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#x male reader
yn-for-president · 2 days ago
(Dis a joke btw)
SIC! (Y/n): Where’s my 15 S ?
Frontman:…You mean: our 15 S?
SIC! (Y/n):..I-you fuggin—
SIC! (Y/n): THIS ISNT COMMUNIST RUSSIA!!! Give me my Square back!!
Frontman: Yeah…I think I killed that one.
SIC! (Y/n), strangling him: YOU WHAT?!?!
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Day 13: Wet Dreams/Somnophilia
A/N: Hello, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Welcome to day 13 of kinktober! I decided to not give the day’s names anymore. Anyways, enjoy this one.
Tumblr media
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Male reader
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 865
Summary: Steve was having a wet dream, and you decided to make that wet dream come true.
I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s bad, and for any errors that are discovered.
If you like this and wanna read more, you can check out my masterlist.
M/N: Male name
E/c: Eye color
Not sure if this is good. This is short.
You and Steve were laying together. You nuzzled your body into Steve’s larger body of extra warmth and comfort. You moved your hand across his chest, feeling his pecs before reaching further down to his defined, toned abs.
For some reason, you couldn’t sleep. No matter how hard you tried - counting sheep, closing your eyes, or finding the right spot, you couldn’t sleep. You decided to binge-watch videos on YouTube, hoping to fall asleep soon.
You turned onto your left side with Steve doing the same. He wrapped his arms around you and pressed his body against you. You would feel his cock pressing against your ass. It was rock hard.
You had the dirty thought to grind against him. Steve growled as you did so. He began to dry-hump while muttering your name. “M/n… your mouth feels so good⁓.” Steve moaned in his sleep.
You could feel his cock grow harder as he pressed against you. ‘He’s having a wet dream?’ you thought before a smirk found its way onto your face. Maybe, you could make his dream come true.
After struggling for a few moments to get out of Steve’s grip, you finally did. Steve turned on his back as he couldn’t feel your body anymore. You could see a large pole sticking out from within the blankets.
You licked your lips before pulling back the blankets to see Steve’s large cock standing in full presentation. Pre-cum was glistening at the tip as his cock was twitching at the cold airbrushing it.
You inched your face closer to the twitching cock. Steve’s musk was filling your nostrils making you feel hazy. Your tongue was salivating at it. You blew a breeze at it, watching it twitch. ‘It’s time for it.’
You licked the sides of Steve’s thick cock. Steve groans in his sleep at the feeling of something wet touching his cock. Your other hand reaches to cup Steve’s large cum-filled balls. Being a superhero and a member of the Avengers, Steve hasn’t had time to get off. What was worse, is that you would tease him. He held back a lot.
You traced your tongue against a sensitive vein that had Steve groaning and moaning. You had enough of teasing him. You decided to go in for it. You swallowed his whole cock in one. Your mouth stretched out trying to accommodate his large size. Your nose buried in Steve’s hair, his musk feeling your nose. The tip of his cock touching the back of your throat.
Steve let out a loud moan. ‘It feels like M/n is really sucking me…’ Steve thought. His chest heaving up and down. You pulled back with a pop before going back down. You swirl your tongue around his head tasting Steve’s sweet and salty liquid. Massaging his balls.
Slobber was pouring out from your chin. Steve slowly began to realize this wasn’t a dream but real. He got up to see you looking back at him. Your e/c staring into his blue ones. Steve groans as he could feel himself closer.
“W-what is the meaning of this, M/n?” Steve asked, feeling the warmth of your mouth leave his wet cock.
“Well, you had an interesting dream. And I thought I would make that come true!” You said before going to servicing his cock. Steve grunts as felt your mouth again. Your eyes staring into his eyes turned him on.
He ran his large hands through your hair. Pushing your head deeper on his cock. You gagged around his cock. “I’m close!” Steve said. You knew he was going to let out a large load. You began to suck his cock faster and playing with egg liked shape balls.
“I’M CUMMING!” Steve moaned as you felt ropes upon ropes of cum shoot down your throat. His warm milk running down your esophagus. So much cum shot out that it began to leak out. Steve fell back after letting out the big one.
You crawled onto him. “We’re not finished. I haven’t cummed yet,” you said, grinding your hard cock against Steve’s stomach. Licking the excess cum off your fingertips while staring at Steve.
Steve’s cock grew hard again. He’s a super-soldier, he can handle it for the next 10 rounds.
A/N: I hope you enjoy this day! I’m gonna try and post the rest of the days. Luckily, tomorrow is Friday. Anyways, bye my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓!
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leatherednlaced · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 13 - Creampie
Dean Winchester x Male reader
You don’t have the money to pay for the car, Dean brings another payment option into it…
Tags - NSFW, M x M, Smut, Car bonet sex, Slight Dirty talk?, Rough anal, Riding , Creampie
A/N - Day 13, Enjoy! (A little short)
Tumblr media
“I-I don’t have the money…I’m broke cause of college, please I-“
The mechanic sighs, hands settling on the wooden desk and car bonet next to him. Glancing down he looks up at a very desperate college student…
“Is there no way you could get some?” He questions watching your pale face twitch as each feature comes to life, the truth was you were beautiful but he didn’t know if you were “that type”.
“N-No…i can pay any other way…I’m just broke” The mechanic smirks to himself subtly, now he knows that your willing to do anything to pay this money back. He hadn’t had any in a while and it was starting to distract him from work, not that he had a preferred gender, infact anyone was acceptable in his book.
Dean swallowed thickly, he wasn’t sure wether he should say it although you did let him know quite well that you had no other way of paying…
“You could maybe…” he approaches you, looking your body up and down, those green emerald orbs drinking in the sight. Maybe that was enough to show you what his idea was, because you immediately nod with a blush.
The mechanic smirked, hands unzipping his boiler suit already to reveal a naked chest and stomach…the pang of nervousness runs through your body, it’s a weird feeling, like your body wants to jump in on the action.
“Are you sure?” The mechanic asks as he stood half naked. It was weird, of course it was, not everyday you strip for a mechanic. You nod once again, this time your hands began unbuttoning your shirt as he continued to undress until his cock was on show, half hard.
Pushing him backwards onto the bonet of your car, you straddled him, giving him absolutely no warning before guiding his cock to your pucker. He was a nice girth, stretching you out perfectly. “Fuuuck,” Dean moaned as he caught a glimpse of his cock disappearing into your body.
You leaned forward, your hands resting against his torso as he laid flat against the cold metal letting you take charge. He stared at you hungrily as you looked down at him and nodded, letting him know that he was okay to use his hands to move you now.
Dean grabbed at your ass, kneading and pulling and gently slapping the soft skin. You rode him harder, throwing your head back as Dean’s free hand moved to your dick, rubbing circles around the tip with his thumb as his own cock hit that sweet spot inside. “You feel so good. Fuck,” Dean panted, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.”
The car was rocking back and forth as Dean snapped into you with vigour, mouthing at your neck as he manhandled you to the end.
“Cum for me” you say, hands stroking his hair as he moans into your neck, he does as told, cumming within…
“fuck,” he moaned, you stopped riding him, letting him fill you as you stilled your hips, his lips still kissing your neck slightly. You awaited until each drop of cum was milked from his cock as you slowly pulled off, his cum already began leaking out of you onto the hood of the car.
You collapsed against Dean, Chest to chest, Face to face. It was all very intimate for just a random fuck. Which is why you questioned the kissing at your neck and the body touches. But you didn’t think anything of it.
Feeling the warm, slightly sweaty body underneath move you look into his eyes, a warm smile appearing on the older mans face. Pulling a white card from his boiler suit pocket he handed it to you…
“It’s not much but if you want i have a place here…” you didn’t even think before kissing the man again. Inside your body was practically jumping with joy, his hands settled on your waist once against as you rocked against one another.
“Thank you” you whisper…a dirty act now turning into something more meaningful, the only reason Dean offered you a job was because he wanted to keep you under his radar, you were something else.
