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#kpop imagines

What’s up with all of the Namjoon angst lately. It saddens me to see this type of requests, because it shows how many of your are truly having troubles. I wish I could help in some way, and I feel terrible that I couldn’t get to this sooner. I contemplated not posting this one, hoping you would be in a better place in life right now. And not wanting to truiger anything. I’m conflicted, but I will still write it. Please take care, I’m here for you guys. I promise.


Originally posted by ariescults-moved

I wrote this while listening to: so if you want some background music.

Pairing: RM x Reader (gender neutral)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word count:

Warnings: mention of selfharm and eating disorder

*Remember, everything is an AU*

“Darlin!” His voice called from the front door. Your head shot up and your legs immediately bolted into a spurt. He had been on tour for months, He wasn’t supposed to be back for another two days, but there he stood, ready to envelope you in a hug.  

It was still early on the day. Your eyes full of sleep and you were still wearing your pyjamas, which because of the heat only consisted of just a large shirt and underwear.

“How are you darling?” He asked, grinning down at you. That grin that could light up every room, every bit of darkness in your life.

“Amazing now that your here.” You kissed him as long as you could until you both needed air. But you know you needed to let go of him at some point.

“Let me go change.” You said, before walking to your bedroom. His eyes followed you as you walked. You hadn’t been entirely intimate yet so seeing you like this made him a bit flustered. But as he noticed marks on your body, his expression saddened. He was sure they weren’t stretch marks, but he dearly wished they were.

Right as you had disappeared into the room, he came after you. You were just pulling your shirt over your head when he wrapped his arms behind you from behind, his head buried in the crook of you neck.

“Ya! What are … you … doing …” You started out flustered and stuttering, but your voice trailed as his fingers did. His fingers ran over the rough marks. They were not fresh, but enough for the skin to still be sensitive at the touch. You felt wet tears drop on your shoulder as the both of you stood there for a while.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t here.” A mumble came. As soon as the words left his lips tears started streaming down your own cheeks. He blamed himself, for not being there, for not being able to stop the sadness within your heart.

You laid your hands on his, releasing his grip so you could turn to look at him. You lifted your hands to his cheeks, looking in his pained eyes.

“This is not because of you.” You said “I wasn’t in the best place when we met. You make me so happy Joon, you have no idea. I just have weak moments, I’m so sorry Joon.” You sobbed into his arms and he promised to help you trough this. He would do everything in his power to help you through this.

Namjoon made you so happy, so after a while you decided it was time to get help to get trough your past. Not because you were to weak to do it on your own, but because you were strong enough to face it head on, with him by your side.

For a year now, the marks had been untouched. Leaving them to be nothing more than marks of the past. Proof of the battles you fought yourself trough.

“You’re so strong, Y/N.” He would mumble as the both of you drifted off to sleep. And you knew he meant it with all his heart.

Again, I hope you all are healthy and happy! 

Stay strong, stay healthy, stay yourself

Angels, I’m always here.

♥ Thanks for reading!  ♥

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IZ*ONE where their S/O is a movie director

(Author’s Note- I used a random number generator to pick the members in this by their pd48 rankings. I’m sorry I couldn’t do all 12 please forgive ☹️)

Miyawaki Sakura


Originally posted by meowaki

  • When Sakura found out that you were a indie filmmaker she was a little bit agitated that she had to find out through Eunbi and Nako.
  • You were not the type to talk about yourself a lot and your career never interfered with your relationship so you felt like it wasn’t really important
  • You were going to tell her about it but you nervous every time you thought about bringing it up
  • After she found out she forced you to show her some of your movies WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT CAUSE SHE’S GONNA LOVE YOU AND SUPPORT YOU NO MATTER WHAT CAUSE SHE’S THE SWEETEST!!!!!
  • Watching your movies she had the time of her life
  • Anytime any of the members were taking about a drama they’ve seen, music they’ve heard, or movies they’ve seen Sakura would always bring up one of your movies or anything you’ve been involved in
  • Sakura even bought one if your DVDs and asked you to sign it for her and when you did she started to blush and giggle like the shy girl that she is
  • The members get annoyed sometimes but they understand that it’s Sakura’s first real relationship so they tough it out for her cause they care
  • Every once in a while when Sakura watches you write a script she’ll look over and suggest the idea that you should let some or all of Iz*one make a cameo in your next movie

Kang Hyewon


Originally posted by dahyun

  • You met Hyewon at the premiere of your new movie
  • iz*one’s agency got in touch with you during the making of the movie and asked if would be okay to put one of the groups songs one of the scenes
  • Looking at the Hyewon photocard you carried around in your phone case you quickly agreed, but in return you asked if iz*one could come to the premiere which the company agreed to
  • At the after party you shyly walked up to Hyewon and striked up a conversation with her by asking her how the movie was
  • Which led to you two talking when you two had the time (due to both of your careers) and one day you asked her out on a date
  • After dating for awhile you and Hyewon became a power couple with rumors of your next movie being centered around a 1950’s crime drama starring her as in a femme fatale role
  • Hyewon asks about the rumors, hugs you from behind and asks; “(Y/N)… The rumours must be true? You’re gonna put me in your next movie right? RIGHT?!?!”

