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#min yoongi x reader
casuallyimagining · a day ago
Fix You Bonus: Personal Heating Pad
Tumblr media
hybrid!Min Yoongi x female!reader
Summary: When you don't feel well, Yoongi is there to take care of you
Genre: fluff
Word Count: 905
Rating: E
Requested by @rosquilleta: I would love to request a scenario (? ngl i'm not sure if this is an scenario) about Fix You! I was thinking about Y/N having pmdd (very painful period cramps, i struggle with this and it sucks, sometimes I can't even move) and Yoongi takes care of her and they even cuddle..... 🥺 sorry i just love fluff so much :( thanks for sharing your art 💖
banner by @kerikaaria; thanks to @eatjeanjin for beta-ing! 
This fic is not canon compliant. Consider this an alternate timeline in the FYU (Fix You Universe)
Check out the Fix You masterlist here.
Tumblr media
The tv volume was almost too low to hear, but any louder, and you wouldn’t have been able to stand the pounding in your head. You were exhausted, despite not doing anything all day. You had woken up with a horrible headache, and based on the pain you were experiencing, either a small alien was getting ready to burst forth from your lower abdomen, or your PMDD was flaring up again.
The door to your bedroom opened, revealing a very concerned Yoongi. Copper eyes scanned your form, his ears pressed against his dark hair. He wasn’t used to you staying in bed all day, and you assumed that you looked similarly to how you felt: like death warmed over. Thankfully, your symptoms weren’t often this bad, but this was the first time Yoongi was seeing them, and he was understandably freaked out.
The cat hybrid approached the bed, handing you the bottle of pills you had asked for. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, head falling to the side as he watched you swallow down two pain killers.
You hummed, rubbing at your eye. “Eventually.”
“Can I help?”
“I’m craving pancakes,” you told him softly, stifling back a yawn.
Yoongi nodded, a small smile playing on his lips. You could just barely see the tips of his teeth peeking out. He reached out, his hand finding your forehead. “I’ll be back.”
It only felt like seconds had passed, but when you felt Yoongi’s lips on your forehead, you knew you had somehow slipped into a light sleep. You hadn’t been able to sleep at all the night before, and you had so little energy now that even thinking of getting out of bed tired you out. Luckily, you were ahead on work and could afford to rest for a day or two.
“Brought you pancakes,” he said, helping you to sit up and get comfortable before handing you the plate.
He sat beside you on the bed as you ate, copper eyes focused on the tv. It was an old episode of the bar rescue show you both were obsessed with, but he didn’t seem to care if it was a rerun. He could watch all the episodes a hundred times. His tail wrapped gently around your forearm, careful not to drag through the syrup on the plate you were holding.
It took you longer than normal to eat--fighting through the nausea from the cramps and your lethargy took effort. But Yoongi sat beside you the whole time, his shoulder against your own. It was comforting to have him there, all soft and warm and tender in his presence.
He had come so far since you had known him, and even since April when you both admitted your feelings for each other. It had been almost a year since the trial, and though he was still a little skittish and nervous at times, it was clear that he was at ease. His personality, which you had gotten glimpses and hints of in that first year, was now on full display. Who would have guessed that your shy, scared kitty would turn into a dry, sassy caretaker?
“I give up,” you said finally, staring at what remained of the pancakes. Yoongi had brought you four, and you had done your best to eat two and a half of them. But the last pancake seemed like too Herculean a task at the moment.
Yoongi hummed, gently taking the plate from you. “Didn’t you like them?” He sniffed at the plate experimentally before cutting off a piece of the fluffy pancake and stabbing into it with the fork.
“No, it was good.” You winced as a sudden stab of pain jolted through your abdomen. “Just not super hungry right now.”
He chewed thoughtfully, brows furrowed as he watched you try to breathe through the pain. After a moment, he stood, taking the plate with him. He returned shortly after, a glass of water and his basketball blanket in hand. He sat the glass of water down on your nightstand, leaning down so his eyes were level with yours. His copper eyes scanned your face as if checking to make sure you were okay.
“You don’t have to take care of me, you know,” you said softly, cupping his cheek. “I’ll be fine in a few days.”
Yoongi leaned into your touch, eyes falling closed briefly. His tail flicked contentedly behind him. “I want to.” He pressed a tender kiss to your lips, his soft mouth moulding to yours briefly before he pulled away.
He flashed you a shy smile before spreading his blanket out over you. He climbed back into bed then, his arms wrapping around your middle and his head gently resting on your stomach. He did his best to curl around you, enveloping you in his natural warmth. Your hand fell to his hair, scratching at his scalp and playing with the soft bit of fur where his ears met his head. He hummed and snuggled in closer, a stuttering purr starting to rumble in his chest.
The longer he laid there, the more relaxed you became. His body gave off a surprising amount of heat, serving as your own personal heating pad and soothing your pain, even just a little bit. You found yourself drifting in and out of sleep as he laid there, comfy and warm under the care of your favorite kitty.
Tumblr media
As always, your feedback is appreciated. Please feel free to pop into my ask box with questions or comments about the series!
Check out the Fix You masterlist here.
Taglist: @softbbyg0rl, @eddievoid, @horanghae18, @rosquilleta, @madjanmil, @namecannotbblank, @http-himawari, @halesandy, @lostatthebarns, @cuteipat​, @agustneeds, @overtherainbow35​, @xjordynary​, @seolaquotes​, @huearmy​, @staerryminimini, @chimchoom​​
Tumblr media
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 2 days ago
*head cradled in hands* tiny waist hugged by those long gorgeous fingers of a certain red-haired man.... no... this is too....
too... tempting?
To think about the stark contrast of the rough pads of his fingers pressed into the smooth skin of the small of her back. The space was so narrow that he could practically cover it all with one hand, palm and fingers alone. His hand could fit perfectly, right there, right before her back flared out to a perky, plump ass and delicious thighs that he wanted wrapped around his own waist.
Maybe he should ask.
Min Yoongi stared into those eyes, and those eyes stared back, her plush lips parting. He tilted his head slightly, stands of his red-orange hair falling against her temples, warmth against fire.
He placed his hands on her waist.
Grasped it, tightly, his long fingers pressing into her back and it was as smooth as he thought, sucking in a breath at how he could interlock his fingers behind her back with relative ease, thumbs pressed to her abdomen, spreading his fingers out so they slipped underneath the black crop top and toyed with the waistband of her black leggings that made her ass so appetizing that it was oh-so-very unfair.
One might even say it was... not allowed.
A soft shudder of breath against his lips.
Her eyes on him.
Her hands covering her collarbones.
Yoongi glanced down at them, then back up at her face. Ticked his eyebrow. He saw her wince a little. Before he could stop himself, he smirked.
"I know you," he whispered.
He should have studied English more, but the communication that ruled this kind of moment was not rooted in language.
He inhaled the sweetness of her perfume, felt her breath soft against his lips.
Her eyes on his.
"Not everything."
Lowered her hands to uncover the silver, circular pendants around her neck. A little tangled, gleaming, just like the sterling silver rings on every long finger of her pretty, delicate-looking hands.
Her lips brushing against his, hesitant.
He unlocked his fingers.
Gripped that slender waist, tight, sinking his fingers in, covering it all and owning it, her stumbling a step closer, her gasp leaking into his lips, and then he took her breath away, covering her mouth with his and owning it, soft lips and flexible tongue, now surprised by the power in their kiss.
Yoongi knew his kiss had power.
He just didn't know that she would match up to his power.
Her hands on his waist, holding him firmly, and then hips to hips, gasping into each other's mouths, breathless, captivated, tongue against tongue, curving around one another, wet friction and dry friction, such lush lips and wonderful sounds escaping them, sensual expertise forehead to forehead, his periphery shrouded in the red-orange shade of his hair and in front of him was the intangible fire.
So easy.
So simple to hold her by the waist and slide his hands down, palms and fingers spreading over that ass and squeezing, wanting the layers of clothing between them to just disappear, and, well.
Yoongi was betting they could be magicians if they tried.
He recognized that voice.
The owner of that voice had his picture on the other keychain that was attached to her bag.
A hand tried the door, but it was locked. A small dismayed puff that likely ended with a pout and footsteps away.
Yoongi sunk his fingers into that tiny waist and traced the waistband of the smooth black fabric. Stared into dark, dark eyes and felt her smile against his lips.
"We can be careful," she murmured and he understood. Ran her hands up his back and rolled her hips into his, soft and hard, smooth and rough, tiny waist and huge hands. Playful, stroking his skin under the thin fabric of his shirt.
"Right body."
Slid her fingers into his semi-damp red-orange hair and made him smile with her bouncing eyebrow.
"Right mind," she chuckled with a flicker of tongue against his lips.
They communicated.
But not with words.
referring to this interaction XD
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sunshinee0-0 · 20 hours ago
Hello I really like your stories they bring a smile to my face every time 🥰. And could you do maybe 11 or 4 with taehyung, Jungkook and yoongi
"If we broke up, I would get back with my ex"
♡Paring♡ Yoongi x reader, Jungkook x reader, Taehyung x reader
♡warnings♡ Tae calls your ex "ugly" possessive Jk, Grammer and spelling mistakes, anything I missed lmk :)
A/n: Hi babies sorry for the late post! I decide to go with 4 and Tbh yoongi's can go two ways, 1 he can not believe it no matter how much you try to convince him he'll be like "nice try" or 2 he can believe it and be calmly pissed, I picked the latter :)
Back to the TikTok event
Tumblr media
You watch as Yoongi order something before he turns his head to look at you and ask you what you want. Giving him your order, you watch as he repeats it to the McDonald's employee, she tells him to pull up to the first window which he does. Boredom consumes you as the two of you wait in line, you try to think on what to do when the TikTok you watched an hour ago pops into your head and you decide why not do it on Yoongi. "Baby if we broke up I would get together with my ex." There's a few beats of silence before Yoongi slowly lifts his head from his phone at you, he ask you to repeat what you just said which you do. His face scrunchs in disgust, "why?" He gives the employee his card and turns back to you, "Because he's super kind and talented and he's very cute and hard working." Yoongi looks at you for a few seconds and although his face looks calm there's a raging storm in his eyes. "Why not just date him then." He pull up to the next window and grabs the both of your guys food handing it to you. "Yoongi, baby you would be my ex." He stares at you for a few seconds before his face breaks out into a gummy smile, "That was stupid." A faint blush dust his cheeks at your praise from before as he pulls out of McDonald's.
Taehyung's head is in your lap as you run your fingers threw his hair. The peacefulness makes your heart swell with content but being the little minx you are you decide to mess with it. "Tae?" He hums eyes still focused on the tv, "if we broke up, I would get back with my ex." The peacefulness washes away and Tae sits up, taking his head out of your lap. "Why?", "Because he-" before you can finish your sentence he cuts you off. "He's ugly." "Tae!!" You laugh. The expression on his face is priceless and the fact that he just called himself ugly without knowing makes a laugh form at the back of your throat. "He is not!" You aurge back, Taehyung gives you that bitch face and you let out another laugh. "He's the most handsome and funniest guy I have ever met." Taehyung gives you a face of disgust and a little bit of betrayal. "A blobfish is better looking then him." You laugh even harder at that and you decide to stop messing with him, "Tae you would be my ex!" Taehyung's glare turns into a little boxy grin, "oh okay then, nevermind."
There was a movie playing on the tv but you aren't paying attention instead you were paying attention to the TikTok on your phone , looking over at Jungkook who peacefully watching the Ghibi film. You decide to mess with him (again) "Hey Kookie, ask me what I'd do if we broke up!" He looks at you, eyebrows furrowed "why?" He whines not liking the idea of breaking up with you. "Just do it!" You whine back, "Fine, what would you do if we broke up, Jagiya?" He sighs, fiddling with your fingers. "Get back with my ex." You instantly reply back, he tightens his hold on your hand and gives you a soft glare, "why would you do that? He cheated on you and he smells." He srunches his nose at the end and you let out a little laugh. "Plus I wouldn't let you cause your mine!" You giggle as butterflies fill your stomach. "You would be my ex, dummy" He stares at you before letting out a small "ohhh." He chuckles a bit and pulls you into his lap. "Good cause I would never give you up and you can't get rid of me." He then kisses your lips.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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mintkims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
FIRST DATE ― a min yoongi one-shot [bts masterlist]
Tumblr media
☆ pairings: min yoongi x reader ☆ genre: e2l, fluff, slight angst ☆ words: 2k words ☆ rating: general (G) ☆ prompt: "straighten your back you banana shaped fuck!" ☆ warnings: profanity, unedited ☆ mentions: thank you @gaeguuliii for the adorable request! i hope you enjoy ~
Tumblr media
© mintkims 2021. All rights reserved. Copying, reposting, translating, and modifying in any platform or by any means without the author's permission is not permitted.
Tumblr media
Just when he thought today couldn't get any worse.
It all started with him accidentally spilling his black coffee all over your white jumper after lunch.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" You hissed. "I can't believe you picked today out of all days to be a prick."
"I'm sorry." He mumbled almost immediately, shocking both you and himself in the process.
The two of you had known (and absolutely despised) each other for over five years now. Your rivalry had began sometime in middle school when he had newly joined your class. You were your teacher's favorite, the best at every subject or hobby you picked up: especially making music.
Mrs. Soojin, your music teacher had barely paid attention to any of the students, but her behavior drastically changed when it came to you because you were one of the only children who had been able to play advanced notes on her favorite instrument - the piano.
You had spent every hour of your free time memorizing piece after piece just to earn her approval and praise. So imagine your surprise when a pale new kid who joined mid-year had achieved everything you did - and more - in less than a day where it had taken you over a year.
You almost couldn't help the grimace that took over your features when you made eye contact with the kid; his large doe-like eyes narrowing when his gaze fell on you. His head slightly tipped to the side, soft pink lips turning upwards. You would have cooed at how he resembled a kitten if you weren't so pissed. The urge to slap the (what looked like) smug smirk off his face was astronomical.
"Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata?" Mrs. Soojin gasped, eyes wide in admiration. "When did you learn how to do that?"
"I memorized all keys of the piano before I learnt how to talk." He shrugged earning a scoff from you. "I could play all his pieces in my sleep."
"What is your name, my dear?" Your teacher asked. "Why don't you introduce yourself to the class."
His gaze snapped back to you as he slid off the bench. Instead of making his way to the front of the class and bowing the way new students would, he plopped down on his seat towards the back. Throwing an arm over the back of the seat with his legs spread obnoxiously, he drawled. "Min Yoongi. Genius. Those two words should be enough."
You could barely hear the chorused 'ooh's from your classmates over the disgusted string of curses that left your lips. Your teacher merely giggled affectionately before ruffling his hair and making her way to the front of the class to begin the lesson.
From that day on, Min Yoongi had become your biggest rival.
You would spend twice the amount of time practicing; swapping sleep for online piano lessons. Your goal was to outperform him no matter what it took. Unfortunately for you, years had passed since you initially made that promise for yourself, the day was yet to come.
Until then, you had no choice but to deal with his snark remarks and proud smirks.
Despite your obvious dislike for the brazen fool that was Min Yoongi, there were times that even you couldn't deny the talent oozing off of him when he played the piano. The way his fingers would glide over the keys was nothing short of hypnotizing; the beautiful melody soothing to your ears. It was almost as if the instrument was made for him.
"If you're going to compliment me," The brazen fool in question snickered, snapping you out of your trance. "Get in line."
"I was going to tell you to straighten your back, you banana shaped fuck." You scorned, shooting him the fakest smile you could muster before walking out of the class and completely ignoring the way the sweet ring of his laughter made something in your stomach stir.
"Are you sure you don't have a little crush on him?" Your mother giggled, spooning some more vegetables in your plate.
You had just finished explaining today's events at school to your parents. Dismissing your graphic language - you described your encounter with Yoongi, wild hand gestures and everything. You made sure you'd emphasized on how infuriating he was. Instead of agreements from the people who birthed you, the last conclusion you expected from any of them was that.
You blanched. "You think I like that buffoon?"
"Ooh." Your younger brother mocked. "Noona has a crush."
"Shut up Namjoon." You hissed, flinging a pea in his direction.
Your dad grumbled. "Stop playing with your food."
Gritting your teeth, you shoveled spoonfuls of food in your mouth, wanting to get dinner done as fast as possible so you could go and rant about Yoongi to your best friend in the privacy of your room.
You did not have a crush on Min Yoongi.
"You have the biggest crush on Min Yoongi."
You sighed. "Its been five years since you've been saying that Hyujin."
"And its been eight years since I've known you." She retorted, sticking her tongue out. "Admit the fact that you like him despite how he annoys the crap out of you. And he has nice hands."
You choked, nearly spilling the juice you were holding all over your brand new white jumper. "You pervert."
"Don't deny it." Hyujin said, wiggling her eyebrows. "I read your old diary entries. You love him."
She laughed loudly, playfully shoving you to the side while you flipped her the bird completely unaware of the stunned figure that stood in your way.
"Are you fucking kidding me?" You hissed without thinking twice. "I can't believe you picked today out of all days to be a prick."
"I'm sorry." He mumbled in a heartbeat, making your eyes widen in surprise.
"It's... okay." You said, shuffling away from him, concerned and slightly creeped out. "... bye."
"Do you think he heard us?" Hyujin remarked quietly once the two of you entered the girl's bathrooms. "He looked... disturbed."
Although you were surprised he didn't retort with a smart comment of his, a pinch of worry clouded your heart at how he didn't sound like himself. Was he okay?
Playing the piano was therapy for Yoongi. He would often find himself getting lost in the melody, fingers moving at their own accord as the music soothed his soul. Unfortunately today, his mind had been so jumbled that even his first love couldn't comfort him. The words 'she likes me back' played repeatedly in his head, practically driving him to the edge of insanity.
Yoongi remembered the first time he had laid eyes on you. The way your hair framed your face, soft wisps brushing against the apples of your cheeks. Your lips were pulled into a smile while your fingers moved over the keys of the piano smoothly.
As much as he didn't want to admit it, he felt an unusual flutter in his chest the moment you locked eyes with him.
The pout on your face, eyes flashing from disbelief to envy when Mrs. Soojin had complimented him was adorable. Yoongi couldn't help but repeatedly get on your nerves just to rile you up. Although a small part of him wished the relationship you both shared didn't borderline on negativity, the satisfaction of being able to get under your skin like nobody else made everything worth it.
He never did put a label on his feelings, but now that he thought about it, Yoongi had been in love with you for so long that knowing you returned his feelings felt new. A thousand different thoughts on whether he should act on his feelings or not buzzed through his mind.
And so that's what he did.
After a week of blatantly avoiding you; the next time he saw you - which was coincidentally after music class - he stopped you. He pushed his hands into the pocket of his hoodie to disguise the slight tremble in his fingertips at the sight of your concerned expression. The speech he prepared along with the 30 minute practice he did in front of the bathroom mirror had flown right out of his head, leaving a stuttering mess of a brain behind.
"Hi." He nodded, watching your lips pull into an awkward smile.
"Hello Yoongi."
"So uh." He mumbled, scratching the back of his head. "I don't know how to say this but... There's this new café that's opened up down south street."
"Oh yeah." You smiled. "Club Coffee was it?"
"Yes!" He exclaimed, a little too enthusiastically before clearing his throat. "I mean yeah. That one."
"... okay?"
He blanked out for a second, brown eyes boring into yours. "Do you want to go... check it out with me after class?"
His eyes nearly burst out of his head at your easy approval. In his defense, he expected at least a punch on the face if not a harsh rejection from you at the idea of going on a date with him. He gaped at the sight of your soft smile and wink before you turned on your heel and made your way to your next class.
Yoongi stood there for a couple of minutes, comprehending the last few minutes that had happened before laughing incredulously and skipping his way to his next class.
This date will be perfect. He'd make sure of it.
"I am so very sorry." He apologized loudly, taking off his coat and putting it over your head, the thunder nearly making him deaf. "I had no idea it was going to rain. The sky was literally clear five minutes ago!"
"Its okay!" You smiled, making him feel guilty. It was your first date together and he already managed to fuck this up.
"My apartment is down the street!" He informed, throwing his arm around your shoulder in a futile attempt to shield you from the rain. "We can stay there until the rain stops."
You nodded, and he took that as a queue to pull you with him across the road while trying to ignore the warmth rushing down his spine at the feeling of you pressed against his side.
By the time you walked into the apartment, you both were soaked through the bone and shivering as Yoongi rushed to his room and grabbed as many blankets and towels for you as he could.
"You're shaking." He noted, wrapping you in the biggest towel he owned and handing you a pair of his night clothes. "Here are some of my clothes, the bathroom is down the hall. You can take a warm shower while I whip something hot up for the both of us."
Yoongi watched you nod weakly before you trudged to the bathroom and closed the door. The entire time he spent cleaning up, he couldn't help but feel horrible at the way your day turned out. He wanted to spend today making you feel special but instead, he ruined both of your day.
"Yoongi?" Your soft voice called out to him. "Are you okay?"
"No." He huffed, clenching his fists. "I've been planning out date for weeks and yet I fucked it up even before it could happen. I feel so horrible for making you hate me all these years! And when I get a chance to redeem myself and maybe tell you about how I've liked you for years now - everything gets screwed up. God, I'm such an idiot -"
"Yoongi!" You exclaimed, eyes wide. "You didn't ruin anything."
"I did." He muttered dejectedly.
"No." You sighed softly, walking over to him and grasping his cold hands in your warm ones. Yoongi gasped softly at the gentle touch, looking at you in shock. "The day isn't over yet. What do you say we get some of that soup you made and watch a movie together?"
"Okay." He nodded, voice soft.
"Okay." You grinned, skipping to the living room and piling up the blankets together.
Yoongi watched you fondly, shuffling around in his clothes and could only think of one thing - how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with you.
Tumblr media
note: so... if you haven't noticed... i might have gotten a little carried away...
Tumblr media
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yoongificsrecs · 3 days ago
Historic au
Gwanghae Flow
Summary: The queen receives a forbidden visitor in the middle of the night.
Summary: Court was just a game of politics after all. And you intended to win
Summary: When an engagement locks you, the 8th and forgotten princess, to the duke infamous for his cruelty, you find yourself counting the days until your inevitable death. It’s terrifying to think of your end, but when you arrive at his territory, you realize there’s a more morbid reason behind your marriage, and that the duke is much worse than the rumors have painted him out to be.
Summary: King Min Yoongi is an evil tyrant who bows and bends to no one. Except to his queen.
To Love an Empress
SUMMARY: Despite the acrimonious beginning to your relationship, Yoongi is drawn to you.
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btsrunmylife · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
16. Workplace Tension
summary: You and Yoongi have never exactly gotten along. Truthfully, this wouldn’t be such an issue if you didn’t work together. But there have been far too many times when his sarcastic comments have rubbed you the wrong way.
His most recent shenanigan might just be the icing on the cake, especially because you know absolutely nothing about it until it’s too late. What’s worse is he’s gotten his friend involved, a friend you happen to get along with rather well — maybe too well.
Yoongi’s intentions really weren’t to drive you away. His curiosity merely got the best of him. But now…he’s woven an intricate mess he can’t get out of. And he can’t help but wonder, will this be the thing that finally pushes you over the edge?
pairing: yoongi x f!reader, jimin x f!reader
rating: pg13
genre: social media au, comedy, romance, fluff, slight angst?
chapter word count: 1.6k, plus one photo at the beginning
chapter warnings: swearing, usual banter between Mayhem & Yoongi (with a smidge more tension/hostility than usual~)
permanent tag list (open): @yoongiofmine​ @xianav​ @lilacdreams-00​ @emmmui​ @vantxx95​ @cursedblood707​ @hqtetsurou​ @geauxlsu79 @lyra0cassiopeia @halesandy​ @lunaoceanchild @annoyingtimemachinee
series tag list (open): @electricari @darlinggod-sweetvillain​ @namsope32​ @90s-belladonna​ @moon-write​ @secretlycrazyhummingbird​ @ysljoon​ @ams02​​ @somelazysundays​ @deleteidentity
To be added, message me with the story title or add yourself
learn more about my taglists here
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Hey, Mayhem?”
You fumble with your phone and spin around in your chair, barely catching yourself before you turn in a complete circle. Yoongi lifts an eyebrow at you, but thankfully doesn’t comment on your weird behavior.
The last thing you’d want is for him to find out you’d found his dating profile -- which, after his almost-rant about how bad they are for your mental health, you find a bit hypocritical. The things he wrote in his profile aren’t surprising, but you can only imagine how much intrigue he’s piqued by adding that line about hookup culture. Finding someone interested in an actual relationship is a rare commodity in the dating app world. You can only imagine how many people he’s matched with in the short time he’s been on the app.
The idea makes something unpleasant twist in your stomach, but you write it off as envy over how many more matches he’s likely getting than you.
“Uh huh?” you reply, swiftly brushing your thoughts aside.
“Have you and Nabi worked out the details of Lim Ara’s contract yet?”
You make a thoughtful noise in the back of your throat, drifting back around in your seat to scoot toward your computer. “We’ve drafted something and plan on meeting with her on Friday to iron out the details. Why? You want a copy?”
He hums. “If you wouldn’t mind. She’s a client we can’t afford to lose. Apparently there are a few other publishing houses after her already, but she’s holding them off until her agent hears our offer.”
You frown as you attach a copy of the contract to an email before sending it off to him. You turn back around. “Is she really that popular?”
His eyes flicker with interest as his computer pings with your email. He mutters distractedly, “She built a blog and a massive following from scratch, has been featured in various magazines and news articles, and has even given a few TED Talks. So, yeah, I guess you could say she’s popular...kind of impressive, actually.”
You quirk your head to the side, a slow smirk twitching at your lips. “You sound like you have a bit of a crush on this client, Min. Should I be concerned about you looking over her contract?”
His attention flashes to you far too quickly and you have to stifle a laugh. He blinks. “Being impressed with someone’s work ethic doesn’t mean I have a crush, Mayhem. If that were the case, I’d have a crush on you too.”
Your cheeks heat, but you roll your eyes. “I’m not so convinced you don’t with the way you hover over me all the time.”
“I’m being paid to--” he stops himself with a firm shake of his head. “We’re getting off topic. The point is, Lim Ara has a lot of eyes on her at the moment, which means there will be a lot of eyes on us if we sign her. This contract means a lot to the company, could even determine the future of this company.”
You roll your tongue around in your mouth, weighing your words. “And you think you’re in a position to determine whether the drafted contract is good enough?”
He quirks an eyebrow. “You seem to forget I’m the Head Design Exper--”
“How could I forget when you remind me all the damn time?” you scoff.
His jaw tightens. “Then you forget that, as the Head Design Expert, I work closely with clients to reach a desired outcome. I don’t do anything to their work without direct approval and I wouldn’t be the head of the department if I hadn’t gotten good at figuring out what they want. Nor would I have been chosen as your interim supervisor if I didn’t know what the fuck I’m doing.”
It’s the first time you’ve heard him swear on the job and you’re momentarily chastened, shock and something akin to awe coursing through your veins. You have to admit, you’re a little impressed. Apparently, you’d struck a that you’d like to strike again sometime. Maybe not now, of course, but in the future. It’s kind of interesting to see him this sure of himself, to see him pushed to the point of standing up to you.
You kind of wondered what it would take.
Apparently, questioning his efficiency at his job does the trick.
You push air through your lips, waving a hand in the air. “Fine, okay. Have at it, Temporary Boss Man. Let me know what you think or if you think there should be any changes.”
His gaze sharpens. “Of course. It’s my job.”
“Temporary job,” you grumble under your breath as you turn around.
The harsh click of his mouse tells you you hit the nerve again and you can’t help but feel a little giddy about it. Who knew it’d be so easy to get under Min Yoongi’s skin? It’s a nice change, to be the one driving him insane instead of the other way around.
With a smirk, you settle into your office chair, eyes drifting to your phone. Your mind drifts to the profile you’d seen, but you quickly push the thoughts away, instead focusing on finishing up your work in order to clock out on time. You can’t afford to be late tonight. After all, you have a date with Jimin to look forward to.
As if to spite you, Yoongi keeps you at work late, going over all the intricate details of a contract that’s not even final yet. By the end of the impromptu meeting, you’re livid. You still have a lot of details to discuss with the client, which is what the initial meeting with her and her agent is for. The contract you and Nabi drafted was simply a starting point to get the ball rolling. You, in no way, were going to present the standardized, basic contract as a final offering.
Feeling like you’re being criticized by a man who doesn’t even work in your department, you tear out of your seat with only minutes to get ready for your date with Jimin. Luckily for you, Nabi planned ahead and grabbed you a change of clothes during her lunch break -- something you could honestly kiss her for. You dress quickly in the employee bathrooms, applying what little makeup you can in only a few seconds, and head out of the building with little fanfare.
At least, you try to.
Of course, fate has other plans, landing you in the elevator with Min Yoongi on his way down to the parking garage. He side-eyes you, looking almost pleased by your disheveled state, and stifles a smile as he turns to face forward.
“Ah, right, you have your date with Jimin tonight,” he comments, the amusement clear in his tone.
You scowl at him. “You knew that already. We talked about it this morning.”
It had been a brief conversation, one that had seemed stilted and awkward, where Yoongi asked when your date was. When you’d said tonight, he hadn’t seemed all that surprised. If anything, it seemed like he already knew.
He probably did. After all, Jimin is his friend. Which makes him keeping you so late all the more aggravating.
His lips tug upward despite his best efforts to remain neutral and he eyes you again. “You look nice.”
You tense, waiting for the other shoe to drop. When he doesn’t continue, you wrinkle your nose at him. “What? No but to add to that sentence?”
He frowns, looking at you curiously. “Do you want there to be?”
You blink, feeling something like whiplash. Hadn’t he been insulting you just a few hours ago? Hadn’t he just made you feel like you were failing at your job even though you know exactly what you’re doing? Now, he’s saying you look nice?
Irritation lances through your veins. “I’d probably look nicer if you hadn’t kept me so late, going over a contract that didn’t even need to be gone over.”
He rolls his eyes to the ceiling. “I told you--”
“And I’m telling you, Min Yoongi, that I know what the hell I’m doing. Whether you like it or not, I’m good at what I do and just because the department put you in charge while Lena’s gone doesn’t mean I couldn’t do my job just as well without you.”
He stares at you. So long that it makes you feel like maybe you crossed a line. You don’t let it show though, keeping the anger and determination firmly on your face as you return his stare.
The elevator dings and he takes a step forward, startling you out of your stare-off. He leans around you and places his hand between the open doors. “Your stop, May.”
You blink quickly, once again feeling a little thrown, and stumble back a step. Your eyes flicker to the numbers above the door, zeroing in on the “L” that’s lit up. “R-right.”
He tilts his head, a hint of amusement crossing his irises. “Enjoy your date.”
Something in the way he says it seems off, but you don’t have the presence of mind or time to place it as you nod and scurry through the doors. Just as they’re about to close, you glance behind you, catching the slight flush of Yoongi’s cheeks.
With barely enough time to wonder what the hell that was, you glance at your phone to see you’ve only got a few minutes to meet up with Jimin. Cursing your luck, you rush through security and out the doors, leaving the weird events of the day behind.
You’ll deal with Min Yoongi later. For now, you have a date to get to.
Tumblr media
next (coming soon)
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joonslovergirl · 15 hours ago
“jerk or ____?” | ot7 x bestfriend!reader (yoongi focus)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— an: this is apart of my bestfriend!reader drabble thing i got going on in my drafts, and plus i just finished a big psychology essay (one where i analyzed sasuke uchiha’s character LOL) so this is my reward to myself before i rest soo — idk what this is, i’m just v v bored and this is my fav tiktok trend at the moment, it’s fcking hilarious
— genre: crack | focus: yoongi
— warnings / disclaimers: cursing is involved, reader is famous too — but not an idol, more of a western artist, so they have a shit ton of freedom in what they do/post
— likes & reblogs highly appreciated♡
Tumblr media
“YOONGI!” Said boy jumped from his chair at the sound of your voice and the door abruptly opening. He blinked a couple of times, taking in your appearance, but not letting the phone in your hand slide. This was the first time he had seen you in a while, and when he realized that it was you, he jumped up and immediately walked to you to pull you in a hug.
But of course, Yoongi should’ve known better than to do it right away, because all you did was stop him and take a step back. It wasn’t because you didn’t want to hug him, it was because you wanted his pure reaction to what you were about to make him do — or atleast try to do.
“What? Are you recording?” He immediately eyed the phone in your hand, flickering his gaze between you and the device. A small smirk made its way to your face, as you looked at him with a hint of mischief.
“Yup. I have a question for you, my dear Min Yoongi. Have I ever told you how much I loved you?” Now, Yoongi was nervous. You always reminded him how much you loved him when you: A) Wanted him to do something stupid or B) When he went to you to rant or C) When you were very emotional. By the sound of it, his best answer was A. You definitely wanted him to look like a fool. And as much as he wanted to kick you out, he’s not sure of the next time he’ll see you. So he’ll let it slide — just this time. Maybe.
“What is it ____? I haven’t seen you in a while and you’re already putting me up to something,” his arms were folded across his chest and it took everything in you to not look at his arms. Falling out of your trance, you remembered what you came to do.
“Yeah, yeah. I promise if you answer right, I’ll take you out to dinner — or leave you alone, which ever one at that.” He nodded slowly as he rose his brows to your phone. “Anyway, it’s a serious question, and quite frankly, a life-threatening one.”
“Can you just hurry and ask it already? You’re boring me out here,” you scoffed at his bored tone and threw him a playful look. Shaking your head, you switched to your phone’s camera and started recording. You almost let out a giggle at Yoongi’s stance.
“Would you rather Jerk or Die?” This confused Yoongi. Your tone was one that matched Namjoon’s when he was upset, so he wasn’t sure if this was a mere prank or if you were actually setting him up for death. He blinked into the camera a few times, before straightening himself. His eyes found yours, and for once, it was hard for him to read your expression.
“Uh? Jerk as in — like, jerking off?“ Now that had you dying of laughter. You’re sure that your laugh could be heard throughout the HYBE building, but you didn’t care. Maybe you should’ve been more clearer, simply because the boys aren’t on tiktok as much.
Yoongi stood still as you laughed, rolling his eyes at your playful aura. He was joyous to hear your laugh again, but he was gaining more irritated that he potentially just embarrassed himself.
“Alright, that’s my fault. I should’ve been more clearer. But jerk as in dancing,” You stood up, straightening yourself out as you refocused the camera. You giggled at Yoongi’s sudden breath of relief, shooting him a look of question.
“I think I’d rather die,” he sighed. “Is that all?”
Based on your bored facial expression, he already knew his answer. You huffed at him, clearly dissatisfied with his response. Is that all? No, idiot! I came here to see you jerk!
“Okay — would you rather jerk or stop making music?” You retaliated.
He scoffed again, before uncrossing his arms and turning away from you. He was heading back to his chair when —
“Okay fine. I just wanted to see you jerk!” With a pained tone, you exclaimed to him. “Thought it’d be funny,”
“That’s all you could’ve said, dummy.”
“Well there’s layers to this trend, dummy!” He turned back to you with a curious expression, causing you to sigh and stop recording. You opened TikTok on your phone, and made your way to his standing figure.
You had a couple of videos that showed the trend saved, and you opted showing him one that included him, in hopes he’d agree.
“See! It says ‘Jerk or Never listen to BTS again’! That’s the trend,” you explained. He let out a giggle at the video, shaking his head at how cute and funny ARMY can be. When he looked up, he was met with a small pout on your face.
