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#bang chan angst
freckledwinterfalls · 2 months ago
*bang chan as your boyfriend*
Tumblr media
requested by @itsyaapollochild:
uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh turn this into something👀
rated PG-13
word count: 1.48k
warnings: this is so suggestive oml-- um... groping Chris's abs >//< and... intense making-out... >/////< ... AND USAGE OF THE WORD 'DADDY' BUT WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT OKAY-- and I TYPED THE WORD @$$ AND I UGGHH LSDKFKDF NEVER AGAIN EW
a/n: When I asked ppl to send in pics/gifs as a prompt, Faith sent this in. Expecting me to write a fluff with it. (-_-) It was very difficult. I'm also pretty sure this is the most suggestive thing I've written to date SDKFJSKDFJ
[suggestive fluff]
There was a reason for your clandestinity. Chris could never ever be allowed to know. If he found out, he'd for sure never let you live it down.
True, the extent of your secretiveness came down to you lying on your stomach on his dorm bunk with a blanket over your head, but it was better than nothing.
You ran the video again. And again. Eyes glued to the screen of your phone as the fan-made edit of your boyfriend played on loop. Playing through your headphones, the sultry track accompanying the clips and pictures made a not-unwelcome buzz settle throughout your body.
Yeah, Chris could never see this. A) he'd probably explode into a million embarrassed, shy-boi pieces. B) he'd tease you incessantly after he finally got over said embarrassment.
Between the flashing transitions of the edit were photos and video clips of Chris being a daddy flashing his abs licking his lips demonstrating his stage presence. All of the media was edited with just enough contrast, reddish hue, grain, and reduced exposure so that the entire video gave off a painfully sexy vibe. You were hooked. You were so hooked, in fact, that you felt a little guilty. Almost.
You hit replay.
This time, you turned up the music in your headphones, letting the bass-heavy melody vibrate through your veins.
Later, you cursed yourself for doing it. If you had kept the volume lower--if you had left one headphone out--you would never have been caught. Instead, you were completely unaware as the closed door to Chris's dorm room opened. You were totally deaf to him as he called your name questioningly. You were undeniably taken by surprise when you felt the bunk bed shudder as he climbed the ladder and threw himself on top of you.
you shrieked, losing your grip on your phone. Your headphones popped out as the blanket was tugged off your head by his sheer body weight. You scrambled to reach your phone, which was lying face down near the edge of the mattress.
Completely oblivious to the reason for your distress, Chris giggled. "Whatcha doing, babe?" he teased, digging his fingers into your sides. You shrieked again, trying to escape his grasp.
"Lemme go, " you gasped around wheezes of laughter. Your fingers brushed against the edge of your phone, but they only pushed it off the bed.
The hard thump it made on the ground below made Chris's eyes widen. He glanced from your face to your phone and back again before cracking up. "You klutz," he laughed, climbing off of your spread-eagled form and heading for the ladder.
You sat up, alarmed. "Where are you going?" you demanded.
"To get your phone, dummy," your boyfriend scoffed, his feet touching the floor.
you all but shouted.
Chris froze, giving you a quizzical look.
"I-I mean, no thank you," you stuttered. "It's fine, I can just get it."
He rolled his eyes. "I'm already down here, you goof."
Despite your strangled protests, Chris bent to retrieve your phone. Like the considerate boyfriend he was, he even checked your screen for cracks.
You buried your face in your hands as his eyes widened infinitesimally. You hid your head under the blanket as his mouth opened to speak. Eyes closed, heart pounding, you waited for him to say something--anything. Though hopefully something not embarrassing. Instead, the only thing you heard was the bed creaking as he clambered back up the ladder. His hands gently pulled the blanket off your face.
"Baby," he said softly. Your eyes were still closed and his voice was
devoid of all emotion.
"Baby, look at me."
Reluctantly, you pried one of your eyes open. His face was pale, like all the blood had drained out of it, but one of his brows was cocked and a tiny smirk lay on his lips. It was annoyingly attractive.
"Yes?" you asked timidly.
Chris glanced at your phone again before turning it around to face you. He'd replayed the edit you'd been watching. And it was still going, flashing through clip after clip of him body-rolling and lifting his shirt.
"Is this why you had the blanket over your head?"
You decided that playing dumb was the wisest course of action. "What blanket?"
Chris's cocked eyebrow rose even higher. His grin grew wider. "Honey," he purred, "don't play dumb."
Shoot. He knew you too well.
You blushed lava red as he began to crawl towards you.
"What happened to shy boi Channie?" you demanded, averting your eyes.
Chris laughed out loud. "Oh, believe me, I was shocked at first."
"And shy?" you prodded.
His face turned a rosy pink. "Maybe," he admitted. Then the smirk was back. "But it's not my fault you make me feel so powerful."
You spluttered. "Powerful-?"
He nodded gleefully. "I mean, look!" He held up your phone. "You're even watching edits of me!"
You groaned, throwing yourself face down in the pillows. "You're making me regret it," you mumbled into the pillowcase. He let out another of his pure, crystalline laughs.
Then warm hands wrapped around your waist. Your eyes widened as he pulled you backwards to sit in his lap, your back against his chest.
"Why would you regret it?" he breathed against your ear. You could practically hear the grin on his face as a shiver ran down your spine.
His deep, husky voice made all thought flee from your head. "I don't know," you admitted in a whisper.
His hands traveled slowly from your waist to your hips. "You don't have to resort to watching edits behind my back, you know," he chuckled lowly. "Not when you have the real thing."
Your heart all but stopped as he nipped at your earlobe.
"Chris," you protested weakly. Your attempts to wiggle out of his grasp were weak and only half-sincere.
To your surprise, he let you go anyway. "What?" he said innocently. As if he hadn't been making your heart flutter like a small bird's. As if he hadn't been making your face heat like a volcano about to erupt. As if he hadn't just had his lips on your skin and his hands on your hips.
"What do you mean 'what'?" you exclaimed. "You just- you- I-"
"Spit it out, love," he smirked playfully.
You swatted at his chest, a pout on your lips.
His eyes stayed glued to the spot your hand had touched. Suddenly your cheeks felt hot again.
Looking at you from under his lashes, Chris took you by the wrists and drew you closer.
"Do that again," he teased in a whisper.
"D-do what again?"
In answer, he placed both your palms on his chest, effectively drawing you back into his lap. Once he was sure you were too shocked to move your hands from their spot on his body, his fingers left your wrists and traveled down to your thighs, one on either side of his hips.
"Comfy?" he asked playfully, brushing his lips against yours.
You gulped.
"Come kiss me, darling," he breathed.
Your breath hitched as you leaned forward to obey him. Your mouths brushed together once, twice, before linking in a frenzy. His hands, which had been so innocently resting on your thighs, rose to press you flush against his chest, burning against your shoulder blades. His lips devoured your own, teeth scraping with a somehow graceful lack of sophistication.
"Touch me," he ordered, the quiet words vibrating against your mouth.
"How do you want me to-?"
He cut you off, pulling out of the kiss to peel his shirt over his head, exposing his sculpted torso. You let out an involuntary gasp.
As if of their own accord, your hands traveled from his shoulders down to the defined muscles of his abdomen. Goosebumps littered the trail your fingers left, decorating his smooth skin. His eyelids lowered as he let out a low sound from deep in his throat.
You leaned forward again, connecting yourself to him in a feverish kiss.
"I'm so in love with you," he groaned into the kiss, lying back against the pillows and pulling you on top.
Your hands had minds of their own at this point, tracing his abs, his v-lines, his shoulders. The entire time, his body shuddered into your touch, his throat rumbling with deep, fevered sounds as he kissed you back just as wildly as you kissed him.
"I love you too,"
you hummed.
Warm and soft, his tongue stroked against yours, evoking the tightest feeling in your chest, making your face burn and your breath uneven. His fingers flickered over your back, the swell of your ass, the soft skin of your thighs.
"See?" he mumbled into the confines of your mouth. "Why do you need to watch videos when you can touch the real thing?"
You grinned, though your lips were still pressed against his. "Shut up and kiss me."
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chanluster · 2 months ago
paris | m ; f ; a (teaser)
“You and Chan, jazz-filled corners, hidden history, and the city of love.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oneshot | exes to lovers! au | 1950s! au | approx. 40k words
Tumblr media
s u m m a r y >> heartbroken by your long-term boyfriend, shunned by the paparazzi, and disgraced in the eyes of cinema, you flee ironically to the city of love to find comfort. the comfort somehow arrives in the shape of film noir superstar, bang chan, the enigmatic man who taught you the art of acting, lust and love during your rise to fame. he asks you on a simple little date, and you could not refuse, leading to a path of neverending passion, pain and everything that comes with fooling around with your ex in the jazz-filled corners of paris.
w a r n i n g s >> actor! ex! chan, actor! reader, actor! ex! minho, keeping the gang as hollywood actors, reader is bitter and a slight bitch at the start, most of the sites i mention are real in paris (i did way too much research), my chan bias came out drastically, sexual tension galore, teasing, making out, fingering, oral (f. receiving and possibly m. if i’m feeling spicy), unprotected sex (stay safe!!), less sex more sad angsty lovemaking, phone sex, constant edging and cockblocking, chan is nothing but a d o m, reader is a brat, i promise there is fluff, but there is more angst methinks, overall planned to be an emotional rollercoaster (more to be added!)
p l a y l i s t >> here!
t a g l i s t >> @decembermoonskz @tenderfrailty @i-am-silver @sulfurcosmos @chrisishungry100397 @freckledquokka @kingkaithekiwi @dreamycomets @mooninstarlight @derpjungkook @phonixa8 @softlikemochis @yxngbl00dwings @koroleva--rezni (send an ask or reply to this teaser if you want to be added! also tagging @hyuckworld​ or she’ll have my neck)
a u t h o r ‘ s  n o t e >> LMAOO HI I GUESS !! not really back but i got a sudden burst to revamp this and yeh hopefully i release it before my uni classes start officially :’) being away for so long made me realise how much i missed yall, so i decided to attempt this !! blame chan and the red lights mv it has such a chokehold on me but anyway i hope you enjoy the teaser and thank u alice for pushing me to post this <33
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Tumblr media
You nearly melted upon the doorway. Gripping hard onto the frame was your only option.
Your eyes could not even trail upwards — a strange fear curled in your gut at the stare which would welcome you. Deep down, you knew that if you looked at him, you would collapse on the floor.
His leather shoes came into view as he took a step forward. “Now are you going to let me in,” you heard his whisper, “Or are you to spend the whole night avoiding my gaze?”
That comment had you tilting your head towards him, fallen into the abyss of his eyes. It could have been blamed on the moonlight behind you, but a twinkle danced in his irises.
You stepped aside. Let him inside your abode, the mess before cleaned up and settled nicely by room service, but the mess within you still reigning. 
Chan roamed his eyes over your lavish suite, and then stopped before your remaining macaroons, daintily sitting upon your table. 
“I’m surprised those haven’t been finished yet,” he voiced, a brow lifted in mocking. “Knowing you, I would have expected these to be gone by the first day.”
“Stop it, you!” Exasperated, you picked up the telephone, ordering two bottles of wine as you sat yourself down on the bed, hand gesturing towards the chairs. “Sit. I’ve ordered drinks.”
Obliging, the man gently settled in his seat, folding a leg over the other as he looked to the window view of Paris. “I expected more mess in the room, actually.”
“If you’ve only come here to insult me then you may leave,” you remarked, which earned you soft laughter from the man. The knocking of the door indicated room service, and you dashed towards the sound, gladly accepting the bottles of white wine and hurrying back to the table. Two glasses perched delicately upon it, waiting to be filled with alcohol. 
You poured Chan half a glass, then yours right to the brim. “Greedy,” he taunted, which only had you sticking your tongue out as you took the first gulp. Meanwhile, he only took a careful sip, a soft hum indicating his satisfaction.
“How long do you plan on staying here?” He asked, drinking more. 
“As long as my funds will allow me,” you answered a little too truthfully. “Jeongin is restless trying to get me an audition in the city for any big projects around Hollywood.”
You scoffed, already halfway through your first glass. “As if Hollywood wants me back after what happened.”
“You will climb up from this, ____,” the man assured you. “Did you not fight through the scandals when you were with me?”
“Yes, but this is so different,” you countered, pouring yourself a second glass. “With you, it was fun. I did not care the slightest because I knew that whatever happened, me and you were never going to be outcasts. The people loved us, Chan.”
You took in a long sip. “I guess the public liked Minho more as a charming playboy than a charming boyfriend.”
A harsh scoff was his answer. “That arrogant prick was still suspicious even when both of you were dating.”
A raised brow. “Since when did you follow the tabloids?”
“I don’t,” he said. “But I am not a stupid man.”
After a small silence followed, with you feeling down from Minho’s antics, you continued to your third glass, beginning to sense the wine coursing through your body. The effects began to kick in, a familiar rush running beneath your skin. 
“Whatever,” you mumbled. “So what if he cheated on me?” 
Chan focused his gaze upon you, watching you down your wine with more anger as he swirled his own drink. “You deserve better, chérie.”
Ah yes. The same proclamation Jeongin voiced this afternoon.
You deserve better than half-hearted fairy tales.
“Don’t look at me like that,” he remarked, you sighing as you drowned your anger with alcohol. “I’m serious, ____.” 
His answer was your silence, which he accepted as he took another sip of his wine. The pause ensued until you parted your mouth once more.
“I just want everything back to normal, Chan.”
You looked at him, vision a little blurry. “I just want to act again. I want to be in front of the cameras, and become another person entirely. Is that even normal?” Another glass down. “I mean, I am an actress, but recently the urge to be someone I am not is so tempting. Perhaps the lives of characters can be so perfect at times I become almost envious of words on a page. Is that normal, Chan?
“People do not fall in love with the actor. They fall in love with a persona they re-enacted. People never fell for me, Chan, they fell in love with what I perceived myself to be on the screen. That’s all I am to them, yet I never want to stop acting. Is that normal, Chan? Am I normal, Chan?”
The man listened, a hard look upon his face as he finished his second glass, feeling his chest tighten at your words. He put the glass upon the table, never breaking your stare. 
“I understand, darling.” He propped his hands on the armchair. “I used to think like this too, especially when my films were not as successful in the start. It was hard to get out of the pressure, but everyone has to hit rock bottom to experience the pure joy of climbing back up.”
The man then exposed a ghost of a smile upon his lips. “You want to know something?”
You raise your brows. “What?”
Unfolding his leg, he leaned in, legs spreading into a V. His curls nearly slipped through from the beret. “I never did fall for who you were on television, all those years ago.
“I fell for who you truly were. Not your characters, your scripted interviews, none of that superficiality. I fell for you.”
You cursed, low in your throat. 
And suddenly it was all too much; this man, seated before you, drinking wine with you, listening to you ramble as drunkards do. It was all too much. Too good, too beautiful, too precious. 
You did not know why tears threatened as you parted your mouth, staring at his eyes. 
“I really missed you, Chan.”
The man paused his drinking. 
Widened his eyes as he abandoned the alcohol altogether, instead drinking in the words that left your mouth. 
“You…” he slowly stood. Walked to where you lay, leaned back on the divan. “You did?”
You raised yourself slightly, edging forwards. Towards him. His gaze enlivened by the wine coating upon your lips. 
“So much.”
He inched closer, hands raising. They found refuge just under your jaw, upon the dip where your neck ran down. The anarchy on his face brought you to near ruination. 
“I really want to kiss you, chérie.”
A small whimper escaped you as you welcomed his touch, eyes heavy lidded. Still, you did not break his stare. “Wh-what is it…what’s stopping you?”
The man ran his tongue down his lower lip, and you had half a mind to capture it with your mouth. 
His thumb began caressing your cheek, sparking your insides aflame. “Everything.”
Tumblr media
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youn9racha · 3 months ago
Cold Face
Requested by: Anon
Pairing: Chanxfem!reader
Words: 4.6 words
Genre: Smut with a slight angst
Warning: jealous!chan (yes its a warning), dom!chan, sub!reader, fingering (fem receiving), oral sex (fem receiving), unprotected penetrated sex (wrap it up kids!!), edging, overstimulation, mentions of daddy.
Extra Notes: it feels like forever i’ve been writing lmfao, my bad its just if you checked my ella’s ramblingzz then you would know that i have started uni and i might disappear outta nowhere. but please don’t stop requesting, i can’t guarantee that i‘ll do it at a short time, but i’ll for sure work on it. also i want to thank you anon for the request. i’ll quit rambling and i hope you enjoy it !! also this is long as fuck wtf—
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is no way representative of the way Stray Kids act. They’re nothing but references of character, and in no shape or form is this how they act. And I am in no way romanticizing or glamorizing any toxic behavior exhibited, they’re just stories that is meant to be read. Readers discretion is advised.
“You really think you’re so funny, don’t you, baby girl?”Chan harshly whispered to you, as he pinned you into the bed using his hands to wrap your wrist and situated between your head, while you just looked down in shame and slight arousal with your legs shaking.
‘What lead up to this?’ some might ask, what lead up for the sweet, caring of a boyfriend named Christopher Chan Bang to get mad at his precious girlfriend? He loves his girlfriend too much and, more often than not, he lets his girlfriend off the hook, so why is he right now looking with full malice and lust at you?
Well, it started when you were at the company building. Intially, you brought snacks for him and the boys since they’ve worked so hard for their comeback that your gut was telling you that like they weren’t taking care of themselves, especially Chris. You were fairly really close to the members, but you were mainly close to the two members that is often seen producing with Chan, aka Changbin and Jisung, and putting an emphasis on Jisung, as you were the closest to him out of the two.
Despite his introverted semblance, it was safe to say that Jisung has warmed up to you pretty quickly, which satisfied Chan, as seeing you interacting with the rest of the boys, whom he affectionately dubs as his kids, in a positive way and being friends with them gave him a warm, endearing feeling inside him. Chan adores and trusts you and the boys all too much, at times you all jokingly get into fights into winning Chan’s affection. But all in all, Chan was all too happy to see his favorite people getting along.
That is until he saw how much you’ve been getting too involved with the rest of 3racha, better-or worse-yet the rest of the members. Chan isn’t typically jealous, and he knows that your eyes are only set on him and that you proudly proclaim him as your boyfriend. However, you’ve noticed how Chan would give you a certain glare, a glare you’ve never seen him give to you, everytime you were sitting too close to Jisung. When Jisung is out of sight and hearing, you would look at Chan with worry and ask him, “what’s the matter?” to which he would say either ‘it’s fine,’ or shake his head and shrugs it off.
With the days pass, and you keep getting closer to the members and start constantly ask about them. You would bring up any excuse to come up and see them, with the inclusion of Chris of course. However, you have noticed that the more you got closer to the member, the more cold Chan has gotten. He knew that you cared for the members, and he never really stops you from hanging out with them, but he saw how much you’ve been giving them more attention than usual, especially to Jisung.
You got on the elevator to the dance practice room, and once the elevator dings and opens up it’s door, you met up with two familiar faces stopping their tracks once seeing you coming out, with the face holders being Felix and Jeongin. Their faces brightened up upon meeting you as you got out the elevator, “(y/n)! Hey!” Felix exclaimed, as he squeezed your body with a tight hug. You groaned due to the tightness of his hug—he maybe small in frame but don’t underestimate his strength—and lightly giggle, “hey, Lixie!” You said warmly, as he pulled away from me. Your eyes met with Jeongin bright smile, which he extend his arm, “(y/n)!” he said, his embrace was magnetic as you pulled yourself into his arms.
After your greetings, you asked about Chan’s whereabouts, “hey, have you seen Chris? I got us all snacks and I want him and you guys to eat.” You said, picking up your bags, to which both boys’ eyes started sparkle. “Oh my god, you are god sent!” Jeongin excitedly said, to which you shook your head, “oh no, please, you guys work too hard, you deserve to eat.”
The two boys nodded and took the bags out of your hand. You resisted at first, but Felix reassured you that Jeongin and he can carry it, you lifted your eyebrow, “you don’t think I can carry it?” jokingly threatening them, the two young boys widened their eyes at your claim and quickly looked at each other nervously.
“N-no! I-t’s not like that!” Jeongin stammered, nudging Felix for him to speak for him to which he lifted his arm. “We just wanted to help you, its noth—“
”I was playing with you guys, I know you guys wanted to help,” You chuckle making both boys frown, “You’re mean,” Felix pouted, taking one bag from your hand while Jeongin took the other. You found the two boys adorable, they felt like your younger siblings rather than friends. You often played with them, mess around with them, and bicker each other like actual siblings, but it was with full platonic love and endearment.
Following along them, the three of you stood in front of the door of the practice room. You can hear music coming from the room, which could mean that they’re in the middle of practicing. Your guilt began increasing for interrupting their work, but your motherly instincts kicked in when you’ve noticed how much stress the boys were getting into. Particularly with how all of them having a sharp eye and being strong perfectionists, they would sacrifice anything to make their comebacks work the way they want it to be, even with essential needs being put on the line. You shook your head, knowing that, although it‘s not a good idea to interrupt them, it’s for their benefits, especially when you saw how excited Felix and Jeongin was when they saw your bag filled with food.
Felix pushed himself into the door, Jeongin following along and stopping at the door from sliding shut to make way for you. “Hey guys! Guess who came in with food?!” Felix announced excitedly, raising the bag of food. The room only had the group members and no staff was seen, your guilt senses have decrease, since you didn’t want to deal with them scolding you for ruining their unnecessary diet, but you could not care less.
The boys were elated to see you, with all of them, approaching you and hugging you, while Chan stood ther painting that smile of endearment seeing his favorite people at each other. That is that‘s what he likes to think that what he’s doing. While yes, it was a genuine smile of affection, but inside of him was something quite opposite. As bad as he feels for feeling like this, there’s this certain irritation inside of him he couldn’t explain, and it only occurs when he sees you close with the members. He doesn’t understand why he would feel something like this, typically he’s not the jealous type, but seeing you with the way the members touch you, feel you, smell you, look at you even, his thought view changed from something innocent to something unexplainably bad that he finds confusing.
His thoughts were interrupted when he felt a tight hug wrapped around his torso, he shook his head and looked at the source and sees you nuzzling into him. Those evil thoughts were later put at the side as he smiled softly, and hugged you back. “Hi, baby,” He said, kissing your forehead, as you smiled at him back. There was a groan of disgust in the background from the boys,
“That’s enough, mom and dad!”
“We really didn’t need to see that!”
”I.N, cover your eyes!”
“Changbin, stop! I am an adult!”
And so much more, as you let go of Chan with a smile, looking at the boys, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder. You laughed at the dramatic bunch, while Chan just shook his head at their action.
They’ve unpacked the food on the ground, the aroma of it has replaced the smell of hard work and sweat, which made them let out an exaggerated “wow!” You and Chan held hands as you both walked at the group and sat down with them. However before he sat, Chan wanted to go get his water bottle refilled, he informed and then held onto your shoulders, “want anything?”
“No, I’m fine,” you smiled at him, as lightly caressed his fingertips, to which he nodded back. He got up and asked the boys the same question, to which all denied, and there he went out. You sat next to Jisung as you all began to feast. While waiting for Chan, you were listening to Minho’s and Hyunjin’s comedic bickering since both kept going back and forth on who’s messed up the dance. You were all laughing at them, you wished Chan was here to listen at their argument. “Why aren’t you eating?” Jisung broke out of your mini trance, and saw that you were barely eating. You didn’t realize that the food was untouched by you, as you were busy interacting with the boys and waiting for Chan.
“Oh, I didn’t realize,” you let out a snickered commented, hopefully easing Jisung‘s concerns. You looked down at your food, and picked up your chopsticks only to see a piece of meat floating in front of you. “Try this! It’s really good!” Jisung offered excitedly with his food placed in front of your face. To say that this action caught you off guard was an understatement, however you saw how Jisung held in an innocent look to his face, waiting for you to eat the piece of meat that is situated between his chopsticks. He put his head to the side, “c’mon, try it!”
