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(Tae)ke Me On ~ Teaser
Tumblr media
synopsis; where taehyung is no stranger to seducing tourists and reader is a stranger to flirty photographers – but not one night stands. when in France, do as the French do, no?
pairing; photographer!taehyung x tourist!female!reader
genre; angst, fluff, humor, smut, Paris au, photographer au, tourist au
warnings; TBD
rating; 21+ MINORS DNI
w/c(teaser); 443
a/n; taehyung just looks so pretty in Paris that I had to write something about it.
networks; @ficscafe, @btshoneyhive, @thebtswritersclub, @kflixnet
Paris, France — the proclaimed Ville d'Amour.
To you, it was a time well needed to get away from the stress of reality. The dead-end job, the shitty ex-boyfriend, the dull daily routine of life that was in desperate need of change.
To him, you were just another carefree, albeit gorgeous, tourist who saw things through rose-colored glasses.
And he couldn’t wait to crack them.
The air felt crisp, cold, and clear.
The skies were a effervescent shade of blue, with pillowy clouds scattered about. The hustle and bustle of tourists and residents around you served as a raucous kind of lullaby as you closed your eyes and savored all that this city had to offer - not noticing the photographer who saw you through his lens at a short distance away.
He pretended to be taking photos of the flowers that bloomed behind you, the various colors only enhancing the beauty that was naturally you. He inched ever so closer, just enough to angle his body in a way to capture the peaceful expression on your face within his lens crosshairs.
It was one lone click, followed by the sound of a shutter closing and opening on a camera that had your eyes blinking themselves open. For a second, you saw nothing as your eyesight once again needed time to focus on the light surrounding you instead of the dim darkness that was your eyelids.
When the blurry settled, and the saturation and vibrancy of the scenery around you sharpened, did you fixate your wondering gaze to the male who looked at you, peaking his head slightly above the frame of his camera. A hint of a dimple could be seen, as well as his boxy, closed mouth smile.
“J’adore ton sourire.”
{“I love your smile.”}
The once serene look on your face turned to one of shyness, your smile still present - bigger, but demeanor shrinking in on itself. You had no clue what he spoke, but the gentle way his eyes shined at you had your body yearning for more from the mystery male. He adored the way your cheeks let off a cherry hue, and could only daydream how they would look along with your skin as your body writhed with pleasure underneath him. Or, if he had a choice, above him.
Only one way to find out.
“Je peux vous offrir un verre?”
{“Can I buy you a drink?”}
You said the one word you knew in French, having memorized quite a few social phrases before coming, so you knew what he asked. Though forward, you welcomed the thrill — the adventure — as a foreigner.
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Tumblr media
“As far as Korean scholars went, no one left as strong an imprint as the physician, Kim Taehyung.
A fantastic physician, Kim Taehyung, who we know was born sometime in the Goryeo dynasty, was one of the best documented of his time. This is partially due to his many travels across the Korean Peninsula, where many people kept records of his miraculous cures. We can also observe from his journals that he was an incredible record keeper of medicines and medicinal ingredients found in Korea, which have come to influence many of our modern medicine ingredients today. His meticulous documentation was perhaps the biggest factor in the boom in traditional Korean medicine in…”
History of Korean Medicine. One of your favorite books, you thumb through the wrinkled pages.
You’ve made it quite far, haven’t you?
From a poor girl in the countryside cared for by only her grandmother to a resident in her final year of practicing toxicology, your horizons have expanded– and are yet to grow bigger.
Even if your future won’t be in Seoul.
In your university lab in Sokcho, you sigh in self pity. After just a few more years, you’ll be done. 
But you can’t study right now, even with your favorite book, so you decide to procrastinate on your lab and escape to the nearby forest. One benefit of being here?
Seoraksan. The magnificent mountain.
Intimidating and aways flaunting its grandiose greenery, you love it. Air has never smelled so nice, especially after staying in a stuffy hospital lab.
After a short 15- minute walk to the base of the mountain, you begin trekking your way up, admiring the scenery as you go.
There are some mulberry trees, some Korean chestnuts, camellias, towering trees that seem to watch over you…
You sit down quietly from the rock you stand on, observing the rest of the mountain. If you’re really lucky–and quiet– you can catch a glimpse of Semi-Moon Chest bears, which are pretty cute. And pretty damn scary, so staying quiet is always the best idea.
But it’s silent. Just some frogs from a nearby waterfall croaking, and the rustling of leaves in the breeze.
Sigh. It’s calm– wait.
What… what is that?????
Is that a bear?? …No.
“The fuck is that?” You ask no one, your head tilted quizzically.
A flash of blue and brown appears again through the trees, and then proceeds to trip and fall.
Into the aforementioned waterfall. Now you really know that that… thing is not a bear. Hooray.
But regardless, you run over to the blob that’s now floating and gasping for air.
“Hey, excuse me? Are you alright?”
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lonely boy | kth
full title: lonely boy (the tattoo on my ring finger)
drabbles inspired by TXT’s album minisode 2: thursday’s child
warnings: language, angst, stealing (?); starring Kim Taehyung and in his POV; ft Park Jimin, his kind best friend
depression. the fourth stage of grief
The emptiest feeling in the world was being surrounded by people and feeling nothing.
The dark head of wavy hair turned to a pair of worried eyes.
“It’s not good to dwell. Come on, eat,” Park Jimin urged, insistently nudging the plate of warmed dak-galbi towards him. “You have to eat it. I made it just for you.”
He looked down at it, knowing he would taste nothing. “I’ll eat it later. Thanks.”
Jimin gave him a helpless smile, already suspicious of the refusal. “At least a few bites now so I know if my cooking is complete trash or not. You’re the only one who tells me the truth.”
That definitely wasn’t true, but Kim Taehyung saw what Jimin was trying to do. His best friend had been coming over every day the moment he knew. He brought food, he suggested movies, he stayed by Taehyung’s side despite his silence, filling the emptiness with his jovial laugh and gentle chats. Taehyung could tell his quiet bothered Jimin, but Jimin never said anything about it, laughing at his own jokes and leaning his head against Taehyung’s broad shoulder, keeping a smile on his face to hide his worry.
Taehyung picked up the chopsticks and took a couple bites.
As he predicted, he tasted nothing.
Jimin had remembered he didn’t like spicy food and had kept it to a minimum. His best friend always remembered his likes and dislikes, maybe better than most.
“It’s good.”
Jimin seemed relieved. “Yeah? I’m decent after all,” he chuckled.
Taehyung put down the chopsticks. It felt weird eating someone else’s food even though Taehyung was a limited cook himself. It only reminded him that he used to have home-cooked meals himself.
He looked up, staring into his apartment kitchen.
“You don’t have to try so hard, Jimin,” he said softly. His voice was gravelly and unused. The only person he willingly talked to these days was the one that was beside him right now.
“Yes, I do,” Jimin chided softly, reaching over to smooth the dark waves on Taehyung’s head. The weight of his smaller hand was as comforting as it was painful, digging up memories that Taehyung tried to forget every day. “You would check on me if I was in your place. Although I don’t know about eating your food,” Jimin added lightly, offering him a rueful smile that made his cheeks puff and his eyes squint. “You would order take-out from that family-owned restaurant we liked when we were younger. We used to go there all the time on our way back from school.”
Taehyung made himself smile. “Yeah. Thanks again.”
His best friend left soon after, never imposing too long. Taehyung packed up the dish and placed it in the fridge. He promised silently to eat it before it went bad. He was getting better at it these days.
He closed the door of the fridge, feeling the cavity of loneliness weighing down his soul.
How many days has it been now?
Taehyung put on his coat and hat before slipping into his shoes and leaving his apartment for his daily ritual.
It had been the perfect love story, back then.
Taehyung always believed he was the main character of his own story. Every moment with his loved ones was precious and he treated it as such. He kept the memories close to his heart, delicate and beautiful, intricately cherishing the simple moments in his life. His friends called him a hopeless romantic.
He was.
To a fault, it seemed.
It was weird to think that, out of all his friends, it was him that was rejected when he proposed.
He had worked through the moment many, many times. The reasons were fuzzy now and, in all honesty, they didn’t matter. The no in that moment had already shattered any hope of happily ever after between them, Taehyung believed. It was too soon, they were moving too fast, she wasn’t ready – none of it mattered. There was no point in holding on after hearing that no.
She was not his one and only.
At first, he treated it like a twist in a wonderful drama. But as time passed, he realized it was less like a drama and more like a dropped script due to lack of interest. He hated it. The memories, the hope, the imprint on his credit card that he would know was there forever. Ring brought. Ring returned. Him alone. It felt like a betrayal no matter how many times it was explained to him that it wasn’t.
He didn’t care.
About anything, really.
Taehyung continued down the sidewalk, purposeful strides, looking at no one.
At this point, it was less about her and more about how Taehyung had lost the rose-tinted glasses that made him, him.
He arrived at his destination.
Crouched down.
He was in the park. There was a flowerbed in the corner. A rectangular plot of land with a tiny fence, bursting with wildflowers. It was so full that it seemed to be exploding with all the colorful, tiny florals. It had grown unruly and untamed, flowers cramming all the way up to the edge.
Taehyung felt blue today, so he reached out and plucked a small blue flower.
“Stealing from my flowers again, Kim Taehyung?”
He fell onto his bum, startled at the female voice. Jerked his head to the right. A woman wearing black overalls with dirt-stained knees and a brown-striped long-sleeve stared down at him, raising an eyebrow.
“W-What? These?” he sputtered, still holding the blue flower. “Yours? Isn’t this the public park? Don’t the flowers belong to the neighborhood?”
She chuckled, squatting down. He noticed a bucket with gardening tools inside it behind her.
“I rent this space. You can rent parts of the park and take care of it. Grow flowers, make it pretty. On the other side is the communal vegetable garden.” She shrugged and turned to the flower mess beside them. “I’m the only one who rented a flower spot and it’s gotten crazy, hah. I should come by more often. Not that I know much about gardening anyway.” She shrugged, seemingly chatting with herself in his shocked silence. “Kids and people like you come and nick ‘em all the time and it’s still overgrown. I’m a terrible plant mom.”
“They… They really are yours?”
She turned back to him. Then she pulled a long face and sighed with a big exaggerated shrug of her shoulders. “Well, not mine. Nature belongs to nature, of course. I’m just supposed to take care of them.” She waved a hand. “Which I have.” Flapped her palm in the air, wincing. “Kinda. Debatable, I suppose.”
“I… I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” Taehyung bowed apologetically, sticking his hand out to put the dislocated flower back.
“Oi, oi,” she snapped, pushing his hand away from the flower bed. “You take it. I mean, you already killed it so…  putting it back isn’t going to do anything.”
He felt the cold wash of regret. “I’m sorry.”
She sighed, patting his hand before retreating. “Don’t be sorry. It’s a flower. It’s meant to make you happy.” She ticked her chin at him. “I only want to know why you take them. The park manager asked if I knew you because, apparently, you’ve come for the past three months and stolen one every day. He asked me whether or not he should call the police or something.”
His eyes widened. “W-What?”
She shook her head and reached into the bucket to grab a small shovel. “Don’t worry, don’t worry. I told him I knew you and that you were helping me,” she continued, pulling on a pair of brown gardening gloves and frowning as he spotted a clump of tangly-looking leaves. She scowled at it and began to dig it out. “But I don’t know you and you definitely are not helping me, so I wondered what the hell you were doing. Thus why I decided to ask.”
He clutched the small blue flower.
What’s the use in lying?
Stay lonely.
“Oh. Sorry for your loss,” she mumbled, suddenly awkward.
There was a short silence as she dug out the ugly weeds and dumped them into the bucket beside her.
She suddenly stopped, turning to him with a confused look.
“Wait, that doesn’t explain you coming to the park and stealing flowers.”
Taehyung looked into her puzzled face. He felt he had to explain, at least a little. It was the least he could do.
“I used to pick a flower and give it to her every time I saw her.”
She blinked at him.
“Who? Your dog?”
He felt a half-smile creep to his face. “My future wife. Well. My ex-girlfriend. I asked her to be my wife and she said no.”
She nodded. She did not look like she understood. “So now you pick the flowers for you?”
He recalled the piles of dried wildflowers all over his dresser in his bedroom.
For me?
He had collected one flower every day since that moment. Went home, placed it on his dresser. It was his ritual. A routine. One flower for another night that he fell asleep alone, one flower to mark another day of solitude, one flower that joined the others in various stages of withering and death, just like that part of him that believed in love, because someone took his rose-tinted glasses and smashed them with a simple no.
Who were they for?
He stared at the wildflower caretaker, finally asking himself that question.
“I… don’t know.”
She blinked. Repeatedly.
“Can you… just pretend they are for your self-healing so I don’t have to tell the park manager you’re some hooligan who gets a kick stealing single flowers?”
He laughed.
The sound so foreign to his ears that Taehyung immediately stopped, freezing in place, holding the blue flower in the air. Sitting in the park, beside a stranger, having a conversation under the sunny sky. He was actually talking to someone who wasn’t Jimin making sure he was okay.
Pretend the flowers are for you.
Her wide eyes watched him closely, wary bafflement knitting her brows together. “Erm…”
“Could I help you from now on?” he suddenly asked. “I know a little bit about farming. Strawberries, actually. My uncle grows them.”
She chuckled. “Then rent a plot in the communal vegetable garden. They’ll let you grow fruit there too.”
“Ah…” His shoulders lowered, crestfallen. “I feel I should help you with the flowers though. Since I troubled you.”
“I don’t know what I’m doing,” she reminded him, waving the shovel around. She saw his expression and her rough tone sanded down, looking defeated. “Well, I can’t say two knuckleheads is worse than one. Sure. I’ll try to come by once a week, probably on Saturday afternoons. If you’re walking about, let’s fix this, uh… mess.”
Taehyung smiled, looking over the flowers.
“It’s a beautiful mess.”
And it was.
far to go. drabble series
01 opening sequence — myg 03 trust fund baby — ksj 04 lonely boy (the tattoo on my ring finger) — kth, ft pjm 05 thursday’s child has far to go — knj, ft jhs 02 good boy gone bad — jjk, ft myg (collar!AU)
drabbles masterpost | masterpost
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lost myth of true love (kth) 1
Tumblr media
summary: for six months you wait for him, a weekend spent together, finally able to reach the man your soul is tethered to.
pairing: Kim Taehyung x female Reader
au: supernatural, soulmates
genre: angst, longing, not fluff but deep love??, sooooft smut
warnings: lots of angst and sadness, brief mentions of sex, nipples, wet genitalia ;), cock warming, sort of hinted at creampie, taehyung just got out of the shower, descriptions and admiration of jungkook's tattoos
rating: 18+ (there will be smut at a later date)
word count: 1.1k
a/n: this idea came to me like a bolt last night while i was listening to hozier (thank you to andrew hozier-byrne for the title as well) and i had to write it. i had such immense help from @augustbutwinter @miscelunaaa and @wwilloww (who also made this wonderful banner). thank you three for everything!! this is also for the absolutely wonderful, talented, helpful, and fantastic human @illneverrecover for the possumversary!! thank you possums for letting me into the dumpster. you have all helped me so immensely 💖💖 this is the first part of a small drabble series. i hope you enjoy it
series masterlist || next
© sugalaritae, 2022. you do not have any permission to repost or translate my work even if you give credit. all of this is mine.
There’s a knock at the door.
You can’t believe that your time is almost up.
The sinking feeling that stays in the centre of your chest slowly begins to show itself again. You had just gotten rid of it. Or so you thought.
It’s been there since you can remember, and yet you bask in that rush of coolness as the feeling slowly disappears with each kiss against your neck, shoulders, legs. Taehyung’s long fingers paint soft lines against your skin causing the feeling to slowly float further away from you, like a raft pushed not far enough onto the sand.
The raft will only be pushed back toward you by the tide, as it can never get as far as you would like it to.
You would like it gone, washed away completely, to watch it slowly float into the distance, becoming smaller and smaller with every lap of water against the rough ropes and worn-down wood.
You would like to have more time with him, unwatched, unmonitored. But Jungkook is always there, always watching. Knowing that the younger man (if you can call him that) hears everything that happens behind the door that he guards reminds you that time is fleeting. You are always being watched. Someone always waits and while they do, you watch the hand of time, who waits for no one.
Every moment shared with him is written down. You spend a whole day after he leaves recording all that you can remember. Every whispered word of praise and love is written down so that you can look back on it when you miss him the most.
For now though, you stare at the door as if it were knocked on by a person (or thing) that you loathe, and not the sweet tattooed being standing on the other side.
The bathroom door opens and Taehyung walks out, running a small towel over his hair which hangs heavy against his forehead, a white hotel towel wrapped loosely around his waist. Ten years you have known and loved him, and you still find yourself shocked by how beautiful he is. 
You are still shocked that he is yours.
He cannot change; he is frozen while time moves all around him, and yet when you see him he looks new, as if you are seeing him for the first time all over again. Every time he arrives and takes you into his arms, you are certain that he has changed because no being in this universe should be able to look like that.
“What’s wron–” he starts before another knock on the door rings through the room.
He must not have heard the first knock behind the second door, but he should have guessed from the look you were giving it.
You watch as he walks toward the door to the hotel hallway and slides the chain over and out. You hear the slip of the metal against the wooden frame before you see it, obscured by his hand.
“I’m sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to let you know that there are only a few hours until sunrise,” Jungkook’s voice slips into the room and grates against your skin.
There was a time when you found solace in his voice. When you talked about music over coffee in the hotel lobbies while Taehyung slept upstairs. When you wondered what those hands would feel like against your skin. Whether there would be a change in feel of his skin as you touched his tattoos. All of that has since passed. You can’t remember when it did, but you guess it was around seven years ago when your time with Taehyung became shorter due to reasons that were far out of both your control and his. You couldn’t get angry or frustrated with Taehyung though, so instead, it all became directed at Jungkook. He seemed shocked at first, but had since grown used to it.
Perhaps he mourns the friendship you used to have. Perhaps he wants to get angry with you now. Wants to shake you and tell you that everything you’re feeling is not his fault but Yoongi’s. That he is the wrong man to be upset with.
You watch the muscles in Taehyung’s back move as he keeps one hand on the door. You can hear every word, and it is a conversation that you have heard before. You almost know it by heart. They change a few lines here and there, but they are actors in roles in which you have watched them for a decade: and nothing has changed.
Including the way Taehyung’s shoulders clench as Jungkook mentions that the two of them need to leave before sunrise and not during.
You know the conversation will end soon and yet you say his name, wincing internally at the way you sound like a woman in one of those old movies, sultrily asking their lover to “come back to bed.”
The door closes and you close your eyes. Mere hours left with the man you love. The man your soul is tied to.
He sits on the edge of the bed and bends over to kiss your neck softly before he whispers that he is sorry, the word falling like another kiss, this one bitter and coated in sadness. You don’t want to cry. Crying feels so useless: this is something you’ve been through before and yet—
His fingers slip up your arm, across your collarbone and down your breast, his thumb brushing against your nipple s l o w l y. It pulls a moan from deep in your chest, where love sits and is filled in by the feeling of loneliness.
The raft is being directed by the tide toward your beach.
Your fingers pull at him, needing him closer.
The towel falls away as you feel his fingers against your wet sex. He moves quickly between your legs and pushes into you, pulling a moan from both of you that fills the room as he settles in you.
You make love, slow at times, hard and rushed at others. It ends with him spooning you. He stays inside your heat as his arms hold you close to his chest and he shares his warmth with you where your skin touches.
“I love you,” he whispers and you slowly separate so you can turn and face him.
“I love you too,” you say back to him, despite the shattering of your heart.
You will see him again in six months. You will share everything with each other that first day and you will kiss and fuck for the second day, until the sun comes up. Then he will kiss you goodbye, and slip out of the room with Jungkook beside him. This is the life you have with your soulmate, the one you love, the one you are bound to. You will envy those who have easier soulmates but that feeling will only last a week, and then you will get used to that sinking feeling again. You will float out to sea on your raft and wait to be pulled back in.
tag list: @herecomesjoon @neverendingforever
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Fanservice Masterlist (M)
Tumblr media
I wanna get freaky on camera, I love when we get freaky on camera
Tumblr media
• Pairing: Camboy!Taehyung x Viewer!(F)Reader
• Genre: Camboy!AU, Smut, Strangers to Lovers
• Rating: 18+
• Overall words: 30.8k
• Summary: Every Friday night at 10 PM was dedicated to your favorite camboy. When he hosts a contest and you end up the lucky winner, you’ll have to brace yourself for your unexpected debut.
• Overall warnings/themes:  explicit sexual content, camshows, sex work, voyeurism, exhibitonism, lots of dirty talk
• Playlist: 🎧
• Notes: I’m not going to name names but some people *squints at Discord group chat* encouraged me to continue with Fanservice. So there’s a sequel for sure in the works but with the way my mind works, I ended up thinking of a third part as well 🙄 it’s going to be a twist from the first two but I’m eager to see the response when it comes out hehe 🎀✨
• Last Updated: 7/26/22
• Status: Ongoing!
Tumblr media
○ Fanservice (M)
»  Every Friday night at 10 PM was dedicated to your favorite camboy. When he hosts a contest and you end up the lucky winner, you’ll have to brace yourself for your unexpected debut.
○ White-Glove Service (M)(WIP)
○ Assisted Service (M)(WIP)
○ Out of Service (M)(WIP)
○ Service with a Smile (M)(WIP)
Tumblr media
• Extras
○ Drabbles
 ⤿ One Mo’ Gen (M)
○ Character Asks
 ⤿  Taehyung
Tumblr media
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piedpipersuperiority · 4 months ago
some kind of wonderful
kim taehyung/f!reader tags: idol!taehyung, meet-cute, record store inspired by that set of taehyung photos on his instagram  wordcount: 1k
the record store was like a place of solace for you. being surrounded by every possible genre of music left you feeling at peace. spending a saturday at the record store was your idea of unwinding. your friends found it strange, they’d asked you so many times why you who already had a prestigious and well-paying job worked part-time at a record store when you could be taking it easy on your day off. your answer had always remained the same, it was how you wanted to relax. 
you had been sitting idle at the counter, scrolling through your phone. the shop was empty, the afternoon sunlight filtered in through the windows and the air conditioner hummed softly. suddenly the little bell hung above the door tinkled and two men walked in. 
one of them was dressed simply, a white t-shirt, grey joggers, a long black coat and a cute checkered scarf. his mask covered his face but from the black curls atop his head and the intensity of his gaze as he took in the store, you could tell he was handsome. 
you didn’t particularly enjoy it when the salespeople at a store would hover around you as you perused the shelves. even though you understood it was necessary to a certain extent, you knew how fast it could become irritating. so, whenever you worked weekends at the store, you let the customers just be. if they needed something, they’d let you know. the man with the scarf was getting photos taken by his friend by the 1970′s section and you didn’t really fancy the idea of bothering them.
so, you continued scrolling through your phone, smiling at the pictures your brother had sent of your nephew. it had been a while since you’d seen the little guy, and your brother too for that matter. maybe you’d pay them a visit later in the day. 
‘excuse me?’ a deep voice caused you to look up from your nephew dressed up as a strawberry for the festival at his school. you smiled, even though it wouldn’t really be visible through your mask. ‘how can i help you?’
‘i was looking for a marvin gaye record?’ 
‘which one?’ you perked up, not having met a customer before who had specifically asked after the prince of soul. 
‘er, i heard it through the grapevine,’ he said and ran a hand through his hair, ‘i checked the motown sections but couldn’t find it and so i had to come here and bother you, sorry for that,’ he apologized sheepishly and glanced down at your phone screen that still showed your nephew clutching onto his strawberry, dressed as one himself. ‘he’s cute, is he your son?’
‘nephew,’ you corrected and stood up, ‘the label that the album you’re looking for was called tamla motown under the bigger motown labels. but the genre we keep the marvin gaye records under is soul. because, well-’
‘he’s the prince of soul,’ he finished for you, ‘that makes so much more sense, i feel a little silly now.’
‘nonsense,’ you said breezily, ‘he was also called the prince of motown. it’s an honest mistake. follow me.’
you led him over to the aforementioned section and picked out the familiar record with ease and handed it over to him, ignoring the way your heart fluttered as your fingers brushed his. ‘here you go. do let me know if you need anything else,’ you bowed and made to leave when...
‘actually,’ he started out, sounding a little unsure of himself. ‘i do need something else.’
‘of course, what is it?’
‘your number.’
you blinked once and then twice, you hadn’t particularly been expecting that. 
‘oh shit,’ he muttered under his breath, ‘was that too forward? chim tells me i tend to blurt out what i’m thinking but er, i really wouldn’t mind having your number so i can ask you out on a date.’
your cheeks were flaming under your mask, this man with his intense gaze that made you shiver when it was directed at you and the most beautiful hair you’d ever seen had just asked for your number.
‘yeah, sure,’ you said, hoping your answer didn’t come out as a squeak. he visibly relaxed and pulled out his phone and added your number to his contacts, ‘i’ll text you?’ he asked and his eyes told you he was smiling widely under the mask when you nodded. 
‘thank you, once again,. i really will text you,’ he promised after he’d paid for his record. you nodded, ‘i look forward to it.’ he smiled again and left with the other man whom he’d walked in with, whom you presumed was his friend who had been dressed in black pants, a grey shirt and a brown jacket. his face was also covered with a mask.
just as you’d finished eating your lunch, your phone pinged with a text from an unknown number. 
hey, it’s me. the guy from the record store today. i just realized i never asked for your name. 
you smiled to yourself and replied back. 
i remember who you are.
you had just given him your name and the reply was instantaneous. 
that’s a beautiful name. aren’t you going to ask me mine?
you chuckled to yourself, he was a bit of a charmer, wasn’t he?
alright, i’ll play. what’s your name?
the reply was just as fast.
i’m kim taehyung.
you froze. you exited the messaging app and opened instagram. it couldn’t be, could it?
and sure enough, you had indeed just met and gotten V from BTS’s phone number. he had posted a series of pictures on his instagram and three were from the record store, and the outfit was the same as the man who had walked into the store just a few hours ago.
you went back to the messaging app and a new text was waiting for you.
i take it you know who i am, then. 
you winced internally as you replied. 
sorry, sorry. i just wasn’t expecting it to be you of all people. 
the reply didn’t come until much later in the day when you were back in your house. 
does it make you uncomfortable?
you were quick to reply. 
no, not at all. anyone who likes marvin gaye is aces in my book :)
maybe the smiley face was a bit much but clearly taehyung didn’t seem to care. 
that’s good. so... about that date. 
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barbika1508 · 4 months ago
An honest breakup (Kim Taehyung x Reader/ Breakup)
Word Count: 1,5k
Genre: Angst, Breakup
Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Authors Note: Short story I’ve got inspired by a quote I found on Pinterest, which I’ve channelled my emotions through, angst is always easy to write. We are all heartbroken by life after all, some more some less.
Inspiration: ‘’I was doing fine. Really, and then you waltz back in like you didn’t break my heart.’’
Tumblr media
‘’I was doing fine. Really, and then you waltz back in like you didn’t break my heart.’’
No reply. He keeps staring at me with those big pleading puppy eyes, my words etching themselves into his heart. I can’t bring it in myself to really care, to be upset about it. Given he ripped my heart out, chewed, and spat it out leaving me to grovel until he walked away shattering me whole.
‘’Whatever you are expecting to happen, is not going to.’’ I find my voice again in the quiet of Hoseok’s apartment, my friend ahem…ex-friend. We were supposed to be close, a brother sister bond. Not anymore.
He lured me to his place under the pretence of needing help with some bullshit excuse about his computer not working, ending up leaving me alone with the one person I’ve told him many, many times I’ve never want to see in life ever again.
‘’I know I’m not deserving of your forgiveness…’’ he begins cautiously bringing a smirk to draw itself upon my lips this entire situation I’m finding myself in feeling like a bad dream. The fact that he doesn’t finish his sentence is because he is testing me. He’s watching and observing every facial expression I’m making; every move of my body even the lull from one foot to another.
‘’You are not.’’ I confirm through a cruel amused smile the slight twitch in his eyebrow an indicator he’s not satisfied with where this conversation is going.
‘’I’ve left in very bad circumstances. It wasn’t right it wasn’t moral, the way I treated you wasn’t in the slightest alright.’’ he pauses as if to let me gauge in his words that to my ears don’t feel heartfelt even remotely ‘’I’ve broken most of the promises I’ve made you, and for that I’m going to repent until the day I die, Y/N-ah.’’
Damn him for looking so handsome after all this time, standing across me wearing a turtleneck, a grey suit building his frame nicely, long hair framing his perfect features eyes like hawks remain trained onto me. He was handsome even when he was lanky as a teen, boxy smile’s charming to no end, idea’s ridiculous as we played as kids having the time of our lives. He was loving, caring when growing up, the promise of getting married, having kids, dying together something that felt was my destiny.
‘’You deserved so much better than I could have given.’’ his voice wavers, the fleeting look towards the window showing how much he is close to shed a tear as he shifts showing nerves. I’ve never seen Taehyung do this even in sticky situations, on bad days he always got out of them with positivity - tried too at least. His body smile was a constant, a promise of better days silver tongue not running out of words. The cracks he’s showing now, are a new side to the man I once thought was my world.
In the deafening silence the sound of clapping is brutal to the ears and yet I continue, his blinking eyes turning looking like a deer caught in headlight, bafflement genuine.
‘’Well, played.’’ I congratulate genuinely impressed with his acting ‘’Could’ve fooled anyone else.’’ I stop the clapping to shoot him with finger guns as I shift my stance, my feet alighted with my shoulder’s while I push my hands into the front pockets of the black jean’s I’ve put on today.
Taehyung continues staring keeping up the puppy look which in the past could have gotten me in seconds and yet here we are. Handsomeness, charisma, sweet words all bouncing off me.
‘’Charming.’’ I quirk an eyebrow licking over my lower lip his eyes following the movement ‘’Unfortunately not to me.’’ I shrug for good measure ‘’Plead, beg, apologize all you want I’m not the right person for it.’’
‘’Y/N-ah you are the only one…’’
I am quick to raise my hand the step he makes as in to come closer, halting as I shake my head, readjusting my own stance to back away. It’s weird how emotions work, even now as I’m numb to his advances his goal clear, my answer obvious my feet remain planted on the ground, and not putting him behind me, which is the most logical thing to do, to walk away.
‘’What do you want from me Taehyung-ssi?’’ the flinch on his face as I address him formally brings a small victory to flare inside me ‘’I don’t understand why? Why now?! Forget what you did, I don’t care about that bullshit. Why this?!’’ I frown in disgust genuinely feeling it, the man who once was the only reason I’ve lived day after day now being something twisted and malicious in almost every aspect.
‘’I needed to see you.’’ Is his response, emotions that were erupting before having dispelled into thin air, as he finally gets serious not putting an act, his stone exterior shining through.
‘’And?!’’ I press narrowing my eyes, the fact that he looks downwards showing his real emotions and nerves this time.
‘’Bridges after they get burned, destroyed or collapse, they can get rebuilt again.’’ His example makes me almost laugh out loud and the way he is carrying himself tells a lot. Huh.
I nod agreeing to the example, shaking my head at the end intaking a breath clicking my tongue ‘’Its…’’
‘’Please tell me there’s a slim chance we can rebuild something.’’ he’s quick to stop me making his intention clear ‘’Anything literally anything Y/N-ah, please. We’ve grown up together, we’ve been each other's firsts in everything. We planned to live and die together, please don’t tell me it’s all gone. That you don’t feel anything, that-that you...ammm…’’ lost for words and the glossiness in his eyes have me pausing but only for a second.
‘’Honestly…’’ I begin trying to pick my words ‘’There’s nothing left.’’ I look straight into his eyes feeling no remorse ‘’You’ve made sure of that.’’ I lift my hands in surrender ‘’No point on begging or trying to dig up the past because it doesn’t hold meaning to me. I’m fine without you.’’ the smile persistently comes back as I grin, his disappointment not exactly enjoyable.
‘’What - how did it come this far Y/N-ah?’’ The shift in tactics is notable as the vulnerability gets pushed back, something else settling in his bones. It’s noticeable in the way he takes another step closer and straightens his posture ‘’You don’t want me to sugar coat this fine. I won’t. I’m still in love with you.’’ Not at all surprised at his statement I again narrow my eyes biting onto my lower lip to keep myself back in a sense ‘’I tried moving on, tried to distract myself, bury myself in work, anything at all and yet, here I am. Grovelling at your feet for any bread crumb which you...do you hate me that much, princess?’’
The nickname raises some irritation to spark in my chest. But keeping myself grounded and neutral, numb for the most part leaves me unresponsive, something I know he despises.
‘’I don’t believe you do.’’ he states, making me let out a laugh at his blatant denial.
‘’Believe whatever you want Taehyung-ssi.’’ I sigh feeling tired of this circle we seem to be running ‘’Whatever you want from me, you don’t deserve even a tincy tiny measly breadcrumb.’’ I take a step away from him ‘’You killed me.’’ his eyes widen the slightest as he stares after me as I take another step towards the front doors ‘’That night when you left, you murdered that part of me. You don’t get to regret your actions; you don’t get to ask for anything because I owe you nothing. You have taken my soul.’’ I pause his expression stone cold as if he’s angry ‘’So keep it. Keep those broken pieces all you want because I’m out.’’
‘’Don’t leave...me.’’ he calls out as soon as I turn my back on him. Having found strength, I keep walking to the door, hand on the handle until I turn back to look at one of the most handsome men in Korea. See how light dims from his eyes, hope vanishing, his dreams resting in my hands.
‘’Funny.’’ I pause ‘’Those exact words were the last ones I’ve spoken to you.’’ I run my tongue between my parted teeth, the realization catching him off guard as his breathing becomes hard in the silence ‘’Goodbye stranger. Wish to see you never again.’’
Okay a tad bit too dramatic to say but I can’t find it in myself to keep up the nice pretences. Pressing onto the handle, the door beeps unlocking and lets me outside, into the narrow corridor. At the very end of it stands none other than Hoseok, his eyes trained on me. I can’t read his expression as he keeps it neutral, seeing him doing anything else than smiling odd.
And yet the situation would bring only worry if he smiled.
Walking forth I don’t even grant him a glance or acknowledgement. I’m used to getting disappointed by people, so cutting him off even though it weighs on my heart needs to happen.
It's long overdue the need to take care of ourselves first, instead of putting others on pedestals. It’s time to breathe easy without heavy weights keeping us down.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------- Masterlist / Ao3
Copyright 2022© by barbika1508. All rights reserved.
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loomdiamonds · 5 months ago
Exes in The Soop: Episode Two
Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 2.9k Words Synopsis: While the Bangtan boys thought they were going on a new season of BTS In The Soop, they will quickly come to learn that this is no ordinary season. This season, while the each member is thinking this will be their time to relax after such a hectic schedule, the producers are surprising them with their exes. While everyone is surprised as their exes show up, Taehyung was even more surprised to see his one true love come after the way their relationship ended prior to his debut with BTS. Will Y/n want to make amends and possibly save their old relationship, or finally say goodbye to him. Warning: None that I know of. Exes In The Soop Masterlist Wattpad Link
Tumblr media
The weather is calm around the soop. The tree’s leaves are dancing on the trees, flowers are blooming, and it is the perfect summer day and peaceful. However, inside the soop is completely different.
After each ex introduce themselves to everyone and Taehyung expressed his feelings towards the situation, there is one ex who comes that has each and every BTS member in shock.
“What, is there someone else?” J-hope ask as the producers look towards the door, shocked that she changed her mind. It was hard to track her down, that is true, however she expressed to them that she never wanted to see her ex again.
That she has moved on and has no reason to participate in this season. So, what could have changed her mind?
“I swear if it’s another one of my exes, I might actually sleep out in the woods and hope something eats me.” Yoongi says, causing some to laugh. Taehyung looks at his lap as someone walks in, but from the peripherals he sees all of his members stand up in shock as they look at the woman who just walked in.
“No way,”
“Am I seeing this right?”
“Oh man, Holy Shit!” Just as Taehyung was about to raise his head to see who has all the members shock, he hears a voice that causes him to go as pale as a ghost.
“Hello, my name is Chai Y/n, and I am Taehyung’s ex.” She bows to everyone, some girls doing the same while Sung-Eun looks at the woman in disgust and jealousy. Of course, she knew who Y/n was, in her mind, Y/n was the reason why Taehyung wasn’t able to love her.
Taehyung looks up and stares at Y/n in shock as everyone looks at him. A tear runs down his cheek without realizing it and instead of saying anything to him, Y/n sits down next to all the other ladies and avoids all the eyes on her.
‘She’s really here.’ Taehyung thought to himself. ‘She actually came, but why? Why after so long?’
After a long pause, leaving everyone in tense air the producer clears their throat and continues. “Now that we are all here, we shall talk about what this season of In the Soop entails. We figured, to do so we shall introduce your host.”
“Host?” J-hope asks confusingly, as someone walks in from the backdoor of the main house. Some of the girls begin to gasp, cheer, and sit in shock as he stands next to the producer.
“Hello,” Their host starts off and bows in front of them. While everyone stands and returns the gesture, each BTS member has the same question going through their mind.
How and why did their CEO agree for them to do something like this.
“I’m producer Rain Jung Jihoon, and I will be your host this season.” He smiles at everyone and is then handed some cards as the BTS member’s look at their sunbaenim confused.
“Bangtan, you guys have dominated the world with your talent. Not only are you the biggest K-pop group, Grammy nominated artist, being able to accomplish having 4 number 1 songs on the Billboard hot 100 in less than a year, and help Army love themselves and you, but there is one thing you all haven’t yet been able to conquer” Jung Jihoon says, while looking at everyone. “You have yet to find love for yourself.”
‘You have got to be kidding me,” Taehyung thinks to himself as he leans back on the couch.
“We invited you all here because some of you expressed that you would like you wanted to re-kindle what you once had, or you wanted closure so that way you can move on finally or find your next love here In the Soop.” Taehyung looks over at Y/n to see her looking at Jihoon, focusing on his words, and he takes a deep breath.
“Use these next three weeks wisely, though myself and the rest of the crew will not be here all the time, we will come periodically to give out date cards. Here you are able to take someone on a date and see if that connection can go in the outside world. At the end, we will finally ask each of you to take a lie detector test to ask the question if you are truly over your ex and ready to find new love, or if maybe your past-love may be your soulmate and now is the right time, or maybe you just aren’t ready for love. This is Exes in the Soop.” Jihoon finishes as everyone looks at each other trying to comprehend all the information they have been given.
“I can take that lie detector now and tell you I’m over both of them.” Yoongi mumbled which earned a small elbow from Jin, making him groan.
“Yoongi, Namjoon, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook, later on this evening we will give you all a chance to have a sit-down conversation with one of your past-partner. Until then, feel free to mingle with each other and we will see you all later.” Jihoon finishes as the crew and the camera men leave.
Slowly but surely all the girls surround the newcomers to introduce themselves and the boys, especially Taehyung, can’t help but stand there in shock as they stare at one girl in particular.
“So, Y/n, what do you do?” Jin-Shil asks as she comes up to Y/n who is now sitting on the couch, fiddling with her fingers as the other girls conversate and go back to what they were doing prior. “I am currently in my last year of residency to become a pediatric surgeon.”
Jin-Shil stares at the young woman confusingly causing her to smile lightly. “Basically, A pediatric surgeon is specially trained to perform various operative procedures on children and young adults.”
“Oh,” Jin-Shil says causing Y/n to laugh lightly. “You’re really young though? I thought that becoming a doctor can take a while.”
“It can, I was lucky enough to only have to go through two years of medical school and not the full 4.”
“Ah I see, so, do you like kids? Do you have kids?” She asks Y/n, as both are unaware that all the boys especially Taehyung wait for her answer. Y/n smiles widely.
“I love kids, I would like to have some one day. But currently I do not have any of my own.” Y/n says as she looks down slightly, a bit upset. She spent the 9 years working that she honestly never had time to date, nevertheless, think about starting her own family. The last time she truly thought about having kids was with… “Taehyung.” A voice says loudly from behind him. Turning around he sees an angry Sung-Eun standing there with her arms crossed.
“Can we go talk, please?” Taehyung sighs deeply before turning to look at her one more time. ‘She’s really here, in the flesh. But what is the true reasoning she came?’
Without saying a word, Taehyung walks out of the main house with Sung-Eun on his tail and Y/n watches as they both leave. ‘So, he did move on?’ She thought to herself.
“Hey, Y/n, long time no see.” She hears a voice say, she turns to see Jimin and Jungkook now standing beside her. She nods her head and they both smile. “Jungkook and I would really like to catch up with you, it’s been a while since we have seen each other.” Jimin says,
Y/n looks towards the door Taehyung exits one last time before nodding and following 2 out of the 3 maknae’s of BTS. The rest of the members watch as Y/n follows them and Jin chuckles. “It’s to calm here, I have a feeling thing are about to get a tad bit exciting.” The Hyung line laughs at Jin and begin to walk off to do their own things.
Jin was right though; things were about to turn from peaceful to very heartbreaking.
Taehyung follows Sung-Eun into his designated house and sighs as he closes the door behind him. “If we are just coming in here just to argue, I would rather not.”
Sung-Eun rolls her eyes as she stops what she is doing and faces him. “Why are you so cold towards me?” She asks crossing her arms. He scoffs as he looks to see if she was being serious. Unfortunately, she was.
“Are you serious?” He asks, staring at her blankly. “I know I made my mistakes Taehyung, but I’ve learned from them.”
