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#iron man
spiderblog1432 · 9 minutes ago
Wade: if I see Peter I will call you.
Tony: don’t call me.
Wade: I will.
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hannahskipperlovestuff · 13 minutes ago
Does anyone know any fics where Steve is the one who snaps in Endgame? Ideally StevexTony but any pairing?
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incorrectmarvelquote · 20 minutes ago
Tony: His favourite line is “That’s gonna leave a mark” and he doesn’t even use it right
Peter: [eating soup] Ooh, this soup is good! That’s gonna leave a mark
Tony: Pete, what the actual fuck
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lievmultimuses1 · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Well, I was once engaged to her, I doubt I would ever go down that road again.”
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purpleismyfavoritecolor · 28 minutes ago
Harley Keener’s Sister
Okay, so Harley Keener’s sister is pretty widely referred to by three names as far as I’ve really seen in the fanfic realm. 
The first is Ava, which sorry y’all, but I don’t agree with at all. 
The second, is Hannah, which is better, sticks with the whole H Keener thing, and is also generally a more southern name. This makes sense considering they’re from Tennessee. 
The third, and most popular, name that I’ve seen is Abby. This name is what I choose to call her too, as it is an abbreviated version of Abigail, which is... yeah I know a lot of Abigails from the south, so it works with where she comes from. It also goes with the theme of ‘ee’ sound at the end of the name, which for some reason a lot of parents are fond of.
However, the fandom seems to be split on the spelling of the third name. I’ve seen both Abby and Abbie, the second of which for some reason rubs me the wrong way for a girl from Tennessee?? Like idk about anyone else, but Abbie seems like a very northern spelling of the name? While ‘Abby’ is more southern? I don’t know if anyone else thinks the same, but it’s been bugging me trying to figure out why Abby Keener is the most pleasing name to me.
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theavatar-asami · 35 minutes ago
Happy 5 years of civil war, heres my opinion on which team id like to be on.
I can see both sides of the argument. It’s all a balance really, cause peoples lives should definetly be prioritized, but not so much that the power is taken away from the people. I’m gonna go with team Iron man, barely, because i feel like civilians lives should definetly be prioritized. But the part about completely restricting the avengers is wrong, by far. So I’m kinda in the middle.
Also natasha.
Please don’t unfollow me over this
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superpowersandshit · 43 minutes ago
tony stark on snl doing a skit of mtv cribs but it's just him walking around a bunch of rubble because his house blew up.
tony: and this is my price possession, the crème de la crème
tony, standing still in front of a still intact door: it's amazing isn't it?
guy behind the camera: the- the door?
tony: won't you look at it- it's fantastic wood work right here
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my-love-of-books · 53 minutes ago
Peter: *singing* tale as old as time
Shuri: *singing* memes as old as vine
Tony: What-
T'Challa: Don't. Questions only encourage them
Peter & Shuri: *singing together* beauty and the yeet
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heres-the-marvel-tea · an hour ago
I WANT to love Rhodey so badly but Civil War just tainted him for me
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stark-strange-love2 · an hour ago
Stephen: I hate the saying that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
Stephen: I don’t want to be stronger
Stephen: I want to rest
Stephen: what didn’t kill you still TRIED to kill you like Cant I at least have a lil nap
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marvelstuff-iguess · an hour ago
It's Embarrasing, Mr Stark!
Fic requested by @joshdunsdimples : 'You should write about Tony finding out that Peter sleeps with a stuffed animal (bonus points if it’s an Ironman build a bear), and Tony thinks that it’s the cutest thing in the world, but Peter is really embarrassed? You don’t have to write this at all, it’s totally cool, but I love your writing!!'
It's a really cute idea, thank you! :)
Avengers Fic | Characters: Tony Stark x Peter Parker (platonic) Guest appearance of Steve Rogers
Warnings: Other than fluff and a little bit of tickling, none!
Word count: 1777
. . . . . .
Peter was out patrolling late at night, swinging along the streets of Queens before sitting on top of a building that gave him a perfect view of his borough and further as he ate a sandwich he prebought from Delmar's. He had plans to go to Esopus after his patrol. May had let him visit Tony and the Avengers after his patrol. He then of course told his mentor he was coming over, and Tony allowed the kid to stay overnight. Peter was crazy hyped at the news. He got to stay with the Avengers. The Avengers!
