hallow-witxh · 13 hours ago
The Ultimate Beginner Money Jar
Tough times lead to magical measures. Here's the recipe to my ultimate money jar that's beginner-friendly.
What you will need
A medium jar with a lid
A green candle
A pen
A bay leaf
A star anise pod
A dollar bill/paper cash
1 tbs basil
1 tbs cardamom
1 tbs cinnamon
1 tbs ground cloves
1 tbs nutmeg
1 tbs rice
1 tbs sea salt
(Optional: Citrine, Tiger's Eyes, or Clear Quartz piece)
What you will do
Cleanse your jar and money with your preferred method, then write "financial gain" onto your bay leaf.
Add in your salt, basil, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and rice in that order.
Place your bill flat against the counter and place the bay leaf on top. Roll the bill tightly and tie shut with twine, adding multiple knots. The more knots, the stronger the effect.
Add it into your jar and cap the entire affair, sealing it with green wax.
(If you have a crystal, press it on top of the wax while it's still hot and let it seal on.)
How to make the most out of it
Magic won't fix all of your problems. If you work, keep working: this just might help you get a bonus, raise, or large tip from a nice customer.
If you don't work or if you're on disability/waiting for disability, seek out ways to try and make a little cash under the table. This just may help you find something for an extra bit of gasoline or pet food. Keep in mind that spell jars are only as powerful as the intentions set behind them!
Blessed be y'all, and good luck out there <3
Support your local witch on Ko-Fi or at my store, Hallow Grove!
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dionysianfreak · 7 hours ago
sometimes i don't speak with Dionysos for a while and ill pour Him a shot in case He needs it. being Dionysos must be hard, have some vodka my dear
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wildcraftwit-ch · 16 hours ago
I keep mason bees. Every day in the early spring, I go outside and watch them work. I sing to them as they store pollen from the apple trees and lay their eggs. I tell them how beautiful they are. Their children will know me next year.
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stagkingswife · 23 hours ago
On Low Effort Offerings:
Low effort offerings can be great, but in my opinion they can’t be your only offerings. I see these posting going around, talking about how the gods and spirits and ancestors will love whatever you can give them, and they will, up to a point. Take me for instance - I just had COVID, you can bet your ass that in the worst of it my gods just got a cup of the same tea that I was drinking, and a promise of something more substantial when I was better.
But imagine this: You are in a relationship with someone, either a romantic or platonic relationship, it doesn’t matter, and it seems like they never put any effort into the relationship. Every hangout/date is the equivalent of Netflix and chill. That may be okay, maybe you’re a homebody and don’t and don’t want to go out. But in addition to that every meal is take out fast food, they never take you to a nice restraint or ever make you a home cooked meal. On top of that every gift giving occasion is met with a drug store card. Not even a nice home made card. Eventually you would start to feel unappreciated. Our entities can eventually feel unappreciated too, if we constantly ask for their help, or blessing, or guidance, and all they get is our “self care” or the occasional glass of water or tea.
It’s one thing to dial back effort to when we’re ill, or going through a difficult time. But consistent lack of effort can make the people and entities in our live feel taken for granted and unappreciated. Now I’m sure that these posts on “low effort offerings” aren’t trying to say that the offerings they’re suggesting should be used all of the time, but I rarely see them discuss the fact that low effort should be the exception, not the rule. As always balance and communication is the key.
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yung-ritter · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thor’s Battle with Giants // Marten Eskil Winge
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zwahkmuchoney · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
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2022grimoirechallenge · 23 hours ago
May Week 3 - Shadow Work and Retrograde
Hello hello everyone and welcome to another week of the 2022 Grimoire Challenge! This week we’re gonna be looking into Shadow Work and its part in our personal lives and in our practice! As well as that dreaded Mercury Retrograde, along with some other fun topics!
So, without further posturing on my part, let us begin!
Part 1 - What is Shadow Work?
Make a page in your lab notebook, or journal, whichever is fine, where we’re going to define shadow work. What is it? Where did it start? Who coined the term? What are ‘shadows’? Dig deep into what shadow work is, before jumping into doing it.
Now that we know what it is, how do we perform shadow work? What are some methods for doing it? How does one go about facing their shadows? What can we learn and unlearn from doing shadow work? What things can be helpful or harmful when performing shadow work?
