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stray-but-okay · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve run out of adjectives to describe my love for you
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incorrect-wormquotes · 12 hours ago
Sveta: Tristan, Rain needs your help with something.
Tristan: Oh, great! I'll take my shirt off.
Chris: No one asked you to take your shirt off. Stop volunteering to take your shirt off.
Tristan: I can't hear you. Shirt's over my ears.
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venhacomigo · 7 months ago
< chris richard . danilo ricci >
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afeb · 7 months ago
Chris Evans - Noted
Tumblr media
I gasped into Chris’ mouth as our innocent morning kiss began to turn into something else. His hand travelled down between my thighs and cupped me, squeezing tightly.
“Please,” Chris begged against my lips. “I couldn’t have you yesterday, please let me have you today,”
“N-No,” I said. “I’m already late,”
Chris whined. “Please, I’m desperate,”
I’d be lying if I said his state of desperation didn’t turn me on. The idea of a strong man whining and begging for me sending me into a whirlpool of fantasies.
His fingers flexed against me and I let out a small squeak, Chris rolling his hips and rubbing his achingly hard cock against my thigh.
“Chris!” I gasped.
“I’ll be quick,” he bargained. “Just a few pumps inside you and I’ll stop,”
“But you won’t,” I giggled.
Chris wiggled his fingers into the band of my underwear, feeling over the small patch of hair that grew there. He let out a groan as his fingers slowly dipped into me.
“I will,” he said. “I promise baby, just lemme feel you,”
My back arched as his fingers skimmed over my bundle of nerves. I gazed over at the clock, brows furrowing as I thought over my choices. With my head straining to my right, Chris took the opportunity to bite down on my neck, sucking deep purple marks into the skin. I hummed out a moan as Chris circled his fingers.
“Okay,” I conceded with a squeak.
Chris groaned into my neck. “Fuck, thank you, thank you baby,”
He quickly pulled my underwear off, cock already free. Chris propped himself up to gaze down at me, eyes hooded and dark as his tongue licked over his lips. His tip ran up and down me, a shudder creeping up my spine.
Our moans seemed to harmonise as he eased into me gently, a small sting itching its way to my nerves as he stretched me out. My hands pawed at his chest, nails biting his skin as I gasped. Chris’ teeth sank into his lip as he finally felt me around him.
“Pussy’s so good,” he sighed, voice cracking. “I’ve wanted you for so long,”
“Y-You had me a few days a-ago,” I noted in broken gasps.
“Not enough honey,” he dropped down onto his forearms, caging me in. “Could be in you - fuck - all day and it - ah- it wouldn’t be enough,”
His hips snapped against mine at an increasing pace. Chris’ knees sunk into the mattress a little as he seemed to anchor down and increase his speed again. My body rocked against his, headboard banging against the wall.
Chris’ right hand came up to my chest and squeezed the skin tightly, head dipping down to capture my nipple between his teeth and tug. My hands flew to his hair as I pulled, a moan tumbling past his lips. Another pull and his teeth sunk into my skin, I mewled in discomfort.
“So fucking warm,” he growled. “Touched myself like a damn kid yesterday while you worked,”
“Really?” My eyes widened.
Chris lifted his head, eyes catching mine as a small smile graced his lips. “Stroked my cock till I came twice honey,” he gave a hard thrust. “Squeezed my balls tight like you do,”
“Chris!” His filthy words sent bolts of lightening down to my core. “Oh-“
“Cum,” he ordered. “Cum thinking of my hand stroking my own cock,”
My arms looped tightly around his neck as I tugged him down, lips meshed against mine. Our lips parted and our tongues glided against each other’s, Chris swallowing my moans.
I came with a cry, almost a sob, as my legs contracted around his hips. My body tightened impossibly around him as Chris moaned into my mouth and came with a few stammered thrusts. He came longer than usual, filling me to the brim.
We panted against each other, eyes boring into our souls. A smile graced my lips as I softly giggled, Chris laughing along as he moved away. He flopped down onto the bed, chest heaving as a light sheen of sweat covered his chest.
“Needed that,” was all he uttered.
I looked at the clock again and sighed. “Let’s hope my boss doesn’t ask why I’m late,” I joked.
“Tell her that your boyfriend was whining to be inside you,” I hit his chest as he snorted out a laugh.