An hour-ish later, Peter ended his patrol, giving one last look into the night through his part of New York. He stood up on the building ledge and jumped off of the building, starting heading to upstate New York. He smiled with glee as he held his backpack tightly with one hand and swinging from his webs with the other through the city. Not long after, he'd made it past security and to the doors of the facility, texting his mentor about his arrival. He walked inside and stood at the door, smiling as Tony walked up to him.
"Hey Pete, you doin' good?" the billionaire asked, putting an arm around the young avenger's shoulders and pulling him along to the living area, grinning a little as the kid looked around the room in awe. No matter how many times he looked around the compound, Pete was never not amazed at the size and high-technological state of every room.
"Yeah, I'm okay, thank you, Mr. Stark." Peter replied politely, smiling at Tony. Then something really annoying happened. The teen felt a yawn begin to rise in his throat but tried to stifle it, knowing he'd be sent to bed if he let it out. Of course Tony, being a father and all, noticed and rolled his eyes at Peter's sheer stubbornness. "Did your patrol tire you out or somethin'? You've got school tomorrow, maybe you should go to sleep soon."
Peter was about to procrastinate but was quickly cut off as a yawn escaped his mouth and he sighed in defeat. "Yeah, I guess I'll sleep now." To be fair, it was 1am, and he was exhausted from staying up half the night before to do a stack of homework. Tony nodded and let the kid go ahead to his room, heading to his lab for a while as the rest of the Avengers did their own things.
Around 10 minutes later, Peter had washed up, brushed his teeth, changed into his pajamas, and considering he didn't spend too much time at the compound, (living with May and going to school kept him busy) he had brought along an Iron Man Build-A-Bear that he'd gotten from May when he was a kid. Yes, it may have been a little embarrassing, especially as he personally knew Tony now, but that bear got him through a lot of stuff and helped with his nerves, as well as the fact that it just comforted him.
Soon after Peter had gotten into bed, he fell asleep in his bed, gripping the bear tightly to his chest while his phone lay next to him. He planned to stay awake a little longer to text Ned, but he practically fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. Unluckily for him, he'd forgotten to turn his light off and his door was around an inch open, which meant when Tony was heading to his own room for the night, he spotted Peter's room glowing in the dark of the compound and decided to investigate.
The older man walked in and glanced at Peter to check if he was awake, spotting the ears of the bear pop up from under the kid's duvet. He walked closer, trying not to trigger Peter's senses as he pulled the covers down a little, only to spot the head of the bear had an Iron Man helmet design. Peter stirred gently, feeling his senses triggered and he rubbed his eyes, looking up at the billionaire. He'd momentarily forgotten about the Build-A-Bear before gripping it as he was about to stretch tiredly. His eyes widened and he quickly hid the stuffed toy under his blanket where Tony couldn't see it. "Mr. Stark...hey..." he mumbled quietly, out of tiredness and embarrassment as a small blush began to stain his cheeks. "Everything ok?" he looked at his mentor confusedly after glancing over at his clock and seeing it was near 3 in the morning.
"Yeah, no everything's ok. I was just turning your light off." Tony gave him a quick smile before switching Peter's light off and letting the kid sleep. Peter's face was a scarlet red and it took him a while before he managed to fall asleep again. There was no way he just saw it...and if he did, Peter was sure he was gonna die of embarrassment.
By 6:30 in the morning, Peter was up and ready for school, trying to get the events of last night out of his head as he sat at the dining table with a bowl of cocoa puffs whilst on his phone. Steve was also up early, getting ready to go on a morning run and spotting Peter. "Hey Parker." the Captain gave the teenager a friendly smile as Peter tried not to choke on his cereal while quickly swallowing to give a response.
"Morning Mr. Rogers." the Spider-man smiled politely, putting his phone down to give his full attention to Steve. The super-soldier gave a nod of approval as Peter but his phone down, taking it as a sign of respect. "I'm gonna go on a run, but have a good day at school, ok?" He smiled as Peter gave him a quick nod and walked out, leaving the kid to go back to munching on his breakfast. Soon afterward he was finished, but it was only 7 o'clock. He still had loads of time to kill, so instead of starting to slowly get ready to leave, he sat on the huge couch in the lounge and texted Ned, who was still overhyped at the fact that his best friend was living with the Avengers.