The more you know about shadow work, the world you live in, and yourself, the better you’re going to be at performing shadow work. This can be a heavy topic and a difficult thing to perform. Make sure you’re ready to truly observe and look at yourself and your life/ choices before you jump into the next part.
Part 2 - Facing the Shadows
Now that you know what shadow work is, and a little about how to go about it. This part of the challenge is going to be to start some shadow work. I say start, because doing shadow work isn’t a one off, one time, one day thing. It is a process that can take days, months, or even years.
So after looking up what shadow work is, what things in your life do you need to work on. What shadow work do you need to do in your own life?
Start the process now, or whenever you feel ready. We’ll circle back to this topic a few times through the rest of the year to see what progress we have all made!
Part 3 - Meditation/ Journal
This goes along with the above. When you start your shadow work, meditate on it, and then journal where you’re at mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually at the start of this process. How do you feel? Why do you feel that way? Where do your thoughts and emotions linger? How do your actions follow suit and/ or need to change?
Take time to do this. Sit with yourself, truly sit with yourself and look long and hard at yourself in the mirror both literally and metaphorically, in an attempt to better understand yourself.
Growth and change happens slowly over time, both good and bad, and in order for our shadow work to be successful we must take the time to look inward and outward to see ourselves in our personal world and in the greater world and the effects those two things have on one another and how they influence each other.
Part 4 - That Damned Retrograde
So this doesn’t have to be specific to Mercury Retrograde, but since it is currently in the stars, why not look it up. What is it? What does it mean? How does it work? What/ who does it affect and how?
How often does it occur? Do you feel it? Or are you only aware of it when someone else mentions it?
What stock do you take in astrology, if any? Do you feel the stars truly influence us or is it all arbitrary? I’m not one to judge anyone’s beliefs about anything, and this challenge is about helping you form a basis to grow from within our craft. So, use this as a baseline to build on to your beliefs, a place to start or continue learning from. The more we understand about ourselves, the better.
Part 5 - Navigating Planetary Changes
How do you navigate changes in the planetary alignments? Do they influence your life at all? Is it an actual thing, or do you feel a belief in the thing creates the chaos it inspires?
What other planetary movements do you know of? What others do you wish to know about? Make a list and look them up. What planetary alignments do you feel most connected and drawn to? How do they influence you?
Take your time with this one. Astrology is a huge topic to cover. So don’t feel obligated to limit this to one single day, or even one single page!
Part 6 - Fun activity
Since summer is basically here, get outside. Pick some flowers, Take a walk. Go for a swim! Plant something in your garden if you have one! Eat some fresh fruit. Lay in the grass and feel the sun on your skin. Just go enjoy being outdoors for a few minutes.
Enjoy this week’s challenge prompts and look forward to more!
-Mod Hazel
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dionysianfreak · 6 hours ago
my ask box got asks and I didn't get the notifications so if you've sent an ask recently I'll get to it soon i apologize
my unpopular opinion is that the Gods don't necessarily care how we practice, within reason, because we don't live in the world the Hellas did. things are much more hectic and stressful now, a lot of us struggle with disability, mental disorders or/and neurodivergency, and poverty with it's many complications and pains. maybe Khernips was super important in antiquity, but access to sea (or even clean) water isn't universal in the 21st century.
I know people with very revivalist practices, people who are as reconstructive as they can be, and many in between. I do think it's important to know the history of our religion and Deities to understand the Gods and form your own beliefs, you can worship however the fuck you want. we are a revived religion for a reason, we bring the Theoi back into the lives of humans in a new world. one the Greeks would never dreams of existing.
the Gods love us all. practice what you are able, and practice with love, and the Gods will adore you.
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meadus · 22 hours ago
I need a good name for our homestead farm! Anyone got any good ideas??
