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A/N: My second fic in less than a month, I am proud of my achievement. I'll be honest, there were times when I thought this fic was turning into a big pile of disgusting garbage and almost gave up on it a couple of times. But alas, I persevered and I think sometimes I have to trust the process, or in my case the chaotic horny mess that is my brain. Again, English is not my first language so if you see any mistakes, please be patient and kind, I can only wish to improve. Please enjoy!! Pairing: Loki x Female Reader Warnings: SMUT (Obviously). Soft!Loki, Sex pollen trope, oral, penetration…just your regular filthy smut fic with a hint of plot. Avengers IW never happened. Words: 6.8k.
When you started working at the Avengers compound you could never have guessed what your life there would be like. And indeed every day was a surprise. You were hired as part of the medical staff after Tony read your thesis about modern medicine applied to metahumans. From day one you have been part of Dr. Banner's team and you were over the moon. Your work consisted in finding new ways of healing wounds inflicted by non-conventional weapons on enhanced humans. It was a challenging job that kept you on your feet and you loved it. And being so close to the almighty heroes almost made you feel one as well. One could dream.
In the span of a month you met most of the Avengers. They were nice and always grateful of your assistance. Captain America was polite and stoic, trying to be helpful in any way he could. Peter Parker always stammered and fidgeted while you looked at his wounds, something you found endearing. Bucky Burnes flirted with everyone. The Falcon told terrible jokes that made you cry from laughter and Thor was so gallant in an old-fashion way that you almost felt as a maiden healing a White Knight.
And then there was Loki.
The first time you met the Asgardian prince you felt intimidated. Even though you already met the great earth protectors, Loki was something else.
He was tall. But that was not it. Thor was a big guy, for sure, but there was something about Loki that made you feel small. Maybe it was his gaze, cold and curious. Maybe how long and lean his limbs were. Maybe it was the asgardian outfit that made him look so regal. Maybe that voice, deep and seductive that made your knees quiver. Not that he talked much, he mostly kept to himself and never stayed in the lab much. Something about being a magical entity from another planet; he never got badly injured and was in and out without much fuss. And he really seemed to dislike you in some way, because when you tried to patch his wounds he always looked bothered. When you tried to get a closer look to one of his cuts, he always backed up uncomfortable. You tried to make conversation, to make things less awkward, but he merely responded with monosyllables and walked away as fast as he could.
He was a creature of mystery and he certainly intrigued you. You made your utmost effort to make Loki open a little bit. But he was incredibly guarded.
So when you arrived first thing in the morning to the medical floor and found Loki there, to say you were shocked was the understatement of the century. He was leaning against one of the shelves, hands in his pockets and tapping his feet as if he was growing impatient. When he looked up and found you there, you saw something even more shocking.
He smiled at you.
-Hello- You said tentatively, as if you weren't sure he was standing there, in the middle of the lab. More specifically, in your side of the lab. -Hello… Dr y/n l/n Right? - He bowed his head almost imperceptibly as he kept smiling at you. A small, soft smile that you'd have never expected coming from him.
-Call me y/n, please. Besides, it's not like we are strangers. - You were sure to see a slight hint of a blush on his cheeks before turning away from you, looking at some of the papers you had on your desk. -Yes, well… we were never properly introduced and it never seemed like the right moment when you were working. - He fidgeted with the documents and tossed them back against the cold surface of your desk.
-Well then, nice to meet you again Loki. - You realized that it was your first time adressing him in a first name basis. He turned around and looked at you lost for words, but he regained his composure in a blink of an eye.
-Bruce was talking the other day on the jet about some of your research, about new methods of healing metahumans. I thought then that I could be of assistance.
This was by far the first time you've heard Loki talk that much to anyone. He usually looked at you in what seemed annoyance. So now you were lost for a moment in what was happening. The God of Mischief talking to you? Offering help? Were you high on something?.
You looked at the cup of coffee in your hand, as it contained all those answers, then back at him in what you were sure was the most skeptical glare you've ever given to anyone. Ever. Loki's little smile faded and he tilted his head, as if he was trying to convey that it was your turn to talk. After a silence that lasted two seconds too long you snapped out of your musings.
-Em… Sure. How exactly? - You walked towards him and again, you felt a little out of place. At your own lab. What was about his presence that was so menacing and enticing at the same time?.
-While Thor trained with my father, I spent most of the time learning from my mother. Magic, enchantments… but also different ways of healing different ailments. Botany, herbalism, potions… You name it, I've studied it. I think I could make myself useful to you.- There was pride in his tone, boast… But also joy and endearment in that memory.
-Why are you offering your help? -That might have sounded a bit severe because that little smile that you were starting to like, really like, disappeared from his features and he looked down, all that confidence he exuded evaporating in less than a second. -I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound harsh. Is just that your offer first thing in the morning was the last thing I expected for today. Or ever. -As he sensed humor in your voice he straightened up, a little less confident this time.
-My brother and I had a talk… he advised me to present myself to be more useful for the team. -That sounded very noble and you didn't notice any trace of sarcasm in his words. But you had the feeling that that was a half-truth at best. But he was offering thousands of years of otherworldly advice and who was the idiot to refuse that kind of knowledge?
Turns out you were the idiot. The biggest idiot in the galaxy.
Loki's help turned out to be extremely valuable. He really had knowledge not only about earth modern medicine or Asgard medicine, but all you could ever imagine and more. And he really seemed eager to be in the lab and help.
It started with some briefings about your research, and Loki was blithely filling some of the blanks. His explanations were educational and very entertaining. It totally re-shaped some of your theories and you were really grateful for all the input he was sharing with you. After a couple of days you told him that you had enough information and that you didn't want to waste more of his time, but he then had the brilliant idea of retrieving samples of medicinal plants and other biological material that could help from missions and some of his travels. And by the second week you found yourself in a unique routine with Loki: Early in the morning, most of the time a bit before your shift started, Loki was already in the lab next to your desk coffee in hand. How did he know how you liked your coffee you never dared to ask. At first you just had to repress your laugh because it was so funny to see the very important royal prince of Asgard in just casual attire and a lab coat. Or it would have been funny if he didn't look so cute in it.
The white coat really suited his tall frame. There were times were concentrating was a hard task in itself because, how dare he look so good? That would not matter if it wasn't for the fact that you just discovered that you had a thing for big, strong, elegant hands like the ones Loki brushed constantly against your arm every time he wanted to show you something. Or how he sometimes leaned in a little too close to say something to your ear and that voice, that accent made you almost purr.
All of this would definitely be funny, but it really, really wasn't. Because turns out the taciturn, arrogant and secretive prince you met weeks ago was a sweet, charming, a little bit too cocky and extremely attractive man you enjoyed way too much working with.
As the weeks went on the pattern continued: he would explain how the last mission went, some of the details you could need and then you two would spend most of the day examining samples under the microscope or running some simulations on the computer. Loki would always stay near, which was reasonable because you spend all this time sharing information and hypothesis. But sometimes you feared it was too near, especially after a long day where you would be tired and the temptation to lean in and get lost in how well he smelled was getting out of your control. By the end of the fourth week you were finishing your days with cold showers and it was starting to become embarrassing. You just wish Loki didn't notice anything.
Because boy you had it bad.
The next week started with the Avengers going to some remote location to fight a small army of very dangerous aliens. So you knew you'd spend the day alone and you felt relief, because any day now you were sure you'll combust at his mere presence and today at least you were going to be able to work unbothered. But on the other hand, you missed him because you really enjoyed his sense of humor, or how he looked at you, eyes full of wonder, as you tried to explain something you had realized that day.
Again, you had it really, really bad.
Good thing you loved your work and the high-tech lab Stark provided. You spent the day taking test after test, which usually kept your mind focused. Before you could finish the last one of the day it was already dark outside and you planned to end your shift soon.
As you were writing down the lasts results and making some notes, Thor stormed in the lab making you jump out of your chair. He seemed out of breath, something you deemed impossible for the God of Thunder, and before you could ask what he was doing there he was grabbing you by the shoulders telling you that Loki was extremely ill and in need of your assistance.
-Thor, calm down. What happened? - He was scaring you looking so worried, grasping at your lab coat a bit too hard. -Loki was explaining that he knew about a very exotic medicinal flower he insisted you could use for your research. We found a big field full of them and as he was about to grab some there was an explosion. -Oh God, is he ok? Is he bleeding?- Millions of scenarios flooded your mind as you felt a heaviness forming on your chest. -The explosion is not the issue. It nocked him out momentarily, but he was fine. The blast destroyed most of the flower field and there was pollen everywhere. Loki was covered head to toe and he seemed to react badly to it. -Thor you're scaring me. An allergic reaction? Is that it? I'm sure a strong asgardian god as your brother can overcome something that benign.- You exhaled in relief. Loki was alive. He only needed antihistamine, at most.
Or so you thought.
Thor insisted he needed your help and led you to the other wing on the medical floor. You were taken aback when you noticed Thor was leading you passed the main hall and took you to the isolation rooms, where quarantines were conducted. The rooms were all white, with one of the walls clear so you could see the inside without stepping in. There, you found Loki sitting on the bed as you've never seen him. Disheveled, his alabaster skin blushing red and looking damp. His always pristine asgardian suit was wrinkled and the top completely opened, showing his chest and abs glistening with sweat. He looked feverish and you started to worry as he looked at you and panic took over his features.
-Thor, what is she doing here!? - Was he mad? You came here to help. You were dragged here to help. -I was told you needed my help. That you had a terrible allergic reaction? - If looks could kill Thor would have been exterminated in a blast of fury. Loki stood up and walk across the room. He then hit his fist against the translucent wall, making you take a step back. Thanks for Stark and his technology that could stand the rage of an alien God. -I told you I didn't want her here. Get. Her. OUT. NOW.- Now you knew something was wrong. You've never seen Loki so angry. So out of his mind.
And so afraid.
-Ok. What is happening here. What is that no one is telling me?.- You were looking at the both of them. Thor was chewing his lower lip as he tried to prevent something coming out of his mouth and Loki looked like he was planning both of your murders. -The reaction Loki is having… in not a common allergic reaction.- Thor was whispering at you, as if Loki wasn't clearly able to hear the both of you. -Thor shut up.- Loki kept pacing the room like a predator in a cage.
-Loki she could help you, you know what could happen if you don't… -Thor sounded worried as he tried to appeal to his brother. Your head was spinning with their interaction and the hundreds of scenarios. Was Loki poisoned in some way? Was it a biological weapon in disguise that attacked him? -I'd rather die than get help FROM HER.- And that made your racing mind go blank.
All this time spending time together, falling for his smiles, his light touches and the way his musical voice asked for your advice… And now the only thing he seemed to want was to get rid of you, as if your presence caused him disgust. He kept avoiding your eyes and after that outburst, he walked back to the bed, sitting with his hands covering his face.
You started to walk out back to the hall, but you didn't get far before Thor caught up with you and grabbed your arm.
