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☠︎︎༒𝔼𝕟𝕙𝕪𝕡𝕖𝕟 ℍ𝕒𝕣𝕕 ℍ𝕠𝕦𝕣𝕤 💀
🏴‍☠️Sᴇx ʟɪғᴇ ᴡɪᴛʜ Hʏᴜɴɢ ʟɪɴᴇ 🏴‍☠️
Tumblr media
ᘜᗴᑎᖇᗴ: smut, 18+, mentions of kinks, oral sex, overstimulation, fingering ++
‼️ᗰIᑎOᖇᔕ ᗪO ᑎOT IᑎTᗴᖇᗩᑕT ‼️
Tumblr media Tumblr media
positions with you, giving you all the heaven and pleasure this world has to offer.
definitely loves using a lot of pet names like “my baby girl” “doll “ during intercouse cause it just sounds so sweet and lovely, especially when you guys make love.
super caring aftercare!🥺 the one who will wash you up while humming songs and cuddle you to sleep, your head buried on his chest. He wraps his arms around your waist tightly pressing a soft kiss on your head while singing you a romantic goodnight song.💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
definitely has a thing for overstimulation 😩 will literally pump his fingers inside you and rub your cunt with his tip till you spill your cum everywhere.
Has a slight degradation kink! It’s not gonna be disrespectful at all but he’s gonna LOVE calling you “my little slut” while fucking you in the most intimate way known to mankind. Sometimes will tease you and go like “you’re such a whore for me, aren’t you” before putting his fingers inside you, soaking in his pants as he watches you lick his fingers and coat them with your saliva desperately.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The End
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💀‼️𝗱𝗼 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗼𝘀𝘁/𝘂𝘀𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗶𝗺𝗮𝗴𝗲. {𝚜𝚌𝚛𝚎𝚎𝚗𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚝𝚜 𝚋𝚌 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚒𝚜 𝚊 𝚛𝚎𝚙𝚘𝚜𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚖𝚢 𝚘𝚕𝚍 𝚑𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚘𝚛𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚜𝚊𝚍𝚕𝚢 𝚝𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚗 𝚍𝚘𝚠𝚗 )
Iᖴ YOᑌ ᒪIKᗴ ᗰY ᗯᖇITIᑎᘜ, ᑭᒪᗴᗩᔕᗴ ᒪIKᗴ/ᖇᗴᗷᒪOᘜ TO ᔕᕼOᗯ YOᑌᖇ ᗩᑭᑭᖇᗴᑕIᗩTIOᑎ✨🖤
{𝕖𝕟𝕙𝕒 𝕞𝕒𝕤𝕥𝕖𝕣𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥}
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[7:23 a.m.] “We should get up,” you mumbled, still half-asleep in your boyfriend’s arms.
“We should,” Jake agreed, but made no move to untangle your bodies. Instead, he nuzzled into your hair and tightened his arm around your waist, pressing your back flush against his chest.
You craned your neck to glance up at him, an amused smile tugging the corners of your lips upwards. “I’m serious. We’ve got class at eight.”
Too busy playing with the strands of your hair, all Jake did was hum absent-mindedly and press a chaste kiss on your temple. You rolled your eyes at his unwillingness to get up.
Truth be told, you were exhausted too. Or atleast, you had been the previous night. The day had been absolutely brutal, and you had immediately collapsed on your bed upon returning home.
Jake had promptly followed you to your shared bedroom without a word and laid down next to you, scooping you into his arms. You had fallen asleep with your head on your boyfriend’s chest not even a minute later.
You changed your side so that you were facing Jake completely. His gaze flickered to yours, and he smiled lazily. “I love you.”
You realised this was what you wanted the most. These fleeting, seemingly insignificant moments spent with the boy you loved. And if you had to skip a few classes to gain them, then so be it.
Besides, you could always bully Heeseung into lending his notes to the two of you.
You grinned and tipped your head upwards, capturing Jake's lips in a soft kiss. “I love you too.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
✎ summary: both you and Jake Sim have one thing in common and that is being best friends with an ‘it couple’ on campus. after properly getting to know each other at a new year’s eve party, you think seeing his face one too many times the following weeks could all be a coincidental fate. what you soon realize is that fate comes in the form of your two friend groups who want nothing more than the two of you to start dating.
Tumblr media
✎ pairing: awkward nerd!jake x fem!reader (sunghoon x yeji & jay x ryujin)
✎ featuring: enhypen’s 02z line, itzy
✎ genre: university au, fluff, strangers to lovers
✎ warnings: cursing, alcohol consumption, all pairings between itzy and enhypen members are purely used for plot convenience
✎ w/c: +6.4k words
✎ additional note: this is part of the nuevo comienzo (new beginnings) collab created by @tenderfrailty! please consider checking out all the other amazing works by other authors throughout the year!
Tumblr media
the first encounter.
“order for y/n!” the barista shouts, calling out another order soon after.
sending a text to a group chat with your best friends, agreeing to meet them at the cafeteria of your university for lunch, you walk up to the counter and grab the only cup of coffee you find sitting there.
ryujin: bro when will you get your ass over here
you: sorry there was a long line for coffee :(
you: I’ll be there in two seconds just wait a bit
you go to exit the cafe but feel a light tap on your shoulder.
“hi,” the boy smiles awkwardly. “I think I accidentally took your coffee, you should have mine as well.”
“oh, really?” taking a glance at the paper cup, you notice the scribble of someone else’s name right on the side. you squint trying to decipher the letters written in thick sharpie. “jack?”
“jake, actually,” he politely corrects you. “sorry about this whole thing. I also kinda took a sip before I realized it wasn’t my order. I can uhh get you a new lid if you’d like.”
you nod slowly, “sure.”
you follow his lead as he backtracks to the opposite corner of the cafe.
“is it weird to say you look familiar?” jake says in an attempt to keep the conversation going. “I swear, I've seen you around before.”
“you go to belift university, right?” you ask for confirmation and receive a nod from him in response. “we go to the same college then. maybe you've seen me passing by.”
his face contorts into confusion as he starts eyeing you suspiciously, “how’d you know I go to belift?”
“your sweatshirt,” you point at the glaringly large font across his chest.
“ah, right!” heat crawls up jake’s cheeks as he blushes in embarrassment. he grabs a lid from the condiment bar, and with shaky hands, replaces the original one with it. “forgot I was wearing this shirt. I mean belift. wait, what? I mean my sweatshirt. fuck, I almost knocked over your coffee. but yeah, my belift sweatshirt… you probably knew what I meant. sorry, I’ll shut up now.”
“cute,” you mutter under your breath, lip twitching into a smile.
“what?” you cough, feigning cluelessness. you point at your coffee cup still in his hand to quickly change the topic. “can I have my coffee back now?”
“yeah, of course,” jake says with confusion still evident in his expression.
“no problem.”
the two of you head towards the exit and you thank him as he opens the door for you.
jake stops walking once you both are outside and no longer blocking the entrance of the cafe, which makes you second guess if that means you should stop too. playing it safe, you slow down your steps until jake addresses you again.
“most people have gone home early,” jake starts. “but I’m assuming you must’ve had a final today if you’re still in the area.”
your eyes anxiously wonder around.
you’re five minutes late to when you were supposed to be meeting your friends at the cafeteria, but they can wait.
“yeah, I still haven’t actually taken it yet,” you inform him.
“ah, I just finished mine this morning,” jake replies.
“must be nice to be free then,” you say half-jokingly.
“definitely,” he lets out a quick laugh. “well, I hope you ace your last exam. good luck!”
he holds out his fist in your direction.
you stare at his fist for a moment before shyly curling your hand to meet him in a fist bump, “thanks. good luck to you too!”
he waves you goodbye and you briefly mimic his actions before parting ways.
“shit,” jake curses under his breath as he continues walking in the opposite direction from yours, looking over his shoulder to see you already crossing the street. “I should have asked for her number.”
Tumblr media
“I got your lunch,” ryujin pushes a tray of food towards you.
“you’re the best,” you breathe out, taking a seat across from your two best friends. “someone accidentally mistook my coffee for their’s while I was at the cafe nearby. that’s why I’m running a little more behind than I already was today.”
“eat quickly,” jay advises. “your exam is in thirty minutes, right?”
“yeah,” you confirm, taking your silverware and digging into your food.
“ew, slow down and take a napkin,” ryujin thrusts a wad of napkins into your hand. “you won’t attract anyone being this gross.”
“good, that means my plan to cosplay as men repellent is working.”
despite your sarcastic remark, you peel a napkin from the stack and wipe your month.
ryujin watches you and shakes her head, “you could be really good girlfriend material if you put your mind to it, just saying.”
“says the ‘it couple’ on campus,” you say, rolling your eyes.
ryujin scoffs, “we’re not the ‘it couple’ on campus.”
“oh, we so are,” jay confidently boasts, running a hand through his silky blonde hair.
“you’re so right, babe,” ryujin immediately switches in agreement, pressing a kiss to his cheek before leaning on the back of her chair where his arm is casually resting.
you pretend to gag, “throwing up in my mouth right now.”
“aren’t you even just a little bit curious about putting yourself out there?” ryujin asks, refusing to give up. “I could totally set you up with someone. you’re talking to the local matchmaker right here.”
“matchmaker my ass,” you laugh. “as if I’d put my love life in your hands, ryujin. but really, I’m just not interested in anyone at the moment.”
“the moment? the moment has been your whole life!” ryujin whines, her eyes so wide they could practically fall out of her eye sockets.
“ryu,” jay warns, moving his hand to squeeze her shoulder. “give y/n a break. if she’s not looking to go on a date, then she’s not going on one.”
“you talk like my dad,” you deadpan.
“I’m defending you and you still choose to insult me like this?” jay purses his lips, going back to scrolling through his phone while he snacks on a bag of chips.
“okay, no dating for y/n in the near future. got it!” ryujin animatedly summarizes. “but are you at least coming to hoon’s new year’s eve party with us?”
you furrow your eyebrows, “hoon?”
“sunghoon,” ryujin says in an obvious tone, giving you an incredulous look at the lack of recognition written across your face. “come on, park sunghoon! jay’s friend, park sunghoon. he’s dating hwang yeji.”
“am I supposed to know people through their couple status or something?” your voices drips with your usual sarcasm. “and jay has a lot of friends.”
“he was the one that treated us out on your birthday that one time,” jay adds, glancing up from his phone.
“oh, that guy!” you clap your hands together as you recall the brief memory. “yeah, he was nice.”
“so you’ll come?” ryujin looks at you with pleading eyes. “new year, new you.”
“don’t tell me you actually believe in that crap.”
“just give me an answer.”
“why so eager,” you let out a dry laugh. “do you need me to be the designated driver again or something?”
“you make us sound like asshole friends,” ryujin pouts. “and no, we just haven’t hung out much because you’ve been so busy over the semester. I want us to have fun together over winter break.”
“yeah, no pressure if you don’t want to go though,” jay says. “but if you’re coming, we’ll probably crash at sunghoon’s, so you can drink and crash there too or drive home if you’re bored.”
“okay, fine. I’ll see you guys there. new year, new me or whatever,” you cave. “but next time I want to do something, you can’t say no.”
ryujin smirks, jokingly grabbing your hand to give it a loose shake, “we have ourselves a deal.”
“now that you got that out of the way, you got ten minutes to book yourself to your class for exams,” jay casually reminds you.
“oh shit,” you hiss. you grab your tray and the remaining trash lying around as you get ready to leave. “bye guys!”
“bye, y/n!”
“see you later, love!”
“why don’t you ever call me love?”
“shut up, jongseong.”
as you rush out of the cafeteria, you pass by the famous park sunghoon you had been talking about earlier, almost crashing into him and apologizing for the near-incident with a quick ‘sorry.’ neither of you even have time to recognize each other as you continue speed walking away before the chance is offered.
“woah, you okay, hoonie?” yeji asks after watching sunghoon flinch from how you had almost crashed into him.
“I’m fine,” he brushes it off and sits down at their table.
he glances up from setting his food down to acknowledge jake, then decides to skip the greeting once he sees what the boy is doing.
“why do you have your physics textbook out?” sunghoon makes a disgusted face. “I thought you finished your finals already.”
“oh, I did,” jake clarifies. “but I’m reading some of the unassigned chapters from this semester. did you know that—”
“okay, you can stop right there!” sunghoon says while putting a hand up. “don’t need to know whatever wackass concept you’re going to ramble on about next.”
jake makes a blank face, internally thinking about how he should’ve seen that coming, “rude.”
“you’re always studying physics,” sunghoon whines. “get a hobby, loser. you’ll never get a girlfriend at this rate if you’re already in married to your physics textbook.”
“lay off him for once, will you? nerds have rights too,” yeji jokes with a lazy grin tugging her lips.
“very funny, yeji,” jake bites back sarcastically. he begins to pout as he picks at his food. “what’s wrong with being a nerd?”
“what’s wrong is that nerds like you,” sunghoon points his fork in jake’s direction. “have zero game.”
“what are you talking about?” jake says in an offended tone. “I got game.”
sunghoon raises an eyebrow, “oh, do you now?”
“yeah,” jake states as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. “I'm totally the ideal guy.”
“then go ask somebody out,” sunghoon cooly challenges him.
“you mean,” jake pauses, scratching the back of his head. “like right now?”
jake suddenly feels lightheaded. the thing about jake was that he was a easily likable person. he was kind, smart, and bursting with positive energy. his downside was that even though he had book smarts, it left him oblivious to the common sense of courage and confidence.
“why not?” sunghoon shrugs. “you sound so sure of yourself anyways.”
“okay,” jake bites his lip and rubs his hands together. “I got this.”
he stands from his seat at the table, taking a couple of deep breaths before searching for someone to be his target and taking off.
“wait,” yeji whispers to sunghoon. “he's actually doing this?”
“and we're not going to stop him?”
sunghoon chuckles, “hell no.”
“hey, lia!” jake approaches the girl and her friend.
“oh,” lia makes eye contact with chaeryeong before forcing a smile at the boy. “what's up, jake?”
“you. me. new year’s eye party at sunghoon’s. be my date?”
“sorry, jake,” lia rejects. “I uhh... already have plans with my family.”
“ah, I see,” jake wants nothing more than to crawl into a hole and never come back up to reality. “maybe some other time then?”
“you know what? nevermind. sorry to bother you. and if I also made you uncomfortable, I apologize for that too—”
“jake,” lia interrupts with a tense smile. “it’s okay.”
“yeah. good. cool.”
jake turns on his heel and rigidly walks away, every ounce of his self esteem and social battery drained.
he can hear chaeryeong clicking her tongue, “that was awkward.”
jake agonizingly makes his way back to sunghoon and yeji, holding up a middle finger once he catches sunghoon’s chest vibrating at his attempt to suppress his laughter.
it was sad that the conversation was out of earshot for his friends, but they could already tell how it went.
jake returns to his seat and closes his eyes as he heaves a deep sigh.
“okay, so maybe I don't got game.”
the second encounter.
it had been around two weeks since the start of winter break and you were trying not to hate the idea of this new year’s eve party so much, but it wasn’t the most exciting thing you’d rather do when you genuinely weren’t a big fan of alcohol or people in general. you actually wished you were a fan of both of those things so it could make a night like this more enjoyable.
“remind me why we’re showing up an hour late to this party again?” you ask, slouching in the backseat of jay’s car.
“ever heard of being fashionably late?” he retorts while finding a space to park.
you snort, “you’re so lame, jay.”
“rip him to shreds, baby,” ryujin playfully blows you a kiss from the passenger seat.
you pretend to catch the kiss and shoot her a wink, “always, baby.”
“hey, I’m the boyfriend here!” jay says, a reoccurring joke that happens between the three of you.
“and I’m the side piece, your point is?” you speak without missing a single beat.
stepping onto the front lawn of sunghoon’s house, the party at least looked somewhat less unhinged than the other one’s jay and ryujin had dragged you to a couple times before. yes, you could hear the blasting music from the outside. and yes, you could hear people shouting and cheering from the backyard as the sound of someone cannonballing into the pool followed. but for the most part, it just looked like a normal house with festive decorations peeking from the windows that indicated this was indeed a chill new year’s eve party.
it had been long enough that you’ve forgotten what park sunghoon even looks like, but he gave you the impression of a very clean-cut guy, given your judgements on how good he was as a party host.
it was like a formal celebration to new beginnings, only with a bunch of unsupervised college students and alcohol.
“ryujin, jay!” you hear a female voice giggle right as you step through the front door.
ryujin let out a squeal, a rare sound you never exactly hear from her, “yeji, my beloved!”
