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#monster oc

Moodboards for my teen goth gang!! Goth fashion is so diverse and I love that about it <3 

Gildie is a rich little daddy’s girl and her style is very preppy and reflects that. Basically a goth version of Cher’s Clueless suit. She likes elegant jewellery and her style tends to lean toward a more simplistic side. She likes very classic pieces, is strictly monochrome and loves black and white stripes. 

Porfiria has been into goth clothing since it’s conception in the 80s and has fully embraced all incarnations of it, however her heart is in the 2000s era. She’s hoarded stuff from all decades and loves to playing around with them and is very into the goth version of kitsch.

Indu is fascinated by fairytales and old literature, she wears a lot of very elegant items in different textures and materials and draws inspiration from the 1800s, 20s and 30s with a modern day twist and whimsical accessories. 

November is gen z to the core and her style is inspired by pastel goth and e girl with her own unique touches(she’s also nicked some of the stuff her older sister wore when she was a teenager in the late 2000s/early 2010s). She absolutely loves Halloween and puts as much of its imagery into her wardrobe as she can.

Made on Urstyle which is the best Polyvore replacement imo <3 

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Monster Noru!!!!


He is so cuuuute!!!!!🥺💞💕💞💕💞💕but he hate’s being a monster 😔,that is he’s big sister Neri the princess<3

She try to help her little brother to fight the curse at nigth she love’s his brother so much 🥺 she is trying her best to get his brother back…

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OwO Whats this? A new character thats NOT a jester?? There are gonna be new jesters in the future regardless but in the meAN TIME-

Here is this dashing fellow! I do not have a name for him yet, so he is simply refered to as the Doctor for now. He is basically a combo between a mad scientist/doctor/plague doctor of sort. Anyways, I hope ya’ll like his design concept, and soon he will get a full body ref ✌

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Más del principe noru! U.U💜💖😈


Noru es uno de mis personajes principes que me gustan!!!♡w♡.

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¿Am i a MONSTER?….


Curse Prince comic coming soon my baby’s ;³ it’s ganna take a while but it’s ganna be great!! It’s because i want ya’ll to meet my favorite oc i made “PRINCE NORU” ;D.

-The comic is in ibispaint

-sometimes in medibangpaint

Do not steal!

Do not edit!

Do not trace!!!

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Here is the second protagonist of that webcomic I mentioned in my previous piece!

His name is Mitchell, he’s an absolute punk of a mon(ster), and he will absolutely break into your house and clear your kitchen of all the food in it (and also maybe occupants - it depends)

Gender isn’t a real thing for him
He just likes the way he/him pronouns sounds and feel in regards to addressing him

He’s Jazmin’s partner in detective work throughout the story, and although he has a lot of ties to Big (Sometimes Shady) Names in the monster population, he still tends to be a bit of a roadblock in their progress towards solving the mysteries that always seem to pop up. Having been offered freedom and forgiveness for his most recent crime - one which he is extremely adamant he did not actually commit - it’s at first his only driving reason to really care about this case in the first place. Over time, though, as he comes back to the outside world and connects with faces old, new, and multiple, things obviously begin to change for the shapeshifter.

Hope y’all like this gangly bitch of a monster man!

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I had such a vivid image of Alma with short hair and an undercut that I had to draw it the minute I woke up, I love the vibe the short hair gives her so I’m leaving it like that from now on 

I also tweaked her color palette a bit, and I returned to the dark desaturated red for her skin because I was sorely missing it ;;

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and now for a mother and daughter! don’t let Alma’s expression fool you, she enjoys mom’s hugs quite a lot :>

Zizi belongs to @for-the-love-of-angst, Alma is mine!

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commission information !

If you wanna know more about these guys I can take asks for them. 

Wes and Cav aren’t part of the elementals they’re just there for the meme. Their source media is linked in their names there. 

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