost naked girlfriend then unclips her bra, making her your fully naked girlfriend now. The thought of her being fully naked in public turns her on even more, so much so that she orgasms unannounced.
“Fuck!” The only word that comes out of her lips, alerting you after she has already ejaculated. Her pussy ejects only three-fourths of your member. You wait for her to recover as you enjoy the sight of her post-orgasm state. As you sit up, your hands move to her back to support her. You pull her in for a deep, but short kiss before heading down to her soft breasts. Not too big but not too small, just perfect. You kiss each nipple making sure they are still hard before sucking one. Her lower half twitches at first contact because of how sensitive she is. She hums in a seductive, yet somewhat melodic tone, like music to your ears.
5:30am. People start getting out of their houses to leave for work. You hear a couple of footsteps past the hedges. “Lower your voice. People might hear you.”
Desperate for more, she replies, “Then let them. Who the fuck even cares?”
“I’ll show you who cares.” Hands on her ample ass, you pick her up in the heat of the moment and bring her near the hedges for people to hear. You then start pounding her harder than before. This earns louder moans from her.
“Fuck!” A loud cry slips from her mouth, grabbing the attention of a few passersby.
“You ok over there, miss?” A random stranger asks.
“Yeah, I’m fine. Just tripped over a branch,” she answers back trying to conceal her moans as you pound relentlessly into her, but not too hard as to hear the slapping of your skins.
“Alright, be careful, ma’am.” The strange voice leaves.
“Told you someone cares,” you whisper into her ear. Hearing the stranger leave, you piston harder until she reaches her second orgasm.
Fortunately, she is able to warn you this time, “Babe, I’m cumming again.”
“Me, too. Let’s do it together.” You muster all your remaining strength to finish the deed until you reach your orgasm as well. You both let out loud synchronized moans, loud enough for people outside to hear. But it’s 5:30am, not everyone would bother asking why two people are groaning in the park. Besides, they’re adults. They’re old enough to know what’s happening.
You let her down from your hold as you struggle to regain your breath from your early morning workout. She, too, feels really exhausted from this. Aside from being physically tired, you still couldn't believe you had sex in public.
“Get a room.” A familiar voice sounds from behind you. You turn around only to see Jihyo on her morning jog. She stares at you judgingly, clearly knowing what happened from the sight of your naked woman and your dangling member. Hurriedly, you both grab your clothes to cover yourselves.
“Wow, I’ve walked into you guys multiple times now, but I didn’t expect to run into you guys here.” A smirk forms on Jihyo’s face as she says that.
“I’ll see you back in the dorm.” Nayeon voices begrudgingly while putting on her clothes back .You also wear your underwear and shorts.
“Let’s go.” You invite her back to your place. You hear Jihyo laugh for a moment before resuming her jog.
What a morning. Who knew sex outside would be this exciting? Not me, of course. I was never this daring until I met her. Still can’t believe how lucky I am to be with this precious woman.
You start walking as the two of you share a look. A look where you didn’t need words to know what the other was thinking.
I love you.
I love you too.
The sun shining, birds chirping, wind blowing as you walk hand-in-hand with your soulmate. A great way to start an already perfect morning. Arriving back at your place, she rushes straight to your bed. You follow her only to see her already lying down, inviting you to join her. You do so, cuddling her as she starts falling back to sleep. You give a light kiss on the forehead before joining her in her slumber. Perfect woman, perfect life.
A/N: I'm back baby. Lowkey missed writing smuts instead of code. Kinda feels weird writing again after so much coding and paperwork ngl, but it's fun!
Fun fact: Twice was what got me into K-pop and Nayeon is my first ult. Of course, this changed when I got into ITZY and IZ*ONE, but the first one is always important. Also just found out that we have the same MBTI type (ISTP). So I felt pretty good writing this.
On an unrelated note, I reached 400 followers last week, and both my Chaewon and Hyewon fics passed 250+ notes. Insane fucking numbers. Really appreciate every single one who reads my dumb fics.
Happy birthday, Nayeon, if ever you're reading this which I hope not.
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matryosika · a day ago
[23:16] minho x reader
smut 18+, dirty dialogues, slight bondage, degradation, humiliation, dumbification, use of the word "master"
the lingering thought of dominating minho never left your mind and, even though you were too scared to try it out, the curiosity and excitement weighed more than any other negative sentiment inside you.
watching him with his arms tied up against his body, sitting on a chair with both of his legs spreaded, his hard cock completely exposed and his cold gaze fixed on every movement you did only fueled more your desire to fulfill your task.
"this is the only way you can try to control me, isn't it?" he asked, his silky yet deep voice sending shivers down your spine, "untie me and let's make this fair, see who gets in control faster".
"i am not going to do that" you mumbled with a hesitant tone, your timid body sitting on his lap while your ruined underwear made contact with his hardened length, "then it wouldn't be fair".
"it wouldn't be fair because you are so submitted to me" he spitted, tilting his head and giving you his characteristic smirk, "it's not my fault you are the biggest cockslut".
you licked your lips at his words, moving your hips ever so slightly against his lap followed by minho's soft laugh.
"i can't even touch you and yet you are a mess on top of me" he groaned, his eyes falling down to the wet patch on your light pink panties, "weren't you going to try and dominate me? your dumb little brain is already grinding against my cock like the desperate slut you have always been" he pouted slightly, faking the tiniest bit of empathy, "come on, y/n, do better".
you whined quietly at his words, the tension on your lower back increasing as you grazed against his hardened cock.
and, as humiliating as it was, he was right. as soon as you saw him tied up with his cock completely exposed, you lost track of your own plan. all your fantasies and all your daydreams about dominating him went away while being replaced with nothing but neediness. you didn't wanted to loose any more time with foreplay, you needed to have him inside you and the despair grew by the second, his dark gaze fixed on your hesitation.
"see?" he asked softly, giving you a misleading smile, "why don't you untie me and let me take care of this?"
you shook your head eagerly, your body drifting away from his while you pulled your underwear down, ending up being completely naked in front of him.
"i still want to be in control" you murmured softly, the sound being almost inaudible but minho still managed to catch it up.
"are you sure?" he asked with a fake pout, "why don't you let me handle this? i bet your pretty dumb brain is already too fucked out to do anything on it's own, honey".
you shook your head again, taking the base of his cock with your hand while you aligned it with your wetted entrance, sitting on him softly as his length stretched your walls just fine.
"fuck" you cried silently, your head falling backwards as you felt his big cock forcing itself on your tight cunt, "fuck, fuck".
"you couldn't even control yourself for 3 minutes" minho groaned, grinding his teeth while his breathing accelerated, "you saw my cock and immediately dropped the little act you were trying to play, were you this needy for me?"
you placed both of your hands against the ropes on his chest, ignoring his words. your hips started to move on their own pace: up, down and, occasionally, in circles against him. your moans became more and more frequent, your whimpers and cries started to sound way louder than before and minho's killer gaze never left your body.
"that's right" he groaned, licking his lips while admiring your body, "fuck yourself with my cock, that's the only thing you know how to do properly".
you clenched around him at his words, earning a blunt smile from him. "you are even more of a slut than i initially thought," he mumbled, his head slowly rolling back until it met the headboard of the chair, "getting turned on by being humiliated?"
"shut up" you panted, supporting your body with one hands against his chest while the other one played with your clit.
"you are acting so bold" he murmured, his gaze forcing the eye-contact with you, "but look at you, you are falling apart so quickly".
the movements on your hips increased as you felt the familiar knot on your stomach forming, your nipples hardening each time a word left minho's lips.
"aren't you cute?" the dark-haired groan, giving you the cockiest smirk you had evee seen on him, "you look so pathetic fucking you on your own, tying me up because you know that if you were at my mercy, i wouldn't be gentle with you".
"what is it, honey?" his voice inquired, the movements of his chest increasing frantically as he chased his own high, "are you really going to cum right now? it's been only a few minutes, were you that hungry for my cock?"
you choose not to respond his humiliating questions, only getting more and more turned on by the way he was delivering them. your hardened nipples, your fucked out gaze, the soreness in your thighs and the way you aggressively clenched around him only made it painfully obvious that you were closer than your orgasm than you'd expected.
"my pretty cockslut" he moaned, the tension accumulating on his lower back as he wasn't able to slam his hips against you, "fuck yourself faster".
your body started to acquire a faster rythm, but it came out even sloppier than you anticipated. your whole body was already trembling and too weak to fulfill such task, your thighs only allowing you to move thst much.
"you look so helpless, y/n" he hissed, "desperately riding my cock like the hungry cumslut you are".
"i am cumming" you moaned loudly, the pace on your hips matching the one on your fingers against your bundle of nerves.
"such a filthy little girl" he grunted, his eyes fixed on the grimaces of pleasure on your face, "make yourself cum, come on slut".
and as if his words had some sort of magic in them, the knot on your stomach started to become undone.
"look at me," he demanded, "i want you to remember whose cock filled that pretty cunt of yours and made you cum without having to do absolutely anything".
your teary eyes fixed on his, while your thighs and body started to temble on top of him. he smiled, the sound of his accelerated breath only indicating that he was close to his high too.
"don't stop fucking yourself" he groaned, feeling how you decrease the rythm as you tried to stabilize yourself from your precious orgasm, "don't be rude".
you looked at him one more time, your weak body only being able to do so little in that specific moment. but still, you needed to be good for him so you followed his orders, even when your whole body felt sore and the overstimulation in your cunt started to feel somewhat painful.
"i can't believe i am tied up," he panted, the grimaces of pleasure in his face becoming harder to hide as you kept clenching around him, "and still, you are following every order i am giving you".
you placed both of your hands on each of his shoulders for support, moving up and down along his length.
"come on, honey" minho smirked, licking hips lips while he spreaded his legs for you a bit more, "make your master cum".
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primehyuck · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
AKA you’re in love with your best friend and you’re pretty sure he doesn’t love you back (you’re wrong #spoilers)
loving!dom renjun w/fem reader
genre: a little fluff/angst/slice of life(college AU), AND smut
word count: ~6400 
warnings: LOTS of weed smoking, oral (f), big dick renjun (heheh), lots of pet names, body worship (f), gentle choking, dirty talk, renjun has a bit of a praise kink, bff renjun is so sweet he gives me cavities 
You’re not sure what happened, but your feelings for Renjun knocked the wind out of you last year on the walk from his front door to your car. In a short moment he went from ‘Renjun, awkwardly long-limbed friend of a friend that has cool hair’ to- ‘Renjun, boy with really pretty lips who doesn’t love you back’. You liked it better before, especially as the two of you grew closer; enough long talks in a smoke circle and suddenly he knows you like the back of his hand. It all felt very early 2000’s teen rom-com and you were getting sick of wishing your feelings would disappear, or that you could write a poem about how much you hated him and suddenly you’re kissing in a parking lot.
“You said you’d meet me downstairs 30 minutes ago,” Renjun appeared suddenly in the chair next to you, closing your laptop and bumping his knee into your leg “I was waiting for you down by the coffee cart and the same group of girls walked by me twice, how embarrassing.” He fisted his hands over his chest, leaning into his chair and letting his head hang back. 
“Yeah, I bet they all wanted you before they saw you standing alone.” You rolled your eyes at him, packing away your computer and letting your face fall heavily against the table into crossed arms “I’m so tired.” You heard Renjun shift, his hand snaking underneath your elbow so he could wiggle his fingers against yours. When you turn to look at him, he’s resting his cheek on his own arm, shooting you a sweet smile.
“Let me buy you dinner? There’s a 100% chance I owe you money for something.” You nod and he pushes your chair in for you after you stand, rattling off all your favorite places to eat while walking toward the stairs. It was these small moments that took your breath away, when he had no idea that just by being a good friend, he had you sinking deeper and deeper. 
There was a time when you thought he maybe liked you back; a few months ago, he started spending random nights with you after staying up late hanging out, inviting himself into your bed and making your pillows smell like him. You quickly realized that he was just too tired to go home late at night. You didn’t mind keeping a toothbrush and spare set of clothes for him to sleep in on hand, seeing how many nights passed until the smell of his shampoo faded from your pillow (three if you were lucky). The way he falls asleep almost instantly curled into your chest with a long arm draped over your torso meant you were never able to shove your feelings deep down where embarrassing memories from high school and crushes on best friends went to die. 
You debated creating distance between the two of you for a while but looking at him now from across your couch you’re so happy you didn’t. He had pulled your legs into his lap, waving his hands around while he told a story. You take mental pictures of him, filing them away in folders for different occasions. Tonight, it was snapshots of him raising his eyebrows at you in the mirror while you both brushed your teeth, looking cozy in his pajamas and glasses. Getting you a glass of water without you needing to ask, taking a sip of it before handing it to you. Snuggling into you when he finally finished the story he had started telling while you were walking out of the library earlier that evening, wiggling his head whenever your fingers stopping moving against him. 
“Thanks for buying me dinner.” You murmured when he finished talking 
“Thanks for letting me.” He was half asleep, head becoming heavy on your stomach. You remember the first time he ever spent the night, warning you seriously with a finger in your face that if you tried to snuggle, he would push you off the bed because he needed his space while he slept. You had been fine with that arrangement, only it didn’t last 15 minutes; Renjun tapping your back gently and asking if you could play with his hair which did in fact help him sleep. Now the first place he puts his head when he lays down is on you, wrapping his arms gently around you and waiting patiently for your nails on his scalp. 
“Today sucked.” Renjun mumbled into the couch, one leg hanging onto the floor, and you cringed at the idea of your own face being buried in the cushion of a couch that’s been passed between frat houses like a cigarette outside of a bar, finally landing in the basement of the house shared by Renjun, Haechan, and Jaemin. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” You offered, sitting on the ground near his head and reaching up to stroke the bleached hair hanging over his neck, leaning your chin forward to rest on your hand against the cushion. As expected, he shook his head ‘no’, and you stared at his cheek, waiting for him to speak. You rubbed his neck gently, digging your fingers into the tight knots leading into his shoulders. You learned quickly that the best way to make Renjun feel better was just to be near, and at this point you jumped at every opportunity to touch him. No matter how big the problem was, if you pushed him, he closed up; all Renjun ever needed was a little bit of time.
As pathetic as you feel sometimes you give yourself credit, nobody seemed suspicious of your friendship and none of your mutual friends ever even questioned if you had feelings for him. Of course, the boys made jokes, mainly at Renjun’s expense, and Jaemin once greened out and admitted to you that it was just because he and Haechan were jealous. 
“I wish I had a friend like you.” Jaemin grumbled around the straw you were forcing into his mouth, trying to get him to drink some water.
“I am your friend.” You laughed, pressing his chin closed until he took a long sip. 
“S’not the same as you and Renjunnie” he slumped into his bed, cheek smushed in a way that almost looked painful “you guys are best friends and you never get sick of each other, do you know how sick I am of Haechan?” He whined and you shook your head, running your hands over his hair to soothe him while he smacked his lips in an attempt to help his dry mouth.
“Renjun loves you more than me, you know” He whispered, “but that’s okay” and then he was asleep, and you were alone with your heart pounding against your ribs so hard you swear the bed was shaking.
“You always know exactly what to say.” Renjun turned his face out of the couch, startling you out of your memory and you had to stop yourself from pulling away from him. He scrunched his nose at you cutely, face only a few inches from yours
“You make it pretty easy.” You tilted your head to create space without being obvious about needing it. He closed his eyes with a hum and, God, you just wanted to take his picture. Sometimes it felt like he was getting prettier by the day; or maybe it was you just wanting things you can’t have. You decided quickly after realizing how you felt that your friendship wasn’t worth risking. Eventually he would start dating someone and your feelings would either kill you or evaporate into reality. 
You just really hoped that didn’t happen anytime soon.
The last time you ever entered the boys house without knocking was the same day you realized how you really felt about your best friend. You’d always let yourself in, you even had your own key just in case any of them ever remembered to lock the front door. 
Renjun’s car was out front, and you assumed the other boys had gone to the liquor store to stock up for the kickback they were planning on throwing that evening. You followed his laugh upstairs, nearly running into his shirtless figure when you reached the top. 
“Oh, shit” he glanced back into his room to the clock on his desk, “I’m sorry I completely lost track of time.” Renjun was apologetic, but you stared past him to where he was holding hands with a girl you had seen on campus a few times before. Her hair was a mess, and she had a hickey on her neck, mascara smudged under her eyes as she smiled shyly at you. 
“Uh, no that’s my bad.” You laughed breathily, unfamiliar feelings rising in your stomach had you backing away, doing your best to avoid staring at Renjun’s bare chest “I’m going to go find the boys.” You turned, trying to get back outside as quickly as possible, hoping he would assume you rushed away because you felt awkward and not because you were suddenly suffocating.
When you got back to your car you dropped your forehead onto the steering wheel, shaking your head in confusion and trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. You and Renjun talked about everything, including your sex lives, but up until now you’d never actually seen any evidence of his. The hole in your chest growing bigger with every breath you took, trying to erase the vision of his messy bed and the way his sweatpants hung low on his hips. 
A tap on your car window made you jump, turning to see Jaemin looking at you confused. You cracked your door and he pulled it open the rest of the way, arm stretched out to lean against it. 
“Why do you look like you want to throw up?” He squinted his eyes suspiciously at you “I warned you never to look under Haechan’s bed.” You laughed, shaking your head, and leaning into your seat. 
“Renjun has a girl over and I didn’t know, so I just saw a lot more of him than I anticipated,” you faked being disgusted well, Jaemin physically cringing at your words, and he stretched his hand out for you to grab
“I’m so sorry, that sounds terrible,” he squeezed your fingers tightly, “do you want a beer?” You had never been so grateful for Jaemin in the two years that you’d known each other, nodding enthusiastically and following him to the door
“You better not be naked I swear to fucking god.” Jaemin shouted, cracking the door just enough to poke his head in and you heard Renjun groan from inside before Jaemin kicked the door open. 
“Nothing is sacred in this house.” He shouted back
“You scarred her for life, you need to tighten up before she decides enough is enough and finds new friends.” Jaemin joked and Renjun’s eyes fell to wear he was still holding your hand, you squeezed Jaemin’s fingers before pulling out of his grip. 
“Cut me some slack, I don’t scare that easily.” and suddenly it was like it never happened, the topic shifting to something random while you forced your heart to slow down and made your way into the kitchen to help Haechan try to win the game of beer can Tetris he was playing with the fridge. The girl had disappeared in the five minutes you were outside and didn’t show up to the kickback, you were grateful that you didn’t have to see her again and maybe confront yourself with why you were so jealous. You had seen Renjun with girls before; flirting at parties, buying drinks, even getting into Uber’s home with them. You’d even heard stories with too many details about how good or bad the sex was; but you’d never seen him hold a girl’s hand before, or seen him only a few minutes after he’d had sex with messy hair and hooded eyes one shade darker than normal. 
It was the beginning of the end, the more you tried to repress your feelings the stronger they became, eventually you just stopped fighting them. Instead trying to appreciate the fact that your friendship was so intimate and comfortable, and that the next time you saw that girl she was holding hands with somebody else.
“Need help with that” You looked up from the bowl you were packing, smiling at Jeno and shaking your head.
“I’m a pro,” holding up the pipe and waving a hand around it dramatically “but you can take a hit if you want.” Jeno sat next to you, spreading his legs, and slinging an arm over the back of the couch. He and Haechan had been friends for a long time, but since he didn’t live in the house you hadn’t really bonded with him as much as the other boys. 
