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Video by @jim_abernethy // The ability to experience a large diversity of large predatory sharks up close in the Crystal clear shallow water is what makes Tiger Beach Bahamas the very best shark dive worldwide! In this scene a Tigers and Great Hammerhead come in close without fear to investigate humans on scuba! These life changing experiences show there true nature which is the exact opposite of how most shark shows portray them with their sensationalized shows! If people new what they were really like, I’m confident more people would love them and help protect and save them! Do you live sharks? I sure do! Please go to the link in my bio and help us save these magnificent creatures in our ocean by helping with our shark conservation campaigns. Please consider joining us on a shark expedition to tiger beach where you also can experience the true nature of these amazing sentient beings! DM me your email address and I’ll email you more information on our shark trips! @jim_abernethy @wildlifevoiceinc @sealegacy #TurningTheTide #FinBanNOW #worthmorealive #FlFinBan #NoFinFl #StopTheFinTrade #Bethechangetheworldneeds #stopneedlessslaughter #ilovesharks #beautiful #savesharks #love #gorgeous #sharks #bethevoice #shark #sharkaffection #sharklove (at Tiger Beach)

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