Taehyung groans loudly as he walks past her and into the kitchen with Sung-Eun hot on his trails. “Without you in my life made me realize that I don’t want anyone else. There is no use in laying with another human being when I have you. You’re all that I want, I’ve changed. Please. Taehyung.” Sung-Eun pleads; however, Taehyung couldn’t find it in him to care.
Reaching for a glass from the cupboard, Taehyung feels her wrap her arms around him. “Please Taehyung.” Putting the glass down from his hand, he pushes her hands away and turns around.
“I’m going to say this as nice as possible, and I will not continue to repeat myself.” He starts, looking down at her making her shift uncomfortably underneath his gaze. “I do not want you. You should have known since I asked to date you that we were supposed to be loyal to each other. Those feelings I had for you are long gone, so cut it out.”
Sung-Eun looks at him with tears filling her eyes as he speaks to her. She knew she messed up, but why can’t he see she has changed for him? She’s ready for all… no part of his…
But then it clicked for her.
As Taehyung turns around to finish making himself a drink, she finally speaks up. “You speak of loyalty but during our entire relationship you were still hung up on her.”
“What are you even talking about?”
“Oh, come on Taehyung,” Sung-Eun expresses loudly as Taehyung keeps his back towards her. “Don’t sit here and talk about loyalty when you practically treated me like a rebound and prayed that Y/n would come back!” She yells.
“Did I not say I don’t want to argue.” Taehyung says as he takes a sip from his drink.
“What could she possibly have that I don’t? Is it the fact that she’s someone you can’t have? Maybe that’s why she left you! Because you are nothing but a jerk and only find ways you can benefit out of a relationship and not care about other’s feelings.” Sung-Eun says out of anger, which only causes Taehyung to snap.
Taehyung slams down the cup in his hand as he turns to look at her. Sung-Eun quickly realizes what she has says and was about to begin apologizing to him. “You’re right, you were a distraction from Y/n and that’s all you’ll ever be. I never loved you. If you don’t like it, then leave.” He says coldly as he stares at her while she slowly begins to cry.
“Tae, oppa-“
“Just leave Sung-Eun, for the millionth time, I don’t want you here. Go find another idol to sleep with for your five seconds of fame.” He says harshly as he turns his back on her and places both hands on the counter. "That's all you wanted from me. You saw me as a way to get your five seconds of fame, well now you're getting it. So since you got what you wanted, please leave."
Without saying another word, Sung-Eun runs out the house while slamming the door behind her. Taehyung sighs lightly as he runs his fingers through his hair frustratingly.
Y/n watches as both Maknae’s whisper to each other about something, patiently waiting to see what they wanted to speak with her about. She looks around the outside area as the three of them sit in the table area next to the RV and admires the view.
‘This place is peaceful,’ She thinks to herself. ‘It’s sad that there probably won’t be as much time to enjoy the true beauty and peacefulness of this place.’
“Noona,” Jungkook says, making her snap out of her thoughts. “Where have you been the past 9 years? We’ve been helping Taehyung help find you for so long!” Jungkook blurts out, catching me off guard.
Jimin hits the youngest’s shoulder, causing him to hiss in pain and he sighs. “What Jungkook means, is how are you? It’s been a long time.”
Y/n smiles lightly, nodding her head. “I’ve been good, I would ask you guys, but your entire life is on display for the whole world to see.”
Both boys nod as they watch Y/n take a deep breath. “But to answer Jungkook’s question, I’ve been in America. I went there for medical school, then I moved to Canada, and just last year I moved back to Korea to finish up my residency.”
“Well, that explains why we couldn’t find her, she went all over the world.” Jungkook muttered, earning a kick from Jimin underneath the table. “Yah, would you stop that!”
Y/n laughs lightly at the twos antics as they begin to bicker with each other, and from her peripherals she sees the woman Taehyung walked out with storming out of a small little cottage. Turning her attention to her, she watches as the woman wipes her face as she storms into the main house.
‘Was she crying? I wonder what happened in there.’
“Well Y/n, since Jungkook doesn’t clearly know how to be discreet about things, I guess we will just get straight to the point.” Jimin starts as he and Jungkook place their hands on the table. “We only ask this because we deeply care about him and only want to see him happy.”
“Okay,” Y/n says as she looks at them both curiously.
“What happened all those years ago, why did you disappear?” Jungkook asks, making Y/n freeze slightly.
Honestly, she tries her best to not remember that day. The day she felt her heart being ripped from her chest and torn into a million different pieces.
“Yah, I hope one day we possibly win a Grammy in America!” Jin says as every member talks about their dreams that could possibly become true during their time as BTS. As they are talking, however, Taehyung seems to be lost in thought until someone calls his name.
“Hyung, you and Y/n Noona are the perfect couple.” Jungkook says quietly as all the members sit in their dorm together.
“Taehyung, I want to be the flower boy at your wedding, promise me!” Jin says, causing everyone but Taehyung to laugh.
“We probably won’t ever get married.” Taehyung says, causing everyone to stop laughing and look at him confused. “You won’t, why?” Jimin asks, causing Taehyung to shrug his shoulder.
“I think I’m going to break up with her soon. I know being an idol, it will be hard to maintain a relationship and I might as well end it soon so that way I can put my full focus on us growing. A relationship would but just be too much of a distraction.” Taehyung says, causing everyone to sit in silence.
However, what they don’t know was outside the door was Y/n standing there with a cake for all of BTS to congratulate them on their debut. “You are just going to end things just like that? Do you not love her anymore?” Namjoon asks, causing Taehyung to shake his head and look at all the other members.
“It’s not that I don’t love her,”
“Then what could it be? Did the company say something?” Yoongi interrupts making Taehyung look down at his lap for a moment. Don’t get him wrong, he has strong feelings for his girlfriend and there is no doubt about it. However, he also knew that being an idol your entire life is on display, everyone wants to know everything from the clothes you’re wearing to what toothbrush you use. So, if they were to continue their relationship and others knew that Y/n was his girlfriend… well there are many examples of what could happen to her if he continued on with their relationship.
Call him selfish, inconsiderate of Y/n’s feelings, but to Taehyung he truly felt that this was the only way he can protect her.
“No one said anything to me.” Taehyung starts looking back up. “I am just thinking realistically about things. She wants to go to medical school, and now that we have debuted and have no clue what’s to come, between our schedules it would never work out.” Taehyung says and unknown to him, causing Y/n’s heart to break even more.
Y/n looks down as tears stream down her cheek, some even landing on the cake in her hand, and she takes a step back. A million thoughts were running through her mind, and she wanted nothing more than to just storm into the dorm and give Taehyung a piece of her mind, but she held herself back.
Instead, she turned away from the door, walking off and walking out of Taehyungs life.
“Y/n? Y/n? Is anyone home?” Jungkook’s voice says, finally breaking Y/n out of her trance. Feeling a tear fall from her cheek, she quickly wipes it away and looks down. “I… I think it’s best I discuss that with Taehyung firs.”
Both boys look at each other wearily, confused by her reaction and Y/n looks down.
“Okay, that’s understandable, but can I ask why you came here? Was it to get back with Taehyung, or is there another reason?” Jimin finishes, and Y/n takes a deep breath.
She thought about that the entire ride here. She knew this question was going to pop up, and especially by those who Taehyung consider like brothers. Looking up at them both with a blank expression, she nods her head.
“I’m here to give Taehyung closure, so he can move on and find real love.”
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satnin-darling · 6 months ago
Drabble | Better With You | Kim Taehyung, 4.4k
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Summary: Things were off. At home, you stare at your phone, the time is close to three a.m. The apps circulate as you swipe your thumb, squinting at the smaller font. A page loads, you exit it before the images manifest. Things are weird, they have been for the past few days.
Warnings/Tags: RATED T; for hurt/comfort; angst; references to -burnout, exhaustion, stress, self-doubt/self-worth; tender kisses, late night drives, and leisurely strolls in Hangang Park; references to Free Love (HONNE) and Nothing (Bruno Major) because those songs fit them so well ah; fluff and a happy ending; - idol!AU - established relationship.
I wasn't sure if I should post this so I left it for while and then I finally had the opportunity to finish it. I figured that there are those of you who may enjoy it nonetheless.
There are themes surrounding self-doubt, exhaustion, and pessimism in the way of processing one's emotions, so if you're not in the mood to read about those sorts of things, that's okay too, we're all living in very strange times...
The last thing I wanted to say is that wherever you are and whatever situation you're in, I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself🧡
If you want to read the series it’s @4:23AM!
Things were off.
At home, you stare at your phone, the time is close to three a.m. The apps circulate as you swipe your thumb, squinting at the smaller font. A page loads, you exit it before the images manifest. Things are weird, they have been for the past few days.
Under layers of blankets, you try to burrow even further, ending up cramped in a curled up position. Your mind is racing while your body screams for the silence that sleep brings, nothing awaits you in the morning apart from an extended period of leave. Blinking is harder when your eyelids are heavy.
It’s nothing new.
You’ve always been good at recalibrating, at not leaving it too long before you crash.
Bottom line is that it's hard to achieve some kind of balance between work and life, like you’re spinning plates on the small surface of your palms. It's silly, it shouldn't be like this. Others have had more success and fared better with a good night’s sleep and iron-clad boundaries. You’ve seen your colleagues do it like it’s second nature to them.
Hey, sorry I’m gonna have to turn you down on your offer to go out. I’m so exhausted from everything that’s going on.
There must have been something different with you, like you have a need to prove yourself. It nags, this feeling of wanting to give your the totality of yourself to everything at once. After those instances of intensity come the eventual consequence of trying to be in all places at once. The exhaustion, a candle snuffed out.
It’s just… hard to say no.
So you do it. You push and push until you nearly come apart at the seams. You say yes to everything, you ignore the plea of your body to slow down. Abruptly, you pull back.
It gets bad but that didn't use to matter because you were alone.
The apartment becomes this nest where you work through it. That’s why you reserve your vacation times in a lengthy, exhaustive blocks. In that month, the routine slips a little as you come back to yourself in pieces, remembering what it was like before entering a state of flow. You spend days in bed in bouts of silence as your mind goes into overdrive. Much like how you are now.
The cycle just has to finish, you remind yourself.
That was fine because friends knew how it was, Yoongi left you alone because you always came back. It happens and they understand.
But then there was Taehyung. The one who has, till date, only seen the best version of yourself. You wanted to preserve that, as ludicrous as it was to admit. He came home from America exactly a week and a half ago and you haven’t seen him again because you just couldn’t.
The guilt gnaws.
Should I even be taking this time for myself? I should be meeting people in my free time, I should see my boyfriend.
Two months ago, Taehyung caught you at a bad time. It was hectic everywhere: first, everyone’s birthday seemed to be happening all at once, then work deadlines were hurtling towards the unmanageable, and finally (despairingly more like) he was going to leave for America for longer than you were prepared to accept. You snapped at him when he was trying to show you something, a new artist he discovered while listening to music. He didn’t even obscure your laptop that much. Quickly, you blamed it on getting cabin-fever as working from home wasn’t your usual style. He apologised, which didn’t rest easy on your conscience.
It got awkward after that. The excuse you told him wasn’t even believable but he didn’t press you. I have an early start tomorrow, better to stay at mine so I don’t get stuck in traffic. You weren’t even sure what you wanted to say. All you remember was how his eyes dulled in their shine when you turned down his offer for a movie night at his.
You don’t realise that you had drifted off, fixating at an imaginary point in the ceiling until your phone vibrates once, twice, then a third time. You fling some blankets off, reaching for it by the empty space next to you.
Taehyung [03:11]:
Are you awake?
If you are, go to sleep!
Taehyung had a sense about these things. He knew when you were off, even if he hasn’t really seen the state of you or taken note of how you’re curled up, evaded by a feeling that you can’t put a name to. Renewed for a moment, you begin to tap your reply.
You [03:13]:
I should be the one telling you that 🙂
Any reason why YOU’RE up?
Taehyung [03:14]:
Thinking about you, mostly 😘
You [03:15]:
Flirt 😒
Taehyung [03:15]:
You love it tho 😋
(You really do).
Taehyung [03:16]:
I’m downstairs 😬
Nearly tripping, you go to your window even though your apartment is too high to really see anyone below. Your phone buzzes again.
Taehyung [03:17]:
And I’m frezing 😓
Shoving the comfiest sweats on and doubling up on your socks, you hop, skip, then jump out into the hallway.
Taehyung [03:18]:
Just kidding. In my car and the heating is on blast 🤠🥵
You resort to typing in shorthand as you lace up your shoes, then slot your arms through your jacket sleeves. You also laugh at his use of emojis, finding his choices endearing. The last thing is your mask as you close the door softly.
You [03:19]:
Wdym ur downstairs?! Where?
The elevator dings, the doors stacking into each other as you step in, punching the arrow pointing down. It’s so worn that the symbol is barely visible.
Taehyung [03:19]:
Basement - B9.
Nerves get replaced by something else, giddiness? Whatever it was, it felt like butterflies were crowding your stomach, no longer tired but excited to see him. Soon enough, the doors open. You step out, shivering at the drop in temperature and veer into the right. Ugly green paint was the aesthetic of the basement parking, you see the snout of Taehyung’s colossal SUV jutting out, its headlights dazzling the entire space.
Taehyung opens the door before you could even try.
And there he was, a vision even in the dim interior. Tortoise shell glasses, a messy mop of dark hair, black shirt peeking in between the layers of brown shearling he’s wearing, his mask stretched under his chin. Before you speak, even before you smile at each other, he drapes a wooly scarf over your neck, trapping your hair with it.
“Knew you’d forget a scarf.”
You slide in, the grainy leather is heated on the back of your thighs. You smell his scent through the knitted material. The dash is lit up, the medium sized screen showed that he was cycling through his playlist.
“I can’t believe you’re here.”
He licks his lips, reaching to you and guiding your head towards his using his hand. He plants a soft kiss by your temple, driving out of the parking bay with an expert twirl of the wheel.
“Missed you too much.”
The speakers play an upbeat song.
Are the simple things enough?
I got to give you all my love
Free love
Oh free love
After, he goes on checking the mirror, trying (and failing) to appear suave. Pink tinges the tips of his ears, you allow yourself to laugh, automatically twining your fingers through his as he pulls out of the parking lot.
Imagine a place where we can be free
There’s no one for miles, it’s just you and me
“Couldn’t help yourself, huh?”
His reply is a kiss to the back of your hand. In the frame of the window, Seoul is a blur of neon streaks.
We might have kids
Maybe three
“You know me.”
But twins would be cool
That would do it for me
As the engine revs, you hide your grin in the grey of his scarf.
Hangang park was deserted and not a single person was in sight. The waves of the river ripple like scales on a fish. You underestimated how cold it was, your body taking its time to adjust as you shive. Suddenly, Taehyung had taken to sling his arm around you. His jacket is cavernous, depleting next to you in an awkward ruche.
“Wait, what if someone -”
He tugs you close, ever the rebel. For someone who hates being visible in public, or anywhere unfamiliar without security ring-fencing him and the others, Taehyung sure was bold.
“I don’t care.”
(He really meant it).
Relenting, you walk in comfortable silence, the pad of your soles on the paved path are muffled while the breeze sings its quiet lullaby. The weight of him on you is grounding. Ahead, Seoul glitters, its buildings with its blinking windows and lights that flank the highways. Not to far off was Banpo bridge lit up in ochre.
“People kiss here, you know. We should do that.”
Taehyung’s voice is clear, so you look up and see his mask bunched up by his chin.
“Taehyung, your mask,” you chided, securing your own up your nose bridge.
“No one’s around! Look!” He said, waving at the trees, at the rail that angles towards the river because of how many people lean on it everyday.
His arm is still around you, the pace of your walk dwindles to a shuffle. It’s cold and you hadn’t met each other in a couple of days, long enough for him to notice and drive up to meet you like this.
The guilt gnaws.
Pushing that away for the moment, you tuck yourself even more against him. Immediately, he swings you both so that you’re in between two trees, its twigs are exposed, the tiny buds of leaves hanging on for Spring. Gently, he tugs your mask down, the flimsy thing giving way immediately. His fingers are cold, the tip of his nose is red, he looks at you like you hung the stars and the moon.
And you thaw because you’re just normal people, so why not?
Cold fingers find each other, he takes your hands, slides them into his pockets. Lately, his touch is more than familiar, moulded to yours. It’s like that before the distance shrinks, your lips both being slightly chapped but the contact is electric. It’s baffling how that can assuage the storm in your mind. How Taehyung’s kiss, a facet of his love, can make you feel warm from within.
When you pull back, your hands are still in his pockets and his nose is redder than ever.
“Come back to mine?”
Your smile is probably so loud, anyone in your vicinity can hear it.
Taehyung switches the vinyl for a smaller one, the music comes out as bluesy and warm. It takes a moment for him to place the needle once it swings out, skipping a track or two. His living room is open plan, the floor heating is just right. Behind the enormous TV is an accent wall made up of slabs of stone, a pleasant break from all the smooth marble.
You couldn’t help it, you were retreating into yourself again. You're not really present. Then, Taehyung is next to you, lacing his fingers through yours, his slim bracelets with their metal pendants pressing on your wrist. You say to yourself that you’re happy to be in the silence, thinking in those seconds.
The most frustrating thing is the lack of control. It can happen at any time or at any place. And the worry is not being able to work through it, the worry is someone noticing. A paranoia that strips you back as if you're transparent, anxieties flashing in offensive neon. He squeezes your hand, you hope it’s not too clammy from how you’re trying to calm yourself down.
"Missed you," he said, as he does in random moments, even when you're right next to him.
On a typical day, it would be sweet, but now this passing affection rocks through you privately. You're transported to how many days you were away, the hours you worked, the nights you weren't together. It's selfishly unfair that the one time he gets an extended break is the time you're the busiest, only having time to eat, shower, then sleep. You forget your own habits, unaware of how taxing they can be until you promise to spend the night at his and come to a sight where he’s stayed up past three in the morning, giving you a tired smile and opening his arms.
He would joke that your schedule is tougher than his, You sure you’re not actually an idol?
Panic marks a change in altitude in your organs, causing your stomach to drop. You scramble to interpret what Taehyung meant. But the rational part of you knows that it's enough for him that you're near him, holding his hand. He leans his head on your shoulder, dark hair falling in a slow part, some strands being so wispy they tickle your cheek.
"I'm sorry," you suddenly blurt out, voicing your guilt. That had him sitting up suddenly, his black shirt in a slouch, revealing more of his neck.
"Why? What's wrong?" He asked, far too kind, kinder than the voices in your mind at present.
"It's just... I'm - I haven't been here," you said, cringing as it's so crude out loud. Taehyung's brows knit together, seemingly clueless.
Of course he is, you never tell him anything these days.
He says your name, piercing your doubts. It's kind of off now - you giving an opening without explanation.
"It's nothing," you conclude, not quite comprehending anything past the roar in your ears. Taehyung brings his hand up to push the hair that slipped out of place, you shrink as if struck by lightning. He registers your sudden change, you can't even explain that.
Etta James laments about stormy weather, how it keeps raining all of the time.
Taehyung tries again, you keep still, letting his hand cradle the side of your face, his seeking fingers tangling in your hair.
“It’s not nothing,” he murmurs. His voice is low, you can't meet him in the eye, all you see is the frayed collar of his favourite white shirt. It's not much but you speak, pulling at the string of his sweatpants.
"It's just..."
You shouldn't tell him. You've been resilient so far and Taehyung’s got enough on his plate. March is soon and this break was meant to be a proper respite away from the cameras. Rehearsals loomed overhead, his schedule is growing in demands by the day.
“Want to talk about it?”
You take a deep breath.
Do you even want to bring it up?
It’s so… trivial.
So transient.
In front of you, he waits, he doesn’t rush you. Finally, you take in a shaky breath and say what you’ve been letting your mind run amok with for the past weeks.
“I get tired. I know that my body can’t keep up with everything that I want to do but I need to be moving, to be doing something. I need to feel useful.”
You think about your life, how it’s turned out. You stop yourself, plugging the stream of words that could gleam what was going on inside. It’s your problem, these were your issues that you had to work through. It’s been like this all your life, always internally fixing things, patching up the spillage from stress, then sweeping it away.
So far, you’ve been good. Able to stand on your own, confident that Taehyung wasn’t going to see the cracks for a while. Things like this, you didn’t want to bother him with. The pressure on him is enough, you didn’t need him to worry about things that would eventually pass. Bringing you back, he closes his hand over yours making your palm face upwards, his short fingernail tracing patterns. A star, a heart, a smiley face.
“Life gets busy. It’s okay to rest. You’re not less of a person if you stop and take care of yourself.”
“But that’s the thing, I find it hard to stop. It’s like I run towards it, this… burn out,” you said, adding a small laugh because of how ridiculous it sounded aloud.
“I want you to try to put your happiness first. I want you to do that.”
That makes you choke up a little bit, “I’m happy. I really am. I just get tired, is all.”
Ensuring that you’re looking at him in the eye, he stops drawing on your skin, his words sink in instead.
“You work hard. You do enough.”
How do you tell him that it actually goes beyond exhaustion? That rest gives way to guilt? That the cycle is personal, tailored to you.
“I know the guilt. And I know you do more, you’re always doing something. You don’t see it because you’re always looking ahead.”
You say the next thing because you never had the chance to say it out loud - not even to yourself.
“I find it hard to say no. I get paranoid that people will hate me if I’m not one-hundred percent there all the time. At work, in life.”
With you.
You don’t mean for it to sound like an accusation but it still does. Taehyung keeps his hand over your yours, those warm, brown eyes observe you with a keen interest.
“It’s okay to tell me to go away if you need some time for yourself, I won’t think that you hate me - I don’t think you can, to be honest.”
You allow yourself to laugh, playfully shoving at chest. You’re surprised that you let him see more than what you expected.
“I don’t know what you see in me really…”
Taehyung gives you a long, hard look. Pressing his lips into a tight line, the apples of his cheeks go fuller as he inhales deeply. Then, he gets serious, his eyes going all soft and tender.
“I love you so much. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”
Again, you deflect, new to all of this, “you have to say that, I’m your girlfriend.”
He just shrugs, “that’s a given, of course. But I write most of my songs about you - Namjoon-hyung tells me that I’ve gone on a complete one-eighty, the track list makes him curl his fingers because it’s so sentimental.”
Embarrassed, your forehead connects with his collarbone. He smells faintly of lavender, the scent interweaved his shirt. He cages his arms around you, laughing softly. He’s shy about it too. Taehyung’s always been like this, so easy to love.
“You sure you aren’t writing for ARMY?” You asked.
Gently, he parts with you and you are a met with a look of consternation: a tilt of his head, lips drawn in a tight line but still somehow quirking into a smile.
“Anyone can interpret it how they like. I just know that the whole album is turning out to be giant love letter to you.”
You don’t know why your eyes are stinging, “why are you so mushy for?”
He shrugs again, “happens when I’m around you. And it gets worse when I’m not. But I get clingy, I know.”
Something overtakes you then, a feeling that had its origins from the beginning, but has now bloomed into something robust. With him, you didn’t need to wonder or ask for his love, he says ‘I love you’ for the simplest of reasons: nothing could be truer to him than anything else. When you said it to each other first time, you realised that there are a number of things you might have been conveying. Taehyung said it to you after smuggling it in a question of ‘do you love me?’ But you know that he does even before he said out loud. It’s hard to ignore when you feel it all of the time.
Is this how it feels to belong?
“I love you.”
He scrunches his nose, “I take it back, you get clingy too.”
“I’m not the one who wrote an entire album about how much you love me.”
“Sorry for thinking that you deserve everything and more,” he nags gently. You feel him trace his knuckle on top of your cheek, the barest contact inciting goosebumps.
You’re grateful that you’re indoors this time because you can kiss him. Here, amongst the items familiar to you both, you can be bold. Leaning close, you press your lips against his and smile into the kiss.
“I put some of my stuff in storage the other day and cleaned up the spare office for you to use,” he mumbled, humming against your mouth.
You nip at his bottom lip, pulling back due to the memory of him entering your apartment, often seeing you, your laptop, and your poor posture against the working day.
“Oh really?” You asked, eyebrows raising.
“Yeah. I wanted you to have a proper desk, I know how it feels to have a bad back. A new chair is on the way too.”
You don’t deserve him. He always goes above and beyond.
“I can hear you thinking - you deserve these things.”
“Fine. Thank you for saving me from having a hunchback.”
He leans close, nudging his nose against yours, “it’s coming next week, and I still have some time if you need help moving the big stuff.”
Months back, you can’t exactly pinpoint when, Taehyung mentioned about moving in together. After staying some nights at his, you realise that he had been diligently carving some space in his apartment, hollowing out little nooks for you to put your own touch.
At once, you get how it must look for him. You hadn’t said a word or indicated your interest. You look at him, how he’s waiting, the way he fidgets with the hem of your shirt. You cast your mind back on how he’s seeing you on his own accord more and more -
“You’re worried that I’m going to say no.”
Taehyung is quick to hide it, smiling immediately, “no, of course not! I was just saying…”
You grasp at the the diamond in your necklace, the one he gave you. Earlier, you saw the array of items that were once in your house now in his as these incidental additions. In your mind, you were on board with the idea from the start. You spent most days here, evidenced by your wilted plants lined up on your window sill. Half of the KAWS toys were yours anyway, the couch is overtaken.
It’s so selfish to stay stuck in your head like this. Even more so to think that Taehyung didn’t need the same reassurance just because he is the one more willing to give, the one showing all sides of him, good or bad. He was looking at your hands instead of your eyes now.
“I’m sorry that I never said anything more about moving in. I want to, I want that. It’s just… I didn’t want to burden you ‘cause I get like this. I get all,” you start, grasping for the right word, “hermit-ey. I’m used to doing things alone.”
Taehyung’s smile dips, the recognition is there and that breaks your heart a little. He takes your hands, running his thumbs over the back in an unhurried caress.
“You could never be a burden to me.”
“I know.”
He adjusts your position so that you’re leaning on the couch more comfortably, positioning you on his lap securely.
“I like it when you need me but I like it just as much when you tell me what going on. You know, so I can back off a little.”
You shake your head, “I don’t want you to do that.”
“I know.”
Things go quiet, you fiddle with his bracelet. Nearby, the turntable has stopped; a new track was playing through the surround sound.
Dumb conversations, we lose track of time
Have I told you lately
I’m grateful you’re mine
Taehyung smoothes your hair down, “I always want you near. I want to see your slippers next to mine when I come home after a long day. I want to hear your bad singing in the shower, in the kitchen - ”
You swat him for that, remembering the date when he brought home TATA mic’s. You spent the evening giving a new tune to old classics, munching on macarons and being so stupidly in love.
You could be dancing on tabletops
Wearing high-heels
“I want you with me always, if I can help it.”
Drinking until the world
Spins like a wheel
You don’t hold back, not this time.
“I want that too. All of it and more,” you said.
But tonight your apartment
Had so much appeal
Taehyung grins, his features lighting up, “more?”
It was an unintentional slip, a loving one.
Who needs stars?
We've got a roof
The sun rises, peeking through the mesh of the curtain as if hesitating to intrude. You think about everything that has happened, where your life is heading, how you feel a lot more secure than you did.
So what if you get like this again?
There are people around who are willing to pick you up, to lift you where you’re collapsed in a heap. There’s Taehyung, who will always look at you, holding you in his arms, like he is now.
With a pleasant kind of tired, you tuck your chin over his shoulder, your hearts slowing to a synchronised beat. Taehyung embraces you without prompt, arms securing around you loosely. Suddenly, you miss him then, so you pull back, you look at his face. He blinks, his smile small yet fond.
Maybe, when the days get tough you can lean on someone for once and not have to face things alone.
You look at him, at those dark eyes, the faint mole on those rosy lips, his soft, brown hair.
Maybe you can have something more. It doesn’t have to be grand but it’s enough that you can both see it in the future.
But there's nothing
After the dust has settled and the roar of the crowd is just a memory. When things can really slow down and you can build something for yourselves, together.
Like doing nothing
With you
“Can you come and help me bring in some of my things here?”
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jvngkook97 · 2 months ago
Love at First Site
Tumblr media
pairing; game dev!taehyung x gamer!reader ft. jungkook
genre; angst, fluff, humor, f2l, gamer au, online relationship/friendship au turned IRL
warnings; major flirting, slight angst, some jealousy on both ends cause they’re both shy and don’t like confrontation, but mainly humor and fluff, I know nothing about being a game dev so don’t come for me pls and ty, this is littered with quotes from a certain tv show and if you’re able to figure out what it is then bless your soul cause it’s been a hell of a ride and iykyk
rating; 18+
w/c; 17,288 lord have mercy on your soul
a/n; hitting a minor writer’s block with some requests and original content on top of being sick, but this idea came to me and it made me gain back some confidence that I’ve lost. IM SO SORRY FOR THE LENGTH, but I realized too late that I should’ve split it into two parts. if it’s truly too much, let me know, and I will. and just fyi this was not proofread so I’m sorry for any errors. like + reblog if you enjoyed. feedback is always appreciated. ty for all the love and support <3
networks; @ficscafe, @thebtswritersclub, @kflixnet
Aggressively button smashing your game controller, you finally defeated the mini boss to continue on in your game after many hours of your own blood, sweat, and tears. It wasn’t until you were able to save all the glorious progress you made, were you allowed a slight breath of relief. Your adrenaline was still on a high, but your body sagged in exhaustion. Senses still alert, your ears perked up at the tall tale sign of your computer pinging at you a clip of your favorite song off one of your go to game soundtracks that reminded you of the specific person you set it for, ‘Fedoratheexplora’, aka, Kim Taehyung.
Grinning to yourself, you slid in the wheelie chair you were currently sat in in front of your tv, and glided smoothly in front of your computer desk. One hand landing on the mouse, and the other finding purpose with typing your password that unlocked the internet and allowed you access to the gamer dating site you met Taehyung on, ‘Seoul Geek’.
You two weren’t dating, but you talked everyday and there was heavy flirting on both ends. And dare you say, there was even usage of some quite suggestive emoji’s. Being extremely shy, you’ve never met the guy irl yet. Within his profile you learned that he lived less than an hour away from you and you still opted to go on ‘virtual dates’ through video calls on your desktop, laptop, or cell phones. He didn’t mind it in the slightest, and thought it was cute that you could be more shy than he was which is a feat in itself, considering he was the one to bring up meeting in the first place. Something he never failed to initiate at least once a day, hoping beyond all hope, that you’ll say yes.
You two bonded over a mutual love of all things games. The main one being one he actually developed and made himself. It was a heartfelt, mysterious, slight horror, story driven, visual novel type game with butterfly effect choices littered throughout. It was everything your little gamer heart could’ve asked for and more, so imagine to your surprise, when you found the game dev who brilliantly brought it to life on the gamer dating site. And he was single. From his username, to his fluffy hair, to his big, round rimmed glasses, his cheesy smile, his grandpa chic style in clothes….you were effectively hooked, and he unknowingly had your last life in his large, slender fingered, slightly arousing hands that he liked to hide in the sleeves of his cardigans. A quirk you found yourself inwardly cooing at every time he did it.
Fedoratheexplora is online
Fedoratheexplora is typing…
Your hands fidgeted nervously on top of your lap as you waited with bated breath for his response to a question you asked him earlier while he was still offline. In the end, he decided to ixnay the reply altogether and send you an invite for a video call. Combing your fingers through your hair frantically, you smoothed out the sleeves of your sweater and just as it hit its fourth ring, you clicked the ‘answer’ button.
His handsome face popped up on your desktop screen in high res, high def, 1080fps, beautiful Retina display. Cheesy smile already in place, he waved enthusiastically at you through the screen with one hand, as the other held a beer bottle. You can see where he’s been nervously toying with the label on the bottle before calling you. Looks like he did read your suggestion earlier of a impromptu celebratory video call date after all.
“Hi, Y/N! Shall we cheers?” He asked, eyeing your hands that were obviously unoccupied.
“Oh, shit! Yes! Hold on!” You could hear his deep chuckle as you fumbled for a minute off camera, reaching over to the side table next to you that carried your beverage of choice for the night. It was a mixed cocktail of your favorite green drink, a Midori Sour. Lifting your glass up for him to see, he gave you a thumbs up in reply.
Taehyung then holds his drink up to the screen as you copy him with yours. You both gently tap the camera of the devices you’re using with your glass and take a small gulp of your drink. After your first sip you both spend a moment silently watching each other. You map Taehyung’s beautiful face; his sparkling eyes, his cute nose, and the faint smile on his lips. You feel content just to look at him right in his stunning eyes. It was so easy to get lost. And you had no intentions of wanting to be found. It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t creepy, it wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was intimate and it was perfect for you two.
“So–,” he dragged the ��o’ out in a playful manner, breaking the silence.
Your face flushed a deep crimson, but you hope the dim lighting in your room makes it hard for him to notice. Or the fact that you were openly drooling over the man, having to not so subtly wipe the corner of your mouth with your sleeve cause seriously, how is he still single?!
“–what drink have you got? I’m curious.” He continued with his previous train of thought, taking pity on your poor soul to give you an out that you graciously took.
“A mixed drink. I just made myself a nice little cocktail, nothing too strong.”
“I like the color.” He gestured at your drink through the screen before tugging on the sleeve of his cardigan that was ironically, the same exact color. “One day I’d like to try a mixed drink made by you! I bet it would be the most sweet, delicious drink ever!” He graciously threw compliments at your already beet red figure, making you shyly shrink into yourself in reflex. No matter how many times he complimented you on a daily basis, you never got used to it, believing what was between you two was strictly one sided on your part and not reciprocated in the slightest.
“Almost as sweet as you.” He cheekily added at the end, knowing it would get a reaction out of you. It didn’t fail. You slouched into your desk chair, grabbing the collar of your sweatshirt to raise up and cover your face. His laughter rang like bells in the background that you couldn’t see, but it made your heart swell with joy in the fact that you were causing it. You groaned in feigned annoyance, which made him hit the top of his desk with his hand while still laughing.
Resigning to your fate, you straightened yourself back up and blew a raspberry at Taehyung, flipping him off with your middle finger in mock anger. He eventually simmered down enough to choke out an ‘I’m sorry’ and a ‘you’re just too adorable’ with a wave of his hand.
“What about you? What are you drinking, good sir?”
“Oh, this?” He lifted his beer bottle up to the camera where you had to wait for the camera to focus on what lettering still remained on the half torn off label. You squinted your eyes as you leaned forward in your chair and still couldn’t make it out. It looked like one you hadn’t seen before though. “It’s a beer from a brewery near the game studio!”
“Oh, nice! Supporting local businesses, very loyal of you.” You gave him a small clap of appreciation for his choice.
“Yup!” He he popped the ‘p’ exaggeratedly. “I’ve met some of the people who work there too. They’re really nice and know what they’re talking about! Like this cashier who I met for the first time tonight, she actually recommended this specific beer to me. Even went so far as to grab it for me from the back freezer so it was super cold. Very cool of her, no?”
He chuckled at his lame attempt at a joke, not realizing that you weren’t necessarily laughing yourself, and continued with his story.
“We got to talking about what it is I do, and get this y/n, she also knows about my games! She’s played them like you! It’s a small world sometimes, I swear.” He shook his head in disbelief, a smile on his face. “We ended up exchanging numbers and I invited her to hear me talk at my high school. I figured the more the merrier, right?” He scanned your face waiting for your enthusiastic affirmation you always provided.
“Is that why you started drinking it? Because you knew people who worked there?”
His once large smile, went down in size and became more forced when he realized that you didn’t acknowledge his joke earlier or commend him for gaining the courage to actually invite someone in person, an action he’s rarely done in his lifetime so far. Clearing his throat, he answered your question.
“This beer specifically, yes, from the cashier I met tonight. But the brewery itself I found out about through work. Due to it being so close, sometimes the brewery would send over samples to our workplace for us to try. One of those samples, I happened to really enjoy which had me visiting them more often.” Resuming his previous act of nervously tearing at the label, he started doing it again with a new bottle he just opened. “It reminds me so much of my work and what I do for a living that I’m attached to it. It’s just me, games, and–,” he lifted his bottle up before taking a swig of it, “–this beer.”
“What about me?” You blurted it out so abruptly, you not only surprised Taehyung, but yourself as well. Your eyes instantly widened as you tried and failed to come up with an excuse to cover up what you just asked. Instead you used the facade of a pouty expression to make the question more playful and less serious like it initially came out.
Taehyung just leaned over on his elbows to give you a warm smile meant for you only. His eyes became soft with understanding. He may be a male, but he wasn’t completely oblivious to the opposite sex. He knew you were jealous. It was written all over your body movements and facial expressions.
“You know that’s not what I meant. You’re very important to me as well and I could never forget about you. That’s why I don’t cluster you within a group of temporary daily activities that could change within a moment’s notice. You’re in a whole league of your own, y/n. One that I don’t plan on ever growing out of, or getting sick of. To me, you’re everlasting.”
You wanted so badly in that moment to confirm your own feelings for him the way he just so plainly did with you, but it was like your brain wouldn’t compute with your heart. Instead, your flight or fight instincts kicked in and you chose to flee, in a sense, by completely ignoring what he said and changing the topic.
“Wait! Hold on!” You arms flailed around you wildly, making Taehyung give you an odd look with his head tilted to the side. But, like always, he patiently waited for you to resume your thoughts. He was taught that it’s rude to interrupt others, and was more than sure you were just prolonging your own confession. A thought of his own that had his heart racing erratically in his chest. Any moment now–
“You said the brewery would send samples to your studio?
You could see his body visibly deflate at your words, and it made you feel guilty, but you weren’t ready to lay your heart out on the line just yet, no matter how badly you really wanted too. Smiling weakly at you, he nodded his head before giving a reply.
“Yeah.” Short, curt, to the point. His deep, monotone, voice making your heart now drop into your stomach. You hoped you didn’t fuck things up between you two. Reaching for anything at this point, you just wanted to keep the conversation going as long as possible, knowing your time would be cut short soon.
“You’re allowed to drink at work? There’s no way that’s allowed!” You feigned mild amusement, hoping it would ease the tension that’s so thick you could feel it through the screen.
Choosing to revert back to his old self, he pushed the middle bridge of his glasses up with his finger to realign them properly on his nose. Taehyung then cracked a grin at your attempt to dissolve the situation and responded to your inquiry with more emotion than before. If he had to wait longer, he would, you were worth it.
“Actually, it is! But only after work at the end of the week. No one is getting wasted in the middle of the day, this isn’t college.” He shook his head chuckling to himself as he took another big swig of his beer.
“Don’t you sometimes work long hours though? Staying up past normal work hours?”
“Yeah, but no one likes to drink if they’re working really long hours. Too tired to do that.” He made an ‘x’ motion with his arms in the middle of his chest.
“Oh. Yeah. I guess that’s true.” You nodded at him, nibbling lightly at the tip of your finger before taking a large gulp of your own drink.
“Honestly? I have a lot of complaints about the studio. I’m just thankful that I don’t work there anymore.” He grimaced at his past self and how much they sacrificed in order to achieve his life long dream of being a successful game developer. Now it was on to bigger and better things. “But it’s because of the studio that I really developed my love of beer.”
“Beer is good!” You chimed in, shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly.
“Do you like beer as well?” His eyebrows rose into his hairline as if he couldn’t believe you actually drank the beverage ever in your 25 years of life. It made you roll your eyes at him, a smile on your face.
“I do. Believe it or not. Though I don’t drink it as much as you may or may not think. I just drink it once in awhile, moreso on special occasions.”
“I drink it all the time, but I wouldn’t call myself a binge drinker. It’s more like–,” he looked up at his ceiling in thought, pondering over the number of beers he drank in a week with the subconscious use of his fingers as he counted inwardly. “Maybe one, two, or three at the most each weekend? To help me relax, you know?” He finished his statement looking back at you through his screen. His eyes lit up as he said his next words.
“And on top of that–,” he brought his pointer finger up straight and shook it in emphasis in front of the camera. “I also study beer too.”
You threw your head back into your chair as your entire body shook with laughter, cause of course he would study beer. How could you ever think otherwise?! Clutching your stomach with your arms, you were able to spit out a breathy and elongated reply.
Looking back at the screen had you keening over your desk with even more laughter as you watched Taehyung feign offense at your reaction and dramatically act as if you had just insulted him and his entire family. He then attempted to speak over your still ongoing laughter in a terrible, fake, posh, British accent.
“You wound me, y/n!” He placed his hand over his heart to further play on the dramatics, pretending to faint into the back of his chair with his other hand over his eyes.
“Oh my good lord, that accent though!” Coming down from your fit of laughter that brought tears from your eyes, you wiped at them with the palm of your hands. Completely forgetting that you put on makeup for this video call, you effectively smeared your mascara across your face and now looked like a raccoon.
Taehyung bursts out laughing at your new look, both of you exchanging roles as you were the one now being made fun of. Not that you entirely cared, you just loved hearing his laugh.
“Okay, okay, okay!” You got up and out of view for a second to grab a makeup remover wipe from the bathroom. Upon making your way back, you sat down in your chair and came back into view. Taehyung was lounging lazily in his own chair when you gazed at him, his laughter long since gone due to it dying out gradually while you were away, much to his stomach’s relief, and yours.
All of your makeup was now off your face as you wisely chose to go for the ‘au natural’ look, one Taehyung didn’t fail to notice, and casually winked at you for.
“Why beer? Why study that of all things?” You inquired as you chugged the rest of your cocktail before setting it down off camera.
Gently swirling his beer bottle in his hand, he mimicked your actions and chugged the rest of his beverage, setting it off camera as well before answering you.
“Well, my dear y/n, each beer tastes different for a variety of reasons. Some beers are more hoppy than others, and some have a fruity taste to them–.”