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dvlboy · a day ago
horny hours before i go to bed 👀 okay so i was reading some hentai and i forgot the title bUT LIKE can you imagine the reader being somewhat mascular, sweet, and airheaded guy who people often adores and hates at the same time.
imagine that one of your admires finally has the guts to come up and confess to you only for the confession to go over your head. it's quite frustrating but he couldn't get mad you, he just can't. it's not your fault your such a big dumb baby with an even bigger cock that's to die for.
imagine how he'd usually touch you so carelessly and pretend that it's what usually friends do but don't be surprised if he tells you that you should only do it to him, and him alone or he'd get terribly sad if you tried to replicate those touches to someone else; now imagine him making you hard and god, it's making you so uncomfortable. you need more and your friend/admirer offers to help. he makes sure to drown you with the feeling of him, the feeling of his inside taking you so deliciously as the two of you share a messy kiss.
he'd ride you til you got nothing left to give; hell he'd keep on riding you until you could only remember him and his body. him and his love for you. he'd break you and build you back up, maybe even teach you how to be a bit feral next time heck he'd probably even make you breed him. after all, he could easily guilt trip you into saying if both of you have a child to tie you down.
TW: belly bulge, manipulation, size difference, much more
NAUR aged up omega yaku would absolutely be someone who would do this
yaku would probably have a hard time expressing his feelings, choosing to admire you while you help a student carry boxes, or thinking how cute you are while you are struggling with math. so maybe when he finally musters up the courage to spill his feelings, and they get completely thrown over your head, he can only sigh.
but he has another idea! he has seen you in your short sports uniform, and he knows what you are packing so after sports practice, when you still were in your uniform the man would drag your much larger body to somewhere secluded, and ask you if you two were friends. obviously, you say yes, and that is when everything would go down. he would sit on your lap, and stick his face into your tits, enjoying how pillowy they were. he would wrap his arms around your neck and say that he wanted to teach you about a special relationship, that only special people can do together.
you were obviously flattered! a cute small guy, telling you that the two of you had an exclusive friendship was cool! so you agreed, and let him tell you about it. yaku clearly talked about how no one else should know, and that no one else could do it with you either.
yaku would start to tease you over the next few days, as he was entering his heat. the little shit would bend over and pretend like he didn't know what was happening, or why you were staring. maybe he would be a bit too comfortable on your lap when the two of you would eat, and he would start humping/grinding on you. or maybe he would subtly grab your cock when he was picking up something or standing up from your lap.
so one day you snap, too concerned with the uncomfortable tightness in your pants as you grab him and pull him onto your lap, grinding into him, and pushing your hardening cock against his ass through both of your clothes
yaku would smirk before undressing you and him, hearing your whines about how its hot and uncomfortable, and that you didn't know what to do since it was your first time. he would totally jerk you off before placing your now hard cock against his stomach, marvelling at how big it is compared to him, it was the size of his stomach! oh how excited he was when you bent him over and began to finger and lick his ass. his body and ass would be so small against your large hands, and your fingers would be so large inside of him
he would ride you, legs on opposite sides of your legs as he faced you, feeling his belly distend to make way for your cock. he could feel everything, every inch, and vein. yaku would try his best to tighten his hole over your already massive girth to give you a sensation to remember.
when he finally kisses you, wet and messy, he would take control again, hopping up and down on your dick until both of you were warm and lightheaded from the pleasure. he felt like a small, warm, moist, living fleshlight that was made for you to innocently stuff full of cum. when you finally did cum, he wouldn't stop, despite releasing much earlier. there would be wet cum noises every thrust down because of how much semen was shot into him, and how much was being fucked out of his ass. he would be panting, his body numb to everything other then pleasure as he stuck his head into your neck, smelling your scent and trying to mark you. he had a goal for you, he wanted you to only remember him, to only lust after him. maybe he would tie you up with rope until you eventually broke it with your strength and man handled him to be your toy. if you didn't comply, then you could expect him with a positive pregnancy test in his hands, ready to threaten you with. no good alpha would purposely leave their omega defenseless.
he wouldn't have it either way!
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noodlesinhell · a day ago
Late Night Dates
Male reader
When he has free time, he loves to spoil you with a night out
He’ll take you to Ristorante Six where you’ll enjoy a nice meal and a few drinks together
After that, a walk around the Devildom sounds lovely doesn’t it?
He’ll take you to all sorts of spots that he himself finds relaxing
His favorite is definitely the gardens where you can both enjoy smelling the flowers and some much needed alone time
You actually get to see the eldest-born demon relax in what feels like years
He’s happy that he can take you out on days like this without the worry of his brothers
His dates usually consist of going to the casino and winning a few rounds
You just have to make sure that he doesn’t loose it all
When he feels he’s procured enough Grimm he takes you out to eat at a small couples restaurant
You both enjoy your meals and end up sharing a dessert together
He gets red just at the thought of it
After that, he’ll take you shopping where you’ll both grab whatever gets your attention
Mammon is always happy to spoil you when he can
He’s happy that you can spend time together like this without his brothers ruining everything
He usually doesn’t take you out on dates because he’s an otaku and prefers to stay inside with you
But when he does, he likes to take you shopping for any anime merch he finds or new video games in stock
You can see the third-born relax in an environment he enjoys
When that’s all said and done, he would like to go home afterwards and hang out with you in his room
He’s just so happy that you actually want to spend time with a yucky otaku like him! You have no idea how happy you make him
And without his brothers? It’s like a dream come true!
I know that I would say cat café and I’m here to say that’s 100% accurate he would
He loves spending time with you and he loves cats so why not enjoy both?
After that, he would love to take you to a library or a book store to read
He would show you his favorite genres and would suggest some books for you to read
He would also like to hear your tastes and would love to read the books you would offer him
Sitting in a small reading space in the library just reading with a pile a books both next to you, ha can’t help but relax with you
He loves having his time with you without his brothers, especially Lucifer, to take you away for some unimportant business
He has the whole day planned out trust me
First, you start shopping at Malojish, picking out cute outfits for him and Asmo picking apart your style to find the perfect fit
He definitely goes overboard with you but he’s happy that you would like to match with him
After that, it’s to the Fall to party the rest of the night out
He keeps you close to him but also shows you off to others, saying how handsome you look
He may get drunk but he’s always close to you whether you both be enjoying a few drinks or dancing your lives away
He’s happy that he gets to spend time with you without the nagging of his brothers ruining his fun
Restaurant hopping…that’s it
It’s actually super fun with Beel but considering he eats a lot it’s hard to keep up with his demonic appetite
He still loves you nonetheless and will happily eat your meals if you can’t
He loves showing you around to new restaurants he’s been wanting to try and going to favorites for meals as well
After that, he would love to walk around the Devildom with you and do some sight-seeing with you
And maybe some window shopping for sweet treats
He loves spending time with you and you not getting distracted by everyone else
You make him feel full~
Stargazing, but in the human world
The Devildom doesn’t have any star constellations so the human world was the next best option
He’ll bring a bunch of blankets and pillows so that you can sleep under the stars or make a pillow fort
Food is also a must so bring lots of favs and snacks because he doesn’t plan on leaving
He likes to talk about the various constellations in the sky and give some history on them
He also loves it when you share your own knowledge of the stars. Doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot he will still love it
He’s happy that you get to spend time together without his annoying brothers around to bother you
The only thing missing is Beel but he’s fine staying alone with you tonight
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heartchikara · a day ago
%% ⠀⠀shiratorizawa hcs ! (๑•﹏•)
• hello :D am really tired so this probably isnt up the best standards, but ive been feeling really shitty lately so ig it was to be expected lol. again, manager!reader with no specified prns <3 the tiniest warning for minimal swearing.
they’re definitely the ones to treat you to completely random meals at a nice restaurant after school, shirabu rolling his eyes as he orders your favourite dessert and goshiki speaking a mile a minute asking you about every single detail of your life he can think of.
semi is offering you guitar lessons, and debates putting them to an abrupt end when you ask him to teach you megolovania.
kawanishi will just encase you in his lanky af linbs anytime he feels like it. his chin on top of your head, arms wrapped around your waist, and foosteps trailing after you wherever you go.
tendou gives you the weirdest fucking nicknames. it’s just. Wow. yamagata is keeping a list and it’s frighteningly long at this point. praying for u!!
tendou, to y/n: cmere my little eggroll!!!
y/n, sobbing: pls… get out of my house…
you taught ushijima how to play a wide range of games (uno, twister, — which was.. an Experience — go fish, monopoly, etc) and now he’s far too good at them to be considered human. you just flip him off and say it’s “beginner’s luck” when in reality you taught him like two months ago pls face the truth.