“Quite liked seeing you beg,” I cocked a brow as I rolled onto my stomach and looked at him.
Chris reached out to tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “Yeah? Deprive me another week and you’ll see what begging is,”
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d0jascatt · a month ago
𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙮 𝙛𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 (𝘤𝘩𝘳𝘪𝘴 𝘦𝘷𝘢𝘯𝘴 𝘹 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳)
description: you have baby fever
Tumblr media
You were simply scrolling through tiktok while waiting for the drying machine to finish drying your clothes.
The past 10 videos you scrolled by ranged from viral dances, story times and a couple life hacks you saved to your favorites to use for later.
But now you’ve lost count of how many times you found yourself replaying one video. A chubby faced baby girl attempted to stuff her face with fruits. Followed by her little giggles while her mother playfully scolded her for making a mess of her breakfast.
Without any thought you shared the video with chris hoping this would be the hint of the day that you REALLYY wanted him to give you a chubby faced little baby.
Over this past month you have been attempting almost everything to very subtlety tell Chris that you were ready to have babies but at this point you don’t think he’s got the hint.
You couldn’t really blame him though with all his upcoming projects his mind has been really scrambled. At times you have to calm him before he got to into his head and started pacing around the house.
Chris has mentioned his dream to have a family many times although with his busy schedule you fear he might want to put it off a little longer.
Your thoughts are interrupted as the drying machine beeps signaling that your load of clothes are done.
You sigh before sliding your phone into the back pocket of your shorts. Grabbing the laundry basket you slowly move the freshly dried clothes into the basket knowing folding is next which is your least favorite part.
You have officially folded your last piece of laundry. It only took you about an hour to fold not counting that 20 minute break you had scrolling through baby videos.
You truely are over this baby fever.
So that is why you have decided to mention it to Chris once he comes home from a meeting with some movie director.
Getting up your plan was to get this nicely folded laundry put away. And maybe make a nice lunch to bring up the topic.
But now that can’t happen since Chris is now walking through the door so why not just rip the bandaid off now?!
You didn’t realize that you’ve spaced out until Chris places his hands onto your hips pulling you against his chest. “You alright babe?” He asks placing a chaste kiss onto your lips.
“Yes I was just thinking ” you smiled against his lips cupping his jaw with one of your hands. “About what?” He whispers.
“Having a baby” You let your eyes flutter closed for a second before opening them back up. And Chris is looking back at you with this adoration you can’t describe.
“Oh so you got my text?” He laughs. Wait what is he talking about? “What do you mean?” Your eyebrows scrunch in confusion. You feel Chris’s wide hands travel down to cup your ass before he slips your phone out of your pocket handing it over to you.
You grin before opening your message app on your phone seeing his reply to the tiktok you sent him earlier of the baby. “ 𝗧𝗵𝗮𝘁’𝘀 𝗶𝘁 𝗜’𝗺 𝗽𝘂𝘁𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮 𝗯𝗮𝗯𝘆 𝗶𝗻 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝘁𝗼𝗻𝗶𝗴𝗵𝘁.” You read out loud with a laugh.
“What can I say that video was cute as heck and I kept picturing a little one of us just like them.” He says while placing kisses along your collarbone
“Really you wanna have a baby now no jokes?” You breath out having trouble letting out your words due to the attack that’s now traveling to your neck.
“You know I’ve wanted a family for so long y/n what do you mean?” He asks pulling away for a second. You shrug “I’ve just thought you would of wanted to wait a little longer due to your schedule picking back up again I didn’t want to interfere with the plans.” You smile weakly.
“Are you kidding me baby? I would put the world on pause if you asked me to” He declares all while giving your backside smooth rubs.
The smile that spreads the both of your faces is something you and chris see everyday but it will never get old. You stand on you tip toes as you pull him into a deep kiss, hands hooked behind his neck.
After a couple of minutes you pull away a giggle falls between your lips before you say “so I guess we’re having a baby?”.
The breath from you body is whipped out of you as you are thrown over Chris’s shoulder “Damn right we are now let’s go make it happen baby.” He says before giving your bottom a loud smack.
Yea you’re definitely getting pregnant tonight.
a/n: sorry if this is bad maybe send requests? PS: sorry for any grammar mistakes I’ll admit I’m not the best at that .
