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#x male reader
malereader-inserts · 2 years ago
Rumour Has It
Fandom: Avengers Pairing: Peter Parker x Male!Reader Summary: The Avengers don’t like you, rumour has it. Word Count: 1,729 Request: “If your taking request can you do a peter parker x male reader where peter introduced male reader to the Avengers.”
Tumblr media
The Avengers don’t like you, that’s what they agreed within their little circle.
No, they haven’t met you, yet, but, they just don’t like you.
Dating their youngest member of the team, it’s kind of a big deal. Peter, barely an adult yet, had been especially happy lately. It wasn’t too noticeable at first, the boy is a walking ray of sunshine, but then they started to notice that Peter was skipping out on Friday movie nights every other night.
Peter usually kept a disorganised schedule, often times running out the lab to meet his Aunt, but now, he checks the clock every five minutes and leaves five minutes than intended. He never comes to the tower with an empty stomach like he used to, then they found out that he had been dating someone. 
It was the laughter when he was staring at his phone, every small noise that comes from his phone to check if there was a message from you. 
“So, who’s the girl?” Sam asked, one day, it was in the middle of preparing for the movie night as Peter tap on his phone.
“Hmh?” Peter hummed, looking up to see some of the Avengers looking at him, “It’s not a girl.”
“So, it’s not that girl - what’s her name?” Tony started to click his fingers as Peter looked at his mentor with an amused look.
“MJ?” Peter offered, “No, it’s not her nor is Ned.”
“Then who’s got you all flushed up, Parker?” Natasha calls out, leaning against Clint, who was sipping on his beer with a fond teasing smile at Peter.
“Just my boy, my man, (Y/n),” Peter commented before his attention was quick to return to the blue screen.
It didn’t clock into their minds that Peter was completely referring to you as his boyfriend, but at the time they just thought that Peter made a new friend recently, someone he was very fond of. It was until Peter left, in the refusal of Happy’s drive, in another person’s car that the team had realised that either Peter just got kidnapped or Peter had a boyfriend.
Tumblr media
They were indifferent about you, barely heard anything from Peter. But, they were glad that things had started to return to their normal routine. But, they heard that Peter Parker was dating some kid called (Y/n) (L/n) that was the youngest son of Stark Enterprise rival company. Successful in making the latest technology.
And there were some hefty rumours about you.
“(Y/n) the next new loverboy on the scene?” Headlines would stream, social media flowed with the headline.
Peter scoffs when he reads the headline, ignoring the media and enjoying being in the arms of you. Meanwhile, the Avengers hated it. They thought this was a red flag for you, Peter should immediately consider his choices and leave. You were a flirt, a young adult with charm and money.
Tony Stark could see his younger self in you. Young, rich and charming, that made everyone swoon. Tony Stark is a player, everyone knows that, so why couldn’t you. You’ve been in public having a couple of dates, some significant others, the media had been tracking your dating life. More so compared to your siblings.
Then again, you were a pretty face. You could easily take up modelling if your family business was too tiring for you. Then that caused another rumour to spark, it was from Ned one time. He had come along with Peter to the tower, he begged Peter to come to see a movie on Saturday night but Peter politely declined.
“I’m going to a party,” Peter answers as Ned raises an eyebrow, “With him.” 
“What? (Y/n)?” Ned was baffled, “You hate parties and I heard the parties he goes to are wild, they do the crazy stuff.”
Steve was the one to overhear the conversation and replayed the message to the team. The party that Peter seemed to be attending with you could be filled with drugs, people doing vape and heavy drinking.
“I don’t like who Peter is hanging around,” Bruce mentions, cleaning his glasses, “Who is (Y/n) anyway?”
“Youngest member of (L/n) Corp.” Pepper started, “Highly intelligent, only eighteen years old. But, he comes off much like his older brothers.”
“Egotistic, party animals and a manwhore,” Tony completed, “He’s going to break Pete’s innocence.”
“As if there is much left of that,” Clint commented dryly, “Listen, why don’t we give the kid a chance? You’ve said it before Stark, media is pretty heavy with opinions and lies.”
Tony sighs, nodding, “I guess so.”
Tumblr media
Avengers were invited to your family party, Steve was dreading the thought of it. He wasn’t ready to be faced with loud music, drunk and high people. But, Peter only laughs, shaking his head.
“It’s just a normal party? What are you talking about?” Peter asked, a soft happy smile on his face, “Like Tony host.”
“But, that’s the party you’ve been going to with your boyfriend!” Bucky exclaimed, but the confused look Peter shows meant otherwise.
“No, I haven’t, I hate those types of parties. I’ve only been to one and that was the time of homecoming.” 
The Avengers still attended with their chosen plus one. Aunt May was excited to see you, already meeting her after a few weeks of dating Peter. She was really charmed by you and taken a great like to you. The team all dressed up for the party as Peter was practically jumping up and down, scanning the crowd of people to find you.
“Peter Parker!” You greeted, a smile on your face and your eyes lit up ever so perfectly, Peter swooned.
Your hand lands and rest carefully on the lower parts of Peter’s back. You softly kissed his temple, with you being taller - though that wasn’t too hard with Peter. Peter beamed at the rest of his team and his Aunt.
“Welcome to our humble abode, Avengers,” You spoke with confidence, the team cringes inside. 
Peter look at you with such fondness as you spare him a glance, amused but in love. May was quick to engulf you into a hug, in which you happily accept. You point her to your aunt, she was quick to make friends with your family member when she and Peter came over for family reunion dinner one night.
“Guys, this is my boyfriend, (Y/n). (Y/n) this is my team,” Peter introduced, you nodded as a greeting but the friendly smile never leaving your face.
“Peter talks an awfully lot of you,” You commented, “Especially you Mr Stark, he fawns over you.”
“Shut up!” Peter whines, nudging you as you chuckled, even bursting into fits of laughter when Peter turns red.
“Oh, well I hope they’re all good things,” Steve said.
“Definitely, he’s a big fan of you, he did grow up with superheroes,” You complimented as you clapped your hands, “Please, food will be served soon, the bar is open - no worry you won’t need to pay anything, there is a restriction on you, Peter, however.”
“What!” Peter exclaimed as you raise an eyebrow at him and shook your head.
“We let you drink a bit, you’re an emotional drunk Pete. You’re lucky that I’m here to bring you home, but I’m sure May have some funny videos of that night.” 
“Oh, yeah, you really wanted to find an Iron Man costume and parade in the night with it. Then, you showed me your hulk pyjamas, which are adorable.”
“Excuse me, Hulk PJ’s?” Bruce asked, baffled but somewhat touched by the simple gesture.
“Oh, yes, Dr Banner. I have pictures, would you like them?” You immediately fish out your phone, “Now that I recall, Peter has a lot of embarrassing pictures on here.”
You stride towards to the team, they didn’t miss how your lock screen is Peter and you in the carnival, hues of blues, red and orange were mixed as flares. It was aesthetically pleasing to view. You tap on your photos and scroll to a folder name “Spiderboi ❤” Typical teenage behaviour. 
There were pictures of Peter in a bubble bath, bubbles to his chin and his hair stuck up in a mohawk but holding up Captain America action figure in one hand and a Thor action figure in the other. The team looked at each there, wanting to burst out in laughter. 
Whilst there were many embarrassing pictures of him, there were many pictures that you adored with all your heart. Pictures such as Ferris wheel pictures together at the top, or a picture of Peter him riding a horse like prince charming on the carousel. Pictures sure as him simply looking at items on the Santa Monica Pier, when you took him to LA for a week.
“You’re really cute together,” Sam said, not realising what had been said.
“Thanks! Peter is my first real relationship, I intend to make sure he’s stuck with me.”
Peter rolled his eyes, “Trust me (Y/n), it’ll be you wanting to leave not me. I love you too much to let you go.”
“You sap,” You shoved lightly with your shoulder, “Come on, mom is dying to make plans with us and May.”
The two of you walk away, with Peter grasping your hand and jokingly swinging it back and forth obnoxiously. Tony cleared his throat and straighten his jacket, grabbing a drink that was on a tray that was being carried around and offered.
“Seems nice,” Clint concluded, “I like him.”
The team murmured in agreement. Natasha takes a deep breath, ready to mingle for the night, ready to walk off with Pepper by her side
“Do you think he knows that we didn’t like him at first, do you think Peter knew?” Sam asked.
“Oh, he knew,” Peter spoke, making the team jump at his arrival, he grins at them as he grabs a drink from a waiter’s tray, “Rumour has it, so does (Y/n).”
With that Peter finally walks away, the team shifting uncomfortably in their spot. Peter wanted to tell the team to loosen up and integrate themselves with the guest as well but managed to catch the conversation and left feeling both entertained and unamused.
“We’ve messed up our first impression, haven’t we?” Steve winced, as you sharply turn your head away.
“Yup,” Bruce answered.
“Then, we better get into fixing that.”
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scifiji · a year ago
male teammate s/o was deliberately harmed during the match
Bokuto Koutarou:
Tumblr media
he saw with his own eyes that it wasn’t an accident. he saw how the guy from the opposite team smirked a little, when his, bokuto’s, boy moaned under pain.
he runs to him immediately and urge to look at him. “Hey.. Hey. You ok?”, he asks and he looks so scared and crestfallen. When he sees the little blood trickles on his fingers.. Oh man, he is about to fight.
Only with Akaashi’s help his s/o finally can calms him down a little and explain that this is exactly what they want - his emotions and negligence. The team must continue this game. Bokuto kisses his bf’s eyes with a little pain tears unnoticeably, he feels his boy’s tears on his lips and he.. oh boy, he is furious.
That was their biggest mistake - to raise their hand to his man. Bokuto ain’t saying twice. It was the most ruthless game, he literally turned into a monster. Fukurodani won by a large margin and after the game he treated his s/o like a child.
cUDDLES. lots of cuddles and kisses at home. he kisses an injured arm and says that he will never let it happened again.
all the week he was literally a mom. he grabbed his bf’s bag to help him, brought him his fav food and lots of little pecks during the day. his boy was so embarrassed and shy. he never felt someone could ever love him THAT much. he fell in love with Bokuto again and again. he felt so safe. and he never forgets to remaind him about how much he appreciates and adores his owl boyfriend. bokuto’s heart makes a biggest uwu every time he hears that.
damn they are so in love with each other please send help
akaashi is like.... “thanks god there is finally someone for helping me to handle this drama queen god bless i stan one(1) boy and it’s (y/n) 🤞🏻”
Ushijima Wakatoshi:
Tumblr media
boy.. that was a big.. a Big mistake. “so that’s how you play, huh?”, Ushijima said to the captain of the other team. his voice.. it wasn’t that loud, it was.. terrifying. the ace of Shiratorizawa is really mad now.
they thought harming one really good player will help them win? ne, what about angry Ushijima Wakatoshi? oh and please do not forget about his s/o’s best friend - Tendou Satori who is as much protective as the Ace. You guys hit the jackpot. Let’s play now.
Everyone already knew that will be Shiratorizawa’s flawless victory. Because Ushijima took it as a personal affront. And he was unstoppable. When he as always shaked hands with other team’s captain after a win, it was ugh.. tight. because it was clearly understandable warning.
literally holding his s/o in his strong arms in the bus when Satori changes his bandage. he looks calm but his breath is tense and stressed. he wraps his s/o up and grips his cloth in his fist. no one can really say but Tendou knows that he is so stressed right now.
“i do not let you to train this week. end of conversation.”
“end. of. conversation.”
“then no kisses ever again >:( “
“..i guess you can come and stretch a little.”