After the mini encouragement, you gave in and leaned in to eat his food, to which you excitedly moaned at how good the food is as Jisung nodded at you with a smile. While the gesture was innocent from both ends, Chan did not see it that way when he walked in and sees you eating Jisung’s food. He held into his water bottle harshly and his face switched from a neutral faced to a cold one. Felix was the first to notice his presence, his face also began to switch from elation to intimidation from his end. “Hey, Chan..” Felix nervously said, which made you turn around smiling at your boyfriend. However your smile didn’t last long as Chan looked at you with coldness, he walked in silence and sat down next to you.
Everyone suddenly became silent seeing how the leader did not look pleased, as he quickly began munching down on his food. You broke the silent with a cough, “baby, are you okay?” You tried speaking to him. Usually, the boys would cringe at the way you called Chan a nickname, however with the tension that build in this room, it was a good idea for all not to showcase anything and just eat their food.
Chan, looking down at his food, simply replied with, “yeah, I’m good.” You looked at him confused then back at the members, whom all mirrored the same expression as you. You tried again, “are you sure nothing happened?”
“No, nothing happened,” He spoke after swallowing his food, he then looked up at you with a fake smile, “how about you let Jisung finish feeding your food and then meet me at the house okay?” He said, sarcastically as he dropped his chopsticks, making you and everyone else in the room jumped. You looked at him with an astonished face as he got up and left the room.
Of course, everyone, including yourself, have seen him get mad, however no one has ever seen him getting really mad at you like this, let alone get jealous, so it was a surprise for all of you to see how he is. You got up and left as well, going to find Chan before he leaves to resolve this. Meanwhile the boys sat still shocked about what happened, “do you think they’re gonna be okay?” Jisung broke the mini silence to ask as he felt guilty about all this. Minho responded with, “they’ll be fine.”
“How can you be sure? Chan has never been this mad at her before and I feel really bad! I don’t want him to think I was flirting with her or anything, I see her as my siste—“ Jisung began to ramble until Minho interrupted, “Hannie, we both know that Chan isn’t gonna leave (y/n) just like that, he’s a grown man, he’ll for sure talk to her about this,”
”Yeah, and besides we all know that Chan’s doing this to get her attention,” He added, which made everyone looked at him with a confused expression. “What do you mean?” Jisung asked.
Minho snickered, “c’mon, you guys haven’t realized that she starte to show up less for Chan and more for us? especially for pretty anime boy right over there?” he said, pointing at Jisung at the last sentence with his head. “It’s obviously clear that he’s jealous,” Minho was making sense despite being very nonchalant and eating his food. It’s like as if he’s been studying everyone’s moves, which could creep anyone out, but he used it for his benefit. They don’t call him Lee Know for nothing.
“How can you be so sure though, Mr. Lee?” Hyunjin scoffed at him. Minho looked at Jeongin for a second then back down at his food, “let us just say that if Chan used the ‘(y/n) is too tired to come and visit’ excuse, then you know they’ve resolved everything.”
”Minho, I am literally twenty years old, just say they’re gonna have hard sex and go,” Jeongin bluntly respond, which made everyone widened their eyes with surprise, except for Minho, who simply snapped his head up at him, and Seungmin, “I’m talking about them going on a road trip, you imbecile!”
“Oh, we all know that you meant something else,” Seungmin came in with defense. As the chaos commenced, Jisung zoned out into his thoughts. Maybe Minho was right, maybe Chan was just jealous and he just wanted your attention. But whatever assumptions it was, he hoped there’s a positive resolution for the both of you.
~~ ”Chan! Chan!“ You yelled out his name as you both walked out the building and onto the garage parking lot. Chan was walking ahead of you, ignoring your calls for his name as he went to where his car was located. As his walks was getting faster, you began running after him. His walks stopped when he reached his car and you held onto his arms, you flipped him around he looked at you. His face was stone ice at you, there wasn‘t a single emotion showcasing in his face, which terrified you. You backed away slightly in fear if you say anything that could trigger him. You don’t necessarily think he would do anything to hurt you physically, but it’s best with the small distance part to be on the safer side.
He didn’t say anything, so you opted to speak up. You sighed, “Channie, talk to me,” you were frowning at his lack of expression and response, “please tell me, what’s wrong?” your voice was hushed but it was screaming with sadness, you know he was upset, which resulted in you being upset as well. Your law of distance broke when you decided to held onto his arm, “c’mon, Channie, speak to me.” Your eyes were slowly spilling with tears.
He sighs at his sight of you crying, “just get in the damn car,” He spat out and began walking into his car, making you let go of him and following him. On your way back home, you still continued with your pleads, only to get no response coming out of him. After realizing that you won’t get anything, you sighed and looked away from him. You don’t see him, nor do you know, but Chan keeps looking at you then back on the road, it was like he was keeping an eye on you and examining you. He just inhaled and exhaled through his nose as his hands were on the wheel.
As you arrived home and got into your complex, Chan walked into the bedroom and you followed along, “Chan, please!“ Your pleads resumed, hoping this time you’ll hear him speak. You reached the bedroom door, expecting him to close the door at your face, he instead grabbed you and harshly pinned you into the door, after closing it. You gasped at his action, not daring to look at him.
“You wanna hear me speak? I’ll speak,” He said in a low voice, which gave you goosebumps. “Look at me,” He commanded, but you didn’t do as he says due to your intimidation. He held your jaw and forced you to look at him, which made you widened your eyes at him, “I said look at me!” He said, slightly louder. “O-okay” You stammered back at him.
“Good,“ he nodded, his hand was still in your jaw, making you look at him. You examined his face, his expressionless eyes had a dangerous cocktail in them, it was a mixture of both anger and lust, and you gulped with intimidation at him. To say that he looked mad wasn’t enough, he not only looked mad, but he looked even more attractive than what he is, which something bubbled inside your stomach after seeing his state.
“I’ll tell you what happened,” He lets put the fakest smile at you, which set even more fear and arousal into you, “I went to go get my waterbottle refilled at water cooler, and when I came back, I see my girlfriend, whom hasn’t been giving the attention that I ever so deserve and instead been giving to my friends, getting fed by my own best friend,” he ranted, and with every word, his accent thickened and your guilt risen.
You bit your lips to showcase your guilt to him and shook your head, “Channie, please, I’m so sorry, I just wanted to be friends with them, I don’t see them the same as you do, you’re nothing like them—“ Your words were interrupted by Chan’s hand moving to your neck and squeezing it, which made you let out a small whine, he smirked at your weak state, “I know that you’re sorry, and you were always forgiven,” he said, which made your eyebrows furrow, “but that doesn’t mean you’re not getting punished.”
Your eyes widened, as you knew what he meant, you gulped at his statement, before you can say anythin, Chan crashed his lips into yours. Your lips and his were battling along with your tongues against each other, with you letting a small whimpered, “chan…”
“That’s not my name,” Chan pulled away, not looking at you, it’s like he was waiting for you to correct yourself. “Daddy?…”
”That’s right,” He huskily said, with his hand letting go of your neck and taking you to your bed. He roughly began kissing you again, as you made noises into his mouth. ”Please…” You spoke through his mouth. He bit your bottom lips, which made you moan. His mouth and teeth began assaulting your lower face and neck, as you moaned out every touch he gave you. He pulled away from you and looked at you, “you’re enjoy this, don’t you?” He said menacingly, while you just pouted due to the lack of touch, “don’t give me that face, it won’t lessen your punishment,” He let out a scoff.
Chan slowly began stripping your clothes off of your body, while he stayed dressed. You begged for him to remove his clothing while he was busy removing yours, but he ignored your request. After undoing all article of clothing and left bare, Chan looked at you once more, “my dumb pretty bad girl,“ he muttered to hismelf as he began grazing his teeth onto your body once again, this time it was much harder in order to make sure you’re getting marked. It wasn’t limited to your neck, he keeps going down with bite marks and kisses from your neck to your chest, your abdomen to your thighs and back up to your collarbone. Your whole body was covered in red bites that‘ll slowly transform into purple-pink bruises by the time goes by, and your excitement just exhilarated.
His mouth went down once again, he tapped your legs, “spread your legs,” he said, which you complied. He was now face to face to your core and you were anticipating whether he’ll do anything. It was like he was observing your organ, which is exactly what he was doing until his tongue began situated itself in your slit. You moaned out at his action, putting your hands in his hair, which he pushed your hand away. Since he didn’t let you touch you, you resorted to touching yourself, resulting in him pushing away your hand again. Punishment one; no touching yourself or him.
Since you couldn’t touch yourself nor him, your hands were held onto the sheets after it flailing around cluelessly. His tongue was beginning to moving in rapid his speed, tasting every single bit of you. He moaned at the bitter yet sweet taste, enjoying the flavor of you, and with his voice, created mini vibrations. “Daddy… I’m gon—“ You breathed out, feeling the butterflies in your stomach started to fluttrr, until Chan stopped his tongue movements and took it out. You whined out at him, which he chuckled at you, “You may taste good, honey, but that doesn’t change the fact that you are not worthy of cumming,” He villainously said. Punishment two; no cumming unless being told to.
You pouted at the feeling of an orgasm disappeared, which Chan snickered at your pathetic state. His mouth was placed onto your mouth again, this time it tasted different. You tasted yourself, and you knew he did it to humiliate you, not satisfy you. Focusing on your tongue on his, you didn’t notice that his hands were getting dangerously close to your slit, until he inserted two fingers, in which instinctively made you pull away and started breathing heavily. His fingers curled inside you, then pulling it out, then back in, then repeating. As he was thrusting, you were moaning out with every time his fingers got in and out of you, while Chan was just huskily chuckled at how adorable yet pathetic you looked.
”Are you gonna cum?” Chan says, you opened your eyes and you see a smile. He saw how your toes curl, how your body was spasming, how your breathing was heavier, he knew you were getting closer. You foolishly nodded at him, and he took out his fingers before you get the chance of getting your peak. You whined out again, as Chan simply just licked his fingers to tease you. After licking his fingers, he finally began removing his clothes, “I know you want this,” he said while he took his shirt off. All you can do is look at him with a heaving chest while he was getting bare.
He was now out of his boxers and leaned down to look at you, “for a bad girl, you’ve been taking my punishments so well,” he smiled at me, while my head was moving from side to side, not sure where to place it due to your fucked out state. “I knew there’s hope for you,” He commented, as he kisses your lips once again, and you kissing him back. Your body wasn’t responsive only if Chan touches you, this is where your body works once again. His kiss moved from your mouth to your soft spot on your neck, in the midst of your moan, you said, “I’m glad, I’m all yours, dadd—Ah!”
You yelped as Chan inserted himself without warning, which made him groan as the feeling of your whole being put around his hard member. His thrusts were slowly started to get faster, making you scream out a bunch of whines and moans, “oh my god! daddy!” While he mainly he groans out a bunch of cuss words. With his fast pace and his whole member hitting the right spots, it was easier to say that you were getting closer to your peak once again. Chan knows your body language so he would know that you were ready to cum.
“Daddy… I—I—Fuck!” You cussed out, unable to speak due to your brain being clouded, but Chan knew exactly what you mean. He groaned, “let it out,” he says before hissing and panting a “holy fuck!”
After a few more thrusts, you finally came and your back began to arch due to the pleasure. However, Chan didn’t stop, he still carried on thrusting. “What?” You hushed, which Chan smirked at you, “You thought I won’t punish you?” He asked, then laughed at you. Your head shook againin confusion, as your body was getting overwhelmed, and realization also hit you. Punishment three; Overstimulation.
You yelped out as Chan’s thrusts were getting rougher and harder. His moans were getting louder, as he whimpered out a “I’m gonna cum…” His groans and grumbles slowly began turning into high pitched moans and whimpers, which indicates that he was close, along with you.
His thrusts became sloppy, your voices started to get higher, and his hand began holding yours, which ultimately made you both cum on the spot. He laid on top of you after he rode out his orgasm, both of you panting for air.
After catching both of your breaths, you expected to rest, however you sensed Chan’s lips getting into your ears as he whispered, “this isn’t over I hope you know that…” And you can’t be mad at that.
—bonus ending—
The next day rolled around with Minho, Jisung and Hyunjin sitting around in the hallway, waiting for Chan to show up. It wasn’t like him to be late, but considering what happened yesterday, they all assumed that it was likely that he was still processing everything and still needed some time. However that changed when he texted them prior that he was gonna show up. Jisung was still feeling anxious about the two of you, whether not one or both of you got hurt. He also prepared an apology and an explanation for Chan, in case he wants to hear it.
They heard the elevator ding, and looked at the people that showed up. It was you and Chan. His arm were wrapped around your shoulders while your and his hand were holding each other. Your hoodie was up as you both looked at each other with affection, like you both never had a breakdown yesterday. You both walked out and looked at the boys in the hallway, you both let out a “hey guys!”
The trio masked a confused looked, but quickly faded away as to not cause a stir. “Hi!” Hyunjin placed a smile and waved at the two of you as you two stood in front of the seated men.
Minho looked at them with a questioning face, eyeing the both of you and studying your appearances. His brown eyes landed on your neck and saw the purple marks painted onto your skin, knowing exactly what were it caused by. “Damn, Chan, was it that serious?” Minho thought to himself.
“Hey! what happened to your neck?” The question was directed at you as he pointed at your neck which you pinched your hood under your chin to hide your bruised neck. “oh, it’s nothing, its just bed bugs,” you nervously chuckled as you became flustered, which made Chan bit his lips to prevent himself from laughing. Minho knew exactly what those bruises are. He knew they were hickeys, he wasn’t an idiot, he just wanted to tease you both. Hyunjin and Jisung caughts on, as they both looked at each other, mild disgust in their eyes.
Jisung shook his head, got up and looked at Chan, “Chan, look, I didn’t mean to do anything to (y/n), I have nothing b—“
“Hannie! It’s fine, we’re good,” Chan patted Jisung’s shoulder reassuringly to stop his rambling, “everything’s fine, ain’t that right, babe?” Chan looked down at you, while you nodded with a smile, “yeah, we‘ve talked about it, and we’ve resolved everything.”
Jisung looked slightly confused at the both of you, but then switched into a smile, “oh, okay, I’m glad,” he nodded at you both, which Chan nodded back. “Alright, I’ll see you guys in a few, yeah? I‘m gonna go…” Chan looked at you back then at the boys again, “we’re gonna go produce some more music, we’ll see you three around,” and there you and Chan walked away leaving a dumbfounded Jisung, a flustered Hyunjin and a smug yet disgusted Minho.
”I hate how I am correct,“ Minho grimace, as he drank his can of energy drink. “But on the brightside, they seem to be happy together again,” Jisung responded back with a shrug, “yeah, and getting my money from Changbin’s stupid ass,” Minho bluntly spoke as he drank through his drink, which made the boys chuckle. “I still can’t believe you made a bet with Changbin,” Hyunjin said, with Minho responded with a shrug, “I knew I was gonna win though, he really thought they won’t have make up sex, t-ha” Minho tsked and had spoke through the can again, “please,” before he went in with another sip.
Jisung was first to start walking, “while I’m happy for the couple, let’s get out of here, because I think they’re gonna be making more than just music,” he shudders at the thought, which made Hyunjin and Minho hurry themselves out before they witness anything. ~~
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pastelracha · a month ago
Player 325
Tumblr media
☾ Title : Player 325
☾ Pairing: BangChan x fem!reader
☾ Genre: +18, smut, squid game!au, angst.
☾ Prompt: Player 325 lost the love of his life because of a game.
☾ A/N: Happy Halloween guys, I’m rewatching Squid Game with my mom, and mister Bang Christopher decided to play with my feels on Halloween day! and I'm sorry I feel like you all gonna hate me after you read it, hope you like it and give feedback xoxo
☾Warning: +18, smut, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it lads), mention of early pregnancy, death ..
read proof is off.
☾ Word Count: 0.784K
masterlist | ask or request (requests are off)
Chan couldn’t remember which day it was, nor what time it was. Night or day? 
All he could remember was your face, player 179. He shirt covered in your blood, his hands also covered with your blood were still shaking. 
He never thought he find you in the game, his own friend with benefits, he never knew you had nothing left, no job, no money, nothing .. and he never expect you to find him here with the same secret. You guys were friends and close, telling a lot to each other .. he always thought your relationship was more than just fuck buddies. 
2 games were left to play, he didn’t care about the money anymore, about winning or anything, the only thing he wanted was to get you back, next to him, teasing him about daily life, how music was getting to pay off one day, and the fact he wouldn’t forget you the day he would be famous, he actually plan on asking you to marry him the day he was famous. 
But now you were dead because of a fucking game. And it was all his fault. 
“325 it’s not your fault..’’ Started player 110, looking into his eyes. “How it’s not my fault when I choose her to be my partner ? And never told her what I truly felt for her and I killed her’’ 
All he heard over and over, was your last words : “ Christopher, win this game and make us proud’’ 
At first he didn’t really get the “us’’ but after he turn around seeing you laying on the dirty floor, your hand on your stomach, dead but still holding your stomach. He ran to you, tears running on his cheeks, screaming to the guard to let him hold you. 
You were pregnant, and you still decided to play this stupid game, and lost your life and the one he helped created. 
He just didn’t care if he died in the next game, he could be with you again. He didn’t sleep that night, your face and last words haunting him. 
Chan fell in love with you so fast into your relationship, being your fuck buddy was a way for him to be close to you but never tell you he loved you, and now he knew he should have told you he was in love with you, and wanted to give you the world. 
His mind was clouded with the last moment he loved you, during this game. The moment he fucked you in the toilet after the last game, as you guys did for the 3 first games a way to rewarded both of you for surviving the game. 
His hands running on your hips, helping you riding his length. Your head hiding and muting your moans on his shoulder, your fingers lost in his curly hair messing it even more. 
His wet tongue creating patterns on your skin, his hands still working on your hips helping you moving to collide against himself. 
“Slower ch-han slo-wer’’  your voice trembling, as for your whole body above his, he looked at you like nothing else mattered in this world. 
He slowed down his pace still looking at you “look at you doll, all fucked up because of me’’ 
Chan was now taking his sweet time to please you, the way he rolled his hips not letting you moving, his arms wrapped around you as you sat directly on his length. His cock caressing your velvety walls slowing, and his fingers stimulating your clit doing 8 figures. 
“I could die right now and being the happiest man ever’’ he said looking in your eyes. 
“You can not die right now, what about us running to Australia ?’’ 
At the mention of his home country something snapped into his brain, he couldn’t to see you in a bikini on a beach in Sydney. His thrusts getting harder and faster, he was ramming into you. His groans and breath short, as he was doing all the work to get you over the edge of cumming. His finger and dick going faster and matching pace between the two. 
He was feeling you clenching around his length, getting closer too. 
He sighed, it was the last time he made love to you, and it was in a goddamn toilet, and he was about to tell you how he felt deep inside. But he only looked at you and kissed you with all the passion he held in his body. 
“The game is about to start’’ 
At that moment, Chan was ready to get killed, or to be the last one man standing with 45.6 billion won, and ending his life after the game. 
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lemon-boy-stan · 4 months ago
skz masterlist (open)
Tumblr media
winter bear (fluff, drabble) - bang chan forces you to put on his jumper.
can’t sleep? (smut) - both chan and his best friend can’t sleep, one thing leads to another. COMING SOON
thunderous (series) - traveling through the times, minho and his friends search for y/n. COMING SOON
sex dream (smut) - minho turns y/n's fantasies into a reality. COMING SOON
needy (smut) - a very frustrated y/n demands changbin's attention. BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!
second serving (smut) - y/n is still hungry even after her boyfriend’s birthday feast. BIRTHDAY SPECIAL!
none yet
god's menu (smut, demon au) - it's said that the chef at hell's kitchen has five stars and his meals satisfy all of your senses.
cloud nine (smut, drabble) - neither hyunjin nor y/n can wait for the plane to land. COMING SOON
TIMSTAMP - 11:43 am (smut, timestamp)
Tumblr media
amortentia (fluff, crack, harry potter au) SERIES - complete!
none yet
none yet
none yet
none yet
so not worth it (angst, fluff, crack, college au) SERIES - complete!
none yet
none yet
Tumblr media
choking subracha (smut, request) JEONGIN, FELIX, SEUNGMIN, JISUNG
skz as siblings (fluff, headcanon)
tension with skz before dating (smut, headcanon)
sex with skz (smut, headcanon)
you're on your period (fluff, headcanon)
choking with skz (smut, headcanon)
you flinch in an argument (angst)
how you met (headcanon)
Tumblr media
skz fic recs
Tumblr media
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sunbokie · 27 days ago
♡ bang chan. best friends au, fluff, angst, 1k words. warnings: stress and anxiety. this is also posted on my wattpad account!
Tumblr media
chan felt his head explode from so much work.
his fingers began to rub his temples constantly in a desperate way to get rid of this annoying feeling, as his body was tense and all his bones ached from sitting in this uncomfortable chair all day.
there was a complete mess in his mind. comeback, lyrics, fans. all the stress accumulated in one night, in a single moment of vulnerability. it didn't happen often but usually when it did he just wanted to be alone and not be bothered by anyone. to close the doors of his heart and just write his thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper. but now...although no one was around, and the only sound was the calm ticking of the clock on the wall, he felt strangely annoyed.
he rested his elbows on the black-wooden desk, placing his face in his hands and letting a heavy sigh leave his dry lips, which he immediately moistened with his tongue.
everything seemed to bother him.
the pale color of the walls was too bright, his eyes ached, the long, thin chain around his neck suffocated him. he felt as though his bracelets were stopping his blood from circulating properly in his veins, his black hair disturbed his vision; even the beautiful pen sitting over the sheet of paper seemed too small, too hard to hold between his fingers.
it had already begun.
the stress devoured him slowly but he tried to stay calm and yet, the headache didn't go away. it was frustrating. he began to lose inspiration, the lyrics didn't go well at all, and the trash can filled up easily with all the crumpled papers.
another five minutes passed with difficulty, another sheet torn and thrown in the basket near the desk.
then his brain fully stopped cooperating. he threw the pen against the wall, falling over all the sheets scattered here and there. he sighed again, feeling like he would break into thousands of pieces if he didn't calm down. he was so caught up in what he was thinking that he did not hear the door opening very slowly, making almost no sound and a few easy steps on the fluffy carpet of the room. you made your way behind chan's chair, placing both hands on the boy's shoulders.
"channie?" your soft voice pulled chan out of the trance he had entered. the boy's expression softened immediately and his shoulders were relieved of all the tension under the gentle touch of your fingers. "you're doing it again, chan..."
you weren't aware of how happy he was just to hear your sweet voice in this stressful moment.
"y/n..." your name involuntarily came out of chan's lips, turning the chair towards you and analyzing you from head to toe. he sighed contentedly as he absorbed your entire presence.
you were here, exactly as he wanted. with comfortable pants and his black sweatshirt that looked adorable on you, ruffled hair, and no makeup. he rubs his left eye with his hand slowly due to fatigue.
today was a hard day for everyone, extremely exhausting, and the next ones will not be better. a faint, almost ghostly smile spread over his lips; his eyes once blurred with stress and tiredness, now sparkling with a special glow when he looked at you.
it was fascinating. you were fascinating. your simplicity, your personality, everything about you, meant more to chan than he would admit. probably more than he was allowed. but he could not force his heart not to love the person who was now standing before him, in his clothes, with a presence stronger than a crowd of people together.
the black-haired boy said nothing, just wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him until he could hide his face into your stomach. you were more than surprised to see chan behave so out of character that you hesitated a little as you rested your fingers on his dark locks, stroking him gently.
