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Tumblr media
↳ Index [Snippet #27 - Mad at You]
“When you make it up to Jungkook after getting him angry.”
Genre: Smut, established relationship!AU
Warnings: sulky!Kook, dom!Jungkook, sub!Reader, he is cocky in a sexy way, and he can be because he knows how to fuck, make up sex, thigh humping, dirty talk, he calls her princess & good girl, she calls herself his cockslut like once, praising, edging (f.recieving), anal play (f.recieving), rimming, anal fingering, oral (f. & m. recieiving), deep throating, doggy style, cum play, spitting kink, he spits on her asshole, double penetration with finger+cock, this is the most loving angry sex ever, slight scent kink, major strength & size kink, unprotected sex but they are clean & on birth control, sweet aftercare cuddles
Wordcount: 6.3k
a/n: I don’t know why I have this recent obsession with this specific Jungkook being in a dom mood, but I am loving the journey. I also want to state that I am nothing but a whore, enjoy besties and let’s be whores together 🤪🧡
Tumblr media
Jungkook was sulking tonight. Some may even say that he was thoroughly mad at you. And he had every right to be because you messed up. You cleaned the house today while Jungkook was at Jimin's and Yoongi’s place to help with setting up their internet. And while you cleaned, you decided to clean up his art studio as well. This was something normal to do, but today it was the place of utter chaos. In your cleaning trance, you managed to knock over your bucket, which resulted in water spilling all over a tattoo draft he had been working on for days. It was ruined and beyond saving.
You confessed to Jungkook instantly once he got home. He tried to react calmly, but it was still very obvious that he was terribly mad at you. 
"I worked so hard on it babe", he whined.
"Why do you have to put a freaking water bucket on my table? Of course you'd knock it over", he accused you. 
"It's ruined. I did all of this for nothing", he groaned and then turned his back to you, "I'm going on a run, don’t wait with dinner." 
And then you didn’t see him for two hours while you tried your hardest to fix what was irreparable. 
Tumblr media
It’s been two hours and twenty minutes since you confessed your greatest sin to Jungkook. The front door locked just this moment, which means he was back. You straighten up on the couch, waiting for him to come into the living room while your heart is racing. 
He acknowledges you with a second of eye contact and a nod of his head. 
"Hey baby", you say, standing up, "how was the run?" 
"Good", he mumbles, swerving to the kitchen for a glass of water.
You follow him. 
"I made something for you, Kookie", you tell him, "look." 
Jungkook inspects the food on the stove with a stone cold expression.
"It's your favourite. I, I can warm it up for you. If you want to." 
Jungkook sneaks a glance at you. He is still mad, but tries to show his gratitude. 
"Thank you", he scratches the side of his neck, "I told you not to wait." 
"Well, I", you shimmy from one foot to the other, "I just didn’t want you to be hungry." 
He gives you a small smile.
"Thank you, that’s sweet of you." 
"Yeah", you nod your head, "get comfy, I'll warm it up for you." 
Tumblr media
Jungkook is waiting in the living room, watching television when you bring him the food. 
You hand it to him with burning cheeks, sitting down next to him almost nervously.
"I hope you like it." 
Jungkook takes a big bite.
"It's really good. Thank you", he tells you and turns back to the television without paying you any more mind.
You know that he is still mad. On normal days he would hum and moan excitedly about how yummy your cooking is. Oh this is making you sad. You huff out air and peel yourself up from the couch.
"I'm gonna clean the kitchen now", you tell him, dragging yourself out of the living room in defeated steps.
"Mh-hm", he acknowledges you. 
Tumblr media
You are already under the covers when Jungkook decides to join you. Not that you think he really wanted to join you, but that rather he does so because you and him share a bed. 
"Hey baby", you greet him, "look I warmed up the blanket for you." 
Jungkook watches you shimmy to your side after having used his blanket for warmth. 
"Get in there before it gets cold." 
Jungkook gives in with a huff of air. He gets under his blanket.
"It's really warm", he mumbles with a slight blush, "thank you." 
"I'm glad you like it", you shimmy closer and drape your arm over his torso. 
Jungkook sneaks a glance at you. You are grinning at him, basically glowing once your eyes meet. 
"Nothing, I love you." 
Jungkook scoffs, "I love you too", he mumbles then reaches over to turn the lights off.
It surprises you, giving Jungkook enough time to flip to his side and therefore turn his back to you.
"Night", he grumbles, pulling the blanket over his head. 
You pout, staring into the darkness where you imagine Jungkook to lie. You reach out, meeting his back. You begin scratching it, doing so gently. 
"Googie, I’m sorry", you whisper.
"Are you really still mad at me?" 
Jungkook stays silent. 
"Googie baby" you whine, back hugging him, "please don’t be mad anymore, I’m really sorry", you beg, burying your face in the crook of his neck. 
"Should have thought about that before you destroyed my stuff", he grumbles. 
"Baby", you say and sigh, "I'm really sorry. It was an accident, it really was." 
"I mean", he begins, "who puts a bucket on a desk? Why would you put a bucket on a desk? It's common sense not to do that."
"I know, but I just didn’t wanna bend down all the time. I'd been cleaning for hours by then and I just wanted to make it easier for my back." 
Jungkook huffs out air in defeat. 
"Yeah, whatever", he murmurs. 
"Kookie", you whine, squishing your cheek against his shoulder, "pwease don’t be anggy."
"Are you using your baby voice right now?" 
"Ye, pwease Googie", you whine. 
Jungkook scoffs and shakes you off. He flips to his back and tugs you on top of his chest. 
"I'm doing this just so you’ll stop using that voice." 
You grin, snuggling into him. You even drape your leg around him, lodging it between his legs, just so he can’t escape again. 
"Googie, can we share a blanket?" 
“Pwease Googie, I’m so cwold."
He sighs in defeat, "fine." 
He opens the blanket for you, gasping a second later when he feels your feet against his calves.
"No, what the fuck? Don’t put your icicle toes on me."
You giggle, squeezing yourself closer. 
"But I'm cold and you're warm." 
"Babe, seriously don’t do this", he whines, fleeing your feet but to no avail. 
He gives up with a huff of air.
"Are you comfortable?" he hisses. 
"Yeah, you’re so cuddly." 
"Well, at least one of us is", he says with iciness in his voice.
You lift your head, looking at him even though his face is hidden in darkness. 
“Hey, you’re so mean”, you say with sadness in your voice, “why are you so mean? You know that it was an accident and I’m genuinely sorry." 
Jungkook stays silent. 
"I don't know", he says and sighs, "it just pisses me off because I worked so hard on it and now it’s gone." 
"So it’s really gone? Did you not have a doodle of it somewhere?" 
"I do, but the good one is gone and it pisses me off cause it took me three days to draw."
"Maybe you can fix it again?" 
"I can't ___, that’s what I was trying to do for the last freaking hour. Fixing it just made it worse." 
"Oh I see", you lower your eyes, "I'm sorry", you whisper, having to sniffle.
"I know, baby", he says and hugs you closer, "I know." 
"What do you need to feel better?" you mumble into his chest, "I can’t stand falling asleep when you’re still mad at me." 
"I don't know, just…" he huffs out air, "just keep being cute, I guess." 
"Okay so more bwaby voice?" 
"No", he laughs, "seriously that voice is so weird." 
"Hey, mean", you nudge his chest, "don’t lie, that voice works"
"Yeah, but ‘cause I want it to stop." 
"Wow", you pout, "so mean." 
He cackles, tilting your head up to kiss your forehead. 
"No, it’s cute too", he says, "I just prefer your normal voice." 
He snuggles closer. 
"And the voice you make when I fuck you", he whispers, sending a shiver down your spine.
"Jungkook", you gasp, lifting your head. 
Jungkook does his very distinct I'm trying to make you horny chuckle. 
“Seriously, what are you doing here?" 
"You asked me what I need to forgive you. I decided that I need you cumming for me." 
You feel hot all over. Jungkook gets you so good.
"Koo, oh my god", you whisper. 
“Is that something you want?” he asks. 
“Yeah…” you whisper.
Jungkook is smirking. You can’t see it, but you just know that he is.
"Take your pants off, princess." 
That nickname. It short circuits your brain and turns your limbs into literal jelly. It works way too good on you. He just has to say it and you are a complete goner for him. 
You take your pants off quickly, gasping when Jungkook places his big hand on your ass. He forces your hips to tilt forward, pressing your pussy right against his thigh. He moves your hips for you, eliciting a weak moan from you.
"You're gonna get wet on my thigh for me", he rasps, "so I can fuck your pretty, little pussy." 
"Koo", you whimper, trying to meet his movements. 
"Can you do that for me? Mhm? Can you get wet for me?" 
"Yes..ah", you sigh, pressing yourself closer to get more of him. 
"That's good. You’re such a good girl, princess", he praises.
His thigh feels so good. Muscular and oh so toned. His skin is so soft and his hair just adds the perfect layer of sexiness to it. You love getting them all wet and dirty and being so surprised with a thigh fuck is driving you insane. 
"That feels good doesn’t it princess?"
"Yes", you breathe out, twisting his shirt. 
"Yes? Of course it does", he says, giving your ass a greedy squeeze, "you're so perfect for me." 
"I love your thigh", you moan cutely, "Koo, I love your thigh." 
"Fuck baby", he draws closer, "that’s so hot. Keep talking like this and I’ll fuck you so much better." 
You whimper, having to press your eyes shut. He smells of his shower gel. It is a gentle scent and tonight it is charged with the distinct smell he gets when he's horny. Maybe you are only imagining said smell, but you thoroughly think that Jungkook smells even better when you and him are turning each other on. He smells so manly, so good, so sexy. And warm. He is so warm. It makes you press yourself closer and twist his shirt a second time. 
"Koo, feels so good", you whisper squeakily.
"I know princess, I know", he sounds cocky which turns you on even more. He tenses his thigh, basking in the gasped moan you let out. He can feel you getting wet. It’s the cutest yet sexiest thing to him. Truly, it turns him on so much to feel how much his thigh affects you. To have your pussy go from soft and perfect to totally soaked and wet just does something to him. And tonight this is all he needed. He needed to feel that healthy exchange of power because he was genuinely mad and knowing that he could get you wet within minutes is giving him the kind of power surge he needed to feel better. He doesn’t like punishing you – obviously that is a given – but he is still sulky sometimes and when that happens he loves making you squirm for him. This just does something to him. You are so cute when you squirm that Jungkook just can’t stay mad at you.
"I can feel it, princess. You’re getting wet for me." 
You mewl.
"You're so easy to turn on”, he laughs tauntingly, “is my thigh really that good for you, mhm?" he challenges, feeling you convulse on his thigh. 
You whine, seeking his closeness by hiding your face in his side. He sounds so full of himself, so confident in what he does to you. Normally you can’t stand people like that, but when Jungkook does it, you turn into nothing but weak limbs and a wet pussy.
Jungkook chuckles, "don’t be shy, admit it. Admit that it gets you off." 
"It does", you press out, feeling how your pussy gets wetter. The grind becomes a slip and Jungkook's skin feels even softer against your clit. Oh you're getting so wet for him, soiling his hair and skin with it. 
"Of course it does, princess", he says, twisting his fingers in your hair. With a gentle tug he tilts your head up. 
"You know what to say princess", he speaks in that deep voice he does when he is controlling the scene.
"Then say it", he orders, pressing your hips closer with a strong hand on your ass. He keeps it pressed against you, making sure that one of his fingers is disappearing between your buttocks for the sole reason of riling you up. It rests there heavy and oh so demanding, grinding against your rim each time you have to roll your hips over his thigh. 
And you can barely get the words out, having to gasp before managing to form the letters. 
"Thank….you…Koo", you choke out, resorting to gasping afterwards. 
"That's not good enough", he growls, pressing you closer and in the process giving your rim the gentlest of pressure. 
"Ah", you squeak, scratching his chest from how tightly you hold his shirt.
"Say it properly, princess. Come on", he demands, moving his thigh in a punishing manner all while his finger is threatening to slip in. 
"Thank you for your thigh, Koo", you keen, letting out a soft sob afterwards. 
"There we go, princess. So good", he praises and slows down again. 
You mewl, twisting his shirt a fourth time. He had gotten you so close and now it’s gone again. He just edged you. Your pussy weeps in desperation, soaking his thigh so much that you can feel it run down and then soak your own skin. 
"What's wrong?" he asks innocently. He is not innocent. He knows exactly what he just did.
It’s what you deserve, he thinks and smirks as he feels you get wet from denial. 
“Was so close", you whisper weakly, trembling in his arms. 
"Oh that, yeah I know", he taunts, "but you're gonna be a good girl for me and take it." 
"Right, princess? You’re not gonna be bad and cum without my permission, are you?" 
"No, Koo", you croak, feeling dizzy. 
"Good girl, such a good girl", he praises and as a reward speeds up your hips again. 
"Ah", you gasp, "ah, thank you, ah, thank you, thank you. Ah, ah." 
“That’s it, make those pretty sounds for me”, he encourages you, “I love it when you do.”
“Jungkook”, you croak.
“What’s wrong now? Mhm?”
“You, you’re so h-hot.”
He laughs lazily and you just know that he lowered his eyes in that flirty, way too fatal, way. Fuck, you hate the darkness. You want to see how cocky he looks, how his face is glowing in confidence, how he mocks you with his eye contact and turns you on in the process.
“I know I am and you are tripping”, he rasps, squeezing you closer.
“Oh”, you gasp.
“Feel it”, he rasps, repeating the movement. Your hips meet his thigh harshly, his grip is so strong, “feel how you’re making a mess of my thigh.”
“Fuck, please”, you mewl, clenching around nothing.
“Please what princess?”
You sob and hide in his side. His scent engulfs you, his warmth touches your face. You chase him, chase the electricity of his thigh, losing yourself in the process.
Jungkook lets you, moving his hand further down so it is between your ass and his fingers could touch your soaked entrance. You shudder and speed your hips up desperately.
Jungkook can hear it. He can hear how wet you are. It sounds slick and sticky and oh so sinful. He obviously can feel it too. It smears all over his thigh, cooling down on the parts you don’t touch before your warm pussy grinds over it again and soaks it some more. And it makes him impatient because getting his thigh humped by you turns him on just way too much.
“Please fuck me”, you beg and Jungkook moans.
“Fuck baby, you’re gonna be the death of me”, he babbles then tilts your head up, “say it again. Beg me.”
“Please fuck me.”
“Not good enough.”
“Please Koo please, I’m so h-horny.”
“Yeah? I’m horny too and I can control myself. Why should I give it to you?”
You soak his thigh in new arousal, clenching around nothing so harshly he can feel how you throb. Fuck, your clit is so swollen and hot. He knows he could get you over the edge. He would just have to put his fingers between your ass again and lift his thigh and he could make you cum. But he doesn’t. He lets you chase him with that small pressure, he lets you shake and squirm in your attempt to get more of his thick thigh under your needy pussy. He edges you because he wants to.
“Please Koo”, you mewl and sob cutely, “I, I just wanna be your cockslut.”
“Fuck”, he presses out. He feels your words everywhere. His stomach is tingling, the tips of his fingers are itching to bury themselves between your legs again, his cock is throbbing in his briefs.
“Please, I’ll be so good and, and take you so w-well”, you try and Jungkook just knows that you are giving him the biggest puppy eyes right now.
This is his breaking point. He can’t take it anymore. All he wants to take is you. Hard and good.
“Then get my cock out will you?” he growls.
Your hips falter now that you have to work. Your nimble fingers hook themselves in his briefs, tugging them over his round butt with the help of him lifting his hips. He feels the bed dent as you sit up so you can pull the piece of clothing down his legs.
The fabric landed somewhere on the floor. Then hands on his inner thighs. Warm and desperate for the feeling of his skin. The distinct warmth of your body, it comes closer to his crotch.
Warmth. Wet and soft. Right around his cock. Sinking down slowly.
“Fucking hell baby”, he groans, throwing his head back, “fuck yeah. Ah fuck.”
You mewl and bop your head up and down his length. He tastes so good. He feels so heavy on your tongue, fills out your throat so much, stuffs your mouth so well.
You know that sucking your husband’s cock is not exactly the definition of aching for his cock in your pussy, but something overcame you. Something primal and something which ached so incredibly much that you could only still it with his arousal running down your throat and with his pubes tickling the tip of your nose.
Jungkook groans deeply, twisting his fingers in your hair.
You go further down.
Jungkook rips his mouth open and moans loudly. Now here he is, with your fingers massaging his tight balls and his entire cock down your throat. It’s not often you go so far, but it seems that tonight you are so horny and desperate for him that getting your throat plugged up by his cock is all you needed.
And Jungkook is in heaven, throbbing in your mouth before letting out a drugged-up laugh.
“Fuck princess”, he croaks and laughs, “holy fuck. Yes! Oh god yes!” his laughter turns into loud moans.
You just mewled around his cock, now fucking your own face while letting out the sweetest of gags. Your drool is all over him, spilling out of your perfect mouth and running down his shaft before slathering all over your fingers and his balls. You use it to massage them, slurping not because you want it gone but because you know that it feels incredible for Jungkook.
“Fuck baby, fucking fuck. Holy fuck”, he curses, arching his back, "keep going, don’t stop."
You won’t stop. Jungkook tastes so, so good. You never ever want to stop. You pay special attention to his tip, sucking it between your lips with such vigour your cheeks fall in. Then you begin moving, keeping up sucking him as his cock glides between your lips.
Jungkook groans, “you gon’ make me cum”, he presses out, having fallen back to his native dialect.
You moan, sinking down on him until you feel your throat bulge most perfectly. You want him to shoot his load down your throat. This is the least you can do for him after ruining so much of his hard work. He deserves to cum down your throat like he wants to. Hard and fucking good.
“Fuck!” he barks and shakes.
You squeak as he tugs you off of him, feeling disorientated for a second. The lights turn on, adding to the overall confusion you are feeling. Then you get shaken around and pinned down on the mattress.
Jungkook is above you, holding you captive by your wrists while the weight of his body does the rest. His black hair is messy, hanging into his face. Fuck, it’s gotten so long again. He looks so hot like this.
“You’re such a-“, he stops talking, studying your face with blown-out pupils and madness in his gaze, “-fuck baby”, he growls, squeezing your wrists.
“Please fuck me”, you beg, squirming under his weight. It’s driving you insane just how close his cock is to your pussy and yet it is not close enough that you could make him slip inside. 
“You’re such a needy woman”, he spits, furrowing his brows, “you think you can just deepthroat my cock like that and get me to cum?”
“Please fuck me”, you try again, whining slightly.
"Did you even hear what I just told you?" 
"Fuck me." 
Jungkook stays silent, letting his fiery eyes race over your face and chest.
“Take off your shirt. Now.”
He lets go of your wrists and lets you sit up, using the second you need to undress to undress himself. He keeps himself upright on his knees, towering over you with his cock hard against his toned stomach and his tattooed arms on full display. His pierced nipples are hard, his toned chest heaves up and down quickly.
And you feel tiny. You feel so tiny and fragile, knowing that someone as strong and manly as Jungkook will fuck you stupid. You make yourself smaller on purpose, giving him the neediest puppy eyes ever. This is how you want to feel tonight. You want to feel fragile and as if your strong husband could break you.
“Turn around”, he orders confidently and you follow happily.
He grips your hips and pulls you on all fours. Then he fixes your position, doing so with the right amount of strength so that it would turn you on.
“That’s better.” Jungkook presses you down into the mattress. "Stay like this." 
You shiver, shaking when a second later you feel his mouth on you. He slurps and groans, swirling his tongue over your pussy while his hands are holding your hips still.
"Oh my god", you moan, "holy fuck, Koo." 
“So fucking wet for me”, he growls into your pussy, “you’re making a mess of my face”, he says and laughs cockily, “such a messy girl for me.”
You bury your face in the sheets and let out a desperate sob. He licks you so messily, so sloppily, slurps you up as if you were his favourite flavor. You can’t handle it. First he fucks you with nothing but his thigh, then he gets you literally soaked by stuffing your mouth with his cock and now he is eating your pussy as if it was his last meal.
You wheeze, twisting the sheets between your fingers. You want to flee, but Jungkook presses you back on his tongue. You want to squirm, but Jungkook keeps an iron grip on your hips. You want to cum, but Jungkook pulls back at the right moment.
You mewl his name, tripping your desperation on his chin.
And Jungkook moans, trailing his licks away from your pussy until he has your sensitive rim under his wet tongue. 
You tense up and squeak. A second later you release all of that tension in a shudder of your limbs, bucking your hips into his face. 
Jungkook moves back and breaks away, basking in your whines for more. And he gives it to you gladly, parting your ass with his tattooed hands and using his entire head to grind his tongue over your hole.
You can count his fingers on your ass. All ten of them, each sitting on your body with the demand for attention. Oh just imagining how they must look as they dig into your flesh, how the tattoos on them must look now that his veins and tendons are bulging in exhaustion and how the tips of his fingers must definitely gain a slightly lighter colour to them.
This and with the added sensation of Jungkook's tongue fucking your greedy hole and you swear this moment you cry the hottest tears you have ever cried.
He is going to make you cum. He may not be touching your clit, but she feels the same spark she does when he touches you. It is your brain doing it for you. All those thoughts about how Jungkook looks as he gives you the rimjob of your lifetime are enough to make you clench in your approaching high.
You make one mistake however, you buck your hips back and clench under his tongue while your thighs are shaking. And Jungkook knows. Oh he knows and he uses the opportunity to pull away and leave you aching for more.
“Nooo”, you whine into the mattress, chasing him desperately.
"You're so delicious, baby", he says cockily, licking his lips.
"More please. Please more. Please.”
"Oh, I’m sorry. Did I edge you again?" 
"Yeees", you whine, hitting the mattress with your feet. 
"Cute", Jungkook taunts, connecting his thumb with your rim to rub it skillfully. He loves how you shiver in reaction. 
"Thank you…oooh…" 
"That's it, stick your ass out just like that." 
"Ah Koo, oh god Koo. Ah…"
While his thumb is pleasuring you oh so perfectly, his left hand aligns his cock with your pussy. You barely even notice that he does, being far too gone in the feeling of his fingers. You really want them inside. You want them to fill you up and remind you that only he can get your ass to feel that stuffed. He pushes and slips in, surprising you so much that you actually squeak loudly, kicking the mattress weakly. Now you notice. Now you do. Oh god, now you do. Jungkook is feeding you his cock. Inch by inch he is shaping your pussy until you fit perfectly around him.
"Slipped right in", he bottoms out, "you're so wet, princess. I didn’t even have to take it slow." 
You wheeze for air, tensing around his cock. He's inside. You've finally got his cock. He's back where he should always be. You have to moan, fucking yourself back on him in a needy roll of your hips.
"Yeah I know", he agrees and begins moving, "that’s fucking incredible." 
Sparks course through your entire body. Getting Jungkook's cock after being edged ruthlessly feels like paradise. He is right. He did slip right in, giving you that good stretch. And that thought makes you even wetter. To know that you are tripping so much for your husband that he can fill you right up with his veiny cock. Oh it is a different type of turn on. 
"How's that, princess?" he rasps, caressing your hip while his thumb begins circling your rim again. 
"Thank you", you keen, arching your back. 
"For what? Tell me."
"For your cock." 
"Yeah? You love that cock?" 
"Love it!" you squeak now that Jungkook is angling his cock in a way that would get him deeper, "love it so much", you groaned the last word, tensing around his veiny shaft. 
"Fuck", he moans, "love that pussy too. It’s so wet, creaming my cock so good."
He places his left hand on your upper back and pushes. It forces you into the mattress and for your back to arch. Now he does it. Now he fucks you oh so deep. Jungkook loves how you feel around him when he is deep inside of you. 
"So deep", you mewl, pulling the cutest face of pleasure.
Jungkook loves it. Your cheek is all squished, your lips are all pouty, your nose is scrunched up. He loves getting you there. To have you pull those pretty faces for him as he pounds you, gets him off so fucking good. 
"Yeah I am. Just how you deserve it. Deep and hard", he growls the last word, slamming his hips into you while his thumb is putting pressure on your rim.
"Ah!" you yelp, shaking at the intensity. 
"Deep and hard. Feel it", he growls, "in and out. In and out. Just how you deserve." 
"Please don’t stop, please", you beg him, clenching around him in desperation. 
Jungkook smirks. He feels electric and like the most amazing fucking man on this world. Yes, he is going there. He is going to be cocky for a moment because he wants to.
“Do you love it, princess?” he rasps.
“Yeees”, you mewl, nodding your head vigorously.
“Then say it.”
“Love it! Love how you fuck me”, you wheeze for air, “oh god, Jungkook please seriously don’t stop.”
Jungkook laughs lazily, tilting his head back in a way that would reveal his neck most deliciously. His dark hair is tangling over his eyes, tickling his neck in the position.
“Fuck”, he moans and laughs again, moving his hips like the sexgod he feels like right now. And you reward him with desperate rolls of your hips and a soaked pussy clenching right around his cock.
“Fuck baby, fuck”, he groans, letting his eyes roll back before falling closed, “never wanna stop fucking you.”
“Please stuff me!” you beg, chasing his thumb on your ass, which seems to slip away more and more now that he was busy feeding your pussy.
He falters in that task, letting his head bounce to the front just to stare at you in shocked arousal.
“You want me to do what?” he pants, slowing down his hips. Not because he wants to make it easier for you. No, he is just way too fucking close to blowing his load. You are seriously so hot.
“My ass, please spit on it and use it to fuck me stupid.”
“Okay seriously”, he lets out a breathy laugh, “you are fucking crazy.”
“Jungkook pleaseeee”, you mewl loudly, squirming impatiently, “please for fuck’s sake.”
He stops. He stops just so he can lean forward and press his lips against your ear. It forces you to crane your neck as best as possible for a look at his face.
“I married the most amazing woman”, he rasps, “you drive me fucking insane, sweetheart.”
He listens to you moan and straightens up, gathering his spit so he can give you what you so desperately crave. With his strong, tattooed hands he parts your buttocks, revealing your oh so greedy hole to his equally as greedy eyes.
You aren’t even breathing by now, waiting for the feeling of his wet, hot saliva on your rim. You need it so fucking bad.
Jungkook puckers his lips, letting his spit drip on your hole slowly. The view drives him crazy. To have your pretty hole clench needily while just underneath he can watch his thick cock stretch your pussy. Jungkook loves few views more than this one.
"Yes oh god yes", you groan, feeling a shudder run through your limbs. It is just as hot and wet and good as you imagined it to be. You can feel it. Feel it land on your rim before very slowly running down your ass on its way to your pussy. 
Jungkook stops it before that can happen, gathering it with his thumb. His hips begin moving again. Slow and steady. Then he reaches your rim, speeding up your heartbeat tenfold. 
"Ready?" he asks, massaging your hole. 
"So ready, I’m so ready", you pant, waiting with a dizzy head.
He pushes, watching in delight as you open up for him happily. He groans, you moan. 
"Fuck baby, slipped right in. Again. You’re such a needy woman tonight", he taunts cockily, pumping his thumb in and out slowly. The squeeze you have around him almost steals his sanity. 
You have already lost your sanity. Jungkook is filling you up. He is giving your holes exactly what they need. Him. A part of him. This is what you need. Him.
"Faster please", you beg, reaching between your legs to rub your clit. 
"Yes baby, yes do that. It’s so hot when you touch your clit", he moans, speeding his hips up just as you crave it. 
"Ah Koo! Oh god, Koo", you mewl, chasing him greedily, "yes Koo, yes Koo. Oh my Koo, yes. Yes!" 
"You're so fucking hot. You’re seriously so fucking hot", he growls, fighting his urges to close his eyes. He wants to because the feelings you give him right now are best enjoyed with closed eyes. But he also doesn't want to because you are giving him the sexiest views ever. Wet, stretched out pussy moving around his cock and covering it in your white cream. Pretty, oh so terribly tight hole hugging his thumb and looking so greedy for more each time he pulls his finger out. Your back is arched so perfectly too and your face is glowing in bliss. Jungkook would be a madman to miss out on such views. 
You shudder then, giving his cock a good squeeze. Your right foot kicks the mattress. 
"Oh god Koo", your eyes open but go out of focus, "that’s, that’s, ah that’s the s-spot." 
"Yeah? Right there?" Jungkook repeats what he did before, fucking his cock right against your g-spot. And again. Again. And again. Until he has you clenching around him. 
"There. Yes-", your voice breaks in a desperate moan, "Koo I'm close." 
"Yeah? You’re close? Wanna cum?" 
"Yes please." 
"Then do it. Go on, cum so fucking good", he orders, putting his entire energy into getting you there. 
Your voice pitches. Your veins tingle. Oh you feel electric. You can barely breathe and your head is close to bursting. You tense, twisting the sheets with your unoccupied hand. 
"Let go princess." 
"Ah Koo!" you feel it everywhere. It swallows you whole within seconds, consuming you with such grandiosity you lose your sight for just a moment. It returns in bright sparks and colourful patterns behind your squeezed shut eyelids. 
"Yes baby, fuck you’re so hot. I'm so close, I’m so fucking close baby", Jungkook growls, drilling your holes with vigorous desperation to give you to best high in human history. 
He does. Like he always manages to do. This once again feels like the best high in human history. You convulse one last time, dropping your hand from your clit afterwards.
"Holy fuck", you press out and gasp, "w-wait tight."
Jungkook slows down, "hurts?"
"A little." 
"Sorry", he stops, "can I cum on your asshole?" 
You laugh tiredly, "sure, baby."
"Fuck baby", he pulls out quickly and begins jerking himself off vigorously. His eyes are hyper focused on your ass. It looks so empty now that his thumb is gone, "I'm so close princess, I’m so fucking close." 
"Please cover me in your cum", you beg, clenching and relaxing your hole just to rile him up.
It works. Jungkook cums with a guttural growl, almost falling if his hand hadn’t grabbed your hip for support. He fucks the air as he cums, covering your entire ass with his hot, creamy cum. 
"Fu-uck", he stutters, convulsing one last time. He stops, feeling dizzy but chasing your body by pressing his overstimulated cock against your ass to drag it through his cum. 
"Koo", you moan, chasing him greedily. 
"I made such a mess of you", he lulls his words, sounding just perfectly out of breath, "you look so sexy like this."
"Do you like it?" you say sweetly, wiggling your hips in a sexy manner. 
"Mh-hm yeah, I love it", he rasps, grabbing your buttocks just to massage them. He lets out a deep breath, dropping his head. 
"Fuck ___, thank you for that. I really needed that", he says. 
"Me too. This was so amazing", you say, making him smile. 
He leans down to kiss your spine just once, "I'll clean you up now. So stay." 
He drops into the sheets next to you afterwards, opening his arms for you to find comfort in once you returned from your post sex pee. You do so happily, pulling his blanket over your bodies as well. Your legs are tangled in a way that you would have his thigh between your own and parts of his hip against your inner thigh. You are halfway on his chest, finding your head’s resting spot where his arm meets his shoulder.
"Was I too rough?" he asks, caressing your face.
"No, you were perfect", you tell him, gazing up at him with a smile. 
Jungkook retorts it, tracing the slope of your nose. 
"I love you like crazy, you know?" he says. 
"I love you too. Crazily much", you answer him. 
He kisses your forehead, keeping close afterwards. 
“This was seriously the best make-up sex ever”, he whispers.
“Agreed. Maybe I’ll have to ruin more of your drawings”, you joke.
“I’ll divorce you if you do that”, he jokes, making you giggle. He chuckles, smooching your forehead a second time, "let's fall asleep like this", he suggests. 
"Okay", you sigh, snuggling closer, "Koo can I wake you with a blowjob tomorrow?" 
He chuckles lazily, "you're insatiable", he says and kisses your forehead a third time, "sure. Only if I can eat your pussy afterwards."
"Yes", you say and giggle. You’re so lucky to have him.
Tumblr media
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j4goh · 2 days ago
wine dinner. | thv
Tumblr media
💭 if there was something else Taehyung liked more than a night with friends, it was definitely slowly ruining his best friend under the dinner table.
; word count: 1k
; genre: smut
© j4goh. / do not repost my works or claim them as yours on any platform.
Tumblr media
You rolled your eyes, helping yourself to some sushi rolls. “Get lost, Taehyung. And get your hands off me, we’re in public.”
Taehyung arches up a brow at your statement, his fingers playing with the zipper of your dress at the back instead of stopping immediately.
“Is that supposed to stop me?”
Tumblr media
“Taehyung! Man, it’s so good to see you!” his friend, Jayden, had invited him over for a ‘surprise’, something that Taehyung expected the least from him. Entering the restaurant just few blocks away from his apartment, it was only now that Taehyung realized what his friend was up to. He knew he had called him over along with his friends so they could all catch up on life, but one step closer to their dinner table, all Taehyung ever wanted to do at that very moment, was you.
You, sitting ever so sexily, black dress clad to your body tight enough for him to make out every inch and curve of you, hair tousled back in a braid.
It took every ounce in Taehyung’s body to tear his gaze from you attempting to lick the stray noodle from the corner of your lips. “G’evening, Jayden,’’ Taehyung growled, parking himself right next to you, giving a short nod to his girlfriend in greeting. Even though Taehyung had a good idea, he asks Jayden, ‘What’s the special occasion?”
“I got a job promotion!” He roared, already semi-drunk. “Can you believe it?”
“Expected that from you,” Taehyung slurred out, as he lay an arm behind your seat before glancing at you. “Exactly what you deserve.” He felt a shiver from you as his fingers slightly touched your bare shoulders, and he smirked to himself.
This was so fucking perfect.
“To be honest, if my colleagues would have told me something like this two weeks from now, I’d be sending them to the psych ward, or shit,” Jayden hiccupped, grabbing his girlfriend’s attention from the conversation her and you were having. She pats his back and glances apologetically towards the latter. “We’ll be right back; I know it’s getting bad when he hiccups and he’s drunk.”
“Take your time.” Taehyung smiled up at her as she leads him to the restroom behind a barrier, allowing his hands to fall down to the small of your back. “So, ____, didn’t realize I’d see you here.”
You rolled your eyes, helping yourself to some sushi rolls. “Get lost, Taehyung. And get your hands off me, we’re in public.”
Taehyung arches up a brow at your statement, his fingers playing with the zipper of your dress at the back instead of stopping immediately. “Is that supposed to stop me?” you shut your eyes tight, feeling him pull you closer next to him by your seat. “Not. Right. Now.”
“It’s going to be right fucking now, ____.” Taehyung’s voice dropped several octaves, and his fingers leave your back. You shoot your confused stare up at him, and he smiles at your direction, then at the figures of Jayden and his girlfriend returning back to the table.
Oh—fuck, no. you glared at Taehyung.
Oh, fuck, yes. Taehyung smirked in response.
His hand fell to the heat between your legs right as Jayden and his girlfriend sat down onto the table, already caressing your clothed core.
“Sorry we took long, I think I almost passed out,” Jayden laughed, and Taehyung shook his head. “Absolutely no problem,” His hands dip inside your dress, running his thumb across your bare folds. “Isn’t that right, ____?”
“Taehyung—" A sharp flick on your clit, “Oh—yeah, no problem.” Your face was flushed, one hand was gripping the edge of the chair, the other clasped around Taehyung’s wrist; as if debating on stopping him or urging him on. His slender fingers would thrust into your wet cunt occasionally, alongside just pinching your clit.
It had been almost thirty minutes since all four had ordered their meals, and Taehyung was still discreetly finger-fucking you under the table. You had reached your orgasm for the third time, and if he didn’t stop any time soon, he’d be making you come dirty on his fingers again in no time. “____, are you okay? Your face is all pink.” Jayden’s girlfriend was kind enough to notice that about you and ask about your comfort, but your mind was only at the fact that all you were craving for Taehyung to just take you inside the nearest bathroom, flip you over the basin, and fuck you raw until the only thing you could cry out was his name.
“Yeah, I’m... fine—all good.” You replied; the last word coming out as a gasp, making Taehyung chuckle slightly. “Nice indication, there,” Taehyung whispered into your ear, as Jayden and his girlfriend were busy gawking at someone behind them. He took the chance that the others’ heads were turned and started thrusting his finger into your pussy hard, making you let out a faint squeal and arch your back against your chair.
Lucky for you, the restaurant was busy as fuck, and no one gave a damn who was doing what.
Whether it was even Taehyung knuckle deep in you, your hand that was pushing against his wrist earlier now leaving red marks on the area.
You were close, so close, even Taehyung could feel it. He kept murmuring praises and derogatory words into your ear, his stare flickering between your ecstatic face and the chittering heads of Jayden and his girlfriend chatting with the people sitting in the booth next to the table.
“Taehyung, I’m— close!” you whispered, biting your lip to an extent it started bleeding. “that’s exactly what I want, baby, don’t worry,” he chuckles as your breaths start getting hasty. “Make a mess for me again, sunshine, come on my fucking fingers.”
It only took you his words for you to completely break apart upon his fingers, biting your tongue in the process to avoid screaming out his name. “So fucking sexy…” Taehyung murmurs to himself as he grabs the nearest napkin, wiping his hands clean, fighting the urge to lick all your juices on his palm clean.
He doesn’t spare another glance towards his surroundings as he ditches the table with your hand in his, shoving you out of the restaurant before anyone could stop him.
“What are you doing, Taehyung?” You hissed out, clearly not able to walk properly due to the buzzing in between your legs from the four orgasms in under an hour. He guides you towards his car, revving up the engine immediately as you both settled in. “showing you.” He replied, eyes on the dark road.
“Showing me what?”
“What's it like, baby, getting fucked by a demon.”
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etherealinowrites · 2 days ago
Sending in this thought... a heavy make out session with Jimin/BTS, you can take it from here ♡
gentle touch | jimin | m
pairing- female reader x jimin
genre- smut, pwp, making out, mentions of sex, foreplay, dry humping, ass grabbing, thigh riding? sort of
summary- your boyfriend finally had you all to himself and he was going to savour every moment.
wc- 0.3K
[email protected] @cocainee-queen @[email protected] @mwitsmejk @im-the-charmer
Tumblr media
jimin's lips trailed soft kisses on your cheek, letting his hands wander up your sides. "jimin-" you sighed, shifting to adjust yourself better in his lap.
"hmm, yes babe." he mumbled carelessly, lips mushing against your jawline.
"i missed you." you whispered, bringing your hands into his hair as if to accentuate your point and jimin leaned back, staring at you with adoration in his eyes.
"i missed you too." he replied before attaching his lips to yours, sucking on them as if he'd never be able to kiss you again.
your gasps were swallowed by his eager lips as he coaxed your mouth open with his warm tongue, making you turn into putty in his hands.
his hands left no territory uncharted as he mapped his way back in a place he knew very well, but hadn't ventured into for long.
he moaned into the kiss as you grabbed on his hair a little too hard, pulling him closer.
his hands reached your waist, trailing dangerously low as they circled your ass, making you rock back and forth gently.
"fuck-" he broke off and mumbled when you brushed over his growing erection.
you didn't let him complete as you went back into the kiss with twice the enthusiasm, taking him by surprise. he responded with equal vigour, teeth nipping at your lips and tongue exploring every crook of your mouth.
he began to use his grip to move you back and forth, creating a tension that had you both groaning as you began feeling each other up.
"god- i missed, i missed this so much." he let out airily, looking at you lust filled eyes as you looked back at him with an equally blazing stare.
"oh yeah? you have no idea how much i-" and he interrupted you by swiftly picking you up as he positioned you on one of his legs. "ride my thigh baby, show me how much you missed me." he rasped, licking his lips as he told you what to do.
"yes jimin. " you quietly muttered before you let him take a hold your waist and hair, and you began your ministrations.
a/n- should i make this a full oneshot?
