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almost lover
Tumblr media
pairing: y/n × jeon jungkook
genre: angst, unrequited love, childhood best friend! au
warnings: n/a
synopsis: if you asked anyone, jungkook and y/n were meant to be. but an entanglement of unsaid words and a mix-up leads to jungkook getting a new girlfriend, and y/n reaching her breaking point
a/n: hi everyone! firstly, i want to thank anyone who read my two previous posts. i am so grateful for everything! i will, eventually, write part two for those parts but for now, enjoy this little drabble i made to hold everyone over until that.
i made a spotify playlist that has all the songs i listened to while writing this! Feel free to check it out here!
If you asked anyone, Jungkook and Y/N were meant to be. The fleeting glances and the silent pining among the pair didn't go unnoticed. But although their mutual magnetism was evident, it never impelled them to strive for anything more, and that confused many, including themselves. So, when Jungkook introduced Jia to all his friends, including Y/N, it created soundless chaos amongst everyone. The group of friends they had grown so familiar with all became divided, with most of them silently choosing Y/N’s side on the matter. Of course, they all tried to act as if everything was fine, attending their weekly get-togethers without fail. It was at one of these particular gatherings that it all blew up in their faces, though, and an irreparable sequence of actions followed.
It started fine, the friend group congregated in Taehyung’s living room that week, taking turns playing a very competitive game of Mario Kart. Jungkook and Jia had announced they weren’t going to make it that week, much to Y/N’s relief.
“Yah! Pass me the Cheetos, I’ve been asking for a while!” Taehyung whines and Y/N mocks him before throwing the bag of chips directly at his head. A resounding knock broke the chaos at that exact moment, and Namjoon stood up to get it.
“The party is here!” Jungkook announces, greeting Namjoon as the group of friends let out a crowd of cheers. Jia emerges from behind him, smiling wide and firmly grasping his free hand. Y/N’s heart drops, she diverts her attention from the pair and meets Taehyung’s apologetic eyes. As she raises an eyebrow, he knows the question she’s asserting with the action, as he had previously promised her that the couple wouldn’t be joining them that afternoon.
“Yo, JK! I didn’t think you were coming!” Jin bellows, pulling him into a hug as he laughs. Yeah, so did I, Y/N thinks. She gets up once everyone is preoccupied with greeting the new guests, and she makes her way toward the familiar kitchen. Scrounging through the fridge, she pulls out a new beer she finds at the back. As she struggles to get the cap off, the all too familiar sound of a throat clearing breaks her from her trance. Y/N slowly looks up, taking in the looming figure of the boy she knew best. He stands, hands on his hips and a teasing smile on his lips, “Having trouble there?”.
She looks away from him, “No, I’m okay.” The silence is loud. She finally gets the cap off, throwing it into the nearby trash can. Jungkook frowns, not used to the newfound resounding tension between the two. Before Y/N can leave, he stops her and grasps her arm firmly.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asks. She shrugs her arm out of his grasp, turning back to look at him as she firmly responds, “I’m fine, Jungkook.”
He looks taken aback, her adamant tone and formal approach confirm his suspicions of her anger towards him. She brushes past him, makes her way towards the living room, and sits down next to Jimin. He looks up at her, sending her a small smile which she briefly returns. Jungkook stumbles out of the kitchen as well, the discomfort and confusion evident on his face as he takes a seat next to Jia. Y/N sips on her drink, hoping it would supply her the liquid courage to get through the night.
Although the group of friends laughed and teased each other throughout the night, the tension was unmistakable. At one point, Jungkook had made a brief inside joke that only Y/N and Taehyung knew, yet only Taehyung laughed along with him. Y/N just kept scrolling through her phone, trying her best to ignore the two. The alcohol seemed to be doing its job, as she was on her fourth beer of the night and the room was starting to spin. Though try as they might, nobody from the group could get her to stop.
And this is when the mistake comes in. Jungkook gets up, witnessing Y/N getting up and stumbling to the kitchen in search of the 5th bottle. He grabs her arm for the second time that night, yet this time Y/N swiftly turns around and slaps his right across the face.
“Woah!” Jimin exclaims, getting up and rushing towards Y/N’s swaying figure.
“What the fuck?” Jungkook whispers, taking in the chaos Y/N’s action causes as the room fills with quick successions of footsteps and slight yelling. Jennie and Kiha push Jimin aside as they take in Y/N’s crying and shaking form. Jungkook gets pushed back to separate the two from any further violence, Jia grabs his hand and guides him towards the closest room.
“Y/N, calm down.” He hears Jennie’s exasperated pleas as Y/N continues sobbing, and he can picture her red eyes and slight frown that overtakes her features when she cries. He’s only ever seen it whenever they watch a sad movie, or when a video of a rescued puppy shows up on her timeline. He’s never been the reason she shed a single tear.
“I can’t believe she did that!” Jia exclaims, shaking her head. As she approaches him, he shrugs her off, heading towards the bathroom. He misses Jia’s dejected look as she finally begins to realize the reality of the situation.
The redness has gone down, but he can’t help but replay the slap over and over again. What did he do? He thinks back, to these few months, when he began noticing her recent apathy and tries to remember what had happened to bring up these emotions. If he remembers correctly, it all began when he began dating Jia- his eyes widened, and his heart stopped. Oh.
“Jungkook, Taehyung needs to talk to you.” Jia’s voice breaks him from his thoughts. He nods at her, brushing past her as he meets the eyes of his best friend. Taehyung crosses his arm as he stares at Jungkook.
“How are you feeling?” He asks, but Jungkook knows he could care less. Jungkook shrugs, “Don’t really feel it anymore.”
Taehyung hums, and it gets quiet again. Jia excuses herself, feeling suffocated from all the tension surrounding the room. Jungkook doesn’t bother going after her.
“How is she?” Jungkook breaks the silence. Taehyung scoffs. “Don’t even try that.” Jungkook frowns, genuinely confused and the look he gives seems to stir something in Taehyung.
“I told you. I told you, Jungkook!” Taehyung yells, startling the wide-eyed man in front of him.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Jungkook asks defensively, feeling much more confused than before.
With an incredulous look, Taehyung approaches Jungkook, seizing him up. “I told you, that day you asked me if you should ask her out because you thought she liked you. I told you to go for it because I knew she did! Why are you acting as if this isn’t all your fucking fault!”
Jungkook freezes. “Taehyung.” He begins, but he can't seem to get the rest of the words out.
“What? Is that all you have to say? Y/N is outside losing her fucking mind because she has had to pretend to be happy for you and this relationship for 6 months and all you can do is act stupid?” Taehyung keeps yelling, but Jungkook’s mind is on overdrive.
“Taehyung.” He tries again, but his friend is still ranting, preventing him from speaking.
Jungkook can’t think. He can’t seem to breathe either, and it finally dawns on Taehyung that maybe he shouldn’t be yelling at his friend, but it’s too late and the next second he’s holding Jungkook’s limp body on his own.
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can i request mrs and mr jeong having a silly argument in front of jen but mrs jeong is sensitive and ends up crying with a fluff ending 🥺
genre: fluff and angst
warnings: arguing, crying, kissing, false accusations made against mrs jeong.
Tumblr media
jen turns her head back when hearing the noise of people arguing as the front door swings open.
“mr and mrs jeong? you guys are home early— is everything okay?” she asks pausing her show.
“everything’s fine, jen. just talking with this stupid prick who got us kicked out the restaurant for making a scene.” you say while kicking your heels off angrily.
“oh, yeah. okay, y/n— it wasn’t my fault that you were too busy flirting with the waiter you didn’t notice the sex eyes you gave him.” you scoff, half laughing as if it was a joke.
jen touched her lip when seeing the wet spot on jaehyuns thigh. the waiter had accidentally bumped his leg on table which caused the wine glass to fall and spill on his leg.
jaehyun follows you to the kitchen. “flirting my ass. maybe if you payed more attention to me tonight i wouldn’t have to sit and talk to our waiter about my shitty day!”
“sorry, you never want to talk to me about your day and how you’re feeling?” he watches you open the cabinet and pull out a wine glass. “oh, please. you never have time to listen to me.” he then follows you to the wine cellar where shelves of bottled wines were neatly stacked.
“probably because i’m a busy ceo working constantly to provide for this family.” you pick a bottle and you head back to the kitchen with jaehyun blabbering behind you.
jaehyun hums, leaning his hip against the kitchen counter. “mm, you probably didn’t notice because you were too busy flirting with that asshole but he spilt my drink on my pants— this suit was $900.”
“i work just as hard as you and i always find the time to listen to how your day was.” you say slamming the bottle on the counter. “so don’t you dare use work as an excuse, jaehyun.” your eyes glare up at his as you pop the bottle open.
“and yes, i saw what happened with your wine.” you pour the red wine until it reaches the top.
“yeah?” he smirks, “well, don’t use a shitty day as an excuse to flirt with our waiter, y/n.” you groan, rolling your eyes.
you and jaehyun were too busy arguing to notice jen leaning her hip against the counter.
“it’s not a fucking excuse, jaehyun. i had a horrible day at work and you didn’t have the heart to ask about it. at least i ask about your day, you stuck up piece of shit.” you spit in a shaky tone, anger flared in your eyes.
jaehyun presses his lips together when hearing your angry yet calm tone. he watches as you bring the glass up to your lips, not a small sip but two big gulps.
“my love, let’s calm—?” you smack his hand after he attempts to take the wine glass away from you.
you sigh, licking the sweet bitter taste off your top lip. your wine glass now on the counter.
you turn your head to jaehyun, eyes watery. “next time, don’t accuse me of flirting with our waiter when all i was doing was having a conversation.”
you instantly melted as jaehyun brought his arms around you, your head digging into his chest as he holds you closely.
“is she crying?” jen questions, tilting her head and squinting her eyes.
“i wasn’t.. flirting.” you hit his side with your fist.
“i know, baby.” jaehyun presses a firm kiss on your head.
“i wasn’t flirting with him.” you repeat this time crying softly. body shaking against his as you cry silently.
jaehyun shushes you, swaying the two of you side to side as he comforts you. “i know, baby. and i’m sorry. i falsely accused you because i was angry.”
you press your palm on his chest and you pull away, makeup smeared on his tux. “fuck your.. $900 suit. we can always get you a new one.” you say yanking his tie. “but this one fit perfectly.” he slightly frowns. “well, we can go to a professional who’ll take your measurements and will make you your own personal suit.” he lets out a soft laugh.
“i like that idea.” you lean up and you give him a kiss on his perfect lips. “good. now go upstairs and change. i can feel the wine is getting sticky.” he laughs and nods, dragging you with him to the bedroom.
“that was it?” jen questioned hopping off the counter and scoffing. “boring.” she sighs going back to the living room and plopping herself back down on the couch.
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Don’t test my patience.
Post Date: 19th May 2022 Content: Smut/Angst - NCT Dream & U Jeno x Reader  WC: 1639 TW?: Hard Dom Jeno/ Possessiveness/ Greed/ Minor fight/ DDLG / Dry-humping/ Fuck doll/ choking/ overstimulation Request?: Yes
Masterlist                                    Prompt list
Prompts: 33 - “Make me” 37 - “You’re mine” 51 - “Touch them (pronouns), and we’re going to have problems”
Tumblr media
You’ve never known Jeno to be the jealous type, he’d have his moments but those would be very rare; when he’s not feeling very well and wanting your attention for example. But he’s never jealous, or even possessive for that matter. He didn’t feel the need to constantly remind everyone that you’re his, he trusts you and everyone else to keep their paws off you. Though since you’ve been hanging out with him and some of the boys a lot more, this slowly starts to become a thing.
Quite often, he’d pull you onto his lap, and kiss your cheek in front of the others, or if you’re out, he’d have his arm around you, or holding your hand, giving it little pecks to make you smile - making sure that everyone else saw it. You didn’t understand where this was starting to come from but you welcomed it, not everyday you had an affectionate Jeno in front of people. 
Until one day, he loses his shit. 
You’re in the dance studio with Jeno, Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Jaemin and Johnny, on one of their days off so they decided to have fun, using the studio to practice and/or play around. It was expected that you were in Jeno’s lap once he manages to take a seat on the floor next to you, smiling at you sweetly, and admiring you like he’s never seen anyone or anything as pretty as you. He couldn’t help but get jealous or protective of you today, you were wearing a nice top with a skirt, you looked incredible. 
The laughter form the boys fills the room as you sweetly smile at Jeno, kissing his lips gently with a peck before getting up off him to dance yourself. Everyone is always impressed with how quick you picked up dancing, especially since you learned a few of their choreographies really quickly, basically absorbing all the movement in one go before trying it out yourself. Jeno admires you moving your body to the beat of the song, loving the fact you knew how to move your body, winking at him when you catch him heart eyed. 
Quickly, the heart eyes turn into rage, with steam coming out of his years when Yuta thought it’ll be funny to dance right up against you, as Trouble Maker comes on, it was yours and Jeno’s duo song but he was just ejoying you dance he didn’t want to move, but once he saw Yuta put a hand on your waist, he picks himself up off the floor and grabs you to pull you away from him. 
The laughter in the room turns into silence as the music is paused, “What do you think you’re doing?!” Jeno bites, getting up into Yuta’s face, pushing him as Jaehyun and Johnny watch closely, ready to intervene if things get out of hand. “Answer me!” he bites again as the Yuta’s smile drops, shaking his hand and his hands towards his friend, “I was just dancing with Y/N, I meant nothing by it. I promise.” he attempts to reassure Jeno but he wouldn’t have any of it, but tries to cool himself down as he then comes face-to-face with Johnny, blocking his view of Yuta before he gets himself into some major trouble. “Touch her again, we’re going to have problems” Jeno growls, storming off, grabbing his bag and taking hold of your hand, escaping the studio to your flat. 
Before you could even get through the front door, Jeno is pushing you up against the wall, pinning your hands above your head as he aggressively initiates the kisses, tongue fighting for dominance, coming out for a breath before driving in again. Your arms drop to your side as he decides to run his fingers along your thighs, running them up under the skirt you were wearing, reaching around to grab your ass. 
After moments of heavily making out, getting you all hot and bothered, he pulls away, smirking as he walks off, you following like a lost puppy behind him, struggling to pull a sentence together at his sudden out burst, “Babe, what’s wrong?” you question softly, your index finger running over your bruised lip from him biting it whilst making out. All you recieved as an anwer was a hum and a shrug of the shoulders. He’s standing in the middle of the living room, facing away from you as he claps his hands together, not knowing how to feel, but he knew he shouldn’t have lashed out at Yuta like that, but you’re his, you’re only his. He didn’t want other men near you, touching you, enjoying you. You weren’t even doing anything wrong but he wanted all of that for himself. He hated the fact that he knew the others found you attractive too, though he knew you were all for him, he just wanted the boys to know that.
You repeat the question as you slowly walk up behind him, running your hands up his back to his shoulders, attempting to turn him around to face you. He looks at you with a raised eyebrow, head lowered, and with piercing eyes, like a hunter finding it’s prey. “Jeno?” you softly whisper, going to put your hand up to cup his cheek but he grabs it, smirking as he flips you around, pulling your arm behind you, and pulling you towards his body, his member through his jogging bottoms poking your ass. “You’re mine, only mine, no one elses. I hate the way they all look at you, admiring you. You’re only for me to... admire” he growls lowly in your ear as a whine falls from your lips. 
