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If you take on the mantel of Witchcraft, you take on hundreds of years of oppression, ostracism, and fear. You live a life of discrimination and being cast out of society, and you know the pain of being trod down into the dirt. Even if you don’t, if you somehow never encountered hate or criticism over your soul’s resonance and path in life, your spiritual predecessors and ancestors did. They suffered in the name of their Craft, and you carry that weight and stigma with you by taking the title upon yourself. They lived in fear. Some of us still do. The path may be a choice, but it is your DUTY by accepting that path to stand with the victims of the same travesty and injustice. If you don’t, your faith and spirituality are no more than title and vanity.

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My friend: okay, hear me out, Deity themed Build-A-Bears. A little owl one for Athena, and a bear for Artemis, it would be so cute and you could take comfort in them and meditate holding them and it would be different and devotional!

Me, looking at my bank account and sobbing: STOP I CAN’T AFFORD TO BUY 14+ BUILD-A-BEARS EVEN IF THAT SOUNDS AMAZING

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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Good morning, Lovelies! Today is about Decisive Transformation, Renewal, Forgiveness
Tarot of the Day: Judgement

Judgement is a card of change; but unlike Death or The Tower, it isn’t sudden change influenced by luck or intuition, but change that springs from reason and decision making. It signifies plans, choices, and focus, coming to fruition.

There is a cycle ending and beginning in the same moment; like the cycle of the Phoenix. If there is a choice that needs to be made, ruminate and let your mind guide the decision. Logic, today, is a better guide than intuition. Be prepared to make a major decision in your life, likely one that will shape the next chapter.

💚  At work, your efforts (or lack thereof) have been noticed. Keep doing your best and your efforts will pay off. If you’ve been slacking off, now is the time to pay attention to detail and focus your energies before you risk permanent damage to your career.

💙  Whether you are single or in a relationship, this card is a sign that you need to be very clear and truthful about what you want, need, and can change. Take the necessary actions to make them happen for your highest good.

🧡  This is a time of absolution and renewal; release preconceived notions, judgements, and assumptions. Forgive others and yourself for very human mistakes, and transform lives. Release the negative energy; it’s time to start anew.
Peace out…

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RUNE JUNE: DAY 2 - The Power of the Runes

Today I want to talk about where people may feel the power of the runes comes from. Runes can be used as a call for assistance or an answer to a question, but where is that assistance or information coming from? We’ll start with the beliefs of those who, as far as we know, first used runes.

What did the first rune-users believe?

The Elder Futhark, the oldest known runic alphabet, is associated with Old Norse paganism. The Old Norse gods and some other aspects of the religion are still followed by some, under a variety of names (Ásatrú, Heathenry, Germanic Neopaganism etc). They are polytheistic, animistic religions, but other beliefs vary. I’m going to keep this brief, so some things may be over-simplified but that’s because the runes are my focus here and I’m just providing the rest for a little context.

[Paragraph CW: mention of actual and symbolic ritual sacrifice] In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, The World Tree, connects the Nine Worlds. The Æsir were the principal gods as they resided in Asgard, in the topmost branch of Yggdrasil. The second pantheon is the Vanir, who were at war with the Æsir but eventually joined in peace. Gods from both pantheons are represented in the Elder Futhark. The Tree is supported by three roots which take water from three different locations; one being a well of knowledge known as Mímisbrunnr. Odin, king of Asgard and All-Father of the Æsir, went to the well, where he sacrificed an eye and hung from the branches of Yggdrasil for nine days and nine nights in order to earn the knowledge of the universe. He gained knowledge and many abilities, including the ability to understand the runes, which he then shared with his people.

Does everyone experience the runes in the same way?

I don’t believe that the knowledge imparted by the runes comes from the same place for everyone. Some people feel that runes allow them to communicate with their deities, whether Norse or from other pantheons. There are some near-correlations between deities of different pantheons so when a rune comes up, it may be possible to identify a corresponding deity from your own pantheon but the runes give you plenty of other information to go on anyway, so having a connection with or knowledge of deities isn’t necessary to use the runes.

Other people feel that runes allow them to communicate with spirits, often their own ancestors or a spirit guide. Blum referred to the power behind the runes as the Oracle or Higher Self. I believe all of these are true for different people, and sometimes use Oracle as a bit of a catch-all. Personally, my knowledge comes from my Higher Self.

How can I work out where my power comes from?

If the runes are working for you, there’s not necessarily any great need to know how they work. If you are curious, however, or want to know who to honour in exchange for the help you receive, there’s various things you could try to figure it out. Meditation works for some, scrying (with a crystal ball, water bowl, mirror bowl, fire etc) or methods which give limited answers (pendulum, candle etc). If you have another divination method which you are already comfortable with, such as tarot or cartomancy, you could try that. I tried a few of the above, but what worked for me was simply asking the runes yes/no questions. If the rune was pulled reversed, it was a ‘no’. If it was upright, it was a 'yes’. If the rune could not be reversed, it was either 'your question is imprecise’ or 'that can’t be known yet’, in which case I would try rewording and give up if the 'maybes’ persisted.