Tumblr media
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solfoxes · 3 months ago
candle magic ˚*✧˚*•̩̩͙✧•̩̩͙*˚✮
protection, self defence, breaking bad habits, banishing, strength,
healing, cleansing, truth, purification, meditation, innocence,
abundance, animals, family, friendships, grounding, stability, earth magic, balance,
lunar energy, improves psychic abilities, intuition, dreams, reflection,
wisdom, fortune, confidence, personal strength, enlightenment, brings financial gain and wealth, attracts happiness,
assertiveness, passion, energy, sex, creativity, courage, charm, maximises vitality, personal power, lust, health, sexual love, strong energy, balance, harmony, protection,
ambition, success, pursuits, concentration, happiness, justice, creativity, flexibility, fast action, profound change, positive energy,
abundance, intelligence, memory, confidence, mental health, charm, studying, beauty, clarity, persuasiveness,
growth, fertility, wealth, harmony, prosperity, health, luck, financial abundance, nature,
dreams, spirituality, intuition, healing, peace, loyalty, wisdom, sleep, clarity, patience, understanding, travel, communication, calm, forgiveness,
manifestation, wisdom, divination, intuition, healing, meditation, spiritual enlightenment, midden knowledge & secrets, connecting with higher self,
beauty, feminine power, romance, innocence, partnerships, joy, generosity, unconditional love, self-compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, friendship,
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nikkas-cottage · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Spending the first new moon of the year with devotions to Persephone ♥️
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thewychery · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Are ye out a-Maying?
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fiagai-cnuasaitheoir · 4 months ago
This is Cultural Appropriation
Tumblr media
The version of the wheel of the year we see today was popularised by Wicca which was founded by Gerald Gardener. Who was an English man. Ireland was very badly oppressed by English colonialism. The British slaughtered a lot of Irish people while they were being overtaken. And they are also the reason so many people starved in the famine. The British are also the reason Ireland converted to christianity instead of paganism.
This wheel is a jumbled up mess of a variety of European holidays all merged into one and labelled “Wicca”. This is appropriation as its unacknowledged where all these came from.
Not all European countries are the same and these colonial countries are not entitled to claiming the traditions they colonised.
In Ireland May Day/Bealtaine was still celebrated in certain counties until the last century. But people are still misusing it and mispronouncing it. Pronouncing Samhain “Sam hain” instead of “sow wen”, unaware that it is the Irish word for November. And that Bealtaine is the word for May. In a language still used.
English colonialism is the reason we starved The reason we stopped speaking our language as widely. And a religion popularised by an English man is now using our words without directly crediting the cultures.
And now its further reinforced by the way that people are taking these words out of context. Mixing them up with other European words. Without giving credit to any of the countries they came from.
Its like how people will take chakras from hinduism and sage from native americans and throw some jesus in and just call it “new age spirituality”
(Native people have it even worse than the situation with Irish culture. Native Americans are going through so much shit. Cause people use spirituality as an excuse to just take shit)
You can’t use things without acknowledging the fact that they are from specific cultures.
Tumblr media
This is a more Irish accurate wheel of the years. Please acknowledge the cultures you got these words from.
I have more info on the holidays on my page. Lora o brien is another good native resource. Please share this with anyone who uses the wheel of the year.
Other European countries feel free to share a your countries more culturally accurate wheel of the year.
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yourwitchmama · a month ago
Tumblr media
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You may be missing very important magical symbols, lessons, and spirits if you're only looking for things to present themselves in ancient, mystical, or "natural" ways. Sometimes a deities presence is felt in a fast food restaurant, and the universe slips sermons into the song selection of your daily commute.
The world we live in is modern, do not reduce the universe to only the archaic. It aged with us.
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solfoxes · 3 months ago
☾ moon phases meanings ☽
Tumblr media
new moon
✦ new beginnings
it’s time for a clean slate, start to gather your thoughts and plan.
waxing crescent moon
✦ set intentions
send your hopes and desires into the world.
first quarter moon
✦ take action
when you face obstacles, do not waver. it’s a time for pushing forward.
waxing gibbous moon
✦ refine and hone
observe and align your hopes with the universe. momentum is building.
full moon
✦ harvest endeavours
a time to harvest the intentions and wishes of past moons.
waning gibbous moon
✦ introspect
turn inwards, think about your goals, and be grateful.
third quarter moon
✦ release and let go
let go of the habits that bind you and do you harm.
waning crescent moon
✦ surrender
recuperate and rest. it is okay to feel empty sometimes.
new moon
✦ new beginnings
it’s time for a clean slate, start to gather your thoughts and plan.
