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#happy birthday

We welcomed my first grandson to the world today, June 2, 2020 at 2:20 pm. He’s on the other side of this planet and we cannot physically be present to greet him, but he is loved and welcomed nonetheless.

Life is so fragile and precious, everyone. Cherish and care for it, for everyone everywhere. Be well and stay safe.

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For @darlingrutherford ’s birthday! You’re an amazing and sweet person, bud, and thanks for always chatting with me! I love Lanistair and talking about our AUs! <3 <3 <3

Anyway, some Modern! One Big Happy Family AU for your birthday!

- - - - -

Lana’s birthday had so far been very nice and she hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet. She cuddled with Alistair, nuzzling into his bare chest, both of them still panting.

“I’m surprised Bryn didn’t interrupt us.” she chuckled, glancing at the door in case the mabari came running.

Alistair gave a cocky grin. “Well, I nipped that in the bud. Set him to watch our son. Didn’t want to emotionally scar anyone, you know?”

Lana smirked, her hand brushing across Alistair’s bare hip. “Well, aren’t I lucky. You’re so thoughtful.”

She burst into squeals of laughter as Alistair dug his fingers into her sides to tickle her, his lips sucking softly at her neck. “Ooh, does this mean the birthday girl wants another present?”

They suddenly froze at the sound of a staccato rapping at the door, followed by a warning bark. “Good morning!” came the little singsong voice.

Alistair hurried into motion, quickly retrieving some clothes. He slipped on a pair of Grey Warden themed briefs Lana had gotten him as a joke, with the griffons right across the bulge, and Lana found herself slipping on an oversized t-shirt and boxers. She giggled quietly at the sight of Alistair biting down on his fist at the sight of her in his clothes. Later, he mouthed.

Finally, Alistair smiled. “Come on in, Pup!”

Tash wore his customary bright grin as he entered the room, carefully balancing a tray of food in his hands, Bryn behind him and pulling a toy wagon with other plates on it. “Sorry about this. I wanted to make it like those hotel breakfast carts you see on TV, but we don’t have a hotel cart.”

Bryn howled as if he had not seen Lana for days and leaped into the bed between the two Wardens, licking Lana’s face and sticking his rear into Alistair, pushing him away.

“Hey, that’s my spot.” Tash whined, although he laughed. “Come on, Bryn!”

As Bryn huffed and got off the bed, Tash smiled. He handed Lana the tray he held, with a precariously full glass of orange juice balanced on the corner. The rest was occupied by a large stack of blueberry pancakes and what appeared to be a breakfast sausage baked into a cheesy croissant and laid on a bed of fluffy eggs scrambled with spinach and feta cheese.

“Did you… make all this?” Lana asked in awe, always surprised by Tash’s cooking ability.

Alistair nodded. “Planned it out and everything. I took him to the store last night for the groceries.”

Tash beamed as he handed Alistair his own plate. “Dad said I could cook and he would wash up. I also made cinnamon rolls and I’ve got a cake baking for later. I’m not going to be able to ice it though, I have school.”

Alistair nodded. “Don’t worry. I can ice the cake for you.” He gave Lana a sidelong glance that told her they would be using the frosting on more than just baked goods.”

Tash sighed in relief as he climbed onto the bed with his own tray. gesturing to the wagon, which had syrup and butter for the pancakes, as well as a couple of extra pigs in their blankets. “Good. Uh, Cullen called, and said he and Morgan would be over to celebrate soon.”

Lana’s eyes widened, and Alistair choked on a large mouthful of pancake. “Tash! That was a surprise.”

“Oops. Sorry.” Tash blushed. Alistair gave in and ruffled his hair. “Also, Auntie Leliana said she could pick me up from school. So you don’t have to worry, and can relax.”

Lana leaned over and kissed Tash on the forehead. “Awww, you’re so sweet.”

Tash beamed at her. “Happy birthday, Mom.”

Alistair drew Tash into his arms and hugged him, glancing at Lana as he carefully avoided Tash’s horns. “Just out of curiosity, how many dishes did you use? If say, someone wanted to cook a romantic lunch or dinner for a certain birthday girl?”

Tash snickered. “I don’t think you really want the answer to that. There was a lot of cooking involved here.”

Alistair sighed, biting into his croissant and giving a happy sigh. “Worth it. Pizza for dinner it is. Sorry, love.”

Lana pushed her tray forward to scoot close to her family, joining in the hug and receiving a deep kiss from Alistair. “I don’t need anything else but this right here.”

“Awwww…” Tash grinned. “Love you, Mom. Love you, Dad.”

Bryn huffed.

“Love you, Bryn! Please don’t come up here. Syrup will get everywhere.” Tash pleaded hurriedly, and Lana laughed.

Today was going to be wonderful.

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Wishing a very happy birthday to James Ransone, one of the reasons why I’ve found ways to better handle my anxiety and the inspiration to write over 100,000 words in eight months. I had hoped to tell him these things in person two weeks ago at Motor City Comic Con, but this will have to do. Wishing you the very best year and hoping that maybe my dream to meet you will come true at some point. 🎈  (And bonus Bill Hader, because they’re always better together.) ❤️

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Requested by @peakysputain​: Hello beautiful! It’s my birthday soon ( June 2nd) and I was wondering if you could do a Peaky Blinders one with either Finn, Isaiah or Bonnie? Okay if not ❤️

Pairing: Finn Shelby x Fem!reader

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, suggested alcohol?

Note: Happy birthday, love!! So this is a full oneshot, which I assume was what you meant when you said “one”, of Finn and reader’s day from the birthday hcs (here)! Sorry if this is shorter than/not what you expected!


Originally posted by star2fishmeg

Taglist: @matth1w​, @redspaceace​, @simonsbluee​, @peakysputain

Masterlist | Peaky Blinders Masterlist

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