goshiki is a little puppy. he’ll follow you around with his really cute smile and is all like “y/n!! come watch me spike!!!” and you always agree and it’s mandatory for you to ruffle his hair bc he will melt omg.
yamagata would probably very proudly tell you he’s responsible for most of the graffiti around town and then very conveniently go deaf when you tell him defiling public property is a crime (snitches get stitches).
reon!!! you swap music recs + clothes a lot, he probably has the best fits along with shirabu or taichi tbh. the two of you probably watch anime or kdramas together too :]]
kenjirou pretends to be perpetually irritated by your very presence being in the same room as him but probably cries whenever you take a day off school. you study together in the library and it’s actually really fun!! — you’re balancing everything you can find on top of each other and he’s given up trying to work two hours ago, now looking for rude words to highlight in every book he gets off of the shelves. there is a lot of trips the vending machine.
you’re attempting to get wakatoshi into rap just for the hell of it. there’s a mission to get him to learn a drake song ongoing, and currently you’re the furthest along in terms of progress (one verse of nonstop, even if he doesn’t understand why he is ‘flipping a switch (Flip Flip)’).
eita is desperately trying to stop you from ‘giving him the makeover he deserves’ but you’re determined that you won‘t let him walk out the door looking like one of your fashion nightmares from 2010 any longer.
cuddles :(( tsutomu is clingy and you’re more than happy to gives him hugs whenever. kawanishi would maybe want one too, but would be too awkward coming up and asking for one. pretty sure everyone wants cuddles. idk man you’re a cuddle magnet what can i say.
pls paint satori’s nails while he does yours and watch horror films with him. he’ll let you hide behind him if anything scares you too much, or if you like horror movies the two of you will just laugh at how corny some bits seem when looking back on it.
playing on the switch with shirabu!! you play animal crossing and he shit talks the fuck out of your island then makes every excuse to come visit you with the bluff of “i’m here to give you tips for improvement.”
reon will buy you anything fr. hayato is asking for the sugar baby application form you apparently filled out behind his back and ohira blatantly refuses to buy him a single little thing (“it’s your fault for spending it all on sprite!” *hands you your favourite snacks and drinks like you didn’t do the exact same thing*).
yamagata teaches you how to skate, or if you already know how then expect weekly outings after school in the summer, featuring loosened ties and the sleeves on your long—sleeve uniform shirts rolled up, the top two buttons undone. all while the sunset pains you in oranges and yellows, twin panic setting in on both your faces when it gets dark and you realise you might get locked out of school grounds if you don’t hurry back soon.
mario kart time!!: ushijima is mario or the male villager, managing to keep fifth place relatively easily. tendou is lemmy and trying to keep second, semi is link and very annoyed that shirabu is ahead of him while he’s stuck in sixth. reon is yoshi and fourth, yamagata being lakitu and in third (giving ohira shit eating grins the whole time). taichi is koopa troopa and coming for ushijima’s sixth with scary speed, while shirabu is toad and in first, holding it over everyone’s heads. you’re helping goshiki <3 the two of you are either baby mario or baby luigi. semi very calmly screams for a rematch when kenjirou wins.
i want to kiss them and hug them and cuddle and pat their heads :((
• can u tell i like goshiki and taichi lmfao. apologies if this is bad my head is fucked rn i swear i’ll give u decent stuff soon. m always up for possible friends (please) and requests if u have any, bye <3
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inkelbottom · 2 days ago
Hello there! Can I ask for headcanons for Takashi Morinozuka having a male s/o who is really into science. Animals, space, medicine any type of science his s/o is into. Male reader is friends with Haruhi and joins her one day to the host club and is ranting to her about all the things he learned that day and Mori sees him and finds him cute. I hope this is fine. Thank you for your time.
Hey! Thanks for the request
I'm actually into science myself, anyways I hope this turned out the way you wanted !
Contents: Fluff , Male Reader, mild mild mild swearing? only the word damn
Takashi Morinozuka (Mori) meeting Male Reader
Tumblr media
"Stop trying to ditch me!" You yelled at Haruhi while marching firmly towards her, who was speed walking away from you. You were only trying to get her to see the creature you adopted. "Can't this wait until after club hours," she asked after reaching Music Room 3, breathing hard with her hands on her knees. You, also out of breath, said that your driver would arrive right about when club hours ended. That's the excuse you always used. "Alright! Fine! Just don't freak out the guests, okay? I already owe those guys more than enough." Grinning, you held the door with your foot for the grumbling host like the true gentleman you were.
"You're going to love this little man," you gushed when you sat the temporary habitat down onto Haruhi's table. You sat her down and began on your info dump. "This is Benny. Benny is a Japanese fire belly newt. He's often confused with the Chinese fire belly newt, but Benny is both larger and has rougher skin..." While Haruhi struggled to process how you even got a "damn lizard" inside the school, Takashi was spectating again... like usual.
* * *
Takashi couldn't help it. He watched your lively hands gestured to invisible things. He couldn't help but notice the expressiveness in your features or the passion in your words. You just looked so happy. You'd show up at least once a week with a new subject of admiration in view. It was adorable, honestly. Oh. Looks like the doors will be opening soon.
* * *
Your attention was drawn away from the topic when a hand landed on your shoulder. Stiffening, you turned to see Takashi staring back at you.
"Uh, hi... Mori? Right? ," you asked anxiously. He stared for a moment and mumbled to you, "They'll be coming in soon. Sit with me." His heavy hand left your shoulder, and you carefully grabbed the case holding your newt. Haruhi watched obliviously and shrugged, lying on the couch to finally relax for the last few seconds she gets alone before the guests arrive.
Takashi walked with you to one of the giant windowsills, sitting down and you following suit. He seemed to be waiting for something because there was a moment of silence. He finally spoke up while staring at you, "Continue talking, please." Your face began to tingle as you started up again. "Oh- yeah. Benny here is less than a year old! I'm proud to have him in my care..." You couldn't even look up while you spoke, missing the small smile he wore as he listened.
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where-is-francis · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Request: No
Prompt: “Progress isn’t linear.”
Pronouns: None/Not Specified
A/N: My requests for Bucky have been closed until I can watch the series, but I felt like something short wouldn’t hurt to fill up the masterlist. Somewhat cliche, but I liked the idea. Oddly enough, this helped me a bit when working through my own stuff. Funny how life works, huh? Also yes this is short as hell nobody talk about it.
TW: Bucky being distant, mentions of him struggling with PTSD, half-angst half-fluff. Cute ending tho :,)
Tumblr media
Waking up in the middle of the night to a cold apartment, and colder bed, wasn’t all that new to you. The city that never slept had grown quieter as the skies began to shift into darker hues. Normally, your king sized bed would’ve been just the right size for you and your boyfriend, but as your closed-eye searches revealed, he was nowhere to be found; no sleeping form tangled in the sheets next to you.
Unfortunately, it had become a routine for the two of you. Though Bucky loved you very much, and vice versa, there were some things that you couldn’t fix for him. As painful as it was, it was the truth that you’d grown to accept.
Your shared apartment always seemed a bit more dull and unwelcoming on nights like this. A cold chill wracked your body as it was pulled into an upright position, bringing along the plush comforter on your journey. However, nights like this you were glad you didn’t live in some sort of penthouse. Your new home was smaller, and still kind of bland, but it was safe. And it was home. That’s all you cared about.
The memories of your first encounter with the place replayed in your mind like they were just yesterday; yours and Bucky’s hands meeting on the windowsill in the dining room. It reminded him that no matter what, no matter how bad, he was being given a fresh start. Something new with the person he loved dearly.
Hardwood floors groaned under your weight, similar to your sleeping partner on the floor. He laid restlessly, fluffy brows furrowed together, tossing and turning with an all-too-small throw on the cold floor. The nightmares came in waves, lasting weeks at a time, and forcing him to a point like this. City lights casted across his face, the one you kissed so often when he was in a better frame of mind.
He gave you no response, instead curling up tighter. James Barnes wasn’t afraid of many things in the world, but one of his greatest fears was the thought of hurting you in his sleep as the nightmares persisted. Too many nights were spent like this, in the living room, all by himself. You knew you couldn’t change it, but maybe you could help. The navy blue comforter sank down with you as you ran your fingers through his hair. A glance across the room to the bathroom reminded you of when he asked you to cut it for him, reassuring you that it would look great.
And it did. He always looked great.