‘people really do act differently in different crowds, huh?’ you thought to yourself.
behind the girl you now identified as yeji, you saw a boy standing behind her with his hand resting on the small of her back.
“this is our lovely y/n!” ryujin introduces you with an arm around your shoulder. “y/n, this is yeji and sunghoon. they're the second best couple on campus obviously.”
“yah, don't get it mixed up!” sunghoon laughs before greeting jay with some special handshake you had never seen before.
you wave at them shyly, “hi, sunghoon. hi, yeji.”
“hey, sexy!” a drunk hwang yeji saunters over to wrap her arms around you in a quick hug. “woah, I love your dress. it's so cute! I wish yuna was here right now. she'd fucking love this outfit.”
“umm... thanks,” you stiffly nod as yeji continues to awe at your dress with her hands gripping your shoulders.
“that's enough, babe,” sunghoon pulls yeji into his chest from behind. he looks coherent enough to function but at the same time has his bangs flopping over his forehead that make him appear sleepily tipsy. “sorry about her. she gets clingy after a drink or two.”
“it’s alright,” you say distractedly, choosing to bury your discomfort by watching yeji cutely thrash around in her boyfriend’s hold while asking for more shots.
“where's jake?” jay asks curiously.
jake? that name sounded familiar, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it.
“he’s right here—” sunghoon lazily looks over his right shoulder and then over his left, still buzzed on the few cups of alcohol he drank previously. “oh, guess he disappeared somewhere.”
you all continue talking for another handful of minutes. sunghoon’s even generous enough to throw a couple questions your way in an attempt to make you feel included, which was honestly a breath of fresh air. you loved your best friends to death, but usually talking to other people with them is like sitting in the corner at a family reunion. it was your role as the quiet, antisocial friend.
though as enjoyable as it was to have a group to stick around with versus being alone, you realized how slow and random a conversation with two drunk people could be. the five of you eventually ran out of things to say.
sunghoon and yeji excuse themselves, sunghoon having to guide her by the shoulders to keep her upright as they disappear into the crowd.
ryujin lightly taps your shoulder, “jay and I are going to play beer pong for a bit. wanna come?”
“I'm fine,” you decline the invitation. “I think I'm going to find some water in the kitchen.”
“okay, bestie,” she gives you a side hug before linking arms with her boyfriend to walk further into the crowd. “you know the drill, be careful and call me if you need anything!”
“I will!” you shout back and begin wandering off to the kitchen by yourself.
it takes you a second to locate where the water bottles are stored, but you quickly manage to find them and take one for yourself.
“hey,” a voice says from over your shoulder, a hand reaching forward to grab one of the other water bottles in front of you. “y/n, right?”
it’s the boy from the coffee shop. if there was one thing you remembered, it was his kind face and australian accent.
“hi…” your voice trails off.
you forgot his name.
“ah, do you not remember me?” he says with a bit of disappointment. “I’m—”
“hold on, let me at least guess first!” you study his face, doing your best to dig into the back of your memory. “I remember you, I swear! something that starts with a ‘j.’ like jim, maybe james, or… wasn’t it jack?”
“close,” he laughs. “I’m jake. jake sim.”
he holds his hand out for a simple handshake, which you gladly accept.
“ah, you’re that jake,” you say in a dumbfounded tone. “sunghoon and yeji’s friend, right?”
“yeah, how’d you know?” he questions you with curiosity lacing his voice. not only was he surprised that you knew anything about him at all, but you actually were acknowledging him out of the friend group without yeji and sunghoon present.
“I’m friends with jay and ryujin.”
“ah, you’re that y/n!”
you nod, “yeah.”
basic, surface-level questions are asked as well as other miscellaneous talking points. there’s even an odd talk about the nice weather, which was unfitting for being indoors during the winter season but you don’t comment on it again.
“how are you liking the party?” jake switches subjects, scared that you’ll leave if the atmosphere drops. “is it any fun?”
“eh, you’re the highlight of it so far,” you shrug. “I don’t really drink or do anything in particular, so I just kind of float around until I decide to ditch.”
jake feels his heart begin to race. it was his first time hearing a girl make a comment like that about him.
“wanna ditch this party together?” he blurts out the invite, feeling a sense of boldness he’s never felt before. “I can drive us.”
an expression of uncertainty crosses your face, “where to exactly?”
“I said it more as an impromptu idea but…” he takes a moment to think. “we could go get breakfast, like they do in christmas movies and stuff. waffles, maybe?”
you contemplate if it’s smart to trust someone who’s essentially a stranger to you, but then your inner monologue comes in.
he knows sunghoon. granted, you didn’t remember who sunghoon was until jay had to remind you, but he bought you food once. and on your birthday too. that had to count for something, right? plus, jake seemed even sweeter. it may just be his puppy-like appearance carrying the assumption, but he was also a nervous wreck upon mixing up your coffees not to long ago.
you decide to trust him.
“it’s a bit late to be living out your christmas movie moment,” you say, noticing how jake’s face begins to falter into panic. “but I do like waffles.”
“perfect,” he lets out a sigh of relief. “let’s go.”
you end up sitting in jake’s car five minutes before the first of january, a fancy waffle from some food truck jake googled in your hand. the two of you are parked right in front of your house, all the lights inside are off from your parents already being asleep.
“it’s almost midnight,” jake states while looking at the clock on the car’s dashboard. “any new year’s resolutions?”
“no,” you shake your head. “I’m not into that sort of bullshit.”
you examine jake’s face. he looks like he’s about to protest your opinion but then stops himself.
“okay, that’s fair,” he says.
“do you have any new year’s resolutions?” you shoot the question back at him.
“yeah,” he shyly admits. he bites his lip, a habit you’ve noticed he does a lot when he seems nervous, as he stares at the road ahead. “I want to fall in love.”
“that’s a pretty bold statement,” you comment.
“yeah, I know,” he lets out a small laugh. “but I guess I want to stop being so shy and gain some confidence.”
three minutes.
“you’re social skills aren’t that bad,” you say honestly, hoping that will encourage him. “you’re awkward but in the most endearing way possible if that makes any sense.”
you manage to get a goofy grin out of him, “not a bad compliment, I’ll take it.”
“I’m not the most confident person either,” you admit. “I’m not sure if I’d wish to be that kind of person, but good for you. have fun falling in love.”
two minutes.
“it sounds weird when you put it like that,” he covers his face with the palms of his hands in embarrassment. “I just want to understand what it’s like, give romance a try and all that. have you ever been in love, y/n?”
“no. no, I haven’t.”
you take a large bite of your thick-layered waffle.
one minute.
“you have some ice cream right here,” he gestures to the corner of his mouth using his own face.
“here?” you try wiping off the dessert with the back of your hand.
“no, you’re just smearing it,” he reaches his hand out to lightly cup your face, wiping the mess with his thumb. “there, all clear.”
his stare travels all over your face shining in the dim moonlight. he doesn’t know what to do. to him, you’re breathtaking.
he wonders if he should just go for it.
three, two, one.
“I should go inside,” you say, causing jake’s attention to immediately withdraw from your lips. “I’m feeling a little tired.”
“yeah, go ahead,” he can sense the heat nearly flushing his face. he clears his throat as he unlocks the car. “happy new year, y/n.”
you smile before hopping out and setting a hand on the car door, ready to close it, “happy new year.”
the third encounter.
“and so we meet again.”
“how dramatic of you to say,” you chuckle, not expecting to run into anyone while standing in the middle of the candy isle at your local grocery store. “but what's up, jake?”
“nothing much,” the boy shrugs. he goes to stand behind you, browsing the rows of candy bags and chocolate bars closely. “just getting some snacks for me and my friends.”
“me too!” you gasp, easing up to the conversation. “ryujin and jay always make me go out to buy snacks. I swear, I love them to death but couples sometimes...”
you think back to fifteen minutes ago when your two best friends practically forced you out of jay's apartment complex. they were more persistent than usual, but you chalked that up as them needing time to make out another half hour before you returned.
“I know right!” jake enthusiastically agrees. “sunghoon and yeji are like that too.”
in all honesty, you thought you wouldn’t see jake again after the party. it was still winter break after all and who knew you’d randomly run into each other like this.
once you’re done picking out your snacks, getting some new recommendations from jake, you walk to the self checkout area together and don’t separate until you reach the parking lot.
he hesitates before parting ways, rubbing the back of his neck, “I’ll see you around?”
“yeah, see you around,” you wave him goodbye.
he walks away and you scold yourself for lingering on his figure, hoping you really would see him again some time soon.
“how was it?” ryujin asks right as you join them back on the couch of jay’s apartment.
“going to the store?” you say slowly, confused as to why ryujin looked so interested. “it was fine.”
“did anything interesting happen?” she continues to badger you.
“nothing really,” you shrug. “I ran into jake while I was there. that’s about it.”
“jake?” jay chimes in. “jake’s a pretty cool guy, really smart and trustworthy too. he’s like a brother to me.”
you give him a look, “why are you buttering him up to me all of a sudden?”
“I’m not,” jay denies.
“okay,” you mutter under your breath, deciding to open up a chocolate bar and start paying attention to whatever tv show was playing. “you guys are weird.”
the fourth encounter.
“oh my god, what are you guys doing here?” ryujin squeals in excitement, lowering her volume as much as possible in the movie theater.
“no way,” yeji gasps. “you guys are here to see this movie too! wow, same time and everything. isn't that crazy, hoon?”
“yeah,” sunghoon nods rapidly, trying to look casual. “what a total coincidence.”
“come sit with us!” yeji ushers the three of you with a bright sparkle in her eyes despite the dim lighting, discreetly elbowing sunghoon's side for his poor acting job when no one is looking.
jay goes to sit on sunghoon's side, while you and ryujin go to the opposite end. you take the farthest seat, leaving ryujin to sit in between you and jake.
“what’s wrong?” you ask her once you catch the alarmed look in her eyes.
you expect her to answer but instead she goes to face the other side away from you. confused, you go back to watching the movie trailers play without another word.
“jake,” ryujin whispers after a couple minutes. “would it be okay if we switched seats? I want to sit by yeji.”
you turn your head with a surprised expression, overhearing her request, “ouch, is sitting by me not good enough for you?”
“yah, it's not that,” ryujin instantly denies and clicks her tongue. “plus, you don’t even like hearing me talk during movies anyways.”
you stare at her for a moment before sighing and leaning back into your seat, “whatever.”
jake stands up to switch spots with ryujin, sending you a lopsided smile.
“popcorn?” jake offers.
reaching your hand into the bag, you nod, “sure.”
Tumblr media
you sigh, “they're totally trying to set us up, aren't they?”
“yeah, they're really obvious,” jake says in agreement.
the amount of times you have seen jake within the past month was astounding to you. you've seen him at the mall, at restaurants, and now that you are back to attending classes, you even see him frequently around campus.
you wonder every now and then how many times you’ve passed by him without knowing who he was, but lately it feels rather impossible to not notice him everywhere you go.
you recall the time when it had dawned on you that there was more to your relationship with jake than pure coincidence, it was one particular memory that had made you realize.
“oh, you met jake at the party?” ryujin gasped over the phone.
it was the day after, ryujin following her routine of giving you a check-up call after she was done taking care of her hangover.
“actually we met a couple weeks before,” you mentioned. “he was the one who accidentally switched our coffees on the last day of exam week.”
“how adorable!” she gushed, and in that very moment, you regretted telling her any of that. you could already predict where the conversation was now heading. “so, would you say he’s your type?”
“I’ve already told you, ryu,” you warned, your voice growing tired. “don’t try playing cupid with me. I’m not interested in him like that. I’m not interested in anyone.”
you could picture ryujin’s face as you heard her scoff, “sounds to me like you’re in denial.”
“am not,” you firmly shut down her accusations. “yeah, he’s cute and all but—”
“wait, did you just call him cute?”
“huh?” you stuttered, not processing the words you let slip out. “okay, whatever—”
“no, you never call anyone cute!” she exclaims. “you’re attracted to jake sim.”
“and so what if I am? he’s just some nice guy,” you tried to reason, not wanting to make it a big deal.
ryujin was the one with the hangover, but why did it feel like your brain was suffering?
“why are you so afraid to date, y/n?” ryujin’s voice softened. “I know you don’t want to open your heart out to people, but you can always start out slow. it’s okay to date just to date, and if you fall in love, then so be it. the trick about falling in love is that it’s spontaneous. it just happens.”
“I don’t know,” you told her honestly. “maybe a part of me does want to date him, but you know me, I don’t want to commit to something that seems all sweet at first but isn’t.”
“don’t let this opportunity pass you by, y/n.” ryujin offered her last attempt of advice. “dating is different for everyone, but for the most part, you date someone to get to know them. you won’t know unless you try.”
and now you’re here. walking outside the movie theater, feeling a sense of deja vu as you head to jake’s car. those four of your so-called friends were awful at making excuses, especially sunghoon, but you went along with their shenanigans.
jake wasn’t bad company anyways.
the drive to your house is nice. it’s filled with jake’s music softly playing from the aux cord, the both of you talking about whatever comes to mind, and along the way, you stop to get gas and grab some gas station slushies.
“cherry is the better flavor,” you still argue ten minutes later, sipping on your slushie.
his lips stretch into a straight line, “what’s wrong with blue raspberry?”
“blue raspberry is simply irrelevant,” you say. “cherry is the classic flavor of childhood.”
“I won’t win if I keep arguing with you, will I?”
the both of you laugh, silence in the air as you let the current song playing finish.
“so what should we do about the whole situation with our friends trying to get us together?” jake finally brings back the topic.
“we can just ignore it, right?” you suggest. “they’re only trying to make us see each other more, and to be honest, I don’t mind that. you’re pretty cool in my opinion.”
“really?” he says, an underlying tone of disbelief.
“yeah, really.”
the conversation is cut short when he pulls up to your driveway.
“thanks again for the ride,” you thank him, unbuckling your seatbelt. “not that you had any other choice than to leave me stranded at the movie theater.”
he chuckles, “don’t worry about it. I’ll give you a ride anytime.”
“I’ll keep that in mind,” you say as you exit the car.
you go to shut the door behind you but hear jake call out your name.
“by the way, just out of curiosity,” he starts nervously. “what’s the motivation behind your friends getting you to date?”
“I’m not someone who opens up to others easily,” you explain. “it's not like I'm closed off to the idea of dating someone for forever or anything. I'm just looking for somebody that I’d actually be compatible with, you know?”
“would you...” jake stops himself from finishing the sentence.
would you say we’re compatible?
you tilt your head, “what?”
“no, what were you going to say?”
“oh, it was nothing.”
“goodnight, y/n.”
“night, jake.”
the fifth encounter and the start of many more.
“are you stalking me?”
you tilt your head up to see just the person you had in mind. he waits for you to meet his pace as you stroll through your campus side by side. it was later in the afternoon, so not many students were passing by the classroom buildings at your relatively small college.
it had been over a week or two since you last saw him.
you tsk, “no, are you stalking me?”
“you wish,” he says, his face giving off the impression that he wished he could take it back. “sorry, that was creepy. it was meant to be a joke.”
“I figured, jake,” you burst out into a small fit of laughter.
“I missed talking to you,” he confesses. “I wanted to say this a long time ago, but we should exchange numbers.”
“yeah,” you laugh at the fact that neither of you had mentioned that before. “we really should.”
you grab your phone from your pocket and set it up to add a new contact.
“here,” you hand him your phone and he does the same.
jake pokes your arm, quickly catching your attention as you notice him holding his phone up to take a picture, “smile!”
you fix a closed lip-smile onto your face until he puts his phone down.
“your turn,” you snap of picture of him before he can even process what’s happening.
“wait, I wasn’t ready!” he tries to steal your phone but you hold it to your chest. “not fair, y/n.”
you stick your tongue out, “get over it.”
“you just got out of class, right? want to get something to eat and catch up?” he nudges your side.
you stop in your tracks.
“I’ll unfortunately have to pass,” you have to turn down the offer. “funnily enough, yeji asked me to help her out with an assignment since we share the same major.”
“ah, my own friend is stealing you away from me,” he teases lightheartedly, suppressing his actual disappointment. “I’ll let you do that then.”
“I’ll text you later.”
“yeah, I’d like that.”
it takes approximately seven seconds for him to build the courage to say what he’s been wanting to say all along.
“hey!” jake catches up to you. “before you leave, do you...”
“go on,” you stare at him expectantly. you weren’t going to let him leave you hanging like last time. “what were you going to say?”
“do you want to hang out sometime?” he finally spits out the question. “like make plans instead of coming across each other by happenstance.”
“can you call it happenstance if most of it was a set up by our friends?”