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eddiediazdaily · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4x02, “alone together” || 5x06, “brawl in prison cell block 911″
[Image Description: 4 large gifs from 9-1-1, all of Eddie Diaz and Christopher Diaz.
Gif 1: A scene from season 4, episode 2. Eddie is lying in Chris’s bed with his arm around him, kissing his hair. Chris talks to Carla over video call, the laptop balanced on Eddie’s lap.
Gif 2: A scene from season 5, episode 6. After his shift, Eddie, comes to Chris’ room and lies down in bed next to him, closing his eyes as he puts his arm around him. Chris wakes up slowly.
Gif 3: In the same scene from the first gif, a close up of Eddie’s face as he smiles down affectionately at Chris.
Gif 4: In the same scene from the second gif, a close up of Eddie and Chris, as Eddie curls closer to Chris, his eyes closed. Chris blinks sleepily, looking confused.
/End ID]
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riricitaa · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sebastian Stan going about his days wearing his characters clothes
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allthingschrisevans · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these gifs of chris have me WEAK every single time
he‘s just so damn handsome 😩
gifs aren‘t mine
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oddlittlefandomist · 6 months ago
Congrats to Ryan Reynolds on joining one of the most chaotic and mentally ill kpop fandoms, we're happy to have you my guy
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kinanabinks · 6 months ago
and the oscar goes to...
Tumblr media
Steve Masterlist
you win an oscar, and steve congratulates you in his own special way.
content warning: actor!steve x actress!reader, smut (fingering, oral, thigh-riding, sex) daddy!steve, light dom/sub dynamic, overstimulation, praise kink, fluff
Your agent is in good spirits tonight; she’s convinced you’re winning. You, on the other hand, are not so sure. The competition this year is incredible, and this is the first movie you’ve been in that’s ever been up for an Academy Award, so you’re just ecstatic that you actually got nominated for Best Actress.
The role itself was dark and gritty; a completely different style than how your career started out. Having been in a plethora of TV-show comedies and romance movies, you made a name for yourself as a good actress - but all you were ever known for was playing the role of likable, ditzy characters whose entire arc revolved around their love interest.
You wanted something different- something deeper, and darker. After begging your agent, Malory finally managed to find a few roles for you to audition for. The first few were utter failures. Not because of your lack of talent, but because of your reputation. Casting directors took one look at your portfolio and immediately labeled you as a typical girl-next-door archetype, and were worried than the fans of more dramatic films wouldn’t appreciate a rom-com starlet’s presence. 
Finally, though, you got a role - and it was intense. It was the first time you had played a villain, and you ended up having more fun than you anticipated. There was a lot of doubt and criticism surrounding your casting, the entire internet turning against you within days because you had dared to venture out. When the movie released though, your talent had shone and you shocked the entire world, completely destroying their assumptions about you being a one-trick pony. 
“Here we go,” Malory whispers with an excited grin, nudging your arm. “Remember, keep your face straight until they call out your name.”
“If they call it out,” You correct her, not letting her get your hopes up. 
You can’t deny that your heart skips a beat when you look up on stage and see that Steve fucking Rogers is presenting the award. Known for being an incredibly versatile actor, Steve is Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor, and the star that everyone wants to work with. A few years back, when you were working on a sit-com, Steve guest-starred for a three-episode arc. He was surprisingly friendly, and he even took you up on your shy offer to share a cupcake with you once filming had wrapped. Before you could lean up to wipe a spot of icing from the corner of his mouth, his assistant was telling him it was time to leave and he unfortunately had to go. You had since fallen out of touch, giving each other polite smiles at award shows and conventions but never rekindling that brief friendship.
You almost want to win more now that he’s the one giving the award out, the sexy fucking bastard. 
While he does a little speech about how all the actresses this year were amazing and incredible and artists of their craft, you feel your heart racing. Is it because he’s about to announce the winner, or because he looks absolutely stunning in that suit tonight?
“And the Oscar goes to...”
Malory’s hand tightens around yours, and everything goes silent. All you can hear is your heartbeat as it pounds in your ears, faster than ever before.
Steve’s lips lift up into a smirk as he brings his mouth to the microphone. “Y/N Y/L/N.”
What? Fucking what?