Kyotani Kentaro:
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi literally held him from the fight. “you didn’t see?! he did it on purpose!”, he screamed. “well don’t you think (y/n) wouldn’t be happy if we’ll be disqualified. it will mean he suffered for nothing. so come and win, Mad Dog.”
oh boy, he will. he will do his best. you guys like to play dirty? he can play dirty too. Aoba Johsai calls him “Mad Dog” not for nothing. and he is really mad rn.
so after the win he literally does not let anyone to touch his s/o. even his teammates. he just.. guards him. he is so frowning and intimidating, but deep inside he is really scared. so he like.. protecc
when they come home, he just breathes in his s/o’s neck and cuddles him neatly. he treats him like a fragile doll, kisses him and makes him feel safe as much as he can
this boy is doin his best please love him
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danghyuk · 2 years ago
BTS as alphas finding their omega mate.
Requested by: @somemanyships  (i might do a nsfw/smut version too)
Tumblr media
That moment Namjoon smelled your scent and locked eyes with you, he immediately faced an internal battle. The alpha part of him wanted nothing but claim you in front of everyone walking by, but he bit down on his own tongue to stay calm.
Namjoon is rational and clever, so he would offer you a happy yet small smile, not wanting to frighten you away.
Rejecting mates was a known phenomenon, mostly because some didn’t find their other half and when they did, some had already settled down with others. However, some statistics showed that a huge per cent of male omegas rejected their mate if it was a male alpha.
You would be just as happy as Namjoon, but also shy since he was a really attractive male, oozing dominance like no other alpha you had encountered.
Both of you accept each other as mates immediately, but Namjoon takes you out on various dates, buy you gifts and takes his time to get to know you – courting you, before you finally bond.
Tumblr media
Seokjin would be over the moon when he spots you in the grocery store and immediately pulls you into a huge hug, taking your breathing your scent in, greedy for more.
Though you would push him away and scoff, thinking he’s another bigot alpha that thinks he can take whatever he wants.
Being an alpha, his pride takes a huge blow at that and he vows dramatically to prove you wrong.
Which he does in different ways such as cooking for you, taking you out and respecting your limits and comfort zone. He does not call it courting either, not until you accept him and his efforts.
You can’t help but to fall for the charming and handsome alpha. It’s not the things he does for you that makes you fall hard, but the effort behind them and how far he goes for you just to make you comfortable when you know he has his own needs as well. You will never forget his face when you first called him your alpha.
Tumblr media
Yoongi never expected to meet his destined mate, because his parents and a good chunk of his friends never did. So, when you bump into each other at a random café, he’s extremely confused, but also scared, happy and nervous at the same time.
You seem to be calmer than him and you initiate a relaxed conversation, asking him questions and telling him a lot about yourself.
It’s not that Yoongi doesn’t want a mate, it’s just that he never expected it nor planned for it to happen this early. Though it’s a good surprise and he can’t help but notice how pretty you are and how good you smell.
There’s really no courting between the two of you, you just meet up, hang out and do that like any other normal couple. It feels familiar and comforting to be around each other, so there’s no need for words to be said to create a relationship.
When you bond, your dynamic doesn’t change too much either. Yoongi isn’t the most aggressive alpha and you aren’t the most docile omega, a pretty good match.
Tumblr media
He doesn’t seem like it, but he’s a secret romantic who’s always dreamt of finding his one and only. In his small fantasies, he’s the wonderful prince charming who finds you in a sea of people, both of you drawn to each other like two magnets.
Reality isn’t quite like that and he happens to meet you by accident, where you manage to spill your iced coffee all over him. He isn’t mad about his ruined shirt for long because it’s you! Excitement takes over him and he pulls you into a hug, scenting you and ruining your shirt in the process.
You’re just as excited as him, so it’s soon forgotten, though you feel slightly embarrassed for making such a first impression, not to mention how he scented you just like that.
Throughout your courting, you experience different sides of Hoseok, and surprisingly he’s a pretty possessive and dominant alpha when he has too. He wouldn’t hesitate to punch down an intruding alpha nor boldly scent you in public to show his claim.
When you bond, he loves making you wear slightly revealing shirts, so people can see your claim mark. He’s slightly traditional by biting both sides of your neck and scenting you often, but you don’t mind since he’s wearing your claim mark too.
Tumblr media
When Jimin met you, it happened more or less just like in the cheesy romantic novels his mom used to read for him when he was younger. Because of his pretty features, he was expected to present as an omega, so a huge part of his childhood was a bit different than other alphas to put it simply.
You were standing underneath a cherry blossom tree, admiring the fluttering and snowing petals, not minding the ones landing in your hair at all. Jimin approached the scene only to feel his heart skip a beat as he laid his eyes upon your smaller frame.
There was no other creation more beautiful than you, and Jimin wanted nothing more than to claim you immediately.
You also had similar thoughts as Jimin, never having seen an alpha like him. Your relationship seems to blossom just like the flowers and you can’t get enough of each other, never wanting to be separated.
When you bond, it doesn’t change a thing, only than confirming that you belong to each other for the rest of your lives. Jimin isn’t that possessive nor are you because you know you’re made for each other.
Tumblr media
Taehyung has barely been an alpha for an entire year when he meets you. Excited like a newly presented pup, he hardly has control of his pheromones, scent and inner alpha, and he has no recalling of how he ended up pressing you against a wall, scenting you and nuzzling your scent glands.
You’re a bit intimated, but you quickly dismiss your slight fear when you see just how much of a pup he really is. He’s absolutely not the big brute of an alpha you were scared of getting as a mate and that makes you happier than you ever thought.
He has no experience in dating, much less courting, so you just experiment and figure things as you go. It’s nice, taking thing slow and getting used to your own and each other’ second gender.
There are moments in between where Taehyung shows his potential alpha, like random spurts of extreme affection or whenever he feels threatened by another alpha. It’s mostly public scenting, but he’s also fond of littering your neck with purple marks.
You bond eventually, and the experience feels just like everything else you’ve done together. It’s slow, passionate, a bit clumsy, but nonetheless fantastic.
Tumblr media
Jeongguk encounters his mate almost immediately after he has presented as an alpha, and you are a just as freshly presented omega. It’s painfully, yet adorably embarrassing for the both of you.
Neither of you have any control on your pheromones and scent, let alone managed to explore what it means to be an alpha and an omega. However, you don’t hide what’s obvious, and you reassure one another that it’s okay, more than okay to be inexperienced.
Both of you are secretly happy for that, loving the thought of being the one and only for each other in every possible way.
It’s ups and downs like every other relationship, but you learn from each other, what you like, where your limits go, what’s okay to do in public and what not. You don’t mind being scented nor growled at by Jeongguk in public and neither does he.
Your bonding happens quickly and leaves you both breathless and satisfied. It’s thrilling and relieving at the same time knowing that you’re bound together for life.
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loud-bread-boy · 2 years ago
Random Soulmate AUs
sO UM I keep finding different AUs that would go REALLY WELL with one person then just fall with everyone else. And so, here are my favorite Soulmate AUs for the Avengers. Some are longer than others. I basically just wrote drabbles for all of them. ANGST WARNING some of them are uhh real angsty.  (I’m still not sorry)
Loki: (okay I’m a little bit sorry) Your tattoo is of your soulmates last words and they disappear when your soulmate dies. Written on your thigh is “You will never be a God.” You read it every once in a while, wondering who they’re talking to and why those are their last words. One day you’re going about business as usual and you get a burning pain on your thigh. The words turn red and bright as fire before they slowly fade from your skin. You’re distraught from losing someone you never got to meet. You decide to turn the tv on, maybe it will distract you. On every channel, there is a “breaking news” report. Someone is invading Earth. 
Bucky: Every pain (physically or mentally) your soulmate feels, you feel and it only stops after you meet them. Much of Bucky’s pain started before you were even born. When you were young, you were always in pain. Everything always hurt and you always felt empty. Your arm always felt numb, as if it weren’t there. Then suddenly one day it all stops. Your arm regains feeling and your mind is loud. You poke your arm with a pencil. Feeling the cold lead on your skin, you smile. You poke yourself repeatedly until you accidentally poke too hard. Bucky jumps at the slight pain in his metal arm and gets highly confused.
Thor: In which you age until you turn 18, then you stop aging until you meet your soulmate. Thor has been in the body of an eighteen-year-old for centuries. He’s starting to get frustrated. He bumps into you while trying to save the world and a few years later realizes he’s aging. You are too. You’re both really confused because neither of you has any idea when it happened. You continue to bump into him from time to time. You start up random conversations at your local coffee shop, talk in line at the supermarket. You fall in love with one another and neither of you will ever truly know if you’re really soulmates.
Steve: You have a tattoo that tells you how old your soulmate is when you meet. Imagine being confused as hell as a child seeing “134″ on your wrist. You used to make up stories about meeting him after you die and he’s been waiting for you, or you can time travel or about a million other things. Then you meet him.
Tony: You can hear every thought your soulmate has after you turn a certain age. So randomly at midnight, you’re woken up by science stuff, “If I rotate the extractor thirty-two degrees then it’ll work! Yes, Tony, you are a genius!” You thought back to him, “Yeah Tony, you’re real great, now go to bed it’s midnight.” You realize this must be your soulmate but it’s midnight and you haven’t been sleeping well so he can shove it right now. Just as your eyes are getting heavy and you’re starting to drift off “aHAHA! YES!” You growl and sigh. “So you’re, what, a scientist?” You hear him chuckle, “Well, I’m Tony Stark. So yes and no.” You calm each other down during panic attacks, you help each other with public speaking. You never really tried to meet up until he wouldn’t shut up about his big presentation at a company. You started writing out the thoughts you didn’t want him to hear. You decided (on paper) to go surprise him. You thought a man like “Tony Stark” doesn’t get super nervous at stuff like this, but when you get there he is covered in sweat and stammering. He scans the crowd and your eyes meet. He smiles warmly, he knows who you are in an instant. That was his best presentation. 
Peter: You’re born with the knowledge of your soulmates name. Every time you meet someone named Peter you get excited, but you never feel a spark with them. Your parent/guardian always said there’s a big “spark” when you meet your soulmate. You’re just walking around school, minding your own business when someone bumps into you. “I-I’m so sorry dude!” Then you feel like your heart has exploded. Not what you thought they meant by “spark”. 
Natasha: You have a black stain where your soulmate first touches you. Your entire hand is colored black. You’ve always thought your first touch with them would be a handshake or you’d stop them from falling or something of the like. One day you’re caught in a war zone. You’re terrified, thinking of what you’ll do if one of the enemies comes after you. “Hey.” a soft voice says while the owner taps your shoulder. You quickly spin around and smack the person, freezing after you see the black stain on the woman's cheek start glowing several bright colors. Your palm is doing the same. Natasha smiles, despite the pain on her cheek, “I’m gonna be honest here, that is not how I expected this to happen.”