“I guess not,” he pouts for a split second before regaining focus. “but seriously, I want to see you again.”
“like on a date?” you ask for clarification.
jake sheepishly smiles down at the ground, “if that's okay with you.”
ryujin’s words stick to the back of your mind like glue.
“don’t let this opportunity pass you by, y/n. dating is different for everyone, but for the most part, you date someone to get to know them. you won’t know unless you try.”
you liked jake sim, it just took you some time to admit it. each day that went by without you seeing him made you unable to deny the fact that you missed having him around when he was gone.
maybe it couldn’t hurt giving it a try like ryujin said.
you place an innocent kiss on his cheek, “that'd be more than okay.”
it takes almost every muscle in his body to not lose his composure and faint right on the spot.
“great, it's a date then,” he takes a step closer, brushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear. as silence falls upon you, he takes the chance to speak again. “your eyes are so pretty. I think they remind me of layla’s.”
you take a step back, “…layla?”
“my dog.”
“I remind you of your dog?”
“wait, I didn’t mean that in a weird way. it’s just that you have really pretty eyes that sparkle in the sunlight… like my dog, layla. please don’t be offended.”
“we’ll just forget the last twenty seconds never happened,” you say for his sake and for yours.
“let me phrase what I really meant to say,” he straightens his posture and closes the distance again. “what I was trying to say is that you look really beautiful up close.”
“such a flirt,” you smirk teasingly, “do you say that to just any girl?”
“no, only to the girls I like,” jake a grin appears on his lips for a split second before it begins to falter. “was that corny?”
“just a little bit,” you laugh.
“damn, I keep slipping up,” jake joins in on your laughter. “you’ll still date me, right?”
“only if it’s too late to back out.”
“unfortunately for you, your back out card has already expired.”
“shit, already?” you jokingly curse under your breath.
“would it be too soon if I asked for a kiss?” he asks for permission with a crack in his voice.
you raise an eyebrow, “too eager to save it for our first date, sim?”
“if anything I’m late for not doing it at midnight on new year’s day,” he says, mentally applauding himself for sounding so smooth. “so can I?”
your eyes bore into his, “you’re already hovering over my face so why not.”
jake crashes his lips onto yours, intoxicating you with one sweet and simple kiss.
you finally understand that night in jake’s car, his new year’s resolution. it all begins to make a little more sense.
falling in love didn’t seem like such a bad idea now that his lips were pressed against yours with his hand gently caressing your hair, and even when the kiss breaks with an awkward laugh, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
in your mind, there was no better new year's resolution than being with jake sim.
Tumblr media
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## what he has. — s. jake
Tumblr media
synopsis: you didn't mean to do it. you just wanted to be with him. after all, you both promised to grow old with each other.
content/genre: wandavision!au, angst, scartlet witch!reader, cap!hee, avenger!jake
warning(s): major character death
wc: 2k
note: im sorry if this is shit..,,,,,,,this was in my drafts in the old blog but it was supposed to be for skz jiji,,,,,, i really wanted to write this since,,,, since the last episode of wandavision was released,,,,,, so,,, im sorry for the angst,,,, i also twisted a lot of the details,,, also unproof read
Tumblr media
you look ahead of you, stopping on your tracks as you let yourself have the courage you need to face heeseung. he was nothing but great to you. he became like an older brother watching over you, consoling you, just him being great after he took you in from hydra. but knowing him, you know he is disappointed at what you have done.
you know what heeseung did, when everything was over—thanos defeated all that—he went back in time to return the infinity stones. what no one expected (or maybe except for jay) heeseung went back to his best girl, get the life sunghoon was talking about. the life you wanted with jake.
you walk towards heeseung, seeing him more older. you assume he really did spend his life with his best girl. “hey, y/n.” heeseung says as you stop beside the bench he was sitting on. you bury your hands in your pockets.
“i see you got to dance with your best girl.” you mumble. you remember the way heeseung told you about that before he supposedly ‘died’ he was talking to his best girl through the comms about their date to dance together. and you’re happy. you really are, but you couldn’t help but feel the light envy in your heart.
heeseung softly chuckles. silence temporarily engulfs the atmosphere but the tension was far too high and you know heeseung will soon ask about it.
“why’d you do it?” he asks gently. you were confused, there was no hint of disappointment or of anger. heeseung was gentle, like he always was.
you look at him, lips pressing into a thin line as you sigh. “i wanted what you have.” you answer, looking at the view in front of you. “just like what he planned for the both of us.”
heeseung turns his head, looking at you. you unfold the paper that jake gave you once before all the snapping shit happened. it was a paper showing the lot that jake bought for the two of you, where you two were supposed to build your own house and have kids of your own. in the lot, jake drew a heart with the words inside to grow old in. -j. you shakily sigh, holding it out to heeseung who takes it and looks at it.
“we went there together.” heeseung said. “he asked for my help to look for a house where you two can grow old just like he wrote here.”
Tumblr media
jake paces around nervously the apartment as you come out of the bathroom, sittingg on the couch. “jake?” you call and your boyfriend turns to you with worried eyes. “what’s wrong?” you ask as you stand up, going to him.
“it’s just..” jake sighs, shaking his head as he looks at you and gives you a smile. “it’s nothing to worry about.”
you smile sadly, putting your hand over his heart as the other cups his cheek. jake leans against your touch, closing his eyes as his hand presses against yours. “you keep forgetting, jake.” you mumble, the hand over jake’s chest glows in red. “i can feel you.” you say and jake opens his eyes, kissing your forehead. “another fight, huh?”
he nods. “it’s going to be a big one.” jake says.
“we’ll win.” you assure as jake pulls you into his chest. you hear his heartbeat calm down as he melts into your touch. “we’ll get through this.” you say and jake hums, resting his cheek above your head.
“one last fight.” jake says, pulling away and smiling at you. he fully pulls away, going to one of the bookshelves and taking a paper. he turns back to you, giving it to you. “one last fight, then let’s settle down, hm?”
you unfold the paper and see a picture of a lot with your name beside jake’s, recognizing as the owner. you look at him and jake smiles. “jake,” you call and he takes the paper as he takes pen, scribbling something down. when he gives it back to you, you find yourself grinning.
to grow old in. -j
Tumblr media
“i didn’t realize it at first.” you admit. “i just wanted to see where jake planned us to grow old in.” you sigh, looking at your feet. “next thing i knew, it’s been two weeks since i have a whole town under my spell.” you look at heeseung who was listening to you as he gently folds the paper on his hands.
“you believe me, right?” you softly ask. heeseung looks at you with soft eyes and he knows what you are feeling right now. you feel like the world was against you and heeseung knows exactly how that felt when he chose to save jay from the others.
“of course.” heeseung says and you hum, smiling lightly. “do you remember how it started?”
you hum, looking at the sun setting right in front of you. "i didn't at first." you mumble. "but agatha wanted to know, she forced me to remember everything."
Tumblr media
"after the blip, everyone had someone to go back to." agatha says as she walks around you with your eyes still on your past self with jake, smiling widely as the two of you laugh at something he said. "but you," agatha says, pointing at you. "have no one to go back to. because jake's the only one you have."
you look at the side, breathing in as you resist the sobs that threaten to come out of you. but still, agatha's words cut deep like a knife was rammed into your heart.
"i don't want to do this anymore." you say.
agatha wanted to know how you've done this—the twisted world you have created wherein jake is alive, never taken away from you.
you never wanted to remember what you did, but agatha needed it. she wanted to know how strong your powers were—wanted to take them away from you. but you didn't know that. you just let her bring you back to the past for you to remember so you could have jake back.
the carbon copy of jake that you have made.
"come on, y/n. we're almost there. you were mad. you wanted jake back." agatha says, grabbing your shoulders. you sigh, looking at agatha.
"i wanted him back." you repeated and agatha smirked, nodding. you look at the side, seeing a glass door. you run up to the door, pushing it open as you see yourself marching through the busy crowd of the company. you interrogated the receptionist because even though he repeatedly denies it, you knew jake was here. you felt it.
you follow yourself as you burst the doors open, going straight to the director's office. "y/n y/l/n, it's big pleasure to meet you." the director says as he stands up from his table to go to you, holding his hand out.
"who are you?" you say, glaring at him. you didn't care who he was. you just wanted to know why did he have jake's body. you watched yourself, knowing how much you're trying to hold yourself together as you speak to the man in front of you. you couldn't help but pity yourself. just like agatha said, everyone had someone to come home to, but you didn't.
thinking back to that war in wakanda, if only you were fast enough to push jake off from protecting you, maybe he wouldn't have died. maybe you wouldn't be so miserable like you are right now.
"what is this? why are you showing me this?" you asked him as he led you to a room wherein below you, you could see doctors running tests and analytics on something.
"becausee you asked to see it." he says and you hesitantly turn back around to look at it. a doctor moves away as you see jake with wires connected to his head. "he could see the future, i can't let this opportunity pass by. it would help us evolve and see what threats lie into the future."
"what are you doing to him?" you ask,
"we're trying to see if we could turn him into a weapon that would—"
"jake's not a weapon." you cut him off, shaking your head as you look at him. "you can't do this. stop it." you whimper as you look back at them.
"it is our ethical and legal obligation, ma'am."
"i just want to bury him. that's all i want. he deserves it." you said.
"are you sure?"
"excuse me?"
"not everyone has the power to bring their lover back alive." he says and you shake your head.
"that's not why i'm here."
"okay." he says, nodding as he sighs. "but i can't let you bury something this powerful that could help us evolve. the best i can do is let you say goodbye to him here."
you turn back around, looking at jake.
"he's all i have. please."
"that's just it, y/n. he isn't." he said. "not anymore. at least. maybe you have saved him in time, he would be."
agatha's words felt like millions of knives were thrown your way, but it was nothing compared to what hayward said. hearing it again made you want to destroy everything that has hurt you.
you watch yourself, break the glass, the doctors running off as the soldiers came in, pointing their guns at you as you brought yourself down.
"fall back. let her see him." the man above says as you walk towards where jake's body was lying with wires still on his head. with your hand above jake's skin, a red glow coming as you examine him. your hand comes up above his heart, unlike before, nothing.
"i-i can't feel you." you mumble, shaking your head as tears stream down your face. your hand comes up to his head, fingers combing through his hair as you bend down, pressing a kiss on his forehead.
with that, you leave.
you wanted to gom home as you got into your car. but when your eyes saw the paper on your passenger seat, your mind went somewhere. you started your car, driving right away.
the small town where you and jake planned to grow.
you went around, looking at the life you two were supposed to have. a coffee shop at the side, where you and jake could have your coffee in the mornings. a small ice cream shop on the side. a small grocery store on the other.
you turn right, parking on the side of a lot where no house was built yet. the lot that jake bought for the two of you.
you climbed down the car with the property deed paper on your hand. you walk around it, looking at the huge lot as you imagine a house for the two of you. as you got to the center of the space, you look at the paper, the heart that jake drew was still there.
you walked forward, folding the paper as you held it close to your heart. you stopped as you couldn't help it anymore. tears streamed down your face as you let out a sob, knees weakening, dropping to the ground.
you wanted to destroy everything. wanted to yell, wanted to punch the director, wanted to bring thanos back to life just so you could kill him again. but most of all, you just wanted jake back.
and so it happened, a red glow started on your heart, becoming bigger and bigger as you scream. you really underestimated your powers. you didn't know how powerful you were. you didn't realize you had a whole town under your spell. a spell that you didn't even realize you casted in the first place.
as you take in a deep breath, calming down from the spell. you open your eyes and right in front you was jake. everything was in black and white as if you were in a 50s tv show.
"welcome home, darling." jake says with a wide smile.
you watch yourself slowly change. turning black & white, dress turning to a 50s style as you walk towards jake. seeing yourself smile widely made you want to cry. you were so happy again, finally. but you forgot that this was nothing but fake.
you and jake sat on the couch as he kisses your nose. "i missed you."
Tumblr media
heeseung frowns, looking down as he can't bear to look at you. he always had a weak spot for you, if you cry, heeseung would, too. you sigh, looking down as you close your eyes, holding the folded property deed close to your heart.
"at least i got to say goodbye to him this time." you say, tears streaming down as you chuckle through your tears.
Tumblr media
"you'll make this right. i know you will." jake says, cupping your cheeks on his hands. you nod, sniffling as you look up at him. "...just not for us."
you sigh, tears streaming down as you breathe in. "not for us."
jake nodded. he always wondered why he can't remember anything before the two of you got married and moved into this town. so, letting him know was the least you can do for him. you touch his temple, letting him remember all the memories before life here.
"i'm sorry for everything." you said, sighing shakily. "my emotions got the best of me, i—"
"i understand." jake says, kissing your forehead. "but you have to know, the real jake would have want you to know that he's not regretting on protecting you. he'd do anything to protect you, darling. i know i would."
"i love you, jake." you mumble and jake smiles, nodding.
"i lov eyou, too, so much." jake says, letting a tear fall down as he kisses your lips. you savor the moment, knowing in yourself that it's the last time.
the barrier comes closer and closer, jake slowly fading into pixels as the world you have made erases, including jake.
"goodbye, honey." you mumble.
jake shakes his head, smiling at you. "i'll see you again soon, darling."
Tumblr media
you breathe out, pressing your lips into a thin line.
it's been two weeks since it happened. you still have the guilt in you, wanting to make it up to everyone but you know it wouldn't change the way they see you. even though you sacrificed your own happiness because you know it's the right thing to do.
"that's all i want," you say, sniffling.
heeseung nods, understandingly. "what i had."
Tumblr media
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𝐬𝐨 𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭'𝐬 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐧𝐚𝐦𝐞?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐝 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐄𝐍𝐇𝐀
𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝐞𝐧𝐡𝐲𝐩𝐞𝐧 𝐨𝐭𝟕 𝐱 𝐠𝐧!𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 
𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: 𝐟𝐥𝐮𝐟𝐟 
𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬: 𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐞
𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: 𝐝𝐨𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐩𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫𝐨𝐢𝐝 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐢𝐤𝐭𝐨𝐤 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐄𝐍𝐇𝐘𝐏𝐄𝐍 - 𝐞𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐡𝐞𝐝 𝐫𝐞𝐥𝐚𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐩
𝐰𝐜: 𝟏.𝟎𝟕𝐤
Tumblr media
he was hesitant to do it because it’s not his style of dancing or in general 
only said yes to do with you because you asked him like 1000x times & that you would promise to buy him his favorite ramen
while practicing for it, he would get shy when it came to 1. actually recording it and 2. the move where you raise your arms 3 times 
you reassure him that he’s doing well and he looks super cute while doing it! 
you already know he’s cute but this dance and him doing just elevates his cuteness
in the final cut/video that gets posted, y’all absolutely kill it and he gives you an unprompted kiss on the cheek at the end 
in the future though, you do ask him to do other dance challenges  (I have this random and cute thought of ENHA doing tiktok dance challenges as a way to have fun and to take a break from their dances)
the rest of the members below the cut
oh man where tf do I get started with this one?
he’s seen the dance circulating and thought it was cute but didn’t think he’d ever do it
when you first asked him, he was like “No way. I’m not doing that.”
you practically have to beg him and be like “but baby, the fans. do it for the engenes 🥺”
and that my readers is how tf you get Jay to do something for you and of course engenes 
anyways, he probably already knows a good part of it since he’s watched fans and others do it! so it doesn’t take a long time for him to get it down
something also tells me that this manz puts on a straight face throughout the entire time y’all are recording 
you pat him lightly because of that and then he decides to be goofy like 😩
somehow after many drafts and having to re-film, y’all get one that y’all both like! 
the ending consists of him hugging you from behind and forming a heart together (cutest couple award y’all) 
he might ask you in the future to do cute tiktok couple dances or dance covers with him 
Tumblr media
he asked you about it after a fansign because he did it then
you excitedly talked to him about him and showed him the original tiktok again 
he was in awe because a fan made it and the dance is cute like the love for this song is real <3
asks you to teach it to him and it takes like around 15 minutes until he’s got it
when y’all are recording, he’s very smiley and giddy that you can just feel it in the air 
I have a feeling that he asks to re-film a lot because he wants it to look/be perfect for the fans 
you have to resist the urge not to yell at him out of love like IT LOOKS GOOD 
“Babe, look at me and say it with me. You look good and I dare say even better then me!” looks at you and repeats it
the final tiktok ends with him kissing you on the lips (you know just to like flaunt that y’all are together and that you’re his 😃)
makes other types of tiktoks with you 
Tumblr media
✨our honorary tiktok king of ENHYPEN ✨
he already knew the dance once engenes started doing it and he loved it a lot
like Jake, he was the one who asked you about it sort of... he was really just asking you if you wanted to do it with him 😍
obviously you said yes and didn’t practice that much 
only re-filmed it a handful times! I feel like sunghoon doesn’t care too much about if it’s like absolutely perfect just enough for the both of y’all
bonus: there are actually two tiktoks but one is just for y’all to watch & love 
this is probably one of his favorite tiktoks that he’s made so far, even more since it’s with you 
the tiktok ends with him kissing your forehead & him telling you that he loves you 
always down to film tiktok trends with you and random things
Tumblr media
he’s seen the dance but didn’t know know the dance 
you asked him on a whim and he said sure! 