“Fine, but you have to do a part as well. Why couldn’t you have done this with any of the other boys? I’m sure Hobi would’ve loved doing it.”
“I will — but I just got here and your studio was closest to the entrance. So, here I am.”
“Okay but one more thing. Yours has to be ‘Jerk or stop loving Min Yoongi’. And you better jerk your ass off!”
Within 30 seconds of posting it to your TikTok account, it was already all over the internet, and you even received a call from Hobi about it while you and Yoongi were eating lunch.
“YN ~! Okay, first off, when did you get here? Second, why did you choose Yoongi to do that trend with you? I would’ve loved it! And, I wouldn’t have made you pay for lunch!”
When Yoongi over heard Hobi’s voice, he couldn’t help but smirk at himself. He was glad for you to be back.
Tumblr media
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moonchild1 · 4 months ago
min yoongi fic rec list (Ⅱ)
Tumblr media
hello everyone here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics, please show lots of love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
a- angst s- smut f- fluff ❣- ultimate favourite
set me free by @myooniverse f s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
noise complaints by @sugasbabiie s a (neighbour au bad boy yoongi)
earn it by @sugasbabiie f s a (college professor yoongi) ❣
you, among the others by @inkofyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au college au) ❣
all the room in the world by @inkofyoongi f a (friends to lovers au)
the singularity theory by @dovechim s (college au) ft. Taehyung
catharsis by @dovechim s (roommate au)
does that make sense? by @floralseokjin s a (college au) ❣
aquiver by @floralseokjin f s a (idol au) ❣
undo by @yoonia s a (past lovers au post break au yoongi's pov) ❣
little do you know by @yoonia f s a (established relationship au possessive yoongi)
carousel by @yoonia s a (arranged marriage au) ❣
quirofilia by @minyfic f s (producer yoongi tutor reader)
snafu by @minyfic f (enemies to lovers au)
need to know by @minyfic f s a (sugar daddy yoongi) ❣
love roulette by @whatifyoulivelikethat f s (friends to lovers au)
backstage by @wwilloww s (idol au) ❣
noise complaints by @jkstompers s (neighbour au)
the raindrop prelude by @inktae f a (pianist au)
taxi by @honeyedhoseok s (friends to lovers au)
playing with fire by @houseofdemi-blog f s a (fake dating au) ❣
bonseong breakfast by @honeymoonjin f s a
strike a chord by @snackhobi s ❣
kiss it better by @jeojahari f a (enemies to lovers au college au)
tesselation by @grinnieyoongi f s (idol au)
somebody else by @jeonqukie s a (unrequited love au friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung ❣
la douleur exquise by @junqkook s a (soulmate au unrequited love au ) ft. Seokjin ❣
playing with fire by @hollyxqx s a (idol au enemies to lovers au) ❣
scary love by @lysjeon s a
the equation of love by @kookingtae f s a (college au professor yoongi student reader) ❣
when the power goes out by @inkjam-moon f s (established relationship au) ❣
what am I to you? by @tayegi
all too well by @cupofteaguk s a (idol au exes au make up artist au) ❣
bad boys bring it to you by @yuengi s (tattoo artist yoongi)
Till I Met You Again by @streetlight11​ f a (soulmate au university au enemies to lovers au) ❣
let me love you by @meanyoongi f s a (enemies to lovers au) ❣
MicroWave by @btsmakesmehappy f s a (neighbour au agent yoongi)
First love by @clouditae f s a (college au tattoo artist au) ❣
americano kisses by @sunshinejunghoseokie f a (friends to lovers au coffee shop au)
34+35 by @hobiandsprite s (friends to lovers au friends with benefits au)
love language by @gukslut f s a (couple au) ❣
easy rebound by @ditzymax s a (college au) ❣
the back of your car by @joheun-saram f s (college au friends to lovers au)
miss dial by @versigny f s a (fratboy au) ❣
sugar and spice by @agustdjoon f s a (sugar daddy yoongi student reader)
love like that by @mintseesaw f (doctor au established relationship au)
stuck by @joonscypher a (arranged marriage au chaebol au) ❣
matchmaker by @suhdays f a (wedding au christmas au it's told through jungkook's pov)
heart haunting by @jamaisjoons f s a (angst okay you will probably cry but other than that it's a really good read) ❣
anyone but the groom by @yoonjinkooked f s a (based on the movie the wedding planner) ❣
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yoonpobs · 3 months ago
back-burner | myg
Tumblr media
sometimes you felt like you were the back-burner of a two-decade-long friendship. how could you ever compete?
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister's best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, sorta frenemies?to lovers!au, angst, *slow burn*, smut, fluff
WARNINGS. one-sided pining (?), longing, sibling jealousy, insecurities, miscommunication, family trauma (it's not as bad as it sounds!!!), explicit language, eventual smut, eventual fluff, MAJOR ANGST, sexual harassment, mentions of poor mental health, alcohol as a coping mechanism (minor), mentions of poor health, neglecting one's health [warnings to be added!!!]
STATUS completed
Tumblr media
BACK-BURNER PLAYLIST made by the lovely @purest-expressionofgrief
Tumblr media
01: drunk words can get you in trouble
02: some shine brighter than the rest but it gets dark sometimes
03: use your words
04: just for tonight, you'll try to forget
05: you give and you give until you have nothing left for people to take
06: you were a fire, and you burnt anything that came in your way
07: what you know, isn't always the truth
08: hidden conversations and truths
09: how much would you let yourself go?
10: two broken hearts
11: you were the sun; he'd burn to keep himself close
12: what is free, will sometimes hurt
13: do it for you, if not for anyone else
14: when one door closes, another one opens
15: [epilogue] to begin; again
Tumblr media
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keisl0vergirl · a month ago
REACTION : BTS reacting to you being “cancelled” for ridiculous reasons
Tumblr media
pairings : OT7 x reader (separate)
genre : fluff, slight angst??
warnings : mentions of online hate
authors note : notice how twitter is a recurring theme in all of them? yeah.
Tumblr media
KIM SEOKJIN — Smiling at another member
this all started when jin went on vlive and showed the BTS of their recent music video
he invited you to join and of course, you said yes
when you got there jin was busy ranting about his makeup so you decided to let him be
taehyung was on his phone in the back and you went over to greet him
however, when you did you smiled
now it wasn’t anything special
just a normal smile . like :) not ;)
after finally getting jins attention, he showed you to the fans and gave you a hug
nothing out of the ordinary
but when you got home you checked your phone and saw your twitter was blowing up
apparently a fan made an innocent edit of your interaction with tae during the live
and it got blown out of proportion
now you were being accused of cheating on jin???
and with taehyung of all people???
you didn’t bother engaging in it so you turned off your phone and went about with your day
when dating someone as famous as jin, it wasn’t surprising to see this
however jin thought otherwise
he was furious
it wasn’t the first time something like this had happened
he raced over to your house expecting you to be in tears about the accusations and hate you were receiving
but when he burst through the door he saw you watching Netflix and eating some food you had just ordered
“jin?? what are you doing here? is something wrong?”
“aah, nothing is wrong.” he gave you a nervous smile
“uh okayy… do you want some?”
he joined you, also ignoring his phone
but don’t get it confused
he still posted a picture of you and him making cute faces on twitter and weverse
“MY love <333”
MIN YOONGI — Walking away from paparazzi when you had something to do
with yoongi you had a private relationship for roughly 5 months before it was exposed
yoongi was mad about the weird comments you got
but they slowed down after a while
your personal life was invaded quite a bit but you didn’t mind
it was something you got used to rather quickly
but that didn’t mean you liked being on camera
even if it was one of the boys recording, you would try your hardest to stay out of the frame
making it clear that the recording life wasn’t for you
at all.
so when you came out of a store on your way to your mothers house and saw reporters and paparazzi outside…
you already knew what was going to happen
once they caught sight of you
they went feral
“miss y/n what do you have to say about BTS’s recent song?” “how’s your relationship with yoongi?” “did you hear about the rumours? yoongi was sighted getting cosy with another woman. do you have anything to say about it?”
of course you heard the rumours but there was nothing to be angry or upset about
you completely trusted yoongi and everyone knew he was head over heels for you
“u-uh… sorry but i have somewhere i need to be, im sorry” you smiled and scuffled off to your car
you could hear the distant shouts as you drove away
but you didn’t think anything of it
3 hours later and yoongi wouldn’t stop calling you
he wasn’t in the country so it was lowkey concerning
“hey, what’s up?” “you haven’t seen what they’re saying on twitter?” “what? no. you know i don’t use twitter.”
he sighed, shuffling heard from his line
“….why? is everything okay?”
“yeah. it’s just… people were saying some stuff about you running away from the reporters earlier.”
“don’t worry i have people dealing with it right now.” he grumbled
a smile printed itself on your lips, “it’s okay, honestly. as long as you’re good, im fine.”
there was a distant shout from the other side of the phone, something along the lines of practice and being late
“ah y/n i have to go but i’ll call you later. i love you.”
“i love you too, have fun.”
“will do.”
JUNG HOSEOK — Pranking him
something that kept you and hoseoks relationship exciting was the pranks you often pulled on one another
it was a war he started and wouldn’t let end
the pranks varied from feeding each other extremely salty foods to randomly making the water in the shower freezing cold
the last prank he pulled on you resulted in you having to give multiple flower stores large boxes of flowers
he had hired someone to drop off 10,000 roses in your house
a “romantic” gesture as he called it
you let it peacefully pass and moved on
until he began complaining about his hair dye washing out
you swear you could hear heaven singing
an opportunity handed directly to you
so you bought some pink hair dye and waited for him to leave the house, eventually mixing it in with his usual shampoo
said shampoo was conveniently purple so the colour difference wasn’t too noticeable
hoseok showered and boom.
came out looking pretty <33 with his new hair
he wasn’t particularly angry about it, more shocked that you managed to pull it off
but once the shock wore off, you could tell he loved it
it wasn’t the reaction you was initially going for but hey
seeing him cheesing made you cheese
“y/niee this is cuteeee”
he pulled out his phone and took selfies ready to showcase his new hairstyle to the world
deciding on twitter, he posted a selfie with the caption “my y/n pranked me ;(( #newhair<3 #ilookgood”
this wasn’t the first time your prank war was mentioned online, the topic coming up in a run!bts episode months ago
but when the fans saw what you did, they were livid
with the hashtags he added you would think people wouldn’t take it so seriously
but damn
you and hoseok didn’t take the hate personally
people always had something to say and blocking it out was easier than engaging in it
he wanted to post another tweet defending you but you told him no
silly comments weren’t going to ruin your one free day with your boyfriend
“hoseok, babe, trust me it’s not that bad. hate doesn’t affect me, never has and never will”
he stared at you with hearts in his eyes
everything you did was so admirable to him
“it’s my fault, i wanna help”
“you can help by making dinner while i find a movie for us to watch”
“yes ma’am” he gave you a heart warming smile and tight hug before scurrying off to the kitchen
KIM NAMJOON — Calling out the people who were stalking you
now it may seem like you caused this
but really it wasn’t your fault
you were going about your day, as usual
then you noticed a group of girls look at their phones and point at you
it wasn’t odd, but it didn’t make it feel any better
they didn’t even care to whisper so you heard everything about they said
from being namjoons girlfriend to hoping to find out where you live incase namjoon, or anyone for that matter, was visiting you
walking on and praying they would lose sight of you, you continued doing what you was doing
but it was clear that they weren’t planning on letting you go
eventually you managed to get some help from a security guard who noticed them following you
instead of ignoring the issue
like always
you went to twitter to peacefully express your thoughts
“hey guys, i know you don’t mean anything bad by it but i’d really like it if people stopped following me when im doing personal things. it’s not a nice feeling to hear people talk about exposing my private life for no reason. again I’m not mad, but please stop <33.”
within minutes, your tweet blew up setting off a chain reaction of hate
“she goes out with someone famous and automatically thinks she’s famous🤣🤣. girl byeeee” 1.56K likes, 459 Retweets, 619 Replies
you groaned and moved on, not wanting to dwell on it for too long
namjoon was also unaware of what you posted until yoongi texted him the tweet
once he saw the replies, he was ready to pop off
but as the leader, he was always expected to keep a calm head and leave a good impression on people
so he called you, letting your calm demeanour replace the fury he previously felt
once he knew you weren’t hurt and made arrangements for you to stay at the dorms for a couple of days, he went to weverse to express his feelings
“Please respect Y/N’s privacy. I know you all want to meet her and get to know her but please respect her boundaries.”
of course many comments were deleted after namjoons post and you received more support than ever
PARK JIMIN — Being too busy to go on vlive
people always wondered how you and jimins relationship survived
it’s like your schedules were made to clash
when you have a free week, jimin would be on tour or busy with photoshoots/concerts. when he had a free week, you would be swarmed with work
it was like a match made in hell
but you somehow made it work
when the public found out about one of the most loved bts boys being in a relationship, they were in need of seeing who this person was
eventually they met you and things were alright
until jimins birthday rolled around
fans were pressuring you to join his birthday live
even after you said that you would be busy
now you didn’t say busy with work (because you were planning a getaway weekend for just you and jimin)
but the internet assumed otherwise
and of course, you were accused of pushing him to the side
one account even posted clips of you “prioritising” the other boys over him
like what??
you didn’t even know you were getting hate until you overheard the boys talking about you
“i don’t think she knows, i haven’t seen her look at her phone all day.” jungkook chuckled
“yeah she hasn’t seen it, we all know she would’ve went off if she did” jin smiled
“seen what?” you butted in, more confused than worried
“people are saying that you don’t really like jimin, you only want his fame and clout” namjoon cautiously mumbled
“hm, that’s nice” you walked away
“oh no”
you were ready to get your phone and fight fire with even hotter fire
but when you heard jimin mention you on his celebration vlive, you paused
“"are you upset that y/n was too busy with work to celebrate your birthday?" who said she was busy with work? she’s trying to plan a surprise for me and keep it a secret, but im smarter than her so i know everything” he giggled, knowing you would argue about his last comment
but hey, maybe you didn’t need to say anything after all
KIM TAEHYUNG — Dying your hair and accidentally matching with another member
this had to be one of the weirdest experiences you’ve been through
it started when you woke up and got tired of your natural black hair, wanting something more exciting
after contemplating, you decided on a cute lighter brown
it had been a while since you saw the boys in person so this would be a nice surprise for them all
especially tae, he always got hyped when you changed your hair but this would be your first time dying it
after purchasing the dye, you carefully followed the instructions, being extra cautious when you got to your roots
but you succeeded and was pleased with the results
[type 1 : curly] [type2 : straight]
you left your natural hair in a puff, not applying any extra products as your head was still sensitive
you meet up with the guys and it’s safe to say that they were shocked
but in a good way
tae had screamed and chased you when he caught a glimpse of the new hair
he squeezed the life out of you once he caught up to you
even after he let everyone greet you, he couldn’t take his eyes off of you
basically hypnotised by your beauty
it was jungkook who first made the connection to you matching with hoseok
after joking about it you all disregarded the topic and tae took you to the side to take selfies with you
(ones he couldn’t stop looking at when he left the city for a couple of days)
he posted two on weverse (one of you two and one with everyone) and left it as that
until someone decided to zoom in and crop you next to hoseok, tweeting “they’re matching hair colours?? isn’t that a couple thing???”
the tweet gained a lot of traction because it came from a user with a relatively large following
eventually it was trending and almost everyone was talking about it
however the rumours didn’t last long considering everyone knew that you were taehyungs soulmate
but even that didn’t stop a flood of hate comments coming your way
it’s pretty clear that taehyung doesn’t have an issue with expressing his emotions about certain situations
his post on weverse said it all
JEON JUNGKOOK — Listening to a Kpop song from another band
jungkook decided to do quick vlive in his hotel when you were still in the room, chilling on his bed
he knew people missed talking to him so he was excited to talk to ARMY and see what was going on
it was a normal live, he would sometimes check on you to see if you needed anything but nothing too interesting
you were scrolling on tiktok with your airpods in, not wanting to impose too much
a tiktok with the song love shot by exo popped up and you quietly sang along in background, not realising that jungkook had turned his attention back to you
he smiled at your voice, “she has a pretty voice, right? she doesn’t like it when i say it but im sure she can’t ignore ARMY :)”
well people took notice in your voice
not specifically your voice but the song you were singing
apparently, singing a song from a band that was a rival to your boyfriend’s was a crime
the tweets came the second jk ended the live
one of the hate comments even came from an account that followed and posted exo
in all honesty it wasn’t that big of a deal, more ridiculous than angering
jungkook still took the time to get the tweets deleted and reported
as he should .
Tumblr media
© 2021 all rights reserved.
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minyfic · 21 days ago
mortalised: dawn - MYG
Tumblr media
↣ despite the ups and downs, it’s nothing like what you and Yoongi have been through before, all that matters is the love you have for him, but you’re yet to find out if he feels the same.
01 - 02 - 03
Tumblr media
pairing — dilf!yoongi x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, angst, bff2l
word count — 10K
warnings/tags — strong language, new-ish relationship, domestic yoongs, y/n just being whipped for hot dad yoongi, insecurities, possessive y/n, hand kink, dom!yoongi, explicit smut — light BDSM themes, dirty talk, breast kink, nipple play, semi-public action, finger sucking, oral (f), fingering, edging, nipple clamps, biting/scratching, hickeys, praise kink, doggy style, hair pulling, rough sex, unprotected sex, creampie
a/n — I’ve been writing a lot of angst these days & I just wanted something sweet. I mean I couldn’t avoid the angst here either but enjoy dad yoongs.
If someone told you a few years ago, that you’d be sitting next to Min Yoongi, his arm snug around your shoulder, tucked into his side, sharing a bowl of fruit, love, that isn’t platonic, budding in your heart, you would’ve told them that they’re crazy. Because he’s your best friend and nothing more. Yet, today, he’s all that and more. The serendipitous love of your life. You’re grateful that you didn’t settle for anything less than the standards society would class as “unattainable,” because all along, Yoongi was the man you envisioned.
You watch him press his thumb into the skin of his second tangerine, brows furrowed as if it were an intricate task requiring every bit of your attention. He tilts his head to look at you and yours snaps forward, suddenly shy after his eyes are on you.
He proffers two segments of the fruit to which you decline with a shake of your head, reconnecting your fingers once they’re free. Snuggling closer to his side, your eyes drift to the documentary on the TV, but your mind is occupied by lachrymose thoughts. You don’t know what you would do without Yoongi. Life would be dull and dreary. He won’t hurt you, but the sudden thought that he could walk out of your life at any moment causes your heartrate to speed up. It’s unlike you to think this way, but it’s also unlike you to feel these overwhelming emotions for someone.
You yearn to crawl up into his chest and build a home in his enormous heart, not a single thought of you ever leaving. Tangle your soul with his, your breaths forming one. It frustrates you that you can’t be closer to him, that the press of your skin to his is where it stops. He showers you with his love and affections, but you can’t grasp the nag in your chest. He is a hefty part of your soul, and you won’t let go of the fizz in your stomach if he could so much as graze the skin of your palm with his own.
“What’s wrong?”
Lifting your head to stare up at him, his relaxed gaze on your face, citrusy breath fanning across your lips, you shrug, tightening your hold around his waist.
He chuckles, “it seems like you’ve been trying to drain the life from my body for the past two hours and you aren’t even watching the show.”
You swallow, three words that have been prickling the tip of your tongue recently threatening to jump out of your throat when he runs his fingers through the hair at the back of your neck, peppering feather-light kisses on your cheeks.
“Nothing,” you lie, nudging his nose with your own before you refocus on the screen, an attempt to have him do the same. Which he doesn’t. Like you expected.
“If you’re nervous about tomorrow,” he begins, straightening his posture before sliding his palm across your back, “it’s okay. You haven’t seen Yura in a long time and now that we’re together, it’ll be different.”
You inhale a shaky breath, laughing softly, “I guess I am a bit nervous. I don’t know how she’ll react since she knows that you and I have been best friends. Just friends.”
He nods, “well, we won’t tell her straight away.”
“Of course.”
“I already told Rika.”
Your eyebrows shoot up, “you did?”
“Yeah,” he smiles, “she said that she expected it to happen.”
You blink, knowing that Yoongi took her words the wrong way since she used to be insecure in college when it came to their relationship. But you respected her boundaries.
“Don’t stress too much, okay? You were like Yura’s first mum before Rika decided to show up.”
Grinning to yourself at the memory of her tiny hands in your own, you press your cheek to Yoongi’s chest and nod, knowing that there’s nothing you should be worried about.
He whispers your name, “hey.”
“I was thinking…”
You raise your head to look at him again after hearing the hesitance in his voice, seeing the way he doesn’t meet your gaze yet still keeps his arms firm around your back.
“Maybe we should start sleeping with separate blankets.”
Your eyebrows crease in confusion, “what?”
He shrugs, “no, because you wrap yourself up in the covers and I’m left out in the cold!”
You jump away from him, clearly offended, “I do not!”
“Yes you do,” he pouts, an accusing finger pointed in your direction.
“Fine,” you huff, “but you literally take up more than half of the space when you come onto my side!”
He switches off the TV and rises to his feet, tugging you down the hall with him, “I don’t. It’s the only way I can get warm with you hogging the blanket!”
You roll your eyes, letting him drag you into the bathroom. What a bizarre request, especially from him. His hands find their way inside your sleepshirt every night and you need to remind him that he does not need to be your human bra. You’ll see how long it’ll last.
He gets the shower running while you pull off your dress and step out of your panties, taking his hand as he helps you into the shower. The heated stream of water cascades down your body, beating against your aching spine that’s been under a lot of pressure with you sitting at your computer for more than ten hours a day.
You watch him toss your clothes into the laundry basket, soaping up the shower gel in your hands before lathering your chest and stomach.
“Sure you don’t want to join me?”
He spins around and his eyes fall to your soapy boobs immediately, pink lips parted.
“Nah,” he clears his throat, scratching the back of his head, “I have to prepare dinner.”
“We have enough time before dinner,” you grin, running your hands down your sides. He gave in the last time, and you know that he won’t need much persuasion if the thick outline of his bulge is anything to go by, veins rippling in his forearms as he clenches and unclenches his fists.
His shoulders sag, groaning as he pulls the white T-shirt over his head and charges into the shower. You giggle, falling against his wet chest. Heart beating thunderously when he captures your lips in a wet, sloppy kiss, greedy hands massaging your ass.
“You do this every time,” he breathes, grazing the column of your throat with his lips.
“Are you complaining?”
You tilt your head back for his access, grabbing at his slippery shoulders, gasps joining the steam. He chuckles, deep voice rumbling through you to collect in your core. A quiet moan leaps from your throat when he pinches your nipple, palm cupping the flesh.
“Not at all.”
Tumblr media
Skipping around the piles of boxes in the lounge, you snatch your bag off the counter and make your way to Yoongi who taps his foot impatiently, clearly annoyed by your sluggishness.
“Don’t want to be late for our flight,” he replies, placing a hand on the small of your back to usher you through the door.
You snort, “we have more than an hour left before our flight, and I wanted to do some shopping before we leave. What is Yura into these days?”
He steps ahead of you to open the passenger side door, looking up to the sky before answering.
“Slime, I think. We’ll have to be quick. In and out.”
Buckling yourself in, you see him jog to the driver’s side, dark hair covered by his cute lil baker boy hat. You hum to yourself, ogling his muscular arms as he clicks in his seatbelt and switches on the engine.
He’s sporting that smile. The one he has on each time he knows that you’re drooling over him. His tongue pokes out of his lip as he grips the steering wheel with his left hand, twirling it this way and that with the heel of his palm, flaunting his long, ring-clad fingers. His free hand reaches over to grip at your thigh, veins protruding with the movement, the cool silver burning into your meat. He’s also very aware of how much you appreciate his pretty, skilled fingers. Your heart skips a beat when he shoots you a gummy smile over his shoulder, throwing in a knowing wink.
“So, are you ready?”
You stare at your hands, “mhm.”
After months of him taking time off to spend every weekend at your place, you’ve finally decided to take him up on his offer. To live with him and Yura. Regarding your job, you’ve made all the necessary arrangements with your firm after informing them that you would be relocating. You used that excuse whenever Yoongi would ask, but it was your own doubts that prevented you from moving in with him.
“I’d have to check out my new office, get everything settled there first.”
“Yep, but other than things at work, I’m excited for you to live with us. Finally together as a family,” he beams, thumb doodling circles on your skin.
A family. Your insides feel like cotton.
He wraps an arm around your waist as you step inside the bustling mall, drapes of green, red, and gold hanging across the walls.
“They got the Christmas decorations out already,” you giggle, pointing to the twinkling lights in the shape of an elf hanging overhead.
“Yeah…It just hit me that this would be our first Christmas together,” he waggles his brows, “as a couple.”
You chuckle emptily, “yeah. My first Christmas where I’m in a relationship.”
He nudges your hip with his, “that’s your fault.”
Gaze darting from his eyes to his lips, you speak around a smirk, “thank God I didn’t lower my standards.”
He sucks in his lower lip, glancing at the crowd of people passing by before pulling away, keeping you in stride with him. You watch his jaw clench, hand pressing into your side while you’re cheering internally because you love teasing him, especially when you know he can’t do anything about it…right now.
He clears his throat, steering you in the direction of the toy store, “let’s go there.”
The fluorescents blind you momentarily as you step into the colossal space, shelves lined with vibrant packaging that’d have any kid losing their mind. Yoongi decides to visit the aisle towards the left while you make your way to the section of the store that houses variations of slime and clay. You have no idea where to start but you know that you want Yura to like the gift, so you go big. Inspecting the slime kits that sit high up on the shelf.
Satisfied with your choice, you make your way through the aisles, searching for Yoongi when you spot him standing beside the musical instruments. His arms are folded as he speaks animatedly to a woman wearing a blue T-shirt with an image of a giraffe on the back. Probably one of the store’s assistants. You watch him throw his head back in laughter and you take a step forward to hide behind a stack of dolls, head tilted in their direction.
“Oh my, so she’s six? I can’t believe it, you look like you’re in your early twenties,” she squeaks, leaning against the shelf with her elbow propped up on the edge.
You scoff when Yoongi laughs again, clearly charmed by her flattery.
“Thank you. She’s just the best.”
“Most single parents don’t have time for other things. Like the gym and…” Her beady eyes are set on his arms, and you can tell he’s flexing when he shifts his weight from one foot to the other.
He smiles, “not really a single parent anymore.”
“Oh? So you’re not single?” She fishes, her pitch lowering which has you gritting your teeth. A part of you is somehow afraid to hear his answer. Would he say that he is single when he isn’t?
You make your presence known by stepping around the pile and hooking your arm into Yoongi’s, holding the kit in front of his face.
“This looks nice. What do you think?”
You don’t miss the way his eyes widen a fraction when he sees you.
“Mhm, she’ll like it,” he nods frantically.
Holding the packaging next to your hip, you force your lips to curve upwards in the direction of the wide-eyed woman who glances between you and Yoongi. He dips his head as you pass her to make your way to the tills. His face remains stolid all the way to the car and your stomach twists when he doesn’t open the car door for you like he usually would. Your head feels like it’s overheating with your pessimistic thoughts that are so far-fetched, yet you can’t help yourself.
Keeping your gaze on the window, your reflection stares back at you, nail caught between your teeth. You flinch when he touches your thigh again, he yanks his hand away.
“What’s wrong?”
You whip your head around to offer him a smile, “what? Nothing’s wrong.”
He blinks, chewing on his lower lip before averting his gaze to the rear-view mirror and reversing out of the parking.
You’re embarrassed to hear your own thoughts. In the past, you haven’t felt this territorial for anyone before. To the point where your hands tremble and your heart is caught in your throat.
Your eyebrows pinch together when he parks off under the shade, still in the mall’s parking lot.
“What? We’re gonna be late for our flight,” you worry, turning to see him unclick his seatbelt.
“We’ve been friends long enough for me to know when something’s on your mind,” he begins, voice gentle, eyes lit by the sunlight that fills the car, “what’s wrong?”
You purse your lips, blood rushing to your face, “nothing.”
He sighs, tugging your hand into his lap, “if you’re nervous ab—”
“I’m not nervous,” you huff, melting under his coaxing gaze.
“Then tell me what’s wrong, please.”
“It’s dumb.”
“I don’t think it would d be dumb if it’s coming from you.”
“Yes it is.”
“Just tell me.”
“I swear to God, if you don’t tell me—”
“I saw you talking to that girl from that toy shop!”
His lips tilt into a frown, “so?”
“See,” you mutter, “told you it was dumb. Can we go now?”
“No,” he argues, “no we cannot go now.”
You lean against the headrest, shooting him a painful frown.
He smirks, leaning in closer to you, “you’re jealous.”
“Am not.”
“Yes, you are.”
He reaches over and unclicks your seatbelt while you’re resisting the urge to jump out of the car and walk all the way home.
“Never seen you like this before,” he husks, poking a finger under your chin to turn your head.
“Like what?”
You groan, glancing at the sky to avoid his teasing gaze, “I’m not.”
He rests a hand on your shoulder, lips brushing the shell of your ear, “you know, it’s been really difficult for me to pay attention to anything else with that see-through dress of yours.”
Your eyes go as large as saucers, head snapping down to see your red bra, taunting you through the white material of your dress.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
He grins, “I only noticed when we were out of the house.”
“This wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t rush me this morning!” You whine, cheeks flushing to match the shade of your underwear.
“But,” he presses his forehead to your cheek, unbuttoning your dress. You catch his wrist, breaths quickening when you notice his blown-out pupils. He breaks out of your hold and continues to spread open the fabric of your flimsy dress.
“Yoongi, someone will see us.”
To your horror, he pulls down the cups of your bra and begins to encircle your left nipple with his thumb. You hold your fist up to his chest, fighting off the sensation.
“Remember when we talked about the fantasies we had in college,” he reminds, watching how your back arches when he takes your nipple between his thumb and forefinger, “the ones we couldn’t fulfil because of all our responsibilities.”
Your tongue darts out to graze his cupid’s bow, eyes slipping shut, slick pooling in your panties, “mhm.”
“Sucking your pretty tits till you cum was one of mine,” he growls, holding up your mounds to press into his face before his lips latch onto one, tongue and teeth plucking the skin while his hand works your other nipple.
You moan, threading your fingers into his hair and pushing your chest into his face. By now, Yoongi knows just the right angle and speed to have your pussy aching for his cock, fingers pinching your areola while his middle finger flicks your pebbled nipple, spit dripping down your skin as he sucks noisily. He groans into your skin, peering up at you with hooded eyes when you whimper and your hips jut into the air, the ache between your legs becoming unbearable.
His tongue slides from one nipple to the other and you know that if he could suck both your tits at once he would.
“Please,” you whimper, sweat building between your thighs as you continue to rub them together when he holds you down with one hand, the other pinches and twists your heated nipple.
Your eyes crack open when he takes your nipple between his teeth and draws his head back, a choked moan breaking into the air. His tongue darts out to soothe the burn, index and middle finger rubbing your erect bud rapidly. You fit your hand between your legs, crying out at the friction against your pulsating clit.
He pulls away with a lewd pop, glossy lips sliding along the line of your jaw, stopping on your lips to place a lingering kiss while he catches both your hands and holds it up over your head. You yelp when it hits the roof of his car, breaths mangled. He lands two smacks to each of your nipples, your pussy clenches with the buzz that surges through you.
“Did I say you could touch yourself?”
You shake your head, speaking against his lips, “n-no.”
He sinks teeth into the skin of your shoulder, fondling your breasts with renewed fervor as you throw your head back and relax under his touch, quiet moans spilling from your lips. The twinge between your thighs builds when he returns to immobilizing washes of his tongue against your nipple, swirling around your flesh, keeping your hands high above your head while you gasp and twitch with the building pressure in your abdomen.
You’ve never had an orgasm from nipple stimulation before, and you did think about it since the Yoongi has you blabbering with the pleasure from just his tongue and fingers on your nipples. The tingles travel across each of your limps, nails digging into the back of his hand as you find yourself nearing the edge. But it’s still not enough, you writhe against the leather, hot and wet. Clit pulsing, more and more of your arousal seeping though your hole.
“Yoongi. I—” you shiver as he suctions your nipple into his mouth, nails pressing into your abused skin. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, sparks shooting along your spine, flying over the edge with his ministrations. White dots spot behind your lids, unable to bite down the weak moans as he helps you ride out your high, swirling the tip of his tongue.
You spasm with pants of his name, laying limp as if he sucked the life out of you and the accomplished smile he gives you would have one thinking that he did. Wiping his bottom lip with his thumb. He readjusts your bra and buttons up your dress. Raising your hips when he pats your thigh, you’re too exhausted to fight back for your underwear, seeing him stuff it into his sweatpants pocket.
“You can rest on the flight, kay?”
Tumblr media
The short rest during your flight did nothing to lessen your lethargy. For some reason, you feel even more worn out than before, but Yoongi looks fresh and energized. And you find yourself questioning if he really did drain every ounce of your energy earlier today. He wheels over your luggage to the front door while you’re admiring the new exterior of his home. It’s been a while since you visited and you’re trying to remember the last time when the front door swings open and a girl, you almost don’t recognize, rushes toward Yoongi and leaps into his arms.
“Dad! I missed you so much!”
He coddles her to his chest, lifting her off the ground and kissing the top of her head.
“I missed you too! Look who I brought this time,” he gestures to where you stand on the steps and Yura, just as she did earlier, skips toward you and wraps her arms around your shoulders when you bend down to receive her hug.
Some might say it’s disrespectful, but Yura grew up hearing her dad call you by your name, so she does the same. Much cuter.
You pinch her cheeks, “as if I thought you couldn’t get any prettier! And taller! You’re gonna overtake your dad soon.”
She giggles, her eyes creasing in a way that reminds you of her mother. Yoongi exhales a dry laugh at your comment.
“I’m so happy dad brought you this time,” she bubbles, fitting her small hand in yours as you walk through the door, “are you staying forever? Mum said you’re staying forever.”
“No, sweetheart. Not this time,” you smile, swinging your hands back and forth, “I came over to spend the week with you and then the next time I come over will be forever!”
She squeals, “yay! I like your bag.”
You pat the plush material of your Louis Vuitton, “thank you. You can have it if you want.”
“Really? Dad bought one for mom too, but she said it’s not for little girls when I asked,” she pouts, tugging you toward the kitchen.
“Oh, he did? Well, you can use mine whenever you like.” You bought this bag yourself, not like you needed Yoongi to buy it for you.
When you enter the kitchen, you’ve always envied, a mouth-watering aroma fills your nostrils. Rika has her hand on Yoongi’s back.
“Hey,” you announce, walking around the counter to hug Rika who grips your elbows to survey your face.
“You look tired.”
You laugh, “it’s been a while.”
“Mum, she said that she’s not staying over forever this time,” Yura jumps onto the bar stool, “you lied.”
You set your bag down and watch Yoongi empty the contents of the grocery bags, stocking up the refrigerator.
“I didn’t lie,” Rika argues, stirring up whatever stew is in the pot, “I just told you what your father told me. How have you been?”
“Been good, what about you?”
She sighs, “alright, I guess.”
Yoongi points his eyes to the back of her head, and you laugh, remembering what he said about his ex taking any opportunity to complain about her miserable life.
“It’s nice of you to take care of Yura during the weekends,” you nod, sitting the little girl on your lap and combing your fingers through her hair.
“I have to. Otherwise Yoongi will kick me out,” she laughs bitterly, placing her arm on Yoongi’s back again.
You blink, “what do you mean?”
Yoongi disappears down the hallway with your luggage and you’re left with Rika and her overlined eyebrows that appear as if she’s always judging you. Which she most probably is.