It didn’t take long after you laid down beside him to find two strong arms coiling around your form. The difference in temperature was enough to make you shudder slightly. One arm warm, flesh and blood — the other cold, smooth and metallic. His grip wasn’t strong enough to hurt you, more like a request that you stayed with him for a while.
“The noise woke you up again, didn’t it?” His eyes seemed more tired than usual.
“Nah, just missed you. How long have you been out here?”
The two of you settled together closely, finally starting to warm up under the duvet. The brunette groaned, opting instead to play with a loose few (strands/coils/braids/twists) at the side of your face. He never wanted to talk about the nightmares with you, which was okay, but it seemed it had been too long since he talked about them at all. Everything had begun to cloud his thoughts, awake or asleep, and create a bit of a gap between you two. It wasn’t a good coping mechanism, and he knew it, but that’s all he had at the time.
You thought it would be better to change the subject. “Well, we can go out for breakfast in the morning if you want. Fresh air and coffee sound good?”
“Mhm… I hope you’re not planning on staying out here tonight, though. I’ll be fine.” The way he said it was almost convincing, but you knew better.
“Nope, not happening.”
“You don’t need your back messed up like mine. Just go lay down, I’ll be alright.”
The dim light granted you a glance at his face. He was exhausted, haunted, and too tired to debate you at the moment. His normal stubble had grown out more, turning into the same beard he had when you’d met him. Back when he was still The Winter Soldier. After everything he’d seen in the past few years, a lot of things remained the same. Like the way he’d always give you a quick kiss on the neck before setting his head there, hoping to get some rest.
“It’s just, like, I’ll be doing really well. And everything is great for a while. And then something comes in and messes it all up. And we end up back here.” He sighed, his breath warm on your collarbone. “You don’t deserve that kind of life.”
You rested your forehead against his, fingers trailing up his bare chest to play with the dog tags he never took off.
“It’s normal to feel discouraged, but progress isn’t linear. And, honestly, it would be more concerning if it didn’t get to you anymore.”
He shuddered a bit, eyes watering and clouding those gray hues you loved so much. Bucky wanted so badly to leave things in the past, to move forward, and become the strong super soldier you always saw him as. The past was an unbearable track marathon and he’d been running for too long.
Your (pale/medium/dark) hands rested on his chest to calm him down. Even while exhausted, his body was tense.
“I think that maybe trying therapy wouldn’t be too bad,”
As soon as the words left his mouth, he seemed to have a weight lifted off his shoulders. You gave him a reassuring smile, a quick kiss, and began to settle in for the rest of the night. In the morning you’d spend your time talking it over with one-too-many cups of coffee, and calling offices to schedule appointments. In the midst of getting a second chance with you, he got a second one with himself. And that’s all he could ask for.
Tumblr media
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iliumheightnights · a day ago
Dick Grayson stretching so you can see his boxers?
Tumblr media
At first he didn't do it on purpose. He just needed to stretch. But then he saw the way his boyfriend looked when he did it. The bright red face. The tiny bit of drool. The hypnotized look. That along with the discovery it was because his underwear peeked out only gave Dick enjoyment.
After that he started doing it to see just how turned on he could make his boyfriend. He loved the time he did it and it made M/n walk into a wall.
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beewithknee · 2 days ago
cigarettes & confessions
sam x Darlin' flufffffff
Walking out onto the balcony, you stopped beside your vampire. Plucking the cigarette from between his teeth. “These things will kill you, y’know?” He breathed out a laugh through his nose, you thought you were funny. “And Quinn will kill you.” His answer was not entirely unexpected to be fair. “Hardly the same.” He scoffed again. God you were stubborn. He picked up his pack and lit another before inhaling sharply. The warm smoke filling his lungs always succeeded in calming his mind.
Well, usually.
“Go back inside. It’s cold out here.” He instructed gently, not really bothering to pick a fight. You rolled your eyes “Conveniently forgetting that I'm a shifter again huh?” Sam tended to do that when he couldn’t be bothered thinking of an actual reason. “Eh, y’know” He gestured vaguely towards the open air. He took another puff and let it sit behind his gritted teeth before blowing out. You gently leaned over, resting shoulder to shoulder. He placed his non-smoking arm around you and tilted his head.
“What’s on your mind darling?” He asked quietly. You shrugged, nothing was really wrong, you were just tired. He kissed your head with a smile. “God, you look good.” It was a whisper in the moonlight. Neither of you wanted to disturb the peaceful calm that had settled. Quinn had caused so much pain and hurt and all you wanted to do was catch him. But there were moments like this where you thought about spending the rest of eternity like that. You stared at the moon for a minute, wondering what it would be like to be so far away from your lover. How painful it would feel.
That's when it hit you.
You panicked for a second. Heart racing and brain short-circuiting before it all slowed. This was it. It was just a simple fact of history. You turned into Sam’s long chest, savoring his smoky scent.
“Hey fangs?” He turned to you, sucking in a breath of smoke. “Yeah wolfy?” His accent made you smile even more. His words are drawled and you wondered what he would look like in a cowboy hat and boots. You leaned up to his ear, your hot breath making him shiver. He wrapped his hands around your waist, holding you up. “I love you.” That was it. Sam spluttered on his smoke, putting out the cigarette, bringing you back down to face him. His eyes searched for something in yours. All he saw in return was love and adoration. No fear, no worry. Nothing. He breathed slowly, a shy smile spreading across his lips. Eyes slightly wet. His pressed his forehead to yours “I love you too Darlin’” It was a promise. One he planned to keep for as long as you’d have him. You tilted your head up, lips meeting his. He tasted like ash and strawberries. He cupped your face with the gentlest of touches. You leaned into it, pressing your own hand over his, the other in his hair. You deepened the embrace, pressing your body right against his. You broke away, leaning against each other. “I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.” He sighed happily, heart bursting.
“You’re my forever, Sam Collins.”
Backlit by the moonlight and sharing tender kisses, curled up in each other's arms; you had your eternity.
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trashland-llamas · 2 days ago
Southern Techno Headcannons
Basically I've read too many Techno fics where they have him use darling as a pet name like once and I read that word and every one after it in my own accent, a southern one and then I get a crisis over imagining Southern Techno.
I might have the timing off for some of the seasonal things, but it's just a little off
If fem! reader, Techno uses darling, sweetheart, honey, & love bug as some pet names
If male reader, uses stud muffin, honey bun, prince, & bo as pet names
Every summer, he gains a farmer's tan
Always washes his hands before a meal
Helps set the table and makes sure to get both of you a glass of sweet tea or an Arnold Palmer if there's lemonade
Anytime your car needs an oil change or a break realignment, he'll jump at the chance to do it
If you're the type to insist on doing your own car work, he'll make sure any tool you need, it's in your hand
If cars aren't your thing but you insist on taking it to the shop, he'll go with every time to make sure no mechanic tries to pull a fast one on ya
Y'all would at least spend a few days pickling, jarring & making other jams/purees
(Pretty sure that dude's love language is quality time)
If you're shorter/smaller than him, he just knows you'll steal his sweaters and flannels
If you're taller/bigger than him, it's the reverse where he'll steal your hoodies
Apple season, y'all will make the best apple pies alongside warm cider for cold nights
He'll rake up the leaves into big piles so you both can jump into said piles before bagging
During winter, before it gets too cold, y'all spend a night or two around a campfire making s'mores
When it does get too cold, cuddle time on the couch w/ either a knitted or fleece blanket and binge a tv show or few films
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yn-for-president · 2 days ago
Participant ##: dies
SIC! (Y/n): another one bites the dus—~
Circles, trying to spice it up a lil:
Tumblr media
SIC! (Y/n):…Wtf?
Frontman: I didn’t tell them to do that.
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dangerousstrawberryshark · 15 hours ago
Day 15: Domination, Edging & Cock Slapping
A/N: Hello, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Welcome to day 15 of kinktober! I decided to skip day 14.
Tumblr media
Pairings: Sub! Top Peter Parker (21) x Dom! Bottom Male reader
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 822
Summary: Peter was being a bad boy, so you decided to have some fun with him.
I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s bad, and for any errors that are discovered.
If you like this and wanna read more, you can check out my masterlist.
M/N: Male name
Not sure if this is good. Peter is 21 in this! Couldn’t come up with a better summary. I tried my best.
