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#mcu loki
Can't wait for all the Sindays🙌
Can i request a #15:“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment.” with LokixFem!Reader?
Nex my dear, thank you so much for the request! 😁 Happy Sinday! - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompt: for my Sinday celebration
Word count: 2k
What to expect: humour, smut
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Tumblr media
Your day had been long, and the night which followed in its wake even longer. There wasn’t a single muscle in your body that didn’t feel sore and strained, not a single inch of your skin which was unmarred by bruises. But the mission had been a success, and that was what mattered at the end of the day. Or rather at the end of the night, you added as an afterthought when the Quinjet touched the ground in front of the Avengers headquarters. The glass facades of the building, the chrome and steel adorning it as it loomed at the edge of the asphalt, already glinted in the first sunrays of the day which made the sky blush in the softest hues of pink.
“You gonna join us for a drink?”, Nat asked from her seat opposite of you while everyone busied themselves unbuckling their seatbelts and gathering all of their weapons which were strewn across the space.
“Too tired,” you replied, barely suppressing a yawn, “All I want is a hot shower and my bed.”
“Maybe you’ll find someone to join you for both,” Nat winked, and your eyes widened in a silent plea for her to stop the teasing before one of the others heard –
“Who did you have in mind?”, Thor chimed up from his seat with a wide grin so completely unaware of your little wince at his words.
Your brother. Not that he’d know.
Aloud, you replied drily, “I’m single, Thor. The future ahead is filled with a vegetable garden and twenty cats.”
Which was a realistic estimate, considering the nonexistence of your flirting skills and the way you always seemed to be one hundred percent clumsier whenever Loki was in the same room as you.
Your quip earned you laughter from the others, and when you sauntered down the Quinjet’s ramp and made your way to your room, the promise of a hot shower and your fresh bedsheets were like a siren’s song to lure you along the hallways in your tired daze, your steps quickening.
You didn’t even wait until you reached the bathroom, which was connected to your bedroom, simply stripping off your bloodied, charred clothes, peeling them away from your sore limbs as you crossed the room. When you stepped into the shower, you were tired enough to make everything feel like a dream, your consciousness already knocked out in a deep slumber as muscle memory took over and you randomly massaged shampoo in your hair, rinsed it out, stepped out of the shower and dried yourself off. You didn’t even remember that you’d put the towel to the rack beside the shower.
It felt as if the task of showering had sucked the last droplets of strength from your tired bones, and in this haze of sleepiness, you decided you didn’t have the nerve to grab new underwear and a shirt to sleep in. With a sigh, you just plopped down on the bed, naked and half-asleep already, and the feeling of the soft bedsheets against your bare skin as you stretched felt as if you were sprawled out on the softest, fuzziest cloud.
Instead of granting you sleep immediately, though, your mind wandered to Nat’s teasing back in the jet. Did she know about your growing crush for the God of Mischief? Oh god. Did Thor know? Had his teasing been anything but oblivious?
Having spent the better part of the past few months to talk yourself out of the massive crush you harboured for the raven-haired god as best as you could, and failing miserably at it, you’d resumed to at least hide the indelible feelings you had for Loki, the attraction you felt towards him. A difficult task, given the fact that the god had moved into the rooms right beside yours. It didn’t help that you always seemed to stumble into him, as if seeing him at meals and in the training rooms wasn’t already enough.
Every single one of your dreams was woven from memories of the most stunning blue eyes, sparks of mischief dancing in them whenever they locked on yours, making them glitter like gemstones in sunlight, and the imagination of what it would feel like to have these slender, elegant fingers which so expertly wove illusions into the air run through your hair instead. How it would feel to have his hands roaming over every inch of your skin, exploring your body with as much tenderness as he held when he let those skilled fingers caress over the sharp blade of one of his daggers, so beautiful and deadly at the same time…
A groan escaped your throat at the realization that at this point, Loki, with his devious smirks and his gazes that seemed to follow you as soon as the two of you were in the same room, had possessed not only your heart but your mind as well with his sheer presence. He was holding you hostage without even knowing what he kept doing to you. Without knowing how many times you’d tried to bring these fantasies to live with your own hands in the darkness of your bedroom, knowing that everything your own caresses made you feel would pale in comparison to the pleasure Loki himself could bestow on you.
Ignoring the throbbing sensation in your core as these thoughts cut through the haze of your sleepiness, you grabbed one of the pillows and pressed it against your face to groan your frustration into the soft fabric and muffle the sound. Staying like this, you waited for the cool air of the room to brush over your heated, bare skin and for your raging thoughts to calm down and finally grant you the sleep you’d been craving so hard only minutes ago.
It was hopeless. You were going crazy with the force of your feelings for the trickster, with your craving for him…Probably literally crazy, because even the fabric of the pillowcase seemed to smell like him. It seemed as if his delicious scent of herbs and something sweet, like incense, all mixed with a tang of leather, was lingering in your bedsheets, despite the fact that Loki had never even set foot in your bedroom. Obviously, you’d memorized the trickster’s intoxicating scent well enough for your mind to conjure the memory and make it feel as real as if he were lying next to you on the mattress, so tight was his grip around your heart. How you wished for this lovely scent to linger not only on your bedsheets but your bare skin as well…
“I know I should care about the reason why you’re naked in my bed, but I will just enjoy it for a moment,” a dark voice purred, filling the air of your bedroom.
With a jolt, you sat up, throwing the pillow away from you. With horror sinking in your chest and your heart plummeting three storeys deep through the floor, you eyes locked on Loki’s.
The trickster was casually leaning against the doorway, head tilted to the side to resemble a curious cat stalking its prey. His gaze, filled with a mixture of bemusement and something darker, something which, despite the horrifying realization that you were completely naked, sprawled out on the bed and perfectly on display for him, made heat pool in your lower belly as it roamed over every inch of your exposed skin as if he were trying to memorize the exact scene. There was the most mischievous smirk playing on the trickster’s lips while he watched you come alive with panic and scramble to rip the duvet from the foot of the bed and wrap yourself in the scratchy fabric to cover yourself while you shrieked, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM?!”
Loki only chuckled. “I wanted to ask the same thing of you.”