lowkey the 2nd tiktok king of ENHA if you ask me
he was excited to learn it plus thought that the dance was cute
please he’s so cute that you want to find more dances so y’all can do them together 
doesn’t take long to learn it and y’all take maybe 2 takes before deciding that the one y’all filmed was good !
ends the tiktok with hugging you and doing a hand heart together
always down to film with you if you want him to! bonus - he recreates famous k-drama scenes with you for tiktok 
Tumblr media
probably hasn’t seen the dance 
you send him the original tiktok and ask him to do it with you
he says yes and probably acts nonchalant about it but he’s thrilled to do it
lowkey I feel like he would be very awe-struck when he saw the dance and it becoming somewhat known b/c it’s a little milestone or checkpoint in their success as ENHYPEN 😭wonie you’re doing great <3 
for some reason I also feel like he took the longest to learn this dance, don’t ask me why
it’s all good though because y’all are having much fun together and honestly it’s a de-stresser activity for him 
one take ✨ and ends the tiktok with bearhugging you 
not a hater or fan of tiktok, wouldn’t mind from time to time doing challenges with you
Tumblr media
the most excited of them all
saw the dance first and was the one who bursted into your room to ask you to do it with him
one take gang ✨ and takes the least amount of time to learn it... you on the other hand did take some more time learning it
all good though because he likes teaching you how to do a move even if it’s not like an official dance or something
somehow while filming, he adds an extra move in there because why not?
the happiest boy while filming and purposely messes up so he can spend more time with you & making you laugh 
ends the tiktok with a forehead kiss similar to sunghoon 
aspires to one day become a tiktok king like yeonjun instead of sunghoon
Tumblr media
Thank you so much for reading this <3 I hope you enjoyed it and had a lot of fun writing this! sorry for the difference in length between the hyung line and maknae line (still need some practice writing for them) 
I hope you take care, hydrate, rest well, work hard, and fighting!! 
signing off
- ash
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kdyism · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LEE HEESEUNG is the stranger who stamps the back of your shoes, a goofy smile etched on his face as you turn to scowl at him but it fades because his eyes crinkle at the corner, his little snaggle tooth showing because of a wide grin. he is the boy you end up unconsciously searching for while walking around the area you pumped into him at.
PARK JAY is the one you see helping someone at the sidewalk while you wait for the traffic light to turn green. he makes you believe that randomly kind people exist still and it doesn't help that he looked pretty doing so, walking hand-in-hand with a little kid. he is the boy who inspired you to do something nice that day because you couldn't forget him.
SHIM JAKE is walking his dog, entertaining the kids along the way and greeting everyone on his path; you are one of them. his clumsy grin and adorable stature lingers in the back of your mind after your short greeting. he has an aura of comfort and positivity, greeting him healed you. he is the boy you wonder why you didn't notice before and keep noticing after.
PARK SUNGHOON is the boy who helped you in the supermart. without you asking, he helps you before walking away nonchalantly without allowing you to say thank you but his image is engrained in your head now. his shy smile and subtle greeting made you flutter inside. he is the boy you hope to see whenever you visit the mart.
KIM SUNOO is the person who unabashedly asked you if the chair beside you was free. he takes it away to his table, smiling and being silly with his friends but your eyes don't quite leave him because he has such a contagious laughter once you've heard it. your time at the food court that day was spent analysing his existence. he is the boy you end up gushing to your friends about.
YANG JUNGWON is the boy who stood beside you in an art exhibition. his thoughts about the piece and intense gaze as he watched the paintings as if the paint danced entrapped you in your conversation with him. he is sharp eyes seemed to catch things you don't. he is the boy you wonder about long after talking to him because he leaves an impact on you.
NISHIMURA RIKI is the boy who sat beside you on that one bus ride. falling asleep in your shoulder, you awkwardly sit through it all because he seemed young and worn out. but as soon as he wakes up, you are terrified, letting him pass by you and ignore your existence but you see his embarrassed expression. he is the boy you want to know if he got home safe because he was precious.
Tumblr media
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heetendo · 19 hours ago
love’s philosophy (teaser)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
s u m m a r y : as a romantic, having a crush on you made sense to jake — after all, he fulfilled the trope of loser nerd falls head-over-heels for the cute popular classmate. however, when you, this said ‘cute popular classmate', gets threatened to improve your english grade or risk expulsion, you have little choice but to rely on your admirer to bring your average higher.
yes, you may be way out of jake’s league, but he is an english student — he will find a way, through the art of flattery and terrible humour, to make you his.
w a r n i n g s : set in england so school terms will be a little different from american terms, english literature student! jake, english literature! student reader, jake is the biggest nerd to grace this fic, reader is Not but she's hot so it's okay, jake and friends are basically the three stooges + rich hot sexy token jay, reader is constantly bullied, in fact everyone is just bullying each other this is not a heartfelt fic, perhaps fluff in the future, this is pure shits and giggles I have no idea where I'm going w this!! (will add more!)
t a g l i s t : @hyuckworld @honeyju do send an ask if you would like to be tagged <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a u t h o r ’ s n o t e : hey amigos so i decided to put my big girl pants on and post this (thank u alice for bullying me !! </3) i hope u like the teaser! will be posting the masterlist soon ❤️ also muchos gracias to @hyuckworld for the banner i now miss jake even more than physically possible 😕👎
Tumblr media
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pink-blushers · 2 days ago
STALKER ; ch. 29 ー distraction
summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.
word counts: 0.2-0.3k (not proof read yet 😵‍💫)
masterlist ; prev // next
Tumblr media
taehyun pushed the heavy metal door, revealing jake who’s been waiting for him at the rooftop. he walked up to him,
“jake sim, you want to talk right?” taehyun asked
“yes, i want to talk with you, kang taehyun,” jake turns around to face taehyun, taehyun nods his head slowly, telling him to continue.
“i'm going to confess to y/n," jake said
taehyub raised his eyebrows, looking at jake with a confused face, "okay but why do you tell me that? I don’t think i should know about this?”
“you like her don’t you? and let me get this straight, okay?” jake looks at taehyun straight into the eyes, “stay away from y/n”
“why should i?” taehyun scoffed, “i told you i’ll give my best shot this time, so you can’t stop me jake sim. and you're not saying this because you're afraid she choose me over you right?”
“you’re so confident about that taehyun, but you probably didn’t notice that you’re distracting her” jake said sternly
“she’ll perform at the school recital this month and will compete in a prestigious competition in a few months, but her minds seems to focus on something else, you”, he explained, “i don’t know if you already know this or no, but she’s the type to blame herself if anythings gone wrong”
“you better think about it taehyun, especially if you don’t want her to blame herself later”, jake walks away from taehyun
jake leaves with guilt all over his body, he knows what he did was wrong. out of all options, he really decides to choose the one who’ll hurt the girl she loves the most. but he also feel relieved, at least things will go like his plans, at least for now. meanwhile taehyun still stayed on the rooftop, he sighed before looking up to face the gloomy sky. he’s afraid what jake says is true, what if he really distractions her all this time? what if he really burden her? he let out another long and deep sigh, should he slowly let this go, before they get more attached to each other? because clearly, he doesn’t want to hurt her, that’s the least things he want to do.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“in the days of first love" by aoi teshima is the ost of one of ghibli's movie, "from up on the poppy hill"! i personally think the song potrayed the innocence of first love greatly! (*ฅ́˘ฅ̀*) sadly they don't have the full version of this song on any music platforms :cc you can find the lyrics translation of this song in the comments!
taglist (open!): @navsnct​ @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz​ @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers​ @ilvaussie​ @summery-bat @currently-exsisting @hobistigma @kuuromiini @pr0dbeomgyu​ @wooyoung-a @soobin-chois​ @n1shimura-ry​ @missmadwoman @gold-dragon-slayer @rinhyun @niorawr​ @primorange​ @vantxx95 @theskzvibe @hibuki-chan @darrensos @meiiiwa @yeonjoona @woopetals​ @she-is-dreaming @msxflower​ @00-baejin-05 @squiishymeow @ifwtyun​ @dear20cm​ @punneysushi01 @wonyofanclub @jjhmk @bbeomgyucafe @kangtaehyunstan @letmeal0ne​ @velvet-chuu @rlajjunie @rich-man-v @ren-chib @queridotannies @strawbrinkofdeath bolded can’t be tagged! :c
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heejayy · 7 hours ago
Drunk texting
Warning: cursing, mentions consumption of alcohol… duh!
Pairing: Hyung line x Reader
A/n/ this is really corny Ik but I haven’t posted in so long! also thank you for 600+ followers!! ❤️🥺
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunootonin · 2 days ago
𝐒𝐈𝐌𝐏 𝐅𝐎𝐑 [𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐄𝐃]♡21. ur already a frat boi
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
previous ♡ masterlist ♡next
taglist : OPEN! ask or reply to be added![ @dosiedior @enhacolor @jihyoscrown @tyongsbbfish @ily-cuz-i @acciomylove @kac-chowsballs @aahooheee @lokideadontheinside @jakesim-p @ja4hyvn @hiqhkey @aeonghaseyo @missmadwoman @lunaflvms @c9tnoos @annoyingbitch83 @vantxx95 @aria-grace-scott @awkwardnesshabitat @stayarmysstuff @chewychubchuu ]
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sparrowofthedawnsworld · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Tell Me How It Tastes.”
Danny x Jake x Fem!Reader
18+! MINORS DNI. This is pure filth.
A/N: This is the first fic i’ve EVER written and I was highly encouraged to post it. Might start taking requests eventually, if this does well. Hope y’all like it!
Maybe agreeing to go to the bar with the guys was a bad idea. You hadn’t been in the best mood all day, finding yourself being quite annoyed at nothing. Regardless, here you are sitting at the bar with Jake and Danny to your left and Sam and Josh to your right.
“Come onnnn, lighten up Y/N!” Jake nudged your shoulder as he spoke.
“Yeah, Y/N what’s got you all moody?” Josh asked, leaning forward past Sam to look at you. You sighed and shrugged them off. Starting to take another sip of your drink, you found yourself spitting the liquid back in your cup as Danny spoke up. “I bet you’re just horny,” Danny started, laughing to himself as he caught your reaction. “Ya know, since that hook up failed you the other night.” The reminder made you shoot him a death glare. You rolled your eyes, remembering the man you met at the bar just two nights ago. The thoughts made you shudder in your chair, flashbacks flooding in of just how bad he was when you finally got him in bed.
“You really should pick better guys.” Sam said, as he giggled along with Danny. “For your information Samuel, I have had some great partners.” You chided, sending him the same death glare. Sam and Danny shook their heads, their fits of laughter finally dying down.
You had ignored the boys for a few moments, ordering another drink and downing it quickly, attempting to pull yourself together. You truly wanted to have a good time with them… but Danny was somewhat right. You weren’t even able to make it through your so called “hook up,” leaving you with unfulfilled desires and built up tension within yourself.
You sighed, sliding your empty glass away from you, glancing around at the boys. You decided it was time to start making the most of the night.
“One of you dance with me?” You asked, pulling them out of their separate conversations. It only took Jake and Danny seconds to answer you with a perfectly in sync, “I will!”
You glanced between the two of them, surprised at how quick they had each volunteered themselves to take you out on the dance floor.
Danny and Jake shared a look, Jake finally speaking up as he looked back at you. “How about we both dance with you?” He grinned, a glint of mischief visible in his eyes. You looked at both of them for a moment, contemplating whether to take them up or not. You couldn’t deny your attraction to them both. You wanted nothing more than for both of them to be guiding you around on that dance floor.
“Okay.” You finally spoke, earning a smile from them both. Jake and Danny stood up, each taking one of your hands and pulling you out.
As you all start dancing, you quickly felt Jake’s hands find your hips. He swayed with you carefully, moving perfectly in sync with you, before taking one of your hands and spinning you right into Danny’s arms.
Danny smiled down at you, catching you swiftly and beginning to move with you to the music. You smiled back, gazing into his eyes. You felt heat rushing through your whole body at his strong touch and steady eye contact.
After fighting with your thoughts for a moment, you decided to test the waters. You took a deep breath, leaning in closer to Danny so that your lips were only inches apart. His grip tightened on your waist as caught on, leaning down and closing the gap between you. The kiss was soft and sweet, your lips began moving in perfect sync right away. Your lips felt perfect together, making you feel like you were the only two in the whole building.
But, the sweet kiss was quickly interrupted by Jake snatching you right out of Danny’s arms. Your bodies colliding harshly, as he held you firm against him.
“You think you’re gonna come out here and kiss Danny like that in front of me?” He questioned, rather harshly. You gulped, finally looking up into his burning stare, seeing his eyes were dark and full of lust.
“Well, I didn’t know you wanted one.” You smirked, faking an innocent tone. You watched as Jake’s jaw clenched. He let go of your hips and grabbed your face, roughly smashing his lips into yours. You kissed back instantly, pulling him closer to you. You could feel the heat pouring off of Jake’s body, making you even hotter.
Jake pulled back, breathing heavily and staring down at you hungrily. You stared into his eyes for a moment, before he moved his eyes to behind you. A smirk formed on his face, eyes flashing with the same mischief from before. You glanced behind you, following his gaze and landing on Danny. He had an equally mischievous look in his eyes. Before you knew it Jake was guiding you out of the bar, both of you trailing closely behind Danny.
“Where are we going?” you finally asked as you made it to Danny’s car, Jake opening the door for you as Danny started it up. “To do something i’ve been thinking about forever.” Jake stated as he closed the door. “He means we,” Danny smirked, glancing back at your through the rear view mirror. “-We’ve been thinking about it.” He corrected Jake.
“I don’t-“ You started to say, but Jake was quick to cut you off. He turned around in his seat, making eye contact with you as he spoke.
“Y/N, how do you feel about a threesome?” He asked, beginning to search your face immediately for any sort of reaction.
You blushed crimson, breaking eye contact and glancing out the window. “If you don’t want to do it, you don’t have to… But we’re both more than aware of your little drunk confession to Josh.” Danny spoke up, chuckling slight when you groaned at his confession.
“fuck you, Josh..” you mumbled, knowing Josh had to have spilled. He was the only one you confided in with that information. You didn’t exactly have a crush on both of them… You admitted to Josh in a drunken conversation that you would sleep with Jake and Danny, but you definitely only had real feelings for Jake. You thought for a few minutes, the car filling with silence as your thoughts raged on.
Jake and Danny waited patiently for your answer, not wanting you to feel pressured in any way.
After playing through many scenarios in your head, you finally came up with your answer.
‘What’s the worst that could happen..’ you thought to yourself. You drew in a shaky breath, nervous surging through your body when you finally opened your mouth to speak.
“Okay… I’m in.” You watched Jake turn back around abruptly in his seat, facing you again. “Really?!” You giggled at his reaction.
“Yes, really…” you trailed off slightly, your mind wondering back to the only thing that made you unsure still. “This won’t change anything right..?” You asked, glancing at each other them to give an answer.
“Definitely not.” Danny answered confidently, looking over at Jake and back at you through the mirror.
“It won’t change anything, I promise.” Jake assured you.
The rest of the ride to Danny’s was silent, tension building between the
three of you as you got closer and closer to his house.
Pulling into Danny’s driveway, Jake quickly starting to get out of the car as soon as it was stopped. He came around to open your door, helping you out. In one quick movement, Jake had closed the door and pinned you against it, crashing his lips to yours much like he had done back at the bar. He pulled back, staring into your eyes, a fire burning in them you had never seen before. He trailed soft kisses across your jaw, making his way to your ear. He left a light kiss just below it, making chills erupt through your body. “I’ve wanted to do this for so long. We’re going to ruin you, pretty girl.” He whispered, his tone dripping with lust. He pulled away completely, taking your hand in his as he pulled you towards the door, making it up the stairs just as Danny had opened the door.
They wasted no time, pulling you to Danny’s bedroom right away. You heard the door shut and the nerves suddenly hit you harder than ever. You froze, looking between the two of them as the walked into your line of view. Danny quickly noticed your worried expression and started to comfort you right away.