"what happened to you?" you ask softly in a mumble.
you always had a beautiful voice and chan didn't know if it was because of the vulnerable state he was in now, about to give up mentally, but the simple sound soothed him so much. he never recognized you as something more than a best friend, that's just how it is, how it always was, but he wanted you to feel what he was conveying through silence just by holding you.
you argued today. he didn't even remember how this stupid argument had started, he only knew that those words said at that moment were the words that hurt you more than anything. it was chan's fault and he knew it. and even if he did not apologize, you were still here, in his arms, somewhere where you could not be seen by anyone, not even by the other members.
and here chan realized that he couldn't look at you like he used to.
he felt something powerful. something that could either blossom into a much more beautiful thing or turn out to be destructive.
he just has to say three words, none of which he said, but when chan stood up and placed the sweetest kiss on your lips, he knew it was worth it. it was worth seeing your adorable and bashful expression, watching with adoration how you hid your face in your palms and how you made some sounds in an unknown language, in a high tone.
"ah! why did you do that?!" you muttered, your words almost muffled by your sweater paws.
"you're adorable," chan smiles lovingly, leaning against the desk. "y/n..." he placed his palms on your waist and pulled you closer to him.
❝thank you for staying with me, don't ever leave me...❞
you inhaled deeply. as if anything would keep you away from the only man you truly loved and desired more than you desire the air that you breathe.
Tumblr media
A/N: for all my mates who procrastinated just like me and ended up overworking themselves! cheers to us. 🥂
❧ stray kids masterlist | main masterlist ♡
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straykisz · a month ago
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻’𝘀 𝗢𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗽𝘁.𝟮 (𝗼𝗰𝘁.𝟭𝟲-𝟯𝟭)
𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗘:𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙨𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞 𝙧𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙙 𝙞𝙣 𝙤𝙘𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧. 𝙄𝙩 𝙙𝙤𝙚𝙨𝙣𝙩 𝙣𝙚𝙘𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙢𝙚𝙖𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙖 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙧 𝙖 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙖𝙣 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧 𝙙𝙞𝙙.
Pls tell me if i linked the wrong fic or if there’s smth wrong w/ the masterlist
Oᴛʜᴇʀ ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀs: 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗵𝗼, 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗯𝗶𝗻, 𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻𝗷𝗶𝗻, 𝗵𝗮𝗻, 𝗳𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘅, 𝘀𝗲𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗺𝗶𝗻, 𝗷𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻, 𝗼𝘁𝟴
Tᴀɢ: chansz.oct21
Gᴜɪᴅᴇ: ☘︎︎- sᴍᴜᴛ | ☁︎︎- ғʟᴜғғ | ☕︎︎- 𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘀𝘁 | ⚠︎︎- sᴇɴsᴛɪᴠᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴛᴇɴᴛ
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟲
❥ imbroglio by @hanjizung - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟳
❥ north star 01 by @seobangs - ☁︎︎ ☕︎︎
❥ plot twist | pt.3 by @xonepeacelovex - ☁︎︎ ☕︎︎
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teasty · 8 months ago
hold on tight || b.c (m)
"hi! can you write something about streetracer!chan x f reader where things got heated up 🥺🥺 i really like your works by the way, kiss yourself really is one of my jisung’s fav fic !!" - anon
a/n: holyashjdljzhldsa just the thought of streetracer!chan makes me... omg i don’t even KNOW, i'd actually go crazy... and omg tysm! that means so much to me :,( and you're gonna have to excuse me since there's so many things heated could mean i'm just gonna make it angsty and smutty,, also kinda went off for a fluffy ending because it's bang chan, the christiano bangnaldo, how can i not???
● pairing: bang chan x (fem) reader
● genre: a lil bit of fluff at the beginning | angst | smut (mdi!)
● warnings: chan acts like a dick but he really isn't | illegal gambling/street racing | established relationship | angry sex | (of course) car sex | hair pulling | degradation + praise | dom!chan, sub!reader | fighting :( | semi - public sex | profanity | suggestive dialogue | reader slaps chan once :( | unprotected sex (please be safe!) | choking | kind of a quickie???? | super happy ending because i'm sappy like that
● requested? yes!
● words: 8.7k
→ summary:
You’ve never known about your boyfriend’s secret and very illegal job, if you could even call it that.
Tumblr media
"Shut up, buckle up and hold on tight 'cause it's gonna be one hell of a night for us, darling."
It’s a cold, rainy night. You’re waiting comfortably on the couch, sitting there wrapped up in one of Chan’s blankets, waiting ever so patiently for his return. He’s not usually out this late, neither did his job usually end this late. Your mind was getting the worst kinds of ideas as you held your phone in your hand, more worry than anger coming over you. You couldn’t be mad at him, really, you were just worried something happened to him, since he wasn’t picking up your calls or even looking at your texts.
It’s around midnight, and you swore you wouldn’t sleep until you watched Chan, in all his glory, walk through the front door of your guys’s shared apartment. You’ve been dating Chan for years, ever since high school. And, now, even after graduating college and finding a stable job and apartment, Chan still tended to keep things from you. It was a bad habit of his, yes, but you couldn’t really be too mad at him for it. Besides, you’ll be able to help him out of that habit. Once he comes back, at least.
To wait, you decided to watch a bit of television to let your mind wander from the thought of something bad happening to Chan. Of course, the subtle thought of him cheating crossed your mind a few times, but Chan’s only ever been the most loyal and dedicated boyfriend, even past his pretty hard shell. He acts pretty tough sometimes, but you know that he’s just a little bit insecure about himself on the inside. Which, to you, is completely normal. Everyone’s at least a little bit insecure. You couldn’t blame him for that.
Getting with Chan was actually very difficult at first. You both had a rocky start before you started dating, since Chan was kind of like the cliche popular bad boy, and you were the snarky book nerd. You both started off arguing and bickering about everything. But, when you both got closer and closer, you began to see a softer, kinder side to him. And, like magic, you two started dating. You don’t really remember how it happened. It might’ve been just Chan saying, “Wanna date me?” or something like that just ‘cause it’s simple. However, getting it past your parents about your relationship with Chan was the most difficult in the world. They did not approve of him whatsoever. Even today, they’re still cautious of him even though Chan’s already proven his loyalty to you and swore to your parents that he’d never lay an aggressive finger on you.
You’re parents didn’t really like him because of his choice of outfits and friends, which was a stupid way to judge somebody in your opinion. So, no matter how many times they tried to break things off or distance you from Chan, you two always found your way back to each other. Though it was fun, all the sneaking out at three in the morning, saying you’re going over to a friends house when you’re really going to go see Chan and all the late night calls in a hushed tone, you’re glad you can finally relax about it and live peacefully with Chan without the need to sneak around.
But, your mind hasn’t been so peaceful these last few hours. There’s still no sign of Chan and no opened messages. You gave up on calling him after the fifth call had gone unanswered, and just decided to wait. Clutching your phone to your chest in case he were to call or text. Your eyes switch between the screen and the front door (which led into the living room).
You nearly jumped out of your blanket when your phone started ringing obnoxiously loud. Your heart beat loudly as you scrambled to look at the caller’s I.D. And, thankfully, it’s Chan. You’ve never answered so quickly.
“Chan?” Your excited voice squeaked out when you brought the phone close to your ear, a bright smile etching over your lips. Just happy that he’s in contact with you.
“Hey, darling,” Chan’s voice was husky and tired, and a little deeper than you remember. He must be exhausted, and you wondered if he had to stay late at work, “I’m so sorry for being out late. I’ll be home soon.”
“Alright… Is everything okay? What were you doing out so late?” You ask carefully, wrapping the blanket tightly around you.
“Work. My boss had me work over time. I would have texted you, but I was pretty busy,” in the distance, you can hear the sound of his car’s engine. He must be driving pretty fast. Chan also has a really nice car he saved up for and worked really hard for. It’s a smaller, good looking and really, really fast car. You could recognize that engine anywhere.
“Oh… I’m sorry about that,” You respond after a moment.
“It’s alright. Nothing to worry too much over,” you can hear Chan’s smile even through the phone, “And, by the way, could you do something for me before I get home?”
“Could you make me something small to eat? I didn’t have the chance to eat dinner at work. If you could do that, that’d be so great, baby.” Chan says, and you get up off of the couch. Already heading for the kitchen.
“I could make you some jjajangmyeon? We have all the ingredients,” you say, surfing through your pantry.
“That’d be great, (Y/N). Thank you,” Chan sighs through the phone, and you pull out the ingredients.
“Of course. When will you be home?” You ask before he could hang up.
“I’ll be home in the next ten to fifteen minutes, at the least.” He says, and you can hear the engine get a little bit louder behind him, “I have to focus on the road. I’ll be home soon. I love you, baby.”
“Love you, too, Chan.” You respond, and hang up. Now with the satisfaction and the relief of knowing Chan’s coming home, you separate the ingredients out and start cooking (thank god you took that home economics class back in high school. You couldn’t cook for shit before that). Since Jjajangmyeon is a pretty slow cooked dish, you try your best with temperature control to fit it into the timeframe for when Chan gets home, wanting it to be ready for him.
You had your hair tied back as you cooked, occasionally looking up to watch the television, which was still on the random news channel from before. It talked about things you weren’t too interested in, so you only kept it on for background noise.
You were so immersed in cooking, you didn’t even notice the door slamming open and closed and a pair of heavy footsteps walking up to the kitchen. You jumped when Chan’s arms wrapped around your waist, his chin planting itself on your shoulder. He laughs tiredly at your reaction, and you turn to give him a subtle glare, but your smile deceived you.
“Hey, baby. I’m sorry for coming home so late. I promise it wasn’t my intention,” Chan grumbles out, his words low and slightly slurred, mostly because he’s tired.
“It’s alright, don’t apologize,” you chuckle softly as you arrange two portions of the jjajangmyeon into two different bowls. Chan watches silently over your shoulder, “I’m just glad you’re home. You worried me. Please text me next time, before you stay overtime and don’t bother texting me. I worry a lot, you know?”
“I know, (Y/N). I know you worry too much for your own good,” Chan smiles softly, chuckling tiredly, “It’s one of the reasons I love you so much.”
You smile, flustered, and raise a warm hand to press against Chan’s cheek, turning your head to press a loving kiss to his temple, which is cold, even in the warm kitchen. “Dinner’s ready. Do you want to eat in bed?”
“Not if you’ll make me do the dishes directly afterwards,” Chan lets go of you to take his dish, and you take yours.
You cock a brow at him, “I was going to make you do them anyways. You’re not getting out of it that easily.” You giggle and tap his nose with the tip of your finger. “Come on. Take mine, too. I’ll shut everything down.” You hand your bowl to Chan, who takes it quickly as you scurry around, turning off the television. Turning off lights and putting the dishes in the sink.
Once Chan’s changed into more comfortable wear and you’re both comfortable in bed, watching some show on the TV while eating. Time at home was usually like this; relaxing. You’re cuddled up to Chan while he ate slowly. Once you both finished, you placed them on the nightstands for the time being.
Chan was asleep instantly. You were up a bit longer, still a bit run on adrenaline from worrying so much earlier, despite knowing you have to be up early for work. Chan didn’t have to work till the afternoon, but you had to be up early since you’re a librarian at the local public high school. Chan’s an assistant producer and works under a decently big entertainment company. It’s quite the drastic difference, but you being a pretty big book worm yourself, you decided it would be fun to be a librarian (mostly using your literature degree), even if it’s stressful at times. Chan’s work, however, is much more tedious than your own. Where you can usually go at your own pace, he has more strict deadlines and sometimes more difficult work.
So, you let Chan sleep on your stomach. His arms wrapped around you securely as his face nuzzled into the soft fabric of the oversized shirt you were wearing. You were up a bit longer, watching the TV while running your hands through Chan’s soft hair. Enjoying the moment for the time being before you, yourself, drifted off into a deep sleep.
You were the first one to wake up the next morning, per usual. You woke up to your alarm that Chan thankfully slept through. You got ready as quickly and quietly as you could. Since you work in a pretty professional environment, you wear something modest, but fits well with the fall weather and your fashion style. You wore a white long sleeved shirt and a pair of black slacks under a jacket with your university’s logo on it and a pair of sneakers. They weren’t too big on dress code for the teachers at the school, but the students still had to wear uniforms.
Before you left, you made Chan lunch for the day and yourself a lunch. You even bothered to wake him up briefly to give him a kiss goodbye and that you’ll be back early afternoon, although he’ll probably be at work, then. Chan, although three fourths asleep, gave you a tight hug and a kiss with a slurred ‘Love you’ before plopping back onto the bed and instantly falling back asleep.
Although Chan had quite the expensive car, he wasn’t quite fond of you driving it. You have your own car, and it’s fine. Mostly used to drive to and from work and nothing more, since most other things you were with Chan, so you both usually took his car. It’s not so much a matter of richer and poorer, his car just had more little trinkets and things that are just more convenient. You’re not completely sure what model his car is, all you know is that it’s expensive.
The school isn’t too far. It’s actually a ten minute drive from your apartment. You have to make it there pretty early, so the roads aren’t jam packed like they would be when Chan has to drive to work. So, you have a bit of an advantage there. When you get there, you’re met with the people in the front office, who bow respectfully to you, and you make your way to the library.
You set up at the large, round desk. You especially like being a librarian, because it’s quiet. You don’t think you’d do too well as a teacher, so you settled for a librarian since it was a good and easy way to use your literature degree and put it to good use, other than the fact you’re writing a novel, but that’s a whole other story (hehet).
It’s about half an hour before some students pile in, bidding you good morning and sitting down at the tables to study for whatever assignment or test they have, or to finish homework. Some of them go around to look at books, but most just sit by their lonesome and work on whatever while blasting profane music into their poor ears.
You were busying yourself going through overdue books, and emailing parents about student’s overdue books. You were immersed in your work, so you were somewhat shocked when someone tapped your shoulder. When you turned, you were met with the smiling face of your coworker. A middle aged, pretty woman named Jung Migyeong, who gave you the permission to call her ‘unnie’. She’s considerably your work - best friend. She’s the only person who really delved into conversation with you, unlike most of the other teachers who only talked to you about whatever book they’re class reading or for book suggestions (and you just choose the first book in the library that comes to mind).
“Oh, you scared me!” You giggle in a hushed tone, and Eunmi smiled brightly, her motherly aura giving you a sense of calmness.
“Sorry, sorry!” Eunmi sits on your desk, more leaning against it. Eunmi is really a pretty lady. Her hair is cut short to her shoulders, and she never wears makeup. Her natural tone is without blemishes or acne. She always wears pretty dresses to work, and she always carries around her purse for some odd reason. “I wanted to catch up with you. I didn’t realize you were so immersed in your work. I should’ve known, you’re more responsible than half the teachers here.”
“I try, I really do,” You respond, leaning back in the chair and smiling up at her, “Do you have a free period for the first hour?”
Eunmi nods, “Yes, I do. They switched it up just ‘cause of something wrong in the student's schedules. But, that’s past the point. How have things been going? In the home life?”
You shrug a shoulder, your smile dropping, “It’s… going. My boyfriend didn’t come home until, like, twelve - thirty last night. He said he had to stay late for work, but I don’t get it, Eunmi. He wouldn’t answer my calls or texts, and I don’t think his job prevents him from at least opening a text until he gets off, you know?”
“You said he’s a producer, right?” Eunmi asks, her head tilting down to look at you more clearly. You nod, “Well, he might’ve been busy with the idol. It’s pretty difficult work, I’m surprised he’s been able to keep up with it well.”
“Well, he came home hungry and tired,” you sigh again, “Which is weird because if he stays late he usually grabs something from the kitchen at the company building or fast food and eats it before he comes home. But, he was hungry… not super hungry, but I made him jjajangmyeon.”
"Jajangmyeon?" Eunmi’s head tilts, and one brow lifts and she scoffs, “That’s like a fifty minute dinner.”
“Not if you toy around with the temperatures, no,” you smile, and Eunmi shrugs a shoulder, “Eh, I was the one who suggested it to him. It’s one of his favorites, and he sounded exhausted and overworked so I though, you know, might as well. But, after eating, he was out like a light. You wouldn’t think that producing would make someone so tired.”
“You never know,” Eunmi reassures, “You seem to be really worried about this. You don’t think he’s cheating, do you?”
You quickly shake your head, “No, no! I know him, and I know that he would never do that to me. I think he’s just trying to hide something from me. I’m not mad at him, I just don’t want him to keep anything from me.”
“You’re not mad… yet!” Eunmi corrects, and your lips purse, “If he’s really hiding something from you, it must be pretty big. I would personally be surprised if you were able to keep your temper if you found out whatever it is he’s hiding. Cheating or not.”
You’ve never really been one to get extremely mad or even start arguments. As said before, you and Chan did have petty arguments back in high school, but since then, you’ve both matured. Chan always shut down a fight if you were getting too agitated, and you were usually never the first one to start up an argument, since your patience isn’t as thin as before. You will admit, though, you’d be decently upset if you found out Chan really was hiding something from you. You trust him so much, you thought there should’ve been nothing to hide.
“I suppose you’re right,” you lean your head against your hand, resting your elbow on the desk, “If there’s a good chance, I’ll talk to him about it tonight. If I want things to really work out with him, then there has to be complete trust and honesty with each other.”
“That’s the spirit,” Eunmi proudly says, placing a gentle hand on your shoulder.
“I want to spend the rest of my life with him, unnie,” you admit shamelessly, and Eunmi smiles wistfully, “I want to grow old with him. But I don’t want to live waking up every day at four in the morning and coming home to no one for hours on end. And, sometimes he won't come till midnight or morning.”
“Well, my husband and I used to have a lot of secrets, too. That we kept from each other,” Eunmi admits, reassuring you that you’re not the only one going through something like this, “The only way we were able to sort things through was by sitting down and talking to each other. Just telling all of our secrets to each other, even if they’re embarrassing or stupid. Just knowing the fact that we can trust each other with everything gives us that reassurance that we’re meant to be. Honesty is everything.”
You look down, thinking about the advice Eunmi had just given you, and you swallow down the growing lump of frustration in your throat, “Thank you for the advice, unnie. It means a lot to me.”
“Of course. I’m always free to talk, and you have my number if anything happens,” Eunmi smiles fondly, “And my doors are always open to you. I’ve spoken to my husband about you and he said that he’s always willing to keep our doors open. Just in case anything happens. You can’t be too careful, right?”
“Right,” you smile, flustered by Eunmi’s kindness, “Thank you so much. I’m… you’re right. If the worst of the worst happens and I’m booted out of my own apartment, then I’m at least glad to know that there’s some place I can go to that’s not three cities over.”
Eunmi laughs softly, and you laugh along with her, “I’m glad. Anyways, it’s about that time. I’m going to start heading back to my classroom. Let Chan know that I said hello, and that I wish you both well. Good luck, (Y/N).”
“Thanks, unnie. I’ll call you later,” you wave briefly as Eunmi makes her way out of the library, students bowing briefly to her as she passes.
You’re glad to have a friend like Eunmi. You’re lucky to have someone open their doors to you. Sometimes, you wonder if Eunmi views you as a younger sister, since she constantly rambles on and on about how she loves being called unnie or noona by her younger coworkers, even if she’s among the younger teachers. She’s like the sister you’ve never had. Sure, things had to be professional, but you’d like to spend more time with her out of the workplace. That would be fun.
The rest of the day is pretty slow. You had a few classes come in to pick up literature books, math books and to check out some books, but that was really it. You didn’t see Eunmi again, and left a few hours after the school closed. There was a bit of traffic on the way home, but it was mostly cleared up.
When you got home, you weren’t surprised to be met with an empty house. No sign of Chan, except the lunch you made him was gone, meaning he took it with him, thankfully, and he left a cute little note on a sticky note saying his thanks to you for making it for him. Which he usually did for you (you never bothered to throw them away. You actually kept them all in a little cigar box for safekeeping. Why? You didn’t know. You just felt like it.)
Like every day when you come home, you change into a pair of more comfortable clothing, which was just one of Chan’s hoodies you took out of his side of the closet, and a pair of ripped jeans. Since Chan didn’t do the dishes before he left, like you thought he would, you decided to do them to pass the time. In doing so, you turned on the TV for some background noise as you rolled up your sleeves to start scrubbing the dishes.
However, your attention was soon caught by the TV when the regular news anchor started talking about crime. At first, it was just about a robbery that took place in uptown, and that didn’t really suit your interest. What did catch your attention, enough to turn off the faucet and ignore the dishes to watch the TV, was when an all - too familiar black car with tinted windows and no license plate appeared on the screen, and there was a red car, too, but you didn’t recognize that one.
You turned up the volume, “Today, police are trying to look for these cars with no license plates caught on camera last night. They were suspected to be illegally street racing and gambling last night at around eleven o’ clock at night before being caught on security footage of a hotel nearby. If you can identify these cars, please contact the police immediately. One has been identified as a black Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The other has yet to be identified. If you see anything suspicious on the streets, please contact authorities. Here’s a clearer picture of both cars.”
And, that’s when it sparked you. One of the pictures of the black Ferrari was of the front. Despite the tinted window, you could clearly see a black ice Little Tree air freshener hanging from the mirror and a familiar hand gripping the wheel tightly. How could you recognize it? Despite the low quality, you can see a familiar ring on the middle finger. A celtic design Chan loved so much.
“Oh… my fucking god,” your mouth drops open as realization hits, and you immediately dash to the bedroom to yank open Chan’s dresser drawer, one left vacant for paperwork to “keep things safe”, and you pull out his insurance for his car. And, there it is, in plain sight. Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Color; black. Windows; tinted. At first, shock pools through you. Doubt climbing up. There’s no way Chan’s a criminal. There’s no way that he’s the one in the Ferrari. It has to be someone else.
But, there was only one way to find out. You had to be sure it was him.
So, you grabbed your purse and your keys and threw on a pair of slip - on vans. The sun was already setting, and you nearly forgot to lock up before running to your car. Barely unlocking it before you throw yourself into it, not even bothering to buckle your seatbelt before driving off to god knows where. Your gut leading you, immediately driving towards the area shown on the news. You pull out your phone, trusting the wheel in one hand as you pull up Chan’s profile and call him, pressing the phone to your ear.
The ringing carries on and on until the familiar voice of Chan speaks up, telling you that he’s not available and to leave a message after the beep.
“Oh, fuck off!” You scream at your phone before trying to call him again. Again and again it led to voicemail. Voicemail after voicemail. You couldn’t text him, not with you driving.
After the tenth call, you let out a frustrated yell, hitting your wheel with your palm and trying your best not to cry. You might be overreacting, since there’s a large chance that it isn’t Chan. But, for some reason, you believed it. You believed, at least somewhat, that it was Chan’s car. That it was Chan in the car. You didn’t want to believe it, but you did.
And your questions coursing through your mind were soon answered when you pulled up to the spot from the news, it now twilight, the sun just being set over the city’s horizon. You pulled onto an empty freeway, and parked in an alley between two buildings. There’s a group of people and a ton of expensive cars around the freeway. There were people crowded around a table. Some girls sat on top of cars, talking and laughing to each other while wearing vulgar and revealing clothes. Your brows furrow, deciding to stay low for a while. You turn off the engine to your car and watch carefully, gripping your phone in your hand. They seemed to be enjoying themselves, popping beer bottles, laughing and talking amongst themselves.
But, it’s when the sound of a loud engine came into earshot, and everyone, including you, turned to see the source of the sound. The moment the crowd of people see who it is, they start to cheer loudly. Throwing up their hands. However, your mouth falls open once more as the black Ferrari SF90 Stradale with tinted windows and a black ice Little Tree air freshener hanging from the rear - view mirror. It pulls up to the crowd, and they all part to make way for it.
Instead of shock or sadness, anger and rage begins to boil inside of you, and you grip your steering wheel tightly as you watch Chan, Christopher Bang, step out of the car. People pat his shoulder, and he smiles widely at them. Giving a few people hugs and even smiling to some of the women, who tried to steal a hug from him, too. He’s wearing clothes you don’t ever remember seeing. He wears a black leather jacket over a white button up and black skinny jeans. You’d be impressed by how good he looks if you weren’t so upset.
You didn’t even have to look at your phone as you pulled up Chan’s profile and called him, pressing the phone roughly to your ear.
“Pick up… Pick the fuck up,” you grumble under your breath as you watch Chan. He pulls his phone out of his pocket, and looks at it briefly.
Not even hesitating to hang up.