“I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever.” He takes the pipe from your hand, and you light the bowl for him, watching as he expertly french inhales before pushing the hair off of his forehead and handing it back to you. 
“Been busy?” He nods, watching you inhale and the hand behind your back moves to the base of your neck, fingers running through your hair. You squint your eyes at him, but don’t pull away, never one to refuse physical touch when you were high. 
“We should hang out more often,” Jeno smiles, and you cough, choking on the smoke you were getting ready to exhale.
“I didn’t know we were sharing my weed with other people.” Renjun seemed to appear out of thin air, standing on the other side of the coffee table and staring down at the two of you. Jeno’s fingers stop moving and he tenses but doesn’t pull away.
“Oh shit, sorry” you laugh awkwardly under his intense gaze, trying to shift away from Jeno’s touch. 
“Haechan is looking for you.” He directs his attention toward Jeno who winks at you before getting up off the couch, clapping his hand onto Renjun’s shoulder as he passes. The spot next to you is quickly filled, Renjun reaching for the pipe but not lighting it. 
“Can’t believe you let him smoke out of this” He whined, sinking down into the couch, and resting his head on your shoulder “He’s sleazy.”
“Oh whatever, you guys are friends.” You grabbed the lighter from his slender fingers, waiting for him to bring the pipe to his mouth before flicking it on. The flame glowed soft against his cheeks, eyelashes fluttering while he inhaled. He didn’t even know how good he looked doing it, pink lips pressed tightly to the mouthpiece while smoke filled the chamber, swirling prettily underneath the colorful design decorating the small pipe. He leaned back into the couch, speaking out around the smoke.
“That doesn’t mean I want him using my pipe.” He pulled you back to relax into the couch and put his head on your shoulder again “besides, I know he’s flirting with you, and you’re way too good for him.” You snapped your head up at his words, thinking hard before responding. 
“Okay, I promise not to let Jeno smoke out of your pipe again.” You said, staring at where his hands clasped together in his lap, tempted to reach out and grab them.
“Not just him, I don’t want anybody sharing with you. Not to be dramatic, but if you ever replace me with any of these idiots, I’d have to transfer schools.” You laughed loudly and he whined, trying to prove how serious he was
“You have nothing to worry about,” You fumbled with the lighter, needing to hold onto something “but you can’t ever replace me, either” you threatened, and he scoffed 
“Nah, nobody would ever take care of me the way you do,” you had to remind yourself to breathe, closing your eyes at his compliment and letting your cheek rest on top of his head “also, I left my laptop charger at your place, and I don’t want to buy a new one.”
The blunt was raised to your lips, red eyes skimming around your circle of friends, counting heads. Colors from the cheap rainbow disco ball danced across the shadows of people in the dim light, smoke sitting hazily between every person like a curtain. House music thumped from a speaker near the stairs, but everyone was too immersed in their conversations to even sway to the beat. 
“Hey, you” Renjun sunk down against the wall next to you, the smell of his cologne slicing through the smoke. You offer him the blunt in response and he accepts it gratefully, taking a hit and ashing it into the fake plant to his left. 
“It’s about time you left your room, I’m bored without you.” bumping his arm and staying pressed against him afterward. “You smell good” you dig your nose into his shoulder. The blunt disappears from your fingers again and your head rises with his deep inhale, blowing the smoke out through his nose, glancing around the room. You and Renjun always joke about how at this point people basically have assigned seats in the basement of the boys’ house, afraid for the day someone new joins in and throws a wrench in the system. 
“Come outside with me, it’s too hot in here.” He moves, nudging you gently before grabbing your hands and pulling you off the carpet with him. Your skin buzzes after he drops your fingers to wave at people noticing his arrival.
You followed Renjun upstairs and out front to sit on the porch, getting comfortable on the huge beanbag chair that Haechan swears is the best way to sit outside. You were perfectly high, feeling yourself melt into the beads while you stared up at the clear sky, constellations twinkling and Renjun starts naming them, tilting his head closer to yours as he points at each respective cluster of stars. You bring the blunt to your lips only to realize it had gone out.
“Here,” Renjun sits up and pulls a lighter out of his pocket, guiding your arm to bring the paper back up to your mouth and then cupping his hand around the flame, mimicking the way you opened and closed your lips to get it burning again “I have some pre rolls upstairs when this dies.” You stare up at him, his eyes squint up in a sweet smile and you blow smoke out of the bottom of your mouth so that he doesn’t have to move away from you. You’re suddenly overwhelmed by his hand digging in above your head, face just an arm’s length away from yours. You know you’re staring at his lips, not sure if looking directly into his eyes would be much better, fearing you’d give yourself away with one glance.
“I think I’m just about done, if you want to finish this.” He opens his mouth a little, letting you put the blunt to his lips, the tip burning orange and black when he inhales.
“Do you want the rest?” He asks, lowering to his forearm, face only a few inches from yours now and you shrug, the butterflies in your stomach making their way into your throat “let me.” He guides your hand back to his mouth and you swear he’s never looked better, fingers gripping your wrist while his pink lips wrapped around what was left of the blunt. He brings his thumb to your chin, pulling your jaw open and suddenly his lips are on yours, shotgunning the smoke into your lungs. You feel frozen when he pulls away and reaches over you to smother it out in a nearby ashtray.
The weight of his chest against yours while he rubs out the embers is the only thing keeping you from levitating off the ground, expecting him to lay back beside you; instead, his free hand lands on the side your neck and his gaze flickers between your lips and eyes before he lowers down carefully and presses his mouth to yours again. His lips are soft, tongue dipping into your mouth has you reaching up to grip his wrist. The kiss is slow and deep, you dig your nails into your thigh to make sure you’re not dreaming before reaching around his neck to pull him closer. He groans into your mouth, warmth spreading through your chest at the sound, and you tighten your grip, suddenly nervous he would realize what he was doing and pull away. 
The hand on your neck moves to your throat, the gentlest squeeze radiating through your whole body. Your nose is pressed into his cheek, and you’re not sure how you’re still breathing, Renjun’s touch overwhelming you completely. He pulls away too soon, shiny lips swollen from the long kiss while he fixes his eyes on you. 
“Fuck, sorry,” Grip shifting from your throat down onto your ribcage, wrapping his hand around as much of you as he can.
He doesn’t look sorry, eyes lazily dragging over your face, and you can’t tell if you smoked too much or if he’s moving in slow motion. You don’t know what to say, instead lifting your head and kissing him again, one hand running through his hair and the other rests on his jaw. Renjun sinks into you, squeezing your side and the arm he’s supporting himself with presses tightly to your head. You bring a leg up to wrap around him and his hand is on your waist right away, shifting so he’s almost on top of you and you wish he’d press his knee in between your legs, resisting the urge to rub your thighs together at the idea. He moves his mouth to your neck and you can’t help but moan at his tongue pressing into your skin. 
“Do you want to go to my room?” You nod before he even finishes the question. Renjun was using every ounce of self-control in his body to push away from you, grateful that Haechan wasn’t there to whistle at you both while he led you inside, your pointer fingers hooked together and he resisted the urge to pull you by your wrists to get you to his bed faster.
When you got to his room you both stood facing each other for a minute, the momentum from the porch not following you inside. Renjun studied you, waiting for you to laugh and tell him that Jaemin put you up to this; closing the gap when you stayed quiet. You wanted to reach out and grab him but needed him to be the one to move. 
“Please say you want this” He finally spoke, hands cupping your jaw and you nodded quickly, his voice snapping you out of a daze and forced you forward, fisting his shirt in your hands to bring him to you. The taste of his mouth has you dizzy, barely noticing him walking you backwards until your legs were pressed against the edge of the mattress. You sit down slowly, and he bends with you, trying not to separate your lips. You whined softly when he eventually pulls away moving your hands underneath his shirt, dancing your fingers over his stomach.  
“Lay down.” He commands gently and you wouldn’t be surprised if he snapped his fingers and suddenly you were waking from a long hypnosis. You leaned back on your elbows, and he pressed his palm onto your sternum to push you down all the way, dragging his hand down your stomach and onto your thigh, bending your leg so your calf rests on his hip. You reach up for him, catching his shirt with your fingers, “Let me know if you want me to stop, but please don’t want me to stop.” He brushed his nose against yours, eyes shut, and you could feel him breathing as fast as you.
You almost laugh at the idea, shaking your head and tugging him toward you, “Don’t stop” he pulled your hips into his, laying over you and you sighed into his mouth, it was a relief - finally kissing him after wanting to for so long. His plush lips trailed down your chin, tongue dragging over your neck, and he sucked gently above the collar of your shirt. You couldn’t help yourself, rolling your hips up into his and you felt his mouth part against your skin, grip on your hip tightening. You pulled at the back of his shirt “take this off” and he pulled away, tossing his shirt to the side, and immediately reaching for the hem of yours, brushing the hair out of your eyes once it was off. 
Renjun’s hands dug deeply into your side, fingers teasing the band of your bra. 
“Stop looking at me.” You scrunched your face, putting your hands on his wrists and he shook his head.
“Fuck no,” he bent forward again, one hand pulling a strap off of your shoulder and the other snaked under your back, unclipping your bra easily and you raise your eyebrows in surprise “Haechan and I used to practice, I don’t want to talk about it.” You both laugh, and it’s like you suddenly remembered who you were with, taming the nerves that wracked your body now that you were half naked in front of him. Renjun was drinking you in, teeth digging into his lower lip, and you wiggle your hips into him again, wanting his bare skin on yours. 
“So impatient,” you arch your back when he sucks your nipple into his mouth “let me appreciate you, gorgeous.” His hair tickles your skin, wet lips trailing down your stomach making you lose your breath. You were impatient, wanting him everywhere all at once. You reached down for his hair, trying to sit up so you could kiss him again, but he shook his head.
“No no, baby. I’m in charge.” Renjun surprised you, forcing your back onto the mattress again and you complied easily, at this point willing to do anything he asked. He took his time kissing down your abdomen, sucking small pink marks onto your stomach, whispering praise about how soft your skin is and how good you smell. 
Renjun pulled your pants and underwear off in the same motion before dropping to his knees and spreading your thighs apart, not giving you time to feel shy before he opened his mouth over you with an almost pornographic moan, warm tongue rolling down your pussy. He drug his face up, circling his nose over your clit while his tongue fucks into you. He reaches up for your hands and directs them to his hair, curling his own fingers around yours until you pulled hard at his scalp, and he groaned again, his own hips bucking forward softly. 
He licks heavily up to your clit before pulling his mouth off you and you pushed your hips down into the bed when his finger traced down your slit, slowly pushing two inside of you. An arm hooks under your leg and he presses his cheek against your thigh, lips parted as he watches his fingers fuck into you, darkened eyes assessing your reaction with every pump, pressing occasional kisses to your inner thigh. 
“Look at your pussy sucking my fingers in like that, just as pretty as the rest of you.” He curls them up into your g-spot, smiling when your hips jut up off the bed to roll into his touch. Pressure disappears off your thigh when he leans down to suck your clit into his mouth, his tongue moving slowly against you, making your legs shake. You moaned breathily when he pulled at your clit and you could hear his fingers moving inside of you, wet sounds filling the room. 
“Renjun,” you looked down at him, his eyes were shut blissfully, hair wrung tight in your hands “fuck, you look so hot.” He made a noise that vibrates into your stomach and makes you gasp, your legs shutting around his head. He pulled his fingers out of you, smearing wet against your skin when he wrapped his hand around your thigh, pushing your legs even tighter around him and opening his eyes to look up at you. You could feel heavy exhales through his nose, jaw moving quickly while he matched his tongue to the rhythm of your hips rutting up against his mouth. 
You mumbled out curses, head falling back onto the bed and pulling at his hair, not sure how he could breathe between your thighs as you came. Your whole body shook, Renjun slowed his mouth and rose to move with your hips, fingers pressing almost painfully into your thighs. You had to push him away, forcing your thighs apart against his arms and you reached your own hand down to cover your pulsing cunt, blocking Renjun from flicking his tongue over your clit. His lips were a deep red, panting almost as hard as you. 
“I’m not finished,” he said and you shake your head with a shocked laugh, overstimulated after just one orgasm. You sit up and reach for him, thighs sliding closed “I could eat you out for hours, so pretty when you’re cumming on my tongue” He mumbled against your lips, goosebumps rising on his skin when you raked your nails over his ribs. 
“I need you inside of me” you whimpered, reaching for the button of his pants and he popped it open with one hand, holding the back of your head with the other, thumb moving in circles behind your ear. 
“Fuck.” He stripped down, hand immediately moving to pump himself and you couldn’t hold in your whimper at the sight of him. His dick was big, bigger than you expected, definitely bigger than anyone you’d had sex with before. Thick tip a deep red, using his hand to slick pre cum down his long shaft, you weren’t sure if you’d be able to fit him in your mouth even if you tried, squeezing your thighs together just at the idea of him inside of you. 
“I- holy shit.” You sunk back onto your elbows, staring up at him “I don’t think that’s going to fit.”
“Don’t worry baby, I know you can take it, this sweet pussy was made for me.” His eyes focused on your swollen cunt and your lower body twitched when he tapped his dick against your clit heavily. He squeezed your legs together around him, fucking slowly between your thighs and pressing wet kisses to your calves. You held your breasts in either hand, trying to avoid white knuckling the sheets just from his dick rubbing against you. He pushed your thighs even closer together, moaning deeply at the pressure and the way you were wet enough that he could easily slide between your legs. 
“Renjun, please.” You whined, arching your back and staring up at him, his pupils blown wide.
“Please, what.” He stopped thrusting against you, letting go of your thighs so he could push his body between your legs, nosing against your cheek and you immediately wrapped your arms up around his back, inhaling him. 
“Fuck me.” You moaned and he smiled against you, “anything you want, baby.” whispered into your ear before he pulled away, spreading your thighs almost as wide as they could go and lining himself up, pre cum leaking out of the tip of his dick as he slid it up and down your slit. 
“I’ve wanted this tight little pussy for so long, look how well you open up for me, gorgeous,” you moaned at his praises, clenching down when he presses the tip into you before leaning back onto your chest, a hand knotting in your hair well he pushes in slowly, painfully “tell me you want me.” against your mouth.
“I want you; I need you so bad, Renjun.” You cried out sharply, feeling completely full as he bottoms out, hips digging into your thighs. He grunts, pleased with your respond before pulling your head back and forcing his tongue into your mouth. When he starts moving you pull away, looking down between your bodies with a shaky “holy shit”, chest quivering. He moved his hand to your chin, forcing your eyes up to meet his. 
“You like the way my cock feels in your tight cunt?” You nod desperately, reaching your hands down to pull your knees closer to your chest “You feel so fucking good, baby, better than I imagined.” He stands up, putting his hands on top of yours and folding your legs back further “taking me so well.” He groans, staring down to where his hips are picking up speed, “cute stretched out hole, nobody could ever make you feel as good as me, right baby?”
“N-no, only you.” You’re gasping for air, feeling every stroke deep in your stomach as he pounds into you, your body shifting back with every thrust. 
“Good girl, so pretty for me” He lets go of one leg, bending forward to press gently around your throat “always so pretty.” His dick hitting even deeper now that he’s up against you, almost too deep and then suddenly he’s gone and you’re clenching around air, whining at the loss of him. 
“I want you on top, want to watch you use my dick to make yourself feel good.” He sits at the head of the bed, reaching his hands out for you to grab while you climb onto him. You can feel him staring when you grip the thick base of his shaft, lifting to guide him into you and he feels even bigger from this angle “that’s it baby, take my cock.” His voice is sweet and quiet, hands planted firmly on your waist to help guide you down. 
“Oh my god,” If anybody walked past his door right now, they would know exactly what was happening, unable to control the volume of your moans and you haven’t even started moving yet “you’re so big, fill me all the way up.” You whimper, and he sits up, wrapping his arms around you and kissing you wetly, his hands trail up and down your back softly and the smallest jerk of his hips has your head falling onto his shoulder while you try to adjust. 
“Feel so good around me, do you hear how wet you are?” Renjun cooed in your ear, moving your hips in circles against him and moaning loudly into your shoulder before lying back on the bed, holding you upright “come on baby, let me see your pretty tits bounce.” He swipes a thumb over your lip, and you suck it into your mouth before he creates a wet trail down to play with your nipple
You move slowly at first, leaning back and digging your hands into his thighs for support while you grind against him, stroking against your g-spot with every wave of your hips before you start to bounce, not even able to pull all the way off him. The sounds Renjun is making encourage you to work through the burn in your legs, his eyes trained on the way your body moves above him, rubbing up and down your sides. His fingers splay out against your hip bone, and you cry out when he starts to rub his thumb over your clit “want to feel you cum on me, so pretty when you cum.”
You fuck yourself harder against him, looking down to see him staring at you with an open mouth, a smile playing at the corner of his lips when he moves his thumb in just the right way and you almost fall forward, legs shaking while you cum around him. He plants his feet on the mattress, pulling you forward with his free hand and fucking up into you so hard you see stars, burying your face in his neck and digging your nails into his shoulders. He pants into your ear, your name tumbling from his lips over and over while he cums in you, rolling your body down onto him gently while he milks his orgasm, both of your chests rising and falling in synchrony. You feel him shift his hips, gasping when he pulls out of you, cum spilling out of you onto his skin.
You’re completely sober now, suddenly overcome with emotion you can’t quite explain; wrapping your arms tightly around him and he does the same, pulling you flat against his torso and digging his face into the base of your throat. You’re nervous to pull away, not wanting the moment to end.
Renjun moves your hair over to one side, pressing a kiss onto your jaw “Let me go get something to clean you up with” You pull away reluctantly, rolling off him and he pulls a pair sweatpants on before disappearing into the bathroom, coming back out with a clean stomach and a wet towel. You reach out a hand for it, but he shakes his head, leaning in to kiss you while he wipes away the cum stuck between your thighs before tossing the towel away and replacing it with his hand. You jolt under his fingers, pressing your thighs together and pulling your mouth away from his 
“No way, I’ll pass out.” You reach for his wrist, and he pouts teasingly but pulls his hand away 
 “Fine, but you have to sit on my face next time.” 
“You want there to be a next time?” you ask softly, and he brings his eyebrows together, dragging his fingers up and down your thigh.
“You have no idea how much I want there to be a next time,” His forehead rests against yours, closing his eyes when you run your fingers through his messy hair “I’ve wanted you for so long I don’t think I’ll ever stop.” 
Your heart flutters rapidly in your chest, moving a hand to cup his cheek and he melts into your touch, grabbing your wrist and pressing a kiss to the heel of your palm. 
“You’re not fucking with me right now, are you?” You feel him smile into your skin.
“It depends on what you say. If you don’t want me then yes, I’m fucking with you; if you do then I’ve never been more serious in my life.” You laugh breathily, forcing relieved tears away with a shake of your head
“Renjun,” he tilts his cheek back into your hand, eyes searching yours earnestly “I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you, I don’t know how I made it this long without you.” He leaned down to kiss you, hold still firm on your wrist as he led your hand to his hair. 
“You’ve always had me.” 
i think i speak for the group when i say renjun please shotgun smoke into my mouth 
also this is my first time writing any sort of plot so umm please be nice to me lol
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tbzxnight · 2 days ago
i need you closer
Tumblr media
warning: nsfw, contains a LOT of smut, hot tub sex/sex in a hot tub, oral fixation, overstimulation, marking, breeding kink.
