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Problem |02|


Summary: You are a hybrid who lives near Itaewon, an area that has gained a bad reputation in recent times. After an unfortunate event, things will take a complicated course in the area.

Your boss, Mr. Jeon Youngsoo, an elderly man who without a second thought decides to help you by giving you a job that is somewhat hard to believe. He hires you in his company to teach one of his sons a lesson.

During your stay you will meet Jeon Wonwoo, the second son of your boss who, just like you, is a hybrid who ends up being the center of your attention, and of your problems…

Pairing: Hybrid!Wonwoo x Hybrid!Reader

Gender: fluff, angst

Word count: 4.1k

a/n: I know it took me a while to upload this chapter but I’ve been kind of busy out of tumblr. I hope to make up for my absence with this chapter, I’m really sorry 😔


Your gaze went all over the place, it was as colorful as it was sad, you thought as a little sigh came out of your lips. If only you were human something else would be, unfortunately it was true, maybe your lives would have been so different and maybe you would have never met Seokmin and Minghao. Another thing would have been to have been adopted but, the two were not made for domestic life.

Every time you went out, you made sure you wore a hat and could cover your limbs, if you went out into the outside world without them, that meant a shelter for you and just thinking that you could separate from the guys a pain in your heart would be present. You have spent the rest of your life with them, you are the leader of a pack, a pack that you held dear and no matter what, you would take care of them and their needs.

You would even do the impossible to have them by your side.

“That’s all” you looked at Minghao, who took you out of your thoughts, in his hands he had some small tubes which contained the paint he needed “, I’m sorry if I made you leave the house with us for three tubes of paint”.

“It’s nothing” a slight smile formed on your lips “are you sure that’s all?” you pointed out the paintings.

Minghao nodded quickly as soon as you finished your question, you wanted to make sure he had everything he would need, you didn’t want to have to go out again risking getting caught.

“Okay, let’s go”

On the outside you seemed to be calm but inside you were a mess, you were too nervous. Your meeting with Wonwoo would be in one hour, for the first time you would see the mysterious and reserved boy that your boss usually talks about so much.

Wonwoo is the pride of Mr. Youngsoo, every time he talks about him you can see that glow in his eyes.

According to his own words, he is a reserved and somewhat shy person, to be honest you didn’t have to know him in person to know that, even by text messages he didn’t seem to be very talkative and not to mention the calls. You assumed that he was the type of person who, when he had a business meeting, did nothing but go to what he was doing and finish it off.

Would it be okay if you brought up some topic for discussion?, you thought, you really wanted to have a good atmosphere with him, he’s a hybrid just like you, you just want to have a good time with someone at work.

“Excuse me?” You looked at the cashier, who had a slight frown.

“A-Ah, of course” a nervous laugh came out of your lips. “There you go.”

When you left the store, you couldn’t help but feel even more nervous than you already were, your thoughts weren’t much help, and more than worrying about the work field, you were worried about the social field.

“What if he doesn’t like me?,” you muttered as you stopped your walk.

“Excuse me?” said Minghao.

The resonance of his voice in your head woke you from your thoughts, you looked around to find a somewhat confused Minghao and Seokmin.

“Hey, are you feeling all right?” He dropped his hand on your shoulder.

“Y-Yes, it’s just…” You frowned as you let out a slight sigh. “I’m a little nervous, that’s all.”

Minghao nodded without saying a word about it, you didn’t have much to go on, so you were grateful for his silence.

You had never been like that before, not even with Mr. Jeon, who was practically the only one you were serving. The only thing you wished for from this day was to be able to fulfill your expectations with one of his sons, Daehyun was a disaster and you just didn’t have good chemistry with him, nobody really did, and you had no idea if Wonwoo would feel comfortable by your side.

You were starting to get traumatized by that pair.

A sigh came from your lips as you looked around Itaewon, from thinking so much you ended up here without knowing it. Itaewon during the day was completely different from the night, it was quieter than its counterpart and yet, people came here by the dozens to have breakfast or simply to have a cup of coffee. The difference in all this is that there were no spoiled and ill-mannered young people.

“How will it look here at night?” you looked at Minghao.

If you had a rule with the guys about going out, it was the rule to only go out for the day under your supervision. You knew that those comments were indirect to you, and that was your problem with Minghao.

You understood perfectly well that he loves freedom, that’s why he made his mess years ago, but you also can’t accept the fact that he goes out as often as he wants without taking care of himself. If he was caught, you couldn’t do anything for him.

“Ah, y/n!” Jeonghan greeted you with a big smile “guys, I haven’t seen you in a while!”