-He really needs your help y/n.- Thor implored you as you tried to walk pass him. -He doesn't think the same Thor, and his botanical knowledge is vast. I'll bring Dr. Banner and the technicians to run tests on him. I'm sure he'll be fine.- As you tried to walk away, Thor stood in your way. -I know what kind of plant Loki was looking at. Is a common flower in Asgard an Norns knows how it got here on earth. -You could have started there! We could draw some blood and try to synthesize an antidote or… -But from Thor expression you knew that something was amiss. -Thor, please. What are you not telling me? -The flower in question is called Pāravaśyam. In small doses, it helps increase blood flow, which helps in some healing processes. It also can help steady heart rate. But… -…But Loki didn't get a small dose. -No, he didn't. The dose he absorbed was extremely high, and the effects are dangerous if not taken the correct course.
-In that amount, what would happen to him?
-In big doses Pāravaśyam is used as an… how you call it here on earth… Viagra?
-Beg your pardon?- Sure you didn't hear him right. Besides Thor was so new to Earth sure he was confused. In no way he meant…
-Viagra? The blue pills that get manhoods engorged and full of lust for hours?- Ok. Wow. You had so many questions. First, how on earth did Thor know so much about Viagra? But second, and most importantly… All of this was because Loki was, for a lack of a better term… horny? -Are you telling me that Loki is… -Engorged and full of lust? Yes. -I don't know if asgardians know about this, but here on earth we do a thing called "masturbation". Maybe I should bring a book full of instructions for your brother.- You really tried your best not to laugh. But then you thought about Thor's fearful expression and Loki's reaction after he saw you. And by Thor's unamused reaction you knew there was something else. -Y/n I'm afraid that won't suffice. Some asgardians plants have some sort of magic in them, and Pāravaśyam is no exception. Sexual release might relieve the symptoms, but the only thing that can cure the… condition is to breed with a beloved person.
After that you went silent. Your head full of white noise. Thor looked at you as he expected some kind of reaction, but you didn't know what to think. You tried to push the images the word "breed" elicited to your mind. Loki was nice to you, he saw you as a colleague, as a lab partner. But did he care about you? In any sense that matter?
-Thor, Loki is only helping me with research.- Your voice was so small, like you were talking only to yourself. -You mortals can be as thick as a Kronan. Why do you think Loki asked to help you in the lab?- Thor looked exasperated now, like this conversation was taking a toll on him. -You asked him to. -Thor's chuckle was not completely humorless, but it didn't reach his eyes as his laugh usually did. -¿So that's what he told you huh?. Please y/n. Just go and try to talk to him. His condition will only get worse and it could be fatal. If it's not you, somebody has to help him.
"Help him". That's a way to put it.
With that, Thor walked away, leaving you with so many thoughts and so many questions. You looked back, and in what you perceived as slow motion you went back to Loki's room.
He was still sitting on the bed, elbows on his knees and head down his hands. You saw his shoulders twitch and you knew he was aware of your presence. But he kept his head down.
-I told you to leave.- Her voice was low and threatening, catching you off guard for a second. -Thor told me about the flower. About the pollen.- You started to close your distance, closing the space between you and the clear wall of Loki's room. -Thor doesn't know what he is talking about. -Well, he told me about your… your situation.
Thor words echoed in your head: "Engorged and full of lust". You closed your eyes as if it could erase the painfully explicit image that formed in your mind. Damn the God of Thunder.
Your hand instinctively reached to touch the wall, as if somewhat you could appease Loki through the thick crystal. Lokis hands gripped the mattress as if the gesture pained him.
-Please, don't come any closer. -He still didn't look up, and you could see now up close that his hands were trembling. -Loki I just want to help. Thor asked me to help you. - The palm of your hand touched the cold surface, and Loki finally looked at you.
His jaw clenched, forehead full of droplets of sweat. His shoulders were up to his ears and his knuckles white gripping the sheets with so much force it was a miracle they hadn't shredded. His pupils were almost completely blown out, barely showing the blue in his eyes. If you could decipher the way he looked at you it would be with hunger. So much hunger.
-I said, don't come any closer. I…I can feel you through the wall. Please y/n… leave. -Why did you offer to help me in the lab? - Loki blinked several times, taken aback by your question. Lips pressed together, it doesn't take long before his eyes dart to the floor again. He realized that you have talked to Thor, and norns only knew what he had told you. -I told you about that my knowledge… that I wanted… -Loki stammered, unable to read your expression because he could only think of one thing.
And is all the things he wants to do to you.
-Thor didn't ask you to, did he?. - Looking at him, seeing Thor's reaction earlier, remembering the first time you saw Loki in the lab… You knew in that moment that Loki's motivation to help you wasn't the selfless reasoning he gave you that first day. You just saw that so clearly now. -I wanted to help you.- His hands stopped grabbing the fabric to end again covering his face. And that bothered you so much because all you wanted was to see his reaction. To see what he was feeling.
To see him look at you with so much desire again.
-Why did you tell me that the first day? Why lie?. -You would have asked about my reasons. And lying was the preferable option. -Loki, what was the reason… -Because I wanted to spend time with you. Because every time I ended in your table examining my injuries, asking me questions all I could think about was how soft and small your hands were, and how good it would feel having them all over me. How sweet your voice sounded or how you always smelled like orange blossom and that drove me insane. So I offered you my help under false pretense. I thought spending time with you would alleviate my infatuation, but I was so wrong. The way you smiled when you explained some detail about your work, or how you bit your lip when you were frustrated. It was the most delicious, beautiful torture I've ever endured in my long life.- He looked up, his pained expression, making a knot in the pit of your stomach. -This is humiliating. This is not how you were supposed to find out. I wanted to ask you out, court you properly… and now… please y/n. Just leave.
And there you were, all this time thinking you were alone in your feelings. You felt elated to know Loki felt this way about you, but you knew that this confession, it was all wrong. He didn't want you to know about this. He felt exposed and vulnerable. He wasn't himself, he was under the influence of some cosmic toxin and he was suffering. And you didn't know how you could, or if you could. But you really wanted to offer some comfort.
So you walked towards the door, slowly turning the knob.
When you entered the room the first thing to hit you was the smell. It smelled like Loki: fresh peppermint, sweet spices and leather… but so much more intense. It was intoxicating. You felt the immediate need to press your thighs together, but you ignored it. Loki jumped out of the bed, walking backwards until his body was pressed against the furthest wall from you. He kept his hands in his back, as if he was afraid he could reach you from there. His breathing turned more elaborate and all you wanted was to end his misery.
-Y/n, please just… - He looks so concerned, so contrite.
Is he afraid of you… or for you?
You stepped closer, slowly. You knew what he needed. And your body ached to touch him, to hug him, to make him feel better. You feared that your intentions weren't selfless, you have been attracted to him for weeks and now he needed you, your body, and even though you saw him at the brink of hyperventilation, trying his best to remain in control… you just wanted him. You craved for him. Knowing that you were the only cure, for him to consume you, to satiate his lust for you was making your core ache.
-Please y/n, don't come any closer. I…I can smell your skin, I can almost taste it from here. I don't know what is going to happen if you touch me. I don't want to hurt you. I… -But his voice died in his throat as you cupped his cheek with your hand, your thumb feeling the soft skin under his eye. -You won't hurt me. Let me help you Loki.
Your voice was merely a whisper as you close the distance, pressing your chest against his. You felt his erection against your belly, his length pulsating against you even through all the layers of clothing. You stood on your tiptoes and brushed your lips against his, barely touching them. You were waiting for his reaction, for him to push you away.
But in a swift movement your back was against the wall and Loki was pining your wrists above your head. Before you could wrap your head about what just happened his mouth was on yours kissing you hard, his tongue demanding and his teeth pulling your lower lip making you gasp. His mouth was divine, his tongue moving expertly like he could not get enough of your taste. Before you could catch your breath, his hand found the hem of your t-shirt. It rested flat against your stomach and stayed there, his fingers flexing slightly. His lips started a trail its way from your mouth to your ear. He then sucked, hard, against the skin below. His breath was hot and you could hear a lump in his throat, his voice struggling to come out.
-Y/N… tell me you are sure. Tell me you want this… because I'm afraid I won't be able to stop If I keep touching you like this.- His voice was so soft but so full with need it made your core clench, feeling empty and desperate. Even in his state he still cared about you, enough to make you feel safe. He still needed your consent. He needed to know you wanted this. Him.
That somehow made you dizzy with desire.
-Yes, Loki. Take me… please.
With that you kissed him again, relishing on how soft his lips were, on how good he tasted. His hands went up under your shirt grabbing your breast firmly, wasting no time in pulling down your bra and palming them until your nipples were hard. Your head was spinning feeling his body so pressed to yours, his touch everywhere and his mouth relentless. His lips travelled from your mouth to your neck, sucking and biting so hard that you were sure he was leaving all kinds of marks on your sensitive skin.
Once his mouth found the collar of your t-shirt, his hands ripped it in half in one swift movement, exposing the warm skin of your chest to the cold air of the room. He then buried his face against your breast, his tongue tasting your skin. You arched your back trying to feel more of him and he took the opportunity for his hands to find the hook of your bra and tearing it off. He started to lick long and slow strokes, first one breast and then the other over and over again. His tongue was adamant against your nipples, swirling and lapping every inch of you, making you roll your eyes back as pleasure invaded your senses. His hands descended to your waist, pinning you in place as you felt his body descend and falling to his knees.
Loki was on his knees, in front of you. That was a sight you'd treasure forever.
His hands were gripping your waist before his fingers found the button of your jeans. Without taking his eyes from you he undid your button and you heard the metallic clicking of the zipper. His mouth was on your navel, nibbling his way to your exposed hip bone while his hands tore off your trousers and the rest of your underwear, discarding them with the rest of your now destroyed outfit. You felt his gaze roaming all over your exposed body, taking you in, and you started to feel a little bit self-conscious, your hands instinctively trying to cover yourself before Loki stopped them.
-You are so fucking beautiful. - His eyes never left yours, his face so closed you could feel his breath against your belly button. -Your mind is full of toxins and I'm pretty sure your judgment is clouded.- How did you manage to speak a full sentence in that moment was a mystery, You guessed the logical part of your brain never slept. -I always thought you were stunning. So alluring and so sweet… And I always wondered if you tasted as sweet as you looked.
And without any warning his hands grabbed your hips and his mouth was on you. His lips parted your folds and his tongue started lapping fervently, flattened tasting everything in its path. You felt your knees quivering on the verge of giving up as your mouth fell open in a silent cry. Lucky for you Loki had superhuman strength and had you pinned to the wall keeping you at place. His tongue swirled rapidly around your clit and that feeling followed by the wet and obscene sounds he was making while eating you, were making your head spin and your hands grabbed his head for support. The moment his mouth started sucking, his tongued never leaving your clit, you felt the familiar knot forming inside you tensing fast. You were a panting mess, and every flick of Loki's expert tongue getting you closer to your release.