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miyosamu · a year ago
Bokuto & Kenma with a boyfriend
Bokuto Koutarou 
Tumblr media
everyone on the team learned that bokuto has a thing for someone once they noticed how he got even livelier and more show off-y when certain people were in the crowd during their practices 
so they went through a whole elimination process to figure out who it was
at first, they just looked at all the girls who’d often come to practice and if bokuto was acting show off-y even when they weren’t present then they’d get eliminated 
and they kept doing this until they went through all the girls
and it was none of them 
so they got ?????
and they did it again to double-check
same result
so then they were like    o k let’s try it with the guys i guess lol lol
and bam
they found you
konoha knew you cuz you were in the same class as him so he was like holy shit does bokuto have a crush on y/n
so they kept an eye on you for a whole week and observed bokuto’s reaction to your presence/absence and there was no doubt that it was definitely you that he was crushing on 
one day during their practice break konoha called you over to talk and bokuto imMEDIATLY perked up
‘konoha knows him?? what’s his name?? what’s their relationship? can he introduce us??’ a bunch of these thoughts went through his head
and while konoha was talking to you he was trying his best not to burst out laughing at bokuto hovering around over your shoulder trying to gauge if and when there would be a good time to insert himself into your conversation
you had just started coming to their practices recently after a friend of yours dragged you to one of their matches and despite you “not being into volleyball” you were totally hooked on watching fukurodani play
you were especially intrigued and impressed by a certain Loud Powerful Ace and so you had become addicted to bokuto’s energy during his plays
something about watching him play was very exciting and he just made you want to keep cheering him on
you said all this confiding in konoha
but he totally took it as a chance to drag bokuto into the convo being like ‘Yo ace !! y/n over here was totally touched by your plays’
and i swear to god you’ve never seen someone pop out of nowhere so quiCKLY before in your entire life
he was just as overwhelming talking to you as he was with his presence on the court.
honestly, you were hugely thrown off by how over-excited and slightly overbearing he was since you two didn’t technically know each other Like That
but his wholehearted energy and his obvious reverence to the game and just The Pure JOY he exhibited at what konoha said you said about him was just too wholesome you couldn’t help but be fond of him
and bam
that’s it after that bokuto just latched onto you whenever he could
always trying to get closer to you
and you obviously couldn’t reject his advances i mean come on look at him
and when you two finally got in a relationship 
g o d
the way bokuto loves is so overabundant 
it just swallows  you whole 
you can see it you can feel it
he loves in a way that’s so unrestrained he loves with every ounce of his energy it just pours out of him
he wears his heart on his sleeve more than anyone else 
which makes your relationship simple yet complex at the same time
in the long run however, he really ruins other people for you
bokuto is the kind of boyfriend you’d find yourself comparing others to
like if your significant other doesn’t love you as much as bokuto would, are they really the one for you?? 
hmm much to think about
bokuto has a Huge Thing for you calling him koutarou
it just hits different 
not a lot of people call him by his first name even amongst his bestest friends so it makes it feel ~extra special~ coming from you
he has another Huge Thing for you wearing his jersey, just seeing his fukurodani shirt with his number on it on you just hits all the right spots for him he finds it difficult to keep his hands to himself whenever you have it on. 
it’s also such a motivational boost for him during matches 
when he looks at the bleachers and sees you there wearing his spare jersey and smiling so brightly at him it just erases all of his doubts and clears all his fatigue making him feel rejuvenated
akaashi begs you to attend all their matches wearing that jersey now because you really level up his plays 
when you two are alone he gets surprisingly quiet
which i think is not something people would often expect from someone as eccentric as bokuto but it’s true
at the end of the day when it’s just you and him his body totally relaxes, he’s not as reckless, he’s not as loud
he just likes to lay down with you and touch you in some way and just   talk 
bask in each other’s presence basically
one of his favorites Come Down rituals when the day’s over is to lay down and have you kiss his bruises (cuz he gets those a lot) and have you stroke his back as he rests his head on your chest
bokuto can be very vocal with his love towards you he has no issue telling you he loves you or conveying how much he adores you, but he actually prefers to show it through special gestures he attained over his time with you
before going to bed, he likes to kiss your chest right over the spot where your heart is and it’s his way of demonstrating how much he cherishes you
sometimes during the day, he’d tap the nearest part of you he could reach three times and it’s his way of reminding you “i love you”  
and of course, if you ever wanted to hear those words out loud sometime, you can just tell him and he’d shower you for hours with the sincerest confessions
bokuto is not someone who can easily get genuinely angry
but if anyone were to make disgusting comments towards you and you guys’ relationship 
oohhh boy
that’s one of the fastest ways to fucking set him ablaze
he WOULD resort to violence he has no issue decking someone in the face for being a homophobic prick  
he prefers not to of course, considering his status and just the overall kind of person he is
but he has his limits too
and you are a limit no one is allowed to test.
which is something everyone came to learn fairly quickly 
god this is getting so long
i just   love bokuto so much i still have so much i wanna say about him ksdhfsjdfuhdf so many aspects of him i wanna cover
and i still have kenma to do jfc i have no idea what i’ll write for him
often times it seems like bokuto has an endless supply of energy and it fools a lot of people into thinking he’s a man with little struggles
which is Not True
he crashes quite often and he has mental breaks more than one would normally assume from someone like him
and during those times he has this weird phase where he gets extra clingy but then distances himself
and you have to work your way around that carefully and you have to think about what you’ll say cuz if what you say isn’t clear enough or if it’s something that could have double meaning it will throw bokuto off and make him think of the worst
as i said earlier, due to bokuto wearing his heart on his sleeve it does make the relationship simple but during times like these it makes it complex because of how sensitive he is
bokuto is extremely emotionally intelligent
he’ll pick up on any emotional cues from you
he’s especially aware of the ones that are along the lines of discomfort or distress
because it’s His Duty as your loving boyfriend to comfort you
be it with his words or with his hugs
speaking of which
bokuto, hands down, gives the best hugs
kisses from bokuto always border on make outs jdjcjd
so you have to ensure he doesn’t kiss you in public because it WILL take longer than it is socially acceptable to kiss your s/o in public
bokuto shows you off to everyone willing to listen
which, at this point, isn’t a lot of people but he’ll still do it
‘this is my sexy beautiful boyfriend and i love every bit of him look at him isn’t he the best? he’s the best trust me i know’
all in all
10/10 would date
totally worth it
best boyfriend
he adores you
Tumblr media
kenma knew you through lev
you were lev’s best friend and so you were doing your obligatory duties as his best friend to show up to their matches and check up on him during practice
everyone on the team knew you really
and honestly, kenma always liked you
you weren’t as overbearing as most other people and you never pushed yourself into his personal space forcefully
kuroo thought you were doing an amazing job at making their resident recluse feel comfortable around you
now when i say kenma liked you
it wasn’t like anything serious
he just preferred you to other people
of course, he thought you were handsome and had a nice personality
but still
he just liked you as a person
but then one day
their manager fell extremely ill right before a tournament and they needed someone to fill in their place
all eyes turned on you
you usually helped the managers whenever you passed by during practice and you were familiar enough with everything to do a good job
plus everyone liked you so
they unanimously picked you for the job and called it a day
that was the first time you ever heard kuroo’s pre-game speech
yknow the one kenma found extremely embarrassing about keeping your blood flowing and supplying oxygen to the brain
you thought it was lovely and poetic when you heard it but you didn’t quite get the analogy
so you asked
and kuroo explained it to you while kenma was cringing half to death behind him
the more kuroo explained it to you the more you understood how truly amazing kenma actually was
by the end of kuroo’s explanation, you were in absolute awe 
you couldn’t help but turn to kenma with an expression of repressed excitement and go “KENMA-SAN YOU’RE SO INCREDIBLE!?!?!!!!”
and man 
your sparkly eyes, your slightly flushed cheeks, your  sincere astonishment, your grin
it made kenma’s heart do something
a flutter
a squeeze 
he didn’t know but it was something
he just stood there in bewilderment with his eyes wide as he started feeling things the longer he looked at looking at him like that 
you tugged at his little heartstrings
kuroo, being kuroo, totally knew what was going on and he just outright snorted 
it was in shock more than anything really 
he couldn’t believe what was happening he never saw kenma like that before 
kenma snapped out of his daze due to kuroo’s snort and he quickly ducked his head to hide his blush behind his hair and just let out a little “mhm” before passing you and going to the court
you knew kenma was often a man of a few words but you couldn’t help but worry if you had somehow upset him
he never brushed you off like that before this felt different 
maybe you stood too close in his personal space or something 
you had decided you were gonna apologize later and silently hoped that whatever just happened wouldn’t affect the game
surprise surprise though
kenma’s plays and calls throughout the entire match were impeccable
it left their opponents stunned he had them all figured out 
needless to say, nekoma had a certain victory that day
while the team was celebrating and rightfully fawning over kenma, you had been looking at him when he glanced up at you 
you smiled at him and gave him a rather enthusiastic thumb’s up
you saw firsthand how kenma’s expression instantly changed
how his eyes widened slightly, how his body stiffened from surprise, and how his cheeks were coloured red from something other than exertion 
and then    it clicked
you stood there stunned as the realization dawned on you 
could it be,,,, kenma   liked you-
you cut off the thought before it even fully started because that’s just ridiculous there’s no way
suddenly an arm was thrown over your shoulder 
it was kuroo’s
and one look at his face just confirmed everything 
and sent you in absolute panic
kuroo, who felt your panic, laughed and patted you on the back reassuringly
“relax man hey take your time. this is new for both of you and we don’t know if it will even go anywhere.” 
-but i kinda want it to- you thought
kuroo leaned closer to you and whispered sleazily “hhooo you want it to huh you have the hots for kenma dont ya dont ya hohohoooo what do you want to do to my best friend you fiend”
before you could bite back at him he stood back at full length and looked at you “honestly though? i think you have a solid chance with him”
that single sentence repeated itself the entire bus ride back 
and it continued to plague your mind for the following couple of weeks as you were weighing the pros and cons of this situation 
over these couple of weeks, you were fixated a bit too much on kenma you couldn’t help but notice how cute he was
his little habits and the little faces he pulled as he played his video games were all too endearing 
you tried to test the waters a few times here and there by getting friendlier than you usually would
yknow just to gauge his reactions
which you came to discover were also so fucking cute 
he got nervous and a bit jumpy and the tips of his ears would tint red 
but he never refused you and displayed any type of discomfort 
so one afternoon while you two were on court cleaning duty you decided to ask him out 
“kenma-san, you know   the arcade a couple blocks over? i heard they installed some new games over the past weekend so,, i was wondering if you’d like to go check them out with me. yknow after we’re done here and all…”
you gulped at the tense silence that followed and wondered for a split second if you should add “haha yknow as two friends buddies good bros hanging out ahah”
as you were stuck in your own thoughts kenma let out a little huff and gave you a soft smile “i’d love to” 
you heart went wooOOSH at the sight of his smile
whether you were good or bad at video games it didn’t really matter to kenma
he enjoys your company regardless and your reactions to the games amuse him 
and this is something that’ll stay constant throughout your relationship
kenma loves games and you love him so whatever your stance was on video games previously didn’t matter because you loved engaging in something that kenma loved 
and you also knew that he loved sharing his interest with you
even if you sucked at one game or the other you could get a good laugh out of him from it and it totally makes everything worth it 
he, of course, would engage you in what interested you as well 
it’s a fair and sweet trade
you guys’ relationship would progress kinda slowly but also not really?? like the pace suit you guys 
one of the most hilarious things you had the pleasure of witnessing is kenma raging over a game 
you have never seen kenma so animated before and it sENDS
but that’s not your favourite part
your favourite part is when he’s decided he’s had enough so he just leaves the controller and searches for you 
he just plops down and burries his face in your stomach while wrapping his arms around you and, depending on how frusterated he is, he’d either let out a really loud groan or just sigh defeatedly into your stomach 
if you pet his hair he hums and you don’t think he’s aware but you’ll never tell him cuz you don’t want him to stop
something that can be a little puzzeling with kenma is that even though he’s touch and affection starved, he’s not a touchy person so   being affectionate is a hit or miss
he’ll never reject your advances for physical affection cuz you’re his boyfriend 
but it’s rare for him to be the one intiating it 
PDA is not a thing 
like ever
not even holding hands 
this is new for kenma and he’s so aware of the fact that you’re both guys
he’d just want it to be known between you guys and your trusted circle 
but he knows that it sometimes can be upsetting so he does what he can to make it easier
he stands closer to you, enough to feel his body warmth
when he walks beside you sometimes he’ll let the back of his hands brush yours 
yknow just little things that go unoticed to everyone else but it means a lot to you 
being in a relationship with kenma just means being in the recieving end of a lot of little things that come together and make it wholesome
kenma      gives these small quick kisses out of nowhere that make your heart stop for that split second but then by the time you processed it he’s already gone on his way 
they kinda feel like kitten licks they’re so quick and small 
on kenma’s youtube videos and streams there are a lot of videos where you appeared in the background doing your thing or just moments where you just check up on him, maybe bring him some food/water, and because of it a lot of his subscribers ship you guys together and whenever kenma comes by comments regarding that he smiles a little and even though he’ll never comment on it, it does kinda make him giddy 
kenma has this Special Look that’s reserved just for you and it’s so so soft and full of adoration and he usually gives you that look when you’re not looking
his friends see it though and it makes them so happy seeing kenma like this 
you make kenma happy
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yn-for-president · 5 months ago
Erwin: Now we will be sharing the most traumatic experiences we’ve gone through.