As you heard the familiar sound of Chan’s sweet voice telling you he’s not available at the moment and to leave a message after the beep, you finally have enough courage to get out of your car. Slamming the door shut and making your way out of the alley. They’re not too far, but it's a long enough walk for you to catch the eye of some people. You don’t even pause to rethink your decisions when a girl taps the chest of one of the guys, who glares at you with a raised brow.
The man that glared at you stepped away from the crowd, and you could barely see Chan over the people. He walks over to you, and you stop when the man is right in front of you, peering down you. The smell of cheap beer oozing off of him.
“And who the fuck are you?”
“Chan’s girlfriend, now get the fuck out of my way,” you try to push past him, but he grabs you by the arm. Tightly, too. Probably tight enough to leave a bruise after a while. “Hey! Let go of me.”
“No can do, princess,” the man says, smirking mercilessly down at you, his grip not loosening one bit, “Whether or not you’re Chan’s bitch doesn’t matter to me. It’s either you leave or I take you home and we have a good time. Well, I will, at least.” So, you tried to yank your arm from his, trying your best not to use your free hand to punch him in the face.
“Where’s Chan? Bring him to me.” You demand, and the man scoffs, chuckling.
“Fine, have it your way,” the man turns his head towards the crowd, a few people watch, and he says, “Grab Chan. This chick says she’s his girlfriend.” A few of them laugh at him, thinking it’s a joke. But, you stand your ground, glaring through the crowd. One of the people that laughed pushed through a few people. It takes a minute, and there’s a tense silence between you and the man as you try to pry his hand off.
But, as you suspected, a smiling Chan pushes through, but his smile instantly drops when he sees you.
“Hey, Chan. This chick’s babbling on about being your girl. Should I kick-”
“Get your hands off her right now before I shoot you in the face.” Chan interrupts, anger lacing his dark, deep voice. The man holding your arm instantly lets go and steps away, his hands rising in defense. Mumbling something about just ‘trying to keep things safe’. Once the man is away, Chan walks up to you, now being the one tightly gripping your arms. Leaning down so his face is close to yours.
“Why are you here, (Y/N)? Why the hell are you here?” He asks harshly, his voice full of surprise and desperation. He even shakes you slightly.
“You seriously thought I wouldn’t find out?” You snap, ignoring his question all together, “You thought I was dumb enough to let this go under? Well, I’ve been dumb for too long, Christopher. I’m not going to be like that anymore.” You know he’s not too big a fan of being called by his real name, but you do it anyway.
“Go home (Y/N). I’ll explain everything to you afterwards.” Chan says, placing a hand on your shoulder, trying to turn you away.
“No!” You yell, pushing his arms off you, “I am not going home, Chan! I am staying with you. I need to know what the hell all of this is. Right. Now.” You demand, and Chan shakes his head.
“No. You’re going home, (Y/N),” Chan tries to push you away again, his hands gripping your shoulders tightly and trying to turn you from the curious crowd. However, you weren’t going to be let off so easily. You swiftly turned around, letting your flying hand come in contact with Chan’s cheek. Smacking him. You made sure not to backhand him, knowing how much that could hurt. Besides, you don’t want to hurt him too much, you just want to get your point across, and he wasn’t listening to your words. He lets go of you again, his head flinging to the side because of the impact.
“I said no. I’m staying here,” You repeat yourself, and Chan’s eyes no longer lace with aggression, but worry. He doesn’t seem upset that you hit him. In fact, he seems to gloss over it. “I need to know what’s going on-”
You weren’t able to finish your sentence until Chan grabs you by the wrist and pulls you into the crowd. They part to make way for him, and you aren’t able to muster out a sentence before Chan unlocked his car and shoves you forcefully into the passenger seat.
“Chan, what -”
“Shut up, buckle up and hold on tight ‘cause it’s gonna be one hell of a night for us, darling,” Chan snaps, and your lips clamp close at his harsh words. You didn’t expect that out of him. You could nearly cry right there. Chan backs away and slams the door shut, and you quickly scramble to put the seatbelt on as Chan yells something at the crowd, and they erupt in cheers. A few people scramble to get into different cars, and the rest stay back, keeping their distance. However, Chan didn’t seem too pleased as he walked around the car and into the passenger’s seat, locking the doors.
“Quiet,” Chan snaps, revving the engine of the car. You can faintly hear the cheer of the onlookers behind as Chan pulls alongside the other three cars. A young woman wearing small shorts and an exposed shirt too small for fall walks ahead, and pulls a red cloth out of her back pocket. Her red lips smile bright as she lifts her red cloth. She holds up one finger, and Chan’s engine growls from behind, the car shaking along with it. Your hands go to grip the first thing, which is the cup holder in the center console and the door. Bracing yourself for what’s about to happen.
“I said quiet!” Chan yells, sparing you a glance and your brows creased with worry as the woman holds up a second finger, and Chan’s hand grips the wheel as the other rests over the buttons.
She doesn’t hold up a third finger. Instead, she throws down the red cloth, and the moment she does so, Chan is off on the road. His foot slammed against the gas as he pushed his back against the seat and used one hand to effortlessly steer. You feel so impossibly scared in the car. A small part of you was debating whether or not you should have gone home, but you knew that it was the right decision to stay. To truly understand what’s been going on and what this is all about.
You try your best not to scream as the loud engine nearly bursts your eardrums.
“Chan… Chan, stop the car!” You scream, the need to vomit creeping up, even though you try to gulp it down.
“I can’t, (Y/N). I really can’t right now.” He says loudly over the engine.
“Please, Chan, just stop the car…!” You yell out again, and Chan finally glances at you, seeing your distressed look before his head snaps ahead again.
His hand swiftly reaches over to grip your thigh, as if trying to prove that you’re secure, “Calm down, (Y/N). You’ll be fine. We’re fine. I’m not stopping the car. Sorry, but I just can’t.”
“I should hate you for this, Chan!” You say, and you can see the way his knuckles turn white from gripping the wheel. “But I can’t… I just… Goddamn it, why!?”
“I can’t tell you that right now!” He yells back, looking over briefly before making a sharp turn, making you clutch onto the seat belt for protection, his hand now back over the buttons, “You just need to sit there until this is over, got it? I don’t care how scared you are, you’re gonna get through it like the strong woman you are, (Y/N), and I’m not taking no for an answer.”
You look over to Chan, and his lips are downturned, his brows furrowed and his eyes glossed over, as if he could cry right there.
“But why didn’t you just tell me?! We wouldn’t be like this right now if you just told me, Chan, and that’s the truth.” You yell over the engine, and Chan bitterly and breathily chuckles, shaking his head as an angry smile casts over his lips.
“You wouldn’t have stayed with me if I told you, (Y/N), you know that.” His voice is a little softer. If any softer, you wouldn’t have heard him. “You would’ve left me.”
Your mouth falls open, and you shake your head, “Never… Never! Never, ever, accuse me of that. I would never leave you even if you killed a man, Chan, and that’s the truth!” He doesn’t respond. He doesn’t even look at you as he turns another sharp corner, and you can see the other cars following behind, closing in. He sees it, too, and he presses some buttons you didn’t bother reading and slams his foot on the gas again. You let out a deep breath, still clutching the seat belt, “I just want to know why, Chan. Why are you resulting to this even though you have a stable job at the entertainment company, I-... I just want you to be honest with me.”
“I’ll tell you later, (Y/N). Just sit tight and keep your mouth shut. I need to focus or we’ll fucking crash, you got it!” He yells, and you flinch at his harsh tone. Finally keeping quiet.
The race seems like it lasts forever, when it was probably only five minutes. With sharp twists and turns and screeching of the engine in wheels, it feels like torture. You hate this, but there’s no backing out yet.
Chan doesn’t utter a word. Only cursing at the other cars when they do something that they weren’t supposed to do, or somehow start catching up to him. You let a few tears slip as you watch his hands and Chan as he focuses solely on the road. The lump in your throat is growing bigger and bigger, and swallowing it down seems to get more and more difficult.
But, it’s over at some point. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding and Chan finally slowed down after reaching a pathetic excuse of a finish line. Your trembling hands grip the hem of the hoodie you were wearing as Chan comes to a steady stop. People come cheering as the other three cars pull up behind, being careful not to bump into anyone from the crowd. You breath heavily, and look over to Chan, who rolls down his window, plastering a triumphant smile on his lips.
“I don’t even get why I race against you, mate. You always win. Just take the money and get outta here,” says one of the racers playfully, tossing Chan a briefcase through the window.
“Thanks man. Good race,” Chan says, “Now, I have business to attend to. If you’ll excuse me.”
He rolls up the window, and the man who handed Chan the briefcase smacks the window playfully as Chan rushes off, his smile instantly vanishing as he goes through backgrounds to try and get to a main road without drawing too much attention. Chan’s smile drops, and he hands you the briefcase.
“You want to know so badly? Open it and be careful. It’ll be hell to clean up if you drop it,” Chan grumbles, looking over as you look to him for reassurance. He only gives you a cocked brow as you look back to the case in your lap before unlocking it and opening it. Your jaw falls as you look at the thousands of bills stacked on top of each other, rubber bands holding equal stacks together, and you gawk at just how much money Chan won from one race.
After a minute of you staring at the money, Chan slams the case closed in your lap, locking it with one hand and tossing it in the backseat making you jump at how hasty he is.
You both sit there, Chan driving to god knows where in tense silence. You're holding your head in your hands as Chan shifted his gaze between you and the road.
It’s about fifteen minutes until you look up, surprised that he’s still driving and nowhere near home. It’s an emptier city, but Chan seems to know the area well.
“Chan, where are we?” You ask, but Chan gives no answer. Only driving a bit further before pulling into an alley between two old buildings. “Chan, I said -”
You were quickly by Chan yanking off his seatbelt and leaning over the center console to firmly grab your face and pull you into a rough kiss. It isn’t too rushed, but it’s not at all gentle. You’re caught by surprise at first, but couldn’t help melting into it. It’s almost instinct at this point to kiss him back, but you push him away after a moment. “What… What the fuck are you doing?”
“Kissing you,” Chan answers briefly before grabbing locks of your hair at the back of your head and pulling you into another kiss, his other hand creeping down to unbuckle your seatbelt, and you let it slam against the car as it flies off you.
“No, Chan… We need to talk,” You grumble out as you try to pull away, and he presses wet, sloppy kisses to the side of your mouth. His eyes are fluttered shut, and your’s are half lidded. You will admit, you love this. The kisses and how unnaturally aggressive Chan is being. But, you knew that you have to talk things out, or you’d never get to figure out how the hell things turned out like this, “Chan, I’m serious right now.”
“Then relax, baby,” Chan breathily whispers out, and your thighs squeeze together, “Let me make things up to you, okay? I’ll fuck you so good, baby.” He pulls away for a moment, and he stares at you with a teasing smirk, “Think of it as my apology, alright?”
“Chan, I’m… I’m - ah! Chan!” You gasp when Chan’s lips come in contact with the side of your neck. Your neck is already tilting to give him more room, despite trying pathetically to push him away. There’s no getting through to him anymore. You’ve passed the point of no return, and there’s not much you could get past him without slapping him again. And that didn’t seem like a very good idea to you. Your hand flies up to grip the back of his neck, the other loosely clutching the hem of his button up.
“You know that… ah… that we are going to talk about this at some point…” you groan out, and Chan only groans against your neck, sucking on the sensitive skin. “You can’t get out of it like this…”
“Shut it, (Y/N),” Chan snaps, and your head falls back. Chan leans his seat back, aggressively grabbing you by the thighs to pull you over and sit on top of him. Straddling his waist despite it being such a tight environment. He pulls you down by the hoodie, into another kiss. You could feel how frustrated Chan is by the way he grips you tightly, as if you’re going to magically vanish, and by how he talks to you.
It’s rushed, too. Chan is impossibly quick to pull up your hoodie, his hot, sweaty hands creeping up your warm back, caressing it with a different, quick sense of gentleness. His lips connect with yours once again. His tongue already pressing against your lips. The quick, sloppy kiss all too lust filled. The erotic sounds coming from the both of you almost making you gloss over the fact that you should still be very mad at Chan. But, you just can’t find the need to pull away from him. You need to let off the steam, too.
You flush your body firm against him, one hand on his chest and the other by his head, holding onto the head of the seat for support. Breathing as slowly as you can through your nose to savor the air Chan so selfishly takes from you from the heated kiss. Your thoughts begin to vanish and your worry and concern for Chan’s life choices begin to falter for the time being. So immersed in the heated kiss to forget about it entirely. All your focus is now on Chan. You can tell how stressed he is, and the loving part of you wants to help him let off that steam. But, now, you’re in the same boat. So, he’s going to have to do so much for you as you’ve been doing for him.
Chan’s hands don’t bother to hesitate before they loop underneath your jeans, not caring to unbutton them as he tries his best to pull them off by himself. Because of how restricted you both are because of the size of the car, you had to do it yourself. You parted from the kiss and pressed your head against his shoulder to unbutton your jeans and pull them down as quickly as you could before throwing them in the back (along with your shoes and socks. You can already see how hard Chan’s gotten as his rough hands massage and knead your ass, only covered by the thin, black cloth keeping you at least somewhat covered. But, if this was like any other time, they’d be gone quicker than you’d imagine.
Your hands fly up again once your pants are thrown to the back, resting on either side of Chan’s head as he grips your hips, grinding your womanhood against his clothed hardon (you’re also clothed, but it’s so wet from your juices that it basically attaches itself to your skin). His head throws itself back, his eyes closing and a pleasure filled smirk tugging at the corners of his lips. You press yourself against him, now propped up to be looming over him, sitting on him.
When you do press against him, his head snaps forward again, and his dark eyes glare up at you, “Don’t start getting proud, (Y/N). I’m gonna fucking break you.” His hand crawls up to grip your face in his hand. One of your hands weakly comes up to grip his wrist. His hand moving down to grip your throat, and your lips part blissfully as his fingers press into the sides of your neck, still allowing airflow through you. “Oh, fuck. You like being choked, huh? You like being choked like a slut don’t you?” You don’t answer, too nervous to and too caught up in the pleasure to actually let something other than a moan escape your lips.
“Talk to me, (Y/N). Use your fucking words,” Chan growls, and you swallow. The lump in your throat pressing painfully, yet blissfully against Chan’s hand.
“Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me…” You utter out his name, and Chan’s brow raises. But, he smirks nonetheless and lets go of your neck, and you let out a breath as he undoes his jeans and pulls them down to his feet. His hand palming his clothed cock briefly before pulling it out. His hard dick already leaking with precum.
“Condom…” You mutter, and Chan shakes his head. You look up to him with worry.
“Trust me, baby,” he mutters, and you sigh, leaning against him, pressing your body against his as Chan moves your panties out of the way before he aligns your throbbing cunt with his dick, and slowly pushing himself into you, raw. As his raw cock slowly becomes engulfed by your heat, Chan lets out low groans. Your face nuzzles into the side of his neck as Chan slowly guides you down until you’re sitting on his cock.
At first, he stays there like that. Not moving. You suspect it’s because the sane part of him wants you to get used to the feeling of his cock so deep in you without a condom, but Chan seems to keep you there for a few moments just for the sake of how good it feels without a condom. The way his head is leaned back, his lips slightly ajar and his eyes fluttered shut.
But, it doesn’t last long before Chan’s strong arms wrap around your waist, holding you up and starts ramming into you. His hips move so quickly, yet so efficiently as he burns your wet walls. You erupt in a series of loud moans, mixtures of Chan’s name and curses spilling out, too. Chan groans sometimes, right next to your ear. The sound of skin slapping against the fabric of Chan’s boxers echoing through the air tight car.
Your pussy burns from how fast Chan thrusts into you, keeping you at a steady position so he could have an easier time ramming himself into you without the difficulty of it being such a confined and restrictive place in the car (especially in the driver’s seat). The burn is so good for you, though. It’s such a numbing, euphoric feeling that you’ll crave later. A type of burn you could never provide yourself, only Chan.
Chan’s hands go from gripping your body to sliding up your side to gripping your hair and yanking your head back so he could look at you. A judgemental, sexy smirk adorning his lips as he sees how fucked out you are. Your mouth open as you moan, and your half lidded eyes occasionally closing from the bliss.
“Fucking hell… you’re so good for me, (Y/N). You take my cock so fucking well, don’t you?” You let out a choked moan as Chan’s hand grips harder on your hair, craning your neck. “Mmm… Baby girl can’t even talk to me… I know I said to shut it…” he laughs darkly through his moans, and your moans get louder when Chan lets go of your hair, letting your face fall back onto his shoulder as his hands grip your ass. Kneading them as he fucks himself into you. You clench helplessly around his cock.
“Oh… fuck, you’re gonna cum, aren’t you? You wanna cum around my cock, baby girl?” You nod frantically, your climax climbing up as you push your body back to meet with Chan’s aggressive thrusts. Your overstimulated cunt only being destroyed by Chan’s cock as he thrusts harder into you, his hips staggering slightly as you clench around him. “Mmm! - Cum for me, baby. Cum for me.” Chan growls out as his hand grips your face again, forcing your head up as your eyes roll into the back of your head, a loud string of moans escaping your lips as you cum all over Chan’s cock, and he pulls out just quick enough to spurt out a string of cum along your ass.
He lets go of your face, and you breath heavily as you rest your head on Chan’s chest, closing your eyes to catch your breath. A burning sensation still resting in your core as you relax, your womanhood’s muscles contracting every now and then from the orgasm.
Chan cleans you both up with a napkin he had in the center console and helped you put your jeans back on (deciding to toss your soiled panties) and he slipped his jeans back on silently. It’s not until you’re sitting on his lap, resting your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat when he speaks.
“You know I love you so much, right?” Chan mumbles out, and you look up to him. “I was so mean to you today… when you must’ve been so confused.” His head falls back, and he looks out the window with a longing look in his eyes, “I’m the worst boyfriend in the world, aren’t I?”
“No, you’re not. Don’t even think things like that. Yes, I am still a bit upset, but you know what? We’re going to get past this because I love you, too, Channie.” You stare at him with an adoring expression adorning your sparkling eyes (trying to ignore the burning in your core).
“You… You want to know the real reason I’m a street racer, (Y/N)? Why the fuck I'm doing this?” Chan asks softly, his hand stroking your hair.
“If you could… I’ve been asking all day,” you chuckle softly, and Chan smiles bitterly.
“Well… I… I’m doing this all for you.”
“What do you mean?”
“No job will pay for the things I want to give you, (Y/N).” He turns over, reaching into the center console to pull out a black box, and your eyes widen as he opens it. You can’t see it, but you can barely see the sparkle of a something reflective. “I… I couldn’t pay for this myself. I knew I couldn’t. I hate how this is how I’m asking you… but, (Y/N), will you-”
“Oh my god, yes!”
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ultschan · a month ago
[1:58] the door opens as he enters your shared apartment, the atmosphere of the place getting heavier as you sigh through the kitchen counter. you slowly placed the glass of water in the sink beside you and looked towards the clock.
almost 2 am. it has been a year going on like this. him saying that he'll hang out with his friend and you being the loving partner that he has, allows him whenever he wants. you never complained but you worried. what could they be doing together that he had taken up so much time? that his friend takes up the time where you were supposed to be filling up?
you really didn't want to suspect him but this continuing for that long really didn't sit right with you.
"you're still awake?" his voice was hoarse as you noticed.
you looked towards him finding his shoulders slumped as he was trying to take off his coat. however, the red in his eyes are visibly red. it alarmed you.
"hey, are you okay?" immediately walking towards him fastly, he looks over to you and smiles. the one that doesn't reach his eyes.
he's hurt.
"yeah," he whispered. "i'm tired."
"don't you want to eat? i've prepared us dinner-"
he cut you off. "i'm tired."
you were taken back. why was he tired? why was he looking so helpless? why was he crying?
"is everything alright?" and he didn't say anything. "chan, are you alright-"
"what do you mean-"
shutting your mouth in response, you felt your heart clench with his words. he was standing still in front of you not saying anything. despite being hurt by asking you to shut up, you were still worried.
"you're not okay." you breathed out, trying to calm your nerves. a mix of pain and little annoyance forming inside you. "what happened?"
"just stop, please."
"she's leaving." oh.
the friend. of course. the friend who he's been meeting for god knows what relationship they had. the friend he's close with. the friend that he talks to everyday. the friend that he cares about. the friend that he loves (platonically you hope for the nth time).
with confusion written on your face, all you could breathe is, "what?".
he shook his head. "she's leaving. she's leaving me behind." tears are now flowing through his cheeks from his eyes. "she doesn't want me anymore. she doesn't want me by her side anymore."
"chan what-"
"i love her."
the last straw. all the pain you've endured this entire time that you buried because what you've been thinking this entire time was that it wasn't something more eventually flooded you. a single tear followed by the others escaped your eyes as your heart clenches even tighter than before.
he loves her. but what about you?
the sacrifices that you've made was too much to handle for you. didn't you start off as loving each other? why did he pull away and started loving another instead?
since when did he start replacing you in his heart?
"y-you love her?" you stuttered.
with teary eyes he stared at you, a sad smile finding its way to his face. and it broke you even more as he slowly nodded, confirming your biggest fears. he loves her.
"what about me?" he looked away. "chan.."
"i'm sorry."
that was it. this was the end. everything suddenly dying out and you getting your heart broken. how did the two of you come at this point?
thoughts have flooded your mind, the memories have flashed through your vision. there was no point in staying, right? how would you stay in a relationship where you don't have a place in it? where another has already occupied it?
"okay." you whispered, wiping your tears. "i'm sorry she's leaving."
he shook his head. "there's nothing i can do."
you're not gonna tell him to go after her. he broke you enough, you couldn't do it to yourself.
"i guess i'm leaving too." you looked down and then at him in which he looked at you in the eyes, hurt flashing him.
"why?" he asked. "why is everyone leaving me?"
god, you hope he's not serious. "you can't expect me to stay." anger filling you and your voice. "not when you hurt me. i don't even have a stand in this relationship."
and he silences at that.
"this is it for us chan." he winces as your voice cracks. "you lost her when she said she's leaving, you lost me the moment you said you loved her."
with a heavy heart you go to your shared room and laid down the cold mattress while tears are still streaming down your face. you just wanted to stay for the night and it hurts as he lays down beside you. your backs facing each other.
guess you'll just have to leave in the morning.
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matryosika · 6 months ago
not safe for work
pairing — dom!chan x sub!reader
genre — smut
word count — 3.7 k
warnings — pillow riding, humilliation, consensual videotaping, sir kink, masturbation, mentions of infidelity?
note — this is a special because i hit 260 followers! i started to write this a few weeks ago but never got myself to finish it. i don't really know how to feel about this but i genuinely hope you all like it!
finally friday
for the past couple of weeks your mind had been filled with stuff to do for work, your to-do lists driving you almost insane. plus, today was probably the unluckiest day of your life.
first, you woke up late. your boyfriend left to work before you so no one woke you up and you slept through almost all your alarms. then, you were ready to enjoy a cereal for breakfast but just right after you poured some on your favorite bowl, you realized that chan probably drank the milk that was left on the fridge and you had absolutely no time to go and buy some more. it was a rainy day, you were running late to work forgetting important papers as well as your laptop at home, the traffic was chaotic, you couldn't have breakfast or prepare something for lunch at work... everything was unfortunate.
your day just couldn't get any worse, or so you thought.
[7:48 p.m., you]
baby, i'm coming home now. are you there?
do you want me to bring something for dinner?
no answer from chan, again. he had been reading all your texts without replying for the last hour, but you didn't think anything about it. he is probably just busy, he must still be at the studio right now.
with clumsy steps you walked into the elevator of the complex you lived in, thinking about the chilly weather and how nice it would be to cuddle up with chan after dinner, but unfortunately you still had to do some work at home because your silly mind forgot your stuff there.
it was brought to your attention that the lights outside your apartment door were turned on, but you thought that you had probably left them that way before going out at work since you were in a complete rush. you exhaled deeply as your keys found their way into the front door, feeling calm for the very first time throughout the day.
you were so silly to even think about having a relaxing night though.
as you opened the door, the image of chan sitting in the living room couch was soon to appear in front of your eyes.
