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#spilled poem

Hope is a beautiful and fickle friend

It lures you out of your comfort zone and leaves you to fend on your own

It dashes you against the rocks, till the waves come and throw you back

It makes you yearn for the limitless sky, till the world we know has passed us by

It helps you to breathe when the pain is too real

It lulls you to sleep when the days have been cruel

It teaches you to love when the heart is broken

It believes in your worth when all has been forsaken

Hope is a beautiful and fickle friend

Pulling our strings till the very end.

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blue was never one of my favorite colors

i’d always choose pink or purple instead

but then there was you

you had the most beautiful blue eyes

that i had ever seen

such a lovely shade of baby blue

pastel like the sky on a bright, sunny day

the color of a tropical ocean

the same shade of blue 

that is painted upon a blue jay’s feathers

it was just such a beautiful color

and it looked so good on you

i started choosing blue

instead of pink or purple

and when people asked what color i liked best

suddenly the answer was blue

i could have stared at you and your eyes all day

memorizing that color

and then you went away

but i could never forget about those blue eyes

everywhere i look

there’s blue

the same shade as your eyes

such a lovely shade of baby blue

and it’s such a shame

that my eyes are brown

because brown probably doesn’t haunt you

not the way blue haunts me

   - blue was never one of my favorite colors. until you // m.e.k.

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where did you go? // m.e.k.

i still look for you

in crowded places

i still check my phone

for messages from you

and i still look for your car

whenever i’m on the road

but you’re never there

and i keep looking for you anyway

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i have this silly little belief for after we die.

after we pass on, we live forever in the memories of those who loved us.

engrained in their minds and living out our best memories.

the memories never turn bad. they live forever as what they are. the purest form of love and the gold sunny of joys.

forever happy.

forever content.

forever yours.

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I didn’t realize what I had when I had it // m.e.k.

I don’t think you quite understand,

I’m not the kind of girl that boys fall for.

and maybe that’s why I couldn’t believe

that you fell in love with me.

I shouldn’t have been so stupid,

I shouldn’t have taken you for granted.

I should’ve just held you close

and never let go.

oh, why,

why, why

did I not fall in love with you

until after we said goodbye?

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I finally said it out loud

words that were choked for so long

Gave voice to my thoughts

trapped in my mind for so long

And yes, I felt so alive

after being trodden upon for so long

My heart beating wildly

with the rush of being bold

My eyes shining bright

with the first rays of hope.

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The living bow down, kissing quick

the hands of Broken Celeste

when Death comes. Skulls and small bone fragments

hide in neat treasure chests.

Dark graves.

The holes where rats come from.

Death whispers of rich gold and rubies.

Philosophers’ stone; Death’s

seduction. I bid my time on Earth, wish

to be blessed by Death’s breaths.

For @inkstay November Prompts

Prompts of the Month: The holes where rats come from

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Thousands of snowflakes drift aimlessly toward a frozen ground and I’m thinking about him and his girlfriend exploring the snowy mountains of Calgary. Years and exes have past but not his desire to wander and discover and lose himself to the world. The storm continues to brew outside my house. I might be cuddled under warm blankets, but the thought of him so far away leaves me cold.
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She has to pick up the pieces
of who she used to be.

He maimed her as he shattered himself,
fifty-eight years
of self torture.

he fires venom
across the dinner table,
words of attack,
lewd or
insinuating that
he is the world’s only victim.

There used to be someone there
that we all knew,
but the years of chew,
way too much booze
and inflammatory news
took him from all of us;
killed him long ago.

Now he rots,
the smell of decay on his body
erupts with his words.
It has erased his mind.

She has to pick up the pieces
of who she used to be;

she can give herself
back to herself
to find a new path
with new life.

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looking into your eyes
i swear i can see galaxies
eons of endless stars that blink
in and out of existence
i wonder if i could pitch myself
headfirst into them
and what it would feel like
if i did

if it would be weightless
like the galaxies themselves
or if i would feel the weight
of you on top of me
that beautiful gravity pressing
us into the sheets
would you smell like space dust
and the sharp bite of ice?
or would it be the warm thrum
of blood and the salt of your skin?

i trace the bow of my lip and wonder
if your touch would feel the same
if it would be hot, like fire,
singeing every inch of me
or soft, like feathers, cradling me
in their warm down

but i’ll never know, will i?
because in one moment,
one blink that was a second,
one blink that felt like years,
you were gone
and left me waiting,
hoping for my own existence
to blink out, too

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two weeks.

two weeks since the last time I texted you.

two weeks since the last time you replied

with a simple, yeah, bye.

so many things have changed since then.

not only amongst us,

but also around my world

which no longer revolves around you.

every arbitrary thing reminds me of you.

how you came into my life,

how you brought warm colours,

and lastly, how you left.

you didn’t choose to drain colours

from my life

but how can my life be coloured again

when you were my crayon.

you were a shade of yellow.

bright, adorable, and joyful.

i painted my soul in yellow.

i started using yellow heart emoji.

suddenly, from dark shade of blue

my new favourite colour was yellow.

but since you’ve gone,

yellow has been the most annoying colour.

i find it everywhere.

yellow sun.

yellow leaves.

yellow happiness.

there’s only one thing that keeps

me from not allowing yellow back into my life:

you no longer like the shade of dark blue

— me.

~ Shravani G// ig: inside.her.soul

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Another sunrise, another sunset

Passed by silently;

Ticking clock, racing heart,

Doesn’t make me impatiently

Wait for you;

You are just a concept

Where I try to fit people

Who come across as

Lover, well wisher or friend

Just to understand

You were never there for real

So I alone

Walk along

Holding my purple dreams

Of you and me,

With the wish of

Someday, sometime, somewhere

I shall set you free

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I miss you

But I don’t want you

I miss our connection

But I don’t miss the crying nights

Or the questionable aching pain

Or the restless nights

Of wondering if I was ever enough

I love you

But I don’t need you in my life anymore

And that’s hard to swallow

Because I still hope for my phone to ring

And it’s your warm voice again

filling my ears with loving lies leaking from your lips

But I will understand

That these conflicting interests will pass

And soon enough

I won’t think of you and who you are to me

And I will become anew.

but only time will tell.

- np

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