The moment his lips sucked hard on your swollen clit your body snapped, shaking uncontrollably, your orgasm so intense that you could only feel your core clenching, asking for more as the wave of pleasure travelled through your body like fire kissing your skin. And it lasted so long, too long, because Loki refused to stop his movements. Even when the sensation verged on overstimulation. Your mind went blank for one second, eyelids still full of fireworks when you felt your feet not touching the floor anymore, and your body being moved carefully.
You were still trying to steady your breathing when you felt your back touch something soft. When you opened your eyes you saw Loki, taking off his clothing harshly, almost ripping it off his skin before joining you in the bed. He positioned himself above you, his hands partying your legs, kneeling before you. That's when your eyes found his cock, big and dripping with precum. His head was dark pink and looked smooth to the touch. Your hand thought so too because it wasted no time in grabbing him and feeling it pulsate against your hand. The moan that escape his throat was obscene and went directly to the apex of your thighs making you even more soaked.
Before you could move your hand so he'd make that sound again, he grabbed it and kissed your palm. You were almost sure you felt his smile against your skin before he lowered himself and kissed you, his lips devouring yours as you still tasted yourself on his tongue. You were giddy with lust, craving to feel his cock buried deep inside you. His tip found your wet lips and you whined, longing to feel more of him. He stopped kissing you and you felt his mouth descend to your shoulder, peppering kisses everywhere in its path. Your hands started to caress his back and that's when you noticed he was trembling. His whole body was shaking.
Loki was holding back.
-Loki… -You felt him tensing at the sound of your voice, his cock twitching against you. His face still hidden in your neck. -Tell me this is ok y/n. Please… tell me you want to be mine.- His voice was merely a whisper struggling to come out and your heart expanded almost bursting your chest. Even in his state, even after devouring you five minutes ago and giving you a Richter's scale 10 orgasm, he was pleading you, still needing to make sure you were ok.
You took his face between your hands and looked at him. His eyebrows were almost touching, knotted with worry and his eyes glistening. He was in agony, so close to you and yet not allowing himself to lose control.
-Y/n… please- His voice was hoarse, barely a whisper.. You could hear him all day calling your name like that. But today was not that day. -Yes, Loki… I'm yours.
He positioned himself and started entering you, inch by inch, streaching you like you've never been before in an agonizing slow pace until he was buried inside you. You cried at the sensation, overwhelming and intense as he made you feel completely full. The pleasure was mixed with a little pain and you were gasping, trying to take everything he was giving you. His forehead was against your shoulder, as if he was trying to hide his pleasure from you. Both of you remained still, Loki trying really hard to give you time. By the way he was breathing you were sure he was at the brink of snapping and fucking you with his full force. Your cunt was gripping him hard and as the pain subsided your hips started moving of their own volition.
-Fuck y/n.. you are so tight… I can't…
With that he started moving. He proceeded to remove himself entirely to rapidly thrust inside you hard. At first his rhythm was languid, relishing on the raw sensation of his member teasing your narrow slit, entering you slowly making you whimper. But his need for you was getting more desperate, the overwhealming feeling of your naked form pressed against him, your hands gripping his shoulders, your moans filling his ears, it was all too much. And by the sounds he was making, and how he whispered your name like a prayer against your neck, you knew he needed release. Gripping your knees, he opened your legs completely wide and started pounding deeper, frantically, reaching a spot inside you that made your head spin. You felt the familiar coil in your lower belly building again fast. Your hips started rolling against his, looking for even more friction, to reach your release that was burning your nerves in the most exquisite and tortuous way. You felt his cock twitching and you knew he was close too.
-Y/n… I'm not gonna last, I need you to come now- He was struggling to talk, plunging into you with so much force you could hardly realize what he was telling you. One of his hands reached down, barely rubbing your clit, once, twice before making you scream his name. -Loki I'm coming, ImcommingImcommingImcommingImcomming… GOD!
Your back arched as you felt your body combust. Your core was clenching hard in your release, making Loki come hard, thrusting into you mercilessly prolonging your orgasm. You felt him spilling inside you while he kept moving in long strokes without slowing down. That brought another devastating wave of pleasure that ripped you apart. You felt all the nerves in your body going on overdrive. And then your brain was suddenly filled with white noise.
When you returned to earth the first thing you noticed was that Loki was heavy. Not that you were complaining, his weight covering you was something you found comforting. His forehead pressed against your collarbone, you noticed his breathing going back to normal. You felt lightheaded and in a weird state of bliss. Both of you were silent, recovering your breaths and you found yourself starting to worry. Now that he got the toxin out of his system, would he regret it? What if he thought you took advantage of his vulnerable situation? All the things he said before… was that the pollen? Was it him? Both?
-I can hear you thinking from here. - At some point between your musings he lifted his head so he could look at you. His eyes drifted to your lips and his finger brushed the lower lip that you unconsciously were biting.
And then the silence crept again. He was looking for you, waiting for you to say something. Were you supposed to say something? What was supposed to be said in this situation? You've never had life or death poisonous flower induced sex before.
-Did I hurt you? - His eyes were darting across your features, as if he could fathom what were you feeling.
You shook your head, your voiced trapped in your throat. He looked at you, sadness covering his features and you started to panic.
-You regret it, is that it? - It was more an affirmation than a question, and you felt his body trying to move away from you. Now that you have discovered how amazing his body felt pressed to yours, how amazing he smelled even after all the sweating and… No. You were not having any of that.
So before he could move you wrapped your legs around his hips. A long sigh escaped his lips as his eyes were again on you.
-I don't regret it Loki… it's just… -He looked somewhat confused and hopeful while you searched for the right words. How he could look so adorable after fucking you senseless was a gift from the ancient Gods of Asgard, you were sure of it. -What? You didn't like it?
That took you by surprised and you supressed a laugh. "Like it" could not cover the mind-blowing ecstasy he had given you. You took a long breath, trying to gather your thoughts. He needed answers. You needed answers. And it was truly distracting how beautiful he looked, head against your chest with big blue puppy eyes.
-I think I was quite clear in showing how much I was enjoying myself-His chuckle vibrated through your chest and you smiled, because how dare he doubt anything after what he did to you. -So what is it then? -Well… lets say this is not how I pictured our first kiss to be like. Or the first time we slept together. Or our first anything really. If anyone this morning would have told me that by the end of the day I'll be having crazy-monkey-flower-induced sex with you in one of the isolation chambers I would have called security.
His whole body relaxed against you as he propped himself with his elbows, hovering over you, noses brushing and you could see his smile wide and with a hint of mischief.
-Oh, but you have pictured me seducing you? - It was impossible not to blush as he smirked at you playfully. -Erm…
You turned your head, unable to meet his gaze, feeling a rush of shyness. One thing was being fucked into oblivion to safe his life, and the other was to confess that you have been harboring feelings for him for weeks, daydreaming about his small smiles and light touches. He grabbed your chin making you face him again, his thumb brushing under your jaw.
-I imagined fucking you on your desk every day for the last two weeks. I was hoping to ask you on a date after we arrived from our mission. But then… -His thumb released your lower lip again from your teeth and you smiled at him.
So at the end you both were idiots falling for the other. For weeks.
-Was it as good as you imagined? - Your arms embraced him, a wide smile spreading across your face. It was weird how much you were enjoying this new intimacy. -So, so much better. - This time he kissed you gently, taking his time as his fingers brushed against your cheeks. -Would you allow me to court you properly?- You sighed blissfully. Who would have thought that the God of Mischief was so soft. -I'd love to. But I'm afraid that we can't keep working together. -Why is that? - His eyebrows almost touched his hairline as he looked at you confused. -Well…for starts, I could never concentrate working on my desk next to you ever again.
And with a big smile he kissed you again.
People asked me to tag them WHAT: @andromedaa-tonks @donaweasley @mochie85 @sarahscribbles
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ashdreams2023 · 17 hours ago
Summary: you help Loki get rid of his little problem when he’s sick
Warning: handjob, blowjob
"Goodness your temperature is so high, what were you thinking?"
Loki coughed in his hand "I’m a frost giant, this wasn’t supposed to happen to begin with!" He coughed again.
"Yeah, yeah…take the medicine Bruce take you and go to sleep already" he groaned, it was still early at night but his body was literally on fire.
"Stay with me then" he said.
"I’m not going anywhere, I’ll be right here when you wake up" you brushed strands of hair off of his warm face. Loki melted into your touch then nodded his head.
You’ve never see him sick like this before, usually colds were just not affective on his body much like Thor but you guess being left in frozen water for more than 12 hours can take a troll on you.
The night was long, you stayed scrolling on your phone and checking his temperature every once in a a while till you felt sleepy yourself and closed the lights.
It was around one in the morning when you heard shuffling beside you, with tired eyes you turned around and found Loki staring at you with his eyes open.
"I didn’t mean to wake you up" he mumbled, you sighed reaching out your hand and touching his forehead and neck.
He was sweaty now, you guess the pills were kicking in about now.
"Do you need something?" You said.
He stared at you like a cat with those big shiny green eyes then lowered his gaze down.
"….I feel uncomfortable…can you help me?" Your half asleep brain tried understanding what he meant but you only got it when he laid on his back and moved the blanket.
Your eyes went wide and you looked at him with disbelief "you have to be kidding me, right now!?" If it wasn’t for the way he was sweating you’ll figure he was just horny but it seems that this time it just happened while he was asleep.
"Please, I feel too weak to do anything" he was desperate.
It was late and you genuinely didn’t have the power to do anything else so you gave in.
"Fine…" you pulled his underwear down and swallowed at the sight of his erection.
Loki closed his eyes and groaned at the touched of your hands, you teased his tip with your thumb then started going up and down as some pre cum dropped on it.
His chest rose up and down with your moving hand, your hand was warm and he was so sweaty.
"….yes…just like that" he moaned, his voice was deeper than usual due to his cold and it made your head spin a little but neither the less you continued until he was basically gripping the sheets beneath him tightly.
"I’m close…" at that you put your lips around his dick, sucking his off a few times before pushed your head away and came on his chest.
You sighed at his red face, his entire body was still burning but it seemed like cumin helped him relax in a way.
As you went to grab a towel to clean him he was fast asleep and before doing what you intended, you took a quick snap of him.
For your eyes only.
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donaweasley · 2 days ago
Pairing: Loki x Fem!Reader
It’s hard to find the love of your life. But what happens when you find them and then let them slip away? Like I had once written, the love of your life isn’t always the love in your life.
Warnings: Fluff and then angst
Note: While writing this piece I imagined that after Loki and reader had finally come together in "I Still Choose You", Loki's faith in himself this time staggers, and the consequences lead to this storyline.
Read time: ~13 mins
Tumblr media
“Stay. Just a little longer. Please!”