Choi Yena


Originally posted by ahnsolbin-archive

  • First things first Choi Yena is the clingiest cutest baby and you cannot tell me otherwise
  • When you told her that you have to go to Japan for a couple of months to finish up some of the final scenes
  • Which was a huge no-no cause yena’s eyes start to water and she starts to pout
  • “Please take me with you?” she says in the most smolest voice
  • You quickly bring her into a tight hug and tell her that you won’t be gone for a long time and that you’ll video call her every chance you get
  • It helps her feel a bit better but while you’re gone she’ll ask chaewon to watch your movies with her to help her feel better
  • Yena does love you and enjoy dating a person as talented and as amazing as you but she does wish that you would take a break from filmmaking but she’ll never ask cause she knows that this is your passion
  • She does her best and you do your best to make the relationship work cause you love each other

Honda Hitomi


Originally posted by dahyun

(Author’s Note #2- I love the part when Hitomi goes “

ᴹᵃᵐᵃ ᵐᶦᵃ” in o my. It’s the cutest thing ever.)

  • Even before you two even met hitomi had a little teensy-weensy crush/small obsession with your career
  • Let me explain
  • Back in her AKB48 days on one of her few days off she decided to go see a new movie by one of the new star young directors and that’s where it started
  • Ever since then she’s seen every movie, collected your DVDs/Blu-rays, and even have some promotional posters in her room.
  • While on break with iz*one the your new movie but theatres with massive critical acclaim so that means Hitomi had to be there first day it opened in theaters
  • On the last showing of the night she took her seat and could not stop fidgeting in her seat
  • Before the movie started a person with a jacket with the collar kind of pulled up and a baseball hat so she really couldn’t get a good look at the person but something felt off
  • After the movie Hitomi’s body couldn’t contain the excitement so the person leaned over a bit and asked how the movie was which led to Hitomi completely gushing to this complete stranger at a movie theater
  • The person took off the hat and revealed themselves to be (Y/N) and her hiichan was sitting in this random movie theatre talking to the her crush, the director of the movie
  • As time went on you two became friends and you gathered up the courage to to ask her out
  • As the years go by Hitomi is still collecting your DVDs and still gets in her fangirl mode when she wakes up next to you
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The Owner

Hotel AU, Seungcheol x fem!reader


a/n: first time i writing story whonwas requested by @kinokinokino-kino. thank you for requesting! i hope you guys enjoy this story. maybe there is part 2 👀.

REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN! sorry if there are wrog words or spells! love

-p 💖


Originally posted by camera-seventeen

“yah! This is my house!” Seungcheol yelled from the outside of his house as his now ex-girlfriend, Suna, as she threw his luggage out nearly hit him and landed on the street. Seungcheol ran to the door before Suna closed it. When he nearly reached the door, ready to push the door, Suna already closed it and locked the front door. He bumped hard with the door nearly fell to the street. He hissed painfully but still managed it. He did not care about his right bicep, he just wanted his house back. Back to his bed, kitchen, sofa. For, the memories… he just wanted to wipe those.

“Suna!” Seungcheol shouted and banged his front door, this was his house not hers. Was she crazy? Gladly now she was now his ex-girlfriend. But, his house were now taken. The boys were right, that Suna blinding him with her cuteness to him only. But, to the boys, no need to tell, they really really hated her that much. The boys already told him what she had done to them, and they said that she had a relationship with him because his richness. but Seungcheol just brushed them off telling them that

 “maybe you guys should treat her better, do not be a dick”

“she did not like your behaviours guys!”

 “just go away guys! Cannot believe that my brothers did not accept me with her!”.

 But boy…. they were right.  he was blinded by her tricked and faked love. And now he was struck by a big rock.

“it is mine either, S.coups! do not be selfish, you bought for us that time!” she southed from the inside, as Seungcheol yelled frustrated at Suna’s behaviour.

“it is now for you to find a shelter for the rest of your life!” Suna shouted from behind the door. He heard she walked inside of his house.

“do not call me for paying the debt!” he shouted one last time at the door, actually to his ex-girlfriend. He heard a “blablabla” voice as Seungcheol could not stand her behaviour. He kicked the front door but not so strong, venting his frustration. Seungcheol hands were pushing his hair back as he walked back and forth at the porch.

Where would he stay in a few days? Just a few days only… The boys would not let him stay at theirs. He groaned, stepping down the porch stairs as he looked through the city night stood in front of a cliff. Seungcheol bought his house near the mountain that could see the view of the city, it was beautiful, the view healed him.

He took a deep breath as he closed his eyes and his mind started to clear. he let out an “ahhh” sound, how he loved the fresh air right now. it was really refreshing his minds. he opened his eyes and as he stepped back, took his luggage and twirling his car key with his index finger.

He clicked open his car as the car let out a “beep” voice. He opened the baggage and put his luggage slowly and closed it. He walked to the driver seat as he looked at his house for the last time, he thought. Maybe, one day he would get it back. He opened the driver car and got in as he turned on his car. He closed the driver door, while he was ready to step on the gas pedal, and went to the city.


“i am sorry Mr, Choi, but we are full booked right now” the receptionist pitifully looking at him, as seungcheol ruffled his hair, really really exhausted. he stood there, blankly looking at the reception table. he sighed deeply, took his car key in front of him and mumbled “thank you” to the lady. he ignored the lady respond, walking away to the parking lot. he walked to the parking lot, putting his cigarette stub at his mouth. lit the cigarette and put it back onto his pocket. he smoked for a moment, then be let out the smoke from his mouth and nose as his hand took his cigarette.

he pulled his phone out, went to the telephone button and scrolled down to the peron he wanted to call. his eyes landed on his friend name as he punched the call button.

“aish jinjja just pick the phone dumbass” he mumbled, annoyed with his friend not picking up his call. he cursed that the phone went onto a voicemail. he called his friend again, smoking his cigarette again while his back leaned to his car. nearly went onto a voicemail, the other line anwered his call.

“what, hyung?” his voice was hoarse. Seungcheol knew that he woken up the youngest or the youngest had a “something” with his girl.

