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Tomura’s POV

“That damn hero girl! This thing hurts!”

That bullet came almost out of thin air, and got me on my open wound. This is crazy! We met each other half a dozen of times this year before today, but we never rose a hand to fisically hurt each other.

In my memories, we were close, really close, even with the fact we had other friends.

Flashback in Tomura’s POV

No matter if she would get in trouble in my place, the little girl would find a way for me to hide on my best friend’s house when our father was mad at me, and the ways were variable, making a pan’s drum, turn the cartoon sound all the way to max, make a mess in the bathroom, scream, anything.

It was something the adults didn’t get it, but my sister and I imagined that inside her heart she was trying to save us, but probably was because the adults never EVER touched her body, afraid of her unstable and dangerous quirk. She was still a simple baby when her quirk first showed up, when she destroyed her crib and part of the wall at that day. But she survived, I remember that.

When the adults allowed us to play with Anjou along, she always had to wear her gloves, and when she needed to eat, give the food in her mouth, the anti-quirk gloves were really expensive and we had just one pair.

But this didn’t stop us to play with her by the window. She would usually be the damsell in distress when she was locked in her room. I had this idea once so I would make her feel happy. I loved to make her happy, she was the best sister someond could ask for.

And even when Hana brole her own promise, my sister was trying to help me escape, but that day, not even when she screamed from the top of her lungs. She was without her gloves that day, but my father was so focused on me that day he didn’t notice that lack very well, until  the left leg of his jeans dusted out. He gor mad… and kicked her.

At that moment, Heiwa appeared, with her father and older brother, and things, I remember, got really messy. Heiwa’s father, Mr. Soi Yana, had a poor childhood, so looking at my father raise his hand against me made him mad. I remember, he tried to protect me, like a hero.

Ukiatsu Yana was already 9 years old when everything happened, but at that moment, him and his little sister, my best friend, Heiwa Yana, came to my rescue. These two really did their best to protect the hero things I secretly owned. And they still keep safe until this day. I… do miss them… specially Heiwa, she is really someone who gives me the peace her name means…

Back at the moment

I got so mad at that moment, with all tgese memories that I advanced over my sister, screaming her name and threatening to catch her:

 - How dare you?! I thought you still loved you big brother, Anjou!! SO HOW DID YOU HAVE THE GUT TO ATTACK ME?!!

But then, I was in the air again, that damn Deku is such a pain in the ass. But this didn’t stop Anjou from answer me:


But then, my focus went to Midoriya. I needed to defeat him, I needed to get the One for All.

Anjou’s POV

 - I’m… sorry.

But at that moment he wasn’t focusing at me anymore. Tenko was in the air again, getting beaten up again. But at the moment I tried to get my arm bands open to try to run after him, I felt a grip near my elbows, and then a warm hug, but I couldn’t feel any confort from them:

 - Shhhh… He’ll be okay, you already shot him.

Suddenly I was flying a bit backwards. My tutor, Edwin S.(in his dragon form) was really trying to take me away from death, his father could do anything to hurt and kill us if he took my brother’s body again. I think one of two things: either Edwin was so stressed to be in his father’s possible presence that he got stupid OR he really wanted to replace the stress energy to an akward one, because he turned of his ilusion quirk at the moment we were on Gran Torino’s side. I knew he did see ‘nana’ Nana there… and though I didn’t see their faces and didn’t focus on them at the moment, but now, when I imagine the idea of them staring at each other while my nana couldn’t find a way to explain the fact she was there, holding me. But then, Gran Torino started so scream at me:

 - I… Ten… I-I…
 - And who is this Anjou? Why did he called you sister?
 - W-well I… he…

I then, got really mad and sad. I turned my face over to him, with an angry face and tears in my eyes:

 - Please, Sorahiko, she’s already overwhelmed enough.

I breathed in and out for a second:

 - Well… Anjou is my birthname, Anjou Shimura. I think I don’t need to explain why I can’t use it in public.

I stopped the explaining, making 'nana confused:

 - Well… will you continue, dearie?
 - I don’t need to, he already know the rest.

Before she answered, there was a moment of silence, she probably looked at Gran Torino:

 - I see… come here, let me hold closer, my dear.
 - Okay…

I gave in crying, and for a moment I just focused on my grandma’s heartbeat, and internally, I was sayng thanks to Ushio, Yuri and Edwin for saving her life all those years ago.

Nana’s POV

I looked at Edwin for a moment. He was focusing on the air, and even in his dragon form it was clear, something was wrong.

