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#kpop reactions
kpopboysxtogether · 2 days ago
Vampire Enhypen! - Reaction to not being able to control themselves and they bite their S/O
Heeseung could usually control his urges so when he sunk his teeth into your neck he was in a complete frenzy, he didn’t even hear when you yelled for him to stop quickly separating from you in shock when you slapped your hands against his shoulders, “I- are you okay?”, he shakily moved towards you but when you took a step backwards it felt like a dagger was driven into his chest, “wait no.. please don’t be scared of me please.. I’m sorry Y/N really I am”, he said clasping his hands together, he knew he messed up but he felt it wasn’t right to just leave you, “just tell me and I’ll leave, you won’t have to see me again”, but you told him to stay and he listen pulling you into a gentle hug like you were made of glass, “I’m sorry”.
Tumblr media
It only lasted a second and there was barely a puncture wound but it completely tore him apart, “I don’t know what just came over me”, he said going in to touch the bite, “it’s- it’s fine.. yeah everything’s fine, okay Y/N?”, he was trying to reassure himself, acting rather fidgety and paranoid as he helped treat the bite leading you to bed like an incapable child and after you fell asleep he left. It would be hitting him the hardest torturing himself everyday till he felt an ounce of your pain, he didn’t go near you for months only showing up at the most random of times to see if you’re okay, “I should have called but I just wanted to see you, I know I don’t deserve you but I’m selfish, I love you to much to let go”.
Tumblr media
He didn’t believe he could do this to you but here he was sucking the life out of you, he drained you so much you couldn’t speak a word or barely support your own weight, he held you up right as you fell limp, “Y/N? Wait! Please no”, he went into complete panic mode moving quickly as he bit down on his own wrist, shoving it into your mouth, “swallow Y/N just swallow!”, he didn’t care if you turned into a vampire at that moment he just wanted you to be okay. He wallowed in self disappointment, waiting patiently for you to wake up listening to the soft thumps of your heart beat as he seated your head in his lap, “I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me Y/N, I promise I’ll never hurt you again”.
Tumblr media
He hurt you more when he teared away in sheer panic his teeth ripping from your neck, “I’m sorry.. I’m sorry”, he said backing away trying desperately to wipe away the blood from around his mouth. Your blood was everywhere and he couldn’t escape going into a delusional state before quickly snapping back into reality as you called for help watching as you started to weaken, stepping towards you to hold your neck, forcefully holding his shirt against your open bite mark, “can’t believe I did this, I couldn’t control myself.. it’s okay Y/N I’ll make this right just stay with me”. He’ll nurse you back to health he thought about leaving many times, that you’d be better off without him but he couldn’t just leave you alone.
Tumblr media
It wasn’t him, it was the beast who took control that day it was like waking up from a dream just to be met with a nightmare, Sunoo couldn’t even swallow the rest of the blood that remained in his mouth staring in horror as your blood seeped from the corners of his mouth, “Y/N?”, he whimpered out, “I’m so sorry”, he stumbled away looking extremely terrified when you told him it’s okay, “how can you say it’s okay!? It’s not okay, I don’t even know who I am anymore”. It would be a constant fight with his inner self, your the last person who he wanted to hurt and it would take a lot of will power for him to approach you again without thinking about the incident, “sorry Y/N.. I shouldn’t have left for so long, you know I love you”.
Tumblr media
He had no idea what came over him a light nibble on the neck turned into a fully fledged feeding frenzy, he wasn’t rough and the bite was clean but when he pulled away touching the wetness on his lips he knew what he had done, stuttering his words as he felt nothing but fear he’d do it again, “I.. I.. I’m sorry”, he said reaching for your neck and running to go get something that would stop the bleeding, “you shouldn’t forgive me but.. can you?”. Jungwon needed a little time to recollect himself but your blood stayed prevalent in his mouth for weeks, he just had to bear with it before he could face you again, “that day is haunting me Y/N but thank you.. for not running from me”.
Tumblr media
Hates himself for wanting to do it again, he wouldn’t trust himself around you but he clearly doesn’t stay away, as much as he says he’s just going to watch you from afar he always ends up beside you like a lost puppy, “are you not scared of me now?”. You knew what he did wasn’t intentional and you weren’t going to punish him for what he is, it would only get worse if you pushed him away, “I don’t understand! Get angry at me Y/N! I hurt you I.. I could have killed you… why are you in love with me? I’m a monster”, deep down he’s in a lot of pain, light tears running down his cheeks as he collapses into your shoulder the sobbing increasing as he felt your warm arms wrapping around him and lightly soothing his back.
Tumblr media
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sourkyu · 2 days ago
Hey who about enhypen yandere reaction to their s/o accidentally back hugging them Instead of someone.🥺❤️❤️
ENHYPEN yandere reaction to their s/o accidentally back hugging them instead of someone.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
warning — yandere themes , mentions of killing
disclaimer — this is fiction only. i do not condone such behavior nor does it represent the mentioned idols in any way.
"oh sorry, i thought-" realization hit you hard after seeing the one and only lee heesung in front of you. "shh-" he shushed you up real quick. no matter who you were supposed to be hugging, you chose him. it was meant to be and of course, he was more than happy with it. "i love you more, my pretty girl."
Tumblr media
"i know you love me~" you were scared, realizing that you were hugging the wrong person. before you could pull away, he turned to face you and embraced you in a big hug. his smile only got wider as he felt you trembling in his arms. his hands ran through your soft locks before he opened his mouth to speak. "such a pretty baby."
Tumblr media
he was nervous as hell and he could feel his insides doing flips just from your single touch. " uh.. o-okay," the heat rushing to his face and he stuttered a response after you finished apologizing. is he mad that this was an accident ? hell no. he is more than happy to get your hug but he'd have to make sure no one else will get it. right ? "you'll be mine."
Tumblr media
was he dreaming ? he knew who was hugging him even without turning to check. your warmth got his poor heart jumping out of his chest and his hands traveled to caress yours to tighten the hug. you gasped at the unfamiliar touch and as you were about to pull away, he gripped on your hands tight. "hey, don't pull away,....please."
Tumblr media
like jake, he was blushing so bad that he looked like a tomato. you chuckled at the sight of him but immediately composed yourself while you started to apologize for the second time. once you explained that you had mistaken him for someone else, he started to be all pouty and clingy. "h-hey ! you should only have your eyes on me. "
Tumblr media
puppy was ready to knee down in front of you and ask you to marry him. his thoughts were rushing but once you said it was just an accident and that you mistook him, his poor heart stopped beating for a second. his excited smile slowly turned into a disappointed frown so you couldn't help but gave him a friendly hug afterwards. "you should stop playing with my heart, Y/N."
Tumblr media
suspicious. why would you hug him out of nowhere ? he appreciated the skinship but you two weren't closed enough yet. "so who were you supposed to hug, Y/N ?" he asked you with a curious smile. once he got the answer from you, he just lightly patted your shoulders and left you all confused in the hallway. " i will kill that bastard.~"
Tumblr media
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minmindreams · 2 days ago
Monsta X: when they catch s/o touching themselfs in the bath/shower
The water muffed all sounds from your hands. The bubbles were mostly all  died and the water waved to the sides.  You were reaching for the release. It was close. Your hips jerked as you  came moaning deep your boyfriends name. Then you heard another deep  moan by the door. “Can you you use your hands on me too?” he said taking  his pants off and palming himself. His cock was red and dripping.
Tumblr media
You hated being that horny you had to resort to the little toy you bought for the times your man was on tours. The dildo attachable to the wall. It wasn’t in your plans, but you thought little palming yourself wouldn’t hurt and there you were ramming yourself to the black toy while the water dripped on to you. Such a pity Wonho couldn’t be there to actually do it and squeeze your tits. You tried to hold them yourself, closing your eyes and imagining it’d be him. It didn’t work, but the dildo was beginning to. You felt the heat pool up and your gasps turned into moans that echoed in the room. You cursed cause it was not enough. Without thinking further you used your other hand to your clit and in no time your knees were giving out as you let out a mewl of his name. “Fuck.” Your eyes slammed open and saw Wonho, in front of you, with a wet spot on his pants. How long had he been there?
Tumblr media
The bath was so warm and the bubbles were like mountains. You heard Minhyuk in the living room and kitchen while desperately trying not to hear him. It was time to relax and you had surprise plans for him in the evening. In your mind you went over how after the movie you’d change into the new nighty you bought from a slightly naughty lingerie store. You hoped it’d get the desired effect and get him go ravaging you. That was the goal. But the goal also mean your body needed to get in the mood too which it unfortunately didn’t. Few teasing touches should do it. The door opened in a hurry “Sorry, I really need to pee”. Minhyuk stormed in to the toiled. You were stunned. He looked at you again. “Are you okay, love?” You just nodded and moved your hand away from your crotch hoping he wouldn’t see the movement. “Were you touching yourself?” he smirked as he put two and two together. He flushed the toiled and tucked himself in. “Carry on” he said as he left while kept having that annoying smirk which also turned you on. The door closed and you hid yourself among the bubbles.
Tumblr media
You were blissfully clueless Kihyun had entered your apartment a little after you went to the bath. You had music on your laptop further away in the room. Some of the songs made you think of the dinners that lead to hurried sex before he had to leave. Maybe little self pleasure won’t hurt, you thought perfectly well knowing he wasn’t a fan of you doing it. But it felt so good after almost a month of absence. Your moan echoed over the music and soon you were frantically trying to get yourself off moaning Kihyun’s name. “That was hot, but I told you I want to be doing it” you heard a voice above you startling you. You slipped into the bath. There he was leaning on the bathroom wall behind you. “When did you get here? Why are you here?” “I had a sudden free evening and though of surprising you.” “You sure did, I got a heart attack” you felt your poor heart race. “C'mon, get out so we can eat dinner. Afterwards I’m getting my dessert. Seems like you need it as much as I do” he winked and exited the room.
Tumblr media
The hot shower made the room steamy. The drops were like heavy rain and you tried to imagine that one time you two were on a summer cabin out of prying eyes, in pouring rain making love. That was the same day he proposed. And now you were relying on your dildo and hand power as you leaned on the tiles. You let out moans as the artificial dick went in and out of your vagina. There were no surprises on the pace which you were in control. It was not the same and yet you needed it. It had been too long and earlier he  had informed he couldn’t make it this week either. So you thrust the toy deeper with more force hoping it’ll get you off. You moaned loud as the orgasm was beginning to build and your legs twitched. You wished you had something to hold on. You moaned his name and suddenly you a familiar voice spoke “I think you need some help standing up” then you felt pair of chilly hands taking a hold of your hips. “Toss the toy, you got a real cock right here” you felt his thick dick slide from behind between your legs. You moaned even louder at that. Just his presence made it so much better. You dropped the dildo to the bathroom floor. “Good girl” he whispered in your ear and grabbed your boob. He slowly just slid his length between your legs, breathing heavily. He kissed your shoulder. “Hyungwon” you breathed, “please stop teasing me” you begged. “you forgot the magic word” his voice was raspy. “Oppa, please”. You could feel the smile on your skin. In an instant he was spreading your legs and slid his thick dick in making you moan and putt your butt against him almost impaling yourself. “Soon you’ll definitely need help standing up”. He grabbed your hips and began relentless fucking.
Tumblr media
For few times during the bath your hand had brushed over your lady parts. By now the water wasn’t as hot anymore and most bubbles were gone. You finally gave up and let your hand wander where it was needed. You muffled the first moans but eventually few louder ones came out echoing in the bathroom. It was like a light in the night for moths. “Are you being naughty?” Jooheon’s head peaked out for the door. You just moaned in response. You weren’t gonna stop just while being on the edge. He came in, closer staring at you. “That’s so hot. You gonna have to suck me off after this. Can I finish you off?” he asked eyes twinkling. You nodded and his hand was already in the water replacing your fingers. You grabbed the sides of the tub as his fingers glided in your clit. They found your nub making you almost scream with his touches. He smirked and inserted two of his fingers inside you. He curled them, stroked them back and forth until he found your g-spot and was giving you no mercy. His thumb came back to rub your nub and you came screaming, hips buckling and knuckles white while hanging on the tub. He gently kept rubbing you until the high was over. Your breath was caught. You didn’t pay attention to the sound of clothes being taken off until the familiar voice of slick dick. “How do you want me?” you asked getting on your knees in front of him in the tub already. You braced your feet against the bathtub wall. From the look on Jooheon’s lusty face you knew you were going to get face fucked.
Tumblr media
The bubbles tickled your nose as you lowered yourself into the hot water. In vain you had tried to lure Changkyun into the bath with you. Romantic bubble bath would have been a great way to start an even together. You closed your eyes and rested your head on the hard porcelain. Your mind and hands began to wander. Soon your breathing shortened and small gasps escaped your mouth. You had no idea how long you had been going, you were so lost in the pleasure. You got slightly startled by a hand grabbing your boob. You saw your man staring at you, the intensity locking your eyes with him. He kept playing with your nipple as you whined, your own strokes getting faster. Your eyes didn’t wander away even when your orgasm came and you breathed out his name.
Tumblr media
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sunwoo-hoo · 7 hours ago
↣ the boyz reaction to reuniting with their s/o after a period of time/how they keep in touch/saying goodbye
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ a/n: hello my darlings! before we get started i just wanted to say that i’m so sorry that it’s been awhile since my last request! life has been getting in the way but hopefully i’ll be able to do more requests soon. i just wanted to thank all of you for the requests you send me and all the compliments! it really does make me inspired to write so please keep them coming. this for the lovely anon who requested this, thank you for being patient. i hope it was worth the wait. ♡ please, if your under the age of 18 do not interact with this post.
↳ genre: flufff + smutt
↳ requested? yes
↳ send me your requests here!
↳ word count: 3.7k
↳ the boyz x fem reader
Tumblr media
「 Lee Sangyeon  」
ever since your job promotion you were required to take a lot of business trips, at first you didn’t mind since it was always nice to get away even if it was for work purposes. but you desperately missed sangyeon whenever you were apart
“do you have everything you need babe?” he asked before you grabbed your last bag prepping for your next business trip to busan.
“i think so” you smiled before you continued “thank you so much for helping me pack”
“of course babe, i’ll see you soon okay?” he promised as he grabbed your face in his hands giving you a kiss on the forehead before lowering down to leave one last kiss on your lips
even though you were only leaving for a couple of days it felt like a lifetime, you gave sangyeon one quick peck before rushing out the door to catch your cab waiting for you.
your trip was everything you thought it would be, dull and boring. as you finished yet another meeting you walked back to your hotel to get much needed rest.
as you walked in your room you saw a bouquet of flowers on the desk with a card saying to meet in the hotel restaurant.
you smiled with excitement as you ran down to the restaurant showing the card to the hostess.