In short, you were overprotective, but you were doing it for the good.

“Jeonghan” you approached the counter “, I’m here to bother you but can you take care of them for a while?”

“y/n, they’re not little kids” he raised one of his eyebrows “, they know what they’re doing and what they’re facing, I don’t think they’ll be separated from you”

“If I don’t worry about Seokmin” you looked at the other member of the pack, who was watching Joshua make coffee “, I’m speaking for Minghao, he has escaped from my side several times”

“You can’t be serious” a slight laugh escaped his lips.

You let out a sigh when you remembered why you were talking more than serious, the last time Minghao escaped from your side was because he wanted to see beyond where you were, because of that, you got into a fight with another hybrid who wanted to hurt him. He has always wanted to be free, and he is, but his way of being was a bit… Liberal? no, you were sure there was another way to describe it.

It sounded cruel, but it was hard to trust Minghao when he promised he wouldn’t get into trouble every time you gave him permission to leave.

“It’s okay, wolf.” You rolled your eyes when you heard the nickname I gave you, “by the way, you mentioned yesterday that you were meeting your boss here, didn’t you?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“Well, a few minutes ago someone came asking for you” your ears were alert to hear his words “. I think it’s him, he’s sitting at that table”

You looked in the direction of the table that Jeonghan had mentioned. There he was, he had his back turned and seemed to be doing some things on his laptop. You opened your eyes slightly due to the surprise as your gaze fell on the ears that peeked through his dark hair.

“I-is it me or is it…?”

“A snow leopard?” he muttered underneath, “a rare breed to see here in Itaewon”

Jeonghan was completely right, among hybrids there are certain breeds that are strange to find, one of those being the snow leopards. You’re not an expert on that, but speaking of their breed, snow leopards are almost extinct.

“Then” you looked at Jeonghan, “stop being stupid and go to work.

"A-Ah, right…”

The nervousness that was gone a few minutes ago had returned with such force that your legs trembled every time you approached the table.

Apart from wanting Wonwoo to like you, you just wanted to do your job well and at least get some recognition from him, you’ve been working hard the last few months to get a simple dry “good job”.

“Mr. Jeon?”

He looked up to meet you, but because of the look he gave you, it will be difficult to deal with.

“Park y/n?” you nodded slightly at his question “please take a seat”

You did what he said, right now you could say you looked like a robot in his presence.

“Park, before we got to work,” you raised a somewhat curious eyebrow, “has Daehyun been doing his job properly?”

That, you thought as your lips formed a straight line. The answer was a resounding no, Daehyun had not even bothered about anything in the company, all the alleged reports sent by him were made by you.

All this time you have been lying about Daehyun’s cooperation with the work.

“Of course he has, why are you asking about that?”

“Look, I have lived in the same house with Daehyun for several years” a sigh came from his lips “I know my brother and I know you are lying to me”

“I don’t want to get into trouble with Mr. Daehyun”

“You’re talking to your other boss, I’ll make sure you don’t get undermined for telling me the truth, it’s just…” he was silent for a few seconds “It’s not worthy of a president to let his workers do their job”

You nodded slightly, you understood his point. “You’re right, all this time I’ve been doing his work but it’s because I wanted to.”

Despite being close to Wonwoo, you could not hear what he whispered underneath. It seems that the hatred they had for each other was mutual.

“He’s a completely irresponsible idiot,” he slightly denied, “I’m sorry, Park, I’ll be sure to give you a well-deserved break for the extra work”

“Th-The rest is the least of it!”

Wonwoo looked at you somewhat surprised at your words, a worker would have accepted a vacation without complaining but that did not matter to you.

“It’s appropriate, we can’t keep you like this, at least that’s how I feel,” he frowned slightly. “We must respect your working hours”

Actually, you didn’t give a damn about working extra hours, it’s not like you had things to do other than work, in the mornings you’re at home working and spending time with the guys while in the afternoons and evenings you go to work with Jeonghan. Your life was literally work.

“The work thing and that matters less, it doesn’t bother me at all”

“Park, out of it…”


Minghao’s scream, and the knock on the table, caused you to jump up and down due to the fright of the sudden scream. Thanks to the loud bang on the table, the coffee that Wonwoo was drinking fell on him, and on the laptop.

“Shit!” he quickly picked up the computer, somewhat late “shit!”

The last thing he said, he said it out loud as he got up from his seat, you didn’t blame his vocabulary, having hot coffee spilled on your legs was hell. You woke up a little worried about him while taking a few napkins to clean up Minghao’s mess.