His possessiveness over you made your spine shiver, something you wouldn’t usually want but this was welcomed, not often would he get like this and you were so happy it’s come to this. However, you didn’t understand what was in store for you.
With a swift movement, you’re on his lap on the couch as he positions you over his clothed tip. He growls as he pulls your head down so he could bite your neck, the pinches of the bites sends vibrations through you as you moan in his hear, causing his hands to roam your body, “You’re my baby girl, my princess... my fuck doll,” he hisses, as you grind up against his erection. You hum in response, your mind going blank from the mixture of his tongue against your neck through his kisses, as well as the friction caused from grinding on him. 
He stops the kisses as he grabs a handful of your hair into his fist, jerking your head to look at him, his eyes piercing through your as he lets a smirk crawl onto his face before it dropping into a face of hunger. “Get your underwear off, now!” he barks, ordering you as he pushes you off him, as you stumble onto your feet. You’re tempted to play with fire as you stood there, legs and arms crossed, “Make me”. 
You gulp hard when his eyes turn again, pulling you towards him and with a swift movement, your underwear was off, “We’re going to do this my way, or we’re going to have a problem. Understood?” he grabs your throat, as you nod, trying to catch your breath. You’re back on his lap again, as he pulls his trousers down a little to expose his tall erection. 
Hovering over his tip, your soaking core tenses around nothing as that mischevious smirk crawls back on his face. As you try to lower yourself, he pulls you back up just before the tip could even enter, “Someone’s eager for it today, beg and you shall recieve”. You tense and shiver, realising that you would never have the ball in your park, you had to play by his rules, so you do. You beg and whine, as he scoffs, realising how he makes you. With a swift movement, he fills you up with his cock, making you wince at the size and feeling of it reach all the way up instead. 
His head throws back in satisfaction as you bite into his shoulders from the pleasure taking over your body, causing you to be unable to even concentrate on riding him hard, as he slams you down on him. Both getting hot and sweaty, the sounds of skin slapping fills the room alongisde the grunts and moans that leave your mouths.
“Cum for me princess, just for me, only for me!” he grunts through gritted teeth as you slowly come to your climax, wanting him to be rougher with you to do so. Before you could reach your high, he lays you down on the couch, and slams into you hard with quick and aggressive thrusts, pinning you down by your throat, “Cum!” he demands, as the knot in your stomach builds up. “Daddy! I’m going to cum!” you cry, tears falling down your cheeks as you try to catch your breath, he smirks as he fucks you hard until you’re frantically shaking under him. 
Keeping you pinned down through your high, he continues to keep going to reach his own climax, “Daddy please, I can’t take no more!” you cry again, but he bites, practically spitting, “I’ll stop when I want to stop, take it like a good little fuck doll”. You nod at his orders, crying through moans from the overwhelming pleasure as your core burns up again. Within minutes, his cock jerks inside of you as he fills you up to the brim with his cum, followed by another one of your climaxes as his thrusts become choppy, and he tries to steady his breathing. 
He removed his hand form around your throat, letting you cough to get your breath back, as you whine when he slowly pulls out his cock, his warm cum oozing out of you as he happily scoffs at the sight, biting his lip. He hovers himself over you, as you stare into his eyes, “You’re mine! you get that?” he asks, in a softer tone than he’s been giving you, “Always and forever”. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
park jongseong x reader. established relationship au; fluff. 1.2k word count. song: vacation by sweet the kid ☆
summary. jay thought it would be a great idea to make a gift made by himself for once. except, he's never done any needlework before, but that's just how much he loves you.
a/n. supposed to write a 02z headcanon but jay's got so long so here it is!
Tumblr media
jay wanted to give you a gift.
there wasn't any special occasion for the matter nor did it hold any meaning to it. simply put, he just wanted to pour you endless buckets of his love. that was why his favorite was the act of giving and another reason as to why he gives you so many things that it was impossible to count with your hands alone.
truth be told, jay could get you anything you wanted no matter the cost. but this time, he wanted to give you something special—something different and unparalleled that even the world could not offer. the idea seemed illogical, yet as a thought crossed jay’s mind, the answer was actually simple.
now that would be priceless (both figuratively and literally).
which led jay to try the art of knitting. although, he probably should’ve thought twice before being blinded by his excitement because who knew knitting was this hard?
which led jay to try the art of knitting. although, he probably should’ve thought twice before being blinded by his excitement because who knew knitting was this hard?
jay could’ve asked you for help, but he wanted to surprise you. it was wearisome enough to learn knitting behind your back when you only leave home for work during weekdays.
with two needles on his hands and yarn in between, jay’s lips never failed to let out a sigh every once in a while. he couldn't form at least a single loop and jay was quite the impatient man. at this point, wasting ten yarns would be an understatement. defenestrating out the window seemed tempting.
groaning, jay considered giving up, but a silent voice in his mind told him otherwise—the image of you and your smile being replayed over and over in his head like a projector replaying the same scene of a movie he would never get tired of.
if he knitted you a scarf, would you hug him so hard you would knock the breath out of his lungs? would you smile and pepper him kisses all over, mouthing praises and mutters of how proud you are in between?
he wanted to find out.
filled with determination and willpower, he continued. and in just a few weeks, jay started to get the hang of it. forming a continuous string of loops and patterns that create fabric, he started to find the peace and comfort people found in it. he was patient as he does his craft at the thought of you, sewing in patches of his heart and adoration into every loop and every stitch with care.
weeks turned into months when he was finally done with his first knitted scarf. clasping tightly onto it, he was too excited for you to come home that as soon as you arrive, you thought that your heart jumped out of your body. because once you opened the door, there he was standing in front of you as if he had been expecting you since hours ago. you didn't even ring the doorbell.
“what are you-”
“surprise!” jay raised his hand, clutching onto the scarf as he waved it for you to see. “is it pretty? i made it just for you, love.”
he gazed over to you, eyes wide and anticipating your reaction.
your mouth hung open in astonishment, “you made that?”
“of course! it’s just too long, though. i was so focused while knitting that i forgot when to stop.”
“what… how… since when?” your hand traced over the scarf, taking in the feeling of every stitch on the tips of your fingers, feather-like to the touch. the design didn’t have any cute flower patterns nor did it have strikingly multiple colors that could almost form a rainbow.
it was just a plain gray scarf. nothing unusual except for the fact that it’s too long that it almost reached your knees. yet, you would undeniably agree with jay and think that it was a pretty scarf. no, it was the prettiest scarf to ever exist and you were fortunate enough to get your hands on it.
“i knitted whenever you’re out so i could surprise you. i think it took me around… 2 months?” he raised a brow in thought.
god, he was in love with you.
sure, it was normal for him to give you gifts now and then, but one made by himself? it was a first, and you could already imagine a grumpy jay sitting on the carpet with tools scattered across the floor. and you appreciate it. you appreciate every time, every effort, and every hard work he had put into making the gift.
although teasing him a little bit would be fun.
“2 months? it makes sense. it’s summer already. how can i wear it under the heat, love?” you remarked playfully.
jay pouted like a child, “wear it, please? i wanna see you with it.”
you chuckled at his expression, heart slowly melting into a puddle. he knew his pout would always make you go weak in the knees. “fine, i’ll try it even though it’s like, what, 40 degrees outside. give it to me.”
when you lend out your hand in anticipation, jay ignored it and stepped forward instead until there was only a little bit of space between you two. “let me be the one to put it on you.”
frozen and stunned, you lost your ability to move as if you were put under a spell—jay’s captivating spell. bending down, he leaned forward, looping the scarf around your neck as if you were a present being carefully wrapped. and in the process, you felt his breath mere inches away tickling your skin.
time felt slow, too slow.
after what seemed like an eternity, jay finally moved back and admired you like a work of art. “does it look good?” you asked him, curious as to how he viewed you in his eyes as you fiddled with the fabric.
“definitely. i had to wrap the scarf around you many times because of the length, but it looks lovelier now that you’re wearing it.” jay did not lie. with your neck being covered in multiple layers of his scarf, your cheeks were also buried underneath. you look too cute, and jay could only feel giddy at the sight.
“thank you so much, jay. i’m so proud of you. i’ll make sure to use it every day,” you joked. all of a sudden, you came to a realization. “oh, but i have to pay you back. i can’t always be on the receiving end. is there any gift that you want me to give?”
“there is,” jay replied almost instantly.
“what is it then?” his eyes flitted from yours to your lips and your eyes again.
“this,” he said, tugging on the ends of your scarf and using it to pull you towards him, closing any distance between the both of you and leaning for a kiss. the scene was unbelievable that it left you paralyzed, but then you felt his touch and it lit fireworks all over your body that soon you found yourself kissing him back, lips dancing delicately against his own.
moving his hands toward the fabric behind your neck, he held onto it tightly and used it to pull you even closer as your bodies would allow, deepening the kiss and smiling in between.
jay finally found the answer.
even though you didn't hug him so hard or give him small kisses while muttering praises as he looked forward to, this was the best response he’s ever received from you. no words, just a kiss—one that was euphoric it sent him flying towards the sky and one that could last a lifetime.
and he’d do anything, anything even if he would have to knit a thousand scarfs just to feel it all over again.
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when my eyes are on you; yeonjun
bad boy!yeonjun x rich girl!reader
word count: 2K
genre: fluff, angst if you squint?
warnings: none i think, lmk if i missed something
i got this idea while listening to the song BTBT by B.I (hence the title of this drabble) and i highly (!) recommend you to listen to it on loop while reading this. enjoy :)
Tumblr media
"now my lovely daughter y/n will say a few words!" the obnoxious voice of your mother chimed in the microphone as she stepped aside and gestured for you to come and speak up.
you tried to steady your breathing as you walked towards the microphone. your heart hammered against your chest, the nerves making you nauseous.
dozens of rich and entitled people looked at you in their fancy suits and dresses.
just like your mother and father, all they thought about was business; how to get richer, bigger, more powerful. the fact that this whole event was a charity event made everything more ironic. they didn't care about the people the money was going to, all they cared about was to get new connections at this event. new ways to climb higher. new ways to walk over others without feeling a single ounce of remorse.
they disgusted you.
the microphone made a high pitched sound the moment you wanted to start your speech and you let out a nervous laugh. "sorry."
you gripped the paper tighter in your hand as you began reading the dumb speech your mother prepared.
as the words were leaving your mouth, the only thing you wanted was to get out of here.
and you knew someone who could, would, take care of that. the only person you wanted to be with right now. the person who was on his way to you right now.
the only reason you were able to keep on going now.
your eyes scanned the sentences on the piece of paper and you wanted to let out a laugh at how fake everything was. all of the nice words, the gratitude and good deeds. all of it was forgery and you knew it.
it felt wrong to pretend like it was not.
you knew he wouldn't want you to do anything that didn't feel right, either.
so you decided to take the risk and abruptly shorten the speech, completely skipping the parts where you had to thank some big names personally.
"well, that was it!" as you spoke the last words, you felt the burning stare of your mother and father in your back and the confused looks of the guests made your confidence rise somehow.
"oh and don't get too drunk tonight, the wine is pretty strong, people," you smiled innocently, making the eyes of the guests widen.
your heart was racing as you walked off the stage.
you immediately thought about him, about how proud he was going to be of you for not following your parents like some dog for once. it made you feel giddy as you started making your way through the crowd.
you picked up your pace as you heard your mother call after you. she must have followed you off the stage.
you looked behind you after running through the hallway and exiting the venue to check if your mother was still trailing you but luckily she was not.
you panted as you got your phone from your purse, checking if he had texted you. you felt your heart skip a beat as you saw the notification.
cyj: i'm almost there babygirl
a smile crept on your face as you felt your cheeks heat up. the chilly evening air didn't bother you anymore.
the sound of a car honk made you look up from your phone and your heart immediately started hammering against your chest, this time in a completely positive and exciting way, as you saw the black mercedes pull up.
the car stopped in front of you and the window of the passenger seat rolled down revealing the man you were waiting on so eagerly.
"yeonjun," you breathed, your face practically glowing.
"hey, pretty girl."
there was a smirk on yeonjun's face, but you caught the glimpse of a real smile behind it, too.
just as you were about to make your way to the car door of the passenger seat, your body froze when you heard the sound of your father's distant voice calling your name.
your eyes widened as they locked with yeonjun's dark ones.
"y/n, get back inside right now!" the voice of your father was getting clearer which meant he was getting closer.
yeonjun's eyes widened a little as well as a cheshire cat smile tugged at his lips. "get in now," he whispered and you hastily nodded as you ran towards the car, opening the door and stumbling inside.
you quickly closed the door and put your seatbelt on.
the moment your father stepped outside and his eyes fell on the mercedes, yeonjun stepped on the gas pedal making the engine roar as the expensive vehicle drove off. away from your father, from your mother and from all the false luxury.
your chest heaved up and down with heavy breathing and your pulse was erratic as a laugh escaped your lips. you couldn't believe what you just did.
yeonjun laughed too as he pressed the gas pedal even harder.
you leaned back in the leather seat and took out the clips in your hair, letting out a content sigh as you relished the sound of your boyfriend's laugh.
"you saved me out there," you mumbled still slightly in shock at your actions, making yeonjun chuckle.
"you know i'd do it any day for you."
a blush covered your cheeks as you stared at the white skirt your mother had picked out for you to wear. you disliked white on you, but you knew yeonjun loved it so you didn't object when your mother showed it to you this morning.
"i missed you, babygirl," yeonjun spoke, his voice low as he held the steering wheel with his left hand, his right hand sneaking to rest on your thigh.
you looked at his veiny hand and fingers that were covered with rings and smiled as you placed your own hand on top of it.
"i missed you more. i couldn't think of anything but you the entire night." you felt yeonjun's eyes flicker to you but you didn't dare to look at him as the words left your mouth.
yeonjun was the only person that made you so vulnerable and honest with your feelings.
he smiled as he looked straight ahead, feeling himself fill up with pride at the fact that such a beautiful girl like you only had him on his mind.
you were rich, well known and could have anything you wanted but still all you wanted was him, a boy who was known for the wrong reasons only.
you saw through the facade, through the rumors. you saw the real him. it made him want to do everything for you.
you made him go crazy.
"do you want to talk about it?" yeonjun asked as he softly stroked your skin with his fingers.
you shook your head, your eyes closed as you let the wind coming through the open window run through your hair. your mother would lose her mind if she saw the state your hair was in right now and the thought of it made you feel even better about taking out the clips.
"later," you mumbled, "right now i just want to be with you and not think about anything else."
yeonjun nodded, "okay, then we will talk later."
he turned on the radio and the aux immediately connected, making the song btbt by b.i start playing.
you smiled as you turned up the volume.
bright neon lights illuminated the city making it look even more alive than during the day.
you turned your head to look at the flawless side profile of your boyfriend.
your eyes glanced to his eyes that had thick lashes hovering over them, then to his perfectly shaped nose and eventually they fell on his plump, pink lips. you unconsciously traced patterns on the back of his hand as your stare rested on his lips.
"i'm trying to focus on the road, you know, stop staring," yeonjun mumbled, trying to fight the smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
most of the time you'd get embarrassed whenever he caught you staring, but right now you didn't mind.
you felt too good, too confident to care. you had disobeyed your parents for once and you were now with your favorite person driving through the city while your favorite music was playing.
nothing could bring you down right now.