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darkafterhours13 · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Shorts] An uninvited guest [Hoseok]
Summary: Since the disappearance of criminal Hoseok, your town has been in uproar but one day something happens that lures him out of his hiding spot.
Warnings: violence against reader, n0nc0n while sleeping/drugged, reader gets stabbed in the side, reader falls through glass
Tumblr media
— “It has been three months since the grand escape of the mentally disturbed patient, Jung Hoseok, and authorities urge, especially women, to not wander the streets on their own, and for eyewitnesses to call in if they catch a glimpse of the suspect.” The news reporter summarized.
“Scary.” Your coworker commented as she watched the news with folded arms. “My brother has been insisting on picking me up everytime I have a night shift, since the news of that psychopath escaping.” Tiffany sighed with a slight roll of her eyes, visibly not happy about her older brother picking her up.
You nodded in agreement, not sure if you should agree with her brother’s stance on being adamant about picking his younger sister up every time, so instead you went for a “I can see why.”
Jung Hoseok was considered dangerous by professionals nationwide; from mental health specialists to the head of police, and even his prior healthcare providers. It wasn’t only because he was crazy, but also due to the fact that he was a borderline criminal with no regard for others. He had killed countless people before being caught; most likely from his own hand, as he was prone to violent outbursts whenever provoked.
The last location he was in, was an solitary confinement at Sunshine mental health services, the most notorious mental institution in South Korea. After his escape three months ago, no one had seen him again. And instead, here he was, appearing on every news show within a five hundred mile radius.
“I doubt he is still in the country.” You murmured as you looked up, the chime of the entrance door temporarily distracting you. “Hello, welcome.” You commented shortly to the entering customer.
“Why do you think that?” Your coworker asked as she checked her phone, typing a message back to whoever had just now texted her.
Your eyes flickered towards the digital clock on the counter. It read 12:01 A.M., the time indicating the beginning of your nightshift.
“I mean, how can someone go missing for three months?” You replied, turning back to face her after you finished letting the customer pay for their items. “He’s probably already in Canada or some other place.”
Your coworker furrowed her brows. “But he could be anywhere else.” She reasoned. “He could be in Japan for all we know.”
“Yes, I guess so.“ You replied, before continuing with your thoughts. “He might have used a fake name too…”
“That sounds plausible,” Her reply trailed off, as if she was unsure whether to agree with your hypothesis.
You glanced over at her with a raised eyebrow. “What? You don’t think so? Then what do you think happened to him?”
Your coworker shook her head. “I think he probably got killed.”
“Killed?” You repeated slowly. “Why do you say that?”
Her expression grew solemn. “I have heard stories about the inmates at that place. They are brutal murderers who are very difficult to apprehend. I am sure they have tons of enemies too.”
Before you could respond, a voice sounded from the door.
“Hey, you ready to go?” The man, who you recognized as your coworker’s brother called.
“Are you working tomorrow?” Your coworker asked as she grabbed her purse.
“Yep, I’ll see you tomorrow.”
“See ya!”
‘We will be speaking to the psychiatrist of Jung Hoseok.’ One of the staff introduced.
“No matter the circumstances, one should not approach mr Jung. Instead, distance yourself from him and immediately call 911.”
“Please stay tuned while we continue our coverage of Hoseok’s case. Thank you.”
The screen went black and the channel shifted to a commercial break.
“Enough already.” You weren’t going to spend your whole shift scaring yourself, so you switched channels before grabbing an apple and sitting on the stool.
After six long hours, you could finally switch the open sign to closed, and you stepped away from the glass doors and headed to your car.
After the repetitive 30 minute drive, you arrived back home and there was nothing more that you looked forward to than the food your mother had brought over yesterday evening.
Ever since you started these night shifts your mother had been worried sick about you; oh but what if someone robs the place? What if you get hurt and no one is there to help you? What if this what if that… The typical worries of a mother.
“Huh?” You paused. “I ate it already?” You whispered to yourself as you spotted the empty space in the fridge. No, no, that couldn’t be right. You were adamant about it - you didn’t have it already. You turned around and glanced at the kitchen counter and unfortunately your confident thoughts were debunked by the clean food container that was resting on the dish rack.
“I really should call the doctor tomorrow.” You held onto your head as you shut your eyes; there was either something seriously wrong with you or those night shifts were taking a toll on your body.
This wasn’t the first time your poor memory played tricks on you.
There were times you intended on starting on the laundry, only to find you had already washed and hung them, or even had them neatly folded in your wardrobe.
Or that time when you were positive that you had dozed off while the stove was still on, yet when you opened your eyes again, it was turned off.
Just like that, there’s were many cases of you forgetting such critical things.
Either way, for tonight, you decided to make a sandwich before you headed to sleep.
Tumblr media
It was almost endearing how naive you were — the infrequent intense spurts of fatigue you’d wake up with, the slight wetness and tackiness between your legs, the burning pain wavering through your insides, or the fact you had to force yourself to go to work with a limp and a hunched back.
No… it wasn’t naive, it was simply stupid how you were so unaware of the assault done to your body.
Despite the fact that your favorite drink tasted a little… odd, you simply blamed it on a new recipe.
Or like Hoseok convinced himself — You must be enjoying this as much as he did. Come on, how could anyone truthfully be this blind to the obvious signs?
His fingers digged into your hips as he pushed his length in, not finding it necessary to wait for your body to adjust — why would he? Your body was perfectly capable to take in his every inch, as he had lustfully penetrated you for the last three months.
Unhumane growls gargled from the man’s throat, leaving out a pleasured moan each time his hips flicked back and forth.
That was something Hoseok didn’t expect to happen tonight. Usually, you were so out of it, never moving an inch no matter how crazy fast he pumped in and out of you, so why was today different?
Yet, the twisted man didn’t stop assaulting you, not even when your eyes opened and you stared him right into his eyes.
No — that is what pushed him over the edge and after a low grunt, he filled you.
Your eyes remained open, even as Hoseok stared right down at you, it seemed that you were still out of it, so Hoseok fixed the clothes on your body before he moved away, returning back to his hiding place when he was done.
Tumblr media
“Cheers!” You grinned as the glasses connected and you downed down the alcoholic beverage.
“I still can’t believe I got accepted, this has been my dream college ever since I was a little kid!” Your childhood friend, Han, commented as he set the glass back down.
“I’m so happy for you, hey! Don’t you dare forget about me, you hear me?” You pushed his arm, giggling as the alcohol was starting to kick in.
“No way, how could I ever forget you?”
“I bet there’s tons of hot chicks there that will make you forget all about me.”
“I only have eyes for the hot chick sitting right in front of me.”
At your friend’s comment, you temporarily stopped giggling before you started to stammer. “Uh, oh, I-“
“Sorry, did I go too far?” Han questioned with a frown.
“No, no, that’s not it.” You shook your head. “I guess I never thought I would be the type of girl you’d like.” You reluctantly admitted.
“Huh? No, I mean it. You are hot. Why do you think I had a crush on you all through high school?”
“…You had a crush on me?”
“How could you not know? Even the janitor knew, it was so obvious. Carrying your books all the time? Always making sure to sit next to you? Asking you out for prom? Do I need to go on miss y/n?” Han teased.
“Alright, alright, I was obviously blind.”
You and Han had a light hearted talk about his crush on you, and in turn, you confessed that you might had feelings for him too, and then the conversation continued in the direction of where are they nows, is that teacher still alive to how great your time in high school was.
“Take care.”
“Hey, y/n?”
“Yeah?” You replied, pausing as you turned to look at him.
“Do you think if you’re willing to give me a chance, we could be a thing?”
Tumblr media
Life had so many twists and turns.
Out of nowhere, you got yourself a boyfriend; not that it was worth telling the whole world, as you have only been dating for less than two hours.
Han was the whole package, and you were thankful to know him so closely through your friendship that has been going strong since the two of you were toddlers.
You turned off the shower after the last bits of foam had washed off your body, and you stepped out of it before wrapping a towel around your wet body before you proceeded to put on a robe.
You plugged in your dryer before stopping yourself. You didn’t buy that expensive heat protection spray for nothing last week — and after looking through the shelves you found the spray bottle. You placed the bottle down on the sink and picked up the hair dryer, glancing at the reflection in the mirror.
Then, a petrified scream echoed through the room as your screams bounced off the tiled walls. Shortly after the ear piercing sound that came from you, the hairdryer fell with a loud bang as you met eye to eye with the pair of eyes that reflected death.
Your heart pounded in your ears, threatening to burst out of your ribcage. You tried to run towards the window but he grabbed onto you by the wrist, forcing you to look at him.
His eyes bore into yours as he pressed the knife closer to your neck.
Jung Hoseok.
How could you not recognize him? You have seen nothing but mug shots and prison tapes of this man in the last three months.
His lips pulled upwards slightly into a grin as his grip on your wrist tightened painfully, sending pain coursing through your arm. His breath tickled your ear as he whispered, his words causing you to tremble uncontrollably.
"You're mine." He growled dangerously, unable to tore his gaze away from your trembling figure.
His voice sent chills down your spine. No way. This couldn't be real. This had to be one horrible dream that you desperately wanted to wake up from, but alas you knew better. Reality never left you alone, and this nightmare was only going to get worse.
Why you? Why? Why? Why? Why was he here? What did he want?
Tears streamed down your cheeks as the world began fading away around you. This wasn't reality. None of this was real. Why couldn't the universe give you a break like everyone else did? You prayed silently to whatever God or spirit was listening as Hoseok's grin widened even further.
“Who is he?” He asked, gliding the tip of the knife over your collarbones.
“I- I don’t, I don’t know, please don’t hurt me!” You stumbled over your words, unable to speak as your chest tightened with every breath.
“One more chance.” Hoseok warned, leaving out a growl. “Who? Is. He?”
“A friend! A friend, please…” You wailed.
At your answer, Hoseok released your wrist and he took a few steps back. He simply stared at you and you lowered your gaze to the floor, too scared to make eye contact with him. Small sobs left your lips as you tried to pull it together.
“This girl… She must think I am stupid, hah?” A laughter erupted from his mouth, the slap on his thigh echoing through the bathroom, as the volume of his laughter increased the longer he went on.
In one swift motion, he shoved the blade in your side and pushed you forward, forcing your body to slam into the glass cabin. A sickening crack rang through the air as your forehead collided with the shower. Shards of glass stuck into your skin and blood trickled from your head. Your vision started blurring around the edges, and black spots filled your field of view. Hoseok let out a cruel chuckle as your knees buckled beneath you.
"Stay down." He snarled, menacingly.
Tumblr media
“Miss,” The officer spoke. “We really advise you to halt your position at this company.” The man urged.
“We believe that the murderer who had killed your boss and coworker might be going after you next.” The woman next to him added.
“It cannot be a coincidence that the only thing connecting those two victims is the gas station.”
You nodded along to their words, understanding the dangerous situation you had found yourself in.
“Thank you officers, I will consider it. Is there anything else I can help you with? I would love to help you solve this case, so if there’s any other questions…?”
The officers glanced over at each other, and at the both of them not having any questions, they bid you farewell and left the store.
As you remembered there was a stack of boxes in the back of the store, you made your way there, flicking on the light switch before you stepped in further.
You cut open the top box, hearing his feet shuffling behind you before the tip of his shoes pressed against the back of yours.
“Mmm…” His voice sounded, as he pressed his body against yours, trapping you in between the shelf and his body.
You parted your lips to again plead for him to not hurt you, but the sickening sensation of his warm tongue trailing over your neck silenced you.
Hoseok’s lips brushed against your earlobe before he whispered;
“That’s a good girl.”
Tumblr media
Tag list
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wwilloww · 2 days ago
sh. | chapter twenty | ot7
Tumblr media
PAIRING ot7 x reader RATING Explicit. 18+. GENRE smut. fluff. angst. nonidol au. wildnerness au. roommates au. friends to lovers. SUMMARY Six months of quarantine have kept you apart. Somehow the distance sparks something new in each of you: questions, unfinished conversations, threads once chased now left cold. So when your roommate invites you to come with him to a mysterious house in the mountains with your friends, how could you even think of saying no? WC 2.6k WARNINGS AND TAGS  conversations about mental health.
AN This chapter is dedicated to my incredible writing group, who took the time and energy to share with me what they’ve been through these last two years of pandemic. It’s also dedicated to anyone and everyone who has experienced deep loss, grief, and struggle during these times. I began writing this story as a way out of the loneliness and isolation I felt living alone during a pandemic, but it’s become so much more to me. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with this story for so long. And thank you to @hobi-gif and @hesperantha for helping me so much with this chapter. Y'all are the best.
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The fire crackles, light flickering across the planes of your seven friends’ faces as they stare back at you with differing looks of quiet understanding, shock, and sadness. 
Slowly, you pick over your words, trying to tell them what you had told Hoseok earlier. Then, at the edge of the cliff, it had come pouring out of you. Now, it’s a jutted and staggered mess. But you get the words out anyways. 
Hoseok reaches over and squeezes your hand as you fall into silence. 
“I wanted to tell you,” you say, clearing your throat to ease the ball that’s quickly forming there, “because I trust you and because as things are changing—as I’m changing—I just want you to know. It’s important for me, for you to know.”
They stare back at you and for a moment you’re unsure if anyone is going to say anything. 
“Thank you for sharing that with us, we know that’s not easy to share,” Jin says softly. Maybe a little too softly. It makes you wince, thinking that he might pity you. 
“I—I don’t want any kind of babying or treating me like I’m all fragile-like because I’ve shared this,” you say sternly. “I’m not breaking—I’m not broken, I’m just… I’ve had things that I struggled with.”
“If anything it makes you stronger in my eyes,” Yoongi says. “More human.”
Everyone nods. 
“We all have our moments. Our struggles,” Namjoon says. “And you’re nothing less of a person for having been through that.” 
“I mean, I’ve been there too,” Yoongi says, his voice ringing out across the fire. Your gaze flicks up to him. 
“I know I shared that I was writing porn over quarantine—”
“What the hell does porn have to do with any of this?” Taehyung says, a chuckle in his voice.
“Shhh,” hushes Yoongi. “Shut your pie hole and you might find out.” Taehyung quiets and nods. Yoongi continues. “So you all know I was writing porn.” He’s mentioned it more than once, that’s for sure. “But I don’t think I really told you all how I got into it.” Everyone shakes their head. “My therapist told me I should.” 
“Is that… ethical?” you ask. 
“Well. She didn’t tell me I should write porn, per say.” A round of ahhhs and ohhhs echo around the fire. “I wasn’t doing well at the beginning of quarantine either. I um, had lost a close relationship unexpectedly—” His gaze flickers to you. “And I lost my job—” 
“Uh yeah. I lost my job.” 
Yoongi had never mentioned that to you, let alone to anyone in the group it seems, based on the way everyone in the circle is looking at him with varying levels of shock and awe. He’d worked for a label, producing music for smaller artists. It was his dream job, something that he poured his entire self into, often going above and beyond the job requirements to support the artists he was creating for. “It doesn’t matter.” 
“It does matter,” Namjoon says, leaning forward, but Yoongi brushes him off. 
“Either way… I wasn’t sleeping. I’d just wander through the day like a ghost. My therapist told me that since it wasn’t really possible to quote unquote ‘get out there,’ that I should sit down and write, write in a way that took my agency back, and let me live the life I wanted to live. Even if it was just on the page.” 
“So you wrote porn?” Jungkook asks curiously. 
“That’s not what it started out as. It started out as a way of reclaiming my relationships. Making peace with them. And then… um, yeah. Sex was a part of that too.” 
The group nods understandingly. 
“I dunno. I started and at first I had nothing to say. It was like my voice had dried up. I had nothing left in me. But I gave it time and space and one day it just came pouring out of me. There was a lot there to uncover. A lot of what felt like brokenness. But it didn’t feel so broken once it was on the page.” 
“So you’re saying you wrote emo-as-fuck porn,” Jungkook says. “I could be into that.” 
“Oh my god,” Yoongi groans. “I’m trying to be serious here and all I’m getting back from you is an obsession about my porn.” 
“To speak on everyone’s behalf—We’re just saying that if you’re not opposed, we would love to read your porn,” Taehyung says. “Trying to express our support in your industry.” 
A chuckle rounds the circle but soon everyone is falling into a soft silence. 
“I stopped sleeping too,” Namjoon chimes in. “At first it was just going to bed later and later, and then at some point, I was saying goodnight and the next thing I knew, the sun was rising over the city and everyone was waking up.” He takes a deep breath. “It felt like my body wasn’t mine anymore.”
“On top of that,” Namjoon continues. “I was so cramped up in the same goddamn space—” He looks at you then. “A great space, with a great roommate, but how many times can you pace a living room before you go insane?” He slumps forward onto his elbows like he’s carrying a great weight. Though, now that you think of it, throughout the pandemic he had carried a great weight. He had carried you. He had carried the friend group too, starting chats and arranging video calls and checking in on everyone to make sure everyone was okay. You’d never considered until now the toll it took on him. Despite his best efforts to make the work he did to support your friend group look like nothing, you can see the wear on his face now. “I lost my direction,” he whispers. “I have no idea where I’m going.” 
There’s a long, far-off look in his eyes like he’s staring off over some distant icy tundra, a wind you can’t hear howling in his ears. And then something shifts in his gaze, and he comes back to you, to the group. He presses a smile to his lips, one of those stiff ones that you know too well. It’s the one he wears for the sake of other people, even when he’s feeling like an ice block on the inside. 
“But being out here—I think I have that space again. To think. To process.”
He’s right. There is something special about this space. As the physical space around you expanded, so did your own inner world. You hadn’t felt like you could breathe in the city. But out here, all there is is air. 
“I had a whole crisis too,” Jungkook says quickly, as if he’s afraid that if he doesn’t get it out now he never will. All eyes turn to him. “Uh, I don’t think I’ve talked about this with any of you, actually.” 
“Talked about what?” Taehyung asks, leaning over to squeeze Jungkook’s thigh.
You hadn’t meant this to turn into an unloading session, but as you look around at your friends, you realize that this is what has been missing. All along, ever since you arrived up in the mountains, the group had been pretending that nothing at all has changed. Everything has changed. 
“You know how I, uh, told you all I was straight. How I insisted I was straight?” 
Looking around at everyone in the circle, it’s clear that everyone is thinking back to how Jungkook had fucked Taehyung into the ground—into you—like it was his job. But you all nod, a couple “Uh-huhs,” echoing around the fire. 
“Well. I’ll admit that the beginning of quarantine was a weird, weird time. It all started right before everything came crashing down. Actually, the night before the quarantine announcement came out, I was partying and ended up making out with a total stranger. And maybe grinding a little. And also maybe they put their hand down my pants.” 
“Jungkook!” Jimin gasps. 
“Oh like you’re one to talk,” Jungkook says. “Mr. I Fuck Strangers in Club Bathrooms.” 
Jimin flushes. 
“Anyways. They—um—he was a very handsome stranger. We texted through the first part of quarantine. And that’s when I realized that flirting, was, well, flirting. And kissing was well, kissing. And now butt stuff is just butt stuff? I kept waiting for it to feel different. I went a little crazy waiting. Thinking that I was making it all up. I hated myself. I hated that I might be just doing it for attention.”
“But you weren’t,” Jimin says. “Were you?” 
“No. No, it wasn’t just for attention,” Jungkook says softly, hanging his head.
“You could have talked to us,” you say. “We could have been there for you.” 
“But you all are like, legitimately, not-straight, in all of your different ways. How was I supposed to compare to all of you when all I had was some sloppy make out in a club to go off of?”
“Jungkook—” you cut in. “You can’t think like that. That’s not how this works. You have to know, there’s not a right way to do this.”
“I think I keep trying to be an idea of myself. Like a stationary point on a map that doesn’t even exist. But I can’t always be the same, I can’t expect myself to be the person I was yesterday. But thank you. Thank you, guys. I really appreciate the kind words.” 
“Taehyung and I almost broke up,” Jin blurts. Eyebrows shoot up all over the circle. 
“Are you serious?”
“But you guys are so strong together.” 
Taehyung and Jin glance at one another.
“There was a point in time when we didn’t know who or what we were if we couldn’t see each other. It was like doing long distance but with a bunch of communal trauma on top of it and no end in sight,” Taehyung says. “And there was that one fight—” 
But a glare from Jin silences Taehyung, leaving any speculation of what had gone down between the two of them to the privacy of their relationship. 
 “And now?” you ask.
“We talked it through,” Taehyung says. “Actually, we did a lot of talking. That was really the only thing we could do for six months straight.”
“You make it sound all pretty and easy,” Jin laughs. “But it was hard. I thought I was going to lose him.” 
A ball wells up in your throat as you look around the fire at your friends. At one point or another you had thought you were going to lose them. To distance. To the danger. At one point or another you had thought you were going to lose yourself. You clench your jaw, sniffling, and balling the blanket around you tighter, your knuckles turning white with the effort.  
“Namjoon, what you said earlier, about not knowing where you are, what direction you’re going in—“ Hoseok clears his throat. Adjusts his jacket before continuing. “I walked into quarantine thinking that we were getting two weeks off from obligations. And I walked out—well, I guess no one has walked out yet. We’re still walking right in the middle of it all. But I found, like, an empty space where I was supposed to be. Like, when I looked inside it felt like there was nothing there. And I have no idea what to do with that. No idea.” 
Namjoon leans over and squeezes Hoseok’s thigh. 
“I get it.” 
That’s when you glance over at Jimin and watch as his eyes sparkle in the light of the fire. Tears, welling up in his eyes. You don’t hesitate before standing and walking over to him. But Hoseok beats you to it, kneeling before him and taking his hand. You settle at Hoseok’s back, a hand on his shoulder, concerned gaze set on Jimin.
“Jiminie?” Hoseok whispers. “What’s going through your head?” 
He shakes his head.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Hoseok asks. 
Jimin shakes his head again. 
“This is a good space to talk about it,” Jungkook says. “It felt good to talk about it.”
“It’s okay if he doesn’t want to talk,” Hoseok says to Jungkook. And then, turning back to Jimin: “You don’t have to talk about it. But I do need you to know that no matter what happened, we’re here for you. That we love you. That no matter what it is that’s happened, you’re so important to us.” The others have begun to gather around you. Jungkook puts a hand on Jimin’s shoulder, Taehyung squeezes his other hand. 
Hoseok says he doesn’t know who he is, but as you watch him brush a tear away from Jimin’s eye with a slow, tender thumb, it feels like a part of himself is remembered. The part of him that was ever-connected to his friends, watching their drinks at the bar while they went off to dance, picking them up in the middle of the night, no questions asked, cradling you in his arms when you’d broken up with Taehyung (and keeping his promise to never talk about that night again when you’d asked). While Namjoon had always been the large and broad center of your friend group, Hoseok had been the quiet glue that stretched and moved between you all and worked to hold you together. You realize, that’s what has been different about him since coming to the house. He’d been holding back. Maybe, you wonder, the part of him that was missing, after all, was you all. 
Jimin chuckles through his tears. “You’re so sappy.” 
“Let me be sappy!” Hoesok scolds gently. “Let me be sappy for you.” He leans into Jimin and wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist. Hoisting him to his feet, Hoseok cradles him in a hug. You think you hear a mumbled, “I’m so sorry about earlier.”  The rest of your friends join around you, wrapping Jimin in the middle, arms intertwining, faces pressed close together.
You can feel the weight of everything that’s been shared tonight hanging over the lot of you like a dark cloud. But, wrapped up in them, the warmth of their bodies almost drowns it out. The truth is, none of you escaped this experience unscathed. Even with the weight of the world still hanging over your heads, even with the end nowhere in sight, it’s clear: none of you are walking out of this as the same person. It really did feel like the world was falling apart, and there was so little to be done about it. When you had imagined the end of the world, you had thought you’d go out kicking and screaming. You didn’t imagine you’d be waiting in a tiny city apartment, days blurring by into smog. The world was falling apart, and the worst part was, people didn’t care that it was falling apart. 
But as you look around the circle you know: these men care. And you aren’t and haven’t been alone, not one bit. You weren’t alone, not when the darkness began to encroach and convinced you that you were the only one in the world, not when the distance became unbearable, not when you arrived at the doors to this very strange, very large house and felt like you were meeting seven strangers for the first time again. You haven’t been alone, not since you’ve known them. And you sure as hell haven’t been alone in your struggles.  
“Even if I have no direction,” Namjoon says, one of his arms wrapped around you. “I have you all.” 
“We’re better together,” Jimin says, though his words are muffled into your shoulder. “We’ve always been better together.”
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In Love For Tonight (m)
Tumblr media
–Pairing : [Hoseok x Reader]
–Genre : [Fuckboy AU, Good Girl AU, Smut, Strangers To Lovers, Angst, Humour, Fluff, One Night Stand To Lovers]
–Summary : [That’s what you were to him. A quick fuck. He told you this so it shouldn’t surprise you as it does. Hoseok is not looking for love and you will be another woman warming his bed for a short time.]
–Warnings : [good girl meets bad boy trope, fuckboy!hobi, virgin!oc, smut, loss of virginity, one night stand, light choking, vaginal fingering, oral (f), oral (m) mention, dirty talk, unprotected sex, breeding kink, virgin kink if you read between the lines, shy!oc, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, creampie, breast play, praise]
–Word Count : [4k]
[Author Note.] – I’m excited to listen to Hobi’s album. I can’t wait. In the meantime please enjoy this fic!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Hoseok never cared for love. All it ever could be is lust and control – that makes the taste of your mouth bitter-sweet as he devours your shy lips. His cold fingers touch the edge of your throat vining themselves like branches around the delicate life force until you moan between nibbles of his teeth. A pulse. A warm body to keep the bed occupied. That’s all you are.
His mouth tastes sweet but his words are not sugar-coated like you would expect from such an addictive man. Never sold himself overpriced. He told you what to expect and he delivered.
His smile was crooked a sinister glint is mirrored in your doe orbs as slender fingers push against the vein in your neck. He never asked for love. Such a feeble emotion doesn’t have a space in his stone-cold heart. The only need that has to be satisfied is the calling of the body – and you have a pretty one. Not his usual to-go pickup but you intrigued him.
You masked your fluttering heart and nervous fingers with a flirtatious smile – he could see right through you but decided to give you the benefit of the doubt.
You looked like a good girl. One that he always stays clear off as they get too attached and too emotional. He could tell that you will be one of them. You want romance but that’s exactly what he doesn’t mix with sex. The question arises. So why are you under him moaning as his fingers rub you over your ruined underwear – is a mystery even to himself. You’re beautiful but there were other beautiful women at the bar tonight. What made him choose you?
You’re shy and inexperienced as you try to hide behind your hands moaning between the spaces of your fingers as Hoseok touches you. Daring fingers going under your plain black cotton panties without asking for permission.
He doesn’t have to you’re writhing underneath him, followed him to his car and into his apartment. Let him spread you on his bedsheets for the night.
Hoseok coats a finger throughoutly in your juices before he pushes the first digit into your virgin hole. He thought he would be annoyed that he has to prepare you and can’t just slide in with his full length. Foreplay creates a form of intimacy that he doesn’t normally allow in these types of encounters. He’s not keen on hurting you though it would take away from his pleasure to see you in pain.
”Got’ me a tight pussy tonight.” You peek at him from between your fingers still hiding your face – your gazes lock just in time when he curls his finger in you and gives you an evil smirk when you squeeze and throw your head back with a soft whine. He can tell the difference. Your virgin pussy is tight – didn’t let nameless man stretch it out, yours is pure and sensitive to everything he does to you. His cock surprisingly stirs in his pants at his thoughts – being the first cock to fuck you open.
”Gonna let me cum in this pretty pussy, huh? If you ask nicely I might just fuck my kids into you.” Hoseok chuckles when you react to his words like clockwork. You’re nastier than he first thought liking his breeding kink when you've never even been fucked by a man before. Filthy baby.
Who would have known that the shy girl who accidentally spilt her drink over his clothes would be such a nasty little princess – able to persuade you so easily to make it up to him with sex. What first started as a joke to get you flustered turned on him when you agreed with so much enthusiasm that he kinda feels bad (of what he’s about to do)  for that he’s about to rock your world.
”I can feel your cunt squeezing me so tight I can barely move. Are you going to cum just from a single finger? What a shame.” Despite his words, he’s fingering you harder (in a mission to make you cream around his digits fucking you) pushing the digit till he’s knuckle deep and curl around the spot that makes your head swim with pleasure as your hands dug into the sheets below. He’s taking it slow but it’s still overwhelming you. Slow but deep seem to work for you as you cum around his pumping finger coating his hand in your release and squeeze him tight within your walls.
”Nuh-uh. Keep your legs open.” Your thighs shake when he pushes them apart forcefully. You’re spread open as he keeps stretching you out. Hoseok plunges another one next to the first introducing the second finger into the equation. He doesn’t stop his movements even when you’ve come down from your first high and his fingers moving in and out of your buttered pussy turn into oversensitivity.
”Hurts.” You catch his wrist and he finally looks up from your pussy to see the tears in your eyes. He was about to snap and call you out on stopping him but his mind changes course.
”It’ll pass soon. Hang on tight.” He’s surprised by how reassuring his voice sounds. Normally he’s not so considerate but he chose to be with you anyway for some unknown reason.
Even lowers himself to the bed to help you get over the pain by licking your swollen clit. It’s been a while since he ate someone out – his reasoning is in the intimacy of the act. It gets strings attached. Hoseok has to close his eyes to fully enjoy your heady taste. To taste a woman and let it roll down his throat as he drinks from you is not something he takes on lightly but he finds himself that he couldn’t resist a second taste. You’re warm on his tongue and sweet.
It seems like he keeps breaking his rules for you tonight.
He can tell that you started enjoying yourself again but he keeps his head between your legs for a little longer sucking on your rosy bud until you explode around his two digits yet again.
Hoseok pulls them out and flicks his muscle over your rim dipping into your hole to taste your honey from the source. You tighten around the tiny flesh that penetrates your core and Hoseok lets out a loud moan into your folds shiny with cum and his spit. He pulls away before he could get addicted.
He tries to reason that it must be because it has been a while since he ate pussy. The sudden urge to live between your legs and keep his mouth on you will probably pass if he tries hard enough. Going back to his main goal: the actual fucking. He stalled enough.
Lost in his head Hoseok aligns his cockhead to your entrance entirely missing how you tense up and how you bite your lip nervously as he’s about to sink in.
He’s big, the way his mushroom tip sits on your folds gently nudging your hole makes you doubt your ability to accommodate his length. You’re getting cold feet as Hoseok rubs your juices around his length guiding his cock between your pussy lips to get himself ready. He registers how quiet you got so he looks over you behind his sweaty bangs. He put effort into getting you ready and stretched out so he’s not going to let it go to waste.
”Take a big breath it’s not gonna hurt if you relax.” You follow his instructions and suck in a long breath. Hoseok follows the movements of your chest your tits capture his attention as it moves with your breathing and he reaches out to take them into his palms and squeeze them.
”You promise?” Hoseok raises an eyebrow at your childish antics but nods to reassure you. His hands continue to play with your nipples until they harden and ache.
”You’re wet enough and stretched out I should be able to slide into you easily.” You take his words as facts and you give him a tiny nod to proceed.
”W- Wait.” You stop him again before he could push the first inch inside and he does snap at you this time.
”What now?” You flinch when he growls at you but you know he’s just frustrated. It was you who persuaded him that you could take him and he even went the extra mile to prepare you when he doesn’t need to. You take hold of his hips to ground you before you speak. It doesn’t help that he just continues to watch you.
”Go slow please.” Hoseok closes his eyes and takes in a long breath to calm himself. Even with you stalling and unloading your insecurities on him his cock is rock hard between your legs.
”I will.” He was not prepared for your smile. You look so innocent it just sinks in that he’s about to take your virginity. His cock throbs at the thought and a new gush of his precum slicks your folds as he rubs his cockhead up and down the length of your pussy. You moan with him when he eases the first inch inside. The tip first then the rest following with a loud squelch. You’re squeezing him so tight he almost rips the pillow he grabs on either side of your head as he drives his cock in you deeper and deeper at a snail's pace.
You could feel the pressure in your belly but it doesn’t hurt when he parts your walls with his big cock. Hoseok does go slow until he bottoms out entirely and lets you catch your breath.
”I feel so full.” You moan when your hips meet and he stops. You can feel his cock twitch inside of you – letting you know without words that he liked the praise.
”You’re very warm and tight around me. Took me so well.” You blush but preen at his returned praise. The wind gets knocked out of your lungs when he finally moves. Pulls half of his length out before he bottoms out again. With each thrust, he takes more and more out just to slam it back into you as you claw at his back leaving red line marks behind on his sweaty skin.
Hoseok doesn’t take his time he ravages you like an animal. You adjusted to his size quite fairly. He fucks you with full force just like he intended from the moment you stepped into his car. You moan his name like a mantra – worshipping his cock that makes each stroke feel better than the last. Fast and deep, making sure that you know he’s not here to make love. His sole purpose is to use you as a cum dump. One bruising hand is on your waist to keep you in place and not move up with the powerful way his hips fuck you into the sheets.
He makes you cum first with fast circles over your clit when he feels his impending end.
Hoseok shoots his load deep inside your pussy just like he promised he would. Let your virgin cunt milk him dry and you take everything with a low whine and trembling hands holding onto his shoulder for dear life. Your insides are all fuzzy when you feel his cum coat your walls. Everything feels warm and sticky as you catch your breath and Hoseok reluctantly pulls out to watch his semen pour out from your used hole in thick ropes.
”Get dressed and leave.” The harsh reality comes down on you when you hear those words murmured so coldly to you – right after he just took your virginity.
That’s what you were to him.
A quick fuck. He told you this so it shouldn’t surprise you as it does. Hoseok is not looking for love and you will be another woman warming his bed for a short time.
This is the first time you have to do a walk of shame and you decide it will be the last too. You quickly grabbed your clothes from his outstretched hands and put them on in a haste. He didn’t offer to walk you to the door. You left with a soft murmur of ’good night’ when he was in the middle of changing the sheets and he never said it back even as you slipped through the door.
Your tears dried by the time you arrived home. You paid for your uber and went to bed.
You didn’t think you will be seeing Jung Hoseok ever again after that night.
Seems like the world is small and your roommate – Jimin is his childhood best friend. You remember Jimin briefly talking about him a couple of times. You two are not too close despite being roommates it’s your mutual friend Jungkook whom you’re more familiar with and the one who suggested his two friends live together.
The only thing you remember he said kind of hits the nail on its head. – He might visit me sometime but avoid him if you can. He’s not into good girls but it’s better to be safe. You shouldn’t get close to him – he’s a heartbreaker and eats girls like you for breakfast.
”Right – I’m Y/N.” You introduce yourself politely after the initial shock of this absurd situation wears off.
”I know. I remember you.” Your eyes grow wide at his bluntness. You didn’t expect him to remember you after all you were just one girl of many.
You’re not sure what would have been better – to completely ignore the fact that you had the displeasure of meeting him and play dumb or rip the bandaid off and confess to your sins. Jimin might find out one way or another that you two fucked.
”Y/N, did you- met him before?” You’re contemplating if you should unload the truth on your roommate and have his good girl image of you shattered to a million pieces or you do what you always do in awkward situations.
”Uh – I’m not sure I probably just look familiar. I have a Y/N face you know, it’s a common name.” You sweat buckets as you try to act nonchalant and fail miserably. Hoseok snickers under his nose at your burning need for the floor to swallow you but doesn’t offer his help at all and watches you with amused eyes as you trip over your words with nerves.
Taehyung comes in the form of your saviour and you make sure to hug him extra tight when he greets you with an oblivious smile. One hand wrapped around your waist still as he greets Jimin and lastly turns to the newcomer with a friendly hi.
Hoseok’s eyes linger on Taehyung’s hand around you before he returns the words and takes in the man that clings to you. Boxy smile and friendly – someone that he could easily picture you with. Nothing like Hoseok who doesn’t do commitment.
It shouldn’t bother him that you have a boyfriend. He occasionally thought of you when he didn’t have a chick waiting in line and was left alone with his left hand to rub one out but it’s not like you were in his thoughts constantly. He didn’t know that you were the Y/N his high school friends wanted him to meet either.
Your friends clearly don’t know about your hook-up based on their reactions and your burning gaze that creates a hole in his head indicates that you want to keep it that way.
This trip might be more interesting than he originally thought. You look pretty cosy in comfortable clothes with your mint knitted sweater and black leggings – you look cute. He can’t help but look you over. He was probably not that subtle as Jimin sends him a warning glare. He got the pep talk earlier.
He promised to try and not seduce you but to know that it’s you. It changes things.
Jimin doesn’t know that he did more to you than just look. He saw you without your clothes. Watched you squirm underneath him and cum in your sweet pussy. He took your fucking virginity for crying out loud. You were the tightest and sweetest pussy he had. No one seemed to compare to you after that night.
He toyed with the idea of what would have happened if he didn’t kick you out that night.
If you would have stayed for breakfast – he probably wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation and fucked you on the counter while the eggs burnt to crisps. Fantasied about having your number so he could call you and have you again.
”You’re staring.” Your eyes narrow down on him. His eyes are seemingly on your face but in reality, he’s checking out your plump lips bitten between your teeth. No Jimin or – Taehyung to save you when Hoseok smirks and leans closer to your personal space.
”Why? Afraid your pretty boyfriend will be jealous?” Your nose scrunch is adorable he feels the need to pinch your cheeks but keeps his hands to himself. This is so unlike him – he’s the one afraid of the effect you have over him.
Lots of women tried to make him stay but you’re the first one that he entertains.
”Who – Taehyung?! He’s not my boyfriend we’re friends.” You fail to realise that you just ate up the hook he throw in the lake. He was fishing for an answer and he’s glad that your reply is favourable. To him at least.
”Does your friends know that you’re not a virgin anymore?” Your lip is sealed in a straight line at his backhanded comment – that’s how he knows he fucked up.
”I don’t see why it’s any of your business.” You cross your arms in front of your chest, getting defensive quickly.
”Calm down woman – no need to bite my head off.” He offers you a sip of his drink but you decline his peace offering with a scowl. Hoseok wants to say something else that might get a positive reaction out of you – maybe compliment on your clothes or tell you how pretty you are – women usually love that shit.
He doesn’t have the chance as Jimin and Taehyung join you with their drinks in hand. You let them touch you so casually on your shoulders or waist. He wants to touch you too but you’re currently showing clear dislike at his presence.
He should have seen that coming – he kicked you out after taking your virginity after all.
Even if you knew that you won’t be riding out on a white horse into the sunset he should have been more considerate of your feelings. Girls can be emotional after sex and you were sharing your first time with him. He didn’t even say good night back – that he now regrets greatly as you lean on Jimin’s shoulder and laugh at something that Taehyung told you. He’s not even that funny.
He’s usually surrounded by drunk girls at home parties like this (give him a vast variety of girls to choose from) trying to have a fun time and he’s normally all in for it. But not tonight it seems.
Hoseok doesn’t understand why his eyes can’t leave you alone the whole night.
He ignores all the eyes on him just to see yours but you never give him the time of day. You don’t spare him a single glance and it drives him off the wall. You’re wearing casual clothes with light make-up – not his usual type he goes for – and you’re clearly not dressed to get laid. You’re here to hang out with your friends and get buzzed. You’re a good girl who deserves better (you could do much better than him) but why he can’t seem to shake you off his mind?
Hoseok catches your elbow on your way to the washroom and spins you around. Away from your mutual friend’s watchful gazes and seals his lip on yours.