“Yoongi didn’t tell you?”
You shake your head in confusion.
“I’m living here until I can sort things out at my job.”
“Oh. That’s nice.”
You wonder why Yoongi didn’t provide that important detail. Since he goes on and on about how irresponsible she is.
“You mean until you find a job,” Yoongi interjects, re-entering the kitchen and washing his hands.
She shrugs, “anyway, are you joining us for dinner?”
Yoongi scoffs, “what kind of a question is that? Of course, she is.”
“Come on Yura. Let’s help dad set the table,” you peck her cheek before jumping off the stool to wash your hands.
Dinner rolls by with Yura’s passionate talk about her slime collection, Yoongi and Rika’s discussion about Yura’s schooling and the quiet clattering of your spoon against the bowl. Rika has always been a good cook, the flavor reminds you of Yoongi’s own stew. Yura excuses herself from the table to show you something amazing while you’re left to endure Rika’s narcissistic talk of how she has no time for herself since she started living with her daughter.
“She loves spending time with you. What would you do if you spent four years of your life hearing stories about your mother and then she finally pitches up?”
Rika says nothing, shockingly, head hung low between her shoulders.
“Ta-da,” Yura thrusts a hand in your direction, a cockatiel sitting in her tiny palms, hopping around.
“Oh my God. It’s so cute! What’s her name?”
She giggles, smoothing her index finger over its feathers, “it’s a he! His name is Pikachu.”
You coo, watching the fluffy, yellow bird chirp around when she sets it on the table between your placemats. You’re taking a sip of water when Yura calls your name, big eyes on your face.
“Yes, sweetheart?”
“Am I going to have two mothers now?”
The question catches you off guard and you turn to Yoongi for help, Rika’s remains silent, an impassive expression on her face.
“Rika is your mother,” Yoongi says, “but she is not my…partner.”
Her lips purse, chubby fingers pointing at you, “she’s your partner?”
He nods, a small smile ghosting his lips, “yep.”
Her head cocks to the side, tone accusing, “then why did I see you kiss mum that day?”
You refuse to look at Yoongi, suddenly developing the skill to mask your emotions, waiting patiently for his answer.
“We…that was not—”
Rika sniggers, “come on, let’s go bath while dad cleans up here.”
“I’ll come say goodnight!” She waves, while you put on your brightest smile, the legs of the chair scraping against the tile.
You can see Yoongi tail you into the kitchen in the reflection of the mirror placed near the lounge, rushing to catch up with you. Turning on the tap, you scrub down the oil from the dishes and throw the waste into the bag, anything to occupy your mind and your hands. You feel him touch your arm.
“That was a long time ago,” he mumbles, propping his chin on your shoulder, arms snaking around your waste.
You shrug him off and spin around, biting down on the skin of your cheek, “can we not talk here?”
He nods, socked feet padding across the tile as he takes you to the guest room. You sit down at the edge of the bed, eyes on your luggage that’s placed behind the door which he closes behind you and makes his way to sit next to you.
“You didn’t tell me she lives with you,” you break the silence, slotting your fingers into one another, your calm exterior a stark contrast to the coal burning your insides.
“Since last month only. I didn’t think it was important, she stays over every weekend.”
You nod, still not looking at him, “and you buy her gifts.”
“What gifts?”
“Yura told me you got her that Louis Vuitton bag.”
“It was a birthday gift. Would you look at me?”
You can hear the desperation in his voice, a shaky breath leaving your lips when you finally meet his gaze.
“Please don’t misinterpret,” he gestures from himself to the door, “all this. She’s the mother of my child.”
“I know that,” you breathe, the lump in your throat becoming more difficult to swallow, “I know.”
He dips his head, “and you’re everything to me.”
You surrender to his touch when he cups both your cheeks in his hands, pulling you toward his face, “do you have any idea how happy I am to have you here? To have both my favorite girls with me.”
You blush, gripping the front of his shirt to pull him closer. I love you.
“I’m starting to think that you like it when I’m like this,” he whispers, placing lingering kisses to your eyes and cheeks, resting his lips on your forehead.
“Like what?”
He falls on the bed and takes you with him, rolling you onto your back, eyes ablaze with something fond.
“Fussing over you,” he replies, voice above a whisper. You shiver when he traces the side of your face with his index finger, chest pressed to yours, “constantly telling you how I feel.”
You wink, “maybe.”
Wrapping your fingers around his neck, he lets you take his lips in a searing kiss, tongue sliding into his mouth with practised ease as he fits himself between your legs. Deepening the kiss by pressing his thumb into your jaw.
You need this. You need him. Desperately. If you can’t tell him how much you feel for him, you’ll show him with ardent kisses, hands fitting under his shirt to have him feel how your skin burns for him. Heart hammering against your ribcage.
He jolts away when you hear a knock on the door, pulling down the handle to reveal Yura, ready for bed in her purple pajamas.
“Dad, can you sleep by me tonight?”
He rubs the back of his neck and glances at you. You hold your arms open for Yura, kissing her goodnight, seeing Yoongi shoot you a sorrowful look.
“I’ll see you later,” he calls before closing the door.
With a sigh, you unzip your luggage to prepare for bed yourself, shuffling to the bathroom with your toiletries and skincare. By the time you’re done, you decide to head upstairs and peep into Yura’s bedroom. The sight that greets you has your heart stuttering in your chest. Yoongi’s body is curved to fit into his daughter’s bed while cradling her in his arms, she has hers thrown over his back, face pressed into his chest, both in a deep sleep.
Tumblr media
You rise the next morning with a fright, scrambling to find your phone and check the time. 12AM. An hour left for you to get ready and make your way to the office. You freshen up in record time and make your way to the kitchen, ears perking when you hear laughter coming from behind the wall.
“Good afternoon,” Rika smiles, transferring the chopped onions into a pot.
“Hey,” Yoongi beams. You lean into him as he pulls you into his embrace, kissing the top of your head.
“Where’s Yura?”
“School. Work starts after twelve for you? Damn,” Rika chortles, throwing a rag over her shoulder.
“I’m not starting work here today, just heading to work to check out my new office and stuff.”
Her lips part in an ‘o.’
Yoongi slides a yellow container in your direction, “coffee?”
“Yes, please.” You open the container to find a stack of pancakes with raisins. Just the way you like.
“Thanks baby,” you hum as the steam of coffee hits your face.
He sits opposite you at the counter, fingers curled around his own mug of coffee.
“You’re not at the studio today?”
He opens his mouth to answer but Rika cuts him off.
“He’s hardly ever at the studio, he works from here mostly. Especially now that I’m around to cook and feed him,” she laughs, wiping down the side of the pot.
You nod, eyes flitting back to Yoongi who shrugs, “yeah.”
“I’m the one who does everything for him. Not once did he even offer me a glass of water.”
You chew the pancake in silence, knowing that she’s referring to the way Yoongi rushes to do things for you. But you pay no mind to her bitterness.
“I’m sorry,” Yoongi quips, “would you like a glass of water?”
She rolls her eyes, fluffing up her hair, “so ungrateful.”
“Anyway,” you dust your hands, rising from the chair, “thanks for the breakfast…lunch.”
Yoongi follows you to the front door, handing you the car keys, “see you later.”
You swing your laptop bag over your shoulder, standing on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek, “later.”
Tumblr media
The offices are a replica of the ones back home, every corner of the space brandishing the firm’s signature colors. Mr. Park escorts you to the main offices upstairs, the clicking of your heels on the wooden floors being the only sound echoing in the pristine hallway. The familiar logo is pasted at the center of the door situated near the end of the hall, grey and sage green carpet being the first thing you notice inside the space.
“This is it,” Mr. Park announces, gesturing with his iPad for you to enter the room.
There’s a single window situated behind the barren desk, pale grey chair wheeled in one corner and an empty shelf to the side. You’d obviously have to add your own spice to the place but the single window, little light filtering into the room, leaves you a little anxious. You appreciate the natural light when working.
“Obviously you can add your own décor and equipment to your liking, but you won’t be spending much time up here,” Mr. Park informs, tapping away on the screen.
“Why not? This’ll be my permanent office, right?”
He nods, sandy blond hair flopping into his eyes which he brushes away hastily, “yes. But your main office would be downstairs, near the conference rooms.”
Your eyes shift to the window, “this is my main office. When I spoke to Mr. Kim last Thursday, this is the office he directed me to.”
Mr. Park tucks his iPad under his arm, scratching the side of his head, “it seems like Mr. Kim got things mixed up. We’ve only authorised the move since we were in need of a supervisor on this side.”
Your mouth hangs open, “supervisor?”
He narrows his eyes in your direction, before lifting the tablet up to his face. And you want him to say that he’s making a mistake, but all you hear is a small goodbye as he exits the room. Leaving you to stew with the grey walls as your company.
Supervisor. For your department. Not what you planned. That means triple the workload. Your spine starts to ache all over again, as if sensing that you would be spending more time hunched over your laptop. You barely make it through your current workload and now there’d be a whole department on your shoulders. Not yet, at least. You’re required to send an email to Mr. Park with your final decision by Wednesday morning. A decision that wasn’t influenced by an increase in stress up until now.
Now you’re rethinking everything. You want to live with Yoongi, but that meant leaving behind the luxuries of working from home. Plus, the sudden addition to your contract. You are being promoted to supervisor, for the same pay. Not worth it. Is it worth it?
You think your hair must’ve turned a shade of grey by the time you make it to Yoongi’s house, the pressure that would no doubt take up majority of your time eating away at you as if you’ve already made your decision. Because that’s what you’re leaning toward.
When you enter the code, the door clicks open with a soft beep, the first thing you see is Yoongi, Yura and Rika, cosy under a blanket, laughing at the cartoon on the TV.
“Hey,” you yawn, kicking off your shoes with a slump to your shoulders.
Yura springs up from the couch to pull you toward the couch. There’s obviously not enough room for you to join them.
“Oh, hey,” Rika smiles, “have you eaten dinner yet?”
“I don’t think there’s enough curry left for you. But you can have ramen.”
You glance at Yoongi who offers a weak smile.
“That’s okay. I’m not hungry anyway,” you reply before spinning around and making your way to the guest room, wanting nothing more than a hot shower and bed. As if that could free your mind, with the image of Yoongi with his arm draped over where Rika sat haunting you.
When you return to the bedroom, tying up your gown, the smell of garlic has your stomach growling. Yoongi sits at the edge of the bed, pointing to the tray of food when he sees you.
“I made ramen,” he smiles, “and steak.”
You rub the towel against your damp hair, plopping down next to him.
“It smells great. Thank you.” You waste no time tucking into the meal, sighing happily when you feel it settle in your empty stomach. Yoongi watches as you scarf down the noodles, offering him a bite now and again before licking your lips and settling against the headboard, his head on your chest.
“You seem tense. Is something wrong?”
There’s always something up with you. So you choose to tell him about your little mix up at the office another time.
“How was your day?”
You run your fingers through his hair, dragging your nails up and down against his scalp since he mentioned once that he finds it relaxing.
“Not too bad. Spent all day chatting to Namjoon about the soundtrack. Yours?”
You draw in a deep breath, “okay.”
He sits up from your lap and you’re afraid that he’s going to pester you to tell him what’s wrong but the corners of his mouth lift into a smile.
“I have something for you.”  
You blink, “what is it?”
He pats the back of your hand, “wait.”
A million and one possibilities run through your mind but just one has your heart leaping to your throat. What if? No, he won’t. It’s too soon. Too soon for him. And you haven’t even told him how you really feel, there’s still so much you need to say to him. You wonder if it’s the same for him. Your heart skips a beat when he returns with a black velvet box in hand. That possibility being scratched out when you take in the size of the box. But it could be a necklace?
He crosses his legs and places the box in the space between you. His cheeks are tinged pink, goofy smile in place.
“Open it,” he chirps, pushing it toward you which you do with shaky hands.
It’s a necklace. One with a huge white crystal in the centre. You glance at him, and he seems just as nervous as you. When you take it between your fingers, lifting it from the box, you realize that it’s not a necklace.
“I just thought of you when I saw it.”
You’re inspecting the chain, shaped in a ‘Y,’ two silver clamps at the top with the crystal dangling at the bottom.
“Yoongi,” your spit feels too thick to swallow, core pulsing at the thought of having him use this on you.
He takes it from your hand and shoves it into the box, “obviously, we don’t need to use it now.”
“We have enough time to—”
His head snaps forward when you take the box from him, eyes not meeting yours, “hmm?”
“I want to.”
The corner of his mouth quirks up, voice above a whisper, “yeah?”
You reopen the box and twirl the silver in your fingers, setting the velvet on the nightstand, “yeah.”
He pushes you down on the bed, hovering over you with lust swimming in his eyes.
“But you’re gonna have to be quiet,” he warns, plucking the chain from your hold.
You nod, anticipation pooling in your core, “I will.”
“And if it gets too much?”
You search his eyes, “you mean like a safe word?”
“Yeah,” he nods, cupping your chin with his thumb pressing into your lip, “you’re so cute.”
His eyes flit to yours, “what?”
“Remember that time you said you had a dream about Anabelle, that doll. You know she was trying to—”
He covers your mouth with his palm, “yes. I remember and did you have to bring it up now?!”
“I just thought it would be funny,” you shrug, giggling when a grimace passes over his features.
“Fine. Anabelle. Hope we’d never have to use it,” he chuckles, making quick work of removing your robe and his shirt.
You run your palms down his muscular chest, the tufts of dark hair under his arm has your pussy throbbing in want. He pushes your legs off his waist when you try to hook them around him, kneeling between your legs.
“We’d have to warm you up first. Give me your hand.”
Obeying his orders without a second thought, you hold up your left hand, eyes widening when he pops your finger into his hot mouth, tongue swirling around the digit.
He laughs, deep and throaty, knowing how he has you wrapped around his finger. He pinches one clamp between his fingers and holds it over your hand, eyes on your face when it squeezes around your finger. It doesn’t feel too bad, just an intense press on your fingers.
Your pain tolerance is high.
He smiles, “okay.”
Settling down on his stomach between your legs, you watch with rapt attention as he pulls the cups of your bra under your boobs, rings glinting in the dim lighting of the lampshade. You gulp, eyes fluttering shut when he begins to pepper kisses between the valley of your breasts.
He wets your nipples with his spit, pout covering your flesh momentarily before he pulls away and orders you to keep your eyes open. Your tits are glazed with his saliva, mouth hanging open when he lets one of the clamps dig into your skin near your nipple, ensuing a soft gasp from your lips.
You hum, chin hitting your chest as you nod.
“Let me hear you, kitten.”
He does the same to the other side, letting it claw down on your areola. The burn creeps along your skin, collecting in the apex of your thighs.
“It’s okay. Higher,” you moan, legs sliding up to plant your feet on the sheets.
Breath drifting over your skin, the clamps bite into your nipples and you whimper, eyes scrunching shut, throat going dry before the pain ebbs into pleasure, rolling through you when he tugs on the crystal experimentally, lips parted in hushed gasps of his name.
“So fucking pretty,” he whispers, the sound of his rings hitting the nightstand reaches your ears before he tugs again, earning a moan from you which he swallows up zealously, tongue sliding across your bottom lip.
You mewl when he keeps the chain tight in his fist, smacks of his lips against your skin echoing in the heated space as he makes his slow descent down the length of your body, hitting your legs open further with his shoulders to slide his fingers through your clothed slit, groaning to himself when he feels how wet you’ve become. Eyes still closed, your teeth pierce into your bottom lip to stifle the moans that rumble through you when he pushes your panties to the side and begins to rub slow circles on your clit. The bed creaks under his weight when he sinks down further on the sheets, planting kisses on the skin of your inner thigh before his tongue pokes out, fingers moving down to your throbbing hole when his lips purse around your clit just as he tugs the chain again.
“Yoongi,” you moan, heels of your feet pressing into his back when his tongue wiggles into your folds, fingers slipping into your heat slowly.
He pulls on the chain again and your walls tighten around his fingers, more of your slick dripping down his palm as he flicks his tongue erratically, drawing moans from your swollen lips.
“Fuck, so fucking tight,” he speaks into your cunt, lapping up your juices like a man starved, fingers curling into your pussy to rub against your sweet spot, nipples caught in his hold.
You reach down to tug on his hair, head pressed into the pillow as his fingers continue to fuck into your sopping pussy, grinding against his tongue, thrashing under him when he twists the chain between his fingers and tugs harder. He flattens out his tongue against your clit, fingers splitting you open with lewd squelches while you’re approaching your high quicker than usual, holding onto his hair for dear life.
“Gonna-ah!” His teeth catch on your clit before he pulls away as his fingers remain knuckle-deep into your pussy, raising your back to an arch with the chain, nipples pulsating, mind going hazy, tears prickling your eyes.
Your eyes crack open to find him kneeling in front of you, removing his fingers from your quivering hole, licking them dry with his chin covered in your essence. You whine from having your orgasm ripped away, goosebumps raised on your skin when he removes the clamps from your abused nipples and tosses it aside. You hiss when he takes the flesh in his palms and runs his thumbs over them tenderly, gleaming eyes tracking the motion.
“Yoongi,” you keen, wrapping your legs around his waist once again, grinding into his thick bulge.
He meets your gaze, tongue poking out of his mouth as he flips you over and grips your ass harshly, ravenous hands pulling down your panties. You push your ass back onto his crotch, sighing when your pussy comes into contact with his heavy cock, sweat beading on your forehead.
“So fucking ready for my cock. Hmm?”
You grip the pillow when the blunt tip of his cock pushes through your hole, chanting out ‘yes, yes, yes.’
“Gonna fuck you nice and good,” he grunts, nails digging into your skin even harder with each inch of his cock penetrating your ridged walls.
Sighing once he’s fully-sheathed by your walls, you beg him to move, sitting up on your elbows to turn around. You clench around him upon seeing the blissful look on his handsome face, head thrown back, sweat dripping down his chest, mouth hanging open.
“Fuck,” he rasps when you clench around him again, hand fitting in your hair to pull your head back gratingly, “what did I say? You remember what happens when you misbehave?”
Moaning at the memory, you screw your eyes shut when you think of the last time you got him mad, left begging for him to make you cum after hours of him teasing you. He grips your hair and pulls you flush against his chest, the slow drag of his cock against your walls ensuing a string of curses from him.
He fits his thumb into your mouth, and you suck filthily, palm gripping your chin as he begins to fuck into you with rapid flexes of his hips into yours, whispering praises in your ear.
“So fucking beautiful.”
“This pussy was made for me.”
“Taking my cock so well.”
Yelping when he presses your face into the pillow, he grabs the back of your neck and holds you in place as he drills his cock into you, reaching that spot only he could find, walls fluttering around him. You’re biting down on the pillow to keep from screaming out his name, cock lodged deep inside of you when he reaches between your legs and curls his fingers around your throbbing clit, twitching under him, air being knocked out of your lungs. He pushes his thumb further into your mouth, teeth piercing the skin below your ear. You gag, heat crawling along the length of your spine as you cum with a shuddering cry.
“That’s it, kitten. Fuck, always so pretty when you’re like this,” he grits out, veins dragging along your walls until his thrusts become shallow, leaning forward to bite down on your shoulder, spilling into you with low groans that has your walls closing around him once again. A mix of your arousal drips down your thighs when he pulls out and collapses next to you.
You shuffle closer to him, catching your breath while he does the same with his arm slung over your waist, eyes closed.
When your breaths even out, he opens his eyes to find you already looking at him. The corners of his eyes smiling with him.
“That was nice,” he hums, speaking into your hair, “how do you feel?”
“I feel great, although my nips could use a little break,” you chuckle, fingers splayed across his chest as you stare up at him, heart bursting.
“Sorry, do they need a massage?”
You shake your head frantically, passing him a disapproving frown, “no, they’re good for now.”
He chuckles, rubbing his cheek against yours.
“Although, I think I need to shower again,” you add, grimacing at the feel of his cum drying on your thighs, sweat collecting on your scalp.
“No problem,” he grins, kissing your forehead once before pulling away to peer into your eyes. Your heart speeds up once again, limbs tangling with his as he smiles at you affectionately, butterflies swarming into your tummy.
His lips part, energy from his gaze connecting with yours, “I—”
Your eyes widen, scrambling to cover yourself with the blanket, “did you lock the door?”
He slides off the bed and puts on his underwear, jogging around the room to find the rest of his clothing, “of course!”
“Dad?! Can you come sleep with me and mum?”
You watch him pause at the door before he returns to your side and squishes your cheeks together, pouty lips slotted in yours briefly.
“Think you can shower without me? Promise I’ll come back later.”
“Yeah, yeah,” you nod, holding the sheets up with one hand while the other fixes his hair.
He leans forward to peck your lips again, “thank you.”
Waving him off with a smile, you adjust your sticky underwear and reach for your robe to head into the bathroom once again, this time with a new wave of haunting thoughts. What was he going to say? The butterflies are still present in your stomach along with the ache between your legs and the marks on your neck. You’re in love with Yoongi and you’re going to tell him tonight. He’s considerate and patient, and he’ll surely understand when you tell him about your situation at work.
After spending almost four hours waiting for him to come back to your room, you decide to find him yourself. Because you won’t rest until you get everything off your chest.
Making your way upstairs, you see that he’s not in his room or in Yura’s. The door at the end of the hallway was left ajar so you poke your head through. Heart sinking to your stomach when you see Yura sleeping in between her mum and dad, Rika’s arm over Yoongi’s back, cuddling together. Chest going tight, you return to the guest room feeling defeated. Do they do that often? That’s the mother of his child. But they’re not together, you’re with him.
Sleep refuses to take you, vision going blurry as you stare up at the ceiling in contemplation. Yura needs her mother and father. Parents these days don’t consider the effect their actions have on their children. You don’t want to be that person who comes between them, especially when they seem to be living comfortably. No matter how much Yoongi says that he needs you to complete his family. You’d just be an extra in his life. Always.
Tumblr media
Somehow, you realize that you had fallen off to sleep when you wake up the next morning with a bitter taste in your mouth, the sudden urge to pack up and go home coming to the forefront of your mind. The house is quiet and when you check the rooms, the driveway vacant, you know that they must’ve went out today, since it’s a public holiday. You don’t feel like eating, scrubbing down your stained bowl from last night as it all comes flooding back. Yoongi and his ex, together with their child, in one bed. He didn’t even come to see you like he promised. Your second night spent here without him.
You’re dragging your luggage to the lounge, all that you’ll say to Yoongi well-rehearsed, when the front door clicks open.
Yoongi holds Yura’s hand while Rika holds the other, smiles splitting their faces and it only hurts you more when Yoongi’s falls as soon as his eyes find yours, as if he did something wrong. When he didn’t.
“Hiii,” you smile, Yura kisses your cheek as you bend down to pinch hers, “where have you guys been?”
“We went out for ice-cream,” she beams, following her mother into the kitchen.
“That’s nice,” you let out. Yoongi’s eyebrows furrow when he spots your luggage behind you.
“I was gonna ask if you wanted to come along,” he takes a step toward you, “but you looked so peaceful when I saw you this morning.”
He leans in closer to peck your cheek, but you turn your head and he kisses your temple instead.
“Where are you off to?”
You thrust your thumb in the direction of the hallway, “can we talk?”
He nods, fitting his fists into his jeans pockets, “okay.”
Wringing your hands all the way to the guest room, you stand at the window once the door is closed. The state of the room would have one thinking that you didn’t even visit.
“What’s up?”
“I have to go back.”
His eyebrows shoot up to his hairline, “so soon? I thought you were staying till Sunday.”
You swallow, keeping your eyes on floor, “I changed my mind.”
You mirror his stance, slotting your hands in your coat pockets, “there was a little misunderstanding at work, and I can’t…move here.”
“What do you mean?”
“They only agreed for me to move if I took up the position as supervisor,” you inform, seeing him sit down on the bed from the corner of your eye.
“That wasn’t what I agreed to.”
“Yeah, but it isn’t that bad of a misunderstanding, right?”
You look up to see him wearing a perplexed expression, patting the space next to him to which you take with labored breaths.
“It’s not my job title. Not what I applied for. Supervisor means more work for me, and I barely manage now,” you laugh grimly, voice raising in pitch.
He stares at his feet, “so, you don’t want to move in with me because you’re afraid of the workload?”
His features turn to stone, lips in a thin line when he turns to look at you again, eyebrow cocked.
“It’s not that,” you rush out, suddenly defensive after hearing the way he put it, “it’s not my job. I’m gonna be working my ass off, longer hours for the same salary.”
Silence falls over you and you’re trying to figure out what’s going on in his mind, but his eyes become difficult to read. He opens his mouth to say something but stops himself with a sigh, fiddling with the hangnail on his thumb. You place your hand over his to stop his movements, hitting your shoulder against his.
“You can still visit me whene—”
“Relationships force you to make sacrifices.”
You blink, lump forming in your throat when he sets your hand in your lap and rises to his feet.
“I know that but—”
“Just admit that all this is beyond you. Living with me, with Yura,” he snaps, shrugging lightly, while you’re struggling for words.
“What? Yoongi. That’s not—”
“Since college, you were always so particular about this and that.”
You step in front of him, shaking your head weakly, “what? No.”
“So worried about the future. About things that aren’t even in your control.”
“Yoongi,” you breathe, holding a finger up to his face, “you know that’s bullshit. I was there for you when—”
“When Rika left me all alone. I know. You’re always reminding me.”
You can’t believe what he’s saying. As if you didn’t spend all those years making it through the bad days together. His eyes hold a new emotion, one you haven’t seen directed at you.
“You’re getting things wrong. You don’t even need me here, Yoongi. You have everything to complete that perfect life you always talked about,” you sob, pointing to the door behind him, “a stable job, this house, a beautiful, healthy child and her mother. Present.”
Realization falls over his features, “you’re mad at me.”
“You’re mad because Rika and I hooked up,” he mumbles, reaching out for you while you’re slapping his hands away, tears brimming your eyes.
“You hooked up with her?”
He sucks his lower lip into his mouth, whispering your name, “before us. It doesn’t even matter.”
You shake your head vehemently, sobs wracking your body, “it does matter for fuck’s sake! Before or after us. I don’t care. You live with her!”
A crease forms between his brows, “so what?”
“It could happen again! You sleep in the same bed as her. She’s here all day. Your—”
He grips your shoulders, towering over you, “that doesn’t mean anything. She’s the mother of my child,” his voice cracks with pain, “you’re the one for me.”
“But she was your first love,” you spit, the words burning up your throat, “you’re forgetting that I was there when she left. You were broken. It took you years to get over it.”
He stammers for a reply, fingers pressing into your shoulders which you shake off.
“Think of Yura,” you say finally, walking around his hunched figure, “she needs both her mum and dad, and I won’t be able to live with myself if I’m the person who ruins that for her.”
Wiping your eyes furiously, you’re stopped by his hand on your wrist, yanking you further into the room against his chest.
“It doesn’t matter if she was my first love,” he begins, sorrow collecting in his eyes, “the woman who helped me overcome every challenge life threw my way, why no one else worked out for me. N-none of this would’ve happened if I just confessed all those years ago.”
His lip trembles, Adam’s apple bobbing before he takes you into his arms, lips pressed against your ear. You’re patting his back a little bemused, heart pounding in your ears.
“I love you.”
You pull away from him, eyes wide in shock, “what?”
His eyes flicker up to the ceiling, “you’re gonna make me say it again?”
Lip caught between your teeth to tame more tears from spilling, you nod.
He wraps an arm around your waist, minty breath mixing with your own, “I love you.”
Too overwhelmed by emotions, you jump up to wrap your legs around his torso, lips meeting his in a salty kiss. He lifts you up by your ass, holding you close to him while you’re kissing him with all your heart, transferring all your feelings with the press of your lips.
Somehow, whenever he’s close, reminiscent of all those years ago when things felt hopeless, you know that in the end everything will be alright. The words you repeated to him every single night when he was close to giving up, taking turns attempting to put Yura to sleep.
He rests his forehead against yours, tucking your hair behind your ears, “we’ll figure something ou—"
You love him, and nothing else matters. Because true love will always prevail.
“I love you too.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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hwangyeonjun · 29 days ago
what turns them on
Tumblr media
your glasses. it usually happens when both of you are at home after a long day of work or whatever and you just put on your glasses to read a book or something else. to him you look cute and hot at the same time and this man can’t keep it in his pants from that moment.
when you cook for him. seokjin likes to cook and he often makes you all kinds of delicious foods but there are times where you decide it’s time for you to stand in the kitchen and seeing you work so hard just so he could have a good meal, melts his heart and he gets veryy excited. 
Tumblr media
brutal honesty. if you straight up go to him and say “i want you” he will make sure you get whatever you want. he loves that you’re not afraid to tell what’s on your mind.
dirty jokes. he loves your sense of humour and those dirty little jokes you make. it usually happens when you’re all out with his or yours friends. while everyone is laughing at your joke he can’t help but gulp, his mind going somewhere else.
Tumblr media
dancing. he loves to dance himself so it’s no surprise that seeing his s/o dancing turns him on. even if you’re just messing around, swaying your hips while making dinner or whatever, he get’s so happy and wants to share his happiness in the bedroom.
eye rolling. if you’re having an argument and you roll your eyes at him, you can expect yourself to be thrown on the bed. get ready to get your back blown out by dominant and angry hoseok.
Tumblr media
cursing. this might sound strange but he sees you as sweet and innocent so hearing those dirty words come out of your mouth makes him feel some type of way.
lip biting. it usually happens when you concentrated, you unconsciously bite your lip and if namjoon notices is, he instantly wants to be the one biting your lip.
Tumblr media
flirting. and not necessary with him. like you could be flirting with someone who’s near you on purpose and he knows that. you’re pushing his buttons and both of you are curious of how far he can go. plus those little eye contacts you make with him while talking to another person and that little smirk playing on your mouth. yeah, he’s already planning how you’re going to pay for it.
your exposed neck. this might sound really dumb but he loves your neck. he loves to leave kisses and marks on it, to wrap his hand around it so whenever you put your hair up, exposing your neck completely, he’s losing control. bonus if you’re wearing a choker. 
Tumblr media
domesticity. it can be as simple as going grocery shopping together, talking about what colour sheets you want to buy or making dinner together. he can’t wait until you two will have your own family so these types of things turns him on, he wants to immediately drag you to the bedroom and start that family making right now.
kissing him mid sentence. there are times when you just can’t help yourself, he looks so kissable when talking about something especially if he gets really into it you just lean in and kiss him making him stop abruptly. his mind goes blank and the only thing on his mind from now on is you.
Tumblr media
neck kissing. or just kissing in general. jungkook is a sucker for your lips so as you soon as you start kissing there’s no turning back.
confidence. he loves when you wear whatever you want, say whatever you want. when you’re not afraid to take a step first in various situations. he’s so proud of you and seeing you in charge of yourself turns him on.
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balenciaguks · a month ago
diamonds are a girls best friend | myg | part 1
Tumblr media
》 pairing: best friends dad yoongi x f!reader
》 genre: smut, fluff, angst, three-shot, hidden relationship
》 word count: 7.4k
》 rating: 21+ for explicit smut
》 summary: you know it's wrong. so wrong. there's a saying that goes around - "if you can't tell your best friend about it, then you probably shouldn't be doing it” but when what you shouldn't be doing is your best friend's ridiculously hot and wealthy dad, just how do you say no to that.
》 warnings: forbidden romance, sneaking around? , dom!yoongi, sub!reader, age gap, ugh our lil couple is stupidly in lurv, lots of kissing, lots of hiding, love bites, sucking and biting, our yoongi gets off on being caught sO - exhibitionist yoongi in the form of changing room sex, fingering in a cafe bathroom, unprotected sex, shower sex, overstimulation.
》 a/n: biggest thanks to @kithtaehyung for making this lovely banner , its absolutely stunning. also to @sugasbabiie​ & @knjsnoona​ for being a wonderful betas, @ressjeon for being a supportibe hoe & @kimtaehyunq​ for being my whole rock n allowing me to stress over this as well as betaing too - i love u ♡
》 listen to - higher
Tumblr media
Yoongi kisses the back of your shoulders as his fingers grace lightly over your damp skin; the back of his calloused hands caressing up and down your arm softly before turning you around and pressing his lips against yours in a searing kiss full of lust and want. 
His large hands skim over your soft skin and grip your hips, squeezing tightly, almost as if to tell you that he is still here with you. You wrap your arms around his neck and allow him to hoist you up, pressing your back against the cold tiles behind you as your legs wrap around his hips and lock your ankles around his slender waist, encouraging him to make his next move. 
“You’re such a tease, pretty girl. Leaving me waiting in a changing room for, what, fifteen minutes?” He moans against your mouth, tugging on your bottom lip and suckling the skin gently before pulling and letting it go. “You should know by now I’m not a patient man.” 
Breaking the kiss, Yoongi starts to trace warm, open mouthed kisses down your neck towards the column of your throat. As he finds your sweet spot in between the junction between your neck and shoulder, you moan at the sensation of Yoongi sucking and biting lilacs and rose blossom marks into your skin before skimming over them with his tongue.
Words are lost on you - all you could do is moan out pathetically at the attention you’re receiving. The small space is getting harder to see with the hot steam clouding your sight. One hand finds the back of Yoongi’s neck and tugs on his ebony hair, allowing his head to snap up to look you in the eyes, “J-just fuck me, Yoongi, please,” you plead.
Yoongi doesn’t waste another moment as he kisses you again, and he grips his cock in his hand and aligns it with your pussy before sliding all the way in one fluid motion, causing your back to arch in his arms against the tiled wall. Giving you a moment to adjust, Yoongi trailed his lips from your mouth and along your jaw before kissing up to your ear, his teeth nipping at the sensitive lobe. The breathy sounds only add to the slick in your cunt.
“Move,” you moan out, your voice breathless and airy. Yoongi pulls out, leaving just the head in before thrusting all the way back in. You gasp out at the impact, followed by a series of moans and whines as Yoongi captures your left nipple between his teeth, suckling the sensitive bud into his mouth, before pulling away with an obscene groan of his own.
“Gotta be quiet in here, baby.” Yoongi grunts, punctuating his words with never ending hard thrusts into your pussy, head falling forward onto your shoulder as his nails dig into the flesh of your thighs. “You never know who’s around.”
Your pussy clenches at his words; the thrill of being caught in a public place is one thing, but the thought of being caught somewhere public with a man you shouldn’t be  with was another. You lower your head towards his shoulder and leave open mouthed kisses on his skin in desperation. The shower water does somewhat of a job of concealing both of your moans. 
“Gonna c-cum Yoongi,” you whimper. 
“Me too baby, won’t last much longer. 
Yoongi sighs in euphoria as he brings one hand up to knead your right tit while his tongue swirls and sucks the left one, worshipping every inch of your body. Yoongi keeps up his pace to get you to your release first, a true gentleman. Moving his hand back to your ass, he curves his fingers into your skin, leaving small, barely visible crescent shapes with his small nails as he continues to fuck into you relentlessly. 
Yoongi can always tell when you’re near your release as you clench your warm inner walls around his cock repeatedly as he never falters while piledriving you into the wall. Your head falls back as you clench around him one more time.
“I’m comi-!” 
Yoongi cuts you off with a kiss to mask the volume of your moans. Your eyes snap shut, white spots appear in the inside of your closed lids as your second orgasm washes over you with immense power. The climax is stronger than you initially thought as you feel wetness all along the inside of your thighs before being washed away by the water from the overhead shower hose.
