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Imagine you are your OC:

You and Captain Christopher are spending the night around town together. Then suddenly, you feel cold and he notices

“Oh, dear! Are you alright? You must be freezing, darling….”

He takes off his coat and wraps it around your shoulders

“There we go…does that make you feel better?”

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Chris in d7, because when you're a ghost with a ghost-tail instead of legs, dresses are the only thing you can wear.

You’re totally right!!

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Onward was directed by Dan Scanlon. It stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. The story of two brothers who go on an adventurous quest to try and bring their father back.

As always, Pixar hits this one on the head. I loved this movie. It was perfect, fun and friendly. The perfect movie for kids and for adults. I love Chris Pratt and Tom Holland and they play off each other so well. Even though they were animated they voice acted in a way that pulled on your heart strings.

The most ironic part of this is that I have been wanting to play Dungeons and Dragons for a while - I just am a visual person so not having anything visual in front of me causes some boredom when I try to play D&D. But this film has made me want to play it again. While these characters ended up able to actually use the magic, but the heart of the story lies in D&D.

I also loved the ending - I will not spoil it for you but it wasn’t exactly what I would have expected from a Pixar film. It was perfect and I was actually super happy with how they ended it. Normally you can tell what’s going to happen, and how these stories will end. But this one - to me - came out of left field.

And since the world is in such a weird state now, you can watch Onward on demand! It had been in theaters when the pandemic hit, and this therefore pushed the release to streaming services earlier. This is a perfect film to watch with your family during this time!

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Catch up here: Part 1 — Part 2 — Part 3 

Seb Stan?/ Chris Evans? x reader –I refuse to give anything away. 

A/N: Thanks for the feedback and I’m glad so many of you are enjoying this series. I love writing it! Please keep the feedback coming!!!! Lol for this one, just imagine Steve without the uniform on. This one is a bit longer, but I hope you enjoy!!!


Originally posted by avengerscompound

You had made it home that night, you were exhausted from walking and just having a great time talking with the boys.

“You know I think Chris really liked you,” Sebastian piped up, with a knowing smirk on his face.

“What do you mean by that?” you ask.

“I just mean, he was laughing and doing that smiling thing he does,” he points out.

“Oh, I see you’re in love with Chris. I promise I won’t overstep my bounds Seb,” you joked and him and he lightly punched you shoulder.

“I’m serious. Plus, I haven’t seen you smile like that in a while, especially since you were with that dirt bag,” he almost mumbled that last part, but you caught on to what he was saying.

“I-I’m, Seb-,” you were trying to form words. He didn’t want to push you and you knew it, but you, once again, owed him this explanation.

“You don’t have to say anything. I shouldn’t have said anything,” he quickly tried to make sure you were comfortable.

“I want to tell you. While I have a little alcohol left in my system. I think I need to tell someone and who better than the world’s greatest friend?” you chuckled awkwardly to cover up. He just nodded and you continued, “I’m going to get changed and shower. I can meet you in your bed if you want?” you suggest.

“Of course,” he nodded and you both headed upstairs.

While you were in the shower, your thoughts were getting a little ahead of yourself as you prepared exactly what you were thinking. You finally changed into some pajamas, wiped off the makeup, and headed for his room.

Sebastian was propped on the headboard in his boxers and nothing else, presumably waiting for you to enter.

You sat on the foot of the bed, facing him as you began to speak.

“Ok. So here goes nothing. Well you know Jake. You know how nice he was in the beginning, he treated me well. That was until he inherited all this money from one of his relatives. Then the money was consuming his life, he began to get a lot more vulgar, ignoring me and not making as much time for me. When we would go out, he would make these extravagant plans and order for me and be rude in front of the waitress. I thought it was just a phase and that he would settle down. Some other stuff happened in between… like accusations that I was just with him because of his money, which makes no sense and he knew that. The thing that ended it all, was him and Amy-,” tears were now spilling from you eyes, but you needed to get this out.

“I walked into the apartment and saw him and Amy on our bed,” you stuttered out, trying to hold in the sob, “I packed my bag with stuff in the laundry and left. I texted him what I had seen and then stayed in a hotel.”

Sebastian was at your side holding you as sobbed wracked your body. “I didn’t let myself feel, until now I guess,” you were ugly crying and sobbing into his shoulder, “I just threw myself into my work until I almost broke. Then I show up here and just lay all my problems on you and it’s not fair to you Seb. I’m sorry, I’m just so broken.”

