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okay but chaotic, prankster katsuki.

listen. this man is a aries/taurus cusp. if you think that he doesn’t fuck around with people, youre 100% wrong.

this man tells people he thinks the earth is flat, just to piss them off.

and he goes all in with this. he sells this bit so hard, that people genuinely start to believe the earth is flat because of how hard he sells this.

slowly, the things he says become more and more obsecure and odd, but they still believe him. because he’s bakugou. and bakugou is never wrong. if he genuinely believes this it has to be real.

and katsuki, oh man he is living. he finds this shit so hilarious. he goes farther and farther with it too, to see how far the class will believe him.

“the sky is bright neon green.”

“wha-? bakugou, no it isn’t-“

“are you blind? look at it. it’s neon green. god how stupid are you.”

“…. okay. it’s neon green.”


“the moon isn’t real. it’s a giant potato chip in the sky.”

“…’re right bakugou. you’re 100% right.”

he also likes to mess with people in the dorms. once he’s comfortable with everyone and starts to show his personality.

it starts out slow. someone puts something on the counter and he moves it. they’re confused but “??? oh well”

then the screams start. oh god, the screams.

the first time it happens, the class is terrified. they think something really, really bad happened.

but when they arrive to the source of the scream and just see katsuki, lounging around on the couch in the common room, they are so, so confused.

“did you hear that scream bakugou?”

“…. what scream?”

“yknow!! the one that sounded like someone was about to be fucking murdered.”

“i have no idea what you guys are talking about. maybe you need to get your hearing checked. do you all have a fever? are you hallucinating? you better not be getting sick.”

and the screams just… kept happening. eventually he was caught, by his own carelessness of course. he didn’t think anybody was downstairs at the time, and he was in the kitchen, making tea, and decided “fuck it. let’s scare them again.” and let out the most terrifying, loud, gut wrenching scream ever.

but there they were. half of the class, catching him in the act.

“oh shit-“


eventually though, they get used to the screams. he gets the urge and just… can’t help it. so he screams.


aizawa, visiting the dorms on the weekend to check in on everyone: “ WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???”

uraraka, chilling on the couch with her phone, not phased at all: “oh that’s just bakugou. he does that sometimes.”

HES JUST SUPER CHAOTIC!!! he slams the cupboards on people when they’re trying to get something, purposely puts things out of place/high up to annoy them, he makes random loud noises, slams on things, randomly tries to fight inanimate objects, takes things and hides them….

think like… julien solomita. that’s his energy.

he likes to cause inconveniences on purpose. for fun.

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Halloween Nightmare - Bkdk


Ghouls, Ghost, Spiders, And Candy Wrappers.

Those are the three things that always seem to repeat in the greenettes view as Izuku walks down the sidewalk.  Oh, and also the green, fake cobwebs from Halloween stores seemed to be all over the small neighborhoods. 

Izuku hummed as he remembered those late afternoons where his mother would take him and Katsuki outside into the front yard, giving them the bags of the weird stringy material with the directions: “Go Crazy.”

And go crazy they did.  Even in the frosty weather, where the cold air would swipe at Izuku’s small hands, making him shiver and his hands go numb as he worked the fake web around the deck and the leafless bushes around the house.

And sometimes the blond would notice and would wrap his hands around Izuku’s, trying to warm the smaller up with his newfound quirk.

And after it all, both children would go inside and drink some hot chocolate while watching Halloween themed movies, waiting for Katsuki’s parents to pick him up.

Not to brag or anything, but Izuku must say their house always was one of the best in the neighborhood.  Especially with the Halloween decor.  It was simply because neither of the children cared about getting their hands dirty in some gooey, thick fake blood and splattering the yard.

Halloween was still a bit away, yet the weather was already seemingly unbearable.  The wind picked and prodded at Izuku’s skin, ruffling the orange, yellow, and green leaves that still clung to trees.  Piles of leaves were on the streets, and people were smiling and laughing.

The cool air that brushed against Izuku’s pale skin made him shiver—he was still shivering with his black pants, long sleeved white shirt, and his fluffy sweatshirt.

And yes, of course the sweatshirt was UA themed.

Izuku’s emerald eyes scanned around, his heart still beating vigorously from running.

Kids walked around, gushing with excitement about what they were going to be for Halloween.

Izuku overheard one kid talking about how he was going to be a vampire.  The boy bragged about the small, plastic fake vampire teeth his mouth had gotten him, along with small edible blood capsules.  Apparently, this fourth grader really wanted to scare his friends with his bloody costume.