“right this way miss” she smiled as she guided you to a secluded area in the restaurant where you saw sangyeon with your own eyes.  
“sangyeon! what on earth are you doing here?!” you nearly shrieked running into his arms giving him a tight hug.
he held you back tightly “i couldn’t stand being apart from you, i missed you to much”
as you looked up you gave him a soft kiss on the lips, he happily returned the favor moving his lips against yours.
when you pulled apart he rested his forehead against yours “is this okay?” he whispered
“it’s perfect” you replied
「 Jacob Bae  」
when it came to your bond with jacob it was extremely strong, you two had a love so rare that he always knew exactly what you were gonna say right before you said it.
whenever he was away you could feel it in your heart that he wasn’t near.
so when he had to go to toronto for a family emergency you didn’t have the best feeling.
“i’ll promise to call you the minute i land babe” jacob promised
“i know you will” you smiled giving him a soft peck on the lips
“let me know if there’s anything i can do from here okay?” you added
jacob nodded giving you a kiss on the forehead before hearing the announcement that his flight was now boarding
he gave one final small wave to you and boarded the airplane
as expected he called the minute he landed, and told you that one of his close family members was sick but it wasn’t serious.
after a week, jacob finally returned home to find you sleeping on your bed.
“sweetheart... wake up” he whispered softly kissing your cheek
“hmm? jacob is that you?” you wondered half asleep
he laughed softly “yes babe, i’m home go back to sleep”
jacob swiftly went under the covers trying not to wake you grabbing your waist pulling you close to his chest
「 Kim Younghoon  」
“baby are you sure you’re gonna be okay with bori and yu-jin by yourself?” younghoon asked for the third time looking down at the white dogs who were staring at you both
“younghoon, we’re going to be fine” you reassured “in fact it really helps that i have them here with me, i’m going to miss you”
he grabbed your hand and gave it a tight squeeze before giving it a kiss “i am too baby, but it’s only for 2 weeks i’ll be back in no time”
it was the first time in awhile that the boyz were finally going to have a concert, and you couldn’t have been happier for younghoon.
you knew he missed deobi’s in the audience and loved hearing all the cheers. the first week would take place in japan and the second week they would have concerts in all the major cities in south korea.
younghoon decided that instead of texting to keep in touch you should send love letters to each other
you gushed at the idea, loving that he was such a hopeless romantic.
the morning younghoon left for japan you woke up to bori and yu-jin jumping all over you. “okay, okay, i’m up!” you whined as yu-jin barked happily getting your attention
turning to the side you noticed the first love letter he left for you, you smiled opening it.
“hey sweetheart, you looked so peaceful sleeping that i didn’t want to wake you, don’t worry about feeding bori and yu-jin i did it before i left. i promise these two weeks are gonna go by fast. i love you so much, and i can’t wait to hear from you” you read
it pulled at your heart strings that you weren’t going to see the man you loved for two weeks, but you knew he was doing one of things he loved most of all: performing.
「 Lee Hyunjae 」
you couldn’t believe how being in a relationship with hyunjae for two years that you were still finding surprises about him.
he was like a book with many different genres and pages sexy, thrilling, adventurous.
each day was different never knowing what hyunjae you were going to get, but that’s what made your relationship so exciting.
it was your two year anniversary, you and hyunjae were both upset that you couldn’t spend it together due to his tight schedule.
the boyz had just made a recent comeback and hyunjae was a few towns over so it was nearly impossible to meet up.
you laughed as you saw one of the interviews, that the boyz were doing.
you couldn’t deny hyunjae’s sexiness in his tight white tee shirt with a couple of buttons undone. it was just enough that you could see a little bit of chest while his collarbones were peeking through.
your core heated up instantly cursing under your breath wishing he was here with you right now. you quickly shook your head of those thoughts.
that night right before going to meet you were getting a facetime call from hyunjae, probably wishing you a happy anniversary and saying goodnight.
“hey you!” you answered brightly “happy anniversary”
“hey baby, happy anniversary i miss you. i’m sorry that i couldn’t be there with you tonight, but i promise to make it up to you. did you receive the flowers i sent? he asked
you smiled at his excitement “i did, their so beautiful! i also saw your interview. i loved your outfit the stylist did a great job. i won’t lie you looked incredibly handsome” you winked
hyunjae smirked “oh yeah? how about you touch yourself for me then baby” he commanded using that tone you heard in the bedroom
“hyunjae!” you scolded at him “i-i can’t do that..”
“yes you can baby, i want you to feel good, touch your clit for me” he whispered
you bit your lip as your hand made it’s way to your cotton panties, you gently pushed your underwear to the side to feel your wet glistening folds.
“there you go baby, now stick a finger inside” you followed hyunjae’s instructions moaning instantly
even though you couldn’t be together on your anniversary you knew that hyunjae would always find a way to make it special.
「 Lee Juyeon 」
“oh god juyeon p-please i can’t take it anymore” you moaned as you felt juyeon’s small licks swirling around your clit
it was your last night together before juyeon had to leave for promotions since the boyz released at new mini album
it was going to be weeks until you and juyeon would see each other so he wanted to make your last night together memorable to say the least
he smirked looking up at you inserting two fingers deep in your pussy “is this what you wanted babe?”
“god yes... your fingers feel so good in me” you moaned biting your lip as you ran your fingers through his soft black hair
juyeon slowly pushed his fingers deep inside you and then out again increasing his pace
you moaning stopped abruptly when you didn’t feel his fingers, it hit you by surprise when his fingers entered your mouth
“i want you to taste yourself, be a good girl” he commanded
you sucked on his fingers looking down at him enjoying the taste of your juices around his fingertips
as juyeon hovered over you, your legs instantly opened up even wider
without warning he aligned himself in your entrance and pushed deep inside your wet pussy his hips rocking against yours
your legs wrapped around his waist trying to bring him even closer
you could feel every inch of juyeon’s cock in your folds, feeling every thrust, hitting you in all the right places
“fuck babe, you feel so good i’m gonna cum” he groaned as his movements become faster before pulling out spilling his hot cum all over your stomach
“wow that’s a lot” you breathed playing with the cum with your fingers before tasting it
juyeon laughed as he lay beside you grabbing you by your waist pulling you closer
“god i’m going to miss you” he mumbled in your hair
you turned your neck slightly to give him a kiss on the lips “me too”
「 Kevin Moon 」
it had been a week since kevin left with the rest of the boyz to film for a new television project
you desperately missed him, he was like the sun that would light up your world every time you were with him
he would still text you everyday when he was away always sending you funny pictures to at least make you smile
“gosh you’re so corny sometimes” you texted smiling
“you love it tho! :)” kevin texted back
you were about to type something else but quickly hit the backspace button
“hey what were you gonna say, i saw dots!” you read
you started to type again “i just miss you is all, it’s so lonely without you here”
in less than a minute you received another text from kevin “me too babe, but i promise when i get back we’ll do whatever you wanna do, how does that sound?”
you smiled again as you texted one last time before jumping into the shower “sounds like a plan to me! i love you, be safe”
“i love you too” you read as you started to take your clothes off jumping into the steaming hot shower
a week later the day finally arrived. it was the day kevin was coming home
as you were about to grab your bag with your keys to go pick kevin up from the airport you recrieved a text “hey babe, bad news but it looks like i’m gonna be here longer than i thought :(”
as you were about to type back you heard your doorbell ring, you huffed as you opened it
“what is-” you started as you saw kevin standing at your front door
“surprise!” kevin teased pulling you into his arms for a tight hug
“that was such a mean trick” you shouted hugging him back “i missed you so much” you continued
kevin leaned down to kiss your forehead “don’t worry babe, i’m here now”
「 Choi Chanhee 」
“c’mon love, just a little further” chanhee called out from up top of the hill
it was your last day to spend it with chanhee before you had leave to visit your family a couple of hours away for a few days
chanhee wanted to come with you but unfortunately his schedule got in the way
he promised you that he would come next time, even bringing your parents a nice gift
“coming!” you puffed out of breath taking a break, you and chanhee were walking for hours
he decided that you two should have a nice relaxing date before you had to leave which included taking a stroll, going to a cafe, and last having a picnic together at the park.
as chanhee noticed you slowing down he walked back down the hill and grabbed your hand “let’s walk up together, okay?” he smiled
you nodded smiling back, as you finally made it up the hill that’s when you saw the cutest little white blanket with a brown basket sitting on top of it.
there was even pillows with an added blanket in case you got cold since autumn had just started and it was starting to get chilly at night.
lastly, you took notice the food spread which included cheeses, fruits, and crackers.
“you did all this for me?” you asked chanhee tearing up
“of course love, i would do anything for you” he replied wiping your fallen tear away with his index finger before giving your cheek a light kiss
「 Ji Changmin/Q 」
“we t-thrilling out” you hummed to the catchy tune swaying your hips to the beat
you had your headphones in as you were folding your clothes on top of your dresser
it was just your average sunday as you did your chores for your apartment. you knew q would be back in a couple of hours as he had his morning meetings with the rest of the boyz.
as just u started to play in your ears you screamed when you felt a pair of arms around your waist dropping the clothes completely.
as you turned around you were matched with a scream just as high finally regonizing q
“changmin! you scared me” you shrieked holding your hand to your chest trying to calm your heartbeat
“baby you scared me too! i wasn’t expecting to you to actually scream i was trying to be cute” he laughed
once you finally calmed down from the surprise you were confused, it was only 1:00 and weren’t expecting changmin back home til at least 6:00
“what are you doing home so early q? did something happen?” you asked as you picked up the fallen clothes
changmin crouched down with you to help as he responded “well, i have some great news and i wanted to tell you first” he smiled 
“the company wants me to teach a new trainee group some choreography if it all goes well they will debut by late next year” he gushed
“really?! that’s so great i’m so happy for you! if anyone deserves this, it’s you” you grinned as you leaned in to give q a light peck
“thank you babe, i couldn’t have done it with you, thank you for always believing in me” he smiled as he leaned in pulling your chin closer to his face giving you a longer kiss
「 Juhaknyeon 」
“don’t forget to add the sour kimchi” hakyneon said over your shoulder happily as you were packing up his dosirak box in the kitchen
“i won’t” you giggled as you scooped up the kimchi and placed it right next to the sticky rice closing the lid
you had packed haknyeon’s lunch for an entire week since he was going to be away
he was appearing to be an MC on a new reality show for new groups who were debuting
each week would be a different sunbaenim idol, and the groups would be able to ask for advice, questions, while also playing a variety of games.
“i also left a surprise in each box” you winked “oh really? what is it? can i see it now?” he wondered curiously
“absolutely not! then it won’t be a surprise, promise me you won’t open them until lunchtime” you said
“okay babe” he promised as he kissed your forehead “i’m going to miss you” he added
“me too, but i’m glad you’ll be able to eat a decent meal. i want you to be healthy” you smiled looking up at him before giving him another peck
as haknyeon was getting his makeup done he was a bit anxious, he could count on one hand that he was an MC and it was such a big responsibility, he just wanted everything to go smoothly
“alright juhaknyeon, after your makeup you will have 30 minutes to eat your lunch, then you will go to the stylist for your final fitting then we start filming at 2:00″ the manager said
“thank you sir” haknyeon replied politely bowing
just as the manager finished the overview for the day haknyeon’s makeup was finally finished
as he walked to the break room to sit down and grab his lunch he opened it smiling at how neatly everything was packed
he also noticed the little note that was left and pulled that out first reading “haknyeon, i hope you enjoy your lunch! i made it special for you. i just wanted to say how proud i am of you. i know you’ll be a great MC. just be yourself and everything else will work out, i love you so much. ps. i added a little dessert in each box :D” haknyeon laughed as he looked at the heart cookie on the side of the main meal feeling 10x more confident
「 Kim Sunwoo 」
you smiled as you look down at your promise infinity ring sunwoo had given you a few months prior
you never took it off except when you took a shower or washed dishes afraid that it would go down the drain
as you took the ring off and sat it down next to the bathroom sink you started to take off your clothes  
sunwoo had just come in the bathroom at the right time as you pulled your shirt over your head
“hey babe, want me to join you?” he whispered wrapping his arms around your waist kissing your shoulder
you leaned into his touch smiling “that would be amazing, but don’t you have practice?” you reminded him
he sighed “you’re right, sangyeon will kick my ass if i’m late again”
you giggled as you leaned in kissing his perfect plumped lips “to be continued then”
as you hopped in the shower sunwoo called out from the bedroom “we’re working hard on this new song so i might sleep at the studio babe, i love you!”
“okay! love you too!” you shouted back making sure he heard you
after about 20 minutes you hopped out of the shower rubbing your fluffy towel all over your body. as you were about to grab your ring to put back on your finger you noticed it wasn’t on the sink where you had left it
panic started to set in when you looked all over the bathroom and couldn’t find it
“oh god this can’t be happening” you said to yourself as you ran all over the apartment trying to find your ring
it was 2:00 am when sunwoo finally returned and saw you laying on corner of your bed in a curled up position
“babe? what are you still doing up?” he asked climbing on top of the bed to lay next to you
“i-i sunwoo don’t be mad but i looked everywhere... i can’t find my ring i-i’m so sorry” you sobbed
“aw babe, it’s okay” he reassured wiping your tears away with his thumb “don’t cry it’s right here” he said pulling out his necklace from under his shirt
that’s when you saw the two silver rings around his necklace “i took it because i thought it would be like having you there with me during practice, i should’ve told you i took it, i’m sorry babe” he apologized
you sighed “it’s okay... just tell me next time” sunwoo smiled nodding taking your ring off his necklace placing it right back on your ring finger
“there we go, right where it belongs” he stated kissing the back of your hand
「 Eric Sohn 」
“you promise we can go to the arcade when i get back?” eric asked giving you that pouty look he was so good at giving
eric and the rest of the boyz were finally going to have an in person fan meeting, it was a big step since being on hiatus for so long.
eric would be gone for 3 days and you couldn’t believe he was already making plans for when he got back just to spend it with you. he really was your best friend.