Malory is the first to jump to her feet, squealing with joy. She pulls you up and into a tight hug. “Oh, I knew it,” She gushes. “Well done, darling!”
Giving you a slight nudge, she pushes you ahead and you finally ground yourself in reality. You offer small smiles to those who shoot you their congratulations on your way to the stage, and lift up your dress while hoping to God you don’t trip. You give your costars some quick hugs as they all gush with excitement for you, and you wave at a few industry friends though your fingers are shaking like leaves.
By some miracle, you get to the stage unharmed. Steve notices you struggling to drag your dress up the steps and he rushes over, holding his arm out to you which you graciously grab hold of. Once you reach the top, he pulls you in for a hug and strokes your back. You place a kiss on his cheek, leaving behind a bright red lipstick stain just above his beard. Twitter’s gonna have a field day with those pictures.
“Congratulations, gorgeous,” He mumbles into your ear, making your cheeks heat up. 
Steve goes to stand at the side of the stage while you hold the Oscar in your hands with awe, looking out to the hundreds of people and swallowing your nerves.
“Wow,” You begin, letting out a nervous laugh. “I think it’s safe to say that when Steve Rogers hands you the Oscar for Best Actress, you’re more than likely lucid dreaming, so I guess I can say whatever the heck I want right now- am I allowed to say ‘heck’?”
The crowd laughs and you feel more relaxed, continuing on with your lighthearted speech and thanking all the people that deserve it. Once you’re done, you turn to Steve whose hand is outstretched, waiting for you to join him. With your arm linked in his, you both stroll off stage and to the back, your entire body set alight with excitement from both the win and Steve’s proximity. A few people direct you over to the photography area, and unfortunately Steve has to leave you while you take the press pictures.
The rest of the night goes by in a blur - all you can think about is the fact that you just won a fucking Oscar, and Steve fucking Rogers called you gorgeous.
It isn’t until you get to the after party that you finally float back down to Earth, basking in everyone’s compliments and sipping on expensive champagne.
“Now, what is the Best Actress doing alone?” He asks, placing a hand on the small of your back.
You shiver at his touch, turning your head slightly to give him a coy smile. “I think everyone’s too intimidated to talk to me now that it’s official that I’m, you know, the best.”
Steve chuckles, taking a seat at the bar next to you. “Completely understandable.”
“You’re not intimidated?” You tease, nudging his shoulder. “I’m in my full rights to become an absolute diva, now.”
“Please, be as much of a diva as you want,” He begs playfully, giving you a smirk. “I am at your beck and call, ma’am.”
His words make you laugh and you shake your head, placing your hand on his big arm and subtly squeezing it. “Who’d have thought you’d go from eating half my cupcake to handing me an Oscar, huh?”
Steve groans, his eyes fluttering shut. “Wasn’t that just the best cupcake ever?” 
You shiver at the pleasure on his features, biting down on your lip. “It was.”
Bringing his lips to your ear, Steve lowers his voice to a whisper. “You know, I’ve kept an eye on your career since we met all those years ago.”
“Yeah?” You ask, keeping your eye on your drink. “You enjoy a good chick flick, Mr. Rogers?”
“With your gorgeous self as the lead? You bet your ass,” He jokes, making you giggle before he continues. “Honestly, my jaw dropped the second you came on screen for this movie. I was not expecting that.”
“You and the rest of the world. Did you enjoy it?” You question, toying with your straw.
“It was... haunting,” He whispers, sending a shiver down your spine as he lifts up your chin with two fingers, forcing you to meet his blue eyes. “Your performance was incredible. Wanna know how I felt by the end?”
With a nervous laugh, you nodded. “Enlighten me.”
Frankly, you’re expecting him to say something like, ‘terrified’, or ‘shaken’, or maybe even ‘horny’ if he’s drunk enough.
But Steve stares you down, speaking with conviction when his honey-like voice finally erupts again, in a low mutter that only you can hear. “I was proud of you.”
For some reason, his words fill your stomach with butterflies. His pride has brought you more pleasure than anything else he could've said. "Really?" You ask, giving him wide doe eyes.
"Absolutely, sweetheart," Steve insists softly. "So proud."
Your legs squeeze together at his gravelly voice, low and rumbling through your body.
