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who allowed him to be this cute!! (for @taee ♡)
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Coquet, Part 6 | JJK
Tumblr media
Coquet, Part 6
\ kō-​ˈket Definition: noun. a man who indulges in flirtation.
Tumblr media
✫✫✫Coquet Masterlist✫✫✫
Tumblr media
Pairing: Escort!JJK x Fem-reader
Rating: M (🔞)
Genre: Fake-dating!AU; Strangers to lovers; fluff; angst; smut
Warnings: SLOW BURN!; excessive cussing; A LOT of sexual tension; very explicit sexual conversations; vulnerable confessions; fluffy dance class; fluffy conversations; some angst; naked tub-talk; heavy teasing; food play; oral sex (F-receiving); nipple/breast play; protected sex; dirty talk; multiple orgasms; hyperstimulation; STAMINA! (IDC, it's a fic so I can do whatever I want 😂 ); spooning; bed-sharing
Word count: 9.6K+ words (Eeps! Sorrryyyyy)
Summary: On your brother's wedding, you dread traveling to see your family–whom you have successfully avoided for over a year after moving across the country for work. In an effort to save face, you hire an escort to get them off your back and perhaps even make your ex–who happens to be the best man–a little jealous.
A/N: So...I went from 0 to 120...Literally from having no idea to having ALL of the ideas 😂 Also, I did my best to look at ballroom dance videos. Please take it with a grain of salt. It’s meant to be fluffy and angsty! I really went through it with this chapter…literally could not get these two off my mind! I also may or may not have listened to Usher's "Seduction" on repeat. That said, I'll shut up now so you can all get to it. 🍸
Tumblr media
Blinking up at the ceiling, you realized you’d fallen asleep. Specks of sunlight peeked into the room–but not so harshly where it aggravated your dull headache. Whoever invented blackout curtains needed to be given a Nobel Prize…stat!
You took a deep breath, but as soon as you released it, panic hit–the horrible inevitability of waking from a blissful dream into a nightmare reality. You had vague memories of the last few hours. The drinks. The dancing. The flirting with random guys. The trip to the ATM machine. 
You turn your head sharply to the other side of the bed to find it empty. The pillow tucked neatly under the sheets.
“Fuck!” You jump out of the bed immediately to find your purse. You hoped to god that he didn’t see all of that cash that you stuffed into your tiny clutch–cash you planned on paying him to have sex with you.
You spot it by the TV, sitting in the tray next to the hotel-standard ice bucket. 
You squeeze your eyes shut and gripped your forehead. And it wasn’t just because of the hangover that was finally hitting you.
Did anything happen? You weren’t sure. You had fragments of memories from last night. But while you pondered on those, traces of bile made its way up from your gut, coating your tongue. You run into the bathroom, barely making it, then upchuck into the toilet bowl.
Before you hopped into the shower, you texted him. You stood there for a couple of minutes to wait for a response, but it didn’t come. You sighed, figuring that you might hear back from him by the time you were done washing up.
You looked at yourself in the mirror briefly, finally seeing the clothes that you had fallen asleep in. The last thing you remember before blacking out was him laying you on the bed, locked in a passionate kiss. Sometime after that, he may have taken your dress off and wiped your makeup off…even slipped one of his t-shirts on you. You lifted the material up to your nose and took a whiff of it. It smelled just like him.
You suddenly felt immense guilt. You vaguely remember being laser-focused on fucking him after you got back from the club…but you didn’t pace yourself and ended up making impulsive decisions. Maybe he was pissed off that you passed out on him and gave him blue balls? 
You had feared the worst but tried to brush the thought aside. Maybe he was just downstairs grabbing coffee or decided to take a walk?
Without you.
Feeling resigned, you decide to step into the shower stall. Perhaps he would be back once you were done.
After a haphazard shower, you stepped out to find that Jungkook still hadn’t texted you back or called. Unlike yesterday, there was no breakfast, nor coffee laid out for you today.
You threw on some sweats and picked up the clothes that you slept in off the bathroom floor and put them in your laundry bag. You could at least leave that for housekeeping later today to wash and give his shirt back to him when it was clean.
Your phone pings with an incoming text. You rushed over to check thinking that it was Jungkook finally responding to your earlier messages.
Nope, it was just Jennie. She wanted to check to make sure that you were alive and still up for dance class today.
Fuuuuck…dance class. You squeezed your eyes shut once more and grimaced.
A follow-up text popped up on her message screen saying that Jungkook was at the coffee shop by himself and when she asked where you were, he said something about letting you sleep in.
You decided that it was better to have that uncomfortable conversation sooner rather than later. One thing you didn’t want was for this relationship with Jungkook to sour when you were so close to the end of your business arrangement.
You wander downstairs to the hotel coffee shop, standing by the doorway as you scan the room, searching for him.  You recognized a few of the girls and guys from the day before–all nursing the same hangover in their own ways.
“Hey, YN,” Jimin greets you with a big smile as he strolls towards you. He looked like he had gotten 10 hours of sleep when in reality, he’d only slept for 3. But your cousin has always been like that ever since you were old enough to drink together. You’d gone on trips to Vegas, New Orleans…even booze cruises to Mexico. He could drink anyone under the table.
“Uh, hey, Chim,” you croaked out, still a bit distracted.
He chuckled. “Oof, you sound just as horrible as you look.”
You give him a deadpan look. “Fuck you very much,” you say dryly.
“At least you smell clean,” he says with a teasing grin. 
You roll your eyes at him then see him carrying a paper bag. “Oh, these are for Mindi and Taehyung,” he says, answering your silent question. “Taehyungie asked me to grab him some food. And Mindi couldn’t get out of bed so—I’m trying to be a good big brother and get her something to make her feel better.”
“That’s sweet of you,” you commented.
“Jimin-ah! Why aren’t you dressed yet?” His mom, your Auntie Dahlia remarks as she approaches him.
“Ma, we have like, another hour and a half before we leave. Tyeongie went back to sleep for a bit.”
“Aish…And I can tell from this that you haven’t showered yet,” she says, ignoring his last comment while she ran her fingers through his hair, feeling traces of hair product.
“Eomma, can’t I at least get a medal for being the least hungover of this group?”
“Sweetheart, that is not an achievement to be proud of. Now please, start pulling yourself together and see about getting Mindi up, too. I’m not about to be embarrassed with you all being late to this dance class,” she scolds him.
Jimin turns his face away from her and subtly rolls his eyes.
“How are you, honey?” She turns to you.
“I’m okay, auntie. Thank you for asking,” you smiled tightly.
Before she gets another word in, your mother closes in. “Oh, YN–did you forget to put on your retinol mask before going to bed last night?”
Now it was your turn to roll your eyes at your mother. She had the worst timing, really. “Rosie–you’re not trying to push your beauty routine on YN again, are you?” Your dad remarks as he approaches her from behind.
You smiled warmly at him then furrowed your brows once you got a good look at him. “Dad, you’re looking a little pale. I know you didn’t party with the guys but–are you okay?”
He waves you off. “Oh, I’m fine, honey–”
“He missed a dose of his medicine and felt a little faint earlier,” your mom says with a hint of ‘I- told-you-so’ to her voice.
He sighed. “I took it once I remembered it,” he corrected her. “Besides, I just need to lie down. I needed some orange juice to raise my blood sugar.”
You look at him suspiciously. “Okay but–no more skipping! Do you want me to adjust the reminders on your phone?”
“That’s not necessary, YN. I’ll be fine. I won’t miss it, I promise.” He smiles before giving you a kiss on your temple before he walks off with your mother.
“Jimin-ah!” Auntie Dahlia says, giving Jimin a stern look–she did not need to repeat herself.
“Yes, eomma,” he says, sighing in exasperation after she walks away.
“So…you’re joining us for dance class?” You ask him.
He nods. “I’ve been drafted. Haru was supposed to partner up with Mindi but since he didn’t get in until half an hour ago, eomma figured he’d be useless so she asked me to do it. The instructor is a friend of hers from her swing-dance classes.”
“Oh…okay then. Listen, have you seen uh—“
“Yeah,” he cuts you off. “He’s at a corner table by the back room.”
You nodded, thanking him before he walked off.
You round the corner into the back room and found him just where Jimin said he was at. He was on his phone, mumbling into it. He lifted his eyes briefly, saw you walking towards him and rushed to sign off.
As soon as you reach him, he hangs up and puts his phone down, clicking the button to lock the screen.
You sit down opposite him and a server immediately approaches you, handing you a menu. Before they walk off, you quickly request for a pot of coffee and a glass of water.
When you turn your attention back to him, he’s scrolling through his phone again.
“Did you sleep well last night?” He asks absentmindedly without looking at you.
“Uh…yeah. A-and you?” You ask meekly.
He sighed heavily. “Somewhat. I don’t need much sleep anyway,” he says in a clipped tone.
After a long period of silence, you decided to get straight to the point.
“So…last night. Did…did anything happen, you know…between us?”
“If you’re wondering if we had sex, the answer is ‘no’,” he says contritely.
He was incensed…understandably so. You reeled him in with the promise of sex, only to leave him hanging. What kind of guy did you expect to be completely fine with that?
You blew out a breath. 
“You seem relieved,” he points out sarcastically.
“N-no, that’s not…no.” You protest quietly. He shrugged. “Sure sounds like it.”
“A-are you upset with me?”
He lets out a bitter chuckle, finally peeling his eyes away from his phone screen to look at you. “Now why would I be upset?”
“Look…” you lowered your voice and looked around briefly before continuing. “I know you saw the money. I want to explain—“
“That’s not necessary. Nothing happened! No harm done,” he says icily before turning back to his phone.
“You say that but your face and tone tells me otherwise. Have I offended you?”
His nostrils flare, trying to rein in his annoyance before looking back at you again.
“Why would I be offended? You paid for me to come out here and pretend to be your adoring boyfriend. I did tell you that anything more intimate than kissing was extra and you did just that. It’s all part of the package,” he shrugs nonchalantly.
His words stung you. When you begged him to kiss you last night, he seemed eager to waive that fee. It was as if he wanted to kiss and touch you out of his own volition. Business arrangement, notwithstanding.
“Is that so? Whatever happened to ‘I’ll bill you later?’” You say, throwing last night’s remark back at him. 
His eyebrows lift. “Ah, so you do remember last night.”
“I only…only remember fragments,” you say honestly. You don’t remember what else you said or did to or with him.
The context was too hazy for you and you wished you hadn’t drank that much. Then again, if you hadn’t taken in that much alcohol, would you still have come on to him like that?
He chuckled bitterly. “Well isn’t that incredibly convenient? Do you also remember deliberately withdrawing the money to pay for sex last night? Or was that part of your missing memory, too?”
You gasped at his comment but stopped short when the server returned with your coffee and water. They asked if you were ready to order but asked them for a few more minutes to decide.
You turn your attention back to Jungkook, who was now glaring at you. 
You glowered back at him. “Well, excuse me for trying to be considerate! I only did that because…because I didn’t want you to think that I was expecting anything for free. Or…that I was expecting anything at all,” you spit out.
He scoffed. “Then it’s a good thing that nothing happened. You get to keep your money,” he seethed.
“Okay, so what if I did actually intend to have sex with you? What was the proper way to go about it? You said that it was an option but you never clarified the terms! Should we have shaken hands or signed a contract addendum? Should I have given you the money upfront before anything happened?” you bit out. 
He rolled his eyes and leaned in. “I told you…sometimes it’s not always about the money.”
“If that’s the case then what are you so butthurt about?” You whispered harshly. 
Jungkook bit the inside of his cheek. He wished that he could hide his disappointment but it was written all over his face. He was upset. Upset that you didn’t take him for the real thing. Upset you still saw him as nothing more than a service that you paid for. 
“I’m not butthurt about anything,” he lied through his teeth. “Let’s just drop it, okay?” He says dismissively. 
The server returns and you place your order. He sat while you devoured your breakfast before trudging back to your room to get ready for dance class.
You pass each other in the room while you get dressed without saying a word—fully intent on keeping a safe distance.
You were incredibly annoyed at him for being pissed at you because of some confusing yet unclear reason. After all that, you still had to spend the morning with your bodies pressed together.
Just fucking perfect. 
You and Jungkook sat in different seats in the shuttle on the way to the dance studio. Your talk during breakfast resulted in a stalemate–which you’d have to endure further here.
“Hey man,” Taehyung approached Jungkook, who was standing in one corner while you stood chattering with Mindi and Jennie.
“Hey–are you feeling better?” He asked.
“I’ve, uh…had better days.” Taehyung chuckled. “Jennie got a little mad at me this morning but after I told her that you helped me get back, she felt better about it.” Jungkook nodded.
“Also–just to let you know that, I don’t normally drink that much. You can even ask YN–I’m a lightweight.”
“Then why would you let Haru keep forcing you to drink?”
Taehyung lifted a shoulder and twisted his mouth. “Haru has always said I’m too nice for my own good,” he says wryly. “Plus, I feel like he might have been acting out, I don’t know. I was just trying to be a good friend.”
“He should be lucky to have you on his side,” Jungkook comments.
“Speaking of lucky–I just wanted to thank you again for getting me back safely. I’m glad that you were there.”
“It was nothing–it was the right thing to do,” Jungkook says gently.
“Well–I will say, my sister is lucky to have found you. With a guy like you? I don’t need to worry about her because I’m confident she’s in great hands.” He gives Jungkook shoulder a firm squeeze before the teacher finally walks in to greet them.
He stands there, looking at you from across the room. His face softens as soon as realizes his fuckup. This was a collapse in your communication and he reacted emotionally. He lost his grip on logic there for a moment because…well, it was because of you. Each hour he spent talking to you, holding and kissing you–that grip kept loosening further.
He wanted to fix things. And even though he was still holding back, he wanted to know…had to know…if you felt the same.
“The wedding dance is an important dance in a couple’s life. A room full of family and friends…watching, smiling, taking bets as to how long the union will last. But remember–all you’ll have is each other and whatever skills you acquire here today.” The dance instructor then clasps their hands together and tells everyone to pair off.
You so badly wanted to walk towards Jimin but he was already getting into a hold with Mindi. You glower at Jungkook, who stretches out his hand unenthusiastically at you. You take it limply.
“Now, make sure you are pressed against each other–a little closer, dear,” she says as she pushes Mindi and Jimin together.
“Oh, god–I’m having war flashbacks from my junior prom,” Mindi groans.
“Dude, shut up! You could have just stayed at the hotel, you know–since Haru couldn’t drag his ass out of bed,” Jimin argues.
They bicker some more and only stop when the teacher tells them that she would tell their mother on them.
The teacher now moves over to you and Jungkook, pushing your hips closer together. You stiffen, almost trying to resist her–but you underestimate her size and strength. Eventually, she closes the gap between you.
“So, we’re doing a basic foxtrot. Nothing too crazy but I know Taehyungie wanted to try something unique for the wedding.”
Jennie was ecstatic–she definitely got her beauty sleep last night.
“Now, the men will lead with their left foot stepping forward, women will step back with their right, followed by two side steps. I’ll demonstrate.”
The teacher does it slowly while you all watch her reflection in the mirror. You go for a few tries–slowly at first until you all pick it up.
“The next step is the corner step. Now this is a really great element that we're going to use to one: change direction, and two: to help us avoid obstacles out on the dance floor, whether it may be other couples around us, or to just get us back to facing the direction we need to be traveling.”
She does a demonstration for the men and the steps for the women.
Jungkook releases his hold on you which was perfect timing since your palms were getting sweaty. You look away from him while you shake them off. When you look back, you see him typing a quick message into his phone before putting it away and returning to hold you again.
“Your mind is somewhere else.”
“It was but it’s back here now,” he deadpans.
“If you don’t want to be here, just say so,” you whispered harshly.
He cocked an eyebrow at you. ”I never said anything like that,” he mumbled.
“Okay, well can you at least pretend like you want to be here with me?” You glared at him.
“Who says I’m pretending?” 
Before you could answer, the teacher announced that you’d try the routine with music. She pushed a button on her controller, assuming it was for her sound system. The music swells with a track that you know only Taehyung would have picked.
You let out a huff as soon as Bobby Darin’s voice fills the room.
Call me irresponsible
Call me unreliable
The teacher begins the count to set the pace. “Now slow, slow, quick-quick…slow, slow, quick-quick.”
Throw in undependable too
Do my foolish alibis
Bother you
You glanced at Jimin and Mindi, who glided past you. Jimin twirled his sister around, breaking their hold for a moment before Mindi turns out and does a little arabesque. So much for being hungover.
Well I'm not too clever
I just adore you
Jungkook is reluctant to move and you look up at him. “What’s wrong, Jungkook? Two left feet?“ You say smugly. Thankfully, Auntie Dahlia had taken you, along with her children, to a couple of these classes when you were teenagers. You knew some of the basic steps so wouldn't be completely embarrassed.
Go on and call me unpredictable
Tell me that I'm impractical
His face visibly relaxed but narrows his eyes at your challenging tone. He flashed a smirk before propelling forward. You stumble a little at first but you regain your composure as he guides you through the floor.
Rainbows I'm inclined to pursue
You cover the entire room, gliding from wall to wall. Whirling and turning in time to the music. It’s effortless. Of course he can dance, you thought wryly.
You glide past Taehyung and Jennie, who was giggling as she watched both of you navigate the floor with ease.
You go ahead call irresponsible
I admit I'm unreliable
But it is undeniably true
You gasped as Jungkook takes you by surprise, picking you up off your feet to twirl you. Your hands instinctively grab onto his shoulders for support, as a lifted dancer would know. You couldn’t help but grin.
As the music winds down, he spins you one last time before finishing with a slow dip.
That I'm irresponsibly mad for you
The teacher is elated at everyone making her job easier. She then turns to Taehyung and Jennie to work more closely with them, seeing as the other couples didn’t need it.
When Jungkook pulled you back upright, you were practically nose to nose. Once you were hyper aware of the closeness, you release each other. You uncomfortably shift, chewing at your bottom lip. You were pissed before but now you weren’t. You peered up at him and found him rubbing his earlobe. It looked like a nervous tick. You wanted to break the ice.
“YN, I—“
It seems that you both had the same thing in mind. But before either of you could speak again, Mindi interrupts.
“Unnie…can we please switch partners? Jimin-oppa is so annoying!” She stomps her feet petulantly.
“Excuse me? How ‘bout, a thank you, oppa—for not leaving me hanging because my intended asshole of a partner decided to be selfish…yet again…”
Mindi rolled her eyes. “Fine, fine thank-you, oppa!” She says sarcastically. “Now please…would you mind if we switch just this once?” She grimaces.
“Uh…if Jungkook is fine with it, I’m good,” you say carefully.
His eyebrows knit. “So, you’re just going to push me into the arms of another woman?” he says in a lighter, teasing tone.
“Just giving you some time to miss me, that’s all,” you smiled over your shoulder before walking over to Jimin. 
He chuckled as he got into hold with Mindi.
“Oh and Mindi-yah—“
“Yes, unnie?” She says excitedly.
“Can you please do me a favor and not look like you’re enjoying this too much? I’ll take him back in a heartbeat,” you say with a playful warning tone to her as Jimin stifles a laugh.
You and Jungkook exchange looks, smiling at each other. Whatever you had fought about was out the window but you knew that you still felt the need to talk about it. He did say that you both needed to stay honest with each other to make this arrangement work. And you wanted to…in more ways than one.
After you got back from dance class Jennie and Mindi wanted to hang out a bit and talk about wedding rehearsals tomorrow. Your mother also wanted to talk through some ideas with Jennie. She asked you to be there as a cushion–and to remind her that Jennie is the bride.
You didn’t get to talk much with Jungkook on the ride back and up until you got back to the hotel. The beach party was well underway. The staff put on a great spread, had a couple of bonfires going.
“Jennie, hey,” you smiled at her.
“Hey, thanks again for joining me and Tae earlier. That was so much fun!”
“Of course! It took me a while to brush up on the ballroom dancing basics but, I think we managed,” you smiled.
“Also, I can’t find Jungkook but I keep forgetting to personally thank him for bringing Taehyung back in one piece. I could fucking kill Haru for what he did,” she seethed.
She glowered at a distance where he stood mingling with his parents, still looking disheveled as he finally emerged from his room to join the festivities. You followed her line of sight to see that he was wearing sunglasses–after the sun had already set. His hangover must be hitting him hard.
You both turn to each other again, chuckling after you find each other rolling your eyes in unison.
“Seriously, though–please tell Jungkook that I’m very grateful to him.”
“Well, that’s…my man,” you smiled softly.
“You found a good one, YN,” she says to you quietly. “Hang onto him.”
Your heart squeezes. You really needed to talk to Jungkook…and soon. You had to settle some things for your own peace of mind. All of these mixed signals or miscues–you needed some clarity.
“Before I forget…I’ve been thinking about last night and…I just felt bad about how I talked to you before our night ended. I want to tell you how sorry I am for being too snappy at you. I clearly should not be drinking too much,” she chuckled nervously. “I just get a little testy,” Jennie says apologetically.
You tilt your head to the side and softened your expression. “Oh, babe–if anything, I’m sorry for being a Debbie-downer by lingering on past drama. It was your night. I’m sorry if I messed things up,” you tell her.
She took a deep breath, took your hand and squeezed it. “Babe, you could never mess things up. You’ve been such a great friend to me.” There was something in her sad smile that made your brow furrow but you thought nothing of it.
Seconds later, you are pulled away by a couple of aunts who say that you have kept them waiting too long to talk about the new man in your life. You and Jennie shared a brief hug before she walked over to entertain her family.
Even though you and Jungkook were apart for the rest of the afternoon, you found ways to steal glances from each other. You’ve decided within you that you’d give yourself another 5 minutes in this conversation before you slip away and get him alone. You subtly set a timer on your phone and continue on with the conversation.
When your timer goes off, you excuse yourself, saying that you had to take a call. Once you turn around he was already there waiting behind you.
“Hey, mind if we talk?” 
“Yeah. I was just going to come and find you. Do you want to sit over here?” You gestured at an ornately assembled log bench a few feet away, made from found fallen trees and recycled wood. It looked like a piece of art in itself.
“Listen, I wanted to apologize for being a dick this morning.” He says immediately when you both sit.
“No, please…let me finish,” he pleads. “I shouldn’t have taken advantage of the situation last night. I knew that you were drunk and–things got a little out of hand. I should have known better,” he explains.
He looks into your eyes in all sincerity. “Just so you know, that’s not something that I do. I’m not like that. If…if you ever wanted to do anything…intimate, I want you to be clear-headed and able to consent. And most of all, to remember that it happened.”
“I’m really sorry for passing out,” you lamented.
“That was out of your control,” he says understandingly.
“And the money–”
“Look…the money,” he sighed. “You were right this morning. I should have explained things and should have been more clear about it…you know, if that was your intention. We should have talked about it beforehand.”
He looks at you. He didn’t have a cold, distant look in his eyes–unlike this morning. He looked earnest and open to you.
You nodded. “I…I don’t know. I was making assumptions and I shouldn’t have.”
That piqued his curiosity. “Assumptions?”
“Y-yeah,” you took a deep, awkward breath and released it. Might as well show some honesty now, you thought. Assumptions and mixed signals wouldn’t get you far.
“I somehow had it in my head that…everything that you were doing meant something more,” you finally say, looking away.
He caught his lower lip with his teeth, fidgeting with his lip piercing. He swallows hard, feeling a pang of guilt. You were being honest to him and he owed you that much.
He gave you a small smile. “You know, I really enjoyed getting to know you this week. I feel this connection with you that–I haven’t felt with…others.”
And just like that, you had officially veered into a gray area. He was fully aware and finally acknowledged it within himself. It wouldn’t do him any good to lie his way through this conversation–not with you.
“I feel like this whole week, you’ve been learning so much about me. Too much, I’m afraid. And I realized that I haven’t really asked much about you.”
“My normal life is pretty boring, to be honest,” he says wryly. You chuckled at that. “I’d still like to know.” You gave him a look of reassurance.
He smiled nervously, taking a deep breath. He had never divulged much about his real life to his clients. It would burst the fantasy bubble.
You coax him further. “Come on, tell me about yourself. Do you have, like, an interesting birthmark? Maybe, a childhood pet that you wish you could clone? Or…a weird quirk?”
He cleared his throat and paused for a beat before speaking. “I’m very sensitive to smells. I have three diffusers in my room and five air purifiers around my place. I work so much that my only best friend in the world is my parents’ dog, Gureum. I also have a scar on my cheek that I got after fighting with my cousin over a video game.”
You listened intently, finding his candidness endearing.
“Also, I can’t measure a mattress to save my life. Once, I bought the wrong size for my bed and I was too lazy to call the store to take it back, so I just cut it.”
“You…cut it? How? With what?” You ask curiously.
“Scissors!” He says it so plainly as if it was the only sensible tool.
“Scissors.” You repeated incredulously.
“Uh-huh!” He says smugly.
You look away for a moment, brows furrowing deeply at his ‘quirk’. Then you look back at him and begin to laugh hysterically at the thought of him actually cutting a mattress with scissors.
He nodded. “Yep. And it worked. I finally got to push my bed against the wall.”
You threw your head back and continued to guffaw. Watching you fall in absolute stitches tickles him and he starts to laugh along with you.
In the midst of your howling, you lose your balance and almost fall over but he catches you. As he holds you close to him, he feels your laughs reverberate through his chest, flowing through the depths of him. All of his worries and doubts fade away at the sound of that belly-laugh that he found so appealing early on. It was a sign of reassurance for him. He grabs on to the feeling, vowing to hold on to it for as long as he was able to.
Gasping for air, you start to calm down. “Wow–that–wow…I don’t even know what to say to that,” you giggled, wiping the tears that have pooled in your eyes.
He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m a dork, I know.”
“That’s not what I pictured at all. You just seem like the coolest person in the room.”
“Key word being ‘seem,’” he points out.
You nodded and sighed. “Well, that was fun. Now, I want to head back upstairs.”
“Oh. Are you getting tired?” He asks.
“Not really, but I just feel like lazing around for the rest of the night. Maybe use that jacuzzi in the room for once,” you say casually as you start to walk away from him. “You can stay down here if you want, though.”
He raises an eyebrow at the thought, staying rooted to the spot for a few seconds. You were steps away from the main courtyard when he called your name. You turn around to see him jogging towards you.
“Changed your mind?”
“Yeah. I prefer to keep you company,” he uttered.
You smiled warmly at him before continuing to walk indoors and towards the elevators. “Okay. And just so you know, I plan on ordering room service. I want something fried and something sweet.”
“Sounds good to me,“ he says while he puts his arm around you.
After calling in your room service order, he offers to draw up the bath for you–bubbles and all. You changed out of your clothes while he watched the tub fill with water. After a few minutes, you walk in wearing a bathrobe, glanced at the tub, dipped your fingers in to check the temperature. It was hot enough to feel comfortable so you gave him your stamp of approval. 
He gets up and begins to walk away to leave you in peace but you call out to him instead
“Aren’t you going to join me?”
You had a plan. Well, not really ‘a plan,’ but you wanted to try something.
He chuckled softly. “Do I have to wear a swimsuit if I get in?”
“No,” you say simply.
He raises an eyebrow, a gleam in his eyes. “Hold up–what happened to the YN who couldn’t even handle seeing my bare ass when I stepped into the shower last time?”
You laughed then shrugged your shoulders. “Let’s just say we’re past the awkward stage now.”
“Are you wearing a swimsuit?” He asks.
You scoffed then followed it with a chuckle. “Of course not! Don’t be ridiculous,” you say as you start to undo the robe’s sash.
His eyes widen then he quickly turns away right before the sides open. You shrug it off and hang it over by the hook on the wall then carefully step into the tub.
You started to giggle. “Now who’s being awkward?”
“I just–want to respect your boundaries, that’s all,” he reasons, eyes still shut.
“And you are,” you affirm. “I respect your boundaries, too. You can join me, only if you want to, but I also wouldn’t be mad if you won’t. I just wanted to relax. I figured you could use it, too.”
Truthfully, you weren’t sure where this would lead but you were taking a chance. You decided to roll with it.
You reached over towards the center of the tub that contained a small control panel, set a timer, then pushed the button to switch the jets on. You lean back against the tub and let your body sink further into the water. The bubbles, sticking to your chest and shoulders. You sighed and closed your eyes, not waiting for his response as the vibrations started to soothe your tired muscles.
Within a few seconds, you hear water sloshing and feel him settling opposite you, his foot grazing your calf when he steps in. When you open your eyes, his back is already leaning against the tub. His left knee is raised above the water, careful not to extend it too far towards you. His right leg, the one farthest away from you is stretched out against the side closest to the wall.
You smile at him and he gives you a smile back. “Happy?”
You chuckled softly then released a contented sigh. “At the moment, yes.”
You stared at each other silently while the tub jets continued to rumble around you, splashing water droplets around.
“Now that you’re here, can I ask you some more questions,” you finally say.
He laughs, pulling his hands out of the water and running his fingers through his hair, brushing it back. That view never gets old.
“Is that why you wanted to get me naked? Because you wanted to interrogate me some more?”
“You can always say ‘no’ to tub-talk.” You see a cloud of bubbles building up in front of you so you puffed out your cheeks and blew them towards him.
He laughs and dips his hand in the water again and splashes a little bit on you. “Fine. Hit me with more questions,” he relents.
“And you’ll still answer honestly?” You ask him pointedly.
He nodded. “Yes.”
“Good. Because if you don’t, my foot is in really close proximity to your crotch so–”
He started laughing, “Let’s not get all violent now, shall we?” He says, unconsciously cupping himself in case you tried anything.
“I kid, I kid,” you say in between giggles. If you were going to be honest, you had other ideas for his crotch…ones that involved you being on your knees–but now’s not the time for that yet. Keep it together, YN!
You took a deep breath. After a brief pause, you ask, “Have you ever had an instance where your relationship with your client has gone past…I don’t know, outside of the agreed-upon business terms?”
“What, like a breach of contract?” He clarified.
You laughed softly. Your professional brain was jumping way ahead of you. “Mm…Like, if a client paid for an evening, have you ever—spent time with them outside of that timeframe?”
He scoffs then stretches his arms wide, resting them on the tub’s rim. You tried not to get too distracted by his muscles and his tattoos. “Why don’t you just be straight with me and ask me if I’ve ever dated a client before.”
You rolled your eyes. “I was only trying to finesse—“
“I thought we were past the whole awkward stage?”
You paused, staring into his eyes. You had to give him that. “Okay. So, have you dated a client before?” You asked directly.
“No, never,” he says.
“Would you ever date a client?” You followed up.
He regarded you intently. Even though you sounded direct, you were still trying to dance around your point. Before you booked him, you were uncomfortable with the idea of a boyfriend-for-hire. You were even more appalled at the thought of paying him--a stranger--to sleep with you. And you almost crossed that bridge. Almost.
As the week winds down and your time with him is about to come to an end, you decide to get to know him better. As bizarre as this experience started out for you, you were finally becoming comfortable with the idea of him being around and…just spending time with him.
“Just to be clear–after our arrangement, there won’t be any more clients to speak of. Like I said before, this will be my final booking…ever.”
You looked at him skeptically.
“What? You find the idea of me quitting the business hard to believe?”
“No, I find it harder to believe that you’ve never dated a client before. I feel like you flirt so much. It’s almost pathological for you,” you laughed.
He shrugged. “I’m just playing a part–like an actor.”
“And…you’ve slept with clients before?”
“Yes, I have. Not a lot, but I have.” 
You tried not to look disappointed–but you appreciated that he didn’t try to lie about it.
“Does that bother you?” He asks quietly.
“A little, but only because I’m unfamiliar with what your business entails. It’s all part of the package, right? If it’s on the menu, what’s stopping them from trying it?”
“You could say that.” He shifted his position on the tub but kept his eyes on you. “But I will say–I don’t just sleep with my clients. I don’t offer that option to everyone. I have to feel some attraction when I first meet them–at least have some sort of connection.” His gaze becomes more intense as you let this information sink in.
Your brows furrowed. Looking away from him briefly, the wheels started to turn in your head. Since he offered you the option, that meant…
Gasping softly, your eyes flicker, seeing a ghost of a smile play at his lips, once you worked it out. It hit you like a ton of bricks but you didn’t want to be completely presumptive. You shifted in the water, unknowingly pressing your thighs together. He turns his head away for a moment and covers his mouth with his hand.
The water’s temperature was starting to drop and the peaks of bubbles were slowly deflating, leaving gaps where you could see through the water.
This wasn’t what you had in mind when you asked him to take a bath with you. 
You cleared your throat in an attempt to regain control of the situation. “I have…a few more questions. If you could just humor me?” So far, he’s been pretty open tonight. Allowing you into his world little by little. You were toeing the line, sure–and you were trying to find out at what point he’d stop you.
He chuckled. “Alright.”
It was your cue to push in. “Let’s say a client wanted to have sex with you...”
His jaw squared for a second but his lips eventually curved into a smile. “Okay.”
“You would charge an extra fee on top of your normal rate, right?”
“Is that a flat rate or…are there particular things you’d do for a certain amount? Like, is there a menu of services that you cover?” It sounded silly after you heard it spill out of your mouth. But you were genuinely curious…for a number of reasons that you weren’t ready to disclose to him yet.
“I do tiers,” he replies smoothly.
Your eyebrows lift. “Tiers?”
What was this, a cellphone data plan? A country club membership?
He nods. “Yep.”
“It sounds stupid but it’s just like first, second, and third base. Some don’t want to go all the way–they just want a little taste, and I try to be respectful of that.”
“So–you don’t even get to…finish?” You ask uncomfortably.
He laughs. “It’s not about me,” he explains. “The mistake most men make is to get it on so they can get off. But once I changed my perspective where I want to pleasure a woman because I want to get her off, then that’s pleasure for me. Whatever she wants to do to me in return–that’s just icing on the cake.”
Your cheeks heat up, stomach doing backflips but you still try your best to keep your cool. “That makes sense,” you managed to say. “So…what next?” 
He cleared his throat. “After we’ve set terms, both of us consent, the money is exchanged…and then we get right into it,” he says candidly. He sounds disconnected from it all–completely opposite from what he said about needing to feel some connection before he slept with a client.
Then again, he hasn’t taken on anybody else for…however long, before accepting your booking. Maybe that’s why he sounded so blasé about it.
“How do you start? Do you just make-out, or…”
“Nah, ‘making out’ is too pedestrian. You can do that with anyone,” he says flippantly before licking his lips then lowering his voice. “The key here is seduction,” he says slowly.
Your chest rose noticeably as you took in a shaky breath. If your hands weren’t underwater, your palms would be sweaty as hell right about now.
“We’d talk first. I ask them questions…find out what they like…what makes them feel good.”
“Is there usually alcohol involved?”
“Very little, if any. Maybe just to calm some nerves but I try to settle that just by having a nice conversation first,” he explains. “I want to maintain the connection, if I can help it. Too much alcohol just dulls it.”
“Sounds like you like being in control,” you said.
He scoffed. “It might seem like that. But in reality–I’m giving up all control…to them.”
Your eyes blinked furiously. “Or–in this case, I’d give up control to you,” he corrects himself. “Make sense?”
“Y-yes,” you say breathlessly.
He stared at you a minute then nodded before he switched tact. “Now, I’d like to ask you something. I think that’s only fair, right?”
“Of course,” you agreed.
He tilted his head to one side and eyes narrowing slightly. His gaze boring holes through your soul. “Would you like me to seduce you now?”
As soon as he finishes his sentence, the timer runs out on the jets and they automatically shut off. You could practically hear a pin drop, save for your breaths echoing against the marble walls.
More bubbles have dissipated in the space between you two. If either of you had craned your necks further up, you would see all of each other.
You moistened your dry lips before responding. “I think that’s a bit of a foregone conclusion at this point, don’t you think?”
“So if it is, then–what else do I need to say or do to get you to sleep with me? Should I get on my knees and beg?” Just then you felt his fingers reach for your ankle, tracing subtle circles on it. 
He bit at his bottom lip. Your gaze was locked to his, unable to look away. At that moment, you realized that you owned him and that he would do anything you wanted him to. And he knew it within himself, too.
A loud knocking at the door breaks the tension. You look away, suddenly remembering that you ordered room service.
“I’ve got it,” you remark coolly, reluctantly pulling your ankle away from him and bracing yourself to stand.
Before he could say a word, you stood up from the tub. He watched the water cascade down your body. He might have been in shock but you paid no attention to it.
As you begin to step out, he holds out a hand wordlessly to help you balance your weight so you don’t slip.
“Thanks,” you mouth at him. You take your robe from the hook on the wall. His eyes carefully watched as you slipped it on, pulling the sash tightly to close it. Maybe it was just you but you could have sworn that he had the slightest look of disappointment after you had done that.
You instructed the server to leave the cart, tipped them, and sent them on their way. You lifted one of the domed covers and picked up a fry and nibbled on it. There were slices of cake and some chocolate-covered strawberries in there as well.
While you assess each snack that you ordered, you see him emerge from the bathroom out of the corner of your eye. He had a towel wrapped around his waist which made the sizeable bulge that he had underneath it more inviting.
In those few brief minutes that you stepped away, the tension built up in seconds–and it felt much thicker than it did back in the bathroom.
Your eyes lifted as he sauntered towards you. “Hungry?” You ask him nonchalantly as you eyed one of the cakes.
“Not for food,” he says plainly as he closes in on you.
Your cheeks heated up, desire roiled from beneath your belly, pooling between your thighs. You had to commend yourself for all of the control you’ve managed to maintain, instead of just mindlessly throwing yourself at him.
He stops right next to you, you could see in his eyes that he was doing his best to hold himself back as well.
Your eyes shifted at the slice of chocolate cake drizzled with some red, berry reduction on top and around the plate. “You like chocolate?”
“If it was smeared all over your body, yes.” There was a dangerous purr to his voice that sent a shiver through you. You caught a whiff of something that made your mouth water and the apex of your thighs ache. Cologne? Toothpaste? Sweat? Whatever it was–it smelled fucking good.
He closed in further, moving slightly behind you. You dipped your finger at the frosting, capturing a dollop.
“You know I’m fully aware that you’re still naked underneath, right?”
“Yes,” you say simply as you turn your head to him, bringing your finger up to your mouth and licking it.
He narrowed his eyes at you, letting out a soft growl at your teasing.
“Oh, did you want some?” You stuck your finger into the frosting again and held it out to him. His hand curls around your wrist as he brings your hand close to his mouth, licking and sucking on your finger.
Guess two can play that game.
Once he releases it, he pushes your hand back to you.
“Do you want some more?” You ask him evenly despite the fact that your heart feels like it’s about to beat out of your chest.
“You know what I want.” His voice was deeper, rougher. Lowering his head, Jungkook dragged his lips into the crook of your neck, tracing the throbbing vein in your throat. 
“I know you want it, too,” he breathes into your ear. You melted into him, your body going lax as he pulled you close. 
He lifted his head, regarding you intently. You returned his gaze–his eyes were overly bright yet pitch black at the same time. Being so close, the raw masculinity he exuded made your pulse erratic.
His last thread of control snaps. “Please,” he purred. “Just put me out of my misery.” He sounded needy–at this point, he didn’t give a shit if you made him get on his knees just so he could get a taste.
His words alone were enough to summon pornographic images you neither approved of nor realized existed within you–images of you bent over the table, pressed up against a wall or on your knees.
Before he could get another word in, you seal your lips over his to shut him up with a lush kiss. Your hands went to his hair, sliding through it, tugging. You arched your back when he tightened his arms around you.
Just as he had the night before, he had you on your back on the bed before you realized he was moving you. The robe gave way to his deft fingers, then he was cupping your breasts, kneading them with soft, rhythmic squeezes.
He sucked on your lower lip, his fingers rolling and tugging your tender nipples. 
“Oh my goood…” His mouth surrounded the tip of your breast, the wash of heat making you break into a sweat.
“I want to make you feel good. Tell me what you like,” he breathes out.
“You’re doing just that,” you whine.
He chuckles softly before darting the tip of his tongue at a hardened bud, making you squirm.
“Come on…tell me. I want to know,” he insists.
You’ve never been very vocal about what you wanted your partner to do to get you off. Whatever felt good, you guessed–as long as you reached an orgasm. But Jungkook was giving you the chance to tell him what you wanted and how you wanted it done.
“I want you…to eat me out,” you cringed as the words escaped your lips.
“Okay,” he smiled while he hovered above you. “How do you like it?”
You looked at him like an idiot. But you thought about how you got yourself off–guaranteed to make you see stars once your orgasm ripped through you.
“Licking, sucking–some fingers,” you reply.
“Alright then,” was all he said before he slid down
One of his hands pushed between your legs. They fell open shamelessly, your body so aroused you were almost feverish. His other hand continued to knead your breasts, making them unbearably sensitive.
“You’re so wet for me,” he murmured, his gaze sliding down your body to where he was parting you with his fingers.
He slid one finger carefully into you. Your eyes closed against the unbearable vulnerability of being spread out naked for him.
“You’re so tight.” He pulled out and thrust gently back into you. Your back bowed as you clenched around him. “So greedy.” He dipped his head lower and started to tease your clit with the tip of his tongue.
You gasped audibly. “Sorry…it’s…it’s been a while,” you said embarrassingly.
“What did I say about saying ‘sorry?’” He pulled out and pushed back into you with two fingers, his lips sucking on the swollen bud. You couldn’t hold back a low, breathy moan. The man was exceptionally good with his hands and his tongue.
“Is that good? You like that?”
“Fuck, Jungkook…yes.” You were panting for him, your hips circling shamelessly onto his thrusting fingers, to which he had added a third one while his mouth wrapped around your pussy, humming into it. You felt as if you’d spontaneously combust if he didn’t get you off.
“I want to feel you,” you whined. “Please…”
“I know I said I wanted you to tell me what you want but…now, I just really want to make you cum now, just like this.” You’d never been so turned on in your life. You were near mindless, writhing with the need for an orgasm. Your nails dug deeply into his shoulder blades while your thighs tensed.
He was breathing hard, too. His face was flushed with lust…for you. And to think that you’d practically done nothing more than respond helplessly to him.
“I-I’m close.” You didn’t recognize your own voice as your walls rippled around his stroking fingers and fluttering tongue, his words pushing you to the brink.
“I’ve got you.” The pad of his thumb swiped and rubbed your clit in gentle, rhythmic circles. “I want to see your eyes when you cum for me.”
Everything tightened within you, the tension building as he massaged your clit and pushed his fingers in and out at a steady pace. 
You climaxed with a throaty cry. You struggled to keep your eyes open while your face screwed up in pure arousal. The whites of your knuckles were evident as you gripped the sheets, your hips pumping onto his hand shamelessly, prolonging your orgasm.
Your ears rang as pleasure pulsed through you. You thought you heard him speak, but you lost the words when he hooked one of your legs over his shoulder and covered your slick heat with his mouth once more.
“Wait—” you pushed at his head with your hands. You were too sensitive. But when his tongue licked your clit, fluttering over it, the hunger built again. More intense than the first time. He rimmed your opening, teasing, taunting with the promise of another orgasm.
He licked between your folds, dragging his tongue against your sensitive flesh. Your hands fisted at his hair, chest heaving as teased your clit with the tip of his tongue. You keened, hips moving restlessly into his relentless mouth, muscles tightening once more.
He finished with a tenderness that made your second orgasm roll through you like a crashing wave, swelling and washing over you in a rush of pleasure.
While you were in a post-orgasmic haze, he rose. You hear a distant sound of a foil packet ripping. When you come to, he threads his fingers with yours, stretching them above your head.
The tip of his cock aligned with the slick entrance of your body and as he pushed deliciously into you. You moaned, shifting to accommodate him while he settled between your thighs.
His breath was humid against your throat, his frame trembled slightly as he withdrew himself carefully then thrusting once more inside you.
You wrapped your legs around his hips, pushing him deeper, feeling his ass flex and release against your calves as your body took him to the hilt.
With your hands linked, he took your mouth and began to move, gliding in and out. You felt every hard inch of him. He drove the message home repeatedly until you were gasping against his mouth, thrashing beneath him, your hands almost suffering from the loss of circulation by how hard you gripped him.
“You’re so beautiful…so perfect, so good…” He groaned.
“Please, don’t stop,” you gasped as another climax built up within you.
“I don’t think I can. Want you…too much,” he says.
You came with a sharp, trembling cry, and he was right there with you. His pace quickened for several deep thrusts, then came…grunting your name while he spilled into you.
You sank into the mattress, sweaty and completely spent. You roll to your side briefly before gathering the strength to sit up. As you blink away the stars in your eyes, you find him dipping into the bed next to you once more.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He cocked an eyebrow at you.
“I was…going to get cleaned up,” you replied.
With a glint in his eye, he chuckled mischievously. “You didn’t think we were done, did you?” He whispers, after he discarded the used condom, pulling out a fresh one.
Biting your lip, he pushes his body onto you, sealing his mouth to yours–as if he could eat you alive.
At some point in between, you ate the food that you ordered as both of you were famished. But the break didn’t last long when you finally got to the chocolate cake. He ate some of it off you, you ate some of it off him.
You don’t remember how many more times he made you cum or where. On the bed, on the couch, the table, once more in the shower.
Each and every time, he was relentless and you were all too happy to take it. Under normal circumstances, you’d be completely exhausted and insist on sleeping.
But who needed sleep when you could spend your waking hours enjoying the company of this pleasure-god all night long?
It was daylight by the time you finally decided that both your needs were sated. You tossed the pillows that you had propped up between you a couple nights before and fell asleep, bodies still entangled. He spooned you from behind, placing feather-soft kisses on your neck and shoulders.
Seconds before you drift off, you could have sworn that you heard him mumble in your ear…something about wanting to take care of you. Subconsciously, you wished that you hadn’t been so tired. All you could do was hum in response before you closed your eyes.
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On With The Show (knj)
Tumblr media
summary: Eight years after announcing their retirement, Dark & Wild seems to have been left behind. For Namjoon, he could never forget the time his dreams became a reality, and he's determined to retake the charts by storm once again. Struggling with raising a teenage daughter, the loss of his wife and poor writing projects with terrible bands, he’s now had enough. So with a little help from the only remaining active fan site, he embarks on a mission to convince his bandmates that a comeback might not be the mid life crisis they think it is.
word count- 33.9k (🥴💀)
pairing- retired bassist!Namjoon x lawyer!Reader
rating- R
genre- rockstar!au, s2f2l, fluff, smut, angst, slight slow burn, single dad!au
warnings- retired!bangtan, dilf!joon, lowkey making fun of Mötley Crüe but not really, recreational drug use, drug overdose, hospitals, minor character death, depression, protected sex, oral (m and f receiving), too many song references (namjoons catalogue mainly), soft soft joon, joon is dad to a 16yo, jungkook is a shameless dedicated dad to twins, joon is 36, invasion of privacy, lots of talk about being famous
playlist- don’t//aeon ft rm, ny state of mind//nas, bicycle//rm, spring day//bts, always//rm, human behaviour//bjork, death with dignity//sufjan stevens, seoul//rm, outro//maanu, heavenly//cigarettes after dark, trivia love//bts, on with the show//motley crue, war of hormones//bts
a.n- this fic is part of the Can’t Be Tamed collab hosted by @jeonjcngkook. please check out the other fics in the collab, they are all amazing!
I’m very excited to share this fic with all of you! it’s been in the making for a very long time and is the longest one shot I’ve written yet. Hope you enjoy this story and that you remember never to let your inner fan girl down! Hehe💕💕
special s/o to @raplinesmoon and @playmetheclassics for beta reading this for me and to @mapleglasses27​ and @bluewhale52​ for hyping me up and brainstorming with me! i honestly don’t know what i would do without you all! ily 🥺
Banner by the ever talented @hobeemin 💕😍
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The guitar riff crashed through the speakers, loud and chaotic, distorted to a growl that got the heart beating. Notes cascaded over each other as if chasing themselves in a circle like kids in a park. Soon after, the drums and bass joined them, high hat crashing in time with the snare, the strings of the bass slapping against fingers, pinging loud and clear. A destructive medley morphing into a foot-stomping melody that bounced off the  soundproof walls bringing a smile to Namjoon’s face.
A smile that dropped as soon as the vocalist started singing the verse.
“What are the colours of the skies really? They're bright black when falling apart Were our drifts back then okay?”
With a scowl, Namjoon straightened in his seat, turning off the recording,and hitting the button for the mic. The band seemed unbothered as they kept playing, bobbing their heads to the music. It would be commendable how absorbed they were in the music, if they weren’t completely fucking up Namjoon’s song. He cleared his throat into the mic, thankful for the abrupt silence.
“Vince, for the last fucking time. Those are not the lyrics,” Namjoon said, only to be met with an eye roll that boiled his blood. The audacity of these rookies was too high. They had barely debuted two years ago and somehow their egos seemed to have grown infinitely larger.
“And for the last fucking time, man. These work better,” Vince argued through the guitar pick secured between his teeth, using a tattooed hand to push his bright purple hair back. He looked to the three men next to him for support and all of them agreed, nodding enthusiastically. Well everyone except the lead guitarist, Mick, who as per usual was just staring into space, expression as vacant as Vince’s head.
“How do they make sense? What’s fucking bright black? And the colours of the sky?” Namjoon questioned, frustration making itself known from the tick of his jaw as he tried not to explode.
He hated this band. He hated this job. His name held a lot of weight in the industry, and he couldn’t fathom how he had even gotten to where he was right now; writing songs for an over entitled bunch of kids half his age.
Much like any other person in the music industry, Namjoon started with a dream. Well, a dream and a threat from his mom. When he was sixteen, his mother had looked him straight in the eye and given him one year to go out into the real world and make money from the music his friends kept playing in her garage, and if he was unsuccessful, he was to pick up his studies and continue on her dream of him becoming an engineer. And well, Namjoon was a stubborn, talented kid.
Within six months, his band had not only signed onto a label, but Dark and Wild had successfully started preparations for their debut album, one that charted number one worldwide and convinced his mother that the noise he was always playing was worth something.
That number one album turned into platinum, and then so did the next three albums. By the time Namjoon was twenty-two, he was the bassist of the hottest band in the world, his songs being chanted by people of all ages, all races.
World tours, whirlwind romances, and new hotel rooms every weekend became the norm. At the peak of his career, Namjoon was an ambassador for four luxury brands, three alcohol companies, and one electronics conglomerate, his face plastered over billboards from New York to Seoul to Paris. That was also when he became a husband and a proud father to the world’s most beautiful baby girl.
And then, merely a few years later, he lost the love of his life and his band in the span of four months. It wasn’t dramatic, it was life. Everything happens for a reason, and Namjoon believed that for him that reason was the beautiful girl his wife had gifted him.
If his band hadn’t called it quits, he would have never spent time raising her, learning how to be the best dad and learning the way his daughter’s brain worked, so intricate and creative that he sometimes got tears in his eyes just thinking about the fact that he was responsible for creating someone so extraordinary.
Which is why the fact that the bunch of kids in the studio were talking about her made his blood boil, his jaw tensing from all the expletives he wanted to throw at them.
“Dude I can’t believe you picked this boomer cause of his daughter!” Vince taunted his bandmate as he laughed, his nasal snort pumping through the vein now throbbing on Namjoon’s forehead.
“What can I say, man, that chick’s fucking hot, and the way she drums. God damn!” Tommy, the drummer, professed, his hands still holding the sticks now coming to rest on his chest as he leaned back on the stool, the bandana on his head falling backwards with the movement.
Raising a child alone in his mid-twenties had taught Namjoon a lot of things, most of all patience, but he was of the firm belief that not even Buddha would have kept his cool at Tommy’s next words.
“Yo Namjoon! You gotta bring her to the next session. I can really teach her how to bang those drums, if you know what I mean,” he answered with a smile as slimy as his greasy hair, and Namjoon couldn’t help exploding out of his chair, his notebook scattering to the ground as he swiftly made his way to the door of the recording room.
However, before he could pummel that disrespectful worm into the ground, the producer next to him was on his feet, holding him back, his small stature no match for Namjoon’s large build. Seeing red, Namjoon scrambled for the door, falling to the ground and in the process taking the innocent producer down with him. All while the band laughed at him. Generation Swine, what a fitting name for a bunch of pigs.
“Yo boss, you need this gig right?” the producer wheezed from under him, trying to calm down Namjoon with rationality but he didn’t know Namjoon. Thinking about the multiple zeros in his checking account and even more in his investments, his vision cleared, a calm surrounding him.
“I don’t actually,” Namjoon replied, getting back up and helping his coworker with an apology, before he turned back to the band with a condescending smile plastered on his face.
“I quit. And my contract says I can take back my songs. Enjoy an empty album, fuckers.”
With a middle finger in the air, he picked up his messenger bag resting on the couch and his notebook and strolled out. Why hadn’t he just done this before?
Even though he was notoriously a punk rock artist, nothing calmed Namjoon down more than old school hip-hop, and so as he drove to pick up his daughter, he blasted Nas, rapping along at the top of his lungs.
“Hand me a nine and I'll defeat foes Y'all know my steelo, with or without the airplay I keep some E&J, sitting bent up in the stairway.”
It was as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He had been spending hours everyday pouring himself into music that was insightful and poetic, only to be stonewalled by a bunch of unwashed children who thought what punk really was.
Did they really think watering down his lyrics would make them more relatable? He’d been going back and forth with the Swine for months, and yet they didn’t understand that music didn’t really mean anything unless it said something.
Anyone could string together a melody and talk about fucking and destroying property but the greats always had something to say, something to change. They didn’t chase empty avenues with mixed messages, they took a stand. That’s what punk was, not a distorted guitar with the goal to get laid. He knew that at sixteen and he knew that now at thirty-six.
Real music changed lives.
As the track changed to a more mellow beat, he let his fingers tap the steering wheel, cautiously turning into the cul-de-sac and waiting for the gate to Jungkook’s obscenely secure mansion to open before driving down the long driveway. Driving to his house always made him a little nostalgic, mostly because he was proud that his youngest bandmate had finally settled down from his much wilder days, but also because Jungkook’s home always felt like his home.
It was where he had spent much of his time after the band disbanded, his deep depression and the sudden sole responsibility of a six-year old turning him into a useless shell of a human. He would always be grateful to Jungkook for taking him in when he was at his worst and coaxing him out of the darkness. He shuddered to think of how much worse he would have gotten if he hadn’t had the courage to run to Jungkook eight years ago with his daughter in his arms and tears cascading down his face.
He smiled a little, eyes turning to the big box of gourmet donuts he had picked up for his friend’s family. Parking near the front door, he picked up the box, only to be interrupted by the ringing of his phone, the usually calming chimes grating his nerves when he saw his manager’s name light up the screen.
“What Sejin?”
“Don’t what Sejin me! You quit? Are you kidding me?” The usually cheery man yelled through the line, his exasperation easily conveyed through the static.
“Yup,” Namjoon replied stubbornly, popping the syllable at the end, still too happy to have left that band of wannabes behind to be bothered by the scolding he could see coming. “I realised, I’m literally a millionaire. I don’t need this job.”
“Literally a- Again, are you kidding me?!” Sejin sputtered, and Namjoon grimaced as he heard some of his spit land on the speaker. “You do realise you signed a contract right? A two-year contract, to write for them, exclusively?”
“And?” Namjoon egged him on. “There’s that clause right? That I can pay damages or whatever?”
“They are claiming that those ‘damages or whatever’ are over five million dollars! You either lawyer up, or you go apologise to the band.”
Namjoon snorted at the absurdity. The only way anyone could get him to apologize to that bunch of talentless fuckers was if they animated his dead body with Frankensteinian magic. Not wanting to spoil his good mood, he locked his car and made his way to the front door..
“Send me a list of lawyers,” he said curtly before hanging up on a seething Sejin. He should’ve been worried, or at the very least concerned, by a threat from a very large and influential record label, but Namjoon was finally free and nothing was going to get him down. Not when as soon as he rang the bell, he was greeted by his daughter, a large grin on her face, the dimples that matched his etching deeper into her cheeks.
“Dad! You know you don’t have to drive slow even on a driveway, right?” she teased, giving her father a side hug and greedily reaching for the box of doughnuts, which he raised above his head.
“Moonie, these are for the twins!” he chastised, returning her hug and ruffling her hair only to annoy her, chuckling as she whined at him.
“Joon! You gotta stop bringing sweets! I’m gonna lose my abs!” Jungkook shouted from the foyer, walking over with one of his boys in his arms, the other running behind him. Jun-seo copied his father as he pulled a wincing Jungkook’s hair, and Namjoon couldn’t stop cackling at how cute “I’m gonna lose my abs!” sounded coming from a three-year old’s mouth.
He greeted his friend before leaning down and swooping Hyeon from the ground in his arms, trying to make conversation with the shyer twin as his daughter took the box of doughnuts, opening to look for her favourite. It didn’t take long for Jungkook to coax him into having dinner with his family, laughing at the way Moon sighed in relief of not having to endure her father’s terrible cooking for the night.
Nothing could be more relaxing than having dinner with his closest friends and his daughter, Namjoon thought as he helped Jungkook’s wife wash the dishes, taking care not to let any of his clumsier tendencies shine through. There were only so many of her dishes he could break before she would ban him from the house completely. He smiled as she told him about her day and how the twins had somehow started a paint war with the neighbouring kindergarten class, resulting in her trying to talk the principal out of suspending them.
“They can suspend someone in kindergarten?” he asked, incredulous, wiping the last of the dishes and pouring himself a glass of water.
“You know how people are, Joon. Just cause we have our personal lives plastered all over they assume that we can’t parent,” she sighed, joining him at the breakfast nook, a sad smile on her face. “That’s why I’ve been so against nannies, you know… Because what if they’re right?”
“Hey they aren’t right. You and Jungkook are great parents,” he squeezed her shoulder as he consoled her, happy to see her smile more genuinely at his compliment.
“And we don’t need babysitters cause we have Moon,” she said, looking up at him with a mischievous smirk her sons had inherited from her before she softened. “You’re a great parent too, Joon.”
Namjoon’s heart warmed at her words. He had often thought that perhaps a lack of a mother would make Moon lonely, make her want a more stable female presence. He was happy that Jungkook’s wife had filled that role for her somewhat, acting like a mother even when she didn’t have to, from teaching her about periods to gossiping with her about boys. Things that Namjoon still found a bit awkward to connect with Moon about. It was not that he was bad at it, it was just that he had never experienced those things himself, so who was he to teach her about them?
The heartfelt moment was interrupted by Jungkook entering the kitchen, a scowl on his face as he looked at Namjoon.
“You quit?” Jungkook asked, voice strained as he poked the inside of his cheek. Namjoon could feel that his friend was angry but he was still too ecstatic from leaving that dreadful job behind, so he just smiled, nodding in response.
“They are gonna sue you! Are you serious?” Jungkook seethed, confusing Namjoon who couldn’t for the life of him figure out why he was so upset, especially when he already had an amazing back up plan. At least not until his next words left him, making Namjoon bow his head in shame.
“You have Moon to think about. Do you think she’d like the media circus?”
“I just couldn’t take it anymore,” he exhaled, his teeth worrying his bottom lip as he came clean about his outburst, the days of building frustration as the band took his hard work lightly and spent hours drinking and getting high instead of working.
Jungkook seemed to soften as he spoke, and Namjoon couldn’t help but take the melting of his anger as encouragement as he continued, letting him into his backup plan, “We were so much more serious than them. We had a work ethic. We still could… Would it be so bad if Dark and Wild got together again?”
“P-pardon?” Jungkook sputtered at Namjoon’s words, coughing as he tried to wrap his mind around a comeback. Turns out Namjoon’s plan wasn’t foolproof and his heart fell as his friend vehemently disagreed, not wanting to be away from the twins to be back on the rock and roll train. He missed that life too, but unlike Namjoon, he had made his peace with it, happy to let it go to be a full-time father.
“I was a dad when the band was together,” Namjoon argued, not willing to let go of his renewed dream.
“And look what happened to Seo!” Jungkook spat, instantly regretting his words as Namjoon’s face fell. However, no matter how quickly Jungkook apologised, Namjoon couldn’t listen, the grief he had buried away clawing at his chest again. With a curt goodbye amongst the apologies, he asked Moon to follow him and made his way to the car.
“Dad… you okay?” Moon asked, once they were on the way home, worried about the way her father sat in silence when usually she would have a hard time making him shut up.
She knew he got this way occasionally, too deep in his head, and she had a sneaking suspicion it was whenever he missed her mom, and so when she didn’t hear a response, she leaned over, placing a hand over his on the steering wheel to loosen his grip.
Namjoon smiled at her, a hand leaving the wheel to squeeze her fingers between his. Sometimes he forgot that she wasn’t a kid anymore, that she was mature, empathetic almost to a fault, able to read his mind with just a look.
Namjoon promised himself that he would always be honest with her, be it about his feelings or things happening in his life. He had kept his promise whenever she would ask about her mom as a lost six year old and he kept his promise now as he told his sixteen year old about the argument he had just had with Jungkook.
In a lot of ways it helped him process the conversation, coming to terms with Jungkook’s fear from Moon’s insight. She was right when she said that it had less to do with blaming Namjoon when he was away from her mother, but more to do with her uncle’s fears of the same happening to his wife, no matter how irrational the thought was.
Namjoon couldn’t help but stare at her, mouth falling open in shock.
“Tell me again how you’re only in tenth grade?” he teased. “When did you get your psychology degree?”
“Come on dad. No one really needs university nowadays. You can just learn everything from Re-”
“You’re going to university. I don’t care how much Reddit can teach you,” Namjoon interrupted, eyes narrowed as he pulled into his designated parking space in the lot under their apartment. “You can get a real degree and then you can be my therapist.”
“I can’t be your therapist,” she huffed, crossing her arms with a scowl that reminded him of her mother so much he couldn’t help but smile. “That's a conflict of interest!”
He burst out laughing at her words, getting out of the car and helping her carry the multiple boxes of food Jungkook had prepared for the two of them, insisting that they take them despite the cold exit. Moon melted at her father’s joy, punching the code for the top floor as she adjusted her backpack. When the doors closed, she looked at him grinning widely.
“You know, War of Hormones is going viral on TikTok,” she commented, laughing at the way Namjoon groaned at the mention of his slightly cringey debut single. “I think you guys still have fans. A lot of them. People are still making thirst traps of all of you.”
“What’s thirst traps?” Namjoon asked as the private elevator opened up to their apartment, the smell of cedar and sandalwood calming him after a stressful day.
“You know like this,” she said, following her father into the kitchen and placing the boxes on the counter before pulling out her phone and scrolling through the app. She handed Namjoon the phone and he had to stop his eyes from falling to the floor at the video in front of him.
Set to an extremely horny rap about wanting someone’s dumptruck in their little garage was a video of Hoseok thrusting into the air as he sang into the mic, following by a close up of Jungkook as he took his shirt off and threw it into the crowd, just as it moved to a video of Yoongi licking up the strings of his guitar, a smirk on his face as he made eye contact with the camera.
Then there was Seokjin, Jimin and Taehyung at one of their sold out shows, ripping the buttons of their shirts simultaneously while winking at the crowd, and Namjoon couldn’t help but laugh at the how stupid they looked. The last clip was of him holding Moon as he brought her two-year old self on stage, big yellow muffs protecting her ears from the noise as he let her strum on his bass.
“Wait, why am I the only one not being sexy?” he questioned, frowning.
“I don’t know. I guess people love you being a dad,” she shrugged, taking her phone back, laughing at how ridiculous all of her uncles looked during their glory days, before looking at her father and giving him a tight hug. “I love you too, dad. And I think you still have a lot of fans who’d love a comeback.”
Namjoon’s heart dissolved in his chest, filled with warmth as he kissed the top of his daughter’s head, returning her hug ten fold, squeezing her to his chest as she squirmed. That night after she had gone to bed, Namjoon researched his fans. If Moon thought that fans still existed, maybe he could convince the guys to give the comeback a shot. They always did love Shadows more than anything.
Scrolling through numerous web pages, he stumbled on to a fansite that was surprisingly still active, posting periodic updates about Dark and Wild’s current careers, as well as edits of their old selves, and pleading for a comeback. Perhaps the way to his band member’s hearts was a heartfelt plea from a Shadow, and how apt that the username was yummyjungkookie.
His scrolling through nostalgia was interrupted by a text from his manager, a list of lawyers that were fit to go over his case with him. Picking the first name, he sent an appointment request.
However, not before messaging yummyjungkookie and asking for a meeting.
With a heavy exhale, you entered your apartment, leaving your heels haphazardly by the front door and your bag littered on the floor. Today had been an exceptionally stressful day and you could feel every joint in your body creak as you laid on the couch. Stretching, you thought about the weird email you had received. Well, two very weird emails.
Somehow when you started working in corporate law, you wouldn’t have thought your trajectory would lead to working on celebrity contracts. Initially it was an easy choice; getting paid exorbitant amounts of money for advising clients and looking over contract disputes that usually never ended in court. However, now you were tired of behind the scene action. You wanted to see inside of a courtroom again, to argue, to research prior cases that would help you form the perfect closing statements. There was a thrill to fighting a case in the courts, and you envied your friends from university who were working on class action suits against greedy landlords and other corporate vultures.  
Today was supposed to be the day you gave in your two week notice, to pursue something less money-based. It was a privileged position, but you were a single woman in her early thirties, and with your last relationship burning to the ground, you often looked at your ever increasing savings account with disdain, as if your ambition was responsible for Ryan cheating. But when you walked into your firm’s partner’s office with your resignation letter in hand, he convinced you otherwise by handing you a new case.
It wasn’t a particularly exciting case, a pretty straightforward contract violation, but the moment you heard who you would be representing, you couldn’t go through with your plan. Your younger self would have murdered you if you did so.
You could see your nineteen year old self, decked out in the Dark and Wild merch that still lived in your closet, standing behind your boss as he talked about the case. Because you would be representing none other than Namjoon Kim, notorious bassist of Dark and Wild. Even though he was arguably your least favourite member, considering that he used to be a bit goofy and a little bit of fuckboy even with a kid, you would carry on your duty as a loyal fan and get him out of this bind.
After all, once a Shadow, always a Shadow.
You were somewhat a menace in undergrad, from almost missing exams because the band was doing an album signing, to following them on tour each summer, to even getting their lyrics tattooed on your ribcage.
You chronicled your interactions with them in your blog with high quality photos, which became almost notorious in the Shadow circle, your followers skyrocketing with their fame. In a way their disbandment was a blessing for you, you were not sure how you would have dealt with the workload of law school if you were still keeping up with them.
Groaning you rose from the couch, deciding a drink would help calm you down. Pouring yourself a glass of cabernet, you settled back on the couch, opening your blog on your laptop and staring at the other email you had received out of the blue.
Either Namjoon Kim was stalking you or this eerie coincidence was the fruit of years of obsessive manifestation. However, if it was, it would be Jungkook Jeon emailing you. You wondered if he still had those fantastic abs from back in the day. God, those things could cut glass.
Controlling your sudden thirst, you took another sip of your wine, thinking best to reply to the email you had received.
Hi yummyjungkookie. You’re probably wondering why I’m messaging you. Well, I have a proposition. I was wondering since you are the only active fan site we have left, if you’d be interested in helping us do an analysis of current fan culture, well Shadow culture. Let me know and we can set up a meeting! -Namjoon PS: In case you think this is a troll, here’s a photo proof
Below his email was a photo attached of the man himself, round glasses making him look younger than his age with a card on which the date and time was haphazardly written.
You laughed at how seriously he had taken the request, although you were sure you would not have believed him if he didn’t attach the proof. Your laughs only got louder as you read the next message he had sent.
Oh shit. I guess I should also say, please don’t tell people about this. You won't, right? -Namjoon
“What are you cackling at?” your roommate, Hera, questioned as she stepped out of her room, hair a mess as if she had just woken up. Well, knowing her, she probably had. She was notoriously nocturnal, being a freelance artist had that effect.
“Nothing. Just a meme,” you replied, somehow endeared enough by the email to keep it a secret. Hera walked over to the couch, yawning and reaching for your glass, taking a big swig and ignoring your scowl. You loved Hera. You had been friends since law school, but somehow as soon as she dropped out of law school she had become a little overbearing.
“Alright. What’s for dinner?” she asked, stretching her limbs out on the couch as she leaned back and turned on the television. You rolled her eyes at her, getting up to finally change.
“I already ate after work,” you pouted to get off the hook easier before apologising and going to your room.