TAGS: @spnfanboy777 @gayhopefullove @elliot-damon-2006 @softboy5393
“Are you going to be a good boy for me, Peter?” you said, moving your hands up his thighs. Peter was tied down to the bed, all naked. His muscular body that you love to move your hands through. And the best of it all, his cock.
Peter’s cock was large. 5 inches when it’s soft and 10 inches when it’s fully hard. It was thick as a can of Coke. It was veiny with one large vein leading to the head, and large balls full of his creamy milk.
“M-M/n…” Peter groaned as your hand was getting closer to his cock. It was aching for stimulation. Pre-cum was already leaking from the tip and twitching. You began to grasp the thickness that is Peter’s cock.
You slowly stroke his cock. His cock was twitching and pulsating in your hand. You moved one hand down to massage his balls. You stroked his cock slower than before. Peter was dying for the stimulation. He began to thrust into your hand for more.
“No.” You said, removing your hand from his cock and slapped it. Peter groans. “No thrusting. You be a good boy and accept what you are given!” you said before slapping his cock again. Peter tried to hold back but failed.
After you slapped his cock again, cum spurted out from the head. Landing all over his torso and some on your face. His cock was bobbing up and down. Peter knew he had fucked up. “Oh, now you’ve been a bad boy! You came without my permission,” you said, inching closer to his ear.
“You know what happens to bad boys who are disobedient?” you said, laying your chest against Peter’s cum covered one.
“T-They… get p-punished?” Peter said, a whine and whimper coming out. You smirked before tracing your tongue down his ear to his neck. Leaving behind love marks and hickeys. Peter was groaning at your wet tongue licking his sweaty skin.
Peter’s cock was already hard again. “I didn’t want to do this, but…” you pulled out a cock ring. Peter’s eyes widened. You placed it at the base of his cock. Now, he won’t be able to cum because of the ring restricting him.
“Now, you won’t be able to cum. Time for your punishment,” you said, getting up and sliding down Peter’s cock. Peter let out a loud moan at the feeling of your hot walls clamping down on his cock.
You moaned as Peter’s cock filled you to the brim. You sat there with your cock resting on his stomach for a few moments. “You’re so big!” no matter how many times you’ve rode him, you could never get used to it.
You began to fuck yourself on his cock. It was already hitting your prostate. Peter was a moaning mess, drool leaking out his mouth. You could feel his cock twitch and pulse inside you as he wanted to cum.
Your cock was bouncing up and down as you rode him like a horse. “P-please…” Peter begged, his hair sticking to his forehead, chest moving up and down.
“What is it that you want, baby boy?” you said, leaning down to his face. Your bodies pressing against each other.
“I-I… want to… c-cum!” Peter said, trying to get the words out, but he was fucked dumb. You smirked at him. “So, you want to cum? I don’t know-” Peter looked at with a puppy face.
“I’ll be a good boy! Please!” Peter could feel your walls clench around him. Sucking his cock deeper inside you. “Mmm.” Peter was saying “please” underneath his breath. “Fine, you can cum,” you said, getting off his cock and removing the cock ring.
Just as you removed the ring, Peter’s cock already spurted the cum out. It was a much bigger load than the first one. “Wow, that was bigger than the first!” Peter rested his down but was interrupted by you hopping back onto his cock again.
“We’re not over. I still wanna have fun!”
A/N: I hope you enjoy this day! Vote who you want to be the Pharaoh in my series, [HERE]! bye, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓!
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leatherednlaced · 2 days ago
Kinktober Day 14 - Lingerie/Sugar Daddy
Zemo x Male reader
Tags - NSFW, M x M, Smut, Present, Proud!Zemo, Praise/Dirty talk, Rough anal, Couch sex, Sugar Daddy!Zemo, Creampie
A/N - Enjoy, Day 14!
Tumblr media
“Leibe?” Zemo questions, trudging through your shared home, placing the box he had in his hands. You immediately whisked yourself around the corner, a playful smirk on your face.
“Yes daddy…” you trail off, awaiting a response as you look up into his darkened eyes, lust filled, he wanted nothing more than to ravish you right now. You looked tired, hair stuck up in many directions, a weak smile…Zemo found it a rather attractive sight.
Looking down at you he smiles, lips turning up as he picked the small box up.Your curiosity peaked as he places it in your open arms, watching your features turn in confusion.
“What is it?”, you shook the box, hearing nothing but the slight rustling of the paper within. Zemo adored the way you seemed to be so occupied by a plain old box, he couldn’t wait until you opened.
“You always spoil me Zemo…” he chuckles, a gloved hand cupping your cheek as he swipes his thumb over your bottom lip. “I spoil you because I can…because you deserve all the pretty things in the world”.
You blush at the comment, he always referred to the beautiful things he bought you to your appearance, no one can match your beauty…nobody. Taking away his hand you whine at the loss of contact.
“Go ahead pretty boy, open the box” he whispers cockily, much like his aura you enjoyed his attitude, it was something that you found attractive about him. Your fingers eagerly pull the lid open, revealing nothing more then Hot Pink laced panties.
You couldn’t help the blushing, once again your cheeks now heated. You shy away, smiling to yourself as your fingers trail over the soft material. Zemo watched, anticipating your reaction. Nothing prepared him for the tight hug you supplied.
Your free arm wraps around him, face snuggling into the crook of his neck. “These are perfect…daddy” you whisper, hearing him growl had you smirking against his neck, his hands wrapping around your back, holding you close for a few seconds.
“Go and change into them, put a show on for Daddy” he whispers. You squeak, pulling away and running into your room. Zemo smirked at the reaction as he himself starts to undress, his combat boots and trousers discarded in the corner of the room, yanking his black turtle neck off reveals his hairy chest, he kept it untidy just for you, knowing how much you loved running your hands through it.
His naked form stands, looking at the jacket he wears daily on the floor brings back many memories of your pretty pleads for him to keep it on during your alone time together…he does just that. Placing his jacket back on, the material wrapping around his body like a blanket.
He sits on the couch, his whole body on show, hands resting on the back of the couch, legs spreading, anticipating for you to come out the door.
“Close your eyes!” You shout through the closed doors, Zemo does as told, eyes closing as he laid back into the couch, shaft twitching at your words and the cold air, a mix of emotions.
The sounds of the door unlatching changed the atmosphere almost immediately, Zemo moving slightly, knowing you were standing before him only wearing those panties and those panties alone. You walk ever so slowly over to him, eyes averting to his semi-hard erection stood between his legs.
Smiling, you crawl into his lap, a groan escaping his lips as you place your legs either side of his thigh. Snuggling back into the crook of his neck, his aftershave filling your senses had you breathing deeply.
His hazel orbs settle on your cheeky grin, smiling already at your nakedness. Gazing downwards is when he could feel himself twitch once again, this time at the sight of you in those pretty lace panties.
“Oh darling…” he murmurs against the skin of your neck, enjoying the sight before him. You were timid, not all that confident but in front of Zemo it was a different story, always so willing to please.
He kisses you, catching you off guard, hands coming up to press your lips closer, the space between the two of you non-existent, body’s pressed against one another as you grind your already hard member against his thigh.
The kiss lasts longer than usual, his tongue clashing with your own, deepening it as his hands now travel down your arms to your hips, forcing you to rock back and forth. A whimper sounds out into the big room which had Zemo stop his activities.
Darkly, he watches you, eyes scanning your body always glancing back to the lingerie. “You look so handsome in them leibe” he growls, nipping at your jaw. That was enough to push up from his lap, moving to the otherside of the couch as you lay flat on your stomach, arching your body, ass up face down.
Zemo’s features were alluring, licking at his lips he moves into position, knowing all you wanted was for him to fuck you good, it’s what sugar daddies do right?
“Always so willing to please me pretty boy” he growls impotently, losing every will in his body to hold back, large calloused hands carefully pulling aside the pink panties, showing off your hole.
Nothing could prepare you for his assault, flicking his coat back he rested his hairy chest against the flat of your back, it tickled you slightly with every movement, his head resting on your shoulders. Spreading your cheeks he thrusted up into your tight heat.
You let out a satisfied mewl at the instant pain, the sheer thickness of his cock stretching you wide, the stinging pain growing as each inch is accommodated into you, but the pleasure as the tip prodded your Prostate already had your thighs trembling.
