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☆ the hates everyone except you trope | park jay
Tumblr media
"hey! focus on the assignment!" "well stop being so fucking pretty and i might be able to!"
pairing : badboy!jay x good girl! reader
summary : being the smartest one in your whole year had its perks, but it meaning that you would have to tutor the students that were behind in class was definitely the ultimate con- except for it allowing you to get to know the school’s bad boy in a way no one else has before.
word count : 27,994
includes smut, angst, fluff.
use of drugs and alchohol.
minors DNI
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growing up in a small town and then moving to the capital city for your first year of high school is and never will be easy.
your entire family had been born and grew up in your small hometown themselves. it was a town where everyone knew everyone. you had grown to become comfortable in your small town. there wasn't much going on, it was basically silent.
and you loved the silence.
though, you dreamed of moving far away from your small, quiet town once you graduated high school- and you never wanted to return.
you didn't want to be like everyone else in the world, it was one of your biggest fears. you couldn't bare the thought of being like someone else, which was hard since everyone in your town thought the same, dressed the same, talked the same and so on.
besides your fear of being like everyone else, you had a fear of burning out in life.
you had always been intelligent.
you got grades that were so high that colleges had been looking into accepting you even before you had graduated. your teachers were always impressed with you, even giving you assignments that were extremely advanced for someone your age to complete.
your obvious intelligence had made your parents extremely hard on you. always pushing you to study and to get your assignments done on time so that you could go far in life. your parents didn't have the luck of being as smart as you, so when they found out that somehow the two of them had made a genius child- their minds went into a haywire.
your parents didn't want you to end up like themselves when you were older. so, they gave you strict rules, a strict curfew, a strict schedule that you had to follow.
on some days, you didn't mind your routine. you found comfort in it.
but other days, you wanted to pull your hair out as you heard kids your age laughing down the street on a nice spring day- probably making amazing childhood memories that they could tell their kids about one day. you on the other hand had no memories that you could share.
what would you even tell your kids? oh, i sat inside for years with my head in a textbook and stress circulating my entire being so that i could please my parents and make a name for myself in this life.
yeah, really fun.
since your parents really wanted you to live a life that they didn't and would never have, they decided to move to the capital city - seoul - for your first year of high school.
you were excited, but so scared at the same time. you got to get away from the small town you had always lived in where you knew everyone and everything. to a place where you knew no one and nothing.
to say that your first year of high school was awful would be an understatement.
your first year of high school was horrendous.
James hummed in approval, moving out of the way so miyougn could place more food on the table before she sat down herself. ou can sit across from jay." she ushered you over to one of the empty dining room chairs. ive way, it felt like intimidating and more friendly. hould come to a party with me woman for a minute and you could already tell just how different she was from jay. egret it at all. out for each other, making sure that one of them doesn't drink or smoke too much.
it was like you were invisible to everyone- except to yoon seeun.
"hi!" the girl sat down across the cafeteria table from you.
"um, hi?" you answered with a confused tone, you looked around the busy cafeteria, trying to see if anyone had sent this girl over to sit with you as a prank. no one had sat with you for the first week of high school, you tried to sit with other tables but you got kicked out of all of them as they were apparently 'someone else's'.
"what're you looking for?" the girl asked amused as she watched you scan your surroundings.
"just- did someone tell you to sit with me? because you don't have to! i'm fine b-" you started, embarrassment filling you as you explained yourself.
"what? no!" she laughed, "i wanted to sit with you."
"i'm yoon seeun." she introduced herself. you looked at her fully as she said her name. she had a rounder face, and pretty big eyes. she had a pretty mole right above her left eye that seemed to match her beauty.
"i'm y/l/n y/n." you introduced yourself as well.
"i know," seeun shrugged, pulling backpack around herself so she could open it, "you sit in front of me in math."
"oh, i'm so sorry. i haven't really focused on everyones names yet."
"that's okay!" seeun smiled, "what elementary school did you go too?"
"um, i moved here from seungju, so i don't know if you'd know it."
"where the hell is seungju?"
"it's like, really south and really small!"
"how small?"
"like, the population is around two thousand."
"my god! what're you doing here?" seeun screeched, making you laugh at her shocked expression. "there's more than two thousand students just in our grade!"
"my parent's wanted a better education for me." you shrugged measly.
"so you really don't know anything about this place then."
"yeah, pretty much. but i think after a week i've been slowly catching on to the cliques going on."
"oh. so you must know the queen sieun." seeun rolled her eyes with a frown.
"no, who's that?"
"she's a brat and she basically runs the whole city. she's in our grade." seeun explained, turning around and nudging her chin towards a table at the far corner of the room. "she's the really pretty one with the light orange hair."
you easily spotted the orange haired girl from across the room. it seemed like everyone in the cafeteria was staring at her, though she was oblivious to it. she sat with other really pretty girls that didn't seem to match her beauty.
"her dad is park namjung, that famous singer from the 80s."
"holy shit! my mom use to love him!"
"yeah yeah. well his fame has gone to her head and apparently everyone else's at this school."
"she's really like that?"
"yeah, believe me, i used to be friends with her."
"no way. what happened?"
seeun shrugged, "everyone found out who her dad was last year and it just totally changed her. she got popular and pretty and i didn't know you know, we stopped being friends."
"you're pretty what're you're talking about!" you interjected, shaking your head at her.
"yeah, but not pretty enough to sit at that table." seeun rolled her eyes with a huff.
"who cares, you're pretty in your own damn way, you don't need to look like anybody else."
seeun smiled at your words. she's really needed to hear some positives about her appearance since she's been pushed into the background of sieun's life movie. "thank you."
"no problem."
"now," seeun pulled out a textbook from her bag, "you don't happen to be good at math do you? because the assignment that's due next period really needs to be done."
"yeah i can help you! i'm kinda smart."
"really!" you nodded in response to her with a shy smile. "good, we need a smart person around here." seeun flipped trhough the book, making you laugh at her insult.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
seeun and you became close friends quickly. she taught you about everyone in your school and all the drama that you missed out on while living in "some small hick town" as seeun reffered it to. she had introduced you to some of her friends, but you didn't really 'click' with them as well as you did with seeun.
your first month at high school was made better because of her.
though, you didn't really understand the how much importance that seeun put on the importance of reputation, you didn't really care. you thought it was funny that seeun knew everything about everyone and it reminded you of your hometown. seeun didn't notice how little popularity meant to you, she was just glad that she had someone to listen to her- and you were happy to.
after the first month- you had figured that you had heard everything about everyone from seeun. until an unfamiliar boy walked into the cafeteria.
seeun and you were sitting at 'your table' (yes you even had your own table now) in the cafeteria. the boy wore all black with black combat boots that matched his black hair. his jaw was sharp like all his other features. his lips were pulled down into a subtle frown that made you wonder just how pretty he could be if he smiled. he looked like he came straight out of shitty wattpad fanfic.
"who's that?" you tilted your head to the side where the boy was talking to the usual overly happy lunch lady who now adorned her own frown as she looked up at him.
seeun looked towards the direction, "that's park jay."
"park jay?" you repeated almost absentmindedly as you continued to watch him buy a granola bar.
"yeah, park jongsung, but he likes to go by as jay."
"i've never seen him before."
seeun scoffed with a laugh, "yeah because he basically never comes. if he does come then he's either high, drunk or both."
"who does he hang out with?"
"just a bunch of misfits that you wouldn't know either. they hate everyone except for each other."
you watched park jay leave the lunch lady with a granola bar in his hand. a teasing smirk on his face as he walked past sieun and her groups table, his fingers waved mockingly at sieun as she rolled her eyes in disgust at him. he pushed the cafeteria doors open with his back, his smirk never leaving his face as he internally laughed at sieun until he disappeared into the hallway.
park jay didn't seem to be like any of the other boys at your school- especially with the way he acts towards park sieun. he doesn't drop to his knees from her beauty when he sees her.
"what're you thinking about?" seeun asked you as your brain became intoxicated with thoughts of park jay.
you shrugged, "nothing."
"it better not be about park jay."
"it's not!" you defended yourself quickly, avoding eye contact with your friend as you pretending to read your text book.
"good, he's a trouble maker, you don't want to get caught up with him."
"what do you mean by trouble maker?"
"mm," seeun thought outloud for a moment, "he parties a lot, does drugs a lot, commits stupid crimes with his friends and has probably slept with half the girl student population in seoul."
you imagined park jay in the scenes that seeun described to you about him. yoru brain going haywire as you thought about him lazily smoking a cigarette with loud music and girls surrounding him.
"has he always been like that?" you asked seeun curiously.
"no, he used to be nice until last year. he comes from a good family." you nodded at seeun's words, your eyes zoning out on the cafeteria doors were park jay last stood. "why do you wanna know?"
you looked at seeun with a sheepish smile, "just wondering."
seeun shrugged and went back to finishing her lunch, letting you go back to studying.
but it was so hard to study with park jay intruding every thought.
-- -- -- -- -- --
throughout your years at high school, you had a few classes with park jay. it became a game just for you about how many times he would come to class that month. sometimes he'd come three times a week, other times you wouldn't see him for almost two weeks. your teachers always reprimanded him, but he never seemed to care. his usual tired and faded gaze never indicated anything else.
you always sat in the back of the class, too shy to sit anywhere else. it gave you the opportunity to people watch the others in your classes. though, there was never really anyone that interesting to watch- besides park jay.
jay had changed drastically from year 9 to year 10. he grew taller, got piercings and a few small tattoos covered his arm. his academic intelligence stayed the same though. barely showing up for school, winging tests that he'd be no where even close to passing anyways.
you were sure that you were just as invisible to park jay as you were to everyone else in your school. you people watched- but people never watched you.
you told yourself that you liked it that way- but you felt so misunderstood at the same time. and you loved yoon seeun, but even sometimes you'd feel lonely as you sat beside her.
in year 10, you felt sweat drip down your back as you sped walked to your class, hoping to not be late for. your binder was messily open as you tried to organize all your essays and assignments. a hard thud into yoru front made the mess even bigger as your papers flew all over the ground. little chuckles and gasps surrounding you in the hallway from the other students.
you dropped down to your knees in a hurry to pick it all up, paying no attention to waht or who you had bumped into until you noticed the still, black, combat boot standing right on the middle of your essay.
you glanced up and met the tired and faded gaze of park jay that you had only seen from a far before. he wore the usual serious expression on his face as he looked down at your chaotic and nervous figure.
"what?" he asked you with a tilt of his head.
"you're standing on my essay."
jay's eyes glanced down at his feet, and in fact he was standing right on the pieces of paper. quickly, almost too out of character for him, he lifted his heavy boot, watching you slip the papers out.
you stood up and still had to tilt your head upwards to look at him, a sheepish smile on your face, "um, thanks." you move around him, almost bolting away from him so you could get to class on time. you felt your ears turning pink out of embarrasment. of course you had to bump into park jay.
jay never let the memory of you murmuring a 'thanks' to him fade. when he did go to school, he'd always try to catch a glimpse of you in the hallway. he'd smile internally when he did. you always seemed to be so busy. so stressed out from school. always so of him. but it was so mentally draining to pretend to be someone else.
jay really did have no idea who you were, but you were different and cute and he liked it.
jay was tired of seoul and everyone in it. he hated the stereotypes, the cliques, the shitty music that everyone was told to like. he tried to be like everyone else during his elementary school years. he wanted to please his parents and for them to be proud of him. but it was so mentally draining to pretend to be someone else.
he hated how everyone thought they knew everything about him and everyone else. because it wasn't him- and it really pissed him off that it was what everyone thought.
all it took for him to leave his old facade behind was for lee heeseung to offer him a blunt.
lee heeseung was a year older than jay and he was the coolest person in seoul. (at least that's what jay thinks) heeseung knew how to have fun, how to ignore all the stupid stereotypes and he took jay under his wing. heeseung took some others under his wing too; shin jake, park sunghoon, kim sunoo, yang jungwon and nishimura riki.
they liked to have fun and enjoy life. none of them understood how wasting their youth cramped up studying in their bedrooms was an important use of time. they didn't like following the trends that were set in their generation. they liked to think outside of the box unlike the other robots in your school.
so it made them become misfits- and they didn't care. if anything, it just made them hate everyone else more than how much they hated them.
jay never let the memory of you murmuring a 'thanks' to him fade. when he did go to school, he'd always try to catch a glimpse of you in the hallway. he'd smile internnally when he did. you always seemed to be so busy. so stressed out from school. always so good.
it made him think that you were too good for a place as bad as seoul.
you were too good for a person as bad as him.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
of course, although you were basically invisible to the popularity rankings at your school, you still had some sort of reputation. you were smart, and people knew you were smart.
you weren't a teachers pet, but it was obvious that teachers liked you a bit more than any of the other students. sometimes other students would ask you for help on a certain assignment, which you didn't mind doing, and it would actually help your classmates in the long run. your teachers noticed your small tutoring and wanted to give you some credit for it.
so, your guidance counsellor called you into his office and offered you extra credits if you became a tutor for your school. you told him that you'd think about it, but of course your parents forced you to do it as it would 'look good on your school transcript' when you graduate.
you spent your final year of high school tutoring some students. some were in your grade, others were below you, and it was fun at first. until your teacher told you that you'd have to tutor park jay a few times a week.
your first instinct when you heard the news was to shout 'no fucking way', but you internally calmed yourself down and smiled.
"are you okay with tutoring him for a bit? his grades are awfully low and he needs to graduate this year." your techer practically begged you.
you bleat a quick "sure." and your teacher seems more pleased with you than she ever has before.
"great!" your teacher clapped, "i've set it up for you to tutor him every tuesday! how's that sound?"
"perfect." you nodded, anxiety runs up your spine with the word.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
the first tuesday that you were suppose to tutor park jay in the library- he didn't show up.
you sat for an hour after school, waiting for the arrival of the infamous misfit that smoked and drank and commited crimes with his friends for fun.
after ten minutes, you figured that he really wasn't going to show up, you didn't really care. it gave you some time to study for your own tests before you had to go home and study there.
the next tuesday, park jay waltzed into the library with a cocky smirk on his face.
he was about thuirty minutes late to when your tutoring session was suppose to start- but he showed up.
you heard someone clear their throat from beside the table you were sitting at, distracting you from your history homework. you honestly didn't expect park jay to be standing beside you when you looked up from the textbook. the look on jay's face showed that he wasn't really expecting you either.
when jay was told he wouldn't be able to graduate at the end of the year because his grades were so low, he kept his usual 'i don't give a fuck' expression and attitude on the outside. rolling his eyes when his mother gasped from beside him in the principal's office.
"jongsung!" she hissed to him, utter shock and disappointment filling her voice as his father remained silent on the other side of him.
jay loved his mother.
he thought she was beautiful and caring and thoughtful and everything a good mother needed to be. but she didn't agree with jay and his friends' morals. she insisted that having good grades in school meant everything. when in jay's reality- they certainly didn't.
it took some time for jay's mother to realize jay's heavy decline in school but when she did notice, she wasn't pleased. jay hated that he made her worry every night that he wouldn't be home by the time she had set for him. he hated the look she gave him when she noticed his blood shot eyes at 3am as he stumbled into the house back from a party. he hated hearing her cry at the kitchen table late night after yelling at him to go to his room after he regretully talked back to her.
jay hated the way he was making his mother feel that sometimes it distracted him from how much he hated his father.
although jay hated stupid cliques and stereotypes, he imagined that there were certain groups of people in this world. he imagined that on one end of the long line of groups of people was himself, and on the whole other side that contained the milky way between it, was the group of people his father belong in.
his father and him had nothing in common.
jay didn't even think they looked the same.
his father worked a lot. he worked from home, he worked at his main office in the middle of seoul and he worked abroad to wherever his company would send him that week. it took his father a lot longer than his mother to realize just how much park jongsung had changed from their 'well behaved boy' that they 'raised so well'.
jay's father went to the united states during the summer that jay had started hanging out with heeseung. when his father walked through his houses' door to greet his family, he felt his stomach sink when he saw his son decked out in all black, raggy clothes and silver jewlery hanging from his neck and ears.
"who the hell is that?" jay remembers his dad speaking out as he stared him down, unable to recognize his 'good' son that he had seen two months ago.
jay smirked to himself as he watched the shock expression on his dad's face once his mother scolded him for asking such a ridiculous question.
after that day, jay had tried to make that shocked expression on his dad's face at any chance he could get. which was apparently more difficult than expected.
when jay started his second year in high school, he had gotten four tattoos on his left arm over night from heeseung's older brother: a cartoon sheet ghost, a smiley face with the eyes as x's, a shitty snake that took heeseung maybe three seconds to draw, and a peach that his mother absoutley hated the most.
his mother screeched when he walked in the next morning with black ink and red skin, repeatidly asking him what had he done. jay was laughing as his mother took him over to the kitchen sink and started to scrub at his skin with a sponge. disgust was written on her face as she realized the black drawings were really not coming off.
jay and his mother sat in silence that night, waiting for his father to come home from work and see his 'new decision' as his mother called it.
his father walked in and sighed as he saw the two of them sitting in silence from across the table to each other. "what happened?"
jay stuck out his arm so his father could see the four little drawings on his skin. jay remembers thinking to hold back his laugh once the shocked expression appears on his dad's face.
but the expression never came.
"hm." his father nodded shortly, his lips pulled into a tight, thin line.
"they're permanent." his mother spoke out, she was even surprised at his calm reaction.
"yes, i assumed so." his father walked away from jay's dangling arm, "what's for dinner?" he asked his wife, leaving jay and his mother with the expression he wished his dad would've had.
in his third year of high school, jay still hadn't given up on shocking his dad so, he went over to heeseung's with a bag of (possible) hair bleach that he picked up at the store. he really didn't know if he had picked up the right stuff. but the person on the cover of the box had blonde hair and there was progression pictures of black hair turning blonde on the back, so he bought it.
within six hours (which really took longer than he had expected) he had bright pink hair from the left over hair dye sunoo had let him have.
"bro, what the fuck have you done?" jake asked amused as he stood beside jay in the mirror, running over to heeseung's house when they told him he needed to come over immediately.
"do you like it?" jay asked, raising his eyebrows up and down teasingly.
"absoutely not." jake laughed, causing him to be pushed into the bathroom counter by jay.
"i think it looks punk." heeseung came into his bathroom suddenly, freshly dyed dark green hair causing jake to stop laughing.
"what the hell," jake stood up straight, "did everyone dye their hair?"
"eh, pretty much." sunghoon said, popping his head in so jake could see his silver hair.
"doesn't he look cool?" sunoo's cresent eyes popped in after, his fingers twirling sunghoon's hair which he had spent all day on.
"what the hell." jake's jaw dropped, looking at all of his friends' hair.
"it was sunoo's salon day!" heeseung smiled, playing with his new hair in the bathroom mirror still. "he did all of our hair."
"even jungwon's and riki's?" jake asked, a pout on his face suddenly.
"nah, i'm doing their's tomorrow, i already spent all day on these three's hair." sunoo replied, still playing around with sunghoon's hair, trying to style it for him.
"i see," jake nodded, turning around to look at his own plain, black hair in the mirror, "can you do mine tomorrow, too?"
"of course!" sunoo smiled at his older friend.
so on the monday after sunoo's salon weekend, everyone at your high school was shocked as their whole friendgroup showed up with different colours of hair that seemed to not match them, yet matched them at the same time. they all held back their smiles as they caught everyone's shocked expressions.
it seemed that everyone was shocked about jay's hair- his mother even screamed when he came in the door with it- except for his father who only stole a glance at it before returning back to his 'important' paper work.
so, when the principal informed his parents that he wouldn't be able to graduate if he kept the grades he had at the moment, he stole a glance at his father- thinking that maybe then his father would hold the shocked expression he only saw once before.
but nothing.
just the same serious- almost bored - expression that he always wore.
"so what can we do?" your mother asked the principal, hoping that there was something that could be done for her son.
so the idea of park jay getting a tutor for the rest of the year was brought up, jay groaned while his mother sighed out of relief and his father remained with the same expresssion he always adorned.
when you looked up at jay from the ridiculously big text book, he thought to himself that he must've looked less like his father more than ever before with the shocked expression on his face.
he had honestly expected his tutor to be some annoying, nerd guy that would piss him off to the extent of him grabbing the guy's calculator and throwing it at his face. so he had smoked a lot before he needed to be at his 'important' tutor session.
he had smoked so much that he had thought he was literally seeing things when he met your eyes and realized just who it was that would be tutoring him. sure, his vision was kind of out of whack from the amount of weed him and heeseung had just shared in the parking lot but he didn't think he was that high that he'd see a different face on a different body.
"uh, hi?" you spoke up at him, those innocent eyes that he's seen up close only once before bore into him and he realized that maybe smoking before his tutoring session was a mistake- and he's never regret getting high before.
"hi." jay forced himself to say, his brain beating himself up after hearing it sound so robotic.
so it took you maybe two seconds of analyzing the park jay standing beside you to realize that he was in fact high. he was high while you were suppose to be tutoring him in your school library and the thought had made you very nervous.
sure you had smelt weed before while walking through the hallways at school sometimes. but you've never seen it- or seen any drugs in fact before. you've never been high or drunk before or even been around anyone that's been high or drunk before.
so now park jay is very high standing beside you and you wanted to run away incase a teacher comes by and sees him- taking you with him since you're suppose to be tutoring him.
"you're y/n?" jay asked you, surprisng even himself that he sounded normal now.
"yeah, i'm your tutor." you responded meekly, wantung to hit yourself with your introduction and with the way jay was now smirking down at you. you've spoken to park jay for mabe three sentences now and you're already sounding like the nerd everyone thinks you are.
you hear jay chuckle deeply before moving to sit down in the chair beside you. the smell of weed follows him and surrounds you as he sits. his bag swinging onto the table almost makes your eyes bulge out of your head when the weed smell intesifies and the thought of literal drugs being less than a meter away from you.
"um, do you want to start tutoring next tuesday instead?" you force yourself to smile at the all adorned black clothed boy, avoiding eye contact.
"why not today?" jay asks, seeing that you can barely look in his direction.
"w-well, there's only twenty five minutes left now and you're, um, you're...." you trail off, not wanting to embarrass yourself.
jay smirks at your quiet voice, thinking about how shy you truly are. "i'm what? say it."
"you're... high." you finish, your head looking straight down at your hands twiddling your fingers in your lap.
it's silent for a moment in between you and jay park and you're sure that you've offended him until he bursts out laughing. you turn your head to look at the laughing boy, unsure of what to do. if you weren't so nervous then you probably would be laughing too at the sight of pure enjoyment on his face as he swings his head back and laughs out into the library.
you see other students around turn and glare at the direction of noise, but ultimately turn around quietly when they see who's the loud person.
"w-what?" you ask him, a small smile on your lips.
jay stops laughing and looks at you intently. he thinks to himself that it's weird to see you this close up for this long of amount of time. it gives him time to take in your cute presence and to become aware of how odd you two must look sitting beside each other. you're wearing light colours and your hair is done so neatly while he's wearing all black and he can't remember the last time he's actually ever styled his hair. "have you ever been high before, y/n?"
your shoulders tense more at the volume of his voice, not believing that you're talking about being high with park jay in your school's library. "no." you squeak out embarrassingly. apparently embarrassing yourself in front of jay is the only thing you can do around him.
jay's not surprised at your answer, it's the only answer he was expecting. but it still doesn't get rid of the smirk that's on his face as he scans your rosy cheeks and red-from-biting plump lips. "do you wanna get high today?" you almost jump up from shock at his question, "with me?" he continues and then you almost faint. park jay just asked if you wanna get high with him.