What about you?

For me, my guide is my Higher Self. I believe that, outside of our plane of existence, time isn’t linear. This allows my spirit self, the part of me capable of understanding things my human mind cannot, to exist in that other plane at the same time as I live in this one, and to be available to give me information when it is right for me to know it.

What if I get it wrong?

Wherever your runes draw their knowledge from – even if the location is unknown to you – as long as you treat the advice with respect and are thankful for it, you will continue to benefit from it.

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I often see on witchblr people asking ‘so and so deity is reaching out but i don’t know how to respond’ or ‘i want to reach out but don’t know where to start’.

Well I’m here to tell you that this process needn’t be complicated. In fact the more complicated it is the less likely you are to want to engage in it.

This is by no means a strict set of guidelines, it’s a simple jumping off point for those who are unsure. As such it can be tweaked to fit your practice and to reflect the relationship between you and deity. 

I use the word deity, because that’s the work I’m more familiar with. However, the suggestions below can be used for any power or force you wish to create a relationship with!


Prayer. Light a candle of a colour or an incense fragrance that you associate with your deity of choice. If that’s not possible use an LED candle; what you use is less important than the intent behind it.

The prayer itself can be as simple or elaborate as you like, spoken or silent. If your prayer includes a request make sure you offer something in return. You wouldn’t expect a friend to constantly provide you with favours if you give nothing in return- deity is much the same.
You can buy Pagan prayer books, write your own or both; if you see one online you like ask the OP if it’s ok for you to use it.

Meditation. I list meditation and prayer separately as I see prayer as a direct petition whereas meditation is a more general approach.
Meditation can be structured or free flowing. Guided meditations are an example of a more structured approach. Guided meditations can be used to reach out to a specific deity or to get your spiritual feelers out there to see who responds. Don’t sweat if you’re not the sit-still type, this is one approach to meditation there are many others. 
Free flowing meditations are much more flexible; stick some music on, get comfy and let your mind drift. This can be for a few minutes or maybe even hours.
Either way, make sure you are thoroughly centered and grounded. This is especially important if you suffer from dissociation.

Break out the tarot deck. Or ogham. Or runes. Whatever’s your divination system of choice. If you’re not sure who’s trying to contact you it can help in determining the deity’s nature.
If you have a pre-existing relationship you can seek guidance from a particular deity or request their protection or insight for a reading. It’s ok if you have second thoughts, just be honest with them. If you feel very strong reservations maybe just ask them to be present. Whatever you decide be respectful and offer thanks. 

Research, research, research! Through knowledge comes deeper appreciation. However, don’t get too hung up on this; your practice needs to work for you. If you come across something that doesn’t resonate with you, don’t use it.
Also don’t beat yourself up if you can’t reconstruct ancient forms of worship or practice. Practice needs to be pragmatic; something you can fit into your day-to-day life. Even the most seasoned re-constructionists will tell you that it’s simply not possible to accurately recreate ancient religions.
Lastly, don’t ignore the power of UPG- unverifiable personal gnosis. This is a fancy name for an experience shared between an individual and a deity. Maybe an offering that’s not attested to in literature but you’ve found that the deity enjoys.
This goes back to practice being personal, your relationship with deity isn’t going to be the same as someone else’s and that’s ok.

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everyone reposting this picture recently needs to know that these witches are not protesting against the current issues. this is a picture from a very long time ago, i wanna say 2016 or 17. it’s a great image and if you wanna share it just to share it that’s cool, but dont go like “wow these witches are so cool for standing  up in the face of current events” because like. they aren’t.

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The Furies

AKA: The Erinyes, the Eumenides


Originally posted by scrivnomancer

The Furies are three Chthonic goddesses of vengeance and retribution. They often appear as ugly, winged women carrying whips and venomous serpents. They are named Alecto (Unceasing), Megaera (Grudge), and Tisiphone (Murder Retribution.) Together, these goddesses punish the evil and unjust, causing madness, illness, and and even death. Victims of injustice would call upon these goddesses to curse those who had wronged them. However, those who called upon these goddesses with impure or petty intentions faced their wrath. In the Underworld, they serve Hades and Persephone and torment the souls of the damned.

Common offerings to these goddesses include a drink of water and honey, and turtledoves are their sacred animal.


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So I did a guided meditation and saw Freya. Once the meditation was over I decided to look up rituals to contact Freya because I felt she might be telling me she’s ready to work with me (spoiler alert, I was right! :D) and I saw this picture of her



Anyways, I love Freya 💖

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