"then stop the car somewhere."
the smile fell from yeonjun's lips as his left hand gripped the steering wheel a little tighter.
his eyes glided to you and you looked up from his lips to meet his eyes. you didn't look away even after three seconds of staring at each other.
yeonjun let out a breath before nodding.
yeonjun drove towards a parking lot and turned off the engine after parking his mercedes.
you immediately unbuckled your seatbelt before wrapping your arms around his torso and nuzzling your face in his neck. the console was pressing against your thigh but you did not mind one bit as long as you could be in yeonjun’s arms.
yeonjun felt his heart speed up as he wrapped his own arms around your frame, inhaling your sweet scent. you always smelled like home to him.
"how have you been?" you mumbled against his skin, making a shiver run down yeonjun's spine.
"busy with college and competitions, but perfect now that i'm here with you," he responded and your heart skipped a beat at the mention of 'competitions.'
yeonjun had been doing street racing for years now and he was terribly good at it, but still it made you nervous every time you thought about it.
"please be careful," you whispered.
it must have been the thousandth time you told him this, but yeonjun didn't mind. he would always appreciate your concern and care for him.
"of course, my love. how could i ever be reckless when i know i have my girl waiting for me at home?"
you felt your face heat up at the way he called you his girl and you sat up straight to look at him.
yeonjun's hands lowered to rest on your waist as he lovingly gazed at you.
your eyes fell to his lips and you cupped his jaw before softly tracing his lower lip with your thumb.
"you're pretty," you mumbled making yeonjun's lips form in a smirk. the blush coloring his cheeks gave the fact that you made him flustered away, though.
"says you," he responded before slowly looking you up and down and shaking his head slightly, "you look insanely stunning, y/n."
an eye smile grew on your face as your heart sped up. you placed your other hand on his sharp jaw as well before tilting your head slightly and leaning in.
yeonjun met your lips halfway and you closed your eyes at the feeling of his plush lips against yours.
you stroked the soft skin of his cheek with your right thumb and yeonjun was now afraid you would actually hear the sound of his heart hammering against his chest.
there were a lot of things in both yours and yeonjun's life that felt wrong as you were both born in an environment not made for you.
but you knew you could endure even the worst backlashes as long as you had each other.
it was ironic how your parents forbade you to be with yeonjun because he was trouble in their eyes, and still nothing felt as right as being in his arms.
you loved no one the way you loved him.
after what felt like ages, you pulled away to catch your breath. you rested your forehead against his and placed a few more pecks on his lips before looking in his eyes that had a hazy expression in them as they looked at you.
"thank you, yeonjun," you whispered, feeling overwhelmed with love for the man in front of you.
"i love you, y/n, more than anything."
you smiled, believing every single word because you knew he meant it.
"i love you more, jun."
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soft-teddybear · 2 days ago
Ateez- s/o is on the shorter, chubbier side 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
genre: fluff, angst (?
cw: body insecurity talk, reference to the existence of bad comments.
requested: @mother-atiny
summary: ateez when their s/o is small and chubby. how they’ll cheer you up and what they like the most.
disclaimer: all bodies are good bodies and deserve love, i know that chubby bodies get bad comments sometimes but they are not true. this is a work of fiction with no intention to be rude or mean, i’m not affirming the members are like this, this is imaginary.
members under the cut.
seonghwa: he gets so soft every time he sees you, it’s like his mom mode it’s activated so if you ever feel insecure about your body when seonghwa it’s around he would make everything to cheer you up and make you smile again, help you work on that self esteem too. would scold the members if they ever said something that makes you feel bad, knows that it’s probably teasing with no bad intentions but that doesn’t gets them free of responsibility.
he loves to rest his head on your tummy or tights after a long day at job, feeling your hands on his hair it’s like heaven to him, would fall asleep most of the time because he’s too comfy in that position. would hug you every single time he has a chance because he loves how your body feels between his long arms and it reminds him of how small you actually are.
hongjoong: it’s well know he loves taking naps, his favourite place? your tights. he loves when you go to the studio or the dorm because it’s nap time in your tights, he says they are the comfiest pillows in the world and would not allow you to feel bad about it, so he would do everything that is in is power to cheer you up. would almost literally die when he sees you wearing skirt, dresses, shorts or anything that gives him a better view of your tights.
loves your height as much as he loves your tights, hongjoong isn’t too tall so you being small too makes it perfecto for him to hug you and rest his head on your shoulder or on the top of your head, so he can hide his face quickly and easily when he gets shy after he gave you kisses or told you cheesy things.
yunho: babies you 24/7 and uses his height as an advantage to be there for you and check on everything because, what if his small baby needs something from a high shelf? yunho needs to be there because you could get hurt by climbing to a chair to get the thing that you need and he could not let that happen. he knows you are a grow person that can do fine without his help, but also knows you like being helped but won’t admit it out loud .
loves when you wear his clothes because it makes you look even smaller, or on the other side, when you wear clothes that mark your body curves, he swears it’s the pretties thing he’s ever seen and makes you blush. would love to cuddle you to sleep, hugging you close, because he feels like his protecting you from something, just don’t ask him from what, he doesn’t know.
yeosang: he made some mistakes at the very beginning of your relationship because he didn’t saw anything bad about your body type so he would make some comments with zero intention of being rude, but since you were so used to getting them as insults it made you feel bad. he stopped as soon as he realised and apologised over and over again.
would help you create exercise routines that suit your needs and preferences because he knows exercising should be fun too and not only used to loose weight because chubby it’s not a synonym of ill and all of your doctor’s appointments proof that, yeosang just want to help you create a positive feeling around exercise because he knows the bad feeling it gives you after so many bad experiences.
san: loves how you look on everything and never misses a chance to remind you that. constantly encourages you to try new clothes, even some short options like crop tops, tank tops because all bodies are pretty bodies and you should not be hiding yours because some mean people made you feel ashamed of yourself without really knowing you and your health situation.
you’ll have to stop him from literally throwing hands if someone makes you feel bad. san takes his ”job” as your personal hype men too personal so he has to make sure you’re smiling after a long day with your insecurities, even more when they get the best of you. always makes time for reminding you how pretty you are and that people that think otherwise are dumb and frustrated with themselves.
mingi: this boy is tall but sometimes seems to forget about it, you and everyone else knows it but mingi moves in a way that makes you think he doesn’t know his own height. and that’s why he really didn’t cared about his s/o body type, he wasn’t looking around for a shorter one but it wasn’t a difficult task. the first time he hugged you from behind was the first time he realised how short you actually were and how squishy and soft your belly was and he fell even deeper.
loves to hold you close and secure his arms around your belly, his head on your shoulder as a way of showing his love for you. also loves to help you choose clothes that go with your body type so you’ll look even prettier and be influenced by his stylish abilities and confidence so you won’t feel shy about your looks when you go out with him, thing he noticed happening.
wooyoung: he lives for teasing people and you won’t be the exemption, is the way he shows love, constantly reminds you how short you are were the highlights of his days because wooyoung loves to joke around with you always careful of not crossing the line were it stops being jokes and starts being insults. would fake being offended when you start teasing him too.
there's lots of teasing in your relationship because he’s not the tallest person either, but wooyoung protects as much as he tease and would literally yell if someone tells a bad comment about your body, or anything bad about you, and yes, even if that person is you, but he knows to read your mood so he knows when it’s yelling time and when it’s comforting time.
jongho: he would be quick to notice the differences between your body and his, thing that wakes up the need of protect you. he’s ready to throw hands if someone tells something mean about your weight or height or even if they do as little as to look at you in a bad way, he would tolerate nothing because he knows it hurts you even when you act like it doesn’t.
constatly reminds you that you don’t have to tolerate anything, the only opinion that matters is yours and since you’re healthy everything its okey, and that he’s strong in order to take better care of you, you’re his cute teddy bear so he takes care of you by checking on your feelings, he wants no mean people hurting your feelings or making you feel bad about yourself.
n/a: i’m a chubby girl too so i know the type of comments and looks we can get from literally strangers so here’s a quick reminder: you don’t need to be skinny to be healthy.
also, i have an admission test on saturday and im so anxious if someone sends good vibes i’ll be forever grateful .
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studiocheol · 2 days ago
Can i request a fluffy wonwoo helping and comforting you through your 1st day of period? :((
God he’s such a sweetheart, he would be the best in this scenario 🥺😭
He’s always been very perceptive and is so good at noticing small changes, both in people and the world around him. So it’s no surprise that after two years of being together, Wonwoo knows when your period is going to start, even before you do. He knows exactly what to look out for now - you always crave carb heavy foods and can’t get comfy in bed the day before your period starts. And he notices it, just like he always does.
Wonwoos also great at knowing what you need. On his way home from dance practice, he stopped by the store to pick up the same shopping list he does every month - reusable heat packs, vitamin water, pads, your favourite chocolate, and that face mask you like to use when you’re feeling poorly, because it smells nice and makes you feel a tiny bit better.
You’re laid face down on the couch when he gets home, and he can hear you say “finally you’re home” though it’s muffled by the couch cushions. Though he hates seeing you in pain, he can’t help the fond smile that creeps on his face at seeing you being whiny. And the fact that in your most vulnerable time, the thing that makes you happiest is your boyfriend coming home to you. That makes him smile too.
“My p-“
“periods started, I know, I got the supplies on the way home” he says, holding out the grocery bag to you, which you take from him gratefully, chugging half of the vitamin water in an instant. Of course he knew, he always knows, you think. How lucky you are to have him.
“I thought we could order a pizza, if you’re feeling hungry, and just watch a movie together? Keep it nice and low-key for you?” Wonwoo suggests, knowing that you’ll like that plan, because he’ll rub your back the whole time to try and distract you from any cramps. You smile and nod, “that sounds perfect”
Yes, how lucky you are to have your Wonwoo.
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nobodyeverasked · a day ago
court of stars; jake sim
Tumblr media
(12,219 words) -  large
summary ➣ Time during one of ENHYPEN’s routine rehearsals passes by smoothly like usual. At least, until a few of the members begin to pick up on a pattern of Jake paying some extra attention to one of their backup dancers in particular.
genre ➣ fluff
.・゜-: ✧ :- .・゜-: ✧ :-   -: ✧ :-゜・. -: ✧ :-゜・.​
Y/N and his boyfriend, Jake, let their breaths rise through the air around them, spinning the overhead lights of one of the HYBE building’s lounge rooms into gold from their entwined fingers. Y/N laid in Jake’s arms as he caressed Y/N’s sides, kneaded his hands into Y/N’s shoulders, back, waist, and thighs; buried kisses in his neck, and traced the deep blush that bloomed on his cheeks. 
With every small laugh Jake caught between their teeth as he’d take Y/N in with a tug on his stolen hoodie, he could feel the light bloom around them in whispers of moonlit memories and the mornings they spent afterward. Slow dances crushing the night’s blue velvet and stepping in the afterglow they’d find in their barely finished coffees. That was their life at one point. It felt as if they spent an entire lifetime in each other’s embrace, but it has been no more than a few months.
“I feel like everything you wear is mine now.”
“It’s always been mine, just in your closet… Do you not want me to wear your stuff?” Y/N flashed a pout with a pointed look, making Jake blush and falter for a second before fastening an assured grasp on Y/N’s hips.
“NO! I’m not complaining, I swear…” Jake took on a sinister smirk before plunging beneath Y/N’s hoodie to caress his waist. “But, if you’re still offering to take all of it off, then I’d love to see it-” His words were nothing but shrivelled light between their smiles when YN cut him off with a kiss, his grin lighting sparks between their chests as Y/N pressed him up against the arm of the couch and settled in his lap.
They didn’t have the luxury of sprawling themselves out in secluded fields they wanted to call home for a night, or kissing under the murmur and glow of cheap, flickering dance studio lights. However, being here, stretched out on a couch in the echoless quiet they were waiting anxiously to rip apart. It was a luxury on its own - anything was a luxury as long as Jake had Y/N there to turn every misfortune into a stroke of luck down Jake’s spine.
“If I live long enough after this practice, then maybe…”
Despite how with every way Y/N moved under Jake’s touch and fall into his embrace left Jake in a blissful daze, Y/N couldn’t help but remember why he was really here. This wasn’t just another time where Jake snuck Y/N into the building or pleaded with the people at the front desk to let him spend a night - or more - this was something completely different.
Y/N was hired to become one of ENHYPEN’s backup dancers for their next performance. He can’t help but feel this panic and tension idling under every place Jake tried to soothe with his touch. It would always trail after Jake’s fingertips and lips and teeth with this sinister fire that left a simmer on Y/N’s skin in the worst way. 
Y/N would feel this emptiness in his stomach that caved in on itself every time he was given the time between their kisses to let out a breath. Dance was the only thing Y/N’s life tried to revolve around, and an opportunity like this was given to him to finally try and make a living out of something he loves. It’s starting to feel more and more unreal now that it’s within his grasp.
That was how Y/N and Jake met, through dance; on one of the nights Jake managed to sneak out of the HYBE building and make his way to a run-down studio that was nestled into the basement of some dive bar. Whenever the spotlight of the moon didn’t trail Jake’s footsteps with a snicker between the stars, he would go there and grind his heels into the tired sheen of those disgusting, pine floors he called his sweet reprieve. It was a taste of freedom, where he could just let loose and be unafraid of slipping and falling.
He soaked in being the new talk of that almost five-hundred square-foot stage of smudged mirrors and ragged floorboards. ‘Jake Sim’ was the name on the lips of every dancer there, his raw, unfiltered talents and emotions were seen and revered and watched and applauded.
However, the prestige he carried with him on his high-held head only lasted for so long until, a new face and figure parted the crowd and met Jake in the middle of the studio’s regular freestyling circle that was his to control.
At least, that’s how it was, how everyone thought it was supposed to be, until a mere blur in the background stepped up and made his image clear, a new talent just gathering his footing and finding a start wherever he could. That person was Y/N, a star that was just beginning to flourish.
When Y/N met him in the center of that circle and tipped up his cap to reveal the most beautiful shimmer in his eyes, Jake was overrun by all these sudden feelings that he always used to dismiss. They felt so real, so tangible, as if he could reach out to Y/N and feel the flames in his heart dance in a way they never truly have before. 
He found himself silently marvelling even more as Y/N shoved at him playfully by the shoulders and beat him in the dance battle they were going to start sooner or later . If Jake had the choice, then he’d take just a few more seconds to stare, to fall for the stranger that’d soon encompass every single part of his life in the best way.
Jake found himself revolving around Y/N and how he put Jake in his place the moment he began to take over the melody seeping through their speakers.
He remembered how he looked on as Y/N assumed his place in the center of the circle and flashed his teeth in a cocky grin that made Jake nearly fall to his knees. 
That grin was one he’d wind up unravelling under before tangling himself up in the tongue that lay behind it. 
On the second night they met, Jake caught Y/N’s hand in the moonlit dark after everyone filed out the exit in clusters, and made the light that spilled through the windows theirs with a kiss. 
Just eyeing Y/N through stolen glances in the mirror during group dances wasn’t enough, neither was doing his best to find his way to the front of the crowd to see Y/N set the floor alight with every one of his beautiful movements. Jake wanted to know as much about Y/N as possible; whether it be his birthday, his favourite colour, or how the smoothie Y/N always brought into the studio tasted before they pried each other’s awkward smiles open and finally got the answer.
