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(Roleplay starter.)

*smiles at the mirror, fixing my early V-Day gift, a gold chain by which hangs a locket with a floral design and image of Loki’s helmet over a green background at its center* Hm. One can wish.*speaks to self while tightening it to collar size* My friend knows me well. If only I could have the chance to serve the god of mischief sexually for the rest of my life. If only…he truly existed. *sighs, looking out the window a bit sadly now*

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Virgin Island

Pairings : fem!reader!lokidaughter x PeterParker

Warnings : Language, fluff, virgin!reader, virgin!peter, smut,

Request : maybe a first time with peter parker and then black widow walks by and hears so in the morning when peter and y/n visits the compound she gets those virgin with a x over it cakes and everyone at the compound goes nuts.

Requested by @peeves6261427

Word Count : 2k

A/N :

Bro I loveeee thissss😭 I had to hop on it right away because I thought this would would so funny and cute! I hope I did your idea justice❤️


Originally posted by cmacchiato

It’s been 3 years since you arrived to this beautiful planet. And one since you had the pleasure of dating the most beautiful person on this planet. It was your and peters 1 year anniversary, and you’ve had this night planned out for months. Well, actually, he had this night planned out for months… but if anyone were to ask it was all you

   He arranged a walk through the park, even though it was nearly midnight, he knew you were a night owl. The darkness always seemed more beautiful to you a way, a way that he found oh so mesmerizing. He found a spot in the park were you could see nothing but stars, and the dark water of a small pond where he stopped for your picnic. There was takeout from that Thai place by his apartment which you fell in love with solely because he seemed to enjoy it so much. They’re were gummy were and grape soda, which was a guilty pleasure the two of you shared. And with that perfect night you two were back here.

  Laying under his tense body as the many candles he had set up around you flickered. His soft vanilla scent taking over all of your senses. You thought the night could get anymore better than a sweet picnic and stargazing, but he you were. Promising yourself to the boy you knew would the love of your life.

  You two had secretly planned this out without words. Subtly hinting at taking the next big step in your relationship.


At first Peter was nervous, he had never seen you completely naked, in fact the only girls he seen that were naked where on his phone at 2 in the morning when he was… frustrated. You hadn’t seen Peter completely naked either, but it’s not like either of you were completely oblivious. You both knew what sex was, you both knew what to do, but the idea of completely giving yourself away to each other was slightly frightening?

  What if you left him because he wasn’t good at it?

What if he left you because you because you weren’t good enough?

Tons of frightening thoughts, and questions would’ve been asked if anyone in this tower knew how to keep a secret. If Tony knew you two were planning on taking each other’s virginity he would’ve locked you each in separate rooms the second you stepped into the compound. If Thor knew, he’d tell your father and he’d probably murder Peter. If Nat or Wanda knew, they’d make a big deal out of it. And don’t even get started with Sam and Bucky-

  “T-this is okay right? I-I don’t want to pressure you into doing something that your not comfortable with…” he sighed, pulling his lips away from yours.

  “Y-yeah, it’s fine, my love.” You nodded, smiling up at the chocolate haired boy.

  You took in the way the candle light highlights each feature about him that sent you crazy. His soft smile, his brown eyes which he complained about sometimes. You didn’t understand why, they were beautiful. Better than any other set of eyes you had ever seen.

  “Are you sure?” He asked again, his heart racing in his chest.

“I love you, Peter.” You hummed, bringing both your hands to cup his cheeks. If the candles burned a little brighter you might’ve been able to see how hard he was blushing.

  “I love you, Y/N.” He replied, a silly smile plaster on his pretty lips.

  You two said the L word all the time. You said it first. It was out of the blue, but you felt like it had to be said. Your friend MJ had advised you to let Peter say it first, but you were impatient and truthfully it slipped. Peter didn’t even hesitate to say it back though. It’s was only 3 months into your relationship but it felt like years. And while hearing that you loved him was nearly and everyday thing, somehow it just felt a little extra special right now.

You each helped each other out of your date night clothing. Peter slipping out of his jeans and shirt, before pulling you skirt and panties down your legs. Your skirt was gone the second the door closed.

His fingers were already ghosting over your heat. He was aching to be inside already, thinking of how he’s been dreaming of the moment where he got to take you since the moment he realized he loved you.

    “Touch me, love.” He nearly melted right on top of you at the sound of your voice. The Asgardian accent wrapping around your every word, and the low sultry tone of your voice making you should so sensual.