“i promise we could spend all day at the arcade when you come back. i’ll even try to beat you at one of those claw machine games” you teased
“you’re on!” he laughed giving you one last kiss on your lips before leaving “i love you babe” he added
“i love you too, be safe please?” you replied “i will” he winked before walking out the door
even though it was for only 3 days you were shocked on how quiet the apartment actually was without eric
there was always constant laughing and talking whenever he was around. without him it was very silent, it gave you an eerie feeling.
you couldn’t believe that only 3 days felt like a week without eric, but today was finally the day he would be coming home and you were excited
your phone finally beeped as you received a text from eric telling you he was at the lobby of the apartment waiting for you
you smiled as you ran down the flight of stairs, as you entered the lobby that’s when you finally saw eric.
he was carrying your favorite flowers in his hand, as you ran up to him you gave him the tightest hug “i’ve missed you so much” you mumbled into his neck “me too babe” he smiled  
when you pulled apart you finally noticed the flowers more clearly “what’s all this eric? you didn’t have to get me any flowers…” you asked bashfully inhaling the nice scent
“well these are actually apology flowers, for when i beat you today” he teased
your eyes narrowed at him before pulling his arm making your way out of the front entrance “we’ll see about that”
Tumblr media
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* © sunwoo-hoo 2 0 2 1  ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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bubblebeom · a day ago
SVT Blurbs 💭
Essentially part one in a series of stupid things i think about when i’m bored and subject my friends to at all hours of the night.
DISCLAIMER: This is strictly for laughs and i don’t pretend to actually know any members of svt or what they prefer. For the love of joshua hong, pls do not take this seriously (except minghao i stand by this assumption). 
Tumblr media
Today, my brain was tickled with the question of who in svt would be an ass man and who would be a tiddie man. Conclusions below:
Tumblr media
Cheol: ASS. like monster dump truck ass. slim thickkies only. This man openly admitted his type so who am I to question him? 
Jeonghan: TIDDIES, mainly for entertainment. You cannot tell me this man would not bother his love in the middle of some menial task just to squeeze their boobies and giggle about it. I just know he would. 
Josh: TIDDIES, for viewing respectfully. I will not elaborate.
Jun: TIDDIES. He makes biscuits on the tiddies like the catboy he is. It is home. Source of all comfort. Squishy and warm. Favorite place to nap.
Hoshi: ASS. He worships the booty. All hail the booty. Bow down to the booty. Strategically stands behind his beloved booty in public to make sure no one else makes eye contact with it. It’s a sign of disrespect.
Woozi: ASS and THIGHS (king) wbk jihoon likes a little extra to toss around. Slaps ass with force and purpose. Short King? Nah. Booty King.
Wonu: (giant anime) TIDDIES. You cannot tell me the gamer catboy is NOT a tiddie man. It is simply written in stone. He IS the stereotype. (p.s. wonu call me)
Mingyu: controversial. BOTH. I honestly do not think he has a preference and would be ecstatic to have access to either because he’s a simpatron 3000. 
Minghao: ASS. Hao is one of those skinny dudes who exclusively dates thick, curvy babes and he likes to manhandle them for fun. They would argue that they’re too heavy or whatever and he would just be like, “Heh, okay babe.” and toss them over his shoulder with ease. 
Seokmin: TIDDIES. He would have a hard time not staring like a kid in a candy shop for the first time. Imagine a chocolate lab retriever with it’s tongue hanging out the side of it’s mouth and crazy eyes but it’s BOOBIES instead of BALL.
Boo: TIDDIES. Simply because his ass is, was, and always will be bigger.
Vernon: ASS. (ya’ll know why) But fr chwe is always touching the booty lowkey. Hand in the back pocket. Back rubs to fall asleep? No, he’s giving booty rubs. 
Chan: ASS but also TIDDIES. Like Mingyu, I don’t picture a clear preference but lil dino-nugget is going to make sure both are appreciated because he is a perfectionist in ALL things. 
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beautyqueen71999 · 2 days ago
BTS Reaction: Just being friends but get jealous
Seokjin: He didn't see you as more than a friend but that changed when he saw you with your new boyfriend. He didn't like him and was jealous of him. When you both were around, he didn't talk much and his members felt bad because they knew before he didn't how he felt. He would choose to distance himself from you even if he didn't want to. He felt that this was needed so he wouldn't ruin your friendship and relationship.
Yoongi: Never showed any interest in you as more than a friend and it hurt you. So you decide to move on or at least try. However, he was quick to react when you brought your new boyfriend around. He didn't like him and didn't understand why. The members liked him but Yoongi was quick to dismiss him. He felt like someone punched him with jealousy and he didn't want to deal with it. Choosing to remain your friend and at a distant killed him but it needed to be done.
Hoseok: He didn't figure out his feeling till you brought this guy around introducing him as your new boyfriend. Hoseok was nice at first, knowing that no guy lasts long with you. However, after a couple months, he soon realizes you are serious about this guy and grows jealous. He was no longer your happy sunshine. Instead, he became withdrawn and nearly stopped talking to you because it was too late for him in his mind.
Namjoon: He is a smart guy but dumb when it came to his feelings for you. You being a friend and nothing more was almost engraved in his mind. Till you announced you would bring a guy you had been seeing around to meet the members. Namjoon felt uncomfortable around you both and left before you could ask if he was okay. He didn't see you as more than a friend but now his true feeling is coming to the surface and knew he had to find them so you can stay happy.
Jimin: His feelings for you were always seen as you being like a little sister. That is till you bring your boyfriend of 1 month around. Everyone was surprised but no one more than Jimin. He felt like he had been run over a thousand times. He didn't hide his jealousy much either. Choosing to be a little rude and passive-aggressive to your boyfriend. This confused everyone but it was quickly determined as jealousy. After that meeting, he didn't talk to you choosing to calm down first.
Taehyung: Everyone knew how he felt. From the heart eyes to the sweet rose on Rose Day. But he brushed it off as being a nice friend. When you started dating a boy from school, it didn't feel right to him. His true feelings were coming to the surface and the number one feeling was jealousy. Though he hid it well, his members could see it and tried to comfort him. They tried to make him feel better even when you brought him around to meet everyone.
Jungkook: Being friends was always what you both said. He always stated he could never see you as more. Till some guy asked you out. Jungkook was mad. He didn't know why but he got in a fight with you over it. You didn't talk for a couple weeks and in that time he realized he was jealous and seen you as more. Though he couldn't tell you this, he told his members and they promised to help him. He missed you but knew he couldn't face you till his jealousy was in control.
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syd-works-too · 2 days ago
A portrait of the Lady in Green
lmao hi yes it’s me. Yes I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but you know... college man (and kpop has just been boring as hell lately) Anyway enjoy.
I’ll probably end up post the rest of my old works before I think about posting new stuff. I’m a bit rusty from not writing anything creative. Also fuck the gif.
Pairing: Artist Seulgi x Female reader
Genre: Romance, angst with a happy ending (?)
Warning: language
Word Count: 3.1K
Summary: Before she met you, her world was merely shades of gray. But when you lit her world up with an explosion of color, she got too greedy and forgot who gave her this second chance.
Seulgi is an artist at heart.
She loves the feeling of a brush in her hands, the colors mixing on her canvas as she turned the white into shades of green and purple and red. She loves being lost in her craft, painting canvas after canvas to satisfy her thirst for art. She loves the feeling of the crowd whispering their praises when her work is shown, calling her a prodigy and a master of her craft.
She’s an artist at heart.
But it sometimes comes at a cost.
Like when her first relationship fell apart because she missed out on one too many dates to paint (she tore at her sketches and refused to paint for a week) or when she failed her classes because all she wanted to do was paint (she stored her canvases away until the school year was over. If her teachers noticed her drawing in the textbooks, they didn’t say anything).
The worst one of all is when she gets the dreaded letter at nineteen: we regret to inform you…
She remembers tearing that letter to shreds in a fit of anger. She remembers splashing paint all over her half-finished canvases and tossing her sketches out. She remembers screaming and breaking her brushes. She remembers opening the black paint and smearing it all over her walls, covering the pastel blue of the sky and the bright yellow of the sun with stripes of black and blue. She remembers crying herself to sleep that night, surrounded by all of her ruined masterpieces.
After that day, it wasn’t the same.
She still painted, but her teachers noted how different it was: more muted and monochrome. The world no longer excited her, the colors no longer giving her the rush of creativity. Soon, everything just blended in a sea of gray. By the time she graduates from school, she’s over it all and stores her brushes away.
She gets a tiny apartment and eats instant noodles and works at a job that pays her just above the minimum wage. Sometimes she looks in the mirror and scoffs, disgusted at how far she’s fallen. Sometimes she looks at the box containing her brushes and her hand twitches a little as if aching at the days where they were used for painting and not for making coffee. But she doesn’t pick up the brush.
The first time Seulgi meets you, she’s twenty-two and completely wasted.
Drunk off of whiskey and tequila and whatever her last order was, she stumbles her way down the street, unable to tell left from right and resisting the urge to puke. Her world is spinning and she feels herself falling to the ground, hissing at the bright lights and the shrill ringing in her ears. The rain pours down on her and soaks her clothes, the last pair that she has. She wants to get up, but she can’t find the energy to, blinking up at the sky and staring at the moon. Had she been younger and sober, she would’ve painted the night sky, but not anymore. She could imagine the disgusted looks from the passersby and the harsh whispers of a drunken fool laying on the streets, but she doesn’t care.
Seulgi wonders if she should just lay there on the hard concrete when a shadow suddenly looms over her, staring down at her. You stood over her, holding out an umbrella, and asked if she was okay. But she doesn’t respond. In fact, she doesn’t even hear you over the green of your sweater, the first color she sees since her rejection letter, and it mesmerizes her.
In truth, it’s the most atrocious green sweater she had ever seen, almost a neon green color that stands out way too much and hurts her eyes more than the street lamps but it’s nevertheless a color, a color that makes her yearn for a brush in her hands, a canvas in front of her. But since she has nothing, she settles for giving the stranger a goofy smile and asking if she could paint the lady in green.
She thinks she hears the stranger laugh but she honestly doesn’t remember it. All she knows when she wakes up in the morning on a worn couch in an apartment that is definitely not hers. For one, the apartment was much more homey compared to hers, decorated like a college dorm room with all the hanging lights and plants. Turning to the tiny kitchen tucked away, she could see a cup of coffee and a little note telling her the kind stranger had left for work. It’s the first time anyone’s shown her much kindness and it makes her heart skip a beat. 
The apartment is colorful, almost too colorful and it makes her head throb in pain (the hangover she has is probably the true reason behind it) and it makes her hand twitch, wanting to capture the colors before it escapes. Sipping at the black coffee, she watches the way the sunlight peeks through her sheer purple curtains, creating a kaleidoscope of red, orange, pink, and every other color imaginable and her hands twitch again, this time Seulgi doesn’t ignore it. Rummaging through the apartment, she pulls out a roll of paper towels, nearly dried markers, and food dye. She makes a mess of the kitchen counter and the wooden floor as she tries to recreate the colors on the paper, her eyes hungrily consuming the image before her. Only when she’s stained her hands and exhausted all of the dye did she stop, taking a step back to look at her first piece in years with awe and pride. When the stranger returns home, she finds a roll of paper towels stained with color, and Seulgi gone.
When Seulgi sees you coming into the café that she works at a week later, you’re wearing an atrocious mustard yellow shirt that would normally make her weep at how disgustingly bright the color is, but it only makes her laugh in delight at how bright it is, your smile being the only thing that outshines it.
Without you knowing it, you became Seulgi’s muse. Your questionable choices in colors lit up her world and made it just a bit more bearable and reignites her lost passion for art. She paints the mustard yellow of your shirt, the stupid baby blue of your sneakers, the puke green of your earrings and, even though she sometimes wished you wore something that didn’t offend her eyes so much, she often went to bed with dried paint under her fingernails, a first since she put all of her paints away.
At some point, casual small talk while Seulgi makes your (overly sweet) coffee turned into little unofficial dates while she took her lunch break. She’s awkward and clumsy and cracks stupid jokes but it makes you smile, something that utterly charms the artist and makes her paint with more fervor and hunger the more she saw you smile. She paints the stars in your eyes when she takes you out on a proper date, hands shaking as they dipped the brush into the white paint. She paints the pink of your lips when you kiss her under the stars after a movie date gone wrong, tasting the salt from the popcorn and the sweetness from the candy (she went to bed with paint on her hands and the feeling of your lips on hers). Soon, she’s saying I love you one night when you show up to her place wearing the same atrocious green sweater she first saw you in. It’s foreign on her lips and leaves a sour taste in her mouth for some reason, but her heart skips a beat when you brighten up at the three words and pull her in for a kiss. Seulgi doesn’t paint that night, thinking that she couldn’t possibly capture what was in front of her.
It takes another two months after that for Seulgi to pack her things and move in with you. With what little she already has, she moves into the heart of the city with all the honking horns and the colors of your apartment, so unlike hers. She paints in secret the first night, the loud noises and new bed making her uncomfortable, dipping her fingers into the paint to recreate the night sky as you slept in the other room. Seulgi crawls back to bed in the early hours smelling like paint and coffee, sighing at the feeling of finally being home.
You smile when Seulgi paints, letting her smear your walls with lilac and sea green. You tell her that she has a talent, and forgives her when she gets charcoal on your blouse. Soon the apartment looks like a miniature gallery with all the paintings that Seulgi hangs, most of them a study of you. You love it and you love her. 
She loves art and she loves you.
Seulgi is twenty-four when she proposes on a hot summer night.
She proposes on the rooftop of your shared apartment, having no money to take you somewhere expensive and worthy of you, but you still smile at the little picnic and the romantic music playing through the cheap speakers. Seulgi doesn’t even make it down to her knees when she sees you in a peach off-shoulder dress and orange crocs. It’s so you and so magnificent that she just blurts the words out, her hand fishing out the ring from her pocket. She sees the surprise and tears in your eyes when she holds the ring out and Seulgi thinks about wanting to paint this someday but it makes her laugh. She can’t possibly add to such perfection.
She paints you that night too. First, with a dark sea green and navy blue on your stomach, jaw clenching with anger as she thinks back to the past and how gray her life was. She paints your sides with neon green and mustard yellow and bright orange to remind herself that she never has to go back to that monochrome existence. She paints your arms in sky blues and lavender and peachy pinks, forgoing her brushes and using her hands instead. She adds turquoise and lavender and thinks that even though the colors don’t match in any way, you were still a masterpiece in her eyes, a masterpiece she would never share with the world.
