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a-literal-marxist · 34 minutes ago
just had someone in my twitter dms say i should be executed for pointing out that prince philip was actually a bigoted asshole lmao.
i hate it here, can we just abolish england?
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pixiefoibles · an hour ago
PSA “theory” doesn’t need to be 100+ yr/old dense ass texts. “Theory” needs to be 1) Well researched 2) Thought out.
Do not let the intimidation of Karl “I Will Invent So Much Terminology You Need A Specialized Dictionary” Marx discourage you from educating yourself.
Find out who the MODERN experts are. Read what they have to say, especially marginalized people. Take literal notes, if you have the bandwith. Make sure what you’re reading has sources, and if something sounds fishy or just very different from what you already know, check those sources.
I also encourage you to break down your learning. You don’t need to know everything all at once, and you’ll learn more if you give yourself time to digest.
Stay safe. (Oh, and learn dogwhistles)
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wildfloppydisc · 2 hours ago
sometimes I like to think about how socialist and communist tumblr would have ripped The End of History and the Last Man to absolute shreds with glee
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knowslikesnows · 3 hours ago
Turns out The Communist Manifesto is on Spotify.
Absolute banger of an album.
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illegitimate-biden · 4 hours ago
Watch "Maxine Waters INCITES VIOLENCE as Calls for Her IMPEACHMENT SURGE!!!" on YouTube
Mad Maxine is a Marxist/socialist/communist/socialist/Fascist. She needs to be removed from Congress.
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learnvivekananda · 4 hours ago
நிர்வாகமும் சமுதாய வகுப்புகளும் 1
நிர்வாகமும் சமுதாய வகுப்புகளும் 1
1.சமுதாயத்தின் வகுப்புகள் என்றால் என்ன? அவை எப்படி நிர்வாகத்தை ஆள்கின்றன? மனித சமுதாயம் வரிசையாக பிராமண, க்ஷத்திரிய, வைசிய, சூத்திரர்கள் என்ற நான்கு ஜாதியினரால் ஆளப்பட்டு வருகிறது. ஒவ்வொரு நிலையும் அதற்கான பெருமைகளையும் குறைகளையும் கொண்டதாக உள்ளது. பிராமணர்கள் ஆளும்போது, பிறந்த குலத்தைக் காரணமாகக் கொண்டு, பிராமணர்களைத் தவிர மற்ற அனைவரும் ஒதுக்கப்படுகிறார்கள். புரோகிதர்களுக்கும் அவர்களின்…
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richpeoplescams · 5 hours ago
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Bourgeois Version of Jesus Sandals - $560
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footieridiculosity · 5 hours ago
American pundits with large followings who have no knowledge of or interest in football feeling the need to weigh in on the super league:
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anarchoenbyist · 5 hours ago
Sometimes my patience slips up with conservatives, completely sold on conservative propaganda as a basis for factual reality. Like, my dad tried to tell me yesterday that Democrats only ever vote along party lines, unlike Republicans, and I was like.. You mean for example the latest stimulus bill that literally every single Republican voted against, along with 6-7 Democrats???
Like imagine just having an entire worldview that just needs no connection to factual reality whatsoever.
Mainstream conservative politics is literally just.. taking every single factually true bad thing about themselves and Uno card reversing it onto the Democrats. Hell, that's how we got so far down this rabbit hole that people genuinely believe "radical liberal" isn't pure nonsense.
For real though; Only caring about political power, being obsessed with identity politics, being entitled and easily outraged, lying about their opponents in political ads, being beholden to lobbyist money, only supporting the party position instead of the interest of the people, not caring about scientific or sociological data to inform their positions.. I could go on and on. These are all things that I have explicitly heard Republicans say that Democrats do, which the Republicans are blatantly, factually, proveably more guilty of by leaps and bounds.
It's ABSURD how much of the GOP's perpetuation of their power absolutely relies on hypocritical lying. Just blatant, outright lying. Fighting against all scientific, economic, historical, and sociological consensus, pushing narratives that the entire rest of the population plainly sees through. But the individual conservatives are so, SO wrapped up in identity politics that they don't actually give a shit about fact checking.
Like listen if you really think the Democrats are guilty of this shit, which they in many cases are, then you have NO fucking business pretending the GOP doesn't do all of that to a greater degree. Just admit those talking points are just a bludgeon to use against your opposition, and that you have no principles. This is why it's hard to criticize establishment Dems, knowing full well that every single dumbass with a bone to pick is gonna jump in and pretend that it's proof that the GOP is less guilty.
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immigrationnewsdigest · 7 hours ago
Americans are, of course, the most thoroughly and passively indoctrinated people on earth. They know next to nothing as a rule about their own history, or the histories of other nations, or the histories of the various social movements that have risen and fallen in the past, and they certainly know little or nothing of the complexities and contradictions comprised within words like “socialism” and “capitalism.” Chiefly, what they have been trained not to know or even suspect is that, in many ways, they enjoy far fewer freedoms, and suffer under a more intrusive centralized state, than do the citizens of countries with more vigorous social-democratic institutions. This is at once the most comic and most tragic aspect of the excitable alarm that talk of social democracy or democratic socialism can elicit on these shores. An enormous number of Americans have been persuaded to believe that they are freer in the abstract than, say, Germans or Danes precisely because they possess far fewer freedoms in the concrete. They are far more vulnerable to medical and financial crisis, far more likely to receive inadequate health coverage, far more prone to irreparable insolvency, far more unprotected against predatory creditors, far more subject to income inequality, and so forth, while effectively paying more in tax (when one figures in federal, state, local, and sales taxes, and then compounds those by all the expenditures that in this country, as almost nowhere else, their taxes do not cover). One might think that a people who once rebelled against the mightiest empire on earth on the principle of no taxation without representation would not meekly accept taxation without adequate government services. But we accept what we have become used to, I suppose. Even so, one has to ask, what state apparatus in the “free” world could be more powerful and tyrannical than the one that taxes its citizens while providing no substantial civic benefits in return, solely in order to enrich a piratically overinflated military-industrial complex and to ease the tax burdens of the immensely wealthy?
Three Cheers for Socialism | Commonweal Magazine
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Cuba: May Day commemorations called in our living, united, victorious homeland
The Secretariat of the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) calls for the celebration of International Workers' Day with virtual events and activities.
The convocation issued by the CTC Secretariat states, “The Federation of Cuban Workers and its national unions call on our people to celebrate International Workers' Day, preceded by the historic days of the Communist Party of Cuba’s 8th Congress, which will be another resounding demonstration of our unwavering decision to advance the Revolution with the united efforts of all Cuban patriots. Its agreements will constitute a compass guiding the action of workers who continue to move forward in the implementation of the profound changes we have proposed, as part of the updating of the Economic and Social Model of Socialist Development.
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fungal-gnosis · 7 hours ago
I just read about the CEO of Gravity Payments who raised his company’s minimum wage, and how fox news and rush limbaugh called him... a... socialist...... for paying his employees more.......
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