You smiled as you leaned your head against the palm of your hand, listening intently to Taehyung as he explained his whole thing with beer. After getting the lowdown on basically each game mechanic that Taehyung designed, it’s nice to listen to him talk about things other than games or work. It’s like seeing a whole new side of him.
“–I have a whole ranking system. Each time I try out a new beer, I add it to the leaderboard. It’s ranked based on color, flavor, and whether or not I like it!”
“So there are some beers that you don’t like?”
“Yeah, I especially hate light beers that just taste bad.” His body cringed at the mere thought of the cursed ale. “It’s like watered down beer. Like, are you beer? Or are you water?” His eyes widened comically as he used his entire body to emphasize his statement. You grinned to yourself and inwardly swooned over his playful nature. Scrunching your nose in disgust you agreed with him wholeheartedly.
“Light beers are the worst! If I’m going to be given a light beer, you might as well just give me water at that point!”
Throwing his hands at you, he stood up dramatically and playfully yelled at the camera with a close up of his face, making his already wide eyes, even bigger.
“THANK YOU!” He then made a kissy face at the camera as he puckered his lips and accompanied it with kiss noises. You snorted in response and did a half mock bow towards the camera while you were still sitting in your chair.
Plopping himself back down into his chair, he scooted himself back to a normal distance in front of the camera and continued with his mini rant.
“Do you know how many people have tried to convince me that light beer is good?”
“How many?”
He lifted up one hand with his fingers splayed out evenly, and used his other hand to gesture at his fingers.
“Five, y/n. And that’s five too many if you ask me.”
With the liquor effectively taking over all your senses, you couldn’t help but stare at him adoringly. Your eyes basically turned into heart eyes if we’re being honest, but due to Taehyung’s own inebriated state, he was none the wiser.
“I like how passionate you get about everything. Honestly, I could listen to you talk about beer all day long.” You breathily sighed out, your body sagging lovingly as you just stared at him, openly.
You see Taehyung get all shy on camera, trying to shrink himself down and hide his blushing face while at the same time sporting a big grin.
Nodding your head enthusiastically you replied.
“Yeah! It sounds like you should be a beer connoisseur. Or a beer sommelier..? Is that a thing?” You questioned into the air with a look of confusion on your face before answering your own question with confidence. “I’m sure it’s a thing.”
“Maybe..?” He trailed off thoughtfully. “I’ve never heard of one.”
You snapped your fingers at him as you got a brilliant idea, smiling widely before pointing your finger at him.
“You can be the first! I’ll even get you a fancy stein!” You try to picture him holding a comically oversized beer stein. You begin to giggle as you realize just how adorable he’d look while examining different glasses of beer with an all too serious look on his face.
“Are you imagining me deep in thought over a beer?”
“How did you know? Are you a mind reader?”
He could definitely tell you were starting to feel your own drink and decided to humor your conspiracy theory about him.
“I might be! You’ll never know.” He winked at you with a cheeky grin before dissolving your stein idea into nothing. “Have I told you I’m not a stein person?”
You gasped in shock, utterly disturbed at his self proclamation. “But how can you be a beer connoisseur without one!” The idea, to you, was blasphemy.
“I think I’m quite happy as a beer amateur.” He can barely say his sentence, trying his hardest to hold in his laughter. “I want to keep this beer hobby thing totally casual!”
You pouted in mock disappointment.
“Fiiiiiiine.” You dragged out the ‘I’ in sadness.
“You know–,” he offered you casually, “if you’d like I could teach you more stuff about beer. There’s always plenty to learn!”
You raised your shoulders to your ears with a face of indifference.
“I don’t care. I’m happy with you. I’ll happily use any excuse to hang out with you.”
He smiled softly at you, wondering if you were aware just how vulnerable you were being right now in your drunken state. Not wanting to hear anything more unless you were sober and coherent, he decided it was time to end the virtual date.
“Is your drink all gone? Mine is.” He shook his empty beer for the camera to see. You glanced at your empty glass that sat next to you off camera and gave him a mutual nod. “Man, time flew by fast, didn’t it?” He blew a low whistle into the air that reverberated through your speakers.
“I had a lot of fun, thanks for agreeing to this Tae.” You smiled in content at him, eyes feeling droopy. You were more than ready to succumb to the warm confines of your bed.
“I had a blast, y/n. I’m gonna hang up now, but next time we can cheers in person, yeah? Maybe we can even meet up at my high school tomorrow for my speech? That way we can put our devices out of harms way for a change.” He cheekily added the last part for shits and giggles. It worked. You let out a small, tired, laugh that eventually turned into a big yawn.
“Send me the details tomorrow, okay Tae Tae?” You didn’t miss the way his eyes lit up at your suggestion and immediately he sputtered out a ‘yes, I’ll send them right now! see you tomorrow, ok bye!’ before you could even mutter out a goodbye of your own he hung up with an exaggerated wave. He didn’t want to risk you saying otherwise about showing up. It was smart. But you would deal with everything tomorrow. Right now, you wanted to lay on your bed, underneath your cozy blankets, and sleep.
So, you did.
It was a very loud, very specific, ringtone that woke you up from your equally steamy and peaceful dream you had about Taehyung. Blinking sleep out of your eyes, you sat up and rummaged around the bundle of blankets around you to find your cell phone that wasn’t in plain view, but you could feel it was still somewhere on the bed.
It was a text from Taehyung.
Tae Bae: Good morning, gorgeous! You’re still down to come to my old high school with me, right? 😊
You completely forgot in your half sleep, half drunken state that you agreed to actually go to this thing. Not that you didn’t want to support him, you did, but you weren’t exactly mentally prepared to meet him in real life. This was going to be a huge step for you both, huge. But not one to be flakey, you took a deep breath before exhaling slowly out of your mouth. Fingers moving expertly, you typed out your reply.
Of course! I gotta support you while you give your talk!
Tae Bae: Thanks! ☺️
So, are you ready to give your talk to the high school kids?
Tae Bae: Yep! I finished my talk about how I got my start in the industry. I think the high school kids will find it interesting!
Awesome! 🤗
Tae Bae: I’m going to start heading over to the high school soon. I’ll see you there?
Yep! 👍🏻
Tae Bae: Oh. Also. I’m going to be dressing up a little.
OoOoOoO professional Taehyung??
Tae Bae: Lol. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you wanted to dress up a little professional as well.
Cool! Thanks for the warning!
Tae Bae: See you soon, y/n. Can’t wait! 😘
Ripping your blankets off the bed as soon as you saw his last text, you fumbled out of your shackles of blankets that got stuck around your ankles and made your way to your closet. Sliding it open, you filtered through various types of clothes that hung up. He said he was dressing professionally, but exactly what is professional to him? You should’ve asked when you had the chance, but now you didn’t want to bother him in fear of being an inconvenience.
Getting an epiphany, you decided to text one of your good guy friends that you knew since childhood days. He was ever the expert in fashion and style. Not even a second later, you get a FaceTime call from him. You answered it right away.
“Please help me find something decent to wear, Jungkook. I’m freaking out here!” You angled the phone away from your face, to place it directly in front of the rows of clothes that were hanging up. You could hear him let out a string of ‘no, no, no’ before he finally yelled out a ‘stop!’.
Setting your phone on top of your desk that wasn’t too far away from your closet, you pulled out his outfit of choice and placed it in front of your body in the body length mirror that leaned haphazardly against your wall next to your closet.
Looking at Jungkook through the mirror to gage his reaction, he just gave you his bunny toothed smile and two thumbs up. Letting out a sigh of relief, you then began to undress before he let out a loud screech in the background behind you.
With your pajama pants already in a pool at your feet, your eyes widened in horror, your black, lacy, underwear on full display for him to see with his own eyes. But when you raced over to your phone to end the call, you already saw that he hung up before you could. Sighing in relief, and embarrassment, you sent him an apology text along with a thank you and promised him you guys would get together soon and you would treat him to endless ramyeon, his favorite. A simple ‘I’m going to hold you to that, idiot’ is all you got in return.
Rolling your eyes at his usual behavior, you threw your phone on the bed and finished getting dressed. Pulling on shoes that would compliment your outfit, you decided to go with a pair of flats, not wanting to kill your feet in heels you never wore. Eyes lingering on your body in the full length mirror you deemed it good and decided to move onto your hair. You opted to keep your hair down, but instead of it being it’s usual, flat, boring style, you used a technique on YouTube you once saw to create flawless, yet natural looking, waves. Next was makeup, which you knew from last night, he preferred you being more natural. So today, you were going with very minimal makeup and just used mascara and eyeliner to accentuate your eyes, your best feature if you do say so yourself.
Grabbing your cell phone, wallet, and keys, you made your way to the front door. It was now or never. Let’s do this.
Taehyung is already at the school when you arrive. He greets you with a warm, firm hug, and quick kiss on the top of your head. Butterflies erupted in your stomach instantly upon the first contact with him. Your cheeks gained a natural blush to them when you noticed his eyes lingered over your figure for a moment before addressing you by your name. He’s happy to see you, but you can tell he’s a little tense. Not one to beat around the bush, you directly asked him.
“How are you feeling, Tae?” Your concerned gaze made his heart melt inside of his chest, his lips quirked up in a small smile for you to see only. Comfort instincts kicking in, your hand automatically went to stroke his back lightly while you waited for his answer, hoping it would be enough to calm him down a little before you meet up with the high school students. Thankfully, it seems to be working. You can feel his body begin to loosen up underneath your ministrations on his back.
“I’m a little nervous, but I’m glad you’re here now. I’m extremely happy that I asked you to come, cause I know I would be worse if you weren’t.” He looked at you in such a way that you knew he was being honest. It made you feel pride in being able to be here to support him and help him in his time of need. And that he asked for you to be here, personally.
“Taehyung, is that…you?” A voice hesitantly asked from somewhere behind you. It was a feminine voice, one you could see physically effected the male in front of you, his face morphing into one of confusion and then awe. You forgot, as well as he did, it seems, that you were not in fact the only one he invited to come today. And now? You felt less special.
Turning to the voice, you pivoted in your flats and created a distance between you and Taehyung, eliminating any physical contact you once had with him a second ago. Your actions made Taehyung frown at you with a different kind of confusion on his face, but you chose to ignore it and instead acknowledged the female whose name you’ve yet to find out in front of you. She was beautiful, of course. Dressed to the nines in an elegant, yet casual dress that she wore with heels. So now she towered over your average, flat wearing figure to join Taehyung comfortably at his height in a tight hug that he returned.
“You made it! Thank you so much for coming, Grace!” He greeted her warmly with genuine gratitude at her appearance. The little green guy inside of you was growing bigger by the second the longer you had to stay in their presence. Your flight response wanted to kick in, but you willed it down. It’s not like you two were dating, so why should you be upset? If he liked her, great, they looked disgustingly good together, so you wouldn’t blame him. Though it was not on your agenda today to be a third wheel.
As if she chose to ignore your figure completely until it was convenient for her, she finally let go of Taehyung to keep her hand in the crook of his elbow securely as she turned her body to face you with a pearly white smile on her face. Her voice was so cheery, it made the tight smile on your face twitch subtly.
“Hi! I’m Grace, you must be y/n, it’s nice to meet you!” She held out her hand to you in a polite gesture, one you also politely returned with a firm grip. One she didn’t fail to notice, as unbeknownst to Taehyung, her once carefree smile turned into more of a grimace when she realized you weren’t going to be backing down anytime soon.
Clearing his throat, Taehyung nervously fixed his glasses, a few tufts of hair falling into his face during the action. Reflexively, you closed the distance between you both enough to gently tame the few stubborn curls into submission. He smiled and stepped closer towards your figure, holding his hand out to you palm up in a silent gesture for you to take it. Just as you were about to, your phone rang that was inside your pocket. You pulled it out and saw a flurry of texts and a few missed calls from Jungkook. Your eyes grew large with all the notifications still flooding your phone cause you forgot to let him know that you arrived safely. Oh, shit. He was going to be so mad.
“Is everything alright, y/n?” His hand landed on your shoulder with a soft squeeze, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. Opening your mouth, you were about to respond before once again getting cut off by the now impossibly loud ringtone that Jungkook placed for his contact specifically. One that you wished you changed if at all to avoid the flames that erupted into your cheeks from the lewd lyrics that accompanied the catchy tone. He thought it was hilarious at the time and so did you. Now? Not so much.
Both of the figures next to you were in shock at the ringtone, before you rushed to answer the call, placing it on speaker as you stepped away a healthy distance to talk to the disruptor of your life at the moment.
Jungkook’s voice yelled through the phone at your progressively shrinking figure with each word he spewed out.
“First, you flash me this morning in your, I’ll admit, sexy underwear, and now you ignore my calls and texts while I’m over here worried you’ve been mugged or kidnapped by some sleazeball on the train ride to go meet your internet friend for the first time? Are you trying to give me a heart attack here, y/n?!” He word vomited it all in one long breath, him slightly heaving at the end from all the air he used up.
“Jungkook, I’m sorry I forgot to let you know I arrived safely–,” you tried diffusing the situation in a calm voice, before he abruptly cut you off.
“Damn straight you’re sorry!”
“–BUT I did make it here safely, okay? So no need to panic. I’m fine.” You gently spoke the last of your sentence in a way that instantly calmed Jungkook down. You know he couldn’t help but worry over you when you had no one else but him to do so in your life, what with being an orphan and all, like Jungkook. All you two had were each other from your foster care days. He was like the overly protective big brother figure you never knew you needed until he beat up the first guy who ever tried to inappropriately lay hands on you without your consent. From then on, you both were inseparable, even when you now lived cities apart. He always still had your back, and you his. But Taehyung didn’t know of Jungkook yet, which made this whole scenario look very bad in his eyes, you were sure.
Chancing a glance in his direction, you were aware of how his body was once again rigid and tense. His once held up hand now lay flat against his side as Grace looked up at him with feigned worry. He ignored her, still looking in your direction. His face was blank with emotion other than the slight flash of anger that was in his eyes for a split second, returning to normal shortly afterwards.
Successfully filling in Jungkook on your whereabouts you hung up the call and shoved your phone back into your pocket, once again making your way back in front of the couple that seemed to only get closer during your absence. You gave Taehyung a hesitant smile that he returned, it not quite reaching his eyes.
“Who was that, y/n?” Grace asked innocently, not caring if it was a personal call or not. She knew what she was doing, and she was good.
Taehyung went to squash her question cause it was none of their business, but at the last second, he kept his mouth shut. Cause he would be lying to himself if he said he wasn’t very curious who it was that saw you in your sexy, black underwear the same morning you two were texting. And it infuriated him more in knowing it was some mysterious male entity.
Not caring how it made you look, you gave the intruding female in front of you a sharp glare before looking up at Taehyung with a cautious look. He was curious himself, you could tell. Fantastic. Not like you really had anything to hide though, so you told them, or rather, you told Taehyung. The only person who truly deserved to know the truth behind the matter.
“That was Jungkook. I know him from our foster care days. He’s always been like a protective big brother to me. I completely forgot to let him know that I arrived here safely, a normal occurrence between us due to us only having each other to look out for one another. He got worried when I wasn’t responding to his texts or calls, thinking the worst happened to me from a rather…unpleasant past experience I’d rather not get into, but he’s good now.”
As your explanation became more eye opening, Taehyung couldn’t help but inwardly cringe at his behavior. He knew he shouldn’t of just jumped to conclusions, and now he felt guilty for you needing to explain anything at all to him, let alone someone you’re both just meeting for the first time.
Speak of the devil…
Another phone rang, but it wasn’t yours or Taehyung’s, it was Grace’s. She answered it with a roll of her eyes and raised a finger up to you both before briskly walking away to talk to whoever was on the other end of the line. And now, you were once again left alone with Taehyung. A prospect you once cherished, and now you felt just an awkward tension between you both. It sucked.
Offering up a smile of truce to you, one that did reach his eyes this time, Taehyung apologized to you. But not for the reason you were expecting.
“I’m sorry I invited Grace along to our first date–,” his eyes grew large as he quickly corrected himself with tinted cheeks, –“uh, meeting. I completely forgot I told her until she showed up in front of me, and even then I didn’t really expect her to come. I truly just wanted it to be us here today…and the many high school kids, of course.” He stuttered out his apology, reverting back to his shy self that had you once again swooning at how adorkable he truly was. Your heart not missing a beat with how he so openly admitted to you he didn’t want Grace there and that he even considered this to be a date. Halle-fucking-lujah.
Looks like the universe was on your side today. As soon as Grace sauntered back in between you both, she had a pitiful face put on with the explanation that she needed to leave to cover a coworker’s shift. Giving Taehyung a peck on the cheek before strutting off away from you both, she made him promise to stop by the brewery soon to see her, the promise alone satiating her self esteem for now. Which he did agree too, reluctantly, you could tell. She probably could too, though still chose to ignore it for her pride. She didn’t even say goodbye to you, not that you cared. It just made Taehyung see her true colors even more, a win in your book.
Both of you stared at her back as her figure grew smaller and more distant before she was completely out of sight, making you look back at each other with no other excuse not too. He gave a nervous chuckle, tugging on his choice of cardigan’s sleeves for the day. You smiled serenely back at him in hopes of calming his nerves, it worked, and the tension gradually dissipated into nothing. The once playful air coming back to surround you both in a flurry.
“You know? I thought I’d make you more nervous.” You hip bumped him, though due to his height you only hit his upper thigh. A fact that made him coo inwardly at your significant height difference and made him like you even more.
“Usually, yeah. But in a good way. Right now, you make me feel a little more calm.” His phone buzzed in his pocket as he took it out to look at it. Checking the time he looked back up at you to confirm your suspicions. “Come on, it’s time. We gotta go this way.”
Once again he tried holding his hand out to you palm up, and patiently waited for you take it with a smile of reassurance on his face. And this time, you made sure to grip it tightly, not wanting to let go.
You held hands as he led you towards the school building. As you get closer, you feel him tensing up again. You give his hand the occasional reassuring squeeze, wordlessly comforting him that he’ll do just fine. Like last time, your magic touch seems to relax him, even if only by a little.
You and Taehyung enter the auditorium which is packed with students who are chatting amongst themselves and paying you no attention. Suddenly, you’re approached by a middle-aged teacher who seems thrilled to see the two of you, judging by the way she’s smiling. Taehyung, on the other hand, seems to be completely shocked seeing her.
“Mrs. Brown? You’re still here?” His eyebrows rose into his hairline comically with his question.
“Was she one of your teachers?” You asked him, looking at him inquisitively.
It was Mrs. Brown that would be answering your question directly, but nicely.
“That I was! I’m so happy you recognize me Taehyung!”
“I didn’t know you still taught here!” He greeted her with a warm hug that she was more than happy to oblige too. It was heartwarming to watch. You could tell she had a big impact on his high school years and teacher’s like her were few and far between nowadays.
“I’m still here and now running game jams for students interested in making games! Took me forever to convince the principal, but as you can see, it’s been really successful!” She beamed with pride, holding her arms out wide in front of her to emphasize on her statement. The large room was filled up with many student bodies who took her passion to heart. It was refreshing to see.
Feeling rather feisty, you turned to the woman with a cheeky question on your lips.
“If you taught Taehyung…,” you trailed off before continuing your thought, making the male look at you curiously, “–do you have any embarrassing stories about him? I’m so curious!”
Taehyung just laughs and hides his face in his large hands, using his sleeves as extra coverage before dropping them to playfully glare at you with a retaliation of his own.
“No, she doesn’t. Right, Mrs. Brown?” He started off confident, before looking at her with a helpless look on his face, but she was one to always be loyal to her fellow students so she caught onto his pleading look.
“Even if I did–,” she winked at you just as cheekily, “my lips are sealed, my dear! I’m sworn to secrecy.” She made a zip motion with her lips and feigned locking her mouth before throwing the imaginary key behind her. It made you let out a small laugh of your own at her eccentric character. You knew for a fact she would’ve been your favorite teacher as well.
Still, you playfully pouted at her with your lips puckered for full measure. An ‘awww’ leaving your lips in feigned disappointment at her response.
“Lucky me!” Taehyung grinned widely at you both, savoring this blissful moment between his favorite teacher and you, his favorite human being.
Waving you two to follow her, Mrs. Brown addresses you both with her next statement.
“Let’s go up to the front so you can start your talk. The students are so excited to see you!” She clapped gleefully as she led you both with a pep in her step to the stage. A large podium stood proudly center stage where Taehyung would soon be.
Following her up the side steps, you walked onto the stage, giving Taehyung another reassuring squeeze before letting his hand go so he could take his place behind the mic’ed up podium. You now stood to the side of the stage while Taehyung got ready to deliver his talk to the students. Mrs. Brown pulls the student’s attention to the front of the room, then takes her place next to you as he begins to talk, giving you a smile and light nod of her head in acknowledgment that you politely returned with a smile.
As he begins to speak, his voice is shaky. He often pauses between sentences to take a deep breath and collect himself. He talks about his journey into game development, why he decided to pursue that career, what steps he took to gain the skills he needed, and finally, how he got his first job in a studio.
You look around the room from your position on stage. Some students towards the back are paying no attention, but the majority of students have been listening carefully.
Watching him talk makes you swell up with so much pride. As the talk continues, you can see that his nerves have disappeared. His voice is no longer shaky and his breathing is more smooth. All in all, he looks much more comfortable now and you wonder why he was so worried in the first place, cause he was a natural. His newfound confidence is admirable and makes your heart beat faster, effectively losing your breath in the process. Seeing him like this is making you adore him even more than before.
As he wraps up his talk, the students give him a round of applause. He remains pretty confident up at the front of the audience, clearly pleased with how his talk has been received by the crowd.
Mrs. Brown steps forward from her spot next to you on stage to address the crowd with a wireless mic you didn’t notice her holding within her grasp a second ago.
“That was an amazing talk! Thank you so much, Taehyung! Okay, now we’re going to take a quick break and when we come back, we’ll have Taehyung check out your games so don’t stray too far now, you hear!” Her voice boomed In the enclosed space, much like how Taehyung’s did a second ago. You had to give props for them to be able to talk in front of such a large audience as if there was nothing too it. Just standing up there made you on edge and get stage fright, and you weren’t even going to be the one talking!
Taehyung waved to the crowd and bowed politely before turning to walk in your direction. Sidling up next to you, he offered an out you couldn’t refuse.
“Let’s go for a walk outside, yeah? I’m in some dire need of fresh air right now.” He chuckled humorlessly, once again offering his hand up for you to take, which you did.
“Sounds good to me!” You exclaimed happily.
Once outside, you and Taehyung walked side by side around the building. He was shaking off some pent up energy as he walked, swinging your arms in between you two due to the action.
Looking at you with both excitement and worry he stuttered out a question.
“How did I do? Good? I feel like I did good.”
“You were amazing up there, truly! By the end of the talk I couldn’t even tell that you were nervous!”
“I held back my nervousness until now.” He shyly admitted to you as he further demonstrated his point by shaking his body out faster, swinging your arms more quickly in the process.
You let out a small laugh in response.
“I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me. But you did a good job! The students seemed to like your talk a lot.”
“Mission accomplished!” He pumped his fist in the air cheesily, honing into his ‘Breakfast Club’ era. His mood drastically changes as he sighs and actually takes a look at his current surroundings. It made you confused with the sudden change, but you kept quiet in hopes he would express himself to you on his own. With a click of his tongue, he does.
“You know, I thought that this place would’ve changed a lot since I left, but it seems to be pretty much the same.”
“Feeling nostalgic?”
“A little. I did go here for four years after all. Not that I miss being in school again whatsoever. Atleast, I don’t feel like I’m back in high school again.” He looked down at your hands with a smile on his face then looked back up into your questioning, gorgeous, eyes. “Teenage me would be so jealous right now. My life now is way cooler.” Looks like his cheesy side was once again about to make an appearance, as was your playful one.
“Because of me, right?” You popped your invisible collar, giving him a ‘blue steel’ model pose with your face, making laughter bubble up in his chest that couldn’t be contained.
“Maybe.” It was all he offered, dragging out the ‘e’ in between his laughter.
Your heart beats faster as he pulls you to a stop underneath a shaded tree that felt good in the blistering heat of the city, stepping closer to you. The world seemed to slow down as you both just looked at each other. He seemed to be having an inward battle of his own, as you watched his expressions change before he finally settled on a look of resolve. He cautiously starts to lean in towards you, his face right in front of yours.
“If you tell me to stop, I will, and I promise I won’t be mad.” He quietly spoke into what little negative space remained between your bodies. Nerves and excitement could be felt bubbling in your stomach, and for once in your life, you weren’t going to flee. You were going to fight. In the form of kissing, of course.
“Kiss me, please.” You spoke in the same quiet voice that he used, not wanting to break the special moment about to be shared right now.
He leans down the rest of the way, bending over slightly to accommodate your height difference, and kisses you. And you all but melt right in front of him, both of your eyes closing instinctually upon contact.
You don’t know how he does it, but each kiss he gives you, you swear your feet lift off the ground a little bit more with the grip he has around your waist that was gentle, yet firm at the same time.
He pulls away abruptly, your eyes flying wide open with visible disappointment written all over your face. There was a single question in your eyes that had him shooting you a lopsided grin. ‘Why did you stop’.
“Why don’t we go somewhere…more discreet? Like behind the bleachers?” He used his head to point towards the bleachers that weren’t too far off from where you currently stood and your face flushed from the suggestion. Your body was equally buzzing from the sheer adrenaline you received in that long overdue kiss. His own body language suggests he’s trying to play it cool, but you can sense how into you he is right now.
“Sure! Yes, please, let’s go.” Your voice all but pleaded with him in an attempt to move faster. Sensing your urgency, he doesn’t waste any time and leads you both across the football field. Making it to the bleachers, you both hid under them giggling like your both teenagers about to be caught doing something you shouldn’t. Now under the protection of them, you demanded his attention once more.
“Kiss me. Now.”
You see surprise flash in his eyes as he’s taken aback by your heat, but it disappears quickly to be replaced by a look of need that reflects yours. Your heart is pounding in your chest as you anticipate your next kiss with him. He leans in close that you can feel his warm breath on your lips.
He closes the gap between you two, pressing his lips hard on yours in a clash of teeth and tongue. It sends sparks down your spine and electrifies you. His arms come to wrap around you, and you couldn’t be more grateful. Cause without him holding you up, you’d melt into the ground.
You reach up to caress his face. Feeling his face, how soft and gentle it is in the palm of your hand, has you reeling over how any of this could be real right now. His reaction is to lean into your hand more and further deepen the kiss in the process, not that you were complaining.
He pulls away from you, but still holds you close in his arms. You look up at him with his heavy lidded eyes and flushed face, feeling a womanly pride in knowing you caused that face to appear and it was meant for you only. The sight of him makes your heart beat even faster. It feels as if any moment it’ll burst from your chest.
You notice his glasses went askew from your previous antics, and reached up to fix them for him. A gesture that felt all too natural and real for him, that he needed to tell you how he really felt, right now. If not, he would be the one to explode.
“Y/N?” His voice is a low whisper.
“What?” You whispered back.
“I can’t get enough of you. You’re amazing. And in fear that I haven’t been obvious enough, I’m just gonna say it. I like you. I really, really like you.” The amount of warmth in his eyes just made you want to kiss him more, so you told him.
“I feel the same way, Tae. But right now? I need you to shut up and kiss me more.” Your voice was two tones of sweet and needy, making Taehyung gulp from the intensity your own eyes held. But all he does is grin and happily oblige with your request.
He kisses you again and pulls you even closer. You wonder if he knows exactly how much your heart is beating right now from being flush against his own body at this point. Just as things were starting to get more intense as hands wandered to more intimate clothed areas, an alarm started to blare. The sudden sound making you both break apart with heavy pants, he leans his forehead against yours and you can see the disappointment in his eyes that you’re sure is mirrored in yours. He pulls away from you to look at where the sound is coming from, his cell phone. Sighing in exasperation, he gives you another quick peck on the lips before telling you what you already knew.
“Damn. I’m sorry, y/n. We have to head back.” You could tell he was genuinely distraught over the interruption, wanting nothing more than to continue your prior actions.
Giving him a smile of understanding, you hoped it would be enough to reassure him that even though it sucked you had to stop, you weren’t upset with him at all.
“Well, it was nice while it lasted.” You offered in a semi playful tone, hoping to lighten the mood.
He gave you a smile in return, his hand coming up to gently caress the side of your face, his thumb rubbing your cheek lovingly.
“Yeah. It really was.”
Leaning up yourself to give him a short, yet meaningful kiss, you decided to be the one to take control as you grabbed onto his hand, lacing your fingers together in the process.
“Alright, big hot shot game developer, let’s go inspire some kids!” This time, it was you pumping your own fist into the air getting hyped on behalf of Taehyung. A sentiment he appreciated, squeezing your hand gently with a deep chuckle. Not wanting to be left out, he copied your actions with a loud ‘whoop’ as you guys walked out from behind the bleachers side by side.
Hand in hand you both made your way back to the auditorium with all the game jam kids. The only difference now, was that during your break period, rows of tables and computers where the kids would demonstrate their games for Taehyung was now set up in the middle. Mrs. Brown eagerly approached you both as soon as she noticed you two walk back in, now seeming more excited than before.
“You’re back! Great!” She clapped her hands happily before gesturing to the rows of computers behind her. “The students are ready to show you their games. They’re so excited to have them seen by an actual game developer!”
Nodding at Taehyung in understanding, he gave you a wide, toothy, grin. Squeezing your hand one last time before letting go, he then followed Mrs. Brown to the eagerly awaiting students that you could tell had stars in their eyes while watching Taehyung walk up to them.
It was endearing to see how happy they are, showing off their games to Taehyung. And even more endearing to see him enthusiastically check out every single game and answer every question the students had with so much patience and kindness. Sometimes, you had to intervene when he would spend too long with one student and you would have to woefully cut their interaction short, dragging him away to the next kid in order to make sure that there was enough time for him to see everyone in the time you were allotted for the event.
Just as he finished up with another student, you decided to chime in with some thoughts of your own, looking at him with adoration in your eyes.
“You look like you’re having fun.”
“Yeah! These kids are impressive. I hope some of them become game developers.” His whole aura exuded happiness and content, and it was wonderful to be in his presence during this event, seeing him let loose and just live.
The tour continues after your short conversation. He makes sure to stay kind and patient towards the rest of the students, and is quick to give any additional advice if they need it. It makes you wonder if he’s following his mentor’s lead.
Finally, you reached the last student. The session seems to be going well, with Taehyung trying the game then answering the questions the student might have. Once you believe that you’re done, you’re both about to walk away when the kid calls you back.
“Wait! I wanna show you one more thing!”
“Sure thing! What is it?” Taehyung answered back politely.
“I found this when Mrs. Brown was talking about your game.”
The student pulls up a website on the class computer. It’s advertising a copycat game. You feel your heart drop. Looking over at Taehyung, you see he has a dark look across his face. This website isn’t a series of random blog posts like ones he’s shown you previously, back when it didn’t seem like such a huge deal cause it happens all the time with video games, he reassured you. No, this website is more professional and polished. Clearly, it’s been made specifically for this game. For his game.
You hear Taehyung gasp from his bent over position in front of you, but his whole focus is on the computer screen. You look at him again and he just looks devastated, like he’s been stabbed in the back. You lean over and whisper to him.
“What is it, Tae?”
“This game. It’s made by Harper. That’s what the website says.” He whispers back gravely.
You brush up against his side to lean in further and witness the site yourself in its entirety. There, in large, emboldened, fancy lettering, you see ‘Developed by Harper’. Now you understand why he looks so distraught. You can’t help but also feel upset on his behalf, even though you’ve never met Harper.
“I thought Harper wasn’t a game dev?”
“I guess they are now.” He bitterly spat out, not at you though, never at you.
The student, oblivious to your current conversation and worries, continued to ask questions.
“It doesn’t look as cool as your game, but it looks kinda the same. Is that normal in the industry?” The students inquiry was completely for educational purposes and he meant no harm, but you can tell the topic was starting to wear down on Taehyung, his mood souring by the minute. You touch his back to comfort him since it worked so well earlier, though now it doesn’t seem to have the same effect, which saddens you, but you don’t dwell on it for too long knowing there’s more important matters at the moment other than your feelings. He can’t seem to find the words to reply, so you do it for him in hopes of easing his burden if only for a moment. He looks ready to run away as fast as possible, so you give a quick, completely out of your ass, explanation.
Just as you were about to open your mouth, the student decides to speak up himself thinking that neither of you were going to answer his question.
“Hello?” He said with a slight attitude, but still kept polite composure. “I was just curious if that was normal?”
You sigh, becoming frustrated with the whole situation, but didn’t want to take it out on the innocent student. Taehyung still doesn’t seem able to answer the question, so you know for sure you’re going to have to step in and provide something since they’re still oblivious to everything. You almost envy him.
“It could be a tribute.” The words fall out of your mouth in more of a questionable tone, before you resolve to sounding more confident in your made up answer. “Maybe they were just really inspired by Taehyung!” You gestured at the silent male next to you who looked lost in his own world, still glaring at the website. When he didn’t offer you any reaction or reprieve, you continued with your statement. “Some games are heavily inspired by other games all the time!”
You ended your explanation with a nonchalant, carefree attitude. Completely different from what you were actually feeling inside, but you didn’t want to give the student any reason to be suspicious of the website and have him blurb it to everyone he knows. That’s the absolute last thing that Taehyung needed right now.
“Oh! Okay! I get it now, thanks! And thank you for checking out my game. It was really cool getting to show it to you guys!” He grinned with gratitude at you both, an action that Taehyung actually managed to return, albeit, it was with a forced smile, but it was better than nothing.
“Thank you for showing it! We hope you make more games in the future!” You smiled politely at the student, gently nudging Taehyung in the side to get him to agree, he does and wishes the student well.
The student nods excitedly. You envy his ignorance even more at this moment. He didn’t mean to upset Taehyung and was just asking an innocent question. But that one question has made him completely shut down. His mood drastically changed since the start of this event.
Eager to get away to help Taehyung, you say a quick goodbye to both the student and Mrs. Brown. Linking arms, you help him walk out of the auditorium and into the fresh, cool, crisp air. The sky is starting to look like cotton candy with the change of the day – purple, pink, and orange hues spread across like a painting. As soon as you stepped outside though, he lets go of you.
“I’m sorry.” He has a face full of longing and remorse for what he’s about to do. His eyes search yours for a second, for what, you’ll never quite know. Just as you’re about to reach your hand out to touch his face, he turns on his heel with guilt lingering in his eyes. Back now facing you, he briskly walks away from you and down the wide path that leads off the school grounds, immediately getting lost in the crowds of students that were leaving for the day.
“Taehyung!” You attempted to call out to him, but the hustle and bustle made it nearly impossible for him to hear you. Or so you thought. Unbeknownst to you, he did hear your sorrowful cry of his name, and it made him stop in his tracks. An inward debate was going on between his head and heart on whether or not he should turn around now while he still could or just walk away from possibly the only person in this world that actually gets him. But like you nearly chose many times that day, he fled, like the coward he knows he is.
Left alone, you stood there, staring at where you last saw his figure before he disappeared. You’re not sure if you feel terrible cause you’re upset with his actions or because you hated how he looked so sad and there was nothing you could’ve done to make him feel better. You think about how betrayed he looked when he realized Harper was behind the copycat game, and that tears you up inside even more.
All you can do now is hope he’ll reach out to you when he feels better.
It wouldn’t be until three excruciatingly long days later until he does choose to grace you with his online presence. You’ve been mulling over everything in your head, mindlessly replaying old video games on autopilot just to distract yourself long enough to stop staring at your phone every two seconds or check your computer to see if he was online, he never was. It got to the point that you wanted to rip your own hair out from boredom, and that’s when you knew you needed a welcomed companion in your life that you haven’t seen in a while.
Dialing his number came like second nature, and when his voice answered the phone with a an emotion you haven’t felt or heard in days, you wanted to bawl like a baby from being emotionally starved of human interaction. He could hear the sniffles in your voice enough for it to cause him to panic.
“What’s wrong, y/n? Did someone hurt you? Did he hurt you? I’m on my way right now, just give me a couple hours and–,” he rushed out his response in his usual worried, over protective way that had you lightly laughing, enjoying the feeling of someone being concerned over your well being.
“For the last time, Jungkook, he is not that kind of person. And I’ll explain everything when you get here, okay? I’ll treat you to that favorite ramyeon place you love so much that I promised to take you to for helping me out.” You cleared your throat enough to effectively get rid of the lump that was forming in your throat a second ago, not wanting to further make him worry.
He gave a groan in response, not believing you were fine at all, but took solace in the fact that he’ll be able to get whatever was wrong out of you easier in person than over the phone. So, he would wait. And he would wrack his brain on the train ride over, headphones blasting in his ears to rid of the worst case scenarios that always seemed to want to surface to the front of his mind when it came to you. He couldn’t help it though, it was like it was engrained into his DNA from the moment he met you that he needed to protect you. As much as you hated how overbearing he could be sometimes, you knew he only did it out of love.
“Fine, I’ll meet you there. But please, for all that is holy, can you remember this time to let me know you get there safely?” He pleaded with you in both a desperate and still slightly peeved tone, remembering how upset he got the last time you failed to do the simple task. “I’ll let you know when I’m about to get off the train so you’re not waiting there too long for me, and then you can head out yourself since it’s not far from you, deal?” He demanded, rather than asked, if you’re being honest.
Sighing in resignation, you gave out a ‘yes’, and after exchanging the usual ‘see you later’, you hang up. Looking over at the clock that hung on your wall, you knew you still had a few hours to kill, so you decided to do some doodling in your sketchbook. You weren’t the best at it, but you held your own. Always drawing what randomly came to you in the moment, majority of the time, you realized, it tended to be something that related to Taehyung in some way. It’s like your heart was trying to tell your brain all its hidden desires through you, subconsciously.
Before you knew it, Jungkook was calling you once again to let you know he was about to get off the train. That means it was time for you to get presentable and head out yourself to meet him at the little dive ramyeon bar near your place. Checking to make sure you had everything you needed, you grabbed a light jacket to help block some of the cool, evening air, and began you’re trek into the outside world.
You purchased the two meal tickets outside at the machine, before walking inside to sit at your normal booth. Upon sitting down, you immediately texted Jungkook that you were safely inside and waiting for him. It was only a few minutes later that said male was pushing through the curtain flaps that acted as the doorway into the establishment. With long strides he made it to you in no time. His arms were already outstretched, expecting the hug he knew was to come and that you needed. Standing up yourself, you welcomed the safe, warm, familiar hug of his like it was your lifeline. Cause it was true, for the longest time, he has been your only lifeline in this world, until you met Taehyung.
You did your best to suppress your emotions, but just thinking of his name had you sagging further into Jungkook’s hold, his arms tightening around you in the process as he laid his head comfortably on top of yours. His hands rubbed soothing circles as he let you finally unwind for the first time in three days of no human contact.
It was you who reluctantly pulled away from him to give him a small, but still true smile. He returned the smile in kind, gesturing for you to take a seat before he slid into his own across from you, taking his jacket off in the process to leave it laying next to him on the seat. Rubbing his hands together, he folded them on top of the table and just looked at you. His eyes narrowing over every inch of you to make sure that you were not, in fact, hurt in any way, despite you already telling him otherwise.
Scoffing in mild amusement at his antics, you snapped your fingers in front of his face to make him come out of his rough survey of your well being. You once again, verbally communicated to him that you were good.
“Jungkook, look at me.” You eyed him sternly, voice calm, but soothing at the same time. He flickered his eyes up to meet yours, a shy smile sprouting onto his face at being caught in the act.
You gently placed your small hands over his large ones on the table and gave them a light squeeze.
“Before I begin, I can’t stress enough that Taehyung has never physically hurt me or caused me any bodily harm. He is extremely shy, sweet, caring, and nerdy. He respects both me and my boundaries. And most importantly–,” you zeroed in on him in a way that made him reflexively lean back into the seat in order to create some distance between you and your piercing stare, though he didn’t move his hands in the slightest because he didn’t want to, he knows you would never hurt him. “I like him, Jungkook. I really, really, really, fucking like him and I don’t know what to do with this information.”
Shoulders sagging in relief, he shook his head and chuckled at the reason behind your current dilemma. He’d be lying if he said he wasn’t slightly jealous of the male that’s successfully garnered your attention after all these years of it just being him in your life, but he was also happy in the fact that you were no longer afraid of the opposite sex and wanted to be in a relationship. So, he knew, this guy had to be all kinds of extra special. He couldn’t wait to meet him.
“Well, let me ask you this, has he expressed outwardly to you that he likes you back yet?”
The waitress came to set your bowls in front of you, drinks following shortly after. Jungkook hummed in satisfaction as soon as he took his first slurp of noodles. You mimicked his actions and took a slurp of your noodles as well, before using a spoon to get a taste of just the broth by itself. It was heavenly. Closing your eyes for a second to savor the flavor, you opened them again to address Jungkook’s question. He was still devouring his own bowl as you answered.
“Yes, actually. He told me he liked me the same day we met for the first time in person. And then–,” you trailed off nervously, wary of Jungkook’s reaction to your next words.
“–then we kissed.” You immediately took a big gulp of your sake that you ordered for you both to enjoy, hoping it would help ease your nerves, as soon as the words left your mouth.
Jungkook’s eyes widened comically, him hitting his chest from the choking he was currently dealing with from the noodles that were halfway in his mouth. Finishing his bite in haste, he grabbed his own drink to chug down in hopes of helping him wash down the noodles that got stuck in his throat at the sudden confession.
“You two kissed already?!” He exclaimed in complete shock, you shushing him harshly from how loud his comment was that seemed to gain the attention of a few fellow ramyeon lovers sitting around you.