She quits her job at the café to paint full time and you get an office job close to home. The pay is low and it makes the dream wedding all the more a dream, but it was fine at the time. Seulgi sells a painting here and there and does her best to contribute but it’s really your salary that pays the bills and buys the weekly groceries. You don’t mind as long as both of you manage to save some away for the wedding. 
But then the savings get smaller and smaller and soon there’s nothing to even save.
You work longer hours while Seulgi stays home to paint. It puts a strain on the relationship, with you coming back later and far more irritable while your fiancé paints the day away. Your first fight with her has you scowling and her confused as to why she had to spend the night on the couch (she doesn’t by the way, you find her passed out with a brush in your hands and a half-finished canvas). Most of the money goes to rent and groceries, which doesn’t include her painting supplies. When she paints the last of her blank canvases, she turns to other things in the apartment to paint: toothbrushes, t-shirts, the walls, and even painting over old canvases when she was truly desperate. It pains her to paint them blank, but she does what she needs to.
She’s also noticed that you don’t smile anymore, a frown taking its place. It doesn’t suit you, so Seulgi paints your smiles from memory and shows it to you, hoping that it would make you a little happy. Instead, you only shake your head and walk away, leaving Seulgi in a state of confusion and despair. She goes to bed every night wondering what she did wrong and how she could fix it.
Sometimes, you ask her—no, beg her— to stop painting for one day, but Sulgi doesn’t, as if she doesn’t hear you. She can’t see that her love for art was killing this relationship, that her world was slowly crumbling back into shades of gray. Slowly but surely, you trade your greens and yellows for white and brown and steel. Seulgi hates those colors on you, so she paints your smiles and bright colors to soothe her aching heart, to pretend that the apartment wasn’t slowly losing the colors and warmth that she fell in love with.
When she returns from the store one afternoon, she finds the apartment empty. Of course, it should be given that you would still be at work but it wasn’t that. The apartment was devoid of life: the plants that you had proudly nurtured were gone, as were the scratchy quilts and colorful mugs that she had painted on a whim. Dropping the bags on the counter, she walks into the bedroom to find the bookshelf half-empty, your framed photos, and books gone as well. Fear bloomed in her chest as she wretched the closet open, pulling out old t-shirts of hers but not your green sweaters and pink jackets. The bathroom is missing your maroon towel next to her white one and your toothbrush is gone too. She runs back to the living room and sees that your blue sneakers and orange crocs are gone too, the fridge missing your stupid cartoon magnets. Something shines from the counter and Seulgi picks it up with shaky hands, biting back the sob when she realizes it's your ring. There’s a string of paper towel taped to the counter, a string of words written in sharpie on them, detailing everything Seulgi already knew but couldn’t accept. She reads it once, then twice, and a third time, but one line sticks out to her:
I love you, but you’ve always loved art more.
She’s twenty-seven and has learned to curb her love for art when she sees you again.
After you left her in a world of gray again, she very nearly crumbled, throwing her canvases away and cutting the hairs off her brushes. She trashes the apartment that was once a constant source of creativity for her and gets drunk with what little money she had left that week, taking shot after shot until the bartender cuts her off. She understands why you left her though, but it pains her to know that she drove you away because she didn’t love you as much as the thought of you. So she drowns that anguish with cheap beer and paints it out on nonsensical things, the apartment turning into a haven and a prison for her. She falls behind on the rent but the landlord doesn’t have the heart to kick her out, only shaking her head in disapproval when Seulgi comes back drunk late at night.
It takes her a year to sober up and pick the brush up again, but only after the landlord threatened to kick her out after missing the monthly rent again. It’s hard to put the bottle down and even harder to even think about really painting again, but she tries her best. She paints you from her memories, but it’s not the smiles or the flush of your cheeks, but your disappointed eyes and the frowns instead as a reminder of what she did. She keeps your ring close but it’s not a badge of pride or shame.
She doesn’t move out of the apartment but she does buy new furniture and repaints the walls in a simple blue. It’s not the same as what it used to be but she thinks it was what she needed to move on. She starts to paint the cityscape and finds joy in the simplest of things again, the colors slowly coming back to her. She gets a job at a local gallery and only paints on the weekends. Her first Christmas without you is painful, but she manages, treating herself to a glass of wine and an ugly sweater that you would’ve most certainly bought for her.
By the end of the second year that she spends without you, she’s making a decent amount and sells quite a bit of her paintings. She’s stopped painting you altogether and finally dares to put the ring away. She goes on a few dates here and there but it never goes beyond that. After all, she loves art and she loves you.
She’s sketching in the corner of the café that she used to work at when the bell chimes, a customer walking in. Ordinarily, that doesn’t make her look up, but it’s the sight of blue sneakers that catches her gaze. When she looks up, she feels the air leaving her lungs. You’re still wearing that disgusting neon green sweater and blue sneakers and nothing’s changed yet everything has. You order the same overly sweet drink that Seulgi used to make for you, not noticing your ex staring at you from her spot. It makes her heart swell with affection but also drop with fear. Without much thought, she draws you: the ugly green sweater, the bright blue sneakers, the tired glimmer in your eyes, everything. She doesn’t remember the last time she was so taken with a portrait, but she knows why: it’s always been you.
By the time she’s done with the sketch, you’re leaving the café, and Seulgi wonders if she should chase you, to ask for your forgiveness, and to prove that she can love you properly this time. You walk out of the café and she looks down at her sketch, thumb tracing your jawline, and makes a choice. It’s a selfish choice, she thinks as she packs her things and rushes out of the café. She sees you stop at a red light and, even though her legs are on fire, she pushes herself to catch up to you, wrapping a hand around your arm. When you turn around to look at her, she nearly weeps: you’re still as beautiful as ever. She could see the shock and confusion in your eyes as you look at your former fiancé and it makes her nervous, so Seulgi does what she does best. She tears the portrait out of her sketchbook and gives it to you, asking if she could paint the lady in green.
When you let out a small laugh and take the offered portrait, Seulgi thinks that you’ve once again breathed color into her world, starting with your neon green sweater.
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mandu-17 · a day ago
TWICE reaction to their S/O winning an Oscar
Requested by: anonymous
A/N: hope everyone’s having a good weekend 🤍
Tumblr media
This girl was so involved in the whole process ever since you were announced to be nominated. Checking the predictions every few hours, reading every new article, it seemed like she cared about it more than you. Nayeon was so happy for you, it was her way of showing how much she cared. It even felt like she was the one winning an Oscar. She’d brag about how successful her baby is to literally everyone she saw. 
She was just so proud of you, you worked so hard and she knew, it’d pay off. Don’t expect her not to tease you later, though. Nayeon would for sure quote your lines in daily conversations.
“Look, they say that you’ll most likely win!”
Tumblr media
Honestly, she couldn’t stay still. There was so much adrenaline in her body and she was so happy for you. Jeongyeon would cling on to you, hugging you every few minutes to congratulate you again and show how much she loved and admired you. 
But, don’t let it fool you. Few days later, she’d start to tease you, probably along with her members, earning surprised gasps and chuckles from you. Although, deep down you knew they all loved you just, as much as Jeongyeon did. You were also a part of the family.
“Congratulations, baby! I’m so proud.”
Tumblr media
Your girlfriend was almost as overwhelmed, as you. She shared your joy and happiness, feeling her chest filling up with pride every time she glanced at the award, now resting on your shelf. Momo invited her members to celebrate the big day with you, in one of your favorite restaurants. She never let go of your hand that night, showing that it was all about you. For you.
Of course, sooner or later, they all began to tease you about your performance on the screen, but Momo was quick to react.
“Hey! Only I can tease Y/N about it.”
Tumblr media
Sana’s eyes were so bright. Filled with so much love and admiration, that it made you feel even more flattered than when you were accepting the award. The second, you came home with an Oscar in hands, she crashed you in a hug, almost sending it to the ground. But you weren’t mad.
You hugged her equally hard, melting in her arms, as she peppered your face in kisses, finishing with a chaste one on your lips. That night, the two of you ordered your favorite food and cuddled on the couch in celebration. It was simple, but with Sana, even simple meant the best.
“I’m so proud of you, baby. I love you.”
Tumblr media
Being your biggest and most supportive fan, Jihyo’s smile was just as wide as yours. Her chest felt like exploding any second, because of how excited she was. When you stepped into the waiting room, she jumped into your arms, before kissing you deeply. Pulling away, you even noticed her eyes getting teary. At your worried frown, she assured you it were happy tears.
To celebrate your first Oscar, Jihyo made a reservation in one of the fanciest restaurants. The two of you chatted until it was closed, enjoying delicious food and drinks.
“Congratulations. I’m so happy for you, Y/N.”
Tumblr media
Mina was so happy about your success. To her, even if you didn’t win she’d be your biggest fan and supporter, always proud of you. Your girlfriend knew how important it was for you and she was over the moon that she was there with you to celebrate it. 
The party with her members and your friends was so much fun, although she was waiting for an intimate moment just with you. She’d then cuddle you and caress your face, hoping that her eyes told you how much she admired you. In a soft voice, she’d congratulate you again.
“I don't know any other person, who deserves it more than you.”
Tumblr media
At first, your girlfriend was filled with joy and proudness seeing you with an Oscar. She’d congratulate you and make sure to properly celebrate your success by taking you to the restaurant, that you loved. Once the emotions slowly settled down, Dahyun would for sure tease you about your role. 
Imitating your scenes and making fun of your facial expressions. Of course in a loving way, she’d never cross any lines with you. You were her entire world and watching you getting awarded with such a big distinction made her incredibly happy.
“You know, I’m just teasing. You’re the best in what you do.”
Tumblr media
Chaeyoung was so happy for you the minute you were announced to be nominated. It wouldn’t even matter to her if you didn’t win, she was already so proud of you. With a big smile on her face, she kissed you lovingly. On the day of Oscars, she’ll happily company you at the gala, calming down your nerves. Never leaving you alone and holding your hand all the time. 
Once you won and finally joined her backstage, she attacked you with a hug, repeating how delighted she felt with you. Overwhelmed, you whispered into her ear thanking her for her endless support.
“Y/N, You did it! I’m so proud of you.”
Tumblr media
Your girlfriend was so happy for your success. It was so heartwarming to see you with an Oscar, grinning from ear to ear. Tzuyu made sure to be the first one to congratulate you. Since she wasn’t good with words, she kept it simple. Instead, she bought you so many gifts and flowers. Jewelry, perfumes, accessories, snacks, literally everything was there. Just for you.
Because Tzuyu knew how hard you worked for this award and how much it meant to you. What she didn’t know though, was that for you, the best part in everything was being able to celebrate it with her.
“Congratulations, Y/N! You deserved it so much.”
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shotbyvity · 2 days ago
Could you write something with cravity like the reader coming out as asexual to them? Like they're in a relationship and they share this moment?
heyhey, I did a good research and I think I managed to do it in a way that my description doesn't seem so empty, it's going to look like I missed a bit of the plot, but I swear I tried hard djffdkjnd excuse anything and hope you like it.
-cravity legal line with a asexual s/o
everything in this life derives from a dialogue. no matter what, their function as your partner is to listen and understand, and well, in that matter serim; woobin and allen are great listeners, they are men capable of clearing any doubts without any problem, just the fact that you openly talk about it makes them happy. prepare for a very long conversation because they will want to understand everything and how you can take the relationship in a healthy way.
wonjin and jungmo know about you as a whole, so maybe they already had some notion and they love you regardless of any sexual contact, what about their barriers to feeling needy at times. they know there are other ways to relieve themselves, they would never be able to ask you for something knowing that maybe you might not feel comfortable
intimacy goes beyond actual sexual contact and in my opinion this is the view of minhee and hyongjun, they are deep people, they will know how to get around, give you that feeling of intimacy without actually having sex, your news would be extremely understood and supported, the only thing they don't want is to live without you. otherwise everything can be resolved with dialogue.
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ateez-imagines · 9 days ago
Ateez reacts to you riding them
Warning: Smutty!
A/n: So yeah I kind of went IN with WooSan…oops? Anyways this is my first Ateez reaction! Hope you guys will like it! -Mintea
Hongjoong: You kissed him as Hongjoong falls onto the bed. “Ride me baby.”
His whispers sent chills down your spine as you nodded.
You sat down on his length and moaned softly.
“You feel so good.” Hongjoong’s hands roamed through your body as you arched.
You looked down to see Hongjoong’s face was pink as he lost in pleasure.
“You’re so cute Joong.” You bit your lips as he made you want to tease him more so you fastened up your pace.
Hongjoong gasps as his eyes opened with pleasure in his eyes.
“You like it?” You smiled as he pulled you in for a passionate kiss.
Tumblr media
Seonghwa: His hands intertwined with yours as he placed kisses against your neck.
“C-can I be on top..?” You whispered as he makes eye contact with you.
“Hmm?” He teases as he tilts his head and smirks at you.
Your face turn red as you want to try riding him, but you can’t say it.
“I want to try riding you….” You muttered softly as he chuckled deeply.
“Sure.” Seonghwa’s eyes locks into yours as he place you on top of him.
You slowly got down as his full length was now inside you. “Hmm…” You bit your lips, trying to adjust to him when he suddenly thrusts.
“Ah-“ You covered your mouth as your eyes widened at the shock.
“S-seonghwa!” You whined as he grabs your waist. “I didn’t say I’d let you lead though.”
Your legs tightened at the rough movements as Seonghwa spread your legs.
“I wanna see all of you, baby.”
Tumblr media
Yunho: “Yunho….” You pout as he continued to play game.
“In a bit Y/n.” He nonchalantly mumbled as you got an idea. You kissed down his neck and grabbed onto his crotch.
Yunho gasps as his legs froze, however he lets you continue.
You played with his member as it hardens. “Yunho….please?” You asked as he continued to stare at the computer screen.
“Hmm!” You pout and immediately sat on his lap without warning as you pulled his length inside of you.
Yunho finally looks at you as you bit your lips.
“I really need you.”
Yunho’s big hands wrap around your waist as he stops your movements.
“Now when did I say you could move?”
Tumblr media
Yeosang: He eats his chocolate cutely as you had an idea.
You licked the chocolate and tapped onto Yeosang’s shoulders.
You point to your lips as he smiled. “Kiss?” He asks as you nodded.
Yeosang leans in as you both connected your lips together as you began licking his lips.
He tastes the chocolate on your lips and smiled shyly.
“Be careful…I might not be able to hold myself back.” Yeosang mumbles as you clearly heard him.