“y-y/n” he walked away from you “y/n stop it!”

You stopped your movements as he said. You could feel his discomfort from your place.

“Look, I’ll take care of today’s work, you take a break or do whatever you want,” he gave you a quick look, “I’ll let you know when you have to do something”


Wonwoo kept the laptop in its case without saying anything or letting you speak, he seemed to be in a hurry to leave you and forget what happened.

Of course, if you were in his shoes you would feel the same way.

Angry, you looked at Minghao, who was the same way as you. It was a bad idea to bring him with me, you thought, even at work he would not be able to behave.


“I want to go home,” he replied as he frowned. “Now.”

“And I want to go after my boss” you pointed to the direction Wonwoo went, “which by the way you threw hot coffee at him and his laptop” you slightly denied as you carried your hands to your hips. “I remind you that thanks to him we eat”

“He’s not Mr. Youngsoo.”

“I’m not going to argue with you,” you mumbled, “I want you to stay here with Jeonghan as I settle this”

“Anything is better than being with you”

You didn’t say anything about his words, you didn’t understand what all this was about, nor his bad mood, in a way, his words hurt.

Maybe you were doing things wrong, leaving Minghao around could be dangerous, but you also felt that your job was at risk. When you mentioned that he really is trouble, you weren’t kidding about any of that.

“Mr. Jeon!”

Wonwoo had no patience at all and seemed to get frustrated at the slightest bit, because maybe it was you, but he didn’t seem to want to see you very much.

Although the fear of being fired wasn’t something you had to worry about, you were actually his father’s employee, and Wonwoo couldn’t do anything without Youngsoo’s permission.

“What’s going on?,” he let out a heavy sigh as he turned to face you, “I told you, you can rest, I’ll take care of everything so please stop interrupting”

“Excuse me, but I take responsibility for what happened a moment ago” you frowned, “but apparently you seem to hate this meeting”

Wonwoo narrowed his eyes as a grimace of disgust formed on his face as he heard your words.

“Hate this meeting? where did you get that stupidity?” he slightly denied, “if I had a problem with you I would put it aside because this is my job and my personal problems have no place here”.

“Okay, then tell me what to do I can’t be out of work”

“For God’s sake Park, that guy spilled hot coffee on my clothes and my laptop, how am I supposed to tell you what to do when what we need probably won’t work?”

“Do you have a problem?”

Both of you looked in the direction where the man’s voice was coming from, who came up to where you two were, your body was completely frozen as he felt his gaze on you, he was analyzing you carefully looking for your necklace, as you had left the necklace Mr. Youngsoo had bought you at home to leave the house whenever you wanted.

“You don’t have to worry, officer,” Wonwoo broke the silence.

You looked at Wonwoo, he was looking at you in a way that you understood perfectly, he intervened because of your little problem.

“It just so happens that my brother’s hybrid left the house without telling us”

And I was the guy who was talking nonsense, you said to yourself as you looked at him.

“Are you sure about that?”

It was clear that the man did not seem to believe Wonwoo’s story, besides being irritating, jerk.

“I’m actually Mr. Youngsoo’s hybrid, the owner of the Made company” you interrupted “, the guy here is also Mr. Jeon’s hybrid but I went out for a coffee he asked for and I forgot my necklace”

“She’s right,” he said, “look if you don’t believe me, I’m wearing my necklace”

The man nodded at the words of both of them, at least he seemed more convinced of your story than of Wonwoo’s.

“Okay, let’s make a quick call to your landlord to come and pick you up and see if it’s true what you say”

“Why would I lie to you about my adoption?,” he asked as he looked at the officer.

“You don’t seem to know what the hybrids in this area are like,” you said, as you frowned.

“I wouldn’t say about any of them,” answered the man. “Come closer, I want to see the number”

You looked closely at Wonwoo’s every move, he was right, Wonwoo didn’t seem to know what was wrong with the hybrids that had run away from home or were from the street. The ones from Itaewon were smarter than any hybrid from another area.


You sat near the shop with Wonwoo, a sigh came out of your lips as you let your head rest on the shop’s glass, I hope everything will be all right, you said to yourself as you passed saliva down your throat. If Mr. Youngsoo had an ace up his sleeve, you’d get out of the situation you were in with no problem, because the officer would probably ask for the adoption sheet to make sure you had an owner.

“You look very worried” you lazily looked at Wonwoo.

