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#hyunjin fanfic
matryosika · 18 days ago
burning sensations
pairing — hyunjin x reader
genre — smut
word count — 6-8 k
warnings — hate sex, mentions of alcohol, jealousy and possessiveness, slight dom!hyunjin, hyunjin has a tongue and bellybutton piercing, ice play, use of petnames, slight degradation/humiliation, dirty talk, oral sex (f and m), piv, unprotected sex, creampie
note — this took hours for me to write, i don't know why BUT i spent the whole day completely horny because of this man. enjoy this, don't forget to leave an opinion if you liked this piece and also don't forget that you can tip me (please do it, im broke) on my ko-fi! i will be very very grateful, really! anything helps!
i apologize if there are any grammar mistakes. i didn't read this before posting it and english is not my first language!
finally friday, the weekend was just around the corner for you to enjoy it. but so was the end of your school semester and so was the application for the greatest scholarship an A+ student could ask for. even when you wanted to relax, your mind wouldn’t allow you to.
“come on, y/n” yoona belted out as the two of you were heading to the last class of the day “i can’t believe you would rather spend a boring night at the campus library instead of the birthday party of your best friend”.
“boring or not” you replied, your hands clenching at the leather straps on your bag “i must keep on studying if i want to go to college”.
you would never admit it out loud but, sometimes, yoona reminded you of hyunjin, her brother. hyunjin, who you utterly despised from the moment you stepped foot in that school, him who couldn’t stand breathing the same air as you.
even so, you always tried to understand some of the comments she made that bothered you. she was born in a wealthy family, just like hyunjin. she grew up having it all, not worrying about helping her parents to pay their bills or studying hard to not compromise her academic future. yoona was one of those people who truly believed that everything can be solved and that there’s nothing in this world that’s “impossible”.
your family, on the other hand, had difficult times with money ever since you could remember. your parents covered all of your basic needs, but an elite education was definitely not something they could afford. not to mention that you had an older sister, just as brilliant and excellent as you were, so the pressure to succeed was ten times greater when you realized that doing good at school was not an achievement but what was expected from you.
“if everything goes well and i get accepted to yonsei, we are going to be able to party every single weekend” you sighed, turning around in the same corner she did.
“yeah right” she babbled. “you will get accepted to yonsei, but i’m not sure about the other part”.
“when i win the scholarship, we will celebrate big time” you promised, pushing the door for her.
“why can’t we celebrate today?” yoona pouted again “just one night, please stop studying for one night. trust me, it’s not going to make much of a difference”.
you looked at her with half-lidded eyes, her words rubbing your brain in such an unexpected way that if she were to continue on begging, she would’ve actually succeeded in convincing you “i’m sorry yoona, i promise i will make it up to you later”.
she rolled her eyes and huffed, slightly punching your arm as she walked away to settle on the back seats of the classroom “i will make sure to save you a piece of cake though”.
you smiled and nodded, sighing in relief at the realization that she wasn’t truly mad at you for skipping her party. as privileged and spoiled as yoona was, she was actually a very decent human being and that’s why you befriended her to begin with. she was funny, creative, extroverted and many other things you were not. yoona always said that you two were best friends because you were polar opposites “and polar opposites complement themselves”, something you wanted to believe in after meeting her.
however, after meeting her brother, you realized that the whole polar opposites complement themselves only applied for you and her, not anyone else. he wasn’t much different to you though, since you two were smart, brilliant and witty. the only difference was that you had good morals and he lacked them.
as if god was reading your trail of thoughts, the image of the dark-haired boy appeared on the windows next to you as he walked to his classroom, his long hair tied into a middle ponytail, strands of unruly hair framing the sides of his face. contrary to popular belief, the only thing hyunjin had that made you jealous was the ability to rock such a hairstyle.
he gave you a quick egocentric look before disappearing into thin air, a faint smirk that made you feel as if he was capable of reading your mind and wandering around the thoughts that emerged everytime you saw him standing in front of you. just as he disappeared, your literature teacher entered the room.
the class lasted for 50 minutes, as usual, but your mind stopped paying any kind of attention around half of it. all you could think of was ways to organize the rest of your day, thinking about what you wanted to eat and debating on whether you should return to your sister’s apartment to change your school uniform or if you should just stay with those clothes.
just as you were reaching your final decision, the irritable sound of desks and chairs moving against the floor interrupted your own monologue.
“y/n?” the teacher called, still seated on his desk “can you please stay for a few minutes?”.
you exhaled and nodded, carefully packing all of your books and school supplies, not bothering to do it any faster because you still had to wait for the whole room to clear up.
as you waited for the other students to leave the room, your fingers started to fidget the buckle on your brown leather bag, thinking about what the small meeting with your literature teacher could be about.
“the end of the semester is coming, huh?” he chuckled as his whole weight relaxed on the uncomfortable plastic chair.
“yeah, it’s awful” you replied, still trying hard to hide any kind of awkwardness in your speech.
“i remember” the teacher continued “i was once a student, at this school too… it can get stressful”
you nodded and licked your lips, mentally praying for him to finish the meeting quickly before the cafeteria ran out of your favorite salad.
“i will not steal much of your time” he intervened, reincorporating himself into the chair as he looked for some folders on his bag “but i do have a proposition for you, since you are the best student i have around”.
you tilted your head with curiosity, your eyes fixed on the bunch of papers he was currently organizing in his desk trying to catch a glimpse of what they were “think of it as practice for the real deal at college”.
he handed you a bunch of sheets that were neatly stapled and, by the text resting on the first page, you could conclude that they were a bunch of text-analysis written by his freshman classes. “i am supposed to give these papers back to the students by the end of next week, but i have been reviewing and analyzing a lot of court cases lately” right, the old man was not only into literature but he had a degree on criminal law “i really could use some help in reviewing and giving feedback to these texts”.
you nodded, carefully placing the sheets inside of your own folder so you could take them home safe and sound “of course, by doing so, you will exempt my final test with a score of a 100”.
a faint smirk appeared on your face as you rested your bag on your shoulder, standing up from your seat and fighting the urges to start smiling and cheering like a delusional person. “i need them by thursday, so don’t rush yourself into reading all of them today. besides, i asked someone else for help as well so you wouldn’t feel burdened with the amount of projects”.
you smile and nodded, walking towards the door feeling relieved about not having to spend your whole evening trying to eat up the literature books for the final exam. however, you still had to go over at least 10 papers and that would take some time so, instead of wasting your whole afternoon doing absolutely nothing, you rushed to the cafeteria to eat something before going to the campus library. nothing could ruin your day, you thought, until you saw the image of hyunjin standing not so far from the classroom you just left.
“he exempt you from the literature final?” he asked, walking along and trying to keep up with the fast pace you settled in an attempt to run away from him.
“not your business”
“it is, actually” he continued, standing in front of you to prevent you from walking any further “he exempt me too”
“wow, congratulations hwang” you spitted before passing his figure by the side, restarting your walk in order to get to the longed-for place.
“i expect you to say the same thing after they give me the scholarship for yonsei” the dark-haired mumbled with a proud smirk.
“you don’t need that shit” you fumed, your body turning back to him.
“i know, but i want it” hyunjin replied, his penetrative gaze making your heart skip a beat every now and then “and whatever i want, i end up having”.
he gave you a cocky smile as he walked away from the exact same place he came from, both of his hands inside the pockets of his uniform pants, his walk as condescending as the man himself. you stood there in silence for a few minutes, your knuckles becoming 3 shades paler while they were holding for dear life to the straps on your bag and your mind trying to come up with a valid answer as to why he hated you that much. yeah, you could have beef with someone but trying to fuck their whole future just for the sake of your pride? that was beyond the limits of a mentally stable person.
with defeated steps you walked to the cafeteria in hopes of finding your favorite salad and some peace of mind, preparing yourself for a long evening of reading and reviewing.
the clock struck the 7 p.m. and you finally decided to call it a day, your head almost hurting for all the reading you had been doing in a span of 4 hours. with laziness you stood up from the chair you had been sitting on for the past hours, dragging your body across the library hall and leaning down to pick up your phone that was -strategically- charging so you wouldn’t distract yourself from your task.
19 missed calls and 9 new messages from yoona.
[16:51 p.m., yoona]
hyunjin told me you exempt literature
you don’t have to study, right?
come to my house
[17:22 p.m., yoona]
don’t make me go to your sister’s apartment to pick you up
[17:57 p.m., yoona]
all i want is my best friend to be at my birthday party
[18:18 p.m., yoona]
i swear to god if you don’t reply to my messages i will not save you a slice of cake
you closed your eyes in exasperation, trying to come up with a valid excuse to skip the party. you didn’t feel like going out tonight and you certainly didn’t feel like seeing hyunjin again, all you wanted was to go home, get into your pijamas and just sleep all night. however, yoona knew exactly what to do to convince you to step foot into her house.
[19:01 p.m., yoona]
jeno is coming
isn’t that cool?
you caught yourself smirking at the message, your mind giving to the idea of having fun for the night. but yoona’s house was far away from your sister’s apartment, you still had your school uniform on and, after hours of reading, you certainly didn’t look good enough to flirt.
[19:02 p.m., y/n]
sounds exciting, but i don’t think i can make it
i don’t have a ride, i am still at school and i’m still wearing the uniform
[19:02 p.m., yoona]
i know, i am outside of campus
i was picking up some things and a little bird told me you were around
i can drive you to your place so you can change clothes
you pressed your phone into your chest as you smiled widely, having yoona as your best friend was definitely something else.
however, it was all fun and games until you remembered that yoona’s house was also hyunjin’s house. and that her party was most-likely to be his as well, since they shared basically everything.
the house was crowded, the music was too loud and you lost yoona from the minute the guests started to arrive. you met with a couple of people from your class, engaging in casual chats as you all drinked and joked around together. the evening was going smoothly, your mind was relaxed enough to keep the intrusive thoughts of school away for a minute and your whole body acquired life of its own, your hips moving from side to side as the loud music intoxicated your senses.
all it took was a hand on your waist to snap you out of your trance, your heart fluttering at the image of jeno leaning towards you to greet you with a kiss on the cheek.
“how long have you been staring at me?” you teased, noticing that his beer was almost empty.
“just enough” he replied, giving you a soft smile “yoona told me you were not coming and i almost end up not attending as well”
“i had to study for a test” you told him, your body way too close to his “but for some reason i’m here, so…”
“how are you doing for the application of the scholarship?” he asked, the tension between both of your bodies becoming too evident. still, you couldn’t help but smile at his question.
you and jeno had been talking for a while now, but everything was just casual. he was a nice man, respectful, extremely hard-working and intelligent. he could have the yonsei scholarship in a snap of a finger, however, he already had other plans in mind.
you found it endearing how he actually took time and effort to keep track of your own events, your heart melting at his proud gaze when you told him that everything was going fine so far.
“i know you will get it” jeno smiled, one of his hands rubbing softly your lower back as a spark of electricity traveled throughout your whole body.
the night progressed with him by your side, chatting, drinking and dancing. at some point, your tipsy mind thought about going home with him, but he never really asked you that. however, the kisses were not lacking.
“i’m sorry” he mumbled in between kisses, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket. you licked your lips as a final taste, your gaze wandering around yoona’s living room as jeno looked to his phone “oh”.
your eyes immediately traveled to him, his face becoming a mixture of confusion and annoyance “i have to get going”
you couldn’t see yourself, but you probably had the most confusing look on your face by jeno’s reaction “i will see you at school, alright? something came up, i’ll explain later”
and without any more time to lose, he planted a kiss on your lips before disappearing into the crowd.
the behavior itself was weird and he looked really worried, but you couldn’t help but feel embarrassed as a couple of eyes landed on you. you smiled shyly as you grabbed your drink, making your way through the people dancing around in the living room. yoona said you could sleep at her place and, even though it was barely 11 p.m., after jeno’s absence you found it really useless to stay at the party, specially because yoona was nowhere to be found. you knew her parties usually lasted until 3 or 4 a.m., but you certainly didn’t plan on staying awake for that long.
with careful steps you walked towards the stairs, ready to head to yoona’s bedroom. but obviously, your night just couldn’t end without…
“hyunjin” you forced a grin.
“are you bored yet?” he asked, standing at the landing of the stairs.
“sleepy, actually” you replied, “yoona said i could sleep at her bed so if you can please move…”
“but it’s barely 11 p.m.” he chuckled “don’t you ever have fun?”
you squinted your eyes and, if looks could kill, he would’ve been dead by now “look i’m not interested in chatting with you right now”
“i mean, i too would be in a bad mood if my date had left me in the middle of the party with no explanation whatsoever” a cocky smirk growing in his face as the confusion arose in yours.
“how did you-” you were about to start yelling, but the racional part of your brain convinced you that dealing with hyunjin was something you could definitely handle, you didn’t need to make a scene specially because the last thing you wanted to do was to ruin yoona’s birthday. “how did you know?”
“what do you think happened, y/n? maybe his mother? his little sister? a friend in distress?” he listed, faking concern in his voice “yeah, that sounds about right. maybe a text from a friend in distress? if he would’ve paid attention to his surroundings he would’ve noticed that the friend in distress was actually having the time of his life at the pool outside, the only distress he had was leaving his phone unlocked on the bathroom”
your eyes fully opened in awe as you understood what he did, the blood under your skin boiling at the image of his stupid face “you are sick”.
“shhhhhh….” he whispered, his plump lips being just a few centimeters away from your face making you smell his vanilla-like scent “do you really want to cause a scene here?”
“seriously hwang” you snapped “you are fucked up”.
you tried to push his body away, but your strength was nothing compared to his. still, his body swayed to the side allowing you to actually take the stairs to go to yoona’s bedroom, the anger inside of your chest irradiating heat to the rest of your body.
“i told you” he insisted, slowly approaching you from behind as you walked further into the big hall of the second floor “whatever i want, i end up having”.
you clicked your tongue, a cynical smile forming on the curvature of your lips “and what is it that you want, hyunjin?” you inquired, your voice sounding almost hysterical “do you want me to refrain from the scholarship competition? because it’s not going to happen”
“i don’t need you out” he mumbled, leaning against one of the doors in the hallway “matter of fact, you being there makes everything ten times more exciting”.
“so give me a valid explanation for the little deranged act you just did down there” you scoffed, patiently waiting for him to talk, but he never did “just admit that you dislike me so much because i make things harder for you”.
he gave you a condescending look, smoothly laughing as he did “who said i dislike you?”
you looked at him in astonishment, his indifference only blowing up your anger even more “you just literally made jeno go away because you can’t stand the image of me enjoying something”
he licked his lips and leaned his tall figure over you, your arms crossed in front of your chest as you tried to remain calm even when he was getting on your nerves “i know you are smart enough to figure out, angel” he teased, his long fingers placing a strand of your hair on the back of your ear “ that i didn’t do this because i dislike you, it’s quite the opposite”.
you squinted your eyes again, your mind trying to convince you that either the alcohol you (or he) drank was starting to kick in “now you are just talking nonsense” you muttered, your back being pressed against one of the doors as he cornered you.
“it’s not my fault that i find you attractive” he said, his gaze trying to find yours in the middle of the dark corridor.
“is this some kind of joke?” you asked, both of your hands leaning on his chest while you tried to push him away “because it’s not funny”.
“when have i lied to you?” he inquired back, his warmth breath almost caressing your chin, his vanilla-like scent mixed with a bit of tobacco and mint making you dizzy “if anything, i am always bluntly honest with you, isn’t that right angel?”
“stop calling me that” you ordered with hitching breath, feeling chills all over your body every time his gaze rested on your lips.
“you don’t like it?” he replied, mocking pain in his tone “would you prefer if i called you by that pretty name of yours?”
the way his words sounded at the tip of his tongue made you unsteady, a warm sensation building up inside your core and radiating to your whole body.
“move” you weakly whispered, your judgment too cloudy after the revelation of his jealousy to keep on arguing with him.
“i’ve seen the way you look at me, y/n” he stated, his voice sounding ten times lower and deeper than usual “those pretty eyes of you, they are always filled with lust when it comes to me”.
you inhaled sharply, the despair of his lips brushing against yours without actually kissing you was driving you to the brink of frustration “just look at yourself right now, you keep on saying that you hate me and yet your body is begging for my touch”.
he slowly lifted his hand to caress the sides of your cheek, your whole body pathetically squirming in its place as you anticipated his warm touch. the music was loud enough to prevent people from listening to your conversation, however, you could swear that the sound of his heartbeats was even louder.
“have you ever touched yourself thinking about me?” he bluntly asked, making you freeze. it wasn’t the question what frightened you, it was the answer that was buried into your mind what made your heart skip a beat. he expected an answer from you but, as a couple of silent seconds passed by, one of the corner of his lips lifted up in a playful smirk “i have, so many times i’ve lost count”.
your throat was completely dry and your mind was already too fucked out to even process the things that were coming out of his mouth, the worst part being your underwear completely dampened at his mere words.
“i’ve thought about fucking you until you can’t no longer say anything but my name” he spitted, the ease of saying those words as if it was just a casual conversation making you completely turned on “every time you say you hate me, you are just fueling my desire to dominate you even more”.
“you are sick” you whispered, your lustful eyes setting on his swollen lips.
“but you love it, don’t you?” he inquired “all pretty and innocent, acting like you don’t need someone to ruin you completely”.
one of his fingers traveled to your lips, brushing slightly your skin “neither jeno or any other man will make you feel the way i know i can” he stated, his digit graciously dancing around your parted lips “you want me just as much as i want you”.
the confidence he had shocked you, but deep down you knew he wasn’t completely wrong. you hated him so much to the point that you desired him in the most carnal and primitive way. having his lips just mere centimeters away from yours made you think about all those nights you pleasured yourself to the thought of him, chasing your high every time you imagined him pounding you with the same intensity as the hatred you held for him.
“your eyes are already saying yes, now I just need your mouth to tell me the same” hyunjin commanded, his digits still tracing the skin of your lower lip as his darkened eyes fixed on yours.
“i-” you quietly sighed.
“angel” he replied, one of his hands resting on your hip as he pulled your body closer, his growing bulge pressing against your lower abdomen “can you feel how hard you make me?”
that last sentence alone was enough to make you give in to him, your throbbing cunt clenching around thin air every time a word left his lips.
“just one time” you whispered.
“mhm?, just one time angel?” he inquired tilting his head, teasing you by leaning in for a kiss but not giving you anything.
“just one time” you repeated, your guts knowing damn well that this was not going to be the last time you find yourself in this situation.
“just one time, angel” he repeated again, his face leaning closer and withdrawing every few seconds just for the sake of teasing you.
he guided you to his room in the darkness of the corridor, the warmth of his touch making you feel light-headed as a trail of thoughts were starting to form in your mind: was this right? not only was he someone you despised, but he was also your best friend’s brother, what if she found out? what if you got caught? however, as soon as he opened the door for you and his characteristic smell flooded your senses, you understood that there was no going back.
“after you, angel” he signaled, one of his hands still resting on your lower back as he walked you inside.
you couldn’t really catch a glimpse of his room since the only source of lightning was his window, but it was basically everything you ever imagined it to be: neat, clean and expensive, his room looked just very… him.
just as you were inspecting the territory, both of his hands intertwined in front of your waist, you arse slightly grazing against his crotch and his accelerated breath caressing your right ear “do you know about safewords?” his deep voice inquired. you slightly shook your head as he let out a small chuckle. "if things become too overwhelming, just say red if you want me to stop, alright?".
you weren’t a virgin, but you also weren’t as experienced as he probably was. you have slept with 2 or 3 guys in the past, but it wasn’t extraordinary to be completely honest.
“what do you have in mind?” you asked as you turned your face to the side, his breath mixing with yours.
“are you scared?” he chuckled, his digits leaving the front of your abdomen to start caressing the sides of your body.
“should i?” you replied, your chest moving frantically as your breath accelerated every time you felt hyunjin’s touch in a new part of your body.
“i will only hurt you if you let me” he softly replied, peppering kisses along your naked shoulder “so there’s no reason to be afraid”.
his digits traced the length of your arms up and down, making your whole skin get covered in goosebumps, something that made him smile. “can you take this off for me, please?” hyunjin asked, the tip of his fingers signaling the clothes you were wearing.
you turned your body to face him, both of your hands immediately removing the straps of your dress proving that, from the moment you entered his room, he was in complete control of you.
his dark gaze fixed on the black underwear you were wearing, cursing under his breath the moment his eyes landed on your breasts “you have no idea how many times i got hard just by thinking about you this way”.
your cheeks turned red at his compliment and your thighs painfully squeezed together at the idea of being filled up by him, an action that did not go unnoticed by hyunjin “what’s wrong angel, you can’t wait to feel me?”
“you are taking too long to do something, hwang” you muttered feeling intimidated by how his eyes dragged themselves around.
he let out a soft laugh as he walked towards a mini fridge that was located next to his bed, leaning in to grab something from it “i never imagined you would be that desperate for me, angel” he added, his figure once again approaching your half-naked body. both of his hands guided you to his bed, your back being instantly pressed against the mattress as your legs opened wide for him to position himself between them “if it gets too cold, just let me know” he mumbled while holding something inside his mouth giving you almost no time to ask further questions.
his manly figure leaned over you, his forearms carrying his whole weight to prevent him from crushing you and, next thing you knew, a slippery cold object fell from his mouth into the middle of your breasts making you gasp instantly. “hyunjin”.
the dark-haired man lost no time into licking part of the cold liquid, the ice cube slipping from your breasts to the side of your neck, leaving a trail of coldness on its way.
however, the ice cube was not the only thing that made your senses go numb.
“fuck” you moaned, feeling how your panties were completely ruined at the sight of the little piece of jewelry adorning his tongue, making his touch ten times colder.
“do you like it?” he asked, a proud smirk growing bigger at your useless attempts to squeeze your thighs together “imagine how good it’s going to feel brushing against your clit, angel”.
a sudden chill was quick to travel along your body, your nipples painfully hardening under your bra.
as if he was reading your mind, one of his hands sank into the mattress to unclench your top underwear, leaving absolutely nothing for the imagination “you are adorable” he praised while letting out a grunt at the sight of how your nipples hardened at his words “i just want to ruin you completely”.
one of his hands found a small bowl on the side of the bed, picking up another melting ice cube from it. he held it in his mouth for a couple of seconds before spitting it in your abdomen, his tongue moving it along your sensitive skin “i can’t believe this feels good” you moaned, the cold piece of jewelry occasionally touching your skin.
“really, does it feel good angel?” he inquired, grabbing the ice and harboring it again into his mouth. you should’ve seen it coming, but your body was not prepared for the abrupt sensation of coldness around your nipples.
“hyunjin” you gasped again, your fingers harshly gripping the white bed sheets beneath you.
“yes, angel?” he teased, a masochistic trace sparking in his gaze every time you gasped or cried at the sensations he was inducing you.
“why does it feel so good?” you cried, the burning sensation switching from pain to pleasure and visceversa.
“describe me the sensations, angel” he mumbled with his lips against your skin “describe them to me”.
you swallowed hard, your eyes closing shut every time hyunjin’s tongue brushed against your buds, the tiny piece of metal controlling your whole body.
“it burns” you moaned, your back slightly arched while your hands held onto his black hair “it hurts but the warmth of your tongue just turns that pain into pleasure”.
he hummed against your skin, pleased with your answer. because of the temperature and the friction, the ice cubes melted almost as soon as they touched your skin, something that hyunjin was not going to forget.
dragging his tongue along your abdomen, his whole body slipped to your thighs. the still cold piece of metal leaving a funny but pleasant sensation every time he explored a new part of your body, from your hips to your pubic area and your inner thighs.
“i fucking hate you” you hissed when you felt his teeth nipping at your soft skin, the sharp pain making you close your eyes instantly as a reflex.
“are you sure?” he asked, two of his digits tracing your wet slit over your underwear “if i were you, i wouldn’t be talking that much angel”.
“the temperature play was nice” you sighed “but it didn’t make me forget how much i despise you”.
a playful smile formed on the corner of his plump lips, his fingers pulling your ruined underwear off of you “i will make sure to make you forget” he replied, slightly halting to remove your wet panties “don’t you worry”.
the promise behind those words made you tremble under his touch, his fingers playing around with your lace underwear “but you hate me, right?” he mocked at the sight of your own juices coating your clothes.
“at least i don’t have ambivalent feelings towards you” you panted “treating you like shit and then getting jealous the minute i see you with some other girl fooling around”.
hyunjin leaned over your body again, taking his hand that was holding your damped underwear near your mouth “open” he ordered with a grin on his face. not knowing what to expect, you did as you were told. he pushed your black panties inside of your mouth, forcing you to taste yourself in the most degrading way he could think of “make sure you don’t talk with your mouth full, angel”.
the blood under your skin boiled again, but it was different this time. the feeling of being humiliated by him excited you in ways you couldn’t describe, but you would never admit it. his dark gaze fixed on you again, his breathing too close to your core making you whine by the lack of contact. “you can make all the noise you want, angel. no one will hear” he tilted his head, licking your slit with a quick movement as the cold piece of jewelry made you sigh “and if they hear us, make sure to give them a good show”.
that was the last thing you heard before your whole mind went blank, the only thing you could think of was his penetrative gaze as he ate you out. your mind couldn’t wrap around the fact that you were in his bed, getting owned by him. you couldn’t really remember when you started to fantasize about him, but you know you did it often. maybe too often for your own liking, and it was almost embarrassing.
the sinful noises his lips made, along with his grunts and your moans, were definitely something that turned you on even more, your hands pushing his face further to intensify the feeling of his groans against your core, your panties falling out of your mouth as soon as you wanted to speak. “hyunjin” you moaned “can i-?”
your voice was interrupted by a high-pitched moan resulting from two of his fingers prodding into your cunt, the unexpected action making you clench harder against him.
“beg nicely, angel” hyunjin ordered “i know you can do it”.
you cursed him under your breath, debating on whether you should give in easily or not. you knew why he was doing this, he knew that it would make you feel embarrassed to beg for him out of every single man on earth and that would only make it more pleasant for him. but little did he know that the idea of begging sparked something in your arousal that you couldn’t quite comprehend.
“hyunjin, please” you cried “please let me cum, please”.
“you are not convincing me, angel” the man pouted with a sadistic smile on his face.
“hyunjin please” you hissed, both of your thighs threatening to close around him “i need to cum”
hyunjin withdrew from your cunt as tears started to prick in the corner of your eyes, the urge to grunt due to the frustration was soon interrupted by his gaze “tell me that you are going to be good” he demanded.
“i’ll be good, hyunjin” you cried, bearing the shame and embarrassment in exchange for a few seconds of pleasure.
“tell me that you are my slut” he commanded, tilting his head with a smirk. he wanted to hear those words from you, but he was also determined to know how much pride you were willing to risk for an orgasm.
“i am your slut, hyunjin”
he licked his lips, a devilish look protruding in his gaze “tell me that you will never let another man touch you again”.
you looked at him in awe, not sure whether to continue with his little game or not. however, the jealousy involved in that sentence sent waves of pleasure to your bundle of nerves that was desperately aching for his touch. “i will never let another man touch me again”.
“you realized how submitted you are to me?” he teased you “you think you are doing this for your own pleasure but in reality your mind already knows who it belongs to”.
“keep dreaming, hwang” you mumbled as you rested your weight on his forearms, the proximity of his face wanting you to lean on for a kiss.
“oh i will” he replied “every night i will dream about you, about your pure body and innocent mind being completely wrecked by the person you hate the most” his lips grazed against yours with a swift movement and, almost instinctively, you captured his swollen lips in a kiss.
he tasted like vanilla, cinnamon, a pinch of metal and your own arousal. it was addictive, your first kiss with hwang hyunjin. “see, angel?” he whispered “you think you are so smart and in control, but the one who wanted this to happen was me”.
his body slipped once again in between your thighs, his tongue and fingers returning to its original place as he restarted the pace “i told you, y/n, whatever i want, i end up having”.
“hyunjin” you moaned over and over again, chanting his name as if it was some sort of holy prayer. the man made sure to lick you clean, tasting every single drop of your high with a proud smile on his face.
and before you could argue his cocky attitude, your arousal washed over you in a way you haven’t felt it before. from your head to the tip of your toes, your whole body felt like electricity. the way your toes curled up, the way your thighs insisted on closing around him, the way your hands automatically pinched your hardened nipples as your back arched under his touch just proved how good hyunjin was capable of making you feel.
“you sound even better than in my imagination” he admitted before placing a soft kiss on your inner thigh, standing up from his own bed as he got rid of his clothes. because of the excitement and how rushed things were, you didn’t even remember that he was still fully clothed while you were already naked and spreaded on his bed.
he removed the clothes he was wearing and, to your surprise, what was underneath them was ten times better than you had expect.
the soft skin that glistened with the light that emanated from the window made your heart flutter, especially when you spotted another piercing decorating his bellybutton. your hands automatically traveled all the way to the expensive piece of jewelry hanging from there, touching his soft skin at the same time hyunjin gave you a smile “kiss it”.
you did as you were told, placing a small peck on top of the piercing as you looked him in the eyes “did i ask you to stop, angel?”
you shook your head and continued on kissing his abdomen as hyunjin unbuckled his belt and pants, his endearing eyes fixed on your innocent face leaving a trail of kisses all over his body. you had an idea of what to expect from him but, as soon as his erected cock came to sight, you couldn't help yourself but swallow nervously.
"is it too big for you angel?" he asked, one of his hands caressing your hair as the other one stroke himself slowly. you looked at hus length and then at him, not saying any words but your face could explain well what was going on in your mind. "don't worry y/n, i will make it fit in those pretty holes of you".
next thing you knew, the tip of his cock was gently parting your lips, eager to get inside of you. your nails digged into the skin of his built thighs, your gaze making eye-contact with him as his hands guided your head all the way through his length, making you gag and roll your eyes to the back of your head. "you look so pretty like this" he panted, his cock twitching inside of your mouth every time you choked or moan against it "letting out the messy and submissive cockslut you naturally are for me".
you let out a whiny moan at his words, your pussy getting wetter every time he forced himself into your mouth. the way his cock stretched you just right was heavenly, feeling the taste of his precum with each thrust he provided, and making you think about how his arousal actually tasted like.
"i would love to cum down your throat" hyunjin groaned with his head rolled back and eyes closed "but you have no idea how many times i have masturbated to the thought of filling that pretty cunt of yours with my cum". you looked at him, still with his cock deep inside your throat, and he moaned at the sight of your ruined make up and teary eyes "come on, angel. let me erase that pretty innocent look from your face".
you stood up from your knees and returned to your previous position: your forearms resting the weight of your whole body and your legs spreaded across his bed nicely. hyunjin licked his lips at the sight of your dripping cunt, wondering how tight you must feel around his big cock. he lost no time in positioning himself between your legs, the tip of his cock sliding against your folds while it lubricated itself with your own wetness.
