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#anti capitalist
frontier001 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I’m not seeing anything about this on social media. Certainly I don’t expect to see it covered by the mass media. This is truly something we need to fight back against. Even if you don’t have Comcast\Xfinity, please let your voice be heard.
Amidst a pandemic when we’re all trapped at home, when we’re working from home, schooling from home, and our only entertainment outlets are online, this is cruel and unacceptable. 1.2 terabytes might not be bad for an individual, but if you’re a household of 3 or more, this will be terrible for you.
Make some noise about this please!
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nanamins-overtime · a month ago
Mfs will watch anti-capitalist commentaries like Parasite and Squid Game and then argue about which poor person was the villian of the story...
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“Capitalist innovation” is publicly funded. Only the profits are privatized.
Graphic by Fuck Capitalism 2020
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paradoxicalgoblin · 2 months ago
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anyone wanna come with?
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nuka-rockit · a year ago
capitalists: wow ancient cultures were so stupid, sacrificing ppl to please some god in the sky. how can you let people die over an imaginary concept. barbaric capitalists: we cant shut businesses down because of disease!!! that makes the little line on my stock market app sad :(
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