“Then could I ride you?” You bluntly asked as his eyes widened along with an awkward silence.
“N-nevermind.” You covered your blushing face and stood up as Yeosang pinned you onto the bed.
“You can’t just leave after saying that.” Yeosang place you on top of him as he stares at your body.
Tumblr media
San: He bites his lips harshly to tease you. “If only you didn’t come without my permission then you’d be able to taste my lips.”
San continues to place soft kisses that barely touches your neck, but made sure to not kiss you directly.
“Please…I’ll be good this time.” You begged as San chuckled deeply.
“How are you going to prove that, Princess?” San whispers the last word into your ears before licking your earlobe, sending shivers down your spine.
“I-I’ll ride you and make you come.” You looked into his eyes as he was dumbfounded.
San burst into laughter as you pouted. “What!?”
“I just can’t believe you’re that desperate.” San throws his head back as he cocked an eyebrow.
“Well then…show me.” San tilts his head as you straddled onto him.
San purposely place both his hands behind his head to look up at you.
You place his length inside of you and closed your eyes.
“I thought you said you’d make me come?” San teases as you felt rage in your eyes.
“I am.” You placed your hands on his chest and rode him, fastening up the pace as San was drowned in his own pleasure.
“Hmm…” Your brows furrowed as San held onto your waist.
He smirks and chuckles. “You know I still haven’t given you permission to come yet.”
Tumblr media
Mingi: He was very vanilla as he slowly spread your legs and went down on you.
“Do you like it?” Mingi asks as his luscious lips vibrates against your clit, causing you to shake.
Your body twitched as Mingi smiled with his heart fluttering at the sight.
“I want to be inside of you now.” He whispers as you stopped him.
“Is something wrong?” His brows furrowed with worry as you shook your head.
“I….I just want to ride you.” You looked away as Mingi immediately place you on his lap himself.
“Come on…” Mingi lays back as you grind against his crotch.
“I-I need you Y/n.” Mingi bit his lips as you gladly ride him.
Tumblr media
Wooyoung: He had came home from practice, but he was still willing to please you.
You straddled his lap as he wrapped his arms around you waist.
“You’ve been waiting for me?” Wooyoung teases with a smirk as sweat was all over his body.
“You look tired Woo…we can do it tomorrow. I can wait.” You kiss his hand as he pat your head.
Wooyoung shakes his head as you looked at him.
“But you’ve been waiting for me.” He knits his brows together with a whine in his voice.
“Come on~ I’m okay!” You wrapped your arms around his neck as Wooyoung suddenly touched your clit.
Your legs tightened as you moaned at the touch that you’ve been waiting for.
“But you’re all ready for me.” Wooyoung glided his fingers against your wet folds as you buried yourself in his neck.
“How about you ride me?” He suggests as he looks at you while licking his bottom lip.
You blink multiple times but nodded.
“Come on…” Wooyoung places a pillow behind him as you crawled on top of him.
Tumblr media
Jongho: He’d rather be in control as he smiled at your suggestion.
“You want to ride me?” Jongho’s gummy smile appears as it fades away when he gets closer to you.
“Since you’ve been so good…” Jongho sat down as he pats his lap for you.
“Come sit down.” He commands as you sat on his lap.
Your body squirmed on top of his as you felt his crotch twitched.
Jongho gasps as you boldly grind against his clothes crotch.
Jongho’s hand immediately flew to your neck as you whined. “Let’s see you ride me.”
Tumblr media
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kpopboysxtogether · a day ago
Vampire enhypen! - Reaction to listening to their S/O’s heart beating faster because of them
Despite being a big bad vampire heeseung would still get shy over your racing heart, tightly back hugging you as he listens to the pounding of your chest, laying his chin on your shoulder as he lightly snickers tucking his face into your neck, “I’m sorry, Am I causing that?”, he questioned but when you hummed in confusion he remembered he was the only one able to hear it, “your heart I mean, it’s loud but in a good way it always seems to get faster when I’m around you”, he said hugging you even tighter.
Tumblr media
“Are you okay Y/N? Your heart is beating really fast right now”, he knows exactly why it’s beating so fast but why not point it out and make his little human blush. He honestly loves listening to your heart it makes him feel the humanity that left him a century ago, he can hear everyone’s heartbeat but only yours is special to him, he doesn’t even want to think about when your heart stops pumping so he disguises his thoughts of the future with humour, “are you sure your not having a heart attack?!”.
Tumblr media
He gave you a chance to calm down but every time he budged during the little cuddle session your heart picked up speed, “I didn’t even know a human heart could beat that fast”, he laughed out but you didn’t respond he grew worried leaning up on his elbows so he could look at you, “your not scared of me right?”, but when he found out it was just embarrassment his giggles bounced around the room, “come here Y/N don’t be embarrassed with me!”, he said smothering you into his arms and placing a kiss on your lips.
Tumblr media
He thought it was beautiful, staring down at you with a sweet smile giggling slightly as your heart rate increased even more, he felt happy for a second till realisation hit him, his smile slowly fading as he realised that he wouldn’t be able to listen to it forever, either he turns you or you die from old age your heart wouldn’t beat infinitely, “This is why you shouldn’t be like me, I don’t want to be the one to stop something so delicate but.. I don’t think i could live without you either, am I being selfish Y/N?”,
Tumblr media
All he did was sit next to you and his ears instantly perked up quietly listening as your heart started to race, his smile increasing with each thud, “your so cute Y/N”, you were a little taken aback by his random compliment till you remembered that the boy has super hearing. Sunoo leaned in towards you practically laying in your lap as he pointed and giggled at your now blushing cheeks, ”wah your blushing Y/N! Humans have the best reactions though yours are my favourite”, he smiled up at you.
Tumblr media
Jungwon doesn’t remember the last time he had a heartbeat himself but he surely is fascinated with yours, he uses your heart as his advantage. He might not be a mind reader but he knows when your scared, nervous, happy and even sad he reads you like a book, monitoring the sounds as he smirks at you, “nervous Y/N?”, he giggled kissing you on the cheek, “it’s okay I’m not listening.. See!”, he said covering his ears with a proud smile, he can definitely still hear but you don’t have to know that.
Tumblr media
He could hear your heartbeat from the other room, smiling to himself as he made his way over to you, laying his head on your chest and feeling the vibrations against his ear it was completely captivating for him, “it’s getting faster Y/N!”, he said excitedly glancing up at you as he quickly laid his head back down, you swore his eyes sparkled with wonder, “so this is the thing that keeps you alive, it makes me want be a human but for only a day being a vampire is too cool, you should try it some day”.
Tumblr media
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moonandsunwoo · 21 days ago
txt waking up to an empty bed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# — pairing: txt x reader
# — genre: fluff
# — warnings: nooooneeee
Tumblr media
For today’s whine-parade: I crave sleepy txt content and I miss TO DO x TXT. Anyways. I hope u enjoy / edit: tumblr keeps deleting yeonjuns name between soobin and his part. Thank you for telling me everyone who did, if it happens once again pls feel free to point it out again. Thank you!
Tumblr media
It wasn’t even that late when he woke up
So when he turned towards where you were supposed to be and you weren’t here he
Instant confusé
Sits up and waits for your return
Hair sticking up and all, eyes still half closed
Still wrapped up in blanket he’s like an abandoned bunny
And waits and waits.
Turns out you just went to the toilet
Biggest smile sleepy soobin can muster
Pulls you straight back down
Nap time again~
Yeah no
Yeah no
You can’t really get out in the first place
This man sleeps with you as his bodypillow
Personal space who
If you manage to get away he’s gonna wake up and (=.=)!
What, did u think he wouldn’t yell through the whole house
If yelling is unsuccessful, a wild yeonjun will go on a big search
It’s not like you’re hiding in the first place but it’s still kinda creepy how fast he finds you
Just has a gut feeling where you could be
Contemplates getting you back in bed but honestly, he’s also fine with just cuddling on the couch or sum
He doesn’t even notice at first
He rolls over and just goes ‘woah more space, neat’ until it hits
U should be there?!
But you weren’t?!
Takes the initiative and goes on treasure hunt
Sometimes with blanket still wrapped around his shoulders
He’s not planning on starting the day already pls he does that 5 out 7 times already
His treasure [you] will be brought back to bed
There’s nothing you can’t get done there anyways, so why not just stay under comfy sheets
He’s not one to yell your name first thought
He is a bit shocked tho
Like…what about 😐 resting 😐
Gets up quickly to find you
Maybe you were making breakfast? Then he would help immediately
The kind of boyfriend who walks up on you to hug you from behind and rest his head on your shoulder
Would drift off there for a few minutes
Taehyun mornings always end with coffee on the couch or back in bed, it doesn’t really matter how they start or when
Clingy sleeper pt2
You know how he has like an army of plushies
Yes you’re also one of them
I feel like he’s one to apologise to his plushies when they fall off the bed
Hence he would first check the floor if he didn’t immediately see you
Confused genz-icon noises when he don’t find
After some time of waiting he either goes back to sleep or tries to find you
But he’s more likely to fall back asleep tbh
But :( missing :( u :(
Pls don’t just leave for longer than the average toilet-trip
Tumblr media
⌕ m.list
© moonandsunwoo
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multihoe-net · 17 days ago
adulthood pt.1 - y.ji
Tumblr media
summary: you’re very familiar with your brother Felix’s best friends, having a soft spot for the youngest one, Jeongin. He’s always been a cute baby in your eyes... Or so you thought.
pairing: I.N. x female reader
genre: Suggestive
warnings: sexual tension, making out, dirty talk, touching, usage of “noona.”
[part two]
Tumblr media
You went downstairs on a warm evening, hands tying up your hair in a messy bun as you found your younger brother and his friends all reunited in the living room. You peeked your head in the doorframe gaining their attention, you waved at them as soon as they smiled at you and returned the gesture.
“What are you up to?” You asked, now with your arms crossed and your body leaning against the frame.
“We’re having a party tonight.” Your brother Felix said. You arched a brow at him, his friends trying hard not to giggle.
“And when did you ask for permission?” You teased.
Felix scoffed, looking at you.
“Why should I?”
You stepped closer, wandering around the room until you stood behind him, finally smacking the back of his neck and making him wince in pain.
“Maybe because I’m your older sister?” You scolded, making his friends finally burst into laughter.
Felix rubbed the back of his head and looked at you, sighing.
“Noona, what was that for?” He asked, clicking his tongue. “Will you say no? Don’t be boring!”
You rolled your eyes.
“Maybe if you asked...” You said, making your way to the door once again to walk out of the room. Felix groaned.
“Fine. Noona, can we throw a party tonight?”
You smirked, turning around again to look at them.
“How many people?”
“At least 10.” He said, staring at his friends for approval.
“Yeah, I think it’s going to be guys only.” Said Seungmin, one of his friends. You ended up chuckling.
“Just boys? Do you call that a party?” You asked in amusement, making your brother roll his eyes.
“Is that a yes or a no?”
You waved your hand in a gesture of downplaying, turning on your heels once again.
“Sure, sure. Do your thing.” You finally said, walking towards the kitchen leaving a very embarrassed Felix behind.
As soon as you entered the room, the smell of popcorn filled your nostrils. You smiled contently before your eyes landed on a tall figure, who’s back was facing you. However, you recognized who it was thanks to all the years you’ve been having him around.
“Hey, Innie.” You greeted happily, slightly startling him. He turned his head and a subtle smile formed on his lips.
He definitely kept his cool, but deep down his heart was racing so fast he was afraid you’d be able to hear it. His eyes scanned your body quickly, and he felt like choking when he saw your long legs being exposed through your shorts.
“Hey, noona.” He greeted back as soon as the microwave started to sound, letting you know the popcorns were ready. He quickly looked away and focused his attention on the snack he was making. His hands started to get a bit sweaty, your silhouette and scent always made him feel dizzy.
You stepped closer, opening one of the gabinets to hand him a bowl to place the snack inside. He took it and smiled, grabbing the hot pack and carefully opening it with his large hands, trying not to burn himself.
You stood right beside him and stood on your tiptoes, placing your chin on his arm so you could see the popcorn falling inside the bowl. Jeongin’s body stiffened at your sudden proximity, causing him to swallow thickly.
“That smells so good.” You hummed approvingly, smiling. He crumpled the paper bag and moved aside to throw it in the trash. You stayed on your spot, finally grabbing some popcorn and throwing it in your mouth.
“Want me to put some for you in another plate?” He asked, running the water in the sink and washing his hands. You looked at him as you chewed, smiling anyways and shaking your head.
“No, thank you. This would make me fat anyways.” You said with a shrug, wiping your hands on your shorts.
Jeongin, still smiling, furrowed his brows.
“Fat? You’ve never been fat, noona. You look great.” He confessed. You smiled at him just in the moment Felix entered the room.
“Just give up already, she won’t pay attention to you.” He teased, walking past you and grabbing the bowl, throwing some popcorn into his mouth. Jeongin rolled his eyes and you chuckled.
“Leave him alone. He’s so cute.” You said, standing again on your tiptoes and pinching his cheek. He forced a smile just because it was you, but he was tired of everyone babying him.
Especially when it came to you.
“Don’t say that to him, he could believe he has a chance.” Felix teased again, palming his friend’s back before he exited the room.
Jeongin always had the biggest crush on you and you had known it all along. Ever since all of you were kids he always said he was going to marry you, or asked you to be his girlfriend. You found it adorable, but although you were only two years older than him, your answer was always “maybe if you were a bit older.” And that not only broke his heart, but also made him start bottling up his feelings for you. Whenever you started dating someone and he saw you with him he felt like his jealousy would eat him alive. It was hard for him and you weren’t making it any easier. The truth was that you didn’t see him like your little brother at all, he was always cute, but since he was your younger brother’s age, you treated him as such, keeping the whole thing on the sidelines. You knew it made him pissed, but you needed to convince yourself that was the right thing to do even though you didn’t want to. The problem was that the older he grew, the prettier he got, and you weren’t dumb or blind not to notice. However, you needed to keep your distance from him for the sake of your morals.
“These kids.” You shook your head, “It’s okay, you’re still cuter than him, Innie.” You said pinching Jeongin’s cheek again before you walked out of the room and went upstairs.
He let out a frustrated groan before he joined his friends in the living room who soon started to tease him with you. He didn’t say much, just sat quietly sending death glares to everyone making fun of him. He was pissed. He wasn’t a kid anymore and you’d have to be aware of that, sooner or later.