“We’re going to take good care of you, baby. I promise this will be worth it.” He reassured you, Jake nodding in agreement with Danny. You let out a shaky breath as Danny stepped closer to you, closing the gap between you and pulling you into a steamy kiss. You heard Jake groan softly, pulling away from Danny to catch your breath you noticed Jake palming himself through his jeans. Danny pulled back, looking you deep in the eyes. “If anything becomes too much, or you don’t like it- don’t be afraid to speak up, babe. Okay?” You swallowed hard and nodded. “No, baby.. I need you to say it.” Danny said, tightening his grip on you. “I promise i’ll tell you.” You said shakily. You were trying so hard to calm your nerves, but it was hard when you had the two most beautiful men standing before you… Ready to completely destroy you. “Good girl.” Danny smirked. He let you go, going to sit beside Jake on the bed and leaving you standing in your spot.
“Now, strip.” Danny commanded. The smirk never left his face as he and Jake burned holes into your body, watching your every move.
You decided to push aside as much of your nerves as you possibly could, wanting to give them the show they so desired. You started off slow, swaying slightly and beginning to slide your shirt up slowly. You pulled it off completely, holding it away from you body and letting it fall of your fingertips. You began a slow work on your skirt, sliding the zipper down so slowly that Jake had finally had enough. “Pick up the pace or I will get up and rip it off you.” Jake said with hunger, need and irritation evident in his words. You smirked slightly, looking up at them with innocent eyes. You confidence rising at the effect you clearly had on the two boys, both rock hard and already sweating in their spots.
You slid the skirt down your legs, revealing the matching royal blue underwear you had on. Danny let out a heavy breath, beckoning you to the bed with a ‘come here’ motion of his finger. You walked over to the bed, laying down on the opposite side as Danny stood up and pushed you into the middle. You watched as Jake and Danny stripped down to just their boxers. After stripping down Jake laid beside you, grabbing your jaw and pulling you into a rough kiss. The fire you had felt through your body at the bar returned, Jake kissing you with so much passion and need, but also feeling Danny’s lips making contact with you stomach. As Danny left soft kisses across your skin, you moaned lightly into the Jake’s kiss. The feeling of both of them giving your body so much attention, made your wetness pool even more. Jake’s grip on your jaw tightened as he drank in your whimpers and soft moans. Jake moved down to your neck, assaulting it with harsh kisses and bites right away. He snuck a hand underneath you to unhook your bra, pulling it away and tossing it across the room haphazardly. He groaned, taking them into his hands. “You’re so beautiful.” He spoke, but it seemed like it was more to himself than anything. You whimpered when you felt Danny trail the kisses to your thighs, sucking a dark hickey on your left thigh. Danny hummed approvingly against your skin, doing the same to your other thigh. Between Danny marking you roughly and Jake beginning to suck on one of your nipples, a choked cry was pulled from your throat. You reeled at the feeling of both of their mouths on you, paying your body devilish attention. “Please, Danny, do something. I need more.” You whimpered. You squirmed beneath them, earning a harsh slap from Danny to the outside of your thigh. “Stop moving, or I’ll make you wait even longer.” Danny growled, taking your panties into his fingers and pulling them down slowly.
“You wouldn’t want to wait longer, would you, pretty girl?” Jake said, leaning up so his lips almost touched your ear. You shook your head, unable to speak from the anticipation as you felt Danny spread your legs farther apart. Danny groaned at the sight of your soaked core. “So wet for us, huh baby?” Danny asked, glancing up at you. The sight of him alone making the knot in your stomach begin to form already. “Come on, use your words princess.” Jake pried, sliding a finger under your chin to make you look at him. “Yes, please do something. One of you… please.” You begged, desperate for some sort of relief. Danny, seemingly pleased with your begging, dove in right away. You let out a strangled moan, hips lifting off the bed as he began to suck on your clit. Jake noticed the action and he placed a hand down on your stomach.
“I thought Danny said no squirming?” He questioned, holding you down against the bed. You felt Danny’s grip shift and tighten as well, his hand slipping around to trace a finger teasingly around your entrance. You moaned as he slipped it in with ease. “Answer me, Y/N.” Jake growled, leaning down to suck harshly on one of your breasts, surely adding another mark. “i-i’m sorry-“ You could barely get the words out, your vision blurring as your orgasm grew closer and closer. “Sorry what?” The dominance in Jake’s tone was unwavering, making you moan even more. “Sorry, sir.” You choked out. Danny continued to work you perfectly. He could read your body so well. He hummed as he started to feel you clench around him, picking up the pace of his fingers and flicking your clit with a pace that was otherworldly.
“Good girl. Are you close, baby? Can you come for me and Danny?” Jake asked, moving so that he had a slightly better view of you, wanting to watch you come undone.
Your eyes twisted shut, your legs beginning to shake as your orgasm was closer than ever. “yes, oh my god please don’t stop, Danny. please, please, plea-“ Your begging was cut off as your high washed over you, the most intense orgasm you’ve ever had. You cried out, attempting to pull away from Danny as his mouth continued to work you through your high and back down.
You laid there panting as Danny pulled away from your dripping core. You looked down at him, seeing his mouth and fingers soaked from you.
“Jake… come here.” Danny said, sitting up. Jake looked at him questioningly, but moving closer to him anyway. Danny ran two fingers through your still dripping core, coating them in your cum and looking up at Jake with a smirk threatening his lips. “Tell me how it tastes..” Danny said, holding his soaked fingers up to Jake.
Jake glanced at you, eyes growing darker as he looked between you, your soaked heat and finally Danny’s fingers. He took Danny’s wrist, bring his fingers to his mouth and starting to suck on them. You moaned loudly at the sight before you. It was quite literally the hottest thing you’d ever seen. Jake pulled them clean, shooting you a sly grin.
“My turn, Daniel.” Jake spoke lowly, motioning for Danny to trade places with him. Jake moved over you, pulling off his boxers in a swift motion. He reached over you to the bedside table, grabbing the condom that was on it. While Jake got himself ready, you motion for Danny to shift positions slightly, wanting to tend to him as well as you could. “Take these off.” You told him, tugging at his boxers. Danny lifted himself up, pulling them off his legs and disregarding them onto the floor. You gathering some of the wetness still pooling at your heat, before bringing it up to your mouth and letting a small stream of spit fill your hand. You wrapped your hand Danny, beginning to pump him slowly. “Ah, fuck Y/N-“ He groaned, head falling back to the pillows. “-please, don’t stop that.” You continued your smooth motion up and down his long length, pulling groans and filthy words from him. Jake watched you, becoming even harder- if that was even possible. “Keep making Danny feel good, with your pretty hand baby.” Jake told you. “I’m going to fuck you now. Is that okay, my pretty girl?” Jake looked into your eyes, awaiting your answer. “Yes, Jake. I want you.” That was all Jake needed. He took himself in his hand, pumping a few times before sliding it through your folds. He began to push himself in, groaning at the feeling of you already so tight around him. The moment was unbeatable in your mind. Jake set into a steady, hard pace, He threw one of your legs over your shoulder, searching for the position that best gave him access to you G-spot. “Shit Jake, oh my god. You’re so good.” You moans laced in the air with Danny’s , hand slightly faltering on his dick as your head fell back in pure pleasure. “Uh uh-“ Jake started, grabbing your jaw and forcing you to look at him. “First of all, look at me. Second, who did you say? Huh, baby? You know what you’re supposed to call me.” Jake said, roughly shoving his thumb into your mouth. “Say it.” He demanded, speeding up his pass and angling up slightly, finally catching your G-spot causing you to let out a high pitched moan. You continued to work Danny, trying to match Jake’s speed with your hand.
“Yes! Oh god, yes sir, I’m sorry. Please don’t stop!” You cried out, Jake let go of your jaw, Holding your hips firmly in place.
You felt Danny twitch in your hand, you forced yourself to slow your movements, wanting him to come with you. He groaned as you slowed, looking over at you with pleading eyes. “Y/N please, I’m so close baby.” He moaned out, bucking his hips into your hand. “Want y- want you to come with me Danny. I’m so close.” You choked, moans and cries breaking through you throat between each word. Jake took notice of your tightening around him and reached down to rub circles over your clit, wanting you to reach you high with him and Danny. “We’re all so close pretty girl, keep going.” Jake groaned his pace starting to grow harder as his high grew near. You sped up your hand again, making Danny moan and curse loudly beside you. He pulled himself up slightly, to crash his lips into yours for one more amazing kiss. Before you knew it, you felt his warm liquid cover over your hand. You moaned and your hand stuttered and back arched into Jake as your orgasm washed over you for the second time. “Come on Jake, come for us.” you pleaded, coming down from your high and seeing his face twisting in pleasure. His pace wavered, his high hitting him hard. “Fuck, Y/N you’re so good for me.” He moaned out. Jake collapsed on top of you. The three of you laid there silently, completely spent and panting.
“Wow.” Danny whispered.
“Yeah…” You agreed, sighing as Jake wrapped his arms around you. You pulled his face to yours, kissing him tenderly. You pulled back, looking into his eyes. A grin spread across his face as he looked at you and then Danny. “That should have happened a long time ago.” Jake spoke finally.
Danny sat up, retrieving his t-shirt and hand it to Jake.
He sat up, cleaning you off first, then himself, before handing it back to Danny who cleaned himself up before crashing back down beside you. “Do you need anything, sweetheart?” Danny asked, sweetly.
“No…” You started, but stopped to think just for a moment. “..But thank you. I just want you both to stay here and hold me.” You answered, smiling at them both. “Anything for you, baby.” Jake said, laying down to your other side, pulling your into his chest. Danny moved in closer, draping his arm over you, allowing you to lay your head against his chest.
“Goodnight.” You whispered to them, earning a goodnight from Jake and a low hum from an already sleep filled Danny.
You drifted off into sleep instantly, knowing you were safe and well taken care of there in Jake and Danny’s arms.
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Psychopomp - Jake Kiszka
~Coming February 2022~
Tumblr media
Darkness is a curse that plagues the mind. Some push the darkness away, they seek out the light to drown it out. Others embrace it, live amongst the darkness. Those are the people who see beyond, find the hidden horrors, and glorious wonders that linger within the darkness.
CW: Mentions of death, mental health, strong language.
In Collaboration With @capturethechaos
Y/n was born into darkness, her cries being accompanied by the roaring of thunder. Her mother fought to bring her into the world, almost losing her in the womb multiple times.
Her grandmother raised her with the belief that she had been tagged by death, which is really something you should never tell a child. Despite the near constant reminder, Y/n managed to grow up with a smidge of normalcy. She had friends, school, and a job. Her life changed the first summer after she graduated high school. A midnight dip in the lake with her friends took a turn for the worst.
Y/n was the third of the five people to jump into the water. She thought nothing of it, she had been in the lake more times than she could count. She grew up around the lake, she knew the water better than most. This time though, the moment the water engulfed her, she froze, her eyes shooting open as she sank. It was peaceful for a moment, being surrounded by the vast nothingness beneath the water.
When a reed wrapped around her ankle, panic set in.
She felt heavy, fighting to keep her eyelids from closing. Any effort to push herself back up from the depth was useless at that moment, she felt as though she was being held down. She stared at the moon breaking through the waves, wondering where the hell her friends were, why hadn’t they come to help her. She thought about what would have happened if she had jumped sooner, later, or not jumped at all.
Her lungs were tight, but she couldn’t breathe, she was refusing to breathe.
When the ringing in her ears began, she refused to let herself go, thrashing to reach for her ankle, a desperate attempt to free herself from the reeds that held her under. That was when she hit her breaking point, her eyes rolling back as darkness surrounded her. Her body worked against her in a last minute feverish attempt at keeping her conscious. Her lips parted, gulping in what she prayed would be oxygen.
It felt like inhaling fire, and she hazily watched as whatever air was in her lungs floated to the surface. She was ripped back to consciousness. The moonlight ripping amongst the water above her mocked her as she watched her friends wade on the surface. She could swear she heard the wails of laughter.
Y/n tried to call out, to scream, but there was nothing left to say, no air to supply the sob that shook her chest.
Her vision narrowed, and her thoughts clouded as she slipped from consciousness. She swore she saw no one coming, but as she lost herself to the darkness, she saw an outstretched hand. The most welcoming pair of deep brown eyes staring down at her as her own fluttered closed.
When she awoke, Y/n was blinded by the bright fluorescent lights of a hospital room. She looked around, blinking away the blur that had overtaken her eyes. She could still feel the burn in her throat, the lick of flame still searing the raw flesh of her lungs. She lifted her arms, reaching for her throat.
“Hey— hey!”
She could hear yelling, a bunch of voices garbled together as movement overtook the room.
She had drowned.
Her heart stopped.
Taglist: @godlygreta @theweightofstardust @aureummel @earthlysorrows @cowboysamkiszka @katie-gvf @basiccortez @astro-place @groggyvanfleet @mckenna4 @the-a-word-2214
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003. club penguin party
↳ kissing, someone faints, written part four pics in - 0.7k words
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Honestly Yeji doesn’t know what she was expecting. All her friends had warned her about entering a relationship with Jake, the most notorious player in school, and well, she ignored them. And now here she is, upset over some boy not remembering her birthday.
Pathetic, really.
At least working on the history project will give her a welcome distraction. She might even ask if you wanted to celebrate with her tomorrow. Although that seems desperate. The two of you were hardly friends. She’ll stick with just doing the work.
“Hey, Yeji, wait up!”
Her boyfriend yells from down the hall and she can hear him making his way over to her. Yeji rolls her eyes.
“Leave me alone, Jake,” she says, not even looking back or stopping.
Jake does not leave her alone. “Yej, come on, you got it all wrong.”
Now that has her turning on her heel to face him. How dare he insinuate that she misread the situation wrong? Yeji had casually asked if he wanted to come over to her place tomorrow night after the celebrations for some…after party shenanigans and he just stared at her with the blankest look on his face. Like he had no idea what she was talking about.
“I’m not stupid, Jake. You forgot and that’s that. I have a project to do.” Yeji makes to turn back around but Jake grabs her wrist before she can get too far.
“But that’s the thing, I didn’t forget!” Yeji scoffs with another eyeroll. “I’m serious!” A small crowd was starting to form of students coming from lunch. Yeji doesn’t even know when the bell rang. Shit, she’s gonna be late for her meeting with Y/N.
Jake lowers his voice, “Can we talk outside? Just give me two minutes and I’ll explain.” Yeji should say no. Should turn around and go to Mr Park’s class and apologise to Y/N for being late and finish that project. But. Jake just looks so earnest, like he truly feels bad. And she wants to believe him, that there is a reason for how he acted before. And maybe it’s a lapse in judgement on her part, but she agrees and lets Jake lead them outside behind the recycling bins for privacy.
Jake wastes no time. “I knew how much you were looking forward to our first big date as a couple so I wanted to plan something really nice for you. As a surprise. I only pretended to not know it was your birthday so you wouldn’t catch on.”
That has Yeji crossing her arms and raising a single eyebrow. “Really.” She can’t give in, not so soon. Even though she feels herself falling into his charms. Can feel herself believing what he’s saying.
“Yes, really. I even got the guys to help me plan this party for you and everything.”
Yeji’s face softens. “Really?”
Her boyfriend nods, all sincere and genuine. “Of course, I wouldn’t forget something like that.”
And of course he wouldn’t. Even though he has a reputation that preceeds him sometimes, he’s never been like that with her. She doesn’t know why she even thought he would. He’s been a great boyfriend so far, and even if they haven’t said the words, their relationship has been all sweet and loving so far.
She frowns slightly. “Sorry, I guess.”
Jake smiles that soft grin of his that makes Yeji instinctively smile back. “Don’t sweat it, babe. You can make it up to me by acting really surprised when you come to the party tomorrow.”
Yeji laughs. “I think I can manage that.”
And when Jake leans in and kisses her, she feels like she’s floating. All of Jake’s kisses feel like this—like she’s weightless. The kiss sends tingles down her spine and to her toes. She can’t even remember why she was in such a hurry, can’t remember much of anything, really. Just Jake.
When the need to breathe becomes to much to ignore, Yeji pulls away. Jake tries to pull her back in and she laughs. “We should go back inside.”
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. I’ll catch up.”
Yeji waves bye to Jake and makes her way back into the school. She has to correct her balance a few times because kissing Jake always leaves her slightly dizzy and breathless, in the best way.
