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seonghw-a · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeosang ♡ 210916 deja vu
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ateezhoney · 15 hours ago
request →  @personher →  You should do a Ateez x FEM reader smut hand kink
warnings →  smutty scenarios, a lot of finger-fucking, sometimes u get railed lmao depends on the member 
note → kinda went overboard i’m sorry, u can clearly tell i have a thing for hands. I also wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be ateez with the hand kink or y/n, so i mostly wrote it as if you’re the one with the hand kink and they’re amused by it.
not proof read.
Tumblr media
“What’re you doing?” Hongjoong asks, leaning back in his creaking chair as you place yourself into his field of view from the computer.
“Nothing.” You respond in a casual way, still interrupting him from whatever it was he was so focused on before. He sighs out at you with your response with a small shake of his head.
“I really need to get this done—” He looks at you and the way you make yourself comfortable in his lap. You’ve done this before, but usually you move the moment he tries to be serious with you, and also, this time you’re not facing towards him, and instead reading the words on his computer screen for a moment.
“If you move a little bit, let me finish this up and I’ll come spend time with you, yeah?” He tries to urge you, nudging you a bit so that he can at least see over your shoulder.
              You oblige with a huff, moving your body slightly to the right as he snakes his arms around you so that he can continue typing. You know this is uncomfortable for him, but all you wanted to do was spend time with him since you’d gotten home. It’s become too comfortable in the way you both live semi-separately despite being in the same house. Sometimes you wish it wasn’t like that, sometimes you wish you would make him a priority despite all of your studies, and likewise for him. But it’s not entirely realistic when you’re both so exhausted by the time you come home, yet you still have work to do.
              It feels lonely.
              Though you’re both a bit uncomfortable in this position as you sit together, you find yourself purring into the way he falls back into his rhythm as he types, it feels like you’re not even there which is a little saddening, but you understand why. He’s been working so hard, the bags under his eyes tells you that much. Are you being selfish by trying to get his attention? Doesn’t matter. He seems fine with you sitting on him like this, and you’re slowly getting more and more comfortable as you watch the words he types dart across the screen at a rapid pace.
“I miss you a lot.” He says out, eyes still fixated on the screen and hands still typing.
              You look down at his hands and you know the words he’s typing isn’t matching the words he’s saying but you know he means it.
“I’m right here though. . “ You say kind of sad, eyes fixated a little longer on the way his fingers tap away, wondering when the last time you’d gotten intimate with him was. “Have I ever told you that you’re really skilled?”
“Hm?” Hongjoong had already forgotten the two of you were talking. “What do you mean?” He says as his hands stop and he looks at you when you turn a bit to face towards him.
“Your hands.” You say it so seriously but he still laughs at you for it.
“No, I don’t think you have—” He chuckles out, already attempting to go back to typing. You glance only a little back at his fingers. They’re really very pretty, delicate almost. You miss them.
              You’re his girlfriend, you’re in his lap, and he can’t even get hard because he’s got this stupid fucking project infront of him to focus on. But you miss him too, despite him being right under you. You miss his eyes, and his messy hair, and his soft belly, his lips, his dick, and his fingers.
“Hongjoong—” You whisper out, stopping his hands with your own and guiding them around your waist. “When was the last time you touched me?”
              He pauses and you can sense his shock and probably guilt for you asking him that. He doesn’t know if he’s even supposed to answer that, because fuck. It’s not like he doesn’t want to! You both have been insanely busy.
“It’s been at least two months, right?” You answer for him, caressing his fingers with your own as he keeps them help around your front. “Don’t you miss that too?”
“What’s gotten into you?” He asks with a smile as he nuzzles his cheek against your back, already deciding that he can manage a little bit of time to relieve your stress alongside his own.
“I dunno,” You sing-song out, pleased at the way he seems to be understanding your needs. “Watching you type, I guess?” You laugh at yourself and lean forward to stand up, his hands falling lazily to his sides.
“My hands, huh?” He quirks a brow at you as he reaches out for you when you turn around, easily pulling you into his lap so that you’re straddling him. “You’ve never said anything about them before, what’s the sudden interest?” He mocks only a little bit when he traces your lips with his fingers.
“They just looked really good, I guess? Kind of miss them—y’know—”
“Oh?” He smirks up at you with that infamous look that pulled you in the first time you’d met him. “These?” He adds as he presses a finger only slightly against your lips until you part them and take it in. He can already feel your tongue circling the digit and really, all he can think about is the way you’d done that to his dick in the past. A little jealous that you’re fixated on his hands rather than other body parts, but whatever. You’re being really needy tonight, and he wants to give you whatever it is you need as an apology for his lack of libido.
              It was almost laughable at how easy you made it for him to slip his other hand down your sweatpants, already pantiless because you’re at home and there really wasn’t any point in wearing them. He didn’t need to ask, nor did he when he runs his fingers straight down your core, feeling the slick warmth your body was emitting out of being touch-starved because of him.
              He coos out at you when he immediately presses two fingers inside of you, angling his fingers up so that the pads of his fingertips brush against a sweet and soft spot against your walls.
              It felt impossibly good after going so long being empty, and the fact that it’s just his fingers doing this to you has you already breathing out against him as you drop your head to his shoulder and grind yourself down on his digits.
“Jesus-“ He groans, watching you swivel your hips on his fingers, immediately feeling his dick harden at the fact that you truly were starved enough to probably cum just by two of his fingers playing around inside of you.
              “I’m sorry.” He says this time, pulling his fingers out of you so quickly that you whine at the harshness of it, but before you could argue he was lifting himself only slightly to pull his dick out. It was pressed firmly against his stomach until you pulled yourself back on his legs only slightly with a small and internal “yes” ringing throughout your brain.
              He helped you position yourself on him in one swift motion, finally feeling him inside of you again for what felt like ages.
              You think you should do this more often, even if it’s short and it’s messy and desperate. It’s you, and it’s him, and this is enough if it’s all the two of you can manage.
Tumblr media
              Mingi’s hands were always quite big compared to your own. Capable of all sorts of things. You know he could hurt you and love you through them, but you know he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to hurt anyone with them.