“Yes. Now keep it down. Geez!” You hissed at him with embarrassment painted on your face, eyes narrowed at him in anger. Both of you chugged another shot of sake before continuing with the topic of conversation.
“Okay, so. You like him, he likes you. And you both apparently–,” he cringed at the thought, his body shivering in disgust of imagining someone he thought of as a little sister being intimate with the opposite sex, “kissed. Now what’s the problem? Cause I’m not seeing it.”
Taking a few more bites of your noodles to help ease the buzz you were already starting to feel from the shots of sake you took, you opted to push your noodles around with your chopsticks as you got lost in thought.
With tongue in cheek, Jungkook waited patiently for you to gather your thoughts. He poured you both another round of sake, one you mindlessly shot down as soon as he was done pouring. It had his eyebrows raising to his hairline, him never seeing you down so much in such a short amount of time. Normally, you would choose to nurse your shots, not liking the feeling of not being in complete control of your mind and body. Not since that night.
The thought of that night made him reflexively clench his fists in anger that still lingered. Seeing you in such a vulnerable state, his hands all over you as you tried your damndest to get away and push him off you, it made him sick to his stomach. You were lucky that he was there, and he was lucky that you were still sitting in front of him. Especially after the fact that once the cops got a hold of the guy, they confiscated a knife on his body. One that could’ve been used on you if he hadn’t made it in time. He could feel the way his eyes started to water from the emotions that raged in his chest as he subtly wiped his eyes with the back of his hands, hoping you wouldn’t notice. You didn’t, still lost in your own world.
Having finally gathered your thoughts, you tried your best to explain what you were currently feeling in a way that Jungkook might be able to understand as well.
“Like I said, he’s a naturally shy person. I was just as surprised as you were just now when he asked to kiss me that day.” Jungkook lightly clapped and chided in with a ‘kudos to him for asking first’. “And things were going so well, minus a few hiccups of misinterpretation.” You playfully glared at Jungkook who gave you a look of confusion, before you began to explain the situation of both Grace and even Jungkook’s minor disruption.
“Sorry about that, but you know how I am.” He sheepishly, yet genuinely apologized for the chaos he unintentionally caused between you both that day. You waved your hand at him, a gesture of saying it’s now ‘water under the bridge’.
Then you went on to explain what happened with the student, the website, and Taehyung’s reactions. Jungkook ‘hmmed’ and nodded at the appropriate times during your explanation. His own face turning into one of shock when you told him about the copycat game. Him saying he doesn’t blame Taehyung for being so upset, but that it still didn’t give him the right to just ‘leave your ass high and dry’ when it was nearing night time. Now that, he said, he would be losing points for. And getting a stern talking too when he does meet him.
“It’s been three days now since it all happened and he still hasn’t tried contacting me. I’m starting to worry if I somehow did something wrong, or if I could’ve tried talking with him first? But I didn’t want to come off as annoying so I was just trying to let him have his space and–,” you paused your mini rant to take a breath, “I fucking hate feelings, Jungkook. I swear.”
He gave a mock salute to you in solidarity.
“You’re right, y/n. They do suck. But they can also be some of the most amazing sensations you could ever feel throughout your entire life. And that–,” he taps his finger on the table with emphasis, body leaning forward with a face full of warmth, full of love aimed at you only, “–is what makes the fucking world go round.”
“I love you, Jungkook.” You said the words with so much conviction it made his heart swell with joy, knowing you don’t use those words unless you truly mean them.
“I love you too, y/n.” Just like he meant them.
Jungkook walked you back to the safety of your apartment before taking his leave, declining your invitation for him to just crash on your couch for the night. He was adamant on his decision to head back home to confront some feelings of his own that he’s kept pent up for so long, coming to his own epiphany during your ramyeon and sake filled deep conversation.
Due to Jungkook’s exuberant and dominating presence, you didn’t look at your phone once during the whole meal. It was nice, it was refreshing, it was much needed. Jungkook never failed to be that breath of fresh air that you needed when you became suffocated in your own thoughts and feelings.
Plopping yourself face first on your bed, your eyes closed upon contact of your pillow. Your whole body instantly relaxed on top of the comfort of your goose feathered filled blankets. Sighing in content for the first time in days, you were ready to succumb to sleep when the ping you’ve been waiting for all this time alerted you to a certain someone being online.
You whined with both the need to sleep, but also the need to will your sleep deprived body to get back up off your bed in order to sit yourself in front of the very device that led you to your current state – Taehyung. His alert tone of him signing online played through your room like a majestic, ethereal, siren song. One that had your body mindlessly floating, it felt like, in front of said device as you sat down in the desk chair in front of it. Typing in your password, your computer lit up with life and allowed you access to reply to Taehyung’s message.
Fedoratheexplora is online
Fedoratheexplora is typing…
Fedoratheexplora: Hey 👋🏻
There you are! Are you okay? I know finding out Harper is behind the copycat game was rough. When you didn’t text me I wasn’t sure if I should message you or not. ☹️
Fedoratheexplora: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you so worried, I just needed to be alone.
I understand. And I respect that you needed space, but I wish you had told me instead of just running off without an explanation to me.
Fedoratheexplora: Yeah. I didn’t really think about that…I’m sorry, again. I was an asshole.
You don’t need to apologize. There’s nothing to forgive. ❤️
Just talk to me next time. Please.
Fedoratheexplora: I will. I did have some fun yesterday though. Especially when we hung out behind the bleachers. 😏
Right. Me too. ☺️ So, addressing the elephant in the room…I think we should talk about this copycat game.
Fedoratheexplora: Do we have too? 😩
Yes! Especially now that we know it’s being made by your ex-roommate! We can’t just ignore it anymore. It’s only going to make things worse.
Fedoratheexplora: I guess. I just wish I knew what Harper was up too. I haven’t spoken to them in ages so I can’t tell if they’re doing this on purpose to humiliate me, or if this is just really horrible timing. 😱
It is a coincidence, isn’t it? 🤔
It’s pretty suspicious. Especially since Harper wasn’t much of a bother until now. I mean, what are the odds that Harper’s game is almost the exact same as yours? And then all of a sudden, we know all about it at the same time your game is getting a bunch of attention?? AND it’s got a nice website to promote the game???
Fedoratheexplora: Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this is all weird. 😰
Yeah. I’m with you on this.
Fedoratheexplora: Ugh. This sucks so much. I knew they were working on their own game, but I could never imagine it being so similar. I thought they’d make a version of their own original game from scratch. 😑
In theory, could you sue?
Fedoratheexplora: I don’t think I’d be successful since they also worked on the game a bit while we were still roommates. Also, lawyers are expensive.
True. Lawyers are pretty dang expensive.
Fedoratheexplora: Ughhh. I’m just worried if Harper’s game gets more popular, more people will realize our games are eerily similar.
But you heard the student yesterday, right? He said that your game was cooler than theirs!
Fedoratheexplora: Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that both games are so identical. What if people start comparing our games and it becomes a scandal? Or worse?? What if people discover that we fought a lot and it starts up a lot of drama? Y/N, this could ruin everything!
Taehyung, don’t say that!
Fedoratheexplora: But it could! News like this could overshadow any future promotions! Ughhhhhhhh. Why did this have to happen? Just when everything was starting to look up, it gets ruined.
Nothing is ruined. This is just another obstacle. You can’t let it bring you down. I know you can overcome it! You’re a really great and amazing person, and I know your game reflects that. YOU CAN DO THIS! 💪🏻
Fedoratheexplora: I know, you’re right. This isn’t the first problem I’ve encountered while making this game. And it definitely won’t be the last. But I can’t let it get the best of me. I got this! Thank you for reminding me, y/n.
That’s what I’m here for! 😌
The rest of the conversation drifted off into catching up over the past few days. He even took your advice of him taking a day off to regroup and collect himself, doing something out in the world that for once didn’t revolve around his game. He even suggested taking you out on a date to the park. Going so far as to use the word date, instead of ‘hanging out’ or ‘meeting up’.
Of course, you agreed. And immediately set a time for tomorrow to meet up at a park that’s conveniently located halfway between you both. Saying your mutual well wishes of having a good night and good dreams, you both signed off and went straight to sleep.
You couldn’t wait for tomorrow.
Waking up the next morning, you felt like a completely new person with no longer feeling depressed or sleep deprived. Which is why getting dressed this morning was, dare you say, fun? The main reason being why exactly you were getting dressed as if you were going out on a date, cause you were, you reminded yourself throughout your whole morning process of becoming presentable to the world, and more importantly, Taehyung.
Once again, you sought the help of Jungkook in finding an appropriate outfit for your outing to the park. He suggested you wear your one floral dress you owned, your favorite pair of flats, and his used to be favorite cardigan that he wore over to your place and never saw it again under the premise that you ‘lost’ it. He knew better, and called you on your bs, but made sure to let you know that it looked better on you anyways and it was ‘so two years ago’. His own special way of saying you could officially keep it.
You opted to keep your normal, flat, hair. Looking at the weather, though it was going to be sunny, there was also going to be a decent breeze that you know for a fact would ruin any kind of hairstyle you tried to do. So, you decided to go for the natural ‘wind swept’ look, courtesy of Mother Nature.
Gaining confirmation in your body length mirror that you were ready to go, you just had to wait for Taehyung’s text. And as if right on cue, he texted you. Unlocking your phone, you read his message before replying.
Tae Bae: Good morning, gorgeous! Almost ready?
Yessss! I can’t wait to see you again. I’m so excited for our date!! ☺️
Tae Bae: Me too! 😊
Tae Bae: I’m about to head out, so I’ll meet you there!
Sounds good. See you soon!!!
Locking your phone, you grabbed your over the shoulder clutch purse and put your phone, keys, and wallet inside. With all belongings safe and secure, you rushed to the train station, wanting to see Taehyung as soon as possible.
Walking through the gates of the park entrance, you immediately noticed Taehyung in all his beautiful glory waiting for you, sitting on a park bench that was close by. He didn’t notice you right away, however, too busy spreading apart the flowers that were in the bouquet that occupied his hands.
On your way to him you passed numerous other park goers, both alone, in groups, and in pairs. A lot had dogs on leashes that were obediently walking next to their owner’s sides. Strollers were being pushed that housed kids of all ages, from babies to kids that looked almost fully grown. Dedicated to fitness, there was joggers, cyclists, and yoga classes.
The activity the park had this early in the morning blew you away, much like the wind that kept blowing the bottom of your dress up in furls around you. You instantly regretted wearing the dress today, you know you should’ve gone with the shirt and pants combo.
Smoothing the bottom of your dress down with your hands, yet again to prevent an accidental flash of your underwear to innocent park goers, you stopped in front of Taehyung and greeted him with a warm smile.
“Long time no see, stranger.”
His head whipped up to look at you, a wide smile adorning his face as soon as he heard your voice. He missed it so much, missed you so much. Standing up to join you, he extended the flowers out to you with a shaky hand.
“These are for you, I hope you like them. I remembered you mentioning that you preferred lavender roses over red, and the lady at the floral shop added the extra decorative flowers around it based off the lavender color. Or did I completely get it wrong? Oh god. If I did, I’m so sorry–.”
You grabbed the flowers from his hand delicately, admiring their beauty and all the effort not only Taehyung put into them, but also the floral artist. They were simple, yet beautiful. And the exact color that was your favorite. You bit your lip, emotion flowing through you in waves at his sweet gesture.
“Taehyung.” You cut off his rambling, him immediately going silent the moment you spoke his name. He looked at you nervously, you could tell he was just trying his best to make it up to you in one of the only ways he knew how. The fact that he actually listened to you when you talked about what you liked was more than enough for you.
Setting the flowers gently on top of the bench, you turned to look at him once more. His hands were fidgeting nervously in his sleeves that he kept pulling on. His curls blew effortlessly in the breeze that made him look like he came straight out of a magazine with how amazing he looked today, like always. The only difference in his appearance was the long trench coat he wore over his usual cardigan. Your eyes grew soft the longer you stared, making him squirm underneath your intense gaze even more.
“I saw Jungkook recently, we went out for his favorite, Ramyeon. And I need you to understand that Jungkook is my person. Meaning that if I happened to murder someone, he would be the one I would call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. He’s my person. He will always be my person.” You started your own rant, him listening intently. “We had a good, deep, conversation about you, feelings, and exactly how much they suck.” You paused before continuing, his fidgeting only getting worse when you brought up the topic of feelings, knowing his own were about to be laid out to the fullest in years. “But you know what? We both realized that as much as they do suck, there are also days where they’re the best damn thing to ever happen to you.”
Stepping closer to Taehyung, you grabbed his fidgeting hands to hold in your own, smaller ones. His cardigan sleeves so long that they were protruding from the trench coat’s sleeves due to the overflowing length, your hands almost covered as well just by you holding his. It made you grip his hands tighter, breath getting shaky from all the nerves of what you were going to say next. On the way here, Jungkook gave you a small pep talk to encourage you to speak your truth to Taehyung. And that’s exactly what you were about to do.
He could tell your own nerves were hitting you, he could feel the slight shake in your body just from your hands alone. It made his eyebrows furrow in worry, wondering if the very cute cardigan you wore today may not have been enough to keep the breeze away from your body. It didn’t help you were also wearing a dress, he’s sure. The same dress, he noticed, that was dangerously close to revealing what you wore underneath due to the alarmingly and more progressively stronger wind than when he first arrived before you.
Cautiously, he let go of your hands for a moment. The action made you doubtful with continuing your heartfelt confession, believing that he was getting ready to either leave you again or directly turn you down. You didn’t know which one would be worst, only that you wouldn’t be able to handle it if he did either. Tears began to sprout in the creases of your eyes, ready to spill over from rejection.
They immediately dried up the moment you watched Taehyung shrug off his mid calf trench coat and drape it around your shoulders. He gently grabbed the lapels to tug the trench coat closed over your figure, effectively keeping the cold away from your skin, and simultaneously ensuring that you won’t be flashing anyone today. The action only spurred the fire that was already ignited in your soul, the flames coming up to caress your heart with a blazing warmth you’ve never felt in your entire life until now.
It was then that you came to the sudden realization that the reason you couldn’t register what exactly you were feeling, is because you’ve never felt it until now, at least, not in this kind of way.
It was love. But not just love like you know you love Jungkook. No, it wasn’t the familial kind. This was something different. More deep, more scary, yet more exhilarating at the same time. It was like being on a constant whirlwind of a roller coaster ride that you had not intentions of getting off anytime soon. You only hoped Taehyung would be sitting right there beside you on this never ending ride, and not watching you off on the sidelines as your figure blurred right by him.
You were in love with Taehyung.
And that made you scared shitless.
Jungkook didn’t even know this fact, the feeling being so fresh to you, cause you told him everything.
Slipping your arms through the comically larger sleeves that your arms and hands now drowned in, did Taehyung reinitiate your hand holding.
“Sorry, you looked cold. I should’ve asked first–,” his voice came out small, yet you knew he didn’t regret his actions. It made you smile at him reassuringly. An equally as small ‘thank you’ fell from your lips and then you continued with your spiel.
“The body is a slave to its impulses. But the thing that makes us human is what we can control. If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared that it’ll cause problems. Even if you’re scared that it will burn your life to the ground, you say it, and you say it loud and you go from there. Cause knowing is better than wondering. Waking is better than sleeping, and even the biggest failure, even the worst, beats the hell out of never trying.”
Tears were flowing freely from the onslaught of emotions that were running through you in tsunami sized waves. Taehyung’s own eyes glistened with tears that were close to falling. Biting his lip, he tried to keep his own feelings at bay until you were done expressing yours, not wanting to miss a second of your raw vulnerability that he knew was rare for you to show. With every word that flew from your lips, they hit him like a soothing, yet enchanting score you would only ever hear in scenes that are scripted for movies. But this was real, this was raw, this wasn’t scripted, this was just you. And he loved it. He loved all of it. He loved you.
He is in love with you.
A swirl of emotions bubbled in his chest as you continued baring your heart to him, you none the wiser to his own epiphany he’s just had, like you did. This was definitely not what he had planned for your date, but he’s learned that things don’t always go to plan, and most of the time, it’s for the better. Like right now.
“I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t like, which isn’t a lot, I love. And I want you with me. I love you and I think you love me too. Do you?” You finished your long, heartfelt, monologue and stared. Just stared straight ahead at his chest that was directly in front of your face. You started counting the individual threads of his cardigan in your head. Anything to help ground you and prolong the agonizing task of looking up into his eyes that you would know held his own truth to your words. And you weren’t yet prepared to know what that truth was.
“Promise that you’ll love me, even when you hate me?”
Those were the only words that came out of his mouth, but they were calm, they were just as raw, they held just as much weight as yours.
Your legs were already shaking from the cold, but now they shook for a whole new reason. One that you didn’t expect at all. It’s like Taehyung was honed into your emotions, noticing every movement of your body, he could tell that you were about to fall and he wanted to let you know he would always be there to catch you.
So when your legs finally buckled from the weight of your confession and now his, you let every single emotion you could feel spread throughout your body and you just succumbed.
His arms immediately encircled around your waist as he was able to drop to his knees before you fully did, holding your entire body weight in his hands in a firm, warm, yet entirely strong and loving embrace. This only fueled your cacophony of emotions ten fold, your only reaction being to sink into his embrace even more, shoving your face in his chest as you now gripped onto his cardigan for dear life.
Realizing you never quite properly answered his question, you gave a loving nudge of your head in his chest and he knew what it meant. A wide smile lit up his face as he laughed through his own tears that fell down his face.
Park goers all the while just passed by in blurs, some ignoring the couple on the cold asphalt, and some looking on while passing by to give a small knowing smile of their own. And for some, they were used to the confessions that seemed to always litter the park on a daily basis, it being a popular spot to do the life changing deed.
“Bad things happen, but you have to move past it. Leave it behind. The sooner, the better. Or it’ll eat away at you and stop you from moving forward. I will not let Harper ruin me, or ruin the chance of us. With you by my side, I know I can get through anything. We don’t get unlimited chances to have the things that we want, and this I know. Nothing is worse than missing an opportunity that could have changed your life.”
Finally reigning in your emotions, you were able to actually hear and listen to his words. They were full of love, determination, but also sobering. You could tell with each word he gained more and more confidence, and he was becoming the Taehyung you knew he could be all along. He just needed to find it in himself first.
He could feel you starting to pull away, so he gave you room to do so. Mutually deciding that it was best to get off the cold floor, he helped you up. Believing you were past hand holding, his hands found a new home on your waist. Your own finding a new purpose, hanging loosely around his neck. Your fingertips were softly playing with the curls that were within your reach, causing a pleasurable shiver to run down his entire body. Gently rubbing your waist with his thumbs, he spoke into the negative space between you both as you gazed into each other’s eyes without fear of the future.
“Please don’t give up on me. Promise. Promise me you won’t.” His voice was quiet, pleading, desperate, for your full acceptance of being in his life.
“I promise.” Those two words were enough for him to release your waist and instead cradle your face with his large hands to angle you in a way that the kiss he expertly landed on your awaiting, parted lips, would make your toes curl in your favorite flat shoes. Your body reacting instantly by wanting to just be closer to him, so you listened, pressing the full length of your body into his tall, lanky, yet equally as muscular one with ease, as if your bodies were two puzzle pieces that were always meant to mold together.
Releasing yourselves from the impromptu make out session, you both smiled at one another, still high off the natural euphoria that bloomed within you two from your previous actions.
One more question would fall from his lips to linger in the air for only a second, as your answer would fly from your own lips in an instant, heart soaring to heights you’ve only ever dreamed of, as was the same with his.
“Will you be my girlfriend, y/n?”
“Hell yes.”
As happy as you were,
you knew Jungkook was about to be happier.
And $50 richer, accompanied with an obnoxious ‘I told you so’ that you can already hear in your head.
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itsgivingminyoongi · 6 months ago
Saw your request box is open,so today I almost set my kitchen on fire lmao. so can I request you something where oc/the reader set Taehyung kitchen on fire?
Taehyung x Reader
Summary: While Tae is away at work you decided to keep yourself occupied... that doesn’t end so well though.
Rating: 18+, SFW
Tags/Warnings: Mild angst and fluff, Established Relationship, Idol Tae!, Yeontan, Small kitchen fire
Word count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
Prompt Below The Cut!
Taehyung left a few hours ago to dance rehearsal and do a few other scheduled things his group had to take care of that day. He asked you to stay at his house while he was gone. You both wanted to watch a new reality show that was broadcasting, Tae said that he should be back in time for the both of you to watch it together. In the time being it was pretty boring, the weather was chilly and a fresh sheet of snow coated the ground and it wasn’t ideal to go out unless it was absolutely necessary.
Yeontan was there with you but was being much help to your boredom, even after a failed attempt of tug-a-war with his toys. He was just as slouchy as you on this winter evening. You decided to turn on the TV to channel surf through potential programs to watch while you waited for your boyfriend to return from work. After passing a few K-dramas and competition shows, one channel caught your attention.
This particular channel was an international cooking channel and it was broadcasting how to make a dish from your hometown. This gave you an idea and you decided to pass time and have dinner prepared you took the challenge. You weren’t a bad cook at all, you think you were a really good cook.
You rose from the couch and made your way to Tae’s kitchen. You never really cooked at his house before but how hard could it be. After washing your hands, you searched for all the ingredients that the cooking show listed which Taehyung had conveniently, and set them on top of the Granite Island for prepping.
You knew you would have to use the stovetop so it was best for you to try to see if knew how to work it. It never occurred to you that it would be so complicated to work a damn stove. It was so many buttons and it looked like it was so many eyes on the top. Why did Tae need such an advanced stove?
You contemplated calling him to ask him how to work it, but you didn’t want to disturb him from work. After pressing a few buttons and experimenting with the settings you think you got it. Following the instructions, you turned one of the eyes and left the pot of ingredients to simmer for 25 minutes. While that was doing that you decided to go take a brief shower to freshen up.
Your shower was nice and steamy, it only took about 15 minutes of your time. As you stepped out of the in-suite bathroom in your towel you noticed the bedroom was extremely smoky and the smoke detector was blaring throughout the house. You showered with the door closed so it wasn’t any way the steam made it into the room this badly. You were alerted by tannie barking from the hallway. You rushed to the living room seeing that the smoke was coming from the kitchen not too far from where you were. Yeontan’s paws padded towards the kitchen to point out the obvious small fire that started on the stove.
You swore you put the stovetop to medium as the instructions said for this particular dish. The pot on the heated eye was boiling over and dripping all over the floor. Fire rose from the base of the pot-smoking up the whole house making it almost impossible for you to breathe. Your guess is medium for Tae's stove is not the same for any other stove, cooking the food faster than an average stove would.
You sprung into action looking under the sink cabinet for the tiny fire extinguisher that most apartments come with. Grabbing the red object to position the nozzle towards the fire, sweeping it side to side to put out the blaring flames. After a few seconds, the counter and stove were covered in a white substance. Running to quickly turn off the stove. Dropping the fire extinguisher, you slid onto the floor and sobbed uncontrollably for what felt like hours. Only a few moments passed in you realized you were still in your towel and pulled yourself together to get dressed.
Tae would be back in about 15 minutes and you were panicking. You had to clean up the mess before he came home. If you were to be at work all day and came home to a burnt kitchen, you would be pissed and you were pretty sure Tae would be too.
 Assessing the situation, the substance from the extinguisher was gone and it left the countertop charred and black. The floor had some food residue on it along with the face of the oven. You froze in place at the sound of beeping of the keypad outside the front door. Tae wasn’t supposed to be home for another 10 minutes at least. You hid behind the kitchen island as the front door opened. 
Tannie rushed to the front door and greeted Tae. He noticed the smoke and burnt smell as he entered the apartment. Dropping his bags and removing his shoes hurriedly his heart dropped when there was no sign of you.
“Y/N! Where are you? Are you ok?” He yelled throughout the apartment. He rushed to the kitchen to find you standing near a horrific scene of his once-pristine kitchen. His lips turned into a frown as he opened his mouth to speak. “Y/n-ah…”
“Tae I’m so sorry,” you sobbed uncontrollably. “I just wanted to make us dinner and I stepped away from the pot and the-then,” you hiccuped as you tried to get out your words. Tae walked towards you and enveloped your body into his tightly.
“Shhh, it’s ok baby. As long as you are ok, that’s all that matters to me,” Tae cooed into the top of your head as he rubbed on your back. “I appreciate you for even trying, but next time be more careful with things like this.”
You sniffled as you looked up at Tae, “S-So are you not mad at me?”
“No, I’m not mad at you. This isn’t anything I can’t fix. You can relax Y/N-ah” he smiled down at you.
Feeling a little better about the situation, you exhaled deeply, “The instructions said to let the pot sit for 25 minutes and stepped away for 15, and then boom… this happened. The stove was confusing so I guess I underestimated its abilities.
“Why didn’t you text or call me for help?” Tae chuckled at your stressed figure.
“I just didn’t want to disturb you.”
“You would have disturbed me, it was either I answered or I didn’t. Don’t ever feel like you can’t reach out to me for help, I love you too much for you not to,” He kissed your forehead and then looked around, “This is a bit of a mess,” he hissed. “I guess we can start by scrapping the food residue and char up, we don’t want it to sit for too long or it’ll be impossible to remove.”
Realization hit you as you remembered that you both were supposed to watch that reality show. “Tae, I’m sorry we won’t be able to watch that show, it’s all my fault,” you sulked.
“Who said we won’t be able to? I made sure I auto-recorded all of the episodes as they air. Even after we’re done, if it’s still on we can catch whatever is left,” he winked towards you. “Now help me get to scraping crazy lady, we got a show to watch; oh and Y/N, let’s just get take out,” he said.
“I can’t argue with that,” you laughed
(Author's note: Writing for Tae is such a challenge for me for some reason but I had fun! Hope you guys enjoyed it! 💜)
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justasparkwritings · 7 months ago
Happy Birthday Taehyung!
Tumblr media
Master List
Be the One
Camp Evergreen
Stay: Loving You 
Codename Cupid
Wet Dream 
The Worst Guys
River: Til I Reach You
Merry & Bright 2020
Merry & Bright 2021
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bangtanfancamp · 7 months ago
The Devil Wears Gucci ⬖ Part 6
Tumblr media
Previous | Next
As the dedicated personal assistant of the genius mind behind House of RM, the empire that rules the fashion industry, your world is turned upside down the day Kim Namjoon himself personally asks you to train his newest hire— the eternally insufferable Kim Taehyung.
•series masterlist
•pairing: Kim Taehyung x oc (feat namjoon)
•genre: enemies to lovers, slow burn, fast banter, devil wears prada au, fashion industry au, f*ckboi au, fluff, romance, slight angst
•word count: 4k of outbursts and emotional entanglements
•rating: this chapter- solid pg-13…. Not so far from now? Probably a mature rating.
•warnings: high banter, a few curse words, the fearsome aura of angry Namjoon, Taehyung being a butt, oc needing some anger management
•author’s note: it is entirely happenstance that this drops the day before Tae’s day of birth, but I’m going to claim it as an act of Army synchronicity a la Jung & Wallea Eaglehawk. I am so excited to post it. I started this in my drafts months ago, but needed to walk away so I could see it again with entirely fresh eyes. And you know what? I was happy with just a few tweaks. Enjoy bb’s. We all know this post will be voraciously re-edited over the next few weeks so get her while she’s hot- new fic fresh from the oven.
(Pic cred to @vantaholic)
So here you are….
A week has flown by, and you’ve barely survived it.
Serena from Vogue has simultaneously been both your lifeline and a thorn in your side. You really wouldn’t have had the first clue where to start without her, but it’s been a crash course in surviving information overload all week. You’ve spent every waking second either drowning in her emails or pretending you have even the slightest clue what’s going on at all. “Event planner” wasn’t really a skill you’d anticipated adding to your resume prior to all this, but at this point, you could probably throw Kate Middleton’s next baby shower, and it would still be less stressful than this.
Every time you cross paths with Namjoon around the office, there’s a glimmer in his eyes that makes you shiver on a near molecular level. Something about his manner lets you know that even the slightest misstep with this whole event will most likely result in your termination. It’s a sobering thought to say the least—honestly, the tension is downright terrifying. It’s resulted in you taking every chance available to hide in the break room just to catch your breath.
Between Namjoon’s aura prophesying your imminent doom, Serena’s incessant emails, and your own anxiety, you feel fit to burst at any second.
In any other universe, this should have been an ideal situation to have an assistant in. A second in command you never hesitate to rely on. A helper you can trust.
Instead, the cosmos in all its infinite sarcasm has stuck you with Taehyung.
The thought alone is enough to make you sigh. 
To no one's surprise, he’s been a petty, petulant little thing all week. Pouty every time you ask for his help. Resistant any time something is assigned to him. Adamant that nothing is ever his fault if it’s gone wrong and refusing to take accountability for any shred of it. It has driven you absolutely insane. You know the pressure on you is not Taehyung’s fault, but you also know that his repeated decisions to make even the smallest tasks difficult for you is a constant choice, and it makes you stark raving mad.
You know you’ve bitten his head off this week, but it’s only happened once or twice... every time you interact. Sigh. You know, you know. You’re not proud of it. 
In any other circumstance, you might have been able to grit your teeth and deal with all his drama. Take it on the chin like a champ with an eye roll and a gag and keep swinging, but this week, the well of your patience is especially dry- not a single drop to give- but that sucker keeps showing up ready to collect anyway. He hasn’t necessarily been the worst version of himself, but if this is his best, god, you might need to retire before twenty-five.
You wished this wasn’t how it all panned out. You wish you were wrong: that you’d misjudged him all this time, that your rapport was now sparkling- friendship shiny and strong- but you haven’t, and it isn’t, and you doubt it ever will be.
The more he rubs you the wrong way, the more you snap at him. The more you snap at him, the more he goes out of his way to upset you. Back and forth. Rinse and Repeat. So on and so forth into infinity.
You suppose it was all bound to come to a head at some point.
You just wish you’d noticed sooner or noticed at all.
Maybe then you could have prevented what came next, or at the very least, could have braced for the storm.
When the weekend for the Vogue gala finally arrives, you realize you’ve never been this eager for an event to be over before it’s even begun in your life. Once you’ve spent the morning poring over every last excruciating detail, all that’s left to do is tip the first few dominoes into place and let your worry fester. At this point, you’ve planned for every possible contingency. At least, you hope you have. It’s too late to change it all if you haven’t. What’s set in motion is set in motion.
Now all that’s left is to watch and see if all the pieces you’ve so painstakingly laid will fall into their proper place.
The entire day you’ve felt like a living, breathing google search result for nervous breakdown. You’ve been a jittery, shivery, high strung, frazzled mess no matter how many times you assure yourself that it’ll all be alright. After almost an entire day’s worth of effort, you’ve nearly managed to convince yourself that, hopefully, possibly, maybe, it really will all be okay. At least, you convince yourself of it enough to keep your lunch down. Most of the day, your tasks are executed without a hitch, and by 2pm, you finally start to believe that maybe the worst has passed. That the planning was the worst part, and this weekend will be okay.
It isn’t until late Friday afternoon that you realize your precious plan’s unraveling has already begun and it may be too late to stop it.
“I cannot believe you screwed this up,” you grit through aggressively clenched teeth. It’s absurdly early on Sunday morning- only you, Taehyung and the crickets seem to be awake right now. An autumnal mist swirls around your ankles as you shoot a death glare your assistant’s way in the pre-dawn light.
“It was an easy mistake!” he defends.
“Oh, was it? Was it, Taehyung? Was ruining the front end of the biggest project of my entire career an easy mistake?”
“Jesus, you are so dramatic. Really, I still don’t get what the big problem is,” Taehyung shrugs flippantly, shooting an extra obnoxious eye roll to the heavens as he unceremoniously chucks your suitcase a little too roughly into the hatchback.
“The big problem is that we were supposed to fly in, Taehyung. Not drive. Do you have any idea how long it took for me to find a rental car that was available on such short notice? Not to mention, right before a holiday weekend? Thanksgiving is in four days! So you know what I had to do? I had to spend my whole Friday night and my entire Saturday calling rental agencies trying to fix this,” you dart a furious glare his way that he completely ignores.
“And yet you still found one-“
“That the company had to pay through the nose for, might I add.”
“Like Namjoon’s pocket’s couldn’t take the hit. Please,” Taehyung scoffs. “I’m sure that man doesn’t care one bit about holiday rental car rates. He just wants his press.”
“Not this again,” you exhaled, eyes rolling of their own volition. “I do not have the patience to endure you turning this into another one of your anti-Namjoon witch hunts. You’re the one who effed this up. Don’t you dare try to deflect this onto him. ”
“I don’t need to deflect,” he huffed indignantly. “Besides, You solved the problem like you always do because you’re impeccable, and we’ll still be there before everything starts, so I really don’t see why we’re still talking about this like the problem has no solution….Honestly, sometimes I think you just like having something to be mad at me about so you have an excuse to talk to me,” he winks, shoving your garment bag over top the suitcases in the backseat.
“You repugnant little- Hey! Be careful with that! It’s one of our sample gowns!’ You gasp, knocking him sideways to smooth out the garment bag. You certainly don’t  have the capital to save anything if he ruined the organza stunner hidden inside. Shouting over your shoulder, you continue to scold him as you drape the bag gently across the backseat. “Taehyung, this isn’t an excuse to be mad at you. This is a legitimate reason to essentially be livid with you. Booking our flights was your responsibility so this is your fault!”
“I still got us the flights for the trip back though! It’s not my fault the airline goofed on the front end.” The nonchalance oozing out of him makes you want to throttle him.
“It is though, you see, because you were supposed to handle it. All of it. Not just pick and choose the parts you found fun. You were supposed to book in advance, confirm the flights and then check us in, but you didn’t so now I have to clean up your mess. There is enough on my plate this weekend without having to spend energy I don’t have compensating for your careless errors,” you grimace. “ I was supposed to arrive the day before so I could prep and get settled in, but noooo. Now, we’re up at the ass crack of dawn instead - on the day of the event- about to roll out on the worst road trip in history just to get there on time for event set up.”
You’re fuming. There are practically cartoon smoke stacks rising in vapors from your anger, yet Taehyung could not look less bothered.
“I see no reason to complain. Namjoon’s tickets were right. He’s still set to arrive on time, he won’t know anything about this, and we haven’t missed anything. Not really.”
“Stop justifying your nonsense, you little troll. This could have been an easy hour and a half flight with a mimosa in one hand and you six rows back from me while I basked in the ONLY tranquility I was supposed to have this weekend, but instead, I’m gonna be trapped in an overcrowded compact car with you for the next six hours!” you frown as the most indescribably irritating grin slides its way across Taehyung’s architectural face.
“Aww, baby girl, if you wanted to spend more time with me, you could have just asked from the start.” He reaches across to slide a finger down the angle of your cheekbone, winking intolerably as he does. In a flash, your hand reaches up to snatch his wrist away from your face as disgust and anger roll over you in waves.
“Okay, that? That is not a thing you’re gonna do on this trip,” you hiss, eyeing his admittedly massive hand currently clutched in your grip.
“I don’t know what you-“
“Can it,” you glare. “If you’re going to survive the next two days, there will be no flirting, no touching, and none of your generally douchey behavior. You are already this close to being my least favorite person on the planet; and I swear to God, Taehyung, if you tip me any further off balance, I will spend the rest of this weekend cleaning your blood out of the upholstery in this rental.”
His eyes go a bit wide at your outburst. Alarmingly, instead of snapping back with his usual venom or a salacious grin, he’s silent then for perhaps the first time since he froze you out after the wardrobe debacle. In a way, it startles you. Taehyung being quiet is an event you never quite know how to prepare for or recover from, and this moment is no different.
Your gaze flits up to look at him, just in time to catch something swirling in his eyes that you don’t have the first inclination how to read. As your breathing finally begins to settle, you realize you’re still clutching his wrist like a vice, which is when you, regrettably, also notice that Taehyung’s skin beneath your fingers is soft… so much smoother and so much softer than you ever would have anticipated. (Not that you’ve ever imagined such a thing.) In fact, You’re not sure why you even notice or what you’re supposed to do with this information now that you have.
The swirling feeling of being lost at sea doesn’t let up. Because at some point, you become distractedly aware of his pulse thumping wildly beneath your grip at a pace you don’t understand. Looking up, you find yourself stuck on corners and angles of him you don’t usually stop to notice.
Like the shroud of silver framing his eyes. The way his lashes are fluttering softly even as his brows pinch and his jaw tightens. The moment suddenly feels both too soft and too heavy to make any sense. His skin is too warm, his cologne is too sweet, and you’re far, far too close to each other. It’s all too much for your swimmy senses to handle.
When his unreadable gaze lifts to flit between your eyes, a smile creeps across his lips, sending a warmth you don’t understand blooming deep within your belly. You realize neither of you have spoken in so long that the air around you feels like it’s made of torched sugar. The kind that cracks the second Taehyung whispers a soft “Got it, boss lady,” without his gaze ever leaving your eyes.
It’s such a deep rumble at such a low, rich octave that you begin to imagine what fabric it might be made of if sound had a texture. A deep golden corduroy maybe, you think. Even a blood wine velvet. A thought that makes you furrow your brows as you attempt to ignore that you ever had it.
Taehyung’s hand begins to slip slowly out of your grip as some small part of you registers a reluctance to let him go that you don’t have time to fully process. Taehyung licks his lips as his eyes follow your movement, and a little zing illuminates your skin. This moment is lasting too long. It’s too weird, too intimate, too… pleasant. You have got to get out of it. What is happening to you?
“Just to be clear though - when you said I tip you off balance, did you mean it?” He asks calmly with devilish eyes. It’s almost intoxicating in a way it really shouldn't be.
“Knew I’d get under your skin at some point, Jagi,” he grins. But it isn’t like his smile earlier, the one so open and real that it drew you in before you could catch yourself. No, this one is…It’s almost triumphant. Like this was all a game. It’s smarmy and insincere and settles on your tongue like milk that’s gone sour. Something about it breaks the spell and all that beautiful golden sugar shatters like glass in the dirt. It’s finally enough to help you remember where you are and who you’re with. It’s almost enough to make you disappointed.
“Why do you always have to… ugh. Car- now!” you snap.
“What?? You said it- I’m just getting a little clarity here!”
“For the love of God, get in the car and shut up, Taehyung, or I will make you shut up,” you bark.
Biting back your fury, you can’t bring yourself to look in his direction anymore. His audacity alone gives you a jolt of all the clarity you need to fully shirk out of whatever inexplicable haze you’d just been in. While stomping to the car though, you find yourself feeling off for reasons you can’t fully pinpoint.
When you’re finally far enough away from him to breathe in neutral space, you sigh, trying to wrap your head around it all. Trying to make sense of the maelstrom in your head. Why does he always make it so easy to hate him? And why is it so disappointing when he does ?
You swallow back your resignation, trying instead to focus on the overwhelming task ahead of you. It’s still early morning- there’s a lot more day ahead of you. Maybe this whole exchange was just a symptom of your sleep deprivation coming to a head. You tut at yourself for succumbing to whatever siren’s spell you were just under. Vengeful thing would have been kinder if she’d just drowned you by the rocks instead of letting you think, for even a fraction of a second, that Taehyung actually might…
No. Not now. There are more pressing matters now. You don’t know if there will ever be time for that. With a shake to clear your head, you reach to get in the car and get on your way. But just before your fingertips are mere centimeters from the driver’s side door, Taehyung is suddenly bumping you out of the way.
“Ah ah, you drove last time. It’s my turn. To shotgun with you,” he shoos, shoving you away by your shoulders. Palms too warm even through the down of your coat.
“Fine,” you huff in acceptance, trudging back around the car as you reel from the last few minutes, no drop of fight left in you.
Maybe you should just drop it. Let it be. Maybe you could at least catch up on some sleep before you dove headfirst into the weekend from hell.
Taehyung dutifully takes over as both driver and playlist curator. Somewhere between the sounds of his favorite jazz trio and the hum of the open road, you find you’re fresh out of the energy to fight your tiredness as the weight of sheer exhaustion finally drags you into sleep. To your surprise, it's actually real sleep. The kind of rest that flutters between heavy and deep, and just below shallow. The kind where your dreams take on a life of their own.
Along the way, you have a hazy recollection of polaroid moments- a smooth voice akin to a lullaby, someone’s knuckle grazing along the curve of your cheek, a whispered goodnight too faint to be clear, but they all feel blurry, too out of focus at the seams to have been reality. Were they dreams? Were they memories?
You can’t be sure. But When you rouse a few hours later, you realize there’s a jacket laid over you- Taehyung’s jacket, to be precise --draped across you like a blanket. Was that the touch you’d remembered? The one you thought was a dream? His hand brushing your skin as he tucked you in?
The cologne on the lapel is smoky and sweet, oddly comforting. Some half awake part of you wonders if maybe his skin smells this nice too while the more alert part of you balks at the thought and shoves the idea all the way back into the fifth ring of hell you’re sure it came from. No level of sleep deprivation ever warrants whatever insanity just tempted you to press your nose to Taehyung’s neck to check to see if he also smelled like vanilla and cedar wood chips. What did this week do to you?
Beside you, Taehyung seems to notice you stirring. He slides his eyes your way as you shuffle in the passenger seat before softly announcing,“The princess wakes,” to no one in particular.
“Don’t call me that,” you frown, voice muffled by the dampening of post-sleep gravel. You can feel how ridiculous your face must look, half awake and fully cranky, but you can’t be bothered to change it. “How far out are we?”