"i promise you that no one will ever make you this wet" he hummed, his fingers caressing your inner thighs as you pinched your hardened nipples for him "no matter how hard you try, every time you will think about me and only me".
with an unexpected thrust, he slammed his cock into your tight pussy making you scream in pain "no matter how bad you want it, you will never be able to cum again without me. you will touch yourself and wish i was there with you." the stretch his length was providing you was painful, but that only set your arousal even higher. your walls clenched around him just fine, making hyunjin feel dizzy and almost powerless at the sensation of your warm cunt being used by him "you will fuck someone else and you are going to wish it was me ruining you instead. you will never forget how good my body felt against yours because you have always belonged to me, ever since the moment you started hating me to conceal your inner feelings for me".
a gasp escaped your lips once you felt him slamming once again into you, almost at a brutal pace. he placed his thumb on your bundle of nerves as his cock acquired a slow -but hard- rhythm, ensuring the build up of the well-known knot in your lower abdomen.
"in your dreams, hwang hyunjin" you moaned, feeling how his cock pounded deeper each time into you, if that was possible. hyunjin gave you a twisted smirk as he continued to use your cunt, his cock brushing against every spot that made you lose your mind completely. "the only thing i will ever feel for you is hatred".
hyunjin leaned on your body to crash his lips into yours, the kiss becoming sloppy and passionate in a matter of seconds as it drowned your own moans and cries. his tongue danced against yours, the taste of the piercing mixing in with his own essence. the neediness of his kiss made you clench around his cock, the man hissing against your lips once he felt it. "you feel so good around me" he praised, his forehead resting on yours while his breath caressed your lips "i could be inside you for hours and never get tired of it".
you cried once again, feeling how his lips lost rhythms as your throbbing clit begged to be touch. one of your hands traveled all the way to your cunt, playing with yourself while hyunjin pounded you harshly. the way his hair moved every time he thrusted into you, his glistening skin decorated with tears of sweat, his swollen lips matching his rosy cheeks and the veins protruding on his neck and arms was definetly something that was going to be engraved on your mind forever.
"hyunjin" you cried, desperately wishing for his permission "i can't hold it"
"then cum all over me, angel" he hissed, his jaw clenched as his hips tried to maintain a pace to help you come undone on his cock "show me how good this cock filled you up".
your back arched immediately at his words, your hands holding on to his bed sheets for dear life feeling how your orgasm took complete control over you. "i wish you could see how filthy you look right now, angel" he panted. his cock threatening to make a mess inside of your walls. "too fucked out to even talk, your whole body begging for my permission to cum and your pretty eyes filled with nothing but lust. isn't that pathetic?
you cried once again as the result of the overstimulation, your whole body completely tired after your second orgasm of the night. however, judged by his sensual facial expressions and the sloppiness of his thrusts, you knew that hyunjin was close to his release as well.
"i hate you" you moaned in pleasure "i fucking hate you for this"
"you don't" he grunted "you will be begging for me to use you again, and i will do it every single time for you".
with a swift movement, one of his hands traveled to both sides of your neck, gripping it harshly as he interrupted the flow of air through your veins. his thrusts slowed down and the sinful noises that left his lips were ten times louder than before. the sticky hot feeling inside your walls was new, but you could definetly guessed what it was.
"this is the first time i let someone fill me up like this" you admit with hitching breath, hyunjin's cock still inside you as he made sure that he had filled you up completely.
"see, y/n?" he asked, his lips brushing against yours as you both tried to catch their breath "you let me do things no one else has done, i wonder why"
"you are sick" you repeated for the third time that evening, feeling how his hot cum leaked out of your wet cunt once he took his cock out of you.
"and you enjoyed every second of it" he remarked with a proud smirk.
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sailorhyunjinz · 2 months ago
~ ℙ𝕝𝕦𝕤𝕙𝕚𝕖 ~
Tumblr media
𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨; dom!hyunjin x sub!fem!reader, SMUT!!! rough sex, PWP, piv, stomach bulge, big dick!hyunjin, dirty talk, nicknames, slight nipple play, cum, orgasm(f)
𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵; 0.4 k (just a lil drabble heh)
𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘦; inspired by this ask!~ 
“h-ah,,, h-hyunjin,, s-stop you’re too big!!”
You whimpered out, Hyunjin hovering on top of you with his hands by the sides of your head. His relentless thrusts were too deep, hitting your cervix with every movement and he wasn’t even fully inside of you. Hyunjin groaned seeing the way your stomach protruded as his big cock nestled into your tight cunt, your cries and whimpers only making him even more vicious. 
Wrapped in your arms was a stuffie, your favorite one to be exact. You pulled the cuddly toy closer to your face, biting down on the fuzzy fabric in order to silence your desperate mewls. With each thrust your body jerked at the impact, hyunjin’s lanky hands travling over the sensitive valleys of your breast and caressing your erect nipples, stimulating you further. 
“you’re so pretty like this princess. i don’t care if it hurts, you’re gonna shut up and take it like a pretty little slut, understood?”
Hyunjin spoke in a low, raspy voice and didn’t waste a second, pistoning his hips against yours making you squirm in his grip, his hands that previously fondled your bouncing tits now grabbing onto your hips giving the blonde boy better control over his sloppy movements, almost pushing you down his girthy length, covered in your erotic slick. 
You nodded, your heated face covered by the plushie, clawing at the soft fabric in pain as he hit just the right spot. Automatically your spine curved, lifting off the bed as a long broken moan spilled from between your lips, sounding more like a scream of pain then pleasure but Hyunjin didn’t care. He was going to wreck your tight hole until you were crying out his name like a mantra. 
“f-fuck hyunjin!! i-im gonna cum,,, im gonna fucking cum s-stop!!”
The boy smirked devilishly from above you, his fingers gripping your hipbones hard enough to bruise you. Not only were you struggling with not screaming loud enough to alarm the neighbour but also to keep your legs spread for his thick cock, all the sensations making your head spin and body shiver, closing your legs around the tall boy as you clench around him, coating his veiny length in your gushy cum. 
Hyunjin swooned at the sight that was layed out infront of him. You clutching onto the stuffie for dear life, your nose scrunched as you lips parted in loud whimpers, your brows furrowed with your hair looking like a mess. You were fucked dumb and he caused it. Your back hit the bed again, his thrusts not slowing down, overstimulating you and making you wriggle around hysterically, the pain crawling up your body, every touch making you quiver. 
Hyunjin wasn’t done. Not until he came. 
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lunatens · 2 years ago
mario kart
word count: 1937
genre: sO MUCH fluff
pairing: hwang hyunjin x gender neutral reader
summary: best friends to lovers through the power of mario kart
a/n: okay so if y’all haven’t noticed i’m in a bit of a skz mood recently lol and I've been feeling especially soft about hyunjin recently like ugH I love him anyways please enjoy this v fluffy thing I was so soft while writing it. hopefully it makes up for me not posting too much the last few days/next few days!! <3 also im kinda proud of this so pls give it love
song rec: fireproof - one direction
you: [mario kart, pizza and movie night at my house in 10'?]
you send a text to your bestfriend (and neighbour) hwang hyunjin, hoping he'll be able to make you feel better. your other friend, felix, just texted to last minute cancel your plans to go to the movies (apparently this boy he just met, changbin, is more important than you) so you find yourself annoyed and alone on this friday night. normally you'd just hang out by yourself and watch netflix or something, but you're actually in the mood to socialize tonight. you've changed out of the cute outfit you had planned into your favourite pair of sweat pants and a random hoodie you just grabbed off the floor. you're now lying sprawled on your bed staring at your phone screen and waiting for hyunjin's response, which doesn't take long.
hyunjin: [ya of course. loser buys the pizza!!]
hyunjin: [is everything ok? what happened to ur plans with felix?]
you: [don't worry about it, just come over. bring blankets!!]
you close your eyes, mentally preparing to get up from your bed. a loud knock sounds from your front door, and you groan and roll off your bed. you open the door to a smiling hyunjin, clutching an armful of blankets.
"you know, you can just come in; you don't have to knock."
"i know, but i like making you get up to open the do-is that my sweater?"
you look down to realize that it is, in fact, hyunjin's sweater.
"i guess so. well, your fault for leaving it on my floor. do you want it back? i can go change,"
"no! no, it's okay, you can wear it," he responds, slightly flustered, a subtle blush on his cheeks. you turn to head to the living room, not wanting him to see your own rosy cheeks as you fight back a smile. you and hyunjin have been best friends for as long as you can remember, but recently you've found yourself craving his presence more, longing to be around him, butterflies in your stomach going crazy at the slightest touch. it's the classic dilemma; you don't want to ruin your friendship by confessing, but at the same time it's torture to just be friends when you want so much more.
you lead hyunjin to your living room where the two of you set up your usual nest of couch cushions and blankets (hyunjin giggles to himself when he throws a pillow at you and it hits you square in the face, but it's your turn to laugh when you throw one back twice as hard, hitting his stomach with a dull thump!; you're surprised an all out war doesn't break out). you flop down, tossing him a controller as you open the game.
"my parents are gone for the weekend, so we can be as loud as we want," you mention, turning up the volume on the tv. hyunjin wiggles his eyebrows at you suggestively.
"not like that you idiot!" you say with a gasp, throwing another pillow at him and praying he can't see the redness of your face.
"can we pleeeeeease pick each other's characters?" he says, giving you his classic puppy dog eyes (he definitely knows they're your weakness). you narrow your eyes at him.
"fine, but ONLY if you promise you won't make me be wario again," you say as you trade off your remote. he giggles as you watch him carefully.
"waluigi isn't much better, jinnie!!" you pout, and he doubles over laughing. you choose cat peach for him as revenge (in his words, "i don't want furries in my mario kart,") and he makes a face at you, to which you simply smile angelically.
"best two of three?"
"like always," he says, rolling up the sleeves of his sweater. you internally melt at how cute he looks, intensely focused on the screen and determination in his eyes.
you win the first round, throwing both fists in the air in victory.
"okay i would've won if you hadn't sent that stupid blue shell at me!!" he whines.
"okay sure, you keep telling yourself that," you tease.
round two begins, and hyunjin just barely passes you at the last second.
"haha!! yesss!!"
"you're so lucky i ran into a goomba on the final lap," you say; you and hyunjin are pretty equal in skill, so you often bicker back and forth, arguing about who's the real mario kart champion (although you know you're definitely better). you start the third race, both of you determined to win; neither of you really care about having to buy the pizza, the boasting rights are prize enough. at the beginning of the third lap, hyunjin elbows you, and you gasp in shock as you watch waluigi plummet off the edge of rainbow road. as competitive as the two of you are, neither of you has ever resorted to sabotage. as you're placed back on the track, you see hyunjin smirking and your brain whirrs, trying to think of a way to prevent hyunjin from winning. a thought occurs, and pushing the nerves aside, you lean over and press a quick kiss to hyunjin's cheek. out of the corner of your eye you see him freeze, his character veering off course allowing you to surpass him and cross the finish line.
"YES! i win!!" you gloat, buzzing from the adrenaline of winning and the fact that you just kissed hyunjin. you just kissed hyunjin. the realization sets in and you look at him in shock at your own actions. he's staring back at you; normally you can easily tell what's on his mind, but in this moment you have no idea what he's thinking.
"hyunjin i-i'm so sorry, i just-"
"did you mean that?" he cuts you off.
"or was that just a diversion tactic?" he says, voice soft and serious, contrasting the playful mood. his eyes search your face for an answer, then he breaks out in a grin.
"haha, your face is so red; i'm guessing it was more than just a way to distract me..."
"okay fine, maybe--maybe i did mean it. maybe i think you're really cute and maybe i want to be more than just best friends with you and maybe i'm kind of really in love with you. and maybe your face is just as red as mine," you blurt out.
"well maybe i'm just as in love with you as you are with me," he says, and his gaze flickers down to your lips, then back up to your eyes. you're not sure when his face got this close to yours, but you aren't complaining. for the second time tonight, you find yourself brave enough to lean in, eyes closed, to press your lips to his. the equivalent of a disney fireworks show is going off inside you as his soft lips fit perfectly against yours and he wraps his arms around you, pulling you onto him. you can't help but smile into the kiss, ecstatic and relieved that everything worked out and your days of pining and daydreaming and complaining to felix are over. you feel hyunjin's lips curl up into a smile too, and you both giggle as you pull away slightly, your hands lost in his hair and noses brushing as you look in his eyes.
"you have no idea how long i've wanted to do that," he says, pressing another kiss to your lips.
"then why didn't you" you question, playing with his hair absentmindedly.
"i thought you liked felix!! i was sitting around in my room moping all day because i thought you and felix were going on a date! i've never been so happy to get a text in my entire life," hyunjin confesses with a nervous laugh. you can't help but laugh at the situation.
"i can't believe you thought i liked felix!! i've been asking him for advice on what to do about you!"
the two of you erupt in giggles, nestled in the mess of blankets with limbs tangled around each other.
"we're so silly," hyunjin says between laughter, pulling you back towards his lips. "i can't believe i can just do this whenever i want now," he mumbles into your mouth, and you deepen the kiss, wanting to be pressed as close to him as possible after desperately wanting this for so long.
"you still have to pay for the pizza, you know," you mention in between kisses. hyunjin's head falls back as he lets out a groan.
"...i was hoping you'd forgotten about that."
"nope! i'll set up the movie while you call," you say, kissing his cheek before moving to get up. you don't make it very far before hyunjin pulls you right back into his arms, peppering your face with kisses.
"hyunjin! i have to get up!" you giggling.
"no you don't. we can just lie here forever," he says, continuing to kiss you.
"we might get hungry though," you mention, this time pulling yourself away for real (even though it's probably the hardest thing you've ever done) to toss him his phone while you pick out a movie.
you're curled against hyunjin's side, head on his chest, listening to his slow breathing and heartbeat more than the movie itself. the room is dark save for the glow of the tv and the streetlamps outside. there's a flash as the headlights of a car pull into the driveway.
"we're gonna have to get up to get the pizza, jinnie," you groan.
"shhh baby, no we're not," he murmurs (you ignore how your cheeks heat up at the nickname), and your front door swings open as someone enters your house.
"someone order a pizza?"
you recognize the familiar aussie accent of felix and he walks in carrying a large box, changbin following close behind. he places the box beside you and gives you a cheeky grin, flashing you a thumbs up. you blush, hiding your face in hyunjin's chest.
"ew, they're so gross and affectionate," felix pretends to puke, and changbin laughs. "lets get out of here binnie. catch ya later, y/n; don't have too much fun!" felix says with a wink.
"bye, felix!" you say, encouraging him to leave. the front door closes and felix's car pulls out of the driveway, leaving you once again alone with hyunjin.
"jinnie, how-"
"i texted felix real quick while you were picking a movie asking him to help me out, then called him but pretended i was calling the pizza place," hyunjin explains.
"you're so smart," you say, kissing his cheek in appreciation.
"well, i try my best. oh, y/n?"
"you look really cute in my sweater."
"i know. i hope you know you're never getting it back,"
"that's fine with me," he says tackling you in another kiss. you lie there for a while, lazily making out while the movie plays in the background, hyunjin's hands on your hips and yours in his hair.
"it's crazy how so much has changed in just one night," you say, pulling away for a second.
"mhm...although really y/n, you're still my goofy, loveable best friend. just now we get to do things like this," he says, pulling you back into the kiss.
"i love you, hyunjin," you say, breathless. you've said this to each other many times before, but this is the first time you're saying it seriously and romantically.
"i love you too, y/n," he whispers back, and you want to live in this moment forever; just you and hyunjin, the rest of the world is a blur.
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lettersfromaphrodite · a year ago
Pairing ↬ Hyunjin x Fem! Reader Genre ↬ Fluff + Smut Word Count ↬ 3.156 Tags ↬ Wolf AU, reader is a witch, soulmates, medieval settings
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🐺 Wolves! Stray Kids Series: Chan: Part One | Part Two ✿ Minho: Part One | Part Two ✿ Changbin ✿ Jisung ✿ Felix ✿ Seungmin ✿ Jeongin
Tumblr media
«Come on,» you whispered to yourself, clenching your teeth as if it would have made you reach even further. «Damn these silver azaleas, growing in a place like this.» you mumbled, outraged at the herb’s natural habitat as you brushed with your middle finger the wild herbs growing on the edge of a cliff. Therefore, there you were, partially laying above the void itself, as you stretched out as far as you could, hoping the rock that you were gripping to balance yourself would not shatter in a moment like that. You kept brushing silver azaleas’ leaves few more times until you settled for using magic. «I’ll never make it like this,» you sighed, your eyes briefly flashing golden and suddenly, a small bunch of silver azaleas was finally in your hand. Your happiness did not last long; as soon as you touched the herbs, the rock under your hand shattered, leaving you to precipitate into the cliff. At least, this is what should have happened. The feeling of  a warm hand immediately gripping your wrist made you look up, just to see a boy with long, black hair staring back at you with eyes full of worry. He effortlessly picked you up, and for a second you wondered how  could he be so strong without using magic. “He must be one of the shapeshifters,” you thought. You have studied about them: people born with the ability to shift into any animal they knew, irrevocably gaining their qualities – sight, hearing and strength, even while in human form. “Or one of the wolves”, you wondered, aware that a pack of wolves recently claimed the forest as their territory. 
«Ah! Thank you!» you cheerfully and proudly showed your small bouquet to the boy, still looking at you with concern. «These herbs have the stupid habit to grow in unusual places so I always have to-» «Always? You always risk your life like that?» the boy’s deep and dumbfounded voice cut your sentence, and you stood up, brushing away dust and small grass blades from your skirt. «I never risk my life.» you answered immediately, your hands on your hips. «I knew how to fly up eventually.» you spun on your heels with an amused giggle, heading towards the small basket few steps away from the two of you. It was as if you could feel the gears in the – handsome, boy’s head starting to move, processing the fact that you were a witch, and not a commoner. «Anyways, thank you so much,» you turned around, now facing the boy which standing up, easily towered above you. «Hyunjin.» he said, a small and polite smile on his lips. «Hyunjin.» you repeated before introducing yourself as well, silently admitting that he was definitely handsome up close. «Well, I have to go. I have many other herbs to gather before sunset. For example, fire fl-» «Do you want some help?» Hyunjin interrupted you, and you fell silent. Help? You never had any help during your gathering sessions, and especially, how could he be helpful? «Yes.» you immediately whispered, a strange pull you felt in your heart quickly pushed you to ignore your thoughts. You blamed the sunlight hitting your face for the blush that erupted on your cheeks as Hyunjin’s lips parted to frame a beautiful, happy smile. «As I was saying!» you suddenly exclaimed, knowing that Hyunjin was aware of your sudden embarrassment, judging by his amused expression, «Fire flake flowers. They’re next.» «Lead the way, Ma’am.» Hyunjin smiled with the hint of a playful bow, before gently taking the basket from your hands. «But let me carry this.» you let him, a shy smile painting your lips and silently thanking Fate for this meeting. You spent the afternoon roaming around with Hyunjin following you obediently, the two of you talking continuously. At the mention you were a witch, he confessed that he was a wolf. «That’s cool.» you nodded, «I never had a wolf for a friend.» «Who said we were friends?» Hyunjin playfully ruffled your hair, with a smile on his face. You spent the remaining of the afternoon explain some properties of the herbs you were picking up to Hyunjin, and if he was uninterested with your explanations, he never showed. Instead, he kept asking you questions, until the situation inevitably ended up with Hyunjin laughing at you because you got raisin on your hair. You sighed, as you brought as much hair you could in front of your face to examinate the amount of damage; eyes briefly flashing golden, you got rid of all the raisin, and Hyunjin immediately inched closer to your face. «That’s cool.» he said, your noses almost touching as he was busy studying your eyes, now back on their original colour. «Do they always change colour?» «Yes,» you smiled, placing your hands on his wide shoulders before gently pushing him back, your heart racing as if you had just climbed that cliff back up using your own strength. «They always do.» You turned around too quickly to notice that Hyunjin was looking at your figure with a soft smile on his lips and a faint trace of a blush on his cheeks.
«So… Goodnight?» Hyunjin tried, smiling as he offered you the basket full of herbs once you both made it safely in front of your house, the lanterns of the village illuminating the now dark ad moonless sky. You nodded, thanking him again. «Be careful on your way home!» you told Hyunjin’s retreating figure as you were tightly grabbing the basket’s handles. It was dark, the streets were illuminated just enough to see where you were walking but, you saw clearly as Hyunjin turned briefly towards you, answering with a wink as his eyes flashed in two different, bright colours: blue and golden.
Spring, sunny afternoons were your favourites; meditating with the wind gently dishevelling your hair was a feeling you loved, and so you sighed, closing your eyes, your soul at ease while you were sitting in a flower field. Tranquillity spreaded in your senses, and you honestly could have stayed there all afternoon, until the rustling leaves of the bushes on your left caught your attention. Eyes snapping open, you decided not to move your head in order not to appear too alarmed - it could have been anyone, opting to follow the unfolding situations with wary eyes. All your resolution, however, melted into a thin nothing as soon as a large, big black wolf slowly walked out of his temporary hideout. Your head turned, and you locked gaze with his mismatched eyes. “He has the same eyes as-” «Hyunjin?» you quietly called out, unsure. You recalled Hyunjin's eyes flashing with two different colours few nights earlier, but you were not sure about his wolf form because after all, you have never seen it before. The wolf gracefully lowered his head, as if he was gesturing the hint of a bow, and as soon as your eyes met his blue and gold ones, you felt once again that pull on your chest. «I hope you weren't try to scare me, puppy,» you smiled, before returning to your ministrations and closing your eyes once again, «it didn't work.» You heard the wolf whiff, perfectly aware that if he were in his human form, Hyunjin would have scoffed at you. The wolf slowly circled your apparently helpless frame, before plopping down next to you, his head gracefully resting on his paws. Hyunjin glanced at you from the corner of his eyes, and you glanced back, before erupting in soft giggles and reaching out with your hand to scratch him behind his ears. You felt completely at ease, and you did not have to wonder about the reason why you felt the magic flowing in your soul growing powerful anytime he was close to you. «Hyunjin,» you softly mumbled to the wolf which looked like he had fallen asleep. «Would you like to become my familiar?» Hyunjin's bright eyes stared at you for few seconds, before he tapped on your thigh with his nose, and you immediately understood that it was his way of saying yes.
Later that afternoon, Hyunjin woke up from his nap with a flower crown made with yellow and blue flowers gracefully hanging from his black ears.
The next time you saw Hyunjin, you were stark naked. You were quietly bathing in the river when once again; he quietly walked out from the bushes in his wolf form. Looking up at him, you admired how intimidating and graceful he looked. Water reached barely around your breasts, so you leaned your arms in front of you, resting them on the grass in order to partially shield your naked chest. Truth was, you did not mind for Hyunjin to turn back in his human form and join you. Hyunjin made his towards you, and unexpectedly licked your left cheek, making you turn around while laughing. «What was that for?» you asked, touching your cheek with your still wet hand, and he answered by plopping down on the grass in front of you, his head on his paws and his big, bright mismatched eyes burning into yours. «So, Hyunjin, I'm curious,» you tilted your head before placing it on the palm of your hand. «Are you hanging out with me because you're my familiar, or because I'm your mate?» you saw the wolf's eyes widen for a second, and you smiled, satisfied with yourself. “So, I was not wrong.”  you thought. You spent few days searching anywhere and everywhere in your books if the relationship with your familiar was supposed to make you feel somehow enamoured, but you only found endless chapters about how powerful you should have felt. The thing was: you felt powerful AND enamoured, but anytime Hyunjin was in his human form, thoughts about kissing his full lips constantly intruded your mind. Knowing few basic things about wolves, you quickly catched up. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you once again, and thanks to the streaming water slowly flowing around your frame, you started to doze off, until you felt Hyunjin's nose insistently push your head to your side. Eyes falling open, you searched for any traces of something out of the ordinary towards the direction that he had pointed to, until you heard the noise of cracking bones, followed by a long sigh. You turned around, confusion written all over your face, the wolf nowhere to be seen. Instead, Hyunjin was standing in the water, reaching out to your nicely folded clothes in order to steal one of your thin leather strings in order to tie up his hair into a half ponytail. «Did that hurt?» you asked, focusing on his face and trying to ignore the fact that Hyunjin was standing stark naked next to you in the water. His arm brushed yours, and you felt a spark running through your body. «It doesn't.» he explained with a smile. «We don't feel anything, it's just noisy.» You nodded, somehow glad that he would not feel any pain while switching between his human and his wolf form. Hyunjin placed his elbows on the grass behind him, relaxing in the water with his head thrown back, and you took the opportunity to steal glances to his toned body. «Oh, by the way,» as soon as Hyunjin turned his head towards you, you adverted your gaze impossibly quick, in order not to get caught ogling at his frame. «Who did you call “puppy”, back then?» his hand moved quickly, gently but firmly grabbing your forearm and pulling you towards his body. You let Hyunjin easily manoeuvre you, so that now, you were standing in front of each other, your hands on his chest and his arms loosely wrapped around your waist, as he pulled you flush against his body. You blushed at sudden proximity, Hyunjin’s soft breath fanning your cheeks, the boy staring at you with an amused expression on his face. «You are the puppy,» you teased him, driven by a wave of confidence which made you lock your gaze with him, and he scoffed in answer, hiding a smile while turning his head. Hyunjin leaned down, and with a sudden, abrupt move, he picked you up, his hands under your thighs. Your arms flew around his neck with a shriek, your legs tightly circling his slim waist. Your noses were almost touching; Hyunjin’s eyes once again burning into yours. «I dare you,» he whispered, inching closer and you instinctively parted your lips. «Say that again.» «I said you’re a cute, little puppy.» you mumbled back, your eyes shifting between his lips and his eyes, your left hand caressing his nape, leaving wet trails in his hair. Hyunjin scoffed, tightening his hold on your legs and immediately bucking his knees without any notice. His lips captured yours in the brief moment you were underwater, leaving you to wonder if it really happened as soon as he lifted you back up, his smug smile meeting your outraged shocked expression. «Now that the “puppy” thing is settled, let’s move to the next topic. Remember that-» Hyunjin face inched closer again, but suddenly froze in his movement as your eyes flashed golden. «Release me.» he sighed, rolling his eyes. «I won’t do that again.» he added in a monotonous voice, noticing that you didn’t break the spell. With a satisfied smile, your eyes flashed once again, and as soon as he was able to move, he turned your position around, so that your back was pressed against the rocky wall of the river. «Remember that,» Hyunjin said, gradually inching closer to your lips, «Before I was your familiar, you already were my mate.» «Do you ever shut up?» you mumbled, before connecting your lips together while tightly holding the hair on his nape. Hyunjin’s kisses were passionate and rough, there was something almost feral in the way his teeth kept nibbling your skin and his lips constantly searching yours, as if you were the only grip to sanity he had.  Despite being underwater, Hyunjin’s hands travelling on your body felt like his touch was burning, leaving a path that instantly missed and longed for his passionate touch. That afternoon, Hyunjin made love to you as your back was tightly pressed against the rocky wall, and water flowed all around you. Hyunjin’s thrusts were as passionate and as rough as his kisses, the water giving you both the sensation of him sliding even deeper in you, even if he completely bottomed out every time, just to pull away to leave you clenching around the tip of his length. You found out pretty quickly that your mate was indeed a tease, alternating between fast, hard strokes and slow and deep ones, sometimes even waiting for you to plead him not to stop, even if this meant Hyunjin smirking against your skin with his teeth clenched in order not to pound inside you at the pace he wanted to. Hyunjin placed his left hand on the edge of the wall, next to your shoulder, his right hand sliding on your waist to push you even further against his body, using the water as his advantage to manoeuvre you even better. «Let me mark you,» Hyunjin’s strained voice reached your ears, somewhere between your shared moans, «please.» his plead was accompanied by a harsh thrust hitting the perfect place inside you and you jolted forward, hugging him closer to your frame with a loud whine. Hyunjin never stopped his movements, never giving you proper time to think about it – you would have said yes regardless of the situation, but as your eyes briefly met Hyunjin’s wolf ones, you nodded immediately. His mismatched gold and blue eyes stared at you with love and a hint of desperation, before a small and relieved smile danced on his swollen lips. Hyunjin pushed you even further against the rocks as he stilled inside you, kissing the crook of your shoulder before biting on it. You were his mate, now. Officially, irrevocably, for the rest of your lives. You felt his emotion flood in your soul, and you knew that it was the same for him. Feeling each other’s love, arousal and happiness was what triggered your orgasms, leaving you clenching with rapid sigh around your mate’s twitching length. Hyunjin was panting heavily, his forehead on your shoulder, holding you close even if he already slipped his now soft member out of you. «Thank you.» he mumbled, and you softly caressed his hair, wetting it once again, as you tried to catch your breath, too. «I would have said yes, regardless.» at your answer, you felt Hyunjin place a soft kiss on the mark e left, before inching back to look at your face. «You’re stuck with me, now.» Hyunjin softly pinched your cheeks using both his hands, taking advantage of the fact that now you were standing up once again. You stared back in his still blue and golden eyes, watching carefully as they turned back to normal. «Witches don’t have a way to mark a familiar, but we’ll settle for this.» balancing yourself on his shoulders, you softly kissed his forehead.
«Oi! Everyone! The watchdog came back!» you heard a boy joke, calling out for the rest of Hyunjin’s pack as soon as you entered their territory. «Shut your mouth, Seungmin.» Hyunjin spat back immediately, and the other boy laughed loudly. Hyunjin introduced you to his pack and their mates – which surprisingly were all witches, and they all kindly and cheerfully accepted you, glad that Hyunjin finally found his mate. Changbin’s mate quickly explained you that the pack had been teasing him about being a witch’s familiar as soon as he came back home after he agreed to your proposal. «They’d been calling him “puppy” for days now, poor one.» she added, shaking her head at the scene of the boys playfully teamed up and chasing Hyunjin, all of them in their wolf form. «Puppy?» you repeated before giggling, and the girl smiled with a nod. «Well, but it’s true.» you added with a shrug, seeing Hyunjin freezing in his tracks to look at you, growling. You didn’t need to feel his emotion to know that in his human form, he would have said something along the lines of «Not you, too!», and the others stopped as well, some of them rolling on the floor in what resembled a laughter. Hyunjin approached you quickly, and you giggled as you tried to hide behind Changbin’s mate. The black wolf was quick to prevent your action and pin you on the floor, preventing you from moving by placing one of his paws on the grass next to your head and the other one on your shoulder. Hyunjin started to pepper your face with small, ticklish lips, ignoring your requests for a truce hidden between giggles.