              He knows you like his hands. He’s held yours in them multiple times despite not dating or ever showing signs of interest past how much bigger they seem to be compared to your own. Honestly, you’ve never so much as hinted you wanted him to touch you outside of just holding his hand or playing with his fingers gently when he came over for study sessions.
              He liked that it felt intimate with you, just his fingertips bringing you joy like this, he won’t lie if he said he’d imagined using them for more than just holding your hand. Tonight, he plants to make his move. It’s not like you guys ever actually study for your tests anyway.
              It starts the first moment you attempt to play with his fingers again, like you’d done so many times before. Instead of allowing his hands to lie there limply in your grasp, he attempts to play with your fingers this time and you take notice.
              You can see how his long fingers curl over your much shorter ones, and the way he seems to deliberately hold your palm open so that he could tickle the center, most sensitive part of your hand. You watch it intently, because when you look at Mingi, he’s just casually grazing his eyes over his open book. You wonder if he knows what he’s doing right now.
“Hm?” He responds, flicking his eyes up to for a moment, then down at the way you’re looking at his hand playing with yours. “Oh, should I stop?”
              He can see a blush cross your cheeks, and it’s quite funny. He’s never met a girl so insanely fixated on his hands and it’s kind of nice that you don’t think he’s a giant goof ball right now like you usually would. He feels confident.
“You like my hands.” He says it so blankly at you that all you can do is roll your eyes.
“No shit, how’d you guess?” You laugh at him, clearly comfortable around him.
“How much though?” He puts his book down and casually leans towards you, tracing one finger down the center of your palm. “What do you like about them?”
              You don’t even know how to answer that. You know you’ve been open with him about how nice his hands are, but he never seemed to pick up the hints that you’d like those fingers slipping inside of you, gagging you, maybe even choking you. You knew he wouldn’t do most of those things though, he’s such a gentle giant.
“I mean. . “ You say, still watching the way his fingers move across your skin. “I don’t know if you need me to answer how much I like them.”
“Okay, then tell me what you like about them.”
              You almost want to throw your hands up in defeat and immediately kiss him, because this has been brewing for a hot minute, and it’s been annoying as hell waiting for him to see it. Looks like he finally gets it.
“You have long fingers. Soft skin, no callouses—” You trail off at how logical the answer is. “Can’t imagine what you could do with them.”
“Yeah?” He asks in a deep and breathy voice, leaning forward with a curious smile. “Elaborate?”
              You know he’s looking for more confidence.
“Once again, you don’t need me to tell you the answer to that, I think you already know.”
“Maybe I do.” He smiles at a small victory, seeing the way you squirm in front of him, pressing your legs tightly together.  “Do you want my fingers?”
              There it is. Like a fucking punch to the gut, and fuck yeah you want them. You didn’t even answer him, instead you practically leaped forward like some sort of animal and knocked him back, nearly falling off the bed.
“Woah, Okay!” He laughs with you as he holds a tight grip on you to keep himself from falling off of the bed, but instead of you both end up toppling over the edge of the mattress.
              You originally fell on top of him, but immediately got off of him out of fear that maybe you’d elbowed him or kneed him in the dick, thankfully you didn’t. He’s very swift despite his slow-moving body as he crawls over you and presses you onto your back.
              Right there on his bedroom floor is the first time you feel his fingers more than just against your own. You feel them trailing your body, in your hair, against your lips, down your sides, up your thighs, and then he stops.
“You should’ve told me you liked them enough to let me do this.” He whispers out. Still not even kissing you for the first time, but you don’t mind.
“I hinted enough.”
“The fuck you did.” He retorts in a mocking voice, never even once sensing a hint from you.
“What kind of girl plays with her dude friend’s hands all the time like that, I –”
“Oh” Mingi realizes, because like he thought before. No one has ever reacted this way to his hands.
“You must’ve really wanted them, huh?” He laughs at himself, touching against your thighs again as he looks down at you. “Tell me where you want them then.”
              All you do is flick your eyes between your legs before he’s immediately snaking a hand down your pants.
Tumblr media
              Yunho was so very excited when you’d gotten off for him the first time just on his fingers. But after a while, you were still doing it. Getting off once and sometimes twice in one session just from his fingers. It kind of made him insecure that it took a little longer to get you there from just his dick, and honestly you very clearly liked it with the way you moaned but he still couldn’t shake the feeling that you were favoring one part of him over the other. You know, the part of him that needed to be touched too.
              You hadn’t realized you were being selfish, but honestly, he was so good with hitting that spot inside of you when he hits that specific little spongey area against your walls. He hit it every single time, and you’re shocked that a man has the ability to make you cum within the first three minutes of snaking his fingers inside of you.
“Y/n.” Yunho says seriously as he slips his pants off of him. “Can I try something new tonight?”
              You quirk your head, already lying on the bed with legs spread and inviting him in.
“Absolutely. Yes.” You respond without question, knowing you will get to cum either way but wondering exactly what it is he wants to try.
              He comes towards you and kisses on you a little bit, like usual. It was all very normal, comfortable, lazy. His hair sitting slick against his skin as he’d just washed his face without a headband on. You liked the cool feeling of it tickling your neck when he trails his lips down your neck.
“What’re you gonna do?” You ask, feeling his fingers trail down the familiar path that you’re used to, already feeling the tingles in your toes for what you’re about to experience. God, he really was the best at it.
“Just wait and see.”
              He knew you were already wet, you always were for him and it was a good thing, because he’s unsure of how to do this at all, let alone without the eagerness of you drawing him in.
              You close your eyes to feel the sensations of Yunho against your skin until you feel it. His dick entering you without so much as a single finger teasing you first. And it’s okay, it’s just that you’re used to being finger fucked out until you’re crying before he pounds into you until your legs are jelly. But this time he’s just going straight in??
              Until you feel it, something else sliding in along side his dick, and the way they rest in their perfect spot like you’re so used to, you immediately know it’s his fingers.
“I’m sorry I just, I need to cum with you this time.” He says it and hangs his head in shame, lazily thrusting into you and against his own fingers.