“Just another hour or so. Might need to stop and stretch my legs soon though.” He shifts his long legs beneath him, his knees ungracefully knocking the bottom of the steering wheel as he does, teetering too close to where your hand rests on the seat. It causes your eyes to take a regretful journey down the length of his nicely toned legs stretching against the cut of his linen pants before you can catch yourself. You realize what's happening with a shock, and suddenly, there’s nothing more interesting than the open road. God, you need some coffee.
“Did I really sleep that long?” Distract, distract, distract. The topic must change, you think.
“Been a long week,” he shrugs, adjusting the music to the next song on his playlist. You take a second to analyze him and his sudden nonchalance, but you’re too tired to question.
“Who’s this?” You ask as you shuffle and stretch. A melancholy piano instrumental plays through the speakers backed by a groovy r&b beat- its catchy. Sexy and sad all at once.
“Finally figured out that bridge.”
Your brows scrunch as your groggy brain tries to piece together what he’s referring to until it hits you all at once. “Is this… the song you were playing at Namjoon’s?’
“The day I got framed for theft? Yeah,” he nods as you sigh.
“That was such a mess. I’m so glad it’s over now.” You glance out the window, unsure what to do with where the conversation has gone.
“I finished the arrangement before that show, by the way.”
“What sh… oh.”
A twinge of guilt pings in your belly. His show. The one he’d invited you to during the glorious stretch of that day when the two of you actually felt something more like friends. In the chaos and fallout that followed, you’d forgotten all about it, but Taehyung, it seemed, hadn’t.
“Oh, that- how did that go?” You mumble, too scared to meet his eyes.
“Fine. Better once I stopped moping and realized you weren’t going to show.”
His eyes never leave the road, and somehow that’s harder. Had he been… looking for you? You had no idea he’d even meant it when he asked you to come, let alone that your absence would make a difference. Suddenly the mysterious, additional ice in his bite in the aftermath of the Namjoon incident comes into clearer focus. He hadn’t just gotten chewed out by his boss or sold out by his coworker, he’d been let down by his friend, or whatever it is you were to him. Which was somehow worse.
The shame sticking in your throat makes it impossible to speak, but before you have to, Taehyung saves you from it by taking an exit and pulling up to a gas station off the side of the highway. When he parks, the air in the car is charged, tense in a way it doesn’t make sense for it to be. Like something else is happening but neither of you know how to say it.
Taehyung’s large hand grips the drive shaft as his gaze drifts in your direction, stopping before he can meet your eyes.
“You need anything from inside?” He asks, voice low.
“No, I’m fine,” you swallow, before he nods, his full lips in glum line, and leaves the car, stretching his long limbs in the morning sun as he does. The fabric of his shirt creeps up, revealing a sliver of golden skin above his linen waistband. In a flash, you feel your cheeks heat in a way that feels like a blush as you tear your eyes away and slink further down into your seat.
You have no idea what’s going on with you.
You couldn’t explain it if you tried to.
Tag list: @namjooningelsewhere @haliwithluvv
If there are more, pls message me and I’ll be happy to add you
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 8 months ago
bsod | kth
pairing(s): taehyung x reader
summary: A fortune teller on the street told him that you, a complete stranger, were his future wife. Sweet! So, how does he get to know you? That's right, by continuously asking you to come over and fix his fossil of a computer instead of buying a new one.
warnings: language; Kim Taehyung constantly calling you wife and you being not amused about it; soulmate energy (?); strangers-to-friends-to-?; just fluff tbh; title stands for blue screen of death
“I’m not your wife, Taehyung.”
“Take this.”
You looked up from the computer to see Kim Taehyung handing you a small can of mango juice. Smiling his big, boxy smile, tan skin glowing, wearing a large green flannel and matching pajama pants. You sighed a big sigh and took it.
“How’s the patient?”
“Broken.” You cracked the can open, regarding him with annoyance. “The fuck did you do?”
“Nothing!” He held up his hands in innocence. You clicked your tongue, frowning at him. “It just blue-screened me!”
You took a small sip and turned back to his computer that was now re-installing the operating system. You had already told him it meant he would lose all his apps, but at least he had listened to you and kept all his important files on an external hard drive. It was taking forever. His computer was a fucking potato run by an overweight hamster who had to be fanned to start moving.
“Taehyung,” you muttered. “Just buy a new computer.”
“But this one works perfectly fine!”
You narrowed your eyes as the percentage slowed. It was barely ticking forward. You reached over and removed the side grate to let more airflow in.
“This one is a rapidly calcifying fossil,” you sighed. “You’re just keeping it so you have an excuse to ask me to come over.”
“But…” Taehyung pouted, poking his fingers together. “You’re the only one who can fix it.”
“I’m an IT tech for the software at the hospital I work at, not a computer repairman. Why don’t you ask Jungkook to fix this for you? He knows a lot about computers.”
Taehyung shook his head quickly, dark brown hair flying everywhere. “Jungkook’s not cute.”
“Sure, he is,” you replied, taking another sip. Taehyung smacked you in the back. You barely moved.
“You can’t cheat on me, wife!”
“I’m not your wife,” you shot back irritably. The percentage was going up now, very, very slowly.
“The fortune teller said so.”
“The fortune teller is a load of horseshit,” you exhaled, leaning back into his gaming chair and licking your teeth. “You paid one guy on the side of the road to ask who your future wife was and he only picked me because I was standing right there.”
Taehyung shrugged. “What if he’s right though? Can’t hurt to try.”
You raised an eyebrow at him. You weren’t about to get him started again, so you blew out a long breath and took another sip of juice. It had been a chance meeting. You had gone to the shrine to pay your respects and a dark-haired stranger had been there, speaking to an old man wearing the most outlandish and colorful clothes you had ever seen along with way too many beaded necklaces. In any case, you hadn’t thought much of it and went on your way.
Until Taehyung came up and started talking to you.
And not shutting up.
He could talk a lot if he wanted to.
And he followed you through every bus stop you were taking until you finally gave in and gave him your damn phone number. You could have given him a fake number, or maybe even called the police, but he seemed pretty harmless, like an excitable puppy. And, whatever, your parents kept reminding you that you needed to actually go outside to speak to other human beings and maybe get married, as soon as possible please, so grandchildren could appear before they died.
You weren’t even that old.
Your parents were drama queens.
Honestly some random, decently handsome guy asking you to get married wasn’t a terrible problem to have. And Taehyung was incredibly handsome, curly dark hair, strong features, cute smile, golden tan skin, broad shoulders, even quite tall.
He was just… weird.
You scratched your face and pointed to his hard drive. “I checked it with my laptop earlier. Doesn’t seem like your files are corrupted.”
Taehyung placed a hand on his chest. “Whew, thanks. I was really worried about that.”
“You download too much porn though.”
He winked at you. “I wouldn’t need it if my wife was willing to supply.”
Again, Taehyung was weird.
You raised an eyebrow and took a lengthy, incredibly loud sip of your mango juice, draining it. He frowned at you as you lowered it, blowing out a long breath. You put the can on his desk and checked the percentage again. A whole fifteen percent! Holy shit, it was a damn miracle.
“You never thought about it, at least once?” Taehyung asked quietly in his deep voice.
You placed a hand on your chin and prayed the hamster in his computer could run a little faster on his wheel. “No.”
“Why not?”
You shrugged. “Dunno, really.”
He placed a hand on the chair and turned you to face him. You looked away from your computer, seeing his curious expression. Taehyung tilted his head at you, dark brown eyes searching your face.
“Think about it now.”
Taehyung wasn’t a bad person. Even though he constantly called you his ‘wife’ for a rather frivolous reason, he never actually tried to touch you sexually. None of his comments ruffled you that much and he seemed to know that there were limits to what he could and couldn’t say.
You placed a hand on your cheek, studying him. Taehyung was a wedding and special events photographer. He showed you a little bit of his work before, the various pictures of happy people in white dresses and black suits. You wondered how he would look in a tuxedo. Probably good. Maybe even better than good.
“Do you think I’m attractive, Taehyung?” you asked, swaying a little in his seat.
His eyes travelled down your body, you and your cable-knit, rusty-red sweater and your ankle-length, pleated black shirt, wearing his fluffy brown slippers he offered you at the door, paired with your thick black socks. Taehyung lifted his head to look into your eyes.
He said it very sincerely and suddenly it was hard to keep eye contact.
You looked back to his computer, seeing the twenty percent mark. Sigh. You weren’t getting out of this conversation anytime soon. You turned back to him, clicking your tongue.
“You met me on the street. You didn’t know me.”
“I know you now,” Taehyung said with a smile. “You’re funny. You swear a lot. You didn’t take my shit. You always come and help me even though you always grumble about it.” He chuckled deep in his chest, cheeks round with mirth. “You handle every problem head-on and roll with what life gives you.” He pointed to himself. “Even if it’s someone as annoying as me.”
You rolled your eyes. Twenty-five percent. Oh! It seemed to be moving faster now for some reason.
Taehyung scratched his head. “I wish life was easier.”
You blinked in confusion. “What?”
He shrugged. “You know, first you have to look for someone who looks pretty, then you have to slowly get to know them, then they break your heart, and you have to try over and over again like that. An endless cycle, happy, then hurting, happy, then hurting.” Taehyung scoffed, shoving his hands in his pajama pockets. “Wouldn’t it just be easier if someone told you who you were supposed to be with and then it was just right, the perfect person right there on the street, waiting for you to know them, waiting for you to love them, so they could love you back?”
You stared at him.
“But I was just dropping off oranges to the harvest gods so the farmers could have a good crop this year.”
He shrugged. “Same thing.”
It was not the same thing.
You chuckled, shaking your head. He sighed, a long, agonizing exhale that made you look back.
“I’m tired. I’m tired of people telling me I like strange things, tired of people telling me I’m too eccentric, tired of people telling me I’m weird.”
You pointed to the puffy-faced character figurine on his desk. “You are a little weird.”
Taehyung huffed. “I just want a girl to love me, so I can love her back.”
You rubbed your nose. “People are troublesome.” He looked over to you and you shrugged. “All they care about is, what’s your job? What does your family do? How much money do you make? Why aren’t you married yet and have five children?” You rolled your eyes. “Your grades are good. You’re attractive. You could get a rich man. You could become a housewife and have him take care of you.” You sucked on the inside of your cheek with a loud pop, annoyed. “What If I like working? What if I want my husband to stay home and take care of the kids? What if I don’t want to be taken care of?”
There was a silence after your words. You stared at his computer screen, watching it tick to thirty-three percent.
“I’m not rich,” Taehyung said quietly. “I don’t mind if you work. I could stay home and take care of the kids. But… I can’t fulfill one of those.”
Slowly, slowly, you turned your head. Taehyung was observing you with an apologetic smile. His smile grew into that familiar boxy grin, boyishly playful.
“Because I would want to take care of you, if you’ll let me.”
For first time ever since you met Taehyung, he had left you speechless. You didn’t have a silly reply ready or a raised eyebrow that spoke a thousand words. You looked into his dark brown eyes, wondering why you had picked that day to walk to the shrine, wondering what came over you as you picked up some extra oranges. You sometimes did things like that, dropping off flowers to your parents, or picking up an extra can of tuna to feed a stray cat meowing outside the grocery store. On that day, you were inspecting those oranges and thought, I hope the farmers have a good harvest this year. I should go to the shrine.
It had nothing to do with Taehyung, and yet he showed up in your life anyway.
He bent down a little, closer to your face. You didn’t move away, blinking slowly, a strange thump-thump-thump invading your chest. He seemed to hesitate and pull back a little. Then he closed the distance quickly and pecked you on the lips.
The quickest, lightest touch.
Taehyung drew away quickly, laughing nervously as he looked away from you.
“Haha, sorry, I just… wondered what it would feel like.”
You turned away swiftly. Thump-thump-thump, turning into resounding drumbeats that heated your ears. Whoa. You expected to feel weirded out by that, and yet it was, somehow… not as strange as you though it would be? You ended up staring at the computer screen. Somehow it was already done, at one-hundred percent.
Taehyung bought a lot of weird instances into your life.
You clicked the button to restart the computer.
It whirred and died.
You blinked at it. You mashed the power button repeatedly. It didn’t turn on. The screen was completely black and it remained black. You poked the power button one last time, as if the dead machine could detect your forcefulness. It was dead.
He turned back, biting his lip nervously. “Hm?”
“As your future wife… please just buy a new computer.”
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bangtanintotheroom · 4 months ago
Fanservice (M)
Tumblr media
I wanna get freaky on camera, I love when we get freaky on camera
Tumblr media
• Pairing: Camboy!Taehyung x Viewer!(F)Reader
• Genre: Camboy!AU, Smut, Strangers to Lovers
• Rating: 18+
• Words: 30.8k
• Summary: Every Friday night at 10 PM was dedicated to your favorite camboy. When he hosts a contest and you end up the lucky winner, you’ll have to brace yourself for your unexpected debut.
• Warnings/themes: explicit sexual content, sex work, exhibitionism, voyeurism, camshows, mentions of anal play, masturbation (m. and f.), filmed sex acts (consensual), Taehyung has a filthy mouth, swearing, lots of dirty talk, use of sex toys, reader is lowkey a Tae fangirl (who wouldn’t be lol), discussion of consent and rules, performance anxiety, soft dom!Taehyung, breast play, TAECONDA 🗣, handjobs, spitting, oral (m. and f. receiving), gagging, deep throating, fingering, squirting, size kink, unprotected sex (both parties are tested and safe but WRAP IT UP PEEPS), multiple positions, spanking, come play, creampie, slight degradation, multiple orgasms, lots of sexual tension 🥵
• Song Inspo: Cyber Sex - Doja Cat (Spotify | Soundcloud)
• Notes: Big dick Tae go brrrrr 🤪 *ahem* forgive me, I had a moment of weakness. Anyways, this is for the “Camshow” square for @bangtanwritingbingo​! I’ve been super excited to delve into this one since I received my card but I couldn’t decide who to use...until I saw THIS pic of Taetae that just screams tease 🤧 had to do some research about cammers for this and found out some fun and interesting things along the way so please enjoy and remember to support your local sex workers! 👍🏾 And a huge thanks to @playmetheclassics​​ for beta’ing this for me, mmmmwah 😘💕 Crossposted to AO3 as well.
• Taglist: @thelilbutifulthings @jeontier @park-hera-gi @feral-daisy @uzumakioden @raineandskye @noir-eyes @bebejungkook​ @parkdatjimin​ @sunshinerainbowsbts​ @m-yg93​ @jimilter​ @sexyuntitl3d @herecomesjoon​
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The apartment was shrouded in darkness save for the glow reflecting from your laptop, illuminating your face as you stared expectantly at the screen.
Your eyes flickered to the clock in the lower corner.
So close.
Surely you had something better to do than watch your desktop like a hawk, but you worried that even walking away for a second would make you late. He tended to start on time, no matter what.
In the meantime, you looked next to you on the bed, making sure everything you needed was there.
Lube? Check. Vibrator? Check. Hand towel? Check.
You made sure that whatever errands needed to be done were finished earlier, wanting to dedicate the rest of this Friday night to your favorite activity. There was a high chance you would go straight to bed after you were done.
A familiar ping went off in the room, making your head swivel back to the computer.
Just as you anticipated, a pop-up window came onto the screen.
[_vante is online!]
You bit back your smile, a giddiness lighting your veins as you put your pointer finger on the mousepad to hover the arrow over the ‘Join Room’ button. Clicking it, you wiggled in anticipation as it took you to a recognizable page with banners and ads on the side depicting men and women in compromising positions. 
The stream hadn’t started just yet. 
The rectangle in the middle was black with a message stating that the user was still in the process of setting up. But you didn’t have to wait much longer as the screen changed to show said user.
You let your grin go on full display at the sight of the handsome face brightening up your laptop.
“Hm...can you guys see me well?”
An involuntary shiver went through you as his baritone rang through your speakers. He hadn’t even said anything remotely dirty yet and already, his voice was affecting you.
You reached for the keys, flying across them with your fingertips.
[Y/N]: yup 😊
“Yeah? Great—“ V gave a signature boxy grin. “Then let’s get started. How’s everyone doing today?”
You typed out a brief sentence on how your workday left you needing to decompress. You weren’t sure if he saw your comment alone or a few of the others that shared your sentiment, but the model hummed and nodded.
“Rough day, huh? Same here. Work was hell and then some. I’ve been thinking about you guys all day, couldn’t wait to punch out and get home.” V tilted his head. 
“How about you? Were you thinking about me too?”
Cheeks warming up, you gave an answer that the rest of the chat echoed.
[Y/N]: of course, the only way I could get through the day was by thinking about your beautiful face ❤️
You realized after you hit enter that maybe that was a little too cheesy, but V paused to read everyone’s comments, face lighting up with a smile once more.
“Aww, you’re too sweet, Y/N. I always love to read your comments.”
Did you squeal to yourself just now? Of course not.
But V moved on to the next person, prompting you to get over your excitement and focus on the bigger picture. How did you get so into watching this beautiful man at 10 PM on the dot every Friday night?
Watching porn was something you did occasionally but watching actual camshows was a rarity. Before, you only viewed a couple of pre-recorded shows out of curiosity, only to click out after a few minutes. You admired these people for their hustle and courage to do such intimate acts for thousands of people to view, but none of them could capture your attention enough to give them your full time and attention.
That is until your friend Jules sent you a link one day.
You had been lamenting to each other at lunch break on the desire to find a cam person worth watching, needing some fuel for your lonely nights where you were too lazy to jump on Tinder or message former flings. 
Your friend lit up like a Christmas tree before she said that she had been recommended to someone who looked interesting (well, at least their profile picture did) and was going to catch their show live that night. Looking around to make sure no one would peek over your shoulders in the nearly empty cafe, Jules pulled up the profile of the person she was talking about, letting you take a peek.
You couldn’t deny that the man in the black and white photo was handsome. A nose perfect for brushing against thighs with full, kissable lips below, surrounded by a strong jawline. Slicked back black hair with a couple of strands resting on his forehead. Strong brows hovered above deep brown eyes that stared straight into your soul. You were never much for putting much emphasis on others’ bodies,but the subtle tone of his bicep and forearm that poked out of the sleeve of his t-shirt had your mouth watering a bit.
He caught your interest enough that you agreed to watch the show that night, making sure that Jules’ text came through with the right info. It was nighttime before you knew it, and the show was close to starting. You had to scramble to get whatever necessary items you needed before getting comfortable in your bed. 
The lights were turned off and your laptop was plugged into its charger (nothing killed a good orgasm like your battery dying). Typing the link from your phone into the address bar, you waited with anticipation as the browser loaded, pulling up a website you were familiar with.
However, the user was different this time, the picture of the man from earlier popping up in the corner. And soon enough, the screen showed the actual person, sitting in a purple-lit room on a leather chair.
The picture did not do him justice. And then he opened his mouth to greet all of the viewers; you couldn’t help but squirm at the bass that rang out from the speakers.
The model was named V and he looked to be in his mid to late 20’s. His outfit was rather formal for someone who was probably going to be taking their clothes off, consisting of a floral button-up shirt with a tie and slacks. Surprisingly, he pulled the look off. His setup also stood out as you picked up the soft sounds of jazz music in the background, V occasionally stopping his talking to bob his head along, a gentle smile on his handsome face. The move was endearing as hell.
Despite it taking quite some time before anything sexual occurred, you weren’t finding yourself bored at all. V talked to everyone as if he was in a group of friends, asking how everyone’s days were and saying what he was up to himself and what he planned to do over the weekend. He must have had quite a few regulars as he asked some users rather specific questions, from how their pets were doing and wishing them luck on whatever tests they had coming up. His attentiveness felt genuine, unlike some other models. It only intrigued you even more.
But then came what everyone had tuned in for.
The dynamic had shifted as V rolled his chair back, his eyes lidding as he ran a tongue over his full lips. He kept his gaze focused on the camera as he questioned whether everyone was ready for him. You were so enraptured up to this point that you hadn’t even typed a word in the chat, biting your lip as you sent a ‘yes’, drowning among the other affirmations. And with that, V gave a devilish smirk as his hands crawled up his lean torso to his tie.
After that, everything was a haze. All you could remember was coming to your senses a while later, your limbs trembling as your slick fingers slid out of your core, watching as V laid panting against his chair, his tanned upper body exposed and covered in sweat and come. Fuck, when was the last time you came that hard? And from someone who wasn’t even in the same room as you?
From that moment on, you were hooked.
Saturday nights were spent watching some of his older shows, working yourself up to orgasms that forced you to stifle your cries with a pillow. Sundays consisted of fighting the urge to have some more late-night fun despite the fact that you had to get up early the next morning. And Mondays through Thursdays were absolute torture, having to try not to daydream about V instead of crunching numbers and sending out emails in your gray cubicle. Didn’t help that your boss kept poking their head in to make sure you were doing your work right, despite the fact that you had been with the company for years. All you could do was hope that the look on your face didn’t scream ‘I’m imagining myself getting plowed by a man I’ve never met in real life’ as they condescended on whatever mistakes they thought needed rectifying.
But Fridays were your favorite days now. Not only because it was the end of a long work week but because you had something to look forward to that night. V kept things interesting every time too, switching up the ways that he got himself off, from only using his hand to utilizing some toys to even slipping a finger or two inside his puckered hole for extra stimulation. The man was captivating to watch in the throes of ecstasy. Despite his obvious enjoyment, he always made sure to look deep into the lens, letting absolute filth spill from his lips as if he was talking directly to you. Maybe that was what engrossed you. The natural way he spoke and acted as if he was there in that very room with you, his lean body doing whatever it could to bring you to a blinding climax. Even the people you had been with in the past couldn’t make you come as hard as he could through a computer screen.
You made sure to show your appreciation to Jules for the recommendation with an expensive sushi dinner the first time, even though your paycheck side-eyed you for it.
“Hm? What’s that, KookyBun?”
The sound of V’s baritone brought you back to the present, blinking as he addressed one of his regulars.
“...ah. Rough week, huh?” V tilted his head, giving the camera an angelic smile, but you could see the hints of lewdness lingering underneath. 
“What can I do to make you feel better?”
You weren’t surprised to see the suggestive response that the user gave him, quickly followed by others expressing different ones but along the same line.
“Hmm, you wanna see me touch myself? Will that really make you feel better?”
You quietly cheered on KookyBun as they emphasized their need, causing V to give a short laugh as he shook his head. “You guys are so easy to rile up, you know that? Don’t worry. It’ll happen—” His voice lowered as he leaned in a bit. “Believe me. I’ve been dying to touch myself all day, too.”
Your breath hitched as the air seemed to get heavier now. Wanting to prepare ahead of time, you scooted back from your laptop to take your panties off, biting your lip as it clung to your damp folds for a second before letting go the farther you pulled it down. Tossing it to the side, you spread your legs on either side of your computer, seeing V resting a hand on his crotch. You let out a slight whimper at the visible bulge there.
V didn’t make any moves to please himself yet, being the tease he was. Instead, he bobbed his head to his music, losing himself in the tunes. But the chat wasn’t having it as you spotted another pleading message, complete with the puppy eyes emoji at the end.
“Wow, babyJ13, you’re impatient today, aren’t you?” The model laughed and shook his head. “Well, your dance instructor is still out with the flu, right? I guess you need another outlet for your energy.” He then had the nerve to tilt his head again, blinking innocently. 
“What do you think, guys? Should I indulge you?”
Straightening up, you brought your hands out to fly across the keyboard.
V licked his lips as the responses filed in, biting back a large grin not long after you sent in your own.
[Y/N]: yes please. Wanna see that beautiful cock of yours
“Alright then, since you guys asked so nicely…”
Your heart began hammering like usual as his hands crawled up to begin loosening his belt, watching like a hawk as those long fingers of his moved. You had seen this scenario so often before but it always brought the same reaction out of you each time.
His digits sliding away from the undone leather to the button of his slacks. His thumb and index finger pinching the metal tab of the zipper and lowering it down. His fingertips parting the fabric and pushing it down enough to reveal the thick outline straining against his briefs.
You swallowed hard as V laid his pointer finger on it, tracing up and down the shape with a whisper of a sigh. “Mm…I’ve got a surprise for you guys. Would you like to see it?”
You and everyone else in the chat expressed your approval, nearing desperation (at least you avoided the thirst emojis that were rampant). With a chuckle, V held onto the waistband of his underwear, lifting his hips up enough to shove it down his long legs, along with his slacks. Kicking them off, he sat back in his seat, spreading his legs and exposing what you were dying to see.
His cock had taken your breath away the first time you had seen it. The size was substantial for someone of his build and the shape pleasant enough to look at. Even when he wrapped his large hand around it, a good portion of it was still uncovered, making you wonder just how big he really was. But this time, what caught your eye was what laid at the base of it, eyes widening in lust.
“Ta da. Finally got to wear the ring velvetyeri sent me last week. You sure know how to pick them, thank you!” V ran his tongue over his bottom lip while poking at the rubber. 
“Wish I could’ve kept it on all day like you asked but I almost had a close call a few times. Sorry baby.”
She didn’t seem too bothered by it, judging by the multiple heart and kiss emojis she sent in the chat paired with praises of how good it looked on him.
“Heh, thank you for understanding. But now that I’m home...”
With that, the model reached down to hit the button on the side of the cock ring, hissing when a buzzing sound started. “Dammit...”
You felt yourself getting more and more turned on as the minutes ticked, needing some relief now that he was starting the action. Keeping your eyes on the screen, you blindly reached for your vibrator and lube, bringing it in front of you. You looked down to coat the toy in the liquid before throwing the bottle to the side. Taking in a deep breath, you brought it down to rest against your folds, hitting the switch with a soft moan as the vibrations made a pleasant heat form between your thighs. “Mm...”
“Hah, this thing is stronger than it looks, trust me. Mnh—” V looked down at his cock, reaching a long finger down to swirl around his flushed tip before murmuring, “Been leaking all fucking day...surprised it didn’t soak through to my pants.”
You wished you were right there in front of him to lick up the bead of precum that sat there.
But then V went and picked it up with his finger before bringing it closer to the camera, pressing his fingertip against his thumb repeatedly to show the viscosity. “Wish someone was here to clean this up for me...”
You shivered as he expressed what had been running through your mind. Reaching your free hand over, you typed a few words for the model.
[Y/N]: wish I was there too, baby. Will you touch yourself for us? Pls?
V chewed on his lip as he took a moment to read the comments again, nodding to you and everyone else asking the same question.
“Of course...can’t wait any longer myself. Need to make it wet though.” Before he could reach onto his desk for his lube, you quickly typed out a request.
[Y/N]: spit on it, V
He had to have seen your comment as he let out a small groan, looking directly into the lens with a raised brow. “Yeah, Y/N? That’s what you want?”
You tightened your hold on your toy while emphasizing your desire with a strong yes.
Biting back a smile, you watched as V took a few seconds to gather spit in his mouth before leaning over and letting it drop onto his upheld cock, moaning softly at the way it dripped down the tip and shaft. “There you go...”
Repeating the motion again, you saw him give the camera a smirk. “All better now?”
[Y/N]: yes, thank you ☺️💕 enjoy, baby
“Oh, don’t worry, I will.”
And with that, V began stroking himself languidly, head tipping back momentarily at the pleasure. “Ah, shit...that’s it—”
Clenching at how his voice lowered, you decided to mirror his movements by dragging the end of the vibrator up and down your slick folds, hips bucking a bit whenever you bumped against your clit. Just a couple of minutes of this had you panting into the darkness of your room. It’s times like these when you were glad that you lived by yourself, not confident that you would be able to stay quiet on nights like these.
“Ngh...fuck—” V paused his hand to thrust up into it a few times, making you wish that it was your pussy instead. “So glad I wore this ring today...everything feels so much stronger—”
You almost forgot about the cock ring for a second, licking your lips at the vibrating rubber. It was a pleasant surprise for tonight and your mind only ran off further into your fantasies. Imagining yourself riding this man, the vibrations hitting your clit repeatedly as his sizable hands dug into your ass, pulling you down occasionally to bury his dick deep, forcing you to writhe and whine on him as the stimulation came to be too much.
Your fingers wasted no time in upping the level of strength on your toy, eyes fluttering as you kept the end on your swollen bud now.
Time was lost on you as you kept teasing yourself, switching up the motions to match whatever V was doing to himself. Unfortunately, you found that you were getting worked up quicker than usual, your walls constantly clenching in need of something to fill it up. But you wanted to hold off, knowing that inserting the vibrator would bring you to your end sooner than expected.
“Shit...God, I wanna come so bad—”
Your head swung back up from leaning back to see V panting softly now, cheeks reddened and a light sweat starting to cover his face.
“Fuck, sorry guys, I don’t think I can last too long tonight— oh shit— All that edging is coming back to bite me in the ass...”
You weren’t mad at his announcement, at all. Turns out you were in the same predicament, this week having been a rough one that led to you having to spend a little time before the show teasing yourself in the shower. Licking your lips, you forced yourself to write something out, hoping he would see it in the midst of his ecstasy.
[Y/N]: it’s okay, baby, been worked up all day myself. Why don’t you open that shirt up before you make a mess on yourself?
V zeroed in on your suggestion, along with a few others, laughing in relief. “Oh, thank you...glad to know I’m not the only one. Don’t worry—” His free hand worked on unbuttoning his shirt as he husked, “I’ll make it up to you next time, promise.”
Too many times you’ve pictured your tongue running up each bump and circling around both of the dusky nipples. Your lips quirked, whether from the acknowledgment, his skin being slowly exposed or for something to look forward to next week, you didn’t know. For now, you focused on his trim torso that was soon revealed, a light sheen on the tanned skin.
“There, much better. Now...” V shifted to get more comfortable in his chair, hips resting on the edge now. “Shall we?”
You could never brace yourself for his strong and fluid thrusts, your breath always halting at the sight. The sounds of his fist hitting his groin echoed through the speakers and paired with his low growls and moans, prompting you to take it up a notch yourself as well. 
Taking in a deep breath, you moved the tip of the toy down to part your folds before pressing it inside with a short gasp, the vibrations already stimulating your needy walls. You bit down on your lip as you went in as far as you liked, taking a moment to pause and whimper as your toes dug into the comforter, feeling a bit overwhelmed for a second. 
After a minute, you began thrusting the device in and out, unable to match his pace but close enough that you could pretend that he was here in bed, fucking you instead of his hand.
The thought made your arousal leak out even more, dripping past the toy and down your ass. Maybe you should have gotten the towel out tonight.
As time went by, you couldn’t tell what was louder; the squelching of your pussy, V’s guttural groans or your own unabashed moans.
“Goddamn— You fucking yourself right now, baby?”
You knew he was talking to everyone as a whole but you whimpered out like he was directly in front of you.
V chuckled huskily, pausing on the thrusting to twist his hand a little faster over himself now. “Yeah? You better be…think about my cock spreading you out nice and well— Mm…” His mouth fell open in sheer bliss before his head fell back against the chair. “Oh baby…you feel so fucking good right now—!”
Your hand reached up under your t-shirt and rolled your nipple between your trembling fingers. “Oh V…”
You could tell by the way the tip of his cock was nearly red and the more frequent words coming out of his open mouth that he was close to coming. Fuck, you were too...
Your wrist was probably going to protest but you sped up the rhythm of your vibrator, knees bending back the closer you got to your climax. The hand on your breast groped the flesh as you watched V continue to work his hand over himself faster and faster until a strangled gasp escaped him all of a sudden.
“O-Oh fuck me...ah—!”
V forced his head to come up, breathing ragged as heavy onyx eyes looked directly into the camera. Directly into your soul.
“I can’t hold back anymore, baby. You better fucking come with me, mnh! Shit—“ He gave himself a harder squeeze before resuming his pace. “Come on, do it with me, come on—”
Not wanting to deny his plea, you focused on hitting your release, whispering out in desperation to the empty room, “Please baby, make me come, make me come on your big dick, please—!”
It only took less than a minute before V let out a choked sound before an audible groan came out, the back of his head smacking into the leather. This was immediately followed by a spurt of white shooting out of his tip, strong enough to land on his chest.
“O-Oh my God—! Fuck!”
With that, your own climax came in like a ton of bricks, forcing you to fall back onto the bed as you cried out into the darkness. “V!”
Somehow your hand was able to keep moving rather than seizing up with the rest of your body, the thrusting and vibrations on the verge of overstimulating you until you were forced to pause as you felt something drench your hand. You were too caught up in your orgasm to look, doing your best to ride it out until your body finally gave you a break. Slumping against the comforter and shutting the toy off, you panted as your hand slid down from your breast to rest on your stomach, taking a minute to calm down.
“S-Shit...damn, that was a lot...”
At the sound of V’s breathless exclamation, you compelled your head to lift up, gasping weakly at what greeted you.
V lounged in his chair as he looked down at his torso, covered in multiple streaks of his come from his upper chest all the way down to his bellybutton. If there was any doubt that he had been edging himself all day, it was wiped away with the physical evidence of his release.
“Good thing I opened my shirt up, haha...”
The model brought his head back up to shoot the camera a spent yet satisfied look, strands of his black hair sticking to his sweat-covered brow. “How was that, baby? Did you come hard too?”
You had to give a feeble nod, still feeling the aftershocks in your toes.
“Good, I think we both deserved it.”
Using what little strength you had left, you sat up and looked between your legs, flustering at the wet spot housed on the comforter. Looks like you would have to take a trip to the laundromat in the morning.
Carefully easing the vibrator out of yourself, you winced at the wet sound that emerged before you rested it on your hand towel, wiping your hand off on the rest of it. Looking at the screen again, you nibbled on your lip as you saw V raising a brow as he read over the chat.
“Mm...you want me to taste it?” Your breath caught at the suggestion. “I mean...why not?”
V obliged the request by picking up one of the trails with his pointer finger, slipping it into his mouth, closing his lips around it. The curious look on his face was replaced with one of mild distaste. “Hmm...not terrible but I wouldn’t do it again. I’m sure you guys would enjoy it much more than me though, right?”
You would give your left kidney for a chance to taste his come.
Now came the ending of the show, consisting of V continuing to talk to everyone while he cleaned himself off yet made no move to redress. His confidence in his body showed in the way he lounged in his chair despite the fact that everything was hanging out. Sometimes you envied him.
“Okay guys, you know I hate to do this but I have to go now.”
You couldn’t help but pout every time he did this, realizing that you’d have to wait a whole week until you saw his handsome face again.
“But before I sign off, I have a huge announcement!”
Now your ears perked up and your back straightened.
V gave the camera one of his boxy grins and clapped his hands together. “So! The other day, my manager and I talked things out with the company about that little contest I wanted to do.” A few viewers must have expressed their confusion as he clarified, “Ah, sorry, this was a couple of weeks ago so some of you might not have been around during the show. Well, I got the idea from a fellow cammer of mine and I wanted to give one of you beautiful people the chance to be my co-host for a day!”
Your jaw dropped as you let out a sound of incredulity. How could you have missed this? You hadn’t skipped any of his shows, maybe this was on a day where you came so hard that your ears were ringing for a while.
“And guess what?” He gave a thumbs up, teeth on full display. 
“We got the approval to go ahead! So starting tomorrow at 10 AM, we’re going to open up a link where you can enter to be a lucky winner! The contest will be open until next Friday at 10 PM so there’s plenty of time to enter. Each subscriber will have at least one chance to enter and certain actions will allow for multiple entries. All the details will be on the entry page along with contact info for any questions you have.”
The chat went into a frenzy with the announcement but all you could do was sit there, a giddiness building up in you. You tried not to get too excited though; you never had the best luck when it came to contests.
“Alright everyone, that’s all I can give for now. And for safety reasons, the winner will be emailed by my manager and not publicly announced. Not saying that I don’t trust you guys but we want this to go as smoothly as possible.”
With that, V gave everyone a pleasant smile.
“I wish you all good luck if you decide to enter. Have a good night and please enjoy your weekend. Until next time—“ He held his thumb and index finger together in the shape of a heart, pressing it to his lips before holding it out to the camera. 
And just like that, the black rectangle returned.
A contest where you could end up doing a show with V…
You had to admit that you were surprised that the model was even doing this in the first place. He had been mainly solo in his work, never indicating that he wanted another person to join him. Not that you were complaining.
If you got the chance to win, you could only imagine all of the things you’d want to do with him.
But a sudden yawn burst from your chest, leaving you unable to think of what you could do. Sighing, you got up and began cleaning; the least you had to do was take a quick shower and strip your soaking comforter.
Tumblr media
“Yes, I…no, I did send the financial report to Ryujin. Can you ask if it may have ended up in her junk mail by accident?” A pause. “…yes, I understand but tech support still hasn’t gotten back to me on why my emails keep going there.”
You rolled your eyes, glad for the cubicle.
“Mhm…yes, I’ll try to have the request expedited. And—“ Your brow raised. “Wh— Tomorrow? But isn’t the deadline over two weeks from now?”
You listened to the voice on the other end go on for almost two minutes before you could get a word in.
“Yes, I understand. I will do my best to have it on your desk by then. Okay, goodbye.”
It was difficult not to slam your phone onto the receiver with the bullshit that just happened. Of course, your boss had to question whether you were capable of your job while dumping more work on your already full load.
And it was only Monday.
“For fuck’s sake…”
You grumbled to yourself, shaking your head as you turned to your monitor, looking for the email tech support had sent to you a week ago saying that they would have your issue fixed within two days. Lying bastards.
After typing a strongly worded follow up to them, you sat back in your chair and sighed, rubbing your temple as you tried to hold off the faint throbbing there. Thankfully, you only had fifteen minutes to go before you had an hour to eat and do something that would ease your stress for the rest of the workday. 
You decided to send an email to Mark, reminding him to send you the contact list for the latest clients. The two of you went back and forth until your alarm went off, signaling the beginning of your lunch break.
Deciding to hit up the buffet down the street, you walked in to get your usual options before taking a seat in the upstairs dining area, plopping down next to the window to get a good view of the bustling streets. You scrolled through your phone as you ate, smiling and shaking your head at some of the ridiculous posts Jules sent you. After replying to each one, you decided to check your personal email.
You were looking to delete the junk and make a mental note of any good sales going on but a part of your brain couldn’t help but wonder about the contest.
You earned about five entries, between subscribing to V and your donations, upping your chance a bit but you weren’t expecting much. The entry page had closed Friday night and you hadn’t heard anything. To say you were disappointed would be an understatement. All you could do was give your well wishes to whoever the lucky winner was and make sure to support them by rooting them on this Friday (even though you would be wishing you were in their place).
Sighing, you took a sip of your drink, ready to close your email until you spotted a message from an unfamiliar email.
The sender was Jung Hoseok and the only part of the conversation you could see was a basic greeting. Figuring that it was just spam, you decided to get a laugh out of whatever ridiculousness they tried to send you now and opened it.
Sender: Jung Hoseok ([email protected])
Title: Congratulations!
Hello Y/N,
We would like to congratulate you on being the lucky winner of the Victory Lap with V contest on behalf of the company!
V appreciates your support for his work and looks forward to spending a day with you! We apologize for the delay in contacting you, our process in deciding a winner is meticulous in order to weed out bots or cheaters, we aim to give all of our loyal viewers a fair chance. With that in mind, there are procedures and rules that must be followed before we can proceed, though.
Bangbangtan strives to keep its employees safe and healthy and requires the following:
A face to face meetup to discuss rules for the show (Skype is allowed if unable to meet in person)
Printed results of a recent STD test with negative results (must be within three days of meeting up)
(For female-identifying viewers) some form of birth control if condoms do not want to be used (condoms will be required if you are NOT on it)
Failure to follow any of these requirements will result in you losing your spot in which we will be contacting the runner-up instead. Please respect our rules and understand that these are in place for a reason.
To set up a time and date to meet, please reply to this email ASAP; a meeting must be made by Wednesday afternoon, the latest.
Once again, congratulations on winning, we look forward to working with you!
Jung Hoseok
Client Manager | Social Media Manager
Your fork dropped faster than your mouth did.
No way.
No fucking way.
Was this real?
Maybe some sleazeball had gotten your email and decided to play a prank on you.
Picking up your now dirty utensil, you placed it to the side before squinting at the message. Unsure about the legitimacy of this, you opened up the reply window and typed out a message that was along the lines of gratefulness tinged with skepticism. After sending it out, you got up to grab another fork and a refill.
Sitting back down, you refreshed your email, not expecting an immediate answer from the supposed manager. But lo and behold, a new message popped up.
You opened it with hesitation, only for it to ebb away the more you read.
Sender: Jung Hoseok ([email protected])
Title: Re: Re: Congratulations!
Hello Y/N,
Please, don’t apologize for questioning this email, it’s understandable that you would be wary! This is a legitimate message but I can send you a link to my page on the company website for you to look over. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible so don’t hesitate to ask any more questions.
Jung Hoseok
Client Manager | Social Media Manager
And with that, you opened the link, praying that nothing too compromising was on there. Luckily, it was a simple page with a picture of a handsome man with a rather bright smile and equally luminescent platinum blonde hair. And below that and his bio were pictures and links to his clients that he handled. Sure enough, V’s black and white photo was in the beginning, making your heart skip as it all set in.
You won.
You fucking won!
It wasn’t a scream, but a sound of elation escaped your lips, prompting the one diner near you to look at you funny. You shot them a sheepish smile before looking down at your phone again, gaze locked in on the smoldering model on the screen. To think that you actually got lucky with this opportunity...
You were so excited that you almost forgot to look over your schedule and message Hoseok back with details on where to meet up this week. After going back and forth, the two of you agreed to meet up Wednesday around lunch hour at a cafe that was twenty minutes away but made up for it with bomb croissants. Marking it down in your calendar, you remembered to contact the nearest clinic to see if you could get in for a test before you went home for the day.