Tumblr media
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ditzymax · 9 months ago
Let Loose (M)
Tumblr media
Summary: Your sudden interest in one of his friends becomes the catalyst for Hyunjin to finally act on his interest in you.
Pairing: Hyunjin x Female Reader (briefly ft. Jisung)
Genre: Roommate!AU - Smut
Format: Female Reader’s POV
Word Count: 5.7k
Rating: Mature (18+)
Warnings & Features: profanity; some name-calling (Reader calls Hyunjin an asshole and an idiot); alcohol consumption; jealousy; graphic sexual content; dirty talk; protected penetrative sex
Author’s Note: I... hate how easy this was to write. This got out of hand but at least it’s out of my head now.
Tumblr media
It’s not the book’s fault, yet you still take your frustration out on it by slinging it across your bedroom after the - not third, not fourth, but - fifth drunken guest stumbles into your closed door.
“I swear to god,” you groan, tossing aside your comforter to begrudgingly pull on a pair of pants and step out of what was supposed to be your safe haven for the night.
Into the fray it is, then.
Whichever culprit tripped into your door a moment ago is not in the hallway anymore. From the living room and kitchen, you can hear laughter and chatter straining to be heard over the booming music. And as you pass the bathroom, you lock eyes with a young man and glimpse someone in there behind him before he closes the door.
Sighing, you make your way to the living room. Nothing appears to have been destroyed, you note gratefully, but the “small gathering” is clearly busier and rowdier than what your roommate had promised. He’s not here in the crowded living room, though, so you move to check the kitchen next, pushing and squeezing past bodies with mumbled apologies as you go.
You find Hyunjin upending a bottle of tequila into a row of shot glasses. Half of his nearly shoulder-length blond hair is gathered in a knot behind his head, looking maddeningly elegant when the same hairstyle on anyone else would look messy at best. His white button-down shirt hugs his shoulders nicely, and the sleeves are folded up near his elbows, giving a clear view of the tendons in his forearms flexing beneath smooth, creamy skin as he works. It’s a simple look, but his entire appearance is still too well-kept for this hour and setting, in your opinion. You’ve always held the belief that Home is a safe place to not give a shit how you look, not a place to be looking like… that. 
He spots you and smiles, though you notice a hint of sheepishness in his eyes as well. He’s pleasantly surprised to see you, but he’s aware you’ve been disturbed on his account. Even still, he doesn’t greet you with a due apology. He keeps his tone light and carefree - though still a bit louder than necessary - as he calls out: “Hey! Did you change your mind about joining the fun? You want a shot?”
You make a face. “Ick, no, tequila is such a nasty drink,” you decline. When you get close enough, you lean into his shoulder and mutter, “What the fuck, dude, you said a few people. And it’s two A.M.” 
He turns to consult the clock over the stove and shrugs. “Perfect time for things to be in full swing then, I’d say. And you must not be doing your shots right, babe.” He gestures toward a bowl of lime wedges, and you vaguely wonder when he picked those up because you certainly didn’t purchase them yourself.
“I know how to do a tequila shot, asshole. But still,” you dismiss without elaborating further. “I’m going back to bed. I want your friends out of here in an hour tops, okay? And keep them away from my room, for god’s sake; they keep bumping into my door. Oh, and if they need a bathroom, tell them to use yours because I think a couple of them are hooking up in the guest one right now.” 
Hyunjin’s eyes widen momentarily, then crease in amusement. He leans to the side and shouts behind you, “Yo, Jisung! Where’d Jisung go? Hey! Someone tell him Minho’s-”
You’re not interested in hearing Minho’s story or what Jisung has to say about it, whoever they both are. You’re only interested in preserving some semblance of sanctity in your home, so you get back in your roommate’s face and cut him off with a terse warning. “Hyunjin, please, I’m serious. Keep it civil in here.”
“Okay, ‘Mom,’ jeez.”
You toss your hands up in defeat and spin on your heel to storm off, but he catches your bicep.
“No, wait, I’m sorry, ___, really,” he says more sincerely when he gets you to turn back around. You cross your arms and wait for more. “We’ll be good, and I’ll make sure everyone is out by three even if I have to personally drive them all home myself,” he promises, going dramatically over the top to show you how serious he is. “But you really should just join us, you know. I’ve told you you’re welcome to.”
You roll your eyes. “Of course I am. I fucking live here.”
“Exactly. This is your home, so you should let loose once in a while.”
“And what could I possibly gain from getting drunk with you and your friends?”
“Uh, the experience of actually having fun for once? And the pleasure of our - well, mainly my - amazing company?” he answers with a tone and a face that tells you it should have been obvious. 
“Yeah, right,” you snort.
“Just let me see you have one shot, babe. Humor me. Pretty please?”
You eye the pitiful, pleading look on his pouty face, then the spread of liquor on the sticky countertop, and eventually cave. “Fine, where’s the salt?”
Hyunjin watches in delight as you lick the back of your hand to prepare it for the salt. As you’re sprinkling it on, someone joins the two of you in the kitchen.
“Hey Hyunjin, were you just calling me?” He doesn’t wait for the answer to that before he’s going on, “Who’s this? I don’t think we’ve met.”
You turn to face the newcomer and outstretch your unsalted hand. “Hey, I’m ___, Hyunjin’s roommate.”
“Oh!” He takes your hand in both of his and squeezes it enthusiastically rather than shaking it. “Good to finally meet you. I’m Jisung.”
You throw a cheeky smile at your roommate as you grab one of the shot glasses. “Why do I get the feeling I’ve been talked about behind my back?” you ask neither of them in particular, though Hyunjin at least has the decency to blush over being caught.
“Nothing bad,” Jisung rushes to clarify. “Hyunjin’s just mentioned you sometimes, like whenever something reminds him of you or- something.”
His abrupt finish makes you think Hyunjin just shot him some kind of shut-the-fuck-up look, but you missed it. You don’t press for details, though. You just go about getting through the shot you were so easily talked into. So you lick the salt from your hand, down the tequila in one burning swallow, then bite into the flesh of a lime wedge in sequence as quickly as you can while the boys watch.
“Awful. Just awful,” you declare when you’re finished, smacking your lips and clicking your tongue in disgust.
Jisung chuckles and Hyunjin claps your back rather proudly as he takes the bitten lime from you to throw it away.
“Do you like beer? We can drink beer instead,” Jisung suggests.
You look to see if he is in fact speaking to you, which does appear to be the case from his smile and hopeful eye contact. Before you answer, you take the time to give him a proper once-over. He’s very attractive, but it’s not as instantly noticeable as with Hyunjin. Something in the way his smile begins faltering the longer you stare at him is utterly endearing to you, though.
“We?” you tease.
“I mean, if that’s c-cool with you-” he starts backtracking on his boldness.
“___ isn’t really into parties, are you, babe?” Hyunjin suddenly speaks up for you. “I think she was just going back to her room.”
Jisung furrows his eyebrows and pouts. “Aw, really?”
You give Hyunjin a look that is both stern and confused. You have mixed feelings about the pet name to begin with. It’s one thing for him to want to call you something more casual than your name when it’s just the two of you, but he never calls you that in front of others. Or he never has before, at least. Now it makes it sound like the two of you are… a couple? An item? Which is not the case.
Plus, he’d been excited to have you out here “joining the fun” a moment ago, but now he’s okay with you retreating to your room? Or perhaps he just doesn’t want you spending time with Jisung in particular...
Upon connecting those dots, you realize you only have one choice in the matter.
“Actually, I’ve changed my mind about that. I’d love to have a beer with you, Jisung,” you say sweetly, to which he beams.
“Great!” The return of his smile assures you you’ve made the right choice. “Lead the way.”
Hyunjin shoots his friend another look as you and Jisung leave the kitchen together, but you miss that one, too.
Tumblr media
“So what made a girl like you move in with a guy like Hyunjin?”
“‘A girl like me,’” you repeat, downing another swig of beer. “So you think you know all about me now since we’ve talked about our jobs and hobbies, huh?”
Jisung doesn’t flinch against your teasing this time, just laughs. “I mean, I’m not opposed to learning more about you.”
He stretches an arm behind you on the back of the couch and scoots closer. He really is a very good looking guy, and you know it’s not the alcohol adding optimism to your vision, either, because you haven’t had all that much. He has nice hair, pretty eyes, beautiful cheekbones. A little exuberant, you can tell, but also charming and polite. He’s cute.
He holds your gaze with a small but unwavering smile this time as he waits for you to either answer his initial question or offer more information about yourself. You opt for neither.
“Maybe I don’t want to talk about me anymore.”
“Okay, that’s cool. What would you rather talk-”
You lean in and kiss him. Just a peck, a gentle press of your lips to his, slow but still over before he’s fully registered the gesture or able to return it.
“Oh,” Jisung whispers in understanding when you pull back a little.
“Was that okay?” you ask.
“Yeah, yeah, perfectly okay,” he assures. He bites his tingling lip and smirks, then lifts his arm from the couch to place his hand on the back of your neck. “But I wasn’t quite ready. Can we try that again?”
You nod, and he closes the gap to kiss you back properly this time. From some corner of your apartment, a tipsy guest whistles over the little show, but you’re more interested in the hum Jisung lets out as your lips part and tongues slip together in sync. He tastes of beer and salty snacks, but something on him - his shampoo or his lotion or his cologne or maybe a mixture of the three - smells faintly sweet and minty.
His fingertips gently tickle your neck for a bit, then hold firmly to draw you deeper into his kisses. You consider moving onto his lap, but something in the back of your mind tells you not to cause too much of a scene in the middle of Hyunjin’s party.
In fact, if you were paying more attention to your surroundings outside of this cute stranger, you might have noticed the onlookers stirring up a scandalized fuss over your roommate already making a beeline toward the couch, but it isn’t until he’s shoving the two of you apart that you do.
“What the hell, man?” Jisung protests.
Hyunjin ignores him, addressing you instead. “___, can I talk to you for a second, please?”
Apparently by “talk” he means pull you completely out of the room and partway down the hallway like a barbarian before you manage to wrest your hand away.
“What the hell, Hyunjin?” you repeat Jisung’s question with double the annoyance.
“I’m here asking you the same thing,” he snaps back in a hushed tone. “What are you doing, making out with a stranger on the couch?”
You cross your arms in front of him for the second time tonight and raise an eyebrow to his attitude. “I thought I was just letting loose, having fun and enjoying the pleasure of your friends’ company. Isn’t that what you wanted?”
“I didn’t mean like that! Especially not with Jisung.”
“What’s wrong with Jisung? He seems nice.”
Hyunjin gawps like he’s never heard those words out of anyone’s mouth before. “You’ve only known him for like half an hour!”
“So? He still seems nice. And he’s really hot...”
You turn your head back to the living room to try and catch Jisung’s eye and give him a signal that you’ll be with him again shortly, but Hyunjin dives to block your line of sight.
“He’s not good enough for you, trust me.”
“Well for fuck’s sake, Hyunjin, I’m not trying to marry him! I’m just trying to get laid,” you spell out bluntly. Hyunjin scoffs but doesn’t reply, just looks down at the floor. You scrutinize the plain displeasure all over his face and smirk as a sneaking suspicion occurs to you. “Unbelievable. Is the Hwang Hyunjin actually jealous?”
“Yes.” His swift, honest answer catches you completely by surprise and stuns you into silence. When he gauges that you’re not going to say anything, he continues, “It’s not fair, ___. We’ve been living together for almost a year and it only took Jisung thirty minutes to get you to want to sleep with him? I’ve been here this whole time. I’ve been- I’ve wanted you this whole time...”
You process his words in continued silence for nearly a full minute, then finally say, “If I’d known it would only take me making out with one of your friends to get you to confess that, I would’ve joined one of your parties sooner. Or you could have just told me from the start, you know.”
Hyunjin recognizes a joke somewhere in your words and automatically lets a laugh slip, but soon snaps his head up. “Wait, really?”
“You’re such an idiot,” you chuckle. “But I guess I am, too. I guess we’ve both been wasting all this time. Want to make up for it?”
His eyes blow wide. “R-Right now? Aren’t you drunk?”
“No. Are you?”
“Then why not? I mean, I guess we can at least kick everyone out first, if you wa-”
His lips are on yours before you can finish the thought. They’re just as plush as they look, but the impact is sharp, and you take only a brief moment to grunt over it before you’re reciprocating in full, grabbing his shoulders tightly and pulling him closer. He tastes like traces of salt, too. Citrusy as well. And the woody scent of his cologne is an all too familiar comfort in your nostrils. He wraps his arms around you and you sigh, happily letting him overwhelm your senses.
“Babe… please tell me this won’t be a one-time thing,” Hyunjin mumbles between ravishing blows of lips and teeth.
“Wasn’t planning on it being.”
“And you’re sure you’re not drunk?” he checks again.
“I’m sure, Hyunjin. I want this.”
“Bedroom, then. Now.”
“Yours or mine?” you giggle.
“I don’t care… yours,” he decides quickly, steering you by the hips in the right direction.
There is already a couple in there tangled together in their own passionate lip-lock when you stumble through the door. You’ll have time to be upset about their evident plans to defile your safe haven later when you’re not in your own haste to commit nasty acts in it.
“Get the fuck out,” Hyunjin growls at them.
You expect at least one of them to argue that they were here first, but they heed his command without a word, hastily picking up one of their discarded shirts before scampering off.
Hyunjin slams the door behind them with a careless kick of his foot, then continues right on kissing you like you’re holding all the air in the room. At the same time, his hands are busy trying to map every line of your body like it’s something he needed to have memorized yesterday.
“Hyunjin - ungh -  I know we’re making up for lost time, but - mmph - we can still - hah - slow down, you know,” you laugh, struggling to get your words out in the midst of the feverish pace he’s setting.
He nearly whimpers at that. “I just want you so fucking bad, you have no idea.”
His lips skim across your cheek and over to your ear. Whatever rebuttal you had in mind is lost when he nips your earlobe with his teeth then soothes the sting with the tip of his wet tongue.
“You like that?” he asks, though he suspects he knows the answer already by the shiver that runs through you.
He does it again - a quick nip of his teeth and a sensual flick of his tongue - and then he’s on to the next thing, trailing those enticing lips down the column of your throat, suckling gently at your skin the entire way.
“Can we take this off?” he asks next, alerting you to where his fingers have hooked themselves under the hem of your shirt.
At your nod, he yanks it up and drops it aside. There is a glimmer in his eyes as he takes in your bare chest, as though one of his biggest fantasies has just sprung to life before him. You entertain the idea that perhaps it has.
“Holy shit,” he breathes. He’s never been one to impress easily, but there’s no mistaking the look on his face for anything else.
His pace is much slower when he reaches to graze the pads of his thumbs back and forth across your perked nipples. The soft moan you release compels him to take a better feel with his palms.
“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pictured your tits in my head,” he confesses as he carefully gropes you. “All those times you paraded around the apartment without a bra on, nipples sticking through your shirt… fuck.”
You huff a small laugh at the thought of you ever “parading” anywhere, but the knowledge that you’ve ever turned him on turns you on even more, as made evident by the growing dampness between your legs.
“And these tight fucking leggings you always wear,” he goes on, roaming his hands down your hips and around to your backside, “drive me insane on you, I swear to god. Any time - every time - I see you bend over, I just want to take you over the counter or the couch or against the wall and give it to you good, baby.”
The alteration to the pet name and the sordid confessions spilling from him make you want to join in the dirty talk, but the feeling of him taking two handfuls of your ass cheeks - the feeling of his long-awaited touch in general - is burning you up from the inside, fizzling the majority of your coherent thoughts. All you can bring yourself to speak is: “Show me.”
Hyunjin looks back to your face and grins wickedly. “Oh, I’ll definitely be fucking you in the kitchen at some point in the near future. And in the living room. There are so many things I want to do to you. So many things I want to let you do to me. We’re gonna fuck each other in every single room in this place, starting with this one.”
He pulls away, and you immediately miss his body heat. You don’t complain, however, because you don’t want to disrupt him from yanking his shirt out from where it’s tucked into his jeans and undoing the buttons one by one with deft twists of his fingers. Once the flaps are loose, he shrugs and lets the fabric spill to a heap on the floor.
You’ve seen him shirtless on many occasions by now. In the mornings, stumbling to the coffee pot while still half asleep. On his way to the laundry room with only a pair of sweatpants riding low on his hips because he always lets his dirty clothes pile up until he has nearly nothing left to wear. But not in this context. Not when it’s finally appropriate for you to stare. Not when the sexual tension that has been building for nearly a year is finally about to be shattered.
Yet you don’t even get to admire his chest nearly as much as he did yours before your attention is drawn lower by his hands working to open his belt. He drops it aside with his shirt, and then his jeans follow, and then his boxers, and just like that, he’s standing completely naked in front of you with enough lithe, beautiful glory to almost make your heart stop.
Hyunjin takes a step closer to you, hard cock bobbing gently and shamelessly in the air with the motion. He puts his hands back on you and snaps the waistband of your pants lightly as he leans in to ask, “Are you gonna get these, or should I?”
“Go ahead,” you invite.
You steady your hands on his shoulders, and he peels your bottoms - underwear and all - far enough down your legs for you to kick them both away. Once he stands up straight again, you wind your arms around his neck and pull him to lie over you on the mattress. He helps position you comfortably in the center with gentle nudges of his knees and tugs of his warm hands, and his lips find their way back to yours in the meantime. You hum contentedly at the return of the citrusy taste that comes from his tongue dipping against yours.
After all his careful maneuvering to get you just where he wanted, you decide this isn’t the position you want after all, so you push your weight against him until he rolls over and slips beneath you. Hyunjin’s eyelashes flutter prettily as he gazes up at you. Then they scrunch completely shut when you press your center against the shaft of his solid cock. The moan he lets out when you begin to drag yourself up and down his erection may be the single most erotic thing you’ve ever heard.
“Mm, baby, wait-” he stops you quite suddenly, eyelashes flicking apart. “Shit. Condom, yeah? I have some in my room…”
“I have some here.” You bend down to steal another quick kiss before drawing open your bedside table to grab one of the foil packets. A quick rip and tug and it’s out of the packaging so you can pinch the tip and roll it snugly down his burning length.
“Last chance to turn back and not cross this line,” you declare.
“I think it’d be even more awkward if we didn’t at this point. B-but I mean it’s cool if you want to stop.” He sounds nervous of what your answer may be, but you believe he means the words and you appreciate the consideration all the same.
And you definitely feel sure. You definitely want this.
So you take hold of the base of his cock, line the broad tip to your entrance, and begin to ease down. The moment he breaches you, Hyunjin tenses and hisses a sharp breath through his teeth. His hands find a hold on your hips, too tight at first to brace himself against the wet heat you’re surrounding him in even through the condom, but then he eases up after he’s bottomed out.
You sit still once you’re flush against his lap, realizing you need to relish this particular moment because you won’t ever get it back - the euphoria of feeling him inside you like this for the first time. The stretch is not unlike others you have felt, but still entirely different somehow. It’s probably just the anticipation of this moment making your toes curl in on themselves already.
Hyunjin starts squirming after a bit, fingertips twitching from your hips down to your thighs and back again, unsure what to do with himself while he waits for you. “Baby, please, I think I might go crazy if you don’t move.”
“So impatient,” you tsk but begin to rock against him nonetheless. Careful, slow undulations of your waist to test the depths of the pleasure starting to ripple through you. His breath hitches over a particular swivel, and you moan at the angles he’s hitting just from a little back and forth movement.
“You sound so hot,” Hyunjin praises. “And feel so good, mm...”
“You feel so good too, you feel amazing,” you gush back, barely aware of what you’re saying but still knowing it’s true.
With an idea of how he could feel even better, you lift away from his lap just to sink down quickly. After a few repetitive drops, he taps against that perfect spot inside you that has your head tipping back in bliss. Hyunjin groans along with you over the fast pace you’re picking up, and his hands finally settle for keeping a loose grip on your butt as the flesh of your thighs slaps against his hips with every plunge. Surely he can feel you starting to soak his lap; you can just hear how wet you are with every bounce. It’s sinfully vulgar but oh so good.
“You’re fucking gorgeous,” he rasps next.
You look down just as he flicks his eyes up from your heaving chest to your face then grin at having caught what exactly he was finding so gorgeous. 
He licks his lips and sits up to bring his face closer to yours. “So fucking gorgeous,” he repeats on your lips before pressing harder.
You lose concentration over riding him when your mind is on the way his tongue dances behind your teeth, so he helps you out by bucking his hips upward as best he can to keep the stimulation on your sweet spot.
“Hyunjin…” you whine when he pulls back.
“Tell me what to do to get you off, baby. Please.”
From the way he was acting earlier, you half-expected Hyunjin’s cocky ass to taunt you with claims of how he can fuck you better than Jisung ever could, not plead for instructions.
It’s almost sweet.
“Do me from behind?” you request.
Hyunjin blinks twice, kisses you sloppily several times more, then helps ease you onto all fours in front of him. You spread your knees and lift your backside to present his target to him, but he has his eyes cast down toward your face while you get yourself comfortable.
“Just like this?” he checks once it seems you’re finished moving. One of his hands hints along the small of your back delicately, wanting to touch you but not hold you down.
“Like this,” you confirm.
He takes hold of his cock and presses the tip back to your drenched folds, slicking it up and down a few times before pushing into your hole. Your pussy accepts his reentry easily, though Hyunjin seems to feel differently.
“You’re so tight, baby, fuck. When was the last time you got dicked down?”
“That has nothing to do with- oh, fuck-”
He gives a sensual roll of his hips while you’re trying to speak and you lose your train of thought once more. Hyunjin smirks at your reaction and does it again, barely withdrawing before hitting at just the right depth to have you arching your back for more.
“Is it good, baby? Is this how you want me to fuck you?” he asks, starting to build a rhythm. He holds your hips to keep you steady, but there’s not much he can do about rocking the mattress; not if he wants to keep you moaning and dripping and shuddering the way you are.
“Y-yeah, yeah, keep going, I’m getting close,” you urge.
Hyunjin keeps his eyes fixed on the place where his cock plunges in and out of you, spreading your ass to give himself a better view. Then he notices your hand dip between your legs to play with yourself. He can feel the instant you touch your clit from the way you suddenly clench around him. The extra tightness draws a groan from the back of his throat and stutters his pace.
He’s been careful to keep his thrusts under control, striking your g-spot repeatedly without brutally battering it, but you can tell he’s losing his composure, losing his breath, losing his head in the steam of your conjoined pleasure. The headboard is outright banging against the wall by now. Some part of you wonders how noticeable it is from the rest of the apartment, but most of your concentration is on fisting your sheets in one hand and rubbing faster at your clit with the other.
“Almost,” you promise vaguely, but Hyunjin knows exactly what you mean.
His hand meets yours between your legs to lightly knock it out of the way and take over. He uses the pad of his middle finger to pick up where you left off, and the sensation - the utter thrill - of being touched by someone other than yourself, even though he’s not familiar with your preferred technique, hurtles you that much faster toward the edge.
“Come with me, baby, please, I wanna fucking feel it. Shit, I’m so fucking close, so f-fucking close, please come with me,” he begs and babbles breathlessly.
You put your fingers over his to guide him through a few more rotations around your clit. That, coupled with another series of perfectly aimed thrusts of his rigid cock, finally send you toppling into white hot, nerve-wracking, spine-crumpling abyss. You come with a mighty clench and a cry that rips from your vocal chords just before you can suffocate it in your pillow.
“Sh-shit, ___, you’re- oh god-”
Hyunjin lets go of your clit in a rush to grab your hips with both hands again and brace himself against the onslaught of his own explosive orgasm. You can feel his cock lurch where he’s buried it deep in your clamped walls at the moment of his release. Wave after wave trembles his frame, sending him shivering behind you as his orgasm rolls on and on for so long you almost become concerned.
Eventually, he gives you a comforting squeeze and pants, “You didn’t… you didn’t just fake that, did you?”
You can’t help but laugh in pure amusement. “What, my orgasm? No, that was definitely not fake. You made me come so hard, Hyunjin,” you admit shamelessly.
“Okay, just checking,” he laughs back. “It’s just that I couldn’t see your face and-... but it still felt really-... that was really… wow.”
You don’t have it in you to comment on his eloquence - or lack thereof, rather; you don’t have words for what’s just happened either.
He draws his cock from your still-quivering pussy and gets to his shaky feet to trash the condom in your adjoined bathroom while you slump to your side and swipe the back of your hand across your clammy forehead, swallowing hard to bring some normalcy back to your erratic breathing and thundering heart.
Hyunjin returns with a towel in hand. You wearily lift an arm to take it from him, but he’s already coaxing your legs open to dab carefully at the stickiness smeared between them.
“So sweet,” you joke, finding the energy to tease him after all.
Hyunjin looks at you and smiles. “It’s cute that you think I’m being sweet when I’m actually just getting a better look at your pussy because I didn’t before.”
He spreads your lower lips apart with his fingers and raises an eyebrow in approval of their swollen state, to which you gasp in mock offense and swat at his arm. He snickers and drops the towel aside, then climbs back into bed with you.
“I can be sweet, though, if cuddling is an option.”
You open your arms to showcase cuddling is in fact an option, and he sinks his head into a cozy spot beneath your chin. The crown of his golden head smells like apricots, you notice. You gently tug off the elastic band in his hair and roll it onto your wrist before shaking out the freed strands. He hums drowsily as you play with his hair.
After a while, he says, “I should probably go kick everyone out and apologize to Jisung before I fall asleep.”
Again, you giggle. “Maybe I should apologize to him, too. If he’s still out there, that is. If anyone’s still out there. We may have scared everyone off.” You strain your ears for a moment to try and pick up on any more laughter and chatter out there, but all you can hear is the music now.
“You were pretty loud, babe,” Hyunjin points out.
You dig your fingertip into his cheek playfully. “And I’m sure you’ll be bragging about that for weeks to come.”
“Me? Wouldn’t dream of it.”
Despite the plans he was making to get up and leave the room, Hyunjin draws his arms tighter around your middle and remains right where he is. A while longer passes before he asks softly, “Can I sleep here with you tonight, or would that be weird?”
He tilts his head to look at you.
“Don’t overthink things,” you tell him, tucking some of his hair behind his ear. “I meant it when I said I wasn’t planning on this being a one-time thing, and I think you meant it when you said you didn’t want it to be either, but we can make this whatever we want. It doesn’t have to be complicated, okay?”
“Okay,” he agrees.
He leans his face in but hesitates when he notices you don’t close your eyes in preparation for his kiss. You smile and pull him in the rest of the way, and he smiles back against you, eyes on yours.
When he pulls back, he licks his lips and says slowly, “So… I can sleep here with you tonight then?”
You laugh loudly and shove him away. “Go make sure everyone is the hell out of our apartment, then get your ass back here, idiot.”
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2020 ditzymax. All rights reserved.
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wonglix · 11 months ago
⤷ new messages from: stray kids (+ bestfriend!minho & crush!hyunjin)
⤷ message content: y/n accidentally texts the group chat instead of minho and it ends with their crush on hyunjin getting exposed
⤷ fluff
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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i-see-thevision · 2 years ago
Heaven or Hell
Stray Kids Demon/Angel!au Series
Tumblr media
A/N: Why hello my lovelies. This is the Masterlist to my Stray Kids Demon/Angel!au Series. A few things before you go ahead reading:
No, you do not have to read all of them in order. However, I would probably read Jisung’s before Changbin’s because they are connected.
Yes, this ML will be updated with each new post. Updates are on Mondays and will be posted in the order that they appear in this ML.
No, the underaged members do not/will not have smut in theirs.
Yes, every moodboard that you see is made by me.
Some fics may be triggering so I put specific warnings at the beginning of each of them.
NOW that that’s out of the way, ENJOY.
• • •
The Deep End
Tumblr media
Name: Hwang Hyunjin
Status: Fallen Angel
Special Abilities: Hydrokinesis
Quote: “It’s not as scary as it looks, sweetheart.”
• • •
Distortion (M)
Tumblr media
Name: Lee Minho
Status: Demon
Special Abilities: Amokinesis; Telepathy
Quote: “I can still hear those pretty little thoughts of yours, though. You want me as badly as I want you, and I know it.”
• • •
Pink Roses
Tumblr media
Name: Han Jisung
Status: Guardian Angel
Special Abilities: Invisibility; Teleportation
Quote: “I was given one rule. And that was to not fall in love with you.”
• • •
Night and Day (M)
Tumblr media
Name: Seo Changbin
Status: Demon
Special Abilities: Photokinesis; Telepathy
Quote: “I have spent my entire existence despising humans... But all I want to do right now is kiss you.” 
• • •
Tumblr media
Name: Lee Felix
Status: Fallen Angel
Special Abilities: Pyrokinesis 
Quote: “It’s you. You’re the reason I fell.”
• • •
Tumblr media
Name: Kim Seungmin
Status: Fallen Angel
Special Abilities: Aerokinesis
Quote: “I can’t remember what it’s like to feel alive. But this has to be pretty damn close.”
• • •
Tumblr media
Name: Yang Jeongin
Status: Angel
Special Abilities: Cryokinesis; Invisibility
Quote: “I don’t know why I like that you can see me, but I do.” 
• • •
When Sparks Fly (M)
Tumblr media
Name: Bang Chan
Status: Demon
Special Abilities: Electrokinesis; Teleportation
Quote: “I know you probably think I’m a stalker, but it’s not like that I swear.”
• • •
DISCLAIMER: This is a series of fictional stories and does not represent how I view the members of Stray Kids in real life.
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enhypemen · 2 years ago
Massage - Bang Chan smut
Request : Could you please do a Bang Chan or Jisung suggestive fluff (soft smut) where they are hanging out with their best friend who is more like a girlfriend, and something mildly suggestive happens; such as giving a back massage and she starts moaning his name, and it just escalates from there? Thank yooou :)
Description: You and Chan have been best friends for years, and some where in those years the two of you development a very affectionate relationship, which lead the people around you to believe you were a couple. It never bothered the two of you because the two of you knew that you were affectionate and that was just how you guys are.
Warnings: kinda fluffy and cute, dry humping, cumming in de pants (both),best friends who act like a couple, goofy! Chan.
Pairing: Bang Chan x (Fem) reader.
Tumblr media
"I'm in so much pain, save me" you whine into your pillow as Chan walks into your room.
He chuckles at your sprawled out body and places the take out he got on your desk.
"Get comfortable, i'm gonna give you the best massage ever" he says.
As you get comfortable he grabs your lotion from your dresser and sits next to you on your bed.
"Take your shirt off and show me the damage" he instructs.
You pull your shirt off, tossing it carelessly, and point to the back of your right shoulder. Being topless infront of Chan wasn't something to be shy about, you both have seen the other compelety topless before, being that that's how you both sleep. Topless.