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themirroredmoon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tarot Cards & Their Simple Meanings (Yes, No, or Undecided): The Major Arcana 0 The Fool - Yes 1 The Magician - Yes 2 The High Priestess - Undecided 3 The Empress - Yes 4 The Emperor - No 5 The Hierophant - Undecided 6 The Lovers - Yes 7 The Chariot - Yes 8 Strength - Yes 9 The Hermit - Undecided 10 Wheel of Fortune - Yes 11 Justice - Yes 12 The Hanged Man - Undecided 13 Death - No 14 Temperance - Undecided 15 The Devil - No 16 The Tower - No 17 The Star - Yes 18 The Moon - No 19 The Sun - Yes 20 Judgement - Yes 21 The World - Yes
Swords Ace of Swords - Yes Two of Swords - Undecided Three of Swords - No Four of Swords - Undecided Five of Swords - No Six of Swords - Yes Seven of Swords - No Eight of Swords - No Nine of Swords - No Ten of Swords - No Page of Swords - Yes Knight of Swords - Yes Queen of Swords - No King of Swords - Undecided
Pentacles Ace of Pentacles - Yes Two of Pentacles - Undecided Three of Pentacles - Yes Four of Pentacles - No Five of Pentacles - No Six of Pentacles - Yes Seven of Pentacles - Undecided Eight of Pentacles - Yes Nine of Pentacles - Yes Ten of Pentacles - Yes Page of Pentacles - Yes Knight of Pentacles - Yes Queen of Pentacles - Yes King of Pentacles - Yes
Wands Ace of Wands - Yes Two of Wands - Undecided Three of Wands - Yes Four of Wands - Yes Five of Wands - No Six of Wands - Yes Seven of Wands - Undecided Eight of Wands - Yes Nine of Wands - Undecided Ten of Wands - No Page of Wands - Yes Knight of Wands - Yes Queen of Wands - Yes King of Wands - Yes
Cups Ace of Cups - Yes Two of Cups - Yes Three of Cups - Yes Four of Cups - No Five of Cups - No Six of Cups - Yes Seven of Cups - Undecided Eight of Cups - No Nine of Cups - Yes Ten of Cups - Yes Page of Cups - Yes Knight of Cups - Yes Queen of Cups - Yes King of Cups - Yes
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hearthhag · a month ago
some ideas for non-verbal spell casting:
so i’m a pretty quiet person irl, and i find a lot of spellbooks and posts on here include verbalization in the form of incantations, mantras, et cetera.
which is all well and good if that works for you, whatever floats your boat and casts your spell; but what if you’re like me and verbalizations make you uncomfortable?
or you’re practicing late at night while your housemates are asleep?
or you just. prefer to not speak?
well, here are some alternatives!
say your incantation internally
visualize your incantation
make your incantation physical (could you add movement/gestures to your spell?)
make it symbolic (breaking something, binding something, burying it?)
use a noisemaker! (eg. a bell, clap, a song, note, chord, etc)
simply do without! not every spell or ritual needs a verbal component, and maybe you’re just not that kind of practitioner. that’s okay!
i’m sure there are tons of things that i’ve left off or forgotten, and i definitely want to hear more ideas if you have them!
wind be with you!
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auguryknowsthings · 2 months ago
Things I've learned so far in my witchcraft practice:
Your intuition is your best friend; better to be wrong and safe than right and silent.
Your digestion knows when something is off.
Not everyone has to believe you, and not everyone is worth telling.
Divination is here to guide you, not to define you.
Protection. Cleansing. Protection. Cleansing. Protection. Clea—
When you get in your own head, you get in your own way.
Magick is science, psychology, intention, and unknowns.
Tools are only focuses; you are all you need.
There is energy in everything; atoms are moving all around us, each working together to keep the universe from unravelling. How bold of us to assume we aren't able to witness that energy.
Ask for permission, not forgiveness; your sister may forgive, but the earth may not.
Even if this is all bullshit (it isn't, in my experience), it's fun, and laughter is the best medicine.
Aloe for burns and antibiotics for infections.
"Let other men go to war; Protesilaus must love."
You don't owe your time, energy, or resources to anyone else, but sharing is often rewarding.
Some information is too valuable to give away; charge for the things you cherish; keep the things you need.
Be respectful of everything. I mean everything.
Research, research, research!
Sometimes the aesthetic is half the fun.
Your blood, your bones, your sweat, your tears; they are all deeply a part of you so long as you're tied to your body. They belong to you for a while, but they're on loan; use them wisely.
Know your present place; know your potential; they are not the same thing.
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yourwitchmama · 15 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is probably the best Beltane altar I have ever seen🔮
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