“Ugh. I guess I’ll go on a date then. Enjoy your sad nostalgia blogging, you loner,” she called from the living room, grating your nerves as you locked yourself in your room, waiting for her to leave, so you could order food and not share. It may be petty but you were tired of paying for her meals, on top of paying for the rent.
“Wait so you called us all here to ask us to get the band back together?” Yoongi asked, eyes scrunched in disbelief. Or the early hour, Namjoon wasn’t sure. To be fair, Namjoon should’ve seen the reaction coming, considering how Jungkook had reacted, but he still had hope.
Namjoon had spent the past two days going over the fansite he had found and it encouraged him to set up the brunch meeting with his friends. If a stranger was working so hard to keep their fans engaged, shouldn’t they also do something. Didn’t they owe their fans something? Apparently the argument wasn’t as convincing as he thought it would be.
“Okay I’m not saying I’m fully against a comeback, but come on Joon. We’re has-beens… Shadows don’t even exist anymore,” Seokjin said, sipping a mimosa, freshly tanned from an impromptu trip to the Maldives.
“Speak for yourself. I will never be a has-been,” Jimin sneered, cutting into his eggs before spouting about how his singles were still reaching number one.
“That’s cause you went pop,” Taehyung argued with a grimace, pretending to throw up into his frittata, just as the waitress came by to ask if they needed anything else.
“That’d be all. Thank you,” Jungkook answered her with a huge smile just to watch her blush, and Namjoon couldn’t help rolling his eyes at the man. Perhaps bringing the chaotic group together was a bad idea. Perhaps bringing them to a high end restaurant where the average diner was a retired businessman was an even worse idea as he tried to make his friends lower their volume, especially Hoseok who was very loudly protesting that his very full schedule of production didn’t have any room for a comeback.
“Guys!” Namjoon snapped, rubbing his hands over his face in frustration. “Just please think it over–”
“It would take so long though. We don’t even have any songs… I haven’t even picked up the guitar in a while,” Seokjin interrupted, the mimosas taking their effect and turning his face a flushed red, as he looked sadly at the tablecloth, and Namjoon couldn’t help feeling a little guilty. He knew the disbandment was his fault. If he had handled things better at home, they wouldn’t have lost their friend to the chaos of the lifestyle, and Moon would still have her mom. Thinking about it lodged a lump in his throat as he tried to console the group with the only solution he could think of.
“I have three albums worth of songs written,” he declared quietly, biting his lip and looking for a reaction, only for Yoongi to speak up.
“I may or may not also have two albums worth.”
“Same,” Hoseok and Jimin spoke at the same time, and Namjoon couldn’t help smiling at how even though everyone had apparently put Dark and Wild behind them, they still couldn’t let go.
“So do you guys think we can do it?” Namjoon asked hopefully, trying not to be dejected by the way Jungkook stared at his hands, deep in thought, fingers tracing the tattoos on his knuckles. The response from the rest of the men was lukewarm as it was in the beginning but somehow now they were all reminiscing too, talking about their glory days. About the time Jimin stripped on a bartop as a dare. About the time Jungkook got so high he thought the television was recording him so he did the most rational thing he could think of and tossed it out of their 40th floor hotel room window. About the time Namjoon ran away so fast from a groupie that he had missed that the glass door wasn’t open and smashed right through it – he still had a scar on his right collarbone from it. Somehow through the road of nostalgia, a little glimmer of excitement started growing, like the embers of a campfire dying out, but needing just the right gust of wind to relight.
“But what if we don’t have the same appeal now… We’re definitely not young anymore,” Seokjin said quietly, as if he was scared to voice out his thoughts, and Namjoon couldn’t help reaching out to him, placing a hand on top of his in a form of encouragement. He had the same fears. A band in their twenties was the norm, in their thirties, on the other hand…
Perhaps they were all being silly. Thirty wasn’t old by any means but the music industry was especially vicious when it came to age. However, Namjoon tried to put the question of their sex appeal to rest as he pulled out the fansite he had stumbled on earlier, sharing the seemingly unlimited ‘thirst’ posts from the blogger, much to the men’s amusement.
“Well I trust this person,” Jungkook said after a thorough scroll, earlier mood seemingly lightened. “I am in fact yummy.”
“And I really am World Wide Handsome,” Seokjin gloated, much to everyone’s annoyance.
“I contacted her,” Namjoon said carefully, hoping he wasn’t about to get a scolding, and when he received only curious looks, he continued. “I’m thinking we can get her opinion. A real Shadow’s opinion. Perhaps she has friends. She could really let us know if the fans are for us or not. Under an NDA, of course!”
“How do you know she won’t just be wishing for us to be back together?” Yoongi sighed, remembering the almost obsessive tendencies his fans had.
“You know that one fan that wrote a whole essay defending our disbandment?” Namjoon asked a bunch of nodding heads. “This is the one.”
“I can’t believe they published someone called yummyjungkookie in the New York Times,” Hoseok laughed, his contagious cackles cracking everyone else up as well, before the laughter petered into silence.
“Let’s see what she says, and then we can decide,” Jungkook ended the conversation decidedly, before the bill came and all seven men started arguing about who was going to pay, no one willing to put their credit card away much to the waitress’s chagrin.
Off the high of the semi-successful brunch, Namjoon couldn’t sit still in the lawyer’s plush office. He looked around, tapping his feet. It was a nice office, personal yet professional, warm with deep oak furniture and shelves full of law books and fiction alike.
A giant desk took up the northern end, in front of the glass wall that overlooked the city, a big leather chair seemingly belonging to the lawyer in question facing the desk. There were a few posters on the walls, classic movies as well as music festivals. A couch sat in the corner with potted monsteras, magazines scattered on the glass coffee table.
Namjoon felt oddly comfortable, but that might be because he was certain the lawyer used the same candles that littered his home, the soft pinewood scent relaxing him. Eyes roaming to read the titles of the books on the shelf, he couldn’t stop smiling at the little windchime attached to the corner.
People wouldn’t know it at a glance, but if you knew it was unmistakably his band’s merch – limited edition merch at that. He wondered if the lawyer he was meant to meet was a fan, or if they were just so old that they had received it from their children and put it up. Namjoon was pretty proud that the windchime he had designed was given a place in a room where everything seemed to be carefully handpicked.
“Sorry for keeping you waiting, Mr. Kim.”
Namjoon heard the slightly raspy voice call out, and he stood up to greet the person. However, he was a little taken aback when his eyes met yours, his throat running a little dry and his nerves spiking for no reason. Well no reason other than his immediate attraction to you.
It should be illegal for someone to look that good in a simple red suit and a pair of black heels. His eyes traced your features of their own accord, lingering at the little necklace that nestled between your collarbones, and the wisps of your hair that lined your eyebrows.
“Mr. Kim?” you asked, and a furious flush rose up his cheeks as he realised he hadn’t answered. Stuttering a response, he sat down at your insistence, agreeing to a coffee that you rang your assistant for. If you were a fan, you didn’t seem to give it away, jumping right into business as you talked about loopholes in the contract that could get Namjoon off with minimal penance.
While Namjoon was nodding along, pretending not to pay attention to the way your fingers looked so delicate pointing out the different clauses in the document, you were internally screaming. It took everything you had to keep your cool.
You had imagined that it would be business as usual meeting one of the guys you had spent most of your youth following around but your heart had other plans, beating stupidly fast. Even if Namjoon wasn’t your favourite member, it was still Namjoon Kim of Dark and Wild.
You could tell he wasn’t paying attention to whatever you were saying, and you couldn’t help but feel like you were boring him. You tried to lighten up the dry vernacular with a few jokes that went unnoticed, so you tried to shock him into listening at the end of your meeting.
“Ah, now that we’re done. Let’s talk about your proposition,” you commented off handedly, watching as he looked at you with rapt attention, biting his lip. Was he nervous?
The thought made you laugh. Why would he be nervous? You already explained that the case was easy to settle. It was pretty run of the mill. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of songwriters worked to break their contracts after a few months of working with a band. Creative differences were inevitable sometimes.
“Proposition?” Namjoon asked, swallowing hard, scared that his thoughts had somehow been vocalised. Perhaps you could read his mind. That would be a very handy superpower for a lawyer. Wait what if you actually had mind-reading powers?
What if you knew how he had just spent thirty minutes trying to figure out how he could ask you out for dinner, or if he could simply just bend over your desk.
Fuck, he really needed to reel it in.
“Yeah you emailed me about doing an analysis on fan culture?” you answered with a grin, enjoying the reveal. Namjoon had been a rockstar for most of his life, jamming out confidently on stage, so it was extra funny seeing him so clueless. That was before he became flustered, turning a bright red.
“Oh shit? Did I fuck up my emails? I meant to send that to… someone else,” he stumbled, pulling out his phone and scrolling through his emails.
“Yummyjungkookie, right?” you asked, relishing the way his jaw dropped and his eyes widened in disbelief before reaching your hand out, “Nice to meet you.”
“What the fuck…” Namjoon mumbled, taking your hand in his and shaking gingerly, before recovering. “You’re… you’re yummyjungkookie?”
“The one and only,” you grinned.
“But you’re a lawyer…” he said in awe. Never in a million years he would’ve thought the beautiful, polished, somewhat cold woman standing in front of him was the same person who evidently followed him on tour and wrote sonnets about Jungkook’s left bicep. He thought all his fans were kids in inappropriate clothing, but then again the last time he had seen his fans was when he himself was a kid in inappropriate clothing. It made sense that as he grew up, so did his fans – apparently into super intelligent, professional women.
“Yes I am,” you said smugly, loving the way he seemed so shocked. You hadn’t thought to reveal yourself, but your embarrassment over the nickname was taking a backseat to his surprise. It made you somewhat giddy. “So do I need to sign an NDA?”
“Yes. I can mail it to you. One second,” he said, gathering his wits as you giggled at the way he dropped his phone while scrambling for it. Once he had sent the email, you quickly printed two copies, signing after reading over the straight forward terms as he did the same.
You had to control your squeal when he laid out his plans. A comeback? Dark and Wild were actually getting together and needed your help to analyse if they had any fans. You had no idea whether you could actually help him, but just the fact that he had asked you was every Shadow’s dream come true, and you could see your inner nineteen year old jumping up and down in excitement, the banner you had made out of your dorm’s bed sheet waving in the air.
Maybe it was a good thing you were a loser who still blogged about your favourite band.
Namjoon hummed to himself in the elevator, Moon’s favourite pizza in his hands warming him as he smiled at nothing. Excitement was brimming through his body, uncontained as all his plans seemed to be working out. Generation Swine was taken care of, well pretty much. He trusted you with the case, and he trusted you with convincing the band that they were definitely not has-beens. He couldn’t wait to share the news with his daughter as he entered his apartment, placing the box on the dining room table before making his way to her door.
“I’m fine,” Moon’s voice carried through the door, and Namjoon had to stop himself from barging in when he heard her sniffle. Why was his baby crying? “It’s just that I’m worried about dad… When mom died, he was so broken.”
Namjoon felt his heart drop to his stomach, a lump forming in his throat as he eavesdropped. He hated listening in. Moon was pretty much an adult, she deserved her privacy, but when another voice spoke, dampened by the line of the speakers, he stayed rooted on the spot, vying for some insight into her sudden sadness.
“He’s better now, Moonie,” the voice said.
“I know. I know. But sometimes he still gets sad. He thinks I don’t notice but I do. I joked about smoking some weed the other day and it was like his life flashed before his eyes. He looked like he was going to cry… I just… I get scared of letting him down sometimes,” she sighed.
“You know you’re never going to do drugs. He knows you’re never going to do drugs. You’re not gonna let him down.”
“I know that but… I look like her,” she sniffled, and Namjoon felt his heart break further. Had he really been putting so much pressure on his teenager that he didn’t notice the way she seemed to be feeling so guilty. He was scared of her trying drugs, given her mother’s death, but he never thought that he was making her feel like she couldn’t be like her mother, especially when she continued talking.
“I’m scared that I remind him of her everyday, and that looking at me makes him sad. I just wish he found someone or even if he didn’t, that he went out more. He quit his job and I don’t want him to be depressed again.”
“He’s not sad to look at you, idiot. He’s your dad. He knows you look like your mom. It’ll be dumb if he didn’t!” Moon’s friend exclaimed, and Namjoon relaxed a little at hearing his daughter chuckle in response.
His mental health hadn’t been the greatest since his wife passed away, years full of ups and downs that he tried to hide from his daughter as he worked through therapy. But evidently he hadn’t been too good at hiding that part of himself, and a tear escaped without his consent when he thought about the burden she had been carrying.
He opted not to listen to more, walking to the kitchen to dry his eyes as he set the table. Once he was sure that he had his emotions under control, he called out for dinner, smiling when his daughter walked in after a few minutes in her pterodactyl onesie. Sometimes he still couldn’t believe that she was almost an adult, that she had grown so much. Unable to help himself, he hugged her to his chest, kissing the top of her head repeatedly as she whined about being unable to breathe.
“Ew dad, why are you being so clingy?” she groaned, pushing him away.
“Just missed you today, is all,” Namjoon said, pulling the hood of the onesie over her head, just to annoy her as she sat on the table to eat.
“Gross,” she replied despite the smile on her face as she dug in, thanking him for the pizza. He laughed, telling her about his day as she shared about how she had finally mastered the drums for YYZ, a Rush song she had been learning for a week.
He beamed proudly when she played him the song after dinner, trying his best not to tell her that looking at her could never make him sad. That all he saw was how proud he was that despite his fuckups, she had turned out more than perfect.
Sitting on your dining table, you stared at the blank document on your screen, the blinking cursor mocking you for your lack of ideas. Sighing, you switched the tab to the google search you had done, littered with journal articles talking about fan culture. Although you had three case files to go over that your paralegal had been hounding you about, you really wanted to create a plan for Namjoon, regardless of your lack of knowledge.
“Working on your boring lawyer stuff?” Hera asked, placing an elaborate gold and ruby necklace around her neck before turning to you in a silent request to clasp it for her. You obliged, standing up from your chair, an idea forming.
“Hey. You have fans for your art,” you commented, grabbing a glass of water as she continued getting ready, lacing her ballerina stilettos. She hummed for you to continue. “How do you manage them? Like check their retention, interact with them, and all?”
“God, you’re such a nerd,” she laughed, opening her purse to pull out a lipstick, dabbing it on her lips with her front view camera as the mirror. “You just put stuff out there, fans will follow. They don’t need interaction or those fancy terms. You just do you, they come.”
You knew for a fact that she was incorrect. Even running your somewhat small anonymous blog you knew that the weeks you didn’t interact with your audience, when you didn’t answer their messages or reply to their comments, your popularity dipped. People liked being seen, especially from those they admire. It boggled your mind how she made money when she was always so blase about everything, coasting through life like nothing required effort.
“Where are you off to, anyways?” you asked, settling back into your chair to skim through the numerous articles you had found.
“Going out with my boyfriend,” she grinned, wiggling her eyebrows as you stared at her in disbelief.
“Wait, you’re dating? Who?” you returned her smile, excited for her to be in a relationship after she had been wanting one for so long. You couldn’t count the number of weekends you had to resort to headphones while she looked for the one between her bedsheets.
She was a hopeless romantic of sorts, thinking that a relationship was the cure to everything, yet she had notoriously high standards. You blamed her obsession with Disney movies for that, but you couldn’t help the way you warmed at the flustered look on her face, biting her lip as she tried to not smile.
“You know him actually,” she said much to your surprise. “But you can’t judge me if I tell you! Promise me!”
Laughing at her sudden pleading, you promised, waiting for her to continue. However, your laugh was short-lived when the name escaped her lips. She was right, you did know him. You knew him very well, had spent years with him, had almost moved in with him before he decided to stomp on your heart.
“Ryan? You’re dating Ryan?!” you couldn’t control your volume, the absurdity of the woman who had dreamt of prince charming settling for someone who didn’t even deserve coal at Christmas.
“You promised you wouldn’t judge,” she argued, standing up with a huff. “He’s changed. He became better for me!”
“Became better for you? What does that even mean? Hera, Ryan’s trash!” It was too hard to even say his name, your brain flooding with memories of how he had laughed at you when you asked him if he was cheating on you. How he had placated you with kisses, assuring you that you were being paranoid, only to be caught a few months later with a girl in your bed.
“Just because he couldn’t love you, doesn’t mean he’s trash!” she yelled back, unaware
how her words cut through you. Not knowing how to respond as she ranted about you being unlovable and how Ryan had told her he found you boring and uptight, you took your leave.
Grabbing your laptop you headed out, willing yourself to not break.
You didn’t know where you were driving to, running around the city in circles. Usually it calmed you down, to have your music playing so loud that your thoughts couldn’t infiltrate, but today it felt as if they were crashing about, the cacophony drowning the dulcet tunes of Hoseok’s singing.
Instead of clearing, your mind was full of the last memories of your relationship, of how the man you loved would manipulate you, make you feel small in moments where you should’ve felt out of this world. You had confided in Hera, had cried with your head on her lap as she stroked your hair and assured you that he was scum. You had believed her, used her words to slowly build yourself up, to learn to love yourself again.
But now it was Hera throwing the poisonous words that he had embedded in your self-image, ones that took too long to pry out, ones that left scars that you were too terrified to look at even after over a year. You couldn’t help the tears that flowed to the bass playing in the background, overwhelmed yet knowing that you shouldn’t be.
When your eyes got too blurry, you parked next to a random park, taking deep breaths and practising the techniques you had learnt. Hera’s words were just words, they didn’t define you, they didn’t control your emotions.
Only you were responsible for how you saw yourself, and even though you felt like shit right now, it would pass. You were allowed to feel the way you were feeling.
Your deep breathing was interrupted by the ringing of your phone, a name you never thought you’d see lighting up your screen. Clearing your throat, you schooled your voice to resemble normal before picking up.
“Hey. Sorry this is random, but I had a few ideas. Do you mind meeting up?” Namjoon’s voice broke through your thoughts and you sighed a little, finding comfort in his dulcet baritone. It was a different tone than the one he used for meetings or the one you had heard in interviews, and somehow it felt familiar. Blaming the feeling on your rattled emotions, you agreed to his request, fixing your face to drive to his studio.
Walking into the large skyscraper you were surprised that the security at the front already had your information, providing you with a temporary employee card rather than a run of the mill visitor pass.
With your sour mood, you really hoped helping Namjoon with his project wasn’t about to turn into a part time job. As dedicated as you were to being a Shadow, your days were often long and exhausting, and carving time for another thing just seemed like too much at the moment. Perhaps he would notice how stupidly incapable you were for the task and request an actual marketing firm to do the research for him.
Visiting his studio, however, was a dream come true. You had always loved the music he created for Dark and Wild, and immensely enjoyed the livestreams he would do describing his process after each album. It was always interesting to hear how much actually went into creating a seemingly simple track, how much he thought through his lyrics, how different the finished product sounded from the acoustic demos he showcased.
Much like the personality you had come to learn about in your time as a fan, his studio was a utopia of calm, plants scattered about, thriving even in a seemingly dark room. A glass separated the recording booth from the main area, which housed multiple cream couches decorated with colourful cushions, some even with the band on them.
On the walls were their records, different colours signifying which had gone platinum – most of them. There was a large monitor attached to the glass wall of the recording booth, a large gaming chair facing it on which sat Namjoon, fiddling with the mouse. The large screen embarrassingly enough had your blog on it as the man in question scrolled, laughing at your somewhat unhinged comments.
“Please stop stalking my blog,” you deadpanned and he turned the chair to face you with a large smile on his face.
“Only fair. You stalked me all these years,” he teased, loving the way your face scrunched in disbelief. He liked how you looked today, probably more than how he found you at the meeting. Dressed in a matching pink sweat suit, you somehow looked a little softer, and definitely less intimidating than the woman spouting the Federal Reclamation Law off the top of her head. It made him glad he had gathered the courage to ask you for a meeting.
“And it got you more famous. Your point?” you replied, ignoring the heat that was creeping up your back. You really should’ve gone through your blog and parsed through all the very horny comments you had left on their photos, but then again they should take it as a compliment. You were only appreciating them!
“My point is,” Namjoon began, leaning on his elbows as he gestured for you to sit on the couch in front of him, “You’re talented at getting people hyped up. And I want to make all the other blogs I found get active again. I have a list!”
His proclamation was followed by an actual list he had compiled that he handed to you, and being in the fandom for so long, you knew almost all of the fifteen names, some of them even personally. It may have seemed that the Shadow fandom was massive, but when it came to bigger blogs, it was actually pretty small, all of you constantly running into each other at events at some point of your fan careers.
“Well, six of these are moms now and they don’t even have time to breathe, let alone continue following you guys. I don’t know about these four, but Sera is in prison,” you said.
“Prison?! For stalking?” he asked, genuinely taken aback, and you just chuckled.
“No… for embezzlement. Turns out, she liked taking money more than pictures of you,” you quipped, laughing at his response.
“But she was so into me,” he scowled.
“Sucks to suck,” you responded as he scoffed, turning his attention back to his computer as he started to strategize different marketing tactics, some of which went over your head, especially when he started to talk about TikTok.
Perhaps Hera’s news had really exhausted you or perhaps it was the fact that marketing was never your forte, but you found yourself zoning out of the conversation, hoping Namjoon didn’t notice that you looked like a mess when you entered his office. He hadn’t acted like he noticed, but you were sure that your eyes were still a little red-rimmed, and that your face was puffy from crying in your car. You hadn’t realised how quiet you had gotten till his voice cut through your thoughts.
“Hey, you okay?” he asked softly, pausing his rant.
“Yeah. Sorry, just a little out of it today,” you replied with a smile, trying not to be affected by how concerned he seemed. Even after spending such a short amount of time with him, you had started wondering why he was your least favourite member, maybe you really did view your Shadow life through a very distorted, horny lens.
“You know what always makes me feel better? Chocolate!” he suggested with a grin, opening a drawer to pull out a giant bar of some Swiss chocolate and presenting it to you with a flourish. The gesture made you laugh harder than you anticipated, the random move making you wheeze. He joined you, unwrapping the chocolate to break off a piece for you, the gesture endearing you to no end.
“Ah! So this is why you never had abs,” you joked, giggling as he groaned.
“I had a kid to take care of! And… okay you’re under NDA so I can tell you,” he whispered, leaning in, and your curiosity peaked as he came closer. “Those teething biscuits are fucking delicious! Dude, those are like crack!”
The absurdity of the statement had you cackling once again, and you couldn’t help appreciating the effort he was putting into cheering you up, even when he didn’t know what was wrong. And perhaps it was the recent rehashing of your past, but you felt your heart warm, your grin matching his.
Unknown to you, Namjoon’s heart warmed too, just by hearing your laugh.
Somehow after the night in the studio, texting and hanging out with Namjoon became the norm. At least twice a week, you’d visit the little sanctuary he had created, spouting wild plans for twenty minutes before falling into a tangent that took over the conversation, trailing it to random topics that always distracted you till both of you were enjoying take out. For someone who had spent his whole life in the limelight, Namjoon was oddly normal.
Sure he had his moments like when he accidentally broke his extremely expensive watch because he was flailing animatedly while describing how he had once found a boy in his daughter’s room. But for the most part, he was down to earth, his stories mundane, nothing like the rockstar you had imagined.
However, what was exactly the same as the rockstar of your blog, was how attractive he was, especially in the suit he was wearing for today’s meeting. Sitting next to you on the couch, his glasses were low on his nose as he scoured through the research you had collected about building fan culture. The scowl on his face complimented him, and it reminded you of how he looked when he was busy slapping the bass when he performed, lip stuck between his teeth as he bobbed his head to the beat of the music playing through the speakers.
After almost three weeks of strategizing, despite you promising yourself this project wouldn’t take all your time, Namjoon had indeed hired a marketing firm, taking the insights the two of you found during your hangouts to them while you were at work. They had done an analysis and found that Shadows had indeed not died down, and that Moon was correct in her assumption that because of their songs going viral on social media, there was a steady growth of new fans, their old videos getting more and more comments. The news made you giddy, and it was getting difficult to hide how excited you were about the potential comeback.
“Wow… this is actually really great,” Namjoon praised you and you couldn’t help beaming at his words as he continued, “Are you sure you’re not a marketer? This is so so good!”
“Shut up. I just googled stuff,” you countered, getting a little flustered at his smile. He always seemed to be complimenting you during these meetings and you were sure your head was going to explode with how big it was getting.
“Oh speaking of google, did you know that it saves everything you search?” he asked, eyes widening in the shocking revelation he had seemingly made and you giggled at him.
“Yes, Grandpa. That’s how they make their money,” you teased, your early conversation getting steamrolled once again as you explained to him how the conglomerate actually used that data to make personalised ads.
“Wait… so like they can use my porn preferences to sell me stuff?” he exasperated, before realising what he had blurted out, a blush taking over his features. He really didn’t know how to control his tongue around you, somehow you brought out his no-filter self, something that only happened around those he was closest to. Maybe it was that you seemed to know him from his younger days, and that he had read all your unfiltered thoughts that you unapologetically owned up to, but he felt close to you despite only knowing you for merely weeks. It was weird. It was terrifying. It was exciting.
“Why are you googling porn?” you grimaced, cringing at just how bad he was at technology. Did spending so much time on his passion really make him this clueless?
“It has a video option!” he defended, ignoring how stupid he sounded even to his own ears, but then again what he said was even stupider. “What do you use?”
“Your music,” you deadpanned, immensely enjoying the way he turned into a tomato, sputtering in disbelief till you reassured him that you used a porn site like a normal human. However, Namjoon couldn’t help being stuck on the thought that maybe there was some truth to your words, and that alone had his heart beating and his lip twisting into a smirk.
“Oh yeah? What song?” he teased, an elbow meeting your shoulder as he snickered.
“Bicycle,” you said, smiling at the way he cringed in response.
“I wrote that song for my daughter, you heathen!” he exclaimed, gagging in response and all you could do was cackle, dissolving into breathless laughs as you leaned back on the couch. You missed the way he smiled at you, mirroring your position next to you, waiting for you to calm down.
“You’re a great songwriter,” you complimented once you had caught your breath, wiping the tears from your eyes. You regretted the sudden compliment that had escaped your lips, but the feeling was short lived because you got to witness the elusive shy Namjoon, smiling widely and shaking his bowed head as he brought his hands to between his legs, shoulders rising and a soft blush adorning his face. It made your heart flutter a little, making you avert your gaze.
That night the two of you barely got anything done, only deciding to create a presentation to convince the band. Namjoon insisted on having a special section chronicling Dark and Wild’s journey through your eyes. It was wholly unnecessary but he strong armed you with endless compliments and an offer to never get pineapple on the pizzas the two of you inevitably ended up ordering.
You never thought you would end up becoming friends with someone you used to follow around on tour, but somehow with all your meetings, it seemed that it was not only a possibility but a reality.
You found it odd when Namjoon changed up the routine one day, inviting you to his apartment instead of the studio, but you supposed that’s what friends did. So you had showed up with a bottle of wine and his favourite gummy bears, a decidedly small gesture but the way he squealed excitedly like a little kid at the candy had you giddy.
However, you learnt that somehow, this meeting wasn’t one for your flimsy professional reasons, but for just hanging out. You didn’t know why you were so surprised that he wanted to just enjoy your company, the two of you had developed a friendship but with the only close friendship you had with Hera still hanging on by a thread, you were a little skeptical.
“So how’ve you been?” Namjoon asked after he had set up a movie on the screen and popped some popcorn. His easy comfort made you worried, making you build up walls, refusing to share anything personal, and instead opting to discuss work and how his case was going.
Apparently, Generation Swine hated him and wanted to do everything but settle, desperate to keep the six songs he had written for them with full creative control over them. It was a preposterous ask, and you told him as such. You were determined to ensure that all his copyright would be given to him with as little payment from him as possible.
“They can keep them,” he said, speaking after a long silence. “I’ve made my peace with it. Just get them to take my name off.” You argued but Namjoon had made his decision. He knew that having his name on that album would just taint his reputation. He didn’t want to be associated with such scumbags who clearly respected no one, often not even themselves. And if he was being completely honest, he had just grown tired of the months long back and forth. If they wanted his music so bad, they could have it. He would be lying if he said writing songs came easy to him, but it just wasn’t worth it. Not when he knew they would water down his works to something unrecognisable. He just wanted to focus on making new stuff with his band mates, and moving on. Something he wished he could do with you by his side, not that he would ever admit it out loud.
The movie was some Japanese flick about a band working to achieve their dreams and everything that came with the industry, and when it ended you were left in charge of the remote. To break the odd tension that had risen after the silent resignation about Namjoon giving up his case, you decided to put on a documentary about Dark and Wild.
It worked, getting Namjoon distracted with nostalgia as he told you the background of all the scenes. Like how the footage of him ripping the wallpaper off the wall in a hotel was wrongly portrayed.In reality he had somehow managed to get his hand stuck in an already existing tear and couldn’t get it out. A few months ago you would have rolled your eyes and called him a liar, but after knowing him, you knew he was telling the truth. You had never met anyone with a bigger propensity for disaster than Namjoon. It was a wonder he was still alive with how clumsy he was. You told him so with a slap on his thigh and he just laughed along.
You had started the evening at different ends of his large couch, but somehow as he regaled you with more stories, you had moved closer, sitting side by side, sharing the popcorn on your lap and the gummies on his. It scared you how comfortable you felt with him, how he made you forget about everything, how he made you laugh so hard your stomach hurt. When he left to go pick up the food you had ordered from the restaurant next door, you realised that perhaps you wanted more of that comfort. You wanted to spend evenings just watching movies and making fun of him. You wanted to hear his stories, learn more about his life, and for the first time in a long while maybe you wanted to share your stories too.
Smiling at the thought, you scrolled through Youtube on the television, watching his old music videos, in awe of how much he had changed from the scrawny kid trying hard to seem tough to the dorky heartthrob he was now. You had always felt close to the band, related to them. That’s what made you a fan but somehow knowing the real him, made you feel nervous. There was no screen to hide behind, no image in your brain to project your fantasies on, because Namjoon was no longer just an abstract figment of your imagination, he was real.
“Oh… umm… hello,” a voice broke you out of your thoughts and you looked up to see a teenage girl standing in the living room, dressed much like you used to as a kid. Wearing black ripped jeans and a loose yellow flannel shirt, she seemed like a typical emo kid, her image solidified by the multiple piercings on her ears and chunky silver jewellery on her neck and wrists. She had dark hair that was tied in a half ponytail behind her head, and her dimples matched those on Namjoon’s face. You had seen her millions of times as a toddler, often dressed in fluffy pink dresses with giant yellow noise-cancelling earphones as she watched her father perform, and you felt oddly proud to see her all grown up.
“Hi! I’m a friend of your dad’s,” you said, moving the empty bowl from beside you invitingly, feeling a little awkward. Somehow you felt nervous as if you should’ve asked him if it was okay to talk to her before you did, every fibre of you wishing to make a good first impression.
“Oh, friend, you say?” she asked, narrowing her eyes with a grin that deepened her dimples. Dropping her bag at the end of the couch, she sat next to you, folding her hands in her lap confidently as she looked at the screen. You felt yourself flush with embarrassment as you followed her gaze to the obscenely large television where the music video was paused with the image of Hoseok mid thrust. You really should’ve paid more attention to which frame you stopped at.
Watching your horrified expression, she laughed, clapping her hands. “Don’t worry! That’s my favourite video too!”
Her laugh was a little weird, hiccuping between cackles, but it was extremely contagious, coaxing you to chuckle and breaking the ice. Most would think that the daughter of a renowned rock star would be spoiled, a little entitled, but Moon was anything but that, amicably finding topics to connect with you, cracking jokes at the expense of her uncles. Her humour reminded you of her father, goofy and light hearted. It was no wonder that soon the topic turned to him.
“Have you seen this video?” she asked excitedly, searching through her phone before casting her Youtube to the screen, playing a video of Namjoon from an old Dark and Wild vlog. The band had relegated him to cooking for them, the six of them sitting in chairs in front of him as he tried to cut vegetables. He had his lower lip between his teeth as he cut an onion in half and then proceeded to lay it on the round end, gingerly moving the knife and being unsuccessful almost every time while his friends laughed.
You had watched the video before. Of course, you had. It was a classic in the Shadow fandom, one that was memed again and again, but you couldn’t help wincing all the same, knowing full well that he wouldn’t hurt himself but worried all the same.
“Oh my god, dad! Flip the onion over!” Moon laughed at the screen before turning to you. “He hasn’t cooked for you, has he?”
“Oh god, no!” you replied automatically before biting your tongue, but Moon just chuckled along, fully aware of her father’s lack of culinary skills. Video Namjoon moved on to a carrot, struggling even more if that was possible and you couldn’t help joining along with Moon’s commentary.
“Watch your fingers,” you yelled at the screen just as he slightly nicked himself, hissing in pain, sheepishly pouting at the camera. When you had first watched the video, you were endeared by his antics, but now it felt as if your heart was bursting, making you almost coo at his younger self.
“I’m so glad I saved up my pocket money to buy him a food processor,” Moon commented, still giggling at the video. “Did you know he refused to buy me take out and then would accidentally cut himself like eight times a week?”
You could imagine Namjoon being stubborn as his daughter complained while he chopped vegetables in uneven slices, fingers covered in little bandaids. It wasn’t hard to notice how dedicated a father Namjoon was, but it warmed your heart to hear how much he cared for Moon from her directly.
You could tell by her tone that even though she masked it under humour and inconvenience, she truly admired her father for all the effort he put in, and somehow the picture in your head morphed till you were laughing at him alongside her, pushing him aside to take over the chopping as he leaned sheepishly by the counter complaining and insisting he had it handled.
In your imagination, he wrapped himself behind you, resting his chin on your shoulder, annoying you while you worked as Moon teased the two of you for being dorks. You startled at the image, not knowing why your brain had decided to drift that way, heart beating oddly, and eyes blinking to rid yourself of it.
As if on cue, Namjoon entered the room, precariously balancing boxes of pasta and dessert on two plates, a bottle of wine tucked under his elbow, and for the first time since you had met him, you felt starstruck. In awe of how tightly he was holding the cutlery in one hand but how lightly he was holding the plates, swaying from side to side to ensure none of the four unevenly stacked boxes tipped over. You felt frozen, a blush slowly creeping up your cheeks before leaping into action after a little “help!” escaped his lips.
Reaching for the bottle, you took it in your hands just as Moon grabbed the boxes, leaving Namjoon with just the plates and the cutlery. He still managed to drop a fork on the ground, cursing at himself before his daughter picked it up and went to replace it from the kitchen.
“Grab yourself a plate too, Moonie,” Namjoon offered, sitting next to you and oblivious to your sudden crush, casually plating a bit of everything for you. You realised he did that alot. Always making sure that you were served before him, that you were given the first piece of any snacks you both shared, and always asking if you were comfortable.
How did a passing comment from his daughter have such a profound impact on you? You felt like one of those girls who wrote fanfiction, your imagination going wild with scenarios when he had only just been kind. Perhaps you needed to follow Hera’s misguided advice and get laid after all.
“Nah, I have homework,” Moon replied, placing the fork on the table before smirking at the two of you. “Enjoy your date,” she snickered before prancing out of the room.
“It’s not a date!” Namjoon called out after her, bringing your overactive imagination to a screeching halt, forcing you to chuckle with him and dig into the food, missing how brightly his cheeks were shining at his daughter’s offhand comment.
You were still not speaking to Hera, but maybe you should strike a truce with her. If only so you could go with her to a club and no longer give yourself false allusions of being with a famous rockstar.
“Thanks for coming guys. I know you’re all busy but I just wanted to–”
“Oh my god. Stop giving a speech! Show us!” Seokjin interrupted Namjoon, bouncing on his seat on the couch, making Yoongi groan as he invaded his space. Although Namjoon’s studio was spacious, it was crammed for seven people, Hoseok and Taehyung sat squished next to Yoongi and Seokjin with Jimin perched on the armrest, wincing as Jungkook sat on his lap. Namjoon shook his head at his friend, appreciating the encouragement but still nervous.
He hadn’t showcased a song to the whole band for a long time and even though he knew that they were always supportive, he still felt a little uneasy. The new songs were different from the ones he used to write for Dark and Wild – while the former were debaucherous and often horny, his new stuff was something that held more of him, bared him with a vulnerability his younger self used to hide behind bravado. Not to mention that all he had was a guitar and his notebook, nothing like the demos he used to show them before, usually filled with samples of instruments manufactured from the mixer in his computer.
When Hoseok asked everyone to be quiet, Namjoon took a grounding breath, starting to pluck the strings slowly, building a melody that had haunted him for weeks. The acoustic version wasn’t how he heard it in his head, but he hoped it was enough to inspire his friends to imagine how easily they would fill in the gaps. He picked the strings individually, separating the chords so that they could speak to the emotions he was aiming for.
Soft strings echoed through the space, slow and resounding, and he cleared his throat before closing his eyes and singing. He always hated how he sounded but somehow in that moment he lost himself to the melancholy, letting it guide his vocals.
Maybe cherries are blossoming And winter is going to be over I miss you (I miss you) I miss you (I miss you) Wait a little bit, just a few more nights I’ll be there to see you (I'll go there to meet you) I’ll come for you (I'll come for you) Pass the end of winter's cold Until the spring day comes again Until the flowers bloom again Please stay, please stay there a little longer
The room was silent when he opened his eyes, six pairs of eyes staring at him. They had all leaned forward, Jungkook now sitting on the floor, legs crossed below him as his head rested on his hands. There were no words and Namjoon felt himself getting nervous as Yoongi spoke.
“Holy fuck…” he whispered, and Namjoon jumped straight into defense.
“I know my voice sounded terrible. You guys know i can’t sing, but I was just thinking, if we added some drums and then Seokjin you added some of the melody or maybe Jimin with a solo in the middle with Yoongi’s production… it could be… umm… something?” he rambled, scratching the back of his neck.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Taehyung asked, his voice deep and serious, and Namjoon felt himself deflate a little, shoulders slumping before the next words left Taehyung’s mouth, “This is fucking incredible.”
It seemed that his words broke everyone out of their trance, praise flowing through the room as they excitedly left the mixing part of the studio to join Namjoon on the recording side, picking up their designated instruments.
“This is 4/4 as usual right?” Jungkook asked, taking a seat at the drums, rolling his shoulders and stretching his neck before twirling the sticks between his fingers.
“And what’s the key again?” Seokjin questioned, plugging his guitar into the amp, taking a determined stance as he smiled warmly at Namjoon and Namjoon couldn’t help mirroring his expression, his cheeks splitting with how wide his lips stretched.
“E-flat,” he replied, discarding the acoustic guitar to the side to pick up his bass, setting the dials to the sound he prepared, the pitch a higher than usual for a bass.
Soon the song transformed from an empty plea to a celebration of friendship, the instruments gelling together in a sound that went from mournful to inspiring. It somehow changed the message of the song from longing and waiting to reuniting. It was as if the melody was meant to be tweaked, his friends adding in their flair that changed how Namjoon had always heard the song in his head into one he could never fathom.
By the time Hoseok and Jimin finished singing, with Seokjin and Taehyung harmonising at the chorus, Namjoon couldn’t help choking up a little. It was as if he was transported back in time, back before he knew what it was like to lose his dream – to the time when he didn’t even know what loss was. He felt irrevocably happy and his eyes glistened as the last chord echoed into silence.
“Fuck I missed this,” Hoseok gleed into the microphone, jumping a little in excitement and the band joined in on the sentiment, their voice a cacophony of chaos as they all complimented each other and Namjoon for writing what they perceived as a hit. Soon, everyone was pulling out unfinished works, some scribbled in notebooks, others in their phones, one even on a napkin – Taehyung had a moment of inspiration in a Jazz club three months ago.
It was as if the previous years had been erased, their usual teamwork gelling into place like muscle memory, ideas flying and morphing into melodies that were lighthearted and poetry that struck a chord. Namjoon knew they were still wary about a comeback, but just seeing the joy on their faces as they brainstormed song after song, convinced him it wouldn’t be too hard to put their worries to rest.
Something told him this wouldn’t be the last time they jammed together.
It had been a few weeks since you had talked to Hera properly. Conversations that used to last hours were subdued to passing remarks about groceries and chores. She stayed out most of the time, giving you space. Sitting on your living room couch with ramen on a Saturday night, things were dull, your mind wandering on your relationship with her.
They say absence makes the heart grow stronger, but it didn’t seem to be the case for you. The more she stayed away, the more you had time to dwell on how your friendship had faded over time, how she had gone from a confidant to someone you tolerated. It made you feel a little guilty, but everytime that guilt would be overshadowed by how it seemed that you were always putting in more effort, from housing her during her financial crisis to not thinking twice about  any favour she asked of you.
It wasn’t always bad, you remembered her getting you out of your introverted shell in law school, challenging you to strike a balance between coursework and hobbies. But in the past two years, you couldn’t recall a single time she had even mildly inconvenienced herself on your behalf. She was often passive-aggressive, seemingly exasperated at you. Perhaps it made sense if she was talking to Ryan during that time, his manipulative nature probably influenced her. But if she was so easily swayed was she truly your friend?
As if she was honed into you trying to let her go, she waltzed in through the front door, a huge grin on her face and smelling of alcohol. Squealing your name she startled you with a hug, her arms wrapping tight around you. It felt suffocating, unnerving.
“I miss you,” she sniffled, and usually her crying would be enough for you to forgive her, but you knew she was an emotional drunk. You sat in silence, letting her cry into your shoulder, not knowing how to react when the last words she said to you were accusations of how you had forced your ex to cheat. You didn’t know why you were being so harsh, but maybe it was because you had started to watch the Dark and Wild vlogs again, envying their friendships, comparing it to how the two of you interacted.
You patted her on the shoulder, waiting for her to sit up, and when she did you smiled, not knowing what else to do but tell her it was okay. As soon as the words left your mouth she was perking up, tears forgotten and drunken ramblings commencing. She talked to you about her night, about how Ryan was the perfect man, and you couldn’t get over the bitterness you felt. Was she trying to show off how much of a better boyfriend he was to her than you?
A ping from your phone saved you from the conversation, your face lighting up when you read Namjoon’s text.
So what do you say to a private concert? Wanna meet me at the studio in half an hour?
You couldn’t control the giddy smile as you responded, thanking him in your head for saving you from this awkward conversation. Hera didn’t like it when you excused yourself, complaining about how you didn’t like her anymore. She wasn’t wrong, but you were too excited to leave to fight her on it, apologising and rushing to your room to change, ignoring the pout she threw your way.
When you knocked on the studio door you were expecting only Namjoon to be there wanting to share some of the newer songs he had alluded to working on. However, when you entered you were met by the whole band, seven men sprawled on the couch, the coffee table cluttered with an array of snacks. They stood up at your arrival, greeting you excitedly in a mismatched unison, Jungkook’s voice the loudest among the crowd.
“Yummyjungkookie!” he exclaimed, the wink he tossed your way making you flush. You never imagined your teenage celebrity crush to ever greet you, let alone scream your embarrassing username at you. It made you wish that you had been a little more subtle when choosing it.
“Guys you are overwhelming her,” Jimin chided the men, moving away from the group to hold out his hand. “Hi Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet you!”
“Finally?” you questioned, grasping his hand in yours, a little dizzy at the sudden appearance of people you had only seen on stage or in magazines. You should’ve been used to it after spending time with Namjoon for so long but Jimin was right, it was overwhelming to see them all in one place once again.
“Yeah Joonie’s told us all about you,” Hoseok smirked, side-eyeing his friend who glared at him.
“He couldn’t shut up about you,” Seokjin added with a mischievous sing-song lilt to his voice, elbowing Namjoon who cleared his throat loudly before speaking.
“Okay!” he exclaimed loudly, clapping his hands together once. “Now that everyone is acquainted–”
“Oh I’m not acquainted,” Jungkook interrupted, moving towards you with a teasing smile, pushing his hair away from his face. It reminded you of his stage persona, his already sexy allure hammed up with fan service and it took every ounce of control you had to not swoon. The reaction had been engraved in you for years, after all. “So am I as yummy as you thought?” he asked, flexing his biceps.
Luckily you didn’t have to answer because as soon as the words left his mouth, Jimin scowled, smacking him atop his head. “You have a wife and kids!” he scolded.
“Aw hyung! I’m just trying to figure out if I’m rusty,” Jungkook whined, the earlier suavity melting instantly as he pouted, making you giggle at the sudden change. That was the Jungkook you were a fan of. Sure the sex appeal was appealing but you’d be lying if you said the real thing that gravitated you towards him was how dorky he was.
As all of them started arguing and teasing Jungkook for being a “rusty old man”, you started realising that they all were, in fact, dorks. It comforted you, helped you bring them off the pedestal you had placed them on and back to how they were just how you hoped they’d be – just a group of normal friends.
With everyone settled and introduced, and your pick of dinner ordered, Namjoon made you sit in the large comfy chair in front of the glass separating the recording studio and the mixing room. The band settled in the other room, picking up their instruments and making last minute tune ups.
“Okay. Someone told us a busy lawyer had been spending her precious free time to help us with our stupid hang ups, so we thought that we’d show our appreciation,” Hoseok announced, adjusting the mic stand. “For our favourite Shadow, after eight years, we are Dark and Wild!”
His introduction was immediately followed by Jungkook banging his sticks with each other, counting into the first song, and you were immediately transported to the time when you fought to be in the front row. They started with War of Hormones, Hoseok and Taehyung’s more mature voices and Seokjin’s new ad libs, changing the song into something fresher, something you thought you would never get to see live again. Before you knew it, you were standing from your chair, rocking along to the music as you grinned.
Namjoon watched you as he performed and he couldn’t help the giddiness he felt at seeing you so into something. You were often stoic, having a tight lid on your emotions. It made him want to work harder to get you to open up, often cracking jokes he knew were terrible to get you to laugh. If he knew he would get to see this expression on your face by just convincing the boys to put on a show for you, he would’ve begged them earlier.
He didn’t know when he had started seeing you as someone he wanted to pursue. The feeling was foreign. He never thought he would feel this way again, the bubbling anticipation for when he would see you next, the giddy joy when he saw your name light up his screen, the heart stuttering nervousness when you were near. He had assumed that those feelings had died in his youth, buried with Seo on that rainy day that tore his heart out.
He had tried to move on after her, had multiple one night stands, friends with benefits, even a girlfriend at some point. After a while he had figured that he would never feel that euphoria again, but somehow you had come in with your business formal skirts and secret thirsty blog and embedded yourself in his thoughts. And with it came the need to hold himself back, his once bulletproof confidence wavering to insecurities that he never felt before.
You never shared much of your personal life with him, never deviated from the strict line of friendship that had cemented itself between you, and Namjoon didn’t know how to break that. Every time he flirted, it seemed like a joke to you. Perhaps he was a joke too, a washed up musician with a grown child, who only met you because he was fighting with children and pathetically trying to convince people who had moved on to move backwards with him.
He didn’t realise that his gaze was unwavering as he stared at you through the glass, fingers moving over the strings automatically as Hoseok sang their old hits, but you noticed. Between your jumping, you saw how all of a sudden, his face had fallen, his jaw tightening as he zoned out like he did sometimes when you were hanging out. You didn’t know what he was thinking in those moments, but something told you it wasn’t pleasant.
His mood didn’t lift during the rest of the set, even when you tried to engage him with a smile and a wave. He returned your smile briefly before going back to the same forlorn expression that you couldn’t help being worried about.
“Thank you! You’ve been a great audience,” Yoongi said cheekily, winking at you after the last song before he was ushering everyone into the other room with you. He pulled up two stools, switching his pedals around and taking a seat while offering the other to Namjoon.
“For our last song, we wanted to show you a new one. One written by none other than Namjoon Kim,” Yoongi announced, plucking the strings as his foot toyed with the pedal, changing the tone to a fuzzier one that was overlaid with a delay, adding an ethereal ambience to the sound. Behind you the boys piled onto the couch, cheering loudly and you followed suit, clapping loudly as Namjoon adjusted the height of the mic and sat down.
He smiled at you sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “This isn’t one of the happy ones, sorry,” he said, clearing his throat as Yoongi looped a sound and started plucking the strings with a melancholic tune. “Also sorry my singing sucks,” he chuckled dryly.
“No, it doesn’t!” Seokjin argued loudly as everyone whooped.
“Go Joon!” Jungkook joined, and somehow the encouragement paired with the soft smile you sent his way made his nerves dissolve, letting him sing the song he had written years ago for the first time. It wasn’t just a surprise for you, it was for the rest of the band too. No one but Yoongi had heard it before. Initially, Yoongi had told him to showcase the song, but after trying to sidetrack him with other songs and getting the idea to invite you, Yoongi had had enough, instructing that he sing the song at the end for everyone.
It was silent while he sang, his friends behind the glass listening intently. He hadn’t sung this song properly in a long while. When he wrote it, he was in the deepest pit of his depression, often leaving Moon at his mother’s house to spend the night wasted writing rubbish on pages and then ripping them out when the words didn’t pass his harsh self-criticism.
Yoongi had found him on such a night, curled up on the floor, humming the melody as he banged his fist against the floor, fighting against his sore eyes. Of all the members, Yoongi wasn’t one he was closest to then, but it changed when instead of telling him it would be okay and coaxing him to bed, Yoongi had sternly told him to sit up and finish the song. He stayed with Namjoon the whole night and then for three nights after, subtly ensuring that he didn’t overdo his drinking, or turn to something stronger, as his self loathing crawled into the cathartic poetry dancing on top of Yoongi’s catchy rift.
Somehow writing that song had made him feel a little less sad, as if he had let go of the sorrow by transforming it into something productive. But singing the song he hadn’t even attempted to hear for so long, it was inevitable that he was transported back to that time where he was always in such a haze that the days seemed like an endless burden tied to his ankle as he sank, flailing to swim to the surface that kept moving more and more out of reach. It made him choke a little on his words.
One morning, I opened my eyes And wished I was dead I want someone to kill meIn this loud silence I live to understand the world But the world has never understood me, why No, that half is missing It's trying to hurt me I miss me, miss me baby I wish me, I wish me baby Wish I could choose me
You pursed your lips as his words reached you, feeling an undeniably need to soothe the pain that seemed to be dripping from his every pore. Namjoon had always been open, always made you laugh, unknowingly brightening your mood when work or problems with Hera refused to let you relax. He had talked about his daughter and wanting to get the band together. He had talked to you about his songwriting process, and he had told you his thoughts about the industry. But in that moment, you felt that Namjoon wasn’t always as open as he seemed to be, that beneath his usually cheerful demeanour, he seemed to be suffering, silently at that.
Why is it that I'm being so earnest Yet it's not working out Always Always (I lost my all ways)
He sang the last line abruptly, standing up as soon as he was done and excusing himself. You watched as he left the studio, yearning to run after him, but then again, all his best friends were in the room. Why would he need your comfort when he could have them?
“Go. He’s probably in the next room,” Yoongi said, walking back into the mixing room and placing a hand on your shoulder to break you out of your trance. When you looked at him with doubt, he just smiled, slightly nodding towards the door. Not wanting to overthink the reasons and too worried about Namjoon, you followed his advice, leaving and knocking on the next door.
“I’m fine, Yoons,” Namjoon called out, his voice eerily cheerful, making you suspicious. He opened the door, shock momentarily washing over him before he affixed a smile on his face. But you had learnt what his real smile looked like in the months you had gotten to know him. You didn’t miss how it didn’t reach his eyes, how his lighter right dimple never poked through his cheek, and how his lower lip quivered ever so slightly.
Before you knew what you were doing, you had your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him down into a hug. If he was surprised, he didn’t show it, instantaneously wrapping his arms around your waist, crushing you to him. Your scent overwhelmed him, an amalgam of lavender and honey that he had only ever gotten faint whiffs of now crowding his senses, coaxing him to lose the control he had tried so hard to keep over the last few minutes.
“Sorry,” he apologized, trying to clear the lump from his throat, loosening his grip, attempting to chuckle despite his heart beating erratic and his emotions threatening to overflow. “So embarrassing…”
“I’m not judging,” you whispered, holding on to him tightly. “You can cry if you want to. It’s okay.”
The moment the words left your lips, Namjoon couldn’t hold it in anymore, your permission somehow breaking his barriers and a tiny sob escaping him. He buried his face in your neck, his tears probably ruining your blouse. You could feel him shaking in your arms, and you stroked his scalp to comfort him, letting him cling onto you as he cried. You tried to control your own tears, but they followed anyways, silently tracking down your cheeks in empathetic trails. You didn’t know what to say to console him so you let him cry till he was straightening up, rubbing his eyes with the sleeve of his sweater.
He settled on the couch at the corner of the room, and you followed, looking around. The small room was some sort of a meeting area. Two large couches lined the walls in an L with a coffee table between them, the walls covered in a few paintings, and a single lamp in the corner lighting up the space. It was cosy.
“Sorry,” he laughed hollowly, and you reached out to hold his hand in an attempt to comfort him, hoping that he realised he had nothing to apologise for, nothing to explain. But he explained anyways, talking about how when he wrote the song he was in the deepest despair he had ever felt and somehow till today he had forgotten how he had felt, how broken he had been.
“We never showed it on the cameras, you know? How fucked up everything was,” he said, fingers gripping tightly onto yours, needing something to ground him as his memories flashed before his eyes.
Everything was always glamourized in front of the camera; their friendships, his relationship. All everyone knew was they were a little chaotic, a bunch of hyper dudes who would get drunk and joke around. They didn’t know that alcohol wasn’t the only vice they used to cope with the sudden plummet to fame, to cope with the stresses of releasing album after album of hits, of endless days of putting on personas that merged into a haze till they forgot who they really were.
It was okay when he took his first hit, it was meant to relax him, all the ones in the industry before him assured him that it wouldn’t turn into anything more. So the band would gather in their hotel rooms after some shows when the pressure felt like it would rip them to shreds and shoot up. It would let them slow down, float in a space where their brains weren’t capable of thinking, of overthinking everything.
That’s when Seo started joining him too, when they were just friends with benefits, before the birth control had failed, back when he was just a kid trying to emulate his heroes. He didn’t know how it would spiral, how his one off would become her everyday. He still blamed himself to this day for being too busy to notice the way her light faded, to notice how her mood swings were too drastic. He never saw her enough to put it together, not until he was getting a call from her mother blaming him angrily, screaming at him for ruining her life.
He broke down for the first time that night, apologising to Seo’s mother, and sobbing into his cellphone. That was also the last time he turned off his brain, before taking a week off to care for her. He sat in the hospital holding her hand while she slept with ventilators, just praying to a god he didn’t believe in for her to wake up.
When she finally opened her eyes, doctors warned her to go to rehab. “This will kill your baby if you’re not careful,” the stern physician warned her, and that was the first time Seo and Namjoon found out that she was pregnant, that amidst their fucked up rocky relationship they had somehow accidentally created something that was pure. They cried in each other’s arms that night under the fluorescence of the cold white room, promising to be better for their child. That was when he fell in love with her.
It was under the same fluorescence that he fell in love with her again, when she held his hand tight, her nails breaking his skin that still carried the crescent scars, as she gave birth to his daughter, the moon of his life. The nine months leading up to the day had Namjoon rediscovering Seo, had him realizing that he never noticed how kind she was, how she always put him first, shielded him from things she needed so as not to burden him. It made him realize how he had taken her devotion for granted for years and he promised himself to never do so again.
But promises are meant to be broken and it was only a few years later when he started falling back into the same patterns, using work as a cover to escape from his daughter’s shrill cries when she threw tantrums for no reason. He had promised to pick her up from school every Monday, Wednesday and Friday when he was in town. It was his responsibility as a parent but even when he was tired, he cherished those moments, listening to Moon ramble on about school and the friends she was making. He was proud of her, or so his memories liked to tell him, but he knew that inside he would always ignore her, too tired from endless practice to pay attention, placating the child with hums and nods.
It was a time when he was working on Dark and Wild’s last album, the label pressuring him to change every song he sent for approval, the guys relying on him for advice when his brain was sapped dry. He was in a haze, he didn’t know what time it was, what day and at the end of his rope, he had just stopped going home. Things with Seo weren’t bad, and they weren’t good, they just were, like a routine that had been embedded in him – one that he had no motivation to break. He would pick up Moon from school, drop her home and see Seo greeting him and he’d only wave before turning around and going back to his studio, biding his time before coming home late enough that Seo would be asleep. He’d sneak into bed and hold her till he fell asleep.
Those nights, he always knew she was awake but he didn’t have the energy to talk to her, so he would stay silent, and hope that his arm around her waist was enough. It still pained him to admit that somehow along the way, his own wife had become a stranger to him. Somehow the woman he had vowed to love in front of his friends and family as she held his daughter in her arms, had turned into something akin to a pillow he would hug at night. He would feel guilty those nights, tearing up as he held her but then his brain reminded him that the only reason he was working so hard was because of her and Moon, that it would be worth it, that once their contract expired next year he could take a break and rebuild the relationship he had. Little did he know that that would never happen. He still remembered the night he lost her, vivid in his mind like a haunting film on repeat.
He had come back from the studio like always, sneaking into his own home at 2 am. He checked on his daughter, smiling tiredly at how she had her entire body wrapped around the giant pink bunny Jungkook had given her, her long dark hair falling over her face. He tiptoed into the room, picking up the blanket from where she had kicked it onto the floor and covered her up, smiling ever wider when she nuzzled into the soft material further.
Quietly walking into his bedroom, he saw his wife buried under the covers and decided to take a shower, relishing the warm water on his sore muscles. He decided to use her body wash that night, a habit he had developed for when his days were long and he needed the comfort of her scent enveloping her. Perhaps he would wake her and kiss her this time, feeling too needy to care if he got scolded. He had argued with Yoongi that day and he needed her to relieve the stress.
Crawling under the covers he reached for her, cuddling her close till he was kissing her neck, the skin oddly cool below his lips. That was the first sign, one that made him panic as he sat up in bed and started shaking her. He could still remember how loud his heart was pounding in his ears, how his hands shook when he ran to turn on the lights, and saw how blue her lips looked. He was crying on the phone when he called the ambulance, and while he waited he held her hand, trying not to yell in despair as he begged her to wake up, ignoring the familiar paraphernalia on the bedside table.
He was still sobbing when the sirens rang out and rotating red lights invaded through the curtains of his bedroom. Still sobbing when he woke up Moon, gathered her in his arms and followed the ambulance to the hospital. Still sobbing when the doctor told him he was sorry. He didn’t know he had such a large reserve of tears, one that didn’t stop even when the cameras followed his family when he buried her, when he bowed in front of Seo’s mother, clasping onto her feet for forgiveness, when he had to explain to his daughter where mommy was.
And he sobbed again when he told you everything, baring his soul in a way he had never done before, not knowing what he was hoping to accomplish. But when you pulled him to you, wrapped your arms around his head and shushed him, he felt his chest fill with warmth. The memories that had assaulted him faded into the background, your small noises of comfort lulling him into content. He hadn’t meant to recount his life story to you in such a way, he only wanted to tell you why the song had such an effect on him, but something about you had him spilling out his truths without even thinking.
“You’re okay,” you assured him as he apologised, reaching out to the table to hand him the box of tissues that was placed there above the stack of random magazines. With the comfort of your words, he pressed the soft cotton to his eyes, steeling himself, his breaths becoming stable as you gently rubbed his back.
“Thank you,” he whispered, bringing a smile to your face as you shook your head. You didn’t know why he felt the need to thank you, all you had done was sit next to him and listened. You should’ve been the one to thank him for letting you in and for sharing his burden. You told him as such and he laughed, a light watery thing that made you join him. When he stood up, you wrapped him in a hug once again, hoping to heal him.
You had never thought that you would ever spend an evening at a private Dark and Wild concert, but more than that you had never imagined that Namjoon would somehow etch himself into your heart in such a short time.
Maybe that’s the thing about love, you never know when it will come and embrace you.
Birthdays were never your thing. You never knew why people were always so excited to celebrate another revolution around the sun. Your friends had always called you jaded, but you didn’t believe in celebrating the fact that you had just existed. A birthday wasn’t an accomplishment, everyone had a birthday from serial killers to misogynists – why should such a mundane fact be marked with a party. Yet despite your protests, your friends and family would always shower you with gifts and surprises. When you got older the parties toned down to gatherings at a bar or a restaurant, and slowly you became used to them, even expecting them.
Sitting in your room with the early evening sun pouring through your window and the latest Netflix show on your laptop, it didn’t feel like your birthday. Sure, you had received multiple messages reminding you of the fact, but with your family in another city and your friends scattered around the globe, this year it felt a bit empty, a little lonely. You didn’t know when you had started enjoying the celebrations, but the lack of one was jarring, even when you knew rationally that celebrating birthdays was stupid.
Sighing after yet another episode ended, you decided to pamper yourself, to celebrate not that you were a year older, but that despite missing your friends you were still mostly happy with your life. You gathered your favourite bath bomb and bubble bath from a little box under the bed and put on your fluffiest robe before venturing into the bathroom and lighting too many candles. The little speaker you had hooked on the door came to life with your favourite playlist as the tub filled with warm water, the bubbles increasing in volume and the colour of the water changing to a bright violet.
You decided to go all out, exfoliating and shaving your skin, and adding a clay mask to your skin. Dipping into the warm water felt luxurious, the heat relaxing your muscles. You hadn’t realised how long your days had gotten, how little time you had spent on self care, and you couldn’t help but enjoy the way your body sank into the tub, the water caressing you like a lover, the scents making your eyes droop in content.
You finished up your impromptu spa day with painting your nails a bright pink, a colour you rarely used, even going so far to spend extra time blow drying your hair into silky voluminous waves. It felt nice to forget about everything that had been bothering you lately, from Hera’s constant insistence to be friends to your sudden feelings for Namjoon. It was nice to disconnect.
However, you had barely dressed when you heard your roommate, her bed squeaking through the walls as she wailed your ex’s name, souring your pleasant mood. God, you needed a drink.
Not thinking twice, you swapped your comfiest sweats for a nice dress and grabbed your purse. Just because you didn’t have anyone to celebrate with didn’t mean that you couldn’t enjoy a birthday drink and indulge in some decadent cake. Walking to your favourite coffee shop, you decided to get a cake first, picking the extremely tall eight layered chocolate cake and settling on a seat.
Usually, you would pull up a book you were reading on your phone, or scroll through social media, mindlessly watching TikToks, but today you didn’t feel the need for distractions. Savouring the melting rich mousse on your tongue you looked around the little shop, making up stories about its patrons as your eyes trailed over them. There was an old couple sitting in the corner, sharing a quiche, and you imagined that they had just dropped off their grandchildren after spending a day with them. Then you saw a teenager, standing at the counter, biting his lip, torn on what to choose and you imagined that perhaps he was getting a drink for a crush, hoping to woo them with his choice. When he finally settled on a special strawberry milkshake with a swirl of whipped cream and two straws, you mirrored his smile as he sat next to a wide-eyed girl beaming at him.
Every new customer that entered, you would give them a back story, some more mundane than others. Like when a man with a scar over his eyebrow in a suit came to order an espresso you imagined that he was a stuntman, going into a night shoot. Or when a woman came with a bunch of kids, you imagined she was an au pair, paying her way through a social sciences degree. The stories weren’t crazy, but you liked imagining their lives to be simple, it was comforting.
You were in the middle of another daydream when your phone vibrated, a text lighting up your screen.
Hey. I think after last time, I owe you a drink. You free?
It was a simple message, but the moment you read Namjoon’s name your heart skipped a beat, stories forgotten as your daydream morphed from strangers and their lives to hanging out with Namjoon, his arm around you, his lips on yours. It didn’t help that he was somehow psychic, somehow knowing how much you hated drinking alone.
I’m actually on my way to 88… join me!
You smiled, anticipating hanging out with him for no reason other than his company. You knew it was far-fetched to think about anything happening between you, even if last week had seemed like a turning point in your relationship. He was a famous rockstar with a family, there was no way there was any room in his life for you. Even if you were friends now, once he would convince the guys of the comeback, the two of you would go to occasional hangouts and random text messages, the need for frequent brainstorming sessions over.
Finishing the last bit of cake on your plate, you grabbed your purse when your phone pinged again.
Oh if you’re with your friends, I don’t want to intrude… I was just going to offer this stupidly expensive bottle of champagne I found.
Chuckling at his oddly endearing response, you asked him if he was at home or the studio, and when he confirmed the latter, you hailed a cab and made your way to the familiar glass skyscraper that was beginning to feel a little too comfortable to go to. A knock on the wooden door later, you found yourself face to face with Namjoon, his smile making your own lips lift at the corners, your heart feeling as if it was home.
“Hi… umm… hey. Hello,” he greeted a little awkwardly, moving to the mini fridge under the mixing desk to pull out a large bottle of champagne, the gold label glittering in the low light of the room. You settled on the couch, noticing that he had already put out glasses and snacks, various packets of chips and candy littering the coffee table.
“So champagne, eh? What are we celebrating?” you asked, leaning back comfortably as he joined you, a concentrated frown on his face as he fiddled with the corkscrew, bottle between his legs, attempting to wrestle it open. It popped open with a fizzle, a little bit of the liquid spilling onto his sweats as he chuckled victoriously.
“That you don’t hate me,” he replied with a smile, pouring the drink into the flutes and handing one to you. He felt nervous, not knowing why he had said what he said. He knew you didn’t hate him, you didn’t strike him as the person who would scoff at vulnerability, but still, he felt a little guilty about unloading on you the other day. He didn’t want you to think of him as fragile or that you had to carry his emotional baggage with him.
“I don’t hate you,” you protested, clinking your glass against his before taking a sip, the smooth sweet liquid bubbling through you. It really was expensive champagne, the taste unlike any you had had before, crisp yet alluring. “You had a moment. We all have them.”
Your words made Namjoon relax, confirming that his view of you was correct. He felt light as if a weight had been lifted, making him more confident. Out of everyone he knew, somehow you had made it to the top of the list of people he felt most comfortable with. It scared him how easily you had crawled into that space, without him even realising, but Namjoon had been to too much therapy to discount you, to run away like he usually did.
He watched you as you rose, walking to the speakers you had made yourself familiar with, connecting your phone till a dance pop melody was filling the room. Sitting next to him, Namjoon couldn’t help but notice how you were closer this time, your body heat almost palpable on his knee closest to your thigh. You hummed along to the music as you finished your drink, refilling your glass and then his when he followed suit.
He sat sideways, an elbow at the back of the couch and his hand holding his head. The silence was comfortable, letting him just bask in your presence. You looked different than you usually did, your hair falling in nice waves over your shoulders instead of in a ponytail, your body covered in a dress that worshipped it, wrapping in all the right places that made Namjoon’s mouth run a little dry. He cleared his throat, starting a conversation to distract himself.
“You’re all dressed up,” he commented as casually as he could, wondering what you ditched to hang out with him in his lackluster studio. His head wanted him to feel guilty for pulling you away from something but his heart was giddy that you chose him instead. “Sorry if I interrupted something. I should’ve checked in.”
“You didn’t,” you assured him with a giggle. “I was just going for a drink by myself. You interrupted nothing.”
“What were you celebrating?” he recited your earlier question with a grin, leaning closer to you to refill his glass, the fruity scent of your moisturiser tickling his nostrils deliciously. He wanted to nuzzle into you, to deeply inhale the strawberries from your collarbones, but that would be creepy so he moved back to his earlier position, taking a heavy swig to calm himself, not that the alcohol that was starting to buzz through him helped much.
“My birthday, actually,” you replied offhandedly, laughing as his mouth fell open in surprise. You assured him that you didn’t think birthdays were a big deal, but it seemed that Namjoon didn’t care, scrambling to wish you before he was out the door. You chuckled at how adamant he was about doing something special, taking another sip, before he returned, much quicker than you thought he’d be. He held a plate in his hand, stacked with twinkies, a tiny candle poking out from the one on top.
“Here in the Kim house – well, studio – we go all out for birthdays!” he exclaimed, balancing the plate precariously on the arm of the couch before pulling a lighter from his pocket and setting the wick on fire.
“Yes, all out with twinkies,” you teased, placing your glass on the table and standing next to him.
“Well some people like to hide their birthdays. This is the best cake on short notice,” he joked before starting to sing happy birthday, swaying a little side to side, a wide grin on his face.
This morning when you woke up without any plans and knowing no surprises awaited you, you felt empty, but with Namjoon’s tenor wishing you repeatedly, your eyes glistened a little, the warmth in your chest overwhelming you.