"uh," you started out, not knowing how to answer him. luckily, he starts laughing again, allowing you to think of an answer.
"it's okay, y/n, i'm just kidding. i know a girl like you wouldn't get high with a guy like me." jay starts to put his binder into his bag as he gets ready to leave, letting you sit in silence for a momet trying to process his sentence.
"what does that mean?" you turn your head and look him dead in the eyes now, surprising him. the sudden confidence that he doesn't know if you're pretending to have or if you really have it and he's just a clueless idiot. all he knows is that the way your pretty eyes are staring into his is making his heart feel weird but maybe that's just from the weed.
"i mean, you're so good that it's like a halo is literally hovering above your head. and me," jay shakes his head as he swings his bag over his shoulder, "i don't think i've ever had a halo in my life."
you still sit as jay gets up and walks around you to leave, "do you want to have a halo?" you ask him, not being able to stop your curiousity.
jay almost laughs as he turns around and stares down at your innocent little figure once again. he puts his hand down on the table beside you, holding himself up as he leans down towards you, "i think it's too late for me to have a halo, y/n."
and then jay decides that you really do have a lot of confidence because the way you speak to him next is filled with so much power it makes him think that everything he's ever thought about you is wrong, "then come to your tutoring session next week on time and not high and we can see if it's too late or not."
jay stands up straight at your statement, his notorioius smirk spreading across his face as a smirk spreads across your own. "fine," he agrees, "i'll be on time next week and not high." he takes a few steps back still facing you.
"and not drunk either." you point out, making his smirk drop for a second before reappaearing again.
"okay, smartass. i'll see you next week." jay rolls his eyes with a teasing smile and walks out of the library- probably to heeseung's house where he and the rest of them can smoke some more.
you've been called smart countless of times before that it's gotten to the point where it means nothing to you. but you've never been called a smart ass. and it makes you almost laugh out loud to yourself because it's seemed to bring a whole new meaning of smart to you and you don't think anyone would've ever called you it besides park jay and it that just makes it even funnier to you.
so then, you and park jay spend the rest of the week excited for your next tutoring session.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
you only saw jay once during the week until your (hopefully) proper tutor session.
though, it's not like you were looking for him as you zoomed through the other students in the hallways as you walked to your other classes. seeun kept asking you about how tutoring park jay went but, you didn't exactly tell her that he showed up insanely high.
you loved yoon seeun. you really did.
but she was a snitch.
you knew that if you told her that park jay could barely see you last week- to the point where you could just feel him staring at you when you weren't looking- that she would tell your teacher. because although you were considered a 'goody two shoes' you weren't the kind to go into other peoples' business like seeun. but that was just her. she liked knowing drama about everyone and she cared so much about you that if she found out you were around jay while he was high- that she would do something to protect you.
because yoon seeun loved you. she really did.
so why would she want you to be around a literal delinquent like park jay?
"if he does anything to you y/n, seriously, you need to tell me, his sexual history is so long!" seeun warns you as she takes a bite into her sandwich.
you smile at her, "yes, seeun, i understand, but it's been fine. he sits and listens and i sit and tutor that's it." you lie through your teeth but you know it's for the best.
jay walks into the cafeteria with his other misfit friends, his head turning to the table where he's seen you and seeun sit before almost out instinct. so when you're there, your front faced towards the doors so he could see you. a pink headband in your hair to simply get your hair out of your face but makes jay think just how cute it looks on you.
"who're you looking at?" sunghoon asks from beside him as they all wait in the food line.
"what do you mean?" jay asks with his eyebrows furrowed at his silver haired friend.
"well i know jake is looking at park sieun," sunghoon points over his shoulder to where jake stood with hungry eyes as he stared directly as the popular girl, "so who are you looking at?"
"im sorry but sieun's just so HOT." jake almost says painfully as he turns around to enter the conversation with jay and sunghoon.
jay makes a sound of disgust as the words 'hot' and 'sieun' are put into the same sentence. "bro, shut up, you're gonna make me not hungry." jay jokes, turning around and looking at the shitty food options of the day.
"how do you not find her hot? sunghoon man," jake taps sunghoon's shoulder as a form of agreance, "you think sieun is hot, right?"
sunghoon shrugs in response, "she's okay."
"what?!" jake's eyes almost pop out of his head, "i think she's the hottest thing i've ever seen."
"bro i told you to shut up or i'm gonna be sick!" jay protests again, thoughts of the annoying girl popping into his head made his head hurt.
"i wanna know who jay thinks is hot." sunghoon nods towards him with a smirk on his face.
"i don't think anyone's hot." jay shakes his head, "at least not here."
"really? then who were you looking at?"
"what makes you think that just because i was looking in a certain direction that i think someone is hot?"
"because you don't look in any certain direction besides at us while you're here- you hate everyone here." sunghoon says with an obvious tone.
"ou," jake points at sunghoon as he agrees with his point, "jay does think someone is hot. who?" jake smiles evilly at his friend.
jay sighs, "she's over there in the corner." he tilts his head to the direction where you are sitting. instantly his two friends turn and are so obviously looking for someone that is almost embarrasses jay.
"the girl with the pink headband?" sunghoon asks, letting jay nod.
"bro she is so not your type and she would so not be into you." jake shakes his head in shock at you.
jay feels his fists clench at his sides, "yeah? and who'd you think she'd be into? a guy like you?" jay gestures to jake's chains dangling from his jeans and red and black hair. jake only rolls his eyes in response before looking over at you again.
"i agree that she's not your type. she's too cute and too pure." sunghoon nods, imagining that there's butterflies flying around you as you talk to your friend. for some reason sunghoon's comment really pisses jay off. he doesn't like the fact that other guys can see how truly cute and innocent you are.
"actually, she is kinda hot," jake speaks after further analyzing you, making jay snap his head towards his friend, "but in a 'i really want to ruin you' type way because you know she's never been touched before. god that's actually so ho-" jake's sudden fantasy gets cut off with jay storming off, pushing past his friends. "bro, what's wrong?" jake called after him.
"i told you that if you didn't shut up i wouldn't feel good!" jay yelled back, not caring that the other people in the cafeteria were looking at him as he slammed open the cafeteria doors. and he really didn't feel good. he didn't know what is was about jake talking so dirty about you that made him want to throw up. he's heard jake say dirtier things about other girls before and jay didn't even bat an eye at it. but since it was about you- it was different. and it was a type of different that made him feel sick.
sunghoon and jake looked at each other once their friend was out of sight, only smirking and shrugging before telling the lunch lady what they wanted to eat.
"does he always have to cause a scene?" seeun rolled her eyes as she turned back towards you, jay storming out caught the eyes of everyone else as well.
you frowned as you watched his combat boots hit the cafeteria floor and push the doors open with force so suddenly until he was gone. you wondered what had gotten the boy so angry so quick as you noticed his other friends still standing in the lunch line.
though you were curious about it, you didn't ask him what it was about the next day when he came into the library, smirking at you as soon as he opened the doors and started making his way towards the table you were sat at- five minutes early.
jay stood beside where you sat again, looking down at you, "hi y/n."
"hi, jay." it was awkward for a moment before he sat down, throwing his bag on the table again as he pulled out his school supplies. and this time, you didn't smell any weed and his eyes weren't bloodshot. there was no strong scent of liquor either.
when jay got his supplies ready, he sat and looked at you, an eyebrow quirked up at your suspicious expression as you looked at him.
"well." jay shook his head as if he was ready for something.
"well, what?" you asked confused.
jay sighed as he sat back in his chair, "aren't you gonna ask me if i'm high or drunk?"
you almost smiled at him, "jay, did you smoke or drink?"
"nope!" jay popped the 'p' sound as he really did smile at you.
"really?" you asked suspiciously at the delinquent boy.
"well," jay trailed off, making your heart sink for a second, "i smoked a cigarette but that was it!" jay almost laughed as he looked at your digusted face. "what?"
"i think it'd be better for your health if you did smoke weed." you rolled your eyes, pulling out your own textbook to prepare to tutor him.
"what does that mean? you were the one who was saying 'blah blah halo blah blah don't get high' last week." jay mimicked your voice.
"yeah but at least weed doesn't give you lung or tongue cancer." you stated the facts.
"i'm not gonna get lung or tongue cancer." jay mused, picking up his pencil as you passed him a piece of paper.
"you will if you keep smoking cigarettes."
"so you want me to start showing up to our tutor sessions high?"
"no, i-!"
"well then i'm gonna keep smoking cigarettes."
you huffed at him, taking a deep breath before looking at him, "turn to page 34, please." you gestured to his closed textbook.
jay smirked to himself when you weren't looking, knowing that you tutoring him wasn't going to be as bad as he thought.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
after three weeks of 'properly' tutoring park jay- you could tell that he was done with it. he was bored and he wasn't trying and he was making it really hard for you.
"jay, at least look at the paper." you grabbed his attention from his staring aimlessly at the wall.
"i can't." he groaned, sitting up and looking at you. "all you do is ask me questions that i don't know the answers to and i don't even care about the answers." you sighed as you put your pencil down beside his that he hasn't even touched.
"well, i think it'd be better if you did care, because you need to graduate this year, right?"
"it doesn't matter if i graduate or not."
"yes, it does, jay."
"and why does it matter?" jay leaned over his elbow to look at you. the look in his eyes making you look away from him. it had been four weeks that you had been tutoring jay and you still couldn't look at him in the eyes.
"w-well, because i-i thought you wanted to see if you could get a, um a halo." you speak quiekty, almost embarrassed by your choice of how to persuade this boy to study and pay attention.
"do you think i could ever get a halo?" jay asks you, and his tone is serious compared to all the other times he speaks to you in a flirty or teasing tone.
"yes." you nod sternly, glancing at him briefly before looking down at your lap again. jay smirks at how cute you are, too cute and too good for him. but the way that you think he could become good is so naive of you that not even himself believes it. there's no way he could become as good as you. even his parents have no faith. he thinks that if he asks his parents if he could ever get a halo they would laugh in his face- but you sound so sure he could that it makes him want to believe you.
"have you heard anything about me, y/n?" jay sits back in his chair with his smirk, "because if you have then i don't think you'd think that."
"yeah, i've heard a few things." you nod quietly, thinking back to everything that seeun has told you in the past.
"like what?" jay asks in the teasing tone that you've become used to.
"that- that," you sit up in your chair as you prepare to speak, "you party a lot, and you do drugs and drink and y-you..."
"i what?"
"you have sex a lot."
jay feels his cock twitch as you say the word. it doesn't sound right as it comes out of your mouth but you turn him on at the same time. your sentence is also a painful reminder that he really would be no good for you.
"hm." jay hums as you feel heat on your cheeks, wondering if you had offended him now. "can i tell you what i've heard about you?"
"sure." your heart picks up it's pace, anxious to know what others say about you. anxious to know what park jay thinks about you.
"i've heard that you're some sort of genius, and that you don't go to parties-ever- and that you're an innocent, little, goody-two-shoes."
you weren't surprised at jay's statement but you were throughly upset that you knew that jay knew that you were something close to a loser. it upset you but you had no idea as to why. why should you care that you're an innocent loser and jay is so popular and hot. oh.
"im guessing by that look on your face that everything i heard is true." jay broke your train of thought. you could only glance at him briefly before returning to your textbook, unsure of what to say to get him to think you weren't some loser. "how about you come to a party this weekend?"
your jaw drops as you look up at him, "n-no, i can't."
"and why not? you're the one who seemed so upset when i told you what people are saying about you."
"well, because i can't! i may not like what people say about me, but i can't do anything about it."
"sure you can, come to a party this weekend with me."
you quirk an eyebrow up at his suggestion, "with you?" jay nods with a smirk. "don't you have a test on monday that you need to study for?" jay's smirk drops.
"yeah, so?"
"so you should study for it if you want to graduate this year."
jay rolls his eyes and sits back into his chair, "how about this, i won't go to the party friday night if you come over instead."
you felt the wind knock out of you chest, "and why would i come to your house?"
jay's stupid smirk returns to his face at your red cheeks, "so we could study, obviously."
"i- jay. you should be able to study on your own."
"then what's the point of having a cute tutor?"
there was a silence between you as you both processed jay's question. there was just no way that park jay just called you cute. and jay was preparing punch himself with the way he so carelessly told you what he's been thinking about you for years. it felt like both of you were dreaming.
jay opened his mouth about to apologize for making you feel uncomfortable until you spoke first, "fine, i'll come to your house, but to study. and to only study." you gave the dressed-in-all-black boy a serious look as he tried to hold back the small smile creeping onto his face.
"of course, what else would we do?" jay sat back in his chair again, never trying so hard to be cool in his entire life before.
you rolled your eyes at the boy before shoving another study assignemnt towards him, making a groan leave his mouth.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
park jay texting you his address on a random saturday afternoon was something you never thought would happen.
but walking up to a gigantic mansion that park jay apparently lived in was a dream.
the house was so pretty that it really made you feel like you didn't even deserve to set a foot on the property. but you forced yourself up the pretty porch stairs and knocked on the pretty door. you weren't really shocked when a pretty woman opened the door- expecting someone as pretty as her to own a house as pretty as this one.
"hi there, you must be jay's tutor." she smiled with a tilt of her head as she looked you up and down.
"mom!" you heard a familiar voice groan from behind her.
"oh sorry," the woman- jay's mom-, turned and let you come, "i guess im not used to jay having a tutor i-"
"mom!" jay groaned again, making his mom laugh as she closed the door behind you.
you turned and looked at where jay stood on the bottom step of a staircase that twirled around upwards towards the second floor. his upper half looked like how it usually did. an oversized black, band tshirt and silver jewlery adorning his neck and ears. but you were taken aback by the grey sweatpants he wore. sure it was a casual thing to wear- but jay usually stuck to a strick black jeans or black ripped jeans attire at school.
"sorry!" you heard his mother laugh out from beside you as you tried to peal your eyes away from jay's so casuasl yet so jay chose of clothing. "i'm miyoung, jay's mother. and you're y/n, right?" jay's mothers smile was so intimidatingly pretty that you couldn't help but smile back. you've known this woman for a minute and you could already tell just how different she was from jay.
"yes, nice to meet you." you bowed politely to the older woman. she bowed back to you, offering to take your jacket for you before letting jay basically usher you away upstairs.
miyoung wouldn't be overxaggerating when she said she was nervous for a girl like you to be alone with a boy like her son. even she could tell that you were just too good to be around a boy as, and as much as she hated to say it, as bad as jay.
"i'm sorry about that." jay said as you followed him through a long, white hallway that had family portraits hung on the walls, along with what seemed to be very expensive paintings. there were doors that led to all different kinds of rooms and two other hallways besides the one that jay led you down on the second floor.
"about what?"
"about, you know, my mom." jay rolled his eyes as he turned to you, opening a door on the left side of the hallway for you to enter.
you chuckled at his answer, "it's fine, she's so sweet." you looked at him as you passed him to enter the room first. and you were nervous before you even arrived at jay's house, but you were even more nervous once you realized that you were in his bedroom.
"yeah, well she can a lot sometimes." you heard jay speak from behind you as he entered himself after you.
you stood in the entrancewya of him room as he moved around you and towards a desk that looked barely used, only having a textbook on top of it. the rest of his room looked like a normal teenager boy room: a slightly messy made bed with grey duvet and black headboard. there were some shelves with some pictures and trophies on them, and a simple black tv across the wall from the bed.
"you can sit on my bed if you want." jay spoke to. you, sitting down in his desk chair. you nod to him and move to sit on his bed, facing him at his desk that's in front of you. he almost laughs with the way you're sitting so awkwardly on his bed. "should we just start?"
"uh, sure." you nod, pulling out your own textbook from you bag.
"y/n," jay calls your name, making you halt your actions and look over at him, "if you're gonna be this awkward the entire time then you don't have to stay if you don't want to."
"i-i'm not being awkward." you stutter, trying to prove a point that doesn't exist.
jay scoffs, "it's okay. i guess we don't know each other that well and you're sitting on my bed so." jay points at the mattress under you, making you try to not shift awkwardly on it as you couldn't stop thinking about it as well.
"w-well, how about we get to know each other." your boldness shocks the both of you in his boyish bedroom.
"y/l/n y/n wants to get to know me?" jay smirks as he leans over his textbook to look at you.
"well, it's just so we can study, and you can graduate." jay sighs at your answer, it's so obvious that thats the only reason he's got you on his bed and it will remain the only reason.
"right, what do you want to know?"
"mm," you wonder outloud, looking around his room before settling on the obvious, "what do your parents do for work?"
jay smirks at your question, "my dad is some big time ceo for some travel agency and my mom's a teacher." oh, that explains the big house. "how long have you been going to our high school."
his question makes you laugh outloud, making him smile at the sound of your laugh. he's never heard you laugh like this since you've been tutoring him for past month and a half.
"i've been going there since the first day of freshman year." you shake your head at him, his question just proving that you really live up to your apparent reptuation.
"oh," jay nodded, "i remember seeing you in year 10. i just never saw you in year 9, i like never went that year."
"you saw me in year 10?" you ask him, your heart racing at his words.
"yeah, that time i stood on your essay because you bumped into me."
"you remember that?" you ask with a smile on your face, surprised that he would remember such a small encounter.
"yeah! i was high out of my mind but that was the first time i saw you so, like of course i'd remember." his words make you look away from him, you bite your lip in order to hide your smile and blushing cheeks.
you glance over at his busy shelves that hold pictures from when he was younger, to pictures of his friends and to trophies that look like they haven't been touched in years and you asked him more questions about his life, and you would struggle with answers for his.
"why don't you answer straightforwardly." jay spun around slightly in his chair, a smile through his frustration.
"i'm sorry!" you laughed at him, "i just, i find it hard to open up i guess." jay nods at your answer, "especially to guys who i'm suppose to be tutoring."
"hey!" jay called out, "i mean, we don't have to study, we could-"
"we're studying!" you interrupted him, picking his textbook off of his carpeted floor and tossing it gently into his lap. "page 234."
jay sighed, but opened his textbook, telling himself to get through this afternoon with his head in his book.
and jay really did study. it was the most you've ever seen him interact with his textbook and pencil. he'd ask you questions if he didn't understand. he took his time answering the questions and really thinking of the answers. you figured that it was probably because he was home where he felt like he could be himself. there weren't a thousand kids all staring at him like he was some crazed criminal that would turn on them in a second. he wasn't surrounded with people he hated.
he was with you, who looked too pure to be sitting on his grey duvet, and his mother was humming a song downstairs that was barely audible, but when it got silent as he worked on a question you'd be able to hear it. even with the words he was struggling to put together and his mother's humming he found it hard to ignore the fact that your pretty thighs were exposed to him on his bed. the way they contrasted with his old duvet didn't make sense to him and he figured next time you'd come he'd get his mother to put a new, nicer one on that suited you more.
your parents started to text you to come home around dinner time, the two of you feeling proud of how much jay had actually studied and learnt that day. as he walked you down to the front door of his house, his chest was filled with a tightness he's never felt before. and you waved to his mom as you started to go down his pretty porch steps from his pretty house.
"y/n." jay called out to you from his doorway.
"nothing." jay shrugged suddenly finding words to say was hard.
you smiled sweetly at him, "good luck on your test, jay."
jay only smiled back at you, before stepping back into his house and closing the door, your figure disappearing from his sight.
"she seems like a good girl." he hears his mother say from behind him.
"yeah, because she is." jay nods, too good. and it makes him think that even though he's seemingly understanding how math works now, it makes him think that if he gets too good at math that he won't be able to see you anymore. because there will be no way in hell a good girl like you would hang out with a boy like him.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
the next tuesday tutor session between you and jay started when he slammed down his test in front o fyou on the table.
the loud bang disturbed every other student in the library but jay of course didn't seem to care as you looked up at him and he held the greatest smirk you had ever seen him wear.
"seventy.nine.percent." is he all he said to you as he looked down into your eyes.
"seventy nine?" you yelled out, disturbing others, but unlike jay you did care, mumbling a sorry to the other students who gave you dirty looks and whispered to jay for him to sit down. "seventy nine?" you whisper shouted to him, excited that he maybe was failing that much anymore.
"seventy nine!" jay said nodded, that stupid smirk on his face still.
and then you saw it.
the piece of metal that was now wrapped around jay's bottom lip.
the cool silver of the ring securly clung to his rosy, plump lip.
"uh, g-good job." you muttered out, trying to congratulate him on his high mark but too distracted by the new jewlery that he adorned.
"thanks." he smiled at the way you couldn't stop staring at his lips. "is there anything you want to ask me?" jay teased you, pouting out his bottom lip, rebuting your inner thought of it being a fake piercing.
"yeah uh, when did you get that?" you asked him, touching your own bottom lip as to where his was on his own lips.
"yesterday." jay shrugged, his tongue running over the metal, making your eyes follow it.
"what made you decide to get it?" you asked curiously, your mind just racing with thoughts and questions about it.
"my mom said she'd disown me if i got anymore piercings." jay shrugged, pulling out his textbook casually.
"so, you went and got it pierced?"
you couldn't believe him as you continued to watch him act like it was a normal day occurence. and you couldn't help but think about how well the piercing suited him. it tied in his whole appearance and made butterflies grow in your stomach.
"do you like it?" jay asked you, noticing the way that you couldn't stop staring at his new piercing, a smirk growing on his lips at your glazed eyes.
you felt the blush that never seemed to leave your cheeks when you're with jay arise onto your face, "yeah, it's nice."
"it's nice?"jay teased you, leaning over the table to look straight into your eyes, a chuckle leaving his mouth once he sees that you can't meet his gaze.
"it- it suits you."
jay smirks at your cute remark and sits back in his chair, absentmindley twirling his pencil as he waits for you to get ready to tutor him. "you know," he starts suddenly, just as you're about to give him an assignemnt, "since i didn't go to a party last weekend, you should come to a party with me this weekend."
you sigh at the mention of a high school party because you've already heard so much about them- especially about the ones that jay and his friends go to. "i've already told you that i don't go to parties."
"but why," jay groaned, "you're the one that was upset about your reputaiton, so how about you change it this weekend?"
the mention of your reputation made you body tense, remembering that that probably still is what jay thinks about you. "i- i just can't go."
jay huffs and crosses his arms, his chest popping out as he still leans back in his chair, his legs straight out under the table and bumping into your own. "how about you come over again this weekend, to study more."
"what? you don't have a test for another two weeks why would i need to come over this weekend?" you asked him with genuine confusion.
jay only sighs at how oblivious you are to his flirting before sitting up, "because i learn a lot from you, obviousily," he points at his test, "and you're fun to hang out around, i guess."
his statement makes you stop flipping through your textbook as you slowly look up at him, glancing at his damn lip piercing before meeting his eyes, "how am i fun?" all you ever do with him is ignore his stupid remarks and talk about school.
"you're fun to tease."
your jaw dropped as you tried to hide your smile, "i'm fun. to tease?"
"yeah, so you should come over again this weekend, so you can tutor me and i can tease you."
you scoffed, looking away from him in disbelief but amusement, "fine."
"fine?" jay genuinely smiled at you.
"yes. fine." you grinned, "now please, try questions 1 to 5."
jay let out a groan that made other students look at your table again, only this time you could care less about their angry stares as thoughts of park jay went through your mind.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
jay waking up ten minutes before you were suppose to arrive is defintely not what had planned on saturday.
especially the part with him still feeling high from going to a party last night with heeseung.
jay scrambled around his room, trying to find a better shirt to wear instead of the one he wore last night that currently smelt like shitty alcohol and sweat. all he could think about was how fucked he'd be if you came in and saw him like this.
jay knew how uncomfortable you got when you were around someone that wasn't completely sober- and he couldn't imagine how'd you feel being in someone else's house with them still high from the night before.