Eren: my mother was eaten by a titan
Mikasa: I watched my mother die
(Y/n): I was helping this woman and she said “thanks for the help”
(Y/n): and I then said “you too”
Erwin: you are so brave
Eren/Mikasa: Thank you sir-
Erwin: *places hand on (Y/n)’s shoulder* I’m so sorry for the pain you’ve dealt with
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malereader-inserts · a year ago
Just Another Ordinary Day
Fandom: Avengers Pairing: Avengers & Male!Reader Summary: You see, birthdays are suppose to be happy and special, but to you, it’s just another ordinary day. Word Count:  1,250 A/n: My birthday is coming up this Sunday (17th May), so y’all gonna get some birthday stories
Tumblr media
“Get a grip of yourself! Look at (Y/n), he’s eighteen and I don’t hear him complaining!”
You tilted your head to the side, “I’m nineteen?”
They looked at you, your eyebrows knitted tightly together as you were confused. Like a lost puppy, you didn’t seem like it was a big thing. You don’t do birthdays so you weren’t offended really however everyone in the Avengers look like you just murdered their pet.
“What are you even arguing about?”
You had walked into Tony and Steve arguing with Peter, whilst Clint was snickering as his eyes continue to look at the television playing on the game console with Thor, whilst Natasha flickers through her magazine and Bruce trying to take a nap. Sam was trying to throw popcorn into Bucky’s mouth whilst Wanda was on her phone.
“Peter wants to go to a party,” Tony says as if it was explaining everything making you even more confused.
“Shouldn’t you be asking May about that, Pete?” You asked, noticing that Thor lost against Clint, smoothly taking the controller to have a go with Clint.
Clint obviously excited for a new challenger. 
“Well, he wants to go in his Spiderman uniform to prove that he knows Spiderman,” Steve continues as you let out an ‘Ah’
“Well, that’s not my problem, buddy,” You responded as you were focused on a different thing.
Peter huffed as he sat down on the armchair whilst Steve and Tony was relieved that Peter let go of the topic at hand, for now, the two joining the team to hang about in the living room. Though despite no one really talking and just the audio from the very big flat screen tv. The rest of the Avengers could not help but dwell the fact that they had missed your birthday.
Tumblr media
“What did you get for your birthday then?” Clint asked after a while, whilst watching Thor and Loki go head to head on the game.
You looked up from your laptop then back down, shrugging your shoulders, “Money and a cake.”
“Nothing special from your parents?” He tilted his head and once again met with you shrugging your shoulders.
“Not really, we don’t tend to celebrate birthdays. They do plan to do a big 21st birthday, but that’s two years away so I’m not that bothered. It’s just a regular day to me.”
Clint looked at Natasha who raised an eyebrow, “Well, we’re different,” The woman said as you scoffed.
“Don’t bother,” You replied, scrolling through your laptop, “It’s been a week since my birthday, there’s no point.” 
Clint and Natasha did not like that answer as well as Loki and Thor who was listening to the conversation. You hummed as you continue your day, unphased and unbothered by the topic at hand.
Peter had even dropped his pleads to go to a party in his superhero uniform because he didn’t like how you talked about your birthday. So, you don’t want a party? Or big announcements or such like that. Fine, the team had agreed silently by sharing looks to each other’s way whilst you obliviously turn away. They’ll treat your birthday as just another ordinary day, just with a sprinkle of special.
Tumblr media
The next day you woke up with Clint, Sam and Bucky hitting you with pillows. You groaned as you smacked all of them with a pillow in the balls. Rubbing your eyes, you see three full men groaning on the floor. You rolled your eyes as you kick them out, getting ready for the day. 
As you walked into the kitchen, you see Steve cooking up breakfast with Natasha. Serving you pancakes and milkshake, you raised an eyebrow because Steve always go on about how they should be healthy and consume less sugary stuff.
“Everyone is entitled to a cheat day,” Steve plays it off as if it was no big deal.
You say nothing afterwards as you dig into your food, not complaining and eating it before Peter comes and complains about it, he still does as he sees Natasha slapping down another pancake on your plate as you were about to say you were done. You kept your mouth shut when you saw the glare on her face. 
You went on your day as normal, sitting at the dining room table as Tony slides in, proclaiming he over bought some laptop stickers and seeing that you had some on your laptop, he let you pick them. They were splayed over the dining room table, you excitedly took your pick of the litter whilst Peter came rocking in the room with a bag full of recently ordered clothes.
“Why do you have so much?”
“I forgot to take some of them out of my basket and Mr Stark let me use his card to pay so you can take some of my order - I’m not really keen on most of them anyway, so take them before I ship them back.”
You don’t say anything but you, Peter, Tony and eventually Bruce helped pick out clothes from Peter’s bulk buy, turning a blind eye when the other three share a look. You looked marvellous at the new stuff before packing them away in your room.
Lunch came about and Clint was cooking, as he had been travelling the world before SHIELD, he had picked up some great recipes when he was over as Asia. You have a splendid lunch, as Clint kept topping up your plate.
“You’re gonna make me burst in a minute, Clint,” You joked.
“What if that’s what I’m trying to do? Might stop you from beating me in all my games.”
You rolled your eyes but continued to eat, as you offer to wash up. Wanda shoos you away to the living room where you see Sam and Bucky arguing about what video game to play. You sat in between Loki and Thor, the two bickering as always.
“Cool ring you have there, Thor!” You exclaimed as you looked at his ring that was on a chain. 
Loki smiled slyly behind you, glad that you took notice of their plan to give it to you without exclaiming it was a birthday gift. The two bothers took turns, and argued, about the tales the ring had been through before Thor unchaining it and allowing it to slip it to your desired finger. As you were about to slip it off, Loki stops you saying that you should keep it.
You looked starstruck before Sam and Bucky calling you over to their sofa. You give them a smile before hopping to the idiots’ sofa, comfortably sitting between the two, before they start throwing hands at each other.
“Four player Mario Kart?” Bucky says, leaves you with no option for debate as he throws you the wheel.
Clint jumps the back of the sofa and seating next Sam, whilst Bucky promptly lobs the fourth wheel towards him. As the race started, everyone had started to file into the living room, Tony proclaiming he’s ordered takeaway from multiple different places. 
Soon, the game between the four of you had started to be a competition between the Avengers. It was a long shouting afternoon that faded into the evening. As everyone started to get exhausted, you get up, exclaiming you were off to bed. As you were about to leave the room, you stopped at the doorway.
“Thanks for a nice birthday.”
You disappeared as the team smiled to themselves, they really can’t fool you.
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luv-hqs · a year ago
nekoma’s cold manager | kuroo x m!s/o
Tumblr media
HI HI HI THIS IS MY FIRST KUROO SCENARIO ON HERE YAY !! I normally have a hard time getting motivation to write, but this one was easy breezy to write HAHAHA anyways as always requests are still open!
you were known as nekoma’s cold manager
the fact that you rarely laughed or smiled, scared a lot of people and to be honest you found them kind of stupid, considering that they were scared of you even though you were the same height as hinata.
kuroo on the other hand, found you attractive, charming and mysterious.
he had taken a liking to you, ever since you applied as their manager.
he also made it his goal, to make you smile even the slightest or merely giggle.
his first attempt was to send you memes and give you corny dad jokes during practice
the attempt failed however, when you only gave him your signature poker face.
the next attempt was to wear a funny costume to practice
but all that did was make you scoff in annoyance and walk away.
although kuroo failed to see the little smile on your face
kuroo tried several more attempts, only to fail every single time.
just as he was about to give up, and rant to kenma, he heard a few second years from karasuno talking about the tokyo sky tree during their practice match.
“IS THAT?” “SKYTREE?!?!?!”
“No, thats just a random transmission tower.”
Kuroo couldn’t help but burst out laughing, his loud hyena laugh echoing loudly.
he heard another voice laughing with him, and when he turned around he saw you, with a huge smile on your face
you punched kuroo’s shoulder lightly, as you continued to laugh at him
“your laugh sounds so stupid !”
Kuroo stood there speechless, his mouth hung open wide as he stared at you with shock.
before he knew it, he was on the floor, still shocked at what happened.
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passable-talent · a year ago
Request for a Zuko blowjob.... Our fire prince receiving? However you wanna do it 💜😝 I'm just thirsty af
y’all are gonna get me horny. all characters are of age.
happy 1000 follower special, sorry it took a while, hope it was worth it.
Tumblr media
Fire Lord Zuko needed a break- you could tell.
It was one of the things that he liked about you, that you could just sense it, when there was too much energy or stress in his muscles. It was like an innate superpower of yours, or maybe you just spent a little too much time paying attention to him and so you learned his body language.
You were a servant at the palace, high in the ranks through sheer hard work. You had been born with no status in your blood, and so you kept your head down and proved your worth, your talent, your skill. You’d been brought to the palace of the Fire Lord when you were ten to study under some of the more important servants there, those entrusted to keep state secrets while passing them between generals and sometimes even the Fire Lord himself.
You’d crushed on Prince Zuko from afar. You’d witnessed his banishment. You waited for him to return, knowing, hoping, that he’d be the one of royal blood to fix the monstrosities hiding behind these walls.
And when he came back, eight years after you’d first come to the palace, he was pretty much everything you’d hoped he would become.
The thing about being a high ranking servant is that you can sometimes subvert the delegated work patterns. For instance, on days like this, you often used the evenings that you weren’t required to work to snatch the Fire Lord’s dinner from the servant who was supposed to bring it to him, and took it to him yourself.
Genius, isn’t it?
“My Lord,” you said, head bowed respectfully at the doorway of the Fire Lord’s study. He often spent his evenings here, catching up on the schooling he’d missed, spending three years at sea. Even now he looked stressed, his shoulders tight as he leaned over the dark wooden desk. He looked up to see you, and the slightest bit of relaxation let his arms lower, but there was still work to do.
“Come in, Y/N.” You stepped into the room, placing his dinner before him on an empty portion of the desk. Every staff member who worked with him personally, he knew by name, but his knowledge of you went a bit deeper.
You turned, putting your back to the Fire Lord just briefly to slowly close the door. It made a soft noise, soft enough that it wouldn’t draw attention, nor did it shatter the atmosphere of the room.
“You have a lot on your mind, Fire Lord Zuko,” you said, leaning back against the door with a bit of a smile on your face as you looked at him. He ate lightly, delivering the chicken filled dumplings to his lips even as he continued reading the parchment strewn about in front of him. You couldn’t help but let your eyes wander to his mouth- he had nearly colorless lips, which would make one think that his lips were thin. But you knew better.
You stood against the door, patiently, as he finished his meal, though his focus was on his paperwork until the very last morsel. Once he had, you pushed off from the wall with your shoulder blade and approached his desk.
You could be much bolder, now that this was an established pattern. You knew your forwardness was accepted, even appreciated.
When you reached the desk, you let your hips press against it, leaning over. Your left hand boxed in the dishes his meal had left behind, and with a tilt of your head you pressed a finger to his papers, though not the one he was currently scribbling on. You moved it around, slowly, catching his attention, bringing his gaze up to your sly smile.
“I really don’t have the time,” he said, and his voice was quiet enough that you could tell he regretted turning you away.
“I was merely collecting your dishes,” you answered cheekily, lifting up the tray you had set down and walking back to the door. When it was halfway open, he called out.
“Wait,” he said, and paused to lower his volume. “You’re going?”