The rest of your workday went by with the usual crap but you had a pep in your step as you went to get tested. It was hard not to laugh at how the worker was confused as to how happy you were asking for an STD check, used to tears or scowls. But you left after the screening to head home for the day, hoping that tomorrow would go smoothly.
Of course, you were asking for too much as your boss reprimanded you for your email issue still not getting resolved (how was that your fault?) and making a minor mistake on the charts that needed more than one day to perfect (but someone insisted on having it way ahead of the deadline). 
You were this close to telling them to shove their paperweight up their ass and walking out of that office with your belongings. But there was a funny little thing called rent that wouldn’t care that you decided to stand up to your superior. The only thing that got you through the rest of the day was rereading the congratulatory email, your frown easing up each time.
And then came Wednesday.
You got to work bright and early, hoping you’d be able to go out a bit sooner than expected for your lunch. The clinic had called you too late yesterday to say that your results were ready (they were negative, thank goodness) so you had to run there before the meeting. You managed to sneak out without your boss noticing, speed-walking to the building in your heels. You were making good time with the papers in your hand until a traffic jam blocked off the intersection, cursing at the idiot truck driver who decided to try and beat the yellow light. Now you had to nearly run to get to the cafe, trying not to look like a hot mess when you blew through the glass door, sweating underneath your blouse and blazer.
Giving one of the waitresses a flustered smile back, you scanned the dining area to see if you could spot Hoseok and V. Sure enough, a head of platinum blond hair and one of black hair sat by one of the windows, facing away from you. Straightening your posture and wiping off the sweat on your brow, you walked over to the table, clearing your throat to catch their attention.
It was hard not to feel a little weak at the two handsome faces that smiled up at you now.
“Yes, that’s me!”
Hoseok got up first with a sunny grin, holding out a hand to you. 
“Hello, nice to meet you! Jung Hoseok, I’m V’s manager. Well, you already figured that out in our emails but I have to be formal and all that crap.”
You giggled at this man’s easygoing disposition as you shook his hand, already feeling your nerves lessening. “Understandable. It’s lovely to meet you too!”
Hoseok let go and stepped aside to allow the other man to come forward. “And well, I’m sure you know this guy as well but I’ll let him introduce himself anyways.”
It took everything in you not to faint at the sight of the gorgeous being standing in front of you.
Seeing V in person in the daytime was completely different to seeing him in the dim purple lighting of his bedroom. His expression was less sensual and his face softer, cheeks pronounced as he grinned at you. 
The eyes that would practically fuck you through the camera squinted in humor at the awestruck look on your face. But it was still him. The parted black hair, the tall and lean form in a button-up with palm leaves and hibiscus that only someone like V could pull off.
And then he opened his mouth.
“Hello Y/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”
Yup. It was him, alright.
You realized that you were leaving him hanging, clearing the lump in your throat before you took his hand into yours, screaming internally at how it nearly engulfed your own.
“I-It’s nice to meet you as well, V. I still can’t believe this is happening...”
V chuckled. “Oh, believe it. And please, you don’t have to keep calling me by my stage name.”
You blinked. “Oh...what should I call you, then?”
“Taehyung will do. Tae is fine, too.”
You couldn’t lie, you felt pretty special right now to have this privilege. “Okay...Taehyung.”
Taehyung smiled wider. “Much better. Here, take a seat.”
He went to the other side and pulled your chair out for you, making your cheeks warm as you thanked him before sitting down. Once the other two men took their seats, Hoseok called a waiter over to have everyone place their orders. The three of you made small talk as you waited, although you had to behave and try not to let your eyes linger on Taehyung for too long, still fascinated at seeing him in the flesh. Thankfully, the food and drinks didn’t take long to arrive.
“So Y/N—”
You looked up at Hoseok after taking a bite of your chocolate-filled croissant.
“Do you have any prior experience with being on film?”
Swallowing the pastry, you shook your head. “No, not at all. I mean, I was considering on camming at one point in time but I never followed through.”
“Oh really? Why the change of heart?”
“Mm, I couldn’t think of what to do that would help me stand out, the market is pretty oversaturated as it is. Whatever I could do was way out of my comfort zone.”
Taehyung chuckled after sipping his coffee. “I hear you, it’s hard to stand out in an industry like this. I went through the same thing in the beginning until I finally got my footing.”
You blinked in surprise at his admission. “Really? You?”
“Mhm.” Taehyung set his cup down. “A nice face and body can only take you so far if you don’t have the personality to back it up.”
Hoseok jumped in, “And I’ve seen that way too many times for my liking. A young hot thing comes into the office thinking that they’ve got it made because they were blessed with good looks only to tap out after a month.” He sighed and shook his head. 
“It’s a shame but the cam life isn’t for everyone, you know?”
You nodded in understanding, taking a sip of your iced tea. “That’s why I admire people like V— I mean, Taehyung. It’s unfair that some want to label this work as illegitimate, I mean, it is a job at the end of the day.”
Both men lit up at your comment. “Exactly! Clothes on or off, you’re still making a living, right?”
You grinned at Hoseok’s chipper tone. “Right!”
Taehyung flashed his teeth at you. “Hyung, I think we’ve picked a good one here, I like her attitude.”
As if you weren’t already feeling flustered, he just had to go and say that.
“Oh, don’t flatter me so much. I mean, I am one of your biggest fans but—”
Before you realized it, the praise flew out of your mouth, making your eyes widen. Way to sound like a typical admirer!
“W-Wait, I—”
Both Taehyung and Hoseok laughed at your backtracking, the former waving you off with a humorous grin. 
“Ah, relax Y/N, I appreciate the kind words, really! It’s much different hearing it in person than through a virtual chat—” His head tilted. “Good to know at least one of my followers isn’t a bot.”
His little joke made a giggle escape, forcing yourself to break eye contact from his warm gaze as you shoved the last of your croissant in your mouth. Your embarrassment ebbed as the three of you continued to eat and converse. Once your dishes were removed, Hoseok cleared his throat.
“Okay, now that we’re all happy and full, let’s get down to business.”
You almost forgot what you were here for, thanks to the interesting conversations you were having.
Nodding, you watched as the manager reached down into his bag on the floor, pulling out a small stack of papers on a clipboard and a fountain pen. Hoseok set it down in the middle of the table before speaking in a more professional tone.
“As I mentioned in the email, we must discuss the rules required for us to allow you to perform with Taehyung. It’s not a mile-long list but I need you to understand that each one is non-negotiable—” His face steeled. 
“Failure to comply with any of them will result in you forfeiting your spot. Is that understandable, Y/N?”
You did your best not to swallow at how Hoseok did a 180 just now, keeping a straight face as you gave a firm nod. “Yes, I understand.”
Hoseok’s face lightened up a bit at your answer. “Excellent. Then let’s get started.”
He flipped the first two pages open to a paper with a numbered list. “These are all the rules, read each of them thoroughly and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.”
You brought the clipboard closer to read over it.
Negative test results for possible STDs must be presented at the time of this meeting. The test must be taken within three days and valid. Any suspicion of false or forged results will result in the termination of the winner’s spot.
Birth control is required, via (female-presenting winners) pill, shot, IUD or condoms. If the winner is negative yet is not on birth control, condoms will be required.
If the model has a pseudonym, please use it on camera in order to protect their identity.
Respect each other’s boundaries. Consent is key for our clients and everyone has things they are and are not willing to try. Safewords must be defined and respected (if used) and the winner must read over and understand the client’s list of kinks they are comfortable and uncomfortable with. Failure to do so will result in termination of the winner’s spot and possible legal action.
(OPTIONAL) Winners are allowed to hide their identity on film. We understand that having your face and name connected to sex work can be risky and respect any wishes to keep it private.
Winners will receive a share of the profits from the show/video. Footage may not be used for your own profits; this includes reuploading to other sites or editing. Personal use is permitted, we encourage our viewers to look back on their time with our clients fondly!
You hummed a few times as you processed each of the rules. Hoseok was right, the list wasn’t long at all but the weight of it was sinking in, especially on the fifth one. Although, you were pleased to see that this company took the well-being of their employees seriously, at least from what was on the paper. It also surprised you to read the last rule, thinking that you would be doing this for free (not that you wouldn’t let Taehyung do many things to you for free).
Looking up when you were done, you gave both men a smile. “These all sound pretty reasonable, does anyone ever give you trouble?”
Hoseok rolled his dark eyes. “Oh, you’d be surprised. I haven’t had problems since I started managing Tae but my other clients have had issues. One particular person had to get blacklisted because they refused to accept any of these.”
You scoffed. “Always has to be that one person.”
“Seriously. But back on track—” He picked up the pen and held it out to you. “You’re on board with all of these rules, correct?”
“Yes, I am.”
Hoseok beamed. “Excellent! There’s a line on the bottom for your signature so please give it a scribble when you’re ready.”
Taking the pen from him, you signed in the designated area before he flipped through the next couple of pages, going over details concerning how filming works and suggestions on how to prepare. Thank God he summarized each page because your eyes were beginning to hurt at the large amount of tiny words. You kept on until he finally reached a page that had your brows lifting and your face warming.
“And here’s the Kinks and Consent list! These are all acts that Taehyung is interested in and comfortable with—” Hoseok chuckled. 
“I’m sure you’re familiar with some of these by now but we have these written down for transparency. Now, these aren’t all guaranteed to occur during filming and you have every right not to perform the ones you aren’t comfortable with.” Now he flipped to the next page, a carbon copy of the previous one but blank. 
“So we’ll have you write down what you’re content with so you can discuss it with Taehyung and come to an agreement.”
Nodding, your brain tried to come up with what exactly you were into, aside from the vanilla stuff. Tapping your pen on the table, you took a couple of minutes to think before you began writing. Thankfully, Hoseok and Taehyung chose to have their own conversation rather than stare at you. You didn’t need that added pressure right now.
It took about ten minutes but you caught their attention after you set the pen down. “All done!”
Taehyung smiled at you. “Great! Alright, let me see what you’ve got.”
Sliding the clipboard and pen over to him, you watched with bated breath as the model looked over the list, occasionally humming or raising his brow. After what felt like an eternity, Taehyung looked up with a boxy grin. 
“You’ve got some interesting things on here, Y/N. Nothing too out of my comfort zone, though.”
You sighed in relief, slumping in your chair a bit. “Thank God.”
He chuckled at your reaction. “Here, take a look at mine and feel free to let me know if you’re not okay with any of them.”
You flipped back to the previous page to look over Taehyung’s list. As Hoseok said, you weren’t too surprised at most of them but a couple had you blinking in wonder. You discussed those with the model, letting him know if they could be skipped for now. He gave you an emphatic nod, urging you to cross them out for reference. Once you got to a point where you were satisfied, you signed on your own page.
Hoseok grinned and clapped his hands together. “Great! So you’re both on board with each other’s lists?”
The two of you gave your affirmation, receiving a pleased sound from the manager. 
“Wonderful! Alright, now I need a couple of things from you, Y/N, and then we can wrap this up.”
“Of course, what do you need?”
“I’m going to need your test results and I just have to ask you a few questions and jot down your answers.”
“Got it.”
You grabbed your papers from the empty seat and handed them over to Hoseok, who had slipped on a pair of oversized black reading glasses. He took a minute to read over everything, nodding in satisfaction. 
“Everything looks good here.” He handed the papers back to you before flipping to yet another page in the stack, bringing the clipboard closer to him and picking up the pen. “So, I’ll have to ask you questions regarding preferences, just so everything is clear-cut.”
You clasped your hands on the table. “Shoot.”
“Okay.” The blond cleared his throat. “Are you on birth control?”
“Yes, I’ve been on the shot for a few years now.”
Hoseok nodded while writing. “Good. Would you prefer Taehyung to wear a condom, regardless?”
You had to look off to the side to think. “...he doesn’t have to.”
“Okay. This next one might be a bit awkward but it’s necessary.” A brow raised. “Would you prefer he come inside or outside?”
You were glad your iced tea was long gone or else you would have choked on it. The heat in your cheeks flared. “I-I...I think outside would be best, less of a mess to clean up.”
“Understandable.” More scribbling. “And last one, do you want to use a pseudonym and have your face obscured for privacy?”
That one, you had to take a moment to yourself to ponder. Maybe you should say yes just in case someone from your job happened to be strolling along the camsite one night and saw your face. But somehow, you couldn’t bring yourself to care that much. Not like this was your dream job in the first place...
“No...I’ll show my face and use my name, I don’t mind.”
Hoseok looked at you for a couple of seconds, watching for hesitation before nodding and jotting down your answer. As soon as he finished, he slid the clipboard to you once more. “Alright, I just need one last signature from you and then we’re done.”
Taking the pen from him, you signed on the bottom line before setting it down on top. “There.”
With that, Hoseok removed his glasses and shot you a sunny smile. “Fantastic!” He looked over at Taehyung. “Well Tae, what do you think?”
Taehyung looked up in thought for a moment, keeping you on your toes until he gave you a boxy grin. “I think Friday is going to be a lot of fun with you around, Y/N.”
You lit up like a lamp at his approval, eyes twinkling in delight. “So is that a yes?”
“It’s a definite yes.”
The men chuckled at the sound of glee you let out. “Great! I can’t wait! Oh, hold on, one more thing—” Your head tilted. “Is there anything special I should wear?”
Both Hoseok and Taehyung shook their heads, the former speaking first. “No Y/N, all we ask is that you look put together so wear whatever makes you comfortable.”
“Although, it’d be easy on everyone if you wore something that could come off easily…”
The younger man blinked at his manager, now giving him a deadpan look. “What, am I wrong?”
“You’re not but could you say it in a less perverted way?”
Taehyung shrugged. “Didn’t mean it like that, blame my natural voice.”
You wondered how true that was when you caught him shooting you a wink from the side, making your cheeks warm a little.
“Anyways—” Hoseok held his hand out to you with a grin. “Congratulations again on winning, we’re happy to be working with you, Y/N!”
You quickly shook his hand. “Likewise. Thank you for the opportunity!”
Taehyung reached out to shake yours next, giving it a subtle squeeze that made your stomach flutter. “It’s my pleasure, Y/N. I hope we’ll have a good time together!
All you could do was show your excitement with the brightest smile you could muster, not trusting your mouth to not blurt out something else embarrassing.
The three of you parted ways after the bill was paid (you tried to insist on giving your share but Hoseok was having none of it), promising to keep in contact with each other if any unexpected changes came up. You were flying high the rest of the day, even when Felix passed off his work onto you yet again and tech support told you that they had to reopen your wonky email case.
As long as Friday was still a go, nothing could kill your mood.
Tumblr media
Whoever said global warming is a myth needed to get their face shoved in a lava pit.
It was nighttime and the A/C in your Lyft was on high. The morning was much worse, forcing you to forgo your usual blazer in favor of a light cardigan at work. You had to keep checking your shirt for pit stains as well since the air in the office decided to act up today, of all days.
But you stopped yourself and pushed any thoughts of your crappy job from your mind, looking to focus on what would be occurring in the next hour.
You were on your way to Taehyung’s house for the show, Hoseok having given you the address the other day with instructions to come at least thirty minutes early. Maybe you were a little overzealous in leaving on time, seeing as you were five minutes away and it was only 9:13.
Nothing wrong with punctuality, right?
As soon as you got home from work, you spent hours grooming yourself, picking out an outfit and looking up articles of dirty talk online. You were so engrossed in everything that your dumb ass almost forgot to eat something. At least you had leftovers from lunch to gorge on.
You had also debated on how dressed up you should be, seeing as how you were going to have everything ripped off at some point. But you didn’t want to look like a slob and a tiny part of you wanted to impress Taehyung without trying too hard. So you ended up deciding on a sleeveless shirt (minus a bra) and denim shorts and chose to go for a bare face, putting extra attention on your hair.
And before you knew it, it was time to call for a ride.
The car stopped all of a sudden, prompting you to look up in surprise to see a row of houses outside the window. Thanking the driver, you got out and forced yourself to go up the walkway to stand in front of the door, nervousness starting to set in. You came this far, you couldn’t back out now, not after getting their hopes up.
“Look, you’ve got this, Y/N. Just think about how much fun you’re going to have and try not to focus on the fact that a ton of strangers will be watching you have sex...”
Whatever reassurance you felt was swept away by the latter part.
You cursed to yourself. You and your stupid mouth.
Ringing the doorbell, you tapped your foot in order to give your nerves an outlet. You didn’t have much time to do it as the door opened, revealing the grinning face of Hoseok.
“Ah, Y/N, welcome! Come in, come in.” He stepped aside to let you enter the house. “Tae’s finishing up upstairs, he should be down any second now.”
Nodding, you looked around as Hoseok led you down the entryway and into a living room. Taehyung’s house had a simple and cozy vibe with various shades of black, brown and blue thrown around. You spotted picture frames with abstract art and various jazz musicians, not surprising to you as Taehyung had mentioned his interests outside of sex work.
“Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. Mr. Movie Star is fussing with his hair even though I told him it’s most likely going to get messed up.”
You giggled at how Hoseok rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that wouldn’t make much sense, would it?”
“Right?! Ah, I knew I liked you for a reason.”
Laughing at the thankful look the manager gave you, you decided to take a seat on the leather couch, sitting upright. No point in getting too comfortable when Taehyung could arrive any second. Next to the couch, you spotted a rolling desk with a laptop set up on it, tilting your head in question.
“Is that yours, Hoseok?”
“Please, Y/N, call me Hobi. And yes, it is! Gotta moderate the chat room and be on standby in case anything happens during the show.”
Your eyes widened a bit at the last part of his statement. “A-Anything? Like what?”
Hoseok shrugged, hands in the pockets of his dress pants. “Oh, you know, the toy gets stuck somewhere, the model starts saying things they’re not supposed to, stuff like that.”
You winced at his explanation, hoping none of that would occur today. Hoseok noticed your reaction and slipped his hands out to hold them up in a comforting gesture. 
“Ah, don’t worry though! That usually happens with some of my other clients but I’ve never had an issue with Tae before. Besides, judging by what was written in the contract—” He gave you a sunny smile. “I’m confident you two won’t have any problems.”
His reassurance did help a little but you couldn’t help but worry. Not about Taehyung but yourself. This was way out of your element. Hopefully you could calm down by the time the show started, not wanting to embarrass yourself and have Taehyung feeling like he should have picked another viewer to join him instead.
“Hyung, I’m ready! Is Y/N here yet?”
You and Hoseok looked out into the entryway where the deep voice came from.
“Yeah, she just arrived! Get your butt down here!”
Immediately, footsteps were heard bounding down a flight of stairs before Taehyung’s tall form appeared in the doorway, a pleased smile on his handsome face as he saw you. To your surprise, he wasn’t as formal today, opting for a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants. Didn’t mitigate his good looks whatsoever. If anything, it drew more attention to them.
“Y/N, good to see you again!”
You smiled at Taehyung, standing up as he walked over to let him give you a hug. Your nose twitched at the wafting scent of cologne and body wash coming from him. “Same to you!”
Taehyung stepped back, giving you an apologetic look. “Sorry for the wait, had to take a shower, the heat today killed me.”
“Ugh, tell me about it. It’s so late and yet it’s still so hot.” You motioned to your outfit. “I wasn’t planning to wear shorts tonight but Mother Nature said ‘fuck you’.”
Taehyung let his eyes travel over you, nodding. “Gotta do what makes you comfortable, right?”
Hoseok walked over to his laptop, peeking at whatever was on the screen. 
“Looks like everyone is filing in already. Tae and Y/N, why don’t the two of you head up and get settled in before the show starts?”
Taehyung nodded. “Sure.” He turned to you and held an arm out towards the hallway. “Shall we?”
You nodded and gave Hoseok a pleasant smile. “Well, here we go…”
He walked back to you and rested a hand on your shoulder, giving you an encouraging grin. “Don’t worry, you’ve got this. Just do what feels right and don’t push yourself too hard. Besides—“ He beamed at his client. 
“You’re in good hands here.”
With his words, you felt your worries ease a smidge, especially with how he vouched for Taehyung. “Thank you Hobi. See you when it’s all over.”
“Absolutely. Have fun, you two! Don’t be afraid to let me know if you need anything at all, I’ll be sitting here the whole time.”
The two of you gave him a thumbs up before Taehyung started leading the way out and up the stairs. At the end of the hallway was an open door that you followed him into, mouth opening at the somewhat familiar sight. His bedroom looked the exact same as it did in his videos, minus the purple lighting but with the addition of objects that gave hints as to who V was outside of camming.
A vase with a single rose on his dresser. The empty dog bed at the far corner of the room. And an easel with a half-finished painting over by the window.
“And here’s where the magic happens.”
Your lips twitched at his words, giving the model an amused look. “Quite the setup you’ve got here.”
Taehyung chuckled as you went along with his joke. “Thanks, it doubles as a sleeping space too.”
“Oh my God.” You couldn’t help but laugh and shake your head. “So you’re a comedian too? What can’t you do?”
“Well—” He pouted. “I can’t change a tire or binge watch a show in one day.”
Now you laughed even louder, feeling your anxiety going away even more. “Come on Tae, you need to fix that one of these days!”
“I will, I will, promise!”
With his puppy-eyed look, you giggled. Deciding to get comfortable before everything started, you went to the foot of the bed and sat down, Taehyung joining you soon after. The two of you remained quiet for a bit until he decided to break the silence.
“Feeling nervous?”
You looked up from your lap to see him gazing at you with his dark eyes. “Honestly, yes.”
Taehyung gave you a sympathetic smile, reaching a hand up to rest it on your bare shoulder (his touch felt so warm). “I can imagine, it’s a lot to handle. But a part of you must have really wanted to be on here or else you wouldn’t have signed up, no?”
“No, you’re right. I think...” You twiddled your thumbs and looked down again. “I think it’s a mix of that plus having to perform with someone way more experienced in this than I am. I don’t want to disappoint you.”
Taehyung’s smile dimmed a bit at your admission. “Y/N, don’t count yourself out before we’ve even started. Besides...can I tell you something?”
Your head came up to give him a curious gaze. “Sure.”
His tongue ran out over his lips as his eyes darted off to the side for a while before returning. He looked almost timid now. “I’m pretty nervous too.”
Eyes widening in disbelief, you questioned, “You? Nervous? But you do this so often, why are you nervous?”
“Well, this is the first time I’m doing anything with another person. At least with myself, I know what my limits are and how to time things out, you know?”
Your face softened in understanding. “No, I get what you’re saying. But if you’re going to perform with me just like you do when you’re alone, then I think you’ll be fine.”
That seemed to ease Taehyung’s worries as his smile returned. “Thanks, Y/N...heh, look at this, I should be the one reassuring you, not the other way around!”
“Oh stop, does it really matter how it goes?” You beamed at the other before giving him a double thumbs-up. “I think we’ll be fine. Like Hobi said, I’m in good hands.”
Just when you thought you couldn’t feel more drawn to him, Taehyung grinned so wide that the backs of his teeth showed and his eyes squinted. He reflected your thumbs-up. “Then I guess we’ve got this in the bag.”
With that, the two of you spent the rest of the free time getting to know each other. You told him about what you did for a living and what you liked to do outside of that. Taehyung did likewise, revealing that he worked at an art museum and created his own paintings as well. Your jaw dropped when he mentioned that some of the frames you saw downstairs were his own works, commending him on his talent. He got a bit bashful and explained how he would love to do it full-time but it wasn’t enough to make a living, hence why he cammed on the side.
But before you realized, he looked over at his computer, jumping up to finish setting up for the show.
You thought your nervousness was gone but it decided to make a comeback now that it was actually about to happen.
Your fingers dug into the sheets while you gnawed on your bottom lip, watching as Taehyung double-checked everything. You hoped you disguised your anxiety enough when he turned back around to give you an expectant look.
“We’ve got two minutes to go...are you ready?”
Fuck no.
Taehyung’s boxy grin came back before he ran out into the hallway, shouting down the stairs. “Hobi-hyung, we’re ready!”
“Alright Tae, we’re all set up down here, connection looks good and no one’s complaining about issues getting into the chat. We’re good to go!”
“Great!” With that, Taehyung ran back in, shutting the door behind him before messing with the lighting, causing you to jump as the room went from soft white to rich purple. He then walked over to the stereo and turned on some light jazz music, adding to the atmosphere. Once he was done, he plopped back down in his previous spot. 
“Alright Y/N, just keep your eye on the webcam as much as you can. And try to talk to the viewers a bit too, reading and answering their questions makes them happy.” He shot you a smirk.
“But I’m sure you knew that already, right?”
Clearing your throat as your face heated up, you nodded. “Y-Yeah, I did.”
“Good. Looks like it’s showtime—” His hand came up to give you a gentle pat on the back. “You’re going to do great.”
You didn’t have time to thank him for his encouragement as the screen changed, showing a mirror image of you and Taehyung sitting together with the side portion consisting of the chatroom. Your eyes did their best not to bug out as you looked at the lens and straightened your posture.
“Hello everyone! Welcome back, I hope you all had an excellent week.” Taehyung read over the few comments asking how his week went. “Oh, you know, the usual bullshit but I’ve been pretty anxious for today...”
As he trailed off, his head turned towards you to give a bright grin (which you did your best to reflect). “Because we’ve got the lucky winner here today! Why don’t you introduce yourself to the chat?”
Nodding a little too quickly, you cleared the lump in your throat once more and gave a shy wave to the camera. “H-Hello everybody, I’m Y/N, um...” Oh right. “It’s nice to meet you all, but I’m sure I’ve talked to a few of you before, haha...”
Taehyung chuckled. “Thank you for joining me, Y/N. Are you excited to be here?”
“Of course!” You had to bite back your radiant grin as you tapped your feet on the wooden floor. “I-I still can’t believe I won...this is still a lot to process.”
“Well, believe it—” He scooted closer to bump his knee against yours. “This is the real deal and we’re going to have some fun today, right?”
You were ready to answer right away but the way his voice lowered towards the end tripped you up. “R-Right.”
Taehyung kept his professionalism going by continuing to interact with the chat and you but he could feel how restless you were. If you weren’t clasping your hands or gripping onto his sheets, you were bouncing your feet on his floor. And then you stuttered nearly every time you opened your mouth...
Especially whenever one of the viewers complimented or congratulated you.
“T-Thank you dom_chungha...”
Taehyung frowned lightly at the tremble in your voice, seeing the way you were fidgeting as well. Seems like you weren’t as relaxed as you made yourself out to be.
There was no way you would be able to do the show like this.
Taehyung interjected whenever a question was directed to him, coming up with a plan while he watched you continue to acknowledge and speak to the chat. But after a couple of minutes, his idea came to fruition, leading him to rest a hand on your forearm (blinking at how you damn near jumped out of your skin at the contact).
You turned your head and gave him an unsteady smile. “Y-Yes?”
Humming softly at your expression, he scooted back a bit on the edge of the bed before spreading his legs further to pat the space between them. “Why don’t you come and sit here? Might be more comfortable, no?”
Your eyes nearly bugged out at his offer, the sweet smile on his face completely inappropriate for the situation. But it was so tempting to give in and judging by the way his head tilted, it looked like he had a motive behind it. So you nodded slowly, getting up only to plant your bottom in the designated spot. As soon as you sat down, Taehyung held your upper arms and gently pulled your body back to rest against his, leaning down to whisper in your ear when he felt you tense up further.
“Relax, Y/N.” His hands started rubbing on your bare skin, goosebumps forming from the heated touch. “Just breathe. Pretend it’s me and you, no one else.”
Giving him a subtle nod, you continued to lounge against him, finding the firmness and warmth of his figure to be comforting. You weren’t sure if it was his words, the way he delivered them in his bassy voice or his touch but you found the uneasiness in your body ebbing away after some time. Almost like you were sitting in front of a giant teddy bear. The thought nearly made you giggle.
Now that you were distracted from your nerves, you went back to reading the comments popping up in the chat. You spotted a familiar username on the screen, lips twitching at what they typed out.
“Aw, sorry babyJ13, maybe next time you’ll win. I’ll be rooting for you!”
Taehyung’s own lips curled as your voice sounded less shaky now. Peeking on the screen again, he chuckled at the same person sending another message, complete with puppy eye emojis at the end. 
“Yeah? You think Y/N is a lucky girl, baby?”
You giggled softly at the praise, leaning further into the man behind you. “I certainly feel like one right now.”
With the smile you shot him over your shoulder, Taehyung felt his heart skip a bit and heat began to rush down south. It was so much nicer to see the confidence on your face rather than uncertainty. Maybe he could start to take baby steps towards his end goal now...
Licking his lips, he rested his chin on your shoulder, hands still working on your arms. “Do you?”
“Mhm...it didn’t sink in until this morning that I get to do this with you. I was nervous all day but I prepared as best as I could.”
“Oh? What did you do?”
You looked up in thought, tapping your foot on the wooden floor. “I made a nice breakfast, exercised a bit, took a nice, long shower before I came here...just whatever would help me relax.”
Taehyung nodded, ready to move on until he noticed that you seemed to have more to say but held your tongue. 
“Is that all?”
Out of habit, you withheld the last bit of info that made up your routine. But then you looked back at Taehyung and spotted those chocolate brown eyes giving you gentle encouragement. The last bit of your walls were coming down, thanks to this man; the least you could do was be completely honest with him.
“...no, that’s not all.”
With a raise of his brow, you wet your dry lips and continued speaking. “Well...ever since I woke up this morning...I’ve been touching myself.”
Taehyung’s breath hitched at the admission as he fought to keep his hips steady. “Yeah?”
You looked completely into his eyes. “Yeah. But I never let myself come...wanted to work myself up and save it for you, V. I’m sure you won’t disappoint me, right?”
The undercurrent of a challenge in your question and your gaze made his cock twinge, his grip on you tightening a mite as he pulled his bottom lip under his top teeth.
“I won’t. I aim to please all of my fans.”
You had temporarily forgotten about the audience that was present until he said that, your back straightening up a little as some of your anxiety returned. Taehyung frowned as he noticed this, cursing himself for being the cause. Wanting to get you calm again, he lowered his voice some more, tilting his chin down to look up at you under lowered lids.
“Y/N...how did you do it?”
You blinked, wondering if you heard him wrong. “H-Huh?”
“I said, how did you do it? How did you touch yourself?” He leaned in close, the tip of his nose close to touching yours as he husked, “I want...no, I need to know.”
Just when you thought your panties had a little more time to stay somewhat dry, he just had to do that. Who were you kidding, though? You had been wet practically all day but the second you stepped into Taehyung’s house, your arousal had increased to an all-time high. Your poor underwear had no chance of surviving today.
Swallowing the spit that had been gathering, you bit your lip, doing your best not to look away from his intense gaze. “I...well, usually I use a couple of toys and my hands but...I didn’t want to get carried away so I just stuck with my hands.”
“Huh...” Taehyung tilted his head, lips peeling back to allow his white teeth to peek out. “Do you mind giving me a play by play, baby?”
Your mouth popped open at his request, that smirk of his never fading, even as you gaped at him. Did he really just ask you to play with yourself in front of him? In front of thousands of viewers? Surprisingly, the thought wasn’t too intimidating. If he could do it weekly with no hesitation, why couldn’t you indulge just this once? No one in your personal life would know that you did such a thing (except for Jules but she hadn’t watched the show in months and made no indication that she was starting back up) and the only information the chat knew about you was your face and name. Plus the room was dimmed and shrouded in purple lighting, hiding most of your features that would make you recognizable in public...
Fuck it.
Giving Taehyung a nod, you reached up and removed his hands off you before standing up to face him, making sure not to block the camera. Keeping your eyes locked with him as best as you could, you took in a deep breath and placed your hands on the waistband of your shorts. Sliding down to the button, you popped it open and grabbed at the zipper, taking your sweet time pulling it down. 
Making sure that Taehyung’s eyes were still on your hands, you spread the fly apart and slowly slid the denim down your legs, putting on a show by wiggling your hips a little. Once your shorts pooled at your feet, you stepped out of them, one leg at a time, before kicking them off to the side. You must have made a great choice with the underwear you picked as the other’s lip was pulled under his teeth again, gaze zeroing in on the lace. Smirking at his reaction, you turned around, only allowing him a couple of seconds to get an eyeful of the back as you plopped down in your previous spot.
Taehyung immediately pulled your body flush against his, resting his palms on your waist now, massaging gently as he read over some of the comments popping up on his computer. A chuckle came out at the common theme in them.
“I guess the back really is as nice as the front, huh? Pity someone wouldn’t let me look for too long.”
His playfulness made your face heat up and your lips twitch. It looked like the viewers were starting to warm up to you, boosting your morale a little more. Turning your head, you shot him a pout.
“But I thought you wanted to see me touch myself? I can’t do that if you’re fixated on staring at my ass, now can I?”
Taehyung bit back a grin at how you were becoming more talkative now. “True, you can’t.” One of his hands trailed down to hook a long finger into the waistband of your underwear, pulling the fabric a bit before letting it snap back against your skin. “So why don’t you get started? I’m sure everyone would like to know just how you make yourself feel good.”
The lust swirling in his dark brown eyes and the sudden slew of comments on the screen was all the motivation you needed.
Running your tongue over your bottom lip, you nodded before turning your head back towards the camera. Taking in yet another deep breath, you relaxed against Taehyung further and slid a hand down to carefully cup your heated mound, hissing slightly at the contact to your oversensitive area. “Mnh...I just rubbed myself over my panties for a while...started as soon as I woke up.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mhm—” Your hand reflected your statement by moving firmly over the lace. “It’s usually what I do when I start...hm—”
Taehyung rested his chin on your shoulder, watching closely as you started stimulating yourself, fighting the urge to grind his hips into your bottom. Instead, he channeled his energy into continuing to rub at your waist some more. “Go on...”
You sighed softly as the heat of pleasure that had been building up all day began making a full return, leaving your free hand gripping Taehyung’s thigh and your toes curling.
“Well, I was able to keep this up for a couple of hours until I had to go to work.” You pouted. “I had to sneak away to the bathroom a few times to give myself a little relief until I punched out.”
You felt a hum vibrating from Taehyung’s body before he chuckled. “Naughty, aren’t you? Playing with yourself on the clock—” His lips came up to brush your ear, making you shiver as he whispered, “What would your boss say if they knew?”
“Mm, they’d probably fire me...would be a blessing at this point, ah—”
A soft gasp escaped when you decided to give your neglected clit some attention. You slowly circled around the covered bud, tilting your head back to rest between Taehyung’s shoulder and neck. The action made his breath catch at the way you exposed your neck to him now, fighting the desire to go in and start planting kisses and bites all over the column. Biting back a swear, he slid a hand forward to gently rub your stomach before murmuring, “Keep going...talk to me.”
The movement of his hand and his deep voice ringing brought you back to your senses, focusing on moving your lips again. “I went home and continued, ngh— But I took my panties off because of how soaked they were and I needed that barrier gone.” Your eyes fluttered closed at a particularly intense sting of pleasure that traveled up your spine. “After the day I had, I was this close to making myself come, haha...”
“Fuck...” Taehyung failed to hold back now, the curse leaving him with an underlying hunger. “But you didn’t, right? You waited like a good girl?”
“Oh...I did, V. It was so tempting to fuck myself with my fingers but I resisted...just kept rubbing my pussy.”
Now you felt his grip on your side tighten while the hand on the front curled into the fabric of your shirt. “Good.”
Tearing his eyes away from the sight in front of him, Taehyung read over the chat again, biting his lip as the comments started coming in faster and faster. Many people seemed to be expressing the words that were on the tip of his tongue. Letting out a short laugh, he looked at you once more.
“Y/N, you’re doing great right now but...I think we all want to see more.”
Your eyes opened at his request, looking up to see those dark orbs staring directly at you now. “Yeah?”
“Mhm.” A hand moved down to rest on top of yours, pressing it further against your mound, resulting in a sharp gasp from you. “Can you take these little panties off and let us all see that beautiful pussy of yours?”
There was no way you could deny that. You had been dying for some skin-to-skin contact plus Taehyung (and the fans) seemed to be dying for you to take it up a notch. Who were you to say no?
Licking your lips, you nodded. The other shot you a boxy grin before planting a kiss on your cheek, making your own warm up further. As soon as he removed his hand, you placed your own at the top of your underwear, shimmying the fabric down as you lifted your hips up. Once it was far enough, you wiggled your legs to kick them off onto the floor, keeping your thighs wide enough to show most of your intimate area. But that didn’t seem to be enough for Taehyung as his hands came down to hook underneath your knees, lifting your legs up to drape them over his own, spreading you further to the audience.
“Keep those legs nice and wide, baby. Show that pretty little cunt off to everyone.”
You wouldn’t be surprised if they could see how you clenched at the slight dominance in Taehyung’s voice.
Making sure you were comfortable enough in this new position, you swallowed the lump in your throat before shooting the camera a tiny yet coy smile.
Judging by the slew of hearts and stuck out tongue emojis, the answer was a yes.
You and Taehyung laughed at the responses, his chin perching on your shoulder once more. “Wow, I’m starting to think you guys forgot whose show this is.”
“Aw, don’t be sad, V. I didn’t mean to steal your fans.”
He chuckled. “Hey, I’m not. Besides, I don’t blame them for wanting to see this.” One of the hands under your knees gave a slight squeeze.
“I’m sure the sight is amazing right now...I’m almost a little jealous.”
You couldn’t hold back your shiver at the compliment, sure he could feel it with how close your bodies were pressed.
“Oh...well, you’ll get your turn soon enough. Just let me finish up and I’ll let you look all you want.”
Taehyung swore softly under his breath, just loud enough for only you to hear, both hands tightening on you now. “So generous. Ah, don’t let me distract you, baby, I’m starting to get yelled at by everyone.”
Giggling as you looked at the chat, sure enough, quite a few viewers were getting on his case and urging you to continue with your ministrations. “Okay, okay, calm down. Here, I’ll keep going.”
Lifting your hand up to your mouth, you ran your tongue over your fingers, making sure to wet the skin thoroughly. Just as you were about to reach back down to touch yourself again, Taehyung spoke up.
“Hold on, Y/N.” When you turned your head to look back with bewilderment, he raised a brow, eyelids a bit heavier than before. “Why don’t you make it a little wetter for me?”
A head tilt is what you gave him, bringing your hand back to your lips again only for him to shake his head. “No, not like that.” His onyx eyes lowered down to the area between your thighs. “Spit on it.”
Your mouth opened at the clarification, feeling a surge of wetness traveling down. Nodding quickly, you leaned your head forward, gathering up as much saliva as possible before letting it fall out of your mouth to drip onto your clit. You let out a small sound as you felt the spit slowly travel down to the crevices below your bud.
“There we go...now go ahead, baby.”
Sucking your lower lip in, you took in a deep breath to prepare yourself for what you were about to do. Lifting your hand, you eased down to brush the pads of your fingers against your clit, gasping at the lightning jolting up your spine at the touch. Taehyung chuckled deeply at your reaction, husking into your ear. 
Taking a moment to calm down, you pressed a little harder now, gritting your teeth as the pleasure was almost overwhelming. But you were dying for some stimulation and so, you pushed through to start running your fingers up and down, becoming slick with your arousal and the spit. It only took a minute to have you panting softly, moans and low whines falling from your mouth as you touched yourself.
“Oh...oh yes—”
You were too overcome by the enjoyment to notice the way Taehyung was watching you. He should have been talking for the sake of his fans but he couldn’t bring himself to cover up the lovely noises you were making with his voice. It was a pity he couldn’t get a direct view of the action like the others were but this angle wasn’t one to fuss at. He could see every furrow of your brow and the way your lips parted and caught between your teeth. He could see how your nipples poked through your shirt, asking for him to pinch and pull at the nubs. And he could see your digits glistening with wetness whenever they returned to the top.
“Are you enjoying this, V?”
He didn’t realize that he began grinding into your ass until you spoke up with amusement. Feeling a bit flustered that he lost control for a bit, Taehyung covered himself to murmur, “Of course I am...do you not know how fucking sexy you look right now?”
Another moan came out at his words. “Mm, I don’t. It must be something, I can feel your cock poking me.”
Taehyung growled under his breath, emphasizing his arousal with a harder roll of his hips. “That’s because it’s dying to see this pussy wrapped around it. Driving me crazy back here, baby...”
A husky laugh left your lips at his admission, leaning your head back on his shoulder once more to shoot a teasing grin. “Soon, soon...believe me, I want that big dick of yours stretching me out so bad.”
You swore you saw something fierce pass over his face, returning into his usual lustful expression after a couple of seconds. “Glad to know we’re on the same page.”
Giggling coyly, you slid up to circle your clit, crying out softly at the strong rush that came soon after. “A-Ah—”
Taehyung figured there was no point in hiding how turned on he was anymore and continued grinding into you, gnawing at his lip as he gained some pleasure from the friction. To think that he had someone like you doing something so lewd right in front of him...he could honestly come in his pants if he kept this up. But his fans wouldn’t appreciate him tapping out so early and so, he maintained some self-control.
But then he spotted your fingers moving lower again, prodding with your middle and ring fingers at your entrance.
His breath caught before he strained out, “Fuck...baby, are you trying to finger yourself?”
“Yes, V...can I? Need something inside me, I’ve been wanting it all day...”
Taehyung didn’t hesitate to nod as you peered up at him with lowered lids, lashes fluttering. “Go ahead, gorgeous. Let everyone see that pussy stretch around them.”
Shooting a grateful smile, you leaned up and pressed a kiss to his jaw (feeling gratification at the tremble you felt him give) and started working your digits inside your core, moaning a little louder at the feeling of being opened up. “Oh my God...”
Taehyung groaned at your sound, giving a harsh buck. “Damn baby...feels good?”
“Fuck yes—” Once you reached in as far as possible, you tried your best to ease the clenching of your sensitive walls before looking up at the other once more. “Can I move, V?”