It's a clear, starry night, a contrast to the chilly fog that was seeping through the lush forest ahead of you. It would have been pitch black if it weren't for the bright full moon. From the hot tub, you watch your boyfriend scurrying across the deck to get into the warmth of the water. "You should've worn a robe at least before coming outside, Younghoon," you laugh as he climbs, rather noisily, into the tub. "Wow thanks for telling me now, how helpful," he retorts, teeth chattering slightly. He sinks into the water and lets out a huge sigh of relief, "Thank god, my nipples nearly froze off."
You laugh again, shuffling over to sit next to him and wrap your arms around his broad shoulders, bringing him in to lean against you and share some of your warmth. "Thanks for bringing me here, Younghoon, it's all so beautiful," you say, still blown away by the incredible trip he's booked for you two. "You deserve it, nothing but the best for my baby," he smiles at you, turning his face to kiss you once before wrapping his hand around your waist and pulling you closer, deepening the kiss. You move against each other languidly, lips colliding and moulding to each other, tongues caressing and hands roaming.
Without breaking the kiss, he turns you around so your back is against the side of the tub. Putting his knee between your legs, he places his hands on your hips and grinds you against his thigh as the kiss grows more intense. The heat of the hot tub only encourages things to heat up more as you moan softly into his mouth, slowly progressing until you pull away for air. He kisses your jawline and neck as you slide the straps of your swimsuit off your shoulders so they slip under your breasts. When you guide him, with a hand on the back of his head, towards your chest, he chuckles, saying, "Shit, you're so hot," before placing his mouth on you and suckling you roughly.
You bite your lip, his tongue feels hot as he rolls it around your nipples. He takes his time, lapping away at each breast, digging his teeth, leaving little marks along his wake, and gliding his wet lips over the perked buds. Burying your face in his soft hair, you let the scent of his cologne overwhelm you. He continues to suck and lick your tits harshly, his hands trailing up your bare thighs underwater, at the same time, to rub his long fingers over your clothed pussy. Younghoon presses your clit hard, smiling in satisfaction when your body jerks forward in response, his main focus still remaining on nipping and licking away on your tender nubs.
With his lips still wrapped around your left nipple, he lifts you up so you're sitting up on the edge of the tub. He places a kiss between your chest before kissing his way down over your stomach and stopping in front of your core. Quickly pulling off your bikini bottom, he prods at your drenched core, muttering in a low voice about how pretty your pussy is, making your face warm up at the praise. He slides his fingers in gently before thrusting in and out of you at a faster pace. He reaches deeper inside you, curling his fingers to increase your pleasure.
Your thighs twitch when the heel of his palm continuously slaps at your clit with each thrust of his curved fingers. He goes faster, harder until you're gripping the deck handrail for dear life, your loud mewls interrupting the dead quiet of the night. Sensing you were close already, Younghoon thrusts his fingers even deeper and faster, brushing against your sweet spot until you can't take it anymore and you come, hard, so hard that your arousal drips down his fingers, creating a mess. He quickly replaces his fingers with his mouth, lapping up all of your cum like it's water and he's dying of thirst.
He continues to eat you out throughout your orgasm and even after, making you whine from overstimulation. Hands pulling your folds apart wider, his plush lips find your clit, sucking and kissing it vigorously. "Mmm fuck, you taste so good baby," he hums, the vibrations of his low voice hitting you deep in your core. He plunges his tongue into you, sucking softly as he pumps his tongue in out and around, enjoying the way you're gripping his hair tightly. His tongue fucks into you rapidly as you chant his name between your gasping moans.
You feel your high approaching again, your eyes flying shut as Younghoon urges you on, pulling your body closer so his face is further into your pussy and his nose is pressed up against your clit. You grind up into his face, sighing and tilting your head back, nearly screaming as your second orgasm of the night washes over you. "Oh my God," is all you can gasp out as your high sustains, Younghoon's tongue unrelenting as he continues to lick you dry. You squirm under his steady grasp as the overstimulation turns painful, pushing his head back. Thankfully, Younghoon pulls away, wiping his face and lips with the back of his hand.
"Having fun? " he smirks, wiggling his eyebrows at you as he sits in the water again across from you, hand around his erection, jerking himself off. When did he even take his swim shorts off? You must've really been out of it. Still breathing hard and shaking slightly, you shoot him a look as he laughs. After coming down from your high, you start to feel cold and sink back down into the hot tub. Once settled, you bring out your arms towards him and beckon him over with your hands. "Ready for round 2 already? " Younghoon teases as he makes his way closer to you. "You didn't even get a round 1," you pout empathically, pulling him into your arms and hugging him around the shoulders.
He takes your legs and wraps them around his waist, wasting no time. "God, I'm the luckiest man in the world," he smiles fondly, pressing his lips against yours to kiss you again. The kiss quickly becomes intense and hungry as he takes his hands off the side of the tub and glides them down the expanse of your spine before smacking your ass. "So beautiful," he murmurs against your lips, taking his cock in one hand and pushing it, rather easily from how turned on you were, into you. He doesn't bother easing you into it, he pounds into your overstimulated pussy like there's no tomorrow, knowing this is exactly how you like it.
"You're so good to me," he mutters under his breath as he moves his head down to suckle on your nipples again. He takes turns licking each of your hardened buds, making you moan into his hair, as his hips continue to roll against yours. You're so overwhelmed with pleasure, you involuntarily arch your back so he could push even deeper. Younghoon groans when he feels your nails scratching down against his back as he pistons into you over and over, water sloshing from the force. You couldn't believe how quickly you reached the edge of your peak again. "Come for me baby, you can do it, one last time," Younghoon soothes, voice strained from how close he is too.
You moan loudly as you come for a third time when he hits you with a particularly hard thrust. The pleasure is too intense as you tremble uncontrollably in his arms, his cock twitching still inside you, riding you through your orgasm. "My turn, baby, I'm gonna fill you up so good," he grunts loudly as he climaxes, shooting his hot cum deep up inside you. He falls against you, panting as his cock spurt out more and more. You two stay like that for a while, Younghoon nuzzling into your neck as you stroke his hair, lightly kissing his forehead. "I love you so much, you know that? " Younghoon whispers. You pull him tighter against you, "I do know - I love you too, pretty boy."
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nctsplug02 · a day ago
hard dom jaehyun plsplspls??
genre: smut
Tonight you came home tipsy and woke jaehyun up, he had a big day tomorrow so he needed all the sleep he could get.
You came home horny but got hornier when you saw him standing by the doorway in his pajama pants, only his pajama pants.
So now here he is fucking you oh, so well on the bed. “Fucking slut, waking me up when I have a big day tomorrow?” He tugs on your hair making sure you listened. “Mhmm..” you giggle with a moan. He growls against the shell of your ear and fastens his pace.
“I, oh shit—, I love it when you, you fuck my pussy.” You bite your lip with a moan. “Mm yeah? I fucking love this cunt, gonna breed the fuck out of it, mkay?” You willingly nod.
Jaehyun lets your hair go but instead of letting you fall back onto the sheets, he wraps his hand around your neck. “Gonna choke me?” You ask, eyes rolling to the back of your skull. “Yeah, gonna choke you so good that you’ll pass out on my dick.” He squeezes around your throat, loving the sound of your choked moans.
Jaehyun notices your head dipping down, you had passed out just like how he said. Jaehyun chuckles to himself and continues fucking himself in you while you passed out.
Has this happened before, yes, yes it has. Maybe, two, three times before.
A few seconds later you regain consciousness. “Welcome back, baby.” He snickers as you began moaning once again.
He thrusts a few more before releasing himself inside you. He pulls out and sits against the headboard. “Let’s go, baby. Come ride me.” He says while softly stroking himself. You had to control your breathing, you sat up and crawled over to the man who patiently waited for you.
He pulls your waist and slams you on his cock. You squeeze his shoulder as his tip immediately touches your sweet spot.
As you bounce yourself onto him, jaehyun squeezes your thighs, messaging them a bit. He held your hips and carefully rubbed them making sure that it wouldn’t cramp up.
“Cmon, baby. Keep riding me, there ya go.” He smirks while watching his cock disappear in your pussy. The sound of your wet pussy slamming against his base made him go crazy.
“Oh, jae! I—I’m so, so close!” He grips your waist and rolls it forwards and back, bringing you closer and closer to your high. A gasp could be heard from you as you came on his cock.
Jaehyun was confused on why you stopped moving your hips for a few minutes, you weren’t done just yet. “Hey, hey,” he lifts your head and softly smacks your cheek. “You aren’t done yet, keep going, baby.” You whine and start rocking your hips.
You start off slow until he smacks your breasts. “Faster, baby.” You grab his shoulders and start bouncing. He groans at the feeling of you clenching around him. “Fuck, you dirty little slut.” He smacks your breasts again and then takes them into his mouth.
He sucks and swirls his tongue around your nipple. While you worked your hips, he slobbery made out with your nipples. Drool dribbling down his chin as he messily sucked on your nipple.
“God, please tell me you’re close?” He pulls off with a slight pop. “So close, baby. Just a little longer.” He says and eagerly pops your tit back into his mouth.
As you bounced on jaehyuns cock, he pulls off your tit and hugs your waist, lifting it up and then fucking himself upwards into your pussy until he came.
He groans and lifts your hips, watching his hot cum drip out of you. “Wasnt that fun?” You breathlessly shrug. “Maybe i should continue coming home late in a drunken state.” He smacks your ass causing a slight whimper to leave you.
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en-hale · 18 hours ago
Enha hyung line reaction to you having a high sex drive
༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹ Hyungs Reacting to their s/o having a high sex drive༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹
pairing ⑅ Hyung!enha x gn!reader
warning ⑅ 18+ content/suggestive (nothing sexually is really said). Read at your own discretion
author's note ⑅ Okay, so I also added whether or not they too had a high sex drive. I had fun writing this one! I've been a little MIA, which might be happening a lot more often cause, ya'know, school. But, please enjoy!
Heeseung ⑅
He'd be super annoyed.
Yes, he has his days when he's just like, "omg, yes let's do it until the sun comes up." but sometimes he can seriously just be over it.
You both had already done it like 4-5 times that day, and you were ready for the next round and he's just OUT of it.
He'll whine super heavily and just throw a tantrum.
"NO." just a straight answer and nothing else.
You would also throw a tantrum and beg him, but he just physically can't.
I honestly feel like Heeseung doesn't have a high sex drive, like he's not pinning to have sex all the time. He'll just do it when he feels like it or when his partner feels like it and that will be that. If his partner had a high sex drive, it would probably be hard on him since that's just not something he has, but he'd do his best to try and meet their needs, but sometimes, he's just worn out and he can't continue on.
Jay ⑅
I can see Jay being spooked by how much his partner would want to have sex.
One day, you just kind of blurt it out, and now he's curious, but he didn't know just how sexually driven you can be.
"Again?" he'd say. He'll think about it, but since he loves pleasing you, he'll usually say yes.
He'll be the type to kind of tease you about it. You both are out in public and he'd be like, "I bet you're horny right now." with the biggest smirk ever.
and of course, he's right, so you both go home and bang it out until you can't anymore.
Jay's seems to be the type that would do multiple rounds, but sometimes he just has his limits.
Jay doesn't mind his partner having a high sex drive cause it leads to some really fun and restless nights. Jay might have a high sex drive himself, but I think it depends on the time and place. It's not for long, but maybe just for a whole week, he's just be hornier than thou. He won't usually say no to you, but if he does, you know it's because he is legit out of it, whether worn out or just not feeling it that day.
Jake ⑅
He'll pretend likes it nothing. "oh cool." he'll say casually, but on the inside, he's just thinking about every move and position ya'll can try.
It get SUPER sexy with the two of you. ya'll are young and curious, so toys, devices, belts, and everything else are something that you both experiment with, and you both LOVE it.
Jake has no problem with you having a high sex drive, he is ready to go whenever you are.
Nobody can convince me that Jake doesn't have a high sex drive. Like all I could imagine Jake doing throughout his quarantine is being a horny freaky fuck. So if his partner was the same way, there would be many restless nights. But it's an adventure for sure, something you both really enjoy.
Sunghoon ⑅
It's the first date and you tell him, and he just can't deal.
I mean red ears, cheeks, neck, hairline, literally everything.
You both have been dating for some time now, so he's use to it, and his like 50/50 about it.
Some days he's like "FUCK YES." and other days he's like, "no, absolutely not."
You can beg all you want, but Sunghoon does it when Sunghoon wants to.
Realistically, I don't imagine Sunghoon having a high sex drive. Every time I see him, he's so poised and adultly and suave. Don't get me wrong, he can still be a freak, but like a low-key one. I feel like he'll have his splurges of, "ok, let's fuck until we can't see." but it's not often. If anything, he'll really just have sex to have sex, but you can tell the days that he's like actually really wanting to have sex, and it's amazing.
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Love at first sight (Yoongi x reader)
Tumblr media
Source of the picture
Summary: Someone forgot his phone in the coffee shop you work at. When it rings, you decide to answer the call. Well, it's Yoongi.
Genre: barista!AU, strangers to lovers, fluff, smut, drabble
Warnings: It's too short (I don't mean body parts.)
Word count: 1255
A phone rang nearby but it wasn't yours.
You found it easily, hidden between cushions in one of the cosy armchairs.
Customers lose their phones here at least once a week.
You took the call before thinking twice.
"Wanna come over? I'm already hard for you."
"Jeez. I'd love to see it, but I'm not sure if you want to see me too."
The caller fell silent and you expected him to hang up. But he didn't.
"Who the fuck are you?"
"I'm y/n and I guess you are SUGA or should I say savage SUGA because that is the name you were saved with."
He chuckled lowly and for some reason it sent shivers through your body.
"You're handsome," you tell him, after checking the picture of the caller again. Cute would be a better word, but it didn't fit his voice.
"There is a picture too?"
"Am I naked on it?"
He wasn't but you decided to play a little.
He chuckled again. You found you were grinning hard by now, your cheeks started to hurt.
"That's funny, because she never saw me naked."
"Seriously? You never got it on but you're telling her to come over so you don't have to do the job yourself?"
"I didn't say I didn't fuck her."
That chuckle again. Ah shit.
"So you are one of those guys who leave their clothes on and leave right after? What a shame."
"I'm not. But getting naked in the restroom of a bar would be too much of a bother, don't you think?"
"That's where you hooked up? Gross."
"You need to work with what you have and I bet you'd like to be fucked in a restroom too, when the right guy is coming along."
"Ah you mean it was love at first sight? Awwww. I heard about that..." You knew damn sure that wasn't what he meant but you loved to tease him for some reason. He grunted.
"So it's your fuckbuddy's phone then."
"Yeah." He fell silent and you could tell he was thinking of something.
"Where did she lose it?"
"At the coffee shop I'm working on."
"It's the one across the post office, right?"
"I'll be there in a few."
You recognized him immediately, and he was handsome indeed. He looked you up and down, licked his lips and your skin began to tingle.
"Please don't ask me to come with you to the restroom," you deadpanned before he even could start to speak.
"If I wanted you to, you were the one to ask me, believe me."
Ah, so much confidence.
He came closer and you handed him the phone. You didn't tell him you saved his number on your own. Just in case.
When he took it, your fingers brushed his and a jolt ran through you. Strange how he affected you so easily.
"I'm Yoongi," he said, scanning your face intensely.
"Nice to meet you." You smirked at him and his eyes sparkled.
"Will you give it back to her?"
Everything was said and done, he got what he came for but he seemed reluctant to leave.
"It's a shame you closed already."
"We could have a drink somewhere else," you offered.
He smiled.
"Ok, let's go."
And that is how you ended up in a bar with Yoongi.
"What do you do apart from bootycalling girls?"
"Believe me, that doesn't take up so much space in my life. I make music, I'm a producer."
"Cool. I make coffee. Or cappuccino. Whatever people want."
He chuckled.
"And what do you do when you are not working?"
"You know, usual stuff, aiming for world peace, feeding stray cats, helping grannies."
His lips parted. You laughed.
"Honestly, I just stay at home. Netflix, YouTube, lots of sleeping. I work too much. That doesn't leave me with plenty of free time."
He nodded.
"I can relate."
"That's why it had to be the restroom, huh?"
"Are you envious? Isn't there someone for you to call when you are horny?"
"No," you said boldly, "but maybe there is now."
You stared at each other for some seconds.
If he asked you for the restroom right now, you were in. You bet it would be so good. His eyes roamed the room quickly and he leaned back.
"Wait. It happened here, right?" You broke into laughter. He watched you, unmoved at first glance but his eyes gave him away.
"I wonder if you knowing that makes things easier or harder with you," he said after you regained your composure.
"So it's another love at first sight?" You winked at him and grinned broadly.
He licked his lips again, eyes flickering towards yours.
"Something like that, yeah." His voice was quiet. All of a sudden, the air was thick with tension. You weren't sure if he was still joking.
"Can I kiss you?"
And that is how you ended up making out with Yoongi at said bar.
Ages later you back away, gasping for air, cheeks heated and panties soaked.
He looked at you as if seeing a ghost. Or rather completely blown away. He looked like you felt.
"Do you want to come to the restroom with me?" You couldn't believe he was right and you said it, but you couldn't care less because you wanted him so bad.
"I have to admit that I love hearing that from you, but I would rather be naked with you. I want to take my time."
And that is how you ended up in Yoongi's home.
You wouldn't say he really took his time. At least not at the beginning.
You didn't even make it to the bedroom. He shoved you onto the kitchen table, your hands and lips all over the place, sucking and groping flesh. Your hands in his hair tried to hold onto something while you melt into a puddle at his feet. Fortunately, he got a condom from somewhere.
When he finally pushed into you, you sank your teeth into his shoulder to stifle a moan. Steady and determined thrusts, that let the table bump against the wall over and over again, feeling just right. It's rough but he knew what he's doing. Soon you let your moans spill freely.
“Shit, you feel good.”
You didn't want it to be over soon. If he kept up this pace, he'd come rather sooner than later.
“Didn't you say something about wanting to go slow?” you managed to tease and he groaned.
“Hell, I promise I'll be gentler next time.” His words came out between heavy breaths.
“So there will be a next time, then?”
At that he finally stilled, catching your gaze. Sweat dripped from his temples. He wiped it away with the back of his hand. It's like he came back to his senses. You both looked down to where your bodies met and up at each other again.
He didn't get naked. Neither did you.
“Woah, that's embarrassing,” he started laughing.
“It is,” you grinned, realizing how comfortable you felt with him. You really wished this wouldn't be a one-time thing.
He closed his eyes briefly and took a deep breath.
“Let's start over. Hi, I'm Yoongi and I know I'm already inside you, but I'd really like to get to know you better.”
“Nice to meet you, Yoongi.”
You kissed him softly, noticing how he calmed down under your touch.
“Let's start with properly undressing first, shall we?”
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myunghoehoehoe · 2 days ago
found this, and all i can think about is Wonwoo doing this with his partner after work....
queued post*
Tumblr media
link to the video
imagine him coming home after a long day, he immediately sits down and gestures you to come sit in his lap. he would bury his head in your shoulder, rubbing your ass in slow circles and sighing deeply. you let your hands drift towards his hair, playing with it softly and teasing the strands through your fingers.
soon he becomes a little riled up from your slight teases, and lets his hands swat at your ass lightly, causing you to jolt but lean in to his touch anyways. he’d do it a few more times, loving the reactions from every slap onto your ass cheeks
your whines would be music to his ears, and he’d have so much fun listening to you moan that he’d begin pushing you up and down on his crotch, stimulating friction between you both. it gradually builds until you are both grinding and moaning against each other, cumming together before removing your clothes and getting ready for another round
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nightowlfandom · a day ago
Rich! Bad Boy!Min Yoongi- Try Me
Just wanna say if you see your name used here, I don’t have beef with you okay? I had a random name generator in another tab and just used the first name I saw.