You lay on your front and he climbs over your back so he's straddling your back and squirts some lotion onto his hand.
"Can you move your bra straps?" he asks.
After removing your whole bra and getting comfortable again, he starts. He rubs the lotion all over you back and shoulders before pushing his thumbs into your muscles and circling them.
"Fuck, that feels so good" you moan into your bed sheets.
Chan chuckles above you and continues up your back and pushing his thumbs into your sore shoulder earning another groan from you. (a massage sounds so nice right now)
"The knot in your shoulder is ridiculous, you need to learn how to take breaks" he lectured.
You snort, "Said the workoholic"
He pushes his elebow into your shoulder this time and you cry out at the pleasureable pain causing him to hault his actions thinking he hurt you.
"Fuck, Chan. D-do that again, please" you moan.
Even though Chan knew what you meant, he couldn't stop the head in his pants from registering it another way. He shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath trying to get rid of the unholy thoughts.
He continues and does what you asked, pushing his elebow into your shoulder again and braces himself.
"Oh god yes. Right there" you moan again.
This time Chan gets up quickly and removes himself from your body. He grabs your pillow and places it over his lap running a shaky hand through his hair.
"Chan, are you okay?" you ask.
You also grab a pillow and place it over your naked chest before sitting up and facing him.
He could feel the heat in his cheeks as he held the pillow tighter over his hardened member currently strainning against his sweat pants and avoiding your eyes in embarrassment.
"Chan?" you say again, your worried eyes focusing on him.
He looks at you for a split second and looks down again.
"Uh-uhm- I don't know I-" He huffs out of frustration and glares at you.
"What? spit it out" you urge.
"I-you.. youmademehard" he babbles.
You stare at him in confusion and and shake your head.
"I hope you know that I didn't understand a thing that you sa-"
"I said, you made me hard, okay?!" he cuts you off.
Your eyes widen at his word and you turn red. "O-oh .. sorry.."
You both sit in silence for a moment before he sighs and places your hand in his.
"Sorry, for yelling at you .. I'm gonna use the bathroom and uh .. fix myself" he says.
He puts your pillow down and stand, but before he can walk away you catch his hand and pull him back to the bed. He falls on his back and stares at you in shock.
"I can help you, if you want. I mean it is my fault" you offer.
Chan stutters a bit and blinks rapidly trying to process your request. He knew what this could mean for the two of you and knew that this could be what changed everything, but who was he to deny you when you were looking at him like that.
"You don't have to, y/n" he says trying to give you a chance to back out.
You nod, "I know.. but I want to"
He pulls you onto his lap and places your hands on his chest. His eyes were on your already bare breasts as he guided your hips over his slowly.
he sits up and comfortably pushes himself against your head board and grips your hips tighter.
Your hips move in slow circles over his as his eye shut and you stare at his head thrown back against your headboard, and his parted lips releasing his soft grunts in pleasure.
Your hands are on his shoulders and you push yourself harder and faster against him. He hisses in pleasure gripping your ass before one of his hands move up your body squeezing you breast, then moving behind your back and pushing you into him.
His lips capture yours in a heated kiss as you both moan into the others mouth, his hand moving back to your ass and pushing you against him harder as thrusts up.
"Oh my god" you moan, eyes rolling back.
He kisses down your jaw sucking a small hickey onto your shoulder, moving down to your collar bone and leaving another hickey.
"Jesus, I'm gonna cum in my pants" he moans into your neck as your hips move faster searching for a release.
You moan loudly as his fingers brush over the front of your pajama shorts and rub your clit. Your hands are behind you, resting on Chans tighs as you grind against him and his fingers desperately chasing your orgasm.
You cum a second later, wrapping your arms around Chans neck and holding onto him for dear life as you ride out your high. He cums soon after you with a loud "fuck" as his head falls into your shoulder.
You both sit there holding one another and trying to catch your breathes before Chan starts to laugh into your shoulder.
"What?" You ask.
"My best friend just made me cum in my pants" he says with a chuckle and and smiles at you.
Your face turns red again and you push him away from you. He breaks into a laughing fit and tackles you into hug before picking you up and heading to the bathroom.
"Shower time, Princess!" he says with a slap to your ass.
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changbeanie · 2 years ago
define it. ↠ hwang hyunjin
◦ genre: best friends to lovers au, fluff
◦ pairings: reader x hyunjin 
◦ word count: 7.8k
◦ description: when your best friend from college stays with you over winter break, you catch yourself standing in the gray area between friends and more than friends.
◦ warnings: explicit language & mentions of alcohol
Tumblr media
O N E 
Hyunjin’s just finished with his physics final, and you receive an obligatory bragging text from him seconds later. But you’re not going to check it because you’re currently cramming the last scene of Doctor Faustus in your head.
You love last minute studying because you didn’t see the point in studying days before, swallowing up gallons of information only to rehearse key points in your sleep over and over and over again. It kills a good night’s sleep, you think, and that’s why many of the smart kids in your class treat finals like it’s a life or death situation. It totally is, just not to that extent.
Your phone vibrates obnoxiously on your nightstand, and you groan, not wanting to get up from your desk. You specifically told Hyunjin not to call you when you’re studying, but like always, he never seems to listen. 
Deciding to reward yourself for reading five whole pages without skipping a single song on Spotify, you let yourself fall onto your bed, the pillows crushing beneath your weight. You slide your thumb across the screen of your cell phone and put him on speaker. Normally, you’d mumble “wait” four times before grabbing your earphones and then taking an extra five minutes to untangle them, but today, your roommate’s not home.
“What do you want?” you ask, your left cheek pressed against the side of your pillow, and your words are slightly slurred.
“You’re so rude,” he huffs, and you know he’s driving because his voice sounds out of focus and far away. “I got you boba because I filled up my stamp card, so they gave me a free drink.”
Hyunjin lives off boba because he’s convinced that if he goes to the gym enough, he won’t become a boba. He orders his usual winter melon milk tea with half sugar and less ice, and he drinks it so often that his dietitian is probably crying himself to sleep every night.
“But I’m studying, “ you say, laziness holding you hostage on your bed. “I don’t want to reward myself until I’m done. Must be nice to be done with finals, you little fucker. When’s your flight? Tonight?”
“My family’s on a cruise without me because if they start it my finals week, they get a discount or something. Usually, they wouldn’t go, but my aunt’s visiting for the first time in ten years. It’s fine really. I can just crash at my apartment and binge watch Christmas movies or something,” he casually shrugs it off. He knows better than to hold a grudge over something so little.
Hyunjin doesn’t think much of it, but you’re ticked off because no one should be spending Christmas alone, especially not a person like Hyunjin. He’s one of the most important people in your life, and he deserves the absolute best, nothing less of it.
“No. You’re gonna crash at my house and binge watch Christmas movies with me and drink hot chocolate until you’re sick of it,” you tell him as you roll onto your back, using your arm as a pillow.
“I don’t think so, Y/N,” he laughs it off simply. “I’m not sure if your parents would like a random kid intruding your little family get-together.” 
You sit up on your bed, a frown adoring your features. Hyunjin’s too courteous. “Are you kidding me? My parents are in love with you. Like literally, they love you. They think that the best decision I’ve made in college was meeting you. If they had a chance to redo their life decisions, they’d give birth to a child like you,” you say in response. 
Maybe you exaggerated a bit, but your parents really do love Hyunjin. Ever since he fixed the brakes on your dad’s car when he visited campus, he’s become an honorary member of your family.
“Wouldn’t you get sick of me?” Hyunjin mentions, but you know he’s considering your offer by the tone of his voice. 
“Hey, it’s winter break. I don’t have to listen to a single one of your alarms because you can wake up at whatever time you like.” You smile expectantly at your phone, praying that he’d agree. He’s the one person in the entire world that you could never get sick of, even if his alarms sound like he’s raging war with Sparta. “C’mon, it’ll be fun. We can sleep until 2 PM every day, and then wake up only to stuff ourselves with takeout as we line up shitty Christmas movies we revisit only once a year.”
A soft sigh emanates from the other side of the line, and your smile just grows wider until your cheekbones start to hurt. “Come downstairs and get your drink. I’m right in front of your apartment,” he replies briefly, and you jump out of bed with only a knit sweater and teddy bear pajama pants. 
“Stay on the line with me.” You slip into your outdoor slippers and run out with your apartment keys. 
“Why?” he asks in confusion.
“Because what if there’s a serial killer in the hallways waiting for a poor soul’s demise?” you whisper furtively, blaming sharpened sixth sense on the one too many crime scene investigator shows you’re guilty of binging.
Hyunjin clicks his tongue and mumbles, “Paranoid.”
The hallway’s completely empty because everyone’s either studying at the library or already back home, the little brats who finish their finals on a Wednesday when yours end on a Friday evening. You walk down the stairs quickly, careful not to trip over yourself, and push the door open with two of your hands. Immediately, you spot Hyunjin’s gray Honda Accord, and he unlocks his car as soon as he sees you.
“You look comfortable. Are you sure you haven’t been sleeping the entire day?” He disapproves as soon as you enter his car through the passenger’s side. If you had one talent, it’d be living in your pajamas the entire day without falling asleep.
You close the door lightly behind you and face him, finally deciding to hang up the phone call. “Shut up. I’d like to pass my class, thank you very much,” you chide. “So what’d you say? Christmas at my residence? You can pay me back with food and good company.” 
Through the windows of his car, the sun’s setting, and it casts a pink glow on him which really compliments his defined features. It’s unfair how the gods deliberately took their sweet ass time carving out his features, the beauty mark underneath his left eye serving as a signature of divinity. It’s subtle, and you have to look closely to see it, like Da Vinci’s signature on the Mona Lisa.
Hyunjin stares right into your eyes as if he’s searching for any signs of hesitancy, and when you blink three times for reassurance, he caves in. “Only if you insist... I don’t want to be a burden–”
“Believe me, Hyunjin, you’re never a burden to me,” you say, lips tilting up into a wide smile as you pull him into a full embrace, arms wrapped loosely around his neck.
“Thanks,” he mumbles into your hair, and he keeps you close to his body with a hand on the small of your back, rocking you side to side. It’s a little romantic, but you brush it off because Hyunjin’s always been a cheeseball. He still believes in soulmates and that the world’s a mechanical clock where life’s events are predestined, but you just think that he watches too many romcoms for his own good. Nonetheless, you keep on hugging him because he smells nice and his body’s like a personal heater, providing you with a comfortable, familiar sense of warmth.
You finally pull back and squish his cheeks with the both of your hands. “Mister Hwang Hyunjin! You’re becoming a boba,” you taunt as you notice his cup of boba in the cupholder, downed halfway with only a few tapioca pearls remaining. 
“I’m not! I’m just bloated from the ramen I had this afternoon. Plus, I haven’t been going to the gym lately because of finals,” Hyunjin defends himself, but you’re not buying it.
“Tsk. Stop blaming everything on finals, you piggy. The boba’s bound to catch up with you someday, and then you’ll come crying to me about life,” you tease him. Hyunjin’s a little vain when it comes to his physical appearance, and you like messing with him because he complains so much after stress eating. Then he proceeds on drinking milk tea as he complains. It’s weird, you think, but that’s what makes him cute.
Hyunjin pouts, his bottom lip drowning his upper one. “I already cry to you about life on the daily,” he whines like a child. “Also, I have your drink, and you should seriously study Sir Faustus.” He hands you the drink in a paper bag and shoos you out of his car.
“It’s Doctor Faustus,” you correct. “The poor man didn’t go through ten years of college for you to call him ‘sir’. Bet he’d be pissed if he were real.” You grab the bag from his hands and scrunch your face at him before exiting his car, and you almost miss the smell of his car. Pine. Good shit.
“Nah nah, you see, I was testing you. Bet you’d fail if you didn’t know that. Bravo, Y/N.” Hyunjin starts his car and cranks up his music, drowning out your voice and presence as he rolls down his windows purposely. He nods his head with the beat and does a bit of tutting to show off his choreography skills.
You roll your eyes at his dramatic exit before saying, “Hey. Drive safe, you brat.”
“I’ll text you when I get back,” he says, waving his hand at you before backing out of your driveway, a full reverse, making sure he flaunts his driving skills one last time.
He’s in his element, and your heart skips a beat or two unknowingly.
Tumblr media
“How many items of clothing does one human being need?” Hyunjin asks. He sits on your chair as he watches you throw jacket after jacket on top of your bedsheets, and they pile up like a landfill. Normally, he would have made a beeline for your bed, but today, it’s covered with t-shirts and jeans because you’re notorious for packing last minute.
You shrug, your hands migrate to your head as you stare at the mess you’ve made, tucking your fingers into your hair and debating whether or not to tug out the strands one by one. “I don’t know what I need and what I don’t need. What if we decide to go clubbing? I’ll end up having nothing to wear,” you complain, hopping over the suitcase to you and your roommate’s shared walk-in closet. She’s gone home for Christmas already, and you find it hilarious how over the months, she’s grown so accustomed to seeing Hyunjin sleeping on your bed instead of you.
“You’re gonna have to hurry up if you want to beat traffic. Did you tell your parents yet?” He swivels your chair around and starts to play with the pens on your desk, wondering why you would need five different color highlighters when all you really needed was the yellow one. “You did tell them right?” he repeats for emphasis.
“My parents are doing business-y things overseas, so they’re technically not back until Christmas Eve. We have the entire house to ourselves, and my mom texted me a thumbs up followed by a very long voice message telling us what not to do,” you respond, folding the piles of clothes on your bed. The sweaters in one pile and bottoms in another. 
“Like what?”
You bend down and start to put clothes into your suitcase. “Like my dad’s bottle of Hennessy, but I told her that you’re more of a milk tea and soju type of person,” you admit. Humans are 50 to 65% water, but Hyunjin’s a good 40% winter melon milk tea.
“Oooh, I heard that they have alcoholic boba drinks in some countries,” he says excitedly, organizing your highlighters into the colors of the rainbow, pastel edition. “Wanna travel?”
“Wouldn’t you like that? Alcohol and boba to feed your midnight cravings.” You chuckle lightly and run to your closet to grab random things you think you’ll need but never end up using. “I’d travel anywhere with you,” you confess to your best friend. And you mean it, even if he does get a bit carried away sometimes.
“I might have to reconsider, judging by the sheer amount of time you take just to pack for two weeks,” Hyunjin yawns, checking his phone and answering text messages. “Even Felix is back home. And he literally just finished his last final an hour ago.”
“Felix lives fucking thirty minutes away. What’d you expect? He practically lives at home when he doesn’t feel like paying rent. I’m surprised the landlord deals with his shit,” you joke as you run all the way back to your suitcase, barely starting to zip the sides of it. “Come here and help, you lazy bum.”
Hyunjin shrugs, being absolutely no help at all until he drags his legs over to where you’re crouching. “That’s because Felix is fabulously rich. He eats steak and potatoes for breakfast. I eat a granola bar.” He pushes down on the top of your suitcase and zips it effortlessly with his other hand. Standing the suitcase upright, he pulls the handle out and lets out a small breath of air. “Are you done now?” he asks for a final time.
“What if I forget something?” you mention nervously. Because you always do. Halfway there, you’d realize that you forgot something really important. Like a phone charger or your favorite pillow. There’s no way you’re making Hyunjin turn back just to retrieve your teddy bear.
“Y/N... you’re going home, not the Sahara Desert. I doubt you’ll die without that one specific t-shirt.”
“You’re right,” you say as if it were the most obvious thing in the world and turn to face him. “So should I bring another pair of sneakers?”
Hyunjin deadpans, “Just go.” 
He’s 100% done with you. You can tell because he looks like he’s about to strangle you for being so indecisive. But that’s what friends are for. He deals with your problems, and you deal with him being late to almost everything. You two would joke about him missing his own wedding because he’d end up sleeping through it. Normal people stress eat. Hyunjin stress sleeps.
“I love you,” you coo, grabbing your shoe box from your closet with the most sheepish smile you could muster.
“Whatever.” Hyunjin tries to keep a flat face, but nonetheless, you see the corner of his lips tilt up into a small smile.
Tumblr media
You step into your parent’s house for the first time in three months and, to be quite honest, you don’t know where to begin. It feels so familiar, yet so foreign — like you’re rewatching an old, favorite movie of yours where you remember certain scenes but never the details. Maybe that’s a rite of passage; being in university forces you out of your comfort zone and away from your parent’s nest, leaving you to defend yourself against the rest of the world. However, you’re not complaining because otherwise, you wouldn’t have met Hyunjin. 
Your hand hits the left side of the wall, right where the light switch happens to be, and you flick it up with the tip of your index finger, just like the old days. “This is it. This is where I grew up and made all my terrible life decisions,” you say, glancing over at Hyunjin. You know he likes it because his eyes are wide and glossy, like a goldfish when you dump flakes into the tank.
He’s standing in the foyer of your house where the shoe rack is, and it gives him a perfect vantage point of your entire living room. From left to right, there’s a line of worn-out couches against the wall, a seventy-year-old fireplace that you used to place your cat’s litter box, a flat-screen TV, and then a dining table. It’s nowhere near as extravagant as Felix’s, but it’s minimal in the best way. 
“Is that one of your terrible life decisions?” he asks, pointing to a picture of you on the wall. The same one where you chipped your front tooth because you fell off a bike.
“Shut up,” you mumbled as you grabbed the frame, flipping it over so it faced the wall. “You can put your stuff in the guest room or the living room. Wherever.” You haul your suitcase in, wheels scraping the doorframe, and Hyunjin sets his duffel bag beside you. There are two types are people in this world: people who overpack and people who wear the same two things over and over again, like Hyunjin. But he manages to make even a paper bag look nice, so you guess that he’s an exception.
You close the door behind you and bring him into your kitchen — same lemony scent but newly renovated with a shiny, silver sink — and march over to your fridge, taking out a can of iced tea. Old habits die hard, and your dad’s still stocking up on iced tea because he’s convinced that you love them, and he’s totally not self-indulging.
“Want one? It’s ice cold,” you ask, wiggling the can in front of his face.
“Sure,” he says and takes the cold can from your hands. Hyunjin opens the can and takes a swig; he makes a face. “You know, you can get a really bad sugar rush from just one of these.”
You follow his actions and take a sip of your own drink, feeling cold liquid down your throat. “Says the one who drinks winter melon milk tea like water. I think it’s a fair game,” you point out, placing the can down on the counter. “There’s nothing in the fridge. Wanna order pizza or some Chinese takeout?”
Hyunjin pauses and meets your eyes, a wishy-washy look crosses his features as a mental debate takes place in his mind. You see how his eyebrows furrow, and he’s slightly squinting one of his eyes as if he’s mentally calibrating the Fibonacci sequence when in reality, it’s just dinner.
“Look who’s indecisive now,” you joke and take your can with you, walking over to your room. “Come on, let me show you my room and the guest room. It’s most likely half storage because my parents have no idea where to put their junk even when there’s a garage right outside.” The perks of living with hoarders: a surprise in every corner of the room.
He follows you like a lost puppy, and you notice how little your room has changed over the years. There’s still the cupcake and lollipops stickers that you stuck on the walls when you were nine. In your elementary schooler mind, stickers were life.
Your parents left your room the same way it was the day you left for college. The only difference was that there are a few extra pillows on your bed, littered on top of your mismatched bed sheets. Your desktop monitor still has orange post-its with passwords written on them, and your walls are still adorned with rock band members you once vowed to marry, but now, it’s more of a Hall of Fame of all the boys you’ve loved before. Just the special ones who managed to capture your heart with a single EP.
“Sorry, it’s a mess. I’ll probably clean it up after you decide what you want to eat,” you say, grimacing at the poor state of your room. It screams “high school”, and it’s a rookie move to show your college best friend your cringe-worthy high school days.
“No. I like it. It’s just like I imagined. You’re so damn predictable, Y/N,” Hyunjin says in awe, and you possibly think that he has a sugar rush from the can of iced tea.
“Is that a nicer way of calling me basic?” you comment, not at all offended. “It’s lame, but it’s me. I cried over my first heartbreak and celebrated my college acceptance in this room. Every single thing in this room holds some degree of significance.”
Hyunjin smiles as he takes in the sight of the fairy lights hung messily over your curtains and the blue paint chipping off your walls. You’re never good at reading emotions, but you can tell how grateful Hyunjin is to have visited your childhood. “I think this is my favorite room in the entire house,” he says softly, just loud enough for you to make out the words.
“But you haven’t even seen the rest of the rooms yet.” You laugh to yourself as you wrap your hand around his wrist, dragging him out of your room and to the guest room six feet away. It’s kind of plain and possibly dusty, but it’s dark and cozy like a bear’s cave. Perfect for Hyunjin who sleeps like a bear in hibernation.
“No need to. I just like it. Because it’s very you,” he replies.
It’s a strange feeling, your heartbeat racing like you’ve just run five miles on the treadmill. 
Tumblr media
“Festive, are we? Chinese takeout and a nice, cheesy pepperoni pizza on the side,” you say, content with Hyunjin’s decision. You peel a stringy slice of pizza from the delivery box and collapse back onto the sunken couch. The poor thing has seen better days, but five-year-old you was a little brat who liked jumping on the couch like there was no tomorrow.
“It’s a special day, Y/N,” he says, leaning over and stealing the remote from your lap. “A special day because after finals, we always watch romcoms. It’s tradition.” Hyunjin sets his half-empty takeout box aside and sticks his chopsticks inside, then he browses the “Romance” section on Netflix.
You do a full body groan and chew on your slice of pizza, baffled. “Tradition? Since when? If we’re gonna watch something lovey-dovey, I want to cry over it. Like tears and bawling.”
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Hyunjin laughs, shuffling his feet underneath the blanket, his leg kicking yours lightly. “I’m a crybaby.”
“Exactly,” you smirk and take the remote from him. 
The sad movie of your choice is Keith, which made you cry when you were fifteen because cancer’s a little homewrecker. High school romantic movies are your closet obsessions because everything’s just so novel and cute back in high school, and once college comes rolling along, it’s like a whole new world filled with disappointments. Because in you’re college, you like to live vicariously through these movies. You press play and settle back into the couch.
Hyunjin looks at you like you’re insane, completely out of your mind. “You really want to see me cry, don’t you?”
You finish the rest of your pizza and clean the crumbs off your hands, leaning your head on the crook of his neck. You’re sharing a blanket with him, and it’s the best decision you made thus far. “Yup. Because I love you, and I love Keith,” you say, lips curling up because you know he likes sappy romances just as much as you do.
“Do your parents know that they gave birth to a monster?” He lets you settle in his arms regardless, and you curl up beside him as the movie begins to play. The sun’s well below the horizon with only the moon present as its silvery light seeps through the white blinds of your living room windows. You only have your kitchen lamp on, and that’s honestly perfect for a movie night. You don’t care what your parents say about dim lighting being bad for your eyes.
You scoff and lean into his shoulder as he continues to eat his Chinese takeout, the familiar scent of walnut shrimp hitting your nose. Hyunjin makes an effort not to drop a piece of shrimp on you, skillfully maneuvering his arm and dropping it into his mouth. “They’re the first the witness my monstrosity,” you say as a matter of fact. “Are they mixing vegetables with walnut shrimp now?”
You’re all for a healthy lifestyle, but mixing in vegetables in every single somewhat authentic dish wasn’t the right way to do it. Especially not in the notorious walnut shrimp.
Hyunjin notices because he hates vegetables with a passion. You see him picking bits of carrot from the pieces of shrimp, and you know where not to order Chinese takeout next time.
“It’s a sin... to incorporate carrots in every living dish out there,” he complains and gives up, reaching over for a slice of pizza. 
You’re still plastered on his bottom left shoulder like a boutonniere, leaning forward as he grabs a slice of, now cold, pizza. 
“What’s your secret?” you ask out of the blue.
“To what?”
“To eat as much as you want whenever you want and still managing to look like you’re a runway model,” you elaborate, tilting your head up to look at him.
Hyunjin’s definitely on the good-looking side of campus. Other than his looks, he’s a very humble, modest person, and not to mention one of the most talented dance majors you’ve met. It’s so rare to find dance majors because they usually succumb under pressure and force themselves to study business as an alternative, but not Hyunjin. He has his goals set on contemporary dance and not stopping until he gets into Julliard for his master’s program, one of the top dance academies in the entire world. His burning passion inspires you, and you know he’s going to make it big. 
One day, you’re going to be one of the millions of people in the audience, cheering for him as he finishes his piece. But that day is still somewhere in the future because all you want to do right now is have him right beside you. 
“Dance does miracles to you. Maybe you should try. You’d make a great tree in the set background of The Nutcracker,” he teases, resting his hand on top of your head. He takes a bite of his cold, sad slice of pizza and doesn’t mind the plastic-like cheese at all.
“That’s the pity role the teacher gives to the child who’s bad at dancing. Just for the sake of the kid being in the play,” you huff, crossing your arms in front of your chest in a tantrum. “But you’re right. I do make a good tree on set.”
Hyunjin wolfs down his pizza in a matter of minutes, and his arms find its way around your waist; you’re not complaining at all because Hyunjin’s a complete cuddle bug when there are blanket and movies involved. His head rests comfortably on top of yours, spoiling you as you’re bundled up like a sack of potatoes.
It’s very romantic, you think, and you wouldn’t exchange him or his presence for anything in the world. Not even a million bucks that would pay off your entire college tuition.
Keith may be a sad movie, but losing Hyunjin is a sad life.
Tumblr media
Grocery shopping is a must because your fridge is desolate, butter on the first shelf, cough medicine on the second, and empty drawers with plastic bags on the bottom; your parents really didn’t want vermin in the fridge, so it’s wiped clean. You refuse to eat takeout every single day because Hyunjin’s going to complain like a baby, and you’re going to have to start going to the gym. You really don’t want to, but you’re standing over his bed, blinking away layers of sleep at 11 AM in the morning.
“I promise I don’t hate you, but please wake up so we can go grocery shopping.” You try to convince him to wake up as you’re shaking his shoulder, harshly. Hyunjin’s the heaviest sleeper you’ve encountered and the crankiest. He doesn’t budge as his face remains planted in the pillow, feet wrenched into the blankets like it’s his safe haven. 
That’s when you decide to pull out the big guns.
You press your thumb on the fingerprint recognization button on his cell phone and pull up his recent recordings, one written in capital letters that says “WAKE UP YOU LAZY ASS”, and you press play with a devilish grin on your face. 
You don’t hate him. You really don’t. It’s the only way he’d even stir in his sleep. His tardiness is so bad that his professors clean their glasses everytime he comes to class on time. 
His cell phone blares and he sighs loudly, probably because he doesn’t recall setting an alarm the night before. Because you promised that he could stay in bed for as long as he wanted. It’s winter break, after all, he mentally quotes. 
Hyunjin groans and flips over to his back, tired eyes squinting as you slowly came into focus. When he sees you, he pulls his blankets over his head and shields himself from your gaze, his bare feet peeking out of the ends. “What,” he grumbles.
“Grocery shopping. There’s no food in the fridge unless you’re planning on having a butter and cough syrup soup,” you say, hands firmly planted on your hips.
“Keys. Table. Go.” Hyunjin sticks his arm out and points to the table, the keys to his car laying smack in the middle of it. He’s praying that you’d leave him alone and allow him to stay holed up in the guest room until at least 3 PM.
You smile sheepishly and push his arm down. “Are you sure you want me driving your baby? I haven’t driven since last winter,” you bring up. Boys and their relationships with their cars — goals.
He pulls his blankets down and lets out a big sigh, his eyes closed, his bangs draped messily over his forehead, and he gives in. “Five minutes. Leave.”
And that’s good enough for you. 
You close the door to the guest room, and approximately six minutes later, he’s in his favorite gray sweatpants with a white t-shirt underneath his black zip-up jacket. Hyunjin slips into his favorite Adidas slides and stuffs his cell phone into his pocket. He doesn’t seem to understand why you can’t go grocery shopping later.
“Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty,” you say happily as he starts the car. You jump into the passenger's seat and pull up a grocery checklist on your phone. “Gotta make breakfast to feed that fatass of yours.”
“My fatass can wait. Until after 3 PM,” he says and backs out of your driveway. 
You snicker at his laziness. For a person who sleeps around midnight, he sure does sleep a lot. 
The grocery store’s only a five-minute drive away, and you’re Hyunjin’s personal GPS because you know your hometown like the back of your hand. It hasn’t changed at all, quaint and tranquil, except for the cat fights that occur in your backyard at night. Despite the neighborhood being rather quiet, there’s always barely any parking spaces left at the grocery store— especially since it’s nearing the holidays and seasonal packs of Ghirardelli are on sale. Hyunjin chooses to park on the street because he claims that he’s good at parallel parking, and you admit it. He is very good at parallel parking.
Hyunjin yawns and wheels the shopping cart through the automatic doors. “What are we getting again?” he asks, despite you reciting your grocery list at least three times in the car. Hyunjin never listens, information going through one ear and flying out the other.
“Just follow me and push the damn cart,” you order, shaking your head in disapproval. “Do you still want those gigantic packs of chocolate cookies?”
“The store-brand ones that come in bulk?” he questions, and you nod. “Hit me up with that shit. Cheap and addicting. I don’t understand why college students smoke and drink when they can have artificial chocolate cookies.”
You scoff and pull the cart down the aisle as he’s pushing it, grabbing the pack and throwing it into the cart along with several bags of potato chips. He follows you and occasionally throws in a few more items until the two of you do a full turn around the grocery store, the small cart filled to the brink with mostly garbage. 
When you’re in line for check-out, you eye the Christmas section with the fake Santa inflatable and chocolate filled candy canes, and then you remember that Christmas is in a week. Only a week left and you haven’t gotten anything for Hyunjin. 
It’s your first Christmas with him, and you have no idea what to get him because you’re refusing to get him something as lame as a gift card to Starbucks; he deserves way more than that.
When it comes to spending, you find it extremely hard to treat yourself to the new toaster you’ve been eyeing on Amazon, but when it comes to buying gifts, you’d be willing to rack up your entire paycheck to buy all your friends automated vacuum cleaners. You know you’re getting old when household appliances matter more than clothing. But Hyunjin doesn’t need an automated vacuum cleaner because you already got him that for his birthday.
“Hey. What are you daydreaming about?” Hyunjin nudges your arm as it’s almost your turn at the register. He sees you staring at the Christmas section of the store and laughs. “Already dreaming of kissing me underneath the mistletoe?”
You’re at the point in your relationship where romantic jokes like this hardly faze you, and you let out an exasperated, soundless laugh. 
“Hmm, yeah. Who wouldn’t want to kiss those lips,” you say, feeding his ego. Hyunjin’s really proud of his lips because Changbin has a secret obsession with them. And if you’re being really honest, if there’s anyone you’d kiss underneath the mistletoe, it’d definitely be Hyunjin. Hands down.