"channie?" you asked, closing the door after you entered the place "i thought you were at work, i didn't bring anything for dinner"
no response. you took off your coat and hung it on the rack beside your door, thinking about all the things that could've happened for chan to act like that.
he wasn't the type of man who would get angry over small things, so it really sent chills to your spine the mere thought of him not answering back your texts out of anger.
"baby?" you repeated, your eyes drifting from his body to the small cofee table that was located in front of him where your laptop was now located.
"anything you would like to share, goddess?" he asked, his expression going completely blank as his eyes drilled a hole into your soul.
your laptop and that petname...
"what did you saw?" you inquired, drowning in embarrassment. as quickly as you could, you tried to take your laptop from the coffee table but chan was quick to grab you by your wrists making you kneel instantly for him.
"how long have you been doing that?" he grunted, the grasp on your wrists becoming painful in a matter of seconds
"let go off of me" you cried, trying to withdraw from his grip.
"awww" he mocked, leaning down so his face could be at the same level as yours "my pretty baby spends 2 weeks being praised and worshiped by online perverts and all of the sudden she thinks she can boss her man around, isn't that cute?!"
you fucked up, and you fucked up badly.
"chan, i can explain, please" you cried, your cheeks turning bright red as the embarrassment wouldn't allow you to even look him in the eyes.
"i knew you were such a filthy whore but i never imagined you had these type of... preferences" he mumbled with rage, turning his gaze to the laptop screen that was strategically showing your direct messages on your most recent twitter account.
you couldn't recall what exactly drove you to the decision of making a not-safe-for-work twitter account but, one night that chan was at the studio and you were bored, you decided to share some of your thoughts about sexual activities. much to your surprise, a lot of your followers sent you direct messages with the sole intention to talk further about your past tweets. you had joined with the idea of exploring the dark side of a so casual social, but never expected to end up talking with strangers on the internet and, even better, making cash out of it.
"it's really amazing how someone can change their whole personality on internet, going around degrading men" chan laughed, cupping your cheeks with his right hand while two fingers of his left hand were dancing around your lips "but you submit to me so fucking easy, i don't even have to give you orders because you are that pathetic and obedient"
unconsciously, your mouth opened as chan's long fingers made their way into you "see princess? you are naturally a slut for me"
with eagerness you started sucking on his fingers as if your life depended on it. you couldn't deny it, being caught by chan excited you maybe too much.
"i read every single one of your conversations" he growled, his fingers deep into your throat making you occasionally gag and cry a little bit "i see that you are playing the role of a femdom very good huh?"
you could start to feel your damped underwear under the dress you decided to wear to work today, and it was painfully embarrassing.
"i think someone has to remind you who you truly are" chan stated, his nose rubbing against yours as his fingers were deep in your mouth, making your eyes roll to the back of your head.
without hesitation, and after pulling his fingers out of your mouth, he grabbed the top buttons of your dress and teared them apart, earning a gasp from you "chan!" you screamed, as that dress was one of your personal favorites because he had gifted it to you on your first anniversary.
"shut up" he spitted, his hands traveling all the way to his belt to remove it "you can buy yourself 20 new dresses with the money you've been earning by degrading those perverts on the internet, fucking slut"
without warning, he aggressively turned your whole body around as you were still on your knees for him "hands behind your back" and, with no doubt, you did as he ordered.
"just so you know, princess" he added, tying your wrists together with the belt that once adorned his black jeans "i am not mad at you"
a sigh of relief left your lips. you weren't really cheating on chan as you never sent them any explicit material, plus you tried really hard to keep yourself anonymous on that app for your own sake, but you would've understood if chan dumped you at that exact minute because the whole scenario just looked... too bad.
"i'm not mad, but i find it hilarious how good you are at giving them what they want" chan growled, walking towards your front so your mouth could meet his growing bulge under his jeans "i couldn't stop laughing at how brave you acted there, calling them all sorts of degrading names. you think you are that bold, huh?"
chan grabbed a fistful of your hair as his other hand danced around the zipper of his jeans, your core aching and practically begging to be filled right away. chan held your head closer to the side of his pubic area, his erection becoming more noticeable from that angle.
"i've been waiting for you to come home ever since i saw all those messages" chan grunted, his grip on your hair becoming a bit too painful as you tried to get into a more comfortable position but he wouldn't allow it, holding you right on place "reading all your messages made me so fucking hard, you want to know why?"
you didn't reply but kept looking and struggling to make chan's grasp on your ponytail a little bit less painful.
"when i ask you something" he exhaled, pulling your hair slightly so your eyes could meet his "i expect an answer, understood?"
with teary eyes you nodded. "yes"
"yes what?"
"yes sir"
chan softened his grip on you enough for it to become comfortable, but you were still at the exact same position you were a few seconds ago.
"the thought of you being so bold with everyone but me made me hard" chan continued, with his available hand freeing his cock from his underwear right in front of your eyes "there was something about you being all cocky and dominant with them that fueled my desire to make you submit to me even more"
carefully he stroke his cock right in front of your face with slow and painful movements. your body tried to approach him, but chan's grip made you reconsider the idea.
"what?" he scoffed "do you even think you deserve to have me fucking that filthy mouth of yours?"
your eyes looked up at him, a grin appearing in his face as he saw you drooling over your ripped dress. "are you that cock-deprived princess? you are drooling all over the place like a dumbslut"
"chan" you mumbled "please"
"please what?" he asked innocently, still masturbating to the sight of your face drowning in embarrasment.
"can i?" you asked him, slightly sticking your tongue out.
"look at you, y/n" he muttered, still with the biggest smirk you had ever seen on his pretty face "drooling and begging for cock as if you didn't spent days telling men how useless they were, isn't that embarrassing baby?"
tears threatened to start streaming down your face. you had been dating chan for over 3 years now and you both had a great sex life, but humiliation was not something he would often bring to the table. you thought you wouldn't enjoy it so you never suggested it, and chan was not the type of guy who truly enjoyed that kind of activities so this was a whole new side of him you never thought existed.
it made you feel bad, but it also made you feel extremely wet.
"i-" you whispered, licking your lips at the sight of his hard cock between his hand "i wasn't thinking, i'm sorry"
"clearly you weren't, princess" he replied, the movements of his hand becoming faster "if you would've thought things through, you would never had chosen the role of a dominant because you know that it is not who you truly are, right?"
you nodded "yes, i'm sorry"
"good slut" chan replied, carefuly leading your head so that your lips could touch the side of his cock.
his dick twitched at the rub of your wetted plump lips against it, making chan's face contor into a grimace. "you have no fucking idea how much i'm controling myself to not ruin that cute mouth of yours"
chan's hips moved slowly as your lips were dragged across his lenght, your hands still behind your back and chan's grip on your hair holding you in place.
"look at me" he demanded, your head falling slightly back so your eyes could meet his while your lips were pressed against his cock "stick your tongue out"
the side of chan's cock was still being dragged lazily against your flat tongue, making you drool all over it and your chest, chan amazed with the sight of you being in under complete control.
"you look so pretty that way" he growled "your tongue out while you drool all over the place, your hands behind your back like the obedient slut you are while you are on your knees practically begging for me to give you the slightlest touch"
"chan i'm sorry" you whispered, trying to do it quickly in order to continue on sticking your tongue out so he wouldn't get mad about it.
"how sorry are you, baby?" he asked, his cock twitching at the feel of your hot breath against it.
"very sorry" you rushed to reply, chan's dark gaze landing on you expecting more to that answer "very sorry, sir"
"good girl" he finally said, petting your hair as a sort-of-reward "it's not that hard, isn't it y/n?"
"no, sir" you answered, the frustration of not being able to move your arms or hands slowly building up inside you.
he pulled his underwear as well as his pants back up.
"come here" chan ordered, grabbing you by one arm and helping you stand up.
you couldn't deny you were totally scared, but at the same time you blindly trusted chan. "do you remember the traffic light system?" he asked with a much softer voice than before as he drove you to the bedroom you two shared. without giving a proper answer, you just nodded. "words, princess"
"yes, I do"
"good" the dark-haired man continued, stepping into the room right after you "because i have no intention on holding back unless that's what you truly want"
chan's voice whispering into your ear made you lose completely all your senses, making your damped underwear get incredibly uncomfortable. you stood by the door while chan moved around the bedroom gathering a few pillows and placing them strategically at the top of the bed and really close to the edge of it. "y/n, get on top of them"
your heart started to beat even faster than before, the heat between your legs growing painfully with each second that passed by as you gave him a confused look.
"don't act like this isn't the way you get off when i'm at work" chan scoffed.
with careful steps you approached chan, his hands carefully untying the belt around your weak arms. instinctively, you rubbed both of your wrists with your opposite hand once you were able to move them, the fabric of the leather belt imprinted into your skin and leaving a red mark that was probably going to be there for a couple of days.
chan got on his knees in front of you while dragging your panties all over your legs. "god, i wanted to fuck you so bad" he hummed, his lips touring every inch of skin while he followed the trace of your underwear being taken off. "i came home early today because i wanted to surprise you, and what do i find? huh"
you swallowed and bit your lips trying to hold back a whine. you felt guilty.
"my pretty innocent princess being a slut on the internet" chan got up from his knees holding your wet underwear on his right hand, looking at you with coldness and a bit of anger "my pretty good princess degrading and humilliating men on the internet for money"
the story of how you started to profit out of it is weird, but one day you just posted your paypal link for "tips" and a bunch of men, who came to you just to be degraded or humilliated, started to pay you. at first it was 5 dollars at much but, after a few days, they started to love the daily conversations and rewarded you for your "good job" as if it was your only source of income.
"get on top" chan repeated while his head pointed at the pair of pillows, one on top of the other.
you removed the rest of your dress with the rest of your underwear before you got on your knees and had both pillows beneath you, your naked clit rubbing harshly against the rough fabric of what was between your legs.
"if you moan, whine or cry i'll make sure you don't cum at all tonight" chan growled, aggressively grabbing a fistful of your hair so you could be a little bit closer to him "understood?"
"yes sir"
"go on, you already know what to do slut" he mumbled, losing any grip on you "or do you want me to give you instructions on how to ride a pillow?"
"no sir"
your hips started to move slowly against them and you cursed under your breath when you felt the slightest touch against your clit. normally it would take you a few minutes to set a good pace in order to start feeling something, but today the arousal was completely different and even the faintest touch could get you to crumble right in front of chan's eyes, who was now stroking his length at the sight of you masturbating.
"faster" he demanded. your hips moved in thrust as you grabbed the end of the pillow for support, your nipples hardening with every movement you made.
you had been doing it for merely seconds, but you could already feel the knot on your stomach growing bigger with each move and it was getting way harder to suppress your moans. the room was only filled with the sound of the pillows moving against the bed, your high-pitched breath and chan's breathing.
not a few minutes later, chan interrupted the silence "i want you to apologize" he ordered "and don't stop riding the pillow while you do it, y/n"
he knew what he was doing. he ordered you to be quiet and not moan, yet he is asking you to talk right when you are about to reach the highest point of your arousal. he knew you couldn't do that because if you talked, moans and whines would inevitably come out of your mouth.
"i don't have all fucking night" he grunted, still stroking himself even faster than before.
"chan" you sighed, your hips frenetically losing their pace as your mind concentrated on repress any other sound
"i'm listening" he replied with the biggest smirk
"chan i'm sorry" you replied. the last word coming out more as a gasp as a cry threatened to be heard
"sorry for what, exactly?" he continued "i can't understand you if you don't use your words"
"i'm sorry for-" you could how you were making a mess on the pillow that was beneath you, but you just couldn't concentrate "for what i did"
"and what exactly did you do, y/n?"
you let out a heavy breath as tears started to prick on the corner of your eyes. you wanted to ask chan for mercy, but you knew he wouldn't let this go unless you did as he ordered.
"i created a twitter account behind your back" you whispered "i started to talk with men as if i was a fem-dom"
"mhm" he hummed, the whole time just staring at your pathetic attempts to collect yourself so you could give him a proper answer "so?"
"i'm fucking sorry, sir" you replied almost yelling to mask the whines that were coming out of your mouth.
"you are such a slut" chan moaned, getting closer to you sweating body that was trying so hard to approach an orgasm that was probably going to be interrupted by him "say it"
"i'm such a slut"
"you are so fucking pathetic" the man growled, grabbing a fistful of your hair and slightly lifting your head up so he could see the tears streaming down your rosy cheeks "say it"
"i'm so fucking pathetic sir"
"do you want to cum, y/n?" he asked in a teasing way "you think you are such a dom but are you really just going to cum all over your pillow after less than 10 minutes riding it?"
"yes" you whispered without any strength to reply any louder. you were praying to the gods above chan would touch his heart and let you cum, but that scenario was just too good to be true "i can't hold it, i need to."
with his available hand, chan reached out to the front pocket of his jeans and took out his cellphone. "color?" he asked, your half-lidded eyes looking directly at the screen of the mobile that was now opened in the camera app.
chan got on his knees over the bed so he could catch a good glimpse of your face with the camera of his cellphone. the hand that was once gripping your hair was now stroking the sides of your face, drying ocasionally the tears as you tried to look directly into the camera while your high was approaching.
"how bad do you want to cum, y/n?" he asked, his thumb finger menacing to enter your mouth.
"so bad sir" you moaned losing complete control over your hips that were now aggressively rubbing against the pillow with no rythm or pace.
"repeat what you say earlier for me, princess" he ordered, a faint smirk appearing on his face
"i'm such a fucking slut" you whined, not caring about holding back or try to suppress any moan "i'm such a dirty slut and i'm pathetic"
"that's right" chan growled, two of his fingers now filling your mouth. you eagerly sucked on them as if your life depended on it, tears streaming down your face as the knot on your stomach came undone while he recorded you "cum for me, princess"
his wetted fingers left your mouth to touch himself as heavy breaths and sighs left his mouth.
"sir" you moaned, your whole body shaking as your tired hips thrusted for the last few times "fuck, sir"
"such a good fucking slut" he growled, looking directly at the cellphone that was now capturing how you came undone without his help "making a mess of herself just for me like the pretty submissive she is"
the thought of him recording you was the last push to have an extreme orgasm right in front of him that would leave your whole body shaking.
"chan" you cried, the highest point of your orgasm making your mind go completely blank as your eyes shutted close. chan came at the same time as you just by touching himself, his hot cum landing on your inner thighs.
chan stopped recording and put his cellphone away only to give you a kiss on your forehead "you did well, princess"
you looked at him with teary eyes "chan, i'm really sorry, i didn't meant to-"
"it's okay, y/n" he interrupted "i'm not mad"
you got off from the pile of pillows and fell into his embrace, your whole body weak due to the intense orgasm and your thighs completely sore decorated with chan's arousal mixed with yours.
"i will delete the account" you whispered, chan holding your naked body as if you were his most precious possesion.
"you know y/n, we could use that money for our savings" he joked before kissing the top of your head.
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bngchnsi · 2 months ago
can you write something of chan being the softest dom ever with aftercare after a night where things went too far in bed?
warnings: angst, mentions of degradation, mentions of overstimulation, hurt/comfort.
You had never seen Chan move away from you so fast, his eyes wide and feel of regret as you sniffled up at him. Your chest felt heavy, the mean words still ringing in your head and the pain in your hole still so intense after being overstimulated for hours, and you flinched when Chan cupped your cheek.
Your heart fell when you saw the look of guilt take over Chan's features, but you didn't have the energy to hide how you were feeling. Your entire body hurt too much and it took up all of your attention.
"Sweetheart, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to wipe you down, or do you want me to leave you alone for a minute so you can clean yourself up?" You shakily brought up a single finger, indicating that you wanted the first option, and Chan nodded solemnly, leaving the room with heavy shoulders.
You whimpered as the warm water met your sticky flesh, sniffling as Chan shushed you softly. "I know baby, I know," he whispered, tentatively grabbing your hand and rubbing his thumb over your knuckles as he cleaned you of your mixed releases.
With every hesitant movement you felt your heart break a little. Maybe you shouldn't have safe worded. Maybe you should've just let Chan keep going; it would've been better than seeing him like this.
"Don't," Chan said softly as you opened your mouth, apology already at the ready. You halted and let your lips fall shut.
Chan smiled softly down at you, although his eyes were full of a deep sadness. He leaned forward and pressed a gentle kiss on the top of your head, squeezing your hand softly as you hummed at the touch. "You did so good angel, safe wording. I'm glad you let me know that you wanted to stop," he whispered, plump lips brushing against your skin, and you tilted your head up. His eyes, although side, were honest as he looked down at you.
You brought your arms up so that you could cup his face gently, rubbing your thumbs over his cheekbones. "Thank you Channie."
"Of course sweetheart, now let's get you in some comfy clothes."
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aboutapeachparty · 22 days ago
Stray Kids | they feel deeply attracted by you but you're still good friends and nothing more
reaction | hyung line
genre ➸ angst
disclaimer ➸ This is a work of fiction. I don't own any famous character(s) - like idols - and my writings are in no way meant to show these people’s real nature and/or offend them in any way.
Request: Hii, could you write a skz reaction where they feel deeply attracted by you but you're still good friends and nothing more. Thanks
Tumblr media
You sit on the couch with Chan and you play FIFA together. You hadn't seen him in a while because he was always on the move. But now you had finally found the time to spend time together. "I WON!" You grin and look at Chan thirsty for victory. "Hey, I'm out of practice," he pouted, tossing his controller aside. "Bullshit, you're just bad." You wink and also put the controller aside. "Oh, I missed you," Chan said then, leaning back. And that's when he realized that something had slipped out of his mouth. Because he's been into you for a long time. He noticed his feelings years ago, but then he became an idol. So much was happening and he could never hide his feelings. But lately he has found it hard to hide his feelings. The desire for you got bigger and bigger. "I missed that too. But you idiot had to become an idol." You punch him lightly in the upper arm. Chan laughed, but when he looked at you he suddenly got serious. "What's going on?" You ask quite confused and he shook his head. "I don't know either. I ..." He came closer to you and stared into your eyes. You didn't quite know how to react, everything felt so strange, everything was in slow motion. "I just have to ..." He finally wanted to be brave and reveal his feelings to you. For so long he had dreamed of telling you that, of feeling your lips. And now it came over him, after all these years. His lips touched yours and they closed in a kiss. He took everything in. Your scent, your soft skin, your breath, everything. And he realized that was right for him. He felt that and through the kiss he felt it even more. But for you it was something that didn't work at all. When you realize what happened in this situation, you flinch. "WHAT WAS THAT?" You ask him, looking at him in shock. Chan was missing the words, he fell into a state of shock and at the same time his heart ached. "You should definitely fuck again. Get in touch when you've come back to your senses." You got up and take your things. Chan just looked after you. "SHIT", he called when you left the apartment and leaned back.
Minho was sitting in his old room in his parents' apartment. He had a few days off and decided to spend some time with his family. "It's starting to rain," said his mother and closed the window. Dori jumped up to him on the bed and he begins to stroke her. "I think the dinner will be ready in half an hour," she said with a smile and Minho nodded. "Thanks Mum," he said and she walked out of the room. Meanwhile, Soonie jumped onto his lap and pressed her head against his hand. Minho smiled gently and scratched the cat's ears. And suddenly the doorbell rang. At first he ignored it, but then his mother called him. "Minho, can you open the door, please? I'm cooking." Since his father wasn't at home, he went to the door and Soonie reluctantly meowed because she had to get up too. "I'll be right back," he said to her and went downstairs. He opened the door and froze when he saw you. "Y/N!!! What are you doing here?" He asked surprised. "Hey, my brother said you had to sign this urgently." Your brother works for JYP and that's why you have known the guys from Stray Kids since their debut. "Oh, and that's why you came here?" He asked. He had feelings for you for a long time. At first you were just a crush for him, but then he realized more and more that he had fallen in love with you. For a long time he struggled to admit his feelings to you, but Hyunjn was faster. He watched you dating with Hyunjin for a year, but he never stopped loving you. He only ever saw you, your being, your character, your beauty. He could never forget you. And for a few weeks the relationship with Hyunjin was over and he hoped that this time he could confess his love to you. "I still owed my brother something and I had nothing to do anyway." You smile softly and open your bag to get the documents. "Don't you want to come in? You're all wet." Minho took a step to the side and pointed into the house. "Oh, yes. Thanks! It's pouring pretty much out there," you say and take a step forward. But then Minho's mother came and looked at you in surprise. "Hello my love, you are all wet. I just made Kimchi Zigae. Eat with us," she says and immediately put warm slippers in front of you. "Thanks, that's very nice." You cling uncertainly to your bag and enter the house. Minho has shown you everything in the meantime and you get to know his cats. Before, you only saw them on photos, but they were just as cute in real life. When Minho's father came you ate together and you have to admit that you really enjoyed the time with Minho and his family. It almost felt like a little vacation. But you had also overlooked the time and the last train was already gone. "Oh no, I missed my train," you say as you look at the clock. "You can sleep here," said Minho immediately without hesitation. "Would that be a problem?" You ask carefully around the group. Otherwise you really wouldn't know how to get home. "No dear, stay here," said Minho's mother and smiled. She then prepared a few mats that she put on the floor in the living room and cleared a few more pillows and blankets from the closets. Then you lie down with Minho and you keep talking all evening. You never ran out of topics to talk about and you get on in a special way. And Minho also noticed this special connection between you. He knew he had to tell you today that he was in love with you. It was his last chance. "Can I ask you something? But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone else." You turn on your back and look at the ceiling. You really needed advice and you felt that Minho could help you. "Sure, your secret is safe with me." He smiled and he somehow had the feeling that you was going to bring it up. And if not, he would tell you his feelings. He was really excited, especially when you turn around and look at him gently. "I don't know what to do ... Hyunjin suggested that we should try again." Minho froze again. He hadn't expected that. He thought the thing with Hyunjin was over. "Hyunjin?" He asked and you nod. "Yes, we met again recently and well ..." You press your lips together because you didn't know what to do next. "I didn't even know ... and do you still love him?" It was a difficult question for him to ask, but he needed to know. You hesitate to answer and look at Minho for a while. "Yes ..." That's all you say. Minho didn't know what to think anymore, his heart was broken ... again. "Then you two should try again," he said, regretting it at the same moment. He tried to put on a fake smile, but everything in him hurt. "Yes, I think so too," you say and turn onto your back again. There was a short silence between you, nobody said anything. But then you turn your head to the side and smile. "Thanks Minho, you really are a good friend." And those words felt like a dagger rammed through his heart. She felt nothing more than friendship, and she will probably never feel more for him...
"10 ... 11 ... 12 ... perfect." You smile and Changbin threw the dumbbells on the floor. "Thank you for supporting me," he said, taking a deep breath. He was trying to recover, but still he couldn't take his eyes off you. Changbin met you in the fitness center. At the beginning you spoke to him once because you needed support with weights. Then you always said hello, then you had small talk and at some point you met to train together. And over time, Changbin confessed to developing feelings for you, but he hadn't managed to tell you yet. "No problem, it's fun to train with you. I've also been going to the gym much more regularly since then." You smile and Changbin got up. You took your things and went to the wardrobe. "Do you want to have another protein shake?", Changbin asked you and you nodded. "Yes, please." You go to the drinks bar and Changbin couldn't take his eyes off you the whole time. However, you didn’t notice anything about it. Your body has been exhausted from the hard workout and you are craving a few calories. "Do you want to pay in cash or by card?" Asked the waiter and when you were about to grab your wallet, Changbin grabbed hold of you and took a step forward. "I pay." He took his card and handed it to the waiter. "You really don't have to," you say and look at him, shaking your head. Changbin just smiled and took his card back when everything was paid for. "But next time it's on me." You take your shake and you sit down at a nearby table. "Okay," Changbin said gently, his heart pounding only when he thought of seeing you again. "What are you still doing today?" He asked and maybe he had the courage to tell you today that he wanted more from you. You look at him and you didn't quite know how to explain it to him. "My ex-girlfriend is coming to me," you say and sigh. "Ex-girlfriend," Changbin almost choked on his drink. "Yes, it's complicated. We broke up a few weeks ago, but she got back in touch and I just can't get away from her ..." You lower your head because it was a difficult time for you. Changbin realized this, but it was not easy for him. "You like women?", He asked perplexed and you nodded. "Yeah, especially this one ..." You sigh and look at your phone. She wrote to you and you had to go. "I have to go now. She's already waiting." You get up and smile at Changbin again. "Thanks for the shake. The next one is on me." Changbin smiled and nodded. Then he watched you disappear and from that moment he went to another gym. The next shake never came.