“I thought you said you didn’t have any time?” You asked, coyly, and reveled for a moment’s pause in the red that rose on his cheeks. “Don’t worry, your majesty, I’m coming right back. After all, I’ve heard that something very important needs to be discussed with you.”
He recognized the meaning of the words. It was your own personal code, a phrase that you often used when trying to hide your true intention.
You knew better than to sprint. It would draw attention, and leave you out of breath. But you wanted so desperately to hurry, to return, and so you took every shortcut you could manage, tightly rounded every corner.
When you returned, you found him once again engrossed in his papers, but with your arrival he brightened and his focus shifted to you. He stood, grace aiding his movements, but you recognized the rush that normally accompanied this kind of meeting. You closed the door, and practically dove around his desk to slot your lips with his.
You wanted to pull and tug at his hair, but you knew better. So you let your fingertips play in those strands that hung loose from his topknot and let the rest of your hands frame his face, holding his jawline. His hands, too, started at your face, but as the insistence of the kiss built he let them wander down, to where he tucked them into the curve of your lower back, pulling you closer to him. With a quick smirk you pressed into his mouth, you used the opportunity to roll your hips into his.
He didn’t quite... moan. But he broke his mouth from yours and looked down, pressing his forehead against yours briefly while seeming to catch his breath.
You smirked.
“Yeah, you need this,” you said, voice low but all the same confident as you shoved his shoulders back, moving him out of your space. You took stock of his robes, recognizing the royal outfit and how to properly dismantle it. Though you were nearly an expert in fire nation royal clothing by now, it didn’t stop you from only taking it all halfway off.
Why do the whole job when half is enough?
His hipbones were close to the surface of his skin, though his muscular physique would prevent from calling them ‘defined’. Nonetheless, you took hold of them and spun him, pressing him back against his desk. This gave him something to lean against- which he needed, as you sunk to your knees.
It was a slow, purposeful movement, your descent to the floor, your eyes not breaking his for an instant the whole way down. One hand held onto the desk to keep your movement smooth but the other left it’s trail from his hipbone, down over his thigh, even as it intersected with drooping fabric.
His eyes were almost wide as he watched you, but his heartbeat was steady- he trusted you. He knew you well, and you him.
“Okay?” You breathed, a straightening of your back bringing you closer to where he wanted you, where you wanted to be.
“Yes,” he breathed, and finally you broke your attention from his eyes and focused it wholly on his dick. He was half hard already, something you would work with. You had a tendency to tease, to string him out, make him wait. There was almost a philosophy behind it- the more worked up he got, the more stress the subsequent relief would wash away. And so you never went right into the main event, instead choosing to spend plenty of time in the preliminaries.
First, you decided to break the perfect, pale skin. You dug your fingernails into his hipbones and pressed a soft kiss to the inside of his v-line, the flesh there soft and hydrated, but just underneath was firm as iron. His fingers curled around the edge of the desk, keeping his hands out of your way and anchored, as though keeping him grounded in the moment here and now. You sucked, insistent, for a few seconds, leaving the beginnings of a mark before moving on. Really what you wanted to pay attention to was a little higher, at the base of his abs, and you caught just a bit of skin between your front teeth and tugged forward, letting it release on its own with a quick exhale from Zuko, and you could hear in the raspiness from deep in his chest that he was getting quite worked up. Satisfied with the small teeth marks you’d left, you moved on.
A snaking hand of yours slid up his thigh and back to his hip bone, the skin so smooth and soft, and you watched as his member jumped in reaction to a hand coming so close. You smirked, and a brief glance up to his face confirmed what you already suspected- his eyes were closed, emotions such as pleasure, temptation, frustration, and resistance flitting through the expressions he made. It made heat pool between your hips- but this wasn’t about you.
You decided to give him some relief, and one hand wrapped around his member slowly, fingers curling one by one, the delicacy of such a movement ubsurd for the situation. He let out the air in his lungs in the form of a moan, breathy and subtle, but music to your ears all the same. You began sliding, back and forth, grip strong but not tight, leaving him in the perfect limbo between pleasure and frustration. His abs stretched further as he leaned back, hands leaving the edge of the desk to brace his shoulders with his palms flat on the surface of the wood.
You felt little twitches in his hips, like he wanted to pick up the pace, and with a devious smile you loosened your grip.
Immediately his gaze connected with yours.
“What?” He asked, and you smiled.
“Taking a small break, you don’t mind?” The teasing lightness of your voice made him all the more frustrated, because he knew you weren’t being serious, as he was rock hard against his own abs.
“A break? Y/N, please.” And though that was the word you wanted to hear, the statement-like delivery of it made you want more, and you stood up, your closer hip pressing against the desk and leaning over him, taking his member back into your hand with slow, languid strokes.
“My lord,” you said, voice low, seductive, smooth, “you’re at my mercy, tonight, aren’t you?” His gaze searched yours, golden eyes looking up at you with an expression as though he were trying to read your mind behind your eyes. Finally, he broke eye contact, and looked down at your mouth.
“Yes,” he whispered, and it brought a smile to your lips.
“Then you need only ask,” you said, picking up speed with your strokes to bring panting into his breathing and moans into his words.
“Please,” he moaned out, and you sunk back to your knees again, your hand stilling at his base while you looked up at him, and smiled.
“Yes, my lord,” you said, and slipped your mouth over his member. You didn’t take it all the way, not at first, merely brought it to your tongue and began wetting it with saliva, giving the head a bit of suction from where it sat just behind your lips. His moan, at that moment, was louder than any other from the night, and if it wouldn’t have ruined your technique, you would’ve smiled.
With every bob of your head you took in more of his member, readjusting the position of your tongue. At first it became a barrier in the back of your mouth, but you fought your impulse and slid it along his undervein, making his back arch even further. His thighs flexed and tightened under your fingers, telling you along with his nearly constant thread of moans how much he was enjoying your treatment. You twisted your neck upon the final pull up and the opposite way on the sink back down, increasing the friction that he experienced. You still didn’t quite reach his base- he was just a bit too big for that.
“Y/N,” he breathed out, and a smile tried to pull at your lips, even though you were otherwise occupied. His moans were almost constant, broken through by your name. Finally his hand left the desk and buried into your hair, gripping tightly but not painfully. He began tugging, but instead of pulling you closer, as you would’ve expected, he was pushing you away.
“Y/N, I’m gonna-“ You realized the point of his motions and fought them, the stinging of your scalp nearly pleasurable as you battled to stay close to him, sinking your lips over as much of him as you could access.
“Y/N-“ he began, attempting to warn you again, but you once again pressed close and recieved it as he came, in the back of your mouth. You took it, as usual, and swallowed before it could hit your tongue. Slowly you pulled off and waited until he cooled down before standing. He had let his head droop back, hanging limply off his shoulders, chest rising and falling with labored, intense breaths. He didn’t re-emerge into reality for a good many more seconds, and when he did, his shoulders were noticeably looser than they had been in the afternoon.
“Sleep well, your majesty,” you said, and it was more an order than a well wish. You pressed a kiss to his temple as he panted, and you left him alone to deal with cleaning up the mess.
-🦌 Roe
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bumblesimagines · 2 years ago
Our Idiot
Tumblr media
Sorry, it’s so short. This was also a request.
You ran your hands through Rosalie's hair as the family chatted. Ness was drawing in a coloring book on the floor, Alice helping her. You smiled as Rosalie closed her eyes, relaxing against your touch. Her pretty locks were smooth and knot-free. Edward had an arm around Bella, watching the tv. It was a peaceful evening, the family all together in the living room. Jacob shifted in his seat.
“What’s your favorite position?” He asked.
“Quarterback,” Edward replied.
“Linebacker, probably.” Jasper glanced at them. Bella hummed, nodding. You started to braid Rosalie’s hair, eyes flickering up to you husband who seemed like he was about to answer.
“I prefer missionary but each to their own I guess.” Emmett’s reply made you giggle softly as Rosalie opened her eyes, staring at her husband with soft eyes.
“Emmett, sweetheart, I think they're talking about football.” She said. Emmett looked over at the both of you, thinking about it.
“Oh.” He simply said, not embarrassed. Edward and Jasper sighed as Bella giggled. You smiled, loving your big softie of a husband.
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vydante · 2 years ago
Imagine Peter Sending You Straight To Voicemail
Insp. by this post haha.
Tumblr media
Let’s get this straight- Peter would literally fly to the moon and back just for you.
Well, not really, but you get what I mean- you mean a lot to him. You’re one of the Avengers and a huge idol of his, so when he got the chance to meet you after being recruited by Tony?
He lost his mind.
“Oh my god, Mr. (Last Name)! You- You’re (Superhero Name)! I’m a huge fan- gosh, wow, you’re my hero-”
“Dude, calm down, just call me (Name) haha.”
“Oh, uh, right- right-”
He didn’t calm down.
You found him really charming and endearing to be around. It was a breath of fresh air for you since you were always caught up in Avengers and the media stuff, so it was nice to hear him rant about high school and the likes.
You two eventually exchanged numbers- you initiated just to save him from asking you that.
“You ever need me, I’m always available. But don’t butt-dial me. Oh, and if you need to tell that Flash kid that you’re an intern at Stark’s or that you know the Avengers? Facetime me- I’ll give that punk a run for his money.”
Peter never did, but his hand definitely itched close to your number when Flash was being a dick.
But! But!
You two do talk to each other here and there- mostly through text since he likes to send you memes and GIFS.
They’re fun to watch and look at, and Peter being young really shines through via messages.
“(Name): k dont judge me for this but- ben n jerys hulk fudge ice cream? complete ass.”
Tumblr media
You’re usually never the one to initiate them since you don’t know his schedule- he is still a student after all. 
So you gave him the green light to contact you whenever- you’d always pick up but if you were on a mission or something (which was rare ever since the whole disbanding of the Avengers- now you’re more involved with the political aspect of it) you’d tell him (and other people of course) beforehand not to contact you.
“Are you sure it’s okay to call you whenever? I mean, what if you’re in a meeting or somewhere important?”
“It’s fine kiddo, you think I wanna pay attention to some old geezer talking about Avengers action figures?”
“I mean, that sounds kinda cool.”
“It does, but that’s beside the point, Pete.”
So it was really never an issue for Peter to contact you whenever.
And it was rare that you ever contact him first, so the first time you did it?
Well, technically, he texted first, but you called first.
Peter always get embarrassed when you bring the story up, but you find it hilarious.
It was at 3 AM.
Admittedly, neither of you should be awake right now, but you were in another country so you were still awake when you got the text. 
You definitely looked at it for an embarrassingly long time, but it was so vague and cryptic you just couldn’t help it.
What was the text that made you shut down for a few minutes?
“Peter: matte lettuce”
That was it.
Isn’t Peter supposed to be asleep right now?
You had a hard time trying to get on the same page he was on, but you’re pretty sure he’s on another book right now.
“(Name): Pete, what’re you talking about”
You were still a bit worried about him so you wanted to reply ASAP.
“(Name): that’s vile btw”
And the thought of matte lettuce was kinda gross.
You waited a few minutes for him to respond, but he hasn’t even read your message yet, so you were getting a bit worried.
He’s a kid with powers and he can handle himself, but you were never too sure.
You rang up his number.
Ring... ring...
Ring... ri-
‘The number you’re calling is not available-’
You hung up immediately.
Did he...
Did he just send you to voicemail?
You shook your head. Maybe the call just wasn’t going through or something. You called him a few more times, but each time you went straight to voicemail. 
Maybe you were just thinking too much into this, so you decided to give up for now and shoot him one last text for him to see later.
“(Name): hey maybe ur asleep rn, but call me whenn u see this”
And for you, that was that.
Until later that night... for you.
You wake up in a mild panic when your phone starts going off. It was deep in the night and the caller I.D. lit up your phone.
‘Peter P.’
You pick up the call, voice still groggy.