"fuck, fuck, fuck." jay mumbled to himself as he quickly rinsed his face with water. looking in the mirror, he didn't think he looked too fucked but maybe he was just too used to seeing himself like this.
and he hated that.
last night was the first party that he had went to where he didn't thorouly enjoy himself. sure, he had fun because heeseung was there and the music wasn't bad. but it seemed like the drugs and alcohol couldn't distract his mind anymore. so kept drinking, and he kept smoking and the next thing he knew he was waking up in a jolt because you'd be at his house in a matter of minutes.
heeseung could tell that his friend wasn't his usual self the night before. he knew that jay liked to be intoxicated- but he could even tell that he was over doing it. girls would come up to them, only for them to be shrugged off by jay. heeseung was shocked by it. he knew that jay hated mostly everyone, but he never shrugged girls, no matter how annoying they were.
before heeseung could ask his friend was wrong, jay was alrready lost with the drugs and music, dancing in the middle of the party and fitting in with everyone else. heeseung almost laughed at thought that if jay could see himself right now- he'd hate it.
so now, jay felt rugged and tired as he couldn't help but let his mind wander about the events of last night and what was wrong with him. he just wants to be good for you.
the knock at his front door really pushed his mind back into the present.
"oh hi, y/n!" his mother spoke from downstairs, "i don't know if jay's awake."
"oh, uh, i can come back then." you spoke out sheepishly, about to back out of the pretty house.
"i'm awake!" a quick voice spoke from the bottom of the stairs again. jay stood in grey sweatpants again, and a white and black shirt, his hair looking as if he had ran his fingers through it a million times.
"oh! hi, honey. i didn't hear you up." miyoung said, moving to the side to let you come in.
"yeah, i've been quiet, i guess." miyoung perked an eyebrow up at him, knowing that he's lying through his teeth. she had heard jay come home at 4am last night, stumbling to his room before probably passing out. "let's go to my room, y/n." you smiled up at him at his position on the stairs, bowing to miyoung before following jay up into his room.
his room looked the same as it did the weekend before. but the curtains weren't drawn and his bed was messier. "sorry about the mess." jay said, realizing you were scanning his room. he quickly shoved some clothes that were lying on the floor into his closet before shutting the door to it.
"it's okay." you smiled, sitting down at his desk this time. you put your backpack on the ground beside your feet, watching as jay opened his curtains before sitting on his bed. jay seemed quieter today then he's ever been when he's around you. he looked almost out of it as he started taking his textbooks out of his own bag. "sorry, if you were sleeping before i came."
"no, it's okay!" jay said, waving his hand in the air, "i wasn't sleeping." you nodded your head, feeling almost awkward as you sat across from each other. "do you want to start with biology?"
"sure." you chirped too excitdly, trying to mask your awkwardness. you weren't sure why you were feeling this way. it just seemed like jay wasn't prepared for your arrival and it made feel like you weren't wanted there.
"what page was the biochemistry on again?"
"481." you heard jay start turning the pages of his textbook as you got your papers out and ready. "i can't find it."
"no? 481?" you restated, looking at your own textbook. "let me see." you got up and walked over to his spot on the bed, leaning over his shoulder slightly, trying to find the right page for him. you felt jay straighten his back at your presence, making you more awkward as your eyes skimmed the pages quickly.
jay thought he was going to die with your face so close to his. he didn't want you to smell weed on him. your hair was dangling over your own shoulder, letting him see the side of your face as you focused on helping him. he could see you were chewing on the inside of your cheek, a habit that he's picked up on quite quickly.
"here." you pointed at a highlighted part on his textbook, "sorry, you have a different edition of textbook than me so the pages are kind of off." you nodded to him, moving away from him to go back to your chiar.
"shouldn't we share mine then, so we don't get confused." jay smirked at you standing above him. you rolled your eyes at him with a smile. "it'd be easier."
you agreed and sat down beside him on his bed, he sat with his legs crossed under his textbook while your legs dangled off the side. you made sure your skirt was covering your thighs as you tutored the boy.
you thanked god that jay was pretty easy to teach. he was funny and he flirted with you majority of the times, but still he knew when he had to listen and actuallly seemed interested in learning sometimes. you think it was the first time that you ever had fun while tutoring someone.
jay thought that it would be over for him once he was forced to go to a tutor. he really thought that he would never graduate hell high school because why the hell would he want someone to tutor him. but since it's you thats the tutor, he really gave it a try.
it's not like jay was stupid. he just didn't see a point in listening to teachers or even going to school. he guesses that school work is actually pretty easy for him because you're the one that's teaching him.
he finds it so easy to listen to you. the way you actually take your time with him to see if he understands everything. you're so caring in general about everything and everyone in your life that it makes him jealous.
with your appearance, he can tell how much thought you put in to it- and he's selfish enough to think that sometimes you dress yourself with the thought of him in your mind. he's sure that you've noticed how many times he's stared at your legs in skirts during the past month.
so now jay has the thought of your bare legs against his bed and he can't stop himself from staring at your soft skin and the way your thighs would feel against the palm of his hands and how delicate he'd have to be with them so they don't bruise.
"hm?" he replies to you, not even hiding the fact that he was staring at your legs. he caught the way that you were trying to hide your blush as you realized where he was staring as well.
"i asked if you wanted to take a break, you don't seem to be paying much attention anymore."
"yeah, a break sounds good." jay nods, closing his textbook and throwing it to the bottom of his bed.
jay's hand comes to lay beside him so it's inbetween you and him. his pinky finger brushing against the lower part of your thigh were your skirt as ridden up. its silent for a moment, both of you aware of the small touch lingering with the two of you, but both of you can't find yourselves to care.
his finger slowly brushes up and down, it being the only movement in the room besides your chest moving frantcally from your heavy breaths. jay assumes that you've most likely never been on a bed with a guy before (and he's right!) and he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable and the weed from the night before is probably not helping him make decisions. so he moves his hand farther up so it's resting on your thigh.
his movement makes both of you turn yours heads to look at eachother, the warmth from eachothers bodies growing substantially.
"do you like tutoring me?" jay asks, a smirk on his face as he scans your own.
"mhm," you almost whisper with a nod, "you're easy to teach."
jay smiles at your innocent answer, "can i tutor you now?"
your eyebrows scrunch in confusion, "tutor me about what?"
jay hums in thought for a moment, re thinking all of his life choices that have brought him here as his fingers lightly trace figures on your skin. it's just as soft as he imagined and he feels himself becoming entranced by it. "well you've taught me how to be a good student," jay and you pause to smile at each other in agreement, "how about i teach you how to be bad now?"
you pause at his words, excitemnet filling your lungs as you look down at his still freshly pierced lip ring. his eyes hold the mischief that they usually do, but they're mixed with something like genuine concern and care. his gaze mixed with that god forbid hot lip ring is what makes you nod your head until jay is reaching over to your neck and trailing soft kisses down it.
"you're okay with this, right?" jay whispers to you, looking straight into your eyes as he pulls away.
"yes." is all you can speak, still not over the feeling of his warm lips and cold metal pushed against your neck. his lips begin to kiss over your shoulder before he pulls away again.
"and you'll tell me if you want me to stop? because i will."
his words make your stomach flip as you never thought bad boy park jay could be so caring. "yes, jay."
jay pulls away and smiles at you one more time before ushering you to lay down with him, your head meeting his soft pillow. jay was laying on his side, lips still kissing your neck as his fingers played with the hem of your skirt. and jay thinks to himself that he's never been so careful before in his life. he was acting as if you were made out of glass.
"has anyone ever touched you before, y/n?" jay asks, kissing your jaw once before pulling away to look at you.
"no." you nod, somewhat embarrassed at your confession, even though you assumed jay had already knew the answer to it.
"just me?" jay asks, a smirk on his face.
"just you."
you feel jay smile against your skin before his fingers started to softly touch yoru core over your panties, your skirt being pulled up over your stomach. your cotton, pastel panties in yours and jay's sight. you feel like you should be embarrassed about your underwear choice- espeically in a time like this- but jay moving slow circles over your clit takes the embarrasment away from you.
jay could feel your wetness through your panties, almost groaning at the thought of how wet you'd feel around his cock. you bit your lip to suppress the moan you already had as you watched his index finger circle directly over your clit. you had thought about jay for so long in this position and you never thought that it would happen.
jay's finger stopped and his hand started playing with the hem of your skirt as he kissed your neck again once. "you're so sensitive." jay breathlessly laughed into your skin. you covered your face at his statement, really feeling embarrassed now. "stop," jay laughed loud now, pulling your hands away. "it's cute," he pecked your jaw, "you're cute."
"you're too nice to be considered so bad." you spoke out to him, the throbbing in your core making your mind hazy.
"only for you." jay confessed, his fingers going back to play with the hem of your panties.
"just for me?" you mocked his words from before.
"just for you."
his fingers dipped into your panties now. jay almost moaned at how easily his fingers slipped between your folds. he heard your rought breath in his ear as he started to rub your engorged clit again, his finger presssing the right amount of pressure on it already.
"so wet." jay whispered to you, both of you looking down at his hand in yoru pants. he put his middle finger with his index finger as he made faster circles on your clit, your hips jolting up at his change in pace.
you could hear your wetness mix with jay's fingers as he rubbed you, spreading your juices around your core and in between your thighs. you let out a soft moan, biting onto the back of your hand to keep quiet so miyoung doesn't hear. god what if miyoung hears?
the thought only turns you on more even though you feel like it shouldn't. you were really, finally, letting go of that good girl persona you had on. you couldn't decide if it was good that you began to tutor jay or not as his index finger slipped slowly inside your core.
you let out a whimper at the feeling, never feeling it before. "does it feel okay?" jay asked, seeing you nod as he curled his finger upwards towards your belly button. "god, you're so tight." you could only nod as you could feel how tight you wrapped around his finger. he could barely push his index in and out slowly. "can't imagine how tight you'd feel around my cock." he feels you clench around his fingers tighter at his words. "do you like the thought of my cock inside of you?" you whimpered out in response to him, imagining the scenario in your head.
"say it."
"y-yes, i love it!" you moaned out, your arm bending so that your hand could play with jay's hair. you could feel jay smirk against your skin again before pulling his fingers away from. you whined out at the stop of his motions before he put his fingers in his mouth, humming around them.
"'m sorry, but i really needed to taste you. been thinking 'bout it for so long." you felt your hips jolt up at his thoughts out of instinct, just thoughts of how hot this boy is was driving you crazy. he stuck the same two fingers out in front of your mouth, "spit." you pursed your lips and let your saliva drip down onto his fingers, earning a groan from him before he started rubbing your clit again with his and yours salivia mixed together.
"j-jay." he hummed against your skin in response, "feels t-too goo-d."
"gonna cum?" he asked you, kissing your cheek, an action so sweet compared to the speed he was rubbing your clit at.
"y-yes." you nodded up at him as he hovered above you on his shoulder. your fucked out gaze drove him crazy as he looked down at you.
"that's okay, angel, cum on my fingers." he whispered to you, his head leaning on yours now as you both watched his fingers rub against your clit under your panties. you moaned out, your hand gripping onto his hair tighter.
"jay!" you moaned out, your back arching as you hit your orgasm, his fingers not stopping as you rode it out. you felt your eyes close and open, leaning your head into jay's as some form of support.
"that's it, that's my angel, that's my good girl." jay whispered, kissing your forehead as his fingers slowed down. you whined as the sensitivity started to catch up on you, pushing hhis fingers away gently, making jay laugh. "can't do another one?"
"god, no." you smiled at his teasing expression. jay wiped his hands on his duvet (the one that he hated) and pulled your skirt back down so you were covered. "you still think i'm a good girl?" you asked him, turning on your side so you were facing him.
jay pulled away with a hum, looking above your head in the air, "yep, i still see the halo above your head."
you shoved hisd shoulder gently, "shut up."
"do you see my halo?"
you looked above his head at his question, "nope, just devil horns." jay shoved you back with a laugh, rolling so he layed on his back now.
"are you going to stay for dinner?" jay asked, the thought of his stomach being completely empty filling his mind.
"oh god." you sat up immediately at the mention of dinner, grabbing yoru phone off of his bed side table. "god, i have to go!" you exclaimed, realizing just how close to your dinner time it was and that your parents had probably already expected you home by now.
"what?" jay sat up on his elbwos, wathching you scramble around his room like he did earlier this morining, gathering yoru things in a hurry. "why?"
"my parents wanted me home like ten minutes ago for dinner." you said, barely looking at him as you shoved your things in your bag.
jay chuckled at your explaination before laying back down again, "yeah, you most defiently are still a good girl."
"shut it." were the last words you said to him with a laugh before pulling open his bedroom door and leaving his house, saying bye to miyoung before running home to your parents who were already sat at the dinner table waiting for you.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
park jay plops down in his usual spot in the library, wearing a bigger smirk than usual on tuesday afternoon.
"hi, jay." you looked up at him from your book.
"hi, good girl." you rolled your eyes at him and set your book down in front of you. "how was dinner with your parents on saturday?"
"fine." you shook your head in an obvioius tone. when he didn't say anything in return you stasred him; his eyes were glazed over, his usual tense shoulders were fallen slack and the lazy smirk never left his face as he stared almost blankly at you. "are you high?"
the smirk left his face then.
"a little- and i'm sorry! i am! i didn't mean to get this fucked."
you sat back in your chair, distancing yourself from him the more you could, making jay feel even more guilty. "i thought you said you were going to try to not get high anymore."
"i was!" he most defintely wasn't. "but then i hadn't seen heeseung in a couple of days and he has a spare at uni right now so he drove by to see me!" he explained to you, the look of annoyance not leaving your face, "you're goody-two-shoes reputation won't be ruined because i'm high, y/n."
you scoffed, "yeah, well yours won't get any better. what happened to wanting a halo?"
jay bit his cheek, feeling guilty that he couldn't live up to your expectations of him. "i'm sorry. i won't get high anymore." you quirked your eyebrow up at him in disbelief, "i won't!" he laughed, nudging your foot with his own.
you couldn't help but smile and give in to him, unaware about just how dangerous it was to do.
"if you really don't want to tutor me today because i'm high that's fine, i'll see you saturday anyways right?"
"saturday?" you repeated with confusion.
"yeah, you tutor me every tuesday and saturday, right?"
you sighed at his teasing, "i guess." your answer made laugh before he stood up, nudging your book towards you again, "get back to reading, good girl."
you picked up your book, sticking your tongue out at him as swung his backpack over his shoulder to leave, "see you saturday."
"bye." you said to him, watching him leave the library without sparing a glance to anyone.
so that's how you ended up going to jay's house every saturday, seeing the boy more often that what you had expected when you had agreed to tutor him. texting each other during the week was something you had never even thought would occur. but you were having fun, even if seeun had no idea what was going on.
you had thought long and hard about whether you should tell seeun about your blooming friendship with park jay. ultimatelty, you came up with the idea that you'd rather be dead than tell her. you knew she wouldn't accept it with all the warnings she had given you in the past four years you had known her- even last week she was telling you to be careful. maybe you should've listened to her.
but it was so hard to listen to her when park jay was staring at you with those pretty brown eyes of his from his bed.
"focus on the assignment, jay!" you scolded him playfully, catching him staring at you again.
"well stop being so fucking pretty and i might be able to!"
no matter how many times jay flirts with you, the blush never seems to escape your cheeks, "stop." you laughed, standing up from your chair and walking over to him, shoving his shoulder so he layed down on his bed. you sit down on his bed, looking down at him.
jay's hand reaches out and plays with your hand lazily, lacing his fingers in and out of your own. you felt your heart swell at his little touches.
suddenly, jay grabs your hand and pulls you down towards him, so your faces are an inch apart and your upper half is laying on top of him. "jay!" you cry at the suddeness before he's pressing his lips to yours.
you quickly realize what he's doing and start to press your lips back to his, slowly your lips move together before you're pulling apart just as fast as they came together. "you taste like cigarettes." you scrunch your eyebrows together.
jay pulls his head back and laughs out, "i told you i'd stop smoking weed, not tobacco."
you pout up at him, your chin resting on his chest as he looks down at you. his hand comes up behind you and starts to play with your hair. "don't give me that face, i'm trying, i want to swtich reputations with you."
"you want to switch?" you ask, quircking your eyebrow up in amusement.
"yeah, like you become bad and i become good."
you roll your eyes at him, "that's stupid."
"i know, but i like seeing how bad you can be."
"and how bad do you think i can be?" you teased him, fluttering your eyelashes at him.
"let's find out." jay says, flipping you over so now he's on top of you, your hair spirling out across his pillow.
his lips come crashing down on yours, the movement so rough and sudden compared to his soft lips. the metal from his lip piercing felt so good against your lips that it reminded you about who exactly you were kissing.
jay started to move down your neck, kissing right behind your ear where he found your sweet spot. his hands stay perched on your waist as your legs wrap around his body, locking him in. your skirt has pooled up at your waist, leaving your panty core bare to his jean clad crotch.
your hips grinded up against jay's crotch, making him groan against your warm skin. he pulled away from your neck, his fingers playing with the hem of your panties like he did last time. "can i take these off, angel?"
"please." you begged him, wanting to feel more of him.
"so polite." he smirked down at you, kissing your forehead before pulling down your panties. your legs wanted to close at the sudden touch of cold air, but jay's broad shoulders kept them apart. jay leanned down so he was eye level with your core. "can i taste you, y/n?"
"yes, jay." you nodded down at him, his hand trailing up the side of you so he could lace his fingers with yours again, only this time it was in a more of an innappropriate action with the way his mouth was breathing warm air against your pussy.
jay left open mouthed kisses on your thighs, teasing you slightly just like he always does. you were about to tell him to stop it before his tongue met your clit.
"god." you moaned out, your head leaning back against his pillow again at the feeling.
jay felt like he was in heaven. he had died and somehow ended up in heaven.
you felt so warm under him and with your hand laced in his. you tasted so good, so pure and just for him that it drove him crazy.
jay swivled his tongue aorund your clit in circles, before dipping down and tongueing your hole.
"jay, oh god." you moaned out, unable to hold it in on the new feeling you were experiencing. he felt so talented with his tongue that you weren't sure how you could feel this good ever again.
you squeezed his hand tight as you made eye contact with him. jay moaned at your fucked out expression, which caused vibrations to go straight to your core.
"does it feel good, angel?"
"s-so good, jay." you nodded, seeing spit coat your pussy and his face.
jay's fingers trailed down your thigh, before sticking too fingers iinto your hole. "fuck, still so tight." jay groaned against your core, thankful for your juices and his spit to make his fingers ease in so well.
his fingers fucked into you a slow pace, but his tongue swirled around your clit so fast that it caused your hips to buck up into his face. "s-sorry." you moaned out to him.
you felt him laugh into your skin, "don't be sorry, you're hot." jay sucked your clit into his mouth gently, his tongue circling it before he kissed your thigh again. you moaned out at jay's name at his compliment. it felt like a dream to be called hot by park jay- especially when he was eating you out.
his fingers continued to fuck up into you, scissoring once they were shoved all the way in before pulling out and doing it all over again.
you let go of jay's hand, sweat helping keep them together, and reached down to hold onto his hair, your hips digging closer to his face. you could hear how wet you were by the fast pace was jay was slipping his fingers inside of you now.
"oh my god." you moaned breathlessly, "d-don't stop jay, please."
"i won't, angel." jay responded, digging his face further into your wet pussy. "feel like cuming?"
"y-yes, so close, so close."
jay kept fingering you, feeling your walls clench around his fingers so well until they were spasming, and your hips were grinding into his face with your back arched off the bed. his tongue kept sucking yoru clit until all your movement had stopped, and your moans had turned into small whimpers.
jay placed a kiss on your core as he pulled away, rubbing your clit quickly before pulling away which made you cry out.
jay laughed at you, bending down to kiss you right on your lips.
"so mean." you pouted at him, before kissing him again.
"so cute." he responded, pushing your hair out of your face before standing up and walking to his closet. you saw him start to search through his clothes, but you felt so dazed from your orgasm to ask what he was doing.
jay walked back over with a pair of black sweatpants that he had managed to find. he pulled your skirt down, making you realize just how bare you really were to him.
"what?" jay laughed at you suddenly pulling away from him, "don't act like my face wasn't just there."
"jay!" you cried out, your hands covering your face from his dirty words.
"what? it's true!" jay said, gently pulling your legs so they were straight again. "let me put these on you." you sighed and allowed him slide his sweatpants over your bare legs. you moved your hips so he could pull them over and tie them at your waist.
when you were dressed again, jay leaned over you, pressing a soft kiss your lips before resting his head on your chest. it was such a different action that what you would've assumed he would do.
everything you had heard about park jay before had completely left your mind at that exact moment. he wasn't the asshole, bad boy that everyone had described him as. he was sweet, and thoughtful and he just liked to party with his friends.
so you played with his hair as he rested his eyes while laying on your chest- trying to hide his raging boner from you and enjoy this moment with you.
both of you were known for such different reputations, both wanting to stand out from this world, and together it felt like you did.
"do you wanna have dinner here tomorrow night?" jay asked, breaking the silence. he kept his eyes at the bottom of his bed where your legs intertwined. he had never asked a girl to have dinner at his house before and he was so nervous about the way he was feeling about it.
"sure." you shrugged, trying to hide your excitment by playing cool.
"my dad's gonna be here."
you had never met jay's father before. you've seen pictures of him around the house. and you had heard some stories about him from jay. you knew he seemed to be strict, and he worked a lot so jay wasn't particularly close with him.
"that's fine." you shrugged again, feeling jay's tense body on your own as he mentionned his dad.
"yeah?" jay looked up at you finally, brown doe eyes looked into your own.
jay smiled at you, leaning up to kiss you on the lips slowly, humming into your mouth with a feeling of contentness. jay didn't really know what he was feeling at the time then. he knew his grades were improving, and his mom was less mad at him all the time, his friends were confused by his new revelations to not get obliviated by drugs or alcohol. but he had you underneath him and that's all he could ever ask for.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
you had never been invited over for dinner to a boys' house before. so you had no idea what to expect as you walked up to the pretty house you had started to become familiar with. everytim eyou walked up the long drive way, it felt like intimidating and more friendly.
miyoung opened the door to you with a great smile on her face. she looked the same as usual- beautiful- but her clothing was more dressed up for the occassion.
"y/n!" she exclaimed, ushering for you to come in and to take off your jacket. "y/n's here!" she called out, turning her head towards the inside of the house for others to hear. your heart started racing at the thought of having a formal meal with park jay's family.
jay turned the corner from somewhere in the house, a smirk on his face as he saw you. he wore his usual all black outfit- but it was more formal than usual and you almost drooled at the sight. he wore black jeans with a black turtleneck. his silver jewlery was wrapped around his fingers and neck- his lip piercing moved against his plush lips as he greeted you. "let's go sit down."
jay walked beside you behind miyoung, walking through their big house. you had never been this far into their house before- usually only going to jay's bedroom, the bathroom and back. it was what you expected to look like. modern and fancy with great white walls that held expensive looking decorations and art.
they led you to an even greater room with a long, dark oak table. their was a bright, crystal chandelliar hanging above the table and a lovely candle stick in the center of the table.
at the far end of the table sat a man: jay's father.
he looked exactly like jay- but more older and strict. he looked expensive and it almost made you quiver away from intimidation.
"james, this is y/n- jays' tut- friend. jay's friend." miyoung stopped herself, smiling at jay before he could groan out in embarassment.
jay's father looked up from his watch, before his eyes met yours. you smiled and politely bowed to him, "nice to meet you, sir."