Blowing out the candle, you wished that the warmth never went away, oddly ecstatic that somehow in thirty-three years of living you had been fortunate enough to always have at least one person who wanted to celebrate you despite your protests. Namjoon picked a twinkie from the plate and held it to your lips, and somehow the convenience store confection tasted sweeter than usual. Taking the piece from his hands, you returned the favour and he happily munched on the dessert before placing the plate on the coffee table.
The two of you settled on the couch, and between the sips of champagne, he told you about how much he cherished birthdays and never took them for granted. He always went all out on his own, renting large venues to treat his friends to absurd things like skiing trips and jumping castles.
He told you about how for Moon’s birthdays he always implemented the no “no” rule where he would do anything he asked, sharing stories about the time she had gotten him to take her to Disneyland when she was nine and puked from one too many churros, and how for her thirteenth the duo had embarked on a hike in Costa Rica finding hidden waterfalls and cataloguing bugs they found on the way.
“Birthdays with you sound magical,” you remarked, a little jealous that your dad never took you to a rainforest for your birthdays. You could just imagine the way Moon’s face probably lit up when going on her dream vacation.
“Birthdays are magical,” he replied, pouring the last of the alcohol into your two glasses, cheeks flushed from how tipsy he was. He handed you your glass, smiling at you wistfully. “It means you lived another year. It means that you’re here, alive, with me. And that’s worth celebrating.”
You felt the warmth from earlier invade you again, magnified by the bubbly wine in your veins and the way his hand was still holding the glass under yours, sending tingles up your arm. Before you could stop yourself, you leaned forward, your lips landing on his in a brief impulse that sparked till your toes. But it seemed that you weren’t the only one who wanted to do so. You had barely moved away when he was leaning forward, his free hand gently resting on your waist as his lips captured yours once again.
Never in a million years would you have imagined kissing Namjoon Kim on his couch after he forced you to celebrate your birthday, and yet with a flurried haste you were moving your joined hands to the table to deposit your glass, winding your arms around his neck. The glass fell on the table with a little tinkle, the champagne spilling over the surface, but Namjoon couldn’t care less, taking the opportunity to pull you closer, his tongue tasting your peachy lip gloss before delving in and enjoying the sweetness of the wine on your tongue, relishing the little moan you made, your tongue twisting with his.
It was hungry, the two of you wrestling with the feelings that were brewing for months, his hands roaming your sides, squeezing at the flesh, and your fingers tugging the hair at the nape of his neck, making him keen. It seemed that the moment would last forever, neither of you willing to part even to breathe. That is, until the song changed.
It's your birthday, so I know you want to ride out Even if we only go to my house Sip mo-eezy as we sit upon my couch Feels good, but I know you want to cry out
The moment the R&B vocals filled the room, you couldn’t help bursting out in a laugh, cackling at the oddly specific lyrics your phone had decided to throw at you. Namjoon didn’t notice at first, his lips continuing to move from your mouth to your jaw to your neck, nipping at the skin. However, as your laughs got more hysterical, he finally tuned into the song playing, cringing before he joined your cackles, breathless with his forehead against yours.
“So Google really does listen in,” he deadpanned, his humour adding to your joy as you clung on to him, half in his lap before standing up to grab your phone from the table. As funny as the song was, you really didn’t want a soundtrack describing what Namjoon would do to you. A little voice in your head told you to not get your hopes up, that no matter how much you liked him, it was still just a kiss.
However as soon as you turned around, Namjoon put your fears to rest. Unlike how hesitant he had seemed earlier, he was now sitting with a confidence you hadn’t seen before, legs spread and a smirk lighting his face as he stared at you. His eyes roamed your body as he bit his lip, making you feel a little overheated.
“So it’s your birthday,” he commented casually, head tilted slightly, eyes intensely boring into yours. “Wanna ride it out?”
You knew he was teasing you by quoting the silly song but your body didn’t know better, your stomach aching with lust at his deep baritone. The Namjoon you knew was a goofy, clumsy dad, but this Namjoon was the notorious bassist of your youth, cocky and fearless as he sat up straighter, hands landing on your waist to pull you between his legs.
“I’ve read the tags on your blogs, y’know?” he teased, his hands running up and down your waist, the few inches they travelled leaving fire on your skin. “I remember one,” he mused, pulling you down till you straddled him, a knee on either side of his hips. “‘God I’d pay all the money to sit on those dimples’ isn’t that what you said?”
Your mouth flew open at his words. You never thought your horny 3 am thoughts would ever be recited back to you by the subject himself and you had no words, every witty retort dying on your tongue to leave you with a lame, “You weren’t supposed to read that.”
“And you weren’t supposed to make me fall for you,” he replied, earlier bravado falling away in favour of sincerity. He cupped your jaw, thumb running softly over your cheekbone as he smiled at you. “Can I kiss you?”
As soon as you whispered your consent he brought your face to his, lips reuniting to a taste he realised he could never get enough of. It was addicting how your hands gingerly clasped onto his shoulders, how you shivered when he traced his tongue over yours, and how you moaned softly when he pulled you closer, wrapping his arms around you.
It didn’t take long for him to get needier, for his hands to grab onto your ass over your dress and mould to your flesh, to move your hips against his in a rhythm that made him heady. He wanted you so much that he felt breathless, running out of time even though he knew he wasn’t. His actions made you breathless too, like with every touch he was leading you to the edge of a cliff, hands shaking in anticipation of what was to come, but your brain refused to turn off, to forget whose hands were touching you till you were pushing him away, your forehead against his.
“I’m sorry… I’m a bit out of practice,” you apologised in a whisper, but he just grinned, dissolving your insecurities with his words.
“Me too,” he giggled, kissing your lips, once, twice, three times, his hands clasping onto yours, fingers lacing together. “We can practise together if you want… or we can wait. Whatever you like, birthday girl.”
Somehow his hands in yours and the cheeky smile on his face comforted you. You had been imagining the rockstar, the person you watched grow up through your screen and go wild on stage, but the more you looked at him, the more you saw who he really was.
His flushed cheeks, the little constellation of freckles on his face and the one hidden below his lip, the way his eyes searched yours so eagerly. He wasn’t a rockstar, he was just Namjoon, the one who made stupid jokes and stashed snacks in every drawer. The one who got bullied by his daughter and complained to you about it. The one who was brave enough to open up to you about his life. You knew him, he was real, and, like him, you were falling too.
With his hands still in yours, you leaned forward, kissing him again, confident and undeterred, and he followed suit, deepening the kiss before he was holding onto your waist and spinning around. You barely registered lying on your back before he was upon you, his weight cushioning you deliciously into the couch, the soft fabric of his sweatpants caressing your inner thighs.
“Hi,” he whispered, adoration dripping from his pupils as he smiled, fingers stroking your hair and you couldn’t help leaning forward to capture his lips once again, legs tightening around his waist. You could hear the blood rushing through you, an ambient backdrop to the sounds of his lips moving down to your neck as his teeth nipped at the skin of your collarbone. It had been so long since you had touched someone, been worshipped by someone like Namjoon was determined to do so that you couldn’t help canting your hips against his, relishing the way his pants left nothing to the imagination, his rapidly hardening cock providing the friction you sought.
With all the bravery you could muster, you detangled your hand from under his to the side of your dress pulling the zipper down with a loud purr Namjoon felt shooting through him. With the dress loosened, it gave him room to roam your skin further, his lips soothing the heated skin of your chest as he pulled the straps down to reveal your nipples. Namjoon had seen many bodies in his life; on the screen, in strip clubs, writhing under him; but something about yours made him pause to drink it up. He could see the way your lips fell open, swollen and red, the way your chest rose with your heavy breaths, nipples perked in anticipation, and the way your eyes looked up at him, wide and inviting. And right below your chest, sprawled on your right rib, were the words he wrote so long ago now.
And the swings that can't look at the sky on their own, and the kids all grown up, and me who’s a little late
His mouth fell open as he tried to wrap his head around how perfect you were. He felt a familiar rush through him. One he hadn’t felt in so long that he was almost afraid he had outgrown it – the pure endorphins of a crush fulfilled. With a muttered curse, he buried his face back in your neck, almost desperate to inhale your scent once more. His hands planted themselves on your chest, squeezing the flesh, making you moan his name in a desperation that only fuelled him further, lips moving to encase a nipple between them to add to your ecstasy.
You whimpered when his teeth came to play, the blunt edges hardening them further, making you grasp his hair and arch your back. Leaving goosebumps in their wake, his hands moved down your body, wrapping around each of your thighs, pushing your dress to your waist, denting the flesh. He had missed the feel of soft skin under him for so long, much more so since you started featuring in his life and his dreams, but touching you was better than any wet dream. The melody of your mewls intensified when he switched to your other breast, his fingers dipping to the apex of your thighs to indulge in the way your panties stuck to you, so wet all for him.
You felt your legs shake out of their own accord as Namjoon moved down your body, still relentlessly tracing you over your ruined panties. You had forgotten intimacy after Ryan, always talking yourself out of potential new relationships, one-night stands never something that satiated you, but somehow Namjoon had sneaked in and weakened your defences. When his lips sought out your clit over the thin lace, you couldn’t help but thank the heavens that he had appeared in your life, pleasure coursing through you. With every flick of his tongue, you felt yourself getting closer to coming undone, muscles tightened in suspense of his next actions.
Impatient and desperate, Namjoon couldn’t wait any longer, pushing aside the fabric that guarded you from him to dip his finger in, your walls welcoming him with a pulse as if emitting a secret in morse code just for him. With fervour, he wrapped his lips around your clit, another finger joining the first, pumping in time with your gasps. Your grip on his hair tightened and he went faster, eager to see you fall apart.
There didn’t seem to be enough oxygen in the room, enough syllables in any language to describe how he made you feel in that moment. It was as if you could feel every drop of blood inside you rush through your body, haphazard and chaotic, brewing like a storm deep in your core, getting wilder and wilder. Your senses were hyper focused, each touch making you quake, each moan that Namjoon made between your thighs vibrating through you. It bordered on too much, building until there was no way to escape.
That’s what it sounded like. As if you were thrown underwater, your whimpers sounded like distant noises from a different universe, muffled and overwhelming. You didn’t know when you started holding your breath but when his tongue flicked under your clit, and his fingers hooked into that one spot, you finally remembered to breathe, your entire body relaxing to a point where you shook so violently that he had no choice but to look up at the euphoria painted on your features.
Eyes closed tight, all you saw were stars as his fingers rode you through your high, slowing to a pace you could relish. Soon, his lips were on yours, swallowing your soft moans, and your hands were around his shoulders holding him close.
“Okay?” he asked between kisses, heart skipping a beat at the way you beamed at him, hair matted to your sweaty forehead. Gathering your senses, you pushed him away, sitting up and pulling his shirt off, wanting his skin on yours.
He welcomed you with open arms, when you discarded your dress next to his shirt and climbed on his lap, once again uniting your lips. It was as if he couldn’t get enough, wanting his lips to be thoroughly chapped if it meant he could never stop kissing you.
“More,” you whispered, against his lips, hands roaming his strong chest and down to his abs, the muscle jumping under your fingertips.
“More?” he asked, dazed.
“More,” you replied once again, fingers trailing the little hairs under his belly button before slipping under the waistband into his underwear. His skin was soft, velvet under your touch, and he was so hard, tip messy as you played with him. He twitched in your hold, thighs flexing under you and his hands on your thighs gripping tighter, but you didn’t stop, stroking him slowly till he was keening, scrambling to push you off and get a condom.
“Condoms in the studio? How convenient,” you teased, enjoying the way Namjoon’s already flushed skin turned a deeper shade of red. However, his expression didn’t betray his flustered state as he confidently walked back to the couch, dropping his sweatpants and boxers on the way.
He stood like an adonis in front of you, sculpted and hard, his cock at eye level as he put on the condom, slowly teasing you before sitting next to you, arms sprawled on the cushions next to him.
Resisting him was futile, and your body moved on autopilot, underwear coming off without hesitance before you straddled him once again, resting your wet thighs against his. You traced his biceps, running your fingers up his shoulders to find him staring up at you. You lost yourself in his eyes, tracing the pattern of his irises, how the darkness melted into a warm chocolate.
Bringing his hands to your waist, he mirrored your movements, fingertips lightly grazing your sides. He knew you were joking, but something about your teasing made him feel guilty, made him want to dispel your worries, even if they didn’t exist. Capturing your lips, he wrapped his arms around you, resting his forehead against yours before speaking.
“Haven’t needed them for two years,” he murmured with a kiss, chuckling at the disbelief so easily painted on your face. “Told you I was out of practice.”
“You are definitely not out of practice.”
You could still feel the buzz in your body, the way he reduced you to nothing, just a mess blabbering his name. If this was him out of practice, you were almost afraid of knowing what he was like when he was more comfortable. You hoped you would find out. Cupping his face, you kissed him again before guiding his length into you, sinking down in one swoop, the stretch making you keen, thighs shivering.
“Fuck,” he moaned, his breath fanning your jaw as he tried to calm the urge to buck his hips into you. “You’re not either.”
You set a gentle pace, wanting to feel him for as long as possible, your breaths mingling together as you clung on to each other. But with one kiss, patience ran out. Tongues wrestling with each other, Namjoon lifted you up only to move you over his cock faster, jostling you into compliance as his hips thrust into you in time with his arms. Everytime he sunk into you, your nails dug into his shoulders, scratching the skin deliciously, making him go faster and faster.
It was too much.
It was not enough.
As he went faster and his pace threatened to chase your sanity away, you brought your fingers to your clit, rubbing the bundle of nerves faster and faster, matching the way he grunted into your mouth, untethered, unhinged. It felt like an eternity, dangling so close to the edge that you could feel your walls closing in on him, his cock struggling to keep up with the earlier smooth movements.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted, bringing your mouth back to his to lap at your lips. He thought he was so desperate because he missed sex, but nothing he had experienced came close to the way he felt lost in your warmth, unbelievably hard, forgetting the way his calves were cramping. He was so close, he could feel his eye twitching, his lip quivering with each of his moans. And then you came.
Your pussy clenched around him, pulsing, massaging him to an orgasm that made him float into the air, made him lose all sense of time, made him lose all feeling except for the way your arousal gushed into his lap, covering him, marking him as yours. And he wanted to be yours so bad. With a strangled whimper of your name, he held you still, rubbing his hands over your back, partly to sooth you and partly to ground himself, to remind him that you were real and not just one of his daydreams.
He lifted your head from where it was buried in his shoulder, lips chasing yours, tongue gently caressing, head heady with a satiated glow he felt emanating from his chest to the tips of his toes.
“Wow,” you breathed, bodies still joined together, hands playing with his hair, eyes drinking in the endeared look on his face. He didn’t reply, only smiled brightly before meeting your lips once again, getting you lost in his bliss.
You sat there kissing for a while before Namjoon’s phone rang, eliciting a groan from the man who refused to let you go. When the jingle persisted, he held you at the waist leaning forward to pick up his phone to see his daughter’s face lighting up the screen. Namjoon felt bad about sending his child to voicemail, but he had just gotten a taste of you. He didn’t want it to end, not yet.
“Sorry, Moon,” he whispered before pressing the red button to silence the call and kissing you again. You giggled on his lips at his antics, but he silenced you with his tongue, deepening the kiss with a moan that signalled the beginning of a second round. However, before you could lose yourself in him again, you heard a loud voice.
“Daaaaaaaaaaad! Daaaaaaaaaad!” Moon’s whine was clear through the static of the line, Namjoon’s eyes widening in shock before he stared at the phone. He was so sure he silenced the call! With an apologetic glance at you, he picked up his phone, clearing his throat before speaking, while you tried to control the laughter bubbling in your chest.
“Hi Moonie,” he answered, pouting at you exaggeratedly as you moved off his lap to grab your underwear. You had barely put it on before he was pulling you back towards him, an arm locked around your waist, chin propped on your shoulder as he continued the conversation. “Yes I know… I’ll get it. No, I won't forget! When have I ever forgotten anything?” he exclaimed, rolling his eyes.
The whole exchange would be adorable if it wasn’t for the way his hands moved from your waist to your chest, fingers playing with your nipple almost absent-mindedly. When he hung up, he turned towards you, kissing you once again.
“Wanna come over for pizza night?” he asked, pecking your cheek, enjoying the way your lips rose into a smirk before blooming into a grin. He knew it was too early, but he wanted to make you smile like that every day, as long as you’d let him. When the two of you dressed, he pulled you into a hug, letting his arms encompass you before whispering what he wanted the most, “Stay over after?”
Your heart fluttered in its space, growing wings and vying to get out, effervescent and giddy. Going up on your tiptoes, you captured his lips once more, softly, hugging him tighter.
“I’d like that very much.”
The week after you spent the night with Namjoon didn’t turn out to be the blissful week you thought it would be. With his case with Generation Swine coming to an end, there were a lot of meetings and paperwork. With their lawyers adamant about copyrights, you spent the majority of your time pouring over historical cases with your paralegal. Exhausting every resource, there only seemed to be one solution that you could come up with, a compromise that left you frustrated because you wanted to win.
Your communication with Namjoon was mainly relegated to succinct text messages that made you feel a little insecure about the evening you had spent with him – not to mention that his case made you feel a little guilty about building that kind of relationship with a client. However, your solace was to find a solution and put the situation to bed. Namjoon was the first man after Ryan who had made you feel safe enough to even think about another relationship and you didn’t want your constant excuse of work to dwindle the flame like so many others in the past.
Wine glass in hand, you sat on your living room couch, trying to write the final agreement and even though you knew that Namjoon had fully agreed to whatever you would come up with, you couldn’t help wanting his opinion one last time. A frustrated sigh left your lips as you reread the terms Generation Swine’s lawyers had put forward and with a large gulp of the wine, you dialled Namjoon.
“Hi,” he answered, his deep drawl making you remember how he had whispered the same word before he ruined you. Gulping, you tried to clear your head with another sip of your drink.
“Okay I have a question,” you said, scrolling through the document, ready to dive into the proposed agreement before he interrupted you.
“Me too. What are you wearing?” His tone was cheeky, an audible smile making you giggle, trying not to get sidetracked by him like you always did. There was a reason your usual twenty minute client meetings went on for hours.
“What am I wearing? Really?”
“Mhm. Missed you this week,” he replied with a raspy voice that made you squeeze your thighs together, wanting to abandon your earlier plan, but you were too close to the finish line, too close to genuinely give him your time without the added weight of dating a client.
“Namjoon Kim! I’m trying to work here!” you chastised, despite the growing need in the pit of your stomach.
“Yeah, so work with me!” he exclaimed, chuckling. “Is it that cute lace thing you were wearing that day?”
“Stop,” you whined, covering your flushed face even though you knew he couldn’t see you as he cackled through the phone. However, you did note to wear similar lingerie the next time you saw him, smiling to yourself.
“Sorry, sorry! What do you need darling?” Deciding to ignore the way your heart skipped a beat at the nickname, you put him on speaker, leaning forward to read the screen and dictating the points to him.
Essentially, the label and their lawyers had decided not to sue Namjoon if he paid the minimal contract breaking fee and gave them the rights to the songs he had already sent them demos for, four in total. You had countered that with the demand that the song may never be used by Generation Swine and that they may be used by other artists of the label if they gave Namjoon full credits, including in the title and changed none of the original lyrics.
Initially, you had been surprised that they had easily agreed. You had thought they would fight you more on it, but they were happy to agree and sign, and despite your reservations, you were obligated to provide this information to Namjoon.
“That sounds… great actually,” he said after a pause. “My name in the title too? That’s kinda crazy they agreed to it.”
“Perhaps your name carries more weight than you thought,” you commented, eyes still glued to the screen, lip between your teeth.
“I mean especially if we do a comeback,” he replied, a little smug and you couldn’t help but knock him down a notch, just to tease him.
“Last I heard, no one wants a comeback,” you grinned.
“Mark my words, Dark and Wild will be back. I’m Namjoon Kim after all, don’t you trust the words of the leader?” he volleyed back, his laugh carrying through the static making you mirror it.
“I’m sure Hoseok would love to hear that you're the leader,” you teased, only to get a scoff in return.
“Hobi knows I’m the leader,” he gloated.
“All hail President Kim,” you acquiesced through a giggle.
“That’s right,” he said, pleased and you could just imagine him puffing up his chest. “Now that that’s out of the way… What are you wearing?”
“I am not sexting you, Namjoon!” you protested, laughing at his one track mind and crossing your legs.
“Okay fine. What about… a date? When are you free?” he asked and you couldn’t help the way a blush grew on your cheeks, a giddiness you hadn’t experienced in too long bubbling inside you.
“As soon as you sign this agreement,” you answered, emailing him a copy of the document as you took him off speaker and leaned back on your couch. “So after the final meeting with the label tomorrow?”
“Well lucky for you, I can’t wait to see you,” he said, his sincerity easily flowing through the line and melting your heart in your chest.
Namjoon was livid. Pacing around his living room, he scrolled through his twitter to find himself trending. Thousands of people were talking about a Dark and Wild comeback, every single person referring to one video in particular. A blank screen with his voice echoing through: ”Mark my words, Dark and Wild will be back. I’m Namjoon Kim after all, don’t you trust the words of the leader?”
There was only one explanation for why this was suddenly going viral. There was only one person who had access to this. His heart plummeted to his stomach at the thought. He had trusted you. Trusted you with his secrets, trusted you with his authentic self. But you were just like everyone else, weren’t you? Just a clout chaser that went to the press at the first opportunity. He had to commend you. You played a long con, most of the women he had been involved with leaked pictures of him the moment he let them into his house, but you had been cunning, waiting till he had handed you his heart on a platter to shatter it mercilessly.
He could feel his hair stand at the thought of what else you might share of his life. Would you be like the first woman he had dated after Seo? The one who went on television with an exclusive interview talking about his dick. The interview his daughter’s classmates had bullied her with. He felt panicked as he called you. Would you go for an interview too? Expose how he had introduced his wife to a drug that took her life? Expose how much a failure he was and destroy the carefully curated narrative his PR team presented to the world?
His feet moved faster as if they were trying to keep up with his heart, each ring distracting him further, making him bump into the coffee table, spilling his morning coffee on the spotless surface. He watched the brown liquid cover the glass expanse before trickling onto the marble one drop at a time, mimicking the sweat that gathered on his forehead.
When you picked up, his body responded like usual, warming at the sleepy rasp, the one he remembered from a few weeks ago when you had woken up with your limbs wrapped around him, the sunlight brightening your smile. Stupid. He was so stupid!
“Why would you do this? I trusted you! I trusted you with my plans! My life! How the fuck could you do this to me?” he yelled, his frustration manifesting in a lump in his throat, choking his words, making them spill out strained and distorted. He didn’t let you speak, interrupting your feigned confusion. He didn’t have time to be nice. He had to figure out how to fix this. He needed to check on the guys. He needed to check on Moon. This was too much.
So he spoke even faster, let his bitter betrayal flavour his words with the worst expletives he could muster and ending the call with a simple threat, “Fuck you! Fuck you for doing this to me. I never wanna fucking see you again. I hope that degree is good enough because I’m gonna sue you out of every fucking penny you have. Mark my words, Y/N.”
He was panting by the time he hung up, lungs aching as they expanded, tears flowing as he realised just how much it hurt. His grip on his phone tightened and before he knew it he was throwing it across the room, shattering it against the wall with a frustrated scream.
His daughter’s surprised voice pulled him out of his head, freezing him where he was still pacing, the adrenaline from earlier vanishing into exhaustion. He sighed, rubbing his hands over his face and mustering a smile before turning around, trying immensely hard to put up a brave front. But he had forgotten how precocious his daughter was, how she saw through him as she held his hand and settled him on the couch.
She brought him a bottle of water, waiting for him to drink before sitting next to him, posture impeccable and jaw tightened in a scowl. He saw himself in her at that moment, the expression one he would give his band members when they strayed out of line. Now he knew why they listened, even on a sixteen year old the look was intimidating.
“Dad, was that you talking to Y/N?” she asked, arms crossed across her chest and for a moment Namjoon felt sheepish, guilty that she had heard the ugly words he had spoken. Yet that guilt did not extend to you. He knew that if he didn’t threaten you, the things you might say to the press would have a lasting impression on his daughter.
She knew the circumstances of her mother’s death, but she never knew how complicit he had been. She always looked up to him as a role model, and he didn’t think his heart could ever take it if that illusion shattered. But he got a glimpse of that when he quietly affirmed her suspicion and watched her face fall, the scowl replaced with a sadness he wished he could erase.
“I’m really disappointed in you, dad,” she sighed, shaking her head and her words felt like a sword piercing through Namjoon’s chest. He had worked so hard to make sure she never felt that way. He knew she deserved a much better father than him, and he had tried so hard to ensure that; he had worked jobs he hated, he had read hundreds of parenting books, and he had gone to therapy. Yet the words seemed to come so easily to her, permeating the air with a tension that stiffened Namjoon’s shoulders and put him on the defensive.
“Have you seen the internet? She betrayed us, Moonie,” he retorted, voice a little colder than he wanted, but he couldn’t help it, fire stoked once again.
“Did she tell you it was her?” she replied with an eye roll, so naive.
“There could have been no one else. It was a private conversation between us.”
“But did you hear her out? All I could hear was you yelling,” she protested and Namjoon couldn’t help but shake his head. Not only had you fucked with his head, but you had also somehow put his daughter under your spell as well, especially when she continued, “You were mean. You threatened her!”
“It was to protect us. We can’t have random people think they can get away with stuff like this,” he tried to explain, watching his daughter get agitated and looking like a kid once again with her pigtails bouncing. She kept telling him he was wrong despite his efforts to remain calm and expound on his stance.
“You like her! She’s a lawyer. Why would she do this?” she argued and Namjoon couldn’t stop himself from laughing at how innocent his daughter was. He hoped she remained this optimistic forever, that she didn’t have to go through the duplicity he had experienced in his life. The more he tried to explain to her that that’s what people were like sometimes, that it was hard to trust anyone other than family, the more agitated he got at her denial.
Any other time, he would be proud of her for sticking to her stance and arguing through her thoughts, but Namjoon was exhausted. He didn’t have the heart to tell her that the reason he had found out this audio was leaked was not because of the news, but because his PR firm had called him about it. They had traced the origin to a dummy Twitter account which had posted and tagged it multiple times. They had also traced the IP address to where he knew your apartment was. There was no room for doubt when everything was crystal clear.
And so for the first time, he snapped at his daughter.
“Enough! I don’t want to hear it. I’m the parent, not you. Go to your room.”
He always hated parents that dangled their authority over their children. His parents were like that and although he was past it now, he remembered resenting them for it when he was younger. He resented their inability to talk things through, to listen to his point of view. It had taken him years to get over that feeling, but he never felt true empathy for them until this moment, his heart breaking as he watched his daughter angrily stomp towards her room.
Taking a deep breath, he ran his hands over his face in defeat. With the anger fading, came the heartbreak. He really had thought you were special, someone who somehow understood him. A chance encounter that led to him shedding the walls he had reinforced in the past ten years. He was upset about the betrayal, but his fear was more pressing. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to trust anyone again and that thought chilled him to the core. Years of therapy had taught him out of his usual defence mechanisms, to replace the toxicity with healthy coping, yet his chest felt tight as he felt the intense need to wallow.
An arm over his eyes, he tried not to notice how his skin turned moist and instead focused on what he did when he felt this way. Standing up, he grabbed his keys and headed to his studio.
You were still in bed, hand clutching your phone as Namjoon’s words rang in your head. Scrolling through the news you could see why he was seething. If you were him, you would’ve jumped to the same conclusion, but you knew it wasn’t you that leaked the video. Being hacked was out of the question, you had obscenely long passwords and two factor authentication on everything – working with high powered clients tended to seep into paranoia. Additionally, it wasn’t like you were recording the conversation in the first place. It was as if someone was in the room with you, taking notes of your conversation. Namjoon had even mentioned something about being sure it came from your address.
And then it dawned on you.
Phone clutched in your hand, you headed to your spare room, knocking furiously till a yawning Hera appeared. Her long hair stuck out at weird angles, pajamas frumpled and the impression of a pillow still on her face. She seemed like she was sleeping so soundly and it only made the anger licking at your veins ignite further.
Holding up your phone, you played the video, seething. “Did you leak this?”
“Ugh, this is what you woke me up for? Yeah. Now, let me go to bed,” she yawned, moving to close the door before you stopped her.
You expected her to deny it, to make an excuse but her blatant admittance to invading your privacy had you spiralling. You had put up with a lot with her. You had excused her shitty decisions, you had excused her inability to ever pay for anything, but this was too much.
“This was a private conversation, Hera,” you gritted, getting angrier as she just shrugged and rolled her eyes.
“Celebrities aren’t private,” she replied nonchalantly. “Think of it like I was a paparazzi.”
“But that’s the thing. You’re not. This was a private conversation and you recorded it. Do you not understand how fucked up that is?”
“Oh my god! Give me a break! I didn’t even release the juicy stuff. I could’ve told the world you were dating that guy but I didn’t because I’m your friend.”
You couldn’t help but sputter at her rationalisation. It was absurd how she thought it was okay to do this. You knew her morals weren’t always aligned with yours, but you never realised how far they had truly skewed. How had you missed this in all these years? How had you not realised how one sided this relationship had become? Why did you keep putting up with her when she never showed you an ounce of respect?
“Get out,” you said, trying to hold back your vexation.
“What? You’re kicking me out now?” she laughed as if it was the most unbelievable thing in the world.
“I said get out. I want you out of here by tonight.”
“Come on! I’m sorry Y/N. Is that what you want to hear?” she pouted, turning her voice higher to be cuter. Perhaps it would have worked in the past. Maybe it had, for her to pull it out of her arsenal, but she had gone too far. Much too far. When you repeated your words once again, she seemed angry, spitting at you how she knew you were trying to get Ryan back and she needed to always record you to make sure she could trust you. It was absurd and you didn’t want to expend any more energy on her. You were done.
You left her screaming at you, grabbing your keys and sending her one last warning before slamming the door and going to your office.
“You take your stuff and you get out. If I find anything missing or if you’re still here when I get back, I’m calling the police.”
Despite the odd look security gave your outfit as you walked into your building on a Sunday morning, you were too wired up to care. It wasn’t unusual for you to be one track minded when it came to something. You often got borderline obsessed, and today you had only one thing on your mind – get that video off the internet. Settling in your office, you scanned your shelves for books on defamation and invasion of privacy. It would make a flimsy case, Namjoon said his name on the recording after all, but if you could find a precedent, you could perhaps develop a useful argument.
When your shelves did not give you the answers you were looking for, you made your way across the empty floor to the in-house library, picking up anything of use. Before long, you were sitting at your desk, piles of books and the internet calming your nerves. However, the more you read, the more the pit in your stomach grew. It felt fruitless, looking for a needle in a vast ocean.
You needed this win to clear your name, but more importantly, you needed it to help Namjoon. It had been so long since anyone made you feel safe, made you feel as if you were worthy of their vulnerability and your heart ached as you imagined how he must have felt seeing your private conversation in the headlines. Head pounding, you tugged at your hair in frustration, reading the same line over and over till the words held no meaning at all.
You opened your drawer, rummaging for some painkillers till your hand closed around the bottle. Pulling it out, your eyes landed on the chocolate bars Namjoon had insisted on you stashing in your office. “In case you ever have a bad day!” he had exclaimed when he handed you a bunch of his favourites. The memory seemed bitter now, but you still picked up a bar, ripping it open and letting the sweet taste distract you with its endorphins.
Maybe it was pathetic crying in your rapidly darkening office with chocolate smeared on your face but everything felt overwhelming all of a sudden. If you had only lost Namjoon perhaps you would have been able to hold it together. You had dealt with breakups, not sure if the short lived stint with the celebrity even counted as a breakup. But it was the loss of Hera that had you sniffling, curled up on your chair. She wasn’t the greatest of friends but she was your best friend, had been for years and you would do anything to protect her. It pained you that she didn’t even think of extending you the same courtesy, that for her you had somehow gone from a confidant to an untrustworthy roommate.
Despite your efforts, she seemed to always look for the worst in you. As you ruminated over the decade-long friendship, more instances became obvious. It was as if every toxic red flag had been ignored by you. Were you really that desperate for kinship that you let every time she put you down slide by?
They weren’t big things, you thought. A slight here, a ruthless comment there before she was telling you to chill out and hugging you. You always thought that her comments were innocent, that they were just a part of her love language. She liked to joke around, poke fun at your outfits, your hobbies, but the more you thought about it, the harder it was for you to remember moments when she had been kind, when she had stood up for you.
Perhaps it was your fault for forgiving her time and time again, for putting up with her behaviour. Maybe this whole leak debacle wouldn’t have happened in the first place if you had called her out on her bullshit earlier. Maybe you should’ve reconsidered your friendship when she never offered to pay rent, or when she started dating your cheating, hateful ex. Was she really at fault if you had never set the boundaries in the first place?
Sighing, you set your head on the table. Hoping to will away the headache, you closed your eyes.
It seemed merely minutes had passed when your phone chimed, startling you awake but the time on the screen alarmed you. It was just past 1am. Somehow you had spent the majority of your day sleeping at your desk. Your back ached from the angle, but the pain was forgotten when your phone chimed once again. Wiping your eyes you took a closer look at your screen.
Namjoon - Missed calls (5)
Namjoon: Is Moon with you? Namjoon: Please call me back Namjoon: Please Namjoon: I’m really sorry but please I can’t find Moon
Panic surged through you at his words, your fingers flying on the screen as you called him back. The phone rang twice before Namjoon’s ragged voice was bombarding you with questions, “Where are you? Is Moon with you? Has she contacted you?”
“No, but we can find her. Namjoon, listen, calm down. We’ll find her.” You tried to comfort him but it seemed that he was spiralling, muttering about being a bad father. It was a drastic contrast to his earlier fire, alarm dousing his tone in helplessness. He went on to tell you that her phone was at home, that he hadn’t seen her for hours, and the police had told him they’d make the case a priority.
“What if she was kidnapped? What if people think that I’m famous again and they can put her for ransom?” he rambled, clearly distressed. Trying to distract him from his dark thoughts, you asked him about all the places she could be and when he informed you that everyone was looking at her usual spots, you decided to search up other spots in the city where she could be, looking up parks and concert venues. With assurance that you will look for her, you hung up the phone, ran to your car and started your search of the city.
1 am on a Monday doesn’t lead to many crowds so it was easy to go through the top spots that you had listed. You even rented a bike and biked up and down the Han river park but other than a few drunks, you found no trace of her. Back in your car, you tried to run through every conversation with her, there had been so few, and she hadn’t mentioned anything. Giving up, you hoped that they had found her and forgotten to tell you. You were an insignificant part of their lives anyway.
Calling Namjoon didn’t work, his phone just rang through each time. You knew you should just go home and let him deal with it, he had his best friends and the police on his side, he didn’t need you, someone he didn’t even trust anymore, to tag along. But the unrest in your chest wouldn’t let you turn your car around. Instead, you drove to his apartment as if on instinct. If he wanted you out, he would tell you, he clearly had no problem making his opinions known when he wanted to.
When you knocked on his door, you were met by a Namjoon you hadn’t seen before. Eyes red, hair a mess, he let you in before starting his pacing again, rambling about how he was a terrible father, interrupting you angrily when you tried to tell him otherwise.
“I told her to go to her room! Do you know how fucked up that is?” he yelled, confusing you further.
“Namjoon… a lot of kids get sent to their room. That’s not a bad thing,” you cautioned, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“Not Moon. She was… so disappointed in me. I’m not supposed to be like those other parents! What if… what if that’s the last thing I say to her?” His lip quivered as he spoke, facade crumbling as he fell to his knees, taking you with him. For all the vitriol he had spewed that morning, it seemed that Namjoon just wanted you close, clinging on to you in his panic. You couldn’t help but hold him close, even if it was temporary, wishing to provide him with comfort as long as he allowed.
It was in that position that Moon found the two of you when she returned, immediately running to her father.
“Dad? What’s wrong?” she asked, kneeling next to you as Namjoon stared at her before pulling her into a bone-crushing bone crushing hug.
“Where were you? I was so worried!” he scolded, unable to stop the huge relieved grin on his face. He patted her hair as if to feel if she was real and you couldn’t help but be endeared by the pure display as they bickered, It was heartwarming to see Moon trying to explain to her worried father that she had merely forgotten her phone at home and gone to a concert with friends.
“You could’ve messaged from someone’s phone or left a note!” Namjoon argued, still hugging her.
“I left a note on the fridge!” she replied as Namjoon sheepishly made excuses as to how he had been too worried to even check the kitchen fridge.
The two were in their own bubble and it made you a little awkward to be watching such an intimate family moment when before the disaster it was made clear that you were no longer welcomed in Namjoon’s life. With a heavy heart, you stood up taking your leave despite Moon’s insistence for you to stay the rest of the night.
As you were leaving, Jungkook and Yoongi came by, both equally relieved to find their niece safe and sound. When the elevator doors closed in front of you, you decided that it was better to have gotten a glimpse into the lives of people you admired than to have never had that time with them at all. It still hurt to have Namjoon distrust you so easily, even if rationally it made sense as to why he did. You were only a fleeting moment and that was okay.
You were grateful for the time you spent with him.
It had been a week since he berated and then asked you for a favour, and Namjoon didn’t think he could ever feel so empty again. He stared at the glass of whiskey in front of him, trying to figure out if it was even a good idea to call you. Would you hear him out, let him apologise or would you just brush him off?
You hadn’t apologised for the leak and even if he did overreact in the moment, he knew that it was unfair of you to do that. But after how quick you had jumped in to help him search for Moon and how none of his other secrets came into the limelight, his gut told him that maybe he had been wrong. Maybe you had gotten hacked, or he had gotten hacked. Maybe there was an explanation that didn’t lead to him losing you from his life. But then again, did he even deserve to invite you back in when he had so ruthlessly shoved you out. Damn, he even threatened to sue you!
“Joon hyung! I’m trying to tell you all something!” Jungkook whined, the addition of the term of respect alluding to Namjoon that he had been calling his name for a while. The guys had dropped the honorifics once they had disbanded, an effort to see each other on equal footing as friends, but the habit was especially hard to drop for the youngest. Namjoon chuckled at his friend with a nod as the rest of the band grumped at Jungkook to continue.
“So… the leak was actually good huh?” he commented, large eyes scanning the faces of the six men around him eagerly. For someone who was dead set against a comeback, it seemed that the sudden downpour of support from old and new fans alike had swayed Jungkook.
Jungkook was barely even a teenager when Dark and Wild launched, so it was no surprise that Shadows held a very big spot in his heart, multiple tattoos alluding to the fact. Namjoon remembered when a doe-eyed Jungkook had excitedly shown him his first fan letter, one that was still framed in his living room.
It was endearing to see him this excited about returning, but for all his plans, Namjoon felt guilty that the thing that convinced the members to pursue a comeback was not his and your hard work but a mistake. He felt uneasy, a clawing feeling in his chest making him feel as if he had forgotten something behind.
He knew it was you.
Somehow in the months of planning, you had become intertwined with his vision of a comeback. When he imagined picking songs for the album, he thought of your input. He imagined your name in the end notes of the cover. He imagined you in the studio during practice and in the wings at the first concert.
It wasn’t a comeback if you weren’t there to enjoy it with him. Even if you never wanted to talk to him again, he wanted to experience everything because you had so easily given him access to your time and your intelligence. Perhaps he should’ve never crossed that line. Perhaps he should’ve remained professional and not let his lonely heart fiddle with his brain.
“So wait… we all want to actually do this?” Jimin asked, the men continuing their discussion, oblivious to how Namjoon had once again reverted into his head. Everyone nodded along, except Seokjin who sat with a frown on his face.
“I don’t know… Go back to the limelight? Do you think we’re ready for that again?” he asked tentatively, his lower lip between his teeth. “It was a lot of pressure on all of us, all of our partners too.”
“We’re older now. We know our limits better now. We know ourselves better now,” Hoseok consoled quietly, slurring a little and sipping his drink, his face already flaring red from the alcohol. Seokjin laughed at the juxtaposition of Hoseok’s serious tone and sleepy eyes.
“Okay. If you can beat me at rock, paper, scissors, I’m in,” he joked holding up a fist as Hoseok squared up, much to the annoyance of the rest of the band.
“Why do we always have to do rock, paper, scissors for everything?” Taehyung bemoaned, leaning back on the couch staring at the ceiling with a huff as Jungkook coached Hoseok through whispers.
“Because democracy,” Seokjin grinned, chanting 'rock, paper, scissors’ before leaving his fist as is to signal rock just a few seconds after Hoseok showed his hand, paper.
“I won!” Hoseok gleed excitedly before stopping short and staring at his friends. “I won… We’re doing a comeback?”
“We’re doing a comeback,” Seokjin laughed, trying not to hint that he had agreed before the game even started, even when Yoongi smiled knowingly at him. “Good job, Joonie.”
Namjoon couldn’t help getting a little flustered at the sudden praise from his bandmate, his heart beating faster. He had waited so long for this, that it seemed surreal that it was happening. Standing up, he raised his glass to the middle, proposing a toast.
“Dark and Wild,” he cheered, the men echoing him as seven glasses clinked together.
Fuck, they were really doing a comeback, weren’t they?
When you had left Namjoon’s apartment two weeks ago, you were sure that you would never return. There was no reason to climb the gilded elevator to the cosy home, especially with the radio silence that had continued between the two of you. You were sure he still thought you were responsible for the leak and you should’ve been mad that he never tried to hear you out, but your empathy wouldn’t let you. It made sense with how guarded he was to assume the worst, and you would be lying if you said you didn’t hope that he would call you and make things right.
Waiting for the elevator, it wasn’t Namjoon that invited you back, but Moon. She had messaged you requesting your presence at her birthday and after Namjoon had explained how he tried to make each of her birthdays magical, there was no way you could refuse. You knew it would be awkward, stilted as you tried to go through a group of Namjoon’s friends and family, but you would hate it if you were the one who took away the magic of birthdays from a girl that always believed in them.
You watched the buttons light up as the elevator ascended, a set of drumsticks gift wrapped in your hands. Your nerves flared the closer you got to the penthouse and you laughed at how ridiculous you were being. Namjoon wasn’t even an ex, he was just a beginning that never led anywhere. If anything you should’ve been grateful that it never led to more. It would have broken you if it had. But you were strong, ready to impart your birthday greeting with a brave face and leave after ten minutes.
It was only ten minutes. You could do it.
However, when the doors opened to the apartment, you didn’t see the crowd you had been anticipating. There were no balloons in the living room, no music, no lights. Only Namjoon, seated at a table in the middle of the living room.
The couches and coffee table that usually occupied the space were absent. Instead there was a table with a white cloth draped over it and two chairs. A large dish of pasta sat on the surface, along with a basket of bread, place settings for two, and a bottle of wine chilling in a bucket. Candles on the table gave the room a soft glow, your heart stuttering as Namjoon walked over, biting his lip sheepishly and fiddling with his fingers.
“Hi,” he said, flushing as you looked up at him. Before you could answer, he was apologising. “I’m really, really sorry for being an idiot. I should have never blown up at you like that. That was fucked up and I’m really sorry.”
“Where’s Moon?” you asked, ignoring his apology, just to see him squirm a little more.
“Um… her birthday wish was for us to make up… So she’s at a sleepover with her friends.”
“Well… I got her a present,” you stated awkwardly.
“Oh! I can take it. Thank you,” Namjoon said, taking the present and placing it on the table before clearing his throat. “I’m serious. I’m really sorry, Y/N. I don’t care if you leaked the clip, I’m sure you had a plan and I was an idiot for not lis–.”
“I didn’t leak anything,” you cut him off quietly, watching how his eyes widened in response, a soft “what” escaping his lips. “I didn’t leak it. My roommate recorded us without me knowing. Well, ex roommate.”
“Fuck,” Namjoon breathed before laughing bitterly in disbelief. “I really am an asshole. Wow.”
“I get why you did that though. You had to protect yourself and Moon,” you defended his actions, but he didn’t let you, apologising once more before offering you a seat. When the two of you were settled, he told you about his past, about how other partners had scarred him, how he had somehow been hardwired into accepting the worst in people, and for the first time, you let him in too, sharing your fight with Hera.
“I’m a lawyer, Namjoon. I signed an NDA,” you replied, a finger tracing the wine glass in front of you. Namjoon’s sudden laugh startled you, your eyes meeting his as you watched him cover his mouth.
“Sorry but that’s what Moon said too,” he replied, the tension in the air melting at the comment and a smile lifting your lips.
“Smart daughter you got there,” you complimented, raising your glass. He clinked his own against it before taking a sip.
“That I do,” he easily agreed.
“Tell her that her birthday wish came true.”
“Wait really?” he asked with a grin he couldn’t control. “We made up?”
“If you still want to be friends, I’m okay with that. I’d like to be your friend, Namjoon,” you replied, confused as his smile dropped suddenly, his eyes leaving yours to his fingers that traced meaningless patterns against the tablecloth.
“Yeah, friends. I’d love to be your friend. Pasta?” he asked, holding up the bowl overflowing with aglio ollio, a stiff smile plastered on his face. You helped yourself to the food, commenting on the bright flavour as he admitted that he had learnt how to perfect the dish as it was Moon’s favourite, and basically the only thing that he could cook well. The conversation flowed stonely, awkward and even with the conclusion that you were friends, it felt stifled, like the two of you were playing a part in a play, small talk seeming scripted and wooden.
When the dinner came to an end, he protested you clearing the table but you stubbornly carried the plates to the kitchen, starting to wash them as Namjoon tried to stop you. He gave up halfway, content to watch you clean, your earlier words echoing in his head. I’d like to be your friend, Namjoon.
He didn’t want to be your friend though. He thought he did. He thought that he would be happy just to have you in his life at a safe distance, but the moment those words had left your lips it was like his stomach fell to the floor. He didn’t want to give you up. He missed you, missed that he had just indulged in you once, woke up next to you once before he had fucked it all up. And before he knew it, those words were escaping him.
“I don’t want to be friends.”
His words rang through you, the last plate you were rinsing slipping slightly from your fingers. You knew it would come to that eventually, that he would realise that it was almost pointless to be your friend. You had hoped it wouldn’t have happened this soon though. With a practised smile, you placed the plate onto the drying rack, wiping your hands on the dish towel stowed next to the sink, ready to take your leave.
“Oh… okay. Thanks for dinner then.”
But before you could move he was coming closer, a hand raised tentatively as he stared at your face, eyes roaming your features and lip tucked beneath his teeth.
“Don’t leave. I… I just… I don’t want to be friends.”
Your eyes met his as the meaning of the words registered slowly, hope blooming in your chest. It lit beneath your skin, coating you like honey, warm and sweet. But you still needed the assurance, “Then what do you want?”
“More,” he whispered, impossibly close now, the air between you sparking, nothing like the insulated tension from earlier. It was as if you could see it in front of it, golden glitter permeating in your vision, softly dispersing as he moved his hand till it was resting on your cheek, his thumb stroking the sparks into a fire.
When he leaned in, he moved slowly, the dark brown of his irises melting into his pupils as they searched yours for any hesitation. And then his lips moved, stealing your attention with their murmurs, “So much more.”
You lashes flickered on their own, eyelids closing seamlessly as his mouth gently met yours with the care you had come to expect of him. In the past months, you had learned that Namjoon cared wholeheartedly for everyone he deemed worthy. He gave his all – his strength, his weaknesses, his whole heart. And with his lips on yours he reminded you once again that you were one of those people he had decided to let in. There was no doubt left anymore as you wrapped your arms around him, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss.
Chest to chest, you could feel his heart beating against yours as his hands caressed your back as if testing the silk of your blouse before landing on your ass. Fingers squeezing the flesh, he moaned into your mouth eliciting one of your own, a sweet harmony once again united to string together. His body pushed against yours, his arousal impossible to hide as he pushed you against the counter, grinding into you slowly before he was picking you up and depositing you on the surface.
Your legs opened on their own, making space for him as he solidified his place in your heart. His lips migrated to your jaw, your heavy breaths the soundtrack to his journey down your body, each kiss leaving you thrumming and weightless, his long fingers unravelling each button with delicate care. With your shirt wide open, he took a moment to leave your skin to stare at you, the lacy red bra catching his attention before he haphazardly unbuttoned his own shirt, dropping it on the floor and wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you in a kiss that was no longer gentle but a frenzy.
His tongue wrestled with yours, his mouth swallowing each of your whimpers as he pushed your shirt off, his fingers tracing the lace and pulling it down to release your nipples so he could trace them with his thumbs. You could feel your heart race, your thighs tightening around him as lust flowed through you. It was as if he had your body memorised, knew where each nerve ending sparked into pleasure.
His teeth bit into your neck, blunt and delicious, making you keen before his lips wrapped around a nipple, tongue flicking in a way that made you see stars and dig your fingers into his scalp. You could feel his smile painted on your skin, your eyes seeing how his dimples would pop out in his cheeks even when they were closed. But you wanted more, so much more.
With a shove against his chest, he unlatched from you, staring at you in confusion before you were slipping off the counter and getting on your knees. He could feel the way his dick twitched at the position. He had never imagined you like this before and his mind screamed at him for such a blunder, but then again even he wasn’t creative enough to conjure an image as perfect as your eyes glistening up at him through your lashes, lips swollen from his kisses and hands unbuckling his belt at lightning pace. Before he knew it, his pants were halfway to his thighs, his boxers pushed along with them to reveal his cock.
He forgot to breathe when you smiled up at him radiantly, such an innocent look before you were licking up his length, fingers wrapped around him. You kissed against the head, your tongue circling the skin devilishly before your lips wrapped around him, suckling him slowly. You went deeper with each suck as if wanting to swallow him whole and Namjoon couldn’t keep his wits. How did he get this lucky?
With a large laugh that peetered out into a moan, he braced himself with his hands on the counter behind you, relishing the way your tongue traced his skin each time your head bobbled, turning him into a slow mush. Before he could stop himself, he thrust in your mouth, your moan vibrating around him in such delicious torture that he pulled back abruptly, too afraid to cum before he even got started.
Pulling you up by your hand, he crashed his lips on yours again, hands too eager to rip your pants off you as he wiggled out of his own. It was a silly dance, one that left you giggling in his mouth and had him chuckling back, euphoria bubbling through him.
When both your clothes were discarded, lost in his kitchen, he picked you up, letting you wrap yourself around him like a koala as he walked to his bedroom. He had dreamed of you back here, lost in his sheets as he lost himself in you and if there was one thing Namjoon did, it was go after his dreams.
Depositing you on to the bed he crawled between your legs, forgetting all about teasing to devour your arousal right from the source. A quick squeak left your lips as his tongue met your folds, flicking at your clit as he licked up your slit, stealing your breath. His hands roamed your thighs, eliciting goosebumps and whimpers, squeezing the flesh as his lips latched onto your clit. You were on the brink of your sanity, your vision clouding as he kept up his pulsating suckles. Your fingers wrapped around the sheets, pulling them from the corners as your back arched, hips canting against his face before he was holding them down, lapping at you furiously. His hands, his lips, his fingers all played a part in unravelling you, but it was when you looked down at him and caught the hunger in his eyes as he watched you squirm that made you explode, a loud whimper floating into the air at his unrelenting efforts.
He let you ride out your high before his lips let go, instead moving to kiss at your thighs, leaving little nibbles as they climbed up your body, from your stomach to your breasts to your neck, paying special attention to your tattoo, before he was kissing your lips once again, letting your tongue burst with your flavour.
“More?” he asked, his forehead against yours, his breath cooling your heated cheeks and you couldn’t help wrapping your arms around his strong shoulders, meeting his lips once again.
“So much more,” you echoed his earlier words, earning his dimples as he pecked your lips, once, twice and then once more before sitting up and reaching in his bedside drawer for a condom. His fingers were nimble, shaking a little from his excitement as he ripped it open and quickly rolled it on. Meeting you in another kiss, his forearms rested next to your head, his hips grinding into you.
Fingers caressing his back, you reached lower till your hand wrapped around his cock, guiding it slowly inside you. He entered leisurely, carefully stretching your walls, eyes gazing into yours, making you lose yourself in them. The two of you exhaled when he was fully buried inside you, the stillness of the room echoing around you as his fingers slowly moved your hair from your face.
The silence was broken first by your lips meeting eagerly and then by his hips leaving you only to slap back against yours in an intense thrust that led to your moans punctuating the sound. With each one of his strokes, his lips moved further away from yours, your breaths mingling with each other as you lost yourselves. It was ecstatic, the way his body moulded against yours, his chest cushioning you to the mattress, while your legs wrapped around him.
In all your years and all your relationships no one had felt this perfect, this quickly. How every cant of his hips brought you closer to your high, pulled out noises from your lips you had never imagined. He grunted along with you before the tightening of your walls compelled him to reach for your clit to prolong his pleasure more, to make you writhe around him more, to make your lips seek for his more. He met your desperation with his own, tongue meeting your teeth in a flurry as his abs clenched tighter, your thighs trapping him against you, your fingernails digging crescents into his ass.
Like a wave ebbing higher and higher, you wrapped yourself tighter around him, limbs locked in ecstasy before you crashed with a high-pitched whine of his name, your legs jerking with the sudden pleasure coursing through you in a rush. He moved faster, harder, keeping you suspended as his lips found yours again. Chanting your name in a stuttered whine, his high followed quickly after yours, leaving him breathless on top of you, his face buried in your neck.
When your heart had steadied, he leaned up, kissing you decadently, luxuriating in your taste, a gentle aftermath of the flurry from earlier. His fingers stroked your scalp, leaving behind content tingles that soothed you, your fingers mirroring his actions through his hair.
You had never felt so at peace.
When he had his fill of your lips, he stood up, admiring your body before pulling you with him into the shower. Slowly kisses under warm water never felt better, your hands indulging in his body, roaming over his sculpted chest and toned stomach.
“I missed you,” he confessed, arms around you as water flowed from him to you, both of you revelling in the warmth of the water, of the moment.
“I missed you, too,” you replied, standing on the tip of your toes to kiss his nose, enjoying the way the action made him blush and shyly hide his face with a giggle.
Dressed in his oversized t-shirt, you climbed into bed, watching as he tidied up, folding your clothes. It was an endearing habit, one he picked up from cleaning Moon’s toys when she was younger, too many legos under his feet a painful motivator. He pulled his phone from his pants pocket before climbing in next to you, his chest moulded to your back, long arms around you as he told you about different songs he had been working on. He didn’t have the strongest of vocals, but his low gruff was comforting, it’s unpolished notes a serenade as he scrolled through his demos, playing snippets.
“I might’ve been inspired by the night of your birthday for this one,” Namjoon admitted quietly as he played the next song, his face buried behind your shoulders. It was a fast beat, the bass notes popping with a fun melody, electronic drums bouncing along. But what truly made your heart flutter were the words, his husky voice singing them softly.
Too many words circle around me But none of them feel how I feel I just feel it Like the moon rises after the sun rises Like how fingernails grow Like trees that shed their bark once a year That you are the one who will give meaning to my memories Who will make a 'person' into 'love'
You pouted as the song continued, a beautiful confession that had you turning in his arms to kiss him, too overwhelmed to do anything else. No one had ever written you a song, no one had ever expressed their feelings like this before, in a way that was almost bordering on magical. If your younger self knew that the lead of your fantasies would be singing you something he wrote solely for you, she would’ve passed out. The song ended with the chorus and a request.
You're my person, my person, my person You're my desire, my desire, my desire You're my pride, my pride, my pride You're my love One and only love You know... We were always meant to be... Destiny... I hope you feel the same with me..
“I do feel the same,” you murmured against his lips, kissing his smile as he pulled you closer, legs tangled with yours.
“Good because this is going in the album and it would suck if it didn’t make you smile every time I played it,” he teased, kissing your nose before you leaned away, looking at him confused.
“Comeback album. Dark and Wild’s back.” He grinned widely and even though usually you’d be distracted by his dimples, this time no matter how large your eyes got you couldn’t register them. Because in your head there was a childish giddiness you had thought you would never experience. Holding up a finger, you turned away from him to grab a pillow, screaming in excitement, limbs flailing as your adolescent dreams of a reunion came true. You knew it was going to happen but you never imagined how much the news would affect you.
Namjoon laughed, pulling the pillow from over your head and kissing you once more, your excitement making him even more eager for the comeback. He laid you on his chest as you asked him questions and he regaled the story of how the decision was made based on a game of chance and your roommate’s stupid actions.
“Thank you for helping me get my dream again,” Namjoon whispered, grateful that he had written to you and that you had responded.
He owed a lot to fate for whisking you into his arms.
It was dark around you, but that was only because the lights on stage were so bright. Music boomed. Guitar riffs were clean even with their distortion. Drums were loud, cracking in the air. Hoseok’s growl echoed through your bones as you watched Dark and Wild perform, the sweet smell of manufactured smoke surrounding you. Yoongi did his signature move, licking up the fretboard of his guitar as Jimin grinned, lip between his teeth, and muted chords spilling from his amp. Right at the chorus, Seokjin kneeled on the ground, blowing a kiss to the audience as he played along, right when Taehyung started belting, licking his lips and letting the words float out of him. Jungkook played faster, increasing the tempo of the song just as his drum set was lifted into the air, spinning in circles, metres above the stage. You cheered loudly as the song ended, Namjoon looking for you in the wings and tossing a wink cheekily.
It was like being thrown back in time. It was surreal. Yet, it was so real.
Moon squealed next to you when Hoseok introduced her, a stark contrast to how she was tapping her drumsticks on her legs nervously a few minutes ago. “Good luck,” you whispered with a hug, and she squeezed you tight before running onto the stage in her ripped jeans and black tulle top, a grungy throwback to the outfits she used to wear as a kid.
Sitting on a second drum set, she waved to the crowd as Jungkook timed her in, the two setting off into a vicious solo together as Seokjin and Namjoon provided the background to the melodic dissonance. The crowd went wild, screaming at the top of their lungs, and you even saw someone throw their bra on stage, just like old times.
The show ended with the first song the band had ever released, War of Hormones. The lyrics were a little cringey with time, but the band laughed along as they played, bantering about how stupid their teenage selves were during the guitar solo. But you couldn’t help the tears in your eyes as you watched them perform, your face hurting from how hard you were smiling, your fingers wrapped around the pass on your neck.
Heart pounding in time with the bass, you watched the guys finish their last song to an earth shattering applause, the crowd going wild. It seemed that the floor was shaking with their stomps and claps.
Centre stage, the men took a bow, before Namjoon put Moon on his shoulders and the group recreated the photo they took on the last day of their tour before retiring. He made a stupid joke about his back hurting when he put her down, Moon returning her own quip about him being old as the audience laughed.
With their arms around each other, Hoseok spoke into the mic, beaming into the crowd.
“Thank you Shadows! We’ve been Dark and Wild and fuck it’s good to be back!”
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Are you ready for MORE?  ⤷ 22.07.01, 1pm KST
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jack in the box by j-hope
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Helping Hand | JJK
Tumblr media
Sometimes all you need is a helping hand.
Tumblr media
♡ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (also a teeny bit of Jimin x Reader)
♡ Genre: Roommate AU, Best Friend AU, Best Friends to lovers, Smut, Fluff, Angst???? 
♡ Rated: D for Down Bad 
♡ Warnings: Lotte concert 2019 Jungkook, PTD concert black swan Jimin (yes these are warnings), Y/N needs some dick, jk is also pretty down bad, mentions of past substance abuse, mentions of depression, mentions of character death, very brief and vague mentions of su*cidal thoughts, this fic is heavy and horny please beware, jk a lil bit of a dummy, masturbation, semi public sex(ish), grinding, car sex, cumming in pants, fingering, oral (m + f receiving), overstimulation, protected sex (follow they lead kiddies), gets cute towards the end I promise~ 
♡ Word Count: 23.4k
♡ Summary: A double blind date was your suggestion. Everything about it should make him happy, but this sinking feeling just won’t go away. All he wanted was to get it over with. 
♡ Now Playing…: X by Tinashe, Backseat by Khalid, and Good Days by Sza 
♡ Author’s Note: A story from the vault of the 2020 works I started but never published! This was meant to be posted on Valentine's Day, but life got in the way so I’m just posting it now instead of keeping it for another year. Let’s just pretend 🤡 Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there, and for all my singles, we’ll get ‘em next year 😩✊🏽 Also a big thank you to @kth1 for the graphics and @jessikahathaway for reading over this for me! 
No reposting, modifying. Translating is not allowed unless given explicit permission. Thank you so much :D
Tumblr media
Fuck everything.
It was dismal that these were the first words that came to mind as you stepped out of your last class for today. 
To put it frankly, this day has not treated you kindly. 
These feelings of deep anguish were all caused by the simple fact that it was Valentine's Day. Couples everywhere were trapped in a lovestruck trance by the holiday, wanting to do anything and everything to celebrate. You had nothing against it but you were not in the right mental state to handle all of the affection. It made going anywhere unbearable, promotions for the perfect date spots all over campus, posts all over social media about your friends going out with their partners, every corner you turned you couldn’t escape it. 
After your classes, you were tired of it all. It just made the journey back to your little apartment even more exhausting. Lovey-dovey couples holding hands, kissing, being together everywhere you looked had made you so riled up to the point where you were even considering calling your ex, Incheol, to help fill that void. 
Why were you so hot and bothered? Sure all the PDA can get to any single person, especially on Valentine’s Day, but what got you to the point of even considering going so low as to call your ex again just to get some dick? 
It’s just been a long year.
It’s not that you wanted to go this long without sex, but it just ended up that way. After your break up with Incheol you really just weren’t in the mood to look for anyone else. 
When you first started college, you couldn’t really be tied down. You partied and whoever held your attention long enough was yours for the night. Unintentionally, you started a bit of a crusade with different guys around campus because of this. You didn’t want to, but you were just too busy for anything more than a one night stand. It was that way until you met Incheol. He was your first serious boyfriend and it was a nice, satisfactory relationship. You made some really great memories together, even the break up was clean. 
It sounds amazing on paper, but it made it hard to jump back in and start seeing other people. By the time you were even considering going out on dates again, preparing for law school began to take up all your time. 
In turn that left you with no dick for a year.
You swear if you see one more couple stuffing their tongues down each other’s throats, you might actually go insane. Lucky for you, your apartment wasn’t too far from campus, an 8 minute bus ride was all it typically took to get back home. It wasn’t too long before you were busting down the door ready to break something.
“Jungkook!!” You called, a strong sense of agitation in your voice as you kicked off your shoes, knowing you needed your best friend for support. 
You two had been friends since high school. It was when you both got accepted to colleges in the same city, after talking it out a little, you decided it would just be easier to share an apartment when you moved to Seoul. Now it’s been a little over 4 years since you’ve moved in together and became the best friend and roommate dynamic duo. 
You were first greeted with the sight of his shirtless back, the tattoos all along his right arm on full display, his fluffy hair was sticking up in all different directions, telling you he was likely just getting up. 
Jungkook was hunched over the counter eating his cereal, nothing strange, but you were in no condition to see him like that. 
“Jungkook?” You questioned seeing the peculiar state he was in. You hadn’t even seen his face yet and you could already tell he was exhausted. 
“Oh Y/n you’re back…” He sounded so drained. 
“Yeah classes are over for me, you didn’t go today?” You wondered, though the answer was pretty obvious. 
He shook his head and laughed tiredly. “Not after the night I had.” Hearing that all you could do was roll your eyes. You knew exactly what happened last night. 
“And whose fault was that Jungkook, you were the one who had to play and I quote ‘just one more round of cyber hunter,’ which judging by how you look now, wasn’t just one more round.” You recounted. 
See the two of you, though you were best friends, have some things about you that are just polar opposites. Jungkook was creative, you used logic. He liked the cold while you liked it warm. He was neat, you were oftentimes a mess despite your love for cleaning. He liked to procrastinate everything to the last minute, and you always made sure you were never behind schedule. Polar opposites in some cases, but over the years you’ve learned that it can be beneficial at times.
“Do you have to lecture me? I'm still like half asleep, it’s too early for this shit.” He sighed, eating another spoonful of cereal. You were not really in the mood to fight him, you needed someone to rant to anyways. 
You kept your mouth shut as you took a seat at one of your bar stools. “So did you finish?” You finally questioned. 
He nodded slowly. 
“2 minutes before the deadline, I've never felt so stressed in my life.” He chuckled lightly. You almost fell off your barstool. 
When you had asked Jungkook about his project when he was playing cypher hunter instead of working, he would always brush you off and say “It’s not due till before class starts, I have plenty of time~” The fact that he finished 2 minutes before means that he was working until 7:58 this morning. 
“Jungkook what did I tell you–“
“I know, you’re right, but I had things under control until I fell asleep color grading… it set me back like an hour and–” he rubbed his eyes “–and then you–” Jungkook’s eyes widened realizing what he was about to say and stopped himself real quick. 
He must be out of his mind or more exhausted than he thought, thinking about telling you about last night. “I– I uh got distracted…” he simply put, not wanting you to know how complicated his feelings were right now. 
Seeing you in front of him now already had his mind remembering the events of last night.
Jungkook put his spoon back in his bowl with a loud clunk. He only got a mere 4 hours of sleep after pulling an all-nighter, he was beyond tired. You could tell.
“And this Jungkook is why you should stick to the schedule I make.” You pointed to the board on the wall beside you. 
In efforts of organizing your assignments and remembering the countless deadlines you had, you started writing everything down on this whiteboard. You found it extremely helpful and when Jungkook, after seeing you use it when he was hanging out in your room, pondered the idea of doing it for his own work. Well, you took the initiative of buying a bigger whiteboard and sticking it up in the kitchen so you both could use it. 
Jungkook fell into the habit of writing everything down a lot quicker than you thought he would. He said it was helping him out but complained about still coming too close to deadlines that you decided to help him out by giving him advised deadlines in order to combat procrastination. It worked a lot better at first but despite your efforts you still found him in his room rushing to get things done last minute more often than not. 
“I know you’re right, I’m sorry,” he sighed.
Your brows furrowed. “You don’t need to apologize,” you tried to laugh. You were expecting a snarky remark, not an apology. 
“I’m still so out of it I’m sorry, I can’t think straight at all. Anyway, did you need something? You sounded pretty angry when you walked in,” he chuckled weakly. 
You were still a bit worried. “We can talk later if you’re not up for it…” 
Jungkook shook his head. “What’s up?” You eyed him suspiciously but you decided to continue. 
You took a deep breath. 
“I’msofuckinghornyI’msorryIknowthat’stoomuchinformationbutit’sbeensohardgettingthroughthedayandIthinkI’mthisclosetolosingmymind.” You sobbed. 
Jungkook nearly choked on his cereal. 
“You’re— You’re what?!” He coughed, somehow understanding your convoluted sentence. 
“It’s been hell, Jungkook. It’s Valentine’s Day and all the couples on campus have been all over each other and—” you laid your head on the counter. “I’m so lonely.” You whined.
Oh, did he know.  
Jungkook’s been trying his best to tell himself that last night was just a delusion, so tired and out of it that he imagined everything that happened in the wee hours of the morning.
His eyes had been heavy, the lights in his room all off besides his computer screen sitting righting in front of him, sharply illuminating his features. He was barely awake at that point, his eyes glassy, and probably had a concerning red tint to them, but he was determined to work hard to make sure every scene was colored the way he wanted it to be. 
It had been faint at first. His noise canceling headphones drowned out most of the sound, but he swore he could hear the faint buzzing sound coming from the wall in front of his desk. It wasn’t until the moans started that he finally took them off and understood what was happening. 
His face had flushed realizing what he was hearing. You were… 
He told himself it was just out of pure human curiosity that his ears tuned into the sounds next door. Even without the headphones it was faint, but it was just enough that he could hear the little groans, moans, even the way you whined, fuck. It was enough that something scary started to stir inside of him so he quickly put back on his headphones to drown it out. 
Jungkook tried to get back to work, pretending that everything was normal, but even with his headphones on he could hear you. His fingers typed away on his keyboard, his leg bounced restlessly, because the more time passed the tighter his pants seemed to get.
He tried not to think about it but with your moans growing louder, the longer he couldn’t pretend. 
You sounded so pretty. 
It was awful, you were his fucking best friend. He could have easily turned on some music, or actually listened to the contents of the project he was working on, but he never did. The more he listened the harder it was to ignore the quickly developing problem in his pants. He was so fucking hard and you sounded so sexy. 