In a drunken daze, you let him push you against the wall and claim your mouth with his kiss. You can’t deny the attraction you feel for him but you have to remind yourself what happened last time you give in to your desires.
He’s not looking for love. He’s looking for easy ways to get laid and you don’t think your heart can take that a second time. He took your virginity but you won’t let him take your heart.
You have to push him with full force to get him to separate from your lips that are glistening with his saliva and kiss swollen. His expert tongue never fails to make your knees buckle under your weight. Hoseok is an excellent kisser and you almost gave in. You want him but you won’t allow yourself to have him.
”I can’t – we can’t do this Hoseok.” Your breaths mingle as he’s still standing close. Both hands holding you by the waist as if he’s afraid you will slip through his fingertips when he was the one who let you go in the first place.
”And why the fuck not?” Hoseok whines. He fucking whines into your ears and you shiver.
”I’m the epitome of strings attached remember? I want someone who will give me his heart – not just his body. I want a real relationship and not just a hook-up.” Hoseok holds you tighter as he contemplates your words and thinks about his reply.
”Can I fuck you if I promise to take you out on a date after?” You flick his forehead and Hoseok jumps back in surprise.
”Why did you do that?” Here it is. That fucking whine again – it makes arousal swirl in your stomach.
”You deserved it for playing with my feelings. Also for kicking me out last time.” You continue your journey to the bathroom (ready to forget about all this) but Hoseok stops you yet again – enveloping you in a back hug that knocks the air out of you.
”How can I show you that I’m being serious.” He keeps persisting even when you try to get away. He doesn’t let you. ”It’s not just about sex anymore. I. I’ve been thinking about you. I regret kicking you out. I want a second chance.” It would be a lie if you said those words didn’t make your heart leap out of your chest. He’s not the only one who thought about you while rubbing one out on lonely nights past midnight. You’ve been thinking about him too – about his big dick that he certainly knew how to use.
”If I give you a chance how do I know you won’t go around breaking my heart. You said yourself that you don’t like commitment and I’m not going to let my man sleep around with random girls.” You can feel him smile into your shoulders.
”Your man?” You swear you hear him giggle.
You groan and slap his hand away. ”That’s what you comment on? From the whole monologue I just did?”
”Seems like you’re quite the possessive girlfriend – you’re lucky that I find it very hot that you want me just for yourself.”
You grumble something under your nose that suspiciously sounds like – asshole but Hoseok just holds you tighter to his chest. Not bothered at all. You still have reservations about this sudden change of heart but you settle into his hug this time and lay your head on his shoulder to catch a moment of calm.
”It will probably ruin the mood but I have to ask. Can I get a blowjob at least? I will take you to a really good restaurant I promise. We don’t even have to have sex!”
You give him a deadpan look but you’re not all that surprised. You give in when he tells you that he hasn’t slept with anyone after you – and you suppose he deserves a reward.
”The food better be good and you’re definitely paying.” You threaten but your hands are already pulling the zipper of his pants down after you stumble upon an empty room on the second floor.
”Of course!” Hoseok bobs his head up and down – at this point agreeing to anything you say – encouraging you to take him out. He would promise you the moon and stars just to feel your mouth around his length. You suppose you have some power over this man. Now’s your time to smirk and get to work.
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So The Drama (KSJ x F!Reader)
Tumblr media
❃ Festivaled Away: Hope Fest hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​
⤞ Ticket: Elegant Summer Gala
 ⤞Main Event: Bulletproof Vests & Holsters ( bad boys, cops/detectives)   
⤞ Games: edging
pairing: Seokjin x reader genres/au/rating: fluff, angst, action, humor, smut, friends to lovers, Kim Possible!AU, 18+ summary: By day, you look like any other overworked 20-something. By night, you’re an amazing superhero who fights to save the world with your best friend. Caught between the pressures of having a love life and a plot to take over the world, will this summer be a one to remember? warnings: slow burn, PINING, pov switch, physical fights, crime fighting, alcohol, tension!!!, bi!Seokjin (implied), SHEGO, supervillain plots, Seokjin is a damsel in distress, sm*t warnings: dry humping, deep-throating, degradation, n*pple play, fingering, panty ripping, edging, cmnf, protected s*x
word count: 18.3k a/n: LOL I got impatient so please enjoy this cheese fest inspired by everyone’s favorite childhood crime fighting girlboss. This is based mostly on the second KP movie. thank you to Mars @joheunsaram for suggesting the idea of Jin Stoppable in the first place, and another thank you to Kiri @rkivian​ for beta’ing the first part of this. I hope you all enjoy! <3
Tumblr media
The piercing screams resound in your ears, the crowd going wild, bathed in a sea of orange as the legions of devoted fans chant passionately, waiting for their favorite group to come on stage. Lightsticks flash everywhere, casting the arena in a dim but stunning glow. The enchantment of the scene transports you back to being a teenager again.
Seokjin rocks back and forth on his heels, bubbling with anticipation. “C’mon ____. Let's find our seats quickly so that the show can begin! Odeng is getting restless!"
At the sound of his name, Seokjin's sugar glider pops up from underneath his flannel, surveying the scene. While Seokjin's bright eyes twinkle with adoration, you furrow your brows in concern, staring up at him.
"You just had to bring him? What if we get caught?" The crowd's noise level only worsens, voice hoarsening whenever you try to have a normal conversation.
"Odengie would never cause trouble on purpose," Seokjin coos, stroking Odeng's head. "He's a good boy!"
You beam at his loving tone. Yup, your best friend was a total marshmallow, nothing but gooey softness packed into his tall, lean frame. He was definitely on the odd side, with his wire-rimmed glasses and penchant for dad jokes. Who would have thought that the strange kid you cornered in the sandbox in pre-K would be one of the closest people in your life? At this point, he was like family to you. And you wouldn't have it any other way.
The two of you take your seats, watching the lights dim. You hear a psst! and pivot to find Seokjin elbowing your shoulder. You look up at him quizzically, investigating the source of the interruption.
"___," he asks, genuine inquisitiveness in his voice. "This is kind of a cool dat–, I mean, outing. You used to be obsessed with DTS back in high school, remember? It was like, a dream of yours to go to a concert one day."
His face is so earnest, cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk's, and you almost forget you're two 27-year-old dorks at a boyband concert. But you were, in fact, two 27-year-old dorks at a boyband concert.
"Jinnie," you begin, squeezing his arm gently. He lowers his head to listen, gazing down straight into your eyes.
"If we're being honest, I got over DTS years ago. Like freshman year of college. But you bought the tickets and looked so excited, and I couldn't say no, now could I? I'll have fun if you're having fun."
A strange expression crosses his face briefly like he's distressed. But it's gone in a flash, replaced with the beaming smile you've come to know.
"Oh, well, it's okay!" he reassures you. "We'll have fun, no matter what. I, uh-, I gotta go to the bathroom."
"Okay. I'll watch Odengie while you're gone."
"Thanks, ____, I can always count on you."
He walks away with a wave, and you can't help but remark that his shoulders have slumped slightly, the formerly bright light in his eyes turning hollow.
Tumblr media
A heavy sigh escapes Jin as he makes his way down to the restrooms from the arena. Another day, another failed attempt to confess his feelings for you. He'd been at it for years. There's no one else he'd make a fresh pot of jjampong for, no one else he'd use his employee discount on to stuff your face with nachos, no one else he'd torture with his dad jokes (some of them were pretty terrible, he'd admit).
The scary thing was that he couldn't pinpoint when his feelings changed from being your best friend to falling for everything about you. The two of you had grown up together but were polar opposites. You were the hard-working, smart, semi-popular one who moonlighted as an ass-kicking crime fighter, and he was your lame sidekick that wore glasses. 
He paces down the hallway, lost deep in his thoughts. It didn't happen on a specific day, or during a particular moment, but over time, your smile began to seem brighter; he noticed the way your hair shimmered in the sun. He felt warm at how you threw 100% of yourself into everything, whether saving the world or taking on a case as a corporate paralegal. Girls like you didn't fall for guys like him, who worked weekends at a shitty, inauthentic Mexican restaurant because their 9-5 didn't pay the bills. Not without a miracle.
He hoped coming here tonight could have been that miracle. The two of you spent hours as teenagers jamming to DTS' songs in your room and learning every dance. Seokjin would even embarrass himself in the school hallway as he walked up to you, belting their newest single at the top of his lungs. But now it seemed like you had moved on, and he scrunches his eyes together, recalling your soft, placating smile underneath his lids.
The setting around him grows unfamiliar, and Seokjin realizes he'd gotten lost in his daze, venturing far away from the bathrooms. Maybe there was one close by. He walks over to the first industrial-looking door he sees, peeking into the room to check. A loud gasp escapes his throat, his palms become sweaty, and Seokjin thinks he might faint. 
Somehow, he'd stumbled into DTS' practice room, graced with the stars' presence. He stares into the eyes of the six heartthrobs: AM, Salt, J-Nope, Chimin, W and Jaegguk. But why were they here and not on stage?
Seokjin's eyes widen when he sees the group bound with rope, constricting their arms and legs. 
"Uh, dude?" AM says, his left dimple making an appearance when he frowns. "No offense, but a little help here?!"
Seokjin freezes. His favorite idols were speaking to him? He was gonna save their lives? ____ would freak out when she heard this. He'd finally be the hero she deserved. 
"이 사람은 쓸모가 없습니다. 그는 여전히 그의 신발에 꼬리표를 달고 있다 (this guy is useless, he still has the tag on his shoes)", Salt quips, face scrunching in displeasure. 
"I can understand Korean, you know," Seokjin retorts. "And you guys don't know about the tag?! It's hip-hop culture!"
"Aish, alright, stop being a weird trend follower and help us out," Jaegguk groans.
"I'll have you know that Kim Seokjin is a trendsetter, not a trend follower," Seokjin mumbles, searching the room for something sharp to cut their bonds. 
With his back turned to the wall, he misses the shadowy visitor at the entrance. Chimin's warning cry is too late, the blindfold already over Seokjin's eyes as he flails uselessly. Well fuck, he was in a bind now.
Tumblr media
The crowd was growing restless. The concert was supposed to start half an hour ago. Where was Seokjin? He hadn't returned from the bathroom yet. 
A loud groan erupts when representatives from their record company show up on the stage, claiming unforeseen technical issues. Bullshit. They probably wanted to keep you all here so they could take your money. You hoped Seokjin hadn't blown too much of his salary on these tickets.
Your impatient sighs are interrupted by a series of short beeps coming from your purse, and you freeze. This can't be good. You slip out of the arena towards the concession stands, reaching into your bag to pull out the pager.
"Hey Won-sik, what's the sitch?" you ask, taking in his grim face. The 18-year-old super genius you'd befriended was an expert when it came to computers and gadgets. He and Seokjin loved to crack dorky jokes together, many of which flew over your head.
"It's not looking good," his voice breaks among the static. "We've got word of a new crook on the block. Deez Coups. Apparently, he's a disgruntled former k-pop trainee who didn't get into the band of his dreams, so now he's out for revenge?"
"What kind of revenge?" you scoff. You'd handled more than your fair share of butthurt boys growing up, particularly when they chose to take their negative feelings out on others. 
"He's kidnapped DTS and is holding them hostage in an obscure location in the area! My sources are tracing them to a tiny room on the rafters."
"I'm on it," you declare, slipping off your oversized concert clothes to reveal your spy suit of choice - cargo pants and a black turtleneck. 
"___?" Won-Sik's voice trembles, almost like he's been keeping a secret.
"What's wrong?"
“H-he took Seokjin too. He was trying to rescue them."
Your heart sinks, remembering how Seokjin had excused himself. And now he'd stumbled into trouble. Disgruntled or not, this loser would never lay a hand on your best friend. You tuck Odeng into your pocket and reach back into the purse. 
Pulling out your hairbrush, you press the hidden button on the bump, recoiling as it activates, transforming into a grappling hook. You make your way back inside, keeping yourself confined to the shadows on the outskirts, before finding a good fulcrum and launching yourself up to the rafters. 
"C'mon, Odengie. Time to make a scene."
Tumblr media
"FOMO FOMO FOMO YO, FOMO FOMO YO, 탕진잼 탕진잼 탕진잼," Coups screeches at the top of his lungs, ignoring the befuddled looks from the members in front of him. The key to their cage dangles from the garishly neon-colored chain on his pants.
"Even I'm a better singer than this guy," Seokjin groans, slapping his palm onto his forehead. "I had all your singles memorized back in high school."
"Really?" J-Nope asks. "Which one was your favorite?"
"Person with Like, of course! The chartreuse concept was everything."
"Nobi!" W hisses. "Can you and this clown who joined us be serious for once? How the fuck are we gonna get out of here?"
"Oh, don't worry," Seokjin stares at his nails. "I know a girl. Hopefully, she's coming to bust us out."
"설마? 실제로 그녀가 올지 모르니? (hopefully? you don't actually know if she's coming?" Salt seethes, his skepticism evident in his tone.
"걱정하지 마십시오 (don't worry), Salt-ssi. She's my best friend; I know I can rely on her."
"You better be right," Jaegguk sighs. "And to think, all I was looking forward to today was hitting the gym after the concert."
Nearly ten more torturous minutes pass, full of Deez Coups' terrible singing, before any sign of hope. The men's eyes light up when you lower yourself into the room with your grappling hook, approaching Coups from behind.
"Now, Odeng!" you scream, jumping on his back as the two of you hurtle to the ground. Struggling to pin him under you, you exert every bit of force and determination you can muster, buying enough time for Odeng to run past you and grab the keys from the chain.
"Boo-yah!" Seokjin howls in delight. "That's my ___ and my Odengie!"
The sugar glider slips through the bars easily, jumping into Seokjin's palm, allowing him to unlock the cage from the inside.
"You actually did it!" Chimin screams with joy. "That was amazing!!"
"Law enforcement and the label executives should be on their way any second," you inform Seokjin and the band, still pinning Coups' struggling figure to the ground. 
AM approaches you, looking down at his captor. 
"Listen," he says to Coups. "I don't know what you were trying to prove by kidnapping us, but you'll never get the results you want this way. All of us got to where we are through hard work and determination, and I suggest you do the same instead of being a petty crook if you want to live out your dreams."
At the end of his speech, the door is blown wide open, police and the label employees flooding the room. Once they determine that no actual harm had been done to the boys, they inform them that the concert has been canceled.
The whirring of a helicopter creates a strong gale, whipping your hair around. The boys bid you their goodbyes, thanking you and Seokjin for your heroic endeavors. 
"Please reach out to us anytime," AM beams. "We are indebted to you both."
"Wait!" Seokjin interrupts them as they turn. "Can I call in my favor now?"
His plain t-shirt now decorated with the ostentatious signatures of the band members, the two of you watch the helicopter fly away until it's nothing more than a speck in the distance. After the whirring dies down, Seokjin runs up to you, nearly toppling you over in a big hug. 
"Thanks for coming, ___."
"You think I'd actually leave you behind, Kim? You're worth too much to me to even think about that."
A glimmer of hope settles in his chest. Maybe tonight hadn't been so bad after all.
Tumblr media
"One flat white and an iced cappuccino, please," you tell the barista. From behind you, you hear a giggle erupt. And then another. Ugh. This was so not the drama.
Rolling your eyes, you turn, mouth gaping, when you see a gaggle of girls surrounding Seokjin, their hands all over his arms, legs, and shoulders. The tips of his ears are a distinctive red that tells you he's embarrassed but also milking the attention.
"You were so brave!" one of them giggles, her laugh sounding less bubbly and more nasally.
"Does this mean you have free DTS tickets for life? I've never been to a concert," another sighs.
"I can't believe Jaegguk called you a trendsetter! He's so hot!"
"Calm down, ladies," Seokjin says coolly, pushing his glasses onto the bridge of his nose. "We have all the time in the world."
Your shoulders tense suddenly, and you feel yourself grow flushed. Would any of them have bothered to pay attention if he hadn't rescued DTS? Probably not. 
You don't even notice that you've stalked your way up to Seokjin, standing next to him. He glances up at you, eyes full of questions.
"Hey, uh, there's an urgent message from Won-sik! We've gotta run home and look at it!"
"Do we have to do it right now?" Seokjin replies through clenched teeth. "Kinda in the middle of something."
"Yup!" you grab his arm, pulling him towards you. "It can't wait. Sorry girls, maybe next time."
Waving a hasty goodbye, you drag Seokjin out with you. Your strange behavior remains an enigma to you both long after you run out of the coffee shop, hand in hand. What had that been all about?
Tumblr media
A few weeks later….
The smell of processed cheese and refried beans hits your nostrils, making your mouth water. As much as you (and your stomach) detested Seokjin's other workplace, Nacho Loco, you couldn't deny that you were hungry. The idea of chowing down on some greasy food seemed perfect to you right now.
"Hey, let me just go take this off real quick. I already put in a ticket for us," Seokjin smiles from the counter.
He turns to his manager, asking if he could take a break now. The man looks incredibly sullen today, given the lack of rush in the restaurant, but nods yes.
"Ugh, this week has been shit," you groan as he sits to join you. "So much fucking work. It's like they have me on overtime without actually paying me overtime. I respect the hustling lifestyle, but it's just not for me."
Seokjin guffaws at your statements, sipping loudly on his Diet Coke.
"Pretty sure that's illegal," he grins. "And you're one to comment on hustle culture. I mean, it's not like you have a second job kicking crime's butt, do you?"
"Shhhh," you press a finger to his lips, giggling. "My boss doesn't need to know about that. Pretty sure he'll see that I can handle being sleep deprived and have me look at more documents."
In your time spent complaining, your order has made its way over to you. You're used to the restaurant food not looking super appetizing, but whatever monstrosity is on Seokjin's plate has you reeling.
"Kim Seokjin. What in the name of all that is good and holy is that?"
Seokjin scarfs down a bite of the concoction, beans, and cheese oozing out the sides.
"This, dear ___, is a Naco. My special creation and contribution to the menu. I'm trying to keep it a secret until I can take it mainstream, though."
"I'm sure it'll be a smash hit," you say sarcastically, stomach churning at the bag-like item. "You could use all the extra money from patenting it. As long as you let me co-sign."
"No way! You have your own hustle. By the way, I keep telling you this, but you should start accepting money for everything you do, ___. You work hard, and I never see you enjoy yourself."
There's a wistful look in his eyes, and the conversation goes silent. The fact of the matter was that it was already hard being two young, working professionals in a big city, living on your own. Constantly worrying about expenses and what the next paycheck would cover, but also trying to remain human and not become a machine.
"Yeah, I know," your voice cracks. "Part of me wants to make money. It'd sure make paying my rent easier. But the other part of me is worried."
Seokjin stills, looking up at you. It was rare for you to be so vulnerable in public places. He'd always been the one to take up that mantle: crying at movies, crying at weddings, crying during his mid-day breakdown. Seeing your eyes fill with tears, he wants to pull you into his arms and soothe all your worries, to tell you that it's all going to be okay. But he can't promise that.
"I've spent so much of my life undercover," you continue. "It makes me wonder if doing all this means that I've been missing out on other experiences. I mean, when's the last time I went out? My work even has this stupid gala thing at the end of the summer, and I don't have a dress or a date!"
Seokjin frowns, his lip trembling. He knew the burden you carried on your shoulders was enormous at times, which is why he worked hard to make you laugh, to make the lines on your forehead disappear. As trivial as it was, it was his stupid way of showing the love he had for you.
"Damn, you reserved me a ticket, right? You know I can't resist all that free wine and cheese."
You perk up, flashing the tiniest of smiles, before clapping him on the shoulder.
"No, duh! You can even bring a guest if you want!"
"Aw shoot, and here I thought we were gonna go together like we did to the 5th-grade dance, Jackson Wang's middle school rager, or prom…"
You're grinning now, eyes crinkling, and Seokjin thinks he's never seen anyone prettier.
"Hey, Jin? You're a great friend, you know that, right?"
And despite his desire to become more, he's happy for now. Because you've got each other's backs.
"I know."
Tumblr media
Monday rolls around, and Seokjin finds himself back in the office, his pressed white shirt becoming consistently itchier and suffocating with every day of the summer heat. At least it was almost time for lunch. You had an extended break today, so the two of you would be able to go to town on one of the halal carts by his building.
"Excuse me? Are you Seokjin?" A voice calls from behind him.
Turning around, Seokjin takes in the sight of the interrupter. A guy, around his age or a bit younger, looking painfully awkward. His bright eyes took in the office, taking everything in. A newbie.
"Hey, welcome to the club, dude. You're right; I am Seokjin. Seokjin is me."
The newcomer smiles at him, reaching out for a handshake.
"So nice to meet you! I'm Han, your new desk neighbor!"
He likes this kid already. It was rare for Seokjin to make new friends easily. When he wasn't with you, he’d spent time testing out new recipes, playing Maple Story, or cuddling with Odeng.
"Hey Han, nice to meet you too. Wanna join me for lunch?"
You approach the benches outside Seokjin's work, carrying his gyro over rice like its precious cargo. He's waiting for you like he always is. But he's not wiping sweat off his brow and scowling from the summer heat like normal. Instead, he's talking to someone you don't recognize.
"___! There you are," he exclaims. "I have someone I want you to meet."
He moves to the side, revealing his companion, and you feel your heart do a backflip. You haven't felt like this since your tenth-grade crush on Park Jinyoung, the football quarterback. He's cute. Really cute. 
"Hi, I'm Han," he reaches his hand out for you to shake. 
"I'm ___," you say with a blush, accepting his hands. Seokjin's eyes narrow when he watches you tuck a strand of hair behind your ear. That was your patented crush move. No way, you were crushing on his new co-worker!
"Tell me more about yourself, ____," Han says. And from there, you spend the whole lunch break talking and sharing details about your lives, utterly oblivious to the world around you, failing to notice when Seokjin gets up and dumps his styrofoam box in the trash, leaving without a goodbye.
Tumblr media
"Mom? Dad? I'm hooomeeee," your voice echoes through the house. Strange. Usually, someone was home. Today was pizza night too.
"They're in their office, dweeb," your younger brother appears from the shadows, and you detect a faint glow from the living room. He was on one of his gaming sprees again, and you're glad Seokjin was busy tonight; otherwise, you'd be roped into another Mario Kart tournament where they left you in the dust.
"Look who's calling who a dweeb. Don't you have that robotics competition to worry about?"
His face pales.
"Fuck. Why didn't you bring Seokjin with you?! Or hit up Won-sik?"
Your mom appears at the top of the staircase, shushing him with a stern finger.
"Anwar, mind your language, or you won't get any pizza."
"___, my dear, how are you?" Your dad greets you with a bone-crushing hug. "We haven't seen you in so long!"
"I know, dad," you sigh. "Work's just been kicking my butt."
Dinner is silent for a while, the four of you munching on your pizza.
Your mother bites her lip, eyes full of concern. While both your parents were aware of your alternate career, they often fussed over the toll it took on your mental health. 
"No, not that work! I meant the company! And now we have this silly end-of-summer gala I have to worry about."
"Oh, a gala!" your mother claps her hands in delight. "How exciting? I can't wait to see my baby all dressed up and beautiful."
"I have to find a date first, mom," you groan as your dad ruffles your hair. "Plus-ones are encouraged."
"Why don't you just take Seokjin? "she suggests earnestly. "You guys always go together."
Your heart drops. True, you and Seokjin had always gone to every special event as each other's dates; but things felt different now. You wanted to be able to slow dance with someone you liked, to hold them close and maybe share a kiss at the end of the night. You were in dire need of some romance in your life.
"I don't know, mom," you sigh. “Seokjin is just… well he’s Seokjin. He's just my best friend. I kind of hoped I could bring someone more special."
"Nonsense," your father shuts you down. "Seokjin's been a wonderful date every time you have   gone somewhere. And he's grown into a handsome young man."
He finishes with a wink, and you shift uncomfortably. To you, Seokjin had always been the same, geeky guy with glasses. Maybe he'd grown into his features as he aged, but he was still a friend and nothing more. If it was supposed to happen between you two, it already would have.
Excusing yourself to your room, you flip onto your bed, staring at the canopy littered with stars that remind you of the night sky. The gala was supposed to be an all-out celebration, with music, dancing, swanky outfits, and champagne. For once, it'd be nice to have an actual date.
You unlock your phone, dialing the number of the one person that you know would understand where you were coming from.
"What's up, dawg?" Seokjin snickers over the line, pausing when he hears your heavy sigh. "Hey, you alright?"
"I don't know, Seokjin!" you scream into the line. "I don't know why I'm so stressed about this stupid gala, what I'm gonna wear, and who I'm gonna take. It's so childish, ugh! I feel like I'm back in high school when no one gave me a prom-posal."
Seokjin's heart lurches in his chest. You'd expected Jinyoung to ask you, but he'd gone for Aerin, your rival on the cheerleading squad. Seokjin had abandoned his elaborate scheme of showing up with a boombox outside your window, and instead became your shoulder to cry on. After drying your tears, the two of you still had a night to remember.
"Don't stress, ___! It's not even that big of a deal anyway, just an excuse for us to get drunk and twerk in front of the board of directors!"
"I knowww," you whine. "But lately, it doesn't feel like that anymore. I know we're still young, but everyone around us is getting married. Don't you ever feel like settling down, finding the one?"
"I, uh, I can't honestly say I've thought about that," Seokjin sputters. 
"But I do, Seokjin. I want to finally be with someone, go out on cute dates, buy gifts for each other, and cuddle."
"We already do that, though!"
"It's not the same, and you know it. Let's make a pact, here and now, that we, Kim Seokjin and ___ ___, will take the dating world by storm and show up to the gala with our future spouses in our arms! Are you with me?"
On the other end of the phone line, Seokjin chokes, his lungs burning with all the unspoken confessions of his past. The receiver was silent for a few breaths, and he almost contemplated hanging up.
"Seokjin? Are you there?"
"Yeah, I'm here," he says shakily, trying to accept your plan for the summer when in his heart, he wished that he could be that person for you. "I hope this is the summer you find everything you've ever wanted."
He can sense you beaming at him through the phone.
"You too, Jin. You too. Okay, bye, gonna sleep before work tomorrow. Anwar, mom, and dad, say hi!"
The line cuts dead, and Seokjin is left sitting in the oppressive loneliness of his apartment once more, the salt of his tears clogging his throat.
Tumblr media
Nearly a third of the way into the summer, and safe to say, your epic plans had not worked out. Instead of scoping out potential dates at the park or gym, you and Seokjin had been overloaded with work. You desperately needed a change of scenery. 
Luckily, Won-Sik's call came at the perfect time.
"Earth to ___. It's been forever! Just letting you know that I detected some suspicious activity around the Bermuda Triangle. It sounds like Darken is up to something."
"Ugh, not him again."
Dr. Darken was, by far, your most annoying and persistent arch-nemesis. No matter how often you defeated him and his villainess sidekick She-Babe, they always kept coming back for more. 
"Can I trust you and Seokjin to be on it?"
"Yup, we've got you, Won-sik."
Hanging up, you dial Seokjin's number, ready to share the good news. He'd seemed a little down lately, so maybe this would cheer him up.
"I need you to call in sick for the next two days. We're going on a little trip."
Miami was booming this time of year, the warm summer sun drawing in hordes of tourists. The perfect place to go undercover, whether you were a hero or a villain.
A loud slurp interrupts your train of thought, Seokjin chugging the last bits of his margarita.
"Ahhh, I needed this. This summer has been meh so far."
"We're looking for Darken, remember? This isn't a vacation."
"Doesn't mean we can't get ice cream," he laughs, pointing to a colorful shop on the pier.
You look at him, brows furrowed, hands on your hips.
"Please ___?"
"Okay fine."
He runs over excitedly, asking for two soft serve twists with rainbow sprinkles for you both. When he makes his way back to you, he proudly presents the cone with a smile.
"A gift."
"Just shut up and eat the ice cream."
The cold treat tastes sweet on your tongue, and you must admit Seokjin was right. Even though this wasn't an official trip, summer was finally starting to feel like summer again.
You don't know how long you've been there, but judging by the imminent sunset, it must have been a while.
"We should keep looking around," you say reluctantly, lifting yourself up. Seokjin's arm shoots out, pulling you back into his embrace. 
"Let's stay for a little while," he says softly, and you nod okay.
Leaning your head on his shoulder, you're surprised when you feel hard muscle underneath you. You'd never noticed he was so built. You sneak a sly glance up at him, marveling at the angles of his face. The wind sweeps through his hair, and suddenly he doesn't look like your dorky best friend who wears glasses anymore. 
At the same time, Seokjin notices you looking at him, his soft gaze lingering on the tiny little details about you: the fluttering of your eyelashes, the curve of your neck, the glistening of your lips. He needs to stop before he does something that he’ll regret later .
“___? You, uh, you have some ice cream on your face."
"Where?" you ask, frantically reaching to rub it off, but you don't feel anything.
"Here," Seokjin leans over, his thumb brushing against the corner of your lips. It lingers there for too long after he's rubbed the splotch off, and he feels you inhale sharply.
The tune of your pager goes off and the two of you separate, the intimate moment being interrupted. 
"Hey Won-sik, what's the sitch?"
"You might want to look behind you."
Suddenly, there's a loud bang, and the crowd erupts into a panic, screams coming from all around you. You and Seokjin jump up, ready for action. 
The malevolent eyes of She-Babe meet yours, green flames glowing from her arms.
"Looking for me, ___?" she drawls. "Why don't you come and play?"
You spring towards her, launching into a flying kick. She dodges you effortlessly, sending back a bolt that nearly misses you but completely decimates a seller's stand.
"Seokjin, I need backup," you scream to him before landing a blow to her right side. She grunts, pushing you off.
"I'm on it," he notifies you, and you watch him run off into the distance. 
You and She-Babe circle around each other, her flames singing a couple of your hairs, while your hook and laser lipstick tear through her clothes, leaving a mark on her arms. 
She growls, lunging for your neck, her arms wrapped around your throat. You sputter, flailing aimlessly, making every attempt to kick and punch, but she overpowers you.
Suddenly, her grip loosens, and you hear her yelp. Odeng looks on proudly, baring his teeth. In the brief moment of distraction, you land a kick to her stomach, knocking her down. 
As you attempt to pin her down, you hear another loud bang, smoke filling the pier, and you erroneously turn your back, looking to see the source of the distraction. Lungs burning, you tearfully look to see She-Babe has escaped. You search through the crowd aimlessly when you spot her on the roof of one of the shops, a helicopter waiting for her.
"Buckle up, babe," she smirks from above. "You have no idea what's coming."
And then she's gone. Your shoulders slump. The mission was a failure. Now Darken would have even more time to perfect his evil plans. 
You hear footsteps come up behind you, Seokjin running your side, panting heavily.
"Did the smoke machine work? Did you get her?"
The defeated look in your eyes tells him everything he needs to know, but it doesn't beat the disappointed look in your eyes. He'd fucked up. Big time.
"Let's just go home."
Tumblr media
“A flat white for you,” Seokjin slides into the seat across you. You both had a little bit before you had to head into work, and he knew he couldn’t leave his mistake hanging over your head.
You look at him but don’t say anything; he knows you’re still upset with him.
Rubbing at your temples anxiously, you finally decide to speak.
“I’m not mad at you.I’m just upset.”
“I know, and I’m so sorry. I feel like I always ruin things for you.”
His voice breaks a little bit, and you know he’s genuinely sorry, making your heart sink. Seokjin always  made things harder on himself, believing he was never worthy enough. The last thing you wanted was your frustration to make him feel worse
“Please don’t take this out on yourself, Seokjin. It was a mistake. It happens.”
Reaching for his hand, you give it a gentle squeeze. 
“We’ll move on.”
His glassy eyes meet yours, and a crushing realization hits you. You and Seokjin had spent so much of your lives together, becoming close the way most regular friends would, but also through your missions. You’d seen the best and worst parts of each other, but you’d never really been on your own. Maybe to find what you both needed, it was time to leave the safety and comfort of each other’s nest and do things on your own. 
You could find the love you’d been looking for, and maybe Seokjin could learn to love himself.
This summer was the perfect chance for you to spread your wings. 
“I gotta go,” you say gently, letting his hand go. “I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”
Tumblr media
Seokjin pulls into work on his scooter, still reeling from your encounter this morning. You two had your share of petty fights growing up, but he’d never felt so much disappointment from you. It made his heart ache, and he never wanted to see you like that again. Now, if only he could figure out what to do to fix it.
As he approaches his spot, he notices another person locking up their scooter, and his eyes widen when he realizes it’s the newbie, Han.
“Hey uh, great spot you have there,” Seokjin cracks a joke, hoping it’ll appease him.
“Oh, thanks! It’s under a tree too, so it has lots of shade; I hate when I come out of work and—“
“You get second-degree burns from your scooter handles?” Seokjin finishes his sentence for him.
“Yeah, how’d you know?” 
Because it’s my favourite spot, too, he grumbles in his head.
“Hey Seokjin, I actually had a question for you. It’s about your friend, ___. Is she single by any chance?”
Seokjin feels like the breath has been stolen from his lungs. You’d brought up Han’s name as a potential date before you’d gone on the mission, and it was clear he reciprocated your interest. Where did that leave Seokjin in the equation between you two?
He decides to be honest, not wanting to mess up your chance at getting a date for the gala.
“She is, but she’s a tough cookie. It takes a lot to impress ___. Most guys can’t even get her attention.”
“Well, good thing I’m not most guys. Maybe we can all hang out sometime soon? I heard the new club downtown is pretty fire.”
“Uhm, yeah, sure,” Seokjin says hastily, not wanting to listen to Han talk about you a second longer. He waved a tepid goodbye, disappearing into the building. He doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the day.
Tumblr media
“Are you sure I look fine?” you ask, tapping your foot anxiously.
Seokjin gulps, not knowing how to answer your query. Should he go with the friend version, telling you Han won’t know what hit him? Or should he go with his version, where he risks sporting an accidental boner like he did when you were in middle school, and your boobs appeared out of nowhere? If Seokjin had any pull game at all, you’d never make it to the club tonight, Han a distant memory.
All he does is instead is awkwardly give you a thumbs up, adjusting his glasses on his face.
“Wait a second,” you approach his sitting figure on the bed, leaning in so close he can smell the honeysuckle perfume you use. You’re so close, he gets a front-row seat to how good your tits look in the tiny black dress you’ve chosen to wear tonight. He’ll probably have to cover himself with his jacket in the Uber. 
Your fingers sweep through his hair, brushing his bangs off his face and to the side, showing off his forehead.
“There.” Your warm breath fans onto his face. “Now you look hot too. There’ll be a lot of hot people out tonight! Aren’t you excited?”
Seokjin feels his face flush, your nonchalant compliment flustering him, and hopes you can’t see his ears turn red. He sucks his breath, afraid to talk, fearing what might come out. Luckily, your phone buzzes, saving him just in the nick of time.
“Oh! The Uber’s here. Let’s go!”
. . . 
Seokjin follows behind you, the dense crowd making it hard to keep up while you seek out Han. He’s not drunk yet, but his head is already pounding. It was a stupid idea to agree to this. He was basically a discount third wheel.
“You guys made it!” Han shouts, welcoming you into his arms with a hug. 
“Thanks for inviting us,” you say shyly. 
“Can I get you guys anything to drink?” Han asks. You enthusiastically nod your head yes, while Seokjin sullenly nods no.
“Be nice,” you give him a warning, accepting Han’s hand as he leads you to the bar. 
“I am nice,” he mumbles under his breath, shoulders slumping when he sees you walk away.
The next hour that passes is among the most torturous in Seokjin’s life. For most of the years you’d been friends, he’d never really had to see you date someone. All the people you’d crushed on never lasted past a couple of dates. You’d always sigh and say they were missing something, and Seokjin wondered if Han would finally be the one to possess the something you’d always been looking for. 
It seemed that way, the two of you wrapped around each other on the dance floor, bodies moving in sync. Seokjin had done enough goofy dancing with you to know that the way your hips swayed right now was anything but goofy, and clearly, Han seemed to be enjoying it too. Your faces were so close, and Seokjin felt a pang of jealousy strike in his chest, calling the bartender over for another drink.
When he returns to reality, slightly less sober, you and Han are making out, his tongue pushing into your mouth as you lazily grind against him. Seokjin closes his eyes to protect himself from the garish sight. He wasn’t sure whether his dick could deal with another boner or whether his heart could mend the cracks that had begun to form within his chest. 
A drunken haze sets over him, and he resists the urge to go outside and puke. 
“Hey,” a raspy voice drawls. “Are you here with someone?”
Seokjin turns to see who’s joined him at the bar. It’s a guy, one that he’d probably consider hot if his heart wasn’t set on you. He glides through the conversation while dazed, focusing only on the sound of his voice and the flirty touches on his arm. If you moved on, maybe he could too.
That’s how he finds himself in the bathroom ten minutes later, shirt halfway undone and cock grinding furiously against the other man’s body. His moans echo in Seokjin’s ears, the low hum of pleasure doing just enough to soothe his frantic thoughts. His lips roam all over, touching, feeling, savoring the distraction they provide. Until the spells is broken.
“Kiss me,” his partner begs.
That’s when he realizes his mistake.
He steps back, staggering as his chest heaves, crushed under the weight of what he’d done. Underneath the fluorescent lights of the bathroom, Seokjin realizes two crucial things:
He was far beyond the stages of a silly, trivial crush. No, he, Kim Seokjin, was head over heels in love with you, ____ ____. The kind of all-consuming, soul-stirring love that would stay with a person for the rest of their life.
The two of you never kept secrets from one another, but this was a burden he’d have to shoulder alone. You were interested in Han, and just like every other boy before him, that meant that you’d never even consider giving Seokjin the time of day.
Seokjin was utterly and thoroughly fucked.
“Hey,” his hook-up says. “Why’d you stop?”
“This was a mistake,” is all he states before turning on his heels and running out of the bathroom, ignoring her cries of concern. He doesn’t look back.
Even as Han kissed and danced with you, there was a nagging feeling in the back of your mind, reminding you to check on Seokjin. He hadn’t seemed like himself tonight, and you panicked when you realized he’d gone AWOL.
“Hey,” you squeeze Han’s hand. “I think I’m gonna head out. Jin doesn’t look too good. I want to get him home.”
“Wow,” he smiles. “So on top of being incredibly smart and gorgeous, you’re also caring as heck? I really lucked out.”
Your cheeks heat and hit with a sudden boost of confidence. You turn to press a kiss on his cheek.
“I had fun tonight,” you whisper. “Maybe we can do this some other time. Just the two of us.”
You can feel him grinning behind you, and you float through the crowd effortlessly on cloud nine. The dream is shattered, however, when you take in Seokjin’s slumped-over figure, looking worse for wear. You’d never seen him this drunk, head lolled to the side. He hears your soft footsteps approach, opening his eyes, red-rimmed like he’s been crying.
“Hey you,” you bend down, stroking his hair. “You look like you’ve had a rough night.”
“S’okay,” he slurs. “Wh-why didn’t ya gooo home with Hal, no Hen, ughhhh, Han? You should go, keep having fun. I, I’ll be fine.”
He stumbles clumsily to his feet, and you blanch at how much alcohol you can smell on his breath.
“It’s okay, Seokjin,” you tell him, throwing his arm around your shoulder. “I can always see him another time. Right now, I wanna go home with you.”
You escort him out, letting him breathe in the fresh air at the entrance to the club while swiftly calling an Uber with two stops: one for your place and one for his. In the background, you can hear him heave and gag as he throws up, and your heart aches for being so oblivious while your best friend suffered.