“Oh my god, (Name), I’m so sorry I missed your calls, I was sleeping and I didn’t know that you were calling me and you usually never call so I wasn’t expecting it and I-”
“P, calm down, calm down. It’s cool,” you groaned quietly.
There was silence on the other line.
“Are... were you sleeping?”
You chuckled halfheartedly.
“Mmm, yeah... It’s cool, I was gonna wake up sooner or later anyway.”
It was a lie, but he didn’t know that.
“Anyways, sorry for spamming your phone the other night, was just worried...”
“Why? Did something happen? You usually never call first.”
“Mmm, not really... You just sent me a super weird text and didn’t respond...”
“Oh, that text... Uh, about that...”
As it turns out-
Peter had a really weird dream- he couldn’t really remember what it was about, but he woke up in the middle of the night to write down whatever had happened in his dream. 
But, he only opened his phone and the last app that was still open was your text messages. Being half asleep as he was, he thought it was his notes app and just... Wrote whatever down and sent it straight to you on accident. 
And when you tried to call him, he thought it was the alarms he always set on the weekends going off so he pressed- what he thought was- the snooze button.
“Why the hell would you set alarms on the weekend?”
“I’ve been meaning to try and wake up earlier on the weekends...”
“And how’s that been going for you?”
“Obviously not that great since I sent you straight to voicemail like 3 times that night... Sorry about that.”
“It’s cool dude-,” You try to suppress a chuckle, “But that’s kinda funny though... You sent me to voicemail because you thought I was an alarm?”
“I said I was sorry!”
You never really let him live that down whenever it came up as the topic of the conversation.
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sinfulcries · 6 months ago
okay imagine monoma and his friends are talking about people in 1a they’d fuck/let fuck them and reader hears when monoma is telling his friends about wanting reader to tie him up and use him like a toy so while monoma is sleeping he does just that and he wakes up to reader splitting his hole open on his cock 🥺😼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
silencing the loud mouth — monoma x reader
author’s notes: bye i love monoma and i want to break his ego so bad. anyways i had the shittiest day today crying
tw. somnophilia, bondage, dumbification, dubcon, cumning untouched, barebacking, choking, belly bulge, overstimulation, aged up monoma (third years)
Tumblr media
It was no surprise that Monoma Neito was a loud mouthed brat who had no filter when it came to talking about students from 1-A. Usually he would rant about how mediocre them and their quirks are, Always making sure to be extra loud so that they could hear him loud and clear.
When it came to you however, All he could think about was you pounding him till he could barely think straight. Even his friends agree that you’re one of— if not, The hottest person in the hero course.
He was especially loud whenever you were near. Always making sure to voice out his lewd thoughts when you were a foot away, And him and his dumb friends didn’t even seem to notice you eavesdropping on their dirty conversation.
“Please— He’s probably good in bed. A kinky fuck too! Like he’d be into bdsm or something.” Tetsutetsu laughed, making monoma smirk as he saw your approaching figure in the corner of his eye. “I would let Y/n L/n fuck me and use me till he’s satisfied— Hell even if he asked me to be his cum dump, I’ll say yes withot a doubt.” He grinned, and his friends ‘ooh’ed at his confidence.
You on the other hand found the blonde’s efforts cute. He was so desperate to get fucked by your cock! Surely he wouldn’t mind if you surprised him by waking him up with your dick in his ass! So you decided to sneak into the 1B dorms, tie him up and fuck him just like he deserved to be fucked.
You stayed true to your word. Using your quirk to easily breeze by security and into his bedroom. He looked so cute while he was asleep! He was all naked and ready to be ruined too!
A chuckle left your lips as you started to bind his hands together, Using your school tie to secure them tightly behind his back. His ass looked so soft, and you couldn’t help but smack the pale flesh, seeing your hand print forming on the skin.
Monoma shuffled in his sleep, A loud snore sounding from his mouth as he continued to sleep peacefully. You were thankful that the loud mouth was a heavy sleeper, After all you didn’t want to deal with his bratiness if ever he did wake up in the midst of you fucking him.
Spreading the two cheeks apart, You slowly pushed your thick cock inside of him, Grabbing a handful of his golden hair before fucking him in his sleep. A groan leaving your lips once you felt him clench around you tightly.
As you fucked the third year nice and deep, You saw his eyes fluttering open, a pained gasp leaving his lips once he felt the burn in his ass kicking in. “W-What are you— Y/n?!” He whisper-yelled, attempting to push you away only to feel the burn in his wrists. before he could utter another word, you shut him up by wrapping a hand around his throat— watching as his eyes rolled into the back of his head.
“Shh. You don’t want your classmates hearing you.” You grinned against his skin, Angling your thrusts so that you could see the thin man’s stomach bulging everytime you pounded him. “Shit— Isn’t this what you wanted? For me to violate you in your sleep? Wake you up with my cock in your ass?”
Monoma nodded dumbly, too blissed out to even think straight. He didn’t know whether to scream your name in pleasure whenever he felt your cock brushing against his prostate or to cry whenever you choked him harder. Either way — both the pain and the pleasure that came with you fucking him was enough to make him cum untouched— A muffled sob accompanied by your deep groan sounding across the empty bedroom.
“Fuck, You came already? How selfish.” You yawned, Yanking on his hair as you started to fuck his oversensitive body once more, The blonde’s face now ridden with his own drool and tears. At this point, He was babbling incoherently, His lips bruised from how much he was biting on them earlier.
“Aww you can’t take it?” You asked only for him to nod, a sob ripping past his throat once you went faster, a devilish smirk worming it’s way back onto your handsome face, “Too bad— You’re gonna have to endure it till I get to cum.”
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luv-hqs · a year ago
karasuno finding out hinata’s secret male!s/o
Tumblr media
Xue Hua Piao Piao Bei Feng Xiao Xiao. Hanlo this is my third request and im honestly so happy bc im getting a decent amt of requests !! please keep requesting <3
Daichi was borderline pissed
Hinata wasn’t attending practice as early as he would like him to be— and his attendance was all over the place.
Kageyama was starting to get pissed off as well.
the whole team thought that hinata wasn’t as passionate as he used to be 
as practice was about to start, Daichi had enough staring at the wall clock as he waited for the short wing spiker to arrive.
He called everyone’s attention, most especially the first years to look at the cause of Hinata’s tardiness.
The first years nodded— tsukishima the only one being uninterested in their boring plan.
the three first years searched around the campus looking for the orange haired shrimp in the first years class rooms.
the second years were searching the seniors classrooms and the third years were searching the other rooms.
whilst suga walked around the library he found the familiar mop of orange hair in the back section of the library.
he immediately alerted the other first years to come look and see
and there they saw
a shorter male beside Hinata, his head on his shoulder as they continued to giggle about something.
the third years gasped, and suga grinned-- now knowing the cause of shoyo’s absence.
the second and first years followed, spying behind the bookshelf in order to get a glimpse of Shoyo’s secret lover.
“h-he’s smaller than him!” Tanaka whisper shouted.
“obviously, baldie.” tsukishima replied.
a wave of realization hits asahi when he recognizes the boy’s familiar face.
“i-isnt that y/n l/n, a second year in the swimming club?” he murmured.
the team gasped and gushed about how cute hinata and his boyfriend was together.
even daichi forgot the reason of his anger.
their chit chat was interrupted however, when the orange haired shrimp waved in front of them.
“hello guys? why are you not in practice? i was about to head to the gym?” 
the shorter male hid behind shoyo’s slightly taller figure-- lowkey intimidated by the other taller volleyball players.
Hinata noticed your shyness and gave you a reassuring smile.
“Don’t worry babe! these are my teammates!” he beamed.
the team looked at you expectantly, making you get even more shy.
“N-Nice to meet you guys. I-I’m y/n l/n, swimming team captain a-and shoyo’s boyfriend...”
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jerod-writes · 2 years ago
Saturday Morning Video Games | Peter Parker x Male Reader (SMUT)
Co-written with @inhumanshadows
Fandom: Marvel, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: Homecoming
Pairing: Peter Parker x Male Reader
Summary: Peter gets a naughty idea for what to do while playing video games one morning...
Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex, anal sex, male reader, he/him pronouns, PWP
Wordcount: 1192
A/N: First time I ever saw the picture used in the title card my dirty mind immediately was like, “imagine him riding you while playing video games,” and this came out of it. Big s/o to @inhumanshadows for helping me co-write this! Full fic below the cut. BTW, both reader and Peter are assumed as being over 18!
Tumblr media
If Peter was being completely honest, part of him knew that his little plan was doomed from the beginning. Lazily riding his boyfriend’s cock while playing video games wasn’t the brightest idea, especially when said boyfriend is kind of a nympho. You weren’t all for his plan either, but when he pulled down his athletic shorts to reveal his perfect perky ass framed by the straps of a jock, you pretty much became putty in his hands. After lubing and playing with his tight hole for a little bit, you sat on the edge of the bed and propped yourself on your elbows. Peter sits down on your cock, taking you all the way in one go. His back is to you, mind too focused on the video game.
He starts by just grinding with you inside him, moving a little up and down every now and again. When he gets to a fight though, he unconsciously starts bouncing on you and clenching his anus. “Baby…” you whisper into his ear.
“Not now!” he shrugs you off, engrossed in the fighting onscreen. You pout a little; having gotten a small taste, your body now hungers for more. A mischievous thought fills your mind as you adjust yourself inside him. When you find the angle that you have committed to memory, you thrust upward, slamming into his prostate. Peter lets out a loud, involuntary moan, his ass and body clenching around you for a moment. Stubborn little shit that he is though, he quickly goes back to playing his game as though nothing happened.
You’re not one to give up until you get what you want, however, and you both know that you’re much more stubborn than he is. You reach underneath the blue Midtown sweater Peter is wearing, pleasantly surprised when you find it’s the only piece of clothing on his torso. You ghost your fingers up his chiseled abs, one of the many things you love about Peter, making him shiver from the touch. You can feel Peter tense as you make your way further north.
A loud cry echoes throughout the room as you give his nipples a hard squeeze. It just so happens that said nipples are highly sensitive, something which ridiculously turns you on. “Y/N…” Peter moans, attempting to make it come out as a warning. You don’t relent, however. Squeezing and flicking and twisting the sensitive skin. Peter tries to contain his moans and cries, but he’s powerless against his body’s natural urgings. It only makes it even harder for him when you start to work him, slowly thrusting your cock in and out. You pepper kisses down his neck, feeling his resolve crumbling right before you.
It’s at this point that Peter knows he’s going to lose the battle; you’re not exactly known for stopping when pursuing something you want. He huffs out in slight frustration, pausing the game and tossing the controller god knows where as he turns to face you. He doesn’t even bother to move from his spot on your lap, swinging one leg over your head with ease. Well, as easily as possible with you thrusting into him. The superhuman flexibility and stamina that Peter’s powers grant him are another one of the numerous things about him that turn you on. In fact, it was just last week when Peter hung upside down from the ceiling and sucked you dry.
You grab his legs and throw them onto your shoulders, folding his smaller body in half. You adjust your angle and start to pound away at him, trying to get as deep inside of him as possible. His smooth insides drive you wild, gripping your cock in all the right places. “Peter…fuck…” you moan out. He tried to hold in the noises threatening to spill from his mouth, not wanting to give you any more satisfaction about the current situation. All of it was in vain, however, when you whisper in his ear, “please baby…make noise for me.”
Almost immediately, a long moan escapes his mouth. You smirk in satisfaction as his moans and cries continue. Obscenities and breathy mentions of your name cascade from his cute mouth, encouraging you to fuck him even harder and faster. When he starts doing your favorite thing, screaming, you lose it. You grab his hips, picking him up before slamming him down on your cock over and over again. “Yes Y/N! Harder! Fuck me! Fuck my tight little hole! … Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Fuck!”