Meanwhile, one small girl—who was very animated as she spoke—talked about how she was going to dress up as a knight in shining armor, talking about how her best friend would be playing as the distressed princess with a wide smile and soft blush adorning her face.

Well, even just from seeing these elementary kids walking down the street, Izuku could already tell the girl who was going to play the knight liked the girl who would end up being a princess.

And honestly, go for them, it made Izuku happy knowing kids were open about their sexuality.

But all this Halloween talk got Izuku feeling… iffy.

The only thing that got Izuku… upset, was something they couldn’t control:


Izuku Midoriya hated Halloween.

Well hate is a big word, but it’s true.  He doesn’t like the Holiday one bit.

Why would he?  Halloween sent him memories of long ago.  When he would be side by side with Kacchan, running around streets and ringing doorbells to raid places of sweet, sweet candy.  Even sometimes they would go to a small corn maze, getting lost from their parents but still completing the quest of getting all the stamps on their cards…

During those nights, Katsuki wouldn’t let Izuku stray far from his side—well, Katsuki usually got sulky when Izuku left his side, but during late nights when they weren’t home Katsuki was in a sort of protection mode.

It was super cute, but it certainly got them into loads of trouble when Katsuki would think someone was following them and would kick them in the back of the shin.

But the trick-or-treating part was Izuku’s all time favorite.  He loved candy and he loved Katsuki’s company.

Okay, and maybe if Izuku sucked up to the others behind the door with a sweet, wide smile he would manage to get more sweets.

What can he say?  He’s addicted.

But then again, Izuku would sometimes sneak his candy to the younger kids—Kacchan did not like that, saying it was his and he should stop being so selfless and eat the damn candy—if he noticed their buckets or bags were not as full as his.

And of course Katsuki always would make a game—more like a challenge—of who could get the most sweets.  And of course, Kacchan always won.

Now, that might be because Katsuki would threaten some people behind the doors, and how usually instead of taking one from a left alone bucket, he would take all the contents.

Izuku never cheated like that.  He just had to be cute to get his child like desires.

Katsuki could of done the same, but he was too much of a mischievous child to even think of being sweet to strangers.

But since he didn’t like sweet, sugary candy, Katsuki always gave his treats to Izuku with a bright smile on his face.

All that sadly stopped after the first grade—after… after Izuku found out he was quirkless—and Izuku hasn’t been able to enjoy the holiday since.

He used to love it, cherish it even!  But ever since the last time he went out and did anything for Halloween—when he was seven—the night… especially the end of it… didn’t turn out well.

It involved vomiting, crying, and a haunted house gone wrong.

Izuku shivered, his eyes instinctively glancing down towards his leg, where cloth was hiding a huge hidden, ragged scar that has been fading over the years.

Never again.

It’s a wonder how no one has seen it yet.  Or if they have and just never talked about it.

Then again, it was on the inside of his thigh—it would be weird if others looked there…

The bell chimed as Izuku opened the glass door of the café.  Immediately the scent of pumpkin and caffeine swept him off his feet in a daze, and the warm air from the heaters made Izuku’s nerves calm.

Izuku’s mouth watered.  He hadn’t eaten anything today, and he has been awaiting this moment since he has woken up.  Hell, he’s been waiting for this moment since yesterday when he finished his coffee.

Okay, Izuku loved a few things about this time of year.

The pumpkin flavored lattes—though any coffee was good on Izuku’s book—and his favorite pumpkin muffins along with maple frosted donuts.

Of course the donuts were out all year, but Izuku thought of it as a sin to eat it not during the autumn season.

Oh, and pumpkin carving is pretty… interesting.  It’s gross, but roasted pumpkin seeds after carving some sort of weird drawing on a pumpkin was… fun.

As Izuku walked inside the warm building—yet he still kept his sweatshirt on—he just walked straight to the counter as there was no line.

The café had no lights on, allowing the natural light of the sun to brighten up the place.  The huge, wide and tall windows surrounded the small shop, making it a small modern touch compared to some of the older buildings around.

The warm glow of the sun made the wooden café have a welcoming aura, and that’s why Izuku loved this place—well, besides the coffee.  The coffee here was wonderful—it just… felt like home.

That’s the glory of walking all the way two towns over into a smaller town just for some coffee.  What?  Izuku needed the exercise anyway.  Besides, it was simply an hour walk there!