With a whine, Loki’s hold around her waist tightened, restricting any attempts on her part to get off the bed.
With deep kisses, the golden rays of the dying day bid adieu to the two figures lying beneath the crumpled white sheets. It had been one of those lazy days when she had dressed for work but skipped it in exchange for his gentle and tempting caresses. And he had allowed himself rest from all the worries that usually strained his broad shoulders, to find solace in her warm embraces.
Slowly, she turned around to face him, cautious not to cause a rip in her lace bodice. The mattress beneath them dipped as they adjusted themselves to hold each other better, closer.
Loki wrapped one long leg around her almost bare hip as his mouth captured hers in a soft yet passionate kiss. She reciprocated with a gentle tug of his black curls and a smile that fused into the kiss.
After staying like this for a while, peppering kisses on one another and caressing each other’s body with their hands, she started to slowly untangle herself from his arms. He, on the other hand, made it extremely difficult for her by clinging to her body in every possible way, a devilish grin playing on his face all the time.
“Let me go!” She laughed at his antics.
“No, stay here. With me. Please!” And he latched his mouth to her skin, leaving a trail of kisses down the side of her neck and on her shoulders.
“It’s getting late, Loki. I must-Oh!” Her sentence ended abruptly with something between a gasp and a moan when Loki bit lightly on a particularly favourite spot below her ear, and then used his tongue to soothe the area.
“Stay. I command you, my queen.”
He was ready to pull her underneath him when she held his face in her hands tenderly but firmly, and pleaded with a smile, “My king!”
Loki sighed, defeated. “How can I say no to those loving eyes?”
Taking advantage of the moment, she managed to push him a little, enough to slip away from him, and lie on her side.
“Well, it’s not something you haven’t done before,” her smile was a sarcastic one - one that Loki knew very well.
“If you’re really getting late, I won’t stop you,” he said as he settled on his side, with his head resting on his outstretched arm. “But, please, love, please don’t start it over again. Let’s…let’s have this moment while it lasts.”
“Fine,” her eyes were soft again, “I won’t. I’m sorry, it just…keeps surfacing up.”
“I know,” he held her hand. “And I’m sorry for it. It was-”
“Shh…” She placed a finger on his soft lips. “Let’s not go there.”
With a smile, he shifted to bury his face in the sweet curve of her neck, inhaling her scent.
Although Loki’s breaths warmed her in a peaceful way, she could feel him gradually tense up. Rubbing the arm that was sprawled across her torso, she gently inquired the reason behind his discomfort. He responded with a tiny shake of his head, followed by a feathery kiss on her neck, and a tighter hold on her.
But his body didn’t relax.
When asked again, he rolled onto his back with a deep sigh.
“I hate it when you smell like him.”
That was when it hit her - realisation, entwined with her own pain. With a hint of sarcasm intertwining with her words, she smiled, “I’m surprised you didn’t say ‘reek’.”
Loki scoffed. “That’s what I’d meant. But I assume I have lost all privileges to say anything like that, given that I paved the way for him with my own hands,” he confessed without any hesitation.
Instantly, the proud smirk on her face faltered. Letting out a long, heavy, distressed sigh, she turned to lay on her back.
Darting her tongue out to wet her lips, she murmured, “Why did you leave me? All those years ago?”
The words were uttered dreamily, but they cut him deeper than any blade that he had ever known. In fact, every time those memories crept back, he felt a sharp pang in his chest. And eventually he had grown used to the pain. But hearing the words from her once again, after all this time, when he had made himself believe that that storm had settled, caused a new wound to mark itself inside his chest.
“You know why,” he replied softly, unsure how to put his words into places that wouldn’t hurt anyone. Because no matter how he played them, he knew that every syllable would definitely hurt.
“You’d said that you weren’t good enough for me…That’s what you thought.”
“...It’s the truth.”
“Is it?” The mock in her voice hit Loki sharply. “And you’re good for me now?”
With a graceful manoeuvre that would have made Loki envious, she sat up and headed for her shirt, followed by her work pants, both of which had been placed carefully on the back of a chair.
While she was busy getting dressed, Loki was fiddling with words in his mind. He didn’t know how to slide out of a situation like this using his silver tongue. Everything was different when he was with her. It had always been, whether he realised it or not.
He stood up, and pulled his sweatpants up to his slender waist.
“Y/N, I-”
“How many times, Loki?” Her voice had finally broken its facade of indifference. “How many times would you lie to me?”
“I’m not lying!”
“Really? Are you not?”
“You know well that I’m not.”
“I’m in this mess because of you. You! God of mischief and lies and all. Why did I ever fall for you!!”
Tears flooded her face as her voice cracked. And all Loki could do was endure, for he knew well that she was telling the truth. It were his decisions, his actions, that had altered her course of life, and not in a good way.
All that love that he had promised her remained caged in his heart because he doubted himself too much to take her hand. He had the courage to watch from afar as she got married to someone else, but didn’t have the courage to try a life with her.
After years of solitude, he had finally been able to muster that courage but for what? She was with him now, but wasn’t his anymore.
How could he console her anyway? With what hopes and promises? He had shattered all of those when he had left her alone to face her future - one that she had wanted to spend with him.
“What am I even doing here with you?” She exclaimed.
Crying, she pulled the door open, rushed out and slammed it behind her.
Loki stood by the bedside like a man turned into stone. He debated whether he should go after her. It would be futile, he knew. Waves of memories and realisations of past years came crashing down on him, breaking and drowning him over and over again.
It took the loud bang of the front door slamming into the wall beside it to pull Loki out of his trance.
Unsure feet led her back inside the house but in a state that cracked Loki’s heart, if anything was still left of it to break - eyes red-rimmed, hair dishevelled, face tear-stained and lips still trembling from her burning emotions.
He wanted to make a rush for her, pull her to his chest and soothe her until every pain dissolved away.
But he was afraid to move. Afraid that she might go out of that door again and out of his life. Forever.
With carefully measured steps, he approached her.
“Don’t.” It was a whimper, a quiet begging.
“Y/N, please-”
“Don’t say my name, Loki. Please. I-I can’t bear to… It’s a spell.”
Taking a deep breath, Loki said her name one more time, but with more confidence and affection.
That was all it took to crumble her resolve and push her back into his arms.
“I love you, Y/N. I love you. And you know that,” he mumbled into her hair. With one hand holding her waist and the other cradling her head, he kept her as close to himself as possible.
“I’m sorry for everything I’ve done,” he said through a shaky voice. “I wish I could take it all back. Believe me, I wish for it every single day. But… I feel so helpless, so weak. What’s the use of being a god, of yielding all this power if all the magic of the universe can’t turn back time!”
Loosening his grip slightly, he moved so that he could see her face. His heart was shouting, urging him to say the words but he couldn’t dare. He still felt that he didn’t deserve to say them. But looking at her, seeing her misery, he realised that he needed to.
“Leave him and come to me.”
For a moment, her body seemed to forget everything that it was doing - the tears, the pounding headache, the ragged breathing. The world seemed to spiral down and leave her empty with nothing beneath her feet either.
“What?” A shaky breath left her.
“You are with me anyway,” he resumed, “You don’t love him. You don’t love each other. What more reasons do you need to break free?”
Gradually, she freed herself from his embrace. Her look was full of bewilderment.
“Have you gone mad?”
“Why do you see this as madness? See this as…as an opportunity to-”
“To rectify your mistake?”
Eyes downcast now, Loki reluctantly admitted, “Well, if you put it that way, then…yes.”
Loki didn’t like the way she was smiling, full of mock and pain. He could feel her but could do nothing to make her feel good.
“Wow,” she cried out again, “you really do think that the world moves on your strings, don’t you, God?”
Her mockery hurt him but he knew that she was hurting more. “I wish it did! … But I know it doesn’t. And I don’t even want it to, god or not.”
He heard her scoff lightly.
“Look, Y/N, we love each other. We want to be together. What’s the harm in coming away with me? Leave everything behind. Let’s start anew.”
Frantically shaking her head, she sniffed, “I-I can’t.”
Gingerly, the God held her shoulders and shifted himself so that she was facing him.
“Stay with me,” he whispered. “Stay. Please! I-I will not leave. Ever! I prom-”
“I know.”
Her eyes stared at the floor.
“What? You know…?”
With that question, she finally looked at him.
“I know this time you will stay,” she nodded, followed by a sad shake of her dishevelled head, “but I can’t.”
The hold on her shoulders loosened ever so little as disbelieving and disappointed eyes searched her face for any hints of falsity in her declaration. He found none.
“Why-why can’t you?” A defeated laugh escaped him. “Why not? I mean…don’t you want this? Don’t you want us? I…I don’t understand.”
His hands left her shoulders to grab her hands in a desperate plea.
“Heaven knows I want this, Loki! You!! But..I just…can’t.”
Realising that he had almost cried the word out, Loki immediately apologised, scared that any sign of impatience might cost him dear. But she stayed uncharacteristically calm.
“It’s complicated. It’s very complicated. You won’t understand.”
“Why? Why should it be complicated? It’s about you and me, Y/N. Nothing else matters.”
“It’s always been about y-” Swallowing her bitter words, she chewed on her bottom lip. “Things matter. Many things matter. People matter, Loki.”
“Tell me.”
“Like I said, it’s not for you to understand. Had it been, you’d have understood all this time.”
“Then make me. Please, love.”
Letting out an exhausted sigh, she released herself from his hold, and let her body sit lazily on the bed.
“You had left, Loki.”
The words, no matter how many times they were repeated, always stung him like the cruel edges of a dagger.
“He was the one who had gathered my broken pieces and put them together. My broken confidence, my shattered heart, my soul…my entire being… He always knew that I’d ever be in love with you… Never asked anything in return, only gave me the support I needed. He helped me heal, Loki. Helped me feel alive again when… He has always been my best friend, since before I met you. And after all he’s done for me, I cannot simply turn my back on him like an ungrateful bitch! I can never be that selfish. And-and he needs me. We are each other’s support. He stood by me. Always. Unconditionally.”
With quivering breaths, she glanced at Loki, who looked like he had been pushed into an emptiness. Again. For a few moments he wondered if certain words like “selfish” or “unconditionally” were actually emphasised on him, before he decided to brush those thoughts off.
“I love you, Loki. Always will. But…I just…can’t. I’m sorry. It’s too late now.”
As she sobbed into her hands, Loki came up and knelt before her, gently resting his hands on her knees.
“I get it, love. Don’t cry. I get it. But always remember, I’ll ever be waiting for you, hoping that you change your mind, hoping that circumstances change. Always.”
They remained like that, holding each other - her sobbing into his shoulder until her ragged breathing calmed down again, and him fighting his sorrows from overflowing, just silently allowing the arrogant tears to flow - until her phone buzzed. Snapped out of their trance, they pulled away slightly to allow her to get her phone from the bedside table.
Before she could announce the identity of the caller, his eyes had already seen the familiar face with the warm smile and the name flashing on her screen: “Ben”.