You grasp at the couch cover, knuckleheads turning white as Zemo sheaths himself fully inside, balls pressed up against your round cheeks. You arch your back as you feel him pull out slowly. He brings a hand to pull your legs further apart pushing back into you with a snap of his hips.
“How’s it feel?” Zemo half moans, half growls, already losing himself in your hole. Your lack of speech has Zemo once again smirking, his hips meeting yours once again as he stretches you out well, filling you entirely.
His hands move down to wrap around your hips, a grip sure to leave bruises, even handmarks. He’s fucking you with eagerness, a string of curses escaping his lips as he fucks up into you now setting a brutal pace.
One of his sweaty palms grip onto your panties, tugging on the material as it scraps against your sensitive cock head, pre-cum soaking the lace at the front.
A whine tells Zemo he’s doing a good job, his thrusts now hitting that sweet spot inside of you, the tip of his cock delicious brushing past it with each thrust. The sounds of skin on skin echoing off the walls and in your ears had your head spinning.
“D-Daddy” you groan, eyes screwed shut tightly as you cum, this spurs him on, his thrusts impossibly quicker as he aims to send you into overdrive whilst chasing his own orgasm.
“Always a good boy for daddy” the material of his jacket brushes past your hips, your body twitching as you bask in the bliss of your orgasm. Continuous moans left his lips as he too was close, you could tell by his thrusts and how sloppy he’s gotten.
He thrusts harder than before and you watch his face contort as he removes the hand from your lingerie, it now settled over your soaking bulge, it’s too much for you and with a whimper and a cry of his name you’re climaxing in his hand, you tighten which was enough to send him over the edge, reaching his peak quickly after you, spilling his seed into your hole.
His body collapses into your own, his sweaty chest clinging to your back as he silently moans into your ears, load after load covering your insides.
He kisses along your neck, over the mark he left a while back, you flinch at the contact but remain lazily flopped against the couch cover, your semen soaked panties sticking to your soft shaft.
You feel him pull out, chest lifting from your back, cum dribbling from your fucked out puffy hole, Zemo watched with a smirk, fingers coming slowy up to push his cum back in, toying with your entrance.
“You did me proud leibe” he passionately whispers into the air making you smile shyly…he really knew how to treat a man.
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wilburnout · 15 hours ago
Can you write a mirio x male reader where Mirio is constantly teasing him about stuff and he gets flustered by it?
Mirio x Male Reader
Mirio keeps teasing you about the cute things yo do <3
I’m sorry if this isn’t what you wanted- I’ve never written Mirio. Thank you for this opportunity!
Mirio’s favorite thing in the world was you. He loved you so much, and he loved telling you that, or showing it to you in kisses and cuddles. Though, sometimes he was more teasing than he meant to be, but that just spurred him on because you made the cutest faces.
For example, he liked sitting you on his lap when the both of you studied, because you looked so comfy when sitting with him. Usually, the two of you would sit together in his dorm to study, just so you two could be as lovey dovey as you wanted without being disturbed.
Besides, the library was distracting with all the other students and their pencils writing or the papers turning. Whenever you were struggling a little with something, you’d scrunch your nose up and pout, and it made you look so damn soft, like a little bunny. You’d put your pencil up to your chin an tap it against your lower lip, furrowing your eyebrows and narrowing your eyes.
The face you got when you eventually figured out the answer to whatever you were struggling on was even better- your eyes would widen and you’d get this little flash of realization in your eyes, and your happy expression would persist for the next few minutes of writing notes. Today, he just couldn’t help himself, and began to kiss your cheeks.
“Y/N, you’re adorable.” He mumbled, continuing to press kisses to your slowly warming cheeks.
“Where did this come from?” You knew Mirio was loving, but this was a little sudden.
“You just make the cutest little faces. You look so squishy.” To heighten his point, he held you face and squished your cheeks gently so your lips puckered up. He then proceeded to kiss your fish lips over and over and over again until your face was bright red with blush.
“Awww, is my little prince getting shy?”
“M-mirio..” You didn’t actually end up being very productive after that, but you felt very warm and loved, cuddled by the blond puppy-dog you called your boyfriend, getting soft kisses and little remarks about how cute you were. He nuzzled against your neck and whispered into your ear, turning your head to look at him whenever you tried to hide away in your hands or in his chest.
Mirio also thought they way you walked was cute. Whenever you walked together, you’d cling to his side and hold his hand nice and tight, just so you wouldn’t lose each other in the swarms of people around UA. Your hands were so little and soft, and they fit just right in his own.
“What’re you smiling at..?” You asked timidly, noticing Mirio staring at your intertwined fingers. He thought about the question before giving your hand a little squeeze.
“Oh, nothing much. Just about how much of a cutie you are. You and your little hands.”
“My hands aren’t that little-“
“They are! Look at these little fingers, and this soft palm. I love your hands Y/N.” He talked as he kissed each part of your hand, every finger, every knuckle, even your wrist.
“Ah, Ah, no arguing little prince. You’re so small and cute and I won’t have you disagreeing with that.”
Mirio, despite loving everything about you, found that his favorite thing in the world was your flustered face when you received so many compliments: and he’d keep complimenting and teasing you forever as long as he could see that face again.
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undercoveravenger · 2 days ago
Lakeside Lullaby
Tumblr media
Written for my 2021 Halloween event.
Pairing: Sam x Male!Water Fairy!Reader
Prompt: Sam + siren-ish reader who always disappears off to a “haunted” lake to sing and be himself.
A/N: Sorry this one ended up being so short; today has been wild and I didn’t have much more time to elaborate further! The next post of the Halloween event will be out on Friday, October 15th.
There were rumors of a haunted lake somewhere in the dense forests surrounding Alfea college. Stories of the lake had told of a sorrowful voice- a spirit who had drowned there and would drag anyone who followed it to their own watery graves. Sam hadn't ever really believed the tales, not until he and Flora had been out to search for some herbs for their father and heard the alluring voice drifting over the breeze, as though begging him to find it. Flora hadn’t seemed to hear it at all and continued on ahead, leaving her brother behind unintentionally.
Sam watched for a moment as his sister disappeared into the underbrush, chattering on cheerily to herself, and eventually regained his senses, dark eyes snapping back toward the direction that the singing was echoing from and feet beginning to carry him towards the source.
He walked for what felt like ages before finally coming to a stop at the edge of a lake with water so still and black, it almost looked like a pool of spilt ink. The song had faded and for a heart-stopping moment, Sam feared that he’d missed his chance to find the singer.
And then he noticed you.
You were barely discernible where you laid on your back in the middle of the lake, floating carelessly with your arms splayed out at your sides and your hair waving gently in the water. Sam could barely recognize you, but so many class sessions sneaking glances at you when you weren’t paying attention had him convinced that the person singing from the depths of the lake was the same quiet water fairy he’d tried (and failed) to convince himself he wasn’t crushing on.
Eventually your lips parted and your song began to ring over the barely-there waves once more, effortlessly ensnaring Sam in its wake. He slowly moved to sit down on the bank, content to close his eyes and listen to the enchanting sound of your voice, and knowing that he was finally going to talk to you the next time he saw you; after all, he could only imagine what it would be like if you chose to sing for him someday.
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jirousaint · a day ago
Tumblr media
users. denji, aki hayakawa & male reader.
contents. headcanons + two fics, a little angst & arguing, mutual attraction tho.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he was a tad bit slow to pick up on when you started to avoid him. but when he realized it, he thought you were just being weird and assumed you wanted to be left alone so he didn't really lose sleep over it.
but that was at first. days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and you haven't as so little spared him a glance or talked to him, anything. "how much time does a guy need alone?" was one of the many questions running through his head.
when he felt like you were probably cool now, he went up to you one day and tried to talk to know, like some friends tend to do. but you practically dissed him; you were so fucking cold and distant, he didn't understand why you were acting like this because you were supposed to be best buddies, amigos, a dynamic duo一why did you basically drop him? it pissed him off like no other and he wanted the truth IMMEDIATELY.
...which unfortunately led to an argument and more.
"What the hell's your problem?!" Denji hollered at you, his hand fisting the collar of your uniform. The volume of his voice made you wince and you grabbed his wrist, trying to pry him off you. "Me? What about you? You're in my face screaming for what?" You scowled.
There was one reason you could quickly think of that's behind the blond's outburst. He's never been this angry at you, but if you told him the truth...he'd probably hate you more than he already seems to.