The Uber ride back is silent, Seokjin resting his head on your shoulder. He doesn’t strike up a conversation and doesn’t make any jokes. Instead, he looks right past you, gazing out the window, the city lights gleaming on his face. The abyss between you is almost painful, running out of words to say now when you’d never struggled with that before. Your arms itch to wrap Seokjin into a tight hug, to let him know he’ll be fine, no matter what he’s struggling with, but you feel stagnant, as though you’ve been weighed down with lead.
The feeling follows you to his front door, where the two of you stand awkwardly, waiting for the other to say something.
It’s Seokjin that caves first.
“Hey ___,” he blurts out, his voice hoarse from disuse. “I have something I want to ask you.”
You’re about to breathe a massive sigh of relief but pause when you see his glassy eyes.
“Of course, Jinnie,” you throw your arms around him, burying yourself into his neck. “You can ask me anything.”
“I wanted to know if,” he manages to choke out, and you feel his pulse quicken under your palm, rising before it slows down again. 
“I wanted to know if we’ll always be friends, even thirty years from now when we’re middle-aged with back pain and meddling kids. Or 50 years from now when we both have cane fights with each other. I hope we are.”
He sighs the last part, and you feel wetness on the side of his jaw. Heart breaking at his confession, you pull him in closer.
“Of course, we will. You’re not just a friend or a sidekick to me, Jinnie. You’re my partner in crime, or should I say crime-fighting? I need you like Batman needs Robin, or like Tony needs Pepper. As long as this is my life, you’ll always have a place in it.”
The tension in his shoulders melts away, and you hear him choke back a sob.
“Thank you.”
Tumblr media
With the memories of that night at the club behind you, you launch yourself into a multitude of things: preparing for the gala, reading files at work, spending time with Han, and even managing to text and keep up with Seokjin. Life, as you know it, has always been busy and hectic, which is why it’s such a relief when Won-sik pages you.
“Another mission? I’m down.” 
Things with Seokjin had been weird lately, and the last thing you wanted to do was add to his stress by recruiting him for another mission. He deserved the rest, but the crime-fighting never stopped for you. 
Luckily, he’d agreed to accompany you, acting like everything was fine after his drunken meltdown, and you felt yourself sleep a little easier that night knowing he didn’t hate you.
Turning on the morning news, the headlines immediately allude to what Won-sik had told you. World-famous scientist Shin Ryujin has been captured by an unknown assailant, who claimed they wanted to hold her hostage and use her knowledge for their own evil plans.
While the rest of the world remained oblivious to the identity of her captor, you knew these antics could only be the mark of one man: Darken. It had him and She-Babe written all over. You could only hope they hadn’t put Ryujin into too much trouble before you found her.
Despite being a supervillain, Darken was also, quite frankly, an idiot. While most people who did terrible things tried to conceal their acts, Darken left huge clues. Very incriminating clues.
Although tucked away in a snowy and barren forest, his lair stuck out like a sore thumb. Who else would be stupid enough to build a multilevel, industrial-style building with a “Secret Lair” sign in the middle of nowhere? Lucky for you, that made it easy to break-in. 
“God, it’s freezing out here,” Seokjin chatters through his teeth. “We should have worn coats.”
“Concentrate!” you hush him with a finger to his lips.
The saw watch does its work, cutting quickly through the layers of wood and metal that make up the facade. Bless Won-sik and his super wrinkly brain. His gadgets never failed you.
Tip-toeing down the halls, your suspicion is aroused. Everything in here looks… normal. Typically Darken was fond of the most outrageous, impractical booby traps. A chill runs down your spine. Whatever he had planned this time couldn’t have been good.
You and Seokjin move silently through the shadows until you reach the end of the long corridor. Huh. There were no doors in sight. Maybe you missed somethi–
The floor caves in around you, a black hole opening up underneath your feet, and you’ve hurtled down a chute, slipping and sliding until you land with a thud onto the ground below. That fucker had a trap door now!
“___ ___.” A sinister voice drawls. “We meet again.”
His eyebrows narrow with malevolent glee, clapping his hands together. Darken has you now.
“And you brought along that friend of yours, huh? What was his name again uhhhh… Seokmin? Minseok?”
“SEOKJIN!!” your best friend screams, face turning red. “My name is Kim fucking Seokjin! It’s honestly not that hard!!”
“Sorry,” you threaten him. “I don’t have time to play games because I’m gonna be too busy kicking your ass!”
“Uh uh uh,” Darken waggles a finger in your face. “One wrong move and our little scientist here goes for a nice swim.
You track his finger to the other side of the room, where a woman in a lab coat hangs over a pool, a gag over her mouth. Tension seizes your body when you see a bunch of grey-coloured fins swimming underneath. Sharks.
Darken presses a button, and a series of platforms come up through the floor, housing various robots. Synth drones, all targeted for your destruction. Now things were getting good.
“Seokjin! You go and free Ryujin; I’ll handle these hunks of metal.”
You dodge their laser blasts one by one, moving from side to side with all the agility you’d learned from your martial arts classes. Combine the dodging with a series of sneak attacks, and the drones would never know what hit him. 
You finish off the last one, watching as it disintegrates into a pile of goo.
“___!” Seokjin calls out to you. “A little help.”
He’s dangling from the same rope as Ryujin, sharks nipping at his heels. Eyes closed, his screams echo through the lair.
“I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die, I don’t wanna die!”
“Hold on,” you say. “I’ve got you!” 
“Odengie, chewwww!” Seokjin yells, and you smile, knowing he understood your command.
Odeng gnaws through the rope, and they all free-fall, down straight towards the treacherous pool. Moments before they make contact, you release your grappling hook, grabbing them out of harm’s way.
“NOOOOO!” Darken screams. “You may have foiled my plan, but I have another one brewing in my secret lair on the other side of the forest. This won’t be the last you hear of me!”
He presses a button, releasing another trap door to his escape.
“Whew,” Seokjin pants.”That was close. For a moment there, I thought we were canned tuna.”
“Shin Ryujin? I’m ___, and this is Seokjin. We just have a couple of questions for you.”
While Ryujin is thankful to you both for rescuing her, kneeling on the ground in a full bow, she sighs heavily, explaining that she can’t remember anything. 
“Her memory’s wiped,” Seokjin concludes. “You know what that means.”
“Whatever Darken’s planning, it’s big,” your voice wavers. “So big that he must not want anyone finding out about it. We have to be prepared.
Tumblr media
The mall was always your favorite place in the world. It was the epicenter of your hangouts with Seokjin growing up, intimate enough that you could talk about all your worries but discreet enough to hide any conversation about your… other pursuits.
You take a step back from the mirror, taking in the green satin dress you picked for the gala. It was daring, a large thigh-high slit creeping up the front and very different from anything else you’d ever worn. Maybe you couldn’t pull it off.
“I don’t know!” you scream out in frustration. “I think it looks good, but what if I just look like a loser playing dress-up.”
“None of that!” Seokjin shuts you down. “I’m the loser playing dress-up, but I’m also the loser who wants to see it!”
The lock to the changing room clicks open, and you step out, suddenly feeling shy in Seokjin’s presence.
His face has gone entirely slack, mouth hanging open at the sight of you in the dress.
“It’s horrible, isn’t it?”
It’s far from it. There are a million things he wants to say, but none of them come out except:
“Holy shit. You’re beautiful ___.”
Freezing, you feel your heart thump loudly in your rib cage. Seokjin always reminded you that you were cute in high school, but he’d never actually called you beautiful before. And never in such a profound way. Butterflies dance in your stomach, and you close your eyes briefly, wishing the gala would be as magical as this moment.
A look of horror crosses your face when you realize you’d completely forgotten to look at Seokjin’s tux. Peering at him through the mirror next to you, you’re rendered speechless.
His glasses are off, and you finally notice how perfect his face is. All sharp angles, framed by a mop of soft honey-coloured hair and the most perfect plush lips. He doesn’t just look good. He looks handsome beyond description, like a modern-day Adonis. 
“Is there a fly in your mouth?” Seokjin chuckles at your blank expression.
“Jin, you look hot. Like really hot.”
Seokjin freezes, shoulders tensing at your compliment, almost like he can’t believe you mean it. But you did mean it. Whoever he brought to the gala would be so lucky, and a small part of your heart aches at the fact that it wouldn’t be you that he’d be twirling around the dance floor, a Prince Charming to your Cinderella.
“Sure you don’t want to reconsider your options?” he whispers in your ear, fingers settling into the curve of your back. His low voice sends a delicious chill up your spine.
Before you can answer, you’re interrupted, the two of you breaking apart guiltily.
“___! Seokjin-hyung! Funny running into you here,”
Han’s smiley face comes into view, and you stumble off the podium, putting some distance between you and Seokjin.
“Hey babe,” Han greets you with a peck. “Wow, you look terrific.”
Good. Not beautiful.
“Babe?” Seokjin grunts through his teeth, trying to come off light-hearted. “Is there something I’m missing here?”
You don’t know why you can’t find the words to tell Seokjin the truth. Maybe it’s because of the way you can’t stop staring at him, even in Han’s presence. Perhaps it’s because this date pact you were so sure about before doesn’t seem so sure anymore.
“We’re dating hyung! Thanks for setting us up!” Han spills the hard truth out before you can, and you watch Seokjin’s face pale, the rosy color from his cheeks bleeding out to the hue of parchment.
“Oh wow,” Seokjin exclaims. “Oh wow! That’s great news. I’m so happy for you guys.”
“Awww, thank you,” Han beams, taking your hand in his. “You don’t mind if I steal her after this?”
“No,” Seokjin’s words are full of steel. “I have an errand to run for my eomma anyway.”
You remain frozen as Han chatters away, unable to move, unable to speak, unable to stop Seokjin from rushing out of the store with his new suit in tow. This was supposed to be the best summer of your life, so why did you feel so empty?
Tumblr media
The city’s skyscrapers look over Seokjin, casting a grim shadow over the walk he decided to take to clear his head. Limbs heavy, he still reels from the conversation with you and Han. The betrayal sinks in. Why hadn’t you told him yourself? You guys always told each other everything.
Instead, it felt like a knife to his gut hearing it from Han’s mouth and to watch you stand there and say nothing. The least he deserved was an explanation before you’d run off together. But it seemed like you didn’t care enough to tell him what was happening with you anymore. Ever since the summer had started, he felt you pulling away from him more and more, the bridge that had once connected you two growing into a vast chasm, where he fell through the cracks.
Walking through his rage, he finds himself on an unfamiliar street, but a glimmer of recognition appears when he sees the street sign. That scientist girl, Ryujin, lived here. She was too shaken up to answer your questions during the rescue, but maybe she was feeling better now. After everything had been settled, she gave both of them her address, telling them they could come and talk to her whenever.
An eternity seems to pass as Seokjin contemplates whether he should reach out before finally deciding to shoot Ryujin a text. Maybe it was time to take matters into his own hands. A team consisted of multiple people, after all. His shoulders slump, an ache beginning to build in his temple, traveling up to his head. He was tired of always being in the shadows, being the sidekick that never got the credit and never got the girl. If he could get something helpful out of Ryujin, maybe all that would change.
A ping from his phone confirms that Ryujin accepted his proposition, inviting him upstairs to her apartment. The posh building isn’t hard to find, the doorman greeting him on his way in as he buzzes Ryujin.
“Send him up, Alfred,” her voice blares through the intercom.
Fifteen or so floors later, he’s in front of her door. Making a fist to knock, Seokjin jumps slightly when the door opens before he can do so, Ryujin’s smiling face on the other side.
“Kim Seokjin, right? Nice to see you again.”
Walking into the space, he’s surprised by how well-put-together everything is. Every piece is impeccable, from the raw leather sofa to the fluffy white rug to the dining table made of unfinished wood. If Ryujin ever wanted to quit the science industry, she’d have a budding career as an interior designer.
“Can I get you anything to drink? Water? Tea? I have a bottle of Chardonnay I haven’t opened yet.”
Seokjin’s throat feels dry, but not because he’s dehydrated. He can’t remember the last time he’s been alone with a woman that wasn’t you. He plops onto the couch, looking around awkwardly at anything he can find – the rug, the trinkets that decorate her side tables, the view of the building across the street.
“Just water is fine.”
Nodding, she walks over to her kitchen, filling up a glass and handing it to him. He’s thankful for the drink; all the questions he had for her still stuck in the back of his throat.
Ryujin breaks the silence, sitting on the couch next to him. “I know you’re here to ask me what I know. Even though I’m better, the memories haven’t fully returned to me. I’m so sorry to disappoint you.”
“You’re not disappointing me,” Seokjin dispels her worry. “Anything you have to say would be valuable information, so we can lock Darken up for good.”
Ryujin hesitates, fidgeting with her fingers. It’s like she wants to say something but can’t. Seokjin places a reassuring hand on her shoulder, and the tension seeps out of her pores.
“I’d been working on this new tech device, I-, I can’t remember what it was, but I was gonna contract it out to a lot of companies across the city. Most of their names are coming up blank, but the one I do remember is Lockhart and Lee.”
Seokjin’s blood turns to ice. That was your firm. Was Darken specifically putting a target on your back? What else could he want to do with your workplace?
Ryujin’s body is shaking, tears filling up her eyes. She rocks back and forth on the balls of her feet, looking like a lost child.
“I-, I’m so sorry! I made a stupid mistake and let him access my mind, and now I can’t even help you defeat him! I should have been stronger.”
If there’s one thing Seokjin can’t stand, it’s people being hard on themselves. He knows the pitfalls of constantly putting yourself down too well. His hand closes over Ryujin’s, gently rubbing his thumb against her knuckles.
“Hey, no big deal. Thanks for telling me; it was still valuable information. You’re doing just fine.”
“R-really?” she blurts out.
“Seokjin,” she breathes, and he notices her expression has changed. The panic and anxiety have melted, making way for an emotion he was familiar with - longing. “I still have that bottle of Chardonnay.”
Seokjin’s head spins. So much had happened today, from shopping with you to finding out you were dating Han. He just wanted to forget the mess he found himself in, let loose, and have fun. 
“I guess one drink wouldn’t hurt.”
One drink turns into many, and before Seokjin knows it, Ryujin is straddling his lap, grinding her core into his hips. The difference now is that Seokjin reciprocates, nipping at her collarbone, where the strap of her tank top slides off her shoulder. The rest of his evening passes in a blur, the alcohol sinking into his veins, rendering him weightless. In no time at all, he’s lulled into a deep sleep.
The following morning, the light filters into the apartment, and Seokjin awakes in a cold sweat. What happened? All he remembered was getting plastered and making out with Ryujin, and his heart sinks with guilt. Using her as a rebound wasn’t fair.
A soft ahem interrupts him, and Seokjin rubs at his eyes, vision finally clearing to see Ryujin sitting on the chair across from the couch, sipping a cup of coffee. An identical steaming mug is placed on the table, and she gestures toward it.
His hesitation in reaching for the cup prompts her to speak up.
“We didn’t sleep together if that’s what you’re thinking.” And Seokjin lets out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. She looks… upset.
“It almost got there, but you were drunk, I think. Kept moaning out weird things. Like ‘___, ____’. I figured a handsome guy like you would already have someone.”
Her confession leaves Seokjin reeling like he’s been kicked in the gut one too many times. Had he really moaned out your name in the middle of hooking up with her? Ryujin looks at him curiously, waiting for his explanation or any type of response.
But Seokjin has no explanation. His only answer is that he’s a heartbroken fool, hung up on his best friend, who’ll never want him the same way he wants her. At that moment, all of it feels stupid. The tiny crush that he’d blown out of proportion. The desire to hold you in his arms, feel your lips on his, and your body underneath his. The dates he’d imagined in his head, the future wedding, the kids. What hurts him most is that he even dared to believe it in the first place. The bright glimmer of hope had carried him through so many years with you, but now the flame was flickering. So Seokjin stamps it out. He needed to get over you.
He rises, with a start, frantically reaching for his wallet and his jacket. He knows he should stay and offer more of an explanation, but he couldn’t right now. Not without bursting into tears.
“I’m sorry.”
. . .
Ryujin watches Seokjin hurry out of the building from her window, his tiny figure rushing through the crowd on the street, bumping into the strangers on their daily commute.
Something is itching on her back. Groaning, she scratches furiously, pulling down the zipper and slipping out of the suit. Goddamn. Did it have to be this scratchy?
Looking into the mirror, she combs through her hair, pursing her lips and checking her face for any blemishes.
The phone rings.
“Hey, boss. It’s me. I lured Kim into the apartment. I didn’t manage to get much out of him, but it seems that something’s going on with him and ___. I believe there’s a tiny rift there we can exploit.”
On the other end, Darken listens in, cackling maniacally. She-Babe smiles. Things were going just as planned.
Tumblr media
The static makes your ears ring, your client yelling at you over the phone. Rubbing the skin in between your eyes, you resist the urge not to fall asleep. Work had become even more overbearing lately. Suddenly, your company wanted to try out these new headsets, claiming that they wanted the office to become more “technology-integrated.” You thought it was weird for the admins and staff to be walking around like they were at a silent disco but kept your mouth shut.
Getting off work today was your most exciting prospect. Between dates with Han and the mountain-load of cases you had to review, you were glad things have been relatively quiet on the supervillain front. Unfortunately, that also meant you hadn’t seen Seokjin for a while since that day at the mall. Every time you asked him to hang out, he always made some sort of excuse, telling you he was busy or tired. He still responded to your messages, but his answers were brief and curt. You wondered if something was going on.
Which is why your grand plan was to show up at his apartment today, surprising him after work. You make all the necessary stops to prepare, picking up groceries and a bouquet of flowers for the vase he kept on his counter. Things were never weird between you two, but you had made it weird by not telling him about Han. All you wanted was to let Seokjin know his presence was still valued. You needed your best friend.
Seokjin’s face pales when he sees you standing outside his door that evening, groaning from carrying all the heavy shopping bags up the stairs.
You invite yourself in, setting the groceries down on his counter.
“Is this a bad time?” you ask. “I wanted to make jjajangmyeon together; we haven’t done that in a while.”
His stiff face immediately softens, and you feel the warmth settle back in between the two of you. The way to Seokjin’s heart was always through his stomach.
He taps his chin playfully, pretending to contemplate your proposal. “Hmm, I could be convinced.”
. . .
The normalcy returns in mere moments, you and Seokjin working side by side comfortably in the kitchen. While he was more of the chef between you two, you worked seamlessly as a team. He prepared the sauce and noodles while you chopped the meat and vegetables. 
Seokjin turns on Spotify while you cook, bopping around to a random playlist of pop, hip-hop, and RnB. His crystal clear voice carries through the apartment, singing along enthusiastically. A huge grin lights up your face at seeing him so in his element, and you can’t help but sing and clap along. Soon, he offers you a hand, and you accept it without hesitation, the two of you stumbling throughout the kitchen, limbs tangling in an awkward dance. Your shared laughter punctuates the different beats and rhythms in his apartment, working together with your simple steps to create an unconventional symphony of joy.
The dance finishes with a flourish, Seokjin letting you go in a spin, and you end up right on the couch, two steaming bowls of jjajangmyeon waiting for you.
You take the first bite, the savory sauce hitting your tastebuds. “Mmmh, this tastes better than sex.”
“Don’t let Han hear you say that,” Seokjin snickers, and immediately the awkwardness settles back in.
“Thanks for hanging out with me, Seokjin. I’m sorry things have been so weird lately. I miss you a lot.”
“I’m right here, ___. Life is busy, but if you ever need me, you know where to look.”
Staring up at him, you take him in - his hair is ruffled and slightly fluffy. He must have washed it right before you arrived. His broad shoulders are enormous in the black hoodie he wears, and he looks like a giant teddy bear, just waiting for you to hug.
And that’s what you do. Fork clattering against the plate, you set it to the side, arms wrapping awkwardly around Seokjin’s frame from the side. You rest your head on his shoulder, and he stills, his unfinished plate of noodles long forgotten.
“Do you remember that summer I went away to camp?” His voice wobbles, head still turned to the side. “It was the worst summer of my life.”
You chuckle softly, hands running up and down his back. “We all know why -- no cell service, lots of bugs, you got chased by that bear.”
“That’s not why,” he breathes, and you sit up straight, tilting his head to meet yours.
“It was the worst summer ever,” he continues. “Because I had to spend it being away from you.”
The pained look in his eyes makes your heart drop with guilt – you never wanted to see anything like it on his face again.
“Is everything okay, Jinnie? Tell me what’s wrong.”
His entire demeanor changed in a split second, moving away to put distance in between you on the couch, refusing to look at you again.
The gesture fills you with anger – you were doing your best to hear him out, to be there for him as a friend, and this was how he acted?
“Okay, literally, what the fuck is up with you. You’ve been acting weird all summer. Whenever I try to talk to you, you refuse to let me in! I don’t even recognize you anymore.”
He flushes, face reddening. 
“I’m being fucking weird, huh? That’s me, Kim Seokjin, the weirdo!”
“You’re being childish! Stop it!”
“If you don’t want someone full of weird shit, why don’t you go hang out with your boyfriend?”
The statement feels like a slap to your face. You taste the tang of salt, not realizing tears had begun to stream down your face. Heaving, you wrack your mind for something, anything you could say to remedy the situation. Everything had crashed and burned in a matter of moments, just when you thought it would be alright. But you say something you never meant to, born from the inferno of your anger.
“Grow the fuck up, Seokjin! I’m not your mom – if you can’t handle things changing, then maybe you should do some thinking. I’m done.”
“Leave then.” And it feels like he threw a bucket of cold ice over your head.
His command for you to go isn’t what hurts the most. No, what hurts the most is when you stalk towards his door, rubbing your smudged mascara, and he doesn’t even look at you.
Tumblr media
“Earth to ___? You’re zoning out again,” Han smiles at you behind the 4 tier slice of cake you’d decided to share.
You muster a weak smile back, not wanting him to worry. He’d been so sweet to you over the past few weeks, spending lots of time with you. Even though your boyfriend’s kind gestures helped give you a slight semblance of some peace of mind, you’re still left reeling and picking up the pieces from your fight with Seokjin.
Han was wonderful. He was everything you thought you’d ever wanted in someone - cute, kind, considerate. He held open the door for you all the time, and always made sure to compliment you constantly. But he didn’t crack dad jokes, or plan goofy pranks, or have a sugar glider that he was more enamored with than any person he’d dated before. 
You realized he wasn’t Seokjin, nor could he completely fill the void that Seokjin had left in your life. The bond between the two of you had been forged over so many years, but severed in a matter of moments.
Maybe that’s just how life went. You spent so much of your time with someone, and then something happens one day that ends it. The nasty words you’d exchanged in the fight come back to haunt, and you wish you could take them back. But you were afraid. Afraid that he hated you. Maybe this was the sign you needed that things were changing, and that you needed time apart from each other.
In the back of your head, you hear Han’s voice, calling out to you. Blinking, you tune back into the present moment, Han repeating your name with concern.
“Sorry,” you collect yourself, banishing all thoughts of Seokjin from your head. “What did you say again?”
“Do you want to go to the gala? I mean, you have to go, sorry. I meant - do you want to go with me?”
His eyes are bright, shining with hope, and perhaps that’s what you need during this dark summer. A little bit of hope.
“I’d love that.”
Tumblr media
“Calling up an 18 year old nerd for girl advice? That’s a new low, even for a dork like you, Seokjin.”
“Shut up Won-sik, or you can kiss our next Mario Kart tournament goodbye,” Seokjin scowls.
Everything had seemed so clear in the moment: Seokjin wanted you to go, so you left. But the gaping hole your departure had left couldn’t be fixed, taking the sun with you. Storm clouds lingered in his mind, and Seokjin could no longer put a Band-aid on his feelings. So he asked for help from the only person he knew would be able to think rationally and logically.
Or so he thought.
“What do you mean just tell her about my feelings?”
Seokjin’s heart is thumping, his hand shaking as he moves to put the receiver down.
“It’s really not that hard man. Just be honest, and whatever happens happens. At least you can put it all out on the line.”
This was not what he wanted to hear. Before he can stop himself, Seokjin blurts out something that was another mistake in the list of growing fuck-ups he’d had recently.
“You don’t know anything Won-sik, you’re just a kid.”
Won-sik’s cry of protest is cut off, the line going dead when Seokjin hangs up. His heavy breathing echoes throughout his room. Then, he calls the only other person he could talk to right now.
“Seokjin!” Ryujin exclaims gleefully. “So nice to hear from you.”
“Listen, are you free the night of the 29th?”
“Depends,” Ryujin giggles. “What is it for?”
“I want to date–, I mean, I want you to be my date, for a gala,” Seokjin sputters. He knows the invitation is uncouth, and not romantic at all, but he can’t bring himself to care anymore. He didn’t want romance. He just wanted this feeling to leave.
“Oooh sounds fun. I’ll be there.”
. . .
“Did you hear that boss? It’s happening on the 29th,” She-Babe smiles through the receiver.
“Perfect,’ Darken rubs his palms together. “I’ve nearly extracted the information I need.”
Looking behind him, the limp figure of the real Shin Ryujin sits, hooked up to his elaborate brain-tap machine. 
“Prepare everything, She-Babe. We’ll be ready to strike soon.”
Tumblr media
The day you’d finally been waiting for was here. After waiting for the gala all summer, you were all finally gathered at the fancy venue, decked out in your finest. You had to commend the planning committee - they’d gone all out. Fairy lights decorated the entire ballroom, bringing the outdoors inside with twisting vines and fresh flowers as decorations. It felt like summer had brought its ight inside with it, and it was invigorating. Or maybe that was all the free champagne.
You purse your lips, smiling at your own little contribution to the night’s festivities. Behind all the tables, an extravagant stage was the focal point of the room, and on top of it – the world’s hottest boyband. DTS. AM had been more than eager to help out with the entertainment after you’d called in your favor.
“Call me Namjoon,” he’d grinned over the phone.
The boys crooned a slow, but sultry tone, and you felt yourself heat. A hand wraps around your waist, and you smile up at Han. He’d been ever the gentleman, picking you up and helping you out of the car. The two of you floated around the gala, talking up random coworkers and their guests. He charmed eveyone he’d met, and you were thankful for his bubbly presence for quelling the anxiety you’d had.
Seokjin wasn’t here yet. Maybe he’d decided not to come at all. And despite the night benign everything you’d ever hoped for - the fairytale date of your dreams, it all felt hollow without him here to celebrate with you. You’d been hoping to catch him in a dance, and apologize for your behaviour. You wanted to make things right between you again. You needed to.
But he was nowhere to be found, and you resigned yourself to the emptiness that lingered in your heart. You’d driven him away.
The doors open all of a sudden, welcoming another set of guests into the gala, and you gasp, excusing yourself when you see Seokjin among them. He looks just as handsome as that day in the mall, if not more, the tuxedo highlighting his broad shoulders. But he’s not alone. Your heart drops to your stomach when you realize he’d invited Ryujin as his guest, in an ethereal, floating dress of her own. They look like a celebrity couple.
You can’t stop staring at them, even minutes later, despite Han’s offer to get more drinks for you. Finally giving in, you request a glass of champagne, hoping the fizzy bubbles would soothe the bitter acid that had begun to rise up in your throat. You needed something to take the edge off. 
But the pain doesn’t go away, not even when you see Seokjin approach, Ryujin hanging off his arm.
“Hey,” he says, slightly out of breath when he sees you’d worn the same green dress he’d complimented.
“Hi,” you say meekly, unable to muster the strength to look in his eyes. Instead, you stare absently at his bowtie. “Are you having a good time?”
Ryujin answers for him, clapping a well-manicured hand on his shoulder. “Yes! Everything is stunning. Your firm did the most wonderful job.”
“That’s great,” you stutter, backing away. “You guys have fun, okay? I have to go, Han is waiting for me.”
You accept Han’s hand, letting him lead you into a dance out onto the floor. You’re grateful for the upbeat song, J-Nope’s melodious voice in the background. Then you can shift your focus away from Seokjin, losing yourself in the dance. But you’re as stiff as a board, moving robotically, and you catch a glimpse of Seokjin dancing with Ryujin across the room from you. He pulls her in close, arms wrapping around her waist, and their foreheads touch. 
You trip over Han’s toes when Seokjin presses his lips to Ryujin’s. Suddenly the room feels too hot, like there’s not enough air circulating in your lungs. You’re bent over, heaving, determinedly willing yourself to catch your breath, and stop the fresh tears in your eyes from coming forward.
“You okay?” Han asks, bending over to check on you.
You manage a shaky breath. “Fine. I just need to go to the bathroom.”
Gratefully, he doesn’t question you, instead choosing to let you go. Your feet move on their own, running out of the ballroom, until you’re in the corridor next to the bathrooms, finally able to breathe again. With the breath though, comes the stark reminder of what you’d just seen, and you feel like you’re going to be sick. The bathroom door is flung wide open, your heels clacking on the tile as you run into an empty stall.
Securing the lock, you slump onto the ground, finally giving into the sobs that now wrack your body. Why did it bother you so much? Seeing him with her, dancing and laughing. Seokjin was your best friend, and you wanted that for him, right? Just like you’d wanted a perfect date to the gala in Han.
Except the more and more you thought about it, you realized you didn’t want that for him. No, you were selfish. You wanted your best friend back. You wanted to be the one he smiled at, the one he joked with, the one he danced with. The one he kissed. Lashes fluttering, you close your eyes, lamenting at how you’d never have those things. Han could never make you feel a fraction of the way that Seokjin, and a harsh realization strikes you, one that brings more tears to your eyes.
You were in love with your best friend. You’d probably been in love with him for a long time, and were too stupid to realize it. And now everything was ruined, and he’d found someone else, someone who’d reciprocated his kindness. The ache in your chest grows deeper, and you realize you’d broken your own heart, by missing what had been in front of you this entire time.
Ryujin leads Seokjin out into the hallway, their faces flushed from the alcohol and dancing. Seokjin looks around, hoping to catch you out here, but you’d mysteriously disappeared during the dance, leaving Han stranded.
“Sorry, I was getting so warm,” Ryujin giggles, pinning him against the wall. Her lips press against the corner of his mouth. While he was grateful she’d agreed to be his date, he wasn’t sure about the depth of his feelings for her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Seokjin grunts. “Can we hold on a second?”
“Too late,” she says, reaching behind her back. In seconds, a dagger is at his throat.
“What the fuck?”
“Oh I really had you fooled, didn’t I baby?” She coos menacingly, poking his cheek. “Poor little Seokjinnie, all heartbroken and feeling sorry for himself. Good thing I’m here to take care of you. For good.”
Ryujin reaches behind her dress, and he hears the zzzt of a zipper being undone. Suddenly, Ryujin is gone. And standing in her place is someone far worse.
“Miss me, love?” She-Babe drawls.
. . . 
One moment, the party was swinging, the band dancing on stage and everyone chattering. The next, a high pitched sound pierces the ears of the attendees. A sound wave, powerful enough to knock anyone out. Soon, only one person is left standing.
Dr. Darken looks over the incapacitated crowd. The plan was in motion. For months, he’d been using Ryujin’s computer technology to infiltrate your office with headsets, collecting data on the ins and outs of the office. And now, with the entire staff incapacitated from the soundwave, he would finally have access to all the files at Lockhart and Lee, gaining information on your corporate clients. Incriminating information that would make him a millionaire.
The day you’d finally been waiting for was here. After waiting for the gala all summer, you were all finally gathered at the fancy venue, decked out in your finest. You had to commend the planning committee - they’d gone all out. Fairy lights decorated the entire ballroom, bringing the outdoors inside with twisting vines and fresh flowers as decorations. It felt like summer had brought its ight inside with it, and it was invigorating. Or maybe that was all the free champagne.
You purse your lips, smiling at your own little contribution to the night’s festivities. Behind all the tables, an extravagant stage was the focal point of the room, and on top of it – the world’s hottest boyband. DTS. AM had been more than eager to help out with the entertainment after you’d called in your favor.
“Call me Namjoon,” he’d grinned over the phone.
The boys crooned a slow, but sultry tone, and you felt yourself heat. A hand wraps around your waist, and you smile up at Han. He’d been ever the gentleman, picking you up and helping you out of the car. The two of you floated around the gala, talking up random coworkers and their guests. He charmed eveyone he’d met, and you were thankful for his bubbly presence for quelling the anxiety you’d had.
Seokjin wasn’t here yet. Maybe he’d decided not to come at all. And despite the night benign everything you’d ever hoped for - the fairytale date of your dreams, it all felt hollow without him here to celebrate with you. You’d been hoping to catch him in a dance, and apologize for your behaviour. You wanted to make things right between you again. You needed to.
But he was nowhere to be found, and you resigned yourself to the emptiness that lingered in your heart. You’d driven him away.
The doors open all of a sudden, welcoming another set of guests into the gala, and you gasp, excusing yourself when you see Seokjin among them. He looks just as handsome as that day in the mall, if not more, the tuxedo highlighting his broad shoulders. But he’s not alone. Your heart drops to your stomach when you realize he’d invited Ryujin as his guest, in an ethereal, floating dress of her own. They look like a celebrity couple.
You can’t stop staring at them, even minutes later, despite Han’s offer to get more drinks for you. Finally giving in, you request a glass of champagne, hoping the fizzy bubbles would soothe the bitter acid that had begun to rise up in your throat. You needed something to take the edge off. 
But the pain doesn’t go away, not even when you see Seokjin approach, Ryujin hanging off his arm.
“Hey,” he says, slightly out of breath when he sees you’d worn the same green dress he’d complimented.
“Hi,” you say meekly, unable to muster the strength to look in his eyes. Instead, you stare absently at his bowtie. “Are you having a good time?”
Ryujin answers for him, clapping a well-manicured hand on his shoulder. “Yes! Everything is stunning. Your firm did the most wonderful job.”
“That’s great,” you stutter, backing away. “You guys have fun, okay? I have to go, Han is waiting for me.”
You accept Han’s hand, letting him lead you into a dance out onto the floor. You’re grateful for the upbeat song, J-Nope’s melodious voice in the background. Then you can shift your focus away from Seokjin, losing yourself in the dance. But you’re as stiff as a board, moving robotically, and you catch a glimpse of Seokjin dancing with Ryujin across the room from you. He pulls her in close, arms wrapping around her waist, and their foreheads touch. 
You trip over Han’s toes when Seokjin presses his lips to Ryujin’s. Suddenly the room feels too hot, like there’s not enough air circulating in your lungs. You’re bent over, heaving, determinedly willing yourself to catch your breath, and stop the fresh tears in your eyes from coming forward.
“You okay?” Han asks, bending over to check on you.
You manage a shaky breath. “Fine. I just need to go to the bathroom.”
Gratefully, he doesn’t question you, instead choosing to let you go. Your feet move on their own, running out of the ballroom, until you’re in the corridor next to the bathrooms, finally able to breathe again. With the breath though, comes the stark reminder of what you’d just seen, and you feel like you’re going to be sick. The bathroom door is flung wide open, your heels clacking on the tile as you run into an empty stall.
Securing the lock, you slump onto the ground, finally giving into the sobs that now wrack your body. Why did it bother you so much? Seeing him with her, dancing and laughing. Seokjin was your best friend, and you wanted that for him, right? Just like you’d wanted a perfect date to the gala in Han.
Except the more and more you thought about it, you realized you didn’t want that for him. No, you were selfish. You wanted your best friend back. You wanted to be the one he smiled at, the one he joked with, the one he danced with. The one he kissed. Lashes fluttering, you close your eyes, lamenting at how you’d never have those things. Han could never make you feel a fraction of the way that Seokjin, and a harsh realization strikes you, one that brings more tears to your eyes.
You were in love with your best friend. You’d probably been in love with him for a long time, and were too stupid to realize it. And now everything was ruined, and he’d found someone else, someone who’d reciprocated his kindness. The ache in your chest grows deeper, and you realize you’d broken your own heart, by missing what had been in front of you this entire time.
Ryujin leads Seokjin out into the hallway, their faces flushed from the alcohol and dancing. Seokjin looks around, hoping to catch you out here, but you’d mysteriously disappeared during the dance, leaving Han stranded.
“Sorry, I was getting so warm,” Ryujin giggles, pinning him against the wall. Her lips press against the corner of his mouth. While he was grateful she’d agreed to be his date, he wasn’t sure about the depth of his feelings for her.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Seokjin grunts. “Can we hold on a second?”
“Too late,” she says, reaching behind her back. In seconds, a dagger is at his throat.
“What the fuck?”
“Oh I really had you fooled, didn’t I baby?” She coos menacingly, poking his cheek. “Poor little Seokjinnie, all heartbroken and feeling sorry for himself. Good thing I’m here to take care of you. For good.”
Ryujin reaches behind her dress, and he hears the zzzt of a zipper being undone. Suddenly, Ryujin is gone. And standing in her place is someone far worse.
“Miss me, love?” She-Babe drawls.
. . . 
One moment, the party was swinging, the band dancing on stage and everyone chattering. The next, a high pitched sound pierces the ears of the attendees. A sound wave, powerful enough to knock anyone out. Soon, only one person is left standing.
Dr. Darken looks over the incapacitated crowd. The plan was in motion. For months, he’d been using Ryujin’s computer technology to infiltrate your office with headsets, collecting data on the ins and outs of the office. And now, with the entire staff incapacitated from the soundwave, he would finally have access to all the files at Lockhart and Lee, gaining information on your corporate clients. Incriminating information that would make him a millionaire.
Tumblr media
Dagger to his throat and staring down a supervillainess, Seokjin does the only logical thing he can do. But not before sending a silent apology to his mother. His knee darts up, slamming in between She-Babe’s legs, and she howls, loosening her grip enough for him to escape her clutches. And then he runs.
A sequence of apologies would be in order, it seemed. Seokjin picks up the expensive vases on the tables lining the hallway, hurtling them behind him. He hoped the crashing of the splintering glass would create enough of a diversion for She-Babe, putting her out of commission once her feet began to swell. He runs with only one thing in mind: finding you. You’d know what to do.
Until he reaches the exit. A growl sounds around the corner, and he knows She-Babe is approaching. But he also knows what he has to do. 
Fortunately, the gala was being held on the same street as your office, Seokjin spotting the building quickly. The event had led to a momentary lapse in security in the building itself, and Seokjin was quickly able to sneak past the singular night guard, who’d fallen asleep. He makes it to the elevators just in time to see a bolt of green fire blast through the revolving doors in the lobby.
Sifting through his brain, Seokjin remembers a conversation with you on your very first day of work, the two of you sitting outside as you’d pointed out the floor your boss’ office was on. Pulling out his pager, he dials for help.
“Won-sik? I need you to tell me how to prevent someone from accessing a server. Oh, and also maybe how to disable an ultrasonic sound wave?”
Won-sik’s calm voice serves as his guiding presence, and Seokjin’s fingers tap across the keys. The dim computer is the only light source in the room, and he hopes She-Babe tears the whole office apart before she comes looking for him.
“Almost there,” he taps his foot, watching the bar move, little by little. He smells the smoke before seeing it, green flames exploding through the door. The force of it knocks him back, She-Babe’s face the last thing he sees before everything fades to black.
. . . 
Stumbling out of the bathroom, you frown. There’s no one out in the hallway. Weird. Usually, the older crowd would be getting ready to turn in for the night. 
The tune from your pager rings in your ears, and you realize that in the bathroom, you’d missed ten calls from Won-sik.
“What’s the sitc–” you begin, but his frantic voice cuts you off.
“They took him, ___. They took Jin.”
“Who took him?” The call cuts off before you get an answer, and you scream in frustration. This had to be the work of Drakken.
Your ears prick up, hearing someone in the hallway approach you.
“Well, well, we meet again, dear,” She-Babe drawls, a gruesome smirk on her face. “I don’t see your little boy toy here, though. Oh yeah, maybe that’s because he’s out cold on your boss’ floor!”