"oh my, you don't have to call him sir, just call him james." miyoung brushed her hand on your shoulder, "come over here, you can sit across from jay." she ushered you over to one of the empty dining room chairs.
jay's dad hadn't said a word to you, only staring at you with an expresssion that you would describe as 'shock'. you heard jay stiffle a laugh as he sat across from you, not believing that you is what made his father recover that stupid expression.
when jay's father came home earlier in the day- he thought maybe just maybe, his father would break his serious expression at the sight of jay's new lip piercing. but nothing. just a normal 'hello' before he went into his office for the rest of the day.
after years of jay trying to get his father to react to anything he does- the one thing he doesn't try intentionally is what makes his father break: you.
jay feels like he's in sort of other dimension as he takes in what is going on. his father is actually interested in something that is related to him. his mother is bringing delicious food out on the table for everyone to eat. and you're sitting across from him looking so pretty and anxious as you smile at his parents.
you feel jay nudge your foot under the table, making you look up at him. he winks at you, trying to reassure you that you're fine.
"so, how are you friends with," james started, pointing at his son, "jay." there was a hint of confusion in his voice as he looked between you two.
"uh, i tutor him sometimes." you explain, taking a sip of the water that miyoung had put down in front of you.
"Ah, so you're the reason why his grades have been getting better." james nodded at you. jay was shocked that his father had actually known he had been doing better at school.
"i've been helping, but he does his tests by himself and such so."
james hummed in approval, moving out of the way so miyougn could place more food on the table before she sat down herself.
"i hope you're all really hungry!"miyoung exclaimed, signalling that everyone can dig in now.
the dinner went by smoothly. james seemed to be impressed with every answer you came up with to his or miyoung's questions. you were talking more than jay was for once.
jay didn't know what to say as he watched you interact with his parents. he's never seen his parents act so interested in one of his friend's before. they never even spoke a word to heeseung throughout all these years. jay didn't even want to say anything. he liked hearing you talk so confidently, it was nice to see you be yourself in front of someone that wasn't him.
jay leaned on his front door frame, staring down at you as you stood on his porch. it had started to become dark out now, the sun still setting in the far end of the city. you had bid miyoung and james a goodbte a few minutes ago, thanking them for the dinner as jay walked you out.
"are you okay?" you asked jay, staring at his blissful expression as he scanned your face. you had only ever seen jay this calm before when he was high.
"yeah, i'm really okay." jay nodded, his head shaking against the door frame. "sorry if my parents annoyed you or anything."
"they didn't, i like them, they're so nice."
"my mom's nice, i don't know about my dad, though."
you shook your head at him, "i had fun, don't worry."
"good," jay smiled at you, his fingers playing with the ends of your hair- an action that if he saw anyone else do he'd feel sick, but now it feels so comforting with you- "i'll see you in the library on tuesday, right?"
"of course," you nodded, backing down the porch now, "stay out of trouble, yeah?"
"of course." jay nodded, mocking you with a smile. "bye, angel."
"bye~." you sang out, turning and walking home with a full stomach of food and butterflies.
jay closed the door once you were out of sight, sighing before heading to the stairs for his room.
"jay?" his father called out to him from the living room.
"come here."
jay quietly groaned as he turned around and went ot see his father. he was sitting on the far end of the couch, turning the tv on mute once his son came in. "sit."
jay sat on one of the chiars that no one ever sat in. "what is it?" he didn't want to talk to his dad. he was tired and frustrated that he hadn't been able to smoke all day.
"are you and y/n, dating?"
jay didn't know how to answer his question. you weren't dating but god did he want to. it was something that jay had never had the urge to do before- date a girl and do boyfriend-girlfriend things- and he's sure his past self would cringe if he knew what he was thinking.
"no, we're just friends."
"and you're going to stay friends, right?" james quirked an eyebrow up at his son, unsure of waht his intentions were with a girl like you.
"what does that mean?"
"it means that you shouldn't be even hanging around with her jay- you should've stayed as tutor and student."
"what the hell are. you talking about?" jay sat up in the unused chair.
"come on son, you know" james shook his head at him, scanning his face for a sense of knowing, when it didn't come he continued, "i don't know what you plan on doing with y/n, but you know that a girl like her shouldn't be hanging out with a boy like you."
"and what is that?"
james sighed, hsi fingers coing to pinch his nose bridge in frustration, "you're a troublemaker jay, and she's so innocent that-"
jay scoffed and stood up, cutting off his father's words.
"and so what? i'm just a troublemaker for life? i can't change?"
"of course you can! just not with her!" james stood up now, his hands coming out in front of him in explaination to his son.
"and why not?"
"because you'll ruin her while you're trying to fix yourself!"
the silence in the house is a silence that's never been there before.
there were nights in the park house where the only sound would be miyoung crying out of worry for her son. nights where jay's music would blast through from his room. and some nights, there would be nothing but james' breathing from the living room as he sat and watched tv on mute, trying to relieve his never ending headache.
the silence now, as jay and his father looked each other with anger and sadness was of something that no one knew how to break. jay always knew that you would be too good for him. the moment he saw you years ago in the hallway- he knew that you were the one thing he had to stay away from. but now that he knew you- how could he stay away?
the silence went on until jay scoffed and left the room. he grabbed his jacket on his way out, slamming the pretty front door on the way out- it being the final sound in the house for the night.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
jay doesn't remember the next day.
he knows that once he wakes up in the late afternoon on tueday in heeseung's bedroom- an hour of school left of the day- that he's fucked.
he's fucked because he knows he just messed up his attendance for the semester- and because his head feels like it's been bashed against the wall one million times.
he feels a weight on his side as he tries to move, turning his head to see sunghoon's passed out figure, his arm resting on jay's body. jay sighs before gently shrugging off his arm, knowing that he won't wake up his drunk friend.
jay scrambles around heeseung's room, trying to find his shoes before going to the bathroom. he looks in the mirror to see a sight he's seen so many times. he's washing his face to try to get rid of any intoxication but he knows it's not going to do anything. and then jay's sighing as he's leaving heeseung's house, heading to the school so you can try to tutor him and he can pretend he didn't just spend the last twenty-four hours partying with his friends.
you had realized the frown on jay's face the moment he walked into the library. you didn't say anything because you knew that he was moody sometimes. you had realized that he wasn't trying the practice problems you had given him. you didn't offer to help him because you knew that he understood the concept.
it was almost completely silent between you two for the hour that you were suppose to tutor him until you finally spoke up about his behvaiour.
"what's wrong?"
"hm?" jay asked, looking up from his paper that he hasn't touched.
"i asked what's wrong, you don't seem okay."
"'m fine." he mumbled, going back to staring at question one.
you pouted at his answer, your mind going blank when trying to figure out if you had done anything to upset him. you were obviously getting caught up in your mind about faults that didn't exist. jay could tell that you were feeling uspet about because him and it honestly broke his heart.
"y/n, i'm fine. just my stupid father." jay explained briefly to you, hoping that pout on your lips would go away.
"what happened?"
"don't worry about it, it's whatever." jay shrugged you off, not wanting to explain to you that you're too good for him and everyone can see it.
you reached across the table and took his unused pencil out of his hand before lacing your fingers with his. "jay, what happened?" jay looked at yoru concern filled eyes, hating himself more because you cared so much for him.
jay sighed, squeezing your hand back, "i don't want to ruin you, y/n."
"ruin me?"
"you're too nice, and caring, and smart and good. stuff that i'm not, and i don't want to change those things about you because you're hanging around with me."
"jay." you stated, staring at his worried face, when he didn't look at you, you squeezed his hand until he did, "jay, you are not going to ruin me. you know about our reputations and didn't we agree that high school reputations are stupid? so who cares if i'm a 'good girl' and you're a 'bad boy'. i can make my own decisions so you are not going to ruin me, okay?"
jay smiled sheepishly at you, realizing that maybe it's all been in his head, his father not helping him at all.
"okay." jay nodded, letting go of your hand so you both could pack your things to leave. when you were standing up jay called your name before he turned to leave. "do you wanna go on a date this weekend? like a proper one- not one that's just in my bedroom where we tutor each other."
you felt your cheeks turn hot at the mention of how you 'tutor' each other, but your heart warmed with thet hought of going on an actual date with jay. to a public place where people would see you two together.
"yeah, sure." you nodded, biting your lip to hold back your smile.
"okay, so i'll see you friday night?" jay asked, walking backwards out of the library.
"i'll see you friday, jay."
jay smiled a big smile at you before he turned and left the library, leaving you standing there with pink cheeks and a light heart.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
park jay picked you up outside your house on friday night in his black car that matched his black clothes and black hair. you had decided to wear jeans for tonight, as winter was quickly leaving seoul. you told your parents that you were hanging out with seeun for the night- no wanting to have a conversation with them about having boyfriends and what comes with it (safe sex!).
"hi, jay." you greeted him when you sat down in the passenger side of his car.
"hi, angel." he said, looking at your outfit, "you look pretty." his hand almost instinctively coming out to rest on your jean clad thigh.
"thank you." you smiled, clicking on your seatbelt as jay started to drive to the movie theatre.
jay had done everything right. he bought your movie ticket, your drink and popcorn. he made sure you were comfortable in your seat. he held your hand during the movie, and asked if you were having fun- and you were. up until a sex scene played during the movie and you couldn't help but think of jay's face in between your legs. you felt your panties become suddenly too tight and you wished you had worn your usual skirts after all.
jay noticed the way your thighs clenched together during the end of the movie, also aware of the painfully long sex scene that reminded him that he was on a date with you. he noticed the way you were quieter than usual as you walked out of the movie theatres when the moive was over- obviously there was inappropriate thoughts rushing through both of your minds and you didn't want them to ruin the nice date you had just had with park jay.
you were both sat inside of his jay's car, trying to warm up the car before he drove you back home. you were trying not to be obvious about the thoughts of jay running thorugh your mind but the obvious twitching and playing with your fingers was being a dead give away taht there was something on your mind.
jay put his hand on your thigh- an action that's becoming too familiar and comfortable- and you almost moaned at house sensitive you were still. there had been so many nights after hanging out with jay where his fingers and his stupid lip piercing were all that you could think about. no matter how long and hard you tried to focus on studying- park jay seemed to always appear in your mind. "are you okay, y/n?"
"y-yeah, did you like the movie?" you asked him, trying to ignore the way he was now squeezing your thigh, his fingers were just so close to your core.
"it was alright," jay shrugged, "are you cold? why are you bouncing your leg like that?" the point out of your whole body shaking make you stop your action completely to a halt.
"i-i'm fine." jay laughed at you, shaking his head and pulling away his hand. "what? why're you laughing?"
"i saw the way you reacted during that sex scene, y/n." jay stated, almost laughing again at your shocked expresssion. "is there anything you want from me, y/n?"
you took a sharp inhale, "i-i just want you."
jay smirked down at you at your confession, his lip ring shining in the lamp light outside. "yeah? do you wanna go to my house then?" you nodded in response, glancing down at his crotch for a second, gasping quietly when you saw his bulge. you looked around the street where jay had parked his car, everyone that had been in the movie theatre had left by now, no one was around the back of the parking lot where jay had parked.
your hand trailed over jay's thigh suddenly, before cupping his bulge in his black jeans.
"f-fuck, what're you doing, baby." jay gasped out, not expecting for you to touch him like this.
"i wanna show you just how bad i can really be." you pouted to him, a hint of mischief in your eyes that matched his.
"fuck, okay." jay nodded, sitting back in his spot as you climbed over the center console and sat right on his thighs. your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his lips into yours in a deep kiss. you had never kissed each other so feverishly before- the passion ran through you both at a high speed as you sat on top of him.
jay's hands rested on your hips, playing with the buckle loops of your jeans. your hair was sprawled over his shoulders as you tilted your head down to kiss him. you pulled away, resting your forehead on his as your hands trailed down his chest, stopping at his jean button. "wait." jay's hand stopped yours, making you glance up at him with concerned wide eyes, "are you sure you wanna do that?"
"yes." you nodded strictly, "a-are you okay with this?"
"yes, my angel." jay said, pulling your lips to his again before resting his hands on your thighs.
both of your eyes were locked on your hands unbuttoning his jeans. your hands went inside of his boxers, feeling his warm, hard length under your fingers. you could feel jay twitch underneath you at your touch. you pulled out his length so it was in view. his pale skin seemed like it was glowing from the moon light shining in the car. you felt your jaw drop at finally seeing jay's cock.
jay laughed underneath you, finding your reaction cute.
"what?" you pouted at him again with a smile, "don't laugh at me."
"i'm not!" jay kissed your nose, "you're just so cute." you shook your head at him, lifting his cock up so it was straight in your hands.
remembering what you had over heard some others girl say in your class, you let spit fill up your mouth before you dropped a glob down on his red tip. jay let out a quiet hiss at your action. you brought your lips to hiss again, your hand starting to move up and down his hard cock slowly. your kissing speed matched your hands' speed.
jay started to kiss your neck, making you throw your head to side so he could have better access. he hummed against your skin when you tightened your grip on his cock, your thumb brushing over the glob of precum that sat ontop of his tip. "i wanna suck your dick, jay." you moaned out, making jay stop kissing your neck and pull away to look at you.
"you what?" he asked in shock about the words that had just came from your mouth.
"i wanna suck your dick."
"fuck." jay rested his head on the back of the headrest, looking up at you in the moonlight. "you're perfect you know that?"
you laughed at him, before moving down so that you were inbetween his legs, your knees at the bottom of the car floor. you looked up at him through your eyelashes, loving the way that he was looking at you as if you were an actual angel.
you kissed the bottom of his shaft, your hand moivng up and down his shaft as you put kitten licks on his tip- trying to imagine waht else you had heard other girls talk about. your tongue licked across the slit, making jay groan quietly. his hands went ot play iwth your hair again- something that he never seems to stop doing now.
your hand and spit was getting jay's dick so wet that it was easier to move and squeeze his dick. you pulled away from his tip and started sucking on the bottom of his shaft, your hand speeding up as it moved up and down.
"god, that feels so good angel." jay groaned out, his head giong back to rest on the head rest again. he was trying so hard to not buck up into your mouth. this was only a scenario he had dreamed off before- and now that it was reality he didn't know how long he could hold himself over for.
you put his tip in your mouth, swirling your tongue around before pushing yoru head down his cock. when his tip hit the back of your throat, you tried to not pull out but it was hard not to. your hands kept stroking his cock up and down as you pulled away, his stomach tightening at the feeling of your thorat closing around him. you put another glob of spit on his dick, making jay groan out at the sight.
"fuck, look at me when you do that." jay groaned out, pulling your hair so that you would look at him. "fuck that's it."
you started to put his cock all the way in your mouth again, yoru hand stroking what you couldn't fit until you found a right pace.
"my god." jay groaned out, taking a deep breath as he bit onto the back of his hand, trying to not buck into your mouth as your innocent eyes looked right into his. "that's it angel." he nodded at you, praising you for how well you were sucking his dick. your cheeks were hollowing in as you started to slurp around his dick. you were sure if anyone walked past the car they would be able to hear your sucking noises and jay's moans and groans.
"fuck, y/n. 'm gonna cum if you don't stop." jay warned you, gently trying to pull your head off him. his warning only made you suck and stroke his cock harder, wanting to see him cum like he's seen you before.
"please cum, jay." you nodded at him, spitting onto his dick once more before sliding your mouth down on him all the way.
"fuck!" jay moaned out, his body going rigid as he came in your mouth. the feeling of his warm cum coating your mouth only made you moan around his still hard cock- adding more vibrations and sensations to his orgasm.
you pulled off of him, your hand slowly stroking his cock as you showed him his cum in your mouth. "god." jay breathed out, watching you swallow his cum with a smile on your face. "i've actually ruined you, angel." you smile up at him, pulling his boxer and jeans over his cock again, letting him button up his jeans as you climbed back into the passenger seat.
"let's go to your house." you nod at him, putting your seatbelt on.
"my house?" jay asks, you nod in response, laughing at his silly expresssion. "fuck."
jay thinks he's never sped home so fast in his life. with the radio blasting and you giggling beside him as you tease him about his moaning- it felt like a dream.
jay's parents weren't home when he pulled into his long driveway- they were having a date night before james had to go back to work in another city for a few weeks.
you and jay ran up his pretty porch steps, kissing at the same time while laughing. you kept kissing his neck as he was trying to unlock his front door, trying to not bust the door down so he could bring you to his room.
his bedroom was the same as always as he closed his door and pushed you up against it. his lips going to your neck like usual, trying so hard to not leave hickeys to mark you as his. his hands were sliding down your body, pulling on your jean's loops to pull you closer to his hips. your hands were trailing down his back, grabbing onto his black, band shirt that he loved so much.
you pushed him away from you, backing him up until he got to his bed, laying down and propping himself up on his elbows to look at you. you pulled your shirt off, leaving you in your jeans and bra.
"you're gonna be the death of me." jay mumbled as you crawled on top of him, your cores grinding into each other. there was so much built up lust between you that you were both too scared to act on. you were so inexperienceed that you didn't know if jay would like it or not. and jay didn't want to rush you into things too fast.
jay flipped you over so that your head was up on his pillow- a position that you've been in before. you felt jay unbuttoning your jeans, pulling them down your legs until you were only in your underwear and bra. the sudden thought of being bare in front of jay for the first time sent an unwanted feeling of anxiety down your spin.
park jay was known to have sex with mulitple girls before. you had wondered before about how many girls exactly that he's been with. so many girls that were more experienced than you- who were probably a lot sexier than you too.
jay felt you tense under his body, pulling away from kissing your collarbones to look at you. "are you okay?" he asked, concern filling him as he looked at your upset face.
"y-yeah, i'm fine." you replied meakly. jay pulled away from you at the sound of your voice.
"y/n, we don't have to do anything that you don't want t-"
"i want to! i really want to!" you cut him off, sitting up on your elbows to look at him. "it's just, you know. i've never done this before and i know you have- and i don't care that you have before!- i just want to be good for you."
jay pulled your lips to his at the end of your rambling, in a soft manner- just like the first time he kissed you. "i don't care if you've never done it- or even if you've done it a million times," you roll your eyes at him, "and you shouldn't care about how many times i've had sex, angel, all those other girls have never been my girl before."
you blush as jay calls you 'his girl'. you take jay's head in your hands, kissing him as a 'thank you' for helping your insecurities. he pulled away from you to take off his own shirt. your eyes and hands immediately roaming over his skin as it was the first time that you had seen him shirtless. his skin was breathtaking. it was so smooth, pale and soft. little freckles and scars visible for your eyes only.
he slid off his jeans and boxers, throwing them to the side of his bed, landing somewhere on the floor before he laid down on top of you again. kissing obnoxiously down your skin, sliding your panties off. you heard him take a sharp inhale as your core came visible to his eyes, having to hold yourself back from closing your legs.
you sat up again, your hands going behind your back to unclip your bra, letting the straps fall to your sides before throwing it to the side with jay's clothing. your breasts were visible to jay now, hearing him groan out before his hand reaches forward and starts to play with your nipple, making your back arch into his touch.
"i need you, jay." you tell him, the wetness between your legs becoming too much.
"fuck, okay, lay back." jay kissed your forehead, his hands trailing down your sides once you were under him once again. "you're sure you're okay with this?"
"yes jay, please." you begged, unsure of what you begged for exactly- all your mind could think of was jay.
jay leaned over to his bedside table, grabbing a condom and sliding it down his dick. he put his cock over your wet slit, your juices flowing all over your core and making a mess. you felt his cock slip inbetween your folds, circling yoru clit before beginning to push into you.
"i'll go slow, angel." jay whispered out to you, one of his hands tracing shape into yoru thigh while the other guided his cock in slowly, just like he said.
you closed your eyes as you prepared yoruself to feel uncomfortable for the next few moments. he kept his gaze on your face, looking for any signs of pain until he was balls deep inside of you. your tight walls were already clenched tight around him he really didn't think that he could last this time.
"are you okay?" jay whispered to you, bending over your body careful to not push into your further.
"it- it feels weird." you replied, opening your eyes for the first time to look at him.
"i'm sorry, y/n. it'll stop in a second." jay kissed your cheek, movingone of his hand down between your bodies so that he could rub small circles over your clit.
he groaned quietly when he felt your walls clench even tighter. you stayed in that position for a minute, pleasure slowly taking over as he played with your clit. you told him that he could move after a moment, allowing for him to hold himself up over you with his elbows, his breath fanned your face as he pulled his cock out of you until just his tip was in- before pushing back into you.
the feeling of having jay inside of you felt unusual, something that you had never experienced before, but it felt so right. you wrapped your legs tight around his waist as he continued to push his hard cock in adn out of you.
the sound of his skin hitting your wet core was breaking the eerie silence that had taken over the park house. your little whimpers of pleasure was taking jay to a whole other world as he tried to not fuck too hard into you.
both of you could feel the sweat start to build up in between you two, the passion and lust adding to the aura of the room.
"g-god jay, feels so good." you cried out to him, your hips starting to push back into his thrusts.
"yeah?" jay's voice let out a deep grunt- a deepness that you've never heard in his voice before. you nodded, your eyes closing in pleasure this time. "you really letting me ruin you, angel? no one else is going to be able to feel you as tight as i am, fuckin' strechin' your pussy so good, right?" jay almost let out a laugh at the way you clamped down on his cock.
"jay, oh god!" you cried out again, you swore you could feel his cock in your stomach he was fucking into you so deep.
"fuck, y/n, i might cum, baby." jay groaned out, kissing your neck to try to keep himself quiet.
"please, cum jay, i wanna feel you cum." you begged him, your hands pulling on his hair to hold onto him tighter.
his orgasm snuck up on him before he could even tell you that he was cumming. a dark groan escaped his lips as he started to fuck into you harder and faster- your tight, wet walls letting him. his hand snuck down and started rubbing yoru clit and an inhumane rate, making your hips jerk up to meet his.
"fuck!" jay groaned out, feeling your walls spasm with your own orgasm. you felt his cum fill his condom as you hit your high. both of you moaning into each others ears at the feeling of the insane amount of pleasure. you let out whimpers of his name as you came down from your high, his fingers coming to a stop on your clit as he pulled out of you slowly.
jay pulled off his condom and threw it into the garbage bin beside his bed. your heavy breaths filled his bedroom as he layed down beside you, pulling his duvet (the one that he likes!) over the both of your sweaty bodies. you moved over to rest your head on his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beat slow down.
"are you okay?" jay asked you, his fingers stroking your hair away from your face.
"'m perfect." you mumbled into his warm skin, feeling tired from the 'exercise' you just did. "thank you."
jay scoffed, "you don't have to thank me, angel. i had fun, as long as you had fun."
"i had fun." you turned your head and smiled up at him. jay kissed your forehead in return, closing his eyes for a moment, taking in his present reality. you felt sleepiness take over both your bodies until your phone started ringing from the pile of clothes you and jay made on the side of his bed.
you groaned, and reached over him to search on the floor for your phone, the duvet falling off your hips leaving your bare ass for jay to see. out of something like instinct, jay smacked your ass playfully, making you look back at him with a roll of your eyes.
"hello?" you asked into your phone, sitting back beside jay, pulling the duvet over your bare body.
"y/n!" seeun said over the phone, "do you want to hang out and watch movies tonight? i'm near your house so i can stop at the corner store and get snacks before i come!" guilt washed over you at seeun's offer to hang out. usually every other friday you and seeun would hang out at your house and watch a series of movies together- you had completely forgotten that it would be this friday as well.
"oh uh, i'm sorry se, i'm not feeling good so i don't think it's a good idea if we do movie night tonight." you lied through your teeth, your hand coming up to rest on your forehead as you tried to not let it out that you were lying.