Once again someone doesn’t want me to be great so....this might be the only post today because I....dunno I can’t post when I’m not in a good mood and its been real shitty.
You were practically glued to his side. His arm was tightly wrapped around your waist as he led you across the room. You had perched your designer sunglasses on top of your head to get a clearer look at your surroundings. Why were you wearing sunglasses at night? Because you could, of course.
Your wore a backless floor length gown in one of his favorite colors. He had insisted you wear your fur coat, but you convinced him to let you leave it in the car. You were on full display, not only for him but for anyone else who thought that they had bought the most gorgeous date for the night. That title was forever and always reserved for Min Yoongi’s girl and tonight only proved it more and more. 
He walked with his held held high as if everyone around him was beneath him. His attired screamed ‘try me, bitch’ From his black suit and tie to crisp white dress shirt and shoes that were worth more than someone’s rent for five months. His hair was slicked back and while he didn’t bother to raise his own pair of shades, everyone could see the glare very evident on his face.
You two were the epitome of a power couple, in the most literal sense and everyone respected that.
“Mr. Min! Welcome!” a nervous and frantic looking man rushed up to you. “This must be your beautiful companion for the night.” he bowed repeatedly. So many times that you lost count. He held his hand out for you to take, but you were left to stare awkwardly. You had no idea what to do in that moment. After a second or two you held your hand out, which he shook a bit too aggressively.
Yoongi calmly used his free hand to raise his sunglasses up. “You gettin’ paid to rip my girl’s arm out its socket?”
“Oh! my apologies Mr. Min!” he instantly let your hand go. “I wasn’t aware.”
“You never are.” he scoffed, allowing his shades sit on the top of his head. “Is our table ready, or did they send you here to waste our time?”
“You’re fashionably early! Your comrades haven’t arrived yet.” the host stammered. “Follow me!” he practically disappeared through the sea of people. 
“What a tool.” you spoke for the first time since you left the car. “I’ve never seen a bigger kiss-ass in my life.”
“Hm, trust me I’ve met worse. He’s just a dick-rider for the men who really own this place.” He leaned down and spoke into your ear. “Those guys will literally shit on someone else’s table if I tell them to.”
“How riveting.” you rolled your eyes playfully as he led you through the crowd. It was easy for people to get out of your way. One look from your boyfriend and they were hugged the nearest wall or throwing themselves against the various tables set up all over the place. “Remind me again why we’re here?”
“Don’t make that face.” He smirked. “I told you, official business.”
“And we couldn’t do that somewhere less...sleazy?” you scoffed at the old man with five different women on his arm. “Yoongi-”
“It’s only for a few hours.” he assured. “Then after that, we can do whatever you want, okay?”
“You said that last time.” you hid the pout forming on your face.
“You have my word.”
“Or so you say.” you slipped out of his grip. “Until you have more trash take out.” you shook your head as you walked ahead. Yoongi watched you from behind as you walked ahead. Of course you didn’t need him by your side to be considered intimidating. He bit his lip at the idea of ripping that dress off your body when you got back to the hotel. Shit, he might not even manage to keep his hands to himself in the car.
Yoongi joined you at the table. “ You feel like Soju tonight?”
“Depends on if you want me to start fighting or not.” you raised an eyebrow at Yoongi.
“Hm, on second thought how about imported beer.”
“This isn’t date night at your place, dear.” you replied jokingly.
“Hm, you’re right. It’s been a while since we’ve splurged. We can do wine tonight!” he chuckled in reply as you both sat down. Just as you both got settled, you were met by a small crowd. Yoongi’s friends, of course. 
“Oi! Watch how you handle my fucking jacket! It’s worth more than your life.” Namjoon snapped at that host.
“My apologies sir!”
“Yoongi, Y/N. Good to see you.” Seokjin shook Yoongi’s hand firmly. “Sorry we’re late.”
“We just arrived ourselves.” you replied, relaxing as Yoongi wrapped his arm around your waist again. “Yoongi insisted.”
“Of course he did.” Jungkook sat down. “I saw the other women glaring at you.” he laughed. “You sure know how to make an entrance.” he raised your hand to his lips for a short kiss to your knuckles.
“Of course she does. She’s the best looking woman here.” he huffed as if it was obvious. The host quietly bought the selection for the night.
“Wine for the lady, the usual for the rest of us.” Yoongi spoke for the table.
“Yes sir!”
Before anyone else could speak, a woman in a red dress and white fur coat strode up. “Yoongi? Is that you?”
“Meredith....fancy seeing you here.” Yoongi looked less than thrilled.
“Very!” she seemed a little too happy to see him. It was funny because you had never seen nor heard of this woman in your life. “So...I tried to call you.”
She was completely oblivious of you sitting right there and you didn’t like it.
“What are you doing here?” Seokjin annoyedly spoke up as his drink was poured. “If you couldn’t tell, we’re all trying to enjoy ourselves.”
“I just wanted to catch up with an old friend!” she put her hands up in defense. Her eyes suddenly landed on you. “Whose this?” she fixed her face in disgust
“Y/N L/N, who the fuck are you?” you raised an eyebrow. Your posture straightened up as she glared at you. You threw your sunglasses on the table, crossing your arms as you perked up.
“Are you Yoongi’s pet or something?” she put a hand on her hip. “ Guess they’ll let anyone in!”
“Pet? Oh Honey...Even if that were true it would still mean I’m sitting here and your standing there looking stupid....”
“Oh yeah. He’s probably waiting for the perfect moment to get rid of you!”
You held up a single hand to up Yoongi to signify that you didn’t want him to speak. He looked livid, however you didn’t see the point in him wasting You slowly stood up. The host held your glass of wine with shaky hands, unsure of what to do.
“Thank you.” you grabbed the glass from him. “Run along now.”
“Yes mam!” the scared host scurried off, obviously not wanting any confrontation. 
“Y/N, what are you doing?” Yoongi asked, watching you with weary eyes. You weren’t confrontational so this was a huge surprise.
“Meredith. That is your name, right?” you smiled sweetly. You took a sip from your glass. “Hm...What a darling coat! I bet it goes with anything.”
“Of course it does! It pairs best with red. I bought it in Paris...” she put a hand on her hip as if she was a model. “As you can see.”
“Too bad beautiful gowns and expensive fur doesn’t make the wearer any less cheap than the next bitch.” you instantly shut down the false sense of security you built for the disrespectful woman. 
“Not done yet....” you cleared your throat before speaking again. “ Whore, Pet, Wife ,Girlfriend, whatever you want to call me, go ahead but best believe my place in Yoongi’s life will always hold rank over you, my dear. You weren’t even important enough for him to tell me about you and we’ve been together for four years going on five as of two months from now.” You put your free hand on your hip. “That’s number one.” you laughed gleefully.
“Damn Yoongi, your girl has guts.” Namjoon whispered.
“That’s my babe.” Yoongi sat back and watched you drag Meredith for filth.
“Number Two! Before you try to feed me shit and call it sugar, make sure you take off the tags on your clothes.” You pointed to the obvious department store tag. “Clearance...nice. I also know fake diamonds when I see them, don’t play yourself.”
Nothing was wrong with fake gems, or clearance items...but pretending you were better than everyone else while lying...that wasn’t gonna go down.
The girl had went completely quiet now.
“Three. Last but not least. Get over this whole convoluted ‘I’m better than you’ ideals you follow because the same people you turn your nose up at are the same people who you rely on on a day to day basis. Shiny hair, expensive clothes, and a posse of fake friends who tell you everything you want to hear does not guarantee happiness. Insulting me because it gives you short lived joy does not guarantee happiness. Pretending you actually have any sense of class when it’s obvious you faked your way to the top of social stardom does not guarantee happiness.” you put your wine glass on the table. “So before I proceed to tell you to go fuck yourself and to stay away from me and my BOYFRIEND...any questions?”
Not even five seconds passed and this woman walked off without another word. You didn’t feel bad, not by a long shot. Respect is something that’s earned any ANYONE who didn’t understand that could get a piece of you.
You sat back down next to Yoongi, grabbing your wine again. “Gentlemen, forgive me for that outburst.”
“Damn babe.” Yoongi wrapped his arm around you again. “That was hot.”
“Good because I’m highly fucking livid right now.” you calmly took a sip of your wine. “Who was that woman?” you turned to glare at Yoongi.
“She was an actress who was paid to portray my wife for a business thing I was forced to do.” he shook his head. “Y/N I promise she means nothing to me. It was before we even met.”
“Good. Let another girl talk crazy to me, I’ll kill you both.” you said with a straight face. “Her for thinking she can talk to me any way she wants, and you for keeping things from me. I will cut you deep, sir.”
“Damn I love you.” he bit his lip. He turned your head towards himself to give you a deep kiss. 
As he had promised, he could barely keep his hands off you in the car. The minute the doors had shut, Yoongi had the hem of your dress bunched up in his fist. His lips feverishly laid open mouth kisses along your exposed neck. 
“Yoongi, we shouldn’t do this here.” you whimpered, even though your actions said the completely opposite.
“Why? No one is gonna stop me. They damn sure won’t say shit about it.” Yoongi stopped for a split second to turn a glare to the limo driver, who was trying very hard not to look in the rear view mirror. “PUT THE FUCKING DIVIDER UP.” he barked.
“Yes sir!!”
Yoongi pushed you down onto the seats, causing you to let out a laugh. The divider was put up and you could hear the sound of fabric ripping.
He had tore a rip up your dress.
“Goodbye $3,000 dress.” you huffed.
“More where that came from.” he laughed, which was quickly replaced with a sadistic smile. “Spread your legs, baby.” he pouted. “Daddy wants to finger you”
“In the
 “When we get back to the hotel, I want you naked on that bed.” he growled. “If not, I’ll fucking rip whatever you have left off.”
... (The Hotel)
He couldn’t even keep his hands to himself in the elevator, any part of you he could get his hands on, he touched. By the time you two had gotten back to the room, you were thrown on the bed. Your dress had hear a huge tear up the leg and the straps were holding up either. Yoongi had discarded every article of clothing except his pants which were hanging low on his hips at this point.
“How do you want me?” he flicked his tongue against his bottom lip, looking you up and down. “I’ll do whatever you want, babe.” He watched as your shy wall was quickly put up and he couldn’t help but laugh. “Baby doesn’t know?”
“Nuh uh.” you hid behind your hands with a shy smile.
“ hands?”
“hm....nuh uh.” you shook your head again.
“ mouth then?” he bit his lips, standing right in front of you. “Where was that fire, honey? Come on.” he grabbed your hands. “Want me to eat that pretty pussy, baby?” He gathered the rest of your dress in his fist. “Come here.”
He began kissing up your bare thighs. You shook your legs, biting your lip. You felt him pull your panties down.
“You were so brave for me, sexy girl. Where’s that fighting spirit? Do you want me to eat this sweet little- hmm.” he dragged his tongue up your slit, laying opened mouthed kisses along your pussy. “You’re brave for the outside world but you still need daddy to take care of you, huh?”
“Mhm!” you nodded desperately.
“Baby you taste so fucking good.” he laughed, lashing his tongue against your hot flesh. “You’re moving so much.” he cackled. “Hmm” he dug his nails into your thighs. “You like it when I eat this pussy?” 
“This is mine.” mumbled against your heat. “This is all mine. Don’t think I’m done with you yet...”
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cheegu3 · 2 days ago
Hi there! I wanted to know if you can make me an os with ... soobin! I don't know is that I just can't get the image of soobin as a rabbit hybrid out of my mind.
It would be a clumsy and jealous rabbit hybrid, the protagonist is a girl with whom he has shared a bedroom for two years yymmmm, so much coexistence made him fall in love with her The point is what, as a hybrid it still has some animal behaviors, among those are: circling around the protagonist, making some moan-like noises and sticking his head to hers, those are the ways in which the hybrids of rabbit they say to someone: "—I like you." the problem is that the protagonist did not know that: < then, i picture soobin, in the middle of his rut ​​/ zeal with tearful eyes as he is quite desperate yelling a "—I like you, damn it !." after that the smut nwn would come, do you think you can with that?
hi again :)) espero que te guste <3
a/n: since you didn’t specify I made it so y/n knows he’s a hybrid because after living together for so long he can’t hide it anymore!
TW / trigger warning: hybrid, smut (18+ content), y/n cries, bondage, dom soobin
wc: 1.4k
~ Hybrid soobin - roommate scenario where he falls for you ~ {smut}
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“ Soobin! Where are you? “ you called out into the apartment.
The guy you shared it with was quite the mystery to you. Despite having shared it for two years there was still not much you knew about him. Except well, the fact that he was a hybrid.
He had gone out late to work like he always did and when he came home you sat in the dark on the couch - giving him a very big shock and you as well.
You thought you were hallucinating when you saw the ears and fluffy bunny tail but no. No matter how many times you tried to rub your eyes it was still there.
You remember that night like it was yesterday. He was crying for a long time after he saw that you had seen him. Laying in your lap he told you how he was scared you’d leave him now.
Although you didn’t have any romantic feelings for him he was the perfect roommate, so you accepted it ever since.
“ I’m bored. What are you doing “ you pouted and sat down on the other end of the sofa.
“ I’m bored. What are you doing “ you pouted and sat down on the other end of the sofa.
“ I’m bored. What are you doing “ you pouted and sat down on the other end of the sofa.
“ Disney movies. Before you make fun of me, they’re amazing “ his face lit up with pure happiness, enough to melt one’s heart.
“ Idiot “ you laughed.
You decided to stay there since you had nothing better to do and after a while you got more and more interested in the movie - not noticing how he had gotten closer.
Suddenly you felt his hair stroke against your arm a few times and you looked down to see him do that before settling in your lap. He had done this since that day and it always left you puzzled.
You didn’t want to call him weird or make him feel like a freak so you accepted it as well. You suppose life as a hybrid must be very lonely.
He stayed with his head in your lap and you heard him hum and moan comfortably for the rest of the movie.
“ Soobin “ you said softly as the credits started rolling.
“ Mmh? “ he looked up at you, eyes shiny and loving but you didn’t really think anything of it.
“ I need to make us food now “ you gestured towards him laying in your lap and his cheeks turned rosy, immediately getting up.
You saw something else in his eyes though. A bit of anger or disappointment. In reality he was starting to feel frustrated with you, he was doing everything he could to show you he liked you but you just didn’t get it! Even scratching you in a fit of rage didn’t help, you’d just glare at him and walk away.
It made him want to scream and cry at the same time, sometimes he even did after those particularly obvious attempts he had done. He was always circling you and protecting you when you two were out together but your eyes were rarely ever on him. Why couldn’t you give him your attention? Why couldn’t you notice him? Why couldn’t you like him back!
The thought of all of these memories brought his anger and frustration out to the surface again, he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself any longer.
“ I like you! Damn it “ he cried out to your turned back.
“ Fuck! “ he let out all his anger and didn’t even care what you thought anymore, he needed you to know because it was killing him.
Slowly you turned yourself to him to see him have tearful eyes and clutching the sofa like his life depended on it. He was shaking and staring down.
“ Soobin “ you said softly and made your way to him. You sat down and took his hand to make him calm down.
At your touch you felt him relax immediately. The shaking stopped and his tense muscles became soft. But his eyes were still filled with tears.
Indescribable guilt started to fill you up and you decided to just go for it. Your hands found his jaw and you turned his head to make your lips meet his softly.
You pulled away and saw his face light up like how it normally was. You had gotten Soobin back now. But he wasn’t done. 
His cheery face turned lustful and you would be lying if you said you didn’t want it. Having such an attractive single roommate had always tempted you and sometimes you lay awake with your hand down your pants imagining it was him.
Teeth met tongue in a rough kiss and you went from being roommates to making out like you were starving for each other. His hand slipped down and hooked under your thighs heaving you up and carrying you to his bedroom.
All the way there he kept kissing you barely even noticing that he was moving automatically. God, he had dreamt of this moment so many times.
Harshly he threw you down on the bed and you stared up at him in shock as he crawled on the bed to you. He had an animalistic look on his face. Evil grin that stretched from one ear to the other and he quite literally looked like he could devour you.
A veiny flexed arm flipped you over and you lay on your stomach trying to listen to his movements all while anticipating what was about to happen. You grew impatient, he had by now slid down your underwear and the cold air was starting to make you uncomfortable.
You moved your hips a bit and a whine escaped your lips. You heard him chuckle behind you.
‘‘ Patient dear ‘‘
The bed began to dip nearer you now as you felt him move closer. You heard the sound of him unbuckling his belt - something you had probably heard about a thousand times since he had moved in but now it was for an entirely different reason and it turned you on.
You whined again and let your hand innocently wander down to try to get contact with him. He hissed angrily and immediately pinned your hand above your head.
‘‘ You’re a bad girl ‘‘ he growled lowly near your ear, sending chills down your spine.
You tried to process what had happened. 
He had handcuffed you.
The sight of your bare ass welcoming him and you laying there helpless completely at his mercy - inviting him to do whatever he wanted, turned him on greatly. He slipped down his pants the rest of the way in one swift movement and positioned himself.
He cherished the way you whimpered as he teased with his dick near your entrance not fully entering. 
But he was growing impatient too, he had waited too long for this.
Pushing it in all the way he started to rock his hips at a very fast speed. You arched your back as you felt his unexpectedly big dick stretch you out. 
You couldn’t control the noises, a mix of pain and pleasure overrode your senses.
His breathing turned into panting and you relaxed thinking he was close so he’d slow down but Soobin only went faster. He hammered into you over and over again until tears formed in your eyes and to anyone outside it probably sounded like you were getting tortured.
‘‘ Soobin...I-I’m ‘‘ you couldn’t even form a sentence.
He smirked but you couldn’t see it.
‘‘ I know ‘‘ 
He felt you clench around him, shit you were so tight and perfect. Such a mess just for him.
‘‘ Say you’re mine- ‘‘ he panted ‘‘-and I’ll let you cum ‘‘
You let out a strained breath and tried your best.
‘‘ I-I’m, yours...Soobin ‘‘ you screamed at his name as you felt yourself clench and arch your back.
Your legs shook and your muscles contracted. Not long after he pulled out and you felt him cum all over your thighs with a groan.
He pulled you down with him when he laid down. You were both breathing heavy.
‘‘ I love you y/n ‘‘ he whispered.
But you were already asleep and he watched you with adoring eyes.
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matryosika · 2 days ago
femme's hard thought #1
i often think about giving chan head after a long and stressful work day. i can imagine him sitting on his studio chair, his shirt slightly pulled up and his abdomen glistening with sweat. his hard cock begging to be released from his underwear, twitching immediatly with the slightest stimulation.
just imagine his face slightly rolled back, his plump swollen lips parted while his eyes are closed shut, his hands running through your hair while he curses under his breath, his hips moving slightly against your lips and making you taste his precum.
his weak body would be at your mercy, taking every single thing you are giving him. sighs and groans slipping out of his lips while you deep-throat his length in its entirety, knowing that he is just about to cum when his toned abdomen glistening with sweat starts contracting.
"y/n" he would desperately sigh, his hands attempting to push you away from his length while his fucked out gaze begs for your touch, "i am cumming".
but you wouldn't listen to him. instead, his words would only make you more eager to take him completely, your mouth and tongue wrapping around his hard cock while you drool on it, your eyes fixed on his.