  He places fingers along your heat, mouth dropping at how wet you were for him. Just for him. He slid his middle finger down your slit, collecting all of your juices as he brought himself back up to your clit. He applied just enough pressure for you to feel as he circled his finger slowly around your clit. Your body releasing a more sensual moan that you would usually. Something about this moment just made your body feel 1000 times more sensitive at his touch.

  “Holy shit,” peter groaned out as he worked his fingers around you. Throbbing in his own boxers as he tried to get you ready for him look he read on the websites for “sex for dummies”. It was him. The dummy was him.

   He ran his fingers back down your slit, slowly pressing into your hole, feeling as you clench around him almost immediately. You were already so tight around his fingers, you felt like pure heaven. It was when he insert a second finger that he truly realized how fucked he was. How was he even going to manage sex with you for more than a few seconds, because the way you felt around him right now just seemed like he was being set up for an embarrassingly quick finish.

  “Faster.” You moaned, into the warm vanilla candle scented air.

  “Right.” He obliged, his finger moving in and out of you at a pace that felt amazing for you. At first you were just trying to stall time… you were ready for him, just a bit scared. But at you felt him touch the hot spongy part inside of your cunt you felt ready again.

  You were basically a god.

This shouldn’t hurt as much as you read that it did online. It’d be okay? And those porn videos you and MJ watched didn’t seem like the girl was in pain. She seemed to enjoy having sex. Maybe this would a be a joy for you as it was for her.

You’re body tensed in a positive way as you felt that wave of pleasure wash over you from just his fingers.

“Oh my shit, Peter.” You sigh out, your hands finding their way to the curls you learned to adore. His cheeks burned a bright pink color, which you would’ve been able to see if the candles would’ve burned a little brighter. “I’m ready.” You nod, his eyes widening a little bit as if he was shocked by the statement.

“Like right now?” He asked and you nod. “Y/n- it might uhm, it might hurt… I mean, personally I don’t know because I don’t have a vagina and I’m a virgin, but-”

“Peter.” You smile, interrupting the rant that would’ve lasted maybe an hour or so before he realized what was happening.

“Sorry.” He sighed. “Okay, uhm, are you sure about this? Like actually?” He asked one last time.

“More sure than I’ve ever been about anything in my entire life.” You say softly, your fingers brushing lightly against his cheeks.

“Okay.” He nodded.

You felt him shift over you, his length now hovering above your heat. Your eyes were connected the entire time. The outside world not even existing in this moment for the two of you. It was just you and him. Him and you. His movements so gentle and carful as he grazed you clit with his tip.

“I’m ready.” Your voice was soft as you gave him a light nod.

He responded by pressing a kiss to your lips, keeping them they’re to muffle both of your noises as he slowly pressed into you. He didn’t stop until he bottomed out, moving his lips to your jawline. He was still allowing you to adjust. The stretch burning inside of you, feeling just a tiny bit pleasurable but the pain… you weren’t expecting it.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, trying so hard to keep himself together.

“Just, it just hurts a little.” You hum, trying to keep in the tears. “You can move now.”

He nods, slowly but only pulling out half way before slipping back into you. He lets out a quiet moan at how you unknowingly clenched around him. You mouth propped open letting out tiny moans as you slowly found pleasure in his slow movements.

“Faster.” You hum, the stretch inside of you causing a tiny bubble of heat to build in the pit of your stomach.

“Oh my god, you feel so good.” Peter moaned, his mouth right by your ear, making everything so much better. You let out a tiny high pitched mom as his hips picked up the pace.

“Fuck Peter, just like- ah, just like that.” You moaned, realizing this was so much better than him fingering you in an empty storage closet during PE.

And while the two of you had outstanding senses for whenever dangerous was coming, you still couldn’t sense the former assassin standing outside of the door. It was only 11 : 30 and she couldn’t sleep, she knew you stayed up late most of the time so she was going to ask how your night went with Peter and see if you were up to train for a bit. Her mouth dropped at the sounds of soft moans of each other’s names, her hand over her mouth as she tried not to burst into laughter.

You were only a little bit sore, hickey down you’re neck which you tried to hide. Last night left you even more in love with the brown haired superhero than you were ever before. It was like you had almost merge your souls, and now even looking at his tired face made you smile.

“Morning.” You smile, watching plopped back on the bed.

