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#min yoongi x reader
hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
Maybe I’m a little Dangerous (Maybe Love is Too)
(MafiaBoss! Yoongi x Reader)(Soulmate Au)
Summary: Rare soulmate marks don't guarantee that you find your soulmate easily, and when your soulmate is the head of a mafia, being together will never be easy either...
Tags: Torture, Gore, Mafia! Yoongi, killer! Yoongi hurt/comfort, fluff, insecure! reader, self-hate, soulmate AU, fluff, coffee shop au! happy ending, 
Wordcount: 4.3k
Authors note: god this took me way too long to write, and I have a feeling that people will like this one less as well because its so long D: but I didn't want to sit on this for any longer! hope you like it!
Tumblr media
People have soulmate tattoo’s for different reasons
Some have flowers that bloom according to their other halves emotions
 Some have abstract maps or their soul mates favorite things (like piano keys or artists splashes of color.
Some soulmarks change and others don’t, some get colored when the other person starts to love you or get larger the closer you get to your soulmate.
There are rare types of soulmate marks though.
You don’t have your mark yet, and you wonder if you’ll have flowers or maybe moon phases on your legs like some other people do.
You’re so excited- but then you get yours…
You wake up one morning and raise your hands to brush the sleep out of your eyes to find your hands black and pattered with crisscrossing geometric lines and harsh diamonds of black over your knuckles.
 Every inch of your hands from your wrists onwards is patterned in harsh black lines almost like a pair of gloves.
And it never changes. Never gets an ounce of color. Never shifts to a different pattern.
And so you go to forums to try and figure out what your soulmate mark means because you’ve never met anyone with a mark like yours. 
And that’s when you learn that there is a very rare type of soulmark, usually only one color, where one half gets a mark on their body in the location that the others hates the most on their own body.
So from what you gather- your soulmate hates their hands.
And your heart sinks because you will never be able to explain it to them when you meet them.
Because you hate every inch of yourself.
You always thought that The world turns on- people have their worst days and their best day’s and all of that energy rarely goes everywhere
So what does it matter if you can’t stand to look in the mirror for more than a few seconds?
What does it matter if eyes on your bare body makes you feel like snakes are crawling under your skin?
You’ve never loved your body- it’s kind of been a wordless hatred. It doesn’t affect you or your relationships, or at least you try not to let it.
You always thought that It didn’t matter if you hated yourself.
 But now it means that someone out there has a mark covering their entire body.
Your life goes on. You go to college and forget the self-hate that you’ve inflicted on someone else.
But It’s hard to date when every time you look at your hands you’re reminded of it.
One of your friends convinces you to go to a bar on the other side of town.
 But the new bar has garnered a lot of attention Even if there are rumors that it’s connected to a local gang.
And while you’re leaned up against the bar a man buys you a drink- and you’re surprised- because guys that attractive don’t usually hit on you.
Eventually after a few drinks and more than a few jokes the smiley man asks you about your soulmate mark. “That’s kind of a rare tattoo for a girl like you to have, why did you get it?”
You hover your hands in front of his face and consider your hands and in a brief moment of honesty, you confess that it’s not a tattoo but a soulmate mark.
He asks you a bunch of questions before you ask him why he’s so curious. And he just grins- “to be honest I thought it could be a gang mark- but I thought I knew most of their symbols by now.”
And to be honest you were sure that the smiley man who’s charmed the fuck out of you couldn’t be a gangster.
But the black tattoo on his arm of a snake certainly tells you he is - when he pulls up his sleeve to show you.
It’s in red ink, however- and when you ask him about the strange color he just laughs, and says that those in the inner circle have a different color than black and that the boss has a different color altogether.
Curious you ask him whom his boss is, and he just leans in and whispers a name that you’ll not soon forget.  A name that gives you shivers.
“Scarless- though it’s a bit of a sarcastic joke when it comes to him.”
“Because he has scars all over his body,” he says laughing.
 Part of you doesn’t believe that- how could someone have scars all over their body?
You exchange numbers with the man- who introduces himself as Jung Hoseok when you ask. He tells you that if you ever want to come to the club without paying the exorbitant entrance fee just to call him. And that he’s there most nights on business anyway.
 When you leave your friend chastises you for not going home with the oddly smiley gangster.
“I’m not into gangsters- but he was pretty nice for one.”
Meanwhile, at the back of the club, Hoseok makes a phone call. Yoongi answers, waking up in his bed- though to be honest he couldn’t sleep.
 He can never sleep when someone is in his bed and the girl he brought home from the bar hours ago didn’t take his many hints that he wanted her to leave.  
“This better be important Hoseok,” he says, grumpy, because all he wants to do is sleep but being the boss means always being on call, and honestly Yoongi’s such a control freak that it suits him. 
 “it is boss- I just came from Omela’s”
Omela’s was the base for half of the gang’s illicit activity, but it’s managed to gain enough attention to actually start to make them money.
“Spit it out” Yoongi isn’t in a good mood but it changes entirely with Hoseok’s next sentence.
“I just met a girl there- and she had tattooed hands Yoongi- I asked her about them and she said they’ve never changed.” Yoongi’s grip tightens on the phone.  The woman in his bed whose name he can’t remember grumbles at him from being so loud but he ignores her.
 Because Hoseok is the only one who knows about the origin of his scars- his soulmate mark and knows that he hates his hands.
And that means that Hoseok just met Yoongi’s soulmate.
“Is she still there?” he’ll leave right now and go downtown if it means finding you. Finally.
“No.” “Fuck you Hoseok, you know I-“
 “Relax I got her number for you.” Yoongi teeters on the edge of telling Hoseok to fuck off and thanking him, finally sighing into the phone as he gets up from the bed and walks to the bathroom where there are floor to ceiling mirrors.
 “Are you ok hyung?” Hoseok asks, when Yoongi’s been silent- looking at himself in the mirror while he thinks about what he wants Hoseok to do. “Send me her number.” He says finally, hanging up before Hoseok can reply. 
 He looks at himself in the mirror again- he had always felt thankful that his soulmark didn’t go all the way to his face. 
 The white geometric lines and softer curves cover every other inch of him sometimes intersecting with shapes and animals, there is a curling white snake on his forearm (which he had made his gangs insignia), a sword jutting from a thigh, and white peonies crest his shoulders in a mess of jagged lines. Everything besides his face and his hands are covered with the marks.
Initially, when he had first gotten his soulmark he had hated his soulmate- what kind of person hates themselves that much? But pretty soon the white lines gave him a reputation.
 Most people thought his soulmate mark was self-inflicted or that someone had tortured with him.
 Either way, it helped stabilize his reputation for being ruthless and brutal. because if he had done that to himself then he was crazy, and if he survived torture like that then he was stronger then all of them. 
And the rumors where not wrong- He’s killed more than a dozen people just to get him through last year- let alone the body count he’s racked up to get him to the throne he now sits on. 
He’s The kingpin of a very large organization that mostly traffics drugs and sometimes specializes in stealing secrets from pharmaceutical companies.
He’s ruined more lives then he could count, and before he got his soulmark he couldn’t even stand to look at his hands- the tools of his destruction.
Yoongi decides to track your phone for a few days to get a better idea of your schedule.
It looks like you’re a student, you spend most of your time at the library, stop by every morning at the coffee shop down the street from your apartment with occasional late nights spent at other peoples houses.
At first, he tries to stay away from you, but he finds himself checking in on your location periodically.
And one day he realizes that you’re in the library studying right down the street from him, so he walks there, hides behind a bookshelf while he watches you study. Your tattooed hands curling around your coffee mug.
And he’s surprised because you’re beautiful- as visually stunning and as haunting as the tattoo that covers his body.
How can someone that looks like you hate their body so much?
After that he tries to reason with himself, telling himself that someone who looks so innocent and pure like you do doesn’t need someone like him in their life. But try as he might he can’t get you out of his head.
He hates how much of a stalker it makes him feel but he goes to the same coffee shop in the morning to see you, but not before making sure that every inch of him is covered in a black suit.
And he’s not paying attention to where he’s going- peering into the windows a little to see if you’ve taken your usual window seat.
And he crashes right into you making your bag spill open into the inside of the café. He apologizes and helps you gather your things and offering to pay for your spilled drink.
You're flustered- but there is something magnetic about the businessman who seems more preoccupied with your stained notes then how you spilled your shitty coffee on his expensive suit jacket.
Just your luck that you embarrass yourself in front of someone so cute.  
The two of you end up sitting by the window. You know you must look like quite a pair, the businessman and the college student. But try as you might you can’t help but lean into every word he says.
You blush when he smiles at you, his charming grin wreaking havoc on your unsteady heart.
Eventually, you part way’s and Yoongi can’t help but curse to himself because his heart is pounding and his mind is a million miles away when he goes to talk some sense into one of his middlemen who’s gotten a little too liberal with the amount they charge the gange for use of the docks. 
And even as he punches the man until his jaw breaks he can’t get the image of your smile out of his head.
What kind of fucked up person is he if that’s what he’s thinking about when he’s beating a man half to death?
You run into him again and again at the coffee shop, you jokingly ask him what keeps him coming back- because certainly this is the cheapest coffee on the block and his suits are always expensive and tailored.
“Maybe the coffee isn’t why I come back.” He winks at you making you go bright red.
Yoongi is honestly such a prince to you- always taking your bag and helping you take off your coat. He talks with such a quiet sureness- treating you with a gentleness that you’ve never gotten from anybody.
And maybe some small part of you doesn’t like being treated like a china doll but it’s nice to be taken care of for once. Even if its just for a half an hour once or twice a week.
Then one weekend- your friend convinces you to go back to Omela’s
 And you’ve just gotten there when you spot a familiar man sitting in a booth looking more tired then you’ve ever seen him, his usual suit has been discarded for a black button-down and ripped black jeans that make him look younger. 
But Yoongi doesn’t see you yet- and his usual black shirt is pushed up on his elbows, and you notice something strange when he lifts up a glass of whiskey to his lips.
 And that’s when your eyes trace over his arms, you almost gasp because there are lines covering his arms- they are pure white- and barely stand out against his skin, they don’t extend to his hands and it can’t be.
The quiet businessman a few years older then you can’t be your soulmate. But before you can walk over to him and confront him about it a group of men joins him in the both. though you recognize one of them as Hoseok. 
You maneuver carefully, leaning up against the wall beside them- directly behind Hoseok. You can barely hear them but you can still kind of see into the booth- in the tangle of people you aren’t noticed.  
Yoongi finishes his whiskey before anyone speaks.
“You better have good news for us smalls, or else we’re going to have problems,” Hoseok says, making a gesture that you can’t see. His voice is darker, or deeper, then the last time you saw him. All joking air is gone.
“The shipment won't come through for another 3 weeks-“
“That’s hardly good news.  I thought you were trying to impress us not piss us off” you strain to hear the conversation over the pulse of the clubs music.
“But I might be able to make it go quicker…with a little encouragement.” “Now that’s just bull-“ Hoseok cuts himself off as Yoongi raises a hand. Silencing him. 
“Who are you working for besides us? Because I think that the only reason why you would want to slow our business is to benefit your own operation and we both know you don’t have the people for that.”
“I’m not working for anyone” Yoongi makes a tut-tut sound that sends chills up your spine.
“You know how angry liars make me, I never let liars leave a meeting with me alive.” this is a different Yoongi then the quiet man you’ve come to look forward to seeing. He’s emotionless, almost colder than the white lines that cross his skin. before you can blink Smalls pulls out a knife pressing it to Yoongi’s cheek.  Hoseok tries to stop it but Yoongi holds out a hand for him to stop again.
“You better be careful- you wouldn’t want someone to mark up your little pretty face too now would you- I’m leaving this club alive.” before you can blink the knife is out of his hand and is embedded in the man's hand, pinning it to the table. The other man lunges, taking smalls around the mouth- muffling his scream that is further drowned out by the music.
“You honestly think I care about scars?” Yoongi says, his hand still on the knife as he twists it once. you flinch.
Hoseok moves to let Yoongi leave the booth you press further into the alcove, and you see from your angle that Hoseok is pulling out the knife and grabbing the man.
“Take him out back and remind him what will happen if he tries to cross me again.”
“You’ll pay for that” the man spits when Hoseok’s hand slips.  Yoongi just grins and say’s “I always do”
 “Fuck you scarless” You inhale a sharp breath and Yoongi’s face snaps up to meet yours. Cringing when he sees that it’s you. But you’re not looking at his face.
You’re looking at the blood on the table and the blood on your soulmate hands. You’re running towards the exit as quickly as you can. But Yoongi still catches up to you grabbing your arm and steering you down an abandoned hallway.
“Y/n wait.”
“Let go of me” he obliges, letting you go like you’re stinging him.
“You didn’t tell me.” You say sourly. “Why didn’t you just tell me? what you did to that man back there...” you trail off- Yoongi is too close to you, one arm blocking you from leaving the hallway. 
he sighs looking down at you before he lifts a hand to tuck a lock of your hair behind your cheek. “I didn’t want you to look at me like you are now- that’s why.” You ignore the way that it felt so right to have his skin up against yours. Ignoring how your body is leaning closer to him wanting to touch him.
“Why did you do that to that man back there.”
“He would have continued to abuse my good faith if I let him. Please let me take you somewhere quieter to talk.”
“No- I don’t think I want to go anywhere with you.”
“You’re my soulmate- come on, I have your marks on my body and you have mine on yours.” He reaches for your hands.  But you evade him, pulling them back.
 “No- you can’t be, I can’t have someone like you as my soulmate.” You say quietly, trying not to make your words feel venomous, but if they hurt Yoongi he doesn’t show it. Instead smoothing his face into a look of cool disinterest as he steps aside to let you pass down the narrow hallway,
That night he punches the walls of his bathroom until the mirrors are shattered around him because he can’t stand to see his soulmate mark anymore.
He runs into you again though- no matter how much he wants to let you be.
You’re being harassed at a bus stop. When he sidles in, telling the guy to scram from where he’d tried to grab you- making your bag spill. Yoongi just sighs before helping you pick up.
“Thank you.” you quietly admit as he hands you a notebook. your hands shake- and though you put up a brave front he knows that the encounter has you shaken. 
“Let me walk you home,” he says, reminding you that its dangerous on the streets at night. but he fails to mention that he’s the type of person you should watch out for.  
but you let him walk with you, eventually even letting him take your bag.  you fall into quiet conversation, skirting around what he really wants to know. 
“I’ll tell you why I hate my hands if you tell me why you hate your body.”
“No way, I’m not into this whole you show me mine if you show me yours thing, no sir” he smirks, shaking his head in your direction.
“Come on, humor me- I deserve to know why I have marks all over my body.” You sigh, admitting internally he does have a point.
“Tell me why you hate your hands?”
“I’ve killed people before, I’ve watched my hands do things that I’d rather not have done.”
 “Do you regret it?”
“No” he says-though his eyes tell a different story, “I did what I needed to do to survive” he closes his hands around empty air, “but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel guilty.”
“Emotionless Yoongi? Guilty? The world would stop cowering if they only knew” Yoongi rolls his eyes at your sarcasm. “Why do you hate your body then? Out with it.”
“Just because it’s my body never seemed like a good enough reason to love it.” and he knows that you’re lying but he lets it slide- lets conversation shift somewhere else.
Suddenly you’re back at your house and against your better judgment you invite him in for a drink.
You let him kiss you against the counter after a few and you’re not surprised when it’s an electric connection between the two of your lips casting sparks onto your skin.
You guy’s start to date- kind of, you let him sit with you in the mornings and have a cup of coffee with you as you just talk.
which leads to him inviting you over for dinner. but you quickly discover that you both fail at cooking.
But its fun to try with him a lot of the time- fun to try new things that both push your comfort zones.
 when he comes in one morning stressed out of his mind you make him have an at-home spa night to help him relax and he finds he loves it so much that he takes you on a couples date to a spa that’s very expensive.
 but he just says “I’ve got it, baby.” When he racks up a tab after seeing how much you love full body massages.
 And seeing you has quickly become the best part of his day
Until one day you don’t show up at your coffee place?
 And he goes to your apartment to look for you- bringing flowers as an excuse (somehow he’s never able to resist spoiling you rotten with flowers and little things that he see’s)
And he finds your door knocked down and a bloody handprint on the wall along with a note that says one sentence.
“Didn’t I tell you that we would get revenge?” and he pales- because no. You’re the sweetest part of his life. His soulmate and if he loses you then he doesn’t know what he’d do- how he’d ever get out of bed again or dream at all.
He calls the inner circle- mobilizes the whole gang to comb the entire city for you. Then he checks your phone's location and realizes that you’ve left your cell phone on. He follows the signal until it goes dead and then tracks it down to the bad part of town.
His gang comes in guns blazing wiping out every single one of the rival gang's members until he gets to the room you’re in.
 And he chokes when he sees you because you’re more than beat up- you’re broken.
You’ve got a black eye and cuts on your arms and bruised ribs from where someone kicked you.
 He reaches out too you and your eyes don’t focus on him- you just flinch back from the careful hands that are releasing you from your chains.  
And that’s when Yoongi realizes that the revenge wasn’t really to take you. The revenge was to turn you against him.
And his hands are so gentle when he takes you in his arms, takes you back to his apartment and puts you in the shower with him.
Your legs are still to week to hold yourself up so Yoongi just sits with you fully clothed under the warm water and lets you sob into his chest. Washing the blood on the two of you down the drain.
 Then he has his medic see too you- covering your small wounds with gauze and giving you ice for your ribs. And Yoongi wraps you up in his blankets.
It’s the first time you’ve spent the night.
But Yoongi finds himself sleeping peacefully for the first time in forever- for as long as he can remember.
 And when he wakes up in the morning he realizes that this is it. That he is never going to let you go. you're the only thing he wants. 
  he wakes to find you staring at him- your eyes finally focused and you see him for as he truly is. And he feels like he’s disarmed- his hands neutralized.
Neither of you realizes it- but your soulmate mark fades a little just then. Just a little bit.
“I never wanted this to happen to you.” Yoongi says. Little tears falling out from the side of his eyes. You reach up and brush his tears away.
 “I told you I didn’t want this for a reason.” you pull him closer to you. And he grips onto you so tenderly as you tuck your face into his sensitive neck. He presses kisses onto the top of your head and does his best to ease away the sting of every tear that drips down your face.
 Then he says the words that he’s been thinking since he found you in that warehouse.
“What if I wasn’t a gangster anymore? Would you want to be with me then? Even after what’s happened to you because of me?” it takes you a moment of thinking but eventually, you nod against him.
He’s got a bunch of money saved up- enough to keep the two of you sitting pretty for a long long time. Not to mention he’s got several patents on drugs that rake in several thousand dollars each day.
 It’s more than enough to disappear. He talks to Hoseok- telling him that it’s time for him to settle down- that all he wants is a quiet life with you where you’ll be safe.
Hoseok helps Yoongi fake his death- and the two of you quietly recede into the background as Hoseok takes over.
You and Yoongi buy a large cabin in the middle of a quiet town.
 You get a local job, and he buys some properties and becomes a real-estate agent. Which is a lot milder of a job than he used to have.
And you spend the quiet winter mourning’s cozied up on his lap in front of your wide stone fireplace.
You press kisses to the peonies on his shoulder that may never fade as he presses his lips softly to your dark grey knuckles.
 Sometimes he wakes up breathing heavy- his palms sticky with sweat as he remembers the blood that’s soaked his hands.
Sometimes you sneak furtive glances at your body in the bathroom mirror still unable to gaze into your own eyes for more than a few seconds.
Yoongi says. “You’ll always be beautiful to me.” As he watches you from the door. You just pull him closer and give him a kiss. Before pulling away and stating “I know” with a smile.
And you think that maybe you’ll never love every inch of yourself like Yoongi does.
 But you can damn well try loving every inch of him.
Years later you think that Maybe those marks on Yoongi’s skin really where scars because the two of you know
 All scars eventually fade...
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bang-tan-bitches · 3 years ago
Bang-tan-Bitches Masterlist
Tumblr media
UPDATED 2/19/2021 
Most Recent: Need - Part 3 (end) (Rapline x Reader)
All our stories are cross-posted on AO3
We only take requests while playing the drabble games. Any other requests will be deleted.
Writing Challenges
These are Writing challenges that we have hosted
Updated 6/27/2021
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ladyartemesia · 11 months ago
The Mark of Yun-Ki
Tumblr media
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Hybrid/ABO AU  • Royalty AU • Fantasy AU • Daechwita AU
Summary: For a thousand years the tiger god Yun-Ki has marked the heirs of the Min Empire and thus only a marked heir can inherit the throne. When the beautiful daughter of the Min Emperor’s loyal warlord rescues a mysterious tiger hybrid from the imperial prison, she unleashes a secret that the throne would kill to protect. The young emperor claims to be the chosen heir... but who really bears the Mark of Yun-Ki?
Word Count: 8600
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: ABO/Hybrid sexual dynamics and mating, claiming/marking/biting, explicit sexual content, impreg, a brief mention of slavery, rut/heat sex
Content Notes: All flashback scenes are in italics. In this universe, being a hybrid has a distinctly spiritual/mystical connotation. 
Tumblr media
Acknowledgements: This story was not easy to write, but... in spite of the (or perhaps because of it) I have never been prouder of anything I have ever written. It was definitely a new type of challenge and it took multiple people who are extremely special to me to bring it to life. 
To @ppersonna (Lindy) and @taetaewonderland​ (Donna) ... You are truly beautiful souls. You encouraged me relentlessly, let me bounce ideas off of you, and continue to be such wonderful friends. You filled in the gap every time i doubted myself. You never let me think less of myself. I adore you. Thank you so very much. Truly.
To @lemonjoonah (Lemon) and @xjoonchildx ...You saved this story. I grew frustrated with it so many times and you never ceased to provide brilliant insight into JUST what I needed to add or take away to really bring this world to life. You are lovely friends and the time you spent helping me build (and rebuild) this story have made it truly sparkle. Thank you for your care and fabulous friendship.
To @underthejoon (Fal) ... You were a clear voice of wisdom and support when I began to face some significant challenges both online and in the real world. Your insight and advice have given me a much needed perspective time and again. Thank you for listening when I needed you. Thank you for supporting me when I struggled to write. And - most of all - thank you for you friendship. 
To my Angels in the BTS SMUT HUB... So many of you gave me ideas about this story and encouraged me to keep writing. When I really struggled, you sent me countless messages of support and love. You are truly my people and my heart is so full of affection for you. 
Tumblr media
“Why is he blindfolded?”
The guard beside you shifted uncomfortably. 
“The Emperor ordered that his eyes be covered at all times.”
Your gaze traveled covertly over your surroundings, assessing the dimly lit chamber with practiced disdain. 
“Leave us.” 
“My lady, I cannot-”
“Do you know who I am, soldier?”
Your voice slashed through the air like an icy whip. 
“Y-yes, my la-”
“Then you know it is unwise to displease my family.” One jeweled hand came to rest dramatically on your chest. “Your daughter is not yet fifteen would be such a pity to orphan one so young.”
The soldier bowed almost too quickly. 
“I will be outside, my lady-” he bowed again and again as he backed toward the door, “I meant no disrespect-”
It slammed shut. 
Then you were alone… save for the notorious prisoner bound and blindfolded in the cell before you. 
He was clearly aware of your presence, but made no move or sound of acknowledgement, not even when your footsteps brought you to the very edge of his enclosure. 
“Prisoner AG-D2... name unknown... crime unknown...” your hand travelled up to your hair to withdraw a long silver pin, “no date of birth, no date of arrest...”
The prisoner jerked suddenly when the sound of your pin tripping the cell’s iron lock reached his unnaturally sensitive ears. 
His nostrils flared as an almost familiar scent - buried beneath a decade of fury and fear - curled through him. 
“Who are you?” he demanded.
The words were more of a growl than a question, but the only answer he received was the sound of his cell door creaking open. 
“Why are you here?” he tried again. 
Lonely silence greeted his query and he wondered idly if you meant to intimidate him. 
It will take more than that, pet. 
“I am here to tell you a story...”
The prisoner barked out an empty laugh at your strange reply.
“I love a good story,” he whispered bitterly. The corner of your mouth twitched a bit at his spirit. 
His clothes were worn, but well cared for and the body beneath them was sleek and strong. 
Wrists bound together, eyes covered… but still every inch the proud warrior. 
This was not a man accustomed to being bound. 
“You were not raised like the rest of our people... The tales of our customs and our gods were - deliberately - never taught to you...But it is past time that you knew of them.”
He grinned, granting you a wicked flash of razor sharp fangs.
“Are all the Emperor’s prisoners tortured with fairytales?”
“Charming,” you snorted, dragging a small stool from the corner of his cell. The prisoner’s ears flicked curiously at the sound.
“Aren’t you afraid of me, storyteller? What if I’ve been imprisoned for devouring beautiful women like yourself?”
You shook your head in amusement as you settled onto the stool.
“Have you devoured many beautiful women then?”
“Oh absolutely-” his grin took on a decidedly sinful slant, “but I doubt that’s why I’m here.”
Strange fluttering erupted in your chest at his words.
You resolutely ignored it. 
“Then why are you here?”
The prisoner was silent as he considered whether or not to be honest with you... In the end, it didn’t really matter one way or the other. 
“I don’t know,” he whispered, “I was told the Emperor himself gave the order... I was never told why.”
Your fingernails dug painfully into the palm of your hand, but you offered no other outward reaction to his words.
“And what do you know of the current Min Emperor?”
“Not much... Stories say he is young and handsome with the temper of a demon… And his people endure it because he is the favorite of an ancient god.”
Your jaw clenched.
“That is correct. Our citizens are privileged to serve and obey the Emperor because the great tiger god Yun-Ki has chosen the House of Min as his sacred bloodline. It is believed that the Mins are descended from Yun-Ki himself...”
“How ironic,” the prisoner scoffed, “considering that the Mins despise hybrids. They claim we are the unnatural children of the spirit realm and the earth. Surely they would be ashamed to be the product of such… blasphemy.”
Feminine laughter filled the air. 
It had been so long since the bound man had heard anything so beautiful. The ache it stirred in him was nearly as foreign as the sound itself. 
“Yes it does seem rather hypocritical... especially in light of the events which bring me here.”
Your scent was stronger now. It tugged at the edges of his mind in broken pictures and flashes of sunshine. He knew it...
But he could not recognize it. 
Nor could he explain the heat it began to stir in him. 
“Yun-Ki’s chosen heir bears his sacred mark … Every child of the emperor’s seed is checked for it the moment they are born. And no concubine or wife of the emperor is ever so exalted as the one who produces a marked heir... except of course, the mother of our current emperor.”
The prisoner leaned forward, fascinated in spite of the strange circumstances.
“The dowager empress is widely revered. I may not know your fairytales, but a hybrid’s ears are better than most. My guards speak of her often.”
You nodded.
“The dowager is indeed very highly regarded… though she is not the emperor’s true mother.”
“Madam…” he shook his head. “What nonsense is this? And how could it possibly affect me?”
You chuckled softly and the small hairs on the back of his arms rose up in response. 
“Patience, prisoner, the truth I offer you is worth more than both our lives.”
“The fine jewelry I hear clinking around your neck is worth more than my life, lady,” he hissed. “Speak your peace and spare me these cryptic declarations.”
It took every ounce of self-control you possessed not to flick him right in his arrogant nose. 
“As you wish,” you replied tightly (and with heavily affected sweetness). “The story begins with our current emperor’s father. The old emperor was a man of warfare and when his spies discovered that the Prince of neighboring PyonKang planned to invade our territory, he marched his armies in and occupied the small kingdom without mercy…” You paused here significantly. “He even took the Prince’s sister as his war prize.”
The prisoner snorted. 
“Did he know what she was?” He smiled coldly. “The royals of PyongKang do not share your nation’s distaste for hybrids or the pleasures of mating with one-”
There was a sharp spike in your scent when he spoke the words; a darker - richer essence than the one he detected earlier, but this time he had no trouble identifying it. 
Blood churned chaotically beneath his skin, rushing to answer your body’s unspoken request. His mind clouded suddenly and for a moment…
He could almost taste you. 
This is dangerous. 
The fabric of your gown rustled as you shifted uncomfortably in your seat - driven to relieve some of the unexpected pressure in your core. 
“He did not know. The lady bore no hybrid indicators. So the emperor assumed - quite incorrectly - that she was not a hybrid.” 
“I’ve heard of such things…” he sighed, sifting through his memory till he found what he was looking for. “A physician I met in Eastern Wei discovered that some hybrids manifest internally. They retain the outer shell of a human, but their inner parts reveal the truth.” His head tilted as he recalled the old doctor’s exact words. “The face of man could hide the heart of a snake.”
You drew your lip between your teeth and nibbled it nervously. 
“You are correct. Except, in the case of the emperor’s war prize concubine, the face of a beautiful woman hid the heart of a tiger.”
The man before you scrambled to his feet in a move so sudden and unexpected, you nearly cried out. 
“You mean to tell me that the current Min Emperor is a tiger hybrid? Surely I would have heard of it. The world would have heard of it.”
You drew a deep breath - almost as if to brace yourself for the words you planned to speak.
The prisoner’s eyes were covered, but he could still make out shapes and shadows through the rough cloth. Your shadow seemed unnaturally still. When you spoke again, your tone was softer and the sound of it resonated deep within him like the bells of the old temple near his childhood home. 
“The princess of PyongKang became pregnant and gave birth to twin boys. The younger was strong and pale - gifted with the strange golden hair so many of the Min bloodline seem to possess. But his elder brother...”
Your hands opened and closed reflexively in your lap as you worked to calm your pounding pulse. 
“... The elder brother’s hybrid heritage was quite evident.”
You moved then, advancing slowly and carefully until you stood before the prisoner face to face. Your scent swelled erotically with every step until it wrapped around him like a velvet vice. The urge to lean into it - into you - was nearly unbearable. 
“One of the twins bore the tiger god’s mark... but not the one who sits on the throne now.”
Your hand stretched slowly toward the edge of the prisoner’s blindfold. 
“The old emperor executed his hybrid concubine immediately, yet even he was not bold enough to kill Yun-Ki’s chosen heir...”
Your fingers hovered a hairsbreadth from his skin. Once you touched him, everything would change. The truth you chased for eleven years would be within your grasp. 
“He sent the child to a poor family of fox hybrids who worked and lived on the estate of his most loyal warlord. The boy was never to know what he was… who he was...”
You could almost feel the moment he grasped the implication of your words. The subtle bond that always hummed strangely between you remained strong despite the years of separation. 
“The warlord had a daughter who loved to ride her horse near the lake.” Your voice trembled ever so slightly as you continued. “One day the horse was startled by a snake and it threw her into the water...”
A single tear wet his blindfold as the alluring tendrils of your scent merged chaotically with the treasured echoes in his mind. 
“Tiger hybrids hate the water,” you whispered, gently drawing the cloth up over his head, “but you dove in to save me anyways.”
Your lungs and throat burned from coughing out the water you swallowed, yet the pain was far preferable to the finality of drowning. The heavy fabric of your gown weighed you down as soon as your body crashed into the lake. 
Death reached for you, but the strange boy cradling you tightly to his chest had pulled you back before you were lost to its embrace.
“Little one, can you hear me?”
His eyes scanned frantically over your small drenched form for signs of serious injury, but you were completely distracted from your almost untimely end by the two feline ears twitching conspicuously amid the boy’s sodden curls. 
“You’re… You’re a cat!”
The boy’s jaw dropped open indignantly. 
“I’m a tiger hybrid! Not a cat.” He shook his head irritably. “Have you never seen a hybrid before?”
“I’ve only heard of hybrids. I’ve never really seen one-”
Your fingers itched to touch the soft fur of his ears and you stretched forward almost absently to do so till he lashed out and snatched your wandering hand. 
“What are you doing?!” 
“Oh… I was going you?” you murmured sheepishly, prompting an irritable growl from the boy. 
“Little One, you do not pet tigers.”
He stood to his feet abruptly, dumping you into a soggy heap in the process. It took considerable effort for you to pull yourself upright while wearing four layers of thoroughly soaked cloth, but you eventually managed to regain your bearings and scramble after him. 
“Wait! Come back please I EEP-” 
The water dripping off your dress made the grass rather slippery… Both legs flew out from under you and, for the second time in less than a minute, you found yourself flat on your back. 
After a few moments of gazing miserably into the sky, a familiar face hovered over yours. 
“What a strange girl you are, Little One.”
You grinned.
“What is your name, tiger?”
He sighed deeply and held his hand out to pull you up. 
“I’m Yoongi.”
“Hello, Yoongi.” You tried to manage a proper bow, but only ended up losing your balance again. Yoongi grabbed your sleeve just in time to prevent you from crashing face first at his feet. 
“You’re completely hopeless,” he chuckled, endeared in spite of himself. 
Then you smiled. 
It was a fierce, blinding thing and Yoongi became aware of a subtle yet profound shift deep within the recess of his soul; something his primal half recognized immediately, but his human mind could not begin to comprehend. 
“No one’s ever said that to me before, even though I know they all think it.”
“And why is that?”
You shrugged. 
“They are probably afraid of my father.”
Yoongi’s eyebrows raised in alarm. 
“You’re the warlord’s daughter?!”
“Yes,” you replied with all the haughtiness a ten-year old could muster, “and I’m quite used to getting what I want.”
Yoongi felt a grin tug at the corner of his mouth. You were such an adorable little brat. 
“And what is it you’re wanting now, Little One?”
You nibbled your lip for a moment, suddenly shy before the handsome hybrid boy whose beautiful feline eyes danced with unconcealed mirth. 
“I want you to be my friend.”
Thirteen years later, those same golden eyes locked with yours as a strangled sob bubbled up from the back of his throat. 
“Little One?” his face lit suddenly with pure joy “ it you?”
You surged toward him then, unable to hold back another moment. The impact sent you both crashing against the wall and down to the floor in a sobbing heap. 
Tears poured over the front of your dress from where his head was buried into your shoulder. 
“How did you find me?”
“I told you I would,” you laughed as you fumbled with the ropes around his hands.
“You were a twelve-year old girl. Forgive me if I wasn’t overflowing with confidence.”
“Your mistake.”
Yoongi grinned. 
“Still a brat I see.”
“Always,” you grunted, finally tugging his hands free.  
He wasted no time gathering you in his arms and you melted happily into him, letting his deep purr rumble up against your cheek as it had when he held you all those years ago. 
Suddenly he drew back, wrapping his hands around your shoulders to steady you in the wake of his withdrawal. 
“Why would you tell me such a preposterous lie before revealing yourself? You shouldn't even speak such things aloud. I have no idea why I’m here - let alone how you got to me but-”
Your finger pressed against his lips to silence him. 
“It may be preposterous, but the story I’ve told you is no lie,” you whispered, “and there is more - though it will not be easy to hear.”
Yoongi’s gaze wandered over your face again, drinking in every feature. You were such an awkward child, yet your fierce spirit made you beautiful to him even then. 
You were his best friend.
The woman in his arms, however, was a far cry from his childhood playmate. Your lush curves pressed against him in ways that were distinctly un-friendly. 
He cleared his throat, dragging his thoughts away from the temptation you presented.
“Tell me... please.”
“Yoongi...The mark of the tiger god is a slash from his claw - directly over the eye. It is a symbol of his influence on the vision and perspective of the emperor.”  
Yoongi’s fingers lifted to trace the long scar over his right eye almost absently. 
A scar he never remembered earning. 
“You cannot mean...”
He searched your features frantically for any hint of deception. But there was none.
“When your father lay on his deathbed, he called your brother to him and revealed the truth... Though I think the prince already suspected that his mark was not genuine. It was burned onto him as an infant. He uses make-up to make it appear smooth and dark like his father’s... like yours.”
Yoongi’s jaw clenched in fury as he gestured to the scar, “So this is why they came for me?! Why they dragged me away that day?!”
Your fingers tightened their hold on him as the terrible memory resurfaced. 
Two years after he fished you from the lake, Yoongi remained your constant companion. He was much taller than you now and, at fifteen, his form and face began to show hints of the man he would become. 
You however, had barely grown an inch and were still a harrowing challenge to your small army of exasperated caretakers, many of whom were profoundly relieved when you slipped away to cause mischief with your best friend. 
Yoongi was teaching you how to build a rabbit trap near the old temple ruins when a sound like thunder shook the ground beneath your feet.
“That’s strange…” he muttered, scanning the clear skies overhead, “it does not look like a storm-”
Your startled gasp cut him off abruptly and Yoongi turned to discover that the roar he had mistaken for thunder was actually the pounding of horse hooves galloping toward you both. 
“Get behind me!” he shouted, baring his teeth in a menacing snarl. 
But there were far too many of them. 
You had fought back - desperately holding on to his hand until one of soldiers struck you... and even then you chased the horses for near a mile screaming the same words over and over.
“I’ll find you, Yoongi! I’m coming! I promise I’ll find you! Yoongi!... Yoongi!”
“They were your brother’s soldiers. He ordered them to kill you... but they were also reluctant to harm the marked heir. So they sold you to a merchant guild in Eastern Wei and told your brother you were dead.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time, letting the truth of his birth settle within him. The pain in his chest grew till it was nearly palpable; so heavy and bitter he could almost touch it in the air around him.
“All this because I am a hybrid? My own family would murder me to keep my tainted blood a secret?”
“Technically, your brother is a hybrid as well. He has been careful thus far not to leave any concubine with child, lest the truth be revealed.”
Yoongi snorted.
“How will he sire an heir?”
“I believe he was working on a solution to that particular problem when he discovered that you were…less dead than he originally thought.”
“But… how? The merchants trained me as a warrior to protect their investments. I travelled and fought through most of Wei and Song… I did not return to Min territory till the day his men ambushed our shipment…” He shook his head incredulously. “At the time it seemed so strange; they left a hundred pounds of silver, and took only me.” 
You sighed. 
“One of the soldiers who kidnapped you from my father’s lands foolishly attempted to blackmail the Emperor with the revelation of your continued existence.”
“That is… shockingly stupid.”
“Indeed. Your brother stabbed him through the heart and tortured the others till they revealed your fate. After that... it was only a matter of time.”
You reached forward to brush a stray lock of hair from his face. Warm fingers suddenly closed over your hand, keeping it in place as Yoongi pressed his forehead to your palm. 
“...And how did you find me?” he asked softly, letting his lips graze the sensitive skin of your wrist. Your pulse scattered against his mouth, stirring a primal satisfaction deep within him. 
“I-... I searched for years, bribing and bullying my way to the truth of your identity. When I received word that the Emperor discovered your whereabouts and intended to kill you himself, I knew he would bring you here…” you grinned, “so I paid off half the prison for the privilege of your company.” 
Strange heat spiraled out from every place his skin met yours. You were starting to forget some very important information.
“We must leave soon. Money can only buy so much indulgence.”
Yoongi nodded and pulled you to your feet, brushing dust and hay from your skirt as you steadied yourself. 
“I have two horses waiting for us at the south entrance of the fortress. I’ve mapped out the best path- oh-”
You were almost to the door when his hand wrapped around your waist, drawing you to him till every inch of your back pressed against his chest.
“Someone is coming,” he hissed.
You barely found the presence of mind to nod. Your body was on fire. Yoongi’s grip tightened as the footsteps in the hall grew louder. 
You knew he would be handsome, (he and his brother looked so alike) but you were unprepared for the sheer magnetism a fully grown Yoongi possessed. He was mesmerizing even with his eyes covered and his hands bound.
With his body flush against your own, he was devastating. 
The door handle shook.
“Get behind me,” Yoongi growled.
And then something happened.
Something you were not expecting at all.
Claws sprang out from each of his fingertips. The sharp points of his fangs doubled in length.
His shoulders and jaw elongated and a chilling snarl split the air around you..
And for the briefest instant - it was as if the earth ceased to turn on its axis.
A spirit shifter. 
They were rare - beyond rare - not one in a hundred thousand hybrids had the gift. Legends and stories claimed that a chosen few possessed the ability to channel their qi directly into their animal spirit and embody it physically.
To witness a spirit shift was incredible in and of itself.
But when he shifted-
The door opened and the same guard you sent away earlier walked back through...
And promptly fell to his knees.
“Please Great Father, I have served you well all my days. Have mercy!”
Yoongi drew back in confusion and turned to you, but you were still in complete shock and in no position to explain -  so he was forced to improvise.
“I- I... shall of course be merciful.”
It took a moment to regain your senses, but it was immediately apparent that the poor guard had the same realization you did in light of Yoongi’s transformation.
“Sir,” your voice only shook a little when you found it again, “you will clear the passage to the South Gate immediately, and then you will go home, take your daughter and any coin you have and disappear.... Am I understood?”
“Yes,” the guard sobbed as he stumbled back blindly. 
Yoongi’s claws and fangs began to retract. There was the faintest sound of bone and sinew shifting as the rest of his body returned to normal.
“....Great Father?” he whispered. 
It was a strange, softly spoken question - one you yourself could not quite comprehend the answer to.
“Our people have countless… images...idols - paintings of tiger god Yun-Ki, the Great Father of our nation. They are in every house, every street… His face and form are everywhere. And you...- when you channeled your tiger spirit and shifted-” 
The words caught in your throat, you were almost afraid to speak them.
“Yoongi...You are his exact likeness.
Tumblr media
It was raining the day you and Yoongi discovered the old smuggler caves near the coastal border of your father’s estate.
A weak spot in the cavern roof had washed away and he’d fallen through…
“Yoongi! Merciful gods! Can you hear me!”
Yoongi groaned and shook himself to clear the shock of his sudden descent.
“I’m alright, Little One! Just-”  he hissed as another dull wave of pain twisted though his leg “- just a little sore.” 
“What can you see!”
Yoong smirked. Always the curious little tigress. 
His nose twitched as he inhaled stale air 
“I think it’s a...tunnel of some sort… but - there’s an old torch here.” His cat eyes shone eerily from the depths of the cave when he turned up to look at you. “Toss me your flint.”
Yoongi’s sight worked well in the dark, but yours was still hopelessly human. A few strikes of flint later, however, and the torch blazed to life, revealing long passages in either direction. 
“These are not natural formations,” he observed, running his hand along the obvious tool marks in the wall. 
“You mean someone dug them - like pirates?!” 
It was impossible to hide the thrill in your voice. Yoongi snorted.
A right proper little lady, you were.
“How will you find a husband if you only get excited about pirates and smuggler caves?”
“Why would I want a husband who didn’t get excited about pirates and smuggler caves? He’d be a wicked bore.”
“Listen I hate to shatter all your romantic daydreams, Little One, but most men are wicked bores, women too if I’m being honest,” his mind suddenly flashed back to the pretty young maid who kissed him and let him run his hands over her soft curves behind the stables last week “-though they certainly have their moments.”
He sighed and made his way back to the sink hole where you were poking your head down expectantly.
“I suppose you mean to jump down here then.”
You grinned.
“What a clever kitty.”
Yoongi’s eyes narrowed in disgust. 
“Call me a ‘clever kitty’ again and I’ll let the ground kiss your bratty arse.”
“Nonsense,” you laughed - jumping without hesitation into his waiting arms. “You’ll always catch me.”
He pulled you close when the weight of your body fell against his - just as he had a hundred times before - yet this time something felt… strangely different. The laughter and unshakeable trust in your gaze was suddenly enough to leave him breathless, and - for a moment... it was as if nothing existed beyond the feel of your warmth on his skin.
“Yes,’ he whispered, letting his hold on you tighten ever so slightly, “...always.” 
The network of tunnels and rooms hewn into the rock stretched for miles beneath the surface and it took months of mapping and marking for you to navigate them with ease.
Yoongi was not surprised that you brought him here…
It was your secret place; a haven where you played as children. 
His gaze lingered briefly on the feminine swells of your breast. 
You were not children anymore.
He cleared his throat, forcing his eyes away from your exquisite body to take in the space around him. 
The old caves were a bit... cozier than he remembered. 
There were food stores, a weapons cache of fine blades, two bedrooms, and even a library.
“You’ve been … busy,” he observed. 
“I knew I’d find you eventually...” You began to light the other oil lamps around the room, filling the previously dark cavern with a warm glow. “So I took the liberty of transforming it into a proper hideout.”
“It’s strange…” he murmured, meeting your gaze at last, “I spent so many nights wishing I was here - wishing I could see you just one more time… and now I am here - and you’re here,” his gaze drifted absently over your form once again, “yet I am at a loss for words.” 
But it was more than that...
Something had begun to stir in him, something dark and primal and he knew in his bones it was all to do with you. The longer he was in your presence - the longer he inhaled your scent - the more persistent it became. 
“How long have you been able to channel into a spirit shift?”
Yoongi chuckled.
“And there it is.”
“I think I’ve shown admirable restraint.”
“Far more than I would have guessed.”
Your mouth dropped open in mock indignation.
“Is this how you treat your beloved childhood friend and dashing rescuer?”
He grinned.
“Gods I missed you, Little One.” 
“Good,” you said. Then you raised your eyebrows expectantly and Yoongi smothered another laugh.”
It was comforting to know that some things would never change.
“I was ten the first time it happened. I didn’t know what it was. I was... frightened by it - so I didn’t tell anyone.” He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. “I thought they’d say a demon had possessed me or some other nonsense. But - a few years after I was sold - I heard a storyteller speak of spirit shifting so I started to collect old scrolls about it and…” 
He shrugged nonchalantly and your jaw dropped.
“You taught yourself how to spirit shift?!”
“Are you impressed?”
You bit your lip, letting your eyes wander over the sharp planes of his jaw and the strong lines of corded muscle flexing beneath his thin cotton tunic. He was a wiry youth when the soldiers tore him from your arms, but he had returned as a man whose mere presence was enough to unravel you. 
Lazy heat slowly uncurled deep in your belly. You blushed and looked away, wondering at the bold turn of your thoughts. Yoongi continued to quietly take in his new accommodations until your voice broke the silence. 
“I’m sure you have many questions.”
“I do - though… I am not sure I want the answers.”
Your lips tilted in a playful smile. It was infinitely more lethal than one you frequently unleashed as a child, yet the warmth blooming in his chest was the same. 
“What happens now?” he whispered, drawing strength from the silent encouragement you offered. 
“That all depends on what you choose to do with your newfound freedom.”
Your fingers came up to unlace the ties of your cloak, sending a fresh wave of your fragrance in his direction. Every time he breathed it in, the high became stronger, more potent. His hands dug ruthlessly into the chair beneath him as you continued, oblivious to the havoc you were creating. 
“My father has quietly begun gathering supporters in your name. Years ago he was ordered to hide you, but he was never told why…” 
This is madness.
His body was beginning to ache. He struggled to make sense of your words through the thickening  a haze of tormented desire. It felt like the cruelest twist of fate. For years he longed to be close to you, but now he was - for the sake of his sanity - desperate to get as far away as possible. 
“... He began to suspect the truth the day we snuck into the wine cellar and I dared you to jump into his meditation pond.”
Yoongi winced, momentarily distracted by the memory. 
“You promised he was still on campaign! Imagine my surprise when the General Jung dragged me out of that wretched water by my neck scruff.”
The indignant look on his face was so endearing - so utterly Yoongi -
“I was clearly mistaken,” you managed to snort before laughter overwhelmed you both. 
The moment provided some much needed clarity.
Get a hold of yourself. Remember who she is - what she means to you...
What she has always meant to you. 
“No matter the circumstances of your first meeting, Father is devout in his allegiance to Yun-Ki. He credits his success in battle to his divine favor. He would never betray the true heir.”
Emotions too numerous and unpleasant to name swirled uneasily in Yoongi’s chest at your words. He felt each syllable burn heavily within him like molten lead. 
“But why risk this? A revolution means bloodshed - chaos. I have no desire to bring suffering to our people.”
Your gaze locked with his as he spoke - triggering a spike of awareness so sharp that he was forced to turn away… Whether to hide his own uncertainty or to escape your effect on him, he did not know.
“Your brother is running the country into the ground,” you whispered finally. “Our people are already suffering. He is not fit to be emperor. My father and many others believe you are the answer to our prayers.”
Yoongi was silent for a long time. 
“What if they’re wrong? What could I possibly know about ruling a nation? I was a shameful secret for my first fifteen years and a merchant slave for the last eleven - and now-” he faced you again with a bitter scoff,  “ I am nothing…”
Fury propelled you up out of the chair and across the room to him in seconds. 
“Those were circumstances thrust upon you through no fault of your own. They are not what you are.”
Your hand reached forward tentatively to trace his scar and he froze- letting the strange magic of your touch wash over him.
“You have been tested by these challenges again and again and you have prevailed… You wore the mark before your soul and body were one. The trials may have given you the strength to claim your throne, but you were born worthy of it.” 
Strong fingers wrapped around your wrist before you could pull away. Golden eyes locked with yours and your heart stuttered painfully in your chest as he pressed into your palm. 
Yoongi tried to ignore the fire kindling beneath his skin, even as his instincts raged to debauch you, he had pushed back. 
Until now. 
You were too close - the pull was too strong…  and he was helpless as one thought - one word overpowered his senses, burning the wavering threads of resistance in a blistering wave of desire. 
“Do you know why I did not recognize you at first -  in the prison?”
Your breath trembled as his mouth brushed across your pulse. 
“Th-the blindfold?”
He shook his head. 
“I would not need my eyes to see you. I knew the pattern of your scent better than I knew my own.”
Your tongue darted out to wet your lips and Yoongi growled, twisting your body till your back slammed against his chest. 
“Did you never wonder why you always lost at hide and seek?” 
The heat of his breath danced over the delicate shell of your ear, sending shivers down your spine. 
“I always assumed you were cheating.” 
Yoongi grinned wickedly. 
“The scent of a woman is deeper - richer - than the scent of a girl. It shifts and twists into something irresistible - something that lures her mate like a fly to a spider’s web.” His lips ran idly down the side of your neck. “If he breathes it in, he’ll never escape it.”
Every word he spoke curled through your senses like sips of the sweetest wine. Your eyes fluttered shut as an unfamiliar emptiness began to throb in your core. 
“Yoongi?” you whimpered. 
“The woman who walked into that cell did not smell like the impish hellion from my childhood.”  He nuzzled gently into your nape and inhaled with a decadent shudder. “She smelled like a temptress from my darkest fantasies.”
Then he nipped harshly at the base of your neck and you cried out - only to moan in artless pleasure when he soothed the hurt with his tongue. 
Many of the pinch-faced matrons your father forced to “mentor” you in lady-like behavior over the years had offered dire warnings regarding the dangers of allowing any man close enough to touch - but they never mentioned the hunger; the aching need that shot through you at the slightest contact- 
Perhaps the matrons were right all along…
Desire drenched the soft folds of your womanhood in a slippery heat. Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your body; the warmth of his chest spread across your shoulders - and it all felt perfectly - deliciously - dangerous. 
To resist was pointless.
You had always belonged to him. 
A hand came up to grip your jaw, titling it so your lips were almost against his. For a moment his gaze simply traced over the contours of your face while his breath mingled intimately with yours. 
“You’re so beautiful, Little One.”
He spoke it softly and with such conviction, almost like a prayer. 
Merciful gods. 
You would give this man anything he asked for. 
Yoongi lowered his forehead gently against yours in another attempt to calm the frenzied need pumping through his system. 
“You don’t know what you’ve done to me,” he groaned, “what you’re still doing to me.”
“What have I done?”
Your voice was so innocent, so adorably confused, yet the sound of it only drove him closer to oblivion. 
“You’ve triggered my rut, you terrible brat,” he snarled. 
“I - I don’t understand-,” you stuttered. 
“It means that all I want - all I can think about - is parting your sweet thighs and burying myself here-” his hand snapped forward to cup you directly through your dress and you gasped as a sharp bolt of pleasure tore through you, “in this rebellious little cunt.”
The sensation was merciless - almost brutal - in its intensity; a heavenly sort of hell that found you grasping his wrist and grinding into his palm for relief. 
“Yoongi,” you whimpered, melting against him helplessly. For one glorious instant you felt his fingers move in tandem with you body-
Then he wrenched himself away with a furious growl and you nearly wept in frustration. 
“Run,” he hissed. 
He was on the other side of the room now, hands gripping into the small writing table with such force that you could hear the wood begin to splinter. 
“I have a minute of clarity left - maybe less. You have to go - take the horses-”
“But-” you started forward and he snarled, baring his teeth in a manner that would have terrified anyone else.
“Now, woman!”
Your jaw clenched and Yoongi almost laughed. 
Ever the stubborn little tigress.  
“Please,” he whispered desperately. 
A flash of hurt shone in your eyes for a split second before you closed them, dropping your head in defeat. 
“...Will you let him have me as well as your throne then?” 
Yoongi froze.
“What... did you just say?” 
Each word was spoken carefully in a tone you had never heard from him before. Golden fire flashed dangerously in his gaze. 
“Your brother has sent me an official proposal of marriage, offering to make me the empress in exchange for my father's loyalty.” You drew a deep breath and met his gaze again with quiet determination. “He suspects that our family is aware of his secret… I believe he intends to present the first non-hybrid child I bear him as the true heir.”
The words hung suspended in the air between you for the space of a single moment and then-
You were hoisted up against a wall with Yoongi’s mouth crushed ruthlessly into your own. 
“Never,” he growled, dragging his teeth down over your jaw. “You will never belong to him.”
His claws sliced into the fabric of your gown - tearing it from your body like damp paper till you were clad in nothing but a thin linen underslip. The heavy scent of your arousal flooded his senses, further inflaming his need. 
“You are mine.” 
“Yes - gods yes,” you breathed, latching onto his shoulders as he ravished your neck. Your body burned with want and his touch was the only balm. 
Yoongi’s hands gripped into the soft flesh of your thighs, wrapping them around his waist as he hauled you over to a small cot in the corner of the room. His mouth latched on to your nipple and he sucked it noisily right through the cloth till it clung wet and transparent against your breast. 
Your fingers curled into his hair, tugging and coaxing him in mindless delight. You wanted him everywhere, needed to feel his skin against yours. Eleven years of desperate longing poured out of your body in broken moans as his hands explored you with bold intent. 
“Please,” you begged, clawing at the ties of his tunic till it fell away from him entirely.
His was magnificent, all sleek lines and defined muscle, reminiscent of his feline nature. A collection of wicked looking scars marked his light golden skin and your heart broke anew for the boy who endured such savagery. 
“Don’t look so sad, Little One,” he purred, licking into your mouth, “they are my trophies.” 
“And am I your prize?” you whispered, untying his pants while he palmed your breasts greedily.
“Nothing so trivial.” He drew the shell of your ear in between his teeth. “You are the sword my hand,” his fingers fisted into the last scrap of fabric separating your body from his and rent it in half, “the arrow in my bow...” 
You gasped when he gripped the curve of your backside and ground your aching core against his thigh.
“The only goddess I ever prayed to.”
The delicious friction arched your body into his like a marionette. His chest rumbled in satisfaction as he pressed you back into the blankets to mouth a line of red marks down over your chest and torso till he reached your sopping center. 
“What a pretty little hole,” he murmured, inhaling deeply. His finger brushed over your swollen flesh and you whimpered, clenching desperately around nothing. 
You were near delirious with a want you didn’t fully comprehend, craving a fulfillment you had never experienced and could not find the words to ask for. 
But Yoongi understood the fire clawing through your body, even if you did not. 
“Does it ache, Little One?” he crooned, letting his lips skim your entrance with each word. “So wet and empty…” 
Then he pressed a lewd open-mouthed kiss over your trembling mound and you nearly fell apart right there. 
“Such a needy pussy,” he sighed, plunging his tongue deeper into the recess of your body till you were writhing uncontrollably. 
You were wholly unfamiliar (and frankly surprised) by this wickedly intimate act, but the bold heat of his gaze latching on to yours as he feasted on the sweetness between your legs was instantly addictive. Your head fell back in mindless pleasure as you rode his mouth with wanton desperation.  
It was filthy - scandalous - 
Gods, you never wanted it to end. 
Another messy wave of arousal bloomed from your core and Yoongi felt himself grow painfully harder in response. 
The beast in him raged to simply claim you - to ram your virgin pussy down over his cock till your belly was swollen with his seed, yet even as the demands of his rut became nearly unbearable, he fought to hold back. 
You had waited eleven years for him to be your first - your only. Unless he took care to stretch you beforehand, it would hurt. 
But heavens help him you smelled so good and you tasted even better. 
He would not last much longer. 
Your eyes flew open as Yoongi slid two fingers into your wet channel. It burned a little at first, but when they curved into a spot you didn’t even know existed, you threw your head back and screamed. 
Yoongi bore down on your thighs to keep them in place as he suckled your clit and worked his fingers in your soaked cunt. A foreign tightness pooled deliciously in your belly until he abruptly withdrew and you whined pitifully at the loss. 
“No- no please - I need-”
But you were cut off when Yoongi flipped you on your stomach and yanked your hips up -  propping you on your knees with your face pressed into the mattress. 
“I know what you need, Little One,” he panted, driving his fingers back into your heat from a new angle that felt even deeper. 
“Yoongi,” his name poured out of you repeatedly as you gripped into the sheets and sobbed in delight. 
“This pretty little cunt is mine,” he hissed, smacking his hand down on your ass to drive home his point. 
“Your pleasure is mine.” His thumb rubbed over your sensitive nub with renewed intent as the wet sounds of your desire echoed through the chamber. Then his fingers pulled back again - only to be replaced by the hard length of his cock sliding through your folds to coat itself in slick. 
“Your child will be the true heir,” Yoongi pressed the thick tip of his shaft to your entrance, “because it will be mine.” 
Then he surged forward, burying himself to the hilt in one exquisite thrust. 
Pain and euphoria shot through your system in equal parts as Yoongi pulled out and slammed in again, setting a punishing pace right from the start. 
“Oh my gods,” he gasped, throwing his head back in primal abandon as your walls clamped around him, “-so tight.” 
Your body submitted wantonly to his onslaught. Yes, there was pain, but there was also so much pleasure - you could no longer separate one from the other. 
You wanted all of it; everything he could give you.
His hands gripped your hips as he pounded into you. The sounds your mouth and pussy made were gloriously obscene; a raunchy chorus of wet smacks and lewd wails that he would close his eyes and savor if he wasn’t utterly mesmerized by the sight of his hardness ramming into your greedy hole again and again. 
“That’s it, Little One, you take me so well.” 
Yoongi pulled you back against his chest with your body still fully impaled on his cock. You barely had time to process the change before he began thrusting into you from a new angle, leaning forward to taste your mouth once more. His hand lightly gripped your neck while he kissed you - savoring each soft whimper against his lips. 
The warmth of him behind you - around you - was intoxicating. He was unnaturally strong and he ravished your willing body like an animal, yet you had never felt more safe - more cared for…
More complete. 
His free hand came up to squeeze and smack your breasts while he whispered pretty, dirty praises against your skin. 
“Look at you, Little One,” he panted, “falling apart like this on my cock.”
Teeth began to scrape significantly at the apex of your neck and shoulder and something hot and wonderful bloomed in your chest. That area was sacred to hybrids and he kept coming back to it. 
You unconsciously clenched tighter around him and he hissed in pleasure. 
“What would your father say if he knew, huh?” 
His hand shot down to smack your clit and you gasped. 
“If he knew you let a beast like me have you -  that you opened your legs and let me fill this fertile pussy?”
The pace of his thrusts increased and you found yourself hurtling closer toward that elusive razor sharp edge. You were going to break apart and there would be no putting you back together. 
“Will Daddy still support me when he finds out what I’ve done to his precious little girl?” Yoongi growled in your ear. 
“Yoongi please I’m - ahhh AH - please-”
Gods you were so close.
“They’ll all know,” he vowed. “When you’re swollen and heavy with my cubs - then your father, my brother - any man or woman who looks on you will know that you’re mine.”
“Yes! Yoongi-” 
“You want that, Little One? You want me to breed you?”
You nodded furiously and Yoongi slapped your tits sharply. 
“Then say it,” he snarled. 
“Breed me, Min Yoongi!” you begged, using his true name for the first time in his life. “Show them all who I belong to.”
A gutteral roar filled the cavern as Yoongi tangled his fingers in your hair and yanked your neck back, exposing the glistening column of your throat and shoulder to his fiery golden gaze. 
“So be it,” he swore, licking a long stripe over your neck as you shivered in anticipation.”
You knew the ritual; the final step in a claiming, when you would bind together, heart, body and soul. 
“I will be your mate,” his lips dragged over your skin one final time, “ and you will be my empress.” 
The moment his fangs pierced your skin you shattered, clamping down on him like a vice. Yoongi followed soon after, flooding your womb with his seed as he called your name into the night. 
Tumblr media
The next few hours were the most intimate of your life... 
Yoongi whispered soft words of adoration across your skin as he gently cleaned you with his mouth and the rags you stored in the cave. 
You had never felt so utterly wonderful. 
Or so completely spent. 
Exhaustion pulled you into a heavy slumber and you awoke sometime later to Yoongi licking tenderly at the claiming mark on your neck. 
“Does it hurt?” he asked after you hummed and burrowed deeper into his arms. 
“No… it’s just sensitive…”
Comfortable silence stretched between you for several minutes before Yoongi spoke. 
“You know,” he coughed sheepishly, “when I imagined meeting you again, I can’t say this is how I saw it playing out.”
“Oh? You didn’t predict that I would be irresistible and that you would have no choice but to succumb to my charms?” You grinned. “How incredibly short-sighted of you.”
Yoongi laughed and reached down to playfully swat your backside.
“Heavens no, you unspeakable little brat. You were still a child when we separated...” He sighed, letting his hand curl idly into your hair while he sifted through the memories. “As I grew older... I would often think of you - perhaps try to picture what you might look like - what you might be doing...”
The answer left your lips before you could stop it. 
“I was looking for you. I was always looking for you.” 
A familiar purr rumbled up from his chest and you pressed eagerly into the sound. 
“I did not foresee this either…” you whispered, “and yet… I am not surprised by it.” Your fingers wandered to trace mindless patterns accross his skin. “Is that strange?”
He shook his head. 
“Our bond was always there. The mark is simply a seal - a completion.” 
“Did you know all along, then?”
Yoongi was silent for several moments as he searched within himself for the answer. 
“I think… on some level I did. We were just so very young… But I was always drawn to you.” 
His hands drifted up to cup the sides of your face, letting his forehead rest against your own as he spoke.
“When they ripped you from my arms, I felt as if they had ripped away a piece of my soul.” He drew in a deep unsteady breath. “And now - for the first time in eleven years… I feel truly whole.” 
You kissed him then. 
It was not a fierce kiss of passion like the many you shared in the heat of your tempestuous lovemaking...
It was a soft brush of lips that offered sweetness and devotion in exchange for the bitterness of the past. Tears and quiet laughter echoed intimately between you as the years of separation and pain faded away... 
Until only one question remained. 
“...So what will you do now?”
Tumblr media
The stories spread from village to village like flood waters in a rising tide. 
Yun-Ki himself had come down from the heavens to reclaim his throne.
He rode at the head of a massive force with his heavily pregnant mate and the great warlord, General Jung, at his side. 
His numbers grew daily with no bloodshed as town upon town surrendered and welcomed him. 
After all…
Who would raise their hand against Yun-Ki?
The cheers of the people swelled to a deafening roar as he climbed the palace stairs, walking boldly past the imperial guards who fell to their knees in his wake. 
The man upon the throne rose with fear and fury in his eyes as the truth he fought so long to destroy finally stood before him... 
“Hello, Brother.”
Tumblr media
Endnote: Thank you so much for reading my story. If you enjoyed it even just a little bit, please tell me! I promise I treasure each word of feedback like gold. I worked so hard on it, but beautiful feedback is a priceless reward. 
Ask My Muse: Feel free to ask any of my characters from this work any questions you might have. Send in an ask to hear their side of the story!
Tumblr media
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hollyhomburg · a year ago
Close to you
(Gangster! Yoongi x Goodgirl! Reader) (Rags to Riches Au) 
Summary: Nobody likes Yoongi, not your older brother or your friends. But with him, you feel more protected than possessed. And though he might be a gangster and more than a little dangerous himself- that makes all the difference. From drug dealer to producer, from rags to riches, you’re Yoongi’s person- his muse- his soulmate.
Tags: good girl x bad boy au, blood, drugs, Yoongi with tattoo's, references to making good ol’ sweet love, Rags to riches! au, brief mentions of drunk sex, Yoongi is soft and squishy and just loves the reader a lot.
A/n: This is more a story than a fic- with a little bit of an open ending to it- legit when I was editing this it tripled in length. 