              You’re choked up and can’t really respond outside of a long and drawn-out moan feeling the sheer length of his fingers and thick cock brushing along the back of them. “No, no. This is good. This is so good.” You plead out to him, wanting him to not feel embarrassed or guilty even the slightest. He’s giving you what you want, and he’s getting what he wants too.
              You have to say, it’s probably the hardest you’d ever cum for him before. Lasting much longer and feelings his fingers crowd inside of you as he pumped in and out with his own orgasm, you clenched so tightly around him that he’s afraid he sprained his fingers. But honestly, would be kind of a cool story to tell the bros that your pussy broke his fingers.
Tumblr media
Everything about Seonghwa was soft on the outside. His skin, his hair, his eyes, his voice, his smile. Especially his hands when he would guide you by the waist or pull you in for a brisk and cold kiss on winter nights.
              From the outside no one would know just what he could pull off with those soft hands. You still remember the first time you learned of it, the way his delicate and shining eyes darkened the moment he got you behind closed door for the first time. How eager he was to just use you in the softest way ever known to man.
              It hurt, it felt amazing, and he always pampered you after the fact and cleaned your tear-stained cheeks with the same fingers that were holding your tongue down just so he could spit down your throat. He knew you loved it, he knew you always wanted his fingers inside of you, and you’d be happy if they were hurting you.
              Even now, as he leaves bruises along your hips, gripping them so tightly so that he can angle himself so that you can plow himself impossibly deeper into you. All you can think about is that grip on your hips moving up to your mouth, his fingers pressing into your mouth with absolutely no hesitation from you or him.
“Be—” He breathes out in a small grunt, trying not to make too much noise. “Quiet.” He says with another harsh thrust, causing you to muffle out a small whine against his fingers.
              You knew not to bite, though sometimes he liked it when you did, and you also liked the way the bite marks would stay on his skin for a few minutes after the fact.
“Be quiet.” He says again, his delicate voice coming out in a raspy gasp, you know he’s close.
              You almost want to turn around to look at him, so you can tell him to be quiet. The only reason you guys would get caught like this is because he’s the one moaning out and aggressively fucking into you with a loud slapping sound.
              He presses his fingers further and further into your mouth to draw a few tears from you, just so he could pull his fingers out, grab you by the hair, and pull your head back so he can watch you cry for him as he cums.
              And when he pulls out of you, his own legs wobbling, he doesn’t wipe your tears just yet, because yeah, sometimes he gets to cum first. It’s your turn now.
“Lay back baby.” He says gently as he pulls you by the shoulders to lean against his back. “I know how much you like my fingers, they’re still wet from your mouth—” He says with a smile as he trails a hand down to rub circles at your clit.
              He stays like that for a while, one hand on your clit and the other in your mouth as you suckle against it with small mewls of pleasure in the way he’s being gentle with you again.
              He doesn’t even slip them inside, but to be fair your hole is already abused from the various angles he had aggressively fucked you in just moments before, you’re kind of thankful for the laziness he’s offering you.
              And when you do finally cum, that’s when he pulls his fingers out of your mouth and very quickly thrusts two fingers into you as deep as the angle he’s in will allow.
              He always loved the way you came on his fingers, he thinks you do too.
Tumblr media
              “Listen, I know what you’re doing.” San says to you through the crystal clear headset, pressing his keyboard buttons so violently that you can hear them muffled behind his voice.
“Oh yeah, and what I am doing then? Winning?” You mock him as you take the lead in kills again and resulting in a loud and very annoying screech from him.
“You probably just killed a twelve-year-old with NO skill.” San argues with you in order to save his own ego at killing exactly one person less than you.
“San, you and I both know that they queue based on skill level.”
“You don’t know shit about anything.” He argues again, and you can hear him laugh into it.
“You’re really annoying, you know that? Maybe you should stop fat-fingering your abilities and wasting them at the worst times.”
“I’ll have you fucking know—” He pauses and watches the way the kill count disappears and you both end up back in the gaming lobby. “I’m very skilled with my hands.”
“Hah, I’ve heard that one before.” You say, brushing him off. “Anyway, I’m done for the night I think. It’s getting late.”
              San agrees with you, and exits the game, but the two of you stay in the discord for a little longer like you usually do.
“Really though, I am skilled with my hands, I can prove it.” San laughs, kind of trying to flirt with you again since it’s been like this for the past six months since you’d met in the online lobby.
              You don’t even know what he looks like, nor does he know what you look like, but the flirting between the two of you is common. It’s common for most people who game together anyway, always making perverted jokes or fake moaning at each other. You wont admit like that you’re attracted to San’s voice, and the way it has a feminine rasp to it.
“Hey, what do you look like?” You ask without hesitating, because you’ve said much worse things to each other. Like that time he sent you the most recent porn he watched and asked you to rate the titties.
              He doesn’t even respond, and instead sends a video call through the discord. It’s innocent enough until you see his face.
“Damn, you were hot this whole fucking time and didn’t tell me?” You shout at him. You know he will see it as a joke, but honestly, you’re telling the truth.
“Could say the same for you—” He smiles at his camera and you can see his eyes looking into the screen, showing you that he’s watching you and not himself.
“So. . . um” You get a little awkward for a moment.
“Yes, I have to prove to you that I’m good with my hands, and that I am definitely better at this game than you could ever be.”
              You fall back into the regular conversations you have with him, but you really can’t look away from his sharp jaw and hair that flops in front of his eyes from time to time.
“You have really nice hands.” You say as soon as you see them. Because his fingers are fucking long, much like the rest of him you assume. And sure, he might be attempting to show you how skilled he is by opening a bag of Cheetos, and sure those fingers are about to be disgusting and covered in Cheeto dust but honestly, they’re pretty.
“What?” He says in question, sitting the bag down in a loud crinkle against his table.
“I don’t know, I just think you’re really hot lol” And you say “lol” like it’s an actual word, which pulls a laugh out of him.
“Well, we could always do what normal people would do with their online crushes.” He wiggles his eyebrows at you through the camera. “I could send unsolicited dick pics to you and you can pretend to have cyber sex with me but really you’re just watching tv or something.”