As I looked up, the worst happened, and my heart beaten up so fast that Anjou looked up too. The n°2 hero, Endeavor, had set a Proeminence Burn on the young boy, my grandson, Tenko:

 - NO! NO NO NO!

Something happened. I was familiar with it. When Anjou is sick, extremely sad, very nervous, or stressed it would happen, but now I needed to add to the list, despair.

Anjou’s hair is usually a pitch black long hair, just a little above her feet, but this state of mind she was then is a good example of the way her quirk is too strong, even for her. The black hair suddenly fell and , but her hair was already grown up again in the mid back level, but it was pure white. More than usual:

 - Mrs. Shimura! Please, call Heiwa and Yuri!
 - Right!

No time to explain, I knew. I got my radio:

 - Hello? Anyone there?
 - Mrs. Shimura? I am! Anything wrong?
 - Yana dear! Eddie chose the plan C.
 - Calm down! And I don’t know, but it seems like only one dose wasn’t enough.
 - And since Yuri is already on her way, guess I’ll be there soon.

Not gonna lie, but if the case is All for One, the “Shigaraki siblings” take the deal WAY too serious:

 - I feel this isn’t gonna end well for everyone…

Heiwa’s POV

Tenko Shimura, my oldest and best friend, my husband, my love and the father of my son, Tenai. And he was stolen from me: “I’m gonna show this man what his wife showed me. I’ll take what’s mine back!”

I’m Heiwa Yana, I’m 20 YO, my quirk is Melanokinesis aka ink control, which I can use in public places, and I’m a peacefull revolutionary.

I lost my friend at 5, reencounterd him at 19, we got closer and fell in love. Our relationship is based on trust, and patience. So when he said he would disappear for probably a long time, but would come back for me, I trusted, and as a proof of this trust, we got married on the spot. Still, I found out I was pregnant, couldn’t tell Tenko, but I couldn’t lose my baby, and I kept him.

But when I found out about what happened to him, and All for One, I knew I had to do something. Found the Shimura sisters and asked if I could help. They said if the baby was already born, they would consider.

Welp, there I was, a month after my baby was born, so I could claim what’s mine:

 - Ready, Miss Four Eyes?
 - First of all, I’m married, second of all, yes I am, Prostetic Hero! He’s mine, if I’m his weakness, I’ll use it the way I have to get him back!

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For Flufftober Day 19: Fluffy, Shigaraki holding a puppy!

It’s a Border Collie puppy because those are… so cute! >_<

And double-gloves, just in case. I don’t think merely cutting off a few of the glove’s fingers would be much use, because if you close your fist, you’ll end up touching the glove with all fingers, anyway. But if you overlap two with different cuts… Yeah, definitely thought too much about that, haha. xD;;;

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Sorry! This is mostly a filler, but I wanted to get something up! - EmrysAaryn



People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that’s what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. 

                                                                                    – Elizabeth Gilbert

Opening the door that his quirk, and All For One had kept locked tight was like a shockwave to Tenko’s body, life and whole universe. 


The cathartic release of a good, hard cry.

The sharp pain of every kick, slap and punch he ever received.

The heart in your throat feeling of the big drop on a rollercoaster.

The cold sadness of being told there was no one out there to love him.

The zip under your skin that turns to a tingle down your spine with the first ‘real’ kiss.

The somber apathy at seeing other ‘villains’ find their soulmates.

The heavy, calming peace that settles as you look out your window and into the rain.

The sheer terror of finding out he had been lied to and manipulated by the one person who said they cared.

The explosive power of his decay quirk when he saw his soulmate crumple to the ground.

The love and happiness she felt at finding him before she passed out after her fight with Endeavor.


Outside the door to the small cell in the psychiatric prison stood All Might and two guards, and all three men jumped and turned to the solid door when a strange sound broke through. They each tilted their heads to the side and pressed on their ears trying to alleviate the pressure that had hit all of the sudden.

Toshinori raced to slide the metal blocking the cell door’s window with one palm pressed to his ear tightly. Looking in the room he saw Young-Shimura and Y/N seemingly unconscious on opposite ends of the room. The ex-villain looked like he had been flung away from the female hero with his neck at a strange angle up against the wall. Y/N’s back was pressed to the opposite wall as she was curved in a fetal position.