W/c: 9.8k
Song rec: Lover by Taylor Swift 
Tumblr media
You and Yoongi play basketball together, late at night in the park near your college. You don’t know how you started meeting up, but now you do nearly every day. You gather with the others at the edge of the court when the street lights turn on. Maybe it’s just to let off some steam from your busy college schedules, less than ideal lives, or just plain because you like the game. 
It’s a mish-mash of different people from different backgrounds, misfits and goody-two-shoes alike, pros and newbies at different skill levels, but everyone is pretty good. 
The games are never serious and no one really ever keeps score. The teams change depending on who tells what joke who gives what jibe. Lines are drawn in the minutes before you start, sides taken based off inside jokes and playful feuds. 
One night when a regular named Wonho wears a crop top and calls it ‘fashion’- teams are drawn based on who thinks it’s ridiculous or not. (You and Yoongi are on the same team that night- because of course boys should be allowed to wear crop tops).
You’re always the last two to leave the court at night, sometimes just before the lights shut off at midnight, sometimes you have to hop the fence if the security guard has already come around to lock up. You joke that he might have a vendetta against your group- you always say until the very last moment the court closes and he grumbles about leaving early. 
And on the nights where strangers lean in- when the streets don’t feel so safe and shadowy figures that seem recognizable at a distance linger longer than they should. When there’s another stabbing or a rumor of a girl getting taken off the street, Yoongi is the first to ask if you want him to walk you home.
You try reserving your impression until you know him better. But the tattoos on his arms and on his chest, peaking out over the low collar of his tanktops lead you to make conclusions that you’re not proud of. 
Your first interactions with him are brief at best and you know just from how he looks that you should be careful around him. The others might play at being rugged and dangerous but Yoongi doesn't have to pretend. 
You realize this when he stats to walk you home. No one messes with him, the other gangbangers on the street don’t catcall you when yoongi walks you home. Shop keepers seem to Nodd at him if they feel brave and close their doors the second they see him if they don’t. 
Yoongi seems pretty abnormal for a typical gangbanger, He doesn't fit the trigger happy sadistic stereotype that the media paints others of his ilk in. 
When he first asks to walk you home, You blush and let him because Yoongi is cute, charming even, and he’s nice company, even if he does look a little threatening sometimes. 
You wouldn’t let him walk you home for any other reason then just...needing the safety he provides, not at first, not when your overprotective older brother doesn't let you date at all. You have a dating ban until you graduate college and as long as you sleep under his Roof. 
He’d even tried to squash your interest in the pick-up basketball games when you first started going- but you needed an outlet, justified it by saying you weren't apart of any sports teams and needed to exercise. it isn’t safe on the streets so late at night, he says (and he’s not wrong- it isn’t.) he tries to get you to stay home each night or tries to guilt you into only playing on the weekends during the daytime.
But try as you might, every time he says it isn’t safe or brings up a carefully worded story by the news on the infestation of gangs in the city, you can’t help but picture Yoongi’s face. And maybe it isn’t safe for everyone. but the way he looks at you- guarded but curious and with a hint of mirth over the edge of a ball during a pass, makes you think that it’s safe for you. 
You weren't exactly sheltered here, in your nice apartment on the edge of where town turns from seedy to bougie. You straddle the edge of gentrification Unable to fit in perfectly with either side. You’ve already had to move your apartment twice since you moved in with him after rent hikes and new policies made your past apartments just too expensive. 
The first time your brother catches sight of Yoongi, on the stoop of your apartment building just as your brother gets home from work- perfectly mistimed, he goes apeshit when he realizes that Yoongi’s just dropped you off. Your older brother takes one look at him and says that you shouldn’t date gangsters- that Yoongi will just bring your trouble one day. 
“Jesus Christ- he was just walking me home it's not like it's a big deal” and you remind him that you’re not dating- that you’re just friends and Yoongi is just being nice- and that your brother should be glad you have friends that want you to get home safe. 
He tries to keep you from going out the next night and threatens you with few words not to keep seeing him. You’re late to the game because of it sucking off your pink sweatshirt and growling out that you need to work off some steam. “join my team” Yoongi says, making the others pause with a wave of his hands. 
 They reach for water bottles while you get your shoes on, Yoongi tucks the ball under his arm and stands while you finish lacing up your shoes. “you good?” he asks, “yeah just my brother being a dick and making me late.” 
You know he says it’s all for you so that you’ll do well and school and get a good job later in life and have it easy, unlike either or your parents. but sometimes it feels like he just wants to control you needlessly. Yoongi nods and you see something- the mention of older brothers darken his gaze, you wonder why.  “He pitch a fit after he saw me last night?”
 “Oh you know it,” you say with false positivity. “But don’t worry you can still like- walk me home if you want, I liked talking to you yesterday,” you say, Shooting him a smile that makes his cheeks turn a little pink, he clears his throat “if it makes you feel safer of course” He reassures, ever the gentleman, and goes to shoot some free throws while you finish getting settled. 
The blush doesn't fall really, especially when you meet his eyes over a pass a few seconds into the pell-mell start of the game. And you start to think that Yoongi with  his tattoo’s and his roguish exterior might be the perfect amount of rebellion to get out from underneath your brother's thumb
Of course, Yoongi ends up being a lot more than that. 
When you walk home together you talk about everything, sometimes stopping to get some food from a street stall, or passing a bottle of soju back and forth if it's a Saturday or a Melona ice pop if it's hot enough. you learn a surprising amount about him- you had no idea that Yoongi attended the same college as you, though he’s a few years older than you, in the year above, and only part-time because of his ‘job’. 
He says this kind of cryptically he’s never come out and said what he does for a living to you before but you know, even if he doesn't say so at first. there have been times where other people pause at the gate to the court and gesture for Yoongi and you can see little packets of things being handed off, or he has to leave early. A curly red-haired guy that pops up often enough to drag Yoongi away who is equally as tattooed and threatening. 
but whatever these mysterious people are, you know it’s secondary to Yoongi. after all one of the first conversations you ever have with him on the way home is about music. He confides in you and tells you of his big dreams of being a music producer one day after you urge him.  He already knows your dreams of being a screenwriter- and the struggles you’ve had balancing your dream with your family. 
Thought you both definitely went different directions with that, you just decided to double major in something more ‘practical’ in your brother's words, whereas Yoongi left home. “I’m gonna make it one day- I just know it, it’s the only thing I've ever wanted.” 
And really anyone else would tell him that he’s stupid for having high hopes- his parents and older brother did after all- and he hasn’t talked to them in years after they disowned him for following his dream. But you just smile at him and tell him, “I believe you can do anything if you work hard enough for it.” Yoongi hides his blush by pulling up his hoodie.  
Yoongi is a gangster of course, but the drugs he sells to put himself through college aren’t anything dangerous, even if he and his corner partner Hoseok, end up running from the police or another gang most nights and has been shot at twice in the last year. Hoseok has a scar from that night just above his shoulder- barely a graze. 
People come and go for the nightly basketball games, but somehow- you and Yoongi are always the ones who linger the longest no matter how cold it is. If someone cared to ask, you might say you’re Already half in love with each other from ever smirk thrown over a shoulder during a game. Every “good shot” when you make a three-pointer sends you spiraling further down. 
What started out as an easy way to piss your brother off, has turned into the kind of friendship that you would swear on. The day you roll your ankle Yoongi won’t take no for an answer and gives you a piggyback ride home. 
“You need to eat any more this is hardly even a work out,” he teases, bending down so that you can reach the button for the streetlight. “You tip your nose against the nape of his neck and inhale a deep breath, he smells nice, he has the kind of scent that you could just wrap yourself in and cozy down. The action makes pleasant shivers erupt down Yoongi’s spine. The weight of you so gladly held that he almost misses it when he was to let you off. And he makes you promise to wrap it as soon as you get up the stairs. 
The next day, the pink bandage sticks out from over your ankle socks and you bring Yoongi a brown paper bag from the fried food stall on the street. Smiling as you hand it over, “as a thank you” you justify, teasing him for his blush that starts up when he realizes you’ve remembered his favorites. 
Yoongi’s secret is that he might be in a gang, but he’s also fucking soft as shit. He loves dramas and romance movies and he has a sonnet of Shakespeare tattooed under his arm and carefully stylized roses above his heart. Yoongi is a total hopeless romantic. He loves everything to do with romance. Even if all of the people he’s ever loved have broken his heart. 
He doesn't sleep around a lot, doesn't let himself get close to people that often because people leave so much more often than they stay. And it’s almost like you’ve always been able to see through him- those times that you’ve talked about the dramas you both happen to like on the walk home, 
And he lets you talk as much as you want about the different minute details of the dialogue and the stage directions, asks you why you like a certain love story or don’t and leans in- and you can tell he actually cares what you like and enjoy, is actually listening to you. 
The same care that you return, when you share one of Yoongi’s shitty earbuds and listen to all of Yoongi’s favorite love songs. And steal the napkins he writes sappy lyrics on when you go out for hot chocolate after the game. The care that you show when you pretend that you don’t know that most of the lines of simple prose he writes are about you.
The first time you snag one and keep it away from him, you catch a look at the line of lyrics and find them- startlingly tender and honest. it’s hard to believe that walking you home is my favorite time of day when at the end of it I have to say goodbye to you, my secret is that I never want too.
You’re so shocked that he snags it out of your hand easily and he shoves the napkin in deep in his pocket. But the damage is done, you're wide-eyed and looking, his face bright red, cheeks round as he nibbles on his lower lip and shyly looks away, “don’t- don’t like- freak out or anything I just like writing about you is all- it’s not like, a big deal or anything.” 
But the next day, you just smile up at him, wiping away the sweat at your temples proffering “walk me home?” like you have no idea what it means to him. So easily giving him the quiet acceptance of a part of him that he doesn't show anyone. 
You goofily get too close when you guard him sometimes tackling and holding around his neck or wrap your arms around his waist during the warm-up games you play sometimes, giggling at his shout of “yah-”. When you manage to steal the ball from him- your specialty- you might not be able to make every three-pointer but you can always get the ball away from him or any of the others. Yoongi doesn't get angry or too competitive, just shakes his head and smiles. 
You rarely ever see Yoongi around campus, even less rarely interact with him, though he will return your wave when you give him one. You see him one day when you’re walking between classes with one of your friends, Jaebaum who was your lab partner for chemistry last semester but had become your friend after joint commiseration over how terrible chemistry was. 
“How do you know that guy?” the accusation is low and a little startled, his eyebrows pulling together into a glare that makes your hand fall from your wave. “We both go to the same pickup basketball games, why?”
Jaebaums jaw tightens as he looks back, but Yoongi’s already disappeared into the music building. “that guy deals drugs for half the sororities and fraternities at this school- just surprised me is all, I didn’t think that you would know him. You said you play basketball with him?”
You tell him more about them- not that you’ve ever hidden your secret. And he pushes until you agree to let him come with you. Maybe he’s just curious, but you’re just trying to be nice is all- Jaebaum is a friend even if his overprotective friend thing gets a little annoying. 
You swear- what is it with guys and trying to protect you, Yoongi is the only one whose never made you feel inferior for it. 
You’ve never brought someone to the games before but others have in the past, and Jaebum is introduced with little fanfare, though Yoongi goes eye him over the edge of a basketball and raise an eyebrow in your direction, you can hear his voice “really?”
maybe the night would have gone better if Jaebaum didn’t literally check Yoongi onto the concrete halfway through the game. The other players literally stop to a standstill, because no one is ever that aggressive. The ball bounces away unattended as Yoongi is quick to get up and shove Jaebaum back.
 You’re quick to step between the two of them a hand on either of their chests as Yoongi growls out “what the fuck is your problem?” Even if Jaebaum is a bit taller, Yoongi doesn’t back down. Of course, the second Yoongi makes eye contact with you he backs off, though you do see his jaw roll in annoyance. And that’s more than you can say for Jaebaum, Who takes a few more words before he gets back to the game. 
He lingers when the game finishes and usually, you’d stay for another, but no one else seems to be in the mood for it. You and Yoongi still pass a ball back and forth and Yoongi shoots a jab his way when pauses by the chainlink gate. 
“Get lost asshole- and just for the record, acting all high and mighty around me doesn’t change the fact that your frat buys coke from me on the weekends and I know for a fact one of you brothers was looking for GHB last week,” Yoongi is merciless though putting all their dirty drug habits that he is only too privy too as their dealer out in the open. 
Jaebum pales as you send him a shocked glance because you really didn’t know his fraternity did shit like that. GHB is like- serious stuff, and its reputation isn’t great. And fuck- Jaebaums even invited you to parties at his fraternity, who knows what was in the drinks of those other girls. 
A glance at him tells you that Jaebaum really had no idea what his fraternity brothers were getting up to in their spare time but the damage is already done. Jaebaum turns to you pleading “Y/n please believe me- I didn’t know they where-”
“Jae” you cut him off, suddenly more shakey than you’d like, “I think you should go,” he doesn’t listen stepping closer, “Nah come on- let me take you home,” he pleads palms open. 
Before he can get close Yoongi steps Infront of you subtly keeping a hand on your arm to reassure you. “I’ll walk her home- don’t worry Jae,” he adds mockingly. “She’s safer with me anyway.”
You and Yoongi pass a ball back and forth, the last to leave as usual after that but he’s unusually silent. Until the streets go quiet and he finally lets his feelings spill onto the asphalt. “Wow, you really know how to pick them huh,” 
You check the ball back to him, a little harder than Nessicary “You know that’s what my brother said about you when he first met you right?” 
“What?” Yoongi dribbles the ball as he shakes his head, you can see him actually getting angry as he makes a three-pointer and misses by a longshot, you catch the rebound and pass it back. “your brother doesn't even know me- not really.” 
“I know that Yoongi and believe me- I never would have let him come if I knew he was gonna like” you trail off, struggling to find the right words. Yoongi concentrates enough to make the shot finally and takes a step back to see if he can make the next one. You return the rebound again.
“If you knew he was gonna try to intimidate me? Try to stake a claim on you or something like you’re a fucking thing when you’re-” Yoongi breaks off, swallowing back his anger and shaking his head like he’s ridding himself of his fury, even though you can see it boiling in his dark eyes when he turns them on you. 
“Don’t you know how frat boys treat pretty girls? or where you just naive enough to think that one could be different when they all silently allow their brothers to do what they want,” 
You pass it back hard, and it hits Yoongi’s chest hard. stinging a little- “Don’t you dare call me nieve Yoongi, not when you’re being hypocritical as fuck” you argue- you know Yoongi isn’t really meaning to be mean, not at all. 
And Yoongi just- givens a particularly hard pass to you the same way you just did to him and your arms don’t come up quick enough and it hits your face. It’s not the first time that you’ve ever been hit in the face by a basketball, you’ve had your fair share of bloody noses. And anyone who plays knows the particular not-quite-painfull- stinging sensation that makes shocked tears spark in your eyes.  
Yoongi immediately rushes over to hold your head and apologize profusely and he Dabbs at your nose to get rid of the little bit of blood that's dripping out of your nose with the sleeve of his sweatshirt. Apologize tumbling out of his lips,
“Oh my god I’m so so sorry- please believe I didn’t mean to- fuck- I'm sorry” and you’re not angry- you know he didn’t mean it at all- that it was an accident you just weren't paying attention. And Yoongi is panicked looking down at you and cradling your face in his hands, brushing your baby hairs back away from your face and it’s not even really like that bad or hurts or everything, your face is just mostly numb.
You can't help it- you start laughing, and he looks down at you wide-eyed “oh my god you should have seen your face- you look like you just accidentally stepped on a pets tail or something- holy fuck Yoongi I'm fine-” 
But then Yoongi leans in, his forehead against yours in the lit basketball court, closing his eyes and looking like he hates himself for hurting you even a little bit- even accidentally. He looks so upset with himself and that he’s hurt you. For all of your close moments, your almost relationship-esce tender moments you and Yoongi aren’t so physically close so often. Even though your laughing, he sighs all the tension going out of him. “not my fault you follow me around like a puppy or something- you're just so- you’ve got this-” he makes a frustrated noise, “god you’ve always got me so tongue-tied” 
And you still for a moment, standing in the middle of the court, a little blush paints his cheeks as he realizes how close you are. 
On the basketball court, with your nose bleeding and Yoongi looking at you with all that love he’s hidden on display, you realize that there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from nurturing that affection that he’s so blatantly showing right now, that he always does whether you acknowledge it or not. 
And maybe he’s always shown you that, maybe it was always there in the way he walked you home, the way he checks to see that you’re alright whenever you take an elbow or fall during a game. 
Tender and protective almost like Yoongi is your bodyguard or something. But unlike others, Yoongi knows you can handle yourself and he’s only there so you don't have to deal with it alone. He might be protective, but he’s never claimed ownership of you like others have.  
For a moment the lights flicker and go out plunging the two of you into muted darkness, especially here, where the streetlights barely bleed. It’s not an unusual occurrence, the court is kind of old and shitty and it’s probably just the security guard being passive-aggressive to you and try to get you to leave early again. 
In the darkness you tilt your head forward and kiss him, your lips slotting together. After he manages to overcome his shock his hand fists in your hair underneath the hood of your hoodie. His tongue briefly licks out to paint heat into your chest that blooms like the roses on his. Before you pull away and Yoongi’s so breathless from just the taste of you. 
And then the lights come back on and he’s just shocked standing there while you take the ball and try to make the shot Yoongi couldn’t make failing at first because your hands are shaking a little.
Yoongi runs his hand over his face and through his hair and tries to stop himself from grinning and quiet the rapid pounding of his heart. You shoot a three-pointer and make it- “holy shit Y/n you-” 
“You don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to other guys Yoongi” and he’s just standing there blushy and quiet. “if that's what that thing with Jaebaum was about,” you pass the ball back to him, and he huffs. 
“It was more about him treating you like a possession but okay- fixate on that I guess,” you don’t buy his ire at all. 
He walks you home and kisses you again on your stoop and quickly pulls the closure of your hoodie over your face and runs away. “You punk Yoongi!” you shout at him, waking up the neighbors- but he doesn’t care, his heart feels too light to be bogged down by anything like disapproving outsiders. 
later that night when they’re selling on the street corner, Hoseok levels Yoongi’s never falling smile with a raised eyebrow “what’s got you so happy tonight?” and Yoongi just tilts his head back against the brick building and smiles at the sky, unable to keep it off his mouth now. 
“Nothing man, nothing at all” and of course that's a lie- Yoongi’s whole body is light with how much of something this is, his thoughts tripping over with little snippets of you. God, he feels like a little kid, excited to see their crush the next day at school. 
You only kiss when the lights go out, in the shadows of alleyways, hands ghosting over places too intimate for public and for even the street lights. safe in the darkness where no one can see either of you and you can just be Yoongi and Y/n. The city melts away along with all of its problems and leaving both of you alone. 
You only kiss when he walks you home, or when you sneak him into your bedroom on the colder nights through the front door or up the fire escape. And he’ll press you into the sheets of your bed, his bare arms, and the black ink on his chest and his inky hair contrasting with the white sheets of your bed, and he touches you so softly, every second building to linger, to cherish, to love. 
You only kiss him when he surprises you, like the night after he goes out to dinner with your older brother to try and impress him. Yoongi’s white button-down barely hides all his tattoo’s but he does take all the piercings out of his ears. To both of your surprise, he manages to not make a horrible impression and actually earn your brothers approval (but only a little). 
He only kisses you when you steal his leather jacket- pulling you close by the lapels, or when you steal his thrasher hoodie and he doesn't even realize you have it until he sees you walking around campus with it on, and pulls you into the deserted bathroom on the third floor of the science building because for a quick make-out session. 
Who knows maybe Min Yoongi really likes kissing you, maybe he just really really likes you too, maybe when you text at night Min Yoongi finds himself burying his smile into his pillow, texting you back, “goodnight sweetheart, can’t wait to see you tomorrow,” 
For your first date, he takes you out to dinner and then to a bar that closes early but has a legit ball pit. Complete with disco balls, a bunch of fancy setups and Instagramable pastel pink floral walls, and serves it’s sangria in glass teapots. 
It’s pricer than usual bars, but it’s worth it- to get giggly and tipsy with you and bother the other patrons by starting a war throwing the clear plastic balls that look like bubbles back and forth. You use an inflatable heart- complete with bright silver glitter to block his attack and tackle him into the pit, shocking a giggle out of his chest that seems to shimmer into the open air. 
And he takes a photo of you laughing below him when he heaves you up and into a pile, giggling brightly too. You snap a photo of him too and he looks all harsh and grungy against the pastel background, lounged out like a jungle cat in his black ripped jeans and black teeshirt. his darkness juxtapositioned with all of the pink. 
You end up printing out the photo and hanging it up by your mirror in your bathroom where you eventually hang little tickets from late-night rap shows that Yoongi takes you too- or the tickets for the free day at the local zoo and a few romcoms. Little memories of your times together that you can wake up and see, and keep a piece of him close that way. 
He prints out your photo too and keeps it in his wallet. He doesn't take it out and look at it often, but sometimes when he knows you’re asleep and he’s still out on the chilly street, the fingerless gloves you got him for his birthday warming his hands. He’ll finger the edge of his wallet and the edge of the photo that sticks out a little, and smile to himself- imagining that you’re wrapped up warm in your bed, maybe curling up in one of his shirts that he’d lent you- you always say you sleep better in them.
And he thinks about maybe sneaking up to the fire escape that leads to your window when he’s done for the night, tapping out a hello on your window until you wake and let him into your warm embrace. Quiet and taking his shoes off by the window so that his heavy steps don’t alert your older brother in the room over. 
And maybe he could cuddle you a little before class, relax into your arms for a few hours. The lack of sleep would be hell to pay for later- and really, Yoongi also has papers due and assignments to complete not to mention exams to study for that need his time if he wants to even think about graduating anytime soon or keeping his scholarship until then. But he indulges in the idea of it, all the same, closing his eyes and imagining it just for a minute when he feels that photo, letting his memory’s drift back to your first date. 
Sometimes on the really cold evenings, you’ll take the train home instead of walking- even though it gives you less time than you usually have. you grab the last train home and sit close. He taps out a pattern on the back of your hand, your skin unmarked unlike his. Each of his knuckles is marked by a symbol for a royal flush.
A ten of clovers on his thumb, a jack of diamonds on his index, then a queen of spades, king of hearts, then the ace of spades on his pinky. The tattoos are newer, you’re pretty sure Yoongi didn’t have them when you first met. 
“How do you have so many tattoo’s?” you ask, you know by now that Yoongi only deals drugs to pay his many bills that aren’t covered by his scholarship. Because he has too to survive and not because he particularly likes being apart of a gang. His copious amount of inc seems like too an expensive habit for him to keep if he’s paying for it out of pocket. Yoongi watches you trace over the marks on his knuckles. 
“There’s this tattoo artist across town, he’s pretty good makes a half-decent living or would if his boyfriend didn’t have this like- rare disease or something. I’ve never really asked or looked it up- but anyway, their insurance doesn't cover it and it would be like thousands of dollars a month retail. But I get them a couple months supply at a time for like a quarter of that- and as long as I deliver it to them every few months, Namjoon lets me sit in his chair after hours as a thank you.” 
“Didn’t realize you-” “dealt in medical stuff as well?” Yoongi asks, raising an eyebrow, not judgementally but really, anything there is a market for Yoongi’s employers have him sell. but you don’t talk about Yoongi’s drug dealing. the less you know about the gang the safer you are. You nod, and Yoongi sits back, pulling you a little closer, your stop is nearing, and he knows that he’s going to have to say goodbye to you soon after that. 
“The first time I met him it was like- not great. He was so panicked didn’t look at all the type to be buying drugs either. But he stuck around and kept asking if I could get it until I could, and then I started delivering it to his place instead of having him come to me and like, you know how dangerous it is and like walking around with that amount of cash. It isn’t something you do if you’re smart or unprotected. And I think he just started giving me free ink because I cared enough to drop it off instead of having him come to me.” 
You lean over and press a kiss to his cheek- “Min Yoongi- friendly neighborhood drug dealer- who would have thought you’d be so kind,” Yoongi tilts away at your teasing because really, by now you know just how gummy soft Yoongi is and how true the statement is. 
He’s always checking in, and he’s kind of the older brother of sorts even to the others at the basketball court, always the first one to playfully shove the gangly limbed kid named Jungkook who's hung around the courts since forever (and has only recently sprouted up taller than him).
Or he’ll ask you and Jungkook’s grubby thin friend Taehyung (that sometimes comes to games sporting black eyes and leans into Jungkook like he’s the only thing keeping him up) if either of you wants something from the 7/11 across the street. 
He’s always soft to some of the younger high school kids that come by and play. The ones that obviously don’t have good role models at home. And you know by the way Yoongi sometimes gets self-critical that he doesn't think of himself as a good role model by any means- but he is a good person. 
The streets might have made him rough around the edges and fierce by necessity, but Min Yoongi has never and will never lose his kindness.
And maybe that's why you love him, why you feel so safe with him, why you smile every time you see him and why your heart beats quick whenever he looks at you like you’re the only people in the room. You know deep in your bones that Min Yoongi might not look it on the outside, that he carries the weight of what he does like a bulletproof vest and has more than a little baggage, but he’s a good man.  
The first night he takes you back to his apartment he’s a little shy about it because he knows it’s basically a closet. It’s in the bad part of town too, but it’s mostly clean and at least it doesn't smell too much like mold. There's only a single wall separating the kitchen from the half room where his single bed is tucked. But he does have nice windows, they’re the only thing that drew him to the apartment, a good view of some neon lights across the street and a full glass tilted roof where it used to be a covered balcony. 
The producing equipment that he’d saved up for and his school things pushed and piled on the desk in the opposite wall. his stacks and stacks of notebooks full of poetry turned lyrics that maybe he’ll never put a song to. You could probably reach them from the bed if you stretched out really far. Along with a keyboard that he’d won after he’d beat a DJ in a game of pool. His clothes sit in bins underneath his bed that he shoves and pulls his blanket over to try and hide the drabness of it. 
But you don’t judge at all, you don’t mark on the frayed edge of Yoongi’s duvet, or on the dust gathering on the sill of the windows. Or the bars that block the view. You smile at the band posters on the wall and the movie poster by his bathroom and giggle when he turns on the colorful Christmas lights he’s strung up over his bed and he asks why you’re smiling. 
“This room is so you Yoongi- like I don’t even know how to explain it but it’s like I just walked into you- you know?” Yoongi does know, and his chest warms with the thought of this, this place is his home and only his safe haven (besides the court). It’s the representation of his everything. Maybe a little grey, a little worn around the edges but still comfortable, still warm. 
You just stand there and look out the windows at the street corner below while Yoongi boils some milk for hot chocolate. And when it’s set he holds around your waist and hooks his chin over your shoulder, swaying slightly to the music that always lives in him while you look out the window, quiet and contemplative. 
“I know it’s not much but you could move in if you want after we graduate- or maybe get a bigger apartment together and pool our resources for something nicer- if you want too.” you’ve been together for about a year now- even if the beginning of your relationship was a little more loosely bound. 
“Really you’d want me to live with you?” Yoongi shrugs and blushes and you kiss his cheek sweetly making him flush a darker red. And Unlike how he would if he was with anyone else, he doesn't turn away or try to hide how he looks at you, so wanting and soft, almost hopeful.
He leans his cheek against your head and sways a little, tasting the lyrics and the beat on his tongue he would write about this moment- maybe they’re nothing- maybe there shitting and sentimental-  I showed you the drabby parts of me and you told me it was enough, we felt our love with simple feelings, simple people all the same, and I know I’ll love you forever if only you would stay. 
“Of course I want you to move in sweetheart.” 
You start to sleep over some nights- the nights when your brother has to go on trips for work or it gets too late for you to walk back. Yoongi doesn't live in the safest area and he never lets you walk home alone, but he does try to limit your exposure to his world. The drug dealers on the corners giving him nod as he passes, but he does catch them looking at you- their stares confused and lingering. 
It makes Yoongi worried. He starts picking you up from class too just in case. 
You still play basketball late at night, and sometimes, when your both sit on the sidelines, you trace his tattoos and he tugs at your ponytail out and at the end of the night so that your hair falls around your face, Yoongi always walks you home. And maybe you steal his hoodie every night so that you can sleep surrounded by the smell of him. 
But then, a few weeks after he finally graduates (you take him out to dinner to celebrate and get him the very very nice gift of soundproof headphones since he was still using the shitty earbuds that came with his phone)  Yoongi doesn’t come to basketball. 
Thoughts who know him well linger about for a few minutes after you’d usually start, but he doesn't show. You’re distracted the whole time, casting a glance to the gate to see if he’ll appear there, checking your phone when you take breaks until you give in and text him. 
He doesn’t answer his texts when you send him one or pick up your phone when you call. And you’re starting to get worried when you walk home. Of course, you know what Yoongi’s had to pick up more “hours” whatever that means in the wake of his graduation and therefore the expiration of his scholarship. 
You’ve thought about the possibility of him being arrested before, waking up in a cold sweat thinking about it. You try not to let Yoongi know how much it stresses you out. Your brother has told you more than once, “He’s going to get himself killed one day” or “he’s going to break your heart.” 
but you always reply, “You don’t know him at all, he’s not like that, and he’s safe when he’s out- he’s always cautious,” 
You walk the whole way home peering down every alleyway and knawing on your lip in worry. Wondering if maybe you should stop by his apartment and see if he’s there- after you drop off your books of course. Only to find Yoongi sitting on the stoop to your apartment building. He gets up with a pained groan when he sees you, knees cracking, his shattered phone dark and left on the stoop next to him. You drop your bag when Yoongi looks up and you catch a glimpse of his face underneath his hoody. Your school things spilling onto the sidewalk
“I swear I’m fine- It’s only cuz I was outnumbered that they got me so bad, my nose isn’t even broken.” he’s sitting on the toilet with you in between his legs dabbing at his split lip while he holds a bag of peas to his black eye and alternates laying on it his bruised collar bone. You’d been mostly silent since you saw him, but- when you see how gingerly he’s holding his battered body. And suddenly you’re crying, barely containing your sobs as they spill over your lips and you drink in him, thinking about the possibility of him landing himself in the hospital or an early grave. 
Yoongi wraps his arms around you and pulls you close, burying his face in his sweatshirt you’re wearing. It smells like a piece of you and a piece of him. “I’m okay baby girl really, please don’t cry over me” you smoothing your shaking hands up and through his hair. You pull away from him a little. It breaks Yoongi’s heart to see you crying because of him. 
“I can’t do this Yoongi, I’m always be worried if you’re going to be beaten up or arrested or shot at, I can’t be with you if I don’t know you’re safe.” 
He swallows, blinking through his own tears- but really the choice he makes is instinctual- he would never even think of doing anything else. “What if I quit then, what if I stopped and found another job somewhere else- somewhere safer.” 
You pull away looking at his face, seeing his brutal honesty the truth there. Yoongi has never been one to lie to you so if he’s saying it- he means it. “I’m serious about you, about us, I-” neither of you have dropped the L-word yet and all of a sudden Yoongi’s throat feels like he’s closing up because he’s never loved anyone who hasn’t left. But you’re worth it- you're worth the risk of shattering his heart. 
“I love you so much, and I want to be with you, and if this- this is your deal-breaker, then I’ll stop.” You nod, and Yoongi reaches up to wipe away your tears with both of his thumbs. His hands rough from basketball, and the little scrapes on his palms, but still comforting in the way you can feel his intention in every touch. And leans his forehead against yours, you stretch your hand back to shut off the lights and kiss him in the darkness. 
You’re glad your brother is saying late for work and leaving early because you can pull Yoongi through your dark apartment and into your room as long as you’re quiet. You kiss every bruise on his body from his cheekbone to his bruised knuckles, sitting over his lap in just a large white t-shirt. Your bareness pressed all to him and Yoongi touches you gently like he would a treasure. 
Yoongi makes love to you and every stuttering movement of his hips is a swan song to anyone else he might love- because you’re it for him. His gentle hands smooth over your hips as you lose yourself among the covers, and his careful but firm touches. 
 He lets himself taste your skin, and luxuriate in the softness plucked delicately between his lips like the strings of an instrument, to suck your blood to the surface in a melody of red and pink. Gentle and slow and lingering like he’s letting you know that there is no rush for this like he’s staying like he’ll do anything you ask. He wants to be with you until you don’t want him anymore.
And you let him know you’ll always want him with every sigh, every bitten back moan of his name, and every scratch down his back that you want to mark him and keep him as yours as well. You let him know you’ll stay with every kiss from your red mouth a brand, and every sigh and keen a promise for the endless time left. You’re marked as well- even if he can’t see it you’re his and he’s yours, as sure and as permanent as the tattoo’s on his skin.  
Yoongi cleans up his act. Talks to the gang and they let him quit as long as he agrees to still occasionally sell at college parties- and it’s enough for you. You move into Yoongi’s apartment much to the ire of your older brother, the semester after he graduates and a semester before you do.  
And though it might be small it becomes your place, the place where your love takes full form and is stitched into every inch. You get a few plants and hang them by the windows and a small two-person table set into the wall where you have your meals together- Yoongi teaches you how to cook in your pajamas, a freshly-minted pop song crackly from the old Bluetooth speaker. You hang hooks for your coffee mugs underneath the cabinets to save some space. 
Yoongi hasn’t had a family in years, his own parents and older brother disowned him when he left for Seoul to try his hand at music, and he only occasionally speaks to his brother on his birthday or Christmas. 
He’s only been able to go to college and get a degree because of his own pure stubbornness and having good enough grades in high school and on the entrance exam to get a scholarship. 
He’s only had himself to rely on for the last few years, and that changes almost overnight. He starts to build a family with you there, even if it’s just the two of you, you still are a family.
You’re the first person he sees when he wakes up in the morning, nestled into his chest all soft and delicate. You’re the first person he calls when he gets any sort of good news. The person he surprises with bulgogi on Friday afternoons just because. 
At your graduation, Yoongi shouts and cheers you on, louder than any parent would, your brother laughing next to him. He may not approve of Yoongi entirely- but he respects Yoongi for how much he cares about you and how much he tries. Though the approval there might be tenuous, Yoongi makes it clear that he isn’t going anywhere. 
You don’t mind the small bed in his apartment because you know you’d end up lying that close anyway. The large duvet spilling onto the floor as you curl up underneath it and pretend that you’re two bears in hibernation, chests and bones aligned all perfectly and comfortably, everything else outside of your little cave dangerous and frightening but it’s quiet and safe in each other's arms. 
He gets you special tickets to a behind the scenes tour of a new drama that's coming out as your graduation present. And he holds your hand the entire tour, drinking in your wide-eyed enthusiasm the same way you do when you hear his music. 
He gets a less dangerous job as a bartender at a club that the gang owns (because they’re still his friends even if they’re less close and see each other a little less. It’s not ideal but he’ll take what he can get until he manages to find a job where he can use his degree). 
You finally meet Hoseok just after Christmas when Yoongi lets it slip that he doesn't have anyone to spend the new year with. And though he might be surprisingly upbeat there is the same darkness there that you recognize from when you met Yoongi, The kind that has little faith in the world but a whole lot of hope for change. 
And Yoongi really thinks it's sweet- you treat Hoseok like you might a little brother even though he’s older than you by a few years. You make an effort to invite Hoseok out for dinner more often, and when Yoongi asks you say, “He seems a little too skinny, like no one’s taking care of him.” 
Eventually, you convince him to stop dealing drugs as well, and Yoongi gets him a job working as a bartender soon after he gets the hang of it himself. And Yoongi spends most nights cleaning glasses with Hoseok endlessly flirting with any pretty girl who walks in the door. And Hoseok just laughs any time they try to flirt with Yoongi- because yeah he has someone waiting for him at home. 
And then one random Tuesday he’s making jokes with a guy at the bar in an expensive suit jacket, and he realizes fate might just have it out for him- in a very good way. 
It’s kind of his job to chat with the patrons when it’s not a DJ night. The booth in the corner sits and taunts Yoongi with the promise of someday- and Yoongi swears to himself that he will work his way into that booth one day, with sheer stubbornness and hard work.  
He’s just joking around and kind of making fun of the guy when he gets on the topic of music and Yoongi says “You’re joking if you think that's a good song the kicks all wrong and the chorus has a wonky beat that just doesn't fit.” 
The guy laughs and looks at Yoongi with sharp appraising eyes and says “I’m the one that produced that song boy” and then laughs some more when Yoongi freezes, flushing hard and stuttering out an apology. And holy fuck- this guy is basically what Yoongi’s dreamed of being since he was a teenager and first discovered his love for Music they talk more about it, and Yoongi tries not to be excited or drop his mixed tape or anything- he plays it cool as he can. 
The next night he brings Yoongi the raw track on a drive and says, “I want to see how you’d alter it- try and impress me.” and Yoongi does, works on it day and night for a few weeks.
And you let him- come and stand by his desk and give him coffee when you get up to go to work just after he gets back (you’re only in between grad school and college now- but you’re working to save up money so that you don’t have to take out so many loans) and when you get back from your shift at a coffee shot you find him still hunched over his computer dead asleep, and sleepily tug him into bed for a few more hours sleep.
Yoongi hands over the finished track the next time he see’s the producer at the bar and he calls Yoongi the next day and offers him an internship.  Yoongi thanks him for the opportunity profusely and promises him that he won’t disappoint. And when he gets off the phone he calls you- bugs you until you pick up and when you get home you jump and scream and dance around his small apartment. You both go to the convenience store and get a bottle of cheap wine and some melon ice pops and stay up after his shift to watch the sunrise. 
And Yoongi can’t help but think that if you had never made him quit his job dealing drugs if he never started playing pick up games and met you- he never would have gotten the job and the bar and now he wouldn’t be here, on the precipice of everything he’d ever dreamed of. 
well almost everything, because when he looks over at you, tipsy sitting against the window with a pillow under your butt grinning and tipping your shoulder sweetly into his- he thinks that being a producer is only half of what he wanted. 
You make love on the floor of your bedroom- even though there’s the bed right next to you because your love is the kind that need not be confined to a single place (in Yoongi’s flowery words) even if he’s the one that ends up with rug burn on his knees later. 
There are other conversations that happen in front of those windows, with kisses pressed to your lips in total darkness if it weren't for the neon lights. “do you think we should move?” “give it a few more weeks love,” he says, pressed between a kiss on your shoulder.
 “you’ve been hired for over a year Yoongi- they’re gonna give you your own solo project any day now,”  you snort. “is it weird that I can’t help but worry I'll be fired or something?” he holds onto you tighter. 
You sooth him with a hand down his arm, your words velvet soft in the darkness, “no not at all- it’s just that the studio complained that a line of your sheet music got slipped into my rough draft last week, and maybe things like that wouldn't happen if we didn’t share the same desk.” a laugh shocks out of him “fuck we need a larger place.” 
And then months later, when you’re thinking about moving, and Yoongi has his heart set on this one bedroom with small office space and a killer view over the river- expensive but still kinda tight. And you can’t help but might need more than one room at one point in the future. 
“did you ever think about having kids?” you ask, nervously drumming your fingers on the counter his hair curling against the nape of his neck. He’s been growing it longer recently, no longer does he get it done in the jagged undercut that he used to.
His sleep shirt is one of his old ones, no matter how big his paycheck has gotten Yoongi will always sleep in his threadbare basketball shorts and a washed-out tee. It’s almost like when he falls asleep he goes back to that same boy you first met years ago. With too many tattoos and not enough hope that his dreams would ever come true.  
His eyes go wide over his cup of coffee, and he sets it down before he even takes a sip, mulling over your question for a moment before he answers “Only with you, why?” 
Years later, after your screenplay gets picked up by a popular channel. when you’ve long left behind your tiny box of an apartment and traded in for an upgraded space closer to where both of you work. Yoongi is nominated (and wins) an award for a song he produced for an idol group.
You accompany him to an award show with his same tattooed arms around your waits, though the ink has faded a little bit. He still goes back to the same shop he used to though he pays now that he has enough money. Yoongi has even steered enough people (rappers and other producers) towards the shop that the tattoo artist can charge more and actually afford legitimate prescriptions no longer has to live through shady backroom deals. 
 A few more tattoos have been added, the first line of the first song he ever produced that made into onto an album, a little lightbulb for you, and more roses added to his chest. Lacing their way up his neck ending just below the date inked onto his neck- your anniversary. 
And when he’s asked about you by reporters he introduces you as his muse. There is no small amount of fanfare for a well-known music producer and a screenwriter that's recently gained notoriety for her gang inspired drama. The bulbs of cameras flash, dizzying if it weren't for Yoongi’s steady arm around your waist. 
 “We’ve been together for years, and she’s always stood by me and encouraged me to be the best version of myself and follow my dreams. I know I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t have her which is why this award is as much for me as it is for her” 
And the reporters clamor over themselves to ask you questions too asking you about the open ending of your book, if there is any hope for a sequel of your drama, and what the open ending meant. “I think the best thing about stories is that you get to wait and see how they end, so I won’t let anything particularly telling go before it’s time for you to see it,” you say, teasing even though everyone knows that none of the actors that starred in your drama have schedules for the next season- and are likely slated for a continuation even if your company hasn’t announced the sequel yet. 
You and Yoongi take your seats to the side, but in the front row. During the award show, at the moment when the lights go low just before the idol group that Yoongi produces for starts to perform on stage, you and Yoongi tilt your faces together. And it feels like hello- like all of the time before that you’ve kissed in the dark when your lips meet. 
The moments when you’ve both found each other in the darkness, met in the middle, to be nothing other than what you are. Both you and Yoongi are brought down to your barest forms, just two people in love and better for it. Stronger together than you are apart. 
The lights go up, you and Yoongi clap harder than anyone in the stands as the starting notes fade in and the choreography starts as well, another song that Yoongi’s produced, one of many in the future
And maybe no one would know you’ve kissed if it weren't for your lipstick on his mouth. 
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Next Door | myg [oneshot]
Tumblr media
⏤𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬; Your neighbor doesn’t respect your complaints about him being loud, but you don’t let it slide so easily.
⏤𝘄𝗮𝗿𝗻𝗶𝗻𝗴𝘀: mentions of masturbation, strong language, dirty talk, oral sex [female and male receiving], spanking, slight ass play, rough sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex, creampie, multiple orgasms, forced orgasm
⏤𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲: fluff (?), smut
⏤𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗱𝘀 𝗰𝗼𝘂𝗻𝘁: 10.3k
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Tumblr media
A big groan leaves your lips as you cover your ears while shutting your eyes. The sound of loud music echoing throughout your bedroom even through your covered ears. Fucking asshole. You curse at your fucking rude neighbor who blasts his music every night and if not — you can hear some whiny girly moans as the headboard of his bed bangs against the thin wall. You already live here for two months — two months with constant disturbance caused by your neighbor. You check the clock on your phone. 
Another bass echoes throughout the thin walls. That’s it. You angrily put your slippers before tying up your fluffy pink robe. You storm out of your apartment, legs stopping in front of your neighbor’s front door. Knocking, you cross your arms over your chest as you wait for him to get his rude ass over there. As you wait a whole minute for him to open the freaking door — there’s nothing happening. You can still hear the music blasting through his apartment and that’s when you decide to angrily knock on his front door. Over and over again. You’re ready to kick the door when they suddenly open causing you to stop your movements.
The first thing you notice are his sharp eyes glancing down at you. You’ve seen him couple of times, but not so close. Black T-shirt is hugging his torso as gray sweatpants match his whole outfit. “Can I help you?” he quirks his eyebrows at you, looking at you with annoyed expression. That audacity.
You furrow your eyebrows, crossing your hands over your chest once again showing your annoyance towards him. “Yeah, can you turn the volume down?” you ask as he just stares at you.
“Does it bother you?” he asks, as his lips stretches to a little smirk. He sees the annoyance and anger on your face and it amuses him. You standing there in your fluffy robe and ridiculous slides. Who the hell dresses like that?
“Obviously. It’s already ten.” you inform him as he just shrugs his shoulders.
“And? Turn the volume down or I’m calling police!” you bark at him loosing your patience. But you only grow even angrier and annoyed when you see the amused expression he holds.
“No need to be so snappy, kitty.” He muses as he sees your face getting red. Red from anger. 
“Kitty?” you say through your gritted teeth as you see he has a one big show from this. 
“Okay, I’ll turn the volume down. Happy?” he rolls his eyes as your lips twitches in annoyance.
You don’t say anything back, scared you’d probably slap him across his handsome face. As you turn around, you hear his voice. The raspy and sweet voice but at the same time too annoying. 
“Oh, by the way... nice slippers, kitty.” he says with smirk before closing his front door. You look at the closed door dumbfounded before adverting your eyes to your slippers. To your very comfortable and fluffy slippers with cat’s plushie head. Kitty. That asshole. You angrily storm inside your apartment — silent apartment. 
Thank god.
Tumblr media
You smack your lips in delight from the amazing sleep you managed to got. The fresh sheets feels amazing on your body and skin as the scent of your fabric softener fills your nose. Blissful. You’re awake but your eyes stay closed while you're enjoy the sound of birds warbling outside. The soft sound of little ‘meow’ is heard — maybe too close for it to be outside. You open your eyes to see a white cat sitting on your bed looking straight at you. You jump in your bed causing the cat hiss at you as you’ve scared her.
“What the fuck?” you exclaim with your raspy slash morning voice as you stare at the small pet glaring at you. How did it get here? 
You knew you should’ve left your balcony door closed. You wouldn’t leave it opened, if this summer wouldn’t be too hot at nights to bare it without air conditioning. Which you don’t have, so the only option was to sleep with opened windows and balcony door. You step on your balcony, sun blinding you for a moment causing you to squint your eyes at the brightness. You’re trying to find where the cat could come from, since you’re living on the third floor it couldn’t jumped in from the tree. You look to your right seeing your neighbor’s — annoying neighbor’s — balcony door opened. Of course it’s his cat. You’ve seen him couple of times with a cat food in his hands as he came from the grocery shopping. Poor cat. Thanks to the balconies being really close to each other, it was no trouble for the cat to jump into yours. You walk in to your bedroom seeing the cat sitting on the same spot.
“Okay, you gotta go,” you tell her as you’re trying to forget the fact you’re talking to an actual cat. You try to pick her up only for her to hiss at you, her nose scrunching as she reveals her sharp teeth. “Fucking cat, even his cat is rude.” you mumble as you’ve jumped in fear. 
Reaching for your robe, putting on your kitty slippers your neighbor commented about — you barge out of your apartment. You knock violently against his front door, your morning ruined by him once again. And his freaking cat. Your stomach grumbles in desperate need of breakfast and coffee, but no, here you’re banging on his door once again.
“Jesus Christ, can you stop knocking so much?” he grumbles as he opens his front door seeing you. His hair is tousled as he squints his eyes at you. You woke him up. But you don’t even feel bad about it. Your eyes has mind on their own as you check out his pyjamas. Black T-shirt with some dark blue pyjamas shorts hugs his posture perfectly and you hate him for that. His simple pyjamas looks perfect on him even though he looks tired. Although, he smirks at you as he sees you checking him out.
You blush standing your ground as you quickly advert your eyes away from him. “Your fucking cat is in my apartment!” you bark at him. “It had to go through your balcony to mine.” you explain.
“She.” he speaks as you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. 
“Huh?” you look at him dumbfounded, already annoyed with his presence. 
“It’s she. Not it.” he informs you with annoyance causing you to roll your eyes.
“I don’t fucking care. Take it,” you demand and he raise his eyebrow at you. “Take it or I’m throwing it out of the balcony!” you say maybe too exaggerated but you don’t care.
“You wouldn’t dare!” he gasps as he angrily shoots you a nasty glare. Of course you wouldn’t. You love animals which includes cats as well — but he doesn’t know that. Plus it seems like that cat doesn’t like you.
“Oh, watch me,” you provoke him as you’re turning around already opening your front door. His loud steps are following you before he barges inside your home completely dismissing you. “Hey! You can’t just walk in!” you call out at him as he ignores you calling his cat’s name.
“Holly!” he calls out as he whistles the sound of loud 'meow' coming from your bedroom. She runs to her owner already rubbing her body against his legs. He picks her up as she purrs loudly. He turns around walking out of your home as you’re following him. 
“You’re welcome!” you yell at him but he ignores you as you angrily shut your front door.
Tumblr media
You’re in the middle of doing your grocery shopping as you notice familiar figure couple of meters away. He glances at the different cups of ramen as he tosses a few into his little basket. You turn around with annoyance already creeping its way out as you remember his rude trespassing to your home. You’re walking to a different direction, purposely, as you’re taking all of your groceries from the basket ready to pay for it. There’s a kind woman as a cashier, greeting you politely before scanning your items. You glance behind you seeing him standing right there already looking at you. None of you say ‘hi’ while both of you look annoyed as hell. You kindly smile at the cashier as you pay for your items putting it in your plastic bag. It takes you a while as he pays for his own stuff, mostly ramen and cat’s food. By the time you already hid your groceries, you’re both walking out of the store. You stop in your tracks as rain is pouring, the nitrous air fills your nose. And of course, you forgot to bring an umbrella. You didn’t even know it was supposed to rain! You quickly walk squinting your eyes as the rain hits your face wetting your clothes and hair.
“Do you want a ride?” you hear him as he opens his car with the car keys. The look of surprise doesn’t go unnoticed. You really need it but the way he’s looking at you with those sharp eyes like he’s already regretting asking you that. 
“No, thanks.” you mutter as you start walking away.
“Fine, then be drenched by rain.” he yells unbothered making you stop in your tracks. He’s right. It doesn’t look like it’s stopping any second and you still have at least ten minutes walk to your apartment building. And you’re already getting drenched up and the last thing you need is for you to get sick. 
“Fine.” you say quickly walking to his car, already sitting in it.
He doesn’t say anything simply turning the engine on. The way to your home is awkward, as the droplets of rain are hitting the car but it oddly feels calm. “So, I don’t get ‘thank you’ from you?” he speaks as he stops his car to let people pass by with their umbrellas at crossing.
“You mean the thank you I never got?” you quirk your brow at him as he doesn’t spare you a glance, looking at the road in front of him. You’re looking all annoyed at him but you secretly admire him as the black hoodie looks way good on him with his matching black cap. 
“Thank you for what?” he asks confused as you scoff.
“For getting your cat, of course.” you answer while shaking your head in disbelief. Did he already forget? 
“The last time I checked, I was the one who got her.” he says and you gape at his rudeness.
“Oh, that’s right. You’ve disrupt my home privacy by barging in like you own it.” you scoff as he chuckles.
“I was trying to get Holly back,” he simply says and you’re quite surprised. No rude response? You almost feel bad for being so rude to him. “And if I were you I wouldn’t go there since you’re the one barging on my doorstep every day.” he adds as he spits those words at you. You take it back. You definitely don’t feel bad about your attitude.
“W—what?” you gape at him in disbelief as you see satisfied smirk on his lips and if he wouldn’t be driving, you would barge at him. Luckily for him, your safety is on the first place. “If you would stop blasting that awful music so loud I wouldn’t be doing that! I’m not even talking about how you should shut up your girl’s mouth!” you bark at him, frustration clear in your voice.
“Maybe I should shut yours,” he says casually and you open your mouth as you gasp. What does he meant by that? Did he think— “That wasn’t what I was planning but I guess it worked.” he adds obviously amused by your frustration. He’s making fun of you and if it wouldn’t be raining, you’d rather be walking for an whole two hours than to ride with him.
Thankfully, he parks in front of your apartment building and you’re quickly stepping out of the car. You think you’ll be able to avoid him and snatch elevator so he’d have to wait for it or go by the stairs, but he easily catches to you and you huff in annoyance. “Where are your manners?” he speaks to you, obviously trying to get some reaction from you. And you wouldn’t give him that pleasure, although your sharp tongue just has to interfere.
“Where your politeness is.” you say as you step into the elevator, hitting the ‘3’ button as he slowly walks in.
 “Real classy, kitty.” he chimes as you groan.
“Stop calling me that!” you huff in annoyance. 
“Then what should I call you? I don’t know your name.” he shrugs his shoulders and you’re ready to tell him to fuck off — but then he’d be just calling you that all the time and that ridiculous nickname or pet name, whatever the fuck that is, irritates the hell out of you. 
“Y/N, my name’s Y/N.” you tell him as he stays silent. You look at him making sure he heard you, but of course he did. There’s no way he didn’t hear you.
You quirk your brows at him as he glances at you. Silent and grumpy ‘what?’ leaves his soft and small lips. His eyes somehow covered by his cap but you still manage to see them. “What’s yours?” you ask.
“I’m not telling you.” he shrugs and you gasp as the elevator door opens. You both walk out as you’re gaping at him with opened mouth.
“But I told you mine!” you trail after him, offended he tricked you. “That’s not fair.” you whine as he looks for his keys.
“Bye, kitty.” He gives you last smirk as he opens his door disappearing in his home. Fucking asshole.
Tumblr media
The whole week filled with silence in your home gave you at least some kind of peace — thinking he probably gave up making your life miserable. But then you hear the familiar banging against your bedroom wall. The headboard of his bed banging loudly, waking you up. You’re trying to fall asleep while trying to ignore the awful and very loud moans. Fuck. You sit on your bed violently banging on your wall with your fists. It hurts but you don’t care as long as he gets the message. But then you hear his voice pretty clearly. 
“Come on, louder.” he encourages the girl as you can practically hear the smirk in his voice. 
The girl suddenly whines loudly as she’s gasping for air. Soon enough you hear her reaching her climax as you can hear their skin slapping against each other. You don’t want it — but you imagine the way he must look as he tries to reach his climax. Soon enough you don’t feel anything. Did he cum? What the fuck? Why do you even care, Y/N? And then you shut your eyes trying to control your beating heart. He knew you heard him. He knew it all but he still continued. What a prick. It takes twenty freaking minutes for you to fall asleep once again. This time your dreams filled with your neighbor fucking you.
You’re about to take your trash out as you see your neighbor’s door being opened. A girl, no a woman, walks out of his door closing it after her. She isn’t definitely much younger or older than you, probably around the same age. Her hair somehow curled, which used to be probably nice curls but after her wild night it’s all messed up now. You sigh as you’re locking your front door. She stops looking at you before coughing awkwardly. 
“Sorry for being loud.” she says before quickly scurrying away not waiting for any of your response. At least she has some guts to apologize. When you’re returning back, after taking your trash out you see him. He walks out of his apartment in fitted jeans with white shirt, jeans hugging his ass perfectly.
He looks your way feeling your eyes on him. “Oh, it’s you.” he mumbles and you’re already fuming.
“Yeah, it’s me.” yoou bark at him annoyingly as he rolls his eyes not even trying to do it discreetly. “What the fuck was yesterday?” you exclaim as he thinks about for a moment.
“A Friday, I think.” he shrugs his shoulders as he shows his keys to his back pockets. 
“You know what I mean!” you say angrily as his lips twitches in amusement. Of course, he knows what you mean. But it’s too fun for him to stop irritating you.
“I don’t recall.” he acts like he tries to remember and you groan. “You fucking some chick! You know I could hear you! You did it purposely!”
He chuckles as he shows his fingers in his pockets. He looks hot, but you’d never say it out loud. “Oh, so you were listening? Did you enjoy it?” he asks amused as you’re ready to take off your shoes just to throw it at him.
“Fucking prick! What do you think about me? I don’t care who you’re fucking as long as your mouths are shut!” you tell him angrily as you see him looking at you unbothered — like this is not even about him.
“Look, it’s not my fault you’re not getting laid. Stop ruining my fun.” he says as you gape at him like some fish.
“W—what? What do you know about my sex life? Wait, it’s none of your business!” you ramble as he easily got you even more frustrated.
“Oh, come on,” he huffs, clearly not believing you. “Anyway, as much as I would like to talk to you about sex, I have better things to do. Bye kitty.” he waves at you as you give him your middle finger, making sure he sees it as he only smirks at you disappearing in elevator.
Tumblr media
You started to think his purpose on this world is to annoy you all the time. You’re watching your television trying to mute out the noises and laughter coming from his apartment. 11:08pm — it shows on your clock. Your eyes tiredly closes but you can’t sleep due to the noise. Are you the only one who hears that? Why isn’t anyone else complaining? Yeah, maybe it’s because there’s an old couple living on the next side of his apartment and they can barely hear. One time you had to scream at that old lady ‘good morning’ because she couldn’t hear you. You’re already tired of constantly knocking on his door like some bitch who’s constantly complaining. But on the other hand — why you should be a bitch? Because you’re trying to have some peace after your whole day in work? Of course, young people like to party and invite their friends over. Or even blast their music, who doesn’t do that? But not every-fucking-day. You sigh already walking to his door — it’s almost like some ritual. The door awfully familiar to you — even though you’ve the same — but his door mat of cat’s meme as it shows its middle finger is definitely different than from your basic beige one. You tiredly knock but still manage to knock louder in case he’d hear you. Soon enough there’s a blonde hair peeking out from the door. He opens the door wider smiling at you with his eye smile. 
“Hello, can I help you?” he asks kindly as you’re making sure you knocked on the right door. You look down at the rug — yup, it’s the right door.
“Mmm—“ “Walt? Are we being too loud?” he asks as you only nod. “Aish, I told them to be quiet but Yoongi said it’s fine.” Yoongi?
“It’s okay, I just—“ you wave at him, feeling like he’ll take care of the noise but he cuts you off. “Come in, you probably want to talk to him not to me.” Talk to who? Your neighbor? Hell no.
“No, that’s not really necessarily, I’m actually going to—“
“Nonsense, come in or they’ll continue in being loud,” he says already pulling you in into your neighbor’s home. Surprisingly enough, his home smells nice. The sweet scents of coconut, wood and something you can’t quite put your finger on fills your nose. “I’m Jimin, by the way.” he tells you before leading you further to your neighbor’s home. His interior is minimalistic, modern and very clean which surprises you. He definitely has some taste in house interior. You can already tell his apartment is bigger than yours and even that small fact annoys you somehow. You don’t even know why. There’s a group of guys sitting in spacious living room as big screen television is on the wall.
“Guys, we’ve a visitor.” he speaks loudly so the rest of the group stops chattering before looking at you. Your eyes are already focused on Yoongi as he sits on his sofa staring at you confusingly. Before none of you can say the word, someone beats you to it.
“Y/N?” you hear curious voice as your eyes follow the sound finding your co-worker sitting on the floor staring at you surprisingly. “What are you doing here?”
“Jeongguk?” you ask as you see him already smiling at you revealing his bunny smile. 
“Wait, you two know each other?” Jimin asks dumbfounded and you notice his reddened cheeks while he keeps smiling all the time. He’s tipsy.
“Yeah, we’re co-workers.” Jeongguk answers happily as you feel your neighbor’s eyes on you. “But what are you doing here? I’m hanging out with my friends.”
“I live here.” you inform him as his eyes widen in shock. “Wait! Yoongi is your neighbor?” he asks loudly causing everyone in the group watching the scene in front of him. 
So that’s his name. You smirk at Yoongi with knowing look saying something like ‘ha! I know your name now!’. He glares at you while you feel satisfaction. 
“So he’s the neighbor you complained about?”
Damn, Jungguk and his mouth. But you nod nevertheless. “Yeah, the one and only.” you grumble giving Yoongi a fake smile and he shows you his middle finger.
“Guys, I told you we’ve to be quiet. We probably woke you up.” Jimin says pouring at you like he knows you for the longest time — except you’ve met like literally five minutes ago.
“No, you didn’t. Don’t worry, I just thought...” you trail off awkwardly. I just thought Yoongi is doing it on purpose — you wanted to say but you stopped yourself. “Never mind. I’m leaving.” you say as you quickly wave them off not noticing Yoongi standing up.
He walks you to his front door little smirk playing on his lips. “What?” you grumble as he leans against his door frame when you’re out of his home.
“I didn’t know you’re talking about me with your co-workers.” he muses as he cocks his head to side enjoying your annoyed face. 
“I’m not talking about you. I’m complaining about you.” you inform him.
“Yeah, you complain while you’re talking.” he shrugs and you annoyingly turn around. 
“Whatever, leave me alone.” you grumble again.
“You came to my home. I didn’t even invite you in.” he calls out to you, not loudly though.
“Yeah, like you did couple of weeks ago. We’re even, I guess.” you call out to him back as you’re opening your doors with keys.
“Goodnight, kitty.” he says with little smirk on his lips as he looks incredibly hot and like a douchebag at the same time.
But you smirk at him back, waving at him; “Bye, Yoongi.” His name rolls off your tongue smoothly as you don’t wait for his reaction. Simply closing the door with satisfied grin on your lips.
Yoongi storms into his apartment glaring at his friend as soon as he sees his blonde hair and innocent smile. “Did you have to seriously do that?” he grumbles as he sits back to his seat, reaching for a beer. 
“Do what?” Jimin asks cluelessly as Yoongi rolls his eyes at him.
“Invite her in.” he answers grumpily as he feels Jungguk’s eyes on him. 
“Why? You don’t like her or what?” This time his other friend asks, Hoseok, as he doesn’t understand Yoongi’s reaction. You seemed nice and polite, why does he looks so freaking annoyed and irritated?
“She’s that fucking annoying neighbor who complains all the time, the one I mentioned you.” he explains as he still remembers your little smirk as you said his name. He doesn’t even know why it pisses him off so much. It’s just a name. But it seems like a constant competition between you two. 
“Ah, I remember you mentioning her.” Hoseok hums as he clearly remembers Yoongi’s words ‘she’s so fucking annoying’.
“Hyung, I don’t want to be rude but... you’re the one who always blasts your music and is extremely loud.” Jeongguk comes to your rescue, as he sees his friend already glaring at him with those sharp eyes. 
“Oh, I forgot. You’re co-workers.” Yoongi says mockingly causing Jungguk to furrow his brows. Well, he definitely understands why you called his friend a ‘fucking rude prick’. Also Jungguk remembers the way he cursed at his friend without knowing he’s the one you two talked about saying; ‘Wow, he’s so fucking rude. You should call police.’
“We are. But I didn’t have any idea you’re the one she complains about.” he shrugs innocently as Yoongi rolls his eyes. Of course you had to complain to someone. Miss Uptight Prude.
Tumblr media
“Your place is nice, but don’t you want to have more flowers in here? It’s kind of dead here.” Your mom comments as you’re preparing plates on your dining table. 
“Love, this is her home. Let her be.” Your dad comes to your rescue as you smile at him which he gladly returns. 
As you’re waiting for your food to heat, there’s a huge conversation between your parents. A loud conversation. Your mom video calls to your older sister who’s on her vacation in America, causing her to speak very loudly because the connection is bad. You massage your temples as your mom yells ‘We miss you baby!’ to your older sister as she tries to hear what she’s saying. This causes your mom to say it, no more like yell couple of more times. You’re ready to tell her something, when there’s a knock on your front door.
“I’m gonna get door, someone’s knocking.” you inform your parents as they’re completely ignoring you trying to hear your sister’s words. You roll your eyes at them not understanding why don’t they just decline the call since the connection is pretty bad.
Opening your door you reveal one pair of sharp eyes looking at you grumpily as you widen your eyes in shock. What is he doing here? “Yoongi?” you ask as you see him irritably inhaling. You almost want to smirk at him but you stop yourself.
“You’re being fucking loud.” he complains as you lean onto your door frame. 
“Oh? So what?” you ask irritating him even more. But that’s what he deserves for constantly being so loud.
His eyebrow irritably twitches as he purses his lips. “Mute it down or I’m calling cops.” he says sternly and you loudly gasp ready to throw a numerous amount of curses at him, when you feel hands on your shoulders slightly pushing you away.
“Sweetheart, I didn’t know you’re expecting someone.” Your mom smiles at your evil neighbor. 
“I’m not—“ you try to say as your mom waves your hand at you cutting you off with her own voice. Plain rude. 
“Hello, I’m Y/N’s mom. It’s so nice to meet you!” she says happily. Yoongi looks for a second at her outstretched hand as he gives you a look. The one where he mischievously grins taking your mom’s hand.
“It’s so nice to meet you, ma’am. I’m Min Yoongi.” he introduces himself and that’s when you realize he said his full name. Min Yoongi. It sounds too nice for belonging to a devil with angel looking face.
“Are you Y/N’s friend?” she keeps getting more curious as she doesn’t see the warning eyes you have set on Yoongi. He clearly sees them as he smirks at you. 
“I am.” he nods and you gasp at him ready to call him out on his huge lie. But then of course, your mom interrupts whatever you’ve been planning as she opens your door wider. 