“First of all, your dick pics wouldn’t be unsolicited.”
              It’s the first time you can say that and be serious about it. You don’t know where this guy lives, but clearly it’s no where near you judging by the interior of his room. You’re allowed to be bold and horny if you feel like it, because it’s not like you get laid anyway right?
“You’re being weird—” He says it with a laugh but he still looks at you through the camera. “Are you genuinely flirting with me right now, because at this point I can’t tell when you’re serious or joking.”
              You smile back at him because honestly you can’t even tell the difference anymore, but who cares? At most you lose a gaming buddy or gain a gaming jerk-off-on-webcam partner.
“I am definitely flirting with you. Infact, I wouldn’t be offended if you asked me to show my tits right now.”
“Show them then.” He laughs and kind of pulls back in shock in the way you immediately do it.
“Oh, um..” He looks around, you can see his eyes shifting anywhere but the camera.
“Just look at them damn, am I that ugly?”
“No!” He shouts and zones in on your chest. “I just mean, um. . wow.”
              His mic is still crystal clear and you can practically hear him breathe through it.
“Show me your hands, you said you’d show me how skilled they are, right?” You’re confident as hell right now. Kind of out of character but it feels like you’re having fun for once.
“You mean like??” San stands up and you can see his chair push back behind him and spin just a little bit. When he stands, you can see a small line of his semi-hard dick through his basketball shorts. Typical gamer boy wear, you guess.
“Go on.” You say, urging him to lower his shorts just a little bit so you can see what his hands can do for himself. “I showed you, now you show me.”
              He wastes no time, and you wonder how many times he’s done this because he seems quite comfortable in front of his camera like this. Positioning himself in perfect view so you can see him look directly at you, hands and dick in view as he lazily pumps away at himself.
              It’s the first time you’d ever gotten yourself off to the image of a guy jerking off. But his fingers wrapped around himself so beautifully, and his broken cries into the microphone felt so desperate compared to his angry gaming rants.
              Surely, the next time you game with him, if he ever comes back online, you’re going to mock his moans to remind him of what happened, just to get an advantage over him again.
Tumblr media
              You were lucky to have Wooyoung play along with your obvious attraction to his hands. Regularly manicuring them himself, keeping his nails clean and clipped for when you’re needy and begging for them.
              And honestly, he also loved that you would ask at the most random times and places. His favorite was when you asked him to finger fuck you under the table while he was sat directly across his co-workers at a casual outing. You were very good at being quiet, and he was thankful for that. Besides, his hands were part of him, and it brought him an enormous amount of joy for you to love any part of him so much like this. It was only a plus that you loved them enough to make those pretty faces for him when he’s got them buried inside of you.
              By this point though, it’s been a week since you’d asked him to do anything and he’s been examining his hands nearly every day wondering why you suddenly stopped wanting him to touch you. He’s a bit insecure.
“Y/n—” Wooyoung is already whining the moment you walk through his door. You don’t live here but you might as well at this point. “Smell my hands, I bought new lotion!”
              You just look at him, exhausted from work and being yelled at by several strangers for things out of your control. You love his hands, but you just don’t want it right now.
“They smell nice, thank you for always keeping your hands so clean for me—” You feel a little bad, knowing that all you want to do right now is shower and pass out in his bed before repeating the day tomorrow.
“Don’t you want to feel them?” He questions with a tilt of his head, trailing behind you to the bathroom.
“Wooyoung, I’m just really tired, I’m sorry.” You look down as he stares back at you with a bit of hurt in his eyes. All the man wants to do is make you feel good, and you’re not letting him despite your intense love for him. “I love you, I’m sorry I’m so exhausted.” You finally say.
              He coos out at you, brushing a strand of hair out of your face as he forces himself through the bathroom door with you.
“We don’t have to, but I think it would help you relax, don’t you think? You don’t have to do anything—here—” He says with a pause as he rushes to the tub and starts drawing the water. “I know you just wanted a quick shower, but I think you should relax in the bath instead, let me make you feel better?”
              You give in very quickly, watching the water from the bath drip from his fingertips and the way it could very easily look like he’d just pulled his fingers out of you.
“Okay. . .” You say in a sigh, hanging your head as you start to take off your clothes.
              You sink lower and lower into the tub, slowly adjusting to the water that’s a bit too hot for your liking, but it’s relaxing. For the first time this week you feel like you can release your muscles from the tenseness they’d found themselves in. Only then do you take in the fact that Wooyoung, the prettiest and sweetest man in the world, just wants you to feel better and want him at the same time.
              Luckily for him, you’re already changing your mind from the tiredness you’d felt early the moment he runs a wash cloth along your skin.
              He perks up at his name being said in that specific voice, he knows what that voice means. It’s almost like a trigger in his brain now to get hard on instinct when you say it like that.
“Yeah? You want to?” You says with a large smile breaking across his face.
              All you do is nod before he’s running his hands down your body, massaging your tense muscles with one of them as the other snakes lower into the water, circling your clit.
              You were shocked at your wetness against the water when he traces his fingers along your folds, gently prodding against you and studying your face for any sign of relaxation or pleasure.
              He does that for a long time, his arms surely getting tired, but he didn’t complain. He pampered and spoiled you this time, no fast motions in sight. He’s gentle and slow when he finally fucks his fingers into you, drawing out your pleasure for as long as he could so he knew you could sleep well once he’s finished with you.
              He’s happy to do this for you, and you’re happy he’s so obsessed with your obsession with his hands.
Tumblr media
He had you perched up on his fingers like this often. You loved his hands, but he seemed to love seeing his hands inside of you more. He loved your hands too, especially how pretty they were wrapped around him.
              His confidence always spilled into you as well, both of you so touchy and clingy with each other whenever time allowed it. Almost always having a hand up someone’s shirt or down their pants. It was common, and honestly you both loved it and would melt for each other at even the smallest touches.