A couple of hours later, you heard your brother shout from downstairs, saying that they’d go buy some drinks and food for later that night. You decided to go downstairs to check if Felix had locked the door properly, and when you made sure he did and was about to go back to your room, you spotted Jeongin sitting on the couch as he scrolled through his phone.
“Jeongin? What are you doing here?” You asked from the entrance of the room. He looked up at you for a second before he looked back at his phone.
“Felix didn’t want you to be alone.” He said nonchalantly. You cocked a brow and huffed.
“Me? I’m the oldest one here. Now are we going to pretend that I’m the baby?” You said, rolling your eyes. Jeongin looked up at you, blocking his phone and tucking it in his pocket.
“No, but you’re the girl.” He stated calmly, looking at you with a blank expression.
“And? What’s that supposed to mean? I could probably take better care of myself than any of you could.”
Jeongin stood up, tucking his hands in his pockets as he started to step closer.
“Have you seen how small you are, noona? You can pretend all you want, but you’re still fragile, so tiny. There’s no way you could protect yourself if a man gets in.” He said, looking down at you and leaving you dumbfounded before he walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water.
“Excuse me?” You asked offended, following behind him. “You’re acting as if I wasn’t the one who took care of all of you for years.” You added. Jeongin brought the glass to his lips and took a sip, still with his back facing you and his free hand placed on top of the counter. “That’s some misogynistic thing to say.”
“Okay, sorry. Then let me do it for you in return.” He said, emptying the glass and placing it on the sink.
You let out a humorless laugh and leaned against the refrigerator. Jeongin’s eyes landed on you, but his head wasn’t totally facing you.
“I don’t need you to take care of me.” You responded. “Why are you acting like a brat so suddenly?”
He let out an ironical, breathy chuckle and shook his head.
“Maybe if everyone stopped treating me like a joke, I wouldn’t be pissed.”
You narrowed your eyes at him, then stepped closer.
“Are you mad because Felix was teasing you earlier?” You chuckled. “Shouldn’t you be used to it already?”
“I don’t mind his teasing.” He responded. “What pisses me off is that you do the same.”
You tilted your head, frowning in confusion.
“What? I haven’t made fun of you.”
He turned around, his piercing gaze now all over you.
“You’re the first one who treats me like a kid.” He spat. “Oh, you’re so cute, Innie, such a baby.” He mocked.
You rolled your eyes.
“It was just a joke. You’re the yougest, that’s why.”
“I’m the youngest, but I’m not a fucking child anymore.”
“Guess what? You’re acting like one, being butthurt over a dumb teasing.”.
Jeongin kept silent for a second, then smirked. You looked at him confused and thought he was pranking you, until he grabbed your arms and pressed you against the nearest wall. His grip was strong, but not enough to hurt you. You looked at him with shock, as he pressed his body flush against your small frame.
“Do I have to prove you that I’m not a kid anymore, noona?” He asked, his voice now husky as his orbs turned dark and hooded. You felt your heart starting to race uncontrollably, not really knowing how to react at his sudden behavior.
“What are you doing? S-stop joking. This is not funny.” You asked in a whisper. His sweet smile returned to his lips, but this time it looked different and it sent chills down your spine.
“Hmm, I see that you don’t want to change your mind. I think I better help you.” He said, dangerously close to your lips. You could feel his nose brushing against yours and his breath ghosting on your lips.
You weren’t able to say a word before he crashed his lips with yours in a hard kiss. You tried to pull back, but he was too strong, and the inevitable just happened.
You surrendered to him.
His lips glided on yours in a way no one had ever kissed you before. His hands finally released your arms and moved down to your waist, pressing you even more against him when he noticed you wouldn’t run away. You threw your arms around his neck and tangled your fingers in his dark, silky hair, with all your surpressed desires flowing through your lips.
He quickly lifted you up and sat you on the counter without parting lips. He stood between your legs and kept kissing you, his hands moving to cup your cheeks as he slightly bit your lower lip and genly tugged on it. You opened your mouth enough for him to slide his tongue and let it play with yours. You felt the temperature rising up between the both of you the moment his hand rested on your exposed thigh. You broke the kiss and gasped for air, eyes still half closed as he kept his face close to yours.
“We can’t do this.” You breathed. “They’re coming back soon.”
Jeongin placed one of his hands on your jaw and start leaving wet kisses on your mouth and below your ear.
“That's why you better tell me what you want, we don't have much time. Didn't you say you could take care of yourself? All your might and disposition are nowhere to be seen when I have my hands on you. Makes me think you don't really want to stop. Do you want me to stop, noona? hm?” He whispered against your skin in between kisses. His husky voice making you weak in the knees.
“I- Jeongin, please.” You begged, as he kept caressing your thighs and ghosting his lips over yours.
“Please what? Speak to me. Do I stop?” He asked again, biting on your lip once more. Your eyes opened, the look on his face and his now swollen red lips were too much to handle. He looked godly and you didn’t know if you really wanted it to stop.
“No, fuck. No.” You said, grabbing his face with your hands and kissing him again. Lips moving slow and smoothly, heads tilting to deepen the kiss moments before you felt him smiling against your lips.
He parted lips with you and started kissing on your neck. You tilted your head to give him more room to trail open mouthed  kisses all over the place, gently nibbling and sucking on every sweet spot at the same time his hand moved to touch your inner thighs.
“Seems like you were lying to me noona.” He whispered as he kissed up your neck again. “You wouldn’t react to me this way if you thought I’m a kid, hm? You’re a liar.” He added, nibbling on your earlobe and making a moan escape from your lips.
“P-Please” You begged pathetically, feeling his hand dangerously close to where you needed him the most.
“Who would’ve thought you’d be begging for me, hm?” He breathed, now running his fingers through your hair. “Putty in my hands so easily. Why should I give you what you want? Aren’t I such a brat?”
You felt like crying by his teasing. The way he kissed and touched you were more than you could’ve ever imagined. The way his lips worked on you were so skilled it was leaving you breathless, and you were just making out.
“I just w- I didn’t want to cross boundaries.” You confessed, biting your lip as he kept kissing on your jaw.
“Boundaries? Who put any boundaries in the first place, noona? Must’ve been you, cause I sure as hell didn’t.” He responded, moving his kisses to your chin and starting to leave long lasting pecks on your needy lips.
“I t-thought it was t-the right thing to d-do. You’re- you’re my younger brother’s friend.” You breathed, still craving for his kisses.
“Then...” He said, pulling back from you and leaving you needy and confused. He ran his fingers through his hair and licked his swollen lips. His eyes dark and hooded, staring at you. He was upset. “You were pretending that you felt nothing all this time... Didn’t you? Even when you knew it was killing me?”
You ran your hands on your face and sighed.
“I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to hurt you. I didn’t want to feel this way about you.”
“I see. Always so selfish.” He said. He grabbed your face with his hand, squishing your cheeks and making a pout form on your lips. “I guess now we’re even.” He added, placing one last peck on your lips before he turned around and left the kitchen.
You were about to complain and follow him, but the boys arrived and you had to go upstairs before anyone could notice. You had to take a cold shower, feeling extremely angry and frustrated by how he had left you. You didn’t know who to blame for this, if you for treating him like a child when you clearly didn’t see him that way, or him for teasing you to the point where you had to admit how you felt and let your body react to him in such an embarrassing way where you actually begged for his touch.
Tumblr media
You got dressed, but stayed in your room great part of the night. You couldn’t stop thinking about what happened, and you couldn’t help but go downstairs to see how he was doing.
The lights were off and loud music echoed all over the place. You saw more people than expected, even a few girls dancing or talking with boys.
You felt a strong gaze all over you from across the room, and that’s when you spotter Jeongin sitting on a chair with a plastic cup in his hand. You had decided to wear a skin tight black dress, red heels and a choker. Your long hair was loosened and you would be lying if you said you didn’t do it on purpose just to tempt him.
However, it was you who felt your blood boiling as soon as you noticed a girl sitting next to him and starting to flirt. Your hands turned into fists and the way he smiled at her made you just turn around and go straight to the kitchen to grab a drink for yourself.
Jeongin noticed the way you reacted. He wasn’t really paying attention to the girl next to him, but he had to pretend to see what would you do. He quickly saw you got jealous and he loved it, chuckling to himself. Who would’ve thought that he only needed to kiss you once for you to melt completely for him? He should’ve done this before, he thought. But he wanted to be respectful, so he never made a move.
You gulped the alcohol from your cup. Erratic breathing getting in and out of your nostrils. You were so stupid, you thought. How can you feel that way just because he made out with you hours before? It’s not like you never did that before with someone. Why were you so pissed by it? Why were you mad because a girl was flirting with someone you always treated like your brother? Damn it, Yang Jeongin. He had awoken a part of you you were determined to keep hidden forever if possible. But now that it was out, you couldn’t stop making it obvious.
You felt a familiar silhouette lean against the counter right beside you, you didn’t need to look at him to know it was Jeongin.
“What is it, noona? You look mad.” He teased, as his lips curled up in a smirk.
You rolled your eyes, bringing your cup to your lips.
“Weren’t you talking with a girl?”
“Oh, that girl from there? She is cute, and by the way, she’s my age.” He continuyed, smirking to himself even when you weren’t looking at him.
“Isn’t that just fucking mangnificent?” You asked, your tone sarcastic enough for him to notice and chuckle.
“You wish, you should ask her out.”
Jeongin smiled. His dimples popping up in the darkness.
"Maybe I will."
His response made you glare at him. He just laughed.
“I see you like me more than I imagined, noona.”
You scoffed.
“Fuck off, Jeongin.” Was all you said, starting to walk away.
But he grabbed your wrist and stopped you in your tracks.
“You know there’s no one else for me, right?” You turned your head at his words, still frowning. “Whenever I started going out with girls, or kissed them, I still couldn’t get you off my head, no matter how hard I try, I can't stop coming back to you. You should know that by now, noona. I’ve been stuck with this feeling for ages. I’d drop everything for you.”
You kept quiet for a second, staring at the way his beautiful face glowed with the neon lights. There was no use for you to pretend anymore, but you weren’t good with words either, so you did what you knew was the best choice. You grabbed him by the collar and kissed him. One of his arms wrapped around your waist, kissing you back and clumsily placing the cup on the counter next to you, finally eveloping all your frame with his arms. Your fingers found their way to his hair again, as you continued devouring his sweet lips
You pulled back, both of you panting before you grabbed his hand and took him upstairs to your room with you. You kissed him again as soon as you entered the room, and he kicked the door closed with his feet, his mouth still working on yours. He took you to your bed and laid you on your back against the mattress, hovering over you and supporting his body with both hands at the sides of your head, caging you under his warmth. His tongue pressed against yours and his hands roamed down your arms until they reached your waist. You felt goosebumps, all the hairs on your body standing up at his touch.
He moved and started to kiss from your cheek down to your neck and collarbone, his right hand reached yours and lifted your arm to rest it next to your head, lacing his fingers with yours as he kissed and sucked gently on your skin, leaving marks you wouldn’t dare to hide the next day.
His body pressed against yours, you could feel his arousal in his pants and the heat in his breath against your skin. You bit your lip, trying to suppress the moans that were urging to escape, but it didn't work. You were a moaning mess by just his kiss.
"That's such a beautiful sound, noona, and all for me." He whispered against your skin, making you feel soaked. You were impressed by how dirty this part of him you didn't know existed could be, and God, did you love it.
You managed to move your hands and started to unbutton his shirt. He went back to your lips, making you stop thinking straight before he slowly pulled back.
“What’s wrong?” You asked. He licked his lips.
“Are you aware that I won’t just fuck you and that’s it, right? I probably teased you a lot to see if you really wanted me; but I would never have you as a one night stand. If I’m going to do something, that is make love to you.” He confessed. You sat up and looked at him, listening to what he had to say. “You mean a lot to me, noona. If you just want this to be a one night thing that’s okay, but that’s not what I want to do with you. If you don’t see me that way, I understand, but if you give me the chance, I want to do things right. I want to love you.”
You felt your stomach flip around at his words. Your heart was pounding loudly and you felt fire through your veins. His usual innocent, sweet face came back for a second as he opened up his heart to you. You smiled at him. He was something else.
“Jeongin-” You began, but he shook his head and cut you off.
“I’m sorry. I know I got carried away and no one wants to be left hanging in this kind of situation... But I really don’t want to just have sex with you if you're not going to treat me like a man and then force me to pretend it wasn’t the best thing that happened to me the next morning.”
You chuckled, cupping his face with your hands. Your thumb caressing his cheek as he looked at you confused. If only he knew the effect he had on you. He was, indeed, a man to you.
“You’re really something else, huh?” You asked rethorically. “Let’s give it a shot, then.”
He frowned.
“Are you... Are you accepting to date me?”
You smiled, leaving a long lasting peck on his lips. Damn it, he was too gorgeous. You wanted him all to yourself.
“I am.”
He grinned. His dimples melting your heart as always. However, that cute smile turned into a smirk as his eyes turned hooded and dark. He pushed you back to the mattress, hovering over you again.
“Then I’m going to make you feel really good now, noona.”
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barnesbabee · a month ago
Could I request ateez reaction to sending nudes infront of the other members and they see it :))))
[ATEEZ REACT - You send them nudes while they're with the other members]
⚠gender neutral reader⚠
Tumblr media
-> It would be at the dorms, since he'd hate getting sidetracked at work -> Seonghwa had just informed you they were finally out of practice, so you could have a decent chat without the constant 'sorry have to go :(' and 'see you in a bit' texts -> So it wasn't weird that his phone buzzed in his pocket -> And had it been anybody else he would have waited until dinner was over, but he missed you -> And he missed seeing you -> Thankfully he'd see you much sooner, and a lot more than he had anticipated -> He's innocently grab his phone -> And slam it right down on the table, screen pressing against the wood as his face flushed red -> His widened eyes searched around the room, to find everyone questioning him -> He would 100% awkwardly excuse himself, he couldn't deal with all this in front of others -> His heart would be torn between scolding you, praising you or teasing you, but he somehow (with his still dizzy mind and sweat running down his forehead due to the nerves) found a middleground -> Hwa: you know they could have seen you... We can't have you misbehaving like that, can we?