At some point, lust took control, completely forgoing the morality of the situation, he found himself throwing off his headphones, forgetting about his project, and slipping his hands in his pants. Any sense of self control out the window. 
At first he tried to reason with himself and say he was just trying to ease the ache but as soon as his hand wrapped around the shaft, he was a goner. 
With a hand over his mouth, Jungkook pumped himself hard and fast, your pretty moans on the other side of the wall made it way too hard to try and control himself.
So many thoughts were bouncing around his head. He imagined how you might look on the other side, a toy between your legs, as you tried your best to get yourself to cum. He imagined going over to your room, helping you, fuck would you want that? He knew he could make you feel so good if you just let him. Thoughts of getting the chance, oh he knew you would feel so good around him.
It was disgusting, you were his friend, but the tabooness of the situation turned him on even more. He should have been ashamed. 
He was, but in the moment he didn’t feel it at all. As the sounds of your moans grew relentless, he couldn’t take it anymore. It wasn’t long before his orgasm was hitting him like a freight train, he spilled all over his hand, shirt, and pants. He had never come that hard before and all it took was the sounds of his best friend behind a wall. 
As his breathing slowed, the regret was quick to creep in. 
What the fuck did he do? 
What was the worst though was that little voice that told him it was real, and how much he truthfully enjoyed hearing you. 
He must be down bad too because he crossed some serious boundaries last night… 
Jungkook felt his face heat up at the thought. 
“—and so now I’m like, what should I do?” Jungkook suddenly fazed back into your rambling. 
“I was saying what should I do? Here I am single on Valentine’s Day, hornier than I should be admitting… Like Jungkook, it's seriously been a year!” You cried and you didn’t miss when he mumbled “You’re not alone” as he was sipping up the last of the milk in the bowl.
You looked at him wide eyed. “You too? I thought for sure that...”
Jungkook shook his head. “I’ve been trying so hard to get back on track that I… I didn’t want to get distracted.” You slowly nodded, understanding. 
Jungkook had been through a lot this past year to put it lightly.
It started back in your first year. While you were going around enjoying the party scene, hooking up with pretty much anyone you could, Jungkook had managed to get himself a girlfriend soon into the year. 
You remember they were pretty much together all the time. He was hardly at your shared apartment and anytime he was, she was right there with him. Yoona was her name. You were honestly convinced that they would get married someday, the couple seeming to be the perfect pair. They lasted for nearly two years. It was up until one day you came home later than you normally would, to hear the two of them arguing inside. 
You were nosy and a little tipsy, so you began eavesdropping behind the door. You were shocked at the words thrown at each other, and you’re almost sure you heard your name come up in the mix (though you chalk that up to the alcohol). Whatever happened Yoona stormed out leaving you to deal with an upset Jungkook who was on the brink of tears. 
You still blame yourself for convincing him to go over to her place a few weeks later to talk to her. You remembered being surprised by Jungkook being back so soon, but what you remember even more was the slam of his room door only seconds after. It took a good week to get Jungkook out of his room and tell you that he found her with another guy, who was a close classmate and mutual friend apparently. 
Things just kept getting worse. 
It really was the day right after he told you that he got a call from his parents letting him know his uncle, someone who he had been so close to all his life, who had inspired him to pursue a career in the film industry, had been in an accident. You can’t say much from there because that’s pretty much all he told you before he was on the next train back to Busan. He called you a week later after you began blowing up his phone (you were worried) that his uncle had passed and that he needed his space. 
He was gone for about a little over two months. 
It was also around this same time that you started to get involved with Incheol. He was there when the apartment felt so empty and honestly he was the one who really helped ground you and get your priorities straight. It was a match made in heaven.
You were cuddling up with Incheol one day when you heard the knock at the door. You still can’t forget the shock that you felt on the day that Jungkook came back. 
He was back, yes, but the moment he seemingly brushed right past you, paying really no notice to you or Incheol who was looking confused on the couch, was when you realized he still was elsewhere and hurting. 
You tried to be there for him, you really did, but any attempts you had of getting close and talking about any issues failed every time. 
He was distant. 
You blame yourself though for not trying harder and letting Incheol sweep you off your feet the way he did, but it’s like you started seeing less and less of each as the days passed. 
You had no idea about what he was getting up to, where he was most of the time. It really didn’t feel like he came back from Busan. 
Any remnants of your friendship seemed few and far between until nearly halfway through your 2nd semester in your 3rd year. You had been getting ready for a date with Incheol later that day when you heard him come back, he was clearly disheveled and honestly looked so stressed. You decided to try once again asking him to talk to you and it was then that all the hardships of the last few months came rushing out. 
He told you everything. 
He told you how hard it was dealing with Yoona and his uncle’s passing at the same time. He told you the only reason he came back was because he missed you so much and that he had missing assignments starting to pile up. Apparently though, even after coming back to Seoul he just couldn’t seem to pull himself back together. 
Jungkook started doing shit he wasn’t proud of. He was partying, carelessly sleeping around, hanging out with people he knew he shouldn’t have, and he said he did things that he wasn’t even comfortable telling you (and he’s normally fine telling you everything). He let you know that he was also so behind in assignments that he had a meeting that day about them suggesting he drop the semester and that he risked getting kicked out of programs he worked his ass off to get into. He even said they were considering to expel him because of his sudden disappearance even after he explained the situation. 
It was that day when things began to take a turn. You assisted Jungkook in talking with his administrators to create a plan and helped him catch up on his assignments to finally get back on track. 
You were there with him through the dark days, trying your best to be by his side. You knew he wasn’t telling you everything that happened while you two were distant, at times he would completely isolate himself and shut you out. 
It was obvious there was more going on. Jungkook would sometimes lock himself in his room and you could just hear the torment that was happening behind that door. Sometimes all you could do was knock occasionally to make sure he was ok. You made him food and would stay by his door to try to let him know you were here for him. Other times he would tell you openly about the depression he was battling and would just want an ear to vent to. He was always vague, but you made sure you were a shoulder he could lean on. You even helped pay for him to get professional help, sensing he needed it, and the fact he wasn’t working at the time.
It was a rocky road, but after some time Jungkook started to convalesce. You started to see the life in Jungkook’s eyes that you didn’t realize you missed so much until one day when you randomly started crying when you both decided to take a break and watch a movie together. 
He was just critiquing the movie as he usually would, but it just made you realize that he was back. 
This whole thing did have some consequences for you though. As you were busy helping Jungkook, you started having less and less time to balance Jungkook, work, school, and a boyfriend. After a while it was decided that you and Incheol were drifting apart and it was best to just end things. 
As much as you knew it was the right decision, it still hurt because you really did care for him. You found yourself in Jungkook’s arms more than once as you cried your eyes out, binge watching your favorite series over and over again. 
Since then though, it really has just been you and Jungkook. You both would sometimes hang out with your other friends, but after everything that happened you just seemed to not be apart too often. 
“Well I guess that means we’re both desperate, am I right?” You chuckled lightly. 
“Too right,” he sighed. 
Silence seemed to come in between you two, but your mind was busy trying to come up with some sort of solution. 
“Wait… I have an idea.” You enthusiastically got up from your bar stool, a habit of needing to stand whenever you were working things out in your brain. Jungkook smiled when he noticed.
“What if we set each other up?” You looked at him but you could tell he was still very much so confused. 
“Listen listen listen. So what if we set each other up with some of our friends, like maybe you have a friend who would be interested in me, and I know I definitely have a friend who likes you. We pick a day to meet up and…” You voice got all sultry, trying to hint at the result of your glorious plan. 
Jungkook didn’t miss the way his heart tightened at your proposition. 
“Like a double date would be perfect. We could have fun and go out together which I think we desperately need. I could meet with one of your friends and you mine. We could hang out together, separate later in the night and, if things go well, we both get laid. Jungkook, I think I really might be a genius.” You bounced around, your eyes trained on him to see what he thought. 
Jungkook was just waiting for that sense of enthusiasm to hit. It was a great idea, but the more he thought about it, the more that tightness in his chest seemed to get worse. Why wasn’t he excited? He should be as happy as you were. 
Maybe it’s just because it’s been awhile? 
Jungkook forced a smile. “I’m down.” 
You smiled. 
“Ok so let's surprise each other. I already have the perfect girl in mind. She’s your type personality wise, she’s really pretty, and I know for a fact she likes you so you can have full confidence in me that you’ll have a great time, ok!” You reassured him. 
“That sounds nice.” Jungkook didn’t mean it, and he didn’t do a good job of hiding it.
“Do you have anyone in mind for me?” You questioned, honestly a little curious.
There’s that weird feeling again…
“Ummmm I think so, I’ll have to check with him though…” Jungkook shyly rubbed the back of his neck. 
He did for a fact have someone in mind. He had no doubt that he’d make time to come and he knows that you’re his type. 
Jungkook shouldn’t be feeling like this at all. He’s helping out his friend and you’re helping him out. And it’s not like he isn’t horny, because if last night proves anything, he definitely needs to get laid. 
He couldn’t seem to pinpoint why he would rather spend an evening with you watching another season of the Great British Baking Show than out at a club for an easy hookup. 
He was never the type to hate parties. Sure he was definitely an introvert and you’re the opposite, but he’s always had a great time going to them secretly whenever you would drag him along. Especially with the circumstances, he should actually be excited for this… 
Definitely something was wrong with him. 
Maybe it’s the lack of sleep? 
“Ok! Let me know as soon as you can so I can start planning~” He couldn’t stop smiling this time at how enthusiastic you get about planning. The look on your face had him feeling all warm inside. 
“Anyway, I have work to do so let me go ahead and get a head start!” You smiled, grabbing your bags. 
“Go get some sleep, I’ll fix dinner later so you don’t have to worry.” Jungkook felt his heart warm, a fluttery feeling spread throughout his body. 
He was undoubtedly the better cook between the two of you. He usually took it upon himself to fix dinner and sometimes even lunch if you were around. It’s not like you were horrible, it’s just the difference was that Jungkook liked to cook, and you did it because you had to. He would know certain spices, recipes, and would always add that ‘love’ to your dishes that had your eyes watering with how good they were. It was because of this that Jungkook took up cooking for the both of you pretty much every night. You would never hesitate though in taking up that duty whenever you were needed. 
“Thank you~” He meant it. He really couldn’t ask for a better roommate. 
And with that you were off to your room. 
Jungkook quickly put his bowl in the sink before scurrying off to his room. 
Only a little bit of light was shining in from the crack he put in his blackout curtains. The dim mood had him both sleepy and confused as hell. 
His mind was busy playing the events of last light over and over again. Your moans were still echoing in his head clear as day. 
This and the discussion he had with you had him realize just how horny he really was. 
It really has been a little over a year since he’s even been touched in that way. 
Maybe that’s why he was thinking about you so much, why last night he wanted to watch you, would have liked even better to help you. He needed someone badly because his best friend should not ever get mixed up in his sexual fantasies no matter how desperate he is. 
This thought had Jungkook quickly shooting a text to Jimin about them hanging out tomorrow. He’s got to make this happen if he’s ever going to get you out of his head. 
That’ll solve everything. He’s sure of it.  
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
“That’s your roommate?!” The loud exclamation seemed to reverberate throughout the spacious apartment.
Jungkook tried to shush him. 
“And best friend, yes, yes she is.” 
They had paused the game they were playing together when Jungkook finally brought up the question he came to ask. His hyung was quick to ask for a picture and Jungkook pulled up your latest post on your Insta.  
Jimin looked at the phone and back at Jungkook, absolutely baffled. “Are you sure?” 
Jungkook rolled his eyes.
He sighed, a little confused why that was so hard to believe, and switched to a picture of you two together. It was the day you went out to celebrate finals being over last year. 
Jimin brought the phone way too close to his face tryna see if he saw any signs of editing. “Either this is the greatest prank ever or Jungkook your best friend is…” Jimin did that thing where he rubs his thumb over his nose and a giddy smirk couldn’t seem to leave his face. 
“Double, triple yes to that double date thing.” He quickly agreed.
Jungkook noticed the way his heart seemed to do a tug of war. That weird feeling he’s been having ever since you suggested this plan was back, but he was happy this means that he is closer to the end of this madness. 
While Jungkook was out of it, Jimin already had managed to get your Insta and switched to his phone so he could shamelessly stalk. 
“You guys hang out a lot?” He questioned. 
“Huh?” Jungkook snapped out of it. 
“You’re in most of the pictures she posts.” 
Jungkook smiled at that thought for some reason. “I mean yeah, we live together and we’re best friends.” 
Jimin nodded. 
He managed to scroll all the way down to a photo session you had when you and a friend went back to Busan for a beach trip. Jungkook felt his face warm at the sight of you in your simple black bikini, but his attention went more to Jimin who was enjoying the sight a little too much. 
Jungkook snatched his phone. 
“I’m right here.” Jungkook scoffed. 
“I was just trying to find pictures where you weren’t in them.” 
“But do you have to look at her like that?!” Jungkook didn’t even realize the words that came out of his mouth until Jimin’s face started to morph into something unreadable. 
“Jungkook… Nothing ever happened between you two?” He finally questioned, sensing something suspicious was going on. 
Jungkook shook his head, almost appalled that he even thought that. 
That seemed to connect the dots in Jimin’s mind. “You sure you don’t like her or something?” 
Jungkook felt his face heat up. “N-No-No, why would you even say that?” The accusation made him more flustered than it should. 
“Jungkook I’m not an idiot, you guys spend so much time together so I’m sure you guys get along well, she’s very very pretty, I don’t see a reason why you wouldn’t like her…” To Jimin it honestly seemed more strange if he didn’t like you. 
Jungkook turned toward the window, the city shining bright down below as the sun continued to go down. “We’re just friends.” His voice was static, but the words still affected him for some reason. 
Jimin looked at him questionably “Right... so you’ve never liked her?”
Jungkook turned back to his hyung “No-Well, I mean…” 
He leaned in intrigued. “That’s a yes, now tell me.” 
Jungkook sighed. “I mean… Back in highschool—“  
“HIGHSCHOOL?” Jimin nearly screamed.
Jungkook tried to shush him again. “I told you about how I moved right before my second year?” 
Jimin nodded. 
“Well it was when we were just getting to know each other. I’m pretty quiet so it was a little hard for me to make friends, but she was there and we got close and—“
“You caught feelings?” Jimin finished.
Jungkook nodded hesitantly 
“And how long was this for?” 
“When we moved in together. We had our separate lives so we weren’t as close as we used to be, plus I started dating Yoona around that time so–“
“Wait wait wait wait… so you liked her for 2 years?” 
“More like a year and a few mont–“ 
“Jungkook I don’t care about specifics, that wasn’t just like a little crush that went away, you liked her for a long time.” 
“It was highschool.”
“Highschool my ass, feelings are feelings. Now are you sure you don’t like her, or better yet, those feelings ever even went away in the first place?” 
“Yes I’m sure.” Jungkook noticed the way his voice wavered. He didn’t expect that to come out like that…. it made him seem so unsure of himself. 
“Ok then give me back my phone, I’m Insta stalking your cute friend or should I say my cute date~” 
Jungkook hesitantly handed his hyung’s phone back. 
A weird feeling buried deep somewhere spread throughout his body as he watched his friend oogle you. 
He must be going insane…
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
“Wait wait wait, you’re kidding?!” Eun Ae nearly screamed in the middle of the cafe. 
You gave her an ugly stare telling her to be quiet. 
“Sorry, but I never thought I had a chance with your “roommate.”” She sat back in her chair, amazed. 
“What do you mean? You’re totally his type.” You said remembering the girls you’d see Jk hang around when you used to party together. “And what’s with the quotations? You know he’s my best friend.” 
Eun Ae burst out laughing “I thought you guys were together or something if I’m being honest.” 
Your heart did a flip. “Why’d you think that?” 
Eun Ae put down her latte. “I see you guys leave together sometimes and I thought you were dating!” She rolled her eyes at your confused look “I see the way you look at him, I seriously thought you were in love.” 
“I mean of course I like him, he’s my best friend, but nothing more ok.” You chuckled nervously.
“Hmmmmm, if you say so.” She looked like she didn’t believe you but decided not to push the subject anymore. 
“Anyway we should go out and get some things for this weekend.” You smiled liking the idea of that, it really has been a while since you’ve been out. 
“Yeah, I’m free tomorrow if that’s good with you.” You mentioned.
“Yeah that works for me.” She responded by taking a sip of her latte. “By the way, where did you get your necklace? It’s pretty.” 
You looked down at the small heart shaped diamond and smiled. “Jungkook gave me it yesterday so I have no idea, I can ask for you though.” You saw your friend’s eyes widen. 
“He gave that to you? On Valentine's Day?” She looked at you a little funny and it had your cheeks warming up. 
You thought back to it. Jungkook had finally come out of his room later that evening after you told him dinner was ready. You were shocked to find him coming out with a velvet box in hand. 
“It’s nothing too special, just wanted to give you something after all you’ve done for me.” He opened the box to reveal the little Diamond. You had to admit, your heart fluttered at the gesture. 
Eun Ae just laughed. “And you’re sure there’s nothing going on between you two?” 
“Yes.” Looking at it now, it did look pretty romantic. But no, this was Jungkook who gave this to you, he would never see you that way.
“And you’re sure Jungkook doesn’t like you?” Eun Ae asked, putting her hands on the table. 
“Jungkook?” You just laughed. “No, I don’t think he’d ever be into me.” 
“You don’t think? Maybe you’re just an idiot and can’t realize that her best friend is seriously crushing on her?!” Eun Ae practically yelled. 
“Yah!” You tried shushing her, realizing people were starting to look over in your direction. 
“I don’t know Y/n this is pretty suspicious if you ask me. But whatever, I’m still down for the double date. This still just seems like a bad idea but…” She raised her cup.
“To hoping we get lucky~” She smiled and you held your cup as well and clinked it together.
❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❁ ❫ ・━━━━━━ ❜
The weekend came quicker than expected. It was weird, but Jungkook tried to get as excited as you were. He would see you happily bouncing around the apartment, counting down the days, but he wasn’t feeling the same way whatsoever. As the big day finally approached, the more that weird feeling seemed to get worse. He just wasn’t into it as much as you were, part of him wanted to tell you to cancel but he couldn’t ask that seeing how happy you were. 
Instead he just tried to keep his eyes on the prize. Make it through the date, maybe get laid, it’s Sunday. He had no doubt in your pick, he knew this date wouldn’t be an absolute dumpster fire and hard to get through. You wouldn’t do that to him. 
Why did he feel so weird? Maybe it’s just nerves about getting back out there? That became his next excuse he latched on to. It really had been a while. He wasn’t the most social guy so things like this can be a bit nerve racking. 
That had been his mantra. You’re just nervous, you’ll have fun once you get there. Over and over again, he would try to tell himself, but that didn’t make it go away. 
The day still came and he couldn’t escape the sinking feeling he felt as he drove over to Jimin’s apartment. You had decided it would be better if you would arrive separately, making the meeting an even bigger surprise once you all would make it to the club. 
When his hyung made it downstairs, as he was getting in, Jungkook felt the strangest mix of emotions. He was nervous, extremely nervous, and that sinking feeling was there. Why couldn’t he be excited? At the very least this was still the first time he was getting out in a year. The only thing he could think about was you. 
“Ooooo Jeon Jungkook. You clean up nice~” Jimin awed after he got settled into the car. This was also going to be the first time he was going out with Jimin. Jungkook would come over sometimes to mostly hang out at his place, but they never have gone anywhere together. 
Jungkook looked down at his outfit. He was wearing a suit accented with thin sparkly stripes and a simple black button up tucked into his pants. He permed his long hair a few days ago and now it was filled with these loose curls. It was a look for sure. 
Jungkook just laughed. “Y/n did most of this actually…” He cheesed remembering you pretty much took control the minute he questioned what he was going to wear. 
His attention turned back to his hyung who was looking at him strangely. 
“What?” Jungkook questioned. 
“You got that look on your face…” Jimin pointed out. 
“What look?”
“When you said her name, your face got all funny.”
Jungkook looked appalled by the statement. “What are you talking about?!”
“You were like, Y/n did this for me~~~” Jimin said in a mocking tone, exaggerating the smile he noticed. “What’s up with that?”
“Nothing! You’re the one making it a thing… I don’t even sound like that.” Jungkook mumbled, turning away. 
Jimin just looked at him, and then turned away. “I still think this is a bad idea. You obviously like her.”
“Don’t even try and deny it, I’m not dumb.”
“I don’t.” Jungkook said calmly, but he sure didn’t feel that way. His palms were sweaty and all he could focus on was the way his body reacted when his hyung put so plainly that he liked her. He made it seem so easy, but that couldn’t be it. 
You were his best friend. Any and all feelings were left far back in the past. He couldn’t like you. It was out of the question—
“Alright I’m not fighting you on this anymore. If you don’t want to see it then whatever, I’m enjoying tonight.” Jimin sighed. 
That would be impossible. You were best friends, roommates, nothing more. Yes, he liked you in the past but that was then. You both have gone through life and over time he just didn’t feel the same way for you anymore. You were his best friend—
“Jungkook, are we gonna go? We’re already late…” Jimin finally asked, seeing the way he was just sitting there staring off into space. This finally got his attention and he started the car back up. 
That feeling was just getting worse and worse the closer they got to the club. At this point he really was only going because of you. Everything in his body was telling him to drive back to the apartment and sleep away whatever’s got him feeling this way. Was he sick? Maybe that was it… 
It wasn’t too far away from Jimin’s apartment and so they were pulling into the parking garage before he knew it. Too fast in his opinion. 
It took them a little while to find a parking space, the garage filled to the brim with cars on each level. Jungkook could already tell the club was probably going to be packed today, but it was to be expected a week after the infamous holiday of love. So many new couples, new romances, new flings all celebrating the start of a brand new journey. Love was still in the air here in Itaewon. 
As soon as Jungkook pulled in he noticed the giddy smile on his hyung’s face. In this moment he decided what he was feeling was envy. He wished he had the same excitement.
“You ready?” Jimin playfully slapped his arm. He was beaming.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Jungkook’s voice was shallow and monotone. The difference in energy was uncanny. You wouldn’t think they were going to the same place.
“Where are the girls?” Jimin questioned reaching in his back pocket.
“Y/n texted me and she said they were at the front waiting for us…” Jungkook’s attention turned to his hyung who had taken out his wallet, looking through its contents. 
“ID… card… cash…” Jimin mumbled to himself, checking that he had everything. Jungkook was hardly paying any mind, too focused on trying to pep himself up for this date, until his eyes spotted the condom in one of the pockets. 
Jungkook’s grip on the steering wheel tightened. That sinking feeling seemingly exploding to new heights. 
“What’s up with you?” Jimin noticed the way Jungkook sighed and the way he wasn’t even looking at him anymore. 
“Nothing… just hurry up please.” 
“Ooo, is Jungkookie excited for his date?” Jimin tried to tease, but there was no laugh, not even a chuckle from the younger one. This was just getting depressing at this point. 
“Jungkook. Are you sure you’re ok?” Jimin’s tone turned to concern. 
“Yes, I told you I’m fine.”
“It doesn't take rocket science to see that you’re obviously not.” 
“What’s wrong?”
“Is it Y/n?” 
“I told you it’s not about her!” Jungkook’s voice was a little too high saying that. 
“Then what is it then? You’ve been all mopey since you picked me up.” 
“I don’t know why I feel this way.” It was annoying, he was annoyed at himself. He was already ruining the fun and they haven’t even left the car yet.
“Hey.” Jungkook felt Jimin put his hand on his shoulder. He was surprised to see him look so serious. 
“I know you’ve been through some rough times and this is the first time you’re going out in a while. Do you think it may be that?” Jimin was truly concerned at this point. 
Jungkook sighed and looked out the window. 
“I know I’ve been making jokes about you and Y/n but if this is really about you being out again…” Jimin’s eyes were full of worry as he started rubbing small circles across his back. “Is that what it is?” 
“Maybe,” He was definitely nervous about doing this again, there was no doubt about that. “But don’t worry about me.”
“Are you sure?” 
“Yeah, I just need to get used to being back. I’m pretty sure it’ll go away as soon as we get inside. You just focus on your date with Y/n. She’s been excited to meet you.” He tried to force a smile. 
He noticed his hyung’s giddy smile at the thought. “She has?”
“Yes, now don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I’m sure I’ll have a good time.” He was trying to convince himself more than Jimin. 
“Alright, but let us know if it gets to be too much.”
“Ok ok ok ok, let’s go! Didn’t you say we were late?” Jimin asked as he opened the car door. Jungkook took a deep breath before doing the same. 
“Yeah we are. We should probably run or Y/n’s never going to forgive me.” And with that the two friends made their way out the garage building and across the street. 
It only took his eyes a second of searching before he spotted you and your friend already in line to get in. Jungkook grabbed Jimin’s hand and pulled him to catch up with the both of you. 
“Y/n!” Jungkook called out and your eyes immediately met with his. You smiled and waved them both over. By the time they made it to you, they were noticeably out of breath. 
“You finally made it…” You sighed in relief. Your eyes trained on Jungkook checking over his outfit, noticing he put on what you picked out. He looked good, well good would be an understatement, but he wasn’t your date tonight. 
Your eyes traveled over to the slightly shorter man who was standing right beside him. You smiled eagerly, silently thanking Jungkook, he knew your taste exactly. 
His black hair was parted right down the middle, his long bangs cascading down his face and framing it perfect. Despite the cool chill of the February air, he wore black pants with a matching blazer held together only by a single button, a shirt underneath nowhere in sight. You even noticed the chain around his neck that continued down his body. If you didn’t know any better you would have sworn Jungkook’s friend was a Greek god or something. 
While you were gawking at Jimin, Jungkook’s eyes were glued to your form. He hadn’t seen you get dressed before you left. You were wearing a simple, tight-fitted, red dress that showed off your curves perfectly. Jungkook could hardly remember the last time he had ever seen you this dressed up. He didn’t try to show it but he was shocked. You looked really good… 
He certainly wasn’t the only one who thought so. 
His eyes went to his hyung to see he was shamelessly checking you out, before happily smiling at you. He was already putting on that natrious Jimin charm. His gaze then went to yours who had that same giddy expression that for some reason made him want to punch a wall. 
“Hi, nice to meet you~ I’m Y/n!” You extended your hand to the handsome stranger and he eagerly grabbed it. 
“I’ve been excited to meet you beautiful~ I’m Jimin~” Jungkook felt his blood run cold at the nickname and the giggle you let out as a result. That wasn’t even funny, why were you laughing so hard? 
Too caught up with his own thoughts, he was a bit shocked when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and in that moment Jungkook remembered why exactly they were here in the first place. This was a double date. 
“Jungkook!” You came over and put your hand on your friend's shoulders. “Sorry I almost forgot, but this is Eun Ae and she’ll be your beautiful date tonight~” You smiled before returning back to Jimin’s side. 
Just as he knew your taste you also certainly knew what he liked as well. She was absolutely beautiful. Her face was round, the curve of her nose accenting her features, the red tint to her lips lured him in. Her skin was like porcelain, contrasting perfectly with her long black hair and dark eyes that held a sultry gaze that made him shiver. Her body was decorated with a gorgeous short, silver dress wrapped around her curves, the back low hanging down her body, making his simple brain lose it at the slightest piece of exposed skin. She really was just stunning. 
Maybe this really was exactly what he needed. 
He never doubted you when it came to picking his date, but just seeing how on the nose you managed to get it had him feeling all funny inside. You both really knew each other so well. 
“It’s nice to finally meet you. Y/n talks about you a lot.” Her voice was sweet and he liked it. Maybe this won’t be so bad, he could at least try and enjoy himself. But his growing hope dwindled when eyes traveled back over to you and Jimin who had his arm already wrapped around your waist. The two of you were already smiling, laughing, and the more he looked the more he wanted to leave and never come back. 
It wasn’t too long after that the four of you made it inside of the club. As he predicted the place was indeed packed, wall to wall was just a sea of people drinking, dancing, having fun with each other. It brought back a lot of memories. 
The times you would bring him out and you would party together. It feels like so long ago at this point. It was just yesterday you went to your first party as college students. He remembered how he watched you go crazy on the dance floor from the corner of the room. You had pestered him to dance with you, but he was shy and cared way too much what the sunbaes all around thought of him. That didn’t stop you though and he couldn’t stop the smile enveloping his face as he watched you and you watched him, still trying to get him to join you.
Jungkook shook himself out of the memory when he realized he had fallen behind the rest of the group. 
All of you talked and quickly came up with a game plan for the night. You all would eat dinner together real quick, hit the dance floor later, and sometime after that you would split up your double date for some alone time. 
With a little more waiting you all found yourselves in a circular booth, Jimin and Eun Ae got in first with you and Jungkook sitting next to them on the ends. You all ordered soon after.  
“You didn’t want a drink?” Eun Ae asked after the waiter left. Jungkook just shook his head. 
“This idiot thought it’d be a great idea to drive here.” You playfully teased. 
“Yeah I meant to ask you why didn’t we just take an Uber or something?” Jimin questioned. 
“What’s wrong with wanting to drive here?” Jungkook pouted and you instantly realized the reason. 
“Ah I got it. You just wanted to show off your new car, didn’t you?!” You pointed your finger at him and knew the way he started getting all shy that you got it right on the nose. Everyone at the table started to laugh. 
“I worked hard for it…” He tried to interject but everyone was too busy laughing to pay attention. He didn’t fight it though because as always you were right. After working many different part time jobs over the years, doing odd jobs for friends, and saving everything he ever earned, Jungkook was finally able to buy himself a pretty nice car a few weeks ago. A sleek black higher end Hyundai was what he got for the fruits of his labor. 
What’s so bad about wanting to show off a little? 
It wasn't the only reason though. Driving his car gave him an easy excuse to not have to drink. With a history as recent as his, he didn’t want to chance going back into that dark depressive hole that encompassed him for a few months. It’s not like he hasn’t had one since that time, but especially with how odd he’s been feeling these days, it was better not to chance it. 
The last thing he needed anyway was to drink himself into a hole. He didn’t want to do anything stupid in front of everyone. 
The waiter arrived soon with a plate full of brightly colored drinks and Jungkook’s club soda. 
“So Jimin… I guess an easy first question… How do you and Jungkook know each other?” You were honestly curious. 
“College. We were in the same psychology class his first year and we’ve been friends ever since.” Jimin smiled thinking back to the shy kid that came up to him all those years ago.
“Jungkook, you need to tell me about your friends more often.” You reached across the table and hit his hand. How dare he keep this beautiful man from you for almost 4 years? 
“Look what happens…” Jungkook mumbled but there wasn’t any way anyone would be able to hear him with the loud music playing. 
“Tell me about yourself then~” You turned back over to Jimin with doting eyes. Even in the dim light Jungkook could tell his hyung was already flustered. 
Oh no. 
“Uhhh well, I’m Park Jimin. I grew up in Busan just like you both. Um, I went to the same college as Jungkook. I was in the dance department though and—“ 
Jungkook felt a tap to his shoulder. “What about you Jungkook, what do you study?” Eun Ae asked which made his own cheeks flush. It wasn’t for the same reason as his hyung though. 
“Film Production.” He answered back shyly. 
“It was one of my last shows I did before I graduated that I was scouted for the show I’m currently doing.” He watched as you gleamed with excitement. That look on your face was exactly why he was embarrassed. Jimin was accomplished. 
Not even 2 years since he graduated yet and the man’s already made a name for himself in the modern dance world. Jimin landed himself a great gig as soon as he was free from college. It was a big production that was directed by someone Jungkook remembers was enough to get his hyung to squeal when he found out that they wanted him to play the lead role. 
There are billboards around Seoul with him and his dance partner, it was a really big show and he’s seen many of his classmates and many other people on various social medias talk about it. You could even say that it’s gone a little viral— a young, hot, talented lead dancer in this production. People were definitely going to tune in. The one show alone managed to get him enough attention that he doesn’t even need to worry about what happens when production ends. Jimin told him how he already had a long list of coordinators who were wanting to have him in their next show. He was definitely still up and coming but he’s captured the eyes of the people, experts in the field, and best of all, a variety of directors. 
Jimin was accomplished, the most probably out of everyone graduating in his class. A few months ago he was even able to move into this really nice apartment, no roommate needed whatsoever. 
Jimin ended up explaining this to you all and Jungkook felt that sinking feeling continued to grow more and more. He hated seeing that look in your eye or the way you subtly would move a little closer as he kept adding more and more impressive stuff to his list. Jungkook grabbed his cup a little tighter, taking a long swig. 
Maybe he really shouldn’t have driven today, this wasn’t strong enough. 
“Ahhh! I knew you looked familiar!” Eun Ae smiled. “It took me a minute to place your face but a few of my friends have seen your show! I wanna go see it now.” Now even his own date was getting swooned by the amazing Park Jimin. 
How could he compete with that? 
All he had to his name was his Hyundai and student loan debt. He suddenly regretted bringing him here. 
Everyone’s eyes for the most part remained on Jimin even after their food got here. He continued to talk about his life, typical first date topics but Jimin was charming you and he knew that. You had that same stupid look that he remembers you had on your face whenever your ex was at the apartment. 
Jungkook was hardly there to see it but there were moments he remembers coming home to the two of you in the living room, your eyes gleaming as he talked, that weird laugh you would do whenever he’d make a horrible joke, or the way your hands had a habit of resting on his thighs. All he’s come to realize were telltale signs that you were in fact down bad. 
Jimin also had that same dopey look with you. You made sure to engage in any of the stories he would tell, adding your own anecdotes here and there before the conversation changed to be about you. You talked about your journey preparing for law school and Jimin had that same sparkle that you did in his eyes.
This was a match, Jungkook really nailed it with this one.
Sometimes Eun Ae would try and spark up a conversation with him, but usually they were all relatively short lived. It wasn’t like it was hard to talk to her, in fact it was quite the opposite. She would try and ask him general first date questions and a nice back and forth would get going. She would laugh and that would make him happy, he would as well sometimes. It was nice. 
But somewhere in the middle his attention would always drift back over to you and Jimin. Eun Ae would notice and the conversation would die out before it hardly began. He hated it. 
By the time everyone finished eating Jungkook wished for nothing more than to go home. The whole time that sinking feeling he’d hoped would go away only seemed to escalate further and further, this double date harder to get through than he could have imagined. He was too sober for this. 
It was you who suggested that you take your party over to the dance floor. Popular songs everyone knew were playing as the four of you made your way to the rainbow colored floor. Couples, friends, and singles all were having a blast moving their bodies to the sounds of the music. 
Your party made it through the thick crowd and managed to wedge yourselves in between everyone. You danced all together for a while, jumping around screaming the lyrics for any of the songs you guys knew. It was the first time Jungkook was fully able to enjoy himself, hoping this was finally the turn around he needed. 
It was that same feeling he used to have whenever you dragged him to parties when you both were in your first year. He missed it so much. Spending time with you and actually enjoying himself at places like this. 
That was until the DJ decided to switch it up. Instead of the fun, hype songs for everyone, the DJ announced that the next set was for all the new couples from Valentines Day. The songs transitioned perfectly, they were a little slower with very clear and obvious sexual undertones. 
Oh no. 
Jungkook watched as you smiled at him and Eun Ae before you decided to wrap your arms around Jimin’s neck. He wasn’t bothered by this at all and placed his hands on your hips. Even in the dim light he could see the flirty exchanges, the longing glances, and subtly touches. 
Taking him out of his dazed stare was Eun Ae grabbing his hand asking to dance with him. He tried to smile and pulled her close, but his mind was elsewhere.  
No… no he wasn’t gonna do this anymore. 
Jungkook turned them around so he couldn’t face you and Jimin and turned his full attention to the beautiful lady who was his date tonight. This seemed to be just what he needed to focus. 
The two of them talked, finally having an ongoing conversation. It was nice, very nice actually. Jungkook liked her, she was funny, pretty, so pretty actually. When the songs changed to slow dance he couldn’t help but pull her even closer. His arms were wrapped tightly her waist, his head buried in her shoulder. Jungkook was already planning the next time they might be able to meet each other. This is really all he needed, alone time, away from the others. He was happy.
But that didn’t last long. 
All it took was one glance over to realize they had turned around. In Jungkook’s peripheral he saw you two… You were just inches away from each other, your faces so close he had to look twice to see if you were… your arms were wrapped tightly around his neck, your fingers gently running through his hair, and Jimin’s grip on your waist had lowered even further to grab at your ass. He saw red.
Jungkook felt sick.
He quickly apologized before running to the bathroom. His heart was practically jumping out his chest, his skin burned with fire. As soon as the door closed he headed straight to the sink to splash some cold water on his face, hoping to soothe whatever this horrible feeling was. 
Jungkook looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t even recognize himself anymore. What was wrong with him? Was he actually sick? 
Jungkook thought back to you and Jimin and it took everything in him to not throw something. It was obvious at this point he was upset at the sight but why? He couldn’t even explain it, he should be happy for you?! You were his best friend and you were clearly having a great time. Fuck he hated it. Why him? Why was it Jimin? He couldn’t stand seeing the two of you together. Just the thought of it had him balling up his fist. 
Why was he so angry? Jungkook let out a loud sigh, not even caring who was in here with him. It hurt so much, that sinking feeling making him scrunch up his face tightly hoping he could just stop it. 
How far was tonight going to go for you? Would you smile at him the same way that Jungkook knows lights up a whole room? Would you laugh at all his jokes, no matter if they’re not funny or not? Would you let him make your heart flutter, that feeling of excitement that always comes from a new romance? Jimin was a great guy, of course you probably fell into that trap. Would you let him kiss you? Your hands pulling him close to feel your sweet lips, a heated desire that you couldn’t allow to continue any longer. 
He remembered the condom in his hyung’s wallet. 
Would you let him touch you? Your fervent hands grappling, touching, pulling, needing to feel each other closer than ever. Would you let him make you cum tonight? Your desperate pleas on the verge of release, ready for him to relieve all that pent up tension from the past year. 
Jungkook’s back hit the wall, the thoughts becoming overwhelming. This was his fault. All of this was his fault. If he wasn’t so pitiful last year you wouldn’t even be in this situation, you would probably still be happy with your boyfriend. You wouldn’t need to crave the touch of Jimin. 
But he didn’t want that either. 
Jungkook just wanted to go back to the way things were before. Just you and him. 
At this point he considered leaving right now. How could he go back out there and see you out there with him? He couldn’t. But that wasn’t fair to you and it certainly wasn’t fair to Eun Ae.
Jungkook sluggishly made it back to the main area of the club, instead of going back to the dance floor he just took a seat at the bar, resting his head at the counter. It was probably a second before he felt a tap on his shoulder. It was Eun Ae. 
She smiled at the shocked look on his face and went ahead and took a seat right next to him. It wasn’t long before you and Jimin were making their way over too. Jungkook hardly realized though, too focused on the way your hands were intertwined. 
“I guess this would be a great time to split up?” You smiled at them and Jungkook felt sick all over again. 
Eun Ae nodded. “You guys have fun~ We’ll just be over here.”
“Ok then…” Your gaze turned toward Jungkook. “Treat Eun Ae nice ok~” 
Jungkook tried to smile and he nodded. He really should have just left.
“We’ll be at the other end of the bar, bye guys!” Jimin beamed pointed to the opposite end. Everyone said quick goodbyes before Jimin was leading you off for some alone time. 
He hated this. 
“Sooooo…” Eun Ae started, but Jungkook was hardly listening, his mind swirling with too many thoughts.
He didn’t even notice when she ordered herself a drink or when she tried having a conversation with him. Jungkook would try his best to focus but his eyes would drift over to you and Jimin at the end of the bar.
He felt a tape on his shoulder. It was Eun Ae again. 
“Jungkook.” She sounded annoyed, her arms crossed. She had every right to be mad at him. “Is there something going on?” 
“What are you talking about?” 
“You’ve been looking at Y/n all night.” Eun Ae sounded less annoyed this time, in fact her grimmer turned into a smile. “It really isn’t hard to see that you like her.”
Jungkook felt his blood run cold. 
“Ahhh I should have seen it coming, you guys are so close and a guy like you is never just single.” She sighed, taking a swig of her drink. 
“I don’t like her.” Jungkook tried to say as dryly as he could. His words said one thing but his actions said another as his attention focused on the way Jimin took your hand and started leading you back into the sea of people. 
Eun Ae laughed, it was a hardy laugh like it was the best joke she ever heard. “You’re joking right?” She was wiping her eyes, trying to calm herself down. But Jungkook looked like he was dead serious. 
Her face fell. 
“Do you think I’m dumb?” She playfully hit his arm. “Jungkook, you've been looking at her all night. I don’t mean to brag but…” she gestured over herself “I look amazing tonight yet you haven’t been able to take your eyes off her! I can’t blame you though…” 
“We’re just friends, I’m serious.” Jungkook sounded so dejected. He surely felt that way. 
“Oookkkk, well go over there and confess, change that right now!” She pointed in the direction you left with Jimin. 
“But I can’t! I don’t like her like that, I can’t like her like that! She’s my best friend, that’s it.” Jungkook was a little too emotional in his words. Eun Ae just stared at him, accessing what the issue might be, but she finally realized the problem here. 
“Alright. Ok. Jungkook, you know it’s ok to have feelings for your best friend right? It’s Y/n too, she’s beautiful, funny, smart, you guys are best friends for a reason. Why are you treating it like it’s the worst thing in the world…” 
“I can’t lose her. Feelings make things complicated and the last thing I want to do is make things complicated with her.” Jungkook had no idea why he was spilling his guts right now. “But I really don’t like her like that so that doesn’t even matter…” He tried to save himself but Eun Ae was seeing right through it. 
“I understand these things can be scary. I know you guys have been friends for years now, taking that leap can be difficult. But Jungkook, you can’t keep doing this to yourself. It’s hurting you… at some point there will be a ‘too late.’” 
Too late…
Jungkook couldn’t resist at this point and ordered himself a shot of whiskey. It wasn’t enough whatsoever to get him drunk but he enjoyed the warmth as it went down his throat. He held his face in his hands as the reality of her words was starting to make things obvious. 
Just imagining you and Jimin together made his heart ache so much it made it hard to breathe. As much as he tried to convince himself this was all a product of just being a little too close over the last year, he would actually have to be stupid to realize it wasn’t that. 
But admitting it was a different challenge. Making it an issue he needed to address was terrifying.  
He didn’t say anything. Eun Ae didn’t either but rubbed his back gently. 
The revelation was horrifying. He was jealous, so so fucking jealous. Jimin had everything, but the one thing that was his Jimin had to come and take that too. 
“I don’t… I can’t like her…” 
“I don’t mean to be that person, but Jungkook… turn around.” Eun Ae pointed out. Jungkook turned around and it felt like his whole world ended. 
You and Jimin were in the far distance, even in the dim light he could see your back against one of the pillars in the club, your arms wrapped around Jimin as he kissed you passionately. 
In an instant he felt his heart shatter into two. It was like the end of his perfect world, the lie had come crumbling down and he was facing the consequences. You weren’t his, nothing about this scene was wrong, but the longer he looked the more his heart pounded in his chest. He wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, it was too much. 
Without thinking Jungkook got up to his feet and looked at Eun Ae.
“I’m sorry—“ 
“Go! I’m rooting for you!” She cheered and Jungkook was pushing himself through the crowd. 
He couldn’t think whatsoever, his heart being the one that carried his feet over to the two of you. Furry, anger, sadness, it hurt so bad. He could hardly breathe. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he can’t be too late?!
As he got closer the more he got sick. He could see the way Jimin eagerly ran his hands down your sides, grabbing anything you could, he could see the way your tongues danced around, the more detail the harder it was to look. If he didn’t get there soon he knew his hyung would be dragging you out of a club, inviting you back to his fancy apartment a few blocks away. 
The thought had him speeding up as he made it up the stairs and behind the two of you. He pulled Jimin off of you as quickly as he could, an obvious agitation and roughness to his actions. Immediately Jimin turned around, a little shocked to find Jungkook there, but he could hardly process it before Jungkook was grabbing your wrist. 
“What the–” 
“Sorry, I need to talk to Y/n.” He didn’t elaborate at all and, maybe a little too roughly, started pulling you toward the exit in the back.  
“Jungkook what the hell?” You were clearly mad at him and honestly you have every right to be, but Jungkook didn’t pay any attention and quickly led you to the doors at the back of the building.
He forced them open, the doors parting violently, as he led you down the ramp. Outside was an alleyway, a dim light over the door that would flicker occasionally, it being the only thing lighting up the area. The sounds of the loud music from the club faded as the doors shut behind you, but the violent booms of the bass in the music continued to bleed through the brick walls. No one was out here but the two of you. 
“Jungkook?! Hello?!” You called out and he abruptly let go of your wrist. He started pacing back and forth, seemingly very distressed. “I don’t know if you noticed but I was clearly in the middle of something!” You said even more annoyed that he wasn’t saying anything.   
“Did something happen?” You asked a tad bit of concern in your voice this time, but all you got was more silence. 
“Jungkook, talk to me please!” You begged, getting even more frustrated. He just dragged you away from Jimin for seemingly no reason and all you got was silence. You were pissed, you wanted him to say something… anything. 
You didn’t know how the silence seemed to grow even louder. 
You had enough of his games.
“Ok… If that’s how you wanna be then…” You were mad and you made sure he knew that. 
You started heading for the ramp but a hand on your wrist pulled you back, suddenly your back was against the brick wall and Jungkook was closer than you remembered. A lot closer. His grip on your wrist was still tight and you both just stared at each other, your breathing heavy.
Your heart skipped a beat.
Jungkook didn’t give you much time to think about it because before you could process anything his lips were suddenly on yours. He didn’t know what he was doing, he didn’t know why he had brought you out here. You were with Jimin, but he didn’t want to think about that right now. Your lips were so soft and his entire body lit up with a fire he had never experienced in his life. 
This was it, everyone was right. 
The kiss didn’t last very long, he finally came to his senses to realize what he had done. 
Jungkook pulled away slowly, waiting for you to push him away, waiting for you to scream, waiting for that look on your face that told him you’d be moving out the next day, but none of that happened. Jungkook saw the look of surprise on your face for a split second. He searched your eyes for any indication of what you were thinking, but you didn’t give him much time to look because you used your hands to pull his face to yours again. 
Jungkook was shocked but was easily able to melt into it, him bringing a hand up to tilt your head so he could kiss you better. He had never felt like this before, the adrenaline was pumping through his veins making everything even more heightened. Your body, your lips, your hands, oh fuck your hands. They had moved to pull at the long strands that covered his head.  
Jungkook knew at that moment he couldn’t be your friend ever again. He liked this way too much for that to be possible.
You were so good, so beautiful, how had he not seen that before? Why hadn’t he done this before? 
Jungkook used his other hand to rest on your waist and pull your body closer. It just wasn’t enough, nothing was enough at this point, he wanted you so much closer. 
Jungkook sent you further into the wall, needing a better angle. You both got more antsy, fevorant touches all over, your lips hastily moving together, the tension that’s been building for years finally… he’s finally…
Jungkook pushed you even further, the hand on your hip going to your thigh and traveling up your soft skin, pushing your dress further up your leg. He needed you now, the desperation becoming too much at this point. 
Jungkook broke away from your lips to dive straight for your neck, planting hurried kisses along your burning skin. You gasped at the feeling and Jungkook ground into you at the sound. He wanted you to keep making pretty sounds for him. 
He decided to suck a little harder this time and the moan you made had him hurriedly chasing his hips into yours as he moved back to quiet you and himself. 
He could have cried at how much his body was screaming at him to have you.
Jungkook had zero regard for the fact they were still in this alleyway, he didn’t care whatsoever. All he wondered was how soon he could get inside you.
Fuck, fuck, fuck. Jungkook’s mind was hazy and the thing he could focus on was how nice your lips felt and how good it felt to rub himself along your thigh like this. You wouldn’t mind right? If he takes you right here and now…
Fuck, your lips, your skin, your body, so good, you were so good, so amazing. Everything happening and he just had to–
Before things progressed any further, both of your attentions turned back to the door that led to the club. A couple, smiling, laughing together, who were likely heading home walked out. You saw the way their smiles dropped when they quickly noticed they were interrupting something. They both tried not to make eye contact as they came down the ramp and headed down the alley. As they passed it was obvious they were talking about the two of you, them hushingly complaining about PDA these days.
Jungkook couldn’t even look at them, knowing what might have happened if they hadn’t interrupted. The awkward encounter didn’t sway him whatsoever though and as the couple made it out the alley, Jungkook turned to face you to see a pained expression on your face. The both of you knew what you wanted.
“Car?” Jungkook rushed out hurriedly and you nodded. You were about to make your dash for the car but you felt his hand pull you back and you looked at him confused. One glance behind you was all you needed to see to notice the very obvious problem that you had made.
Jungkook looked around, his face flushed, a sense of embarrassment clouding over him as he pulled you close. If you didn’t feel it before you certainly could now. It made you even more excited. “Don’t walk too far ahead…” He whispered and you got the picture. 
As quickly as you could you made the dash across the street and up all the stairs to the parking garage. Somewhere in the back of his mind he silently thanked himself for bringing his car with him and laughing at anyone who decided to make fun of him for doing so. There wasn’t any way he was making it back to the apartment like this.
When you finally made it to the car he couldn’t resist and pushed you into the door. He kissed you hard, not being able to stand being away from you any longer. The little bit of extra privacy and desire to feel you made him bolder, quickly snaking his hand up your thigh and grabbing a handful of your ass. 
“Jungkook—“ You whined way too loudly considering where, instantly having him chase his hips into you. He hurriedly picked you up, you wrapped your legs around his waist, as he leaned you against the door. The new angle allowed him to practically fuck you with your clothes on. Jungkook kissed you desperately, touching and grabbing everything he could, as he rutted into you. 
Fuck, he needed you now. 
“Jungkook— I need you so bad please—“ You whispered right in his ear. Your words triggered something primal inside of him. If he didn’t get you both inside soon, he wouldn’t give two shits anymore. He was fucking you on his car.
He felt like a fucking teenager all over again, you were literally right in front of the door. 
Jungkook racked his cloudy brain trying to remember where he put his keys. At the same time, your lips started trailing down his neck. You quickly found a spot that instantly had him moaning for you, a particularly hard thrust assuring you that this was the spot. As soon as you figured it out, you kept going, kissing and sucking, getting such pretty whines to fall from his lips. 
“If you keep doing that shit we’re not gonna make it into the car.” He groaned, so fucking tempted to just take you right now, like this. 
Where the fuck did he put his keys?! 
He haphazardly searched through his memories, trying to pinpoint when he had them last when it suddenly came to him. They were in his suit pocket. It couldn’t come soon enough that he reached his hand into it and just like he remembered, he managed to find the fob. 
He hastily pulled it out and unlocked his car. 
He sat you down and hurriedly opened the door. Jungkook climbed in the back seat and you went right in after, climbing straight onto his lap, and slamming the door behind you. 
Jungkook just stared at you for a second, his mind unable to process the beauty that was in front of him. Oh fuck…
You didn’t give him too much time to admire and pulled him back into a kiss, this angle making it so you could easily grind yourself against him. The friction made the both of you moan out, your bodies brushing against each other in a rush to feel. He wanted so much more. 
You broke away from the kiss and focused your attention on kissing his neck right on that spot, enjoying the soft sighs of pleasure he would let out as his grip on your waist tightened. 
Jungkook was going to lose his mind. He tried to come back enough to pull your dress up back over your ass. His hands were quick to feel, making you groan softly. 
That’s it. Foreplay was nice but it’s been so long and he needed to feel you now, his whole body screaming at him to take it up a notch. He wanted to feel you around him, make you his and his alone.
Jungkook hurriedly tugged at the thin strings of your thong. It took him a moment to remember the fact they were in his car, with how cramped it was back here, it would take you way too long to try and get them down your legs. Instead, he moved his hand and used his finger to gently massage your clothed bud, instantly earning him a gratifying moan from you as a reward. 
You were already so wet for him, the lacy fabric soaked and he could have just died right there. You were enjoying this, you were enjoying his touch… Did you want him as much as he wanted you? Has your body been longing for him, waiting for this day to happen? His mind was fuzzy so he didn’t think about it too hard, but it just made him that much more eager to finally be inside you. 
He got a little braver as he pushed your thong to the side, letting his fingers finally slide through the slickness of your folds. 
“Jung–Jungkook, fuck please…” You begged, throwing your head back in pleasure. Maybe in other instances he would have been more inclined to tease you a little but he couldn’t be bothered with you begging for him like that. All he wanted was to please you. 
Jungkook watched your face intently as he curled a finger into you, the both of you moaning out in the process. His whole body reacted, you were so warm, tight around him, so fucking good. If you felt this good around his finger just imagining you around his…
Jungkook couldn’t help rutting into you at the thought. Just wait till he fucks you… 
He eagerly got to work, a finger in your hole while he used his thumb to rub circles around your clit. It wasn’t his best work since he didn’t have too much room to work with, but that didn’t matter whatsoever. 
He marveled at the pretty sounds you would make, he could even feel your arms shaking as you held onto his shoulder. At this point he added another finger, hoping you could take him soo—
Oh my fucking gosh… In an instant he remembered a very important item he left in his drawer in his room. 
He didn’t bring condoms.
They weren’t at all a top priority in his mind since he really didn’t think he was going to have sex tonight. He was so disheveled about the date there wasn’t any ounce of him that considered he could very well be having sex at any point, but fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck. This was the worst possible time he could have forgotten to bring a condom.
Jungkook took out all his sexual frustration of the situation on you, turning it up the notch in making sure he can at least make you cum. He added another finger and his attention focused on your neck till he managed to find the sweet spot that got you to whimper for him. 
You quickly used your hand to cover your month, the only one the tiniest bit aware of the fact that you were getting fingered in a public parking lot. But your efforts to keep quiet didn’t last for too long, Jungkook’s fingers brushing past the spot that made you practically a mess on top of him. 
“There there please!” You tried to whisper but it was no use. Jungkook already knew he found it and you buried yourself in his suit jacket. You were going to scream at this point, your body on fire for a touch you’ve longed for for over a year. 
“I wanna hear you…” He said it so softly you barely caught it with the way your mind was spinning. 
“Fuck— but we’re in public,” you ended up moaning out. You were gonna cum soon at this rate.
Jungkook quickened up the pace of his fingers sliding in and out of your soaking pussy, this angle making it so he hit that spot over and over and— Your back arched instinctively and a moan you just couldn’t contain escaped your lips. He wasn’t going to let you be quiet. 
A fire seemed to burn brighter and brighter inside you, your whole body tingling and ready. You were so close. 
“Fuck fuck fuck, Jungkook please I’m so close!” You cried, throwing your head back. You didn’t care at all who heard you anymore, all you wanted was that sweet release. 
Jungkook’s breathing became heavier as he watched you fall apart on his fingers. The feeling of your warm walls soaking his fingers and the beautiful moans you would let out had him spiraling out of control quicker and quicker. He wanted to fuck you so bad. 
“Please—“ Your moans got louder. You were close and he knew that. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you were so close. His grip on your hips tightened and his hips hastily came up to meet nothing. Why did he have to forget condoms? He was moaning along with you. Fuck.
Fuck, fuc—
It will forever be ingrained into his memory, the time you came all over his fingers in the parking garage in front of the club. Every single detail. The way you looked him right in his eyes, that look as he saw you reached that sweet release, your moans stopping, the moment so overwhelming you couldn’t even scream. The feeling of the way your walls tightened around his fingers, soaked beyond belief at this point. The way his heart swelled because you were so fucking pretty like this. What made this even more memorable was the result. 
Right in that moment he felt it too, hitting him like a freight train, his whole body shook as he felt that sweet release right along with you. 
You both stared at each other, trying your best to come down from that high feeling. Your breathing was heavy but your body buzzed with excitement, you wanted to feel him, no, needed to feel him at this point. 
You were about to reach down to grab at his belt but your attention focused on the way he hurriedly looked down between the two and back up at you with panicked eyes. 
Confused, you looked down and you saw the issue. The only lights in the car were the little ones bleeding in from the neon signs outside, but the angle was just right for you to see the wet stain that painted his pants. 
“I’m sorry! Fuck, I’m so sorry.” It was clear he was embarrassed, you were almost sure in the darkness you could see his cheeks turning a brighter shade of red by the second. 
You couldn’t help but giggle. 
“Don’t laugh!” He cried, getting more and more flustered. 
“You’re so cute! No need to be embarrassed~” You tried to reassure, but you weren’t really helping. 
“I don’t even know what happened…” Jungkook was in disbelief. This has never happened before and of course of all times it did it had to be with you, the girl he wanted to impress the most. 
“Don’t worry about it, I’m serious Jungkook…”
“I know we couldn’t go all the way but fuck I just had to—“ He was ranting but you quickly interrupted, wondering what he meant by that. 
“I forgot condoms…” He sighed, hating to admit the fact but was still shocked when he felt the light slap on his shoulder.
“How could you forget condoms? We literally went on dates today, it’s a date Jungkook, you always bring condoms on dates.” You were flabbergasted by this fact. You knew you should have helped him pack for the date as well. 
The mention of the fact that you both were in fact still on dates with other people had an awkward tension arising and words that needed to be said became even more obvious. 
You were about to say something but Jungkook shushed you. 
“Not here, while I’m like this…” You knew what he was referring to so you just shut yourself up and moved off top of him. Jungkook’s eyes hung onto your form, a worried expression on your face, before he was pushing out the car door and getting out. 
Jungkook tried to hurry and get to the door in front, as it was extremely obvious the minute he stepped out what the two of you were doing in his car. The stain on his dark gray suit was a dead giveaway, but your lipstick was smeared all over his face and neck, and you could even see faint marks of hickeys.
You resisted the urge to laugh as he struggled to get the door open. You were quick to follow him and got in on the passengers side. 
“Uh— we should probably text Jimin and Eun Ae letting them know we’re leaving.” Jungkook pointed out and you felt horrible realizing you already forgot about them. You were actually terrible. 
You and Jungkook sent quick texts to the friends you brought along and Jungkook was pulling out of the parking garage on the way back to your apartment.
Not a word was said to each other on the way over, the silence loud enough to leave your mind spiraling. What the actual fuck did you just do? 
When you both made it back, you both still didn’t talk then, Jungkook immediately headed to the shower before you could even attempt to bring it up. Your mind was flooded and you ended up turning to what takes your mind off stress best and that’s cleaning, more specifically you decided now would be the perfect time to do laundry. 
You just had sex with your best friend. You had sex with Jungkook?! Jeon motherfucking Jungkook. Your best friend. 
You just crossed a line you knew you were never going to be able to come back from. That platonic barrier you tried your best to hide behind was gone and there was nothing you could do about it. 
The fact you both haven’t even talked about what happened made you even more worried. Did he like you? Were you a desperate attempt at a quick fuck? Were you about to lose your best friend? Your mind was so clouded as you loaded clothes into the dryer, you didn’t notice when Jungkook came up right behind you.
“Hello?” Jungkook asked and you nearly screamed. Your body reacted on its own and you turned around to start swinging, or rather more so waving your arms around hoping it’d do something. 
“Hey wait—“ He tried to say but you didn’t even process the fact it was just Jungkook until one of your swings actually did a little damage, a firm slap right across his chest was enough for him to cry out and you finally opened your eyes to see your friend right behind you. 
“Oops” You mumbled already feeling that guilt start to creep up. But Jungkook didn’t look mad whatsoever, if anything he looked amused. He thought you were absolutely adorable. 
Instead of saying anything about it though, he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you into a hug, resting his head on your shoulder. “It’s me stupid…” He mumbled into your skin.
You couldn’t help but melt into his embrace, that fluttery feeling spreading all throughout your body. He was so warm and you enjoyed the sweet scents of his body wash. “You should have said something sooner..” You pointed out. 
“I did, I kept calling your name but you didn’t hear me.” He retorted and it just made you feel worse. 
Silence passed for a little while before you finally muttered “I’m sorry…” Jungkook didn’t say anything but pulled you tighter against him. 
“What are you doing by the way?” He finally asked and let you go. You got back to working on getting the clothes in the dryer. 
“Laundry, you know when I get stressed I start doing chores…” You muttered. 
“I know that, but why are you so stressed?” He chuckled and you quickly turned around to face him again. 
“Because you’re my best friend and you know what we just did in the back of your car! We just crossed a whole lot of lines and I’m confused—“ You were stern but your eyes couldn’t help but take in his appearance. His long hair was damp and still curly, a white shirt hung loosely around his frame and he had on those strange, bright blue shorts underneath. 
He was absolutely breathtaking.
Jungkook sighed but leaned forward so his hands were back on the washer, caging you in. He was so close. 
“I’m an idiot, I'm sorry…” He sighed as his eyes focused right on yours. You were intrigued, waiting for him to continue. 
“This whole week I’ve just felt off, you know? Ever since you brought up you wanted to go on a double date… I tried to convince myself that it was all because of the fact that we were going out again after all this time. I knew deep down and apparently others did as well, that it was because I liked you…” His words made your heart do a backflip.
“I couldn’t accept it for a while because feelings are complicated and the last thing I wanted to do was make the relationship with the person who’s been by my side even during my worst times complicated. Losing you…” You noticed it, his eyes were a little glossy. 
“I couldn’t lose you.” You could have just melted into the floor right there, trying to fight the tears that were threatening to spill over. 
“But when I saw you and hyung together…” His eyes turned away. “I knew I couldn’t pretend anymore… I had to do something before it was too late.” He tried to smile but you could hear the pain in his voice. 
“I’m sorry if I was too forward, I just had to do something before you walked away… I didn’t even ask how you feel…” He finally met your eyes once again and he was shocked to see your eyes filled with tears. 
“How do I feel? You really are an idiot Jungkook…” You tried to laugh but you were getting choked up. He looked utterly confused. 
“I’ve liked you since highschool! I spent all this time thinking you didn’t like me back. You never made a move back then, but then we came here and you got a girlfriend pretty quickly. I thought it must have been one-sided, you know? I started dating Incheol but when you came back… I had a little hope over the past year, but when you agreed to go on a double date, I thought it was finally time to give up.”
If Jungkook wasn’t so consumed in questioning his own feelings for you he would have noticed the signs. The way you meticulously analyzed his face when you suggested a double date, hoping he would hate the idea, or at the very least show some disdain to it. He would have noticed the way you slammed the door after he agreed to it and cried silently to yourself in your room at your silly feelings for your best friend. He would have noticed long before the event of Valentines weekend the look in your eyes whenever you spent time together. He would have guessed maybe he had something to do with you and Incheol breaking up. You tried to put on a brave face, at this point thinking Jungkook really didn’t see you that way.   
“What…” His voice was small and he was just staring at you in shock. 
“I think we’re both dumb—“ Jungkook hardly let you finish your sentence before he was pushing you against the washer and finally closing the distance.
The kiss was soft and nothing like what happened at the club. It was just pure passion that had years of negligence behind it. It was a little scary taking this step with Jungkook, you couldn’t lose him either, but you were glad that you were. Your heart was full and you wanted nothing more than to have him closer.
He lifted you on top of the washer, the angle allowing him to pull you closer.   
Jungkook pulled away slowly, the pull of your lips way too enticing but he had something to say. His hand came up to caress your cheek softly before 3 words you’ll never forget left his mouth. “I love you.” His voice barely above a whisper but you heard it loud and clear.
“It’s probably too soon to say that but I just needed you to—“ You didn’t give him time to finish before you were pulling him back, kissing him hard. 
“I love you too…” You probably could have cried in the moment but the words lit a fire in you and you needed him closer. 
Your words sent Jungkook to a new level of insane, he needed to be inside you. You certainly felt it too, the nudging against your thigh made it obvious. 
Jungkook broke the kiss, your breaths were heavy and he was eagerly playing with the hem of your dress. ”Y/n do you wanna—“ He didn't need to finish, you were already nodding your head. 
You were suddenly lifted off the washer, laughing as Jungkook practically sped his way over to your room, kicking in the door and throwing you onto the bed. 
You both giggled but the moment was not lost, Jungkook quickly climbing on top of you and finding your lips once again. You wrapped your arms around his neck pulling him closer, you needed him closer. Your body was on fire and all you wanted was to feel him. 
Jungkook pulled away slowly, hand trailing down your body, and his eyes staring right into yours.
“You’re so beautiful…” His words were soft and had you melting on the inside. 
His eyes scanned over you once more. “We should have done this sooner…” He chuckled lightly, but he was serious. This whole evening wouldn’t have been necessary if he was just honest with himself sooner. 
Jungkook started kissing you lightly down the neck making you gasp. 
“We’re dumb, aren’t we?” You replied breathlessly as he started to suck a little harder. You moaned lightly, knowing this was likely gonna leave a mark. 
“Extremely…” He was hardly paying attention anymore, his full attention now on making you feel good. He wanted to devour you, make you his and his alone.
Jungkook’s attention focused on your eyes as he started pulling your dress up. “Just think about it… instead of all this sexual frustration we could have been— oh.” You couldn’t even finish at the way he rutted into you. 
“We’re so fucking stupid… I feel like I’m gonna explode…” He said bashfully.
“You did earlier...” You playfully teased and could stop yourself laughing at the way his mouth dropped. 
“I hate you so much.” He mumbled, trying to feign being upset but you could see the smile on his face. 
“Says the man who just confessed he loves me~” You giggled and at this he couldn’t help but laugh along with you. Jungkook sighed knowing it’s true. 
You didn’t miss the way he started moving down your body, in between the commotion your body lighting up at what you knew he had in mind next.
He eventually got to the point he was staring right at your long ruined thong and took a shaky breath. He wanted to taste you so fucking bad. 
Jungkook looked up at you. “Please?” He asked hurriedly and you nodded. With your permission he quickly pushed up your dress even further and tugged your panties down your legs. 
“You’re so pretty.” He said absentmindedly, like you weren’t supposed to hear. You chuckled at his words making him look back up at you. 
He flushed realizing he said that outloud but smiled because you did. His shy demeanor quickly shifted as you saw the mischievous glint in his eyes. 
“Who were you imagining the other night?” Jungkook asked suddenly as he moved a finger through your slick folds.
“What are you talking about?” You questioned, but his finger now circling your clit had your mind elsewhere. 
“That day I was working on my project. Valentine's Day.” 
Silence passed for a little while until you suddenly sat up realizing what he was talking about. Jungkook laughed at the look on your face. 
“You put too much faith in the walls, my desk is right on the other side.” Jungkook had a slight teasing tone to his voice, an adorable bunny expression on his face like he wasn't fingering you right now as he admitted to hearing you play with yourself. 
You laid back down, embarrassment creeping up making your face hot. 
“No need to be embarrassed.” Jungkook recounted back to the words you told him earlier. You just groaned, somehow that made it worse. Jungkook chuckled, but his attention turned toward what he was doing between your legs. 
“I’m serious though. It was hot… really hot.” He smiled. 
“Stopppp…” You cried, both in the way you still couldn’t even look at him, but also his finger started picking up the pace.  
“You were the reason I was up all night trying to work on it.” He chuckled darkly. At this you finally peered down at him. 
“You sounded so pretty, I wanted to come over and help you. I thought you would never be down for that but after tonight, I can’t help but wonder who it was you were thinking of to make you sound like that?” His face was just as innocent as it normally was, but his words were dangerous. 
Your embarrassment in the situation faded immediately and instead a cocky grin spread across your face. 
“Wouldn’t you like to know.” You laughed. 
“Tell me.”
“Make me.” You retorted back quickly. You were playing with fire at this point but you wanted to see what he would do. 
Your words were a challenge, a fire alighting inside.
His sweet smile disappeared as he turned back to your soaking pussy. He smirked and with that challenged head tilt he always did, he said nothing more as he dove straight between your legs. You hardly had any time to react before he was spreading your legs and taking one long lick between your folds. 
Your body reacted on its own, a fire spreading throughout your body and a soft moan escaped your lips. You looked down at him a little shocked but you were a little surprised to find him looking up at you. You saw him smirk quickly before diving straight back then, this time with full intent on making you scream. 
You never really knew what you pictured Jungkook to be like during sex. You never saw anything weird when he was dating Yoona and when you were still dating Incheol you and Jungkook hardly ever ran into each other. You were over at his place mainly, but you would occasionally come back to your shared apartment to hang out. You can still remember all the times you would be lying in bed awake to the sounds of girls moaning their hearts out in the room next door. It wasn’t the quiet guy who had been your friend since high school, but you knew whatever was happening next door was good. 
You finally found out today what all the fuss was about. 