But you’re not going to because he’s your best friend.
Tumblr media
It’s Christmas Eve, and you’re panicking because Felix can’t keep a secret to save his life. He tells you that Hyunjin has something big planned for you, something meaningful and special that’s most likely going to make you burst into tears. You’re deeply afraid that your gift’s going to seem like shit.
Your parents are back from their business trip, and your dad’s teaching him how to make a steak. Even he’s tired of watching Hyunjin rummage through the cabinets for instant noodles. Hyunjin stands next to your dad like a deer in headlights; cooking’s too much for his brain to process. He only knows how to eat.
You find that endearing because it stuns you how little he spoils himself, Hyunjin only buys the things he needs, not the things he wants, and even when he spoils himself with his weekly dose of winter melon milk tea, he always buys another one for you. His paycheck’s not brilliant either, a measly ten dollars an hour, but he’d spend it entirely on you if he wants to, if you ask him to. Hyunjin’s the type of friend to drive to your apartment at 2 AM in the morning when you're having panic attacks and pick you up from parties when you’re less than sober. 
After four years of teenage angst and bad haircuts, shitty breakups and memories you’d rather forget, Hyunjin appears in your life like he was meant to be a part of your life. His weird obsession with deeply philosophical books, his sarcastic remarks, his unhealthy sleeping pattern. You’re willing to accept all those flaws because he’s perfect for you. You think of his cheeky smile, his warm doe eyes. The way his bangs grow way too long before he cuts it and the calluses on his hands from years of dancing. How he’s the perfect height for you to tie his tie because boys never seem to know how to. How his shoulder is always available for you to cry on, drool on, and simply for you to lay on.
You really don’t deserve him because he’s the best thing in the damn world that’s ever happened to you.
“Call me a chef because I present you with a Steak au Poivre,” Hyunjin says, presenting you the dish the same way waiters did in fancy restaurants, napkin draped over your lap and all.
“Just because you say it in French doesn’t make you a chef,” you comment, picking up the silverware. “Thanks for dinner, Dad.” Your dad laughs from the stove top and sears his own steak.
Hyunjin sits down beside you and takes the fork and knife from your hands, cutting a piece for himself as he chews on it aggressively. “For your information,” he swallows, “I assisted your dad. Like a sous-chef.”
You watch as he cuts another piece, feeding you, and you say with your mouthful. “Passing him the salt and pepper does not count. He can do that himself.”
“Whatever,” he says, and you two inhale the entire steak until the plate’s wiped clean.
This is such a common occurrence that your parents don’t even bother questioning the both of you; there’s a cabinet full of bowls and plates and a table filled with food, but for some reason, you find dinner so much more enjoyable when you’re picking food off each others’ plates. Your parents joke and tell you that if you’re both still single by the time you’re thirty, marry each other.
Even if you and Hyunjin were a couple, you’re mature enough to keep things exactly the same because you don’t see how a label on your relationship would change a thing. Granted, there’s definitely going to be more displays of affection, but your friend group’s already used to seeing you pick tuffs of cotton off his hair when he decides to wear his fuzzy sweaters.
And to think of it, you really wouldn’t mind being in an actual relationship with Hyunjin, one with labels and all that jazz.
Tumblr media
The clock strikes midnight. 
Cinderella drops her shoe on the staircase and you’re dropping out of college because Hyunjin’s rummaging through his room for your present, and yours is getting lamer and lamer the more you see it. 
When Hyunjin returns with an eight by eleven envelope, you’re starting to think that he got you a gold plaque with your name engraved on, or he carved you something out of a slab of wood because he has the skills for it. He knows you’re a sucker for handmade gifts. 
You hold a little box in your hands, and there’s already a clear difference in the sizing.
“So... who’s first?” he asks, clearly proud of the envelope in his hands. It’s a big yellow envelope like the ones you get when you move into your college dorms, filled with rules and everything necessary. You’re betting that whatever’s in there is very important.
“Ooh, me,” you intrude, handing him the little box in your hands. You almost scoff at yourself because one knee down, and you’ll look like you’re proposing to him.
Hyunjin raises a curious brow and opens the box, revealing a silver band with little black diamonds adorned around the circumference of it. His eyes widen and despite the dim lighting of your fake Christmas tree, you see his cheeks tickle pink. “You got me a ring?”
“Yup. Searched websites and spent days going to jewelry stores downtown while you were snoring your ass off,” you say pridefully after seeing his reaction. It’s not so bad after all.
“How’d you get my ring size right?” Hyunjin beams and slips the band around his ring finger, twisting it around fondly as it shines underneath the Christmas lights. He leans over to give you a hug, and you take in the scent of him. He smells like your dad’s shampoo mixed with your “Moonlight Path” body wash, which is weird yet enticing. 
“Lucky guess,” you respond, a proud smile on your face. You’ve held his hand far too many times that it’s impossible to not guess it correctly. The weight’s off your shoulders because Hyunjin likes the ring, perfect for a cheesy, romantic guy like himself. 
He pulls away and tells you, “Okay, my turn. Close your eyes, and no peeking or else you’re gonna be Santa’s naughty list.”
You protest lightly but promise him, “Fine. No peeking.”
With your eyelids closed, you hear Hyunjin opening up the envelope, the crinkle of the cardstock making you more curious than ever, but you’re not going to open your eyes because you never make promises that you can’t keep. 
Hyunjin’s about done when he holds the piece of paper in front of your face. “Okay, open,” he instructs.
You’re faced with a very fancy lettering in gold, and it takes you a while to read through the sentences carefully. Your heart bursts from its seams when you finish, and you gasp, hands over your mouth and all. “Holy shit. You got me a star?” 
“Yeah,” he says, rubbing the nape of his neck nervously. “Do you like it? Because if not I can just get you something else like that toaster you’ve been eyein–”
He doesn’t get to finish his sentence because you throw your arms around his shoulders, your legs in a kneeling position on the couch, and Hyunjin has to lean against the pillows to prevent the two of you from toppling to the ground. He chuckles as he lifts a hand to your waist, nuzzling his face in your hair as he smiles from ear to ear.
You think his laughter is the best sound in the world. 
“I can’t believe you hand-picked a star for me. You’re the most disgustingly cheesy person ever, and I love you,” you reply, tears brimming the corners your eyes as you’re still holding him close. 
“It’s cheesy hours, and I’m going to tell you two things,” he confronts you, and you push his shoulders back, giving him a look of confusion as you settle back on the couch. Your heart’s pounding in your ears, and it’s louder than ever. Like you’re about to give a presentation on stem cells. With two notecards and fifteen minutes to spare. On three cups of coffee and two hours of sleep. Your heart’s thundering, and you don’t know how to stop it.
“Cheesy hours? When did we agree on that?” You laugh it off, hoping that it’ll mask the rapid thumping of your heart. Hyunjin’s cheesy, disgustingly cheesy, but in the best way possible because the amount of love he holds in his heart for you is real.
Hyunjin shrugs. “Because I said so,” he says and continues. “I got you a star because when you look up in the sky, there are billions of stars. But in reality, all you really need is one star because heck, I’m going to get starry-eyed staring at that many stars up ahead.”
“Is that why you got me a star? Because you’re worried about me being starry-eyed?” you tease. 
“Shh... let me finish, Y/N. Shakespeare’s not done with his piece,” he gloats, and you roll your eyes. “What I’m saying is that, there are billions of stars in the sky, but all you really need is one. This logic applies to people too. There are 7.7 billion people in the world as of now, but all you really need is to fall in love with one person.”
“What?” you ask, completely taken back by his answer.
Hyunjin elaborates, locking eyes with you. “You’re my star, Y/N. You’re the one I’m in love with out of the seven billion people in the entire world. I only need one star in my life, and that’s you. Because I love you,” he finishes.
Shakespeare’s done and so is your heart. 
You have no idea how to respond verbally, so you’re leaning over him, right hand on his left cheek, and you press your lips on his soft ones in a chaste kiss. 
Hyunjin’s hands find their way around your waist automatically as if they were meant to be there the entire time, and it gives you the perfect opportunity to swing your legs over until you’re straddling his lap. He deepens the kiss and draws you flush against him until there’s not even a gap between the two of you. His touches are gentle and convey nothing but love and adoration for you, only you and when he breaks the kiss, you’re blushing because you’re one of the cheesy cliches now. Kissing your best friend on Christmas day.
“I love you too,” you whisper back, leaning your forehead on his. You’re keeping quiet just in case your parents hear you in the other room, but of course, they already know that you love Hyunjin and are probably betting on who’s paying for the new massage chair in the family room. “Oh, and Merry Christmas,” you add.
Hyunjin’s glowing, his smiling lighting up your colorless world. “Merry Christmas to you too, Y/N.”
It’s just the two of you in your living room, and the entire world’s at your command because all it’s doing right now is tuning into your little conversation. It’s listening closely.
Hyunjin’s it, and he’s always been it. And just because you don’t define your relationship with him doesn’t mean that you’ll love him any less. Your bond with him transcends everything that the physical and divine worlds have to offer. It’s almost like a secret between two people. Between friends. Between lovers. 
You know that no matter how far you go or where you two are in the world, that bond will stretch through oceans and galaxies until it reaches your palms. Until it brings you back to his embrace. Whether it’d be months or years or even decades, you’re going to wait for him to pursue his dreams, and you sure know that he’d do the same for you. 
And there’s nothing more romantic than that.
So take that, William Shakespeare.
Tumblr media
@jinlix & @blushyunjins - miss kelly and miss lea! this one’s for you! happy early christmas, and thank you two for being very important people to me // I hope this is reminiscent of college for you, lea // I hope you like this & thanks for being my happy virus, kelly!
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pizza boy
pairing: reader x hyunjin
genre: fluff; humor (i think???)
length: 2.8k words
warnings: mild language
summary: You’re a usual customer at the pizzeria your friends work at, ordering pizza whenever there’s no food in your house. But when you realize the new delivery boy is super cute and makes your heart stop, what do you do? Order pizza all the time, obviously.
a/n: oof I was listening to old disney channel songs earlier today (i’m a loser, i know) and pizza girl by the jonas brothers came on anD I JUST HAD TO WRITE THIS. Dedicated to my bb gal @hyunjinh bc i haven’t posted in forever and she made me realize that asdfgh. whOOPS SORRY JAS ASLKJASD (ly boo)
this is so casual and reading it back, my only thoughts are, “wtf did i just write???”
Tumblr media
“There’s nothing in this house to eat!” You called out, staring in fury at your empty fridge. Salad dressings and sauces overflowed the door of your fridge but on the shelves, there was absolutely nothing that looked appetizing. 
You could feel the eye roll from your mother as she shouted from upstairs, “Just order something!”
You don’t have to tell me twice, you thought and rushed to grab your phone. Quickly tapping the restaurant’s phone number on your speed dial list, you held your phone up to your ear. 
“Bang!Pizza, what can I getcha?” An enthusiastic voice chimed through the phone.
“Hey, Jisung, it’s Y/N,” you greeted, staring down at your nails.
Jisung and the rest of your friends worked at the pizzeria not too far from your house during the summers and you used that to your advantage. Not only did you get over your nerves when calling takeout but the discounts you got were very charitable for your broke ass.
“Y/N! Hey, what’s up? You haven’t called in a while.”
“My house has no food so I’m ordering the best damn pizza in the city,” you grinned, hopping onto one of the bar stools at your breakfast bar. 
“Aw, of course you are! You want your usual?”
“Yes, please!”
“Great, coming right up! Are you going to be productive and pick it up or be a lazy ass and have one of our delivery guys bring it?”
“Jisung, do I need to answer that?” You asked flatly, rolling your eyes.
“Delivery it is! Oh and hey! Next week the guys and I are going to the beach. Do you wanna come–” Jisung’s voice was cut off by another familiar one. “Jisung, stop making small talk with the customers!”
“It’s only Y/N, Woojin hyung.”
“Oh, well tell her I said hi!” 
Jisung muttered into the phone, “Woojin says hi by the way.”
“I heard,” you chuckled. 
“So it’ll be ready in around twenty minutes. Think you can wait that long?”
“We’ll see.” And with that, you hung up and sighed.
Trudging to the couch, you plopped down and grabbed the t.v. remote. Tuning to a random movie channel, you curled into a blanket and waited for your beloved pizza to show up.
Less than halfway into the movie, the doorbell rang and what followed was, “Pizza delivery!” 
Standing up from your comfortable position on the couch, you wrapped the soft blanket around you and waddled to the door, not bothering to fix how you looked. 
The delivery boy at the pizzeria was Felix. He’s seen you in your worst state, including when you were dumped and ordered a whole pizza pie to yourself all the while, you looked like a sobbing mess with your cheeks flushed and nose runny. So to say you didn’t care what you looked like would be an understatement. 
Opening the door, you were ready to greet Felix, “Hey Fe–”
You cut yourself off when you noticed it wasn’t Felix. Widening your eyes at the new unfamiliar delivery boy, you cleared your throat. The boy was looking to either side of him, assumably wondering if he was knocking at the right house. 
I look like absolute crap in front of a dude who looks like he could be on the cover of a magazine. 
Hah, my luck.
Snapping his gaze toward you at your cleared throat, the boy smiled shyly, holding out the pizza box. 
“T-Thanks,” you took the box from him and dug into your sweatpants pocket for some cash. 
“It’ll be $7.97,” the boy piped, adjusting the bright red cap on his head. 
“H-here you go,” you stuttered, giving him a ten dollar bill. “Keep the change.”
“Thanks,” the boy beamed, causing your heart to flutter in your chest. 
Oh no.
The boy turned to go and you slowly closed the door and sighed a breath of relief. 
Why didn’t anyone tell me there was a new delivery boy? Better yet, a CUTE delivery boy?
Now you’ve ruined all first impressions, opening the door with a blanket wrapped and no makeup on your face. You’re surprised he didn’t shriek and run away at your appearance. 
Setting the pizza down on the coffee table, you sat back on the sofa and gnawed your lip. What if the dude thinks I’m a lazy bum who eats pizza all the time?
I am a lazy bum who eats pizza all the time. 
A few weeks later, once again having nothing to eat you dialed the phone. 
“Bang!Pizza what can I––”
“Why didn’t you tell me you had a new delivery boy?” you snapped, cutting Jisung off mid-sentence. 
“Uh, Y/N?” Jisung asked. 
“Yes, it’s me. So why didn’t you tell me!?”
“Well, it didn’t come up––”
“You couldn’t just tell me, ‘hey Y/N, we got a new super cuter delivery boy by the way so don’t open the door looking like a bum?’“ 
“I uh––Wait you think he’s cute?”
“Well, duh. Why would I tell you he’s cute if I didn’t think so? Oh gosh, I’ve been postponing ordering pizza since I’m too nervous to face him again.”
“Y/N chill. Hyunjin’s not going to care what you look like. I’m sure he was relieved to deliver pizza to someone his age and not some hungry stoners at 3 am.”
“His name is Hyunjin?” You asked, ignoring the rest of his statement. 
“Mhm, and he’s on shift right now so I’ll just put down your usual so he can deliver it–”
“See ya.”
The line cut off and you glared at the phone.
Slouching in defeat, you pouted with a loud sigh. You sat at your breakfast bar, scrolling through your phone, patiently waiting for your pizza. You say patiently, but you what you really mean is trying to savor as much time as you can before you embarrass yourself in front of the cute delivery boy. 
Hearing the doorbell ring and his shout, “Pizza delivery,” your lungs nearly collapsed and you gasped. Rushing out of the kitchen, you checked yourself in the mirror on the wall, making sure you looked decent and pulled open the door.
“Hey!” You grinned but winced when you realized you probably sounded to eager.
“Hey,” Hyunjin trailed off, the side of his lips quirking up into a half smile. Oh god, why did he have to be so cute? Especially wearing the delivery hat. “It’ll be–”
“$7.97, I know... It’s my usual order,” you eyed the box hungrily before shooting Hyunjin a quick smile.
“You order from the pizzeria often?” Hyunjin rubbed the back of his neck, handing you the box with his free hand. 
Was this his way of saying, ‘You come here often?’ Because you hoped so. 
“Hm? Oh yeah. The workers there, your coworkers, I mean––well, the ones our age, at least––are my friends and give me tons of discounts,” you blurted, shrugging your shoulders.
“Ah, so you’re Y/N, right?” Hyunjin asked, taking the money carefully out of your hands.
“Uh, yeah. How’d you know?” You asked, shyly tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. 
“The guys talk about you a bunch. And that first time I delivered pizza here, they asked if we met.”
“Oh,” you mumbled, feeling your heart fall in your chest. You didn’t think that the boys would ask about you, especially after you practically said hi, paid and then proceeded to shut the door on him so quickly. Normally, you would’ve made small talk but you, whenever nervous or embarrassed, ran out of conversations as quickly as possible.
“Don’t worry! I didn’t tell them you were rude or anything since we didn’t talk much. I just said you looked...comfortable.”
“Comfortable?” You raised your eyebrows and widened your eyes in horror. Oh god, he does think you’re a lazy bum. 
“You know, with the whole blanket covering you like a cute eskimo thing,” he shrugged, sticking his hands in his pockets.
Did he just––
Did he call you cute?
“Oh,” was all you replied, clutching your arm with the opposite hand. 
“They think you’re great, by the way. The way they talk to you, it’s like you’re some sort of goddess in their lives.”
Grinning at his statement, you exclaimed with a clap of your hands, “It was about time they admitted it!”
Laughing at you, Hyunjin’s eyes squinted and you swore to your pizza that your heart stopped. 
How can one be so handsome?
It really isn’t fair.
“Well, I gotta go deliver the rest of these pizzas. I’m Hyunjin by the way.”
“It was nice meeting you, Hyunjin,” you nearly swooned as you watched him descend your porch steps. 
“You too, Y/N.”
“Jisung, I’m ordering my usual,” you didn’t even wait for the boy’s greeting when you dialed the pizzeria’s phone number.
“Again? Y/N that’s like the fourth pie this month!”
“Okay and?”
“It’s not even the middle of the month!”
“I’m hungry okay? And there’s nothing to eat,” you lied, staring at the fresh bag of groceries your father had bought earlier that day.
“Aish, okay fine.”
“Thanks, dude––”
“This time, just asked the kid out, okay? I don’t think he just wants to talk to you when he delivers your pizza.”
“Shut up.”
You hung up the phone and sighed happily. 
“Y/N, you have a pizza problem,” Hyunjin stated, bluntly, as soon as you opened the door.
Gasping, you put a hand to your heart. “How rude to be insulted in my own home.”
“We’re outside your home,” Hyunjin replied in a flat tone, giving you a pointed look.
“Touché.” You grabbed the pizza from him and placed it on the coffee table before returning back to the door.
“Is there a reason you’re ordering so much pizza?” Hyunjin asked, his eyebrows wiggling in amusement. 
“Um, yes. I love pizza,” you quirked an eyebrow in confusion, wondering what he was insinuating. 
“Besides that,” Hyunjin sighed, crossing his arms.
Oh, yeah. It’s just an excuse to see your handsome face. 
“Alrighty then. I’ll see you the next time your order pizza then,” Hyunjin winked, turning to go. Stop that, you thought, feeling your cheeks flush.
"Bye,” you waved before closing the door, a wide grin spread on your face.
Were you being obsessive, ordering all these pizzas? 
Did you care? 
Not at all.
The next time, you were expecting a conversation similar to the ones you’ve had with Hyunjin in the past. But not the next time you ordered pizza. Instead, you were unfortunately surprised.
“Hyunjin, nice to see––What the hell are you doing here?” You asked, narrowing your eyes at the familiar boy.
“Hyunjin asked me to cover his shift,” Felix shrugged holding out your pizza for you.
“No, no. Hyunjin is my delivery guy, not you.”
Furrowing his eyebrows, Felix retorted, “But I was yours first––”
“Is he annoyed by me now? Have I been ordering too much pizza?” You cut him off, staring away in thought. 
“Y/N, I swear he just asked me to fill in for him––”
“He hates me,” you blurted, frowning.
It was obviously the only reasonable explanation. After ordering how many pizzas from the pizzeria, and now Hyunjin doesn’t deliver?
“Have I caught you at a bad time?” Felix asked, widening his eyes.
“Where’s my delivery boy?” you whimpered, crossing your arms like a child.
“I don’t know, Y/N,” Felix rolled his eyes with a sigh, “Probably home.” Waving the box in your face, Felix sent you a expression to take the pizza.
“I don’t want it anymore. I’m not hungry,” you huffed, pouting. 
“Y/N, take the damn pizza and pay me please. I’m a broke boy who needs money.”
Groaning, you took out ten dollars and paid the boy. “Here.”
You grabbed the pizza and shut the door with a frown. Where the heck was your delivery boy? 
Had he grown tired of you? 
Of course he did. I’ve been ordering pizzas so frequently, he probably got bored of seeing me all the time.
You didn’t order pizza for nearly a month after that. 
Munching on some cereal during the night a month later––you had no food in your house once again, but you were not going to order pizza––you heard the doorbell ring. 
“Pizza delivery!” 
Knitting your eyebrows together in confusion, you wrapped the blanket around you, still holding your cereal with one hand and walked over to the front door.
“Sorry, I didn’t order pizza...” you trailed off, staring at Hyunjin, who wasn’t wearing his Bang!Pizza uniform, holding a box of pizza.
“I know. I did,” Hyunjin grinned, gesturing to the pizza with his head.
“Oh...why’re you here?”
“You hadn’t ordered pizza in so long, I thought you died,” Hyunjin frowned, widening his eyes. 
Rolling your eyes at his dramatic expression, you scoffed. “I’m alive, don’t worry about me. So if that’s all you’re here for,” you put your hand back on the knob to close the door.
“Wait!” Hyunjin cut you off, putting his foot in front of the door, stopping you from closing it. “I can’t eat this pizza all by myself!”
“I’m not hungry,” you lied with a shrug.
“Yeah, I can obviously see that,” Hyunjin replied sarcastically, raising his eyebrow as he eyed the bowl of cereal you were holding. 
“Why’re you really here, Hyunjin?” You asked again, sighing.
“I wanted to see you,” Hyunjin mumbled in a small voice, looking down.
“You wanted to see me?” You raised an eyebrow.
“Yeah, I missed you! You know how many times I went by your house, expecting to drop off a pizza when I realized you didn’t order one?”
Scrunching your eyebrows together, you shook your head, confused. “But didn’t you get tired of me?”
“Huh? How on Earth could I get tired of you?
“I don’t know! That’s what I wanna know!”
“When did I say I got tired of you?”
“You didn’t but I know because you sent Felix to deliver my pizza,” you pouted.
“Y/N, you’re an idiot, you know?” Hyunjin sighed, stuffing his hands into his sweatshirt pocket.
“Excuse me?”
“You really thought I sent Felix to deliver your pizza because I got tired of you” Hyunjin looked at you, baffled at what you had thought. After a moment of silence from you, Hyunjin sighed with a soft smile, “No way, I had a few errands to run and didn’t have the time.”
“Mhm, you’re an idiot.”
“Wait, so you’re not tired of me?”
“Not at all,” Hyunjin grinned, “I missed you!”
“Of course you did. I’m me, obviously.” 
“Ah, there’s the Y/N I know and love.”
“You love me?” You teased, grinning. When did you gain this surge of confidence when you’d normally be found flustered and stuttering in front of the guy? You wanted to know but you weren’t complaining.
Blushing, Hyunjin looked away, “You know what I mean.”
“No, I don’t. What do you mean?”
“Y/N, shut up.”
“I’m just asking. What kind of context is the love? You did say you missed me. And you came all the way here to bring me pizza. I think I know what you mean.”
“You like me!”
“Y/N, how did you even come to that conclusion––”
“You know, I used to think I was way over my head pining for the cute delivery boy. I literally ordered pizza after pizza just to talk to you but you? You came out of the blue, not even working, to bring me pizza.”
“You were pining over me?”
“Okay good. You’re just as oblivious as Jisung says you are becuase he and the guys said I’ve been making things so obvious to them.”
Shaking his head vigorously with furrowed brows, Hyunjin repeated. “Jisung said I was oblivious?”
“Yeah, but forget that. You like me!”
“WIll you shut up if I just say i do?”
“FIne then. Yeah, I like you. But you’re even crazier than I am! Talk about obsessive. Ordering pizzas just as an excuse to talk to me? Kind of endearing in a way, but still!”
“Hey, I couldn’t just ask for your number without sounding like a total creep!”
“Um, yES YOU COULD HAVE! It’s what normal people do!”
“Hyunjin, you know damn well that I’m not normal.”
“Oh I can agree with that.” After a moment of silence with the two of you just smiling at each other, Hyunjin piped, “So are you gonna let me in and eat this pizza with me?”
“Oh yeah, of course. What’d you get?”
“Your usual.”
“Dude, just date me already.”
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mostlycompetentwriter · a year ago
Hoodie Season
Tumblr media
F/M Pairing: Y/N X Hwang Hyunjin
Genre: Married Life AU
Warnings: Smut and Language
Word Count: 7K
Note: Another requested Fic! Enjoyyyy
Tumblr media
It was a Friday morning and I refused to leave the familiar comforts of my bed. With the addition of the sun hitting just right from the low-slanted window, I was prepared to give up on the possibility of moving from my comfortable position, even if that meant missing work today. After all, I endured an endless barrage of tiring conditions throughout the week, listening to adolescent teenagers gossip and complain about every possible topic. Therefore, this type of treatment was certainly warranted, even if the sounds of the traffic outside proved to be an annoying disturbance.
I let out a yawn, turning onto my side to face away from the street, pausing when I realized that there was something beneath my hand. I reluctantly pried open one eye, glancing down to see what I had just discovered. Irritation boiled beneath my skin when I realized several pregnancy magazines were strewn across the sheets. “What the hell?” I groaned, suddenly losing any prior interest in sleeping. I gathered the magazines together before storming into the kitchen where Hyunjin was sitting at the counter with a cup of coffee in hand. I tossed the magazines onto the empty space in front of him. “You’re not exactly subtle these days,” I said, crossing my arms over my chest.
My husband glanced up at me over the brim of his coffee mug. “What do you mean?” he asked with innocent eyes.
“I don’t want kids right now, Hyunjin,” I said, glowering at him once more. “Isn’t it enough that we deal with students every day at school?”
“But they’d be our kids, Y/N,” he pouted, attempting to hand me a magazine from atop the messy pile.
I ignored his offering, shaking my head while storming into the kitchen. “I don’t care if they’re our kids, I’m not ready!”
“They’re so cute though,” Hyunjin said, opening one of the covers. “Look at how small they are!”
“Yeah? Well, they won’t stay that small forever,” I said. “And then they’ll be just like those horny high school demons we deal with every day.”
“Aren’t you being dramatic?” he asked which was quite ironic coming from the Hwang Hyunjin, AKA, one of the most over-dramatic people I have ever met in my entire life. The same Hyunjin who demanded that they move Mr. Henderson into a new classroom because he was located right next to the library where I worked and Hyunjin was certain he was flirting with me.
“Babe, you can’t even pretend to be serious,” I said, reaching for the cereal from the top shelf. “I think you’re determined to test me today.”
“Our babies would be so beautiful,” Hyunjin went on as if he was refusing to listen to my counter-arguments.
“You’re only acting like this because one of your friends had a kid.”
“Maybe,” Hyunjin shrugged, joining me in the kitchen as I spooned more Fruit Loops into my mouth. “But you can’t tell me that you weren’t enamored with your nieces at my mom’s Christmas party.”
“I was just being nice,” I grumbled, ignoring the way Hyunjin was now clambering for my attention, arms wrapped around my waist. Hyunjin was always clingy in the mornings, fresh-faced with the lingering effects of sleep clouding his eyes. 
“Can you at least pretend to think about it?” Hyunjin whined. 
“Maybe if you’re good,” I said, loosening his hold which allowed me to slip through to the other side of the counter. “Don’t forget that your little PR stunt woke me up early this morning, babe, and I don’t forgive easily.”
“Don’t act like you hated it,” Hyunjin said, reaching for the car keys out of the small dish we kept by the door. “Am I driving?”
“How else will I intake my daily caffeine addiction?” I asked, pouring the remaining coffee into a travel mug. “But slow down in the school zone, I don’t think our bank account can take another traffic violation.”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes. “I was barely over the limit.”
I grinned at the way he tried to defend himself. “Give me twenty minutes to make myself look decent.”
“Wouldn’t want to scare the kids, right Y/N?”
“Thin ice, Hyunjin, you’re very close to sleeping on the couch tonight.”
Hyunjin smirked because he knew my threats were empty. I was weak for my husband and he liked to exploit my affections for him at every opportunity possible. For example, last night he pretended to be super excited for the new season of the Bachelor (even though he hates the show) just because he wanted me sat in his lap while he did his best to decorate my neck with colorful marks.
In conclusion, Hyunjin was my kryptonite, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin and I arrived at school fifteen minutes early, parting ways in the mostly full parking lot because the students definitely didn’t need to see the way he liked to grope my ass when we kissed. Despite working together, I rarely saw Hyunjin throughout the day unless he made-up some excuse to come see me in the library. But this was a rare occurrence since Hyunjin, as a dance teacher, really had no valid reason to need library resources.
Speaking of which, the library, at my personal request, was the glorified version of an introvert’s paradise. It was always quiet, thanks to my meticulous monitoring, and was equipped with a small digital lab and self-named “relaxation room” where students (and staff) could enjoy a variety of stuffed couches and reclinable chairs to simply forget about the other horrors of high school. I was especially proud of the library’s progress, updating equipment and technology yearly due to my persistence in applying for a variety of government grants. Yes, I was satisfied with my status as the school’s “cool” librarian who enforced the strict library rules of conduct while also allowing a smidgen of favoritism when one of my students brought in a candy bar to eat during lunch.
Of course, such sanctity was frequently disrupted by my husband and his friends who demonstrated absolutely no regard for silence. Han Jisung was the worst of them all, waltzing into the library in stride to ask for whatever set of books he needed for his English classes. While I prepared the cart, he would talk relentlessly about everything from his ex-girlfriends to the much-dreaded topic of his endless stories about Hyunjin’s wilder days back in college. “I wish you could’ve been there, Y/N,” Jisung would snort. “Hyunjin took shots like they were water.”
“Yes, I know,” I would grumble while ordering him to leave the library before the remaining students were permanently traumatized.
And when Hyunjin would visit me, which seemed unnecessary considering he taught dance classes, he always made sure to completely take over my office, feet propped up on my desk while pouting at me to sit on his lap. Which was the opposite of professional considering the masses of students lingering around the bookshelves. But that never seemed to deter Hyunjin who always found a new and creative excuse to visit the library.
Like begging me to allow him to use my coffee machine.