The halls are empty, everyone having already gone to their classes. No one is there to witness the dizziness getting to much. Or Yeji falling against the lockers.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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no nut november
Tumblr media
PAIRING ▸ enhypen hyung line x fem!reader 
GENRES ▸ social media au (smau), smut, crack, fluff, established relationship au, friends to lovers, friends with benefits au, fuckboy/fuckgirl au, college au
WARNINGS ▸ profanity, sexual jokes, sexual content, sexting kinda, horny-repressing hyung line makes mc sound like she has the hormones of a middle school boy, ft. jeongin, ryujin, taehyun, and park jisung
SUMMARY ▸ four men suppressing their carnal instincts for thirty days doesn’t sound plausible, but it’s no nut november, so victory is crucial. yet, there’s only one obstacle keeping lee heeseung, park jongseong, sim jaeyun, and park sunghoon from their prize: you. game on, boys.
TAG LIST ▸ at the bottom (send me an ask here if you’d like to be added!)
AUTHOR’S NOTE ▸ hello !! this isn’t like written-out smut so the warning may sound sort of odd for a smau?? but i hope y’all enjoy !! ♡ this is a “choose your own route” kind of smau, so you don’t have to read in order :’)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
heeseung: am i a fucking smurf tf u mean blue ball
01. do it for the switch
02. coriander 6:18
03. heeseung touches grass (REAL)
04. pass class and eat ass 
05. switch attained??
Tumblr media
jay: to nut or not to nut, that is the question
01. facebook type breakup
02. #pegjay2021
03. anything for $10 
04. submissive and breedable (shrek edition)
05. lopunny tests a man
Tumblr media
jake: r u from the 80s calling me darling and shit fuck outta here
01. keep dreaming stupid ass 
02. bro the dick denouncer 
03. i wanna ruin our friendship (derogatory)
04. ryujin lacks both fight and flight response 
05. all over a milkshake
Tumblr media
sunghoon: damn imagine all the tits that were bouncing around 
01. worrying about the wrong head
02. hospitalized together #couplegoals
03. sunghoon: (pls) go home
04. falling in l*ve (y/n edition)
05. gorilla grip pussy
Tumblr media
probably y/n and ryujin
Tumblr media
COMPLETED 01/18/22
Tumblr media
TAG LIST ▸ @msxflower​ @baekhyunstruly​ ​@mykalon​ @heelariously​ @hobistigma​ @jjun4thitboy​ @liliansun​ @emobeomgyu​ @w3bqrl​ @yeonjunsleftboob​ @undeadbots​ @sheepgardenenha​ @domojoo​ @meijiamikas​ @rikisnuggie​ @jongsaengseong​ @pixyseeun​ @woniebae​ @rielleluvs​ @softforqiankun​ ​@3ggieyolk​ ​@ryu-naa​ @from-xero​ @baekhyuns-lipchain​ @misfitsjy​ @outrobegins​ @mishtidoie​ @primorange​ @blank-velvet​ @kyleeanne​ @wonkiluvr​ @yourlocalhotgf​ @unipanda1006​ @rikisnotforsale​ @flameykeese​ @yougeans​ @mybabywearschanel​ @s2elf-z​ @httpheeseung​ @hvunvely​ @mildlystupid​ @violevantae​ @pr3ttyf4ce​ @person-standing​ @youreverydayzebra​ @rikibae​ @gu8ki​ @minatagramm​ @niikipuff​ @rinyx​
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jaylaxies · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
PAIRING : photographer!jake x lingerie model!reader
GENRE : smut, project partners, rivals to fwb, unprotected sex (stay safe y'all), fingering, choking, degradation, praising, use of nicknames (angel, princess), slight bondage, implied corruption kink, hint of angst, jihoon being an asshole, mentions of camera and lingerie photography.
WC : 5.3k words
SYNOPSIS: being the top model for your company was something you had grown accustomed to, alongside your photographer, jihoon, always placing number one on the 'monthly evaluation list'. just opposite to jake not being accustomed to be placed second. so when company announced 'the switch project', jake had to turn the tables for him. the hard part? you're his partner and you hate him.
WARNING : 18+ content, minors dni.
A/N : hihi! i'm finally back with the first installment for my trope time series! it's by far the longest fic i've written. i hope you guys enjoy it! all likes, comments, reblogs and asks are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
"why do we even bother checking it at this point?" jihoon asked, stretching his hands out, mainly to indicate how accustomed he was to this, almost like a routine.
"confident, are we now?" you raise your brow, walking towards the notice board.
it was last day of the month, meaning, the monthly evaluation list was supposed to be updated. each month, you placed first on the models list, never swerving at any cost.
jihoon on the other hand, always placed first on the photographer's list. it never changed, hence his cocky behaviour regarding the same. he carried himself as a king, never admitting that anyone could do better or even come closer to his level of expertise.
you and jihoon came in pairs, got along well, both egoistic yet always strived to work hard, not letting anyone take your thrones. if he was the king then you were his queen, for various more reasons than just placing first.
the chemistry you had with him looked unwavering to others, some rumours also stating how you were in 'friends with benefits' relationship, which would explain how he knows all of your body that well—well enough to know the exact angle and pose which would make you shine. he knew your body by heart.
the rumours didn't lie, you indeed were sexually active with each other, no strings attached. you had to admit, jihoon was a great pleasure provider, strong with great sex appeal. and you? perfect in all ways, people looked up to you, your magazine cover shoots, your street fashion, your everything you had to offer. naturally, jihoon was attracted to you, resulting in makeout sessions which further evolved into sex.
coming back to the notice board, you see jake sim fuming, again, the usual. his jaw and fist clenched, probably not too pleased by the outcome. checking the list, you clearly saw yours and jihoon's name sitting on the throne, you had placed first again.
the reason for jake's resentment? he placed second, again. he's been on the same rank for as long as he could remember, always giving his best yet not succeeding. reason? he doesn't know. maybe because her model, amber, wasn't enthusiastic about her job, always prioritising her own selfish plans rather than the ones laid out by your company.
jihoon snickered at the look of distress jake sported on his face, gaining his attention at the mocking gesture.
"lost again, sim?" he taunted, smirk growing on his face. you laughed along, supporting jihoon in his usual teasing session.
but before jake could retort, the head manager arrived at the lobby, everyone falling silent at his arrival after greeting him.
"good morning to all, i take it you've seen the monthly evaluation already?" he started, getting a chorus of hums and yes from the employs.
he nodded, congratulating all the ones who have been working hard. further, he cleared his throat, announcing something. "so, our company–although big, hasn't hosted any event like this in its history."
you looked at jihoon, to already see him looking at you with confusion. what event was it?
"all my fellow employees, let me introduce you to the switch project!" he announced with jazzy hands. everyone still stared at him with confusion, though clapping alongside him to maintain the spirit.
"the rules are basic, your current pairs will be unpaired. each model will come up here and select one piece of folded paper from the glass bowl which will determine your photographer partner." he explained.
your eyes widened, along with everyone else in the area. working without jihoon sounded terrifying to you. yes, you can do it but you also knew that jihoon could bring out the best in you, changing that would be a problem, you gulped.
"once paired, you'll be given a period of three days to decide your whole setup according to the theme, stylists will be provided to you but no one will be allowed in the shoot except for the pair." he further explained.
"out of fifty three, only twelve pairs will go to the next round which will also be the final round. those twelve pairs will get a celebratory party before the finals–" a series of excited 'ooh' left everyone's mouth.
"–and again, you have to prepare for it in a span of three days. the winner will be declared a day after the final shoot submission. now, onto the most interesting part, the winner will get their shoot photo as the cover of the mystique magazine along with two whole columns of experiences from both–the model and the photographer!" he clapped enthusiastically.
mystique magazine, the greatest opportunity you could ever get. it was big, hyped everywhere and the one people looked upto for inspiration. a layer of determination swept through your body, you had to win this.
commotion built up, excited chatter about the winning prize boomed up until the manager asked for silence, calling all models to pick up their respective chits–partners.
your fingers were fidgety, but your expressions said otherwise, head held high with no worry whatsoever. that facade broke as soon as amber announced her partner, or dare you say, your partner. she was paired with jihoon, walking to him with the biggest smirk on her face. throwing a wink your way.
before you could react, your name was called to pick your chit. you took a deep breath, taking a piece of paper out from the glass bowl, opening it to see the name–jake sim. you announced, just to see him staring at you, jaw clenched.
the whole situation was fucked up to say the least, you being partnered with jake, jihoon's rival and jihoon being partnered with amber, your rival. how would this end?
"we have to win." was the first thing jake said, going to the lounge area to discuss the theme.
"no, cross that, we will win." he spoke, not looking at you.
you half laughed, "jihoon may be the top photographer but i hate losing so you better step your game up, sim." you warned him, looking at him sitting next to you.
"oh sweetheart, i'm definitely better at topping." he whispered, leaning in to tease you.
you shoved his face away, already tired of his fuckboy antics, "so, round one, royal theme." you read out loud from pamphlet. he peeked over your shoulder, soon looking at your face, scanning you up an down.
"red, you'll be wearing red lingerie for this one." he finalized in a go, biting his lips as he thought more, "a delicate golden crown with red crystals to match it all." you nodded, finally not opposed to something that came out of his mouth.
"i need a throne." you spoke, breaking his train of thoughts.
"they want royal? might as well give them a queen." you smirked, his expression mirroring yours.
"just how confident are you?" he marvelled out loud.
"just the right amount, you wouldn't know anyways, you never placed first, sim." and that's how you struck his nerve.
he came close to you, invading your personal space as his breath fanned your face, "and what if i make you win, princess? what will you do then?" he asked, tucking in a stray strand of hair behind your ear.
"whatever you want." you spoke, looking at him in the eye. yes you were bold and he was loving it so far.
"whatever i want, yeah?" he whisper–asked, eyeing you up and down not so subtly.
"i said what i said, sim." you stood by your word, making him smirk again.
"don't back out later, princess." he warned.
"you better start planning our win then." you reminded him the actual part, him half laughing at your attitude.
the next whole hour was the same, you both bickering and jake making sexual jokes half the time. mid-way, you called truce to your enmity for, you both had to take the throne. after deciding and wrapping up, you both went to the props area, filled with everything you needed for the shoot.
jake gave orders for throne, crown, necklaces and all antique jewellery one must have to be considered royal while you went on searching for the lingerie you had to wear. not bothering to inform him that you've found it, you left for your place.
sim dude :
did you leave?
you :
sim dude :
didn't bother telling me?
you :
he sighed, it was going to be tough for him.
day 2
only a day left for the shoot one and you had no clue how to work with jake so, you called him over with his camera like a decent human for once.
you guys have been going over poses from the past one hour, seeming professional for once. not much words were exchanged, jake was still pissed at your attitude while you still hated him.
"what pose do i do now?" you asked, wanting to be done as soon as possible. "i say doggy style–" you threw a bra, hitting him right in the face. "pervert."
he laughed, a genuine laugh and it sounded like a child giggling to you, your lips twitching at the thought before you shook it off.
jake came closer to you, bending down to your level and positioning your crown perfectly. he knew you were a tough shell to break but you both needed each other to win. so, he tried to ease the tension by increasing it further.
you looked up at him through your long lashes, raising your eyebrow and pushing your hair back the way it makes others swoon.
jake grabs your chin, making you look directly in his eyes, his thumb touching your lip, parting it just the right amount, staying there for a second before stepping back and clicking a picture.
he wasn't blind, he could see how perfect you looked in that lingerie and how innocent you seemed as he ran his thumb on your lip, he wanted more.
your breath hitched at the small gesture, soon realising it was just for a shot you stood up, walking towards him.
"i wanna see the pictures." you ordered.
and he showed you, it was different than the way jihoon captured you. jake's pictures felt more humane, more natural to you rather than the constant pose instructions you had to get from jihoon.
jake on the other hand, didn't give you any pose, he captured you just the way you were despite it being a test shoot. he stared at your expression the entire time you scanned your photos, coming to the last one, the one with your mouth parted.
it was subtle, barely even made any difference yet it was the best picture anyone had ever took of you. it made you feel beautiful with your hair open, eyes bright and the red lingerie topping it all up.
"like it?" he asked, you looked at him to see his face just near yours.
"yeah, it's nice i guess." you half complimented, making jake smile.
progress, he thought.
day 3 - shoot day
the whole studio was empty except for you and jake, just according to the rules. you had your makeup and hair done, ready in your red lingerie alongside red heels, a pretty crown resting on your head as you sat confidently on the throne.
two hours, that's all you had to click the perfect picture for round one. you looked at jake, he wore black jeans with a plain white shirt, the bare minimum, yet he looked like a model. you had to agree he was attractive.
the way he bit his lip while concentrating made you feel someway, how would those plush lips feel against your own?
"you're staring." he pointed out, the blush growing on you face made it even better for him. "i'm not." you argued back.
time went by soon and he had clicked a fair amount of pictures, finally finding that one angle he'd been waiting for all long.
hair blowing from the fans you had set up, head held high with a slightly parted mouth. you looked like a queen.
yet again, jake came closer to part your mouth again, not expecting you to swirl your tongue around his finger. you weren't sure why you did it but you didn't regret it. you wanted to tease him, test his limits. his eyes darkened, holding your face with his free hand and leaning in.
you closed the gap, finally kissing him. it started slow as if you both were trying to get accustomed to each other's taste, soon getting deeper as you part your lips for him to explore your mouth further.
the bell rang, indicating that the time was up. jake broke the kiss, breathing hard. "this isn't over." he stated, going away to edit and submit the pictures within an hour, leaving you needy and a mess.
messing with the og rival ignited a spark in you and you looked forward to more.
day 4
you'd be lying to say you weren't disappointed to at jake's lack of response. it had always been easy for you, just a wink and others would go crazy, yet jake didn't bother sending even a text to you after the whole makeout session.
the results were going to be out soon but all you could focus on was how his lips felt perfect along yours. you got a notification, which you hurriedly checked. it was an e-mail, you had gotten selected for round two. a big smile spread your face as you rushed to text jake. only for him to beat you to it.
sim dude :
congratulations, princess ;)
wear black tonight
you didn't bother replying, already deciding your outfit for tonight, it brought you back to the thought of jihoon. did he qualify as well? he never once texted you since this project started and it pissed you off.
black dress, black lingerie with heels. jaws dropped as you made your entrance at the party, seemingly appearing as a winner already until you saw jihoon kissing amber. you just raised your eyebrow at that sight.
a hand on your shoulder made you turn back, it was jake, clad in black jeans and shirt, hair parted to the side, revealing his forehead. he followed your gaze towards jihoon, understanding the look on your face.
your lips were on jake's the minute jihoon left amber, his hands naturally coming to rest on you ass, pulling you closer to him, all eyes were on you both yet you deepened the kiss without any care in this world.
jihoon fumed, rushing over to separate you both as if he had any right to do so, holding on jake's collar, warning him.
"you're going to fucking lose this competition and i'll make sure of that." he growled.
"i wouldn't bet on it." jake retorted, keeping his cool. "your ranked second in the intermediate check if i'm not wrong, going with pink lingerie just cause red is 'overused' isn't the way to win y'know? red is the essence of royalty, my princess knows." you bit your lip to prevent laughing alongside all winners in the room, jihoon stared at you for a second before harshly letting go of jake, walking away with amber running to follow him, embarassed with this whole ordeal.
you had to admit the way jake called you his princess made your body weak. did he claim you in front of everyone without much say?
"asshole." you said, watching him leave.
you stepped further to get yourself a drink at the bar before jake yanked you back, your back being pressed against his chest.
he leaned to whisper in your ear, "i told you i wasn't done with you, angel."
his accent made you shiver in a good way, "what do you wanna do with me, sim?" you asked in a whisper.
"let me show you that." he bit his lip, guiding you towards the other section of the office, the more secluded one and you let him.
angel. that was a new one, he never used before yet you loved it, him calling you an angel while you're dressed in all black, here to commit sins without any thinking. that's what you were, a fallen angel.
pulling you in the secluded lounge room, he made sure to lock the door before pinning you against it.
"you've been so naughty." he whispered, tracing your jawline with his pointer finger.
"have i really?" you talked back, innocence dripping your tone.
"sucking my finger and kissing me to make jihoon mad? oh, you've been so bad, princess." he leaned in, kissing your neck as you whimpered, arms going around him for support before he pins you back to the door, not letting you touch him.
yet again, you tried to knead your fingers in his silky hair, only to be stopped by him again, kissing you harshly on the mouth.
"so desperate to touch me." he scoffed, his deep voice giving you goosebumps. his long fingers wrapped around your neck, applying the least amount of pressure possible.
your eyes widening in surprise as he continued to leave butterfly kisses down your neck, pulling the strap of your dress aside to get more access to you.