You opened your mouth to protest, but your gaze finally fell on the assortment of daggers decorating the wall beside the doorway, where Loki was still leaning with a demeanour as relaxed as if he hadn’t just seen you fully naked, sprawled on a bed that was obviously his, because it actually smelled like him, and it was his room and now you realized that you didn’t remember to have put the towels where you found them because. It. Was. Not. Your. Damn. Room. It was Loki’s. In your bone-deep tiredness, you’d accidentally stumbled into Loki’s room instead of your own. And draped yourself over his bed, utterly naked.
Another groan escaped you, agonized with the realization, and heat – of embarrassment this time – filled every inch of your body.
“What are you doing?”, Loki inquired curiously, that wolfish grin still etched on his handsome features.
“Waiting to drop dead on the floor to save me any further embarrassment,” you winced. “Oh God I’m so terribly sorry.” It came out as a whisper.
“So you’re telling me you did not place yourself on bed completely naked to seduce me upon my arrival here?”, Loki teased, before he feigned a pout and added, “How very unfortunate for me.”
“I – wh – what?”
“Because,” Loki continued, and the playful tease vanished from his voice as it darkened to a raspy drawl and he pushed himself away from the doorway to cross the distance between the two of you with slow, deliberate steps, the leather of his Asgardian attire rustling softly with each step, “I was rather intrigued by the sight of you, sprawled out so beautifully on my bed.”
Your breath caught in your throat, and with every single one of Loki’s slow steps, every inch of the distance between the two of you that he closed, waiting for your reaction, you felt your pulse quicken, and the rasp in his heavy voice was enough to rouse the need in your core, the need for him between your legs, even further. The sleepiness was gone, chased away by a desire.
Loki had come to stand in front of you, and the back of your bare legs brushed against the bed. Your fist clutching the duvet which was wrapped around your chest, tightened as your mind spun with want and embarrassment and longing.
With the darkest of smiles, Loki leaned closer, and his breath fanned across the bare crook of your neck like the most gentle of caresses, eliciting a shiver of anticipation which ran through your body as he breathed “And what a glorious sight that was, darling. To have every beautiful inch of your body on display for me…”
You bit your lip, and your eyes fluttered close as every single nerve in your body came alive with Loki’s proximity, the warmth of his body seeping through your own skin, the promise of his kiss with his lips nearly brushing against yours…
“…And to think you’d finally decided to do something about these feelings we keep harbouring for each other,” Loki drawled, his breathing growing as ragged and heavy as your own. You moaned softly when he reached out to let his index finger slowly travel up your arm, towards the spot where your grip on the duvet was loosening with each of his words, with each quiver of want scooting through your body.
These feelings we keep harbouring for each other.
“Well, somebody had to, right?”, you finally quipped with a trembling voice, laced with the arousal you could already feel seeping between your legs.
“Indeed. It’ll be a pleasure to return the favour,” Loki rasped, and locked his lips on yours, just as your grasp on the duvet loosened to rake your hands through his hair and pull him closer. When the two of you sunk backwards against the mattress, the duvet fluttered to the ground with a rustle, rendered utterly useless and forgotten already.
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the-emo-asgardian · a day ago
Give me fish dad Loki headcanons.
Pairing: Loki x reader Warnings: mentions of pet death A/N: For you, darling gait!
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Tumblr media
Tony takes Morgan to the pet store and Loki tags along.
“Alright Loki you can pick one fish.”
And he did pick one.
Until he went the next time and convinced Tony to let him get two more.
This continues until Tony gives in and gets him a whole aquarium.
It’s actually really calming for Loki to watch them all swim around, and taking care of them helps give him a sense of purpose.
Everyone else likes to look at them too, so Tony gets an aquarium for the common room.
Loki takes care of that one too.
For his birthday Thor gets him a fish named Mjolnir.
“Look, brother. You’ve always been worthy to lift Mjolnir, you just had to find the right one.”
Loki cried.
Loki keeps it in its own bowl so he can lift it when he’s feeling down.
He studies about all kinds of marine life even though he can’t have them all in his aquarium.
He knows the name of every fish he does have, though, even if they look similar.
The other are skeptical every time he corrects them.
“How can you possibly know which is which?”
“You’re asking how a father knows the names of his children? For shame.”
They usually back off after that.
Unfortunately, fish don’t live forever, no matter how good care you take of them.
The Avengers are always understanding, pitching in to comfort Loki and help him plan the funeral.
None of the fish get flushed, always buried.
At the end of the day, Loki’s just glad for the time they were in his life, even if one day they had to swim out.
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gaitwae · 23 hours ago
My Beauty [|] Loki x Reader
Warnings: Insecurity and slight body dysmorphia, female reader, swimming pool.
Request/summary: The reader is slowly learning to accept herself. 
Requested by: @xladyxfatex ​
Tumblr media
You walked to the pool with Natasha and Wanda. They were sitting in their bikinis, soaking up the sun and laughing about the men and your recent hang-out. You felt nervous. You knew you had nothing to worry about with Nat and Wanda, but... Well, it was hard to really have fun at a pool if you were supposed to be... immodest. You looked bad enough as it was.
You knew it was silly, deep down. These were people you could trust. You were in a baggy T-shirt and jean shorts. There was nothing to be scared of. Right?
“C’mon, Y/N,” Wanda giggled. “Go under! You’ll feel better once you’re entirely under.”
You were unsure, but you swallowed and nodded. “Okay. Okay, I got it.” You took a deep breath and slipped into the pool, making sure you were as close to the edge as possible. You had come out later than the others just to make sure you could scope out who might have been there to see you. But you stopped, right there, at thigh-deep water.
Out from the depths, Loki popped his head up. Your heart swung. “Surely you’d want to soak,” he reasoned, a crooked smile gracing his face. “It’s much too hot to stand there in the sun!”
“But... But, I can’t,” you said. It was a poor excuse. It wasn’t even an excuse. “I can’t.”
Loki glided to you and grabbed your hand. You gulped. “Oh, yes, you can. You absolutely can, my beauty.” 
The name stung. You couldn’t beautiful. Not when you looked like... you. “Loki,” you sighed. “Will you stay with me?”
“I will,” he promised, stroking your arm and kissing your fingers. “Come, take those shorts off. Let’s swim. You have your bathing suit under, yes?”
“It’s a one piece,” you confirmed with a mumble. You took his hands and squeezed them. He held you at a close distance as you went all the way in. The cool water felt nice. 
“That shirt’s okay, yeah? You’re looking absolutely stunning today,” he told you. “You’re gaining more confidence; it makes you radiant.”