“Yes—” His head leaned in until his lips brushed against yours as he growled out. “Fuck yourself on your fingers.”
Feeling thankful that he gave approval, you decided to kiss him since he was so close, biting back a grin at the slight surprise on his face before you looked back towards the camera. Sliding your fingers out past the first knuckle, you pushed them in quicker, starting a rhythm that gave you some temporary satisfaction. As torturous as it was to hold off all day, you were starting to think it was a good idea as you felt your pleasure rising a little faster than usual.
Taehyung gnawed on his lip as he watched your fingers reappear and disappear, over and over, glistening with your slick. The more he watched, the more he wished it was his own appendages (or even his cock).
For the first time, he wished that the camera wasn’t running so he could be selfish and indulge in your body without having to stretch things out for the sake of entertainment. But he had a show to run and had to wait his turn, even though he was yearning to take some action rather than just continue to sit there.
Unable to keep his hands still, he got your attention by nibbling on your earlobe before purring, “Y/N, can I touch you?”
You almost didn’t hear Taehyung with how focused you were, nodding as you panted out, “Please...”
“Where do you want me, gorgeous?”
“Oh fuck—” You threw your head back at a strong wave of bliss. “Please...play with my tits, baby.”
Cock twitching at your plea, Taehyung removed his hands from under your knees (making sure you stayed in your position) to slide his way from your legs and up your torso to cup your breasts, reveling in the way you arched into his touch. He carefully groped the mounds, brushing his fingers over the stiff buds peeking through your shirt. “Like that?”
“Yes...your hands feel so nice—”
Taehyung chuckled at your response, squeezing a bit harder as he leaned in to start pressing kisses to your cheek again. “Is this what you think about when you watch my shows, baby? My hands all over this lovely body of yours?”
You clamped down on your fingers, having to pause before continuing the thrusts. “Yes, V...”
“Mm...and you think about my cock sliding in and out of you instead of your fingers or a toy?”
“Yes, fuck, always...” You trembled when you felt him grind into your ass. “Don’t know if I could ever go back to those after this, hah—”
Taehyung grinned mischievously at that, pinching your nipples. “Aww, poor thing, I’m sure it’ll be hard. Why don’t I give you something to think about every time you’re alone, hm?”
“Please...” A whine escaped you when your palm brushed against your throbbing clit. 
“Give it to me.”
The man behind you didn’t hesitate to give you his next command, grunting in your ear, “Make yourself come, baby. Soak those little fingers of yours.”
You almost followed his order immediately with how it was delivered but you held off, letting out a guttural moan instead. Nodding swiftly, you curled your digits to begin thrusting into your G-spot, the area swollen from the build-up of arousal. Crying out was all you could do as you completely leaned against Taehyung, only focusing on bringing yourself to the orgasm that had been escaping you all day. He continued to help by sliding his hands to the hem of your top to bunch it above your breasts, exposing them to the air with a low swear.
“Look at these pretty tits, we can’t let them hide any longer, Y/N.”
You nodded again, hoping it was enough to show that you were fine with that as words were completely failing you right now. It only took another minute before you started feeling the inklings of a strong climax, causing your hips to roll up and meet your hand in desperation. This didn’t escape Taehyung’s notice, still occupying himself with your tits.
“You gonna come soon, baby?”
“Ghh— Y-Yes, I’m so fucking close—!”
Taehyung jerked hard into you once more, nearly nudging you off the edge of the bed with its power. “Do it, gorgeous. Everyone wants to see how you look.”
Your nerves at having strangers watching you in an intimate moment were completely gone now, causing the other’s words to trigger your end. You went completely limp in Taehyung’s arms, letting out a choked sob as waves of white hot pleasure overwhelmed your entire being.
You couldn’t even keep moving your fingers with how tight you were clamping on them, holding them still to feel your walls fluttering. Hips jerking uncontrollably while you came, the only other thing you could register was Taehyung’s large hands continuing to massage your sensitive breasts and words of encouragement that he whispered in your ear. This was all you could register until your orgasm petered out, leaving you as nothing but a shaking and gasping mess.
“There we go, baby...feel better now?”
“M-Mhm...” You rolled your head back on his shoulder, a satiated smile on your sweaty face. “Thank you, V.”
Taehyung huffed out a laugh at how pleased you looked now, removing his hands from your chest to wrap his arms around your stomach. “You’re welcome, Y/N.” Looking back at the screen, his teeth flashed at the barrage of praises from the viewers. “Looks like they loved it, too.”
Lifting your head up at his comment, you squinted at the computer, only for your eyes to widen at the words in the chat.
[xpeachymomox]: whoa, that was SO hot 🥵 more pls???
[jooniebb]: that pussy was clenching so tight, can we see it around V’s cock next?
[babyJ13]: I was a bit jelly of her before but now I think I’ve seen the error of my ways 🤪✌️
As if your face wasn’t already hot, now it burned, threatening to set Taehyung’s bedroom on fire.
“O-Oh wow...th-thank you, everyone...” You looked back at the other with sheer curiosity. “Was I really that good?”
Taehyung returned your gaze with incredulity. “Of course! You just laid back and let go like you didn’t have thousands of people watching you—” A brow raised. “Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”
A giggle left at his skepticism, leaving you to give his thigh a playful smack. “Honestly, I haven’t!”
Taehyung chuckled, reaching down to give your hand a squeeze. “Could have fooled me. You’re a natural, baby.”
Beaming even more at his compliment, you shifted a bit in place out of shyness. “Thank you, V.”
Pleased that you were looking a lot more comfortable than earlier, he let his eyes travel over to your other hand, digits still housed inside of your pussy. Licking his lips, Taehyung looked back into your eyes once more. 
“Hey Y/N...mind if I get a taste of you?”
His delivery was as casual as if he was asking to borrow some sugar but his voice lingered with desire, deep brown eyes staring into yours. A shiver ran down your spine as you nodded, easing your fingers out with a soft sound before holding them up to his full lips. With no reluctance, Taehyung leaned forward to take the glistening appendages into his mouth, his tongue languidly swirling around them to gather up every drop of your essence. You could feel his moaning as he kept his gaze locked onto yours, not a drop of bashfulness or shame in the orbs.
Once he finished, Taehyung pushed your fingers out with his tongue, letting out a husky laugh afterwards. “Wow...you taste incredible, baby.”
The sight was almost too much for you, despite all of the raunchy scenarios you had seen this man in prior to today. You wondered whether he was putting on a show for the audience or you.
Something about his praise mixing with your emotions running high from your orgasm made you spring forward to capture his lips in a greedy kiss. A noise of surprise vibrated against your mouth before he began kissing back, groaning when your tongue crept out to brush over his bottom lip, asking for permission. It was granted as his mouth opened up to allow it in, tangling with his own while feeling around, brushing against the roof, the sides and his teeth.
You wanted to commit this feeling to memory.
Taehyung was enjoying this just as much as you were, wishing the two of you could keep this up for a while longer but the show had to go on. Forcing himself to pull back, he laughed softly at how your eyes still remained closed. Licking away the string of spit that still connected your mouths, he reached up and brushed one of the strands on your damp forehead off. “Baby, don’t you want more than just kissing? Not that I’m not enjoying it, but...”
As he trailed off, you opened your eyes back up, seeing him watching you with curiosity as to what the next move was. It didn’t take long for you to make an executive decision, gaze breaking from his to travel down to the prominence at the front of his sweatpants.
“V.” The hand on his thigh slid up to rest its fingers on it, pressing down enough to feel it give a jump. “Let me see that beautiful cock of yours.”
Taehyung’s breath hitched at the headiness of your tone, nodding quickly. His answer made a coy smile form on your lips, standing up before turning to fully face him. Grabbing his shoulders, you carefully pushed until he was leaning back on his arms. He quickly readjusted his position for the camera to get a better view before you knelt in the space between his legs. Your hand grasped the hem of his shirt, pushing it up enough to see the waistband of his pants. Glancing up for a second, you giggled quietly at how expectantly Taehyung was looking at you. “Yes?”
Rolling his eyes at how you were teasing him, he pouted a bit. “Y/N...”
The whining was endearing (only because it was him, honestly), your laugh coming out louder as you dipped your fingers past the elastic. “Don’t worry baby, I’m coming.”
“Oh, are you?”
Now you rolled your own eyes at his joke, looking over your shoulder at the camera to shake your head. “Is this a camshow or a comedy special?”
Taehyung laughed, reaching up to rest his hand on yours, giving it a careful squeeze. “Sorry, sorry, couldn’t help it. I’ll behave now, promise.”
“You better.”
As soon as his hand returned to its previous place, you began sliding the rest of your own underneath his pants to make the journey towards your destination. You paused when your fingers brushed against short hairs and skin instead of fabric. Blinking rapidly, you looked up at Taehyung to see him shooting you a knowing grin.
“Figured I’d make it easier on you by going commando.”
A short laugh came out at that. “So considerate.”
Taehyung chuckled, groaning lowly once you wrapped your hand around his length. It felt hot and heavy in your palm and your fingers almost didn’t touch. You were desperate to see his cock in person but you had to tease him some more and put on a show. Licking your lips, you moved to his tip to collect the wetness gathered there, using it to slick up the rest of him before sliding your hand up and down.
You gave him a flirtatious smile. “Feels good?”
“Yes...been wanting you to touch me since you stepped foot in my house.”
Your thighs rubbed together at his words. “Oh?”
“Mhm—” Taehyung ran his tongue over his teeth while tilting his head. “Feels better than I expected, baby.”
A small giggle escaped, feeling a bit flustered at the compliment. “Good, I hope I won’t disappoint you, V.”
“I’m sure you won’t— Ah!”
The squeeze you gave him at the base caused the noise, hips jolting at the rush of pleasure. You were using your knowledge of watching him jerk himself off on his previous shows to satisfy him, happy to see that it was working. If only you had paid this much attention back in school.
“Fuck...” Taehyung panted softly as you continued stroking him, unable to take the teasing after a couple of minutes. “Baby, I want more...”
“Do you?”
He licked his lips. “I do...I’m sure you do too, yeah?”
You couldn’t hold back the way your hips shifted at his heated gaze. “Yeah...”
Taehyung huffed as he sat up a bit, resting his hand on yours once more to pause your movement. “Then why don’t you get my cock out, gorgeous? I know you must be dying to see it in person.”
Cheeks warming as he had you figured out from the jump, you nodded, receiving a smirk in response. Once he let go, you slipped your hand out of his pants to grab the waistband, waiting until his hips were raised to begin pulling down. Your breath caught in your throat as more and more of his skin was uncovered until the hidden treasure was revealed, a sound somewhere between a moan and a gasp leaving your lips.
“Oh my God…” Your hands went and wrapped around his cock to lift it, licking your lips at the sight. “It’s so fucking big…”
Big wasn’t the only way you would describe Taehyung’s length. The skin was darker than the rest of him with a tip that was tinted red and glistening with precum. You could feel how thick it was when your hand was down his pants before but actually seeing it blew your mind. And with the way his dick curved slightly and prominent veins ran along the underside, your pussy clenched at the thought of how it would feel rubbing against your walls.
The camera did not do him justice at all.
“Like what you see, baby?”
Taehyung’s ego was stroked at the awestruck look you gave him, nodding while your lashes fluttered. 
“Yes V...”
“Haha, I can tell, you’re damn near drooling down there.” He shot you a crooked smile. 
“Why don’t you go on and get a taste too? See how nice it would feel to have my cock in that lovely mouth of yours?”
With no hesitation, you nodded faster than before, leaning down to run your tongue over the head, moaning softly at the slight saltiness going onto your tastebuds. “Mm...tastes so fucking good.”
Taehyung pulled his lower lip in as your eyes refused to break contact when you did that, reminding himself to sit back and let you indulge. Remembering his viewers all of a sudden, he looked up to shoot the camera a lewd grin. “Having fun, everyone?” He was ready to return to watching you until he spotted a few people requesting something very specific in the chat. 
“Huh...good idea. Y/N.”
Pausing in your taste testing, you gave Taehyung a curious look.
“Everyone wants a better view, mind switching it up?”
“No, not at all. How should we do this?”
Lips twitching in mischief, he waited until you released him to get off the bed and stand at the foot of it, his body sideways to the screen. He looked at you before pointing to the floor in front of him, husking out, “Get on your knees for me, baby.”
Clenching at the authority in his baritone, you clambered off the bed to follow his directions, enjoying this angle you got of his heavy length jutting out from the rest of his lean body. Taehyung licked his lips, loving this sight as well, thinking about how submissive you looked.
“Good girl.”
Whimpering quietly at the compliment, you reached up to take him in your grasp again, not wanting to keep the audience waiting (well, that and because you wanted him back in immediately). Lifting your head up to hover above, you gathered spit before releasing it on top of his dick, catching the excess with your fingers so it didn’t drip onto the floor.
“That’s it, make it nice and wet...”
Licking your lips at his praise, you wrapped your other hand around the rest of him, only leaving a bit of his shaft and his head out. Taking it into your mouth, you sucked steadily as your hands stroked the rest of him, keeping your eyes locked with his.
“Oh shit...yeah, just like that, baby—”
Smiling around him at the encouragement, you pulled off for a second to let some more spit drip onto him, returning to giving him suction while your hands moved faster.
Taehyung could barely keep his head down to watch as you worked his cock over with enthusiasm. He wasn’t even fully inside and yet he was panting like a dog in heat. You knew just the right spots to run over with your fingers and palms and occasionally threw your tongue into the mix. You really must pay close attention to his shows to have this information on hand like this.
And then you started twisting on him.
“Oh fuck—!”
His hips lurched while his head fell back for a while, pleasure smacking him across the face. Needing some type of anchor to keep himself focused, Taehyung reached up to grip the top of your hair. This helped as he was able to bring his head down again, dark eyes noticing how your own twinkled in pride at getting him to falter for a bit.
You pulled off of his cock to laugh at his pouting, keeping your hands in motion. “Mm, sorry baby, I know how much you like this.”
“Hmph, I wouldn’t expect any less from one of my ‘biggest fans’.”
Your face warmed up at his teasing, bringing up what you blurted out when the two of you first met. “Hey, don’t tease me.”
Taehyung chuckled as you became flustered, giving your head a gentle pat. “Sorry, Y/N. I’ll be good, promise.”
He didn’t sound very apologetic to you so you pouted some more, unwrapping one of your hands from his cock. “I don’t believe you, V—” You brought your lips closer to his tip before purring out, “Looks like I’ll have to keep you quiet, hm?”
Taehyung’s smile faltered a bit at your words but it completely dropped once you started taking him into your mouth, ripping a groan straight from the depths of his chest. “Oh my God—”
Grinning around him at how he twitched at the new move, you began sucking gently while bobbing on him, not letting the tip out at all. You felt his hips jerk after a few times, unable to resist the reaction to your actions. You were only semi-aware of the people watching you blow him but you pushed the thought to the back of your head to focus mainly on the man in front of you. Hopefully what you were doing was enough fodder for the viewers.
“Wow baby...you’re sucking me off so well—” Taehyung’s voice rumbled out once more, eyelids heavy with sheer lust as he kept his gaze on you. “And you look so good on your knees like this...shit—”
You moaned around him, receiving a jolt of his hips in response to the vibrations. The desire to hear more of his approval and sounds rose in you, leading you to decide on trying something more drastic. Removing your hand, you slid your head down further until his tip nearly rested on the back of your tongue, ripping a gasp from Taehyung.
There was still a good portion of his cock that wasn’t inside but it was enough to make his knees weak, having to gather up some inner strength to stay upright. And then you decided to start bobbing again, obscene sounds echoing from your mouth as you hollowed your cheeks. Drool started building and leaking out of the edges, spreading onto your chin and drizzling down off his length.
“Shit, gorgeous, you’re making such a fucking mess down there...you love tasting my cock that much?”
You could only moan around his dick, feeling your arousal dripping out of your pussy the longer you had him in your mouth. Your fingers twitched for a second as you debated on touching yourself yet again. 
But the man above you must have noticed somehow as he growled out, “Keep your hands to yourself, baby. The next time you’re getting off is by my fingers only, understand?”
You gave your answer with another sound and your nails dug further into your thigh.
“That’s my girl.”
His praise only made your lust for him grow, wanting to push yourself a little farther than you were used to. You had only tried this once before with an ex with near disastrous results and whatever practice you had taken in your free time went to waste once you broke up. You debated in your mind whether to go through with it.
It could go either very well or very bad.
Fuck it; this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
Taking in a deep breath through your nose, you calmed the muscles in your throat as much as possible before sliding down inch by inch. When Taehyung’s tip hit the back, you gave a short gag at first, quickly begging your body to fight the urge, lest you embarrass yourself in front of thousands of people. As soon as the feeling was gone, you pressed on, managing to press your nose to his crotch, the hairs tickling you.
“Jesus fucking Christ—”
The guttural swear that left Taehyung’s mouth was worth the slight ache in your airway and the tears building in your eyes. Your blurry vision managed to catch him staring down at you with unbridled fascination, heavy pants falling from his parted lips.
“You’re amazing, baby...”
His compliment only increased your need for more.
Keeping your gaze steady on his, you tightened around him by swallowing. Your nose scrunched slightly as he twitched in response and gripped your hair harder, a low growl leaving him.
“Such a hungry little thing, swallowing me down like your life depended on it. Wish I could fuck this throat of yours—”
The thought of Taehyung taking control of your mouth like that made you squirm in place but you knew you weren’t ready for that level of deep throating just yet. So you continued gulping around his cock, hoping this was enough for now. He seemed to be okay with it, continuing to moan and say all kinds of filth to you. But you got carried away and forgot to keep your spit from sliding into your throat, eyes flying wide open as you nearly choked. Gagging hard around him, you pulled off, coughing as a thick strand of saliva still connected you to his wet length.
“Shit, you okay?”
Your watery eyes looked up to see Taehyung giving you a worried look, his hold on your hair easing up to stroke it gently. Sniffling, you nodded, face hot with mortification. “Y-Yeah...sorry, that was uncool of me.”
He frowned and gave your head a gentle pat. “Relax, Y/N, you’re fine. Don’t want you hurting yourself for my sake.”
His concern for you plus the feel of his hand eased your embarrassment, a soft smile forming on your swollen lips. “Okay...”
Taehyung reflected the expression, glancing at the chat while you recovered. He tried not to let his face show the annoyance he felt at the couple of viewers who taunted you, claiming that they would do a much better job if they were in your place instead. Not wanting you to read the rude comments and feel worse than you already did, he looked back at you.
“You know, what you were doing before was nice too...”
You looked up as he spoke softly. “Was it?”
“Yeah—” Taehyung played with your hair a bit as he cocked his head. “Why don’t you give me more of that?”
Grateful that he wasn’t pushing you to strain yourself again (not that you would have expected him to), you gave him a brighter grin before reaching up to wrap around his dick once more, pushing the rest of him into your mouth. Taehyung hummed in pleasure, grasping your head for support again. 
“There we go...”
Making a sound of appreciation around him, you returned to the pace you had earlier, deciding to give everyone something to look at by keeping your lips loose enough for drool to come out steadily.
It was taking everything in Taehyung not to embarrass himself in front of his fans (and well, you) by coming early. But the sight and sensations below him was just too fucking much.
Those pretty eyes of yours looking up at him with sheer lust and marvel. Your mouth stretched out around part of his cock while your hand wrapped around the rest of it, twisting as it met your bobbing head over and over. And the amount of spit that was getting everywhere...
Smearing around your lips and down your chin. Coating your whole hand. Dripping down in globs onto his floor and your bunched up shirt, leaving your exposed breasts shining.
He had to put a stop to this.
Gritting his teeth at a sudden surge of bliss, Taehyung reached up and grabbed your wrist, tugging at it. “Baby, baby, stop—”
Furrowing your brows, you paused your hand and pulled off of him, panting hard as you caught your breath. “What’s wrong?”
“Hah, I’m this close to coming in that pretty mouth of yours if you keep going.”
Feeling a stroke to your ego at his confession, you smirked up at him while tilting your head. 
“Ah, I see. We can’t have that just yet, can we?”
“No, we can’t.”
Taehyung reached a hand down to help you up, guiding you to stand in front of him before his mouth descended on yours with hunger. While he had you distracted with the kiss, he reached down to grip your ass and lift you up, prompting you to wrap your legs around his waist and grip on his shoulders for support. 
Turning towards the bed, he pulled away only to drop you on the foot of it, chuckling at the squeak you let out as your body bounced on the mattress. Leaning on your elbows, you watched with bated breath as Taehyung held your knees, parting them further as he kneeled on the floor between them, looking up at you with unbridled greed.
“I’ve got to touch you for real now, baby. Just groping those lovely tits of yours wasn’t enough.”
You trembled at his words, the tone even deeper than usual. “V...please, I want it.”
“Yeah? How?”
You guessed by his position that he already figured out how he was going to carry this out but maybe he wanted to hear it straight from your mouth.
“I...I want you to eat my pussy. Please?”
Taehyung was ready to oblige regardless but then you practically mewled out that last word, making him groan as his cock twitched in response.
“Of course, gorgeous. Need to taste you even more.”
You bit your lip as he wasted no time bringing his head closer to your wet folds, holding back a whimper as the heat of his breath washed over them. Taehyung seemed to be teasing you on purpose by holding back, barely hiding a cheeky grin at how you squirmed before him. But just before you gave in and started begging, his tongue came out to run along your cunt, starting from the bottom and going all the way to the top, giving your clit a flick.
“Mmm, so fucking sweet. Tastes better straight from the source.”
Taehyung smirked at how you looked away for a second, flustered at his words. To bring your attention back to him, he went to the lower part of your area, lapping at your entrance to pull a sharp gasp from your mouth.
The move making you push out even more of your arousal, Taehyung licked it up the second it landed on his tongue, his dark brown eyes locked onto yours with no shame. Now he rested the tip at your hole, pushing inside a bit once it stopped clenching, smiling against you when your hips jerked in response.
Laughing a bit at your reaction, Taehyung slipped it out. “You like it like that, baby?”
“Mnh, kind of...”
He tilted his head at your languid response. “Then what do you like?”
You had to take a few seconds to mull over just how you wanted him to pleasure you. The moment you came to a solution, your lips twitched in restrained mischief. Feeling a dash of spunk right now, you took a hand and let it creep down your stomach, brushing over your mound to rub a finger over your swollen bud.
“Well, I really like having my clit played with, mm...” You had to press your lips together to keep from grinning at how Taehyung’s heavy eyes zeroed in on your digit. You decided to torture him some more by moving down to your entrance, sliding it in with a soft whine. “And well, you saw how I reacted when I fingered myself before— Fuck—”
To drive it home, you pressed onto the rough patch inside and pumped into it, the wet sound echoing loud enough for the both of you to hear. You were only able to enjoy this bit of stimulation for less than a minute before a strong grip around your wrist made you pause. Looking down with a frown, your breath caught at the fierce gaze Taehyung was giving you, eyes nearly as black as his hair.
“I thought I told you that you’re only getting off by my hand.”
“Mm...you did, didn’t you?”
He flashed his teeth as he pulled, forcing your finger to slip out. “Then sit back and be a good girl for me, Y/N.”
He didn’t have to tell you twice. You brought your hand back up when he released your wrist, watching like a hawk as Taehyung leaned in close again. His jaw clenched and moved for a bit before he spat onto your folds, soaking the skin even more. He groaned at the sight of his spit traveling down and moved his hand to gather some of it on his pointer fingers before resting them on your clit, rubbing it fast to pull a cry out from you.
“Like that, gorgeous?”
Taehyung smirked, leaning forward to spit on you again. “Gotta make sure this pussy is nice and wet so it can take my fingers.”
You brought your head to give him a baffled look. “Like I haven’t been dripping since I got here— Oh my, V—”
He hummed casually as he rolled the bud between his thumb and index finger. “Hmm, I know but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, no?”
You couldn’t open your mouth without letting out a sound of bliss as he kept playing with your clit. A tiny part of you was starting to regret letting him in on what tickled your fancy. Just a tiny part.
“Baby, please, I want more...”
Taehyung raised a brow at your plea. “Yeah? What do you want from me?”
A sound between a desperate groan and a snarl escaped you, much to your surprise. “I don’t care, just make me come already, fuck!”
His laughing rang out in the room, not expecting you to react that way. “So demanding. Well, you did an amazing job sucking me off, so...”
Instead of finishing his sentence, Taehyung removed his fingers and latched on to give a fierce suck, ripping a shriek out of you.
And then he had to up the move by humming to give the sensitive bud pleasant vibrations.
You had fantasized about having him between your legs so many times, either at work or at night when you laid in bed. There was only so much you could do with your own hands to recreate the feeling. How could you imitate the way his tongue began rolling your clit and how he tightened his lips on and off?
For now, you would focus on this current situation to use as fodder for future solo sessions.
Taehyung’s tongue kept working on you, letting saliva drip out on purpose to join the rest of his mess down below. His eyes concentrated on your facial expressions and the way your body answered to his ministrations. Your head tipped back for a while before coming back up to watch him with heady eyes. Your back arched, breasts jiggling slightly with each lurch. Your mouth released nothing but keens and whines, praise lingering in the tone of each word.
“V...give me more, please...”
“Mm?” He pulled off for a second to lick his coated lips while peeking up at you. “Talk to me, Y/N.”
Groaning in frustration at his typical teasing, you told whatever timidity that lingered to fuck off before rasping out, “Put your fingers in me...fuck me with them, please—”
Taehyung grunted at your plea, nodding. “Don’t have to tell me twice, baby. Wanna see how tight this pussy is.”
True to his word, he brought his digits up to press past your folds, teasing your entrance with his index finger.
“More...do two.”
Shivering at your command, Taehyung added his middle one and rubbed at the hole until it opened up a bit, wasting no time sliding them in, swearing at the feeling of your walls around him. “Shit, baby, you’re already gripping me—”
“F-Fuck...your fingers feel so nice...so long, agh—”
He wasn’t even inside all the way and he was already hitting spots that you could only reach with your toys. As soon as he buried up to the knuckle, Taehyung began a steady rhythm, the friction making your head fall back once more.
“Oh yes, baby...just like that...”
“Yeah?” He licked his lips at your approval. “You like me fucking you like this?”
Taehyung gave an almost feral grin at your whine. “Maybe I could just make you come on my fingers and call it a day?”
Your head whipped up so fast to give the man between your legs an offended look. “Hell no. I’m not leaving here until— oh— I get that cock of yours inside me!”
Predicting you to have a strong response, he laughed and patted the outside of your thigh with his free hand. “Down girl. I wouldn’t do you like that.” A brow lifted as he smiled more. “Besides, the feeling is mutual. I’m dying to see how this pussy would feel wrapped around me.”
You clamped on his digits at that. “Good.” Deciding to read over the chat again, you sat up a little to look over the screen. Biting your lip, you saw a few comments that stroked your ego.
[bomiallnightlong]: fuck, you two are so hot together, can’t wait until you start fucking 😛
[KookyBun]: V, I love you but hurry up and make her come before I run over and do it instead 😤
[tonguetechsupport]: I don’t want the show to end but goddammit, I wanna see some railing before I end up busting
“Hey V, everyone is getting impatient.”
Taehyung tilted his head before looking behind his shoulder, huffing at the words with amusement. “I can see that. Alright, alright, everyone. I think we’ve been tormenting you enough—” Now he looked back up at you. “Time to give them something to cheer for?”
Judging by his expression, he was finally going to give you what you had been dying for.
“Lead the way.”
Taehyung gave a boxy grin, pressing his lips to your inner thigh. He slid his fingers out a bit, making you whimper in need until you felt the tips start to curl and rub against your frontal walls. But that whimper quickly turned into a cry when you were forced to arch your back at the sudden jolt shooting up your spine.
Seems like he had found your sweet spot.
“Y-Yes! Holy shit—“
All you could do was hold onto the sheets for dear life as Taehyung pumped into it with ardor, a sound lewder than the one you had made before emitting from your core. Having someone else touch you down there was way more gratifying than your own hand and you felt your pleasure building up even quicker.
“Damn baby, you sound so fucking wet— Can’t wait to get inside there with my cock...”
It didn’t help that the man below was spewing more filth from his full lips, eyeing his glistening fingers with marvel.
“Hnh, c-can’t wait either, a-ah!”
Taehyung could see that you were getting closer and closer to your end with the way your voice got louder and your hips refused to stay still on the bed. With a look of determination, he sought to get you there as soon as possible and leaned down to give your swollen bud some attention again.
“O-Oh fuck, right there, right there—!”
You wanted to reach down and dig your fingers into his obsidian locks and hold tight but something told you not to give in for fear of ripping some strands out. Pretty sure Taehyung wouldn’t want to have a bald spot.
The man between your legs continued to lap at your clit with fervor while his fingers worked you up to a finish that felt like it was going to hit hard. You felt the sudden swells more than once, preparing yourself to turn into an absolute mess but an odd pressure in your lower stomach was holding you back.
Grunting at another rise, you jerked your hips up while whimpering out, “V…I-I wanna—“
Taehyung pulled off to raise a brow at you. “You wanna come? Go ahead, I’m not stopping you.”
“I-I know but…”
You weren’t sure if you should explain to him what the issue was, not wanting to kill the mood.
A stern voice called your name, causing you to look down at the other, breath catching at how he gazed at you with unadulterated dominance.
“Come for me, now. Let it out, gorgeous.”
You weren’t sure if it was his assertive tone, the way his dark eyes looked at you or the harsh thrust he gave into your spot but your body quickly obeyed his command.
“A-Ah fuck— V!”
A scream barreled out of your throat as shockwaves gripped your body, causing you to collapse on the bed fully. Your eyes squeezed shut as you did your best not to go under and drown but his fingers kept moving and then his lips went back to sucking your sensitive clit, leaving you an absolute mess.
You couldn’t even register the other way that your body responded to the intense orgasm.
Taehyung kept his mouth working, despite your shrieks, until he felt something spray against his chin. Knitting his brows, he pulled off, only to drop his jaw in awe at the cause of the wetness.
“Holy shit—“ Taehyung watched with slight wonder as you gushed around his digits, still moving in and out of you with abandon. “Look at you, making such a fucking mess on my hand and sheets…”
You couldn’t hear his words either, your hearing temporarily muffled until finally, you were allowed to come up for air. Thankfully, he had mercy on you and slowed his fingers down considerably, going for straightforward thrusts now. The second you felt the last tremor run out, you flopped back, your damp and heated skin sticking to the sheets. You turned your head to press your cheek to a cool spot, moaning weakly in light relief. Feeling Taehyung slip out of you, you whimpered at how oversensitive your walls were now, torn between asking for a break or wanting more.
“Fuck, baby, that was a lot—“ A chuckle of disbelief came out. “You even got it on my shirt!”
At his exclamation, you finally mustered up enough strength to lift your head and look down at Taehyung, gasping at the sight.
His mouth down to his chin was wet with your release, a couple of drops sliding down his tanned skin. And sure enough, there were darkened spots on the white fabric, large enough to make your face heat up even more.
“O-Oh my God…I-I’m so sorry! I-I don’t usually do that—”
Taehyung laughed at your apology, shaking his head as he licked some of the mess off his lips. “Don’t be sorry, baby—” His lids lowered as he breathed out. “That was so fucking hot.”
As if his husking wasn’t enough, he lifted his wet fingers up to his mouth, inserting them to suck your mess off with a muffled groan.
“Goddamn, thought you couldn’t taste even better...”
Looks like you were ready for more with the way your pussy clenched at the sight.
Taehyung finished licking off whatever was leftover, only to notice you giving him a look full of outright yearning.
“Hm? What’s that look for?”
Your eyes narrowed as he playfully taunted you. This didn’t deter him, his head tilting in mock confusion.
“What’s wrong, baby?”
Realizing that words alone weren’t much of a useful weapon against him, you sat up (ignoring how your arms trembled in resistance) and scooted forward enough to lean down and ball your fists into his shirt, pulling him into a harsh kiss. You couldn’t tell whose groan was louder, his from the unexpected move or yours as you got a taste of yourself. Not wanting to waste any more precious time, you pulled back an inch to husk with lidded eyes.
“Fuck me, V. Get up here and give me that fat cock of yours now.”
Your idea seemed to work wonders as you saw that feral expression from earlier show up on his face again, nodding as he snarled.
“As you wish.”
With that, Taehyung stood up and grabbed the top of his soiled t-shirt, practically ripping it off before tossing it to the floor to join his discarded pants. Even in your post-orgasm bliss, your gaze roamed over his exposed torso. You had seen his body so many times on camera that you could picture it with your eyes closed but the image couldn’t compare to seeing it in person.
His toned chest and arms that were shining with a light sweat and dusky brown nipples that stood stiff. A flat stomach that was heaving with desire and sat above a rock-solid cock, the head wet and beading with precum. The owner of it noticed you staring and smirked, reaching a hand up to wrap around the length.
“What are you waiting for, baby? You want this fat cock inside you, no?”
“Yes, I do...”
Taehyung huffed out a laugh while giving himself a squeeze. “Mm...then come get it.”
Something in you snapped at the command, leading you to kneel up on the bed before grabbing his shoulders, turning and pushing him down to land flat on his back. An ‘oof’ came out of him but the grin on his face never faded as you quickly straddled him, sitting your wet folds directly on his dick.
“You wanna ride me, gorgeous? Wanna sit on my cock?”
You huffed at his teasing, grinding your hips down. “Fuck yes…need to see how well you’ll fuck me—“
Taehyung grinned lasciviously at your admission, bucking up against you. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I won’t disappoint you, baby.”
Smirking down at him, you lifted your hips before reaching underneath to hold his cock, angling it to run the tip up and down your folds. “Mmm...you better not.”
Taehyung licked his lips as your wetness coated him, peeking over your shoulder to take a quick glance at the screen. The comments were in a frenzy, many begging the two of you to go on and get to the fucking already. Smirking, he took the initiative to please the viewers by thrusting up once he felt his head in line with your entrance, pulling a sharp gasp out of you at the sudden intrusion.
You clenched around his tip instinctively, forcing yourself to relax so he could continue. You had been waiting so long for this; you couldn’t delay it anymore.
So you started sliding down on the rest of his cock, making your mouth fall slack at the stretch.
“O-Oh my God...”
“Oh fuck, baby—“ Taehyung eyed you with unbridled need. “This pussy is so tight, can barely fit my cock in there…”
It didn’t help that you immediately tightened around him at his words, forcing you to pause for a bit before continuing until he bottomed out. The second you stopped, your head hung down in overwhelming, panting as you did your best to adjust to the pressure. As turned on as you were right now, it still wasn’t enough to take in someone of Taehyung’s size with little issue.
“Doing alright?”
You heard said man whisper to you, concern in his dark brown eyes.
“Y-Yeah...you’re just really fucking big...”
Taehyung chuckled, biting his bottom lip cheekily. “Oh yeah?”
“Yes—” You leaned down to press your nose against his. “You didn’t get the memo when I choked on your cock earlier?”
A twitch inside and a grip of your hips was the response you got. “Ah, right. My bad. Does that mean you won’t be able to handle me, baby?”
You scoffed, giving a clench for good measure. “I didn’t say that. Don’t worry, I’m a big girl, I think I’ll be able to handle you now.”
“Hmph, if you say so.”
Grinning, you pecked his lips before resting your hands next to his head to support yourself, lifting your hips up slowly only to go down slightly faster. After a few more motions of this, you began letting out soft noises of bliss, the discomfort from earlier fading away.
“Mm...ah, yesss—”
“You feel so fucking good right now, Y/N...wish I could stay in you all day—”
You were going to let Taehyung know that you shared his wish until he gave a roll of his hips, making you gasp loudly.
His sudden thrust motivated you to increase your speed, the sounds of your ass hitting his thighs starting to fill the room, combined with your whining moans and his ragged groans. You looked down at him, licking your lips at his nearly black eyes watching you with sheer lust, fluttering closed every so often.
“Oh baby…I bet your ass looks so good bouncing on me right now—“
You rolled your hips down at that, savoring the louder groan Taehyung let out. “Yeah? Pity you can’t see it, mnh— Guess you’ll have to watch your video later for that.”
Eyes narrowing a bit at your teasing, a lightbulb went off in his head, prompting an impish smirk to form.
“Hm, I don’t know about that, baby. Might be able to get a good view of it sooner than I expected.”
Tilting your head in confusion, you cried out as Taehyung pulled you off of him, your core squeezing in need. “Hey!”
“Shh, gorgeous. Turn around and get back on.”
Mouth opening as you understood what he was asking for, you nodded swiftly and clambered back onto his lap, lining up once again as he held up his cock. You quickly lowered down, having an easier time taking him in than before. Once you were seated, you felt Taehyung make a sound of approval as he rested his hands on your ass. “Go on, baby.”
He didn’t need to tell you twice as you immediately placed your hands on the bed to start riding him again. This angle felt just as good, allowing pants and moans to fall from your lips as he brushed along your walls.
“Mm, fuck, V—”
“Goddamn, Y/N—” A sudden smack to one of your ass cheeks made you cry out. “I was right, this ass looks so fucking sexy from here...”
Trembling for a few seconds at the unexpected spanking, you decided to up the ante and bury Taehyung inside you, rolling your hips enough to poke your bottom out as far as possible each time, biting back a grin at the loud swear that left him. That plus the harder smack you received on the other cheek was just what you wanted.
“You’re so fucking dirty, baby, making me spank you like this—”
“Mhm, I love it, V—” You wiggled side to side as you peeked over your shoulder. “Feels nice having those big hands of yours on me.”
Taehyung hissed as the motion gave him a strong rush of pleasure, forcing him to thrust up as he dug his fingers into your flesh. “Shit—”
A sound between a giggle and a moan escaped you, returning to moving up and down on him once more, receiving some grateful words. While your hips worked, you brought your head forward, remembering the webcam staring you right in the face. Many of the words flying on the screen were just as lewd as what was going on in this bed right now, making your body heat up more and your walls flutter. But a few comments were asking for Taehyung to be a little more vocal, knowing how loud the model could get when he was really enjoying himself. You knew firsthand, as well.
Licking your lips, you decided to try something to attempt to fulfill the viewers’ wishes.
“O-Oh fuck—!” Taehyung groaned out loudly as you started squeezing your muscles around him each time you came down, forcing him to throw his head back into the mattress. “Godammit, Y/N—”
“Hm, you like that, baby? Like when my pussy gets nice and tight on this dick?”
“Jesus, what do you think? Ngh—!”
His snark was interrupted by another moan, making you laugh softly. “I’m thinking yes?”
“You little—”
Even the swat he gave your ass didn’t faze you, enjoying how the tables turned this time. Pushing your luck, you wiggled on him again, giggling at the choked gasp that sounded from behind you. “Don’t be so mad, you know you love thi— Ah!”
You didn’t even get the chance to finish your sentence before you felt Taehyung sit up, reaching under your knees to lift them up and pull them back, forcing your body to lean against his sweat-slick torso. Gasping at the shift in angle, you opened your mouth only for him to press his lips to your ear to growl.
“Fucking tease...for someone who was so eager to have me fuck them, you’re messing around an awful lot.”
You were sure he could feel you shake against him at the change.
“I-I’m not…”
“Really? You’re not?” Taehyung nipped your earlobe. “Because I should be hearing you screaming right now, not making fun of me.”
You swallowed hard at how his deep voice only seemed to lower the more he spoke. Something was telling you that maybe you shouldn’t have been teasing him.
“Then maybe I should sit back and let you take over?”
Taehyung was glad you couldn’t see the feral smile forming on his face, especially at how the viewers were basically begging him to follow through. “Well...if you insist.”
Tightening his hold on your knees, he shifted his hips forward a bit to get better leverage. Without another thought, he began thrusting up into you with no mercy.
“Ah—! V!”
There was no way you could have prepared yourself for how the man behind you began fucking you with reckless abandon. You couldn’t even do anything but sit there and take it, his grip on you firm and making sure he had your arms caged against your body.
Taehyung rasped out, a hint of joy underlying, “Fuck, baby, this is so much better now, no?”
“O-Oh my God—” You thought having him inside in the last position was a struggle but this one took the cake. Every time he buried himself, you swore you could feel him in your guts, causing your toes to curl and your mouth to fall slack in mind-boggling bliss. “Y-Yesss...shit, you’re so deep—”
A chuckle sounded next to your ear. “Yeah? Guess this pussy can handle my big cock with no problem.”
It was futile to try and have a conversation with Taehyung as he drove in and out of you, nothing but noises that let him know how great he was making you feel coming out.
Taehyung panted harshly the longer he thrust into you, loving how you kept clamping down on him with every stroke. If he brought his head forward enough, he could see how your eyes kept squeezing shut and the drool that started leaking from the corner of your open mouth. The sight made him lick his lips and switch into rolling his hips up now, teasing you on purpose.
“Y/N, wish you could see yourself right now. Your face is just screaming ‘I’m getting fucked stupid’, so fucking hot—”
All you could give was a strangled moan in reply.
“Haha, can’t even speak, huh? That’s fine with me, baby—” He gave a harsh pump. “Just let me hear more of those pretty sounds of yours.”
Lucky for him, you didn’t deny his request, noises varying from strained whimpers to intense cries escaping the longer he fucked you. Taehyung savored each one while he managed to focus on the screen once more.
[bedrockbambam]: holy shit this is sooooo hot, well worth the wait 😫💦💦💦
[bomiallnightlong]: damn, look how well her pussy is taking that fat cock of his, love it
[velvetyeri]: you two are killing me, I already came three times, can you make it a fourth?? 🥺❤️‍🔥
Taehyung grinned, the backs of his teeth showing, at the comments. He lived for these words during his shows but to see that his fans were enjoying having you in the mix as well pleased him to no end.