              Yeosang, so golden and sparkly in the lighting of this room, would always leak heavy with precum the moment he had his fingers in you. He had cum untouched many times before at just the image and the friction of his own arm rutting against himself. But not this time, you intend to have him cumming all over your belly as you fuck yourself against his digits, all while pumping away at his heavy and rock-hard dick.
              He groans at the feeling of your walls squeezing his fingers together when he tries to fit in a third one, squeezing his eyes tightly so that he can only feel the sensation of your voice echoing through the room, singing out his name like he’s the only person in the world who could do this for you.
              Yeosang only opens his eyes when he feels you grab his length in your hand and start pumping at the exact same pace as you ride against him. He fumbles only a little with his voice, unsure of what ungoldly sound he just made, but he doesn’t care. Both of you have made worse sounds at how weak you get when you have each other like this.
              The way he curls his fingers inside of you has you pumping faster at him, willing him to cum first so that you can laugh at him as you swirl your hips on him, but he doesn’t let you. He flexes his arm and very quickly fucks his fingers into you, messing up your rhythm and smirking at you.
“You’re trying to make me look desperate again—” He says in a playful voice, and all you can do is laugh. Because yeah, but it’s not like you both don’t already look desperate. You’re not even fucking, but god damn sometimes foreplay is all a person needs when they know how to do it.
“You already look desperate~” You moan out, feeling him still keep a violent pace with his fingers.
“And you don’t?” He questions, knowing you’re close with the way you release his cock and hang your head, grinding down against his wrist with as much pressure as you can, using it to put friction against your clit as he changes his quick pace to a more slow rhythm now.
“You’re so pretty like this, you know?” He adds, also knowing how much you love being praised when you’re about to cum. “We could do this all day and you’d still be like jelly in my hand—”
              And then you cum all over his fingers, eyes hooded and ears ringing as you throw your head back at the way he immediately picks his pace back up to work you through your orgasm.
              It’s only when you re-gain control of your body and he pulls his fingers out of you do you notice that he’s cumming all over himself. All you can do is watch him at the way he uses your own slick against himself as he jerks himself off until climax, his pretty lips going slack as he fights to keep his eyes open enough just to look at you and how fucked out you’ve managed to look for him.
              By the time you’re both breathless and lying in the bed, he groans out in annoyance at how you both are absolutely covered bodily fluids. You don’t know why he still gets annoyed about it, he’s the one that gets to lay around while you do his laundry for him. It’s the least you can do anyway, because honestly? He takes care of you in every other aspect of your life.
Tumblr media
              It’s the first time you’ve ever ridden in a car with Jongho driving it. Usually, the two of you meet somewhere to hang out, but this time he picked you up.
              You’d only been dating for a couple of weeks at this point, but it was nice to be picked up by him for a date for the first time. It felt surreal almost, his casual demeanor steering the wheel as you rode along through the town with brightly lit streetlamps. He didn’t hesitate to place his hand on your thigh and warming you up a bit from the cold fall air.
“Jongho, don’t.” You say, already blushing at the way he stretches his fingers out against your leg. He knows what he’s doing.
“Oh, I will.” He responds with a soft voice but a shit eating grin as he squeezes your leg just a bit.
“I swear to god, if you keep doing that you’re going to have to pull over right here, right now and fuck the life out of me.”
“Woah there, didn’t realize it was that serious?” He glances at you for a moment before fixing his eyes on the road again. “Good.” He says it like this was his plan all along.
              You squirm only slightly, embarrassed that such a small touch from him can have your body burning straight through your clothing, wanting nothing more than to be bare. But like you said, he knows what he’s doing. He knows you love the way his strong hands feel against your skin, and he finds it amusing actually, that he can have you melting into a sex-crazed animal if he so much as touches your thigh or neck.
“Wait until we get back to my place, at least?” He looks over at you with a smirk you know all too well. He’s going to fucking torture you and you know it.
              And he does, the entire date consists of him finding ways to touch your thighs, your ass, even your chest from time to time when no one else was looking. You were practically vibrating by the time you got back into the car with him.
              All you could do was glare, and all he could do was laugh at you for it.
“It’s so cute how mad you get—” He looks over at you when he places himself into the drivers seat, already reaching over to place his hand back on your thigh like he did on the ride over. “Just a little longer.” He says with a much gentler voice, you can see him twitch against his jeans and it’s all you needed to know to realize how fucked out the two of you will be within the next half hour.
              By the time you’re actually in his house, he barely gets his door locked before you’re grabbing his hand and shoving it straight down your pants, clinging onto him and whispering against his ear to “fuck me with your fingers”.
              And boy, does he. Fingers aggressively thrusting into you right then and there, easily slipping his shoes off as he does it and pressing you against the wall with his entire body.
              He has you breathless by the time you open your eyes to look at him again, arm resting above your head against the wall, his other arm flexing with each thrust of his strong fingers inside of you.
              You know he could make you cum from just this, and he’s done it many times. It feels good to be desperate for someone so willing to stretch you out in the way you like best.
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ateez-imagines · a day ago
Ateez reacts to you riding them
Warning: Smutty!
A/n: So yeah I kind of went IN with WooSan…oops? Anyways this is my first Ateez reaction! Hope you guys will like it! -Mintea
Hongjoong: You kissed him as Hongjoong falls onto the bed. “Ride me baby.”
His whispers sent chills down your spine as you nodded.
You sat down on his length and moaned softly.
“You feel so good.” Hongjoong’s hands roamed through your body as you arched.
You looked down to see Hongjoong’s face was pink as he lost in pleasure.
“You’re so cute Joong.” You bit your lips as he made you want to tease him more so you fastened up your pace.
Hongjoong gasps as his eyes opened with pleasure in his eyes.
“You like it?” You smiled as he pulled you in for a passionate kiss.
Tumblr media
Seonghwa: His hands intertwined with yours as he placed kisses against your neck.
“C-can I be on top..?” You whispered as he makes eye contact with you.
“Hmm?” He teases as he tilts his head and smirks at you.
Your face turn red as you want to try riding him, but you can’t say it.
“I want to try riding you….” You muttered softly as he chuckled deeply.
“Sure.” Seonghwa’s eyes locks into yours as he place you on top of him.