You sit nervously in the cafe and wait for Hyunjin. You had something to say to him and you didn't know how he would react. In the past few months you had developed a very close friendship and he had become almost like a brother to you. But things changed and you had to make a decision. "Y/N!" He smiled gently when he saw you and sat down at the table with you. "Hey, are you okay?" You ask him nervously and he nodded. "I think I should ask you that question more." He tilted his head to one side and looked at you more closely. He knew you so well by now and knew that something was on your mind. "Maybe we should order something first." You wave the waiter to you, who immediately took your order. But it only lasted a few seconds and Hyunjin knew that something was bothering you. He also wanted to tell you something today, something that has preoccupied him for a long time. "I got a job offer," suddenly bursts out of you. You have been looking for a job for a long time after your studies and have been frustrated for a long time. "Really? That's great!" Hyunjin was very happy for you because he knew how much you had suffered over the past few weeks. "Yes, it is very well paid, there is a lot of free days, the boss seems nice, the company is well known. I think this is a big chance for me," you say, but your mood was still depressed. "But that's good," said Hyunjin with a smile and you nod. He was right, you should be more happy. "The job is in Europe," you said and looked at Hyunjin, who froze completely. "In Europe? That means?" He found it difficult with his words, after all he wanted to confess his love and now he has learned that you are moving to another continent. "Yes, to London. It starts next week." You have to swallow because it was all really quick. "Next week already?" Hyunjin didn't know what to say anymore. He wanted to be happy for you, but it was difficult for him. "Yes, next week. Hyunjin ... this is a goodbye." You look sadly at the ground, because you also found it difficult to leave everything behind you. You have friends and family here and now it's all gone. "Wow, that's a shock." Hyunjin hung his shoulders and looked into space. You spent the whole afternoon together and talked about everything. Sometimes Hyunjin forgot his sadness, but he was reminded again and again when you talked about your move. And at some point came the moment to say goodbye. You lay in each other's arms and you knew it was time. You both shed a few tears, but it was no other way. You had to go "Then visit me in London", you say goodbye and Hyunjin just nodded. And as difficult as it was for you, you had to leave at some point. And so you turn around and everyone went their own way. But Hyunjin had so many thoughts and hopes. And he thought you should know how he felt about you. Maybe there was a chance. "Y/N", he called and turned around. You too stopped in surprise and looked at him with wide eyes. But when Hyunjin saw you like that, he couldn't say anything. He thought it was better for you to stay friends. "Good Trip." Hyunjin tried to smile, but when he turned around, tears came to him.
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youn9racha · 3 months ago
Eyes Set On You
Requested by: @hyunsuks-beanie
Pairing: idol!Chan x gn!reader
Genre: Angst with a fluff ending(?), suggestive
Words: 2.8k (this number always stuck with me 😭)
Warning: secret relations (?), two dumb best friends who can’t see that they like each other, j*pe, changbin being the king of insight that he is, making out that gets sPiCy, a lot of switch of povs.
Extra Notes: I really hope I didn’t underwhelmed you with this piece. While I know you asked for smut, I tried to do something spicy but yet not too rated r. I hope its not a problem, but otherwise I hope you enjoy it 🙏 also reader goes by they/them pronouns if thats okay.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is no way representative of the way Stray Kids act. They’re nothing but references of character, and in no shape or form is this how they act. And I am in no way romanticizing or glamorizing any toxic behavior exhibited, they’re just stories that is meant to be read. Readers discretion is advised.
It was a late night on a Saturday, where you found yourself driving on your way to meet with your best friend at his work. You could say it was the perfect time for a late night drive, and it was, the streets were quiet, it only had little to no pedestrians, it felt like you own this street to yourself. Your window was down for a moment, letting in the air join you in as it meets your skin and ruffles your hair, sighing with all relief.
Why were you meeting your best friend late at night? Why wouldn’t you? It was the only where you guys can meet up without getting watched. Having a best friend who’s an idol isn’t easy to maintain and typically you were met with either distance or a forced cut ties. But Chan prevented you from meeting either, just like how you didn’t let Chan meet either as well. Chan loved and cared about you too much, just as much as you do. Well, you hope you do too.
While he is your best friend, you couldn’t help but feel certain symptoms of ”crushing” emotions everytime you were around him. You never understood it, Chan was always at your door, and you were always—secretly at least—at his door too, talking, eating, laughing, just doing whatever friends do. That is until Chan began speaking more about his lack of romantic relationships. As an idol, he practically was signed to leave everything that a normal human being would normally do behind, just put on a smile and let your fans determine everything you do. Whether it would be hanging out with your friends, regularly seeing your family, to just simply walking on your own, your image is important and is on the line. One wrong movement and everything goes down hill.
You cannot blame him, after being friends for so long, you knew that this is his passion and something he has always wanted. As much as he loves whoever surrounded him and gave him the most love and care to him, it was the most difficult sacrifice he had ever taken in order to fulfill his dreams. I mean that’s what his company likes to think. When in reality, Chan just kept everyone he loves up close, but in full secret.
And you were certainly one of them. Don’t get him wrong, he loves his job, he loves his members, and he does love his ‘Stays,’ but even he knows that the company‘s restrictions in order to satisfy his fans are ridiculous. He still wanted to be around the ones who were with him since the beginning, especially you. So, he would often sneak you up to his studio, with the help of the boys of course.
His members are aware of his rebellious ‘antics,’ but they understood and sympathized with him, as they pretty much feel the same thing. So, more often than not, any of the members would serve as a distraction for you to come up from the back door, where no one can really see you, to hang out with the boys, or simply just Chan. There were scares here and there, but no one, thankfully, got caught.
And in those talks, he was telling you about he is set to be with this person, and how he can definetly see himself with that person for the rest of their lives. You didn’t know who he was exactly talking about as his description of that person was vague, and also he was hard to read when it comes to showing attraction. It’s not that he was cold or anything, it’s just you’ve never seen him showcasing any attractions to anyone, as he was always kind and smiley to everyone.
And now we’re here, you’re parked not too far, but yet not too close where it looks like you’re parked at the company’s property. You texted Chan, letting him know that you were down. The message bubble popped up with three dots, waiting for him to finish his typing.
Channie: okay !! Changbin will come downstairs to come and get you
As soon as he texted back, your heart started to pump up. It wasn’t of fear of getting caught, you were used to this afterall, but it was because of different intentions. You were going to confess to him. You knew the consequences, but you just couldn’t bear holding it in your chest any longer. You have mentally prepared yourself for any reaction coming out of him, whether its negative or positive. ‘That person cannot have been you‘ you thought, but you didn’t care. You jsut want your point across, and pray that it won’t change anything.
You just sighed and looked out your window as you waited for the green light from Changbin to come out and get into the building.
First Point Of View: Chan
”God, I’m scared..”
I’ve never felt this sort of panic in my life. Typically, I tend to remain calm and collected. As the leader, I had to showcase utmost ‘professionalism,’ tend to keep my emotions to myself and let it out when out of sight. But right now, its a different story. I didn’t care if Jisung and Changbin were judging me—although I doubt—for simply showing my panicked state, I am about to embark into a risk that could put a detriment my relationship with my best friend.
I cared and love (y/n) so much, that I couldn’t bear breaking off with them. We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, and yet the thought of me leaving them just does not sit with me the right way. This platonically affection I felt slowly boiled into something non-platonic, it turned into a romantic feeling.
And I hate it. I hate it because I know I cannot be with them, or at least be open about it. I am willing to take all the hate I get, I am pretty much immune to it, but the thought of (y/n) gets any harassment because of me would send me into a frenzy.
I can’t… I can’t let this happen… I can’t…
I shook my head after I heard a yell coming into my ear, looking at the source, which was a concerned Jisung standing in front of me, holding both of my shoulders and lightly shaking me. “Relax, I know it’s hard to tell them how you feel, but you have to tell them what you’re feeling, you haven’t been yourself,” He thinned his lips, as he sympathetically looked at my saddened face.
“Han’s right, you have been a mess since realizing your feelings, and biting your nails isn’t something you typically do, that’s more Jisung’s thing,” Changbin pointed at my finger that was absentmindedly placed in my teeth, which made me pull out my finger, placing it on my lap, and a side eye from Jisung.
Jisung sighed, backing away, “the point is, let them know how you feel, what’s the worse that can happen?”
“Maybe saying no,” Changbin muttered, which made Jisung turned to him, lifting his index finger at him and me frown onto the ground, ”you know what?! if you’re not helping, its best you leave before I beat you up.”
“You didn’t let me finish!” Changbin exclaimed and sighed, looking at me, “The worst can happen is them saying no, but its not like they’ll start cutting tied with you.” He added, “but I highly doubt they’ll reject you,” He stopped talk while I just looked at him confused, his face held in a smirk, “what?”
”Are you kidding me? Are you not seeing the way they look at you?” Changbin asked at me with a raised eyebrow. I shook my head, “They look at everyone the same way,” I responded honestly, making both Jisung and Changbin twist their faces and l looked at them with a confused look, “what?!”
Jisung shook his head and rolled his eyes, while Changbin raised his arms and dropping it to his side, “when are they coming?” Jisung asked, changing the subject.
Just as I was about to respond, I get a notification ringtone from my phone, widening my eyes when seeing it. It was (y/n)’s texting saying they’re here.
”Oh shit, they’re here, what do I do?!” I panicked, I already feel like my legs are numbing out of nervousness, even though I was sitting at a chair. Jisung nodded at Changbin, which he nodded back and left the room. “Relax, everything’s going to be fine, I’m gonna distract the staff, while Changbin is going to get them,“ Jisung reminded me, and lightly rubbed my shoulders before reaching the door. “You just sit there, let them know we’re getting to get them, be cute, and be honest. Trust me, they’ll feel the same when you tell them.” Jisung smiled at me, winking at me before he left and closed the door.
I sighed and went to my phone. Seeing their contact name both makes me feel at ease, yet nervous.
(y/n) <3: I‘m here !! I am parked slightly far, but hopefully you’ll still see my car.
I sighed at the text, I began typing, my fingers stumbling the wrong letters, making me delete and fix the words. If I’m gonna be nervous then I’m going to be nervous in real life, not digitally. I sent my message, turning off my phone, and leaned back on my chair.
And now we wait..
First Point Of View: (y/n)
”Changbin, I don’t know, I’m kinda scared,” I sighed, as Changbin was walking me to Chan’s studio. Between the car and sneak entering the backdoor of JYPE’s building by Jisung creating a mindless scene, all in my mind was Chan. Changbin was holding onto my shoulder in a protective way, not for me to get hurt. I looked up to Changbin as my brother, and he also happens to know my feeling towards Chan.
I was pretty much close to all of Chan’s members, especially with Changbin, and he was the only member I told him about Chan. If anything, Changbin did play a role in encouraging me to tell him, which is why I was currently walking up to elevator, in his arms, anticipating for jubilation or humiliation.
”Everything will be fine, just tell him how you feel,” Changbin shrugged his shoulders, while looking at me with a confident smirk. Before he pushing the button of the elevator that led to the floor that had Chan’s studio, He was looking at me like he knew something, but I brushed it off, not thinking much of it. “How can you be so sure?” I asked witha frown.
He snickered, “Oh, I know,” he nodded, while I just bit my lips in nervousness. Before it hit our level, Changbin looked at me again with a reassuring smile, “don’t worry about it, if anything happened, its not gonna be the end of Chan and (y/n)’s relationship, so don’t stress yourself out,” He squeezed my shoulders, while I just smiled back a sad yet thankful smile, “thanks, Bin, I needed that.”
I looked at the door sliding open and back at Changbin, “I’ll see you later,” I smiled and left. I don’t know if it was my imagination but I thought I heard Changbin mumbling before leaving. I turned around and wanted to ask him to repeat himself, but the door was unfortunately shut and the floor went down. I sighed and walked to the door of his studio, biting bottom lip once again out of anxiousness.
I self reassured and braced myself, as I patted my chest and exhaled the breath I’ve been holding.
knock knock
This is it. This is where the road is showcasing two different routes, and we are now almost reaching the difficult to choose routes. Let us see where it leads us to—
The door opened as it interrupted my thoughts and there revealed the man that I have kind of been stalling to face. The pasty, yet really fit man with dyed, curl locks standing in front of me. He adorned a bare face that showcased his natural beauty and gym clothing. He extended both of his arm out as he let out an endearing “hey, (y/n),” walking up to me to give him a hug. I smiled back and proceeded hug him back, slightly rubbing his back. Despite the clothing indicated that he exercised prior— since idols go through extreme work outs—, his scent says otherwise as he smelt like a fresh ocean water in a pleasant way.
“Ugh, I’m so happy to see you, c’mon on in,” He said excitedly, letting me go and making way to let me in first, soon closing the door after we both entered. I am surprised that Chan doesn’t seem to notice my nervousness, either I am a real good actor or Chan’s very bad at reading body language, which could be the latter. I sat at the couch, as he sat on his infamous grey swivel chair that he would often sit on on his Sunday lives, I began asking him about his work and what has he been up to.
”How are your songs going?”
“Oh, um” Chan stammered his words, as he turned around to his computer to open up some files, presumably to show me, “yeah, they’re doing alright, I just needed to tweak a little bit…” He carried on speaking, while I just sat as my heart palpitations weren’t getting any better.
Again, my acting cannot be too good to mask my nervousness for Chan not to realize it. My palms are sweating, my legs are shaking and the clothes I am wearing feels too hot as my nerves making me let out every sense of perspiration.
“Are you hot? You want me to turn on the air?“ It seems that Chan noticed my sudden silence, and the sheen forming in my forehead. I looked at him, “oh yeah, it is kinda hot, I’m sorry,” I don’t know why I apologized, there wasn’t anything to apologize for.
“Why are you apologizing?” Chan giggled, getting up to turn the air conditioner on. I just shrugged at his question, “I don’t know,” as I giggled, awkwardly, but Chan simply just nodded back with a smile.
After he sit back to his chair, showing me his back so he could show me his song, I looked down at my fidgety fingers then back at Chan’s back, “Chan, before you show me your song, I want to talk to you about something.” My heart beating even harder and louder this time when I spoke up, and him turning to me with concern in his eyes—though expected—wasn’t helpful.
“What is it, babe?”
The endearing nickname he always gives me—and maybe other friends—when I’m feeling down and he feels like I wanted his shoulder to cry on. Dammit, I can’t do this.
“Actually, nevermind, it’s nothing.” I smiled at him a fake smile, hopefully not seeing through.
“(y/n),” he got up and sat next to me in the couch, “you’ve acted strange since walking into this room, I hope you know that,” his voice was authoritarian but yet really caring, making me look down. “Hey,” he pulled up my chin using his index and thumb, making me look at his tender eyes, totally helping my situation. “I’m not letting you go until you tell me what was going on.”
I was staring into his brown eyes, gulping, and sighed in frustration, “I don’t know how to say it,” I shook my head, looking back down in embarrassment. “Babe, is everything okay?”
“No, nothing’s okay,” I began to grow frustration, but still trying to speak in a collected manner, as I don’t want to freak Chan. He maybe the reason why am like this, but I don’t want to do anything that can negatively affect him. “What’s wrong—“
“Christopher, I like you, okay?!” I finally confessed—more like yelled, as seeing Chan back away slightly—, breaking my ice and not caring, I just want Chan to know how I feel.
“Look, I understand that you’re not interested in me, and I know your eyes set for someone else—“
“Someone else?” Chan asked, looking confused. Why is he looking at me like that? “Remember that one talk we had about how your eyes were set on this one person…” I trailed off of my words, which made Chan let out an airy giggle, and shaking his head. Now I’m even more confused.
“What’s funny?”
“I thought Changbin was fucking around when he said we’re blind idiots,” Chan spoke, as he held onto my hands. “Changbin?! What?!” I questioned him even more as my confused state keeps getting worse.
“(y/n), I like you too.”
My logical brain is not working right now to realize that what Chan was saying the past few times that he liked me back silently, and my head is still not processing that he uttered the four words at me. I looked at him surprised as Chan just giggled at how I look like, “I’ve liked you for so long, (y/n), I can’t believe you never saw the signs.”
“I never saw the signs? More like you never saw the signs!” I lightheartedly exclaimed back, which Chan laughed at my reply. I giggled with him, as I squeezed his hands, “seriously though, what stopped you from telling me you like me?” The laughters were died down and Chan really had to drop a nerve wrecking question straight at me.
“Your job…”
Chan understandably nodded his head, “right.” He knew it was that case, but it seemed that he just wanted to know if it was that case. I instantly began feeling bad.
“Not that I think you should quit your job or anything, its just that I literally sneak into the building to meet you and we have to keep our friendship a secret,” I just shook my head, beginning to feel like the stinging sensation on my eyes starting up, “I highly doubt it’ll be any better.”
Chan looked at me full of tender and sympathy, nodding and listening to every words I let out of my mouth. “I know, thats kind of the reason why I didn’t confess either, but I also had other reasonings as well.” Chan looked away, still holding my hand.
“What is it?”
“I don’t want you to be hurt,” Chan looked back at me, his lips began to quiver, tears started to form in his eyes as well. “I don’t want my career to be one of the reasons why I…” Chan’s tears began falling down his cheeks, as he began to sniffle. I looked at him, teary eyed as well, using my sleeves to wipe his tears before mine.
“I’m sorry,” He said as he began sobbing, as I let him into my arms. His arms were wrapped around my torso while his head was in my neck. While I was teary mess as well, I couldn’t find myself to sob, although I wanted to because I felt his pain. He didn’t need to finish his sentence for me to know what he was going to say, it was like I practically read his mind. And I didn’t want him to finish if he didn’t want to, him being upfront with me is all I wanted.
We stayed the same position for less than two minutes as his crying died down. He got his head out of my neck and onto my shoulder and began speaking, “I got snot all over your shirt.” He jokingly remarked, making us chuckle.
“Ugh, normally, I’d get grosses out, but this time I’ll let it slide,” I softly replied back, making him chuckle even more. He pulled away from me and grabbed us tissues to clean our messy faces.
After our mini clean up, Chan just looked at me, his eyes were set on mine, and this time it was clear. Leaning in slowly, “I’ll do anything to protect you, no one will tear us apart.” He said, leaving me to smile back at him, as I leaned in to his lips quicker than he was.
The kiss was very soft and gentle, just like his lips. The kiss had a sentimental yet very intimate feel to it, as he pulled my body closer to his by putting his arms around my waist and pulling me into his lap. We both pulled away to catch our breaths as Chan looked up at me with a smile, “you don’t understand how much I’ve been wanting to do this,” he lovingly said. “You got no idea of how much I want this either,” I replied back. Chan wrapped his one hand behind my neck and the other was placed in my thigh, he leaned in again for another kiss, this time it was much heated than the last one.
The hands that were placed in my body were changing and were roaming around, meanwhile one hand of mind was placed in his jaw and the other was softly tugging onto his hair as my hips were mainly doing all the heated work.
Despite the air con being on, the room felt like it was a hundred degrees, resulting in me pulling away and taking off my hoodie. And as it was getting even more heated, we both suddenly heard whispering coming from outside.
“Hannie, you hear anything?” one familiar whispered yelled out, as Chan instantly recognized the noise, putting his head back onto the sofa, while I just silently giggling at Chanbin-I mean the anonymous whispering.
“No, I heard sobbing earlier, then everything went silent, you think they’re fine?” Ha—person number two reaponded back that barely was. whisper.
“Bin, Han, we can hear you!” Chan yelled back from the door, suddenly hearing an “oh shit!” and scurryings. I just laughed while Chan just snickered and shook his head. He looked back at me, “since we can’t have any privacy, how about we take this to your place?” He suggested as he rubbed my back.
“Of course.”
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pixxie-lixxie · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I keep noticing how when channie goes to watch something in his lives he grabs a pillow to hold on to. Since ive noticed that, I cant shake the idea of him just going to watch a movie or something with you and he sits you between his legs, wrapping his arms around you and putting his chin on your shoulder <\3 like he just needs someone to hold over long still periods of time and i think thats just so lovley <\\3
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crispy-chan · a month ago
Maze of Memories | masterlist
Tumblr media
➳ pairing: bang chan x f.reader (ft. lee felix & ??)
➳ genre: hunger games!au, action, angst, thriller, fluff
➳ warnings: themes of violence, injuries, foul language, blood, grievance, (varies per chapter!)
➳ summary: you're the unlucky reaped female tribute from district 9 with no fighting skills whatsoever. all you want is to enjoy your last few days of life before perishing in the arena, but you somehow manage to catch the eye of the volunteer from district 2…
➳ total word count: 76.9k
STARTED — 01/25/2021 COMPLETED — 10/09/2021
Tumblr media
➳ chapter 01
➳ chapter 02
➳ chapter 03
➳ chapter 04 
➳ chapter 05
➳ chapter 06
➳ chapter 07
➳ chapter 08 
➳ chapter 09
➳ chapter 10
➳ chapter 11 (epilogue)
Tumblr media
➳ bang chan
➳ lee felix
➳ chan (by the amazing @/mocimori)
Tumblr media
➳ 🗒: maze of memories (all asks related to MoM)
Tumblr media
© January — November 2021 by crispy-chan — all rights reserved. do not modify, copy, repost, translate or claim as your own.
I do not own the Hunger Games franchise, just the story and plot I've written.
Tumblr media
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banchian · 2 months ago
to the boy i loved before // b.c.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bang Chan x Fem!Reader genre: university/neighbors au; angst to fluff, maybe a swear word or too just to be safe, Chris and you go through some heartbreak
summary — Love is a mess and your feelings for a specific boy in your heart comes to light after a date gone wrong.
a/n— This has been brewing in my notes for ages! It'll be part of an apartment neighbor universe I built with my friend (wherein skz are your neighbors 😂) Something cute before I write for Anti Hero/Marvel AU again ☺️✨ this isn't beta read too since I wanted to write my feelings through a fic. I hope you enjoy 💕
tags: @chanluster (bc Fia queen it's finally done!)
Tumblr media
Felix looks up from his phone, the sound of his roommate’s giggles making him pause his Tiktok binge. He can see Chris pace around from across the room. He studies his older friend, the happy giggly Chris making himself known the past few weeks. a very different side of Chris when he’s not producing music behind the four corners of his bedroom. Lee Felix smirks, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he watches Christopher’s thumbs glide on the rectangular device in his hands.
“Is it Bambi again?” He asks, almost laughing when Chris looks at him like a deer caught in headlights. Who else did he expect? Bambi— otherwise known as y/n, was their sweet neighbor next door. The newest addition to their little gang made of college students living under the same apartment complex. The apple of Chris’ eyes.
“I’m right, aren’t I?” Felix’s smile curls to mimic that of the Cheshire cat. His eyes squint with amusement as his senior stammers and stumbles; caught red handed. “What?” Felix scoffs, rolling his eyes playfully. “C’mon Chris, we’re not that blind. We’ve seen the way you look at her when she comes over to hang out. You look like Archie when he sees the steak Changbin brings on grill nights. All happy and googly eyed.”
“I— uhm, hmm— Ok. Point.” Chris sighs, slumping on the chair across Felix. He wraps an arm around Archie, their golden retriever, who’s happy to soak in his attention. the tips of his ears flushed red. Was he that obvious?