He shushed you, kissed your forehead, and stroked your hair. Eventually he moved so your head was on his chest and he was just holding you, and you had fallen asleep. Sebastian was unbelievably filled with anger at Jake and sadness that you had to go through what you did, without anyone there to comfort you.

You were pretty tough, so to see you completely break down in front of him broke his heart.

Morning soon awoke you, feeling the warmth of something brought you out of your slumber. That’s when you recalled telling him everything. He was already awake and smiled noticing you clutching to him tighter as you opened your eyes.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” Sebastian finally broke the silence.

“I’m ok, sorry for intruding your space,” you say, but still not releasing him from your embrace.

“Stop apologizing. Thank you for telling me that Y/n,” he said lifting your chin up with his fingers, “I know it isn’t easy for you to open up, so I’m honored you chose me. Next time I see his sorry ass or Amy-.”

“Stop Seb, you’re not going to do anything. It’s done and over with. I think I’ve finally come to terms with it all when I cried it out last night, I was holding that in for way too long,” you admit, “I love you too.”

Both of you knew this love was purely platonic, but you couldn’t help be extra grateful in that moment that he was there with you.

After a few moments you noticed the ding on both your phones, it was from Anthony.

Let’s hang tonight? Your place? I’ll bring the beer. -Mackie

Sebastian and you looked at each other and laughed.

“I was thinking about cooking something for them anyways, I can stop by the grocery store. Do you have any games or something we could do?” you asked.

“You don’t have to do that for them. I have games, but we can just order out,” he said.

“Yeah, when was the last time you had a proper meal that wasn’t from set?” you questioned, you look the silence as your cue to get up and get ready for the day.

You were just about to head to the store whenever there was a knock at the door, Sebastian got it and it ended up being Chris.

“Hey I know I’m extremely early, but I just thought I could lend a hand. You’ve been a gracious host and I just wanted to extend the hand,” he said.

Sebastian welcomed him in and you were grabbing your purse and headed out the door whenever you ran into the pair.

“Well, you’re early,” you said with a big smile on your face, in which he reciprocated, “well I was just headed to the grocery store to get some stuff to cook. And Seb was gonna clean up a little and find some of those games in storage, your pick on who you’d rather hang out with.” You joked at him.

“I think I’ll take my chances with Y/N here,” Chris said. Sebastian waved you two out the door.

You were dressed in a pair of leggings and a sweater considering the temperature had dropped overnight. Chris was just wearing some jeans and a t-shirt, he had a hat on and some sunglasses as his disguise.

When you were about to walk passed the cars, Chris stopped and gestured “Why aren’t you taking the car?” he asked.

“I just figured we could walk it,” you shrugged.

“Walk it? HE doesn’t live in the city,” he chuckled and continued, “plus, your hands are going to hurt if you have a bunch of groceries and it’s freezing outside.”

You simply nodded, “Right, I guess I didn’t think that far ahead. Let me get my keys inside.”

“It’s fine, we can just take my car,” he said, clicking the open and opening the passenger side door. You thanked him and sat down.

Soon enough you were at the grocery store, parking far away for his privacy, and getting a cart walking around. You had a list with you.

“Ok, so I was thinking for dessert I could make this triple chocolate cake. I have a major sweet tooth, but I don’t know about you and Mackie?” you asked him putting some ingredients into the cart.

“That sounds fine to me. You’re just going to have to endure Mackie making a bunch of mochoa and dark chocolate jokes about himself,” Chris chuckled.

“I think I’m willing to take the risk. I was thinking about salad, some potato salad, rice, and some sort of meat. I’m not sure which one because we all had steak last night. I guess I could make pork, but that recipe isn’t ass good as the beef recipe. Or I could make pasta, but then I would have to change the men-,” you were rambling but noticed when Chris was smirking at you amused.

“What? I talk to myself sometimes, but since you’re here, I can talk to you,” you said.

“No, no it’s- uh, it’s good,” he said, for a second there you thought he was going to say cute. Nevertheless you brushed it off and continued to make your way throughout the store. Grabbing some goodies for you and Sebastian throughout the week as well. You knew it was going to be endless movies, games, and fun when you were together.

Once you were waiting at the long check out line, Chris made some small talk with you. “You know, I never asked you where you are vacationing from? Like what is home for you?” He questioned.