The Symbol of Peace tried to get into the room after he snagged the key card from one of the guards, but it wouldn’t budge. His confusion dissipated once he looked back through the window to see a ring along the walls of the room that would be at the same height as the door’s lock; a ring of dark, decayed matter as if Young-Shimura’s quirk had exploded out of him. ‘Much like that night. When he saw Y/N drop after Endeavor was dealt with.’


Back inside, it would seem the ex-villain’s decay quirk had exploded, unbidden from his body. The force of expelling his quirk in such a strange way was like a miniature explosion in and of itself. Y/N with her nullification due to the soulbond was fine other than becoming knocked unconscious when she flew across the room and into the wall.

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Kinktober Day 4: Shigaraki x Fem Healer Reader from Shie Hassaika. 

TWs for Extreme Non Con, Sadism and Begging. Thank you to @drxwsyni​ for theses amazing prompts! 

Word Count: 1.8k

Taglist: @kazooli@love-lost-insecure-blog@twicejynxed@corruptedconfessions@circdesalt@fittedmistress​  


This wasn’t supposed to happen.The plan should have been flawless, everything went flawlessly when Chisaki was doing the planning. Since childhood, he’d always been three steps ahead of everyone else, planning for the future of the Hassaika’s return to its former glory. Meanwhile, you were just along for the ride and clutching his tailcoat for dear  life. Sure, healing quirks were a rare find when pros and villains needed to be bandaged up, but compared to  destruction and restoration, you couldn’t help but slink into his shadow. Just keeping the former Hassakai head stable and patching up the other 8 bullets as they came in and out of your shoebox of an office. 

But this….the raid on the hideout, your arrest alongside Chisaki’s…… you hadn’t moved an inch since the police slapped the cuffs on your wrists while a cast was wrapped around your leg. You were preparing a gurney to get the old man to safety when a boulder from the building’s destruction came down and shattered your ankle’s bone to powder. Yet, the adrenaline flooding your system dulled the pain while you shook in your seat, eyes blurry with silent tears while tracks stained your cheeks. 

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this boi has eczema, I just know it. Either that or psoriasis. It’s partially because of his quirk but it’s also just genetics. So, he doesn’t shower or bathe often because it really irritates and dries out his skin, and regular soaps don’t do jack shit, but he eventually gets like an oatmeal bath powder and BOOM. His skin is HYDRATED. He’s practically glowing in the parts of skin that aren’t scars or chronic ouchie spots. 

Just… this boi and I have skin problems and we’re working through it. 

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BNHA Villain Cuddling Headcanons

Bro lets go. Cuddling headcanons. A lot of this is just headrambings cause I was half asleep when I made these. I cleaned them up a bit though.



- Cuddling with him is a double edged sword. In the winters it’s perfect because he’s equivalent to a furnace but then again in summer your always drowning in sweat trying to get away from his grasp

- He’s super touched starved and he constantly needs you in his arms or his in yours

- Yeah hot take he likes laying on your chest and wrapping his arms around your waist

- Stroke his hair while he does this and dude will melt

- He gets super soft when he’s tired and is really honest about his feelings

- “Thanks for caring about me” to “You’re the fucking best, babe”

- In his sleep he tends to mutter and snore a tiny bit but nothing like two trains crashing into each other level snore

- 7/10 It’s like cuddling a clingy wood stove


Tomura Shigaraki

- Dude is shy and he isn’t an initiator

- He’s honesty pretty touch starved and is shocked at a lot of gentle touches you give him

- At night he will be sleeping with his back to you and you’ll be miserable because you just want to hold this boy

- You will have to initiate first if you want this

- You have to give him like a 5 minutes warning because he will freeze up and nearly disintegrate you

- He won’t admit but he fucking loves having your arms wrapped around him

- When you eventually detangle yourself from him he’ll give you a “why tf did you stop” look

- 7/10 if you came here looking to be spooned don’t bother until he’s got his quirk under control. Even then he will still want you to hold him


Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx


- Dude loves cuddling and after you’re together doesn’t sleep well if your not with him in bed

- King of being both big and small spoon and proud of it

- he like having you against his chest but sometimes vice versa

- At nights he can have nightmares so be prepared to maybe be booted out of the bed by accident (will apologize profusely and will feel bad)

- This motherfucker radiates loud snorer energy. Like I’m talking dad snoring.