With a few more erratic thrusts into your creamy cunt, Yoongi seizes and holds you up with every bit of strength in him he has left. With help from the wall and your arms wrapped tightly around his neck as he relishes in the
sweet bliss of release overcoming him like a freight train.
Yoongi looks down to where your bodies meet, watching the way his cock throbs as he releases inside of you. It's been a while since he's filled you up like this. He rides out his orgasm slowly, sliding in and out of you, admiring the way his load puddles at your entrance.
You both stay there together, neither of you moving as you allow the post orgasm feelings to fade away. His cock still nestled inside your pussy with nothing but sounds of the shower above you pitter pattering on your hot bodies and down to the porcelain flooring.
“I better go,” Yoongi is the first to speak as he begins to pull his softening cock from you. “Got to get home and see Yoon-ah. Let her know I’ve arrived home.” He goes to grab at his robe hanging against the hook on the outer wall away from the wet inside.
At the mention of your best friend's name, you suck in your bottom lip as you lower your head, trying not to let the guilt wash over you so intensely.
Nodding in understanding of his current predicament, you stay quiet. Deep down, you know he should have really gone to see her first after he’d arrived home from his business trip overseas. But instead, you were the one that had received a text to let you know that he was on his way over to the country club where you waitress and had insisted you let him know your clock off time before he whisked you down into the mens changing room before fucking you against the lockers and then for round two in the shower.
Shutting off the water stream, you step out of the warmth and watch as goose bumps find home on your skin. Yoongi, already dressed, hands you a towel to wrap around yourself so the cold air doesn’t evade you too heavily. You wipe away at your eyes as unshed tears start to gather at your lash line.
“Oh, before I forget,” Yoongi bends down and rummages through the small outside pocket of his luggage, “I brought you something, petal.”
The nickname makes you smile and forget all about the tears threatening to spill before seeing him pull out a small bag with a white silk lace ribbon tied elegantly at the top.
You take the bag from Yoongi and notice the weight of it - it feels luxurious, almost weighing your hand down. You pull at the ribbon before dipping your hand in, feeling something at the bottom. Grasping at the object, you pull it out the ___ and look at the box. It is large, taking up the whole circumference of your palm, red and made entirely from velvet and delicately tied with another white ribbon. The box is expensive.
You look back at Yoongi, who all of a sudden is looking like a shy teenager and not like the thirty eight year old man that just fucked you for two rounds in one of the most public places there is to offer at your place of work. His eyes are set on you.
“Yoongi, you didn’t,” you murmur, biting nervously at your lip.
“Open it,” he encourages with a soft smile.
Pulling at the second bow, you let it fall to your feet as you crack open the box. Dazzling right before your eyes is the most beautiful diamond necklace you have ever seen. It was utterly mesmerising. The circumference of the chain on the necklace is encrusted with small diamonds, which when catching the light above you, twinkle brighter than any star you’ve witnessed in the black night sky, and dotting little pearls in between the diamonds before descending into a drizzle of more teardrop gems and flower shaped white diamonds. 
“It’s an Italian white gold Trillium Akoya pearl and white diamond necklace,” Yoongi grins.
You look back at Yoongi before turning toward the jewellery again and back up at Yoongi. “Yoongi, I - I can’t accept this.”
“Of course you can, pretty.” Yoongi takes the box out of your hands and gestures for you to turn around towards the mirror. The steam has already cleared from the glass, and you admire the reflection of the man before you.
His damp skin is pale and has rivulets of water trickling down his face and down his neck, as they dampen the collar of his shirt. His skin is that kind of fair complexion that makes him look radiant and glowy with cheeks painted a pretty pink - either from two rounds of sex or from gifting his woman such a rare piece of jewellery. 
Maybe both.
Yoongi takes the necklace out of the box and gently places it on your skin. You lift your hair up out of the way of the clasp before he locks it securely in place. You allow your hair to drop as you look back at yourself in the mirror. 
The necklace glistens like crystal snow on an early crisp winter morning and shimmers brighter than the moonbeam across dark waters. It is simply gorgeous.
Yoongi goes back to kissing your bare shoulders as he did earlier. “I knew it,” he whispers against your skin.
Dropping your head back, you moved your eyes from the necklace and up to Yoongi through the mirror. 
“What is it?” You question.
“I just knew you would make the jewels look priceless.”
Turning yourself around, you drop your towel in the process and press your bare chest up against Yoongi again. You reach up and lock your hands behind the nape of his neck and pull him down towards your lips, kissing him tenderly with a smile spread across your face. 
“Thank you.”
He pulls your body closer to him and smiles into the kiss. “You’re welcome,” he whispers against your lips. “Get your stuff, I’ll take you home,” he offers to you as he gives you one last peck, reluctantly pulling away. 
The drive back home isn’t a long distance from the country club. It is filled with a comfortable silence, broken ever so softly by the instrumental music playing out of the stereo speakers. Yoongi places one hand on the wheel whilst the other is placed on top of your bare thigh, rubbing small circles with his thumb, occasionally giving the flesh a squeeze - Yoongi’s own way of making sure you were still with him. You find yourself passing the time daydreaming out the window of Yoongi’s luxurious classic Rolls-Royce.
You can’t help but reflect on the situation you find yourself in. You didn’t ever imagine you would be sneaking around and hiding the only relationship you ever had from the public eye. If anybody finds out about what goes on behind closed doors, everything for you would simply be ruined.
It was never meant to be this way. Sure, you had always found him attractive; but it was never meant to turn out like this.
Tumblr media
You met Min Yoon-ah on your first day Senior year at university, becoming acquainted after finding out she would be your roommate for the next year. Your friendship quickly blossomed from acquaintances to best friends.
You did everything together. Where there was you, Yoon-ah was never too far away and vice versa. It was only natural that during the holidays, she would invite you to her parents' lake house lodge for a long weekend away from the bustling city during the winter break before university started again.
That was the first time you met Min Yoongi.
As the car you’ve been transported in from the airport arrives outside of the lodge, you see a man who you can only presume is Yoon-ah’s father standing out in the snow at the front door awaiting the arrival of his baby daughter. He opens the door and helps Yoon-ah out and then begins the task of grabbing both you and Yoon-ah’s bags from the trunk of the car. You used the time to take in his features.
His cheeks look soft, puffy in the healthiest of ways. A tinge of red was present on his cheeks as the cold nips at his porcelain skin. It suits him. And then his lips? You can’t take your eyes off them. They’re pretty and pink, full and moist from his tongue reaching out and soaking the skin.
Finishing with unpacking the cases from the trunk, Yoongi is caught off guard by his daughter jumping into his arms, a clear indication of how much she missed her father. “Dad!” Yoon-ah yells, “I’ve missed you,” she hugs him tight. You can't help but notice the way he envelopes her, his strength as one arm wraps tightly around her frame.
He gasps in surprise, letting out a small chuckle before closing his eyes. “I missed you too, sweetie,” Yoongi replies.
Yoongi opens his eyes a second later, noticing you standing there awkwardly waiting to be introduced. “This is your friend, I presume?”
Yoon-ah removes herself and runs over to you, grasping at your wrist and pulling you across to formally introduce you to her daddy.
“Dad, this is ___. ___, this is my dad, Min Yoongi”, Yoon-ah introduces joyfully. 
You stand there for a moment, not able to move your feet, convinced the snow has iced over and has you trapped as you stand there staring at him up close. This time you were able to see his eyes clearly.
And, oh, his eyes. Stories can be written about his eyes. You can tell they hold so much wisdom. They're the eyes of a man who has lived and who is currently living. Dark brown irises mixed with specks of gold whenever they caught the LED lights above, reminding you of a clear night where constellations ignited the midnight sky. A welcoming sanctuary of warmth within twilight eyes.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir,” you begin first with a smile, holding your hand out in respect for the elder, trying to break the ice between you two.
Yoongi takes your cold hand in his own. His large hands are warm and envelope yours almost completely. The pads of his fingers are soft against your skin. 
“Pleasure is all mine ___. Please come in, make yourself at home.”
Taking in your surroundings, you soon realise that the lodge is situated within a community of holiday homes, tucked away in the heart of a beautiful and scenic national park. Freshly laid snow blanketing everything around you. Of all the lodges, you notice Yoongi’s is deemed the most lavish. The biggest throughout the community, set among soaring cliffs and the clear cascading waterfalls.
The exterior of the lodge is stunning. Made of what you can only assume is Bocote Wood, one of the most expensive woods on the market and circular pillar columns stand tall and proud on the outside, each one delicately wrapped in Scotch pine, glitter tinsel and warm yellow fairy lights. It is cosy and inviting, as if it soaked all the golden energy from the sun itself and sank it deep into its walls.
The weekend is exactly what you and Yoon-ah need to take your mind away from classes, exams and written thesis’. The stress of school work is replaced with ski slopes, snowboarding, revitalising spa body treatments and lavish dinner reservations, all paid for courtesy of Mr Min.
By Saturday night, Yoon-ah was feeling the exertion from the last two days and decided on an early night after returning home from another wonderful hog roast dinner. She disappears up to her bedroom upstairs for the remainder of the evening, leaving you and Yoongi alone together.
“Dinner was lovely Mr Min, thank you.”
“My pleasure. I know how hard the two of you have been working this semester, you both deserve the time off,” He smiles. “You two seem to really be close. Yoon-ah never had many female friends growing up,” he trails off.
“Yeah. I’m lucky to have her. I wouldn’t have been able to get through it all without her,” Yoongi stares at you as you speak, holding up and silently offering you a glass of Dom Pérignon Rosé Champagne. You nodded in confirmation. There’s nothing wrong with a glass between adults, you think.
Yoongi opens up a cabinet, grabs two crystal flutes and walks towards the sliding doors towards the outdoors. “C’mon, we’ll take it onto the porch. Bring a blanket with you.”
Making yourself comfortable, you can’t help but admire him. The skin on his cheeks is the softest white, ethereally glowing from the flecks of oranges from the burning pit in front of you.
Throughout the evening, you find it very easy to speak to Yoongi. He asks about you all night and easily involves himself in asking you about your life. He seems very interested in getting to know you as a person too and not just as a college student. He knows all the right things to ask and when to ask it as well as knowing when to stop and let words run away with you.
You ask about him too. You learn that he was a Turnaround Specialist, meaning he would buy failing companies and businesses for less than their value, restructure them and then sell them in parts at a higher price. You learn he is also in the middle of a divorce, and that he had met his soon-to-be ex in high school. They married when she fell pregnant with Yoon-ah, he was young at the time. You learn he loves music and food and travel. That he also has an older brother and that they were born into near poverty. Yoongi had graduated college once he had Yoon-ah and found himself a job where he realised he had an edge for sales. When he combined his talent in sales with his Business Degree, Yoongi saw more riches as the years went by, eventually creating an empire of his own. There is something very wholesome about watching Yoongi talk about being able to support his family.
Over the course of the evening, you are unaware of just how close you both had gotten. The mixture of expensive champagne and gentle laughter over sentimental conversations has drawn you closer to each other. Yoongi is running his fingers up and down the expansion of your blanketed arm, unable to keep his eyes off of you.
Staring into his eyes, specks of orange-gold entwined with his dark pupils, flickering before you as you began to really feel the heat from the fire pit beside you. It wasn’t long before you find yourself removing yourself from your spot and into the arms of Yoongi as you straddle yourself on top of his lap and lean in to press your lips to his in a tipsy haze. 
Realising that Yoongi isn’t reciprocating, you pull yourself away from him, your hands still pressed to his chest, fearing that you have read the situation all wrong and you have crossed boundaries you are never meant to consider. 
The sudden realisation of what you had just done flashes by your eyes and you begin to panic. What the hell are you thinking? This isn’t good. God, no, this is catastrophic. 
This is your best friend’s Dad. You just kissed your best friend's dad.
As you begin to climb off him, Yoongi grips the back of your neck and pulls you back in and crashes his lips against yours. It is hot and passionate. Your mind turns into a sensual state of intoxicating bliss. Leaning into the kiss, one of your hands cradles Yoongi’s face as the other finds the hair at the nape of his neck and tugs on it causing a grunt to slip from Yoongi’s mouth. You moan in response as he opens the seam of your mouth with his tongue and slips in, tasting the remains of your strawberry gloss and fruity champagne.
Detaching from your lips, Yoongi kisses along your jaw, reaching up to your earlobe and catching it between his teeth. The breathy moan he releases causes a swelling feeling in your lower half and you feel yourself getting increasingly wetter the longer the man was lavishing you with attention. He continues his ministrations, placing chaste open mouth kisses along your neck, occasionally placing small bites but careful enough to not leave any lasting marks on your skin.
You shiver, unsure if it’s the cold nipping away at you or the gentle skimming mixed with the warmth of air from his nose against your throat as he continues to press delicate wet kisses from your ear to your shoulders. You bare more of your neck allowing his tongue to lick up the column of your throat. Your whimpering gets the better of you as Yoongi snakes a hand up and places his hand over your mouth gently - a silent plea to stay quiet so as to not wake up his daughter.
“Shh, gotta be quiet princess,” you hear him whisper against your skin
All coherent thoughts of your best friend now in the back of your mind as you reach to fumble with the buttons of his crisp white Gucci dress shirt, eager to feel the warmth of his skin beneath you.
Yoongi is quick to stop your hands from unbuttoning any more of the fabric, and pulls away from your neck shaking his head. Taking this as another rejection, you lowered your head. Yoongi takes notice and chuckles breathlessly before tilting your chin with his index finger and softly kisses your lips, “Just, not here princess” he whispers before pointing up in direction to the upper floor of the lodge where Yoon-ah is fast asleep. “My room. It’s at the other end of the building.” You nod and allow Yoongi to take your hand and lead you towards his own room.
Tumblr media
“We’re home,” you are knocked out of your daydream but the dulcet tone of Yoongi’s voice.
“You’re home now,” he repeats himself, pointing at your apartment building.
Readjusting your eyes, you take in the view of your neighbourhood. How long had you zoned out for?
“Thank you, again you didn’t have to drop me off, I could have taken the train. I appreciate it,” you turn and give him a small smile as you begin to unbuckle your belt. “Do you - do you want to come inside for a little bit?” You ask a little selfishly.
With both hands gripping at the steering wheel of the car, it looks like Yoongi is having an internal battle with himself. “Ah I would love too but I really should get going. Yoon-ah is back at the house so I want to catch her before she falls asleep,” he looks at you with sorrow, “I want to surprise her that I’m back early.”
“Yeah,” you trail off, “probably for the best now that I actually think about it.”
As you reach for the door, Yoongi quickly unbuckles his own seatbelt and reaches over the middle console, placing his hand behind your head and pulls you down half way to meet his lips and quickly kisses you. You moan at the sudden contact, kissing back with just as much want but before it ignites away fire and spirals out of control, Yoongi pulls away first and leans his forehead against your own as the sweet fruity perfume you’re doused in invades his space. “Goodnight, pretty,” he speaks before pulling away again.
Getting out of the car, the cold wind of the night stings at your bare skin as you watch Yoongi drive away.
You managed to make it through the front door of your apartment, pulling your shoes off as your feet meet the cold laminate flooring of your hallway. You decide it's best to get yourself ready for bed and curl up into a cosy concoction of warmth and comfort.
Grabbing your phone, you aimlessly go through the same apps hoping something interesting would allow your mind to drift away. With no luck, you start to wander through your picture gallery, taking a trip down memory lane as you view pictures of you and your friends before stumbling across an array of pictures of yourself and Yoon-ah. You smile at the memories on the screen before the evading thoughts of how much of a shitty friend you’re being makes its way into your mind.
Before you place your phone down and call it a night, the familiar text alert tone fills the air.
You know he’s home.
If only she knew.
11:45pm [to bestie ♡] : oh he is? that is such a wonderful surprise. breakfast sounds lovely. our usual spot at 10am? can't wait to hear the news. <3
Another text alert. 
11:47pm [from ygm 💎] : Just home. Sweet dreams princess. Xx
11:48pm [to ygm 💎] : sweet dreams, yoon. Xx
Tumblr media
9.56am. You arrive with minutes to spare. Entering the little cafe, your senses immediately take in the sweet aromas of caramel coffee syrups and breakfast foods. Looking around, you find Yoon-ah sitting in your usual spot, a booth tucked away in the corner of the cafe but still close enough to the window to allow some natural sunlight to seep through the window and keep you warm. It is nice to people watch from here too - a pastime you both typically find yourself enjoying.
Making your way across the establishment, your eyes move from Yoon-ah’s to find someone next to her, hidden in the furthest corner of the booth. Now standing at the edge of the booth, you find that it isn’t just someone. That someone is Yoongi.
Your eyes bulge out when you take note of him sitting right next to his daughter, meaning the only seat left for you was facing directly towards the both of them. Sliding into the booth, you fight against yourself to show any emotion on your face. Maybe a bit of surprise making its way across your face.
“___, hey! You look good, you’re practically glowing,” she starts as she gets up and wraps her arms around you in a tight hug. “New moisturiser? No wait, you exfoliated last night huh? You know I always tell you how good it is to look after yourself now and then right,” Yoon-ah lists off.
You giggle nervously, “no, none of tha-”
“Wait, I got it! That’s a sex glow. You got laid last night didn’t you?” She screeches as the conservative elders start to turn around and stare you all down at the corner of no shame at the back of the cafe.
The sound of Yoongi spluttering on his coffee in the background breaks you out of your state of embarrassment. With rosy red creeping onto your cheeks, you grab hold of Yoon-ah’s arm and drag her to sit back down. “Yoon-ah, you can’t just shout that in the midst of the public; especially in front of your dad,” you state.
“Oh please, he’s not even listening,” you raise your eyebrow at your best friend whilst taking a sip on the mimosa she had pre-ordered for your arrival. Really? Isn’t listening? Is she even at the same table?
“You never mentioned you were seeing someone. I need to know everything. Was it good? Are you seeing him again? Does he have a big dick?” 
It was your turn to choke on your drink this time - eyes bulging out their sockets at the forwardness of Yoon-ah in front of her dad. Your eyes turn to Yoongi, noticing his eyes are now fully on you, a sneaky grin set on his face as his tongue appears from out his mouth to wet the corner of his mouth.
Shaking your head, “not now, Yoon-ah.”
Yoongi places his cell away in his pocket, smirk still playing on his lips. “It’s fine ___, you can answer her. It isn’t like it isn’t anything I haven’t heard before anyway.” 
That son of a bitch. 
Yoon-ah laughs at your absentmindedness from Yoongi’s comment. 
“Ignore him, we can talk about it later,” she winks in your direction. How is she not aware of anything? “But there is a reason I wanted to see you this morning,” she reminds you, “kinda why he’s here,” Yoon-ah points out in a sarcastic manner, with her thumb in the direction of her dad.
At the mention of his name, Yoongi sits up straight in preparation for the conversation ahead. He turns his body slightly towards Yoon-ah, letting his body rest on the wall behind him and his arm snake up against the plush white backrest of the booth seat. Taking a good long sip of the black coffee in front of him, Yoongi decides to uncross his legs underneath the dining table in search of your own foot and starts rubbing against it with his own, initiating footsie.
You stare at Yoongi from the corner of your eye, feigning your complete attention to Yoon-ah as she keeps rambling on about something, to see he is giving you a daring stare with his beautiful dark eyes.
“My dad has some upcoming events in Paris with some businesses he has been working with and blah blah blah,” Yoon-ah starts, “anyway, he is allowing me to go and I’m allowed to bring someone with me and he suggested that I bring you.”
Mid sentence, you try stifling a giggle at the tickling action Yoongi is inflicting under the table by clearing your throat, allowing Yoongi to continue letting his foot rub against yours. You try not to think too much of the playful notion as you conceal your smile by letting on that the smile you’re wearing is for the information Yoon-ah is sharing with you.
You glance over to Yoongi to find his head in the palm of his hand, elbow propped on the table and a cocky smirk painting his face. He looks way too good in his casual wear. The plain black tee shirt adorning his upper body showing off his muscular torso, thick silver rings decorating his fingers and raven hair slicked back and shaved at the sides, the undercut structuring his face in the most sinful ways.
“So what do you say?”
Yoongi gives your leg a quick tap with his foot, making you jump at the contact, breaking you out of your illustrious stare, “huh?”
“Next week? Paris?” She says again like she hasn’t just gone over and explained all the details to you moments prior ago.
“Um, my job Yoon-” you tried
“Don’t worry about work, __,” Yoongi interrupts, “I asked the shift manager to put you down for a week of paid time off to accommodate the trip.”
Well that is generous. How long has he been planning this one?
You stare at Yoongi in disbelief over this information. “P-Paris?”
Yoongi hums in confirmation as Yoon-ah starts whittling down the list she has already conjured up in her mind. A preview of activities for you both to do.
You interrupt Yoon-ah, suddenly overwhelmed by the information being thrown your way, “Excuse me.” 
Leaving the table, you walk over to the bathroom and rush inside and head straight for the counter. As you reach the mirror above the counter, you place your handbag off to the side and turn on the cold tap, letting it run to an ideal temperature before splashing the chilly liquid across your face, cooling yourself down.
You hear the door of the bathroom open and close before the click of a lock resounds around the small room. Looking up at the intrusion, you find Yoongi leaning against the wall with his arms folded in front of his chest and a look of concern written on his face.
He takes note of the confused look on your face, “you’ve been gone for a while,” he notes as he walks over to you.
Looking at your watch, you realise you’ve spent at least ten minutes locked in the small bathroom. You drop your head in embarrassment as he stands in front of you.
“What’s wrong?”
“Yoongi, this is Paris.” It isn't a question, it is more of a statement. “Did you plan this purposely? You know how badly I’ve always wanted to go,” airily whispering that last part unsure if Yoongi even heard you.
Yoongi places his index finger below your chin and pulls your head up to gaze into his eyes. You try to seek out any signs of what you so desperately thought you would find - dishonesty. But you come up short. 
“Baby, Paris was planned with you in mind. It just so happened that that investor guy Kim Namjoon, remember him, had caught wind of the plans when I was discussing the vacation to a colleague,” his thumb is caressing the skin of your chin mere inches from your lower lip, “but Paris is meant to be a surprise for you,” Yoongi smiles.
“But Yoon-ah?”
A small chuckle left Yoongi’s lips at the mention of his stubborn daughter, “You and I both know that once she has an idea in her head, it’s hard convincing her out of it.” It was now your turn to giggle. “We can make it work, right? We always do,” Yoongi confirms to you both before pressing his forehead to rest against your own. Your arms envelope Yoongi, one hand resting on his chest and the other tracing small circles on the skin at the side of his neck.
He picks you up gently and sits you down on the white marble countertop and spreads open your legs before his hand wiggles their way under your cardigan and sits on your bare hips thanks to your cropped shirt. 
Yoongi takes a step forward to close the small gap that is left between the two of you and crashes his lips against yours. He moves one of his hands to your neck to cradle your face softly and lovingly. His lips are slightly chapped - a rough texture to them but you don’t care as you pull him closer and turn your head to deepen the kiss further. Grabbing a leg, Yoongi pushes it up onto the counter as your skirt follows, giving Yoongi a front row seat to your glistening pussy through the small flimsy excuse for underwear.
You pull back just a bit to catch your breath and Yoongi slips his tongue in your mouth as you moan. You press your body as close as you can to him, and thread your fingers into his hair. 
“You’re so beautiful,” he sighs. 
Yoongi pulls at your cardigan and tugs it down your arms, throwing it to the other end of the bathroom leaving you in your white crop top and black pleated skirt. 
Just as things were beginning to heat up, Yoongi breaks the kiss and attaches his lips to your neck, a trail of searing kisses, nips and bites to the sensitive skin underneath your earlobe. Your back arches at the pleasure that’s being inflicted on your skin. Pulling at the belt loops on Yoongi’s skinny jeans, you drag yourself forward towards the edge of the counter and press your sensitive centre into Yoongi’s obvious bulge that is making more of an appearance the longer this encounter goes on.
Yoongi pulls the hem of your crop shirt far enough to uncover your tits. The cold air surrounding you causing your nipples to erect almost immediately, “Fuck, I really am a lucky man,” he latches his mouth onto one of the buds and sucks on it with vigor. His hand attaches to your second breast and squeezes the flesh hard, kneading it with purpose before taking the nipple and rolls it between his index finger and thumb.
He swaps his mouth onto the other tit and gives it the same attention as the previous, taking it between his teeth and grazing ever so slightly, laving on the assaulted skin with his wet tongue.
You erupt in a frenzy of breathy moans and curses at the man in front of you inflicting the most sinful actions in such a public space. Your mind runs over the same question in your mind… Did Yoongi lock the door? You know he closed the door, but you don’t remember hearing him lock the door, meaning anyone could walk in right now and see you in such a compromising position - top resting above your tits, one foot propped up onto the marble with Yoongi in between your spread legs making out with your tits. But the more you sit and ponder over the thought of the door not being fully locked and open to anyone gets you impossibly wetter at the thought.
Breaking away from your tits, Yoongi comes back up and kisses your mouth with an immense amount of passion, answering with a small “Yes baby,” and then dips his head back to the other side of your neck to give the skin there the same attention.
“Is the door locked,” you giggle
Yoongi stops what he’s doing and looks back at you. Your face is flushed, eyes darkened with lust and the beginning of sweat gathering at your hairline, chest heaving up and down due to the heavy pants as you try to suck in as much oxygen into your burning lungs. He cocks an eyebrow and smiles, showing off an array of sparkling white teeth before he bites his lips and groans. 
“Why? Is the thought of being caught something that doesn’t turn you on, huh?”
Keeping an eye on your reaction, Yoongi’s eyes burn into yours when his hand comes down and gropes your warm cunt over your underwear. He presses two fingers against the wet fabric and rubs it against your folds, quickly finding your clit. Yoongi keeps his fingers pressed on your sensitive bundle of nerves, watching you arch your back trying to chase more of the pleasure that he’s providing.
“I-It’s not that. Yoon-ah c-could walk in”
Smirking, “Yoon-ah left while you were in here. I told her I would look after you.”
Throwing your head back against the glass of the mirror, you moan “Yoongi, Yoongi please.”
Cackling from above you, Yoongi is enjoying the sight of you unraveling below him. He lifts your ass up and allows his fingers to find the waistband of your lilac lace underwear and pulls them down your legs and shoves them into the back pocket of his jeans. “I stand corrected, seems that does turn you on,” he sneers as he restarts the movement of his fingers again.
“O-oh, feels so good Yoon,” the nickname leaves your lips eagerly.
You rest your arm on one of his broad shoulders and pull him closer to your frame as the pace of his fingers inside you moves at a steady pace. His tongue meets yours in a slow, languid dance as you savour the taste of him and the remnants of black coffee on his lips - drinking him in like you’ve been wandering the desert and he is a cool spring that you had managed to magically come across.
Yoongi adds a third finger inside your pussy which only intensifies the squelching noises in the small room. Yoongi breaks the kiss first when the need for air becomes all too much for both your burning lungs.
Breathlessly, you whisper, “I’m going to cum.”
“Yes baby, want you to come all over my fingers,” Yoongi spurs you on further, “Want you to be there with me. Want to spoil my girl, want to take you shopping and dine you in all the best French restaurants. Wanna fuck you in all the romantic spots.” He pinches your nipple once more to tip you over the edge faster.
At the imagery running rampant in your mind from Yoongi’s promises, your climax washes over you and takes control of your body. You arch your spine back and drop your head against the mirror again, a dull ache not present as you’re overcome by euphoric bliss. Yoongi doesn’t stop either as he continues to keep finger fucking you through your orgasm. 
He leans his forehead against your own and presses a kiss to your lips as he basks in the feeling of your pussy clenching around his fingers sporadically, “It’s okay Princess, I’ve got you.”
Yoongi pulls his fingers out of you slowly but keeps his eyes trained on your chest and the heavy rise and fall of your breasts as you engulf more air into you. You wince tiredly at the loss of being so filled up. Without missing a beat, Yoongi places his fingers into his mouth and licks up your juices that are running down his digits. His other hand caresses your cheek softly, his thumb running over your pillowy bottom lip before dragging the flesh down and forcing your mouth open. Yoongi finishes sucking his fingers and places them on your tongue instead, 
“Wanna taste?”
You wrap your own lips around his fingers and suck vigorously. The taste of what’s left of your orgasm and his own saliva tingling your taste buds. Simultaneously, you and Yoongi moan at the contact. You move your hips closer to Yoongi, feeling his cock sitting hard and heavy in his pants against your thigh, you begin to rock yourself against him only for Yoongi to place his hands on your waist to stop.
“This isn’t about me, as much as I would love to bend you across the counter and fuck you relentlessly, this is about you,” Yoongi smiles.
You both hold onto one another in each other's arms and gaze at each other. Yoongi catches the simple chain clinging around your soft sweaty skin as it drips into a small diamond pendant, taking the jewel into his index finger as his thumb rubs over the iridescent rock gently. It is a more understated piece he had bought for you on one of his trips away, unlike the lavish pearl and diamond necklace. You wear it everyday as a reminder that you shine for him just like the way stars gather together in a kaleidoscope of colourful constellations blanketing in the night sky. 
Yoongi playfully leans back in just to kiss you, “so, what do you say about Paris? Are you up for joining me?” He whispers into your skin, nipping your neck once more and pressing a wet kiss to the spot.
“Yes Yoongi, I’ll come.”
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v-hope · a month ago
Yoongi + "Do you even trust me? Because everytime you talk to me about them, it feels like you don't. " "[Name], I trust you more than I trust myself, believe me. It is them I'm wary of. " + fluffy (but very) angsty cause I like pain :D. Requested from this (love your work 💜 I just now you’ll do it perfectly [whenever inspiration hits you no rush] here’s a Yoongi smile for ya :]
pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre: angst, fluff
word count: 1.4k
a/n: well, this turned out longer than i intended lol. i changed the prompt a little bit to make it fit better, but i actually loved writing this soooo much, so thank you for requesting it! i hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Visiting Yoongi’s hometown was always fun, and the family gatherings that were held whenever he visited home were even more of a blast. That you had learned over the last four years you had been dating him.
However, during this past year, you couldn’t help but feel some kind of tension on Yoongi’s end. He would always be all smiles until the rest of his family started to arrive, and you couldn’t quite put your finger on which family member made his entire aura change.
What made the whole situation worse was that you couldn’t bring yourself to actually ask him what was going on to try and help him ease the tension, for there was a chance you were just overthinking everything and would end up starting some kind of family drama over nothing.
Today was no different.
He had been just fine up until an hour ago — the big gummy smile covering his face as he talked with you over a glass of wine, being erased the moment his uncle and aunt arrived, each of them with their respective sons.
So, now, you watched him from afar as he comfortably sat on the couch and talked to a few family members. Although he was visibly enjoying whatever it was they were talking about, you could tell he was sulking, especially when he would look for you from time to time.
You only snapped back from your thoughts when his mum handed you a list of the things she had just asked to go get to the store around the corner, telling you to have Yoongi go with you. Before you could go up to your boyfriend, however, Sungho, one of Yoongi’s cousins, who had heard the conversation you were having with your mother in law, offered to go with you.
At the moment, it had seemed like a good idea.
“Your mum asked me to go get a few things on the store” you let Yoongi know, sitting down next to him on the couch.
He nodded. “I’ll go with you”.
Before you could protest, his hand was holding yours and he was excusing himself from his family.
“You don’t need to go with me. Go back to them, it’s okay” you stopped him before he could reach the front door.
“I can help you bring the bags” he mindlessly shrugged.
“It’s okay, really. Sungho offered to go with me”.
His whole body tensed up, and you were left wondering if maybe, just maybe, Sungho had been the one he had a problem with all along.
“He what?”
“He offered to go with me…” you repeated, slower this time, unsure.
“But I am your boyfriend” he empathized.
“So? We’re just getting a few things on the store around the corner, it’s no big deal”.
“If you’re going somewhere so close, then why can’t I go”.
“I never said you couldn’t go” you pointed out. “You were just talking to your family and he offered, so I figured I wouldn’t bother you”.
“You never bother me” he stated. “What bothers me is that you decided to go with him”.
Glancing over to where everyone was, hoping they wouldn’t have heard your small discussion, especially Yoongi’s last words, you let out a sigh.
“Let’s not make a scene right here”.
That was something he agreed with.
Without another word, and not letting go of your hand, he dragged you to his bedroom, closing the door behind him as you took a seat on his bed.
“I don’t understand what the big deal is” you began, watching him come close to you. “He’s your cousin and we’re just going to buy a few things”.
“The deal is that he has no right to go anywhere alone with you when I am your boyfriend”.
“I know you’re my boyfriend, Yoongi” you glared at him. “And I’m pretty sure Sungho knows, too. Fuck, your entire family knows we are together by now”.
“That means nothing”.
“How can that mean nothing?” you scoffed. “Seriously, Yoongi, you’re making a scene out of nothing. We would already be back from the grocery store if you weren’t acting like this”.
He shook his head, letting out a humorless laugh. “Would you now?”
“What are you trying to imply?” you raised one of your eyebrows.
“No, Yoongi. You can’t just not explain what you meant by that”.
“Nothing, okay? I meant nothing, it’s just…” he sighed, running a hand down his face. “He would’ve found a way to have you all to himself for a little longer”.
“Have me all to himself?” you repeated his words, both hurt and disbelief clear in your voice. “Who do you take me for?”
“No,” he panicked. “I didn’t mean it like that”.
“Didn’t you now?” you stood up, making him take a step back. “Tell me, do you even trust me? Because, right now, it really feels like you don’t”.
“I trust you more than I trust myself”.
You rolled your eyes, trying to walk past him and out of the room, yet not being able to as he tightly held your wrist.
“I do! Y/N, I trust you more than anything, believe me” he pleaded. “It’s him I'm wary of”.
“Isn’t that the same thing?” you quietly spoke, hurt suddenly overshadowing your anger and having you look down, away from his eyes. “If you trusted me, you would know I would stop him, or anyone for that matter, the second they made a move”.
“I know,” he softly spoke, pulling you to him and cupping your face — forehead gently resting on yours. “Baby, I know. I’m sorry, okay? I trust you, but I don’t want him to even get the chance to make a move”.
“How do you know he’s even going to?” you mumbled.
Yoongi let out a shaky breath, as if your mere question had brought him bad memories. And they did.
“He likes you” he mumbled. “A lot”.
“He what?”
“He likes you” he repeated, wishing he would not ever have to say those words again. “He told me himself, and I… I mean, you’re mine”.
“I’m n—”
“Don’t give me your feminist speech right now” his warning earned an amused roll of eyes from you. “I know you don’t actually belong to anyone but yourself, but… you are mine, in a way”.
Shaking your head at how hopelessly cute he looked right there, you cupped his face as well, pressing a soft kiss to his nose before your thumbs gently caressed his cheeks.
“I am yours, you dork” your confession got a gummy smile from him. “Which is why I don’t understand what does it even matter that he likes me”.
“I… heard him tell his brother once that if I didn’t watch out, he would take you from me”.
You snorted. “As if he could”.
Your immediate reaction had seemed to bring him the reassurance he needed. Locking eyes with you, he smiled, letting out a chuckle of his own as his hands travelled down to your waist, tenderly wrapping around it.
“He’s an asshole, and he’s got a serious superiority complex if he believes for even a second that he would be able to take me away from you”.
Letting out a giggle this time, he pressed a small kiss to your forehead before he pulled you against his chest — arms tightening around you in the warmest of hugs.
“That’s my girl”.
You let out a contented sigh at the sound of that, tightly wrapping your arms around him as well and burying your face in the crook of his neck.
“I love you, okay?” your voice came out muffled. “So stop worrying about him”.