"jake–" you begged for more, his real name sounding foreign in your mouth.
"yes, baby, tell me what you want." his honey eyes stared intensely into your own.
"i want you to fuck me, jake." you shamelessly spoke as his hand choked you harder, other going down between your thighs to rub your clothed core, making you moan out loud.
lifting up your dress, he noticed your lacy lingerie set. "we don't need this anymore." he said, removing your dress and throwing it on one of the lounge couch, stepping back to look at your full figure.
he was painfully hard by now, his jeans restraining his cock now. your hair was a mess, chest heaving up and down, standing there in just your lace with a small bow on the bra.
"sit on the table, now." he ordered, unbuttoning his shirt to expose his perfectly sculpted torso, abs prominent and flexing back muscles.
you obeyed him at once, wanting nothing more than him to fuck you senseless, making you forget about jihoon as a whole, rushing to sit down on the huge table, spreading your legs while doing so.
jake walked over to you, standing in between your legs, his clothed crotch rubbing with your wetness, making you hiss out a moan. he pulled your closer, guiding your hands at the back, tying them together with the shirt he removed earlier, making your eyes widen.
"say red if it gets too much, yeah?" he spoke seriously and you nodded, loving where it was heading.
your arms restrained at the back, your head on his shoulder as he trailed kisses down your body, putting your underwear to the side to insert one finger, the cool metal of the rings feeling heavenly against your walls.
eyes closed with the pleasure, you bucked up your hips to create more friction only to get your ass slapped. it pained in the most pleasurable manner, no one had done that before but you weren't opposed to this idea a bit.
"did i give you permission to move?" jake asked, removing his pants and boxers altogether, his hardened member springing out, hitting his lower abdomen.
"no–" you let out another mewl as jake teased your entrance with his tip, slowly rubbing his cock up and down your slit, filling your veins with anticipation. you bit your lip, trying your best to contain your voice but failing.
you whimpered, eyes blurring with tears as he pushed himself all the way in, filling you up deliciously. he was huge which made you clench around his girth.
he gave you no time to adjust before slamming his cock into you, each thrust getting deeper with the roll of his hips. his hold on your waist tightened as you struggled to sit upright.
you wanted to hold him, pull his soft hair, dig your nails on smooth back but you couldn't, his shirt tightly holding your hands together at the back.
"deeper please, mmh!" you screamed, no control over your mouth anymore. head clouded with the thoughts of jake and jake only. each thrust so powerful, it knocked the air out of your chest.
"so fucking greedy." he degraded. your stomach tightened, the familiar knot building up inside of you, the way your trembled around him said it all.
"come on my cock, princess, nothing else but my cock." he groaned near your ear.
that's all the confirmation you needed before coming undone on his cock but, he wasn't done with you yet.
pulling out of you, he untied your wrists, picking you up and throwing you down on the couch. he came up to hover over your figure, looking down at you.
black make-up tears streaming down your face, lipstick smudged and face flushed in the best way possible. you looked stunning to him.
"you'll help me cum in you, yeah? to put my babies inside your small little pussy, isn't that right baby?" he spoke, sucking over a spot on your neck.
your fingers gripped his hair, "yes, i will." you replied.
that's all it took for him to fuck you again, his thumb rubbing your clit mercilessly as he pounded into you, hard.
"yeah, that's right." he chanted, reaching his own high, whispering filthy things in your ear. his cum filled your walls, him pouring out every drop inside you, breathing hard.
you struggled to move, still sensitive as jake fingered his cum back inside you, asking you to hold it like a good girl.
the rest of the night was blurry, he dropped you home after the party, his hand on your thighs as he drove you back, teasing your already sensitive area. but two can play a game. bending down to get your purse or subtle touches around his thighs were enough to rile him up again. and you left him like that, winking at him before closing the door to your apartment.
that's how your round 1 ended.
day 5
you met up, professionalism dripping you both as you had the final theme to discuss. the topic? mythical creatures. now what would suit you better than to become an angel. the purest form of you to be put on display.
you both agreed, finalizing it with some add ons such as big wings, feathery bed set-up and of course, white delicate lingerie to top it all.
the day went by fast, hectic with all the preparation yet you didn't miss how jake's gaze stayed at your body for a second more than it should have been. safe to say, you both wanted more of what had happened last night.
what changed from the last time? you told jake when you were leaving but he insisted on dropping you off, tension dripping in the atmosphere, this time him fingering you all the way home while driving, making you a squirming mess in your seat.
only, he didn't let you get your release, getting revenge for the same thing you did yesterday night. you wanted to wipe his smirk right off his face but you couldn't. that's how your day ended. revenge scores being one on one.
day 6
tension was evident in the air as you sat down on the bed, jake clicking demo pictures of you, practising for the finale tomorrow. his hands guided your poses more than they should have done.
the guiding wasn't subtle, the touches weren't subtle, you knew what he was doing and that was working.
the only disappointment, he had to leave early for another official shoot by the company, which didn't sound fair to you but yet again, he left you all high and needy.
this time though, you didn't back off. sending him a video of you using your vibrator, moaning his name out loud on your bed worked wonders.
sim dude :
you're going to regret doing that, angel.
he texted back, mentally thanking himself for watching it after the shoot, else hiding his boner would have been a problem. he knew just what to do with you, jerking off to your thoughts, he came all over his hand, sleeping with a smirk on his face for the stuff he had planned for you tomorrow.
day 7 - shoot day
shoot day. just like before, it was only you and him in the room, makeup done and dressed up, or maybe down.
you were tensed, wanting to be professional but also wanting to initiate something more, however, you only had two hours to do so, control is the key.
jake entered the studio, looking painfully attractive again while doing the bare minimum, the glasses he had on only added up to it. finally taking your appearance in, he shivered.
red tinted cheeks and nose, plump rose lips all glossy, long lashes flattering your eyes further and shiny hair cascading down in the most ethereal manner, making you seem like a real angel.
the only part left? your wings which jake held in his hands. wordlessly, he walked over to you, eye contact not breaking once before holding your arms to put the fake big wings on, completing your look as a whole. your glittery eyes looked up at him, making your innocent look grow further.
"let's get you on that magazine cover, angel." he bend down pecking the side of your lip for a fraction of second, not wanting to ruin your makeup before going back to adjust the lightning, your face glowing with the exposure.
he knew better than to get distracted at this crucial moment but what else could he do? innocence, that was his weakness. always seeing you act all mighty and bratty was a routine for him but, he wanted nothing more than to corrupt you right this second.
gulping down his thoughts, he started clicking your photos, making small talk in between.
"y'know, angel?" he grabbed your attention, still doing his work.
you widened your eyes, silently asking him what he meant.
"amber is playing devil." he nonchalantly let out.
"what?" you scoffed. "angel versus devil? is that what we're going with now?" you laughed as the background flashed, capturing the moment.
half hour has passed, you were pissed at jihoon and amber, you wanted to step up your game. "aren't angels boring though?" you asked jake who was positioning you in a new angle now.
"are they, really?" he smirked.
he leaned in again, almost hovering over your figure on the decorated white bed, "not when they start sinning, they aren't." he whispered, lust evident in his eyes.
"make me a fallen angel then, let's do it the opposite way, sim." you tempted him further.
within seconds, his camera was kept on the side, his full attention on you, "let's sin together, angel." with that, he kissed you harshly, pressing you on the mattress, breaking one side of the wing in process.
his veiny hands pushing your panties aside, circling your clit, all whilst biting your neck, leaving faint marks which were sure to darken by tomorrow.
"you know what i need right now?" he asked, leaving kisses at the spots he marked.
"w–what?" you choked out, his fingers pushing inside, pumping in and out of your cunt.
"to rip off each article of clothing you have on and make you scream the whole night." his voice deeper than usual, giving you goosebumps.
"do it, mmh!" you moaned.
"an angel in their right mind would never do this, is this what they do? are you really one of them?" he further taunted you, frustrating you with his fingers by adding a third digit.
"i'm your angel, please fuck me, jake!" you were impatient, also knowing you didn't have much time on your sleeve.
and so he did, taking his fingers out and making you suck on your own wetness before removing his pants and boxers, pumping his dick a few times as you stared at him with your big eyes.
still with your lingerie on, he pushed himself in you, filling your tiny little hole as you finally let your tears out, the stretch being too much for you, yet it felt so good.
his thrusts were just as you remembered, strong and deep, hitting your g-spot right away, making you a moaning mess under his power. it further pushed your buttons when he degraded you for calling yourself an angel also claiming that an angel's body shouldn't be hidden at all, but should be used for pleasure instead.
moans resonating the whole studio, you were glad it was soundproof. it was too much, the feeling of him fucking you raw was too much. you involuntary tried closing your legs, only to be stopped by his big hands.
he pounded into you mercilessly, your back arching in the process. "i'm so close–" you cried, mascara running down along your tears. oh you were ruined.
"go ahead, you look so pretty falling apart on my cock." jake allowed you, moaning alongside as he reached his high as well, cumming just after you. your toes were curled, as you regained your breathing.
jake was already up, sobering himself up in a few minutes before grabbing his camera. "look up, angel." he ordered.
you were a mess, red eyes and flushed cheeks, tears streaming down your face and lips swollen. your former prim and proper hair now all dishevelled, one of the wing broken and your bra strap falling down as you kept your hand there to keep it in place.
a fallen angel, fallen from grace. that's exactly what you looked like as jake clicked your final picture, already deciding which three to give away for the final portfolio.
he cleaned you up as much as he could in the last ten minutes of the competition. praising you for taking him so well and promising you that the outcome result will be exactly what we're expecting.
with that, your competition wrapped up and all you had to do was wait for the results. yes you were sceptical about jake at first but the way his body felt against yours changed that.
moreover, he promised you your throne. all you wanted to know was how much of his promise would he keep.
day 7 - result ceremony
result day. every employee of the company was there in the auditorium room, waiting for the final decision to be announced. jake sat right beside you, fiddling with his fingers, a wave of uncertainty hit him, he's never won before, would that change now?
the confident look on jihoon's face worsened it for him, thoughts clouding his mind. tapping on the mic finally indicated that the ceremony had started.
"it was a tough decision to say the least, two pieces stood out the most to us but only one could make it through it all!" he spoke enthusiastically and somehow all gazes were on either your team or jihoon's team.
after some seconds of silence, he continued, "so, the team that made it through, the piece that mystique magazine selected is 'the fallen angel'! congratulations to miss y/n and mr. jake sim!" he clapped along with everyone else in this room.
jake was too shocked to even register what had happened so you dragged him to the stage, a big smile on your face.
the last thing you saw was jihoon and amber storming out of the place. you smirked.
the throne is still yours, but this time, you have a new king with you.
later night at your home, jake and you celebrated with champagne as he remembered something.
"so, about your promise, princess?" he playfully raised his brows. remembering the first conversation you had about winning the project.
"let's fullfill it, shall we?" you agreed.
that's all it took for him to throw you on the bed, things escalating further.
you didn't mind switching your partner afterall.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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irockgyu · a month ago
Tumblr media
Jake x F!reader | ac _om3lette on twt
SUMMARY — jake is utterly in love with you...and the taste of your pussy.
CONTENTS — smut/mdni, lil fluff, picnic date, positive vulnerability mentioned, barely-public sex, pussy worship, face sitting, penetrative sex, oral fixation, spit kink (you’ve been warned), very light cum eating, praise, cumming untouched (m. receiving), creampie, switchy- softdom leaning jake, jake calls reader princess mostly
WARNINGS — ‘small’ adjectives directed at reader twice, reader is on the pill though it is not stated, food mentioned
A/N — merry christmas, ya’ filthy animal ;) (this is obviously very summer-y, but we won’t address that oamxgw)
© to irockgyu. no translations/reposts etc.
Tumblr media
Jake just couldn’t seem to get rid of the ridiculously big smile on his face, you noticed. No matter how many times he bit at his lips in an effort to conceal it, his dopey expression stayed, and so did yours. Lightly giggling, you squeezed his hand that was already holding yours across the center console of his car.
“Your face is gonna get sore if you keep smiling like that.”
“Shut up,” He said with no real mallace, shifting his eyes to you for a quick second before focusing back on the road. The way he turned the steering wheel had you focusing on his hands and the sun's dancing patterns on his skin, flickering from between the trees that you drove past. How he managed to look breathtakingly beautiful, almost downright otherworldly in every moment, you didn’t know.
“Okay, you gotta close your eyes now.”
“What, really?”
“Yes! Close them!” He urged, gripping your wrist to raise it to your face.
It must have been around ten minutes that you had your hands pressed over your eyes, and you whined throughout half of it before letting Jake have a break and going silent. But you quickly grew bored again, having nothing to entertain yourself with except the back of your eyelids and Jake softly singing along to the radio.
“I’m gonna peek.” You teased, no truth behind your threat.
“No, you won’t.” Jake replied immediately as you heard the sound of the keys in the ignition being turned, deducing the motor to silence. “You can look in a few more minutes~”
The giddy voice of your boyfriend was cut off when the driver’s door was slammed shut, leaving you alone in the car. Having only your sense of hearing to rely on, you pressed your ear against the window. All you could make out was the soft tweeting of a bird in the distance.
As Jake had said, a few more minutes passed before he came back, you gasping as he opened your door that you still were leaning on. He chuckled and steadied you with a hand on your shoulder. “Sneaky, Y/n.”
“Can I look nowww?”
“Almost. Can you promise to keep your eyes closed while I hold your hands?”
After your obedient nod and a kiss to the nose, he laced his fingers between yours, other hand protecting your head from hitting the roof of the vehicle as you stepped out. Walking forward just a few steps, he let your hands slowly slip out from his grasp. “Okay, you can open your eyes now, princess.”
Lashes fluttering from the bright sunlight, your vision adjusted, allowing you to take in the beautiful sight surrounding you. Jake must have driven you to some park’s trail view as you stood on a green hill, a large view of the woods and a little creek just a few rocky steps down. A white blanket was at your feet as well as a big picnic basket that you could tell had been displayed very particularly to reveal all of the wonderful food it held inside.
“Oh my gosh, baby, it’s wonderful!” Visibly delighted at your praise, Jake scooped you up in a big hug, arms tenderly wrapping around you in a way that unintentionally showed how precious you were to him.
“What’s all this for?” You questioned breathlessly after separating from a long kiss, faces still close and noses brushing against each other’s.
“But, why?”
“ ‘Cuz I love you.” He answered simply, puppy eyes shy but not hiding the adoration that overflowed from them. His smile was accompanied by rosy cheeks while his hands fidgeted with the strings tied at the back of your dress, reminding you of a child giving their teacher flowers on the first day of school, so sweet and bashful.
This kind of thing wasn’t out of the ordinary for your boyfriend.
Jake always did this, a random yet incredibly endearing display of his love. Sometimes it was larger surprises like this, and sometimes it was small things. Like coming home with takeout from your favorite restaurant across town.
“I love you too,” You promised softly, slowly leaning in for another kiss as you watched him heavily anticipate it, eyes zeroed in on your lips, before only granting him a peck and walking away.
“Come on,” Giggling as you interrupted his whining, you took a seat on the picnic blanket, patting beside you for him to come sit. “Let’s eat.”
Jake marveled in your beauty while you distractingly packed the plates and everything back into the basket after having finished eating. The wind lightly caressed over your skin, ruffling your pretty sundress that teased your thighs. Only in semi-consciousness did Jake slowly feather his fingertips across the skin of your legs, and when you seeked his eyes he didn’t notice, like he was lost in an innocent relish of you, not looking for the way out.
He was laid down on the picnic blanket, head leaning against his propped up arm. You found him just as entrancing. Brushing a strand of hair from his eyes and delving deeper in favor of running your hand through his hair just how he liked, he was finally broken from his reverie. A thought rose from your mind in that precious moment, one that made you realize just how much Jake had gained your trust and built your confidence over the two years you’d been together.
Your voice was just as soft as his eyes that stared at you while you spoke. “You can go down on me when we get home, if you want.”
To anyone else, this would have seemed to ruin the moment, but not for you, and certainly not for Jake. Because he knew just how much that sentence really meant for you.
Throughout your relationship, you and Jake certainly had sex. A lot, in fact. And for the first few times, Jake would always ask if he could eat you out. Every time you had some excuse, none of which that the boy cared about, but he figured you just weren’t in the mood. One day when Jake was especially clingy, he got on his knees, kissing and nipping up your legs and getting dangerously close to your core, whispering how desperately he wanted you on his tongue. Fucking hell, did it turn you on hearing him say those words. It really fucking did.
But you just couldn’t, and you cracked, finally confessing.