"aw! that's too bad! i hope your parents are taking good care of you so you feel better!" seeun pouted through the phone.
"they are! thanks so much, i'll see you monday, right?"
"right! feel better! love you!"
"love you, too! bye!" you sighed and hung up, feeling awful that you had to lie to your best friend.
"what's wrong?" jay asked, his hand rubbing your back for comfort.
"seeun likes to have movie nights on friday nights and i forgot." you replied honestly.
"oh shit, i'm sorry." jay sat up, feeling bad that you had to miss hanging out with your friend because of him.
"no, it's okay, you didn't know!" you reassured him with a smile. "i should get home, though, my parents wanted me home before they get home later."
"okay, angel." jay kissed your temple for the last time of the night, both of you standing up and getting dressed so jay could drive you home.
seeun stood across the street from your house. she could see that your parents weren't home since their car wasn't in the driveway. all the lights in your house were off, including your bedroom light, meaning that you most likely weren't home either.
seeun sighed as she hung up, hurt running through her as she realized you had lied to her. where is she? she thought to herself, throwing her phone in her pocket and picking up the bag of snacks she had bought for her and you to share before walking back to her house alone.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
since you had now become park jay's girlfriend, you had brought up the idea that you finally meet his friends.
jay really wanted you to meet his friends, but god did it make him nervous. he knew what his friends were like; they were assholes, and they liked to do dangerous things- but they didn't mean any harm per se, they just wanted to have fun.
the next weekend after losing your virginity to park jay, he invited you to come to a party so you could meet his small friend group. you were iffy about going to a party-having almost finished your high school career with not going to one. but since you would get to meet his friends- you pushed yourself to go.
jay held your hand tight as you walked into the party together. it was in some big house in the south end of seoul where apparently 'all the cool people partied'. you could hear the music down the sidewalk as you approached the party. there were strobe lights flashing out of the windows and cheers from kids partying inside.
the first thing you noticed when you walked into the party was that you did not belong. there were girls wearing practically nothing- compared to your short black skirt and baby pink crop top. the scent of weed and alcohol immediately filled your senses as you followed jay through the thick crowd of people, his hand never leaving yours in fear of losing you.
jay knew that you were nervous to go- and that you were going because of him and his friends. he knew that he'd have to watch himself tonight so he didn't mess things up between you and his friends. he already had a strict talk with his friends about being on their best behaviour for when they met you.
his friends were excited to meet you, some of them had only seen you from a far before, and they had really wanted to meet the girl that had stopped jay from being a total delinquent with them.
you almost bumped right into jay's back as he stopped suddenly, gently pulling on your hand so you could stand in front of him. there were six boys who all sat on the couch or chairs, four of them had red solo cups in their hands as they all cheered when they saw jay's familiar face.
they all looked familiar to you, having seen them around school or heard gossip about them from seeun.
"guys, this is y/n, y/n this is heeseung, jake, riki, jungwon, sunghoon and sunoo." jay introduced you over the loud music, pointing at each of them from left to right. they all smiled at you, some of them having blood shot eyes from either the alcohol or drugs.
"hi y/n, it's nice to meet you!" one of them spoke up, the one being jungwon who seemed the most sober of them all. you smiled politely at him. "i heard you don't like to drink or anything so you can stay with me and riki all night, we don't do that stuff either." jungwon patted the boy on his right, riki smiling at you, too.
"she can stay all night with me too, guys." jay rolled his eyes at them, sitting down on a chair and grabbing at your hand for you to sit on his lap.
"yeah up until when? until you drink so much you throw up again?" the boy named sunghoon slurred, waving his hand at jay. you kept the smile on your face as you listened to him, trying not to think too much of it.
"he's joking, i haven't done that in a while." jay whispered in your ear.
"it's alright." you reassured him with a smile.
halfway through the night jay had convinced you to get up and dance with him, your bodies meshing in with the other sweaty dancers in the crowd as you all listened to the shitty house music that was making you go partially deaf.
it was fun to have jay grinding and laughing behind you, kissing your neck like he usually does. the rest of his friends had all dispersed around you, dancing on their own or with some girl that they obviously wanted to hook up with. it was interesting to see how they all acted together- some characteristics were just like you had heard within all the gossop- other things weren't even mentionned. they all looked out for each other, making sure that one of them doesn't drink or smoke too much.
"i gotta go piss." jay says in your ear while you were dancing. he felt you nod your head in response, "will you be okay for a second?" he felt you nod again, backing away from you but pointing at jake and jungwon from the across the room that you'd be by yourself for a moment.
jungwon made his way to you, jake trudging along as he was defintely intoxicated from all the shots he had taken earlier in the night. you smiled as the two of them came into your sight, easily dancing with jungwon playfully. jake stayed beside you guys, swaying to the music with a smirk on his face that reminded you of jay's.
you were having fun dancing with jungwon, feeling jake stare at you every now and then when jungwon would twirl you in the middle of the dance floor.
"how the hell did jay get a girl like you?" you heard jake ask from beside you, making jungwon nudge him with a 'wtf' face.
"what do you mean?" you asked confused.
"you're just too pure." jake bit his lip as he scanned your face, "a goody two shoes." you gulped under jake's stare, jungwon having to snap jake's gaze away from you.
you saw a hand come from behind you a shove jake's shoulder a bit, "what're you doing, jakey?" you heard jay's voice say, an obviously annoyed tone evident.
"just asking y/n about what she sees in you." a playful smirk is on jake's face, he quirks his eyebrows up at you.
"bro, fuck off, you've had too much to drink." jay shoves him again, wrapping an arm around your waist.
"i got him jay, i'll take him back to heeseung's, it was nice to meet you y/n!" jungwon wrapped his arm around jake's shoulders, ushering jake away from you guys and towards an exit.
jay took your hand in his, guiding you through the crowd of people again, making his way to the front door with you behind him. when you were finally outside again, you didn't know how much you missed fresh air. the spring air felt crisp in yoru lungs as you walked hand in hand with jay down the sidewalk.
"i'm sorry about him," jay speaks for the first time since you've left the better, "he gets assholey when he's drunk, i didn't realize he was at the point of drinking."
"it's okay, jay." you mumbled, kissing his shoulder through his jacket as you continued to walk back to his house.
"what'd he say to you exactly?"
you hummed as you tried to remember, "something about me being a goody two shoes."
jay scoffed, "i'm sorry about him really, i can't believe he was even looking at you like that, i literally almost punched him."
"looking at me like what?"
jay quirked an eyebrow at you playfully, "you know, the way that i look at you."
"hm," you smirked, "didn't even notice."
"good," jay pulled you into him, "because you're mine, right?"
"just yours." you nodded, kissing his lips quickly.
the minute that you're back in jay's bedroom, the scent of alcohol and weed and sweat still on you, he's pushing you down onto his bed. you could tell from the moment jay saw how close jake got to you, that he was jealous. he tried to play it off while you were walking home, but you could tell with the way he kept you close to his side the entire way that he was a bit angry with his friends' actions.
jay nipped at your neck, making you moan out to him, "no marks, jay." you felt him pout against your skin at your warning.
"why? you said so yourself, you're mine. so why can't everyone else know?"
"my parents jay." you pulled him up and away from your skin. he sighed at the mention of them.
"can't we just tell them?"
"i want to, but we can't, not until we graduate, you know how they are."
jay continued to pout at you until his mischeif eyes returned, "fine, i wont leave marks on your neck."
jay starts to pull off your shirt, exposing your collarbones and the tops of your breasts. his lips attack your skin, sucking and biting until you're moaning under him at the possessive way he's marking your body.
you push him off so that you could unclip your bra, his hands helping slide it off of your tits before he's sucking at your nipples. your back arches into his warm mouth, his hands start to slide off your skirt until he's throiwng it over his shoulder.
"i like that skirt." jay mumbles into your skin, pressing open mouthed kissing down your stomach to your thighs.
"yeah?" you ask breathless.
"yeah, black looks nice on you." he kisses below your belly button, "sexy."
"sexy?" you almost laugh, never in your life have you thought that you would look sexy.
"really sexy," jay came to your face, "why do you think jake couldn't stop staring at you?"
"he wasn't staring, jay." you kissed him passionately, sensing his worry. "if he was, i don't care, i only stare at you."
"i know angel, i know." he kissed your neck again, his finger tracing circles in your bare hips.
"no one else can fuck me like you, jay." you felt him groan at your words, the vibrations tickling your skin.
"is that what you want me to do? do you want me to fuck you, y/n?"
"please jay, i want you to fuck me so hard."
"okay, my angel." his hands grab onto your hips suddenly, flipping you over so your face is pressed against his mattresss. "want me to fuck you like the bad girl we know you are?"
"yes! please!" you cried out, your hands searching for something to grab on to. you feel jay grab your forearms, shoving them together and locking them onto your back.
"leave your hands here." jay grunted out, you feel him stand up off of his bed. you hear shuffling as he undresses himself. "i need to play some music, i don't want my parents to hear." you hum in response to him, watching him turn his speaker on. angel by the weeknd started to fill his room and hopefully quietly down the hall to block out your future noises.
when you feel jay's hard dick press up against your thighs your body jolts with excitement. you felt him presss one last soft kiss in the middle of your spin before he's pushing your upper half down into his mattress so that you ass was in the air for him.
his hands land a loud slap on your ass, making you jolt forward with a moan. "fuckin' love your ass, angel." he slaps your ass again with both hands, "wanted to see it for long, prancing around my room in your skirts, just beggin' for it, yeah?"
"yes, sir." you moan out before you could even stop yourself.
"sir?" you hear jay tease you, "my goody two shoes has a sir kink?" he laughs out, "god you're perfect." jay leans his face down so that his tongue can slide in between your folds, small circles around your clit quickly. you feel his lip piercing's cold metal brush over it ever so slightly before he's pulling away again.
jay reaches over your back, holding onto your locked hands that stayed so obeditently behind your back. "i love the way you taste, so sweet, so good just like you." he mumbles into your skin, shoving his tongue into your hole quickly before he's taking it out again. he hears you whine into his mattress. "what's wrong, baby?" he asks in a mocked, caring tone.
"wanna feel you."
jay slapped your ass with his free hand, "ask nicely like the good girl you are."
"please, i want you tongue sir." you felt him smirk on your spin as he pressed a soft kiss before slapping your ass again.
"good girl." his breath was over your core again, "fuck you're so wet." he used his thumb to spread your folds open, cool air being blown on your bare core.
jay dragged the the flat of his tongue against your slit, collecting all your juices and wetting you with his salivia. you moaned out into the pillow, feeling so incredibly turned on by him that it was almost too much already. the throbbing pain in your ass from his slaps only increased your pleasure more.
you started to grind your hips back into his face, making him laugh against your core. "are you trying to be a little slut?" he asked you, massaging your ass with his free hand, running his fingers over the red marks that were already appearing.
"'m sorr-ry sir, feels so good." you arched your hips to grind against him again.
at full force, jay started to fuck his tongue into your hole, groaning against your core at your taste. he really couldn't get over how good you tasted on his tongue. you really were an angel and he had you all too himself.
within what felt like a minute, jay had to falling apart on his tongue, his grip on your locked hands tighening as you started to shake against his tongue, he spanked your ass as you called out his name, your eyes closing as pleasure took over.
he pressed one final kiss to your wet core before standing up off his bed away from you, your hands falling to your sides from holding them in place for so long. soft whimpers still left your mouth as your high coursed through you. "you good, y/n?" he asked into your air, kissing your temple as your face was still pressed into his mattress.
"yes, sir." you replied obediently, smiling at him through your eye lashes. you heard him dig through his bed side drawer, plopping a condom packet on the bed before digging some more. you heard him mumble to himself before he closed the drawer.
you felt him get on his knees behind you again, pushing your front down again as he slipped the condom on. you could feel your juices mixed with his spit leaking down your legs. jay slid slowly into you, aware that this was only your second time having sex. "fuck, still so tight." he mumbled, sounding like there was something in his mouth. he let you adjust to his size for a moment.
your heavy breath was mixing in with another the weeknd song as you tried to control your clenching core around jay's cock. you heard lighter flicks from behind you suddenly, making yo ulean on your elbow to look at jay, who was lighting a cigarette in his mouth. you quirked an eyebrow up at him as you watched him inhale pushing throwing the lighter somewhere and blowing smoke out of his mouth.
"don't look at me like that." jay shook his head, "i was already at a party tonight with drugs and alcohol, and now i'm fucking you- i need something or else i'm not gonna last." you rolled your eyes at him, plopping your head back down into the mattress as you felt him start to fuck slowly into you.
his cock was already so deep in you that you didn't know how long you were going to last either. the slow r&b song urged jay to start fucking into you faster, gripping onto your waist as he fucked you into his mattress. he'd slow down every few thrusts, getting deep inside of you where he'd circle his hips, reaching everywhere inside of you.
you felt his hand reach underneath you, pinching your nipple before grabbing you by the neck and pulling you up your knees. you rested your head on his shoulder, your body jolting upwards everytime he fucked up into you. his other hand that wasn't holding you up held his cigarette, taking a puff every few seconds.
your hair had become a mess at this point, from the amoutn of times you had shoved your face into the mattress and now it was getting tangled as it hung over your body that rested against jay's.
you kept your eyes closed as you focused on the way jay was fucking you, making you moan out his name and be thankful for the music he had put on. the smell of sweat, jay's cologne and cigarette smoke filled his room as he continously fucked deep inside of you.
the hand that was holding you up, slid down to your clit, rubbing wet circles around it, causing slick sounds to be heard in the room. "fuck, angel, clenching around me so damn tight."
"just for you, sir." you moaned out, turning your head so you could look him in the eyes.
"fuck." he growled out, throwing your body down onto the mattress again, his cock slipping out of you making you whine. he knealt over you, reaching to his bedside table to put the rest of his cigarette out.
his shoved his cock back into you forcefully, making you cry out his name.
"can you touch your clit for me angel? wanna feel you cum around my cock." he asked, grabbing onto your waist again and fucking into you at a fast pace.
"yes, sir." he watched your hand snake under your body and start circling the bud as he fucked deep inside of you to reach your high.
the sight of you trying to get yoruself off while his cock was pleasuring you was almost too much for jay as he rolled his eyes back and swore out loud. your walls were spasming around him in now time, loving the way he was gripping onto you so tight.
he spanked your ass as you came, intensifying your skin as he continued to pound into you, reaching his own orgasm shortly after.
jay collapsed onto you, his cock still sitting in your wet and used walls. your heavy breaths filled the room as both of you tried to calm down from your orgasms.
when he felt his cock soften finally, he pulled out of you slowly, not wanting to overstimulate you more from how sensitive you were. he tied off the condom and threw it into the garbage bin beside his bed.
"i'll get you some water, angel." jay kissed your temple, rubbing your back briefly before throwing on some sweatpants and leaving for the kitchen.
the slow music still played through the speakers as you sat up in jay's bed, reaching over the side to grab something to cover in. jay's black band shirt was over your shoulders in an instant so you could lay back down. there was already a throbbing in yoru core from how hard jay was fucking into you- you knew that you wouldn't be able to move for the rest of the weekend but you didn't regret it at all.
jay came back with a soft smile on his face as he saw you in his shirt, in his bed, with his bite marks on your thights.
"here you go." jay gave you a glass of water and climbed to sit beside you in the bed, wrapping his duvet around you and him. "are you okay?"
you nodded as you set your glass of water down beside his burnt out cigarette, "'m perfect." jay smiled at you, pulling you into a deep kiss.
"you told your parents that you're sleeping at seeun's, right?" you hummed in response to his questions, "good, let's go to sleep, we're going to need it since exams are starting soon."
you groaned as you layed back with him, your head coming to rest on his chest. "don't remind me about exams right now."
"i'm sorry! i'm kinda excited for them."
"you're excited for exams?" you asked him.
"yeah, i've never studied for them before ."
you hummed in realization at his words, "maybe you are getting a halo, jay."
"maybe." you heard jay reply, before the two of you fall asleep to the sounds of each others breaths, both content with your relationship for the moment, unaware of lies.
-- -- -- - -- -- -- -
although jay said he was excited for exams, he didn't really know just how stressful studying for exams could be. it felt like there was an outweighing pressure on him whether he was studying or not.
and even though you were there beside him for majiroty of it, he still felt like he wasn't going anywhere. he hated sitting beside someone as smart as you, bothering you to help him when you needed to study as well.
you constantly told him that you didn't mind helping him (you were his tutor at first) but he just didn't believe you. he felt guilty distracting you from you own work when you're the one who actually has a bright future in front of them.
jay had been trying to be good for you the moment you started to tutor him. cutting out drugs and alcohol so quick for him was proven to be difficult very quick. anytime that he was around his friends, he'd drink or smoke, not telling you what he was up to.
jay knew that he should've told you that he was still getting intoxicated, but he didn't want to disappoint you like he's done to his entire family and peers. he couldn't bear to see a disappointed look on your face because of his actions.
so friday night, when the stress of studying for exams became all too much, he let heeseung pick him up and take him to an-almost-end-of-the-year-party.
and he drank and he smoked and he lost himself in the shitty house music that he swore he hated. everytime the thought of you came into his mind, he took another shot to try to distract himself from how much of a disapointment he was. everyone was right, you were too good for him.
that disapointed look from you came all too quick when he woke up the next day to you shoving his shoulder, waking him up in his bed. it took him a second to realize where he was and what the hell was going on, but once he did oh god was he fucked.
"y/n!" he jumped out of bed, only wearing those grey sweatpants that you liked on him so much. "i-"
"it's whatever, jay," you put your hand up to him, frustrated that he had gone out and got intoxicated behind your back. "i'll talk to you monday when you're not hungover."
"y/n." he grabbed your arm, stopping you from leaving his bedroom, "i'm sorry! i just, exams! i didn't think they'd be so stressful!" you couldn't look at him as he explained himself, feeling lied to was the worse thing you could feel.
"you could've at least told me you were going to a party." you mumbled to him, wondeirng if he had hooked up with any girls last night.
"i know! you're right! i'm a fucking asshole. i'm sorry, i tried to be good for you- i did!"
you sighed as he kept apologizing to you, wondering how many times exactly he's lied to you about being somewhere or being sober.
"y/n, look at me." his voice sounded weak as he said your name again. you forced yourself to look at him, tiredness evident on his face from the night he had. "i am sorry. i like you so much i-."
"do you like me?" you cut him off, "because if you did i don't know why you'd lie to me about this."
"of course i fucking like you! i can't go a second through my day without thinking about you! i have to drink to stop thinking about you and how much of a disapointment i am to you! it's so hard trying to be good i- i'm just not."
your hand grabbed jay's face, making him look you in the eyes, "park jay." you made him listen to you, "you are not a fucking disappointment." jay's eyes widen at your use of langauge, never hearing you swear before in his life, "you don't have to be good for me. no one is exactly good, take me for an example. i understand that you like to drink and smoke and party and whatever! i just hate knowing that you're wasting your life away when you have so much potential! i don't care if you smoke or drink i just want you to be able to have a good future! i didn't mean to make it sound like you had to go behind my back to do those things! so i'm sorry." you confessed to him, feeling guilty yourself for putting pressure on him to feel like he's not good enough for you.
jay sighs at your confession, the weight on his shoulders leaving as he realizes his own stupid mistakes. "it's okay. i'm still sorry that i did those things behind your back." he nodded, moving forward to rest his chin on your shoulder.
you wrap your arms around him, smiling as he almost knocks you over by leaning his entire weight on you, "it's okay. next time, we should just talk about these things, i don't want there to be anymore miscommunication, okay?"
"okay, angel." jay nodded, pulling away so he could smash his lips onto your own, kissing you like it's the first time all over again.
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
new fact: walking into school with park jay holding your hand will 100% cause everyone to stop and stare at you.
"what do we do?" you whispered to him, continuing your way to your locker.
"just don't look at them, they're fucking annoying." he grunted at you, hating everyone in the school.
"jay!" you hissed at him.
"sorry! you asked!" he shoved you playfully, pulling you back into him by your hand.
"what the hell?" you heard a familiar voice behind you. both you and jay turn at the sudden declaration.
seeun stood behind you, a disgusted look on her face as she looked at you, jay and your intertwined hands.
"seeun." you said her name, pulling your hand away from jay out of instinct.
"save it, y/n. now i know that this is who's been keeping you so busy." seeun pointed at jay, "so busy that you can't hang out with your best friend."
"seeun i'm sorry! i didn't mean for it to be like this!" you tried to explain, but she turned on her heel and stormed through the crowd of students until she was gone. you turned and looked at jay, an upset expression on your face.
"go after her, i'm fine." jay smiled at you, nodding towards the direction where seeun went. you smiled at him, pulling him in for a kiss that made everyone gasp before you ran down the hall where seeun went.
you pushed into the girls bathroom where you saw her disappear to, her bent over figure leaning over the bathroom sink.
"seeun." your voice makes her head jolt up, a scowl on her face when she sees that it's you. "i'm sorry."
"you're sorry?" seeun says, standing up straight. "you have nothing to be sorry for y/n." she says in a mocked tone, "you're just throwing your life away with some misfit delinquent. go ahead! as if i care!"
"seeun!" you hiss at her, not believing the way she was speaking to you. "it's not like that! he's not like that!"
"he's not a misfit?" seeun laughs in your face, "then what the hell is he? and why is a girl like you dating a guy like park jay?"
god you were getting so sick of that phrase.
"because i'm a misfit too! i don't fit in in this society either! and that's all i ever wanted! i'm fucking happy seeun!"
seeun gasped at your confession before she scoffed, "who even are you?" she asked, shoving past you and exiting the bathroom.
you stood in silence with your jaw dropped open as you walked towards the mirror. you wiped your face from the fallen tears that managed to escape because of your best- ex best friend.
the toilet flushing in one of the stalls behind you made you stand up straight, looking at yoruself in the relection as if anything was fine.
park sieun with her pretty orange hair walked up behind you, washing her hands in the sink beside you.
"you shouldn't listen to her." she spoke to you for the first time in your whole high school career.
"what?" you asked confused, wondering if she even knew who she was talking to. sieun dried her hands before looking at you.
"don't listen to yoon seeun. it's hard for someone to be friends with her. she cares too much about fitting in in this world when that's so hard to do. once she realizes just how much of a 'misfit' someone is, she cuts them out of her life."
"oh." you nod, looking down at your hands, remembering that sieun and seeun use to be friends. "oh."
sieun smiles at your realization, "i'm a misfit too y/n, believe it or not. so don't listen to seeun. and i think it's cool that you're dating jay, whether or not your high school reputations allow it or not, who cares, just have fun."
you smile at her words, feeling a bit better now that you've realized just how much high school stereotypes and cliques can really ruin a person.
"thank you sieun, really."
"it's no problem." she shakes her pretty head, "good luck on your exams." she pats your shoulder and leaves the bathroom as the bell rings.