"I'm tired of you actin' like I don't exist!" His grip got even tighter. "When I see you, you don't start talkin', you stopped coming over to hang out, nothing man. Tell me why you're fucking ignoring me. Was it over some petty shit I did? Well I'm sorry, okay?"
He doesn't even know what he did and he's still apologizing一but he didn't even do anything, it's all your stupid heart's fault. Damn it.
"Just leave me alone, it's nothing. I'm just being stupid." You tried to get him off you again but he grabbed your hand and squeezed. "Quit doin' that. Why won't you just talk to me? I'm right here in front of you! I don't care what it's about, just tell me what's up with you!" He was being so persistent, you knew he wasn't going to give up until you told him something. Your eyes started to burn and you felt tears trickle down your cheeks. You really couldn't hide it anymore could you?
"I can't stand to see your face. It makes me sick," you harshly exhaled and closed your eyes tight. You felt his body go rigid as you continued to speak. "It makes me so sick because everytime I see your face I'm reminded that we'll never be together."
"I hate that I had to like you of all people because I know you'll never want me the way that I want you."
You managed to peel his hands off of you but neither of you said anything, just standing in silence as you dried your eyes.
It was killing you the longer he stayed quiet, if anything, you wished the ground would just swallow you whole right now and maybe you'd be fine. But you knew that wasn't going to happen一nothing you wanted ever happened.
"[name]," his voice was uncertain, almost like a question. You kept your eyes screwed shut, not trusting yourself to look at him. But then, you were engulfed in warmth. Denji was hugging you. His arms were wrapped around you in what felt like a protective way.
"I can't believe you did all that 'cuz you have a crush on me." He snorted into your shoulder but you were still tense. "Don't be such a loner next time and say somethin'. I mean, I could like you too and you'd never know it 'cuz you ain't ask." he grumbled.
Hearing that made your face heat up, going slack in his embrace. Maybe waiting this long wasn't so bad if he felt the same as you. Maybe you could finally have what you've always wanted.
Tumblr media
when he picked up on it, he was really confused on why the hell you suddenly didn't want to be around him anymore. you would talk to him often, even about the stupidest things known to man; you were just always there. he grew to appreciate the time you guys spent together so he was kind of hurt that it was ripped away from him.
he didn't say anything at first, he was honestly waiting to be sure that his suspicions that you cutting him off were true.
and in aki's mind, he was correct: you barely looked his way, your kind smiles and addicting laughter became a rarity, you started to keep everything strictly professional and it was like there was a barrier separating you just completely withdrew yourself from him.
when he finally wanted to say something to you, he had to find a way to corner you in a room where no one would eavesdrop, much to your demise.
The raven was gripping your forearm tightly and you couldn't help but feel scrutinized as he stared you down, his navy eyes unreadable. Not a word has been said since he practically trapped you in this room and you were hesitant to even question the reason behind all of this.
Aki stared at you for a second longer before furrowing his eyebrows, finally letting you go but at the expense of pulling a cigarette out of his pocket. You kissed your teeth as he lit it up before chastising him, "did pull me in here just have a smoke? If that's what's so important then I'm leaving." You walked away and you almost thought he was going to let you walk out before he spoke up:
"Why don't you like me anymore?"
With your hand right on the handle, you froze and looked back him, delirious, like you couldn't believe what he asked.
"I'm sorry?"
He had the clue to at least look a little flustered from his words but he stood his ground, repeating it once again. "Did I do something? You just used to talk to me more, not ignore me like you do now." He blew out a puff of smoke and sighed deeply. "It really hurts not having you around anymore, [name]."
Aki wasn't looking at you this time. "What did I do to make you not like me?"
You were frozen at the door, looking like a deer in headlights. His words registered in your head and all you could think about was how he looked genuinely betrayed by you, his eyes all low and tired. A small chuckle made its way through you, then another, and then one after next until you were having a full on fit. He didn't say anything else but you felt that he was getting frustrated.
"It's just so funny," you dragged your palms down your face. "I was trying so hard to ignore my feelings for you because of the fact that we were just friends. I thought it was obvious enough, but I guess not. So i'll say it...
I don't like you anymore because I'm in love with you, dumbass."
"Oh," it was so soft you almost didn't hear it. Aki's face flushed and stared at you, cigarette long forgotten between his fingers. "I wish you would'a say something earlier, then I probably wouldn't have been so worried." He sighed, relieved at the revelation. "God, I really thought you hated me."
You shrugged with a tiny smile, "yeah, well, I don't. Stop overthinking."
"I could say the exact same thing to you." Aki brought the cigarette to his lips one last time and inhaled, his eyes never leaving your's.
You knew what he meant一he knows that, even if it's left unspoken and floating in the air.
Tumblr media
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khaishoo · 10 hours ago
"𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚐𝚎 𝙰𝚗𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚕𝚢"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
࿐ character(s): Touya Todoroki (Dabi)
࿐ genre: sfw, fluff
࿐ type: oneshot
࿐ requested by: N/A
⌦ vigilante m!reader (he/him)
⌦ kinda crush type beat? idk what tf this is honestly.
⌦ ‘you were something Dabi could not understand, in fact, there were exactly two sides of a coin. the heroes, the villains. yet here you are, standing in front of him. someone in-between the lines of society.’
A/N: most likely ooc!dabi but fuuuck it. but sometimes random concepts come into mind bc my fucking poetic ass can’t shut the fuck up about dabi nor hawks lately. me wanting to type his real name but i feel like i’ll spoil stupidly somehow but did it anyways.
fuck it yes, im posting at like 10 pm.
Tumblr media
vigilantes. someone, mainly a “citizen”,   who undertake law enforcement in their community without legal authority. or... in this case a legal license or trace of heroism. not everyone can be a hero in society, a savior to common folk. solely, it really does depend on perspectives. if vigilantes, people like you, were accepted and liked. generally it was a hard bargain. but you enjoyed helping and saving others, even if it was doing it illegally.
perched on the edge of a roof, you hugged one leg closer to your chest while the other dangle down. you weren’t really afraid of heights, since your quirk often- included high elevated trips for movement. an agile, flexible one at that. but feeling no pressure under your feet, on your body even- was a relieving feeling. open air to breath in compared to your “day life”, just being another civilian. going through a day hours of work till the afternoon, staying inside that home of yours, then off to sleep. but occasionally those sleepless nights of stress will crawl their way back to you.
just like the chains of hands you had succumbed to before. but, you used your “night life” to get away from it.
letting out a light huff, you watched the cloud of coldness come from your mouth. snuggling into your own clothing as you felt a slight chill up your spine from the winter weather, you wouldn’t really work and do business at cold seasons but... tonight would be the only exception.
“Didn’t know you would be here again.”
the sudden sound of a ragged voice made you jump, your head instinctively looking behind you to see him. the villain you had met several nights before at this same exact spot.
“Oh? Did I scare a lil rodent like you? Catch you off guard?” he teased, seeing your body flinching from his sudden appearance.
“Shut up, scar-face.” you let out a deep sigh, hugging both of your legs closer now. 
hearing Dabi walk closer to you, step by step, your body tensed up before seeing him sit down a step or so next to you through your peripheral vision. making you relax just a little in his presence. you couldn’t trust him fully if you really wanted to.
“Someone’s surely snappy tonight.” “Something bothering you or some shit?”
“..just can’t sleep.”
he glanced over at you, not buying such an excuse but he didn’t bother to try and pry a genuine answer from you. only shrugging, he leaned back with his hands holding him up eyes gazing up at the little stars that peeked out from the light pollution.
odd comfortable silence hovered in the air. not a single word was exchanged anymore. just hearing each other’s soft breathing. only the sound of the distant night of the city surrounding you both.
although... as time shortly flew by, your eyelids grew heavy. feeling the hefty weight of slumber hitting you no matter how you prevented it earlier. huffing, you scooted away from the edge to lay your body down. with legs propped up and your hands over your stomach.
“Hey, don’t go sleeping on me now. I don’t wanna drag your ass back to the League base- or I might get in trouble this time.” Dabi glared at you, already knowing you would pass out sooner or later.