Jungkook was skilled as he swirled his tongue around your clit. Your hands quickly found their place in his dark locks, your body being set ablaze at the pleasure. 
“Oh fuck–” You whinned.
His movements got faster and the more you wanted. “Jungkook, please…” You pleaded. 
He pulled back at your words and smiled. “Tell me then, who were you thinking of that night?” His fingers got back to work teasing your clit. 
“Just forget that and make me– ohhh gosh.” You cried as he moved them to finger your clenching hole. With experience in the car he was quickly able to find the spot that had made you a mess so quickly for him. 
You whined. “Jungkook, fuck, please.” You were practically begged, needing more. 
“I said tell me.” His voice was calm as he looked at you already a mess for so little. The work of his one finger alone was enough to have you brushing against the edge. If anything it made it worse, you could almost taste the release. 
He made sure to speed up the pace pushing over that same spot, maybe it was the drought that made you so sensitive, but you moaned, your back arching at the feeling.
“Tell me Y/N–” Jungkook said again. 
“It was you!” You cried, you couldn’t play the game anymore. “It was you Jungkook!” You made sure to say it again so he heard. Suddenly he stopped. Confused and a little annoyed you looked down to see a stupid smile on his face, both in the fact that he won and you had thought of him like that. 
It was just like this almost, him between your legs as he ate you out for hours, was the fantasy your brain had chosen to go with to try and soothe the ache between your legs. 
“I can promise you I’m better in person.” Jungkook suddenly said and you just playfully rolled your eyes. He already proved that to be true. 
“I’m sure you are, now get back to work, we’ve been deprived way too long for you to try and edge.” You giggled and he laughed at that. 
“What’s wrong with taking our time a little? I like seeing you a mess for me.” He cheesed and your heart swelled. You loved him so much. 
“Jungkook…” You warned and at this he finally took the hint and got back to work. 
He eagerly went to add a second finger inside and his tongue was back to suck on your clit. The combination had that flame quickly returning. His fingers curled inside you and he made quick work of his tongue, not having any shame in making it messy. He groaned against you, an added pleasure he quickly could tell had an effect. 
Jungkook thought you were absolutely beautiful, so pretty and all for him. The sight had him quickly reminded of the fact he didn’t get to finish the way he wanted to in the car and how much he wanted to fuck you. His hips unconsciously collided with your mattress trying to chase some sort of pleasure. It hurt at this point but his attention remained on you. 
He saw you hastily pull down the straps of your dress to play with your tits, and one hand coming back to tangle in his hair. He felt the gentle tugs whenever it just felt so good and he could have died happy right there in that moment. Right between your thighs.
“Fuck, I’m so close–” You hastily cried out. Jungkook took the hint and took it up just a little more and it was more than enough to have you quickly spiraling toward the edge, your orgasm hitting you like a wave. Your body shook and your thighs clamped around his head. As you slowly came down from the experience he continued to devour you until you pushed him away slightly from overstimulation. 
He finally sat up, his face wet from your juices and a big smile on his face. You smiled back at him. Your eyes though quickly went from his face to the obvious tent in his shorts. Jungkook didn’t give you much time to think about it before he was back on top of you and hastily kissing your lips.
If you didn’t see it before you definitely could feel it now, the tip nudging right where you wanted him making you even more eager to finally feel him against you. But you had other plans first…
You made quick work of flipping you both over, leaving you on top and in control. He looked at you a little confused before you kissed him on his cheek, making him smile. 
“What are you doing?” He chuckled lightly as your kisses trailed back up to his lips. You kissed him with a heated passion, wanting him to know how much you loved him. Jungkook was quick to get in the groove, his hand coming up to cup your cheek and pull you closer while his other hand trailed down your back. 
You finally felt him reach the hem of your dress and attempted to try and pull it back up but you pulled away and looked him right in the eye. If he wasn’t confused before he definitely was now. 
You smiled at him and leaned so you were right next to his ear. 
“Not yet, let me repay the favor first.” You whispered and gently took his ear between your teeth before moving to his neck and sucking on it lightly. 
Jungkook was speechless for a little while, the pleasure your mouth was bringing made it hard to think, wanting to just get lost in the pleasure. 
“I don’t know…” He eventually chuckled, the grip on your waist tightening. You finally moved to look at him again. 
“What’s wrong?” You asked a little confused. 
“Wanna fuck you so bad, plus… you looked too good while I was eating you out. I don’t know if I could make it.” His face was flushed, clearly embarrassed by the confession. 
At this you smirked. Oh you were definitely going to repay him, not only for the orgasm but for teasing you earlier. 
You let your hand travel down his body till it rested on the waistband of his shorts. “You sure you wanna say no?” You questioned playfully as you slipped your hand underneath grabbing a fistful of his length. Your antics got an immediate reaction from him, a moan quickly escaping his lips. 
You made quick work and slowly pumped your hand slowly over his length, watching his face scrunch up in bliss. He was so fucking pretty. 
“I–” He couldn’t even finish his sentence as your thumb traced circles over the tip, you could already feel the precum leaking from the tip. 
“Y/n please…” he eventually cried out, making you smile. 
“Do you want me to stop?” You asked teasingly. 
“No, fuck– please.” He finally peered over at you and saw that teasing look, knowing this was probably because of earlier. 
With the go ahead you moved down the bed, helping him pull his shorts down and tossing them somewhere around your room. The both of you giggled before you found a comfortable place right in front of his cock. 
You stared marveling at what was in front you. His dick was already making your mouth water, the length, the girth, the slight curve, the tip was a flaming red, and precum sliding down the sides. Of course, what more should you have expected from him.
You wrapped a hand around him, right at the base. You wrapped your mouth around the tip, sucking it lightly, enjoying the delicious moan Jungkook let out as a result. You popped off quickly though, earning a groan of annoyance. 
“What happened to no teasing?” He questioned breathlessly. 
You just smiled at him before diving back again. You had every full intention of teasing him just a little longer, but you felt Jungkook’s hand on the back of your head, clearly intended to keep you in place. 
Oh so he wants to play like that?
At this you finally started to take more of him, getting about halfway before you let your hand do the rest of the work at quickly pumping him. You felt him grab your hair tightly and you’ll never forget the way he whimpered, clearly not expecting you to do that. 
It wasn’t long before he let go and you popped off with a smile. You won this time. 
“Y/n please.” No playfulness to his voice anymore, he was begging you. 
You couldn’t resist and you got back to work. You grabbed him again and pumped him quickly and got to work gently massaging his balls. At this you instantly had his arm coming over his eyes, a long groan falling from his lips. 
“Y/n oh fuck, fuck fu–” He was so fucking sensitive. 
He hadn’t been touched in a year, plus your little rendezvous in the car, and now here you were going down on him. Every little flick of your tongue or jerk from your hand had him speeding toward the edge, but he still wanted to take you. 
Your mouth came around him length once more, doing your best to make him feel good. Jungkook couldn’t resist looking, he finally glanced down at you and moaned instantly. You were taking him so well– fuck fuck. 
“Y/n…” He finally moaned. You could already sense what he was about to say. At this you sped up your pace. 
“Oh fuck, you feel so good– but– ohhhh” He cried, his hand coming up to grab at your hair again. 
“If you keep doing that I’m gonna–” He could have cried. The image of just cumming down your throat made him want to let you continue. 
He was so close. 
“Y/n I’m gonna cum…” He sighed, honestly a little embarrassed at how sensitive he was but you were just too good. 
His words didn’t sway you and if anything you upped it a little more. 
“Shit wait wait!” For a second he thought he wouldn’t even be able to tell you to stop, his orgasm so fucking close for a spilt second he wanted it to happen, but right along that edge you popped off and took your hands away. 
His body cried out at the lack of contact and he had to take a second to get himself to calm down. When his attention finally went to you, smiling up at him.
He couldn’t even joke around at that moment and sat up to pull you up so you were hovering over his cock.
“Please…” He was breathless and his desperation was starting to affect you. You pulled down the zipper on your dress and pulled it over your form, you also saw Jungkook hastily ripping off his white shirt and throwing it across the room.
He grabbed your hips and attempted to try and guide you down but you stopped him. He looked at you confused
“Condoms, remember?” You laughed and he did as well realizing his mistake.
“Please hurry…” He whined playfully, watching you reach over to your nightstand, shuffle through its contents, before pulling your hand out empty handed. He was once again confused.  
You stared at him in horror and it had him instantly wanting to commit a crime. “You don’t have any?” He asked in disbelief. You just stared at him.
He tugged on his hair in frustration. “Do you think that the convenience store down the street is still open?” He was trying to come up with some sort of solution. “I don’t even know if there are any in my room, do you think we can find some at this time of night, fuck fuck, why does this keep–” As he was trying to find a way at of this predicament you went back in your drawer and pulled out what he’s needed this entire evening.
“Just kidding~” You cheesed, watching the look on his face. If he wasn’t so horny right now he might have tackled you, but instead he laughed at your antics and he playfully rolled his eyes as gestured for you to put it on.
You ripped open the packaging with your teeth and hurriedly slid it down his length. He was so sensitive from earlier he made it difficult trying to put it on, bucking himself into your hand in search of any type of friction. 
Once you managed to get it on, you wasted no time and lined yourself up before sinking slowly down his dick, enjoying the way he filled you up. 
You both moaned at the feeling. Jungkook hurriedly grabbed your hips at the pleasure. You were so warm, wet, and tight around him, you felt so good and looked so pretty on top of him like this. Oh this isn’t gonna last long.
You sat there for a second, allowing your body to get adjusted but you could tell Jungkook was antsy at the way he subtly ground himself into you for some sort of friction. 
“Y/n– fuck, you’re so–” He cried and you chuckled at his reaction. 
“Does it feel good?” You asked. 
Jungkook just smiled at first, wondering how that was even a question at first. “So go– engghhh fuck…” He sighed as you slowly started to move your hips. You watched him intently as his face scrunched up and you felt the way his grip on your waist tightened. 
With new motivation you finally allowed yourself to get lost in the pleasure and just enjoyed the way he felt inside of you, steadily speeding up your pace.
Jungkook just stared up at you. Ever since he met you he never would have imagined himself in this position, you on top while you worked to please him so well. Yesterday he was so adamant he felt nothing but platonic feelings for you and today… He had spent so much time trying to lie to himself, if only he had been honest with himself from the get go you could have done this so much sooner. 
His heart swelled at the thought. He was so stupid. How could he have tried to tell himself he didn’t want this? You bouncing yourself happily on his cock, looking so pretty while you took him so well. Fuck, he was so happy. 
With the way you teased him earlier it didn’t take very much for him to feel that ache once again. Jungkook grabbed your hips and took control, he watched your face turn to one of shock before you melted into the new pace he was setting.
You moaned and he could have sworn he’s never heard such a beautiful sound. He wanted to please you, make you feel good, and in a weird way, repay you for all you’ve done for him. 
“Jungkook, shit, hghhh–” You cried.
Fuck he was close. 
Before you even knew what was happening, suddenly you were on your back, staring Jungkook right in the eye. 
He was quick to set a punishing pace, you could have screamed at the sudden pleasure. Jungkook buried himself in your neck and you could hear all the little grunts and moans he would let out and it was almost too much. So good, you were getting close.
Jungkook could certainly tell, the feeling of your walls gripping him even tighter– fuck. He couldn’t take it anymore. He kissed you sloppily, wanted to feel you even closer. You wrapped your arms around his neck moaning into the kiss, sensing what was happening. 
It didn’t take much time till he was pulling away and burying his head back in your shoulder, a glorious moan spilling from his lips. A wave of pleasure washed over him as you felt his hips still and his whole body shake lightly.
You rubbed his back softly as you helped him work through it. 
You thought this was the end of your game, but you were shocked. Jungkook immediately turned to your nightstand, opening up and shuffling through the top drawer. 
“What are you doing?” You asked breathlessly. 
It was almost immediately that you got your answer when he pulled out another condom. “I’m not done with you yet.” He said as ripped open the packaging with his teeth. 
You were left stunned as you watched him swiftly throw away the used condom and put on a new one, before quickly pushing himself back inside you once more. 
You saw the way his face scrunched up, likely at the pain of overstimulation. His pace was slow, but he continued with deep strokes that made it so he was hitting your clit each and every time, making your toes curl.  
Oh so he was a freak?
For some reason you knew this wasn’t the first time he’s done this. You should have known the way he nearly fucked you out in public in that parking garage. 
Jungkook’s full intention was to make you feel good. He was quick to get back at a moderate pace and then he turned his attention to kissing and sucking on your neck, making sure it was going to leave a mark. 
As much as he wanted to pretend that the rage he felt in the club watching you and Jimin together was far in the past, now that everything was all said, it fueled him even more to want to tell everyone that you were his and his alone.
And just to think, if things didn’t go the way they did his hyung would have probably been in this position… Just the thought of him seeing you like this pissed him off more than it should. 
He wanted to prove himself, that you made the right choice. 
Jungkook was eager to make you cum around him, he needed to feel it. The breathy moans you would let out motivated him, you were so fucking pretty.
Jungkook looked you right in the eyes as he fucked you. Oh you were close. 
“I love you.” He moaned quietly. Oh you were a mess, three little words were enough to send you to another dimension. 
“You feel so fucking good and all fucking mine.” Jungkook groaned, fucking you a little faster. 
For some reason Jungkook getting all possessive while he’s buried deep inside you was so hot, the feeling in the pit of your stomach growing more restless. 
“Jungkook, please, I’m so close.” You cried. 
The pleasurable sting from overstimulation made that fleeting feeling return all too soon for Jungkook as well so he made quick work of finally pushing the both of you over the edge. 
“I love you too, Jungkook, love you so much.” Jungkook had no idea if you said that just because you were close, but the confession was enough for his orgasm to come crashing over him, not once did he slow down though, if anything he went a little faster. 
His efforts were enough as with just a few more strokes you moaned and he was feeling your walls tightening around him. He watched intently, now with the better light, he saw the way you crumbled in his grasp, so pretty as your third orgasm of the day hit you even harder. 
For a little while, it was just the sound of your labored breaths as you both tried to recover from everything. It was peaceful, almost like the calm after a storm. After the exhausting year you’ve both had, it finally led to this moment, together in each other's arms at last. When you both calmed down, Jungkook smiled as he kissed you gently, you couldn’t be happier. 
He was quick to throw away the condom and snuggle up next to you. A moment of silence passed before you both giggled. 
“This day was something…” You smiled. 
“It was, wasn’t it.” Jungkook responded absentmindedly, too busy tracing your features with his gaze. 
You both still didn’t say anything for a while, choosing to let the events of today speak for you. Jungkook was just so enamored by you, happy that everything finally made sense, happy that he was able to be with you like this. For some reason it had his mind going back to the previous year.
The newly revealed sentiment of how much you truly cared for each other made him think back to the dark days and how you helped him through it all. Without you, would he really be here today? You really were there for him, never once asking any questions. As soon as he told you he was struggling, you never left his side and helped him navigate through the path that seemed so endless. 
Even to this day he never really explained himself and you never asked what happened.  
“Hey Y/n.” He finally said, getting you attention. “Last year… I don’t think I ever told you what I was really going through during those months, did I?” He asked suddenly. 
You were a bit taken aback by the question but you answered nonetheless. “Not in much detail.” You noticed his gaze changed from you to peer straight up at the ceiling.
He took a deep breath. “I want to tell you what happened...” It only seemed right, before you take this next step in your relationship, all the cards from his past he kept hidden from you should be laid on the table for you to see. 
He was scared though. Would you still want him after he tells you? 
“Is that ok?” He turned back to you, his gaze unreadable. 
You couldn’t lie and say you weren’t curious. On the day Jungkook told you he had been struggling you knew he was keeping the details as vague as he possibly could, for a reason you had no idea about. You didn’t want to pry, you knew that he had gone through a lot over the last few months so you were content with him telling you anything. All you knew was your friend needed help and you were going to be there for him through that process. 
“If you’re comfortable telling me, I’ll be here to listen,” you settled with saying. 
Jungkook noticed the look in your eyes that told him it was truly fine for him to continue. 
Would you hate him, ridicule him, shame him? All of these were outcomes he wanted to avoid. It’s why he didn’t tell you back then. He was ashamed of himself. 
“At the end of our first semester as you know Yoona and I had a big fight. It all had to deal with you, funny enough. She was upset at how close we were, the fact that we lived together, and that she thought I could have been cheating on her with you. At the time I was upset that she even thought that was a possibility, I was with her, you were my friend and that was it.” Jungkook had to pause for a second knowing the irony of the situation.
You couldn’t hide the look of shock on your face at the information. You thought you were just so drunk that you had somehow heard your name come up in conversation. It had been about you entirely. It stung a bit to know that you had gotten in the way of their relationship like that, but the one detail you did know about this story made that guilt dissipate quickly. 
“We said some pretty hurtful things to each other, with her eventually leaving and that’s when you came in. I really liked her at the time so I wanted to do my best to try and repair the damage that had been done, but when I saw her… when I went to her apartment and saw she was actually cheating on me, it really really hurt.”  Jungkook didn’t even have the words to describe how much pain the revelation brought him. For a while he blamed himself, that he was such an awful boyfriend, an awful person, that it led a girl he would have never in a million years thought would ever do something like that to him, to anybody really. It only made the next unfortunate event even harder to bear. 
“I can only say this now in hindsight, but I didn’t understand at the time how much I relied on her. My mental health wasn’t the best for various reasons, a difficult semester taking its toll, life, I don’t really know the root cause but as soon as I knew she was cheating on me, it all came crashing down harder than I thought it ever could. I shut everyone out, it was too much, but if it couldn’t get any worse I got a phone call from my dad about my uncle.” You could hear the slight quiver in his voice, just at the mention of it. 
You remember the exact moment it happened. You had just woken up. You had been in the kitchen trying to figure out what to have before you head out to your first class. It was nearly the end of the final semester, finals were coming up and you had a whole day of studying planned. Despite your packed schedule, you had also wanted to have enough time to try and be there for Jungkook since he had just gone through a pretty rough breakup, you having gone to bed early as a result. It’s probably why you didn’t hear when he got the phone call late the night before.
You had been making a little breakfast when he suddenly came bursting through his room door, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder. You noticed immediately he looked frantic, his face was red, and you could see his cheeks were still stained from tears. He looked like he hadn’t slept all night. 
Jungkook ran straight to the door, but you stopped him concerned and a little confused about what was happening. 
He was barely able to explain to you that his uncle had been in an accident and that he was going back to Busan, tears just were streaming down his face. Without thinking you had pulled him into a hug, Jungkook completely just broke down in your arms. 
He was out the door before you truly could say goodbye. 
“I went back to Busan and tried my best to process everything, hoping that this sinking feeling would pass and I could get back to some level of normalcy. Weeks started to go by and all I could feel was nothing. I didn’t cry anymore, I wasn’t angry, nor was I ever truly happy, it was just gray everywhere I looked.”
“Christmas came and went and the new year started. All of those holidays only made it worse, seeing how happy friends and other family were, the fact that it was just nothing made me even more desperate for anything.”
Jungkook had to stop again, knowing what was coming next. 
“It was around the time we were supposed to start heading back for the spring semester that some friends had called me and asked to meet up. We talked and I ended up telling them things have been hard lately so they invited me to a party to try and cheer me up. I was desperate so I said I’d be there, hoping it might help me feel anything. I drank a lot, tried to have fun, but again things just became worse when nothing helped.” 
He couldn’t even look at you anymore.  
“They invited me to another one, this time I thought maybe sex might help, it didn’t, not at all and left me feeling more empty than ever. It was sometime after this that I started having some pretty scary thoughts bouncing around my head.” It truly had gotten so bad so quickly. The depression had quickly consumed him and any effort he made to try and make things better only seemed to make things worse. He felt trapped, that there was no way out of this hole. 
“I was desperate for anything at that point so when those same friends called and asked to meet up again… this time… this time they offered certain um… illegal substances. I should have said no, I know, but I was looking for anything to make it better so…” For some reason Jungkook was waiting for you to say something, to scream at him, anything, but you remained silent as his words hung in the air. 
He didn’t have the courage to face you to see your expression. Instead he kept going. 
“It wasn’t perfect, but for a little while I finally felt ok, better than ok even, but the crash was horrible and I felt the regret starting to take hold. It was only once when I was in Busan, but by then the semester had started and I needed to get back. That’s when I came back to the apartment. I wanted to tell you everything but then you opened the door and I saw Incheol with you… I didn’t understand why at the time, but seeing you with him… It made me so angry so I just shut everyone out.”
“Before I left my friends gave me the number of a friend they had in Seoul who carried and so instead of focusing on my work that I should have I turned to chasing that high and dealing with an even worse low. I stayed out as much as I could, I didn’t want to see you with Incheol, plus I was ashamed what would happen if you saw me like that. I didn’t want you to see me like that.” Your eyes were teary and his was as well, a couple had even begun sliding down his cheeks. 
“Jimin hyung saw the worst of it actually. Too many times would I head over on something and he would yell at me but he would always help me through it. I was also at his place a lot dealing with sober thoughts and he kept my mind occupied so I wouldn’t do anything rash.”
“It wasn’t until that day I got the message from my advisor telling me how bad everything was that I snapped out of it enough to try and look for help. That’s when I told you. Besides the work you helped with, you were just being there for me without asking too many questions… It was more sympathy I deserved considering how weird things had been since I left. You brought me back and I can never be more grateful.” It was only then that Jungkook finally looked over at you, your face was stained with tears and you were trying your best not to make too much noise so you didn’t disturb his story. 
“I mentioned this now because being here… I should have known after all that what I felt for you was more than just being my best friend. I didn’t want to lose you so I tried to push away the obvious and tried to just keep being just your friend. I’m so happy I can be here with you now, like this, together. And I wanted to thank you for the millionth time, you pulled me out of a dark place that I never thought I was going to come back from. I’m just so happy.” He tried to chuckle but seeing you crying made this difficult discussion that much more emotional.
It felt so good telling you. 
You quickly pulled him into a hug, finally letting the emotions spill over. 
“I wish I was there for you more, you struggled so much I– I–” You sobbed, absolutely heartbroken that he went through this. “If only I had noticed, if I wasn’t so focused on Incheol I could have–” 
“Don’t say that. You were happy, I didn’t want to burden you with my problems.” Jungkook said, trying to wipe away your tears.
“Burden?! Jungkook, I was your friend, don’t think you would ever burden me.” You sobbed, the tears continuing to stream down your face, making more and more go down his as well.
“Fuck, I love you so much, of course you would say that.” There were no words in any language to accurately describe how much he cares for you and how he will eternally be grateful for being there with him. 
You both smiled and Jungkook reached over to grab some tissues to wipe your faces. You both tried to make light of the situation and giggle at how messed up you truly were. Between the sex and now the crying your makeup had smeered all over your face. 
“Jungkook, truly though. If you ever go through any sort of hard time again know I’ll be here for you ok.” You reassured him.
“If you ever go through a rough time, I’ll be here for you and then some.” He smiled. 
“Don’t be afraid to lean on me, life gets hard but at least we have each other.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek, but he moved to make sure you hit his lips instead. 
You both laughed, but quickly went back in for another.
“You actually can’t get rid of me.” Jungkook giggled as he started peppering kisses all over your face.
“And I don’t want to.” It was just love, you loved this man. 
“By the way, I wanted to ask whose room should we stay in? Should we just get a new apartment?” Jungkook questioned, kissing down your neck.
You thought about it for a second.
“We could move after graduation. We could figure something out so that it’s a little closer to my law school, or maybe something closer to your job, whichever one you decide to take.” 
Jungkook was pretty talented in his field, over the years managing to work as assistants for camera operators and editors in movies and various kdramas. He already had a promising resume. He worked a ton of jobs, did various commissions for friends, peers, even his school had him shoot something. He also was working some type of internship most of the time, the only time you can remember him not working was when he was going through that hard time. 
It was certainly going to be impressive to the production companies. With all the jobs he applied for, Jungkook’s professors and advisor assured him that he was bound at least to make it to the interview stage and was probably going to end up with multiple offers. 
His achievements were certainly amazing, but he had a tendency to downplay them.   
Jungkook nodded, the plan made sense. “For now though, you could move to my room. It’s a little bigger, maybe you could keep your clothes in your closet, but you could sleep here most of the time if you want.” You added. He just nodded along, until his brain actually processed what you were saying.
“What, aren’t our rooms the same size?” He recounted what you told him all those years ago once you decided to move here. 
You cringed at the mention of that. “5 extra square feet makes you do some crazy things.” You chuckled weakly. 
“Yah wait– what did you just say?!” 
“You never noticed!” You tried to defend but it was too late and he was already tackling you back down to the bed. 
Was he mad, not at all, if anything this was just an excuse to get you in this position. It’s strange what a year does to your libido. He couldn’t get enough of you. 
Jungkook kissed you all over your face and neck, making you laugh at the way it tickled. 
“I love you.” He said between kisses. 
“I love you too.” You made sure to look him in the eyes when he said it. You wanted him to know how much you meant it.
You were so happy. 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ink Series - 4/? Part 3: here
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aquagustd · 6 months ago
whipped - JJK
Tumblr media
↣ another day, another trend that you’re forced to participate in with your boyfriend. It was his idea but he somehow gets sidetracked, with his head between your thighs.
Tumblr media
pairing — tiktoker!jungkook x reader
genre/rating — R | fluff, smut, crack, pwp
word count — 5K
warnings/tags — college au, sorta established relationship, strong language, barista!reader, thigh kink (ofc), kinda famous jk, explicit smut — big dick jk, manhandling, exhibitionism, dirty talk, biting/scratching, hickeys, fingering, oral (f & m), hair pulling, clit biting, degradation, spanking, pussy slapping, squirting, deep throating, cum eating, choking, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, doggy style, unprotected sex, cum on chest?, aftercare
a/n — if you don’t watch tiktoks, that’s fine, he kinda explains it in the fic. I couldn’t get tiktoker!jk out of my head.
Rubbing at the itch on your forehead, you’re scrubbing down the counter with tired arms, switching from one to the other while your co-worker sits at one of the tables, giggling at her phone screen now and again. If it was any other day, you would ask her to help but you’re not in the mood for another argument. Today had been one of those days, the kind that made you regret ever begging for a job here at the café. You were forced to deal with two elderly woman who chewed your ear off about not having oat milk. Despite you telling them – multiple times – that you don’t handle inventory.
Then you messed up two orders, which was entirely your fault. But you know that it could’ve been avoided if Mina got off her phone for a minute and remembered that she had a job to do instead of taking advantage of the free Wi-Fi here.
“You’re so lucky,” she whines, face lit by her red screen.
Rinsing out the cloth, you untie your apron, finally, then set it in the drawer. You would ask her what she’s talking about if you haven’t heard complain about it a million times.
“He’s like…perfect,” she sighs dreamily, the same song replaying in the background as she drools at the screen, “how does it feel to have a famous tiktoker, who’s not only hot, but rich too, as your boyfriend?”
You didn’t think she was expecting an answer until she slots herself in front of you, eyebrow lifted in question.
“Did you know that he just hit ten million followers?”
You sigh, throwing on your jacket before fitting the grey beanie over your head, looking around her to find your scarf.
“I know.”
“How does it feel to have the JK as your boyfriend?”
Shrugging, you brush past her and switch off the lights, grabbing the keys from the counter. This is what you have to deal with every evening after work. Once she mistook your anger for insecurity, so you decided not to entertain her.
“Have you seen the girls in his comments? Don’t you ever feel even a bit intimidated?”
You shrug again, much more tense this time, “I don’t. To me, he’s just Jungkook.”
She chuckles, manicured nails tapping at her screen, “I find that hard to believe.”
“Well,” you begin, gritting your teeth, “I don’t care if you believe that or not. Here.”
Clumsily, the ring of keys slip through her fingers when you toss them in her direction, she scrambles to pick it up from the tile.
“See you on Monday.”
Hearing her curse under her breath, you laugh to yourself as you step out into the cold, shoulders hiking up when a particularly frosty breeze hits the back of your neck, through the thick material of your scarf. Perhaps you are nettled by the fact that Mina nags you about the same thing all the time. What does she want from you? To admit that deep down, you’re really insecure and threatened by Jungkook and his fans? Most of the time, you don’t keep track of what he posts. Except when he asks if you could make a video with him.
And he doesn’t mind. He knows that you’re a busy woman and have other things to see to before spending hours on an app you don’t understand. But you try to understand, for his sake.
Like the calm before the storm, you drag your weight up the quiescent stairway, knowing that it won’t be long before your dorm would be vibrating for the start of the weekend. You come to an abrupt stop at the end, seeing a black, hunched figure sitting against your room door. Heartbeat accelerating at your boyfriend’s bunny smile.
“Hey,” you grin, falling into his embrace when he rises to his feet. You giggle when he lifts your beanie a bit to kiss your forehead, hands clasped behind your back.
“Hi, I brought the noms.”
You inhale deeply, pulling away to see the brown bag in his hand, “what is it? Thank you, baby.”
He follows you into your room, shutting the door behind you while you set down the bag and unroll your scarf, scratching at the little dents it made in your skin after you wrapped it a bit too tight.
“I was feeling for curry, so I got that for us,” he replies, coming up behind you to prop his chin on your head, “but we can order something else if you like.”
Lifting the small container from the bag, you moan when the steam wafts over your face, jowls tingling when the spicy fragrance hits you.
“No, it’s just what I needed.”
He chuckles, helping you offload the rest of the containers.
You lick the side of your thumb, shrugging off your jacket before you get any gravy stains on the white collar.
“I’m gonna shower first,” you inform, peeling off your socks, “I feel gross.”
He nods, already digging into the rice, “okay, it’ll be warm by the time you get back.”
You hold your index finger up threateningly, “hey! Don’t start without me!”
He pokes his tongue into his cheek, closes the container slowly then flops down on your bed with a sigh. One of your plushies bounce onto his chest.
“I was just tasting.”
You share a look when your stomach growls, crying for food.
“Better make it snappy.”
Tumblr media
By the time you’re done eating, you’re too full to move an inch, sprawled across the bed with Jungkook’s head in your lap. He’s scrolling through Tiktok while you’re attempting to round up your paper. But it’s proving to be a difficult task with your energy running low and his lack of earphones. You’d just have to complete it sometime this weekend.
When he hears your laptop close, he turns his head to the side, doe eyes gleaming.
“You’re done?”
You shake your head, “I’ll just finish it tomorrow.”
With a pat to his hand, you help him under the blanket with you, cozying up to him with a blissful sigh. But he continues to fidget, and you feel your heart speed up with lack of sleep, the beginning of a headache stirring. Did you fall off to sleep that quick?
“What’s wrong?”
He tugs you closer to him, nose nudging yours when he sets his head on your pillow.
“Did I wake you?”
“I don’t know,” you laugh, rubbing at your eyes, “was I asleep?”
Goosebumps trail the line his index finger draws on the side of your face, creeping down over your back when you breathe in his heady scent.
“I think so,” he whispers. You lean forward to slot your lips over his, hiking one leg over his waist when his palms slide under your t-shirt.
“Missed you,” he mumbles against your lips, “are you tired?”
You smirk, “why?”
His gaze flits somewhere behind you, then to your chest as he props himself up on his elbow. You mirror his action, swiping across his chin with your thumb.
“If you’re not tired…there’s something I wanted to do.”
“Well, I’m not tired anymore. What is it?”
He rubs the back of his neck, not quite meeting your gaze, “it’s for a tiktok.”
You open your mouth to protest but he cuts you off, grabbing at your hands.
“We don’t even have to do much! Just sit here on the bed and cuddle. That’s all. It’s like seven seconds too!”
“It won’t take long. Please,” he continues to beg while you snigger at the way he’s behaving, “you know how much I like having videos of you on my page.”
You fiddle with the aglets on his hoodie, “I know, I just…don’t feel like…I spent the whole afternoon working on my paper. And then work was shit.”
He coos when you pout, bringing you into his arms.
You melt into his embrace, burying your nose in his hoodie to inhale his comforting scent, “can’t we just cuddle?”
Shivering slightly when his fingers run under the band of your panties, you tip your head up to look at him, chin pressed into his toned chest.
He sucks his lower lip into his mouth, little beauty spot under his lip disappearing briefly.
“Of course we can,” he smiles, lips grazing your nose, “after we’re done making this tiktok. It involves cuddling.”
You blink, mildly confused. “Fine.” As if you could say no to that face.
Goofy grin reappearing, he grips your head in both his hands and smashes his lips to yours. Before you can even attempt to kiss him back, he pulls away. Grabbing his phone and scooting up on your bed.
“Okay, you’re supposed to sit here,” he points at the pillow, fluffing the frills a bit then fits his hand in yours, directing you to sit against the headboard, “and…wait—”
You follow his gaze to your black Nirvana t-shirt, “what? God, Jungkook. I am not changing—”
“No, no,” he interrupts, lifting the hem of your shirt which has your cheeks heating just a bit, “you’re not wearing any pants under.”
Narrowing your eyes in his direction, you smack his hand away, “should I…put on pants?”
He looks to be contemplating for a while before he nods, “yeah.”
Sighing deeply, you walk the short space to your chest of drawers. By now, you should be accustomed to Jungkook and his weird requests. But this isn’t even the worst one. At least you don’t have to leave your dorm room this time.
“Yeah,” he whispers behind you, chest hitting your shoulder as he reaches over to pull out your black gym shorts, “these ones.”
You cock an eyebrow, “are you sure?”
He examines the clothing, smiling stupidly to himself, “these are the ones. Put them on.”
Yanking the flimsy material from his hands, you sit at the edge of the bed as you pull the shorts up your legs. He stands at your side like a puppy holding his leash, waiting for you to take him out on a walk.
Even if you are a teensy bit annoyed, you really can’t be mad at him for too long. With his big, doe eyes, messy hair and puffed-up cheeks. For him, you try to keep up with the latest trends on Tiktok but you don’t have enough time. Even if you say that you’ll spend some time on that confusing app before bed, you’re exhausted by the time you’re home from work and end up visiting his page only, then falling off to sleep.
You know that he has quite a large following, girls thirst over him in the comments, even if he posts a video of his right hand alone. But at the end of the day, he’s your man and you’re in some – most – of his videos.
Bending over to pick up a ball of socks that had fallen out of your drawer, you yelp when he smacks your ass cheek. Spinning around to glare at him.
“Couldn’t help myself,” he smirks, black eyes flashing, “I love it when you wear that. But then again, your ass looks good in everything you wear.”
You clear your throat, glancing at the bed behind you, “let’s get this over with.”
He nods, unlocking his phone as he sits in front of you on the bed, “the Wi-Fi here sucks.”
You chuckle, running your fingers through his silky hair as you peek over his shoulder.
“So, what am I supposed to do?”
“Well,” he begins without lifting his head, “I already filmed the first part this morning and then it’s gonna transition to me and you sitting here.”
You nod, “okay, and do I have to like…say anything?”
“Yeah,” he says softly, “I’m gonna be sitting like this…but between your legs. I’m just waiting for the audio to load.”
Yanking his head back with your grip on his hair, your eyebrows pinch together, “didn’t we already make a Tiktok like that?”
He wiggles out of your grip, nudging your thighs apart for him to get more comfortable, “yeah, but this is a different one.”
He holds the phone up to your face, “this is the first clip.”
‘Wake up in the morning brush my teeth before I see my queen—’
It’s a video of him, you can tell that he just woke up by his tangled hair and half-lidded eyes, holding his toothbrush before it pans to the side and cuts off.
“And that’s where we come in. I’m supposed to say this bit—"
‘Wow. Who are you?’
He points to you, “and then you say—”
‘Bitch I’m two-phone Baby Keem.’
Your eyebrows shoot up to your hairline, “that’s the song?”
He nods eagerly, “mhm. See. It’s just a short video.”
You stare at each other for a while. He’s waiting patiently for your answer before you nod and move up on the bed, smiling to yourself at how excited he is when he slides down and sits between your legs. Resting his head just below your crotch, he holds his phone up while you prop your thighs over his shoulders, fitting your fingers in his hair once again.
You’re familiar with this position, so he didn’t need much direction but it’s not like you could pretend as if his whole head is not…there. In that region…The region he claims to love so much.
He reaches up to knead your thigh, the other hand occupied by his phone, “it’s taking so long to load again.”
“It’s—” The words die on your tongue when he tilts his head to mouth at your inner thigh, tattooed fingers running over the delicate skin slowly “—it’s okay.”
Suddenly, you’re feeling all the pressure of his head between your legs, even more when he lifts his head up to look at you menacingly.
“I know you like it when we sit like this.”
Maybe. But you prefer other positions.
You try to hide how his fingers pinching at the meat of your thigh isn’t affecting you. Hoping you aren’t soaking through your panties and shorts because it feels as though the apex of your thighs has gone numb but too sensitive at the same time. Air a little warmer despite the window being left open a crack.
“Did it load yet?”
Shivering when he starts to nip and tug at the skin, your fingers twist in his hair.
“Did what load?”
You crane your neck to look into his phone, masking your arousal with anger, “idiot. The audio?!”
He flings his phone to the side which misses the edge of the mattress and clatters to the floor. You’re about to yell at him when he spins around and begins to kiss the junction between your leg and thigh through the fabric of your gym shorts. Your hands fall to your sides, mouth hanging open.
“What are you doing?”
He hooks your legs over his shoulders once again, adjusting his position on the bed to lie flat on his stomach, “what does it look like I’m doing?”
“What ab—” your eyes scrunch shut when he drags his nail down the centre of your folds, finding the outline of your puffy clit with ease.
“Fuck that. You smell so fucking good.”
Of course. He was that close. Obviously, he’d smell you. And it’d be easier for him to recognize your scent after he spent hours trying to suffocate himself between your legs. You should’ve known this would happen. Are you angry? No.
“Jungkook…wait, did you lock the door?”
He doesn’t respond, just lifts an eyebrow when he tugs on the band of your shorts. You raise your hips as he pulls the material over the globes of your ass, flinging it in across the bed to find his phone lying somewhere there. Abandoned.
Lip caught between your teeth, your fingers curl around the blanket when he lifts the band of your panties and it tugs on your folds, sticking to your pussy which clenches around nothing. One thing you always seem to forget about Jungkook, is that he starts off slow, takes his time at first before he loses his patience. By the time he’s done with teasing you, your mind becomes fogged with nothing but lust.
He mouths around your pussy, licking and sucking everywhere except where you need him the most. And he continues to grab at your panties, pulling it up, as high as it can go as you squirm with the friction that’s not enough. Grinding into the flimsy fabric while he paints your thighs with his teeth.
You hips fall to the bed pathetically when he clicks his tongue, spreading your thighs further apart for his greedy stare. He taps your clit once and you jolt, a whimper spilling from your lips while you feel your juices seep through your panties.
Feeling his hot breath penetrate the sodden material of your underwear, your hips jerk up reflexively when he taps your clit again. Harder this time.
“Touch me. Please. Want your mouth, your fingers. Anything.”
He chuckles darkly, “why?”
You groan, “why? Fuck Jungkook. Because—”
A gasp gets caught in your throat when he tears at your panties and pinches your clit. Caught between his fingers lightly, but the sensation has more arousal dripping down your folds, slipping between your ass cheeks.
“Watch your mouth.”
He draws his hand back and slaps your clit, dragging his thumb along your slick folds.
“S-sorry,” you choke, tugging on the sheets so as to not grind into his hand that’s running down your pussy deliciously, gathering your slick on his hands before coming up to rub tight circles on your clit.
“Such a slut,” he says clearly, voice calm as if the hand on your cunt doesn’t belong to him, “you seem to forget your place.”
Your nails pierce into your palms as he drags two fingers up and down your inner folds, moaning at how good it feels when he presses down harder, nearing your pulsating hole.
“Take off your shirt,” he orders, lips grazing your clit, “let me see those pretty tits.”
Swallowing thickly, your breath stalls in your chest when he sinks two fingers into your heat at once, tongue curling around your clit while you’re trying to remove your t-shirt from around your head. You collapse onto the bed, resisting the urge to play with your nipples with his vigilant eyes on you, waiting for you to make the wrong move.
“Jungkook, yes…”
He swirls his tongue around your clit, fingers thrusting in and out of your cunt until he finds your sweet spot, hooking his fingers against it when you cry out his name.
The loud squelching of his fingers pushing into your pussy is embarrassingly loud, slick dripping down his hand while he continues to roll his tongue against your clit. His hot breath, paired with the skilled movements of his fingers and tongue sends a spark up the length of your spine. You feel the knot build in your abdomen, back arching off the bed when he picks up the pace, reaching up with one hand to push you back down.
You’re buzzing with desire, thrashing under him as you hear him slurp up your juices sloppily, grinding his fingers into you with vigor. Pressing into that spot until you feel yourself reach the edge.
“I’m gonna fu—”
All you hear is the sound of the door handle clicking before you sit up on your elbows to see Hana and her group of friends standing at the doorway.
“Oh fuck.”
They stand motionless, and you’re trying to yank Jungkook away, shame washing over you as he continues to lap at your pussy, watching them from his periphery. You can hear them whisper, and you’re wondering why the fuck they aren’t going anywhere until you grab your penguin plushie and throw it in their direction.
Still gawking at your boyfriend between your legs, they make their way out and until the door clicks shut do you fix Jungkook with a shocked stare.
“Why didn’t you stop— Shit!”
He flicks his tongue over your clit at breakneck speed, adding a third finger to the mix as he sinks in and out, matching the pace of his tongue to have your thighs shaking around his face.
“I know you liked it,” he growls, the sound reverberating through your core, “I felt you clenching around my fingers when they came in. Such a fucking slut.”
He wiggles his hand, crooking his fingers against your walls, spurred on by his filthy words. The knot builds again, eyes watering while you jerk your hips up. Grabbing at the sheets, you spill onto his hand, screaming out his name as he continues to stretch you out. Heat washing over your body. He licks at your folds noisily.
“That’s it. Let them hear you. Let them know who’s making you feel this good.”
He suctions around your hole, drinking up every last drop while you twitch, still coming down from your high. You watch through blurry vision as he hops off the bed, the front of his hoodie drenched with your cum. You would’ve been embarrassed, if it wasn’t a regular thing with him.
Milky skin exposed, he balls up his clothes and sets it down on your desk, tugging at your hand to signal for you to sit at the edge of the bed. You feel desire recollect in your abdomen as you see him take off his watch. The sound of his rings hitting your nightstand is something you love hearing, knowing what’s about to happen next. You’re already salivating, core throbbing all over again when you see him roll his palm over his girthy length.
Delicately, he pulls your hair over your shoulder as you lie down at the edge, parting your lips immediately when he lines his cock up with your mouth.
You stick out your tongue, tasting the precum smeared across the tip before he nudges it against the corner of your mouth. Hissing when the wet muscle rubs against his frenulum.
“Look at you,” he grits, thrusting into your mouth experimentally before pulling out and gripping the base, other hand fitted tightly around your throat, “worried that your friends might see you but you’re still letting me fuck your throat. Knowing they can walk in again.”
You mewl, eyes flying shut when he pushes his hips forward, balls slapping into your face as the tip hits the back of your throat, causing you to grab his thighs with the burn. He draws his hips back, giving you some time to breathe before you open your mouth again and take him further, relaxing your throat as he grabs your hands in one of his. Holding it to the side.
“Fuck, just like that.”
Lips sealed tightly around his cock, your tongue presses into the veins on the side, eyes prickling with tears when he takes control and rocks against your face, throwing his head back while his fingers press into the sides of your throat. Your spit dribbles down your lips, hitting the rug beside his toes which curl with pleasure.
“Such a pretty little slut, letting me use her mouth however I like,” he grunts, gaining momentum as he presses down on your sternum, thumbing at your nipple before hunching over your form.
You can feel the sweat collecting at the back of your neck, jaw beginning to ache when he holds his cockhead deep inside your throat, tears slipping down the side of your face. Whining around his length, your eyes fly open when his calloused fingers slide below your navel, stopping over your clit. Thighs trembling as he spreads your folds, pressing his index and ring finger into your heat while he grinds the heel of his palm into your clit.
“C’mon,” he growls, voice strained as you feel his balls clench against your nose, “give me another.”
You plant your feet on the bed, taking mangled breaths through your nose while he stretches you open on his fingers once again, still sensitive from your first high, you squirm and moan with his cock lodged in your throat. Burning when you feel your second high splatter against your thigh, messing your sheets once again.
His heavy cock hits your cheek when he pulls out of your strained mouth, dragging you by your ankle to pull you further down on the bed. The only thing you see before he spins you around and raises your back to an arch, positioning your ass against his cock, is the sweat glittering on his skin, hair dripping as it lays flat against his head.
You’re still buzzing from your first high, holding yourself up on tired limbs as he spreads you open with the tip of his cock, sighing out your name before you feel his hand meet your ass. Hands giving up while your cheek presses into the blanket, drool slipping out when his cock rubs against your folds.
“Good girl,” he pants, and you can tell by his prolonged thrusts that he’s trying to drag out the sensation. Feeling each vein press into your walls once he sinks into your cunt.
You’re babbling, hair sticking to your shoulders with how much you’re sweating, mouth hanging open as he splits you open on his cock. He twists you around harshly, pressing your knees into your chest as you both watch how his cock disappears into your creamy cunt, air creeping out of your lungs.
He directs your attention to his face with a hand around your throat, taking your bottom lip between his teeth.
“Such a greedy little cunt,” he grunts, eyes not leaving yours, “still want more? Want me to fill you up with my cum? Hm?”
You nod, rubbing your lips together to prevent yourself from screeching, eyes rolling to the back of your head when his big cock goes deeper and deeper with each ruthless thrust.
If you weren’t so fucked out, you would notice that he’s quiet once he’s close to the edge, eyebrows knitted together as he concentrates, rolling off the last bit of energy as he chases his high. He whimpers when your walls close around him, hissing when your nails draw lines down his back.
“Fucking hell,” he groans, cock twitching inside you as his thrusts become shallow. His eyes lock with yours, wet hair brushing your forehead before he kneels on the bed and sets down your legs, index finger flicking at your clit twice before your mind goes blank for the third time tonight.
“I’m cumming, fuck—“
He thrusts into his fist, directing the hot spurts of cum onto your chest with a drawn-out groan of your name. You gasp when some hits your chin, dripping down your sides filthily.
You’re lax in his arms, reaching up half-heartedly to help him clean you up and change the beddings. Sitting at your desk, you watch as he struggles to fit on the sheet. You would’ve helped but he insisted that he could do it himself. Smiling tiredly, you thank him as he tucks you in, leaving the blanket folded over so he can join you in bed.
“Are you feeling cold? Do you want me to close the window?”
Humming, you roll over onto your side under the blanket, unable to fight the exhaustion any longer, especially when the fresh sheets feel so good against your skin. Behind closed lids, you sense the change in lighting after he settles in behind you, pecking the skin of your shoulder. You’re about to fall off to sleep when you realize that your roommate and her friends saw you butt-naked with your boyfriend’s mouth on your—
“Jungkook,” you call, nudging him with your shoulder, “are you awake?”
“Yeah, what?” He croaks. You melt after hearing his whiny, sleepy voice, turning around in his hold to poke his cheek.
“Hana and her friends saw us.”
His mouth quirks to the side, eyes remaining closed, “so?”
“So? Are you kidding? I was naked and you were…I’m pretty sure they’re all fans of yours!” You whisper-shout, smacking his arm lightly when he pinches your ass.
He speaks around a yawn, cuddling you closer to his chest, “so what if they’re my fans?”
You blink, “I don’t know…What if they tell everyone and you lose followers…or something like that?”
His eyes crack open, face going blank for a split before his eyebrow jumps.
“Everyone knows I have a girlfriend. Why would I lose followers if everyone knows that my girlfriend and I fuck? Which they probably already know.”
Your cheeks heat at his crude words.
“Besides, I could have one billion followers but only one would matter to me,” he says nonchalantly, shutting his eyes as if dismissing the conversation.
Pulling away to get a better look at him, you slide a hand over his tattoos, stopping at his shoulder.
“Oh yeah? Who would that be?”
His arms encircle your waist, sharing body heat as your form melds to his. Heart fluttering in your chest at his boyish grin.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
❃ Festivaled Away: Burned Memories hosted by @bangtanbathhouse​  
⤞ Ticket: Playlist ⤞ Main Event: Based on a Playlist ⤞ Games: fucking playlist | sensory deprivation | breath play | phone sex | oral fixation
Tumblr media
⤞ title: mu$ic fairy  ⤞ pairing: rapper!yoongi x podcaster!female oc ⤞ genre: smut   ⤞ summary: When Yoongi’s career started to kick off, he never imagined he’d have a secret admirer this early in the game. Sure, random women throw themselves at him all the time, but this one has a different approach when it comes to getting his attention.  ⤞ word count: 11k ⤞ warnings: strong language | sexual tension | pet names | dirty talk | guided masturbation | ball fondling | dom/sub dynamics | sensory deprivation | breath play | phone sex | oral fixation | mutual masturbation | protected sex | ruined orgasms | orgasm denial | hard dom!yoongi | sub!reader | blindfolding kinda? | rough sex | choking | degradation | face down doggy/ass shots | hair pulling | squirting | ass slapping | nipple sucking | multiple orgasms | blowjob | face/throat fucking | yoongi moaning(yes that’s a warning) | oral (male and female receiving) | face slapping | finger sucking | clit biting | gagging | bdsm themes | orgasm control | cum swallowing | praising | cum swapping | forced orgasms | kissing but not the cute kind | aftercare | yoongi’s harsh(no other way to put it) | crying(the good kind) | sex & music | manhandling | sex with no feelings | marking/biting/scratching | possessive!yoongi(like he’s obsessed with marking her up) | pain kink | you’re either going to love me or hate me for the ending | pov switches | lying ass heauxs | toxic behavior because they are wild lol | alcohol consumption | the oc is slightly curvy and brown like me😜 ⤞ rating: 18+  ⤞ a/n: This got way out of hand lol. I tried to write a drabble but it just didn’t work out. I need to first and foremost give a special thanks to my beta readers Bambi @agustdealer & Ryen @kithtaehyung​ for not only looking over this for me but listening to me cry and rip this story apart over and over lol(there may still be some mistakes because I’m a clown and added stuff they didn’t read). I really appreciate your dedication and faith in me. Also, praise needs to be given to the ever so talented Ryen @/kithtaehyung for this amazing banner. She slayed as always. Lastly, thank you Madame Amai @kkulmoon​ for hosting this event. I hope you all enjoy it. Don’t forget to comment, reblog, and leave feedback to let me know what you think.💖
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Tumblr media
Thank you for completing our questionnaire. Please stay on the line and allow us to find you the perfect match…
With a few basic questions and a two minute wait, he was paired with a woman that sounds rather beautiful. He imagines that she is, at least. Well, he hopes. 
He’s been chatting with her for about an half of a minute, and he’s feeling her. So he doesn’t hang up when the official timer begins.
“So umm…how confidential is this?” He can never be too careful. This could ruin his reputation if someone found out.  “You said you’ve done this before, right?”
“Yeah, it’s safe, love. Trust me.” 
He hopes you’re right. 
“After you complete the questionnaire, they pair you with a random person who has similar preferences.”
He pushes the worrisome thoughts to the back of his mind and proceeds to pleasure himself before time is up. He’s currently living paycheck to paycheck, so fifteen minutes was all he could afford.
“Should I lead or…?”
He scoffs out a laugh. “I got it, babe. Just vibe with me.”
“Okay.” Your response is through small labored breaths. You must be broke as shit too because you aren’t wasting any time. “C-Can you put on some music or something?...I umm, can’t do it  when it’s this quiet.”
He grabs his laptop and allows whatever track is next to travel through the speakers.
Fuck. He forgot about the beats he was playing for someone earlier. Hopefully, it doesn’t ruin your mood before he can change it. “Sorry,” he mutters a bit embarrassed.
“No, this is fine.”
“Yeah, it’s sensual,” you pant. His brows knit together in curiosity and he momentarily ceases his movements. “The bass complements your voice well, actually. Did you umm…?”
“Yeah, that’s me.”
“I like it.” The little moan behind those words has him standing at attention. In any second, he could blow his load.
“Yeah? What else do you like?...Tell me what gets your attention.”
There’s a pause. “Or would you rather me shut up?”
“The opposite. I wanna hear you…your voice. You sound hot,” you giggle and it’s one of the most soothing things he’s ever heard. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart. You don’t sound bad either…Just hearing you laugh is making me hard.”
He hears a whimper; one of the sexiest, neediest whines to ever grace his ears. “Tell me what you just did. Don’t be shy.”
You hesitate, so he steps in.
“Touching your pussy, huh?”
He senses through the phone how worked up he’s getting you. You’ve started panting and moaning out your words shamelessly.
“Mmhm, my clit.”
He chuckles and whispers of curses come through the phone.
“Do me a favor?” you agree and he continues. “Move a little lower and dip your fingers in your pussy. Tell me how wet it is.”
He uses his spit for lubrication and tightens his fist around his cock. He imagines it was your walls snuggled around him, pumping his length as you bounce up and down. Something inside of him believes that you’re pretty, with a nice ass too. A really nice ass, that’s what his fantasies project at least.
“Fuck. How many?” you ask him.
Damn. You’re obedient as well. That’s hot, really hot. 
“As many as your pretty cunt can take.”
When he hears a muffled cry, his bottom lips tucks between his teeth while he concentrates on the squelching sounds coming through the phone. You both move in sync with the music and allow it to take away the nervous jitters the both of you had previously. His cock starts twitching in his palm when your sweet little moans move through his ears.
“How many did you use, sweetheart?”
You answer him in a high-pitched voice. You’re close too, he can hear it. Your eyes are probably screwed shut, trying to keep it together to prolong the call, but he has to go before his bill skyrockets. He needs to get you off—quickly.
“Two. Three, now. I needed more.”
“Greedy, aren’t we?”
“No…I’m just really horny.”
He has to smile at that. “Yeah? Me too. This is good, but I'd rather be balls deep in you.”
“Fuck, I’d like it.”
Sweat beads on his forehead, but he just wipes it away with the back of his hand and keeps going. The music has changed to something more upbeat and he knows this is his shot for home plate.
“Really? Is that why you’re making a mess? I can hear it, you know...you’re so fucking wet.”
“Shit, I wanna come,” your words are barely recognizable and you just keep begging him for more, “please help me.”
“Fuck, sweetheart. Take your fingers out and rub your clit. Spread that sticky shit all over it and get yourself off.”
He throws his head back and curls his toes, bracing himself for the impact of his orgasm. This has to top he sexual encounters and he’s not even touching you. It’s just something about you that’s driving him insane. He doesn’t even know your name, but he doesn’t need to, not when all that matters now is the pleasure of this experience. 
“I’d lick it all up too, eat you out until you cry and forget your own fucking name. You want that, sweetheart?”
“Yeah, I wanna feel you so bad.”
“I know, baby. You’d let me take you anyway I’d like, wouldn’t you?...I could bend you over? Dick you down with your legs pinned by your head. I fuck you up, princess and you’d never want another.”
“Fuck, I’m gonna—”
Dead silence. 
“Are you kidding me? Fuck!”
The phone hangs up just as you both reach your climaxes. Disappointment is thick in the air as his quick strokes gradually begin to slow. He groans and curses angrily at the loss, and grips fistfuls of his hair in frustration. Out of all the people for this to happen to; it had to be him. Just when he thought his luck couldn’t get any worse, this happens and proves that life is just out to get him.
“Something’s gotta give, man. I can’t keep living like this.”
So, he shrugs off his needs and does what he does best—work. He puts on his headphones and hopes that one of these tracks will be the one that opens the door to all of his dreams.
Tumblr media
Two years later…
“This is your boy Jay Millz, and you're listening to Q107.9. We got my man Suga in the motherfuckin’ building. This guy has the hottest track on the radio right now, bro. He’s gonna be chilling with us for a minute while we dip into the Rush Hour Mix with DJ Reign. Suga! How you doin’, man?...”
He nods and greets the guy behind the mic. They extend their arms for a brief handshake before he continues. “What’s good? Glad to be here, man.” 
Yoongi looks around the table and sighs. He’s tired of the same fucking questions. 
What’s next for you? How does it feel to be the hottest rapper out right now? Will you sign with SlaughterHouse Records?
As if he’d leave a crumb behind for the tabloids to fight over. Yoongi’s been careful; really careful. He’s worked hard to maintain a decent reputation; besides a few run-ins with the law. But overall, he’s avoided anything that could damage the image he’s created for his pseudo. 
Many have tried to tear him down, or trip him up. However, he knows how to handle those people, and that’s what he’s about to do when the woman across from him asks the question lingering on the tip of her tongue. He knows it’s coming; he can tell by the way her nails tap on the table. She waits for silence and then she goes for the kill.
“So…Suga, you know I have to ask.”
The other co host sighs with an exhausted eyeroll. “Bee, please don’t start.”
“I have to. The people wanna know,” she argues and Yoongi can feel his head starting to throb. 
It’s bad enough that he hates these things and they cannot stop themselves from trying to dabble in his personal life.
“Anyway, are you currently dating anyone, Suga? A fan? A girlfriend?...etc?”
Yoongi looks to his left and gives her a lazy smirk, just fucking with her mind a bit before he responds.
“Nahh, I’m good. Gotta stay focused, you feel me?”
He takes a sip from his cup and savors the cold liquor before he gulps it down, watching the poor girl slump her shoulders in defeat. However, he was a fool to think this was over.
“And what about Mu$ic Fairy?” the interviewer to his right asks.
“What about her?”
He sets down his cup and turns in the man’s direction.
“She dropped a new playlist last night. I know a lot of us would have gone to see about that by now.”
Yoongi scoffs out a laugh. “Well, I’m not a lot of us, am I?”
“Damn right,” Jay chimes in from across the table. He notices Bee shaking her head in the corner and he couldn’t agree with her more. This is ridiculous. 
This girl, “Mu$ic Fairy” or whatever she calls herself is nothing but a fucking distraction. No one can resist bringing her up when he’s in the room. There’s no fucking escape.
At first, it was cute. A few Spotify playlists dropped every once in a while with a rather risqué cover just to tease, but now it’s an entire movement. Some fans are even calling themselves fairies, and wearing themed attire to his performances. 
He fucking hates it. The wings, the glitter, the overly sweet tones in which they speak. Of course, he appreciates his fans and they’re fun to look at, but Yoongi’s a picky guy. And if that’s the kind of girl you are, then you aren’t his type.
“I would’ve probably hit her up after she dropped the [email protected] Ho @nthem! playlist.” 
Jay bumps fists with the other guy host after he says that and they have a “same” moment.
Bee adds her input after it quiets down.
“Well, I’m going to have to agree with—”
“Do not…say her name around me,” Yoongi intervenes.
He can’t; not when he has a show tonight. Just hearing her name pisses him off. 
Another reason he hates doing interviews is because someone always has to mention…
“Oh, are you talking about that podcaster?...Damn, what’s her name…”
Jay struggles to remember while snapping his fingers, so Bee attempts to help him out. However, Yoongi cuts her off before she can speak of the devil.
“Don’t you dare.”
The woman once again backs down and carries on.
“Well anyway, I agree with you know who. She makes valid points about how none of these people were after him before he started making industry music. They don’t really fuck with the real Suga.”
Yoongi only nods his head because the annoying bitch behind that podcast is right. This Mu$ic Fairy chick started showing up when he became popular and so did her followers. But that’s about one of the only things he agrees with. Everything else is out of line. This woman doesn’t know anything about him, but yet always has an input to give when it comes to his music.
One of the interviewers notices his change in demeanor and senses the hatred he has for this chick. He steps in and changes the subject quickly.
“Shit, we’re almost out of time. That’s what happens when you’re chillin’ with one of the greatest to ever do it.”
Yoongi shakes his head. “Nahh, man. Don’t put that on me yet. Give me some time.”
“Many would have to disagree with you there, bro. Matter of fact, you should ask them. Why don’t you tell the listeners where you’re gonna be tonight?”
“Yuh, tonight you can catch me at the Varsity. Tickets sold out, but yeah…fuck with me.”
The interviewers briefly share a round of applause before Jay concludes.
“Alright. You heard him. Tickets sold out, but who knows ladies…he might just take you home for the after party, right bro?”
Yoongi can only press his lips in a straight line because anyone that knows him, knows that a piece of ass is the last thing on his mind right now, but for the sake of some poor girl’s imagination…
“Yeah, we’ll see.”
And because of this, he’s probably going to have to fight his way out of the club.
Tumblr media
The rush Yoongi gets from being on stage always lingers in his veins even after the music stops. The crowd keeps the energy going and going. They scream his name, applaud his techniques, and praise his stage presence like he’s a king. He is, in a way. Suga is the king of this city; there isn’t a guy who doesn’t want to be him or a woman who doesn’t want to fuck him.
Typically, temptation is easy to resist since his career leaves him little time for extracurricular activities. However, sometimes he just can’t allow something to slip away. Not again.
“You killed it tonight, man.” 
Yoongi doesn’t even spare his manager a glance as he brushes past him. His train of vision is focused on that little black dress swaying through the crowd. If he takes his eyes off of you for a second, he knows he’ll lose you in the mass of people.
“Thanks, dude. I’ll talk to you in a bit.”
He doesn’t know what was said in response because he’s out of range within seconds. He’s a man on a mission, and he’s not even sure of why. 
You’re beautiful, there’s no denying that—and sexy. But something else about you is just luring him in, and he thinks he knows why. At least, that’s his excuse for following you outside of the club. 
It’s dangerous, of course, since anyone could be waiting to get him alone. But tonight he can’t let you just leave without a word. He’s done that too many times. You show up to show after show, stare him down as if he’s your last meal, then leave without even a wave or goodbye.
Yoongi’s had enough; this ends now.
You immediately stop in your tracks at the sound of his voice. He wastes no time trying to eliminate the distance between you, but you dash down an adjacent alley before he can get close enough to talk to you. 
He follows you, and calls out to you one more time before you halt and finally respond to him.
“Hey there.” 
Your voice is so dulcet, but edgy…and familiar. Where has he heard it before? 
“Looking for me?” The closer he gets the more clearer the sound becomes and eventually it clicks. He knows exactly why he knows your voice.
But you aren’t the person he thought you were, and you’re the last person he wants to see.
“You’re that podcaster, aren’t you?” Yoongi questions, approaching you carefully. At least his mind still holds the common sense to be cautious. 
When you look over shoulder, it’s like his breath leaves his body. He’s seen his share of gorgeous women, but you are out of this world. There’s no way you could be her. But everything is telling him that you are.
“Depends…who wants to know?” 
Yoongi doesn’t know where to look first. Your face or the body that comes along with it. “You or the bitches who want to be like me?”
The moment he’s close enough to hear the cockiness oozing from your voice, he knows it’s you without a doubt. He can feel the same aura radiating from you now that he does whenever he listens to those podcasts. You’re her; he’s a hundred percent sure of it.
“So you’re bold behind the mic, but now you’re too pussy to look at me?”
You turn around on queue, adorning a wide smirk that he’d give anything to wipe off your gorgeous face. “Better?”
Yoongi nods slowly and takes a few steps towards you. With every step he takes you move backwards, allowing him to corner you and in the dimly lit alley. 
“It’s funny because with all the shit you talk on air, I didn’t take you to be a runner,” he points out.
“I don’t think you know me well enough to assume that, love.”
“But you know me well enough to critique my music?”
You hum. “I do, actually.”
“Really?” When your back nearly touches the brick wall, he leans in a little closer. You show no signs of uneasiness so he plants his palm on brick structure and hovers over your shorter frame. “What makes you believe that?”
“Because I’ve been a fan for a very long time. Ever since your underground days. You’ve never noticed me…but I was there.”
When he gives you a look, you roll your eyes. Of course, he doesn’t believe a word that pretty mouth of yours spits out.
“Your first real gig was on your birthday. You were a senior in high school and you invited your parents to the show. You looked around and when you finally saw them you smiled like a fucking dork.”
Damn. You read him like a book, but that doesn’t make up for the negativity spilled on your behalf.
“So you’ve been following me to shows so you can build up the repertoire for your little podcast? For how long?”
You shake your head in denial. 
“I followed you because you’ve always been my favorite artist. I admire you, and I’ve been around since the beginning. Even when nobody was fucking with your music…your real music. The kind you’re passionate about.”
Yoongi scoffs. “Like you would know anything about that.”
“But, I do. That’s why I’m so pissed at you. All you make is industry music now, and I’m just…bored, I guess.”
You’re cute when you shrug your shoulders, but your eyes are lethal. He feels like he’s being stripped bare under your gaze. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say you were silently flirting with him, but they’d be a reach.
“So find a hobby,” he suggests.
“I did find hobbies. The podcast, the playlists, the—”
“Wait,” Yoongi’s face contorts with confusion at those words, believing that he’s misheard you, “...you said playlists. What playlists?”
Your smirk returns and Yoongi suddenly feels his cock slowly rising in his underwear. Why do the heavens place the demons in the most beautiful women; he’ll never understand.
“You know which playlists I’m talking about, love…” your hand makes a move to touch his shoulder but he grabs your arm to prevent contact, “they were made for you.”
“Made for me? What does…”
Oh, damn.
“Are you…?”
��Well, it sure isn’t the whore in there dressed like Tinkerbell. You think I’d wear that shit?” Your laugh is so intoxicating; he almost cracks a smile just standing there watching you. “I don’t need all of that to grasp your attention. I never have.”
Yoongi shakes his head. All this time you were right under his nose. Two women he could never stand to mention are placed right in front of him, hiding behind a goddess. It’s pure comedy; his reaction to the news should have him pulling away from you and heading in the opposite direction.
But can admit that he judges a book by its cover; you aren’t what he thought you were. You’re different, interesting…someone he’d actually like to have underneath him in the opportunity ever presents itself. But he’s confused…why him? Why go through all the trouble if the music is all you care about? That whole Mu$ic Fairy concept has completely fucked with his mind. 
How does he go from having no interest to wanting to see what it’s all about? There has to be more to it; otherwise, it makes no sense. You two are strangers. 
He shouldn’t crave the warmth beneath his palm while his hand grips your forearm, but he does. The skin to skin contact should not arouse him so easily, but there’s no denying the bulge forming in his pants. Despite all of this, Yoongi keeps his composure the best he can; you’re too cocky for him to just slip up and expose himself.
“Out of all the times to fuck with me…” he pauses when your beautiful glossed lips part to blow the strawberry bubblegum you’ve been chewing. Your tongue darts out to pop and collect the medium-sized pink bubble, and he can feel his knees buckle when you suck it back in. 
He’s usually not this fond of people and gum, but the way you handle it, the way you slowly rolled it over your tongue in preparation was a fucking sinful, and he can’t get enough of watching you do it. 
“Why tonight?” he asks you.
You bat your thick lashes, probably knowing good and well what you’re doing to him. He knows you’re taunting him, silently asking for him to make a move, but he won’t. You’ll have to beg him for it.
“Because…I’m horny, and I’m tired of waiting for your clueless ass to figure this out.”
Yoongi scoffs. “Bullshit.” 
He looks down as your finger loops underneath one of his chains and tugs him closer, something he wouldn’t allow anyone to do, but somehow you already earned privileges. You don’t know how dangerous of a game you’re playing with him, but he silently prays you’ll get to find out. He’d give anything to bend over the hood of his car and—
“And, I think you owe me something,” you inform, placing your other hand on his shoulder once he slides his to your waist.
“What might that be, love?”
Your smirk widens as you hypnotize him with your brown orbs. He can smell your perfume and flavored gum even better from this proximity, and your scent makes him feel like he’s in some sort of blissful haze—intoxicated by the smell of you. It’s no secret that he wants you bad; he just can’t let you know that. Not until you tell him why you’re doing all of this.
“An orgasm.”
Everything grows quiet after you articulate those words. It only takes him a couple of seconds to remember, and when his mind processes it all, his brain nearly malfunctions as he tries to speak.
“You’re fucking with me,” he insists.
“You should know by now that I’m tired of the games, Yoongi.” His body shutters when you use his real name. Something he’d normally go off about, but he never wants you to stop saying it. He needs to hear you say it again; for an entirely different reason. “You can tell me to fuck off, if you want.”
He blinks a few times, not realizing he was just standing there and not saying anything.
“No, no. I’m just–wow…I never expected you to remember me.”
“Why wouldn’t I? It’s not everyday you’re matched with your favorite rapper on a sex hotline,” you wink and Yoongi’s mouth falls open.
“You knew it was me the whole time?...and you didn’t say anything?”