They can both recall that kiss as clear as the way the faint blue dawn carved out their shapes in the sheets they landed in not too long after. How Jake pushed Y/N up against the mirror closest to them and tipped Y/N’s chin in just the right way. They tied their lips together, and the rest was a motionless blur as Y/N grabbed at the hands that pinned his wrists up and above him and flipped them around on the mirror. 
Jake will never, ever forget the way Y/N’s voice lit his skin ablaze as he said that he had an apartment not too far from the studio. He wished he took Y/N up on his sarcastic offer to carry him when he felt his knees buckle from under him as Y/N’s voice ran through him.
Just a few months later and there they were, suspended in light together that wasn’t threatening to short out like the studio they met in. They fell for each other in an instant, yet there felt like there was so much history behind every kiss they had, an odyssey under every touch, and past lives in each sky they made theirs then burned black together. Jake always scoffed at the idea of fate, that things were meant to fall into his lap, but he was proven wrong the moment Y/N did, the moment Y/N walked into his stare with that brilliant smile and made him fall helplessly right into Y/N’s hands.
“Hey, why’re you so nervous…?” Jake’s heavy touch led Y/N down into the sofa. He straddled Y/N’s waist and pinned his wrists above his head before diving into the curve of his neck to plant more kisses to bloom. 
He could practically taste Y/N’s worries on his lips when he traced the corners of Y/N’s pout with gentle kisses. “I know it’s your first job, but still… You're so talented that I don’t think you have a right to be worried.” Jake’s laughter drifted away as he tried to uproot Y/N’s worries from where they were desperately swept under the carpets laid below them.
He let Y/N up and shuffled back over to the other end of the couch, smiling as Y/N leaned back into Jake’s chest and played nervously with the fingers that lingered by his waist.
“I just…” Y/N took a breath as he winced at his worries always seemed to conveniently surface whenever everything was right around the corner. “It’s my first professional dancing position - for your group, too… I just really don’t want to screw up.” 
“I know I can’t stop you from worrying, but what I can do is tell you that I think you’re amazing, Y/N, and that this won’t be a problem for you.” Jake tipped Y/N’s chin up to lean down and kiss his forehead, hands draped from Y/N’s neck. He traced over the faint marks where he left his kisses to hang like diamonds from Y/N’s collar bones. 
Whether it be moon-stained sheets, a mile’s-worth of sunlit rooftops, or the coastlines that would come between them whenever Jake had to leave the country. There was no force strong enough to keep Jake from Y/N’s skin, from memorizing and re-memorizing every inch as if it were their first time under the night’s sapphire spotlights, and from feeling all the indescribable things that Y/N always made run through him like molten gold.
Jake smiled to himself as he felt Y/N breathe a sigh of relief, an admission of defeat to Jake’s praises that always managed to make his happiness flourish.
“If it helps, you know for a fact that I’ll be there with you every single minute and every single second. Even if I’m not dancing beside you like usual, I’ll still be right there.” Continuing, Jake strode through their comfortable silence, tying their hands together and pulling Y/N into a tighter embrace. He always wished that he could just pull Y/N in, wind Y/N up in his grip, and siphon out the worries that always burrowed just beneath his surface - a place only Jake was allowed to go. “Okay…? Plus, I know that you’ve been running yourself ragged with school and work. I’ll do everything I can…”
Jake’s voice lost its spark as he realized how much Y/N’s been putting himself through, and how Y/N’s schedule is constantly leaving him too little room to breathe, wearing him thin. Jake could feel an ache in his heart every time he catches Y/N hanging by a thread, by the weathered seams of the faded sunlight left in his eyes by the time Jake gets to him.
“Jake…” Y/N tried to shake all the times he caught Jake’s sullen stare on his heavy shoulders before Jake tried to cover it up with an attempt at a comforting smile. 
He couldn’t help but feel this guilt overrun him whenever he’d meet Jake at the back of the studio in the same corner they met on all the days after their kiss, and have nothing to show but a deep breath and incomplete thoughts. But Jake would always hold Y/N’s face in his hands and reassure him that he was always good enough and that he’d never expect more than what Y/N could give him.
“I appreciate it, but-”
“No buts!” Jake sat up, kneading his hands into Y/N’s waist and slipping his fingers into the back pocket of Y/N’s jeans - rather, the jeans that Jake spent half an hour looking for in his closet just to see Y/N walk through his dorm room door with them slung around his waist in a way that made Jake stumble over his words. 
It took everything in Jake not to just shove Y/N on his bed and sail his lips across where his jeans sat perfectly along Y/N’s waistline - right then and there. He ended up doing just that not moments after Y/N shuffled through the door, but he decided to be courteous and wait a bit for Y/N to put down his bag before doing so. 
“It’s gonna be okay, and you’re gonna be okay.”
Leaning back into Jake’s embrace, Y/N felt nothing but bliss. He felt safe, secure, like he always did whenever he had Jake there with him to cast his worries aside, watch them fade into whatever sky they’d carve their kisses into the next. 
Dancing with and in front of ENHYPEN didn’t seem so hard now, as when Y/N’s painted gold by Jake’s melody, treasured in his hands, he feels invincible. 
“I love you, Jake.”
“I love you more, Y/N…”
ENHYPEN, their choreographer, and their backup dancers wore the day thin, stretching out all its colours until sunset. They finally managed to lay down foundations for choreography, and they were running through the progress they’ve made so far in make-shift practices. Despite the minor hiccup here and there, time flowed through the pale overhead lights pretty seamlessly, only tangling up whenever they hit a pause in the building of their choreography, or when a few too many stumbles were made to stay above the surface of the music.
Throughout the entire day, Jake’s eyes have never left the mirror, as he’s constantly checking upon Y/N to see how he was doing. They’ve talked endlessly about how each and every evening left Y/N scrounging up for moments of rest and quiet, weak and tired. Y/N needing to catch up with his studies just for them to slip out of Y/N’s hands, making it just on time for his night shifts anywhere that would take him, and tirelessly training at studios that either had no space for him or were inches from a financial grave; there was this constant stress on Y/N’s shoulders, one that left him hollowed out by the time he met the night on the other side.
With the way Y/N would bury those empty sighs into Jake’s neck whenever he could be there for him and have nothing to give but weak smiles, it left Jake so conflicted about how to react when Y/N told him about the job he signed up for. He finally received an opportunity that he’s spent such a long time scouring for, and Jake couldn’t be prouder - especially since it was with his group, of all groups - but he also knew how strenuous and taxing it was going to be. 
Jake didn’t hide his hesitance on even letting Y/N take this position in the first place, he thought about how hard it would’ve been to shove this in between all the other things that have practically been tearing Y/N apart since he began to build a life up by himself.
Jake recalled the calm and diplomatic, yet driven, passionate conversation they had about it; with Jake sitting at the foot of his bed, doing his best to comfort Y/N with strokes to his legs as he watched Y/N press himself up against Jake’s headboard with a strained wince. The last thing Jake wanted was for Y/N to hurt himself, but he knew how badly Y/N wanted this. Y/N’s wanted to branch out and finally make something of the years he’s invested in digging holes and burning circles into run-down dancefloors.
Despite all the worries they could feel rising in their chests, every part of their routine seemed to be going pretty smoothly. Jake was constantly failing to hide his smiles whenever Y/N would be arranged at the front of the crowd, shining like a star in the night as he eased through the choreography with this grace and technique that always left Jake breathless.
One part that made Jake especially happy was when the choreographer gave Y/N a part to really stand out, a short and momentary yet impactful duet with Heeseung, their characters tied up in a fight that they can’t control. As it came, the music settling in the notches in the floorboards and Jake making his way to the side to watch Heeseung and Y/N emerge in the center, Jake felt his pulse simmer beneath his skin, heavy breaths trembling on his lips. This was Y/N’s moment to let people see the fires he can carve into the air.
But as they both ground themselves into the routine, Jake realized how much contact there truly was on their part - Heeseung needing to tug Y/N around and cast him aside - and started to grow concerned that the power in Heeseung’s smooth and calculated dancing could overwhelm Y/N just a little too much with how weak he still was.
Nearing the end of their duet, with Heeseung needing to throw Y/N away, Heeseung grabbed Y/N and shoved him back a little too hard, causing Y/N to stumble over and barely stabilize himself off to the side. The moment Jake could hear the flickers of a gasp torn from Y/N’s lips as he tried desperately to stop his fall, it took all of him to not rush in and catch him and hold him.
The pounds in the floorboard made by Y/N’s staggering steps as a few of the dancers and Ni-ki helped him regain his balance, they left the crowd lagging behind this concerned silence before they closed back in on the empty center to continue while they were still following the melody leaking in, unforgiving, through the speakers.
Sunghoon snapped his head over as he could feel Jake flinching beside him, thinking he shared Jake’s worry for their new backup dancer until he took a closer look at the intensity stirring in Jake’s gaze. Jake’s pursed lips held back a frown that was a few more beats away from slipping before Jake could hide it behind faces in the crowd. 
“I’m sure he’s okay,” Sunghoon murmured to Jake before they split off, trying not to think twice about why he needed to console Jake about their new backup dancer.
“Uh- Right…” 
Jake stifled a sigh of relief in his sleeve that he could weave between some of their dancers before he could let anything out, but he let the fires that he would’ve spat out in Y/N’s name dance in his heart and in his chest in panic and frustration. 
Was Y/N okay? Was he hurt? Jake struggled to find Y/N in the crowd as he and his members parted it and made their way to the center, and he strained himself even more to tear himself away from the idea of chastising Heeseung in the middle of their practice. At least, by what Jake could see when he wasn’t focusing on his choreography, Heeseung was letting the guilt seep in a little more, as Heeseung kept taking glances through the mirror at where Y/N was by the edge of their formation.  
It made Jake feel a little bit better, but the concern that bubbled in his stomach whenever he had a moment to feel it didn’t settle or fade. He just kept thinking about Y/N.
By the time the song ended, everyone melted from their final positions and dispersed. Some fled through the doors to take their breaks, to get whatever fresh air they could to cool down the simmer of the sweat igniting on their skin; others lingered against walls and corners, admitting defeat under the lifelessness of the practice room’s overhead lighting as they gathered their breath. Y/N took the melody of the song that still trickled from the speakers and brought it with him to a secluded corner of the practice room, exchanging a few words with some of the other dancers before they left the room. Anything to escape the sounds of their shoes screeching on these floorboards.
The members of ENHYPEN built a circle for themselves in the center of the room, bowing to a few of the dancers leaving for the breaks and then collapsing onto the floors. As much as they dreaded these floors, sometimes, they have been their only comfort on nights of group practices where they reduced the moonlight to ashes before it could seep through the walls, and tried not to slip and fall on the scorch marks they left. 
Heeseung was the first to break the silence of their heavy breathing, scratching nervously at the back of his sweat-soaked neck as he flashed a glance at where Y/N was stretching.
“I hope he’s okay… I didn’t mean to push him that hard.” Heeseung’s voice was frail, still catching up to the breath he couldn’t find in his chest, “he is okay, right…?” Asking nobody in particular, Heeseung started fidgeting with his hands as he rose up to a crouch and rocked anxiously back and forth on his feet.
“I’m sure he’s fine, he handled it really well…” Sunghoon attempted to echo what he whispered to Jake during their performance, flicking his gaze up to Jake to see him sitting still, pensive, as if he was thinking too much about what to say. He didn’t know whether to be glad or worried that he seemed to be the only one noticing Jake’s seemingly odd and on-edge behaviour - as it was something that Jake was probably trying to hide behind the bitten lips and stares into the floor Sunghoon was catching out the corner of his eye.
“Just be more careful next time.” Jake’s voice escaped from him in a much harsher tone than he wanted as he tried to shove playfully at Heeseung’s shoulders, only to almost knock him over from the crouch he was just settling into. He tried to catch himself in his emotional stumble as his concern for Y/N may have slipped out from under him, but his failure to hide a sharp, pointed look toward Heeseung behind an unassuming gaze only made it worse. All of ENHYPEN’s eyes were on him now, and Jake felt himself tangled up in his words and his breath when he saw Heeseung desperately try to laugh off his comment.
“I- I will.” Heeseung scrambled for a way to react, but he was left empty handed as Jake stared back at the ground, swallowing dryly as if he were biting back the sting of some sort of anxiousness that Heeseung couldn’t see. 
In an attempt to brush everything aside and lift up the silence that’s settled on all of them, Heeseung let out another giggle as Jake stood up and stretched himself out. He understood if Jake was concerned, Jake was the kind of person to care about the wellbeing of everybody on their sets. Something about the attention Jake was giving this incident, though; to the person stretching and relaxing peacefully in the corner of their practice room, made Heeseung’s head spin with speculation. 
“I’m guessing you’re gonna go check on him…?” Heeseung spoke too soon before his mind and tongue could catch up and widened his eyes before looking up to Jake, who stilled for a moment before nodding, his lips pressed in a firm line.
Jake needed to escape the burn of everyone’s inquisitive gazes on him before the simmer would leave him slipping up more than he already was. He did just that, turning his back on his group and making his way over to Y/N, his breath of relief sitting pretty in the hoodie he stole from the edge of Jake’s bed.
“Am I the only one who thought that was weird, even for Jake…?” Sunoo snapped the silence Jake left them in over his knee, resting his chin on his hand as he surveyed everyone else’s expressions.
“I mean…” Sunghoon was hesitant to say anything, as he didn’t know if Jake wanted to make his concern for their new dancer as apparent as it seemed to be. “Jake was quite concerned for him, but I don’t know if we can chalk it up to ‘acting weird’.”
“The dancer seemed to brush it off pretty quickly, so I don’t know…” Ni-ki chimed in, as he was the one who helped Y/N gather himself before they all needed to file back into the center for their next dance break. He remembered smiling to himself as Y/N patted the hand Ni-ki used to catch his shoulder before immediately diving back into the choreography, with not even the slightest spark of hesitance in his eyes. Maybe a gasp and a shaky breath on his lips, but that was the most Y/N let get the best of him before he focused back on the performance.
Heeseung just sat there as he listened to the members theorize, contemplative and silent. He was sure that there was something else hidden behind Jake’s eyes and voice and disposition, but he didn't want to overanalyze; make decisions out of assumptions and coincidences, create facts out of things that were never really there.
“I mean yeah, I was concerned for him, too… I just didn’t expect such a visceral reaction outta Jake.” Jungwon trailed off.
“It could be that Jake knows him.” Jay shrugged, nonchalant. “That could give a reason as to why he was ‘upset’ with Heeseung, since you almost killed Jake’s friend on his first day.” Settling his gaze on Heeseung who tried to shy away from it and the guilt for shoving Y/N that still lingered in him, Jay swept his speculation away, thinking nothing of them. Sunoo caught onto its tail end, though, thinking a little more than nothing of them.
Sunoo looked over at Jake kneeling in front of the dancer. As easy as it was for the other members to let this fade from their thoughts, Sunoo wasn’t going to loosen his grip on his suspicions that easily.
“Baby, are you okay…?” Jake tried to whisper, but his distress made the frail song of his voice fly a little too high to the point where Y/N needed to reach up and catch his words as they hung in the air. Ignoring Y/N’s pointed and panicked stare, Jake held onto Y/N’s hands, making sure that his shoulders and silhouette were hiding everything from the pale lights and the prying stares of ENHYPEN who were probably watching him. He caressed Y/N’s knuckles, and the loose frown Y/N tried to keep on his face unwound instantly into a soft smile.