Your hands move to his tight asscheeks, squeezing and groping the beautiful pale globes of flesh. He throws his head back, exposing the throat that his sinful noises are emanating from. “Fuck Y/N! Fuck, yes!” You move around inside him a little, searching for his spot again. A particularly loud scream lets you know you’ve found it. You don’t relent as you fuck him down onto you, hitting his spot head-on every time. The only noises he’s able to make now are whimpers interrupted by an occasional moan. You can see from his face that he’s on cloud nine.
After a few more hits to his prostate, he rolls his head forward. “B-baby…please…” he’s barely able to whimper out. You look down at his shorts; the material around his crotch is darker, soaked in precum. “I-I’m gonna…” You place your hand on top of his rock hard bulge, palming him through the material. It only takes a few more thrusts for Peter to become completely undone, bucking his hips up into your hand and screaming your name.
His amazing ass clenches around you as he rides out his orgasm, tipping you to your own breaking point. You pull him down as your thrust forward, an instinct to bury yourself as deep inside him as possible taking over. “Peter!” You paint his insides white, cumming harder than you think you ever have, small amounts leaking out and mixing with the mess already coating both of you. You rest your forehead against his, the two of you panting as you come down from your climaxes.
“Holy fuck, Peter…” you eventually breath out. You look down, your stomach feeling wet. Peter cums a lot, like more than any human being should. (Another thing about him that turns you on so much.) The entire crotch and upper thigh areas of his shorts are dripping wet. Peter looks away from you, his cheeks burning a dark shade of red. You place your hand on the side of his face, stroking his cheek with your thumb. After a few moments, you lean forward, capturing his lips in a slow, passionate kiss.
“You’re so beautiful, Petey. Especially when you’re a complete wreck for me.” He silences you by placing his lips against yours again. They don’t stay there long, however, before Peter pulls away.
“Y/N…your cock is still inside me, not that I have a problem with that.” You let out a laugh and pick him up, making sure to keep your softening cock inside him.
“Let’s go get cleaned up, baby boy. Who knows, we might even have to go round two in the shower.”
Tumblr media
Would you like to see more?: Masterlist
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escapenightmare · 2 months ago
Bakugou : You can’t make everyone like you. You’re not Y/N.
Kirishima : Not everyone likes Y/N.
Bakugou : Who doesn’t?
Kirishima : Well—
Bakugou : Names damn it. I want names.
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malereader-inserts · 2 years ago
Signing My Love
Fandom: Avengers Pairing: Peter Parker x Male!Reader Summary: Peter will going beyond to show you his love for you Word Count: 1,913 Request: “hi there! would it be possible for you to write something with either sweet pea or peter parker where they're dating a boy who's hard of hearing/deaf (reader) and they're working really hard to learn sign language so they can communicate with the reader better, and then they surprise him one day? <3″
Tumblr media
“Um, Clint?”
Clint turns his attention to see a nervous teenage boy standing at the end of the sofa, wrings his hands as he nervously shifts his balance between his feet. Clint smiles seeing Peter around the Avengers Compound.
He definitely thinks the teenager is too young to be in this madness but it wasn’t like it was his choice, the kid gets bitten by a spider, and the responsibility is thrust into his hands. The archer smiles and pats the empty seat next to him.
“What can I do for you, buddy?” 
Peter, had bit his lip before making direct eye contact, “Do you know sign language?”
Clint was taken aback, sometimes the boy would come to him if he could babysit his kids or even challenge him on the game console, but this was entirely different. Clint looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and tilted head, what could this boy be up to?
“My boyfriend is deaf like you, and erm, whenever we’re in school or in large crowds which is like all the time since we live in New York, but erm, he can’t lipread that well but he can understand sign language, he’s too busy to teach me it so I figured you can teach me because you’re deaf too...?”
Clint’s heart could melt, damn Parker when he thought that this kid couldn’t get any more adorable and sweet, and then he does this. Clint turns to look at Peter with an easy smile.
“Yeah, you’re in luck kid, I can do sign language, learnt it a few years back, it wasn’t easy but Nat did it with me,” Clint had boasted, a proud smirk on his face, “Why not ask Nat too? She can teach you.”
“She scares me.”
“Doesn’t she?” Clint laughs, despite being Nat’s best friend, sometimes she was just terrifying, “Alright, I’ll teach you, when are you here? You know my schedule.”
Peter knows his schedule, Clint is around the compound when school is on as he can’t hang out with his kids or wife, leaves the compound around five to get back home to his family. Clint hangs around later on Fridays, pushing it to eight. However, weekends are strictly family time and only call Clint if there is an emergency and so far there hasn’t been. - Luckily for Clint.
Peter comes over Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekends. In which Fridays and over the weekend he sleeps over. Monday and Thursday are spent with Aunt May, but since she’s working more often in night shift - he feels less lonely at the compound. Tuesday and Wednesday are purely to hang around with the team, and luckily for the two of them that gives them at least eleven hours in total if they were to use the time left fully.
“But, if you want to learn quick, and let me remind you that sign language is hard, Nat will have to keep up with the lessons over the weekend,” Clint advised, giving Peter a pointed look as Peter sends him a small smile.
“What’s going on here?” Tony and Steve enter the room, noticing there was no loud music or competitive races going on about.
Clint beams at his friends and pats the spider on the knee, “Kid is gonna be learning sign language from me and Nat to impress his boyfriend,” He whistles as he looks at Peter before standing up to stretch, “We start next week, buckle up dude.”
“Never say buckle up ever,” Peter cringes, his nose scrunched up, “Dude.”
The archer happily walks out of the room to find his best friend to tell her the plan. Steve and Tony share a look before looking at Peter, who was left sitting on the sofa confused and alone.
“So, boyfriend?” Tony looked mischievous, “When will we meet said boyfriend?”
“Tony,” Steve warns, before giving Peter a smile, “I think you should invite him for dinner.”
“No, no, not yet,” Peter jumps up, shaking his head, “you guys are...”
“Weird,” Peter spoke after Tony and Steve’s suggestion, “You guys can be a little full on and I haven’t even told (Y/n) that I’m Spider-Man.”
“So, that’s his name?” Tony teases, as Peter reddens, “Come on, Underroos, heart to heart at the lab, you can gush about your boyfriend and hope you won’t get murdered by either assassin in the forthcoming weeks of you learning sign language.”
Tumblr media
Peter worked as hard as he could, and like Clint had said sign language is hard. He’s been through everything the two assassins have to offer. Clint was a patience guy, he’s dealt with his own kids who have tested his patience from their birth, so teaching Peter was easy enough.
Peter was eager to learn, but he got easily frustrated and would start to give up when stuff started to get mixed up. Clint was good with these interactions, he was a father after all.
“Alright, bud, your fingers are too stiff, relax a little or it’ll look awkward.”
Clint was good at motivating Peter. Natasha on the other hand, whilst loving her spider son, she could feel Peter’s frustration all too well. She was a good teacher, slightly stricter, but she got the point across. She would make sure that Peter would watch her fingers, even making him watch it time after time because finger placement was funny, hand placement, hell even facial expression was important and Natasha reminds him he looks like he is struggling 24/7.
Tuesdays when he comes from school the first thing they did after three weeks of learning was a surprise test to make sure he was practising in his spare time.
Peter was making progress, the team enjoyed watching the three of them sitting around, sometimes on the floor in the living room crossed legged as they would teach the teenager in sign language. 
Two months into the learning, Peter has 17 hours per week of learning and lessons. In total, he’s had, give or take, 136 hours of learning. Five surprise tests and he wasn’t going to give up.
“I want to be fluent, not learn conventional phrases for him,” Peter emphasised, “I’m willing to put the time and effort.”
Nat chuckles as she scruffs up his hair, “Don’t worry Parker, we all know you would which is why we like you so much.”
“He’s lucky to have you,” Clint bumps his shoulders with Peter, “You’re a real catch.”
Peter shakes his head, “Nah, I don’t think so, I’m really lucky to have him.”
Tumblr media
Peter had become fluent in some areas, there were parts he was still tripping over but he had two great teachers that were committed to this cause as he was. He kisses your cheek as he greets you at your locker.
You smile, tilt your head and gaze at upon your boyfriend, “What’s up babe?”
“Nothing much,” Peter sighs, leaning his back against the locker next to you as you grab your books from your locker, “What do you have first? Chemistry?”
You nodded, whilst your boyfriend sounded a little faded you could hear him when he was closer to you but the look on your face Peter turns to face you so you could read his lips if you were having troubles, “Yup, and you?”
“Physics,” Peter replied as you grinned at him, “Flash is being a dick again, I can say that.”
“Bummer, Parker, hey are you free tonight? I found this cool restaurant near the park and we should check it out.” You planned as you shut your locker, spinning the coded lock as you leaned against the metal compartment.
“Yeah, it’s Monday right?” Peter questions, he had to make sure he had time for you, “I’m free every Monday, so what’s this place?”
“Oh, you know it’s mostly desserts but-”
“You do love desserts, do they have-”
The bell had rung and suddenly everyone was getting louder and louder, drowning out Peter. You looked at him with a soft smile.
“I got to go,” You kiss him on the cheek.
You had seen Peter’s lips move, his voice is very distant and your brain wasn’t able to process what he was saying. Knitting your eyebrows together in confusion as you slightly tilt your head to the side. Peter looked nervous at first as he lifts his hands causing you to look even more confused. Before you had seen the familiar finger movements.
You’ve seen your parents, your siblings, your close family sign it out for you. It’s integrated into your mind and watching Peter do it made you feel so excited. Your heart was racing as you looked at him with shining eyes.
I love you.
You were almost jumping in your spot, despite the phrase being very simple you couldn’t help feel so blessed. You could tell that Peter was learning, you didn’t know who or where from but you weren’t complaining as Peter’s signing was pretty slick.
You started to get excited when he continues to sigh, it was slow but his movements were graceful.
I’ll see you during break, my love.
There was no shiner thing than your smile going to be impossible to remove from your face. You were excited to see him during break just to test his ability as you lifted your hands to sign back to him before placing one last kiss on him before moving quickly to your first lesson. Peter almost missed his first lesson, but he enters his class with his chest puffed out and pride in his heart.
Flash couldn’t even dampen his mood. He has a little memory to keep and store, and to repeat in his head. Something he’ll have to savour for forever. Your hands lifting up on view signing four words.
I love you too.
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yn-for-president · 3 months ago
(Y/n), covering a block of spam in chocolate:
Levi: I don’t want to ask but I feel I should
(Y/n), popping the monstrosity into freezer: I’m making a Klondike bar!
Levi:...for who?
(Y/n): my dear friend Eren!
Erwin: What’s wrong Levi, you’ve looked scared for the past hour now
Levi: I’ve learned an important lesson today.
Levi:...Never anger (Y/n)
Hange: What-?
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heyheyloki · 10 months ago
Why Stop Now
Summary: Reid starts getting jealous when witnesses start to hit on the reader.
Spencer Reid x M!Reader
Word Count: 2677
Tumblr media
The case before the BAU team was getting tedious, to say the least. It was one of those cases that needs witnesses to actually get a step ahead of the unsub who left basically no evidence behind. It was surely pissing off the team, but it pissed you off the most. You were someone who needed control, someone who couldn’t stand the taunts of others. That was profiled about you when you first joined, but you didn’t have a probably showing that side of you off at times. So, at that point it was just a simple fact that surrounded your complex personality.
“This shit sucks,” You hissed out as you slammed your hands against the table, looking at the pictures of the victims. Searching eyes hoping, praying that you had for once missed something. “This is seriously pissing me off.”
“You know you didn’t miss anything. I don’t know why you’re looking at them.” A voice called out from behind you. The footsteps they took now clear as day as you watched Spencer Reid come to your side. 
“You’re only going to stress yourself out.” He said in a sweet, mellow tone that made you take in a few deep breaths. 
“I know,” you uttered out before turning to him. One hand still on the table to hold your weight. “I just want to help these girls and I can’t do that until I find more things out about our unsub.”