Tony walked in, his dark hair messy since he just woke up a few minutes ago. "Hey Underoos." He still remembered last night, seeing the bear, but he didn't want to bring it up just yet. "Did you sleep well?"
Peter let out a silent sigh of relief, assuming Tony had forgotten about the bear since he didn't talk about it. "Good morning Mr. Stark! And yeah, I slept well, did you?" The billionaire smiled at the boy's politeness and nodded, sitting next to Peter and putting an arm behind him on the couch. He wasn't speaking about what happened because he didn't want to embarrass Pete just yet, he just didn't want to start a conversation with 'I saw your bear last night.' I mean, yes, Stark was a little insensitive sometimes...but not all the time!
"I slept fine, thanks kid. And did Build-A-Bear me get on?" he asked casually, chuckling softly as Peter quickly flushed deep red out of embarrassment and couldn't speak, a bunch of incoherent stuttering pouring out of his mouth. "Mr- Mr. Stark, I um- I-"
Tony quickly put a hand over Peter's mouth to stop his babbling, pulling him into a one-armed hug as Peter hid his face in embarrassment. "It's ok, Pete. It's not the end of the world that I saw it, is it?"
"It's embarrassing, Mr. Stark!" Peter whined, his voice slightly muffled as his hands covered his blush. He was supposed to be 17 years old, not hoarding stuffed bears (in his view).
The inventor shook his head and looked at his mentee. "Listen, it's not embarrassing. Plus, I can tell it's pretty old. I can buy you a new one if you want." Tony offered, but Peter quickly and humbly refused. That didn't stop him from making a mental note to buy a second bear for Peter. Maybe a Cap one. And maybe an Iron Man one for Morgan. Or he could just buy the whole company-
"No thanks, Mr. Stark. I um...I was gonna get rid of my one anyway." Of course he wasn't, but he definitely wouldn't bring it to the compound again. He'd leave it at May's. Tony's eyes widened and he quickly shook his head. He couldn't have an Iron Man bear be thrown away, especially Peter's. "Do NOT throw that thing away. Keep that damn bear 'til the day you die if you know what's good for you, Parker." he warned, pointing a finger at Peter.
The boy looked at his mentor, his expression confused. What was Tony even trying to say? The mixed signals he was sending were...very mixed. "Mr Stark, I don't- I don't understand. And I'm too old for this now, I get it! Morgan can have it or someth-" Peter was cut off by Tony speaking loudly over him. He wanted Peter to keep the bear. The last thing he wanted was for Peter to get rid of it, it just showed how much the kid loved and was inspired by him, and it made him feel good. "Say that one more time and I'll take your suit away."
Peter was shocked. Did...did Tony just threaten to take his suit back if he didn't keep the bear? The next thing that came out of the teen's mouth wasn't a retort, but more of a question. "Why do you want me to keep it?" he asked, his head tilting to the side curiously.
Tony wasn't going to answer the actual response, but instead gave a response that would most likely satisfy Peter instead. "I could sign it, and then you could sell it when you're older as a vintage signed thing." But to his surprise, Peter shook his head. May gave him the bear when he was a kid, he wasn't going to sell it like it was nothing! "No, I'll keep it. It's ok.'s still a little embarrassing." Peter admitted, looking up into Tony's eyes.
The mechanic pulled Peter into another side hug, digging his fingers into the kid's side, making him burst out in hysterical giggles to lift the mood. "Nah, it's pretty damn adorable. I actually like it." he said proudly, grinning as he brought a smile back to the kid's face. Tony later offered to take Peter to school since he was taking Morgan, and for the whole day, Peter was wearing a smile as all he could think about was Tony's happiness.
. . . . . .
Author's Note: Okay okay, I know this one wasn't great, but it's nearly the weekend so I'll be able to spend more time on fics than I usually do on the weekdays, but thank you @joshdunsdimples for the request, I really appreciate it!
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cyberdelph · an hour ago
Tumblr media
by @microjunko16
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*me going about a normal day in my life*
Brain: you should watch some marvel
Me: why-
Brain: you gotta
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"An empire toppled by its enemies can rise again. But one which crumbles from within? That's dead... forever."
Captain America: Civil War (2016, Dir. Joe & Anthony Russo)
Upon the 5 year anniversary of the film's worldwide release, do you stand with Team Iron Man or Team Cap?
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stark-strange-love2 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Stephen with the butterfly top I don’t make the rules god beams them directly into my head
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