Somehow you managed to croak out, catching the other’s attention. “Hm?”
“I— ugh! I-I want to switch...”
Taehyung tilted his head. “Oh? Feeling uncomfortable?”
“N-No—” You whined before you were able to continue. “I want to try something else...”
He raised a brow at your request, slowing his hips down to a stop. “Oh yeah?”
With your nod, the other loosened his hold on your body, allowing you to pull off of him before crawling on all fours into the middle of the bed, making sure to stay at an angle where the camera got a good view between your legs. Looking back over your shoulder, you shot Taehyung a mischievous grin and playfully wiggled your bottom at him. 
“Come on, baby. Want you stretching me out again.”
His eyes smoldered at the view while his tongue poked out and ran over his lips, coming over to kneel behind you within a few seconds. Taehyung brought his hands up to grasp onto your ass, molding the flesh to his lithe fingers. Muttering yet another praise about how good it looked, he gave one of the cheeks a smack while holding himself with the other hand, lining up the tip with your entrance before sliding in slowly. The action brought low sounds out of the both of you, especially as he filled you up in a different way yet again.
“Mmm, that’s it...wait. Stay still for me.”
Taehyung tilted his head in confusion as you stopped him from thrusting into you but that quickly turned into hunger as you took it upon yourself to start pushing back against him instead, moaning wantonly as the friction morphed into a pleasant heat. He leaned back and watched as you moved onto him over and over, licking his lips at how your ass jiggled each time it smacked against his hips. “That’s it, baby— Fuck yourself on my cock just like that—“
Letting out a strained giggle at his heavy words, you obliged happily, swiveling your hips on each stroke only to receive more swears and swats to your bottom. 
“Loving it, V?”
“Yes gorgeous, you look so fucking hot doing this to me—” Taehyung flashed his teeth at the webcam. “Right, everyone?”
You looked back also, laughing a bit at the amount of thirst-laden comments flying by.
“Gosh, you guys are too sweet.”
Taehyung chuckled, biting back more curses as you tightened on him every time you moved now. Unable to take any more of the passiveness, he straightened up and grabbed your hips, holding you down on him. You gasped at the move as he leant forward to husk in your ear, “Enough playing around, baby. Let me pound this little cunt of yours, yeah?”
You had no resistance to that, a shiver running through your body as you whimpered, “Please, fuck me—!”
Taehyung gave your earlobe another nip in gratitude while sliding his hips back, only to snap them forward in no time, prompting you to throw your head back at the sudden rush. “A-Ah!”
Sure enough, he stayed true to his promise and started a reckless pace that made your fingers grip the sheets and your teeth rattle, still feeling him hit deep. At some point, one of your hands went back to rest on your hip, just to fulfill your body’s desire to move (all the sensations were making your nerves go haywire). Before you could remove it, Taehyung’s hand came up to wrap around your wrist, his hold tight enough to make your breath hitch. You looked back at him in mild question only for the same thing to happen again at the sight that greeted you.
His parted black hair was mussed, the strands sticking to his damp forehead. Those nearly jet black eyes zeroed in on your face with unbridled greed, full lips suffering under the pressure of his straight teeth. Sweat covered every inch of his tanned skin, a few drops catching your eye as they rolled down his chest and torso. And the way the veins in his toned forearm popped as he gripped onto your wrist...
Whatever you were going to ask died out the second your eyes laid on him.
Unfortunately for you, he noticed, loosening his lips from his teeth to shoot you a ravenous smirk.
“What is it, baby? Trying to get a good look at me?”
You tried to speak but couldn’t, eyes looking directly at the hand wrapped around you.
“Ah, hope you don’t mind me doing that—” Taehyung rubbed over the inside of your wrist with his thumb. “Wanna make sure you’re not moving around too much while I’m fucking you senseless.”
A clench on him let him know that you didn’t mind at all.
“Shit—” Taehyung picked up the power of his thrusts, making sure to keep his hold on you tight so your body didn’t jolt too far, licking his lips at the sharp cries you gave with each stroke. “You like when I pound you like this, baby?”
“Fuck, V, yesss...feels so fucking good!”
“Goddamn— Your pussy is so amazing, gorgeous, taking me in like this—” He looked at where your bodies met, groaning at how you clung to and coated him with your arousal. “You’re squeezing me so tight and making a mess on me...fucking love it!”
Hearing the absolute lechery spilling from his mouth completely erased whatever mental blocks you had, allowing your own words to fly out without hesitation.
“Of course, baby...wanna show you how much I’ve been dying to do this since I first watched you— Always thought about this thick cock splitting me apart and making me come over and over again, mnh! Even my best toy can’t compare to you...”
Taehyung thought his desire couldn’t increase anymore but then you opened your mouth and said those words, causing a growl to escape. “Oh yeah?” His free hand decided to make its return to smacking your ass. “You love my cock that much?”
“Mhm—!” The swat made your voice raise in pitch momentarily and your back arch. “It feels so nice sliding in and out of me...think my hand would cramp up if I tried to recreate this on my own...”
“Heh, maybe—” He leaned down far enough for only you to hear as he husked, “But I wouldn’t be against doing this again with you, gorgeous. Maybe you won’t need those pesky toys of yours anymore.”
Your head whipped up in shock at what he said. Did he just say what you think he said?
That couldn’t be. Maybe your brain was all scrambled from the multiple orgasms and getting railed. Yeah...right?
But you couldn’t ask him to clarify as he decided to go even faster, ripping a shriek from your throat to intermingle with the slapping of his hips striking your ass repeatedly.
“Oh God! Yes, fuck me hard, just like that—!”
You didn’t have to tell him twice as Taehyung kept it up, the sounds coming from the both of you becoming louder and more frequent as the minutes passed by. The two of you were so into the sex that you forgot about your audience, paying no mind to the absolute chaos of compliments flying on the screen. The only thing that broke the veil of suggestiveness was the guttural groan that came from Taehyung after a while.
“Goddammit—“ His hand connected with your ass yet again. “I’m about to come…fuck—“
A hard clamp and a shiver was how you responded to his declaration, already picturing the expression he would make as he fell over the edge. Dark brows knitted together, eyes squeezed shut with his mouth slack as his head threw back in sheer euphoria. Whimpering at the vivid image, you did your best to help out by tightening on him with each plunge, earning louder swears and harsher smacks to your sore ass cheek. In time, Taehyung rasped out, sounding a little more unhinged now, “Shit, I have to—”
Just as you felt him start to pull out of you, you pushed back on him, burying his dick once more.
Taehyung’s head whipped up at your strained words as his hips paused, wondering if he heard wrong. “What’s that, baby?”
You had to force out around a strong moan, “D-Don’t…don’t pull out, please! Want your come inside me—“
Taehyung’s mouth dropped at your request, wondering if you were serious or just letting your lust cloud your judgment. But then you looked back at him over your shoulder, eyes lidded and overflowing with lust, your bottom lip held under your teeth.
“Do it, baby.”
Those three words were all he needed to get back on track with his thrusts.
“Fucking shit…” He snarled out, striking your ass more than once in response. “You’re so damn greedy, letting me come inside this cunt of yours— Can’t get enough of me so you want me to fill you up?“
Your eyes nearly rolled back at his reprimanding. “Yes V! Fill me up, fill this little hole of mine, please baby!”
Taehyung could feel his limit approaching fast but your needy words only gave him a few seconds before the pressure behind his dick came to be too much. All he could do was bury himself before he lost control.
“Oh baby— If that’s what you want, I’ll fucking give it to you! A-Ah, God! Fuck—!”
With a shout, Taehyung tightened his grip on your wrist and dug his nails into your ass cheek as he emptied himself inside you, making you gasp at the heat splashing against your walls.
“O-Oh yes...give it to me, baby—!”
As if he wasn’t coming hard enough already, you decided to milk every drop of him with your muscles, savoring the nearly broken gasps that came out of the man behind you. Taehyung could only keep upright for so long, doubling over your back as his hips jerked uncontrollably. All too soon, he came to a complete stop, panting harshly as the last of his release shot out.
“H-Holy shit...”
His breathless exclamation made you giggle quietly, looking back at him to grin at the fucked-out look on his sweat-drenched face. “All better now?”
“Y-Yeah...” Taehyung let out a weak chuckle, reaching a shaking hand up to push his hair back. “Fuck, been a while since I came that hard.”
“Oh? Could’ve fooled me, thought I saw you come like that the one day you had the plug in.”
He laughed a little more at the recollection. “Ah, that show. Well, as fun as that was, still pales to this.”
Your cheeks couldn’t help but warm at that, combined with the grateful look Taehyung gave you. “Glad to be of help, V.”
Chuckling, he gave your bottom a gentle pat. But then he realized that you hadn’t finished yet, cursing himself for getting carried away and ignoring your needs. Looking down at where he was still connected to you, he bit his lip before looking up at you.
“You didn’t come yet, right?”
Blinking, you realized that no, you hadn’t. You were so caught up in the frenzy that the thought of hitting your peak didn’t even cross your mind; it helped that you had experienced two orgasms already.
“No, I didn’t...”
Taehyung nodded, straightening his body up once more with as much strength as he could muster. Before you could ask what he was about to do, his hips resumed the rigorous pace from earlier, forcing you to gasp out loud.
“V, wh—”
“Shh, gorgeous. Need to make you come again, hold on tight for me.”
“B-But you, ah—!”
He cut you off with a deep thrust and a swat. “Quiet, Y/N. Stay there and let me do this.”
You weren’t going to fight his offer by any means but the sternness of his words killed any possible resistance. Giving a weak nod, you faced forward and received a bit of praise before Taehyung changed the angle of his movements, rolling his hips to stroke along your walls.
“You like that, baby?”
A whimper escaped your lips as you dug your fingers into the sheets. “Y-Yes—“
Taehyung chuckled huskily, grabbing one of your ass cheeks before shaking it. “Yeah? Like me fucking my come into this little pussy?”
“Oh God, yes baby—”
The man behind you flashed his teeth at how you buried your face in the bed momentarily afterwards, the last thing he said increasing your pleasure. You could still feel his seed housed deep inside you, being pushed further in with each thrust. The sensation of it was unexpectedly pleasant.
“Y/N.” Whipping your head up, you looked back at him, nearly whimpering at that commanding look on his face again. “Touch yourself.”
Swallowing hard at the darkness of his lidded eyes, you bit your lip as you moved your free hand underneath to begin circling your nub, crying out sharply. The strong wave of bliss left you unable to support your upper body any longer, forcing you to rest your cheek on the mattress for leverage.
“Feels good, huh? That little clit of yours must be so swollen by now.”
“Y-Yes V— Fuuuck—”
Of course he decided to speed up a little more now, throwing in some spanking as well. As if you weren’t suffering (absolutely enjoying) this enough already. Either way, everything Taehyung was doing, combined with your slick fingers working yourself over, was rapidly bringing you to your third climax of the night, your body beginning to tremble in anticipation.
“O-Oh my God—!” You squeezed your eyes shut to focus on all of the sensations, keeping your hand moving as you cried out, “Fuck, I’m gonna fucking come—!”
Taehyung cursed loudly at your declaration, keeping his hips moving steadily as his hand smacked your ass again. “Yeah, baby? Gonna come all over my dick like a good girl?”
“Yes, yes!”
He bared his teeth in unbridled lust, delivering another hit to the same cheek. “Yes, gorgeous, let me feel it— Gotta feel this pussy clench, wanna see if you’ll squirt on me again—“
His words shot straight to your core, prompting a tight squeeze at the thought of possibly repeating the little stunt from earlier. But you didn’t have much time to ponder as a violent surge overcame you as the knot deep in your belly snapped, forcing a broken gasp from your sore throat.
“A-Ah! V!”
All you could do was say his name before nothing but white blinded your vision, your back arching as you shook in front of him.
Taehyung had watched you close the whole time but now he made sure to keep his eyes completely focused on you as you came yet again, gripping his softening cock with enough force to make him grit his teeth. And sure enough, he got his wish as he felt a rush of wetness leaking onto him, groaning lowly when he looked down to see the mess. “Fuck, that’s it, gorgeous, knew you could do it— You must feel so fucking good right now, yeah?”
You could barely hear him but answering was nearly impossible with how hard you were coming. After what felt like ages, your body finally calmed down enough to slump against the bed, weak whines creeping past your lips and hips giving occasional jerks. You felt Taehyung lean down, pressing his sweaty torso to your equally damp back, brushing his lips against your ear to whisper.
“Still with me, baby?”
A hushed laugh left you at his question. “My body is, don’t know about my spirit, though.”
Taehyung chuckled and gave your cheek a kiss. “Just a little longer and we can finish, okay?”
As exhausted as you were, you felt a bit of sadness at your time together ending soon. But it was a show. He wasn’t obligated to keep this going on after the camera shut off. So you nodded weakly, trying not to whine when he straightened up and slowly began pulling out of you, allowing his come to start leaking out of your stretched hole.
“Damn...look at that.” Taehyung bit his lip and held your ass cheeks, spreading them apart to allow the audience to get a better view. 
“I guess this little cunt can’t handle all of my come, huh?” He brought his fingers up to pick up the globs that started dripping down your folds, pushing them back inside you (causing you to gasp as he brushed against your oversensitive walls). “Look at this, I’m putting it back in and yet you keep pushing it out. Not as greedy as I thought you were, hm?”
“M-Mm—” You trembled at the slight discomfort of his digits, nearly sighing in relief when he removed them after the third time of pushing his mess in. Feeling some of your strength returning, you managed to push yourself up with your arms before turning around to face the screen. It took a while for your eyes to focus but once they did, they widened in shock at the frantic words in the chat.
[babyJ13]: my chair is an absolute mess right now but not as bad as your sheets, I’m sure 😝 you guys were amazing, can you do this again sometime? 👀
[KookyBun]: take all of my fucking money, you sexy bastards 💸 ughhhh, pls tell me where I can see more of her, I love her 😘😘😘
And that was only a portion of the comments you read.
Despite all of the raunchiness you had done with Taehyung just now, seeing these words made you hide your face behind your hands, squeaking out your thanks to the audience.
“Th-Thank you guys! You’re all s-so nice!”
Taehyung wasn’t as fazed, laughing softly at your bashful reaction. Sitting down next to you, he wrapped an arm around your shoulder, giving it a gentle rub. “Told you they would love you. My fans are some of the best on this site—” He gave the webcam one of his dazzling grins. “Right?”
Sure enough, the screen filled up with affirmations and declarations of love for the model, prompting him to laugh again.
“Aww, you’re all too good to me!”
Now your hands lowered down, revealing a face that bit back a large smile. This experience went a lot smoother than you expected (well, aside from your nerves in the beginning and nearly choking on Taehyung’s dick halfway through). You attributed most of it to Taehyung’s natural charisma and ability to make whoever he was interacting with feel comfortable. Well, that and the deep recesses of your mind that housed many fantasies of you and him in scenarios that you never thought would see the light of day.
“How’s my costar feeling?”
You turned your head to see him giving you a soft smile. “She’s feeling pretty damn great. Exhausted but great.”
His eyes squinted in joy, giving your shoulder a pat. “Happy to hear it. You looked like you were having the time of your life.”
“I was! Really, V—” You couldn’t help but lean in to give him a one-armed hug. “Thank you so much for the opportunity. You’re wonderful.”
Taehyung’s eyes widened a bit at the kiss you gave to his cheek before his grin became a little timid now. “No problem, baby.”
The two of you continued talking to the viewers for a few more minutes until the other looked at the time, making a sound of disappointment. “Shit, looks like we’ll have to wrap it up for the night.” He shot you a pout. “This is always my least favorite part.”
You reflected the expression. “Mine too.”
Your humor made his lips twitch before he looked at the camera once more. “Alright everyone, I wish we could keep this going on for a little longer but we’re way past schedule as it is. Don’t worry, Friday will be here again before you know it! Make sure to keep an eye out for the video to be uploaded in the next couple of days.”
On cue, Taehyung held his fingers together in the shape of a heart, winking and blowing a kiss. 
“Until next time. Borahae!”
Just when you thought he was going to get up and cut the stream off, he gave you an expectant look, motioning you to give your own goodbye. Mouth popping open in surprise, you quickly recovered, clearing your throat before addressing the chat.
“Thank you guys for being supportive! I’m sure a lot of you were upset that you didn’t win but I hope everyone gets another chance at this the next time there’s a contest. Trust me—” You shot Taehyung a coy smirk. “It’s quite the experience.” You didn’t see the way his eyes lowered at the comment, returning your gaze to the screen. “Anyways, see everyone next week in the chat!”
Giving your own kiss as well, you spotted Taehyung getting up to walk towards his computer, shutting off the stream, leaving just the two of you alone in the room now. With that one action, the atmosphere seemed to change. Your nerves were slowly making their way back in as you tried not to feel awkward now that the show was over. What happened now? Did you have to leave as soon as possible? Was there a post-camshow discussion that was supposed to occur?
Your inner rambling was halted when Taehyung called you. You jumped when you spotted him standing in front of you now, head cocked to the side.
“Everything alright?”
“O-Oh! Yeah...”
His lips curled as his arms folded over his sweat-covered chest. “You sure? You looked like you were in your own world just now.”
Your cheeks warmed as he called you out, lifting a hand up to brush some hair out of your face as you looked off to the side. “Positive. Just, um, processing everything, hah...”
Taehyung’s face softened. “You’re definitely feeling okay? I wasn’t too rough?”
“No, not at all!” A small laugh left you. “I mean, I’m sure I’m going to feel this in the morning but other than that, I’m doing very well.”
Taehyung smiled a little more at your reassurance but his boxy one made a comeback at the end of it. “Well, seeing as how my sheets are a mess now, I can’t accuse you of embellishing.”
“Taehyung!” You hid your face again as he laughed. “Jesus, I can’t believe I did that twice.”
“Hmm, guess I’ve got the magic touch.” Now you reached out to lightly smack the side of his thigh, receiving a loud laugh in response to that and the glaring pout you gave. “Sorry, sorry!”
“Hmph, whatever.”
The man in front of you giggled before placing his hand on your head, giving it a gentle pat. “Let me get you a towel so you can clean up.”
With that, Taehyung headed into the connected bathroom, reemerging with a couple of towels and handing one to you. You gave him a smile and a thanks before running the fabric over your damp skin first. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw the other doing the same. He cleaned himself off but skipped over his cock for now. You couldn’t help but bite your lip at how it was coated and glistening with both of your come. Something about the sight was lighting that fire up inside of you again and gave you an idea that you were shocked to even think about.
Before you could kill the thought, you called out to Taehyung.
Taehyung paused, tilting his head. “What’s wrong?”
What was going through your head shouldn’t have been there in the first place. The show was over, what were you doing? But rationality was lost as you motioned Taehyung to step closer to you. He obliged, albeit with confusion still on his handsome face. Before you could chicken out, you took a hold of his limp cock, holding it up to lean forward and begin licking off the mess on it.
His shocked gasp of your name didn’t deter you, aiming to get him as clean as possible. The mix of everything tasted...odd, to say the least. But the hold this man had on you was so strong that you were doing whatever you could to leave a lasting impression on him, to stand out from any other lucky winners in the future. It must be working as when you finished, pulling away with a lick of the lips, Taehyung was giving you that same intense look that came up a few times during the session.
The sight made you shiver and press your messy thighs together.
He made sure to keep his gaze locked with yours, hoping that you could ascertain how much he enjoyed the surprise. Despite his recent orgasm, Taehyung felt a stirring beginning yet again. He was the professional and you were the fan but goddamn if he wasn’t tempted to pin you to the bed and go for another round or two after that.
But a knock on the door interrupted, making the two of you jump out of the bubble of tension that had begun building up again. Breaking the eye contact (albeit reluctantly), Taehyung cleared his throat before calling out.
“Just a minute!”
With that, you decided to push whatever just happened to the back of your head as you pulled your shirt back down, frowning at how stained it had gotten. Reminding yourself to throw it in the wash when you got home, you lifted up enough to wrap the towel around your hips. You would have stood up but your legs still felt wobbly plus Taehyung’s come was starting to run down your thigh. Said man chose to pull his sweatpants on instead before going over to open the door, revealing Hoseok behind it, beaming like the sun.
“Hello there!” He walked in, revealing a water bottle in each of his hands, handing one to Taehyung before doing the same for you. 
“How are my little movie stars?”
You giggled at him, quickly uncapping the bottle before taking a much-needed sip. “Ready to take a long nap.”
Hoseok chuckled as the both of you had practically the same answer. “Well, I’m not surprised, after all of that? You both deserve a sandwich along with it! Seriously, you guys were amazing—“ His eyes playfully squinted at you. 
“Especially you, Miss I’ve-Never-Done-This-Before.”
You couldn’t help but be amused yet flustered at his words, shrugging. “I’m serious, I haven’t! I just…let go and pretended it was only me and him the whole time.”
Taehyung couldn’t help but shoot you a proud smile, happy that you came around from the shaking mess that stepped into his room.
“Well, either way, I loved it. The audience did too, you should see how wild the chat was after you signed off!”
“Oh yeah?”
“Mhm!” Hoseok grinned. “Got a lot of people asking if you’ve got your own channel.” He smirked at his client. “Looks like you’ve got a bit of competition, Tae.”
Taehyung gasped dramatically, a hand resting on his chest. “What?! Wow, to think Y/N would steal my fans from me, after all I’ve done for her!”
You rolled your eyes at him. “Oh please, like it would even make a dent on your followers. Trust me, I don’t think my shows would be as intriguing as yours.”
“Aww, so humble.”
Hoseok laughed at your banter before he clapped his hands together all of a sudden. “God, I’m so excited to take the video to Baekhyun-nim for editing tomorrow! I can’t remember the last time I felt like this!”
Taehyung gave his manager a look of offense. 
“Hyung, are you calling my solo shows boring?!”
“No dummy, you know that’s not what I mean. I’m saying that I haven’t seen chemistry and intensity like that from my clients in ages!”
“Hmph, if you say so. My manager doesn’t have faith in me anymore.” You giggled when Taehyung pouted at you, only to grow into a cackle when Hoseok walked over and smacked him upside the head. 
“Hush, you little drama queen. Okay—” The blond’s sunny smile returned. “Why don’t you two get cleaned up completely and I’ll order us some dinner in the meantime?”
At his offer, your eyes widened. “Oh Hobi, you don’t have to—”
“Hey hey hey, none of that, Y/N. What kind of manager would I be if I didn’t feed my workers? I’m sure you two are starving, I know I am.”
As he said that, your stomach decided to rumble quietly, proving him right. “Hmm, fine. It’s pretty late though, what’s even open around this time?”
Taehyung jumped in, “There’s a couple! There’s Chinese takeout, pizza and a place that makes some pretty nice ramyeon.”
Looking up in thought, you couldn���t find yourself in a mood for any particular type of food. “I could go with any of them, why don’t you guys choose?”
Taehyung lit up like a lamp at your suggestion before looking at Hoseok with puppy eyes. “Hyung, can we get pizza? Pleaaaase?”
Hoseok rolled his eyes. “Fine but I’m only getting one order of garlic knots this time. You left them behind the last time and I ended up having to throw them out!”
“Aw man, fine.”
Once the two came to an agreement, Hoseok left to go place your respective orders. Taehyung offered you his bathroom to get washed up and took your stained shirt to throw in the wash while he gave you one of his t-shirts to borrow for now. You couldn’t help but feel a bit special at getting to wear his clothing, the fabric smelling of him mixed with detergent.
Taehyung showered also, deciding to throw his pajamas on instead (you commended him for his trumpet-print pants). Not long after you were both done, Hoseok announced that the pizza had arrived, prompting the two of you to race down to the kitchen. Everyone got their fill of the food, along with a bottle of soju Taehyung broke out, until eyes were lidded and bellies were close to bursting. Hoseok looked at his watch only to comment on how late it was and that you should get home to get some rest. You didn’t mind staying longer in their company but both the men looked just as tired as you were; you couldn’t impose.
You pulled out your phone to call for a ride only for Taehyung to stop and offer to pay instead. You were ready to fight him on it until he gave you a no-nonsense look, forcing you to sigh and give in, too full to argue. Once the app let him know the car was ten minutes away, you said your goodbye to Hoseok. The blond gave you a hug and a pat on the back, congratulating you again for a job well done before promising to keep in contact with you concerning the video.
So now you and Taehyung sat on his front steps, taking in the warm air as small talk was made.
“And then he deleted the file by accident, all because it was off by one number.”
“Jesus, that sounds awful. Please tell me you guys have a recovery system.”
“We do, thank God.” You sighed. “Or else my company would have been one less employee short. Blood would’ve ended up on my hands that day.”
Taehyung shook his head as he chuckled in disbelief at the story about how Mark nearly lost an extremely important document detailing the company’s yearly finances. “Props to you for being able to be in a career like that, I would have lost my mind if I was in your place.”
“Trust me, I’ve had many close calls.” Your eyes rolled as you leaned back on your arms. “Especially when my boss gets wind of any mistakes? It makes me want to jump out of the window.”
Taehyung laughed, running a hand through his hair. “I can imagine.”
Silence came between the two of you, comfortable now that you were growing familiar with each other. This led to the model to think about something you had mentioned during your meeting, wanting to pick your brain a bit.
“Hey Y/N.”
You turned to him. “Yes?”
Taehyung tilted his head. “Would you ever consider giving camming a serious shot one of these days?”
You weren’t expecting him to say that.
But you couldn’t help but wonder. Would you?
“I mean...” Your hands clasped in your lap. “It’s not my dream job but it is something I’m still interested in trying. But I don’t know how I’d do...”
Taehyung nodded slowly at your response. “Hmm...you want my honest opinion?”
His tongue flicked out over his lips as his dark eyes regarded you. “I think if you find a market or niche to focus on and put the time and investment into it, you’ll do pretty well.” At your incredulous look, he continued.
“I’m serious, not blowing smoke up your ass! You looked like you were having fun during the show and the way you transitioned along the way and spoke—” The boxy grin returned. “You have potential. You’re not perfect but it takes time to improve and find out what does and doesn’t work for you. If you really want it, you’ll do amazing.”
All you could do was stare at Taehyung afterwards, in shock at what he said. To hear someone who had way more experience than you did in this line of work say that you had a chance?
You couldn’t help but break out into an ecstatic grin.
“Thank you Taehyung...”
The man next to you nodded before he became silent again. Now he cocked his head. “Hey, why don’t I give you my number? In case you ever have any questions or need any advice?”
Your mouth popped open at the offer. “I-Is that okay? I don’t mind but I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble for giving your number out to fans.”
Taehyung waved dismissively. “Eh, it’s fine, you’re an exception. I trust you not to blow up my phone with creepy messages anyway.”
“I mean...” You laughed at the appalled sound he gave. “Kidding, kidding!”
The two of you exchanged numbers while you tried not to dance in place. How much more luck could you get? A ping sounded from Taehyung’s phone afterwards. “Oop, looks like your ride is about to turn down the street.”
He stood up and held his hand out to help you up before walking down the steps and walkway with you. The both of you stood side by side near the road, looking down the quiet street to keep an eye out for a specific car. Headlights popped up soon and made their way down towards the house. Looks like the night is over.
At the soft call, you turned and looked up to see Taehyung stepping closer before holding your shoulders with care. Tilting your head, you couldn’t help the way your heart beat a little faster at the proud smile he gave you. And then you felt yourself being pulled into a hug.
“You did great, gorgeous. Thank you for doing this with me.”
A thudding filled your ears as you wrapped your arms around his lean body as well, giving him a careful squeeze.
“Thank you Tae...really, you helped me out more than you thought.”
A pleased hum sounded from him. “It was my pleasure, Y/N. Get home safe, okay?”
“Will do. Enjoy your weekend, Taehyung.”
The two of you parted (reluctantly, for you) in time for the car to roll up in front, the driver waiting patiently. But then Taehyung had to sneak in a kiss to your cheek before shooing you off cutely. How were you supposed to leave quietly after that?!
You forced yourself to give him a pout and a light punch to the arm before entering your ride, greeting the driver as you rolled the window down and waved goodbye to Taehyung. Much to your gratitude, they weren’t much of a talker, allowing you to process everything that happened.
You still couldn’t believe that you had sex with your favorite camboy on a live stream. After only knowing him for two days. In front of thousands of strangers. And you used your real name and showed your face while you spewed and performed all kinds of smut that would give a priest a heart attack.
Would you do it again?
Your lips curled.
Tumblr media
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girl8890 · 9 months ago
Penpals | Chapter 6
Idol!Kim Tae-hyung / V x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: You weren’t big on social media. Hell, you didn’t even care much for trends. So when you get a notification one day on instagram from a person claiming to be a global sensation, you can’t believe it. Months later, you still can’t believe your penpals with BTS’s good boy - Kim Taehyung himself.
Warnings: MAJORLY Clueless Reader, Suggestive themes, Reader is horny, Some dirty talk but not that suggestive, K-pop stigmas.
!Discretion!: The views said in this chapter are not necessarily my own. Some things talked/described in this chapter are only to make this book better, and to make a deeper connection with their relationship. Nothing in this book is created to hurt/upset anyone. It just fits in the story and I kept them in. If you don’t agree, or are apart of this opinion, just know nothing in this story is in it to offend you in anyway.
Notes: The events that are in this story can definitely happen in real life, BUT this is just a fanfiction and I don’t think these events will actually happen/are occurring. 
BTS ML | Index | CH 7
*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
"Do you know BTS?"
As soon as your question hits V's ears, his smile falls. You don't see anything wrong with your question, but maybe it was a stupid question to ask. Everyone has heard of BTS before. There may not be many people like you. Who only listen to a few of their songs but doesn't affiliate yourself with them at all, but you just continued talking to V like his reaction didn't make you think any less.
"Of course you have! Who hasn't, right? Well-" You clap your hands together for emphasis. "-Mara and Ky are obsessed with them. I'm talking that they will talk about them all the time and giggle like teenage girls over them."
V blinks a few times, then nods his head curtly.
"Yeah... I hear you."
"Right! To me, to be honest, I’m not as in love with them as everyone else in the world-"
"You don't like them?"
V cuts you off, and you don't miss the worry in his eyes. Maybe he's a big fan, and you just insulted his favorite band?
"No, no, I do. I have a few songs of theirs on my playlist, actually. It's just... I told you how I'm not big on trends, right?"
You watch V laugh, and this brings back a smile on your face. Watching him lighten up from the weird mood change from him before.
"I do. Even to the point, you didn't know who Justin Bieber was until you turned 15, but you lived in America?"
"Oh my God, stopppp!" You cover your eyes with your sweater paws but show them again when you continue talking. You sit up straight in your spot on the bed, then adjust your phone on their pillow so V can still see you. You feel a rant coming on...
"It's just- the media puts all these stars and celebrities on a pedestal. Like they need to be perfect 24/7 when they're just human beings. I rather just listen to music if I like it, or watch a movie if I like it, and that's it. Not obsess over someone I'll probably never meet, you know? And then don't even get me started on the K-pop community. It's like they forget who's making them money sometimes. It's sad... so instead of getting into trends and going out to snatch every magazine with a certain person's face on it. I rather just enjoy the parts that actually make celebrities special, you know?"
After you're ranting about how the media sucks, you look back to see V is totally speechless. He has one of his fingers above his lip, and you see the corner of his mouth is pointed up into a smile. You bite your lip out of self-consciousness. You didn't understand why, but V was admiring you for reasons you were scared to ask about.
"You're literally perfect, Y/n."
You're dumbstruck by his words. Your heart beat so hard in your chest, you feel like it's going to knock out a rib. Your smile stretches farther than you ever thought possible. The simplest of complements meant the world to you. But it wasn't just a simple compliment coming from him. You can see in his eyes that he really meant it. That he wasn't just saying you were perfect to please you or to try getting into your pants, but because you really made him think you were perfect.
"Thank you. You're pretty special too, V."
A moment passes, and you're both just staring into each other's eyes. Neither of you look away from the other. It's like you're both entrapped with each other. Like at this moment, you realize you both were always meant to meet. Like V's DM from over a month ago was just the start of what your journey together. But in this moment... it's the start of something much more. And you both feel it.
Eventually, V is the one to clear the long silence by clearing his throat. You see his lips twitch into a smile and then watch him struggle with becoming serious, again.
"So... are you ARMY, or do you just like ranting about K-pop justice?"
You start laughing, and it feels like one of the best laughs you ever gave. You clutch onto your stomach and don't care how it looks to V. Because to V, it's the best view, and honestly this subject change is making you giggle up a storm. 
"ARMY? I don't know about that. The whole bias thing and who's hotter than who thing for BTS is so weird to me. The ARMY thing is kinda cute, I guess. But oh my God, it's soooo annoying when Mara and Ky get into their bias rants."
"Bias rants? Well, now I definitely need to hear about this."
You keep watching V try not to laugh, trying to keep a serious face he always has unless you find a way to make him laugh. It's weird how you only Face-Timed him twice now, but you picked up on how he behaves and when certain things are meant as jokes or not by him.
"Yes! It's so crazy. Ky may have a boyfriend and is very much asexual, but she's even admitted giving Su- what was it - Suga! Suga a pass. To Ky, that’s a big deal. And Mara, forget about it."
"I can only imagine who her bias is. Is she one of those types of fans that go all over social media about him?"
"She is! Constantly talking and reposting stuff about the guy. Like, we get it he's born the same month as you, now shh. I'll never forget his name. She talks about him nonstop. I don't even know the rest of the BTS members' names totally by heart, but Mara knows every little thing about a guy she's never met."
V raises his eyebrow at you, and you're nodding your head in understanding. Mara is crazy for BTS. You think if Mara ever met BTS in person, especially one of them in particular, she would faint.
"Not going to lie, I kinda want to know who it is."
You're more surprised by V's reaction than the concept of Mara being in love with someone she doesn't know. It's like you just told V Mara was in love with Santa Claus or something crazy like that.
"Ugh - yeah," You try to laugh off the awkwardness that was created within you.
"Sorry, y/n. That's just crazy to me. Jungkook is completely different from Mara - or at least from what I've heard from you."
"Oh, are you a fan, Mr. V?"
His smile widens by the unique nickname.
"Yeah, you can say that... well, what about you?"
"What about me?" You tilt your head to the side in curiosity.
"Who would you say your bias is? ~~~"
You think you heard V mumble something after, but all you heard was "hope" and "me."
"What was that last part?"
"Hmm? Nothing."
He looks numb for a second, but then you watch him bite his upper lip, and it's a weird sight to see. It's like he's nervous to hear your answer or doesn't know what your response will entail.
"Well, to be completely honest, I don't have one. I guess that goes with not even really knowing what they look like... but~" You mumble the last part, and unlike you, V hears what you said.
"But, what?"
"There's this one song. Every time I listen to it, I just... I feel like I know exactly how the one person singing feels. Like he's singing more than just the lyrics, but the meaning follows right out of him. I don't know."
You shake your head and look down between your crossed legs. You don't look back at your phone, but you feel V's eyes looking right at you. Like he's trying to figure out either who you're talking about, or what song, or both!
"What song?"
You look back at your phone when V speaks. You grab your phone and search for the song deep in your playlist that you haven't updated in a while. When you finally find it, you send the link to V.
"I just sent it to you."
You open back to V, and your screen is now showing the gray 'paused' screen, which means V is looking at the text you just sent him.
"Crystal Snow? That's definitely a throwback." You hear V chuckle on the other side of the phone. "Well, now on to my next question... which voice were you saying was so dreamy."
You giggle at him, trying to tease you.
"I wasn't saying it was dreamy, even though it kinda is. I just give credit when credit is due."
He nods in understanding, then you see him stand up from bed. You furrow your brows in confusion because you don't understand what he's doing. You hear some shuffling and then notice a light was turned on. You see a couple racks of clothing - and it was a lot of clothing - and realize it's a closet.
"What you doing?"
"I- am trying to find... Found it!"
You lean yourself closer to the camera, like that will somehow make it easier to see what V has just found. When he gets back into his room, he shows the thing he was looking for. It was a bright blue speaker. He plugs it in next to his wall, then the screen goes back to the 'pause' screen for a couple seconds. When V's face returns, he looks determined to find out who this 'dreamy' voice is.
You hear the beginning of the song start to play, but before anyone starts singing, V asks you, "Just let me know when you hear his voice."
You nod your head and listen to the song while waiting for the part that always makes your breath catch in your throat. Like you can suddenly feel every emotion the singer is singing about. You listen and listen, then...
"The world moves faster than I thought~"
"Him!" You practically shout into the phone. V gasps, but you pay it no mind. Too entranced by the song because of the one singer.
"Even if I want to touch it, it slips through my fingers~"
"Someday, Someday~"
"And there too! Whoever sings those parts is the person I was talking about. It's just so... I don't have words."
While the rest of the song continues, you look back to V for the first time since the music started. He quickly changes his expression, that you were missing since your mind was concentrating on the singer, back to blank.
"Yeah... I guess he is."
You blow air out of your mouth and look at him like he's crazy. It's not, I guess. It's an absolute yes!
"Oh please... you're just jealous that I like whoever’s singing more than you~"
You sing-song the last half of your sentence, and V's screen either freezes or he's keeping the face of ‘Excuse me?' But just when you were about to say you were only kidding, he starts bursting out laughing. His laughter was so unexpected and so loud that you jumped in your spot.
You watch V laugh uncontrollably and even see tears form in his eyes because of it. You even start to giggle yourself because his laughter and smile are so contagious.
"What's so funny? You know it's not very nice to have an inside joke about the person you're right in front of?"
V wipes his eyes and tries to calm down as best he can. He ends up getting calm enough to say in between leftover laughs, "I'm sorry, Y/n. Y-your just so cute."
You gasp at the compliment and are stunned in your seat. You have to learn to calm your heart down every time V compliments you. It was different when he said this stuff over text, but the thing's like perfect, and cute, being said by a guy like him... with a voice like his... it hits you differently.
"Aww - she's blushing now."
You unconsciously touch your face then huff in annoyance at V's teases.
"Oh, hush! You try getting unexpected compliments from a hot guy-" And you're instantly redder.
"Oh really now? Angel... do you think I'm hotttt?"
"No, no, I-"
"You think I'm cuteeee?"
"Ughhhh, stop!"
You wrap yourself in a blanket so now only your eyes and the top of your nose can be seen. You can't believe how smoothly calling V hot came from your mouth. It was like your mouth had a mind of it’s own and just said the first thing it thought of. Even though V is taking the confession lightly, and as a way to tease you, you don't miss the dramatic mood change from before. Like they no longer wanted to talk about BTS anymore. But before you could overthink about it, V decides to tease you further.
"You think I'm hot! I think I could die right now and feel complete."
You peak more of your face out of the blanket.
"What do you mean?"
V's face instantly drops. Like he just realized his own confession changed your own mood... and it did. 
You unwrap yourself from the blanket and crawl to the phone. You don't miss how V gulps as you crawl to the phone on the bed, slowly. You lay down with your stomach on the bed and lean your chin on your hands. You push out your breasts with your arms, and you see glance down at them. He gulps again, and you see a slight blush embed itself on his cheeks. 
Looking at V now, all flustered and nervous, is making you want to go back to the type of conversation you were having before in the bathroom. When you were rubbing your thighs together, and looking at the guy that’s contently making you hot a bothered just by thinking about him. 
"You got something to say, V?" You say suggestively.
You raise your eyebrow, and it's your turn to tease the jokester on the other side of the phone call.
"Because I have a lot to show you. If, you're up for it?'
He scratches the back of his head and looks away from the screen. Like he's nervous over admitting his own feelings or something. This kinda confuses you since V seems like such a confident person. He was just teasing you about your feelings, but now that the spotlight is on him, it's weird for him now. You want the mood to go back to where it was before you were interrupted, but now his attitude has changed, and he's acting antsy.
"Um... Y/n do you remember how before - w-when you were in the bathroom on FaceTime with you - I was going to tell you something?"
You suddenly feel antsy, too, like V's about to admit a big secret, and it's eating at him that he's not just able to simply tell you. The sudden conversation change is weird, but you pay it no mind because you want to see where this is heading.
"Yeah, I do. Then Mara interrupted us. Sorry about that again."
"It's okay. It's just... I really like you, and I know it's just teasing, but I do find you incredibly fucking sexy."
You feel you're blush come on, and want to grind against the bed on how he said his last two words. Wanting some friction for your sex deprived body. He said it like it was close to moan, and your ears catch every syllable that left his mouth. But you ignore your feelings for now, since V is acting very serious in this moment. You stay quiet and wait for V to gain the courage to continue.
"Maybe you don't realize, or didn't understand fully, what I meant when I said I haven't talked to a girl like you, in this way, in a very long time."
You realize right away that's he's referencing your very first conversation with each other. When you were both just getting to know each other and wanting to find out everything about the other person. Your lip twitches upwards at the memory. It's like that happened years ago when it was only a little over a month ago in reality.
"I remember," You reply back simply.
"Yeah, well, I also haven't done this in a while."
He gestures around, and it's clear you still don't get it.
"I haven't flirted, kissed, or even fucking - fucked anyone… since I was seventeen."
CH 7
Ending Notes: Did any of y’all think he was going to confess who he was? Yeah… no. Not yet LMAO. This is a slow burn, everyone. A slowwww burn. Don’t you worry, it will come. And boy, oh boy, you won’t be expecting how it comes XD
Also, the lyrics were translated into English. I found them translated from the same video I linked when the song was first mentioned☝️I only translated it to English completely because I couldn’t figure out how to translate the lyrics from Japanese to English and still make it tangible to read. Just know it’s Taehyung’s parts… if you haven’t gotten that by his reaction.
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