You slowly got down as his full length was now inside you. “Hmm…” You bit your lips, trying to adjust to him when he suddenly thrusts.
“Ah-“ You covered your mouth as your eyes widened at the shock.
“S-seonghwa!” You whined as he grabs your waist. “I didn’t say I’d let you lead though.”
Your legs tightened at the rough movements as Seonghwa spread your legs.
“I wanna see all of you, baby.”
Tumblr media
Yunho: “Yunho….” You pout as he continued to play game.
“In a bit Y/n.” He nonchalantly mumbled as you got an idea. You kissed down his neck and grabbed onto his crotch.
Yunho gasps as his legs froze, however he lets you continue.
You played with his member as it hardens. “Yunho….please?” You asked as he continued to stare at the computer screen.
“Hmm!” You pout and immediately sat on his lap without warning as you pulled his length inside of you.
Yunho finally looks at you as you bit your lips.
“I really need you.”
Yunho’s big hands wrap around your waist as he stops your movements.
“Now when did I say you could move?”
Tumblr media
Yeosang: He eats his chocolate cutely as you had an idea.
You licked the chocolate and tapped onto Yeosang’s shoulders.
You point to your lips as he smiled. “Kiss?” He asks as you nodded.
Yeosang leans in as you both connected your lips together as you began licking his lips.
He tastes the chocolate on your lips and smiled shyly.
“Be careful…I might not be able to hold myself back.” Yeosang mumbles as you clearly heard him.
“Then could I ride you?” You bluntly asked as his eyes widened along with an awkward silence.
“N-nevermind.” You covered your blushing face and stood up as Yeosang pinned you onto the bed.
“You can’t just leave after saying that.” Yeosang place you on top of him as he stares at your body.
Tumblr media
San: He bites his lips harshly to tease you. “If only you didn’t come without my permission then you’d be able to taste my lips.”
San continues to place soft kisses that barely touches your neck, but made sure to not kiss you directly.
“Please…I’ll be good this time.” You begged as San chuckled deeply.
“How are you going to prove that, Princess?” San whispers the last word into your ears before licking your earlobe, sending shivers down your spine.
“I-I’ll ride you and make you come.” You looked into his eyes as he was dumbfounded.
San burst into laughter as you pouted. “What!?”
“I just can’t believe you’re that desperate.” San throws his head back as he cocked an eyebrow.
“Well then…show me.” San tilts his head as you straddled onto him.
San purposely place both his hands behind his head to look up at you.
You place his length inside of you and closed your eyes.
“I thought you said you’d make me come?” San teases as you felt rage in your eyes.
“I am.” You placed your hands on his chest and rode him, fastening up the pace as San was drowned in his own pleasure.
“Hmm…” Your brows furrowed as San held onto your waist.
He smirks and chuckles. “You know I still haven’t given you permission to come yet.”
Tumblr media
Mingi: He was very vanilla as he slowly spread your legs and went down on you.
“Do you like it?” Mingi asks as his luscious lips vibrates against your clit, causing you to shake.
Your body twitched as Mingi smiled with his heart fluttering at the sight.
“I want to be inside of you now.” He whispers as you stopped him.
“Is something wrong?” His brows furrowed with worry as you shook your head.
“I….I just want to ride you.” You looked away as Mingi immediately place you on his lap himself.
“Come on…” Mingi lays back as you grind against his crotch.
“I-I need you Y/n.” Mingi bit his lips as you gladly ride him.
Tumblr media
Wooyoung: He had came home from practice, but he was still willing to please you.
You straddled his lap as he wrapped his arms around you waist.
“You’ve been waiting for me?” Wooyoung teases with a smirk as sweat was all over his body.
“You look tired Woo…we can do it tomorrow. I can wait.” You kiss his hand as he pat your head.
Wooyoung shakes his head as you looked at him.
“But you’ve been waiting for me.” He knits his brows together with a whine in his voice.
“Come on~ I’m okay!” You wrapped your arms around his neck as Wooyoung suddenly touched your clit.
Your legs tightened as you moaned at the touch that you’ve been waiting for.
“But you’re all ready for me.” Wooyoung glided his fingers against your wet folds as you buried yourself in his neck.
“How about you ride me?” He suggests as he looks at you while licking his bottom lip.
You blink multiple times but nodded.
“Come on…” Wooyoung places a pillow behind him as you crawled on top of him.
Tumblr media
Jongho: He’d rather be in control as he smiled at your suggestion.
“You want to ride me?” Jongho’s gummy smile appears as it fades away when he gets closer to you.
“Since you’ve been so good…” Jongho sat down as he pats his lap for you.
“Come sit down.” He commands as you sat on his lap.
Your body squirmed on top of his as you felt his crotch twitched.
Jongho gasps as you boldly grind against his clothes crotch.
Jongho’s hand immediately flew to your neck as you whined. “Let’s see you ride me.”
Tumblr media
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ughsimpp · a day ago
Tumblr media
👀👀😳 so i did something LOL
okay before you come at me, this is for my hard stans and hard stans only. so where are my hard ateez stans at?! anyways i feel like it might be set differently depending on how you see it..yk but this is how i see it 😏
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wooyowo · a day ago
BESIDE YOU — kang yeosang
GENRE — slight angst, fluff (?), smut.
yeosang has been your friend for 6 years. you've liked him ever since you two first met, but he never showed you enough affection to lead you to think that he feels the same way.
dom!yeosang x sub!reader
a/n — this is fr my first time writing smut so don't expect a lot </3 im down for criticisms and suggestions, requests are open!
