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fearless is interesting, i honestly don’t think seventeen has ever done something like that and i am here for it, is a new more mature concept, and as i have been here for five hours listening to seventeen it really feels like the first big change they did, i’m loving it, left & right was the second song i heard and i really like it, i remember watching the realy dance and simping for jun and jeonghan, i mean who wouldn’t, anyways, i really like it, and the choreo is lowkey funny, i wish gives a tango vibe for some reason and i like it, its ~fancy~, it would play in those fancy restaurants or maybe in those cruises where they do romantic nights and you can dance, my my is modern, like it feels young lol, idk honestly, but to me makes sense so go with it, its really good, kidult reminds me of gabbie hanna :I so i thought of that for half of the song, but ignoring that is super cute, again, reminds me of jun, like dude stop popping in my mind at random times it would be very appreciated, together is disney intro song, like to club disney lol, does every album of them need a disney song? no, do i love each one of them? yes yes yes, its really good tbh, it’s an amazing album, it has a bunch of different styles and i love them all, you can read the rest of my reviews under the #eggreviewskpop, and feel free to follow i reblog fanfics that i liked and started this as a way to know more kpop bands, so if you have any recommendation i’m here for it :D

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[1:29 pm] - y.jh

Papers littered the table, coffee growing cold and the typing cursor blinking at you impatiently. Despite all of this, your attention was drawn across the cafe to a very familiar face that sat with a completely new girl.

Jeonghan laughed at something she said, giving her the same smile that he had given to you so many times, so many months ago. You felt your heart begin to ache as you watched the way his eyes sparkled while talking to her, and you cursed your luck for somehow coming to the cafe to get work done the same day your ex-boyfriend was going on a date with his new girl.

You drifted your attention to your phone, turning it on before instantly clicking instagram open. You found Jeonghan’s instagram page, your eyes lingering on the blue follow button that had once been a gray following button.

You felt your thumb begin to scroll, and your heart tugged when you saw what his feed was filled with. The girl at the cafe was in almost all the photos, pictures of them hugging, kissing, and dancing staring up at you.

It didn’t escape you that there was no hint that you had ever been a part of his life on his instagram page. While you had left your photos with him on your wall as memories, he had removed them in favor of deleting you from his past.

Everything grew slightly blurry as tears began to poke at your waterline, clicking on one of the photos, the one of the girl with cherry red lips, and looking at the caption.

My Baby <3

You quickly shut off your phone, trying to control your breathing. He had once called you baby, once used that name in texts and captions for you. But it seemed that name belonged to another now. It seemed like he had moved on, moved past you with no issues.

There was no trace of you in his life, in his mind, while you were stuck with traces on your heart that would leave scars for years to come.

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You sighed as you rolled over yet again to try and make yourself comfortable, aware of Seungcheol trying to sleep beside you. “Y/N,” he whispered once the room fell silent, “what are you doing awake at this time?”

His eyes slowly opened to glance over at you. “I’ve barely slept for a few minutes,” you pouted, “I can’t fall asleep at all.”

“You should have woken me sooner,” he frowned, stretching his arm out for you to curl under. “Do you want to keep trying or shall we try and find a way of distracting you for a while?”

“You need to sleep, so let’s just stay here,” you whispered, curling into his chest tightly, “I’m sure whenever my body decides I can fall asleep, I will. But you need to rest for work tomorrow.”

His head shook, “work tomorrow doesn’t matter if you’re not sleeping jagi.”

“I’ll lay here peacefully, you won’t know that I’m here,” you assured him, “just get some sleep Seungcheol, I’m sure I’ll sleep eventually.”

“Wake me up if you can’t sleep soon.“


Both of you were surprised as you let go of a loud yawn as you stretched yourself awake after a nap. “How are you still tired?” Jeonghan quizzed with a giggle, shaking his head as yet another yawn hit you loudly.

Your shoulders could only shrug, “it’s just one of those things, I’m still tired, even after a nap. It’s always what seems to happen.”

“Maybe you need to try and get some more sleep for a bit,” he suggested, but your head shook, sitting yourself up. “If your body is telling you to continue sleeping, shouldn’t you listen?”

“If I sleep for much longer now, there’s no way I’ll sleep tonight,” you pointed out to him. “I’m better off just yawning, I’m sure in a few moments I’ll stop, it won’t last for too long hopefully.”

His head reluctantly nodded, “if you need to sleep desperately, then don’t stop yourself.”

“I’ll be fine,” you tried to assure him, “those two hours were the longest I’ve slept for days, that’s one thing to take from me falling asleep.”

“It’s not good jagi, you need to sleep.”


His body jumped at the sound of your fist thumping against the bed as yet again you woke up after desperately trying to get to sleep. “Be calm,” he mumbled, watching your expression soften as you noticed him stir.

You smiled apologetically across at him, “I’m sorry, I just really thought I’d get to sleep that time but instead my eyes opened.”