“Not too loud! I thought you didn’t want anybody to know yet!” Y/N finally stopped himself before he unravelled too much under Jake’s touch, but his peace was only temporary as Jake reached up and ran his hands through Y/N’s hair, pushing his hood back to hold the back of his neck.  “But yeah, I’m fine.”
“I know, sorry…” Jake quieted himself down, lowering his voice to a mere whisper and his words melting on Y/N’s knuckles as he lifted them to his lips for one quick kiss, whose burn fled the moment they could feel it. “Are you sure, though? Are you hurt at all…? He shoved you really hard.”
“I’m sure, Ni-ki helped me not to put a Y/N-sized whole in the wall by catching me… So yeah, all good.” Y/N watched with a chuckle as Jake turned over Y/N’s hands, pushing up on his sleeves to run his fingers along Y/N’s arms before pulling back with a grin.
“You handled that really well, like a professional. I’m so proud of you…” Jake’s words started to stick to Y/N like honey as his voice settled, taking on this calm, sincere shine. To say that Jake was proud was an understatement, as he’s seen Y/N dance, he’s marvelled at all his talent, yet Y/N still manages to amaze him as if he’s falling for him at first sight all over again. 
It was always as if he’s watching Y/N land a move he’s been practicing until the twines of dusk and dawn are tangled in his hair - Jake needing to set Y/N’s head in his lap so he can untie all of them. 
It filled him with so much happiness to see Y/N accomplish something, to have everyone share the look of awe that Jake’s had since the first day they met. Even if Jake wished the accomplishment in question was by different circumstances, and not Y/N saving himself expertly from a fall, it was still something more than worth commending Y/N for.
“Thanks Jakey…” Y/N squeezed the hand that held onto his before a comfortable silence overtook them. Their conversations never needed to last for long, as they both knew that drowning in the night skies they held in their eyes could do all the speaking for them. It was a place that Jake never wanted to leave.
“So you’re sure you’re alright? You don’t need anything-” Jake slowly, tentatively cut through their silence. But he didn’t even dare for a moment to breach the surface and take a breath from where the shimmer in Y/N’s eyes washed over him and held him in place for a while before he stood up to make his way back over to his members.
“I’m alright, I promise.” Y/N cut Jake off before he could get carried away. Having Jake always there for him made him feel so at ease, and made him feel so stupid for having worries in the first place. Jake was always there to breathe sparks into Y/N’s skin and have them all melt away.
With a teasing lift of his eyebrow, Jake flashed Y/N one more playfully suspicious look before making his way back to his group who made space for him even in the midst of what sounded like an intense conversation.
“Why wouldn’t a dog wear pants on all four legs?” Jake caught onto the end of Jungwon’s whining. No matter how much or how little context he had to work with, he knew he’d still end up confused like always.
“Because, Jungwon, pants are supposed to cover your ass. If they stretch pants around all four legs it’ll cover half the ass at most!” Jay retorted, eyebrows furrowed.
“But a dog has four legs, pants also need to cover the legs!” Sunoo chimed in, only for Sunghoon to fall face-first into the conversation with a heavy groan.
“They’re not supposed to, they just end up doing that. They need to sit around our waist, and a dog’s waist isn’t across its stomach.” Lifting an eyebrow, Sunghoon surveyed the silence with a little bit of pride and triumph. But just because their battlefield of scuffed pine wood and skies of mirrors rang with silence didn’t mean the battle was over. He was sure that Ni-ki would come to him in the middle of the night with some sort of half-baked argument he found online. “With your logic, we should have our pants covering the front part of our body like some weird sleeved blanket.” Sunghoon and Jay’s battle had only just begun, and they had Heeseung to thank for showing the group the picture of a dog wearing pants in the first place.
“I wish I could just enter a conversation and not be confused…” Jake sat down in the space that Heeseung and Jungwon made for him, scratching at his head as he tried his very best to think about how this information would be important at all. “I’m the one who’s supposed to be confusing…”
If he knew anything about debates in his group, though, it is that they last for a while. They lay siege on each other, every man for themselves as they try to survive each day without being caught in the crossfire of dumb and dumber until everything finally subsides, until the dust finally settles and Jake doesn’t have to look over his shoulder to make sure Ni-ki isn’t there pestering him about how and why water is wet.
“Uh…” Heeseung eyed Jake nervously for a second before gathering himself and gaining his footing among the chatter of the other members. “By the way, Jake, is the dancer okay…? Is he mad at me?” Biting his lip anxiously as he thought over how hard he really did push Y/N, he looked over to where Y/N was sitting in the corner, exchanging smiles with a few of the dancers who filed back in through the doors from their breaks. He also couldn’t stop considering how Jake acted and how he just couldn’t seem to make sense of it. Jay’s logic seemed to be the most sound, but if Jake knew him, Heeseung assumed that he wouldn’t hesitate to introduce him to the rest of his group.
“I- uhm…” Jake composed himself, making sure to not let anything slip out from under him again. He wondered, deep down, how long the members could have watched him for. Did they catch him sneaking in quick kisses in the groves of Y/N’s knuckles…? Did they catch their warm smiles and the way he stared into Y/N’s eyes with a lovestruck sigh he probably let out a little too loudly? 
He wanted to introduce Y/N to his members so badly, but he was just so nervous about the way their worlds would collide. If it’d made them both shatter, or if it would be as seamless as they always hoped whenever wayward conversations would leave them thinking twice about it.
“No he's not mad at you, and he’s fine. He does expect you to kiss him better though.” Jake tried to lighten the mood now that everything seemed to be okay, and now that the thought of bringing his two universes - the one he sees on and off the stage with his members, and the one he sees in Y/N’s eyes whenever he stares for just long enough - is starting to circle his mind. 
He and Y/N always conditioned each other to avoid the topic as they assumed that their privacy and secrecy was their number one priority, which it was. However, ENHYPEN and Y/N were both super important aspects of Jake’s life, and he always found himself wondering what would happen if he finally brought them together, if Jake walked into a room with Y/N under his arm and just did it. He was always too nervous about how that’d unfold to ever finish a thought, or to ever contest what he and Y/N were already trying to do as soon as they decided to be each other’s.
“I guess I owe him that much for a push that hard.” Heeseung’s quiet chuckle dragged Jake out of his trance for a moment, long enough for him to hear Heeseung’s voice, quiet and cautious, wrap around them. 
Dancers began to fill the room back up, and the lull in ENHYPEN’s chatter gave Sunghoon the chance to turn and flick his gaze over to the dancer, and then back to the shimmer in Jake’s barely readable expression. The fact that Sunghoon couldn’t read it meant something. Jake was always an open book to him - whether the writing made sense or not.
Before Sunghoon could ask him anything, before he could spread the lines he drew or the dots he connected between Jake and the new dancer out for the group to see, the choreographer rushed into the room and cut him off with a shout, bringing everyone in to start their practice all over again.
Their practice burned well into the night, wearing the moonlight down on all the sneakers that ground against the practice room floor until everybody was sent off with a sigh of relief from the choreographer that practically severed the night where it stood weak and hollow above the HYBE building. All the dancers went their separate ways, and so did some of the members of ENHYPEN, seeking reprieve from the lights and the echoes of the music that have been etched into their skin and bones anywhere else.
Y/N and Jake had a different idea, however, as they decided to salvage what little starlight they could between their hands and burrow themselves into a quiet corner of another practice room they found. One that Jake vowed never stirred this late at night and laid still just for them by the time the moonlight caught its breath and began to seep through the walls again. 
They could feel it weigh them down as Y/N took a breath and collapsed into Jake’s arms, feeling it tangle between their hands, sticking to them with this sweetness that always numbed his senses during the times where he felt a little too much. The night was their greatest comfort, its indigo glow and sapphire clouds being the place where everything started, happened, where all of their laughs and yelps and vows of affection were carved into the silver brandish of its horizon.
“So, I was thinking…” Jake opened his legs to let Y/N shuffle between them and buried a chuckle into the top of Y/N’s head when he let a loud groan spill down Jake’s shoulder. 
“A Jake thought…?” Y/N pushed Jake down to the floor, catching their hums between their teeth as he tied their lips together and felt Jake take all of his breath away with a single touch to his waist. A single touch turned into more, into flames trailing Jake’s fingertips as they plunged beneath the hemline of Y/N’s hoodie and traced his spine. He connected the kisses on Y/N’s sides and waist that Jake would carve and paint into Y/N’s skin every night there was a tangle of sheets between them. Sooner or later, the sheets would always wind up as a heap of moon-stained knots at their feet whenever a kiss to Y/N’s neck would always flourish into so much more. “Those are always such a mixed bag.”
“Ha ha.” Jake rolled his eyes with a smile before sitting up and guiding Y/N out from between his legs to get a plastic bag that was sitting right in the middle of all the things they trudged out of the other practice room with. “As I was saying… I wanted to celebrate how well you did today, so I got us fried chicken from our favourite place.” Putting the bag in between them, he took out containers of the fried chicken they’d always stray from their schedules to get together.
“Really? From the place down the street…?” Y/N could barely shape his words with the wide grin that overtook him. The studio they met at wasn’t as far as a walk as Jake’s secret expeditions through hidden trails and dimly lit alleyways always made it feel. Whenever they got adventurous, they would always dare each other to make space in their plans to get the fried chicken from the vendor across the street from HYBE’s building. 
Ever since Jake caught onto a throwaway comment by Y/N and found out that it was Y/N’s favourite place to go after arduous practices or gruelling, relentless days, Jake made sure to go with him every day they would find each other in the crowd at the studio. 
“Aw… Jake…”
“I know, so romantic.” Jake met Y/N on the other side of another kiss, pulling Y/N in by the collar of his hoodie and wrapping his drawstrings up in his hands to keep him there for a moment - just a little bit longer to take in the light that ran between their tongues and teeth, let the sparks Y/N ignited in him linger on the edge of his lips. “I would’ve gotten it anyway, whether you failed hilariously and horribly or not-” Jake winced with a grin when Y/N slapped his shoulder, catching Y/N’s hand before he could pull it back to kiss his palm. He continued, “but you didn’t, so here we are, celebrating my baby’s first dancing position.”
“There’s nobody I’d rather be celebrating with.” Y/N sighed with a giggle as they both picked up a piece and tapped them together in a mock ‘cheers’. “Thank you, Jake, you’re too good to me.”
“I also had another thought, Y/N…” Jake set down his already half-finished piece of chicken, pressing his hands to his lips in contemplation and consideration.
“Two in one day? Wow, you’re on a roll, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, I know.” Jake trailed off, his nerves failing to settle as he looked up to see Y/N turning to him, hearing the change in Jake’s tone, watching the glow in his eyes fade just a little. “But, this time, I’ve really been thinking.”
Jake wore away at his lip, nervously flicking his gaze up to Y/N every now and then only to see him sitting there, unmoving and attentive. Usually, whenever Y/N would listen to him like this, he’d feel open, weightless, and at ease, but he didn’t. It only made him more worried about breaking the silence.
“I really want you to meet the other members.”
It took a while for Jake’s words to settle in before Y/N could process them, let them settle in his mind. Even when they did, he struggled to find something to say.
“Really…?” Y/N’s voice was low and quiet. He’s thought about this, they’ve talked about it, but he never thought that it could have developed into anything more than a partially considered thought they’d bring onto the shores of their conversations every now and then. With the way Jake’s voice lodged itself in the empty spaces their quiet left, Y/N knew that they wouldn’t just dismiss it with raised eyebrows and a chuckle anymore. “Have you actually been considering it…?”
“Well yeah, of course.” Jake started off, “I’ve been thinking about it all day. Both you and my members are huge, super important parts of my life. I’m so proud of being with you, and I don’t want to keep hiding you from other people I care about… I should be showing you off - you’re amazing and beautiful and all mine and everyone deserves to know.”
“Jake…” Y/N sighed and buried his face into Jake’s hands as he held them out, kissing his fingertips before he could find anything to say. He was always aware of how much Jake treasured him, how proud he was of him, how much he loved him, and everything he’d do for him. However, it felt so different to have those things all realized in front of him, laid out for him to see from the glimmer lit ablaze in Jake’s eyes to the gleam in his joyful smile to the way all of his words tangled themselves up in Y/N’s heartstrings. “I just- I dunno…”
“I know, Y/N. You’re probably nervous about how they think of you,” by the way a sheepish smile bloomed on Y/N’s face - a shine overtaking his lips that Jake just wanted to kiss and take a mouthful of - Jake knew that he spelled out Y/N’s thoughts before even he could. “But trust me when I say that they’ll absolutely love you - but never as much as I do.”
“I guess I have no choice but to trust your judgment… So if you think we’re ready to meet them, then I do too.” Y/N chuckled and leaned into Jake’s touch as his hands settled by Y/N’s neck and pulled him in, entwining their lips before pushing the box of chicken aside to shuffle closer and wrap each other up in an embrace. “I love you…”
Jake never thought he’d enjoy feeling the sky turn its colour through the walls of this practice room. It was always something he dreaded, the threat of a late night practicing. Resting on his members’ shoulders for as long as he could until he needed to straighten up and catch up with the beat of their music, it was something that loomed over him like the shadows that the moon left as it fled the morning’s light. Here Y/N was, though, making him feel so at peace in a place that would always force him to feel anything but, the waters he and Y/N would dive into together were so calm, at least until Y/N would touch him in all the right places and cut through its surface like he always did.
He could stay drowning in this sensation, this constant state of carelessness that the moonlight from all their nights spent together would colour them with, especially when Y/N held the shimmer of all their past memories in his eyes. It just made Jake fall further, endlessly. No ocean of Y/N’s dark grey sheets or amber-lit streets they’d run down on midnight parades of reckless abandon could ever dull their shine.
This carelessness, though, as much as it was a blessing, it also didn’t help Jake from recognizing the sound of footsteps echoing throughout the hallway, creeping up to the only crack in the doors that happened to be where Jake and Y/N sat in the center of the room - pinewood floors and beige walls revolving around their orbit. It seemed that the people trudging through the hallways were pulled into their gravity, too; those people being Jungwon and Jay, who ran out of things to do to kill time or ease the ache in their muscles. The laughter leaking from the half-open door left them intrigued, and they ambled toward it.
“I love you too, babe-”
Y/N and Jake snapped their heads over to where the scream poured in through the crack in the door Jake said he closed, flooding the entire room and tearing the overhead lights to shreds as it shook the ground. It was Jungwon, his grasp frozen on the door handle, mouth agape, and eyes ignited with this surprise dancing wildly in them. Jay lingered behind him, catching his breath in his throat as the awe in his face sank deeper and deeper. 
They were still, frozen in this lifelessness that Jungwon’s piercing scream left them in. Jake just widened his eyes, mouth running dry of any words as he fumbled and tripped over himself, trying to attach to anything to distract him from the echoes of Jungwon’s exclamation. But the moment he tried to find something to help him regain his balance, the panic that stirred in Y/N’s surprise and silence next to him left him looking through and past and over everything - even Jungwon and Jay, who slowly crept through the door and shut it behind them.
He wanted to introduce Y/N to his members, sure, but not like this. They were caught in this fit of irony that left them at a loss of breath and thought. Jake could do nothing but look back at a petrified Y/N, knowing that trying to shrink behind Jake’s shoulders and bury his woes in his hands would only make the ripples Jungwon left in the air tear apart the silence even more.