She cackles, throwing her head back. Her joy is interrupted when you run to her, swinging your leg out to kick her in the stomach.
“Don’t. Hurt. Him.”
Your teeth are clenched, and you land a punch to her face.
“Oh, you’re gonna regret that,” she seethes, a bolt of fire knocking you down.
“Fight me, ____. You’ll never win this time.”
And fight her, you do. The two of you go at it for what seems like forever until you’re broken and bruised and panting with sweat. This was a colossal waste of time. Somewhere out there, Seokjin was hurt. And you needed to get to him, by any means possible.
“Alright, you win.” Slumping to your knees, you kneel in front of her, and her brows raise in surprise.
Pleading, you press your palms together. “You can have whatever you want; just take me to him, please.”
Tumblr media
Pressing your cheeks against the cold bars of the cell, you wonder how you’d ever be able to get out. Darken and She-Babe were long gone. She’d taken all your gadgets and locked you up before rushing back to the office building to complete the cyber-attack.
Seokjin sleeps across from you, cuts and bruises littering his handsome face. He looks worse for wear, blood oozing from his split lip. Pushing closer to him, your hands come up, cupping his face, and you gently run your fingers up and down, hoping it’ll soothe him while he sleeps. It was your fault he was in this condition in the first place. You’d dragged him into crime-fighting back in high school. Now the regret of your choice hangs above your head like a weight, waiting to drop. Why couldn’t you just have been his normal best friend? One who didn’t get mixed up into trouble at every trouble.
Maybe then you could’ve been normal teenagers that grew up doing normal things. Maybe then you could’ve had a chance together.
Sadness seeps into your veins, and you hang your head in shame. 
“Maybe I’m not so extraordinary after all,” you confess softly, holding his hand in yours. “I couldn’t save the day this time.”
Seokjin’s eyes flutter as you speak, his breathing returning to normal.
“Not true,” he rasps, pulling you to him. Your foreheads touch, and you suck in a breath. “You’re ___ ___. You are my hero, and you’re far from ordinary.”
Eyes misting, you clutch his hand tightly to your chest. “Seokji–.”
“Shh, let me finish,” he whispers. “A lot of people call me a dork or a dweeb. But they don’t know that I’m the luckiest guy in the world. I’m lucky to have fallen in love with the most extraordinary girl and that I get to see her do all these amazing kickass things. That I get to be by her side.”
He chokes on the last words, and you sob harder. He’d been in love with you this whole time? God, you were a pair of fools, tearfully holding each other in a cell.
“It’s you, Seokjin,” your eyes glimmer with realization, melting into his soft touch. “I love you too. I’ve always loved you.”
His lips surge towards yours, and you meet him halfway. There are no shy brushes, no chaste pecks. You’re kissing your best friend. Like really kissing him, and sparks erupt underneath your skin. The air around you crackles with electricity, but there’s a warmth in your chest. One that feels like you’ve finally come home. 
Seokjin’s fingers dig into your waist, pulling you closer to him. Your airy sigh is the cue he needs to deepen the kiss, tilting his head and slipping his tongue inside, and you let out a small whimper, digging your fingers into the hair at the back of his neck.
A loud clatter breaks you apart with a jolt, and you look to see something has fallen out of Seokjin’s pocket. 
“Where did you get this?”
Seokjin pulls away with a huge grin, his lips red from kissing for so long. “You love me.”
“I do,” you giggle, smoothing his ruffled hair. 
“I’ve had that sitting in my pocket since I got the suit. I went to see Ryujin that day. Turns out it wasn’t Ryujin, but She-Babe in disguise.”
You gape at him. “Are you for real?”
Diving back in, you press a series of tiny pecks to his face, watching the tips of his ears turn red.
“You. Are. A. Genius.”
The cell bars are no match for the lipstick laser, the metal melting away. You and Seokjin step out of the holding, and he looks at you quizzically, silently asking what’s next.
Taking your hand in his, you explain: “We have a gala to save.”
Tumblr media
Darken swings around in the office chair, staring gleefully at your boss’ computer. The download was nearly complete, and soon he’d be among the wealthiest men in the world.
“I winnnn,” he says in a sing-song voice. “I win!!!!”
In the corner, She-Babe rolls her eyes. She’d done over half the work.
The door opens with a loud bang, and Darken turns around, looking for the intruder. His face pales in shock when he sees you, Seokjin, and Odeng waiting for him, stern looks on your face,
“Not so fast, Darken.”
“She-Babe, attack!” Darken screams. She sighs heavily before jumping into action.
“You two can’t get enough of me, can you? Say, maybe we should set this all aside, spend time together in some other way….”
“Over my dead body,” you punch her square in the face.
“Have it your way,” she growls.
The office lights up with green flames and bolts from the lipstick laser, the weapons creating a terrifying backdrop to the macabre dance that ensues between you and She-Babe. You wrestle on the ground, taking turns pinning each other down and Darken watches with glee.
Seokjin, on the other hand, is confident he doesn’t have anything to worry about. 
“Boo-yah! That’s my girlfriend,” he cheers you on, jumping up and down. You pause the fight momentarily, looking up at him, your eyes widening in disbelief. He smiles shyly, giving you a thumbs up, but the moment is interrupted by She-Babe clipping the side of your head.
“Love makes me sick,” she groans.
“Funny, you make me sicker.” And with that final declaration, you knock her out, a sucker punch to the throat. But it’s too late. The download is nearly complete, with only fifteen seconds remaining. Not nearly enough time to crack the code.
“Nice try,” Darken taunts, eyes gleaming when he watches the countdown go down.
All of a sudden, the computer screen shuts off, turning black.
“NOOOOOOOO,” Darken yells, falling to his knees. “What happened?”
“You forgot the third member of our team.” Seokjin gives Darken a smug smile, pointing underneath the table. Odeng stands there next to a chewed-up wire.
“You’re finished, Darken.”
“I’ll be back,” he screams, wagging a finger at you. From behind, a helicopter approaches. He drags She-Babe on board.
“This isn’t the last you’ve heard of meeee!”
Eventually, the helicopter disappears, becoming nothing more than a speck in the distance. Seokjin chuckles at the mess surrounding you.
“I sure hope your boss has good insurance ___.”
You beam at him, the giddiness you’d felt earlier during the kiss returning tenfold. He loved you. And you loved him. The hazy air blows around you, the city lights twinkling out the window. The moment is magical, the perfect end to your summer. Until you hear a squeak from behind you.
“Odengie!” You coo. “Good job, baby! You did so well.”
“He’s honestly saved our asses more than I can count,” Seokjin grins.
Odeng continues to squeak, backing away until he runs out the door.
“ODENG!” Seokjin yells, running to catch him. 
“Wait for me!” You rush after the two of them, your laughter echoing into the night air.
Tumblr media
After chasing Odeng, the two of you find yourself back at the gala building, breathless and slightly exhausted from tonight’s events.
Your pager goes off, and you look down to see a thumbs-up message from Won-sik. The faint strings of a guitar can be heard, and you smile. The music’s back on, which means that Won-sik succeeded in undoing Darken’s sound waves. Everyone would be alright.
Stepping towards the threshold, you pause. In the midst of everything that had happened, you’d forgotten about one thing. Han. He’d been so kind to you tonight, offering to be your company. You didn’t want to lead him on any longer now that you and Seokjin stood on the same page.
Something interrupts your field of vision, and you turn to see Seokjin offering you his arm. Despite his rough appearance, he looks like a complete gentleman, and you curse yourself for taking so long to realize that he was the one for you, and he’d been right by your side the entire time.
“Won-sik said no one remembers being knocked out,” he whispers. “Which means that if you want, we can restart the night over. The way it should have been in the first place.”
Linking your arm through his, you press a kiss to his cheek. “I’d love that.”
The two of you make your way back into the ballroom, the guests continuing to chatter away and drink their champagne. DTS is still up on the stage, with W taking the mic. He hums the first few notes before launching a slower, more romantic song.
Seokjin gives you a look of anticipation, silently asking if you want to dance, but there’s something else you have to do first. You give him a wave, telling him you’ll be back, and approach the one person you need to talk to, standing alone by the bar.
“Hey,” you say, and Han turns towards you. “How are you?”
“Doing fine,” Han smiles, and it doesn’t reach all the way up to his eyes. That’s when you remember he probably watched you walk in, arm in arm with Seokjin. 
“Han, you’ve been wonderful. Amazing really. I couldn’t have asked for a better date to come to the gala. And I’m saying this because I don’t want to lead you on and because you deserve someone who’ll love you back as much as you love them.”
“Someone like Seokjin-hyung?” he asks, and your face pales. He places a reassuring hand on your shoulder. “I kind of always knew there was something in between you two… I guess I thought I could just change your mind. But I can’t, can I?
Your eyes become cloudy, and you hate yourself for breaking his heart. “I’m so sorry, Han.”
“It’s alright, ___.” Han’s smile is full of nothing but warmth and acceptance. “You should go. He’s waiting for you.”
You follow his finger behind you, a few feet away, where Seokjin stands against a pillar, a worried look on his face.
Wiping your tears, you wish him well and watch as he approaches another girl by the bar, striking up a conversation with her.
Seokjin doesn’t even wait a second before rushing to your side, wrapping his arms around your waist, asking if you’re okay.
“I’ll be fine,” you sigh, nuzzling into the space between his neck and shoulder. “We’ll all be fine.”
Behind you, W slows down, finishing and launching into another slow song, carried by the live band’s instrumentals.
Seokjin knows he doesn’t even have to ask, but he’s been waiting for this moment all summer. “Dance with me?”
Your face lights up again, and he swears he wants to see you smile at him like that for the rest of his life. But right here, and right now, this was enough.
The two of you sway with each other for a while, eyes closed and enjoying the music. You relish the feel of Seokjin’s strong body against yours, holding you tightly. He’d always been a safe place for you. First as your best friend, then as your partner, and now as your boyfriend. The future no longer seemed like it would be full of unfulfilled dreams and regrets but happy memories and smiles, all born from the love between you two.
W croons the last note, bowing and thanking everyone for their time, and your eyes finally open. Seokjin looks down at you fondly, and you realize you weren’t dreaming. This was real, and he was finally yours.
“Let’s get out of here,” he grins.
Tumblr media
The Uber ride back to his apartment is full of anticipation, the two of you holding your breath as you watch the lights pass you. The driver says nothing about the way you lean your head against his shoulder or how Seokjin’s arm curves around your waist possessively, instead bidding you good night with a mischievous smile.
“What was that all about?” you mumble against him in the elevator.
“___.” Your name sounds different coming from Seokjin’s lips. His voice is lower, a rasp present, and you shiver, even though it’s warm outside. “You didn’t think the night would be over so soon, did you? I have more planned.”
“Oh yeah,” you challenge him, now wide awake. “Tell me about it.”
“I’d rather show you,” he smirks.
Ignoring your squeak of protest, Seokjin leans in, smashing his lips against yours. The kiss is frenzied, picking back up right where you left off last time, except there’ll be no interruptions this time. The floors go up, up, up, but you fail to notice, focused only on how his tongue slips into your mouth.
Groaning, Seokjin feels for the slit in your dress, pushing your thigh around his waist. The change in position means you feel every solid muscle of his against your body, and your hips move of their own accord, grinding down wherever you can. 
“Fuck,” he groans. “You look so hot in this dress. I could have come in my pants the first time I saw you in it.”
His filthy words tease a whine from your throat, pulling him back towards you. The two of you make out for what seems like hours, even though the elevator up to his floor is only a few short minutes. You separate, and Seokjin looks sin incarnate: hair tousled, flushed skin, and swollen lips. You’re unable to take your eyes off him as he leads you down the hallway, fumbling with the code on his door. 
His flustered antics make you smile but also cause a strange heat to unfurl in your belly; you had some idea of what would happen tonight, but you hadn’t really thought before about what Seokjin was like in bed. The lock finally opens, and Seokjin stumbles in, dragging you behind him.
He reaches into his pocket, and your face pales. “Shit. We forgot about Odengie.”
The two of you burst into quiet laughter, careful not to wake the sleeping sugar glider as Seokjin puts him to bed. He’s so gentle and cautious with Odeng, and you feel love bloom in your chest just looking at the two of them, wondering how you’d gotten so lucky.
“Okay, where were we?”
. . . 
Seokjin thinks he must be dreaming. No, he’s pretty sure tonight is all just one perfect dream that’ll be gone as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Because the Seokjin at the beginning of the summer could never have imagined a situation like this.
Sinking to your knees, you look up at him through heavy-lidded lashes, reaching out to fish out his cock from his briefs. Your eyes widen when it springs forward.
“How the fuck,” you breathe heavily. “Is that supposed to fit inside me?”
You think he’s going to crack another dad joke, expecting to hear his windshield wiper laugh any moment now. But Seokjin’s eyes are dark, dilated with lust. The way he towers over you makes you shrink under his intense gaze, and you feel your core throb with need.
He bends down slightly, roughly turning your face up towards him. His thumb rubs against your swollen lips, smearing your dark lipstick all over your face.
“You’ll take what I give you, baby.” He says stormily. “Every inch of it. Now suck.”
The dominance in his tone has you clenching around nothing, clit pulsing with desire at this newfound side of him. Your lips wrap tentatively around his head, giving small kitten licks as you make your way upwards. 
“Ughhh, that’s it, keep going, baby.” His groans spur you to become bolder, opening to engulf his entire girth in your mouth. You can feel wetness soak your panties underneath your dress, running messily down your thighs. You decide to continue like this for a while, taking more and more of his length each time, until your nose presses against the fine hairs of his happy trail. You moan around his cock, and the vibrations make him curse.
“Holy fuck, ___, you take me so well, babe. If your mouth feels this good, I can’t wait to know what your pussy feels like.”
You pull off his cock with a pop!, wide eyes looking up at him. The desire within you could no longer be contained, and you finally decide to give in, letting go of all your inhibitions. 
“Fuck me, please, Seokjin, want to choke on your cock so bad.”
No sooner than the plea comes out of your mouth, Seokjin shoves his cock back inside, pushing until he feels the muscles of your throat contract around him.
“Fuuuck, you have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do this.” His hand comes down to pull at your hair, leaving you limp and at his mercy completely. His hips piston, pushing his cock in and out of your mouth, going deeper every single time until you feel tears prick at the corner of your lids.
“Look at you, my pretty little cockslut. If I had known you loved sucking dick this much, I would have made sure your mouth was full of it every day.”
His taunts make you quiver, your wanton moans edging him to keep going. The need in your core has become overwhelming, and you slip your fingers under your dress, pushing your panties to the side. 
Seokjin notices you falter on his cock, looking down to see you rubbing at your swollen bud, grinding back and forth against your fingers. Cute, he thinks. But it wasn’t gonna fly. The only way he wanted you coming was around his cock.
You can feel yourself coming close, close, close, until Seokjin’s arms wrap around you, pulling you off his cock sharply.
“Noooo,” you beg. “Please, I was so close.”
“Tough luck, babe. Now let me see what’s under that dress.”
The green satin cascades to the floor, revealing you clad in only a pair of black lace panties. 
“On the bed,’ Seokjin commands, hovering over your prone figure.
Leaning back, you melt into his soft pillows, your entire body relaxed and on display for him. His lips ghost over your own, teasing you, before moving to press hungry kisses down your neck and the tops of your breasts. Your nipples ache, begging for his touch, and he reads you immediately, swirling his fingers over the buds before giving the left one a sharp tug. A broken moan leaves your lips.
“More, please. I need more.”
He wastes no time; one hand pulls at your nipple while the other ghosts between your legs, pulling at your panties until you hear a rip!
“Hey!” you protest but are promptly silenced by one of his fingers on your lips and two others shoved into your wet cunt.
“Mmph!” you whine, arousal gushing from you as he thrusts his fingers in and out, curling them inside you to hook against your walls. “I’m gonna come!”
Your back arches when he presses against a specific spot, rubbing circles against your clit at the same time and the familiar burn of your orgasm begins to rise, building in your stomach.
Only to be violently ripped away again. Your eyes are wet, tears streaming down your face from the ruined orgasms, and Seokjin pushes the sweaty strands of hair from your face.
“I’m gonna fuck you now,” he says, and his tone is no longer the same menacing dominant one. It’s petered out to a more gentle one, one that signifies that he’ll take care of you.
You can hear your heart racing, watching him slip away to roll on a condom. When he returns, he pauses, eyes boring into yours, asking for permission to keep going.
You stroke his cheeks, nodding your consent. “I love you.”
“I love you too ___. Always have and always will.”
He pushes into you slowly, groaning when he feels your walls widening to accommodate him. The two of you stay there for a few moments, catching your breath before you tell him it’s okay to move. His hips snap lazily against yours, fucking you slowly and deeply, the wet sounds of your arousal the only thing you can hear.
This time, you don’t feel the same burning need you had the two times before. Instead, your orgasm washes over you gently, like a wave lapping at the shore. You float breathlessly on a high, Seokjin following you not long after.
You remain entangled together, Seokjin’s shallow breaths fanning against your neck until you decide to break the silence.
“Where did that come from? I never knew you were so hot.”
“___, you’re kidding, right? You’re the hottest girl I’ve ever seen.”
“Shut up, Kim.”
“Make me.”
. . .
You wake to cold sheets, Seokjin’s warm presence no longer next to you. Rubbing your eyes, you call out for him but hear nothing. 
Making your way out of bed, you stretch your sore muscles, flushing as you remember last night with Seokjin. When you walk into the living room, he’s nowhere to be found, the TV blaring. Frantic, you look all over for your phone, sighing in relief when you see a text from him.
“Went out to go get breakfast.”
Relieved that he hasn’t abandoned you, you take a seat on his couch, turning on the TV. A news Channel immediately pops up, and much to your surprise, they’re reporting on the events of last night. Nothing is mentioned of Darken or you and Seokjin; instead, it focuses mainly on the break-in and cyber-attack at the office. What does relieve you is the mention of the real Ryujin, who was rescued and returned safe and sound.
The door clicks faintly, Seokjin walking in to see you focused on the screen. 
“You know,” he drawls out. “Maybe it was a relief She-Babe tricked me in the first place, or else Ryujin would be sitting here right now.”
You smirk to yourself, the food’s scent permeating your nostrils and making you hungry.
“Please, there’s no one else who’d spend the weekend with you eating Nacho Loco. Let’s be real.”
Seokjin walks up to you, pressing a kiss into your messy hair.
“Maybe you’re right. So, what else are we going to do on this fine weekend morning besides inhaling greasy breakfast burritos?”
Rolling your eyes, you slap his arm.
“I’m still sore from last night, don’t get any ideas.”
The look on his face is smug, but he pulls you into a hug.
“We can do anything now; we have all the time in the world.”
His declaration is immediately followed by the tune of your pager beeping. The two of you look at each other in mock horror before you open up the pager.
“Hey Won-sik, what’s the sitch?” Seokjin is the one to answer with your signature line.
“Seokjin??? But this is ___’s pager; what’s going on? Ohhhhhh…. Oh! Holy shit! You guys did it; you actually got together!”
His excited screams echo through the receiver, the two of you listening on, knowing another mission awaits.
“There go our plans,” you sigh.
“Wrong! There’s no one else I’d rather save the world with. You ready, ___?”
“Let the first joint team Kim-___ mission begin.”
Tumblr media
A/N pt 2: As always, any feedback or comments are much appreciated, but I appreciate you all anyway. Lots of love, Isi 💜
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rapline-heaux · 22 hours ago
Possess Your Heart - 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: tattoo artist! fwb! Yoongi x cam girl! reader (ot7 x reader overall)
Genre: smut, angst, fluff, thriller
Rating: Explicit smut so 18+ only! Minors DNI
Words: ~5.4k
Warnings: implied stalking, sex work (she’s a cam girl y’all), masturbation (f), tattooed Yoongi (yes that’s a warning), fwb, daddy kink, Yoongi calls her kitten a lot (and kitty, pet, and brat lol), super mild degradation, shibari, choking, lingerie ripping, marking, jealousy, teasing, manhandling, finger sucking, subspace, consent and kink conversation, safeword establishing (safeword is not used), emotional vulnerability 🥴, fingering, discussion of cockwarming, pet play kink if you squint, crying, dacryphilia lol, unprotected vaginal sex (mentioned that reader has IUD), aftercare, break-in (implied).
A/n: I’m so sorry this has taken 7000 years lol. Id love to hear your thoughts on this and if there are any warnings I’ve missed please let me know 🖤 beta read so she should be crisp
Day 2150:
She smells like raspberries today. I wish I could hold her, but she‘s always just out of reach.
It’s like she doesn’t see me at all, even though I’m with her all the time. She has no idea what I’d do for her, what I already do for her. But she’ll see soon. She’s almost ready, I can tell.
She didn’t see them today at least. I hate when I know they’ve been close to her when I can’t be. I have to remember she’s fragile, soft.
She’ll see when it’s time. She needs me.
I love her. And she’ll love me too.
She watched herself in the monitor, acrylic nails running over her skin as she pulled up the hem of her shirt, revealing the thin straps that crossed her torso in intricate patterns.
The sensual beat of her playlist drowned out her thoughts as she put on a show, just for herself for now. Jin’s new stipulations meant more live-streams, and less time for pre-recorded content, which she always found to be less anxiety inducing. School, work, and the pressure to keep going live had left her no choice but to ignore her friends, cancel her plans, and make time to fulfill her requested content.
She’d chosen a pretty, delicate moth mask to film in; one Yoongi had bought for her at an art market after seeing her mask collection. She could still remember the shy look on his face when he had given it to her, buying it after she’d walked away after deciding it was too expensive. He merely handed it to her, as if it was nothing, but she saw the small quirk of his lips as she gasped and thanked him. He’d brushed off her thanks, and her insistence that he hadn’t needed to buy it for her — but the way his hand tightened around hers had made her heart flutter.
She felt her mind getting hazy thinking about him as she unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing, coincidentally his shirt. She’d slipped it on over the expensive lingerie set she bought that afternoon, finding it buried underneath the clothes she’d tried on before going out. She couldn’t remember him leaving it there, but Yoongi always did have a bad habit of leaving his clothes around her apartment. But the smell of him on the sleeves and in the collar had her head spinning. Memories flickered in her mind as she shivered — his hands on her, his deep groans, the soft clinking of his necklaces as he hovered above her.
She let the flannel hang off her shoulders as she swayed in place to the beat of the music she had filtering through her speakers, her hands trying to replicate what Yoongi would have done if he’d been there. His touch was always confident, and consuming in a way that she found herself addicted to. She let her fingers slip under the black material, running a finger through her folds, moaning softly. It was almost embarrassing how turned on she felt just thinking about him; her breath catching in her throat when she ran her finger over the hickey he’d left on the junction of her thigh.
It had nearly faded entirely since the last time she’d seen him — Yoongi never let her leave without giving her a few marks — but she still covered them with makeup. It made their presence seem more sacred, more real. They weren’t the only marks Yoongi left on her body she had to cover, but she cherished the impermanence of the love bites even more.
Yoongi’s flannel was soon on the floor next to her as she picked up the small vibrator that she’d pulled out, along with a few other toys she thought would be fun to show off.
The black bands of fabric that covered her body felt almost like a harness, but less secure than the tight length of rope was. She’d never let anyone tie her up — she was sure Yoongi or Jungkook would do it if she asked — but the timing never felt right. Jungkook always had some new idea for a video they had to try, and Yoongi had always seemed to shy away from really dominating her the way she wanted him to. The way she knew he could.
She was so lost in her own thoughts, and her pleasure, she didn’t hear the jingling of keys, and the click of the deadbolt coming undone. What she did hear though was the sound of something heavy hitting the floor in her entryway.
“Is this what you bailed on dinner for, kitten?” Yoongi asked, a teasing lilt to his voice. She was too far gone to feel ashamed about being caught, all she wanted now was to have him touch her. “You needed to come home and get all dressed up and take care of yourself?”
“Yoongi,” she whined, feeling another wave of arousal surge through her.
He smiled, kicking her door closed with a small slam, “Yes?” The way he was looking at her made her shiver — she’d never seen him look at her like that before.
“Please, I need you to take care of me,” she moaned, circling her clit gently with the pad of her finger.
“Kitten, I already do take care of you,” he smirked, “That’s why I brought you some food, but here I find my good girl fucking herself on the floor. What’s that about?” He asked, leaning against her door as he watched her. Goosebumps broke out across her skin — this was the Yoongi she knew was hiding under the surface. He’d always backed off at the last second, but the way he was looking at her, and talking to her, made her think she’d finally gotten him to snap.
“Yes, fuck Yoon, you always take care of me, you take such good care of me baby,” she whined, “But I need you to fuck me, please, I need you, you’re the only one who I want—“
“Is that right? You need me to fuck you? And I’m the only one you want? Then what are you doing, hm kitten? You know if you want to try out some new things, all you have to do is ask,” he scolded her, kicking off his shoes and dropping his jacket in her entryway.
“It’s for work, Yoongs, but I started thinking about you and I got all—“ she whined, words tumbling out of her mouth so fast he had trouble understanding her. But she was cut off by Yoongi surging forward, his palm against her sternum as he pushed her backwards into the pile of pillows behind her, flexing his fingers experimentally around her throat as he ripped the mask off her face with his other hand.
“And what kind of work do you do dressed like this, hm kitten?” He asked. “Wearing the mask I bought you and fucking yourself half naked in your living room?” His voice was calm but she knew him — she could see the ice in his stare as he pinned her down under his gaze.
“Yoon, you know I do stuff like this I’ve told you before I was gonna film—“ she began but he cut her off with his fingers tightening around the column of her neck before releasing the pressure.
“You never told me you did anything like this. Have you been keeping secrets from me?” He asked, raising an eyebrow at her as he moved between her legs.
“No, Yoon, I’d never keep secrets from you. I thought you knew,” she shook her head. He smiled and nodded, running his free hand along her skin, just the way she’d been imagining. His fingers splayed out against her thighs, pushing up toward her hips. She gasped, feeling the sting of one of the straps of fabric snapping against her skin.
“I think my kitten was feeling neglected,” he sighed, “I mean look at this little outfit you have on. If you want a harness, daddy can make you one,” he said with a smile, the nickname he’d given himself making her pussy flutter, “But if I give you this, baby, you’ve gotta do something for me.”
“Anything,” she whispered in response, as Yoongi leaned forward, caging her underneath him.
His smile made her nervous. Yoongi was usually reasonable, generally not one to push her boundaries or try to manipulate her, but the way he was staring at her, like a predator about to devour some poor helpless thing he’d caught in his trap.
“You’re gonna let me put a pretty little tattoo right…” he whispered, trailing his pretty, tattooed fingers over the junction of her hip, pressing firmly into the spot where she knew he’d left a mark, “…here.”
She moaned softly, feeling him press into the tender flesh as she nodded. He’d already given her multiple tattoos, what was another to her? But at the same time, it felt different. More intimate somehow. Like he was laying claim to her and wanted the world to know.
“I’m not finished, pet,” he cooed, kissing her forehead, “You’re not gonna cover this one in any videos. So everyone can see my pretty little mark on my pretty little kitten.”
“Fuck, Yoongi. Whatever you want, I just want you,” she sighed, feeling his fingers tangle in her hair.
“Good girl,” he whispered before pressing his lips to hers firmly. She let her body relax in his hold, wrapping her legs around his waist to pull him closer, feeling his clothed erection pressed her weeping cunt. She whined impatiently, rolling her hips against him. “Settle down kitten, I’ll give you my cock soon enough.”
She whined again, the brat in her deciding to make an appearance, “But Yoongs I want it now,” she pouted before a stinging slap was delivered to her inner thigh. Yoongi’s eyebrows were furrowed and his glare was dark, making her shrink. All the boldness, and bratiness she'd been feeling was gone instantly, “I’m sorry daddy, I didn’t mean it.”
Yoongi’s eyes softened slightly before he pressed another kiss to her forehead, “That’s right, you want to be my good kitten don’t you?” He asked, making her nod eagerly. “So don’t be a brat, and stay right there,” he snapped.
She suppressed a dissatisfied groan as he pushed himself away from her, standing up from his spot between her open knees. He smirked down at her evilly.
“If my kitten needs a harness, then she’ll get a harness,” he explained, disappearing into her bedroom before coming back with the soft pink rope she kept under her bed. She felt shame creep up her spine as her brain struggled to process what was happening.
“Where did you—“ she mumbled, but the words died in her throat as Yoongi pulled the shirt off his back. The black ink covering his arms and part of his chest never failed to make her brain power down instantly. And it really didn’t help that he’d been going to the gym recently.
Yoongi wasn’t especially tall, nor necessarily broad but how he held himself, the energy he projected, was massive; his aura was domineering, firm, and unwavering. Yoongi also wasn’t small by any means, not in the same way Jimin was. His giant hands easily wrapped around her throat, and on more than one occasion he’d lifted her with such ease it made her feel dizzy.
But seeing him towering over her, a baby pink rope in one hand and unbuttoning his pants with the other, dominance rolling off him in waves as she squirmed on the floor, naked at his feet pushed her so hard into subspace so quickly she almost felt nauseous.
“Kitten, you’re okay,” Yoongi cooed softly, dropping the rope in a pile next to her as he fell to his knees, wiping a tear she didn’t know had fallen from her face. “Why the tears, pet? You’re safe with me, you know that. You’ve got your safeword and I would never, ever, ignore that. Do you remember what it is, kitten? Can you tell me what your safeword is?”
“Peaches,” she hiccuped, nuzzling her face into Yoongi’s palm.
“That’s right kitten, good girl,” he smiled, pulling her into his lap. “We’re just trying something new, that’s all. And if you hate it, say the word and we’ll stop. But you asked me to take care of you, and I will, as long as you still want me to.”
The sharp mint and stale coffee she’d smelled on the flannel was heightened as she let it wash over her, clearing her mind and settling her nerves. He was right — they’d talked about limits before and established a safeword that she’d used on occasion, and never once had Yoongi been anything but respectful and considerate when she did. “I’m sorry, daddy,” she sniffled into his shoulder, before pressing her lips to his skin feverishly.
“Shh, none of that, kitten,” he sighed, “You know you don’t have to apologize for being scared. Do you want to continue for tonight? Or do you need daddy to hold you instead?”
She squirmed, feeling the unbuttoned denim against her exposed folds. “Please,” she whispered, beginning to suck a bruise into the soft skin of his neck. It was mostly hidden by the tattoos that swirled around the skin, but she could see the purple beginning to form when she pulled back with a pop. “I want you inside me.”
He threw his head back with a groan, his hand sneaking up her body before taking hold of her hair, yanking her back from his neck, “My good little kitty,” he smirked, staring in her eyes, “Now open your mouth.”
She obeyed immediately, staring at him with wide eyes before he pushed two his fingers into her mouth, her lips closing around them and sucking obediently.
He groaned again in response, pulling the digits out of her mouth before shoving them into her cunt hastily. She hissed in response to the sudden intrusion and the stretch, but it didn’t hurt — all of the teasing had her on edge already.
“Fuck, kitten,” he groaned, “You’re so wet, all for me,” he nearly growled, removing his fingers from inside her and shoving them in his mouth with a deep, reverberating moan. The sight of it had her shivering in anticipation, her hips rocking against him shallowly when his eyes snapped open. “You have 30 seconds to get on your bed, this thing,” he snarled, snapping the fabric against her skin, “off you, unless you want me to rip it apart.”
She didn’t stop to question him, scrambling off his lap and sprinting the short distance to her room. Her hands shook as she tried to pull the lingerie off her body. She knew he wasn’t joking — he’d ripped more pairs of underwear than she cared to count and had even ripped a pair of her shorts when he’d been desperate to fuck her after finishing the tattoo that sat prettily beneath her tits.
“Times up,” Yoongi whispered in her ear from behind her, making her jump as he grabbed her by the hips, lifting her off the floor.
He crossed the short distance to her bed before throwing her down on the comforter with a bounce. She barely had time to think before he was on top of her, hands gathering as much fabric as he could before tearing it with a single decisive tug. She gasped, a small frown growing on her face, “But daddy those were expensive.”
“I’ll buy you more kitten,” he smirked, before his head dipped down, kissing his way across her chest, tongue and teeth trailing over the tattoos he had marked into her skin. She moaned and writhed in his hold, her hands tangling in his hair. He tsked, sitting back on his heels, pulling her hands out of his hair. “I didn’t tell you that you could touch me, and you still need to be patient.”
The tone of his voice made her shrink, tears welling in her eyes as he caged her in, “I-I’m sorry, daddy, I-I didn’t know I-I couldn’t—“
“You won’t get punished, kitten, because you’re right. I didn’t tell you. But you know now, and I expect you to follow my rules,” he said firmly, raising an eyebrow. She nodded, sucking her lip between her teeth and biting down hard to keep the tears from spilling. “Kitten, I need you to use your words, and I need you to tell me what’s got you so emotional. I’ve never seen you so scared of me, and I definitely haven’t seen you nearly cry because of the tone of my voice.”
She sucked in a stuttering breath before the tears started pouring down her face, curling in on herself. “I don’t know! I feel like you’re mad at me and it’s the only reason you’re willing to dom me like this because you’re jealous and I don’t want to do that if it’s just because—“
“Whoa, slow down baby,” Yoongi hushed her easily, maneuvering her body so she was laying against his chest, “I’m not mad at you, and I’m a little jealous, but mostly because I could have been seeing this more often. Is that all, kitten?” He asked softly, trailing his fingertips over her face gently.
“You’re just… this isn’t how you usually act with me. It’s what I always try to get out of you, but you always stop yourself. I just… I feel like it’s because you’re—“
“I stop myself because you don’t ask for it. We’ve talked about kinks before and I didn’t want to push you because it’s something I wanted that you never said anything about,” he explained softly.
“But I told you I was a sub and—“
“Kitten, I can’t read your mind. If you want something from me, you need to ask,” he said seriously. “I don’t want to take more than you’re willing to give.”
“How about we both ask for what we want?” She asked hesitantly, looking up at him through her lashes as a smile broke across Yoongi’s face.
“I can work with that,” he sighed, ducking down to press a searing kiss to her lips. “Now, is there anything else? Or can I take care of my kitten now?” He smirked, pulling her back underneath him as his tongue ran down the column of her throat.
The anxiety that had bubbled in her chest settled as Yoongi’s hands splayed across her skin. His touch was less firm, less aggressive, and she didn’t realize how much she needed the Yoongi she knew. The one who brought her food because she was terrible at feeding herself, the one who bought her things she thought was pretty because he felt like it, and the one who’s touch never scared her, but made her feel alive.
“Daddy,” she sighed blissfully, letting her head tip backwards and her limbs go slack. The pleasant, familiar fuzziness in her brain crept up slowly as Yoongi’s fingers brushed over her inner thighs, “I trust you.”
Yoongi moaned, his fingers digging into the plush skin of her thighs, “Fuck, I love when you say that,” he said, sucking bruises down her stomach before attaching his lips to the fading hickey on her inner thigh — the one where she was going to let him put a tattoo. “I love hearing how much my kitten needs me, trusts me, wants me,” he groaned into her skin, smirking at the mark before diving into her folds with his tongue.
Her hands flew up to grab the slotted headboard, a keening moan leaving her as her back arched off the bed, hips trying to chase after the stimulation as he pulled away. “Fuck, daddy please!” She whined, but Yoongi simply laughed.
“I know kitten, I’m sorry, I don’t mean to keep edging you,” he cooed softly, patting her cheek almost condescendingly. The action made her cheeks heat and her eyes dart away from him. He always had a way of making her feel unbearably shy, bringing out kinks she never knew she had. “But I did promise to make you a pretty little harness, and I’ve got this pretty pink rope you hide under your bed.”
She whined, hooking her heels behind his back, trying to pull him closer, but he snatched one of her calves, bringing it up to sit on his shoulder as he kissed down the inside of her leg, hitting every spot she had a tattoo he’d done, despite them being covered with makeup.
“I know why you need to cover them, I wouldn’t want anyone to see and recognize you,” he sighed, sounding almost dejected, “but my marks look so pretty on you, and I want everyone to know that you’re mine, kitten.”
The tone of his voice made her tremble in anticipation and her body feel like it was floating; the possessiveness in his voice made her melt. She felt a wave of arousal seep into the comforter underneath her, a needy, desperate groan coming out of her against her will.
Yoongi simply smiled, slipping the rope under her back as he began to make a harness for her. Every brush of his fingers was torture, soothed only by the soft rope being tied to her body.
The more he worked, the more she was able to let go. The stress of her consistent lives, Seokjin’s new rules, and the concerning messages she kept receiving from one of her followers floated into nothingness. By the time she was done, she could barely keep her eyes open and her limbs felt like they were made of lead.
“My pretty little kitty feeling good?” He cooed, grabbing her face in his hand, squishing her cheeks gently. She hummed in response, a blissful smile on her face as he assessed her. “Good, I’m glad, now let’s see if you’re ready for me,” he smiled, sliding two of his fingers into her slowly.
A choked gasp was all she could manage, her eyes rolling back as his hand trailed from her jaw down to her throat, squeezing gently.
“That’s right, my good girl,” he whispered, working them inside her slowly as the heel of his hand ground onto her clit. She could barely speak to warn him before an abrupt orgasm was washing over her, her thighs quivering as she babbled nonsense and sucked in gasps.
She barely even noticed he’d pulled his fingers out of her until she felt his thick cock head at her entrance, her cunt stretching to allow him in. She moaned deeply, letting him press in slowly. The stretch felt incredible, and so distinctly Yoongi. She was immensely grateful for the feeling of every vein of Yoongi’s cock dragging against her walls.
“Fuck, daddy,” she gasped as he bottomed out, her body shaking as he held her against his body.
“One of these days, I’m gonna come over and you’re gonna sit on my cock all day,” he groaned, dropping his head into her neck, “how does that sound, hm? Not letting you go anywhere, or do anything, just impaled on my cock and drooling for me all day.”
“I want it,” she nodded, tears welling in her eyes as he started thrusting. Embarrassingly high pitched and desperate sounds came out of her against her will as he picked up his pace, the sound of skin slapping drowned out almost entirely by her.
“I know you do, kitten,” he smirked, “I’ll make you a pretty little harness, and get you a collar to match, keep you all fucked out and pliant for me,” he laughed. She nodded eagerly, her eyes rolling back in her head as he flipped them over so she was sitting in his lap, his back against the headboard
Whatever thoughts she had left in her head were gone after he changed position, the head of his cock pressing against her cervix, her mouth dropping open as the breath was sucked out of her.
She saw a sadistic smile spread across his face as he thrust into her sharply, causing the tears in her eyes to slip down her cheeks. “Oh, my pretty kitten is crying for my cock now? God you’re such a good girl,” he groaned, his tongue darting out to lick the tear off her skin.
The shocking tenderness mixed with the filthy depravity of his actions caused her heart to flutter and her pussy to clench around his length. “Fuck Yoongi, you’re going to ruin me.”
“That’s the idea,” he winked before capturing her hips, rocking her against him as he thrust shallowly. Every snap of his hips ripped a moan from her mouth, the tears falling freely down her face now. The sounds Yoongi was making pushed her closer to the edge — the deep, guttural, raspy voice of his was full of want. But what pushed her over the edge was the growl of her name as he bit her neck.
The sharp pain mingling with pleasure was enough to make her unravel, his name coming out of her mouth in a screech as she clung to him, her nails digging into the skin of his back, just under a tattoo she’d never seen before, leaving little red crescents in their wake.
Yoongi’s hands tightened around her — she was sure they’d leave bruises — as he came inside her. His hips stuttered against her, riding out their orgasms together. She loved the way he held her like he wanted to make her part of him — like he wanted to consume her. It made her feel safe, loved even.