“It’s because you’re so stressed,” he pointed out, turning his bedside lamp on. “The stress isn’t helping, especially when you already have a hard enough job to fall asleep, it’s making things worse.”

“But I need to get work done,” you sighed, running your hands over your face. “Not being able to sleep is adding to the stress too, all I want to be able to do is close my eyes and be able to rest.”

Joshua sighed gently, “why don’t you give it another go, you can lay beside me?”

“You need to sleep, not worry about me,” you sighed, but Joshua stubbornly pulled you into his chest. “How will you sleep with me beside you?”

“I won’t sleep until I know you’re sleeping.”  


His eyes looked across to you laying beside him wide awake as he stirred, desperate for a drink. “Have you slept?” His voice whispered, reaching out his hand to spin you around so that your eyes could meet his.

Your head shook as you turned around. “I have tried, but it’s only for a few minutes and then I want to wake up again.”

“I’m sorry,” he frowned, staring helplessly across at you. “I wish sometimes that we could swap positions, especially when I see how desperate you are just to get five minutes of rest.”

“There’s nothing you can do,” you sighed, smiling back at him. “You need to rest though Junhui, you’ve got work and you’re dancing, there’s no way you could swap positions with me.”

He sighed loudly, “I would swap positions in a heartbeat sometimes when it’s tough.”

“I’d never let you,” you laughed, “how come you’re awake anyway? Could you not sleep?” You asked, your eyes lighting up hopefully.

“I just needed a drink, I’m sorry love.”


Your eyes widened as Soonyoung reached across and took your phone from you as you laid down in bed. “I read that you should stay off your phone an hour before sleep,” he informed you, poking your cheeks gently.

Your head shook, trying to reach out for your phone. “Not being on my phone isn’t going to change the fact that I can’t sleep.”

“It’s worth a try,” he protested, moving it out of your reach. “We could just talk instead, or maybe you could find a good book to read, they’re all supposed to help when you can’t get sleep.”

“I suppose it is worth a try,” you huffed, making yourself comfortable, laying face to face with Sooyoung. “What do we talk about? Just anything that comes to mind or something calming?”

His shoulders shrugged, “we can talk about whatever you want to talk about.”

“How about we talk about how nice it would be if I could sleep?” You quizzed, trying to find a positive from your current situation.

“We need to take your mind off sleep to sleep.”

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When I’m asked the dreaded question - “Who is your bias in SVT?” - I panic


What? I’m supposed to pick just one?


Ok hold on, this gonna take some serious brain power


Is this even possible? How is one meant to choose?


Can I just have one for each day of the week instead? Like:

Monday - S.Coups

Tuesday - Jeonghan

Wednesday - Joshua

Thursday - Jun

Friday - Hoshi

Saturday - Wonwoo

Sunday - Woozi

Monday - DK

Tuesday - Mingyu

Wednesday - The8

Thursday - Seungkwan

Friday - Vernon

Saturday - Dino


I mean that seems reasonable enough to me.

Is this perhaps what you meant when you asked that ridiculous question earlier? One day to appreciate each of them?

In that case, my bias is Jeonghan but check back tomorrow if you’d like to hear about Joshua

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Check my blog and ask of you’re interested in any photocards

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ABC Challenge~ Jihan
Q is for Quiet

“Seriously, fuck off, Joshua.” Jeonghan grabbed Joshua’s shirt from the floor and threw it at him. “If you think he’s so much better, then go to him.” Jeonghan hissed, as he got his own clothes from the floor. “Han, please.” Joshua made his way off the bed, trying to stop Jeonghan from leaving their bedroom. “It was an honest mistake.” Joshua took hold of Jeonghan’s arm, but Jeonghan was stronger. 

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Joshua: If i was a gardener, i’d put our tulips together

Jeonghan: Aww that’s so sweet!

Vernon: If i was a gardener, you’d be my hoe

Seungkwan: . . T-Thanks. . 

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Hi anon!! Thank you 💕💕 and I’m definitely doing them still!!

I ship you with…


Originally posted by mingyiu

Gosh this is just perfect!

When it comes to your sporty self, we know Jeonghan takes it very seriously, this boy wants to win!! But as we all know, his energy doesn’t last long so in the end he would be *dead* at the corner of the court watching you have careless fun with his signature amused grin

And this boy can be just as annoying as you when he wants attention, so he can’t really complain when the roles are reversed and you “just wanna DO something please!!!!”