“so, Mingyu-ah. Am I interrupting something?” seungcheol asked smirking as the youngest groaned.

yes, you interrupting me with my girlfriend. And why do you call me in- HELL, IT IS NOW 2 AM, Choi Seungcheol! are you very serious right now?” Mingyu groaned, as he rustled with the blanket, wanting to talk with the leader out of his bedroom, but accidentally waking up his girlfriend.

“sorry honey, go back to sleep, okay?” mingyu said to his girlfriend softly, she nodded ready to fall asleep again. Mingyu rubbed her hair softly to make her fall asleep. Seungcheol heard the youngest kissed his girlfriend and Mingyu walked out from his bedroom. Seungcheol tapped the steering wheel in front of him. Waiting the youngest patiently.

“what do you want hyung?” Seungcheol being asked by the youngest, as he heard a “thud” from the door. He was at the balcony right now, seungcheol thought.

“Is Suna girl making you complicated?” Seungcheol scoffed, smoking his cigarette again and looking at the street.

“yeah gyu, we break-”

“it is good that you break up with her-”

“and she kicked me out” seungcheol finished his word. the other line went into a dead silent. seungcheol waited his brother to speak but nothing for seconds. he opened his mouth to speak.

“where are you right now?” the younger started the coversation again. migyu knew that this moment will come, and yes it was. he knew what he must do and prepared it.

“umm, hotel in Busan that near with my house, gyu.” seungcheol mumbled, smokig again and let out a sighed.

“okay, that you near there. i have a friend, she is the owner of a hotel. ber hotel is at the end of Busan, in the map the hotel must be at Daegu.” Mingyu said explaining his leader the destination to your hotel. Seungcheol let out a blessing word, opened his driver door and closed it again. he huffed on his seat

“you knew her?” seungcheol asked, his hand struggling to pull the seatbelt on, as he cursed the seatbelt did not attach with its partner.

“yeahh, an old friend in high school” mingyu said viewing the sky, remembering every memories he had with you.

“what’s her name?” after he struggled to attach the seatbelt with its partner, he put Mingyu to a speaker and put his phone in front of him searching your hotel location with GPS.

“Y/n” seungcheol mouth shaped to an “o”, he started drove from the parking lot to the city street.

“she’s sweet…. and pretty tho, hyung” mingyu smirked. seungcheol rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“could you please call her, i am on my way there?” he changed the subject. eyes on the road and back to the map, turn right, following the female instruction.

“yahh! do not change the subject hyung! and yeah sure. i will call her now”

“thanks gyu” seungcheol stopped his car, waiting for the red light turned to green light. the younger mumbled no problem as he ended the call. seungcheol leaned his tired body to the driver seat and huffed. his finger knocking the steering wheel, the svt ring made a “clicking” sound whenever he knocked the steering wheel. the traffic light tufned to a green one, the female instructed hin to go forward. he followed her, spent his time for an hour with the GPS female.


“yeahh gyu, it is my shift now, with a friend here. no, still have one room now. a week? okay, noted. yeah, already booked. bye. see ya” you said, ended the call and typed the name “seungcheol” with the keyboard. you selected the room and the night that already booked by Mingyu. you just need to wait this “seungcheol” guy to arrive at your hotel.

yeah maybe you were the owner of the hotel, but still you should make a money for yourself. busying yourself with the hotel and others. learned the employees to be a waitress, laundry man/woman, office boy/girl, receptionist. how to serve the customers with respect and right. watching them serves and attitudes to the customers. those were your responsibilities in the first place. so, the customers were feeling pleasant to eat, sleep, enjoy, take their family time at your hotel. mostly customers loved with the employees attitudes and their serves with respect.

“someone’s booking?” Dahlia, your friend, who was the owner too asked you with her face still lit with her beautiful eyes and sweet smile although it was 3.30 a.m. now. you nodded tiredly and sighed but still smiled at your friend. minutes later, you saw a car pulled up at the parking lot. your eyes trained to a handsome man opened his baggage car and took his luggage with him. your eyes could not take off from his figure as he closed the baggage door and started to walk. his right hand inside his pocket.

“he is handsome… and cute tho” Dahlia stood beside you staring the handsome man who was already walking to the door, the security already opened the hotel door.

“not wrong that you keep staring at him until now” Dahlia smirked, you looked at her unbelivable.

“i do not!” you said, busying yourself with the computer started to playing with the mouse.

“you should date him” you glanced at him who was now walked to the receptionist, your eyes panicked

“dahlia hushhh” “come on he is handsome” with hushed voice right now, cause you and her realized that he was coming to your way.

“why are you hushingg me-”

“dahlia, HE is coming” you said, signaling with your eyes to Dahlia to the handsome man figure

“no no, you cannot hushing me when i am talking, you-” you heard the handsome man cleared his throat, you looked at him and yeah Dahlia was right, he was handsome and manly with his broad shoulder and yeah handsome face. his black hair combed neatly. you loved him now.

“sorry, can i help you?” you asked him innocently, because you scared that, he was not Seungcheol friend of Mingyu’s.

“yeah i am seungcheol, my friend booked the room for a week. mingyu” he said, hand on the receptionist desk, looking at you.

“oh yeah, Mingyu. yeah he book a room for you” you said, typing the computer. you saw that dahlia smirkig at you but still she busying herself with the computer.

“y/n” the name escaped from his lip, you eyes widen. for a second you looked at him.

“yes?” you asked him, as his eyes still lingering your face. he chuckled to himself and looked down.