“Really?” you smiled shyly. “Even though I don’t look as good as the other girls?”
“You’re equal,” Loki said. “But you’re my favorite brand of beautiful.”
Tag List: @make-me-imagine​ @bwemph​ @myraiswack​ @rorybutnotgilmore​ @loki-snape-our-hero​ @wolfish-trickster​ @lucywrites02​ @mostly-marvel-musings​ @winterfrostsarmy​ @superheroesandstardust​ @castiels-majestic-wings​ @geekns​ @natandersonnla​ @cozy-the-overlord​ @megthemewlingquim​ @whatafuckingdumbass​ @thebookbakery​ @delightfulheartdream​ @twhiddlestonsstuff​ @lokistan​ @the-emo-asgardian​ @itscomplicatedx​ @electroma89​ @sophlubbwriting​ @darkacademicfrom2021​ @lilyofthesword​ @xlehukax​ @joucebox​ @high-functioning-lokipath​ @lokislittlesigyn​ @kingix-the-confused-earthling​ @nilavey​ @superfangirl-romanogers​ @funsized-mimi​ @i-beg-your-pardon-laufeyson​ @marvelouslovely​ @thewindandthewolves​ @moumouton4​ @theaudacitytowrite​
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wheredafandomat · a day ago
Solo Nights 😉
It had been a long day of getting punched, kicked, thrown and pushed. Obviously you guys won. You always win. But the process of getting to that win was not a painless one. Today’s mission was terribly lengthy and the feeling of getting back to your room, showering and falling into a blissful nights sleep was the only thing keeping you going.
Walking out of the quintet, you said your goodbyes to your team. It was your usual goodbye. A playful grope and a hug. You’d do it after every mission except now Loki was also part of the team so it made things a little more awkward. Instead of pulling Loki into a hug accompanied by a grope, you’d usually just do a dramatic curtsy and say something witty like “goodbye your majesty”. To make things even better, he’d usually smile back and say something equally silly like “I wish I was accompanying you” The team would always say he’s flirting but you knew better. Loki didn’t flirt. He’d barley smile so he definitely was not flirting, although it didn’t stop you pretending he was in the comfort of your room.
After showering and putting on an oversized top, you then began to lay under your covers getting comfortable. Closing your eyes, you began to think of what it was you’d dream of and with this, you waited for sleep to take you.
Sleep wasn’t coming. Despite how tired you were, sleep was hiding from you. Well only one thing that’s going to help me now you thought reaching into the draw at the side of your bed. You smiled at the sight of your new best friend. With 12 different intensity levels, pressure technology and a g spot extension, you’d be knocked out soon enough.
Soft whimpers began to leave your mouth as you bucked your hips at the contact from the toy. Right now you were just setting the mood.
Turning up the intensity, you started thinking of him. His raven locks that shaped his face as he’d gaze into your eyes. His striking features. His body. Oh the things you’d do to that body.
Upping the intensity even more, you then thought about his elegant fingers. How they’d feel tormenting you, dancing around your clit. His tongue. How he’d torture you with it, licking every part of your body until you’d writhe underneath him. How he’d use his cock to choke you. How he’d bend you over and fuck you violently as you begged for him to go deeper. Harder. Wow that went dark you thought as you turned the intensity even higher.
At this point, you were a wet, screaming mess. Not that you knew. The thought of you riding Loki was driving you insane. Looking longingly into his eyes as you bounced on top of him. His pants and praises filling the room along with your cries and gasps. His hands grabbing your hips thrusting into you every time you both connected.
You were so close. You knew that this orgasm was going to leave you sleeping for days. This orgasm was going to feel euphoric. This orgasm was…
Interrupted by a distressed Loki barging into your room.
The sight of him, topless, was enough. That was the thing that pushed you over the edge. You were literally squirting.
“I thought something had happened, you were screaming” Loki replied, worry evident in his tone as he tore his gaze from you and turned around.
“G-ghe—GET OoOUt”
And with that Loki was gone.
Tumblr media
A/N: 🤣 I thought this was quite funny. Should I do another part? Maybe Lokis POV or something. LMK.
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anonymousfiction211 · 19 hours ago
Lost kittens
A/N: After the negativity this morning, I am in desperate need for some fluff. Hope it brightens your day a little!
Lost kittens The front door burst open and was immediately slammed shut. The impact of the loud noise startled you. Hearing footsteps fastly approached your heartbeat quickened and you held your breath while looking at the hallway of the living room, waiting for someone to appear.
Seeing Loki appear he ran fast past you and towards the table, without even looking or acknowledging you.
'Loki, you scared me!' you said, relieved that it was just your boyfriend who had entered and not some stranger. 'Why are you soaking wet?' you noticed the trail of water behind him. He was dripping next to the table and held his hands on a weird bump against his chest. He didn't respond, carefully opening the zipper of his jacket you walked towards him, seeing what he was up to.
The softest meow escaped from his chest and Loki pulled out two small kittens and put them on the table. With a flick of his wrist, he dried himself off. He ran towards the bedroom, leaving you to stare at the two creatures. The kittens were also soaking wet and shivering from the cold. One of them was black-and-white, while the other had red fur. Loki quickly emerged from the bedroom with a towel and started to dry the kittens off. You had never seen him looked so worried.
'Loki? Where did you get the kittens?' you asked him. He was thoroughly checking each kitten he dried for injuries.
Ignoring your question he asked you 'Could you get something to drink or eat for them? What do they even eat? I don't know.. maybe we need to go to the store.. or the vet.. should we call someone?' he said without taking a single breath between his questions.
You put a hand on his shoulder 'It's going to be all right. I will fix something' you reassured him and he looked relieved. You went to the kitchen to get some milk and meat for the kittens. It wasn't ideal but had to do for now. When you walked back to the living room you saw that Loki had moved the kittens to the warm blanket you had wrapped around you on the couch when he barged in. The kittens were clearly enjoying the warmth you had left behind. So, who were you to argue? You settled the milk and meat in front of them and they slowly started to drink and eat.
Sitting next to Loki you tried again 'Where did you get the kittens?'
Loki didn't take his eyes of the kittens 'When I was walking home it started to pour down. I heard soft meowing from under a dumpster I passed and found these little guys' he explained.
'Do you think they are okay? Should we take them to the vet?' he added.
'Loki, it's eleven o'clock in the evening, the vet is closed. But I will call first thing tomorrow okay?' you explained.