“Come in! We’re just about to have a dinner!” she says and Yoongi casually walks in. He walks in like he’s been there hundreds of time which he hasn’t. Expect that one time when he rudely came in to get his devil cat.
“Honey! We’ve a visitor!” Your mom calls to your dad as he puts his phone to his pocket. Thank god, they stopped calling. It’d be even more embarrassing. Wait, since when do you care about what Yoongi thinks? Your parents introduces to Yoongi as he kindly shakes your dad’s hand. He even freaking bows to your parents. You’re quite surprised to see him being so polite, but of course it’s just his fake side of him.
“Do you want to have a dinner with us? Y/N cooked for us.” Your mom says as you’re gripping the spatula in your hand. 
“Actually, I—“
But the devil himself cuts you off, as you hear his soft voice. “Of course.” he nods and is already sitting at your dining table. 
He doesn’t see your face, since you’re standing with his back to him, but he knows he just annoyed the shit out of you. And you also know he’s having a victorious grin without even looking at him. When you put food on everyone’s plate you’re silently eating as you feel completely awkward as you sit next to Yoongi. He silently eats the food you cooked and it seems like he likes it, since he doesn’t have some sarcastic remarks. Although, he probably wouldn’t have when your parents are here.
“So, how long have you been living here?” Your mom asks as she takes another bite of the food. He mentioned he’s your neighbor as they introduced themselves. Yoongi gulps as he looks at your mom who sits on the other side of you. 
“For a year.” he answers and your brows surprisingly shoots your eyebrows. He lives here for a year already?
“How do you like living here? Both of you?” she asks as she looks at the both of you, trying to make a conversation. Yoongi opens his mouth to answer her but you quickly chime in. 
“I mean, there’s this annoying neighbor who doesn’t know what silence is. He’s extremely loud with his music and different... stuff.” you answer your mouth pursing your lips at Yoongi as he glares at you.
“That must be so annoying!” Your mom exclaim as she puts her hand over her heart. 
“Then there’s this other neighbor who complains all the time knocking on his door every day.” he tells your mom and you glare at him. It’s very immature for the two of you doing this, but you simply don’t care.
“I don’t like people who complain a lot,” Your mom says as a smug grin appears on Yoongi’s lips. You can see him from your peripheral vision but you don’t give him that satisfaction of looking at him. “First of all, this is an apartment building, so it’s clear there would be some noise.” Yoongi nods to her, loud ‘exactly’ leaving his mouth as you roll your eyes.
“Well, first of all, even though this is an apartment building, there should be still some rules.” you speak loudly causing your mom to widen her eyes little bit. 
“Of course,” she nods as you sigh continuing eating because you won’t ruin your appetite because of Yoongi. “Well, at least the two of you get along.” she says happily as you and Yoongi exchange your looks. 
The rest of the dinner is spent in silence and as everyone finishes eating, your parents leave. They say goodbye to you and Yoongi also, as he doesn’t leave. You’re cleaning your kitchen as you see him standing there watching you.
“What are you still doing here?” you ask raising your brow at him. 
“I don’t even know. Bye, kitty.” he waves at you as he leaves. He didn’t even try to help!
“Asshole!” you yell hoping he heard you, continuing in scrubbing the grease off your pan.
Tumblr media
What is better way to wake up than waking up with amazing smell of pancakes filling your home. You open your eyes as sunlight blindes you for a moment. Your stomach grumbles at the amazing smell which definitely isn’t coming from your home. You walk to your balcony seeing Yoongi’s balcony door opened as well. The amazing smell is coming from his apartment. You sigh as you walk to your fridge to find it almost empty. Also, there is no ingredients to make pancakes which you’re craving thanks to your neighbor. But there’s an idea creating in your mind, as you’re already brushing your teeth and trying to make yourself look somehow more presentable. You’re already knocking on his door, the absurd door mat with middle finger making you feel unwelcomed but it doesn’t discourage you as you hear footsteps. There’s Yoongi standing with his hair disheveled, the silver color making him look even more interesting. He’s still wearing his pajamas, at least you suppose as white T-shirt and dark blue pajamas shorts are covering his body. 
“What?” he asks grumpily as he sees your face.
You don’t take it personally as you happily smile, ready for your revenge. “Good morning, neighbor.” you greet him pushing him out of way already walking inside. 
“Hey!” he yells after you quickly closing his front door before trailing after you. It doesn’t take a long to find a kitchen, amazing and delicious smell leads you. His kitchen is similar to yours, but still bigger and fancier. There’s a plate of pancakes with strawberries, banana and Nutella on the side. Your mouth is already watering as you’re ready to take a pancake. But Yoongi slaps your hand before it can touch delicious pancake.
“What do you think you’re doing?” he asks lowly as you look at the pancake. So close. 
“I want to eat, obviously.” You answer casually like it’s a obvious thing.
“Nobody invited you.” he informs you as he crosses his arms over his chest, making his biceps buldge out. He isn’t that broad but he still has some muscles on his body and it is proved now. 
“I didn’t invite you yesterday either so...” you trail off, wanting to get this argument over with and already eat. Delicious smell is enough to make your stomach grumble.
“I see what you’re doing, Y/N.” he says and the fact that he uses your real name instead that awful nickname he gave you, means he’s too serious. 
“What am I doing?” you ask acting clueless. 
“You’re trying to get back at me because of yesterday. And I didn’t exactly come uninvited, your mom invited me.” he says as he takes the plate with pancakes away from you.
“But my mom has no right to invite some stranger to my home!” you exclaim as he suddenly smirks at you. 
“Oh, are we strangers? I thought we’re already pass that stage, kitty,” he visibly smiles in triumph when he sees your red face. “I think you should leave then, stranger.” he says standing there with plate full of delicious looking pancakes as your stomach grumbles once again.
“Come on! I’m hungry.” you pout reaching for pancakes but he only dodges from your hands. 
“Not my business.” he mutters as he tries not to look at your little pout. 
“Come on, let’s eat. You’re skinny, you’ve to eat.” you say brightly as he looks at you before scoffing.
“I am skinny? What about you?” he chuckles at you while shaking his head. You look down at your stomach which has some fat in it but it’s covered by your large T-shirt. 
“I’m definitely not skinny. I should start working out and eat healthy, but I’m too lazy for that. But it’s okay, I’m comfortable with my body.” you shrug as he just stares at you. Does she really think she needs to work out? He asks himself as he stares at your curves which are placed in the right places. He feels like your large T-shirt is covering your true body and he somehow whishes he would see it better.
“Can we eat now?” you ask as your stomach growls loudly causing you to pat it. He doesn’t say anything as he simply turns around sitting at his dining table. That’s your cue to do the same as you eat in silence. You moan at your first bite, as the flavor of strawberries and Nutella reaches your tongue. Yoongi ignores you the whole time, eating in silent as he doesn’t glance at you — not even once. Holly decides to make an appearance when she jumps into Yoongi’s lap as he starts to pet her. He smiles at the pet as he scrubs her behind her ear causing her to purr.
“What?” he asks annoyed as he feels your eyes on him. You just shrug. 
“It’s just weird.” you mumble as he sighs. 
“What’s weird?” he asks anyway.
“You being nice.” you answer casually shrugging your shoulders as he gapes feeling slightly offended. 
“I’m nice!” he argues and you laugh.
“You’re definitely not!” you still laugh while arguing with him. He bites into his lips to prevent him to smile at the way you laugh at him with your chubby cheeks full of food. 
“You’re here, aren’t you?” he raises his brow and you calm down from your laughter.
“Hmm, I am.” you nod still grinning at him. You’re done with eating putting your plate in the sink as you’re ready to wash it. 
“What are you doing?” he asks as he puts his empty plate onto yours.
“I’m cleaning after myself.” you answer as he sighs. 
“I’ll wash it,” he mumbles as you gasp. “I told you I can be nice.”
Holly jumps onto his counter and you eye the animal as she stares at you. “I think she doesn’t like me.” you mumble as Yoongi continue to wash dishes. 
“Who? Holly? Nah, she’s a sweetheart.” he argues.
“Come on, go down. This is very unhygienic,” you tell the cat as you’re patting her butt to jump off. But instead she growls at you making you step back. “See? She doesn’t like me!” you exclaim looking at the devil cat who stares at you.
“Because you’re telling her what to do.” he tells you easily as you furrow your brows at her.
“Anyways, thank you for breakfast, I guess.” you say as you’re turning around. 
“Are you leaving?” he asks almost too quickly and you turn back around to look at him with smirk. 
“Aw, do you want me to stay?” you coo as he glares at you.
“Of course not, get out and don’t come back.” he says almost too rudely and you purse your lips. 
“Asshole.” you say as you send him a middle finger before leaving. Fucking asshole.
Tumblr media
To say things got better with Yoongi would be a complete lie. You feel like he started to ignore you even more, this time he wouldn’t even greet you — but you can’t say anything since you’ve never greet him as well. It was just a couple of days ago, when you heard the same banging of his headboard into the thin wall. You somehow felt even more angry than ever. Maybe it was a small amount of jealousy you felt about the woman he fucked. Yoongi sexually attracts you and there’s nothing you can do about it. Maybe his cold attitude should repel you, but it doesn’t. Instead you somehow want his attention. His smirk engraved in your mind as you’re wondering how would it feel to let him fuck you. The sounds you always here is enough to tell you he isn’t about that vanilla sex. He’s like a beast, but you never hear him. You only hear women’s moans and seeing a different woman every time is enough to tell you, that he isn’t in any relationship. Even that should repel you. You’ve always loved men who are caring, loving and are couple type. But then there’s a Yoongi — complete opposite who attracts you so much that you’ve thought about him when you had your fingers burried inside of you. You pretended it’s him inside of you, knowing he’s way bigger than your three slim fingers. But even your fingers inside of you and shower head on your clit weren’t enough for you to please you — something that never happened.
Couple of days passed without hearing any woman’s moans or banging on your wall. However his loud music is completely another story. You knock on his wall with your fist for like tenth time but he ignores you. So you decide to knock on his front door but he still ignores you. You give up feeling how much tired you’re but you can’t sleep because of the loudness he’s causing. That’s when you get angry at him and dial police number. Maybe it’s too immature but you don’t care. You need to sleep and you’re done with his rude attitude. He even started to ignore you completely and that somehow pisses you off even more than his constant disturbing. Soon enough you hear police men coming to Yoongi’s door knocking. He opens the door after a while and you wish you could see his face. But instead you only stand behind the door listening to their conversation silently. “We’re sorry to disturb you, sir but there’s been a complaint about a noise.” One of the police men says.
“Really?” Yoongi asks but his voice somehow amused already knowing who complained. You bite into your lips knowing he knows exactly who called police. 
“We have to ask you to keep it down, there are neighbors who wants to sleep at this hour.” they say politely as Yoongi answers with ‘sure’ before they leave. He turns the music completely off and you smile in victory. 
You’re happily walking to your bedroom when there is angry knocking on your front door. You already know who is behind it. You sigh as you open your door with annoyed expression. 
“Did you just fucking called a police on me?” he barks at you too loudly causing your face scrunch at his loud voice.
“I told you I would if you don’t keep it down.” you answer him as he fumes like some angry bull. Shit, he’s angry. You see him clenching his jaw as he barges inside your home. 
“Hey!” you yell at him as you close your door with big thump. “You can’t just—“ You’re cut off when he barges onto you, your back hitting your front door as he kisses you harshly. He holds you face in place as he hungrily kisses your mouth, your teeth clutching against his but you don’t care. He tugs his arms under your thighs, easily pulling you up. You naturally wrap your legs around his waist as you hold onto his shoulders. He continues kissing you hungrily as you moan into his mouth. You’re already feeling your underwear sticking to your heat, getting too much turned on by just simple act. He pulls away to catch his breath but he’s already sucking your neck. “What—“ He shuts you up with his lips once again.
“Shut the fuck up.” he says between the kisses. In other cases you’d tell him to fuck off or something but you feel yourself clench around nothing instead. It’s almost too embarrassing to admit how much does this turn you on. He grinds his crotch against yours — your crotch meeting the material of his sweatpants.
“Fuck.” you moan out as you feel his hardened cock against your thin material of your panties. 
“Do you want more?” he asks breathlessly as he keeps grinding into you. As much as it feels good, it’s not enough to quench your thirst.
“Yes!” you moan as he sucks on your collarbones. Thank god you’re wearing your thin nightdress and not your pajamas with unicorn on it. 
“Mm, I don’t think you deserve it.” he hums against your skin as he pulls the material of your nightdress, revealing your breast. He dips his head down licking your already hardened nipple.
“You want me to beg, don’t you?” you ask breathlessly. 
“You’re smart.” he chuckles as he grazes your nipple with his teeth. You bang your head against your front door causing it to hurt but you don’t care. “I won’t beg, Yoongi.” you chuckle at the thought of you begging. Who does he think he is? He grins into you harshly causing you to whimper.
“Beg, or I’m leaving.” he says too sternly and serious and you know he’s not fucking around. 
“I hate you.” you spit as he smirks at you. 
“Likewise.” he mumbles but kisses you.
“What do you want, kitty?” he asks as he sucks on your collarbones. 
“Seriously? This is the biggest turn off.” you mumble as he laughs, an actual laugh and you’re happy you’re looking at him right at that moment. A gummy smile appears on his smile and it’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. He’s so beautiful and mesmerizing. 
“But you’re wet, aren’t you?” he asks with raised brow and you shut up.
“Please, just...” you try to speak as he grins gripping your naked ass harshly as your nightdress ride up when he picked you up. You feel his big hands on your ass as he grabs it harshly, causing you to bite your lip. You can’t wait longer. You’ve never wanted someone that bad. “Please, just fuck me,” you beg as he smirks. “I need you.” you continue not even realizing how pathetic you sound.
“You’re so needy.” je says almost mockingly detaching you from the front door, still holding you in his hands. His arms holds you securely as he kisses you roughly again. He already walks into your bedroom, putting you down as you stare at him. 
“How did you know where my bedroom is?” you ask him as he strips down his T-shirt and that’s the first time you see him topless. And boy, is that a good sight. His skin is pale as it shines and looks so smoothly. His whole body looks healthy as deep v-line is disappearing into his sweatpants. You clench just from the sight of him. 
“We share the same wall, you forgot?” he asks as he hovers over you.
“How could I forgot? I heard you having a sex countless time.” you mutter, the pang of jealously hitting your stomach and chest. Yoongi shuts you up with his lips. 
“I’m about to fuck you, aren’t I?” he says with little smile making it sound like he’s assuring you.
“Can I take this off?” he asks softly as his fingers glaze around the hem of your nightdress. 
“Yes.” you answer maybe too quickly which he smirks to but doesn’t say anything. 
You sit up as he’s already taking it off revealing your naked breasts. You see him lick his lips coating it with his saliva already pushing you to lay down. He’s taking your other nipple into his hands while he grabs the other one with his hand. You’re squirming in his hold as you’re enjoying the feel of his mouth and hands on you. He slowly trails down to your stomach pecking it little before he scoots down — his head between your legs. He parts them so he can fit more comfortably as he takes a inhale of your heat. You blush at him as he smirks up at you. You’re still wearing your panties and he kisses your clit through your fabric. He’s teasing you and you know it.
“Do you want me to eat you out?” he asks as he looks at you with those sharp eyes. The same one who constantly glares at you giving you a nasty look, but this time they’re filled with lust causing them to appear more dark and shiny than usual. 
“I... You can.” you say unsurely as he furrows his brows slightly.
“Has anyone ever eaten you out?” His question causing you to bite the inside of your cheek. He asks it casually and straightforward taking you off guard for a moment. 
“No.” you answer as you see his eyes widen. 
“How’s that possible?” he asks confusingly as you awkwardly cough.
“I don’t know... they never did.” you answer awkwardly thinking about your two and only exes. They were all about vanilla sex, something you like but you still missed some action. Some dominance, someone who would put you in your place and seeing Yoongi — he’s the perfect one for doing exactly that. 
“They’re missing out,” he mumbles as he’s pulling your underwear down, sliding it against your smooth legs. Thank god you shaved yourself this morning. He puffs some air onto your revealed heat as he watches you squirm. “So pink and beautiful.” you blush at his shameless words but still clench at his dirty words. 
He sees it but doesn’t comment on it as he dips his head kissing your clit. Your fingers naturally grab his silver hair grinding onto his face. He starts sucking on your clit fingers grazing over your hole. He’s only teasing you with his fingers and you’re ready to scold him. Luckily, he trails his lips down to your hole thrusting with his tongue slowly and you moan out loud. You get why those women are so vocal. He’s unbelievable. Meanwhile his fingers move to your clit pinching it as you arch your back thrusting into his face. He doesn’t say anything nor he can, when his whole face is stuffed between your legs. He doesn’t stop, only picking his pace causing you to whimper. You bite your lips trying not to scream at how good he fucks you. Your pussy tightens around his tongue as you feel yourself cumming. You grip his hair harder causing him to moan into your pussy while he helps you to ride out of your orgasm. As you feel your cum dripping down your hole you try to control your breath. But Yoongi isn’t done when he’s licking your cum of you and you whimper at the overstimulation. 
“Yoongi..” you beg causing him to pull away with winning smirk. His whole chin and lips are glistening by your cum and the sight is unbelievably pleasing and arousing. Even though you just came, you still feel yourself begging for more. Yoongi sits on his knees as he grabs your nightdress wiping his chin with it. You notice the outline of his cock in his sweatpants and you’re already sitting up.
“Lay down,” you say feeling yourself still wet from your cum and new arousal. You gently push him to lay down and he peacefully obeys. “Can I take these off?” you ask, your fingers already hooked around the hem of his sweatpants and boxer briefs. 
“Why didn’t you already?” Is all he says and that’s his approval as you’re already taking it off. His cock springs free and your mouth water at the sight of him. It stands straight from the arousal in desperate need for attention. There is a pre-cum glistening at his tip and you’re licking your lips at delightful sight. He’s thick causing you to feel somehow stressed if he’ll fit in.
“You don’t have to—“ he says after a moment of seeing you looking at his cock. He knows he’s been gifted in this particular area so he doesn’t feel self conscious about it, but he’s starting to think you regret it. He’s been asshole to you this whole time, he knows, but he doesn’t want you to feel pressured or something. You cut him off by gripping him in your hand giving him a teasing squeeze. He groans shutting off his mouth not wanting to be vocal. We’ll see about that. You think as you dip your head spitting on his tip before taking him into his mouth. You suck on him, the rest of his cock which isn’t in your mouth is held by your hand. But soon enough you grip his thighs with both of your hands as you try to take as much of him as possible. Your eyes are starting to water as you feel him getting deeper so you swallow. He moans quietly gripping your hair tightly in his fist as you’re lowering yourself on him. Your nose is touching his small pubic hair causing you to not believe you’ve taken all of him. He unexpectedly thrusts into your mouth as you don’t move causing you to gag and pull away. Your saliva is connected to his cock as you cough.
“Shit, you’re so fucking hot,” he says and that’s your cue taking him into your mouth again. This time you don’t pull away as you feel him hitting your throat. You tighten your throat around him by swallowing and he groans tightening his grip on your hair as you whimper. You squeeze your legs together trying to relieve at least some kind of tension between your legs. “Fucking hell, stop.” He growls as you look at him through your lashes, his cock still in your mouth. “Fuck, fuck!” he groans quickly slightly pushing you away from him as you sit down looking at him confusingly.
“Did I do something wrong?” you ask cluelessly as you’re trying to think about some mistakes. You gave couple of blowjobs to your exes and they never complained. 
“I nearly came.” he breathes out as he tries to control his breathing. You open your mouth as he looks at you through his hooded eyes.
“Y-you did?” you ask, surprised by his statement. Were you that good? You’ve never gave a blowjob to someone with big cock like his and it makes you proud somehow — in weird way. But his words makes you happy and proud nevertheless.
“I wanted that bratty mouth of yours wrapped around me ever since you knocked on my fucking door.” he admits shamelessly as you widen your eyes. Even though you stood there in those ridiculous slippers and fluffy robe, your angry eyes with fire in them was all he could think about. But his words are causing you to clench yourself around nothing and you whimper at that feeling. 
“Then what are you waiting for? Fuck me.” you tell him as he growls at you, switching your position. You’re looking straight into his eyes as he hooks his arms around your waist, roughly and in one swift move he turns you onto your stomach. Your face hits your soft pillows as you look sideways so you can breath.
“On your hands and knees. Ass up,” he commands you with dominant voice and you listen to him already arching your ass at him. He pulls your ass cheeks apart seeing your tight hole as he leans down and flicks his tongue around it. You moan not even caring that he’s having his tongue on your literal ass hole. “You’re dripping.” he comments as he drawls his finger across your heat, collecting some of your mixed cum and arousal. You look over your shoulder seeing him putting his finger into his mouth sucking on it.
“You’re nasty.” you comment loudly as he grins. 
“And you love it.” He quirks his brow and you bite your lip. 
“I do.” you admit shamelessly.
You turn your head laying it on your pillow as you wiggle your ass in anticipation. You hear Yoongi chuckle before he delivers a slap on your ass. You gasp at the painfully pleasing feeling as you feel him caressing it right after. He takes his cock into his hands slowly guiding it to your hole. He teases you with running his tip along your slit. “Yoongi,” you whine as he finds it amusing to see you so whiny. He slowly guides his tip in as you widen your eyes. “Stop!” you yell causing him to stop. You turn around seeing him holding his cock and god, the sight is even more pleasing. “Condom?” you ask as he annoyingly looks at you.
“I’m clean,” he says and you quirk your eyebrows at him. “I always fuck with condoms.” he informs you as the look of disbelief crosses your face.
“What about those women?” you ask even though you don’t want to even think about them. You don’t want to ruin this moment. 
“I didn’t fuck them raw.”
“Why?” you ask curiously and he wants to roll his eyes at your curiosity as his cock is starting to hurt. He just wants to fuck your brains out. 
“I don’t know, I never wanted to.” he shrugs as he waits for you to tell him to continue.
But it just has to be you to annoy him some more. “Why do you want to fuck with me raw?” you ask and he groans. 
“I just do, okay? I want to feel all of you and I don’t want that fucking condom between us. But if you’re not on pills I can—“
“No, I’m on birth control.” you cut him off as he feels relief. “And I’m clean.” you add as he looks in your eyes for question.
“Let me fuck you raw.” he says instead as you bite your lip. 
“Yeah, okay.” you add as he already guides his cock to your hole. He slowly enters you as he penetrates you. The burning sensation causing you to shut your eyes as you’re trying to relax.
“You’re taking me so well, fuck.” he growls as he slowly keeps entering you. He fills you to your brim as you gasp at the feeling of fullness. You’re so full. He penetrates your walls amazingly as you clench around him. He squeezes your ass letting you some time to adjust before you start to wiggle your ass at him. He chuckles slapping it before thrusting in and out. He doesn’t start slow, already thrusting in and out in animalistic pace. You grip your sheets tightly as his hands grips your waist to hold you in place.
“Fuck, Yoongi.” you moan out as he finds your g-spot hitting in repeatedly. 
“Fuck, you’re so tight. How long has it been since you’ve fucked with someone?” he asks through his gritted teeth but something is telling you he doesn’t really want to know the answer. So you shut your mouth as he keeps thrusting while growls are leaving his mouth. You’ve never heard him being vocal while having sex but fuck, the sounds are causing you to clench uncontrollably as you’re cumming around him.
“Fuck, are you already cumming?” he mocks you as he slows down letting you ride off your orgasm. He pulls out as he slaps his cock against your slit as you moan. He’s entering once again and you gasp, too sensitive.
“Yoongi, I can’t...” you whimper as he starts hitting all the right places once again. 
“You can and you will. You will take everything, you bitch. That’s what you get for calling police on me.” he snaps at you as his thighs are hitting your ass while his balls are hitting your clit. You feel the amazing arousal already, too close to cum again. His words should’ve made you angry that he’s talking to you with disrespect, although, it turns you on as he slaps you once again. He pats your ass in caring manner before gripping your waist once again. You thrust your ass against him meeting him in the middle causing him to moan. His moves are getting sloppy and you know he’s getting close as he starts to loose his rhythm.
“Come on Yoongi. Cum.” you purr breathlessly loosing your control, cumming for the second time.
“Ow, holy shit, fuck, can I— I’m cumming!” he growls loud as he’s spilling his load into you, coating your walls with his cum. You moan at the feeling of being full. He fucks into you his cum before pulls out slapping you ass with his cock. You lay down, your knees too weak to hold anymore. You turn onto your back seeing Yoongi sitting on his knees. His eyes follows the way his cum is spilling out of you and he licks his lips at the sight. Amazing.
“You’re so fucked out.” he chuckles as he looks at you while you’re grinning at him like some lunatic. You see some movement in the corner causing you to sit up in shock. 
“What the fuck?” you exclaim as you see his cat staring at the both of you.
“I must’ve left my balcony door opened.” Yoongi mutters as he sees his cat jumping onto your bed. 
“Put her down!” you say as the cat growls at you. Is she jealous?
“Come on, go down.” he says as he pats her butt as she jumps off your bed.
“You should really close your balcony door.” you mutter as Yoongi lays down beside you pulling you onto him. It surprises you but you gladly accept it putting your head on his chest. You watch his pale hands laid in his stomach, veins visible on his arms and you bite your lips.
“Mmm, I’ll consider it after this.” he hums as you jokingly slap his chest. 
“I’m serious.” you laugh as he chuckles.
“So am I, kitty.” And this time you slap him harder on his chest.
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hueseok · 11 months ago
love grows where you go.
Tumblr media
synopsis: › determined to make you and yoongi grow closer for your upcoming wedding in two weeks, your parents plan a trip for the both of you that lasts five days long. you know you should be ecstatic about it, considering your longtime crush on your fiancé, but by how you're positive that he secretly despises your whole being, you don't find this mini vacation with him something to look forward to. that is until things take an unexpected turn and suddenly, he makes it apparent he doesn’t hate you at all as you reckoned.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
word count: 11.4k
rating: 18+
content: angst | fluff | smut | arranged marriage au | pining au | ft. tsundere!yoongi
warning/s: swearing | alcohol | depictions of almost drowning | explicit sexual content | thigh riding | fingering | nipple sucking / play | handjob | idk what it’s called lmao but basically like rubbing your genitals together u know in a bare manner sjdksjd | virgin!reader | this is very vanilla and soft tbh 
→ fic preview
Tumblr media
opening note. hello! this is my entry for ‘the summer bucket list’ collab event by @jamaisjoons with the prompt “watch the sunset on a beach” !! i hope yall enjoy reading !!
Tumblr media
Yoongi turns his head sideways and sees you taking another photograph of the sunset in front of you two, lowering your camera right after to look at the shot you just captured before a small smile comes to your features. He could only admire you for a short while until you turn your head towards him and then he’s the one turning away, acting as if he hadn’t been paying you attention that much as the both of you stood there by the balcony of the restaurant you were dining in, enjoying the magnificent scenery while you wait for your food to arrive, your table a few steps away from where you are standing.
This was the third day, the third day of this five-day-long trip yours and his parents had arranged in another attempt to make the two of you closer now that your wedding officially scheduled to commence in two weeks.
You could say that this outing was completely unnecessary, since you and him aren’t exactly strangers anymore considering the amount of time you two have spent together in classes at school and the instances when you’d spend dinner together (with your families, that is). But you guess this is just one of your mother’s efforts in trying to play cupid, who being quite aware of your longtime crush on him, has done everything in her power to literally always force the both of you alone in any given situation she can think of.
Instead of being pleased though, you find yourself even dreading to be on this trip, knowing that Yoongi will just remain indifferent to you the whole time like he has been since you were arranged to marry, only proving your theory that your relationship with him is going to remain one-sided for the rest of your lives.
“Food’s ready,” he says and you avert your gaze from the ocean to him who is already walking to your table, a sigh coming out of yours lips as you gingerly follow him there.
Two days more, you think, and then you can take a break from feeling hated by your own groom-to-be.
“Yes, Mom, we’re doing okay,” you hear Yoongi talk to his mother by the balcony, looking annoyed and done for. “____’s okay, she seems like she’s having fun—no, I am not giving her a hard time.”
You scowl as you continue packing for today’s agenda, thinking to yourself that he was definitely giving you a hard time contrary to what he assumes. Maybe he just wasn’t realizing it because he never bothered even talking to you in the duration of this trip so far. He was always stuck with one liners, or nods, or just a stare of disbelief—it felt like you were just talking to yourself most of the time.
“Yep. I’ll make sure to do that.” You see him glancing at your way and you immediately bring your attention back to your belongings. “Okay, yes. See you when I get home. Yeah, yeah, I know. Bye.” He finally finishes the phone call and goes back inside the room, getting his bag which was on the table before looking at you. “You ready?”
You shove the case of your sunglasses and nod. “Yeah.”
You really weren’t sure what you were going to do for today. You’ve already gone sailing on your first day here; went fishing on the second; partook in sea caving yesterday. You were honestly drained out already and wanted to just give time resting back in your room, but since your parents have been generous enough to pay for all the expenses and the activities meant to be done within this outing, you just couldn’t abandon it all. Besides, it gave you the opportunity to be with Yoongi more, even if it did nothing for yours and his relationship as a couple who’s supposed to get married.
You’ve liked Yoongi since fifth grade, when you just transferred to the school he was studying at and was put in the same class as him. He has always been quiet even then, always been someone who got everyone’s attention despite not doing anything to gain it—and you were only one of those people who fawned over him behind the scenes, secretly hoping that maybe, just maybe, he’ll start noticing you as well.
He never did—well, not in a way you preferred him to. It was always just looking at your direction for a second in what seemed like an accident, or if it was on purpose, it was mostly just because you were saying something in front of the class or your friends had done an idiotic scheme to make him do so. Other than that, you and him were never considered as friends, much less than acquaintances too. You two were only schoolmates who knew the other by names, nothing more.
You were supposed to forget about him when you realized that there was just no way you and him could happen, but then something occurred in senior year that involved you almost drowning during swimming lessons in gym class and him surprisingly rushing to help you. Ever since that incident, you’ve begun liking him even more, your shallow crush turning into something more real.
You never told him that you liked him, though by how your friends teased you and how your mother had exposed you at lunch the first time you met with the Min, you think he’s already pretty aware of that fact, especially since you liking him was one of the main reasons why your parents was so keen on arranging you with Yoongi. Though not once after you were sure that he wasn’t oblivious to your feelings that he tried making it apparent that he felt the same. Maybe because he simply didn’t, but you at least expected that he’d be kind and considerate to you because of it, not pushing you away or making you feel like you’re just this big nuisance in his life. After all, he already made it apparent that he didn’t completely ignore your existence before.
“Two islands?” you repeat. “We’re going to two islands for today?”
“Yes, ma’am.” The tourist guide smiles. “You’ll be having your lunch on the first island we’ll go to, maybe stay there for two hours for some swimming and picture taking, and then for the next island, that’s where you can do activities such as jet skiing, or riding the banana boat, or paragliding. Another one of our staff will lead you there.”
“How long are we going to stay at the second one?” Yoongi asks.
“Only until 5:30 PM, since we don’t want to be there until sundown. It gets pretty dark in the waters.” He chuckles.
Yoongi nods. “Well then, let’s get going.”
He starts heading to the boat without even sparing you a glance, making you sigh as you follow him with the tour guide walking at the same pace. The mentioned tour guide was even the one who assisted you in actually getting to the boat, as the small stairs they provided was a little wobbly for you to go on without making a fuss about it, causing your face to turn red in embarrassment by the time you’ve reached the platform safely.
Throughout the ride, you tried taking pictures with the camera you brought along, though was mostly unsuccessful because of the lack of scenery your surroundings had. There was only the usual ocean and the mountains that you have been seeing for the past days, the occasional tourists too who seemed like they were going the same route as you were; nothing special about that either. At some point, you tried sneakily taking pictures of Yoongi instead, taking the opportunity of him looking at the opposite direction to make your move, but you only catch yourself hastily turning away last minute because of how he’d suddenly look at your direction, and then you’ll proceed on acting like you weren’t doing what you were doing so that he won’t catch on that you did.
“Want me to take a picture of you?” he abruptly asks when you once again try avoiding his eyes and you lift your gaze from the screen of the camera to him.
“A picture. You want me to take one of you?”
“You’d do that?”
“You don’t really have to. I’m honestly not photogenic.”
His lip twitches before he extends his hand out. “Just give it to me. Before I change my mind.”
So you do, awkwardly sitting up properly then and thinking of whether you should strike a pose or just smile at the camera. Yoongi didn’t really seem to care whichever you choose to do because once you’ve gone still and decided to do the latter, he clicks on the camera for about three times and then gives it back to you, not even bothering to see how the picture turned out.
“Uh, thanks, I guess,” you say but he’s already turning away again that leaves you no choice but to mind your own business again, looking at the picture he took.
You didn’t look horrible to be fair, but you hated how your eyes were blank, kinda lifeless, despite the smile you displayed in the photo. You felt sorry for yourself again for being on this trip, thinking that maybe if you really had just insisted on staying at the room and just let Yoongi be on his own, things would be better. After all, tomorrow was going to be the last day, and then the day after, you’re going to leave and be busy preparing for the wedding. You hardly think giving an effort on the remaining two days will make a difference anyway, so why even bother.
Once you’ve arrived at the first island, you enjoy an all seafood lunch unlimitedly just like what the tour guide said. You ate with Yoongi on the same table, but as per usual, didn’t share any conversation. You did try however, commenting how good the shrimp tasted and the baked clam you got from the buffet table. He just looked at you at each comment, eyes gliding at the center of the table where the dishes you were talking about were before having a try of his own. But did he even approve or like showed any signs of agreement? Nope. Absolutely none.
“Mind if I go to the shore for a bit?” you ask after a few minutes on being done, Yoongi still focused on the lobster he was cracking.
He glances at you and nods. “Sure. I’ll call you when I’m finished.”
You get your bag and hurriedly go outside the dining area, heading towards the ocean where the waves crashed gently against the shore. Being outside finally made you feel easier to breathe again, the breeze calming your nerves and putting you into ease, letting your mind drift away from the frustration of dealing with your no good fiancé.
Staring at your feet, you wiggle your toes a little when the water splashes against it, taking a deep breath as the scent of the ocean fills your nostrils. You crouch down and lightly touch the sand and the water, pursing your lips before you notice someone stand beside you, throwing a rock towards the ocean, the rock skipping for about three times before it sinks.
You raise your eyebrows and turn to look, seeing a young man who appeared like he was now looking for what you assumed was another rock, crouched down and attention focused on the ground. You watch subtly as he carefully reaches something by your side, causing your eyes to gradually meet when his hand stops centimeters away from your foot.
“Um, excuse me, but can you...” he gestures to your foot and you flutter your eyes lower, seeing that you were partially stepping on a large stone.
“Oh, yeah, sure.” You stand up hastily and move away, the stranger then picking it up and standing up as well, sending you a quick smile of thanks before brushing the sand off the stone and throwing it skillfully towards the ocean.
You watch as it glides across the water, hopping for about four times until it fades from view, and you can’t help but raise your eyebrows again, in astonishment once more, clearly impressed since you admit that you have tried doing what he just did before yet was never really successful. Though by the way he effortlessly threw it, it came off as really easy.
“Nice one,” you comment.
He turns to you and smiles. “Thanks.”
“How did you do it? I heard it’s like—something about your wrist but, I just never get it.”
“You flick it last second, before you let go of the rock.”
“I tried doing that before but I never really get it.”
He chuckles, somehow finding your puzzled expression cute as you talked. “Well, maybe your stone wasn’t flat enough.”
“Ah, good point. I wasn’t picky with the rocks I used in the past.”
He scans the area where the both of you were standing on and then suddenly crouches again, rummaging through a small mountain of rocks and picking up another stone that wasn’t as big as the others, a little flat like what he said was better if you wanted it to skip.
“Here,” he hands it to you, “why don’t you try?”
You grudgingly take it from him and weigh it for a few seconds on your hand. “So, I just… flick it?”
“Yeah, before you throw it, like flick your wrist so it spins.”
“Like this?” You make a demonstration with your hand and he smiles, a little too big of a smile for a girl he just met.
“Yup, like that.”
You nod dumbfoundedly before repeating the same movement with your wrist and then finally throwing it across the ocean. To your dismay however, it falls down in the waters the moment it lands on its surface, not even giving you a show of one skip or two.
“Well,” you sigh, “that was shit.”
He laughs at the bluntness of your words and so do you, tucking your hair behind your ear as the wind blew and made it fly on your face quite embarrassingly. 
“It’s Yeonjun.” He tells you once the two of you have gone quiet for a bit.
You smile. “____.”
You can tell that he was aiming to speak more but then your eyes shoot past his shoulder and you see Yoongi walking out of the dining area, head moving around in search for something or someone as you think you were the one he was trying to find.
“Uh, excuse me, it was nice to meet you but I have to head back,” you say.
Yeonjun tries to mask his disappointment but fails, face falling a little bit. “Oh, yeah, sure. Nice meeting you too.”
You give him one last smile and then walk hurriedly towards Yoongi not wanting to make things harder for him to find you since he’s probably just dying to go to the second island already to get this day over with. You bet you’re not even going to participate in any of the available activities there once you arrive, but just chill or whatever until one of you finally breaks and demand that you just head back to the main island earlier than planned.
As you’re about three steps away, Yoongi’s gaze finally falling on you, you see a girl with a big smile on her face running behind him, abruptly poking his shoulder that causes him to slowly turn around. She then hands him a hat, a plain white baseball hat that was undoubtedly his and what he’s been wearing for the past days, before letting out an amused giggle, Yoongi’s eyes widening at the sight of her in front of him.
“Wow, small world, isn’t it?” she reckons with a grin.
“Bora.” Yoongi breathes out. 
“It’s nice to see you again, Yoongi.”
You halt and stay in your spot.
“What are you…” Yoongi blinks. “I thought you were in the US?”
“Me and my family are staying for a month. A relative is having a baby and my mom’s one of the godmothers, but we decided to have a little trip first so…” She shrugs. “But anyways, hey! How are you? It’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other.”
Yoongi is so lost for words, really not expecting Bora to be here, so he has a hard time in actually thinking of a reply to her simple question. Though his mind goes back to reality once he feels your arm being linked with his, and he fixes his stare from Bora’s face to you who had your eyes focused on her
“Uh, this is ____,” he says upon your appearance. “My fianceé.”
Bora’s eyebrows raise. “You’re getting married?” She chuckles then before fixing her gaze on you. “Well, I’m Bora, by the way. Yoongi and I used to be neighbors.” 
You shake her extended hand gingerly. “____.”
“Pretty name.” She smiles.
You don’t find yourself smiling back, instead still thinking about how she said that Yoongi and her used to be neighbors. It gave you the assumption that maybe she was born from a rich family too, since the place that Yoongi lived in was an exclusive village resided by people who you were aware came from prestigious and well known families as well.
“Thanks,” you say anyway, clearing your throat awkwardly as you pull back.
Bora grins. “Um, anyway, is this like some sort of early honeymoon?”
“No,” Yoongi answers the question. 
“No?” you repeat, now looking at him.
He turns to you as well. “You don’t think this is the only trip we’re having, right?” 
His tone isn’t the usual bored or even annoyed tone, but you could still sense the sarcasm in it that makes you furrow your eyebrows at him. 
“Um, just didn’t think you’d agree to go to another one.” You purse your lips.
“Why not? It can be… fun.”
“It can.” Bora pipes in, noticing the slight tension in the atmosphere. “And I think it’d be good to go somewhere in Europe. Any country there just feels romantic to me.” She chuckles.
“Have you achieved your dream in coming to Greece?” Yoongi asks her and she grins, nodding.
“Yup, just last year. The sunrise there is really something else. It’s exactly what I imagined it to be—maybe even better!”
His lips curve up into an amused smile, a smile that you notice and sends a wave of jealousy inside you. You never saw him smile like that whenever he was with you. “That’s great, Bora. I’m glad you finally visited the city of your dreams.”
“Yeah. Wouldn’t have done it if—”
You automatically turn to look behind you because of the familiar voice and see Yeonjun running towards the three of you, and the sight of him again makes you blink your eyes multiple times.
“Dad said they’ll be having dinner with a business friend. So, it’s just us again later.” He tells her and then his attention drifts to you. “____?” 
“Yoongi Hyung,” he points at him next and a smile spreads across his face, “it’s been a long time. How are you, Hyung?”
“Wait,” Bora chuckles, “ before anything else, how do you two know each other?” She points at you and Yeonjun.
“Oh, just a while ago, by the shore.” He shrugs. “We were skipping rocks—well, technically, I was…” He glances at you with a playful smirk and you smile, rolling your eyes in return.
“Wow, small world indeed.” Bora grins. “Jun, she’s getting married to Yoongi.”
“Oh, really?” 
“Congratulations.” He tells the both of you, but was mostly meeting your gaze. “Should have known you were taken. Almost all the pretty girls I’ve encountered on this trip are.”
Yoongi tries to ignore that strange drop his stomach just did at Yeonjun’s comment since even if it was supposed to sound harmless, it also no doubt sounded as if he was flirting with you. And here you are, laughing at it and appearing pleased to hear that and he unconsciously steps a little closer to your side, tightening your hold around his arm as well that your eyes glance over to him for a second but you don’t give meaning much to it since he’s still looking at the two.
“Anyways,” Bora clasps her hands excitedly, “are you guys free for dinner later? I’d love it if you join us since our parents are going to be spending it with others too.”
You grow stiff. “Uh, I don’t know—”
“Sure,” Yoongi says and you take a deep breath. “We don’t have anything better to do, so…”
“Great!” She grins. “Then we’ll see you two later at, uh—wait, Yoon, do you still have the same number? Because if yes, I’ll just text you the restaurant.”
“It’s the same.”
“I’ll just text you then.”
And as they smile at each other and all, you can feel your stomach twisting in such an awful way that you’re certain your face isn’t doing a good job in preventing itself from contorting a little, jealousy burning deep deep down.
“Stop. Let me do it,” Yoongi says as he sees you struggling with the summer dress you were going to wear tonight for the dinner, attempting to tie the halter strap behind your neck but you were either tying it too tight or too loose for the past minutes of you doing it, and he was the one getting tired seeing you take too long in the wash room as the door was still open.
You shake your head, not even sparing him a glance. “It’s okay. I’ve got it han—”
“I’ll do it.” He cuts you off as he finishes buttoning his shirt, going to where you were and standing behind you, taking the two strings from your fingertips before tying them.
You frown and don’t say anything, just focusing your attention elsewhere and ignoring the way you’d feel little tingles throughout your body whenever his hands would make accidental contact with your skin. You were still annoyed at what he did earlier, as you don’t think he’s not that dumb to not notice how you were uncomfortable to be in the same space as Bora. But of course, he probably just assumed you were going to be fine with it because it was him who was calling the shots.
“Thanks,” you quickly say before leaving him there and heading to the bed to rearrange the contents of your purse, Yoongi left to stare at his reflection in the mirror which showed the defeated look on his face.
No words are spoken as the both of you walk all the way to the restaurant, a very fancy place you thought to yourself once you got a glimpse of it as you near the place, seeing glass walls, a bunch of decorative plants and lights, busy waiters walking around tending to every customer’s orders in their suits, and when you enter inside, you appreciate the minimal look of the overall interior with the design of the tiles and the walls, accompanied with the dining tables and chairs. 
“Just right here, Mr. Min,” the restaurant staff directs you to a vacant table for four people outside, a different section of the venue that had a pool in the middle with water lilies and lotuses floating on it, numerous other tables surrounding it yet majority aren’t vacated yet.
“Bora’s not here yet,” Yoongi states the obvious as he assists you on sitting down, something that he hasn’t done before but upon your grumpy mood, he thinks he should pour a little effort in pleasing you.
You nod, just folding your arms on the table and focusing your attention on the pool, fascinated by the way the water would ripple as the wind blew. He takes the seat beside you.
“You should’ve brought a scarf,” he speaks again and this time you meet his gaze. “It's cold tonight.”
“What are you doing?” You can’t help but ask and he raises an eyebrow.
“What do you mean?”
“Why are you acting like you care?”
“Like I care?”
“Yeah, you never did before.”
“How are you sure?”
“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you never made it apparent?”
Yoongi stares at you, almost appearing as if he was scrutinizing your face which he might really be doing as of the moment. “Are you acting this way because of Bora?” he abruptly asks.
You huff a breath and look away. “No.”
“Which means you are, right? In your complicated language?”
“In my complicated language? What’s that supposed to mean?”
“It means that you’re lying about being mad—then proceed on acting like it anyways.”
The way he’s undeniably blunt annoys you further, and you can’t stop grimacing because of it. Yoongi, on the other hand, is surprised to see such a gesture coming from you, considering how you’ve always been all smiles and patience for the last days of being together on this trip. But he guesses you’ve probably reached your limit already, and you were beyond trying to act nice at this point.
“You shouldn’t have just told me,” Yoongi says, “if you didn’t want us to have dinner with them.”
“Well, it’s not like you asked for my opinion, right?” you sarcastically reply. “Besides, it’s too late now.” You look down on the table just as Bora’s voice gets heard.
“Hey, lovebirds!” 
He looks forward and sees the siblings walking towards your table with the same escort that led the both of you here. He smiles automatically then, Bora grinning along with Yeonjun who not so subtly already has his eyes set on you. When Yoongi glances at your way, he sees that you’re smiling at him already as well.
“Sorry for being late. Are we late?” Bora laughs as she sits down.
“Noona takes too long in picking her shoes,” Yeonjun jokes.
“Hey, every piece of clothing is vital to the whole look, you know?”
“I know.”
Bora giggles and looks at you. “You look wonderful, ____.”
“Thank you,” you force yourself to smile genuinely, “you look amazing too.”
You’re becoming more convinced that Bora always talks in exclamations.
“Let’s order?” Yoongi asks, looking at you and you nod without looking back at him. 
“Yeah, let’s.”
You unconsciously lift your eyes forward and when you do, Yeonjun’s glancing at you, being the person who’s sitting right across your seat. As your eyes connect briefly, he smiles and you do too, Yoongi noticing once again the little interaction that sets something inside him he can’t quite pinpoint—though if he was going to be honest with himself, he knows it might already be jealousy.
The night just naturally progressed right after the four of you placed your orders, the delicious food being served not too long and then you’re sharing laughs, stories, and lots of red wine. You, particularly, was drinking way too much than you usually do, consuming more than what even Yoongi thinks is way below your limit. But you aren’t doing anything remotely stupid yet—your eyes are just appearing drowsy and not only are your cheeks so red, but also your neck and a little on your ears. You’ve been grinning and chuckling more than the normal, and Yoongi’s been stealing the bottle of red wine from your grasp discreetly while still chatting up with Bora which you’d also subtly glare at him for.
“Wait, I totally forgot to ask.” Bora downs her drink. “When’s the supposed big wedding?”
You don’t answer, instead looking through your wine, and you feel your fiance’s gaze on your side before he’s the one who speaks.
“In two weeks,” Yoongi says quickly.
“Wow.” Yeonjun chuckles. “In two weeks, you’re going to be a married man, Hyung?” 
“It’s so weird having your friends get married,” Bora says. “Especially if you’ve known them since they were a kid.”
“Just wait until Yeonjun decides to get married then,” Yoongi nods at the boy in which Yeonjun laughs.
“Oh, no way. I’m too young to get tied down. Maybe I’ll live my life for a little way before I decide to settle down and make my own family, you know?”
“Good for you,” you butt in abruptly, the three of them turning their eyes on you for uttering a word again finally. “Unfortunately for Yoongi, he never had that choice.”
“He probably doesn’t have a problem with that,  ____.” Bora laughs.
“Oh, I doubt it. He probably regrets agreeing to marry me instead. Probably thinks he wasted all of his life being engaged to me too—and holy shit, once we get married, he has to waste more of his life then as well.” You’re laughing.
“Uh—” Yeonjun coughs awkwardly. “I guess that’s enough drinking for the night, ____.” He reaches for your glass but Yoongi beats him to it,  placing it on the far side of the table so that you wouldn’t be able to get it again.
“What? You guys think I’m drunk?” You still had that stupid grin on your face. “I’m not that drunk. I’m just—enjoying the night, being carefree, living the best of my moments until I’m always going to wake as a lone housewife.”
“Alright.” Bora clasps her hands and chuckles nervously. “Maybe it’s time for dessert. I’ll call on the waiter. What do you think, Yoongi?”
The hold you have on the material of your dress tightens, your annoyance and pettiness getting the best of you as you bitterly think that how come it is only Yoongi that she asks when you’re just right there too.
You suddenly forget what you even said about him, how you just made it certain that you’re positive Yoongi’s going to be a bad husband to you once you do get married, that looking at Bora now who has her attention fixed on him, all you can think about is how she can make a better person to be with Yoongi instead, and that perhaps he thinks so too.
“I think we’ll pass.” You hear Yoongi say and you abruptly snap your head towards him, maybe quite too fast to be frank since the gesture made you more lightheaded than you already are. “I think it’s better if we head to our room early.”
“Oh.” Bora blinks and glances at you. “Yeah, of course. It’s better to have ____ resting.”
“No,” you shake your head, “maybe I should just go and you stay here.”
You’re already mindlessly standing up which makes Yoongi grab your wrist. “What?”
“It’s okay. I mean, you three should catch up more. I don’t really need to be here.” You twist his grip off, quite unsuccessfully though as his hold only moves to your hand itself, fingers grasping yours.
“But ____, it’s better if you stay really.” Bora breaks off into a smile, eyes flashing to Yoongi then to you again. “Besides, we haven’t talked that much too. It’d be great if—”
“Um, I don’t think we need to.”
“____.” It’s Yoongi again. “If you’re going to go back, I will too.”
“You don’t have to. I’m capable of going there myself.” You finally pull your hand to your side, getting away from his hold before stepping away from the table.
Surprisingly, Yeonjun stands up and so does Yoongi, which causes the two men to share a look with each other.
“Uh, I was about to suggest walking her there instead,” Yeonjun says.
“I don’t think that’d be needed,” Yoongi tells him.
You roll your eyes and start marching towards the door you came from which would lead you back in the restaurant and then to the way of the exit. However, walking with a considerably huge amount of wine in your system was a bad choice, and you find yourself stumbling more than once, twice—desperately trying to make it to your destination without embarrassingly tripping on your own feet. Though after one particular hit of dizziness with your surroundings ultimately getting blurry, you—
The sudden cold and wet sensation of the water sobers you quickly, and you’re gasping for air the moment your head pops out of the pool for a second. How deep was this pool even? You can’t feel something beneath your feet, a fact that immediately sends panic in your mind because water is getting in your mouth and nose the more you’re being restless and you’re convinced that this might be ultimately your doom.
But as another splash of water hits your face, two hands grab a hold of your arms and lifts you up, bringing half of your body out of the water, pulling you until your hand lands on someone’s shoulders, neck, and then you’re hugging him, holding on for dear life as it’s the only thing you can cling onto, you legs embarrassingly encircling around his waist in instinct.
“Fucking hell.” Yoongi sighs though he nonetheless embraces you back, adjusting your position a little bit . “What the fuck were you thinking, ____?”
You don’t answer but just continue to blink and breathe hard, still unconsciously clutching his body for support, your heart probably close to being thrown out of your ribcage by how fast it was beating, you stomach along it still not feeling well and you’re having this slight urge to vomit.
“Oh my god—wait! I’m calling a waiter,” Bora tells the both of you.
Yoongi’s walking towards the edge of the pool, hands landing on your waist and you feel that you’re being lifted again, now off his body to instead have you sitting on the side. As you focus your gaze forward, you’re met with Yoongi’s stare, his hair falling on his forehead but it doesn't eliminate your chance to still see through his eyes that showed a mix of frustration and concern.
This moment makes you inevitably recall the time you swore you can never not like Min Yoongi. It makes you feel a pang of pain somehow, a nostalgic kind because you think that it’s been so long since that happened, and still, there was no progress whatsoever. This was still Yoongi saving you from being idiotic for a reason that you bet not because you were important to him as much as he was important to you.
“____,” a voice enters your ears again but Yoongi’s mouth remains closed, “here you go.” 
You glance behind you just in time to catch Yeonjun wrapping a towel carefully around your shoulders. You nod in thanks, forcing yourself to smile even just a little before he outstretches another towel towards Yoongi’s direction, wherein Yoongi finally comes out of the pool and gets it from his grasp.
“Let’s go back to our room,” Yoongi says as he places it around his shoulders.
You nod again, pushing your butt off the floor, Yoongi surprisingly assisting you in doing so with a gentle grip of your arm, his hand sliding to your palm once you’re standing.
You stare at your intertwined hands and he gives it a squeeze, making you flicker your stare to his face where you see that he still has his eyes on you.
“Come on,” he says, not even giving you a chance to decline as he tugs you to follow him.
You only manage to share a look with Yeonjun and Bora, who both looked apologetic and at the same time hesitant to possibly say anything else to console you or perhaps a friendly ‘goodnight!’. You feel embarrassed for them as well, but you too can’t find the words to tell them your apologies, so you settle to do what you think you can only really do in that moment without feeling more humiliated than you do.
You focus your attention to the ground and walk a little quicker behind Yoongi.
“Go ahead and take a shower,” he says the second you step in the suite.
You stay standing by the door as Yoongi walks forward and places the towel on a nearby chair, ruffling his hair more and looking at himself in the mirror before turning back to you, eyebrows furrowed since you still haven’t moved an inch forward. 
He’s trying to analyze your posture, staring at you while you cross your arms in a manner that appears like you were hugging yourself, your hair sticking together and the dress you wore for the evening sticking to your body too. Maybe that’s why he was being so urgent in bringing you back here, since the tightness of it along your curves didn’t leave much to anyone’s imagination. He doesn’t want to have another reason to be pissed tonight.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?” His voice is still calm, composed, though you can still determine a little bit of annoyance in them that doesn’t help you in not feeling guiltier. “You go be the first to shower, ____.”
“Why don’t we just cancel the wedding?” 
He pauses at the sudden suggestion, obviously surprised. “What?”
“Why did you agree to this? To your parents? You could be with someone like Bora, you know.”
“What?” he repeats.
“God, Yoongi—do you honestly want to be tied to me? For the rest of your life?” you say exasperatingly. “I mean, I know divorce is a thing, but why go through with that when you can just end it here? You don’t have to do this because you feel pity for me and my pathetic emotions for you. You know very well that this is just some dumb scheme by my mom.”
He approaches you and instead of cowering down like what you would usually do when you get a little bit intimidated, you lift your chin up. Y0u had nothing to lose right now anyway. You are already proposing the worst scenario that could happen—and that was losing him for the rest of your life. You think that it was fair, as for the past years, you’ve had him already, even if he always gave you the impression that it was against his will.
Yoongi stops in front of you. “Are you hearing yourself right now?”
“So, you’re aware of what you’re asking, huh?”
“I am—”
“Okay, then I don’t want to cancel the wedding. Discussion over,” he says immediately, removing the towel around your shoulders and throwing it to the wooden bench close by. “Now, go ahead and take a bath—”
“What?” It’s your turn to look outraged as you cut him off. “What do you mean you don’t want to cancel the wedding? I’m practically giving you a free pass now, Yoongi.”
“Free pass? Do you think that by cancelling the wedding, you’re doing me a favor?”
“Aren’t I?”
“You’re not.”
“I am,” you insist. “I’m giving you the freedom—”
He scoffs. “—please—”
“—to not spend your life with me. Fuck, Yoongi, can you just listen to what I’m saying instead of acting like a smartass?”
“____, I am listening.” He sighs frustratingly. “But what the fuck do you know, huh? All you base on are dumb assumptions and negative thoughts. You’re not thinking or even looking at the real thing.”
Your eyes flutter a little faster before you clench your jaw. “I think I know enough to be positive that you don’t want to be with me.”
Yoongi furrows his eyebrows, his forehead scrunching together as his gaze moves to every feature on your face, as if he’s memorizing it or he’s just so mad he can’t focus on one thing. Though just when you’re about to retort another reason that would help prove your point on why you should end this, he suddenly grabs your cheeks gently and tilts your head upwards.
You automatically close your lids, expecting the usual thing to happen—a kiss—but all you remain feelings is his thumb against your cheek, rubbing the pad of it softly on your skin in a manner that you almost deemed as comforting, if it weren’t for how things are at this moment, and you can’t find the will to breathe properly.
“What do you know, huh?” he repeats his question earlier, staring deeply in your eyes. “Do you think I put up with you because I’m an obedient son? Is that it?”
You grit your teeth. “Yes.”
“I’m not.”
“Stop it.” You hold onto his wrists, not really urging him to let go like what your brain was wanting you to do, but instead just letting your fingers cling unto him. “Stop this. I want the wedding off, you’re not changing my mind.”
“I’m not letting you.”
“Why? Do you just want to rub it in my face that you hate me for the rest of my life?”
“____,” he pulls his head away a little, just so your gazes can meet better, his forehead scrunching up as his tone becomes more somber, “I don’t hate you. Why do you always have to plant that idea in your head?”
“Because it’s what you always made it seem since we met,” you say, in a manner that came out like a pathetic whimper as your eyes turn glassy, your tears a single push away from washing down on your face. “You always make it seem like I’m just a big nuisance in your life—that being with me is such a headache and I’m no good. So… so fuck it, Yoongi. I, I don’t want to always be like this and just hope that you’ll love me the same way because I’m so tired. I’m so… I’m fucking tired and I don’t want to be with you anymore if all I’m experiencing is absolute bullshit.”
You’re expecting him to be mad at you once you’re done talking, to lash out on you too and hurt you more by purposely telling you that all the things you accused him off are 100% true. That you are just one big nuisance in his life and an annoying headache he wants gone. But Yoongi’s expression remains blank, possibly wounded as well, and it remains that way for an excruciatingly long time, accompanied with deafening silence and your heart thumping heavily inside your chest—
and then he kisses you. His lips are on yours and your mind is going haywire, along with your heart that seems to have stopped beating to instead drop down on your stomach, perhaps finally giving up on giving you life.
You know to yourself that you don’t actually want to push him away, because as stupid as it sounds and as pitiful it might be, you’ve longed for this moment for such a long time ever since you liked him, that now it’s being handed over to you, you’re not sure if you have the power to drop it all away as quickly as it was presented. 
One of his hands travel to the nape of your neck as the other goes to your lower back, pressing your bodies together while he dips his head lower to yours, kissing you deeper which you welcome without a second thought, your arms that previously lay limp on your side going to his shoulders in order to hold onto something for you feel your knees are about to buckle from the intensity of everything you’re experiencing right now.
“I never hated you,” he murmurs in between the heated kiss, as you’re getting turned around and led somewhere—somewhere you’re pretty certain is the mattress. “I never thought you were a nuisance, or a fucking headache—god, you just hurt yourself with ideas of me that aren’t even true.”
You stare up at him now that he’s hovering you, your gaze focused on his face until he’s kissing you again with so much passion that you’re next breath hitches in your throat, your hands going through his wet hair as he angles his face to kiss you deeper.
Though when you feel his hand go over to hike your dress higher, possibly aiming to remove it from your body, you hold onto his wrist in instinct and he quickly stops, pulling away from the kiss to look at your eyes, suddenly afraid that he might have crossed a like already, afraid that he was misreading your actions and that you didn’t want to do this with him.
“I’m sorry,” he says.
You furrow your eyebrows. “For what? For hurting me or for kissing me?”
“For hurting you,” he whispers. “I’m not… I don’t know how this works.”
“What works?”
“Showing what I feel.”
“And… and what do you feel, Yoongi?”
He fumbles with the material of your dress, wrinkling his forehead. “I don’t know.”
“You don’t know?” You frown. “Then why are we doing this?”
“I just… I’m not sure what I feel but I… I don’t want you to go.”
You’re confused on what you’re supposed to say at that, not trusting yourself to speak, and so you keep your mouth shut, staring at his Adam's apple instead of his eyes.
“The only thing I’m sure of though is that,” he swallows hard, continuing his speech, “I want to keep you, and I want to marry you. If I don’t do that, I know I’ll make the biggest mistake of my life.”
“Because it feels wrong not to be with you,” he answers right away, both of you still not looking at each other, your gaze still on his throat while his focus remains on your cupid’s bow, his nervousness getting apparent at just the mere quiver of his voice.
“You just feel so right, ____. And maybe I’m saying this because you’ve all I’ve been seeing since high school, or… or that you’ve frankly grown onto me throughout the years we’ve been forced together—but whatever it is, I want it to keep being that way.” He exhales slowly through his nose, finally looking up in hopes of catching a glimpse of your eyes, and he doesn’t get disappointed as he meets them the moment he glances up.
“I just want you with me,” he adds, “for a long time, longer than this. So, please, can you—can you bear with me for a little more?”
You bite the insides of your cheeks, letting out a huge breath once he finishes. “That’s the longest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
Yoongi smiles despite the situation, gums showing as his lips turn up a little too wide at your claim, and you do the same, chuckling even.
“Desperate times, desperate measures.”
“I should have threatened cancelling the wedding a long time then.”
“No.” He shakes his head. “I should have been better to you instead.”
“You can start being better to me right now.”
It’s too late when you realize how suggestive that sounded but you can’t lie and pretend that you didn’t want it to sound exactly like that. With Yoongi still being so close, the thought of being with him in a completely different way is still present in your mind, not to mention the fact that as you have reminded yourself for the billionth time tonight—you’ve waited for this for so long.
Yoongi leans down and presses a kiss on your mouth, palm back on your waist, squeezing it again before he abruptly pulls back, only stopping  centimeters away from your lips though. “I can prepare you a warm bath, if you want.”
“Will you… will you join me if I do that?”
“If you want me to.”
“I do.”
“Then I will.”
“Okay,” he repeats, kissing you once more and standing up to go to the bathroom to do as he said.
While you’re left there on the bed, heart pounding heavily inside your chest, you begin to think of the possibilities of what might happen tonight. It makes your stomach churn in an unpleasant way because of the nerves suddenly kicking in, but you force yourself to get rid of any negative thoughts or anxiety that’s slowly creeping in. And it kind of works for a little while, until Yoongi’s softly calling you again to tell you that the bath’s ready and that you can go dip in, ultimately prompting you to think of it again.
“Just tell me when you’re done undressing,” he says as he turns around from you who’s standing there by the bathtub. “Or do you want me to leave?”
“No, just—it’s fine.”
You hurriedly remove your clothes, contemplating for a minute whether you should remove all of them but saw no point in keeping your undergarments on so you choose to go all nude, finally carefully hopping in the tub and sinking down, moving from off the bubbles towards you as you sit with your knees pressed against your chest.
“I’m done. You can turn around.”
He does, attention falling onto you. “Do you still want me to join you?”
You nod. “Yeah.”
“Alright. Close your eyes first.”
You snort at that but does it anyway, even ducking your head down, waiting patiently for him while you hear the rustle of his clothes being taken off, his feet stomping on the floor, until the subtle sound of splashing water enters your ears and the thud of his butt landing on the bottom of the tub. You open your eyes without his cue and crane your neck upwards, seeing Yoongi sit right in front of you, bubbles covering almost all of him just below his neck.
“Feel good?” he asks you and you nod slowly.
“Yeah, I guess.”
His eyes skim your face. “You look uncomfortable.”
You raise your eyebrows. “I do?”
“____,” he sits up straighter, “you know I’m not… I’m not really expecting anything to happen tonight, right?”
Your face flushes at the brought up topic, and you can’t help saying what’s on your mind too. “Well, I just thought, from where we were clearly headed earlier…”
“I was being way too straightforward, wasn’t I?” 
He sighs. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
“Don’t be. I’m not saying I hate it. It’s just that, I’ve thought about it for a long time.”
“About us having—”
His finger scratches on the edge of the tub. “Do you want to?”
You flicker your stare to him. “Do you?”
“I’d be lying if I say I don’t.”
“Hey,” he scoots closer to you now, cautious and slow, reaching for your hand, “nothing has to happen. Don’t think about it.”
“But I want it to happen,” you murmur shyly. “I just… I just haven’t done it before.”
At the confession, Yoongi freezes, and you think you might have scared him away by how you just revealed the fact that you indeed are still a virgin. Is that supposed to be scary for guys though? You’re suddenly overthinking again and regretting saying that last bit but you feel him tug your hand and you’re back looking at him.
“Come here.”
You grudgingly let him pull you closer, your whole face seemingly burning in both shyness and embarrassment, but the way he’s peering at you doesn’t seem judgmental or bad as you thought. His expression still remained impossible to read even at this time.