The whole tower knew the two of you were virgins. You both had sleep overs all the time, no one really questioned it. Well, only because they knew you were both virgins. If they heard what Natasha did last night, Tony and Loki would never let the two of you near each other again.

“Good morning.” He smiled holding his arms out for you. You had been awake for an hour, just watching his softened features before deciding to shower and get dressed before heading out for the day.

You pressed a soft kiss on his lips, which almost immediately drew you both into a deep hole of passion and lust.

“All avengers to the kitchen. Important celebrations await.” Nat’s voice spoke over the intercom that connect everyone’s rooms together.

You took your lips away from his, making his frown. You let out a soft giggle, pulling your body away from his. If you had a choice, you’d shut out the rest of the world, even if it was just for a day. You just wanted time with Peter, that’s all.

“Whose birthday did I forget?” Peter mumbled to himself.

“It’s no one birthday, maybe Tony created something again and wants to brag about it?” You shrug making him smile.

You both find the will to slip out of bed.

You were attached at the hip, his arm around you as you walked down the hall. You even found time to make out in the elevator, forgetting you were sharing a ride with Vision and Sam. By the time you reached the kitchen, they were more than pleased to be able to get away from the two of you. It was truly like no one existed when the two of you were together, it was always like that, this time… just magnified by a million.

“Whose birthday did I forget?” Tony came in, Pepper by his side. Everyone seemed to be in pajamas, including the two of you.

“It’s no ones birthday silly, this celebration is much more important than a birthday.” Nat smirked, gesturing everyone around the kitchen island. “Move you, rats. Let the children sit.” She shooed away Bucky and Loki who occupied the only two stools that resided by the countertops. You smiled, taking a seat at the stools, pressing a good morning kiss to your fathers cheek before you’re attention was returned to your mentor.

“Today is a special day for these two… well, actually yesterday was, but it’s the thought that counts right.” She hummed, making sure everyone’s eyes were faced towards the two of you.

“You remembered our anniversary?” You smiled at the sweet gesture.

“Your anni- oh, yeah… that was yesterday…” Nat hummed to herself before shrugging. She turned around opening the fridge, pulling out a decorated white cake. It looked to be homemade, but it was nicely planned out… from the side.

Your eyes widened once she placed it down.


“Oh ew-” Clint groaned, backing away from the counter. Peters hand was squeezing yours as he tensed, you felt like laughing but you felt the anger radiating from your father behind you.

The cake was a sweet gesture, you never heard and receiving a cake after having sex before. Telling from the looks of everyone else though, it wasn’t a normal thing.

“Congratulations!” Nat smiled, as your uncle laughed out at the corner of the counter.

“Oh my- the spiderling had sex with y/n!” He laughed as if everyone else’s needed it to be explained.

“It seems so…” Loki murmured, touching the fabric of a shirt he knew that was not yours.

“You two had sex?!” Tony yelped, an unhappy look on his face, as Steve stood besides Nat with a dropped jaw.

“We- uhm… no-ye- well, I don’t-” peter couldn’t seem to find the words to get out.

“You owe me 50!” Bucky smirked, pointing to Sam on the other side of the counter.

“You bet on them having sex?!” Tony growled towards the two.

“No!” Sam scoffed. “Yes… but only for last night.” He tried to save himself.

“Peter Parker…” Loki began, setting a hand on the back of your boyfriends chair. “You have a good 30 second head start.” Your father spoke, counting down from 30. Peters eyes went to Tony who was glaring at him the same way Loki was from behind.

“You better run kid.”

He eyes flew back to you as you tried holding in your laughs. You knew the two of them wouldn’t dare hurt a hair on peters perfect head. It was a scare tactic, and a really funny one you thought.

“Don’t die, my love.” You respond, making his eyes widened before you placing a quick kiss on his cheek before he bolted out of the room.

“Don’t give him a heart attack, please.” You turn to your father.

“I was only planning on ripping off his genitals-”

“Father no-”

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Thor: *is unconscious*


Loki: *is there*

Tony: Do your magical stuff

Loki: I’m not Loki *changes form into an old man with glasses*

Loki: See? I’m a philosopher


Loki: We are all going to die

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“to be honest, i just wanted a chance to look at the stars with you”


summary: loki shows you the stars

warnings: none

words: 600

authors note: i honestly have no idea how this app works (:

“To be honest, I just wanted a chance to look at the stars with you.”