The self consciousness she battled constantly crept up her spine as she let herself be held. She knew he didn’t love her — she didn’t think anyone would ever be able to love her, not really. Not when her own family hadn’t been able to manage that. But sometimes the way Yoongi held her made her believe it was possible, even for a second.
“Are you okay, kitten? You’re still crying,” Yoongi asked after they both regained their breath, rubbing her lower back gently. She nodded, suppressing a sniffle as she willed herself to stop the tears from coming out. “Hey, talk to me,” he whispered, pulling her back from his neck with a gentle tug on the harness.
“It’s nothing, I'm just emotional,” she shrugged, forcing a smile onto her face, as he stared into her eyes.
“Nope. If we’re gonna do this, you can’t lie to me,” he said seriously. “I know you don’t like letting people into this fortress of yours, but I’m not going anywhere. Whatever it is, I can take it.”
She bit her lip in an attempt to stop the watery smile that grew on her face at his aggressive affection, but couldn’t find the words to say. Instead, she pushed herself forward, moulding her lips with his.
“I’m just glad you’re here,” she whispered against his lips before pulling away, giggling at the light pink on his neck and cheeks.
“Come on, kitten, we need to get you cleaned up and get new shit on the bed. We made a mess,” he smirked, easing out of her with a hiss. She felt herself tighten involuntarily, resulting in a firm slap to her ass, “Don’t fucking clench around me you brat,” he warned before pulling out all the way.
“You’re the one who wants to spend a whole day with me split open on your cock,” she huffed, feeling his cum seep out of her onto the already ruined sheets — thank fuck for IUD’s.
“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you get to be a brat while I’m trying to clean you up,” he chastised lightly, hauling her off the bed by her hands.
She took one shaky step forward before her legs gave out, nearly crumpling to the floor before Yoongi’s arms wrapped around her waist. “You fucked the bones out of my legs Yoongi,” she glared at him, “again.”
“Not my fault. You were begging for me,” he grinned, picking her up by the backs of her thighs and carrying her to the bathroom.
“You’re an asshole,” she mumbled into his neck before she gasped, her ass making contact with the freezing cold marble of her bathroom sink.
“You deserve that,” he chuckled, turning on the shower before turning back to her, his eyes going dark for a moment. “Fuck, seeing you all tied up…” he trailed off, his fingers slipping under the middle of the harness before pulling her flush to his chest. “I just wanna keep you like this, just for me.”
“We’ll have to do it again, then,” she smiled, kissing him softly. He hummed, biting her lip softly before pulling back. “But please take this off me so we can shower. I’m sweaty and I want to wash my hair.”
“Whatever you want kitten,” he agreed, undoing the knots with ease, the rope going slack around her before pooling on the counter. Without another word, he picked her up and carried her into the steaming shower.
She sighed, letting the hot water cascade down her back as she tightened her limbs around Yoongi who tried to put her down.
He laughed, kissing her temple, “Kitten, I’m gonna need to put you down to wash your hair,” he cooed.
“Fuck my hair,” she mumbled, exhaustion overwhelming her as the hot water released the tension from her muscles.
“Are you sure? I don’t want to hear complaints tomorrow when—“
“I’m sure,” she sighed, making him chuckle again.
“Whatever you say,” he agreed, “just hold onto me.”
Carefully, he unwound his arms from her, reaching around her to grab the washcloth and soap before rubbing it across her skin, allowing her to mouth along the tattoos that decorated his collarbones and shoulders, hands buried in his white blond hair.
He washed her silently, humming contentedly when she would tighten her grip around him, before turning off the water and wrapping her in a fluffy towel. Her fingers lazily traced over the tattoo across his shoulders, unable to figure out what it was from her vantage point. “Is this new, Yoongs?” She asked.
“Yeah, not finished yet. Got a few sessions left,” he answered, sounding uninterested, before turning his attention back to her, “I’m gonna clean all this up and get you some food, because knowing you, you haven’t fucking eaten today,” he muttered, glaring at her as she shrugged sheepishly, “Yeah that’s what I thought,” he rolled his eyes, setting her down on the chair by her bed and kissing her forehead.
“Will you toss me my phone if you see it?” She asked as he walked into the living room. He nodded as he disappeared around the corner. “What’d you bring me to eat, daddy?” She teased, getting a choke and cough in response.
His head reappeared in her doorframe, his face impassive, “You’re a menace. Here’s your phone,” he deadpanned, tossing her the thin black phone before disappearing again, a giggle leaving her lips.
“By the way, good job, kitten, I’m proud of you!” Yoongi called from the kitchen as she plugged her phone into the cord, waiting for it to turn back on.
“For what? Taking your cock so well I can’t walk?” She called back, hearing him laugh distantly.
“Well yeah, always proud of you for that. Even if you cry while you take it,” he said in response, and she could see the smug smile on his face in her head, “But I’m proud of you for fixing your microwave! The time is finally right.”
Her blood went cold as his words permeated her brain. She hadn’t changed the microwave clock, definitely not since she’d seen Seokjin. Her heart raced as panic flooded her brain.
Her fingertips went numb as she lost her grip on the phone in her hands, but Yoongi snatched it out of the air before it collided with the hardwood. The single notification on the screen nearly made her heart stop.
devoted2u: If you were mine, I’d never let another man touch you. You’d never need anyone other than me. I would be the only one you want. And God help anyone who tries to take you from me.
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ttaehyxng · a day ago
Tumblr media
Summary: He was enamored with you, finally realizing how corrupt and dangerous the world around you was now that he could see how pure you were in comparison. He would stop at nothing to become the only one you loved. No one but him deserved you attention and it was only a matter of time before you would agree.
A/N: This is my first fic that I've done in a very long time so apologies if it's not very good!!! On that same note any harsh criticism will crush me so please keep that in mind 🤪 huge thank you to @gethatcake and @asdfgtaeee for beta reading!!
Word count: 7k
Yandere! Artist! Taehyung x Naïve! Fem! Reader
This story is 18+ and contains triggering themes including: romanticism of yandere behavior, obsessive ideation, rape/non-con elements, somnophilia, kidnapping, heavy manipulation.
Other tags: slow burn, hyyh au!, crime family ot7 au!, soft yandere, cliff hanger ending but I've got most of the second part written so not really.
I do not condone the actions in this work of fiction!
You took his breath away. Taehyung knew he needed to consume you, keep you as his forever. He imagined you as his songbird, wings clipped, not being able independently survive. He was the only person in the world that deserved to be around you, listen to your beautiful voice, touch your soft body.
The only thing he craved in his life was something pure to call his own. He grew up too quickly being around violence and hatred constantly from his father. His father was an alcoholic and would often take out his anger on Taehyung, if not his mother and sister. You quickly became the light in his world, thoughts of having you as his own taking over his daily routine.
 The first time he saw you he felt like Hades gazing upon innocent Kore while she picked flowers, blissfully unaware of the attention that she had attracted. He wanted to take you then and there as Hades did and drag you to the underworld to keep forever, to taint, to turn you into his Persephone.
He met you in the hallway of his art studio, the shared building being rented out to multiple tenants to use however they wanted. Some lived in the studio apartments while others made their own working space. You were one who had been living in the studio apartment, you wanted a budget friendly option for living in the large city of Seoul for your office job. He approached you carefully, like he was trying to catch a butterfly without it slipping through his fingers. You were too distracted to notice, attempting to balance your groceries in one hand and unlock your apartment door with the other. He didn't want to watch you struggle for too long so he quickly offered his help. You were so surprised and grateful as you handed him your grocery bags, not noticing as his touch lingered a second too long on your arm as he took your burden from you. He thought it was cute how you started oversharing about how you needed to start taking two trips when bringing in your groceries as you unlocked your door. He peeked into your living space as you opened your door and turned around to take the groceries off of his hands.
You had a fairly simple apartment setup, the same layout as his art studio only with a couch in the center of the room facing a television, a bed in the corner next to the large windows looking out at the city, you had plenty of knick knacks displayed on the windowsills and bookshelves. He noticed that you loved florals and vintage style items, the interior of your apartment looked like it belonged to a cottage in the forest rather than an apartment in a big city.
Once you were settled with your groceries on the floor safely inside your apartment you enthusiastically thanked him for his help, bowing a few times. The feeling of your hand in his would be difficult to forget as you offered it to him to shake. He took your hand in both of his and shook a bit too enthusiastically, being quickly overwhelmed with so much newfound affection that he didn't know where to put it. He chuckled and reassured you that it was no problem at all stepping back and starting to walk away as you closed the door.  He was thrilled, cursing that he had never passed you in the hallway before while walking up to his studio but hoping that he was able to make a good first impression.
Ever since that day he obsessed over your routine, what time you would leave or arrive home, making note of the days where you would go grocery shopping or do laundry. He bumped into you often enough to satiate his desire to see you but not so often that you would notice and grow suspicious. Kept up late at night he would go through the small interactions that he had with you during the day, reliving the moment, thinking of ways to improve your image of him. If the world weren't so corrupt he could've asked you out on a date and tried to become your boyfriend. That wouldn't be enough, the only way he'd ever be sure that your eyes were only on him would be if he took you. He couldn't bear to think about anyone else tainting you, the thought made his blood boil to the point where he'd obsessively pour over the video feed from the hidden camera he'd installed in the hallway across from your door. Thankfully you seemed to be too involved in your paralegal job to have time for friends or dating so he'd never felt the fear of seeing another person enter your apartment.
He was an artist, the hobby started as spraying graffiti all over buildings in his youth and had led him to developing a passion for creating. You became his muse, even when he would start an art project with the intent to depict someone or something else he was always led back to you. The art studio was now filled with harsh sketches, paintings, even sculptures of you.
      He had his powerful friends use their connections to look into you, trying to learn everything he could. Not to his surprise your record was squeaky clean, you had been a good student in school, earning scholarships to go to college and law school with the goal of becoming a civil litigator. You seemed focused on staying on the straight and narrow to reach your goals. You were too good for this world. Luckily Taehyung was friends with Jung Hoseok, the young lawyer who had a far reaching network of clients and connections that allowed him and those close with him to get away with most everything as long as they did so quietly. Hoseok climbed the ladder of success quickly and he was now a partner of the law firm that you were working at.
Taehyung and his friends had all met as middle schoolers but as they grew older they grew in status and power. The seven each had unique jobs, the ultimate goal was to help one another and themselves. Taehyung fit into the puzzle by creating works of fine art which would then be appraised at a high value. The appraiser would then send the painting to Kim Seokjin, the head of the most powerful housing company in South Korea, to be donated to a hospital in his name to avoid paying any taxes on his enormous annual income. The hospital recieving the donation was usually one of the mental facilities Dr. Park Jimin oversaw. The hospital care was legitimate but Jimin had found loopholes in the system to siphon money from insurance companies right into his pockets. Min Yoongi was the banker, in charge of investing in land and property to further Seokjin's empire and making sure that the money that the group made would be safe in untraceable accounts. Kim Namjoon was the leader of one of the most prominent organized crime syndicates in Seoul. He helped by taking care of any tenants who refused to pay rent when Seokjin would raise the price and acted as a loan shark for Yoongi. In turn they all conspired with Jeon Jungkook the Commissioner General of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to make sure that even if there were tips called in about any of their group's dealings, no one would be put on the case.
Taehyung knew he could get away with it if he were to take you. All he had to do was make sure that he did it with surgical precision.  He hoped that eventually you'd understand why he had to keep you all to himself. The arrangements he made were countless, making sure that everything would be perfect for the day he took you. He built an entire guest house to keep you in until he knew that you'd be content in his actual home. You'd have the best gilded cage possible so he went all out with furnishing it with the best furniture, clothing, and décor for you. At the same time he was also preparing all of the restraints and equipment that he might need to keep you safe from yourself, worried that you could lash out during the beginning of your captivity. He knew he had to have a strong resolve if you learned of his true intentions, no matter how much he wanted to keep you oblivious.
Once the physical preparations had been made, he began growing restless. He had planned for all of the possibilities of collateral once he slipped you out of this world and into his own. All there was left to do was wait for the right opportunity, then he would take you and make sure that no one would raise alarm at your absence.
The day had finally come. Taehyung was walking through the hallway to his art studio, passing by you, as he had many times before. You were wheeling a freshly-purchased suitcase next to you as you approach your apartment door.
"Hey y/n! How are you?" He tilts his head to the side like a puppy when he locks eyes with you, a boxy smile gracing his lips.
"Oh, hey Taehyung! I'm great! Just getting ready to take a vacation actually!" You gush to your neighbor, excited to brag a little to the man that you'd become friendly with the past year or so. "I'm going to Europe to get away and rest, can you believe I've never taken a proper vacation?"
"I'm so happy for you! It's hard to believe! I feel like any time I see you you're carrying a metric ton of paperwork, it's good that you're taking a break," Taehyung smiles, already putting together the final steps of his plan, giddy at the thought of finally making you his.
"I think so too," a thought pops into your head, remembering a wrench that you had impulsively thrown into your life, "Actually Taehyung would there be any way you could eye on my apartment for me while I'm gone? I took in a stray a few days ago. I know it's a lot to ask but would you mind checking up on her every day? I would've tried to get a cat sitter but it's so short notice and I wouldn't want some stranger coming into my apartment. I can pay you if you want, I just want Sardine taken care of,"
You knew it wasn't Taehyung's responsibility to help you but ever since he had helped you with your groceries the first time you had met he had been so kind. It always seemed like he was there to help any time you needed to carry your hamper full of laundry up the stairs to your apartment or to catch you if you lost your footing tripping over the dilapidating hallway carpet. He was a fairly successful artist, and had seen some of his work in your office building. The pieces ranged from photography to the most beautiful oil paintings that you had ever seen. From the grapevine you garnered that he was close with the one of the heads of your law firm and it surprised you how small the world was. He seemed like such a sweet down-to-earth person you knew in your heart that you could trust him to watch over your apartment and new kitty. You never would've suspected how excited he was that you were essentially offering yourself up to him on a silver platter.
"Wow! Of course y/n, could you tell that I love cats? When do you leave?" He asks, his smile growing wider.
"In a couple days, I still need to finish packing and clean out my fridge and all that. I have all the cat food and supplies that I think you'd need, this is actually my first time taking care of a cat so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything right," You rub the back of your neck sheepishly "She likes to run around my house at full speed early in the morning, and kicks her cat litter everywhere. Any guidance would really be appreciated. Would you like to come in and meet her?" you begin to unlock your door. Taehyung takes a deep breath, gathering all of his restraint, he had to wait just a little bit longer. Your defenses were almost completely down around him but he still wanted to charm you and show you his good, caring side. He nods at you while the cat -Sardine- you had called her greeted you both at the entrance to your apartment. You walk inside, flipping your lights on and leaning down to let the cat sniff your hand and lean into it, cooing sweetly at her. Taehyung follows, taking note of everything in the room. He takes in all pictures you had on the wall of you with your family and friends, you stood out like a diamond among them, he knew that they were the most mediocre people in the world in comparison to you. He looks around your apartment, grateful for the studio space letting him glimpse into your personal space. You quickly notice that your home was a bit more unkempt than you liked it to be when you had company so you pull away from Sardine and rush over to a mess of clothes on the floor and shove them all into your hamper, apologizing for the mess.
Taehyung studied your every movement with a wistful smile before focusing back on the cat who was affectionately rubbing on his legs and ankles.
"Hello sweetie," he says, squatting down to be on the same level as the orange and white cat, reaching out to be met with immediate nuzzles from the feline. The cat reminded him of you, so quick to trust him, all he had to do was reach out.
"I found her in the parking lot a few days ago, hiding from the rain under someone's car, she was crying out. I knew I had to take her in, she's so sweet and it's just too dangerous outside, too many cruel people who would run her over without a second thought." Your words made him smile, you had the same sentiment for this cat that he does for you.
"I understand completely, the world is too hard for something so soft." You sit next to him, both of you petting Sardine, hands brushing against each other occasionally, sending shockwaves through Taehyung's fingertips straight to his heart. With you this close he gets the chance to breathe in your unique scent, it reminds him of honeysuckle and spring rain. He makes a note to check what shampoo and conditioner you use so he can provide it to you when he takes you in.
After a few more moments of affection Sardine grows restless and walks away, finding interest in a hair tie that you had abandoned on the floor. You show Taehyung to where you had put Sardine's food and water, he points out that it's too close to the litterbox and the water was starting to get bits of clay polluting it. He suggests getting a covered litterbox to help with the mess and a fountain to make sure the water stays fresh. You feel a bit embarrassed for not knowing this information before but grateful for Taehyung's gentle tone. He makes sure to tell you all of the essential oils and plants that are toxic to cats after seeing your oil diffuser next to your bed and house plants.
You're so grateful for his help, unaware that Taehyung had watched in the shadows as you lured the stray a few days earlier. He then put hours of research into proper care for cats just to be sure that he could provide for both of you when he finally brought you home. He walks past your open bathroom door, spotting your wide array of hair and body products, trying to commit them to memory as quickly as possible.
"I leave the day after tomorrow and I'll be gone for a week and a half. Is it okay if I drop off the key that morning before I leave for my flight?" You command his attention once more, the gears in his head turning as he graces you another blinding smile.
"Of course y/n, I could drive you to the airport so you don't have to pay a fortune for parking if you'd like?" His eyes crinkle at the sides. The offer only further cements your belief that he is truly a kind, selfless person.
"You would do that? The flight leaves at 6:45 so we'd have to leave really early but I'd appreciate that so much, you really are a lifesaver!" He nods enthusiastically.
"I know you'd do the same for me if I needed a hand, don't worry about how early it is, I'm usually awake early anyway" His words reassure you that you wouldn't be a burden and you smile contently.
"Thank you so much Taehyung, if there's anything I can do for you when I get back you just let me know" He took from your cues that you were ready for him to go so he started walking with you to the door
"Alrighty, sounds like a plan, I'll see you in a couple days then!" As he walks out of your house he tries his best to contain his giddy mood until he returns to his apartment. Once he enters his own domain, surrounded in various depictions of you and your angelic face he can't help but pump his fist in the air in victory.
Once his emotions come back under his control he sends a message to his group chat of six friends
Tae: [She's going to be mine the day after tomorrow, Joon could I borrow some of your men to put the plan into action?]
Joon: [Good for you, man! Of course just let me know when and where and we'll be there ]
Tae: [I will, thank you so much for your help.]
Kookie : [I'll keep things quiet if we get any call-ins when it's all going down, just let me know if she puts up a fight and it gets messy.]
Tae: [Will do.]
You glare at your phone, eyes adjusting to the darkness in your room as you tried unsuccessfully to press snooze on your alarm. You sit up in bed, careful not to disturb the ball of fluff curled up at the end of your bed, purring softly to herself. Looking at the clock you immediately regret deciding on an early flight: 4:45.
It is too damn early for this.
You groggily turn on your bedside lamp, cursing your parents for instilling in you the need to get to the airport at least an hour before your flight 'just in case' while peeling yourself out from under your warm comforter.  You knew you had to be ready to go for Taehyung, if you had been driving yourself you wouldn't have cared as much about looking presentable but he was so handsome and kind you wanted to make sure that you looked decent. You couldn't help but develop a small crush on Taehyung. His demeanor was just so charming and you had grown very fond of your little meetings in the hallway. Even though you were taking a break from relationships if he had ever asked you out you would say yes in a heartbeat.
You put on a well-fitting blouse and a flowy, medium length skirt with some chunky heels and soft cotton socks. You did your makeup to look soft and pretty, nothing too much but enough to hide the sleep from your eyes. You had already packed your suitcase but you go back over everything and double check that you're fully prepared. You find your spare key in the drawer in your kitchen where you let your odds and ends collect before placing all of your things by the door ready to go.
Taehyung had hardly slept, he was obsessing over every detail of the plan to make sure everything would go perfectly. He made sure that the cctv would be shut off from your apartment parking lot, that his home was stocked for you, and that Hoseok would forge a resignation letter for you and explain your absence past your vacation time to your colleagues. Once you understood that you were destined to be together he was sure that you'd cut ties with your family on your own.
It was 5:10 when he knocks on your door, you answer quickly and thank him as he carries your bulky suitcase, leaving you your carry-on and purse to take care of. Once you're in the car a wave of exhaustion hits you, nerves had kept you up most of the night and you still had a half hour drive to the airport.
"Taehung would it be okay if I shut my eyes for a bit?"
"Of course, get some rest. You have a busy day ahead of you."
Things were moving along perfectly, as soon as your breathing calms down he starts driving out of the city, towards his secluded townhouse surrounded by farmland. The roads were smooth enough not to wake you and as soon as he was sure you are in a deep enough sleep he stops the car and texts Namjoon's men to get into position. The next thing you know you're startled awake by strange men in face masks bursting into the car, pushing an acrid smelling cloth over your nose and mouth. You turn to Taehyung to see him in the same position with a cloth being forced onto him and that's the last thing you see before everything fades away.
Once Taehyung was sure you were unconscious he taps the man acting like he was putting him to sleep with chloroform and removes the dry rag away from his face. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. One of Namjoons men would be staying with him to help with his plan. He has trouble keeping his eyes on the road as he drives you the rest of the way to his home. This was the first time you two had spent so much time together and he was having a hard time focusing at the prospect of every day being this amazing. He brings the car to a stop around back where the entrance to the guest house he had built. He planned to stay in a transitional living space with you to grow closer. He wanted to make sure that you trusted him implicitly before moving you into the main house and giving you free reign.
You were limp, but it was still fairly easy for him to pick you up bridal style and bring you into your new home together. He was careful not to bump you into anything and hurt you while bringing you inside.
While you were unconscious Taehyung changes you into comfortable t-shirt material pajamas. He takes his time, fingers lingering over your soft skin and breathing in the scent of your hair. He was desperately hoping that you wouldn't be too frightened. He had a plan to explain the situation in a way that you benefit him, he just hoped that you'd cooperate. He had been so careful and gentle, it was difficult holding back the side of him that only wanted to taint you, hurt you, violate your body. He steeled his composure, because wanted you to beg for his mouth, his cock, his everything. He lays you down gently in a small twin size bed. The room he had staged had two identical beds with restraints bolted into the walls, a sink and separate room with a shower and toilet. He gives Namjoons man-Ji-seok- his orders before he changes into similar pajamas so he would be in the same position you were in when you awoke. Then all there was left to do was wait, watching your chest rise and fall. He anticipates the chloroform wearing off as the rhythm of your breathing changed and your eyes squint awake. You startle awake once again for the second time today, remembering your attack earlier and quickly trying to asses the situation. Your clothes had been changed but you weren't sore in any way, You see your bed and Taehyung across from you. Your head was the main thing bothering you, the bright fluorescent lights making it worse. You take in your surroundings. The room you're in is small with a sink on the wall, with a small shelf with towels and what looks like extra sets of pajamas. There was also a small room attached with a frosted glass door with a toilet and a shower head from the wall and drain on the floor.
"Whats going on Taehyung, what happened?" You exclaim, trying to remain calm but the panic in your voice plain to hear. He looks at you with all the sorrow in the world, guilt filling him as tears start to escape the corners of his eyes.
"I'm so sorry y/n, this has nothing to do with you, you shouldn't have been caught up in this. Let me explain. I was once best friends with Kim Namjoon, we met in middle school and we were basically brothers and troublemakers in high school. Getting older I tried to channel my bad habits into my art. Namjoon, however, sunk it into a life of crime. At first I tried to talk some sense into him but he got himself into debt with loan sharks so far that his only option was illegal channels. He'd the smartest person I know and he got good at getting what he wants. He found a powerful mentor to teach him how to pull all the strings of organized crime before that mentor eventually left him in charge when he retired. This clumsy kid who taught me how to tie my shoes turned into a monster right before my eyes. I tried to cut ties with him, go no contact but any time I did he would do something to threaten my mom or little sister so I had to entertain him. If I try to go to the police about it he always has a way of finding out through his connections. He uses my art to auction off on the black market and he won't let that go for some reason. I think he just wants me around because in some twisted way I'm one of the only true friends that he's had in his life. I've never used him for anything and I don't hope to gain anything from being around him. Despite everything I still know the real Namjoon is in there somewhere, I see glimpses of it sometimes so I keep hope that someday he'll snap out of it and come to his senses. I was finally able to get my mom and sister out of the country safely about a week ago and since then I've had a bad feeling. Like he was moving everything into place because I had the audacity to go against him and take away his collateral. I think that's why we were taken, its not your fault and I shouldn't have let it happen I should've been more careful. They probably assumed you were someone important to me and wanted to strike quickly since he has nothing left to hold over me. This is all my fault," He explains, giving you plenty of time once he's finished to process everything he's said. He looks like a wreck, face splotchy, eyes puffy, and nose red from crying during his story. "I'm sorry for crying I'm just so frustrated, I wanted to make something for myself as an artist and instead I'm just used as a pawn in a network of crime, I hate it."
You feel a pang in your heart when you hear him spill his guts to you, someone he's not even close to, because all the others close to him had been sent away.
"I know that this wasn't your intention Tae, you were just trying to help and its not your fault that this happened to us," you move over to sit on his bed and place a comforting hand on his back, rubbing back and fourth, shushing his cries as he crumples into your chest, sobs wracking his body. You feel horrible and scared but you can't imagine how terrible he's felt feeling dealing with all of this by himself. You let yourself break down a bit with him as well, letting how scared you were feeling out a bit as he held you tightly by your middle, feeling your chest get wet with his tears as you lean down and rest your head on top of his, making his hair a bit damp with your tears.
"I know it's scary and we don't know each other well but I'm happy that we have each other Tae. I couldn't go through this by myself and it sounds like you've been going through way too much by yourself," you say quietly after you calm down, playing with his hair a little bit to help him settle enough to talk. You feel his chuckle gently against your skin, "You know you really know how to find the bright side don't you," he says, being interrupted a bit by sob aftershocks and hiccups, "do we have anything that I can blow my nose on? I feel gross."
You look around, finding the closest thing to a handkerchief you can, peeling the pillowcase off of his pillow and handing it to him. He grunts appreciably before pulling away from you and wipes the tears from his eyes before blowing his nose, turning away so you can't see how rough he was looking until cleans up a little. You pull away from him a bit, becoming painfully aware of how inconsiderate of his space you just had been and scooting back to give him room, face and ears flushing red. He notices your withdrawal and throws the pillowcase to the floor, touching your knee.
"Thank you so much y/n, I know I'm the reason you're here but I don't think that I can keep dealing with this alone and I really appreciate you." He gazes earnestly into you, both of you are splotchy eyed now and you feel such a fondness for this gentle artist caught up in such a mess. Your head suddenly starts to feel like its splitting open, most likely as an aftereffects of the chloroform and crying. Your eyes squint shut and you pull into yourself in pain, sheltering yourself from the bright fluorescents.
"You're very welcome Taehyung and I would love to brainstorm ideas to get us out of here but I just got the mother of all migraines so I don't think ill be very useful. I'll probably have to take a nap or something to feel better before I can help in any way," you say, trying not to move your head around too much, and right on cue the lights dim down to a gentle yellow, like whoever is watching heard and agreed that you were up past your bedtime.
"I actually am sharing the same issue so I agree. Get rest, then brainstorm later," Taehyung smiles gently pulls off his shirt and moves to try to get comfortable on his bed, clearly getting disappointed when you start to get up to move over onto your own. You hesitate seeing his reaction, holding back and looking at him.
"Would you want me to stay over here for you?" You ask as gently as possible, trying to sound cool, calm, and collected, as much as a shitty situation you were in you still had a crush on Taehyung and would not hesitate to stay in bed with him.
"Oh uh, I'm sorry I don't want to make you uncomfortable but I usually can only fall asleep if I'm cuddling my body pillow, I just have nightmares without something to hold and I wouldn't want to wake you up with them." He explains sheepishly, looking down as his face turns pink with blush. You match his blush but you're hoping the dim lights hide it a little bit as you grab the pillow from the other bed and move to lay down next to him.
"No worries, I actually have a similar problem, I sleep like a mountain climber so it helps to have something to cuddle as well. You are welcome to hold me as much as you like," you hope you don't sound like and creep as you cuddle up, facing him moving so your head is under his chin and lifting your leg and resting it in between his and resting your hands on his back,, effectively tangling the two of you together. He welcomes you with literal open arms and pulls you into him squeezing you gently and adjusting his own positioning a bit before settling down and nuzzling into your hair a little.
"Thank you for being so understanding y/n," he whispers to you, his voice sending shivers through you as his breath hits your ear, his chest rumbling against your own at the close proximity. You push down all of your giddy feelings as another splitting shoot of pain goes through the back of your head, forcing you to squeeze your eyes shut.
"You're welcome again Tae, I hope you feel better tomorrow," you whisper back, wondering mindlessly if you sent the same shivers through him as you let sleep start to take you.
Your consciousness slips away and Taehyung has never been so happy in his life. His heart is bursting, overjoyed that his plan is working and you believed everything he said. Of course you would've, you are the kindest most perfect person in the world. He mentally curses himself for doubting you for even a second. Holding you tight was something he could definitely get used to, he almost wished he could hold you tight enough that you'd merge into one and then never be able to be apart. It was almost too good how things are going, you are behaving so well, responding perfectly to him and it was only a matter of time before he made his way into your heart. He knew that he definitely had his foot in the door but he was worried that he'd mess it up and you'd figure out everything. You would still be his but he couldn't stand the thought of being a source of pain to you. The feeling of your hands on him would never get old, he just wanted to touch you and be touched by you at all times and your current position was perfect for that. You were essentially tangled together and he had all the access he needed to test out your reaction to his touch. You had shivered when he spoke in your ear so he knew that those were sensitive, he wanted more. He wanted everything you could give him so he couldn't stop himself when he gave you a light squeeze on the arm to see if you'd wake up, it had been many hours since you had fallen asleep. When you don't react he decides to go a bit further, whispering filthy nothings into your ear, feeling the goosebumps run down the back of your arm. Such a sensitive little thing, so desperate for my touch and you don't even know it yet. You're body knows who you belong to though. He moves his free hand so slowly to one of your nipples, feeling how hard it is through your buttons down pajama shirt. What a slut you are, nipples already hard and all I'm doing is telling you who you belong to. You're mine and I'm going to make sure that you're begging for my cock soon with your words and not your body. But I'll listen to both just fine my love. He undoes one button of your shirt letting his hands touch your hard nipple rubbing the erect nub in a gentle circle, imagining doing the same thing to your clit. He'd tease you so slowly, letting your virgin pussy get wetter and wetter before letting you come and finally fill up your aching cunt with his cum. He'll make sure to drive you crazy so you become addicted to him just as badly as he was with you.
You're gonna want my cock inside you so badly baby, once I breed your little pussy I'll make sure to keep you stuffed full of cum as you get round and your tits get fat with milk. Then I'll just keep pumping you full of my babies. You won't have to do anything but be a good mommy so I can keep you nice and plugged up. He pulls his hand away, watching to make sure that your light snoring hadn't changed before slipping his hands into your waistband, dipping his slender middle finger into your soaked pussy pumping a couple times just to see your reaction. You moan softly and grind your clit against his palm, still keeping your eyes shut and the same shallow breaths while gently bucking against his hand. He couldn't believe his luck, you were so sensitive just from a little teasing and dirty talk in your sleep, he couldn't imagine what you'd be like fully conscious but he was excited to find out soon. Mmm baby this pussy has just been waiting for me hasn't it? You little whore, taking me so easily, so eager to be violated, I bet you went to bed wet thinking about how bad you want to grind against my thigh baby. Don't you worry pretty thing, I'm gonna take care of you. He continues steadily pumping his middle finger, using his thumb to gently circle your clit, not getting faster but hitting that sweet spot over and over until you're gushing against his fingers. He quickly withdraws his fingers, pops them in his mouth and wipes them off on his side, closing his eyes and steadying his breathing before you can wake up fully from the sensation.
You feel warm and tingly at the same time, you're dreaming of Taehyung, your mind deciding to make a highlight reel of every time he did something cute or was looking especially hot as you passed him in the hallways. You conjure up his voice speaking sweet nothings to you while taking you gently, kissing your neck and making sure you feel good. Of course you had never had sex but your mind was doing a good job attributing the feeling you've had making yourself orgasm to Taehyung. Your mind starts to slowly find itself and come into focus as you notice that your panties were noticeably wet in real life and you had had a wet dream and were semi grinding against an asleep Taehyung. Your lower half was drenched and his pajama pants weren't too much better. You blink the sleep out of your eyes and take a second to realize that this is in fact real and when that happens your blood runs cold with how mortified and embarrassed you are. You just had a wet dream on your cute artsy neighbor while literally in a kidnapping situation. You curse yourself for your bad timing and try to think of a plan or an excuse to tell Taehyung but you aren't afforded the opportunity to when he himself starts stirring- probably due to how uncomfortable being damp was. You look into his sleepy eyes and feel tears prick at the corners of yours as you flush red with embarrassment, starting to babble about what happened and how sorry you were, sobbing into his neck. You're sure that you've ruined any chance that you had with him but he sees how guilty you feel and he doesn't even push you away. He takes the news surprisingly well, explaining that he's had to deal with wet dreams himself before and they're perfectly natural.
"You're seriously okay, I don't think you did anything wrong. At least you didn't get your cute neighbor kidnapped like I did, when you do something as terrible as that we can call it even, okay?" he says making you blush even harder when he calls you cute.
"Okay," you hiccup out, leaning back to give him a small smile before a wave of embarrassment hits again and you can't look at him. He continues shushing your sobbing for a few minutes while holding you tight and smoothing you hair in a rhythmic pattern, helping you get yourself together to actually take care of the problem. He helps as much as he can, letting you shower and change first and moving the pillows over to the other bed so you can get comfy while he goes and showers and changes. It takes him about ten minutes but soon he's back in bed with you. Double checking that you're okay with sleeping together, being surprisingly gentle for a guy when he gets situated with you again, letting you take one of the pillows to cuddle in between your legs and just having you be his little spoon, squeezing you into him with one arm and letting you use his other arm and bicep as a pillow. You don't know if he's just being nice because he's half asleep but you're very grateful that even if you're trapped you're trapped with someone so compassionate.
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simpxxstan · 2 days ago
Got My Number (pjm one-shot)
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader, ft. jin
genre: slice of life, pwp, angst, smut, infidelity au
summary: you married your husband because your parents asked you to. and it’s not like you don’t love him. it’s just that, you want more sometimes. and who better to provide this, than your fuckbuddy from college, who is also your husband’s colleague?
word count: 3.3k
rating: 18+ 
warning: explicit sexual content, infidelity, y/n is cheating on her husband, fwb in the past, masturbation, slight phone seduction, soft dom!jimin, jimin uses pet names for y/n, jimin has a daddy kink, oral (f. receiving).
a/n: this is for the bingo square “Jimin x Jin” in the Bangtan Writing Bingo event “That Thing You Do”, organised by @bangtanwritingbingo. inspired by monsta x’s song, “got my number”. can't believe how fast i wrote this fic. i just wish i could finish all my wips at this speed! although i hope that the speed hasn't resulted in this being absolute trash. idk but i feel like jimin would so perfectly fit this role! PLEASE lemme know your feedback! it means so much to me that you read this, and if you enjoyed please let me know! it's the best motivation :)
Jin had been away for more than two months now. His business trips never seemed to end, and this one had been the longest till date. You had always know that he was a busy man, but this was quite unbearable. Especially since it had been merely eight months since your wedding. It was an arranged marriage, but you and Jin had known each other since childhood. You expected a little more effort from him. But it was all in vain. 
It had been an unspoken thing between your and Jin’s families that you two were destined to marry when you grew up. And to be honest, you did not have a problem with that. Ever since Jin had built a sand castle with you at the age of four, you had loved him. He had been a constant friend, who you could get drunk with at 4 am in the morning. Although you two had moved in respective circles- especially with him taking after his mother’s business, and you had moved into the world of photography- you had never lost contact. You’d never had a boyfriend either- at least one that lasted long. Your relationships had been largely physical, perhaps because you always attracted the wrong tye of man and seemed to weirdly not notice his red flags until it was too late. And you knew that Jin, being always busy in his work, did not have time for relationships. 
So when, on your 28th birthday, your mother asked you to marry Jin, you could not refuse her. Neither did Jin have any issues. It was quite smooth, the wedding, moving in together and living together. 
Especially because he was away almost half the time. 
You’d always known that Jin was attractive, and although you were too shy to admit, you had always had a tiny crush on him. When you were twelve and he was fourteen- you both faced changes in your body at the same time. Your menstrual cycle began, your hips grew wider defining your body shape as an hourglass figure, and your breasts swelling; while Jin grew taller in a rapid growth spurt, his shoulders broadening, and his voice becoming deeper over the passage of a few months. No wonder that you had been unable to keep your eyes off each other during the summer break when you were fifteen years old. You were in awe of how handsome he was becoming, as was he of how beautiful you were now. 
There was one tipsy kiss on the beach that summer. After your first kiss, you had shyly moved away from him, giggling, and that had turned out to be your last kiss with him for the next thirteen years, as you two hardly met after that. 
But now that he was back in close proximity, you could feel that crush blooming in you again. Especially when he cooked breakfast for you and  brought it to you in bed before he left for work. Especially when he would wake up with bed hair and the most prominent morning wood, but he would try to hide it from you. Especially when your cuddles in bed became a little too risque for the both of you to handle. 
But Jin always drew the line, leaving you frustrated and wanting more. It would be just one kiss on your forehead before leaving for work. It would be just a subtle hand on the small of your back when you would be outside. It would be just a back hug when you did the dishes. It would be just spooning in bed, fully clothed and him snoring within a minute, too exhausted from work. 
He was the reason why you were sexually frustated, and lying in your bed staring up at the ceiling, knowing that you need him, someone, to relieve this awkward tension your entrie body had been in for last eight months. The last time you had slept with someone was a whole year ago, and since then, your body has received no escape. You knew there was no point calling Jin, he was busy in a meeting as he had informed you two hours ago. You finished drinking two glasses of wine, the next one would leave you drunk. You danced to your favourite songs and sang in the karaoke. But nothing was helping. You knew a vibrator wouldn’t help- the last time you had tried it, it had given a less than average experience, and you wanted, no needed more. 
But who could give you that more right now, without you breaking your marriage vows to Jin?
Your mind wandered to one person. In fact, your mind had been wandering to him for the past few days, ever since you had met him again at a work dinner, after several years. 
Park Jimin. 
After graduating from college, you had no idea what your former fuckbuddy had been up to. You two hadn’t kept in touch. But seeing him here, in a three piece slate grey suit, his black hair gelled back, and dangling earrings on both his delicate ears, was quite a surprise for you. A pleasant one, for sure. When you had leaned in to shake his hand, as you were, afterall, in a formal setting, you could smell the typical perfume he always wore and the cold silver rings on his fingers. However, when he smiled at you with his eyes, you instantly knew that he had recognised you. You smiled back at him, as you sat down next to him.
It was an enjoyable evening to say the least although you generally hated work dinners. But with Park Jimin next to you, you were a little too happy for your own liking. 
“I heard you’ve gotten married, Y/N.” He whispers to you, which the others cannot hear because the din at the restaurant is too loud, and you both don’t seem keen to let others know that you know each other. “To Jin?” You look at him with a surprised expression. You and Jin had hardly made any public appearances together, nor had you had a very big wedding. How did Jimin know?
“Yes…, but how do you know?”
He chuckles. “Jin’s my colleague and quite a close friend. You probably don’t know, but I work for his company too. Just different departments.” “Oh.” You gasped. Jimin smirked at you, his infamous smirk that had attracted you to him the first night you had met at a party. “Have you changed your number?” He asked, nonchalantly. “Umm, yeah.” “Can I have your new number?” 