…if you count that hour walk as half an hour of running with a bit of unnoticed quirk use that is…

Look, quirk use was illegal without a license.

Izuku had a license in his back pocket at all times.

And it was mandatory he got his iced pumpkin latte with extra cream, an extra shot of espresso, a pump of cinnamon dolce syrup, and an extra pump of vanilla WITH caramel at exactly four in the afternoon or else he would throw a riot.

Oh, and the pumpkin muffin was a plus.

So it was for everyone’s sake he used his quirk illegally.

Izuku hummed as he walked up to the counter, a familiar barista seeing him and waving with a bright smile of her own.

“Hey ‘Zuku!” The bluenette chimed, her hair tied up in a bun with a backwards green cap on her head as she walked over to Izuku.  “Same as usual I’m assuming?"  She smiled cheekily as she picked up a large cup, not even waiting for his answer as she started to write out his name on the cup with green sharpie.

The lady had on a brown apron, her green cap clashing with her blue hair, making her look like a blue watermelon. But, she smelt like pure caffeine, and Izuku already felt the buzz that came when he had lots of caffeine.

"You know it, Kai,” Izuku said with a huge smile tugging at the corners of his lips, a glint in his eyes as he shifted from leg to leg.  “Has anyone else been showing up here?”

This was a common question he would ask—he didn’t want to go to this shop knowing his classmates could be there.  Why?  Well, Izuku liked his alone time.

“Hmmm, let me think,” she mumbled, biting her lip, deep in thought, before sighing, “No idea!”

“Kai!  You’re supposed to be looking out for these things,” Izuku pouted, but he didn’t feel nervous.  He knew none of his classmates would be here.  Why would they?

“What?!  Now go sit at your usual table, I’ll get the latte, the muffin, the bill, and my tip jar there in a few minutes!” The girl winked before shuffling away, allowing Izuku to go walk to the other side of the cafe and slide into an empty booth as he chuckled.

The reason he didn’t want any of his classmates to see him as well, was because everyone kept wanting him to do things for Halloween!  And at the dorms he could easily make an excuse or even just leave before they get to him.

But out in the real world, where he’s sitting in a café booth, he can’t really lie and say he has homework to do or run to his dorm and hide.

What?  Izuku didn’t like Halloween, he would rather stay inside and analyze heroes.  It was just a wonder on how much longer he had before he had to tell the class the truth.

And let’s face it, Izuku really didn’t want anyone else to know.  Why would he want someone to know?

Suddenly, a small tray was placed on his table—there, his beautiful pumpkin latte and muffin sat.  Izuku’s smile widened, “Thank you Kai!”

Easily he paid the small price—thank god he worked at a convenient store—and gave Kai a five dollar tip because he is just that good of a friend.

By good of a friend he means his favorite barista who sends him threats to take care of himself ever other day.

“'Zuku what the fuck did I say about giving me more than three dollars?” Kai huffed, but still pocketing the change with a smile.  Izuku knew how much she wanted to buy the fake blood and other items to mix with it to have her Halloween costume.

“Just make your costume look great and then thank me,” Izuku said cheekily, taking a greedy sip of his drink, smiling as the cool liquid swam down his throat.  He was in pure bliss as he picked up his items, getting ready for the walk back to the dorms with his items.

“Oh—hey Midoriya.”


Of course, someone just had to recognize him.  Damnit.

What’s his life?  Some sort of horrible and cheesy fanfiction written by a fourteen year old with no patients for plot transitions or something?

With a forced smile, Izuku turned, only to see the one who spoke—Shinsou Hitoshi, one of his good friends.

“Oh, hey Hito!"  Izuku chimed, taking another sip of his drink as he prepared for a stressful situation, "And I told you to call me by my first name!”

Please please please can Hitoshi just leave.

Look, Hitoshi was a great guy.  It’s just who knows what type of things Mina could have asked him to do.  Or how many times Hitoshi would invite him to another Emo Night.

Well, the Emo Nights were actually pretty fun…

“Yeah yeah I know Izu,” the insomniac sighed, picking up his coffee from the counter.  “What are you doing here?  The dorms are like two hours away.”

“Oh he’s here for my amazing ass coffee,” Kai shouted from behind the counter, spinning around on a barstool only to be hit on the neck from her girlfriend.  “Ow!  Silv that hurt!”

Izuku shrugged, nibbling a bite of his muffin as he ignored his friend. “What she said.”

