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justlgbtthings · 7 hours ago
proof that not every -ism is bad:
yeah autistic people are good
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bae-guevara · 5 hours ago
couple of days ago i posted 👇🏾abt Wisconsin changing a law that will allow kids as young as 14yo to work till 11 pm
meanwhile in china:
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id: tweet by GDTVhazza
"#China has issued a new law prohibiting Chinese parents from placing excessive academic pressure on young children. It states that parents/guardians should set aside sufficient time for minors to rest, play, and exercise. The law will come into effect Jan. 1, 2022"
this thread on twitter is filled with liberals in horror that china is implementing laws to protect children because:
"they don’t want a young class of well educated people able to question their governments actions!!" & "Authoritarian China is telling parents how to raise their kids. What next?!"
just cope and seethe mfs... cope and seethe
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defleftist · 2 days ago
Hot take: If business owners are having a hard time attracting workers because they can’t afford to pay workers a living wage then their business deserves to close down.
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Marriage is not a necessity.
Marriage is nothing more than a blind hope and a validation for something that already exists.
Societal advantages are no longer germane anymore.
And this is definitely not about commitment phobia. You just don’t need a contract to trust yourself or your partner.
Leaving the door wide open is incisive than holding or legally constraining someone to stay.
Getting played by the obsessions of being in congruence with societal norms and not listening to yourself is just vacuous.
Oh come on already, you know that “settling down” actually refers to a “total submission”.
You don’t have to get all tied down and domesticated when you can run wild and free.
And again it all comes down to ones “choice”.
If you’re someone who constantly tries to “fit in” or if you value social affirmations then go ahead and get married but if you’re someone who believes in your instincts and doesn’t get controlled by societal opinions, you can go ahead and happily tell people that marriage isn’t for you. “Choose wisely”.
And Confucius said, marriage is a bottomless pit of sorrow that makes you forget who you are.. 😆😆
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Day of Solidarity with the People of Laos (October 12)
OSPAAAL poster, Cuba, 1969
Via Soviet Visuals
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karelcapekamerika · 2 days ago
Former Democratic Virginia Gov. Douglas Wilder, the commonwealth's first Black governor, condemned the campaign of Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe for launching a video to play at Black churches after the service in which Vice President Kamala Harris urges churchgoers to vote for McAuliffe. Lawyers have suggested that when churches play the video, they violate Section 501(c)3 of the IRS code, potentially imperiling their tax-exempt status.
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aristocat98 · a day ago
in capitalism everything is about power, unless it's about money or sex. if it's about money, then it's about power, but if it's about sex... then it's also about power
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bae-guevara · 13 hours ago
people who snitch on shoplifters are bitch made
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