“Uh…” Jake looked back at Y/N, there was nothing they could do. The light that leaked out of the room from the door they left half open led Jungwon and Jay right to them. Now, they were left to pick up the pieces of their secrets they left scattered everywhere Jake dragged Y/N. In the corners of all the empty practice rooms they could have found, in the moonlit creases of Jake’s bedsheets, left in trails along sidewalks and dirty, cobbled paths to the studio, Y/N and Jake’s safe haven. “Surprise…?”
“Yeah, consider us surprised!” It sounded as if Jungwon was still trying to gather his thoughts, so many suspicions and speculations collided and connected right in front of him - fires lit and sparks flying in his mind so rapidly he could hardly keep up. “Who is this ‘babe’! How is this ‘babe’! When is this ‘babe’! WHAT-”
��Okay!” Jake cut Jungwon off, reaching over, smoothing his fingers against Y/N’s knees as he could practically feel him curling up and trying to hide. “I know that you’re shocked, and I know that you have a lot of questions. But can you not interrogate my boyfriend?”
It took a moment for Jay to recognize who Y/N looked like, but when the light hit him in just the right way, everything just made sense.
“Isn’t this our new backup dancer…? Wait… You two-” Pinching the bridge of his nose, Jay answered his own question with a groan. So many emotions were coursing through him, running down his spine in shivers and flooding his mind with all the questions he didn’t know how to ask. Jungwon threw the floodgates wide open, but he knew that submerging Jake and his ‘babe’ with everything they could think of would only make things worse. “Can we sit?”
“Yeah.” Jake let out a shaky, shrivelled up breath as he could see Jungwon and Jay already assume their places in front of them, a spotlight shining on them and the hand he kept on Y/N’s shoulder. He tightened his arm around Y/N, doing his best to push and ease the weight from Y/N’s chest as he caressed his arm. “So, what d’you want to ask first…?” They wanted to be ready for everything, but letting the stories they tied between tongues and hands and ends of nights they’d ever forget… It felt harder when they weren’t retelling it to each other in the words they’d write into each other’s backs.
Jungwon groaned in contemplation, failing to hide his endeared smile as he saw Y/N leaning into Jake, and catching a glimpse of the light peck Jake tucked behind Y/N’s ear.
“When…?” Trying to muster a question, Jungwon still struggled to find the remnants of his voice he left to seep into the notches of the floorboards. “There’s no way you could’ve been able to keep a secret for that long?”
Looking at Y/N, Jake felt it all coming back to him. He couldn’t help but shine a smile, looking into Y/N’s eyes and seeing all the stars they fell through together.
“It’s only been a few months.” Jake said, continuing as he heard a hum of approval from Jay, who was sitting still, observant and attentive. “If I’m being honest, it’s been the best few months of my life…” He shone his smile brighter as he could see one bloom on Y/N’s lips.
“Aw… Jake…” Y/N leaned back into Jake’s arms, trying his best to hide his blush in Jake’s chest, but Jake forced him around with a firm grip on his waist. Seeing that deep blush bloom on Y/N’s cheeks like bundles of sunset-lit roses, it was always one of the most beautiful things to Jake. He could see it on the end of their copper sunsets and part the violets in the sky.
“I feel like it’d be a crime to ignore how cute that was…” Jungwon lifted an eyebrow, turning to Jay to see him quietly nodding. 
“I’m sorry if I forgot to say this earlier, but it was a pleasure getting to work with you guys.” Y/N finally spoke up, taking the three others in the room by a pleasant surprise. “It’s also nice to meet you, even if it’s this way…” Y/N found himself tripping over his words, struggling to stand firm under the endeared smiles shone his way.
“I mean, if it’s not too much, you can meet the rest of us…?” Jay hesitated to pull out his phone as he saw Jake and Y/N shudder at the thought, but they soon relaxed. “Is that okay with you?”
“Might as well…” Jake shrugged, kneading his hands into Y/N’s waist as he straightened up and pulled Y/N closer to him. He was already bracing himself for what was to come the moment Jungwon and Jay would call the rest of his members. He could grasp on nothing but wishful thinking and Y/N’s hands just thinking about how nothing can prepare them for when the other four members come through those doors, perplexed and in awe and filled with all the questions Jungwon and Jay are struggling to get out right now.
“Alright nice, time for them to meet- uh…” Jungwon stilled with wide eyes, realizing that he forgot to ask the most basic of questions, the first question anybody could have ever conceived or let out. “Wait, sorry… What’s your name…?”
“Y/N,” Y/N answered with a giggle, watching Jungwon and Jay peel long, dejected breaths from their tongues.
“How did we forget to ask for his name!?” Jungwon threw his hands into the air.
“We’re terrible at this… We’re never doing this good-cop-bad-cop bullshittery ever again.” Jay spoke into his phone as he slid a few messages into their group chat. He could practically hear them rushing toward them from wherever they were, strewn about empty rooms in the building. 
“I’m a lovely bad cop, thank you very much!”
“A bad cop who couldn’t even get Y/N’s name-”
“AH-HA!” Sunoo’s triumphant cry shook the room as he flailed around in the circle that the rest of the ENHYPEN members created for themselves. “I fucking told you, something had to be going on!” Throwing his arms out with a smug grin on his lips, and challenging everyone who doubted him for the hours he ranted across the kitchen counter to them, Sunoo shone a mocking glare toward Jake, and a softer one as he glanced over at Y/N.
Sunghoon was smart enough to ask for Y/N’s name first.
“So you’re saying that you’ve been going at the mystery of my boyfriend and me since practice, like some sort of conspiracy theorist…?” Jake lifted an eyebrow with a smile, more in awe than anything else. He hasn’t seen Sunoo latch onto anything so passionately before.
“Well, you know what? It paid off.” Hands on his hips, Sunoo remained strong, defending his choice to invest way too much time, energy, and one-sided, long-winded rants to Sunghoon across the couch in cracking open the mystery of Jake and their elusive new backup dancer. “You almost killed Jake’s boyfriend, Heeseung. How does that make you feel…?”
“I said I was sorry!” Heeseung threw his head back with a sigh. He had no room to breathe by the end of their practice, as comments from his members lingered around every single corner. Especially when Sunoo - and Ni-ki with enough convincing - threw around their theories among the other members. Looking toward Y/N with a sheepish smile, Heeseung stretched over to place a hand on his. “I’m glad you’re okay, you handled that really well.”
“Thank you, that means a lot.” Y/N shone a smile back, gently squeezing Heeseung’s fingers to give him some sort of reassurance and finally let the shimmer of guilt he’s been able to catch in Heeseung’s gaze since they interacted in practice fade away. 
At least for a moment, until, with Jake’s arms around him running this sense of confidence beneath his skin, he decided to cut Heeseung’s sigh of relief in two to make his own remark. 
“I mean, I’m glad I could pass off my life flashing before my eyes as something a little less-than.” Laughter flourished throughout the circle as Heeseung fell back onto the floor, deflating and laying limp in defeat. Now that he knows who Y/N is, he knows that this is only the start of his torment.
“I’m so surprised that Jake was able to hold back from jumping you right then and there.” Sunghoon said at the end of his giggle, thinking back to Jake’s reaction when the whole incident happened. Now that their theories and speculations have been put to rest, Sunghoon found himself impressed that Jake did nothing less than a playful shove to the shoulder. 
“Me too, to be honest…” Jake chuckled to himself, tilting his head to catch Heeseung’s eyes from across the circle. He buried another giggle into Y/N’s shoulder as he saw Heeseung squirm from his place on the ground. “Nobody messes with my baby…” Jake’s words seeped into Y/N’s skin as he pressed his lips to Y/N’s neck, taking in the sharp sweetness of the cologne that laced all their early mornings and swallowed up all their late nights. It took all of him to not sink his teeth in, to take Y/N down and leave the clothes Y/N stole from him at the last minute as a faded memory off to the side.
Jake’s voice eased out so effortlessly, filling the room with this warmth that the other members of ENHYPEN have never experienced before. Yet, it was so deeply rooted in the flowers Y/N and Jake let bloom between each other, so ingrained into every single part of them and their love. His words were silken and delicate in a way that made Ni-ki edge up an eyebrow in awe and put a knowing smile onto Sunoo’s lips. It resembled this calmness and softness that was so rare in their interactions with Jake.
The Jake they’re seeing before them, he was the same yet so completely different, as if Y/N had the ability to shift the colours in his sky with one look or touch. The moment he fell into Jake’s embrace, Jake was rendered to nothing but the things that Y/N always stripped him down to. Scarlet cheeks and a bright smile.
The other members couldn’t help but feel pride in Jake’s happiness, and watch with a smile as Jake lit a fond shine in his eyes looking over Y/N. They’ve never had the opportunity to see Jake like this, a Jake who has fallen so deeply with no chances of recovering, a Jake who never wanted to be anywhere else but swept off his feet by the person in his arms. He was at peace, content, loved, and in love. To the other boys, it was one of the most mesmerizing things they’ve ever seen.
“I still can’t believe you were able to hide a secret like this for three months.” Sunghoon trailed off, amazed.
“I think it’s three months and five days as of today, right…?” Jake looked down, tightening his arms that hung from Y/N’s waist and letting out a radiant grin when Y/N let out a strained breath and a little squeak.
“I think so…” Y/N shifted in Jake’s embrace to take a look at his phone, looking at the time with a smile as he realized that it almost neared the exact minute they shared their first ‘I love you’s under the moonlight that fell around them, shattered under the weight of all their laughter, and was reduced to sparks the moment they caught them between their teeth. “Actually, it’s six days now - past midnight.”
“I think I’m just talented like that.” Jake sang with a smirk.
“When you want to be!” Heeseung whined as he finally snapped up from where he lay on the floor. “But not when I tell you something!” 
“Where’s the fun in keeping your secrets? They’re not even secrets, they’re basically worth sharing!” Jake retorted, sneering mockingly in the face of Heeseung’s pout.
“Anyway~” Ni-ki stretched himself up and out, standing up with an animated groan. “Heeseung’s ‘series of unfortunate events’ aside, I think you deserve a break from all of our noise.” Looking toward Y/N, they exchanged smiles before the rest began to stand up as well. “We’ll probably see you tomorrow, so we’ll torment you more then.”
“It was really nice meeting you, Y/N.” Heeseung smiled after releasing Ni-ki from a pointed glare and a playful snarl. “If Jake ever breaks your heart, I’ll kick his ass.”
“It was a pleasure to meet you guys.” Y/N turned to see Jake eying Heeseung suspiciously, only to settle down as Y/N reached up to squish his cheeks and melt his frown completely. “Also, that’s never gonna happen, but it’s nice to know you’re looking out for me.” Y/N and Heeseung shared a grin before he walked around them, leaving farewell rubs on their shoulders. 
“Do you wanna stay the night?” Sunoo said to Y/N as he stepped over the box of chicken still in front of Y/N and Jake, lying forlorn and forgotten in the middle of the group, only to lean down and pluck out a piece. He assumed with a cringe and a grimace that Y/N was going to find his way into Jake's bed one way or another, but he could tell that Y/N was still uncertain of how they felt about him. Sunoo wanted to make it clear that they wanted him to stay. “I’m sure there’s space for you.”
“Way ahead of you, Sunoo.” Jake whispered into Y/N’s neck before bidding Jungwon and Jay farewell with a nod before they passed by and slipped out the door with Heeseung and Ni-ki. “I got that covered.”
“Alright then, I guess we’re putting off the interrogation.” Sunghoon trailed off as he contemplated whether to follow Sunoo in stealing from their box of chicken. He considered it for a second with pursed lips before straightening back up with narrowed eyes, trying to play off getting caught by Y/N. “I’ll spare your chicken today, but next time don’t be so sure.” Assuming a tone of feigned haughtiness, Sunghoon tried his best not to crumble under the weight of Y/N’s suppressed laughter and Jake’s judging eyes. “You’re lucky I’m the nice one.”
“Yes I am, I certainly feel blessed…”
Y/N’s remark set Sunghoon’s laughter free as made his way around them, patting Y/N and Jake’s heads before making his way out.
The other members of ENHYPEN closed the door as they left Y/N and Jake in a silence that felt so odd to Y/N all of the sudden. He’s spent less than a night here, within these walls without needing to sneak back out by sunrise - Jake dropping him off at the bus stop far down the street and leaving him with a kiss for the road - and YN was already finding himself in the noise that ENHYPEN left to rattle throughout every room they stepped into. The silence was such a comfortable place for the both of them; a sweet breath of reprieve for Jake, and a place that Y/N was always familiar with - whether it be quiet talks under wavering studio lights or moonlit walks in content and satisfied quiet that was practically a second roof over their heads.
This type of chaos, though, didn't stress Y/N quite like he thought. He felt welcomed, the clangor and noise felt so suspiciously inviting. As if needing to keep up with their antics was always a part of his routine, in the gold and silvers that Jake sent coursing through his veins with every touch.
Taking a second to gather his breath, Jake turned around and tied their stares together. Eyes expectant, shining with a happiness that always lit fires under Y/N’s heart each time he was able to see it.
“So, what did you think…?” Jake paused for dramatic effect, as the smile that trickled through Y/N’s lips was more than enough of an answer for him. “Was that easier than you thought, or was that easier than you thought?” Chasing the light that ran down Y/N’s neck as he tried to hide his relieved smile in Jake’s shoulder, Jake took Y/N’s face in his hands, tying their grins together. “What did I say? I knew they would absolutely love you. I’ve never seen them so natural with someone new before.” 
Jake wasn’t surprised about how positively his members received Y/N, as he always knew how Y/N could ignite sparks in other people just as he did him. What he was surprised about, though, was how quickly ENHYPEN took to Y/N, how the flicker of joy that Y/N left in everyone he happened upon flourished into so much more in just a mere shift in their practice room’s light.
“You’re right…” Y/N shook his head in defeat, his wince at the realization of what he just said caught between their teeth as Jake pressed kisses all over Y/N’s face. He both loved and hated whenever Jake was right, it happened too often for comfort. “You’re always right…”
“Thank you for noticing, babe. A little late to the party, though.” With one last kiss on Y/N’s cheek, Jake finally let him go, trailing off with his words as he thought about what to do with the quiet that lay idling in their hands. “Speaking of ‘late’... I’m guessing that you’re not ready to go to bed just yet.” Jake smiled knowingly as he caught the shimmer of Y/N’s guilty grin.
“Honestly, it feels like the day just started.” Y/N rested his chin on his hand, thinking about how they were free from the shackles of their practice for only a few hours. It took over their entire day, from the moment they were awake enough to shrug off the flowers that bloomed on the dawn’s horizon, to when the night pooled in their chests and left them with nothing but tired sighs. “Do you want to, though-”
“Nope.” Heaving himself off the ground, Jake stretched a hand out for Y/N, one that he took almost instantly with an exaggerated groan. “I have an idea. Dance with me.” Jake was never one for clichés, parading on the end of a joke that’s been told countless times. But with all the feelings that being with Y/N has awakened in him, he’s caught himself chuckling at the universe’s satire one too many times.
“Dance!? We just did, for sixteen hours!” Y/N threw his arms up wildly, only for Jake to catch his hands with a bright laugh and hold them between their chests. “I don’t know if I can do another step to another anything…” He didn’t catch onto what Jake was doing until a hand slid down to his waist, pulling him close.