“Can I sit you here on my lap?” he wonders out loud and you nod, soon feeling his palms land on your waist, lifting you up a little to position you in front of him, and you prevent yourself from being too stiff or as awkward as you feel deep down.
You have the urge to cross your arms over your chest, but you think that it’d be useless at this point if you do, and you’re appearing more confused and uncomfortable in Yoongi’s eyes that he tilts your head up with a hand on your cheek to bring your attention to him again.
“We can just relax and talk, you know,” he says with a smile and you chuckle.
“We can do that anytime though.”
“We can do this anytime too.”
“We can?” 
“Yeah,” he brings your head close and kisses the corner of your mouth, “anytime you want to. We don’t have to rush.”
Your breath comes out shaky as you exhale. “But I want to right now, Yoongi.”
You can tell that he’s about to say something again so before he can even utter the words out, you press your lips against his to stop him from doing so, gathering all the courage you have as you drag yourself closer to him and kiss him with more urgency and determination, throwing your arms around his shoulders at the same time, Yoongi’s hands falling to your hips to hold you steady.
He lets you have your way—lets you press your chest right to his, lets you kiss him as intensely as you want, even trying to keep up with your pace while also initiating things he assumes you’re still having a hard time attempting to do. His tongue softly swipes against your lower lip after a while, waiting for you to open your mouth a little for him, and when you do, he takes the pleasure of moving the muscle in, copying the small moan you let out with a groan of his own.
Goosebumps would rise on your skin on the places his fingers glided along to, a hand of his on the back of your neck while another still on your waist under the water. Your next breath hitches though at the sensation of his hold loosening, his palm slowly moving downwards to your collarbones, going lower and lower, until he abruptly stops.
“This okay?” he murmurs and you stop yourself from appearing fazed, not wanting to appear like you weren’t enjoying this when in fact you were, it’s just that the fear of humiliation was greater than actually enjoying the moment.
You nod.
“Relax,” he says, as if reading your mind once more, leaning his head back as his eyes fall down. “Just… let me, let me take care of you tonight.”
You bite your lower lip to fight a moan from coming out the moment his palm comes in contact with your breast, Yoongi watching you carefully as he gently squeezes it, thumb grazing against your already hard bud, and before he can think too much of it, he leans in and kisses your shoulder, nipping and pulling your skin between his teeth as he urges you to go even closer, mouth dragging itself west to capture a nipple between his lips.
Something immediately sparks beneath you, a foreign feeling yet a little bit familiar all at the same time—nothing uncomfortable though or distasteful. Instead, your curiosity to experience more of this sensation was more prominent than the initial thought of possibly prompting a humiliating action.
You unconsciously find yourself pushing down your lower half against his thighs where you are still situated, and upon the little gesture, your realization that your bare heat was gliding along his skin coming in late, Yoongi groans, his grip on your waist tightening as he lifts his head up again to place his lips along your neck, trying to find a sweet spot that would have you crumbling further.
You whine as his teeth travel to your earlobe, biting onto it softly as he helps you in really grinding down on his thigh once your urgency to get off becomes more obvious. You’re not really a stranger when it comes to knowing how close you’re getting in each move you do, and Yoongi’s not entirely oblivious to not try doing things to get you near your orgasm.
“Can I—” he looks down on his lap, fingers inching from its position on your hips to your middle— “can I… can I—fuck, want me to help you, sweetheart?”
You only nod and Yoongi immediately stops you from grinding further on his thigh, instead repositioning you so that you were back properly straddling him. He gives you one more look, making sure that you were alright, and once you give him the signal that it’s okay but nodding again, Yoongi gently glides the pads of his fingers along your folds, hissing at the texture of your slickness despite being underwater.
You mewl quietly, leaning your forehead against his shoulder at the sensitivity already, until he inserts a finger in slowly and then keeping his wrist still for a moment while kissing the side of your head.
“Feel good?” 
You sigh, running your hand along his nape. “Yes…”
He pulls it back for a second and then gently pushes it back in, letting out a shaky breath. “God, you’re so tight,” he says, voice huskier and deeper. “You take in my finger so well… can’t imagine how well you’ll take my cock too…”
You moan his name at the statement and the way he begins dragging it out faster, still so cautious yet still feeling so good all at the same time, Yoongi thrusting it back repeatedly in a languid and delicious pace, his free hand going up to one of your chest to add more stimulation to what you’re already wonderfully experiencing. He notices the prominent pulsating of your walls inside and he slightly lets his thumb press against your clint, in which you jolt and dig your nails to his shoulder.
“Fuck,” you whine and he nips on your throat, “I think I’m already—already so close—”
“Do you want to come?”
“No,” you say surprisingly that makes him turn and look at your eyes, “not until you’re close too.”
“But I don’t—”
His sentence gets cut off the moment you grab his shaft and he’s shocked at how that small touch got him so affected that he can really feel an all recognizable rush run to his dick and cause him to be even harder than he already is. He couldn’t even control himself or focus on pleasuring you the second you begin jerking him, your palm tugging the skin in match with the rhythm he has created in finger fucking you.
“____,” he groans, “you sure you have no experience?”
You laugh even if you’re getting more desperate for release, practically riding his hand at this point, Yoongi leaning on his back and watching you jack him, play his head, while he does things to you too. Your face heats up at his gaze, how he bites his lip and heaves and scans your body with a certain look in his eyes, adding to your arousal. His lust is getting more noticeable as well with how he’s inch by inch becoming a little rougher than a few minutes ago, murmuring if he can put another finger in that you answer with a hurried nod.
Soon your mouths are against each other as Yoongi brings you close to his body again, tongues moving in motion and hands moving quicker in eagerness. All of the sudden however you pause and grip his wrist, causing him to stop and open his eyes to see you shuffling even nearer to him, Yoongi pulling his fingers away that leaves you with an empty feeling almost immediately.
“What is it?”
“I want you.”
“Me too.”
“No, I mean—” you begin to do the brave move of positioning his thick shaft right between your folds, keeping it there before you place your hands on his shoulders, gliding your cunt along it carefully that has him grunting as soon as you do so— “like this.”
“Fuck.” He throws his head back, slowly grabbing you by the hips, guiding your movements. “You’re gonna make me come fast.”
“That’s what I want to do.”
“Yeah?” He chuckles, his focus on the way you’re moving your hips. “Why don’t I make you come first, baby?”
His suggestion sends you to the edge, and as embarrassing as it may be, you feel like you might as well just orgasm right there. That’s why you halt to calm down for a second which he catches on right away, his smile turning into a grin as he pulls you by the nape to capture your lips.
You spend making out with him, grinding on him, for the next minutes, your heart pounding so hard that it starts to be felt even right by your ears, this growing knot in the bottom of your stomach getting tighter the more you rocked your hips to him. Added with the feeling of his touch on your breasts, his mouth moving to your neck to litter it with long wet kisses, your self composure crumbles second by second.
“Come for me?” he says then, in such a way that seems so pleading and demanding, that you groan and like a switch flipping, abruptly let go, thighs ultimately shaking as intense pleasure courses through you, probably the best you have had yet, riding out your high that has him moaning along, the sensation of your folds pulsating against his dick weakening him.
As you finish, you lean your forehead away from his shoulder, snapping your gaze to Yoongi’s hooded lids, kissing him until you scoot back and return to holding his hard shaft under the water.
“Your turn?” you timidly ask and he grins, gums showing and all before he  literally attacks you with another passionate kiss that makes you think you’ll be staying here in the tub longer than reckoned.
“Should’ve known you were here.”
You glance up from where you are sitting on, a blanket on top of the sand, and see Yoongi looking at you with a small smile.
It’s officially your last day on the island, and you’re surprised that you’re finding yourself dreading to leave it despite wanting time to go quicker originally. But obviously, with the odd turn of events, with Yoongi proving you wrong and not remaining indifferent the whole time—proving to you that you’re not unimportant like what you always thought you were—you’re now here wishing you could stay with him longer.
“The sunset’s really nice,” you say with a chuckle before turning back to the view you’ve been staring at for the past five days of your trip, the sun slowly descending beneath the horizon with an orange and pink tinted sky surrounding it.
“You know what’s nicer though?” He crouches down and takes the spot next to you.
“If you say that it’s me…” 
He laughs and so do you, the both of you going back to gazing at the wonderful sight in front with this newfound peace you’ve established with him just last night.
It’s not like you two went all the way though after the first time when, erm, you can say the pleasurable incident in the bathroom happened, as Yoongi insisted that the real thing be saved to a much later date so that he and you can be truly ‘prepared’ for it (much to your dismay, if you were gonna be honest). But it did develop something new between you and him—something you can’t put into words but nonetheless is so comforting and has put you in ease to be with him further.
“Hey,” he abruptly nudges you and you’re turning to him again, “I want to give you something.”
You raise an eyebrow. “What?”
“I’ve been meaning to give it to you throughout the whole time we were here,” he starts to rummage through his pockets, “but I always chickened out and never got the opportunity to give it to you. Actually, I was gonna give you this when we were island hopping but then Bora and Yeonjun were there and—”
“What is it?” you ask again impatiently, staring at his pocket where his hand was still in.
Yoongi clears his throat, staring at you nervously before finally retracting his hand and showing you what he’s been keeping.
It’s a small red colored velvet box, that as he opens slowly, contains a ring with a huge glittering diamond, beautifully sculpted on the silver band covered with little gems as well. You blink rapidly at the gorgeous piece of jewelry in complete awe and in confusion, Yoongi clearing his throat once more and then slowly reaching for your hand that lays limp on your lap.
“I know it’s unnecessary to give you an engagement ring, especially since we’re about to get married soon anyways,” he starts with a humorless chuckle, “but I just want you to know that, that I’m—in case you still don’t get it after everything yesterday—that I’m serious about marrying you,” he says with an exhale. “I’m, I’m gonna try being the best husband to you, ____. I know too that I haven’t been someone I should have right from when we got engaged, but I promise that I’ll be the kind of person you’ll need from this moment forward. So… will you… will you—”
“Isn’t my answer to that already obvious?” you say with a cheek hurting grin before he can complete his question.
He frowns. “You didn’t let me finish.”
You roll your eyes. “Oh, well, it’s yes anyway so—”
He stops you from diving in to get the ring by pulling his hand back that held the box, knitting his eyebrows at you playfully. “Yah, let me ask you first.”
“Will you marry me?” he asks with a hopeful look, as if you haven’t been obvious all your life that your answer was never gonna be anything but yes—as if you never made it apparent that you’ve always been in love with him practically all your life, like you haven’t been pining over him and has been waiting for this moment right here to happen the moment you were sure that you loved him.
Your grin minimizes a little at that, getting replaced by a rather shy yet still bright smile, before you nod solemnly,  and Yoongi lets out a relieved sigh, taking the ring out of the box and holding your hand, gently wearing the ring on the designated finger.
“How’d you know my size?” you wonder and he shrugs.
“Asked your mom.”
“Figures why she kept on texting me for updates then.”
“Same with mine. Kept bugging me when I would give you the ring.” He laughs, rubbing his thumb along your knuckles, letting it brush along the diamond. “Do you like it?”
You stare at it, tears starting to form but you hold it in, finding it ridiculous to cry out of happiness but a tear still manages to escape which he quickly wipes away with the pad of his thumb.
“I love it,” you assure him, and you stop yourself from getting too surprised when he leans in to place a quick kiss on your lips and the spot where the tear landed seconds ago, instead speaking again in a joking manner to cover up your shyness once more. “Just sucks that you had to give it late again.”
Yoongi breathes out a snort, sitting straight. “Well, better late than never, right?”
“Is that going to be your argument all the time?”
“No, of course not.” He glares at you jokingly. “I’ll make sure to always be on time from now on.”
“And what if you don’t?”
“I won’t.” He presses. “I’m always going to be anywhere you’ll want and need me.”
You peer at him. “Always?” you repeat unconsciously and he can’t help but smile at your dumbfounded expression, Yoongi slightly biting his lower lip as he nods and steals a quick kiss on your mouth again.
Perhaps you looked too much of a whipped lover while you continued to stare at him, and perhaps he did too, still holding your hand and taking quick glances at the finger that wore the engagement ring he bought. Looking at it now, he wished he had given it to you the moment you two met up at the airport to go to this island, thinking that maybe if he did, it would have helped him express his fondness to you better.
“You hungry?” he abruptly questions and you laugh at the indeed spontaneity of it. “Let’s eat somewhere delicious around here before we go home tomorrow.”
“Is it going to be your treat?” You outstretch your hands upwards once he successfully stands up, Yoongi pulling you towards him upon the gesture.
“That’s another yes for you then.”
He rolls his eyes, automatically grasping your hand before leading the way, Yoongi glancing at you to see this shy yet undeniably happy smile plastered on your lips with your attention however focused on your intertwined fingers, particularly on the ring that is finally on its rightful place.
Twelve days more, he thinks, and then he’ll be getting married to the only person he knows he’ll forever want to be by his side.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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guksthighs · 3 years ago
Cuddles || myg
Tumblr media
Excerpt: ‘“I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly. ’
Genre: so so so fluffy
Length: 1k
A/N: all the hugs pls
Tumblr media
“Are you awake?” Yoongi’s morning voice was lower than usual, his lips brushing against your ear, placing a hand on your shoulder and squeezing gently, to check if you were awake yet. You had been awake since he had started stirring, his legs and arms stretching before he curled back into a ball and then woke up with a long yawn.
“You are awake,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist to turn you around and place a kiss on both of your closed eyes, watching them slowly open with a grin, “there’s my pumpkin.” You sighed and moved further into his arms.
The mornings were the times that Yoongi was at his cuddliest; his hair sticking up at odd angles and eyes barely open. These were the best moments for you, Yoongi happy to bury his head in your chest with small sounds sighs leaving his mouth or letting you wrap yourself in a blanket and roll into his arms; he put up with anything as long as you were in his arms at the end of your nonsense.
The sound of Taehyung’s shouting made you cling closer to him, not wanting your moment to be ruined but just as you had buried your head into his chest, smiling as he pulled the duvet over your figures as if it would shield you from the passing of time. “I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly.
“And I love you, cupcake,” his fingers traced patterns against your bare arms, and just as you relaxed and felt yourself going  back to sleep, the door was shoved open and the cover was ripped off your bodies, causing you to yelp and burrow further into Yoongi who was already glaring at the culprit.
“Park Jimin put the cover down and get out.” His voice was void of emotion and cold, and you looked up to see Jimin grinning, placing the cover down completely unafraid of the older member. He looked like he had been up for a while, wearing tracksuits and a sweater to show he’d probably just gone for a run.
Jimin stood in the doorway with a grin, “Joon said breakfast was compulsory today, you can cuddle at the table, we all find it cute.” Yoongi threw a pillow at him, but Jimin had already run out with a laugh, turning on the lights to your room which made you grimace in annoyance.
You turned to see Yoongi frowning and as he looked at you he sat up and seemed ready to fight at Jin, so you quickly wrapped him in your arms, “let’s go have breakfast babe, I promise we can sit next to each other and you can hold my hand if you want.” An unconscious smile spread across his lips and as soon as he saw you smiling, he leant forward and pressed his lips to yours.
“You’re really are the best thing in my life,” he climbed out of the bed, tossing you one of his sweaters from the floor and walking over to help you put it on, sliding it over your head and kissing your nose when it peeked out. You were still wearing your pyjama shorts and Yoongi his tracksuits, but you preferred to sleep topless with him to enjoy the feeling of his muscle on your soft skin.
“Get your top on stud,” you laughed and watched his muscles flex as he pulled his shirt on and you silently thanked the comeback for forcing your boyfriend to go to the gym although you loved it when he was fluffier, cheeks a bit chubbier which made him, even more, clingier and huggable.
As you both stood up, Yoongi hooked an arm around your waist, pulling you into his side to make you laugh, chuckling you made a kissing sound, “my little baby is so possessive,” you squeezed his cheek and laughed when he pouted.
“No lovey-dovey business at the table,” Jeongguk groaned, as you sat down next to the youngest member, resting your head on Yoongi’s shoulder with a content sigh pretending not to notice Jeongguk pulling faces at you.
“We’ll do what we want to,” Yoongi laughed, and pulled you in for another kiss, slowly moving to press small kisses on your face, along your laugh lines and then on the forehead before moving to make eye contact with Jeongguk and sticking his tongue out.
“Stop being so childish babe,” you giggled, tackling him into a hug and swaying side to side as you let the scent of him overwhelm you and remind you of one of the many reasons you loved him. Then Yoongi kept pulling you closer, his hands wrapped around your waist until he pulled you onto his lap.
You happily sat there, turning around so you could eat the pancakes that Jin had just placed on the plate intended for Yoongi, and as the boys watched you tuck into the blueberry pancakes as Yoongi grumbled in annoyance behind you they all laughed at the way you had him wrapped around his little finger.
Finally, he moved you back into your seat, laughing when he saw how little was on his plate and quickly he began eating, determined to not let you eat more but you quickly scraped your pancakes onto his plates, pressing a kiss to his cheek before sinking back into your chair.
“I want to get you chubby again,” you laughed when Namjoon sent you a warning glare, “I want his cheeks back!” you shrugged and pinched Yoongi’s cheeks to prove your point, “it’s okay, I love him no matter what he looks like.
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
Sugary Sweet
(Polyamory au) ( Bunny Hybrid! Reader x Tiger Hybrid! Taehyung x Cat Hybrid! Yoongi x Owner! Namjoon)
SUMMARY: Namjoon has a perfect life once he moves out of the city to a cabin alongside his two rescue hybrids, Yoongi and Taehyung. But then one night in the middle of the rainstorm they find you, a bunny hybrid, hiding in their chicken coop.  
WARNINGS: Anxiety attacks, Anxious! Namjoon, mentions of hybrid abandonment, hybrid mistreatment, Half of this is Domestic fluff, possessive behavior. 
W/C: 5,000 words of backstory you don't need + 5,000 words of pure fluff
Tumblr media
- Namjoon was not what you call a people person, not most days anyway. 
- Most of the time he preferred to sit at his desk in his little box of an apartment building and write away at his laptop, content only to leave if inspiration was failing him or if his need for caffeine overtook his anxiety. 
- Public places made him anxious, the clawing dread in his chest something he couldn’t shove down and live through, of course Namjoon was admittedly living in the middle of one of the largest metropolitan cities in the world. But the feeling didn’t go away and leave him with age like it should have when he’d aged from being a shy school child into being a full-fledged adult with an anxiety disorder. 
- Instead mid twenties Namjoon sat down at his desk for almost a whole year and wrote a book. Of course it was successful, the fantasy and philosophical tidbits combined to an adventure story that captivated audiences. 
- His publishers tried to get him to go for photo ops and for interviews no matter how much they begged Namjoon even as his novel climbed on the bestseller list. He didn’t want to look like a bumbling idiot in front of cameras, all those eyes on him, just the thought of it made him feel like he was going to be sick.
- So Namjoon’s daily routine was this, he woke up at a time most people would consider lunch or even dinner, and wrote for a few hours. Then he would go  out for coffee at around 6 pm or so when everything wasn’t so crowded in his favorite coffee shop (that his best and only friend Jin owned, they’d only became friends with because back when Namjoon’s anxiety wasn’t so bad Namjoon used to write late night in Seokjin’s 24/hour coffee shop.)
- It’s an idea for his next book that makes him adopt a hybrid, because he’d never had one and Namjoon is always thorough in his research, and if he’s going to write about a hybrid character then he needs to know what it’s like to live with one. 
- The beginning of the process is surprisingly easy, but the next step, actually choosing one is the hardest. Namjoon looks in the room of bounding puppies and foxes and bears that are all playing and biting each other’s ears and Namjoon isn't comforted just overwhelmed. 
- Not able to choose Namjoon turns and walks down the hall, thinking that maybe this was a mistake, maybe he should just make the character in his book a human, maybe it was bad of him too want to get a hybrid for selfish reasons when in reality they where so close to people. 
- “Hey watch where you’re going!” a low grumpy voice says the second before Namjoon trips over a pair of stretched out legs. Namjoonfalls flat on his face barely managing to catch himself against the linoleum. He doesn’t even know how he manages to scratch his palms so bad. They make him hiss in pain as he picks himself up.
- “What the fuck! can’t you see anything with those glasses?” the person growls, dressed in all black baggy clothes, a round face with a hood pulled up over his head and a pair of headphones. “Apparently not” Namjoon says wiping his scraped hands on his jeans. One of the attendants comes crashing through the door. “I’m sorry mister! Did he hurt you at all?” Namjoon stutters out a no before they turn to small man that Namjoon tripped over.
- Namjoon is just about to apologize to him again before the attendant hisses almost lower than Namjoon can hear, “you where supposed to be in your pen Yoongi, making sure you didn’t bother the patrons. Now apologize.” Namjoon spies the electric prod through the attendants waste, the way his hand hovers on it and the way Yoongi shrinks into the back, no not the man- the hybrid, whose hands are covered by the large sweatshirt that sticks over his hands, and the black hood that covers lumps which must be ears of some sort.
- “I’m sorry” Yoongi says, his face downward. And Namjoon feels the protective instinct in him swell up. Thoughtlessly he reaches up and pushes back Yoongi’s hood, Yoongi flinches and Namjoon becomes even more displeased as he spies the small black cat ears that are poking out of the hybrids rumpled curly hair.
- “Actually, I was just talking to Yoongi about the possibility of adopting him when I tripped, we where just on our way to the office.” Yoongi’s eyes are wide as dinner plates alongside the attendants, his lips parted, his puffy tail swishing. No matter how hard they try to convince Namjoon to adopt “a more suitable companion.” 
- Namjoon won’t budge. Yoongi is going to be his hybrid. 
- Namjoon assures the facilities manager again and again that he knows the return policy and that this hybrid is the one he wants. The middle-aged woman goes on and on about how Yoongi is the most disobedient and disrespectful hybrid in the whole facility. But her whole speech about how horrible the hybrid next to him is just makes him want to adopt the other more. 
- Yoongi keeps his eyes downcast for the entirety of the meeting, With every negative word Yoongi shrinks a little bit more, his shoulders crumpling in on himself, it’s only when the woman leaves that he talks, “are you sure you still want me?”
- “You want to leave here right?” Namjoon answers. Yoongi sends a tentative glace in the direction of the corner of the room, and Namjoon spies a camera, it’s red eye blinking, recording their conversation . “Please.” Yoongi begs, low and almost a whisper. His eyes down at the floor. Namjoon’s hand comes up to rub against his ears and Yoongi flinches again.
- A 400,000 won adoption fee later and Yoongi is heading out of the adoption facility side by side with Namjoon. His belongings in a black backpack on his back. “It’s not much,” Namjoon says, when he flicks on the light to his pre-war apartment, the brick walls pained over with white and the old fashion fridge and steal sink filled with dishes that Namjoon meant to do this morning before leaving “But I hope it’s enough.”
- He probably should have cleaned up a little bit and now he finds himself shy over how Dingee his apartment looks with cobwebs in the arched ceilings, the piles of his rough draft on the small circular table by the window where Namjoon eats, the battered curtains drawn up close against the windows and the thread bear blue velvet couch that Namjoon falls asleep on editing 9 times out of ten. 
- Yoongi doesn’t make a sound one way or another, but Namjoon busies himself with dishes when he notices Yoongi’s eyes are filling with tears and prattles to Yoongi about his collection of take-out menus and that Yoongi can choose tonight. Yoongi’s not upset about the state of the apartment though- he’s so so happy, because this place is his, he’d never had his own space before.  
- Over the first few weeks of owning Yoongi, Namjoon starts to realize, Namjoon might not be a people person because he’s hybrid person. 
- Yoongi could be biting in his comments and harsh with his undertones but at the end of the day, he never curled up on Namjoon’s pull out couch to sleep, instead preferring to curl up around Namjoon’s thighs in Namjoon’s bed.
- Even if he pretended that he didn’t want cuddles when Namjoon would enter his room around bedtime and find the small hybrid curled up in the very middle of his bed watching some TV show on the TV propped up on his dresser. Even if the hybrid hissed at Namjoon when he initially tried to pet his ears, it was always around the third of 4th pass when Yoongi finally relaxed against Namjoon, the slow purring filling his bedroom. 
- Yoongi might bitrate and badger Namjoon for more cream in the fridge or laugh openly whenever Namjoon trips, but he always always always purrs when Namjoon shows him any sort of affection. The low rumbling making Namjoon smirk, and Yoongi blush as his eyes blink closed lazily. 
- After the first few weeks, once Yoongi gets comfortable Namjoon is sure that Yoongi is the most affectionate hybrid that he’s ever met. 
- Namjoon doesn’t realize how much the companionship is doing for his mental health, his anxiety, until they go out to the store one-day together. Usually he would never think about going to the store during the day, but Yoongi literally drags him away from the first draft of his novel and makes Namjoon go. 
- “I swear to god Joon if you live off of microwave meals forever you’re going to get an ulcer and die” he hisses when Namjoon tries to drag it out so that E-mart will be a little bit less crowded from people just getting off work. But Namjoon just smiles’, knowing the bickering is how Yoongi shows he cares. 
- They go to the store, and with Yoongi by his side Namjoon doesn’t get anxious at all. It’s a miracle really, and when Namjoon realizes it late one night when they’re walking through the crowded streets of Gangnam, feeling as at ease as he would in his own home. He would have gotten a hybrid much much sooner if he knew it would have had such a positive effect on his life, and as far as hybrids go…Namjoon can tell that Yoongi is special. 
- But then one day, Yoongi looses him in the crowd, there are too many faces, too many people moving at a brisk pace through the lit up streets of Myeongdong, food stalls advertise food with shouts that crowd out his mind, and then someone recognizes him from the cover on the back of his book and shouts his name and even more people turn and Namjoon can’t breath as someone takes out their phone and shoves a camera in his face the flash making white spots dance along with the black in his vision. 
- Yoongi’s hand is like a vice around his as he pulls Namjoon away towards the subway station. Namjoon curls into Yoongi’s shoulder and doesn’t look at a single person as he shakes through the end of the panic attack on the subway ride home. Listening only to Yoongi’s voice as it says low in his ear “we’re gonna be okay Namjoon- you’re okay, no ones looking at you, hell I won’t look at you if you don’t want me too.” 
- It takes a few weeks, and more than a few days with Yoongi curled up on the pull out couch and Namjoon’s bed, Namjoon’s head buried in Yoongi’s shoulder. Before Namjoon can even think about setting foot outside again. 
- And then the eventual question from Yoongi “if Seoul makes you so anxious- why don’t you just move?” 
- “Don’t you like the city?” Namjoon asks, by lew of an answer. Really Namjoon could move, he only meets with his publishers every few months and his editor, Jimin communicates with him mostly through email or Skype call. Namjoon could move to the countryside and out of Seoul. but Namjoon thought Yoongi had grown up in the city like himself, and that he would want to stay, “Not if it make you like this Joon.” Yoongi admits, his teeth gnawing on his lower lip as the hybrid looks up at him from beneath his lashes, concerned. 
- Namjoon searches for a house in the greater Seoul area and comes across a few good options, a modern loft in a residential neighborhood, but that doesn't have a yard, or a condo- which is right next to a park near a train station and this gorgeous little turn of the century cabin, with two stories and two bedrooms. His second novel peaks at number 2 on the best sellers list. “We need to get a car before we buy a house out there.” Namjoon realizes a few weeks after that- because as much as pictures are lovely he knows Yoongi needs to see the house in person. 
- They find a gently used car for sale on Facebook and Namjoon is just walking to pick It up in the theater district early one evening when he spies something.
- The red circus tent is being dismantled, half of the red and white spiral fabric hangs limp or gently flapping in the brisk wind. A lone workman operates a lift putting cages into the back of the truck.
- Namjoon walks by it slowly, eyeing the grubby body in the bottom of that crate. The sound of chains rattling as the hybrid inside pulls against the chains snags his attention.  The workman notices Namjoon looking and Namjoon shrinks, abashed to be caught staring. “Hey cut that out!” the man growls hitting a wrench against the side of the cage. The hybrid inside flinches back for a moment and stills before he starts pulling again. 
- Namjoon make eye contact with the pair of the most beautiful golden eyes that he’s ever seen; the boy is dirty, the striped tail that curls around his body protectively (for some form of comfort or warmth) is grubby brown when it should be orange. He’s probably a few years younger than Namjoon is. Namjoon spies curved orange ears sticking out the top of his head and reverses direction. 
- “Where are these hybrids going to go?“ he asks the workman, who looks down at him before he finishes loading the crate onto the truck and pulls away. Namjoon waits as he gets out of the lift and hops down.
- “The circus is shut down, this ones probably going to be euthanized, he’s the only rare-breed that couldn’t be auctioned off, while the domestic breeds will be sent to adoption agencies.”
- Namjoon peers into the container, and sees a gaggle of dog and cat hybrids that are huddled, each of their hands and feet bound, watching Namjoon with scared and hungry eyes. The tiger hybrid in the cage’s expression is desolate, he knows where he’s headed, but still his hands pull against the chains that fasten him to the bottom of the cage, unable to give up quite yet. 
- The money for the car in his pocket feels so heavy like it might bring Namjoon to the floor or tear a hole through his pocket. Namjoon makes a split second decision, fuck getting a car, “I’ll give you 5 million won right now if you give him to me.” 
- The delivery man looked at the wad of cash in Namjoon’s hands like he might not take it. “You know what you’re offering to do is extremely illegal.” Namjoon’s jaw was tense, he knows the laws about illegal adoptions, but he stares the workman down. The man sighs and takes the envelope, after a moment, glancing at the money inside, before he takes out his keys. Namjoon heaved a sigh of relief. 
- The hybrid had heard the entire conversation but still wasn’t saying anything, he skitters back against the wall when the man unlocks the front door of the cage, taking care to unlock the shackles around his ankles before stepping back.  
- Those golden eyes where stuck open blinking wildly. The boy shivering, his shoulders tense and his curved ears pinned back to his head as he curled his hands around the bars of the cage and hopped out of back of the truck. Namjoon saw a full body shiver run through him as his bare feet hit the floor. 
- The man undid the shackles around his wrists. The hybrid hissing and biting his lip when they rip away from the red skin, broken in the place around the ball of his wrist. 
- The hybrid can barely walk, let alone think about trying to escape as he goes from one captor to another. The man doesn’t look threatening but Taehyung knows you can never be sure.  His muscles are too tired to fight anymore to resist going with the man who looks well dressed, in a thick wool coat and a pair of wire-rimmed glasses. 
- Namjoon shocks Taehyung by pulling off that coat and tossing it over Taehyung’s bare shoulders, making him shrink further into himself before he clutches the jacket around his chest and lets Namjoon hook an arm underneath one of his as he sways at the rush of blood to his head, narrowly keeping him from falling over. “It’s okay. I’ve got you” Namjoon says as he starts to lead Taehyung back down the street in the direction of his apartment. 
- “I don’t like him, he take up so much room.” Yoongi whines after the third day, Taehyung is stretched out on Namjoon and Yoongi’s couch on his stomach his bushy tail waving lazily as he dozes, his fun now clean and a light orange color, his golden eyes closed to the world. 
- Taehyung even has stripes, slightly darker patches his skin that tan a little darker and quicker than the rest of him, he’s spent the last few days looking out the “portal” (that Yoongi continually corrected him where called “windows”), so the small ones on his face are the most noticeable. 
- When Namjoon had taken him home and taken a look at his injured wrists, he’d also gotten a look at the back of his thighs and back, scared from countless whippings that where fresh in a few places. It would be a few more days until he could lie on his back comfortably, and Namjoon had already bought the hybrid a can of scarring cream. (He even went to the store to buy it by himself, Yoongi was insanely proud. Even if the shock of Namjoon bringing home another hybrid instead of the car he was supposed to buy prevented him from saying it just yet.) 
- “He doesn’t have anywhere else to go Yoon, and I won’t put him out on the street.” Namjoon hushes from his desk in his bedroom. Aware that Taehyung can probably hear him. 
- Despite his upbringing, the tiger hybrid is anything but cold, though it did take a few days for his sunny personality to shine through the years of trained obedience reinforced by abuse. He’d broken a plate on his 5th night, and Namjoon had blanched when Taehyung had shrunk and pleaded, “please don’t beat me” in a hushed voice. 
- Namjoon had been overcome with guilt and horror at those 4 soft words.  And the hybrid had shook through his first hug ever as Namjoon had wrapped in him in his arms and tucked his orange head against his shoulder. Yoongi too- had folded himself against the hybrids back, and Taehyung had watched astounded as Yoongi scent marked him nuzzling into his shoulder and letting out a reassuring purr that made Namjoon melt.  
- Namjoon sat him down and tried to assure the hybrid that he wasn’t going to be treated that way here. Or ever again if Namjoon had anything to say about it.  After that incident, Yoongi lets Taehyung cuddle him whenever he wants- which is most of the time. 
- After the initial shyness melted away came the unassuming wonder at everything in the world, Taehyung had only ever seen the world outside of a metal cell or a large stage, and now he found the things that Yoongi and Namjoon overlooked exceeding endearing and excited. Taehyung tripped over his words, telling Namjoon about everything and everything that he had spied about the window out his apartment. 
- “You mean we have a mailman!? The same man who delivers mail to all of Seoul stops by our apartment building! Someone should give him a present for doing so much work!” Taehyung is so excited to learn about the most mundane of things that Namjoon can’t burst his bubble, even if Yoongi tries, his nonplused and realist side making an appearance no matter how Namjoon tries to discourage him from bursting the adorable bubble that is Kim Taehyung. 
- Taehyung Splashes in the water of Namjoon’s small bathtub with his large hands making Yoongi hiss when he tries to force the other hybrid to take a bath with him. Whining cutely when Namjoon clipped his nails (Namjoon was lucky that Taehyung didn’t actually have claws- it was just that the people at the circus had made him grow his nails out too look like them) and that endlessly boxy smile that lit up the entire apartment, even making Yoongi blush.
- Taehyung was so loveable, constantly throwing himself on top of Namjoon when he works, never even thinking about sleeping on the couch instead preferring to curl around Yoongi or the foot of Namjoon’s bed at night. 
- Yoongi is his favorite thing to cuddle, no matter how the other hybrid whined and pushed him away, complaining to Namjoon when the younger nibbled and licked at Yoongi’s ears in something similar to grooming. Yoongi yowls and swats at Taehyung when he calls Yoongi “cub” ignoring him for a whole day and almost reducing the younger hybrid to tears. After that Taehyung always calls him hyung. 
- With Taehyung they definitely need more space, and Tae looks so forlorn looking out of the window every chance he gets, his tail swishing behind him every time someone walks down the street below. Namjoon wishes he had a yard or someplace to let Taehyung burn off all of his energy, It’s been a struggle to get legal papers for the hybrid and until he does, Namjoon can’t let him go outside so much. 
- Namjoon expedites the process for moving them. Getting a car finally so that they can take trips with a realtor to the outskirts of Seoul. The cottage that Namjoon finally decides on is a cozy 2 story with 2 bedrooms, the master with it’s attached study making up the entire second floor, it’s got a nice balcony there too and a combined living room and kitchen on the ground floor. the patio doors open up from the kitchen onto an old brick semi-circle. 
-  The whole building is made for a view of the rolling forested hills that start at the edge of their property. The Realator even says there are trails there. Namjoon’s never been a nature person but maybe he could be. It’s a little older, with squeaky floorboards but a lot of chareter, Taehyung says he can fix it up (a nice thought, but Yoongi and Namjoon both cringe when they think about letting Taehyung near power tools) 
- Taehyung certainly loves it- especially when he spies the open back yard and the pond at the border of their property, traipsing through it and getting covered with mud Much to Yoongi’s disgust. 
- “I am not letting you cuddle me until you’ve had at least 2 baths Tae” he growls when Taehyung tries to drown the other with hugs. Namjoon can’t bring it in himself to refuse him as Taehyung hugs him in the yard getting his black slacks dirty. 
- Namjoon’s squeal of protest makes a muted clucking resonate from the side of the house. Taehyung’s ears perk up, his tail stilling. “No no no Tae-“ Namjoon says, dashing after him when he takes off. The realtor mentioned something about chickens, and Namjoon feels dread fill his stomach as he thinks about explaining to them that yeah my hybrid attacked one of your chickens but it’s not really his fault because it’s just in his instincts too want to chase after things that are small and prey sized. 
- Coming around the side of the house with Yoongi hot on his heels. How the hell Taehyung managed to fit his shoulders and his whole body through a tiny door Namjoon doesn’t know, but he’s sitting in the chicken coup with one of the hens forcefully restrained in his lap, the ripple of purring immediately halting Namjoon and Yoongi as Taehyung rubs his scent all over the chicken.  
- “Fluffy babies.”  Taehyung says, while he pets rougher than the chicken likes. The chicken squawks and tries to get away, very uncomfortable with Taehyung’s forceful show of affection but unable to escape his hands. “my fluffy babies.” 
- “Did you like the house?” the relator asks when they come back inside. After they bribed Taehyung with ice-cream to get out of the chicken coop. “We’ll take it” Yoongi smiles, his hand on the small of Taehyung’s back, their tails entwine behind their back, something Yoongi only allows when he’s been feeling particularly affectionate.
- Moving is easy when you’ve got two young hybrids to help pack everything away and shove it into a small moving van. Namjoon says goodbye to his old apartment and the city he grew up in with both of his hybrids chatting away in the back seat of his car. 
- The hills and forest behind the cottage are misty in the morning of late fall. One of the unrealized consequences of moving out of Seoul is that now they can’t eat out for every meal (though there is a pizza place and an panda express in town that they order from often enough) but Yoongi surprisingly becomes the de facto cook.
- The countryside is much better for Namjoon’s mental health than the city was, in the mornings; he looks out from the second story balcony and feels calmness settle into his bones. Sometimes Yoongi will join him, wrapping his arms around Namjoon’s waist and nuzzling his head between his shoulders. 
- “You stole my heater.” Yoongi complains when Namjoon finally turns around. Namjoon kisses the pout off of Yoongi’s face, making him gasp and grip the front of Namjoon’s shirt.
- “You still have your other one back there.” Namjoon nods at their bedroom. The king-sized bed- freshly purchased, and Taehyung starfished in the middle of it, laying on his stomach, his tail flicking in his sleep. “Yeah but that one snores worse than you do.” 
- Namjoon’s chuckle rouses Taehyung from sleep. And he blinks up at them wearily, making grabby hands in their direction and whining for them to keep cuddling him.  Neither Namjoon nor Yoongi can turn him down. 
- It’s not a surprise when Namjoon finds both of his hybrids kissing one morning, Yoongi hoisted up on the counter in the kitchen so that he’s taller than Taehyung for once. Taehyung’s hands wrapped in Yoongi’s thighs almost swallowing them. When they pull away, Yoongi is so flustered that he nearly combusts when he sees Taehyung smirking at Namjoon like the cat that got the cream. 
- One month in, a fox sneaks into Taehyung’s chicken coop and kills 2 out of the 10 chickens, including his favorite one, a caramel colored on that was the softest according to Tae. Taehyung cries about it for a week and then he goes on a hunt, scouring the forested hills behind their property for any sign of the fox, and crying more when he finds none.  
- Thunder and a rainstorm rage outside a week after Taehyung gives up the hunt.  Namjoon’s family sits cozy at their wooden table with the chipped edges, warm soup and fresh bread almost ready to be eaten, Taehyung is telling Namjoon animatedly about a website he found that would let them order chickens like can you even believe that you can get baby chicks through the mail, like what do they eat when they’re- 
- And suddenly Taehyung stops, going still in the listless predatory way he does sometimes, his ears tilt in the direction of his chicken coup. Tae’s ears pick up on some movement outside making him dash out the door in fear, forgetting his shoes. Feet splashing in the mud outside the patio door left open in his hurry. 
- Taehyung has much finer senses than Yoongi does, so its not surprising that Taehyung picked up on the disturbance before Yoongi. But the other still dashes after him, Namjoon pulls on his shoes less quick then the others grabbing a flashlight off the mantle. 
- The wind outside pushes rain in his face as Namjoon trots towards the chicken coup, “Namjoon!” Yoongi yells, his voice panicked “come quick!” Namjoon starts running, not bothering to pull up the hood to his jacket against the coming rain; Yoongi is holding Taehyung back as his low growl ripples threateningly like the thunder above them. 
- And then through the coop a small, tiny whimper. Namjoon grabs a hold of Taehyung and peers around him dropping his flashlight in shock at what he sees. 
- Yoongi manages to tear Taehyung out of the door as Namjoon crouches down. “Hey there- they’re no need to be afraid,” he says, making his voice low and honeyed. Stretching out his hand. 
- The bunny hybrid in front of his is impossibly small, pillowed among the fresh hay that Taehyung had put in there just a day ago, clad in clothes that are no where near warm enough for the weather and soaked to the bone.  
- You shake with a mixture of fear and cold, your bunny ears almost hidden with how they’re tucked close to your skull. “I didn’t mean to trespass- I’m sorry I- it’s just so cold outside and-” you cut off with a whimper hiding your face in your hands.
-  Namjoon feels movement behind him and its Tae who’d momentarily gotten out of Yoongi’s hold Tae’s looking at you like he’s more curious than worried but you whimper and shrink back into the corner. 
- And Namjoon is pushing them both away, “No! no- don’t worry about them.” Yoongi murmurs that he’ll take Tae inside, and you relax when they disappear from view. “I’m sorry about Tae he’s just a little overprotective of his ladies” as if sensing that you’re talking about them- the chickens around you coo and huff in their feathers. You peer out of your hands at the chickens. Who look at you interested- to them you must smell different from the other hybrid they’re accustomed to hanging around.  
- “This chicken coop is no place someone to spend the night” Namjoon says, straitening up slowly as to not startle you, his hand still outstretched, “especially in this weather, but my houses is far warmer.” You stair at Namjoon’s hand for a moment, and internally he coos when your nose and your ear twitches. 
- You gnaw on your lower lip, but then you reach out tentatively so that you can take his hand and he can pull you up to your full height. You don’t even have to stoop in the chicken coop, whereas Taehyung almost has to double over. 
- How can someone be so small, Namjoon wonders as he carefully leads you back inside. You almost bolt again, several times, especially when you see Tae and Yoongi peering at you from around the corner as Namjoon ushers you upstairs. You’re still shaking like a leaf when he settles you into a bath and leaves you to disrobe and warm up in peace, saying that there’s some stew waiting for you downstairs when you’re ready. Leaving some clean clothes outside your door. 
- “I don’t want either of you making her feel uncomfortable when she comes downstairs, she’s skittish, and she’s clearly been through a lot, I don't want her getting startled.” 
- “It’s probably because we’re predators” Yoongi notes, carefully picking the meat out of a portion of the stew he made leaving the vegetables, especially careful to give you most of the baked carrots. Taehyung whines at Yoongi’s words, “I swear I wouldn’t have like- attacked her or anything- I was just so surprised to find another hybrid on our property.” 
- “uhm Namjoon” a quiet voice- your voice says from the doorway, you’re only half in it, hiding from behind the edge to shield your body, even in Yoongi’s clothes the long sleeve shirts is almost falling off your shoulder, the pants tied tights around a tiny waist the little black cotton tail poking out the hole that was usually for Yoongi’s tail.
- Yoongi and Namjoon resist the urge to coo when you blush, Taehyung watches you with his golden eyes, his tail swishing back and forth quickly. “Here darling” Namjoon says, extending a hand which you take and sit at the table, sitting on your hands, your ears are still pushed back against your wet hair. Still pinned back. 
- By the time you’ve finished your stew you’re nearly asleep in the soup bowl, slumped in your chair asleep, tipping to your left into Yoongi who catches you almost barely. His hand comes up shakily, Shure you’re still partially awake when he combs his hands through your hair, feeling the silkiness of your black ears. twined through your hair, pink in the middle and black on the outside, they twitch, your nose mimicking them when your head falls against his shoulder. a little buzzing noise coming out of your throat, sounding something like contentment. 
- Yoongi resists the urge to purr. His hand stills on your forehead, his eyebrows knit together, “she feels a little warm.” He murmurs to Namjoon and Taehyung. 
- Yoongi carries you to onto the couch, which Namjoon has cast a sheet over, lying your head against the pillow where you barely stir as Taehyung throws their fluffiest blanket over you, your feet quirking to the side kicking a little as your ears perk up. 
- Namjoon rests his hand against your flushed cheeks, Yoongi is right, a fever is slowly starting to rise within you. 
- “I don’t wanna take medicine” you whine when Namjoon makes you take some the next morning, though you have to admit you don’t feel so good, the heat in your body makes you feel hazy and not all there as you let a predator, an actual predator cuddle up to your side, though Taehyung whines from the doorway, still watching you. Though admittedly he’d tried, and you’d almost jumped off of the couch before Namjoon stopped Taehyung with a raised hand. 
- You’re not exactly intimidated by the tiger hybrid still, but your first meeting wasn’t exactly glowing by any review- so you’re comfortable with him staying away for now. “Would some carrots make it better?” Yoongi plies, and you’re distracted momentarily, but you still won’t open your mouth to take Namjoon’s waiting spoon full of red liquid for your throat. 
- Yoongi’s fingers tickle your bunny tail and make you shout, giving Namjoon the perfect opportunity to shove the medicine in your mouth. You’re pouty and angry at all of them until Yoongi brings you carrots and some more munchies including strawberry ice cream that makes your ears flop and twitch happily.  
- Namjoon lets you stretch out across his lap as he pets your ears, by the end of the day you’re feeling better, not quite so hazy and you gush to him about how you didn’t know something could be so cute and yummy at the same time.
- Which of course Leeds Namjoon to buying you a light pink pullover and a white skirt as well as knee socks and a whole bunch of pastel clothing that you absolutely adore wearing. Even getting you a little bit of makeup because girls like that sort of thing don’t they? 
- Namjoon cannot resist spoiling all of you; he’s always sitting next to you and pulling you to lie against him, as well as hoisting your feet up in his lap to rub a lazy thumb across your shins. It takes you a little while to adjust to just how affectionate Namjoon and the others can be, but you begin to accept more of it. As spring warms to summer Namjoon finds himself taking the three of you out more often, into town and into the outskirts of the city. 
- Official adoption papers where easy to come by for you and Taehyung now that you where both out of the city where the laws where more harsh. Stray hybrids where often found out here and adopted as farm hands, it was easy to claim both you and Taehyung as adoptees. And Namjoon even got a tax right off. 
- He celebrates by taking the three of his hybrids out to the movies and dinner, and you all argue between which movie you should see, a mystery (Yoongi’s choice), an action thriller (Taehyung’s choice), and a romantic comedy (your choice.)
- It’s not surprising to Namjoon that they end up watching the romantic comedy. All you have to do is pout and Taehyung and Namjoon melt unable to resist you and the way your ears flop around your face, your eyes wide and almost tear-filled, your nose twitching cutely. 
- God they are so so whipped for you already it’s not even funny. 
- Yoongi is the only one who it take convincing, and he ends up pouting on the other side of Namjoon who holds your hand through all the sad parts while Taehyung practically wails on the other side of you, always a little sensitive. 
- “You’re all a bunch of crybabies.” Yoongi complains, but later you catch him holding onto your hand a little tighter, not wanting to let it go when you go to get fresh fruit parfaits afterword’s at the only all-night restaurant in town and you know the sad ending where the two love interests don’t end up together is weighing on him in a way he won’t express. 
- You’re still sleeping in the living room that night when Yoongi comes down and peels back the covers to slip underneath your little burrow of warmth to press his head against your neck and scent mark you, the usual way he greets you now. “Wanna come to the big bed tonight?” he asks, and you make a non-committal noise as he pulls you up. 
- In the main bedroom Taehyung is already asleep, but Namjoon is still writing more, his head against the headboard and his eyes tired, glasses pushed up on his face as he sighs and runs his fingers through his hair, making it stick up in all sorts of directions. 
- “Joonie you should go to sleep.” Yoongi says, “the writers block will be better in the morning” forcefully pushing Namjoon’s laptop closed “just one more second, need to save,” he says, barely casting you a glance as you go over to his side of the bed and tell him too scoot over while Yoongi peals back Taehyung’s arms and settles himself under the crook up his elbow. 
- Yoongi’s tail flicks as he watches Namjoon write a few more seconds. Finally leaning up to press a kiss to his lips and take the laptop out of his lap. “Alright alright” Namjoon says when his hybrid pulls away, his lips pink and damp and cute. “Bed now- I get it-“
- Namjoon runs a hand down your back next to him where you’re propped up on a pillow under your chest too look at him. Namjoon see’s the way you’re looking at him and know, knows what you’re thinking and what you want. After all how many goodnight kisses does Taehyung whine for on the regular? It took at least a dozen to get him to go to sleep that night without Yoongi in the bed even though he was bone tired from repairing the chicken coup today. 
- “Want a goodnight kiss sweetheart?” Your tail twitches happily as you nod, Namjoon leans one hand supporting himself on the other side of your head, his lips sweet and soft that make you sigh against the seem of his lips. 
- Yoongi would never say anything, but in that moment, he looks up at Tae and finds him watching you with something like longing in his eyes. But he doesn’t mention it ever, only holding onto the other hybrids shoulder and nuzzling further into him. 
- Yoongi looks up more vegetable heavy recipes for you, looking up online the correct balance and dietary needs of prey hybrids, as canine hybrids can basically eat like humans with no bad effects but you’ll get sick if you eat even half as much meat as Taehyung, Yoongi, and Namjoon do. 
- You feel a little guilty that sometimes Yoongi has to make you something entirely different when he cooks dinner offering to help him constantly.  You know how stressed it makes him when Taehyung asks for bulgogi and pad thai which Yoongi doesn’t even know how to make. And of course Taehyung is too adorable to turn down, but Yoongi simply can’t make all of that by himself. 
- So you help Yoongi in the kitchen sometimes, because Taehyung manages to cut himself almost consistently within the first 20 minutes of cooking every time. And after the last one needed stitches and had him licking at it for a few weeks, he has been officially banned from the kitchen. Whenever Namjoon tries Yoongi just straight up growls at him because he is not dealing with cleaning up after Namjoon. 
- And you guys have a fun doing it too, cooking is always better with a companion and though you’re not entirely hopeless Yoongi does enjoy teaching you how to cook, humming alongside you in the kitchen as he stirs some fishcake around with wooden chopsticks. 
- You express a desire to learn how to bake and not cook which Yoongi can't help with but agrees to try, and by the time you have the batter for the strawberry shortcake poured in the pan Yoongi’s black hair is almost grey with how much flower is in it. he obsessively grooms himself later that night, alongside you whose ears have turned similarly as powdery from hanging in your face like they do when you’re concentrating. 
- You giggle when Yoongi grooms them giving into his urge to care for you. These instincts regarding mates can be annoying for cat hybrids like Yoongi- who ignores his animal instincts as much as he can most of the time. 
- Yoongi thinks your ears are absolutely adorable when they hang in your face or when one of them lifts in the direction of whoever's talking when you’re concentrated like that. It’s almost like they have a life of their own
- You complain about them sometimes, pushing back your ears from your face when you get a little too focused on something and they block your vision. One morning you come down to find a pink scrunch on the table and ask Yoongi who blushes and stutters.
- “I got it for your ears because you don’t like the way rubber bands feel on your hair” Yoongi recalled that the other day when you went to the store and picked up hair ties, notifying Namjoon that rubber band just wouldn’t work. And that regular hair ties pinch your ears too much “ you know- so that they don’t get into your face when we cook or when you’re trying to do your makeup.” 
- You forget to put it on most of the time until you’re already doing something, because it does look a little goofy when you tie up your ears, your hands elbow deep in the dishes when you call Yoongi’s name and he swoops up your ears and fastens them together on top of your head with the pink scrunchie. 
- And then you start to lose it, Yoongi finds it under the couch and sighs, putting it on his own wrist where it lives when you’re not using it, always ready in case you ask for it. Namjoon smirks at him when he catches Yoongi looking at it one day and tugging at it with a little lovesick expression. “Stop looking at me like that” he growls, trying to disguise the flush on his cheeks. “It’s not my fault I’m the only one who can keep track of things in this house.” 
- Yup, Yoongi is definitely whipped for you. 
- Eventually you get good enough with makeup to try and beg Yoongi to let you put on him “hell no y/n, I’m like some fierce panther or something I am not letting you put me in bubble gum lipstick.” 
- “I could put some on!” Taehyung says, and you giggle a little and shyly put on some red on his lips, and when he leans over and kisses your cheek, making you startle and hop back, he grins when he sees the kiss mark he’s left. Which of course Leeds Taehyung to kissing you all over your face to leave little red marks, and then begging for you to apply more so that he can give Yoongi and Namjoon the same treatments.
- Taehyung wakes one morning early, gets out of bed because he knows its going to be a nice day and the chickens will probably need to be let out to mill about the back yard. And he descends the rickety stairs and find you already in the kitchen, drinking some tea and clacking away on the phone that Namjoon bought you last week.
- Taehyung gives you a small smile, staring at you with longing as he tells you good morning, your ears flick in his direction as you lift your head in his direction as you give him a small smile that makes his heart race. And Taehyung can’t bear it any longer, doesn’t want to stay away anymore, he’s been trying to give you enough space to get comfortable with him like Joonie said. 
- “Do y-you wanna come out and get the eggs with me today?” you take a sip of your earl grey tea, looking like you’re going to refuse and Taehyung wonders why he even bothered when he knew you weren’t ready when your ears perk up in interest, and you stand to put your teacup in the sink. 
- Taehyung stutters as he tells you their names, his too-big boots sloshing a little as you spread some seed around in the grass, making excited little noises every time they cluck, even mimicking the little noises Taehyung makes and giggling with him as he does this little call and response thing with his chickens.  
- “And now the best part” he grins, opening up the back of the coup to have access to the nests, “they’re still warm!” you cry in delight as Tae deposits two brown eggs into your hands and takes the rest that are there in his hands 3 in one hand and 2 in the other. 
- The big fluffy white chicken that’s too shy to let Taehyung get within a foot of her comes up next to you, pecking around your feet as you watch her in wonder. “She’s super shy I wouldn’t try to pet her” Taehyung warns, he himself had gotten pecked more than once.  You stoop down, the chicken gives you soft clucks as Taehyung pouts, and your smile soft and eyes wide in wonder as you she lets you pet her before fluffing her feathers and moving away. 
- “She never lets me do that!” he cries later when they’re inside, Yoongi clacking away on his computer and Namjoon upstairs writing. Yoongi’s ears flick in annoyance as he spies the way you’re no longer skirting around Taehyung like he has the plague or some very nasty infectious disease, “I can’t believe you got marshmallow to trust you! I feel betrayed!” 
- “Marshmallow did what now?” Namjoon says as he descends the stairs, still in his pajamas even though its nearly 2 in the afternoon his hair sticking up the way it does when his writers block is particularly bad. Of course all of them know the names of Taehyung’s chickens by now, given how much he talked about them.
- Taehyung launches into the story as you fold yourself against Yoongi on the couch, your body a line up against him, he purrs and nudges into your shoulder, tempting a lick against your cheek, which make you squeak. 
- “Stop that” you whine as Yoongi pulls you against his chest, lying his laptop on your lap instead of his but hooking his chin over the side of your shoulder so that he can still see it “Don’t lie and say you hate it,” which makes you pout but you accept his affection, your small cotton tail twitching against his thigh. 
- Seokjin comes to visit Namjoon’s new house and you’re entirely smitten with the gorgeous human, your ears shyly pinned to your head the entire time he’s here, smoothing out the giant sweater of Namjoon’s every few seconds and almost melting when Seokjin says “you have the best luck finding the most well behaved and beautiful hybrids.”
- Seokjin even reaches out and closes his hand around the base of your ear, drawing his hand away to feel the silky texture, “I have half a mind to take one for myself.” You squeak and blush and hide your face in Namjoon’s shoulder as both of them men chuckle.
- But Namjoon smiles as you perpetually hide behind him, “he’s just teasing you sweetheart,” Namjoon says as you shyly peer at Seokjin out of your protected place behind Namjoon’s chair. It feels kind of nice when you hide behind him, trusting your human to be your protector.
- It was easy for Namjoon to rely on Taehyung and Yoongi for most things, especially when it came to his anxiety, but to feel depended on in the way you depend on Namjoon makes his heart swell with this different kind of pride. You make Namjoon feel strong and protective. He pulls you to sit across his lap and lock his arms around you. You still hide your face in Namjoon’s neck, peering out at the other human every few seconds. 
- Yoongi and Taehyung boil though at Seokjin’s words, because no one is going to mess with your little unit even if they’re just joking, and Tae can’t believe that Namjoon’s human friend got to touch you like that, though a look from Yoongi stops Tae from growling at Seokjin. 
- Petty as always, Taehyung and Yoongi don’t let Seokjin pet them like usual before he leaves, instead he snuggles up to you screaming “Aish! You brats- you don’t know how to properly love your hyung!” Tae even steps forward like he’s going to do something when Seokjin presses a kiss too your cheek in goodbye, making you squeak and blush.
- That night Taehyung and Yoongi are a little bit possessive of you crowding you in-between the both of them on the couch while you watch movies, not letting you get up to make popcorn or for drinks. Taehyung even squeezes your shoulders in a relaxing back massage, smirking when you relax into his hands, tipping your head back, your ears relaxed at your size even when he nibbles a little at your ears. 
- Namjoon thinks it’s absolutely adorable how possessive his two hybrids are over you. 
- You and Namjoon go on walks in the mist in the early mornings sometimes when Taehyung and Yoongi take forever to wake up, with him by your side the woods don’t seem as scary as they did back when you lived in them.  
- Most of the time Namjoon will link his arm with yours and tell you in his low timbre about the fantasy worlds he imagines just behind the hills that you walk through. And it’s amazing how for Namjoon, it always seems like adventure is around the corner of the wooded path. 
- Living in the wilderness has been amazing for his productivity, writing, and imagination. He’s content to bounce his ideas off of you in your morning walks and not actually live through the adventures he dreams up. Namjoon finds you a surprisingly good beta reader as well and you absolutely swoon when he writes romance into his fantasy stories. 
- One day you read his draft and stomp up to his office and pout, your ears twitching agitated and your foot even stomping, “you can not leave a romance story this good at such a cliffhanger Namjoon! Your readers are going to hunt you down and slap you before I do!” Namjoon just grins and says with a wry smile, “I can tell you how the next book ends if it will make you feel better?” 
- Some mornings you don’t join Namjoon for his early walk, and on those you’ll wake up to soft bluebells or pink cosmos from the feilds lying on his pillow next to your head, or on one of the shelves in your closet, or in one of the brush containers by your makeup stash in the bathroom. 
- Sometime Taehyung will wake up early as well and join you- though in those times the conversation will often turn into a horror story retelling which will make you press closer too the two of them with every strange noise that greets you on your walk- which of course was Taehyung’s plan all along. 
- One day Taehyung goes into the shared master bedroom to find it in chaos every single blanket and pillow in the house alongside some of their clothes piled into a big puddle. He finds you sleeping in one of Taehyung’s red sweatshirt in the center of the nest. Your cream silk shorts poking out from underneath the hem, one of your socks pulled up your thigh and the other down around your ankle. 
- Taehyung huffs and crawls into the middle of the nest and wraps his arms around you. Nesting or burrowing is a regular enough behavior of rabbit hybrids that it doesn’t alarm Taehyung though you’ve never made one out of the bedroom before. 
- You wake up a little making sleepy noises and letting out the cutest little yawn, your black bunny ears twitching aggressively for a moment and then going totally still the next as he snuggles in next to you. You let Taehyung manhandle you across his chest and you’re vaguely aware of him purring and rubbing his chin around the top of your head.
- “You’re mine- my fluffy bunny.” He murmurs his voice a low growl as he scent marks you again and again until you’re bathed in the tiger’s rich spicy scent.
- You’re in and out of a haze sleeping in your little nest/fort thing that you’ve made but somewhere along the afternoon Yoongi joins in on the other side of you, rubbing at your shoulder too, crowded in between both of them and unbelievably warm. 
- Yoongi’s tail, always more dexterous than Tae’s thicker one curls around one of your legs, and there is one hand running endlessly over your ears, especially around the base of them, and another rubbing a hand down your back under your shirt, scratching a little lightly around the base of your tail. 
- And then the next time you come too in the haze of your nap you’re on your back, and you have one face resting on your stomach, Yoongi’s judging by the black hair that pushes against where the sweatshirt has ridden up, Yoongi’s arms wrapped around your waist. 
- But that’s not why you’ve woken up, your back arches and a sigh leaves your mouth as Tae nips along the edge of your jaw sometimes stopping to suck at the skin, his oral fixation that all hybrids tend to have acting up maybe, or maybe not, especially when you start to squirm he lets out a low growl. “Would you let me mark you, let me make you ours?” he grounds out his voice low and breathy. 
- Namjoon can only smile in amusement as he finally reaches his writers block for a day and comes in to find his bedroom torn apart and his three hybrids lounging in each others warmth, both your and Yoongi’s necks are a masterpiece of red and purple marks and Taehyung humming happily as he tries to snuggle closer to both of you.  Taehyung even has a few marks on his collarbones.  Your head pokes up at the noise, your ears at attention as Yoongi whines when you remove your neck from the reach of his mouth, 
- You smile sleepily up at him eyes closing slowly before you reach up, Namjoon entwines his fingers with yours slowly, his large hands dwarfing your small ones, until you tug him down with a little yelp on his part. 
- You get so many kisses on a daily basis. You get your good morning ones from Namjoon, usually tasting like coffee, and Kisses that are smiley and almost taste like a laugh when you pout from Namjoon, and slow relaxed kisses that happen in the hazy gray light of the living room when it’s gotten late enough to turn the lights on but no ones bothered yet.
- You get ones from Yoongi when you do something cute or just because he wants too (usually when you’re drinking your tea or smiling softly at something and he gets this burst of emotion that prompts him to stop whatever he’s doing and kiss your pink lips).
- And endless kisses from Tae- though both Namjoon and Yoongi are as much a victim of his kisses as well, whenever he bounds in from the outdoors, whenever someone does something particularly cute, like drop a mug or crash into the door without his glasses (Namjoon,) like pout and say something biting and grumpy (Yoongi) or when you do that little thing where you crunch your jaw happily around your food or excitedly run around one of the three of them in circles.
- That particular behavior has Namjoon smiling something soft and suspicious and even Yoongi starts to grin after a point. And it feels like the two of them have some secret inside joke that Taehyung’s not apart of when he sees it. 
- “What are you hiding from me- why did you look at Yoongi like that when Y/n started to do the circle thing.” Taehyung pouts one morning after it happens in the kitchen. 
- “We’re just happy Tae” Namjoon soothes, Taehyung’s head is lying across his lap in the office and the hybrid pouting lips tickling against his bare thigh. 
- “I looked up hybrid behavior on the internet a few weeks ago- you know because you and Yoongi are a little easier to read but Y/n has a few indecipherable behaviors- its actually really interesting from a genetic point of view why prey type hybrids tend to have more typically animal behaviors-“ 
- Taehyung lets Namjoon ramble on about some paper he read when he was doing research for his last book, straightening up to press a kiss to his lips that makes Namjoon stop and blush because an excited Namjoon is an absolutely adorable Namjoon and Taehyung always always always wants to kiss his boyfriends.
- “Oh just spit it out,” he says when Taehyung sees that adorable shy smile that Namjoon’s says, running his fingers through his kiss mused hair. 
- “The circling thing- it means she’s selecting us as her mates.”
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bang-tan-bitches · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Title: Beloved
Word Count: 17.4k
Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Thriller/Smut
Warnings: Yandere Behavior, Violence, Blood, Character Death, Emotional Manipulation, Hint of Dubious Consent, Unprotected Sex, Vaginal Fingering, Cream Pie, Oral Sex (Female Receiving), Mild Dirty Talk 
Pairing: Emperor!Yoongi X Reader
Summary: Court was just a game of politics after all. And you intended to win
Written By: Admin B
Note: This was entirely inspired by Daechwita and everyone should thank A for indulging my madness and encouraging me
“Are you even listening to me?”
 You jerk at the sound of your younger sister’s voice, the long carriage ride has made you sleepy. You glance over at her and give her an indulgent smile, “I’m sorry, darling. I can only listen to you wax poetic about his Imperial Highness’ esteemed looks for so long before I lose interest.”
You can’t help but laugh when Ara snaps her fan closed and tries to hit you with it, but you block it with your own fan.
“Stop or you’ll wrinkle your dress!” You giggle, “Then what will his majesty think of you?!”
