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The World Has Changed

“The portal we passed through. These buildings. All these books! How does this place still exist?” asks Polonius, excitedly motioning to the shelves, desks, and artifacts strewn around the room. “I thought places like the Academy were destroyed during The Truing.”

“Everything you know about The Truing is a lie, Polonius,” explains the Curator. “There are two sides to every story. You only know the Emperor’s version.”

“How can that be?,” asks Polonius, incredulous. “I have so many questions, Curator!”

“Will you allow me to tell you the other side of the story, our story, the real story of The Truing?” asks the Curator.

“Yes!’ exclaim both Polonius and Penelope in unison.

"Very well. This is the real story of The Truing and how the Academy of Forgotten Arts and Sciences came to be here, now.”

The Curator raises his left hand, palm towards the ceiling. The air shimmers above his outreached hand and coalesces into a whirling cloud of light. The light spins and grows. An image begins to take form within the swirling luminescence.

Polonius and Penelope gaze into the light as image the image becomes clearer, as if emerging from a fog.

“The world has changed and there are few now who remember it as it once was,” intones the Curator.


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Nick Land, The Thirst for Annihilation
Who cares what ‘anyone’ thinks, knows, or theorizes about Bataille? The only thing to try and touch is the intense shock-wave that still reaches us along with the textual embers…for as long, that is, as anything can still ‘reach us’.
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Nick Land, The Thirst for Annihilation
…it is only in the twisted interstitial spaces of failure that contact, infection, and—at the limit—the anegoic intimacy that [Bataille] calls ‘communication’ can take place.
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