“nothing it is just, Mingyu mention your name that you are the hotel owner and i looked at your nametag” he said, esturing where your nametag was. you looked at your nametag and laughed a little. shaking your head

“yeah, that is my name” you smiled and looked at him. he kept staring at you, you stared at each other not knowing.

“y/n, here is the key room for your future husband.” Dahlia whispered loud for Seungcheol to hear, as she patted the key room who was now at your hand.

“Dahlia, attitude” you warned her, as she smirking at you and walked to the employee’s room with her hands up. you waited the employee’s door closed, when the door closed you looked at Seungcheol andgave him a sorry smile.

“sorry, my friend. she is tired maybe” you said to him as Seungcheol chuckled and shook his head.

“don’t be… friends are like that when they saw someone talking to you are handsome” he said looking at you

“Mr. Choi, this is our key room, you musy check out at Friday before 12 p.m.” you gave him the key room as he took it and kept it with his hand tightly.

“got it maybe dinner with me after that?”

your face perked fastly to look at him unbelivable and narrowed.

“ummm, thank you but i should not leave-”

“NO, SHE CAN MR. CHOI! I AM THE RESPONSIBLE IN THAT DAY” dahlia yelled from the employees room.

“dahlia” you nearly shouted at her, but still can manage your own voice. you heard her “not my fault”.

“so, 7 p.m. i’ll pick you” seungcheol said leaving, grabbed his luggage and waited the elevator to open.

“wait, no i do not-”

“see you shortstacks” he walked inside the elvator with his waving hand to you and the elvator closed. you stared blankly at the elevator and groaned. gladly there were no customers just security and Dahlia ofc.


Inside the elevator, seungcheol leaned to the mirror and smiled.

“mingyu was right, she is beautiful and sweet” he thought.

the elevator “ding” as the door opened and he started to walk to his room. maybe he tried to move on right now, because gladly Mingyu was there to help him. thanks Tall Mingyu.


your eyes blinked, not realizing what just happened. you groaned for a few minutes and started to walk fast to the employee’s door.


the girl laughed and ran away from your angry voice even figure.

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𝐁𝐔𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑𝐅𝐋𝐘 𝐄𝐅𝐅𝐄𝐂𝐓 [ Promotion Poster ]

❝   it’s the chaos, that your little choices brought to my life

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Train Ride Home


Originally posted by lesbianseulgis

Twice Dahyun x Reader

Where you meet Dahyun on a train when she falls asleep on your shoulder.

Warning: the word ‘ass’ makes a single appearance.

a/n: it’s been a while, sorry, life’s been crazy. I hope you enjoy this. It was short but I wanted to write something cute and let you know that I’m still here.


You were exhausted. Your boss was in a bad mood all day today, demanding you get all of the reports done by the end of the day, which caused you to stay overtime. You probably had over 5 cups of coffee and you were ready to crash into your bed.
However, you still had a long train ride ahead of you before you could greet your bed. You lived a little ways away from your office but you didn’t mind the commute as much. You liked the lull of the train as you waited for your stop. It wasn’t as packed as it usually was since it was way past rush hour.You took a seat next to a dark haired, pale girl. She looked just as tired as you felt but despite that, she was still gorgeous. You thought it was a little unfair but you just nodded at the fact that the universe had favorites and she was clearly one of them.
However, despite how exhausted you were, it was the girl beside you who fell asleep. During the train ride, you noticed her head bobbing slowly. With the quiet thrumming of the train, the occasional train announcements, it did feel like the train was trying to rock you to sleep. You couldn’t help but smile at how cute she though as she dozed off. However, you returned to the game on your phone that you’ve been playing since you sat down.It was when there was a sudden jerk of the train restarting after a stop that got you to freeze. Your shoulder was heavy and suddenly occupied by the sleeping girl.
You weren’t really sure what to do. You debated waking her up but she seemed so peacefully asleep, it almost felt like a crime to wake her up. Your entire body was stiff, trying very hard not to make any sudden movements. You still debated waking her up, but how does one wake up a stranger that falls asleep on your shoulder?
“Um, excuse me but I am not a pillow?”
No, too mean.
“Um…this is my stop?”
But it wasn’t your stop, your stop was still a while away. Were you debating getting off at the next stop just to avoid the awkwardness that would follow afterwards?
Before you could decide, the girl mumbled something that you couldn’t really make out and you felt her move her head towards you and a sudden jerk.
She was awake, very awake in fact.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I was just so tired, I just fell asleep. I don’t normally do this…I’m so embarrassed. Oh my god.” The girl was rambling.
You simply smiled at her and shook your head, “No, it’s okay, it happens. It’s really not a big deal.”
“Was I asleep for long? You should’ve woken me up, I didn’t mean to invade your space like that.” she was still panicked.
“No no, you weren’t asleep for long, I was just about to wake you and I was in the middle of debating how when you woke up. I was honestly worried you might’ve missed your stop…” you tried to reassure her.
She calmed down a little bit, she scanned your face.
“I’m so sorry, I’ve been so tired, there was a huge project at work and I had to stay overtime and my brain’s all fried…oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to give you my entire life story…”
You laughed softly, “No it’s okay, I understand, it’s the same over here, boss has been on my ass all day. Honestly, I’m surprised that it wasn’t me falling asleep and waking up on your shoulder.”
She smiled and you were definitely right, the universe had favorites and she was the favorite out of all of the favorites.
“My name is Dahyun. I should at least introduce myself since I’ve already used your shoulder as a pillow.” she stuck out her hand, her smile reaching her eyes.
“Y/N. My shoulder is honored that you chose it despite all the other shoulders you could’ve chosen tonight.” you shook her hand. She giggled a little, she must’ve been tired if that joke made her laugh but you still felt a little victorious making such a beautiful girl laugh.
You found out that her stop was a little ways away as well. So you two spent the time talking and the more you talked to her, the more you wanted to thank your boss for making you stay late. She had a smile that would make the sun retire and you felt all of your exhaustion fade away.