Reid’s face leaned to the side a bit. A small frown on his lips as he stared at you with soft, kind eyes. “I know you do, but you aren’t going to get anything more from them.”
You press your lips together, frustrated at the situation before you. “So what? I have to wait for another woman to die to catch this son of a bitch? 
Reid looks down for a moment before saying softly, “Well, we have another witnesses in here, Hotch asked me to come find you.”
“Again?” You asked in a groan. “Please don’t tell me they’re gonna make goggly eyes more at me than actually answer the questions.”
“That’s why Hotch asked me to get you. He wants you to ask them some questions.” Reid informed you. “I’ll stay with you, if you want.”
You gave a soft smile at the taller male before you pressed your hand against his shoulder, rolling it down before making soft motions with your thumb against his chest. “You’re sweet. I appreciate it, Spence.”
He nodded his head, grabbing your hand that flushed against him. He squeezed it a few times as you watched the most faint blush you’ve seen on him appear against his pale cheeks. It was heart-warming that you were still able to make him blush the way he does by such a simple expression of affection, especially since you’ve been together for a little more than a couple of months now.
“It’s no problem.” He stated before quickly leaning in and planting a soft kiss against your cheek. A giggle immediately coming from your chest as soon as you felt his hot lips against your cool skin. In all honestly, physical contact at work between the two of you was never a thing. Even by if it was just the two of you at yours or Spence’s place, the most you guys did was a kiss here or a few cuddles there. And honestly, you had to make the moves a couple of times given Spencer and his issue with physical contact. He did get used to your touch fairly quickly though, and he enjoyed it. 
When you both approached the witnesses that was sitting near your desk, she looked you up and down, the look in her orbs pure lust. She was a short woman with voluptuous build. She wore a simple white crop top, sporting high waist jeans. It was obvious what kinda aura she gave off. It was both responsible, yet at the same time, someone who liked to have fun.
The ends of her lips quickly churning up at the side of you. Her legs quickly crossed over one another, her mouth slightly open as she chewed her gum.
Spence immediately read her like a book, but he tried not to show his growing irritation. He knew you were good-looking, and he knew people would look. Though, it was just annoying at how much it was happening at one day. Especially at work.
“Hello, ma’am.” You said with a smile before introducing yourself. Your hand then gesturing to your boyfriend before saying, “And this is Doctor Spencer Reid. We’ll be taking your statements today.”
The lady didn’t respond at first, but instead take in your handsome features for a moment before saying, “You can take a lot more then just my statement, baby.”
You gave a soft chuckle as you cupped the back of your neck. It did catch you a bit off guard, but not so much any more since this has been happening for around three hours now. You did, for some reason unknown to you, look over at Spence. The look in his eyes made you frown. It wasn’t anger, but rather, extreme discomfort.
“Right,” you hummed out before sitting on the edge of your desk. Spence taking a step to move closer to your side.
“Can you take me from the beginning? What did you see?” You asked in a stern toning, telling her not to play around anymore.
Her eyes played with yours for a moment before agreeing to answer your questions. It was okay at first, she didn’t seem all that distracted like the others before with your presence, but after getting mid-way into her story, her hand started to dance along your desk. It was obvious how close it was getting to your thigh, both to Spencer and you.
It was like a spider trying to go after its prey. Overall, it was uncomfortable, but you knew you had to focus on her story before even thinking about her hand. It’s one thing if it was just approaching, but another if it actually touches you.
“I mean, the dude was weird, sure, but I didn’t think he’d be kidnapping and killin’ girls, yanno?” She asked, her fingers creeping their way across on your outter thigh.
Your body flinched on instinct for just a moment before you immediately moved your leg, now standing up next to Spence. You could see the small disappointment in her face, but you could honestly care less. You got her story, so now you were finished. At least, that’s what you thought.
“Thanks again, ma’am.” You stated with a kind smile for Hotchner’s sake. You then took out your card that held your number and name, moving it in her direction as you said, “If you think of anything else, doesn’t hesitate to call.”
She gazed at the card for a second before taking it. And while normal people would take it right away, she held on and swiftly moved her hand to touch your own. Her thumb moving in circle, suggestive movement along the top of your hand. You didn’t know if she caught on that you already were taken and trying to do it discreetly since the card was in the way, or just doing it for the fun of it.
“Believe me, sugar, you’ll get a call from me.” She stated in a seductive tone. “You don’t mind some calls at, well, before bedtime, right?”
Then, she did that and it was like everything stopped. Both for Spence and you.
She smirked.
It was one of those smirks that really made something turn within you that was pure fear mixed with uneasiness. The uneasiness coming from your wonder on how Spence was doing. You knew he had trust in you, as you did him. Though, even you would break under all this reckless flirting. Especially at the work place where it was unprofessional to engage in public displays of affection.
“No, sorry, ma’am.” You stated sternly. Your face devoid of any sweetness you might have shown before. “Please, just anything related to this case and nothing else.”
You watched carefully as a bitter sense took her over before she stood up abruptly and said, “Fine.”
And with that, she left. Honestly, you felt so relived that you let out a deep sigh from your lips, unaware of how much air you kept built up in your lungs.
“Glad that’s over,” you huffed out. Your body turning to face Spence, your mouth hanging out a bit to speak once more. Though, when you saw his face, it was like your veins became invaded with ice. You couldn’t move, and if you did, you felt like you’d break.
His eyes blasted directly into yours, almost completely shutting down your sharp-mouthed tongue that got you into trouble with Hotch frequently. They didn’t carry anger, nor sadness. It was something that made your chest tighten, knees completely weak. It made your heart skip a beat, almost breaking a rib with how hard it pounded for that split moment.
“Spence?” You mumbled out. “Something wrong?”
“They kept making passes at you,” he uttered out. His voice barely even audible.
“They did.” You stated. You didn’t know where this was going.
“And I was right here. Right in front of them. Next to you. It was like they didn’t even care if they were making a move on you while I was around.” Spence ranted on, his tone of voice growing more and more irritated as he went one.
“Spence, I don’t think she even knew I was dating someone. Much less having that person be standing right next to me.” You explained kindly. You get how he felt, you did. So, you just planned on trying to make him feel better in any way you could.
Though, as you were about to step forward and maybe grab his hand to reassure him that everything was still alright, he moved first. His tall figure stood right in front of you, barely even a foot away. His face slowly inching towards you despite where you both were.
“Come with me for a second,” he whispered, his hand slowly moving down your arm, that feeling alone causing goosebumps to graze your skin before he held your hand within his. 
“Okay.” You agreed, wondering what you were even doing. 
He didn’t even have a smile perk up on his lips when you agreed, but instead stared you up and down. Slowly, carefully his eyes traveled your body. You shied your head away as you let Spence lead you into the changing rooms the officers use in the morning after their shift was over. 
You noticed Spence make sure no one was inside before his long, slender fingers locked the door. You couldn’t help but remain still, trying to wrap your head around his sudden change in demeanor. You knew he was jealous, it was obvious to anyone. But it was odd at the same time since he was never one to start much of anything, still, in the end when he backed you into the lockers, you weren’t complaining much. 
“Spence, you sure?” You mumbled under your breath as you flickered your eyes between his own and those soft lips that slowly approached yours.
He didn’t answer you with words, but instead gave you answer when he pressed his lips against your own. You were quick to wrap your arms around his neck, taking one of your hands and lacing it through his long, curly locks and the other resting on the base of his jaw. You thought it would be a few sweet kisses and than back to work, maybe even some jealous words, but the moment he started to play with the end of your shirt you knew this was going in a completely different direction. 
To keep his lips to yours you moved your hand that rested on his jaw over to his own, guiding his hand under your clothes. You groaned into the kiss at the sudden chill that ran up your spine when your hot skin collided with his rather chilly fingertips. It was an intoxicating feeling, one that made you desire more. 
When he got the hint that you were okay with his touch, you noticed how quick the atmosphere changed. Within mere seconds he started to push himself more against you, giving you little room to escape with your back flat against the lockers and him on you as well. 
Spencer’s hand start to slide more up your body, feeling every inch of you that he desired. His touch was both full of affection yet the lust you noticed as well was undeniable. It was as if he revealed something that he had kept hidden within himself for a long time now, and you were happy that he felt like he could share that side of himself with you. 
Though, as the sinful urges started to start showing their true colors, the need for air started to dominate. When Spencer unlocked his lips from your own, your breath got stuck in your throat. The look in his eyes was nothing to just brush off as passion. It was like something darker took over, something that he needed to chain down almost all the time. His chestnut orbs held a film over them that was swirling with red, as well as a need that only you could fulfill. 
In a swift movement, Spence’s head moved lower, his lips aiming at something different this time around. A soft gasp escaped past you when you felt his lips latch onto your neck, kissing, biting, and sucking at your skin. It felt good, so good that you suddenly moved one of your legs up and wrapped it around his hips. His free hand that wasn’t exploding your body gripped onto your thigh, holding it in place. 
The more he ravished you, the louder you got. At first it was simple heavy breathing but you swore he was aiming at all of the weak spots on your neck and collarbones that turned you into a mess before him. Though, you didn’t think you were so loud for him to suddenly growl, “Try to keep quiet. We don’t want to get caught.”
Your eyes widened a bit before you leaned your head to the side shyly. “Sorry.”
“It’s okay. It’s not like I don’t enjoy hearing you,” he mumbled, his words peaking with more embarrassment than a pure teasing tone.
You nodded, your hands moving down his back and gripping hard onto his shirt as you allowed yourself to be swallowed up by the pleasure he was giving you. You really don’t remember how much time passed, maybe a few minutes, maybe ten. Still, by the time both of you calmed down and made sure to get your fill from the other, someone started to knock on the locked door. 
Both of you two looked at each other, some fear running through your orbs before hearing the familiar voice of Derek Morgan say, “If you two don’t hurry up, Hotch will find out and get mad.”
“Shit,” you groaned as you tried your hardest to flatten out your now disheveled shirt. 
“Sorry about that,” Spence said shyly as he scratched the back of his head, wondering if he should try to help you or not.
You let out a deep sigh before planting a soft kiss on Spence’s cheek, his face heating up in a mere seconds. “It’s okay. C’mon, we should get back to work.”
“Right..” His voice trailed off in a shy manner, his fingers lacing with yours once more as he returned the favor. This time, placing a soft and chaste kiss upon your lips. It was full of love and affection, something that made you hum lovingly into. 
“Hopefully we don’t get anymore witnesses.” You groaned as you walked ahead, flattening your hair. 
Spence couldn’t help but laugh at your words before following behind you back into the professional setting. Luckily for the both of you, Hotch never found out, or he made it seem like he had no idea. Still, you had your doubts since Morgan and Garcia were almost relentless in teasing your boyfriend and you for a straight week. 
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Todoroki with a reader with similar family issues
Tumblr media
•he knew you well before UA
•you guys never really talked tho
•most of the time you saw each other was when your parents were discussing business
•at the beginning of UA yalls relationship stayed the same
•you didn’t hate each other but you weren’t friends
•but apparently everyone else in UA thought there was a heated rivalry between you guys
•the first time you both talked to each other was at a pro hero party you’re parents dragged you too
•both feeling like the odd one out you guys just kinda gravitated towards each other
•and unlike all the other pro hero parties you actually enjoyed this one
•but it’s safe to say that 1A was shooketh after seeing you two bros acting like you’ve been friend for years
•after that you guys just got closer and closer
•to the point where you guys were acting like boyfriends
•but you were both too gay to realise it
•until someone (bakugou) loudly asked if you two were dating
•you and todoroki be like:
Tumblr media
•at that point you both started to realise your feelings
•so you sat him down and talked about what you both wanted
•you both realised you wanted the same thing
•after that your relationship didn’t change much
•you were just two bro’s chillin in a hot tub not five feet apart because you are gay
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