"Seeing as you're not enjoying yourself at this party," He comments, a smirk growing on his lips. "What do you say to me giving you a proper congratulations?"
Confused, you frown. "What do you mean, Steve?"
One of his hands moves to rest on your thigh, slipping through the slit in your dress to stroke your bare skin and making you shudder. "I mean," He begins, his tone calm and commanding. "Let me give you what you deserve tonight."
With a shaky whisper, you ask, "And what is it that I deserve?"
His fingers move up to brush your hair to the side, making your scalp shiver. "You deserve to cum harder than you ever have before."
Five minutes later, you’re standing in dimly-lit closet and Steve’s lips are on yours in a hot, heavy kiss. His hands are kneading your ass through your silk dress, making you whimper into his mouth as he roughly gropes your body. One of his hands trail around to the front of your leg, slipping past the slit and creeping between your thighs.
To give him better access to your heat, you lift your leg up and hook it around his waist, making him smirk against your lips. His fingers are quick to brush against your lace panties, rubbing your clit through the thin material as you whine.
“Don’t worry, baby,” Steve coos, moving your panties to the side. “No teasing tonight. I’m gonna give you exactly what you’ve earned.”
And just as he promised, his fingers begin fondling your wet pussy, stroking from your clit down to your entrance as he spreads your moisture around. Once you’re positively dripping around his hand, he slips two fingers inside, making you moan as he sinks them knuckle-deep, before starting to fuck you with them.
“Oh, fuck,” You sing, throwing your head back against the wall. “Just like that, Steve, just like that.”
He picks up the pace, fingering you faster and harder, curling his digits and hitting your sweet spot. A cocky look grows on his face as he watches yours contort with pleasure, proud that he’s the one giving the Best Actress the night of her fucking life.
“That’s it, just enjoy yourself,” He says soothingly, placing short kisses on your lips. “Just let go and let daddy make you feel good.”
The self-applied nickname makes you swoon, your lips parting with utter delight. “Thank you, daddy.”
Steve feels his pants tighten as he bites down on his lip, sucking in air. “Don’t thank me yet, baby.” He adds in another finger, groaning when he feels your cunt clench around him. “Gonna cum?”
You nod adamantly, your hips bucking off the wall as your hands tangle in his hair. “So- I’m so close, Steve.”
“Cum, baby,” He whispers against your lips. “Let go. Cum.” 
His command is enough to send you off the edge, and you do exactly as he says, cumming around his fingers with a squeal. The loud music of the party thankfully drowns you out, though you’re not sure you’d care if anyone heard. You’re the fucking Best Actress, you can do whatever the fuck you want.
As he feels your orgasm ripple through you, Steve smirks, his cock hardening. “Good girl.” Taking his fingers out of you, he lifts them to his lips before sucking them, his eyes rolling back. “Fuck, you taste so good, baby. Daddy needs a proper taste of you.”
Before you’ve even recovered, Steve falls to his knees and his head disappears under your dress. Soon, you feel his tongue on your throbbing, sensitive clit, making you whine out as your legs shake and convulse.
“Steve- oh, my God,” You cry, one of your legs resting on his shoulder.
He eats you out with the hunger and vigor of a lion enjoying its prey, swallowing down your juices as your scent and taste intoxicate him. “Mmm,” He hums against you, sending vibrations through your core. 
His tongue enters your pussy, and your mind immediately goes blank. An incoherent sentence weakly leaves your mouth, sounding something like, “Fugg-yea-Steee-sogud,” making him chuckle darkly as he takes over your entire mind with the bliss he’s serving you. He has you hypnotized with blind pleasure, and he fucking knows it.
His beard scratches against your thighs as he roams his tongue around your clit fast, causing all your nerves to stand on edge. Soon, you’re cumming again, your juices pouring into his mouth as he relishes in it.
“Oh, daddy!” You scream, your legs buckling beneath you. You would have fallen had he not had a tight grip on your thighs, and you’re thankful that he did.
Steve laps up your moisture before standing up again, towering over you as he gives you a hard, sloppy kiss. Lost in the kiss, you don’t realize what he’s doing until you feet your pussy being placed onto his leg, making you gasp.
