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right-2-rebel · 23 days ago
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Free Market > Government
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right-2-rebel · a month ago
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Boss made a dollar
I made a dime,
That was a poem
From a simpler time.
Now boss makes a thousand
And gives us a cent
While he’s got employees 
Who can’t pay the rent.
So when boss makes a million
And the workers make jack
Then that’s when we riot
And take our lives back.
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remember when Elon Musk said he’s probably gonna let a bunch of people die on the mars mission?
“You might die. It’s going to be uncomfortable. You probably won’t have good food. And all these things. An arduous and dangerous journey where you may not come back alive, but it’s a glorious adventure… Honestly, a bunch of people probably will die in the beginning.”
he rly went
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wallisninety-six · 5 months ago
Amidst discussion about wealth inequality and race issues, I really wanna hammer into younger Gen Zers minds about how awful Ronald Reagan was I feel like we all got propaganda’d in school on how great he was just because of basic charisma and for the fact that he made some dopey speech at the berlin wall, but looking back he was just pure fucking evil: He caused so many problems that we’re all dealing with today- and problems that made Zoomers become “Doomers”:
He made explicit pleas to segregationists and klansmen when talking about states rights, endangering the lives of POC in the process
he KILLED unions, working class people lost bargaining power against the rich and lost livable wages, starting the end of the middle class, we never recovered
His trickle down economics killed any chance of real progressive tax on the rich & ensured that trillions would go to the rich for *generations*
He demonized the shit out of black people, he literally never saw them as human, especially those that were homeless and struggling with addictions (a problem he made much, much worse)
He *knew* about the AIDS crisis and for the longest time, did *nothing*, he sat by and intentionally let so many Black, Hispanic, Indigenous & Queer people die horrible deaths, with no remorse. The community is still grappling with the effect of that to this very day
All of us are angry about how Rich people are putting down poor people during this Gamestop-Robinhood fiasco, it’s good to remember when that started to get real popular...when people say “Ronald Reagan was the devil”, they’re not fucking around.
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katsanarchist · 3 months ago
I hate Fallout fans so much you don't even know
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septictankie · 6 months ago
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56 new billionaires. 8 million fall into poverty.
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prole-log · 3 months ago
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