“Follow my lead then.” 
Jake tilted his head with a proud, cocky smile. Slow dancing in the dark was something he thought about a lot with Y/N - prancing around carelessly in the nearest field or forest or abandoned department-store parking lot and tripping on the starlight. It was a daydream he used to scoff at whenever he didn’t have someone to call his; however, he met that idea with nothing but a smile now - now that he had a hand in his, a waist that fit perfectly in his arms and a smile that felt like pieces falling into place whenever it collided with his.
For them, life always moved too fast to really take things slow. Sure, they could make things stop and revolve around their orbit for a little bit, but by the time they could take it all in, take each other in, Jake needed to slip out from under Y/N’s covers, or Y/N needed to follow the escape route Jake always planned for him whenever he snuck into his dorm. There was never a moment quite like now, when violets of the night had their time to bloom in the spaces between their smiles, they always needed to be doing something, thinking of ways to fill up the little time they had together each day - a perpetual countdown until they made each other’s heads spin at the studio and started it all over again.
Y/N instantly fell into Jake’s cravity, swaying with him, carving circles into the floorboards as their bodies took on the rhythm of their quiet. There was nothing but the strumming of their tangled heartstrings, and the breaths and sighs of relief that Jake would bury into Y/N’s neck whenever Y/N’s touch settled just right around his neck. They talked a lot, filled in the space with so many words, yet, this was a moment where they could just think, let the way they held each other speak for them.
“It’s so crazy to think about…” Jake weaved through their silence, resting his forehead on Y/N’s as he spoke - his words barely rising above the night that crept into every inch of the room and pulling their ambling and swaying in every direction.
“What is?” Y/N nudged Jake’s nose with his own, figuring out what he was probably getting at. The few moments of quiet they had together always managed to be just big enough for Jake to get sentimental. Y/N loved every single second of them - all of Jake’s precious, beautiful emotions.
“How this all started, how we started.”
“Yeah, I know…” Y/N hummed into Jake’s lips as he dove in for a kiss, and thought back to when their favourite patch of trees just began to flourish again. It was all so fleeting, as if every moment could be traced back to nothing buta  cool breeze beneath his fingers, yet every of those quickly passing seconds they spent together were held in all the moonlit shapes that Jake drew into his back on sleepless nights tangled up in his bedsheets. 
From exchanging stares and cocky, raised eyebrows across a haggard, run-down studio, to sharing room-temperature fried chicken and love-struck smiles in a larger, much cleaner practice room twice its size - all in the matter of a few months, barely a change in the season. It felt so unreal, like some sort of daydream led astray. Yet, as Y/N would look over to see Jake tying their hands together, pulling him closer, he realized that it all was, that everything he ever could’ve wanted was held in Jake’s beautiful, brilliant smile.
“It all happened so fast. Now look at us…”
“Slow dancing on some dusty ass floor like a couple-o’ queers in the retirement home.” Jake shook his head with a breathless chuckle as Y/N’s touch sent Jake into the clouds they couldn’t see. Y/N being here, in his arms, was a reminder that the stars were always so much closer than he ever thinks - right here, held with a shimmer in Y/N’s eyes. No matter how long Jake’s kept prisoner in these rooms, running dance music dry until he gets things just right; just knowing that Y/N’s around the corner to split his nights in two, to tear into the moonlight and leave its silver threads in pieces around them, it made things a little bit easier.
“There’s nobody I’d rather get old and wrinkly with, Jake…” Y/N rested his head on Jake’s shoulder, but was met with nothing but some sort of contemplative silence. Flinching back anxiously, Y/N looked up at Jake to see a vacant stare and a joyful smile plastered on his face. “What? I mean it. Sure, we’ve only just started, well, us… But I feel like I’ve known you my entire life…” It was true, despite how little time they had, nobody knew Y/N quite like Jake made sure to, nobody took all the shitty lighting they’ve been under and spun it into gold like Jake.
“What- no- of course I know you meant it.” Jake shuddered under the weight of Y/N’s pout before leaning in and kissing it away, as if it never made its way onto Y/N’s beautiful lips. “I was just letting it settle in, knowing that there’s nobody I’d rather build a life with either…”
All of Y/N’s words just soaked into his skin too slowly - he thought about all they’ve done already, and everything they can still do in their endless and limitless future, the empire they can build out of twisted bedsheets and sheer desperation… It all felt too good to be true. 
“I love you, Y/N…”
But it was true, and it was too good; it was standing right in front of him, suspended in his touch, arms wound around his neck; it was draped along his arms, drowning in his embrace. All of it was Y/N, Jake’s shooting star, and the stardust he left on Jake’s skin whenever he wasn’t there to ignite his veins on his own.
“I love you more...”
“That’s scientifically impossible, babe.”
Sighing into the air and catching Jake’s chuckle between their lips, Y/N thought about what it meant to have someone always there to love him more. He knew that when Jake was with him, the world that was always moving just a little too fast for him to catch up was just a little bit more manageable. The stars of his ambitions and dreams perched too high for him to reach seemed so much closer with Jake there to hold him steady by the waist.
Taking the universe they’ve forged step by step, inch by inch, in the tangled light of their shared smiles. They know that there are so many things they have yet to do, so many more skies to carve their initials into, so many more places they have yet to call theirs.
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the one <3 ?!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Heart Stop | Dong Sicheng (Winwin)
5K Follower Series Ep. 9
Summary: Your best friend Winwin finally admits to having a crush on you, but you get scared and reject him. Only, you're starting to think you love him, too...
Genre: Friends to lovers, angst, high school AU
Prompt: Are you ashamed of me? & Was it worth it?
Tumblr media
You can’t remember the last time Winwin touched you. 
You’ve been best friends your whole life. You and him - you’re polar opposites. Winwin wears steel-rimmed glasses, dark overcoats and sarcasm, you wear sunny smiles, hairbands and cake icing. 
But you’re happiest when you’re together – rolling around on the sofa playfighting, tugging each other’s hair. The two of you live in your own secret paradise.  
At least… that’s how it was, till a few months ago. 
All of a sudden, Winwin changed. 
He began to wince every time you touched his hand, ignore you for days on end, blush beetroot red if you walked in on him changing - though he never cared before. 
It was like he’d been possessed. It made no sense. 
That was when you realised how much you needed Winwin in your life. Without his wicked jokes, school grew boring. Was food always this bland, walking this exhausting, sleeping this impossible? It was like you’d been living in colour, only to realise that life was actually in black and white.   
The one time you managed to corner Winwin – at the end of Maths class – he just avoided your eye and mumbled, Can I please get past? It was so painful you almost wished you’d never approached him.
Now, it’s Christmas Eve. As much as you protested, your mum insisted that Winwin’s family come and stay in your house for the holidays. Winwin is forced to share your bedroom, sleeping on an old air mattress at the foot of your bed.  
He’s sitting on the air mattress, hugging his knees, frowning darkly. When Winwin is upset, he writes the numbers of pi on his arm till he calms down. An inky line of digits stretches up to his elbow. 
“Winwin, I can’t do this anymore. Just tell me what’s wrong,” you sigh. 
“Nothing,” he snaps. 
“It’s not nothing.” You bite your lip. “You’ve… changed.” 
You’re struck with agony again. Winwin has changed. Maybe he’s got bored of you. Maybe he’s finally realised that you’ll never be as smart, or as ambitious, or as cultured as him.    
A long sigh leaves his lips. It quivers, catches in his throat and turns into a groan. 
Instinctively, twine your fingers in his hair, the way you always do. A flood of pleasure fills you at the familiar touch of his soft mahogany curls. You stroke his hair gently, and feel him rest his head on your leg like always. 
At the back of your mind, some idea is forming, something that could explain all of Winwin’s odd behaviour. But it’s too dim to make out.   
It maddens you that Winwin is in so much pain, so close to you… yet he’s impossible to understand. He may as well be a thousand miles away.   
“Just tell me!” you beg. “I promise I won’t be offended. Even if you don’t want to be friends anymore!” 
Winwin laughs, the cold, cruel laugh he does when he’s angry. “If only you knew how wrong you were.”
“Then put me right,” you insist, crouching down beside him. 
He looks at you, his eyes softening. He takes a deep breath.
The room is as silent as the moment before the Universe was born. 
His brown eyes flashing with passion, he whispers, “I love you.” 
A laugh bursts out of your mouth. You’re amused. Then, you’re shocked. Then, and strongest of all, you’re disgusted. 
“Winwin, don’t be stupid. You don’t love me. You’re my best friend, for god’s sake. You’re like a- like a brother to me! I mean, I don’t blame you, I know you don’t know a lot of girls, and we are close, I guess-“ 
Winwin’s face is dark. “Are you ashamed of me?” 
Your mouth opens, the word No on the tip of your tongue. You can’t quite say it. 
Winwin’s lips shrivel up tight. He springs up, runs out of the door, bangs down the stairs and is gone. 
“Wait!” You call. “Winwin!” 
Your Mum rushes in. “What’s wrong, love? Have you had a fight?” 
You shake your head, slumping down on the bed. “It was nothing.” 
And at first, it feels like nothing. 
Then, slowly, you start to feel a slight regret. It’s impossible to understand, but you feel like you’ve failed Winwin. 
You kiss your parents goodnight and go to bed. Everyone can hear Winwin stomping about downstairs, but no one says a word.  
In bed, the regret starts to grow into pain. It’s not pity for Winwin, or regret that you had an argument – it’s more than that. It’s a gnawing in your chest, impossible to ignore. 
As you toss and turn, rain starts to beat on the ceiling, making sleep impossible. The pain has become agony. It tears up your insides, again and again, till you wonder how there are enough pieces left to tear.
You try to force the pain down, dull it with sweet memories of Christmas and mulled wine in your belly and the beauty of snow… but that only makes it stronger. What did you do to deserve this? Where has it come from? 
You writhe in the blanket, sweaty, half mad. Thrashing and writhing, you grab the framed picture of you and Winwin on your bedside table and smash it against the wall. 
The crash startles you. You hear a creak as your Mum gets up from bed at the other side of the house, but after a few moments, things are quiet again.  
The shock has made your head fall silent. And then slowly, like the sun peeking over the horizon at dawn, you have a realisation. 
You are in love with Winwin. He is the only boy you’ve ever loved. 
And you might have just lost him. 
Without caring for your ruined hair and sweaty face, you fling open your bedroom door and run downstairs in the dark. The floorboards are hard against your feet. The air crackles with electricity. You check in the living room, the kitchen, but Winwin is nowhere to be seen. 
Your heart misses a beat. 
Then – you spot him through the kitchen window, standing in the front garden in the pouring rain. His hands cupping his eyes, he’s staring up at the stars. 
You hurl open the door, not caring as the icy rain slides down your back and makes your flimsy daisy-patterned pyjama top cling to your chest. 
You run up to him and grab him by the shoulders. Your need for him is so intense it’s hard to speak, hard to do anything but burn. 
“Winwin, I’m in love with you. I didn’t know it then, but I am,” you say, panting. 
Winwin laughs cruelly again, turning away. “Don’t say things you don’t mean.”
You shake your head, your heart racing. Why can’t you make him understand? 
“No, Winwin, I’m not just saying it. I feel the same way.”
He scoffs. “Look, it’s nice of you to try and make me feel better, but I can handle it.” 
Frustration claws at your insides. Winwin is a child genius, so why is he being so dumb? Time is running out. If you can’t convince Winwin in the next few seconds – he won’t ever believe you. 
“I mean it, Winwin, I mean it!” 
His face hardens into a scowl. “Enough now. It’s starting to feel like you’re mocking me, and I don’t like it.” He sighs. “You’ve already broken my heart, must you trample on it too?” 
Not knowing what else to do, you pull him close and kiss him. 
For a second, Winwin’s eyes are wide open. A little squeak leaves his throat. Then, he softens, and the kiss becomes the best one of your life. His lips are icy cold against yours, but they set a roaring fire alight inside you. 
As you run your fingers through those magnificent curls, you feel a little strange. The last time you touched them, Winwin was a friend. Now, he is yours. Yours to kiss, to hold, to love. Yours for life – at least, you’ll be his for life, whether he feels the same way or not.  
A spark shoots through your mind, fusing all the isolated memories together. His deep blushes… his shyness when you saw him changing… his flinch when you touched his hand – it all makes sense. All this time, he was in love with you.  
Winwin’s hands move down to clasp your waist, his rough palms heating your wet skin and sending tingles all through you. 
The spark in your mind grows, spreads, back through all seventeen years of memories. Every single one was leading towards this moment – right from that first day a boy in nursery destroyed your sandcastle and Winwin helped you rebuild it.  
You always dreaded the day you would get a boyfriend and you and Winwin would fall apart. A thrill runs through you as you realise - that day will never come. Winwin is your soulmate!
When you pull apart, your body is blazing so hot you can’t feel the rain. 
“You… you really feel the same way?” Winwin gasps, his brooding demeanour gone. “Seven billion people in the world, an infinity of planets. The chances…” He is grinning like a fool.  
You nod. “I was the world’s biggest idiot not to know it.”
Winwin’s face creases. “Those last few hours were agony.”    
You half-smile. “Was it worth it?” 
Winwin hugs you tight, knocking the breath out of you. He smells like rain, earthy and rich and sweet. “You will always be worth it.” 
“I love you, Winwin.”
Winwin leans down and presses his lips to your neck. He whispers, “I love you too." 
Let us know what you thought in the comments or on anon! 💋
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8:00 p.m. — Heeseung.
PAIRING Heeseung x GN!Reader.
WARNINGS none || Wc: 300+ words. || G: fluff, established relationship AU, timestamp || masterlist.
Being stranded under a bridge when it is raining out, with nothing but biking helmets to shield you from the rain was not exactly how you expected to spend your evening out with Heeseung.
Why? Just why did you think that going out biking with Heeseung, at eight in the evening — merely two hours before curfew, at that — was a good thing?
Sure, staying at the dorms kept you from seeing your beloved boyfriend, which was a valid enough reason to drag him out with you. But going out when you knew it would probably rain that night, was a bad decision in hindsight.
And leaving your jackets behind because you two thought you'd be too sweaty to wear them? A stupid, stupid decision.
Which explained why you two were huddled together under a bridge, shivering a little from the cold as the strong breeze rustled your clothing and raised goosebumps along your exposed skin.
Your bikes were leaning against each other, looking like they would fall over if a particularly strong gust of wind knocked them over.
It wasn't supposed to rain this early. You tell yourself. This was not part of the plan.
"What do we do?" You question, looking over at Heeseung.
"Wait it out? We can't afford getting wet without getting sick,"
You nod mutely, settling down on the high stonewall-like thing built as a means of support for the bridge, right next to him.
Sitting in the cold makes you really want a hot cup of your favourite drink. Warming your fingers in the heat of the mug as you leisurely basked in the warmth of indoors…
Heeseung wraps his arm around you, pulling you into his side as a means of sharing warmth. When you look up, he's smiling, albeit shyly down at you, as if embarrassed at the rather cliché move, his face tinged a faint pink.
Was it the cold or the embarrassment? You didn't know. But it was adorable nonetheless. So all you do is smile back and huddle closer, happy to keep both of you somewhat warm and dry.
Okay, maybe it wasn't so bad after all.