“I love you more” he whispered, having you plant a kiss on his hot skin — with just that, letting him know those words meant the world to you.
“Can I go get what your mum asked me to now?” you asked. “She loves me and I don’t wanna change that by taking too long and making her mad”.
You felt his chest tremble against yours as he silently laughed, then pulling slightly back so he could look at you with a questioning eyebrow. “Are you still going with him?”
“Nope, I’m going with you” you pecked his pink lips. “From now on, I’m showing him my heart belongs to Min Yoongi and Min Yoongi only”.
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lavienjin · a month ago
first love | myg
Tumblr media
synopsis: After an incredibly long day, Yoongi found you crying in the copy room. Though he doesn't talk much, you've always found his presence comforting, and it didn't surprise you when he stayed and listen to you vent. However, while you sought comfort in his embrace, he proposed a special offer to reduce your stress with the magic of his hands. The only catch to your arrangement? You couldn't fall in love.
But wouldn't you know it, just as your friendship deepens into something more, you find an old notebook sitting on his bookshelf, and in it, a collection of poems. The last entry has you reeling because it's addressed to you. And in that page, a single line is written: Without you, I am nothing.
→ part of the virtue, vice, and everything nice collab.
Tumblr media
pairing: yoongi x reader
wc: 11.3k
genre/rating/au: 18+ | fwb, coworkers, f2l au | smut, angst
warnings: unprotected sex, fingering, semi public sex, multiple smut scenes, multiple orgasms, oral (m. & f. receiving), masturbation, exhibition, lots of feelings. like a lot of feelings :(
author's note: i'm fully aware that this song is about a piano but i don't want to write angsty musician yoongi since it hits a little close to home, so i put my own spin into it. thank you to the lovely @ddaechwita for the banner! this is part of @missgeniality's wings collab so please make sure to check out the rest of the authors! ♥
i wanna give a shoutout to one of my favourite authors out there! @yoonia happy heckin birthday, my love!! i tried to channel your energy when i was writing this. truly, your fics give me a lot of inspiration!!!
m.list | ao3
Tumblr media
You first entered Helion Game Company together as interns, assigned to comb through thousands of customer complaints while sitting across from each other.
Yoongi didn’t speak much; opting to tilt his head every time you greeted him good morning, but the way his eyes twinkled as he listened to you talk about your weekend caused a confusing array of feelings to emerge quietly in your heart. And the feelings continue to blossom whenever you return to find the occasional tangerine next to your computer after you’ve had a long day.
To you, Yoongi would always be that seemingly aloof coworker with a tight rein on his emotions, but one whose voice can command the entire room with just the simplest of words. It wasn’t surprising that he rose quickly through the ranks and you watched with quiet pride when he was inducted into the Senior Sound Engineers circle for the next version launch of the company’s hit mobile game.
Though it took you a few more months, you soon joined him in the ranks to work alongside the project with a team of Creative Directors. Introducing yourself to a room of ambitious souls was a nerve-wracking experience, but it was only made bearable when you caught Yoongi’s eyes in the back of the room as his warm presence continued to provide a quiet flow of support that strengthened your nerve. Ever since that day, you held his gaze steadfastly whenever you presented a new concept to the team, and if you’re lucky, you’d find a tangerine sitting prettily on your desk the next morning.
With the highly anticipated one-year anniversary launch coming up soon, you’re swamped with endless meetings to finalize the details that would be included, so much so that you’d find yourself reminiscing about the early days. Though combing through a never-ending list of demands from players was tedious, you relished in the quiet that surrounded you and Yoongi, the two of you lost in your own worlds with only the clicks of keyboards accompanying your routines.
As time and busyness enveloped your lives, they robbed you from seeing one another and it didn’t surprise you to learn that the sprouting feelings you once had for the ebony-haired man were eventually absorbed by the cacophony of noise around you. However, not all is lost, because you’ve gathered the scattered petals on the ground and chose to call it a different name: friendship.
And though it felt like months since you last talked or even been in the same room with each other, you couldn’t help but smile at the rare moments when you’re greeted in the morning with the comforting scent from the small, citrus fruit.
The day started out rather pleasant, the stifling summer air made way for a gentle breeze, cooling down the normal heatwave that lurks in the alleys of the city. You hadn’t even slept that terribly, even waking up before your alarm clock to enjoy the morning air as you sipped coffee from your favourite mug. As you smiled at the chirping birds in a nearby tree, you just can’t shake the feeling that today was going to be great.
Or so you thought.
As soon as you arrive at the office, your lifted spirits deflate as your assistant frantically calls your name in near tears.
“Dowon leaked the character concept,” she informs you in a high-pitch shriek as you shouldered your way through a sea of panicking bodies. “Namjoon wants to see you.”
From what you can gather in the few minutes you had with your assistant as you turned around to walk in the other direction towards Namjoon’s office, the newest artist in your team, Dowon, had posted a selfie of himself on Twitter that contained the early sketches of the not-yet-released Yuna in the background. He hadn’t realized his mistake until he checked his ever-buzzing phone, and upon looking at the encroaching thousands of retweets and likes, his panic was evident in his pallor. Although he deleted the tweet immediately after his discovery, the news had already spread like wildfire – with users reposting the tweets on multiple platforms outside of just Twitter.
When you enter Namjoon’s office, his back is turned towards you. He’s talking to someone on the phone in harsh whispers, though your deafening heart rate makes it hard for you to piece together the words.
“G-Good morning,” comes a timid voice from your side.
You blink in surprise at Dowon’s trembling figure. Of course, he’d be here, but your mind had been so preoccupied with the disaster that you hadn’t noticed his presence. With his shoulders raised to the skies, he sinks into himself, unable to meet your gaze. You’re suddenly parched, throat constricting around your reply, unable to push the words out, so you offered him a half-hearted smile instead.
Your attention is stolen when Namjoon clears his throat. The blue tie on his neck is slightly loose, and the way he sighs as he slumps on his dark leather chair causes a stone to drop in your stomach. When Namjoon regards you with his steel gaze, his mouth is pulled into a grim line.
“I assume you’ve been informed about what happened?”
Dowon squeaks from beside you and you steal a quick glance at the pitiful man, your heart clenching at the unshed tears in his eyes. He isn’t the best artist in your team, but he does work the hardest. If Namjoon decides to terminate his contract, it will be hard for you to hire another artist so late into the development.
You nod. “Minju told me what happened on our walk to your office, yes.”
Namjoon’s face is unreadable, a stone mask that doesn’t betray what he’s thinking. The only indication that this situation may be worse than what you’d imagine is the way Namjoon’s tongue prods the inside of his cheek, a rare expression you’ve only seen a handful of times in your employment.
You’re unable to breathe with the thick, palpable tension in the air. Namjoon studies both your figures in the silence, and you wonder if he’s quietly enjoying this.
“Dowon,” he says calmly. “What do you have to say for yourself?”
“I’m—I’m sorry, sir. It w-won’t happen again,” Dowon stammers. He bows as he balls his slacks into his fists.
Namjoon nods and returns his attention to you. “Tell me, how’s his performance as of late?”
You feel a prickling sensation as Dowon’s pleading gaze snaps to you. “His work is consistent.” You maintain the intense eye contact with Namjoon, resolute in defending your employee. “You won’t find another artist like him this late in the game, sir.”
Tension releases your body from its hold when Namjoon shifts his gaze away from you. The breath of relief you let out seems to reassure Dowon, and from the corner of your eye, you can see the way his shoulders begin to relax.
“Dowon, you may go,” Namjoon announces.
You offer a congratulatory smile at the man beside you, one he returns with a deep bow before he scurries out of Namjoon’s office. The unsettling feeling returns to your stomach when the door shuts behind you.
“Unfortunately,” Namjoon mutters, his expression turning grim once more. “I have some bad news for you.”
You can’t stop the hot tears from making their way down your cheeks as you barricade yourself in the copy room. Your team, possibly sensing your ire after you left Namjoon’s office without so much as a hint of a smile, has left you alone to wallow until it was time for them to go, where they quietly slip away without so much as a wave.
“Stupid thing!” you grumble, kicking the wheel of the copier in frustration.
For the past hour or so, you’ve been trying to print the incident report you’ve painstakingly typed out all afternoon. Your meeting with Namjoon has left a nasty mark on your otherwise pristine office life. You can’t blame him, knowing that the decision has been made prior to you stepping foot on the ugly navy carpet of your office, but you can’t help the anger that rises steadily towards the man either.
After Dowon left, having been dismissed by Namjoon, your boss informed you that you’ve been written up for your negligence, which, as you spat out to him that morning, was complete and utter bullshit. Namjoon patiently listened to you rant as you plead your case, but your passionate words didn’t make a dent in his armour.
“I’m sorry,” Namjoon murmured as he handed you a yellow slip. “Please have this signed along with the incident report. I expect it on my desk first thing in the morning.”
The beeping from the printer breaks you of your thoughts and you cast your gaze down to the LCD screen flashing red and yellow, signifying yet another paper jam on the side of the printer.
Defeat pulls you down on to the floor, where you bring your knees close to your chest as you bury your face into your hands.
“Hey, are you okay?”
You lift your face to meet Yoongi’s worried gaze. Great.
“Yeah,” you sniffle, wiping your tears away with the back of your hand. “Yeah, I’m okay. Just been a really long day.” You let out a half-hearted chuckle, one that Yoongi returns with a sad smile.
He makes his way to your crouched figure before sitting down next to you, both your backs leaning against the printer. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”
Though you’re touched by his sincerity, a part of you hesitates to tell him what’s wrong, especially since your interactions thus far have been minute due to your busy schedules.
Sensing your reluctance, Yoongi nudges you lightly with his shoulders, a growing smile on his face. “Come on,” he urges. “I’ve heard you talk about your weekend since we were interns. You were never shy about discussing your thoughts before, why are you hiding them from me now?”
With a shuddering sigh, you smile gratefully at Yoongi before highlighting the unfortunate moments from this morning. True to his nature, Yoongi listens closely as you speak, chiming in once or twice with a few hums. Though as you begin to retell what happened in Namjoon’s office, Yoongi tenses beside you, his once worried expression morphing into fury.
“What the fuck?” Yoongi slams his fist to the copier behind you. “That’s bullshit!”
“Yeah? Well, tell that to Namjoon,” you snicker. In all the time you’ve known Yoongi, you have never seen him so upset. “It’s fine, really. I’ve never been written up before, so it’s not the end of the world. Plus, Namjoon said that it was out of his hands,” you sigh. “I just hope it doesn’t look bad on my performance review.”
Yoongi releases his bottom lip from his teeth, but not after he tortures it to a point where you see little pricks of red peeking through the soft tissue. Your hand moves on its own as you wipe his bottom lip with your thumb, tutting at the small injury. When you realize what you’ve done, you snatch your hand away quickly, your cheeks aflame when Yoongi looks at you with wide eyes.
“I’m so sorry, force of habit!” you stammer. “I have cousins and they’re a messy bunch, always wrestling with each other and getting cuts all over.”
God! What was wrong with you? With a silent prayer for the ground to open up, you bury your face into your hands, trying to hide away the embarrassment colouring your face.
“Thank you.”
With an amused chuckle, Yoongi gingerly removes your palms from your face to force your gaze back to his. “I mean it,” he whispers as he lets go of your hands. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome,” you utter just as quietly. “Really, I should be thanking you for listening to me; not just about this fiasco, but for all the times I bugged you during our intern days.”
Yoongi tilts his head, his smile faltering slightly. “That’s assuming that you’re a bother.” At your protests, he begins to laugh, shaking his head. “Nah, I like listening to you talk,” he beams. “If I hated your voice, I wouldn’t have listened to you drone on and on about the countless awful blind dates your friends set you up with.”
“Oh my god! Why would you bring that up?” you laugh, smacking him lightly on the shoulder. “Anyway, I should probably get on with this,” you pat the printer a few times, “I still have an incident report to print out.”
Yoongi rolls his eyes at the mention of your task. “Leave it until the morning. It’s all formality anyway.”
“I would never have guessed that one of the greatest sound engineers in our company is a troublemaker.”
He chuckles at your teasing grin. Maybe it’s just your imagination, but there’s an amused glint in his eyes as he murmurs, with a voice so low that goosebumps appear on your skin, “There’s a lot you don’t know about me.”
Your thoughts slow to a crawl as he pins you with his gaze. Was his face always this close to you? Breathing becomes secondary as your heart hammers in its cage. What was he thinking behind those rich irises?
“Yoongi, I…” you begin, but you’re not sure what you wanted to say next.
The spell breaks when his lips curl up into an easygoing smile. “Come on.” Yoongi stands and offers you a hand. “I’ll help you with the printer, only if you promise to get a drink with me.”
Bewildered at his sudden offer, you can only muster a nod as he helps you stand.
“Okay, let’s see what’s going on with this thing…”
You watch Yoongi work on the printer for a few minutes, though really, your mind is drifting further away as the feelings you thought had disappeared seem to resurface back into reality. After opening two separate compartments in the printer, Yoongi’s able to find the source of the jam and removed it, instructing you to press a few buttons on the small LCD screen. Like magic, the flashing red warning sign stops and a little jingle resounds instead before the machine begins to spit out your documents into the tray.
“How did you…” you begin, staring in awe as the printer staples your report together.
“Well, the IT guys were taking a long time to appear this one time and our team really needed to print some reports. Since no one seemed to know what to do, I just rolled up my sleeves and opened it to find the issue,” he explains as he hands you the stack of paper. “Ever since then, every time this printer acts up, my team usually comes to me for help.”
Yoongi flashes an amused smirk in your direction as he wipes his toner-covered hands with a handkerchief. “So, ready for that drink?”
The walk to the trendy bar just a little way outside of your office is filled with a round of 20 questions. It’s strange to see Yoongi in this light, so animated and full of life. He talked about college; how he switched majors from business despite his parents’ disapproval. In return, you talk about your favourite musicians before learning that you listen to similar genres.
When you enter the mostly full bar and squeeze yourselves into the booth, the conversation never ceases, only stopping briefly when a waiter comes to take your order. Not wanting to drink on an empty stomach, you ordered a plate of appetizers – wings and nachos – to accompany your liquor.
“Good choice. They have the best nachos here,” Yoongi comments just as the waiter takes your menu and leaves.
“Oh? Do you come here often?”
“Yeah. They have live music a few times a month and my friend recently got a gig here, so I showed up to support him.” Yoongi points to the dim stage area where a microphone and a singular chair stand.
“That’s sweet of you! Okay, what else don’t I know about you, Yoongi… Do you have a secret identity? Office worker by day, criminal mastermind by night?” you tease.
Yoongi laughs into his hand, shaking his head. “Oh, if I was a criminal mastermind, I wouldn’t be stuck working at an office job. I’d just steal a bunch of money so I can live in peace.”
Just as you begin to ask about his plans for conquering the world, your food and drinks arrive, holding off the conversation for a later time. You’re too busy munching on your nachos and sipping your liquor of choice that it takes you a moment to realize that Yoongi stopped eating.
“What’s up?” you ask.
Yoongi studies you as he brings the glass of beer to his lips. “Nothing, I’m just glad you’re finally yourself again.”
“It helps that I have a friend to talk to,” you beam. “Thanks for taking me out tonight too.”
“Don’t mention it,” he smiles. “Sorry, I got a bit in my head there because I felt like I was pushing you to go when you didn’t want to.”
“Honestly? I’m glad you did. If not, I would’ve been at home alone to just drink myself under. That can’t be healthy.”
“Oh, and drinking in a relatively crowded bar is?” he fires back before bursting into laughter.
“That’s not what I meant!” you protest with a pout, stuffing your face full of nachos.
You continue to eat until only the platter empties. Through the night, the empty glasses beside you increase in quantity as you let yourself go with the flow of conversation and music. Once, Yoongi made you try something called a ‘Blue Moon’, his favourite beer imported from the Midwestern area of the United States that is served with a slice of orange.
“That reminds me, I never thanked you for the tangerines you leave on my desk,” you muse, drinking the last of the beer. The citrusy taste lingers on your tongue even as you switch over to chug a glass full of water.
Yoongi grins as he raises his glass. “Of course. A good job always deserves a reward.”
“Oh, and what kind of reward are you looking for?” You couldn’t help but snort when Yoongi chokes on his drink.
“You’ll pay for this one day,” he pouts as he cleans up his mess with a napkin.
Sure, your day was less than stellar, but after the Yoongi’s presence, you couldn’t help the smile that found its way into your face as you crawled into bed.
The next couple of days after the incident was just as you expected. The office is abuzz with gossip when you enter, with some brave folks asking if what transpired during Namjoon’s office was true. You confirmed what little you could, preferring to keep the details of your write up a secret, away from loose lips.
Though the energy surrounding your team has shifted, some are wary of working with Dowon in the event that another leak, your spirits lift slightly when you spy a familiar round orange fruit on top of your files this morning. Unlike all the other instances however, this one has a note attached to it.
“Drinks are on me tonight.”
And maybe… just maybe, things aren’t so bad after all.
“Fuck!” You slam the empty glass to the table, causing a few patrons to look over in your direction.
“Whoa, settle down there.” Yoongi’s comforting presence has not placated your anger the way it normally would.
Despite the launch happening within less than a month, your team is behind on some of the last-minute touches for the characters, making you work overtime for the past few days now. Speaking of the devil, your phone chimes and you spy the email that one of your employees sent you, asking for approval on a last-minute design change.
You type your confirmation with a low grumble under your breath, upset that even with the weekend within sight, your team is still hard at work.
“I’m sorry, Yoongi,” you mutter as you lock your phone and stash it back in your purse. “I’m sure it’s hellish on your end too and I’m taking this out on you.”
“I guess I should feel honoured?” he snickers, raising his glass to you. “When you were written up, you barely opened up to me and now look at us, drinking away our stress in the same booth every other day.”
You tap the bottom of his beer with your glass before taking a sip, grimacing as the liquor burns its way down your throat. “Well, it beats drinking alone,” you sigh.
Over the past month now, ever since the incident, you and Yoongi have made a point to meet at the bar every now and again, mostly to complain about work.
“Your blood pressure is off the charts, huh?”
“I feel like I’ll probably die before I reach 40 if this is how my team handles every launch,” you grumble, not affected by his joviality.
“Relax, tomorrow’s Friday! And then we have a long weekend ahead of us. Just bear with it for one more day, okay?”
You grumble an unintelligible response as you sip on your drink. Numb from the drinks, you’re not as perceptive as you usually are, completely missing the way he’s currently staring at you. His lips are downturned as he absentmindedly drums his fingers on the side of his beer before he finally pipes up.
“You know… I can help you with that. Your stress, I mean. I know that this was pretty much my idea – to get drunk and forget the stress” – you can’t help but raise your glass and chug as he continues to speak – “but I may have a healthier alternative.”
“Okay, spill. What do you have in mind?”
“I can always make you cum.”
As though he didn’t just drop the biggest bomb in your time together, Yoongi continues to drink his beer nonchalantly, while your mind struggles to comprehend what he just said.
“I’m sorry… what? Are you serious?”
“Of course, I am,” he shrugs. “I mean, I heard an orgasm is the best way to get over your stress and I’m pretty confident in my abilities.”
Your brain is unable to form the correct syllables to convey your thoughts.
The fact that Yoongi finds you attractive is a miracle in itself, especially when he walks around charming everyone in the office with his swoopy black hair and easy smile. Maybe your crush on him is slowly rearing its head again after all these years, but you aren’t sure if you’re willing to risk changing the relationship you currently have. Being Yoongi’s friend has been easy; he’s a great listener and you’re only scratching the surface behind the quiet exterior he presents.
However, somewhere deep inside, you must’ve wanted to change the dynamic to something more, or else why would you be questioning his proposal so intently?
While you’re busy staring into the amber liquid in your glass, Yoongi reaches out to cover the back of your hand with his, breaking you from the internal struggle in your mind. “Hey, if you’re not into it, don’t worry,” he chuckles, with a shrug of his shoulders. “I’m just offering my services. No strings attached, kind of deal.”
The question stands: why? As you stare into the hand that’s currently enveloping yours, you can’t fathom why someone like Yoongi would give you the time of day. It didn’t seem real – his proposal. But then, your gaze drifts to his face and after spending so much time with him, you know that Yoongi isn’t one to joke around.
“Don’t think about it too hard, okay?” He speaks just as he spies the waiter coming towards you with your check. “Looks like the bar’s going to close pretty soon. So, how about we get out of here and call it a night?”
That night, you toss and turn in your sheets, feeling a sense of emptiness. You can’t help but replay the scene from the bar – specifically Yoongi's nonchalant proposal.
Unable to sleep, you think. And then you think some more. Until your head is swimming with alcohol and something else.
And that’s when you call Yoongi at 3:22 in the morning, slightly surprised that he’s still awake.
"On the topic of what we talked about in the bar tonight…” you begin, biting your bottom lip nervously.
Yoongi groans on the other line. “I’m serious when I said you shouldn’t worry about it. We’re cool. If you’re not into the idea, I get—”
You cut him off before he could ramble further, smirking into the phone. “How confident are you?”
Instead of answering, Yoongi chuckles. “Wear a skirt and you’ll find out tomorrow, hm?”
It isn’t strange for you to be seated next to Yoongi during the manager’s meeting, especially since how closely you have to work with the sound department, but you can’t help but squirm in your seat as you attempt to listen to Namjoon summarizing the development reports he received in preparation for the launch.
Your seat is pushed almost flushed against the table, with the edge digging into your abdomen, to hide Yoongi’s fingers that are currently trailing ambiguous shapes into your skin. Coupled with the fact that he’s currently holding your panties hostage in the pockets of his slacks, every time you feel the cold bite of his metal rings when he travels higher, you clench around nothing while trying not to whine in front of the twenty-something people gathered in the room.
Taking a chance to look around the room, you’re only met with bored faces and yawning mouths, and there’s a subtle groan when Namjoon moves the PowerPoint slides to talk about last season’s numbers. However, whatever brilliant revelation he’s about to impart on you is drowned out by the roaring desire when Yoongi’s fingertips brush against your folds.
He whistles low while staring at the pie chart, and the few chuckles floating from the back of the room assume that he’s talking about the high numbers last season brought in, when in actuality, Yoongi’s pleasantly surprised at how wet you already are; your pussy sucking his fingers in down to the second knuckle.
The breath leaves your lungs when Namjoon raises an eyebrow when his gaze floats over to the two of you.
“Tell me about it. You really knocked it out of the park with the background music for the new area,” he chuckles, nodding his praise to Yoongi.
The corner of Yoongi’s lips twitch, a smirk threatening to take over his features. Oh, if only your coworkers knew.
Your poor bottom lip is bruised and swollen from your constant need to swallow down your moans. Sweat slicks all over your arms and back as you sit rigid, your legs pushed apart, and Yoongi’s unhurried fingers traverse your sopping cunt, taking care not to make too much noise in the otherwise quiet meeting room.
“All right, that’s pretty much all I have for you today. Thanks for letting me drone on for an hour,” he winces when he looks at the clock, “…and a half. Enjoy the rest of the day,” Namjoon chuckles as he adjourns the meeting.
You exhale gradually when Yoongi leaves your cunt as the others begin to stand. On one hand, you’re relieved, grateful that you weren’t caught because you were definitely breaking a slew of code violations while you’re getting handsy on the table. On the other, the strong need to orgasm only surges in your veins, wanting nothing more than to have Yoongi fuck you right then and there; consequences be damned.
“Aren’t you getting up?” Yoongi quips, an amused grin on his face.
You glower at his smirk, unable to form a sensible comeback with your heartbeat still steadfast on a thundering rhythm. When you do get out of your chair, the grip you hold on to the back is strong, your legs feeling like jelly after being teased for so long.
“I’m fine,” you grumble as Yoongi extends a hand – the one that was inside of you just mere moments ago.
With your shaky legs, you walk stiffly out of the meeting room, but not after stealing a glance around the remaining crowd to see if anyone noticed anything strange. Everyone, including Namjoon, seemed indifferent.
“And how was that?” Yoongi questions once you’re out of earshot.
“Unbelievably hot. I think I could’ve cum if Namjoon kept on talking,” you admit with a grin.
“Interesting,” he hums. “Do you have any meetings after this?”
Before answering his question, you look through your phone calendar. “Nope, I don’t have anything until 2pm.” That’s a lie – you meant to check in with your artists all day today, but the curiosity got the better of you and you wonder what it was he has planned.
“Come to my office in half an hour? I’ll make sure we’re undisturbed.”
Though he posed it as a question, you know it’s anything but.
Yoongi walks away with a smirk and you have to bring your legs together as you anticipate what he has planned next.
This is nothing like the meeting this morning.
Yoongi has you pressed up against the copier, holding your leg up as his fingers return to their rightful place inside you. The metal bits dig into your shoulders as you shift your hips, allowing him access into your deepest parts.
The whine you let out is nothing short of pathetic as you rut in time with his thrusts. The sleeves of his dress shirt are seeped with your arousal, yet Yoongi doesn’t care, too focused on your pussy swallowing his fingers whole.
“Look at you,” he breathes, marvelling at the way your chest rises and falls rapidly. “So needy and wet. Keep your voice down, hm? We don’t want the whole office to hear us, do we?”
You inhale sharply before busying yourself with your bottom lip as he slams his hand repeatedly inside, his fingertips stroking the patch of nerves that has your body jerking in his grip. The coil has been building for some time now – your head is already swimming with desire. When his thumb presses circles on your clit, you know it’s only a matter of minutes before you come undone.
“S-So close,” you whimper. You’re arching your back as you’re practically sprawled all over the copy machine.
“Just let go, cum all over my hands,” he rasps before dipping lower to graze his teeth along your pulse point. “Cum for me.”
With a strangled moan, your body obeys his command. “Yoongi—fuck.”
While your team is out there, perfecting the project that’s due in a matter of weeks, you’re pulled apart at the seams – the orgasm slamming into you like waves as it cascades down your spine, making you shudder.
“Good girl, so good to me,” Yoongi mumbles absentmindedly into your hair. “So pretty when you cum.”
Your vision is blurry, filled with dancing lights as you attempt to calm your breathing. When Yoongi slips his fingers out of your cunt, you hiss, aching at the sensitivity. He massages your thighs with a hum, paying attention to the leg that was propped up for the entire duration of the… events.
“How’d I do?” he teases as he helps you smooth out the wrinkles from your skirt.
You’re honestly still reeling. Though your heart isn’t traveling a thousand miles an hour, it’s still clocking in the upper hundreds. Yet, your body did feel lighter, your mind also clearer somehow. You must admit, Yoongi orchestrated your body like an expert conductor – as though he’s known you all your life. No one has made you cum that quickly before.
Perhaps you should’ve kept those thoughts to yourself because you can see the way Yoongi seems to glow at your compliment: pride filling his chest along with a confident smirk on his face.
“Now, can I have my panties back, please?” you whisper as you hold out your hand.
Yoongi seemed to think for a moment, his lips turned upwards to the side. At your amusement and horror, he shakes his head. “I think I’ll hold on to these for the rest of the day.”
“Yoongi,” you state flatly, nervousness clawing up your belly, but you can’t deny the thrill either, so you don’t push it.
After he makes sure that no one seems to be paying attention to the copy room, Yoongi helps you sneak away, but not before filling your thoughts with some of his other ideas.
Your day passes like a blur, and you find yourself locking your legs more often as your distracted brain thinks about the events that happen this morning. The idea of Yoongi walking around the office with your lace underwear stuffed in his slacks makes poor company when you’re trying to work.
Too engrossed in your thoughts, you hadn’t realized that your assistant had let herself in until she called your name again with a cough.
“Sorry,” you smile sheepishly. “I’m a bit distracted right now.”
Your assistant merely smiled demurely as she hands you a stack of reports you requested. “Here’s the information on the developments we’ve made over the past few months and the breakdown of the new region from the programmers for next year’s launch. We can start meeting with them to talk about what they want the art team to start working on.”
You skim through the details, humming along as your assistant explains the finer points of what is written. “Thank you, Suha. This looks good,” you praise.
Suha bows to you with a proud smile, but instead of leaving, she shifts her weight as she stands. “Actually, I was wondering if I could leave in half an hour?” she requests.
A mischievous idea pops in your head and you have to thread your hands together to avoid immediately texting a certain dark-haired man. “Sure,” you chirp in a voice too high as you fail to hide your excitement. Clearing your throat, you try again. “Yes, Suha. You’ve done a good job. Please feel free to leave now if you’d like.”
Suha claps her hands together and bows. “Thank you!” she calls out before disappearing.
When the door to your office closes shut, you fire out a text and hum, fingers drumming impatiently on the oak table as you wait for Yoongi to arrive.
“Took you long enough,” you smirk when he opens the door.
“Well, unlike some people, I was busy managing my team.”
Poking his head one more time to make sure that no one’s noticed his arrival, Yoongi closes the door firmly behind him, locking it in place.
“Now, why have you brought me into your office, hm?” he asks rhetorically before stuffing his hands in his pockets and pulling out the familiar garment. “Could it be because of this?”
You laugh quietly with a shake of your head. “Maybe it has something to do with that,” you muse, watching him approach with your bottom lip tucked between your teeth. “Or maybe it’s because I’m just so stressed, you know?”
Yoongi chuckles at your insinuation before leaning forward until your faces are inches apart. “And,” he husks, wetting his lips with his tongue, “How can I help you?”
You hum as you grab him by the collar, crashing your lips against his as an answer to his question. In a spectacular feat, Yoongi’s strong arms lift you up from across the table, pulling you flush against his chest as he sits you down in front of him. Your legs wrap around his torso, causing your skirt to rise to display your bare pussy towards him.
Yoongi’s rough hands dig into the meat of your thighs as he grinds into your core. “Tell me. How did it feel walking around the office with no panties all day, hm?”
“Exhilarating,” you admit in a breathless moan, body aflame with desire as you feel his erection drag against your clit.
“And look at you now, so needy and ready for more. What do you think your team would say if they saw you like this?” Every few words are punctuated with Yoongi’s fingers undoing the buttons to your blouse.
“God, don’t ask me that,” you pout, arching your chest forward. “I don’t want to think about work right now.”
At this, he laughs. “Have you been thinking about work at all during the day? Some might say you’re a little distracted.”
Yoongi cuts off whatever retort you had prepared when he kisses along your jawline and down your neck, nipping the skin just harsh enough to send shivers down your spine, as he continues his mission to free your tits from their cage.
“Pretty,” he mumbles into your skin while palming your breasts.
The combined stimulation is almost too much for you to handle. With his hard cock dragging against your bare cunt and his lips attacking your neck, it doesn’t take long before your skin is riddled with goosebumps as you clamp your lips shut to stop yourself from moaning too loudly.
You find a moment of clarity when Yoongi unbuttons his pants, but just as you reach out to help him, a knock resounds at the door.
The two of you looked at each other in a momentary state of panic as you buttoned up your blouse in haste. Your hands tremble, making it hard for the plastic beads to slip into place, but somehow you managed to not wrinkle your clothes too much, though your heart thunders in your ears when you hear Namjoon, of all people, call your name from the other side of the door.
Making sure you’re both half decent, you unlock the door and yank it open, revealing a startled Namjoon in front of you.
“Uh… hey. Are you okay? Why was your door locked?”
You’re sweating and shaking, almost getting caught by your boss will do that to a person, but somehow you manage a curt nod, and when you lie, your voice actually sounded believable. “Yeah, just got a call about some interesting news from my family. How can I help you?”
Namjoon narrows his eyes in suspicion before shaking his head. “How about we talk inside?”
“That… um…” Your brain stalls for an excuse but fails. With a dejected heart, thinking that you’re probably going to get fired at this rate, you seal your fate and let your boss in… only to find yourself staring into an empty office.
Where had Yoongi gone?
Namjoon closes the door behind you and makes his way to your desk. You trail after him but before glancing around the room again. You find your answer when you sit down in your chair. Hunched under the desk is Yoongi, who has both his feet tucked under his chin as he grins at you. If Namjoon catches the way your eyes widen in surprise, he says nothing as you sit down.
“I’m just here to see how you’re doing, especially with the launch happening so soon. Is there anything I can help you with?”
You shift uncomfortably in your chair, especially when you accidentally brush against Yoongi’s leg. “I really appreciate the offer, but you really don’t have to check in on me every single time we have a launch. This isn’t my first time, sir.”
Your boss only sighs, sinking into the chair. “I know, truth be told, I wanted to tell you that I’m in the process of getting your write up to disappear from the HR records since it’s really not your fault.”
“Wait… huh?” You blink at Namjoon slowly, genuinely surprised that he’d go through such lengths.
Namjoon only shrugs. “Yeah, I mean. I feel pretty awful about it. So, I pulled some strings and you have been granted your clean record back. That’s all I wanted to say, really. It just didn’t seem right if I brought it up in the hallway,” he grins, showing off his dimpled cheeks as he finished his explanation.
“Thanks, boss,” you mumble gratefully. “It means a lot to me that you’d do that.”
“Don’t mention it.” Namjoon chuckles. “Anyway, what’s with the interesting call? Is your family okay?”
“Yeah,” you squeak, unprepared for him to call out your lie. “They’re okay, I swear. Just some trouble with my cousins…”
Namjoon seems satisfied with your response, nodding after you trailed off. The silence feels suffocating. After a few more heartbeats, Namjoon stands to leave, calling out behind his shoulder as he opens the door, “Well, if you need anything else, you know where to find me.”
The instant the door clicks shut, you jump away from your chair as you help Yoongi stand.
“You all right?” you ask, looking him up and down before deeming that he’s fine.
The easy-going smile returns to his face almost immediately, giving you a full view of his gums. “That could’ve been bad.” Yoongi checks his watch and smiles, pointing at the time. “But, it’s now technically the weekend. So, how about we pack our things and get the hell out of here, huh?”
Yoongi’s apartment is everything like you’d imagine, clean and monochromatic with hints of blue popping here and there. Lining the walls of his bedroom are framed jerseys from a few athletes you recognize, all of them signed and probably costing a good fortune. Besides the decoration, there’s really only one other piece of furniture aside from the bed. Standing on the wall closest to the window is a black floor-to-ceiling bookcase, filled with all sorts of books and a few random photographs of his younger years.
But you have no time to observe fully, not when Yoongi pushes you on the bed with a quiet chuckle, demanding your attention once more as he kisses the length of your throat.
“Now, where were we?” he teases into your skin.
You can only giggle before the sound turns into a groan when his hand digs into the skin of your ass. “I have no idea, but I say, let’s just fuck.”
“Good answer.”
Yoongi doesn’t care to discard your clothing, choosing to simply ruck your skirt to your waist before his hands fit between your legs.
“Yoongi—ah! Stop teasing!” you whine, pressing your back into the mattress as you writhe under his touch.
“Not until I get a taste of you first.”
With a final peck to your lips, Yoongi drops to the edge of the bed before pulling you towards him until you feel his hot breath against your pussy. He takes his time with eating you out – alternating between licking your folds and sucking on your clit – as you moan and gasp around him. Your arousal seeps out of you in a steady trickle, a puddle forming on his sheets.
“Shit…” you grunt. “Do I taste that good?”
“You do,” he mumbles, the deep vibrations from his voice causing you to arch your back. “God, I can taste you all day.”
True to his word, he drowns himself with your pussy, paying more attention to your clit as you feel the orgasm slowly spreading through your body.
“Yoongi, wait,” you breathe, tugging at his dark locks so he’d look at you.
And what a sight he is to behold.
The bottom half of his face is wet with your arousal as he smirks up at you with pupils so blown out, they’re almost black.