Loki didn't look pleased but nodded to let you know he understood. The kittens stopped eating and drinking and you realized Loki hadn't taken his eyes off them yet. The kittens slowly started to walk and explore the couch. Both of you watched them without saying a word. Eventually one crawled onto Loki's lap and the other one curled up against his thigh. Loki carefully petted them taking turns. Clearly exhausted the kittens fell asleep.
'Loki, they look all right. Stop worrying' you reassured him.
'Sorry for barging in here' he finally said. 'What were you doing?'
'No problem, a movie has just begun we can watch' you answered. Loki smiled and gave you a kiss on the lips.
'How early can we call tomorrow?' he asked.
'They open at 8 o'clock' you said. 'They will check them out and see if they belong to someone, but seeing the state they are in I expect them to have wandered the streets for quite some time' you said.
'I am NOT giving them back to someone who either loses them or just doesn't care' he hissed. 'Nobody baby should be left to die on their own' he added much more sadly. You laid your head on his shoulder and he turn his head to lean against yours. Comforting him, since he clearly wasn't talking about the kittens in that moment.
'I know, love. You won't have to. If they don't have owners they will go to the pound. Then they will find them each a home' you said.
'NO! Thunder and Mischief have to stay together. I don't want them to split up, who knows how long it will take for them to find a home? And all that time they have to wait in who knows what kind of conditions' Loki defensively replied.
'Thunder and Mischief?' you cocked an eyebrow and had to suppress your laughter. 'You named them?'
Loki was looking at the sleeping kittens again and he tried to hide it, but you saw the slight blush on his cheeks and ears. 'I might have' he muttered a little.
'Which one is which?' you asked amused.
'The red one is Thunder and the black one is Mischief' Loki answered with a big smile on his face.
Knowing Loki there was no way that these kittens would ever leave the apartment. You actually preferred dogs over cats, but decided to keep that information to yourself. Besides, you liked cats enough to keep these kittens, especially after seeing how happy they made Loki.
'Can we keep them?' his voice was a bit softer and the doubt and insecurity was clearly showing on his face.
'We can keep them' you said to Loki who looked instantly relieved and happy. 'After the vet we can drive to the pet store and get everything we need. But only on one condition, we only get the necessities and one toy for each'
'Yes of course' Loki said. He sighed content and the two of you watched the movie that was on. Or at least, you did. Loki's attention kept shifting back to the sleeping kittens, making sure they were okay. You had a feeling that Loki was going to go overboard and that tomorrow the whole apartment would be filled with cat toys. But you didn't care, it warmed your heart seeing your boyfriend this happy.
Permanent taglist: @delightfulheartdream @the-best-phineas @pescadoavocado @theestorm @theaudacitytowrite @taurusbeing @justacripple
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As someone who've been a fan and has always liked and enjoyed Loki as being this ultra flawed but highly complex , tragic Shakespearean-like morally ambiguous relatable character, I find it kind of sad but also annoying how those that "claim" to be fans or claims to "love" him pretty much from what I've seen from either on here on Tumblr or Twitter tends to treat him like total shit and act like he's responsible for all things awful within the MCU multiverse just because he villain coded or the fact that even half of his own fandom seems to treat Loki character like crap in favor of two brand new characters. Especially when it comes to some of these toxic positively Pro Loki series fans & how some of them seem to blindly easily eat up anything Disney /Marvel shoved at them because they've said so without using basic critical thinking skills or how some of them poorly respond to criticism of any kind regarding the show itself and act like it's a freaking masterpiece, when honestly the show has a lot of bad issues in its writing as well as a good number of plot holes within it. For me when it comes to the Loki series I still manage to enjoyed it also liked it....But for real the series itself could've been written so much better in a lot of other areas within it also reading certain things from the director / main writer for the show makes it obvious that they've done zero research on the previous movies regarding Loki character or his trauma and the fact it seems both had zero compassion towards Loki character as a whole.
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marvelous-whovian · 17 hours ago
mobius: look, loki is great, but they don't have a life plan. they don't even have a day plan. i once found a note they wrote to themself that said 'put on pants' followed by a question mark
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IT'S SINDAY BABY and we know Loki is a whore for eating you out and making you blush-
Prompt 6 List 1 "My tongue still remembers the taste of you."
JUST to get reader flustered in public.
There you go, dear! Thank you so much for the request and happy Sinday! 😁 - Love, Kiki 🖤
Pairing: Loki x female reader
Request/Prompts: Part of my Sinday celebration; "My tongue still remembers the taste of you." + “Oh, I love that sound you make.”
Summary: Loki and you are training together, and the trickster has an ace up his sleeve to defeat you.
Word count: 2.8 k
Warnings: SMUT (ONLY READ IF YOU’RE 18+ YEARS OLD!), oral (female receiving)
What to expect: bantering, humour, smut
For more Loki content, check out my masterlist 🖤
As always, every single like, comment and reblog is encouraged and appreciated 🖤
Tumblr media
The air of the training grounds is filled with the sounds of metal clashing against metal, blade scraping against blade, the noises reverberating from the sand-coloured stone walls of the inner courtyard to lace with the voices of Asgard’s most capable warriors as they train.
Mixing with these sounds is your own breath, coming out in shallow pants when you raise your daggers just in time to block Loki’s next blow.
“You should take a break,” the prince purrs with a teasing grin while his eyes suggestively travel down your body before they snap up to meet yours again, “You look sweaty. One might say…soaked. How is it you’re always so soaked for me, darling?”
Norns, the playful tease in his voice is enough to accelerate your already thrumming pulse with the memories of last night as you fight to keep focused on your movements instead of letting Loki’s flirtations throw you off balance. A demanding task, considering the things you’d rather be doing with him right now. The gleam in his cerulean eyes, pinning you into place, tells you Loki is having similar thoughts. Well, if he thinks he’s the only one capable of using flirtations to make you lose your focus, the trickster is wrong.
“What about you, Loki? The last time your breathing was so ragged was last night,” you drawl in reply, giving him a smirk of your own before you release the tension from your arms and duck out of the way when Loki topples forwards, thrown off balance by your movement and the loss of your counter-force pushing against him. “As ragged as when you were kneeling so prettily between my legs last night, my prince.”