You nod. “Yeah, I did. Your voice, your demeanor; I knew from the start, but I played along because you obviously weren’t on the call to talk about mixtapes. I just wanted you to enjoy yourself, I guess.”
“This is fucking crazy.”
Yoongi’s speechless. That was kind, and you kept it a secret all this time. Suddenly, all of this seems kind of sexy. It’s a secret he could have been in on if only he had read between the lines. However, he knows now, and it’s still technically still a secret…if it stays between you and him.
Your lips are once again his main focus; he’s so close to living the fantasies he had of you all those nights he wondered about how you handled yourself after the phone call ended. Did you come? Or was your mood ruined like his? He sure hopes not, because you were incredible and if anyone deserved to finish, it should have been you. 
He was right about you too. You are sexy, and the longer he stands here with you, the harder it is for him to hold back on his urges. But hearing your needy voice breaks him entirely.
“How much longer am I going to have to wait for it, Yoongi?”
All regards for his reputation goes out the window. He looks towards both ends of the alley before he makes his move. Anyone could be watching, but once he feels your hands sliding up his body, he decides that that is no longer his concern.
“Come here.”
Yoongi grabs you by your throat, but doesn’t squeeze or choke you. He just wants you closer, and your eyes tell him you understand where he’s going from.
“I live 20 minutes away from here, think you can wait that long?”
“Do I have a choice?” you reply and that sass is what gets him riled up.
He doesn’t think twice about kissing your pillow soft lips. He’s been staring at them, wishing he could feel them, taste them, and now he is and he already can’t get enough. The level of sweetness on his taste buds is sinful, but it’s one addiction he’d never give up. 
His tongue enters your mouth without any resistance from you, and he eagerly explores its depths, getting familiar with the woman wrapped in his arms as if he has all the time in the world with you. Your moans sends vibrations through his throat when he lifts your leg, nuzzling his crotch against your heat. 
Yoongi would fuck you right now while he has you pinned against this wall but that just wouldn’t satisfy his thirst for you. You’ve been teasing him for too long for him to just rush this. It took two years to lead up to this moment, a quickie would never do it any justice.
“I need you to be on your best behavior until we get to my place,” he tells you through his slightly labored breaths.
“And if I don’t?”
His features harden. 
“Then you won’t get anything, now come on. Let’s dip before one of your friends sees me without security.” 
Or…before he changes his mind. He’s had plenty of bad ideas, but this tops the list.
Tumblr media
It’s the only thing you can think about as your eyes scan over the sleek hood of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The man’s got some taste, you have to admit. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be taking you to his place. You like the fact that he’s picky, but always chooses correctly.
You drink in the sight before—Yoongi standing there in his stage outfit, complimenting his car. The vehicle’s custom, all white except for the tires and the heavily tinted windows. You could only quiver at the image of him driving it, and when it actually happens, your mind and your mouth start to go in different directions.
He asks you basic questions like your name and where you’re from; you can only hope you’ve given him the correct answers because you cannot break away from the visual of him gripping the wheel with one hand while he’s laid back in his seat. His jewelry glistens and shines even in the darkness of his car, but your eyes still fight through the nearly blinding twinkle so you can watch the man behind it all.
You’ve wanted him since you first saw him. He came to a pep rally at your high school and you fell in love with his music and his sound—his voice especially. Sure he was a cutie, still is. But he had so much hunger, so much passion for music that you felt him on a spiritual level. 
He did so well on his first performance, and you remember telling your friends how much you wanted to listen to his Soundcloud when the event was over. Of course, they laughed and thought he sucked because he didn’t fit their visual standards, but now…they probably wish they’d been a little more invested in him.
“Can you stop doing that and answer my question?” 
There it is again. That voice. It drives you crazy; when he said hello to you on that hotline, you knew without a doubt you were talking to your favorite rapper.
“Wha–Doing what?”
“Eye fucking me and biting your lip like that. Do you want me to pull over?” 
You open your mouth to speak but he interjects.
“Actually, never mind. Don’t even answer that. Certain things I don’t need in my head while I’m operating a vehicle.”
Your neck and face heat up. If only he knew that you aren’t as confident as you appear. He’s hot, but the fact that he doesn’t know it makes him hotter.
“Sorry,” you turn towards the window so you can smile. You don’t want to feed his ego. No matter how much he denies it, he’s cocky as hell. If he knows you’re gawking over him simply driving, he’ll run with it. “...What did you ask me?”
A slow exhale leaves his lips, like he’s slightly annoyed and you should be offended, but damn—it was kind of sexy.
“I just wanted to know what you do for a living. How can you afford to travel and come to shows all the time? ...I’m just curious.”
“Why? You think I’m selling my—”
“I wasn’t going to say that.”
“You were thinking it, and the answer is ‘no’. And no, I don’t have an OnlyFans either…probably should, though. I’d make bank,” you shrug.
“Look, I know you aren’t doing any of that. Honestly, you seem kind of selfish with the goods anyway, but…tell me how you keep up. That’s all I’m saying. Podcasts bring in that much money?”
“No they don’t, especially when you do them for free. I’m a writer. I write songs and I sell them to some of your favorite artists.”
Yoongi whistles. “You’ve got to be kidding me. Name a few.”
“This isn’t roll call, babe. If you wanna look up my credentials, you know my name now…Google me.”
“Oh, I will.”
“Fine,” you scoff.
When you look forward, you notice that you’re entering a gated community. Yoongi lets down his window and waves at the on-duty guard before the older man opens the automatic gate. 
After driving past many luxurious homes, Yoongi pulls into a driveway and uses a clicker to open the garage door. 
“We’re here,” he announces.
His home is lovely, and you’re in awe by the set up and interior design once you enter. You’re impressed, most guys don’t spend much thought on this level of organization. 
Yoongi leads you up the stairs and into his bedroom. You can feel the butterflies in your stomach fluttering more and more as you get closer to the top of the stairs. Your knees buckle slightly when he opens the door, but your eyes still look in every direction once you’ve made it inside.
It’s dark, but you can still make out the colors that fill the room. Blacks and grays with white walls. His bed is draped with a dark set; you can’t help but find it inviting. And it’s huge; you imagine he must be a wild sleeper because you couldn’t imagine sleeping in a bed that large alone.
“I love your home, Suga.”
He waves his hand. “Thanks, but you don’t have to call me that. You didn’t call me that earlier.”
“I didn’t?”
“Nope.” He shakes his head and tells you that you can make yourself comfortable while he disappears into his closet. When he returns with clothes, you tilt your head with curiosity. “I’m gonna go shower, don’t get too nosey while you’re in here by yourself.”
“You’re leaving me? Why can’t I join you?”
Yoongi’s eyes widen for a second and a hand runs through his hair while he ponders over his answer. “Because umm…”
You crane your neck trying to coax an answer but he still stammers.
“It’s…you know.”
You smile. He’s kind of adorable, in a way.
“Too intimate?”
Your head lolls back while you laugh and Yoongi huffs in annoyance as he makes his way to the bathroom. 
“What am I supposed to do while you’re in there?” you call out and he stops to turn around.
You watch him get ready to produce a smart remark. However, he pauses before he can get it out. He puts his clothes on the bed and walks over to the nightstand, turning on his laptop and grabbing some Bluetooth headphones from the drawer.
“Here,” he says, pairing them to his computer and then handing them to you. You take them before you look up at him, wondering where he’s going with this, but he’s quick to fill you in. “Listen to this, I won’t be long.”
Yoongi puts on some music and gives you a wink that you embarrassingly clench in result of. He leaves you sitting on his bed, headphones in hand without another word. 
For the first minute you stare at the object wondering what’s being played, but your curiosity takes over quickly and before you know it, they’re coming over your ears. You don’t regret it the second you hear his voice. 
The music begins to travel through the speakers, you become obsessed with it from the very first track. You love that it’s similar to his original sound, but it isn’t the same track over and over again. They’re all so different yet so him. You can hear and feel the amount of dedication and effort he put into it. Like it wasn’t done out of obligation, but because he wanted to do it for himself. You can’t help but get up and sway your hips to the music. 
You feel so connected to him through his work, and that’s why you go on and on about how you wish he’d make another mixtape because this shit is fire. You wonder how long he’s been hiding it from the world.
You aren’t expecting him to be sitting on the bed when you turn around. Your hand finds your chest and you lower the volume on the headset.
“How long have you been sitting there? You fucking scared me.”
He shrugs. “Long enough to know that I want that dress off of you.”
Your startled expression turns smug. “Oh, really?”
“Hell, yeah.”
“So…you want me to take it off?” You raise an eyebrow.
“What do you think?”
“I think you’re going to have to use your words with me if you want something.”
Yoongi’s arms fold at his chest; his white tee strains against his beefiness. You remember how his clothes used to swallow him, but now he’s filling them up quite nicely, if you may. Either way, he looks good. It’s just a natural trait he possesses.
“I mean either you can take it off or you can leave. Doesn’t matter to me,” he shrugs his shoulders.
If you weren’t horny just looking at him sitting there in his boxers, you’d call his bluff. But you’ve already picked up on his stubbornness and you know better than to try him. “Fine.”
You sigh as you drag down the straps of your dress, rolling your eyes when he tells you to slow down. You flip your hair and twirl your body as you wiggle the fabric down your hips, turning around in the opposite direction to give him a peek at your derriere. 
Looking over your shoulder, you notice how his face becomes etched with approval. You give yourself a silent applaud for selecting this piece. You’re sure your thong leaves nothing for his imagination. It also doesn’t help that you’re topless.
You stop torturing him and turn around so he can see the front.
“Damn,” is all he can say.
You take off your heels before walking towards him and his eyes never leave your breasts the entire journey, even once you’re standing between his legs, preparing to straddle his lap.
“I want you.” You tell him as if he doesn’t already know. 
Yoongi’s hands find your waist while you place your knees on the bed. As soon as you’re on his lap, you can feel his bulge threatening to burst out of his underwear. It’d be so simple to pull your panties aside and milk him for everything he has, but not tonight. He’s the one who owes you a good fucking.
“How badly?”
His lips find your skin and make their way to your tits, making you clutch onto his damp curly strands while he sucks and tugs on your sensitive nipples. Your hands tug his hair, and you force him to look at your face.
“Yoongi. You’re either going to fuck me or I’m going to fuck you. What’s it going to be—”
He scoops you up and drops you on the mattress, making you squeak in surprise. The dark gleam in his orbs has your thighs rubbing and your fists clinging onto the comforter. He's finally had enough, and hopefully he doesn’t hold back anymore.
“You asked for this,” he warns you and you almost giggle with glee. He pulls his shirt over his head and is about to toss it somewhere, but then he changes his mind. Yoongi looks at you for a moment, contemplating before he speaks. “You trust me, right?”
“Well, I came home with you even though you hate me, didn’t I?...Why do you ask?”
“So a lot or a little?”
You groan. 
He chuckles and you feel the butterflies once again. Yoongi turns the volume up on his laptop before holding up a thumb to ask if it is too loud. Honestly, you’re glad it tuned him out because though you understand that safety is first, there’s little you wouldn’t try when it comes to this man. You’ve been waiting as patiently as you could to experience this and you’re ready to get started.
You nod and his devilish smirk is the last thing you see before he throws his shirt over your head. Darkness fills your vision but it doesn’t bother you as long as his voice is filling your ears. His cold hands slide up your thighs and spread them, wasting no time in touching your slightly sodden underwear.
Gasps escape your lips when his finger presses gently on your clit, and you can only hope the sound isn’t too awkward since you cannot hear yourself. 
The bed dips so you assume he’s climbing on and you release a breath when you feel his lips hovering over your body. He leaves kisses between your breasts and he doesn’t stop until your lace panties prevent him from accessing any more skin.
Yoongi quickly slides them off, leaving lying on his bed completely naked. Everything from the moment when his tongue dips into your center is one feverish bliss. Your back arches, your toes curl, and your fingers entangle in his hair. The sounds you’re making are probably feral and of an obnoxious volume but Yoongi doesn’t bother to shush you or stop his sinful movements. 
He draws circles over your throbbing clit with his tongue, moving in the same motion as you do as you swivel your hips. This song has you in the mood to grind your pussy on his face, and that’s entirely his fault for coming up with such vulgar lyrics. It’s filthy and you feel the muscles in your stomach tightening by the seconds. You scream his name over and over but he just keeps going until you release the pressure built up inside of you.
The shirt is snatched off your face as you’re at your peak and what you see between your thighs only intensifies your orgasm. His face is buried in your heat, sucking your bundle of nerves into his mouth and nibbling gently while you squirm in his iron grip.
Yoongi kisses your inner thighs once you begin to calm down to help you relax. When you back slowly droop onto the bed is when he carefully removes the headphones, turning them off and then setting them on the nightstand next to his laptop.
“I would go back for seconds, but that would only make me want more,” he tells you. He opens the bottom drawer and pulls out some condoms then throws them on the bed.
“I don’t know if I’d survive that.”
“Well, you better say a prayer because we aren’t done,” he laughs and excitement bubbles inside of you.
Yoongi switches the music to something else and you can’t help but pout. 
You sigh. “I pray you aren’t all talk.”
He glares at you for your comment and steps closer to the bed. 
“You’re a sweet girl, but…” he flips you on your stomach and pulls you up by the waist, positioning you so that your ass and pussy are directly in his line of sight, “you need to watch how you fucking speak to me.”
A shriek leaves your lips when he slaps your ass. “Yoongi…please.”
“Please? You want me to stop?”
“No!” Your voice is high pitched and shaky, almost unrecognizable to your ears. “Don’t stop, please.”
Yoongi finds humor in your desperation. “Ask me nicely.”
“Fuck,” you whine but it’s the wrong answer. “Yoongi, please do it again.”
Your breath hitches. “What?”
“I said no.”.
“Such a fucking asshole,” you mumble insults, thinking they’re too low for him to hear.
“What was that?”
You look behind you and notice Yoongi rolling a condom over his dick. You can’t tear your eyes away from the sight of those veiny hands stroking his cock slowly, preparing himself to dive into your wetness. You’ve always wondered what he looked like doing that, ever since that time on the phone.
“Nothing,” you lie.
He puts his knee on the bed and inches closer to you. You tease him by wiggling your ass a little but he places a hand on your hip to still you. “You know…”
You can feel his cock against your entrance and your body pushes back on him to try and get it inside of you yourself. However, your impatience makes you forget how petty the man behind you really is.
The tip slips past your folds and with the amount of arousal seeping from your opening, he’s able to slide in with ease. But it’s only a taste; the majority of his cock still remains outside of you, and quickly your frustration takes control of you.
“If you wanna meet an asshole…” he makes a loud gasp leave your lips when he, without warning, slams into your pussy in one smooth motion. You whimper; a harsh snatch of your hair makes you wince and grip the sheets. Your head is turned in an uncomfortable position, but the only thing you can focus on is the intensity of the stretch and the way his dick doesn’t leave any room to spare, “I could introduce you to one.”
Yoongi pushes your head forward and pins you to the mattress. Your teeth grit together because of your sensitivity. You could come just like this without him even moving. That’s how worked up you still are. You just need a moment to pull yourself together, but Yoongi doesn’t have the patience for that.
“Arch your fucking back.”
He pulls out but swiftly snaps back into you, causing you to let out a squeak. You try to cover your mouth but his large hand comes down on your ass before you can do so. Your moans turn into screams within minutes, increasing in volume each time Yoongi slaps your rear.
“I know you can do better than that. Straighten up before I do it for you,” he grunts through the lewd skin-slapping noises that fill the room.
You squeeze your eyes shut and arch your back like he demands. The position is only uncomfortable for a few seconds, but eventually it becomes familiar and the sensitivity ebbs away.
Yoongi lets go of your hair and starts rubbing his hands all over your ass, kneading the reddened flesh and giving it words of appreciation.
When you start to fuck him back he holds your waist and pulls you back on his cock. Your body begins to move naturally with the rhythm of the background music and he allows you to set the pace while he whispers obscene remarks.
“Look at you taking it just like a whore.” 
You can feel the arousal between your thighs, dripping and making a mess of the sheets. The squelching sounds are disgusting but don’t phase you in this heated moment. You have more important things to worry about. Like how long you’ll be able to keep this up. You weren’t expecting him to have this much stamina, but you’ve learned to never judge a book by the cover.
He’s strong, the grip he has on you is evidence to that. The way he’s handling you like you’re nothing but a fuck toy he can use at his discretion has you clenching around his dick. His deep chuckle fills the room when he feels your walls tighten.
“On your next podcast, you should tell them how I fucked your brains out to your own playlist,” he comments.
Yoongi’s thrusts have your knees trembling and nearly giving out, but he’s quick to assure that you keep up. “No fucking slacking, whore. Do better or I’ll pull out and use your throat instead.”
You’re sure your ass will be sore in the morning because Yoongi cannot keep his hands off of it. He strikes you every chance he gets and the stinging sensation from his blows push you closer and closer to your peak.
“Fuck. Yoongi…please.”
Tears roll down your cheek when his cock travels deeper, touching the spot that makes you unravel at the seams. It’s all too much and you beg him to allow you to surrender to the pleasure.
“Not yet. Shit, do you have any idea how juicy your ass looks like this?”
“But I can’t,” you sob into the comforter.
A slap to your left cheek leaves you a shaky mess. However, he shows you no mercy and does the same thing to the other side.
“That’s not an option. If you come, I swear—”
“Sorry…” Your muffled cries are the last thing you can recall before your body accidentally gives in.
Your juices leak onto the bed while you hold on for dear life, afraid you’ll float away if you let go of the fabric. But just as your orgasm reaches its peak, it’s ripped away from you  by one of the foulest humans on this planet.
“What the fuck did I tell you?” he growls as he drags you off the bed. Yoongi forces you to your knees, ignoring your pleas to regain what was stolen from you. He slaps your cheek a few times, snapping you back into reality and demanding your attention. “Answer me!”
“You…You told me not to come,” you hiccup.
His expression tells you how displeased he is, but it’s too bad that you don’t care. Something comes over you that has you sucking it up and wiping your tears. If he wants to play dirty, you can do it too.
“So why did you?...I never said that you could.”
You look up at him with innocent eyes. However, you have no intentions on being good anymore.
“Because it felt good and I wanted to,” you tell him and he grabs your face.
“You don’t get to decide what you want to do or what feels good. If you had the answers you wouldn’t have been begging for my dick for two years.”
Yoongi pulls off the condom and brings his cock to your mouth. You clench your fist to hold back the excitement when he tells you to open. You’ve craved the taste of him even though you’ve never had him. Your mouth waters as you wait for him to enter, and when he does, he doesn’t stop until reaches the back of your throat.
“Tap my thigh if you need air, and do not suck until I tell you to, understand?”
You mumble around him as best as you can. “Mmhm.”
Before you can prepare yourself for a pace you know will be relentless, Yoongi withdraws and slowly re-enters your crevice. Your eyes roll back from the fullness and addicting taste of him. You want more—need more to fulfill your desire.
Ignoring his instructions, you enclose your lips around him and begin to suck him in each time he tries to pull out. “Easy,” he warns but you keep going.
One of your hands comes up to fondle his balls and Yoongi’s deep moans begin to fill your ears. He throws his head back in pleasure while you give him, what you would consider, the best blowjob of his life. The sound he produces is the only music you want to hear. His voice holds so much lust and bass, arousal gushes from your cunt as a result.
“Fuck, I told you not to do that.”
You hum around him, sending vibrations up his shaft. The feeling brings him to his senses and he places both his hands on your head. You have to grab onto his thighs to keep yourself steady since he’s starting to take control. You try to maintain the suction but his wild movements make it impossible.
“You wanted to suck me off so badly. Keep it up,” he grunts, increasing his speed.
You choke on his dick and the sounds make him twitch in your mouth. Yoongi starts to intentionally go deeper, but he’s unsatisfied by the lack of space there is for him.
He pulls out of you, leaving you coughing and gasping at the sudden intake of air.
“Well, damn. Do I have to teach you how to suck dick too?”
Yoongi shakes his head as he looks down on you then uses his index and middle finger to open your mouth. He pushes the digits in and finds the back of your mouth with ease, pressing on the back of your tongue to make you open wider. “Stop being shy and open this pretty fucking mouth,” he demands, making you gag on his fingers.
Your eyes water and spit drips down your chin. You must look like a complete mess, but Yoongi cannot take his eyes off of you. 
“Now show me, and I’ll give you some more.”
You’re scolded before you can even wrap your lips around his fingers. 
“Stop being fucking lazy.” He gives your cheek a few more slaps before shoving his fingers deeper into your mouth. 
This time you slurp and allow your saliva to coat his digits. ”Fucking, right. Now open up and milk this dick.”
Yoongi removes his fingers and replaces them with his cock. This time you just open your mouth and let him in. He uses your head like a fleshlight and drills into you at a rapid speed. You try your best to keep eye contact and breath through your nose, but then out of nowhere he buries his cock down your throat.
There’s an intense burning in your airways due to lack of oxygen but it’s nothing you can’t handle. The rush takes you so high you become slightly lightheaded, sending a tingling sensation straight to your center. Nothing but music, the sound of you choking on his dick, and his sound of pleasure can be heard and the way he calls your name sends your ego through the roof.
“Shit, I’m gonna come. Stay just like this, sweetheart.”
Within five long thrusts, his warm seed deposits on your tastebuds. You try to swallow everything but he pulls out quickly and empties the rest on your lips and chin. Your tongue tries to gather as much as you can, but some places are impossible to reach. 
“Come here.” Yoongi pulls you from the floor and brings you closer, greeting you with a sloppy kiss once you’re on your feet. He laps up all the cum on your face and gathers it all on his tongue before he feeds it to you. You savor the taste of both of you as the kiss prolongs, and even after he pulls away you can’t help but remember how good he tasted.
If you had to guess which body part Yoongi favors the most, you’d say it was your lips. He can’t tear his eyes away from them. You bite them, he shudders. You lick them, his cock twitches. So you can’t control yourself when it comes to teasing him and pressing them against his soft skin.
“You must want another round if you keep that up,” he mentions as you make your way to his earlobe. You nibble on it gently before you whisper in his ear.
“I just wanna come one more time before you kick me out.”
“Who said I was kicking you out?”
“You aren’t?”
Yoongi ushers you to his bed and helps you lie down before he joins you. He hovers over you once again and his hand snakes between your thighs.
“I definitely am, but not right now. I’m not done with you,” he informs, fingers entering your heat while his thumb caresses your clit.
“Well, hurry up then.”
He frowns. “Do you ever shut up?”
“Yeah, whenever someone has the balls to make me shut up—”
“Interesting,” he states after his hand pins your neck to the mattress. “Let’s test that theory.”
Yoongi’s digits begin to move in and out of your wetness, producing more lewd noises and causing your body to shake with sensitivity.
His name flows past your lips like water. It’s the only word you can think of at the moment. Having been worked up all this time with no relief makes you desperate to satisfy the lingering desire that’s settled in the pit of your stomach.
“Feels good, huh?”
It feels damn good. Your hips buck off the bed to match his movements so you can chase your high. “Yes…more.”
His hand tightens its grip and restricts your air supply. He knows how close to the edge it takes you by now and he doesn’t hesitate to use it against you.
“Say please and I’ll make you come all over my fingers,” he chuckles, knowing you can’t respond like this.
You try to speak, but everything gets trapped in your throat. You can only claw at his chest, begging him to guide you to your release. He loosens his grip and through your coughs you manage to give him the answer he wants.
“Please. I can’t take it.”
Yoongi gives you a fake pout, squeezing your face between his fingers. “But you can…watch this.”
His fingers curl inside of you and you’re seeing stars. Your nails dig into his arm, body arching off the bed due to the intense wave of pleasure that hits you. You try to run, but he pins you down and forces you to accept the mind-blowing orgasm you were begging for.
“You talked a bunch of shit, now back it up, love,” Yoongi tells you while your walls clench around him. His hand covers your mouth, preventing your screams from waking up the neighbors as if it isn’t already too late for that. “Let’s see if this cunt’s worth the headache.”
The coil snaps and your body stiffens. Yoongi’s deep voice continues to degrade you as your juices squirt all over his bed. Even though you cry out from the sensitivity he fucks you until the last drop. Your body just falls on the bed once he’s done with you, and you move into a fetal position when he carefully slides out his fingers.
The aftershock of your release has you twitching, but the bliss you feel is superior. This is what it feels like to get fucked out, and you knew he would be the person to deliver. Satisfied would be an understatement because you weren’t expecting to be stuck like this after you were done. Usually, you’re able to get up and go before they can return from the bathroom, but tonight you can only lay there in silence while Yoongi cleans you up with a warm cloth.
“I didn’t break you, huh?”
“The opposite, actually,” you laugh weakly.
“Good.” He lays his body beside you and wraps his arm around your waist, enjoying the familiar beat that plays into the dark room. It’s your phone sex song; the beat he played to help you relax. “Remember this?”
“Yeah, how can I forget?”
“You keep saying that like I’m always on your mind.”
“Maybe you are,” you reply.
A soft scoff comes from behind you. “I hope you’re joking.”
“I’m not.”
There’s silence, then eventually a long sigh. 
“I want you gone before I wake up, okay?”
You shake your head. Not in disbelief because it’s what you expected, but because he can’t read between the lines. But you aren’t naïve and you know when someone wants you just as bad as you want them. So for now, you’ll be patient.
“Fair enough,” you answer.
Satisfied, he rolls over and drifts off into sleep, leaving you awake to wallow in your thoughts. It seemed best to just get up and leave then, but it takes nearly an hour to regain your strength. And just when you think it’s safe for you to slip away and consider this night one of the good memories, the warmth you felt before returns and pulls you closer—it is then that your eyes become heavy and you submit to the comfort you know you aren’t supposed to have.
Tumblr media
When Yoongi wakes up and finds a cold empty bed, he can only throw his head back in frustration. He hopes…no, he prays he didn’t say anything to make you feel like he wasn’t interested. He knows he can be a dick, but he was just pissed and horny last night. You’re not easy to handle, but he likes that about you. You aren’t afraid to put him in his place.
He rolls out of bed and the first thing he notices is that his laptop is still playing music, so he makes turning it off his first task. However, once he enters the password, he finds an opened document with a typed note in the center of the page.
If you ever think of me, just call...If you want?
Yoongi’s speechless, and out of his damn mind. That’s the only excuse he has for picking up his phone and calling the number you left at 9 am in the damn morning. The longer the phone rings, the more regret fills him. He can’t help but think you left that there to tease him for calling you so quickly. He tries to hang up but before he can remove the phone from his ear the ringing stops and your beautiful voice blesses him once again.
He panics, and doesn’t respond. He searches the room frantically and finds his excuse lying on the floor right in front of him.
“Yeah, you left your earring. Looks expensive,” he murmurs before he clears his throat.
“Oh, I’m wearing both of mine now. Must be for someone else.”
Embarrassment washes over him as he stands there naked in his bedroom. How could he be so stupid? That thing’s probably months old, if not longer. He wonders if you saw it. Maybe that’s why you left.
“I’m kidding, Yoongi. If it’s a gold hoop, it’s mine,” you laugh and he feels a weight left from his shoulders. 
The idea of you finding stuff that belongs to other women in his home doesn’t put a good feeling in his chest. He also doesn’t want you to think of him as someone who lets anyone in his home because he’s not that kind of guy. 
“Haha, you’re so funny,” he says once your giggles cease. 
“And you’re sarcastic.”
Still sharp as hell. He thinks to himself.
“Whatever.” He takes a seat on his bed and rests his back against the headboard while he checks emails on his laptop and uses small talk to melt away the awkwardness. “So…you left in a hurry, huh?”
“You told me you wanted me gone before you woke up, remember?”
Of course, he did. Because he’s an idiot.
“Yeah, I was just fucking with you, though. I would have given you a ride or something, you know.”
“No worries. I made it to my hotel room safely,” you assure and he releases a sigh of relief. 
“Well, that’s good. Glad to hear that.”
“Mmhm, miss me already, huh?...too bad you kicked me out.”
“Honestly, I thought I was gonna wake up to some tits in my face, but that’s fair.”
There’s some shuffling in the background like you’re moving something, but he doesn’t ask any questions about it.
“Can you remember anything from last night?” you ask him after a beat of silence.
His fingers run through his hair as he thinks about all the filthy images replaying in his mind.
“Well yeah, I remember you, of course. You were fucking incredible. But everything after that moment was a blur. Please don’t tell me I did something stupid.”
“No, you’re good. I had fun.”
So did he. He wishes it’d happen again, and again. “And you’re okay too, right?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. My ass is sore and I can barely sit down, but I feel good. Thanks for that.”
Thank heavens you are. He knows how rough he was and most women aren’t into that but you took it and enjoyed it. You were fun to play with, and now his cock twitches at the thought of what your ass must look like now, covered in his marks.
“What about you?”
“I’m fine, love. Bummed about having to work, but I’m good,” he responds.
“Well, I’m glad you’re okay. And I’m sorry I kept you up when you have to work this morning.”
“Don’t apologize for that. I enjoyed your company, and…”
He almost told you that he missed you, but caught himself at the last minute.
“And what?”
“Uhh, nothing,” he gulps. “I was reading something…Forgot what I was going to say.”
Yoongi can tell by the sound of your voice that you don’t buy it.
“Yup,” is all he can say in response.
After a minute or two of both of you just holding the phone, you finally say something to keep the conversation going. “Yoongi?”
“Are you busy right now or…?”
He places his laptop beside him because he can assure that whatever he has to do isn’t as important as this.
“No, what’s up?”
“Well, it’s about last night,” you admit.
Now, he’s kind of nervous. What else happened while he was in his post orgasmic bliss.
“Yeah, what about it?”
Yoongi stays on the line waiting patiently for your answer, and it’s one he doesn’t expect.
“Well, you still owe me, you know?”
“And what do you mean by that?” he questions.
Yoongi already knows where this is going and luckily he knows exactly how to handle this situation. “Not satisfied, are you, baby?”
“No, I am. But…”
He chuckles. “You want some more?”
“If it isn't too much trouble. And if you have time, of course.”
You’re as sly as a fox and you know how to get what you want. It’s hot, but he’s going to have to humble you before he does anything else.
“No trouble at all, baby. Do me a favor, and spread your legs for me.”
He hears some more movement and then you return, prepared to do anything he tells you in the hopes of pleasuring yourself. You tell him once you’re ready and he provides you with more instructions, in which you follow without question.
“Now, facetime me and place the phone between your thighs so I can see your pretty pussy.”
Within a second, his phone notifies him of an incoming facetime call. He answers it and finds you sitting in your hotel room. You’re wearing a large shirt but he can still see the fresh blooms from where he took your skin between his teeth the night before creeping up your neck. He can’t stop the smirk from spreading across his face.
He curses when he sees your cunt, all glistening and wet with your juices. His mouth waters but he pushes his filthy thoughts in the back of his mind.
“This is what you’re going to do,” he starts, watching in awe as strings of arousal snap while you’re scissoring yourself in his presence, “...you’re going to imagine me fucking your brains out and you’re gonna use that image to get yourself off…without me.”
He tsks. “I’m not your man, and making you come is not my job, baby.”
If he gave a fuck, he’d break hearing how desperate and needy your voice sounds, but you need to understand that he isn’t going to come every time you call for him. He’s a busy man and he doesn’t need distractions.
“But nothing…Now, bye. Have fun.”
He hangs up just as you start to curse at him and yell into the phone. But he knows this isn’t over; you’re probably getting a ride over to his place right now, and that’s exactly what he wanted. 
You were able to just walk out of here this morning without even waking him. That doesn’t sit right with him, and there’s only one solution for it really—
He’s just going to have to fuck you harder during round two…
And maybe, just maybe…get to know you a little bit after.
We’ll see.
Tumblr media
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taegularities · 3 months ago
sweetener | myg (m)
Tumblr media
Summary: You used to know how he sounded when you were wrapped around him, but circumstances have pulled you apart and sent you scattering in opposite directions. Feelings shouldn't reappear so easily by simple words, but when you find yourselves in the same place once again, this is exactly what happens.
⋙ pairing: Yoongi x female reader ⋙ rating: 18+ ⋙ genre: fwb/kinda enemies to lovers; fluff, smut ⋙ warnings: a misunderstanding, former fuckboy!yoongi, pent-up feelings, very light angsty bits buuuut mostly cute hot stuff, hobi – the frustrated wingman; explicit sexual content: dom!yoongi, sub!reader, making out in a bathroom, oral (f. & m. receiving), hair pulling, grinding, protected sex, dirty talk, teasing, pussy/tiddie slapping (i think), light spanking – yoongi slaps it all, degradation, praising, biting, he comes on her tits, spit, light choking, rough sex, manhandling, cum play, aftercare, some crack dialogue i guess, most of this is smut tbh. ⋙ word count: 10.3k ⋙ a/n: this was supposed to be a 5k pwp 😐 but anything for the BIRTHDAY BOY !! i adore this man, may only good things happen to him ever 😭 here’s my little love letter to min suga. genius. <3 also lowhighkey dedicated to @sugalaritae​ who brainstormed this w me (came up with this wonderful summary, too !!) and just, ugh – i just love her, she deserves to be spoiled <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You should’ve listened to your guts when they told you to stay home this morning. Maybe you could’ve avoided Yoongi’s presence for some longer that way.
Perhaps it’s a sign of growing old and daydreaming of quiet nights in the comfort of your bed – but you don’t think you’ve hated a party this much in quite a long time. You bought a skirt for this. Searched for no-make-up make-up looks for this.
And what you get in return is a room full of strangers you can’t assign names to, walking in circles until you land in front of the clothed table near the garden exit again. You feel out of place. Not in the mood to drink like everyone is.
There’s no one who’ll drive you home – and you’re not going to pay money for a cab just to step into the car drunk, pathetic and wasted in front of yet another stranger.
But it seems that things only worsen when you spot him here. Sporting a black suit jacket over a simple black shirt, silver hair parted in the middle, and a veiny hand holding a glass of water like it’s such a harmless thing to do when you’re–
Min fucking Yoongi.
You’ve successfully dodged his presence all night long, and the fact that he hasn’t noticed nor acknowledged your somewhat obsessive stares so far, fills you with pride. Only that you might be slightly off your observation radar.
Because right at this moment… he’s stepping closer. Undoubtedly to your form. Shit.
So much for success and luck.
“So you really won’t even say hi to me, huh?”
You almost forgot what he sounded like. Is his voice smoother now? A little crispier, softer, more mature? No. It’s not as though he grew from a croaky-voiced teen into a full adult. He used to be a college student – and right now, he looks just the same as he did back then.
Only that his hair isn’t pitch black anymore, and it doesn’t hang into his eyes but is brushed aside instead, his forehead on full display.
“Why would I?” you question back, crossing your legs as you lean into the table further.
“Because… we’re familiar with each other?”
“You’re familiar with a lot of people here, though.”
If you’re offending him anyhow, he doesn’t show, but laughs at your words instead. He stares through the blurry transparency of his glass before he looks up to you, asking, “How have you been all this time?”
“I’m okay.” Letting the nervous spot behind your lungs relax, you sigh. He did mean a lot to you once – and he’s being nice to you, at least. “How are you?”
“Bored.” An airy laugh escapes you by surprise, and you press your lips together as you watch his body step closer. “What? It’s such a lame party.”
“Right? What are we celebrating again?”
“Who knows. Their anniversary. Or was it a birthday?”
Despite your initial annoyance and reluctance to near him more than ten feet, his jokes ease the tension. Somehow, he still knows what to say to let your shoulders sink, relaxation flooding your chest as his voice seeps its way through your body and into your mind.
You hate that after three years of distance, his words and smile still don’t fail to ignite a little spark inside you that you thought you let go long ago. Yoongi captured your feelings and your heart the moment he met you, and it seems as if he never loosened his steadfast grip around them.
You wonder what he’s thinking. Wonder if he ever thought of reaching out to you again.
“Still not a fan of parties, are you?” you ask, tilting your head as you watch him shrug his shoulders.
With one hand buried in the pocket of his slacks, he clicks his tongue and reminds you, “We had that in common, though.”
“Explains why this interaction feels so out of place right now.”
“Right? It does, it does.”
One corner of your lips is still curled upwards as he looks at you with a smile so foreign, so familiar; but your heart soon drops, falling endlessly when he says, “I missed you.”
Three simple words throw you off guard, your eyes blinking fast, your stance straightening as your guts twirl and churn. This took a whole new direction very fast. He whispered it, merely letting you know what’s floating in some hidden chamber of his brain.
But god.
Too bold. Too sudden.
You clear your throat, gulping before you take a careful step aside. And before you know it, you’re nodding at him, walking away slowly with your eyes fixated on the staircase on the other side of the room.
Behind you, you hear him call your name, his voice confused and wondering. His steps sound close to yours, and you register one faint word, reminding you of when he still meant flowers and rainbows and not sorrow and gloom.
Tumblr media
“I’ve been waiting for ten minutes.”
“As if.” Yoongi shifted to his side fully, planting an arm under his face. “Three. Max.” 
You held his stare stubbornly. His eyes didn’t intimidate you anymore; you could gaze into them all day and night, if you needed to. You’d refrain from blinking if that was what his challenge consisted of.
You raised a brow, inhaling a deep breath before you asked, “What are you even doing?”
He shrugged, humming for a moment as he grabbed your cheeks and pressed into them, watching your lips purse in consequence as he cooed, “Can a man not appreciate a pretty girl in his own bed?”
“The fuck,” you laughed, pushing his nearing body away from you and into the mattress playfully. In his eyes, you were probably being feisty – in yours, you were trying to hide the loud thumping of your heart. “Here I was thinking you were gonna profess your love for me.”
“As if.”
Ouch. He didn’t have to be that blatantly bold – not that you didn’t expect it. But still.
“Alright,” you chimed, swinging your legs to lift your body and leave the bed for the first time in hours. “Gonna give you a break and get something to drink.”
His hand reached out for you, but you’d long discarded your spot on the mattress, sliding into the slippers he’d provided you. He ruffled his dark locks, yawning for a moment before he said, “I’ll do it.”
“I’m a big girl, and I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t worry. And don’t miss me too much.”
“No promises, kitten.”
Giggling your way out of his room, you flattened your hand over the shirt’s wrinkles that Yoongi had fished out of his closet, the other hand brushing through your knotted hair. Your laughter died when you nearly bumped into another body, flinching and gasping sharply as you heard him exclaim, “Woah, woah.”
As you met his eyes, you greeted him fleetingly, not bothered in the slightest when his gaze wandered from your bare legs to your face. Your body wasn’t covered in much; panties barely hidden, Yoongi’s shirt way too oversized for the both of you, and yet not covering your ass enough.
That’s fine, you thought. Nothing was worse than the one time Hoseok had walked into you when you were actually fucking like rabbits.
His hair was dishevelled, one of his tired eyes squinting shut as if he’d just woken up. Which he probably had – time was a social construct to him, and he enjoyed getting up around noon. He smiled at you, blinding teeth flashing as his freshly-woken-up voice mumbled, “Morn’.”
“How’s it going?”
He looked past you and laughed a little, ignoring your question before he asked back, “Y’all still fucking?”
Hoseok didn’t mean “You’re still going at it after this loud ass night?” – but, “All those months, and you’re still here? With Yoongi no less?”
Because Yoongi wasn’t one to settle on one partner for too long, always searching for new opportunities to get his dick wet. You were sure there had been flings now and then after he’d messed around with you for the first time, too.
That was how he waded through life; that was what he seemed to revel in. That is, until Hoseok had confirmed just a second ago that you were the first and last in ages to stay for longer than a one, meaningless night.
How flattering.
“Why?” you asked, wiggling your eyebrows with a tilted head. “Wanna join?”
“And if I said yes?”
With his fingers entangled behind his back, he closed the distance, teasing your shrinking self. You grimaced as your hands settled on his chest, shoving him back before you muttered, “Gross. Shut up.”
“You suggested it!”
You walked away with another delighted laugh, parting ways with him as you overheard him throwing sudden, vivacious greetings at his best friend.
You washed your face first. Then downed some of the leftover snacks that you’d abandoned on the kitchen counter last night. Gulped them down with a big refreshing glass of water before you strolled the short distance back to Yoongi’s bedroom.
And there, you halted, pressing your shoulder into the wall next to the ajar door as you heard Hoseok’s question sound from inside the room.
“Just curious why I don’t see your other chicks walking around anymore.”
“What other chicks?” Yoongi wondered, his voice dipped in playful mock and slight mirth. You could imagine the face he was probably making.
“C’mon. What’s with you two? I’ve not seen you hang out with other girls in, like, a really long time.”
“Is that a bad thing?”
“Nah, but… just curious. Feels new to me.”
You registered some shifting from inside, his bed creaking; and you nearly ran away, ready to act all innocent and oblivious to their conversation. But there were no steps approaching the door just yet; so, you relaxed, staying like that for just a little longer.
“So? She’s chill. And fun,” Yoongi argued, and you nodded, patting your shoulder mentally. “I don’t necessarily need my… other chicks.”
His voice was injected with a ridiculing lilt so clearly that you nearly laughed out loud. Smiled a little.
“But you’re still not official, though?”
Nope. Informal hook-ups, the bane of your existence.
Silence followed Hoseok’s question, and you faltered a bit, waiting as you pressed your back against the cold wall further .
And then, Yoongi eventually answered, “We’re not.”
Seemingly, it was Hoseok’s turn to shut down, nothing coming back as a response, and you thought the conversation was over. You tapped the glass in your hand quietly, taking a breath, ready to push the door open and step in as though you’d heard nothing, knew nothing.
But then, Yoongi spoke again.
“I don’t think I want a relationship just yet.”
“You know why. Long distance relationships never work.”
“Ever tried?”
“I don’t wanna try and be disappointed!”
Yoongi’s arguments were sharp and pointed, as if he firmly believed in what he was saying. He thought you weren’t worth a shot… was that it? And what long distance relationship was he talking about anyway? You weren’t going anywhere.
“I won’t be gone for just two days,” he then added, his voice quieter this time.
Ah. He was going away.
As the shuffling of your feet became too loud, you broke out of your stupor, finally knocking before you entered with a smile plastered on your seemingly clueless face. You placed the glass on his nightstand, plummeting onto the bed at the same moment as Hoseok rose with a sigh.
“‘Kay, that’s it. Gotta go.” Opting for the door you just came through, he waved you goodbye, a short explanation mumbled your way, “Lunch date with Joon.”
“Wait,” you called, eyes blowing wide as you leaned forward, “the guy you hooked up with?”
“My boyfriend.”
“Oh shit, it happened?” Your eyes darted to and fro, staring at the boys as you mouthed a wow, and then added, “Congrats!”
With a delighted thankful nod, Hoseok left the room and you alone with your thoughts. Your smile fell just a little, your mind soon blanking as you took in the quietude of noon. And you didn’t speak up again until Yoongi pulled you back into him by your waist.
Your heart raced at his touch, and he buried his face in the crevice between your neck and shoulder, asking, “Wanna get some lunch, too?”
You moved your head yes, but you were still too distracted to look straight into his face – something in you was certain he’d see the change in your expression. But he didn’t notice just yet after all; because his eyes were closed, and the sun shining through the window made him lazier, sleepier.
His hair tickled your neck, lips pressed against your skin and the hot breath escaping his nose warming your shoulder. In the serene moment, you cleared your throat, courageous hormones flooding your body as you threw caution out the window and questioned, “Where’re you going?”
He froze.
“You said you’d be gone.”
It took him a moment to make sense of your words, staring at one particle of dust in the air until he hummed and slurred, “You heard that?”
“Just this. When I came back,” you lied, hoping he didn’t catch the ingenuity in your words.
“Ah.” He lifted his head, his lips forming a thin line as though he was contemplating what the hell to tell you. Which explanation was short, informative enough? “Well… I’ll be gone for an internship. The place I applied for is pretty far, but I want to give it a try and then see what happens. Might not work there forever, though.”
An internship. A life changing decision full of opportunities. There was no way you weren’t going to cheer him on – if anyone deserved to explore his skills, it was him.
“Should’ve told you.”
“Yeah, maybe,” you agreed with a laugh, attempting to lift his worries – if there were any – and be happy for him.
“You’re not mad?”
“Nah. This is a great thing, and you don’t need to tell me everything.”
Admittedly, you were one of the few reasons that kept him shackled to home, dampening his mood whenever he thought of a two year long chance to leave. Not because you were being a hurdle of any kind or pulling him back on purpose. But because he’d grown used to you.
Unconsciously, unfortunately.
“True,” he then confirms, his grip around you tightening when you huffed in light, faux annoyance.
“You like me like that.”
Despite your cute, little pout, you pressed your body further into his, your words contradicting your touches when you said, “I hate you all the time, really.”
“Sure, sure.”
He laughed with you, thinking for a moment. He didn’t dare to meet your eyes, staring out the window instead as he took a route he wasn’t familiar with: keeping someone close to his heart; no one but them. “But. When I come back… you’ll be one of the first to know, yeah?”
“Oh… I’m honoured.”
“Please. You know I can’t go without this ass for too long,” he told you, his hand ghosting way too close to your butt as you wiggled out of his embrace with a snicker.
Pressing your lips against his briefly, you let your hand sneak to his arm, wrapping your palm around his as you said, “Lunch sounds nice.”
Tumblr media
“What do you want?”
Your voice sounds louder in the staircase, and you lower it once you realise how shrill your words must echo in his mind. But he doesn’t comment on it, following you closely with his hands still in his pockets. Whatever his interpretation of your miserable mood might be, he doesn’t seem too phased by it.
His tone is calm and collected, because he knows you can’t escape him forever. Despite meeting mere minutes ago, exchanging words again after years, he seems comfortable around you, laughing as he asks, “Where are you going?”
“What’s upstairs even?”
“Dunno. Let’s find out.”
He groans, but the glee in his words never dies; you imagine the little creases around his eyes the way they always used to appear, and you smile just a bit when he exclaims, “Ugh, woman.”
You flatten your blouse and your skirt, smacking your lips as you reach an unlit hallway, two doors on the right and one on the left side; you know that the closest to you leads to the bathroom.
You stop in your tracks, eyes scanning the walls for a light switch as you state, “Creepy.”
Yoongi comes to halt next to you, humming as he turns on the light with ease – he nudges your elbow, following your gaze. “Yeah, right?”
He begins moving when you do, and you raise an eyebrow, side-eyeing him before you ask, “Are you gonna follow me to the bathroom or what?”
“You want me to?”
“Gross, go away.”
His grin widens when you attempt to shoo him away, pushing the handle of the bathroom door down before he wraps his palm around yours. Wordlessly, he shuts the door in front of your nose again, and you turn around, fire burning behind your pupils as you spit, “What’s your problem?”
Yoongi doesn’t let it affect him – you wonder if you need to work on your intimidation skills some more. In his eyes, you seem like a lost puppy – but you want to appear like the hunting tiger instead. Why are you the prey, caged between him and the door?
Because. Because his gaze makes you weak. The cocky smirk makes you weak. His voice, his hand next to your head, the long hair at the nape of his neck, it all makes you weak.
A hint of confusion settles in his dark eyes as he asks, “Why are you mad at me?”
You scoff – but you don’t know the answer.
Your lips press into a line, and you blink at him, half pissed, half confused. And he seems to decode it perfectly.
“You’re just angry for the sake of it, kitten?”
Hell no. Not the old nickname resurfacing out of nowhere. It’s an attack you didn’t anticipate and it clouds your mind along with his body grazing yours. Yoongi is still so fucking bold – it’s unbelievable.
When you’ve collected your thoughts, you ponder for a second, your tongue poking the inside of your cheek as you seek an answer to his question. When did you start growing mad at him? When the both of you stopped being whatever you were back then? When you stopped holding onto some sliver of hope?
“You don’t know, huh?” he rustles, and your gaze wanders to a spot behind him, averting his eyes as much as you can.
Revealing to him what you feel appears easier when his stare isn’t piercing your heart, and you blend it out some more as you admit, “What if I said I missed you, too? We just. We never tried to like… do something about us properly. Even when you came back.”
“I called you. Not just once, by the way. And you shut me down with a new excuse every single ti–”
“Because,” you interrupt, shifting your weight from one leg to the other, “I didn’t know how long you’d stay this time.”
Confusion spreads across his face, and he backs away just a little. It’s as though he’s loosened his fist around your heart, giving you access to oxygen again as you breathe, “I know you said you wouldn’t work there forever, but… Hoseok told me you loved it there. And that they wanted to expand your contract and whatnot.”
For a moment, Yoongi focuses on inhaling. Exhaling. Watches you in silence, his jaw clenching. He still remembers the contract, still remembers endless nights spent laughing and working through projects with co-workers he’d grown fond of.
But he also remembers the loneliness that came with residing in a country without a friend with a familiar bond.
Hoseok wasn’t there. His cosy, warm, soft bed wasn’t there. The coffee from home, unsweetened, with the same old attachment he felt to it. Not there.
And you – the sweetener accompanying the bitter taste of his coffee in the morning. Tender kisses, saccharine and lovely; you weren’t around – and he thought back to you more than just once.
“Well,” he then begins, “I stayed.”
“I didn’t know.”
And then, life moved on anyway.
You grew busy with graduation; he stopped chasing you. You’re not pissed, because he hurt you. In fact, you don’t think he’s ever done anything to you that you deem unforgivable. He didn’t curse you with a memory of an unpleasant goodbye, but with thoughts of gentle touches you were afraid to lose – until you actually did.
Yoongi wets his lower lip, letting his hand fall from the door as he explains, “I turned it down, because I didn’t like being away from home.”
“And I wanted to see you again.”
The knot in your throat returns with an intense strength, his words punching you in your guts as you blink at him in confusion. You part your lips, surprised and shocked as you wonder, “You didn’t turn it down ‘cause of me, did you?!”
“‘Course not. But I still thought about you more than I should’ve.”
You fall silent.
In the golden light of the hallway, your eyes trail from the strands of his hair to his button nose, his round face yet again way too close to yours. Your jaw hardens and you keep your gaze locked on his lips – and for a moment, you think you might falter after all.
“You know.” He waits again, moving into you bit by bit. “In a country full of strangers, it’s nice to remember at least one familiar face to want to go back to.”
Tumblr media
“Had a long night?”
Yoongi nodded at his best friend, his face illuminated by nothing but the light of his phone. His room lay in darkness, and he munched on some snacks as he answered, “We went to some bar that Jin and Tae suggested.”
Hoseok pouted, humming as he leaned his phone against a stack of heavy books. He cupped his face in his palms, mumbling, “Your new best friends?”
“Shut up.”
Hoseok laughed, but Yoongi’s expression stayed firm and serious. Tired eyes stared at his phone and at the lagging video of his friend. If Yoongi hadn’t promised him to call tonight, he’d be sound asleep now, approaching yet another busy day at work.
But Hoseok never missed out on a call or left Yoongi hanging – the older man reckoned that the least he could do was show some appreciation for his friend back at home just as much.
“Why do you look like shit, though?” Hoseok asked, wiping the hair from his eyes.
“You guessed it already… long night.”
“What you do?”
Yoongi hesitated. He could already predict Hoseok’s upcoming words as the younger man shifted in his seat, laughing and shaking his head as if to reprimand his former roommate. A finger playing with his earlobe, he wanted to know, “Shit. Again? Do you never get bored?”
“She paid for the taxi ride.”
“Is that how to swoon you?” Hoseok laughed, and Yoongi joined him for a moment, pulling his blanket up to his chest. “Was it good at least?”
“Was okay. Nothing special. Talked about her ex a lot.”
Hoseok frowned, his heart-shaped lips falling as an expression akin to disgust laced his features. “Outrageous.” He shook his head again, leaning back a little. “Why don’t you sleep some then? Or got work to do?”
“So much work, man.”
Yoongi wiped his face, overworked as usual, but never faltering, never giving up until he was done, satisfied and ready to wrap things up. He brushed his damp hair back, still sleepy from the much needed, steaming hot shower.
And then, a thought occurred to him – one that didn’t surprise him much, considering that an old face kept trying to sneak its way into his consciousness a lot these days. The thought seemed omnipresent today – and no amount of work or hook-ups helped him refocus.
“Can I ask you something?”
In the following pause, Hoseok nodded; and then, Yoongi formed your name after all those months of separation and withdrawal again. Hoseok wished he could’ve been surprised – but considering your relationship before Yoongi left, he rather wondered why it’d taken his friend so damn long to finally spit your name.
But Yoongi did again, clearing his throat before he asked, “What’s she been up to?”
“Strangers in your bed, but you still can’t stop thinking about her, huh?”
“We just… we haven’t talked in ages. I was thinking of her today.”
Hoseok knew it wasn’t a matter of today. Anytime he’d mention you to Yoongi, his friend’s eyes would light up, his concentration fully shifting from whatever he was doing to the conversation as Hoseok rambled on and on about how fun or informative or fleeting some encounter with you had been.
He didn’t want to urge Yoongi to open up – but he was trying to pull something out of him at least.
“I dunno. I think she’s okay,” Hoseok said, his voice dripping in nonchalance purposely; careful not to prod, “she’s been talking to Joon more than me recently, but… I think she’s fine. Bet she’ll be over the moon once you come back.”
“You think she’d wanna go back to old habits, though? It’s really been quite some time.”
“Old habits? That’s what you want?”
Hoseok waited for Yoongi to shake his head; but the silence revealed more than he needed to know. Yoongi wasn’t looking to go back to old habits, but to expand them into something more meaningful – he was sure.
“Why, Yoon? What happened with the not-ready-for-a-relationship guy?”
“I’ll tell you then,” Hoseok chimed, preparing for a groundbreaking speech as he neared the screen, “you’ve abandoned him in an unknown corner in your new country and replaced him with the awakened, much wiser version of Min Yoongi. Who, by the way, craves nothing but the same lady for the rest of his life… all of a sudden.”
With each word that he added, Yoongi’s smile grew wider, a fond, tired laugh escaping once Hoseok uttered the very last syllable of his sentence.
Slipping down the headboard of his bed, Yoongi sniffled, wiping a nonexistent tear before he questioned, “Where did you get that poetic bullshit from?”
“Am I not a bard?”
“Totally. She’s not just any lady, FYI.”
“I know,” Hoseok confirmed, shrugging his shoulders, “she really is the greatest.”
As Hoseok slowly digressed, distracting the intern far away with new stuff, Yoongi’s focus fluctuated. Your activity on social media had increased in the last few weeks – perhaps the reason for your presence in his head was just that. But after the events last night, he’d realised a thing or two.
Most importantly: wasting nights with people he didn’t care about didn’t do it for him anymore. Their warmth didn’t suffice – it wasn’t yours.
But maybe he’d be able to bask in the heat you emanated once he came back again – if you let him.
Tumblr media
I wanted to see you again.
You must have been staring at him for minutes now. Hours? Years.
Yes - you’re not mad at him because he did anything wrong. You’re mad, because every opportunity to stay with him slipped out of your fingers way too smoothly. Misunderstandings. The fear of being left alone again. The suffocating stress of life and graduation and job-hunting and paying rent.
If you couldn’t have him, you wanted to drown your feelings in anger instead. And you realise – you were stupid, so stupid.
Quietly rethinking his words, you contemplate what to say or do next.
In a country full of strangers, he’d waited to see a familiar face again; counted down the days to feel their warmth again. It’s insane to you that you were the tender existence he’d needed. Insane that you let all the chances die.
And when your mind keeps blanking, he whispers, “I… I’ll kiss you if you don’t say anything.”
Is that a threat?
Because you’re way ahead.
You grab the collar of his jacket, pulling him close to you; he crashes into your body, tripping a little, and his hands plant back against the wooden door behind you reflexively.
When your mouths collide, you feel a sense of home and remedy wash over you immediately. His lips fit between yours perfectly, locking in place as they should. Like two puzzle pieces. Like a key to its lock.
Like a Yoongi to you.
The kiss doesn’t remain chaste and harmless for long, all your longing and year-long pining clear and discernible in your touch as his tongue breaks through the seam of your lips. This time, it’s him opening the door of the bathroom, pushing you in and against the wall again, once you find yourself alone with him in the comfort of the room.
His mouth stays attached to yours, and his fingers trail up and down your body, never settling anywhere. Fervently, his plush lips roam your face before sliding down your neck – he sucks and nibbles; then soothes the slight pain with his tongue. Entangles the fingers of your hands as he inhales sharply, grunting.
Fingertips graze your sides, journeying their way down; and when he squeezes your ass once, you mewl his name in a quiet whisper. A deep groan vibrates against the throbbing veins of your neck, and your mind spins and backflips when he asks, “You still on the pill, kitten?”
You’re really going there. Or are you? Can you?
“No… I’m not.”
Your answer catches him off guard, because – dammit. Blue balling in someone else’s house isn’t necessarily his favourite pastime.
“So–” you begin, but he lifts his face, lust written in his pupils as he interjects.
“Should I go and ask Jungkook if he’s got condoms in his bedroom?”
“Are you insa–”
“Totally kidding, but…”
You fast-blink at him, your eyes darting through the bathroom before you give up, nervousness spreading in your chest as you suggest, “I, uh– I don’t mind swallowing, if that’s…”
Yoongi freezes for a second, watching you incredulously. But once he snaps out of his haze, he laughs a little, brushing your cheek with the back of his fingers as he whispers, “No, baby. I won’t be the only one enjoying this.”
His words fill you with something that resembles a high school crush way too much. But you suppress your telling smile, waiting; thinking of possibilities as you trace the blood-vessels on the back of his hands with your thumb.
You think you could get lost in him, just by leaving an invisible trail of touches on his body. By looking at him, taking in his beauty.
But then, he interrupts your train of thoughts, asking with a mischievous smile, “Didn’t you agree that the party sucks ass?”
“I… yeah…”
“And uh… well, I have my own apartment now.”
You cock an eyebrow, trying your hardest to snap out of your daze and into your teasing, bratty self that he enjoyed so much, mumbling, “Oh, do we now?”
He’s waiting for an answer.
You know he won’t touch you or risk shit without your consent – but once you do give in, he’ll tear you apart. You know – you remember. All the nights you spent awake, waiting for his touch, waiting for his words… his heart beating against yours, his mouth whispering sweet promises to you…
Min Yoongi.
You’ve been patient for too long. And even if he’s become a stranger now, it doesn’t mean you can’t rekindle whatever you used to feel.
You can’t let this go again.
“Yes,” you finally breathe, your teeth gliding along your swollen lower lip, “please.”
And Yoongi would be damned if he didn’t hold onto you this time.
Tumblr media
There’s neither time nor motivation to glance around his quiet apartment when you arrive. From the lack of bumping into furniture, you reckon it is sparsely decorated yet cosy, much in Yoongi’s familiar style you still remember from the place he shared with Hoseok.
But he doesn’t give you a chance to take anything but his tongue in as he kisses and pushes your way to his bedroom. It’s dark inside, and he doesn’t bother switching on the light; merely the grey, dull shine of the evening shines through his blinds that he shut.
The summer day is coming to an end, and the heat and shiver mixing in the air becomes a sensation too ambiguous to define.
“Were you always this wild?” Yoongi asks as you fall onto his mattress with a faint thump.
You’re barely moving as you give your breaths a moment to steady; not that it’s possible with him floating above you, though – his hair falling like a waterfall, lips curled to a smirk. You put on your most innocent expression, questioning back, “What did I do?”
But you don’t think he buys your playful shyness all that much as he parts your legs, pushing his knee up enough to rile you up, but not enough to give you what you seek.
Min Yoongi knows how to tease; knows how to push your buttons.
“Think I’ve scratch marks on my back already.”
“Yeah… sure.”
“You think my burning skin is joking?”
You bite your lower lip, eager to see the light red scars emerge on his flesh with your own eyes. At the same time, however, you dig your nails into your palms with guilt flooding your chest, “Fuck. I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s kinda…”
He shrugs his shoulders, taking a deep breath with an expression you can’t quite categorise. You pout, eyebrows furrowed – you’re so cute to him; so dual, so confusing.
“Painful?” you ask carefully, ready to apologise yet again before he shakes his head.
“No. It’s hot.” Nimble fingers push down the shirt from your shoulder before he leans down. His lips kiss a trail along your upper arm and clavicles softly, angelically. The featherlight touch contrasts the words accompanying his actions. “You’ll get it all back tenfold anyway.”
His confession reaches a core deep down your body, but you giggle anyway – you don’t think you’ve enjoyed dirty talk like this in months. As he smiles at your joy, you pull him closer, asking with hooded, lustful eyes, “You gonna let me walk out intact tonight?”
“We’ll see, babe,” he answers, his hands pushing into the mattress further, “really don’t wanna let you walk out at all tonight.”
Oh. Damn. Damn.
Then you guess you won’t have to pay for a cab in the middle of the night either.
Reaching out, you sweep the suit jacket off his shoulders and tug at his thin shirt. There’s no time to waste – no patience left in any fibre of your being. And so you pull up his shirt and over his head, messing up his hair in the process until he follows your steps.
Impatient hands open the button of your skirt, shifting it over your thighs and down your legs along with your panties. His lips always find a way to stay busy – kissing your sides, biting into your flesh, distracting you as you rid your torso of your shirt and intruding bra.
“Someone’s eager,” you joke once his slacks land on the ground.
“Me and the guy down there, baby.”
You stare at the bulge forming under his last remaining piece of clothing. You feel incredibly exposed and vulnerable while he still kneels in front of you with his most precious part still hidden.
That won’t do.
Electrified and dizzy, you flash your most seductive gaze, whispering to him, “Need you naked for me.”
“I’m all yours, love.”
How dare he?
He backs away on the soft mattress when you sit up, covering one of your tits with one palm for just a moment before you attach your mouth to his stomach. He has your body trapped between his legs, and you stare up at him, your tongue licking its way down his torso.
Your fingers tug at his underwear, your lips sliding further South until they start placing tender kisses against his erection. His length rests sideways under the fabric, and your mouth travels along each inch before it wraps around his balls.
One blissful groan later, you move on again and pull his underwear down. You gape at it for a moment, yelling at your lungs to provide you with the air you so desperately seek. The moles, smooth skin, protruding veins and leaking pre-cum pull your face closer as if they’re putting you under a spell.
And then, your mind fucks up your thoughts as it comes up with the most embarrassing line ever uttered in the history of foreplay, and he starts laughing before you even get to finish the last word.
“You have such a magical dick, you know?”
Heat creeps up your face as you realise what you just said, and you let your head sink with closed eyes; ready to hurry, ready to distract him with the suck of his life. But he chuckles over you, placing a finger under your chin to make you look at him and – much to your pleasure – segues, “You don’t have to. I wanna pleasure you instead.”
“I want to do the same for you, though,” you answer.
Your smile resembles heaven, but your ask is as sinful as the devil can get.
When he nods as permission, you finally give in, letting the tip of your tongue paint a wet stripe along his pulsating cock. Your hands toy with his balls, your lips wrapping around his girth. With a deep breath, you take him in as much as your throat allows; and soon, his fingers push your hair back, his focus fixated on the way you gag around him.
You slurp and choke, moaning around him; your eyes can’t decide whether they want to close or watch him throw his head back. Taking deep breaths through your nose, you hollow your cheeks, blending out any background noise except the voice that states, “No one sucks like you do, kitten.”
Proud and satisfied, you back away, spitting onto his dick; you twist your wrist around his cock, adoring his groans, lip bites and low, whispered curses. Then, you lean in again, rolling your tongue around the tip of his cock; kissing away his sanity – toying with his patience.
And suddenly, his demon rages, growling through him as he remarks, “My baby knows what she’s doing.”
“Like that?” you whisper breathlessly.
“Like that,” he says, a laugh and a sigh mixing to a new sound before he adds, “feels like you got even better at this and… your mouth always felt so… so perfect.”
The moment could remain hot and sweet; but your thoughts drift when the neighbour’s dog barks, your body flinching before you pull back and snicker. You wonder if his neighbours can hear you, too.
Yoongi shakes his head in disbelief but finds amusement in the situation, too – how does everything with you feel so real, comforting and homely when you were apart for so long? How do you manage to drown him in consoling domesticity instead of fabricated, pornographic meaninglessness?
Is he really not used to affection like this?
No time to think about it now, though.
Instead, he focuses on you diving in again, fogging his mind and bringing back the blazing, unfiltered lust as he asks, “Why are you being so quiet?”
A string of saliva breaks when you detach your mouth from his dick, drool running down your chin, the filth indescribable. An image of your face covered in his seed clouds his senses, but he catches himself fast when you answer, “Neighbours.”
“Who the hell cares? Won’t you be a good girl and let me hear you, babe?”
He licks his dry lips, his piercing gaze intense and his voice fucked out beyond imagination as he tells you, “If it was up to me, I’d let the whole world know I’m fucking this pretty little mouth of yours.”
You’re not sure what you want to argue back, but as the dog on the other side of the wall repeats his scolding, your bubble breaks anyway. Yoongi breathes out a huff of air, and you grin at him as he lets his body fall onto the bed. He clears his forehead off his hair, patting your ass before he orders, “Sit on my face.”
The sudden command comes unexpectedly, and you feel the coil in your stomach tighten as you ask, “Really?”
Your pussy cheers and buzzes, clenching around nothing when his hands attempt to pull you closer to his body. He wants it. When he said he wants to pleasure you, he really meant it. You’re lucky – way too lucky.
Moving carefully, you straddle him, feeling somewhat powerful in your new position as you look at him and ask again, “Seriously?”
“Do I look like I’m joking?”
You squint your eyes at him, taking in his earnest expression, pupils flooding with hunger and want. And then, you answer, “You look like you’re gonna eat me alive.”
“Intending to. Get on my face, baby.”
So you do.
You’d be a fool to decline anyway.
You place your nether lips over his mouth, sinking down carefully as you balance your weight with your palms against the wall. As his hot breath meets your aching core, your eyelids flutter shut, and you let him do his thing for a moment before you realise that he might want you to lead for once.
And so, you begin moving in oval forms, your hands curling into tight fists. It’s crazy how much you missed these acts – being with him feels so natural that you almost forget what being apart from him meant to you.
You were alone just yesterday. Just this morning – heck, even two hours ago. And now you’re here, bare, riding the man’s face who you’ve dreamed of so often? Really?
“Fuck, Yoongi, I–” you begin, your chest flaring up when he dips his tongue into your cunt. Lips french kiss your core, not too harsh; soft and slow, just the way you love.
You whimper and wince, hiss and moan, cry and yell out his name.
Too much. Too good.
Yoongi’s eager mouth licks you drier and wetter at the same time, his thirst never subsiding as he grips your thighs tighter. His nose tickles your clit, bringing you close to your release. When his eyes open, your fingers are digging into your mounds, nipples perked and inviting.
If he was able to speak, he’d tell you what his dark thoughts consist of.
Because he wants you pinned underneath him, a knotted cloth holding your wrists in place, panties stuffed into your mouth as he watches you squirm – hears you beg. Every inch of his body irks him to fuck you into the mattress, ruin your make-up, draw out one orgasm after the other.
If he told you, you might think he’s crazy.
So for now, he holds back. To a certain degree, that is.
Because he’ll fuck you anyway – and he doesn’t bother waiting any longer. His lips pull at your lower ones one more time, licking along the entire length of your pussy before he finally stops – when he pushes you off his face, he’s breathless.
And his eyes – remembering how to decipher his little, unconscious signals, you understand immediately what he wants. What he’s waiting for.
You don’t don’t waste the tiniest of seconds as you slide down his inviting, warm body. You’re sure he’s been working out; the bulge of his bicep does not look the way you remember it – not that you’d ever complain.
Placing yourself over his rock hard, begging length, you sigh as your nerves touch his smooth, damp skin. You don’t claim the throne that twitches underneath you; don’t let him split your walls and ruin you the way you both deserve.
Instead, you slide up and down the hardness of his cock, rubbing yourself as you throw your head back and mumble his name. From where he groans, palms pressing into your thighs and lips parted, he whispers, “God, really wanna just. Slide in and… fuck you raw.”
You flash him a cocky grin, proud that your teasing skills have still not faltered – apparently, you still understand his body as well as you did almost three years ago. Your tone is bratty and challenging, your toes curling at the tantalising touch as you suggest, “Wanna risk it?”
“As much as I’d love to, kitten… better not tempt me.”
The way he warns you makes you want to disobey out of spite – but you’re not stupid. You watch him push open a drawer, rummaging through its contents until he fishes out a fresh package from the very back.
It’s almost as though he stuffed it there and then abandoned it.
