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Shit’s crazy, need some Sherlock friends again🥺

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there’s no chance for us / it’s all decided for us / this world has only one sweet moment set aside for us / who wants to live forever

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Originally posted by immaculate-benediction-batch

Hello, friends! It’s been ages since I wrote something and I’m thinking of starting something new - Any suggestions? Prompts? I’ve got a few thousand words of something I have NO IDEA of where it is going so I need a diversion… Johnlock please, any rating, happy ending (heh heh) I’m such a softie…

Any ideas welcome! Muwah!

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“surrounded but i’m still alone”, except haha sike, these two are always together

[song used: “Halfway Home” by PINES]

might start posting here again. was gone for a bit hehe

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Johnlock Anniversary Collection - January 29th

Now up on AO3!

Add your stories to celebrate with the fandom the day John and Sherlock met in ASiP!

Thank you for reading and contributing to the collection!

The collection will remain open if you wish to add your stories at a later date 😊

(Please reblog to spread the word)

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so i was scrolling thru ig and there was this post with a picture of a coke ad that has those personalized names on the bottle.,.,.,

well the ad reads ’Coke with Molly

And someone said ’either they rlly thought it thru, or they rlly didnt

and so I searched what ‘coke with molly’ means

Apparently, ’Molly’ is another name for a drug called Ecstacy

me, being a sherlolly stan, I-

well, we all know Sherlock is….well

nah, I just thought it was an odd coincidence…unless

Anyway, Im tripping

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What are these dead bodies doing here?
Honestly, not much.
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Guys, I’ve literally hit the lowest point of my life. I never thought I’d be doing this but my family needs help.

Basically our government isn’t supporting anyone anymore, kinda. They payed this months bills, which is awesome, but they stop paying our paychecks. Our household has 7 ppl living in it and together we got 1$ (I wish I was joking) the adults haven’t ate in 2 days so the kids, my grandma and my sick mother can eat. We can’t afford my mother’s meds anymore and they’re already ending. The baby doesn’t have dippers anymore. My dad’s car is almost out of gas. Our family is desperate for help. Idk what to do anymore…

I’m not asking much, even 1$ already helps

If you guys don’t trust me into sending me money you can always check my RedBubble, that way you can always get something back for helping me

And if you can’t help me financially I totally understand, these are super hard time and I know I’m not the only family suffering rn. A simple retweet already helps a lot

Thanks in advance, I hate that I’m doing this but we’re really desperate

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I need everyone to know that I was in hospital the day The Reichanbach Fall aired and I had to stay there for an extra day because my vitals went insane when Sherlock died and the nurses all panicked

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I’m on season 12 episode 3 anddddd



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The events of A Study in Pink ^

(I saw this pic and I had to Johnlock it 🤣 )

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Working on a new Johnlock drawing. Hope to finish the watercolour version in time for the boys’ anniversary on the 29th.

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“O zamana kadar hep koşturup durmuştum ve hareket halinde olmak düşünmemi engellemişti. Antlaşmayı hemen geri alacağıma o kadar inanmıştım ki, başarısız olmam durumunda sonuçlarının ne olacağını düşünmeye cesaret bile edememiştim. Artık yapacak bir iş kalmayınca durumumu düşünecek zaman buldum ne yazık ki. Tek kelimeyle korkunçtu.”

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Ok look, I can’t afford to fall down this rabbit hole again, however, please tell me why when I randomly went to upload an Instagram story, chose a song from the BBC Sherlock soundtrack, and accidentally clicked lyrics, these were the lyrics for the *lyricless* final song of season 4?

Am I missing something, has this been mentioned before? Please, I am too old for this again 😅

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I’m watching Sherlock 2x02 “The Hounds of Baskerville”

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