Tumblr media
-> 100% wouldn't mind -> If anyone saw, it would just fuel his ego and pride, as if he was showing off his prized possession -> He would definitely be at the studio when you'd send the picture -> As a way to fuel him up, and also to show how much you missed him, due to the incessant work hours -> Hongjoong's work company would always differ, from being alone, to being with a couple other people, to being in a crowded room with 7 other boys -> His phone buzzed, and he immediately checked it, as he'd been waiting for the CEO to contact him with a deadline, but it was from you -> Attached image -> He instantly smirked, and opened it, knowing fully well what reserved him -> Hongjoong would always admire your pictures for a very long time, taking in all of your curves -> What he would do next would very much depend if he was alone or not -> But he would always be kind enough to reply -> The male would always know what you wanted: a picture of what you did to him and the promise of a long night ahead of you
Tumblr media
-> Yunho wasn't necessarily shy when it came to sex talk, but he would be very shy when he was unprepared -> He would always be happy to receive a text from you -> ATEEZ said he would always be the fastest to memorize the choreographies, so Yunho would usually have a little time to text you -> Every day you woke up with a 'good morning <3', and every night he went to bed with a 'good night <3' -> So when he received a message from you at 8am he expected it to be wishes of a good day -> But instead he was met with a picture of you, naked, legs spread wide so there would be no doubt at he was looking at, in front of a mirror -> The caption DID say 'have a good day' however, so he wasn't totally wrong -> Yunho was paralyzed -> Between the raging boner, the fiery feeling spreading through his body, and the picture he couldn't bring himself to look away from, he couldn't seem to move -> So much so that it caught the attention of others, earning a 'Yunho, you okay?' from Hongjoong -> He would just nod and excuse himself -> 100% would call you so you could finish what you started
Tumblr media
-> Expect scolding and a whole lot of spanking. -> He would check his phone during break, but since they all hung out together during the short period, it would be impossible for some of them not to notice your exposed body on the screen -> The man would keep his composure, although very much embarrassed (and jealous the others had seen you in that state), as shown by the flush that would 100% be on his cheeks -> Yeosang would excuse himself, only to text back what he would do to you as a punishment, later that night -> But he wouldn't give you the satisfaction of letting you know how flustered and riled up you had gotten him in front of everyone, as he knew that was your goal
Tumblr media
-> Obviously flustered line 2/2 -> Would mindelssly check his phone, and when he saw you had sent a picture he very innocently expected a meme, of a funny picture of your animal -> Instead it was a picture of your ass, perked up, in full view for him -> Would yell 'what the fuck!?' attracting all attention to his phone -> Needless to say, all of the boys who dared look at the phone immediately grew red and looked elsewhere -> Would pop an immediate boner, and would have to excuse himself to finish the job with the picture by his side -> Mingi: If I tell you everyone else saw this the chances are I'm never getting one of these again, right?
Tumblr media
-> Your sexual relationship with San would be based on teasing and punishing, so you'd time it just right -> Right before an interview, where a boner would be hard to hide and would give him a very good motive to have a go at you once he got back -> He would pull out his phone before the interview, to tell you he might be MIA for some time, to find a text from you -> San didn't think much of the fact that it was an attached file, he expected a 'good luck' gif or something of the sort -> So his initial reaction to a picture of you, naked with a hand in your crotch was of shock -> His eyes wide, mouth agape and face as red as a cherry -> But it would only last for a few seconds -> San would recompose himself just as quickly -> Would find a lame excuse to go somehwere else, to snap a picture of his dickprint -> Sannie: this isn't good news to you baby, the price of making me hide a boner in an interview is high -> Y/N: can't wait to pay it ;)
Tumblr media
-> Oh he would absolutely love it -> Didn't care that others saw it, like Hongjoong he saw you as the most beautigul thing in the world and he would be proud to show you off -> It would be a regular thing for you two to exchange pictures, so when 'Picture Attached' showed up on his phone he knew he was in for a good time -> Except he wouldn't be so lucky some times -> Wooyoung had given San the phone to plug it in the speakers, and a message from you came hrough -> San noticed it was an image and clicked it -> He saw Wooyoung take weird photos all the time, so when he clicked on the message he expected to see a goofy face from you, not a full blown nude during work time -> 'Uh... Wooyoung... Y/N sent you... something?' -> San would be looking away while showing him the screen -> Wooyung would just smirk and grab the phone confidently, zooming in on his favourite parts of you -> 'They're really pretty, aren't they Sannie?'
Tumblr media
-> Little kid at heart -> Would be very embarrassed when receiving one of these, no matter if it was in private or public -> His cheeks would warm up, and he would giggle and hold his phone to his chest, to make sure no one aorund him saw it -> Wooyoung would have definitely caught a glimpse of it, being the nosy boy he is, he wanted to know what was so funny for Jongho to be giggling, but he wouldn't tell the younger he had seen his other half's body in display -> Jongho would excuse himself to go to the bathroom and would call you -> He would whine about how horny you'd left him and would beg you to help him out -> So you would have a nice, steamy session of phone sex -> Once it was over, it was his turn to tease you -> Jongho would snap a picture of his cum-covered thighs, with the caption 'the things you make me do...'
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en-hale · 4 days ago
Enha hyung line reaction to you having a high sex drive
༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹ Hyungs Reacting to their s/o having a high sex drive༝ ・ ˖ ₊ ˚⊹
pairing ⑅ Hyung!enha x gn!reader
warning ⑅ 18+ content/suggestive (nothing sexually is really said). Read at your own discretion
author's note ⑅ Okay, so I also added whether or not they too had a high sex drive. I had fun writing this one! I've been a little MIA, which might be happening a lot more often cause, ya'know, school. But, please enjoy!
Heeseung ⑅
He'd be super annoyed.
Yes, he has his days when he's just like, "omg, yes let's do it until the sun comes up." but sometimes he can seriously just be over it.
You both had already done it like 4-5 times that day, and you were ready for the next round and he's just OUT of it.
He'll whine super heavily and just throw a tantrum.
"NO." just a straight answer and nothing else.
You would also throw a tantrum and beg him, but he just physically can't.
I honestly feel like Heeseung doesn't have a high sex drive, like he's not pinning to have sex all the time. He'll just do it when he feels like it or when his partner feels like it and that will be that. If his partner had a high sex drive, it would probably be hard on him since that's just not something he has, but he'd do his best to try and meet their needs, but sometimes, he's just worn out and he can't continue on.
Jay ⑅
I can see Jay being spooked by how much his partner would want to have sex.
One day, you just kind of blurt it out, and now he's curious, but he didn't know just how sexually driven you can be.
"Again?" he'd say. He'll think about it, but since he loves pleasing you, he'll usually say yes.
He'll be the type to kind of tease you about it. You both are out in public and he'd be like, "I bet you're horny right now." with the biggest smirk ever.
and of course, he's right, so you both go home and bang it out until you can't anymore.
Jay's seems to be the type that would do multiple rounds, but sometimes he just has his limits.
Jay doesn't mind his partner having a high sex drive cause it leads to some really fun and restless nights. Jay might have a high sex drive himself, but I think it depends on the time and place. It's not for long, but maybe just for a whole week, he's just be hornier than thou. He won't usually say no to you, but if he does, you know it's because he is legit out of it, whether worn out or just not feeling it that day.
Jake ⑅
He'll pretend likes it nothing. "oh cool." he'll say casually, but on the inside, he's just thinking about every move and position ya'll can try.
It get SUPER sexy with the two of you. ya'll are young and curious, so toys, devices, belts, and everything else are something that you both experiment with, and you both LOVE it.
Jake has no problem with you having a high sex drive, he is ready to go whenever you are.
Nobody can convince me that Jake doesn't have a high sex drive. Like all I could imagine Jake doing throughout his quarantine is being a horny freaky fuck. So if his partner was the same way, there would be many restless nights. But it's an adventure for sure, something you both really enjoy.
Sunghoon ⑅
It's the first date and you tell him, and he just can't deal.
I mean red ears, cheeks, neck, hairline, literally everything.
You both have been dating for some time now, so he's use to it, and his like 50/50 about it.
Some days he's like "FUCK YES." and other days he's like, "no, absolutely not."
You can beg all you want, but Sunghoon does it when Sunghoon wants to.
Realistically, I don't imagine Sunghoon having a high sex drive. Every time I see him, he's so poised and adultly and suave. Don't get me wrong, he can still be a freak, but like a low-key one. I feel like he'll have his splurges of, "ok, let's fuck until we can't see." but it's not often. If anything, he'll really just have sex to have sex, but you can tell the days that he's like actually really wanting to have sex, and it's amazing.
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beautyqueen71999 · a day ago
BTS Masterlist 2
They see your tattoo for the first time
Their gf not liking it when they get possessive or jealous without a reason
Their gf asking them to hug for 4 hours long
You eat ice cream and they get turned on by the way you are eating it
They kiss you unexpectedly
Their crush or GF is deaf
You being depressed
You singing rapping or dancing to their songs
They take you on a theme park date and it starts raining making your straight hair turn curly
They get a minor injury and don't tell you but you end up treating them
Their gf is in the circus but she doesn't tell them because she thinks they won't take her seriously
Meeting you at their fan meet or concert (HL)
Meeting you at their fan meet or concert (ML)
You being pregnant
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seokiie · a year ago
𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝙰𝚛𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝙱𝚘𝚡𝚒𝚗𝚐 (𝙼)
+ 𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘬𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘴 𝘣𝘰𝘹𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘪𝘯 𝘢𝘯 𝘢𝘵𝘵𝘦𝘮𝘱𝘵 𝘵𝘰 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘤𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘦𝘳 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢𝘴𝘬 𝘩𝘪𝘮 𝘵𝘰 𝘵𝘦𝘢𝘤𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘢 𝘧𝘦𝘸 𝘮𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘴. 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘥𝘪𝘥𝘯'𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘬 𝘪𝘵 𝘸𝘰𝘶𝘭𝘥 𝘦𝘯𝘥 𝘶𝘱 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘥 𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦-𝘧𝘪𝘳𝘴𝘵 𝘢𝘨𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘴𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘹𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘧𝘭𝘰𝘰𝘳.
+𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵: 4𝘬
+ 𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘬𝘰𝘰𝘬/𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
+ 𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘴𝘦𝘹, 𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘬, 𝘥𝘦𝘨𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘱𝘶𝘣𝘭𝘪𝘤 𝘴𝘦𝘹, 𝘤𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘮𝘱𝘪𝘦, 𝘣𝘰𝘵𝘩 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘵𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘦𝘹𝘵𝘳𝘦𝘮𝘦𝘭𝘺 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳 𝘥𝘰𝘦𝘴𝘯'𝘵 𝘨𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘤𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘦𝘯𝘵 𝘴𝘰 𝘥𝘶𝘣-𝘤𝘰𝘯 𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨!!, 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘬𝘰𝘰𝘬 𝘪𝘴 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺 𝘳𝘰𝘶𝘨𝘩 𝘪𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘰𝘯𝘦
On AO3
Tumblr media
"I don't think you could handle it."
"Aw, why not? Are you underestimating me because I'm a girl? That's seriously fucked up!" Jungkook gives the punching bag one more jab before stepping back and exhaling deeply.
You were sitting idly on a bench, arms crossed as you watched Jungkook work through his usual gym schedule. He had a match coming up soon and if he didn't have any time to hang out with you, you might as well show support by watching him practice.
Jungkook runs a hand through his dark hair, damp with sweat and sticking to his forehead. He was wearing a loose pair of gym shorts and he had ditched his shirt about an hour ago. As you watch him from the bench, you can't help admiring your friend. He always had a passion for working out but he didn't seriously get into boxing until maybe a year and a half ago. He'd grown so much since then. And not just emotionally.
Not only was he more confident but he was fucking built. He had delicious, golden washboard abs that you practically drooled over while watching him exercise. Literally. You could feel your mouth watering as his abdomen tensed and untensed with each punch to the punching bag, sweat dripping down his body, pecks jiggling-
"Ah, don't put words in my mouth. It's not because you're a girl. It's because, I don't know, you have absolutely no prior boxing experience?" Jungkook rolls his eyes and unstraps his boxing gloves, an incredulous look on his face. His lips were parted and he was still breathing heavily from the intense workout.
"So? Who cares? What if I'm walking down the street at night and someone tries to kidnap me? I should at least know how to punch 'em and break free." You take the gloves from your friend before placing them down on the bench beside you. He lets out an annoyed sigh before cracking his neck and sitting next to you. You hand him his water bottle.
"Then take a self-defense class." Jungkook deadpans before taking a swig from his water bottle. Your eyes fall to his throat, watching his Adam's apple bob with each gulp of water. He was clearly thirsty. To be honest, maybe you were a little, too.
"Why should I pay money for self-defense classes when I have you? Cmon, Jungkook! JK!" You throw an arm around his shoulder and pull him in close. He shows no signs of letting up.
"Jungkookie? Don't you wanna break? It could be fun." You run your fingers through his hair from the nape of his neck up. It was damp with sweat and it kind of looked like he just stepped out the shower. He grumbles begrudgingly as you ruffle his hair endearingly. Honestly, if he was truly annoyed and he wanted to push you away, he could. He was so much stronger than you it was almost insane. On multiple occasions, he's picked you up and swung you around like you were a doll. You weren't completely sure if that was cool or hot. Maybe both.
"I'll teach you a couple of things." Jungkook finally gives in when he realizes he's eye level with your chest. He lets out a nervous laugh before pulling away and clearing his throat. "Don't get too excited, I'm only gonna show you some basic stuff."
After Jungkook takes a quick breather, a minute to wash up in the locker rooms and towel down, he leads you into the boxing ring. He steps inside easily and pulls the blue elastic barrier upwards so you can crawl inside too. You look around curiously. You could see all the machines laid out in the empty gym from where you stand, all the benches tucked against the gray and blue walls, and even the water bottle filling stations near the door. So this is what everything looks like from a boxer's perspective.
"You showered, why are you still shirtless?" Jungkook had changed into a pair of gray sweatpants after leaving the showers but he still decided to go on without a shirt. Was he trying to kill you?
"Why? Does it bother you?" A smirk tugs at his lips before he's stepping closer, all the way into your personal bubble. He kind of towered over you and you could tell he was trying to be intimidating but you simply laugh and turn your eyes away. You would never let him daunt you.
'You would never let him daunt you.' You say that to yourself until he's grabbing your chin, fingers digging into your cheeks as he pulls your attention back to him.
"Does my body get you all hot and bothered? Huh?" He leans in close to your lips, puckered at the force he's grabbing your face with. Your brain takes a second to catch up with your body because, yeah, he does get you all hot and bothered. He really didn't have to know that, though.
"Don't say weird things like that, it's so corny!" You slap him as hard as you can on the chest, hoping he can't hear the slight waver in your voice. He steps backward and almost doubles over laughing. Was tormenting you really that funny?