“Y/N,” Hyunjin said, following me as I navigated the complicated filing system in the backroom. “I’m only asking because Jisung broke the one in the teacher’s lounge! And you know it might take weeks before they purchase a replacement.”
“Interesting,” I said, thumbing across the file tabs. “We have a coffee machine at home, don’t we, babe?”
Hyunjin was quiet for a moment. “But what if I need more coffee later on?”
“One cup should be enough,” I nodded. “Caffeine isn’t good for you.”
“It’s actually great for me,” Hyunjin said. “If I didn’t have coffee, then I would be completely shut down by lunchtime.”
“I seriously doubt that,” I objected with a laugh.
“Y/N,” Hyunjin tried again. “As your husband-”
“- is that supposed to convince me?”
Hyunjin frowned. “I’ll clean the dishes and do the laundry until the machine in the lounge is fixed.”
I perked up instantly. “Well, I suppose I can make an exception for you...”
Hyunjin rolled his eyes, starting for the small kitchen connected to my office. “I should have unlimited access.”
“And I should treat all my coworkers the same.”
“I’m offended, Y/N, please don’t tell me you’re sleeping with the other teachers.”
I glared at him. “For your information, you’re the one who's always touting professionalism in the workplace.”
“But that was before I started to miss you during the day,” Hyunjin said, adjusting the settings on my coffee machine. “You have a safe haven in the library.”
“It gets the job done,” I said, joining him at the machine. “Did you know we had a new student at school?”
“Yang Jeongin?” he asked, pulling back his mug to take a sip. “He’s in my first-period dance class.”
“That’s him,” I nodded. “I noticed that always comes in here during lunch. Do you think he has any friends?”
“I don’t know,” Hyunjin mused. “I don’t see him interacting with his classmates.”
I shivered because the topic at hand reminded me too strongly of my own experiences in high school. “I feel bad for him.”
“I’m sure he’s fine, babe,” Hyunjin reassured me. “If it makes you feel better, then I could talk to him tomorrow?”
“Would you do that for me?” I asked, holding on to his arm. 
“Of course,” Hyunjin said. “Unlike you, I don’t ask for much when I’m doing something nice for my spouse.”
“Who else is going to keep you in check?” I asked him, pushing myself off from the counter. 
Hyunjin gave my ass a polite swat on my way out the door. “Remember that we’re meeting Jisung and his new girlfriend for dinner.”
I groaned at the reminder. “Explain to me again, babe, why do we have to do that?”
“Because he’s my best friend,” Hyunjin said. “And he’s trying to make things less awkward.”
“Are we going to show up for all of his dates?” I asked. “To keep things less awkward?”
“You’re honestly just as dramatic as I am,” Hyunjin commented. “He’s only asking me for a small favor, and...” He leaned in to whisper in my ear. “If you’re a good girl, then I might reward you when we get home later.”
I swallowed hard. “It’s been a while since we’ve been out, hasn’t it?”
Hyunjin grinned at my willing compliance.
Tumblr media
Han Jisung’s new girlfriend was...interesting, to say the least. She arrived with her arm tucked securely around Jisung’s while dressed in a bright pink mini-skirt and lime green crop-top that left very little to the imagination. The moment she walked into the restaurant, every pair of eyes watched as she shimmied through the tables, greeting Hyunjin and I like we had known each other since childhood. “You guys look great!” she exclaimed, leaning across the table to offer my cheek a polite tap. “Girl, you have to tell me who does your hair.”
“Oh...” I trailed off, glancing at Hyunjin anxiously because my husband had forgotten to mention that we were meeting an eccentric child. Because Jisung’s girlfriend didn’t look a day over the legal age.
“I’m Hailey,” she announced, smacking her gum obnoxiously. 
Meanwhile, Jisung was smiling like an idiot. “I hope we’re not late.”
“Of course not,” Hyunjin said and I rolled my eyes since apparently being half an hour late for your reservation was perfectly acceptable.
“Holy shit, you look like a runway model!” Haily declared, pointing at Hyunjin with exaggerated motions. “Honey, you didn’t tell me that you were friends with someone this gorgeous.”
I frowned at the comment while Hyunjin just shifted uncomfortably next to me. “Thank you?”
“Jinnie’s always been a lady killer,” Jisung said, pulling out Hailey’s chair before taking the seat next to Hyunjin.
“But you’re all married now,” Hailey pouted as if she was actually disappointed with Hyunjin’s marital status despite the fact that she had come here with Jisung. 
“2 years,” Hyunjin said with a dramatic flourish of his wrist. “Woohoo!”
“Y’all got kids and stuff right?” Hailey asked, ignoring the waiter who had arrived at our table, clearing his throat to get her attention. Thankfully, Jisung had enough sense to dismiss him with a request for two glasses of water. 
“Not yet,” Hyunjin said, more attentive now that the topic had switched to a topic that he favored. “We’re planning on having two or three.”
I kept my mouth firmly shut because Hyujin was clearly living in an alternate universe. “That’s amazing,” Haily gushed, leaning into Jisung. “Did you hear that, Sungie? Isn’t that like the ultimate dream?”
“Is it?” Jisung questioned, offering Haily a gentle kiss. “Do you want kids someday?”
“A whole house full of them,” Hailey exclaimed and Hyunjin offered me a shit-eating grin like that somehow proved that I was in the wrong for denying him any children.
“We’re still talking about it,” I effectively inserted.
“Sungie tells me that you’re both teachers,” she continued, driving the conversation in an entirely new direction. 
“I’m a librarian technician,” I said. “Hyunjin teaches dance.”
“Wow,” Hailey gushed. “That’s so cool, Hyunjin.”
I grimaced because apparently, Librarians weren’t as qualified to be considered cool. “I’m lucky that I have such willing students,” Hyunjin said, nodding appreciatively. 
Sometimes, Hyunjin loved being the center of attention.
“I’m in like some sort of dance club at my university,” Hailey said and I nearly choked on my wine. 
“You’re in college?” Hyunjin asked, flashing Jisung a reprimanding look that sent the younger into a rapid explanation.
“She’s a Senior,” Jisung said as if that made everything better. “You’re graduating soon, right babe?”
“Supposedly,” Hailey said, making a mess of the breadsticks in the center of the table. “I have to somehow pass this boring math lecture first.”
Hyunjin was not convinced and neither was I considering Jisung’s problematic history of dating younger girlfriends. “How long have you been with Jisung?”
“I don’t know,” Haily shrugged indifferently. “Maybe two weeks.”
“And are you staying on campus, Hailey?” I asked the young girl who nodded affirmatively.
“Jisung wants me to move in though,” Hailey said and that was the last straw for Hyunjin who abruptly stood from the table.
“Jisung,” my husband murmured quietly. “Let’s talk outside for a moment.”
Jisung bowed his head, cheeks flushed because he knew that Hyunjin was moments away from one of his famous lectures. “Okay.”
Hailey was silent until they were out of earshot. “That was weird, right?”
I feigned indifference, even as my mind thought up several creative ways to kick Jisung’s ass for trying things out with someone who was at least ten years younger than him. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if said significant other was employed at some kind of big business as opposed to the salon next to her university. But I didn’t want to let Hailey know that anything was amiss, so I reached across to grab her hand. “Everything’s fine.”
Internally, I was screaming at the top of my lungs.
Tumblr media
I woke up to the feeling of Hyunjin’s hard erection pressing against my ass. “Babe,” I groaned, attempting to fend off the lingering effects of sleep.
Hyunjin grunted from behind me, drawing his hips in methodical circles. “What?”
“Your dick,” was all I could manage before yawning over my words.
“Fuck, I was having a good dream,” Hyunjin whined. “Remember that bathing suit you wore on our honeymoon?”
“The bikini?”
“Yeah, I still think about it a lot.”
I rolled my eyes. “You’re hard because of my bathing suit?”
“More precisely, you in the bathing suit.”
“Whatever,” I said, rubbing my face against my pillow. “The alarm hasn’t gone off yet.”
“That gives us time,” Hyunjin said suggestively, drawing a hand along the contour of my hip bone.
“To sleep.”
“No, Y/N,” Hyunjin countered, presence heavy as he drew himself up higher against the headboard. “You don’t even have to do anything.”
“Fine,” I muttered. “But don’t blame me if I fall asleep.”
“You know my dick’s better than that,” Hyunjin said, fussing over my panties as he pulled them down beneath the sheets. His fingers dug into my thigh, lifting my leg to a more comfortable position over his hip. I could feel his cock, thick and prodding, as he adjusted himself behind me.
“Are you ever gonna put it in?” I asked drowsily, wincing at the sudden penetration of his cock inside. “Shit, slow down you animal!”
“Sorry,” he murmured, slowing drawing out before pushing back in at a more acceptable pace.
“Slow is good,” I continued, adrenaline rushing through my sleep-deprived body, reacting to his advances with tentative thrusts back against him. 
“It’s good, right?” Hyunjin asked with a touch of arrogance, reaching around me to play with my clit.
“It’s always good,” I said, deciding to satiate his ego for once, especially now that I was fully aroused, cognizant of the heavy drag of Hyunjin’s cock.
His vacant hand wandered up my shirt, teasing a nipple as he continued to punctuate each heavy drag of his cock with a low grunt of effort. “I feel like it’s been ages since we did this.”
“I guess you’re still horny from the ego boost Jisung’s girlfriend gave you last night.”
“What are you talking about?”
I imitated her voice. “Oh, Hyunjin, you must be in great shape from dancing all the time.”
“She’s right,” Hyunjin said, tightening his hold as he kicked his hips aggressively, slamming into me like he was trying to make a point. “Have you seen my thighs, babe?”
“I like to ride them.”
“Fuck,” Hyunjin cursed, pressing even more insistently at my clit while his cock continued to fill my core. “I feel like a teenager again.”
“Well, if it makes you feel any better, I don't think I can last much longer either,” I said, panting as Hyunjin started to increase the power of his thrusts, chasing his own orgasm while I focused on the way it felt to be stimulated by his skilled fingers and impressive girth.
“Can I cum inside?” he asked, voice desperate but I remembered that I forgot to take my birth control pill the other day.
“Outside,” I said, reaching back to push against his chest. “I’ll suck your dick.”
“Please,” Hyunjin agreed without hesitation, pulling out with a wince while I tried to steady my shaky legs, straddling his thigh while leaning down for his cock. Hyunjin curled his fingers through my hair, directing my head to the tip, allowing my tongue to get its first taste of his pre-cum. 
I hollowed my cheeks, taking in as much of his cock as I could before I felt the tip barely touch the back of my throat. Still, it was enough to make me gag and I pulled back to avoid the risk of walking around school with a sore throat all day. I took the remainder of his cock into my hand, tightening my grip at the base which rewarded me with a loud moan from Hyunjin. Meanwhile, I had slowly started to rock myself back and forth on his thigh, aiming for my own release while trying to encourage Hyunjin to cum down my throat. 
“Beautiful,” he said, eyes filled with tears and adoration as he watched me take in more of his cock, nose brushing against his skin.
It only took a few more moments for Hyunjin to finally cum, throwing back his head as his hips jolted against the bed. I swallowed him down with a grimace because I still hated the taste of cum no matter how many times I offered him a blowjob. Pulling off his spent cock, I focused on myself, reaching down to give my clit a few more well-placed strokes before I was following him into a hormone-induced coma.
I fell against his chest, allowing him to run his hand up and down my back. “Babe, you’re my hero.”
I snorted at his comment. “What time is it?”
“We still have five minutes.”
“Good,” I groaned. “I’ll need every second to recover.”
Hyunjin chuckled. “Want to take your mind off it?”
“Maybe,” I said, appreciating his warmth. “What do you want to talk about?”
“Jisung,” Hyunjin said. “I gave him a stern lecture last night.”
“You go, babe.”
“Seriously, I can’t believe he’s dating a college student.”
“The Han Jisung? Nothing he does surprises me.”
“He says he really likes this girl.”
“No offense,” I said. “But I hope that was to defend himself because the girl is a nightmare.”
“Might finally put Jisung in his place.”
“Nobody can do that,” I said, using my arms to leverage myself back into a sitting position. “How bad is my hair?”
“My fingers weren’t helpful.”
“A shower then,” I nodded, glancing back at the bathroom. “You wanna join?”
Hyunjin’s breath caught. “I think you’re spoiling me, babe.”
Tumblr media
It had become a recurring pattern, watching Jeongin walk into the library during his scheduled lunch period. Every day, he sat down at one of the computers in the lab to play some kind of online game that I didn’t protest since he wasn’t disturbing the other students. Truthfully, I didn’t really care one way or another, but I was starting to feel like Jeongin was intentionally avoiding his classmates. I understood that it was probably hard to transfer schools, but to attend classes by yourself with no friends to support you?
I shuddered at the thought, making up my mind as I carefully approached him. “Jeongin,” I said, awkwardly leaning against the side of the computer desk. “That was the bell for lunch.”
The younger boy glanced up to me timidly. “Oh, well I thought it was okay for students to spend lunch in the library.”
“It is,” I acknowledged. “But I thought you might want to spend some time with your friends.”
Jeongin ducked his head down, cheeks blushing red. “Not really.”
“Okay,” I said, struggling to finish my thoughts before spotting Hyunjin walking into the library. “I’ll be right back,” I said before practically sprinting to meet Hyunjin in my office. “Come here,” I said, pulling him to the side. “We have a problem.”
“I know,” he said with tired eyes. “I have no coffee.”
“Hyunjin,” I chastised him quietly. “That new kid always spends his lunch period in the library. He says he’s not interested in hanging out with anyone.”
“Well, that’s his choice,” Hyunjin said. “Some kids are really shy.”
“I know,” I grumbled. “But you know I was the same way in high school and I regret it now, hiding in the library during lunch because I had nobody to sit with.”
“You were a nerd too,” Hyunjin giggled.
“Do you want to keep using the coffee machine?”
“Sorry, babe.”
“Anyway,” I continued. “I think we should help Jeongin make some new friends. What about group activities in your dance classes?”
“I guess,” Hyunjin relented. “But I don’t want to force him.”
“You assign the groups then,” I said. “And let me know how he reacts.”
“Well, just based on what I’ve seen so far, he definitely prefers to be alone.”
“Then we have to reach out to him,” I said, holding tight to Hyunjin’s arm. “Nobody should be alone all the time.”
“He may not like it if we try to force him into something.”
“Then we back off if he shows any signs of being uncomfortable,” I said, raising my hands in surrender. “A compromise.”
“If you really insist,” Hyunjin said, gliding past me for the coffee machine. “I’ll do my best, and I’ll let Chan and the others know.”
“Oh!” I gasped. “That’s a great idea! I can talk to the other teachers in the lounge!”
Hyunjin chuckled. “I thought you hated the teacher’s lounge?”
“Yeah? Well, I’m making an exception for the betterment of a student,” I proclaimed, waiting until Hyunjin finished refilling his coffee mug before ushering him out into the hallway. “Who’s usually in there?” I asked as we walked together.
“Jisung,” Hyunjin said. “Maybe Chan and Felix.”
“Chan and Jisung might be helpful,” I conceded. “What about Felix? Does Jeongin take art classes?”
“Babe, I don’t have his schedule memorized.”
“That’s first on the list,” I said with a nod.
We both paused outside the lounge as I attempted to listen in on the conversation progressing behind closed doors. “Who is that?”
Hyunjin chuckled, reaching past me for the door handle. He pushed it open wide, allowing us enough room to join the small group of teachers loitering between scheduled classes. “Y/N!” Jisung immediately greeted me, waltzing over to take my arm. “You never come in the lounge.”
“I’m making an exception,” I said, allowing Jisung to pull me to the table where Chan, Felix, and Changbin were all sitting together.
“You guys,” I said, sliding into an available seat. “What’s going on?”
Changbin eyed me suspiciously. “You never come here unless you want something.”
From behind my chair, Hyunjin snorted. “It’s one hell of a mission.”
“I knew it!” Felix declared, leaning back in his chair. “What sort of personal vendetta do you have now?”
“I’m offended,” I said, crossing my arms sternly over my chest. “Aren’t we all friends?”
“Of course we are, Y/N,” Chan said soothingly, ever the voice of reason.
“Exactly,” I agreed. “Which is why I need your help.”
Felix groaned, but I quickly jumped in to assure him. “It’s about that new kid, Yang Jeongin.”
“What about him?” Changbin grunted. “Other than the fact that he hates running exercises.”
“He’s taking gym?”
Changbin nodded, picking at the meager salad in front of him. “I don’t understand why.”
“Because it’s destiny,” I said, holding out my arms. “We’re meant to help guide him down the right path.”
“What path is that?” Changbin asked.
“The path of redemption,” I said, elbowing Hyunjin from behind when I heard him laughing. “He’s always in the library during free periods. I don’t think he’s adjusting to the school.”
“It happens with transfers,” Felix shrugged.
“But we can do something to help him,” I said. “Encourage him to make new friends and meet new classmates.”
“You want us to help with your ‘No Child Left’ behind agenda?” Changbin asked.
“I want you to help me lift a student’s self-confidence,” I said. “Jeongin is a sweet kid. He just needs a good push in the right direction.”
“Basically,” Hyunjin interrupted, leaning over me. “Y/N had no friends in high school and she wishes that there was a kind, sweet librarian with a great ass to help guide her way.”
“Don’t bring my ass into this,” I said, ducking away from his hold. “So what do you guys think?”
Felix sipped at his tea. “He’s not in any of my classes, but I guess it’s worth a shot.”
“Why not?” Jisung suddenly commented. “I think it’s a good idea.”
“You’re just trying to make up for last night’s dinner disaster,” I said, “but I’m willing to let you this time.”
Jisung let out a whoop while Changbin and Chan considered my words. “It’s fine with me,” Chan said. “Changbin?”
“Alright,” Changbin relented. “But this is your fault if the kid turns against us.”
“Trust me, nothing bad is gonna happen.”
Tumblr media
A few days later, I received an urgent notice from the nurse’s office which was surprising considering the fact that I was usually stuck in the library all day. I sighed over my ever-growing stack of paperwork, gathering my cell phone before leaving the sanctity of my quiet office. There was an order form calling my name that I had been neglecting for several weeks now, but I figured that the unexpected notice could prove to be a legitimate distraction. After all, I was quite curious concerning why I was suddenly needed away from the library.
I paused outside the door to the nurse’s office, trying to listen to the sounds of conversation. Faint voices filtered through the barrier, including one that sounded awfully familiar. I held my breath as I walked inside, discovering my husband lying on top of the examination table. Hyunjin winced as the school nurse wrapped an ice pack around his ankle. “Fuck it hurts.”
“Hyunjin,” I said his name and my husband turned around to face me with a start. “What happened?”
“Y/N,” Hyunjin cried while reaching out for me. “Why did you take so long?”
“Really?” I immediately questioned him. “Babe, you’re the one with a bandage on your foot.”
“Well, yeah,” he said. “I twisted my ankle.”
I closed my eyes before releasing a sigh. “How did this happen?”
“Student-teacher race,” Hyunjin replied as if that possibly provided enough context for me to understand.
“A race?”
“Changbin thought it might be fun if the students competed against the teachers,” Hyunjin explained. “Like a reward.”
“You’re rewarding the students by putting your life in danger?”
“My life was never in danger, Y/N,” Hyunjin said with a sigh. 
“Then why are you hurt?” I asked him, reaching over to land a scolding hit to his arm.
“Hey!” Hyunjin complained, holding his bicep now despite the ice packet still resting over his ankle.
“You idiot,” I groaned. “You aren’t 16 anymore. Why are you trying to outrace a bunch of student-athletes anyway?”
“Maybe I did it for you,” Hyunjin announced dramatically, falling rather ungracefully against the table.
“Why is participating in a race so important to me?”
“You said you wanted to get closer to that Jeongin kid,” Hyunjin explained. “He asked me to run with them.”
“Jeongin did?” I asked, suddenly unable to stop myself from laughing, practically slumping over Hyunjin’s lap.
“What’s so funny?”
“I may have told him a funny story about his dance instructor from your college days.”
Hyunjin gasped. “You didn’t!”
I shrugged. “I was trying to make him feel better.”
“By outing my humiliating secrets?”
“It was a worthy sacrifice, babe,” I said with a grin. “Just be glad I wasn’t there to watch it happen.”
“You’re always so supportive,” Hyunjin said, faintly protesting when I leaned down to offer him a gentle kiss. “Is this an apology?”
“I’m really proud of you, Hyunjin,” I said, reaching down to adjust the pillow propping his ankle. 
“Whatever,” Hyunjin grumbled. “The kid was important to you.”
“But you didn’t have to go that far,” I said, gliding my fingers through his hair because I knew he loved the action.
“Maybe you can blow me later and all will be forgiven.”
Tumblr media
The following week, I spotted Jeongin walking through the library on his way to class. He paused at one of the bookshelves, fingers skimming the faded spines. “Hey!” I said, catching his attention. “You weren’t in the library yesterday.”
“I know,” he said with a wide smile. “I was eating with some friends.”
My heart warmed at his words. “Really?”
“Yeah,” he said, eyes trained downward. “They seem pretty cool.”
“Jeongin,” I cooed because it was impossible to resist his adorable smile. “I’m really glad to hear that.”
“I know you had something to do with it,” the younger boy said and my smile instantly disappeared. “But it’s okay, I’m really glad you decided to help me.”
“Jeongin..” I started but broke off when I took a moment to study the crooked aspect to his knowing grin.
The doors to the library interrupted the brief silence that had descended between us, and Chan walked in with his eyes scanning over a folder that he held between his hands. “Ah! I’m interrupting something,” he said, looking back and forth between me and Jeongin.
“Oh, I was on my way out,” Jeongin said, bowing respectfully to Chan as he passed him.
Chan watched him go before looking to me for answers. “Is everything okay?”
“Of course,” I said, quickly switching the subject. “Did you need something?”
“Just a class copy of these books,” Chan said, holding up his folder. “Do you think you can help me bring them back to my classroom?”
“Why not?” I shrugged, taking the folder from Chan. “I have some free time before I have to file a few things.”
I guided Chan around the library to collect the books on his list, casually talking with him about one of the new teachers in the Science department. “Minho?” I said, vacantly scanning the barcodes of a display with textbooks.
“Yeah, he’s starting next week,” Chan said, grunting as he adjusted his hold on the giant stack of books collecting in his arms.
“Should be interesting,” I said, adding one last textbook to the pile in Chan’s arms. “Is this everything?”
“I hope so,” Chan grumbled. “Do you need my teacher ID?”
“I’ll scan it later,” I said, watching him struggle. “Let’s go before these end up on the floor.”
Chan let out a grateful sigh, and I maintained a careful distance at his side to ensure that my precious books wouldn’t suddenly drop from his hold. Thankfully, Chan seemed to have everything under control, like he was prone to do in most aspects of his life for which I was grateful. “Jeongin’s doing much better,” Chan remarked to me in passing as we walked together to his classroom.
“Yeah, he really seems to be opening up, especially after Hyunjin’s stunt in the gym.”
Chan snorted at the reminder. “I wish you could have been there, Y/N. But, if you’re curious, Changbin has the whole incident on video.”
“I’d love to see that...” I trailed off, spotting Hyunjin approaching on his new crutches.
“You know, I could hear you all the way over here!”
“Hyunjin,” I said, meeting him halfway so that he wouldn’t need to walk as far. “I was planning to come by and see you.”
“My arms hurt constantly,” Hyunjin said, adjusting his stance. “Honestly, I don’t even think these things are necessary.”
“Doctor’s orders,” I said swiftly, directing a quick goodbye to Chan before I was redirecting Hyunjin back to his classroom. “And don’t even try to demonstrate any crazy dance choreographies for these kids.”
“How else are they gonna learn?” Hyunjin demanded, even as he leaned more of his weight against my side for additional support.
Tumblr media
Later that night, after a rather long day of ensuring that Hyunjin didn’t try to do anything too outrageous, the two of us finally returned home. I was rather proud of myself since Hyunjin was still in one piece. I half-expected to receive another call from the nurse’s office because my husband decided he needed to show off his moonwalk to impress his students. 
In any case, what Hyunjin didn’t know was that I had started thinking a lot about the future, especially after everything that he did to help Jeongin. Suddenly, the idea of having kids was a lot less unappealing. This is why I immediately started for the bathroom, a new purpose driving my steps, while Hyunjin carefully made his way across the living room. 
I opened the medicine cabinet to retrieve a familiar box, returning to our shared bedroom to find Hyunjin laying in bed, phone in hand as his eyelids fought to stay open. Gingerly, I handed him my current prescription of birth control, watching as he struggled to focus. “What’s this?”
“Isn’t there an easier way to tell me that you’re running low?”
I rolled my eyes at his question. “That’s not what I meant.”
Hyunin frowned, taking the box from me. “It’s almost 9:00, Y/N.”
“You’re really bad at subliminal messages,” I said, kneeling down on the bed. “I’m giving the rest of the prescription to you because I’m not taking it anymore.”
Hyunjin’s eyes slowly widened as he processed my words. “But that means...
“I don’t mind the idea of kids anymore,” I said. “Especially if they turn out like Jeongin.”
“Y/N,” Hyunjin grinned, wordlessly tackling me against the bed. “Are you sure you’re ready?”
“I am,” I informed him, tracing my fingers across his pretty lips. “I want to have kids with you. Preferably a boy, so we should start eating a ton of potassium.”
“To increase our chances, Hyunjin,” I said. “There’s science behind the kind of diet you eat.”
“You’re trying to tell me that if I eat more potassium, then we’ll have a boy?”
“Well, it helps our chances.”
Hyunjin still appeared doubtful, but his eyes were warm. “Whatever you want.”
“That’s right,” I agreed brightly, wrapping my arms around his neck to draw him in closer.
“Y/N, I love you,” Hyunjin said, leaning down for a sweet kiss. “You know how much this means to me.”
“I know,” I agreed, snuggling up against his chest. “For the record, I love you more.”
“Should we put that to the test?”
I closed my eyes as I resisted a smile. “Goodnight, Hyunjin.”
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changbeanie · 2 years ago
party cup ↠ hwang hyunjin
◦ genre: summer au, idiots to lovers au, fluff
◦ pairings: reader x hyunjin
◦ word count: 12.2k
◦ description: you have one brain cell, and it’s heart-shaped for hwang hyunjin; or alternatively, hwang hyunjin hates parties but likes you.
◦ warnings: explicit language, mentions of alcohol + drugs
Tumblr media
◦ a/n: @softyhyunjin enjoy, you goon ! read this after the retreat :D the description sucks but basically, it’s a medley of not-so-typical domestic tropes slammed into a wordy fic
Tumblr media
“My my, look who decided to show up. Did you miss me that much?”
It is precisely the all-too-familiar fake enthusiasm and mock astonishment laced into his words that lead you to roll your eyes, hard. You don’t even need to think twice to picture the self-righteous, smug smirk that belongs to none other than your coworker, Lee Minho. It’s such a pity that Actor Lee Minho took the role of “actor” and Minho took the role of “boba shop employee”—it takes Oscar-winning acting skills to ignore the work schedule taped onto the center of the neon bulletin board with the rest of the announcements.
“Get your head out of your ass,” you deadpan, tossing your belongings into the employee locker and slamming it shut.
“For your information, I have a great ass. Ten out of ten would tap,” Minho grins as he dumps the used tea leaves into the trash, preparing to start a new batch for the day.
“I hate to burst your ego... but I really don’t care,” you laugh dryly.
His eyes light up when his cat-loving brain comes up with the most obnoxious, abominable, fury-riling comeback. “Of course not. You only care about a certain Hwang Hyunjin’s ass.”
This is a perfect example of how kinky Lee Minho is, with his biggest kink being one hundred and one ways to annoy the living crap out of you. Number one prevails: how to use your crush on the one and only Hwang Hyunjin to torment you.
Minho simpers at your speechless self, the edges of his lips curling up at your impending misery. “My god, you’d really tap his ass if you had the opportunity to,” he announces coyly as if there weren’t customers already entering the shop. The last thing you need is a bad review on Yelp that reads “service here sucks! the employees talk about dirty, disturbing topics when making the drinks, talk about a lack of professionalism! I’m losing my appetite”.
“I am not tapping my best friend’s ass!” You throw a washcloth at his arm, feeling like Minho had clocked you square in the face with his annoying, highly inappropriate remarks. “Mind you, we have customers standing right there,” you sneer.
“Hey, you better tap it before someone else decides to tap it.”
A loud groan escapes your lips automatically. There’s no point arguing with him.
Literally, everyone knows about your crush on Hyunjin except Hwang Hyunjin himself because he’s not very smart for someone with a sparkly GPA, which is amazing because you’re pretty shit at hiding your feelings.
Hyunjin is the textbook definition of dense, and sometimes, you wonder why you like him relentlessly. At the same time, you’re able to justify your feelings because 1) he’s your best friend (and it’s pretty much written in the stars for all best friends to fall for each other because it skips past the long-winded introduction phase), 2) he’s quite the looker (if you had a dollar for every time girls shot you dirty looks on campus because you’re his main hoe, you’d be richer than Seo Changbin), 3) he reminds you of a dog (and you love dogs), and 4) he’s been there for you through thick and thin, through stormy seas aka. the time you had your wisdom teeth pulled out. You realize this a long time ago, but you will finally admit to it now—you love him with the size of an entire galaxy.
“Order up, Y/N,” Minho calls out but smirks when he sees your dreamy expression, “Stop thinking about Hyunjin. You’re here to work, not to fawn over him.”
Minho clearly doesn’t know how it feels like to have a crush, simply because he’s the most misanthropic person you know... unless it pertains to cute kitties and Han Jisung. Even then, he doesn’t know how it feels like to have a crush because he just shamelessly flirts. That’s not even the worst part—the worst part is that Han Jisung actually engages with him and flirts back.
“I wasn’t even thinking of him until you brought his ass up! I-I mean… brought him up,” you correct, voice getting smaller as the sentence progresses; you feel the imminent one-star Yelp review, yup. “Anyway, teach me how to mix the drinks, asshole. It’s still only my second day.”
“You take the ingredients and shake it around until it’s blended in all its calorie-driven goodness.”
“Kindly elaborate,” you say, smiling lifelessly at your friend.
After working in a boba shop, you learn not to take drinks for granted—lattes, smoothies, cocktails, etc.—because behind every yummy drink, there’s a person working twelve dollars per hour minimum wage while dealing with thirsty, impatient customers who demand too much but give too little.
“Watch and learn, smartass,” Minho begins to lecture you with the ingredients as he works his way through the process of making a green milk tea. “You take the house-made green tea and pour in the milk. Full fat or half-and-half. None of that cowardly low-fat milk. Oh, which reminds me—if they ask for alternatives because they’re lactose intolerant, tell them to tolerate it, but anyway, I digress.”