“It’s Be-”, she began.
“I’ll give you two some space,” he started to stand up when she grabbed his wrist and silently asked him to stay.
Eyes locked with him, she picked up the call, “Hey!... Yes, I’m fine. … No, I’ll be leaving in a while. … Yes,” she chewed on her bottom lip again, “I’m with him. … Right, yeah, you needn’t worry about me then,” she chuckled. “Yes, I’ll be home soon. … Sure, you may start heating dinner. I’ll be there by then. … Yeah, okay.”
By the time she hung up, Loki’s face had displayed a myriad of emotions, ranging from sadness to disgust to confusion. Her grip on his wrist slipped down to his palm, where she entwined her fingers with his.
“What?” she asked him with an amused smile.
“He knows about me. He knows you’re with me. And yet it doesn’t bother him?”
“He knows that I love him…But he also knows that I’m in love with you. For eternity.” She let out a dry laugh as she uttered the concluding words.
“And he? Does he…love you?”
“He never got to marry the woman he loved…still loves.”
“Why did you two even marry?”
“We thought it’d be convenient.”
“For what?”
She shrugged, “For life, I guess. But turns out we both were wrong. Well, thank Heavens for the wrong decision, at least I got someone to stand by me when I needed it the most. Could have been without this facade of a wedding though… But…”
With a smile that never reached the corner of her eyes, she took one last look at Loki before leaving, and closed the door, leaving Loki alone in his house once again - a house that never became a home.
“We were all wrong,” he whispered to the emptiness ever-surrounding him.
Another life, another time,
Could there be a place for you and I?
Abandon reason, adopt the rhyme,
And there could be a place for us to find.
There could be a place…
I'm sorry, I'm tagging you guys without asking. It's just that I posted after ages, and I guess I'm craving for an audience? Sorry! No, I'm not clingy. 😝
@glacial-snowflakes @finnishjerseygirl @theaudacitytowrite @handmaiden-of-mischief @idy-ll-ique
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bebx · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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sugary-seb · 2 days ago
Becoming Yours (L.L)
Tumblr media
Warning(s); none? Just kinda fluff.
Paring(s); Loki Laufeyson x Fem! Reader!
Summary; Loki meets your parents, and you have a bit of fun teasing
A/n; ahh, I’m so excited for this series! It’ll be a short one I’m thinking like 6 or so parts at the most! Enjoy the first part! <3
When mobius said you’d be helping him with a gods case you didn’t know he meant Loki Laufeyson. He wasn’t a bad person just not exactly nice, especially to you. He was very patronizing and condensing not purposefully.
You and Loki had moments where you got along it just wasn’t that often. However you begged him to be nice just today, you were going through your home realm and you needed your parents to know you weren’t failing.
“Loki, please just this once. Then you can go back to completely despising my very being.” The god looked at you and huffed glancing at mobius “I’ll do anything, just please Loki” you were practically groveling at this point.
Loki wasn’t one to give in to pleas, especially from women who weren’t under him. You on the other hand, you were special. You treated him like a regular person, not some fucked up god who destroyed his life. If you just needed this one thing who was he to tell you no.
“Fine.” He mutter sounding annoyed and you sighed your arms reflexively wrapping around his chest. “Thank you!” You said before you stepped back realizing what you did. “Sorry” you knew Loki wasn’t a physical touch person.
Mobius had met your parents before, not exactly nice people. They expected way too much from you, you had told him stories of how badly they treated you for choosing to work at the TVA.
Walking into the village people immediately recognized Loki, some panicked and some just ignored him. “Wait here, please” you said stopping into a small place to change. Your parents wouldn’t approve of that outfit and you didn’t wanna give them anymore leverage.
Coming back out in that ugly pink dress had your pride sinking some. “Hey, you look great!” Mobius defended and you glared at him. You continued your walk eventually coming up on your parents house. They were waiting outside for you, of course they were.
“Hey, guys.” You said your parents looking at Loki, shock ridden “oh, uhm this is Loki…and you remember mobius” you spoke kind of closed off in a way…not speaking loudly. “Nice to see you again” Mobius said while Loki just waved.
“This is a joke.” Your father said with a huff “you? Working with a god? That’s ridiculous, tell me, how much did it coast you to bring him here?” You fathers tone was as patronizing as it got. “Or did it not coast you a thing” your mom said implying something else. You took a deep breath “it’s not a joke, I didn’t pay him anything.” You sighed out glancing back at Loki.
“Your daughter isn’t some joke, I assure you.” Loki huffed out. “If anything, she’s doing better then you” he spoke down to them in every way he possibly could. Here you were, doing things,helping people and all they did was sit on their ass and judge you for it.
“You can’t just talk to us like that” your father defended “and you can’t just speak to her like she’s nothing. She’s helped me more then your tiny brains can concept, I assure you challenging a god isn’t in your favor.” He warned and you had to bite back the smile from coming out at the flush of your dads face.
“We need to head out” Mobius said trying to pull Loki before he starts something he can’t finish. Not legally anyway. “Right, of course” he said he leaned down and you gasped feeling him left your up spinning you around as he walked carrying you in his arm. “Loki put me down!” You squealed a giggle slipping past your lips.
Once far enough away he complied siting you down “you’re one hell of a actor” you said and Loki rolled his eyes green flowing over your body as you went back to your clothes before. Black ripped jeans, a TVA shirt and a jacket. “Thank you” you said smiling at him.
Loki held back his smile knowing he made you happy with what he said. It wasn’t a act though, it was true every bit of what he said was true. “Yeah,yeah don’t get used to it.” He huffed walking closer to mobius.
You ran up next to him continuing to walk to the next opening of the realms. “Does this feel weird?” You asked and Loki looked down at you “how do you mean?” He asked and you shrugged “I don’t know. just didn’t you use to own the realms? And now your walking through them as if-” “I wouldn’t finish that sentence.” He warned and you nodded. “It doesn’t feel weird, no. Do you feel weird?” He questioned and you shook your head.
“Mobius?” You asked and he looked over at you “yes, Love?” “What exactly are we getting the artifact for?” You asked and mobius sighed. “So that we can return it to show that Loki is changing for the better” you nodded “right.”
Loki let out a chuckle “what goes on in your brain? How can you not remember that.” You rolled your eyes “well, I’m not brain dead like you” you rebutdtaled. “Oh? Could a brain dead person be such a good actor?” He asked and you just glared at him as his lips pulled into a smirk.
“Play nice” mobius warned “Fuck off” you and Loki both said to him at the same time. You were still glaring at him. “I can’t stand you.” You muttered “feelings mutual” he said.
You huffed and kicked a rock at him it hitting the back of his leg. “Real mature.” He said and you just smiled at him “maturity isn’t something you should be talking about” you said “you didn’t get what you wanted so you tried to destroy New York” you said and Loki rolled his eyes.
“That had nothing to do with maturity” he said and you laughed “right, because you being petty is mature” you said and you were all at once hauled back and onto the your bum. “How’s that for maturity?” Loki asked smiling down at you. “What? Do you like me or something? Gonna push me down on the playground?” You huffed standing up knocking the dust off your jeans.
Loki turned back to mobius and started walking again and you huffed jogging to catch up to the team.
Part 2
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sadadaptive-daydreaming · 2 days ago
Desperate Measures | Loki x Reader (Part 6)
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey everyone! I don’t have the words to say how grateful I am that you all are enjoying Desperate Measures. The support from every single one of you means the world to me, so thank you again for reading and being so patient and encouraging as I write the next chapters. I truly hope you all enjoy part six!
And if you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the previous parts:
Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five
As always, Happy Reading! :)
Summary: Following your quarrel with Loki in your family home, you imagined your next day at the palace to be unkind and brooding. But what you could have never envisioned was that your actions would set of a chain of events only you can bring to a stop.
Word count: 4400
There was a shift. A slight difference you couldn’t quite put your finger on. But it was there, hiding in plain sight. It was just nerves—you were sure of it as you entered the palace in the morning, the sun already high in the sky. The embarrassment of last night was still draped around your body as if it were an extra layer of skin you were meaning to conceal behind your lilac gown. You desired nothing more than to put the encounter with Loki in the twin’s chamber behind you, to go back to a time when he was just a God and you were just a girl. And most of all, you wished to go about your day without the sight of Loki. But not even the luckiest of stars could grant that to you for when you closed your eyes, all you saw was him.
You could only think of Loki and it was torture. You were breathless on the journey to the palace as you replayed over and over what you imagined him doing to you. This reenactment was just as vivid as what felt like the real thing. You could close your eyes and you were back under him, his intense gaze harmonizing with yours as he kissed your inner thighs. And when you became too consumed by the delusion, you paused your trek to gasp for breath. Your fingers would find your stomach in agony and the fallacy would begin again. For you couldn't touch any part of your body without remembering all the places swirls of jet black hair had brushed upon while Loki slithered up your body to meet your parting lips.
It was torment. And yet worst of all, it had all just been a dream. You knew that. You allowed yourself to process it. But no matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t deny how real it felt. You couldn’t refute the feelings it was stirring in you. Loki had for so long been a thorn in your side, bringing you nothing more than annoyance. Could he really be anything else? You thought you caught a glimpse of a kind, gentle Loki who won the liking of your family. But much like always, the God of Mischief proved his title true. There was no changing him, he was who he was. And that, you could accept. But for that same reason, you could never be with him.
So you forced yourself to rid your thoughts of Loki. It was just a dream and it was best that it stay as such. Though your heart told you otherwise, you pushed through the palace entryway and the feeling of uneasiness returned again. It remained with you as you sauntered through the long corridors, their eerie emptiness a sign that something was indeed off. You wandered some more, only your shadow illuminated by the rays of golden hour accompanying you. Loki’s chamber was your first stop. You knocked softly. And when no answer returned, you pushed open the door slowly.
“Loki?” you called out.
But it was pointless. He was not there. You weren’t sure what you would do or say even if he were. So you went to the next place you could think of, and at the far end of the palace, you did the same to Thor’s chamber door. When you received the same response, you didn’t bother calling out for him. Instead, you journeyed to a section of the castle grounds you had yet to explore—Frigga and Odin’s chamber.
“Your Highnesses?” you called from behind the closed door.
And then you knocked lightly.
Time seemed to go by as slow as molasses as you waited for your rap to be returned. Had it been a minute or only a few seconds? Should you knock again or just wait it out? Maybe wait. No. Knock. You should knock. Okay, do it. Wait. Don’t do it. Your head was swirling with racing thoughts. And no matter what you tried, you failed to settle them. Your anxiousness was a part of you best kept hidden. Worry and uncertainty were frequent companions of yours and they travelled alongside you wherever you went.
Finally, after some time, you decided to knock again as the chamber door swung open and you were greeted with yet another familiar friend.
“Y/N?” Roneus questioned, his eyes large and buggy.