"Ahah, you're so easy to tease. Ah, look at you." He lets out a few more giggles before you roll your eyes. So annoying.
"Anyway, let's get started. You know how to throw a punch, right?"
"No, I don't. Teach me, ahjussi." You give him a warm, squinty-eyed smile.
"I told you not to call me that. It's so weird, I'm only like, a year older than you." Jungkook grimaces and gets into his usual boxing stance.
"Sorry, ahjussi. I won't do it again." You pout and look up at him through your eyelashes, feigning innocence.
"Do you want to die? I was planning on going easy on you but I don't know if I should after you've disrespected me." You laugh him off and copy his stance. Hopefully, he doesn't actually go too rough on you. The last time you exercised was probably three months ago.
"Pretend I've just broken into your house, alright, and you have to fight me. What do you do first?" There's a serious glint in his eyes.
"I'd probably grab the bat under my bed and bonk you on the head." You raise an eyebrow indubitably and Jungkook lets out an irritated groan.
"You're the one that wanted to learn how to fight, if you're gonna be annoying then I'm just gonna go home."
"Wait, wait, calm down. I'll be serious." You stare at each other in the eye for a few seconds before you both break into laughter. It was impossible for either of you to take the other seriously.
"Ah, seriously, seriously. Let's- let's fight..." Jungkook says through bouts of giggling before straightening up and raising his fists.
"You're not gonna like... teach me anything first? We're just gonna fight?"
"Yeah! I have to figure out what you know before I teach you anything." You feel a little nervous at that. A singular punch from Jungkook would probably cause you to go bedridden.
"Ok, darling, throw the first punch. I'm waiting." You ignore the way the pet name makes your stomach flutter, even if he was using it sarcastically.
You examine the taller man. He was in a fighting stance again and your eyes are instantly drawn to his abs. He's pretty hard there and you don't even want to try punching him in the face. Taking a jab at his middle was your safest bet. You train your arm backward before using all your body weight to punch Jungkook straight in the-
"Wah, you're a lot worse at this than I thought." Jungkook chides and when you look down, his hand is wrapped tightly around your wrist. He'd stopped you before you could even lay a finger on him.
"What! That isn't even fai- AH!" You try to bite back but he quickly grabs your shoulder with his other hand, spinning you around and twisting your arm behind your back. A shooting pain travels from your arm all the way through your body. Your shoulder was being pulled back uncomfortably hard as he tugged at your wrist behind your back.
"Jung- Jungkook, ah! Wait, relax- relax! It hurts, ahh, ahh!!" You moan in pain but Jungkook simply laughs. He wasn't planning on letting up anytime soon.
"This is what you get for calling me ahjussi earlier."
Jungkook likes to think of himself as a soft and kind person who wouldn't dare hurt a fly, but a slightly more sadistic side of him keens at the way you shake and moan against him, crying out desperate apologies so he'd let you go.
Almost as if you hadn't already had enough, he kicks you in the back of your knees causing your legs to buckle. He brings you down to the ground slowly, your arm still trapped behind your back as he straddled your hips from behind. Jungkook had successfully taken you down, not that you were surprised.
"Jungkook!! Kook, serious- seriously! I think you're gonna- you're gonna dislocate my shoulder, fuck!" Your voice raises a pitch higher as you writhe under him. You try to twist and turn out of his grip but his bulky thighs had you locked in place.
"Okay, okay! If it hurts so much, say 'Jungkookie is the hottest, most respectful guy I've ever met in my life. I spend all day watching him work out and I love his sweaty biceps.' Say it!" Jungkook laughs harder when you groan and kick your legs under him.
"I'm not saying that! I have at least a little bit of pride left." Your grimace at him the best you can with your face pressed into the rubber flooring of the boxing ring.
When you think about it, your pride probably wasn't the only thing stopping you from saying those (awfully truthful) words. Jungkook didn't hesitate for a second to roughly pull you down to the ground and dominate you. Something about that was just so fucking hot. Not to mention, every time you shifted under him, you could feel his cock press against the small of your back. He definitely wasn't wearing anything under those sweats.
You bite your lip and clench around nothing, a familiar wave of arousal washing through you at the thought of him pulling his length out from the confines of his gray sweatpants. The way it would slap against his abdomen, right against those toned, honey abs. Shit.
"Fuck, y/n, you don't have to move around like that. Just repeat what I said and I'll let you go." Jungkook stutters, his cocky dominance from earlier all but lost. At first, you don't know what he's talking about and then you realize you must've been unconsciously grinding up against him in an attempt to relieve yourself. Jungkook thinks you're just trying to break free.
" 'm not saying that. It's embarrassing!" You shift your hips back again and add a little wiggle, Jungkook's nails dig into the skin on your wrist as a response. For once, you had power over the muscle bunny that was Jungkook. A smirk spreads across your face.
"Seriously, just say it and I'll let you go. There's no point in fighting back. I'm infinitely stronger than you." The smile tugging at your lips quickly falls when you feel fingers inch into your hair. You gasp when he pulls you back roughly, your head lifting off the rubber flooring. When he speaks again, his lips are ghosting against the shell of your ear ever so lightly.
"Or do you just not want me to let you go?"
"Fuck, Jungkook..." A moan haphazardly slips past your lips and you can sense the way Jungkook smirks. He rolls his hips down and you feel how hard he is through his sweatpants, through your own shorts. You both let out sighs of pleasure as he continues to press his hips down, rutting against you slowly. After months of suffocatingly thick sexual tension hanging in the air between you two, it felt so good to finally breathe.
"Mm, fuck. All this time you- you spent watching me work out... shit! You wanted this, right? You're so fucking obvious, I can see the way you look at me. Probably imagined me fucking you just like this, huh?" Jungkook's lips move from the shell of your ear down to your neck, grazing the sensitive area before sucking hard.
"Jungkook-" You whine when the spot Jungkooks sucking on starts to hurt, a mix of pain and pleasure.
"Jungkook, hnng- stop, you're gonna leave marks."
"That's what I'm trying to do," Jungkook growls before sucking another dark hickey into your neck.
"I have things to do tomorrow you're- you're gonna- now I'll have to wear a turtleneck." You hiss when you feel his tongue pressing down on the purple bruises forming on your neck.
"Y'know, I'm so happy I can finally fuck that snarky attitude right out of you." When Jungkook lets go of your hair, your head falls back on the boxing ring floor. His hand glides down the arch of your back, almost as if he was admiring the skin there before his fingers catch on the waistband of your shorts and he's roughly pulling the material down.
"When I'm done, I'll make sure the only word you'll know how to say is my name." Jungkook bites, a sexy mixture of annoyance and arousal in his tone. He takes a moment to admire the pretty laced panties barely covering your ass, then he's spanking the area hard and moving both his hands to your sides. His fingers practically dig into your hips as he pulls you into an ass up, face down position.
You can't really see much from this angle, with your face pressed against the material of the ring. The position, the openness of the gym, Jungkook's dominance... all of it was so humiliating and you love it.
When's the last time you got some good dick? You owe it to yourself to indulge.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this. Ah, you're wetter than I thought." Jungkook lets out a faint laugh as he grazes two digits over your soaking lips. You keen when he presses those two digits against you clit, rubbing the area agonizingly slow.
"Kook, too slow, more, please- please, faster." You whine and press back against the fingers. For some reason, you felt so needy, like you'd die if he wasn't inside you soon.
"God, I love it. I love hearing you beg. Ask a little nicer and I'll consider giving you what you want." The way Jungkook groans, deep and throaty, has a wave of arousal flowing through your body and you clench around nothing. Hopefully, that changes soon.
"Look at you, fuck..." Jungkook slides his digits up slowly and you can feel him tease at ur entrance. His fingertips press against the tight, slippery hole hard enough to have you gasping but not hard for the two fingers to slip in.
"You're literally trembling for me. But alas, I don't hear you begging..." A couple of incoherent sounds leave your mouth when his fingers finally start to ease inside you. If begging meant he'd speed the fuck up then that's exactly what you were gonna do.
"Please, Jungkookie, please, I need more. I can take it, trust me! More fingers, faster, anything! Shit, I don't even need fingers, fuck me if you want. I'll take you so well, I promise." Usually, you'd be embarrassed at your desperation but you can't find it in yourself to care. You were aching for him.
"Mm, just like that." A moan slips past Jungkook's lips. From your position, you can't see the way Jungkook pulls himself out of his gray sweats and slowly starts to move his fist around his cock. As he does so, his fingers finally start to push inside you.
"Fuck, so warm and tight. I can't wait to get my dick in you." Jungkook lets out a ragged breath as his fingers curl inside you, searching for the spot that would make you fall apart. He finds it easily, pressing against it once and your legs almost giving out.
"More, Kook, more, more!" If he keeps up this rhythm, you're sure you could cum from just his fingers. Just as you start to feel that familiar tightening deep in your core, he pulls his fingers out and groans at the sight of your wetness.
"You keep asking for more... so-" Jungkook gives himself a few more lazy pumps before pressing the head of his cock against you, he swipes himself up down your folds, collecting the slick oozing out of you on the tip of his length. Your breath hitches when you feel him threatening to push in.
"- I'm gonna give you more." At that, Jungkook thrusts in with one quick motion, sliding in almost effortlessly with how much you were dripping. He doesn't start off slow at all. As soon as he's buried inside you to the hilt, he's pulling out and ramming back into you with a long, drawn-out sigh. Curses fall past his lips but they're barely audible over your moans of shock and pleasure.
"Mmh, you take me- take me so good, shit!" Jungkooks nails dig into your hips as he pistons inside of you. The tip of his cock drags against that delicious spot inside it and it has your eyes rolling back. You try to tuck your face into your elbow to quiet yourself down, but instead, you feel fingers getting tangled in your hair and yanking you back roughly.
"Tryna shut yourself up? Huh? Don't you fucking dare. I wanna hear you. Wanna hear you- wanna hear you scream my name." Jungkook growls and with your head pulled back, you let out an uncontrollably lewd sound, loud and clear.
Without Jungkooks hands gripping your waist, sliding up and down your back almost lovingly, you're sure you would've crumpled to the ground already. With each of his thrusts, he pushes you further and you can feel one of the best orgasms of your life building inside you. So, so close...
Until he stops.
"Kook, wha..?" You mumble out the question so quietly it seems as if you're just talking to yourself.
"I want to see you," Jungkook says finally. He flips you onto your back easily and slides between your legs. As soon as you look up at the older man, your eyes flicker away, embarrassed.
"Look at me, princess." Before you can even look at him yourself, he grabs your chin and pulls you in for an unrestrained kiss, all tongue and teeth. As his lips are pressed against yours, he eases himself inside you slowly and you moan wantonly into his mouth. Somehow, this position felt more intimate. With his mouth trailing kisses from your jaw to your neck, his cock pushing deeper inside you than before, it's impossible for it to not feel intimate.
And now that he's on top of you, hovering just above you, you can't take your eyes off of his. He's slowly grinding into you and with every little thrust, his dark eyes struggle to stay focused. Jungkook's gaze flickers down to your lips, red and swollen from him biting and kissing the area too hard. He watches closely as your mouth parts slightly to let a moan out and he really can't help himself.
"Open wide for me." Without asking questions, you follow the command obediently. Jungkook loves it. You were usually so impertinent and vexatious, you always had something the bite back with, but not now. No, right now you were at his complete mercy and Jungkook loves how submissive you are.
With your mouth open wide for him, Jungkook runs his thumb over your swollen lips. He catches the way your throat bobs when you swallow, nervous, excited, and a little confused about what he's going to do next. He pulls your bottom lip down just slightly before spitting into your mouth, a look of satisfaction on his face when he shuts your mouth with his thumb and your eyes tremble with humiliation.
"Such a good girl, such a good little slut for me, right?" Jungkook starts to focus on moving his hips faster, fucking into you with long, drawn-out thrusts. The mix between praise and degradation spewing from his mouth has you inching towards your orgasm for the second time, hopefully, he actually gives it to you.
"Shit, Jeon, I'm close. Please, let me cum, let me cum, let me-" You begging seems to spur him on and his thrusts become less calculated and more quick and rough. His cock drags beautifully against your walls, making you feel so full, like this is exactly where he belongs.
"C'mon, princess, cum all over my cock. Wanna feel you milk me dry." Jungkook growls through clenched teeth and just like that, your orgasm is washing over you, tightening your core and making your eyes foggy and unfocused. It happens almost abruptly and you clench hard around Jungkook's length, your nails digging into the muscular skin on his back. You buck your hips upward and you can't tell if that's him throbbing inside you, or you throbbing around him.
"Fuck, y/n. So beautiful, so tight for me. Shit, I'm gonna fill you up so good." Jungkook seems to lose every ounce of inhibition after making you cum. Now you were just a hole, his personal toy to despoil and fuck. He jackhammers into you hard, harder than before as he feels his own orgasm approaching quickly. He holds you down against the boxing ring floor, fucking into you ruthlessly. Even as overstimulation starts to settle over you, the pleasure of being used like this overshadows the pain.
With a few more merciless thrusts, he's releasing inside you. Your head falls back at the sluttish feeling of being pumped full with Jungkook's hot cum. You can feel his cock twitching against your walls as more and more of the milky substance oozes inside of you. He gives a few more small thrusts before pulling out and falling beside you, both of you breathing heavily.
You feel scarily empty now that Jungkook is no longer inside of you and the way his cum is seeping out of you is a bit disgusting and a little arousing.
"Holy shit." You stare up at the high ceiling of the gym.
"What?" Jungkook mumbles, post-orgasm bliss still flowing through him.
"I can't believe we just did that."
"Did what? Have sex? It was bound to happen eventually." He shrugs and yeah, he's right. It was bound to happen eventually. You can only flirt and tease your close friend so many times before it gets a little too real, a little too tense. If it didn't happen sooner, it would happen later.
"No, I mean I can't believe we just fucked in your gym. What if someone walked in? Aish, that's like how many years in prison?" You turn towards him when you feel him patting your head softly, like a reassuring gesture. A comfortable silence washes over you two for a minute until you speak up again.
"We should talk about this." Jungkook frowns a bit at the serious tone before he has an idea and a smirk plays at his lips.
"Or, since my gym schedule is done for the day, we can wash up together in the locker room, then we can go back to my place and discuss this whole 'fucking my best friend' thing after another round, hm?" A smile starts to form on your face.
"I like the way you think, Jeon."
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