"y/n" he would groan again, one of his hands taking you by your wrist while you are still sucking him off, your teary eyes looking at him while the tip of his length touches the deepest part of your warm mouth, making chan's gaze get lost in you due to the overwhelming pleasure.
"fuck" he would curse under his breath with weak voice, his hips sloppily slamming against your mouth while he cums down your throat, you swallowing his arousal until the very last drop.
and the image of him afterwards? his chest moving frantically, the contractions in his abdomen becoming less and less fainter, his fucked out gaze fixed on the way you took him until the last drop, his body slightly covered in sweat while he tries his best to calm down after such liberating high.
i think he would look so pretty.
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multihoe-net · a day ago
stockholm syndrome pt.2 -
Tumblr media
summary: you were used to being around criminals and even taking part of some misdeeds, as tragic as it sounded. However, you were never expecting the way you’d end up feeling about the smart-mouthed boy you were assigned to hold hostage.
genre: angst, smut, fluff.
pairings: victim! Seungmin x criminal! reader
warnings: mid violence, swearing, mentions of guns, unprotected sex but reader is on birth control.
word count: 12.8K
ᴘᴀʀᴛ ᴏɴᴇ
Tumblr media
Your eyes opened in shock at the realization of what you had done. A hand clutching over your mouth as you stood up. Panic started washing over you, feet pacing back and forth and mumblings coming from your mouth.
Seungmin tensed, worried that you might be regretting the sudden intimacy you had shared with him.
“Blue?” He suddenly spoke, tongue darting out to run over his lower lip, tasting the lingering feeling yours had left.
Your heart raced and your breath hitched in your throat. Unwanted tears brimming the corners of your eyes the moment you craned your head to look at him. You knew he was confused, and so were you.
“We shouldn’t have done this.” You muttered, surprised that the knot that formed on your throat allowed you to actually speak.
Seungmin kept silent, his lips pressed in a line as he processed your sudden regret. Sighing, he nodded.
“It was a moment of weakness.” You stated, trying to convince yourself more than you wanted to convince him. Your fingers ran through your hair, distress washing over you at the thought of letting your guard down.
Seungmin’s lips curled up in a bitter smirk that didn’t go unnoticed by you, but before any of you could say something else, you heard a knock on the door.
Your eyes remained fixed to his figure, mind running wild as another knock echoed all over the house.
“Aren’t you going to open?” Seungmin asked, pulling you out of your trance. You blinked rapidly, running your palms over your face and nodding your head as if he could see you.
“Yeah, s–sure.” You mumbled, stepping forward to the chair where he sat and pulling up the gag around his mouth. “I’m sorry... We can’t risk anything.”
Seungmin didn’t move an inch, but you looked at him with remorse for a second before you left the room to make your way to the front door.
As soon as you opened it, there he was. Spade greeted you with a subtle smirk that you were forced to return, discomfort almost eating you alive when the thoughts of what you would have to do from that moment on came to your head. You had no choice but to pretend like nothing happened, to keep that facade and try your best to suppress any kind of foreign feelings that were starting to appear towards the guy back in your room.
As Spade kissed your lips, your eyes pressed shut. The show must go on.
A couple of hours that felt like an eternity had passed. You were laying on one of the beds from some of the guests’ rooms, Spade laying right next to you, shirtless and still trying to catch his breath as a thin layer of sweat covered his bare chest.
His head turned in your direction, a smirk full of pride forming on his lips at the sight of you. He moved his arm to wrap it around your body and pull you into his chest, you didn’t say a word, but thoughts kept running through your head even when your cheek was pressed against his skin.
You had done that many times, but that day it felt different. Tangled up inside, you felt terrified by the fact that you were wishing someone else was in his place, someone you shouldn’t have been wanting in the first place.
Every touch against your skin burned in desire, desire for the forbidden. Every kiss tasted and felt like his lips, and every moan slipping from your mouth held the traces of every fantasy you had built whenever you closed your eyes.
You were too far gone after just one kiss, how were you supposed to keep giving yourself to someone else when all you craved was to know every inch of him? He was the holy grail you had to find. The one you wanted to drink to cleanse all of the sins you had committed, but also the cause of some other sinful wishes. The one who appeared to show you the true meaning of life.
But he wasn’t the person next to you.
“How are things with that boy going?” He suddenly asked, pulling you out of your head. You looked up at him and shrugged.
“Good. I mean... He’s tied, it’s not like he can do much.”
Spade chuckled.
“Hasn’t been giving you headaches, hmm? Such a good boy.” He teased, you rolled your eyes. “It’s almost such a shame that things won’t end well for him.” He added.
His words felt like the strike of a lightning. Instant fear filling every single one of your senses.
“W–What do you mean?” You stammered, clearing your throat so he wouldn’t notice how it was affecting you.
He cocked a brow, sighing afterwards as his fingertips kept drawing figures against your skin.
“Well, let’s say the man who was supposed to pay for him got on my nerves. I might have to teach him a lesson.”
It was taking everything in you not to panic in front of him. You needed to play nonchalant, or you’d end up dying along with him.
“But... Kill him? He’s not the one at fault. Why would you do that?”
Spade laughed.
“Honey, you sound like you don’t know me.” He replied. “What do you want me to do? Set him free so that man will have what he wants?”
You gulped.
“But... You know I don’t like that kind of thing. Sungkyu... What if–”
He pecked your lips to stop you from talking.
“Shh. You won’t see anything. I’ll make sure to do it as far as possible.” He cooed, and you couldn’t say anything else, so you just nodded.
You bit your lip, feeling a heavy weight on your chest. You couldn’t let that happen. You didn’t want to let that happen.
You were out of your mind, that was for sure... But there was no way you’d sleep in peace knowing that his life could end as if it was nothing.
“When are you going to do it?”
Spade shrugged, standing up from the bed and collecting his clothes to get dressed.
“I don’t know. Soon.” He responded, turning around to face you with brows furrowed. “Are you okay? You’re acting a bit weird.”
His question sent shivers down your spine, however, you managed to fake another smile.
“I’m fine, just very tired.” You faked a giggle, and he seemed to buy it.
When he stood up, he grabbed his clothes and walked to the bathroom to get dressed, he placed another chaste kiss to your lips before he walked to the door and locked himself inside.
You looked around and took a deep breath before an idea popped in your head. His phone was on top of the bedside table, and you gathered all the courage you had to nervously grab it and look for some useful information.
You thought about the people you had heard him talk about, and thanking yourself for your good memory, you sent some phone numbers to you before quickly deleting anything that could incriminate you. When you heard his hand on the door handle, you placed the phone back and rested against the bedpost.
Spade exited the bathroom and you felt nauseous, absolutely terrified that he could somehow know what you had done, but as soon as he smiled, you felt relieved.
He walked to grab his phone and tucked it in his pocket.
“Alright babe, I’ll see you tomorrow yeah? Make sure to dress properly. That guy might be blindfolded, but men are like animals... Pheromones still go through the barriers.” He winked and you nodded, before he blew you a kiss and finally stormed out of the room.
Your fingers grasped on the white sheets, pressing them against your bare body as you laid on your back. You felt nauseous, you needed to think of something before it was too late. You hoped that somehow you’d find some answers soon.
You didn’t even care about yourself anymore, not if that meant that Sungkyu wouldn’t get away with it.
Tumblr media
A couple of days had gone that fast. Talking with Seungmin hadn’t been an option considering the way your thoughts had been consuming you after that talk with Spade, and Seungmin being the way he was, hadn’t really made any effort for it to be different, so besides letting you know anything he could need, he just stayed silent.
He probably felt resigned already, he probably sensed something was wrong when you came back that day, and the fact that he knew what you were doing with that man surely didn’t help at all.
He knew he wasn’t special, after all, he was just an object being held hostage to get some sort of revenge for something that had nothing to do with him in the first place. Then why did he feel betrayed? Why did the thought of someone else touching and kissing you anger him? Whenever he heard those noises and whimpers coming from the other room his stomach churned, he felt nauseous. Were you enjoying it? Was it easy for you to just kiss him and then fuck with someone else?
Seungmin hated to admit it, but jealousy had started eating him alive. He was probably insane at that point, crazy for craving the touch of a stranger, for dying to feel your lips once again, for wishing he could just embrace you and run his fingers over your skin.
He found himself clenching his fists tightly, and his jaw tensing hard enough to make his teeth hurt that day. After everything you had said to him, you still went back to bed with that man. You were nothing but a liar. That’s what he kept repeating to himself. You probably just wanted to gain his trust so it’d be easier for you to destroy him. All of you were the same.
You probably hadn’t killed anyone physically, of course, but you were just as cruel, taking advantage of people’s vulnerable states, confusing them with your sweet voice and gentle touch, making them let their walls down and believe that somehow you really cared about their well-being.
You had made it. Seungmin swore he wouldn’t let his guard down, but before he noticed you had gotten deep under his skin. Stupid, so stupid. He should’ve known.
On the other hand, you kept staying up all night, the lump on your throat just making it harder for you to breathe. You almost felt grateful that Seungmin wasn’t able to see the way your eyes kept glued to his figure every time, thinking over and over again how to save him from his dark fate. You didn’t know if you were just done with being part of it, or because he had found a way to your heart.
And that night wouldn’t be any different. There you were, in the middle of the night wide awake, anxiety washing over you instead of tiredness. Your eyes kept wandering all over the dark room, mind busy with the anguish of the time running out without a solution. You sat up and turned the little lamp on your nightstand on. Your hands ran over your face and through your hair as you tried to stop the panic attack that was threatening to come up. Your eyes landed on him, all silent and resting his head against the chair he was sitting on.
You stood up, taking a deep breath and walking to your balcony before you ended up saying or doing something out of impulse that you knew you shouldn’t do. Your hand gently pulled on the door handle and quietly opened the door that allowed you to go for some fresh air.
You were instantly greeted with the cold night breeze against your bare arms. It made you shiver and you could’ve just gotten back inside to grab a coat or a sweater to keep you warm, but you didn’t, you didn’t because you needed to feel something, and that’s exactly what you let yourself do. Your chest tightened and out of pure reflex, your hand flew to rest against it.
Your eyes burned with unshed tears filled with mixed emotions; anger, sadness, frustration, guilt and confusion.
You looked up at the sky, as if you were hoping for the moon to give you the answers that you desperately needed. You still hadn’t found a way to reach the people that were looking for him and time was running out. You took a deep breath and exhaled. As you looked at the streets below and the beauty of the city you lived in, tears started running down your face. You covered your mouth with the palm of your hand and your muffled sobs almost harmonized with the monotonous symphony of the crickets.
You felt awful, and you couldn’t stop wondering how you ended up there. All you wished was to live a normal life, with freedom, with a voice. You wanted to have the opportunity of doing whatever you wanted or love whoever you wanted without the fear that they’d get hurt because of it.
You were not like them. You were a good person and you had finally reached your breaking point. What had you done to deserve such a life? You didn’t know, but you felt like meeting Seungmin had a reason, and if you couldn’t have the life that you wanted, at least you wanted to try to give his back to him.
It took a while for you to calm down, but as soon as you did, you went back to your room quietly, shutting the door behind you so you wouldn’t disturb Seungmin.
What you weren’t expecting, though, was him being awake, but as you dragged your feet to your bed, he spoke.
“Crying again?” He asked, the tone of his voice letting you know that he had been awake for a while.
Your eyes opened wide, head craning to the side to look at him.
The dim light coming from your lamp illuminated his features just enough for you to see the way his lips curled up in a smirk.
“You’ve been like this for days now.”
Your brows furrowed and your stomach sank, however, and for some reason, you thought it’d be better if you just played dumb.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You assured, sitting on the edge of the bed. “I just couldn’t sleep, that’s all.”
Seungmin let out a humorless, breathy chuckle.
“Yeah. You couldn’t sleep so you started wandering around the house and crying in the corners. I’m not deaf, you know? This house is quiet enough for me to be able to hear your sobs.”
That’s when you gulped. Your mouth opened a few times to say something, but you just couldn’t find a good argument to refute his statement.
Seungmin knew you wouldn’t, and that made him tsk and shake his head, an action that didn’t go unnoticed by you.
“Are you going to make fun of me now?” You asked, folding your arms over your chest, as if he could see you.
That smirk kept being plastered on his face.
“I am not.” He responded. “It’s just that I find funny that you think I’m dumb enough not to notice.”
You rolled your eyes.
“Then how come you’ve been hearing me crying every night but you decide to say something today?”
Seungmin shrugged, licking his lower lip, which sent sparks down your body.
“Hey, it’s not my problem, is it?” He asked. “I’m nothing but an idiot that’s here against his will. It’s not like I want to know about the fights you have with your boyfriend.”
You cocked a brow.
“But you’re asking me anyway...”
Seungmin thought for a second, trying to find the best retort to give you.
“I just did it because you’re being annoying.”
You were the one who let out a humorless laugh at his obnoxious comment. Standing up from your bed, you stepped closer to him and leaned forward.
“I call it bullshit.” You stated. “Why don’t you just admit that you care about me like I care about you?”
Seungmin moved back as soon as he felt your sudden proximity.
“Why are you so close to me?” He asked defensively. “And you? Caring about me? Don’t make me laugh.”
You frowned, his comment hitting a bit harder than it probably should have.
“Haven’t I proven to you already that I care?”
“Don’t be ridiculous.” He replied. “You just took advantage of me. You felt the way my guard was going down and took the chance to kiss me, not caring about the fact that I opened up to you and just telling me it was a mistake to go and fuck someone else hours later.”
Your heart sank.
"Is that what you think about me?”
Seungmin shrugged.
“Are you going to deny it? Come on, blue. I heard your fucking moans.”
You pressed your lips in a straight line, gulping away the feeling of disgust that washed over you. He was right, and you hated to admit it, but he didn’t know what you truly felt back then.
You started pacing back and forth once again, running your fingers through your hair.
“It’s not what you think.” You finally said, stopping in your tracks with your back facing him.
He laughed.
“Not what I think my ass.” He spat. “Stop taking me for an idiot. It was just a kiss and I know it meant nothing, but at least I have the guts to admit the whole damn thing.”
The harsh tone in his voice instantly told you how hurt he actually was. Despite the situation itself being a complete madness, at least you knew you were on the same boat.
“It meant nothing?” You asked, turning around to look at him. Your voice was weak and filled with sadness, which just confused him.
“Well, you tell me.” He said. “You’re the one who easily brushed it off and slept with someone else.” He continued. “What happened then that made you cry, hm? Did you tell him about your wicked games and he got jealous? Is that why you fought?”
“Seungmin, you have no fucking idea of what you’re saying.” You retorted, your blood starting to boil at his rudeness. Tears started burning in the corners of your eyes all over again, and you cursed mentally at your inability to keep your feelings on the line.
“Then fucking enlighten me.”
“You’re going to fucking die!” You deadpanned, and he seemed to be shocked for a moment.
“What do you mean by that?”
You took a shaky breath and exhaled.
“That’s what he said.” You responded. “That you’re going to die anyways.”
Seungmin froze, breath hitching in his throat before a bitter laugh escaped from his mouth.
“I saw it coming.” Was all he said. His demeanor had changed completely, and even when he tried to pretend, you knew how scared and sad he actually was, and that made your heart break.
Tears started running down your face, trying to find the right words to say to him. That’s when you decided to come clean and just tell the truth. You had nothing to lose anymore.
“That’s why I’ve been crying.” You said through gritted teeth. “I’ve been feeling terrible, thinking what can I do to stop this from happening.” You explained, trembling in fear, anxiety and frustration. “I don’t want to be part of this anymore.”
Seungmin’s chest tightened, and he kept quiet for a brief moment. He needed to process everything.
“Do you think that I’m going to believe that? That you’re crying for me?” He asked again, his tone going lower and weaker, as if the knot on his throat was stopping him from  speaking. “More like you’re feeling guilty and it’s eating you alive.”
“I’m crying because I don’t want you to fucking die!” You yelled. “Why don’t you believe me?”
“What do you care? I’m just a stranger to you, nothing more.”
“No. You’re not just a stranger to me.” You repeated, stepping closer to him. He tensed, you noticed the way his fingers grasped on the fabric of his jeans.
Seungmin’s heart pounded roughly. It was becoming harder and harder from him to stop his feelings.
“How can I believe you?”
You bit your lip and quickly moved your hand behind his head to undo the knot of his blindfold, letting the fabric slide down from his face.
Seungmin’s lids pressed shut briefly before he finally opened his eyes and tried to get used to the light. You stood there in front of him, squatting down with your hands on his thighs for support.
The moment his eyes locked with yours, time stopped. His eyes were round and chocolate brown, they sparkled under the light as his pupils dilated while finding yours. You were right. He was breathtaking.
“What are you doing?” He finally asked, brows still furrowed. You managed to smile weakly, tears still streaming down your face and your heartbeats increasing uncontrollably.
“Do you believe me now?”
He was unable to speak, but never broke eye contact with you. The atmosphere became heavy, the chemistry in between was palpable and almost unbearable. You were dying to kiss him and he felt the same way.
He just managed to nod.
You moved your hand to cup his cheek, his skin was soft and warm as your thumb brushed against it. You licked your lips, eyes flickering between his lips and his eyes.
“I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you.“ You whispered. “I promise.”
He moved his tied wrists to your face, grazing his fingertips all over your features in total awe. His lips were slightly parted as he examined every inch of the face he had spent so much time imagining. You melted into his touch, eyes slightly closing until his eyes found their way to your dark orbs again.
“Shit. You’re beautiful.” He whispered, forgetting almost immediately anything he had felt or said before he was able to finally see you. The pads of his fingers drew patterns on the flesh of your lower lip, and somehow your faces were merely inches apart.
You could’ve sworn your heartbeats resonated all over the quiet room, as heavy breaths emanated from both of you, the thick sexual tension absorbing the air around your bodies.
A weak smile formed on your lips at the compliment, your hand moving to cup his cheek and your thumb caressing his soft skin. Like a magnetic field, you felt this overwhelming impulse to let him claim you, and you were far too deep into his stare to think straight.
“Your eyes,” You whispered. “They’re just as pretty as I thought they’d be.”
His expression softened, but his stare only seemed to intensify. It was filled with something you couldn’t quite decipher. Something between lust, curiosity and desire.
Seungmin took a deep breath through his nostrils, exhaling the air slowly.
“Did you really forget about me when you were with him?” He purred, his knuckles caressing your jaw as he waited for your answer.
Your breath hitched, not finding the strength to speak, you decided to just shake your head. Seungmin cocked his head, clearly inviting you once again to formulate words.
Your fingers shakily threaded in the hairs in the back of his neck, nails gently scratching his scalp and making him humm in satisfaction. You were so close to him that all you breathed was the air that came out of his lips, and it was driving you wild.
“I thought about you the whole time.” You confessed, and that characteristic smirk of his once again made its appearance.
“Is that so?” He asked back, fingers tracing your lower lip again. Your eyes wandered from his, to his mouth as his teeth sank in his lower lip. You felt the pressure between your legs, your core aching to be touched. “Were those moans for me?”
You didn’t even hesitate before you nodded, arms finally wrapping around his neck. Seungmin leaned forward, his lips ghosting over yours just to pull back whenever you tried to close the distance. He lets out breathy chuckles, loving the way you reacted to his teasing with little whines of desperation.
“There’s something about you.” You spoke. “It’s making me want you in ways I’ve never wanted anything.”