“Well it’s very nice” She replies. This random act of kindness and affection was completely out of Loki’s habits, days with Loki normally meant running around causing mischief, this was different. 

They are both led on their backs, the damp grass clawing at their clothes, it causes her to shiver a little, he doesn’t notice. She wishes he does. 

“That one there, that one is the mouth of the wolf” he begins “it is named after the time when the wolf hunted the sun and moon” he looks to her hopefully but she shakes her head. Loki sighs and for a moment a clouded anger washes over his face. You can tell that he just wants her to listen to him, to look at the stars. 

“If you look just there” he continues, pointing to the speckled sky, she is too busy looking at the lights in his eyes to look at the stars. 

Loki realises that she is a lost cause and grabs her hand, it’s a new feeling for her and she instantly tries to pull away, his grip is too strong and her hand remains in his. 

“I know you’re not that interested, love, but just try to look for me?” he begs, he has wanted to show her the stars for months, he’s just never had the confidence. He leads her hand up to the sky, painting the shape of the wolf with her extended finger. 

A spark lights in her eyes and she lets out a squeal of glee. “Loki, I see it!”

“I knew you’d like it” he mumbles.

“Is that the only one?” she asks, she is desperate to see more, desperate to connect the dots.

“For tonight love, yes” he replies, swinging his arms around her shoulders to pull her closer. “You’re so cold” he mutters. 

“It is a little chilly, we have been out here for hours” she replies. Loki disappears from her view and she almost faceplants the floor, the stars have moved up the sky since they first led down and now the famous wolf constellation is directly above her head.

Loki is gone for a while, she spends her time rolling blades of dewy grass between her fingers, the night is peaceful. The crickets sing from the bushes and the owls make their calls from the trees. She marvels at the world’s music and lets it consume her. 

“I brought blankets” She is snapped from her meditation when Loki appears next to her. “And a Midgardian jumper” he speaks the last line with disgust, he obviously wasn’t in favor of the Midgardian jumper. Or anything Midgardian mind. 

He lays the blanket down beside her and she rolls onto it. He flings her the jumper and she pulls it comfortably over her head. It’s way too large for her and it collects in masses around her hands. 

The harsh coldness is halted, it has another two layers to break through now, and after a while, it gives up completely. She is warm and content, listening to the birds and wind as she leans against Loki’s chest, her eyes still on the sky.

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After at least one year of preparations, weeks of nagging and nitpicking and finally 50hours of rendering the Loki fanart is finished!! Now it moves and has a nice background.


The background is concept art by Craig Shoji. The staff was downloaded from GlitchTech on Thingiverse.

Since the if is heavily compressed (>40MB squeezed into 5MB) you might want to take a look at the full beauty here.

Work was done in cooperation with @kaitonz!

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As the World Caves in.

-> pt. 6

[PAIRING: Loki x Female Reader]

[SUMMARY: The one where Loki leaves you.]

[WORD COUNT: 1.2k]

[WARNINGS: Jerk Loki, feeling fearful, trauma, mentions of family issues]

[GENRE: Speculative fiction, magical realism, action/adventure, science fiction, fantasy, angst, slow burn]


There are whispers from all around. You curl yourself into a ball, looking up at Loki. He has a look on his face that you can’t quite read. It seems proud, but also blank. He’s catching his breath, still visibly frightened of what he saw. At least, you think it’s visible.

Lokis red eyes flick around at the giants, his people. He closes his mouth, standing up straighter. Glancing over at Queen Fárbauti, Loki nods briefly. 

Wow, no thanks or anything, you think, holding your arm to your chest, knowing that it will be bruised pretty soon from Loki’s rough handling. 

“We may resume our journey and return to Utgard,” Loki announces. He wastes no time in walking back over to the sleighs, pausing and glancing distastefully over his shoulder. “Come, mortal.” He sneers.

You scramble to your feet, not looking to be left behind, and run after Loki. 

He startles you with what he does next. 

“You will be travelling with your new friends,” He tells you, continuing with a sneer. “You seem to enjoy their company.” 

You suppress the urge to snap back at him, knowing that it isn’t worth it. 

He leaves you outside of a different sleigh, neglecting to help you inside, heading to his own. You’re left out in the bitter cold, alone, expecting to be killed.

Fortunately, the twins show up, this time, with another set of twins: A male and a female.

You’re kindly helped into the sleigh, surprised after expecting them to be harsh like Loki. Once you’re inside, you immediately surround yourself in the soft wool of a blanket that’s been strewn onto the floor.