“A memory I’ll cherish forever, my love,” Loki rasps before his smirk turns predatory, sending an ecstatic chill down your spine, right to the apex of your thighs, the spot that’s still pleasantly sore from last night’s activities, “Alongside the memory of kicking your lovely ass right now.”
“Ha! You wish!” You parry his next blow, and the steps of your training fight resemble a dance as the two of you keep moving, your motions fluent and graceful like the push and pull of the tides. Two beasts of prey stalking one another, searching for the slightest hint of a weakness, a wrong step of the opponent to use to your own advantage.
“Maybe I simply enjoy to have you sprawled out before me, my darling.” Loki’s soft croon, the sound of his smooth voice, trickles down your spine to rouse the slumbering beast in your core, the insatiable hunger for Loki that’s nestled there.
“Sprawled out? I thought you prefer me on my knees.” You mirror the seductive timbre of his voice, not yet giving away how much power he holds over you with his words alone, woven so skilfully with that silver tongue of his.
“What I prefer most of all are the lovely little sounds you’re gracing me with in either position”, Loki grins. Every one of his words is a spell cast to tighten his grasp on your heart. He doesn’t need words for that – you’ve given your heart to him already, and freely.
“Do you truly think your flirtations will suffice to bring you victory?”, you taunt. “So far, all they seem to do is take your own focus. Does it fluster you to think about all the things you could be doing with me right now instead of training?”
“Tremendously so.”
A well-placed swipe with his left foot, faster than you find yourself able to react, and your legs are kicked away from beneath you, sending you toppling to the sun-warmed tiles with a small huff as the impact of the fall knocks the wind from your lungs.
“Though obviously you still don’t stand a chance against me,” Loki adds gleefully with a glance down at you. His smirk quickly morphs into a little gasp of surprise when your fist, still curled around the hilt of your training dagger, connects with his knee, expertly triggering the reflex point and sending the trickster tumbling to the floor beside you.
In a split second, you have rolled on top of him, straddling him to render him immovable beneath you as you lean closer, until your lips brush the shell of his ear, and you whisper, “Will you give up now, my prince? Or do you require another reminder of who is the true master of combat here?”
“I love being between your thighs,” Loki snickers, and you pull away to watch him, to see how beautifully the sunlight makes the lustrous ink-black colour of his hair shine, the strands fanned around him on the sandstone tiles. His eyes never leave yours when he adds, “That’s a familiar sight. The last time you were straddling me like this, you were preoccupied with other things, though. Begging me to take you harder –“
A sound tears from the back of your throat when Loki slowly bucks his hips and the hardened bulge in his leather pants grinds against the aching spot between your thighs, a mixture of a moan and a surprised gasp at the prince’s brazenness, before you eyes tear from his to dart to the other warriors in the courtyard. They’re all deeply caught up in their own training, to your relief.
“What are you doing?”, you hiss half-heartedly, “We’re in public.”
Loki’s hands let go of his daggers to settle on your lower back, wandering deeper until he’s grabbing your rear, squeezing gently. “We were in public when you begged me to tear your dress to shreds and take you behind that pillar a few weeks ago.”
“That was one time.”
“We were in public when you went down on me in the garden, after the Yuletide celebrations.”
“Fine. Another exception –“
“We were also in public when you let me –“
“I said fine,” you interrupt quickly before he can recount the whole list of improper transgressions. It’s an impressing list for sure.
“What are they supposed to do, anyway? I think they all deduced what we’re doing. Or rather –“ Loki’s grin widens, “ – they already heard.”
As if to emphasize his point, the prince gyrates his hips against yours once more, the angle perfect, and this time when his crotch presses against your throbbing core to send a gentle current of pleasure sizzling along your nerves, you can’t bite back the lewd moan betraying how much his words have already aroused you. The expression on his handsome face becomes delighted at the sound.
“I bet you’re already soaked for me,” Loki purrs elatedly. His breathing is still heavy, chest heaving as he keeps staring up at you, and his gaze on you feels like a singeing caress on your skin.
“You’ll lose your hand if you try and find out now,” you quip, and place the blade of your remaining training dagger to his throat. It takes a lot of self-restraint not to heed the growing urge to gyrate your hips against him again, against that impressive bulge in his pants. Slowly. Languidly. To watch him lose control alongside you.
Norns, you want nothing more than for Loki to rip away your armour and take you right here on the sun-warmed sandstone tiles.
The chuckle vibrating through Loki’s chest at your words tells you the trickster knows exactly how filthy your thoughts have currently turned. He writhes a little under you, but even with him still being so much stronger than you – despite the centuries of training you’ve shared – your position doesn’t allow for him to gain enough freedom of movement to push you off of him with this strength alone.
“I have to admit it’s exhilarating,” you begin to tease, “To have you helpless and writhing beneath me for once. Do you give up now? I’m getting hungry and a bit of shade would be nice, as well. Just say the word and you’re free, oh mighty master of combat.”
“I apologize in advance”, the trickster replies with a charming tone, and your grin falters with the realization that you’ve been tricked. It’s too late to react, though. Loki is gone from under you in the blink of an eye, and his arms are locked around you before you can jump back on your feet. He swiftly lifts you from the ground.
“You know it’s not really winning when you’re cheating,” you hiss as you try to wriggle free from the prince’s strong arms, feeling the muscles flex against you underneath the black leather, his firm chest pressed to your spine quickly rising and falling with the exertion of the fight.
“Wrong,” Loki coos in your ear, the sensation stoking the hunger for him in your core, “Winning is winning.”
“Poetic,” you deadpan, and bring your foot down on his. Hard.
It works. Loki’s grasp on you momentarily loosens enough to free yourself from the constraints of his arms, swirling around to land a punch against his jaw and a kick in his guts which would bring him back to the ground and make you the victor of the training fight – but once again, Loki knows you better than anyone else; anticipating the blow you’ve so carefully planned out in your mind.
When your fist moves through the air, Loki ducks under your arm, and while his own hand settles on your lower back to pull you against him, his free hand snakes up to press his palm against your forehead.
"My tongue still remembers the taste of you," Loki whispers darkly, and it feels like his voice travels through every single nerve, every single fibre and sinew and bone of your body as your senses heighten to the caress of his breath against the side of your throat, like the faintest brush of his fingertips playing against the sensitive skin over the point below your ear, where your pulse stumbles with the delicious sensation of it. You’re not prepared for the flood of pictures rushing through your spinning mind. Memories – of last night.
