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#pencil drawing

‘One heart, two souls’ 🐑💛🌿✨

[Image Description: a digital pencil drawing of two smiling lambs, conjoined at the chest, with a big heart between them. Surrounding the lambs are long, thick, black lines going in a pattern around them. The background is a burnt orange color with a transparent, canvas-like texture over it. End description.]

🌿Instagram/TikTok: ghiblifriend🍄

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Day 24 of OCtober: You know the drill. Auvut region Electric-Type Gym Leader. His name is Leofric (from “heliotrope” and “electric”), Gym Leader of Faxeter (based on Halifax, Nova Scotia). I’ve always associated the Electric type with a punk or edgy fashion sense (especially because of Roxie and Elesa), so I decided to give him a visual kei look. Compared to his rival, Ehud, Leofric is more calculated, introverted, and doesn’t have as much of a stage presence; his team speaks for itself. He probably spends more time on his phone playing puzzle games than talking to people. As for in a game, he’d most likely be fourth or fifth in the lineup.

Image Text: Leofric (Rurisou, ルリソウ), Faxeter Gym Leader, “The High-Voltage Hero”

Gym Team: Blitzle (f), Rotom Boom, Galvantula (m), Luxio (m)

The Electric-Type Gym Leader of the city of Faxeter. Though he enjoys gym battles to some extent, he much prefers training in the wild. Calculated and patient, a battle with him is a battle of stamina and endurance. He apparently used to train together with Ehud.

Keeps his Pokémon in: Timer Balls Reward: Zap Badge

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I decided to add some older pieces I’m particularly proud of. Honestly, I have no idea how I made a drawing as good this. (added on Oct. 24, 2020 - finished on Jun. 11, 2020)

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Happy day 24 of InkyArtober, where I took the inktober 2020 list, and artober 2020 list (by KAYYDOTTS) and merged them together. Todays theme is…dig and knight!

I think this guy is quite fabulous as his his mustache, and now you know how the dizzy little bird got knocked to the ground.

Watch the YouTube video here:

#ink #inktober #inktober2020 #inktoberday24 #art #artober #artober2020 #artoberday24 #bulletjournal #bujo #drawing #drawingchallenge #coloredpencil #coloredpencildrawing #sharpie #halloween #halloweenart #doodlesofinstagram #doodle #pencildrawing #pencilsketch #dig #knight #cartoon #cartoondrawing

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