“I wanna cum with your cock inside of me,” you confess, sitting up to pull him into a deep kiss. “Haven’t you teased me enough today?”
Yoongi hums into the kiss, wrapping his arms around your body before pushing you back down to the mattress. “I guess that can be arranged,” he chuckles.
With your help, his slacks and underwear are thrown haphazardly on the floor. His cock stands proudly for you to admire; with a leaking reddish tip and a prominent vein running down one side of the shaft. Unable to help yourself, your hand wraps around his length, causing Yoongi to groan as his eyes flutter shut.
“I thought you wanted my cock?” he teases breathlessly.
“Not before I get a taste,” you counter.
Chuckling, he props his pillows along the headboard before settling back, making it easier for you to crawl over and swallow his length. Intent on keeping eye contact, you make short licks around the head before travelling lower, sucking on the tender skin of his balls before moving back up.
“Oh, fuck—” he grunts, hips jumping up when you wrap your lips around the tender head.
While still staring at him through your lashes, you lower yourself until about halfway, the weeping head knocking against the back of your throat making it hard for you to breathe. You hollow your cheekbones as you exit, earning a lovely, guttural groan from the dark-haired man below. Yoongi places a hand on your head as you continue, pumping him in tandem with the movements of your head as you bob up and down his length.
Your remaining hand digs into the skin of his thigh as you take him deeper down your throat, until you manage to sheathe all of him down to the base. Tears spring in your eyes as you whimper around his length, but despite this, you refuse to stop, not when you spy the satisfied smirk on his face that only aids the desire that’s already strong in your veins.
The grip around your scalp tightens as he attempts to pull you off. “I can’t… I’m going to cum if you keep this up.”
His words only add fuel to the fire and you speed up your ministrations despite Yoongi’s attempts to make you stop. Saliva collects into a wet, messy pool on the sheets as you swallow him into your throat. The tears cascade down your face, yet you can’t help but smirk proudly, especially when his lovely eyes flutter shut and his mouth hangs open as he chants your name.
“Fuuuck, I’m going to c-cum—shit!”
You inhale sharply as you push your head down, until his soft curls tickles your nose. A second later, your mouth fills with the salty, bitter taste of cum as Yoongi jerks under your touch, digging his nails into the sheets. You help Yoongi ride out his orgasm with a few pumps of your hand, making sure to collect all the excess without leaving a drop behind. When you’re sure there’s nothing left, you open your mouth to show him your reward before gulping it down with a smile.
With ragged breaths, he watches you swallow with a quirk of his lips; one of the corners pulled up into a half-smirk. “God, that was so fucking hot.”
“It’s your reward for making me feel good this morning,” you wink.
“Are you ready for round 2?” Yoongi asks with a grin.
“I should be asking you that…” But your words trail off when you notice that his dick is still very much hard. “Talk about stamina,” you mumble.
Yoongi chortles as he studies your shell-shocked face. “You look like you’ve never been properly satisfied,” he hums.
“After tonight? I have a feeling that may be the case.”
The two of you burst into laughter before he pulls you closer, kissing you unhurriedly as his hands explore your body to discard your clothes until you lay bare before him.
“You really are gorgeous,” he mumbles as he draws abstract shapes into the small of your back. Catching your eye roll, he chuckles. “I mean it.”
When he sits up to capture your lips, it’s all soft and filled with an emotion you’ve yet to name, and you wished your blood wasn't roaring in your ears because it’s making it incredibly difficult for you to hear what he’s whispering into your skin.
“What were you saying?” you ask when you part. “I think I missed it.”
Yoongi only smiles, but it’s not the brilliant grin that shows the pink of his gums, no, this one is more subdued – delicate – as he tucks a strand of hair behind your ear.
“Nothing,” he replies, voice low and airy. “I didn’t say anything you don’t already know.”
It’s a strange response, but you really can’t push it further, because in the swirling abyss that exists in the dark pool of his eyes, lies an answer that you’re uncertain you want to know just yet.
Instead, you kiss him again, gliding your lips to get his to open, so your tongues can meet and have the conversation you’re too afraid to voice – for the sake of preserving the moment. You kiss him with ferocity, pushing him back onto the pillows as your hips grind against his hard length.
And when you lower yourself onto his cock, you forget the vow you made, because in this moment, with the moonlight filtering past the sheer curtains in his room, Yoongi is breath-taking. With his soft, dark hair splaying all over the pillows and his slightly swollen lips parted open in a quiet moan; you know you’ve fallen in love. Yoongi’s sincerity is your undoing, ever since the two of you met and sat next to each other when you were interns, and now? As you learn more about him and manage to breach through the quiet exterior? You’re a goner.
And maybe you’re delusional, but you swear, when your lips find his as you begin to move, you can taste the faintest trace of oranges.
Your nails drag down his chest as you roll your hips with his thrusts. “Please,” you beg, but you’re not sure what for. “Please, Yoongi.”
Despite your lack of instructions, Yoongi seems to know exactly what you need. “I got you,” he murmurs as he holds you before flipping you over, letting your chest rest on the mattress below.
Yoongi kisses your spine as he bottoms out again, making you moan into his pillows as he begins to move. “You’re so tight, shit,” he rasps as his fingers find your clit between your legs.
He keeps a steady pace, rocking you back and forth against the bed as you writhe with every drag of his cock and fingers. The only word that exists in your vocabulary at this moment is his name and without shame, you call out to him in a series of pathetic whines. You need him to know how good you feel, but without the ability to form coherent sentences, this is all you can do.
Though just like before, it doesn’t take him long to decipher your tells and he increases his speed, driving his cock deep into your pussy.
Finally, your tongue seems to want to move again. “Feels good… Yoongi…” you manage.
“Yeah? Me too. God, me too.”
He turns you over again then, so that you’re facing him once more. Yoongi crashes his lips to yours as he begins to thrust in earnest, pushing himself deeper than before. Your vision is filled with stars as you grab hold of his neck, rutting in tandem with his drive. What little hold you have left on your sanity wanes as the pressure builds – release so close that it leaves you gasping.
“Gonna-ah c-cum,” you moan, digging your nails into his back.
“Let go,” he commands, and again, he repeats, “I got you.”
The coil snaps at the sound of his promise. “Yoongi!” you shriek, tumbling down the chasm of pleasure. Your walls tightening around his length triggers a second orgasm from him, and with a groan of your name, he floods your insides with his seed.
“Shit… I didn’t—fuck—you felt so good, that I, uhm,” he stutters. Yoongi’s body shudders with pleasure even as he comes down from his high. With a heaving gasp, he collapses next to you, arms too tired to hold himself back up.
You pull him into an embrace while shushing his mumbled speech. “It’s okay, you’re okay. I’m on the pill, so don’t worry,” you assure him. “And if you’re worried if I came, didn’t you hear me scream? My throat is so sore now, holy shit.”
The both of you chuckle, the airy sounds mingling together. In the silence that follows, you don’t think about the feelings that surged in the midst of your coupling; refusing to acknowledge that he’s the reason that has your heart running a thousand miles a second. It isn’t just because of the nature of your relationship, but you’re genuinely worried of the possibility of losing a friend… and yet… Yoongi feels so perfect in your arms like this, with his smiling face smushed slightly to your chest. In the singular day since you’ve started this relationship, he’s made a habit of trailing shapes on the small of your back while humming quietly to a song you don’t know.
The soothing action pulls you away from your overbearing thoughts for a second. While planting a kiss into his hair, you ask him, “What’s the name of this song?”
“You like it?” Yoongi nuzzles further into your skin, breathing you in. “It’s my own original piece. It’s called ‘First Love’ and I wrote it about my piano back in my mother’s house.”
In your time together, Yoongi’s never mentioned his family or much of his childhood really, though you never thought to ask about them either.
“Music will forever be my first love,” he hums, dark eyes turning glassy as he recalls the memories. “I remembered slaving so hard over the keys that by the time I managed to master my first classical piece without making any mistakes, it drove me to tears,” Yoongi chuckles. “Ever since then, I practiced like a mad man, every single day after school. Just to play one piece after the next. My mother was mad; not because I was making too much noise, but because my studies suffered a lot.”
Your silence allows him to continue, but not before he peeks at you to make sure you haven’t fallen asleep. When your eyes meet his, the two of you smile, but his is much wider, a perfect showcase displaying his pearly teeth. He rolls over so your head lies on his chest, and his hand moves to trace shapes on your shoulder instead.
“My mother threatened to take the piano away, so I ended up working extra hard, on both music and my grades, but somehow it still wasn’t enough. There’s a time when she came into my room and ripped a bunch of the music sheets that I’ve painstakingly collected,” he sighs sadly, casting a faraway look towards the ceiling.
Your heart bleeds as he recites some of the words to the song. The lyrics personifies music as though it truly was his first love, but one line leaves your heart aching and shattered: Without you, I’m nothing.
It’s the decisive and almost unhealthy, nature of the words that cuts you deep. You’re not sure if it’s intentional, but it sounded like he’s shackled to his muse; needing it solely to live.
However, Yoongi isn’t seeking validation, nor is he looking for you to disagree, so you keep your mouth shut as he continues to talk about his life – about having to work two to three jobs while going through college and once he graduated, unable to find a suitable job in his field that lead him to work with Helion today.
“And that’s when I met you,” he chuckles as he tightens his embrace. “Something about you reminds me of the day I learned Chopin for the first time.”
“Why? Because I make you want to be a better person?” you tease, poking him lightly on the cheek.
Yoongi looks down at you with a cocky smirk. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
When you wake up the next day, the sun is peeking into the otherwise dark room through the crack in the blackout curtains. The bed next to you is empty, though the lingering warmth from its previous occupant tells you that he left not too long ago. Sure enough, you find a note on the nightstand tucked under the glass of water.
Gone out for bagels. Text me your order.
You’re smiling as you down the glass, reading the swoops of letters repeatedly before reaching for your phone.
You: just a plain bagel with cream cheese. Strong coffee. Please and thank you. Yoongi: yep.
That one simple text turns you into a giggling mess as you shove the screen close to your face.
Setting your phone aside, your thoughts are too deeply intertwined with yesterday’s events that you can’t help the burning desire that flows through you once more. You’re satisfied; of course, you are, but the thought of spending another day with him, without having to worry about work for another day, especially with the launch being so soon, has you melting into his sheets.
Your breathing hitches as you close your eyes and lay back on the bed, caressing your own skin like Yoongi did the night before. Your fingers pale in comparison to his, yet you let the memories guide you as you tremble with every drag of touch against your clit.
“Yoongi—” you mumble into the quiet morning air.
You press your face closer to his side of the bed and the familiar scent of his cologne has you careen closer to the edge. The whine you let out is nothing short of pathetic as you rut desperately into your hand while your mind conjures up an image of Yoongi leaning against the doorway, bagels abandoned in the kitchen while he studies your actions with amusement.
“Jesus, wetting the bed so early in the morning?” He’d tut, arms crossed in front of his chest. “Guess you can’t get enough of my cock, huh?”
“N-No… need you,” you whisper, hips raised from the bed as your fingers work quicker – wetness dripping down the inside of your thighs to make their mark on the sheets below. “Fuck—need you so badly.”
You press your head into the pillow while you crowd your pussy with another finger. It isn’t enough – nothing compares to the sheer girth of his cock and how effectively it stretches you out to make a mess out of you.
It requires three of your fingers for you to feel full as you replace your hand with the veiny arms belonging to Yoongi in your mind. You imagine him leaning over you with his signature, ever-present smirk on his face as you writhe under his touch. He’d provoke you to be louder, punctuating his words with every drag of his fingers against the patch of nerves in your cunt so that everyone could hear who this pussy belongs to.
It’s sudden – how the forest fire eclipses your whole body that snaps the coil in half. All because your filthy mind conjures up a final image of Yoongi commanding you to let go.
“Shitshitshit—Fuck! Yoongi!” You cum with an embarrassingly broken whine of his name, your fingers plunging deep into your pulsing hole that causes your arousal to squirt on the bed below.
You crash back to the reality of the bed with ragged breaths. The room spins slightly when you open your eyes and you have to blink several times to get the squiggly lines to float away from your vision.
When your breath evens out, you survey the room you’ve neglected in the heat of the moment. You didn’t get a chance to see very much of it last night and with your brain so occupied this morning, this was the perfect time to snoop into your coworker’s life.
Like the vague recollections of his living room, his bedroom is mostly devoid of furniture aside from the bed and the large floor to ceiling bookshelf on the further end of the wall. With nothing else to do, you hop from the bed to take a look at the books, smiling to yourself as you survey the rare photographs in each shelf of a younger Min Yoongi.
As your fingers trail the large tomes of stories, dictionaries, and magazines, you stop when you notice a gap between the end of the shelf and a copy of Don Quixote. Curious, your finger reaches into the gap to produce a small, yellow notebook the size of your palm. The title on the front is illegible, scrawled on by a small child, so you decide to delve through the pages to see what lurks behind.
You chuckle into the book as you read through entries dating as far back as the early 2000s. It’s a collection of poems – written by the one and only Min Yoongi. The earlier pages contain stories of playing outside and ice cream along with brief glimpses of his intelligence as he laments about the fleeting nature of summer.
You’re pleasantly surprised to find that he’s continued the tradition as you study the entries, his once messy handwriting morphing into the swoop of cursive you’re familiar with. It’s interesting to see his life in small glimpses: his teenage self agonizes over his future while the Yoongi in his early twenties begin to explore topics of dreams and goals.
You read each sentence carefully in an attempt to retain all the emotions he’s spilled on the page. Who knew that Yoongi has such an artistic mind?
When you reach the more recent entries, you hesitate, wondering if it’s all right for you to read through them. Unfortunately, your curiosity outweighs the small voice of conscience, so you pressed on.
The thought of Yoongi hunched over his bed scribbling into the tiny notebook makes you smile. You imagine the way his shoulders would curve inwardly while he balances the pages on his lap and that devilish tongue of his would wet his lips occasionally as he thinks.
You suppress a groan as your treacherous mind recalls what that tongue did to you the night before.
Shaking the dirty thoughts away, you return your attention to the last entry on the page. Unlike its predecessors, this one is short, containing only a title and a single line. However, the title itself is confusing - a seemingly random mix of consonants and vowels forming a word you know for sure does not exist in the English language. You figure it’s some sort of code, but your sluggish mind refuses to piece together the anagram, still dipped in sleep and the aftereffects of your orgasm. You grab your phone with a sigh, employing trusty, old Google to do its job. When you input the title into the search bar, for once, autocorrect comes to your rescue… but at what cost?
Disbelief exists in the knot of your eyebrows until you reread the page in its entirety. Realization kicks in slowly, but when it does, you gasp, throwing the notebook and the device away to the floor as if they burned you.
Because the anagram spells out your full name. This entry was written for you.
And the disquiet in your stomach is due to the emotion so easily evoked by a single line, one that you’re all too familiar with:
Without you, I’m nothing.
“I’m back. I got a bunch of bagels because I wasn’t sure which one you liked,” Yoongi calls out as he enters the apartment.
The silence that greets him makes him smile as he assumes that you’re still tired after last night, but when Yoongi walks into the bedroom, your name dies on his lips as he looks on in horror: at the yellow notebook – his yellow notebook – lying face down in front of your feet. Your shell-shocked expression tells him all he needs to know. You’ve read the latest entry.
This all feels like déjà vu; just like the first time he caught you weeping in the copy room. His own bedroom feels foreign to him as he takes a hesitant step inside. Yoongi wants nothing more than to laugh it off as a joke, but he knows you won’t buy the lie.
His attention snaps from the swirling patterns on the carpet to your face. Instead of fear, you seem curious, could he take it as a good sign?
“How much did you read?”
The voice that comes out of his mouth sounds foreign even to his own ears.
Your eyes drift lower then, to the notebook on the floor. “All of it,” you admit in a quiet voice. “I read all of it.”
The room fills with a blanket of tension. With a heavy sigh, you stand and brush past him, heading to the living room.
Yoongi’s eyes trail after you as you sit on the cushions of his couch. With an indescribable smile, you look straight into his eyes.
“Let’s talk.”
Despite your invitation, it’s you that sits mum on the couch next to him, refusing to meet his eyes.
“I saw it, you know.” Yoongi begins with a humourless smile. “The discomfort you felt was written all over your face when I recited that one line.”
You wait for a bit, holding a space for him to talk should he feel the need to elaborate. “You know, I feel like I do the talking in our relationship, but I’m going to need you to listen to me again, okay?” you say as you mirror his solemn grin. After taking a shuddering breath, you explain, “I don’t want to be the sole reason you live, because without me, you should still be something. I mean, you’re so… you,” you gesture at his figure. “Funny, and kind, and sincere. Someone I can trust and even lean on after all these years.”
His face doesn’t betray his thoughts as he refuses to meet your eyes.
“Yoongi,” you reach out to envelope both his hands into your own. “I love you.”
You can tell he hadn’t expected the confession, but his surprise quickly disappears as he laughs bitterly.
“Why do I feel like there’s a ‘but’ in this confession?” Yoongi asks sarcastically and his lips twitch into a faint hint of a smile.
“But… I don’t want to be in a relationship where I feel like you’re not being true to yourself,” you advice as you squeeze his hands with your own. “That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be with you, but I just need you to know that you are your own person first.”
Yoongi nods as he digests your words. When he finally returns his gaze to you, he seems more relaxed, a genuine smile on his face. “Thank you,” he murmurs as he squeezes your hands in return. “I think I really needed to hear that.”
“So… what happens now?” you ask meekly, despite being the cause of this whole mess.
His tongue darts out to wet his lips before he speaks, and when he does, there’s a quiet surge of confidence that you hadn’t heard from him before. “I want to be with you,” Yoongi admits. “But I think I’d also like to take things slow.”
“We can do that,” you grin.
And the following week, it’s you that leaves a tangerine on his desk; a signaling promise for tomorrow.
Tumblr media
moon’s notes: ah! don’t we love a semi-ambiguous ending? i didn’t have the heart to end it sadly, so i hope it still makes sense!! thank you so much for reading through this lovely little piece. i appreciate all your love!
thanks for being part of the taglist! (½): @diorejeon @hwngsgf @clumsymandu @yoongskook @bringmetheksj @wacdon @itsallabouthedetails @chimchoom @sunshinerainbowsbts @mrsparknamjoon @thedarkwinterrose @somewhereofftheglobe @typicalgenzworld @nch327 @moonchild1 @kooafraid @syazkook @kookie-vuitton @tenmonthsjay @jimilter @hoseokstrashcan @imcompletelyok @sa1ntsuga @jungkookah-lover @vantxx95 @love2luvya-blog @nochuel @yoontaethings @kookieebangtan @Madamdoue @squeakymeekster @jkbabiey @jikookiekosmos @novilara @btsis7okay @sunflwrxclouds @taecal @fancycollectormoon @Starbrightday @chimmy-licious @outrofenty @codeinebelle @hey-youre-appreciated @sugaslittlekookies @fan-ati–c @bbangtanlove95 @ppeachyttae @taebae19 @ggukkieland @mellygallagher @greezenini @gukkmoans @Jimmeojimin @koolvrr @daggersandicedcoffee @doublebunnykoo @jamlessstars @shrimpmsg @mrcleanheichou @ysltae @etherealyoonkoo @unicornbabylover @majolittlemixgurl18 @Asifihaveaclue @ionasfeelings @moonreadsfics
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mother knows best | index
Tumblr media
pairing ; ot7 x female reader (platonic), ot7 moms & female reader
summary ; being the only woman in a friend group with seven men automatically makes you the love interest in seven mothers’ wistful romantic stories. though your relationship with the guys remains completely platonic, the marriage fantasy their moms frequently project onto you and their sons has them coming up with all sorts of shenanigans to make you their daughter-in-law. mother knows best, you suppose.
warnings ; overbearing moms, attempts at humor, platonic
note ; oh to be the bangtan moms’ favorite <33
Tumblr media
drabble 1 ; sunday lunch
drabble 2 ; of quail eggs and perms
drabble 3 ; of hair styles and scissors
drabble 4 ; of tangerines and dumplings
drabble 5 ; mafia game
drabble 6 ; code red
drabble 7 ; father knows best
drabble 8 ; a solemn day
drabble 9
Tumblr media
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Before I Leave You (Pt.17)
(Omegaverse au, Mafia au, Bts x Reader)
Summary: Things are often clearer the day after but if anything Taehyung only feels more confused about where she stands with you.
Pairing: Beta! Yoongi, Omega! Reader, Omega! Jungkook, Omega! Seokjin, Alpha! Namjoon, Alpha! Hoseok, Alpha! Taehyung, Alpha! Jimin,
Tags: fluff, hurt/comfort, nesting, scent marking, omegaspace, heavily implied little space, a tiny bit of sexual content but not much, mentions of heat/rut cycles, seizure mention, medical conditions, possessive characters, trans! taehyung.
W/c: 10.0k
A/n: Things in my life have been kind of hard recently, I’m sorry the gaps are getting so large between chapters, Next chapter will be the sexual content. I know I keep saying that but it’s a promise this time! this chapter kinda feels not ready to post but I didn’t want to wait for another week!
Previous Part - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Jungkook has another seizure the day after you and Tae stay up. Whether it happened in the middle of the night while he was sleeping or maybe when he woke up sometime through the morning no one’s quite sure. 
They’re particularly tricky to catch when they happen that way- when the fever blur of Jungkook's subconscious gives way to a different kind of sensation, dream to seizure and seizure to dream and back again- all without waking.
Taehyung is a little thankful honestly and maybe that makes her a selfish asshole that she has this to contend with when she blinks awake, rather than thinking about what happened last night or the secret that lingers known by the two of you now.
An oppressive heavyweight that somehow- doesn't suffocate, like a blanket or a hug and not like a cage. A secret known by two people isn’t much of a secret at all. 
Jungkook doesn't stir from his carefully crafted half-circle, holding his bones like he's feeling their brittleness. He has the kind of half there lucidity and laconicism that they’ve all come to anticipate from his days post-seizure. The rest of the pack a buzz around the nest, Tae the last one to wake up.
Their coffees grow cold on the bedside table and Jimin’s arms are vice like around Jungkook’s middle. Cuddled into him from behind like the strength corded in his arms will be enough to make his omega safe.
“Did anyone wake up? did anyone notice anything at all” Namjoon asks, nearly forgetting to be quiet or else risk aggravating Jungkook’s panging headache.
The tense lilt to his voice betrays his hidden urgency as Jungkook keeps his eyes screwed as tight as possible. He’s tried to explain it to them countless times- the dizzy not quiet there feeling that fills his body after the seizures. Kind of similar to how it feels when you put on glasses with a prescription that’s not quite your own, only over your whole body.
Jungkook having seizures while asleep isn’t exactly normal- and it’s worrying, none of them know how long the seizure lasted and if it’s cause for concern. If his neurons are bursting apart at the seams, torn apart by something as simple as electronegativity.
Namjoon has dragged them to the hospital after a seizure like this on more than a few occasions but they never have been enough to warrant an overnight stay.  The pungent coffee liquor scent of the pack alpha’s displeasure stinks up the nest room until Jin pushes him out and in the direction of the shower. His scent will only aggravate Jungkook's nose and He’s barely started getting ready for work even though he has to be at the hospital in less than an hour.
A look at the clock says shit- Tae’s gonna be late if she doesn’t move soon either. but she transfixed by Jungkook’s head buried in the pillows. The way his soft curls fall over his face, too boyish to really be grown yet. Something in Tae’s heart gives a painful twinge.
The only people who can reliably mediate their scents into something not grating are Jin and Taehyung. Hobi’s already been kicked out of the nest it the thick smell of burning sugar is anything to go by. Jimin's treading on thin ice, the vanilla getting a smoky and pungent scent. louder and cacophonous alpha- angry alpha and distressed alpha meant to shock omegas system tell them to run and hide- tell them that some danger is near that-
“I’m fine Taetae” Jungkook’s voice is so weak, so exhausted from where he lies, Tae pulls himself closer too, trying to enswathe their omega to hopefully soothe him. Tae might be so tired and still half asleep that he can’t form his mouth into words but comforting kookie he could do in his sleep.
Taehyung occupies a more even position in the pack, dead set in the middle. neither takes his role as pup or Hyung seriously enough- except in times like this. He and Jin exchange a pregnant look and Tae senses the tremor in him, the barely controlled emotion hovering just below the surface.
Tae leans down, pressing a soft kiss against Jungkook’s curled fingers, “Sorry bunny lovely.” If anything happened to Jungkook Taehyung doesn’t know what she and the rest would do.
“Are you rearranging Koo’s schedule?” Jin nods cradling Jungkook’s phone in his hand and typing furiously. While Jimin rubs soothing circles down Jungkook’s back that any other morning would make Jungkook purr. Their youngest just covers his face from the little amount of light in the room to try and alleviate the pounding no doubt assaulting his cranium.
To Tae’s credit, when you walk in (with Yoongi carefully in toe) she does try not to look. Like staring would give something away about what transpired last night. She barely manages to act like nothing’s wrong- like nothing’s different.
Someone must have gotten up and told you what happened because both of you talk in a quiet hush, murmuring to each other softly until Jungkook gives a frustrated huff, kicking off the two hot blankets at his feet, “I'm post-seizure not post-death you can just talk to me you know.”
Jungkook tries not to sound annoyed as he flops back onto his back, opening himself up and turning his quite lethal puppy eyes on their beta. His body gives a treacherous shiver at the movement. Yoongi has never followed a call quicker, flopping down on the nest and pulling himself up and into Jungkook’s arms.
He kisses him softly on the forehead, crooning a quiet, “Sorry pup- just worried about you.” Yoongi’s concern bleeds into it, unable to tease him like usual when he’s so vulnerable. Jimin's so endeared he doesn't even look bothered that Yoongi strong-armed him out of the way. But maybe that's just because they both know that Yoongi's scent is the only thing that can help Jungkook after a seizure like that.
“Here- take my side Hyung,” Jimin and Yoongi rearrange themselves around Jungkook, who nuzzles into Yoongi like his scent is what he’s been waiting for, the trembling in his shoulders eases instantaneously, the magic of pheromones that only Yoongi can provide. Whatever effects it has on Jungkook’s symptoms, it must feel pretty good because he goes from tense to utterly pliant- like a puppet with its strings cut in just about two seconds.
They will no doubt be on Koo duty today, but it’s not like the rest of them wouldn’t love to stay home and look after their youngest. “I have to get ready for work” Tae unfortunately confesses. Hobi, Namjoon, and Jin are already tumbling through the room in various stages of undress. 
Hobi kicks his clothes across the floor, the frustration in his bones something Tae is intimately familiar with. All of the alphas know the distress that comes with it- leaving one of their pack mates vulnerable and alone when they’re so clearly needing comfort and protecting. 
Usually, Tae doesn’t feel his instincts as much, but today is different for some reason and Tae can’t shake it. It sucks, but they do have to go to work, and they’d take days off for this if they thought Jungkook needed them too.
He Doesn’t like feeling smothered, Jimin and Yoongi and you will be enough. 
But there are other things to fixate on; You don’t look upset that your mate is cuddling someone else, a small smile playing on your face as you lean against the doorframe watching Yoongi comfort their youngest. 
Tae almost wants to apologize for Jungkook’s boldness; Scenting another Person’s mate without their permission is considered a high offense. Tae considers himself good at reading people and it would be normal for you to get angry if you were like any other possessive mate but you’re not; there's not a hint of displeasure hidden in your face.
Taehyung lingers leaning opposite you in the doorway cautiously scenting the air for any sign of your discomfort from you but there isn’t any. Not your scent nor any hidden tenseness in your frame that betrays any sort of discomfort. If anything, you look like you might head back to bed, comfortable and sleepy enough that you lean up against the doorframe a little too heavily.
Jin drops a kiss on your forehead then Taehyung’s when he stumbles past, “I swear if anyone breaks their routine today, I’m going to absolutely have a fit, just a warning.”  
His button-down is completely undone displaying the generous line of his chest. not quite abs but not much more than a thin layer of fat over his body that has always made Jin simply delicious to the alphas, the omegas, and anyone who might dare to look at him. The first prickling’s of want stir in Tae’s gut, but she shakes it off
Really- what’s gotten into her this morning, everything feels disjointed and off- like someone turned the exposure up. 
“Go back to bed honey, we’ve got kookie.” You make a noise and offer Jin a sip of your coffee, which he takes making a face at the amount of sugar in it. 
“You sure? There isn’t anything I can make for him that will make him better?” your voice is so quiet, kind of strangled, you’re not non-verbal but you easily could be. 
Jin and Tae shake their heads sadly. Even Jungkook himself lets out a sad huff from the bed, “no- I’m just grumpy. It’s okay.”
Your thumb is hooked through a coffee cup (this pun mug reads: “I’m bear-ly awake,” with the image of a bear at an office desk). Tae lingers, pausing in the doorway to stare down at you, a hairs breath closer than she might have stood yesterday. Your smile conjures up images of flower petals and makeup brushes when You take a sip of your coffee, looking up at her with a smile that’s probably as sweet as your coffee, raising a single eyebrow.  
“Good morning?” you say, more of a question than a real greeting. Tae’s mouth is dry, words tangling and none of them the ones she wants to say, thank you for last night or hey do you want to do that again? can we curl up in each other and make a home out of these delicate bones?
But instead she blurts “you didn’t let me pick a mug for you today.” 
“You looked tired, they let you sleep,” let is maybe a little too gracious on your part, the others were probably so worried about Jungkook and distracted to wake him. As the clock sits now, Tae has barely enough time to get ready for work.
But she lingers in the doorway with you, doesn’t more to go get coffee of her own, just stands and watches the pack. how fluffy Hoseok’s hair gets when he runs a brush through it. You watch Jin hang the rest of his work outfit on the back of the door and decent, upon their shared skincare routine pile with a muted vigor. While Jimin and Yoongi encircle Jungkook at the centre of the nest. The pup carefully cradled between them and soothed with soft words- a special kind of music just out of earshot. 
But Taehyung watches you more than he watches the others. The way you sway softly, the curl of your lips over your coffee mug- everything. maybe that’s how he notices when you freeze, eyes fixating on something. 
You have not been granted the ability to control your scent like the others- just like Hoseok and Namjoon it bursts from you like a wave. Maybe it’s the damage to your mating mark but either way, it sours but then flickers back to life, a thick blanket of cake, not quite vanilla but a warmth that nearly makes a growl build in her throat. 
Good- you smell so good- better than usual or maybe it’s just the dial of Tae’s senses that have been turned up because of Jungkook. 
Tae looks behind you, craning his neck and trying to figure out what exactly you’re looking at it, what piqued your interest in the way that has you smelling as sweet as an omega in heat. but it’s just Jin- sitting in their little half closet at the little desk vanity dotting his face with sunscreen, the only things in that little half closet are shoes and-  
The three boxes of sex toys stacked in the back, unmistakable. A little askew it’s hard to tell the last time they might have been used as they certainly weren’t used by tae. Jin is silhouetted in front of them, dabbing a moisturizer while a fluffy headband complete with puppy ears holds back his already blow-dried bangs.
If you had a sensitive nose, you might even be able to scent the undercurrent of arousal that coats the outside like Tae can. They’re airtight boxes so no lingering smell of arousal on the toys themselves can escape, But the others still touch the boxes when they’re aroused and thats enough to leave traces. 
The heat rising to your cheeks is unmistakable as is your sweetening scent, complimenting the scents in the room. The kind of smell that literally takes alphas by the balls when it comes from an omega because their every instinct is primed to be aware of it- to notice it.  
Before you can dart away as Tae’s sure you want to, Namjoon tries to fit between the two of you. He smells a lot better now that he’s had the chance to shower off the smell of his misery. His hair is sticking up everywhere in damp spikes. 
“Sorry” you back up against Tae to make room for him to slip past. Tae tries to press himself up as close to the wall to avoid you having to touch him but you lean, your warm body and your scent pressing up against his front. Tae almost wants to whine- a sound that definitely would read more ‘hormonal pup’ than 'in control alpha.’
But before any incidental rubbing can take place Tae watches your pack alpha pause and sniff the air. Pack alphas naturally have more sensitive senses, can smell things at a deeper level. Namjoon senses are primed to be aware of his pack-mates weather they’re in distress, anger, or happiness- even the kind you would rather he not notice. 
A month ago- Namjoon might not have been able to scent you this way but now- his pupils dilate honing in. “You both smell different are you- “ 
Luckily Namjoon is as thick as a stack of medical textbooks when it comes to things like this. Tae slings his arms around your waist, steering you away from Joon who thankfully has an injured pup to attend to. “Come to the kitchen with me! if I can’t choose your cup then you’ve got to choose mine!” Tae interjects, quickly steering you away, hand flexing as your hip moves underneath it, all but picking you up and carrying you away.
As you leave Tae swears, he can feel the tangible silence in the room and a quiet “you idiot” spoken from Jungkook.
You and Tae stand apart in the hallway, her hands leaving your waist like she’s suddenly realized she’s touching you without any real need too, and suddenly bothered by the idea that she might need to have a reason. “Sorry,” he says, though part of him isn’t sure what he’s apologizing for- manhandling you maybe (or while women handling)
Your pj’s are just as endearing now as they were last night, maybe more now that Tae notices the way they hang off of you- miss buttoned. The legs are so long that they have the possibility of tripping you. Something in her that is learned from Namjoon or Jin itches to correct it. Tae dismisses the urge and while she fucks around with the refrigerator you pick her out a mug. Small and pink with little silver flowers doodled along the sides and on the rim. 
Tae is going to be late for work and Jin doesn’t have the time to mess around with her hair today. Maybe last night gave Tae a little bit of a buffer because it feels like her clothes aren't on her somehow, some bit of that dysphoria that she's able to ignore due to the sheer weight of everything else today. Sometimes- there is simply too much going on for Tae to feel dysphoric.
It’s tough to say why but somehow Tae ends up leaving the house before she can talk to you; before he can say anything at all about the makeup last night or anything that might be better than “hey you look cute in your pj’s” and more along the lines of “hey- want to do anything tonight?”
But every time Tae closes her eyes, he sees a different face staring back at her- her own, the way she looked from last night for a split second.
The day is flush with stacking books and cute little hellos from the different patrons of Tae’s library. The little kids’ intent on raiding the picture book section are her favorite. Sometimes they forget their manners but Tae doesn’t mind when the loud squeals punctuate the usual quiet. A few older people who want to use the public library’s shitty WIFI file in as usual and a few college kids as well, tugging along double coffees and thick textbooks. Tae doesn't envy them.
Most of his day is quiet, filled with the hum and whisper of stories and his own bleeding concern for their youngest that colors the edge of every new task a little darker, a little more urgent. Because the sooner the workday ends the sooner she can get back home to Jungkook.
Jimin and Yoongi keep the group chats updated with the youngest’s condition and cute photos of kookie (all photos of kookie are cute photos). one photo in particular of Jungkook snuggled down and sipping at some decaffeinated tea in between you and Jimin makes Tae kick her feet underneath the front desk and swallow back her happy squeal. Tae makes it her lock screen after a moment of deliberation. Each update is greeted by its usual flurry of messages from the others, sweet encouragements, and lengthy texts from Jin and Hobi.
Halfway through the day, a new number gets added- and he knows it’s yours by the string of heart emojis that you send through, not your name or anything else.
Tae can’t help but check her phone every few minutes for updates about Jungkook (more texts from you too- though she pretends she’s not looking for those). He’s sure the other two alphas and Jin must be going likewise crazy. 
It’s always hard to leave when it's so clear that one of their packmates needs their help. Let alone Jungkook who would love to pretend like he’s invincible and powerful and capable all of the time- and let the reality of the situation slip away in favor of the fantasy that he’s as healthy as any of them.