- He moves around a lot in his sleep so prepare to wake up sideway on the bed

- Sleeps in and gets upset when you try to leave him

- Overall a good experience but a 5/10 because of his dad snoring, but if you can sleep through that 6.5/10 (he still kicks)


Originally posted by girls-weakness

Himiko Toga

- Cuddling with her is great and radiates cuddling with your bff by accident during a sleepover

- Bet she will wrap her cold feet with yours as well as her cold hands

- She probably rests her head on your chest or jet packs you cause she’s just widdle

- She’s pretty quiet when she sleeps except for occasional giggling and talking to herself when she watches you sleep

- She likes holding you all night so don’t expect to get away anytime soo

- A tired teenager so she sleeps in and gets mad if you try to wake her up

- Don’t try to leave cause she won’t let you

- Overall experience is 8/10. The cold hands and feet would put you off


Originally posted by everythingrelationshipsx


- he hasn’t never slept next to anyone. Ever. So for the first few months he probably just slept on the other side of the bed in a fucking Dracula pose

- So he will ease into it. Holding your hand and the eventually letting you rest your head on him

- Sorry that’s all your getting cause mans got boundaries

- Doesn’t mean he won’t stroke your hair or run his hands down your arms

- This dude is quiet as fuck when he sleeps. No noise. No little groans. No sleep talking. It’s scary how quiet he is

- If you try spooning him in his sleep he will become as stiff as board and will gently take himself out of your grasp

- Wakes up with the birds but if you reach out for him from the bed he’ll have a little pang in his chest and stay a little longer. Just for you. As a treat.

- Overall experience 6.5/10 it’s like cuddling Dracula but if Dracula had boundary issues

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I choked on a grape 🙃 anywhos im done with midterms so y’all better start requesting I got two spicy ones commin up

🎮 when you and shiggy go shopping you always pick out cute lingerie you him to model and wear for you. You even buy costumes for him. He loves going on his knees and sucking on your clit his eyes looking up at you telling you if he’s going a good job. You brush his hair out of his face telling him he’s doing an excellent job.

🎮this man loves them tiddies goes wild for them. He can spend hours sucking on your tits. He’ll even ask you mommy can I suck on your tits. You smile and look down at him and ask him if he’s been a good boy. He nodes as you take off your shirt and bra and he clings on to them. Sucking on one nipple while he plays with the other one groping it and pinching at at. You moan telling him that mommy’s proud of how good he knows your body he knows how sensitive your nipples are

🎮when shigaraki been bad you tie him to a chair and blindfold him and cuff is hand behind his back you get bullet vibrators and place the on the tip of his cock and at the base you sit on a chit watching him squirm begging you to stop and stand up and kiss him asking him if he wants mommy’s pussy to swallow your thick cock you wanna cum inside her and make her a real mommy.

🎮He sticks his tongue out drool reaching his chest as he lets out a breathy yes you sink into his cock teasing him by slowly bouncing up and down his prick. As shiggy wants to release his seed deep inside of you but before he can you have to cum first you you start thrusting your hips up and down as you reach your climax grabbing wrapping your arms around his neck as you pull him into a kiss you cum you gummy walls squeezing his cock shigaraki fighting the urge to cum he wants to get praised by you he’s your good boy.

🎮 you sometimes get him off guard and get ice cube and rub them on his nipples. He moans as one of your hands leaves his cold nipples you take the ice and rub it on the angry red tip of his cock. While you suck the sides of his cock. His hips start to rise wanting to thrust.

🎮 you finally give in into shigaraki wish for you to suck him you tell him alright baby go get mommy her strap he quickly returns with it it’s not thick but it is long as you put it on shigaraki starts to beg mommy please i promise i can handle it this time, as he starts to forget how to speak as you slowly insert the vibrating toy inside him shiggy moans I wanna be a good boy for you mommy please.

🎮 you get him lubed enough as you position your self as you slowly enter him. Rocking your hips back and forth getting a feel of the toy you guys only used vibrators. Shigaraki tells you that you can go ahead. You grab his shoulders as you thrust into him you get a nice paste that you and shigaraki are both comfortable at. You start to get into a nice rhythm as you start to thrust harder shigaraki his his mouth open and eyes rolled back grabbing at the bed sheets.

🎮As your hand grabs his hard cock and stoke it fast you telling him what a good boy he is and he is and that only good boys deserves to cum. His hips start to thrust into your hand as your thrust are getting faster her let’s out an airy moan as he cums in toy your hand you lick it off kissing him telling him how much you love him

🎮after your done you clean the strap and prepare a bubble bath for the two of you. Shigaraki lays on your chest sucking your nipple relaxing and taking in each others silent company. You stoke his hair telling him how much you love him.

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