Gjálp nods when she steps inside, apparently pleased. “Good. I was very concerned about you freezing to death.” She states casually. While you think it’s sweet that she cares, you also wonder if she could have worded it a little less grim.

The sleigh is reasonably crowded when you’re all crammed in together, but you manage. 

You peek over the top of your blanket, which is pulled up past your chin to maximize privacy and warmth. 

The new giants look different from most that you’ve seen. They’re the most human-looking giants that you’ve noticed, appearing smaller than most of the Jötnar you’ve seen. They have white hair rather than the usual black, and their markings are distinctive. You haven’t thought much about markings in general yet, you realize, and after glancing at Greip and Gjálp, you notice they have unique ones too. Their markings are more forest-like, comparable to vines.

Your staring ultimately draws attention, and Greip speaks up. “We have not introduced you, have we?” She asks. 

No. When would you have done that? You think to yourself. As an answer, you only shake your head.

She nods, motioning to the two new giants. “This is Hrossþjófr and Heiðr. They are companions of ours.”

You can only nod, too timid to get your voice to work, wondering why the two of them have white hair.

You must be gawking again, because the boy, Hrossþjófr, speaks.

“My sister and I have white hair because of our tribe. We are of the Stormr-Jötnar.”

You nod slowly. None of what he’s saying makes much sense. 

“It isn’t entirely impossible for Jötnar in other regions to have it. Though, it is much more prevalent along the coast,” Heiðr adds. 

You notice that Hross sounds remarkably similar to Loki, while Heiðr has a beautifully soft-spoken voice, her accent just as smooth.

“Ah, but having white hair is also believed to be an indicator of magical lineage, something not all regions are capable of,” Hross adds, his eyes twinkling mischievously. 

“The Stormr-Jötnar are very frivolous,” Gjálp continues, shaking her head at Hross. You’re unsure if shes annoyed or amused by his antics.

“How many tribes are there?” You finally speak.

“There are six,” Greip answers. “The Stormr-Jötnar, Skógr-Jötnar, Hrímþursar— Oh. You will not understand those names. In your language, there are the Storm Giants, the Forest Giants, the Frost Giants, the Cliff Giants, and the Canyon Giants.”

You nod, trying to take in all of the information being flung at you.

“Greip and I are Forest Giants,” Gjálp tells you. “Skógr-Jötnar. Loki Laufeyson is a Frost Giant. They are called Hrímþursar.”

Nodding, you ask another question, one that might be fruitless, but you need the answer to after witnessing what occurred in Halla Gallópnis. “What was his family like?”

“Very complicated,” Hross says, an amused look making its way onto his face. Greip smacks his arm, scolding him. In response, Hross throws his hands up in surrender. “I am not wrong, Dearest Greip! They’re all so dramatic!”

Gjálp nods, ignoring her sisters’ clear annoyance. “We’ve heard tales of Loki Laufeysons mother.”

“Like what?” You ask, curiously.

“Loki Laufeysons mother cared very deeply for him. She was small herself and had no problems raising him, even though he was a very tiny baby. His father was less pleased about his son’s size, but never refused to care for Loki. 

“The night that Odin Allfather took Loki was the same night that Loki Laufeysons mother was killed.”

You take a moment to let that sink in. His mother had cared for him but had been killed. Your heart stings with grief. Poor Loki.

“And on top of that,” Greip speaks up, moving away from Hross, seemingly over her annoyance. “Loki Laufeyson had cared for Frigga Allmother, who had claimed to be Loki’s mother.”

“She lied to him,” Gjálp says in a hushed voice, her eyes wide. She seems to find this situation very exciting and unusual. 

Oh, Loki, you think, sorrowfully. He’s been through so much yet he proceeds to keep up this harsh facade.

“His father was the worst,” Hrossþjófr muses, lounging back against the cushions. “He lied too,” He adds, nodding at Gjálp. “He loved lying to Loki Laufeyson. Once, he told Loki Inn-Illi that he was a Fossegrim, and—“

“That is not true!” Gjálp says, enraged by such a suggestion. “He did no such thing!”

You’re left to wonder what a Fossegrim is while you witness a quarrel break out between Gjálp and Hrossþjófr.

Hush, Gjálp,” Greip huffs in irritation. You notice a purplish tint on her cheeks and that she just sided with Hrossþjófr, rather than her sister. You decide to pocket that knowledge.