Tumblr media
for all the bad days, there's always that one little guy who cheers you up. he always manage to make you smile even while crying - he's the best.
you two had been friends - best friends for 6 years, and you had a crush on him since. however an unexpected day came, yeosang found himself confessing to you.
out of blue, really. he never showed any kind of affection that would lead you to think he likes you, he had never crossed that line. too shocked, you rejected his feelings.
oh, what a big mistake you just did.
simply by telling him you're not ready for commitment, yeosang sweetly assures you that its fine, he's not gonna force you. but just as you turned your back to him - you knew he finally let the tears out that he's been holding the whole time.
now you lie in your bed, wide awake, eyes puffy. it's currently 8 pm and you had been crying for the past 2 hours for stupidly rejecting the guy you've loved for 6 whole years. who in the right mine would do that?
one thing you know is that you hurt him, and your friendship will never be the same ever again. you feel your eyes water again as yeosang's sad eyes appear in your mind for the nth time, but he forced a smile to say he's okay, which he's certainly not.
before you knew it, you found yourself running towards his house as the rain pours above your head. you're ready to risk it all just for him to forgive you, although you don't really have a plan on what to do when you get there.
tears streamed down your face as you run with all your might - so desperate to see him already. it didn't take you long to reach his house as its lucky near your's, you loudly knocked to his door while crying out his name.
"yeosang! yeosang please open the door! please!" your desperate cries booms into the area along with the heavy rainfall. you hear loud footsteps of someone running before the door you're leaning on opens, resulting you to fall over.
however, yeosang was just right there, he caught you immediately before you hit the floor. you continued to cry as you hug him, in which he hesitantly receives, hugging you back.
yeosang lifts you lightly to make you step inside so he could close the door, you quickly following so, not releasing him from your grasp. "hey, what's wrong? you're soaking wet, did you run in the rain?" he worriedly asks as he feels the hoodie that's wet on the shoulders and sleeves and your cold neck against his skin - your hair dripping.
all you did was sob, crying loudly while repeatedly saying sorry to him, he could feel tears forming in his eyes as well as he couldn't get you to stop crying. he gulps a lump on his throat before making you look at him by holding your shoulders. "why are you apologising?" he asks softly as he swipes his fingers against your face to wipe the tears under your eyes with his thumb, then his hand keep your stray hairs away. try to form your sentence but you couldn't answer him properly, your hiccups got worse.
that's when you realise yeosang isn't wearing any tops, all he has is a checkered black and red pajama. his hair is as well, dripping to his shoulders. he seems like he's in the middle of putting his clothes on when your banged his door. you couldn't even look at his eyes.
he pursed his lips before speaking, hands letting go of your shoulders. "wash yourself before you catch cold, you can use the bathroom." he says as his hand made its way to your back, rubbing it to possibly calm you down. you nod and slowly walked towards his bedroom, knowing that he has a bathroom connected to it. you closed the door behind you and took the towel hanging on the chair before entering the bathroom.
you quickly washed yourself, good thing that all the products he has in the bathroom are unisex as he knew damn well that you do everything like you're in your house whenever you come over, you found yourself smiling weakly.
once you're done, you wrap the towel to your body and exit the bathroom. a sudden reality check happens to you as you realise that your clothes are wet and you have nothing to change into. you hung your clothes but you're not about to wait for it to dry before getting out.
defeated, you take the hoodie on his bed that he probably prepared for him to use earlier, then taking a pajama from his closet. you quickly get changed and dry your hair as much as you can in a short span of time with the towel before putting it back on the chair, hanging it.
you reached towards the door knob and twist it, hesitantly pulling it to get out of the room. you step out, only to be greeted with yeosang lying shirtless on the couch, patiently waiting for you to finish. you mentally cursed at yourself, of course you just had to lock the door to his room.
"i-i didn't have any clothes to change into-" before you could finish your excuse, he chuckles. "you look cute." he says, smiling. his clothes are definitely way too big for you. his hoodie is like a dress to you and although it goes down above your knees, you just couldn't leave it like that as you have no underwear. the pajama is on the next level, however. you seem like you have loose sock on as you walk with it - it brushes to the floor.
you could feel your heart race against your chest, his genuine smile never failed to give you butterflies. he stands up and started walking towards his room - but you call him.
"yeosang." you weakly call him, voice almost cracking.
he stops, looking back at you. "yes?" you turn to look at him with you puffy, and again, teary eyes. "i have to get-" he cuts himself before walking towards you hesitantly. "are... are you okay?" he asks again, even more gentle this time. his voice was softer than ever, and he only has it whenever he's genuinely worried.
you look at your feet as you fiddle with your fingers. "i'm sorry for earlier." you hear him sigh in front of you, making you look up to him. "you know, i already said that i won't force you, i admit that i was hurt - but i'm in no place to force your feelings and tell you to like me back so please, don't apologise for it again, okay?"
and at that very moment, you knew you fell harder for him.
without thinking straight, you pull him into a kiss. yeosang was of course, taken by shock, but kisses back shortly, closing his eyes. however, yeosang pulls away after a few seconds. "we shouldn't be doing this. please don't lead me on-" before he could finish, you smash your lips against his again. hands hanging to his neck, you stand in your toes in a attempt to match his height, but you couldn't so you jump and wrap your legs around his waist, his hands flies to hold you, keeping you from falling as a reflex.
yeosang gave in, unable to let you go as his and your lips moved in sync, he leans further and deepens the kiss. you could feel all types of emotions right now but what's more important is that you know - you know you're making yourself clear right now.
yeosang starts walking towards the bedroom, lips never leaving yours. he kicks the door open and places you on the bed, supporting your head as he lays you down. he hovers on top of you - but he stops, leaving you confused.
"why are we even doing this. " he chuckles, head dropping. he knew he got carried away for a moment, so he starts moving back, standing up.
"because i love you!"
you thought you had already made yourself clear, but maybe not. he was surely taken aback as he froze - but he shakes his head. "you just feel bad - you're not about to lose your virginity just to someone."
you are still a virgin, and yeosang knows that.
"i'm not lying, and you're not just anyone to me." you're desperately try to make him stay by saying how you truly feel.
"are you sure?"
you nod your head.