“What do you think?” you raised an eyebrow, “a police officer has drawn our attention because I supposedly left home without my necklace. If that officer finds out that Mr. Youngsoo does not have an adoption paper in my name, I will end up in a shelter and leave my pack with no one to take care of them better than me”.

“You have said… Pack?” you nodded slightly.

After a few seconds of staring at Wonwoo like a fool, you looked away from him as you received no response from him.

It seemed that what you said turned on a panic button inside him, as he began to cough slightly as he moved in place.

“Officer,” he looked at Wonwoo, “I think I feel bad”

“What do you have?” he frowned.

“My stomach hurts a little, I think I need to be taken to the hospital right now…”

A false grimace of pain formed on his face as he held one of his hands to his stomach. His gaze fell on you, for a few moments you thought what he was saying was real, but you quickly dismissed that as you watched a slight smile form on his lips as he winked at you with one of his eyes.

“A-Ah, don’t tell me you’ve had coffee with milk…” you made up a quick excuse.

A disgust was visible on the man’s face, even you inwardly had the same expression before your words.

“Y-Yes, I tried some but it fell off in my suit when I realized I had milk”

“Wonwoo, you know perfectly well you can’t drink milk”

“Excuse me, but is something serious going on?”

“Officer, if we don’t get my partner to a hospital for medical attention he could get very sick”

“Okay, get him in the car, I’m taking them to the nearest hospital.”

You didn’t say anything about it, you just looked at Wonwoo, who without saying a word to you nodded, maybe he would know what to do by the time he got to the hospital, you thought.


During the whole trip you were on, not a single word came out of you two, you looked sideways at your boss, you even forgot that he was, his gaze was lost in the car window and the uncomfortable silence inside the car was about to drive you crazy.

Why did he do that?, you asked yourself without taking your eyes off him. Whatever was going through his mind, you were grateful, if it wasn’t for his lie his father would probably be fined for caring for a hybrid without being adopted and you would be on your way to some shelter.

Even humans couldn’t house hybrids in their homes without being adopted, it was illegal and the person who was caught doing that would have to pay a lot if they didn’t want to go to jail.

As you said, you had no rights.

All you hoped was that Jeonghan would take care of the guys for as long as, or at least, that Minghao would stay in line.

“You should make sure every time you leave the house if you don’t want to go through the same thing” you looked at the man through the rearview mirror as soon as he started talking “this time I touch you with me but I have companions who don’t touch their souls to help them”

“Y-Yes, I’m sorry” a sigh came out of your lips “, it’s just that I hate wearing a necklace, it’s kind of uncomfortable”

Your gaze again fell on Wonwoo, who was looking at you with a frown. You knew where his gaze was; it is for that very reason that you hated to wear clothes that did not cover part of your neck.

You hate it when people even look at the scar on your neck.

“It’s what’s left” their look met yours, “it’s either that or get in trouble”

“Yes, from now on I’ll wear a necklace…”

I’m already in trouble, you said to yourself even as I looked in the mirror.


The car stopped in front of the hospital the man had mentioned. You helped Wonwoo out of the car, you wouldn’t deny it, he knew how to act perfectly.

“E-Excuse us, we need help!” You called the nurse, who quickly approached the two of you, “He’s accidentally had a latte and he’s lactose intolerant”

“I-I need to sit…”

“We’ll take the hybrid to a room where the doctor can check him out.

You nodded at the nurse’s words, and in less than a minute the two walked into the hallways, losing their way among some nurses and doctors.

A sigh came from your lips as you sat down on one of the chairs, directed your gaze to the man, who seemed lost in his world.

"I can call our owner to talk to you and…”

“Don’t worry” a slight smile formed on his lips “, as I told you, you were lucky it was me, I will set you free, I trust you”

Now you felt shitty about him, people like him were needed in this society, to meet a person like him would take more than a year or maybe less, you didn’t know.

“I’ll stay with you to make sure your friend is okay”

“Thank you”

The nurse who had received them returned minutes after they had taken Wonwoo away, was quick but, it’s not like they had much to go on, you got up from your place to approach her. From the look she had given you, you could understand that she already knew the truth about your arrival, yet at no time did she tell the man the truth.

“The hybrid is already stable, it was only a pain but if he had arrived later it could have been complicated” the girl looked at the man “, he has given me his necklace to call his owner”

“I’ll let the owner know, if I may”

Without saying much more, he took the necklace from the nurse’s hands to leave you alone with her, she crossed her arms while tilting her head slightly.

“Make sure you don’t get into any more trouble, your friend is in room 302, he asked me to call you”

Okay, maybe it wasn’t years before you found yourself with another good-hearted person.