I have no idea what this was. I wrote this day before yesterday (or two days ago??) When i was out with my parents and it was pouring down 💀 anyway gn ig
Tagging: @soobin-chois @blessed-sky @nar-nia @bambisgirl @sunoona @seung-scrittore @skzenhalove @renaishun @axolotlboo + @enhypenwriters @kflixnet @enhypennetwork @ficscafe @kdiarynet
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star-1117 · 4 hours ago
Overstimulation with Ateez
Tumblr media
⇴ pairing: ateez x f!reader
⇴ genre: smut
⇴ warnings: fingering, overstim (obvi), sex toys, sex, use of “slut, daddy, baby”, lil degrading, lil praise, lil dumbification
⇴ a/n: please reblog!! this app runs on reblogs, not likes. don’t forget to check out my masterlist!
⇴ tags: @hyuckilstan @whatudowhennooneseesyou
Hongjoong is a sick motherfucker. He feeds off of your whines and helplessness. Joong will watch you on the bed, body struggling to stop feeling the vibrator pressed against your clit. He’ll play with you for hours on end, making sure you know exactly who your body belongs to. Doesn’t matter how much you beg, you’re done when he says you’re done. Even if you’re face is covered with tears and drool.
“You think you can stop this baby? Your body is mine and you’re gonna take what I give to you.”
With Seonghwa, the pleasure never ends. Even if it does for you… not for him. He loves it when you cry out against his hard fingering, or the pounding of his hips. There’s always a condescending coo that leaves his mouth that makes you want to cry even harder. He won’t stop until he gets what he wants.
“Aw baby, is it too much? Is my big fucking cock too much for your tiny little body?”
Yunho’s power over your body is incredible. He can make you cum even from the gentlest of touches. But that also means if you’ve fucked up, if you’ve disobeyed him… well let’s just say it won’t be fun for you. At first it’ll just seem like rough sex, but then he doesn’t stop. By the time you’ve reached your 3rd orgasm you’re exhausted but he’s not done with you. You’ll soon come to find out just how much you shouldn’t mess with Yunho.
“Does it hurt baby? That’s too bad. You should’ve thought about it before acting like a slut in front of daddy.”
Yeosang is the meanest. He’ll go so fucking hard on you. His harsh rubbing over your clit drives you insane. He’s also the cockiest. He’ll have the biggest smirk on his face when he pulls yet another orgasm from you. He can’t help but tease the strangled noises coming out of your mouth.
“I don’t care how much it hurts, you’re gonna lay here and take it. I want everyone to hear how good I make you feel.”
San is a lot like Hongjoong. He absolutely loves watching you moaning and gripping the bedsheets as he rips more and more orgasms from you. He doesn’t even care if he cums at all. All he cares about is making sure you’re taken care of, and fully exhausted by the time he’s done with you.
“No baby, don’t move away from me. I’m not done with your tight little pussy yet.”
Mingi is always hesitant about overstimulating you. He doesn’t want to hurt you or go too rough on you, especially when he’s not actually mad at you. But if you want it, he’ll be more that happy to. He’ll spend a good hour just eating you out, non-stop sucking on your clit. His main goal is just to see that pleasureful look on your face. And to see his cum dripping out of you when he spends another good hour fucking into you.
“You like this angel? You’re taking my cock so good for me. My good girl.”
Wooyoung is an orgasm fiend. Your orgasm equals his pleasure. He’ll stop at nothing to squeeze every last drop of cum out of you. He just won’t get tired, not of fucking you, nor of watching your face as you cum for him. Sounds of skin slapping fill your ears. You can’t stop moaning his name, just as he likes it. And he can’t help but moan right back.
“Just my little cum slut, gonna make sure you can’t walk when I’m done with you.”
Jongho hates to see you cry, but when he’s overstimulating you, he adores it. He can’t help but stare into your eyes as he fucks you. Over and over again. Ripping more and more orgasms from you. He won’t stop until you’re so fucked out you can’t even speak properly. Makes pride fill his chest knowing he did that. He made a mess of you.
“Yeah? So fucked out baby… so dumb and all for me.”
Tumblr media
reminder that these are my works, and I do not give permission to repost them.
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nctsplug02 · a day ago
could we get a scene of jock jaehyun x reader talking about their plans for the future eg. getting married and how many kids they want (aka current mr & mrs jeong)? then cue jaehyun saying something along the lines that they can start practicing baby-making in the meantime 😫🙏🏼
genre: fluff and suggestive
warnings: mentions of baby making, mentions of pregnancy, kissing, sexual touching
jock!jaehyun X nerd!reader isn’t mr and mrs jeong from jen the babysitter but i HAD TO WRITE THIS >:•(
Tumblr media
a good girl you were, you had times where you weren’t so much a good girl as you seemed.
sneaking out in the middle of the night to go on a date with your boyfriend— a picnic in the middle of the night and stargazing together.
“look,” jaehyun points up and giggles. “that one looks like it’s a baby.” you giggle and nod. “it does.” you agree.
“hey, on the topic of babies.” you tenses up.
“you wanna have babies already?! we’re only eighteen, jae— you’re insane!” he giggles and shakes his head.
“no, i wanna talk about our future.” he says turning onto his side and propping his head up with his palm. “o—our future?” you were flustered. “yeah? i mean, i can see my future with you— can’t you?”
the sudden question making you instantly answer with a yes.
“one day, we can move out of this country and we go live in another country. wherever you want.” you hold back a giggle— flustered enough. “tell me what you want in the future, baby.”
you sigh, turning yourself to face him. “i want the usual american dream. a big white house— with a pool! i also, want four kids! two boy and two girls— how many kids do you want?”
“however much you want, baby. i’ll give you as much babies as you want.” the way he said it made your ovaries explode. “wait, don’t take offense to this but— i, i feel like you’re the type who already has baby names.”
you let out a roaring laugh, falling back onto your back before sitting up. “actually,” you emphasize which jaehyun sits up to. “oh, boy. i think i need to sit up for this too, huh?” you laugh, feeling his knees bump into yours.
“okay, actually. i do. and for my first child— if she’s a girl, i wanna name her hannie. it’s my late grandmothers nickname back when she was in high school.”
jaehyun grins ear to ear. “what about for a boy?” you frown a bit. “i haven’t really thought about it, y’know? i’ve always had in mind that i’d let my future husband choose.” jaehyun nods, understanding.
“but we’re far from.. y’know, baby making.” you say shyly and jaehyun giggles. “but we have lots of time for baby making.” he wiggles his eyebrows.
“true, there. but, we have two more weeks until we graduate high school and then we’re off to college and.. doing what we want?” you shrug with a slight frown.
“screw college— i’d give up my college pathway just for you— for us, to make our own little family.” you bite your lip.
slowly, you climbed into jaehyuns lap. “we can be our own family— say, we have our own company and we’re billionaires and.. we have four kids— a puppy? a kitty?” you grin ear to ear, planting peck onto his lips as he talks.
“i’d love to have a family with you. i’d love to live my whole life with you. even if it means i have to smell your stinky farts and hear your lousy snores.” you and jaehyun share a laugh as he dips you forward.
“say,” you run your fingers through his hair before gripping it. “lets skip the talking and begin our baby making session, hm?” you and jaehyun fall back with giggles as you land on top of him.
teeth clashing and tongues fighting— all with tiny bits of giggles.
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kmultismut · 23 hours ago
Yeonjun meeting your parents
You were at home with Yeonjun and your parents. They invited him to dinner. You were so nervous about how it was going to go since they caught you two making out in front of the house without telling them anything about it. It was a passionate kiss they really shouldn't have seen, but here we are. At the table. With my parents. Eating some pasta. Better said you were the only one eating trying to avoid any unpleasant answers while they were occupied with Yeonjun. They started asking those tipical questions that parents normally ask, his intensions with you and so on. Actually, he suprisingly seemed really brave. And he was so handsome. You even stopped eating and were staring at him feeling so loved listening to his lovely words. In one moment, under the desk, you felt his hand resting on your knee. Then, he started to slowly move it higher until he reached your inner thigh. You were completely blushed, but it turned you on. You wanted to continued his teasing, so you spread your legs a bit and put his hand on your clothed p*ssy. He looked at you immediately in pure shock. He definitely didn't see that coming, but you could see he liked it. He circled his finger around it to make you want to moan. You removed his hand cause you couldn't handle it anymore and stood up to go to the bathroom. While walking to the bathroom, you heard someone behind aprroaching you. A few seconds later, you were leaned against the wall by Yeonjun who grabbed your wrists and put them above your head. Your eyes met in that moment. He was looking at you like he wanted to fuck you so hard. Right here. In the hall. While your parents were in the dining room. Before you could even react, he lowered his head to yours and kiss you passionatly. In the middle of the kiss, he seductively whispered, "I want you so bad." "A little more patience and then we can...", you couldn't finish the sentence when he pick you up and took to the bedroom. He put you down on the bed and locked the door. You were sitting on the bed, slowly started spreading legs to tease him. He started walking towards you. "I was patient a little longer just like you said.", he said looking into your eyes. He hovered himself above you and put your hands above your head. You couldn't move so he had all the control over you. With his other hand he lift you skirt and started massaging your clit. You couldn't stand it anymore, so you started moaning from all that pleasure. He could see how much you enjoyed and that turned him on even more. He kissed you, so that parents wouldn't hear you. "Your panties can go, but you can stay.", he smirked to which you replayed, "Your boxers can go, but your c*ck can stay." You could see he liked the answer. He took off your panties along with his and position his tip on your entrance. "I have to say I agree with you." "Fuck me hard." "You won't be able to walk after." He started thrusting hard and fast into you. You were a moaning mess, so he went into a deep kiss to make you quiet. Your came after a few moments then he turned you over and lifted your hips. "We are not done yet." He entered into you again. Your legs started to shake from all that pleasure and you felt another orgasm coming. "Oh God! It feels sooo good! Fuck me hard!" He thrusted even faster. He came and you came just after him. Your legs were like jelly, so he put on your clothes and pick you up on his back. "Wait a sec! How did you even get up from the table when you were talking with my parents?" "You'll find out next time.", he winked and continued to carry you to the dining room.
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095won · a day ago
love me back! ( 🎬 ) the protectors
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
masterlist | next
.. SYNOPSIS ‎> after years being best friends with jungwon at sm. he left because one of his friends told him that hybe maybe is a better place to debut at. this decision was hard the both of them but it did happen. since he was busy with i-land in 2020 and also the years before i-land y/n and jungwon kinda became strangers. y/n is now also a trainee at hybe and is going to debut in le sserafim. what will happen if the both of them actually meet eachother or even worse get to be the new mc’s for music bank…
..TAGLIST > @luvibot , @astra-line , @woniepdf , @hiqhkey , @ineedaherosavemeenow , @jiawji
Tumblr media
authors note I have decided to not include garam for now. Since I don’t know what will happen or what is happening at the moment. I hope you all understand. But besides that I hope you guys enjoy this smau as much as I do
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ravenori · 2 days ago
💭%! ˖ ۫ 𝙬𝙖𝙮 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩 / 朝光 .
Tumblr media
TAGS / university senior!asahi, art major!asahi, fluff! WARNINGS / mention of skinship & water, grammatical errors. lowercase intended. NOTES this one's really short ;; the idea came to me almost randomly, so i am not sure if it's good or bad but hope it's cool! enjoy <3 ૮(ˊ ᵔ ˋ)ა
after three hours of your usual lecturing session, the class was finally over. your fingers were accustomed to take down everything in brief paragraphs, the after effect of which was a soreness due to how fast they were at their job.
the university was new to you, and everything that came with it. your teachers, your peers, and just anyone associated with this place were without a doubt kind to you. you had yet to find what makes you feel that you belong here. you'd always walk around alone with such thoughts coming to you from time to time.
a little behind your classmates, you walked through the congested corridor when your steps came at halt all of a sudden. you stopped by the art room, the place containing all the artworks and sculptures made by the students since the very beginning. the vicinity of the place was, alluring.
out of curiosity, you went inside. the place was just as enchanting as it seemed to be on the outside, filled with art and emotions. yet one of the many things, your eyes found themselves beguiled by a painting just close by. so lured by it's beauty, you were startled at the sudden creaking of the door.
“oh no-” as much as you wanted to run away and hide, you couldn't. your elbow hit one of the clay sculptures on the higher desks, it would have almost fell over you when an arm pulled you right away. a gentle force held you in place, your fingers involuntary clutching on the fabric.
a pair of arms held onto you warmly, and you heard the shattering of clay on the floor. “are you alright?” the soft voice of the person touched your ears, and you quickly nodded in response. “i’m so s-” you distanced yourself from him, picking up the broken pieces of clay right away.
“it's okay, as long as you’re safe” the lad wore a soft, feminine smile on his face. he leaned down and helped you, making sure nothing was left behind.
“i suppose you should hurry back, it's getting late” he spoke, shoving the dust in the bin. he wasn't wrong, but you were just mad at yourself for causing him all the trouble. “don't blame yourself for something you don't have control over” saying this, he walked towards you. it was as if he could read through you. smiling once again, he leaned to your level and said, “you're allowed to leave.”
giving him a small smile, you made your way out of the room. you came back to class to pick your stuff and left right after. needless to say, the same boy was on your mind throughout your little trip back home. and you were sure he'd stay in your mind for a week or two, maybe more. soon, you realised he had left a little scent of his clothes on your own. maybe as a little souvenir of your first meet. maybe not.
“ha, and i don't even know his name.”
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boos3ungkwan · a day ago
what do u think abt chenle werewolf agenda i think it is extremely sexy
see ^ chenle asks are all i get atp (not complaining just find it funny! keep them coming!)
chenle as a werewolf. he’d be the cocky jock of the school type. like definitely takes advantage of his werewolf powers. i don’t think he’d be a dick, he just knows he is hot yk? would use his strength to dom you, even if you tried to switch, not happening‼️ unless he allows you.
during heat, be ware. he will not let you breathe. day and night (if you consent) you’d be his little toy to fuck as he pleases.
he’d also be a protector. very defensive over you. not controlling but he has werewolf powers and wants you to take advantage of them when you need. like if a someone is making you uncomfortable, call him over and he’ll deal with it.
i know this isn’t fully smut but i love this concept and i live for soft chenle too.
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reinahwanggg · a day ago
prompt: you're besties with an enhypen boy and they "have a crush" on some girl and you've been trying to play matchmaker but they can't talk to the girl because "pretty people make them nervous"
a/n: i made like seven of these in like an hour 💀💀 here's jake's version
pairing: sim jake x reader (this should be gn bro)
warning(s): curse words (are we surprised atp ?), uhhhhhh light mode LMFAOOOOOO, mentions of lunch, jake is done with you bro 💀✋🏽
genre: text!fic , best friend!jake, i wanted this to be funny but cute idk if i did that
the others are on my profile 🤪
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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prettygirl-l · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jpnriikicore · 18 hours ago
━ 西村 力. [ 6:00 ] COUNTRYSIDE ITALY. “look!” you said running while pointing at the blue lycaenidae butterfly above you. riki swore he fell in love again with you after that. seeing your bright smile, silky hair, and yellow sundress flowing in the wind. the sun beaming down on your skin. you came to a stop and squat next to the dandelions that the blue butterfly landed on. the butterfly slowly made its way onto your index finger. flapping its butterfly wings. letting the butterfly fly away as riki comes behind you wrapping his arms around your waist picking you up spinning you around as you laugh.
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