“Face down, sweetheart. Now,” he orders, not letting you overthink the scene too much as he nods to the spot next to him.
You’re impatient and dripping – fast to oblige.
Readying yourself, you bury your face in his pillow the moment he lifts his body. You shift to where you think the middle of the bed might be, your breathing growing erratic, accelerating. For a moment, you wait in anticipation – but then, his hands pull you up by your hips; onto your elbows and knees.
Still his favourite position apparently.
“What a damn pretty ass,” Yoongi presses, grabbing a handful before he lets go again, “wanna bite into it.”
“What a starved man you are…”
Your weak whisper escapes with a stutter, showcasing Yoongi’s effect on you so clearly that he lets out the smallest, softest of laughs. But then, he speaks on, fueling the fire in the pit of your stomach further.
“You don’t fucking know how much I’ve wanted to fuck you all day.” He waits; chuckles on as you feel his knees inch closer; his hips near yours. “Scratch that. All those years.”
“Do it now then,” you provoke, gathering all your concentration to form words and not drown in excitement and lust. “Fuck me like you mean it, Yoongi.”
Oh, if you knew.
There might be very few things he ever meant as much as he does this.
Not even the want to accept the internship might come close to just how much he means his affection and desire for you.
And then, it finally happens. After all this time, after all the yearning and waiting and wishful thinking, the glorious moment has arrived and returned – now more phenomenal than ever. Emotions rooted deep inside you, everlasting, manifesting in his touches.
“How’s that?” he asks as he pushes in, going at an agonising pace until he’s bottomed out.
“Good. Great. Want the best of you, though.”
You’re already clutching the sheets wrinkled around your body, your moans broken and light. He squeezes your bottom again, pulling your ass cheeks apart as he shifts into position and finally…
“Tell me to stop, if you need me to, yeah?” Yoongi voices from behind you. It takes all your strength to still your spinning thoughts, processing his assurances before he destroys your mind again and adds, “Because I think I… won’t be able to once I start.”
You squeeze your eyes shut, your heart bursting when he pulls back and glides in slowly. Your soaked walls, overflowing with arousal, suck him in easily. There is no stark or painful burn; no need to adjust or wait.
You’re brimming with thirst for him, craving all of him; right the fuck now.
“No one,” you begin, quietly, wondering if he can hear you at all, “told you to stop.”
“If that’s the case…”
His hips snap against yours once, and your body jolts forward. A hand pressed against the headboard, you mewl, ready to ask him to do it again before he transforms your thoughts into actions and fucks into you again. Slow, but hard.
“You’re this easy to rile up?” he teases, building a steady rhythm as he begins moving into you earnestly. “Still such a slut for my cock?”
It’s not like you’re weak for general degradation from just any partner you choose to be intimate with.
It’s more that you’re weak for this one specific man, always on your knees for him; always ready to be his slut, ready to be fucked dumb.
“Shit,” he mumbles as his cock buries deep inside you, exploring spots not even you’re familiar with, “why so tight all of a sudden? Like to be treated like my personal cum dumpster, don’t you?”
And again, your cunt clenches around him, answering in a way your mouth isn’t able to; it appears that it’s enough to him to unleash his beast, though. You knew he wouldn’t leave your guts unscathed when he pushed you onto the bed minutes ago; of course he’s pounding sanity out of you.
Of course you’re letting him.
Yoongi pushes his cock in to its hilt and pulls back each time, not leaving a particle of his length and your walls untouched. He savours the way your body squirms, putty in his grip and close to buckling. It reminds him of feverish nights in the distant past, when he’d pin you against the mattress, watch you crumble, render you breathless and speechless.
It’s not time to dwell on sentimentalities just yet.
With a firm slap against your ass cheek, he pounds into you once more before his hand travels along your body and buries in your dishevelled mop of hair. Ring clad fingers of his free hand settle on your neck as he leans forward and pushes you up.
“Yoongi–” you whimper, gasping when you find yourself kneeling, your back pressed against his sweat-soaked chest. “Yoon–”
He whispers your name back, his hot breath grazing the shell of your ear before he presses a sweet, chaste kiss behind it. The angle exhausts him more than the former position did – but he missed your touch; missed your breathing right next to his.
“Sounds so pretty,” he whispers, damp silver hair tickling your neck, “love how you say,” a brief pause, a hard thrust making your tits bounce, “my name.”
He applies light pressure to where his palm rests on your neck, holding you in place until your telltale yelps become too obvious, too loud. Gripping your jaw, he moves your face to his, his lips barely touching yours as he suddenly warns, “Don’t come yet.”
“What?” you voice, suddenly wide awake, wincing when his cock presses into your core incessantly. “Why not? I’m close, Yoongi, fuck.”
“I know. Control yourself, kitten.”
“Control?!” You place your hand on his wrist, your body begging to fall, fall and fall some more. “Don’t fuck me this good then.”
A low, teasing chuckle vibrates against your back and boils your blood, his voice amused but demanding when he says, “On your back then, baby. Wanna see you fall apart.”
You sigh in relief, hissing when he pulls out before you let your body turn into liquid. You shift and turn, lying down on the bed; you’ve barely settled and wiped the hair out of your face when he moves closer and spreads your legs again.
The condom wrapped around his cock is drenched in your essence, his shaft standing proud inches from his stomach. Drooling, you watch him take in the sight, eyes darting up and down slowly before he pushes his hair back. You realise just now how much it’s grown. Sticking against the nape of his neck, coloured a dark grey.
Time has surely passed.
With a deep groan, his fingers grip your knees, calloused and a little raw. You wonder if he still plays his guitar on weekend nights to wind down from work.
As his cock hits home, you cry out his name in a voice you don’t recognise, and he pushes your thighs back as much as your flexibility allows.
He plunges in with a moan too alluring, licking his lips before he questions through gritted teeth, “Are you doing this on purpose?”
You shoot him the most innocent stare you can muster, but he doesn’t let you deceive him – yet again. He clicks his tongue as if scolding you before he clarifies, “Clenching like that!”
“No, I told you I’m close!”
“Shit, I…” He pauses, not quite able to decide whether he finds you sugary sweet or unbearably sexy. You throw your head back, and he finally accepts that he must be dreaming. “I thought about this moment… a lot.”
He stares down at where you connect, exhaling a shaky, broken sigh as he watches his cock disappear. A roll of his hips elicits high-pitched keens out of you, and you feel your chest burn up; he pushes your legs together to create more friction, hammering into you with pointed, calculated thrusts.
Your unoccupied hands fumble with your perked nipples – it’s the only thing you can do with the distance lying between him and you. Screaming, you shut your eyelids painfully, your breathing heavy and unsteady when he pushes a hand between your thighs and begins drawing circles against your clit.
Fondly, he observes your movements and your wiggling body, and he gulps when you muffle your moans by pressing your lips into a thin line – before yelling out your craze into the open. Losing it once and for all.
Your words are incoherent, resembling cries as you spasm around him; and as he leans down to you, he mumbles, “What a… pretty sight you are.”
In your haze, you smile at him fondly, proud and brain-fogged. You lift your head to allow him access to your neck, and his lips attach to your skin immediately as they wander from your clavicles and along your goosebumps, settling on your jaw.
“You like it when I touch you like this?” Yoongi murmurs, his thumb still moving in an eight pattern on your bundle of nerves as his thrusts grow merciless. “Like to be fucked like this, yeah?”
“Yes, yes!”
“Yes what?”
Your brain struggles to function. You don’t know what to answer.
“What you just… just said.”
“Won’t you repeat it for me, darling?” he teases as he kisses his way down your shoulders, biting lightly.
Damn Min Yoongi. Damn his constant nicknames and self-control and skills and knowledge of your body.
“Love it when you touch me like that!”
“Oh, love.”
And then, your body revolts, your walls contracting around his cock. Your torso shudders and your arch your back, his mouth pressing wet, open mouthed kisses against your neck and cheek before your sweaty foreheads collide.
In the heat of the summer, he knocks the air out of your lungs when he opts for another sinful kiss, and you moan into his mouth loudly, your sounds high and bordering on insanity.
“You’ve always been the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen, you know?” Yoongi states, cursing under his breath. “And fuck, this pussy… missed her so much, that little,” the fingers toying with your body smack your clit once, and you yelp as oversensitivity electrifies your body, “cunt. My cunt.”
A few more pumps follow before you pull him into you fully, tearing up at his actions as he whispers into your ear, “Don’t wanna come inside you.”
“Huh,” you voice, opening your eyes; you didn’t realise you’d squinted them shut so tightly until stars begin blurring your vision. “Why?”
“Wanna cover you… in my cum.”
He used to do this back then, too. Loved seeing you marked as his. You don’t hesitate to answer – and he doesn’t seem all too surprised at your eagerness.
“Okay,” you agree.
“Okay… okay. Where?”
“Face, stomach… tits. You choose…”
“Fuck.” And then, you’re suddenly empty, devoid of his touch as he pulls out and lifts his body. Hovering over you intimidatingly. “Fuck, okay.”
He rips the condom off, throwing it into the corner of his bed haphazardly before his hand wraps around his cock, jerking off, hooded eyes zeroing in on yours. The thin sheen of sweat glistening on his neck and chest draws an unwanted moan out of you; but he doesn’t hear it, too distracted by his nearing high.
The veins of his neck pop and his body shivers, his legs caging you in as he moves up the mattress and releases ropes and ropes of his orgasm on, under, over and between your tits. It feels warm and endless, messy on your sticky skin until he’s done and spent.
“An artwork,” is all he says before he takes a deep breath, his head spinning, shaking in disbelief. “So very gorgeous.”
You scoff with a roll of your eyes, and he laughs dryly, gulping before he spreads his cum on your tits and hears you ask, “The fuck are you doing?”
He doesn’t answer; too busy with painting onto your already dirty skin. He pinches your nipples for a moment before he collects some more cum on his forefinger – and when he’s finally done and ready, he winks, leaning down as he orders, “Open up, my little whore.”
With another tender laugh, you shake your head, scolding him mentally before you oblige and stretch your tongue. He places his finger into your mouth, and you relish the flavour you missed for so long, sucking his digit clean with quiet moans as he praises, “Good girl… you’d really do anything I ask you to, wouldn’t you?”
Puppy eyes stare back at him, devastating and inviting before he pulls his finger out with a pop and falls onto the mattress next to you. Your breaths mingle into a sound of exhaustion and relaxation, and your body shudders as the sweat begins to dry, exposed to the air of the room.
You pull your legs into an angle, letting your face drop to the side to peak at his striking features. But as your eyes meet, you realise that he’s staring at you already. Raising his eyebrows when you blink at him, a smile spreading across your countenance that he responds to with his own infamous smirk.
He winks once more, but both his eyes close at the gesture – he knows you’re weak for it, but you don’t think you’ve ever told him that it’s his slight inability to actually wink that you’re so fond of.
Soft fingertips tuck your hair behind your ear, and he admires your post-coital glow for a second longer before he inquires, “Can you still walk?”
“Um. I don’t know.”
“Okay, can you walk the distance to my bathroom at least?”
“The bathroom?” 
“I uh. Thought I could clean you up some,” he explains, a soft rosy blush and colours of fatigue dusting his cheeks. Even in the unlit bedroom, you can see years old emotions swimming in his eyes. “I have these bath bombs my cousin gave me, ‘cause she can’t use them in her shower, but I haven’t tried either, and–”
“Sure. Yes.”
“Yeah?” he confirms with the gummy smile you used to point out on the regular back then.
Back when you’d spend your night in his old room. When you were surrounded by clouds of maybes; floating above when things felt promising, and watching them dissolve when you analysed your relationship a little longer.
This time, however, you don’t want to crash to the ground again. Want him to give you a piece of heaven. You’ve grown too much to hope for another romance disguised as a fuck-buddy-phenomenon. No more hiding your emotions.
You drown a little in his blinding, joyful beam, his eyes two crescent moons and the button nose screaming for your kisses. What a sight – you missed this. Missed him.
And then you finally rise, letting him guide you to the bathroom, settling in the hot water and in his arms. While his hands wipe you clean, massaging your shoulders, he asks, “Back then… you heard more of the convo between Hobi and me than you admitted, right?”
You giggle at the sudden change of topic, shrugging your shoulders as you confess, “A little. Heard you say you didn’t need your other chicks, if I was here.”
“And… that’s it. You weren’t ready to make things official. And I guess even now, we need to get to know each other again. Things have changed.”
Yoongi hums, letting his palms glide along your arms and your stomach. He nods with his chin on your head, and you hear his heartbeat next to yours as he questions, “Nothing else?”
“You didn’t hear more than that.”
“No.” You pause, staring at the water and your shrivelled fingers under the surface. “Was there more?”
“Uhhh,” he makes, the sound vibrating through his chest, all too telling, “no. Nah, that’s it.”
“You’re lying.”
“I’m not. I–”
“You so are.”
He shuts you with a slap against your thigh, and you gasp in shock before you laugh out loud, collecting water in your palm before splashing it into his face. Frustrated yet amused, you play-fight in the comfort of the tub, pleading as sweetly as you can, “You won’t tell me? Pretty please? What was it?”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out, kitten.”
You puff out a breath of desperation, accidentally bumping your head against his nose as he cries out and joins your endless chuckles. Things feel new – utterly different from when you used to arrive at his place after sunset and left before your classes started.
This time, you want to stay nestled in his embrace.
And as if to voice your silent request, he asks, “Can we do that again sometime?”
With a sigh, you sink into his hug some more. The movements of the water still a little, flowing peacefully when you hum and nod softly.
“As often as you’d like.”
Tumblr media
my energy is gone after writing and editing this @[email protected] let’s rest some now. a very happy birthday to our kind, sweet, sexy, amazingly talented min yoongi again !! if u guys enjoyed this fic, i’d super much appreciate you liking/commenting under it, reblogging it and/or sending an ask !!
feedback means the world to me and talking to y’all is always fun !! love uuuu <3
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amourtae · 3 months ago
overdue | kth.
Tumblr media
— banner by @jamaisjoons 🧸
Tumblr media
↠ pairing : Kim Taehyung x Female Reader
↠ summary : Wherein Kim Taehyung has many overdue books, and he offers you his sexual services in lieu of the payments.
↠ genre : pwp, fluff, smut, college au, bookshop au, slight strangers to lovers, classmates to lovers
↠ rating : 18+
↠ warnings : swearing, a little bickering, kissing, making out, slight choking, hickies, body worship, oral (m. receiving & allusions to f. receiving), Taehyung hits it from the back, unprotected sex (be safe <3), edging, spanking, taehyung being a sly shit, dom!taehyung, sub!reader, creampie, semi-public sex, degradation (slut, whore), praising, begging & it’s soft & soppy towards the end because kim taehyung is a romantic at heart <3
↠ word count : 5K
↠ a/n : hello loves !! and it’s finally here <3 sorry about the delay (life’s been a mess) but i hope you enjoy this quick pwp !! it isn’t my greatest work , but i wanted to post something for my birthday for you all as a thank you for being here <3 thank you to @chateautae ; @kithtaehyung & @kookiestarlight for reading over 🤎 and thank you to @jamaisjoons for the stunning banner 🍪 as always, your feedback is truly appreciated & happy reading !! <3
↠ song : 120 - bad bunny
Tumblr media
"Oh, and the name's Taehyung. Kim Taehyung."
"I know your name. We're in the same class," you sigh, turning your back to him, and instead of unpacking your new stack of books. "I just want you to return the books you took out months ago."
"Same class?" Taehyung repeats, leaning on the counter. You aren't even facing him, but you know that he's wearing the usual feline smirk on his lips. "Interesting. I've never noticed you."
Despite the both of you being in Professor Choi's class, you never really speak to one another. You usually sit at the front of the lecture hall, and Taehyung opts for the seats at the back instead.
You and Taehyung are quiet class members, not really interacting with anyone instead of relishing in your own company. A part of you always yearned to approach him, but your nerves ended up getting the best of you.
The boy always had a mysterious aura surrounding him, and you couldn't help but be intrigued by him. When you first met Taehyung, he always carried a book with him, and he never really spoke. You'd hear him converse with Professor Choi here and there, and his mellow voice always ignited something deep within you. It was soft but alluring at the same time.
He would usually spend most of his time in the library, hidden away in the corner with a box of strawberries, jazz music spilling from his laptop as he reads either classical poetry or manga. The sight always makes you snicker, the differences between his choices being so stark.
The more you saw of him, though, the more your crush grew; however, your infatuation slowly began to fluctuate from the moment you began to see who he really was.
His flirtatious attitude, snarky remarks, and mischievous glint in his eyes always keep you on edge.
You don't hate him, but his personality can be hard to keep up with.
Taehyung frequently visits your father's bookshop, popping in at least twice a week to take out a few books. He's undoubtedly an avid reader and enjoys all sorts of genres which you don't mind at all. The only problem you truly have with the stupidly handsome bloke is that he never seems to return his books. And the books he doesn't return just so happen to be your favourite.
"Just bring the books back by Sunday." You reply, knowing that he's trying to embarrass you, shifting to face him with an exasperated face. "Otherwise, I'll tell my father, and you'll have to deal with him, which isn't fun at all… his books are his babies."
"Ah, I've met him plenty of times. We happen to be great friends," Taehyung remarks, sighing dramatically with a shit-eating grin on his face, resting his chin in his palms. "Look at me, already infiltrating my way into your family."
"Will you leave?" You request, glaring at him with narrowed eyes.
"No." Taehyung chimes, showing you his boxy smile that you can't help but melt at. "I know you don't want me to."
You whine and leave the counter, moving to stand before him. Your height difference is remarkable, and you can't help but smile briefly at the way he towers over you.
"The thing is, Miss. Y/N," he mutters, a playful glint colouring his eyes as he notices the way you light up upon hearing your name. "I seem to have misplaced those books." He informs you a little too casually.
"You what?" You retort, visibly angry at what has just come out of Taehyung's mouth.
"Yeah, I'm sorry about that."
"How… how does one just lose a few books?" You complain, throwing your head back. "You're totally paying for those. I'm not getting in trouble because of you."
"Paying?" Taehyung questions in a frivolous manner. "I don't make payments."
"My name sounds real good coming out of your mouth, princess."
"I know another way to pay you… wanna hear me out?" Taehyung suggests with a teasing cadence lacing his tone. You stare at him with curious eyes and notice how his smirk ticks every box.
It's gorgeous. He's gorgeous.
You would've very quickly walked away if it wasn't for his smirk. That slight rise in the corner of his mouth combined with the cool detachment in his eyes… you couldn't help but stare, lightly smirking back. And that mere act was giving him inner delight. Taehyung was evidently savouring the moment, and you both felt the tension thicken.
You have a slight inkling about the way Taehyung wants to pay you. You aren't oblivious to his ways. Coming to the bookshop only on days you worked, 'forgetting' his overdue books, catching him staring at you when you walk into class, hanging around a little longer to see you leave, and more importantly… visiting the store at times, he knows there's no one here, but you.
"I'm listening," you reply, stepping closer to Taehyung, so you're only centimetres away from him.
Taehyung leans down, his lips brushing against yours, as he entangles his fingers with your nimble ones. "Good girl," he whispers, and his hand begins to trail up your bare arm.
Tumblr media
Your back hits against the shelf as Taehyung devours your mouth with sheer passion. His one hand lightly chokes you whilst the other holds your head in place.
He kisses you once. Twice. And you know immediately that you can never tire of this man. With vehement urgency, he chases your lips, and you smile into the kiss, his neediness more than apparent. You know more than well that you shouldn't be making out with him in your father's storage room. Any customer could walk in asking for you, heck, so could your father, but that doesn't stop you from kissing Taehyung with a more potent force. You feel utterly feral and slightly shocked as to how Taehyung already has so much power over you.
"Gave in very easily, didn't you?" Taehyung teases, pulling away from your lips and kissing down your jawline. He nips at your skin, most definitely leaving you with marks as a reminder of your shenanigans. He rips open your short, floral-printed linen dress, and you moan as you hear the tear, his strength being a huge turn on for you.
"Oh shut it," you gasp, directing him back to face you. You capture his lips in a fast, rhythmic movement, and he begins to undo your bra. He takes in your chest, and you swear you hear him growl as he looks you up and down.
"You're fucking stunning," he rasps, dipping his head into the junction between your head and shoulder, pressing the most sensuous kisses down to your tits. You moan again, craning your neck and arching your chest to him, craving more of his touch. His veiny arms wrap around you, and you instinctively move closer to him.
"Take off your shirt," you whine, wanting to feel Taehyung's skin against yours. Your wish is accepted immediately, and in one swift movement, Taehyung pulls his shirt over his head with a single hand.
Your hand immediately reaches for his taut chest, and you cascade it down, grabbing his hardened cock through his sweatpants.
"Please let me suck you off," you mutter, palming him whilst gazing up at him with softened eyes.
"Such a slut for my cock already," Taehyung murmurs and you nod, happily admitting.
Taehyung pecks your pouty lips, smirking as he sees you kneel before him. You pull down his trousers and boxers, eyes widening as you drink in just how huge he is. Your wetness grows as you anticipate just how hard he could wreck you with this monster.
"Go on, baby. It's all yours." Taehyung goads, hands moving to rest on your head. Moving forward, he strokes your cheek as he pushes the fat tip of his cock towards your hungry mouth, breathing in at the sensation of your tongue coming out and kitten-licking at his slit, savouring the taste of his arousal on your tongue.
His one hand moves to rest on your head, and the other holds your chin in place, lifting it slightly so he can push himself into your inviting mouth.
"So fucking good," Taehyung groans out celestially as you envelop his sizeable tip. Your one hand holds the rest of his dick whilst the other runs up and down his thick thigh.
You carefully pay attention to sucking on his member flawlessly, aching to be praised.
"You're such a cockslut for me, aren't you?"
Thanks, Taehyung.
You look up and see the man throwing his head back as you sink down on his cock, taking him inch by inch until your nose practically buries itself in his pubic bone. His hand tangles into your hair, threading his warm fingers through your luscious locks.
Greedily, you take more of him in your mouth, swirling your tongue around his shaft. His guttural groans spur you on, and you feel your chest swell with pride, knowing that Kim Taehyung, who oozes power and dominance, is at your mercy as you suck him dry.
"Fuckk," Taehyung curses when you sink down on him further. You hollow your cheeks, and Taehyung moans at the feeling, his breathing becoming heavier. He thrusts forward and hits the back of your throat, triggering your gag reflex, which provokes immediate tears in your eyes.
Your cunt becomes wetter with each sinful sound that leaves his filthy mouth. You abruptly pull back, an idea springing to mind.
Taehyung stares down at you with watery eyes whilst biting his bottom lip. "All good, baby?"
You soften at the pet name but quickly pull yourself together. "Fuck my face."
"You're a little shit," Taehyung laughs, holding your head in place and directing his heavy cock inside your hot mouth. You ravenously deep-throat him, and he moans delectably, gently beginning to fuck your throat.
"Your mouth feels so good. We're definitely doing this again," he moans loudly, and you feel yourself gush at the thought of having Taehyung in your mouth again. He continues ramming himself against your face, groaning blissfully as the euphoric sensations run through him.
"Bet you'll love having your face stuffed with my cock every morning," Taehyung rasps as he drives his length inside your mouth with more force, roughly chasing his release.
Taehyung peers down at you; he sees tears leaking out of your beautiful eyes and drool spilling out of your helpless mouth. You know you look a complete mess, but Taehyung stares at you with adoration. His hips continue to softly rock into your mouth, all while he continues to turn you on more with his dulcet voice.
"Tell me, Y/N. You'd love having your face fucked again, wouldn't you?"
You nod, rubbing your thighs together, the pressure making you want to pull your mouth away and riding him senselessly.
"Not gonna last, love," Taehyung whines. Your hands move to grip his thighs, pushing all of him inside your mouth, almost choking on his monstrous dick. You swirl your tongue around and swallow the mess as Taehyung releases the most lustful moans, deep groans echoing inside this tiny storage room.
Taehyung suddenly picks his pace up, fucking himself into your mouth with newfound vigour. He throws his head back, cursing and hissing at your ministrations. You slurp and suck whilst luxuriating in the way Taehyung begins to unravel.
He unexpectedly pushes you away from his dick, and you whine out of frustration, wanting him to have spilt his seed down your throat. Taehyung himself trembles at the loss, wanting to shove his cock back inside your mouth. But he resists the urge and instead pulls you up towards him, crashing your lips together and sloppily kissing you.
His sinful tongue moves in sync with yours, and you tug at his dark locks, the urge to have him inside you proliferating.
"I can't wait anymore," he smirks, spanking your ass, and cursing at the sight of you throwing your head back with rolled eyes. "Need to feel your tight pussy swallow me."
"Please, Tae.." you whine, running your hands all over his smooth chest. "Fuck me."
Taehyung feels himself become harder at your begging. He never expected you to reciprocate his energy. Taehyung always thought of you as shy and innocent, but he knew you were far from that judging by what he’s seen today. Not that he was complaining, though; if anything, the little crush he did have on you harboured into something more.
Instead of responding, Taehyung swiftly turns you around, and you come to face a stack of new books. You really shouldn't be letting him fuck you here, but you were far too pent up to stop him.
Taehyung runs his hand down your spine, and you shiver at the new sensation. "So beautiful," he mutters as he rests his hand on your ass. His hard cock rubs against your cheeks, eliciting heat to run through your core. You take a step back, rubbing yourself against him shamelessly.
The gap between the two of you is smoothly closed as Taehyung steps forward, his hot breath fanning your shoulder. He dips his head towards your ear and takes your earlobe between his lips, making you purr. Taehyung doesn't miss the chance to whisper in your ear, knowing it'll only heighten the tension.
"Can I fuck you?" He asks whilst kneading your ass with his large hands.
You laugh before responding, "You ask that now?"
"Consent is vital, my love," Taehyung mumbles, dropping his head to press a kiss against your shoulder, eliciting a shiver from you.
Fuck, this man really is going to be the end of you.
"Well, it'll never be a no from me," you reply, goosebumps forming at your slight confession. You turn around and wink at him with a knowing smirk, shocking yourself with your bold behaviour.
"Fuck, I could get used to this," he says hoarsely before turning you back around. Taehyung touches you all over as he grinds his body against yours in the most seductive way. The sweat has formed glistens against his skin, making him appear hotter than usual.
"Hurry," you whine, becoming impatient. Taehyung chuckles, and dives for your neck, biting it slightly, making you moan indulgently in his hold. Your knees buckle, but his firm grip on your hips stops you from tripping.
A devilish smirk dances across Taehyung's lips as he raises his palm, hitting it against your ass harshly.
"Fuck, Taehyung," you groan as the sting spreads. His fingers move to your pussy, gathering your slick. Taehyung sucks his coated digits, moaning at the sweetness of your arousal.
"Do you always taste this good, princess?" Taehyung grits, his hand now thumbing at your clit. "Who's got you this wet, hmm?"
"Y-you, just do something," you moan, pushing yourself back to feel Taehyung, hoping that he'd provide you with some sort of relief.
"Bet you could come just like this," he continues to rub your clit, lips brushing against your pulse point.
You shudder with pleasure, immediately conveying to him how good you feel. Taehyung removes his mouth from your pulse point to instead press delicate kisses against your jawline.
"I'd love to fuck you every day," he huskily whispers, "making you cum again and again," he adds before turning you back to face him. Taehyung mouths at you sensually, kissing you with an insatiable force that leaves you breathless when you pull away.
You arch into him, and Taehyung knows you need more. He smirks at the way you evidently fall into submission. He imagines fucking you in his bed, shower, eating you out in the library where you have to stay quiet.
"Please do something," you complain. Taehyung reaches forward, pressing kisses against the column of your throat. You drag your nails down his chest, eliciting a playful growl.
"Want me to fuck you, hmm?" Taehyung teases you. You quickly nod, moaning his name, hoping it urges him to hurry up and fuck you senseless.
Taehyung brings his warm hand to cup your breast, evoking another needy moan from you. He hisses pleasurably at your lewd sigh, and you twitch in his hold.
"I'm going to ruin you," he whispers in his low-pitched voice as he fondles your tit, dipping his head down towards your chest to press open-mouthed kisses. Taehyung decorates your skin with purple, flourishing hickies.
You feel Taehyung smirk against your skin when you let out a sultry sound.
"Really sensitive, aren't you?" he notes, his breath tickling your ear, leaving you to feel more aroused and dizzy. You physically feel your pussy gush, and your body buzzes at the unmitigated effect Taehyung has on you.
"Oh, Taehyung, please just give me your cock," you whine loudly, the need to feel him inside you growing. You swear you can combust untouched, his mere gaze enough to unravel you.
"Wanna turn around again so I can fuck you?" he sighs out against your lips before joining them together for the umpteenth time that evening.
You move your hands to cup Taehyung's cheeks, kissing him with zealous force, hoping he'd understand how needy you are.
"You're so fucking hot," he exhales wistfully, smothering his lips with yours again for an all too chaste kiss.
"Want you in me now," you prompt him urgently, "wan' your big cock."
Taehyung hastily tightens his grip on your waist, "Go on then, baby, turn around for me."
He doesn't need to tell you twice, shifting, so you're face-to-face with the books again. You glance over your shoulder fleetingly, admiring Taehyung's pleasing build.
His perfectly sculpted body, his messy black hair, built arms, and that damn smirk of his has you feeling giddy all over again. You can only wish that you're able to see this site more often. The most erotic thoughts flood your mind, and you grow more impatient, anticipating his next move.
Taehyung catches you staring at him, and a mirthy smile graces his face as he grabs hold of his length, pumping himself a few times. His tip painfully glints a burning red, and it leaves a heavy ache in your core.
Taehyung catches you off-guard, grabbing hold of your hips and yanking you back so your ass presses against him. You jump and quickly peek behind you with confused eyes, only to see a shit-eating grin on his face.
He drags the palm of his large hand down your smooth back, relishing in your silky smooth skin. "So fucking sexy," he mutters, "we're so doing this again."
Reaching for your ass, he slaps it playfully, "Gonna make you feel so good, baby. You'll never want another man."
"Taehyung, please," you groan, frustrated. He mutters a soft apology before rubbing his hard-on against your ass, stepping closer to press the length of his girthy cock against your soaked folds.
This is actually happening.
Kim Taehyung is going to fuck you, and fuck you good.
Your legs part on their own, and you arch your back, offering your ass to the man shamelessly. Taehyung curses at the salacious scene, pressing his cock further into you and somehow growing harder.
"Fucking perfect," he rasps with his mellow voice, "ready?"
"You've got me all soaked; of course, I'm ready!"
"Fuck," Taehyung laughs, groaning as he rubs the tip of his hard cock up and down your dripping pussy. He teases your hole, pressing his dick but never pushing it in. Your mouth hangs open at the contact, and your breathing quickens.
"Gonna stretch this tight cunt out so good, baby," he mumbles to himself, goading you with gentle pressure.
"Just put it in," you impatiently urge, wiggling your ass against him, tired of his unnecessary teasing.
Taehyung finally gives in, pushing against you. He slides his cock past your folds, burying himself deep inside. The two of you groan at the lewd feeling, and you mutually feel the tension rise.
Taehyung emits a guttural moan as he watches the view of him entering your tight pussy. He hears you release the most sinful sounds, and seeing you bask in the feeling of him filling you up whole makes him smile.
"Fuck, the way you moan my name," he breathes out as he buries himself to the hilt, hips rolling into you with the deepest of strokes. "It's the only name you'll ever moan from now on."
Taehyung fits inside you snuggly, grinding in you with small and precise thrusts. His fingers dig into your hips, and his eyes fixate on the heavy swell of your ass. He groans satisfyingly, watching his cock slip in and out of you with ease, thighs rubbing against the back of yours in the most orgasmic way.
"T-Taehyung, fuck, you're too big." You whimper, your entire body craving more of him.
"But you'll learn to take it, won't you?" he prompts, shutting his eyes and dipping his head to rest at your shoulder as he begins to smack his hips into yours relentlessly. Your walls flutter, and Taehyung tries hard to contain his load, not wanting to shoot his seed inside you just yet.
"Faster.." you plead, body shaking with maximal pleasure.
Taehyung heeds, going deeper and picking up his speed to hit the best spots inside you. You press your temple against the shelving, ignoring the dull pain as he fucks you with languid, steady strokes. You feel his cock throb inside you, provoking you to moan his name again.
"Harder.." you mewl, compelling him to growl as he provides you with forceful thrusts, growling animalistically when he hears you cry out in delight. His muscular arm reaches forward, veiny hand gripping your breast, pinching your hardened nipple as he presses sloppy kisses just behind your ear, your body letting him know that it's your sensitive spot.
"That's it, pretty angel, you're doing so well," Taehyung praises, thrusting with more fidelity as your walls pulse around him, "Goddamn this pussy," he pants breathlessly. He knows you are getting close and snakes his other hand down to your clit, rubbing vigorously as he drives you closer towards the edge, eliciting the whiniest sounds from you.
"Mmm, Tae, you feel so, so good," you cry as he rams his cock further into your wetness, groaning at the sensation. His delicious abuse on your swollen clit makes you hiss in pleasure.
"That's right, Y/N. Moan, my name," Taehyung rasps, continuing his onslaught and pulling you back onto him.
"Holy shit, Taehyung!" Your knees buckle at the savouring drag of his appetising length, and hearing your name from his sinful mouth makes your eyes roll back.
"Right there, baby?"
"Oh God, yea.." you moan, nodding your head incessantly.
You mewl again, arousal spilling out of you, but Taehyung fucks it right back in. He pinches your nipple whilst simultaneously teasing your clit. Taehyung sucks a hickey on your neck, cum aching his heavy balls as he pumps into your soaked walls.
You throw your head back onto his shoulder, stretching your hand to tug at the short tendrils of his hair. Taehyung knows precisely what you mean without you having said any words.
"Wann' see your face," you whimper, "need to feel you more.."
Taehyung smirks at your neediness, pulling out of you reasonably quickly. You both wince at the loss of warmth, and he wastes no time in turning you around and lifting you up, deeply penetrating you again. Taehyung continues with the same, brisk pace as before, and you wrap your arms around his neck, drawing him closer to you, so your foreheads touch.
"Oh, this is much better," he murmurs, "been dreaming of this for the longest time."
"Me too. I won’t need to touch myself anymore," you purr, "I'm all yours to fuck now."
Taehyung moans deeper at your revelation, and you begin to grind against him as an attempt to alleviate the burning pressure that shoots through your core. Your moans start to turn into gasps, and you know you're more than close.
"Where do you want me to come, princess?"
"Fill me up," you manage to whimper. That probably wasn't the wisest suggestion from you, but you crave to feel full of his cum, squeezing against him to urge him more. “I want your cum inside me.”
"Holy shit!" he grunts, his orgasm hitting him. Taehyung's hot cum shoots inside you, painting your insides white. He moves impossibly closer, rubbing his face against your collarbone.
Taehyung's arm sneaks around your waist, bringing you closer to him as he repeatedly pecks you all over your face.
A romantic man indeed.
He is mindful of your sensitivity, allowing you to relax before picking up his pace again.
You're at a loss of words, the only thing on your mind being that you're being fucked full of Taehyung's cum. You notice his eyes fixated on where you both connect, and you follow his gaze.
The both of you watch your stomach clench and relax with pleasure. Taehyung's thrusts begin to stutter, and he throbs hard, fearing that he may possibly shoot his second load into you before you can even have your first release.
You sob and wail, clutching onto him tighter. Taehyung's hand cascades down towards your engorged clit, rubbing it fervently with the hopes that you'll perhaps squirt around his cock.
"Close?" he asks you as he grunts, rubbing your clit harder and faster. You vigorously nod, eyes closing as the pleasure engulfs you warmly.
"Come all over me, angel. All over my cock," he demands, rutting against you in a frantic manner.
You clench down on him as you release with a string of curse words. You ride out your climax with him, and he puts less pressure on your clit, instead enthralled as he watches you in your throes of pleasure.
Taehyung's confidence heightens, smirking as he recalls the way you've been screaming his name all evening. The simple thought of you squirting both his and your mess out spurs him on, and he swears he could fuck you all over again right now.
"That was fucking incredible." You're breathless, carefully slip out of his hold, leaning against his broad chest for support.
Taehyung pulls you into him, pressing soft kisses against the crown of your head, and his arms wrap around you. Your chest swells, feeling shy as you curve further into his warm body. He dips his head down to litter soft kisses over the hickies he made, and in turn, you peck his chest before pulling yourself back to face him.
"I haven't lost any of the books, by the way," Taehyung admits, chuckling as he rests his head on top of yours.
"I figured," you snicker back, gingerly wrapping your arms around his waist.
"And I also know they're your favourite."
"Oh, really?" You awe at his cute smile.
"Yeah… I've kept them safe with the hopes that I'll get to read them to you with my deep voice you like so much." You playfully smack his chest, unable to handle the way he's exposing you.
"Well, maybe one day you can."
The two of you gently smile as you embrace one another's presence. Maybe working in your father’s bookshop wasn’t so bad of an idea.
"So… where do we go from here?" Taehyung whispers, gently stroking your hair.
You know exactly where you want to go from here.
You want to wake up to Taehyung’s messages. You want to bring him his favourite morning beverage, and walk to class with him, arm securely wrapped around his bicep.
You want to sit with him in lecture, but only pay attention to him and him only. You want to complete your assignments together, and when stress overcomes you both, you want to be able to freely ride him as he wraps his hand around your throat, fucking up into you as tears of pleasure spill from your pretty eyes.
You want Taehyung to be the one who pushes your face into his sheets as he fucks you from behind on a random Tuesday night. You want Taehyung’s deep voice to be the one that spews the filthiest of words into your ear, whispering confessions of how nothing compares to the feeling of your tight pussy engulfing his cock.
Picnics, library dates, walks in the park, spontaneous makeout sessions that result in him eating you out over and over… you want it all, and you want it all with Kim Taehyung and him only.
"Well, I'd love to go to your bedroom first" you decide to tease, staring at him with suggestive eyes, "you did say you could get used to this."
Taehyung tongues the inside of his cheek, slowly nodding at your suggestion.
"I'm making you mine all over again," he whispers, flashing you his signature smirk before reaching down to join your lips again. His arms tighten around your waist, cinching you to him, and your hands entangle in his hair, feeling the silken strands between your fingers. “We’re not finishing anytime soon.”
You smile to yourself, feeling giddy as you acknowledge that your feelings for Taehyung are mutual. Swaying in his embrace, you daydream about life with him again. Waking up to him, reading in his arms, baking with him… every thought felt surreal. You know that both of you will love one another with your all, and that was something you were excited to explore with Taehyung.
"Okay, but not here!" You pull back, pouting as you examine your surroundings. "We should really clean up."
"Will do… but after this," Taehyung winks, dropping down to his knees. He parts your legs and nether lips, licking you shamelessly with his flat tongue before sucking on your clit. Your hands reach down to hold onto his messy hair, pushing him closer to your gushing cunt as you filthily moan. Taehyung pulls back to look up at you with an impish smirk before shifting his attention back to your pussy and devouring it whole.
Tumblr media
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lonelyhobi · a month ago
Honey Bunny
Tumblr media
Summary- your boyfriend wasn’t one for romance, but a misunderstanding leads to an unforgettable Valentine's day Pairing- yoongi x reader Genre- established relationship AU, smut, fluff  Warnings- oral (m), fingering, unprotected sex, little cum play, creampie, kissing while cumming (romance at it’s finest), misunderstandings, yoongis lil heart </3, Everyone needs to mind their business Word count- 5.9k
A/N: Happy SUPER LATE  Valentine’s Day everyone! And a special super late Valentine’s to @dionysusrage​​ Azul <3 She was my lovely valentine’s gram this year so I wanted to write something even if it’s seven years late. I hope you like it! And also thank you to @agustdef​ for letting me use their beautiful name! <333
beta’d by- the lovely @yoon2k​​, thank you so so much Fi! 
Tumblr media
“Annnnnnd, done” Yoongi mutters to himself as he finally aligns the flower petals in the most symmetrical heart he could manage to form on the bed. Some people may think the attention he was putting into the symmetry of the heart was pointless, but not his girl. He knew you would understand the effort.
Yoongi had been hurrying to decorate your place for the most ridiculous and capitalistic holiday, but if it was what you wanted, then he would endure the insane amount of red that littered your home. 
This entire holiday was miles away from being in his wheelhouse, but after overhearing a conversation between you and your best friend, he set out to give you the flashiest, most special Valentine’s he could manage. 
He had spent most of the morning begging for a reservation at your favorite fancy restaurant, followed by the purchasing of flowers, chocolates, balloons, and so many candles it could be considered a fire hazard. He had an arrangement sent to your job with the biggest stuffed bear they had. Ticking all the boxes of the classic V-day things left Yoongi utterly exhausted and in need of some rest. 
The couch would have to do for his nap because there was no way in hell he was ruining that damn heart that took forever to arrange on the bed.
Tumblr media
So when you had walked into your shared apartment a few hours later, that’s how you found him. Kicking off your shoes, you had called out for your boyfriend, eager to tell him about the hilarious events that occurred at work today. 
“Yoongs! You won’t beli-” you cut yourself off when you see him cuddled up under a blanket peacefully sleeping. Your heart is full when you hear his little snores and you can’t help but tiptoe over to him and plant the softest kiss on his forehead. 
Your hair tickling over his face and the familiar scent of your perfume is enough to bring Yoongi to his senses and he starts opening his eyes. “Babydoll?”
Tilting your head to the side you press your lips together at the sudden term of endearment coming from your boyfriend. Yoongi was incredibly loving and thoughtful, he was just more the type to show it through quiet actions. Like leaving your mug and k-cup ready for you every morning. Or the mini hearts he would draw in your palm while holding hands. But still the unusual sweet word is welcomed and has you smiling at him.
Just as Yoongi sits up you fling yourself on his lap, arms wrapped around his neck, his own arms coming to wrap around your waist. “Hi” you mumble from your spot pressed against his neck where you leave a soft kiss. “Good nap?”
“Mmm” he hums against your head. “Didn’t mean to, jus’ tired. How was work? Anything eventful happen, darling?” Yoongi tries to hint at the delivery you got, slightly surprised you didn’t haul it to the apartment or thank him over the phone.
You instantly come out as you get excited to recount the hilarious story from earlier today to your boyfriend. “Oh my gosh you won’t believe what happened, okay so you know how today is Valentine’s? By the way, Happy Valentine’s, anyway!” you rush out as Yoongi prepares for the millions of kisses you’re going to give him once you talk about your flowers. 
“You know Miyeon?” After confirming with a nod, you eagerly continue. “Well she was waiting the whole day for something, anything to be delivered to her for Valentines. She was so antsy everytime the delivery guy came. Literally she practically pushed Jungkook everytime he walked in.” You can’t help but laugh at the thought of the poor doe eyed delivery guy getting interrogated every few hours by your co-worker.  
“Finally like halfway through the day the biggest, and I mean biggest floral arrangement and stuffed bear came in. And Yoongi I don’t think you get it, like Jungkook is not a small dude and even he was struggling to carry this bear and the flowers.” your eyes are big and full of joy as you explain to your boyfriend and he’s trying to fight back his smile. He loved seeing you happy and he can’t help but kick himself in his mind for not having thought to spoil you like this regularly if it made you this content. 
“And then Miyeon starts crying and she reads the card that was on the flowers and I literally had to stop myself from laughing.” Yoongi furrows his eyebrows while his fingers stop stroking around your waist for a second. “Because she was upset they weren’t for her?”
You stare at your boyfriend confused at his question, “What do you mean? Obviously they were for her; she's the only one whose partner would send her that, anyways she reads the card and guess what? Her husband wrote her poem!” Things start to click for Yoongi as he realizes that his Valentine was misdelivered. Once again Yoongi wants to beat himself up for not just signing it under his name or putting your own name.
“What was the poem sweetie?” he grits out but you ignore him as you giggle out.
“‘Words fall short whenever I want to tell you how special you are to me. You are what happens when I wish on a star- I love you my honey bunny.’ Ahh!” you start squirming and cringing as you recite what took Yoongi a good hour to think of. 
“What’s wrong with that? Why are you laughing?” Yoongi is still so confused at your reaction. Weren’t you the one who wanted more romance?! That’s what you told Niah, like, not even 24 hours ago. 
After wiping the imaginary tears from your eyes and you stop laughing, “Yoongi you’re joking right? That’s SO cheesy, like I got second hand embarrassment! It’s almost as bad as Joon saying ‘sugarplum’.” You pretend to shiver as you gag.
Yoongi has never considered himself an emotional person but as he’s sitting there with you unknowingly laughing at his attempts to woo you, he feels his heart tighten a bit. You had continued to talk about your day but at that point he wasn’t listening. His hands come up to your waist as he maneuvers you to the couch, standing up once you're seated. “Yoongi?”
“Gotta pee” he grunts trying to steady his voice. Yoongi isn't ashamed of crying or anything like that. He just couldn’t bear the embarrassment of having completely missed the mark. If anything, as soon as he was done crying he would be bitching out Namjoon for being an idiot and guilting him into doing something you hadn’t even wanted. But something still wasn’t adding up. He literally heard you say that you wanted this!!
He made it into the bedroom and you stayed there confused as to why he seemed so upset. After about five minutes of you scrolling through your phone while waiting for your boyfriend to return, a loud pop startled you into throwing your phone and rushing to the bedroom.
“Yoong- Woah” you cut yourself off looking around your bedroom a hand coming up to cover your mouth. “What is all this?” 
You take a step inside as your puffy teary eyed boyfriend stands there holding a deflated balloon. There were candles decorating almost every surface along with numerous red and pink balloons with what you assume are pictures attached to the ends. On the floor you have to be careful of the many Hershey kisses that are scattered with rose petals. Your room looks like it was pulled straight out of a rom-com or Pinterest Board and you can’t help the tears that fill your own eyes.
“You weren’t supposed to see this. I mean you were but not- surprise, I guess” he mumbles, eyes finding entertainment in the patterns on the ceiling. The mortification was evident by the fingernail he was currently chewing on and the redness that had brought color to his cheeks. 
“Was it for your other girlfriend?” joking to diffuse the situation turns out to have the opposite effect as Yoongi scoffs.
“Hilarious. Now can you please go so I can pop the rest of these and pretend I didn't do anything?” 
With caution you make your way to your boyfriend, stopping briefly to stare at the pictures hanging from the ends of the balloons. Each was hole punched and tied with a little bow and you can’t help but think of how much time he had put into this for some reason.
“Hey.” Reaching for him as he drops the deflated balloon and string, you rub your thumb on his hand for reassurance. “Sorry, you know I didn’t mean it like that. I guess I’m just confused? You did all,” waving your free hand around to emphasize “of this. We usually don’t do the sappy romantic stuff. Where’s my little anti-capitalist, who rejects the societal imposition of this Hallmark holiday?” 
A small smile has graced your boyfriend's face as he mutters, “right here.” 
“Yes you are, now care to tell me how this happened? Because I have a feeling there’s more to it?” you bring your arms around his neck to pull him closer to you. Standing there wrapped in each other's arms he takes a breath before explaining the conversation from the day before.
Tumblr media
“Wait so you guys don’t do anything on Valentines?” you had been laying on your bed, feet padding along the headboard. A habit that irked Yoongi to no avail considering his office was right on the other side. He could hear each time your feet knocked the headboard against the wall and normally he would ignore it, but you’re coming up on a 2 hour conversation and he’s not sure when you plan to hang up. 
On the other side of the phone was your friend Niah, who was dating Yoongi's best friend Namjoon. The two of you had hit off great from the moment you met and had somehow become closer than your own boyfriends. 
The topic of Valentine's Day had come up since it was right around the corner and Niah was boasting about her own efforts to celebrate with her boyfriend. She had even scolded you for your lack of effort with Yoongi. 
“I mean it’s not that crazy, Valentine's Day is literally a capitalist construct. The holiday was fabricate-”
“Oh hey Yoongi! I thought I was on the phone with your girlfriend, didn’t know you were here.”
“Haha. Hilarious,” your eyes roll as you continue to play with the buttons on the headboard. 
“But seriously Niah, not celebrating Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean I love him any less or vice versa.” 
By now your pounding had been enough for Yoongi so he was walking to your shared room. The words coming through the speaker had him stopping at the door.
“No one is saying that, Yoongi adores you. But when’s the last time he’s taken you out to dinner? Bought you flowers? Or called you something other than your legal name? And when’s the last time you’ve done that for him?” 
“Well that’s not how we are though.” Yoongi tried to get a look at your expression but you were upside down and he was trying not to get caught.
“That’s my point, you guys have been together for a while now and honestly it doesn’t seem that different other than you guys now fucking”
“Jeez, Niah,” you giggle at her comment. 
“I’m still right. Like I’m not saying anything negative. Yoongi is such a wonderful person and honestly he’s one of the best guys out there that’s not up for debate. What I’m saying is maybe it wouldn’t hurt to see him put in some effort? And you too–like, it goes both ways. Have you ever gone out and bought a nice lingerie set to surprise him?” 
Yoongi couldn’t fault Niah for butting in. She only had your best interest at heart, and she truly thought this is what you guys needed. He was well aware of the many things Namjoon did for his girlfriend. But you were different. You weren’t nearly as high maintenance and the way Yoongi expressed his love to you had always been enough and you to him. 
“That’s not how we are used to expressing love, Niah. Not everyone can be you and Joon, Sugarplum.” Your teasing at the ridiculous name is matched by Yoongi who is silently cheering on and agreeing with you.
“Exactly, not a week goes by that Joonie doesn’t take me on a date. And he’ll send things to my work randomly when he’s thinking about me. He’s literally so sweet and it’s not just material things but he tells me that he loves me all the time and calls me cute names. It just feels like you can see the love you know.”
If you had asked him at that moment, Yoongi would’ve sworn he could see the inside of his head from how far he had rolled his eyes.
“Not everyone has the same love language though” That’s his girl! 
See he knew that you wouldn’t be hung up on those over done displays of affectio-
“But I see what you’re saying. I guess a change would be nice, you know feel special like that and all-” The way his jaw had dropped and his eyes had peeled wide open was almost comical. 
Had Yoongi been wrong this whole time? Was he not doing enough? He was pretty sure you knew how much he loved you. Hell if it weren’t for you, he was sure he would’ve never found anyone to settle down with.
You were so special to Yoongi, the most special person in his life. He had to figure out how to fix it even if that meant asking Namjoon how he romanced his Sugarplum. A literal shiver ran through Yoongi at the pet name, but he quickly scolded himself. If that’s the kind of treatment and love you wanted then no matter how weird that felt for him he would do it.
Without a second more to spare Yoongi was walking back to his office phone in hand reaching out to his best friend. 
Tumblr media
“So that’s why I thought you wanted all of this. I mean you literally said it.” Yoongi pulls away from you to wipe the drying tears off his face, no longer feeling sad just confused. 
“You didn’t listen to the rest of the conversation though babe. I literally reiterated that all this stuff,” you pull away to gesture towards the decorations around the room. “It’s just that. Stuff. But no one can ever make me feel like you do everyday.” Your hand comes up to stroke at his cheek, Yoongi leaning into your touch.
Sighing out he continues, “I called Namjoon and he convinced me that this stuff would be a good idea. I’m literally gonna beat the shit out of him.”
“We, baby. Let’s be real he’d snap you in two but together we might stand a chance,” a snort comes from him as he tugs on your hand. He hesitates for a moment before pulling you down to lay on the bed with him, effectively ruining his masterpiece.
After a beat of silence and the soothing rhythm of his heartbeat you ask “What exactly did Joon tell you to do?”
“First he told me to book a fancy dinner at your favorite place. Which I told him was ridiculous because there was no way I could snag a spot on the day before Valentine’s you know?” you nod for him to continue as he traces patterns on your arm.
“You wouldn’t believe what I had to promise Seokjin in return for a reservation since you know he went to culinary school with the dude that runs the restaurant. Also he’s extremely offended
that Epiphany isn’t your favorite place.” giggling, you shake your head.
“Then he mentioned the decorations and sending you the flowers and stuff. He even convinced me to write a poem so it would be special. Literally took forever since that’s not like my thing you know? But clearly it sucked considering you laughed,” he lets out with a false mirthlessness.
“Baby I-”
“No it’s ok-”
You lean up to grip his soft cheeks between your palms “Hey no it's not. I don’t want you to think that you expressing your feelings to me was funny in any way. It was funny when I thought it was Miyeons shitty husband saying that stuff to her because he’s a dick. I legit thought he just ripped that off of google because it was so good.” pulling you back into his chest, his cheek on your hair.
“Liar,” he mumbles against the crown of your head.
“Am not! It was extremely sweet!” you whine out as he continues to sulk.
“Lies,” he whispers placing a kiss on your head, “lies” pecking your forehead and then placing one at your lips “Lies from my little liar”
Looking up into his eyes you see the wet streaks on his cheeks and his little sniffle has your heart cracking into two. Your own tears well up and you can’t help but cry out as you hold onto his hands. “Baby you are the most perfect man for me.”
“Like you get me and you love me exactly how I need. And even when things aren’t perfect, there's no one else I'd want to navigate life with than you.” At this point you’re both letting out a few tears and Yoongi’s heart feels incredibly full seeing your overwhelming desire to make him understand your love. 
“God damn you're everything,” is all you hear before his lips are crashing against yours, wet cheeks pressed against each other, and teeth clacking from smiling so hard.
Limbs tangling around each other and mouths moving as one lasts for a while until you pull away to take a breath. The sight of Yoongi heavily breathing staring at you from below his lashes has you swooning. You push him towards the bed on top of the now jumbled mess of rose petals before settling on his lap.
“Not that everything isn’t super sweet and thoughtful, but I don’t need material things to know that. Nor do I need a special day of you being attentive only for the other 364 to be shitty. That’s the whole reason we agreed not to do the Valentine’s Day mess. Everyday you make me feel like I’m the luckiest girl in the world.'' It's Yoongi's turn to eagerly press a kiss to your lips, turning both of your bodies over so he was on top.
“I fucking knew that you felt that way.” He shakes his head, leaning down for another kiss as he groans, “God.”
“I,” kiss, “hate,” kiss. “Namjoon,” kiss. “Niah deserves better,” kiss.
You laugh into the last kiss before pouting at your annoyed boyfriend, “He just wanted to help, plus this is getting you laid so he was right, kinda.”
“Oh I’m gonna get laid huh?” Eyebrows wiggle up and down suggestively as his kisses start to trail down from your mouth to your chin and along your jaw. The playfulness is starting to be replaced with more passion.
Your eyes flutter shut as he continues to kiss at your neck. You let yourself enjoy the feel of his lips for a few seconds before snapping back, “Wait no!” immediately Yoongi pulls away to look at you. 
“You've worked so hard in trying to give me the Valentine's day you thought I wanted, why don’t we just do what I had planned?” 
“You had something planned?” A look of surprise overtakes his handsome face.
With a small nod you push his body off of you before standing on the side of the bed “Mhm, I took Niah’s advice actually. Thought you’d enjoy this,” you trail off as your fingers undo the buttons of your shirt slowly. A satisfied smirk makes its way to Yoongi's face as he takes in his present. 
As you slip off your shirt, a lace black set is revealed to your boyfriend who hungrily stares you down. Your breasts are pushed together showing them off perfectly and Yoongi cock feels awfully constricted in his pants. He makes grabby hands for you as soon as your dress skirt makes it to the floor.
“Be patient baby” you chide softly as you crawl up his body, slowly undressing him. You start with his socks pulling them off before placing a peck at his ankles. He’s leaning up on his elbows, eyes roaming from your plush lips to your ass wiggling in the air. 
“So fucking lucky” he mutters out as you pull down his pants leaving him in his tented boxers. 
You can’t help but nuzzle against his growing cock letting your tongue trace around. His little whimpers have you smiling before you continue to undress him. 
Your hands grip at the hem of his shirt as he sits up fully to help with getting it off. You both share a grin as you push him back down against the bed before your tongue is playing around on his stomach. 
Trailing kisses you playfully nip at his nipple before soothing it with your tongue, “Naughty babydoll” he scolds with a soft smile. You press kisses along his collarbone and up his neck until your lips meet his again.
Hand trailing down Yoongi’s body to palm at his cock over his boxers. Once he’s whimpering into your mouth a muffled “Please” escaping his lips, you slide down to get rid of his underwear.
“You’re so handsome Yoongi” you whisper out as you take in your beautiful boyfriend. From the messy black strands, to the impressive length that stands leaking for your attention. 
You lean forward, running your tongue up his length before curling your lips around the head of his cock. He groans as you kitten lick at the tip, his hand curling loosely around your upper arm. His cheeks have gone dark with flush as he stares down at you, seeming unsure what to do with his hands. You begin moving your mouth shallowly up and down him, and he lets out a shaky breath, his hand hesitantly moving to your hair.
“Fuck feels-” his words turn into a moan, as you take him further into your mouth, the head of his cock hitting the back of your throat.
You do your best to swallow around him and he moans, his hand tightening in your hair as his head falls back. You run your hands up the insides of his thighs, over his stomach, dragging your nails back down over his skin.
“Ah-,” his hips buck slightly up towards your mouth and you moan around him, hoping to encourage him to do it again.
He hesitates before thrusting farther into your mouth, repeating the action when he sees it’s not hurting you. You close your eyes, bracing your hands against his thighs as he fucks into your throat. You enjoy the tight sounds falling from his lips, desperate and needy and close.
“Enough,” he gasps and then he pulls hard enough on your hair to pull you off him and you blink up at him. You let him guide your mouth hurriedly back to his, moaning low into your kiss as he pulls you into his lap. His fingers curl hard into your hips as his kiss leaves you once again struggling to catch your breath.
“If i’m gonna cum, it’s gonna be inside of your pretty little cunt, cupcake but not before I eat” with that he’s tugging you up as you try to fight his strength. “Wait, Yoongs no-”
“Why?” he all but whines out at your refusal to sit on his face where you belong.
“This is your gift” you try to reason before a smirk takes over your boyfriends face, “Exactly, and what better gift than getting to eat my girl until she creams all over me?” 
Well there was no arguing with that logic, so you drag your knees to rest at the side of his shoulders as you grip the headboard. His hands tug at your waist to pull you over his mouth firmly where he inhales your scent deeply. “Fuck”
You feel his tongue stick out and lap over the sodden material of your thin panties. Eagerly he licks up and down your slit, your juices seeping through and onto his tongue. One hand leaves your waist to tug your panties to the side so he’s greeted with your unobstructed leaky cunt. 
He moans out at the sight before dicing in and running his tongue up your slit before sucking harshly on your clit. You squeak out at the unexpected force on your sensitive nub, clenching out wetness that leaks onto his chin. Yoongi’s dark eyes meet yours as he slips his tongue into your hole, quickly thrusting it in and out. 
“Get those tits out for me princess” He breathes out quickly before returning to your cunt. This time his hand wraps around your thigh, his thumb and index finger exposing your clit for him to nip and suck at. 
Your hand unclip your bra quickly and you're discarding it just too fast to grip at your breasts, tugging on your nipple. Cries of your boyfriends name escape your mouth as you grind yourself onto his tongue that has gone back to fucking into your pussy.
Yoongi himself moans at your taste but also the sight of you shamelessly fucking yourself on his tongue, leaking all over him. You look absolutely sinful using him for your pleasure, head thrown back and playing with your breasts. His cock feel unbelievably hard and as much as he’d love to fuck into your tight pussy, he needs to feel you cum on his face. 
With a renewed vigor Yoongi’s fingers trail up your ass pushing you to lean forward a bit so he can sink a finger into your hole. You moan out as you clench around him begging for more. He easily obligues slipping in another finger before scissoring them, stretching out your wet cunt. 
He latches his lips around your clit as he continues to finger fuck you. The squelching noises leaving your pussy are borderline pornographic and he wouldn’t have it anyother way. He’s absolutely soaked from nose to chin and he continues to fuck you with his fingers, inserting a third. 
The stretch is all too good and you feel your orgasm coming. “Y-Yoongi close” you whine but continue to hump his face. “Yeah? You gonna cum for me sweetheart?” 
Your only response is a high pitched moan as he curls his fingers upward, “My sweet girl, taking what I give her” he grunts as he quickens his fingers. 
You grip tightly at his hair making him moan on your clit, “C’mon baby that’s it, come on my face” he encourages between sucks of your clit. “So close baby, give it to me angel-” 
He’s cut off by a loud cry of his name as you fall against the headboard, your orgasm taking over. 
“My fucking good girl” Yoongi groans as he pumps his fingers guiding you through your high. He sucks at your clit softly as you grind against him until you can’t take it.
Your thighs press at his shoulders as you wiggle, “S-stop babe, s’too much.”
To his dismay he’s pulling away, his fingers coated in your slick. As he gently cleans the cum around your cunt, he brings his fingers to your mouth for you suck clean which you eagerly do.
With a pat on your thigh, you glide yourself down his body. Some of your leftover wetness coating his body, not that Yoongi cared, until you were face to face with your boyfriend. Gripping his cheeks you pull his lips to yours.
“Thank you” you whisper against his lips making him chuckle.
“I should be thanking you, I could eat you for hours” he grins smacking your ass lightly.
“You have?”
“Exactly. Thank you for having a yummy pussy honey” He gives you a gummy smile before kissing you again as you giggle. 
“Alright enough of that, put my cock in you” you stare at him fighting the laugh as he pats at your ass again signaling you to move.
“Who said I was gonna ride you?” you tease him as you sit up in his lap, hands pressed against his chest. His hands come up stroking softly at your sides. “Come on love please?” he asks sweetly. 
You reach down to line him up with your entrance and take in a sharp breath when you push the tip slightly in. “Happy Valentine’s Day baby” 
Sinking down onto his hard cock, Yoongi’s eyes roll bad as he feels your tight cunt swallowing him. Your own whines reach his ears and he stroking your hips softly. “Good girl, there you go” 
He wraps around your body pulling you closer to him, you sit there adjusting to his size never quite used to the delicious stretch. In your ear Yoongi praises you for taking him so well. 
 “Such a good girl for me huh baby? Always so warm and wet for me” 
Your nails dig into his chest as you start to rock your hips enjoying the feel before Yoongi impatient hands are lightly bouncing your own hips to get you to move and fuck yourself on his cock. 
“Fuck I love how you feel inside Yoongs” moaning out you start to lift your hips. Yoongi loves this view more than anything in the world. Your cunt leaking on his cock, eyes filled with lust as you stare at him, breasts bouncing with the movement of your hips. If he died right now Yoongi wouldn’t be too bothered. 
“You’re such a dream angel” he mumbles out before planting his feet on the bed, Yoongi gains leverage and starts fucking into you at a quicker pace, the smacking of skin echoes through the room. He grips your breasts holding onto them for leverage as he tugged on your stiff buds roughly. 
“You were made for my cock” you hear Yoongi grunt out as he stares at where you two connect. Playfully you squeeze his cock earning you a groan from him and a smack to your ass.
You move your hand to rest next to his head while your other one slides down to rub your swollen clit, head lolling every so often as you enjoy the feel of his thick cock. “Gon’ cum” you cry out as your hand speeds up. 
“Fuck yes so fuckin’ wet” He moans out gripping your ass cheeks to ground himself as his hips continue to thrust up into your pussy. “Use my cock baby it’s all yours”
Fingers rubbing quickly you cry out “M-mine Yoongi'' as you clench and cum around his length. Your body spasms as you lay on your boyfriend while he keeps fucking you through your orgasm.
Stroking your head he flips you over in one swift moment, your cunt still stuffed with his dick. “Shh good girl, gonna keep going okay? You can give me another” he says, planting a kiss on your forehead while you nod.
His own forehead comes down to rest on your as he thrust into you quickly, his hand snakes down to lightly rub circles on your sensitive clit. You cry out at the overstimulation but soon you feel another orgasm coming. “P-please gonna cum”
“Give me to me sweet girl” 
His other hand gripped your chin as he pulled you in for a kiss, tongues and teeth clashing as you cry into his mouth, your orgasm starting to hit deliciously. 
“Fuck love you-ou” is what Yoongi hears muffles out in his mouth. He slows down his thrusts to work your high through as he stares at your eyes tightly closed and whimpering moans. His hand leaves your clit in favor of stroking your hip as he places light kisses on your collarbone and neck while you come down. 
“That’s it baby, so good, squeezing me so good” he praises you as your own arms wrap around his shoulders, your mouth searching for him. 
Between kisses and the feel of your creamy cunt tightening around his cock Yoongi feels him orgams coming. His favorite way to finish was inside your tight cunt while looking into those beautiful eyes of yours. So he pulls away from your lips to rest his head on yours. 
For someone who hated eye contact there was never a better feeling for Yoongi than showing you his love while filling you up. “Gonna cum babe, you gonna take it?”
“Come on baby, I want your cum” you whisper as your own eyes trace the beautiful slope of his nose, to his reddened lips from your nips and kisses. “Want to feel it inside me, love it”
He groans “So perfect, all mine” 
“Yours baby, I love you” you peck his lips squeezing your cunt around him helping him out. Yoongi’s cock fills you up with his seed and your tummy flutters at the feel.
You gasp and he slowly rocks his hips doing his best to keep his eyes on you as he enjoys emptying his cock in his favorite place.
“Love you” he mumbles before he thrusts once more, letting his arms drop down his body resting gently on yours. 
You both stay like that in silence, his soft cock in you keeps the mess he made somewhat contained. Your fingers were carding through his hair as his breathing evened out.
“Don’t get too comfortable, we still have dinner reservations.” Yoongi chuckles as he rises to press his lips to your mouth rolling the both of you over so you are on his chest. 
“Yoongi,” you muffle out, squished against him.
“Mmh?” he hums as his hands trail down to rest at your hips. 
“How long did that heart take you to arrange?” you ask, hand coming up to rest on his chest to prop yourself to look at his face. His eyes flutter open as he throws you an inquisitive look. “A while.. Why?”
“Nothing. It was just super symmetrical, I was so impressed. Almost suggested going at it on the ground so we didn-” 
Tugging you down Yoongi’s lips crash into yours. You smile as his lips part away, “What was that for?”
“See I knew you’d appreciate it, my little honey bunny” he throws you a gummy smile before leaning to kiss your nose as you scrunch it. 
“Ew, you’ve been calling me names all day weirdo” you cringe at the pet name.
“It’s cute,” he pouts. “You don’t like it?”
“Not as much as I like you” you smile at him, making him roll his eyes
“Too bad, c’mere sweet cheeks. Bet I can make you cum again before we go!”
Safe to say that the rest of your Valentine's Day was absolutely perfect.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
yet to come (the most beautiful moment) teaser : parallels
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Nineteen | jjk (m.) | snippet
Tumblr media
pairing: fuckboy!jk × reader
genre: college!au, fwb!au, angst, smut
rating: 18+
synopsis: just like the moon changes it's phases, you see jungkook change himself. but unlike the moon, you don't see him come back to the way he was before.
warning: fuckboy!jk(this should be a warning.), angst. HEAVY FUCKING ANGST. lots of drama, toxic relationships, manipulation, tons of drinking and parties, drugs, toxic friendships, anxiety, panick attacks, explicit smut, everyone is an asshole. crying, throwing ups, making bad decisions, regretting said bad decisions, oc being impulsive, misunderstanding, lots of arguing and fights, physical fights. brief fluff.
(more will be added)
wordcount: 448
— Do you remember? The heat of summer? You said forvever.
(moodboard) (teaser)
series masterlist
coming soon (this is not the teaser. this is just a little something)
Tumblr media
"Not even for once think about saying that shit to me, Jungkook. You know very well what you did" you said walking away as far as you could from him
"And what did I do, huh? Hang out with my friends?"
You scoffed. How could he even try to gaslight you after all this, you had no idea. "Did I tell you anything about your friends? Open your eyes, Jungkook. I don't give two fucks about them." you yelled.
Frustratedly, Jungkook ran his hands through his face letting out a loud groan before throwing the glass on the ground, a loud shattering sound resonating through your entire apartment. "Fuck!" he yelled punching the wall next to him. 
You flinched at that as you started to even your breaths before it became shallow. The last thing you needed was another panic attack after all that went down today. 
"What do you want me to do you Y/N? Leave everyone and stick to you all the time?" he raised his voice.
"I never said that."
"Isn't that what you're implying?" 
The darkness of the night started to fade, a greyish-blue color slowly appearing, painting the sky. You really couldn't have one day of good night's sleep, could you?
"I'm implying? When have I asked for anything from you?" you sighed. 
