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Fun Fact
Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
mattelektras · 12 minutes ago
we WILL be supporting shang chi whole heartedly n giving all the credit to the cast but we will also not be forgetting that dr strange and dr strange 2 with extra wendy flavour whitewashing exist. still wishing marvel entertainment a very Get Fucked
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mae-gi-writes · 24 minutes ago
Guys Guys Guys so y'all I've been hooked on The Boy'z "Flag" and I just felt like drawing the feeling of the song itself. So I'll bombard you with some crpoy art today 😂
Also has anyone listened to Day6's new album? ITS SO GOOD IM CRYINGGGGGG LIKEEEEEE ITS PERFECTION 😭❤
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webozfoodhunter · 38 minutes ago
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words-of-thought · 48 minutes ago
question from a non-american:
why does the media and the general public keep the 'african american' and 'asian american' phrases even though not all are born in African or Asian countries. why not just 'american'?
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bryceslahela · 59 minutes ago
The new li in the sneak peek looks east asian.. why are people in the comments calling her a kid 😐
this always happens with east asian characters it’s becoming a pattern of people infantilising east asian adults. look at harry from litg s3, the amount of people i saw calling him a child was staggering.
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aliciahebi · an hour ago
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noisysandwichobject · an hour ago
Crown Resorts scandal: James Packer not (yet) on WA royal commission grilling list
Crown Resorts scandal: James Packer not (yet) on WA royal commission grilling list
The reclusive billionaire has not been called to give evidence at the Crown Resorts royal commission in Perth, but that could change. James Packer has not been called to give evidence at the royal commission in Western Australia that is digging into evidence Crown Resorts facilitated money laundering at its Perth casino. The probe, along with a separate royal commission in Victoria, comes after…
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diaryofanangryasianguy · an hour ago
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21-Year-Old College Student Almost Dies After Being Attacked with Acid Outside of Her New York Home
Though authorities did not provide the woman's name, she was identified as Nafiah Fatima on a GoFundMe page set up by her neighbor and friend, Shazia Anjum. According to police, Fatima was walking on her driveway when she "was approached from behind by an unknown male" carrying a white-colored cup with a dark-colored substance inside.
Her injuries included "severe burning" to her face, eyes, chest, and arms, according to the GoFundMe. "Nafiah was wearing contact lenses that night and the acid melted the contact lenses onto her eyes," Anjum added on the page. "We don't know if Nafiah will ever regain vision again."
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Great time again. This time it seems he wanted to stay, sorry I only cuddle with my neighbor's cat 😅
He looked very disappointed. 🤷
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emeraldgreenmensclub · an hour ago
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