“If you like her so much, ask her out.” Felix suggests encouraging Chris to, in Hyunjin’s words, ‘man the fuck up’. The latter stammers, eyebrows raising as he opens and closes his mouth like a fish out of water. The thought hasn’t crossed his mind before— he’s been meaning to ask you out in ages, when he was sure he caught you sneaking glances and prolong stares during the weekly game night at their unit. He was pretty positive too, when he caught Hyunjin, Jisung, and Changbin gossiping about it like teenage girls that one time he went to grab a can of root beer from the kitchen. But, he allowed himself a small margin of error. If by chance, he was wrong and read all those signals wrong at least the pain won’t be as bad. Yet, the alleged affirmations by their close group of friends made him believe otherwise.
“Y’know that’s not a bad idea, Lix.” What could possibly go wrong.
“I’m sorry, Chris. I can’t.”
What? The Australian inwardly winced. From the mixed signals he was getting, he didn’t expect you to outright reject him. You twiddled with your fingers, eyes shifting as he scratched the back of his neck.
“It’s not that I don’t like you!” You blurt out, anything to dispel the growing awkward atmosphere. “I’d really love to go out and chill,” —Ouch. So you didn’t think this was a date. It was a friend date. “I have a date.” Double ouch. “My old friend is in town, so my brother arranged a small get together.”
Chris nods, there wasn’t much he can do. He pats the top of your head, a half smile on his face. “It’s alright, I can hang out with the boys.”
You pout at him. Deep down you’d love to hang out with Chan and the boys. Over the course of nearly a year living in the same apartment complex, Unit S315 has become a second home to you. For someone who had to move miles away from their hometown the unit and its inhabitants and frequent visitors became the home away from home. Even Minnie mentioned how she’d always find you at their unit instead of yours, joking how the two of you should just move in next door.
Maybe, you might also have a thing for the older owner of said apartment.
“You sure? I still feel bad about it.” Chris shushes you, hands gesturing in fast waves.
“It’s fine, Bambi. We can always hang out some other time.” He pats your cheeks unable to resist the cute pout you gave him. “Saturday? It’s UNO night.”
“Wouldn’t miss it for the world.” You nod. Cheeks warming up at how warm his hands are as he holds your face in his hands. From an outsider’s point of view, you were like a sweet young couple bidding each other goodbye before running off to do a day’s errands. Eventually, it was time to go. You bid him a quick goodbye before getting in the uber and promising a cake you can eat together when you come back.
So much for asking her out.
It was nearly 9 pm when Chris found you trying to unlock the door to your apartment while wiping your tears. He excused himself in the middle of watching Invincible to stretch his legs after being cramped on the couch with Jisung and Felix stuck on his side the whole afternoon. When he explained the situation to Felix, the latter was quick to round up the rest of the boys for an emergency Boys Night citing how they must be there for their newly rejected brother.
“Felix, you don’t have to. I’m fine.” He sighs, he didn’t want to make them feel burdened by his emotions.
Felix tuts at him, an eyebrow raised as he types out the last bit of text to the group chat. His lips pursed as he hits send. “Not on my watch, bro. We’ve seen what a broken heart does in movies.”
Chris didn’t think he would need it then but he’s always grateful to have Felix as a friend. He sends a quick text to him. He won’t be returning for the second half of the season. He wasn’t the only one who returned with a broken heart.
You curse as you drop your keys. You were already feeling miserable and the inability to simply open your apartment’s door was making you feel pathetic. The date went well. Splendid actually. It was as if nothing changed, the way old friends would catch up after some time apart over a warm cup of coffee and decorated cakes. It was going well… until the topic of love came around.
You felt another round of tears well up in your eyes remembering the conversation with your date. Changgu was your senior in high school all the way up to your 1st year of college when he graduated and moved back to your hometown. You would occasionally hear from him through his instagram posts and from your older brother. He was a dear friend, but he’s also your first love. His charm and kindness making your heart flutter when you were in your junior year of high school.
Changgu hands you a decorated envelope. You furrowed your brows as you took it, examining your embossed name at the back. ‘What’s this?’ You asked, curiosity laced in your voice. Changgu says nothing as he watched you open the envelope, eyes full of love.
“You’re… you’re getting married?” Changgu nods, taking a sip of his coffee as he did so.
“Soon. It’s an engagement party.” He laughs lightly. He sighs as if he reminisces the night he proposed to his fiancée. “We decided to tie the knot a few weeks ago but we wanted to make an official announcement.”
You looked at him— really looked at him for the first time since you got there. For the first time since you’ve known Yeo Changgu, he’s glowing. His eyes shining with so much love that it makes his natural brown eyes emit a sparkle that even puts Lee Minho’s to shame and Minho’s eyes are very pretty. Suddenly, your childhood crush was no longer the scrawny theatre kid back in middle school but is now a reliable man in love with a future that includes a married life waiting for him. Maybe, it was from the surprise of the news or maybe it was because his gummy smile and the love that radiates off him are so infectious that regardless of what you’re feeling, you smile alongside him.
“No way… Congratulations! But, why me? Aren’t families the ones to attend this and not your best friend’s younger sister?”
“What kind of question is that, y/n?” He laughs heartily. “We’ve known each other for so long. You’re like my little sister too. You’re like family to me.”
How can I not invite you to my engagement party?
“Hey, you ok?” You blink back your tears as a hand with your keys makes it way in your view.
“Chris?” You winced at how your voice cracked. “I-I’m good. It’s just- I mean, it’s the stupid allergies. Y’know how bad they are t-this time of the year. I’m fi-“ you couldn’t even lie to his face. His heartbroken expression tugging at your consciousness. The pain in your heart felt suffocating, yearning for the warmth and comfort of the carrot haired Aussie in front of you. So, you swallowed your pride, voice cracking as it fights the sobs making its way up your throat.“A-actually, no… I-I’m not fine.”
You felt the warm sleeves of his hoodie envelop you as you breathe in the smell of his faint cologne and the scent of laundry detergent. Chris holds you tight, hands automatically rubbing soft circles on your back as you wailed on his hoodie clad chest, the material absorbing your tears and heart break. He felt his heart break a bit with every uneven gasp as your shoulders shook and your hands curled tightly behind him; as if you were desperately clinging onto the only pillar of support while you try to get out every thought in your head. Why? Why did liking someone have to be so complicated? It hurts, It hurts. It hurts.
Chris was silent the entire time, waiting for you to air out your grievances. When you calmed down enough, he tugs you over towards the exit citing how he wanted to show you something. You stumbled as you allowed him to drag you outside under the vast milky way.
“I think this is a better place to talk than the hallway,” He spoke softly as he motions you to sit beside him. “What’s wrong, Bambi? Why’s my beautiful girl upset?” He coos, wiping away stray tears with his thumb.
And there it was, the gentleness you’ve come to love. You sniffed as the bottled up tears continue to trail down like falling stars down your eyes. So, you proceed to tell Chan the events that transpired. He listens to you pour out your woes like he always has, like a sponge that collects your sadness. He listens to you spill your heart out, all hiccups and sniffles as you voice out your jumbled mess of emotions.
“It feels so weird, you know? It feels like I’m abandoning someone I knew.” You sneezed into the fourth tissues that night. You put a fist to your chest, lightly pounding it to comfort yourself from the pain. “He was so special to me it feels so weird like my world is changing and I can’t do anything to stop it.”
Chris wanted to scoop you up in his arms as you ranted away. He made a mental note to buy some ice cream for you later and maybe a Legally Blonde marathon with Felix tomorrow night after doing some homework. He listened well, making mhms and it’s okays as you dwelled deeper into the grief of what you once knew.
“Do you love him?” You sucked in a breath as your mind whirls. Chris mentally winced at himself. He won’t deny that he felt a tad bit jealous of your attraction towards your older friend. Hell, he selfishly wanted it for himself. Stupid, why would you ask her something so obvious. She’s already crying her eyes out it’s obvious she lo—
“I… I don’t know.” You answered. Gone was the loud wails and sniffles of the past 30 minutes. You sounded like a mouse, small and scared. “I mean I do… I, I don’t know. I feel like I should . I’ve held onto it since middle school, but I don’t know. I really don’t know.”
You sigh into your hands, mind starting to throb. The feelings of second guessing greeting you again. Changgu asked you a similar question too, hoping for a peek of your love life. A lot can happen in the time you spent apart. It was friendly curiosity, one you can fulfill because between him and your brother, he was more of your secret keeper.
Do you like someone? You answered with a small smile as you sipped your coffee. Yes, you do. Only the person you thought about wasn’t the pretty man in front of you clad in a beige coat, it was the handsome Australian back at the apartment whose wardrobe only consists of black hoodies and muscle tees with matching basketball shorts and slides. The same cute neighbor you were crushing on months now; the same one you called your soulmate because of how well you fit like two clogs on a machine. The one who thought of you as a friend so you never dare tell him that you felt sparks that read into something more.
You gushed about Christopher from how you looked forward to getting the mail because it meant him greeting you good morning as he walked back Archie to their unit to how he looked like the bright stars when he smiles. How the curve of his lips felt like the sunshine and how amazing it felt when they were directed at you. Most of all you confided how much you love him for being him. The gentle and sweet best friend with a child like heart; the hardworking, reliable Chris Bang even if he stays up until 6 am to perfect a track he’s been working on.
“Why couldn’t I fall in love with you first?” It was so faint had his thoughts were a bit louder, had he not been paying attention he would’ve missed it. Your secret that slipped past the barriers of your heart. He felt his heart flutter a bit too wildly in his chest as he replays your secret in his head, as he admires you in the still of the night; moonlight casting an ethereal halo on your hair — all messed up and strands sticking out from the wind that played with it, the tears glistening your eyes as they pooled on your lower lashes. The shaky exhale of breath as your lips quivered from the cold. Were you a mess? sure, but Chris Bang thought you were the most beautiful person in his view. Even if you were a heartbroken confused mess.
And you are in love with him.
“Oh… Oh shit. I’m—“ Panic washed over your face. It took a minute to realize what you absentmindedly said. When you saw Chris, eyebrows raised and lips partially open in what you considered was shock, you knew he heard it. You start to curse anything that popped up in your head. While you have undeniable growing feelings for your neighbor, confessing while you cry over a past heartbreak was not in your itinerary. You hide your face in your hands, “I’m sorry.”
“What’re you sorry for?” Chris chuckles. His hands pries yours from your face exposing your tomato flushed cheeks. God, you must’ve looked crazy in front of him all messed up and make up smudged from all that crying, but Chris cared less. What mattered to him was that you felt the same as he did. A growing fondness that tiptoed beyond the line of friendship and into something more. You feel yourself tear up again from embarrassment and the overwhelming thoughts that piled itself one after another without much of a break.
He takes your hand in his, warm and a bit rough from the calloused skin of his palms. But they felt like home; the one you’ve been returning to the past 6 months ever since you’ve been comfortable to hold hands on more than one occasion. You feel his thumbs trace small patterns on yours, a trick to calm you down from the overwhelming thoughts in your head. Chris smiles at you all soft and gentle, his dimples coming out to greet you after a long night of processing emotions you needed to sort out. When he feels the silence stayed too long than it’s welcomed for he took it in his own hands.
“I like you too.”
It seemed to work. You paused. He likes you too. The cute Australian neighbor you’ve been crushing on for months; the one the younger residents will tease you with, the one Jeongin’s grandmother mistook as your boyfriend that one day you both went to deliver them some of Felix’s brownies and said you both should hurry up and get together. The same Christopher Bang who lives in your mind rent free after you send good night texts and little face time calls throughout the day likes you back.
You feel like you’re about to pass out. “You. Me?” You asked still in disbelief, “You like me?”
“I mean, I’d call it love but… that might be a bit too forward?” He giggles, ears turning a bright shade of red. He laughs when he feels you wiggle your joint hands. The air finally free from the tenseness.
“Chris!” You whined at him. Your brain stopped functioning awhile ago. Your actions now dependent on your emotions. He pulls you in his arms, gently placing your face on his chest. You can feel him laugh with the way it moves as if he’s trying to poorly mask how hard his heart is beating in his chest. He gives you a massive squeeze. The same happy ones he gives to Felix and Jeongin that’s like a release of energy. The same one he gives to his siblings, where he sways them a bit and goes Hmmmmm! before letting them go but this time he doesn’t let you go so you both sit there in the most comforting hug you’ve had since you got home.
“I know it’s a bit too fast. We can take it slow if you want.” He says. “I know it can take awhile to sort your feelings out. You’ve liked him for a long time, right? We don’t have to do anything or put labels if you’re uncomfortable with it. I’m happy enough that you like me back, but I want to give us a shot too. Will you allow me, love? Do you want to give us a shot?”
Chris is always so considerate. Ever the gentleman. You peeked from his chest so you can look at him properly. For the first time since you came home that night, you smiled. “I’d like that. Thank you, Chris Bear.”
“Anytime, Bambi.” He kisses your forehead before he repositions himself to give you a piggy back ride to your apartment. “Cmon, let’s get you home.”
Your snuggled against the warmth of his back as your eyes start to feel heavy, your energy all spent. His warmth surrounds you like a comforting blanket— like a teddy bear hence the nickname, Chris bear because Chris is basically a walking teddy bear. Minnie lets him in, an eyebrow raised as her eyes fall on your sleeping form clinging onto him like a koala. Chris tucks you in your bed, kissing your forehead as he wished you sweet dreams.
“If you get together before the engagement party, bring him as your plus one. I want to meet the man who charmed our little sunflower here.” You chuckled, thinking there was no way that would happen but somehow Changgu’s wish come true. You sent him a text 3 weeks later to rvsp two slots on the guest list.
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straykisz · a month ago
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻’𝘀 𝗢𝗰𝘁𝗼𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗠𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗹𝗶𝘀𝘁 𝗽𝘁.𝟭 (𝗼𝗰𝘁.𝟭-𝟭𝟱)
𝗡𝗢𝗧𝗘:𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙨𝙚 𝙖𝙧𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞 𝙧𝙚𝙗𝙡𝙤𝙜𝙜𝙚𝙙 𝙞𝙣 𝙤𝙘𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧. 𝙄𝙩 𝙙𝙤𝙚𝙨𝙣𝙩 𝙣𝙚𝙘𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙡𝙮 𝙢𝙚𝙖𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙞𝙩 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙖 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙨 𝙤𝙧 𝙖 𝙥𝙖𝙧𝙩 𝙤𝙛 𝙖𝙣 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧 𝙙𝙞𝙙.
Pls tell me if i linked the wrong fic or if there’s smth wrong w/ the masterlist
Oᴛʜᴇʀ ᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀs: 𝗺𝗶𝗻𝗵𝗼, 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗯𝗶𝗻, 𝗵𝘆𝘂𝗻𝗷𝗶𝗻, 𝗵𝗮𝗻, 𝗳𝗲𝗹𝗶𝘅, 𝘀𝗲𝘂𝗻𝗴𝗺𝗶𝗻, 𝗷𝗲𝗼𝗻𝗴𝗶𝗻, 𝗼𝘁𝟴
☞︎ Pᴀʀᴛ2
Tᴀɢ: chansz.oct21
Gᴜɪᴅᴇ: ☘︎︎- sᴍᴜᴛ ☁︎︎- ғʟᴜғғ ☕︎︎- 𝗮𝗻𝗴𝘀𝘁
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭
❥ toys and overstimulation by @eightlee - ☘︎
❥ found you by @hyunsuks-beanie - ☁︎
❥ misbehave by @webangchan - ☘︎︎
❥ day1 by @jl-micasea-fics -☘︎︎
❥ day1 by @bngchnsi - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟮
❥ golden hour by @jiminbbyboy - ☘︎︎ ☕︎︎ ☁︎︎ (ft. Hyunjin)
❥ breeding by @authorb - ☘︎︎
❥ a/b/o by @slutbinnie - ☘︎︎ (ft. Minho)
❥ dom!chan and breeding by @domseungie - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟯
❥ bang chan + noncon by @chans-chair - ☘︎︎
❥ you’re wrong, I’m right by @youn9racha - ☘︎︎
❥ our north star by @starry-paris - ☁︎︎
❥ adorn you by @bangchanswolfpelt - ☘︎︎
❥ drown by @neo-shitty -☕︎︎ ☁︎︎
❥ couch surfing by @seospicy - suggestive ☁︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟰
❥ day 3 by @dreamescapeswriting - ☘︎︎
❥ take it slow by @peachychxn - ☘︎︎
❥ 3rd october by @rikisnuggie - ☘︎︎
❥ find me, I’ll give you a hundred reasons to love yourself by @jl-micasea-fics - ☘︎︎ ☁︎︎
❥ top by @mostlycompetentwriter -☘︎︎ ☕︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟱
❥ under the red lights by @multiyuta - ☘︎︎ ☁︎︎
❥ unexpectedly fallen by @ninibears-erigom-fics - ☘︎︎ ☁︎︎
❥ howlite by @decembermoonskz - ☕︎︎ ☁︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟲
❥ 005; relentlessly by @seolarmoon - ☘︎︎
❥ kinktober day four by @mochi-baby-xoxo - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟳
❥ hot water bottle by @star-lemonade - ☘︎︎
❥ good boy by @es-kay-zee - ☘︎︎
❥ 2:47am by @redslvt - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟴
❥ nsfw by @straykids-asks - ☘︎︎
❥ trust issues by @huihuiheart - ☕︎︎
❥ day 6 by @dreamescapeswriting - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟵
❥ full moon by @stay-tinystars - ☁︎︎ ☕︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟬
❥ hate to admit by @streetlight11 - ☕︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟭
❥ trick or treat by @gold-daegu - ☕︎︎
❥ in control by @matryosika - ☘︎︎
❥ alpha!chan by @lustfuldevils - ☘︎︎
❥ meeting the family by @hyunsuks-beanie - ☁︎︎
❥ no.4 with Chan by @hwangsies - ☘︎︎
❥ maze of memories by @crispy-chan - ☕︎︎ (ft. felix and minho)
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟮
❥ up all night by @moonlit-han - ☁︎︎
❥ never tired of you by @butterflies123456 - ☘︎︎
❥ fluff drabble by @hannie-loml - ☁︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟯
❥ cute by @hyunsuks-beanie - ☁︎︎
❥ touch me by @thevampywolf - ☘︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟰
❥ promise by @strwbrryblues - ☕︎︎
𝗗𝗮𝘆 𝟭𝟱
❥ cream pie by @kpop---scenarios - ☘︎︎ (ft. hyunjin)
❥ puppy love by @mingkii - ☁︎︎ ☕︎︎
❥ 1:54 by @braemjeorn - ☘︎︎
follow for part2!
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channiechwn · 3 months ago
don’t be afraid anymore!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
◡̈ pairing: gn!reader x bang chan
◡̈ genre: fluff, angst, happy ending!, crush au
◡̈ warnings: trust issues, clingy as an insecurity, horrible exes
◡̈ word count: 1.8k+
◡̈ summary: as the saying goes, “once bitten, twice shy”. ever since your first encounter with love, you vowed never to love again. however, ever since chan tumbled into your life, you can’t seem to keep up with your promise.
(a/n: tell me if there are any mistakes!)
Tumblr media
“Will you ever learn to get off my back? She’s no one to me, stop worrying so much! If you don’t trust me then maybe we should break up…” Jaesung glowered at you, shrugging your hand off of his arm.
“I hate overbearing people like you. We just weren’t match made in heaven, move on,” with that he turned around, shoving your shoulder in the process. No matter how hard you tried to chase after him, it was as if he placed a curse on your feet, preventing you from stopping him.
“Wait, Jaesung, I’m sorry! Please come back…” your voice cracked in the process of screaming for the love of your life to come back into your arms. Tears rolled down your cheeks and all you could do was watch him caress the hand of another woman....
Your parched throat from all the panting caused you to shoot up from your bed, arms flailing around in the process of reaching for the light switch. Your heart was palpitating and you felt the room spin as a feeling of distraught washed over you. How could you still dream of someone so sick and vile?
Water. That is what you need right now.
You wiped the stray tears that rolled down your cheeks which formed during the nightmare as your shaky and wobbly hands reached out to grab the glass of water that was always perched on your bedside table. Unfortunately, the series of unfortunate events caused you to lose focus as your grip on the glass loosened, making it slip out of your grasp. Next thing you knew, the shrill sound from the crash of glass against the hard floor resonated throughout the entire dorm. You winced in the process. Could you be more clumsy enough? The 8 other boys living with you rarely have a good rest due to their packed schedule and here you are, possibly waking them up from their slumber at 4am in the morning.
The pitter-patter sound of footsteps came rushing towards your room and your door creaked open. Chan’s head popped out and a concerned frown was etched onto his face. You watched his eyes trail from your slouched figure to the remanence of your so-called “cup” that was smashed into smithereens. Chan rushed towards you and his mind was filled with thousands of  thoughts. Were you ok? What happened?
Tumblr media
The aroma of delicious smelling pancakes wafted through the air, awakening you from your  slumber. A series of cheers sounded throughout the dormitory as you trudged out of your bedroom into the dining area.
The aroma of delicious smelling pancakes wafted through the air, awakening you from your  slumber. A series of cheers sounded throughout the dormitory as you trudged out of your bedroom into the dining area.
“Chan obviously made it for me! I’m his favourite!” Jisung said, eyeing the stack of pancakes on the table. “I’m cute so it’s for me!” Jeongin added, slapping Jisung’s grubby hands before it touched the pancakes. Before another member could butt in and argue that the pancakes were his, Chan walked out from the bathroom and quickly snatched the plate, shielding it from the members.
“The pancakes are for me right?” Felix questioned with a smirk on his face, taunting Jisung. Jisung just grumbled something under his breath before turning away with his arms crossed in front of his chest. “It’s for y/n actually,” Chan said with a shy smile adorned on his face.
“Good morning!” you chirped, causing the boy’s disappointed expressions to brighten up. You took your seat at the dining table before cutting a portion of the pancake for each member to eat. As Chan wolfed down his pancakes, whipped cream got onto his nose. You giggled at the sight, causing him to look up at you. Seeing his crush happy made him happy too.
“You look so silly! Let me help you,” you offered, taking a napkin and leaning forward to wipe the cream off his face. As you were about to clean it off, Chan decided to tease you by moving his head side to side. This caused you to let out a laugh as you used your hand to cup his face in order to stabilise him, not noticing that the other members were looking at you two with sneaky glances. “Are you two done flirting?” Minho asked, causing the both of you to freeze and look down. Chan’s ears began to glow bright red and you felt your heart skip a beat as the two of you realised that your teasing action was a tad bit too intimate for “friends”.
After breakfast, Chan left for the studio, leaving the 7 boys and you in the dorm. You guys were sitting in the living room in comfortable silence before it was interrupted by Hyunjin. “You like him don’t you?'' Hyunjin queried, looking at you. Upon hearing his question, the other boys turned to stare at both of you, intrigued by the scenario playing in front of them. “What? No way…” you answered, trying to convince him and yourself but it was clearly failing. It was undeniable how Chan made you feel special and loved - truly loved, unlike your ex. Your eyes averted from the curious glances you received and they landed on your fingers which were currently playing with the ends of your hoodie. Hyunjin and the others knew you too well, you guys were best friends afterall, but they decided not to press you too much.
Tumblr media
The next week was filled with chan doing something sweet for you everyday. It ranged from buying you gifts, writing you notes of encouragement and cooking meals for you. Today, you received a box of chocolates which was placed in front of the door to your room and on top of the box was a little envelope. You carefully opened the envelope and read the letter in it.
Can we talk? Let’s meet at the Cafe Yellow Wood at 8pm tonight.
- Chan :)
That night as you made your way towards Cafe Yellow Wood, you couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious and fidgety. What did Chan want to talk about? Did he want to end the friendship with you? Or worse - did he find you too clingy? Before you knew it, your hand pushed open the glass door to the cafe and you spotted Chan waving, beckoning you to join him. You gingerly sat down and adjusted your skirt. “What did you want to talk about?” you began curiously.