"well," he clasps his hands. "there's no turning back now." he immediately got back from his current position and passionately kisses your lips, his hands tracing your jaw, then going all the way down to your thighs, your hands tangled on his hair to deepen the kiss.
yeosang moves to you neck, sucking your skin as his hands squeezes your breast. "tell me when to stop, okay?" he says before lifting the hoodie from your stomach, his lips leaving wet kisses all over. his hands moves to pull down the lose pajamas, immediately slipping his hand to your pussy - he chuckles after finding out you wore to underwear. "how can just go around wearing my clothes but not wear underwears? you don't know how hard it was for me to stop myself earlier, this is quite of a dangerous choice of clothing baby."
you roll your eyes. "says the shirtless one."
he pulls it all the way down, throwing it on the floor. he spreads your legs. "so wet." he says as he moves in between. you let out a gasp, feeling his finger rub your clit up and down as he watches your reaction. he replaces his fingers with his mouth not so long after and starts licking it - blowing hot air at the same time. he plays with your bud while rubbing your inner thigh, you feel like you're already on the edge although you guys had only been on it for a minute or two.
yeosang looks at you. "do you want me to do it or do it yourself?" he asks against your heat, you let out a moan. "i'll do it i guess." with that, yeosang nods and gives your clit one last kiss before sitting next to you. you get up from your place and began to rub his clothed hard crotch.
you run your hand through his abs, you've seen it before, but you just can't help it but gush over it everytime. you pull his pajama with his boxers down, his dick wobbles like its connected to a spring the moment it's freed from the cloth, causing you to giggle.
yeosang raises an eyebrow. "what are you laughing at?"
you continue to giggle while looking at it. "it's like a toy, i love it."
he sighs and roll his eyes, leaning back at the headboard. "so naughty for a virgin." he says under his breath, but he isn't complaining either. shrugging, you rub his cock up and down before licking it, then taking it to your mouth. to bob your head and suck it a little, circling your tongue around after.
honestly speaking, yeosang wasn't expecting you to give him a blow job - let alone for him to think you're good at it. he wides his eyes as you sucked him . "is this really your first time?" amused, yeosang pats your head. he combs your hair with his fingers before holding them up gently to keep them out of your face.
you feel you cheeks heat up, but tried to keep it cool. "yeah, i've watched a couple videos online to at least see how it is you know." yeosang just nods, well, you do have a point.
you take him again, fitting as much as you could into your mouth, your hand continuesly rubbing the remaining. you start to rub it faster, earning another deep groan from the male. you look at him who's eyes are closed, sitting in a slightly uncomfortable way, you push him backwards and that so he can lean comfortably - causing his eyes to flutter open.
he looks confused, but you just smile at him. you start of by sitting on lap, facing him as you lift yourself and line his cock to your hole. you slowly push yourself down to his dick, yeosang immediately holds you body to support you as he closely watches you. "you can hold into my arm." he says, glancing at your face and you nod, holding to his shoulders instead.
you were getting impatient of yourself so you just pushed yourself into him all at once while holding onto him, wincing at the pain that shoots to your body. yeosang bites his bottom lip while you close your eyes, burying your face to his neck.
"does it hurt too much? should we stop here?" he asks, rubbing your hips. you shake your head. "it does hurt - but no, please let's continue. you're just... really big." yeosang nods.
you slowly bounce to his dick, him gripping your ass and guiding you. you look down at yourself and sigh. "it's bloody." you say, removing yourself from him and wiping it away with your hands, yeosang shakes his head and pulls you back, eyes lingering on your lips. "it's okay baby, don't mind it."
you nod slowly, hesitantly getting back to your position. his hands found their way back to your cheeks - gripping on them again as you push yourself back to his cock - moaning.
by time, the pain subsided and was eventually replaced with pleasure - causing you to move faster. you cup his face and kiss his lips and he kisses you back immediately while you bounce in his lap.
the sounds of your skins slapping against each other filled the room, and you two wouldn't have to worry about the neighbours complaining as the rain is pretty strong, it's pretty much loud enough to distract others.
you struggle to remove his hoodie from yourself as you couldn't just let go of his lips and of course, he notices your attempt movements. he lifts the hem of the hoodie, removing it to your arms then lifting it over your head before throwing it on the floor.
you seem to not get enough of his lips that a simple 3 second breath break felt like forever to you as you found yourself whining over the loss of the connection to yeosang's lips, he chuckles, leaning for another kiss.
he rubs your clit which caused you to moan against his lips, you feel your orgasm coming already. you tighten your walls around his cock and he groans, knitting his eyebrows.
you try to hold it back but you can't, so you tell him. "y-yeosang i'm gonna cum." he simply nods before lifting you up, removing himself from you. you release all over him, collapsing to his cheast.
"was that fun?" he asks, wiping the sweat on your forehead. you nod and threw your head back. yeosang stands up and goes to grab wipes on his desk, then coming back to wipe you.
you thank him and made grabby hands, calling for him to lay beside you - until you realise something. "you didn't cum though?"
he smiles and shakes his head. "this is about you, don't worry about me." but you glare at him, he lifts both of his eyebrows. he walks back towards you and you pull him, then push him down.
you quickly moved in between his legs and pump his dick with your hand up and down. "you don't have to-" he wasnt able to finish his sentence as you began to suck him, he was taken aback, causing a hiccup to escape his mouth.
your rub his vline, then your hand found his balls - you squeeze them. he moans, throwing his head back. you started pumping him faster, bobbing your head as you circle your tongue around him again. you pull away and rub his sensitive tip, before licking it.
"i'm gonna-" he whispers an 'ohhh' when you pumped him even faster. "im gonna cum" he tells you, his voice breathy until he starts milking all over. you see him collapse, laying back down on the soft mattress. you crawl yourself to his side and lay down, he hugs you and snuggle in between your breast. "i feel much better, thank you princess." he breathes out while you play with his hair.
he looks up, tightening his hug around you. "so... can i be your boyfriend?"
the question got you giggling. you bop yeosang's nose and comb his wet hair from sweat, he pouts. "of course! what kind of question is that?"
he smiles cutely.
"sleep well baby." he says before leaning in to kiss your lips softly.
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shibers · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(210916) YEOSANG ☆ DEJA VU
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chanyouchan · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
⌕ a arte de cegar o coração do cupido, atinysquad
⚠ ︎ em caso de inspiração, me credite.
📆 15/09/21 | ✎ créditos e @mnini (psd)
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