Your hands, raking through Loki’s luscious black curls, so soft and silky as they slip through your fingers while he settles between your legs and the mattress dips slightly under his weight.
The darkness in his eyes displaying how much he wants you.
Your ankles hooked over his shoulders.
His soft groan vibrating through your core as his tongue finally darts out to slowly trace your dripping folds, summoning a string of broken whispers and pleas from your parted lips at the sensation of his hot tongue, tasting you, lapping up the arousal which seeps out of you. Parting your folds. Playing with you.
“Patience,” Loki drawls, and your eyes fall shut with the feeling of this, his lips moving against your soaked pussy – and the promise that it’s merely the beginning.
Your grasp in his hair tightens, tugging slightly, and Loki’s sinful groan travels right to your core, to the ache sweltering in your lower belly, driving you insane with your need for him to fuck you with his tongue, to fill you with his cock and bring you the relief you’re craving while his name spills from your lips as you come undone. His fingertips are digging into your skin when his grip on your hips tightens to pin you back down against the mattress, to prevent you from rolling your hips against his lips and simply take what you need.
“I don’t have patience,” you growl, but it only elicits another chuckle from Loki.
“Then I’ll teach it to you,” the trickster replies, and you force your eyes to stay open when he lowers his head once more, drinking in the sight of the beautiful prince kneeling for you and only you. You’d never thought you could love someone as much as you love him, to be loved in return with the same fierceness.
Loki takes his sweet time, placing trails of open-mouthed kisses to the sensitive skin of your inner thighs, letting his lips slowly travel higher while his hands leave their place on your hips to roam upwards, fingertips splayed on your stomach. When he finally reaches the apex of your thighs, and his breath caresses you, cool against the arousal pooling there, you can no longer stomach the wait, and a needy whimper tumbles from your lips as you let your head fall back to the mattress.
“I wish you could see how beautiful you look, my love,” Loki purrs. Before you can grasp for an answer, beg him to finally satiate these hungry flames flaring in your lower belly, he lets his tongue flick out, and you cry with bliss when his lips find your clit. He places a feather-light kiss to the swollen bundle of nerves and pleasure sears through your body at the touch, warmth spreading through every cell of your body until you feel it in the very tips of your fingers, searing and all-consuming.
“Don’t stop.” Your voice is broken. What was meant to be spoken as a command comes out as a desperate plea, and it only seems to fuel Loki’s desire for you. You can feel him smile against you as his lips gently find the nub of your clit, sucking ever so slightly, making you writhe and pant with the force of the sensation.
“Oh, I love that sound you make,” Loki murmurs against you, and you rut your hips against him, in desperate need of more friction. “Let me hear it again, love.” His voice is dark, his tone the perfect mixture of commanding and gentle. You would do anything he could ask of you, without a second though.
His tongue swivels around the nub of your clit, his pace slow enough to torture you, amplifying your need for more and still adding enough pressure to make the sweetest bliss sear through you, and another moan spills from the back of your throat while the grinding movement of your hips against his mouth grows more desperate with every swirl of his tongue. Loki is just as greedy as you are, lapping up your juices, the tip of his nose brushing against your clit every so often as he drags his tongue over your dripping folds.
Your grip in his hair tightens and you pull him closer against you, another plea for more, though this one is silent, swallowed by the sounds which continue to spill from your lips. Wholly unable to hold back any longer while Loki continues to fuck you with his tongue, building your climax –
The flood of memories ebbs, dissipating like fog by sunrise, and it’s only then that you realize you’re pinned to the ground, Loki hovering above you, his knees placed on either side of your hips. The second thing you realize is that the moan which just escaped you was a real one, conjured by the memories of the previous night, of Loki’s tongue playing with your swollen clit as skilfully as it spins his words.
“And let me tell you, you taste more divine than the sweetest nectar, my love,” Loki finishes his sentence with a slow drawl.
You give him a glare, the edges of which are softened by the heat scouring through you. You can feel the wetness between your thighs, how soaked your panties have become, the throb between your legs.
“What a view,” Loki grins, though you can see it in the blush tinting his pale cheeks, the feverish gleam in his darkened eyes, betraying that he’s just as aroused as you are.
“We both know I won,” you state as he rises back to his feet.
“And yet you’re the one on the ground.”
With the remaining dregs of strength left in your muscles, you lock your foot around his and pull. It’s a sight worth relishing, how the cocky grin on Loki’s face turns into an expression of surprise and his eyes widen as he realizes he’s made a mistake.
This time, it’s you who snickers as you roll on top of him to straddle him for the second time today.
“How the tables have turned,” you murmur, lacing your voice with the sticky sweetness of honey, and roll your hips against Loki’s.
“How about we call it a stalemate and move on to somewhere more private?”, Loki rasps, and his eyes flash with mischief. “Because after the sound you just made, there’s nothing I want more than to taste you again.”
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shedobewritingalittle · 2 days ago
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Summary: The reader is being haunted by the ghost of her lover. Set post-Infinity War.
Word Count: 1.1k
Rating: R
Warnings: Grief, mentions of suggestive touching, sadness, angst, mentions of death, depression
Tumblr media
She could still feel his touch.
It was ever-present, almost like he followed her wherever she went. Sometimes he would sneak up on her when she least expected it. She could feel the weight of his hands on her hips when she folded clothes or the feather-soft kisses he used to litter her neck with as she washed the dishes. She would swear that sometimes she could feel the way his fingers used to run through her hair or the way he would intertwine his fingers with hers or the brush of his lips against her skin.
At night, she could still feel the way his arms would wrap around her waist and the way he would nuzzle his nose into the crook of her neck. Sometimes she swore she could feel his breath against her skin. Other times, she could feel his hands slip under her shirt, resting on her stomach for a moment before slithering in opposite directions. She would let out a sharp gasp, expecting to feel more of him.
And then he'd be gone again.
She kept it to herself.
She didn't want to tell the others that she could still feel her partner sometimes. They were already worried about her, scared at what she might do in her newly founded loneliness. They hadn't even wanted her to live off of the compound so she would surely get that privilege taken away if they knew what she was going through.
She could see him out of the corner of her eye.
She would get a glimpse of him. She would see him turning a corner in her house or she could see the back of his head when she awoke in the morning. Sometimes she would see his hand resting beside hers or reaching out for the same object. She would get so excited and would turn her head, trying to catch him before he disappeared but he was never there. She had stopped calling out to him when she saw him public because all it got her were angry stares and worried glances.