-- -- -- -- -- -- --
within the last few days of high school, yoon seeun had already found a new 'best friend' as she sat with her at yours and seeun's old cafeteria table. it made your stomach feel sick when you walked in and someone sitting in 'your' spot. you really were just so replaceable to seeun.
an arm wrapped around your shoulder as the frown your deepened at the sight, "just come sit with us outside, it'll be fun." jay spoke from behind you, making you smile up at him.
hanging out with jay and the rest of the 'misfits' was something you never thought that you'd do. but fitting in with them was a lot easier than fitting in with the rest of the world.
jake apologized for the last time you had partied with them, feeling guilty for being such an asshole drunk. but you only smiled and hugged him, catching the wink jay threw to you over his shoulder.
you fit in with the rest of the boys so much that it made them even want to study for their exams. so you all made flashcards and makeshift quizzes and studied in heeseung's bedroom until you rotted.
they all groaned when you told them they had more questions to do, but in the end it worked out the best for them.
jay, sunghoon and jake all graduated that year with you, all of them thankful that you had become their tutor. they had joined heeseung at the local state college, grateful that somewhere had accepted them with their last minute grades.
you ended up getting accepted into a university a few hours away from seoul, wanting to still get away from your strict parents.
the boys were sad that they wouldn't see you as much. it put worry on you and jay for how much you'd see eachother by being hours away from each other everyday.
but you made a promise to call and to visit once a month.
and you were perfect with that.
because you and jay need each other.
your relationship can work through the distance as it's worked through the changes you had to make for the better of the both of you.
you were too good and he was too bad- you had to find the balance through each other.
and now park jay hates everyone except for you (and maybe heeseung)
Tumblr media
@ taeghi, 2022. do not repost or reuse in anyway.
stay safe everyone :)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
how enhypen views you
𝐇𝐄𝐄𝐒𝐄𝐔𝐍𝐆. to heeseung, you’re his princess. in other words your the person who he loves to cater to. from cuddling to taking late night walks to get you something from the convenience store. heeseung would anything and everything for you. since the beginning of your dating he has always clinged on to you for the longest.
𝐉𝐀𝐘. to jay, you’re his world. the day you both met was a dream. the most perfect dream one could ever imagine. jay has always been fond of you and the person you were so the same day you met he promised you that he would do anything for you, in an exaggerated tone of “life or death.” in simpler words jay revolves around you and loves you very deeply.
𝐉𝐀𝐊𝐄. to jake, you’re his partner in crime. it’s an unspoken rule between you too that you have to do everything, within limits, together. from teasing niki to helping him practice in the hybe dance studio. jake can’t live without you, it’s to the point where if you both don’t see each other for days, he’ll call you every single day just to keep that presence between you too together forever.
𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐇𝐎𝐎𝐍. to sunghoon, you’re his reason for living. sunghoon has always lived a quiet life, he never experienced new things until he met you. even when he’s uncomfortable with the new you make it a more palatable experience. when he thinks of you, he finds a will to live life. you’re his muse for life.
𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐎𝐎. to sunoo, you’re his reason to smile. although sunoo is the bubbly personality of the group, sometimes it takes a toll on his mental health because he wants to kept that light and happy feeling to the group. and on those days where he feels horrible about himself and starts feeling insecure, you brighten his day which brings his true smile back to life.
𝐉𝐔𝐍𝐆𝐖𝐎𝐍. to jungwon, you’re his safety blanket. knowing that jungwon is the leader, it’s hard for him to express his emotions to everyone since he has this strong image of what a leader should be. but that’s when you come in. your presence brings him comfort and allows him to express how he feels in great detail knowing that you will bring that sadness and worry to a halt.
𝐍𝐈-𝐊𝐈. to niki, you’re his bestfriend. even though you both are dating, he finds a safety in telling you his worries, coming to during struggling times, and having someone just to talk to just because. niki sees you as the only person who can understand him for who is and not just what he shows to fans and the world.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
unedited :)
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𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐥
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
suggestive content.
pairing: dom vamp!jay x sub human fem!reader
warnings: mentions of alcohol, lots of making out, fingering, blood, jay leaves the poor reader alone.
a/n: reposting this one bc it got lots of love before. also thank you wifey @jeontaeil for helping me with the editing <3
dimmed red lights, sweaty bodies against each other, the smell of alcohol, some people making out, and the magnificent buzz that made your whole body tingle thanks to the cocktails you had earlier, was all you could feel and see at the club tonight.
you loved feeling like this; your black mini dress hugging your curves perfectly, confidence oozing from you, the sultry movements on the dance floor, and the charming smiles you gave to the strangers who were admiring you made you feel powerful, hot, desired.
but there was a certain stare that caught your eye, a certain man. was he always there? sitting comfortably on a sofa at the back of the club, legs spread with an almost-empty glass of whiskey in his hand, an all-back suit dressing his figure neatly, messy black hair slightly parted to the side - you think you would’ve noticed him if he was there earlier, hell, you would’ve noticed that man anywhere.
his beauty was out of this world, ethereal, surreal even. but what really got you mesmerized were his eyes, his stare, the way he looked at you so intensely, like he wanted your attention, like he wanted to devour you.
and if it was your attention that he wanted then he got it, because here you were, standing like an idiot in the middle of the crowd, hypnotized by those beautiful black orbs that you swore could read your mind, because in that exact moment he got up and walked right to you. you could feel your heart beating like crazy against your rib cage, his presence made you feel so small, so insignificant, yet it excited you so much.
“mind if i dance with you, doll?” he reached his hand out to you, an alluring smirk adorning his face. as if you were the only person in the room, his eyes never left yours. and you took his hand, sparks of electricity running through your body as the ridiculously attractive man pulled you closer to him. his grip on your hips tight and your arms wrapped around his neck, sensually swaying to the rhythm of the music.
you were intoxicated by him. the smell of his expensive, musky perfume, the way you could feel his hot breath against your lips, the way his hands went from your hips to your waist slowly and teasingly - you wanted to kiss him, to give yourself to him. you wanted him.
and that’s how you ended up pressed against the wall of an alleyway next to the club. one of his hands tightly holding both of your wrists over your head while the other was on your lower back, pulling you as close as possible as you two made out desperately with the faint sound of the music playing from the club.
he broke the kiss, tilting your head up by your chin to make you look at him, and damn those eyes, damn him and his deceptive smile, damn him and his hand tracing your spine while you tried to collect your thoughts.
“have you heard about vampires before darling?” he smirked. and your breath got caught in your throat. you were sure that the enticing creatures lived here on earth, hiding in the darkness out of the public eye, and you were always curious about them, wanting to know more about their existence until your mother scolded you for liking those ‘blood-sucking monsters’.
“yes.” you said breathlessly, watching his smirk turn into a cocky smile, allowing you to see the pointy fangs that adorned his mouth. you felt your knees weaken and your pulse quicken alarmingly, but you weren’t afraid. there was something about him that was so appealing, even if you tried you couldn’t put your finger on it. it fogged your mind completely like you were in some sort of spell.
“you’re not scared of me, are you?” he asked you in a whisper. “what... what makes you think i’m not?”
he got closer to your neck, leaving a wet kiss right where your carotid was, gracing the skin with his fangs the tiniest bit, making your breath hitch. “i can actually read your mind you know.” he said mockingly.
oh, that made sense. he knows the filthy thoughts you were having about h-
“the answer for that is yes.” your eyes widened, embarrassment clear on your face as he laughed at you. “you weren’t so embarrassed when you wondered how would it feel to have my cock inside of you, pounding into you mercilessly, begging to be used and ruined. so don’t get all shy on me now.” you smiled timidly at that, the words arousing you stupidly quick.
and he knew, he could smell it, the way your blood flooded through your body quicker every time he got too close. he could see your pulse clearly on your neck, waiting for him to bite you, to taste you.
and he desired you. you smelled different - deliciously sweet and so dangerously good. he just wanted you for himself, you were his now.
contrasting your shy demeanor from earlier, you kissed him fervently again, tongue grazing the tip of his fangs lightly making him grunt. the hand the previously held your chin was now making his way under your dress to finally touch you, rubbing your clit in circular motions, making you mewl.
he broke the kiss again, staring at you with glazed eyes, his bottom lip between his teeth. “fuck, stop looking at me like that or my knees will not hold me any longer.” you moaned out and he cocked an eyebrow. “i knew you were bolder than that.”
he inserted two fingers into you, curling them to hit the spot that had you screaming a string of curses. as you were about to come you threw your head back, and his breath hitched, his irises now a deep shade of red instead of black, his face getting closer to your neck. and he bit you, a cry of pain and pleasure leaving your mouth as you felt yourself reach your high. he moaned at your taste, it was just as good as he thought, maybe even better.
your legs were starting to give up. the orgasm mixed with the loss of blood made you feel lightheaded, eyes trying to stay open as he still sucked on your neck. he laid you down softly on the cold concrete floor.
you were losing your consciousness, you knew it, but you still had so many questions. were you going to be a vampire now? were you going to die? would you see him again? you didn’t even know his name in the first place.
your vision started to blur as you battled to stay awake, and he detached himself from your neck. “you’re not going to turn into a vampire doll, and no, you’re not dying either.” he got up, licking his fingers that were still covered in your arousal as he walked away. “i can’t guarantee we’ll meet again, but i sure hope so.” he turned around to look at you one last time, “and you can call me jay.” that was the last thing you heard before finally falling unconscious in the dark alleyway. a birthday to remember, right?
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this is not the polaroid love visual cam, this is a jay jawline appreciation post
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𝐓𝐑𝐎𝐔𝐕𝐀𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐄 — sim jaeyun
wc: 3.5k
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— 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐢𝐚 (𝐝𝐞𝐦𝐢𝐠𝐨𝐝 𝐚𝐮)
paring. son of hephaestus! jake x child of demeter! reader
genre. fluff, jake is an actual softie bye, blacksmith/craftsman! jake, angst
synopsis. a sleep-deprived jake stumbles across the flower garden you created near the backside of your dormitory and accidentally sets it on fire.
warnings. like one swear word, traumatic childhood (fire)
Tumblr media
trou·vaille /tro͞oˈvī/
(n.) something lovely discovered by chance
It appeared to be ingrained into every young child's imagination after hearing myth after myth of pure defamation of the God of fire and forgery. Contrary to popular belief, the son of Hephaestus wasn't hideous — he was far from it. Jake was a handsome fellow whose striking features weren't broadcasted schoolwide like the children of aphrodite and were left underappreciated. Rumors surrounding the young blacksmith flew around campus, with some glorifying him with the best-known demigod compliment — "he's more stunning than any child of aphrodite." However, these rumors had no factual basis, and most people were never even given the chance to catch a slight glance of the hardworking boy.
Maybe if Jake stepped out of his workshop for once, things would be different. The boy spent most of his time cooped up in his own confinement, crafting and sharpening weapons in the student's best interest. He crafted custom weapons for the half-bloods and often took requests, referred to him by his messenger, Huening Kai, the son of Hermes. Young Kai admired Jake for his diligence and dedication to his own craftsmanship. The boy had even offered to deliver Jake's three meals to him instead of forcing him to step outside his workshop into the daylight.
The only time he'd ever travel out of his workshop was late at night to get back to his dormitory or early before sunrise. In the mornings, the cold startled Jake with its weightless menace, freezing his fingertips, making the grip on his materials painfully numb. Being the only child of Hephaestus blessed with pyrokinesis skills, he often found comfort casting small sparks of fire, momentarily heating his hands, relieving him from the sharp chill in the air.
Today was relatively quiet. There wasn't a single yelp from the battlegrounds nor the shooting range. Jake groaned at the sudden singing of a bird, accidentally chipping off an essential part of the polearm he was preparing for the young son of Athena. He often found it amusing how songbirds would erupt in screeches whenever he needed to concentrate.
Sighing, the boy checked his rusted pocket watch, which displayed 10:45 am, two whole hours away from lunch. Every second felt like an hour, slowed by his impatience, frightened by the endless stretch of the morning that didn't seem to end. Rubbing his ash-covered palms on his apron, Jake threw the polearm in the burning fire before making his way outside his workshop.
Sunlight slid across his face, making it appear angular, yet so smooth. The boy squinted at the sudden shift in environment and his own decisions—he was never the one who retrieved his materials. However, today, the songbirds had other plans for him.
Trudging past the shooting range, the boy stuck close to the overbearing trees of the forest, not wanting to attract any unwanted attention. He never dealt well with it. The last time he recalled being surrounded by people was when he was just eight years old, standing in front of his burning house, everything set ablaze other than himself. He remembered the muffled screaming of his mother and the sharp ringing in his ears as he stood still, unable to move. Neighbours and firefighters swarmed his vision, shaking him without a single inch of pity, demanding answers. "It was an accident" was the only thing the boy could croak out.
Imported supplies were usually located near the backside of dormitory four: the children of Demeter's residence, which was around a kilometer away. Jake rubbed his eyes, barely keeping them open as he strolled down the foliage-covered trail. The boy didn't get a single minute of sleep, and it was evident on his face. Dark bags hung low below his eyes, and his thoughts wandered, staring off into space. He was used to it, the strenuous process of forging items late into the night, accompanied by his empty cans of caffeinated drinks. Jake really wasn't in the best state.
Upon arrival, he was wonderstruck. The backside of the dormitory was a well-kept garden with rich soil and apple trees running down the center. Around the garden was a fence decorated with tomato vines and flowers, colours ranging from burgundy to bright lilac. He admired the beauty, gaze fixed on the flowers as he ran his hands across the fence. It reminded him of his mother.
Her hair was shoulder length and a dark brown, usually wrapped up in a low bun. She held young Jake's hand as she led her son to the garden next to the rocky hill. Her smile brought warmth, and she often wore a gentle expression full of love. "This is a purple lilac," his mother spoke, pointing at the bush covered with purple petals. "They represent the beginning of love."
The young boy only furrowed his eyebrows in confusion at his mother's words.
"I met your father in a garden just like this. He didn't look like he belonged in an area full of flowers. He was so out of place I couldn't help but giggle." his mother smiled, looking towards the sky. "That day felt like a godsend, and I fell in love with your father."
"Then where is he now?" Jake yelled. "Why wasn't he here to stop it? Stop me."
This wasn't part of his memories. He didn't remember lashing out at his mother when that event hadn't even occurred yet.
Coming back to his senses, the boy smelt a slight burning rising into the formerly fresh air. Jake cursed under his breath as he saw the trail of flames he had accidentally cast upon touching the flowers. No matter how hard he tried, the burning wouldn't stop. He couldn't control it. It was like that day all over again.
His mother patted his head as she tucked the eight-year-old into bed, kissing him goodnight. She exited his room, closing the door behind her as a worried expression worked its way up her face. Jake was confused.
That was until he heard it.
A high-pitched screech, his mother crying and yelping, begging for his life.
"Please, not my son."
Those were the last words Jake heard before his surroundings were engulfed in flames.
"Hey, you there! What are you doing?" Someone spoke, their voice trembling with worry. Yn didn't have any classes this morning and usually spent the time tending to the flowers placed on the windowsill inside their kitchen dorm. Her everyday routine had gone smoothly with no disturbances — until now. Placing her watering can aside, she watched as a strange brunet approached their shared garden, admiring the flowers that decorated the fences. She had never seen him before, and his face was marked with dusty fingerprints of charcoal. The clueless fellow ran his hands along with the flowers before his feet seemingly glued themselves to the grassy field. Yn didn't want to disturb the boy. Maybe he was caught up in the garden's beauty. His gaze seemed to wander to space, and before Yn could giggle, the flowers erupted in flames.
Quickly grabbing the extinguisher sitting near the backdoor, Yn rushed out of the dormitory. The children of Demeter were always cautious about their garden and put hours into perfecting its aesthetic. The garden, to them, was a safe space, one to train their powers and grow their organic vegetables. Yn couldn't risk it burning down, especially when someone was about to get caught up in the horrors of the flames.
The boy who was already attempting to shake off the fire seemed taken aback by her presence. "Sorry, I don't know what happened." He stuttered, stepping away from the fence.
"Just move over a tad." Yn pushed the boy further away from the flames before lifting the heavy extinguisher to tame the rage. Dropping the heavy metal to the ground, She wanted to blame the lad for his careless actions, but before she could say anything, her eyes softened at the sight of the shaking boy. "Hey, are you okay? You're practically sweating bullets."
He noticed the look of worry plastered on her face, quickly wiping his forehead with his ash-tainted sleeve. "Yeah, um, I'm okay. The fire was hot — boiling, actually."
She scanned his face and noted the anxious darting of his eyes. "If the fire was so hot your face wouldn't be this pale."
Jake struggled to find an excuse and stood frozen in place, similar to how Yn's gaze never shifted away from his. Before he croaked out any words, Yn turned her attention to the pocket of her blazer, pulling out a beige handkerchief engraved with white lettering. She slowly approached the boy who stood in a daze, wondering what she was going to do to him. "Please don't drug me, it was an accident."
She grabbed his arm and wrapped the soft fabric around his palm, tying a knot on the backside of his hand. "You're bleeding. How did you not sense the pain? Some vines have thorns. Please be careful next time."
A flush crept onto his cheeks as he felt almost embarrassed for assuming the total opposite. He didn't expect kindness from someone who got their garden ruined by some sleep-deprived Mechanic. He expected her to rage and push him away from their property which he had overstepped.
"Why don't you come in," she spoke, picking up the extinguisher she had previously placed on the ground. "I'll help you treat your wounds."
Never did Jake imagine he'd be invited into someone's dormitory. He'd never even stepped a foot into Kai's, but here he was nervously scratching the back of his neck as he followed Yn into their backdoor. "A-are we even allowed to enter other people's dorms?"
The girl in front of him giggled at his innocence. Had he never been to a friend's dorm before? Speaking of friends, Yn had never seen the boy's face before. As much as it was difficult to admit, Yn found herself admiring the boy's facial features. His innocent round eyes complimented his prominent cheekbones and gave him a soft yet masculine aura. Although the boy's face was covered in ash marks, his attractiveness still shined through. Yn was accustomed to boys like Park Sunghoon, the son of aphrodite. He was the talk of the entire school but had a nasty personality. He was narcissistic and had so much pride, he practically saw others as ants littering his pathway. He was a heartbreaker, but girls still flocked to him, trying their chances.
The boy standing in front of her on the other hand was kind and apologetic, yet so effortlessly gorgeous. Why wasn't someone like him popular?
Scanning her ID card, the door automatically swung open, leading to a bright white-tiled kitchen area. The walls were filled with shelves of pictures accompanied by small pots of plants. Yn put the extinguisher to the side before motioning for Jake to enter the dormitory. He stood awkwardly at the doorway for a moment before obeying and entering the rather elegant area. Contrasting to Yn's dorm, the dormitory for the children of Hephaestus wasn't as tidy or elegant. His dorm was homey and warm, but the walls were a dark burgundy colour, and the floor was carpeted.
"Hey, don't just stand there, come sit down. We keep the first aid kit under the dining table for convenience." She motioned for him to sit down on the chair set in front of her which had already been pulled out for him. "On that note, I've never seen you before. Are you new?"
Adjusting himself in the cushioned seat, Jake shook his head slightly as Yn gently laid his arm on the table, untying the handkerchief. "No, I've been here ever since I was eight."
Yn, who was pouring rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad, stopped to stare at the boy in disbelief. "You've been here since you were seven?" Why hadn't she known him? She too had been living at the boarding school ever since she was a young child but never came face to face with him.
"Yeah, um, I don't come out often." Jake kicked at his chair as his spare hand fiddled with the pockets of his black cargo trousers. "I'm usually at my workshop, and I only ever go out to return to my dormitory. Sometimes I'm there twenty-four seven." He trailed off, feeling slightly embarrassed for rambling about his unhealthy daily routine. He expected her to give him an odd expression, but she only smiled, nodding slightly before going back to sanitize his wounds.
"That's quite new. I Haven't met someone with such a dedication to their own craft. Workshop though? Are you a son of Hephaestus?" She peered up at the boy who had now gone timid.
Jake gulped nervously and shifted his gaze away from hers. He nodded as a reply before looking down at his fingers. Yn was surprised Jake didn't wince in pain because he seemed rather fragile. Placing the cotton pad off to the side, she grabbed the bandage roll and wrapped it around his hand. "Do you have a high pain tolerance?"
Jake was shocked at how easy it was for her to pick up on little details about himself that he had never mentioned. "Yeah, I do. Developed it actually. I've burned myself making weapons so many times I've lost count."
"So you're the one behind all those weapons the stars of our school use?" Yn stared at Jake in awe. She genuinely admired the weapons the students on the battlefield used daily. The design retrieved and represented the mythology of their godly parents and was well crafted to a point where she thought they were brought down from Olympus. "They're truly a work of art. I've always thought they were made by the gods."
Often, Jake would only hear a "cool thanks" or "Yeah, this is just what I pictured it to look like. Thanks," from the students who came to him for specific commissions. He rarely heard a genuine compliment from someone who wasn't trying to gain anything from him. Jake's lips pulled into a shy smile as he felt his ears heating up. "Thanks, it means a lot."
She returned his smile before tucking the tail of the bandage through the wrapped section. "Hold on, stay here, I'll be right back." Yn scurried to the end of the hall, close to the main entrance, and returned with a bucket of water and a pale yellow towel. Settling the bucket on the wooden table, she carefully dipped the towel into the water before scooting close to the confused boy.
"Hold still," Yn whispered, sending goosebumps down his spine. She was now inches away from his face, and Jake didn't know where to look. No longer was only his ears burning, but his entire face felt hot as he diverted his gaze to anywhere but her.
Yn wanted to help wipe the charcoal stains off his face. It all made sense now — his loose-fitted clothing, the ash stains, and his pyrokinesis. But before she could do anything, she noticed the boy blushing with his lips pursed into a straight line. "Aw, you're blushing like a rose." Yn giggled with her hand over her mouth.
Jake was beyond embarrassed at this point but also somewhat love-struck. He'd never felt so appreciated since his mother died. His mother was the only one who cherished him, and at the boarding school, everyone used him to their own benefit. He slightly shifted his gaze up to the girl whose eyes were shaped as crescents as she laughed. The boy couldn't help but blush even darker before biting his lip and dropping his head low to hide his obvious tomato coloured face.
Yn composed herself after seeing the boy's reaction to her comment. She found him so endearing, the way he didn't deny his feelings or criticize her for ruining their ego. "Okay, okay, I'll stop teasing you now." She patted his head softly. "But I'll need you to lift your head. I'm gonna wipe the charcoal stains off your face."
Jake slightly nodded before raising his head slowly, face still flushed. She didn't comment this time as she focused on cleaning the stain on his cheek. "So why were you so pale back at the garden?" Yn questioned, aiming to fill the awkward silence.
"Oh, about that," Jake started before looking down again.
"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to! I don't want to make you uncomfortable."
There was a moment of silence before Jake cleared his throat. He'd just met Yn a few minutes ago, yet he found himself wanting to tell her everything. For years no one cared to consider his feelings nor listen to his story. No one paid attention, so he kept his struggles bottled in — but that's only what he thought. "I had a flashback. Sounds lame but I was reminded of my mother. She never got with anyone after my dad left for Olympus. She stayed strong and worked two jobs to keep food on the table. Half-bloods have a smell, you know, and my mother was too weak to handle a monster by herself. They invaded our house and attempted to murder me. She begged for them to spare me and then..." pain was evident in the way he spoke as his voice cracked, trailing off.
"Take your time, don't rush yourself. You don't need to force anything out if you don't want to say it." Yn lightly patted his shoulder, ensuring him it was okay.
"I set the house ablaze." He shook his head profusely at the thought before his hands made their way up to his hair, messing it up as the feelings of regret and anger flooded back into his heart.
"Hey, hey." Yn took his hands into hers, slowly bringing them back to his lap. She squeezed his uninjured hand lightly, attempting to comfort the boy. He was clearly hurt but never seemed to open up about his problems. "It's not your fault. Don't panic."
"It was a mistake." He croaked. "I didn't have good control over my powers, and it was the first time it had ever manifested. My mother died in that fire. The whole house crumpled to shreds, and I failed to save her. I was the only one alive." His glassy eyes stared directly at Yn's for the first time. He found comfort in her. The way she would accept him and listen to everything he had to say.
