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Delle volte


Che io

Non esista


Nella tua mente.

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Żyjemy w świecie, w którym pogrzeb jest ważniejszy od zmarłego, wesele jest ważniejsze od miłości, wygląd ważniejszy jest od intelektu.

Żyjemy w kulturze opakowań, która gardzi zawartością.

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Love Of Humanity

Provided to YouTube by Believe SAS Love Of Humanity · Dania Dania ℗ Educt Entertainment Released on: 2017-03-24 Author: Robert Crenshaw Composer: …


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Heart eyes

Love letters

Hushed words in the quiet of the night

“I’m so in love” you say

As if you really know what that means

Calm down

You’re 18

Life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be

You’re too young

To be crying

Into a bottle of vodka or Jack like me

When he breaks your heart

Or you break his

You’ll find something else to fill the time

While you swear that you’ll never ever love again

But it’s okay

You’re 18

You’ve got time

You’ve got a long life

Different from mine

You’re not damaged

Not like me

So go ahead

And be free

Enjoy those butterflies

While they last

I wish I still had those

But I’m beyond repair so instead

I’ll just wish you luck from afar

“You’re 18”


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Stop by Open Hearts Art Center to hand select a beautiful, one of a kind, paper bouquet…the perfect gift for someone special that will last for years to come! Our market will be set up between 10 AM and 3 PM on Feb. 8-12 and outside this year to observe social distancing and health and safety guidelines.

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Husky Puppy enjoying his first baseball game Follow for more cute posts!

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“I’m tired of falling in love. I want love that makes me feel weightless, love that will make me float, love that can lift me high so I can fly with the birds in the sky. Falling is coming down from a high, flying is reaching for uncertainties.”

-Nikolai Gogol, from a fic I’ll never write.

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<div> —  The Poetic Boy </div><span>Sometimes you are so emotionally drained that even sleep doesn’t do anything anymore. You wake up still tired. And it just doesn’t go away.</span>
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“Right away, life regained the upper hand on me, and, as always, without restraint and without measure. Ah that return from yesterday, in the night, through Paris! The wind, the Seine, the moon full to burst, the beauty everywhere around me, everywhere in me heavy to carry you, light of the happiness you give me, of my hope, troubled and radiant of the atrocious desire you put in me! Ah this walk through this city that I love so much with you inside me! The fresh wind of the night through my blouse, on my skin. The envy of your arms. The thirst of your mouth and water. The thirst for freshness where the water from your lips mingled! Ah those moments of suffocating wealth! How terrible and wonderful at the same time, and how I wish I had enough strength to endure this state continuously until your return!

I can no longer live without you, with the idea that you would be a stranger to me; I can no longer bear a real absence, and even if it presented itself to me with a beautiful face, with a big, generous, flattering face, I would still prefer to have you close by, and become ugly, diminished, humiliated, naughty. Our love would be in danger of being lost, of liquefying, and I would choose to kill it with both of us, with our own hands, rather than abandon it to gain my own esteem and lose all the meaning of my life. Darling, when you write to me, give me a glimpse of your program so that I know, even vaguely, where you are; don’t forget to tell me your impressions and tell me about the welcome you and your lectures receive. Also tell me about your hobbies. Tell me about yourself tirelessly, even about the things and times when you are far from me, when I am not with you. Imagine my total ignorance of all that surrounds you. I love you. I kiss you - and I don’t care if I choke on it.“

— Maria Casarès to Albert Camus, Correspondance, July 14, 1949 [#69]

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上千妹子 等君宠幸

🎩男 生 ➕ 微 ❤:482882763

👙女 生 ➕ 微 ❤:599870595

五年老平台 服务与口碑

全球覆盖率广 妹子多💗

私密走心走肾 各取所需 UP—让所有人不孤单


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Las Chicas del Cable - Season 2

Episode: La inocencia

Blanca Suárez as Alba Romero Méndez/Lidia Aguilar


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