She sits back in her seat, but you can see her eyes are shining with laughter. She looks positively breathtaking in her pale pink ceremonial dress. Her hair is beautifully styled with pearls and ribbons laced throughout. Her maids really made her as eye catching as possible. When the decree was first announced that all single ladies of marriageable age were invited to the palace on behalf of the imperial princess to find a bride for his majesty, you were concerned. You know Ara had fallen hopelessly in love with the emperor the one and only time she saw him, having begged father to take her to court with him two years prior. Ever since then she had this fairy tale dream in her head that they were meant to be together and you were terribly afraid of her getting hurt. 
“He really is beautiful,” her eyes are dreamy as she glances out the carriage window, “did I tell you how his hair is so pale that it practically shines like moonlight?”
“Yes, yes,” the sarcasm clear in your voice, “He is the most handsome and benevolent ruler our land has ever seen!” 
“He is,” you sister insists, “even with the scar!”
“He has a scar? I thought that was just a rumor.” You look out the carriage window to see how far you are from the palace. The ride seemed longer than usual, but that could have just been your boredom with the topic. You had no interest in politics - not that that had stopped your father from teaching you - and avoided going to court as much as possible. You had never even been in the presence of the emperor or the imperial princess. Ara had no interest in politics either, but that didn’t stop her dreams of becoming Empress.
“Oh! It’s not a rumor!” Your sister straightens her posture, “There’s a scar that covers his right eye! He got it during the great war when he was still the crown prince.”
“Why didn’t he -”
“Why didn’t he have the Imperial healers treat him and remove the scar?” Your sister cuts you off before you can finish your question, “He wanted a reminder to never show leniency. He was betrayed by some of his own men that weren’t loyal to the crown. He slaughtered not only the betrayers, but also their entire families.”
You furrow your brows and fix the long sleeves of your ceremonial dress, uncomfortable with the emperor’s apparent brutality, “Sounds cruel.”
“It’s not cruel. He had to ensure that no one would try to get revenge. He was protecting our kingdom from those that would try to take it!”
“Of course, of course,” you placate your sister and roll your eyes at her fervent defense of his highness.
“Don’t roll your eyes, I’m terribly sorry everyone can’t be as noble as your dear Namjoon.”
You frown, “First of all, he is Lord Kim and he deserves your respect. Secondly, he isn’t my dear anything. Nothing has been finalized. There has only been talk of marriage, but no contracts are in place.”
Ara scoffs, “Everyone knows he absolutely adores you. His eyes get all big and his cheeks turn bright pink whenever he sees you.”
You smile wistfully and look down at your lap, “He is rather adorable.”
“Mmmhmm and if it was up to him you would already be married and probably with child.”
“Ara, it is impolite to discuss such things.” You scold gently, “What if someone overheard you?”
“Who?” Ara dramatically looks around the carriage before resting back against her seat, “Who can possibly hear us? There is only me and you in this carriage. No one is going to hear us.”
“Still, you need to be appropriate, you cannot slip up at the palace.”
You both sit in silence for a moment, Ara with closed eyes gently fanning herself while you contemplate how to bring up what’s been weighing heavily on your mind. Your younger sister was spoiled and had always gotten her way, even you were guilty of indulging her every whim. You were terribly worried that she would not adjust to court life well. Your understanding was that the women could be even more vicious than the men and you needed to prepare her.
You chew your lip before deciding to broach the delicate topic, “I heard another rumor about your emperor.”
“Mmm… what’s that?” Ara opens one eye to look at you.
“I heard,” you lean forward and lower your voice, “that his harem is… extensive.”
Ara pouts adorably, “It is. Apparently he has over 300 concubines.”
“300? That has to be an exaggeration. No man would want 300 concubines. Although,” you continue quietly, “he is the emperor and a large harem would show off his wealth and power. Does he have a favorite among them?”
“Ugh,” you watch Ara’s eyes darken in anger, “Concubine Nam In-Suk. She is his favored concubine and I heard the only reason she wasn’t named his empress is because Imperial Princess Min would not allow it.”
“Why would the emperor care what his elder sister thinks?” You already know the answers to all these questions, but you hope that asking them will help Ara realize what she needs to do to secure her place as empress. The carriage starts to slow, you were almost to the palace and wouldn’t have much time alone to prepare her going forward and no time alone once you’d arrived.
“She is his advisor and closest confidant. He trusts her with everything.”
“Ara,” you grab your sister’s hand and give her a meaningful look, “It is very important that you gain the favor of Imperial Princess Min. If you have her blessing, you will not be denied. Most of the silly girls will be striving for Emperor Min’s attention, not realizing that the imperial princess is making the final choice.”
Ara nods her head, determined. “I will gain her favor.”
“Also,” you know she will hate what you are about to suggest, but it has to be done, “You need to become friendly with Concubine Nam.”
“Never!” Ara gasps and tries to pull away, “As soon as I’m chosen as empress I will make him disband his harem!”
“Ara, you cannot!” You lean close and let the severity of your demand bleed into your tone, “You must become friendly and show you are not a threat.” 
“But I am a threat…” she pushes her lip out in a pout. 
You squeeze her hand, “I know, darling. But court politics are not that different from bedroom politics. He will not get rid of his harem just because you demand it. If Concubine Nam thinks she can manipulate and play you, she will be less of a threat. She has his ear and his favor. Let them think you are stupid little girl with stars in her eyes. It will bend them to your will.”
 “But,” Ara’s voice is quiet, “I want him to love only me.”
“Oh my beloved Ara,” you hold her close to you, “these things take time. Once you bed him and provide an heir, you will secure your place at his side. He will have to love and cherish only you. How could he not?”
Her smile is blinding when the carriage stops outside the palace gates. 
“Relax,” you whisper, “you are the most beautiful lady here. You have nothing to fear.”
Ara releases her bottom lip and nods subtly. When you had arrived at the palace earlier that day, you were welcomed inside to a large hall filled with other single young ladies and their chaperones, all from the most prominent families in the kingdom. Imperial Princess Min herself greeted everyone and announced that a welcome banquet would be held that evening. You were then ushered to your rooms where you could refresh yourselves before the evening. The Daisy Courtyard would serve as your temporary home for the next few weeks. It was a smaller courtyard, but it was beautiful and secluded and you were thankful to learn that it was nowhere near the concubine courtyard. 
It was almost impossible to remember how quiet the courtyard was now. 
Now, in the palace banquet room awaiting the arrival of the emperor for what felt like hours with the crowd growing more restless by the minute, you dearly missed the seclusion. Imperial Princess Min was present, drinking wine and enjoying the performance of the dancers brought in for entertainment. If she was upset with the late arrival of her brother, her face did not show it.
The music abruptly stops and everyone quiets down. The large golden doors at the back of the room are opened and an imperial servant steps in, placing their fisted hand over their heart, they bow and announce, “His Royal Highness, Emperor Min Yoongi, 37th Emperor of the Min Dynasty.”
Everyone immediately bows, giving reverence to the Emperor. He is dressed in the darkest black with gold dangling from his ears, neck, and fingers.  His blond hair is pulled up into a high topknot and a black headband is across his forehead. 
You notice a beautiful woman trailing a few steps behind him. She is covered in diamonds. They glitter from her shiny black hair down to the long train of her bright purple ceremonial dress. The dress itself is decorated in patterns of golden tigers, matching the pattern of the emperor’s black robe.
By the clenching of Ara’s hands, you realize that this must be Concubine Nam. You discreetly nudge your sister and mouth for her to relax. 
The emperor takes his seat on his golden dragon throne, while his favored concubine sits obediently at his feet. His presence is overpowering and you can feel his displeasure radiating throughout the room.  
“So… I was told that one of you will be this emperor’s bride and empress consort.” Emperor Min’s voice is deep and controlled, but the underlying fury is unmistakable. You can feel his eyes trail over the room, “Do you really think that one of you will enrapture this emperor? Do you truly believe one of you will become my chosen?”
Everyone is deathly silent, afraid of angering his highness even more. You can feel his penetrating gaze stop on you. You did not dare look upon the face of the emperor. You knew the rules of the court. You keep your eyes lowered and wait for his eyes to move past you. 
They don’t.
You can still feel him staring at you and after several silent minutes you hesitantly look up and meet his eyes. You feel your breath catch in your throat. He is startlingly beautiful. His features are delicate but his scar provides him a hint of roguishness that accentuates his already extraordinary beauty. 
His gaze is intense and you can feel his angry aura disappear to something unreadable. His dark eyes are burning with something as a devilishly handsome smile spreads across his face.
You quickly lower your eyes and ignore the chill down your spine and the heat spreading across your face. You now understand how your sister could be so enraptured with one look. 
The emperor laughs, startling you into looking again. He’s staring at his sister and smiling. You can see Concubine Nam’s face screwed up, but staring at the floor. You look away quickly before he can feel your stare. His voice is filled with warmth and something else, something unsettling, “Maybe this emperor will finally meet his bride amongst the ladies here today. Rise and enjoy the welcome feast.”
Immediately servants present platters of food to the various tables and the music starts again. You ignore the burning gaze you feel on you and direct your attention to Ara.
“Make sure you eat. You have to be strong if you plan to carry the next heir of the kingdom.” You add more food to her plate.
“Yes, yes,” Ara giggles and pushes your hand away, “I could feel him staring in our direction. Did you feel it too?”
You force a smile, “Of course. How could he not stare at you. I told you that you were the most beautiful lady here.”
When it’s your turn to introduce yourselves to the royal family, you make sure to keep your head low and only make eye contact with Imperial Princess Min once you’re allowed to rise. Next to you, your sister does the same, following your example, even as you feel the hot eyes of the emperor on you once again. Ara pays a pretty compliment to the Princess, and you smile proudly when the Princess laughs delightedly and asks for your names. 
“Oh, I remember you. And your father.” Princess Min says, a delicate finger resting on her bottom lip. She shares a look with her brother and you can feel the hateful eyes of Concubine Nam on you and your sister. You ignore her. You needed Ara to win over Princess Min before she won the hearts of anyone else. “I look forward to getting to know you once again. Both of you.” 
You smile, and bow again before moving on to let the others greet the royal family. 
Ignoring the heavy weight of Emperor Min’s gaze, you try to keep your sister distracted and engaged during the remainder of the banquet. For every goblet of wine your sister has, you make sure she also has a goblet of water. You don’t want her embarrassing herself in front of the other eligible ladies. You relax once the emperor’s gaze is no longer focused on you and take the chance to glance towards the throne, noticing the emperor in a deep discussion with his sister. The imperial princess has a strange smile on her face and is nodding her head along to whatever his highness is saying. You also notice that Concubine Nam is nowhere to be seen.
“Where did Concubine Nam go?”
“What?” Ara quickly looks around the large hall, her voice tinged with excitement, “Concubine Nam? His highness must have sent her away.”
"Strange..” you take a delicate bite of the fresh dumplings brought out by the servants, smiling a bit at how excited Ara is to find her possible rival missing, “I thought she never left his side.”  
“Well…” Ara is interrupted by the arrival of an imperial maid. The maid bows her head respectively and holds a silver tray with a folded golden parchment.
You grab the parchment and slowly open it, quickly read the contents, fold it and place it back on the tray. “Please tell your mistress we accept.”
The maid bows and scurries away. You watch her go and keep a calm mask on your face, even as your heart is racing. You knew the point of these banquets and festivities was to find the Emperor a bride, but to receive an invitation so quickly… You notice many of the young ladies in attendance are watching and you refuse to show any sort of emotion. 
Court was just a game of politics after all. And you intended to win. For Ara. 
Ara grabs your hand under the table where no one can see, “What was that about?”
“Ara, did you bring that pretty pale green dress that grandfather gifted you for your birthday last year?” You take a sip of your wine, and keep your tone low.
“Of course.” Ara nods her head and grabs some fruit slices from one of the platters on the table, but by the tenseness of her shoulders, you could feel her excitement. You would have to instruct her on how to hide it better. 
“Good. Wear it tomorrow.” You squeeze her hand, “we are invited to the morning meal with Imperial Princess Min.”
Imperial Princess Min’s courtyard and private rooms are absolutely gorgeous. Everything is draped in golds and pastels and smells of the fresh flowers that are placed throughout her rooms. The three of you sit at a finely crafted table in her pavilion, the only sounds are the bubbling of the large fountain nearby and the tinkling of the platters of food as they are placed upon the table before you. 
“Thank you for joining me this beautiful morning.” Princess Min smiles sweetly at you both, once you rise from your bow, gesturing for a maid to pour tea, “I do hope you enjoy the meal.”
“We are honored to be invited by her majesty for a meal. Thank you.” You bow your head reverently and sit in the chair the maid has pulled out. 
“Yes, thank you, your highness.” Your sister follows suit. The plates are quickly set with delicious smelling food, but you can only sip your tea, taking your cue from the princess who has barely glanced at her plate. 
“Tell me,” Princess Min takes a dainty sip of tea, “Are you enjoying your time at the palace?”
“It is very beautiful here. We are forever indebted to the emperor and the imperial princess for allowing us to visit.” You keep your voice soft and your sister nods along, her cheeks slightly puffed with the food she has in her mouth.
“And your rooms…” Princess Min continues, directing a maid to put some kimchi on her plate, “are they to your liking?”
“Yes your majesty. The Daisy courtyard is beautiful. Thank you for gracing us with such lovely lodgings.”
The princess inclines her head briefly and smiles, “What do you think of the emperor?”
“Oh, he is wonderful. The best ruler our empire has ever seen.” Ara gushes enthusiastically, “May our emperor live ten thousand years!”
You and Princess Min share a small smile, both seeing that Ara is completely infatuated with his highness. You take a small bite of the delicious food on your plate as Ara continues to praise the emperor. 
“And you?” Princess Min interrupts your sister and turns her gaze on you. Her dark eyes are so similar to her brother that it catches you off guard for a moment, “What do you think of the emperor?”
You didn’t understand why but you feel like your answer holds more weight than your sister’s. You lick your suddenly dry lips, smile demurely at the imperial princess and respond as blandly but nicely as possible, “His highness is a most generous and benevolent king.”
“That he is.” Princess Min smiles and glances at your sister, “And what are your thoughts on his harem?”
Your sister is quiet for a moment and you can see her struggling with finding what she wants to say, you gracefully answer for her, “I’m sure my sister would be most grateful to have others help serve the emperor.”
“Yes!” Ara nods eagerly, “I am most grateful that the emperor has many to keep him company.”
Princess Min hides a giggle behind her hand and you tilt your head, curious what could make the Princess giggle like that. 
“Indeed. You may be grateful for the… help.”
Your eyes widen but Ara continues to look confused. You share a look with the Princess before she continues, “My brother, the Emperor, has a… healthy appetite.” 
As if summoned by your discussion of him, your meal is interrupted by the arrival of a servant stepping into the pavilion, “His Royal Highness, Emperor Min Yoongi, 37th Emperor of the Min Dynasty.”
You and Ara quickly place down your chopsticks and stand from your seats to bow properly. 
“You may rise.” The emperor’s voice is deeper than you remember. He is dressed in an informal black robe patterned with crimson lotus flowers. Thick golden necklaces rest against his collarbones and his pale hair is pulled up into another topknot. You notice that his long, golden earrings aren’t as extravagant as the ones he wore the night before. You and Ara quickly return to your seats.
“Here is my darling sister.” The Emperor gently kisses Princess Min’s cheek before sitting in the empty chair that is placed directly across from you by a servant. “I hope you do not mind if I join you three for the morning meal.”
“Imperial Brother I can see right through you.” Princess Min giggles, “You just want to look at my pretty company.”
You feel your breath hitch when the emperor locks eyes with you, a dangerous smile pulling at his full lips, “Can you blame me? I cannot remember the last time I’ve been so enchanted.”
Princess Min smiles and glances between you and your sister, “The sisters are true beauties.”
“Indeed,” The emperor's eyes flicker to your sister before focusing back on you, “It’s refreshing to know that a father did not exaggerate his claims of his daughters’ virtues.”
"Our beauty does not dare compare to the Imperial Princess." Your sister answers perfectly, the flattery clear in her voice. You see the smile spread across Princess Min’s face, clearly pleased with Ara’s answer. 
Princess Min and Ara chatter for a while, the emperor occasionally joining the conversation, but his burning gaze never leaves your face. If anyone else notices his attention on you, they dare not mention it. You stay quiet, trying not to draw any attention away from Ara. You are proud of your sister, she is so poised as she engages in conversation with the royals. You were worried she would freeze up, or even worse, prattle on incessantly about nothing. You motion for a servant to refill your teacup and are startled when the emperor waives the servant away, refilling your cup himself. “Please, allow me.”
Everything stops around you at his actions, even the servants seem to freeze in place. You glance at your sister and the imperial princess, both completely in shock at the emperor’s generosity. Although you notice the imperial princess has a look of unbridled delight in her dark eyes.
“Thank you, your grace.” You incline your head and keep your face impassive. Only years of training drilled into you by your tutors prepared you for this. A lady must always be composed and even though you feel like your heart is going to beat out of your chest, you keep calm. You have no idea why his eminence would pour your tea as if he was your servant, but did not dare question his actions. 
The silence lasts longer than is socially acceptable and when you dare to look at him, the emperor’s eyes are already focused on you. You can feel Ara’s eyes darting between the two of you, but you can only focus on the emperor. He opens his mouth to say something when your meal is interrupted by several maids rushing into the room. His eyes release you from your trance as he looks away. 
You tell yourself that you’re grateful for the interruption. 
“Your highness!!!” They all drop to their knees once they see the emperor, their heads touching the ground, “Your highness you must hurry. Concubine Nam has collapsed!”
You glance at the maids in alarm and look back at the emperor, his brows furrowed, “Have the imperial healers been summoned?”
“Of course, your highness.” The head maid answers, rising from her bow. You realize that they must have been the personal maids of Concubine Nam. The other maids remain on their knees, foreheads pressed to the ground. 
The emperor turns away from the maids and takes a sip of his tea, dismissing them without words. You watch the head maid bite her lip before taking a step forward, “Please your highness, she is calling for you.”
You can see the displeasure on the emperor’s face. His eyes are angry, but the anger fades when he looks at you. He stares at you for a moment as if he’s waiting for your approval. You swallow and glance at the maids before meeting his gaze, “Your highness, please forgive this lowly maiden for speaking out of turn, but your beloved needs you. You should be at her side.”
“My beloved?” His voice is filled with mirth, and you wonder what is so humorous.
“Yes, your majesty.” You continue, licking your lips. His eyes follow your tongue. “Everyone knows she is your favored concubine. She needs you. You must attend to her.”
“You’re right.” His smile disarms you, again causing your breath to catch. “I must do what my beloved asks of me.”
With a swirl of his black robes, he is gone. The maids and his personal servants trailing behind him. 
The silence left by the emperor’s abrupt departure is broken by the tired sigh of the Imperial Princess. “I apologize for Imperial Brother.”
“No, no,” you immediately respond, seeing a forlorn expression on the princess’ face, “It’s alright. Concubine Nam needs him. I do hope she is alright.”
“Yes, hopefully it is nothing serious.” Your sister cannot hide the distaste in her voice at the mention of the concubine.
“Oh, it’s nothing serious.” The princess laughs scornfully, “Concubine Nam always pulls some sort of devious trick whenever she thinks my brother’s attention might be taken away from her.”
You glance in the direction the emperor disappeared, “Does she?”
“Yes. It’s pathetic.” 
You choke back a giggle when the princess rolls her eyes and instantly feel yourself relax. 
“She thinks she has my brother wrapped around her finger. Always throwing a tantrum or faking some sort of illness.” She sneers and shakes her head, looking at you as if confiding something, “Several months ago, when I first spoke to my brother about finding a potential bride, I thought for sure that she would do something then, but it looks like the little bitch was just biding her time.”
“That is terrible.” If Ara is shocked at the vulgar language used by the princess, her face doesn’t show it. She is calm and poised and while you know she has a million questions she wants to ask, she is keeping her composure until the two of you are alone in your courtyard. “Hopefully his highness sees through her tricks.”
“She’s not half as clever as she thinks she is. He knows exactly what she is doing, but he indulges her.”
“I’m sure his majesty has his reasons,” you smile at the princess, “have faith in your brother.”
Princess Min stares at you, a contemplative look on her face. You don’t know what she is looking for, but after a few quiet moments she smiles beautifully, “Yes. Of course, you’re right. I have faith in the emperor. He was chosen by the gods to rule our kingdom.”
“May he live ten thousand years.” Ara says solemnly. You and Princess Min murmur in agreement.
“Still,” Princess Min’s voice is resolute as she gestures for a maid to refill her tea cup, “Concubine Nam cannot be trusted. Be careful.”
You sip your tea, pushing thoughts of the emperor’s dark eyes to the back of your mind and wonder just how much danger your sister is in.
When you return to your courtyard, servants are rushing around packing your trunks..
“Excuse me,” you feel bad interrupting one of the maids, but you have no idea what is going on and can’t help but fear the worst, “what is happening?”
“My lady,” the maid bows her head, “we have orders to move you and your sister to the Golden Bell courtyard.”
You frown and watch the servants continue to carry out your things, Ara clutches your hand, “On whose orders?”
“His Royal Highness.”
“As you were.” You dismiss the maid and turn towards Ara. You can see the excitement in her eyes. She’s practically vibrating. You nod for her to follow you out to the main yard where an imperial carriage is waiting to take you to your new courtyard.
“Sister,” She whispers, “The Golden Bell Courtyard. That’s closer to Imperial Princess Min’s private courtyard.”
“I know.”
The Golden Bell Courtyard is stunning. The main yard is filled with the fragrant Golden Bell flowers and the rooms were at least twice the size of your previous courtyard. Ara is practically giddy with excitement as she throws herself down on the large bed in the room you chose.
“He must already be in love with me.” 
“Why wouldn’t he be?” You were surprised Ara was able to contain herself until the servants left. 
“Everything is so luxurious.”
“It is.” You sit yourself at the fancy dressing table in the corner of the room and check your reflection in the bronzed mirror, “You should get used to this.”
Ara giggles and snuggles into the soft bedding. You watch her through the mirror and smile at her behavior. She was still so young and you wish you could shelter her forever. You still worried about her marrying into the imperial family, but you felt a little better knowing that Imperial Princess Min seems to have warmed to her. “You need to thank his majesty at tonight’s banquet.” 
“Of course.” Your sister smiles and throws a soft goose feather pillow in the air, “I will make sure to thank him for his hospitality.”
Unfortunately, Emperor Min is not at the banquet that night. In fact, you were informed, for the next fourteen days he would not be attending any of the events Imperial Princess Min had scheduled.
You can tell the princess is upset. Her smile seems a little more strained and while she is able to handle everything as a hostess should, you can tell she is very stressed about whatever the emperor is currently handling. You have a strong suspicion it is related to Concubine Nam, but it is not your place to ask questions so you remain quiet. You do, however, try your best to help where you can, becoming a steadfast and loyal companion to her majesty, continuing to have meals with her whenever she requests and spending many afternoons in her pavilion with her. She would ask your opinions of the young ladies from the different households and tell you about what would be required of the empress consort. As the days moved along, the princess dismissed more and more of the potential brides for his majesty until only a handful were left. You were pleased that Ara seems to be the favorite.
You sit across from the Imperial Princess. She sent you a note at the morning meal requesting you to join her in her plum blossom garden this afternoon. You can tell the princess is upset. Her lips are pursed and her fingers are white as she grips her cup of tea tightly. You're afraid the delicate cup might crack. 
“Your majesty’s plum blossom garden is beautiful. It must be the most fragrant and lovely plum blossom garden in all of the empire.”
Imperial Princess Min gives you a soft smile. She dismisses the servants and they step back so they are out of hearing range, but close enough to see if her highness requires anything.
“Concubine Nam is with child.”
You are silent for a moment. You keep yourself composed and don’t dare show your thoughts on your face. Your mind is frantically trying to process what this means. How could this have happened? What does this mean for Ara? 
You swallow and gently speak, “Princess Min, please forgive this simple one for questioning, but I thought it was against the imperial law for a concubine to bear children?”
“It is.” Princess Min throws her tea cup on the ground in anger, two imperial maids rush over to clean up the shattered mess and prepare another cup of tea for her majesty. Once the servants step away, the Princess continues, “She stopped drinking the herbal tea the day my brother agreed to find a bride.”
“Will Concubine Nam be punished?” You don’t look at the princess when you ask, you focus on the full cup of tea in front of you.
“If she is punished, it won’t be until after she gives birth.” Princess Min takes a small bite of sweet cake, “The little bitch thinks the emperor will make her his empress consort.”
“Will he?” 
“No,” Princess Min gives you a reassuring smile, “He will choose someone most deserving.” Her eyes shift as she stares at you until you feel you have to look away. “He’s been diligently working on preparing everything for his chosen consort. That and this unfortunate incident with Concubine Nam has kept him busy.”
You feel relief to know that Concubine Nam’s schemes do not seem to be working. And from the knowing smile the princess gives you, you feel elated that Ara will definitely be chosen as the consort. “What of the child?”
“The child will be recognized as a prince of the kingdom, but not an heir. Only the Empress can provide an heir.” Princess Min still looks unhappy, “I hope this won’t affect things going forward.”
It almost sounds like a question, as if she’s asking you if it will affect things. But you know that can’t be. You release a breath you didn’t know you were holding. This news will be upsetting to Ara, but not all is lost. This can still be salvaged. She could still marry and become the empress. Her child will still be the rightful heir. “No, I’m sure my sister will love any child that his highness produces.”
“Oh, yes, of course your sister would.” Princess Min gives you a curious smile, her dark eyes shining as if she’s amused. She takes your free hand in hers, “I hope I can request your confidence in this matter.” She says and gives your hand an almost too tight squeeze, “This must not be told to anyone.”
“Of course,” You nod your head solemnly, “I won’t say a word.”
The Emperor continues to absent himself from any events involving the possible consorts for the next several days. Even though it had yet to be announced, you knew he had already decided on an empress consort, therefore he did not need to attend any of the lavish events and parties his sister had scheduled. Though as the days progress and nothing more happens, you grow more and more concerned over Ara’s position until finally you are moved again to an even larger, more extravagant courtyard. 
The Mugunghwa Courtyard. 
The Mugunghwa Courtyard was reserved for the empress consort and is located directly next to the emperor’s private courtyard. The servants treat you and your sister like royalty, you are given the same respects the emperor and his sister are provided. Ara is enjoying the envious glares she receives from the other ladies and you allow her to enjoy her victory, but remind her to be polite and courteous to the servants because they will be her eyes and ears to what is happening in the other courtyards(including the harem).
Soon after you’re comfortably moved into the Mugunghwa Courtyard, the gifts begin arriving. Some days when you return to your rooms after the festivities, you find fresh Mugunghwa flowers on your bed. One morning you wake up and find a bottle of sweet perfumed oil. You know that it isn’t uncommon for a groom to bestow gifts upon his bride’s family, but you’re a little uncomfortable as the days progress and the gifts become more elaborate. Silk slippers, golden hairpieces, diamond necklaces… it’s all too much. Ara has also been receiving small gifts, flowers and oils. You don’t know why, but you don’t mention the jewelry or clothing to her. 
You continue to spend time with Imperial Princess Min, her personal servants would invite you, and only you, to have a private audience with her almost daily. Once, you asked her where the emperor was, as you had not seen him since breakfast almost a week ago. She had smiled at you as if you’d said the one thing she longed to hear, and informed you he’d been out of the palace. Taking care of business. But assures you that he would return soon. 
“If you would like, we can invite him to breakfast again.” She takes your arm and giggles, as if breakfast with her brother is against the rules. “But I might get jealous if my soon-to-be sister pays more attention to my brother than me.” 
Your heart soars at her words. This is practically confirmation that Ara will be chosen!
She keeps you updated on the goings on with Concubine Nam. The child is growing strong, and Concubine Nam has already started showing a small bump on her otherwise perfect body. While you never wish harm on anyone, you cannot hide your small sense of satisfaction when you're told that Concubine Nam is visibly distraught over the fact that the emperor has not once visited her since she collapsed.
You are still very concerned about Ara finding out about the pregnancy. You have kept your word and stayed silent on the matter, but you know Ara’s bubble of happiness will burst once she is made aware. You spend many of your days touring the multiple gardens of The Mugunghwa Courtyard in contemplation, trying to decide if you should tell Ara what is happening. 
You’re taking a leisurely stroll in the hibiscus garden when you suddenly feel like you’re being watched. This happens most days when you’re alone in the gardens, but no one is ever around so you dismiss it as your imagination. You startle when you hear the emperor’s deep voice call your name.
You spin around quickly and meet the burning gaze of the emperor. He’s dressed in his signature black robe, but this one is patterned with dark blue koi fish. His pale hair is pulled back in a low ponytail with a black headband across his forehead. Today he is wearing one long golden earring and a heavy golden choker around his throat. 
You briefly wonder if he would adorn his Empress in so much gold. 
“Your highness!” You immediately remember yourself and bow low.
You are still bent low and staring at the ground when you see a long black robe come into view. You feel a gentle finger under your chin and your head is tilted up until you’re standing again and staring directly up into the emperor’s perfect face.
He continues to stare at you, his eyes swirling with emotion. His finger moves from your chin to rub along your bottom lip and your eyes close involuntarily. He leans closer and you can smell the clean scent of his skin. You feel his breath on your lips…
The sound of a throat clearing jolts you. You snap your eyes open and immediately step away from the emperor’s personal space. Emperor Min is glaring heatedly at a eunuch who is standing several feet behind him. The eunuch looks apologetic, but you are grateful. 
“Your majesty, are you also here to tour the gardens?” You can feel your cheeks heat and you absentmindedly smooth out your dress. “The hibiscus garden is especially fragrant this time of year.”
His eyes are gentle when he looks at you. He gives you a soft smile, “No. I am here to see you.”
“Me? I do not know what I have done to deserve your attention. How can I help his majesty?”
Emperor Min’s voice is serious, “You deserve more than my attention. You deserve everything.”
You turn away from his penetrating gaze, focusing on a nearby flower, “Your highness has been very kind to me and my sister. I cannot thank you enough.”
“Do not thank me.” The emperor chuckles, “I am a king. I always have an ulterior motive.”
You realize he is most likely speaking of Ara. As Ara’s elder sister, you know you have the most influence over her and her opinions. He is trying to gain your favor so she will be more likely to accept his suit, but he must know that Ara is already in love with him. Princess Min would never keep that information from him.
“I have a gift for you.”
“Another gift?” You look up at his handsome face, “I couldn’t possibly accept anything else. You’ve been so generous already.” 
Faster than you can blink, his face is so close to yours, you can feel the brush of his lips as he speaks, his hand on your chin and eyes locked with yours. 
“I am the emperor. It is my divine right to give what I want, and to take what I want. Do you understand?” 
You blink and quickly lower your eyes, unable to bow your head, “Yes, your highness.” 
He moves away and you catch yourself before you can stumble from the suddenness of it all. 
“Eunuch Ki.” Emperor Min gestures and the eunuch steps forward holding a small wooden box, golden dragons painted on it. Eunuch Ki opens the box and you cannot stop your gasp when the contents are revealed. A beautifully hand carved jade bracelet is nestled within. You can see that your name is engraved in it along with the symbols of beauty and love. 
Emperor Min holds out his hand, waiting for you to give him yours. You place your hand in his and watch quietly as he gently pushes up the sleeve of your dress. His hand is so much larger than yours and you shiver when his thumb gently rubs along your wrist.
Eunuch Ki hands him the bracelet and he tenderly clasps it around your wrist. 
 You feel something inside you stir, “It’s lovely.” 
 “Not as lovely as the wrist it adorns,” he meets your eyes, “it becomes you.” 
You know you should pull away, part of you desperately wants to pull away. But he is the Emperor, and you know better. 
“Ara loves her gifts too!” You blurt out, trying desperately to control the way your heart is pounding. 
His face scrunches in thought and he tilts his head, “Ara… yes. Your sister. I’m glad she enjoys her gifts as well.” He raises your hand, flips it in his, and places a kiss on the inside of your wrist, lips brushing the cool jade beads. “Don’t take it off.” He commands, before leaving you alone once more. 
After that, you did not go into the gardens alone, always making sure Ara or Princess Min is with you. While you never did run into the Emperor in the gardens again, you still sometimes felt his burning gaze on you, but when you looked around, he was never there.
Today, you and Ara are staying in your own courtyard. You feel that both of you need a break from court. You know you certainly do. You have already had your morning meal in your rooms and were currently relaxing in one of the many drawing rooms. You smile as Ara pricks her finger again on her needlework. “Be careful Ara. A lady's hands should be soft and delicate.”
You can’t hide your laughter at the adorable glower she gives you. “Why do I have to do this? When I’m empress, I’ll have the royal seamstresses do this for me.”
“It’s a good skill to have and maybe your husband would want a personalized gift from you.”
Ara pouts but doesn’t say anything else. You sit in comfortable silence, her trying to embroider and you snacking on small sweet cakes. The days seem to be getting slightly cooler and you were appreciative. You didn’t know how long this consort selection was going to take, but you were already longing for home. You had written several letters to your father, letting him know of Ara’s progress and wanting to hear any news from home. You were hoping maybe your marriage to Lord Kim would be finalized, but unfortunately, there was no news about that. Your father seemed to avoid mentioning Lord Kim at all. As for Lord Kim himself, you sent him a few brief letters asking after his health and wellbeing, but had yet to receive a response. He was normally very quick to reply to your letters, but you brushed off his lack of response due to the fact that he must be very busy.
Your musings are interrupted by the arrival of several imperial servants and a finely dressed eunuch. They are carrying two large golden trunks and place them down in front of you and your sister. The eunuch steps forward and bows low.
“My ladies,” You recognize the eunuch as the emperor’s most trusted servant, Eunuch Ki, the one who was at his side in the hibiscus garden, “His Royal Highness would be most pleased if the mistresses would accept his gifts.”
You and Ara share a look and you quickly stand from the soft, golden sofa, “Thank you, Eunuch Ki. We are honored to receive gifts from his eminence.”
The large golden trunks are opened and you can hear Ara’s gasp of delight. The emperor has provided each of you a ceremonial dress made of fine, silk fabric and beautiful hair ornaments. Ara’s dress is a gorgeous light blue patterned with silver butterflies. The matching hair ornament is a hair pin styled in beautiful swirls of silver and jade, a single butterfly resting on top.  
Your dress is colored a rich gold and patterned with black mandarin ducks, diamonds line the long sleeves and train. The matching hair ornament is also a hair pin, but it looks to be solid gold with two mandarin ducks resting on top of a bed of orchids made out of diamonds. You hesitate at the pattern on the dress, unsure if this is a mistake. 
“If it pleases the mistresses, his highness requests you wear his gifts to the Grand Banquet tomorrow evening.”
“Of course, we would be delighted.” Ara beams at Eunuch Ki when you don’t respond right away, your eyes still focused on the pattern on your dress. 
“Eunuch Ki,” you follow him to the entrance of the drawing room, your voice quiet so others cannot overhear, “I feel there might be a mistake.” You gesture to your dress and your eyes flicker towards an oblivious Ara.
Eunuch Ki eyes you for a moment, his look is heavy and almost pitying, “The Emperor does not make mistakes.”
You swallow hard and nod at Eunuch Ki, closing the door behind him and turn to look at Ara. She’s already holding the dress up against herself and admiring it in the mirror. 
The Emperor might not make mistakes, but you were beginning to think you had. 
You slowly make your way towards the courtyard of the imperial princess. After Eunuch Ki had left last night, you received a summons from the Imperial Princess. She requested you to meet her for afternoon tea the following day before the grand banquet. 
This side of the palace was oddly quiet. You knew that everyone was preparing for the grand banquet, so all the activity would be much livelier near the grand banquet hall. You had yet to see that hall, apparently it was large enough to hold all the noble families of the kingdom comfortably. 
When you enter her private pavilion, Imperial Princess Min is reclining on a giant resting sofa, a servant girl fanning her. 
“Your highness.” You bow your head reverently and wait for her to receive you.
She smiles beautifully and sits up, her dark eyes shining beautifully, as she holds her hands out to you, “I’m so glad you are here.”
“Your Highness flatters me.” You go to her, smiling as you take her hands in your own before releasing them to gesture to the ornately carved tea table in the corner, “Afternoon tea?”
“Yes, we have much to discuss.” Princess Min stands up and elegantly makes her way to the table, you follow obediently behind her. Once you are both seated, Princess Min gestures for a servant to pour tea.
“Are you excited for tonight’s banquet?” Princess Min takes a sip of her tea, “I’m so very excited and the banquet isn’t even for me.”
“Of course, tonight is a grand occasion. It deserves to be celebrated properly.” You swallow a sip of tea and look around the beautiful pavilion. “Thank you so much for the hospitality you have shown my sister and I. Your kindness will never be forgotten.”
Princess Min smiles at you and chatters about the drama currently happening in the harem courtyard, Concubine Nam was still holding hope that Emperor Min would choose her as his bride, while the other concubines were furious over her blatant violation of the rules. You listen and chime in when necessary, indulging in Princess Min’s love for gossip. 
“What would you do with Concubine Nam and the harem?” Princess Min asks you, her voice curious, “How would you handle this entire scandal?”
“Well,” You ponder over her question for a moment. She had asked you similar questions before, but usually about how you would handle this political issue or that. Never one quite so close to home. You take another sip of tea, deciding how to answer without offending her, “an example would have to be made.”
“What kind of example?” Princess Min tilts her head slightly, her dark eyes swirling with something, “if you had the power, what would you do?”
“If I had the power?” You gesture for a servant to pour you another cup of tea and laugh softly, “If I had the power, my husband would not have a harem at all.”
Princess Min stares at you, her eyes practically glowing, “No harem? A normal man would not agree to your terms.”
You smile, “I will not marry just any man. I will marry a man solely devoted to me.”
The Princess giggles beautifully, “I love your way of thinking.”
“Well,” you giggle along with the princess, “My way of thinking isn’t something that is approved of. Luckily for his majesty, Ara will gladly allow him his harem.”
The princess quiets down and gestures for a servant to place a small, sweet cake on both of your plates. Her smile is sweet, “Tell me…”
“Hmm?” You tilt your head in question and take a small sip of tea.
Princess Min’s voice is light and soft, “when are you going to stop playing ignorant?”
You still completely, your stomach bubbling with dread. You keep your face calm and composed, but your heart is beating rapidly. After a brief silence, you question, “Pardon? Whatever do you mean?”
“You’re a very clever woman, it’s why I like you so much.” Her sweet smile never leaves her face, but her eyes are dark and cold. “You know exactly what I mean.” 
“No,” You keep your voice firm, “I do not know what you mean at all.”
Princess Min’s smile widens, but her dark eyes are unsettling, “Did you enjoy Imperial Brother’s latest gift?”
You slowly set your tea cup on the table, “His highness gives the most thoughtful gifts, we are forever in his debt.”
“You know, he chose the pattern and colors himself.”
“About that,” you lick your lips before continuing, “Eunuch Ki gave me the golden dress by mistake.”
“Oh you are good. For someone who claims they have no interest in court or politics, that is. Though you need a little more training before you sit in on a council.” The Princess takes a bite of cake, her eyes flashing, “I don’t recommend playing dumb with me, however.” 
“I don’t know what you could possibly mean.” 
The Princess ignores your remark, “Have you heard of my betrothed? Prince Regent Jung Hoseok. He’s the general of the Imperial Army.”
“Of course,” your mind frantically tries to understand where the connection is, “He has helped the emperor win many battles.”
“Did you know that he was betrothed before?”
You shake your head, but don’t reply. You have no idea what this discussion has to do with the emperor’s gifts, but you didn’t dare interrupt or question her.
“He grew up in the palace here with Imperial Brother and I. My father, the emperor at the time, practically raised him as one of his own. He was Imperial Brother’s companion and also to be his general in war. I had been in love with him since I was very young. He was all I ever wanted.” Princess Min Glances off into the distance, as if she’s reminiscing, “For his outstanding work as the General of the Imperial Army, my father gifted him a marriage to a nobleman’s daughter... Lord Tokko’s only daughter, Yeong.”
Lord Tokko’s name was vaguely familiar to you, you had heard your father mention him a few times. As for his daughter, you had never heard of this woman, but by the tone of Princess Min’s voice and the frown on her face, you know it was someone that the princess did not like.
“The Prince Regent agreed to the marriage, he actually cared for her, thought himself to be in love,” The princess scoffs and takes a small sip of tea, “It was not hard for me to get my father to agree to have Lady Yeong come to the palace to serve as a friend and companion for me.”
“She was one of the kindest, sweetest, young women I had ever met.” The Princess locks eyes with you, “So trusting that even as she lay dying, it never crossed her mind that I was the one that poisoned her.”
You're quiet for several moments, trying to gather your thoughts. Your voice is a little shaky when you finally ask, “Why are you telling me this?”
Princess Min ignores you once again, “We thought the sickness had skipped my brother. It usually only manifests itself in the women in my family, my grandmother had it too, you know?”
“What sickness?” You are growing more alarmed. The Princess was revealing information and secrets that you should not know and you did not understand her reasoning.
Again, Princess Min ignores you, continuing her story as if she were a player on stage and you the enraptured audience, “He never showed any symptoms, not a care in the world for anyone but himself. The closest he came was Concubine Nam, but nothing serious ever happened with her. He would never make her his consort, so I knew she wasn’t the one.”
“Imagine my elation when you finally arrived. You have turned out to be all we hoped for and more.” Princess Min smiles at you beautifully, her dark eyes shining almost manically, “The moment he saw you, your fate was sealed.”
Before today, having Princess Min’s confidence made you feel warm and welcomed. Now you only feel dread. 
“I.. I...” You lick your too dry lips and stumble over your words, your composure crumbling in the wake of the Imperial Princess’ confession, “I am to be married to Lord Kim. My father is working out the contracts.”
“Lord Kim?” The princess giggles, “My brother wanted to strip him and his family of their lands and titles, but I was able to talk him back from that.”
“I don’t understand.” You feel cold all over.
“Yes, you do.” The princess gestures and a maid comes forward holding a silver tray, the princess grabs the small bundle of letters and tosses them on the table, “You’re lucky that I was able to intercept these before Imperial Brother read them. If he knew you were writing to another man, he would have Lord Kim beheaded.”
You’re quiet, staring at the letters you wrote to Lord Kim asking after his health. The letters he never received. Too much was going through your mind. What about Ara?
“My father-”
“Your father has already agreed and I was able to have Imperial Brother gift a marriage to Lord Kim.”  Princess Min’s voice is pleasant, as if she's discussing the weather, “Your sister will be his bride.”
You stand abruptly from the table, your chair clattering to the floor behind you. You feel shaken and terrified. You knew something was off, but you were hoping, praying, you were wrong.
“Please excuse me, your majesty.” You step back from the table, your eyes slightly glassy, “I need to rest before tonight’s banquet.”
“Please, call me Ji-Soo…,” The princess smiles at you, her dark eyes are filled with what you now recognize as madness, the same look found in the emperor’s eyes when he looks at you, 
“..We’re family after all.”
When you arrive back at your courtyard, your mind is still struggling to comprehend what is happening. You rush past the servants and lock yourself in your room. You stare at the beautiful golden dress laid out on your bed, the diamonds twinkling as if mocking you. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Ara is supposed to be empress.
You slide to the floor, your back against the door. This wasn’t supposed to happen. You stare at the dress, but your mind isn’t focused on it. You’re trying to think, trying to plan. What are you supposed to do? You don’t even entertain the thought that your father will save you. You have no choice. Emperor Min holds all the power. 
You don’t realize that hours have passed with you staring blankly at the dress until the servants knock on your door. “My lady, we are here to prepare you for the banquet.”
“I don’t need help to prepare. Please leave me.”
“My lady,” The voice of the maid is trembling, fearful, “The emperor insists.”
You swallow and stand, your legs shaky. You open the door and stare at the servants, they are terrified. Terrified of the emperor, terrified of his displeasure. You realize that you and them are not so different. No one has a choice. Everyone is subject to Emperor Min’s whims.
“Where is Ara?”
“She has already been prepared for the banquet.” Several servants rush in carrying a large washing tub filled with steaming water. The water is fragrant and several flowers are flowing on the surface. 
You watch a large dressing screen being set up around the tub, several of the servants bow low to you before quickly leaving the room. You look at them questioningly and an older maid steps forward, “Forgive us, my lady. We are under strict instructions and not allowed to help you undress or bathe.”
“What? Why?”
The maid licks her lips and hangs several white undergarments over the dressing screen, “The emperor made a new decree that it is a crime punishable by death for anyone other than the emperor himself to view the empress consort’s nude body.” 
It’s a jarring experience to be referred to as the empress consort. 
“It- it is not official.” 
You want to scream at them that this is wrong. That you’re not even betrothed, that this isn’t supposed to be you. 
They won’t meet your eyes. 
The jade bracelet on your wrist slides, warm beads against cool skin, and that’s when you realize all the mistakes you have made. You can’t stop the heavy weight you feel in your chest. You can feel your lips begin to tremble and your eyes feel watery. You don’t want to cry, but you know you should because you have the horrible feeling that once you are announced as the chosen empress consort at the banquet, the emperor will not let you out of his sight. 
The maid smooths over any imaginary wrinkles in the undergarments and gives you a pitying look, “Please get dressed in these once you are finished and we will prepare you for the banquet.” 
You’re left alone and you robotically remove your dress and undergarments. The water is hot and relaxing and it soothes your frazzled nerves. You lean your head back against the washing tub, you can hear the maids quietly talking behind the dressing screen. Your mind is racing. You are a smart girl. Your father has always praised your brilliance and forward thinking and lamented over you not being born a boy. You could figure this out. You could find a way out. 
There is obviously something seriously wrong with the Imperial siblings. The Princess herself confessed to murdering a love rival and the emperor has never shown any sign of this alleged sickness until now. Concubine Nam is carrying his child. You’ve already told Princess Min about your distaste of the harem. You refuse to have a husband that continues to keep a harem of concubines. 
But you know, you know, you could not refuse the emperor’s suit. You did not have any choice in the matter. While this is not the outcome that you nor Ara want, you know that your father will be pleased. All men want is power. They do not care for who they hurt or how they use their children like pawns. Your father will be the father-in-law of the emperor, his position and power will be secured.
The water is cold when you finally decide to step out of the washing tub. You resolve yourself to your future. Being the Empress Consort is not the worst fate you can have, but you were fearful of your sister’s reaction. She will hate you. 
You slowly put on your undergarments and step out from behind the screen. The maids eagerly rush you over to the large dressing table and sit you down. You stare at your worn reflection in the large, ornate mirror. 
Several maids kneel at your sides, dipping your fingers and toes in a dark paste. Other maids rub scented lotion onto your arms and legs. You watch through your reflection as the older maid rearranges your hair into an intricate updo, her skilled hands working effortlessly.
Your voice is a little hoarse when you speak, but you clear your throat and look at the older maid, “Will you be my personal servant?”
“Of course,” The maid gives you a warm smile, “His highness chose me personally to care for his bride.”
You give her a strained smile in return, neither of you mention the fact that the emperor chose servants that would be loyal to him. It wasn’t uncommon for a bride to bring a handful of trusted servants with them to their new home, but these aren’t normal circumstances. You would truly be alone here. “May I know your name?”
“Unso.” You say the name carefully, “Please take good care of me.”
“My absolute pleasure.” She beams and gestures to your hair, the golden hairpin shining on top. The hairstyle is extravagant and more beautiful than any you have ever worn. The other maids clean the dark paste off your fingers and toes, revealing the nails to be stained a pretty red. Another servant brings a small jar of white cream and rubs it onto your face. You sit still as makeup is applied to your face. Your lips are painted a dark red and your eyes are lined with kohl. A small, delicate mugunghwa flower is painted in red and black between your eyebrows.
You stand and the maids help you dress in the beautiful golden dress. They take their time making sure everything is perfect. When you are fully dressed, the servants all stand back and stare at their hard work.
“Mistress is the most beautiful!”
“The Emperor has chosen well!”
“Her beauty is unparalleled!”
“An absolute vision!”
“His highness will be most pleased!”
The praises are interrupted by Eunuch Ki. He gives you a once over before nodding to Unso, “Excellent. Make sure everything is prepared as instructed.”
Unso nods her head and steps back.
“My lady,” Eunuch Ki bows low to you, “Please allow me to escort you to the banquet hall.”
You look around nervously, “But Ara-” 
“Your sister is already at the banquet.”
“I see.” You nod your head realizing you don’t have a choice, “I would be honored for Eunuch Ki to escort me.”
He gives you another low bow and turns to lead the way out of your rooms. Unso gives you an encouraging smile and you nod your head in return. Eunuch Ki leads you out of your courtyard to an extravagant imperial carriage. From the design and brilliance, you can tell that this is the emperor’s personal carriage. 
The ride to the grand banquet hall is quiet. You’re positive that you’re shaking in your seat. Eunuch Ki is watching you, but he doesn’t comment on your nerves. The carriage comes to a stop and the door is opened by an imperial guard. Eunuch Ki steps down first. You follow slowly behind him, all the servants and guards bowing in your presence. 
The long walk to the banquet hall seems to last seconds. You can feel sweat beading on your forehead and you are distractedly worried that all the servants' hard work on your face paint will come undone.  The closer you get to the hall, the louder the music and laughter from inside becomes. You can hear that it is a grand celebration and you worry for a moment that you are late. 
Eunuch Ki stops several feet away from the double doors. He gives you a sad smile and leans close to you, “An empress does not show fear. An empress does not show despair.”
You nod your head in understanding, straighten your back and hold your head high. You can feel your heart beating out of your chest; the expectations of the kingdom weighing on your shoulders. You can feel the sinking feeling in your stomach that Ara will never forgive you. You desperately hope she can understand. 
You do not have a choice. 
“Please open the doors.”
The large golden doors are heavy, requiring several servants to push them open. A loud chime is heard from the inside of the room. Eunuch Ki steps forward and announces your arrival, but you cannot hear him over the sound of the blood rushing through your ears. 
You step forward and you can feel all eyes are on you, but the only eyes you can focus on are the emperor’s. Dark, calculating, mad. He’s not dressed in his customary black, but gold. His ceremonial robes are a bright gold patterned with black mandarin ducks, matching yours. His long hair is unbound, a glittering crown is placed upon his brow. He is the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen. 
The room is so quiet you can hear a pin drop. You take several slow steps into the room and make your way towards the emperor. Before you reach him, Princess Min steps forward, a handsome man you recognize as Prince Regent Jung Hoseok at her side. The couple is dressed in matching colors. Royal blue and patterned with silver bats. Princess Min leans close to you and kisses both your cheeks. She pauses to whisper a quiet, “Good Girl,” that only you can hear. Prince Regent Jung gives you a low bow.
You bow in return to the Princess and her betrothed. The room is still deathly quiet. When you finally reach the emperor, he stares at you as if you are the only thing he has ever wanted. You prepare to bow, but Emperor Min stops you, “From this moment forward, you bow to no one.”
You swallow and nod your head. Emperor Min continues staring at you, his eyes swirling with equal parts happiness and madness. Eunuch Ki steps forward holding a golden goblet. You stare at the goblet and then look at the emperor in horror. This isn’t right. You realize quickly that this is no ordinary celebration banquet. 
This is a wedding. 
You quickly look away, desperately searching for Ara. Slim fingers grip your chin tightly, you can feel the cold metal of his rings pressing into your skin. Your face is turned back to the Emperor.
“Who is the king?” His voice is quiet, but firm, “Who is the boss?”
You stare into his cold eyes. He knows he has you trapped and he knows there is nothing you can do. While you want to believe that you had reconciled yourself with your fate, you had truly hoped that you had more time to find a way out. But there is no way out.
After a few moments, you nod your head in understanding and open your mouth to accept a drink from the goblet. Emperor Min takes the goblet from Eunuch Ki and holds it to your lips. His smile is gentle, but his eyes are filled with triumph as you drink.
The rice wine is sweet but you barely taste it. You swallow a large gulp and lick your lips. The emperor’s eyes darken as he watches you and his smile widens. He gently places the goblet into your hands and you carefully hold it up to his lips. He takes several large gulps, but never breaks eye contact with you. 
Eunuch Ki grabs the goblet from you and before you know what is happening, you’re in the emperor’s embrace. One of his hands cup the back of your head as the other holds you tightly by the waist, “Finally, you’re mine.”
His kiss catches you off guard and you close your eyes involuntarily. You know that kissing is improper for a wedding ceremony and should only be done in private, but no one would dare question the emperor. His lips are soft and taste of the rice wine you just drank. When his tongue gently coaxes your lips open, you do not resist. Your fingers grip his shoulders and you cannot stop yourself from melting into him. 
When he finally releases you, you steady yourself against him. You’re in a daze as the emperor leads you to the royal table. You stand quietly at his side as he raises a glass of wine in a toast, “To my new bride, your new empress!”
The hall is filled with thunderous applause and cheering. Your moves are robotic as the emperor instructs you to sit next to him. He fills your plate with all your favorite delicacies and pours you a cup of tea. The musicians start playing music again and the murmur of conversations start up around you. You glance around the hall and realize that all the eligible young ladies that were prospective consorts are wearing matching dresses. Light blue and patterned with butterflies. The same dress that Ara was gifted.
You look around for Ara and you find her seated between your father and Lord Kim. Your father and Lord Kim seem to be in a serious conversation. Ara looks calm and composed, but her eyes betray her. You can see her unhappiness and your heart aches. 
“Beloved,” You’re jolted by the emperor’s deep, somber voice, “Don’t worry about your sister. She will be taken care of. Lord Kim will make her happy.”
It takes you a moment to respond, but you do so quietly, “My sister’s only happiness will always be with the emperor.”
The emperor glances in the direction of your sister and then turns back to you, his smile is sweet, “You are a good sister, but it’s time you put your happiness first.”
You’re puzzled, “My happiness?”
“Your happiness.” Emperor Min kisses your lips softly, “To be my bride. To be my queen. To be mine.”
You stare at him incredulously, and realize he truly believes that you are happy being his bride. He really thinks you wanted this and were only holding yourself back for Ara’s sake. Princess Min gives you a knowing smile from across the table. You sit in a daze as the night progresses. The emperor would let no other serve you, but himself, constantly refilling your plate and cup.
You can feel the angry glare of Concubine Nam on you from across the hall and when you finally meet her gaze, you're startled to realize that she’s also wearing the same light blue dress, patterned with silver butterflies, that Ara was gifted. In fact, all the concubines are dressed this way.
Concubine Nam’s face is fuller and glowing beautifully. Her soft, demure persona would be more believable if her eyes weren’t filled with hatred. You’re secretly pleased that her plan to trap the emperor has failed. If she was smart, she would try to gain favor with you, but instead she will most likely plot to poison you. You give her a small nod of acknowledgement and she sneers in return before turning away. 
The night drags on and you're exhausted from trying to keep a happy facade. You catch your shoulders drooping more often than not, and even feel yourself lean against the emperor a time or two. 
When it is finally time to receive congratulations from the representatives from the noble families, you stay quiet at the emperor’s side. You smile when needed and murmur thanks when prompted. Everything feels unreal.  
When your family steps forward, you try to catch Ara’s eyes. She nods her head at Princess Min and bows low to you, “Your highness, many happy wishes on your marriage. May the gods bless you with healthy sons.”
Her voice is cold and you can see the hatred in her eyes. You grab her hand, “Ara please, you must understand.”
“Understand that my sister is a liar?” Ara raises her voice and pulls away from you, “Understand that she is a snake who planned this?!”
“Ara, no.” Your voice cracks and you can feel tears brimming in your eyes, your exhaustion and stress finally catching up to you, “You are my most beloved sister. I would never-”
“And yet, here you are.” Ara’s voice is mocking, “Empress.”
The scene your sister is making draws the attention of your father and Emperor Min, who were in the middle of a quiet conversation near you. Even Princess Min is frowning from where she is seated, obviously hearing the raise of Ara’s voice. 
“Enough.” The emperor’s voice is cold as he glares furiously at Ara, “You dare to show disrespect to your empress?”
“She tricked you! Can’t you see she tricked you?!” Ara ignores the dangerous aura surrounding Emperor Min, “It was supposed to be me! I am supposed to be your queen. I love y-”
“Guards. Detain her. Disrespect to the empress is punishable by death.”
You can see the fear on Ara’s face, she backs away quickly, but the guards grab her. Your father looks alarmed and even Lord Kim looks fearful for your sister’s life. You look at the emperor and grip his arm tightly, “Please, please do not punish her. She doesn’t know what she’s saying.”
“She dared to disrespect you. She doesn’t deserve to live.”
“Please,” You beg him, you look at Ara’s fearful face and close your eyes in dismay, you know she will hate you even more after this. You firm your resolve and open your eyes, “She’s only a child.”
You press yourself against the emperor, “She’s harmless. She knows that what we have is real. She knows that you love me. She’s only jealous.”
The emperor’s eyes soften as he stares at you. “And you? Do you love me?”
You glance at your sister, an apology in your eyes, before wrapping your arms around Emperor Min, “I love you. Only you.”
He kisses you deeply and waves away the guards. Once he breaks the kiss, you feel yourself sag against him in relief as Ara is released and your father ushers her away. You can feel Lord Kim staring at you and when you finally meet his gaze, you're taken aback by the devastation in his eyes.
His eyes flicker between you and the emperor before he turns around and follows after your father. You stare after him but the emperor blocks your view. You look up and meet his eyes.
“Your eyes are only meant for me. No one else.”
You nod your head, but don’t say a word. Emperor Min continues to stare at you for a moment longer, before he presses a soft kiss to your forehead. 
“Eunuch Ki.” 
Eunuch Ki suddenly appears at the Emperor’s side ready and willing to do whatever is asked of him and gives a low bow, “Your majesty.”
“Take my bride to rest.”
“At once, your grace.” Eunuch Ki gestures for you to follow him and you do so without another word. Once the heavy golden doors close behind you, you finally let the tears fall from your eyes. You cry silently on the long carriage ride back to the other side of the palace. Eunuch Ki looks uncomfortable and like he wishes to offer words of comfort, but has no idea what to say. 
You go to rub your eyes with the sleeve of your dress, but Eunuch Ki stops you and hands you a soft cloth, “Forgive me your highness, but your dress must be preserved for the royal archives, you must not dirty it.”
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” You give a sad hiccup laugh and look out the carriage window. You realize quickly that you are not headed to the Mugunghwa Courtyard, but to the Emperor’s private courtyard. 
“I thought the Emperor wanted me to rest.”
Eunuch Ki gives you a look, but doesn’t respond. When the carriage rolls to a stop, Unso is there to help you down from the carriage. If she sees the distress on your face, she doesn’t comment on it. She gives you a low bow and leads you into the Emperor’s lair.
His private courtyard and rooms are enormous. Everything is draped in silks of black and gold. When you finally reach the Emperor’s private chambers, you’re astounded. His bedroom has the largest canopy bed you have ever seen, covered in a mountain of pillows. There is a large wooden desk in one corner of the room surrounded with several shelves filled with scrolls. There’s two separate golden resting sofas, each larger than you have ever seen and even a large dressing table with a mirror, obviously for a woman to use. There are also large double doors leading out to a small, private hot spring.
You watch Unso bustle around the room, preparing things and beckoning you over to the dressing table. “Your highness, let me help you remove your makeup.”
You sit quietly at the table and let Unso gently wash your face. You watch her put a special cream under your eyes to bring down the puffiness from your tears. She takes her time undoing your hair and leaving it unbound. You meet her eyes in the reflection of the mirror, “How many women has he bedded here?”
She looks puzzled at your question, “His majesty has never brought any woman here.”
“Concubine Nam?”
“Never.” Unso’s voice is resolute, “His majesty has never brought any woman, harem or no, here. These are his private chambers.”
“I see.” You don’t know if she’s lying to you, but if she is, you appreciate it. You feel slightly better knowing you are the only woman to ever sleep in his chambers.
Unso opens a chest and pulls out a black silk robe embroidered with red mugunghwa flowers and lays it over the top of the dressing screen in the corner of the room, “Your highness, you should remove your clothes and put this on. I’ll make you some tea and then you can lay down and rest.”
You slowly make your way behind the dressing screen and painstakingly remove your wedding dress. You leave it in a heap on the floor along with your undergarments. You know there is no point in wearing them and while you are nervous and a little scared, you know the consummation is inevitable. 
You put the silk robe on, and gently tie the sash around your waist. When you step around the dressing screen, Unso has already prepared the bed by removing many of the pillows and replacing the black silk sheets with a soft, white one. The white sheet shines ominously in the low light of the lanterns. 
“Your highness, have some tea to soothe your nerves.” Unso has brewed some fresh tea, but the scent is different than any you have had before. You sit stiffly on the edge of the newly made bed and take a small sip of tea. The taste is slightly bitter, but soon you feel yourself relaxing. 
“What type of tea is this?” You ask as Unso refills your cup and urges you to drink more.
She pats your head and gives you a warm smile, “Don’t worry. It was requested by his highness to help improve your health.”
You nod and don’t question her. You assume it’s similar to what the harem drinks to prevent pregnancy. The emperor is still young and with the drama that Concubine Nam has caused, you doubt children were on his mind. Before you know it, you’ve finished the entire pot. 
Unso helps tuck you in bed, and turns down all the lanterns. The only light in the room is that from the moonlight seeping in through the heavy curtains. You can barely keep your eyes open and the last thing you hear before you drift asleep is Unso’s quiet words, “Rest well, your majesty. You will need it.”
You’re awoken by a soft noise. You sit up and look around but don’t notice anything out of place. You’re still alone in the emperor’s bed. You see a faint glow under a previously unnoticed door in the far corner near his large desk. 
You get out of bed and make your way to the door. It opens soundlessly and a large staircase is revealed. You slowly make your way up the staircase, being careful not to make a sound. At the top of the staircase is a large room. It looks like an artist’s studio. Numerous canvases line the walls, charcoals and paints scattered over several large wooden tables stationed through the room. 
You see half finished portraits of Princess Min and a few of the previous emperors. You step into the room, careful not to disturb the artwork. There are some more paintings of several gardens and fountains that inhabit the palace grounds. In the corner of the room there is a beautiful hand carved desk, slightly smaller than the large tables, covered with more artwork. When you get closer you realize the paintings and sketches are all of you. You in the dress you wore the first night you arrived, you smiling in Princess Min’s private pavilion, you taking a walk in one of the private gardens, you asleep in your private rooms. Hundreds of paintings and drawings of you. 
You see another canvas underneath, it's slightly worn with frayed edges as if it’s been touched frequently. When you pull it out you see it's a painting of you, but this one you recognize. Two summers ago your father had you and your sister sit for a family portrait. The artist was impeccable and it was one of the most accurate paintings you had ever seen of yourself, it was almost like looking in the mirror. You see that the painting is torn, your sister and father removed from the portrait.
“You’ve found my sanctuary.”
You startle at the emperor’s voice and drop the canvas as if you’ve been burned. He’s standing at the entrance of the room, he’s no longer dressed in the golden robe, but now his signature black. It’s tied loosely, so the smooth pale skin of his chest is visible. His blond hair is loose and his crown is gone. 
“You’re quite the artist.” You gesture around the room, “but I notice there is no artwork of your concubines, of your beloved Concubine Nam.”
The emperor glances around, taking in his artwork as he steps further into the room, “Are you jealous of In-Suk?”
You frown at the use of her first name, but do not deny his accusation, “I do not like the thought of my husband bedding other women.”
“There are no other women.” Emperor Min slowly makes his way over to you, “You’re the only one that matters.”
You glance back at the desk littered with portraits of you, your eyes stopping on the torn family portrait, “How long have I been the only one that matters?”
He smiles, “Does it matter?”
“Yes.” You keep your voice calm and composed, “It matters to me.”
Emperor Min stands close to you, his fingers trailing over the artwork on the desk, “I had no interest in marriage. Lords and other noblemen constantly throwing their daughters at me. Your father is no different. Going on and on about Ara and how wonderful and virtuous she is.” He smiles wryly, “I finally got him to shut up by feigning interest.”
The emperor gently picks up the torn family portrait, “Imagine my surprise when he brings me this. A beautiful family portrait. I ask him about you and he immediately tells me about what a beautiful and doting older sister you are to Ara. How ever since your mother died, you have helped raise her. How you love her more than anything.”
He sets the portrait down and grabs your hands, gently turning you to face him, “I knew then that you would sacrifice everything for your beloved sister. I also knew that I needed to get you into the palace. Once you were here, you could not deny me.”