They wouldn’t dare burst his bubble; his spirit is more important at times. Mental health cannot be sacrificed for the sake of the physical.
There are countless other things to occupy Tae's mind besides the dysphoria today so maybe she should be thankful.  During her lunch break, she eyes the medical texts in the backroom (the ones that the medical students usually grab around exam season are kept out of reach by virtue of them being expensive). 
At lunchtime, she lingers over the edition on mating marks before she thinks better of it and goes back to re-reading her favorite series. But she finds it hard to concentrate. The passages that usually have her swooning drifting by like advertisements; nothing to linger over and certainly not worth remembering.
She has so many questions- ones that you might not want to answer. How many more secrets will Tae have to proffer up before she understands the truth of you and Yoongi? How can you be so cavalier and normal about the whole mating thing?
Though maybe Tae's preconceived notions about what it means to be mated are getting in the way here. it’s product of how mating is displayed in the media; how many countless love stories has she read where the happy ending went one on one with a bite? How many times had she fantasized and fingered the spot on her neck late at night thinking about Jimin’s mouth? How his crooked front teeth might look immortalized forever on her skin?
They’ve talked about it briefly on and off over the years, after having loved each other for nearly a decade it was bound to come up more than a few times. But it’s Something that Tae hasn't legitimately thought about since before Yoongi left.
It’s not that alphas can’t wear each other’s marks, it's just that after Jimin and Taehyung became Jimin and Taehyung and Jungkook the idea of any pairing off and excluding whoever might remain became unconscionable.
And soon after that, they'd found each other a part of a pack and it became less about the two of them and more about how their love could be carefully nurtured within the careful confines of Namjoon and Jin's arms. But if you and Yoongi are paired off that means that there are an even number of mouths to go around and perhaps an even number of bites- that leave Jin and Namjoon, Hoseok and Jungkook, and Tae and Jimin.
After a while Tae lies her head down on the books In front of her, closing her eyes and willing away the possibilities dancing in her mind. Because it’s no use wondering at maybes and what if’s for right now.
This is usually how the seizure day’s go; Jungkook always spends the first few hours getting quiet and tiny before a burst of energy seems to settle under his skin, demanding to be released. Too much energy in his little body to work off and no work to do. So eventually, the news comes through that Jungkook has progressed past the half nauseous feeling and is now feeling itchy.
Canceling his classes doesn't mean he can't work it off, especially supervised. Tae breathes a sigh of relief when the group chats updates with a photo of Jimin and Jungkook in their gym clothes walking into Jungkook's gym right before he leaves at 3:30. With the playful caption of “don’t worry! I’m pup sitting,” from his soulmate, which is greeted with a few tired-looking faced emojis from Jungkook and a few gushes from the rest.
Hobi sunshine baby (3:34): come home so we can actually sit on you.
Jin baby (3:35): gross
Unknown number (3:35): gross
Tae stifles a giggle behind her hand, then saves your contact in her phone as “flower baby”. 
By the time she leaves and gets home the high sun makes her suit stuffy and uncomfortable. Itchy in a way that the dysphoria sometimes does too although Tae is 90% sure it's just the fact that she decided to wear her wool suit coat and not her cotton one today. Tae’s skin feels like a live wire, she finds her pace quickening when the roofline comes into view.
She hasn’t had much time to think about last night, maybe she’s pushed it away in her head a little out of necessity. Maybe the wound of dysphoria doesn't bleed unless you pick at it and Tae hadn’t had much of a reason to today.
Tae can hear the purrs from outside the door, before he even sets foot in your home.
Yoongi’s blond head bobs at the sound of the door opening and closing. “Hey” he says, so quiet he might as well be whispering. Though it sounds less like the word and more like I love you, it always sounds that way when it comes from Yoongi’s mouth. Your purring redoubles, louder when you smell Tae, though you don't look up to say hi.
the scent of baked goods lingers in the house, not just from your scent gland either. A tray of perfect looking tarts gleam with red insides on the centre island- strawberry or raspberry filling gleaming at the centre. And ah- you must have stress baked today. 
Tae puts his bag down, finds a place for his keys, and shucks off his uncomfortable jacket. Only then does she approach the couch, slowly, careful not to startle you.
You and Yoongi are the only one’s home. Pillowed on the couch in a pool of honey-yellow light. You’re pressed all along his side as close as two people can be without literally being one. A blanket that was probably covering you at one point piled around the two of you in the barest suggestion of a nest.
Tae has been learning, he spots the way your nose is rolling into your mate's tummy, rumbly omega purrs that erupt from you un contained and unrestrained in the presence of just Yoongi, just your mate.
Ah- your eyes are dilated, he should have known just from the strength of your purrs and not just the fact that you hadn't said anything when he walked in, you're in omegaspace. Though it's not unheard of for an omega to fall into it outside of their nest- It’s a little strange that you didn't snap out of it when he walked in the door. You must trust Tae an offal lot if you're willing to let down your walls like this right now.
Her eyes linger on you and how you're playing with the hem of Yoongi's shirt, hands needing it in the way that a cat would knead a pillow. Until Yoongi clears his throat “we’re home alone, now, if you want to ask.”
A high-pitched wine builds in your throat which is quickly remedied by a little attention to your scent gland from Yoongi’s hands. Your brain is a rush with ‘good good good,’ and ‘mate mate mate’ their words sound like you’re hearing them from underwater.
All you can smell in the air in Yoongi- marshmallow chocolaty goodness, and a thick intoxicating perfume that has you licking and lapping at your mates skin. He tastes like them a little, but only a tiny bit- like he laid in the place that that scent did last night. 
You whine hoping it will draw the alpha closer so you can smell it directly from the source. you are spiraling down, your brain reduced to one syllable words and the shear sensitivity of your body. You feel everything- every bit of Yoongi’s skin pressed to yours.
You feel when the couch depresses under the alpha’s knees, does she always smell this good? Or is it just today?
Tae can’t help but notice the way your hand curls over Yoongi’s hip. Now that She knows the mark is there, she can’t ignore it. the blanket is a careful barrier between you and Yoongi and Tae. The tv is a pleasant afterthought, but Yoongi turns it down.
You smile up at Tae, your Purrs increasing in volume but then you press your face back into Yoongi’s hip, hiding from the light. Something about Tae's face that makes the cotton bounds of your mind go all gooey pink- like melting cotton candy.
And ah- Tae hasn't seen you this deep in omega space before, you quite literally hide yourself under Yoongi’s shirt when Tae peers over to get a better look at you. Tae gets the feeling that while you’re physically present, you might be a little too far down to really partake in the conversation. So deep down that everything feels fluffy and soft and silken. But neither of them wouldn’t dare try to draw you out of it.
She can’t help it, it’s biology that makes her heart squeeze like this- the cute aggression that says to bite and nip and claim. Her muscles twitching from resisting the urge to heave you up and get you seated in Tae’s lap instead of your mates. Tae takes several steadying breaths through her mouth so that your scent won’t make her do exactly that.
Tae tugs on a lock of your hair in hello, Just a little bit. You lean your head back to smile up at her. Pulling yourself more firmly into Yoongi's lap to get just a little closer to Tae. Yoongi's hand slides under your shirt and your hip drumming his fingers against your taught stomach. You twitch, hips splaying, like a puppy would when getting their tummy rubbed. 
She’s seen the touches of omega space around your consciousness but never a haze this thick.
it’s that that makes Tae realize that whatever the story here- it won't really hurt. if you’re this comfortable at the prospect of sharing it- then there isn’t any reason to be afraid of your bond, to be afraid of being rude or overstepping boundaries. 
You and Yoongi- it’s an undeniable fact now. You will be together until the day he dies and It doesn’t scare him like it might have before. There's no use arguing over facts after all. It’s not like Tae could change the course of history even if she wanted to.
An omega in omega space is a delicate thing, even more, delicate with your mate crouched a little protectively over you. So Tae keeps her voice low when she speaks. “Tell me why- tell me why you’ve got her mark.”
Yoongi tips his head back against the couch, lets it rest there, and hums. Tae knows he’s wondering where he should start. He lets Yoongi muse at it for a while and when his eyes are open there is a darkness there. An uneasiness that says he’s picking and choosing how much to reveal right now.
Tae wishes he wouldn’t, wishes that Yoongi would just spit out whatever’s bothering him. would let it go so that it didn’t weigh on him anymore. let me take the weight, tae wants to beg, let me hold onto whatever weights you so you can be lighter than air my love. 
Yoongi has always been good at speaking Tae's language, since the beginning when their courtship was all about bargained for stories and shared enthusiasms. They might not be as blatantly affectionate or romantic as the others are but Tae and Yoongi have always loved each other in their own special way.
“You know how in some of your stories there are bad guys that are unequivocally bad, no sort of redemption possible?” 
Of course, she knows stories like that although she never liked them, Tae was always more a fan of the villains that never ended up being villains at all. The morally grey ones that you slowly grew to love as the story grew longer. (Yoongi isn't asking but if he did Tae would have said that villains like that help nurture self-sympathy in the reader, because there is nothing more compelling than a villian that resembles you.)
“The mark is redemption that I never deserved; I’m still trying to deserve it- even now.” Tae almost chokes. And while usually, the overly flowery words would work on him- now this doesn't.
“That’s not- tell me specifics Yoongi. please- I want to understand” Yoongi sighs, looking down at you. You're purring and slowly rubbing your face into his belly again. Lost to the world and ignoring their conversation.
Yoongi reaches down and turns your head, you blink owlishly a strangled whine breaking but Yoongi’s fingers at your lips soothes you. The mark looks violent the more Tae looks at it. Being bitten like that- by two people- Tae can't imagine what that feels like.
“He never completed the bond with her, even though he bit her, she never bit him back. It was only- minutes after that I bit her to save her, to make sure the other mark didn’t eat away at her.”
Tae watches the way that Yoongi’s hands shake. His voice breaks like he still can't forget the betrayal. Sometimes Tae wonders if Yoongi Mourns that in the quiet of his own head. From the sound of it, Yoongi’s brother was a monster; but Tae hopes Yoongi knows that he's not an orphan just because he's dead- he has them, forever and always. no matter what happens and no matter this.
“She would have gone crazy, and I couldn’t let it happen, I couldn’t. not after she sacrificed herself to let me come home. I couldn’t just leave her there.” Yoongi isn’t crying, but he is curled around you.
There is more to this story here, but Tae remembers what Yoongi had said the other night, the story he told the others then. Your ex-husband, half-mates death is a little too suspiciously timed for Tae’s liking but neither of you look like killers. So Tae lets the though slide away, because no- none of the people that She loves are killers, that she’s sure of. Somehow she feels like she’d know if they where. 
He can’t imagine why Yoongi didn’t tell them the whole truth then as It would have been so much easier if he had. But there is only one reason why he might not have, a reason that Tae is slowly becoming painfully aware of with every moment that Yoongi’s scent fades from chocolate gooeyness to rainstorm fluff.
The reason why he suddenly holds onto you so hard yet gently. Like the memory of almost losing you is too much for his body to handle. The fear and anguish taking hold in his little body like it’s that day again, He is ridged one moment, crouched over you like his body can shield you from the truth.  
Yoongi feels guilty about what happened and from the looks of it- it’s eating him up inside, consuming his better judgment with a frightening vigor. You grow frantic in your scenting, like there isn’t enough of your scent to go around. A high-pitched whine building as you nuzzle into his wrist, curling your knees around him. Your eyes closed but Tae has a feeling you'd be able to find Yoongi blind.
Tae doesn’t know what makes him reach forward and thread his fingers into your hair but you relax again at the harsh contact, his own gentle cinnamon spiking as if to greet your own. “It’s okay honey, Yoongi’s not upset at you.”
Yoongi sits back and watches the two of you interact. Tae has never taken any sort of a dominant role in their pack, content to fluctuate. She’s dead in the middle of the pack hierarchy because there has always been someone more submissive or more dominant than her. Mot quite at the bottom but modal- like Yoongi himself but-
Fuck, her gums ache with the urge to nip and bite the right side of your neck an unmarked call. The urge to ease you back into that soft headspace, not the blinking awake distress, pretty kissable lips moving around words that finally take root once you’ve figured out how to speak again.
“Should be” Your words are still all slurred soft, like they spent too much time bouncing around the inside of your head until they fluttered out. you fail to blink away the haze settling for ducking your head low at Tae's eye contact. Something about her eyes makes you shy and flustered in a way you aren't around your mate. ‘alpha’ your instincts sing, ‘my alpha’
If you were Jungkook, he would lean forward to nip at your scent glad, anything to settle you. But as of right now- Tae can only look and want. Hushing you with a low hum, pressing your head closer to Yoongi’s wrist. Your whole body goes a little limp when he finally manages to mediate his scent back to its usual soft chocolate. Tae makes an approving noise in her throat. “There you go pup.”
Tae sighs- she’s never been a fan of arguing, but something ticks in her jaw. “You need to talk to Namjoon- you need to tell him- he could help- there has to be something that modern medicine could do.” her voice has the same level of desperation she feels whenever Jungkook talks about how it feels to have his seizures. 
The horrifying reality that for all this love that they share the rest of them are fairly powerless to help Jungkook even on a good day. They can’t just make Jungkook better with kisses and cuddles.
You and Yoongi can’t just fix your fucked up mating marks with good old love and rest, no matter how hard you might try. 
Yoongi shrugs and Tae can already tell that he’s not going for it, trying to dismiss Tae’s concerns as easy as that. He and Joon can be like that sometimes, as standoffish and plucky with each other as they are in love. Each one unwilling to admit how much they need the other.  (If you weighed the words that lay unsaid between them and the weight of their shared hearts, which side would come out on top?)
“We do fine on our own, the first few months were the worst but now-” Yoongi’s voice goes all quiet, “now I don’t have to just keep her alive.” Tae's whole body goes rigid. Yoongi hasn't told them much of what it was like in those months between your hell and when Jimin found Yoongi in h-mart. She doesn't know if she should be shocked or have expected that but either way, her alpha instincts are going haywire.
huh- Trans or not- woman or man- it appears that the instincts are still insatiable. In fact- they seem to be elevated today. Making Tae tug herself closer to you, get a hand on your shoulder  at Yoongi’s confession because- no- Tae’s alpha instincts won’t let you be so far apart for another minute, especially with your mate talking like that.  
You purr shallowly as Yoongi strokes down your mating mark, cupping the back of your neck it reverberates in Tae's fingers. You’re so far down in omega space that Tae’s sure you won’t be able to muse on their conversation until later. “I was so worried of you hating her for my mistake, I think that’s why I’m so scared of telling you all the truth”
you nuzzle into tae’s hands, nose following her thumb until you reach the scent gland at the inside of her wrist, sending an electric zing up her arm. 
"I'm not even going to dignify that with a response because it's that idiotic," Yoongi laughs, at that seems to jog you from your stupor, you pull yourself up a little more to be fully in his lap though you struggle. tugging at the front of Yoongi's shirt to get him closer. 
he shushes you again, manipulating your body to sit up against his, legs framing his hips. in any other setting it might be too private or too sexual but it's oddly- almost nurturing. the way that Yoongi cradles you against his front. You fumble with the front of his shirt like your hands are too fluffy or fuzzy to properly grasp it.
Alphas don't really enter into alpha space like omegas do- but Tae hopes it feels good. You deserve to feel good and safe and protected for a while. You seem to have scented something from Tae- a little bit of displeasure or something because you turn your face to look at her, pupils still dilated, cheek resting against Yoongi's shoulder. 
“Not mad? Not mad at us?” Tae’s sour scent is pungent in the closet space, but she shakes her head,
“I’m not angry at you sweetheart.”  Tae just aches thinking of the two of you, all alone in this house with your souls torn apart and trying to knit It back together with love. Two people who might never have been bound so close if it weren’t for the circumstances.
She clings to the two of you like a second skin. Your purrs deepen, no hint of the whines just thick and cuddly omega pheromones filling the room with unbelievable warmth. God, she can taste you on the back of her tongue when she breathes in deep. She hopes the deep lungfuls of air she breathes don't sound too greedy. It’s all she can do to keep her breathing even and steady and not gasping.
You send a dopey smile in Tae’s direction, Snuggling back into Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi doesn't look affected beyond his fond smile- Tae wishes she felt the same but it’s taking every ounce of herself control to hold herself back from scooping you out of your mates arms and placing you in her own lap. 
You tuck your knees up and Tae’s hand falls onto your skin, stroking gently down the back of your neck. You are soft to the touch- the faint baby hairs on the back of your neck like velvet-
You make everything else around you feel squishy and new too- even if it’s broken. tae’s lungs have never felt better, she honestly couldn’t feel dysphoric right now if she even tried. something about you is just a balm to it. you make it so much better- tae’s half convinced it could be magic. The jagged pieces of Yoongi's guilt and Tae's netted and barely-held together trust are all left irrelevant as you cuddle between them. 
You’re all a little broken sometimes and though Tae knows this and would never dismiss the pain but she can't help but think that This might be getting better- you might be getting better little bit by little bit. 
she's not foolish enough to think everything good will always stick- but for right now things don't feel so bad for once. The weight of emotional instability and everything that might be wrong is not threatening for tonight. Not here in your puddle of sunlight full of the scent of cake, chocolate, and cinnamon. Gooey and warm like fried hotteok. 
In a rare moment of bravery, Tae leans in close to peck a kiss along your forehead and she hopes you know it's a thank you for last night. if you can give Tae that softness, then she can give you that now. Especially since Yoongi's babying seems to be working on you so well.  
You squeak in surprise and indignation, cute pink lips parting. And Tae kisses your skin again just to hear that noise and make you more flustered. Yoongi smirks, and says nothing about the blush doubtlessly coating tae's cheeks. if she had longer hair she'd be able to hide behind it.
You make a whining noise and they get your meaning- used to registering sounds that are not words and attributing meaning to them. They press closer, firmer, Yoongi’s hands going hard over your shoulders to squeeze comfortingly. And it’s a beautiful thing when you lift your head- the fringe of his hair caught on your forehead just to look back at tae. 
“you really like Tae Tae huh sweetheart?” Yoongi teases. And honestly Tae isn’t expecting you to speak again but-
“Tae Tae the pretties and the cutest and she’s-“ your words are slurred, eyelashes fluttering but Yoongi hushes you, barely not catching the freezing of Tae’s hands. The cold fear curdling the enjoyment in her stomach. Luckily Yoongi only seems to have eye for his mate and not Tae.
“She’s so delirious, I promise, she literally just says everything on her mind when she’s like this.” Tae hums, but keeps rubbing at your shoulders after a moment to avoid suspicion. If you’re like this now- Tae wonders if you ever fall into omega space on one of your bad days- and what it looks like if you talk during then.
Eventually Tae and Yoongi lapse into a quiet silence, at peace with their thoughts, nothing much but the sound of a distant lawn mower and the hum of the train on the tracks a few blocks down and your purring, sweet and lulling. Tae’s cheeks feel warm.
Yoongi doesn’t look suspicious about the accidental pronoun slip up, but tae is too curious for her own good. “Don’t you want to know, don’t you wanna know why she made you tell me?” 
Yoongi shakes his head, “I don’t think I need to; I trust her.” Mates trust each other in a different way than non-mates do. Tae wonders what it's like- wonders how that feels to be wound so close to someone you forget where they end and you begin.
Tae sighs, “When are you going to tell the others?”
Yoongi shakes his head, “eventually? soon? when they find out on their own? take your pick.” You lean back at their words, even sat in Yoongi’s lap- you still look so tiny, at eye level with him, but only barely.
“Kiss?” you ask, hands fisted childlike in the front of Yoongi’s shirt, eyes on your lap like you honestly think your mate would deny you.
“Sure pup,” it’s sweet to see the way that the kiss rounds away Yoongi’s rough edges- casting away memories of that time and banishing the last of the saltiness from Yoongi’s scent.
Tae can’t stop the happy rush of pheromones as she smooths over your back either, grab Yoongi’s hand where it rests to lace them together- a careful lock to keep you safe and in their protective bundle.
Tae's instincts continue to go haywire, the other alphas should be here, need help to guard you, where are they? Tae’s chest puffs out a little- it’s okay, she can do a good enough job until they return, she’s got you. A part of her that is more alpha than the rest settles in satisfaction as tae blinks lazily up at Yoongi, whose looking at Tae like she just slapped him across his face. "What?" 
"Nothing" the beta swallows, "you just look really kissable right now," Yoongi shrugs, trying to minimize the way that his whole face is bright red, always needing to cut his sweetness with a little bit of assholery now and then.  "now you know the way to my heart is through her so- be an alpha about it."
Tae grins at the teasing "I wasn't doing it for you, if you Wanna kiss me you're gonna have to do it yourself beta," the word could never be derogatory but Yoongi has always been able to bring out all hidden sides of Tae- including the cocky ones.
You shift in Yoongi's lap, and if the friction is doing something to the beta or to you neither of you show it. Your pupils are blown when you put up at Tae and oh- she's a goner, isn't she? looking suddenly more awake at the process of kisses,
“Kiss?” it's not surprising that that's the word you've chosen to fixate on. but your words are softer and more unsure, like you’re ready for Tae to decline your offer. Tae's feral growl as she lunges forward makes you giggle, shrieking as she peppers kiss after kiss along the highest part of your cheek. 
Hand fluttering on her wrist as Tae's big hands cup your face. Maybe this is why she was made so big; so that she can properly hold you, your face fits perfectly between her large hands. Tae's body feels alive with a new purpose as you giggle and melt, a true puppy pile on top of both of them.
Until she tilts her face and gets her hand on the back of your neck, steadying you so you can't squirm away and blows hard against the skin of your shoulders. A loud ripple raspberry like the kind Tae used to give his little cousins before he left home. You bark out a giggle that is like nothing Tae’s ever heard- unrestrained and bubbling like little kids should be. You thrash under the ticklish feeling. Deliciously sweet prey unable to escape their hold.
You squirm happily, giggles and more giggles blooming across the room to fill the house with sounds of happiness for once. Yoongi smiles and laughs at your over-the-top reaction too- his fingers digging into your sensitive sides. 
They are merciless, and by the time they finally relent, you're sprawled across Tae's lap. Chest heaving, hair over your face messy and ruffled, but absolutely a happy puppy lump. “Meanies!” 
Tae is breathless with this feeling, fondness, but also something more. A kind of watchfulness that is as hungry as a beast would be in winter. In that moment- Tae is both a gentle protector and a monster. The kind that waits to protect and hunt the delicate form in front of her.  
God, is this how Jimin feels all the time? so at mercy to his instincts that they seem to shadow his thoughts and coat the back of his tongue like an aftertaste? It’s just you and Jungkook today that have Tae feeling this way, and being alone with just you and Yoongi- she’s sure of it.
The rest of the afternoon goes something like this the three of you heaped on the couch, your little scenting ritual that eventually grows to include Tae, nuzzling into her delicately peachy tummy. The kind of plushness that encourages a bite or a hickey.
Not that you're brave enough even in omega space to mark Tae like that. She doesn't seem to mind your prodding and possessive whines. She just smells so good, cinnamon and spice, strong and earthy in a way that just- shuts off part of your brain.  
Tae and Yoongi talk softly while you play with their hands, kissing each one with little exaggerated “mwah!” noises that make their hearts swell with love. Yoongi and Tae watch the light in the main room change, sitting side by side with you in the middle like a piano to be played by their fingertips. The joy of touching just to be touched, to redefine your body in the terms of their fingertips.
And by the time the three of you are out of the nearest square of yellow afternoon light, you’re blinking a little clearer, not quite completely there but more lucid than before. 
Before long the sound of the others pulling into the driveway from work disturbs your peace, and you lift your head from Tae's lap leaving her feeling strangely bereft- she hadn't even gotten you to sit in her arms properly- all this time and she hadn't been brave enough to pull you up and closer- and it feels like the possibility of that is drifting firmly away. Something in Tae's chest gives a painful squeeze. 
Namjoon and Jin are their usual bundle of carefully controlled affection and the impervious wall of their combined scents, talking with a familiar hush that instantly makes Tae relax. The crinkle of the shopping bags between them makes their words near unintelligible.  
“Hey guys, how was work?” while it might seem too usual or too routine for Yoongi to ask such basic questions- maybe the fact of the matter is that they all wish they could be around each other at every moment. That they never had to be parted. Yoongi always wants to know what they got up to when they were out of sight. Maybe it reminds him of other times- the whole moths of their lives that he wasn't privy to.
Your hair is a little cow-licked when you lift your head interrupting Namjoon’s next words, and Jin- Jin knows that dopy smile, that haze- is intimately aware of how good it feels-
“Jinnie!” you chirp, eyes still half-closed and oh, he’s never kicked off his shoes quicker. Your purring redoubles when he cups your cheeks, bringing them in to nuzzle close. Sniffing near your scent gland your chin. You smell so happy, like Yoongi and Tae too- there are few things more comforting or enthralling than the smell of a happy pup.
He turns to Tae wide-eyed “what did you do?” equal parts worried and happy. “she was just- like this when I came home so Yoongi and I snuggled her.” You are a lump, a happy lump and slowly trying to pull yourself over to Jin and over the edge of the couch, not that your limbs seem to be cooperating.
“no-no no” Namjoon has the good sense to lunge forward and stop you from do doubt falling over the edge. Tae’s hand fists on your hips, pulling you back and making sure you stay put. No climbing over things for you when you’re so dizzy happy.
“Pup” Jin cautions, moving around the couch to pulling you up with a gentle but firm pressure. Something in Tae settles, sending a look at Namjoon as he watches you move against jin, his own pheromones filling the room. Allowing Tae to relax but also starting a subtle itch down his back. like tae needs to keep Namjoon in his peripherals. 
"Thank god- I needed to pee," Yoongi says, darting away after a quick peck to your temple. "Yoonie" you pout, watching his retreating form with a sad expression, Tae has no doubt you're clingy enough to literally fallow your mate anywhere right now.
An omega whine is a call for all alphas near and far to descend upon them. A low pitch that lights a fire under their asses like none other. A whine and chirp that builds slowly, heart-wrenching and lonely, akin to a lone wolf's call. “shit- joon-” 
To your credit- your scent even sours a little, Namjoon and Tae literally couldn't keep themselves in place if they tried, not even Hoseok who’s just arrived home  red conversed feet suddenly thudding with a wooden clang against the deck, wrenching open the door as hard as he can. "what's wrong! What's happened?"
But nothing has- except you relaxing back against tae’s chest. shoved in between Namjoon and Tae. even jin has his hand on you, shoulders curving inward, pulse hammering. hoseok deflates, digging his palm into his eyes, “Jesus-” 
Only then, nose pressed to Namjoon's chest does a clarity seem to snap into place in your eyes. "Hello pup" he grins down at you, and you're out of his arms as quickly as you jumped into them. Turning and burying your face into Jin's chest as Tae and Namjoon try not to smother you. 
“Someone sedate me” you groan, Much to their amusement.
Spending time with them has gotten easier and easier, and it gets even better when everyone gets home. Everyone tries their best not to smother Jungkook whose looking good as new smelling like sweat and honey goodness. 
“God- it smells so good in here” he groans when he kicks off his shoes, Jimin close behind with empty water bottles and a foam roller. And Jungkook and Jimin join the Frey and panic of putting together dinner and doing the other tasks.
Namjoon does a near-perfect job of reigning in his more controlling instincts. It's a near-perfect job, but before dinner part of his jaw ticks when he sees Hoseok playfully gripping Jungkook around the waist, Jimin too- Those two have long worked out their antsieness and their lingering worry over Jk's condition, but Namjoon hasn't. Still feels the urge to protect and care for him probably aggravated by your state. 
you're still offaly starry-eyed, following Jin around the kitchen, bouncing from packmate to packmate hugging and touching and making puppy eyes at anyone who might listen. it will be a little while before you fully come back to yourself, but the alphas watch you with a quiet reverence. 
“Did you really have to go out today?” his words are more akin to a whine. Namjoon might be the only one Jungkook allows to show concern after days like this.
“I swear I'm fine guys, could I do this if I wasn’t?” you let out a little cry as Jungkook suddenly reaches down, gripping you under your thighs and effortlessly placing you on the countertops. Looking back at them with a silly little smirk, like lifting you will show them. it does have the added benefit of making you flustered “that doesn't count- y/n’s so tiny.”
Jungkook handles that reply by heaving Jimin up there too, turning to face Joon with a shit eating grin. 
And suddenly you’re knocking knees with him, They’re all feeling a little playful this morning, the stress of yesterday burned off. Jimin is feeling playful today, puppies and a boyish grace that they all seem to have at certain times overtaking him, Jimin wiggles his eyebrows, aiming for seductive and barely falling short.  
He looks better this morning. Not quite as unsteady or dizzy. None of the pack mates check on him with worried glances. They know that Jungkook doesn't like to feel smothered or too delicate during the days after his seizures.
“Your ass is on my countertop.”
“Our countertop” you correct, you’re squirming a little against the feeling of Jin’s hands. Holding onto your waist, though he can’t really tell if you’re squirming closer or farther.  
Seokjin leans against the countertop heavy-lidded eyes dancing with the challenge. You’re not going to get him to call you good pup by acting that way, but then again- maybe you don’t want to be called good today.  
Yoongi sets the heaviest pot on the range and Seokjin’s hands finds its way to his waist “did she eat anything today?”
“m’right here.”
Seokjin’s eyes are teasing, yet serious. “I didn’t ask you pup,” and oh- you’re melting under his stern gaze, can barely process it as Yoongi says no- no you haven’t. you don’t know why but you kind of like it when they talk about you like that- not like you’re not there but like- like you’re something to be taken care of. you shiver, and you can tell by the brief look Yoongi gives you over jin’s shoulder that he’s going to make you unpack that later, that a lot of whats being done right now won’t go untalked about. Your mate is a watchful- ever present protector. 
And then Jin is ordering someone to bring you those jam tarts you made and strawberry sweetness is bursting along your tongue, prodded forward by Jin’s fingers. Being fed by him makes you spiral down; you’re sinking and sinking quick. lapping at his fingertips when the tart is all eaten up. 
His words a compliment to the general clamor, Hoseok’s and Jungkook horsing around, Namjoon cutting himself one in half and feeding the other slice to Tae talking about desert before dinner. “There you go pup; I know omega space takes a lot out of a person- trust me.” Jin knows from experience. He sucks air through his teeth, “Especially with someone new.”
Tae is curled close to Namjoon, not quite touching him but still. They talk- probably about some story that a patient told today or other tales of woe. But you shake your head, because no- it wasn’t like that- Tae was probably your favorite part of today.
But you pout, hard and in a way that makes Jin want to smother you with kisses.
“What’s wrong pup” you whine, looking at him and hoping that for once you don’t have to say what you want- that Jin will just know You didn’t get enough kisses today- it feels stupid to admit it, but Yoongi had kissed you maybe half a dozen times and Jinnie only twice and Taetae’s face kisses felt nice too but- you feel a little pouty.
Jin sighs and strong arms his way between your thighs. “It’s okay pup- I’ve got you.” Of course, Jin knows, Jin always knows what his pups want. Kissing jin has become one of your favorite pastimes, but next to you on the counter top, Jimin makes a noise, half needy and half in approval. 
Jin makes a snickering noise before Jimin growls, pulling the older omega down onto him. Jimin might be the alpha of the two of them but he’s still smaller and seated next to you. Two of Jin’s pup’s where he can see them and touch them and kiss them to his hearts content (now if only he could wrangle the other 5). 
Jimin hums, his hand on your thigh, just your lower just above your knee. And when you pull back his eyes are heavy lidded, he smells good, the warmth from his burning muscles making his scent warmer, reading more vanilla latte than just plain vanilla. maybe it was Jimin and Jungkook this morning that set you up for Omegaspace in the first place. it feels full circle now. 
it’s intimate, but its also not- the whole back is here and Jimin is looking at you like that- like he’s half thankful you where here today and half Focused in. “you smell like tae and Yoongi” he purrs. 
But he lingers, his hand sliding up to fiddle with yours. you have almost the same size hands though Jimin’s are a little rougher than yours. Rougher- but just as warm. “Can I-” Jimin’s chest heaves uneasy his very breath shaky. 
He’s not shy often, but with you he knows he has to be careful- Jin kisses you all the time for christ sake, and after him just kissing Jin and Jin kissing you, its like you’ve kissed indirectly already- so why does it feel like he’s asking for something big. 
“Can I do that too?” you squirm, but Jin is right there, and so is the rest of the pack, they’ll keep you safe- and it’s Minnie, Minnie who always treats you with so much gentleness, always acts like your safety is his chief concern. Maybe you struggle to feel safe, but it always feels better with Jimin there. 
And maybe you aren’t totally unafraid of this- but you knew what can of worms you opened when you and Jin started being open with your affection. Maybe you can blame this on your lingering omegaspace.  
for some reason, you look behind jimin at tae, she’s deep in conversation with namjoon, the pack alpha cradling his arm. jimin draws your attention back to him with a hand on your chin, “you’ve got a little- here”
There is a little bit of jam on your lip, and instead of telling you about it, Jimin leans in and licks it off, light and with a little flick of wet. your eyes fluttered closed and you become keenly aware of how he’s leaning over you, hand on one side of your hip, your head up against the cabinet. Plush lips pressing into yours a mouth that licks in and teeth that nip, scraping the sweetness from your skin. It’s good- it feels natural and normal.
somehow your hand ends up on Jimin’s heart, not pushing him away just feeling it as it flutters, happily like a bird, pulling away but not quite. he has freckles, you can’t remember if you never noticed before. “good?” he asks, a smirk playing on the edge of his lips, you don’t know what you look like, or what you smell like- if you’re wanting this too much- if its a turn off or if it’s anything. your brain is a happy soup of omegan impulses and skattered thoughts. 
You’ve never kissed someone thats made you feel so hazy. you couldn’t string a full Sentance together right now if you tried. 
 Your whine is high pitched and surprised, a breathless “alpha,” spoken more against Jimin’s lips than not, as he slots his lips against yours again and-
Taehyung's growl is not the quiet kind, it’s so loud it might as well be a snarl, more animal than human. 
it’s not the kind that speaks of a hidden threat or a coy playfulness like the earlier playful grumbles. this growl has an edge that could cut glass- the kind of sound you should never make directed at a pack mate, reserved only for enimies. 
This is not only primal- this is possessive. Possessive in a way that only your mate should be with you. But all Tae’s knows is that it seemed too loud- too loud to be coming from anywhere but her chest. She’s shocked to press her hand there and find her whole body shaking.
Namjoon's hand falls on the back of Taehyung's neck, not quite a scruff but not-not one, the growl gets cut off abruptly. The room spins, a feeling like she's half dizzy and half high. and the red angry haze of the moment snaps back and everyone freezes, Yoongi with the pot, jin standing with the knife, Jungkook and hobi rough housing, and you and minnie, pulling back, looking devastated. 
Tae- tae growled at Minnie of all people. 
You, Seokjin, and Jungkook are a mess of omega pheromones, sweetening with every second. Sour to sweet to sour again in a dizzying cycle. Afraid eyes directed at Tae. Does no one realize how sweet it is? How maddening? It feels like Tae is losing her mind, she can't smell anything beyond your sweetness at the back of his throat- the part of his brain that usually processes the olfactory information cut off from the rest of himself.
He's gasping, trying to smell the others- smell Jimin too- but all he can smell is the omegas. black spots dance in his vision and Namjoon quite literally has to hold him up- embarrassment wars with fear and a feeling of Thankfulness because thank God for pack alphas, Teahyung would be sprawled out on her ass or lunging at Jimin. If it weren't for Namjoon's arms around him- holding him up as much as he's holding him back.  