It was as if you were the last person he expected to find behind the door as he heaved it towards himself. In all fairness, you were just as surprised to be greeted by him when you were preparing yourself for the likes of Odin.
“What are you doing here?” you asked.
You were certain that he was wondering much the same for you.
But even if he did, he didn’t ask it. He said nothing. Instead, he gripped you by the shoulders and pulled you into the chamber with urgency. Then he slammed the door shut with a loud bang.
Your eyes wanted to keep their gaze on him but they couldn’t help themselves from travelling about the massive chamber that made those of the princes look miniature in comparison. You were taken aback by all the striking gold that drew across just about everything in the room—the floor, the walls, the pillars, the doors, the furniture. Even the bath that occupied its separate chamber was as auric as can be. It was only as Roneus started to speak that your attention returned to him.
“Listen to me, Y/N,” he began, panic stirring in his voice. You had never heard him sound quite so serious nor demanding. “You cannot be here.”
Your response escaped from your lips before you could even think it. “Why not?”
You searched his eyes for answers and when you came up short, you tried again, “What is going on?”
He drew a long breath as if to calm himself and then spoke. “There has been an attack on the palace.”
“An attack?” you recited as if you were his echo.
Then you blinked a few times to make sure this too wasn't just a dream, for being stood in the king and queen’s vast chamber certainty felt like it. But as you sensed Roneus’ hand reaching for yours, you knew this was far too real to be a figment of your imagination.
“We must get out of here,” he said, pulling you through the Odinsons’ chamber.
You kept your feet taunt to the ground, resisting Roneus’ tug on your body. Though he wasn’t as tall as Loki, he was built much in the same way Thor was, which was to say, broad and robust. If he really wanted to, he could toss you over his shoulder with ease and carry you out without much effort. But he was too much of a gentle giant to do such a thing. And so instead he stopped forcing you along and tried to reason.
“Y/N, you need to trust me. We have to leave from here and with haste.”
You shook your head.
“Not until you tell me what has happened.”
Roneus closed his eyes and let out an exhale. It was now a second attempt to calm himself as your reluctance continued to keep you two in the chamber. When he opened them again, his brown eyes were as dark as melanite.
“If I tell you, do I have your word that no matter what you will come with me?” he asked.
You didn’t even have to think twice. “You have my word.” 
With your hand still in his, he told you what had happened in the middle of the night while you lay awake loathing yourself for casting Loki away. 
“It was frost giants?” you repeated. “They stormed the palace?” 
He nodded. “We were prepared to hold them off but I am unable to say if or when they will attack again. That is why we must leave at once.”
“But how did they enter without warning?” you asked. “Surely someone would have seen them approaching?”
Roneus pulled at your hand again. 
“I have told you what has happened, now we must hurry.”
This time you didn’t resist. But that didn’t mean you couldn’t make a new proposal.
“Fine, but tell me everything as we go.”
And so he did. As the two of you ran through the corridors of the palace he recounted when the frost giants attacked. He told you of how they went undetected until they reached Odin and Frigga’s chamber. Roneus had been on duty at the time and with his men, they held the giants off. But before they retreated back to Jotunheim, they delivered a message.
“What was it?” you asked.
Roneus hesitated as if pondering whether to tell you. A simple nod of your head assuring him you could be trusted alleviated all worry.
Finally, he replied. “They said there was a traitor among us. And it was he who let them into the palace and led them to Odin.”
You stopped running and looked over at Roneus who paused alongside you.
“Do you have an inkling as to who it could be?”
Roneus didn’t answer, much like before. Rather, he turned from you as if to start moving again.
So you rephrased your question, “Do you know who this traitor is, Roneus?”
He shook his head. “You gave me your word, Y/N. You swore to follow me regardless of the answers you received.”
“And I have no intention of breaking it,” you said. “But if you know who it is, is it not in my best interests to be aware of it too?”
“No,” he answered. “Not under this circumstance.”
“What circumstance?” You huffed, taking a step towards him as if closing the space between you would make him confess all before you.
“I cannot say,” he said.
“Roneus!” “I am sorry.” “Just tell me!”
But he didn’t have to. Your answer was being drawn through the corridor adjacent to the one you found yourself standing in, and without even realizing it, you had a front-row seat to the action. 
“How could you do this?” Thor’s voice was booming, it reverberated through the empty palace devoid of its usual tenants. “Not only to our people but to mother and father—they could have been killed!”
Anger was radiating off the God of Thunder, you could feel it as if it were a quake shaking the castle ground threatening to crumble the foundation that held the palace up. You couldn’t rationalize who was on the receiving end of his anger, even though the answer was as clear as crystal. It was only once you saw him, escorted by guards and bound by chains around his neck, his hands, his feet, that your heart felt as if it had stopped beating altogether.
“Loki.” His name was but a whisper in your mouth. It was so soft you were unsure if you had just thought it instead of projecting it into the air.
You turned to Roneus, panic thick in your voice. “What are they doing to him?”
And then it hit you as hard as a wrecking ball.
“They think Loki is the traitor?!”
Roneus placed his hand on the small of your back as if to comfort you.
“We should go.”
And this time you didn’t fight or hesitate. You let Roneus walk you to an armoured chamber where many of the other chambermaids and kitchen staff were sitting in hiding.
“Can I trust you to stay here?” Roneus asked as you sat yourself down on a concrete bench devoid of any of the other maids who were huddled together on the opposite side of the room. 
You nodded your head. That was just about all you were able to do as Loki consumed your brain again but now for a completely different reason. It was no longer one of pleasure. It was instead fear and confusion. You wondered if Loki was as worried as you were for him. You lingered in your unrest unable to comprehend how Loki could have been chained up like some kind of wild beast and blamed for something he surely couldn’t have committed. Yes, he was brutish and improper but he was no villain. Was he? The more you sat alone in the chamber, Roneus’ presence a distant memory, you were growing more and more unsure. You tried to calm yourself as the steady whispers of gossiping chambermaids around you consumed your mind.
“I heard they caught him leading the giants to his father’s room,” one said, her gown worn beyond the state of repair.
Another with long brown hair twirled into a tight bun shook her head. “No that’s not true. I was told he was captured in his chamber, shameless after letting the giants walk right through the front entrance.”
“You are both wrong,” said the maid you had caught with Loki in his chamber far more times than you could count on two hands.
Your lips twisted in spite as you glared at her, picturing her hands all over his body. She was so used to touching him in all the right places and you hated yourself for being envious of it.
“Loki was walking to the palace at dawn. Why else would he not be in his chamber at the early hours of the morning as he usually is”—she twirled a strand of hair around her finger, a smirk dancing against her lips—“if not because he is guilty?”
You felt as if you could spill the contents of your stomach all over the floor as the realization hit you at once: this was your doing. If you would have just let Loki spend the night without your hostility, this could have all been avoided. Instead of being forced to walk to the palace at such an hour, he would have been laying beside you as you returned to your dreaming of him. And when you awoke, the first thing you would have seen were each other. You’re stomach flipped at the thought. But that was all hopeful wishing now. You couldn’t take back your choice—what you could do was help Loki.
He was innocent, at least you believed him to be. And fortunately for him, you could prove it. You were dizzy as you stood up with haste, adrenaline rushing to your brain. Charging towards the entrance of the room, you breezed past the chambermaids, their eyes glued in your direction. Your escape was in sight as you neared the door, all you needed to do was convince the man guarding the chamber.
“Sorry miss, ye must stay put,” said the guard whose back was pressed against the chamber entrance. 
“But I am the chambermaid of Loki,” you began, the guard’s brows furrowing with each word that rolled off your tongue. “I must see that he is tended to.”
The guard snorted almost immediately. “I assure ye, where the prince is headin’ he shan’t be needin’ that.”
He used his index finger to point towards the ground and then smiled a toothy grin.
“He is in the dungeons?” you asked. 
What else could his reference to below the chamber really have meant? You refused to let yourself ponder any further.
When he neither confirmed nor denied, you spoke again. “I insist I must go.”
He let out a full laugh this time. You had seen this guard many times before while roaming through the palace cleaning chamber to chamber. His name was unknown to you, but you could easily recognize him anywhere from his bushy red beard that took over the majority of his pudgy face. 
“And I insist miss that ye sit back down,” he said.
But you couldn’t. You wouldn’t.
“Allow me to speak with prince Thor,” you reasoned with him. “I believe there has been a grave misunderstanding.”
“Weel why did ye not say that?” he asked. “Go right ahead.”
“Really?” you questioned in disbelief.
“No, ye halfwit. Seet back down before I make ye.”
And so you did. But not because he told you to or because he insulted you. Rather, you took your seat back on the bench because you had a backup plan and for it to work, you needed to be around the other chambermaids. Though you hated their entitlement and boastfulness, it was those exact traits that you were banking on to get you out.
“Pardon my ask,” you began addressing the three maids who sat closest to you. “I overheard you all earlier discussing the prince. How do you know he is guilty?”
The one you had recognized as Loki’s playmate scoffed in your direction. Her blue eyes were as sharp as ice as she took in the shape of you. Blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders perfectly. Her turquoise gown was immaculate, every wrinkle precisely ironed out until all that was left was the smoothness of the silky fabric. She was the embodiment of perfection, something you were told your whole life you could never be.
“Because I saw him,” she gloated, a smile brushing across her lips at the attention she was grabbing from all those around her by the mention of the prince.
And it wasn't hard to command the chamber given its parameter. It was much like all the other rooms in the palace, elegant and round. The mere difference was that it paled in size compared to the others. This guarded room was quite small, but that was certainly a conscious choice when it was built. After all, it served as nothing more than a safe chamber to keep its inhabitants protected while war waged on outside.
Another maid staring at the blonde with as much disdain as can be fit in a face wasn't so convinced of her tale. “You saw him?” she questioned.
The blonde didn't hesitate to respond, her superiority lucid. It reminded you so much of Loki that it almost repulsed you to know that he was practically sleeping with the female version of himself.
“I was to meet prince Loki in his chamber at dawn for our usual arrangement,” she said, still smiling. “It has been a regular occurrence of ours for quite some time now.”
You had to stop yourself from rolling your eyes too obnoxiously.
She continued with haste, “And when he was nowhere to be found, I began the walk back to my own chamber. That's when I heard a noise on the palace grounds and when I went to look, Loki was there sauntering in as if he were a feral creature on a rampage.”
“So you saw him lead the frost giants into the palace?” you asked, swallowing the guilt gathering in your throat.
She shook her head. “He was alone.”
“And why did you not stop him if you have as much sway over him as you claim?” asked one of the kitchen staff, overhearing the conversation. She was tiny in size, standing taller than that of a small child. But her might was as large as Asgard itself. “Think of how this mess could have been avoided if you weren't such a weakling!”
“A weakling?!” the blonde retorted. Her pleasant face began to redden with anger.
“Have you not heard what I said?” the small one sneered. “Or are you as dense as you look?”