“But I was supposed to marry Lord-”
“Never say his name again.” Emperor’s Min’s voice is hard, leaving no room for discussion, “I am your husband. He is nothing.”
“Of course,” Your voice is quiet, you hesitate for a moment before you continue your questioning, “But… but Princess Min set up the consort selection. She told me she had to practically beg you to agree.”
“My beloved wife.” Emperor Min cups your face affectionately, his previous sour mood at the mention of Lord Kim completely gone, “You’re too trusting. She poisoned her companion, do you really think she would not lie to help her brother?”
“But Ara-”
“Ara will forgive you.” He presses a soft kiss against your lips, “Or she won’t. It does not matter.”
“Is it really so bad being Empress?” Emperor Min presses another kiss to your lips, his fingers tangle in your unbound hair, “Being Mother to the country?”
“No-no, I am grateful to your majesty.” You shiver at his touch, grasping his shoulders as he presses himself against you.
“Yoongi.” He places more kisses down your lips and chin, “Call me Yoongi.”
“Yoongi!” You gasp when he softly bites your neck.
You feel him reach behind you and push everything off the large desk, the sound of canvases and painting supplies hitting the floor echoes throughout the room. Yoongi picks you up and sits you on the large desk, his lips never leaving your skin.
“You’re all I’ve ever wanted.” His mouth is muffled by the skin of your neck, his lips and tongue trail lower. You feel hot all over and cannot help but shiver when his hand yanks the collar of your robe down your shoulder. “My beautiful queen.”
Your fingers clutch at the silk fabric of his robe, holding him closer to you. You don’t stop him when he undoes your robe, his hot fingers trailing down the skin of your abdomen. “Beloved, will you show me?”
You wordlessly lean back, letting the open robe slip down your arms, baring your nude body to his view. His eyes are burning as he drinks you in. “Absolutely Exquisite.”
Yoongi leans over you, pressing himself between your thighs, and kisses you deeply. His tongue licks into your mouth with desperation. His hands are shaking as he grips your hips, and you quickly free yourself from the sleeves of your robe.
He breaks the kiss to trail his mouth down your neck and chest, his hot tongue swirls around your exposed breast before suckling the nipple. You can’t stop your moan, your whole body jerks at the feeling. “Y-Yoongi!”
“Say it again.” Yoongi’s voice is filled with desperation as he kisses down your ribs, “Say my name again.”
“Yoongi.” You whisper and your stomach clenches when he kisses lower, his wet tongue trailing over your abdomen. You’re so aroused, you can feel your wetness coating your thighs, but you can’t bring yourself to be embarrassed. 
“I have never seen a more beautiful woman.” Yoongi presses a soft kiss below your belly button, “The country has never had a more beautiful empress.”
“Your highness flatters me.”
“No.” Yoongi’s firm voice startles you and when you meet his eyes, they are burning with madness, “This emperor loves you. Only you.”
You shiver at the look in his eyes and nod your head in return, “Yes. Of course.”
Yoongi presses another kiss to your abdomen, his large hands gripping your thighs as he stares at you, “Will you deny your king?”
The smile he gives you is equal parts beautiful and dangerous, his dark, dark eyes overflowing with adoration for you, “Good girl.”
Your breath catches when he spreads your thighs apart and leans forward, his mouth inches away from your wet, pulsing cunt. “I wonder if you taste as succulent as you smell.”
You feel your pussy throb at his words and you lean your head back against the desk, your eyes closing in anticipation. You find his crude words more arousing than you ever thought possible. Your heart is beating so fast and you can feel sweat beading on your forehead. While you have never been intimate with a man, you were no stranger to self pleasure. You just never imagined your first experience with a man would be the emperor of the entire nation between your thighs, waiting to pleasure you. The heady rush of excitement is making you dizzy.
You tense when Yoongi presses the flat of his tongue against your juicy pussy. His tongue is hot as it licks a slow stripe up to your clit and you both release a throaty groan when he sucks your clit into his mouth.
You don’t realize you’re holding your breath until you get light headed from lack of oxygen. You're shivering all over and you feel a tight pressure in your stomach. Your entire body is tuned to Yoongi’s mouth, every lick and suck of his tongue has you soaring. 
“Better.” He whispers between licks of your swollen clit, his fingers shaking as he holds your thighs apart, “You taste so much better than anything I’ve ever had before.” 
You press your hand into your mouth to bite down on, trying to muffle your moans. Your other hand scrambles for something to hold onto before tangling in his long, soft hair. 
You press your heel into his back, but if Yoongi is bothered, he does not show it. He’s completely focused on devouring you. You bite your hand hard to cover your squeal when his hot fingers gently probe your cunt. He reaches up to pull your hand out of your mouth, his fingers gently stroking your wrist around the jade bracelet, “Do not dare hide your pleasure from me.”
He places your hand on his head, near your other hand already grasping his hair, and encourages you to use him as you please. A long, thick finger slips inside you and you cannot stop yourself from clamping down, your hips automatically rolling up into his face. 
“That’s it, my beautiful girl,” Yoongi continues to flick your clit with his tongue, “Ride my face.”
Your fingers grasp his head, holding his mouth against your aching cunt. You’re throbbing and dripping and you know you are going to come soon. You can feel the release building deep inside you. Yoongi presses another finger into your dripping hole and you can feel yourself trembling. He’s completely focused on you and your pleasure, his mouth working nonstop to help you reach your peak. 
You sit up slightly and meet his dark gaze, his eyes are brimming with satisfaction. You grip his hair hard and press his face against your dripping cunt. You’re so close you’re practically vibrating with pleasure. 
He twists his fingers and you're coming. You release a soundless gasp and can’t stop yourself from gushing all over his fingers. Yoongi moans at the taste of you, his mouth eagerly trying to swallow every drop of your release. You collapse on the desk, your orgasm still thrumming through your body. 
You barely catch your breath when he’s hovering over you, your release glistening on his lips and chin. He kisses you deeply, making sure you can taste yourself on his tongue. You can feel his body trembling as he undoes his robe and you cannot figure out if he’s nervous or excited, or a combination of both.
He breaks the kiss to look at you and your stomach flutters at his gaze, so full of yearning and affection, you’re no longer sure why you ever thought about denying him. You hadn't even realized something was missing from your life, he was missing from your life, until this moment. You weren't just doing this out of a sense of duty. Because you were his wife. Because he was your husband. You wanted this. Desperately. More than you’d wanted anything up until this moment. 
Full of your realization, you push his robe off his shoulders and spread your legs wider, allowing him to press himself completely against you. He’s hot and hard, pulsing between your thighs. You shiver at the feel of him, your sticky cunt still dripping from your orgasm. You look at him, his cheeks flushed pink, his forehead and chest slightly sweaty, his hair a tangled mess. His scar looks less intimidating in the low light of the lanterns.
“You love me?” You don’t realize you have said the words out loud until he stares at you, his dark, dark eyes burning.
“More than anything.” 
It’s intoxicating knowing you have this beautiful man confessing his love to you. He is the most powerful man in the entire world and he loves you more than anything. You can’t help the ugly feelings of jealousy bubbling in your stomach, knowing other women have seen him undone like this. Knowing that Concubine Nam has had him like this is unacceptable. 
“I want them gone.” You shift forward slightly, the head of his thick cock catching on your entrance. You feel so hot between your legs, your cunt aching to be spread open by him. 
“Who?” He sounds confused, distracted. His whole body is trembling, holding himself back from thrusting up into you.
“Your whores.” You roll your hips and feel him sink a few inches inside you, you hold your breath and try not to tense up at the intrusion. “I will not have a husband that has a harem. I want them all gone, especially that bitch Nam. I can’t stand the thought of anyone else seeing you like this.”
“Yes,” You feel more than hear him gasp, his forehead pressing against your shoulder, “Anything you want.
“You’re mine.” 
Your whispered declaration causes something inside of him to snap. You’re unprepared when he pushes completely inside of you. The burning stretch of his thick, heavy cock leaves your breathless. He groans into your chest, barely giving you a moment to adjust before he’s thrusting in and out. Every roll of his hips has you clenching around him. His lips press soft kisses into your skin between pants of yesyesyes and all yours. You’re soaked and shaking, your fingers clutch his shoulders, trying to anchor him against you. He’s so thick and so large, you swear you can feel him in your stomach.
“My Empress, My Goddess,” Yoongi whispers reverently into your skin, “I will give you everything.”
“Yes,” You press yourself closer to him, ignoring the feel of his ringed fingers bruising your hips, “All I want is you.”
Every thrust of his hips brings you closer to the edge. You’re quivering around him, so close you can almost taste it. You shudder when he releases your hip, his fingers gently rubbing your swollen clit, causing you to pulse around him. “That’s it, my beloved girl. Come for me.”
Yoongi softly pinches your clit and you explode. His tongue licks up your throat, his mouth swallowing your quiet cries of pleasure. You clench down and feel him gasp against you, his body shuddering uncontrollably. The pulse of his cock inside you floods you with warmth.
You close your eyes and hold him against you, trying to catch your breath. Your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. You slowly run your fingers through his hair and smile when you realize he’s still buried inside you.
He sits up and stares at you. You can see your reflection in his dark eyes. Your hair is disheveled and your lips are swollen. You can see your eyes are hazy with pleasure and several love bites adorn your neck and shoulders.
“My beloved bride.” Yoongi smiles at you affectionately, his fingers gently brush your hair back from your sweaty forehead, “I will never let you go.”
When you awaken you’re alone in the emperor’s bed, his side is cool, as if he’s been gone for hours. You’re sore all over, your husband spent most of the night inside of you, making you come over and over again until the early morning light.
You wrap the wrinkled white sheet around you and stand on shaky legs. You slowly make your way to the door and call for Unso. She appears immediately, almost as if she was waiting for you.
She helps you sit at the dressing table and goes about opening the curtains. Based on the sunlight entering the room, you can tell it is already early afternoon. Several maids clear the used bedding from the bed, and replace the sheets with clean silk ones. 
“Where is the emperor?” 
“His majesty wanted his bride to get enough rest, he would not let anyone disturb your highness.” Unso ignores your question and pulls a black dress patterned with golden dragons from the wardrobe. She hangs it over the silk dressing screen along with several undergarments.
You watch her through the mirror as she orders servants to prepare bath water for you. You can tell that something is amiss by the way Unso will not meet your eyes and the maids scurry about as if they are terrified of you.
“Your highness,” A younger maid bows low and holds out a fresh cup of tea, “your tea?”
You take the cup from the trembling maid, it’s the same bitter tea from the night before. You take a small sip, “Unso, where is my husband?”
“Your majesty, you must drink your tea, it is good for your health.” Unso comes out from behind the dressing screen, “Come take your bath, it will soothe your sore muscles.”
“No,” You set the mostly full cup of tea on the dressing table and stand up, “Bring me my robe.”
“Your majesty, you cannot go out in only your robe!” Unso’s voice is shocked. “It is improper!”
“Fine,” You make your way behind the dressing screen and put on your undergarments, “You will help me dress and then you will take me to my husband.”
Unso and several maids help you put on the stunning black dress. You’re ushered to the dressing table where you are adorned in diamond jewelry. Unso styles your hair with a jeweled dragon hairpin. Lotions and creams are rubbed into your face, neck and arms. 
Once you are deemed presentable, you follow Unso and several servant girls to the throne room. When you reach the large doors, Eunuch Ki looks alarmed to see you and quickly bows low, “Y-your highness! What are you doing here?”
 “Eunuch Ki,” You nod your head in greeting, “I came to see my husband.”
“I see,” Eunuch Ki shares an undecipherable look with Unso, “His majesty is conducting important business, he has asked me to inform you that he will join you in his rooms later for the evening meal.”
“Open the doors.”
“Please your majesty, you need to rest.” Eunuch Ki tries to placate you, “Let me take you back to the emperor’s courtyard or even to see Princess Min.”
“Open the doors. Now.”
Eunuch Ki looks helplessly at Unso before nodding his head. The guards slowly push the heavy doors open.
The smell is the first thing that hits you. The thick coppery scent of blood. You slowly step into the room and gasp in horror. The floors and walls are covered in blood. It looks like an entire massacre took place here. You walk further into the room and ignore the way the blood soaks into your silk slippers, seeping between your toes.
Eunuch Ki follows quietly behind you. There are several servants scrubbing the floors and walls, trying to remove the pools of blood around the room. You ignore them all, your eyes are completely focused on the emperor. He’s staring at a small golden box in his hand. A bloody sword rests near his feet. 
“Yoongi.” You whisper the words quietly, but his head snaps up immediately, his eyes focusing on you. 
“Beloved.” His eyes light up when he sees you, a beautiful smile spreading across his face. He rushes eagerly towards you. You realize he’s wearing a black robe, patterned with golden dragons, the same design as your dress. The only difference is his robe is stained with fresh blood. His hair is pulled up into a topknot, his black headband in place. Small drops of blood stain his cheeks and neck. He presses the golden box into Eunuch Ki’s hands before cupping your face, his fingers still wet with blood.
“My beautiful bride,” His voice is light, happy, “everything is perfect now that you are here.”
“Perfect?” You whisper and let him take your hands, leading you towards his throne. The golden dragon throne looks intimidating in the blood soaked room. The closer you get to the throne, the stronger the scent of blood becomes. You feel light headed, your stomach churning at the smells permeating the air.
“I.. I need to sit down.”
Yoongi looks at you concerned and immediately has you sit on his throne, “Are you alright, my love? Do you need some tea?”
“No,” You sit quietly. You feel sick, you feel sweaty, you can barely catch your breath, “I just need a moment.”
You close your eyes trying to center yourself. You know something terrible happened here, there is so much blood it looks like a battlefield. You're grateful that the bodies have already been removed, you don't know how you would have handled a room full of corpses. You take a few deep breaths and open your eyes, meeting Yoongi's bright gaze.  
“I have a gift for you.” Yoongi takes the golden box from Eunuch Ki, “I wanted to surprise you with it this evening, but you are here now. My beautiful girl.”
You stare at the golden box stained with blood. You take it from Yoongi with trembling hands. Yoongi is vibrating with excitement next to you. You can feel the pressure behind your eyes signaling that you are about to cry. You blink repeatedly, holding back your tears.  
You slowly open the box and stare at the contents. Yoongi holds your hands around the golden box, making sure you can’t drop it. You swallow the scream bubbling in your throat and meet his eyes. Dark, crazed, unhinged eyes overflowing with love for you. Love and madness.
You look back at your gift. Dead, lifeless eyes stare back at you. Concubine Nam’s eyes. Yoongi kneels obediently at your feet, soaking his robe in more blood. Blood from Concubine Nam. Blood from the rest of the harem. 
You can’t stop the tears from dripping down your cheeks. 
“They are all gone. Just like you asked.” Yoongi stares at you with reverence, his eyes sparkling, “I told you I would do anything for you.”
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v-hope · 2 years ago
Break up prank gone wrong
Pairings: Min Yoongi / Kim Taehyung / Jeon Jeongguk x Reader
Genre: Fluff, crack, slight angst ig
Request: "Can you do jungkook , Taehyung and Yoongi When they pranked y/n they should break up , and the prank goes wrong 😂 something similar thank u ♥️"
A/N: Idk if this is what you had in mind but I hope you like it! 💕
Update: You can find Jin, Hobi, Joon and Jimin's part in my masterlist.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi
“She would freak out if I ever told her that” Yoongi said with his eyebrows furrowed.
After having been getting ready for over half an hour to go on stage, the seven of them had grown quite bored, which is why they were currently playing a game of dares.
Yoongi's dare? Telling you, his long term girlfriend who was waiting for him on the couch by the other side of the room, that he wanted to break up.
Now, he refused to do it at first, but when his members started to tease him about how whipped he was for you… he felt the need to prove them wrong. He could do just one little thing that would slightly upset you, right? It wasn't like he would break your heart and, on the brightside, he would try to fight against his pretty obvious soft spot for you.
“Um… Y/N?” he mumbled nervously as he reached your side.
Your eyes went instantly from your phone to him, letting him know you were listening.
Giving a quick glance back to his six-people-audience, he bit his lip before looking back to you. “I want to break up”.
Honestly, was he even trying?
“No” you simply stated, going back to focus on your phone.
Yoongi frowned – already hearing his friends' laughs from behind.
“What do you mean ‘no’?” he questioned. “I'm telling you I want to break up with you”.
“And I'm telling you we won't”.
His jaw fell, allowing you to know just how indignated he was. Anyway, it was not like he had actually wanted to break up with you, so what was even the point on keep the prank going?
“O-okay then…” he scratched the back of his ear, looking back to the boys in disbelief.
“She definitely freaked out, hyung” Jeongguk chuckled as soon as Yoongi was back to their side.
“Next thing you know, you're never able to get rid of her and end up getting married”.
Jimin's words made Yoongi smile shyly as he shook his head – that idea not bothering him in the slightest.
Tumblr media
Kim Taehyung
“I feel like this isn't working… it would be best if we broke up”.
Now, any other time, your heart would have dropped because of the words that had just abandoned your boyfriend's mouth. The look on his face was just so sincere, so convincing, you would have fallen for it in a heartbeat…
If it weren't for Hoseok and his huge mouth, that had blurted out the prank Taehyung was planning to pull on you.
So instead of being hurt, freaking out even because of a possible break up with the person you loved the most, you decided to react by letting out a sigh of relief.
“Oh, thank God” your hand went to your chest, showing him the weight that had just been lifted from off your shoulders.
Taehyung stared at you blankly – his mouth falling slightly open. What was happening?
“I've wanted to break up with you for a while now but I couldn't bring myself to do it” you laughed lightly.
Funny how it was his heart the one dropping now.
The lost puppy eyes he stared at you with almost made you drop your act right there and then.
“You're kidding, right?” he mumbled.
You shook your head no. “We’re good though, right? We can still be friends” you smiled sweetly.
Taehyung remained silent for a few seconds, feeling his heart go uneasy. This could not be real.
“I was just joking...” he admitted, sounding almost broken.
“Oh...” you shifted in your place, “well, then this is really awkward because I was not...”
“Y/N, this isn't funny”.
That was it for you.
“But you pulling this kind of prank on me is?” you raised one of your eyebrows.
And then it hit him. A prank. You were just pranking him back.
“Oh, thank God” he repeated your previous words, grabbing your hand and pulling you into his embrace before you could storm out.
Never again in his life would he try to mess with you.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jeongguk
“IU looked so cute today” you heard Jeongguk gush about her for the third time during your ride back home from the Awards Show you had just been at.
You nodded once again, because… fuck off, she did, and you had no problem accepting that.
“I mean, she just… ugh” he threw his head back, resting it on the backseat.
You giggled at his fanboy ways. However, your amusement was soon erased the second he looked seriously at you, taking in your every faction before saying:
“Okay, I know this is very sudden and shitty, but I want to break up”.
Your eyes immediately moved from the window to lock with his.
“Excuse me?” you cocked one of your eyebrows.
“I want to have my shot with her. Did you see the way she was looking at me today?”
A look into his eyes was all you needed to know he was not being serious. Come on, he loved you and would never do such thing to you.
But two could play this game.
And you were such a fangirl yourself for one of the idols that had attended the event that evening – one you had actually had the pleasure to meet that night, which is why…
“And you couldn't have told me that two hours ago when I was talking to Jaehyun?” you scolded him. This time you were the one throwing your head back in feigned frustration.
Jeongguk stared at you like both his mind and heart had just stopped functioning.
You turned your head in his direction, giving him a grin that let him know you were joking, too.
“Ah, baby” he whined, resting his head on your shoulder, “don't do this to me”.
“I'm just saying” you begun, softly playing with his hair, “I think you could go get IU and I could do the same with Jae”.
You did not just–
“And I think you won't be allowed anywhere near Jae anymore”.
Tumblr media
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chimyoung · 3 years ago
Hi~ this is my first attempt at writing a hybrid au, so please go easy on me! I hope you enjoy it. This is the first part of the series, I don’t know how many parts there is going to be, but please let me know if you enjoyed it!
CEO!Min Yoongi x Hybrid!Reader
Plot: Min Yoongi was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life; hence why he didn’t own a hybrid, unlike his friends. But this all changes when he sees you. Fluff, angst, eventual smut
Warnings: Mentions of abuse, attempted rape, sexual assault, drinking, blood, violence, swearing.
Tumblr media
Min Yoongi was a man who enjoyed the simple things in life. He enjoyed a quiet night in, with no one but himself, or even just him and his friends at some dive bar. Even as the single biggest CEO in South Korea, the youngest billionaire in the country and one of the most sought after bachelors in the world, he still only needed a few things to make him contempt.
This was part of the reason he didn’t understand the hype surrounding hybrids. They were nothing more than a sign of wealth and power, they were exploited them for almost everything that they could. They were used for sex, sold into slavery and beaten into submission by their owners. The hybrids were stronger than the humans, and the humans knew this so they beat them so that even the thought of an uprising would make them whimper and crumple back into themselves.
Yoongi thought the hybrid trade was despicable, he didn’t hate hybrids but he wanted absolutely nothing to do with the trade. His three closest friends owned hybrids, people that Yoongi considered his friends, but that didn’t mean that he wanted a hybrid. Jimin had Jungkook, the single most energetic bunny he had ever seen in his life. Hoseok had Taehyung, a very playful tiger, sometimes a little too much but he knew how to reign it back in when it was needed. And Jin had Namjoon, the smartest and clumsiest wolf hybrid in the world.
He loved his friends and their counterparts, but he didn’t necessarily want one for himself. That is, until he met you.
“C’mon hyung! Just come out tonight, and we’ll leave you alone for the rest of the weekend!” Jimin whined over the phone, everyone else grumbling in the background, not impressed with the compromise. They definitely didn’t want to leave Yoongi alone for the entire weekend, but they would do anything to get him to come out tonight.
“Yeah, I’m sure you will,” Yoongi muttered, typing away on his laptop, finishing up the month’s report “I’ve things to do Chim, I don’t exactly have the time.”
“Just one night, a few hours at most! We all deserve a night off, you the most out of all of us.” Hoseok chimed in, the others agreeing instantly. Yoongi was silent for a moment before he sighed and shut his laptop.
“Fine, whatever. But only for a few hours, you got it?” Yoongi spoke, ignoring the cheers coming from the other end of the line. He stood and stretched out, hearing his bones crack due to the lack of movement for hours.
“Okay hyung, whatever you say. We’ll come and get you soon, so get ready!” He heard Taehyung yell over the sounds of Jungkook’s hollering.
“Yeah, alright.” And with that, Yoongi pressed end call and made his way out of the office, waving goodbye to Jisoo as she sat at reception. No more than ten seconds after he stepped outside, Jimin’s Bugatti screeched to a stop, the front door opening to reveal Jimin in the front with Jungkook and Taehyung sitting in the backseat, waving at Yoongi.
“Let’s go!” Jungkook shouted, smacking his hand against the headrest of the front seat.
“All right, Jesus Christ, kid. Calm down.” Yoongi grumbled, striding towards the vehicle and lowering himself into the seat. As soon as the door was shut, Jimin sped back onto the street, paying no attention to the oncoming traffic. The two youngest were yelling in the backseat, worried about Jimin’s driving. Once they had made it to the bar, thankfully in one piece, the three youngest tumbled out of the car, and over to where the other three stood.
“You actually came. For a second there I thought you’d flake on us.” Jin teased as the other man came to stand by them.
“First of all, fuck off, and second of all I only did that once.” Yoongi grumbled at the eldest, who simply laughed back at him. The only bar that was in the area that allowed hybrids was always crowed, but it was particularly so this Friday evening. Both hybrids and their owners packed the building from wall to wall, each of them decked out in expensive clothing and jewellery, or in the hybrids’ cases collars, and they were all drinking heavily.
“Must be someone’s birthday or something!” Jimin yelled over the music as the seven of them made their way to the VIP section. The bouncer opened the rope for them and they immediately made their way to their usual table, looking out across the sea of absolute chaos in front of them. 
Sweaty bodies grinding to the bass, men and women having the absolute time of their lives, both human and hybrids. That’s why they came to this place. They didn’t discriminate against anyone, no matter the species. It was the best when they wanted to drain Jungkook of his energy, when he had been cooped up inside Jimin’s apartment all week and just waiting for them to go to the bar, a place where he could unwind.
“There, must be something to do with him,” Namjoon pointed over to a man sitting at a table not three away from them, surrounded by people “I can hear them all congratulating him on a sale or a deal, I think.”
Now that his attention had been drawn to him, Yoongi recognised the man. Kim Yejun was another very powerful man in South Korea. He had been the head of Yoongi’s rival company for a few years now, after his father had passed the position down to him. He was also known as a very ambitious man, a man who would stop at nothing to get what he wanted.
“I know him. They just broke a pretty big deal with another company in Hong Kong, they’ve been drawing up the contract for almost six months now,” Yoongi spoke back, his eyes still on Yejun “I wonder why he chose this place though.” Yoongi turned away from the large group, waving over a waitress and ordering drinks for each of them. His eyes scanned over the crowd once more, keeping an eye on everyone.
“I think I know why, hyung.” Jungkook spoke up, patting Yoongi’s arm and pointing back towards the group of men. Now they each had at least one hybrid on their laps, but Yoongi’s eyes zeroed in on Yejun once more, more specifically the beautiful hybrid that had lowered herself onto his thighs. 
You were the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen in his life, with beautiful white and brown ears on top of your head, your tail the same colours. You were a breed of domestic cat, what breed Yoongi couldn’t tell but he was absolutely struck by you. He couldn’t look away from you, even as Yejun pulled you closer to him. You looked happy, giggling at whatever it was he was saying to you, but your ears and tail gave you away. Your tail was down, meaning that you were feeling scared or anxious and your ears mimicked this by sitting all but flat against your hair. Just as Yoongi was thinking this, Taehyung whimpered from beside him.
“She’s scared. He… he’s scaring her, she thinks he’s gonna hurt her.” The young boy managed to whimper out, his own ears pulling back in distress. 
“It’s okay, Tae. She’ll be taken care of,” Hoseok soothed his hybrid, pulling his eyes away from the woman in question “You know they take care of the hybrids here.”
It was true. The staff at the bar went out of their way to ensure that any and all hybrids that walked inside the doors of the place were always safe and happy. They made sure that anyone who was there was respectful of each other and made sure that no one was doing anything that they didn’t want to do. So Taehyung settled down once more, turning to talk to Jungkook about some new video game that he wanted to play. 
But as the night went on, you only got more and more distressed, scared of the man who was supposedly ‘taking you home tonight’.
It wasn’t the first time you had been ‘rented out’ by your owners, as you were one of the unfortunates that was born into the sex slavery trade. Every time you had voiced your discomfort with what it was that your owners wanted to do, you had been beaten severely with anything that they could get their hands on, so within a few months of beginning your work, you knew to keep your mouth shut and just do as you were told.
“We’re gonna have so much fun tonight, baby. You’re gonna be begging for more the entire time.” The man whose lap you were in tried to sound sexy as he whispered in your ear but he was heavily intoxicated, the many shots of alcohol he had previously taken, taking its toll on the man. He could barely hold himself upright, his words were slurring together and his hands were getting more and more adventurous.
“Another round for the table! And a few shots for these lovely ladies…” He called out, slamming his hand against the table and making you jump with the noise, your tail beginning to sway with your unease with the situation. 
Within a few moments, there was two trays of drinks being lowered down onto the table and as hard as you tried, the waitress ignored your attempts to meet her eyes and let her know that you were wanting to get out of the situation. Your owners had obviously paid off the bar staff, so that they’d keep an eye on you all and make sure that you did as you were told. A tiny whimper forced its way out of your mouth at the thought, and the man you were with must’ve taken it in a very different way.
“Are you that eager for me already, kitten? You want it that bad?” He asked, his hand trailing up your inner thigh to rest at your pantie line. You shut your legs and tried to ignore the chuckle that came from the man, his hand leaving your leg to reach and grab two shots from the table, handing one of them to you.
“Oh, no thank you, sir. I don’t like alcohol.” You murmured, lightly pushing his hand back towards himself.
“Nonsense. It’s very rude of you to refuse a drink, kitty. You wouldn’t want to be a naughty little girl, would you?” He asked, but still you persisted shaking your head at his attempt to hand you the shot. Obviously not impressed with your resistance, he downed his shot before leaning up and grabbing your jaw, force-feeding you the alcohol. He clamped his hand over your mouth, forcing you to swallow the shot, your eye, nose and throat burning.
“There’s my good girl… such a good girl for me…” He whispered into your ear before lightly sucking on the place just below your earlobe, his hands moving to the hem of your dress. It was very obvious to the others around you that you were uncomfortable with what was happening, but no one stepped in.
“C’mon, I need you. Now.” The man spoke pushing you off of his lap to stand, him following and grabbing your hand and dragging you towards the exit of the VIP section. You were tugging desperately to try and pull your hand free from his grip, but he was having none of it.
Passing by a tabled filled with seven men, your eyes caught the attention of one of them, and your eyes were watering, tears making their way down your cheeks. His eyes widened, him sitting up straighter in his seat and for a fleeting moment you thought maybe he would step in and stop this man from taking you, but your hopes were crushed when you were pulled straight passed them and out a side door that led to an alley.
The man couldn’t wait to get you back to his home, instead choosing to push you against the bricks, narrowly avoiding the large dumpster beside you. He frantically pressed his lips to yours, making you try to jerk away from him, but one of his large hands came up to grab the back of your head and preventing you from moving away from him. You wiggled in his grip, still trying to escape his hold. Eventually he got sick of your moving and pulled away to land a very harsh slap against your cheek, stunning you.
“You stay fucking still, you got that? I paid a fucking lot of money for your tight little pussy, and I am going to destroy it until I say we’re done, you got that slut?” He growled, his hand coming up to grasp your throat tightly. You began to cry, your ears now flat against your skull, and you continued trying to fight your way out of his grasp.
This moment of fighting back on your behalf made him pull away and land a strong right hook against your cheek, sending you flying into the dumpster and onto the ground. There he proceeded to kick you as hard as he could in the stomach, making you curl up to try and avoid any more on coming blows. You screamed for him to stop, but that seemed to only spur him on further as he dropped to his knees and straddled you, his legs trapping your arms at your sides.
“You probably won’t enjoy this but I definitely will.” He spoke with a sickening smirk plastered across his face, his hands reaching down to grasp the top of your dress and ripping it in two. The tear ended at your navel but that was more than enough for him. With a glint in his eyes, he leaned down and attached his lips to your neck and sucked, hard.
“Stop, please! Stop!” You continued to scream, trying to move away from both his lips and his hands, which were now continuing to rip at your clothing until it fell off of you. He pulled away and for a moment you hoped he would have mercy and would comply with your wishes, but unfortunately he had only pulled away to get a proper look at you.
“You are so fucking sexy, kitty. Look at you, writhing under me.” He spoke. You continued to sob, still trying to get away, when suddenly, he was knocked off of you. Another figure, followed him down, punching him as hard as he possibly could. It took only a few hits before the man went limp and the figure climbed off of him and turned to you.
“Please don’t hurt me, I-I promise I won’t say anything just please don’t hurt me!” You begged, moving away from the figure and pressing yourself against the dumpster and the brick wall. The figure stopped short, before pulling off their jacket and handing it to you.
“I’m not gonna hurt you, you’re safe now… I’m trying to help.” He spoke, stepping into the minimal light and you recognised him as the man you saw inside. Whimpering you still were unsure, so he slowly moved forward and placed his jacket over you, so you were covered.
“I’ll call an ambulance—“ He began to speak, reaching into his pant pocket to grab his phone, before you cut him off.
“No! No hospitals! Please!” You exclaimed, pressing yourself further into the dumpster. Hospitals would track you and call your owners, and you would be punished when your owners found out that you didn’t do your job.
“Okay! Okay, no hospitals. I’ll… I have some friends inside, I’ll call them and we’ll take care of you, okay? My dongsaeng is a medical student, he knows what to do.” He raised his hands in an attempt to show you that he wasn’t a threat. He pulled his phone to his ear and spoke into it, but you simply focused on yourself, shaking underneath his jacket and sobbing. Your entire body hurt, you were sure he at least cracked one of your ribs. You hid further under your jacket as more boys stumbled out of the side door, stopping upon seeing you crumpled back in yourself.
“Is she… did he…” One of them started, unable to finish the sentence, the simple thought too horrific for him to fathom.
“She’s gonna need your help, Joon. She won’t go to a hospital, so you’re our next best bet.” The man who saved you spoke, looking up at one of them who had grey hair. You then noticed that of the seven, three of them were hybrids. A bunny, a tiger and a wolf. The bunny looked distraught and the tiger was close to tears but the wolf was stone faced. He was the doctor. 
“Well I can’t do it here, there’s not enough light,” he spoke before crouching down so that he was level with you “I’m gonna have to take you back to Yoongi-hyung’s house, are you okay to move now or do you need a little more time?”
Just as you were about to say you needed a little more time, there was a groan from your attacker, and you didn’t think twice before throwing your body at the man who saved you. He seemed shocked, but your hands came up to grasp at his shirt, burying your face in his chest and beginning to shake harder.
“I-I want to go. P-please get me out of h-here.” You stuttered, more tears beginning to flow down your cheeks.
“Okay, okay honey. We’re gonna make sure your safe. Jimin, go grab my car.” One of the others spoke, handing his keys to a shorter man, watching as he took off down the alley and towards the parking lot. There was a few more tense moments where the tiger and one of the others kept a very close eye on your assailant, watching to see if he was going to move and possibly try to hurt anyone, more specifically you.
“The car’s here, so Yoongi is going to carry you to it, okay?” The man who spoke before, spoke again looking at you for any sign of obvious discomfort with the idea. You nodded, your small hands still fisted in the man’s shirt. He shuffled around a bit, buttoning his coat around you so you would still be covered, before he manoeuvre his hold on you and lifted you off the ground. A small cry left your lips, your body heavily bruised and battered and his arm was pressed against your ribs.
“Shit, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He muttered, readjusting his hold on you to try and make you more comfortable. Eventually he found a position that didn't hurt quite as bad and he continued to carry you towards an overly large SUV that had all of the windows tinted out. The bunny ran ahead of the pair of you, opening the door so that the man could get both of you inside the vehicle. Once both of you were in, the wolf followed in and sat beside you, trying to assess the level of your injuries. 
“He definitely broke something,” the wolf muttered to himself “can you tell me your name and the day?”
“Y/n… Friday.” You spoke back, your tail twitching as the rest of them climbed inside the car. The shortest and the two hybrids climbed in the back, where the other two climbed into the front seats. 
You were on edge, the tension in the car thick and the silence only broken by your whimpers and sniffles which were quietly echoed by the tiger hybrid in the back. It’s well known that a lot of cat breed hybrids were very protective over their own kind, they were very in-tune to each other’s emotions, meaning that this tiger hybrid was feeling a very high sense of empathy and it was causing him to almost feel just as upset as you were.
“Well, Y/n, I’m Namjoon. I’m gonna do my best to take care of you, okay?” He prompted, smiling when you nodded. The tension in the car lowered with his answer and it wasn’t long before the car came to a stop outside of a very large apartment building.
It was another struggle to get you out of the car and when you were out of the vehicle and once again being carried inside, you were far too gone to even think about focusing on all of the stares that were being shot towards each of you. Once you had been carried inside one of the large and obviously very expensive apartments, you were rushed over to the couch and gently placed down.
“I’m gonna have to take the coat off to get a proper look at your ribs. Do you want the others to leave the room?” Namjoon asked, his voice soft as he crouched down beside your head. You nodded, but when your rescuer tried to leave with the others, you whimpered and gripped his little finger.
“Can… can he stay?” You asked, looking back over at Namjoon. You were shy, almost hesitant to ask.
“If you want him to.” Namjoon nodded, smiling lightly when you tugged on the man’s little finger as a way to bring him closer to you again.
“I’ll stay,” the man nodded “I’ll stay.”
“Yoongi-hyung, can you please grab the blanket off the back of the couch. I want you to cover her from the waist down as I take this off of her.” Namjoon spoke as the man, Yoongi, reached across you and did as he was told. They were trying to make sure you were as comfortable as possible. Almost sub-consciously, Yoongi began to stroke your ears in a very comforting manner, making you relax even further.
“Yeah, he definitely broke a rib. Hyung, do you have a first-aid kit? She’s gonna need some disinfectant for the few cuts.” Namjoon took his eyes away from your already discoloured ribcage and turned to his older friend.
“Yeah, I’ll go grab it,” Yoongi spoke, making a move to stand but he stopped at your whimper “oh, ah… Hyung! Can you go into the bathroom and grab the first-aid kit out of the cabinet please?”
There was a scramble as the man in question ran to do what was asked of him, and Yoongi continued to stroke your ears, lulling back into a sense of safety. The first-aid kit appeared above you, making you jump very suddenly.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry, honey.” The man apologised, handing the first-aid kit to Namjoon, and making sure his eyes didn’t wander below your chin.
“It’s okay,” you spoke quietly “I just didn’t hear you come up, is all.”
“This is going to sting, I’m sorry but it needs to happen.” Namjoon spoke, one of Yoongi’s hands leaving your ears to grasp your hand instead. And you’re glad he did, because as soon as Namjoon pressed the wipe to your chin, you cry out and try to move away from him. All three of them try to hush you, trying to keep you calm and not exacerbate your injuries. It only took a few more swipes of the cotton before Namjoon decides he’s happy with the cleanliness of your scrapes and cuts from being bashed against the dumpster and having been cut by the man’s rings.
“Okay, I can’t get it now, but I’ll get a brace for you tomorrow, and it’ll help set your ribs so that they can heal properly. Until then you should get some sleep. Yoongi-hyung has a spare bedroom.” Namjoon tells you, his hand light on your arm, not wanting to scare you any further. You hesitated, not knowing if you did want to stay here at all. But you knew you were safe, so you nodded. Yoongi pulled the blanket up and wraps you in it before lifting you once more and carrying you down the hallway and into a room. He laid you down on the bed and pulled the covers back.
“I’m gonna go grab one of my t-shirts, okay? You can sleep in that. I’ll be back in a moment.” Yoongi said, before standing up and walking out of the room, only to return moments later with a black hoodie. He helps you into it, very politely looking away to pull it over your breasts and stomach, before you settled back down into the bed, letting Yoongi pull the covers over you.
“If you need anything, I’m right next door, okay?” He spoke softly, waiting for you to nod before he stood and left the room, shutting the door most of the way. For the first time in your entire life, you were almost happy to go to sleep. For the first time in your life, you felt secure.
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hobiorbit · 2 years ago
sugar sugar, honey honey (m.)
Tumblr media
pairing: min yoongi x reader, kim taehyung x reader, min yoongi x kim taehyung warnings: threesomes, dirty talk, abo dynamics, knotting, impregnation kink? summary: in which omega/omega relationships are looked down upon, and taehyung is happy to take care of both you and your boyfriend.
Two omegas are not supposed to love each other.
This kind of love goes against not only all biological norms, but societal norms as well. Omega-omega couples are looked down upon an disapproved of.
In spite of all of this, you did not care. And neither did your omegan boyfriend, Yoongi. Being in a relationship with another was hard, with the constant backlash you got, but you wouldn’t have it any other way
Even now, sitting next to your boyfriend in the lecture hall with alphas and betas alike sending you looks of discomfort of disgust, you felt happy. Happy from just being so close to him, feeling entirely safe.
“That’ll be all for today. Remember that your papers are due next Tuesday, everyone.” Your professor said suddenly, sitting down at his desk and paying no mind to the students now exiting the hall. You and Yoongi got up hastily, trying to leave the room as soon as you could to avoid trouble.
He shoved his laptop into his bag and grabbed your hand, weaving the both of you through multiple seats as you got closer to the door. You were about to walk out when a alpha behind you made a crude comment, his alpha friends giggling with him.
“If you ever need a heat partner, I’m here. Omegan dudes aren’t meant for fucking, they’re supposed to be fucked. Didn’t you know that, princess?” He said, his scent clouding your senses as your face morphed into disgust. Yoongi grunted in anger, and you knew he was getting ready to pick a fight.
“Let’s just go.” You whispered softly, leaning closer to him as he took a deep breath, calming down before nodding. He didn’t speak as you quickly walked away, and you knew that not only was Yoongi angry, but insecure as well.
When you finally got to the courtyard, you allowed yourself to breathe in the scent of nature. Immediately, you could feel relaxation seep through your veins. “Yoonie,” You sighed, pouting at him. His gaze was still hard, and you knew he was battling his emotions internally.
“What, sweetheart?” He asked you, trying to keep the usual calm and soft voice he used when talking to you, but you could hear the gruff undertone caused by his anger. Yoongi wasn’t like most omegas, and it was easy to see. His behavior easily reflected that of a beta or even an alpha, and sometimes you’d even forget about his status until his heat came around.
“Don’t listen to them…” You softly responded, clenching his hand in your usual genuine fashion. Your words made a soft smile appear on his lips as he turned to look at you, admiring every single one of your features.
He leaned down to press a soft kiss onto your lips, one that had you deflating and sighing into him. Yoongi never failed to take your breath away, and even though you weren’t a fan of the attention you got from the PDA, you still allowed him to do it every time.
“You’re so cute.” He told you as he detached himself from your lips, smirking at your shy face. Covering your face with your free hand, you allowed him to walk you in the direction of your apartment.
Little did you know, an infatuated alpha had watched your display, and he walked away wondering why his heart was beating so fast.
“Those knotheads have no idea how to treat an omega. I can fuck you better than they could ever dream of.” Yoongi whispered into the heat of your neck, licking over your scent gland and nibbling at it, causing you to keen and buck your hips up into him.
“Isn’t that right, baby? Your omega boyfriend makes you feel better than any alpha, right?” Yoongi asked you, lifting your shirt up your chest and pulling your bra down to tend to your nipples. You whimpered shyly, and nodded. He leaned down to nip at you, causing you to jolt in surprise.
“Answer with your words, Y/N.” Yoongi reprimanded you. “Yes Yoongi, you do it better. Always do.” You mewled, putting a hand over your mouth as he continued his assault on your nipples, lathering them with his tongue as your whole continued to become wet with slick, filling the room with the scent of your arousal. Yoongi loved it.
“Please, Yoonie,” You whined, showing him your neck as you writhed below him. Your words set a fire in the other omega’s stomach, filling him with the need to fill you up and take care of you.
He leaned down to scent at your neck. In these moments his omegan nature showed completely, the need for closeness and genuine love peeking out through his special actions. You moved your head upward, baring yourself to him as he scented you, kissing and licking at your neck.
“You’ve got it, baby.” Yoongi muttered when he thought you smelled enough like his soft scent of linen and cloves. You opened your thighs to him, exposing your heat, feeling far too gone to even feel a bit shy. Yoongi loved teasing you to that point, loved to see you unabashedly giving into the throes of pleasure he was willing to give to you.
Yoongi leaned down, flattening his tongue over your wet cunt and flicking the tip of his tongue over your clit. You keened, bucking your hips up into his touch as a way of begging for more. He smiled at you from your mound, almond eyes narrowing into slits as he continued his abrasive assault on your pussy. He tongued at you, never fully giving you what you wanted, enjoying the way you writhed around while trying to get as much pleasure he would lend you.
“Yoonie- please, oh god, fill me up.” You whined, tears flooding your eyes. Yoongi shushed you, taking a hand and sliding it down the side of your body in a gesture of comfort. Nonetheless, he got onto his knees, pulling down at his boxers, allowing his erection to spring free.
While his stature definitely was not very alpha like, Yoongi never failed to satisfy you. Never in your life had you found yourself wishing for something Yoongi didn’t have. Even in moments like these, where some people were convinced only an alpha could excel, Yoongi managed to take stereotypes and stomp on them.
He sheathed himself inside you quickly and harshly, knocking the air from from your lungs. Your mouth opened as short, quick moans left your lips, in time with Yoongi’s quick thrusts. On days he managed to tease you the most he tended to lose a bit of control, fucking you fast and hard.
You could never complain, managing to take it as sounds of pleasure fell from your lips, head tossed back as he continued his assault. Yoongi was grunting, bending over your body and mouthing at your neck as he fucked you.
“So fucking good for me. You’re so beautiful, I love you.” Yoongi moaned into your ear, bringing a hand down to rub at your clit as he tried to get you closer to your release. Your arms were wrapped around his shoulders, legs spread wide to accommodate the body in between them.
“I love you, Yoonie,” You whimpered into his ear, panting as you felt yourself reaching your high. You clenched around his cock erratically, whimpering as you came. Yoongi grunted in your ear, following along not too far behind you. When you’d both ridden out your highs, Yoongi rolled you over, pressing his face into your neck and wrapping his arms tightly around your body.
Even in your tired, sex induced haze, you pat your boyfriend’s head and ran your fingers through his hair. “Don’t listen to those alphas… You do everything they can do and more.” You whispered, knowing exactly what was on his mind. Yoongi nosed at your neck, drinking your scent in. “I know, sweetheart. Just wish I could protect you and myself the way some of them can. It’s okay, we make it work.” Yoongi assured you, closing his eyes as he allowed himself to bask in your presence, already on his way to sleep.
You didn’t bother saying anything else, knowing that even though you hated it, Yoongi was right. Other people’s opinions and societal stigmas were always going to plague your relationship- and that was alright. You loved Yoongi, and he loved you.
“Are you okay? You look pale.” Jungkook asked Taehyung. Taehyung looked at the other, effectively having forgotten his daydream. He nodded, thought Jungkook could tell Taehyung was thinking about something pretty concerning.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Taehyung sighed, throwing his head back on his old, plush couch. Jungkook stared him down from his spot on their recliner, his unofficial-official claimed spot in their shared apartment. “You’re a horrible liar.” The younger stated. Taehyung rolled his eyes. “Yeah? And you’re noisy.” He rubuttled. Jungkook pouted.
“What’s so troubling to you that you can’t even tell your dear old roommate? I won’t judge.” Jungkook stated, shrugging his shoulders. Taehyung contemplated his words for a moment, before speaking slowly.
“What do you think about two omegas in a relationship?” Taehyung asked. The question seemed to catch the beta off guard, as his eyes widened and he coughed.
“I’m not one to judge other people’s preferences. I’m sure it’d be tough and all, considering everyone’s opinions on omegas. It’d probably just get worse if they were in a relationship together. Why?” Jungkook asked the alpha. Taehyung shrugged.
“I just… Saw two omegas kiss today. N-not that I was spying or anything! It just struck me as odd. I know omegan relationships existed, I’ve just never seen any.” taehyung explained, clasping his hands together.
Jungkook observed his friend, a sly smile on his face. “Is Taehyungie getting greedy, wanting two alphas? Leave some for the betas. It’s hard enough to score anyone as it is.” Jungkook complained, though his words were all in good fun. Taehyung scoffed at the younger’s notion. He’d barely seen you or Yoongi- there was no way he had a crush on either of you. Just wanted you guys to be safe, like any decent alpha.
“Whatever. I don’t even know their names, never even seen ‘em before. I just… thought about how hard it’d be to be in a relationship like that.” Taehyung said. Jungkook nodded in understanding. “Yeah, I’d be worried too. I hope they have an alpha friend or something- to keep an eye on them.” Jungkook states. Taehyung nodded absentmindedly, hoping the best for the two omegas he’d seen in passing.
“Hey, now that you brought it up, I think I know who you’re talking about. Well, at least one person. His name’s Min Yoongi, and he’s a junior I think. He’s an omega and he’s dating a girl in my grade- Her name’s Y/N, I think.” Jungkook said thoughtfully, gnawing on his bottom lip.
Taehyung’s eyes lit up at the aspect of receiving new information. “Really? How do you know them?” Taehyung asked, tilting his head to the side in confusion. Jungkook laughed shyly. “Saying I know either of them is a longshot. Yoongi is friends with Namjoon hyung. I’ve heard of Y/N cause she’s in my grade, but apparently she’s pretty shy so ‘s hard to get to know her.” Jungkook explained. Your shy face flashed through Taehyung’s mind, your wide eyes looking up at Yoongi after he’d stolen a kiss from you. Shy was definitely a word that could describe you.
Yoongi, however- if it weren’t for his scent, Taehyung would’ve mistaken him for a beta. Maybe even an alpha. But his softer omegan scent and pheromones were definitely his downfall, outing his status to anyone who could smell him. That didn’t make him any less threatening, that was for sure.
“It’s hard to believe that guy’s an omega. He’s scary.” Taehyung said matter of factly. Jungkook snorted. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. Namjoon hyung likes him, so he can’t be that bad. Probably just a bit standoffish or whatever, but nice when you get to know ‘im.” Jungkook thought aloud.
It was very rare that Yoongi didn’t make full recovery after being taunted by some alphas. It would usually take him a day- two at most. And yet here he was, a full week later, sulking over the offhanded comments alphas had made to you.
Of course, Yoongi didn’t mention it, but due to your nature you had no problems picking up on his discomfort.
It made you sad that no matter what you said or did, you couldn’t seem to get him to shake off whatever thoughts were clouding his head. Before, you were convinced that Yoongi knew he was all you could ever need. Now, you weren’t so sure. It hurt that you hadn’t made him secure in his position as your boyfriend.
As you walked to your lecture together, you held his hand extra tightly, and walked closer to him that usual. You could tell he was inhaling your scent diligently, something that didn’t come as a surprise. Yoongi had always used you as his little stress reliever, not that you ever minded. You took pride in the fact that just your scent alone could calm the other omega down.
You kept looking at him from the corner of your eye, peeking up to see his face, only to see his usual frown he tended to unknowingly wear in public. Some would say it made him quite unapproachable, and you just found it absolutely adorable, with his plush lips pouting outward- making you want to give him a kiss. Not that you would. Public affection had never been your thing.
So you two walked in silence as you occupied yourself with observing your school’s courtyard. Spring had finally began to throttle fully, and trees along with other plants had fully bloomed.
Your lecture hall had been unusually full considering the time you arrived. You and Yoongi tended to arrive the same time every day, wanting to get your usual seats. However, it seemed like multiple other people had the same idea- and as much as you were perturbed by it, your usual seats had been taken.
Not only that, but there weren’t any spots with two seats open for you and your boyfriend. You frowned at the sight in front of you, searching frantically for a place that you and Yoongi could sit down. Yoongi squeezed your hand, sensing your distress. He pointed at an open seat.
“Go sit there, baby. I’ll sit in the one behind you so I can keep an eye on you.” Yoongi murmured into your ear, not looking at your face because he knew you were pouting. He wasn’t happy with how the day unfolded either, but he figured this would be the best bet. You sighed but nodded, timidly gripping your shoulder straps and walking over to the seat.
On your right was a beta girl, seemingly nice enough. She hadn’t bothered to greet you but she’d sent you a smile in passing before turning to speak with her omegan friend.
On your right was something you were much more worried about. He was an alpha, no doubt, his scent of sandalwood almost stuffing your nose as if it were tangible. He had shaggy, ash blonde hair and wore a delicate, long earring accompanied with what looked to be a comfortable but fashionable outfit.
You sat down, looking over your shoulder at Yoongi only for him to nod at you. His seat seemed far less alarming. From the looks of it he sat between two betas, both of which who looked to be extremely kind. Turning back around, you accidentally locked eyes with the alpha beside you.
His gaze was not cold, but it was sharp. Not in a purposefully intimidating way, but in a way that made him seem like all of his attention was on you- like it had been for a while. It made your heart beat faster and for some reason you didn’t look away, almost frozen in place until he spoke to you, breaking you out of your trance.
“Hello. I haven’t seen you in here before. My name’s Taehyung.” He spoke easily. His voice was smooth and low, almost rumbling through your ears as you received every word. You mulled over each of the syllables he spoke in your head, almost encoding them delicately within your mind, having no intentions of forgetting the way he sounded.
“Hi… I uh, I usually don’t sit here, it’s just… Everyone seemed to get here a little earlier today, I guess,” You mumbled, laughing softly in embarrassment. You could feel your hands warming, a sign of how flustered you were becoming from the alpha beside you. Never had someone of his status had such an effect on you. You usually tended to stay away from alphas due to their somewhat genetically predisposed abrasive natures, something you couldn’t say you were too fond of.
“But it’s nice to meet you, um, Taehyung. I’m Y/N.” You spoke finally. Part of you wanted to mention Yoongi, behind you, but you felt it would’ve made the conversation awkward even though you could feel his gaze burning into you. It made you sweat.
Taehyung gave you a gentle, almost seductive smile. Everything about him seemed to be sensual. From the way he looked to the way he spoke to the way he moved, everything was slow and steady but so very encapsulating. If it weren’t for your professor signalling class was beginning, you might’ve tried to speak with him all day.
Throughout your lecture, Taehyung had given you small tips on how to write your notes, as well as drawing funny things and giving you small messages on the pad of sticky notes he’d brought along with them. You received his attention easily, allowing yourself small giggles here and there to show your appreciation for his actions.
Yoongi watched you from behind the entire time, the teacher’s words proving to be nothing but background noise for his feelings of jealousy and anger. Who was this alpha all over you? It was clear you’d never met before, and yet here he was, all over you, as if you didn’t already have a boyfriend.
Except, for all the alpha knew, you didn’t have a boyfriend. Just a close, omegan friend- because who in their right mind would automatically assume that an omega was taken by another omega? This only fuelled Yoongi’s feelings of inferiority that had been blooming ever since the week before.
What made things worse was how Yoongi could see you were clearly enjoying the alpha, paying no mind to his flirtatious or overly friendly nature. Either you didn’t notice it, or you took it in stride. Yoongi just hoped you were oblivious.
When class was finally over, Yoongi sighed a breath of relief. He weaved his way out of the table he was sitting at, avoiding the overly friendly beta that had been sitting next to him. Yoongi’s eyes were on you, travelling down and over to where you stood, still in the alpha’s clutches. Not that you really seemed to mind, you were listening to him intently.
“Are you ready?” Yoongi said, tone much colder than he intended. The alpha in front of you looked up in surprise, before an enthusiastic smile overtook his lips. “You must be Yoongi! Good to meet you, man.” Taehyung said thoughtfully, thrusting his hand out toward Yoongi for your boyfriend to shake. Yoongi stared at it for a moment before awkwardly taking it, shaking it slowly. You tried not to giggle at the other omega’s actions.
“Nice to meet you, uh…” Yoongi paused, waiting for Taehyung to tell him his name. Taehyung nodded and retracted his hand. “Taehyung. Y/N here was telling me all about you, you know. My friends and I are actually heading out to lunch after this, did you two want to come?” Yoongi’s eyes widened, wondering just how friendly this guy could get. Just about all the students had filtered out of the lecture hall now, leaving just your tiny group along with a couple other people.
Yoongi saw you begin to nod, but he decided he’d need a bit more information before going to lunch with an unknown alpha- who most likely had unknown alpha friends.
“Who’re your friends?” Yoongi inquired. Taehyung hummed, and if he was offended by Yoongi’s words he didn’t show it. “Ah, this guy named Namjoon, another guy named Hoseok, his friend Jin, my roommate Jungkook… And I think my friend Jimin might be able to make it too.” Taehyung said happily. Your eyes widened at the mention of Jungkook, a friendly beta in your year. You’d hardly ever talked to him but if you did, you were sure you would’ve been best of friends by now.
“I know Jungkook.” you piped up, looking to Yoongi more than anything, hoping that he would at least find solace in the fact that you wouldn’t be surrounded by complete strangers. Taehyung cocked his head to the side and smiled. “So you’re in the same grade as him! Kookie is great, he can just be a lot sometimes. Loves to annoy his hyungs.” Taehyung said, an appreciative smile on his face.
“I haven’t seen Namjoon in a while. I guess we can go.” Yoongi relented, hoping he wouldn’t regret this decision. How could he say no to you, when you were clearly excited to go? Your shy nature had definitely inhibited you in multiple ways, so whenever someone actually invited you out it was like a godsend. Yoongi refused to ruin that for you because he was jealous- and insecure.
Taehyung clapped his hands and bounced on his feet, clearly showing his excitement. “Really? Great! I’m sure my friends will love you guys. Do you just want to ride with me or did you plan on driving yourself? I can always text the address.” Taehyung said.
You looked to the floor sheepishly. “Neither Yoongi or I drive, so… We’d really appreciate it if you wanted to give us a ride.” You spoke, feeling yourself heat up about having to admit that you didn’t drive. It was scary!
“No problem at all! I’d love to drive you guys. We’re sorta meeting soon so… Wanna go?” Taehyung asked with wide eyes, jabbing his thumb over his shoulder to signal to the door. You and Yoongi nodded, you a bit more excitedly than the latter.
Yoongi had taken it upon himself to call shotgun on the way to the restaurant. You really didn’t have any problems with it, opting to lean back and stare out the window while you let Taehyung’s phenomenal taste in music flood your ears. In that moment, you decided life was good.
Taehyung ended parking at a local ramen shop, claiming they had the best food and service he’d ever received. You hardly registered his words, already excited for some good, warm food with your boyfriend and your new friend. Yoongi grabbed your hand as soon as you got out of the car, leading you into the restaurant behind Taehyung.
It seemed like his friends were already there, sitting at a large table in the corner with three open seats for the missing guests. You followed everyone older, sitting between Yoongi and a very smiley man. Only when you were given your menus did Yoongi let go of your hand.
“What’s your name, cutie? I’m Hoseok.” The smiley man, who you now identified as an alpha, said from next to you. You smiled shyly, eyes widening at the nickname he used for you. Yoongi sucked some air in through his teeth before looking around to see if anyone had caught his display of irritation. If they did, they didn’t show it.
“Nice to meet you, Hoseok… I’m Y/N and this is Yoongi.” You introduced yourself and Yoongi next to you, who leaned over to make eye contact with Hoseok. Hoseok hardly seemed threatened by Yoongi’s face, leaning forward to get closer to him, effectively coming in contact with you.
“Hi Yoongi, nice to meet ya!” Hoseok said, closing his eyes and giving Yoongi a wide smile. Yoongi nodded stiffly. “Ditto.” He nodded, turning toward Taehyung who was on his right, cringing at his friend’s behavior.
“Hoseok is a bit out of the lines, if you will. He means no harm, I promise. He just likes everyone.” Taehyung whispered to Yoongi, breath fanning across Yoongi’s lips due to how close the alpha was. He smelled like mint. The omega realized he didn’t mind if the alpha decided to get even closer, and when the realization hit him he leaned back. “It’s all good. It’s pretty obvious he doesn’t anything by it.” Yoongi said coolly.
Taehyung faltered for a moment, peeking at Yoongi’s lips before licking at his own and turning away. Yoongi felt appalled for a moment, letting his hand search for your thigh under the table for comfort.
You looked at him in curiosity. He refused to meet your gaze even though he knew you were looking.
The man across from you caught your gaze, smiling. Despite his somewhat omegan appearance- fluffy hair, puffy lips, kind eyes- he was by all means an alpha. You wondered just how many alpha friends Taehyung had. You knew Omegas were the least common group in society- but even then, it was rare to not know even a couple.
“Hi, Y/N. I’m Jimin. Taehyungie makes friends everywhere he goes, doesn’t he? So, what’s your major?” The man, Jimin, asked kindly. You laughed at his statement- wondering just how many times Taehyung had quickly made friends only to bring them into different outings he already had with the current group. Even though you barely knew him, it seemed very plausible.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you. I currently don’t have a decided major, mostly just floating around and testing the waters. I’m a fan of the arts, though! Space is cool too- Yoongi and I met Taehyung in our astronomy class.” You nodded your head to the omega beside you and the alpha beside him. Jimin tilted his head thoughtfully, sending a sly smile to Yoongi, who had been observing Taehyung’s side profile. Your boyfriend puffed his cheeks out in embarrassment and mild annoyance.
“Astrology, huh? You like it?” The beta beside Jimin- Jungkook, as you knew- asked both you and Yoongi. You gave a shrug and a smile. “It’s definitely interesting sometimes. Although, it does bring out some existential crises.” Jungkook laughed at your statement, nodding. “That’s exactly why I didn’t take the class!” He exclaimed. You nodded, leaning into Yoongi.
“It’s not so bad once you get over it. Becomes sorta normal.” Yoongi said, trying to put both of you at ease. He’d witnessed you have minor freak outs in class whenever your professor said something particularly alarming more than enough times.
“How’s music theory going, Yoongi?” A man with glasses on the other side of Jimin asked your boyfriend. You cocked your head to the side in confusion before piecing together that this must be Namjoon, the man Yoongi had known prior.
A deep sigh left the other omega’s lips at the reminder of his class. “I love it, I really do. It’s just a lot of work. A devastating amount.” Yoongi said, nodding along with his own words. Namjoon hummed. “I hear you. The information is great, everything else is a complete drag.” Namjoon said in agreement.
Yoongi was about to respond when the waitress came over, a pretty beta girl. Jungkook shied away from where she stood between he and Jimin, even though she hadn’t even glanced at him.
“I come bearing gifts!” She joked, signalling to the tray of food she’d brought along with her. She busied herself with setting down the multitude of bowls down in front of everyone, sweetly asking if anyone needed anything else before strutting away.
“Geeze, Jungkook, make yourself more obvious why don’t you.” The oldest, Jin, piped up after seeing Jungkook watch the waitress’ every step until she was out of sight. The younger flushed a rosy color, eyes darting to you in panic. You offered him a nice smile as a way to calm him down.
“Sh-shut up, hyung! Don’t embarrass me like that!” Jungkook said indignantly, bringing his mouth down to stuff it full of noddles as a way to avoid any more conversation. Jin laughed and shook his head, eating his own food.
“Thank you guys for coming with me. I know it was short notice and all, but I hope you had as much fun as I did.” Taehyung said warmly as all three of you walked back to his car. You smiled happily, as Yoongi nodded.
“I had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us out, Taehyung.” You said politely. “Likewise. I’m usually not a fan of last second stuff like that but… It was nice.” Yoongi admitted. You smiled, wanting to kiss his puffy cheeks. Usually, you didn’t go so long without some sort of affection, but due to your last minute lunch things didn’t advance as they usually did.
Taehyung turned back to you, smiling so widely his mouth took shape of a rectangle. “I’m glad to hear it! You know, I’d love to hang out again sometime. Maybe study for astronomy together, or just go out for lunch again. Only if you guys want to, though.” Taehyung said, scratching at the back of his neck.
You almost agreed immediately, but faltered, looking up at Yoongi. He bit his lip and stared down at you, before releasing air through his nostrils and nodding. “I don’t see why not.” Yoongi said nonchalantly. Taehyung clapped his hands, dropping himself into the driver’s seat of his car as he waited for the two of you to get in. He dug around in his pocket and thrust out his phone to you.
“Why don’t you put your number in then? You can do both, or one. Just so I can get ahold of you guys.” Taehyung offered. Yoongi caught how Taehyung hadn’t given his phone to him, despite him being the one sat in the front seat. You fiddled around with Taehyung’s phone for a second before unlocking it and inputting your number, your contact name identifiable by the cute emojis you’d put beside it. Then you worked on putting Yoongi’s in before setting it on the center console, not wanting to bother Taehyung while he was driving.
“All done.” You said cutely, fiddling with the hem of the skirt that laid against your legs. Yoongi smiled at your mannerisms, the image of your face enough to make him happy. Taehyung didn’t miss this, happy that he was able to see at least one genuine smile from Yoongi that day. He definitely did have a hard exterior, but he wasn’t bad at all. Just shy in a different way.
“Do you guys live on or off campus? Just so I know where to drop you off.” Taehyung piped up.
“We live in an apartment off campus.” Yoongi answered, rambling off your shared address as Taehyung tweaked his route accordingly. With the soft purr of Taehyung’s engine accompanied by the food in your stomach, you quickly found your eyelids getting heavy. Silently, you hoped you’d get home soon so you didn’t have to face the embarrassment of falling asleep in Taehyung’s car.
Unfortunately, hope isn’t necessarily enough sometimes. Because the next thing you knew, you were waking up in Taehyung’s arms as he carried you with ease while Yoongi led him to your apartment door.
Sensing your change in state, Taehyung looked down at you and smiled fondly.
“What’s up, sleepyhead?” He asked you cutely, causing Yoongi to look back at the scene with wide eyes. You were very obviously still trying to wake up, blinking the sleep away and yawning in Taehyung’s arms. “Hi.” You said in a cute, small voice as you rubbed at your eyes, causing Taehyung to coo at you. He couldn’t help it, you were absolutely adorable.