“I- what are you-” Your voice is silenced when he starts pulling on your hips, grinding your cunt against his thigh. “Steve, I can’t-”
“You can, and you will,” He says gently, resting his forehead against yours as he lifts you up and carries your weight to better help you move. “Your pleasure is gonna be constant tonight, baby.”
A shaky breath leaves your mouth as he starts bouncing his leg, making you convulse as he overstimulates your quivering pussy. The rough fabric of his trousers rubs against your soaking folds, and each time he flexes you swear your clit sobs. 
Kissing you, he meshes his tongue with yours, forcing you to taste yourself. He starts grinding you harder, making you cry out as you feel your third orgasm build up. You can barely get out a single coherent word, just weak whimpers and whines escaping your throat as your fuzzy mind loses its sanity.
“That’s it,” He encourages you with a sly smile, feeling you reach your peak. “Cum all over daddy’s leg, like the good girl you are.” 
His order is the final straw and you squirt out as you cum, letting out an ungodly scream. Steve groans as you drench his leg in your pleasure, biting down on his lip as he continues rutting your hips up and down.
“Oh, God,” You gasp when he finally stops, wrapping your legs around his torso as your chest heaves. “I- I-”
“Shh, it’s okay,” Steve soothes you, stroking your cheek. “Just relax, my pretty baby. You’re okay. I’ve got you.”
After a few seconds, you feel his fingers return to your pussy and you shake your head adamantly. “Steve, I can’t-”
“I promise you, baby, you can,” He insists, trailing his fingers up and down your fluttering cunt. “You can do it for me. For daddy. I know you can.”
“Not your fingers,” You say weakly, blinking up at him. “Fuck me, please.”
He shakes his head, chuckling. “Tonight’s about you, baby. Not me.”
“No,” You refuse, glancing down to see the huge tent of his boner pressed tightly against his pants. “I fucking- I need your cock, daddy, I’m begging you. I need to be filled up with your dick. Give me what I want; what I deserve.”
Steve shudders at your words, before giving in. “Alright, baby. Whatever my good girl wants.”
Wordlessly, he unbuckles his belt, the sound making you smile with delight. Your breath is stolen when you see his dick, red and swollen with thick veins running along the shaft. The look on your face makes him groan as his tip lets out some pre-cum, before his cock starts moving on its own accord.
“He wants you,” He teases you with a smirk, watching as you observe his dancing dick with an awe-struck gaze. “He wants to be inside your pretty cunt.”
“So put him in,” You order, practically drooling. The second your eyes meet Steve’s, he plunges his cock inside you to the fucking hilt, making your heart skip a beat.
He immediately feels you throbbing incessantly around his length, and he lets out a low groan. “Oh, fuck,” He sighs, placing his hands tightly on your hips. “Like you were fucking made for me, baby.”
Without warning, he starts bouncing you up and down on his dick, keeping his dark gaze on your contorting face. You feel dizzy and lightheaded, exhausted after your first three orgasms. All you can feel is pleasure coursing through your veins, rendering you absolutely, stupidly fucked-out.
Steve smirks at your dazed state, knowing it was him that brought you to this point. Knowing that he is the one who has rid your mind of anything but lust and satisfaction.
“Feel good?” He asks teasingly, thrusting his hips upwards as his cock fills you up and stretches you out. “Tell me how good it feels, baby.”
A whine leaves your mouth as you rest your head on his neck. “So- so good, daddy. So, so good.”
Your walls tighten and clench around him, making his eyes roll back. “Your pussy feels so fucking gorgeous, wrapped around my cock like that. Gonna milk me fucking dry.”
When you feel one of his hands float back down and his thumb presses to your clit, you jolt up with a gasp and grip his shoulders tightly. “Steve, no, I can’t.”
“Baby, what have I told you?” He asks with a frown, whispering his thumb over your pearl. “You can. And you will.”
He needs to feel you squirt around him; he can’t give up this golden opportunity. Not when he’s so fucking close to it.
Pressing his thumb harder onto your clit, he begins rubbing quick circles on it, making your entire body shake. He feels your cunt beating around his cock, pulling strings of moans from his lips as he pounds into you harder. “Yes, baby, just like that. Make daddy cum, baby, you can do it. I know you can do it.”
Hot tears stream down your face as he speeds up his thumb’s movement, making you mewl with both frustration and delight. You feel like you could actually die of overstimulation as he harshly fucks into you, growling and grunting. 