Sometimes she could smell him.
It was a weird thing to admit, yet it still happened. That smell that she had been around for so long, that smell that was completely and utterly him would waft up into her nose and cause tears to form in her eyes almost immediately, as if it was a Pavlovian repose. Sometimes it was the oils he wound dab onto his skin, sometimes it was the leather that seemed to make up many of his outfits. Most of the time it was the scent of old books, a scent that did not belong to him, yet it reminded her of him nonetheless.
She swore she could hear him in the small home, moving around. When it would get really quiet, she would hear the soft sound of a book shutting or someone carefully, cautiously walking around. How many times had she gone out in search of those noises? How many times had she held her breath, hoping to hear more?
She could hear his voice.
It would usually happen when she was in that place between being awake and falling asleep. She could hear him humming beside her or hear him calling out her name, or if she was really lucky-she would hear his deep chuckle. It always made her heart ache in her chest and made eyes fill with tears. She would just stay still, not wanting to move an inch. His voice always felt off-like it was too deep or the cadence was all wrong.
He had invaded her mind completely, swallowing her whole.
Their greatest hits played on a loop in her mind, to the point where she felt the need to stay at home so she could savor them. She was afraid that the memories would start to get fuzzy as the days passed. How long would she remember them? How long would she be able to hold onto these snippets of him? They were all she had left
Not even her dreams offered refuge from him. He had seeped into them as well. The dreams would always start happy, but it would quickly shift. In almost every single one, he would meet his gruesome end and she would be forced to watch it over and over until she would finally awaken, her heart racing and drenched in her own sweat. The haunting images were imbedded in her brain and every time she shut her eyes, his lifeless ones would be staring right back at her.
She was at his ghost's mercy.
He was the only person she ever saw. The others tried to make contact, but she just copied and pasted the same message to them, afraid that if they came to visit he would leave, and if he left-well, she would be all alone.
I'm fine, I swear. Don't worry about me.
It was no way to live and she knew it, but at the same time she didn't want him to leave her. She was still holding onto him as much as he was holding onto her. All of the gifts he had given her, all of their pictures together, they were littered amongst the stars. Even his body, even him-she had no grave to visit, no where to mourn him. All she had were her memories and this phantom that seemed to trail behind her.
She didn't ask him to leave her alone nor did ask for him to give her a sign that he was actually there, that it wasn't just her mind playing the cruelest of tricks on her. She lived in that limbo, wondering if he was actually there or if her grief had caused her to lose it.
Tears would flow down her cheeks as the cycle would start again. The touches, the scents, the noises, the memories, his voice. It made her head swim with what-ifs and what could have beens. It made her chest ache and her shoulders shake with her sobs as the ghost tore her apart as quickly as she could put herself back together.
And then it would stop.
He would leave her for a day or two. He would ease up on her, making himself less apparent. She would start to build herself back up again. She would feel good, she'd feel better. She would find it in herself to clean around the small home, would find it in herself to get groceries from the nearby town and make herself an actually meal, something that would comfort her. For a day or two, she would think she was going to be okay, that she had finally broken the cycle. Maybe she would think about going to see her team and things would look bright.
That was when her ghost would decide to make himself known once again and she knew that she could say no, that she would push him away, but she could never say no to him.
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vespasianphantom · 2 days ago
It’s me, Professor - part three.
Tumblr media
DANGER AHEAD ; Smut, cursing, angst and some erotica reading.
My apartment was messy. My life was messy.
Whoever thought it was a great idea to sleep with your proffesor that you had to meet everyday was definetly down on some drugs. I saw Tom with a woman over a week ago.
I was walking down some unknown street, trying to clear my head of all bad and negative thoughts and what do i see? - the professor i have been fucking for the past two months was enjoying himself with a woman his age while drinking some expensive wine and looking at her with his dreamy eyes.
Ever since then i haven’t been going to my lit class. How am I supposed to face him while he was facing some other woman that looked 30? No thank you, i wasn’t even going to think about him ever again.
New students were always flooding in and this week was no different. My history class was full with scandinavian exchange students who all looked like snacks. Hate me all you want, but men can be disposable. So can women.
It was week two of ignoring my professor that i fucked and now he was fucking some old chick. I don’t even plan to be here when i’m thirty for fucks sake.
My phone rang. Turns out, if you miss more than two weeks of classes you need to meet up with your teacher and talk about some plans about you lessons. That’s just great.
I walked there, taking in all the yellow leaves. Fall was always my favourite season. The sweaters and boots and coats and raining and the cold weather.
He didn’t see me until i slightly cleared my throat. His head snapped towards my direction and his eyes were mysteriously surprised. I guess he wasn’t expecting me.
“Miss Jones, i wasn’t expecting you. I thought you left university.” He stood up and came closer to me so we can talk.
“I’m not here because i came to see you, i’m here because i want to drop this class and you need to talk about that to the principal so i can finally start school like a person.” I talked quickly and i handled it like a strong woman. No crying for him to come back to me, no begging on my knees and definetly no handsy gestures that can only mean i still like him.
“Why do you want to drop this class, miss Jones? Have i done something to upset you?” The crease between his two eyebrows was prominent more than before.
“I don’t think literature is the best subject for me.” I kept my voice calm and collected.
“I see.” I think he can see through my facade. I think he knows i know.
“I think you saw me doing something you think i shouldn’t have done. You saw me with her, didn’t you?” He now came even closer and put his hand on my cheek.
But this was even more unexpected.
He then slapped my cheek. And it stung. He took my face in his hand and made it known that he was mad.
“Ignoring me for two weeks, you know how hard my cock was? Thinking about you, and you nowhere to be found? It upset daddy how you left him alone puppy.” He coeed and let my face fall into his hand.
“Now you’re gonna let daddy punish you, aren’t you? Going to be a good girl now?” He grabbed a handful of your ass and slapped it hard.
“Yes sir”
“Now you’re going to listen. And you’re going to keep that mouth shut.”
He unzipped your pants and took them off. Your panties were now again exposed to him. He spread open your legs and grabbed his tie and tied your hands together behind your back.
He laid you down on his thick mahogany desk and spread your legs even further - so now, he could see everything.
You were waiting for his cold hands to touch your core but nothing came. You opened your eyes again and saw him looking through a book.