“Erm, thanks for carrying her. She can get super tired sometimes.” Yoongi broke the small moment the two of you were having, feeling negativity crawling up his spine. There was no doubt Taehyung could smell Yoongi’s change in scent, getting the idea. He followed after Yoongi into your shared apartment, taking in the space as Yoongi led him to the couch, where he sat you down.
The place was very obviously your own, even if he hadn’t known you for very long. From looks alone everything reflected both of your personalities, colors and decorations suiting to both of your tastes. Not only this, but both scents were thick and palpable, making Taehyung lick his lips. Surely, other alphas were jealous of your relationship- two no doubt sought after omegas taking each other into their arms. As empowering as it was, it also made Taehyung wonder if he’d ever get a chance to be with someone as cool as either of you.
“I’ll see you guys later. Text me, alright? I had a fun time today.” Taehyung smiled widely, making eye contact with both you and Yoongi before seeing himself out. Yoongi observed as you stared after the alpha, eyes glazed over as you lost yourself in your thoughts.
Yoongi felt as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders as he left. He’d experienced too many emotions and now he would sit and contemplate them, probably with you to see it and intervene.
Flopping onto the opposite, shorter couch, he stared at the ceiling while you stared at him. “How are you feeling?” You asked softly, yawning into the throw pillow you’d grabbed onto. His gaze shifted to yours, offering a small smile.
“Okay.” he said simply, causing you to raise your eyebrows in response- a silent way of saying you didn’t believe him. He huffed some laughter out of his nose in response. “I don’t think you’re being truthful.” You said softly, eyelashes touching the highest parts of your cheeks as your eyes fluttered open and shut.
Yoongi scoffed playfully. “Of course you don’t,” He paused. “I’m just thinking.” Yoongi sighed. “About what?” You countered almost immediately.
“About Taehyung.” Yoongi said, more resigned this time. You smiled. “Yeah, he’s nice isn’t he?” You said innocently, causing insecurity and jealousy to flare up in your boyfriend’s stomach. “More than nice.” He muttered, tearing his gaze away from you so he could glare at the ceiling instead of your pretty face.
You hummed in question. “What do you mean?” You asked, wanting him to explain. Usually, whenever Yoongi tended to have issues you were forced to pry everything out of him in order to get to the root of the problem. Very rarely did you ever go to far, Yoongi only yelling at you twice in his entire life over you trying to help him out. While it scared you and made you cry, he immediately comforted you and told you how sorry he was- that he’d tell you things, it was just a matter of time.
“He’s pretty much courting you right in front of me, you know. I know you probably didn’t notice, but he’s insanely interested in you. It’s sort of a dick move on his part.” Yoongi said simply, trying not to sound as affected as he really was. Your eyebrows creased together in worry and confusion.
“Yoonie, what’re you talking about? He’s just nice. I think he treated you and I pretty much the same… I think he just caught onto your annoyance and tried to back off a little, that’s all.” You offered, hoping Yoongi would reason with what you said. Sure, Taehyung was somewhat affectionate, but that seemed to just be his disposition. It didn’t seem like the way he treated you was out of the ordinary, especially when you saw him interact with his friends.
Yoongi bit at his lip, chewing it between his teeth as he tried to gather what he was going to say next. He felt himself getting worked up, now doubt about it- his chest was growing tight and his breathing was coming closer together.
“I don’t think so, Y/N. I think he’s interested in you. I hate to admit it, but the thought of that is kind of scary- knowing a perfectly capable and friendly alpha is dangled right in front of you, offering you everything that I can and more- I couldn’t even be mad if you chose him somewhere along the line.” Yoongi admitted, causing you to gasp in horror. Hurriedly, you scrambled over to him and kneeled on the ground beside him, interlocking your hands with his. His words did hurt you a bit, but this wasn’t about you.
“Yoonie, I need you to know that I like him as a friend- and that’s all. I’d never leave you for him, ever! Alpha or not, he’s not what I need. You are.” You told him with big eyes, searching his own.
“But he is what you need, Y/N. I always say that I can give you everything you need but it’s just not true. I can’t protect you like an alpha could, I can’t give you social comfort like an alpha could- for fuck’s sake, your heat’s coming up and it hurts so fucking bad that no matter how hard I try I can’t satisfy you the way you need to be.” Yoongi poured his heart out to you, eyes glistening with emotion as your own tears began to make their way down your cheeks. You shook your head at his words.
“Don’t say that about yourself…” You whined. “So what if you’re not an alpha? My heat, and other people’s opinions will not affect my feelings about you. A heat is only for a couple of days, and I’m going to love you for forever.” You said with finality, a hard gaze in your eyes. Yoongi felt his heart flutter and squeeze at your words, filling him with chills as he realized just how much he loved you.
“I love you so much, baby.” He said softly, leaning over to smooth your hair down and cover his lips with your own. You sighed, happy to finally get some affection from him after being out the entire day.
“I love you too, Yoonie… Don’t forget that.” You said, scooting backward before standing up. “As much as I’d love to get to sleep already, we have some homework to do. Come on, sleepyhead!” You giggled, eyes closing with a wide smile as you sauntered over to where you’d set your backpacks down.
Despite the unexcited groan that left his lips, he followed suit.
Yoongi thought his jealous phase was over after you’d declared your love for him. Everything was fine for the next couple of days, until both of you returned back to astronomy class and he realized that Taehyung had the potential to become a constant for the both of you.
And become a constant he did. Over the course of a couple of weeks he’d been over to your apartment multiple times, whether it was for having dinner, studying, or even just having a movie night. Taehyung would be there, and his favorite spot was in the middle of the two of you.
He was a nice guy. Yoongi had loosened up around him, concluding that maybe you were right about a couple things, and that he wasn’t out to steal you- at least not outright. As Yoongi became less hostile Taehyung talked to him more, and became equally as affectionate with him as he was with you. A nuzzle in the neck was not uncommon, despite the embarrassment yet shy appreciation both you and Yoongi would display in response.
However, tensions were running high currently, and that was because of what time it was. Your heat was coming up and fast, hormones and pheromones being produced in excess and having a noticeable effect on your scent.
Usually, you smelled heavenly. When your heat was coming up you smelled like heaven with a dash of sin, completely obscured by your innocence and confusing both Yoongi and anyone else around you.
“Yoonie,” You whimpered, digging into his side and wiggling your hips, basking yourself in his scent unabashedly even though Taehyung was right behind you. Yoongi couldn’t help but notice the way the other man’s gaze went to your ass before darting away. Your boyfriend couldn’t even be mad, with the way you were practically put on a platter for him.
“Sweetheart, calm down.” Yoongi told you quietly, slight alarm in his gaze at your behavior. Your heats had a tendency to be a bit irregular, never quite falling on the same day which left him floundering when they finally hit. It was obvious that this one would be a bit earlier than they usually were.
You pouted and whined quietly at his words, but settled for flopping on the couch in between them. Yoongi settled his hand on your thigh like he usually did, grabbing for the remote and starting the movie you’d chosen for them.
Somewhere along the progression of the film your head found its way onto Taehyung’s shoulder. He tried not to say anything or shake you off in fear of you getting the wrong message, but the alpha could feel Yoongi’s firey gaze on him, and it made him restless. And… Slightly turned on. The other omega could be mean and fiesty, a stark contrast to your happy innocence.
And even though you laying your head on his shoulder wasn’t that big of a deal, Taehyung thought about how he didn’t want it to end. Over the past couple of weeks he’d spent knowing the two of you, he found himself getting more and more enamored, wanting nothing more than to be an addition to your already loving relationship. To fill in the holes proposed by both of you being omegas, wanting to save you from the harsh backlash the two of you could get sometimes.
He’d witnessed it before, and every single time he shut it down without a thought about it. Whether it be omegas who were disgusted with the two of you for not conforming to societal norms to alphas saying you weren’t good enough to each other, or even betas being angry that omegas were taken by each other instead of by them.
And as Taehyung had continued to know both of you, he realized that all of these issues shared a common route of jealousy and entitlement. Omegas who were in relationships with alphas and betas felt like they were better than you for playing up to their societal role, betas looked down on you for not fitting into your own societal role, alphas felt like they were supposed to have you and both of you being in a relationship seemed to be a smack in the face.
Taehyung had vowed to himself that he wouldn’t display the same behaviors as everyone else. You two deserved more than that, deserved a friend who would treat you like equals. However, it became increasingly hard with his growing feelings toward the both of you, not that he’d admit it in a million years. Jungkook had figured it out quite easily, much to Taehyung’s chagrin.
“Why don’t you just ask them out?” Jungkook asked easily, sipping on a juice pouch he insisted they got at the store. Taehyung rolled his eyes in exasperation.
“You really don’t get it, Kookie. They’re in a happy and loving relationship, there’s no way I could try and come into that- they’re not actively looking for anyone else, so it’s not my place. Furthermore, Y/N’s told me Yoongi’s insecure, especially when it comes to alphas. I’m pretty sure I make him uncomfortable enough already even as a friend.” Taehyung sighed, pouting. He wasn’t stupid, he knew that even if Yoongi liked him, he was still uncomfortable with him. If only the male omega knew that Taehyung liked him just as much as he liked you.
“Maybe they’re not looking because the right alpha hasn’t come around yet. You’re aware of how badly they can get treated for their relationship, they’re probably not looking for anyone to add because of the backlash. But you’re different, hyung. You’re not in it to have a harem, or double the honeys. You like them for who they are and you want to protect them. What’s so wrong with that?” Jungkook countered, leaving Taehyung speechless for a second. The brat really was wise beyond his years sometimes, even if he was sometimes nauseating.
And as Taehyung tried to find a counterclaim, he realized he couldn’t. There wasn’t anything wrong with loving you and Yoongi, with wanting to protect the both of you with all he had. There’s nothing wrong with loving anyone.
Jungkook smirked at Taehyung’s expression. “Got you, didn’t I? You know I’m right-,” Taehyung gave him a stern glare. “- Anyway, you don’t have to listen to me. If you’re content sitting on the sidelines and being their friend, I’ve got no problems with it. But I know you want more, so why not try to get it? It’s your life, hyungie.” Jungkook said, punctuating the end of his speech with a long drink from his now empty juice box.
“God, I really do hate it when you’re right. I’ll think about it. We’re supposed to go out for lunch on Friday, so that give me a couple of days to clear my head.” Taehyung said aloud, mostly to himself than to Jungkook. The beta shot him a thumbs up before going to grab his shoes, claiming that due to Taehyung’s relationship troubles he’d be late to his afternoon class. What a brat.
Taehyung sighed and stared at his phone when he heard the door to his dorm shut, smiling when he saw your contact name. It was your name, adorned by a bunch of cute emojis you sent him on the daily. You really loved the sparkle and peach emoji, along with the plethora of pink hearts.
You’d asked if you were still on for lunch on Friday, claiming you were very excited for it. A smile etched it’s way onto the alpha’s face at the prospect of you being excited to see him, hurriedly responding that he wouldn’t miss it for the world.
And, honestly, he wouldn’t.
Friday had come faster than expected. Between you, Taehyung, and Yoongi, not much communication had happened ever since you’d asked if you were still on for lunch. Taehyung shrugged it off, assuming that both you and Yoongi had become busy with school and probably didn’t have the time to text back and forth like you usually did.
Not responding that Thursday wasn’t very out of character for either of you. Sometimes one or both of you would have the habit of procrastinating on school work, causing phones to be put away as you hit the books.
However, as Taehyung sent a text to your shared grouchat Friday morning, only to receive nothing in response, he began to get worried.
“Just go over and visit if you’re so worried.” Namjoon had told him, after Jungkook had said the same thing. Taehyung grimaced at the thought of showing up at your apartment uninvited, but he was worried and confused.
“Should I really do that, hyung? What if they don’t want to see me?” Taehyung asked, his insecurity on full display. Namjoon frowned, shaking his head. “Taehyung, if they didn’t want to see you I have no doubts that Yoongi probably would’ve said so. He’s just blunt like that,” Namjoon shrugged before continuing, “And if you’re worried, then check on them. They’ll tell you if something came up, because if it did they probably forgot.” Namjoon reasoned.
Taehyung knew the older male was right, but it didn’t stop the discomfort welling up in his chest. Surely, Yoongi would’ve communicated that he wasn’t up to hanging out, because he’d done it before. In the beginning it sort of hurt Taehyung’s feelings, but after you talked to him about how Yoongi could get anxious sometimes and it really had nothing to do with Taehyung himself, he’d calmed down.
“Ah, you’re right. I’ll head out, then.” Taehyung nodded, sending himself off with a smile and a wave goodbye as Namjoon murmured something about young love, which was entirely hypocritical considering their minimal age gap. Then again his entire friend group had the habit of calling Jungkook a kid, so Taehyung didn’t bother refuting the statement.
The drive over to your place was a rough one. Taehyung was too into his thoughts to even consider turning the music on, marinating in his own emotions causing his pheromones to no doubt go through the roof. No doubt would he catch attention if he rolled his window down, allowing his scent to permeate the streets.
Arriving at your building, Taehyung parked and headed inside, sending a polite smile to the lobby attendant who had grown fond of him over his several visits over. “I’m surprised to see you here!” She exclaimed, causing Taehyung’s eyes to widen in confusion before smiling and nodding. If he had more time, he probably would’ve asked her what she meant. But now it seemed trivial when he was this close to answers, to seeing if both of his omegas were okay.
If the attendant was bothered by his lack of response she didn’t show it, opting to shrug and return to the magazine she’d been reading before he entered. Taehyung headed down the hallway, stopping at your door and knocking a couple of times.
There was no answer. But Taehyung could practically smell you through the door, knowing the two of you hadn’t even left. He tried to qualm the annoyance festering inside of him, opting to think reasonably. He had a spare key, he could use it.
So he did. He opened the door and closed it behind him, only to get bombarded with your biologically changed scent. The world crashed onto him, making him well aware why you two hadn’t answered the phone, why you were so busy.
You had gone into heat, and the way Taehyung was salivating and breathing was proof enough. Before he got too overcome with your welcoming scent he reminded himself of his status not just to you, but to Yoongi. Even though every nerve in his body was telling him not to, he turned around to leave. If he didn’t he would’ve marched into that bedroom and satisfied you like you deserved, gave you his knot like he’s supposed to.
However, before he could even gather his bearings to leave, he heard your sweet, melodic voice keen from your slightly ajar bedroom door. “Alpha!” You whined, voice cute and high pitched, no doubt chasing the high Yoongi was driving you to.
Taehyung’s mouth went dry as his pupils dilated, overcome with a burning desire to take you. “Taehyung?” Yoongi yelled curiously, sounding tired. The poor omega probably hadn’t gotten a break ever since your heat broke out.
“Er- yeah, it’s me! I’m sorry you guys, I got worried when you didn’t answer after I asked about lunch. I’ll get out of your hair now.” Taehyung said hurriedly, each word feeling foreign as it fell out of his mouth. The last thing he wanted to do was make either of you uncomfortable and ruin the chance he didn’t have with you in the first place.
“No…” You whined out loud. “Taehyung and Yoonie stay.” You cried over the sounds of slapping skin, no doubt pistoning your hips back into Yoongi’s as you tried to get the heat symptoms to stop.
“Fuck.” Taehyung muttered, feeling all of the blood in his body run straight to his cock, which had steadily been getting harder ever since he stepped foot into the apartment. “Taehyung… Stay. If you want.” Yoongi said in his normal deep voice, with a hard edge to it. Taehyung’s feet stayed planted to the ground in surprise for a few seconds, before he practically ran to your bedroom, feet slipping off his feet along the way.
The sight the alpha was greeted with was one to behold. You were on your knees, shifting your body back into Yoongi’s as he held down the small of your back, fucking into you feverishly. Your face looked delectable, completely fucked out. Eyes half lidded and mouth open as whimpers and whines fell from it.
“She needs your help, Taehyung.” Yoongi said, slipping out of you as his cock softened, completely spent from taking care of you for so long. Your heat had hit earlier and harder than usual, something Yoongi wasn’t used to.
“Are you sure?” Taehyung asked, kneeling on the bed as you keened for him to get closer. He attempted to ignore you for a second, resting a hand on your sock clad calve and rubbing soothing circles onto it. Yoongi nodded, trust evident in his eyes. “Do you love Y/N?” Yoongi asked, breaking his gaze from Taehyung to look at you, smiling softly as he pet your hair. Taehyung stuttered.
“I- yes, I… I love you both.” Taehyung clarified, not missing the way Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise before an embarrassed smile appeared on his lips. “We’ll talk about it after you put your knot to use. Breed my baby girl, Taehyung.” Yoongi whispered huskily, trapping Taehyung in a quick fiery kiss as he tore his belt off, then his pants. Taehyung all but growled into the kiss, turning away before pulling his cock out of his boxers, gripping your hips harshly and bending you so that your ass was up, pussy presented and waiting to be filled.
“Fuck, you’re so pretty, aren’t you princess. You need a knot, don’t you?” Taehyung asked, bending down to lick a stripe down your pussy, having new sounds tear from your lips as tears began to well in your eyes, stimulation becoming more needed.
“Taehyungie please!” You whined out loud, wiggling your hips so he’d just mount you. Taehyung couldn’t seem to make himself wait any longer either, stuffing his cock inside of you with one swift motion and thrusting hard. You all but screamed into the pillow, drool falling from your lips as you revelled in pleasure.
“My good girl. Taking a big alpha cock in her tiny pussy. You like being stretched? Quite naughty, don’t you think?” Yoongi asked hotly, leaning down to speak close to your ear as Taehyung continued his assault on you.
“Yeees~ I like it Yoonie.” You whimpered, turning your head to the side to look back at Taehyung with wide, crazed eyes. His eyes were almost pitch black now, hair sticking to his forehead as he drilled himself into you.
“Flip her over.” Yoongi said to the alpha, who growled at the command but followed it nonetheless. Yoongi smiled, happy that the other listened to him. You were completely exposed to both of their prying eyes now, breasts jiggling with every thrust delivered to your sopping core, swollen pink clit begging to be rubbed to completion.
“So fucking pretty, princess. Look at this tight little pussy swallowing me up like that’s its job. Gonna breed you so good, you’ll be leaking for weeks. You’ll look so pretty round.” Taehyung murmured, absolutely no filter to his words as the only things that were consuming his mind was to knot you.
Yoongi thought his first time seeing you and Taehyung intimate together would fill him with insecurity and envy. However, looking at you now, seeing how happy the two of you were- how despite his dirty words Taehyung caressed your sides, admiration in his eyes behind the raw lust.
Taehyung’s genuine words, although rushed by the situation, filled Yoongi with a sense of content. There was no worry about competing for you or Taehyung if he held affection for you both, and he could finally stop worrying about being casted away and instead being able to focus on you alone.
Speaking of you, you were in complete bliss. Taehyung’s knot had begun to swell, catching on the rim of your swollen pussy with every cant of his hips. Yoongi looked at where you two were connected, leaning to rub at your sensitive clit which had you jerking in pleasure. Taehyung grabbed your legs to keep you stable as Yoongi continued to rub circles into your button, praising the sounds you made before taking a nipple into his mouth. There was one thing on his mind, to get you coming on Taehyung’s knot.
“Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Taehyung breathed heavily, thrusts getting even more aggressive as he continued to chase his high. Your voice was high pitched and loud, cries falling on deaf ears as both men continued to ravage you, and you couldn’t feel happier.
“Cum inside, Taehyungie… Fill me up, please!” You begged, gripping the sheets beside you harshly as your high approached at an alarming rate. With the combined power of Yoongi’s ministrations and Taehyung’s knot finally blowing inside you, you came hard, back arching off the bed in complete pleasure.
Yoongi hummed assurances in your ear as you came down, breathing heavy as drowsiness took over your body, the effects of your heat subsiding for the moment, thanks to Taehyung. You smiled in delirium, looking at both of the boys before pouting, a signal for a kiss. Yoongi leaned down immediately, covering your lips with his in a sweet kiss before pulling away, looking at Taehyung expectantly.
Taehyung bent down over you, making sure to stay close so his knot wouldn’t hurt you as it was lodged inside. He kissed you just as sweetly, slow and filled with love. When he pulled away he was smiling ear to ear, looking down at you in complete adoration.
“I love you, Taehyung… You too, Yoonie.” You smiled shyly, yawning right after the words left your mouth. Taehyung gave a playful scoff at your words. “Taehyung? What happened to Taehyungie?” He teased, causing you to shyly swat at his arm.
“Shush… Come on, let’s take a nap boys.” You said tiredly, grabbing at your blanket sleepily, which Yoongi draped over you as Taehyung maneuvered the two of you into a more comfortable position.
Even in a sex soiled bed, you were sure it was the best sleep you’d ever had. Surrounded with your loved ones, the harsh omega and loving alpha that encircled you in every happy feeling you could ever conjure.
Taehyung nuzzled his nose into your hair, breathing your scent in deeply to make up for all the times he had to stop before. You had no qualms, probably already asleep as your breathing became deep and steady, warmth radiating from your tired body. Yoongi had his arm slung around you and Taehyung, and Taehyung mimicked the position.
They looked at each other from over your sleeping form, sending each other genuine smiles as Taehyung winked cheekily at the other omega. “Don’t think you won’t get a turn too, Yoongi.” Taehyung joked quietly, causing Yoongi to quirk an eyebrow.
“You’re crazy if you think I’ll let you fuck me just because I’m an omega. Better start researching pegging, little boy.” Yoongi snorted, closing his eyes after his comment to join you in dreamland, unaware of the emotion he’s caused to well up inside the alpha. His cock twitched inside of you at the thought, and as he closed his eyes he realized that wouldn’t be so bad.
“Hyung, why are you looking up pegging on my computer? I didn’t know you were into that.” Jungkook called from his room, causing Taehyung to jump up from his bed in his own room to run into the one across the hall, jumping onto the bed and wrestling the younger aware from the computer.
“Mind your own business, jerk! Don’t knock it till you try it, right? Like it’s any of your business!” Taehyung said embarrassingly fast, faux annoyance coating his tone. Jungkook smiled, seemingly completely unbothered by being pinned down by the older.
“Whatever, hyung. Just didn’t know Yoongi hyung was into that.” Jungkook said, referencing Taehyung’s omegan boyfriend. Taehyung cocked an eyebrow.
“You didn’t know he was into that? Have you even met the guy? You’re dense, Kookie. Maybe it’s time you got laid instead of wondering what I’m up to.” Taehyung stuck his tongue out as he released the other, who just shrugged at his words.
“I can’t even refute that. Maybe if you didn’t take all the omegas I would’ve had a chance!” Jungkook yelled to his retreating roommate. Taehyung laughed and clapped his hands. “You would’ve have stood a chance, Kookie. Try calling Namjoon hyung.”
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v-hope · a year ago
Honey Bear
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Fluff, a lil bit of angst, College!AU, mentions of Pianist!Yoongi but that’s not the main plot
Word Count: 3.1k
Request: “Could I request a one shot Yoongi? Yoongi has been having a really hard time sleeping recently, and so has reader so they make an agreement to be each other’s teddy bears so they can go to bed. They’re pretty good friends, so it shouldn’t be awkward, but it is until they get used to it and one of them realizes they like the other (you can choose who) and claims that they can sleep again, but they’ve gotten worse because they’re used to sleeping by the other and it hurts to be this far away now??”
A/N: This request has been in my ask box for a while now, I’m so sorry. Anyway, I woke up today and felt like writing it, so I hope this is what you had in mind and that you enjoy 😅
Tumblr media
“Yeah?” you mindlessly answered your phone as you shoved a handful of popcorn into your mouth.
“Yeah? That’s it?”
Yoongi’s voice made you instantly stop chewing and hurried to swallow, taking your phone away from your ear to check the ID number you hadn’t bothered to look at before — your heart racing when you confirmed it was indeed him, and then rushing to put the phone back against your ear.
“No ‘hey, Yoongs’ or that obnoxious pet name you always call me?”
At that, you could only roll your eyes.
“You love it when I call you ‘honey bear’ and you know it” you daringly squinted your eyes, knowing well enough he could not see you. “Don’t act like you hate the name you’ve so honorably earned, Min Yoongi”.
“Whatever,” he was quick to change the subject, stealing a proud smile from you, “can I come over?”
Just like that, your smile was gone. “Oh, um... I’m kind of busy right now with one of my projects, so—”
“I can hear you eating right now…”
“Can’t I eat while I work on something else?” your reply sounded way more defensive than you had intended.
“Okay” he acted like he believed you for a moment, “and what about that lame ass movie I can hear playing in the background?”
“Pitch Perfect is not lame, take that back”.
Hearing him chuckle on the other side of the line made your heart flutter, just like it did whenever you heard that sound that had grown to be your favourite.
“Look, can I come over or not? It’s pretty late and I have a presentation tomorrow, but I can’t sleep without you in my arms”.
You bit down on your lower lip; loving to hear such words coming out of your mouth yet hurting at the reminder of them not meaning what you wanted them to mean.
“I was thinking, um…” you uncomfortably shifted on your seat, “maybe you could get a stuffed animal to cuddle at night instead?”
You didn’t need to see his face to know there was currently a frown adorning it.
“A stuffed animal?”
“Mhm…” you hummed softly, “I uh, I got one already. A teddy bear. It’s pretty cute, actually”.
“You’re replacing me with a teddy bear? Seriously?” although he had tried to sound teasing, you could still hear some kind of hurt in his voice. “So this means you don’t want us to sleep together anymore?”
You stayed silent for a couple of seconds.
“I just… I’ve been doing better at falling asleep lately” you lied, “and I think it’s not good for us to be so dependent on each other, so…”
“Okay…” his voice alone let you know how taken aback he was by your statement, “if that’s what you want…”
“Yeah…” you whispered almost inaudibly. It was not what you wanted at all, but it was for the best.
“But, um… can I still come over tonight?” he wondered, causing your heart to skip a beat. “I don’t have a stuffed animal with me right now and I really need to sleep…”
Simple as that, that’s how you ended up at past one in the morning lying in bed with Yoongi’s chest moving up and down with every calm breath he took, and his arms wrapped tightly around you, like it was so usual by now.
Turning slightly around to look at his sleeping figure, only for his arms to tighten their hold on you out of instinct, you found yourself admiring every inch of that beautiful face that came along with the complex man you had so hopelessly fallen for.
You knew this was bound to happen when you agreed to be each other’s ‘teddy bears’, like the two of you so amusedly like to call it, yet you hadn’t been able to stop it on time; for you didn’t want it to end at all.
However, as you reached out with your hand to ever so tenderly caress from one of his closed eyes down to his cheek, and then to his slightly parted lips that you so painfully wanted to get a taste of, you thought about the decision you were making being the right one.
You were well aware that it would not only mean you would no longer be able to sleep peacefully like you did by his side, but it would also hurt like hell not to have this kind of intimacy with him. Nevertheless, it was for the best, for you didn’t think right then Yoongi would ever return the rather strong feelings you had so easily developed for him.
It was for the best, you mentally repeated over and over as you started to doze off with your forehead resting on his and your thumb still caressing his face.
Only it was not, and it was only a matter of a week for you to realise.
It was not only that you had stopped with your little sleeping sessions, but also how you had unconsciously started to drift away from him altogether; for you had realised then, that you were way more dependent on him than you had thought.
You didn’t know if it was delusional or hilarious, how it had all started one night when both of you were struggling with your classes and your messed up schedules, and you had just gone over to his to help him with one of the subjects; resulting instead on the two of you falling sound asleep on his couch throughout the entire night. It had been unintended, unexpected even, yet that was the night that started it all. The night that started not only the multiple nights of the two of you being each other’s cuddle buddy, but also everything else you did not before, not even as the close friends you were.
It was the daily calls, the visits during the day, having lunch together on campus whenever your schedules allowed you to, keeping him company while he practiced on his piano, the constant bickering, the way he would smile brightly whenever he saw you, and how he’d pretend to hate your so called ‘lame’ jokes yet wouldn’t be able to contain his smile every time.
It was the little things apart from holding each other at night, you noticed, the ones that made you fall harder and harder for him. So, you needed to stop that all at once if you didn’t want to get caught in some kind of irretrievable unrequited love.
Only it wasn’t so easy to let go of him.
Not when you were once again having trouble to sleep at night without him next to you. Not when the teddy bear you now slept with every night could not even compare to the warmth of his body against yours. Much less when you had found one of his cozy hoodies in your closet and now sacredly worn it to sleep every night, to at least try and trick your mind into believing it was him the one with you at night.
Yoongi, on the other hand, was having just as bad of a time as you were, if not worse. Because, for him, it was not only having trouble to sleep, but not knowing what he had done wrong for you to distance yourself from him all at once.
He missed the way you would cling to him like a koala during the nights. He missed having lunch with you instead of his classmates. He missed pretending to be too focused on practicing a song to even care about your presence, when truth was his gaze would fix on you every two seconds to see your reaction whenever he played a couple of notes. Hell, he even missed you calling him that cheesy pet name he always claimed to hate so much; because, after all, it was a reminder of him being the one who got to hold you close at night.
And he did not know how much longer he could go on without doing so.
It was actually by the end of the third week, when you were lying down on your bed as you turned from one side to another in a desperate attempt of finding a comfortable position to fall asleep, that he let you know he had enough.
You jolted up at the sound of an incoming text, which earned a frustrated groan from you before you reached for it under your pillow — squinting your eyes at the sudden source of brightness in the darkness of the room when you pointed the screen at your face.
Yoongs [00:14]: I’m outside, I’ll let myself in
Before you could even completely react to what you had just read, you heard a pair of keys jingling outside your apartment seconds before the door was shut close, letting you know he had indeed let himself inside your place with the keys you had once given him in case of emergency.
Sitting up straight, you stretched your body over the nightstand next to your bed to turn the dim light of the lamp on, right as the door flew open.
Without a word, Yoongi made his way to your bed, not even hesitating to throw the teddy bear lying by what used to be his side of it to the floor, and then slumping down on his stomach next to you — not even bothering to take his shoes off before his right arm rested over your chest and one of his legs was placed on top of your lower body. And although you didn’t know if he had done that to keep you from moving or just for the sake of feeling you closer, you felt your heart racing immediately at the familiar feel of his touch you had so badly been craving.
Staring at his already closed eyes with disbelief written all over your face, you decided to let out a small snort.
“You do know invading my house without my permission i—”
“I let you know beforehand” he cut you off as if nothing, earning a roll of eyes from you.
“I don’t think texting me ten seconds before you help yourself inside counts as ‘letting me know beforehand’, really”.
An unfazed shrug of shoulders was his answer, taking it one step further by mumbling: “Well, if I had called, you would’ve ignored me like you’ve been doing lately anyway, so what’s even the point”.
You felt your heart skip a beat at that, not being able to feel any other than guilt. After all, he was right. You were just kind of expecting he wouldn’t bring that up.
Trying to calm down your racing heartbeats, you let a sigh escape your mouth before you spoke again.
“Yoongi… we agreed not to do this anymore”.
“Yes, we agreed to stop sleeping together, not to stop seeing each other. I never agreed to this” he said as he opened his eyes and his frustrated stare focused on you, making you feel ever so little under it. “And anyway, it’s been hell! I haven’t been able to have one proper night of sleep this whole three weeks, so fuck it. I have an audition tomorrow and, believe it or not, all of this has been affecting my piano skills, so I need to sleep tonight”.
“But there’s other ways to do that...” you spoke softly, both being taken aback by his sudden outburst and scared to make him any more upset. “You have to find something that doesn’t involve me”.
As if on queue, his eyes fell down to your chest, and although for a good second there you thought he was blatantly staring at your boobs, you then realised he was looking at your choice of clothing. The one black, oversized piece of clothing you had been wearing for the past weeks. Certain piece of clothing he was well aware belonged to him.
“My hoodie, I see” Yoongi pointed out what both of you already knew — his piercing stare going back to your eyes. “That makes what you just said sound a little bit hypocritical, don’t you think?”
You bit the inside of your cheek, gazing down as you helplessly tried for him not to notice how ashamed you were feeling right then; both for being caught in your own lie and wearing his hoodie.
However, although he noticed your sheepish reaction, he was not ready to let the topic go just yet.
Resting his weight on his elbows so he could take a better look at you, he went on: “You made me believe you could sleep without me yet had something of mine to help you sleep all along” his knitted eyebrows let you know how much he was not having it. “I had nothing of yours”.
“You want to wear one of my t-shirts then?” you couldn’t help your urge to taunt him in such serious circumstances, causing him to huff and let you know you had achieved your intentions when he shook his head in disbelief.
“No, I want you”.
That was as far as your little moment of fun had lasted, being replaced instead by the tension building up in the room, and a shiver running down your spine at how determinedly he had confessed such thing.
After a few seconds of nothing but what could’ve easily been mistaken for an intense staring contest, which he ended up winning when you looked down to try and collect yourself, you felt like you could finally reply.
“Yoongi” you sighed uneasily, “we were too dependent on each other, we still kind of are...”
“And so what?” he wondered, unconsciously placing his hand on your stomach as he looked for an answer.
Once again, you avoided his gaze; yet you were in too deep already to back down. So, still not locking your eyes with his, you murmured: “We were getting too close… my feelings were starting to get in the way…”
“Your f—” he cut off his own words as what you had meant finally hit.
You felt his whole body freeze for a second, yet his chocolate eyes moved rapidly as he searched in yours for some kind of heartless joke.
When he did not find any sign of a lie in your eyes at all, his previous reluctant expression was replaced by a beaming one — a gummy smile you hadn’t noticed you missed so much until then parting his lips in no time.
“You’re an idiot” he stated.
Yoongi shook his head without bringing himself to erase his smile. “You made me go three whole weeks sleeping like shit and missing you like crazy just because you were too blind to see my obvious feelings for you?”
It was your turn to freeze, causing a light chuckle to escape his mouth.
“You…” you took in a shaky breath, “you feel the same way about me?”
He snorted. “Yeah? I thought it was obvious?”
“No?” your eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “Why would it be obvious?”
“Y/N,” he sighed out of frustration, firmly grabbing your chin for you to listen to him closely, “I literally called you pretty much every night because holding you in my arms is the only way I can fall asleep… you really think I’d do that with anyone?”
“I thought… I mean…” you struggled with your words because of how wild both your heart and mind were running right then, “I thought we had one of those ‘unspoken connections’ some people talk about and that was it”.
“It started off like that, sure” he agreed, “but it was bound to happen after a while, don’t you think?” one of his eyebrows was raised teasingly, managing to bring even more heat to your face. “I actually believed we were somehow together until you started ghosting me out of nowhere”.
Well, that sure had felt like a bucket of ice cold water being thrown right at your face.
“You’re telling me that we could’ve been together all this time if I had just talked to you?”
He shook his head in mocking amusement. “Pretty much, yeah”.
You closed your eyes as you threw your head back and let a loud whine escape your mouth under his visibly amused face — he was enjoying this way more than he should’ve.
“Like I said, an idiot”.
“I sure do feel like one” you snorted, being followed by a small laugh of his that stopped when you later stared at him with coy eyes. “But I’m your idiot now, right?”
The way you batted your eyelashes for him right then had him rolling his eyes in a second, regardless of the smirk that had already curved up his lips, which wasted no time in locking with yours for a brief moment — leaving you elated at the small taste you were not expecting to get of them.
“You are” he played along, ignoring the way your lips remained puckered up and your astonished eyes were wide as ever because of his sudden yet very pleasant action. “Which is why we’re getting rid of that stupid bear”.
Coming out of the trance he had left you in, you let a chuckle abandon your mouth when he annoyedly motioned with his head to the stuffed animal laying on your floor.
“Awe, is the Min Yoongi jealous of a little stuffed animal?” a taunting pout formed on your lips.
“Not jealous” he mumbled, “it just won’t be needed anymore”.
“Whatever you say, bubs” you teased him once again, much to his annoyance. “That plain teddy bear had nothing on my fluffy honey bear anyway”.
That was all it took for him to throw his head back as he groaned. “That is still the cheesiest, most cringy pet name you could have ever came up with”.
“Oh shush, you love it”.
His head fell to your chest, causing his words to come out muffled when he kept on complaining: “If the guys ever heard you call me that—”
“You love it” you stated again, earning a pinch to your hip from him. “You can’t convince me otherwise, honey bear”.
Although another whine escaped his lips, he found himself smiling all over again against the fabric of his own clothes that you were wearing. After all, having you call him that as you let him rest his face on your chest while you softly ran your hands through his hair, was enough to let him know everything was back to normal; if not even better than before.
Just the way he loved things to be, and how he hoped they would remain like for a good while.
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hollyhomburg · 3 years ago
Thoughts Of You Keep Me Awake At Night
(Insomniac! Yoongi x Roommate! Reader)
Summary: You really try to ignore the less than platonic feelings that you have for your roommate but he hardly makes it easy when he stumbles into your room at three am asking for cuddles
Word Count: 2.1K
Tags: Insomnia, mild Angst, Yoongi x reader, roommate! au, Best friends to lovers, Hurt/comfort, Anxiety mention, Fluff
Authors Note: THIS IS A HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR MY FAVORITE TUMBLR BUT PEACHY 🍑 🍑 🍑 🍑 🍑  @peeachypop HAPPY 23 BIRTHDAY MY DUDE- I had a hard time choosing between Namjoon and Yoongi for you (and then I was like what if I did both Namjoon and Yoongi) but then this came to me in the depths of my jet lag so here you go .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*
Tumblr media
“Yoongi?” the sound of your bedroom door opening wakes you from your slumber. Not that you really mind; it’s either very late Saturday or early Sunday morning and there is still plenty of time to sleep. Which is why the appearance of your best friend and roommate Yoongi at your bedroom door is even more perplexing. 
If there’s one thing you’ve learned about Yoongi, since you first became his friend all those years ago and moved in with him 6 months ago, it’s that the boy loves his sleep. Its one of the many reasons why you mesh well actually; most nights you’d both rather nap then go out. And the majority of the time the idea getting cozy on the couch to keep out the winter chill is a more than agreeable proposition in place of hanging out with each other.  Sometimes you watch TV to distress, sometimes you talk, sometimes one of you falls asleep (on his shoulder, or him with his head in your lap) and the other pretends to watch the TV and shoves down the urge to run their hands through the other's hair. 
That’s always how you and Yoongi have been- friends with more than friends feelings for each other. 
How well you get along Is one of the many reasons why he asked you to move in with him last summer when he finally decided to move out of the dorms with the boys (Not that he doesn’t still love them- it was just time for him to get his own place). 
The lease on your apartment was up- and you where looking at a place on the other side of the city- an abhorrent distance that would make daily hangouts a chore if not non existent (and Yoongi didn’t want to lose you) so he looks at a 2 bedroom place and asks you to move in with him. 
you always suspect he hides the actual price of rent from you- because there’s no way what little he asks of you is half the rent. The floor to ceiling windows in the nicer part of town do just a little to win you over, but in the end, it’s the proximity to your best friend that makes you agree.
You both mesh well together. And you’d be lying if you said your mind didn’t occasionally drift to ideas of how well you could get along if you were more than friends. But most of the time you care too much about your friendship to even consider perusing things further. Other times like when he invites you to one of his concerts or when he wears tight leather jackets- you have a harder time reigning in your overly imaginative heart. 
Which is why you rub your eyes a second time. Letting out a second quiet “Yoongi- is that you?” when the pale man doesn’t move from the doorway. You clear your eyes leaning in to see him. And you notice his rumpled hair from tossing and turning. His baggy flannel pajamas hang off of him. His puffy eyes are accompanied by dark circles and the dark recess turning like the tide; full of too many emotions that you can’t decipher.
In that moment with you looking up at him- Yoongi knows he shouldn’t be here. Anything that puts your friendship in jeopardy shouldn’t happen. But he can’t bear this right now- and he needs someone- but he doesn't want just anyone- he needs you. 
“Yoongi, have you slept at all?” you ask. And he shakes his head, not trusting himself to speak just yet. You sit up Adjusting the large white tee shirt to not hang off your shoulders.
Occasionally Yoongi has insomnia. He doesn’t tell you much about it, and he’s usually sullen and snappy enough that you leave him alone until you’re sure the episode has passed knowing there’s little you can do to help him. He’s never come to you before like this. 
“Do you want me to make you some tea to help you fall asleep?” you offer with a small smile. He shakes his head once, moving a little further into the room. 
“Can I sleep with you?” he asks quietly. And it’s not like you both haven’t fallen asleep on each other a million times in front of the TV, but this, sleeping in a bed together, feels more and more like a boundary that shouldn’t be pushed. You inhale a jagged breath- and Yoongi knows what you’re gonna say before you say it. 
“Yoongi I don’t know if that’s the best ide-“
“I know we’re just friends but please- I don’t think I can be alone right now and I think I-“ I need someone to hold me he wants to say but the words are caught in his throat and Yoongi can’t finish the sentence. to you his voice usually so controlled sounds raw and untethered. Yoongi certainly looks astray- where he shifts uneasily from foot to foot like he might bolt in a second if you say the wrong thing. 
It was so stupid of him to ask this he thinks to himself- he should just go back to his own room before you reject him further. You just rub your eyes blearily for a second- then finally drag back your duvet and scoot over to make a space for him in your bed next to you. 
He climbs into bed quickly- worried that you’ll turn him away. Your messed up hair sticks up in tufts, mused from tossing in your sleep. He never thought he’d get to see you like this, but right now the fact that he feels like he’s seconds away from shattering is keeping him from enjoying it. His bare feet are cold against your ankles as you scoot closer to him wrapping an arm around his cold middle. It’s the middle of winter, and the cold presses in with sharp hands. 
Normally this wouldn’t be bold, but in the darkness, it feels like it is. Yoongi is suddenly very glad that your eyes are closed- you don’t see him flush as you snuggle closer to his chest. 
“Now,” your soft voice says against the fabric of his flannel pajama shirt. “Are you gonna tell me what’s up?” with anyone else the casualness would bother him, piss him off actually, but you make him want to spill all his secrets with just a simple “what’s up.” 
Any other time he would lie and say nothing. But the slow treacherous pace of your hands smoothing up and down his back disarm him. “I got anxious,” he says softly. Your hands still on his back- and suddenly you feel wide awake- you’re suddenly aware of the fact that Yoongi is shaking slightly, his hands fisted in the back of your shirt as he trembles.
If there’s one thing you rarely talk about- it’s your emotions. You’re aware that Yoongi has struggled with depression and anxiety but you had no idea that was why he couldn’t sleep sometimes. The condition of your silence seemed imperative on keeping each other just far enough away to discourage romantic feelings.  This, by comparison, feels raw and like those boundaries never existed at all.
“What about?” you prod gently, aware that the peace right now is tenuous. The breath he lets out is uneven and uncertain. 
“Everything just builds sometimes- stress from writing songs, getting them out on time, making them perfect, being perfect, practice, sometimes I feel like I’m so stressed that the smile’s going to slide right off my face in the middle of a concert or fan sign and I’m going to ruin it all- or I’m going to fuck up the choreography- or be so busy worrying about something else that I forget a line or-“
“Yoongi” you interrupt and he waits for you to tell him that you don’t want to hear it- that you just want to sleep- that he should go because you changed your mind. But you just pull him closer and move your hands up too his hair, running them through the tangled mess and smoothing it down before rubbing your nails up against his skull. The action sends delightful shivers down his back- relaxing him, he stops shaking. 
“You’re one of the best performers and producers in the world. I don’t think any amount of mistakes in the world could destroy that. You can’t take away creative talent like that.” 
“You think I’m talented?” most day’s Yoongi wouldn’t even question a statement like that- but tonight, with his emotions so raw and His self-esteem teetering on the edge of a depressive low- those words are exactly what he needs to hear. 
“Of course I do.” You say softly holding him a little tighter. His feet aren’t cold anymore- and he’s filled the bed with the soft warmness that you get from snuggling another person- something that neither of you has gotten in so long. And on this cold night- it’s exactly what the doctor ordered. 
“Sometimes I think I’m too sad to be a rapper- if I’m not feeling normally like everyone else how can they relate to what I’m saying?” 
“I think that’s exactly why your lyrics- your writing is so important Yoongi. You give the people a voice who have none.”
“But no one else talks about it.” 
“But they should and you’re brave enough too. You have no idea how much I admire you for that Yoongi. You’re the bravest person I’ve ever met.” In the darkness of your bedroom Wrapped up in your arms. Yoongi feels anything but brave. But your words have done enough to pop his jarred pieces back into place. And right now- that’s enough to make him feel truly steady for the first time in days. 
You go quiet as Yoongi pulls you in tighter. Holding onto you like he has no intention of ever letting you go. You listen until his uneven breathing has turned steady- before you finally let yourself drift off as well. 
In the morning- when you wake you’re so deliciously warm that immediately you don’t realize what- or more accurately- who you’re currently lying on top of. You’re barely cognizant enough to realize who’s hands are running through your hair and who’s soft voice you hear, barely a grumble in the quiet morning. You feel his voice two fold Once from your ear pressed to his chest- and again as they’re said in the open. 
“Sometimes I wonder how you can get me so easily.” he swallows and continues softer. “With other people, it feels like I’m speaking gibberish whenever I talk about my emotions. But you’re the first person who’s ever understood me like this. It makes me want to love you in ways I’m sure you’d be uncomfortable with.” 
You fight to make yourself still pliant, to not seize up when you hear the words love- and somehow Yoongi doesn't notice- though your heart is beating too fast, your breath too loud. 
“But I’m ok with just this- I’d be ok with whatever you gave me because you’ll always be enough for me.” His hand never stills on its course- rubbing back and forth over your back and head. And in that moment- you’re so comfortable that you let sleep pull you down again. Your Heart beats erratically with the thought that he loves me he loves me he loves me.
When Yoongi wakes up alone- but he’s a little too warm to think that he’s been alone for long. Your spot next to him is still a little warm. And his chest still flutters with that almost giddy feeling of having you near. He hears soft noises from the kitchen and stumbles out to see you fumbling with his fancy coffee maker (one that Jin bought him ages ago so that he didn’t spend so much money on lattes).
You smile at him- still ruffled in your white shirt and velvet sleep shorts. “Good morning!” You say cheerily, Yoongi grumbles- his words still not working so early, his mind tangled from a few hours of sleep. He twines his arms around your middle and hooks his chin over the side of your shoulder as you continue to fiddle with the steamer.
Yup- the blush that covers your cheeks is totally normal for roommates to have.  
“You stole my personal space heater,” he mumbles by way of a good morning. He can hear the smile in your words. 
“Sorry- coffee calls” he opens his eyes at that, staring down at the latte you’re working on- there’s another cup next to you that you’ve obviously tried to hide but he can see it clearly now that he can see in front of you. 
“Is that? For me?” he asks softly- because sitting there on the counter is a lattee- he can tell by the smell that it’s made just the way he likes. But what makes him flush isn’t that you’ve simply made it for him. It’s the heart drawn in chocolate syrup on the top. 
The flush that covers his cheeks is defiantly platonic? Right?
Tumblr media
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luxekook · a year ago
okay, bloomer ❃ myg
Tumblr media
❃ pairing: floral assistant/rapper!yoongi x reader
❃ genre: strangers to lovers, fluff, slight crack, light angst and smut
❃ summary: spin-off sequel to ‘petal to the metal’; in which the reader visits a flower shop on her way home from work to treat herself to a flower and then keeps returning just to interact with the shop’s cute tsundere floral assistant. the last thing she expects is to see him ~spitting hot fire~ and looking hot as sin at her friend’s music event. how is she supposed to get flowers in peace now?
❃ word count: 10.2k
❃ warnings: 18+, cursing, violent imagery, mansplaining, tattooed and pierced yoongi, jealousy, mention of drinking, lots of sass, yoongi is soft as hell, rapping, jungkook being an idiot, smut [biting, blindfolding, bondage, sensory play, oral (f + m receiving), unprotected sex (WRAP IT), slight dom/sub themes, yoongi and reader are swiches, dirty talk, workplace sex]
❃ beta’d by: the amazing and gorgeous phia @meowxyoong​
❃ banner by: the iconic and beautiful danica @dee-ehn​
❃ commissioned by: my angel bby sweetheart jess @floralsuga​ UWU ILY AND I HOPE U LOVE THIS YOONGI AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!
Tumblr media
The first time you enter the flower shop, it’s on a whim after a particularly bad day at work. You stomp down the street towards your apartment stewing over how Darryl can go screw himself as far as you are concerned. You almost flipped your desk today after the fifth time he tried to explain your own job to you. 
It’s like you haven’t been working at the graphic design firm for over three years and know all there is to know about typography and how it reads on book covers. You knew the moment your boss paired you with Darryl for this assignment, you were going to be in for a bumpy ride. You just didn’t expect the bumps to be of Mount Everest proportions.
You probably look crazy as you stalk down the block untethered in your rage, mumbling something about shoving your stylus so far up Darryl’s ass he’ll choke on your creativity. 
Somehow you unconsciously turn your head to admire a display of flowers blooming in a shop window. The blooming bunches of color call to you like a beacon of light in the darkness. Fuck it, you are going to treat yourself.
You dart across the street, dodging traffic. You need a flower. You need something that will brighten your evening and remind you that there is still beauty on this earth after all that mansplaining. And it seems that Of Fern & Freesia Flower Co. will be your oasis of choice. 
Squaring your shoulders, you push open the heavy wooden and glass door of the shop. The sound of a bell chimes in the air as you enter. A smile forms as you take in the array of greenery and petals surrounding you. The air smells like summer meadows and deep forests. 
Wandering around, you realize that it’s going to be harder than you thought to pick just one flower to go home with. As you near the back of the shop, you notice the general shop counter with a cash register, a small jar, and an array of flowers scattered across the deep oak wood. It seems like someone is piecing together a bouquet.
“Can I help you?” A low, languid voice calls out to you. Slowly, a boy emerges from the back room. Your eyes widen at the sight before you. He’s of average height with lean muscle and tattoos winding up both arms. His ears glint with multiple piercings, his left eyebrow has an intimidating slice through it, and his hair is a messy array of silver with a sexy as hell undercut. Yet, despite all of that tough exterior, the second you look at his face you melt.
The boy has the cutest face you have ever seen. His cheeks are full and pink, his nose is the most adorable little button, his lips are a dusky shade of rose. He has the face of an angel wrapped in a sinful package. Honestly, it’s unfair.
After a few moments, you realize he seems to be waiting for you to speak. Slitted eyebrow arched, he stares at you, dark eyes flicking over your own body.
“I’m looking to get a flower, but I just don’t know which one to pick,” You sigh, eyes shifting to glance around the shop once more. “There are so many beautiful ones to choose from.”
“Well,” The boy murmurs, “Sometimes one beautiful flower just stands out from the rest.”
Your eyes return to him, finally noticing the name-tag haphazardly pinned to his apron. Yoongi. His name is Yoongi. “And do you know which flower stands out today?” You ask, hands gripping your work tote so that you don’t do anything embarrassing like squish his chubby cheeks between your palms.
“Without a doubt,” He quirks a small smile in your direction before walking around the counter. Without a word more, he wanders down the rows of flowers and stops at a particular bunch of blue blossoms. He carefully selects one flower from the bunch and extends it out to you.
You accept the flower, examining it closely. It’s beautiful indeed. Shooting a glance at the sign attached to the bucket the flower had originated from, you smile as you read the label of ‘rare blue-tinted orchids’ (rare and unique beauty).
Turning back to Yoongi, you realize he has already begun to walk back to the counter. Quickly, you follow in his footsteps, carefully holding your flower in one hand and digging through your bag to find your wallet with the other. Upon reaching the counter, you gently place your orchid down to finally retrieve your wallet from where it had been lurking at the very bottom of your tote. 
“How much do I owe you?” You look up at Yoongi who had been staring at you with a peculiar expression on his face. 
He just shrugs, fiddling with one of the many silver rings adorning his fingers, “Nothing. It’s on the house.” 
“What?” You tilt your head in confusion, “But the sign said these are rare, so I’m sure it can’t be cheap.”
Again, Yoongi just lifts a shoulder lazily and shoots you a half smile, “I get an employee discount.” 
“Oh,” Your eyes fall under his intense scrutiny. They land on the small jar sitting next to the register. It’s labeled with a sticky note that says: “Feed Yoongi’s Dumpling Addiction”. 
“Dumplings, huh?” You grin at the cute boy and quickly grab ten dollars from your wallet, shoving the bill inside the jar. 
“Hey!” Yoongi pouts, “That’s not fair.” His cheeks are shaded a bright pink, “You can’t use my weakness against me like this.”
“I just did!” You laugh, slinging your bag over your shoulder and picking up your orchid once more. “Bye, Yoongi.”
You send him a wave and head back out into the night. You don’t realize he had stared out after you for quite some time with a small smile and a gleam in his eye. No, you are too busy picturing what it would be like to go get dumplings with a cute flower shop assistant. 
Tumblr media
The next day at work you bring your flower along with you. Your desk needs some life breathed into it, and your flower does just the trick. Plus, you can't help but smile each time you look at it. 
And so when cursed Darryl waltzes over to you to talk about your project, you kindly tell him to fuck off. You know, in a safe for work fashion. You don’t need his bullshit or his bad vibes. Not when you can draw up romance novel cover designs with a certain boy in mind. It comes as no surprise to you as you realize later on that you had been drawing orchids woven throughout the book title.
The rest of the week passes by slowly as does the wilting of your flower. Yet on Thursday, your boss praises you for your flower designs, so much so that she decides to give you the company credit card to go buy a bouquet for the office as further inspiration. You tell her you know just the place. 
Taking an extended lunch break, you trek over to Of Fern & Freesia. Stepping through its doors brings an immediate smile to your face. You glance around, noticing a few other customers scattered throughout the shop. No sign of Yoongi.
You weave your way around the rows of flowers and the patrons that dot the aisles. A heavy feeling of disappointment settles in the pit of your stomach as you notice that there is a woman at the counter instead of the cute boy from a few days prior. The woman glances up as you approach, “Oh, hello! Welcome to Of Fern & Freesia. How may I help you?” 
“Hi, yes,” You shoot a furtive glance around, “I was hoping that you could recommend a bouquet?”
“Hm,” She nods, “Of course! What’s the occasion?” 
“It’s just for my office,” You explain, “We need some inspiration, and flowers seem to have helped lately.”
“I see,” She smiles, “Well, let me ask you if—” 
“Hey, boss lady! Do you know what happened to the lace ribbons? I can’t find— Oh,” Yoongi halts as he emerges from the back room and lays eyes on you. “Hello,” He mumbles, running a hand through his hair.
The woman helping you looks at Yoongi and then looks back at you and then looks at Yoongi again. A sly smile forms on her lips, “Well, well, well. Why don’t I go look for those lace ribbons while you help this customer here.” She turns to you, “My very best employee will be sure to take excellent care of you.”
Chuckling slightly, she disappears through the door that Yoongi had vacated a minute before.
“I’m your only employee!” Yoongi calls after her, the small smile on his face betraying his complaint. Still grinning slightly, he turns his brown eyes back to you, “Hello again…” He pauses, clearly waiting for you to fill in the unspoken blank.
“(Y/n),” You extend a hand out tentatively, “And you’re Yoongi.”
“That I am,” Yoongi smirks and takes your hand in his. You glance down at your clasped hands and marvel at how his hand fully engulfs yours. The heat of his palm burns into you while the coolness of his many rings makes you shiver. Eventually, you let go, certain your cheeks are as red as the display of roses to your left.
“Well, what can I do for you, (y/n)? Back for another flower?” His eyes flit around the shop briefly before returning to yours.
“A bouquet, actually,” You smile, “For the office. On the office.” You flash the company card that your boss had given you, and your stomach flips as he laughs – his dark eyes crinkling and his gums showing adorably. 
“Didn’t picture you working in an office,” He mumbles, his eyebrows furrowing slightly as his tongue pokes his cheek.
“Oh, so you’ve been picturing me, then?” You tease and internally sigh as he blushes fiercely, turning away from you.
“Yah, you know what I meant,” Yoongi scowls without any real menace, “You seem like you do something - I don't know - weird.”
You stare at him a moment and then burst into laughter. Yoongi pouts as you continue to crack up over his brazen observation. “I mean I guess designing romance novel covers isn’t the most conventional job, but it pays the bills and it’s pretty fun.”
“Romance novels?” Yoongi widens his eyes comically, “Don’t say that around the boss lady, she’s obsessed with them.”
“I heard that,” A yell sounds from the back room, “And I’m demoting you!”
“I’m demoted just by being associated with you!” Yoongi calls back.
You think you hear his boss mutter something about shoving a branch of redbud (betrayal) up Yoongi’s ass but you can’t be sure. Yoongi walks around the counter to lead you around the shop.
“What are you looking for, (y/n)?” His gaze is heated as it rests on you, and you bask in its glory.
“I’m good with whatever you recommend,” You shrug, “I’m in your hands.”
“Not yet,” Yoongi mutters under his breath; and before you can question that remark, he stalks off down an aisle, practically mowing down innocent shoppers. You trail after him, watching as he seems to be picking flowers at random. However, once he brings them all up front to arrange them, the flowers combine effortlessly into a beautiful bouquet.
“Wow,” You say softly, admiring the colorful arrangement before you, “This is beautiful, Yoongi. What kind of flowers are they?”
Yoongi rapidly fires off a number of flowers, most of which you had never even heard of before: honeysuckle and alstroemeria flowers (devotion), lilies of the valley (return of happiness), and petunias (your presence soothes me). 
As you hand him the company card to ring up your purchase, you notice a stray flower set aside from the bunch. “That one didn’t fit with the rest?” You joke, pointing to the multi-petaled pink flower.
Yoongi rolls his eyes, “Obviously not, (y/n). That one is for you.”
You let out an embarrassingly high-pitched giggle, “Well, excuse me for not being an expert, flower boy.”
He groans at the nickname, shaking his head in disgust. But, you see his lips twitching. God, he is so cute. You almost don’t even know how you had been intimidated by him at first. Even his tattoos and piercings are endearing to you now. You see them as a layer of protection he has in order to protect his soft heart.
Yeah, you are fucking whipped.
In an attempt to distract yourself from your growing infatuation, you glance down. The tip jar catches your attention, and you grin immediately as you read today’s inscription: “Yoongi’s Nap Fund: One Dollar = One Nap”. 
“Don’t even think about it,” Yoongi warns, but it’s too late. You shove another ten dollar bill inside. 
“Goddamn you,” Yoongi sighs, and the way he says it sounds like a confession. And you are so losing your marbles. And your job. You catch sight of the clock hanging on the back wall, and you are so, so late to get back to the office.
Cursing softly, you grab the bouquet and accept the flower Yoongi extends out to you, “Thanks, flower boy. I’ll see you soon, yeah?”
With that, you rush out the door, pulling a full Yoongi as you ruthlessly storm past customers on your way out. You unknowingly leave Yoongi in your dust, staring at you with what can only be affection. 
When you get home after your shift later that night, you quickly put your new flower in a mason jar with water and admire its beauty. After a quick google search, you identify the flower as a camellia. 
You fail to read further. But, if you had, you would have discovered the meaning of the flower Yoongi had gifted to you… My destiny is in your hands.
Tumblr media
The next few weeks pass in a flurry of flowers - each prettier than the last. But that could just be the rose-tinted glasses you’ve been walking around with ever since you met Yoongi. You had visited Of Fern & Freesia such an embarrassing amount of times that you figured you should have a frequent flyer card.
But, who in their right mind could blame you when men like Min Yoongi exist? That’s right, you are on a full name basis now courtesy of one of Yoongi’s latest tip jars: “Support Min Yoongi in purchasing an off button for Jeon Jungkook”. 
With every visit came a new flower and a new post-it note on his tip jar. For instance, last Monday Yoongi gave you two stock flowers (you will always be beautiful to me), to which you immediately clowned him on for buying you stocks. He had just shaken his head at you - a common reaction from Yoongi that you had been on the receiving end of too many times to count. On that day, you had shoved a twenty dollar bill in the jar labeled: “New headphones for Yoongi’s silent, sad and lonely ears”. 
This Tuesday you had arrived at the shop right at closing. Your job had required you to stay for a late meeting because Darryl had fucked something up with his latest project. It’s honestly a wonder how he hasn’t been fired yet. After the meeting ended, you had practically run out of the office to make it to see Yoongi in time. When you stepped into the shop, you had been greeted with a growly yell of “We’re closed! Get lost!” And then when Yoongi came storming towards the front, he’d skittered to a halt, his mouth opening and closing as he struggled to find words.
You had just shyly waved like an idiot and then had turned to leave, only to be tugged back inside by Yoongi. “Come on,” He had said lowly, seeming quite exasperated with you, “I have your fix.” He had held your wrist all the way up to the counter as you blushed profusely behind him. He had handed you a zinnia (I mourn your absence), and you had added a couple five dollar bills to his jar simply entitled: “Do it. You won’t.”
And, finally, yesterday you had made sure to visit on time, clocking out of work at 5:00PM exactly. Your boss had even asked if you had a hot date. God, you had fucking wished. In all your hurry to get over to Of Fern & Freesia, you had forgotten one important piece of information that had been made crystal clear the moment Yoongi had locked eyes on you - you needed to do laundry.
Now, this might seem like an odd and offhand comment, but it meant that you had been wearing your more formal work clothes out of necessity. A form fitting pencil skirt with a tucked in button up blouse - both of which were on the tighter side from not being worn enough - paired with your favorite stilettoed ankle boots had been your outfit of choice and your last resort.
You had clicked and clacked your way up to the counter and had almost turned right back around at the look Yoongi had given you. His eyes had been the darkest you’d ever seen. You hadn’t quite been able to read the storm of emotions within them. Had it been anger? Annoyance? Attraction? 
God, you had prayed it was the last. 
When you had made it to Yoongi, he had let out a harsh breath before turning away from you for a moment. “Hey, flower boy,” You had said tentatively, “Are you okay?”
“I’m just peachy,” He had muttered, slamming down a few flowers on the counter. 
“O-o-okay,” You had responded, drawing out the word. You had stared quizzically at Yoongi as he fiddled with his rings, looking more on edge than you had ever seen him before. His eyes had flicked over your body, and then finally he had met your eyes.
“Sorry,” He had grumbled out, “You just caught me off guard. These are for you.”
As Yoongi had gathered the flowers he had slammed down on the counter, you had realized you still had your hair up and fastened with your stylus. Tugging it out of your hair, you had tousled your hair with your fingers for a bit and then had shoved the stylus in your bag. You had thought you had heard Yoongi choke slightly, but your ears surely had been playing tricks on you. 
You had grinned at him as you grabbed the flowers from his outstretched hands and then tucked a twenty in his tip jar inscripted with: “Help Yoongi endure Kim Seokjin’s presence for three hours.”
Later that night, you had realized that you really should have brushed up on your flower knowledge sooner because apparently the flowers he had given you were peach blossoms (I am your captive). While their meaning is still unbeknownst to you, you now appreciate the pun wholeheartedly. 
You had even tried to see him tonight, but he hadn’t been working for some reason. It’s hard not to assume the worst. Is he on a date? Oh god, has he had a girlfriend this whole time? A boyfriend? A partner? You almost call up your friend Jackson to cancel on his music event because all you want to do is sit down on your couch with the two men who will never let you down - Ben and Jerry. 
But, you can't.
Jackson would hunt you down and drag you there himself if he had to. He had done that very thing when you tried to bail on his last party. It hadn’t been your fault that you considered a midweek celebration of his five point increase on his credit score to be extra as hell. But that is just Jackson, and you adore him for it.
You met Jackson through your job. He sometimes models for the book covers that your company produces; because, let’s be real, Jackson is a whole snack. Unfortunately, you seem to be attracted to boys on the surlier side as opposed to those on the sunshine side of the spectrum.
Therefore, you and Jackson are great friends, and he brings out (READ: forces out) your more social side. Tonight, he is MCing a local music show at one of the bars downtown. It’s apparently some sort of open mic night. You just hope your ears are all in one piece when you return home.
The bar is crowded as hell as you slip through its doors. The entire back area has been converted into a stage, and you notice Jackson getting ready to begin MCing. Of course, he spots you immediately, waving incessantly. You can’t help but smile back widely and wave.
Squeezing your way through the crowd, you luckily spy a free barstool with a decent view of the stage. Quickly claiming it as yours, you order a beer and settle in for the night. Your eyes drift across the crowd, seeing some familiar faces of musicians you had seen before at events like this.
You even think you see the woman from Of Fern & Freesia in the back corner, but that’s probably just your brain playing tricks on you. Your attention is brought back to the stage as Jackson begins to announce the general lineup for the night and then the first performer.