An announcement came over the speakers, the train was approaching the next stop.
“That’s my stop…” Dahyun said, you thought she sounded a little sad but you told yourself you were imagining things.
“Well, it was lovely meeting you, Dahyun-ssi.” you said, smiling at her, trying to figure out a way to ask for her number.
She sat there quiet for a moment.
“Did you want to…grab some food?” she said, hesitant and staring at her hands.
Did you hear correctly? Was she asking you out?
“Sorry, that was dumb, you are probably wanting to go home…sorry, I just…I dunno, I just like talking to you, you’re sweet and…I mean, uh well…I wanted to…I dunno, sorry…you’re probably tired…” she started rambling again.
You started to get up, her head followed your movement. You smiled down at her, “Suddenly I’m not tired anymore but I am starving. I would love to grab some food.”
Her bright smile returned and your heart bounced around your chest like a game of pinball.
She sprung up beside you, “I know this great place just down the street from the station! Let’s go there!”
You nodded, following her out of the train, mentally noting to thank your boss in the morning.

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ateez 9th member au

moon dealing with the wardrobe malfunction // based on this performance

masterlist  ☾


“Are you sure this is fixed enough?” Moon asked her stylist while the woman was fixing her extra hand-made pocket to put her mic pack on her dress. “It won’t fall, right?”

“Moon, relax…” her stylist said. “You wore the safety shorts and top, right?”

Moon frowned with the question.

“Yes,” she answered with some uncertainty. “why?”

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Park Jinyoung x Wife!Reader

Summary: Jinyoung has to take your daughter to the studio with him last minute which results in an uncharacteristically messy day for him

A/N: this is my first time posting for got7 (kpop in general) so feedback is appreciated!

Unorganized, late, and a mess were not typically words to describe Jinyoung. However, this morning was different. The night before you had laid your babies’ schedule out for Jinyoung. It was a rare change in your daily routine, having to go to work much earlier than normal. Of course, he was the father, he knew, he just wanted to be sure that a change in schedule wouldn’t affect your daughter negatively.

He knew she had to be at daycare at 9:30 in the morning, 10 at the latest but pay a late fee, and be in the studio by 10:15 to record. If the plan had gone accordingly, there would be enough time to even stop and get a coffee, maybe have breakfast with his daughter, but that didn’t happen. When you left bright and early at 6 am, Jinyoung had a sneaking sensation his daughter sensed you were gone. She started screaming and crying as soon as you stepped out the door, though it hurt your heart, you had to get to work. If only she had stayed asleep for just another hour, Jinyoung would have been more alert and ready to take on her toddler tantrum. He had already been up later than he planned the night before, but who could blame him for spending a little extra time with his wife after not seeing her in what felt like forever?

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Originally posted by the-sandlot-blog

San as zack morris


•comes up with crazy ideas

• a flirt

•friends over mostly everything else


Originally posted by bexandicelia

Seonghwa as lisa turtle

•both fashion icons

• always giving fashion tips and advice

•rich kids

•popular in high school

•everyone had a crush on them


Originally posted by spacecadet

(Couldn’t find any gifs of screech by himself)

Yunho as screech

•loveable dorks

• underrated


•team player and always loyal and willing to take one for the team

• total romantics


Originally posted by 199x-200x

Wooyoung as kelly

• pretty kids rights


•super sweet to their friends

•always dressed to impress


(Sorry this pic is really bad but they didnt have gifs for belding)

Hongjoong as Mr . Belding

• Great leaders

• get tricked and made fun of alot

•always puts their team first

• loveable and underrated


Originally posted by 90sfashiongal

Yeosang as jessie

•always speaks their mind

•underrated fashion icons

• really good dancer on the low

•passionate about things they care about


Originally posted by shyguysays

Jongho as AC Slater


• a softie on the inside

•sports motivated

•always there to help their friends out

• ladies man

•always showing off

Ok so this last one is kinda random but mingi as the narrator from the saved by the bell game so hear me out

•always some how knows what gonna happen

• slightly sassy

• Always honest and supportive

•sticks by the squard and always cheering them on

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𝘭𝘢𝘴𝘵 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵

credits for photos used go to the original owners


↬ 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘵:



The library was usually your safe place. An escape from your hectic schedule where you could dive deep into the latest novel that you’d picked up. Where you could prepare for your classes and exams in peace.

But for some reason today, the library brought you nothing except chaos.

Of course, you couldn’t really blame the library. It’s a location, after all. There was no sentient being that lurked between the old dusty books that caused your anxiety to be on edge. That was all thanks to the grey squishy mass stuffed inside that skull of yours.

The human brain is a place of complete wonderment. It houses things like ambition and creativity. Imagination and dreams.

The human brain is also a place of terror. It houses things like anger and sorrow. Nerves and self-hate.

Those negative vibes and many more were filling up your brain box at the moment. So much so that it felt if one more thought like, “You’re going to completely bomb your history final like you did the midterm,” flew past in your flurry of thoughts, your skull would crack from all the pressure.

Warm tears flowed down the tip of your nose as you scribbled away at the final study guide your history professor had given you. The rational part of your brain knew that your handwriting stopped being legible about twenty minutes ago. Silently pretending to take notes from your propped open textbooks as the water faucets you had for eyes continued to leak down onto the page felt like all you could do. It was smearing the ink and making the mess on the paper even worse.

You were so distracted that you didn’t see one of your classmates, a happy-go-lucky kid named Felix, approach your table.