Fuck, he was still as flirty as he was that day. It was the same thing- even the same words. You couldn’t believe that he had the audacity to flirt with you, a married woman, wife of his colleague, wife of his friend. Or maybe this wasn’t flirting, it was just him being informal and nice to you. 
You gave him your new number, believing the second possibility to be more plausible. 
Until he texted you later in the night, “It was nice seeing you after all these years, baby girl. Maybe we can catch up more, later, over a glass of wine?” 
Suddenly everything seemed different. 
It seemed unfriendly to not respond nicely to him, but one conversation became two, and two became four, and slowly you were talking to him almost every day. And the more you talked to home, the more flirtatious and smooth he became. It reminded of his behaviour with you in college, and although you never met him again after that night, you were often disturbed with thoughts of how Jimin would react to you wearing something, or doing your hair in a certain way. You’d often compare how Seokjin’s kisses felt, and how Jimin’s kisses used to feel. You knew you should not compare. But somehow, your mind did it unconsciously. Unconsciously, on those nights when you would wish Jin would be a little more bolder, you kept going back to how good Jimin would make you feel, how bold he would be although the two of you were just friends with benefits, how he would be able to read your mind and know exactly what you needed without you even saying it. 
Tonight was a night like that. You knew that Jimin would be able to give you what you want. And judging from his texts, which were highly suggestive and flirty as was his usual nature, you’d think he would want to give you want you wanted too. 
Just then, your phone lit up with a text. You opened it, and saw that it was a text from Jimin. “I’m watching something that reminds me of you.” And there was a picture after that. Curious, you clicked on it. 
It was a still from the first movie that the two of you had watched together. You remembered clearly how that night had ended. He had eaten you out for the first time. 
Surely, this was a signal. Surely, what you were about to do was right. 
As soon as you called, he picked it up. 
“Jimin…” Your voice had unknowingly become deeper, and you could hear him shuffle and move about, noticing the change in the mood. 
“What’s up, baby girl?”
“Jimin, I need an answer from you.”
“Are you flirting with me?”
He pauses. When he speaks, you can hear him smirking. “Were you thinking of the same thing I was when I sent you the picture?”
“Jimin, I don’t know if this is correct.”
“What we’re doing?”
“What are we doing?” 
You pause. Thinking about it, you were actually doing nothing except talking to an old friend. Then why did you feel so guilty?
“What do you want to do, Y/N? Were you thinking about me? Do you do that often?” His voice became increasingly smooth and seductive, his satoori accent beautiful and his tone swoon-worthy. “Jimin…, what do you want me to say?” “The truth, of course.” You falter. “Yes. I was thinking about you.” “Then why are you so shy?” He teases, “Tell me, how were you thinking about me?” His voice is too deep now for your core to not rumble. You’re already getting wet in your panties, and you put your free hand down to feel just how wet you were. 
“Jimin, I… I miss your touch.” 
“Hmmm… is Jin being too stuck-up as usual?”
You nod, “Yes! He always leaves me… I don’t know… wanting more? He doesn’t touch me like I want him to. Like I need him to.”
“Do you want me to help you?” His voice is now perfectly seductive, and the offer too tempting. 
“Where are your fingers right now?” You gasp, but Jimin’s hit the jackpot. Your fingers were unconsciously rubbing over your clothed clit in an effort to relieve the ache. “Do you want me to come over?” He asks when you don’t respond. 
“Can you?”
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes, baby girl. Till then, you may touch yourself, but don’t you dare come. Daddy’s gonna show you how to come.”
You’re speechless when he hangs up the call. At the end, you could hear him change into his dominating voice, the voice he would always use with you, and that left you craving for more. 
You kept touching yourself, pushing your panties down with your other hand, and sliding in a finger to see just how wet you were. When your finger came out covered in slick, you were shocked to see that Jimin still had the same effect on you as he used to… before you were married. But right now, you had no time for moral dilemmas. You needed Jimin.
True to his word, Jimin arrives in ten minutes. When you go to unlock the door, he sees you half naked, and you see him standing in his black leather jacket, black shirt and pants. “Baby…” He steps in and you instantly lean in to kiss him. He holds you by the hips and kisses you fervently. You suck in his cherry pink lips, having missed them forever, as he bites your own lips. “You taste so good.” You whisper to him. He breaks the kiss and looks at you, a glint in his eyes. “I know, doll.” With that, he picks you up on his shoulder and heads straight to the bedroom, dropping you csrefully on the bed. He leans over you, kissing your neck, as you warn him, “Don’t leave hickeys, please!”
“Why? Jin’s not in town.” 
“But… I don’t wanna risk it.” He shrugs, “Okay.” But he continues to suck at your pulse point, leaving you squirming and moaning under him. 
His teeth nip at your collar bones, before going down to the valley of your breasts. Your loose night shirt allows him space, but he wants more. He tugs off the shirt from your body, revealing your bare breasts as you were sleeping without a bra. Wordlessly, he begins to suck on your nipples, as you whine, ”Jimin-aah!” He always knew that your nipples were your specific sensitive spot, but tonight, his attack was brutal as he used his lips, tongue and teeth to leave your nipples hard as rock. 
All this was leaving you quite breathless, but your core was still untouched. You whispered to him, “Jim- aah! I’ve not come, as you- oh fuck!- asked me to… but I’m wet and ready for you- ugh!- daddy!” He stops his ministrations on your breasts to look up at you with hooded eyes. 
“Is that so, baby girl?” You nod eagerly, before moving forward to take off his jacket and t-shirt. When he is shirtless before you, you touch his abs, which are still as well-defined as they were when he was twenty years old. But he hardly gives you any time, as he swoops down to your core, and gently kisses the folds of your most sensitive area. You instantly shiver and moan, as even his soft touch is too much for your touch-starved body. 
He begins by licking the folds, trying to pry into your pussy with his smooth and skilled tongue as much as possible, before putting his fingers into your pussy, without any warning. He holds you down with one hand, while your hands are tangled in his hair. His fingers may not be as long as Jin’s fingers, but the cold rings on them provided a mind-blowing sensation that had you drooling for him. “Daddy, please let me come!” You were so close although he had just begun thrusting two fingers into you. As he smirked, you wash his fingers over with your climax. 
Silence spreads in the room again as your breath becomes stable after your high, while he gently suckled and licked away all the cum from your pussy. It overstimulates you, pushing you to the edge again, when you abruptly yank his head away and say, “Please, I need you inside me, daddy.” He only laughs at your sudden demand, before kissing you on your lips softly again. 
“The best is yet to come, baby.”
He sits up, unbuttoning his pants. Although the tight leather fabric leaves very little to imagination, you still drool thinking of his dick. It had filled you up in a way no one else had been able to, with the girth only he could provide, and his exceptional skills. 
When he takes down his underwear, leaving him naked too, and his cock upright, you can only stare at it, before touching it gently with your fingers. Your touch is soft enough to make him swoon, but he wants none of this softness. He takes it in his own hand, rolling a condom over it, before saying to you, “Sit on me, baby.” With that, he sits back on the headboard, leaning behind, as you position yourself right on top of him. Your sweaty bodies slide against each other as you align yourself on top of his dick, its pink head already leaking. “That’s right baby girl, now let me see you bounce on it.” You gently slide down on him, before sitting up and bouncing back down on it. It’s euphoric and you begin to pick up your pace. 
As he watches your tits bounce into his face, his tongue alternating from licking your neck to your nipples, you keep your eyes closed because the sensation is too good. After one point, you can’t bounce on him anymore, as your high nears but he takes over and begins thrusting into you. 
“How does it feel fucking your husband’s colleague, huh? How does it feel fucking your ex-fuckbuddy in his bedroom, when he’s away?” you whimper at his words, which turn you on beyond control. He holds your hips and pushes into you with more force. 
“You seem to be enjoying this too much, aren’t you? Do you want to do this often, huh?” You nod your head, as your eyes lock with his. He’s also groaning at the speed but the two of you keep going, until you both come together. 
Panting, he gently pulls out of you, although you still lie on top of him. He removes the condom, and throws it away into the dustbin next to your bed. 
You’re too exhausted to move. You haven’t had it this rough in a year now, and you’re speechless after the orgasm. 
“How do you feel, baby?” You can only look at him, and smile. He smiles back at you, his teeth revealed in a beautiful angelic smile. You’re amazed at his duality yet again. 
“I’m sleepy, Jimin-ah…” you mumble, as you roll off him and lie down next to him in a puddle. “Then, let me clean you up.” He gets up and walks to the washroom to get a wet towel. But you don’t know this, nor how he smiles at your sleeping figure, nor how he wraps the blanket around you, and puts on his clothes and walks away from the house at midnight. You’re too deep asleep. 
The next morning, when sunshine pours in from the windows, you wake up with a smile, although you don’t yet remember why. When it does strike you, you instantly jolt up, searching for the man. But you remember how he would disappear in the morning even when you fucked in college. Huh, you smile. Old habits die hard. 
You pick up your phone to see the notifications and find two texts. The first is from Jin, “Good morning, princess! I’m eating hot dogs for breakfast again today, and frankly now I’m bored. But the coffee is great! I’ll call you later, okie? Bye!” you smile at the affectionate text, but the text just below that sends your mind reeling into guilt and doubts. 
It was from Jimin. 
“That was great, baby girl. Thank you for having me over. If you wanna do that again some day, just remember that you got my number.”
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aajjks · 2 hours ago
The Conqueror (XVII)
Tumblr media
Synopsis: He had conquered everything, anything but your heart.
Pairings: Yandere!King Jungkook x Commoner!servant!Reader
warnings: YANDERE, DARK, OBSESSION, matu*e themes, n*nc*n kiss*ng, jk is cra*y, mentions of kil**ng, delusio*al behaviour.
note. whoopsie. SHARE FEEDBACK. be careful w this one. I will tag people later. chapter is not edited plz forgive me I’m tired! ENJOY! Also English is not my first language and I’m not the best writer out here 😭
series masterlist.
taglist: @mageprincess7 @starsggukk @sprinkleoftee @koremis @minshookie29 @sana-b @bangtannoonalvg @oonaaurora @jeonsweetpea @sugaslittlekookies @outro-kook @kthyg @lunaashes @debicaptain-saturn @laurynne5 @captainsjoongs @myblackconfessions @lanalanexpjm @namjooncrabs @shadowmoon21 @kookunot @natalie-rdr @angelicasdre @iwasfuckinginnocentonce @mermaidtea @foulnightharmony @ungodlyjoon @quechulitaaa @telepathytae @silversparkles11 @j3alous-ang3l @bunzom @1-in-abillion @breadgeniedope @jiminie-08 @artgukk @lovesthetword @bunijmin @pinkcherrybombs @afangirllikeme-blog @twilight-love-nochu-main @wedarkacademia @hollxe1 @bighitfics @darkuni63 @golden-thv @investedreader @sweetempathprunetree @koocreampie (I can’t tag anymore people, it’s full 😭😭)
Tumblr media
All the eyes fell on you, the weight of those surprised gazes filled with jealousy made your anxiety intensify, Jungkook’s grip on your trembling hand reminded you that this was your reality, the words left his mouth so smoothly it sent shivers down your spine.
The constant voices congratulating you made your skin crawl, your throat was tight as you felt like your whole world went dark.
Those happy sounds of the countless voices sounded like they were mourning your death.
“Celebrations shall begin tonight. I command you all to bow down to the future empress of the Jeon dynasty.” Jungkook had his gaze set on you as he spoke,
You felt your body shake with horror, the scene unfolded right in front of your eyes as the many bodies bowed down to you as if they were worshiping you.
As you watched, the more you felt like the world was suffocating you, but you couldn’t die a peaceful death.
The noises filled your ears once again.
“All hail to the future empress of the kingdom of Corea.” You cringed at the sound of it.
This was not supposed to happen, “N-No..” you muttered instinctively, not realising that Jungkook heard you, “no?” He leaned in closer to your neck, whispering in your ear as his hand snaked around your waist.
The public around you watched the encounter and swooned. “Calm down… my love it’s okay…” Jungkook cooed in your ear, squeezing your waist.
“No one can separate us, I’ll make sure of that.” The fabric his fine silk made contact with your body as he pulled you closer to him, his intense brown orbs were lost in the abyss of obsession as he stared at you like you were his whole world.
Like you were the bane of his existence, like you were the air he breathed. He looked at you like he breathed because of you. He looked at you like you were the beat in his heart.
“I love you so much, baby. So fucking much that I can do anything to have you.”
Your heart churned. His devotion for you was one of a madman’s.
It scared you to no end. “I’ll always be yours. Only yours.” He breathed in a deep breath, pulling you in for a kiss. His kiss swallowed your surprised gasp as the people cheered, you couldn’t see anything but Jungkook’s eyes.
The kiss was filled with love that overwhelmed your senses.
He loved you so much.
Why? You couldn’t understand. Jungkook was an enigma, he only showed you what he wanted you to see, a man so powerful like him shouldn’t be so weak when it came to love. This kiss was different from your first one, that one was full of sheer possessiveness and madness, but this one reminded you constantly of his devotion and passion that he felt for you.
He was starting to take over you, you tried to pull away from his lips but he grabbed the back of your head and pulled you further into his mouth, swallowing your cries.
Your face was hot with sheer embarrassment as you felt the people staring at you, as their king devoured your mouth.
This was highly inappropriate and disgusting to you. His grip only tightened as he felt you continuously try to push him away, it was hurting.
Jungkook was completely lost in your scent, it was driving him so crazy. He didn’t want to let you go, he couldn’t allow himself to pull away from you, after so long, he finally had you. “P-Please..” his eyes snapped open at your low whimper, the sight of your eyes filled with tears made his heart churn with guilt.
You didn’t want him.
Tumblr media
Jungkook carried you to his chamber as you struggled against him, his face was void of any emotion, he felt his heart hammer against his chest, he was sure that you could hear it.
But he didn’t care, you made him so incredibly vulnerable with desire, and the passion he felt for you that nothing mattered to him.
Not even your hatred towards him,
“I-I hate you so much! I-let me go!” Your sweet voice was always music to his ears, even if you were spitting at him, he could listen to you forever.
However deep down, His heart broke into a millions of pieces as you told him over and over that you hated him.
Jungkook couldn’t let his sadness be visible, “fuck you! How-How dare you kiss me without my consent, god you sick bastard!” Your hands made contact with his hard chest, Jungkook didn’t even flinch as you hit him, he kicked open his chamber door and entered without sparing the eunuchs a glance. “Please let me go!!” You cried desperately as your cries fell on deaf ears. The sound accompanying you was the sound of his boot’s clinking against the marble floor as he climbed the small staircase to his large vermilion bed.
Not a single word left his mouth as he gently laid you down to his bed. You could feel your heart vibrate violently against your chest as he carefully leaned his face so close to yours, his eyes filled with a dark emotion,
He looked insane.
“Come on? Curse at me, why did you stop?” He laughed, climbing on top of you, not giving you a chance to react as he pinned your hands against your head, a sadistic grin sat on his lips as he swiped his tongue across his lower lip, staring eagerly at you.
“Baby come on now? Speak up for me..” he pouted, tears pricked against your lash line, he was scaring you.
Like always.
“Aww do not stare at me like this. I love you baby… and now you can take out all of your anger at me! You know why? Because you really can’t leave me now, you will be my legal wife, my queen!” He giggled like a little boy in love as he pushed his face in your neck, inhaling deeply.
His heavy breaths sent shivers down your body.
“P-Please stop t-this madness.” You hiccuped, the silence that filled the space was driving you insane, Jungkook raised his face up to wipe your tears, “why do you always cry? Can’t you see your tears hurt me?”
How could he even play the victim with you? “Really? You have no heart, Jungkook.” You spat at the man who snuggled into you.
He was disgusting, you hated the way he treated you like a possession of his, touching you whenever he wanted. His touch sent waves of goosebumps through your body. “I don’t, you are right, because you have it with you.”
Cheeky bastard.
You could hear the smirk in his tone, he pissed you off so much. “I wish you die!” You cried out when he didn’t waver one bit.
He didn’t care.
It was like you were speaking to a sculpture. You kicked your feet to push him off of you but his loving stare never left your face. “God, you disgust me so much! I hope you die!” Tears left your frustrated gaze as Jungkook grabbed your face and squeezed it tightly.
“You make me so fucking angry baby… but I love you so much.” He gritted his teeth.
It looked like you finally hit his weak spot. “I will not die until you are fully mine.” He got up, but he was quick to pin you down once again.
“Oh well then, you will be immortal because I will never be yours!” You bite your lip to control your anger.
You felt so fed up with his behaviour, he was a crazy man, he was delusional. “I’m not fucked up enough to love my family’s killer!” Your voice threatened to break but you couldn’t cry like always.
“I didn’t kill them! Dongmin did!” He argued. That left a bitter taste on your tongue, he was justifying himself.
He was really sick.
“You are the reason they are dead!” Jungkook only scoffed at that. “Yes, because your fucking father wanted to marry you off to someone else. When he knew that I wanted you.” His confession boomed so loud that you felt your ears vibrate, his face was red with anger, the veins on his neck were visible.
You felt your world crash.
“I will kill anyone that will try to take you away from me, as I have for the past nine years!”
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bonvoyagenoona · 22 hours ago
hi cheryl! i absolutely adore you work, thank you for blessing us and taking the time to write and share these wonderful stories for us to enjoy 💜
i really want to see how my fav couple ever, matchmaker!jungkook would react to someone trying to hit on y/n. would he roast the shit out of the guy like he does with yoongi and let him know you’re out of his league? 😭 would he just try to get y/n away from him because he hates that feeling? i feel like it’d be really interesting since the guy has no experience with a relationship before LOL
Aw, thanks for reading with me! Such kind words -- I’m so thrilled that you’ve been enjoying these worlds, and the love you have for Matchmaker!! We still have one more final drabble to go (haven’t finished yet, but it’ll be called The Apartment!), but as for Matchmaker Jungkook, here’s a little, angsty-fluffy drabble about that very situation...
Tumblr media
Jungkook is Jealous
It’s undeniable that the spotlight has always been a fawning friend to the Jungkooks of the world, but he finds there’s nothing quite like the shine that comes with having you on his arm.
Even if the only reason you’re on his arm is because you’re desperately trying to avoid prolonged eye contact or shared air with the mass of people churning around you in this non-air conditioned jewelry store.
“It’s been hours.”
“It’s been forty-five minutes.”
“If I had a watch, I could easily check to see if you’re right,” you complain to his neck. “Ugh. This is why I hate holidays. Too many people off from work. Too many people, just, out, and, like, in my way.”
Jungkook’s smile grows bigger as he hugs you tighter, protectively scanning the woman with the giant tote squeezing by on your left, and the single-file family of six rushing past on your right.
“All the anti-capitalist spiels that you and Yoongi, and now Namjoon, make us suffer through at every family dinner, and this is the real reason why you hate holidays?” He tilts his head, his chin bouncing off the top of your skull. “And shouldn’t you like holidays? Because the proletariat gets a chance to take a break?”
“I shouldn’t have sent you those Vox videos.”
“If you hadn’t, I wouldn’t know what the fuck you and Yoongi and Namjoon are on about all the time!”
When he scoffs, you feel his breath flow through your eyebrows.
“Makes sense, though. Given that you secretly hate people.”
“I do hate people,” you wince, as the last child in the family of six elbows your thigh on his way out of the store.
Jungkook scoffs again as your angry, sweaty fist grips the bag containing your newly-repaired watch.
“So odd.”
“What, my discomfort?”
He shoots you a naughty smirk, and, in spite of yourself, your head fills with the bite marks and bruises that Jungkook has given you.
“Maybe I can make you feel a little discomfort when we get home.”
When he speaks, he leans in, his voice low and tantalizing.
“Glad my discomfort amuses you.”
When you respond, your voice has a bit of an edge.
Not a naughty one.
An annoyed one.
Which surprises even you.
Jungkook frowns. “It doesn’t. I just meant, like, your contradictions.”
“My what?”
“You know. A psychologist who hates people. An anti-capitalist who runs her own business. A business that matches people, at that.”
“Yeah, and if it weren’t for me, you’d be anything but a contradiction, still playing out the same tired trope of a himbo that you really are, right?” you prod.
By now, you’re definitely hangry.
And by now, Jungkook has learned to read your moods.
His eyes soften a little. And when they do, so do yours.
“Sorry,” you say quickly, even though you don’t mean it just yet. “I think I’m tired, and annoyed, and hungry, and I’m feeling called out.”
But Jungkook doesn’t really hear you. He doesn’t need the apology. He’s already looking past the moment. Past you, in fact. His eyes have landed on the bright yellow sign for the pretzel shop that has just set out a cup of cinnamon-covered bites.
He meets your eyes again and raises his brows, and you chuckle as he scampers off to get you a cup of your own.
As you watch him bounce in line, move forward, and ask the cashier to pull one of the cups that seems to have some extra pretzel bites in it, you wonder. Will you ever get used to this, having someone in your life who isn’t Yoongi or Jin coming to your conclusions before you do? Someone who doesn’t need apologies? Did you ever think such a person existed? Or that this person would be someone who could have anyone else? That this person is one of the Jungkooks of the world?
“How long have you been waiting?”
You whirl around at the question, momentarily unsure of what exactly it’s asking.
The stranger who asked it happens to be a man who is smiling and pointing to your bag.
“Oh,” you say, realizing that he isn’t asking about your existential revelations about letting people into your life, and giving him the answer that he’s actually looking for. “About forty-five minutes, I guess.”
“Crazy,” he says, eyes roving around the clumps of crowds. “I’ve been waiting to pick up my mother’s broken necklace for twenty minutes now. This is why I don’t go out.”
You nod. “No kidding.”
His eyes meet yours, and you notice something. You don’t recognize this person. Not his face, which is kind and handsome. Not his voice, which is airy, but pleasant. But his look.
It’s the same hungry look that Jungkook has given you, oftentimes in those moments of “discomfort”.
“I wouldn’t mind taking you out sometime, though,” he says.
This is exactly the kind of statement that you would encourage your clients to make on their dates. It’s inviting. Direct, but not too forward. Centered on the self, which takes some pressure off of the other person to respond immediately with a yes or no.
This is exactly the kind of statement that you’d tell others to make.
But this is exactly the kind of statement that short-circuits your brain.
When that statement comes to you, you never know if people are serious. You never trust the people who say it. You’re convinced that people are just using you as some kind of means to an end. You’re not sure if you like thinking about what that “end” is. And you’re never sure how to respond.
For better or worse, this time, you don’t have to.
You feel the inside of Jungkook’s elbow hook rather uncomfortably around the back of your neck, making you lurch forward a bit.
“Hey!” Jungkook says.
When he speaks, his words are laced with a sparkling danger that makes you feel a different kind of uncomfortable.
“What do we have here?” he goes on.
“Oh,” the stranger replies, “I, uh, I was just—”
“Just asking my girlfriend out on a date?” Jungkook asks.
“Well,” the stranger laughs, “yes, technically, but I didn’t know that—”
You feel Jungkook tighten his arm around the back of your neck.
“That your hair is thinning a bit on the sides? That your shirt is a size too small and has what seems to be a soy sauce stain on your left shoulder seam? That your cargo shorts are out of style, or that your socks don’t match?” Jungkook asks, literally sizing him up from head to toe.
The stranger clears his throat. “Look, I’m sorry, I didn’t know, OK?”
“OK, well, now you know.”
Jungkook looks over his shoulder at a men’s apparel store.
“I’d start there.”
The stranger clicks his teeth and walks away in the opposite direction, muttering a clearly audible, “Asshole.”
Once the stranger passes the pretzel shop, you wiggle your way out of Jungkook’s hold.
By now, you’ve learned Jungkook’s moods, too.
“My big, strong man!” you tease, plucking a cinnamon pretzel bite out of the cup that Jungkook is gripping in his own sweaty, angry fist. “Protecting his girl! Reclaiming his turf! Big, strong, sexy, stylish, sock-matching man!”
“With his head full of sexy, manly hair!” you say through your braggadocious, open-mouthed chews.
A grin cracks through Jungkook’s pout. “OK.”
“So much hair!”
“I said oh-KAY!”
“So virile!”
Jungkook laughs, and when you run your hand through his virility-signaling hair, you get some sugar in his strands.
“Remember when you called Yoongi ‘Thumbelina’? And then ‘Tinkerbell’? And then ‘Kinkerbell’? That still bothers him.”
“It wasn’t like that,” Jungkook insists, even though he doesn’t mean it yet, either.
“Then what was it like?” you ask.
Jungkook shrugs.
“I just…”
The pretzel bites shift in their cup as his shoulders slump.
“I’ve never felt this way. I’ve never met anyone like you.”
Maybe you don’t need the apologies. But one of the many things you’ve shown Jungkook is that it’s good to share them anyway.
“So I’m sorry, too,” Jungkook says. “I could have phrased that better. I didn’t mean ‘odd’ like ‘weird’. I meant ‘odd’ like… rare.”
He smiles.
“I’ve never met anyone like you. So I go a little crazy when I get anywhere near the thought that you might not be in my life.”
You see that hungry look in his eyes, and you feel what you didn’t feel with that stranger — the sensation of your heart filling with fond, nearly uncontainable excitement.
And the dizzying knowledge that his heart is doing the same exact thing.
You step into him and place a hand on his chest. As you do, he lets out a deep breath, slumping further into you.
“We’re good, Jungkook,” you say earnestly. “Really good. So with these small things, let’s… feel the feeling, and then… let it go, you know?”
He nods. Relieved. Re-energized. “Yeah.”
And then he narrows his eyes.
“Though, how can someone who is so anti-capitalist run their own business?”
You follow his lead, turning and ambling toward the mall exit.
“I have exactly three counterpoints,” you say, picking out another cinnamon-covered pretzel and chomping into it. “One is that we’re not necessarily anti-capitalist, especially given Jin’s last drunken partner lunch.”
“He really ended up with a tattoo?”
“Yes, close to his ribs, and he’s way too excited to show you all at next family dinner. Now, the second,” you barrel through, “is that we don’t employ anyone else except ourselves, so we’re not forcing anyone to exchange labor for, and the third is that we technically do donate our services and a percentage of our profits to academic research that continues to elucidate foundational elements within the unknown world of compatibility versus true romance, and if it weren’t for our WAP coefficient we would never have—”
Jungkook’s lips mash into yours so hard that when he comes away from your sloppy, heated kiss, nearly all of the cinnamon from your pretzel bites have been transferred to him.
Shocked, you laugh brightly as he licks his lips and presses another kiss onto your cheek.
“What was that for?” Your eyes squinch together. “Reestablishing your turf?”
He laughs as he lets his arm hang around your waist as you walk.
“Nah, I just really, really like it when you show off your sexy brain. It makes me feel discomfort in the front of my very stylish pants.”
When he speaks, his voice is dripping with cinnamon and sugar.
Tumblr media
Read Matchmaker here
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vminity21 · 2 days ago
Once Upon A Movie featuring Bangtan | OT7
What if...
                 BTS wasn't known for being a band?
                 What if...
               They were known for being actors?
                  What if...
                 The comedy hit movie that they all starred in jumpstarted their fame, making the seven men the most well-known actors in the entire world?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
| the scandal | 
[Book 1] Forgive Me | ksj
Pairing: Actor!Seokjin X CoHost!Reader, actor!au, strangerstolovers!au
Genre: angst/smut/fluff, found in masterlist
Warning(s): profanity, mention of passing out, mention of infidelity, unprotected sex, shower sex woop woop, oral (f receive), quite handsy, nipple play, angst, mention of alcohol, brief mention of drug use Rated: 18+
Word Count: 12.9k
Summary: One mistake can change someone’s life in the blink of an eye which is what you will discover after sleeping with the enticing and handsome Kim Seokjin. When Seokjin’s name becomes known through out the world, an unwanted scandal breaks loose, and it can ruin both of your careers as you know it. While Seokjin fights for your forgiveness, you not only learn to forgive him, but you learn to forgive yourself.
Tumblr media
| the pact |
[Book 2] Promise Me | pjm
Pairing: Actor!Jimin X Actress!Reader, ot7 featured, friendshiptolovers!au
Word Count: 17, 280
Genre: fluff/angst/smut, found in masterlist
Warning(s): mega-angst, family rivalry, eventual smut, losing virginity, oral (f receiving), unprotected sex, nipple play, mild language use Rated: 18+
Summary: You and Park Jimin, two best friends who grow up together, pursue each of your careers in acting. Even after a horrible misunderstanding which then leads to losing contact, the two of you never give up on your dreams. Nor, do you give up on each other.
Credit to: @yoonoclock for the cover!
Tumblr media
| the one that got away |
[Book 3] Dream With Me | jhs
Pairing: actor!hoseok x female!reader, f2l!au, school!au
Word Count: 25,517
Genre: angst/smut/fluff, found in masterlist
Warning(s): mega-angst, profanity, unrequited love, mistaken betrayal, mention of an accident, dirty talk, smut, fingering, clit play, oral (m + f receive), smutty kissing, unprotected sex, nipple play, m!dom, slight f!dom, driver roll up the partition please thats it thats the hint it took me years to write this story and some intense editing also there is a surprise guest featured from nct 127 Rated: 18+
Summary: Your secret crush on Jung Hoseok develops into an unexpected friendship because of your encouragement that fueled him to follow his dreams. His feelings for you bloom, but when a strong misunderstanding leads to losing touch, you cope with the immense heartbreak as best as you can. Life has a funny way of leading you to where you belong. Despite the new love interest you have found once the years pass, the man you have loved since you were eight years old seems to find his way back and now you must fight for what it is you truly want.
Credit to: @yoonoclock for the cover!
Tumblr media
| the second chance |
[Book 4] Cherish Me | kth
Pairing: actor!taehyung x ERnurse!reader, f2l!au
Word Count: to be determined
Genre: angst/smut/fluff, coming soon
Warning(s): Rated: 18+
Summary: You meet the sweetest boy over direct messaging when you are sixteen years old, but on a summer day, he disappears as if the connection the pair of you felt never truly existed. Years go by and you are forced into an arranged marriage that ultimately ends in divorce. When finishing nursing school seems to be the only thing keeping you going, the absolute unexpected happens. When a missing young woman is rushed into the ER, it brings along the face of the man you always wondered about since you were sixteen and the pair of you will fight to save her life as well as find her captor amongst his rising fame. 
Tumblr media
| the understudy |
[Book 5] Sail Away With Me | knj
Pairing: actor!namjoon x sailor!reader, strangerstolovers!au
Word Count: to be determined
Genre: angst/smut/fluff, coming soon
Warning(s): Rated: 18+
Summary: Your true love is the ocean and his true love is a script. When two opposite worlds collide, it makes for a great pair. As Namjoon navigates the world of acting, he finds interest in the sea. When past secrets start to loom, it tests the blossoming hope that you have in finding true love, but not just in the ocean but in a human being. Him. 
Tumblr media
| the singer |
[Book 6] Serenade Me | jjk
Pairing: singer!jeongguk x student!reader, f2l!au
Word Count: to be determined
Genre: smut/fluff/angst, coming soon
Warning(s): Rated: 18+
Summary: After two years in a horribly toxic relationship, you never dreamed that the voice that serenaded you in the hallways every day would finally be revealed. As Jeongguk’s friendship helps you smile again, the pair of you start to fall in love... Until your boyfriend finds out. Losing touch with Jeongguk, the only man who found you again, brings a devastation you never truly recover from. On the side lines, you watch his career flourish from singing and eventually landing roles in movies. But will he remember the girl he once gave his heart to when his fame ignites around the world? Will you be ready to be his this time?
Tumblr media
| the overcomer |
[Book 7] Save Me | myg
Pairing: actor!yoongi x pianist!reader, f2l!au
Word Count: to be determined
Genre: smut/fluff/angst, coming soon
Warning(s): Rated: 18+
Summary: You meet him prior to college. A shy boy with blue hair who gives you strength the same as you give him strength. One thing he admires about you is your talent and passion for the piano and how you were always considered a prodigy though you humbly deny. An accident ensues which changes Yoongi’s life but for the better? Or for the worse? No matter what, you will stay by Yoongi’s side no matter the distance, no matter the fear, and no matter the fame he will one day gain.
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jikookao3recs · a day ago
Hey Lily! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Was just wondering of you know any soap opera style fics? Like lovers separated due to misunderstanding created by a third party, dramatic story or plot twist with a big reveal. Drama!!
Hi, sorry for a late reply 😬 here's some (I tried my best):
One more night by bubblyjimin
Dance Without You by jiminsecret
Falling for you again by Rose_gold715
Remember by Huilen
Gracious Love by Daisyyellow
the start of something new. by naturallyvante
did you love me like the way you wrote by uhjoonseul
searching for you by jiminslattae (drpuffles)
we don’t talk together by kookminstars
Homesick For You by eumorious
sweet home busan by mnsg
dancing with our hands tied by islandbreeze
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playmetheclassics · a day ago
Fic Announcement: Blood & Sand | KSJ
Tumblr media
☆ minors dni |☀︎fluff | ☁︎ | angst | ♕smut | ♥︎ completed
Summary: “Maybe jealousy is the spark you need to rekindle your love.” A silly suggestion you wish you had never listened to. But one you believed because even though the flame that was your marriage wasn't burning it, it certainly felt like it was. You and Seokjin were kindling, and your attempt to make him jealous caused an inferno that destroyed your marriage. And now, you're sat with divorce papers in your hand, and you have two weeks before Seokjin moves out, two weeks to make him forgive you, and two weeks to breathe life back into what you burned down Age: 18+ Word Count: TBA (219 for the teaser)
Pairing: Husband! Seokjin x Female Reader
Genre/Tropes/Au’s: Smut, Angst, Fluff, Drama. Slice of Life! Broken Marriage AU!
Content Warnings: Swearing, fighting, arguing, yelling, crying. Unprotected sex (don’t do this folks), multiple orgasms, squirting (duh) it’s me. Oral (male and female receiving), female masturbation (just for like five seconds). Divorce talk, angsty fights (duh it’s me).
Authors Note 1: Written for the Cock-Tales collab hosted by the lovely @cremeandsuga. Enjoy 💕
Authors Note 2: Honestly speaking, I had no idea how to approach this idea. All I knew was that @cremeandsuga approached me, and like the whore I am for Seokjin, I wanted to write a fic for him, but I didn’t know how to write this fic. I had an angsty Jin fic stored in my drafts, but I never really fell in love with it. So, this is something I struggled with. Until @mochilatae and I started speaking, we started playing around with some dynamics, and something just sparked for me. I thank her wholly for being the muse for this fic and providing me with possibly the most incredible dialogue for this fic. I love you dearly, and I’m so happy that you’ve helped and helped ignite the much-needed spark for this story.
Authors Note 3: Thank you to @jamaisjoons for helping my long-winded ass for condensing the summary, and @sahmfanficbts and @bonvoyagenoona for looking over it too. 💕💕
Authors Note 4: This might me more angsty than I even intended 🤡but think of it as my way of my character growing tf up. Banner Credits: Thank you @missgeniality for this, you made it look so cool, despite the fact all I could say was 'make it sparkly or smoky and angsty.' I love you dearly you chaotic human. 💕💕 Release Date: August 10th 2022
© playmetheclassics 2022. All rights reserved.
Taglist: @bonvoyagenoona @mochilatae @skyys-universe @tangledsparkles @moonchild1 @shatzkrinslinzki @evanssgi @thehorizon19 @namjooningelsewhere @investedreader @merlinkgeorge @fatifatimahm
If you want to be tagged lmk 💕
“Jin, you can’t be serious. It was just a joke,” you cried out, and Seokjin rolled his eyes at you.
“You think the stunts you pulled were a joke? Teasing me, taunting me, emasculating me was a joke?” Seokjin fired back, and you cowered under his intense glare.
“Wrong choice of words,” you started to say, stopped when Seokjin scoffed at you.
“It’s always that with you. That’s your go-to? Saying horrible shit and then saying the wrong choice of words and hoping it’ll make it alright, news flash, sweetheart, six years is a very long time to put up with your bullshit after what you did. I can’t be with you, and the worst part isn’t because I don’t love you anymore. It’s because I have realised no longer what I do, I’m never going to be enough for you, and that is what I’m tired of,” Seokjin huffed out, wiping his watery eyes.
“Sign this, and you know what, then I’m setting you free because, after this. You can find a man who can finally be the one for you because it isn’t me,” Seokjin choked out, slamming a pen down on the divorce papers, making sure to place it over where he already signed his name, before storming out of the house.
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augustbutwinter · 2 days ago
i know a place | pjm
Tumblr media
pairing: jimin x reader (no gendered pronouns) genre: pre-f2l / unrequited crush / hurt, comfort rating: teen wc: 1,1k warnings: feelings of being not enough/too much, self-doubt, kind of past-toxic relationship
Summary: I hate how you talk to yourself is what you want to tell him. It’s not weak if you want to be held.
a/n: title taken from my #1 comfort song: MUNA - I know a place // this is not beta-read
a/n2: Hi anon! I’m so sorry that it took me almost a year to fill your request for this. I hope you’re still around to see this! Funnily enough I received two asks with the same song, one for Yoongi, one for Jimin. Yoongi’s drabble can be found here.
The prompt was: Maisie Peters - Take care of yourself, I would like to ask for it with Jimin [find the full ask here]
This is part of my Milestone Drabble Requests from last summer. Find the Masterlist here.
[masterlist] [AO3]
You’re already expecting him to ring the bell, so you’re at the door within seconds to buzz him up and open the door as well as your arms for him to fall into.
“She broke up with me,” his words are just a whisper against your neck, and you can feel wetness bloom on the collar of your shirt.
 You grit your teeth, tension running up your jaw, anger rising up in you like a burning flame, threatening to spill out words that you might regret later. So you hold him a little tighter and draw him into your apartment.
Once you’ve sat him down on your sofa, you rush to the kitchen to get some water and soju into him, to hydrate and ease.
“Ah, I’m stupid.” He chokes out a laugh that sounds more like a sob and the smile on his face looks more like a grimace. Even with snot in his nose, and puffy red eyes, he’s beautiful. You know you shouldn’t notice it, but you do.
“I should have seen it coming. I mean, she’s so far out of my league,” he hiccups.
She’s not! You want to scream. You’re out of her league. You’re so far out of everyone’s league! But instead you grab his hand and squeeze tight, and do what a friend would do. You listen.
“I mean, she’s right. I’m weak. I’m not strong. I’ll never have the physique like the guys she admires. I’ll never have the money to treat her right. She says I could never give her everything she needs, because I’m too needy.”
Fury bubbles in you like lava in a volcano’s crater and bile leaves a sour taste in your throat. How did she manage to trample on his confidence and tear him down? How does she dare?
Right now there’s nothing left to see of your best friend. Not his brilliant smile that makes his eyes disappear, not the confident dancer who makes the hardest turns look like a piece of cake. Nothing left of the person that puts others before himself, just a puddle of misery and self-doubt.
“I’m stupid, stupid, stupid to think that I could be enough for her. That I could be enough for anyone.” His sobs grow frantic, and you can’t stop the tears starting to fall from your eyes as well.
You bite your tongue. When he texted you and asked if he could come over, you were ready to tell him to finally leave her. That he deserved someone who would treat him right. Not someone who would belittle him, make him feel small, order him around.
Someone who would love and cherish him the way he deserved. Someone who would be his partner, his lover and his friend.
You had wanted to tell him that it could be you. But tonight is not the night for a grand romantic confession. Tonight he needs a friend.