“Well as of right now, it’s in Boston,” you say.

“No shit?” he was pleasantly surprised, to which you replied with a quizzical look.

“I’m from Boston, my family lives there. I actually grew up in Sudbury” he said.

“Wow, we’re going to be neighbors for some time then,” you laughed out.

“How long are planning on living in Boston?” he questioned as you set all the stuff on the conveyor belt.

“I don’t know. I think it’s the last stop on my adventure. I really love all of my coworkers, my little townhouse, and my routine,” you admit.

“It’s a great place to call home. What is the adventure you’re on?”

“Would it be too cheesy if I said in finding myself?” you said.

“Yes, extremely,” he teased.

“No, but I don’t know. Just where I can thrive in my own way, regain my independence,” you admit.

“Vague and mysterious. You’re gonna make me work for this story aren’t you?” he questioned, you just giggled and nodded at the remark. When the cashier was done scanning the items Chris tried to pay for it, but you slapped his hand away immediately and inserted your card into the chip reader.

“You’re cruel you know that. It’s the least I can do after you’re going through all this trouble about cooking for me and Mackie’s sorry asses,” he said.

“Well you can help me cook then,” you smiled taking the cart, and he just nodded.

“So the mystery still remains… why regain independence?” Chris said as you unloaded the bags in his trunk and entered the passenger seat to drive off.

You paused and wondered whether you should let him in on the little secret you spilled to Sebastian the night before. You decided to, because you were ready to move and being open about it was healthy. Of course, you wouldn’t tell him everything because no one need to hear all the baggage from the get-go.

So you kept it sweet and simple, “I just got out of a bad relationship. Well I mean like 6 months ago. Now I’m navigating the world and doing my own thing. I’m finding who I was before the relationship. He took a lot of things from me in terms of who I am. That’s kind of why I’m back here with Sebastian, I’m always 100% myself whenever he is around.”

“That takes a lot of courage,” you just shrugged and he continued, “but why now? If this happened months ago?”

“Uh- well… work, had to get that in order,” you said. For some reason you didn’t want tell him everything. You felt like you should and you could, but you stopped yourself.

Soon enough you had pulled into the driveway and unloaded the groceries with Chris.

“Alright, it’s time to cook,” you looked at him seriously. He jokingly matched your serious demeanor as you continued, “There are some rules of being in my kitchen. One: no cross contamination. Two: Always wash your hands. Three: If you’re not dancing, then you’re not cooking.” That’s when you turned on your cooking playlist.

Chris just grabbed his left pec and laughed at the last rule. Eventually you fell into seamless maneuvering throughout the kitchen as the music played and you told Chris what to do. Everything was in the oven or warming on the stove whenever, Harvest Moon by Neil Young came on.

“Ok out of all of the amazing songs on your playlist, this has to be my favorite,” he said.

“Then prove it and dance for me,” you said.

“You can’t dance to this song by yourself,” he said.

“You got a point, but you also got a partner right here. Show me watch you got Mr. America,” you challenged and curtsied for him.

He took your hand in his and swayed to the music. At one point he twirled you around and brought you close to his chest. All you could do was rest your head on it and continue to sway to the soft sounds of the guitar.

Again, you had the odd feeling of safety in his arms. Like you had danced with him a thousand times before, it was so natural, and it kind of scared you. However, you didn’t let you thoughts get the best of you in that moment. You let yourself be happy, closing your eyes and getting lost in the moment.

You never wanted that moment to end, it was like that sadness you had talked about with him the night before. The feeling and moment that made you sob.

The moment, indeed did not last forever, as Sebastian cleared his throat in the entrance of the kitchen.

“Sorry to interrupt, but Mackie was just getting here and I said I would look for you too,” he said. Chris and you pulled away, both of you instinctively rubbing the backs of your heads like you were just caught doing something illegal or mortifying.

Chris was the first to speak as he walked past Sebastian in the doorway, “Right, I’ll go and tell him what we cooked up.”

Sebastian just smirked at you, “What?” you asked innocently.

“Oh nothing…” he started, “It’s good you’re giving him some cooking lessons and he’s giving you dance lessons.” He was trying his hardest to contain his laughter.

“Seb, it’s not funny. You’re being rude,” you rolled your eyes at him.

“Maybe you could be on dancing with the stars or something,” he chuckled out.

“I hate you,” you deadpanned and headed out of the kitchen to greet Anthony as well.

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