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#black women

Pessoas brancas precisam entender que elas não têm o direito de cobrar posicionamentos e discursos de pessoas negras. Nós, negros e negras, estamos preocupados em sobreviver diariamente diante desse sistema genocida, neste país racista; preocupados em voltar para nossas famílias depois do trabalho, depois da escola ou depois de voltar da padaria. Estamos preocupados em viver. Se temos medo de andar por aí, se temos que lembrar todos os dias de levar nossa identidade aonde quer que vamos, preocupados em deixar nossas mãos sempre a mostra e não andar após a meia-noite sozinhos, é culpa de vocês. Vocês por diversas vezes se mostram nossos inimigos, quando se omitem, quando acham que somos obrigados a ensinar algo a vocês ou quando acham que devemos tomar partido de brutalidades feitas por vocês. Aprendemos a violência com vocês, com esse Estado que por séculos nos mata, por esse governo que nos nega qualidade de vida, que nos nega nossa própria cultura e nossa história; se querem que melhoremos, então vocês devem melhorar. SEM JUSTIÇA, SEM PAZ!



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可愛い fuck you I can be an ulzzang bitch if I want to

But fr I want a proper wig with a fringe because goddamn I don’t look half bad but they’re so expensive ffs

Imagine having a life that doesn’t revolve around me like why do you sleep before I tell you to tf?? What do you think this is? Anarchy? No. This is a dictatorship buddy bear and wHAT I SAY GOES BITCH

Lmao jk tf? But timezones can be a little inconvenient smh. It’s cool tho b, we can’t be out here romanticising controlling behaviors because that shit gets old fast

Y'all if someone exposes me I’m really going to have to change identities it’s not even funny bc if I @ you, you know who you are - unless you don’t. In that case I have bad news for you buddy. But it’s not like I’ve talked about that many people tbh

Ah how can I be a streamer if my posts are so controversial

What if I get exposed, better yet


Pls spare me. My umbilical cord is still attached damn.

My emotional instability is honestly really frustrating, less than an hour ago I was deadass ready to relapse, neck and bomb my exam tmr. Now it’s just the last one ;). I’m really glad I didn’t cry though.

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“America Doused with Kerosene” - Mia Jones

my heart hurts deeply for the entire black community, as a mixed race women this has truly hit home for me. i cannot stay silent on this topic. this is not a political issue, it is a human rights issue and it is our duty as people in the world to speak up against the injustices we are seeing. i am a writer and have written a poem in support of the black lives matter movement and protests in general. i encourage everyone to speak up, protest, share on social media, and donate. thank you for taking the time to read. george floyd you will not be forgotten and we will change this world for the better in your name and the names of so many others.

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This is very important to me. What’s going on right now, seeing innocent black people being killed, seeing the police brutality against the protesters for simply stating that black lives matter too, it breaks my heart every day. It makes black people wonder who’s next? When will I kiss my loved one goodbye for the last time just for existing? Things must change. We won’t stop fighting for a better life.

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