And then it happened. Chaos ensued within the room, just as you had hoped for when igniting the conversation of Loki. It was chambermaids against cooks, an outright brawl snatching the attention of the only guard tasked with supervising the chamber.
“Maidens!” he shouted, charging toward them. “Yer uncivilized. Quit this madness at once, aye demand it!”
Now was your chance. With the door left unarmed, you were able to slip right through undetected and free yourself from that torture. It was bad enough having to work alongside the other maids daily, but to be forced into a small chamber with them was more than you were capable of bearing.
The sight of empty corridor after corridor was now a welcoming sight. Your feet continued to move you to the area of the palace you hoped to never see, and once you arrived there, you held your breath until you spotted him by his lonesome.
You passed transparent window after window, keeping your gaze to the floor as inmates called out to you. Their shrieks and comments were nightmarish and you flashed back to your first encounter with Loki on the front steps of the palace when he had convinced you to be his chambermaid.
Would he really have banished you to this unholy place as he threatened so long ago? Your brain relieved you of the answer as you approached his cell in the underground prison.
Your stomach fell as your eyes cast upon him. He was always so big and powerful. And yet in this cage, he was as small as you had ever seen him while being contorted into a ball against the wall. It was a stark contrast to the God who won over your household only hours ago.
“Loki,” you called out to him as soft as a whisper.
His head was hung low into his knees and it remained as such as you continued to call to him. Each of your breaths returning silence from him.
“Loki please,” you pleaded with him finally. “I am aware that I am the last person you wish to see but I—”
“You are right.” His voice was sharp and bitter as he interrupted you. He refused to make eye contact as he spoke, his head still drawn into his legs. “I do not wish to see you.”
You moved closer to the window, its radiating glow the only barrier between you. If you could walk right through it and comfort Loki, you would. But for now, distance would have to do.
“May I at least apologize?” you asked.
“No,” he replied. “I do not wish to hear it.”
You tried not to let your growing anger get the best of you. Another outburst was not what you needed as he lay idle in this cell.
“Then what is it that you wish to hear?” you said.
And then finally, he looked up at you. His green eyes so murky they resembled that of a night sky. “There is nothing to say. I wish you gone. I wish to not see you.”
A sharpness struck deeply in your chest. You had uttered those same words about Loki countless times. For as long as you worked at the palace, each day growing more irksome, the more you wished to not see him. And yet now that the exact sentiments were directed at you, you couldn't help the sadness filling in your throat.
“You do not mean that,” you said. “I am your chambermaid.”
“Not while I am sat in here,” he scoffed, “treated as that of a petty criminal.”
“And that is why I have come, Loki.” “To rescue me?” “Precisely!”
He let out a roaring laugh and when he was done, he spoke again. “Can you not see that you are not what I need?”
“That is where we disagree,” you argued. “I can prove your innocence. Loki, I will say that you were with me the whole night.”
“Just stop it,” he said defeated, burying his face into his legs again.
You shook your head. “I will not let you take the blame for something you have not done.”
It was no use, your words meant nothing to him. 
“Loki, look at me,” you demanded.
You needed him to know how serious you were. That his reputation, his life, was not something you were willing to play with. But he refused to listen, and after the events of the night before, you couldn’t blame him for not trusting you.
You moved closer to the window, your nose only inches from its glowing surface. Though you couldn’t physically be beside him, you hoped that having your presence as close as possible would suffice. 
“I will get you out of here,” you said, trying one last attempt to comfort him. “I will lie, even if I have to.”
Finally, that got his attention but not in the way you had hoped. Instead, it angered the God of Mischief and he let out a roar as you had never heard before.
“Stop it!” he shouted.
With a quick push of his hands, Loki was off the ground and charging toward you. There was a fury burning in his eyes. You couldn’t stop your body from taking a step back as he approached and you were all too grateful for the window keeping him from you.
“Do you not understand that it is all because of you!” he yelled, his fist slamming into the glowing barrier making the yellow glimmer ripple upwards. “I am in here because of you! And now you think that it can be you to get me out?!”
He was right, and you knew it. You couldn't challenge it. You couldn't even deny it. So instead you adopted it, accepting it as true and preparing yourself to deal with the consequences as they come.
You placed your hand on the window, right where his hand had been. The glowing resistance repealing your touch.
“I know,” you said, finally. “And I will see to it that you are out.”
Loki’s anger turned to hysterics and he burst into laughter.
“You honestly believe that you are to convince my father and brother to let me out?” he laughed.
You failed to find any of this funny.
“Yes, I do,” you answered. “Thor will listen to me.”
“Ah yes, because he is the listening type,” Loki sneered.
You released a breathy sigh and then swallowed your defeat. “All I need from you Loki is to trust me.”
But that was much easier said than done. You knew as well as him that your sentiments were nothing without action. And as quick as lightning struck, you knew what you had to do. It was foolish and risky. You would be compromising your position in the palace and the income supporting your family, for him. That was something he had yet to recognize—that this was all for him. And once it was done, you could only hope that you wouldn't linger with regret.
Tag list:
If anyone else would like to be tagged, let me know and I’ll be more than happy to add you to the list! :)
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missvifdor · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Me: *Surrounded by lots of black kittens with green/blue eyes* *Happier than a day out at Disneyland*
Loki: You're here, Love! you disappeared and I didn't know where you were, never do that again!
Me: *Glittering eyes* But Loki look, I'm surrounded by lots of mini-you!
Loki: I sure I don't look like a cat, Darling…
Me: Yes, you do.
Loki: *Sigh* *Pinches the bridge of his nose in dismay*
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chaoticxcreature · 2 days ago
phase four just highlights how badly mcu characters need grief therapy
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vespasianphantom · 2 days ago
Seductive Sundays
Tumblr media
Welcome to my newest blog addition - Seductive Sundays!!!
Every sunday, i will post a shorter fic with one of these scenarios.
Mothers Boyfriend likes to watch you through your window.
The Director on the set of your newest movie seems to like your naked scenes the most.
Visiting your friend, you found her brother’s bed the most fun.
Behind the scenes with a little twist.
New guy at the school seems to have a secret. You’re determined to get ahold of him and his little secret.
The red room at the house you babysit at was off limits. And you were in one hell of a ride to find out what is so secretive about it.
Taglist: @littlemisscare-all @high-functioning-lokipath @loki-smut-library @brookeduggan @xoxoloverb @kiliskywalker666 @bokillylovesloki @multifandom-world8 @toujurspur @krissk88 @clavorhavor @geekygirl127 @milly-louise @slpnbty2001
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Tumblr media
The Devil Wears Gucci
Pairing: Loki X F! Reader
Summary: Y/N is a first year student at Columbia University in upstate New York, now staying in the dorms. You decided to go to school in the state at least for the first year to stay close to your friends and to Tony Stark, who has been your legal guardian since you were a teenager.
As always you may find the updated masterlist for this series on my blog along with any other series or oneshots that I have! Enjoy! ~ Emory
Other masterlist
Chapter 7
You never did get the chance to reply back to Loki last night, you could barely keep your eyes open while reading the messages. It was his reply to your last message and the other two were along the lines of, “ you must have fallen asleep, that is alright.” and “ Sweet dreams dove.”
Nor had you really gotten much of a chance to see him during the day today since you’d been out with Nat in search of a dress for the party.Finding the dress wasn’t the time consuming part, it was trying to decide whether or not to get Loki this bracelet that you thought would look stunning on him.
“ -But is it weird for me to give him a gift like this? Especially when we aren’t even together?” You twirled the dainty gold and emerald tennis bracelet around in your fingers.
“ I think that in the worst case scenario, you can hold onto it and give it to him when you feel confident enough, but no I don’t think it is weird for you to give him something like that. I think you forget who we are talking about.”
With the small wrapped box hidden in your bedroom, you figured it would be better to give the gift to him once everyone had left, not knowing how tonight was going to go just yet. Checking over yourself one last time in the mirror, the scanty emerald green dress clung to every curve of your body, making you more alluring.
You weren't expecting the knock on your bedroom door and you most certainly weren’t expecting to open it to see Loki on the other side dressed in an all black Gucci perfectly tailored suit with the leather dress shoes to match.
“ I wanted to accompany you down to the party.” He was standing with his arms behind his back. “ You look utterly remarkable, darling.” You watched as he extended a hand out towards you, taking his fingers into your own.
“ And you look absolutely ravishing, Mr. Laufeyson. “
By the time the two of you made it to the already well over-crowded party deck, hands still clasped together, Trenton had already been looking for you for half an hour. Becoming rather dismayed at the sight of you held tight to the hand of someone else.Trenton was probably under the impression that you had called him over out of interest to rekindle the relationship you once had, but that wasn’t the case at all for you.
He came up to you wearing his charming smile and pulled you into a hug like he hadn’t seen you in years. Normally you would have hugged back a bit more eagerly, but you couldn’t wait for it to end, knowing that Loki was standing less than 5 feet away. Now you were going to have to anxiously watch the most uncomfortable exchange between the two of them that you had ever thought was possible as they were introduced.
“ Trenton, this is Loki. “ You motioned your hand towards his tall figure. Loki clenched and unclenched his jaw in order to fake a smile at him.
“It’s a pleasure.” He forces out, glaring directly into his eyes.
“ Yeah… Y/N talks about you all the time, well she always did. “ Trenton let out an uncomfortable laugh, avoiding his eyes. “ You are so beautiful, Y/N.” His voice is full of heartache, like he is begging for you to be his again.
“ She is, isn't she? “ Loki growled through his clenched jaw.
Well this wasn’t taking very long to get him all riled up, challenge flickering in his eyes as he glared at Trenton with pure hatred.
“ Hey, calm down. “ you wiggled yourself in between them, lacing your arms delicately around the god’s waist and crashing your head down onto his chest. His heart was hammering against his rib cage making you realize there was no possible way you could both stay down there all night with all those people and music.
Flagging Nat down she rushed over, “ I’ve got to take him out of here before a fight happens, just to my floor. I’m taking wine with me, don’t let Stark find out please.” Your look is all mock innocence, giving her a quick hug, then disappearing into the elevator before anyone can see.
You could see Loki trying to hide his face in his hands, petrified and ashamed by his own behavior.
“ Well, for as long as we can get away with it, you can stay up here with me tonight. Party of two. Between you and me, I get overwhelmed when there are that many people around anyway.” He chuckles softly at your poor attempt to lighten the mood, following you into the large living area of your floor, the room embellished with paintings. A large semi-circle sectional couch sat facing towards the flatscreen TV, that hung just above the fireplace.
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So I had some thoughts.