Seungmin’s tongue darted out to swipe over his lip, nose gently brushing against yours and making your lids heavy.
“You can have me.” He cooed. “You just need to untie me and I’ll make you mine.”
You kept falling under his spell, hesitant but still moving your hands down to graze your fingers over the knot that stopped him from moving freely. You averted your gaze from him to look at his wrists now placed on his laps, taking a brief moment to think about it.
You looked up to meet his gaze.
“I can’t.” You replied, shaking your head. “If I do, you’ll run away.”
Seungmin quickly shook his head, moving his hands to lift your chin and force you to look at him.
“I’m not going to run away.”
Your brows furrowed. Your heart was pounding fast and hard against your chest just at the idea of being able to have him between your arms. You shouldn’t trust him, that’s what the voice in the back of your mind said, but you desperately wanted to.
The pleading look in your eyes made his chest tighten. A soft smile formed on his lips before he nodded.
“I promise.”
You stayed still for a second looking into his eyes, but finally decided to comply. You messily untied his hands and threw the rope somewhere in the room. He twisted his wrists, opening and closing his hands to help the blood to circulate correctly. You stared at the marks on his skin and felt terrible, absent-mindedly placing the pads of your fingers on them and gently touching them.
You stood up and he looked up at you, stretching his body as he sighed in relief. You gulped, wondering if you had just made a mistake as your pulse kept hammering in your ears.
“I... I can’t believe I did it.” You mumbled.
Seungmin just stared at your figure.
“Aren’t you scared of them finding out and killing you?”
You smiled bitterly, shaking your head.
“At this point, all I’m afraid of is not seeing you again.”
Seungmin stood up from the chair and that’s when you noticed his dark, hooded eyes. His figure towering over you and forcing you to look up, his jaw tensing and his breathing noticeably heavier.
But before he could say something, you decided to speak.
“I don’t care about anything anymore. Please, please erase the traces of his touch from my skin. If I have to die with someone’s fingerprints on me, I want them to be yours.”
He didn’t say anything, he just cupped your face between his hands and smashed his lips against yours in a desperate kiss.
Lips mending passionately as your arms wrapped around his waist, fingers grasping for dear life to the fabric of his t-shirt. You tasted him and it drove yourself into a state of euphoria, something impossible to describe as you relished the feeling of him.
Seungmin tilted his head to the side to deepen the kiss, gently pushing you backwards until the back of your thighs hit the edge of your bed. Your hands moved away from his shirt to support your body against the mattress, as you climbed on it with him hovering over you without breaking the kiss.
He gently laid you down on your back, settling himself in between, both knees at the sides of your hips as he kept devouring your mouth. You tangled the fingers of your left hand in his hair, and placed the right one at the side of his neck, loving how deliciously the muscles of his jaw and face moved along with the kiss.
His hands slid slowly down your jaw, caressing your neck and shoulders as they reached your waist, his long fingers gripping on your curves.
You nibbled on his lip gently, gaining a soft grunt before his tongue ran over yours asking for entrance. As soon as you granted him access, he slid his tongue into your mouth, his wet muscle flicking against yours while he squeezed gently on your sides.
Your hands proceeded to roam down his shoulders before holding on his biceps, his muscles tense for supporting his body weight. You took turns to tilt your heads, changing positions and making the make out session get steamy rapidly.
You caged his body with your thighs, bucking your hips desperate for friction. Seungmin wasted no time before he ground against you, making you moan against his mouth. His erection was prominent, hard as a rock against your clothed core and begging to be released. His broke the kiss just for his mouth to start wandering from your lips to your jaw and down your neck, nipping on your soft, warm skin and trailing open mouthed kisses that were sending you straight up to heaven. You bit your lip, fingers still playing with his caramel locks until he pulled back to lock eyes with you.
His lips were red and swollen, subtle pants leaving his mouth while his dilated pupils spoke louder than words. He wanted you as much as you wanted him. You didn’t know how it was possible for you to have gotten involved in such a short period of time, in such circumstances and most importantly, in such an intimate way.
But all you could do was live it and enjoy it for as long as it lasted.
Seungmin’s right hand moved to brush strands of hair away from your face. He was too immersed in you and the moment, finding it hard to believe that someone could look the way you did.
He was now sure of all the things he had thought previously. You didn’t belong there, in that kind of life and with that kind of people around you. He only needed to look into your eyes for all the doubts to disappear. There was no way someone like you could have a bad heart. He couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it.
“You’re the most beautiful person I have ever seen.” He admitted, his eyes sparkling under the dim lights while saying these words. Your eyes watered, no one had ever said something like that to you, let alone with such honesty.
You smiled at him, cheeks burning and probably already tinted in crimson red.
“That is, perhaps, because you haven’t seen yourself from my eyes.”
His eyes widened, heart thumping just in the right moment that you witnessed the first real smile since he arrived there. They turned into the prettiest little crescents you had ever seen, and he suddenly felt too shy to maintain eye contact. His head hung down for a second before he mustered the courage to face you again. You melted instantly, as it was, hands down, the most beautiful scene you had seen. His cheeks were covered in pink and you knew he had gotten kind of nervous by the way he chuckled.
That was a totally different side of him, and you felt like you could get used to it. It sent butterflies down your stomach.
“You’re cheesy.” He finally said, not able to hide that smile that turned you into putty in his hands. Leaning forward to connect his lips with yours all over again.
Your tongues pressed together and fought for dominance every now and then. His hands traced every inch of your body, making you feel like the clothes were bothering way too much.
You sat up without breaking the kiss, as your hands clumsily went to slid under his shirt, the pads of your fingers grazing the velvetish feeling of his skin before you grabbed at hem of his shirt, pulling it upwards until he got the hint, parting from your lips and lifting his arms for you to take it off.
He threw it away and your eyes crossed paths one more time. He stood there, knees sank on the mattress as you took the chance to detail his bare torso, flawless skin that urged to be touched. Your fingers instantly flew to his chest, gently tracing all the way from his pecks to his abs. It was soft, smooth to the touch and it seemed to glow on its own. A silver necklace that you hadn’t noticed before hung from his neck, adorning beautifully his collarbones.
Seungmin’s eyes followed your actions, his adam's apple bobbing at your hungry stare. His breathing was just as erratic as yours, and your touch despite of being soft burned, it burned in ways he hadn’t experienced before and all he wanted was to melt into it.
Your tongue ran over your swollen lips, looking up into his eyes again. He looked curious, his skin bristling in anticipation. Your lips curled upwards and you placed your hands on his shoulders, leaning in and connecting your lips to his neck in a quick motion.
A hum escaped from his lips as his eyes pressed shut. Your lips started to leave a dangerous mixture of open mouthed kisses, nibbles and sucks that just managed to make his erection painfully harder. His hands placed on your waist, tilting his head to give you more room to claim him, enjoying the way your kisses went down him like sweet alcohol.
His teeth sank in his lips as soon as your hand slid down to cup his clothed erection. Applying a gentle pressure, you moved your hand up and down, gaining soft moans that sounded like music to your ears.
“F–Fuck.” He groaned, unconsciously bucking his hips into your hand. You chuckled, your lips going up to his earlobe, nibbling on it.
“You like this?” You asked, intensifying the pressure against his pants.
Seungmin’s breath hitched before he quickly pushed you to lay on your back again. He smirked down at you, ripping your shirt open and connecting his lips with the base of your neck. His hands moved to your chest, cupping your breasts and running his thumb over your hardened buds.
“No bra?” He asked, his breath tickling you. “Naughty. I could think you’ve wanted this for a while.”
“I have.” You breathed, arching your back when he squeezed one of your breasts.
He let out a breathy chuckle, kisses going down until his mouth wrapped around your nipples, tongue flicking and gentle sucks making you go dizzy.
“You should’ve untied me sooner.” He mumbled in between kisses. “I would've claimed you so quickly you wouldn't have wanted anyone else to touch you. It was all a game, huh? You made him believe you moaned for him, but you were thinking about me instead, weren’t you?” He asked, kissing all over your skin as his hands slid down your body to the waistband of your shorts, pulling them down along with your panties.
One particular suck on your sweet spot made you moan even louder, turning Seungmin on even more.
He pulled back from your skin to stare into your eyes, his hand cupped your pussy and he pressed two of his fingers between your folds, running them up and down.
Seungmin quickened his movements, finally sliding one of his digits inside you.
“I asked you something, babe.” He groaned against your neck.
“Yes.” You cried out. “I always thought about you. Just you all the time. I haven’t been able to forget the feeling of your lips. I want you so much. Please fuck me.”
Seungmin grunted, pulling back and unbuckling his belt to unzip his pants and pull them down with his underwear. He freed his cock and it bounced against his stomach. Dark pink tip, coated in pre-cum in front of your hungry eyes. You extended your hand and wrapped it around his shaft to pump him gently, which made him throw his head back in pleasure.
The sight was just mesmerizing, majestic. He was absolutely stunning in every sense of the word. It was the most sinful thing you had ever witnessed, and it made your insides flutter in need and overwhelming desire.
Seungmin finally swatted your hand away, spreading your legs open for him. He curved his hand around his cock and aligned himself with your entrance, rubbing between your folds to tease you. He hissed when your fingers digged on the skin of his biceps, easing himself inside you right after. Soft curses left his mouth as he waited for a brief moment to let you adjust to his size. As he did, he went back to your lips and kissed you slowly, placing his hands behind your thighs to wrap them around his slim waist.
He knew he wouldn’t be able to wait any longer, so he started rocking his hips while low groans slipped from his mouth at the feeling of your warmth around him. He pulled out all the way to the tip and pushed back in, finally bottoming out and making you squirm in pleasure.
Your hands grabbed on his biceps and his face buried in the crook of your neck. He inhaled your scent, loving it since the very first time it had invaded his nostrils.
A deep roll of his hips caused you to clench around him tightly, and he quickened his thrusts, choked moans filling the room along with lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin.
“You’re so tight.” He moaned. “Fuck. You feel so good, doll.”
An incoherent trail of curses and mentions of his name fell from your mouth, the delicious way he stretched you was enough to see stars all over the room.
You didn’t know where the confidence had come from, but you sat up, grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him to lay on his back. You climbed on top of him with both legs at the sides of his hips. You straddled him, grabbing his hard dick soaked with your arousal and sitting right on it. His eyes widened in slight shock until you started moving and clenching around him.
The new position allowed you to admire every single one of his facial expressions of pure bliss. Head thrown back again, eyes closed and parted lips.
You stared down at him, hands supporting yourself on his bare chest as you bounced on his cock. Seungmin started cursing, finally opening his eyes and placing both of his hands on your hips to help you ride him.
“Seungmin, you’re so fucking gorgeous.” You moaned, throwing your own head back. His heart jumped, but the arousal was too much to give it a second thought.
His hands moved to grab your butt cheeks, thrusting up to meet your movements and increase the pleasure. You moved your hand down to rub your clit, but he pushed your hand away as soon as he noticed it to take your place. He rubbed fiercely, applying enough pressure to push you into your climax.
Feeling him twitch inside you, you knew he was just as close. Your nails digging in the skin of his chest, scratching and leaving subtle red marks that caused him to grunt. You could feel it, the coil in your stomach that announced the approach of your euphoric state. Warm and tight, sending chills down your spine.
“Not more than you, baby, you look so beautiful riding me. Shit. You’re so hot.”
His hands slid up to your back, fingernails digging on your skin and running down in return. You arched it, biting your lip almost hard enough to draw blood before you leaned in to kiss him deeply again.
His filthy praises were all you needed to finally reach your orgasm. A loud moan echoed all over your room when you parted from his lips, his thrusts quickly becoming animalistic and sloppy, desperate to reach his own climax and helping you ride out of yours. When he finally did, his hot cum spurted against your walls, and you collapsed on top of him.
You heard his racing heart against your ear, both of you trying to catch your breaths in nothing but your skins covered in sweat.
Seungmin wrapped his arms around your frame protectively, still inside you and wishing that moment could, somehow, last forever.
You smiled contently, also wrapping your arms around his shoulders, staying close enough to inhale his sweet scent. Then you pulled back just a little, gently brushing his wet bangs away from his face. He offered you a lazy smile, lids heavy but fingers finding their way up to your face to cup your cheek. He looked so stunning, hypnotizing enough for you to crave him even more, so you leaned in to kiss him on the lips. It seemed like the same thought or feeling crossed his mind as well, cause he went up to meet your lips midway.
His lips were soft, the softest and sweetest you had ever tasted. The way he kissed you made your head spin, electric waves filling all your senses. You smiled against his lips to resume your actions right away.
When you finally broke the kiss, you got off from him and rested your head against his chest. He wrapped his left arm around your waist and sighed, pulling you into him and holding you tightly.
A comfortable silence surrounded you for a moment, until he finally spoke.
You looked up to meet his gaze.
“So?” You repeated. “What is this thing between us?” You asked, averting your gaze from him and tracing your fingers over his clammy chest.
Seungmin thought about it. Truth was that he felt so many things all at once that he couldn’t find the right words to say. It didn’t make sense, he knew that, but it was real. Having a name for it or not, it was the realest thing he had ever known.
“I don’t really know.” He admitted, sighing. “But whatever this is, it’s probably one of the strongest feelings I’ve ever experienced.”
Your heart swelled and you felt sparks all over your body. Butterflies flying around that made you forget briefly the bitter reality.
“Is that so?” You asked teasingly. “Who would’ve thought that you could do better things with that big mouth of yours.”
Seungmin’s lip parted in shock before he threw his head back in laughter.
“You’re so vulgar.”
You laughed as well, placing another chaste peck on his lips.
“Why don’t you tell me about you?”
He tilted his head.
“About me? Like what?”
You shrugged.
“Everything.” You responded. “What you like, what you do, what you hate. I wanna know as much as I can about you.”
Humming, he ran his fingers up and down your arm. Deep in thought, he then smiled and nodded.
“Sure.” He said. “I will tell you everything, but you need to tell me something first.”
Your brows furrowed, looking at him confused.
“Your real name.”
You pursed your lips together. Should you do it? That’s what you asked. But what would you lose? You had already crossed every single boundary between the two of you. So you just sighed.
“Y/N.” You said. “That’s my name.”
Seungmin smiled. He had found his new favorite word, and he couldn’t wait to pronounce it every single day if possible.”
“So, y/n... There’s one last thing.”
You groaned and playfully hit his chest, he just chuckled.
“What is it, Seungminnie?”
His expression quickly changed. Looking down at you, he grabbed your face and looked deeply into your eyes. Dead serious, he licked his lips ready to speak.
“Run away with me.”
Tumblr media
“You gotta be kidding me.” He spat, brows furrowed as you tied his wrists once again. “Why do you have to go to him? Can’t we just run away and leave this shit behind?”
You sighed, squatting in front of him to look into his eyes with an apologetic smile. You placed your hand atop of his, giving it a light squeeze.
“You know it’s not that easy, Seungmin.” You responded. “We talked about this last night... I need to see him to know what I’m gonna do. This is dangerous. The priority is setting you free, even if that means that I get to stay behind.”
Seungmin’s chest clenched. He refused to take that as an option, not after everything that had happened between the two of you. He knew you were just another victim, and he wouldn’t be able to live with himself knowing that you had to carry with all the consequences.
He shook his head, unconsciously glaring at you.
“Don’t you dare to say that, y/n. I’m not leaving without you.” He assured. “Just the thought of you staying with him makes me nauseous. I’m not going to let that happen.”
You couldn’t help but smile adoringly at him. Your heart fluttered and your stomach flipped around. You stood up and he looked up at you before your hands cupped his face.
“You don’t need to worry. I’m all yours now.” You admitted, leaning down and pressing your lips against his in a long lasting, loving peck that made his head spin. Red spreaded on his cheeks and you giggled, forehead resting against his. “No matter what happens, that’s not gonna change, alright?”
He hesitated, but ended up nodding.
“Please be careful.”
You stood straight and smiled, nodding this time. You grabbed the gag and the blindfold to put them on him. You felt terrible for doing it, but no one could suspect anything or the both of you would be dead in a second.
“None of the knots are tight, alright? This is just to pretend. Please stay here and wait for me, you better be ready for when I get back. Remember there’s people watching you.” You repeated the instructions, taking a deep breath before placing a kiss on his head. “I’ll be back soon.”
With that, you turned around and walked to the door. Glancing at him one last time over your shoulder, you exhaled and walked out of the room.
You had no idea if that would work, but you hoped it would. That was the craziest thing you had ever dared to do, but if you wanted your life to be different and normal, you needed to do it.
Tumblr media
That morning kept passing like an eternity. You were out with Spade having lunch and you couldn’t wait to stop seeing him for once and for all.
He had tried to have sex with you again, but you managed to convince him that you weren’t feeling well, so he just took you out instead.
Your appetite wasn’t the best. The anxiety was almost unbearable and trying to hear or watch everything he said or did that could indicate something helpful was too damn tiring. You felt like losing hope, until he got a call that changed everything.
He tensed, you noticed. He could play it cool as many times as he wanted but you knew him better than that. Something about the way his jaw clenched and his fingers clasped around the phone with so much force that his knuckles turned white gave him away. You knew the person at the other side of the call was the one you needed to contact.
“I see you dared to call me, Bang. I applaud you for that, but it’s way too late now.”
You watched him carefully, playing with your food and averting your gaze every now and then so he wouldn’t notice.
“No. There’s nothing you can do now. You had your chance but you decided to fuck with me, didn’t you? Now your son’s friend is going to pay the consequences. I thought you were smarter, but you’re indeed too fucking stupid.”
You gulped. His words were incredibly frightening to hear, especially when you had to pretend like it didn’t matter to you. You could only think about that man and his son, and how desperate and frustrated they must have been. You felt sorry for them. You didn’t know the true story behind all of that mess, but knowing Spade, you were sure that they probably didn’t even deserve such a punishment.
“No.” He repeated. His tone was stone cold and so calm that it could only belong to a psychopath. “I have everything ready. My men are all ready to get rid of him. But don’t worry, maybe I'll be good enough to send your son something to remember his friend. Hmmm.. A finger, maybe?” He kept talking, your eyes widened and a knot formed on your throat. All he did was wink at you and you felt disgusted. How was it possible for you to have spent all that time with someone like him? "Whatever you say. That’s it, Bang. Do not call me again. Bye.”
With that, he hung up the phone. Getting ready to keep eating his food, he locked eyes with you and smiled.
“Was it the person related to the boy?” You asked, trying your best not to stutter. Spade munched on his food, before he grabbed a napkin and wiped the corners of his mouth.
“Yes.” He simply said. “Don’t worry. This is going to end really soon, you’ll go back to your normal life and you’ll have your room to yourself again.”
You forced a smile and nodded. Now that you could finally see the truth, you were more than horrified. Thankfully, you already knew what you had to do next.
Tumblr media
A while later, you had excused yourself to go to the bathroom. Locking yourself inside, you pulled your phone out of the pocket of your jeans to make a call.
Your hands were shaking and your breath was ragged. You were scared, but somehow, you knew it could go well.
A moment later, the voice of a man echoed in your ears. It had been a long while since you had heard him, or seen him.
“Tiger? Baby blue here.” You paced back and forth, playing with the hem of your shirt. “Yeah it’s been a while. Listen, remember that night when I helped you and you said you owed me a big one? Well... I’m going to need a favor.”
You didn’t need much to convince him. In that kind of life, when someone said they owe you something, they meant it. No matter what your request was, they were going to return the favor. And that’s exactly what you needed.