He fills the shaker cup with tea, milk, and sweetener and hooks it onto the stainless steel shaking machine. “Set the timer to twenty seconds, but if you’re making something with additional powder like taro or matcha, set it to sixty so it doesn’t taste like you’ve just inhaled the Sahara desert,” he finishes, looking at you expectantly when the machine starts to work its magic. “And then you add the pearls to the cups as the tea’s mixing. I trust you know how to do that.”
“It’s that simple?”
“Well, yeah. Now you can make Hyunjin all the winter melon milk tea his fatass desires as a token of love,” he says with the rise of his dark brows.
“Shut the fuck up,” you laugh aloud with complete disregard. “Did you forget that he also works in a boba place? I’m pretty sure he stuffs himself on the clock.” It’s a real shocker how Hyunjin still looks like he lifts at the gym. Screw unfair natural selection and his godly metabolism.
Minho inches closer to taunt you further. “It’s different when its made with love. You guys can have that symbiosis type of relationship where you mutually benefit from each other’s boba. Like wholesome friends with benefits.”
The fact that he used ‘wholesome” and “friends with benefits” in one sentence just concerns you.
Flipping your friend off, you tell him, “Have you ever watched that episode of Black Mirror where there was an in-real-life block button for people to block out annoying people with the push of a button?”
Unfazed, he answers, “No, why?”
“It focuses on the negative consequences of blocking people in real life, but also, it ignored many of the benefits in doing so. The creepy man who stalks you? Blocked. The nosy deskmate at school? Blocked. Lee Minho being the little inconsiderate bastard he is? Blocked.”
“Wait wait, did you hear that?” Minho drops everything abruptly and places a purposive hand on your shoulder.
“Huh? What–”
“That’s the sound of you begging for my help. So unblock me, bitch.”
If there weren’t customers around, you best believe that you’d kick Lee Minho’s self-proclaimed, ten out of ten ass.
Tumblr media
Hyunjin sleeps through earthquakes.
With that being said, the overpriced Gudetama alarm clock you gifted him for his seventeenth birthday is perpetually useless because all it ever does is say encouraging wakey-wakey messages in a cute Japanese voice. But Hyunjin can’t have a cute little animated voice singing in his ear at eight in the morning, it’ll just indulge his heavenly sleep. What he needs is a megaphone attached to his eardrum, then maybe, it’ll cause a stir in his hundred-year slumber. Regardless, you still find it kind of cute how he leaves the Gudetama clock on his bedside table despite the fact that it’s said useless.
The late afternoon sun drips down the white walls of Hyunjin’s room, casting a delicate golden light through the translucent navy curtains when you enter his unlocked bedroom door. Right in the corner of the room, Hwang Hyunjin’s napping in all his glory with an arm thrown dramatically over his eyes like a damsel in distress, a leg sticking out and another nestled underneath the comforter. 
What a perfect way to start off summer.
Nothing’s really changed. There are still random Sanrio plushies lined up on the top shelf of his bookcase, next to his prized collection of the entire Percy Jackson series he used to binge during his awkward middle school days. Mandatory university copies of the Holy Bible and Milton’s Paradise Lost lay scattered on the bottom shelves with little care. A Class of 2018 portrait framed on the wall that seems to have collected another layer of dust. Hyunjin stands in the back row with Seungmin, smiling that same boxy smile through his slightly moppy black hair.
Hyunjin’s college campus is two hours away by car (albeit traffic), three hours away by train, and way too expensive by plane, so you really only see him once every month, if you’re lucky and if he’s not juggling multiple school projects at a time. Most people despise college because it’s like four extra years of schooling that is not free, not relaxing, and cannot be taken with a grain of salt, but Hyunjin seems to be doing just fine. He’s always just fine. Probably because he sleeps all his troubles away.
“Are you awake?” you ask, eyes angling skeptically over his reclined figure and hand outstretched to tap his leg. You wonder how many ASMR videos you can cram before he wakes up and realizes that there’s another human being in his room. “Guess not.”
Hyunjin breathes. Lets out a large exhale. One that throws you off guard. “Not awake.”
His voice comes out dazed and groggy, leaves you thinking about how late he stayed up gaming with Felix last night. He messily palms his hand on top of the duvet, blindly searching for his phone, and when he finally has the cool metal device in his hand, a sigh leaves his lips.
“I take it that you're dying to see me?”
“Dying? Yes. Dying to see you? No,” he says but grunts loudly when you drop your work bag onto his chest. “Now, that’s not the way to treat your best friend. Your soulmate. Your kin–”
“Shut the fuck up. You can’t be my kin and my soulmate. That’s like incest!” you forcefully impart. “Besides, you’re not my soulmate. Whoever my soulmate is must be a complete dumbass. Because after all these years, after my emo middle school days and acne-ridden high school days, they still haven’t shown up. It’s like they’re intentionally tormenting me.”
Hyunjin sits up, holding your work bag to his chest like it's his shield and armor. “Maybe your soulmate has shown up, and you’re just a dumbass,” he suggests unhelpfully. “Ooh,” he wiggles his eyebrows, “A work bag. From A-di-das. You’re ballin’ now.”
“I’m not ballin’. It’s only my second day, and Lee Minho’s already on my ass about the shortcomings of coconut milk,” you say, facing Hyunjin properly for the first time. Another weird thing on top of the many weird things about Minho: he’s not even lactose intolerant; why should he give a fuck about coconut milk? It’s not like he’s the one drinking it.
“Like literally on your ass?” Hyunjin laughs, his smile unwavering, sounds like sunshine and good times.
That’s too much ass-talk for one day, your brain’s about to retire. “Gosh, Hyunjin. No! You know Minho’s not into me like that..."
Hyunjin shrugs and lets out a breathy laugh. “Obviously, I know that.” He lays back down and suspends the both of his legs into midair, his sweatpants riding up enough to show his ankles. He’s a dancer, and dancers always have bruises on their legs. You’ve asked him about it, about how he got them, but he always seems to brush it off. Because when he dances, he’s in nirvana, and he’s definitely not going to let a few bruises stop him from going forward. “I bet my shop still has better boba than yours,” he says after a while. He sounds so confident that you feel compelled to state otherwise.
“I think not. With someone like Minho mixing the drinks, you best believe that our drinks will Knock. You. Off. Your. Feet,” you counter pointedly. Honestly, GQ Magazine needs to write a spread on the art of milk tea making featuring Lee Know, his stage persona. 
“But you’re also mixing the drinks… so, yikes,” Hyunjin grins sheepishly with the rise of his brows, that annoying square-like smile that bares all his teeth like a dog after he pissed in the cat’s litter box. And you have to forgive him.
“Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven? Because if not, can you fall several more meters to Hell?” you say with spite, slamming a spare pillow onto his legs, just enough to wobble his concrete dancer thighs.
Hyunjin finally sits up like a normal person and tosses your bag onto the floor. “Urgh, why are you so mean? This is why you’re single,” he comments unhelpfully. As if you didn’t already know that. When it was Stoplight Day in high school, you always wore green.
“I’m single because I chose to be, because I don’t need to be tied down to one person for the rest of my life,” you note before realizing how much of a cheater you sound like. “I mean, I don’t need someone. I’m independent...”
Then, “When am I going to find someone?”
There’s no greater testament to love than love itself. The process never ends. Even when you’re old and graying, you’ll still remember your first love as if it were yesterday, having late night phone calls with the boy and he’s playing League on the other end while listening attentively to what you have to say. It’s a pure vulnerability, so vulnerable that tears still defy your thoughts and well up as puddles in your eyes. And each time you love someone, a fresh vulnerability starts all over again, a new testament. Because your heart is now in the hands of a whole new person.
And you refuse for it to be Hyunjin.
“When you go out and open up to people,” he answers meekly, running his hand through his bedhead. His shift is at five, and he still hasn’t showered.
“I could,” you claim with a delighted nod. “At Jisung’s party. On Friday.”
“Like you’re going to find anyone decent at a party. You better not fall for the dude doing a keg stand,” Hyunjin scowls judgmentally because he doesn’t like the shameless guys who do keg stands. Unless they’re his friends. Yes, double standards do exist.
You, on the other hand, think otherwise. “I’d fall for you if you do a keg stand for me,” you say, dragging your words out. “You are coming, right? Jisung is, like, your best friend.”
“We used to hate each other.”
“Hey, no no. That was prepubescent, pent up anger at your parents because they yell at you too much when you slam doors. You guys just happened to take it out on each other. Now, you’re practically bros,” you explain to him like a licensed therapist, when in reality, you’ve only taken one psych class.
The truth is that Hyunjin hates parties. He prefers to lay in bed all day with three tabs open on his laptop: Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube, and Kkami’s by his side watching some stupid dog documentary on his doggy tablet. He wants to stay in his room until his mom starts to yell at him to eat dinner and then start the process over again after he has stuffed himself like a Thanksgiving turkey. He’s a hermit crab—you know this, but it still doesn’t stop you from nagging him.
“We are bros. But I’m still not going to a party,” he concludes with a disdain shake of his head.
“C’mon, it’s summer,” you say it like the fact that “it’s summer” speaks for itself.
“Exactly. Because it’s summer, let me stay in my room and stew in my nonexistent self accomplishments for a bit,” he tells you. 
Nonexistent accomplishments where? Hyunjin is a business major, so naturally, he thrives off socializing and networking and handing out his crafted business cards from VistaPrint. It’s as if he’s programmed to be in a crowd, probably the center of attention with his 5’10 ass and eloquent speaking skills. However, your subconscious tells you not to ruin his life today, and you hold back your tongue. 
You laugh, thinking that Hyunjin is a little dramatic. “I think your philosophy classes have made you whack,” you comment, twirling a finger above your head. 
“Whatever,” he opens his mouth and adds, “I’ll get drunk with you some other time, just not this week.”
“Fine,” you decide with a shrug of your shoulders, “I came here for my charger anyway.” 
That’s the lie of the century because you just wanted to see him.
Tumblr media
jen (5:45 PM): maybe going solo to a party ain’t all that bad
jen (5:45 PM): maybe cute boys will finally hit on you when you’re not seen with a hottie
jen (5:45 PM): you can do it, you’ve got game
y/n (5:46 PM): I DON’T WANT GAME
jen (5:46 PM): but your boyfriend’s a whole dumbass
jen (5:47 PM): are you just perpetually on caps
y/n (5:47 PM): I’M HDJSAA URGH
jen (5:47 PM): hey, do i get paid for being your cousin?
y/n (5:47 PM): LMAO FUCK U
“Hey Chan,” you start, a full day later while you’re in his car on your way to get Korean barbeque with the rest of the squad. “Have you ever fallen in love?”
The question makes Chan nod with the slight purse of his lips, like he’s thinking back to all the songs he’s written, and when he feels a block, he rewinds the soundtrack of his life and tries to relive it. All the good times and the bad times. Just angsty musician stuff. “Yeah, I have,” he hums, a little nostalgic.
“So, how is it?”
“It’s cool,” he explains, eyes fixated on the evening road, fingers tapping rhythmically against the steering wheel. It’s so silent, and the GPS is the only thing making a noise in the background as it reroutes him to Minho’s house. “It’s a nice feeling. Refreshing, actually. Like you’re finally focusing on someone else other than yourself, brings this sense of joy to you because even the stupidest things like buttering their toast make you happy.”
“But what happens when they break your heart?”
Chan scoffs and makes the sharpest right turn, one that nearly throws you off your seat. “Hyunjin’s not going to break your heart, Y/N,” he states casually, a matter of fact.
“What? I never even–why are we talking about Hyunjin?” you argue, but it comes out more like an exclamation rather than a question. You sound pressed, like you’re genuinely affected by his good-natured comment (which you are), and that’s when the shit-eating grin spreads on Chan’s face.
“When they break your heart, it’s just the wrong person at the wrong time. You cry a little, or a lot, and then you wipe your snot off your face and move on because there’s going to be the right person at the right time,” Chan shares, chuckling. He throws a glance to the left and to the right, obediently, before crossing the intersection. “I think you’re overthinking it. It’s not as fucked up as you think.”
Pouting, you feel slightly lightheaded because all the blood is rising to your cheeks. “I want to butter Hyunjin’s toast.”
“Don’t you already do that?”
“No. He still butters his own toast,” you protest lightly, shivering because Chan has the air conditioner on too high. It’s surprising how he wears a t-shirt when it’s near freezing outdoors, but that’s how he lives if he downs energy drinks for breakfast. “Hyunjin’s not going to break my heart because he’s going to crush it. With his nice thighs.”
“God... you are so whipped for him,” he snorts, laughing. Chan turns the car into the familiar neighborhood of your misanthropic friend; it’s a quaint neighborhood, quiet enough for you to hear the owls hooting at night if you listen hard enough. “Are you always this creepy for him?”
Crossing your arms, you stare out the window lazily, a noticeable scrunch on your lips. The sun’s dipped so far below the horizon that the sky’s just a medley of purples and blues. “I’m not creepy for him. I’m just... I like to talk myself out of things and sound super dreadful all the time, so in the end, if I do confess and if I do get rejected, I don’t feel like my entire world’s crumbling,” you put your face in your hands, “But that’s bullshit because he’s already my entire world.”
“Wow,” Chan voices, shocked. “And to think you couldn’t get any creepier.”
You’re obviously joking, but you can imagine the heavily judgemental yet annoyingly smug grin on Chan’s face as he’s driving. “It’s not to that extent,” you swear, “but best friends sort of mean the world to you, or at least they’re a good chunk of your world.”
“But you can’t just wait around for Hyunjin to confess. He’s slower than my great grandmother, and she’s dead.” 
“I think I’ll die alone and miserable then.”
Chan pulls up on Minho’s cracked driveway and parks in front of the not-so-healthy tree because it’s tucked in the corner where all the shade is; he honks loudly several times before turning to face you, a very brotherly and serious expression on his face. Oh, boy. 
“You have pants,” he begins.
“No shit. I’m bare naked waist down.”
Rolling his eyes, he continues despite your sarcastic remark. “So confess to him! It’s only going to get worse if you’re just lounging around like idiots and waiting for each other to do something. I can vouch for you, Jennie can vouch for you... heck, all of us can vouch that you guys are obviously something more than friends,” Chan says aloud, but his words seem to sink into the walls of the car rather than your head.
There’s a short silence. You try very hard to process the words that Chan is throwing in your face. 
Then, “I’m scared,” you whisper helplessly.
“It’s scary, but it’s not the end of the world. Because Hyunjin isn’t your world, even if you claim he is. He’s just a small fragment of your world, so if it happens to break off, then you’ll just have to patch it back up.”
Chan’s not really Chan when he’s CB97 incarnate. Chan’s the really nice boy next door who will pick you up when you’re less than sober, even if you do end up barfing in his newly washed car. CB97 is the SoundCloud rapper who slaps hard. Teenage hardships, existential dread, identity crisis, all that jazz. But behind all the anguish, there’s a capsule of hope floating in the midst of darkness. If you reach far enough, you might actually be able to grab it. And keep it. Makes you feel a little less lost with it by your side. 
“It’d be so nice if I could fall for you, Bang Chan,” you mumble, grateful.
“Too bad there’s Hyunjin, am I right?” he teases playfully.
Minho taps the side of the car impatiently with his palm, and you purposely ignore him to keep him waiting a little longer. Serves him right. “Well, that and the fact that you attend college across the country. I’m not about to do that LDR episode yet.”
Even though Chan may be hundreds and thousands of miles away from you, his music feels close, especially when you plug in headphones and listen to his songs right before you sleep.
But these days, you just fall into your pillow and knock out ASAP, because you know you’ll dream of Hyunjin if you think hard enough.
Tumblr media
By the time you arrive at the restaurant, Jisung has his hand on a plate, tongs midair in the other, staring at the buffet table like he’s about to make the most important decision in his life: potato salad or lettuce first.
Of course lettuce first—he’s an idiot.
Jisung nods his head and waves the tongs around when he sees you, and you feel terribly bad for the waitresses eyeing the tong in his hand; it’s practically drenched in radish juice and he’s waving it like it’s a war flag. Your friends are all idiots, you rest your case.
Across the room, Hyunjin is sitting down in a blue checkered flannel and a white t-shirt, his day-old hair parted messily, and he’s laughing at whatever joke Changbin told at the table. The lights in the barbeque place are dim, often fogged up from the shitty vents, but Hyunjin glows, beams hazily like a candle flickering in the twilight.
You’re only brought back to reality when Felix drapes an arm around your shoulder, pulling you towards the table because your feet seem to have stopped working, like its cemented to the carpet floor. Despite only walking a couple steps, you’re breathless when you see Hyunjin, and you’ve just seen him yesterday. Why is today so different?
Hyunjin smiles at you, all crinkled eyes and scrunched up face, and your heart just swells. “Took you long enough,” he says, “Managed to distract Han by sending him to the salad bar, otherwise you’d be sucking on kimchi for the rest of the night.”
“Shut up. It’s all-you-can-eat. You suck on kimchi,” you remind, taking a seat beside him. Of course it’s the only seat left. Jeongin and Seungmin are both using the restroom, and like the swine Changbin is, he smacks his wallet and fanny pack down on both of the seats, making sure that you physically see that they are indeed occupied.
“Can I start cooking if everyone’s here?” Woojin speaks up. He’s trying to rid all the beef and pork so he can finally get to the chicken. Everyone gives him shit for it because who the fuck goes to Korean barbeque and orders chicken? Ridiculous.
Ridiculous but they’ll still eat it.
“I’ll help you,” you offer. Maybe if you’re preoccupied with the sizzling sounds of meat, you won’t say something dumb and completely obvious in front of Hyunjin, and the others will have no content to make fun of you with.
Felix leans his arm on the table and twirls his chopsticks annoyingly on his slate plate. His sly face… it looks like bad news. “Who you tryna impress?” he opens his irksome mouth and says in his deep ass voice.
“Definitely not you,” Seungmin interrupts when he comes back from the restroom with the sleeves of his sweater rolled all the way up to his elbows. “Y/N only likes smart guys who are shy.”
Oh, Kim Seungmin. 
You’re flipping the beef brisket around and scoring each slab with grill marks, pretending that they’re all simulations of Seungmin and Felix. Hyunjin’s denser than the scones that Jeongin once baked for his bake sale, and you couldn’t say no when he offered because he’s cute and baby. But all this commotion and he’s still as blind as a bat? Is he pretending to be dumb?
“Hey! I can be smart. I have an A in calc,” Felix defends, stuffs a piece of fishcake in his mouth before he realizes the heavy amount of chili flakes piled on top. He reaches for Changbin’s water out of shock and gulps it.
“Bet that’s the only A you have,” Hyunjin scoffs, laughing brightly with his honeyed cheeks. You haven’t seen him this happy in a while. That’s how you know he’s truly happy with his friends back home because his smile goes all the way to his eyes and form little crescent moons. 
“Y/N! You’re burning the meat!”
Hyunjin takes the tongs from your hand and pushes up his sleeves, trying the salvage the charcoal-colored brisket, the edges all burnt and curled up, the fat rendered too much for Chan’s liking. “What’s up with you?” he laughs in disbelief. “You completely zoned out and just sat there in a trance.”
“Shit. I’m so sorry.” Your eyes are blinking five times faster than normal when you realize what you’ve done. “Here, let me do it,” you tell him, reaching for the metal tongs.
“It’s fine. I’m almost done,” Hyunjin rejects your offer, taking your hand in free one and pins it to the table. 
For a moment, the world seems to be out of space and time as you sit there, with Hyunjin’s hand on top of yours, his large hand enclosing the entirety of your hand. The moment lasts long, at least in your perspective, and you’re just staring at him. You are tongue-tied, embarrassed to the brink of wanting to crawl into a hole and just stay there, but you yearn for this moment to stay. Such an odd juxtaposition.
“My party, on Friday?” Han Jisung comes back with not one, but four plates of salads, rice cakes, and additional condiments he decides he needs, along with his entourage of Jeongin and Minho closely behind him. “You’re all going,” he declares, beckoning everyone around the table to attend with the point of his finger despite the fact that he has already invited fifty other people.
The attention is on him, and you can finally breathe.
Hyunjin removes his hand from yours and starts to pile the meat on the center plate, clearing the grill for Chan’s pork belly marinated in red wine. Your hand almost feels cold.
The loud commotion doesn’t last long, the initial overjoyed enthusiasm of seeing everyone after another blink-of-an-eye year, and the noise level around the table soon dwindles down to small side conversations and content chewing. 
“Can you believe that Chan’s finally coming back? I’m glad you’re taking a year off before you hit grad school, man,” Changbin nods, a warm hand on his best friend’s shoulder. It’s not easy being SpearB when there’s no CB97 by his side. 
“Yeah, it’s college now, and I think you need to write a less corny version of ‘Wow’,” you mention, and Changbin throws a piece of salad at you when you insult his prized song. “Surely, you have enough love experience now.”
“Surely, I do. No need to worry about me, Y/N,” he sneers with a mischievous glint in his dark eyes. “I think you should worry more about yourself. At this rate, we’ll all be cuffed except you.”
Woojin lays a big chunk of chicken on the grill, and the sauces spray a little, causing everyone to lean back into their chairs. He smiles sheepishly, a toothy grin. “Well, except you and Hyunjin,” he supplies unconstructively. 
You sort of hope he burns the chicken.
Tumblr media
Food coma creeps onto you, slowly but surely like an impending illness, but it turns into an epidemic as everyone in Chan’s car lets out sparse yawns every minute or so. Exhaustion is heavy on your eyelids, your head feeling a tad too heavy for your shoulders, and Hyunjin bears a part of your weight on him; he doesn’t seem to mind it at all.
“Chan, just drop us off at Minho’s.” Hyunjin calls out, eyes fixated to the back of Chan’s head until he hears a soft hum from the driver. Hyunjin is sleeping over at Minho’s house because there’s this contemporary dance documentary on Netflix that they’ve been dying to watch together—ugh, dance majors. “I can walk Y/N back. We definitely need the walk after stuffing our faces.” 
What is Chan going to do? Say no? Definitely not.
He pulls up on Minho’s cracked driveway for the second time, almost hitting the ugly tree by the front lawn.
“I’m gonna shower first. Come back whenever and we can pregame,” Minho says to Hyunjin when you give Chan a wave as he drives away.
“Pregame? Wow, you’re getting drunk with him and not me?” you interject, feeling like someone poured a bucket of salt on top of you.
There’s a mirthful nuance on Minho’s face, lips curling into a cat-like smile, drives you up a wall every time you see it. “Yeah. Who would want to get drunk with you? I remember that one time where you got so drunk and texted–”
“–I’m going to kick your ass if you bring that up!”
“I’m not getting drunk!” Hyunjin calls out loudly because if he doesn’t, you and Minho will go at it all night. “It’s getting late, Y/N. I’ll even walk you.”
“See, he wants to get rid of you,” Minho supplies uselessly, and you scoff. He’s ecstatic when you’re annoyed, and he’s determined to make sure that you’re well aware of it. What a twisted friendship the two of you have. It’s like he’s the devil and Chan’s the angel.
You cross your arms stubbornly, almost failing to hold a straight face. “No, Hyunjin loves me,” you claim. 
“He does not.”
“Yes, he does. Tell him, Hyunjin.”
“No, he doesn’t.”
If it’s possible for Hyunjin’s eyeballs to roll out of the socket, you’re pretty sure that it would have already happened by now because Minho (and you) is being impossible.
“Y/N, I love you,” he exhales, smiling and shaking his head in disbelief, “We can go now, yeah?”
Wordlessly, you stare at him for a moment. Embarrassment creeps across your cheeks in a form of peachy blush and trails down your back. A disconcerting feeling starts to stir in the pit of your stomach when he says those words, all smiles and laughter. He says the three words with an ease that you could never understand or emulate, and it makes you wonder what his intentions are behind them.
“Yeah,” you mumble, caught off guard, “let’s go.”
“Ew,” Minho teases under his breath, not expecting Hyunjin to say it, but he did. Minho lost, but why do you feel like the loser?
It’s early enough that the streets don’t look like a zombie wasteland yet. There are elderly couples on their nightly strolls, fingers interlocked as they walk with their hips attached, makes you think how wonderful it must feel to find your soulmate and grow old together. Young couples bickering about first world problems while walking their extremely spoiled dog that probably wears a collar more expensive than you. Few people running around the neighborhood in their Nike workout gear, living that Instagram hashtag healthy life. The night’s not completely silent yet. Like you’re home alone but the television plays in the background. You don’t really care for it, but it feels like company.
Above your head, the sky’s no longer a blend of violets. Instead, it’s gray and evidently murky with pollution, a constant reminder that downtown is literally a ten-minute drive away from your neighborhood, traffic honking in the distance. The stars are veiled behind layers of clouds, and the moon stays hidden, glowing shyly behind the rest of the cosmos.
You’re so aware of Hyunjin’s presence that it’s worrying, hard to breathe.
“If you end up dating Minho, I think it’d be the funniest thing ever,” Hyunjin confesses, his hand brushing against yours every time he takes a step, but he does nothing about it.
“Why? Because we’ll be at each other’s throats the entire time? Is my misery entertaining you?” you ask through gritted teeth and false smiles. Your eyes are fixed firmly to the curb. The sidewalk is unruly, plastered with dried pieces of gum and crushed seeds from the trees above. Ruins a good pair of sneakers—or that’s the excuse you tell yourself so you don’t have to face Hyunjin.  
“Sort of. But I know you and I know Minho. The two of you wouldn’t work out,” he says like the true best friend he is. “You guys are too much alike. Despises people. Pessimistic. Not a care for the world. Hate admitting to feelings. But are the softest on the inside? It’s weird.”
The sidewalk narrows despicably so you’re pressed to his side, his warmth radiating through the thin fabric of your jacket. He smells a little like citrus, pine, and definitely reeks of Korean barbeque. You do too, so it’s fine. “I could never date him. Sure, it’d be pretty spicy. But he doesn’t make my heart swell,” you answer. Like a certain someone does.
“Swell? Like a mosquito bite?” he teases with a goofy smile pulling at his lips. 
“Why would you even say it like that? I hate mosquitoes,” you complain, having no qualms about showing your displeasure. “No, you goof. Like, imagine a cavity filling up with water, but instead, its hearts. And then it overfills and sinks like the Titanic.”
“You know, you’re very morbid.” He runs his hand through his hair with a lopsided smile, eyes filled with nothing but delight. “What makes your heart swell?”
Warmth flares in the apples of your cheeks, spreads all the way to the tip of your ears and tickles them pink. How do you say “you” in a language that he can’t comprehend? Probably many ways, but you’re trash at languages, especially love languages. “Um, my dog,” you frown, thinking about the time where he accidentally choked on dog food because he scarfed it down too quickly, “... and when you buy me food out of the blue,” you finish. Simple enough.
There’s a slither of silence in between. A light rumble in the sky catches your attention, and you stare at the jet leaving a lazy white trail in the celestial sphere.
“Maybe I should buy you food more often then,” he comments.
“–oh, your lights are on. I think your brother’s home. I’ll see you tomorrow or something! Text me. But if I don’t text back, I’m probably asleep.”
Before you could call out for him and tell him that he cannot get drunk without you, he scrambles away down the block, leaving you stranded in front of your own residence. His words zero down on you and float around your head, orbiting, like planets in the Milky Way. It’s dizzy. But what’s more dizzying is the strange tightness that constricts your chest in a warm, tingly feeling that courses through every vein in your body, supplying every red blood cell with stupid little pink hearts. 
The worst part is: you can’t get rid of it.
Tumblr media
It’s Friday, and you feel like you’re about to piss your pants.
jen (5:25 PM): what kind of boba shop closes AT 5 PM IN THE FUCKING EVENING
y/n (5:25 PM): THIS ONE
y/n (5:25 PM): BECAUSE I SAID SO
jen (5:25 PM): hyunjin says otherwise
jen (5:26 PM): bet he looks cute in a little BOBASTAY apron
y/n (5:26 PM): YOU’RE HORRIBLE
y/n (5:26 PM): i’m going in 
y/n (5:26 PM): :////
jen (5:27 PM): a jasmine green tea with cheese foam please
jen (5:27 PM): i want the cute boy with arms & tatts to make it
y/n (5:28 PM): lol no
“Bro, what’s up with you and Y/N? It’s like you guys are dating but not really?” Felix asks, churning up his last taro order in the blender before he has to rinse it. Taro’s not even that great; it’s like 80% artificial flavoring and 20% diabetes.
Hyunjin tilts his head. “Me and Y/N? We’re just close friends.”
“Yeah. Close friends. Sleepovers at each other’s houses. Spend hours on the phone with each other. Past midnight! Walk each other home. Texts each other every single day? Sounds a lot like dating to me.”
“I do the same with you?”
“Bitch, what do you mean? You sleep over at my house only if we game, you spend minutes on the phone with me, and you text me only if I text you.”
Hyunjin feels a pit at the bottom of his stomach when he comes to the realization that oh, shit… Lix has a point. He has no idea at all. Still, he’s skeptical, denies it. “I mean… Y/N is just different. We’ve been friends since forever. Plus, I don’t even think that she sees me in that way…”
“Are you fucking dense–”
The blender mutes Felix, practically, and Hyunjin’s grateful for that because he has already run out of words to say. He’s mindlessly stirring the tapioca pearls to keep his attention off you, and the pearls are always premade, so they’ve been done since ten in the morning.
“–likes you. Y/N likes you, okay?”
Nevermind, he’s heard enough. 
“I speak nothing but the truth, man,” Felix pours the slush into a cup then glances up to run his mouth again. He stops dead in his tracks when he sees you. “Wow, speak of the devil.”
Through the polished windows, Hyunjin sees you texting on your phone, smiling before slipping the device into your back pocket—something about you smiling puts him off. He doesn’t like how effortlessly your face lights up around him and how effortlessly you make him want to smile. Maybe it’s not even that… maybe it’s what Felix said that is toying with his head. 
Either way, he hates it.
“Hey, do you have time for one more?” Your press your hands on the countertop and jump onto the bar stool, propping your head up and staring at Hyunjin until he notices you. 
“No,” Hyunjin says, still washing measuring cups at the sink area, “I thought you said our boba was inferior to yours. If you’re such an extraordinaire, why don’t you make one for me?”
“I’m off-duty today. I’m just a customer. And what’s that one saying? The customer is always right?”
The brunet stares at you, unblinking. “It doesn’t count because you have one brain cell. That is almost close to none,” he cuts you off curtly, riling you up. “Plus, Jennie told me not to feed you boba. Says you’re on some keto diet type of shit.”
Betrayed. You’re definitely not asking her favorite guy to make the cheese foam now. 