You both have this tender side, taking care of people is your thing, so I can see you being the parental figures™️ of your friend group. But that doesn’t mean you won’t tease them endlessly when you have the chance! Gosh I can picture you both planning some spooky pranks to get your friends (why do I feel like DK would be a very common victim? 😂) He would totally be into the creepy stuff with you, and if he doesn’t necessarily loves it, I feel like he is one of the guys that wouldn’t mind and still join you anyway…

I’m sorry it took me a while, I went to bed 🤭 I hope you’ll still comeback and see this 💕💕

xuseokgyu’s 500 followers celebration

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#6:  “Are you sure that’s what you want? I could really hurt you.”
#72: “Maybe I should leave you like this, that way anyone who wanted to use you could have a go with you. Would you like that?”
#76:  “I think I like you better with a gag in your mouth.”

“Are you sure that’s what you want? I could really hurt you.” His voice was laced with concern as you explained what you wanted to try in the bedroom, your cheeks growing pinker by the minute. You explained how you wanted to bring restraints and gags into the bedroom, and the more Jeonghan thought about it, the more he grew to like the idea. Seungcheol was all hands on deck however, loving the idea immediately.

A while later, you found yourself tied to the bed, hands and legs both restrained. You also had a ball gag in your mouth, being coated by your saliva as you lightly tugged against the restraints, not being able to move very much at all. Jeonghan and Seungcheol both stood over your restricted form with a smirk, his fingers delicately brushing close to the areas you wanted him badly.

“You look so pretty like this, it’s a shame we’re going to have to ruin you.” Seungcheol’s voice was sweet as he looked at you before he unexpectedly plunged a finger knuckle deep into your soaking pussy. A loud moan tried to escape your lips but was blocked by the gag, making them both smirk and eventually laugh at how desperate you were.

“I think I like you better with a gag in your mouth,” Jeonghan’s voice was loud and bounced off the walls as he now sat between your legs, pumping his hard cock at the sight of you clenching around his fingers. “Maybe I should fuck you nice and hard, just to test out the restraints.” A quick glance up at you to see you nodding furiously made his eyes grow darker, need filling both of their systems.

Jeonghan wasted no time pumping his cock into your swollen pussy, his hips thrusting faster and harder the more you tried to moan around the gag. With the way you were pulling and straining against the restraints, he couldn’t help but thrust faster, trying to make you cum as quick as possible. Seungcheol was pumping himself furiously, the sight making him come undone quickly.

Jeonghan’s cum filled your walls and then some, some of his cum spilling from your pussy as he worked you through your own orgasm. You were shaking from your high, confused when they both left you on the bed without removing the restraints or gag. He came back a while later, phone in hand and smirk on his face.

“Maybe I should leave you like this, that way anyone who wanted to use you could have a go with you. Would you like that?”

Smut Prompt Game!

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“I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends, It’s always one of em’ gotta be ugly”

Joshua and Jeonghan: Chile, anyways-

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hit is so hyper i love it, it’s the song my brain cells are dancing to instead of working, i love it is amazing, lie again physically hurts, i loved it but ouch, who hurt you bro? fear is art, that’s it, plus the mv is soooo good, they are truly amazing, let me hear you say is interesting, like it’s cute but weird, i feel like it’s the cool theater kid of the bunch, 247 is, interesting, to say something, i like it, but it feels like is too good to be true, like at some point heavy metal is going to start blaring through the speakers lol, second life is how drinking in the roof feels like, and i love it, its really good, it’s a feeling that deserves to be felt, network love gives workmates to lovers! office au! vibes, with a sprinkle of childhood friends there, i like it, is a song i would hear on a mall and ask for the name tbh, back it up isn’t what i expected by the vibes of the other songs but damn i love the rapline, its a banger, its the type of song that everyone likes tbh, lucky is hit gay younger sibiling, in conclusion, a bop, its really good jsjsjsjssj, snapshoot is disney vibes again, seventeen i thought we were over that face, anyways its really good so i am in for it, its good but its very childish somehow lol, happy ending is sweet and sour because the lyrics are so fhsfshf but i know i will never experience something like that so thats a howdy to y’all, overall great album, i really liked it, and it has a lot of songs that are going to the playlist, once im done with this series ill probably put the links to the playlists but for now they are under construction, you can read the rest of my reviews under the #eggreviewskpop, and feel free to follow i reblog fanfics that i liked and started this as a way to know more kpop bands, so if you have any recommendation i’m here for it :D

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So the FIRST OP ( the one with medical record of the psych test) of this case has came out to ‘reply’ the 2nd OP (as posted on my blog before this post , here:

I’m very confused right now and honestly a little mad. Sigh. Again we WAIT for Pledis to solve this issue.


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seventeen masterlist


Originally posted by kyeomsie

choi seungcheol:

  • nothing

yoon jeonghan:

  • nothing

joshua hong:

  • nothing

wen junhui:

kwon soonyoung:

  • nothing

jeon wonwoo:

  • nothing

lee jihoon:

  • nothing

lee seokmin:

  • nothing

kim mingyu:

  • nothing

xu minghao:

  • nothing

boo seungkwan:

  • nothing

vernon chwe:

  • nothing

lee chan:

  • nothing


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