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thedesire · 9 hours ago
You deserve someone who never stops trying to show how much you mean to them, even after they have you.
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perfectfeelings · 12 hours ago
All I ever want is for someone to look at me and think. “yeah, you’re worth it.”
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sensuous · 13 hours ago
I crave the most innocent parts of a relationship. Like holding hands, forehead kisses and being able to tell someone how much I adore them.
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Tumblr media
Subway Cave - Sedona, AZ [OC] [3024 x 4032] - Author: lollerskatez69 on reddit
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Tumblr media
Remembering a Dream - Cloud Land Canyon [OC] [5364 x 8047] - Author: Hoomtar on reddit
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w--o--o--d--l--a--n--d · 17 hours ago
There's nothing worse than being abadoned by those you love and trust, especially when you really need them.
Kate Whiteman
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perfectfeelings · 6 hours ago
I love when someone figures out the small things that you like by paying such close attention to you instead of you having to tell them.
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sensuous · 3 hours ago
One day you’ll wake up at 11:30am on a Sunday with the love of your life and you’ll make some coffee and pancakes and it’ll all be alright.
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Tumblr media
Awaroa inlet, Abel Tasman, New Zealand [OC] [3024 x 4032] - Author: seflevenin on reddit
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perfectfeelings · 9 hours ago
Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? Like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them and it could be completely silent.
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