You looked at the man, who seemed to be probably calling Mr. Youngsoo, a sigh came from your lips, now you needed to see Wonwoo.


You hated getting into trouble, and besides that would bring you worse things, you were in an area where you were not fully known, but if you were seen by someone in that area, and even worse if it was a police officer, you would get into serious trouble.

For that same reason, in addition to escaping from the shelters, you didn’t like getting into trouble.

“Great, you’ve arrived” your gaze met with him as you entered the room. “Life gets easier being here”

“The officer has released us, only he has called your father”

A silence fell between the two of you, his lips forming a straight line as he nodded slightly. “Okay, that’s fine.”

“Hey, thanks for what you did, although I don’t know why you did it but I appreciate it”

“Well…” he cleared his throat “I think our race has no one else, only ourselves to help us and when you mentioned you had a pack I was a little worried”

A smile formed on your lips when you heard his words. Wonwoo seemed to understand your situation and you were grateful that he was not cruel to you, even though it will sound stupid, there are hybrids who don’t give a damn about the situation of others, that’s why you were grateful for his empathy.

“Thank you, sir”

“It’s nothing, y/n” a weak laugh came from his lips “, maybe nobody was there for me but now I am there for everybody”

You didn’t know what he meant, but what you did know and could feel is that he wanted to be helped too.

“I’m here for anything. I will return the favor”

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Without You


part 42: Would Wait Forver For You. (42/42)

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summary: Trying to just run away from the drama of last semester, Yn returns to it all coming back to her. Triangles end up turning into hexagons. Love just became way more complicated. Sequel to Network Love.
pairing: reader x seungcheol, reader x jeonghan, reader x soonyoung
genre: angst, university au, sm au.

just message me or dm me if you wanted to be added to a tag list

tag list: @strykiss @monstathedisco @luvwonchae @gyubagebin @ooninigiri @rjsmochii @muhanuibean @multinines–xx @heartdejun @vibecheckvernon @hoerangdan @samemagicpoint @fluffyhyeju @itsdnguyenxoxo @hey-i-really-miss-you @anothershorthuman @peachjoong @svtslvt @sunshineshouchan @noniesgirl @nctxskzwhippedculture @coupsiekkuma @mercyeol @1800zuho @skylions-den @ash-moon8 @yuzusoju @anjcia @youdawonu

  • an - final chapter!!! this series is actually over, well almost over. i’ll be posting the epilogue tomorrow and then starting on my next au
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December 3rd

angst,,, I’m sorry I just happened to listen to Heather by Conan Gray today and I HAD to do it.

wc: 398

warnings: maybe a curse word around there I think!! + break up + a little cringey I’m sorry I think it’s just my English.

part 2: March 3rd 

You take a seat where you usually do in class and proceed to act as you always do. You open your bag, grab your textbooks, a notebook, and with the pen you always have in your pocket you begin to write whatever comes to your mind. 

You shouldn’t have done that. Even if you try not to think about today’s date, you can’t help but write it down. It’s already been one year, but you still can’t get over Jihoon. You can’t get over how he kissed you, how he laughed at your dumb jokes, how he opened up to you as soon as you earned his trust -which took him a while- and how you can’t get over his sweater.

His damn sweater. You still have it somewhere in your apartment. He said it looked better on you than it did him. You remember melting at his sweet words. It became a routine, you liked his sweaters and he liked you in his sweaters. 

Until he didn’t like you anymore.

He didn’t treat you bad, as he told you last December 3rd: you deserve much better than that, much better than him. He just liked someone else, and it wasn’t fair to do this to you, to keep you holding onto whatever he was feeling.

He broke up with you, or you broke up with him? It doesn’t matter.

Now you look for his eyes as he walks by, holding another’s hand. But he doesn’t look for yours, as if you never happened.

“Stop doing that, now,” Soonyoung says when he takes a seat by your side, where he always is. He grabs your notebook and starts drawing weird tigers where your hurtful words have been written

“I’m sorry” you whisper.

“You shouldn’t be, Y/n. I understand how you feel, I just want to distract you” When you look at your notebook again, there are a lot of tigers and hearts drawn. It makes you smile. Soonyoung is the best.

“It’s funny how Heather’s lyrics relate a lot to my situation,” You think out loud.

“You need to stop that Y/n. Just think that… Maybe you are someone’s Heather at the moment”

You snort.

“As if”

“Yeah, as if…” You don’t notice, but Soonyoung finds himself shallowing his feelings one more time. He’ll wait until you are ready to tell you you are his Heather.

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