“There is also his brother,” Gjálp cuts in. “Thor Odinson. He is just as much a liar as his mother and father are,” She sneers. It seems astonishingly out of character, and you feel a sliver of fear. You’ve gotten too comfortable around them in such a short period. They could kill you easily.

You recollect what you’ve uncovered about Loki during the day, and even though all of Loki’s hostility, you begin to form a hatred for the King of Asgard.

Your vision becomes tinted with red and you clench your jaw, a fit of intense anger burning within you. Everyone notices the emotion. Gjálp opens her mouth to speak, a concerned and fearful look on her face.

“Dróttningarefni—-“ She starts, cutting herself off when Hross looks at her as if she’s insane, his red eyes going wide. 

You open your mouth to ask what that means but don’t get the chance to. Something doesn’t feel right. 

You feel something hit the side of the sleigh, sending it flying over the edge of a cliff due to the force. You’re flung forwards, crashing into the wall.

You don’t have any time to process the situation because you’re knocked unconscious, the world fading to black.

❛ ━━━━━━・❪ ❅ ❫・━━━━━━ ❜

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Pairing: Loki x reader
Summary: You’ve fallen for the trickster god, and have no idea that he’s done the same. When his attempts to keep you safe fail, you get into a huge fight. Will you be able to tell each other how you really feel, or is the rift too wide?
Warnings: mentions of blood; fluff and angst
A/N: This idea has been floating around in my head for a while, and it really took on a life of its own. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hope you enjoy it just as much :)

Tag List: @lucywrites02 @frostedgiant@lunarmoon8@twhiddlestonsstuff@lokistan@thelokiimaginechroniclesficrecs@gaitwae@whatafuckingdumbass@castiels-majestic-wings@kozkaboi@cozy-the-overlord


Disclaimer: Gif not mine

“Oh, come on, Loki,” you pouted as you helped him load up the Quinjet for the mission he was about to leave for. “I can handle myself.”

“Yes, I know, darling,” he replied with a sigh. “But this is going to be dangerous. I would feel much better knowing you were here, safe.”

“Fine,” you pouted as he took the box you were carrying from your hands.

You’d been having this argument all week. For some reason, Loki had been blocking you from going on more and more missions lately, but he went above and beyond this time. As soon as it had been announced, you’d volunteered to go. But then Loki went and talked to Steve to convince him his magic was necessary for the job and, from what you can tell, persuaded Cap that he should take your place.

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I like to think that they were in space for a couple months before IW and they got into all sorts of shenanigans. God, if I have money I’d pay for a series of Team Thor-like shorts based on them.

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Holding Out


A/N: This started as a tease and quickly turned into a one shot of smut. Enjoy!! And a big thank you to @lokifae42 for partnering with me to write this! You’re positively wonderful, dear!

Summary: Loki is determined to make you cum as many times as you can and you decide to challenge him.

Paring: Loki x you

Warnings: literally just smut, PWP, use of restraints, a bit of teasing.


Loki’s hands caress your thighs, his head in between them. His eyes glimmer with mischief. “You better hold on darling,” he smiles. “I’m going to make you come more times than you can count,” he growls.

You swallow back your gasp and try for a smirk. “I’d like to see you try, Mischief.”

Loki lifts his brows, “Would you like to make it a challenge, darling?” He asks with a purr.

“Hmm… I don’t know. Think you have what it takes?” You tilt your head, playing innocent.


My ride or die:

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hang the fuck on, would loki laufeyson listen to fka twigs???!!! why can i picture that so well? it make so much sense but at the same time it doesn’t make any sense at all. give me validation.

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Oh I’ve another little Loki storytime [n/sfw]

Now THIS person was so obsessed w Loki to the point where she had this little figurine (which I know doesn’t seem harmful at first, but wait)

That she. Inserted into herself. For her.. enjoyment. Upon which she would state HE enjoyed it too. (Mind you she seemed to believe Marvel’s Loki was real and tried to guilttrip people into rping Loki for her, it was a wild time and she got banned ofcourse)

SO YEAH. Fun times.

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Tony: I have that feeling that tells me there’s gonna be murder.

*Loki passes by*

Tony: Yep, there is it again.

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Title: “The Brotherly Love of Thor and Loki | Video Essay”

Title in image: “Hammers and Horns”


by Implicitly Pretentious on YouTube

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