“Y/N?” his deep-toned voice shot through the silence, making your quivering pen stop mid-scribble. “Are you… are you okay?”

Clearly he knew the answer to this. His hesitation said it all. You knew he was trying to be polite, as he always was towards you. This sweet boy knew that deep inside you were struggling, and he wanted to give you his hand and tell you that you aren’t alone.

“I… uh…” You started, putting the pen down and taking your glasses off. You set them on the table and brought your sweater sleeves up to your face in hopes to brush away the tear tracks that had formed. “Well.” You took a deep breath, mustering up the courage to look at him. “No. Not really. I’m not.”

You and Felix made eye contact and held it in comfortable silence. Without speaking a word, he held your gaze as he took the pen you had been using, and placed the cap on it. He then closed every one of your haphazardly opened textbooks, shutting it with a soft thump as the pages settled together between the covers. He slid the notes from under your arm, and placed them in your notebook, before putting all of the items in your bag.

Felix reached out his hand, a big smile painted across his features. “You’re done for the day. Let’s go out for a walk.”

“No. Sorry, I have to-”

“Nope! I already put your stuff up. Too late. You have to come with me now.” His voice had a cheeky, almost flirty tone to it, causing your heart to skip a beat.

“But my final-”

“-isn’t for another two weeks! Just take this one night off and come have dinner with me. It’ll be relaxing and fun, which I can tell you need.” He leaned across the table and tapped the tip of your nose. “Who knows, it might even be the best night of your life!” With that he winked and held out his hand, beckoning you to join him.

I guess one night off wouldn’t hurt.

─ ✧ ─

𝘯𝘦𝘹𝘵 𝘱𝘰𝘴𝘵

𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘧𝘪𝘤𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘮𝘢𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘳𝘭𝘪𝘴𝘵

𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘵𝘰 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘦 𝘴𝘰𝘰𝘯

- 𝓂𝒶𝓇𝓈

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Do Angels Need Love || Wonho Fallen Angel AU


(gif is not mine)

Wonho x Reader

Supernatural Romance

Warnings: emotional trauma, suggestions of self harm

Moodboard | Preview | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Words: 2,001

Part 9: Off Day

Not long after you finished gathering yourself, your phone was ringing. You already knew who it was. Nobody outside of work ever called you anyway. “Hello, Mrs. Rockw-” “Where have you been, little girl? Why weren’t you in your room this morning? Where else could you possibly be? You’d better be at the airport when I get there-” You were already blitzing downstairs and out the door, purse and keys in hand, without an explanation to Nadi and John. Luckily, your old house was closer to the airport than the mansion, so you would actually beat them there. In your haste you tripped on a curb and fell hard on one knee. You felt the pavement scrape skin off your kneecap. As strangers looked down on you as they passed, you pulled up your pants leg to see how bad it was. It wasn’t bleeding too much, but still you felt the need to cover it so it wouldn’t seep through your clothes. Your parents never responded well to seeing blood on you. You rushed into a bathroom to make yourself presentable, then waited by the terminal of Mrs. Rockwell’s flight. Only 5 minutes later, you saw Mrs. Rockwell approaching with your dad behind, pushing her luggage cart. You were confused since her luggage had been shipped to the house in Italy already. “Good morning, Mrs. Rockwell. Ready for your flight?” She stopped a few feet away from you, her mouth curved into a sneer. “I had to pack my own bags into the car. You’d better have a good explanation for why you weren’t at the house this morning.” Your dad waited curiously behind her. “Oh… Well I have had arrangements made to make sure your departure and your arrival are satisfying to you, mam.” Her lips pursed. “Very well.” She turned to your father. “Ready to go?” You arched an eyebrow. “Dad, you’re going on the flight with her?” He looked at you with a bit of guilt. “Well, we decided together-” “I’ve extended my business trip to a month, hence the extra luggage. The magazine is opening a new location, and they want me to supervise. Then afterwards…” Mrs. Rockwell slipped a hand over your dad’s shoulder. “Your father and I are taking a little vacation time together.” They gazed at each other for a while, while you gawked at them. “You’re going to be gone for a whole month?” “And three weeks. Is that a problem for you, little girl?”

This was perfect. This was more than perfect. They would be out of the country long enough for you to help John Doe heal without having to sneak around. You could earn money for the house in peace. It was too good to be true! Or was this a miracle?

“Will… you need me to do anything while you’re away, Mrs. Rockwell?” you asked, struggling to contain your excitement. “Anything I need I will send you an email. No use spiking my phonebill with international calls just to make sure you’re doing your job right.” Your dad took her by the shoulders. “Sweetheart, relax. Y/N is more than capable of holding down the fort while you’re away. You forget she’s an adult now. Don’t worry.” You felt yourself stand up straighter at the sound of your father’s words. That was the first time he’d ever praised you in front of her. You had hardly been encouraged or trusted since you were a kid. You almost felt a smile form on your face. “Hmmm, yes, an adult that has never been alone before because we’ve been breaking our backs trying to make sure she doesn’t… relapse or…” Mrs. Rockwell mumbled, but pointedly and loud enough for you to still be able to hear. Your shoulders sank again, back to their natural position. Your dad sighed. “You worry too much, Luanne.” You remembered your dad was an idiot, and so were you for thinking he’d all of a sudden stick up for you. Clearing your throat, you walked forward and placed a hand on his back. “Hurry now, lovebirds. Don’t want to miss your flight.” They handed the flight attendant their tickets, not acknowledging your call goodbye as they headed down the tunnel. You watched them disappear. A sigh of relief escaped from deep in your chest. For the first time, you were truly free. You turned on your heel, and began to head back to the parking lot, hands shoved in your pockets. Despite the fact that now you had a bit of freedom to yourself, you didn’t feel much relief or happiness from it. Maybe it was the because you were taking on a responsibility you weren’t prepared for, or maybe it was the dull soreness of your skinned knee beginning to throb. Or maybe it was because you could still feel eyes on you as you made it back to your car. Whether they were your stepmother’s or someone else’s, your skin crawled at the sensation. But no matter. You had to get back before Nadi left.