Setting the towel on the table, she embraced the boy in a warm hug. She didn't know Jake, but she felt the sudden urge to comfort him and tell him it was okay. He was first shocked at her abrupt act but softened up, letting his tears fall without fear.
"It's not your fault," Yn spoke in a soft tone before pulling away to look at the puffy-eyed boy. "Don't cry, we can't have tears staining your pretty face."
Jake's heartbeat sped up while Yn grabbed the cloth one more time, dabbing his tears away.
"I'm sorry for taking up so much of your time, I-"
"Don't worry about it. It was the highlight of my day — meeting you."
"Even if I burned down your flower fences?"
Yn chuckled slightly at the boy's genuine concern. "Yes, even though you burned down the flower fences."
Jake smiled shyly, standing up and getting ready to leave. He still had duties and a commission to finish soon. He couldn't have people screaming at him constantly to "speed the fuck up."
"You're leaving already?" Yn tugged at the blacksmith's sleeve. "But I still have so many questions to ask you."
Instead of a blush, Jake genuinely smiled. A fluttery feeling filled his chest when he patted Yn's head. "I'll visit you often. I'll try to come out more."
Yn felt rather bold today and decided to take him up on the offer. "How about lunch? Have lunch with me. I heard the famous craftsman never eats food at the dining hall of the school."
"Sounds good." Jake let out a small laugh as his smile grew wider. He wasn't used to someone so direct, but he loved every moment of it. "Looks like I'll finally be wearing my uniform for the first time."
Standing up from her seat, Yn went to open the door for Jake. "I'll be looking forward to it."
She brought her hand up to cover the side of her mouth before whispering in his ear. "Oh, and Don't overwork yourself." Before Jake could say anything, Yn placed a light peck on his cheek, pushing the flushed blacksmith outside the dorm before closing the door as quickly as possible. She slid to the ground, hitting the cold tiled floor. Now she was the one uncontrollably blushing as she buried her face in her palms.
"Shit..." Yn cursed under her breath. "I forgot to ask for his name."
Tumblr media
a/n: woo! The first installment is out! I'm sorry it took so long I was so busy with school and at some point I lowkey lost inspiration. But I'm back now and I'll be writing the other installments soon. Who would you like to see next? 👀
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#.chapter sixteen:: jungwon peace out 👋
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#.author’s notes:: well well riki is quite popular i see.. A KNEE WAYZ SOREY FOR THE WAITTTT
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𝐬𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞?!
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love letters ?
you and jays worlds should’ve never collided. hes the most popular kid in school, and you, for lack of better terms, weren’t. so what happens when you’re thrown into a spiral after he reveals hes your favorite manga artist? and what could be more shocking? the fact that hes been using you for inspiration.
xvii: literally everyone hates you
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🌼 𝐧𝐢𝐧'𝐬 𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧 𝐥𝐨𝐜𝐤𝐬𝐜𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐧𝐬 🌼
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Drunk texting
Warning: cursing, mentions consumption of alcohol… duh!
Pairing: Hyung line x Reader
A/n/ this is really corny Ik but I haven’t posted in so long! also thank you for 600+ followers!! ❤️🥺
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Tumblr media
Despite being in different departments of the mafia known as the "Belift Underground", you and Lee Heeseung have never gotten along, always finding yourself competing in the most unnecessary competitions. Tonight, gambling. And well, neither of you are willing to go down the loser.
*This fic works as a standalone, but is also written based on an upcoming longer one-shot as a part of a series.
.: 3k words .:. female reader .:. rivals (to lovers?) .:. romance, comedy :.
.: tw: mature language, gambling, alcohol consumption, suggestive content :.
.: masterlist .:. belift underground :.
Tumblr media
a/n: wrote this up as a celebration of 200 followers on this blog 🥳 sorry if this seems rushed or anything, since i only wrote this up as a drabble (and teaser?) for my upcoming heeseung fic for my belift underground series. idk, have fun and i hope you guys enjoy 💜
Tumblr media
“I think I’m gonna throw up,” you admit, looking at yourself in the mirror.
“Don’t,” you say with a mocking tone. “Gee, why didn’t I think of that?”
Jake playfully rolls his eyes at you, finally securing the strap of his watch around his wrist. “You’re being stupid. You’ll be fine.”
“But I don’t want to be fine, I want to win,” you reply, smoothing out the silk of your red dress. It’s just a simple Saturday night bet, and yet you’ve opted to dress to the nines. Mostly for yourself, but also to see your damn arch nemesis pretend not to ogle at you as you beat him at some stupid game.
From beside her boyfriend, Key smiles brightly at you. “If anything, we’re on your side!” She herself was in a pretty copper top and a miniskirt, matching Jake’s own bomber jacket. The night was young, and while those two rarely ever dress up, the weekend seemed to beg for it with how busy everything has recently been. Jake himself just had an entire mishap with a tech company as a hacker, and Key, well, she’s a supportive partner who recently had final exams.
And well, kids in the mafia rarely ever get a night out.
“Um, actually, about that-”
“We’re both on your side, Ace,” Key cuts Jake off with an even bigger smile. “I’m forcing Jake to cheer you on.”
“Then who’ll cheer on Heeseung?” Jake frowns, eyes silently pleading for Key to let him cheer his own best friend on.
You turn around, satisfied with your look and grabbing your matching purse. “The dealer of the damn game is.”
“Yeah, I’m not putting it past Hoon to let Heeseung win,” Jake agrees with a sigh of defeat. And with that, your trio heads out of your apartment and into the elevator, ready for a night of gambling in the Belift Lab and Casino.
A series of unfortunate events bring you here to this place tonight. Born into the business of Seoul’s Belift Underground mafia, you trained and trained to earn your position as one of the youngest assassins. And while Lee Heeseung isn’t a killer himself, as a man of money, you two have never been friends though you certainly did try once.
There’s a ding, and the elevator doors slide open to reveal the grand lobby of the building. The whole area is generally decorated with chandeliers and tacky designs, as expected of a club and casino. Not that interior design matters at a place like this where only the staff get to see it with the lights on. It’s barely past ten, so it’s still relatively early considering the clubbing scene, but nevertheless, you three confidently stride over to the main casino lounge where Sunghoon and Heeseung are no doubt waiting already.
Music is already booming in the area with disco lights already threatening to blind you, but you keep your shoulders back and lift your chin ever so slightly.
Lee Heeseung is already here.
With his hair cleanly slicked back, he’s wearing an obnoxious all-red three-piece suit; no doubt a present from his boss V after closing some deal in Spain. It’s why you’ve made the bet in the first place. Heeseung’s subpar Spanish made you overconfident and you had taken to betting that he’d come back home a failure. Of course, you had deliberately ignored that despite your dislike for him, he indeed is a fantastic businessman, especially for his lack of age and experience.
And where businessmen and girls like you meet, there are also more bets.
“The blind man’s bluff,” Sunghoon proposed one afternoon. “To settle the better gambler, we should play the blind man’s bluff.”
“It’s me,” Heeseung confidently said.
You smiled, eyes innocently boring into his. “Then why do you seem afraid to play with me?”
“Oh, my darling Ace, I like playing with you,” he smiled, allowing his tongue to poke out the side of his mouth for a brief moment. “After all, I like winning.”
Which brings you here with Sunghoon, your favourite card dealer, several of your friends, and Heeseung, the worst of the worst.
“Aw, it’s cute that you two are matching,” Jay teasingly points out, joining your party of (now) six dressed a little more casually with just a silk button-up. You’ve never known him too well, but you knew him to be a sarcastic ball of fun. Plus, he’s good eye candy.
“Key made me,” Jake frowned jokingly, earning an eye roll from the girl.
“Oh, you two are cute and all, but I was actually referring to these idiots,” Jay says, motioning the glass of vodka in his hands towards yourself and Heeseung. “Red for love.”
“Red for anger,” Heeseung deadpans, taking his seat opposite you on the table.
“Red for passion,” you continue the trend of the phrase, trying to appear unbothered. You may hate him, but you still have eyes, and well, Heeseung certainly has a face and a body. If only you knew then that Heeseung himself took a liking to your cocktail dress.
From beside you both, Sunghoon makes a show out of rolling his eyes as he starts shuffling the card deck in his hand. “Someone remind me why I recommended this again?”
“Just be happy you’re dealing a game for sober friends instead of drunk strangers, yeah?” Heeseung snorts, earning laughter from the boys at the table. You turn away, making eye contact with Key who is just giggling at your situation.
“Just tell us how this game is supposed to go.”
The Blind Man’s Bluff is a version of poker where, to simplify, each player is dealt one card randomly from a deck of forty cards from Aces to Tens. Sunghoon opted out of using the royals of the decks for this game. Each round starts as each player holds up the card on their forehead for the opposing player to see, followed by a round of betting to a maximum total of 100 chips. And essentially, the higher card wins the round.
First to two hundred chips wins overall.
Or in simpler terms, first to none loses.
You smile. While Heeseung is a businessman, you are the more experienced gambler out of the two of you. “Shall we start then?”
Jay snorts, taking a shot out of the rest of his glass. “Can I shuffle?”
“That’s my job,” Sunghoon deadpans, playing with the deck in his hands in a flashy manner.
“And you’re biased towards Hee.”
You turn with a look of confusion, “And you aren’t?”
“What can I say? I live for drama and you’re always bringing it,” Jay smiles, sending a wink your way and you almost wish you’d been assigned to work with him before.
Sunghoon sighs dejectedly, turning to Heeseung for approval. “I’m alright with Jay shuffling. Even if he tried to rig the game against me, he’s too much of an idiot to do so correctly.” After earning a playful punch in the shoulder from the insulted boy, Heeseung orders himself a flute of champagne, staring you down as Jay attempts to do his best in shuffling the cards.
His eye contact pierces through you, and you feel shivers run down your spine.
God, his eyes are pretty.
Getting an identical flute of alcohol for yourself, the game begins.
Holding a card up your forehead, to see that Heeseung has placed a 3 on his forehead. You do your best to hide your eyes from lighting up, knowing that there’s a much higher chance for you to win this round. And as you make mental calculations of how many chips you should be betting, Heeseung suddenly interrupts your thoughts.
“You look pretty when you’re smiling.”
Taken aback, you look back up at him. “Excuse me?”
“You look pretty when you’re smiling,” Heeseung repeats, a smirk forming on his smug little face. “And you’d only be smiling like that if I had a low number.” While you may be the more experienced gambler, he’s a businessman with far more experience dealing with people. Liars. People who handle money and want to keep it.
Heeseung folds, and no one wins.
“Not even confident to bet, huh?” You tease, earning a spark of higher competitiveness from Heeseung. After all, competition is when you like him the most.
Not that you like him at all, of course.
For the next round, Heeseung holds up a 5, which, while still a low number, doesn’t give you much to work with in terms of probability. “Your poker face is better now,” Heeseung comments after a moment of silence. “Either that, or you are nervous.”
You scoff, dropping a few chips in the centre of the table for betting. “Oh, you should know by now that I don’t get nervous.”
“Even around me?”
If there’s one thing you’ll acknowledge Heeseung is good at, it’s at surprising you, which he could probably read on your face as he smirks, tossing his own chips for the bet.
“Even around you.”
Sunghoon shares a knowing look with your other friends, though neither you or Heeseung notice. Clearing his throat, he clarifies the bets. “Reveal your cards on the table, in three, two,” and you place your cards down. “One.”
Heeseung’s card may have been a 5, but yours was a 7.
And Heeseung has eleven less chips than before.
“I don’t get nervous for good reason, Hee,” you tease, proudly stacking your earnings.
“The night is still young, my love,” and while such an endearing nickname normally doesn’t belong in most rivalries, it is not out of place in the rivalry you have with Heeseung. He likes to tease and you like to roll your eyes.
The next card he places on his forehead is a 2, and you do your best to look faltered again. Your initial win sends your ego boosting, fingers crossed that Heeseung’s own self-confidence has dwindled. This round, however, Heeseung tosses in fifteen chips. His confidence is surprising to you, but you can’t help but stick with your gut.
In an attempt to look unconfident, you toss in less than ten chips, prompting Heeseung to quirk an eyebrow. “Where’s the bold Ace I had a minute ago?”
You grimace, avoiding eye contact. “You never had me, Hee.”
“Reveal your cards in three, two, one.”
You win again, earning a deep sigh from your opponent as an amused Sunghoon sweeps the chips to your side of the table. With a sip of his champagne, Heeseung shrugs off his blazer, which only goes to highlight the frame of his shoulders in the dark light of the casino. You can’t help but stare, but no matter how impressive his figure may be, you’re still the winner of the night.
At this rate, you’ll be winning within the hour.
But, of course, you are the Ace assassin and agent of Belift. And now, you may be proving yourself to be an ace of a gambler as well. By eleven, Jay has downed his third glass of vodka, standing beside you after Heeseung’s string of losses. And while your audience must be getting bored with how obvious the outcome is from now on, you shrug and smile and bask in the glory of the little knot that has formed on Heeseung’s forehead.
You like making him mad.
He’s hotter when he’s angry.
Heeseung has about twelve chips left on his side, prompting him to loosen the necktie once tied tightly around his neck. Don’t be shy, you shamelessly think. Unbutton too, why don’t you?
“Just admit defeat already, yeah?” Jake pesters, having grown tired from the already obvious ending of the neverending game.
You make eye contact with Heeseung, his dark eyes reflecting the flashing lights from all around you. There’s a gleam in his eyes, almost smug despite his state within the game. You smile at him and you receive a kind one in return.
With a sigh, Heeseung sits up, unbuttoning his cuffs and rolling up his sleeves. “You want this game to end, sweetheart?”
“As much as I love seeing you lose, I was hoping to party a little more tonight,” you respond, finger toying with the rim of your now-empty glass. “So yes, let’s end this.”
“I’m all in if you are,” Heeseung lifts an eyebrow, tapping one of his final chips against the table.
With a smirk, you roll your eyes and toss in twenty as his card is a 5. “ Just kidding. I’m in this for the long game.”
And as an exasperated Jake sighs beside you both, Heeseung opts to go all in except for one. “For insurance,” he explains with a wink, kissing his final chip while looking straight at you. Dramatic fuck.
“Three, two, one.”
Heeseung’s card may have been a 5 but yours comes out to be a 4.
“Round to Heeseung,” Sunghoon declares, swiping the cards away to the discard pile as your cocky opponent takes the liberty of sliding the betting ool to his corner.
It’s his first win out of the whole game, but you do not let it phase you. Until, of course, he wins again. Then again. Then again. And you can no longer hide your frustration. You almost want to launch yourself across the table to tackle Heeseung to the ground.
“How the fuck is Heeseung doing this shit?” Jay whispers ever so loudly as Heeseung correctly predicts winning against your 3 with his 4.
“Of course, it’s getting exciting now that it’s been over an hour,” Jake grimaces, chin leaning into the palm of his hand. “Ace is really losing her shit though, huh?” At that, you close your eyes and inhale deeply. Thankfully, Key lets you keep your focus on the game as she kisses Jake to shut him up, earning a hilarious look of disgust from the singles of the table (everyone else).
It’s almost midnight when you notice you only have nine chips left.
Jay’s right. How the fuck did Heeseung completely turn the game around?
“My darling,” Heeseung starts up yet another taunt with a flirty smile. “Shall we end this now? You seem tired.”
“Tired of your bullshit.”
“I can take you to bed if you’d like,” and his innuendo does not go past you, but you force yourself to ignore it and focus on the card Heeseung is holding up on his forehead.
“You’d only bore me,” you smile, eyes fixed on his card.
It’s a 2.
There is simply no way that he could win with a 2.
Without hesitation, you push all of your chips forward.
“You sure you don’t need insurance, doll?”
You roll your eyes, at this point, simply hoping for things to end so he can already brag about his victory. “I’m not a coward like you, love.” In your years of rivalry, you have never been one to use those romantic nicknames, so when you see Heeseung’s cocky facade falter in the moment you do, you feel relieved. At least, you can walk away from tonight with a little bit of dignity.
“I guess I’m all in as well.” He tosses in all of his chips as well, combining the betting pool up to 200. Your friends try their best to keep their poker faces, Sunghoon shuffling the discarded deck as he confirms both of your decisions for the round but you don’t budge.
After all, you have no reason to hesitate.
Heeseung’s card is a 2.
There is simply no way that he could win with a 2.
You can bring this back.
“Cards down… In three, two, one.”
And your card?
It’s a-
“Congratulations to Heeseung!” Sunghoon exclaims, clapping his hands together to end the game officially.
You had a 1.
And your eyes never leave the card as it lays flat against the surface of the table. You can’t even be mad.
And as Heeseung celebrates his victory and your friends give you supportive hugs before they separate to wherever else they want to spend the night, you stay maintained at your seat, ordering more champagne and drinking away. And though Sunghoon wants his table back, Heeseung sends him off, pulling a seat closer to you and sitting a little too close for comfort.
“Why so gloomy, darling?”
You turn away from him, wishing him to just leave you alone for the night. Why didn’t he just go follow Jay into the club to pick up girls like he always does?
“Come on, Ace, talk to me.”
You whip around in your seat, meeting eyes with his own surprised ones, as if he’d just seen something that took him aback. Although, to be fair, it’s rare that you get to see each other just inches apart. “How did you do it?”
Heeseung blinks a few times before leaning his back against the table to scan the casino around you. “Memory.”
“I memorised every card that showed up and let you win. After a certain point, even if you had a high number, I could cross out which cards were left for me to have,” Heeseung explained honestly, though it was obvious to you he was quite proud of his strategy. “It got easier to predict what cards could come out after a while.”
You nod in understanding, humming to verbally let him know you’ve listened. After all, you may be rivals, but you’re mature enough to acknowledge when Heeseung is impressive. Which he is often.
You don’t say much after, drinking in silence as you both take in the busy casino. You get brought back from your thoughts when you feel a poke at your arm, prompting you to turn towards Heeseung. “What?”
“You’re not actually upset are you?”
You’re surprised at the concern, but you chalk up the sentimentality to the drinks. “Nah. Just tired.”
“You’re a good opponent.”
Heeseung smiles to himself, and for once, you sense that it’s out of gratefulness instead of haughtiness. “And you look really pretty in that dress.”
You roll your eyes, getting off your stool and standing directly in front of him, arms crossed across your chest. “I do.”
With arms now leant against the table behind him, Heeseung tilts his head up to show you more of his neck and it’s difficult not to stare. “Will we ever be friends?”
You scoff. “You started it. So if you want to be friends,” you walk closer, leaning down to where your noses threaten to touch. “It’s up to you to play nice.”
"And what if I don't want to?" he asks, moving forward boldly that you feel his breath against your lips.
"Then you're lucky I like bad boys."
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sunjayx · a day ago
♪ safe sex series playlist ♪
sex money feelings die (slowed) - lykke li
hopeless - always never
swim - chase atlantic
all mine - plaza
make up sex - somo
touch it - ariana grande
heaven in hiding - halsey
crave - tove lo
streets - doja cat
changed - bazzi
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3ye0l · a day ago
match-making beer pong
Tumblr media
When your friend suggests beer pong with the boys you hardly just met, you find your heart beats faster when you're paired with him.
> word count: 4.1k
> categories: non-idol au, high school au, crack, bulleted
> pairing: hyung line+sunoo!enhypen x f!reader, ft. itzy
> TW: underage consumption of alcohol, swearing, mentions of sex? (normal high school convos)
lowercase intended for bullets
never played beer pong with a lot of teams so just pretend it makes sense
"No, I swear!" Ryunjin screeches to the crowd around the two of you. Even without the booming party music, this was Ryunjin's normal volume. "She literally called me up and asked me to cover for her. Like, what the fuck? I'm not lying for you to cheat on your boyfriend, who do you think I am?"
"So he found out?" The girl across from you, Yeji, gasps.
"Yes! And now she's pissed at me, can you believe that shit? Ugh, oh my God." The group around you, yourself included, grumble your remarks. "So now he's going out with Yeji."
Your eyes watch as Lia, Chaeryoung, and Yuna all whip their heads to the Yeji across from you. Immediately, she laughs and waves her hand in protest. "No, no, the other Yeji! Park Yeji, Sunghoon's sister!" She spills a splash of her drink on the ground under her from intense laughter. One more drink and she's gone, you amuse to yourself.
"Yeji has a brother?" You inquire. You've heard of Park Yeji—Yuna was friendly enough with her, you've seen pictures of the two of them.
Yuna slaps your arm light-heartedly. "Y/N, are you serious? You knew that, I introduced you to him like an hour ago!"
"What!" You call, leaning into her. "Oh my God, the one in the full tuxedo? He looks like he works for the men in black," you snicker.
"Y/N! It's your turn!" Chaeryoung interrupts.
"Oh, fuck! Uh..." You look down at your cards. In your hand, you have a wild plus two card and a green four. Next to you, someone shouts something incomprehensible. "Sorry, Yuna," you pout at her while placing this plus two card on the pile. You look down afterwards, lifting your rum and Coke up to your lips.
Unbeknownst to you, she sends you a glare then turns to face a mass of shadows approaching your group. You fill your mouth with your mixed drink, pushing out your cheeks to almost resemble a squirrel before taking it down.
"What game are you guys playing?" A voice says to your group. Your eyes meet with a tall figure with black hair, a pretty boy indeed.
"Shit, it's the men in black!" You joke, smiling towards Ryunjin who giggles along with you. You turn your head back at him and realize there's more to his side.
You look at all the boys in front of you, making a eye contact with just one. He looked away immediately, and began whispering to another boy to his side. He turns to face the girls and you, every once in a while meeting your eyes.
"Uno," Yuna says. "Wanna join next round?"
After Yuna's invitation you felt your stomach contract, no doubt of nervousness. These boys are from a neighboring school, and you know nothing about them.
"No, let's play beer pong!" Ryunjin suggests. You look at her, your face hidden from the boys, and widen your eyes. We don't know these guys! She widens her eyes back at you, subtly nodding her head. No, you don't know them! You roll your head back in a sarcastic annoyed manner.
"Ooh, yes! But Lia looks done for the night,” Yuna agrees, prodding her heads toward the girl who is fast asleep, curled up to embrace her own warmth. You smile at the adorable sight. “Also,” Yuna adds, “I pick the pairings.” She winks, but you’re not sure at who.
“Let’s finish this fuckin’ game!” Roars Ryunjin, elegant as ever. A few minutes later, the game ends, and you’re surprised to find yourself the winner.
“Now for the pairings. Everyone line up!” Yuna, playing match maker, pairs everyone up according to who would fit each other’s personality. The boy she paired you with made you swallow a lump in your throat—all the alcohol in your system wasn’t enough to make the nervousness disappear. Of course, she paired you with the boy you made awkward eye contact with. Normally, you'd be outlandishly shy, but you had a few drinks in your system and you felt confident.
towers over you
is this dude sober?
"yeah, i am"
oh shit, i said that out loud!
heeseung is the DD for his friends
you find that super adorable and responsible
hey, his hair looks really soft
hopefully his aim is good tho
no way you were gonna lose to ryunjin.
his aim is pretty good, actually
you shake him by his shoulders every time he makes the ping pong ball in the cup
you couldn't see but his face got supeerrrr red whenever you did
a little proud smile creeps on his face whenever you praise him uwu
by the end of the game, you're tied with ryunjin and jay
you put both your hands over heeseung's ears and bring his face close to yours to give him a motivational speech
he didn't have a drip of alcohol but still had thoughts of kissing you when you did that
he has really cute doe eyes, you notice
"okay, heeseung-"
you hiccup
"-this is the final-"
"-stretch. if we win this-"
heeseung pouts his lip at the adorable sight of you struggling to encourage him
"-i will take you-"
"-where ever you want for-"
as soon as he saw how happy you were every time he won his turn, he knew he had to win it for you
but talk about extra incentive!
