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Ok so I’m watching Sherlock and just finished the Irene Adler aka The Woman episode. The whole episode Sherlock carries a phone that uses the sound of a woman moaning for a text alert. I think the reason that notification sound wasn’t changed was cause Sherlock doesn’t know how to

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying Sherlock is bad with technology or can’t figure it out. But he’s never had a phone before and probably didn’t know how. And he probably thought that it was a waste of his previous to me to try and figure out how . And after a while he just couldn’t be bothered to actually figure it out.


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I need some new blogs to follow so if you like any of these, like and I will follow you back.

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  4. mortal instruments or infernal devices
  5. supernatural
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northernstardust replied to your post “So, a question about Mary inspired by your recent post. I know you…”

Thank you so much for such an thorough answer! I have to agree, she is not likable at all, she is not interesting and she is so damn inconsistently written! Like you said, she is supposed to be so smart, yet she marries John, who is relatively famous by his association with Sherlock and has a public platform. She does it while being on the run and in hiding. Doesn’t John put up his wedding photos on his blog?

2/3 Also isn’t she even a little bit worried about Sherlock finding out who she is? Is she stupid then? Reckless? Or maybe she has some other motivation, for example, she loves John too much to refuse him. Except seeing how she treats him, she really doesn’t. Well, maybe she has some other villainous motive. Except she doesn’t, she is actually good… The result is a wreck, obviously.

3/3 I think the only viable way to make her a memorable character and not to destroy the show’s main dynamic was to write her as a villain.


Finally replying properly! 

Moffat and Gatiss have never been hugely hung up on consistency, which is something I find irritating in general. Gatiss once sort of rolled his eyes and essentially said that people who wanted them to tie up all of their plot holes and loose ends wanted “pablum”, which is somewhat insulting. This fan base is a particularly intelligent one, and wanting solidly plotted writing is not a flaw! I could say a lot more about that, but I won’t.

Overstating Mary’s intelligence really bothers me. In the ACD canon, the only person who is smarter than Sherlock is Mycroft. I can accept that. I’ve liked the way they’ve contrasted Sherlock’s intensely overthought, yet brilliant processes with John’s ability to see a direct point A-to-point B connection that Sherlock sometimes misses, like the TBB when he thinks of just taking a photo. That works so well and shows so much how John brings in an element that Sherlock is missing and needs; it’s a very balanced partnership between them. But then they suddenly bring in Mary, who is smarter than John, smarter than Sherlock (“I’m not John; I can tell when you’re lying” – ugh), can hack into secure secret service databases on a cellphone in under ten seconds, is smarter than Mycroft and also maybe worked for him at some point, but also worked for the highest bidder, is a crack shot (who nevertheless missed Sherlock’s actual heart, lol) – blah blah blah, Mary Sue to the nth degree.

And yet, what kind of professional assassin doesn’t think to maybe NOT wear her signature perfume to threaten someone in her ninja outfit????? That’s either rank stupidity, or else it’s ego – as Sherlock states in the first episode, it’s the downfall of genius (“genius”) to want to get caught. Did Mary want to get caught? I would argue not; she was willing to commit actual murder to keep John from making an informed decision about her. Conclusion: stupidity. Then there’s her “I can’t have you and Sherlock hanging off my gun arm” – yet John outwitted her, easily. They were leagues ahead of her. And yes, as you said, John is justifiably famous through his partnership with Sherlock, whose fame Mary likes to downplay. She obviously assumed that Sherlock would never have a clue who she was, because she obviously undervalues his intelligence, yet his VERY first deduction about her caught that she’s a liar. On top of that, if Mary actually worked for Mycroft, or he at least knew who she was, how was Sherlock never going to find out?? Also, why tf didn’t Mycroft ever think of maybe mentioning it??? Ugh. My pragmatic conclusion is, just like with Eurus Holmes, they weren’t actually plotting this out in some amazing, genius masterplan from ten years beforehand; they were adding as they went without checking for continuity and consistency. Lazy writing. They’re good writers – but they’re horrendously lazy. Every single one of their end-of-season cliffhangers has resulted in an irritatingly tongue-in-cheek cop-out “solution”. Their “there’s something that no one has caught” thing re. Reichenbach was the bouncy ball that Sherlock used to stop his pulse temporarily, yet I’d read that theory dozens of times by then. Mary is not as smart as they think she is (certainly not as smart as SHE thinks she is!), and the fandom is vastly more intelligent than they realize.

You said “I think the only viable way to make her a memorable character and not to destroy the show’s main dynamic was to write her as a villain.” I agree. It would have followed through logically on what they started with. Where they tripped up, in my opinion, was the moment of having John decide that he didn’t want to know anything about her, that he’d rather live with the lies forever, and then taking her back. That was inconsistent on John’s part, too, given how protective he’d been of Sherlock in the past. Forgiving someone who hadn’t asked for forgiveness after having attempted to murder Sherlock is a lot worse than someone calling him a weirdo, and yet here we are. I could go into a rant about heteronormativity and how there are no consequences in Moftiss’ world if the perpetrator is a woman, but that’s a rant for another day, and one that I’ve already ranted before. As is much of this, but there it is. :P

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So, after i dont know how many years, here we are again.

I was minding my own business, life is messy as usual, and then i suddenly realize:

John and Sherlock

They just click. One army doctor and a consulting detective, the only one in the world. I’m never gonna find a ship as real as this one.

I starded watching Sherock in 2012, so its ben 8 years. I totally walked out after season 4 because in my opinion the show became a parody of what it once was, and that felt awfull.

But now, after giving myself time and space, i realized i still love the show (*lets immagine that season 4 and 3 never existed), but most of all i love the story of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, and i love the passion and dedication of the amazing people contributing to the fandom and keeping lit the flame of tjlc. Truly.

And right now im freaking out there is a fucking party going on in ao3 and i a lot of my favorite writers are publishing new works!(?) This is crazy im so glad ❤❤

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Is there a fan casting for Harry Watson? Any suggestions? Or anything that was maybe leaked from the show but never put on screen?

Every time I write her, I cast Alex Kingston - full River Song vibe, half an inch taller than Martin Freeman, with additional inch or two of hairdo…

And they are twins, she is 20 minutes older than him and NEVER lets him forget it.

What’s your take? ;)

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