The rest of the evening was spent with you and Nadi cleaning the house and making a room for John Doe to stay in upstairs, where he could easily access the bathroom and your old bedroom as he recovered. You both helped John climb the stairs, and laid him down in the newly made bed of your dad’s old bedroom. “There, much better, right?” John nodded, blinking drowsily. Nadi told you everything you’d have to do for him until he was well enough to do it himself. You listened attentively, nervously wringing your hands as she demonstrated applying bandages and healing ointments. She taught you how to feel his ribs to make sure they properly aligned. She taught you how to spongebath, and how long before he was healed enough to shower. He’d need physical therapy too.

“And,” she said, leading you out of the room so John couldn’t hear. “This is in case any trouble comes by.” She handed you a small object, a black rod of some kind. “Push this.” You pushed a button, and a golden light glowed on one end. “This is called Heaven’s light. Trace any doorway and window, and it will protect you from dark angels.” You clutched the rod to your chest. “Ok. Thanks Nadi. For… all your help.” She smiled warmly. “You are the one who stepped up to help, despite being completely out of your element here. I should be thanking you. This is incredibly brave of you. You have no idea how important this is to the Fallens before. If my mom knew about you, she’d adopt you!” You lowered your head shyly. “I’ve never had a sister,” you said humorously. Nadi giggled and then pulled you into a hug. “Well, then consider me your honorary sister. Because I’d want her to be just like you.” You hugged her back, a little tighter than a normal hug. This was the most comfort you’d felt since your mother was alive. You felt tears well up in your eyes again. Nadi let you go. “Don’t hesitate to call me if you need anything. Dr. Whitfield will understand. And don’t forget to take care of yourself too.” You nodded, and waved goodbye as she walked out of the house. You watched her drive into the sunset. It was up to you now.

You ordered dinner for you and John. You were too tired to cook tonight. “Hey John, are you hungry?” you asked. His eyes got really big and he nodded. He grunted and lifted himself into a sitting position. You opened the takeout box, which was full of chicken and dipping sauces, as well as soup and crackers. “This is called fried chicken. It’s pretty greasy, so if it doesn’t make you feel good, you don’t have to eat it. Just eat the soup if you want, ok?” You handed him his share, then got your own. By the time you looked back up, he had finished the first piece of chicken, and was halfway done with the second. “Oh my gosh, John, slow down!” You said, giggling. “You’ll get a stomachache.” The two of ate in comfortable silence, until a thought came to you. “Hey I just realized something. I’ve been calling you John, but I don’t even know if you like it. We should pick out a better name for you. Something with a little more personality.” You got out your cell phone and went on a names website. “Name something that you like. Something that makes you feel good. I know there’s probably not much, and it’s been hard for you, but-” “Y/N.” You blinked. “What?” “I like Y/N.” John said, smiling around his chicken. You felt a blush in your cheeks. “Oh! I -that- haha. Y-you can’t have my name. Name s-something else.” John thought a little, then looked towards the window. “Sky…” You nodded. “Oh. Makes sense. Ok, let’s find some names that mean sky.” You typed for a second, then started reading the results. “Just tell me when you hear one you like, ok?” You listed each name, to which he gave a range of expressions, from a small nod, to pure disgust. But then he lit up at the sound of one in particular. “Hoseok.” At the sight of his awestruck face, you clicked on the name for more information. “Name means, bestow or concur. Can also mean, sunshine, sky, heaven, or hope.” His smile widened. “I want to be Hoseok.” You smiled as well. “It’s perfect. Ok. Your new name is Hoseok.” He seemed satisfied, the happiest he’d been since you met him. A warm feeling rest in your chest.

After you both finished eating, you cleaned up and went to go shower and get ready for bed with the bath supplies and new pjs Nadi had brought you. You made your way back to Hoseok, and made sure his bandages were fresh and his sheets were warm enough. “Ok, I’m about to go to sleep now. Do you need anything else? Are you comfortable?” He looked up at you, eyes glistening with some sort of unease. “Don’t worry. I’ll be right across the hall if you need me. I’ll leave my door open, so just call me if you need to, ok?” He sighed. “Ok.” “Goodnight,” you said, then bent down naturally, and lightly kissed his forehead.

Your mind froze. You realized what you had just done. You hadn’t even thought about it, habit had just taken over. Feeling the blood rush to your head, your eyes met Hoseok’s, who looked at you innocently. “Oh… I didn’t mean to do…. I just… I used to do that for my m- For a second I thought you were-” Emotion clogged your throat as your flustered brain tried to justify your mistake, mostly to yourself. You knew you couldn’t explain it to him, and since you were failing to even try, you just blurted “Sorry, excuse me!” before rushing out of his room to the bathroom. You slammed the door behind you, leaning up against it. “Oh my gosh,” you whispered, your breath lodged in your heaving chest with anxiety. “Oh my gosh…” You covered your mouth with both hands and slid down the door to the floor, gasping for air as massive sobs seemed to rip themselves out of your body. Your heart and lungs burned as the pain resurfaced. You tried to stop yourself from crying, from shaking. Negative thoughts bombarded your mind. You put your head in between your legs and tried to shut them out. Mom… I’m sorry… I’m sorry…

20 minutes later, your body finally recovered. You picked yourself up and quietly opened the bathroom door. You could hear Hoseok’s snores. You tiptoed to your room and climbed into your bed. You were so emotionally exhausted, you went right to sleep, but your mind was no kinder than usual, as more nightmares plagued you that night.

