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I hardly have access to any ingredients, and the most basic ones are often way out of my reach, so in terms of toppings I only had a sad, small shitake mushroom, a sheet of nori, a 1.5cm long piece of leek which I found burried in the fridge, and a few slices of cooked chicken breast.

Okay, but what’s underneath the toppings? It’s a double stock, equal parts chicken broth and niboshi dashi with shoyu tare for flavoring. I also used my scalion aroma oil for extra flavoring.

The noodles were the most difficult part. I ran out of ramen noodles a bit ago and I don’t have a pasta machine, so I had to use the typical chicken soup noods you can get basically everywhere in Poland. Definitely the weakest part of the bowl imo.

While my selection and quantity of toppings was rather poor, they still paired quite well with the soup. The nori was a good addition for sure, the sauteed leek lost a lot of its original strength and served as a decently ok replacement for green onions, albeit a bit sweeter, the mushrooms were chewy and full of flavor… the chicken was fine. The soup was actually amazing, I’m surprised at how great it turned out, but I feel like I’ll need to experiment with a different kind of aroma oil for it. Scallion oil isn’t bad, but it just didn’t mesh well with the theme of the bowl I was going for. 

Overall I’d consider this to be a success, especially since my access to ingredients was severely limited ;)

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#iloveyou with all my #belly 😋. I would say #heart 😍 but my belly is bigger 😂😜😘… #couplegoals #커플 #남자친구 #여자친구 #love #사랑 #asiancouple #april2020 #blackwhite #korea #korean #pinoy #philippines #asian #데이트 #한국 #erichsun #minwookim #kimsun자기랑 #귀여워 #cute #sweet #ㅋㅋㅋ #인스타그램 #instagram #date #feedme

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