“The name... Or last name, I’m not sure, it’s Bang.” You nodded, as if he could see you. “Yeah. I need his number or the number of someone related to him.” You brought your thumb to your lips and nibbled on it, your stomach going in circles. “Alright, hold on.” You said, looking for a pen in your purse to write the number in the palm of your hand. “Christopher? Is that his name? Alright. Yeah that’s it. Please remember you can’t tell anyone, never. Yeah, thank you Tiger. Bye.”
You let out another shaky breath. Your hands were trembling, you needed to be quick before Spade started getting suspicious. Dialing on the number, you prayed that he picked up soon.
And he did.
“Christopher Bang?”
“Yeah. Who is this?”
“That doesn’t matter. I have some info that interests you.”
“What? Is this about Seungmin? Who is this? I’m calling the police.”
“No police. Listen, he’s okay. I don’t have much time, but if you want him back you better listen to me. I’m going to give you some instructions, you need to do what I tell you at the exact timing and in the exact place.”
“... Go ahead.”
“This is what we’re going to do.”
Tumblr media
It took another while for Spade to finally drop you home. He had gotten suspicious, so you had to tell him that you were feeling sick and that’s why you took so long in the bathroom. He seemed to buy it, at least partially.
As soon as you got back home, you rushed inside. Seungmin flinched when the door slammed open, and the first thing you did was take the blindfold off.
Seungmin looked into your eyes, confused. You grabbed his hands and made him stand up.
“Hurry up, you don’t have much time.” You said, clumsily collecting stuff you could need. He took the rope from around his wrists off and the gag from around his mouth.
“What are we going to do?” He asked, eyes following you all around the room. His heart was racing, he felt terribly nervous and scared.
“I’m letting you go. It has to be now before someone notices. Let’s go.” You said, grabbing his hand to drag him with you, but he stopped, making your head turn to look at him with a frown.
“I’m not leaving you here.” He insisted. “If you’re not coming with me, I’m not leaving.”
You sighed exasperatedly.
“Seungmin, you can’t stay here. They’re going to kill you, can’t you understand?” You whined. “Let’s go.” You repeated, pulling on his hand, to no avail.
“I don’t care. If I’m leaving, you’re leaving with me.”
You ran your hand over your face and sighed.
“Seungmin, I don’t think that’s–”
“It’s up to you.” He interrupted. “You go with me, or we stay.”
You stayed still for a second, before you sighed and nodded. He smiled, and your heart melted, making you smile back.
“Alright, but let’s go. We don’t have much time.”
You rushed to the back door of the house, opening it as quietly as possible and looking around to make sure no one could see you. When you felt safe enough, the two of you just started running away before the sun could start setting.
But things don’t always go as planned.
Scar happened to be passing by to check on you, and when he noticed how quiet the surroundings were, he started looking for you. That’s when he saw you running in the distance with Seungmin.
“Hey!” He shouted, and you heard him.
He started running after you, pulling his gun out. You and Seungmin looked back and you felt like your soul had left your body.
“Fuck.” You cursed. “They know. Fuck, Run faster!”
Seungmin ran as fast as he could, and for a moment your legs were about to give up. Luckily, he had enough energy to drag you with him.
Scar dialed his boss' number, and as expected, he wasn’t happy.
You didn’t know how long you had been running, but you found yourself deep into the woods. Hiding yourself among the mushes, you leaned forward and rested your hands on your knees to catch your breath, and so did Seungmin.
You could feel tears burning in the corners of your eyes. You were absolutely terrified, but more for him than for you.
“What are we going to do now?” Seungmin asked, and you tried to speak, but you were still breathless.
Before you could say something, you heard his voice.
“Blue, princess, where are you hiding?”
Your eyes widened as your hand clasped over your mouth. Seungmin felt the panic rushing through his veins.
“Fuck.” You cursed under your breath.
“Honey, I know you’re here. If you come, I will consider having mercy on you.” He repeated, still from the distance. “Seems like you like that boy hm? You like him enough to betray me... What a little slut you are.”
You looked at Seungmin, the tears now running down your face.
“Seungmin...” You mumbled, and he shook his head, bringing his index finger to his lips, asking you to keep quiet.
“Don’t you know that you belong to me? That no one can touch you but me? After everything I’ve done for you. Ungrateful bitch.”
Seungmin pressed his eyes shut, but then grabbed your hand and started running again with you.
The sound was enough to alert Spade and his men, who soon were chasing after you.
You got closer to the streets, when a shotgun echoed and stopped you in your tracks.
You scanned your body and his, gladly, none of you was hurt.
“Stop right away or I fucking swear the next one will go through your skull!”
You looked at Seungmin and pushed him.
“Go, Seungmin. Run!”
He furrowed his brows.
“What? no.”
“Run! Fucking hell! There’s no way the two of us will make it. Run before it’s too late!”
Seungmin cupped your face, eyes watery as he panicked.
“I– I can’t, I’m not fucking leaving you.”
You started sobbing, pushing him away as you heard the steps getting closer.
“Go to 26-8, Yeouido-dong. Chan is waiting for you there. Please hurry up!”
“Y/N–” He insisted, holding your face again. His breathing was labored and his lip was already quivering, tears running down his face. “Please no.”
“Seungmin, if you care about me go away. Please don’t make all of this effort I made for you go to waste. Go away!”
You cupped his cheeks as tears streamed down yours.
“You need to go. Please understand. No matter what, Seungminnie, I will always belong to you. Please never forget that.” You messily pecked his lips one last time. “Go!” You screamed. “And don’t look back!”
He stepped backwards crying, until he finally turned around and ran away.
You fell on your knees and cried. You felt like your heart had been ripped off your chest, and that’s basically what had happened.
It didn’t take long until the atmosphere darkened, followed by his dark aura all over you.
“Here you are.” He said in fake sweetness. “I hope you know what’s gonna happen next, right?”
You closed your eyes and he walked around to face you. A gun in his hand that was quickly pointing to your head. You looked up at his tall figure, a dark smirk plastered on his face.
You pressed your eyelids shut, waiting for the bullet to finally kill you. A hundred thoughts and memories came back to your mind in flashbacks. How you wished everything had been different. You could’ve been happy, you could’ve found happiness with someone as good as Seungmin was, but sometimes life isn’t fair. You felt glad that at least you got to know him. You cherished everything you had learned from that situation, from him. You were able to experience something strong that felt real, something close to real love. Maybe it wasn’t in the best kind of scenarios, but love works in some mysterious ways, you find them when and where you least expect it. You just hoped that he could find happiness, that the pain would go away for him, that he could move on from that dark experience. You hoped he knew how much he meant to you, and you wished you could’ve spent more time beside him. Your stomach churns and the tears keep falling down, burning your cheeks with the bitter feeling of hopelessness.
That wasn’t the kind of ending you wanted, but you were ready to accept your fate with the memory of his face and the way his smile managed to change your whole perspective of life.
You just wanted everything to end, and in that moment, you heard sirens all over the place. Spade looked at you angrier than ever, and you knew it was your end.
“You fucking traitor.”
That was all he said. Many gunshots were heard right after, and everything became pitch black.
Tumblr media
Seungmin kept running as fast as he could. His legs burned and his feet hurt, but he couldn’t have cared less. In truth, nothing could’ve hurt more than having to leave you behind. A part of him stayed with you, a part that he wouldn’t be able to get back no matter how much he wanted.
His brows continued furrowed as the tears blurred his vision. His cheeks were soaked and his nose was red. He had a knot on his throat that was so tight that he could barely breathe. It hurt, it stung terribly, it felt like he could’ve started to bleed soon. He felt so awful, so guilty.
He kept wondering why. How was he capable of actually leaving you behind? He knew exactly what that meant, and he was ready to not forgive himself for listening to you and running away as long as he lived.
A coward. That’s how he felt. He ran away instead of staying and trying to protect you just like you always did.
You always protected him. He was so grateful for that. You didn’t even have a reason to do all of that for him, but even in the end, you had sacrificed yourself for him.
His heart felt heavy, his chest felt so fucking tight. He wanted to break down.
He ran and ran, wind blowing his hair until he spotted a familiar face in the distance. Someone ran towards him as soon as he recognized his face.
His eyes opened wide like his arms. Running towards Seungmin, Chan quickly wrapped his arms around his friend’s frame.
“Jesus Christ. I thought we had lost you.” The oldest said, hugging him tightly. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”
Seungmin froze for a second, until he snapped back to reality and returned the hug.
The familiar warmth and the much needed gesture of affection was enough to make him finally break down. He started sobbing like a little kid on his friend’s shoulder, who just did his best to comfort him.
“H–hyung. I–” Seungmin stammered. Chan pulled back but kept his hands on his shoulders. A look with a mixture of sympathy and concern plastered on his face as he tilted his head, inviting him to speak.
“It’s okay.” He cooed, patting his shoulder. “You’re okay now. We called the police. They’re gonna get caught.”
Seungmin’s eyes widened, shaking his head nervously.
“Hyung please. You need to find her.” Seungmin pleaded, his lip quivering. “Please, they need to save her before he hurts her.”
Chan frowned in confusion.
“Who?” He asked, tilting his head again as he tried to meet his gaze. “Who is she?”
Seungmin gulped, trying his best to regain his composure.
“Y/N.” He responded. “She’s the one who helped me. I’m safe and sound because of her hyung. I really need her to be okay, I–”
Chan quickly nodded, rubbing Seungmin’s back. He knew it then. He thought you must’ve been the girl who called him before, and considering how affected Seungmin seemed to be, that could only mean that you were special to him.
“I’ll tell dad. I promise we’ll try our best to find her. Alright?”
Seungmin nodded, sniffling as he wiped his tears with the back of his hand. Chan placed his arm around his shoulders and took him to the nearest hospital to get him checked. Chan tried to seem positive, but he knew it was unlikely to find you harmless. He knew what kind of people they were, and how they killed whoever dared to mess with them.
His heart hurt for his friend. He not only experienced something already traumatizing, but if he had bonded with you in such a vulnerable state, he knew how destroyed Seungmin would be if something bad happened to you.
So he talked with his father. He promised to inform him if he knew your whereabouts. Until then, he just took care of his friend.
Taking him home to his family, who felt blessed and relieved to have him back. Calling the rest of his friends and making sure to keep him distracted and comforted for the time being.
But there wasn’t a single moment where he didn’t think about you. He kept waiting and waiting for a call, for a sign, for anything that could let him know how you were. It was hard, especially when he had to pretend to stay calm so he wouldn’t worry his friends. He kept telling them everything he had gone through.
The way his eyes still hurt with the light for being blindfolded for so long. How his body ached terribly, or about the bruises on his wrists. He told them about you. How you kept him company, how you took care of him without asking for anything in return. How patient you were, how you had stolen his heart.
“But... She’s a criminal, Seungminnie.” Jisung said, face filled with concern. “You can’t say that you fell in love with someone who held you hostage.”
“I’ve heard about this... It has a name, what was it?” Felix continued, unlocking his phone so he could search for it on the internet.
Seungmin pressed the bridge of his nose and sighed. He knew they wouldn’t understand... After all, they didn’t know you. They didn’t know how much you had done for him. Yeah, it wasn’t an usual way of catching feelings, but the heart wants what it wants.
“I already told you.” He muttered. “She was another victim.”
“But she kept you there.” Changbin interfered. “If she wasn’t an accomplice she would’ve released you right away.”
“Yeah... She’s not any better.”
“I got it! It’s called Stockholm Syndrome.” Felix then spoke, reading an article he had found. “It says Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse. With this syndrome, hostages or abuse victims may come to sympathize with their captives. This is the opposite of the fear, terror, and disdain that might be expected from the victims in these situations. Over the course of time, some victims do come to develop positive feelings toward their captors. They may even begin to feel as if they share common goals and causes. The victim may begin to develop negative feelings toward the police or authorities. They may resent anyone who may be trying to help them escape from the dangerous situation they’re in.” He concluded, looking up and cocking a brow.
“Yeah... That doesn’t sound like love to me. More like a psychological thing.” Hyunjin reasoned with a nod.
“Well stop judging the boy. We haven’t been in his shoes.” Chan finally spoke, leaning against the door frame with his arms folded over his chest.
Seungmin looked at him and a subtle smile formed on his lips, thanking him for trying to be more understanding.
“It’s not like we want to judge him hyung, It’s just that... It’s weird.” Jisung insisted. Seungmin just sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.
“If you knew her you’d know what I mean. She’s probably the purest soul I’ve ever met.”
Chan smiled sadly, noticing the way his friend’s eyes sparkled when he talked about you. However, the buzzing of his phone pulled him out of his thoughts.
Seungmin noticed when Chan walked out of the room with the phone in his ear. His stomach churned all over again, and he couldn’t help but just stand up and follow him. Desperate to have an answer.
But the way Chan’s head hung low was enough.
His breath hitched and tears brimmed in his eyes. Chan hung up the phone and turned around to face him, his expression was filled with sadness, which just made him feel nauseous and frozen.
“Seungminnie...” Chan mumbled, stepping forward.
Seungmin couldn’t move.
“Hyung.” He whispered. “Is she okay?” He asked, but Chan didn’t respond. Indeed, he just looked down to the floor. “Hyung! Tell me! Where is she? Is she okay?” Seungmin insisted, raising his voice. The rest of his friends quickly stood up from their seats and rushed to them.
Chan looked up at him and shook his head.
Then his world fell down, like him, down on his knees.
The world had stopped. He couldn’t understand anything his friends said as they frantically tried their best to comfort him. The only thing he was able to hear was his heart breaking, and the sound of your voice echoing in his head.
“Please understand. No matter what, Seungminnie, I will always belong to you. Please never forget that.”
And he would never. He could never forget your words because he belonged to you, too.
Tumblr media
A month had gone, and nothing seemed to feel better. Chan was worried sick for his friend, who hadn’t been able to find his old self again.
“Seungmin, please get up. You need to move on with life. You can’t lock yourself up like this.” Chan pleaded for the nth time, drowning in frustration for not knowing how to help him.
Seungmin groaned from under the blankets.
“I don’t want to, hyung. Please stop.”
Chan frowned, stepping closer to Seungmin’s bed and pulling the sheets off of him.
“Listen, I’m sick of it. If you don’t want to do it, I’ll make you. You better get off bed and take a shower. I’ll be waiting downstairs and if you’re not there in half an hour, I promise I’ll beat your ass and you’re not gonna like that.”
With that, Chan turned on his heels and walked towards the exit, turning the lights on and slamming the door closed behind his back.
Seungmin cursed under his breath. He hated that no one seemed to understand how he felt. It was like he was somehow dissociated with reality, nothing made sense anymore and he didn’t know if everything had just been a fucking nightmare.
However, he was too tired to hear Chan’s nagging, so he stood up and dragged his feet to the bathroom to take a much needed shower, hoping to water down what he was feeling.
On the other hand, Chan was cooking something when his phone got an incoming call. He frowned, reading his father’s name on the screen. Wiping his hands with a towel, he pressed the green button to pick up.
“Hi dad. What’s up?”
The voice on the other side made his eyes shot open in disbelief, almost making him choke on his own spit.
“What? How come? Are you serious?” He asked, the cooking utensils long forgotten over the counter as he walked to the front door. “Yeah, I’ll be there in ten minutes.” He concluded, hanging up and grabbing his keys and putting his shoes on before he stepped out of the apartment.
Seungmin got out of the bathroom a few minutes later, with a towel around his shoulders as he drieds the ends of his hair.
“Hyung, you better have a good reason for me to be here.” He said, but no one responded. Frowning, he started looking for his friend around the place without success. Making his way to the kitchen, he noticed the mess around and felt confused. “Channie hyung? Where are you?” He called again. Chan wasn’t the kind of person to leave a mess behind without a reason, let alone to leave the house without letting anyone know.
He just cocked his head and grabbed his phone to call him, but he didn’t pick up. Sighing, he walked to the living room and plopped on the sofa, switching on the channels as his mind kept going places.
After an hour or so, Seungmin heard the door swing open. He stood up and groaned.
“Hyung. You’re finally back, what th–” He spoke, stopping in his tracks at the sight in front of him.
His eyes flew open and his heart stopped beating briefly. In front of him stood his friend, but what he didn’t expect was to see the person standing right next to him.
He blinked a few times and his eyes burned. Was he hallucinating? It couldn’t be.
His mind went dizzy at the sight of you. Wrapped in some oversized sweater that probably didn’t even belong to you. Your rosy cheeks and round eyes bring him back to life. Your hair was long and silky, you seemed to be a bith thinner, but you were very much alive.
He looked at Chan as if wanting some kind of reassurance that he wasn’t dreaming, and Chan just nodded with a gentle smile. His eyes went back to yours, and your lips curled upwards in a sad smile as your heart pounded roughly in your chest.
He was thinner. He had dark circles under his eyes and it was obvious that he hadn’t been taking proper care of himself.
But despite all of that, he still looked breathtakingly beautiful.
He then ran to you and wrapped you in a tight, warm hug that both of you needed. His hand caressed the back of your head and his face buried in the crook of your neck. There it was, your sweet scent. The one he had been craving since the last time he saw you and he thought would never have again. Your arms wrapped around him, fingers gripping on his shirt for dear life as you started to sob uncontrollably. You had missed him so much.
“You’re alive.” He mumbled against your skin. “You’re back.”
You pulled back to look into his face, his eyes sparkling. You grinned, caressing the apples of his cheeks.
“I am.” You whispered, cupping his face. “I missed you so much. I am so happy to see you.”
He didn’t know how to feel. He was incredibly happy, but also confused.
“How? I thought you–”
“I managed to escape and hide.” You said. “Everything was a mess, a lot of people got hurt and I thought I’d die. But they got caught and the police found me a while later. I was being custodied, I needed to cooperate and say everything I knew. I got a fine, but I could pay for it with all my savings.”
Seungmin was the one who cupped your face this time.
“You’re free?”
You nodded.
“They’re going to be in prison for a long while.” Chan spoke, standing next to you and patting your shoulder. “I was really surprised when my dad called me. I knew I had to go for her and bring her back to you.” He smiled. “I’ll leave you two to talk... You must have a lot of things to say. Maybe we can call the rest later.”
Seungmin looked at his friends.
“But what about the things they said?”
Chan shrugged.
“Hey, don’t mind it. This is something between the two of you. If she makes you happy, then we’re all happy.” He assured. “Now please excuse me.”
Chan made his way upstairs and left the two of you alone.
Seungmin smiled and his eyes finally sparkled again. You loved the way he smiled, you loved his face, gosh, how much you missed him.
He hugged you again, kissing the top of your head.
“I’m so glad you’re okay.” He said. “I still can’t believe you’re back. I swear a part of me died when I thought you were gone. I needed you so much. So fucking much.”
“It’s all good now.” You said, caressing the soft skin of his cheek. “I am not going anywhere. You changed my life. All I want is to show you how much you mean to me. The only one who showed me what love is.”
He smiled. His eyes turned into those little crescents you had fallen in love with.
“You teached me so many things. Now I don’t take anything for granted. I became better, for you, who always put me first. You’ve given me something no one ever gave me. I am here because of you, and life isn’t long enough to show you how grateful to you I am. But I will make it up to you the best that I can, making you happy, so you never feel alone ever again.”
Another tear fell from your eyes, but he was quick to catch it and wipe it away. You chuckled.
“Damn who would’ve thought such a brat like you was able to say so many beautiful things.” You teased. “My cute baby.”
Seungmin grinned once again before leaning in and pressing his lips against yours in a soft kiss.