“Oh, Jimin, no, no, no.” You put your arm around his frame and pull him closer. “She’s full of shit, she’s always been full of shit. You’re perfect, she is the one who didn’t deserve you.”
He sighs. And you know him. That was his I don’t believe a word you’re saying-sigh.
You flick his head gently, which earns you a wet chuckle, and a squeeze to your hand.
I hate how you talk to yourself is what you want to tell him. It’s not weak if you want to be held.
His head is leaning heavy on your shoulder on a dark patch that is growing bigger still
“I don’t want to go home tonight,” he confesses with a sniffle. "She’s there everywhere. And I don’t want to think about her tonight. Can you help me take my mind off her tonight? I swear, tomorrow I’ll do the healthy thing.”
He sits up a little and downs a shot of soju, wincing at the taste, but filling up his glass again nevertheless, downing yet another shot.
“Yeah, I can do that.” You press a kiss to the side of his forehead and he closes his eyes for a second.
“Come on, let’s go.” You take his hands and pull his body from where he sits slumped on the couch. “I know just the place.”
The colourful lights, the pumping beat and some more soju work their magic, and as he lets the music flow through him, you breathe a little lighter.
There’s a glimmer of Jimin shining through as he dances with his eyes closed. This is his happy place. It’s yours, too. It’s the place you take each other when you’re hurt. This is your place.
When you look into his face, you find him looking back at you, an expression in his eyes that makes your breath hitch in your throat.
“Dance with me?”
You nod, and let his arms pull you closer until your bodies almost touch and you sway together to the melody.
You close your eyes for a second and let the music take over. You feel his body against yours and revel in his warmth, in his breath on your cheek, in his hands on your hips, drawing circles, wandering lower, making heat spark deep down in your belly. You almost forget where you are; this could as well be a figment of your imagination.
It’s so soft, you almost miss it. A sigh of your name and his lips against your throat.You feel so good. Help me forget her? Ease my mind? Let me make you feel good?
It would be so easy to give in. Let his hands wander to where he wants them. Let your hand grab the loops on his jeans that hug his thighs just right and pull him closer to you. Take him back home to your bed. Cherish him, make him forget, make him yours.
But he doesn’t need a rebound fuck
He needs a friend, you remind yourself.
“Not tonight, Jimin.”
You don’t want to be his rebound fuck. If anything, you want to be more.
You push him away gently, not letting go of his hands though, to make sure he understands you’re not pushing him away. You’re just giving him space. Giving him space to relearn how to take up space.
He nods, and pulls you back to him. A sloppy kiss is pressed to your forehead. Thank You.
Someday, you promise yourself. Someday when his wounds have healed. But tonight you’re happy just to dance with him. To be his friend. But someday you’ll tell him.
Ⓒaugustbutwinter 2022  (Please don’t repost. If you like it, reblog it, leave a heart, drop me an ask or a message. I’d love to hear from  you!)
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helenazbmrskai · 2 days ago
Mr Dream Writer 6 [Drabble Series]
Tumblr media
Pairing – [Seokjin x Reader]
Genre – [Best Friend’s Brother AU, Angst, Fluff, Smut, Writer AU, Slow Burn, Coming Off Age, Romance, Roommates To Lovers]
Summary – [Jin is the sun and you’re the moon.]
Warnings – [age gap (8 years), children’s book writer!jin and smut writer!oc, pining, smut (blowjob), angst, oc cries and jin is mad]
Word Count – [929 words]
Tumblr media
Menu: Masterlist l Be part of my permanent taglist to recieve a notification when I upload a new fic or send an ask!  
*daily updates
Tumblr media
”Tell me what you want.” You play with the hem of his shorts. Strong thighs quivering under your careful fingers. Your mouth is stretched into a vixen smile – moan softly when you picture a big fat cock to stretch it out instead.
”W- We shouldn't.” You lightly scoff. His mouth forms the words but his hips still jut when you ghost your touch over his prominent bulge. He wants you. You can feel it. Your gaze is feral as you look at Jin like a meal on a silver platter. He won’t stop you from touching him his mind keeps telling him to stop you but he won’t because deep down he doesn’t want to.
He wants you to whip out his dick and roll your tongue over his cockhead. Taste the precum of his desire. His eyes are blown out and his chest is moving up and down rapidly at the sight of you on your knees between his spread legs. Despite the position, he’s the one that’s wrapped around your pinky finger.
You know that look too well as you caress his clothed thighs running your fingers up and down in a soothing manner. He’s overthinking again.
”I can stop if it’s too much. I want you to feel good Seokjinnie. You don’t have to feel guilty.” Jin jumps when your head rests on his left thigh your breathing is shallow and calm – nothing like the hammering of his chest. His heart works overtime to pump his blood through his veins directing the flow to his cock rather than his head to think.
”N- No. Please don’t stop.” He catches your wrist when you give him some distance. Thinking that he’s pulling out of the situation. It prompted him to finally answer – and it’s truthful. He doesn’t want to stop in spite of everything in him screaming that he should.
His feelings are conflicted but his fingers weave themselves into your messy hair and gather it into a low ponytail. You feel like the forbidden fruit tempting him and leading him to his downfall. It’s only a thin wall separating your bodies from his sister sleeping next door. Unbestowned to the sinful actions of the two most important people in her life. What kind of brother he is to want his sister’s best friend’s mouth on his cock?
His eyes focus on the object of his desire, your lips. Pink and swollen from biting. Your tongue pokes out to slick your lips to glisten and make them more inviting.
”Tell me that you want it. If you don’t you have to tell me now.” Of course, the last thing you want is to stop but this is not just about you. It’s better to stop now than for him later to realise it was a mistake on his part. You wouldn’t be able to handle that if he did.
”I shouldn’t- I really shouldn’t want your mouth wrapped around my cock but Y-Y/N I w-want it so bad.” You hum grazing his inner thighs with your nails.
”You can have it. My mouth is yours to take.” Seokjin blushes but nods. His fingers shake as he undoes his pants and gets his underwear down his legs showing you his hard cock. It’s dripping the pink tip is swollen as beads of precum bubble out from the small slit. You put your mouth around the round head and taste him for the first time –
”Y/N. What is this?” His tone makes you wince. He never talked to you like this before – with anger laced with his tone. His ears are red and his eyes are distant when you keep looking at the floor avidly avoiding his harsh stare that pokes a hole into your head – hoping to gain some confidence to reply. This is your worst nightmare.
Him finding out – nonetheless this way. His reaction twists the knife in your heart even more.
You look over the words on your open computer. Your heart seizes in panic as you look between the hard lines of his forehead and your filthy words – practically telling him everything that you tried so hard to keep as a secret for years.
”I’m s-sorry.” Don’t know what else to say. Seokjin nearly growls and runs his hands through his hair as if it would decrease the humiliation of his finding. His thoughts are all over the place. The considerate boy is long gone when his harsh words pierce through your bleeding heart.
”What are you sorry for huh? Getting caught or writing porn with my name?” You flinch when he drops the laptop on the bed with a loud thud. He was never violent. The thought of you thinking about him that way disgusts him this much?
You’re lost for words as Jin walks up and down in your room trying to calm down. The tears you tried to keep at bay fall freely when his words hit you.
His frantic movements stop when he hears a pained sniff. His glare softens when he sees you cry and he bawls his hands in a fist to keep himself rooted to his spot. His first instinct is to comfort you but he’s still distraught by everything he read.
”Delete it.” This is the only thing he says before he slams the door behind him.
Your soft cries fill the room. He hates you. You should have been more careful. Shouldn’t let him be in your room when you weren’t around. It’s too late for that now. He hates you – he’s probably disgusted by you.
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newbtsreactions · 11 hours ago
soft sculptures; f
→ jungkook is the criminal who stole your brother’s modern artwork thinking it was trash.
→ 2k+ words
→ tags: humor/fluff, artist!seokjin, bad boy!jungkook, yoongi is gay, reader is jin’s younger sister, high-school age
you're a teenager living under your older brother seokjin's care. when his soft sculpture is stolen right before his exhibition, you and your friends know how bad it could be for his career.
→ ask | my writing
Tumblr media
“Do you think he’ll be upset?”
“Why wouldn’t he be? It was there one day and gone the next. He’s probably in mourning.”
Trailing your way through the apartment halls, you followed the familiar path to your apartment.You peeked over to the others. “Maybe don’t mention it at first. Y’know, he’s an artist, and they take these things personally.”
Two sets of footsteps behind, your friends tried to make sense of the dilemma as you all approached the door. “I guess I’m just surprised people are writing about it.” Yoongi shrugged, “I don’t get the art world.”
“Neither do I,” Jimin agreed.
Each dreading what you would come home to, you glanced down once again to the article on your phone. “Well Seokjin's probably gonna be really sad about it. So don’t laugh.”
A chorus of nods responded and you pushed your way into the apartment. Backpacks and schoolbooks still on your back, you deposited them onto the couch, a frown already taking your face. The apartment was as clean and sleek as ever, bright couches and countertops shining under the lights. Not a thing was out of place or in motion.
“Hi,” you called out just as you did every day after school. Usually you would get home to find him working on projects, or at least meeting with people to talk about working on them. As you peered around, the apartment stayed dim.
Finally you saw that the only spot in the room radiating dread was the lump lying on the sofa in fetal position, shawl wrapped across his shoulders. “Hey,” a voice called from the darkness, “how was school?”
“Oh, Seokjin,” you sympathized before you could stop yourself. Rushing over to his side, you scrambled for anything to make this better. The man’s eyes were glazed over and features expressionless. His tall, gangly body was curled up in defeat. You hadn’t seen your brother like this in a very long time.
As much as people would treat his art career like it was a joke, he was successful. It was a big city–bigger than you were used to back home. And it had been three years since you moved here; you understood now what kind of success it took for Seokjin's art to support you. Having this huge apartment was dependent on things not going wrong in his sculptures.
But there wasn’t stress between Seokjin's shoulder blades, rather defeat. He only felt the loss of his art.
“...so someone really just walked up and took it?” you asked, voice low so as not to sound as hopeless as the situation was.
The newspaper displayed across the coffee table never would’ve mattered to a person your age. And maybe you didn’t quite ‘get’ the art world, but you figured one article about it couldn’t matter that much.
“...at least that headline–”
“No!” He stopped you, sitting up fully. You could see a box of tissues in his lap, pajama pants covering his legs. “I saw the other ones! They’re making a mockery of this heist!”
With a frown, you glanced over to your friends, still by the doorway. In Jimin's hand his phone glowed, and you knew which headlines were plastered across the screen. The same ones that had gone viral this afternoon . Giant Sock Sculpture Stolen From Museum of Contemporary Art!
“I’m sorry someone stole your giant sock, Seokjin.” Though your words were sincere, you couldn’t help but think they came off slightly sarcastic. From the corner of your eye you saw Yoongi's hand fly to his mouth to stop a laugh.
Jimin stood his ground, “who would do something like that?”
Facing only you, the artist stayed huddled in his blanket. “It was on display for a day, they were on the way to secure it–” rambling on with eyes wide in a blank stare ahead, the artist descended until you shook his shoulder.
“Seokjin! Hey, it’s gonna be fine.”
“-I wanna find whoever did it and strangle them with my sock–”
“It’s my Sock! I can be mad!” He breathed out quietly and you watched his dark brows knit together. “The cops said they’d try to find whoever did it. Hopefully they’ll find the sculpture. If they find it and it’s fine, the Museum will take it back.”
Jimin frowned, “what, if they find it and it’s ruined they won’t take it back?” and you moved to join your friends as they stepped into the kitchen.
Seokjin scoffed, “it’s a museum!”
“I don’t get the art world!”
As you reached into the fridge to find a pitcher of tea, you only heard your brother mumbling to himself. “...no one respects textile arts…” and finally dismissed yourself from the conversation.
Jimin asked from beside you, “so the Sock wasn’t even installed yet? And someone just took it?” They'd done all they could to research it before, but most of the news articles were only poking fun at it.
Before Seokjin's hopelessness could erupt, the doorbell stopped him mid-thought. With a heavy breath out, the man rolled onto his feet for the first time since he'd heard the news. “No, it was just here at the building. In the back room,” Seokjin sighed.
As the hallway wind flew into the apartment and the front door swung open, two figures were revealed and all eyes snapped to the doorway. The silhouette of a police officer lingered before the room in silence, and you felt Yoongi freeze by your side. Hand reaching for his, you stopped him altogether. They couldn't be here for whatever teenage shit Yoongi was up to.
Seokjin didn’t miss a beat, “officer, can I help you?” as you craned your neck to see who else was there.
“...found the guy,” the officer was saying, and your feet were immediately bringing you to Seokjin's side.
In the doorframe stood a short police officer, dark hat and mustache all you could make of him. Your attention didn’t settle on the cop of a split second. At his side stood a lean, tall boy, limping ever so slightly. Dark hair was tousled and falling into his face. Hands behind his back and features twisted with distance, he feigned apathy through the handcuffs. But you could read irritation all through his stance.
“You’re the one who ruined his sculpture!” The words came out before you had a second, and then you were stepping closer to the boy as he leered back in surprise.
In a second, you could read this kid. He looked like every douchebag you’d ever hear brag about stealing things. His pants were dark and low; he didn’t know how ridiculous he looked. And his jacket wasn’t leather but it was still reflective in a way that made you look at him twice. Expensive. Did he get this fucking Canada Goose jacket stealing Jin's shit?
Seokjin's hand was at your shoulder immediately, hoisting you back, “hey, kid!”
The officer behind him wasn’t concerned in the least, droning on, “the Sock was returned to the museum after the articles went viral–”
“Do you know what you did?!” You demanded, facing up at the guy disapprovingly.
With a slight glance back to your brother you wondered why he wasn’t yelling yet either. If Seokjin wasn’t going to stand up for his work, you sure as hell were. Who was this guy to just pick something up and ruin months of work? Of art?
With as much regular teenage disgust as you could muster towards a peer, you crossed your arms and scoffed at his presence, taking a full step back. “What, you think you’re fuckin’ cool cause you have a Sock–”
“I thought that it was garbage!”
“Don’t say that!” You berated.
The boy relented, “I’m sorry!” and was left huffing in frustration. “What the hell do you want from me?” Squirming in his stance, his discomfort was evident.
With a glance back to your brother, towering behind you, an unwelcome softness had settled across his features. “Hey,” you whispered to him, “don’t feel bad for this guy.”
“He’s a kid.” Something about Seokjin's voice wasn’t trying to convince you. He was stating a fact. As if his mind was somehow made up about all of this. “People are gonna think it’s garbage, that’s part of the–”
“Don’t say that!” You stopped Seokjin now. “This guy ran off with your giant Sock!” The words felt ridiculous coming out of your mouth, but you knew enough that you were going to stand by him. Facing the cop only now, you asked, “what happens to him if he gets charged?”
You couldn’t look at the boy’s face when she responded. “Museum charges,” the cop started, but JIn was already waving a hand away.
“Nah,” he said and you came to a full stop.
“Seokjin! What happened to hating this guy?”
But your brother was exhaling once again. “I’m not sendin’ a kid to court.”
“A kid who stole your art!”
Secure in your stance of hating this douchebag senior kid, you crossed your arms and huffed as Seokjin faced him. “What’s your name?”
“So why’d you take it? A big Sock on the ground?” You remember that that really was the title of the exhibition–Big Sock.
“Ran outta spray paint,” Jungkook laughed easily and you rolled your eyes. “Look, it was on the ground, I didn’t know I shouldn’t take it. There wasn’t a plaque–” the boy defended, and you bristled at his lack of an apology.
For whatever reason, Sekojin remained unbothered by the attitude. You weren’t sure whatever kind of power dynamic was understood between the two men, but you were sure that it was completely ridiculous.
“I’ll tell you what, Jungkook,” Seokjin started and you immediately groaned. His tone was familiar. It was a tone you hated so much. His teaching voice. “I’m not pressin' charges.” He spoke and the cop took a slow step back. “Let him go.”
“It’s your lucky day,” the cop allowed, and you could only hear the clinking of metal before Jungkook's arms finally shifted from behind his back.
When he stood comfortably, you watched the delinquent pull his sleeves down, not rubbing his wrists. His dark jacket was perfectly in place and face unscratched from the altercation, much to your distaste. As he adjusted to the idea of freedom and moved back in the doorway, the cop made her way down the hallway.
Door wide open, the boy turned to watch the cop go, until you paused to see him face back inside the apartment. Eyes meeting yours, you watched a smile slip onto his face.
Balling your fists at your side, you watched with fury as his mouth opened once again. “So do you go to school around here?” Came his voice from the hall, to which you scoffed as loudly as you could.
Friends laughing in chorus from the kitchen, you moved over toward the door. “Why don’t you just go back to wherever they picked you up?”
To that, his smile only grew. “I can’t,” he announced with full satisfaction, leaning against the doorframe. “I live around here.”
“You what?”
Moving over to your side, class of tea in hand, Jimin piped up now. “You stole the Sock from the Lobby.”
As the boy still lingered in the doorframe and you continued to sneer his way, Seokjin finally stepped up. Towering above Jungkook, it was no match between them. But it seemed that Seokjin's trustworthiness was all too evident from the first time meeting him. Jungkook didn’t seem concerned in the least with the adult’s presence.
“Since when do you live around here?” Seokjin asked specifically, and you knew that if you or any other normal person were Jungkook, you’d be nervous right now.
“I moved in this morning.”
“With your parents?” Seokjin prompted, and you found yourself smiling as he prodded the boy’s ego.
“With my parents,” he relented. Glancing around the apartment with a sigh of content, Jungkook finally allowed his eyes to wander. You could understand why.
The apartment was all Sekojin. His sculptures were everywhere, some finished and some not. All in an array of bright colors.
Jungkook's gaze lastly settled on the man before him. “These are all really cool.
“I know that,” Seokjin was unmoved. His ‘soft sculptures’ were your favorite things in the world: long ropes of soft knitted material which twined their wall all around your home. They’d won him spots in Museums all over the country, and no one needed Jungkook to tell him that they were ‘cool’.
“Did you really make all these?” Jungkook asked then, and you narrowed your eyes. People faking an interest in Jin's art always bothered you.
Scowling over to the boy, Jimin finally groaned as new information clicked. “Ugh, does that mean you’re going to Jefferson High?”
With a slight turn to face back towards you, Jungkook didn’t move an inch from the doorframe. There was just something about the smugness in his frame that told you he wanted to. “Yep, school year starts next week,” he droned on.
Jimin laughed, “School started two weeks ago.”
But Jungkook was unphased, “right,” and instead took a slow step back. “I guess I’ll see you guys around–”
“-not so fast.” Seokjin spoke up before the boy could even lift a foot. Even though the cop was out of sight now didn’t mean that everything was all good. “You’re not off the hook yet.”
As you nodded and Jimin took a place at your side, Seokjin observed the boy with muted interest. The room waited in silence, and you found yourself eager to see Seokjin actually discipline someone.
“You returned my sculpture?” He asked one more time, and you watched as Jungkook's eyes didn’t leave your brother's.
The boy nodded quickly, and for the first time you saw a kid who really did want to get out of trouble. “Yeah. Once I realized it was art… I didn’t mean to.”
Jin was nodding once again, and as you went to try and arouse anger once again, a hand came at the back of your shoulder. “Look at him,” Yoongi was saying from behind, head inclined toward the doorway. You glanced back toward Jungkook, in all his wide frame and tanned arms. “Let the boy go, he’s cute,” Jimin continued to whisper in your ear and you groaned in annoyance.
Seokjin continued, “my latest project–we’re working on it here in the building. Come down to the basement tomorrow to help.”
The boy took a step back. “Help?”
“Yeah.” Seokjin shrugged, and returned the exact same apathy that Jungkook had thrown his way this whole time. “If you can spray paint you can spray paint for me,” and Jin took a step away from the door and retreated to the kitchen.
Jungkook was left glancing your way, a slow nod all he had to offer. “Okay. That sounds good.” Glancing at the soft sculptures all around, he turned to let himself out and down the hallway. The door was wide open as he turned away, and you were left gaping in annoyance.
“Seokjin, how could you let him get away? What if he doesn’t come tomorrow?”
Making a move for the fridge, your brother had no concern. “We’ll see if he does.”
“So you don’t care if he does?”
“I care if a kid gets a felony charge on a Wednesday night, when he should be studying.”
Still at your side, it was Jimin's turn to scoff now. “Please, he should be going to school tomorrow. Apparently he doesn’t do that.”
Only fueled by your friend’s remarks, you faced your brother with a nod. “Yeah, what if he doesn’t even live around here?”
The only thing your brother had to offer was a shrug of his shoulders. “It doesn’t really matter,” Jin admitted, “the important thing is that my sculpture got returned. Now the exhibition can go on and it’s like none of it ever happened.”
For a few moments, you tried to allow yourself to think like that. Turning to your friends, you let out a noise of support. “Yeah, at least they got it back.”
Only Jimin didn’t seem so delighted. “Except what happens when we see Jungkook at school on Monday?”
“Oh, please,” you muttered, “a guy like that wouldn’t show up.”
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sparklingchim · 2 months ago
addicted; m | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2.9k
genre: pwp, established relationship, college!au, richboy!jk
rating: 18+
warnings: unprotected sex, fingering, nipple play, dumbification 😵‍💫, praising, size kink, tummy bulging, dirty talk, hair pulling, oc has bratty tendencies 🤨, name calling; slut, kookie is so handsome, spit kink !! , breeding kink, creampie, choking, googie's chain dangling in oc's face 🤩, slight overstimulation, jewellery kink? if that exists, cum play
summary: your boyfie jungkook fucking you silly.
a/n: im ovulating. that's my excuse.
"Kinda want you inside me right now."
You look up at Jungkook, who's totally caught up in the movie playing on the laptop between your bodies.
It's a quiet Tuesday evening. Jungkook had come to your dorm just an hour ago, after doing his workout in the gym.
You had been waiting for him all evening along. You're alone in your dorm, Nayeon, your roommate, is spending her day at her boyfriend's place. It's been a boring day honestly, you've been lounging around in nothing but a black t-shirt from Jungkook after classes.
"Yeah? Want some cockwarming?"
"No," you say, propping your chin on his chest. "More like, want you to rail me." That catches Jungkook's attention. You bat your eyelashes when he sets his gaze on you.
That's all you could think about the minute Jungkook set foot inside your room. He looks hot tonight, has the cuddly boyfriend look on that has your mouth drooling for him. Men should just not be allowed to wear grey sweatpants. They do absolutely no good for the world - except leaving you thirsty for cock. Jungkook's also wearing a black cap. You love his hair, you really do but seeing him with a cap on does some things to you.
Jungkook's not even surprised at your boldness. If he got a penny for every time you asked him to fuck you, he'd be rich - that is, course, if you don't consider that the two of you haven't been dating that long and that, well, Jungkook is already wealthy of money.
"My girl wants to fuck?"
And with that, he spreads his legs and drags your smaller body between him. Your back is flush against his ripped chest. Jungkook's manhandling has made his t-shirt hike up your thighs and your pink panties are perfectly on display for his eyes.
"Could've just told me to get between your legs," you mutter. You'd never confess how much you love it when he manhandles you.
"If you're such a big girl who can handle doing shit on her own, then surely you can get off on your own, hm?"
Oh no. That's not what you wanted to achieve with your brattiness.
"Mh-mhm." You shake your head in a pout. You grab his wrist and draw his hand between your legs. "Please?" You turn to look at him and bat your eyelashes again. You love doing it and Jungkook's loves seeing you pliant for him.
"Why should I?" he asks despite already inching closer to where you're aching the most. The pad of fingers place themselves on the damped spot of your panties. "Too stupid to do it?"
Your breath hitches at his slightest movement. "You just do it better." Your words are barely a whisper.
Jungkook's tatted hand, along with his rings that adorn his knuckles, disappears into your panties. Your legs naturally spread wider for him.
First rule established in your relationship: jewellery stays on during sex.
Jungkook loves wearing jewellery. Is practical obsessed with it. And you, on the other hand, are obsessed with the way how hot they make him look like. Jungkook is a fine fucking man, but his jewellery? His rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, his Rolex ? They got your pussy leaking for him.
Jungkook's got all the expensive jewellery that only rich folks could ever afford - which, weirdly enough, adds to the fact that they make you lose you sanity.
The times Jungkook planted kisses down your body and unintentionally - or maybe intentional after all, you don't know - grazed your pussy with his pendant? An agonising tease, but it made everything much more exciting.
"You're so wet baby," he whispers as he drags the pad of his middle finger across your pussy. "Why haven't you told me sooner, hm? Would've taken care of my girl immediately."
"You looked exhausted when you came in."
"Babe," he chides in a dark, disapproving timbre. You swear it's unintentional but you feel more arousal gushing from your pussy at his low voice. "Y'know I'm never too exhausted to please my sweet girl." Oh. What a beautiful thing to have whispered in your ear. Your pussy likes it too.
"Well," you begin, voice already hoarse cause of your dry throat. "Then you'll have no problem fucking me dumb, right?"
Jungkook chuckles. "What kinda question is this?"
"Oh!" you squeak when Jungkook plunges two fingers inside you. A pathetic whine of Jungkook's name flees past your lips. Your hand bolts to his forearm, nails leaving crescent on his skin at the sudden stretch. 
"Silly girl." Jungkook crooks his fingers. "Asking me to fuck her and then acting so surprised." You such a gasp in when Jungkook starts moving his fingers. He drags them along your sweet spot, the tickled feeling makes your toes curl in ecstasy. 
Your head rolls to the side. Jungkook's heartbeat drums right into your ear. Despite of the obscene scene that plays out right in front of you, the soft beats of Jungkook's heart grant an almost romantic, intimate ambiance.
"Feels so good." You sigh and crane your neck to look up at him. Jungkook's eyes are dark. The second his stare meets yours, a devilish smirk curves his pink lips.
"Yeah?" he asks in feigned sympathy. "You like my fingers?"
"S-so much."
He spits on one breast and watches it trickle down over curve of your boob before rubbing it over your pebbled nipple. Your thighs tremble at the added pleasure. With his hand so close you can read the time on his Rolex. It's shortly after 8 pm.
Jungkook nudges your elbow. "Let me see your tits, baby." You sit up a little, lift Jungkook's black t-shirt over your head and toss it on the floor.
"I love playing with you like this." He rolls your nub between his digits. "My dumb girl lets me do anything to her, doesn't she?"
" 'm your toy," you moan, moving your hips along his rapid movement.
"That's right, baby," he praises. "Just mine." His hand is cupping your jaw now, thumbing over your swollen bottom lip. "So pretty," Jungkook mumbles in your ear. You part your lips and close your mouth around his thumb. An approving sound rumbles from Jungkook's throat. You mindlessly swirl your tongue around his digit as Jungkook's starts fucking you faster.
"You gonna cum for me?" Jungkook can feel your walls clenching around his fingers and adds another to it.
You squeal around Jungkook's thumb, eyebrows tightly furrowed with how much pleasure you're getting.
Jungkook withdraws his finger from your mouth and tilts your head towards him by your jaw. He wants to look at you when you cum.
Wet sounds of your pussy fill the room, alongside your desperate moans - and the movie still playing in the background but that was already long forgotten between the two of you.
"That's it. Cum for me, babe." Jungkook squeezes your tit with his other hand.
"Shit, I'm- I'm-
Your whole body tingles when the delight reaches its peak and finally spills over. Your nails claw at his tighs and you squeeze your eyes shut when the prickle overwhelms you.
"Good girl." You're barely able to hear his voice, your high taking over all your senses. You go limp in his arms, legs trembling. Jungkook sprinkles sweet kisses on your jaw, but his fingers remain inside you, slower but still moving.
You're writhing in his arms. "Jungkook."
"I love playing with your pussy," he teases. "Fuck, hear how wet it is? All for me?"
Yes, you definitely hear it. You're wetter than every fucking ocean in this world combined and the squelching sounds are so obscene you don't even wanna know how his fingers feel right now.
You seize his wrist. "Gukkie, please."
"Can't take anymore?" he taunts.
"Too much." You sigh relieved when he removes his sneaky hand from your throbbing pussy, though he can't withstand to land one last teasing smack on your clit. You shake in his arms a whine falling past your lips.
Jungkook holds his glistening fingers in front of your mouth. Without much to say you take them in your mouth and suck them clean. When you're done Jungkook puts them in his mouth, tasting both the remnants of your cum and your saliva.
"Kiss me," you say when he's done tasting you. You know his cap is gonna be in the way, so you pull it off his head.
"Is there any moment in life where you don't look good?" you complain. He's had that stupid cap on for God knows how long, and yet his hair looks perfect. "It's unfair."
Whether if it's his morning hair, his after shower hair, his i just ran through my hair ten times cos im stressed about my exams or his we started baking and it ended up in a flour flight in the kitchen and now i have flour poured all over me, his hair still manages to look like he could do a photoshoot for the front cover of Elle Korea.
"Of course there is, babe," he starts but before he can finish you shush him with your finger on his mouth.
"Keep your corny compliments for yourself. I'm not giving you head tonight."
Jungkook clicks his tongue. "Why do you think that's the only reason why I would give you compliments?"
"Cause you always think with your dick."
"C'mere," he just says, ignoring your words.
He tilts your head up by your chin and clashes his mouth on yours. The taste of your cum is still lingering on both your tongues. Your hand finds his throbbing cock and you stroke him through his sweatpants. You can't recall when he got hard, you were too absorbed in your own pleasure to notice.
"Lie on your back for me," Jungkook says after the kiss.
Jungkook positions himself between your spread legs. He jerks his cock a few times and had his dark, fiery eyes on you.
While you make yourself comfortable on your back, Jungkook carefully closes your laptop and puts it on your bedside table. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the soft pink fabric of your panties flying across the room. He then he removes all his clothing and crawls back onto the bed.
You look so small under him. So fragile and vulnerable. He wants to keep you in his pocket and protect you forever.
"Such a pretty pussy." He traces his head over your glistening cunt, smearing your wetness all over you. And because Jungkook can't get enough of seeing your pussy all wet for him, he pushes his cock out of the way and spits directly on it. You have to hand it to him, he aims better than any man you've ever met. Jungkook spreads the added lubrication over your folds. You whimper beneath him. He's just teasing you and your mind is already foggy from all the bliss.
"Please, Koo," you plead. "Please fuck me."
"Always so needy." But still, he gives you what you want. He aligns his head on your entrance and slowly pushes his cock inside until is deeply sheathed between your greedy walls.
He stays like this for a second, allows you a few seconds to come accustomed to his size.
"God, you're so big." You still welcome the stretch his dick gives your pussy every time.
"But your little pussy can take it, right?" Jungkook pulls back, until only the beginning of his tip is left inside. And with a strong thrust of his hips, he's back inside you again.
Your back arches off the back and Jungkook watches you through lidded eyes. "I love fucking you like this," he says, his hands on both your knees. "Look so fucking hot." His eyes trails down to your tits bouncing every time he thrusts into you.
"I love your cock," you respond because damn that's literally the only thing you can thing about right now. It's just feels so good.
"There's only cock in your mind, isn't? The only thing you always fucking think about?" Jungkook's pace increases and all your rational thoughts are chased away with it.
"There's nothing in there, is it?" Jungkook  rasps and grabs a fistful of your hair. The pain from your scalp hurtles through your whole body. "Just needy thoughts, huh?" His silver fleur-de-lis chain dangles in front of your face as he comes closer. He's careful not do smack you in the face with it.
"Thought of you all day long," you mewl, palming your breast.
"Yeah? Thought of me fucking your tiny pussy?"
"God, yes."
The moment Jungkook smooths his ringed hand over the expanse of your tummy and presses his palm to your lower tummy it's officially over for you.
Your head rolls to your side and breathy moans escape your plush lips. The pressure Jungkook puts on your tummy makes you feel woozy in the head.
"You like that?" he asks and you're barely able to find strength to nod. "I can feel my cock moving inside you." Jungkook switches his thrusts into a languid fashion. His eyes are attached to where his tatted hand is resting. He can see it - he can see the bulge of his cock in your tummy. "Oh, fuck." He could never get over how fucking hot it looks like. Seeing your tiny pussy taking his big cock will always make him want to nut inside you right then and there. Jungkook grabs your hand that isn't currently occupied with tweaking your nipple and situates it right where his hand had been. "You're feeling this, baby?" Jungkook covers his hand over yours and your hand completely vanishes beneath his. "You feel how my cock is stretching your little pussy open?"
"Uh-huh," you press out, dragging out the sound until it morphs into a moan as Jungkook starts picking up on his pace again.
"Lost your words?" Jungkook sneers. "What a brain dead slut you are for me."
You whimper in response, reaching for his chain to drag him closer. His hand finds your throat once again. It quickly embraces your neck and his fingers make it harder to breath. The watchstrap of his Rolex pokes your skin but you're already used to the chafing feeling. Jungkook is so close to you, you can feel his ragged breathing fanning on your face.
"You're my pathetic little slut, aren't you?"
"Open your mouth for me," he demands.
You do, with your tongue sticking out slightly. He lets a drop of saliva fall from his mouth and again it lands right where he wants it to, this time on your tongue. And you swallow, like the obedient little girl you are for him.
He feels your throat bobbing and hums satisfied. "Such a good girl."
Jungkook draws back again, grabbing both your ankles and throws your legs over his shoulders.
Your eyes roll at the back of your head. "Jungkook," you whine. You're so close to cumming again, you feel like you're gonna see stars.
"You're gonna cum, aren't you?"
"Yes - fuck - yes, I'm so close!"
Jungkook thrusts his cock inside just the way you like it.
You relish in the way he forces himself into your pussy, heady and intoxicating pleasure. You tip over the edge, panting a moan of Jungkook's name as you cum onto Jungkook’s rock-hard length. Mind-numbing satisfaction that spreads all over you, hot and melting into you. 
"That's my girl." Jungkook slows down, giving you kisses all over your neck as he rolls his hips into you.
He rides out your high. You're too fucked out to do anything for a moment and just enjoy Jungkook pampering you with kisses.
"Good job," he praises you once again and you feel your heart flutter. God, he's too good at this.
But you could to the same. "Cum inside me," you beg.
That sentence? Heaven in Jungkook's ears. You don't let him cum inside you that often but oh fuck, when you allow him to it drives him crazy.
Jungkook groans into the pillow next to you. "Yeah? Want me to knock you up?"
"Uh-huh. Want you to fill me up."
"Fuck," he moans and it sounds so fucking pretty you think you're falling in love with him all over again.
One of your hand moves to his chest and you softly flick your index against his nipple.
"I'm gonna cum." Jungkook throws his head back and goes sloppy in his movements. He spills all his seed into you until he shoves his cock deep inside you one last time.
Jungkook's head drops down in the crook of your neck and you thread your fingers through his hair. He stays like that for a while, his dick still inside.
When Jungkook starts peppering kisses over your neck and then chest and then face, you know he's come back to his senses. If you're honest, you still feel woolly in your head but Jungkook has always better at handling the post nut clarity than you.
You poke Jungkook in the side with your feet. "Jungkook, let me pee."
"Let me love you, woman."
"You weigh a ton," you groan as you try to push him off you.
At that, he perks up and looks at you with narrowed eyes. "I take full offense to that. I've worked hard to build these muscles," he says. "But I get it. Someone like you-" He takes hold of your weak, undefined arm and looks at you pityingly. "Would never understand."
You giggle and playfully swat his chest.
"Just let me go and pee, you dummy."
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hobipost · 2 months ago
need to know
Tumblr media
— explicit drabble; jungkook x f. reader; someone call the horny patrol 🚔 i randomly remembered this jungkook existed and almost A YEAR LATER he still has me in a chokehold...
Tumblr media
You won't lie, you always wondered what Jungkook would be like if he was rougher in bed. He's much more into vanilla sex, and you have absolutely no complaints about it. Zero. Sex with him is always good, and you love the slow, steamy kinda thing.
You don't know what came over to him, you're sure you never let it out of your mouth. Jungkook simply came home after a concert, and with no further explanation dragged you to his room and proceeded to make almost every single little dirty desire you've been having the past weeks come true.
It started with his fingers. The tattooed ones. Two plugged into you with so much ease it felt like he used a whole bottle of lube. Well, he actually used it later to eat you out. It tastes like grapes and is one of his greatest purchases. Jungkook is used to fingering and eating you out, but this time... The way he didn't take his fingers away even if you were scooping up in bed, or how he spitted on your pussy like it wasn't wet enough — it's simply not a Jungkook thing. Then, after you cummed so hard you felt your throat starting to get sore from the screeches of pleasure, he took you from behind, edging you to the point of tears, marking your skin, tattooing it as his. Your hair was a mess in his large, rough hands, and every time he increased the pressure, your pussy spasmed around him.
Truly, he stopped sometimes to ask if it was okay. "I can take it. Fuck that pussy open," was your response. And so he did.
Burning like fire and tingling everywhere — if you have to describe what you're feeling for hours now, this would be the perfect description. Your poor knees and thighs are already sore from riding this man for god knows how long, but you can't stop. Every time you go up leaving only his tip inside, you can't resist coming back down until you feel him in your gut. Fuck. Is this why people are obsessed with rough sex? You can understand why.
"Kook," you whine, voice so thin and small you sound like a helpless woman. "I c-can't..."
Jungkook only forces his digits on your jaw. "You can and you will. Don't you dare stop now that you're almost there."
You take his words and use the back of the couch as leverage, knuckles white from the pressure of your fingers, but you don't stop. Slower, on a sensual and rough grinding, but you keep going. He's right anyway. Your trembling legs are trying desperately to close around his thick thighs to no avail. Jungkook, however, looks peaceful like he's just lounging on a random episode of In The Soop. That fucker. Meanwhile, you're fighting for your life against his dick. How can he last so long?! You lost count of the times you came and you're so sore you can imagine all the struggle to walk for the next days, and he just cummed once.
"Baby. Oh my god." Almost yanking the couch's back cushions, your whole body trembles in the arrival of your nth orgasm. The first reaction you have is trying to raise from his dick and press your clit to intensify the sensation. To breath some air for god's sake. But Jungkook has different ideas, simply holding your hip and forcing you back down on his cock, unmoving, making you soundly choke like it's on your mouth. With your clit now pressing against his hip, you have nowhere to put your hands, and they glide against his body with ease in search of some consolation because this is wrecking you. Your poor body is curling like a ball in his arms, brain shutting down like an overloaded windows 97.
Sweat is everywhere, you look like you both just came out of a boiling shower. Jungkook is gorgeous, a living sculpture crafted by gods — but now, fuck... His eyebrows, big nose, jawline, neck, chest, hips, thighs... No part of him isn't stimulating you in some kind of way right now.
"Stay still."
"Jungkook..." A pleading for mercy.
"Stay. Still. I wanna feel you clench around me. Fuck. How can you get so tight?"
You don't know how long it takes for your high sensation to subside, but when it does, you're hyper-aware of his thick cock still buried inside of you. Breathing like you've been underwater all this time, you whine weakly when he moves to trace his nose through the length of your sweaty neck, dick moving slightly.
Jungkook suddenly manhandles you to lay on the couch, and your legs try desperately to close because you know what that means. You're still sensitive and puffy. You can hear your poor pussy screaming at you Woman Give Me A Break For God's Sake. But Jungkook buries himself even deeper, making you choke a moan again.
"B-baby! What happened to you?! Oh my god!"
"Don't you like it?"
You take in his figure above you, glistening, hard, smelling like sex, and like Jungkook (you can't explain it but it's your favorite smell). His tattoos look like contemporary paintings, and you want to kiss them. Want him to take you from behind while choking you with that tattooed hand. Want to suck that goddamn silver ring on his lip.
"I fucking do."
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