A/N: Hello everyone. Hope you’re all doing ok in these crazy times. Here’s the next chapter to give your mind a break. Let me know how you’re liking the series. I think I’ll start posting chapters multiple times so more people see it. Enjoy!

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Your guardian

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Summary: “I’ve been watching over you for years.”
A/n: This was a request by a lovely anon.💚


It started with little things around your apartment, a small flower on your pillow when you woke up, the curtains being pulled back slightly to allow the early morning sun to spill into your bedroom. Sometimes, it was one of your favorite snacks on the kitchen counter, which you didn’t remember getting out, but a snack is a snack.

Only this morning you were in a hurry, your hands flew through the closet to grab your clothes, pulling them on quickly in an attempt to get out the door faster. Dodging through crowds of people you hoped you running too late, stopping at the crosswalk you waited for the light. Someone behind you bumped into you from behind, sending you out into the street.

“Hey, watch wh-”

You didn’t realize the car that was coming, the horn ripped through the air, but the sound didn’t reach your ears. You felt yourself being yanked back, falling flush against someone’s chest, their hands gripped your waist tightly. Catching your breath you turned to see who had saved you, not expecting to see an empty sidewalk.


Stepping from the steamy bathroom you didn’t expect a person sitting on your bed, ivory wings splayed across the bed, gently he sat arranging the feathers. A quite gasp escaped you, causing him to stand up abruptly, abandoning the task of grooming his wings.

“(Y/n), I know you don’t know me.” He stated, his dark eyes widened in surprise. Bowing playfully he looked up at you through his dark hair, blowing a strand away from his eye’s with a smile. “Hi, I’m Taehyung, your guardian angel.”

A scream ripped through the room before you ran back into the bathroom, locking the door you tried to gather your thoughts.

A knock at the door jarred you from your thoughts, cautiously you approached the wooden door.

“I promise I’m not going to hurt you. I’m here to protect you. Who do you think pulled you back onto the sidewalk?”

“That was you?” You questioned, opening the door you looked up at him in surprise.

“The one and only.” He smiled, holding his hand out to you he waited for you to take it in yours. “I’ve been watching over you for years.”

A smile played at the corners of his lips as he pulled you forward, enveloping you in a hug.

“Thank you Taehyung.”

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when ATEEZ got their first ever music show win.

masterlist ♥︎


“ATEEZ! Congratulations!”

At first, Jiyu didn’t register the fact that their group had been announced as the winner. It wasn’t until Mingi held onto her shoulders and started to bounce happily that she processed it. The loud cheering from the audience just made reality hit a little harder.

She and San ended up looking at each other with their eyes widened and hands covering their mouth from shock. “D–D–Did we just win?”

San just nodded, the information still sinking into his mind. “I–I think we did…”

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through the glass – “why are you sad?” a soft voice asks, barely breaking over the sound of a nearby music box. turning, you stare. another doll, around your age, was looking back at you. neatly brushed hair falls around her face, plump cheeks raised in a smile, like the swell of a peach; sweet and comfortable looking. milky dahlias adorn her pretty, glass eyes, curled into crescent moons against black pupils – a honey-lit whiskey decorating her irises. she grins, graceful, caring. it’s enough, for you to stammer to a halt.

“i, i – my child, just..she left me,” you whisper, barely able to look her in the eye, “i never thought – y’know..”

she smiles sadly, pressing a warm hand onto your shoulder, like weighted sunshine; it’s warm and nurturing. “they do that sometimes,” her voice sounds sincere, “but that’s not your fault.”


she lifts a gentle hand to your head, just about suppressing a wince when she sees the tangled knots tumbling down your hair. the smooth porcelain of your cheeks is sullied, grey under your pain, lifeless, even for a doll. there’s a slight tear in the perfectly trimmed fabric of your shirt, running from the base of your neck to the bottom of your left shoulder blade. it’s ragged – hems splitting roughly, a jest to your heart (or what would be it, anyway.) i’ll take care of you, she wants to say, but she bites her tongue, instead dragging her fingers carefully through your hair, nails skimming your scalp. “of course. i’m chaeryeong, what about you?”

you sniffle, pause, “(name.) i, i think.”

“that’s a cute name, but – is it okay if i call you baby?” chaeryeong presses firm against your head, rubbing her fingers across the back to ease your pain. yes, yes – please do, and she grins. there’s still honey laced in your voice, like crushed sugar, brushed across raspberries on a warm day. innocent, maybe a little naïve. but ever so, loveable.

the other dolls had turned their noses up at you, at first. you’d arrived, in such a state – you were still partially in it, too – wet hair, sodden with puddle water, a sullen face, and broken – anguished eyes. they’d convinced her to avoid you for the first three days, let you have time. she couldn’t bear it though, not when you’d looked so sad, curled up in the corner by yourself.

“can you come with me baby? i’ll brush your hair,” she coos, softly. and your heart hurts, it aches, at the tenderness she addresses you with. it hurts, it aches, to be loved – is it love or pity? no, you shake it away. somehow, you know she’s kind.

“yes – i, i’d like that. would your – would your friends mind?”

chaeryeong glances up, catching the eye of her friend, felix, who’s watching from further up the shelf, an eager smile on his face.

“yea – no, yea they’d love that. c’mon baby, let’s get your hair sorted, okay?”

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