“..yeah yeah.. You could just leave me here in the damn cold then.” you said with a light smile on your face, already knowing he wouldn’t just leave you.
but oh... oh that dumb fucking smile you did. it always appeared on your face whenever you were exhausted, just straight up tired. it was.. a genuine one at that, and Dabi knew that. he had always seen your face whenever he caught you doing those “heroic” actions of yours, but they never seemed real.
he had continued to stare at you, eyes gazing your face as he focused on every detail. the way the bright city lights seem to reach your face from here that clashed with the cold dark of the night. this wasn’t the first time he has seen you like this, but this was, admittedly- the first time he has thought about you like this with you- you here. feeling his face flare and heat up, he looked away, muttering a few words that were inaudible to you.
he felt lucky that your eyes were already closed, getting comfy as drowsiness grew over you, he was relieved you didn’t see how flustered he got with those strange sudden thoughts.
Dabi didn’t understand what he found in you. he doesn’t. but he wants to know what it is so badly. you were just another mystery to him, an anomaly, an enigma.
“Dumb Vigilante.. Stupid Y/N..”
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deangreyst-john · 11 hours ago
"Not gon' kick my ass yet?"
Daryl x Male reader
A/N: This is my first time ever writing fanfic and I did write like half of this while high. But let me know how I did. I haven't written in years, sorry if I'm a bit rusty.
It hadn't taken him long to notice you. You weren't here when he arrived, one look at Rick told him you weren't known to the sherriff either. You were carrying a large backpack, seemingly half full from the way you were lugging it through the gates. You stomped past Deanna, making your way down the street.
He'd figured out your name was Y/N. You were Deanna's other son. The one that was never here, the one always scavenging. She didn't seem too impressed with you, which Daryl couldnt understand. You were obviously putting in most of the work.
He didnt mean too, but he often caught himself watching you while you went about. You were distant, but always the first one around when someone needed help. You were anxious. He'd noticed that everytime you entered a room you scanned for exits, a way to get out before anything had the chance to try you. He knew because he did the same thing.
You were usually the first to start up conversations, Daryl was never much of a talker. After a while you started to gravitate towards him when you entered a room, striking up conversation or just standing there in comfortable silence. Daryl had to admit, he didnt mind the presence. He had taken a shine to you.
It was around the time that everybody started joking that you were each others shadows when he noticed it. That feeling. When you teased him, when you laughed, when you told him stories about your old life just to cheer him up. That feeling that he couldn't quite place.
It was like appreciation but more? He watched you roll your eyes at his dumb jokes, the ones he finally felt comfortable uttering with you. He watched you reload your guns the day before a run. He watched you pace around him on the sidewalk, so deep in a story about the dumb thing Glenn did yesterday that you didnt even notice him looking.
And finally, he placed it.
He loved you. He truly did. And once he placed it, he couldnt ignore it. It crept up on him. His stomach flipped when you put yourself in danger. His eyes softened around you and everyone saw it but you. You couldnt tell him you felt the same way, you couldnt ruin what you had now.
Aaron noticed. Teasing both you and Daryl endlessly. Glenn and Maggie noticed, the two made it into an inside joke between the three of you. Rick noticed. But he had always noticed. He saw the way Daryl looked at you. It was the same way he looked at Michonne.
Daryl decided he would never say it. And if one of you died without him ever admitting his love for you out loud, so be it.
But he left for a run one day, and when he left you had been safe at home. It was supposed to be quick and easy, but Daryl knew these runs never actually panned out that way.
The building he was in had one room in it that was locked. Full of walkers, a chair shoved in front of it. Daryl decided he couldn't take that many, not alone. So he left it, deciding to search the other side of the building, steering clear of the room.
He wasn't sure how it happened, but the chair slipped. He heard it clatter to the ground, and he heard the door fall open with it. He cursed under his breath, the only way out was back the way he came. Daryl moved to the window next to him, knocking the glass out with his boot.
The walkers were stumbling into the room now, groaning and bumping into one another. Daryl was hanging out of a second floor window, but if he did this right, he wouldn't bust anything.
He did it wrong.
He knew he did it wrong, because the second he hit the ground he felt a searing pain up his left leg. He knew it wasnt broken, but it was definitely not right.
Daryl limped his way into an alley. He couldn't ride like this, he could barely put any pressure on his foot. He'd have to wait for someone to notice he was gone. Then he'd have to wait for them to find him. He remembered when you'd given him a walkie talkie, told him to keep it on him "just in case". He felt stupid for scoffing at you now, he could use it. You were right, but you always were.
You were the one to notice when Daryl didnt cone back. You'd listened all day, waiting for the sound of his bike to travel over the walls and back to you. But it never did.
Tara had said that Daryl would be back around 5, so when it hit 6, you went to Rick. After voicing your concerns and ignoring the look Tara gave you when you did, Rick agreed. Daryl had been gone too long, he should be back by now. Those words calmed you. Knowing Rick took you seriously. He asked why you hadn't gone to Deanna about it.
"Because he's your people. And Mom wouldn't let me ride out of here just to go get him," Rick smiled at that, and lightly told you that he wasn't gonna let you do that either. He, Michonne and Tara would go, but you had to stay with Carl and Judith. Your stomach flipped, and you tried to stop it, but when he told you that you were staying your face fell anyways.
You knew that Rick knew Daryl better than anyone, better than even you. But your body still ached from how tense it was. You cooked with Carl, (attempted it, anyways) read to Judith, walked around the community with them both to clear your head. But when dinner rolled around and Carol showed up to save you from your failed, earlier attempt at a meal, your stomach still twisted.
"He's fine, you know how he is, probably just lost track of time," Carol said, heating up the food while Carl laid Judith down. "I know, but," You rolled your palms over your eyes. It didnt matter if she was right, you just wish you knew what was happening.
Carol laid a hand on your shoulder, and for a moment, you calmed. She made you eat, even when you said you didn't feel like it. And when Carl went to bed and Carol left, you sat on the porch and listened. Like you had been the whole day.
It was almost 11 by the time you heard it. You were half asleep with your head leaning against the post when the sound finally reached you. The gates opened and the sound drifted closer. But it was Rick sat on the bike instead of Daryl.
When he saw the look on your face, he chuckled and shook his head. "Infirmary. Twisted his ankle but he's fine otherwise," You nodded, thanking Rick before jogging off to the Infirmary.
Daryl was sat on a small cot, running his hand over his face. He was exhausted, you could tell. When he looked up at the sound of your steps, you stopped. His eyes softened when he saw it was you. He knew you were probably ready to punch him with how long he'd been gone without even saying goodbye. You always gave him hell when he did that.
But instead, your shoulders fell with relief, finally relaxing at the sight of him breathing. Your arms wrapped around him, and after a moment, he reciprocated. He breathed out a heavy sigh. You smelt like pine and lavender, and earlier today he wasn't sure he'd ever get to hug you again. That was never a guarantee these days.
"You ever do that again, I'm gonna kill you," He smiled when he heard you. "Not gon' kick my ass yet?" He asked lightly. "No. Wouldn't be fair, you're only working with one leg," You chuckled as you pulled away.
Your eyes were glassy, and your nose was red. " 'M sorry, Y/N," Daryl looked at you guiltily. You smiled at him, you weren't mad. "Just don't leave like that again. Without saying goodbye," He nodded. You were right, you always were.
The mood shifted. The tension from the day was washed away, and suddenly you were just left with eachother. His eyes weren't leaving yours, and when you finally couldn't take it anymore, looking away, at the floor, at your feet, at the wall next to you, Daryl made a decision.
His rough hand came up to your face, turning you to face him once again. Your eyes weren't glossy anymore, the tears had been replaced with something else. He gently pulled you forward, and when you didn't pull away, he pushed himself towards you, lips capturing yours gently. Your hands came up into his hair, holding him there.
When you finally had to push back to catch a breath, you didn't go very far. Resting your forehead against his softly, both of you breathing heavily. You smiled, "What?" He asked gruffly, smiling back up at you. "Nothing, just never thought I'd get to do that," You whispered.
He kissed you once more, and this time you couldnt help but grin against his lips. "Stay a while?" He asked quietly, you didn't need to answer, jumping up next to him on the cot. And before you could stop to think of how the others would react, Daryls arms wrapped around you, and before you knew it, the sound of his steady breathing lulled you to sleep.
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I'm so sick of having to go through my notifications and block people with "she/her" and "she/they" in their bios when they like or reblog my nsfw shit. Why can't y'all just be fucking respectful.
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