You simply found the act incredibly intimate, vulnerable. And you just weren’t ready for that in such an early stage of your relationship.
Well, now you were ready. You trusted Jake with your full heart, soul and body, so you wanted to give it to him.
“Yeah.” You simply responded, watching as Jake practically short circuited while trying to process your words. Then he snapped upright and pulled you closer, eagerly pressing his lips against yours for possibly the hundredth time that day. Just when the kiss started to get heated, Jake willed himself to pull away, voice an octave deeper when he clarified, “You’re ready now?”
“Yes, baby.” You smiled, not realizing his underlying meaning.
“Then let’s do it now.”
“What- what do you mean?”
“There’s nobody here, princess. And I can’t wait.” Pulling you in by the hips, he placed you on his lap, cupping your face to continue where you left off.
“God, Y/n.” He groaned in between kisses. “Do you have any idea how bad I’ve wanted this? How often I’ve fantasized about how you taste, what you’d look like coming undone from just my mouth.”
Large hands squeezed your ass, pushing you onto him harder, like he just couldn’t get you close enough to be satisfied. Your arms wrapped around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair while he finally slipped his hands beneath your dress. A squeak escaped your lips when Jake gave your thigh a playful pinch, flashing you a smile that was way too angelic for what you both were about to do.
“Wanna ruin my princess in her pretty, little dress.”
As your panties were slowly slid off your legs, your cheeks heated when you could feel how wet they had already gotten, fabric fighting to stick against your skin.
That detail didn’t slip past Jake, his eyes looking up to smirk at you, but it quickly fell into a stunned expression when he was greeted with a perfect view of your pussy from underneath your dress, you having stood up to kick your undergarment completely off and unknowingly flashing him.
When you looked back, your boyfriend was lying down, bulge evident in his pants as he squirmed against the picnic blanket. “Please, sit on my face princess. Shit, please, Y/n. I gotta have it.”
Biting your lip, you hesitantly got on your knees with your boyfriend’s face in between them, dress catching the air with your movements. Jake swore he’d never seen anything nearly as breathtaking. You lowered yourself slowly and gently onto his lips, weary of hurting him with all your weight, but Jake wasn’t cautious in the least as he eagerly took you into his hot mouth, eating you out like he hadn’t just had a large lunch.
“Fuck, you taste so damn good. My sweet little babygirl.”
Messy, desperate movements turned into precise intentions, Jake’s plump lips gliding across your clit easily, slickened by spit and your juices. His hot breath against your core, his glistening eyes that would occasionally flicker up to your flushed face: it was fucking amazing, finding your own breaths becoming shuddered and rising in tone.
If someone walked past the trail that was just behind you, they would surely have heard the wet noises your pussy made as Jake ran his tongue up and down your dripping folds. A long moan was coaxed from you as you felt him suck on your clit, back arching as you gripped and pulled at his hair, seeking for some sort of stability. But that proved to be no help, the slight pain causing Jake to whine and send the vibrations of his noises straight to your pussy.
Barely bringing you back down to earth was Jake giving you a caring squeeze to your thighs that framed his head. “Sit all the way on my face, princess. Put all your weight on me, I want it.”
You were tempted to protest, to say you were worried you’d hurt him, but your trembling legs and wavering voice were enough embarrassment to overpower your concerns.
Said concerns quickly vanished when Jake pulled your hips the rest of the way down, groaning out in ecstasy as though he was the one being pleasured at that moment. And if he wasn’t so busy quite literally feasting on your pussy, he’d argue that he was being pleasured: your wet heat that completely encompassed his face, the precious whimpers you’d make as the tip of his nose brushed against your clit. Quite frankly, he was having to keep himself from cumming. Your scent was downright intoxicating to Jake. He felt dizzy and light as a cloud as his chest tightened for breath, but it only spurred him on to continue.
“Jakey, m’gonna cum.” You mewled, voice baby-ish and unlike yourself. Embarrassment flurried in your chest, but it made its home in a strangely pleasant way inside your heart.
Rather than speaking, Jake pressed his fingers into your hips enough to bruise, guiding them to grind across his face.
The high was powerful as it fully consumed you, cries echoing throughout the woods.
Sweetly coaxing you down from your pleasure was Jake, sitting up to hold your trembling body in his arms.
“God, you’re always so cute when you cum.” He expressed with a quiver, causing you to search his eyes quizzically as he realized your suspicion and shyly avoided your gaze.
“Did you...cum too?” You questioned, glancing down. Butterflies of arousal erupted in your stomach as you saw the wet patch against his pants.
“Y’know,” He began with a drawl after a few seconds, accent becoming more noticeable as he met your eyes with a new, dangerously hungry stare. “I still don’t think you understand, princess. I could eat my girl's pussy out for days.”
All too quickly did you feel like Jake’s prey as his hand trailed slowly all the way up from your torso, between the valley of your breasts, to cup your jaw, delicately yet firm.
“Maybe my baby would understand if she tasted herself, hm?”
Two experienced fingers drifted to easily slip between your welcoming lips, pressing down on your tongue as a silent request. Knowing what he wanted immediately, you opened your mouth wide, sticking out your tongue and letting his fingers toy with the pink, plushy muscle for a few moments before he removed them. Jake made sure he had your undivided attention as he licked your lingering essence off the corners of his lips, gathering saliva before opening his own mouth and letting the mixed liquids drip down from his tongue onto your awaiting one.
You felt his cock twitch beneath you as you held his warm spit on your appendage, not being able to hold in a breathy moan at the sight of your boyfriend, him feeling the same as he looked at your fucked out face and half-lidded eyes, obediently showing him how pretty you looked with his spit in your mouth.
“Damn, princess. That’s a good fucking girl.” He all but growled before swooping down to take your tongue in his mouth, sucking on it as you both lost yourselves in the other’s taste.
The blanket rustled as you were softly pushed onto your back by Jake, watching as he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out, which was shining with his previous orgasm, the tip a needy crimson. The sun was shining down on Jake, blonde hair in disarray with a light sheen of sweat over his skin. The ambience of his softly panting breath, the trickling of a distant creak, and birds in the trees: it was beautiful. He was beautiful.
“Thank you, princess.” Jake broke the moment of silence with a giggle, pushing up your dress to your stomach as he laid down against you. Oh, you must have said that out loud, you’d realized with burning cheeks. Another giggle and Jake was pressing sweet, fluttering kisses all over your face. “I love you so much, Y/n.”
He was slowly pushing himself inside of you as you whispered your love for him over and over again, the boy whimpering into your neck at your sweet voice and warm heat. Kisses were lovingly peppered across your collarbones, but the fast and rough pace at which Jake began snapping his hips was a stark contrast. A sound comparable to a sob came from you as your pussy clenched with delicious sensitivity, still throbbing from your last orgasm. Propping up on his elbows, Jake removed himself from your neck to admire your pretty face that was streaked with tears and drool.
“I’m not gonna l-last very long. Fuck! You’re so gorgeous, especially when you’re stuffed with cock. Aren’t you, princess?”
You just couldn’t seem to keep your mouth shut as your sounds grew loud and frequent, not trying to restrain them any longer. Saliva dripped down your chin as your legs clung to Jake’s hips, beginning to shudder against you. “Only your cock, o-only you!”
Jake followed the trickle of drool that hung on the cleft of your jaw, licking all the way up to your lips before shoving his way inside your mouth, swirling his tongue around yours. With a loud moan, he separated from your mouth, a glistening string still connecting you together. “J-Jake, I’m- Oh, fuck,”
“I know baby, I know. You’re gonna cum on my cock, aren’t you? Go ahead, princess. Cum with me.”
A few more trembling thrusts, and then he was fully hilted inside of you, your own climax washing over you as his warmth filled you to the brim.
You both breathed heavily as Jake nuzzled against your cheek, feeling himself turn soft but not making any moves to pull out, and you certainly weren’t complaining.
“Was, was that good?” He asked, previous persona completely gone and back was your sweet puppy boy.
“Yes, baby. It was perfect.” Brushing the hair out of his face, you praised him, watching a shy smile take over his lips. “You really like eating pussy, huh?” You teased, causing Jake to pout as he playfully huffed.
“Don’t tempt me or I might not make it through the whole drive home without needing to taste you again.”
Tumblr media
A/N — i seriously want to thank you all for supporting my works, i’ve always had a hobby of writing but lately it’s been a huge mental relief outlet, and i do it all the time. but to have people who tell me they enjoy my writing, it makes me really happy to know that. i doubt you realize how much it really does. so once again, thank you to everyone who supports my fics and give me feedback. and thank you to the sweet people i’ve came to know, and who leave me lil’ asks in my inbox. merry christmas to you all <3
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oddeonu · a month ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING — enha 02z line x jungwon’s sister!fem!reader
GENRE — smau, angst, fluff, teenage love, strangers to lovers (but not actual lovers) trope, cheating
WARNINGS — cursing at times, heavy angst at times, cheating !!! (reader will not be cheated on)
SYNOPSIS — the 02z, one of the most famous trios in all of belift high. they’re practically stuck to the hip and if together; create a bunch of chaos. so when jake starts tutoring people, park sunghoon gets bored and offers his best buds a bet. whoever wins the heart of jake’s classmate, yang y/n, gets a hundred bucks. it just also happens that y/n is jungwon’s sister, who absolutely despises them.
Tumblr media
PROFILES [ 1 — the 02z gang!! 🥶 ] [ 2 — the yangs and friends ]
1 — “I wish I was Jungwon.”
2 — “02z together forever right?”
3 — fight or flight mode.
4 — cheer up hoon
5 — peer pressured.
6 — the woman was too stunned to speak
7 — but baby
8 — we need to talk.
9 — i’ve got this under control (or not.)
10 — head in the game
11 — fight at my house?!
12 — oh.
13 — thanks, but i only accept apologies in the form of cash.
14 — finals (fighting!)
15 — Park Jay.
16 — Jay Cheater Era.
17 — It is too bad.
18 — too busy.
19 — selfie in shawty’s bathroom.
20 — and that made me want to die !!
21 — a yang family discussion.
22 — can’t look at him the same way.
23 — so close yet so far.
24 — what the hell are you up to?
25 — so oblivious.
26 — she got me singing sad songs and shiz!
27 — and the truth spills.
28 — expect the unexpected.
29 — wouldn’t you like to know.
30 — jinja disgusting 🤮
31 — you chose him over me?
32 — S.H who?
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kpophubb · 2 months ago
Enhypen Ot7+Hyung Line Master list
Part 2
Here is Part 1 of it
Disclaimer: This list contains smut, fluff and slight angst.
🏴‍☠️warning: Minors please read the warnings and genre for each ff before you begin and choose your comfort genre‼️‼️
𝕆𝕥𝟟 ♡︎
Tumblr media
ꕥ enhypen giving you the gf previlege
ꕥ breakup prank with enha
ꕥ when you watch a scary movie with them
ꕥ when their s/o likes mint choco
ꕥ hints of you in enhypen’s phones
ꕥ spending Halloween with enha
ꕥ how enha would make up with their someone after a fight
ꕥ Halloween with Enhypen
ꕥ when they find out you’re an amazing pianist by accident
ꕥ text him a selfie of yourself and see how he reacts
ꕥ when the boys find a picture of you as his lock screen
ꕥ when their s/o rejects their cuddles and cuddles a plushie instead
ꕥ reaction to their s/o bringing them breakfast in bed
ꕥ how they encourage their s/o who is anxious about exams starting
ꕥ their reaction to their s/o nipping/biting their neck
ꕥ clingy ot7
ꕥ enha reaction to “do I still give you butterflies”
ꕥ reaction to their s/o wiping their kiss away
ꕥ when their s/o kisses them on the cheek and runs away
ꕥ when his s/o has a soft spot for his black hair
ꕥ reaction to their crush being afraid of love
ꕥ when their s/o scares them
ꕥ enhypen members helping their s/o who has anxiety
ꕥ coming home to their s/o sleeping
ꕥ when their s/o call them bro
ꕥ when they are jealous
ꕥ enha’s reaction to their s/o being sick
ꕥ enha’s reaction to their s/o fangirling over them
ꕥ enhypen when you put cute stickers on them
ꕥ tiktoks with bf enha
ꕥ reaction to their child asking them how babies are made
ꕥ when you ask them to unfollow a girl on sns (prank)
ꕥ enhypen when you keep glancing at them
ꕥ little things enhypen does for you
ꕥ his hot perfect displays of affection
ꕥ enha’s first kiss with their s/o
ꕥ enha with their s/o who loves to baby them
ꕥ when you call them by their names instead of baby
ꕥ reaction when you kiss them out of nowhere
ꕥ things you do to them that get their heart racing
ꕥ enha as type of conversations of love
ꕥ little moments of love
ꕥ when they realize they love their s/o
ꕥ enhypen when you steal their favourite hoodie
ꕥ pet names enha would most likely give you
ꕥ when you call them your husband
ꕥ enha’s reaction to your relationship being exposed
ꕥ how they sleep next to you
ꕥ unrequited love with Enhypen
ꕥ reaction to you breaking up with them
ꕥ that time of the month with Enhypen
ꕥ dating life with Enhypen
ꕥ their favourite cuddle positions
ꕥ reacting to you making eye contacts
ꕥ reacts to you holding their faces
ꕥ their ily for the first time
ꕥ enha buying you sanitary napkins
ꕥ enha’s reaction when they accidentally hit you
ꕥ cute things enhypen does as your bf
ꕥ reaction when you give them a whole bunch of kisses at once
ꕥ how to make your enha boy happy
ℍ𝕪𝕦𝕟𝕘 𝕃𝕚𝕟𝕖 ♥︎
Tumblr media
ꕥ going to a haunted house with you
ꕥ cute things they do for you
ꕥ things he likes
ꕥ enha hyungs to enjoy tongue sucking while making out
ꕥ relationship when you’re both idols
ꕥ reaction to their s/o sleeping in their shirt
ꕥ reaction to you teasing them
ꕥ things they do when they like you
ꕥ hyung line being overstimulated
ꕥ the first anniversary with their s/o
ꕥ when you give them neck kisses
ꕥ how enha would propose
ꕥ what they do when they’re tired of riding
ꕥ reaction to their s/o spontaneously kissing them over their faces
ꕥ types of kisses
ꕥ hyung line having an innocent kink
ꕥ reaction to their daughter having a crush
ꕥ reaction after sleeping w/ you for the first time
ꕥ 02z and their favourite kisses
ꕥ sharing kisses with hyung line
ꕥ when you sit on their lap while they’re on computer
ꕥ cute things hyung line would do
ꕥ holding hands with hyung line
ꕥ how hyung line would kiss you
ꕥmaking them wear a maid outfit and clean the house
ꕥ reaction to you buying a sex swing
ꕥ forcing hyung line into submission
ꕥ reaction to their s/o doing the wap dance
ꕥ when they find out their s/o sleeps naked
ꕥ friends with benefits
ꕥ reaction to you wiping their kiss away
ꕥ reaction to their s/o being jealous
ꕥ zombie hyung line with a lingerie kink
ꕥ hyung line with an affectionate s/o
ꕥ hyung line calling you (their best friend) gf
ꕥ MTL hyung line to be turned on easily
ꕥ MTL hyung line to like morning sex
ꕥ small affectionate things they subconsciously do for you
The End
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STALKER ; ch. 30 ー priority
summary: It all start with this misunderstanding where taehyun thought y/n, the school sweetheart, stalked him for months. And thanks to y/n obliviousness, he has to deal with this cliche yet complicated love triangle.
masterlist ; prev // next
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
unfortunately, the update for this week will be pretty slow since it’s pretty hectic these days 😵‍💫 but i’ll try my best to update it on time ;]
taglist (open!): @navsnct​ @nyfwyeonjun @giyyuzz​ @i6hoons @pinkheadflowers​ @ilvaussie​ @summery-bat @currently-exsisting @hobistigma @kuuromiini @pr0dbeomgyu​ @wooyoung-a @soobin-chois​ @n1shimura-ry​ @missmadwoman @gold-dragon-slayer @rinhyun @niorawr​ @primorange​ @vantxx95 @theskzvibe @hibuki-chan @darrensos @meiiiwa @yeonjoona @woopetals​ @she-is-dreaming @msxflower​ @00-baejin-05 @squiishymeow @ifwtyun​ @dear20cm​ @punneysushi01 @wonyofanclub @jjhmk @bbeomgyucafe @kangtaehyunstan @letmeal0ne​ @velvet-chuu @rlajjunie @rich-man-v @ren-chib @queridotannies @strawbrinkofdeath bolded can’t be tagged! :c
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