"Then why did you cause a scene? Huh?" he asked, 
"Oh my god" you cried. "Was I wrong? To defend myself from your whores? I didn't even want to talk to you! You were the one who came up to defend Seri."
"I wouldn't have if you didn't start the entire thing in the first place." 
"Are you even listening to yourself?" you exasperated. "You know what? I cannot do this anymore."
"What do you mean?" his brows furrowed as he took a step closer. You looked away, trying not to give in. Jungkook's heartbeat quickened as he took long strides towards you. 
"What do you mean Y/N?" he took hold of both your wrists. "Talk to me, baby." 
You pulled your hands away. "Don't do this, baby. Please." he cupped your face resting his forehead against yours. 
The two of you stood still, foreheads resting against one another's, eyes closed. You breathed in his warmth, his own scent along with that of weed, alcohol and his cologne, hitting your nose. In times like this you liked to believe everything was fine. That, he was still the boy you met on both of your first day on campus. That, he was still the boy you had fallen infinitely in love with. That, he was still there somewhere inside the person who held you at the moment. 
"Get out." 
Tumblr media
lmk if you want to be tagged
taglist:- @lil-sracha @mwitsmejk @mrcleanheichou @heavenscrush-kty @littlemochi @shatzkrinslinzki @preyaesthetic @park-hera-gi
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Q6. When are you most proud of yourself? 
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BTS Kink Series: Post Concert Sex
Genre/Rate: 18+, smut, established relationship (the couples from the Wedding Series)
Summary: Literally what the title implies lol
Warnings: smut, degradation, exhibitionism, dirty talk, fingering, hand jobs, anal play, squirting, and creampies
Wc: 2.1K
Author’s Note: Shoutout to @afangirllikeme-blog​ for putting this idea into my head and making me write my first reaction post in almost two years lol! Hope you guys enjoy it!
Kim Seokjin
Tumblr media
“Jinnie, fuck,” you whimpered, holding onto Jin’s forearms as he fucked into you steadily. After their first concert in Seoul in over two years, Jin had experienced the huge adrenaline rush that came along with performing a three hour show in front of their fans. In an effort to work off some of that adrenaline, Jin suggested indulging in something that the two of you hadn’t been able to do since before the pandemic hit: post concert sex.
“You feel so good jagi,” Jin groaned before biting down harshly on his lip. 
“Please, please,” you begged.
“What do you want baby?” Jin cooed as looked down at you. “All you have to do is tell me and you know I’ll give it to you.”
“Wanna come,” you whispered. 
“Ok baby,” he nodded with a smile, bringing one of his hands up to his mouth and letting some spit slide onto the pads of his fingers. He then reached down and set those fingers against your clit, rubbing firmly on the bundle of nerves. He then used his free hand to press down on your belly gently, which made you feel just how deep he was inside of you. Your body instantly bucked against his, a steady string of moans falling from your lips as Jin fucked you to your orgasm. 
“O-oh, oh, just like that,” you encouraged him, wrapping your arms around his middle section and letting your nails press into the skin on his back. “I’m gonna come Jin.”
“Go ahead baby, let me feel you,” he smiled. You threw your head back, your mouth dropping open in a silent scream as your orgasm washed over you. Your walls seemed to become impossibly tighter around Jin’s cock, which had him groaning loudly as he came inside of you. 
“The best girl,” Jin praised you, leaning down and pressing kisses all over your face which made you giggle loudly. 
Min Yoongi
Tumblr media
After their concert, you and Yoongi had decided to take a car back to your house by yourselves. The car was the typical SUV style that the members often used but this one came complete with a partition, which you instantly took advantage of as soon as the truck pulled away from the stadium. 
“Look at you baby,” Yoongi murmured deeply, watching with hooded eyes as you sucked on his cock. “Watching me perform turned you on?”
“So much,” you gasped after taking your mouth off of him, using both of your hands to stroke his length firmly. “I’ve been wet for hours Yoongs.”
“My wife is such a little slut,” he smirked, making you giggle.
“You knew this when you married me,” you teased him. 
“Why don’t you get up here and ride my cock then?” He suggested and you nodded instantly, getting up from the floor of the car and settling yourself on top of his lap. You just so happened to be wearing a skirt and you thanked past you for having the thought to do so as you pulled your panties to the side before sinking down on his length.
“Fuck,” you purred at the stretch and Yoongi groaned when you instantly began to ride him quickly. 
“Baby, slow down. I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”
“It’s fine, I’m fine,” you dismissed him, setting your hands on the sides of his face and making him look up at you. “You wanna know a little secret baby?”
“After you guys’ did Home, I snuck away to the bathroom and fingered myself, thinking about how sexy you looked,” you confessed and Yoongi’s eyes widened in surprise. “So trust me when I say, I’m more than ready for your cock.”
“God, you can’t say things like that to me and expect me to not want to fuck you until you pass out,” Yoongi grumbled, tightening his grip on your waist before fucking up into you and smirking when you yelped and held onto him tightly. 
Kim Namjoon
Tumblr media
“This is crazy,” you giggled as you wrapped your legs around Namjoon’s waist, pulling him closer to you which also made his cock move inside of you. As soon as the concert had ended and the members had come backstage where you and the other wives were waiting, Namjoon grabbed your arm and pulled you behind him as he murmured something about “needing to talk to you”. You cluelessly followed behind him, your eyebrows raising when he pulled you into a spare closet. Before you could ask what he was doing though, he pulled you into a searing kiss and you knew then exactly what was on his mind. 
“But it’s fun though, right?” Namjoon asked as he began to thrust his hips at a steady pace. “I know how wet you get when you feel like someone might catch us.”
“Joon,” you whined childishly which made him laugh. 
“You don’t have to be embarrassed Y/N-ah, I love it too,” he assured you. “I love knowing that anyone could walk in here and see me fucking you. You want that baby? Want someone to see me fucking you good?”
“Fuck yes,” you moaned brokenly. “You fuck me so good Joon.”
“Mmm, I can tell baby,” Namjoon murmured, looking down in between the two of you where his cock was spearing into you. “You’re so wet baby, look.” You looked down as well, feeling yourself become even more turned on when you saw your essence clinging to his length. 
“Fuck Joon, fuck me please,” you begged and Namjoon nodded before pressing a passionate kiss to your lips. The two of you came just like that, your tongues sliding against each other’s as his cum poured into you. 
Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
“That’s right baby, take it,” Hobi huffed as he watched you throw your ass back on his cock. As soon as the two of you made it through the door of your house after getting home from the concert, Hobi quickly stripped both you and himself of your clothes before pushing you onto the bed. 
“Fuck Hobi,” you moaned, clutching the sheets on the bed as you winded your hips back and forth on his length. “So fucking big inside me, fuck.”
“Is this what you were thinking about when I was on stage baby?” He wondered. “When I was dancing, were you thinking about having my cock inside of you?”
“The whole time,” you confessed. “And when you had on that red outfit, I thought I was going to die from how turned on I was.”
“Fuck, you just clenched around me,” Hobi groaned. “It really did turn you on.”
“You always turn me on,” you whimpered, your thighs beginning to shake from how quickly your orgasm was building inside of you. 
“You gonna come for me baby?” He asked and you nodded your head wordlessly. Hobi brought his thumb up to his mouth, slathering the digit in saliva before reaching down and gently pressing the pad of his finger against your tightest hole. The moan that you let out as his thumb slowly sunk inside of you was almost inhuman and Hobi thought he was going to come from how much wetter you became. 
“Fuck, I’m gonna fucking come,” you announced. 
“Yeah? Come with my thumb in your ass baby,” he goaded you and you did just that, squealing as you came all over your husband’s cock. Seeing how pretty you looked and how much cum was now coating his length, Hobi couldn’t hold back any longer and came as well, his cum pumping into you and coating your inner walls. 
Park Jimin
Tumblr media
“So good Jimin-ssi,” you murmured with a soft smile, watching as Jimin leaned back and allowed you to pleasure him as you rode his cock. Once the two of you walked through the front door of your house, you didn’t even give Jimin a chance to make it up the stairs before you pushed him onto the couch and pulled his cock out. 
“Fuck jagi,” Jimin groaned. “You feel so good wrapped around me.”
“You feel so good inside of me,” you replied, setting your hands on his cheeks and titling his head back so that he was looking up at you. “You did so good tonight, you know that?”
“Did I?” 
“Mmhm,” you confirmed. “I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing you on stage, in your element until tonight. You just transform into this entirely different person and it’s so fucking sexy.”
“Seeing me sing turns you on jagi?” He wondered. 
“It really does,” you nodded. “If I could’ve, I would’ve run out onto the stage and fucked you right then and there.”
“As if I’d let you,” Jimin huffed. “The only person who gets to see this gorgeous ass body is me and I’m definitely the only person who’s going to know what your orgasm face looks like.”
“You wanna see it right now?” You smiled and Jimin nodded, lifting his hips and fucking up into you faster. You gasped loudly, your body falling forward against his as your orgasm began to crest. 
“God, I’m about to come,” Jimin groaned. 
“Come inside of me Jimin-ssi, please,” you pleaded, moaning when you felt his cum shoot inside of you. That feeling of warmth also triggered your orgasm, a string of moans falling from your lips as you squirted on your husband’s lap. 
“I love you Y/N-ah,” Jimin murmured.
“I love you too,” you smiled before kissing him firmly. 
Kim Taehyung 
Tumblr media
“T-Tae, s-slow down,” you stammered. 
“I can’t,” Taehyung groaned, gripping the sheets on either side of your head tightly as he rolled his hips against yours roughly. “You feel too fucking good on my cock baby.”
“Y-You’re being too r-r-rough,” you whimpered as you wrapped your arms around him and held him tightly. 
“Take it for me baby,” he murmured, turning his head and sucking harshly on your neck. You moaned at the feeling, tightening your legs around his waist and digging your nails into his back. 
“You’re g-gonna make me look like I got mauled,” you told him. “N-no marks Tae. I don’t w-wanna have to c-cover them.”
“Then don’t cover them,” Taehyung whispered against your skin. “Let everyone see how you belong to me.”
“Tae,” you huffed, rolling your eyes at how possessive your husband was. 
“Just take it baby,” he repeated, lifting his head from your neck in order to look you in the eyes. “Be my good girl, ok?”
“Ok,” you smiled softly, gasping loudly right after when you felt the head of your husband’s cock nudge against your g-spot. 
“Such a good fucking pussy baby,” Taehyung grumbled deeply, his eyes screwing shut as he fucked into you with abandon. 
“Tae, I’m gonna come,” you warned him and he nodded, fucking into you even harder. You came all over his cock, almost screaming as Taehyung fucked you into overstimulation while he chased his own orgasm. It wasn’t much longer until he came as well, his cum literally overflowing and spilling out of your pussy.
“So good baby,” Taehyung praised you before pressing a soft kiss onto your lips.
Jeon Jungkook
Tumblr media
“Oh my god Kook,” you whispered against his lips, tilting your hips up as he fingered you. The two of you were in the backseat of the SUV, the partition the only thing separating the two of you from the driver as he drove the two of you home. Seeing your husband on stage had turned you on to no end and as soon as the partition was rolled up, you both were on each other instantly. 
“That’s it baby,” Jungkook murmured as his jaw clenched from how well you were stroking his cock. “You’re so wet for me. Did seeing me on stage do this?”
“You know it did,” you huffed. “You’re always so fucking hot when you’re on stage, I love it.”
“I see,” he chuckled. “What exactly were you thinking about baby? Tell me.”
“About you fucking me, and making me come all over your cock,” you revealed. 
“Fuck baby, I want that too,” he groaned. “But until we get home, why don’t you come on my fingers ok?”
“Ok,” you nodded, letting your eyes flutter shut as you focused on the feeling of his fingers inside of you. You also tightened your grip on his length, stroking him faster as you felt your orgasm winding to its’ end. 
“Shit Y/N-ah, just like that,” Jungkook moaned approvingly. “You’re going to make me come baby.”
“Go ahead, come for me,” you goaded him. “Come for me Kook.” You jerked him faster and with a shouted yelp from your husband, you felt warmth coat your hand as Jungkook came so hard that his body trembled. Despite his own orgasm, he still made sure that you got off as well, and you moaned loudly as you came on his fingers. 
“When we get home,” Jungkook began once the two of you had come down from your orgasms. “I’m fucking you so hard that you won’t even be able to walk at the next concert.”
“Mmm, looking forward to it,” you giggled before leaning forward and kissing him passionately.
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prod. suga - MYG
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❝you pay your boyfriend a visit at the that that mv shoot to support him, but he ends up supporting your legs as you ride him.❞
pairing — yoongi x reader
genre/rating — R | smut, fluff, pwp, idol au
warnings/tags — mullet yoongi 😩, hand kink, strong language, explicit smut — clothed sex, breast kink, yoongi has a filthy mouth ffs, a mix of degradation & praise 🤌🏻, light breeding kink, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, biting/scratching, name calling, hair pulling, nipple play, clit pinching, cowgirl, sloppy kisses, creampie, cockwarming, slight overstimulation
note: yeah i’m not explaining myself this is this & the only way i know how to channel my unhinged yoongi thirst because WTF he looks so fcking hot i love that man more each day it’s tough as a yoongi stan yoongi marry me 😩🫦🤰🏻 also tryna manifest yoongi selca from this shoot heh 🧘🏻‍♀️
selca - selfie
Tumblr media
“Hey cowboy.”
Yoongi’s face lights up as you approach him, a shy smile playing on his lips once you stand behind his chair, catching his gaze in the mirror. The sole reason why you decided to visit him, apart from offering your love and support, during your lunch break was because of the selca he had sent you a few minutes ago. And you know he did it on purpose – because he knows how much you love it when he has his hair combed back, forehead on display.
And his outfit – top buttons undone on his leopard print shirt, white coat.
He wasn’t supposed to be in the music video or even feature on the song, but you sure are glad he is. Seeing him in a cowboy costume once again had your pussy develop a heartbeat of its own.
He's fiddling with his sleeves, glancing at you in the reflection as you dip your head to place a sweet peck on his cheek, earning a pout from him.
Dropping his hands in his lap, he puckers his lips, tilting his head slightly so you can bend over again to find his mouth, fused with yours briefly.
His lips part with indignance, eyes wide, “really?”
You chuckle, hands sliding across his wide shoulders, “I don’t wanna ruin your makeup. Hey, you got the bolo tie and everything.”
“We’ll fix it before the shoot—” he informs, now interfering with the chain around his neck “—how was work?”
Bending over once again, you wrap your arms around his shoulders, pressing your cheek to his, “work was fine, until I got that selca from you.”
He flashes you a gummy smile, cheeks puffing up.
“You look sexy,” you whisper, lips brushing the curve of his ear, “so handsome. That pic didn’t do justice. So sexy with this shirt and—honestly you look good in anything.”
He cocks a brow teasingly, “anything?”
Grinning, you rise to your full height, now smoothing a hand down the back of his head, playing with the long strands of hair there, “anything. But you look even better naked.”
With your little distraction, you don’t notice the way his eyes darken, lips pursing.
“What do you think you’re doing?”
You meet his gaze in the mirror, fingers lingering on his scalp, “wh—”
“Come here,” he orders, sinking in his chair a bit as he spreads his legs, gesturing to his lap.
He wouldn’t have to tell you twice.
You’re about to sit on one of his inviting thighs, when he tuts, hands curling around your hips.
“The other way.”
Heat builds between your legs at his tone, making a timid turn as he helps you roll your dress up, his faint touches driving you insane. You straddle his lap, unable to find a comfortable position on the wobbly chair, but his lap is warm and welcoming. His gaze, however, is hungry and heated.
Your gaze drops to his pouty lips, glistening after his tongue darts out, head cocked to the side as his long, wandering fingers draw patterns on your thighs.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He repeats, not an ounce of mirth in his expression.
Before you can answer, his hands rest on your lower back, pulling you closer to his body. So close you can feel his heartbeat against your chest, equally as rapid as yours.
His breath fans across your lips, crotch dangerously close to your own. You’re afraid that you might crease his outfit. Plus, you saw his makeup artist waiting not too far from his dressing room, so she could walk in at any moment. Or any of the other staff working on set.
“Walking in here and calling me ‘sexy,’” he begins, eyebrows furrowing, “’handsome,’ teasing me as if you don’t know what that does to me.”
Mischievously, you lean forward to kiss up the line of jaw, tongue flicking across that one spot under his ear you know drives him crazy.
“That’s what you get for teasing me when I was at work,” you giggle, voice low and sultry, “thinking it’s okay to just send me thirst traps.”
His large palms squeeze around your hips, sending a flurry of emotions into your belly, settling right there in your core. You snap away when he bumps his shoulder into yours, staring at each other in silence. Challenging each other.
The corner of his mouth lifts in a smirk as he jerks his hips up into yours, connecting your bodies briefly, and the sensation of his bulge pressing into your clit has your mind reeling. Before he can say another word, you wrap your fingers around his neck and press your lips to his, moaning as he drags his ring-clad fingers up your scalp to angle your head the way he likes, tongue rolling against yours.
You moan into the kiss, body ignited with desire as his free hand roams all over your body, pulling down one of the straps on your dress just as you begin to kiss down his neck, hearing him groan as your tongue curls around his Adam’s apple, bobbing under your assault.
“This is what you came here for,” he grunts, head tossed back as you turn your attention to the sides of his neck, suckling on the flushed skin, “couldn’t wait till I’m home to get filled with my cock.”
With his words, he grinds his hips into yours, prompting a breathless whisper from your glossy lips, finding his once more. He kisses you sloppily, tongue licking into your mouth. Your pussy throbs incessantly, wetter with his deep, gruff voice rumbling through you.
“So fucking desperate for my cock, nasty little slut.”
Once you gather your thoughts, hands placed on his shoulders so you can meet each roll of his hips – he ceases all movement, eyes firm and heady.
“Sit on my cock.”
Your throat feels dry, blinking at him stupidly.
“I said sit on my cock, take it out.”
His voice laced with dominance sends a shiver down your spine, rushing to undo his belt with shaky hands. Your movements stagger when he reaches under your dress and finds your nipples, rolling them between his calloused fingers.
Yoongi seems to lose his patience when you take too long, slapping your hands away before he unzips his pants, thick, weeping cock standing tall against his shirt.
“You did this,” he grunts, rolling his palm across the tip loosely, you nearly drool at the sight, “so you’re gonna do something about it. Sit up.”
“Fuck—” he positions you so you’re kneeling on the chair, dexterous fingers pushing your panties to the side before he slides four of his fingers through your folds, a wicked smile on his face “—so wet. Such a fat pussy. I bet you were thinking about my cock all the way here. Or even all day, couldn’t help yourself after last night. Huh?”
You nod meekly because it’s the truth. He’s all you can ever think about, especially when you had a very satisfying night before.
“So fucking swollen,” he grits, gathering your slick on his hand then taking it to his cock, wetting his length with your juices, “you’re dripping. Bet I won’t have to prep you huh?”
Shaking your head, you reach for him, silently pleading with him to fuck you already. But you love how mouthy he gets whenever you fuck, it only has you dripping even more. At this point, you’re clenching around nothing, lips pressed into a thin line when he teases two fingers at your honeyed entrance.
“But you’re a slut for my fingers, aren’t you? You’d want it anyway, huh?”
“Yoongi, please,” you grit, thighs shuddering when he pinches your clit, “just want your cock.”
“How bad?”
“So bad.”
You jolt when he taps your clit with the head of his cock, core pulsing continuously because he’s so close.
“Beg for it,” he husks, now teasing apart your folds with his sticky tip, “that’s not convincing enough.”
“Please Yoongi,” you whine, eyes scrunched shut, “please I want your cock so bad. Wanna be filled with your cock. Want you to cum inside me and stuff me with your cum so I can—fuck!”
Your spine goes taut when he sets you down on his cock, walls stretching to accommodate his length as you grab his wrists, the burn simmering into pleasure a lot faster with the kisses he places on your neck.
Cracking your eyes open, you find him sitting back, head tilted up as he watches you with a malicious smirk twisting his lips, hands tight around your hips. Half of the buttons of his shirt are undone, once neat hair now falling onto his face. You clench around him involuntarily.
“Ride me,” he grits out, thumbs holding up the hem of your dress so you both can watch the way your pussy swallows his girthy cock.
Fingers wrapped around the armrests, you lean back as he grabs hold of both your thighs, whimpering when you lift off his length and slam back down.
“That’s it,” he grunts, bottom lip caught between his teeth, “faster.”
Sucking in a sharp breath, you roll your hips back and forth, aided by your hold on the chair to move even faster, moaning breathlessly as you feel his cock brush every ridge in your pussy, jaw unhinging.
“Fucking hell, riding my cock here, so fucking loud for me. Such a good girl.”
You nod obediently, ignoring the burn in your thighs as you feel yourself approach the edge of bliss, head lolling back.
He’s practically holding you up, moans joining yours as he begins to fuck into your from under, sweat beading his forehead. You whine when he buries his fingers in your, pushing your head forward so you’re looking at him through hazy eyes.
“Look at you, gonna cum? Huh?”
“Yes fuck Yoongi,” you cry out, your lower back pressing into his thighs as you fuck yourself onto him, breath tensing when you feel the tip of his cock nudge that spot deep inside you, slowing down to drag out the pleasure.
He tuts, guiding your hips onto his cock by himself, thighs now drenched in a mix of your sweat.
“I said faster, do you wanna cum?”
“Yes,” you shriek, eyes rolling back when his thumb flicks your clit, “’m so close.”
“Do you want me to cum inside you? Want me to fuck you full of my cum?”
“Yes,” you sigh, legs spreading even wider as you begin to roll your hips at your initial pace, the shameless sounds of your skin meeting his, squelches of his cock pressing into your pussy filling the air, “wanna feel your cum drip down my legs.”
He curses, nails nearly breaking the skin of your thighs as he holds you up with one hand, the other working on your engorged clit.
“Then you’ll be a good fucking whore and listen,” he grunts, speeding up his movements to have your mind going empty.
Nothing but the sounds of pure pleasure fill can be heard as you feel your mind go empty, trembling as he fucks into you feverishly, muttering under his breath when your walls flutter around him, signalling your release.
“Ah fuck.”
Your mouth hangs open, pussy sliding up and down his twitching cock as you bask in the bliss of your release, a strained laugh bubbling from your lips. He follows soon after, jaw set as he spills into you with three long spurts, one particularly loud moan echoing in the space.
“Holy shit, so fucking tight.”
Wrapping his arms around your shoulders, he gathers you in his arms, pressing soft open-mouthed kisses across your neck and collarbones, which has your heart stuttering in your chest, to finally land on your lips, mouth hot and sweet against yours. You feel his cock soften inside you, cum staining your clothing but none of you make a move, gazing into each other’s eyes before reality hits you.
“Shit, your outfit—”
He brushes a few sweaty strands of hair away from your face, dismissing your question.
“Don’t worry about it.”
A knock on the door has you jumping in his lap, but he holds you firm against him.
“Come in.”
His makeup artist opens the door, her eyes on the carpet which gives you the idea that she must’ve heard everything. But Yoongi doesn’t seem to care.
“Sorry, they’re waiting for you. I’ll come back in ten minutes.” With a bow, she’s leaving the room, door flying shut behind her.
All Yoongi can do is laugh, while you’re chastising him with a slap to his chest, grateful that your dress was long enough to conceal your dignity. He still refuses to let you get off his lap, feline eyes crinkling as he smiles. He brushes a hand through his dark hair, flopping back into his chair with a knowing smile, chest heaving.
“How do you get better and better each time?”
You grin, still catching your breath, “maybe I’m just trying to convince you that it’s better when I ride you.”
His expression doesn’t waver as your fingers cup his jaw, tonguing at his earrings.
“When you’re under me.”
Then you feel his cock twitch inside you, stiffening in your sensitive walls.
In a split second, he’s rising from the chair with you in hand. You gasp when he sets you on the floor, cock still snug in your pussy.
He shrugs off his jacket, the same expression from earlier returning as he hooks your legs around his waist, long eyelashes fluttering.
“Yoongi,” you warn, speaking into his kiss, feeling the tug in your lower belly return, “you have less than ten minutes.”
Ignoring your words, he drills his cock deep inside you, prompting a whimper from your spit slick lips. Your battered walls accept him despite your conflict, quivering around each vein of cock.
“Lock your ankles.”
You do so without protest, confusion fading into arousal.
“Let me remind you—” he sighs, drawing his cock in and out of your pussy with resounding squelches “—how it feels to be under me.”
Your smile falls, knowing he’s about to fuck you senseless.
“I will sue you, Min Yoongi.”
Tumblr media
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no rest for the wicked || jjk
Tumblr media
➼ title: no rest for the wicked ➼ pairing: camp counselor!jungkook x camp director!female reader ➼ genre/au: angst | a little fluff | smut | suspense/thriller | light humor | camp crystal lake au | friday the 13th au | enemies to lovers | slight unrequited love | idiots to lovers ➼ summary: Camp Crystal Lake is under new management. You’ve come back to your old hometown to gather some work experience before graduation. You know the dark history surrounding these grounds, but the real challenge is going to be hot guy standing in your kitchen, the same guy that made you leave in the first place. ➼ word count: 7k ➼ warnings: strong language | bickering | mentions murder & massacres | urban legends? | pranks | mild violence(not really descriptive) | mentions death | snakes | a bunch of arguing | mentions smoking and cigarettes | mentions allergic reactions to roses | reader has tattoos | tension (sexual included) | dom!jungkook | switch!reader | choking | doggystyle | ass slapping/spanking | biting | scratching | marking | slight angry/hate sex | hair pulling | manhandling | clit play | thigh riding i guess? | protected sex | dirty talk | spitting | confessions | the ending is cute if you ask me lol | if i missed something please let me know ➼ rating: R/18+ ➼ a/n: hi! so I wanted to do something based on one of my favorite horror films, Friday the 13th. This story is not horror and the horror/gore listed above is only mentioned. However, I recommend googling what the movie is about before reading if you haven’t heard of it because I based my backstory off of it. This story is more suspenseful and humorous if you ask me and mainly focuses on the pairing’s relationship instead of the actual Jason Vorhees story. Anyway, I hope you like it. Also, I know this is unedited and rushed but this was a last minute idea. I’ll edit it and make it better in the future.
Tumblr media
Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake
The freshly painted sign lets you know that you’ve finally arrived at your destination. You’ve traveled over 800 miles and hiked through a slightly dense wooded area in order to reach your home for the summer. This all will be cleared by next week by the time camp officially opens for the children. For now, it’ll just be you and ten camp counselors that you’ll be supervising during your time here.
You accepted this job knowing the history of this place, and the tragedies that have occurred. But out-of-state school costs are expensive, and it’s been over 40 years since the original owners shut down the camp. After all this time, their children would like to bring innocence back to this place, and burn the horrific events that earned it the name Camp Blood.
People started calling it that in the 70s, after the grounds were terrorized by a vengeful masked murderer that sought after camp counselors he deemed unfit. The story says that it was all the wrath of a man whose son’s life was tragically lost due to the negligence of the employees.
There are some rumors that say his spirit still haunts the camp grounds every thirteenth Friday, symbolizing his son’s age at passing and the day of the week that it fell on—lurking for young adults who sneak off to fuck around in the woods instead of doing their job and monitoring the kids.
As if you weren’t already on edge walking the eerie grounds, tomorrow’s Friday and the calendar says May 13th. 
You sigh as the glimmering lake and renovated cabins come into view. At least you’ll have a proper place to lay your head tonight. Initially the property owners told you that the cabins probably wouldn’t be ready in time of your arrival, and that you’d have to set up a tent most likely. But you got a call last night saying that everything was taken care of and you could bring your things into the employee living quarters.
You find it quite easily since it’s the largest building on the property. Inside is the kitchen, two bathrooms, and bedrooms for the staff. It also houses your office, and you can’t wait to get in there and customize your space. Your hopes are to make it so comfortable and fit for you that you forget about the memories that plagued you when you passed through your old hometown earlier. Everyone should have moved on by now; it’s been three years, but to be safe you made sure your job was away from the city limits—and the people you once called friends.
Those people have been left in the past, especially him. You shiver every time you think of his name, and you quickly bury it in the back of your mind so you can forget once again. This is a step towards your future, and you plan to use these credentials on your resume. The director who brought life back to Camp Crystal Lake will open a lot of doors for you. You have all sorts of activities planned for the children. You just have to see what you’re working with first.
The hiring stage was conducted by the owners so you have no idea who will be working under you this summer. Their information is supposed to be sitting on your desk, so you’ll dive in as soon as you settle. You’re very excited to meet new people that love children as much as you do, and you’re sure whoever they’ve selected will be great employees. 
In fact, one of them is here a day early, and you’re relieved you won’t be spending the night on a deserted camp alone. The biggest smile adorned your face when you parked next to the black pick up truck in the lot, and it is still present as you step across the cabin’s threshold, positivity and optimism coursing through your veins while you look around the empty room.
“Hello! Anyone here?” you call out, but get no response. 
Shrugging, you set your bags by the door and venture further into the mostly open floor plan. There’s a hallway towards the back that leads to multiple rooms, so you opt for heading in that direction. The wooden floor creaks beneath your feet every time you take a step, and you know it’s something you’ll have to get used to. There’s also some noises coming from two doors to the right, so you shout once again to announce your presence. 
“Hey, it’s me, the new director. Are you decent?” Nervous laughter leaves your lips because you don’t want to literally catch someone with their pants down, or even worse, interrupt an active burglary or something. You can’t be certain that the car belonged to a camp counselor or ground’s keeper. “Hello?”
However, after one peek around the doorframe, you notice that there’s no intruder—just a guy jamming to music through his air pods while making himself a sandwich. You’re impressed by his moves, wishing you had half of his coordination. He seems to be around your age, but his back is facing you, and the only thing you can make out is his brown hair and muscular frame underneath his large clothing. 
Tattoos crawl up his right arm and disappear under the sleeve of his shirt. Your mind is already wondering where the trail stops. You’ve always admired body art and you even have a few tattoos yourself—but only in places that are easy to cover. Unfortunately, they aren’t really favored in your career path.
The man seems to be enjoying his alone time, but you figure you’ll at least tell him you’re here so he’s not alarmed when he eventually hears another pair of footsteps walking around.
You tap his shoulder, and try to introduce yourself one final time.
“Hey there, I’m—”
“What the fuck?! You scared the shit out of…me.”
You both stare at each other in total disbelief, but after a few seconds you realize that you aren’t dreaming, and that you’re actually standing face to face. Your shocked expressions transform into scowls of disgust. You’re the first to speak while he grabs his phone to pause his music.
“What the fuck are you doing here, Jungkook?”
Never in a million years did you think you’d use that name again. It produces bile in your throat each time you pronounce just a syllable of it. He isn’t pleased to see you either, and his scornful eyes vividly display such feelings. They burn holes into your skull, but you imagine yours hold the same impact as you glare back at him. His hair may be shorter and his skin may now be littered with tattoos and piercings but those lips, those dark eyes—they haven’t changed one bit.
“I’m working, isn’t it obvious?” he finally scoffs out, resting his weight on the counter and grabbing his sandwich. He takes a bite before pointing at you, speaking throughout random gulps to swallow down his food. “Don’t tell me they hired your prude ass to watch children.”
Your weight shifts to one leg and you fold your arms. Offended by his tasteless insult, you decide to take a jab of your own.
“Worse,” you smirk while watching him take a sip of his milk, brows lifting with curiosity over the rim of the glass. “They hired me to look after you, asshole.”
Jungkook nearly chokes on his drink. “Are you fucking serious?”
“Deadass,” you gloat.
He turns away from you and looks towards the ceiling, pinching the bridge of his nose. If you weren’t about to be under the same roof as him for three months, you’d laugh at how flustered he’s become. “This has got to be a joke man.”
“It isn’t, and if I were you I’d watch what I say to me because let's not forget who’s in charge of terminations from today forward.”
Jungkook’s arms fall to his sides when he hears those words. You find satisfaction in watching his tongue poke at his lip ring because you know you’ve struck a nerve. He turns in your direction again and he shakes his head. 
“I see you haven’t changed one bit,” he notes.
“And what do you mean by that, Jungkook?...because you haven’t changed so much yourself, you know? You’re still a jerk, and an annoying pain in my ass.” 
He starts walking towards you, and suddenly you recall the last thing he’s ever said to you. “This isn’t over, bitch. You’ll get yours.” You have no idea what those words meant, but they still give you chills—and for good reason.
You ratted him out to the principal. You had no choice; he was going to prank you again, but this time the results would have been really bad for you. For two weeks prior, you’d been receiving anonymous gifts at school. You suspected Jungkook from the moment you saw the handwriting on a note someone slipped in your locker. The admirer told you to meet them behind the gym during sixth period. Since you were a senior, fifth period was your last class. 
Imagine your surprise when you showed up early and found Jungkook standing in the meeting spot, waiting for you to arrive—a cigarette in one hand and a bundle of red roses in the other. You went directly to the principal’s office and he was escorted off campus shortly after. Jungkook was expelled only a few months before graduation and the entire school hated you for snitching, but what were you supposed to do? He was going to attack you.
“I’ll tell you what it means,” he says, stepping directly in front of you. He peers down at you through his lashes, asserting his dominance by using his larger stature. 
However, you don’t plan on backing down, no matter how much his aura intoxicates you. You focus on your anger towards him, the built up hatred you developed due to all the horrible pranks he’s orchestrated to embarrass you during high school. It’s all you need to remember what kind of jerk he is, picking on girls in front of his friends, but dodging them when he’s alone. He’s a coward, and you won’t bow down at his command.
“It means you’re still an evil ass kissing bitch, but I’m about to dry your cunt up real quick, sweetheart.” He gives you a lopsided grin before he continues. 
“You may be in charge, but this is my uncle’s property, and if anyone has to go, it’s going to be the girl who got his nephew expelled from high school. So if I were you…I’d watch what I said to me,” he chuckles coldly.
There’s a sinking feeling in your stomach following his words, but you ignore it and stand your ground. “All I did was tell the truth,” you whisper and Jungkook throws his head back in laughter.
“Are you delusional? You hearing yourself, right now?” 
He shakes his head and grabs his phone, abandoning his lunch as he prepares to leave. 
“You know what? Fuck it. Talking to you is like trying to get a brick wall to move. Just stay the hell away from me and we won’t have problems. I’ll sleep in my damn truck tonight.”
Jungkook brushes past you and exits the kitchen, leaving you alone to bask in bad memories you tried so hard to forget. You hated each other then and you hate each other now. However, the resentment comes from something much deeper than teenage rivalry. You know the tension between you is bound to come to a head at some point, and you just hope it isn’t here. 
It could ruin everything, and it’d be one more tally for Jungkook when it comes to embarrassing you. For now, you’ll try to step on egg shells when it comes to him. You’ll play nice and only communicate with him when necessary because this job is too valuable for you to lose it over someone like him. You begin cleaning up the mess he left behind with a heavy heart. “Ugh…Why me?”
Tumblr media
May 13th, 2022
Well, it’s Friday evening and you haven’t heard a word from Jungkook since he stormed out of the cabin yesterday. He eventually came inside this morning to shower and eat, but has spent the majority of his time in his room. None of the others have arrived yet, but they aren’t on schedule until tomorrow. You still wish there was someone else here to distract you from the ominous feeling you get at night.
It’s always so quiet; even the wildlife isn’t active when the sun goes down. It’s like they know something is lurking—something dark and sinister. You didn’t get any sleep last night. You felt so isolated, so exposed in the middle of it all. If it wasn’t Jungkook invading your mind every time you close your eyes, it was the stories of this place told to you by your parents. 
All night you expected a man in a hockey mask to appear out of nowhere, and butcher you like he did previous counselors. There were some survivors, the employees who weren’t at the camp to fuck and party. You keep telling yourself that if his vengeful spirit were to return, or if someone followed in his footsteps—you’d be safe. But survivor’s guilt is real, and violence is never the answer. 
You don’t wish such a horrible death on anyone, not even Jungkook. So, of course, you were a bit worried about him being out there alone last night. Hopefully, tonight he’ll consider staying in here—for his sake and yours.
There isn’t much to do right now, so you’re lying on your bunk bed, looking through your phone. Your head lolls to the left and what you see makes your blood run cold.
“Oh my god!”
You jolt out of bed and slip on your sneakers when you see the dark colored creature slither across the floor. It retreats under the neighboring bunks and hides in the darkness, waiting for something to venture near so he can strike. You run out of your room faster than the speed of light, calling for Jungkook to come and help remove it.
“Why the fuck are you screaming?” 
His voice is rough and he’s obviously in a bad mood. You assume he was sleeping because he’s only wearing his sweats, not a shirt in sight. You almost forget the reason for calling him, but he snaps his fingers and you’re quickly brought back to reality.
You point towards your room and give him a nervous side-eye. Your voice trembles when you speak. “Under the bed. It’s a snake…a big one.”
His face shows nothing but annoyance. 
“Are you sure it isn’t just a sock?”
Your eyes expand, offended by his lack of urgency and seriousness for the matter.
“That thing moved!...Fuck it, I’m not sleeping here.” You try to leave, but his arm wraps around your waist before you can get by him. 
“Alright, just hold on. I’ll go check it out,” he sighs. 
When he withdraws you cannot ignore the way your body reacts to the loss of warmth, and you want to slap yourself for actually seeking after his touch. You’ll blame it on your lack of human interaction since you’ve been here. 
Jungkook steps into your room, but turns to you before he goes any further. “Can I use your phone? I need a flashlight.”
You nod and quickly pull it out of your cardigan’s pocket, placing it in his hand and allowing him to turn it on himself. Jungkook taps the flashlight icon on the lockscreen and approaches the center of the room. “It’s under the bed to your right. Please be careful. I don’t know what kind it is.”
He doesn’t say a word as he gets on his hands and knees, keeping a safe distance while he aims the light into the dark crevice. He squints his eyes and curses after only a few seconds of searching. 
“Oh, shit. That’s not good at all.” Jungkook gets on his feet and you immediately take notice of his flushed face. 
“Is it that bad?” you gulp, and to your worst fears Jungkook nods.
“The pupils are like diamonds; it most definitely is.”
He leaves the room, but doesn’t take his eyes off the snake’s hiding place. 
“What kind is it?”
He blows out a puff of air before he responds. His eyes are wide and in utter disbelief. “It looks like a moccasin, but I’m not a hundred percent sure. I just know it has to go.”
“Well, what do we do? I can call my dad but—”
“There’s some shit in the storage closet; I’ll get it,” he states calmly, placing your phone in your hand. “Make sure you keep an eye on the floor, and if it comes out, just stay away from it. I’ll be right back.”
Jungkook is gone before you can get a word out, leaving you alone once again. Your mind can’t help but think about what would have happened if you’d put your feet down at the wrong time. You probably wouldn’t be standing here talking about it right now. What if you were alone? Help is miles away, and by the time anyone got to you, it’d be too late. 
That’s why you requested that someone with trained medical experience be here at all times, and according to his paperwork, he should be here tomorrow morning at 8 am sharp. You’d sure appreciate it if he were here now, however. This isn’t safe by any means, and neither of you are professionally trained for this task.
“Has he moved?”
Jungkook returns with a bucket in one hand and what looks like snake tongs in the other. You make a mental note to go over the importance of safety when it comes to the local wildlife with everyone, especially the kids. A bite from a snake like this can be fatal to an adult, and a small child would have even less of a chance.
“No, it hasn’t moved. But Jungkook, I think we should call someone. This isn't safe,” you suggest.
“Your dad’s a cop. He’s never shown you how to grab a snake?”
“Yeah but…”
Jungkook laughs. “If you’re scared of snakes just say it. I’m not one to judge.”
“No! I’m just…kind of worried? Today is…you know.”
“Well, try not to be so superstitious,” he tells you before entering the room for a second time. “I’m gonna close the door so it can’t get out, okay?”
You want to protest, and your mouth opens to do just that, but he gives you a look and you instantly change your mind. “Okay.”
“See you in a bit,” he winks, shutting the bedroom door behind him.
About ten minutes later, the door opens again and Jungkook holds up the bucket in triumph. “Would you like to kiss your prince before he departs?”
You roll your eyes. 
“So what are you going to do with it now?”
He shrugs. “I guess I’ll put it on the porch. He should be fine overnight. I’ll wake up before dawn and take him on the other side of the lake where there’s more wilderness. I’ve been wanting to catch the sunrise anyway, so this works.”
“How do I know you won’t just go over there and kill it?” you jest, but Jungkook doesn’t think it’s funny. The second his expression changes, you realize that the joke should have never left your mouth. You quickly try to apologize. “Sorry, I—”
“Keep it.”
“Jungkook, I didn’t mean it like that,” you try to convince him.
“I don’t care. That’s your fucking problem; you never think before you open your damn mouth.”
You opened your mouth to apologize again, but instead you ended up giving him a piece of your mind.
“Excuse me? At least I’m not a coward. You used to be cocky when you were with your little clique. Now you can’t even look me in the eye whenever I bring up what you’ve done.”
“I’m the coward?” He shakes his head and laughs. “Then what are you?...I called you, texted you, and you ignored me. You didn’t have to accept my apology, but you could have at least listened to what I had to say after you found out why I was really waiting for you that day.”
“Jungkook, I’m not going to believe your lies. You know damn well what you were doing back there and you’re just pissed that it backfired on you.,” you argue, and Jungkook scoffs.
“You keep telling yourself that.”
“I will actually because it’s the truth.”
Jungkook prepares to walk away, but then suddenly pauses. His back is turned, so he looks at you over his shoulder. 
“You act like everything’s been all bad between us, like all I’ve done was harass you. You’ve forgotten who’s saved your ass with homework you forgot to finish or who’s given you rides home when it rained even though it was on the other side of town. I brought any of that to anyone’s attention because I didn’t do it to hold it over your head. I did it because that’s just the kind of person I am, especially for someone I care about. But if you want me to be something else…you got that.”
He starts walking down the hall without another word to you, and a part of you wants to go after him, but what he said doesn’t justify his actions. You don’t trust him, and he has himself to blame for that. So you stay silent, because if he really cared, he wouldn’t have so much animosity towards you when you did nothing wrong. It’s not your fault you couldn’t put the pieces together; you were too busy looking over your shoulder for his next prank, and even though it’s been years since he threatened you with his words—you look around every corner before you make a turn.
Tumblr media
One thing you’ve already learned to appreciate in your short time here is the shower. The water reaches the perfect temperature, so you can’t help but stay in there a little bit longer than you should. You have to enjoy it while you can because after tonight you’ll have to share, cutting your time in the bathroom in half.
Since you’re alone in the cabin, you take your time and detangle your curls. Jungkook isn’t here so you don’t bother rushing to get your clothes on. A towel is the only thing that covers your body. Your skin is still damp and too hot to throw on a t-shirt so you opt to stay this way until you air dry and cool down.
Once you leave the bathroom, you turn off the lights and go straight to your room. You hadn’t realized you left the window open earlier, and you shiver as the gentle summer’s breeze flows through your bedroom. You throw your phone on the bed and quickly walk over to the window so you can shut it. However, a sudden uneasiness forms in your gut, an instinct you have when something just doesn’t feel right. 
You gnaw at your bottom lip trying to piece together what could be happening and eventually, you brush it off as just your paranoia getting to you. Before you close and lock your bedroom window, you glance at the moon and stars, noting how beautiful they are away from the city and how you’d like to get some pictures before you leave. But that’ll have to wait because right now all you want to do is lie down and at least try to get some sleep—if only your mind allows it. 
While pushing down the glass, you notice something out of place on the outskirts of the woods. You have a small view of the lake from where you are, and the only thing preventing you from seeing it entirely is the trees. However, there’s something blocking the small opening that allows you to see Crystal Lake from your room, or maybe…someone?
You lower your head to eliminate the glare in the window, and that’s when you see it. Barely, but you’re able to make out a white orb in the distance. 
“What the fuck is that?”
You don’t have long to figure it out either. Suddenly, the object begins to move and within seconds you realize that it definitely is a person, and they’re coming straight towards your cabin. When they’re about 30 feet away you can clearly see their dark clothing and the infamous white hockey mask the guy that committed those murders were said to have worn. Fight or flight sets in, and your first reaction is to get the hell out of there before he can catch up to you with his long strides.
You rush out of the cabin wearing nothing but a towel and Pokémon slippers—no phone, no keys, only a bit of hope that Jungkook is alive and near or at least sleeping in his truck so he can drive you both to safety. Once your feet touch the soil, you channel every ounce of determination and drive you possess. Speed will be your only asset against a figure that appears to be twice your size. But unfortunately, even all of that isn’t enough.
“Let me go!” 
A pair of arms grab you before you can even reach the path that leads to the parking lot. You kick, you thrash, and you scream like your life depends on it—because it does, and you use every tactic your father taught you to try and break free.
Your efforts pay off with an elbow to their stomach. A pained laugh escapes the person, and when you jab them again they finally agree to release you. You’re surprised at how familiar their voice sounds.
“Alright, alright. I’ll put you down, but chill. It’s just me,” he chuckles, placing your feet back on the ground. You try to make another run for it, but he grabs your hand and takes off his mask. “Don’t go running off into the woods. It’s just a joke. Calm down.” 
“I was just fucking with you,” he laughs, doubling over and clutching his side. “You should have seen your face. And then you really almost crushed my ribs, damn girl.”
You feel anything but amusement right now, and you head straight for the cabin to start packing your things. 
“Should’ve been your balls,” you say as you’re passing him. 
Fuck this camp. Jungkook and everyone else can have it. You knew you shouldn’t have come back here; it was very foolish of you to think you could actually be in the same space with Jungkook and his old ways wouldn’t resurface. You’ll just find another way; something else will come up. But you can’t stay here any longer, not with him.
“Hey, what are you doing?”
You kick off your slippers because they’re just slowing you down. Jungkook is on your tail and when he grabs your arm you immediately pull away. “Get away from me. I’m leaving!”
“Leaving?...What are you just gonna quit?” he quizzes. You spin around and walk up to him, fueled by nothing but rage and resentment.
“That’s what you want, right? Well, you got it. I’m out…you’ve won, Jungkook.” His smug smile fades slowly and his brows furrow as he processes your words.
“Ahh, here you go again. How does someone survive under same roof as you?...I’m nice, there’s a problem. I’m a jerk, you’re ready to leave. It makes no sense.”
“You call setting me up to be humiliated nice?”
Jungkook’s hands run over his face in frustration. “I thought we established that I was doing nothing wrong that time.”
“If you weren’t doing anything wrong…which is obviously a lie because you were smoking. Why were you the person waiting for me to turn the corner?...With roses! I’m allergic to roses. You lured me there to hurt me and humiliate me.”
“First of all, I had no idea about the roses and I tried to apologize, remember? I wasn’t trying to be mean to you. I told you I just wanted to smooth things over and—”
“Then why write them Jungkook? Why make me believe someone actually liked me?” you question, cutting him off.
Jungkook steps closer, but once again you do not back down. You don’t care about how angry he is because you’re pissed ten times more. He’s gone too far this time.
“Maybe because I was building up the courage to tell the girl I’ve liked since third grade that I liked her? Ask her to prom? Apologize for being an asshole because she didn’t deserve any of that stuff I did...I don’t know, maybe it was all of those things. I was just doing what the guys told me to do. I wanted your attention, and I was finally trying to get it the correct way,” he argues, anger radiating from his body. He stares you down with so much hatred that if you weren’t feeling the same way, you’d crumble.
“So what if I had one cigarette to calm my nerves? I was fucking shaking, and I put it out after the first hit because I didn’t like it. But the only motive I had for being back there was to get the girl I liked alone so I could apologize and ask her out, but she got me expelled before I could do that.”
His words seem genuine and sincere, but they’re driven by fury. He’s still upset with you and you cannot understand why. You didn’t know, and if you did you still wouldn’t have known how to respond. It’s his fault for traumatizing you so much that you didn’t see all the signs. You feel like shit for it, but you can’t go back and change things. You’re trying to move forward, but each time you take a step, you’re always knocked back two.
“Then you just get to move on and forget it ever happened?” he continues. Your brows furrow when you see the gloss covering his eyes. 
As if you weren’t already feeling terrible for not being able to read between the lines, Jungkook was right earlier; he helped you out just as much as he joked around. 
You didn’t even give him a chance after the day he left school, but how could you when you were dealing with the aftermath of his expulsion? “You come here with your head all high like you own the place, like you haven’t flipped my life upside down. It’s not fair.”
“Jungkook, I had to move on. You think you’re the only one who suffered? Everyone hated me for getting you kicked out of school. And don’t act so beaten down, your dad got you out of it. Or did you think I didn’t hear about that?”
Jungkook scoffs. “Yeah, because everyone knew I liked you…everyone but you. And my dad paid a load of money to make sure I could at least get into a good school. Why the hell do you think I’m here? He calls and I run, until I’m done paying him back.”
“I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t know! But what am I supposed to do about it now? I can apologize a million times, but I can’t change the past. I’m tired Jungkook, so either we end this tonight or I’m leaving because I can’t live like this. Do your worst if it makes you feel better, prank me the whole fucking summer, embarrass me in front of the kids and the staff.”
He lowers his head and shakes it as he speaks. “That’s not enough. It’s never been enough.”
“Then what is, Jungkook?...Tell me what makes it right? I’ll fix it.”
Jungkook looks at you then, softer than before, but his expression still holds a bit of frustration. 
“You just don’t get it,” he whispers.
“Then help me understand. Show me if you can’t tell me. You want revenge? Take it. Or if there’s something else you want, you can take that too. Just go for it because this may be the last chance you get.”
His fingers reach up and touch your arm, and he runs them delicately over your skin. “How do I know if what I want is something you’re offering?”
“Everything’s on the table. You have me alone until tomorrow morning. Do whatever you want, I’m all yours,” you assure.
“Well, come here then.” Jungkook pulls you close to his body and leans in. You expected him to kiss you, but you didn’t expect it to feel this way. His touch is more rough and aggressive than you imagined it would be since he was so timid previously. It still feels amazing despite his lack of tenderness and affection.
He grabs your face and guides you to the nearest wall, never breaking away from the heated moment you’re sharing as he does so. You can’t deny how attractive he is, and now that all of your hatred for him is being released, you can enjoy every inch of his sculpted figure.
You try to reach for his shirt, but he grabs your wrist and pins it against the wall, smiling when he hears you whine. His tongue slips into your mouth and explores as deep as its length will allow. 
“Is that all?” you ask him when your lips ultimately part for air. His eyes linger on your mouth as if he’s missing the warmth already, and you can’t stop yourself from smirking in response.
“That’s not even half of it.” Jungkook’s hand still holds onto your face and neck, but you’re too drunk off his touch to feel any discomfort. 
When he finally allows you to touch his chest and biceps, you try to coax him into spilling all of those hidden emotions buried beneath the surface; it seems to work after a moment. You purr each syllable when you speak, and Jungkook lingers onto every one of them as if they were the answer to all of his prayers. “Then what are you waiting for?...Clock’s ticking.”
“Stop talking like that.”
“Or what?...What’s going to happen if I don’t?” Your challenge makes him tighten his grip. You wince, but nothing tops the satisfaction you get from pissing him off. “What are you gonna do?”
Jungkook growls, and the sound makes you shudder. “You wouldn’t even be able to walk in the morning. Don’t ever try me like that, sweetheart.”
“Do it. I fucking dare you.”
Jungkook chuckles while kissing his way up to your ear. “You have no idea what you’re asking for.”
“Well, enlighten me–Oh fuck!” He uses his knee to force open your legs and flexes his thick thigh against your bare cunt. The contact makes you gasp out a desperate moan.
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Jungkook’s grin widens when he feels your thighs try to rub together for more friction.
“Fuck, yes.”
He drags you across the room and he all but tosses you on the couch. 
“Strip, then turn around,” he commands.
You take off your towel and throw it at him. Jungkook twirls his finger in a circle, so you turn and bend over the sofa’s armrest. “Shit, you have tats, a nice ass, and you’re fucking soaking…the hell am I going to do with you?” he asks while leaning over you to speak into your ear.
“Hopefully, you’ll fuck me…and soon–ahh, shit.”
Jungkook slaps your ass and gives it a squeeze. You whimper under his touch, trying not to moan, but then his finger teases your entrance, and you have no choice but to let it out. 
“You’re not in the position to give me demands…not while your cunt’s trying to suck in my fingers, sweetheart. Play nice, and I’ll feed you well,” he says with a smirk. 
You groan, and he slaps your ass again; your backtalk then ceases for a while. 
Jungkook spreads your folds and spits into your entrance, chuckling when you clench in response. “The quiet ones are always freaky,” he comments.
“Shit, I need to grab a condom. I’ll be right back—”
“Here.” You reach into the couch and pull out one of the condoms you secretly stashed there. You can imagine the shock on Jungkook’s face when you reach back and hand it to him. “None of us are saints, Jungkook. Don’t think about it too much.”
And he doesn’t. He quickly pulls down his pants and rolls it on. Your anticipation heightens when you feel his blunt tip come in contact with your heat, and you turn your head to watch his face contort when he slides in. 
“Fuck,” he sighs when he finally feels your warmth molding around his length. His moaning makes butterflies erupt in the pit of your stomach, and you don’t even give him a second to get used to the snug fit. You bounce on his cock and watch as he looks on in awe, taking off his shirt and throwing somewhere across the room.
Jungkook grips your waist and takes control; you grab onto the couch when he starts fucking you back, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as he concentrates on pleasuring you. You both set a steady pace, but you feel like he’s holding back so you purposely taunt him into giving you more. “You fuck like you’re scared or something. Afraid you’ll drown?”
He reaches forward and tugs your hair. “Nope. I was just going easy on you, but if you insist…”
You scream his name when his thrusts quicken, and he uses his grip to pull you back on his dick. He digs into you deeper and harder, and the pressure in your abdomen begins to build after a few calculated motions. Jungkook’s hand continues to come down on your ass randomly, and each blow leaves your pussy gushing with arousal. He pulls you up and holds you close to him once he’s left you behind red and sore to the touch. “You feel so fucking good. Damn, I wish you were mine,” he moans into your neck.
Your hand reaches behind you to play in his brown strands while he bites and leaves marks on your neck. “Is that what you want?”
He lifts his head and looks you in the eyes, slowing down but still digging into your cervix. 
“Damn right,” he replies, teasing your sensitive clit. “Gonna come for me?”
“Mmhm, please don’t stop doing that.” 
Your nails dig into his arm while he ruts into you. You come with his name flowing from your lips, and he follows soon after. His body trembles as he spills his seed into the condom, and he sighs when he’s finally released all the pressure he’s had inside of him.
Your body almost slumps over when he pulls out and tries to withdraw, so he’s forced to keep you close to him so you don’t hurt yourself. “Can you even walk to your bed?” he laughs, giving you a glimpse of his cute boyish smile.
“Probably not.”
He sighs and scoops you up. “Alright, let’s go to bed, lightweight.”
“Shut up,” you mumble, slapping his chest. 
He stops near the kitchen door and tosses the used condom in the trash before taking you to your room and placing you on the bed gently. “Night,” Jungkook says quickly before turning to leave.
“Wait.” You grab his hand to get his attention, and he pauses. “I don’t usually ask these questions, but…did you mean that stuff or were you just fucking around?”
“No, I wouldn’t say that unless I meant it. I still like you, but I know it’s too late,” he says before he looks at you. He stares for a few seconds and responds with an exhale. “Please don’t leave, though. I really miss you.”
You pat beside you. “Come lay with me?”
Jungkook nods and takes off his shoes before he climbs in your bed. “I only ask because…well, you know.”
“Yeah, I know. I’m sorry, for everything. Especially tonight, I never want you to see you that upset again,” he admits.
He doesn’t say anything when you touch his face and trace over his features. “Can I come with you when you take the boat out tomorrow?”
“Yeah, of course.”
You yawn, and Jungkook wraps his arms around you, caressing your sore behind to help you relax. 
“We’ll talk then, okay? It’ll be all romantic and shit,” you tell him and he only scoffs. “Seriously, it’ll be like those movies, and then we'll kiss—”
“And then we’ll try to fuck without rocking the boat too much?” he suggests. You roll your eyes and turn away from him, suppressing your giggles as best as you can. “Did I ruin it?”
“It was ruined before I started talking.”
When it’s quiet again, your mind begins to wonder and one question resurfaces in your brain that you forgot to ask Jungkook. “Hey.”
“What’s up?”
“How did you make it to the front of the cabin so fast earlier? You were literally like 10 feet away from my bedroom and then right on me when I ran out,” you point out, making him lift his head.
“I wasn’t back there. I was getting ready to come through the front door and scare you, but you just ran out. I figured you thought you saw another snake or something.”
Your breathing pauses. “Dude, I saw you.”
“No…you didn’t see me.” 
Well, if it wasn’t him, then who? 
Your heart rate speeds up, body working in autopilot as you try to usher Jungkook out of the bed. “We gotta get out of here. We have to run, there’s—”
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. That was my friend Tommy. Please don’t be mad at him, I begged him to help me,” he confesses and you narrow your eyes at him. “Don’t get mad, babe,” he pouts.
“Oh, I’m not going to get mad, Jungkook.” You crawl over his body, straddling him and kissing his lips before you continue. He thinks he’s off the hook, but you’re about to show him what you’re capable of. 
“...I’m going to get even.”
Tumblr media
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lavienjin · 5 months ago
just sit pretty | jjk & myg
Tumblr media
synopsis: jungkook's hands are wandering all over your body while yoongi is asleep on your couch. can you fulfill your desires without waking him up?
Tumblr media
p: jungkook x reader x yoongi
wc: 4.1k of gratuitous smut
genre/rating/au: 18+ | threesome, est. rel. au (jjk) | smut, slight crack
warnings: *cracks knuckles* okay, here we go: pwp, reverse cowgirl, idk if this counts as public sex but it’s in front of a sleeping person, exhibitionism, alcohol mention, breast play, cockwarming, unprotected sex, dry humping, dirty talk (jk is kinda mean), thigh job, pussy slapping, name calling :), orgasm delay, fingering, oral (m receiving), clothed sex, hair pulling, throat fucking, handjob, face slapping, breath play (asphixiation), tit slapping, messy sex, there’s a lot of spit?, hand kink, caught having sex... i think that's it
a/n: uhh... happy new years! merry christmas! surprise! to all my yoonkook whores out there, this is my extremely belated chrimbo present to you.
posted: jan 8th, 2022
m. list | ao3
Tumblr media
There's really nothing better than cuddling up with your boyfriend while it's heavily snowing outside.
You’re currently wrapped up under the weight of a large white blanket, with your head tucked neatly under Jungkook’s chin as the two of you watch a documentary, the soft glow of the TV washing the room with whites and golds. Your eyelids are heavy, sleep whispering in your ear as you feel both your heartbeats melting into one.
It would have been a picturesque scene, romantic even, if it weren't for the fact that there's a certain older man that's taking all the space on your couch, banishing you and Jungkook to the small recliner in the corner.
For some reason unknown to you, Yoongi insisted on staying over at you and your boyfriend’s shared apartment despite living only a few more minutes down the road. And although you tried sending signals to Jungkook that you don’t want Yoongi in your apartment, your tender-hearted boyfriend doesn’t have the heart to deny the elder's request.
All things considered, the closeness isn’t so bad. The combination of the smell of Jungkook’s aftershave and his long fingers drawing absentminded shapes on your thighs has you sighing contently into his shoulder. Coupled with the large amount of boozy eggnog you consumed at Hoseok’s new year's party, you’re positive you’re slipping towards the best sleep of your life; feeling safe, warm, and secure in his arms.
That is until Jungkook’s hand creeps closer towards the hem of your shorts; the baggy ones you stole from his wardrobe that provides ample space for his large hand to slip into the pant leg. You look up to see if it's a mistake, your heart thrumming a bit quicker in hopes that it isn't. Jungkook stares straight ahead, barely glancing down at you, and you scoot closer to place a small kiss on his neck.
But then he does it again.
This time, when your eyes slide over to his face, Jungkook can't hide the small, mischievous smile. You're about to say something when he silences you with a glance. He juts his chin to the TV, a silent prompt for you to keep your eyes straight ahead.
Even though you're prepared for the next contact, it's hard to keep your moans to yourself when he drags his knuckle over your clothed slit. His finger goes up and down; from your clit to your entrance, and back again. Your body responds to his touch; your spine locking in place as the world blurs around you.
"Jungkook," you whimper faintly.
You spot the tongue prodding on the side of his cheek as his hand stills, head whipping towards the couch.
You follow his gaze to find that Yoongi's still asleep.
Jungkook adjusts your seating so that your back lies flushed against his chest. He dips his head to nip at the shell of your ear before whispering, “Shhh. We don’t want to wake our guest up. Try to be quiet, yeah?”
Your teeth sink into your bottom lip as you nod.
Jungkook lifts the hem of your shirt and pulls the cups of your bra down. He squeezes your tits together as his thumbs circle and roll your hardening nipples. His lips make their way to your neck, just at the base of your hairline, where they attach themselves on the tender skin. Your mind is set aflame at the languid way he paws and fondles your breasts.
Your boyfriend is pretending to be completely oblivious to the torture he’s set. You have to choke back a groan when Jungkook twists your nipples between his forefinger and your thumb, the strike of electricity causing your body to shudder. He repeats the action a few more times, rolling, pinching, tugging, turning you more and more putty in his hands. Jungkook couldn’t care less about the way you squirm. He ignores the way your thighs press together or the way you’re biting back moan after moan as you're left completely at his mercy.
Every few seconds, your eyes trail to the sleeping figure to your right, and when you deem that Yoongi is still spending his time in dreamland, you allow yourself a small mewl of ecstasy.
“Can I make you cum with your tits, babe?” Jungkook whispers into your neck as he licks some of the marks he’s left behind.
“I don’t know… I don’t t-think so?” you respond. Yet when he tugs your nipples with such force that it has your back bending towards his palms, you feel lighting strike your spine, and for the first time that night, you moan loud enough that it causes Jungkook to remove his hand from under your shirt to clamp around your mouth.
After determining that Yoongi is still very much asleep, Jungkook forces his remaining hand underneath the waistband of your shorts and panties, discarding the garments onto the floor.
“What did I fucking say about being too loud, huh? Fucking Christ!” he growls as he thrusts two of his fingers inside until they hit the back of your throat.
Jungkook pinches your clit in punishment, and your back curves at the sharp pain. You can’t moan; can hardly breathe with his thick fingers crowding your mouth. He does it again, much harder than the last before slipping the tip of his pointer finger inside your hole, thrusting shallowly on purpose to miss the sensitive patch of nerves. Your hips try to chase after the lingering sensation, but his muscled forearm holds you in place, and you’re left squirming; helpless as he draws out your suffering.
“If only you listened to me earlier,” he tuts mockingly, giving the shell of your ear another harsh nip.
You whine in disappointment when Jungkook removes his finger from your cunt, but that earns you another harsh pinch, forcing you to swallow the curses that's threatening to bubble up. You're thrashing in his arms, frustrated at the lack of stimuli. You hear the muffled sound of a zipper opening, and Jungkook bucks his hips into your core as he slides his shorts down. Your eyes roll shut when he does it again.
The soft material of his boxers give you ample friction against your nub, and you grind together with his movements, soaking the fabric with your essence.
“That’s it, angel, just like that. Yeah,” Jungkook groans.
He begins to thrust his fingers into your mouth in a rhythm that matches the sway of your hips. The stimulation is driving you crazy, and the fact that Yoongi is right there and could wake up any second fills you with a carnal hunger that only makes you grind harder. Faster.
“Pretty angel. You wish it was my fat cock in your mouth, huh?” He pinches your tongue between his fingers. “Look at you slobbering over my hand… You're such a fucking mess.”
“J-Jungkook…” you whimper through your crowded mouth. “Empty…”
“What’s that, angel? What’s empty? Is it this cunt of yours?” Jungkook cups your core with his large hand, and begins to grind slow circles on your clit with the heel of his palm before tugging his cock out from its confines.
He taps the blunt head of his cock against your core. "Is this what you want?"
Despite having memorized it, you want nothing more than to see Jungkook’s thick length as he slides the head against your puffy lips. You slide your messy cunt over his shaft, and your head rolls back when the tip slips inside. That small burst of euphoria would explode in your brain, but Jungkook has other plans, and he always pulls out before you’re able to plunge him fully inside.
This little game that he’s playing is getting old, but with your mouth still full, you can’t make any requests aside from the short frustrated grunts of air as Jungkook, yet again, slips out from your pulsing walls.
“Eager, aren’t you?” Jungkook chuckles into your ear. “Aren’t you afraid that Yoongi might wake up?” Mercifully, he slips his fingers out of your mouth so you can speak.
“You started this,” you whine.
“And I can stop it too.”
After uttering those words, Jungkook stills completely. When you look back in dismay, he wears a cocky smile, his hands crossed in front of his clothed chest, with an eyebrow raised up in a challenge.
“Sup?” he asks mockingly with a tilt of his chin.
You say nothing as you stare into his eyes, annoyed that he's fucking with your right now. You squeeze your thighs together, surrounding his length with your warmth, but he doesn’t react; that shit-eating grin still plastered on his face.
Looks like you’re going to have to wipe that off yourself.
Keeping your eyes on him as best as you can, you prop your hands on the arms of the chair. Lifting your body slightly, you squeeze and unsqueeze your thighs around his length. The gasp from behind you is all you need to feel triumphant, your lips curving upwards into a victorious smirk. Yet it doesn’t last, because Jungkook, in his immeasurable strength, is able to hold you down and force your legs apart.
“Fine. Here’s the cock you fucking love so much.” He rasps the harsh words in your ear before he lifts you up by the thighs and buries his cock into you in one fluid motion.
Your body shudders at the sudden intrusion; your head lolling backwards onto his shoulder limply.
“So goddamn tight,” he hisses through his teeth. “Don't go passing out on me, you have a job to do.” Jungkook takes hold of your hand and brings it towards your clit. “Rub that pretty pussy for me until you cum.”
Underneath the blanket, you’re beginning to burn, its soft fabric scratchy against your sensitive skin. But you keep it on, afraid to expose your depravity to Yoongi, even if he’s still sound asleep. You glance towards the sleeping figure one more time while you move your fingers with uncertainty.
Is he really asleep? Can't he hear the soft pants that's spilling past your lips?
Jungkook pinches your nipples in warning. "Get on with it, angel."
At first, your fingers shake as you press ight circles on the sensitive nub, but you eventually find a good rhythm; your hips rocking into your palm.
“That’s it baby,” he groans, his eyes rolling back. “I can feel you tightening up for me. It feels so fucking good.”
His own hands return to your tits, although his touch this time is much gentler. When you’re close to the peak, Jungkook demands that you speed up, replacing your fingers with his own as he tips you by the hair so he can watch every hint of bliss on your face.
Jungkook opens his mouth to mimic your own quiet moans. “Oh shit, so tight for me. God, I want to bend you over and fuck you until you scream.” Then he hisses as your walls pulse around him before delivering a spank on your clit. “What the fuck? Is that what you want? Oh, you filthy fucking bitch. Does the thought of being watched turn you on? Fine then,” his hand leaves you to rip the blanket away from your burning figure, “try not to scream.”
With both hands under your thigh, Jungkook pulls you up so that only the tip of his cock remains inside of you before forcing you back down. “Oh, fuuuck!” he groans with careless abandon. He uses your body like a rag doll, moving your hips for you as he sinks repeatedly into your heat.
“Shit… Jungkook…” It’s impossible to keep your voice down with Jungkook spearing inside of you. Your brain has turned to mush – hyperfocusing on just the pleasure between your thighs.
You twist towards Jungkook, catching him on the lips between raspy moans. You’re hot, sweaty, and your thighs are starting to ache, but you continue to chase that bliss like a madwoman, grunting at every drag of him inside.
“I’m close,” you whisper into his mouth.
“Good, fuck, me too,” Jungkook husks. He catches your tongue between your lips and sucks at the tender muscle. "Cum with me, baby. I can't wait to fill you up."
You moan dutifully in his mouth, caught in the dizzying sensation—
“What the fuck?”
You yelp as you scramble away from Jungkook. You pull the blanket off the floor to cover yourself, even though you know it’s too late. Yoongi definitely saw everything, although right now, he seems to find your beige-coloured walls to be suddenly interesting.
The seconds seem to tick by slowly. Ugh. This was precisely why you didn’t want anyone to sleep over in your shared apar