“That’s not fair! Boba doesn’t even have substantial carbs! I’ve already slacked off, so there’s no point.” You’re not sure who you want to strangle more: Hyunjin or Jennie.
“That is a terrible motto to live by, Y/N,” Felix adds as he challenges you with a tilt of his head, a rise of an eyebrow. “I’ll have you know that boba is highly carb-driven, but if you want an açai bowl, Hyunjin would be more than happy to make it for you. He makes the sexiest açai bowls.”
You’re adding Felix to the equation now, a three-way throttle. 
“I’m–,” you tug on your designer eye bags, “I literally came here to ask Hyunjin something. Now I’m thinking that I should have called him instead.”
“Are you gonna ask Hyunjin out?”
At that, you frown harder, eyebrows creased and tightened jaw muscles. “No. I’m here to ask Hyunjin about the party, Felix,” you grit, biting back a string of curse words.
“Then you should have just called,” he ends the conversation there. Felix finally decides to dismiss himself to call out the drinks that have been sitting on the counter for far too long and leaves you alone. 
An odd sensation of dripping wet plastic hits the side of your arm, drawing your attention away from the freckled heathen and onto the half-drunk cup of milk tea pressed against your arm. “What’s this?” you ask Hyunjin, turning to face him.
Hyunjin presses his forearms onto the granite counter and rocks himself forward, leaning towards you. “Guess,” he says.
“I can’t. I’m on a diet,” you taunt, mocking his voice from earlier.
“I already drank half. Jennie would never find out.” 
You decide that it’s fine. Since Jennie’s not anal enough to track your calories, since there happens to be no boba in the milk tea, since Hyunjin made it. Fuck eating healthy. So you keep on a straight face and pretend to be occupied by sipping your drink, letting the liquid dribble onto your tastebuds, smacking your lips together. “It’s a tea… and an aftertaste of yogurt?” you reply, holding the drink up to examine it with a closer eye. “It’s Yakult and green tea.”
“New recipe. Good right?” Hyunjin laughs, hearty and pitched.
“Yeah. Who would have thought? Hwang Hyunjin choosing a Yakult green tea over winter melon,” you say, drinking the tea in large sips. It’s not completely unhealthy… Yakult is a probiotic drink, good for the immune system. Or that’s what you tell yourself.
“I’m versatile,” he claims, “because I’m better than you when it comes to the art of boba.”
You’re about to chuck a handful of plastic straws in his direction and wipe that taunting smirk off his cute face when you remember what you really came here for. “So… Jisung’s party… you’re going,” you decide for him.
“I think not,” Hyunjin responds with little consideration.
“But why not? I desperately need a ride, and who better than the one and only Hwang Hyunjin giving me a ride?”
“There’s Chan, Changbin, Minho… that’s three options right there!”
Grumpily, frustration settles into the lines of your face. “I feel bad for asking them, okay? They’re already at Jisung’s house setting up. You know Jisung, he can’t even blow up floaties… probably end up passing out by the pool or something. It’s not like you’re doing anything tonight.” 
“I’m sure they’ll be more than happy to give you a ride if you asked,” he states, brushing you off. “If anything, just ask one of the other guests who are going.”
He’s so stubborn, and you have to give in. 
“Fine. I think Jaehyun might be going. I’ll just ask him then,” you mumble, getting ready to text him. Jaehyun is an... acquaintance, a little nosy at times, but not entirely bad to talk to—on good days. Usually, he stays in his side of the hall, you don’t know him very well.
“Um, why?” Hyunjin asks when he hears this Jaehyun dude’s name for the first time and decides that he doesn’t like him. Not one bit. He’s great at analyzing people, and from the way his name rolls off your tongue, the way that you’re asking him for a ride because he’s your last resort, his vibes feel off. Hyunjin dislikes him, the involuntary frown on his face says it all.
“Because he’s Jisung’s friend and my hallmate in college? And you told me to!”
“That’s not a good enough reason to get into his car. Jisung has weird friends.”
You drop your phone on the counter and hold up your hands in disbelief, making a statement. “I can’t just call a rideshare there! Do you know how pathetic that seems and how much that costs? I’m calling Jaehyun,” you finalize, picking up your phone to scroll through your contacts list.
“Y/N!” Hyunjin exclaims on cue, so loud that it startles Felix. He accidentally pours too much ice into a drink and tea overflows, so he has to start all over again.
“For fuck’s sake. What?”
“I’ll pick you up at seven.”
Your mouth opens and then snaps close, your surprised brain processing his words slowly as a “huh?” floats cluelessly through the hollow expanse of your mind. Because remember? One shriveling brain cell.
Hyunjin sighs, deciding that his Meditation with Kkami Day can wait a bit longer for the sake of you, his annoyingly dependent yet worrying best friend. “Jesus Christ. I said I’ll pick you up at seven,” he repeats.
“W-What? Why’d you change your mind?”
“Because I said so.”
Stifling a laugh, you look over at him expectantly, with glossy eyes. “Because you want to get drunk with me.”
“I can’t get drunk. I’m driving,” he replies lamely. Yeah, like that ever stops him. Hyunjin pretends to grab a washcloth from the corner to wipe the counters. They’re already clean, but he still wants to wipe them. Because he’s a little embarrassed, a blush blooms on his nose bridge and spans across cheeks. 
“Yeah, whatever,” you reply lamely, a smile playing at your lips. “I’m gonna go shower and get ready.”
Because you know that you’re not coming home tonight and crashing via Han Jisung’s three spacious guest rooms, each with quilted queen sized beds and attached restrooms.
Tumblr media
It’s completely different when Hyunjin drives.
Firstly, it’s not a sexy black Maserati like Chan’s car; it’s his mom’s old, silver Hyundai. Where the seat is pressed up against the wheel because his mom wants the see the entirety of the road when she drives. Where the window regulator on the passenger’s seat is sometimes jammed because Hyunjin spilled coffee on it when he was fifteen. Where the air conditioner doesn’t work properly so it just pumps lukewarm, recycled air into the vehicle.
Secondly, you can’t quite meet Hyunjin’s eyes when he drives—not that he’s supposed to be looking anywhere but the road—but when he does glance over at a red light, you’re all flustered. You instantly look down and find a sudden interest in the hem of your jacket, your stomach in knots. And when you do meet eyes with him, laughing over whatever stupid pictures Changbin posted in the group chat, you would tense up, your cheeks feeling like it could fry an egg. Like you’ve just downed eight shots of hard liquor. The party hasn’t even started yet.
“I’m not drinking tonight.”
Hyunjin merely laughs and parks in Jisung’s driveway, turns off the engine. “Yeah, right. Like Changbin isn’t going to make you shotgun it,” he says, and you don’t miss the hint of sarcasm in his voice.
“I won’t be drinking because,” you reach into your pocket to pull out a sleek device, “I brought this baby.” 
“I’m gonna kick your ass,” Hyunjin states expressionlessly, then taking the black Suorin from your hand and running out of the car, slamming the door loudly. 
Clicking your tongue in annoyance, you do the same and run over to his side, trying to grab it when he holds the device up high and out of your reach. “Hey! Give it back! I told you I wasn’t drinking tonight!”
“But you’re going to vape? That’s even worse,” he weasels away from your grabby hands, body pressed against his, “Vaping will kill your last brain cell and make you perpetually dumb.”
“I’m already perpetually dumb!” You lament, trying to grab the Suorin but his arm is so fucking long that you end up wrapping your hand around his wrist. “Hyunjin! Give it to me.”
“Look, I’d rather have you get drunk than vape. At least you’ll be able to expel all the alcohol in the morning. Nicotine stays with you, and you’ll have withdrawals like you did last time,” he tells you as he holds the gadget further away from your reach.
You drag your eyes to meet his, glaring, and the grip on his shoulder only tightens. “But if I drink, then I’ll be compelled to do stupid things, hence vape even more,” you reason unreasonably. Yeah, the irony.
“Which is why… you won’t be needing this.” He unlocks his car and tosses the Suorin into the driver’s seat before you could even blink. Then he locks the vehicle and shoves the key deep in his jean pockets. Nebulous—you’re fucking mind blown.
“Hyunjin! You’re such an ass!” You cry dramatically, not realizing that both of your hands have migrated toward his shoulders, and you’re shaking him. You don’t mean to do it, but somehow, he ends up pressed against the short stairway leading up to Jisung’s porch. Your body is planted snug against his as you hold onto his broad shoulders in fury, face inches away from his.
Hyunjin reaches forward and fists his hands into your jacket to prevent himself from toppling over onto the stairs. For the briefest of moments, he feels his world’s spinning like he’s in an intoxicated state when his arms are locked around your livid self. He tenses up immediately, nerves are on fire.
His body heat warms your skin, flares up your cheeks, zaps tingles of electricity down your spine. There’s a deafening silence when you look into each other’s unmoving eyes, making your furious eyes soften noticeably. The flickering porch lamp, the yellow ones that are not-at-all energy conserving, makes Hyunjin glow like a thousand stars, brings out the caramel flecks in his eyes. You’ve always liked his doe eyes because they have this twinkle in them that never fails to ignite a sense of comfort within you, hearth in your heart. 
It’s only when you hear footsteps from behind you that you realize the compromising position you are in.
“What are you two little shitheads doing?” Woojin speculates, nursing a cup of beer in his hands. Or at least he thinks its beer.
You want to duct tape Kim Woojin’s mouth, so he’ll shut up for the first time in his life. Because you know he’ll tease you senseless. “Fuck off,” you say, prying yourself away from Hyunjin’s intense gaze. You pretend to be completely unfazed when you release his shoulders, but the truth is, you’re extremely embarrassed. 
“Can’t. The party’s just getting started. Chan’s, like, doing a keg stand.”
“What the hell are you doing out here then?” 
Something’s weird. Woojin looks like he’s blushing, a little coral tinting his cheeks, and you’re not convinced that it’s from the alcohol. “I’m waiting for a friend,” he mentions, rocking on the heels of his feet. He looks nervous.
Hyunjin narrows his eyes and raises a curious brow. “No. We are your friends. You’re waiting for a special friend,” he says, determined. His vibes are always right.
“Yeah, whatever. At least I had the guts to ask her out,” Woojin edges, a devilish smirk playing on his lips.
“What do you mean?” Both of you say simultaneously in unison. Same tone. Same intensity. 
Woojin’s eyes go wide, and he takes a rather long, drawled sip of his beer. “Yikes. I’m gonna go now,” he says, points to the road. You assume that he’s waiting for his friend to arrive. “You guys need to go get drunk and figure shit out.”
“Ugh, you guys are both insufferable,” you groan, turning your heels. 
Between glowing cheeks and averted glances, you bolt up the stairs and into the sea of sweaty bodies crowding in the living room.
Tumblr media
You are not drunk.
Being drunk means that your head is in the clouds. Everything is fuzzier and ten times funnier. Reality is completely out of the picture, and booze runs in your veins instead of blood, reeking of confidence and stupid decisions. 
But you are definitely not drunk. You’re not even mildly smashed.
Jeongin has his head on your shoulder, crashed after a few shots of whatever suspicious mixtures Changbin had handed him, and you’re sitting there soberly with a cup in your hand that reads “Y/N’s party cup” courtesy of the one and only Hwang Hyunjin because he’s paranoid about creepy party guests spiking your drink.
Seriously, you’re fuming. It’s illegal for him to be this fucking cute.
You’ve scanned the room at least ten times checking for his whereabouts, and usually, he’s either chatting with some of his old roommates about classes or talking with his friends about the latest things on TikTok and Discord drama. From his giggly demeanor, you can tell that he’s slightly out of it, but he still manages to stand upright and glance over at you once in a while. This sends your heart in a frenzy, causes your chest to swell.
“I feel terrible,” Jeongin mumbles with half-lidded eyes.
“What the fuck did Changbin feed you?” you ask him, slightly irritated at the fact that he made a first-timer drink this much.
“Prune juice,” he answers quietly. “Wasn’t feeling good today and they went and bought me some prune juice. It doesn’t seem to be helping much because all I wanna do is lay down.”
You grow alarmed. Jeongin shouldn’t be in a party, the kid should be resting. “Hey, do you want me to take you upstairs to lay down? Or at least the restroom? It’s really loud down here,” you tell him, scowling when a careless couple bumps into the side of your leg.
“Yeah,” Jeongin wobbles to stand up, “Thanks, Y/N.”
“You didn’t drink, right?”
“Of course not. Why would I do that to myself?”
His words take a direct hit at you. Hey, at least he’s smart about it. 
The first time you drank at a party, you were so shitfaced that you confessed your love to Hyunjin. Pitifully. With a plastic bag tied around your neck. Thankfully, you were completely wasted, so Hyunjin saw it as a drunk text rather than an actual confession. Like the true best friend he is, he gave you an earful the next morning as you tiredly rubbed your eyes and kicked yourself for the pulsing memories from the previous night.
This is why you were about to kill Minho when he tried to bring it up. This is why you vow to never get shitfaced again.
“Seungmin! Help me bring him to Jisung’s room,” you call out, and the boy immediately darts to your side, propping Jeongin up on his right.
“Is he okay?” Seungmin asks, placing his cup of kombucha down. You hear the worry burning at the edges of his composed voice.
“Honestly, he should have gone home, but I doubt that anyone’s sober enough to take him home now,” you explain. Everyone in this apartment is either wasted as fuck or nowhere near sober.
Seungmin cranes his head and searches the maze of rowdy college kids. “I can take Chan’s car and drive the kid home. I didn’t drink tonight.”
“Bro. Did you get your license? You didn’t tell me?”
“I did tell you. During Korean barbeque. But I guess you were too focused on Hyunjin to remember anything else.” Seungmin grabs Chan’s car keys from the counter and loops the lanyard around his neck. It’s the Naruto one you gifted Chan for his birthday; his weeb ass loves it.
“I remember things! I’m not as fucking whipped as you think,” you retort. Jeongin has his arm slung over both of your shoulders when you’re slowly guiding him down the steps. One wrong move and three people will tumble down. “I’m just... mildly whipped.”
Outside, darkness bleeds into the sky, the clouds soaking up the moonlight haze. It’s summer, and the police have given up on patrolling because no one's even home anymore. They’re all on vacation in Bora Bora or taking a cruise around the Catalina Islands—there’s no one to snitch on Jisung for being too loud and disruptive to their sleep. So literally, it is “party all night”.
Seungmin grunts when he gets to Chan’s car parked on the curb, opens the door and helps his friend in the backseat. “Yeah. Do us all a favor and confess. It’s like we’re watching one of those shitty Korean dramas where everyone knows but the two main leads. It makes me want to fast forward and skip all the useless parts,” he informs sassily. 
“Why do I have to confess? Why can’t he do it for once?” you whine. For the past three boys you’ve loved before, you’ve been the one confessing. It’s getting a little tedious. That and rejection isn’t a good look on you. 
“I mean, one of you do it. I really don’t care who.”
“You’re a waste of my time,” you say as you slide Jeongin’s arm off your shoulder, leaning over to buckle him in the backseat. “Do you need me to go with you?”
Seungmin starts the engine and shakes his head. “Nah, go back inside and don’t come out until Hwang Hyunjin is officially yours.”
Scoffing, you slam the car door loudly and give him the bird as he sticks his tongue out at you through the rearview mirror. As if Hyunjin could ever be yours. 
Then, Seungmin drives off into the night and leaves you stranded there on the sidewalk. Just you, and the trees, and the skies. And the boy inside who you’ve been sort of avoiding the entire night.
Tumblr media
You are still not drunk, but you want to be.
Hopes of washing your trepid thoughts away, you reach out to grab your party cup on the table. You have every intention of getting wasted. That way, you can just knock out and forget everything by the morning. Seconds after you down the concoction, you wince at the unfamiliar burn of your throat—the aftertaste is absolutely disgusting.
Wait… this isn’t your drink.
Confused, you rummage through the twenty red cups on the table to search for the one with Hyunjin’s penmanship scribbled in a black Sharpie to find that it has completely disappeared off the face of the earth. You’re a little ticked off because it’s your party cup, with your name on it, so who in the right mind would take it? Your question comes back rhetorical because you’re in a house filled with sloppy drunks—they’re all not in the right mind.
Jisung slams his body on the couch and hiccups in your ear. “Why do you look so pissed? Enjoy the party, Y/N,” he slurs, shaking his head before he falls back on the couch. The boy beside you closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths. His cheeks are tinted red, and you wonder how many keg stands he did.
“Because someone took my party cup.” You sound pathetic, you know, but it’s still your party cup. It’s funny how small things can ruin your night.
“Then get a new party cup, duh.” Jisungs bats at the air several times before he finds your arm. “The bar’s, like, filled with party cups. I restocked.”
“No. It’s not the same. This one has my name on it, and the drink is mixed by Hyunjin.”
Jisung sits up and narrows his eyes at you, looks at you like you’ve just said something perpetually dumb. “You get a cup, write your name on it, and remake the drink. Easy,” he mumbles, raising his own cup to his lips before he finishes it.
“No,” you repeat again, “It’s not the fucking same because–um… is that my party cup?” You grab his wrist and pull the cup towards you, and undeniably it reads “Y/N’s party cup” written in a slightly tilted handwriting.
Faster than a bolt of lightning, Jisung stands up on the couch and holds the cup on the air. “Why this party cup? Why not just get another one?” he asks, trying to keep his balance on top of the pillows.
For god’s sake, not this again.
“You don’t understand! Just give it back!” You’re reaching up and tickling his sides, making him squirm wildly.
“Then explain, bitch!” Jisung squeals before he hops off the couch, wrestling through the pack of party guests and into the backyard.
You shove through the wreck of bodies because you have to, because he has your party cup, because you hate his guts. “Jisung, give it back! Why are you so annoying?” you seeth. “Would it kill for you to mind your own business for one night?”
“It’s just a cup, Y/N,” he says matter-of-factly, “I don’t know why you’re making such a big fuss.” Jisung’s flip flops tap obnoxiously on the concrete floors, and that’s when you realize that there’s another army of guests partying by the pool and playing beer pong.
“I’m going to hose you down if you don’t give it back,” you threaten him. You desperately want the cup back because it’s not just a cup—it’s your first party with Hyunjin—so a first party cup. You’re not going to just drink from it and throw it away.
“Go for it. I’ve been hosed two times already. Third time’s the charm, right?”
A frustrated sigh finds its way lodged in your throat; you’re not sure if you want to laugh or cry at your ridiculous friend. He’s so diligent. Diligent at pissing you off. You don’t see him this diligent at school or in sports. 
“I’m gonna kill you, Jisung,” you hiss, a surge of adrenaline through your limbs urges you to lunge forward and tackle him to the ground. But like the best friend Hyunjin is, he grabs both your arms and holds you back.
“Hey, calm down,” Hyunjin whispers, pulling you away from your archnemesis of the night, “Jisung, you should stop before you drive Y/N insane.”
“She’s already insane. It’s a fucking party cup,” Jisung attempts to reason, and Hyunjin only gives him a “just give it back, dude” face. Rolling his eyes, he tosses the cup in your direction.
However, alcohol equals tipsy Jisung equals lack of coordination equals the party cup flies in the direction of the pool instead of you. When you reach up to catch it, Hyunjin also does the same. The only problem is, he slips and frantically leans forward to grab onto something. That something is your wrist. Anyhow, gravity is imbalanced, so you end up toppling over him and crashing into the pool, a large splash swallowing you whole.
A muffled silence descends. 
Submerged, the bright string lights overhead are nothing but a soft diffuse glow, people are silhouettes in the ripples. There's a freedom in your limbs that makes you turn and move as you wish, making messy strokes, bringing goosebumps to your skin at the sudden drop in temperature. The sensation of chlorine and water seeps through your nose and ears, makes your entire face scrunch up, makes your lips press together to hold in oxygen. Even in your befuzzled state, you’re able to hear the sound of your heartbeat blasting through your eardrums, the sound of bubbles bursting by your ear, and the sound of Hyunjin swimming towards you and placing his hands on either side of your waist, bringing you back to the surface.
Oxygen fills your lungs after resurfacing, and right away, your hands fly to your face, brushing away the strands of hair sticking to it. You’re coughing lightly when Hyunjin comes up, flinging his bangs away from his face and splashing you in the process. His fitted shirt is completely drenched, cruelly sticking to his abs and hugs him like a second skin, takes the breath right out of your lungs.
Hyunjin shakes the water off his face and pinches his nose, drops of water forming at the end of his strands. “Seriously, Y/N? All that for a party cup?” he asks in a hoarse voice. 
“It’s not just a party cup.” You’re using the back of your hand to brush water away from your nostrils. Chlorine droplets irritate your lashes and make you blink in irritation. You’re undeniably lost and nervous, but even then, you’ll offer yourself sacrifice to the gods if he ever finds out that you like him.
When he runs a hand through his hair with that cheeky smile of his, you feel like he’s doing it on purpose to play with your emotions. “It’s not? Then tell me, Y/N. What is this?” he asks, holding the red party cup to your face. Hyunjin looks at you with a boyish glint swimming in his irises, and your breathing is unstable at the sight.
“It’s a red party cup… with my name on it… so it’s my party cup.”
“Cut the bullshit, Y/N. You’re not going to wrestle Jisung for a stupid plastic cup.”
Listen. He’s right—you hate that he’s right. You would never waste time and wrestle Han Jisung for something as lame as a party cup. 
“Fine! It’s a stupid plastic cup that you gave me and wrote my name on. I don’t want to throw it away because it’s mine, and I want to keep it because it’s our first fucking party since college… since ever! You never go out to parties, Hyunjin. With me at least. It’s… just… I want to keep the cup, okay?” you blurt, fingers knotting the ends of your doused shirt. You’re sentimental as hell when it comes to Hyunjin. He’s your Achilles heel.
The two of you float in silence, soaking in the moment of odd stillness and enduring the whirlpool in your heads. There’s guilt and sincerity in Hyunjin’s eyes when he comes clean, “I don’t go to parties with you not because I don’t want to… it’s because I’m afraid that I’ll do something stupid when I’m not sober.”
His answer makes you want to take a long cold swim… with the sharks. “How can you possibly do something stupid? I literally confessed my love for you during my first staff party. You can’t top my stupidity, Hyunjin,” you remind him. Wow, alcohol is a truth serum.
“Bet, Y/N. What if I end up confessing my love for you when I’m drunk?”
“Then… fuck. Love me then.”
The erratic beating of his heart is in sync with yours, but it only quickens when you notice his gaze fall to your lips then back to your eyes then to your lips again. This nuance sparks curiosity from within you, and all you could think about is kissing your best friend.
“I don’t know. Love me th–”
Before you could finish your sentence and finish voicing your thoughts, Hyunjin’s lips are suddenly smashed against yours.
Shivers crawl up your skin when you feel his lips pressed against yours, when he slackens his jaw to deepen the kiss, when he cups your face to bring you closer. Your heart rate spikes in your chest and a cascade of warmth pours into your stomach from the intimacy of the moment. You press your palm to his chest to prevent yourself from drifting away, and funny enough, you feel his heart rate mirroring yours. 
The entire world is spinning. The way his fluttery lashes brush the apples of your cheeks when you part your mouth to meet him halfway, the way his breath lightly tickles your nose when he exhales, the way his hand drops to your waist to pull you flush against his chest, you feel as if you’re melting in his touch.
God, you can taste the Jungle Juice and Sprite on him, and you think that it's better than whatever drink he makes back at the shop.
When he parts away, you feel like you’re in a trance, the ghost feeling of his lips still tangled against yours. His hands smooth over the expanse of your back, but his touch is so hot against the chlorinated water. The pool party fades into the night, and it’s just you and him.
Hyunjin licks his lips and makes a face, fighting the blush that blooms across his cheekbones. “You said you weren’t going to drink. What a liar,” he speaks up, still a little shaky from the kiss.
“You took my vape away. I have every right to drink,” you exact upon the realization that your cheeks are also violently flaring up. “Also, you’re not driving tonight.”
“Not driving tonight,” he exhales in acknowledgment, lips quirking upward on the edges. 
When Hyunjin smiles at you, the lights from above catch the flecks of gold in his dark sepia eyes, like the stars that wander in the Milky Way, and that’s when you confirm—you do indeed love him with the size of an entire galaxy. Even if you’re a million light years away, trapped in a spaceship at a distance, you’ll still manage to find your way back to him. 
Well, that’s what gravity is for, right? It keeps you grounded, prevents you from floating mindlessly in the clouds, makes you crash into a pool at midnight. Semantics. 
Hyunjin’s lingering words settle into the spaces between you, and you decide that Chan’s right—love isn’t as fucked up as you think. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s other-worldly. Intergalactic.
To hell with your qualms about finding true love without heartbreak, it’s impossible because what’s a rose without thorns? You’re just grateful for the boy in front of you, wet skin glistening underneath the flickering lights—brilliant. He’s the life of your party, and easily, you’ll travel through dimensions if it means meeting him again in another life. You know this now, at long last.
All thanks to a stupid party cup.
Tumblr media
note: for all my readers anticipating free fall, the series will be on hiatus until after changbin’s birthday. that means that I will be prioritizing changbin’s fic first rather than free fall (because I don’t want to half-ass the finale). but I will still be actively writing and perhaps posting free fall in late august or september ! if it’s not up by october, you have every right to yell (kindly) at me :)
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gamerwoo · 2 years ago
Hyunjin: Insta-Scared
Anonymous asked: I stumbled upon a horror movie add on insta last week at night, it scared me so much that I almost got a panic attack and since I think about it everytime before going to sleep. Would that be ok to request something with Hyunjin, like maybe him comforting his SO because they're scared and ending up staying with them at night. Just soft comfort fluff with crushing hugs and kisses. Also, if the SO could be afab and non-binary it would be perfect but don't feel forced to. Ily 💕🌟- Night Anon
Tumblr media
Characters: Hyunjin x non-binary!reader (featuring Minho and Felix)
Genre/warnings: idol au, drabble-y, fluff w only slight angst
Word count: 1,034
Summary: Minho thought he’d be funny pulling a ‘prank’ on you while you were staying over at the dorms and now your anxiety is through the roof. But that’s okay because you have Hyunjin: the self-proclaimed World’s Best Boyfriend.
a/n: I didn’t have this looked over because I wanted to post it asap so if I did fuck up and accidentally included the wrong pronouns or anything lmk so I can fix it :]
“_____!” Minho called as you walked through the living room to get to the kitchen for some water before you went to bed. You were already in your pajamas -- just some shorts with one of Hyunjin’s sweatshirts that he let you borrow -- and ready to sleep, but you paused to see what Minho wanted anyway. “C’mere!”
You sighed but trudged over anyway. You figured it would be quick since it was just Felix and him giggling at his phone, so hopefully it was just something he wanted to show you really fast. 
“What?” you groaned, leaning over the arm of the couch to see what he wanted.
“Hang on, it’s restarting,” Minho giggled, keeping the screen of his phone out of your sight before he tapped on the volume and turned it toward you.
It was a video on Instagram, and it seemed pretty harmless. It started off as some silent film-esque comedy sketch with a lot of over-the-top acting. You didn’t really understand what was going on, and you weren’t sure if you would ever catch on since Minho and Felix -- well, any of the boys -- tended to laugh at just about anything.
As the video started to come to an end, you were getting a little impatient. You still didn’t get what was so funny about the video, and you really just wanted to go to sleep.
“Minho, I don’t-- HOLY FUCK!”
You stumbled backwards, falling on your butt on the floor as a screamer suddenly flashed on the screen. Minho and Felix lost it, laughing so hard they were falling all over each other and clutching their stomachs. You, however, were clutching your heart and trying not to completely lose it right there in the middle of the dorms. But your anxiety was spiked and you couldn’t get your breathing to go back to normal.
“_____, it was just a joke,” Minho giggled, not realizing that you were much more affected by the prank than he thought you’d be. “Do you want help up?”
But you didn’t answer -- you couldn’t answer. You were just stuck sitting on the floor, unable to move or say anything. All you could do was try your best to not hyperventilate, but all you could think about was that demonic face that was now burned into your retinas when you closed your eyes.
“Hey _____?” Felix’s voice was softer as he studied you, looking at you with concern. “You alright?”
The sound of your fall and the shriek you’d let out caused the rest of the members to wander out of their rooms to see what had happened -- including your boyfriend. All of them had gone into the living room, looking for answers. But all they saw was you on the floor, and Minho and Felix staring at you with a mix of confusion, worry, and panic.
Behind you, you heard Hyunjin’s voice ask, “Why is _____ on the floor?”
“Minho scared them,” Felix was quick to put all the blame on the older boy who just looked at him and whined out a “hey”.
Hyunjin walked around to the front of you, crouching down to study you, “_____? Love, are you okay?”
You managed to shake your head no in jerky movements.
Hyunjin sighed, wanting nothing more than to scold the two boys for scaring you this badly, but he knew he had to calm you down before things got any worse. So instead of going off on his members, he helped you up from the floor and slowly walked you back to his room, going at a pace that you could manage. He kept one arm around your waist protectively and another held your hand, giving it reassuring squeezes as he rubbed the back of your hand with his thumb.
“It’s okay,” he kept quietly telling you, “I’m here; you’re okay.”
When he finally got you into the bedroom, he softly kicked the door closed before he managed to get you to sit down on the bed. He gently tugged you to sit up toward the headboard before he grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around you, then wrapping his arms around all of that.
“Shh, it’s alright,” he cooed over your shaky breaths, resting his cheek on the top of your head. “Focus on breathing, yeah? In and out like this, remember?”
Hyunjin had become somewhat of an expert when it came to any panic attacks you had. He knew just how to breathe with you, what you liked and didn’t like when you got like this, and he had all the patience in the world. He looked at you while he breathed, counting how many seconds he went in, how many he held, and how many he breathed out.
“You’re doing really well, baby,” he praised in between every few breaths.
When you’d calmed your breathing down enough, Hyunjin got up to get you some water -- what you originally went out to get, anyway. When he came back, he noticed you were still shaky, but he was just happy you at least seemed to be coming back to your normal head space. You didn’t look as pale and horrified, and you just looked more grounded.
“Minho and Felix feel really bad,” he told you quietly as he climbed in bed beside you again, handing you the bottle of water. “They both said they’re sorry.”
“It’s okay,” you said just above a whisper before taking a sip from the bottle.
“Do you feel a little better?”
You shrugged before nodding a little bit.
“Do you need anything else?”
You moved your hands from under the blankets to wrap your arms around Hyunjin’s waist. He chuckled, moving his arms to embrace you and pull you into his chest, placing his chin on the top of your head.
“I know it was scary,” he began softly, leaning his head down to press sweet kisses to both your cheeks, “but I’m here to protect you, okay?”
“Thanks, Hyunjin,” you said, your words muffled against his shirt.
“Anything for you, baby,” he smiled, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head.
“I love you.”
“I love you even more.”
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