"honestly, y/n, you should probably be cut off for tonight," he says
"nonsense! we have to win!"
you wave your fist in the air
"for honor!"
he smiles at you and calls out "for honor!" with you
his smile makes your heart skip a beat
okay, his turn
okay first ball in
so far so good
but it all rests on his second shot
you shake his shoulders in excitement
"you got this hee-"
heeseung literally dies on the inside
no like seriously
who's writing the eulogy
but fr though
his heart is beating at a million bpm
your hands are on his shoulders
you gave him a nick name
he's mentally punching the air rn
heeseung bites his lip to hide a smile
if i don't win this i will never forgive myself, heeseung thinks to himself
someone else says something about someone's ears getting so red but you're completely focused
okay, here he goes, he's aiming, he's throwing, it's falling
it makes it in!
you shake him so hard he's scared he'll get whiplash
but then you hug him while jumping up and down and his heart actually stops beating completely
has he died and gone to heaven?
he clears his throat and puts his hand on your top of your head to still you
"i like ramen."
"raaammeenn!" you cheer
yeah you're gone LOL
"okay, y/n, that's it for you"
"no more alcohol for you"
heeseung takes care of you for the rest of the night
but is also lowkey awkward about it since you both hardly know each other
you stick by your champion from then on
you fall asleep leaning against him and it's probably the twentieth time he's died and gone to heaven
"how's your aim?"
literally the first thing he asked you
if high school PE taught you anything, it's that you did not have good aim
he rolls his eyes
"fine. i'll win this, you just sit down and look pretty"
you squint your eyes at him but then
he thinks your pretty?
did i just say that out loud he thinks
you lowkey found his determination hot
two rounds in yeji calls y'all out
you were kind of enjoying him playing though
"y/n isn't even playing, what the fuck!"
"she said she didn't want to!"
"nuh uh!"
you did actually want to play but watching jay get so worked up was kinda cute
after a few minutes he lets you play
you wonder how pouty he'd get if you purposely lost
you fight back a smirk and 'pretend' to miss
you def would have missed anyways but you put effort into missing this time
jay actually laughs at your aim
"oh my god, you're actual shit!"
chaeryoung yells at him for being mean
you turn to him and say "oops"
if either of you were sober it'd look really stupid but somehow it was natural
when you miss the second shot he groans
"jay, chill, man," jake says to him
"chill, man!" you tease
his turn he makes one shot
your next turn you miss the first shot and fake sulk
jay finds it kind of pitifully cute and feels a bit bad for being harsh
he sighs dramatically and places himself behind you
as you aim your next shot, you feel his arm wrap parallel to yours so your hands match
he moves his arm while holding your hand so that your arm mirrors his motion
y'know, the stereotypical "let me show you how it's done" move
sunghoon and ni-ki look at each other like "get it jay"
"you're not even aiming," jay says a few inches from your ear
you swallow
you smell his cologne
wow, his cologne.
he smells your shampoo
"i'm gonna aim for you, okay?"
his voice was gentle???
after calling you actual shit he's teaching you??
you peer over your shoulder to watch him aim your arm
wow this is rly attractive actually
he's literally like two inches away from you
he looks back at you and your face goes red
"let the ball go when i squeeze your hand," he whispers to you
you feel stone cold sober when he does that
you maintain eye contact for another second before nodding
he aims for you
you make it in?
you look over your shoulder immediately to see his reaction
he smiles at you
wow, so he does have a nice side!
his hand is still over yours
you both look at each other for a few seconds
he coughs and backs up
"nice job, y/n"
you blush
yuna and ryunjin look at each other the same way ni-ki and sunghoon looked at each other
for the rest of the game, jay aims for you
he actually didn't really care about winning anymore
when it was your turn, he wasn't really focused on your aim
he would play it off as being tipsy
but by the time he aimed for you for the first time he was pretty much sobered up
good thing he didn't care though
cause y'all end up losing
he barely notices though
"we make a good team," you say
"yeah, cause i do the work you just stand there and look pretty"
you look at your feet to hide your flush
you guys exchange socials and pretty much stay next to each other for the rest of the night even though you hardly talked to each other
you really liked the smell of his cologne
"what cologne is that?"
"i don't remember," he says
you nod your head a bit awkwardly
"text me tomorrow and i'll tell you"
you couldn't wait until tomorrow.
he looks like such a frat boy 
golden retriever vibes, obviously
you think this must’ve been his millionth time playing 
“what are the rules again?”
you flip your head to look at him
golden retriever vibes to the max
he’s wearing a flannel underneath a denim jacket
he looks so classically handsome??
he looks at you with big eyes
your face heats up instantly once you realize you’re staring at him
you freak out and start laughing awkwardly
nice going, you think to yourself
he starts laughing too?
with you?
he thinks your drunk, probably
you mentally face palm yourself
“honestly, i don’t know”
you hope that was enough to make it seem like you weren’t totally smashed
you’re not totally smashed but you were acting so weird around him he most definitely thought you were
“ni-ki, what are the rules? y/n and i forgot!” 
you are so embarrassed rn
ni-ki explains and you guys are set to go!
except you’re not set to go 
you are so scared to say anything in fear of embarrassing yourself 
truth is you knew jake
him and your friends would always talk about him and his friends
you all had the same lunch period 
you sat on opposite sides of the cafeteria so you had never talked to him
well, until now
“anyone want a shot to start of the game?” you ask
“yeah, i’ll do one with you!” jake says
jake, yuna, and heeseung all agree to another shot
but jake stops before you’re able to drink yours
“let’s do that thing where we intertwine arms!”
were you just friend zoned before even becoming his friend?
jake looks at you for a reply
you say nothing
he does it with heeseung 
he actually wanted to do it with you though
all throughout beer pong you’re pretty quiet
jake initiates all the conversation between you two
“is this your first time playing? well, i guess it probably is because you did say you didn’t know the rules, but you could have just forgotten them”
“yeah, it’s my first time” 
“cool! i’m glad to be your first beer pong partner”
why did you say that jake, he thinks to himself
you look at him and smile
he’s already looking at you??
you look away immediately 
and guess what? 
your face gets red! because you’re embarrassed and shy and nervous to talk to the jake shin
the boy you’ve always wondered about at the other end of the cafeteria
you’re honestly surprised he ended up being so sweet 
you thought he’d secretly be a dick or smth
but no
he just had to be perfect
“me too”
later on he asked you if you had 5th period lunch
“i-yeah, i-i do”
how did he know??
“i think i’ve seen you around!”
“yeah, i think i’ve seen you, too” you say
“what do you think of the cafeteria food?” jake asks you
you felt shy all night
but this cracked a smile
“i mean, it’s cafeteria food”
“oh, yeah. true, true”
“what do you think of it?”
“well,” says jake, “i like the chicken nuggets”
you let out a small laugh
not a laugh because you are still feeling nervous
but one of those sharp exhales out of your nose type of laughs
how innocent, how simple, how straight-forwardly honest
“they are pretty good. i like the cookies at the snack bar better”
“the snack bar cookies! i love those!”
somehow jake and you start talking about school food
and the weirdest part is that you are enjoying the conversation?
at the end of the night, jake pulls you aside
“y/n, can i tell you something?”
no longer nervous at this point, you’re able to look at him in the eyes
but only for a few seconds
because even though you feel comfortable he is still immensely cute
“i actually asked yuna to pair us up”
no fuckin way
NO way
“really? why?”
“i wanted to get to know you better”
he rubs the back of his neck all shy like
“yeah, seriously! i remember you were in my spanish class last year and i thought you were really cool,” he admits
why would anyone think you were cool because of spanish class??
but you remember you and lia were in that class so you guys always cracked jokes
he thought you were funny?
he still thinks you’re funny?
“y/n, do you want to hang out sometime?”
is your heart beating?
do your ears deceive you?
“i would love to.”
literally didn't look at you
sometimes you would giggle to yourself
you found it funny that he paid you no mind
"which one of us is going first?" you ask him
all he does is shrug
you squint your eyes at him
"are you mute?"
when you sobered up the next day you realize that was an entirely stupid question
he's watching them set up the table
(aka still not looking at you)
you smile when he replies to you
"rock paper scissors, winner goes first?" you suggest
he turns towards you and holds out his fist to initiate
he watches as you raise your own fist
"rock, paper, sci—wait!"
you interrupt your match
"you have to say it with me!"
his eyes flash up to meet yours but only for a split second
"no, i don't," he murmurs
he's taller than you but you feel like you should protect him
you grin at the thought
"yes, you do"
you both chant "rock, paper, scissors"
he wins, so he goes for your team first
he makes both balls in
you smile and whoop for your team
when he turns around he looks at you to see your reaction
looks away once he realizes you're looking back
he sits a few feet away from you on the opposite side of a couch
"hey! do you not like me or something?" you ask
lowkey pouting too
he swallows
you scooch so you're sitting directly next him
"hey, park"
he turns his head and looks at you
"no, i like you"
he wants to look away so bad because you're really pretty and wow he's really nervous
"yeah, right, you've hardly spoken with me all night"
yeah, you're right
but he is so shy around cute girls
"i- uh, sorry"
your last drink is kicking in
"i wish you talked more, you have a nice voice"
he's GOTTA look away
he feels his ears get hot
"thank you"
you meant it too
you really did want to him to talk more, but only to you
"y/n, your turn" he says
you blush when sunghoon says your name
you complete your turn and sit back down
how can i get him to talk to me?
"waffles or pancakes?"
he thinks for a second
what do girls normally like??? he thinks
you laugh at his obviously wrong response
"okay, i want a change of partners"
a smile creeps on his face
"pancakes, sunghoon?"
he likes hearing you say his name
"yeah, they're fluffy"
"okay, nine year old"
"waffles are obviously better because you can spread the butter and it melts in all the little squares"
he laughs quietly then completes his turn
he likes sitting right next to you
your guys' legs brush up against each other
"okay, next question, um..."
"would you rather..."
he takes a sip out of a red solo cup, looking at you
wait he's actually looking at me omfg
don't freak out be cool
"sit on a dick and eat cake or sit on a cake and eat dick?"
he chokes on his drink
"what the fuck?"
you had heard your brother's friends joking about it once so you thought maybe sunghoon would like it
once he's done coughing you realize he's actually laughing
he's def drunk but you couldn't tell before from how shy he was
i made him laugh.
i made sunghoon laugh!
with such a vulgar joke no less
"did you just hear y/n?" sunghoon says
he's talking to jake
"no, what?"
"she just asked me if i would rather... wait, wait, say it again!" he asks
"sit on a dick and eat cake or sit on a cake and eat dick," you say, shyly
they both laugh
does this count as showing you off?
jake finishes his turn and sunghoon decides he'd rather eat cake
you're actually so proud rn
you just made mr. quiet mysterious choke on his drink
"you're cute," sunghoon says
you snap up to look at him
oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fu
"you are, too" you wink back
you guys are so cheesy and stupid LOL
"can you guys stop flirting and throw the ball!"
sunghoon glares at him
he sticks his tongue out
"play the game, old man," jungwon says
"shut up before i take your ipod away!"
you laugh at their bickering
sunghoon looks at you, shocked
"what, are you on his side?"
"no, of course not, sir!"
"you called me a fuckin' nine year old like ten minutes ago!"
you laugh at his protest
how was he ever mr. quiet mysterious?
spends the rest of the night teasing you
"have you ever played beer pong before?"
"no, but it'll be fine!"
so neither of you have played beer pong
neither of you really knew the rules
neither of you knew the angles and the tricks
obviously you guys were going to win
he did not wanna go first though
"y/n," he whined, "i thought you were an expert!"
you literally screeched at him
"when did you think that!!!"
"when you asked me if i had played before!"
you didn't know whether to laugh or cry
for whatever reason it reminded you of playing kickball in school
you both laughed in defeat before you had even gone
you ended up going first though
"y/n, you got this!"
you could hear the smile on his face when he said that
holy shit you got both in!
you turn to sunoo wide-eyed
he is just as shocked at you
eyes: wide
jaw: dropped
you both start to smile at each other before laughing your asses off
you did not think you were gonna make it
sunoo calmed down a few seconds before you did
he thought you looked so pretty when you laughed
you look at him once you recollect yourself
he just looks at you smiling for a few secs sex lol
you both just look into each others eyes for a bit omg
your hands started to get sweaty
"i-uh, um..."
sunoo was back to his crazy self
did not stop hyping you up
"y/n, we could go to nationals."
"y/n, you have a gift."
"y/n, what is your training regimen???"
with each comment you laugh and push him in protest of his flattery
which is exactly what he wants
each time you laugh he can't help but to stop and stare
he just laughs watching you enjoy yourself
"sunoo, you're up!"
since you were good on your first try, he had to have been good, too, right?
you both stand up from the couch
you open up snapchat and begin recording
the camera is like half an inch from his face when you start the vid
"you guys watch this shit"
he stands by the table and you hold your phone as still as your body will physically allow
he turns to the camera you, actually and winks
you internally freak out at his wink
his energy??
changed when he winked
you pay attention the game but you're still lowkey going crazy
he misses.
you tried your best to hold your phone still at first but you were over it
your camera is shaking with your laughter
you zoomed in obnoxiously on his face when he turned around
he had a panicked "oh fuck" face
the second turn he missed too
you stop recording when he comes sulking back to you
"y/n" he cried
he leans into you for a hug
"awwwww... it's okay, sunoo"
you only had one word on your mind
you rub his back to make him feel better
you both sit back down on the couch after and he rests his head in your lap
he must be really drunk! you thought
he had just met you and he was acting so familiar!
you didn't mind at all but you weren't this bold
"y/n use your talents for our team and remember me when you're famous"
you remember how you heard smth ab how when people say someone's name a lot it means they actually like them
you realize that sunoo has been saying your name a lot
when you started petting his hair he felt his heart burst
"when i'm famous? i need you by my side, we're going to be famous together!"
he was turned away from you so you couldn't really see his face
but he smiles so big you can see the apples of his cheeks rise
they have a pink tint to them
your luck ended up running out because you missed every other shot after that
"y/n, you and me need to practice for our next party."
our next party?
everyone else, go home.
y/n just won life
"give me your phone"
he puts his number in your contacts and follows himself on ig from your account
"there, now we can organize our next training session~"
"...how about next friday?"
remember how you just said you weren't that bold
well, sike
he turns in your lap to look up at you
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seungstarss · 16 hours ago
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Tumblr media
#.chapter seventeen:: my dear cupid-partner
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
#.masterlist.!! | #.previous.!! | #.next.!!
Tumblr media
#.author’s notes:: ??????
#.taglist (in bold can’t tag):: @0x1lovebot @itsyaapollochild @sunshinelixie-lee @meraniki @fairybinie @verifiedsunghoonsimp @simpforsung @msxflower @youreverydayzebra @shrutiajit @creamkwan @heeseungarden @iyeonjuni @meijiamikas @yjwfav @hyuckslytherin @chewychubchuu @you-njinhwang @leefelix-gf @ja4hyvn @lumixen @lokideadontheinside @korejijiyo @meiiiwa @reallysmolrenjun @stoatwashere @robotsashi @acciomylove @minahoeshi @w3bqrl @at1ny0 @bigtittietoji @lix-freckle3 @yongbokfrecks @vampsvngie @urresidentdrugdealer @c0nvers3h1gh @emobeomgyu @hiqhkey @oureris @shynypeacekitten @big-fool-energy @xtra-cheese @dinosdance @moonsclover @rozisisme @odetoyeonjun @junityy
please do not copy, steal or repost any of my work, all content belongs to @odxrilove
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candy hearts
Tumblr media
❥ one shot ❥ 821 words ❥ heeseung x reader ❥ college au ❥ fluff, romance; no warnings
You were sitting at a desk in the library,  eating candy hearts you received from one of your friends from class. Sugar helped you brainstorm, so you happily munched on the candies when you noticed something. It wasn’t something unusual, because those candy hearts always had those little notes on them but you started to realize that the notes are trying to give you a message. It fit way too well to be only a coincidence. You pushed your textbook to the side to make some space on the table. You poured the rest of the uneaten candy hearts on the table to see if you were right. 
Love  On Sweetie Date Crush Heart Me With Go You
You go on date with me? The Love,Sweetie, Heart and Crush didn’t really make sense in that sentence. But it could have happened that you already ate the missing pieces. You thought about who gave you the candy before. It was Jay!
You hurriedly packed your things to go to the classroom you saw him at earlier. He told you that he would study for the finals. Crossing your fingers in your head, you hoped to meet him there to question him about the candy. As you ran towards the classroom, you stopped in front of it to catch your breath for a bit. Slowly, you poked your head through the door to check if someone was inside. You saw your friend sitting in the corner and your face lit up. Opening the door, you barged in. 
“Jay!” He looked up from his book. “y/n, what’s up?” You hushed towards his place and let the bag with the candy hearts dangle around your finger. Jay raised one eyebrow, waiting for you to speak. “You gave me these, right?” He nodded. “Why?” Taken aback by this sudden question, he scratched his head. “Why not?” You turned a chair around and sat down in front of him. “Are you doing this on purpose?” 
Now, you were unsure if your suspicions were right or wrong. What if the text on the candy were purely a coincidence? You didn’t want to embarrass yourself, either. Jay sighed. “Okay well I guess you got me. Actually, I gave these to you because my friend asked me to give them to you.” You widened your eyes, alarmed. “Who is that friend of yours?” Jay shook his head. “I can’t tell you yet. He gave me clear instructions,” he said while chuckling. You furrowed your brows. Is this going to turn to some kind of detective play?! “I can tell you one thing, though. If you’re curious about that message you seem to have found out, you should go to the cafe near campus at 3pm.” You looked at your watch. “Wait, that’s in like 5 minutes!” Jay shrugged, “You did take your time realising that there was a hidden message.” You grabbed the bag of candy and stormed out of the classroom. “Thank you!!” Jay was able to hear you say in the distance.
In front of the cafe, you looked around to see if anyone was standing there, already waiting. But it was empty. They couldn’t have been waiting inside now, would they? You looked at the bag of candy again. It was an interesting idea to do it like this, you definitely wanted to meet this person who was behind all this. Letting your shoulders hang down in defeat, you were about to go, when someone tapped you on the shoulder. Surprised, you turned around and almost hit the person in their face with the small bag with candies. 
“Oh my god! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to!”  Seeing the person who tapped you on the shoulder, your mouth dropped slightly. He smiled at you wholeheartedly. “Glad to see you found your way here.” You blinked, “Wait...Did you- Were the candy hearts from you?” He nodded. You couldn’t believe your eyes. In front of you stood the one and only, your crush, Lee Heeseung. And he was the one who was behind the candy hearts message! 
“I actually wanted to ask you that earlier, but I honestly didn’t have the courage, so I thought maybe I could do it like this. And if it was meant to be, then you could’ve found my hidden message.” You chuckled. “It was definitely an interesting method. But even making your friend give me the candies? You’re really something.” Heeseung laughed in embarrassment, looking at the ground. You took his hand, to which he lifted up his head in surprise. “But I’ll gladly go on a date with you,” you smiled. Happy that you agreed to go on a date with him, he hugged your waist and lifted you up, spinning you around. “Thank you!” He showed you the brightest smile you ever saw. Screw uni work, you would rather spend the rest of the day with Heeseung.
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A Little Thing Called First Love • Teaser!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sunoo turned from the board and scanned the room before his eyes set on Jay. He grabbed Jungwons wrist and walked over to Jay’s desk. Y/n and Rei looked at each other awkwardly next to him.
“What do you think he’s going to do?” Y/n whispered to Rei.
“I have no idea.” Rei clutched onto Y/n’s arm.
“Jay why’d you pair with Jungwon?” Sunoo asks.
Jay clears his throat. “Because I can.” He looks from Sunoo to Jungwon. “Are you against it Jungwon? I’d be happy to switch.”
Jungwon shakes his head. “No it’s fine.”
Sunoo looks at Jungwon in shock. “Jungwon?”
“What?” Jungwon asks. “It’s cool with me. We were seat mates last year.”
Sunoo rolls his eyes. “Well who is Y/n. I have no idea who that is.”
Jay smirked and pointed to Y/n sitting in the row next to him. Sunoo turns to her and she waves.
“Uh hi I’m Y/n.” She smiles awkwardly and sticks her hand out.
Sunoo looks at her outstretched hand debating whether or not to shake it. “Sunoo.” He takes her hand and shakes it. “Kim Sunoo but I’m sure you already know that.”
Tumblr media
Teaser! • Webtoon Fiends Profiles
❥ Summary: Y/n is absolutely head over heels for Kim Sunoo. After all, he is her favorite character from her favorite comic, Strawberry Moon. But what happens when at the start of her Junior year of Highschool she’s paired with a boy that not only shares the same face as her lovely Sunoo, but also the same name?
Taglist (Open!): @missmadwoman @smolberry-ren @staysstrays @hiqhkey @acciomylove @sbnchaos @chirokookie
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✷ alright ✷ ― MASTERLIST
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𖦹 summary: sunghoon comes back from an ice skating competition abroad and his best friend jay has arrived from the UK as well with a girl...? he seems to have fallen in love with her but he isn't the only one.
𖦹 pairing: sunghoon x fem!reader, jake x fem!reader
𖦹 genre: angst, fluff, social media au, strangers to lovers, friends to lovers, college au, romcom
𖦹 warnings: cursing, lame jokes (?)
𖦹 update schedule: whenever
𖦹 cast: enhypen, Jang Wonyoung of IVE, Winter of AESPA, Hwang Yeji of ITZY, Lee Juyeon and Q of THE BOYZ, Choi Yeonjun of TXT
𖦹 cameos: NCT/127 & dream members, TXT member
𖦹 taglist: OPEN
𖦹 status: on-going
ꮺ a/n: TIMESTAMPS ARE IRRELEVANT! this is my first ever au so please bare with me! please lmk if i missed anything in the warnings. these are NOT the actual representations of the idols mentioned here. thanks!
Tumblr media
y/n's friend circle: HOYEZ (luxurious + artists in korean) 𓄷 the boys: EISONZ (ace + boys in korean)
the park siblings
Tumblr media
01 - have you told them?
02 - jay you're married?
03 -
04 -
05 -
more soon . . .
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stealanity · 2 days ago
alkanet ✩ park jongseong
CHAPTER TWO. like a ghibli movie.
a/n : pretty boring chapter, but i'm pretty sure the next one will please you a lot ;)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✩ summary : after a dating scandal which cost him a long break of several months, jay was sent on vacation to a small unknown village in korea, out of journalists' sight and camera flash. thinking he was going to be terribly bored during his stay, he never expected to find himself stuck with a young artist who loves painting flowers.
✩ pairing : idol ! jay x artist ! reader
✩ genre : social media au + some written parts, idol au, strangers to lovers au, actually just a lot lot lot of fluff, angst
✩ taglist : @kurosism @zvae @wooyoung-a @deputyjuyeon @sunfics @changminurheart @littleaprilcherryblossom @junjungsunwoo @from-xero @chareadingpurposes @allyg-onz @changmin-wrlds @99outros @jaekiths @wonjaems @sjyuniverse @yurazuyori @milkyu-way @tinisprout @yunkiwii @winefaerie @enhacolor @msxflower @rikiflowers @yourlocalhotgf @02zprotector @babygay-stay @mehmy27 @jdhluvbot @mildlystupid @mina_yoo334 @k1ttyl1x @lost-leopard-beanie @mymeloem19 @nishimuranki @soobinsprettylips @beomsun | fill the google form or send me an ask to be added to the taglist !
chapter one ✩ masterlist ✩ chapter three
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