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ashdreams2023 · a day ago
Can you pls do hcs for Loki dating a reader with body dysmorphia?? I’ve been struggling a lot with it recently. <3
Loki x reader with body dysmorphia
You can’t wear anything without wanting to cry some days
Even your regular superhero suit, it just looks awful
Loki would be blind if he didn’t notice it right away
You’re easy to read, especially when you change your cloth about four times before starting the day
"Let me pick something for you" he would say
When he does he doesn’t give you a chance to look into the mirror and let’s you face him
"Hmm, perfect only one thing missing" then pecks your lips
But seriously if you keep looking at mirrors he’ll put a charm so you can’t see your reflection
Sometimes you use his jacket to cover up parts of you
Will stop you if he notices you’re over doing it on working out
"Stop picking at your skin!"
"You can wear my hoodies any time you want but I’ll like if you dress up for our date once a week"
Of course his version of dressed up for you is for you to wear something he knows you like but struggling to accept looks good
Some days are better than others
"Well look at you" complements like those would leave him mouth whenever he notices you’re starting to get lost in thought
Stands behind you in front of the mirror and lays his head on your shoulder
"You look so perfect being with me"
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lokislesbianwife · 2 days ago
Loki loves ABBA..thats it thats the post
This is canon because I said so
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bebx · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
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sugary-seb · 21 hours ago
Becoming Yours (L.L)
Tumblr media
Warning(s); jealous Loki,dub con/non con (the reader says no at first), fingering (F receiving),public sex??
Paring(s); Loki Laufeyson X Fem! Reader.
Summary; Loki? Jealous? No way.
A/n; sooooo…yes.
Masterlist for series
Loki helped you stand up as you dusted off your clothes. “Where are we? I can’t even see.” You huffed a green glow illuminated from Loki’s palm. “You alright?” He asked looking over you for any cuts or scratches. “Like you’re worried” you said smiling “right, let’s see where this goes” he said.
You hooked your finger in the belt loop of his pants and he looked at your hand then you “just so I don’t get lost” you explain and he nodded hiding his smile.
Loki lead you both to the end of the tunnel, there was a ladder “here” he said and lifted you up to it as you climbed it. You hit the covering a few times before it slid, you looked down at Loki “you there?” You asked “yep, right behind you.” Lights seeped in as it was completely moved.
You looked back up squinting at the light as your eyes focused. “Uhhhh…Loki?” You mused. The man hovering above you looked just like the man that was settled below you, even had his crown on, a nice suit.
“Well, well what do we have here” he said one of his men grabbed a hold of your jacket and you squealed as he picked you up placing you outside the tunnel. Loki poked his head out and the other one stared at him “oh! There’s another” he said as Loki climbed out without the help.
“Aren’t you a pretty little thing” the variant smiled at you, you couldn’t help the blush that spread across your cheeks. Loki grumbled “hello! Still here” he said and you smiled up at the variant ignoring Loki. “So, who are you?” You asked.
“I’m president, here” you nodded noticing the vote button on his suit. “Well then, president could you help me and my friend out?” You asked and he nodded. “Of course, I’m always one to help other variants” Loki was seething.
Loki’s glare bored into you as you smiled at him following after the president and his henchmen. “I think I like you better here” the president said lifting you up to sit on his arm. You giggled and clung to his blazer for balance.
Loki rolled his eyes as he follows behind, the president lead you into a small house like hut before finally sitting you down. “Men! We have company” you gasped seeing all the Loki variants.
“Is that a alligator?” You asked and the president nodded “hmm, think I could swap him with mine?” Loki elbowed you and you smiled. “How’d you get here, pet?” He asked sitting in a makeshift throne. “I have no clue, I was just walking and we got shoved in here.” Loki scoffed “technically, I was walking. Glad to see your legs are fixed”
“So, how can I help?” He asked “how far are we from the tva?” You asked and the president laughed “you’re really far from home, pet.” You sighed. “How far is far?” You asked and he shrugged “idk 6 or 7 realms far” you groaned “oh gods” you said looking at Loki.
“You’re more then welcomed to stay here, with me” he smirked at you, green enveloped your body. A dress was switched with your clothing, it was short to say the least barely coming to your mid thigh. It was green, of course. It was off the shoulder and very pretty. “You could be my pretty little pet” you smiled at him.
“Y/n, seriously?” Loki huffed drawing your attention back to your companion. “What?” You asked and Loki rolled his eyes “listen, as much as you seem to like her, we have other things to be doing” Loki said his hand wrapping around your waist and tugging you to him.
A green flash and you teleported away. “Why didn’t you just do that to begin with?” You huffed “i was taking a chance, that hasn’t worked in awhile” Loki defended.
You huffed and looked around “Loki, where are we?” You asked looking around. There was gold accents on the walls and vases of flowers in the corners. “Who’s that?” You added a women standing looking down at the pair of you.
You bother stood up as you fixed your dress “Sif!” Loki said opening his arms to the girl. However she kicked him right in the stomach sending him hurtling to the ground. “Okay! I deserved that” he groaned out his hand wrapping around his stomach.
She glanced at you and you smiled “hey I’m y/n” she nodded “I’m Sif” you helped Loki up and brushed off his shoulders. “Why are you here! You died! What is with you and your tricks Loki? Your hurting the people you love! People who care for you!” She scolded and Loki grimaced.
“I’m- wait- i- IM NOT THAT LOKI” he raised his voice urging Sif to shut it. He sighed looking at her “im not that Loki, im from a different timeline” he explained and Sif raised her eyebrow. “This is proof! Tell her!” He looked to you and you shrugged.
“I’ve no clue what he’s talking about” “y/n!” He huffed and you giggled “yeah, nope not your Loki. This asshole is or well- was in jail in another universe” Sif blinked at you “how am I supposed to believe that?” You nodded. “Right, totally understandable. I work for a thing called the tva we keep track of all the different time lines” Sif nodded “right, okay.”
“Mine and my partners job is to help write people wrongs inside of the tva, Loki Id my client” Sif nodded “ohhhh, that’s not what I was thinking at all” you shrugged “I wish I could tell you why we are here, I can’t” Loki grumbled. “I just figured If we are gonna go somewhere might as well be somewhere safe” he huffed fixing his tie.
“So you need to get back to the tva?” She asked and you nodded “is there any way you happen to know something that could help?” Sif shook her head “I hate to break it to ya but this is on him.” She said pointing to Loki.
“Yeah,yeah let’s try this again” he said his arm companying your waist “bye! Nice to meet you!” You waved smiling at the girl who waved back.
Another flash and you landed on a table with a grunt you both rolling off in opposite directions. You groaned “okay, no more of that” you said sighing.
“Y/n!” Mobius reached down helping you up “fucking hell am I glad to see you” you said wrapping your arms around his neck. You ran over to Loki “you did it!” You said opening your arms for a hug.
Loki just looked at you and you slowly dropped your arms awkwardly “where’d you guys end up?” He asked and you shot him a glare “you push us through a portal not even sure where we ended up? We could have died! Or worse we could’ve never made it back!” Mobius smiled weakly at you.
You had spent the last probably hour explaining what happened to Mobius “right, so there’s another version of Loki that’s a president?” He clarified and you nodded “there was a alligator! A child too! Like he was what? 12?” You said and Mobius laughed. “So…where’d the dress come from?” He asked.
“Yeah she has a cute little boyfriend now” Loki scoffed rolling his eyes. “What?” He asked “so the little president likes her, pretty sure she’d have stayed there too” you rolled your eyes “stop being so jealous” you said and Loki looked offended “me? Jealous? Please! What is there to be jealous about over you.” He huffed.
“Okay, mr deny your feelings, I’m gonna take a chance and shower.” You stood up “then we need to continue this, yeah? Next step?” You asked and Mobius nodded. You left with a nod heading to the closet bathroom you could find.
“So, you gonna admit it or what?” Mobius asked and Loki furrowed his brows “I wasn’t jealous!” He still defended. “Right, so you would’ve been fine is she stayed there? With him? And he kissed her and touched her…” Mobius trailed off. “….and fucked her” he finished and Loki slammed his hand on the table.
“Enough!” He yelled and Mobius just chuckled “you’re a very funny creature” he added and Loki rolled his eyes standing up leaving the way you did.
You sighed finally getting a weeks worth of dirt off you. You changed into the same outfit pretty much, black jeans and a tva shirt, no jacket needed this time. You brushed through your hair and tied it back your baby hairs immediately falling around your face.
You walked from the bathroom heading back towards Mobius’s table when you where jerked into a hallway.
“What the fu- Loki. Jesus Christ.” Loki peered down at you anger ridden on his face. “Yes, Loki?” You called and loki just huffed. You all at once felt like you body couldn’t move, it was stiff,frozen all most.
“Loki what are you doing?” You asked but Loki still didn’t reply. His hand however trailed down your body pulling the button if you jeans undone. “Loki- stop it.” You huffed.
Loki smirked down at you as his fingers slipped down, past your panties coming in contact with your heat. “Loki- no” you huffed wanting to move away from his hand. “Hey, shhh you’ll be fine my pretty pet” you looked up at him, his eyes blown wide ridden with anger and lust behind them.
“Loki- I’m warning you. Don’t do thi- ah!” Loki stopped your threat with his fingers sinking down into you. “Loki” you whined “so this is all it takes? For you to be a submissive little bitch? I just needed to touch you?” Loki let out a low chuckle “that’s so pathetic, where’d all that energy go? Hmm? Did my fingers drive you stupid already?” You moaned out looking down to watch his hand move back and forth inside your jeans.
“Is this what you wanted that variant to do to you? Hmm? To fuck you with his fingers? Have you moaning and mewling?” You felt your body release and you moaned your hands fisting into Loki’s button up. “That’s it my perfect little slut, just get off on my fingers, moan and whine all you want. Let me drive you silly.” Your head leaned back on the wall behind you.
Your breath picked up as you whine clinging to his shirt. His fingers were working you so well, pressing against you sweet spot over and over. You could feel your orgasm rising and bucked your hips against his fingers whining out.
“You just needed me to remind you that you’re mine, huh? Not the stupid variant’s mine. Your moaning because of me, your eyes are glazed over because of me, you’re coming undone because of me.” He huffed “cmon, say it, say your mine. I won’t let you cum otherwise, pet”
You choked back your moans long enough to comply “I’m yours Loki…I’m…im all yours.” You moaned out loudly as the curl of his fingers pulled your release.
Your orgasm rocked through your body with insane intensity,your eyes squeezed shut, finger practically tearing Lokis shirt. You could see stars behind your closed eyes as your brain became clouded with the afterglow.
“That’s a good pet.” Loki praise his fingers slowing as your breathing did “that’s a good girl, my good girl.” He said pulling his fingers from your jeans. His lips wrapped around his slick covered fingers cleaning them with a satisfied hum. “My apologies, I should share” he said before his lips landed on yours.
Loki kissed you heatedly your slick still resting on his lips, you melted into the bitter yet sweet taste of yourself. Lokis kisses knocked you even dumber then his fingers already had you, once he pulled away you swallowed thickly as he fixed your jeans.
“We should get back” and with that he left, leaving you reeling in a random hallway inside your place of work.
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