How… how could he leave?  Could he just use float and glide away through the vents?

Shinsou shrugged as well, “Well… I’m here because the cat shelter is just down the road.”

Wait… a cat shelter…?

… .

Izuku paused before yelling:




“But come on!  If I have to go, you have to go!”

“Just because Denki got you to go doesn’t mean I have too!” Izuku pouted, petting a fluffy tabby kitten who sat in front of him.  It wagged its tail happily—was this thing even a cat?  “Besides!  It isn’t my fault you can’t say no to your boyfriend!”

It was no secret Denki had Shinsou wrapped around his finger.  But then again, Denki was also wrapped around Shinsou’s finger.

Basically, they could never say no to each other unless they had to.

“Come on Izu!  I just don’t want to be alone at the party!” Shinsou groaned, laying down on the floor with a cat curled up on his chest, playfully hitting the cheek of the insomniac.  “Please!”


Izuku didn’t like Halloween.

And he definitely didn’t like Halloween parties. 

Being jumpscared by friends, horror movies, going around in the dead of night—just no!  Halloween was already getting on his nerves!

Kids were already munching on candy—then again, so was Izuku—and talking about their costumes along with their routes they would take.

It… was too much of a trigger.

The last time he was actually trick or treating he was teased, pushed, hit, dragged, and tripped at the beginning of the night.

Halloween was not fun.  And Izuku hated it.  He hated it with every fiber of his otherwise sweet and kind nature.

Another reason he hates the Holiday was because of all the memories—the good and bad—he got from it.

Actually, Izuku still had nightmares of the last thing he ever did on Halloween… the haunted house…

But then again he had tons of good memories with Katsuki that were fun to look back too.

“Mido, pleaseeee!"  Shinsou whined as he pet the long haired mainecoon, his voice was less tired, namely because he has been getting sleep while sleeping in bed with Kaminari, his boyfriend.

Shinsou needed Izuku to go.  He needed a buddy!  Knowing Kami, he was going to be with his friends as well.  Sure Shinsou had the others, but it wasn’t fair he had to go and Izuku didn’t have to!


Izuku would not agree!

He didn’t want to go to this stupid party!  Couldn’t he just wrap himself up in a blanket in his very much so locked room, watch movies, do analyzations on heroes, cry, and drink hot chocolate AND coffee by himself?

Was that so bad?

Shinsou huffed, glaring at Izuku as he thought.

And after five seconds, he found the perfect bait.

“…what if I told you he was going?”

Izuku froze, his eyes widening before shaking his head in disbelief.  “Shinsou, he won’t be.”

Nope… he wouldn’t fall for this… not now not ever…

“Yes he will.  Remember?  Bakugou loves the scary season.  Mainly because of the horror movies,” the cat hopped off Shinsou’s chest, allowing the teen to roll onto his stomach and look at Izuku with tired, almost pleading eyes.  “And plus, Mina told him he could pick the movies.”

Izuku bit his lip, Kacchan would be there…

Izuku sighed, pushing his green locks behind his ear as he thought.

If Kacchan was there…

“Come on Izu, we all know you have a thing for him,” Shinsou teased, winking at Izuku, “Plus last year you never did any of the activities!  You shouldn’t lock yourself in your room again.”

Izuku brought his drink he snuck in—no way was he not taking his sugary baby without him—taking a long sip as he glared down at Shinsou.

He did not have a thing for Kacchan!

Kacchan was just… so amazing… and hot…

Okay maybe he had a little thing for Katsuki, but that would go away over time.  After all, it’s been off and on since he was a kid.

Besides, why the hell would Izuku try making any sort of moves if Katsuki definitely didn’t like him?

But the lingering thought of cuddling with the blond during the scary movie or just hanging out with him…

“Pleaseeee come to the party!”






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when katsuki gets super excited about something…. he just. doesn’t shut up about it. he rocks back n forth on the balls of his feet, gesturing wildly, with sparkles in his eyes. if he’s sitting down, he shuffles his legs in excitement. he looks so happy!! he cannot stop smiling!! he can’t control the volume of his voice and he gets super duper loud with out realizing it. he talks and talks and talks until he starts to feel embarrassed or thinks that nobodies listening, and nobody cares.

but whenever he stops, or doubts that they’re listening, the bakusquad always goes “no!! keep talking!!” because they’re so happy that he’s finally opening up to them, and they find it so, so, so cute when he gets all excited like this. they love hearing him talk, especially about the things he’s passionate about. so the smile, subtly, returns to his face, and he starts to talk again.

and he’s so damn happy that people, his friends, his real friends, are actually listening to him. that they don’t find him annoying or tell him to shut up or that “nobody cares” because, they’re his friends. and they do care. they care a lot.