“Cum for me,” He demands darkly. “Be a good girl and cum for daddy, one more time.”
A strained scream leaves your throat just as you cum for the fourth time around him, squirting onto his twitching cock. 
“There she is,” Steve groans, feeling faint with bliss as your juices gush out. “There’s daddy’s girl, that’s it.” And soon, he’s cumming deep into your cunt, too. He thrusts a few more times, hard and brutish, before stilling inside you as his cum slowly drips out of you.
You’re utterly lost in rapture, your vision blurry and your hearing extra-sensitive. Mumbled whimpers leave your mouth as the tears fall down your cheeks, which he kisses away.
“Oh, baby,” Steve whispers, his palm on your neck as his thumb gently strokes your jawline. “You did so well. Did so well for daddy.”
Your heart is racing and he can feel it through your chest, as he continues comforting you.
“Such a good girl,” He purrs, smiling down at you. “You made me so fucking proud tonight, you know that?”
Your eyes fill with adoration as he showers you with affection, helping you slowly come down from your high.
“How you feeling?” Steve asks you softly, keeping his hands under your thighs. “You okay?”
You manage to give him a feeble nod, to which he smiles warmly.
“You ready to get out of here?” He questions, confusing you.
“I- what do you mean?” You wonder out loud, expecting him to leave now that he’s had his fun.
“You think I’m done with you?” Steve whispers mischievously, a bright glint in his eyes. “No, no, no, baby. Your night is far from over just yet.”
Your breath hitches in your throat as you widen your eyes, too weak and shocked to speak.
“I’m not letting you fall asleep until the sun comes up,” He tells you lowly, his lips brushing against yours with every word he says. “You’re gonna be cumming all fucking night, pretty baby, because that’s what my best girl deserves.”
Swallowing thickly, you keep your stare hooked onto him. Is he real? Has this entire night been a dream? “Okay,” You squeak, making him chuckle.
“Good girl,” He praises you tenderly, giving your lips a sweet kiss. “Daddy’s good girl.”
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Tumblr media
a kid i grew up with died the other day.
in seventh grade he sold me my first cd. we played instruments together, and were in the same class for over a decade. i used to go to his house and take violin lessons with his mom.
his name was chris, he played bass guitar, he was quiet and gangly and funny. never was mean to me, never made me feel weird or gross.
i hadn’t talked to him in a long while, and then i got the news. even though it’s been a long minute since we were technically friends, it still feels weird. i don’t understand why some people just die while other live to be a million years old. it’s so random and occasionally really unfair.
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Chris Evans - Do It Again
Tumblr media
“Good girl,” Chris groaned beneath me.
I whined at the praise and leant forward to plant my hands on his chest. Chris smacked my behind harshly, a moan falling past my parted lips as my head rolled back.
Chris looked up at me with dark eyes, his hips shifting beneath mine which caused only buried himself deeper inside me. I hissed, a small sting of pain before being replaced by pleasure. A smirk graced his lips.
“Too big for you?” He teased in his thick, deep accent.
I nodded pathetically and carried on with my rushed movements. I gazed down and an idea popped into my head. Slowly, my right hand inched up his chest. I felt over his hard pecks, over his collarbone until I reached the base of his neck. Chris was far too enthralled in pleasure to notice my intention. My fingers wrapped around his neck, Chris’ eyes snapping open.
“Baby?” He questioned.
“Shh,” I cooed softly.
I squeezed lightly, testing the waters. Chris groaned a little and bucked his hips again. I squeezed tightly, putting pressure on either side of his neck. Chris’ cheeks flushed red as he pinched his eyes shut. His breath grew a little ragged, strained and I let go.
Confidence escaped me as I went to take my hand away. Chris quickly caught my wrist and forced my hand back around his neck. I bit my lip and squeezed again. Chris groaned deeply, the vibrations were felt through my hand. His hips stuttered before he came, a low moan falling past his lips. I continued to squeeze his neck through his orgasm.
My fingers soothed over the red skin gently as his eyes opened. “Fuck,” he sighed.
I giggled. “Who knew,”
“Not me,” he said back. “Did you like doing it?” He asked.
I blushed and shrugged my shoulders. “A little,”
Chris smirked up at me. “Do it again,”
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