“Well, the truth is…” Chan started, his face turning red and his eyes looking intently at yours. “I really like you and I hope that you can go out with me,” he revealed, pulling a bouquet of roses from behind him. Your heart warmed at his confession and you could not explain the happiness that you experienced. However, memories from your previous relationship flashed through your mind, or more specifically - Jaesung’s look of disgust towards you. Is accepting Chan's confession really the best thing to do now? I mean, you are still healing from your broken heart. But why does Chan always seem to make you happier?
When Chan saw your neutral expression morph into one of fear, his heart shattered. How foolish of me! He thought to himself. He thought you liked him back too but was that all platonic? Is this perfectly good friendship ruined? “I- I’m sorry… please forget this even happened,” he said, embarrassment and humiliation crossing his face. With that, he stood up, grabbed his stuff and left, leaving the bouquet of roses on the table. That was when you realised that you had  screwed up.
Tumblr media
After that incident, you and chan’s relationship seemed to have gone cold and distant. Chan was no longer as cheery and happy he usually was and the members noted that he has grown skinnier. You on the other hand had become paler and there were now visible eyebags and dark circles under your eyes. How could you sleep after making the worst mistake of your life? The members wanted to step in and salvage your relationship - they really did want to help but they decided to leave it. You two were mature adults. They were sure that the both of you could handle it yourselves. Chan had decided to focus mainly on his work, trying to distract himself from thinking about you. Maybe staying friends would be much easier, he thought.
It was finally today when you saw Chan and you were flabbergasted. He looked torn apart as his hair was disheveled and he seemed as if he didn’t sleep for days, which he probably hasn’t. You instantly felt guilty and after contemplating, you decided to muster the courage and do the right thing - the thing that you have always wanted to do but never had the bravery to do so. That night, you took a deep breath and knocked your fist on his studio door. “Come in,” a fatigued voice called out. As you peaked your head in, you noticed Chan had not acknowledged you yet, being too focused on his task.
“Hey…” you whispered, causing Chan's head to immediately face you. He dearly missed your honey voice. Listening to your voice that he longed for over the past week made him realise that his mission to get over you was: impossible. What was he even trying for when his one and only true love was you? “Let’s talk,” were the only words you spoke before grabbing his hand and pulling him up from the chair, bringing him to the rooftop of the JYP entertainment building. “About last w-” you started but was cut off by chan’s rambling. “I’m really sorry! It was a mistake! I like you but i know you don’t like me that way bu-” he shut him up by placing your finger on his moving lips.
“I really like you too. I’m sorry it took me one whole week to realise…” you said bashfully. Upon hearing the news, Chan's face of regret turned into content. One that you haven’t seen in ages. “I’m sure you already know but I like you too,” he replied, rubbing his neck. “Can I kiss you?” he muttered while staring at you. Without replying, you leaned up to join your lips as his hand grabbed yours and his thumb caressed your knuckles. As cliche as it sounds, everything seemed to fall into place.
This was when you finally realised that your fear of loving has been overcome by your one and only lover, Bang Chan.
Tumblr media
@hyunsuks-beanie thanks for requesting! i hope you enjoyed reading! sorry the ending was a bit rushed as its hell week in my country (exams)! ♡
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strawbrrychan · 3 months ago
small .
pairing: bang chan x g/n reader
genre: angst, a fluffy ending tho <333
warnings: a handful of curse words, depictions of intrusive thoughts and implied suicide attempt
word count: 0.8k
a/n: this is for a friend,, its short im sorry!
ghoul, i I really hope that you feel better soon. you deserve so much better than how you're treated. you're so strong and im so lucky to have you in my life. every day that I have with you is a day I cherish forever. I love you dearly. <3
Tumblr media
You let out a long sigh, dragging your feet through your shared apartment, throwing your limp, jaded body onto the couch. You didn’t bother closing the door, instead, letting it swing itself shut. Your feet were aching to be set free from their cage inside your shoes, convincing you to untie your laces and leaving them where you took them off. At this point, you were curled into yourself on your side letting all of you self-loathing swallow you whole. silent tears made their way out of the corner of your eye, leaving dark wet spots on the fabric of the couch. More began to join them, a loud, choked sob ripped itself from your lungs. You knew another slump was making its way to you.
You simply didn’t want to exist anymore. Nothing seemed to ever go your way, and you were tired of it. You were tired of waking up and hating what you saw staring back in the mirror. Tired of not being able to go a day without thinking of leaving the planet somehow. You just wanted it to stop. Boy, did you feel suffocated. you could never talk to anyone, in fear of making them feel guilty. your shit brain always managed to tell you that you didn’t deserve the love you received, and made you feel guilty for being sad. You hated all of it.
So what if you did something to rid yourself of pain altogether? The thought alone scared you when it first crossed your mind. And more times than you’d like to admit, you considered doing it for real. But the consequences never dawned on you until then. How your boyfriend, Chan, would react. He’d never be able to forgive himself if he lost you.
You cried harder, guilt ripping you apart like a starved lion. How could you ever even think to leave him like that? You’d ruin him forever.
As if on cue, the soft click of your apartment door made its way to your ears. A whine escaped your lips, praying to whatever was above the clouds that he didn’t see your current state. You grasped the arm of the couch to stand, but steady hands found their way into yours. you paused in front of him in panic. Chan’s hand rested on your cheek, turning your face to meet his. You couldn’t bare to look at him like this, in fear that you might break again.
“Look at me angel,” his voice was gentle and quiet. “Please.” You knew he just wanted to help you, but that didn’t make it any easier to look him in the eye when you were practically crumbling in his hands.
After a moment of his waiting, your puffy red eyes met his warm ones. And, of course, to your dismay, another cry leapt from your throat. You felt so guilty making him take care of you when he already has a plethora of other things to worry about. “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours, sweetheart?” His thumb was wiping your eyes as you tried your hardest to not hiccup as you spoke.
“‘M just so-so tired.” Your breath hitched in your throat as your shaky words fell from your lips, just above a whisper. “Its okay,” chan assured you, stroking your hair. “Take your time.” You took a few more breaths before trying to speak again. You sat there ranting for him for god knows how long, and he stayed with you the whole time. A sigh left your lungs once again, hugging the man in front of you.
Chan’s arms made their way around your form, cradling your body and bringing you to your shared bedroom. He gently placed you on your bed, turning away for a moment to grab one of his t-shirts and placing it next to you. He stood in front of your small frame on the bed, helping you undress yourself. You slipped off your shoes hours ago, leaving your top and bottoms to be removed and replaced. Chan grabbed the hem of your shirt, lifting it gently as your arms made their way above your head. He tossed the stray article of clothing into your closet, focusing back on you. He smiled at your skin reacting to the cold air, leaving a chaste kiss on your collarbone before handing you his shirt, as he unbuttoned your bottoms. he lifted your hips off of the bed slightly, sliding the clothing down your legs, leaving you in your underwear and his shirt. You laid down, curling up to create some sort of warmth within yourself. As if on cue, chan laid behind you in the now dark bedroom, bringing the covers over you both.
“You know you can tell me anything, right? I hate seeing you suffer in silence. I want to help you, baby.” He whispered, kissing the bottom of your hairline. You could feel his featherlight fingertips drawing patterns into the fabric of your shirt. A calm silence fell between you, your restless body flipping over to speak to him. “Thank you. For everything you do for me. I’m working on it, I promise,” you spoke lowly into the dark room, before pressing your lips to his, capturing them in a passionate kiss. “I love you.” you whispered after the kiss, letting him lay on your chest. soon you heard chan emitting soft snores, and you too, joined him in dreamland.
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xmhhoe · 2 months ago
detention (m)
bc • a, f, s • 3.5k words
pretending everything’s alright, is detention
Summary: You and your boyfriend are too stubborn for your own good. After a big argument, you realize you may have fucked up, and your relationship might be on its last legs.
Loosely based on detention by melanie martinez (v good song)
i'm writing for skz now :) warnings + fic under the cut~
Warnings: angst, drawn out fighting (you and Chan are so freakin stubborn gahdamn), reader is anti-emotions, Chan is a bit mean (purely fiction he is actually best boy ;-;)
onto the smut part: depictions of emotionless sex (don’t worry there’s fluffy sex towards the end), cum play, penetration, oral (fem receiving), oof I forgot to put very lil daddy kink it’s literally the last word of the whole fic lmao I couldn’t resist
I think that’s it~ enjoy~
Tumblr media
Your heart reacts almost as fast as your hands, speeding up as you pick up your cell phone. It took two hours, but Chan finally texted you back, only to tell you, once again, that he won’t be coming home tonight. You sigh.
If it was earlier in the week, you would have tried to convince him to just come home, but you got tired of trying; if he didn’t just ignore you, he’d tell you he’s busy, that he has deadlines to meet. You knew it was an exaggeration, but you decided to give him space; after all you were the one at fault for the huge fight that started his silent treatment of you. You were planning on apologizing when he got home; but what you didn’t know was that Chan was firm on coming home only when you apologized. The situation was at a standstill.
You clicked off the screen and tossed your phone haphazardly on the nightstand. Even if you started the fight, isn’t Chan being a bit too harsh by ignoring you so coldly? You let a few tears slip down your cheeks as you crawled under the covers.
Tumblr media
One week began to turn into two since you saw your boyfriend. This morning you texted him ‘good morning’. After a few minutes, when you got no response, you followed up with ‘have a good day, I love you’.
Surely he couldn’t ignore that. He had to say it back, right? You waited to feel your phone vibrate, your hand beside it in your pocket as you walked to your job at the cafe.
You slipped off your coat and hung it in your locker. You put your apron on slower than usual, as if that would make his text come through quicker. “Yn, you’re on!” your coworker who was leaving called. You closed your locker, the last spark of hope inside you slipping away slowly.
The morning shift was busy; taking orders and shuffling around behind the counter, cutting pastries and making drinks, but Chan never left your mind. “Thank you, enjoy!” You smiled as you handed a warm macchiato to the last customer of the morning rush. The flow of customers started slowing down, and you sadly leant on the counter.
Suddenly a small hot chocolate drink was placed in front of you. You looked up, your coworker, Sooyoung, smiling softly at you.
“You look sad.” she said simply. “What’s up?”
You smiled weakly and took the drink. “Nothing, just…” you hesitated opening up, but then you thought back to something Chan said during your fight.
You never let me know how you feel! Why won’t you let me in?
Although that wasn’t the main point of contention that night, it rang through your head lately. You weren’t great friends with Sooyoung—in fact you weren’t great friends with any of your coworkers—but maybe Chan was right. Maybe you should loosen up a bit.
“Me and Chan, uh, my boyfriend, have been fighting this week.”
“Oh no,” she said, taking a sip of her drink. “Do you want to talk about it?”
You and Sooyoung spoke as the day winded down. It felt better to finally get everything off your chest, only a few more customers coming in before your shifts ended. Sooyoung went to sweep the floor and wipe down the tables as you quickly cleaned the machines and wiped the counters. As soon as you finished, you rushed into the coatroom and pulled your phone out of your locker.
No new notifications. Your shoulders slumped as you put on your coat and slammed the locker shut, trekking sadly back to your cold empty apartment. Maybe he didn’t love you anymore. The very thought made your heart clench as you walked home alone, your mind racing.
Unlocking your door, kicking off your shoes and outerwear, you pressed Chan’s contact on your phone. It rang a few times before you heard his voicemail. You redialled his number, a shaky hand coming up to wipe away the welled up tears in your eyes.
Your head perked up at his—albeit cold and annoyed—voice.
“Hey baby…”
“Hi.” His abrupt tone towards you was so unlike him, it caused another wave of sadness to wash over you. You nervously fidgeted with a loose thread on your sleeve.
You never cried in front of anyone, even in front of Chan in the three years you two had been together. He tried to show you that the world outside the strong walls you built around yourself was quite nice, and he’d be there to protect you in it.
Nevertheless, you still struggled being vulnerable. Lifelong practice made it easy for you to hold your tears back, but for some reason, maybe because you were losing the only thing that ever truly mattered to you, you struggled to not break down on the phone.
“I–“ you cleared your throat, pulling yourself together. “I was just wondering if you are coming home tonight. Y’know, we could have dinner and spend some time to–”
“I’m busy.”
You paused. “With what?”
“I’m working,” he continued.
“But we haven’t seen or spoken to each other for a week. It feels like.. like...”
“What, yn? What does it feel like?” Your heart almost stopped when he said your full first name instead of ‘sweetheart’ or ‘baby girl’.
“Like we’re not in a relationship anymore! It’s like you’re trying to avoid me, Chan.”
“Maybe I am.”
“But why?”
“You can’t be fucking serious.” His voice sounded further away for a second. You could imagine him pulling the phone away from his ear and pushing his hair back in frustration. Although neither of you wanted to fight again, you could both sense that this was leading to exactly that. Still, neither of you wanted to back down, ready to get your own points across, even at the expense of the other.
“Chan, I know you’re angry at me, but don’t you think avoiding me and ignoring me is a bit too much?”
“No, yn. You’re not going to flip this on me. Yes, I am still mad at you, but you’re too stubborn to apologize for anything.”
“Well, I think I deserve an apology, too. You know how much I hate being ignored.” you squeezed your eyes shut, trying not to cry.
“You took it too far, Chris.” Your voice cracked a bit as you spoke, and you hoped it was the case that Chan didn’t hear it, rather than he did hear it and just didn’t care that you were really hurt by his actions. Either way, he responded in the same cold, harsh tone.
“I’m staying at the dorms tonight. Goodbye.”
“Okay Chan, I love you--”
He hung up. He didn’t say he loved you back. If you felt unloved by him before, now you knew that it was pretty much over. You sat there in shock, not even realizing the tears rolling down your cheeks.
Chan immediately felt bad. He heard you say it, but his finger was already heading towards the end button. Still, he wasn’t about to call you back; you needed to learn your lesson. He was tired of crawling back to you after every fight, especially when you were in the wrong. He turned off his phone and buried his head back in the studio.
It wasn’t until two days later, when he finally decided to return to the apartment. He was as tired of fighting as you, but he promised himself that he would accept nothing less than an apology from you.
You were sulking on the couch, when you heard the door being unlocked. You looked up, startled when you saw an exhausted Chan stepping in. Dark circles under his eyes, his shoulders slouched over a bit. He looked at you with a straight face, waiting for the one thing he wanted to hear the most. I’m sorry.
You on the other hand were waiting on the one thing you wanted to hear the most. I love you.
“Hey,” you spoke first.
“Hey. ”
Both of you remained quiet in your own worlds of ‘I’m right’.
Chan kicked off his shoes and dropped his bag off his shoulder. “So… shouldn’t you apologize?”
You scoffed. Apologize to a man who doesn’t even love you anymore? “Shouldn’t you?" you retorted.
Before another fight could start, Chan sighed and ran his fingers through his messy hair. He walked to the extra bedroom that you both had turned into an office, disappearing behind the door. You can hear a glass clink, piecing together that Chan was probably pouring a drink. You sat up on the couch and took a deep breath, standing only when you managed to work up the courage to go confront him.
As you expected, he’s sitting back in his computer chair with a drink in hand, his back to you. “Chan?” you call softly as you place a hand on his shoulder. As if your touch disgusted him, he shakes it off.
“Now is not the time, yn. I really don’t feel like fighting with you right now.”
You turn around about to exit, but you clench your fists and turn back towards him. Before you could talk yourself out of it, you grip the back of the chair and swivel it around. You take the glass out of his hand and place it on the desk before climbing on top of him.
“Yn, please–“
You don’t say anything else as you smash your lips on his. The alcohol he just drank fills your senses, but there’s also a faint taste of cigarettes. You frown thinking of the stress he must’ve been under to resort to smoking. He half heartedly kisses back, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by you, and your chest tightens.
You pull back from the kiss, looking at your boyfriend. He looks back at you, no emotion in his eyes. You avert your eyes from his intense, mean glare, fixing them on his firm chest as you begin to grind your hips on his, trying not to think about the fact that his hands should have been on your hips, guiding you, or that his lips should have been on your neck travelling down to your chest as he praised you.
Instead, his hands remained relaxed on the arm rests, head slightly leaning to the side as if you were boring him. You bit your lip, not because of your arousal, but because you were holding back tears. Chan didn’t notice, his eyes traveling down your body, drawn between your legs. He sighed and finally moved to lift the hem of your nightgown up to see your panties. His face remained stoic although his eyes were darkened.
You stopped moving on top of him and got up for a moment to pull down his shorts and take off your panties. You climbed back on top of him, continuing to grind your now bare core over his hardening length. You softly whimpered at the friction, feeling yourself grow wetter at the contact after going without it for so long. “Chan,” you moaned, trying to get him to say something, but he didn’t even look up at you, only pulling your dress up further to expose your chest, just ogling your body.
For the first time, it felt like he was just using your body for his own pleasure, and not in the sexy way. In the selfish, ‘one-last-fuck-before-I-break-up-with-you’ way. He groped your breasts roughly before running his hands up and down your body. They landed on your hips, guiding you to lift yourself up. He held his hard member, guiding the tip to your entrance.
You couldn’t help but whimper as he pushed you down. His length wasn’t even fully hard yet, but it was still a lot for you to take. You barely swiveled your hips, trying to adjust as his length grew even more inside of you, the feeling quite delicious. He was still playing with your breasts, licking his lips as he waited for you.
Your cunt clenched around him as you began moving your hips purposefully on top of him. Needing something to hold onto to keep your balance as you ride him, your hands scrambled to the arm rests. You whimpered when Chan pulled his hands away from your body, bumping his hands into yours on the arm rests.
For a moment, you expected him to grab your hand and interlace his fingers through yours as he often did. But, instead he quickly dropped his hands to the sides, rejecting anything close to the sweet gesture. You felt your heart break a little further, but you bite your tongue, holding in the hurt whine that you desperately want to let out.
Somewhere in the back of Chan’s mind, he can sense something's off. Sure, he feels amazing; after all he did miss your body over the past two weeks. But he notes that you’re not as loud or expressive as you usually are, like you’re trying to curl up and hide even as you speed up and begin bouncing on his dick.
His eyes were still fixed on where your bodies met and your tits bouncing in front of him, letting out breathy grunts. You were desperately trying to find some common ground with him, some kind of indication that he still felt something for you that was more than physical, but he wouldn’t even look you in the face. Everything about this felt wrong, sex with Chan without love felt empty. What am I doing? you thought. Before you could think it over, in one last attempt, you blurted out, “Look at me, Chan.” Your voice sounded weaker than you’d like it to.
His eyes flicker up to yours coldly and you almost flinch back at the glare. The look in his eyes is different than usual, cold and dark, all lust but no love. He almost gives in and softens his look, not missing the sad look in your eyes, but a voice in his head tells him to remember what he has been fighting for this whole time—an apology. Nothing more, nothing less.
After a while, your thighs ache and you fall forward and hide your face in his neck, bucking your hips in small motions. He finally makes another move, grabbing your hips and fucking up into you. His thrusts were sloppy from the beginning, just chasing his own pleasure.
Your sounds are even smaller now that they’re muffled into his shoulder as you hold onto him. You were no where close to your orgasm; trying to push your heartbreak away and lose yourself in the sex was easier said than done.
His deep groans were getting louder and he moved faster, his fingers digging into your hips almost painfully. He gives you one last deep thrust before throwing his head back and letting out a long groan. Your eyes squeezed tight as he released inside of you.
For some reason, as if your body had a mind of its own, you began kissing his neck as he came down from his high. The act of affection felt out of place and robotic in this situation. Completely spent, Chan’s hands fall away from your hips. Usually he would wrap his arms around you and hold you close, guiding your lips to his, and kissing you lovingly in a post-orgasmic haze.
But he does none of that, his body just limp as he catches his breath, his chest rising and falling beneath you. His head is empty, not knowing what to think until he feels your shaky breaths on his neck. He lifts his head and notices your shoulders shaking, a warm wet feeling on his collarbone. You’re crying.
“Yn,” He gently pulls your face back from his neck. “Why are you crying?”
“You don’t love me anymore,” you sob. You’re crying a lot; he has never seen you like this. You've only ever shown him your strongest side. He loved it, your confidence and ambition, it’s what drew him to you. But over time, he wished you could let your guard down more around him.
Chan is left speechless. He does love you—so much, more than he can ever say—but his voice doesn’t seem to work. In that moment, his head is just swamped with regret and shame that he just abandoned you and your relationship without talking it out or resolving anything, even hurting you in the process.
Only now did he realize that ignoring you like this only sealed up every successful crack he made to the walls you built around yourself. He just selfishly waited for an apology without even hearing your side. He just put you in detention.
He remains silent in a daze as you stand up from him. Not even his cum embarrassingly dripping out of you and down your leg can distract you from your broken heart. You fucked up big time. Now he hates you. He doesn’t love you anymore.
You grab your clothes and quickly try to leave.
“Yn, wait,” he calls. Before you can lock the bedroom door and begin packing your bags, he’s already right behind you, pulling you close and hugging you tight. You can feel his heart beating fast. He can’t lose you.
“I love you yn, so much. More than anything.” Chan’s voice is soft and he’s a bit teary-eyed. “I was just shocked seeing you cry.”
You turned around and buried your face in his chest. “I don’t wanna fight anymore. I’m sorry. Don’t leave me again.”
“I didn’t leave you baby, I’ll never leave.”
“But you did! I know I was wrong, and I’m sorry for that,” you apologized again. “But you didn’t even try to talk it out with me. You just ignored me and I felt like we were done.”
“I know, and I’m so sorry baby. I'm sorry, I took it too far.”
You both stood there in each other’s embrace for a moment before you broke the silence. “C-can you kiss me?”
He smiled warmly at you. “Of course I can kiss my baby girl.”
When his lips met yours, you could feel the love that lived in them return. You smiled as the kiss got deeper, Chan’s hand cupping your face and pulling you closer as if he couldn’t get enough of you. A thought flashed through his mind, humming softly as he pulled away. “You didn’t cum.”
“No, but it’s alright,” you giggled, looking into his soft brown eyes as they flickered down to your lips. He couldn’t help but run his thumb across your swollen bottom lip. “Are you sure?”
“So if I lay you down and make you cum, you’d stop me?” he smirked.
“Why don’t you find out?”
Chan playfully pushed you down on the bed, climbing on top. He kissed down your body, his hands pushing your knees apart as he opened your legs wider, now face to face with your swollen, messy folds.
“Such a pretty pussy.” Your cunt clenched at his words, your boyfriend biting his lip and chuckling darkly as some of his fluids squeezed out of you. He licked up your slit, moaning at the taste of you and before going back in, dragging his tongue deeper inside your folds. “So fucking delicious.”
Your face burned at his comments. He pulled away and ran his finger teasingly down your slit before pushing inside, some more of his cum spilling out the sides. “So full of my cum.” He swirled his tongue around your engorged clit and your legs twitched. “This is my pussy, yeah?”
He inserted another finger, pumping in and out of you, fishing his cum out as he sucked and flicked his tongue over your nub. You nodded your head, cursing as your orgasm grew closer and closer. His tongue and fingers worked your core, your legs shaking uncontrollably.
“Cum for me baby,” you heard him say between sucks, feeling every vibration of his voice throughout your body. Your body tensed up and your toes curled, your back arching painfully as you came on his face with loud moans of his name.
He helped you ride out your orgasm, stopping as you became sensitive, and kissing up your body. He sat on his knees as you caught your breath. After a moment, you opened your eyes to look up at Chan, to see him licking his fingers clean and smirking down at you. “We taste so good baby,” he said breathlessly as hovered over you and devoured your lips, pushing his tongue onto yours so you could taste as well.
You moaned into the kiss, feeling his length was poking at your thighs, hard again. Chan was planning on just cuddling your spent body to sleep, pulling away from the kiss to look at your flushed face; but what he found was you biting your lip, smirking wickedly with your cute tired eyes as your hand grabbed his erection and angled the tip at your entrance again.
“You missed me, huh?” he teased, thrusting his hips forward the rest of the way, moaning at the way he easily slid into your wet tight core. You giggled. “Very, daddy.”
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