“Just wait. I have many beautiful things to say to you, but with something else instead of words.” He teased, and you smacked his chest making him laugh. “Fuck. I love you so much. You’re so beautiful.” He confessed against your lips before he kissed you again. You smiled, biting your lip. “I am going to give you everything you’ve ever needed and wanted.”
“I love you too. Seungminnie.”
His lips moved against yours slowly and smoothly. Your fingers tangled in his soft hair, tilting your head to the side to kiss him deeper. His tongue found yours after a soft swipe of the tip of his on your lower lip, and his hand clasped at the back of your neck. Your hair tangled in his fingers as he pulled ever so softly on your roots. The sweet taste of his mouth was the only thing you needed to be sure that you had finally found the place you belonged in. No matter what people said or how many mistakes you had made in the past. Love was accepting and forgiving, and you would spend the rest of your life trying to become better.
For you, and for him.
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bbyjvy · 2 days ago
“i want to throw up”-soobin, 2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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summary °˖ : y/n has always been the centre of heeseungs universe and vice versa, but when y/n decides to finally start dating, all of their bff dynamics could fall through.
taglist🏷 open
@ningjunswifeu @hoonbokki @mykalon @ivswonie @shdowhuntr @studioreader @ryujinae @kac-chowsballs @queenofcaffine @creamkwan @youreverydayzebra @baekhyunstruly @hanjiardilla @curryramyeon @blossomnct @zhaixiaowen @hobistigma @neovrse @dear-dreamie
a/n: sorry for the hiatus. i was busy with exams, but i’m free now <3
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marigold-sunflowers · 21 hours ago
|| Kim Mingyu ||
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— Pretty Baby —
Pairing: dom!mingyu x subfem!reader
Genre: smut, a bit of fluff—somewhere
Word count: 0.8k
Contains: squirting, orgasm denial, edging, dirty talk, slight degrading, sadist—kind of??— mingyu
-Taglist: @filbert-forever @appleteez
Mika🌻: Random inspiration from being an insomniac at a hospital. ends pretty abruptly. who knows if I'll do part 2 🥲🤣 hopefully...
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
“You can’t possibly tell me that you’re already spent, pet?” Mingyu scoffs in disbelief. A smile clearly drawn on his face when he lifts a brow at you. Corners of his lips curling as if your pain was a source of entertainment for him.
The vibrations of the tiny toy still pressed flush against your pulsating clit.
How long was he going to continue torturing you?
When were you going to be able to catch the release you soo badly ached for?
“Mingyu— please, I—m’need to cum…” There’s no way anyone could understand what you had tried to get out. Your thoughts have already disappeared into the faint bubble of words that you delivered as mere sounds. Mumbles, if you may.
The toy is adjusted to a higher setting and you tremble at the new sensitive shivers that send a billion tiny explosions across your spine. “I don’t think so. You can wait a minute.”
His voice is collected and calm. Mingyu’s composure embarrasses you enough to start leaking over the sheets uncontrollably. Unable to react to the coiling building so deep within your stomach. He had to have known that your release was close.
Your boyfriend’s lips part, still with the same smile adorning his handsome, lustful face. “Ah, you’re doing such a great job, pretty girl.” Mingyu slips a single finger into your core and you have to bite down onto your bottom lip to keep yourself from falling apart. “Holding back so hard that you’re just,” He leans his soft lips right against your ear. Overwhelming your auditory stimulus by 100%. “Squirting. All. Over. Yourself.”
A strained whine escapes from you and you practically claw at his wrist, trying to separate your hips from the painfully pleasurable toy. Not much against the strong brute strength of Mingyu’s arms preventing you from moving much.
“You’re just a weak, dumb little toy waiting for me to give you permission to cum.” Mingyu’s large hand wraps itself around your supple neck. “Aren’t you pretty baby?”
You aren’t sure if you’re speaking actual English but you feel yourself nod from the growl in his voice.
The coil in your stomach begins to spiral tighter and tighter until you feel your ears throb and muscles clench. Doing your—oh, so—best to prevent yourself from cumming.
You had to be good. You wanted to be a good girl for Mingyu.
He indulges himself in the sight of your suffering. His thigh feeling the tremble off your legs as he hovers over your smaller figure.
“You know what I want to see?” Mingyu mutters with a slight smirk, pressing a little more on the vein on the sides of your neck. “I want to watch you to break. To loose yourself so much in your pleasure that you’re a melted puddle of your own release and pleasure.”
This gains a strained gasp from the tiniest part of your throat. At best, you could only babble nonsense in response. He lulls for a second before he chuckles. “Go ahead, baby. Cum.”
Your body doesn’t hesitate and you unravel. Every muscle in your body collapsing and releasing a rush of endorphins throughout your system.
Mingyu practically has to collect your body to make sure your legs are spread apart for his body to fit perfectly between them. “You ready?”
Your head shakes but you knew better. Mingyu only wanted to push your limits. You had your safe word. And mingyu knew exactly which buttons to push.
“It’s so cute how you say no…” You feel the rise of his head push past your entrance and your little yelp causes him to lowly growl. “You act like i’ve never fucked you open before, Princess.”
[ end ]
All Rights Reserved by marigold-sunflowers. Any reposting or modification on other sites without my knowledge will not be tolerated.
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ohshutupjimin · 15 hours ago
Imagine when you and Taehyung's child asks what a condom is.
Tumblr media
"Dad, mom, I found something. What is this?"
"Taehyung..." You said.
"How would I know? Your mom likes it raw."
Once you heard those words, you ended up choking on your water.
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hannie-loml · a day ago
seungminxgn!reader suggestive/smut drabble
you loved spending time with seungmin at the dorm. sure, the other guys would make fun of you if you were too touchy with each other, but that rarely happened since you and your boyfriend weren’t really into pda. one of the only times he and you could have some time alone was on his birthday’s night, the members leaving you two alone so that seungmin could “have a little more fun”, as they said with a knowing smirk.
that’s why you were in seungmin’s bed, half of your clothes scattered on the floor. his back was pressed against the wall next to his bed, you on top of him grinding your crotch against his. your mouths were connected in a messy and needy kiss, your hands touching every part of the other’s body.
you usually weren’t the one doing all the work in bed, while seungmin was fucking you or using his mouth or fingers on you, you would just sit back and make him do everything. this time, you decided to make seungmin a surprise. as he was trying to make you switch position, trying to hover you, you pinned his hands on the wall. his shocked expression turned into a turned on one in seconds.
“what are you doing?”
his raspy voice asked as you kissed down his body, leaving hickeys behind you, until you were face to face with his twitching cock.
“just giving you another birthday gift”
you said, your hands working on taking his underwear off.
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kpop---scenarios · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader
Warning: Smut, Language, Heartbreak, Angst
Word Count: 2.7k
Summary: You and Chanyeol start a friends with benefits situation, but nothing ever works out like it should.
Networks: @exowriter-net | @kpopscape | @noonasinnetwork
It all started with a text. 
Chanyeol [2:09am]: WYD? 
You rolled over in your bed after hearing the ding from your phone, squinting at the bright light that radiated from the screen, you texted your best friend back, as well as you could. The world was still spinning, probably from the mass amount of shots you had done tonight, along with the unmentionable amount of sugary drinks you consumed. 
You [2:11am]: Dying. WYD? 
Seconds later he replies, something you weren't expecting. 
Chanyeol [2:12am]: Can I come over? 
You [2:13am] : Sure? 
He read your last message, but didn't respond. You and Chanyeok had been friends for years, and sure you were attracted to him but you had never acted on your feelings. You didn't want to lose him if things between the two of you didn't work out, and you were content having him in your life as platonic friends, as long as he was in your life. 
There's a knock at your door, you roll out of your bed, pulling down your ling t-shirt you had changed into after slipping off your dress. You stumble towards your door, unlocking it before pulling it open, your eyes still semi closed. "What?" You groan. 
And that's when you feel it, a pair of lips pressed against yours. You jump back, your eyes now wide open as you stare at Chanyeol. 
"What are you doing?" You ask, the feeling of his lips still linger on yours. You touch your lips with the tips of your fingers, confused and slightly turned on. 
"I want you." He breathes. 
"" You whisper. 
He grins. "Yes. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you tonight." He admits. "I've wanted you since I saw you walk into the party tonight." 
"What about our friendship? I don't want to ruin things." You say. 
"Friends with benefits." He smiles. "We remain friends, but fuck when we want too." 
You stare at him for a second, you know this is a bad idea, a terrible idea even, but you'd be lying if you said you didn't want him to rail you whenever you wanted. 
"Okay." You whisper, ready to take this ride with him, or ride him. 
He grins widely as he shuts the door before he moves towards you, lips crashing onto yours again, backing you into the wall. He slams his hand against the wall while also pressing his body against yours, his tongue sliding into your mouth, tangling with yours. You clench your legs together, your clit throbbing as it desperately needs to be touched. You break the kiss, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pull him towards your room, pushing him onto the bed. You crawl on top of him, straddling his growing dick as you sit up. You grab the hem of your nighty, and pull it over your body, tossing it to the side of the bed. You're bare in front of him for the first time, he breathes heavily as he takes in your curves and imperfections, sliding his hands over your body, cupping your breasts, tweaking your now hard nipples between his fingers. You begin to grind yourself on him, making him moan beneath you. 
"Are you just gonna tease me, or are you gonna do something else?" He growls. 
"Probably just tease you." You smile, continuing your movements. Chanyeol lets out a deep chuckle before he swiftly grabs onto your arms and flips the two of you over. You're now on your back with him between your legs. 
"Never tease me, princess." He smirks, wiggling his way down your body. He stops at your pussy, kissing and nibbling between your thighs, moving closer to the spot you needed him before he moved farther away, now teasing you. 
"Please." You beg. "Do something more." You groan. Chanyeol hooks his fingers into your panties, pulling them down your body before discarding them. He pushes your legs open wide, sticks out his tongue and licks a long strip up you, the tip of his tongue lightly grazing your clit, making your body jolt. He looks up at you, with a curious look before he begins sucking and licking you, like you've never had before. 
Your hands grip the bed sheets as you moan so loudly, arching your back as he continues to devour you, your orgasm approaching quickly. 
"Fuck, fuck, fuck." You cry out, grinding yourself against his face, you cum, screaming loudly as your chest heaves. Chanyeol pulls away from you, standing up still staring at you as he takes off his pants and his boxers, letting his hard dick spring free. 
"I.. need.. a minute." You breathe, trying to come down from your high, but he doesn't let you. He grabs your legs, flipping you over again onto your stomach. 
"Ass in the air." He demands. You lay there, having tuned him out as you try to get your bearings.  Chanyeol pulls your legs apart, lining himself up with you before he pushes his way in, making you squeeze your eyes shut, along with clenching yourself around him. 
"Oh.. oh my god." You moan, as he slowly slides in and out of you, not taking his time to speed up his thrusts. He begins pounding himself into you, the sound of you crying out, and his grunts fills the room, along with the smell of sweat, pussy and cock. He reaches up, grabbing a clump of your hair, yanking your head back, as he fucks you. 
"Harder." You scream out. He moves faster, pounding himself into you so hard you were sure you weren't going to walk for a few days. 
"Your pussy is so fucking tight." He groans, slamming himself into you. You can feel another orgasm building quickly. You try to bury your head into the mattress but he still has a grip on your hair as he pounds you. 
"You better cum." He groans, panting heavily. You clench yourself around him again, making him cry out. The sound of him moaning and grunting got you closer and closer to the edge of ecstasy. 
"I'm..  oh fuck." You cry out as your orgasm washes through you, making you pull your own hair as you try to ride through the high. Chanyeol thrusts a few more times before he pulls out, jerking his cock as he orgasms, cumming all over your back. 
"So fucking hot." He groans, milking himself as much as he can. He collapses beside you, both of you laughing at what just happened. 
After a few minutes of silence, you both look at each other. You're wondering what's going to happen next but you have no idea what's going through his head. 
"No one can know about this." He sighs. 
"Absolutely not. Especially not Baek." You say. 
"No, he can never know." Chanyeol replies. "This can't happen again.. right?" 
"No it can't, just a one time thing, that's it." You say. 
Chanyeol gets up, grabbing you a towel to clean you up with before he starts getting dressed. "I'll uh, see you at game night next week?" He asks as he slips his shoes on. 
"Oh yeah, game night. See you then." You wave. Chanyeol leaves and you lay in your bed where your best friend just railed you, and you fall asleep very confused on what everything means. 
Next week, you most definitely saw Chanyeol before game night. He had called you while you were both on your lunch breaks, asking if he could come eat lunch with you, of course you said yes. Although, it just turned out to be Chanyeol eating you out in the underground parking while he jerked himself off. And then at game night, where he silently fucked you in the bathroom at Baekhyun's house, while everyone played Uno. And then when you all went out to a club, and you and Chanyeol snuck off, and he absolutely destroyed you in the back alley. Everyone questioned why you were walking funny, and you said you hurt your leg, when in reality Chanyeol wouldn't let you clean yourself up, he wanted to know his cum was dripping from your pussy, not to mention you were sure he bruised your pelvic bone. 
This went on for a few months, the two of you fucking around, promising not to catch feelings, but you had lied to him. You had feelings. You had major feelings and you didn't know if you could talk to him about it. And you were sure Kyungsoo was catching on to something, he was always watching the two of you whenever you all were together. It was weird, and you felt weird within your own friend group. 
So you decided. You were going to tell him tonight, at game night but in private. You knock on the door of Jongdae's house, twiddling your fingers as you wait for him to answer. 
"Hey you!" He says, reaching out for a hug. You hug him back, tightly before walking into utter chaos. 
"No! You owe me $6!" Baekhyun yells, pointing to Chanyeol. 
"It's a game man!" Chanyeol yells back. 
"I don't care! You're on my property, gimme." Baek yells, holding out his hand. 
"Here!" Chanyeol says, tossing him a fake ten dollar bill. "I hate paying monopoly with you." 
"Hey guys." You laugh, you look around the room at all the men, but stare a little longer at Chanyeol, and you don't notice that someone else does notice. You sit down beside him, leaning over to whisper in his ear. "Can we talk later?" You ask. 
"Sure." He says, giving you a smile that you love. 
"Hey guys!" Jongdae yells. "This is my friend Mina, Mina this is everyone. Y/N, Baek, Kyunsoo, Lay, Minseok, Suho, Sehun and Kai." He says introducing her to everyone. You immediately take notice to her gorgeous smile, and her eyes that can't seem to leave Chanyeol's face. 
"So Mina.." Chanyeol begins. "Where you from?" And just like that, you no longer existed to him that night. All his focus went to her, and they clicked. They clicked so good that it shattered your heart a little bit. 
As the night went on, Chanyeol had managed to move away from you and closer to Mina, saying that he was juts trying to help her with the game. Like she doesn't know how to play monopoly. A little while later, you're all playing a new game and you can't help but stare at them from across the table where Chanyeol and Mina have moved even closer together because he thought he should be the one to share with her this game. You rolled your eyes at them, but it didn't stop there. "Do you want something to eat?" He asks Mina, giving her that smile that he used to give to you. She nods her head eagerly, as he starts  making a plate from Kyungsoo's charcuterie board to share with her.
 The next thing you know, she's trying to feed Chanyeol her mix of cheese cracker and jam. "I promise you, it's so good." She giggles. Chanyeol gives in without so much as a fight, opening his mouth wide for her weird ass mixture, and then excitedly nodding as if he loves it. You're glaring at them, and you know you need to stop but it's so hard. How did they become so close so fast? 
You feel the heat of a stare and see Kyungsoo looking at you with his eyebrows raised asking if you’re okay. You give him your best smile and nod while you heart gives a heavy thump. 
You glance at your watch you make a decision to leave. Your talk with him obviously isn’t happening tonight, so you say your goodbyes, and you try to say bye to Chanyeol, but he waves you off without even looking at you. That night you tried to call him, a few times actually and he never answered, only sending you straight to voicemail. You finally put your phone down and accept that you're not talking to him at all tonight. 
Over the next few weeks, seeing your best friend never happened. Everytime you have called him, he doesn't answer or he tells you he's busy and then hangs up. You have seen Kyungsoo and Jongin more than you've seen your own best friend, and that fucking sucks.  
One night, after some planning around schedules, you're having dinner with Kyungsoo and Jongin, before you see a movie and the topic of Chanyeol happens to comes up. 
"I haven't seen him in weeks. How about you Y/N? Have you talked to him at all?" Kyungsoo asks. 
"I haven't." You say, shrugging your shoulders. You tried not to care, but you weren't very good at it. 
"I think he’s seeing someone." Jongin chimes in.
Your heart rips a little more.  
 "Remember when he dipped on us when he was seeing that Lisa girl back in the day?" He says. And again your tummy does that funny but painful flip because that was when you first thought that you were in love with Chanyeol. When he was dating Lisa, it nearly killed you seeing him with someone else but you had still been to shy to say anything to him. 
You laid in your bed after your night, thinking about Chanyeol and the fact that he has been ignoring you, and you can feel the urge to tell him consuming you. That night you fall asleep with a plan, that you needed to carry out tomorrow. 
The next morning, you stand in front of Chanyeol's house, gathering all your courage. You press the doorbell and then knock, waiting on the stoop for him to answer. 
The door is pulled open, Chanyeol stands there, he looks the same but different. 
"Hey Y/N, What's up?" He asks, leaning against the door frame. It's weird he won't let you in, but whatever. 
"I've missed you. I miss us. I haven't seen you in weeks, and I need to tell you that I'm in love with you." You say, finally confessing. "But I feel like you've been avoiding me." 
"I have been. Things have changed now." He says. 
"Is it Mina?" You ask. 
"We're together now, and I'm happy. So happy, its getting pretty serious." He smiles. You look at him confused and hurt. How could he just pass over what you had said. 
"Did you not hear me? I just told you that I'm in love with you." You say again, this time with less courage. 
"I heard you. And you need to stop saying it." He spits. 
"Why? Are you afraid she's going to hear that someone who has been in your life longer is in love with you? You fucked me only a few weeks ago, so what was that?" You ask. 
"It was a mistake. Everything with you was a mistake." He snaps. 
"You didn't seem to mind the mistake when you were 9 inches deep inside me." You say, raising your voice. Chanyeol slaps his hand across your mouth, pushing you further out of the doorway. 
He looks you in your eyes, a determined look as he firmed his lips. "It was fun while it lasted. But it didn’t fucking mean anything, other than two people helping each other out. I'm sorry you took it the wrong way but if I wanted to be with you, I would have told you years ago when I first noticed you liked me." He quietly says. 
You step back from him, your eyes wide, tears threatening to fall. "You knew?" You say, forcing it through your tight throat as you try to maintain your composure, feeling like you were verbally slapped. 
"Of course I knew. Everyone knew!" He hisses.
"So you slept with me.. " you trail off. 
"Because I knew you'd do it. You would never say no to me." He chuckles. You felt yourself getting dizzy, this all felt like a bad dream. You can feel your pulse beating in your ears as you stare at the man you no longer recognize. You feel like your  throat is going to close as you try to catch your breath. How could he? He was supposed to be your person. 
"Im done. I'm so fucking done. I never want to see you again." You hiss. Chanyeol shrugs his shoulders, as if he's shrugging off years of friendship, before he walks back to his house, opening the door. He looks out at you walking away, willing to hold the tear so he wouldn't see, and then he feels a presence behind him. 
"Who is it baby?" Mina asks. 
"No one important, love." He says, closing the door on you, and the years you loved him. 
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