“This is my favourite part. Now shhh, and listen.” He said as he sat down in front of you, his face being dangerously close to you already hot core.
He started reading, but this wasn’t just any book. This was pure dirty erotica that made your insides squirm.
“He took her nipple into his mouth and suckled like a starved man. He lavished both of her tits before going down on her wet center. His tongue traces patterns into her wet pussy. His chin was wet with her juices. He loves the taste of her pussy. His fingers were in her mouth silencing her moans. Her hips buckled into my mouth, her sweet taste now being forever known by my tongue.”
I moaned and i couldn’t stop the begging coming out of my mouth. He was still looking at my clothed pussy. I still didn’t get why, but then it all made sense.
He wanted to see how wet i would get if he read erotica. That bloody bastard.
“Mmmm, you’re wet already. And the only thing i have done i read. What a slut… My slut, aren’t you?”
I mumbled a ‘yes’ and continued to beg for him to fuck me.
“Maybe i should. Do you think you can take my cock?” He started popping his buttons on his dress shirt while i was desperately shaking my head yes.
His hand pumped his thick length and then he aligned himself with your wet pussy. He thrusted his hips in and didn’t stop until you screamed for him to keep going until you came.
Breathless and sweaty you swear you could’ve seen stars. Toms shirtless body was soon cradling your head and whispering ‘what a good girl you’ve been’ into your ear. You could feel his stubble on the shell of your ear. And that was your last thought before you fell into deep slumber sitting in his lap, with his arms around you.
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gaitwae · 23 hours ago
Loki: you're the only one i'll ever love
Y/N: i'm pregnant
Loki: how dare you make me a liar
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wheredafandomat · a day ago
Green = Flashback
“Loki, give me the tesseract. You’re only making this harder on yourself” y/n said sternly walking towards Loki
“NO! Regardless of what you and your team of delinquents do, there’s no stopping him, there’s only the end”
“Loki, whatever it is that your scared of, we’ll sort it out together ok just give me the tesseract” y/n asked desperately getting closer to Loki
“Scared? I’m not scared and even if I was, a pathetic halfwit like yourself could never help me”
“Loki please don’t make me do this. If you don’t give up willingly, I’m going to have to hurt you and I do not want to do that Loki”
“You could never hurt me”
“Loki I’m not going to purposely hurt you and then lie and say it was Thor” y/n laughed playfully shoving Loki
“Please y/n. It’d be funny”
“Fineee. Can we at least go to the library so we can watch the sun set from the balcony”
“Race you”
“You’d choose them over me? THOSE ostentatious oafs over me?”
“This Loki isn’t my Loki. My Loki died. He is dead. He fought his brother on the rainbow bridge in Asgard and he died” y/n replied shakily trying to stop tears falling from her eyes
“Except he didn’t did he. DID HE?! Did you even wonder where I ended up when I fell? Did you mourn? DID YOU MOURN y/n?! Or did you ease your pain using my brother? I bet you two really comforted each other didn’t you?”
“Loki Stop”
“Did you think of me? Every time he’d hug you. Fuck you. Did you think of me?”
Shocked with her actions, y/n stepped back from Loki slightly
“The actions of a guilty harlot”
“And now you’re what? Some sort of superhero” Loki replied amused
“Loki give me the tesseract”
“Loki please, once the team get here I won’t be able to interfere. If you give me the tesseract now then I’ll ensure they go easy on you.”
“It wasn’t Loki”
“Y/N you don’t have to lie to protect Loki”
“Im not”
“So, why did you decide to pick a flower from the garden”
“I- um- I-“
“No need to go on dear I know it wasn’t you” Frigga replied taking the flower out of y/n’s hair
“Loki said that it was a gift. He said that the flower was magical and that it’d look really good in my hair so I let him tie it around my plaits. I didn’t know it was from your garden”
“Don’t worry y/n it’ll grow back”
After a short pause y/n began to speak again
“Will Loki be in trouble. I really don’t want Loki to be in trouble”
“He won’t be y/n, he’ll just be on garden duty for the next month”
“I’ll help” y/n replied cheerfully
“I don’t need your help you unsightly wench” Loki spat at y/n walking closer and closer to her
“You are the most beautiful, exquisite person I’ve ever seen”
“Loki stop”
“How I’m able to keep my hands off of you is beyond me”
“Shhh Loki we’re in public”
“I thought you liked it when we were in public”
“Not here Loki” y/n said blushing
“Well you liked it last week when you pleaded for me to untie your dress and take you in the hallway”
“I was feeling horn—”
“What about the time we were sitting in the gardens and you got on your knees and starting sucking my”
“Or the time I used my fingers to”
“Come on darling we’ll be quiet”
“QUIET” shouted a voice from behind y/n
“Brother. How nice of you to join us” Loki replied wrathfully
“Loki give us the tesseract, it’s over”
“Come to save your precious Jezebel?”
“Do not speak of y/n in that way Loki”
“Why not? That’s what she is isn’t she. I bet it didn’t take her long to move on”
And with that, Thor began to charge towards Loki, Mjollnir in hand”
“THOR STOP” y/n screamed desperately trying to separate the brothers
“Stay back” Thor said through gritted teeth fighting Loki
“I’d listen to the oaf if I were you”
Seeing that Thor was about to hit Loki with Mjollnir, Y/N quickly stepped in front of him
“Thor stop. Please”
“No I’m not going t—”
Y/N noticed that Thor wasn’t even holding Mjollnir anymore. What could he have been talking about?
“NOO!” Thor shouted as y/n fell back onto Loki
“Loki?” Y/N asked looking up at Loki, blood pouring relentlessly from her body
“I- oh god- Y/N!” Loki replied frantically holding her
“Loki what have you done?” Thor asked hopelessly trying to help Loki lay y/n down
“I- it was like I was in a trance- Y/N! Y/N STAY AWAKE. THOR GET HELP”
“I love you”
“I love me too Loki”
“Y/N honestly I really really love you”
“I know. I love you too”
Tumblr media
A/N: What did we think? Should I carry on? Does anyone have any suggestions or prompts for this or future fics? If so please feel free to message me or something. I am honestly so grateful for all likes, replies and reblogs 🖤🖤
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augusta-imperatrix · a day ago
Tumblr media
What if (see what I did there? :P ) What if Mobius' and Lokis little fight back in the TVA (EP 4) would've been a little more...physical?
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