The worst part is Jimin looking at him, a little heartbroken. Because-
Because the sound was directed at him- not directed at you. Alpha- you’d called for your alpha and Tae had answered it. Taehyung has never growled at Jimin like that- not when they were pups or at the beginning of their relationship when they were still trying to figure out who the dominant one was between them.
Tae feels like he’s going to start crying at how upset Jimin looks to hear a sound of such outright aggression and hatred from one of his pack mates. And Tae scrambles to recorrect it, bearing his neck in Jimin’s direction- a clear apology. 
"Sorry I don't know what came over me- what happened- I-" Tae is lost for words, Namjoon’s hands feel like fire as one circles Tae’s neck and the other stays locked around her middle. “I’m sorry” she actually is crying, big fat tears that drip down her chin.
Namjoon's hand slides down Taehyung's neck to her steadily enflamed scent gland, a little tender to the touch. Even though Namjoon is another alpha- the contact makes her keen. Which isn't normal at all. Makes you and Seokjin and the rest of the pack look at Tae with increasing concern.
Jimin darts over at that- distressed at hearing that kind of noise from Tae- Tae who never vocalizes like the rest of the first the growl and now this.  Tae feels like she's been punched in the gut when Jimin presses his nose to his soulmate's scent gland taking a deep breath, staggering back because thank god- thank god he’s not mad. 
she honestly doesn’t know what that was- one second Jimin was a threat- and the next he was the only person in the room Tae wanted close. He feels all up and down, his emotions cut up in little bit sized pieces that are too small to tell where they came from.  
Something is wrong- something is really wrong. Tae can tell that Jimin is rolling the scent around in his head, his lungs, his tongue after he leans in to take a sniff at his inflamed scent gland. It could be you in Omega space, it could have been Jungkook this morning- hell it could be just the change in season but it’s not. Jimin’s eyes are unreadable, swimming with- is that humor? When he pulls back.
"What's wrong Minnie? What's going on?"
"Tae" Jimin's voice is a full-on croon, a little chiding as he leans in again to lick up Tae's scent gland, drinking him down fully. Tae’s scent glad is so sensitive that he lets out a pitched up ‘ah’ at the contact. Bearing his neck for Jimin again.
That solidifies it- Tae smells so good, tastes thick and heady. Cinnamon apple pie and pumpkin spice, comfort, and heat on the back of your tongue, like a choked off moan.
"Oh Tae- you're in pre-rut sweetheart."
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moonchild1 · 5 months ago
min yoongi fic rec list (Ⅰ)
Tumblr media
hello everyone as promised here's a list of all my favourite yoongi fics part two is coming soon I hope you enjoy them, please show love and support to these wonderful authors and their blogs 🥺🖤 some of these fics contain smut so no minors allowed, happy reading everyone ♡
s- smut a- angst f- fluff
First love, last love by @kithtaehyung s a (uni au pianist yoongi bad boy)
cyberslut by @kimnjss f a (fuck boy)
the truth between us by @jimlingss f a (enemies to lovers au)
somebody else by @jjkthclub a (husband au)
desolation by @yoonglespringles10 f s a (marriage au infidelity au)
the early shift by @hobidreams f s a (enemies to lovers au)
chasing the sunrise by @jjkthclub s (established relationship au)
are you still with him by @joonsgalaxy f a (roommate au friends to lovers au)
Baby, can I? by @btssmutgalore s
Ocean Drive by @btssmutgalore s a
take me home by @minyfic f a (neighbour au bad boy au)
put two and two together by @mingoyeob f a
intimidation by @luxekook f s (college au)
intensity by @luxekook f s a (established relationship au sequel to intimidation)
number 14 by @bubmyg f (basketball yoongi)
favorite player by @bubmyg f s (basketball yoongi)
show by @httpjeon s (boyfriend yoongi)
love grows where you go by @hueseok f s a (arranged marriage au)
the reality of falling in love by @hueseok a (best friends au one sided love)
away from you by @personasintro f s a (divorce au)
speak now by @vminity21 f a (groom yoongi best friend au)
Speak Now {Re-imagined} by @vminity21 f a (groom yoongi bride reader)
Can I touch your heart by @infireation f (neighbour au)
Cherry Blossom Trees by @borathae f s a (love triangle au) ft. Hoseok
Someone you loved by @borathae a
akrasia by @thelillzmonster s a (friends with benefits au bad boy au)
Skin Deep by @aquaminwrites f s (friends to lovers au)
shoot your shot @taesinferno s (college au fuck buddies)
fiend by @xpeachesncream s (ceo au)
Tell Me U Luv Me by @sxdmoonchxld s
not your fairytale by @yeojaa f a (brother's best friend au)
Tip of the Iceberg by @fortunexkookie f s a (Tattoo artist new relationship)
Redamancy by @delightfulserendipity f a (high school au)
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House of balloons by @moonnightyoongi a
I don't wanna love you by @moonnightyoongi f s a (college au)
fuck up by @thotantics s a (friends with benefits au) ft. Taehyung
Little Black Book: The One You Trust by @bluewhale52 s (strangers to lovers au)
be in love by @yoonpobs f s a (established relationship au)
first and last and always by @floralseokjin f s a (exes au holiday au)
Love yourself by @floralseokjin a (exes au)
Please be naked by @floralseokjin s a (fuckbuddies rebound au unrequited love) ft. Namjoon
Vehement by @bangtsblossom f s a (established relationship au)
No more by @gyukult f s a (one sided love secret relationship college au)
what we are not ; soulmates by @taecalikook fa (soulmate au established relationship au) ft. taehyung
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Tumblr media
do it for you, if not for anyone else
PAIRING. min yoongi x reader
GENRE. sister’s best friend!au, best friend to lovers!au, frenemies?to lovers! au, angst, *slow burn*, eventual smut, eventual fluff
WARNINGS. feeling your feelings, healing, self-actualisation, Loli being the best person ever, Hobi also being the best person ever, JK also being the best person ever; a much-needed chapter for our oc!
WORDS. 6.4k
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Tumblr media
“I thought we were doing something fun!” you whine, complaining as Loli drags you through the exhibition she had surprised you with. And surprised you were, especially when you were under the guise that the pair of you were going to be going out to get drinks and get drunk (yes, getting drunk with an old lady was weird in itself but Loli was oddly disciplined when it came to alcohol. It was mostly for you).
“This is fun, child,” she says with an eye roll as you sniff petulantly while she snatches the tickets from the frontman and gives him a less than amicable smile before she practically shoves you into the compound.
You yelp, nearly tumbling into one of the pieces before turning back to give Loli a vehement glare.
“You manipulated me!” you accuse, loud enough to catch the attention of a hipster couple who side-eyed you and your loudness. “I did not consent to this!”
“Stop being dramatic and appreciate that I lied to Jungkook saying that I had an appointment with an old friend so I wouldn’t have to help him with his weird anatomy flashcards,” she snaps.
“You lied to your grandson?” you balk, “For this?”
“This is more important!” Loli retorts, yanking you by your elbow before linking your arms together. Her grip is iron against your own as you surrender to the brute strength of a nearly seventy-year-old woman.
“Loli,” you whine, “I really wanted to hang out with you—but why at an exhibition? You and I are the last people that would ever be here!”
“I have a purpose for everything I do, okay? So don’t fret.”
While Loli was a character of her own, she did in fact have a set of morals that you deeply respected. You knew, from experience, that it was easier to judge someone based on the persona that they displayed to the world as opposed to understanding the core values of an individual. People would call her weird, freakishly active for an old lady—but they didn’t see the kindness that Loli displayed to the people she loved. Like you.
“And what exhibition is this anyway?” you mumble. You were aware you were being a brat but you really just wanted to shit talk people with Loli over alcohol. At least you weren’t alone, this time. “Mirrors? Is this what you wanted to do? Be vain?”
You just wanted to forget for a while.
Loli rolls her eyes, “It’s for you,” she tells you before spinning you around to face a particular mirror.
It’s a mirror that enlarges your entire figure, and you look somewhat distorted behind the iridescent glass. It’s an amusing sight if it weren’t for the fact that Loli had dedicated this to you. You could appreciate the arts, you really did. But you were particularly grumpy because you had essentially been scammed to free drinks and good company.
“You know I’m not that type,” you say dryly, “I don’t like looking into mirrors.”
You really didn’t. And it wasn’t to say that there was a type of person that enjoyed looking at themselves in the mirror, but if there really was—Loli was one of them. She was unapologetically herself, and she was confident in her personality and appearance. That was one thing you really admired about Loli. It was the fact that nothing anyone said about her could deter or diminish the worth she saw in herself.
“I know, love,” she says, a little softer before she rests a palm on your shoulder. “Just look.”
You stare at her weirdly, wondering what exactly she was playing at before you stare at yourself. You wince, automatically regretting it when you see a version of yourself that you’ve decided you didn’t like today. She looked a little tired, and you reason it due to the fact that you were tired. You were barely getting any sleep with the upcoming pitch you were working on for a group of potential investors and you needed it to be perfect.
(What was perfect, anyway, if not imperfectness covered? Were you really doing yourself a favour by attaining perfection to only find yourself disappointed in the outcome?)
“Loli,” you say, beginning to feel uncomfortable with how long you were staring at yourself. You seem to catch a little more that you didn’t like, see behind your eyes and into your brain. The irrational thoughts, the mind that didn’t work as innovative as Haerin. Or had the gift of understanding medicine like Yoongi or Jungkook. Or even had the oratory skills to carry out a conversation as seamlessly as Hoseok. “I don’t—”
“Can you do something for me, sweetheart?” Loli only takes this tone with you when she’s serious, or when she’s concerned. Right now, she’s both.
“Whatever it is, can we—?”
“Continue looking in the mirror,” she encourages, standing right behind you as you swallow, eyes fitting back to your reflection. Distorted, but you regardless. “I want you to repeat something for me.”
You feel your ears burn, realising that you were in public and simply just staring at yourself. Did you look self-absorbed? What if you were hogging the space and someone wanted to make a complaint?
“Loli, what are you even—?”
“I’m ____,” she begins to say as your eyes widen. “I’m beautiful. I’m worthy, and I’m capable.”
“Loli, there’s no way in hell I’m saying that in public and in front of a mirror at an exhibition,” you deadpan.
Loli ignores you. “I’m loved; worthy of being loved—”
“Loli …” you frown.
“I’m intelligent, kind and respected. I deserve good, and rest, and love.”
You find yourself reeling back a little, especially with how her words pierce straight through your heart. They’re simple words, you’re sure a kindergartener would know them. But why were they so difficult for you to understand? To repeat? To believe? They were just words that describe people—but not you. Not you, for you to repeat them in front of a reflection that was you, but wasn’t.
“Loli,” you snap, turning to face her as you break out of your trance with your own reflection. “What are we doing?”
Loli looks up at you, eyes gentle in a way so maternal that it has your heart clenching. You feel like a child, young and berated when she grabs a hold of your hand and covers your knuckles with her other palm. There are wrinkles against her skin, skin rough from years of living and experience—and you feel warm. You’re confused, scared—but warm, nevertheless.
“I want you to look at yourself and believe that,” she says softly, “That’s why we’re here.”
“So I can do this weird manifesting shit?” you scoff. “Loli, cut it out. I’m not doing it. Why in public?”
You sound sour, but Loli’s undeterred. She’s more used than anyone to your animosity, the refusal to do things that people told you to do. She knew your stubbornness more intimately than most but learned where it came from, and when it comes.
“You’re unhappy,” she tells you and you gape at her bluntness. “You’re here, but you’re not. Your mind is far away and it’s an unhappy place.”
“Oh, and you know so much to psychoanalyse me, right?” you say bitterly.
You acknowledge you’re being extremely bratty but you couldn’t help it. The entire situation was off-putting as it was because you weren’t used to just...staring at yourself, especially in public. And now that you were here having Loli unravel the pent up apprehension in your chest, you were even more thrown off.
“Your heart hurts,” she says, placing a hand on your chest as you nearly jump back at the impact. “I know you’re hurt, sweetheart.”
You refuse to show her you were, but you feel your lips tremble when she says the words so truthfully as if it was a truth you were condemned to accept. That you were hurt, and unhappy.
“So?” you sneer, “Was this out of pity? That Yoongi loves me but ended up with Haerin? I told you this from day one.”
Loli doesn’t even frown, all she does is smile.
“Do you think he chose her?”
No fucking shit, Loli, you wanted to scream. But
But you schooled your face and gave her a pointed expression.
“They were together, Loli,” you say, “Do you know what that means? It means they both consented to it—wanted it to happen. Made that decision for both of them.”
“He chose you that day, didn’t he?” You aren’t sure what Loli is referring to, but something tells you that she knows something—as always, but is refusing to tell it to you point-blank.
“He got me pastries, Loli,” you exasperate frustratedly, “I get Hobi and Jungkook food all the time!”
“It’s not my position to hypothesise or say anything,” she tells you, “But you need to understand that people love very differently. The way we express our platonic love and romantic love is vastly different from what one may typically expect.”
Now, you were even more confused. Was Loli implying that he did that out of love? You nearly scoff. That could never be true. If anything, it was out of obligation.
“So? What is the point of all of this, Loli?” you sigh, “I’m not hurt. I don’t care. It was bound to happen and I was bound to—” you were immediately about to contradict yourself. I was bound to get hurt, you wanted to say. But you catch yourself and purse your lips, but the look on Loli’s face tells you she knows.
“Did you let him love you?”
You pause.
“Have you ever stopped, and wondered, if you’ve ever given that man a chance to love you?” Loli repeats, tone still gentle but plagued with a sense of pointedness that you’re realising was firm.
“Why would I—?” you huff, shaking your head. “Why would I do that? I never knew!”
“So, you haven’t?” she says, raising a brow.
“Loli, what?” you exasperate, “No. I didn’t. Can we go now if you’ve got your—?”
“I’m a firm believer that you are more in control over how you feel than you actually think,” she says with a raised brow. “You’ve always loved Yoongi but have you ever taken a step back to let him love you?”
“And what, Loli?” you frown, “Get myself hurt?”
“You’re hurting yourself, ___,” she says seriously as you gape at her. “I don’t know Yoongi the way you do but I’ve never seen that man do anything for you that wasn’t out of love.”
The admission silences you; makes your throat dry. You blink up at her with widened eyes and Loli only looks at you with a softness paired with a rough edge that tells you that she was not joking around.
“Things have been difficult for you,” Loli says quietly, “As someone who was—” she corrects herself before she continues, and your heart clenches for her. “As someone who is a mother, and a grandmother—I cannot fathom how your own parents can treat you the way they do. But despite the well-deserved hatred I have for them, you cannot change people who don’t see a fault in themselves.”
You purse your lips.
“You were unlucky with your parents,” she says softly, “And I understand that. But you can’t spend the rest of your life sabotaging your happiness just because your parents failed to recognise the wonders you’re capable of. I know it’s going to be hard to unlearn this headspace but you are deserving of love; people do love you.”
“It’s not easy, Loli,” you croak, eyes fluttering shut, refusing to see the person in the mirror.
“It’s not,” she agrees, “But it’s necessary. You don’t need to get it right the first time but you need to try.”
“I just—” you sigh, “why wasn’t I enough for him?”
Loli reaches out to hold your hand, and her slightly wrinkly hands squeeze your youthful ones. The world between the two of you was vast, but with Loli, you always felt like you were right next to her.
“You always were,” Loli murmurs, “It’s you who doesn’t believe that. Everyone else sees how he feels about you.”
“Then—then why…” you huff, “God. Loli. This is pointless.”
You’re quick to throw yourself under the bus because things were getting a little too emotional for your liking, especially in a public setting. No one even batted an eye at the pair of you, but you were hyper-aware of the people around you.
Why was the world so loud when no one was looking?
“Seeing your worth isn’t pointless,” she scolds, yanking you by the arm as you huff, blowing your hair out of your face as her tough-love returns. “You can moan and complain about being hurt all you want about how you think Yoongi doesn’t love you but the truth is, he does. He loves you. God, this old lady sees it, your best friend sees it; the man you slept with sees it—if you don’t believe it then it isn’t true for you.”
Loli’s voice echoes in your mind despite her taking a relatively soft tone.
“If Haerin didn’t tell me he loved me then would’ve we spent the rest of our lives not knowing?” you murmur, fingers digging into your sides as Loli offers you a soft, wistful smile.
“There’s no point in discussing the what-ifs,” she tells you, “Why dwell on something that hadn’t happened instead of what did?”
“Because if Yoongi didn’t do it himself then we would’ve—”
“—and you know I’ll never make an excuse for a man but God, baby,” she signs, running her hands through her hair when her maternal tone arises. “Yoongi is stubborn. He needed the push and he got it. He’s there, so why are you holding back?”
“Because what if he realises that what he feels was a mistake?” you exasperate.
Loli’s lips purses. “Why are you worrying about something that never happened?”
You go silent, and you wonder.
Why did you worry about something that never happened?
“Do this for me,” she urges, smiling at you before gesturing to the mirror.
Your jaw ticks, face returning to a scowl. “Loli, we’re in public. I’m gonna look like a fucking maniac mumbling to myself in front of a mirror.”
“If you learn to love yourself in public then loving yourself in private won’t be so difficult,” she murmurs.
“Can we just, I don’t know,” you mutter in embarrassment, “I’ll record it at home and send it to you.”
Your attempt at negotiating is fruitless, especially when Loli barely budges.
You sigh, shifting on your feed before you’re practically glaring at yourself through your reflection.
You open your mouth, wracking your brain in an attempt to recall the exact words Loli wanted you to utter. You may never believe it, but Loli didn’t seem like she was backing down. This was for her.
(Even if you secretly wanted to believe in yourself, too.)
“I’m beautiful. I’m worthy, I’m incapable—”
“Capable,” she corrects with a jostle to your body as you scowl.
“I’m capable,” you huff, staring straight into the mirror and seeing someone almost unrecognisable. She was still you. She had the same hair, same face, same scowling expression; but there was something distinctly different about your reflection and you couldn’t quite point it out.
“Do I really have to do this?” you mutter, tapping your foot against the ground as your eyes dart everywhere. No one was looking but why did you feel watched? As if voyeurs found your weak declaration of self-love interesting enough to glance at.
“I can’t force you,” Loli says seriously, “No one can force you to love yourself, ___. You need to do that yourself. All I’m pushing you to do is to try.”
Loli’s grasp on your arm is featherlight, almost as if she was slowly detaching herself from you to allow yourself to roam free. You look back into the mirror, and it’s almost as if you were watching every bit of your life on replay.
From the moment you were first compared to Haerin; from when you realised your parents’ aloofness was more than being emotionally unavailable but because of the fact that they didn’t love you; from when you first met Yoongi; from when you learnt how to drive; from when you got suspended in high school; from the moment you realised you were in love with Yoongi; from the moment you lost your virginity in a drunken haze because you heard Yoongi kissed someone else; from every. Single. Moment.
You feel yourself grow emotional, though there were no tears. You’re looking at yourself and you recognise why you don’t recognise the person you’re looking at.
The person staring back at you was a hollow shell of who you could’ve been; all the beautiful possibilities that you would have achieved if it weren’t for the person that sabotaged you the most; that stabbed you in the back more times than you could count.
Your throat feels dry, and suddenly, looking in the mirror didn’t feel so debilitating anymore. Loli’s grasp is no longer there and you feel like you’re floating. It’s the most cliche moment of your life but something clicks; maybe it was the exhibition photographer that captured your stupefied expression. But it’s as if all the burrows that made the skeleton of your body were filled with realisation. A moment of calamity turned calm.
Loli’s no longer holding you and it’s just your reflection accompanying your physical body. The reflection is getting closer and closer to you; you realise that you were taking a step forward. Your finger reaches out, it caresses the smooth surface of the mirror. It’s plain. It’s a mirror. But you were behind its reflection. It was you, who touched the tip of your finger on the other side.
There are no words that you can utter at this moment. Silence is all that overcomes you. But it feels. And for the first time, you look yourself in the eye and you see someone worth taking time for. Someone who was very much human; very much fragmented like the rest of the world was—but alive.
And she’s staring at you.
“Yoongi loves you,” Loli murmurs, and another reflection joins you.
A hand enters first; resting on your shoulder. Then, Loli’s shorter frame comes into your vision. She looks like your family with the way you subconsciously lean into her hold.
This time, you don’t deny her words.
Tumblr media
People usually say that things in life happen for a reason, to give you meaning to an already mundane lifestyle or to teach you a lesson that you could reflect on as years pass by.
You didn’t think so. Not absolutely, at least.
Things in life didn’t always happen for a reason. Sometimes things happen without any concern for structure or order and don't have any intrinsic value tied to those moments. Not everything that happens in life is a direct result of a grand scheme that the Gods or entities above set into place to teach humans a lesson.
Sometimes things just were. And you were the person that was in control of the meaning behind happenings and occurrences.
Working on the pitch alongside your team as moral support taught you a few things but you don’t think the act in itself had any value if it weren’t for how you weighed its importance in your own life. You could’ve taken it, prepared a pitch, delivered it and called it a day. It would’ve been another speck in your memory.
But it wasn’t. You spent hours upon hours perfecting every finite detail of your presentation. You engaged with officers and professionals to gain insight on academic knowledge that you didn’t have regarding the systemic issues that you were trying to solve. Or trying to better. You were firm in your stance when certain members were iffy on your rather self-denying clauses, but empathetic enough to consider varying thoughts.
You gave meaning to the work that you did, and you learnt from it.
You don’t think you’ve ever felt as fulfilled in your life as you did when you finalised the final pitch. You thought you were going to cry, to celebrate with a bottle of wine, to call Jungkook or Hoseok or Loli to tell them that you were done.
But you weren’t really done, and it hadn’t truly hit you that you had in fact, completed a huge project.
Until now.
“Hey, superstar.” Hoseok manifests out of nowhere, his suave self navigating his way through a few business associates or investors before he reaches right in front of you. Your mind needs a distraction, and it somehow goes back to the first night you’ve properly talked—or—yeah. “Looking good tonight.”
“I’m going to fucking puke,” you say instead of a greeting, ignoring his compliment.
“Medicine,” he smirks, patting his pocket as you let out a sigh of relief before sticking your palm out invitingly.
He laughs, a comforting feeling, before reaching into his pocket to retrieve the key to ease your nerves (or at least you hoped would) and drop them into the palm of your extended hand. Then, he squeezes your shoulders when he realises your eyes remain faraway and glazed.
“You’re gonna do great,” he says softly, rubbing your shoulder as you let out a shaky sigh.
“This is terrifying,” you mumble, eyes drifting to the side when you catch sight of a rather tall man who looked like he had no remorse for anything but business. “Fuck, Hobi. Why did I do this to myself?”
“Because you care,” he answers easily, another hand reaching out to your other shoulder before he’s practically cornering you like a football coach to their players before a big game. You suppose the nerves were similar.
“You didn’t tell me there were gonna be this many people,” you whine.
Hoseok rolls his eyes. “And run the risk of you rejecting the idea completely? No way.”
“So you manipulated me,” you gawk.
“I strategised, sweetheart,” he winks, tapping his temple as you scowl at him.
The short banter manages to ease your nerves ever so slightly, but the sense of trepidation returns when an investor walks past the two of you to offer Hoseok and yourself a brief nod of acknowledgement, reminding you why you were here—and your role for the night.
“Girlfriend?” The man laughs in passing.
As he disappears into the bodies, is when Hoseok calls out, equally as amused.
“Can’t a beautiful woman and a beautiful man be friends, Derek?”
A few people laugh and it’s instantaneous the effect that Hoseok has on people. You suppose that’s why he’s so successful, or why he makes anyone around him feel all the more comfortable in a frightening situation.
“I still think I’m going to puke,” you mutter.
Hoseok laughs, loud and jubilant before he’s encasing you into a deep hug that has your face mushed against his chest.
“You have me as support,” he comforts you as you sniff.
“If only you could give the pitch for me,” you mumble.
“I could never serve the pitch its justice,” he points out, ruffling your hair. “It’s all you.”
“And me!”
Another voice enters, and your head tilts up to see Loli skipping over towards the two of you, dressed in a beautiful red dress that made her look more stunning than she already was, and not her age—while Jungkook trails behind her with a small smile.
“Loli!” You throw Hoseok off you in exchange for the old woman’s embrace, already feeling the warmth of a maternal figure in your life when she presses a kiss on your forehead.
“You haven’t even given your pitch yet and you’re out here canoodling with this handsome bachelor?” she taunts.
You roll your eyes. “For the last time, Loli, it’s not going to happen.”
“God forbid you to have taste,” she jibes as you giggle at her faux disgust. “And this—I will say I’m surprised. I thought you’d end up looking like a dumpster truck hit you tonight.”
“Do you have no faith in me?” you pout, glancing down at your attire.
It’s a nice sleeveless jumpsuit that fits snug around your waist and elongates your legs. The white corset-like top forces you to keep your back upright so you don’t run the risk of flashing anyone if you slouched while your tits fell out, and the black length of your pants only tied the look together.
It was a little out there for a pitch presentation session but it did wonders to boost your self-esteem, and that was all you needed right now.
“She has an extra dress in my car just in case,” Jungkook finally speaks up, and it’s a snort when he catches your dropped jaw at Loli’s poor faith in you.
She grimaces. “I love you but you wish you had half the style I have in my left pinky.”
“I do not dress that badly,” you cry.
“Give it up,” Jungkook snickers, right before he raises a fist to give you a fist bump and a fond ruffle to your hair. “Good luck. You got this, champ.”
You scrunch your nose up. “Please don’t call me champ. It makes me sound like a greasy jock in high school.”
“I was a greasy jock in high school,” he pouts.
“Case in point,” you say with a raised brow as he sighs.
Hoseok, Loli and Jungkook are here, looking at you fondly with proudness in their eyes as you feel yourself grow ten times more with the support that they provided you with. It’s moments like these that you’re thankful, and that you feel full. Because you have people you love, and that love you, here—for you.
“Even if you were dressed in a trash bag I’d still be proud of you,” Hoseok butts in as you offer him a meek smile as thanks.
Your eyes search the crowd, and another figure enters your vision, one that you weren’t quite expecting but equally as pleased to see.
Haerin has a lot of energy for someone relatively tiny, especially when she practically bulldozes through the crowd to make her way towards your group. A large grin is etched permanently on her face when she finally overcomes the hurdle of people, and she jumps straight into your arm without a care that she nearly knocked Loli over.
“Jesus Christ,” you wheeze when she wraps her arms around your shoulders so tightly that you almost couldn’t breathe.
“I’m here! I’m not late, right? It’s not over?”
“No shit, Sherlock,” Loli says with an eye roll.
Haerin, still rather oblivious to the slight distaste in Loli’s tone, only beams at the older lady.
“Looking lovely as always, Loli,” she chirps.
“Your dress is tasteless,” she snaps back.
Haerin is undeterred and Jungkook has to elbow his grandmother in the rib in warning, eyes narrowed as the older woman’s expression is snooty while she shrugs.
“You came,” you say dumbly.
“Of course,” Haerin smiles, “It's my sister’s big project!”
She says this with a nudge to your shoulder as you blink down at her.
Right, Haerin was your sister. You were sisters.
When the thought settles, you smile back.
“Thank you,” you say quietly.
Haerin gets it. She does, somehow. Maybe it was truly her sisterly instincts, the fact that you shared the same blood. Somewhat the same genes. Sister’s just knew, right?
An announcement is made via the PA system, asking for the presenters and guests to take their positions as you feel the cold sweat return.
This was it.
“You got this,” Jungkook says, rubbing a circle onto your shoulder as people start filtering into the auditorium. There’s chatter amongst the guests, curious on what was to be presented tonight at the Jung Corporations investors gala. It’s a highly anticipated event, and you feel even more pressure to uphold its prestige as a presenter, and as someone who Hoseok trusted with his entire heart.
“We’re so proud of you,” Loli smiles softly, her wisdom filtering through the slight wrinkles by her eyes when she grins at you. “Whatever you do, we’re all here to support you. Right?”
Haerin, Hoseok and Jungkook nod their heads, beaming up at you. There’s a man who calls for Hoseok—but all you can see is the trust in their eyes when their gaze rests on you.
“Thank you guys,” you say, feeling your throat clam up as you envelop all of them into a wide hug.
Yet, with all the love and support you feel, there’s still disappointment in your belly when you realise there’s a missing face.
Though, you don’t expect him to appear at all.
You did, in fact, leave. You were—confused. Hurt. Afraid. You were also mortified, knowing that your drunken stupor didn’t leave your sobered state when you woke in his home the next morning. You braced yourself, ready for the tense atmosphere but thankfully (or not), Yoongi was asleep.
You bolted, and you felt like a coward.
“Go get them!” Haerin cheers as she gets dragged by Loli towards the entrance of the auditorium. You smile sheepishly at her as you wave her down.
A frown meets your expression, and Jungkook, who still lingers as if needing to say something, recognises it immediately.
“He’ll be here.”
“He won’t,” you sigh, “We…”
“He said so himself, _____,” he says softly. “No matter how angry you are with him, or he is with you, he’d never not be there for you. Yoongi wouldn’t miss this for the world.”
Jungkook squeezes your shoulder one last night before pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. His gaze is enough to somewhat soothe you, and you force a scant smile when he gives you one last thumb up.
You’re left alone, and an usher recognises you before he directs you to the presenters’ room while your thoughts marinate.
You can do this, you tell yourself.
Yet, your eyes look back in search of a familiar face.
Tumblr media
“____ ____?” An usher calls your name as your head swings back and away from the cue cards in your palm to greet the voice.
“Here,” you respond.
“You’re up in five,” he nods towards you as you nod back, swallowing while you feel the nerves rise all over again.
What nobody told you about anxiety was how much you relied on it to keep you upright. To keep you going when things were difficult and when life was more debilitating than usual. There is a universal understanding that anxiety takes away your energy that leaves you crumbling before you get to a job; that is actually preventing you from completing tasks due to the fear of not reaching the milestone right before the plateau.
But the nerves reminded you that you were alive and that you had a duty to fulfil. However small, however large, however insignificant, however relevant—that you were alive and breathing, enough for you to take that first step forward before it consumed you whole.
The anxiety fuelled your sleepless nights but also pushed you to slumber; also kept you away from people in the fear of unsaid critical comments while needing their validation. It was a tiring push-and-pull, and you knew that your anxiety was rather superficial than most—but it still roughened up your nerves when it counted—and doesn’t that mean it counts for something?
A few strangers, friendly faces, give you small thumbs up when you unconsciously make your way towards the slit that soon would reveal you to the auditorium of people that were quite literally there to evaluate you and nothing else. Your feet feel featherlight, and it’s a paradoxical feeling to the weight in your stomach, threatening to escape your throat while you tried to focus on your breathing and your planned bullet points for the pitch.
You weren’t a natural speaker like Haerin was, you didn’t possess half the articulation she had when it came to delivering her points across, and for a moment—you wished you were her all over again. Almost makes you feel like you were back to square one where you were thought to resent her, to want to be everything that she was and you weren’t.
But then you reel back as quickly as you left and remembered that it wasn’t Haerin who was delivering this pitch, who tirelessly prepared for it—it was you.
This was your child, your creation, the work that only existed because of your brain and your fingertips working against the keyboard of your laptop along with a few other teammates that offered you support. Haerin didn’t do this—you did.
And you almost laugh because it felt free to realise that.
That Haerin would’ve never been here, and that you were.
“Point is, we’re all driving to our own destination points, and each journey is unique to each person,” he says softly as your breath hitches.
“But I’m no Haerin,” you mumble quietly, finally speaking and finally understanding what Yoongi was getting at.
“You aren’t,” he concedes as you feel your heart drop. But he picks it up immediately with his reassuring grin and the hand that smoothes over your hair comfortingly. “And Haerin isn’t you.”
Somehow, Yoongi’s words ring clearer than ever and you miss him. You missed him because he wasn’t here but you wished he was. You wished you didn’t say the things you did, pushed him away from the way you did.
But you did, and you had to deal with the consequences of your own actions.
You take a deep breath, and you take that first step into the spotlight you never thought you deserved your entire life.
It’s odd to hear claps that were meant for you and you only. There was no one else on stage with you, and it was your presentation pitch that was projected onto the screen that you stood in front of—there was no denying—that this, the recognition, the earnest grins, were for you.
And damn, did it feel good.
“Thank you,” you begin, voice shaky because you still couldn’t believe it but you could try. “Hopefully I’ll be hearing more of that throughout my presentation.”
The crowd laughs, and you keep your smile minimal even if you felt your nerves nearly exploding from the reaction. At least your humour was still intact.
You take another deep breath, press the button on the prompter and direct the laser towards the screen—most eyes following you.
Briefly, just for a split second, time stops in your own world where you try to take in your surroundings to ground yourself back to reality. While you were weightless, you lost some form of control and you needed all the control you could get at this point.
Your eyes fall into the crowd, and it’s like a scene straight out of a movie where they land on Loli.
She beams at you, blows you a kiss through her reddened lips before offering you an expression that you could only think of as motherly. Like a mother cheering her child on.
You’d like to think she was.
Then, next to Loli was Jungkook. Your found family, your brother that wasn’t blood-related but you sure as hell couldn’t imagine a world without him in it. He grins that boyish toothy grin of his and offers you a raised fist as if you could reach it. The fist resting by your side sees it, fist bumps it from where you stand.
And then there’s Hoseok. He’s smiling, of course, he is. When didn’t he smile? Even if it wasn’t you on stage, he’d still be smiling and showing support to whoever owned the platform at that very moment. But it was you, and you knew that because it was you his smile looked ten times wider than it usually was.
He shoots you a double-thumbs up, giddy in his seat before he cups his hands around his mouth and lets out a whoop that echoes in the auditorium.
You flush while some of the investors laugh, a man turning his head to the source of the voice and is more than amused to see that their apparent boss was the one that bellowed that loudly.
And of course, you couldn’t help it, but your eyes fall to the empty seat next to Hoseok. And you feel your heart drop even if you’d expected it.
You said so yourself: you didn’t want him here. You told him that at the fair, and that damned night. You did this.
Haerin’s screams echo in your mind again.
But it still hurts. It still confirmed your deepest insecurities and you think you’ve lost Yoongi for good. That he’s out of your life. You were going, and he was gone.
And then, what felt like hours but was an actual split second—the doors to the auditorium open. It’s quiet, and no one catches it except for you because of where you stand and where the spotlight stands.
Your jaw drops ever so slightly and you lose all train of thought just for that split second because the first person he sees isn’t the usher at the door, or the guest that walks past him to exit, likely to the toilet—but you.
There are flowers in his grasp, a large and bountiful bouquet of gorgeous flowers that nearly cover his face, and you feel your throat clam up while you internally scold yourself to get a grip. But you couldn’t believe it: Yoongi was here.
As if he senses your blanking mind, he raises the flowers ever so slightly—and offers you that God-forsaken smile of his, never too wide to look eager, but gentle enough to be present.
And you feel it. You feel the rush, you feel the anxiety—you feel human. Like you were always meant to be.
You giggle to yourself, head dropping to your feet when you realise how insignificant that empty seat was even if it had your heart dropping when you caught a glimpse of it.
You could look and look and search and scour—but if you were looking only where you wanted, and not where you should—you’d never find what was looking for you.
And finally, Yoongi slips into his seat, offers an amicable nod to Hoseok who looks elated to see the older man—
You take another deep breath, and you begin.
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