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WIP Wednesday :))

Thank you so much for the tag, @sharing-a-room-with-an-open-fire !!

I’ve been writing a lot more recently, and I’m pretty sure that I was able to come up with something decent to share today. This is from the BNHA fic I’ve been writing.

When Kacchan asks the question, Izuku slaps himself mentally a hundred times over: “Stay? Please?”

Izuku never could refuse Kacchan on a normal day. And this is worse. This is a stressed out day.

He sighs and huffs, “Fine…”

Kacchan’s face lights up, and his spiky hair practically lengthens a bit. “Thank you,” he exclaims, looking ecstatic.

Izuku runs one hand through his hair. “I guess you’re welcome,” he sighs, the faintest hint of a smile appearing on his face.

Tagging no one in particular and everyone else who wants to do it!

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I’ll fight anyone who thinks Kacchan isn’t just as dumb as all his friends, this mf looked at-



Originally posted by i-changed-my-name-because-i-can

For over gd decade and thought with No second guessing he was being looked down on?!

Okay, I get anxiety nonsense level paranoia, I have it. But This?? This is just being a full empty headed nincompoop.

Deku has the same villainous style as Bambi, Disney’s cartoon baby deer, aka absolutely none.

Fucken super charged, extra pissed, Deku turns turquoise and glitters.


Originally posted by oikawas

Bakugo and his bullshit need to pack it up and gtfo of my face,boldly lying to himself and us, if he has nothing else Kacchan always brings the Audacity

Like just admit you thought he was too perfect to be real and call it a day, out here for ten years pointing out everything wrong Deku does like he’s gd Sherlock fucken Holmes cracking the biggest case 😂 Fucken himbo with a temper istfg

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I think I’ve figured the confusion the Ant*BKDk’s(not people who don’t ship it, but specifically the people who aggressively disagree with it) have with BKDK, see…

Bakugo has a lot of *setting your s/o’s clothes on fire on the front lawn cause you got paranoid they were cheating*Energy, while Deku has a lot of *if you spilled scalding hot soup in my lap I’d apologize to you*Energy

And the Anti’s think it’ll combine to make a toxic duo of Bakugo being a batshit rage-oholic and Deku being too much of a people pleasing simp to ever dispute it, which is an understandable reading but the truth is it’s the opposite, they’re opposing forces that keep each other in balance.

Kacchan would never even get paranoid because he knows he can trust Deku against any an all odds. He damn near had a psychotic break when he thought Deku had been lying to him about his quirk all these years, but Deku runs all the risks to assure him that’s not the case and Kacchan immediately accepts the idea that Deku got his quirk from someone else(remember even Deku didn’t think transferring a quirk was possible at first) all because that impossibility was more realistic to him than a world where he can’t trust Deku. He’d have accepted genie lamps or wishing stars if that’s what Deku had said, and Dekus not the kind of guy to ever abuse that trust.

And Deku always gets appropriately compensated, and stands up for himself even against Kacchan, because that’s what Kacchan would. He’s not a blind follower, in fact I don’t think he’s ever listened to a rule he didn’t jive with in his entire life. Deku’s a gracious and forgiving person, but he’s not a fool, and he has no problem calling people out and demanding better from them. Especially from Kacchan, will literally round house his ass if he thinks he’s not giving his all.

The entire story is about how they’re stronger together, that the years of pulling apart from each other weakened them as people and left them at disadvantages as hero’s, and how now they have to come back together to rebuild and grow as heros and people.


Originally posted by softer-ua

Twin Stars of 1A

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FIC: you were too good to be true

Pairing: Midoriya Izuku/Bakugou Katsuki

Rating: Teen and Up

Tags: fluff, tooth rotting fluff, angst

Word count: 3209

Summary: Midoriya and Bakugou are dating. Midoriya couldn’t be happier but having Kacchan as a boyfriend is a concept he’s struggling to grasp. Teen and up for cuss.

Notes: THANK YOU @jekacatrina for being an amazing beta for this fic. I loved reading your comments as they came in. The song title is a lyric from “Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy.


other writing | headcanons


Originally posted by bkdk

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