As you listen to the first performance, your heart aches. The musician’s ballad is slow and soulful, its lyrics deep and jarring. What you wouldn't give to feel a love like that, too feel so deeply for another person and to have that returned unconditionally. Again, your mind turns to the damned flower boy who has been ruling your thoughts lately. And as the song ends, you clap along with the crowd like you hadn’t just planned out your entire future with a boy you had met just a handful of times.
You watch as Jackson introduces the next performance - some group called ‘Bangtan’ featuring some dude named ‘Suga’. What kind of name is that? A stage name, you hope.
Five boys jump onto the stage, and the crowd goes fucking wild. As you assess the boys with your own two eyes, you see the hype. They’re hot as fuck. 
Their performance begins with two of the boys singing. Your eyebrows raise as their sweet voices grace your ears. You almost fall into a sense of security as their vocals envelop you. And then the rapping begins.
Your jaw drops all the way down to the pits of Hades as you take in the sight of what can only be Yoongi, your sweet fucking flower boy, spitting crazy hot fire alongside two other beautiful boys. Had you somehow eaten an edible unknowingly on your way over here? Have you teleported into an alternate universe? Have you travelled into another dimension? Have you fallen into the fucking upside down?
God, he looks so fine. In all the times in the flower shop, you had only seen him in plain t-shirts, black jeans, and an apron. Therefore, your mind is fucking blown at the way Yoongi is wearing the shit out of a long white t-shirt, ripped blue jeans, a white and silver jacket, and silver chains. 
The boy is sauntering around the stage like he fucking owns it, all cocky and brash. Your attention is riveted by the sheer talent before you, but your sanity is in shambles. He drags a hand through his messy hair and his undercut peeks out from underneath. Damn, that hairstyle suits him well.
It seems the performance is over both too soon and not soon enough. And when Yoongi stays on stage all by himself, you silently pray to any higher power out there that you survive this. The low sound of the bass fills the bar as Yoongi lazily nods to the opening beats of whatever he plans on performing.
Almost by fate, Yoongi’s eyes meet yours. They widen as they take you in, and you are absolutely certain you also resemble an owl as you stare back. Like the dork that you are, you lift your beer up in a silent toast to him, and your stomach flips as his lips quirk.
And then he starts. You cannot look away. Somehow Yoongi rapping solo is just as good as the previous performance with the four others. It might even be better; but, then again, you are insanely biased at this point. 
As he performs, you lose the ability to speak, to cheer alongside the crowd. The way Yoongi commands the stage with his words, his presence, his talent is quite possibly the sexiest thing you have ever seen. The looks he sends you definitely don’t help. You might actually melt into a puddle on this very floor.
And you nearly do as Yoongi’s song ends and he sends you a wink as he hops off stage. God, you need to get it together before you track the boy down, tug him to you by his silver chains, and kiss the hell out of him and his talented mouth. 
Yeah, you need to leave ASAP. Shooting Jackson a text, you leave a twenty on the bar and haul ass out of there.
How are you supposed to face Yoongi after this? You can’t even pretend it didn’t happen because he had seen you. If you don’t go back to the shop, he might think you hated his performance. But, if you do go back to the shop, you’ll have to face the boy who had destroyed your ovaries on stage in front of multiple dozens of people. 
Lord, you are so fucking screwed.
Tumblr media
Saturday and Sunday pass with many more existential breakdowns; and by the time Monday arrives, you decide that - fuck it - you are going to do some recon. 
You email your boss that you are running a bit late and head over to the flower shop. It is barely 9:00AM when you strut through the doors.
The woman you had seen once before startles as you burst in, “Oh hey, it’s you! Um, Yoongi doesn’t work until later.”
You swear you turn fifty shades of maroon, “I-I know.”
She also blushes, “Right, sorry. I haven’t had my coffee yet. How can I help you? Another bouquet?”
Before you can answer her, a boy bounds through the door holding two steaming coffee cups. He looks eerily familiar, but you can't quite place where you have seen him before.
“Morning, noona!” The boy beams at the woman, and then belatedly realizes you are also there. “Aish, sorry!” You gape as he somehow becomes small, huddling by his ‘noona’. “I didn’t realize you had a customer already.”
“That’s alright, Jungkookie,” She smiles at the admittedly cute boy who is now scrutinizing you for some reason.
“Aha!” Jungkook snaps his fingers, “I know you! You’re Yoongi-hyung’s g—”
The woman grabs Jungkook’s ear before he can continue, “Ignore him. Please.” She shoots the boy a dark look that sends him pouting.
You try your best, but the words are already flying through your mind. Yoongi-hyung’s girl? His girl insert-space-here friend? His gremlin? His goddess divine? His fucking Go-Gurt?
The possibilities are too endless; and so you pull a Spongebob and burn the memory from your brain for the sake of your rationality. You quickly grab the first flower you see - a love-in-a-mist (perplexity) - and pay for it before jetting out the door.
Your feelings? Unstable.
Your recon mission? Unsuccessful.
Your inevitable face-off with Yoongi? Unavoidable.
Tumblr media
“I heard you came by yesterday morning.” 
You nearly jump out of your skin, barely having crossed the threshold of the flower shop before Yoongi slides right in front of you. “Holy sweet mother of god, Yoongi! Have you been lurking by the door just to scare me like this?”
Yoongi’s gaze darts around, decidedly not looking at you. “No?” He tries. You don’t let him succeed.
“Oh, really...” You arch an eyebrow and try to step around him, but Yoongi just matches your movements - effectively blocking you from advancing further.
“Stop trying to distract me,” He growls. His frown is admittedly cute instead of intimidating in the way he probably intends. “Why did you visit yesterday morning instead of last night?”
It’s your turn to avoid eye contact as you look for any possible avenue for escape. Yoongi gives you no room to budge or even any time to answer as he continues to question you. “Could it be…” He leans closer to you, “That you didn’t like what you saw on Friday?”
Your heart stutters in your chest as Yoongi grows closer still, his breath ghosting over your ear as he whispers, “Or maybe… it’s that you did like it.”
Before you risk it all and pounce on him while he’s working, you pull a spin move around Yoongi that would even make Lebron proud. Trying to put as much distance  between the two of you as possible, you power-walk away from him, calling over your shoulder, “Yes, I liked it, okay? God.”
You weave your way between the shelves of flowers with Yoongi trailing your every move. That little shit is relentless in his pursuit. You shoot him an evil eye between two buckets of flowers that he steadfastly ignores, “What did you like about it?” Yoongi grins widely, “Come on, tell me. Tell me. Just tell me, tell me, tell m—” You round the aisle he is on and clamp a hand over his mouth.
“Min Yoongi, for the love of reese’s peanut butter cups, shut your mouth.” Your glare strengthens as you can just tell he’s smirking underneath your hand. It’s difficult to ignore the plushness of his lips pressed against your palm. Did he just lick his lips? With your palm over them?
“I liked the collaboration you did with Jungkook and the other boys,” You shoot back at him, desperate to take him down a peg, “It was cute.” With a victorious smile at his darkening expression, you tug your hand away and turn to walk away. But déjà vu strikes as Yoongi’s hand envelops your wrist.
He pulls you back into his chest as he leans down. You can feel his words flow from his chest as he murmurs, “Oh really? And did you know that Jungkook is happily in a relationship? What a bummer.”
“Uh, I don’t recall asking,” You retort, “But that’s great for Jungkook. Should I send him a card in congratulations?”
“Fuck, you are so frustrating,” Yoongi groans and lets out an exasperated laugh, “Are you really going to make me ask?”
“Undoubtedly,” You grin like the menace you are.
Sighing, Yoongi presses closer to you. “(Y/n),” His lips brush against your ear, “What did you like about me?”
The way that Yoongi’s scent wraps around you, the way his lips move against your skin, the way his words drip with sensual intent makes you cave almost immediately. “Well, you had some fire bars, bro,” You blurt out.
He stills for a second and then a laugh bubbles up from his chest. You pout as he doubles over, clutching his stomach. 
“Hey,” You complain, “I thought that’s what all the youngsters are calling it these days.”
Yoongi laughs harder, “Oh my god, please stop. I’m going to break a rib from laughing too hard.”
You sniff, “Well, consider that the first and last compliment you will get from me. Ever.”
That shuts him up real quick. “Aw, babe,” He whines, following you as you move towards the counter in the back of the shop. Thank god there are no other customers to witness your complete degeneration into Min Yoongi Trash™. 
You slouch against the counter as you reach it, turning to face him. “Don’t ‘aw, babe’ me, babe. Now, get me my flower.”
Your sass does nothing but bring a smile to Yoongi’s face, and your frown deepens.
“I know just the thing,” He smirks. 
You don’t trust it. At all.
Yoongi goes behind the counter and grabs a little potted flower from behind the register. He pushes it over to your side slowly. “It’s a potato vine flower (you are delicious),” He says, like that explains everything. “It reminds me of you.”
You gape at the admittedly pretty triad of flowers intertwined together in the small silver pot. “A flower with potato in its name reminds you of me?” Your eyes narrow down into slits as you stare at him.
“Those are the words that came out of my mouth, yes.” His lips quirk at your growing ire.
“Hmph,” You turn up your nose, “Well, I will take it as a compliment. Potatoes are great, versatile, and goddamn tasty.”
“Indeed,” Yoongi smiles, running a hand through his hair. The rings adorning his fingers glisten under the shop’s lights, and you cannot help but follow his hands as they once again return to his sides.
You can feel your face warming as indecent thoughts of his hands on you fly through your brain. As your gaze remains lowered, it falls upon the tip jar. Today, it reads: “Help Yoongi fulfill his dream… of doing absolutely nothing”.
Before Yoongi can stop you, you shove a twenty into the jar. “Thanks for the potato plant, Yoongi,” You try to hide your smile as he - as predicted - gets into a huff over your incorrect identification.
“It’s a potato vine flower!” He yells after you as you walk away, “You know that, right? It’s important to me that you know that!”
“Po-tay-to, po-tat-oh,” You call back to him, laughing as you ignore his groan of protest. Provoking Yoongi might just become your new favorite hobby.
Tumblr media
Work consumes your next few days and prevents you from visiting your lovely little flower boy. Obviously, that has contributed to your mood taking a turn for the worse. But, it’s also done a steep nosedive because fucking Darryl is back at it again with his misogyny. You really shouldn't be surprised at this point, but here you are, surrounded by cleaning supplies, one concerned model, and one indifferent photographer.
Your joint project is culminating tomorrow - book cover proposal for one of the industry’s top romance authors. The one job, the one fucking job, you had given Darryl was to buy props. And guess what Darryl had gotten? Fucking mops.
“I thought you just wanted to clean or some shit,” He had said and then had the nerve to shrug.
Oh, you are going to clean alright. Clean him right out of his office, you will. Using him as the broom you personally sweep the floor with. 
Now, your cover model Jinyoung is here, and there is nothing to make this shoot interesting. Jinyoung, one of Jackson’s close friends and fellow model, awkwardly tries to comfort you as you stew in your rage in the corner of the studio.
“What are we going to do?” You cry for the tenth time, getting ready to either burst into tears or to burn the building to the ground. At least Darryl had made himself scarce ever since you tore into his ass for a solid fifteen minutes. Honestly, that had been the highlight of your day.
“Are there any props around here?” Jinyoung suggests. You look around the studio only to find the photographer Mina scrolling through her phone and an assortment of lighting fixtures against the white backdrop. Suddenly, your gaze snaps back to Mina - more specifically to her floral patterned shirt.
“Come with me,” You grab Jinyoung’s hand and tug him out the door, “Mina, I’ll be back in ten!”
The photographer sends a thumbs up, and you and Jinyoung are on your way. “Where are we going?” He chuckles as you keep tugging him along out of the building and down the street.
“We are going to improvise,” You grit out as you stomp towards your destination, hand still grasping Jinyoung’s tightly. Finally, you arrive at Of Fern and Freesia. “We’re getting flowers,” You declare and enter the shop with Jinyoung in tow.
“Alright then,” He mutters, probably thinking that he doesn't get paid enough for this. And honestly neither do you - especially when you lock eyes with Min Yoongi and his face looks like thunder. You become hyper-aware that you are still clutching onto Jinyoung as Yoongi’s eyes fall to focus on your clasped hands. His jaw tightens. 
And then his expression clears like nothing had even happened. 
Your heart beats fast in your chest as you watch as Yoongi turns and walks into the back room of the shop without a backwards glance.
Had that been a display of jealousy just now? It could not have been. Nope.
You shove this whole thing aside. You aren’t Yoongi’s anything. Just like he isn’t yours. 
You clasp Jinyoung’s hand tighter as you haul him towards a selection of roses. “What do you think of any of these?” You ask Jinyoung and point to the different colored roses. 
“Uh, they’re nice,” Jinyoung doesn’t seem too committed to your search, but you pay that no mind. You have one goal: do not get fired. Actually, no. You have a second goal: get Darryl fired. 
You pluck a red rose (love) and a burgundy rose (unconscious beauty) out of their respective buckets. Holding them up next to Jinyoung, you try to envision the book cover. But instead of seeing Jinyoung with rose petals raining down around him, you see Yoongi sprawled out across your bed with petals scattered around him.
Not the time, (y/n)! 
Oh, god. The time!
You quickly grab the entire bucket of red roses and gesture for Jinyoung to grab the burgundy rose bucket. “We’ll get both and figure it out later,” You say, moving onwards towards the counter. Jinyoung follows you obediently. 
When you make it to the counter, you both plop the buckets down. 
“Couldn’t have just one, huh?” 
You and Jinyoung jump as Yoongi appears from behind you as he rounds the counter. 
“Had to take them both?” He continues, his expressionless face is worrisome. But, you do not have the time to analyze it or his confusing words right now.
“Uh, yeah? Yoongi, listen, we’re really late, and I need to pay quickly. I can explain later. Please.”
Your voice cracks on your last word, and Yoongi’s blank expression softens slightly as he sighs, “Okay, (y/n).” He accepts your credit card that you have outstretched to him and rings your flowers up.
“Thank you, Yoongi. You’re a lifesaver,” You say in a tiny voice, going to grab your wallet when you realize you don’t actually have cash on you right now. You’ll have to come back later.
“Yeah, thanks, man,” Jinyoung says, giving Yoongi that classic headnod that ‘bros’ do. 
Yoongi shoots Jinyoung one of the iciest glares you have ever seen; and yet, somehow, Jinyoung just smiles without a care. 
“You’re welcome, (y/n),” Yoongi replies, handing you back your card along with the receipt. “Oh, I also have flowers for you - for both of you.” He snags two different flowers from the shelf behind the counter and holds one out to each of you.
You accept the pretty white flower which Yoongi calls a polyanthus lily (pleasures that inevitably cause pain), while Jinyoung gingerly accepts a cluster of smaller yellow flowers. Yoongi smugly declares them to be tansies (I declare war against you). 
Thanking Yoongi again, you rush out of the shop with a bucket of roses in your hands and a model hot on your heels. You have a shoot to save and a bone to pick. It is time to get shit done.
Tumblr media
Seven exhausting hours later, you emerge from your workplace with a sense of bitter accomplishment. Your shoot with Jinyoung had gone as well as it could have given the circumstances.
You and Mina had gotten as creative as you could have with the hundred roses you had bought from Of Fern & Freesia. You had showered Jinyoung in rose petals, you had made him place a rose between his teeth, and you had him extend one flower out like the Bachelor.
God, if you hadn’t been half in love with your flower boy you might have kissed Jinyoung for being such a good sport. Instead, you had settled for personally calling his agency to sing his praises and for making a note to send him a bonus.
Another win had come later this afternoon when you had been lucky enough to bear witness to Darryl’s termination. Your boss had been horrified to hear about Darryl’s fuckup and about all of the other bullshit he had put you through. As it turns out, she had already been keeping tabs on him for similar suspicions and this had been all the evidence she needed to seal the deal.
The look on Darryl’s face had been life changing. It had carried you through the last few hours of editing and arranging the final book cover proposal.
And so, finally, you drag your tired ass back to Of Fern & Freesia to both tip Yoongi for earlier and to give an explanation for the brevity of your afternoon visit. That is, if he is even still working at this hour. The shop is nearing its close, and you just hope you aren’t too late.
The bell chiming is the only sound that greets your ears as you enter the shop. The place is absent of the customers who usually roam around the aisles, examining flowers. Undeterred, you walk towards the back of the shop.
Yoongi is slouched over the counter, typing away furiously on his phone. He doesn’t look up as you approach as it seems he’s lost in his own virtual world.
“Paging florist Yoongi,” You call softly and smile as Yoongi is finally the one to get jumpy.
“Yah,” He cries, slapping a hand to his heart, “What are you trying to do, woman?”
“I’m trying to greet you, duh,” You roll your eyes, biting back a grin. 
“All alone this time?” Yoongi sets his phone on the counter, turning his full attention - and sass - to you.
“Alone? Please,” You scoff, “My FBI agent is surely tailing me somewhere nearby.”
“There goes that mouth,” Yoongi mutters darkly, his eyes dropping to your lips for a split second. He leans closer to you over the counter, “Tell me, (y/n)... Does your boyfriend like it when you talk back like that, too? Or is that all that attitude just for me?”
You mirror his actions, leaning over the counter and bringing your face closer to his. “He would like it... If he existed.”
Yoongi’s eyes widen slightly before narrowing, “Really? Then who was that boy you came in here with earlier? So you’re saying that you hold hands and buy flowers with just anyone?” His attention on you is hard and absolute, but you don’t flinch. 
You lean closer, lips only an inch or two away from his. “Hm,” You say, in mock confusion, “I didn’t realize that the last Daylight Savings had shifted us all the way back to the 14th century. Oh, wait. It’s still 2020, and I can do whatever the fuck I want.”
Before you can blink, Yoongi’s hands shoot out to cradle your face and his lips are on yours. A gasp slips between your lips, and Yoongi takes advantage of your shock to slip his tongue into your mouth, tasting you. He pulls back slightly, his lips brushing yours as he mutters, “You are so goddamn infuriating. You walk around here looking like a fucking thirst trap when I have to be Professional Yoongi™, and then you say these absurd things that only make me want you more, and then you show up at my music show and almost make me forget every word I have ever known, and now the only melodies and lyrics that run through my brain relate to you, and so I am just losing my goddamn mind over you—”
You kiss him. “Shut up, you giant adorable idiot,” You mumble against his lips, “And for the record, I liked you first.”
Yoongi pulls away from you and shakes his head, “No way, babe. I’ve liked you since the moment I saw you standing at this counter for the first time last month.” 
You cross your arms, “Oh yeah? Well, I’ve liked you since you walked out of that back room right there to help me for the first time last month. So, it looks like we’re even.” 
“Even?” Yoongi grins, ducking down to pull something off the shelf below the counter. “That’s cute. But, I win,” He straightens, placing a bigger tip jar that you’ve never seen before onto the counter between you. Slowly, he turns it around so that the post-it note attached to it is displayed for you: “Cute girl (Y/n) and Yoongi’s Date Fund”. 
“Wow, am I not cute anymore?” You joke, looking up at Yoongi who rolls his eyes.
“That was before I knew your name, babe, and (y/n) is too beautiful a name not to be written at every opportunity.”
It’s your turn to roll your eyes. Your cheeks flush traitorously as you smile, “You’re so full of shit, Min Yoongi.”
“Am not,” He argues, moving around the counter over to your side. Just when you think he’s trying to get closer to you, he moves past you.
“Where are you going?” You trail after him, pausing when you notice he’s pulled a ring of keys from his pocket. Your eyes widen to their full extent as you watch him lock up the shop and flip around the sign to read: “Closed”.
Yoongi turns back around. “Come here, (y/n),” He says, his voice deep, his lips tugging into a smirk. 
You resort to your instinctual reaction whenever someone issues you an order, “Make me.”
“I was hoping you’d say that,” Yoongi prowls towards you. You back up with every step he takes, and before you know it, your back is up against the counter. Yoongi’s arms cage you in on either side of your body. He’s so close. The heat from his body sears into you and you think you might just faint from proximity.
“What do you want from me?” You whisper as Yoongi’s head dips to place soft kisses along your neck.
“I want you,” He says without a pause or hesitation, “In any way you’ll give me.”
“And would I get you in return?” You sigh as Yoongi sucks lightly on the skin right below your ear.
You feel his smile before he answers, “Babe, you already have me.”
Your heart swells. He is yours. But in true (y/n) fashion you cannot help but to fuck with him further, “Ah, well that just disincentivizes giving myself to you. Since I already have you, why should I let you have me?”
Yoongi bites your neck lightly in response to your teasing, and you are too surprised to catch the moan before it winds its way out of your mouth. “Fuck, baby, I need to hear you make that sound again,” Yoongi growls, his hands gripping your thighs before lifting you onto the counter. “Let me have you,” He begs, pulling his head back to stare at you. His pupils are so blown out, and you are certain yours are the same way.
His hands are still gripping your thighs as you clench them together as best you can with Yoongi in between. 
“Oh,” Yoongi murmurs, looking too pleased, “Is my baby desperate for my touch already?”
“Puh-lease,” You reply, “Don’t act like you aren’t hard as fuck right now, Min.” 
“That’s besides the point. I’ve been hard for you since you walked in here in that tight as fuck skirt and those fucking heels,” Yoongi scowls. “And then you had the audacity to take your hair down like some sort of seductress. I had to jerk off like three times that night.”
“Oh,” You grin evilly, “You mean… like this?” You reach up to pull the pencil out of your topknot, successfully sending your hair tumbling down your shoulders. You shake your head slightly to help the strands settle and bask in Yoongi’s dark expression complete with clenched jaw.
“That’s it,” Yoongi’s hands slide under your thighs, and suddenly you are thrown over his shoulder.
“Yoongi!” You cry as he carries you into the back room of the shop.
“Shut it, you,” Yoongi spanks your ass once, and you let out a tiny squeak before you are set down on a marble island amidst a room full of flowers, ribbons, and anything even remotely related to bouquet-making. 
You’re too distracted by the beauty that surrounds you to notice that Yoongi is grabbing something from a nearby shelf. He returns to stand in front of you once more. “Let me taste you,” He says as if he’s asking for the time of day. 
“If you must,” You feign indifference, but your smile betrays you.
“Clothes off,” Yoongi says, his voice deeper than you’ve ever heard it. You don’t think twice before stripping out of your blouse and unbuttoning your dark jeans.
“You’re gonna have to help me, Yoongi,” You sigh as you stare down at the lack of room Yoongi is giving you to stand to take off your pants.
“It would be my honor,” Yoongi replies, and you groan at his dramatics. “Ass up,” He commands. You lean back onto your elbows and lift your ass up so that he can take your jeans off successfully.
“Damn, baby,” His eyes burn into you as he takes in the sight of your body covered just barely by your lace bra and panties. Tugging a scrap of ribbon from his pocket, Yoongi approaches you, “Can I blindfold you?”
“Kinky,” You breathe, nodding. Yoongi grins and gently ties the soft ribbon around your head, effectively surrounding you in darkness.
“Lay back,” He murmurs. You do so, shivering slightly as your skin meets the coolness of the marble. A soft kiss is placed to your cheek before you feel a brush of something else cross your neck.
You gasp as what you can only imagine could be a flower is dragged along your body, dipping in between your breasts, down across your stomach, ghosting over your hips. All of your senses are buzzing, hyper-aware of everything but your sight.
And so when you feel a finger slowly stroke you over your panties, you let out a gasp. “Yoongi,” You moan, your hips shifting in vain to bring his hand closer.
“Say my name again,” He growls, and you hear a snip along with a quick touch of metal.
“Yoongi,” You chastise, “Did you just fucking cut my underwear off?”
“Hm, not quite the tone I was asking for but it’ll do,” The grin is apparent in his voice and you open your mouth to lay into him when his tongue slides between your folds.
“Fuck,” You sigh, your hand winding down your body to clutch at his hair, “Yoongi, please.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely,” Yoongi mumbles, and then you are suddenly moved closer to the edge of the island and his mouth is on you.
His lips kiss over every inch of your pussy, his tongue flicks out every so often to drag over your clit. It’s slow and torturously sweet. Your back arches as Yoongi suddenly sucks lightly at your swollen bud. 
That sets him off. You feel Yoongi’s finger tease your entrance, lightly pushing in and out as his mouth continues to suck and caress your pussy.
His finger sinks into you, and you curse, moaning Yoongi’s name as he continues to push in and out of you. Though your vision is taken, you begin to see white as you hurtle towards the precipice.
Another finger is thrust inside you and you cry out. “Fuck, baby,” Yoongi growls, “You are so wet for me, so tight, so delicious. Tell me when you’re close. I want you to come in my mouth.”
Fuck, he’s filthy. You think you might love him.
“I’m already close, you little shit,” You groan as he sucks your clit harshly, making you somehow see stars.
Yoongi immediately switches things up, his tongue sinks inside you as his fingers rub your clit in quick, light circles.
You come with a scream, feeling Yoongi sucking and lapping up everything you give him. He carries you through your orgasm, and finally you sink back onto the marble.
And then you rip off the blindfold.
“My turn!” You grin, blinking furiously as your eyes readjust to the light of the room. You sit up. Yoongi is still kneeling between your legs, gazing up at you with wet lips and a feral expression.
“Your turn?” He arches an eyebrow and stands. You take advantage of his movements and hop down off the island.
“Those are the words that came out of my mouth, yes,” You throw his own words from a few days ago back in his face.
You can tell he remembers when he laughs slightly, his eyes crinkling adorably. 
“Now get naked, Min Yoongi,” You command, unhooking your bra and letting it fall to the ground.
Yoongi groans at the sight of you and then whips his shirt off, throwing it at you.
Laughing, you catch it and chuck it to the side. Before you know it, Yoongi stands naked before you. His torso is also covered in ink, his nipples are pierced, his cock is hard.
You slowly walk over to him, excited by how the tables have turned now. “Blindfold?” You ask, dangling the satin ribbon in front of you.
He shakes his head swiftly, “No, I need to see you.”
You grab his cock and revel in the hiss of breath he sucks in, “Baby boy, I don't think you understand who is in charge here.”
“Fuck,” He moans, both at your words and at the slow movements of your hand along his length. 
“Now, since you made me come particularly hard, I’m going to give you another option: I tie your wrists.”
Yoongi looks pissed, “I have to pick one?” 
You take your hand away, and he caves instantly. “Fine! Tie my wrists.”
“Good boy,” You smirk, “Now lay on the island like I just did.” You watch as he listens, grumbling all the while about how he wanted to touch you and how this was some bullshit. He’d learn.
Finally, Yoongi is in position and gives out a big sigh like he just went through so much effort. So extra.
You make quick work of his wrists, tying them above his head loosely. “Let me know it gets to be too much for you, okay?” You kiss him softly and swiftly and smile as he tries to chase your lips as you pull back.
You hop onto the island and slowly kneel over Yoongi. Your knees are on either side of his calves as you lean down, arching your back so your ass is high in the air, and then you suck the tip of his cock into your mouth.
The moan that Yoongi emits is so sexy that you almost skip right to sitting on his dick - almost. Instead, you just speed up, swirling your tongue around him and cradling his balls in your palm.
“Fucking hell, baby,” Yoongi rasps out, his eyes squeezed shut, “Your fucking mouth.”
You smile around him and take him further inside your mouth. Yoongi chokes out more curses than you have ever heard before. And when you swallow around him, he groans, “I’m gonna come. Wanna come on your tits.”
You release him with a pop. “No,” You say, sitting back on your heels. 
Yoongi’s neck strains as he looks down at you, “Please, (y/n), baby, I need you. Fuck, you’re so fucking sexy.” His head falls back as he smirks slightly, “I can’t believe that you just sucked my dick and that I actually got to eat you out just now. Damn, I don’t know how I got so lucky. Maybe I saved someone famous in my past life. Or maybe I was Spiderman—”
Moving quickly, you settle further up his body, hovering over his cock. Your hand covers Yoongi’s mouth. “Are you malfunctioning? Oh my god, I broke you. And to think I was going to sit on your dick next… That’s too bad. I don't think you can handle it.”
His eyes widen to the size of dinner plates as he stares up at you, “Mmph!” His words are muffled by your palm.
“What’s that?” You tease, leaning down to slowly suck on his nipple, swirling the piercing around with your tongue. “You still want me to?”
This time, you remove your hand so he can reply fully. As soon as your palm leaves, Yoongi cries, “Please, please, please, baby. Take me inside you. I’ll make you feel good, I promise!” 
“Well,” You straighten, grabbing his cock and lining him up with your entrance, “Since you asked so nicely.”
Slowly, you sink down. Inch by inch you watch as Yoongi’s face scrunches up as he murmurs your name like a prayer. Finally, you take him all the way inside. “Well, how does it feel, baby?” You grin.
“Like fucking heaven,” He groans, his fists clenching above him as he tries to thrust into you as best he can.
“Relax, baby,” You place a palm on his chest, “Let me take care of you.” With that, you begin to move. Your hips swivel slowly at first and then pick up the pace. You feel him twitching inside you and you know that he’s already close from how well you sucked him off earlier.
You ride him hard, sliding up and down his hard cock and watching his face as you ruin him. His breathing is harsh and his legs begin shaking beneath you, “Fuck, shit, damn, baby, please.”
His words are a garbled mess as you clench down around him, beginning to feel your own orgasm rising. “Don’t you dare come yet, Min Yoongi,” You hiss, leaning back slightly to take him deeper.
“Baby-y, please.” You watch enraptured as a tear slips out of his eye. Yoongi’s abs are clenching and you know he is so fucking close to coming. 
“Look at me,” You order, sliding a hand down your body to circle your clit. He listens and groans immediately at the sight of you.
“Watching you ride me makes me want to come even more!” He whines, but nevertheless keeps his eyes on you. You smile and moan softly as you continue to ride him, flicking your clit between your fingers. You’re close now. 
Your movements become frantic as you bounce on his cock, your hips shifting over his. You hurtle towards your climax and you tighten around him, “Come.”
Immediately, you feel him come inside you, painting your walls and filling you with warmth. You light up as you come for the second time that night, your walls pulsing around his cock, milking him. 
Yoongi is undone underneath you, his head is thrown back, throat on full display. He is muttering something about the sweetest pussy ever and wedding rings. And he looks so good that you can't resist laying down on top of him, kissing his neck. “You good, baby boy?” You smile in between kisses.
“I think you did break me,” He mumbles, his hands settling on your hips. Wait a second…
“How did you untie yourself?” You pout, relaxing into Yoongi’s chest as his hands rub your ass.
“Silk is slippery, babe,” You can practically hear his grin, “But not as slippery as your pus—”
“Min Yoongi!” You cry, hopping off of him. He whines as he slips out of you but then licks his lips as he notices his own cum dripping down your legs. 
“Come here,” He crooks a finger at you.
“Make me,” You retort once again, smirking slightly. 
He groans, “I don't think I can even move right now if I wanted to. But come on, sit on my face.”
“Wow, such language!” You slap a hand over your heart, “My delicate ears will never recover!”
“You’re the worst,” Yoongi laughs, easing up to sit. “Damn, I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard.”
“Nice,” You nod proudly, “Leave that review on Yelp, please.”
His dark eyes narrow, “Who else is leaving reviews, (y/n)?” 
Laughing, you tug on Yoongi’s discarded t-shirt, “Oh, you know, the rest of my harem of flower boys.”
“What!” Yoongi makes a miraculous recovery as he jumps off the island and tugs you to him, “I’m your flower boy, baby. You’ll never need anyone else.”
Smiling widely up at him, you simply reply, “Okay, bloomer.”
Tumblr media
a/n: flower meanings sourced from: The Complete Language of Flowers: A Definitive and Illustrated History by S. Theresa Dietz AND The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh [again, meanings differ depending on the source!)
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hollyhomburg · 2 years ago
The Sugar Wars (MYG)
Summary: Maybe tasting everything his soulmate eats wouldn't be so bad if Yoongi’s soulmate didn't have the largest sweet tooth Ever. Maybe you wouldn't need to sweeten everything if he didn't drink his coffee so bitter. 
Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
W/C: 5.3k
Tags: Blood, fluff, Intern! Reader, copious amounts of coffee, brief angst
🎵 Song rec: 🎵 BTS - Coffee 🎵
Tumblr media
- In a world where some people don’t get to see certain colors until they meet their soulmates, you know that you shouldn’t really complain about your soulmate system. 
- But somehow the taste of something else echoing on your tongue from deep within that long lost part of you- from someone else- is pretty annoying. 
- The taste of coffee at all hours of the day blossoming on your tongue from a mouth that isn’t yours makes you annoyed at the best of times
- At the worst of times, you find yourself piling sugar into your caramel macchiato making it as sweet as possible in retaliation. Your war against the bitterness on your tongue- against your soulmate.  
- Who even likes black coffee? no one with any taste and that’s for sure. Only Unhappy middle-aged men like Americanos and you are not ending up with a grandpa even if they are your soulmate. 
- That’s your soulmate system- you share taste buds with your soulmate and taste the reverberated echoes of their mouth at all hours of the day- though it’s mostly coffee- coffee at 2 am or 2 pm it doesn't matter. You find yourself wondering if your soulmate even sleeps when You wake up to bitterness. 
- Besides the ever-present taste of coffee in your mouth at all hours of the day, there isn’t much to go on to help you find your soulmate.
 - But you do go to coffee shops a lot figuring that it’s the least you can do. Sitting in the corner booth checking Instagram while you eat the sweetest pastry that you can find. 
- Recently you’ve had more free time on your hands since your best friend finally got her soulmate system- a compass on her arm that points in the direction of her soulmate, and she’s been traveling ever since trying to find them. 
- You scroll through her pictures of foreign places and temples. Wondering what it must be like- to search the world for your soulmate. 
- Your soulmate could easily be across the world- but somehow you’re hoping that they’re near you. 
- You wake up in the mornings with the taste of rainwater on your tongue or the cool brush of snowflakes in the wintertime. You pay special attention to the dates that you taste sweets- wondering if any of these could possibly be your soulmates birthday. 
- But mostly you just wait, confronted with the taste of coffee in the mornings, noontime, groaning when you go out for dinner and you can't taste what you’re eating because all you’re getting is coffee. You’re surprised you can still stand the drink. 
- You go on dates sometimes- always to coffee shops - but you usually end the date the second you see them put sugar in their coffee knowing that it couldn’t be them. 
- It hurts you a little when you taste another pair of lips on your soulmates mouth- but after all, you guess they're just getting tired of waiting for you. And you can’t help but sympathize because you are too, over half of the population has met their soulmate by your age. 
- And you know they must be getting at least a little lonely, with nothing but taste to comfort them. you're tired of waiting, you want to experience your soulmate with all 5 senses and not just one. 
- The other pair of lips tastes likes sweet lipstick and you wake up the moment that you do- your mouth tasting like the vanilla chalkiness of mac lipstick and Soju. 
- After that, you don’t stress as much over whether your coffee dates put too much sugar in their cup or not. If they’re trying to move on- or maybe get experience like a lot of people your age do- you can’t blame them. 
- What you don’t know is that At first, Yoongi doesn’t think he has a soulmate at all. 
- As he reaches his 20th birthday he’s more than a little disappointed that his system hasn’t shown its self yet. He wonders if maybe he just doesn’t have a soulmate, it’s not unheard of. But people who didn’t have soulmates weren’t supposed to want them? right? 
- All the boys have already figured out their soulmate system- even Jungkook whose never been able to see color. 
- At first, Yoongi uses it as motivation. Maybe if he didn’t have a soulmate he wouldn't be distracted.  Jin was often- by the other voice, his soulmates voice inside his head. Maybe his dream- their dream would more attainable without a soulmate. His busy life of an idol would always take precedence over any search he might undertake anyway.
- But then he wakes up one morning to the taste of caramel and coffee on his tongue, what could only be a caramel macchiato, which should be impossible because he hasn’t even had coffee yet today. And then he gets the taste of dough and strawberry jelly- what could only be a strawberry pastry echoing out of some deep part of him. 
- His soulmate must be eating breakfast- too sweet coffee and a pastry to boot, yuck- it’s the exact opposite of Yoongi’s taste. How could anyone like something that was that sweet?
- You finish up your degree and look for prestigious internships. Finally getting one at an entertainment company called Bighit. It’s not a lot- you’ll always be the lowest person on the totem pole but you hope that it will eventually become something more, that you’ll be able to prove to them through hard work and dedication that you can be an asset for the company. 
- You’ve wanted to be a manager for a group or maybe a theater for most of your life, loving the pell-mell of making the show run smoothly more than the show it’s self since you saw your first play when you where a child
- Performances are full of moving parts that appeals to your desire for control, maybe one day you’ll be a manager. 
- You’re not surprised when you’re put on coffee runs, for 30 or 40 people within the first week or so- every morning and every evening. Because of that- you don’t realize it. Because Yoongi isn’t the only one who orders his coffee, black without sugar or milk, iced more often than not. 
- One day you mess up the orders and somehow Yoongi ends up with a sweet coffee. Unbeknownst to him that the cute new intern is his soulmate. 
- That day when sugar blossoms on your tongue you decide to pity your soulmate and get an Americano- your soulmates favorite coffee from what you’ve figured. 
- And he’s just starting to complain about his soulmate again to the guys when the bitterness blossoms on his tongue like a balm to his too sweet mouth. 
- He doesn’t have anything to complain about- when it comes to Jungkook’s color blindness or the ever-changing tattoo’s that Namjoon has to deal with. (The times that they’d had to cancel performances because flowers had bloomed along his neck and they couldn’t conceal them). 
- Or the songs that where constantly getting stuck in Jimin’s head- though there was a little bit of joy there when it was their songs- Jimin was sure his soulmate was a fan of theirs Especially when lie got stuck in his head. 
- Or the fact that Hoseok gets bruises along his shins and little cuts on his hands from his soulmate. Pain appearing wherever the other injured themselves seriously. 
- Yoongi’s seen him wince as he gets echoes of pain across his soulmate bond- stopping practice sometimes because he’s got the wind knocked out of him.  Paper cuts and larger bruises blossom on his shoulder or hands. 
- And he knows that really it could be much worse- other than an unforgiving sweet taste that never seems to leave his mouth and can only be soothed by the bitterest of coffee. 
- The first time you meet your soulmate it’s more by accident than anything planned in the stars.  Your boss above you is out sick one day- which puts you in charge of delivery’s, even to the most popular boy group at the company besides the new trainees. 
- And it’s a little nerve-wracking, delivering the coffee to the 7 most popular artists in Korea, but you try not to stutter as 6 very sleepy men crowd around you trying to get their coffee from your overly full arms. 
- “Latte for J-hope!” He snatches it out of your holder trying not to jostle the other drinks. Smiling at you and thanking you with a short bow. He’s the only one with any energy this morning. 
- “Macchiato for RM!” the leader graciously nods at you and accepts the drink. You hand out coffees until they’re only one left. The others disbursing to sit on the chairs until practice starts- the choreographer’s a little late getting in today. 
- There’s only one unclaimed coffee in the tray “Suga?” you call out hesitantly, looking around for the rapper who you’ve only ever seen through pictures on the internet and through brief encounters in the hallway.
- “He’s over there- “one of the other staff says. He points to a couch, a figure covered with a puffy coat using it as a blanket.  “You should wake him up but be ugh… gentle about it?”
- With trepidation you walk over to the sleeping figure- to the black head barely poking out from the top of it, grabbing at his shoulder gently. “Mr. Min” you say softly, then shaking him a little harder when he just groans in response. 
- “The choreographer will be here to start practice soon Mr. min.” he groans a little louder. “I have coffee for you?” 
- “Black?” A Groggy Voice asks from underneath the jacket, muffled.the first response he’s gotten.  
- “No cream, no sugar.” You clarify, and that finally makes him sit up, revealing a cute ruffled head and puffy eyes that blink up at you lazily, squinting a little against the light. 
- You stifle down the part of you that wants to coo and squish his cheeks as he makes a noise in the back of his throat and rubs a hand over his eyes.
- Yoongi’s a little surprised too- not expecting to be face to face with the new cute intern (Hoseok and Jin had been talking about you excitedly a few days before- they had a reputation among the staff for screwing around with the interns- Yoongi’s not sure if Anyone’s warned you about that yet). 
- “Thank you,” he says, quietly, taking the coffee from you. His fingers wrapping around yours. Instant sparks spring across both of your fingers almost making you drop it.
- But luckily Yoongi’s aware enough to grab onto it. “Sorry” you say shyly, trying to banish the blush from your cheeks. “it’s fine” Yoongi’s eye’s fix on your figure as you hasten out of the practice room. 
- You don’t put two and two together even when the taste of bitterness blossoms on your tongue just as you leave the room. 
- It takes a few more weeks before the two of you talk again, this time Yoongi needs help carrying a new speaker into his studio and placing it- preferring to do it himself.  
- The two of you chat as you help him put it into place, you’re about to leave when you peak back into the room. “I’m going on a coffee run for management in a little while, can I get you anything?” Yoongi knows you’re just doing your job but when it comes from you it makes his heart beat a little faster. 
- “Yes please- I’m probably going to be here all night trying to get this hooked up.” “Iced Americano, no sugar, no milk right?” 
- “You remembered my order.” Yoongi jokes, playfully swooning, you’d been surprised at first- having known their dynamic from social media- to discover that Yoongi was so at ease and talkative when he was marketed at the cold member of the group. 
- But you suppose that his name has something to do with it.  You laugh and wink at him. “I remember every order- especially when they’re for people who are sweet like Suga.” You tease. the pun makes Yoongi chuckle and shake his head. He can see why Seokjin likes you. 
- Yoongi’s heart doesn’t stop beating fast until he’s already got the new speaker in place. And he finds himself wondering if he should ask you what you think when you get back. If he should ask for your help- maybe he could say that he needed to go get a new stand or something- and ask for your help bringing it back from the studio. 
- The thought of walking with you- just talking and exchanging banter makes him happy- even though he barely knows you- they’re so starved for human contact as idols.  
- He’s just coiling some of the spare wires in his room when the taste of blood blossoms on his tongue. 
- And it reminds him of the time that Hoseok fell over, clutching at his arm saying “shit shit shit” because it felt like his soulmate had just gotten shot- it had taken them nearly an hour to calm him down- only after he felt the pass-through of stitches and confirmed that his soulmate was in fact alive. 
- Hoseok’s soulmate would certainly have a lot to answer for when they finally met. 
- But soulmates die all the time, Yoongi often wonders what would happen to them if they did, would Jungkook loose his vision? Would the flowers that bloom on Namjoon’s body shrivel up?
- If his soulmate was going to die- it would probably start like this. 
- And he drops the wires onto the floor as the taste and the panic fills his mouth. The cold copper of it even filling his nose- His soulmate was bleeding, - his soulmate was hurt. How the hell does Hoseok handle this constantly?
- “Yoongi? Yoongi! Hey-“ a voice says, large hands grab him by the shoulders, its Namjoon- who’d probably walked into his studio to ask him a question and found Yoongi standing in the middle of it with wide eyes. Yoongi hadn’t even heard him come in. 
- Yoongi tells him about what’s happening more importantly about what might be happening. 
- “It’s probably nothing Yoongi- your soulmate probably just bit their cheek or something” “I know but-“ Yoongi stutters, unable to word his panic in the right way with worry working its way like molasses through his veins. Namjoon grabs his jacket and his hat. 
- “Come on we need to get your mind off of this-“ he says, “let's go out and get some food.” He says as Yoongi pulls on his jacket. This isn’t the first time that he’s eaten something to get the taste out of his mouth of his soulmate. 
- Namjoon knows this; back before they’d debuted, he’d often asked why Yoongi had stopped eating in the middle of dinner or brushed his mouth multiple times a day eventually getting the answer out of him- that his soulmate ate the weirdest combinations of food at the weirdest times. 
- Namjoon is no stranger to the difficulties of soulmate marks; his own flowers are blooming above his collarbones today so he wraps his neck in a scarf before he goes out, hiding the blooms of roses. 
- Yoongi decides that yes, he probably does need a meal to get his mind off of things. He hasn’t eaten any food today and he’ll probably need something to get the taste of blood out of his mouth. His thoughts of the intern who brings him coffee firmly out of his mind. 
- On their way out in the main entryway, a group of people is clustered around the bottom of the stairs. The first thing that alerts Yoongi is the Coffee dripping down the top steps, a half dozen cups spilled across the linoleum floors.
- Some of the staff crowding around a figure on the bottom stair where someone sits at the epicenter of the mess. You. Someone helps you sit up. “You lost consciousness for a moment there y/n” “I did?” you answer- but the words come out groggy and not all there, and muffled by something- like you’re talking through liquid in your mouth. 
- Y You hold the back of your head with one hand while the assistant manager- your boss holds, an ice pack too it. “y/n-ah” your boss says in a chastising tone. Your boss berates you gently for not being more careful taking the stairs- or for just taking the elevator like a normal person. 
- “I just swipped and I twide-“ “don’t speak y/n you’re getting blood everywhere.”  A makeup Noona says, holding a towel to your chin. A few people who must have seen you fall move aside as Namjoon and Yoongi slow. Passing you on the stairs. Namjoon winces when he sees the blood, 
- “is she okay?” Namjoon asks the manager, you look a little delirious. “She lost consciousness for a moment. We think she might have a concussion.” Namjoon nods and asks if there’s anything he can do. But Yoongi hears the words like they’re coming through water. 
- Yoongi almost flinches when he sees the blood that’s dripping out of your mouth- you bit your lip when you fell and the wound is unforgiving even dripping a little blood onto your blouse. But it’s already soiled with coffee stains anyway. 
- Yoongi is frozen to his spot on the stairs. 
- You try to speak, and a fresh dribble of blood drips out as the Noona shushes you not to speak. At the same time, a fresh pulse of the flavor in Yoongi’s mouth blooms on his tongue. 
- Someone comes running from outside, followed by an EMT.  Your manager and the noona help you stand and walk to the ambulance, you don’t put up much of a fight in fact- it barely looks like you’re conscious. 
- As Namjoon talks with the noona, he doesn’t notice that Yoongi is rooted to the spot. His wide eyes trailing after your form as they carefully lead you outside, an EMT catching you as you almost trip. 
- “Yoongi what’s- oh” Namjoon realizes when he finally remembers his friends.  
- “You don’t think- Namjoon what if-“ Yoongi stutters as the two of them watch the ambulance pull away. 
- “It’d be tough to know for sure unless-“ Namjoon says, a plan already working through his mind. 
- Yoongi walks into the hospital a few hours later feeling like a nervous schoolboy, carrying a cardboard holder full of two coffees and a separate bag with two pastry containers. 
- Tae has this favorite bakery that he always gets all their birthday cakes from, and from what he knows over the years you have a certain affinity for strawberries, so the strawberry tart is more than just for you- it’s a test. - Really he shouldn’t have spent so much money on them- but he couldn’t resist.
- Because if Yoongi could watch you, as you tasted the tart and know for sure when the taste of strawberries erupted on his tongue down the soulmate bond- then he could definably know he’s your soulmate, that you’re his for sure this time. 
- “I got you some coffee- with lots of cream and sugar,” he says shyly from the doorway walking in to find you propped up in bed. 
- You’re a little bashful when Yoongi hands you the tart and sits down- because you certainly didn’t expect your boss’s boss’s boss to take such an interest in your recovery. You’re just an intern and There’s no reason why Yoongi should be so sweet to you. 
- You take a sip of your coffee and find it overly sweet. “How did you know this was how I liked it?” Yoongi sucks on his cheek for a moment thoughtfully tasting coffee- but it’s not enough to know for sure for sure. “Just a lucky guess?”
- You talk softly about your recovery, about your concussion and overnight observation and complain about how long it will take you to get out of the hospital and go back to work. “Take as long as you need to recover.” Yoongi passes on the message of management. 
- You take a bite of the strawberry tart and almost startle when Yoongi stands up abruptly knocking over his chair. “I knew it!” he yells, and you look at him like he’s got three heads. Your what the fuck expression makes him sit back down, stumbling and accidentally dropping his fork onto the ground as he tries to get out his tart- a chocolate one.  
- “Hold on a second,” he says, reaching into the box for a second tart. He nearly shoves half of the chocolate tart in his mouth in eagerness, not bothering to find another fork.  His eyes lock with yours until he see’s recognition in your face as you put two and two together.  You let out a little “Oh”
- Yoongi reaches out for your hand, his gummy smile on his face sweeter than your coffee. Sparks light up along the edge where your skin meets his again, “Hey there soulmate.” He says through a mouthful of chocolate tart. 
- He can’t spend too much time at the hospital but he brings you food every day until you’re released and start back at work. 
- Yoongi calls you to his office by telling your manager that he needs someone to help him move something- which is a total lie, but regardless he’s happy to see you. 
- He asks you how you’re doing and you shyly reply that you’re just a little tired. He shows you what he’s wanted to show you since forever- since he first realized what soulmate system he had. The song that he wrote for you- Coffee.
- The song it’s self almost brings you to tears but Yoongi just pulls you down onto his lap, and at first, the affection feels somewhat awkward, but when you tuck your head into his shoulders it starts to feel more natural. 
- “I was waiting for you, you know,” he says softly.  And you reply that you were too. And it’s true; the both of you have been achingly lonely.
- “Can you please Please stop over-sweetening your coffee?” 
- “I was only over sweetening it because someone like’s their coffee bitter af” “like my soul,” Yoongi says with a small smile. But you relent- Now your coffee tastes like the normal amount of sugar. 
- Sometimes he’ll walk into his office and find a piping hot cup of coffee with a little heart on the side, placed on his workbench.  Every time it happens he finds his heart beating rapidly, and he’ll walk into meetings smiling like an idiot. the others oblivious accept for Namjoon, who sends him a knowing smile.
- As a counter attack, Yoongi gets you roses and chocolates and has a delivery person surprise you in the middle of work. He doesn’t know exactly which kind of chocolate is your favorite despite having tasted it on his own tongue many times before so he gets you a bit of a selection. 
- He knows the second you get it when the taste of chocolate blossoms on his tongue- milk chocolate with… almonds? Walnuts maybe. You text Yoongi later. With a little bit of a jibe. “Who knew Suga could be so sweet?” He knows you’ll make that joke till the end of time.  
- “Don’t pretend you didn’t love it.” Yoongi flirts back. Waiting anxiously in the car for the ding of his phone to let him know that you’ve messaged him back. “You know how much I like sweet things ;)” you send back and Yoongi almost explodes.
- In order to get a little more time together Yoongi starts walking you back to your apartment from work- and then he’ll walk back to get a car to the boy’s dorm. The two of you will spend ages drawing out the walk, going as slow as possible so that you can spend as much time as is possible together.
- His hand in yours feels so nice, even if it’s just his thumb running senseless patterns and rhythms down the side of your hand and thrumming along the line of your wrist. The sparks that you feel when he touches you never really go away. 
- You couldn’t fit Yoongi better; you dissolve his worry’s without him ever admitting that they are worries, dissolving his stress with gently jibing funny comments that make him snort iced coffee out of his nose more than once. 
- On your breaks, you Duck in with him to his studio sometimes just to say hello and those times quickly become his favorite part of the day.  
- You have to admit it’s a little confusing at first- seeing as he is your boss. But you keep a completely professional relationship at work, your career means too much to you and Yoongi respects you enough not to put it at risk. But you can feel Yoongi’s eyes on you whenever you enter the practice room with a run of coffee, and you’ll often hide little hearts or a note or two underneath the sleeve of his coffee.
- You continue on your internship track. Eventually getting hired as an assistant manager- with no one at the company any the wiser that your soulmate is the young rapper. 
- Yoongi and you start to date casually it works out surprisingly well- seeing as you’re both busy at the same times (most of the time) and you know his schedule pretty well.  
- Management doesn’t find out until they’re discussing soulmates one day, seeing as Joon recently found his own soulmate (at a community garden of all places). Talking about letting them have their own apartment. 
- They’re having a meeting when you walk in with a coffee run and Yoongi casually says “seeing as we’re finally getting around to talking about it- it would be nice if y/n and I could finally move in together too.” And Mr. Bang almost chokes on his coffee as you nearly trip over J-hopes chair narrowly avoiding spilling the coffee. 
- You flush, everyone’s eyes suddenly on you. “um- hey?” you say awkwardly, Yoongi chuckles and you send him a look at that says “what was I supposed to say? Hey sorry, I didn't tell you that, I’m your best friends soulmate?” 
- “Do you mean to say that Y/n- ah is your soulmate?” you place Yoongi’s coffee in front of him roughly- a little angry that he ousted you, across the table Joon facepalms.
- The two of you have a private meeting with your boss and the head of the company and they decide that since the two of you were obviously so good at keeping your relationship on the down low- that they won’t penalize you. 
- All it takes is another coffee date to make you forgive him however though it does take a few more pastries than usual. 
- A few weeks later Yoongi gets you a mug with a key in it to officially ask you to move in with him, seeing as you haven’t broached the topic since the discussion with management. It’s a little soon- you guys have barely been seeing each other for half a year- but you’re soulmates, so it’s not like anyone will judge you for taking things quickly. 
- You take time decorating your first shared space, it has a mixture of modern and old touches; from the warm hardwood floors to the modern windows and couches, to the plants that you insist on, to brighten the space with pops of color.  
- Since space is limited- Yoongi and you find an old stand up wooden piano at a flea market, leaning it up against the wall and spotting pictures of the two of you and your families around it. 
- It’s surprisingly easy to hide from the fans- seeing as you work for their company very few people suspect you, even when you walk next to Yoongi they don’t seem to notice too much. And it keeps your relationship blissfully out of the tabloids. 
- Now the bitter echoes that you get down your tongue don’t make you angry no matter what you’re eating. He loves the sudden burst of sweetness when he’s working on something early in the morning, of your favorite caramel macchiato. 
- Kissing him tastes like sparks, like the perfect compliments, bitterness and sweetness, saltiness and savory next to each other. A breath of warmth. Mixed with a cold huff, the perfect balance. 
- Your apartment is always filled with the smell of coffee. You get him a cappuccino maker for your first anniversary jokingly telling him that he needs to widen his horizons from just Americanos. 
- The two of you spend Sunday mornings wrapped up in each other’s arms, and when Yoongi wakes in the morning, his cheek pressed to your hair he finds himself so so lucky- that he got a soulmate that fits him so well. 
- You wake one morning to find him banging away at the piano in the corner of his apartment. Quietly playing a few lines of “I need you” and it’s such a soft moment he doesn’t notice you watching from the doorway, listening to him play as you watch him close his eyes against the music. 
- You wordlessly lean over him to put a cup of coffee on the top of the piano he stops playing. Looking up at you startled, saying that he didn’t know you where awake as he thanks you for the coffee. 
- “Won’t you keep playing for me,” you ask him, taking a sip out of your own coffee. The taste of your soulmate bond has dulled a little over the years- Yoongi doesn’t automatically taste it anymore. He has to reach a little further into himself before he can feel it- before he can taste you again. 
- You wrap your arms around his shoulders. Yoongi wraps another around your waist in a sleepy good morning hello burying his face in your sternum.  
- You put a hand against the cords to steady yourself unintentionally making a noise but Yoongi just smiles back up at you. “You’re in a cuddly mood this morning.” 
- “Always in the mood for you” he mumbles against your shirt- or more specifically his shirt that you’re wearing. 
- The coffee cools on the top of the piano as Yoongi reaches up for your face, his favorite morning drink forgotten. 
- Because right now- all he wants to taste is you.
Read Namjoon’s story- Wings and Thorns- HERE 
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ddaeng-181338 · 2 years ago
Cold | 01
Wolf! AU
• Min Yoongi x Reader
• Enemies to Lovers
Yoongi hated you the second you joined the pack and that was that
Cold Masterlist • see my blog for full masterlist
Tumblr media
“Y/n can you pass the syrup?” You and Jungkook were the only ones at the table, Jin was cooking and the others were still asleep in their room. By all means you were no early bird but compared to the others you seemed like one.
Fork halfway to your mouth you reached for the syrup, he took it with ease, popping open the lid to drown his sausages in an ungodly amount of the sweet substance. “Eww Jungkook really.” From the stove you noticed a look of amusement pass over Jin’s features.
You had teased Jungkook about his eating habits since you joined the pack 8 months ago. He smiled at you through a mouth full of food “yes really Y/n sausages and syrup taste really good.” You made another noise of disdain and reached for the syrup nonetheless— this time with a considerably less about of syrup before mimicking him.
Jungkook began to laugh as you ate the sausages and tried to act as if nothing was wrong, in the meantime Jin put the last plate of food on the table before leaving. A few seconds later you both heard Jin yelling down the hall for everyone to get up. He emerged from the hall before taking a seat next to you, reaching over to fill his plate up with each thing he made.
Slowly but surely each of them made their way in, eyes half shut and hair dishevelled as they sat down. Taehyung took a seat to your left, hand up his shirt as he scratched his chest and rubbed his eyes with the other. “That desperate for food Tae?” You poked his cheek and he laughed softly “if i didn't come now it would be gone.” He wasn’t wrong.
Seven grown men plus you, all wolves with quite an appetite. The food would be gone in less than three minutes. Finally the last person sauntered into the dining room, Yoongi. You purposefully ignored him and he did the same to you. Were tempted to say something to him, but it was still early, getting him going now would make the day bad for everyone. Really you could all sit down and it would be comfortable, even when yoongi and you fought.
You were sure one of his favorite reasons to pick a fight with you was to try and get you out of the pack, he didn't like you from the moment you joined them 8 months prior. Hell he didn't even give you a chance to introduce and explain yourself before he gave you the cold shoulder. And being the stubborn person you were— you didn't do the typical omega thing.
Instead of bowing down to his feet and clinging to him you gave him the cold shoulder right back. The “relationship” you can yoongi had was nothing of the typical “alpha and omega” dynamic. You fought so often people would have mistaken you for an alpha too had you not smelt like an omega. “Namjoon oppa? Are there any plans for today?” Your voice came out sweet and soft, something that made yoongi scoff. “You okay yoongi? Something caught in your throat?”
You never referred to him as “oppa” just to get under his skin more, you knew how much he liked being called oppa. He only glared at you in response and you could see Jimin giggling out off the corner of your eye. “No, today is a free day for us. We can do whatever we want.” You smiled, taking another bite of the syrup covered sausage and reaching for the orange juice.
Instead Yoongi reached for it at the same time, pulling it out of your reach before you could grab it. A low growl left your lips and Hoseok grabbed his plate of food “here we go.” Was all he muttered before taking a seat on the opposite side of the room. The others pulled their food closer to them, some laughing while others acted as if it wasn’t going on.
“Got a problem?” Yoongi didn’t even look at you, instead he poured his drink as if you weren’t even there. “Yeah I do cat eyes, you don’t even like orange juice.” Cat eyes was your favorite insult. You watched him tense for only a moment — he hated those two words more than anything.
“You’re right, I don’t. But if it means annoying you and taking forever for you to get what you want then by all means I love orange juice.”
You leaned back in your chair, debating whether or not it would be better to just ignore him or make a comeback. You opted for continuing. “Always an issue with me cat eyes, now pour your juice in your sippy cup and hand it over.”
From the corner of your eye you saw Jungkook’s jaw drop. The others were watching avidly, very entire by you and Yoongi’s little fights like always. “Oh and would you look at that it’s gone.” And sure enough Yoongi poured the last drops of the juice into his cup. This time you bit your tongue, instead you leaned forward and took his cup from him—taking a long gulp of the juice.
“Oh my god.” Was all Hoseok could mutter before trying to stifle his laughter. Namjoon and Jin watched on curious at what the second eldest would do. Another low growl sounded but this time it was from Yoongi. “Such a Brat y/n, how did you get into this pack again?” Your stiffened, as did Namjoon before calming down again.
“My pretty face and charms wooed Namjoon oppa.” You shrugged off your nervousness and leaned back to sip more of the juice. No doubt the others sensed yours and Namjoon’s sudden stillness but you decided to ignore it nonetheless.
“You know what you and Yoongi need.”
All heads turned to Taehyung
“Rough vigorous sex, y/n when’s your next heat?”
You shot forward in your chair, sputtering and coughing because the orange juice went down the wrong way. Your eyes show up to look at Yoongi, only to find his expression mirroring your own. “Taehyung what the fuck?!” At this point Jimin Hoseok and Jungkook were in hysterics, laughing so hard they doubled over. Seokjin was patting your back to help you stop coughing and Namjoon had an expression of deadly calm.
“As good of an idea as that might seem Taehyung we wouldn’t be Able to get them any closer than this.” Motioned between you and Yoongi—the distance being that you were both on other ends of the table. “I think I’m going to go take a walk.” You watched Yoongi get up without another word, grabbing a few things off the plate in front of him before heading towards the front door.
A few moments later the door shut quietly and the seven of you were left alone. “Well it was only a suggestion.” You turned to taehyung, cheeks tinted pink but smiled at him nonetheless. “Don’t worry about it Tae, had I not been so surprised I probably would have been laughing along with them.” You pointed to Jungkook and Jimin who were still laughing to themselves.
Honestly he wasn’t wrong though, the suggestion wasn’t a bad one. But the thought of viewing Yoongi as a partner — nevermind a mate — made you shiver. The man couldn’t stand you the moment you walked in that front door with Namjoon. Hell he didn’t even give you or Namjoon a chance to explain why you were there and joining them.
You reached for your fork again, shining some more food into your mouth—trying to show that you were done talking about sex...with yoongi. “You know Y/n maybe a walk would be good for you too, after you eat and all.” You looked over at Jin, his eyes taking you in with a note of concern. He probably sensed you and Namjoon’s change of demeanor because of yoongi’s question earlier.
“Maybe i will, actually that does sound pretty nice.” He seemed content with your answer and went back to eating, you glanced at Namjoon quickly—he was staring at you. You gave him a small nod to show that you were okay and he turned back to his food as well. No doubt Jin would corner him once they were alone.
You ate slowly, until the others had finished and Jin was washing the dishes with Jungkook’s help. By eating you could avoid questions and could leave without any trouble. “Here you go Jin oppa, it was delicious.” He gave you a sweet smile “See Gguk! I need more compliments like this, thank you y/n”
You started to laugh at Jungkook’s eye roll before saying goodbye to both and heading for the door.
As you reached the Hall Namjoon stopped you, motioning for you to follow him to his room. You sighed, really this wasn’t a conversation you had now. His door shut softly behind you and he whirled around to face you, hands coming up to cup your cheeks. “Are you sure you’re okay y/n?” You relaxed into his touch, Namjoon was — in a way — your number one defender. Ever since he found you that night…
“I’m okay Joonie , really. I just tensed cause it took me by surprise.” He relaxed a little, moving his hands from your face to pull you into a tight hug. “We will have to tell the others eventually y/n.” You sighed softly into his chest. “When were all safe we can. Not yet.” He let you go with a smile and nodded “go on you walk now princess, be careful alright?” You nodded dutifully and headed out of his room, jimin and Hoseok down the hall laughing loudly as they watched the television.
You headed for the front door, slipping on your running shoes as you passed. It was sunny out, cool air greeted you as well as the trees changing to colors of bright reds and oranges, fall was finally here. You spotted Taehyung over by the edge of the woods —Yeontan bouncing about at his feet as he watched on. You waved to him as you walked past, he returned it happily and you began to jog, starting at a slow steady pace and working your way up as you bounced thought out the trees.
Your goal was to make it to the river, maybe if you worked up a sweat you’d be able to go for a swim in the cool water. You picked up speed, feet running skillfully around the rocks and branches until you were going in a full on long sprint. You felt exhilarated, at home even. Your argument with yoongi fading your mind as you focused on nothing but the nature around you.
Finally you slowed, the river being no more than about 600 feet in front of you. Your chest heaved and your cheeks were stinging from the cool air that whipped at your cheeks but you felt so happy. You neared the river quietly, tempted to start stripping off some of your clothes now. You were only about 200 feet away when you sensed it — the presence of an Alpha, more specially a very familiar alpha. Yoongi.
A groan left your throat as you tiptoed softly to the nearest tree, head peaking around ot look for him. What you didnt expect to see was Yoongi, soaking wet and sitting at the edge of the river. His black hair sticking to his head and his pale shoulders and back glistened with water. Your heart quicken and you shook your head, why the hell…
He stretch back and you watched the muscles in his back tense, you couldn’t look away and you hated Yourself for it. He stood up slowly, revealing he was only in black Boxers. It wasn’t until he started moving back to the water that you came back to reality. You shook your head, cheeks heating at the fact that you had literally become entranced by him
Omega tendencies? Maybe—no probably.
You turned away from the river and moved towards the woods again, back towards your pack’s home, mind reeling and heart racing.
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