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Lies & Half-Truths on Escaping Poverty | [Radical Responsibility]

The Brookings Institution says there are “three simple rules” poor people can follow to escape poverty and join the middle-class, a claim echoed by political commentators such as Ben Shapiro. This video looks into this claim and shows the various ways it is false. (Details below.)             ==========================================================             Would you like to help me and my channel? You can if you: like, comment,             subscribe, hit the bell to turn on all notifications, and please also share             this video and tell people about my channel. Thank you!             ========================================================== So, what are the three rules the Brookings Institution says people should follow to escape poverty? 1. Graduate high school 2. Get a full-time job 3. Don’t have kids unless you’re married (and at least 21) According to an article on the Brookings Institution website: “Our research shows that of American adults who followed these three simple rules, only about 2 percent are in poverty and nearly 75 percent have joined the middle class.” This claim of “three rules to escape poverty” has become a big talking point for people who want to sell you the idea that poverty is easy to overcome, so if you’re poor, it must be your own fault. (Ben Shapiro in particular repeats the “three rules” mantra very often.) This is why it’s so important to debunk this research: it empowers an agenda to ignore the most powerful causes of poverty and ignore the most effective solutions. If we get the diagnosis wrong, we will get the cure wrong, too. As this video shows, poverty cannot be solved by the poor making better choices. There are bigger forces causing poverty than the sum of individual choices, such as socioeconomic conditions and capitalism, itself. The “three simple rules to escape poverty” claim is factually wrong, and this video will explain why.

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I tend to avoid stating my opinions on Tumblr or anywhere for that matter but ive been really frustrated so if you want to read about my opinion have at it. I will not engage in hateful replies I will only engage in genuinely curious and peaceful comments. opinions to follow:

i get it, yall hate cops and white people and cis/het people and anyone who doesnt fit your skewed view of what people “should be like”

what I dont get is why you have to condemn literally everyone who disagrees with you just because they dont have the same opinion as you

People arent perfect, we never could be. that doesnt mean we shouldn’t strive to be better and kinder and whatever but you have to realize not everyone is going to think exactly like you.

May I remind everyone that we are not supposed to be a hive mind species. We have the brain capacity to have differing views (opinions) from one another. Isnt that wonderful? Isnt that whats so fantastic about being human?

Unfortunately there are a lot of people that dont like that. In many communities you’re expected to have specific views like everyone else in that community on every single political thing and if you dont you’re shunned from the community and told you’re not really a part of that community, that you couldn’t be because you dont think exactly like the community.

everyone in the community prides themselves on being open-minded about every issue when really they try to shut down anyone with a different opinion. Its so aggravating because I’d love to have deep conversations with people my age about politics and economics but if I were to even say one of my opinions theyd completely derail the conversation telling me im not really an ally or im not really trans because I dont have the same opinion as the rest of the community.

all I want is to live in a country where people can have different opinions without hating each other for it. but to much to ask for right?

Anyway if you have questions or whatever just send an ask or dm me.

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page 433 - Economian knight fight nights were hugely popular, promoted with posters whose graphic design looks shockingly similar to contemporary fight promotion materials.

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Since only 7 days of lockdown overlapped with the last days of the quarter, the data is derived from the pre lockdown slowdown. But that does not hide the upcoming economic crisis India may face post lckdown.

It goes without saying that the number for Q1 of the current financial year will be much lower bordering on the negative as the lockdown had put all breaks to the economic activities.

The core sector output contracted by 38% in April is an indicator of the dent which the lockdown is likely to bring forth in economic activity and the resultant numbers.
With the ongoing lockdown and flight of migrant workers, construction activity could further shrink.

Though the stimulus package released by the govt. may help soften the blow but sadly that would not be enough.

The focus of the govt’s. stimulus package should have been on to demand generating measures rather than easing loans for the business sector.

At this rate, India may face another recession which may be even bigger than the previous one. 

May29th, 2020

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The GDP numbers for both the fourth quarter of 2019-20 and also the full financial year,3.1 and 4.2 resp., signals that the economic situation is grim.

India’s growth was already low during the pre-lockdown period. This number fully reflects the slowdown which the economy was going through in the last two years, and it also amply highlights the importance of a demand-led recovery for sustainable future growth. 

This number is important to consider because it would be the base against which the impact of the lockdown and consequent demand destruction, loss of productivity and employment would be mapped. 

The only silver lining could be agricultural growth that’s expected to remain stable on the back of expectations of a good monsoon, since pandemic induced lockdowns have mostly affected non agricultural sectors.

The construction and the manufacturing sectors have shown contraction in output. Since construction sector is the 2nd largest employment sector after agriculture, a significant decline is expected amid lockdown. 

May 29th, 2020 

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Imagine society where you could sit in front of a computer all day and move some controls so that everyday, part of your rent is paid, and then food is delivered to your house. Maybe your controls move the robot that makes a 100 deliveries to other people that day. It’d be like playing a game all day, but you’d make society function.

Your shelter and food would be earned for that day, and you would’ve played a vital role in society, and the rest of your time is yours. You could work as little or as much as you wanted, so long as the allocation of works is made available to you.

Essentially, this would be a UBI based system, where the assets are in the robots doing the actual work, and you as the human being would hold the equity on which you earn your keep helping make this robotic existence keep society functioning.

Others who are more ambitious, can elect to join a university to advance discourse and technology, while others may join a service like the police force, others may choose to study medicine, and etc. These more ambitious people would earn they correct allocation that is deemed worthy by their choosing to take on a harder more advanced purpose.

Your only required schooling as a child would be to ensure that you could aptly move controls, while those exhibiting special gifts may be selected for more rigorous schooling to voluntarily join a more advanced service.

This is a dystopic society but it’s also a structured society that is basically what a lot of people, especially Gen Z is calling for.

(This does not take into account any of the potential downfalls of this type of system).

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20.05.2020 ~ Happy world bee day! 🐝 feat. notes on economics of climate change and my cute bee brooch

Also I bought glasses that filter the blue light out of displays and I feel like they really work for me!

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…amidst food security concerns which threaten unrest.

Sales of meat substitute products increase by 200% in the US amid government mandated closures of slaughterhouse facilities. Bruce Friedrich from the Good Food Institute credits the pandemic with accelerating the trend.

The automated nature of alternative meat product production removes supply chain problems faced by much of the food industry.

In context:

1)   US meat production has seen a massive fall as capacity cannot be met. The retail price of meat has significantly risen in comparison to the major price drop for livestock. Ron Prestage of Prestage farms warns of “tight supplies at grocery stores” for an extended period of time.

2)   G20 has expressed major concern for the disruption of global supply chains. Access to food as well as income to afford food are at risk. Experts warn that this could trigger a mass wave of migration. Philippine’s military is even prepared for a martial law-type lockdown if social unrest occurs.

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