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#iron man
slasher-art · a day ago
I'm celebrating 2000 followers on instagram! Join DTIYS! 😉
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tony: I'm writing a diary full of lies. I want my loved ones to read it after I die and be like "wait, what".
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bitchy-marvel-dude · 2 days ago
Stephen: Darling.
Stephen: Baby.
Stephen: Light of my life.
Tony: You're angry with me, aren't you?
Stephen: Absolutely LIVID! ❤️ 💕 😘
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asgardsladyloki · a day ago
I miss the days of 2012 avengers fan fiction when everyone had their own floor in the tower. I wish someone would use that universe but the more heroes come the tower just gets longer and longer. That would be hilarious. Just a universe where everyone is happy and together, I’d love to read that.
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cyberdelph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
by 叨叨催人老
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funkylittlebidiot · a day ago
Stephen, draping himself over a chaise: Wong, why won’t Tony pay me more attention?
Stephen: I’ve tried everything! I even tried surprising him at the door.
Stephen: naked.
Wong: Stephen, you didn’t! Other people live here!
Stephen, sadly: I did.
Stephen: Meanwhile, the sanctum won’t be bothered by Jehova’s witnesses anymore
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stark-strange-love2 · 2 days ago
Stephen: Harley!!! Let me see what you have!!!
Little Harley: a KNIFE!
Stephen, smiling and wiping a tear away: they grow up so fast
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Shuri: What did you say the other night about moth man?
Peter: You’ll have to be far more specific.
Peter: Dr. Strange What state do you live in?
Stephen: Constant despair
Tony: Why did I just here you come in? It’s past midnight.
Harley: I was collecting Pokémon in our backyard.
Tony: I would probably be less disappointed if you had just said you were partying or selling drugs.
Marvel characters as text messages
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incorrectmarvelquote · 19 hours ago
Lawyer: Name?
Tony: Anthony Stark
Lawyer: Sex?
Tony: Frequently
Lawyer: No, male or female?
Tony: Doesn’t matter
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dysfunctionalmaki · 12 hours ago
To Finish the Job
Tumblr media
Previous Part: To Face Her Past
Main Masterlist
Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Stark!Reader
A/N: This would be the ending to my To Realize series. I'm sorry about the delay, and thank you for tuning in to my very first series.
Summary: Natasha's been connecting all the dots about how she feels about you, it's up to her to how she'll handle the situation.
Warnings: none, let me know if there's any.
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
“I may have alerted the Red Room but I can help you two.” Melina says Natasha looked at her mother suspiciously. “I already failed once as a mother to you and Yelena, at least let me find a way for you to take down Dreykov.” Natasha trusted her then the three of you headed into the secret room behind the cabinet.
“Anything you’d like to tell us about when we’re at the Red Room?” Natasha asked, then the older woman showed the mask that copies another person's exact features and the voice too. “You’ll be acting as me, once we're boarded in the jet, tell them to land at ground zero and you’ll take Stark directly into Dreykov’s office.”
Now that you’re listening to the information they’re passing back and forth, you’ll be acting as a pitiful Avenger who got kidnapped. “We can’t harm Dreykov, Natasha, but Stark can… He has implanted something on the widows that would stop us from hurting him, as long as the two of us can smell him there’s nothing we can do.”
“Then I’ll just hold my breath, I can handle that.” Natasha said proudly, and you shook your head. “It’s basic science, Nat, you’ll have to sever the nerve, so that you can beat the shit out of Dreykov.” You say, then Melina looked surprised when you answered instead of her. “Yes, Stark is correct, very good.”
You winked at Natasha when her mother complimented you, then Natasha rolled her eyes. “We’ll turn our tracker so that Ross can also find the Red Room.” You looked at Nat questioningly when she mentioned trackers. “We have trackers?” Nat sighed as soon as she tossed something towards you.
“I managed to steal this from your father’s lab.” You look at the triangular metal on your hand, and that’s when you realized what this is. “You have this nano-tech suit with you the whole time? And you didn’t even mention it once?” You ask.
“Because I don’t know whether your father placed a tracker when you activate that thing, now put it on your chest and make sure the widows won’t find that.” Melina sighed with the bantering of you and Nat. “You two are aware that you both are Global Fugitives, yes?” The older asked the both of you, and the two of you nodded.
“Alright then, let Dreykov show the both of you where his keys are to all of his files, he has all the data of the widows he’s controlling and make him talk about his so-called success.” You placed the housing system of the suit right in the middle of your chest, but you didn’t activate the suit yet.
“We can do that, Y/N can be persuasive when it comes to making the enemies talk or Dreykov can just spill the truth on his own.” Natasha says, then it’s time for Natasha and Melina to switch the suits they are wearing, you face the wall not wanting to stare at Natasha while her mother is in the same room.
“Why do you have so many kiss marks on your body?” You gulped nervously when the older woman asked her daughter about all the hickeys. “Are you two some sort of leech?” Melina added, you and the redhead decided not to entertain the questions. “You and Alexei have been making comments about banging each other since we’ve arrived, did we question you about that?” Natasha retorted then you let out a relieved sigh when they changed the topic.
You now turn around as soon as they’re done changing clothes, Nat is wearing her usual Black Widow while Melina is wearing the Winter Widow one. Natasha is currently tying her hair, while the older is looking for an earpiece. “We have one problem, I only have one pair.” Melina said, as she showed the two of you what she currently has.
“Just give it to Yelena, Y/N and I would be fine.” Natasha said, once the three of you are all set to go. Melina asked you to put your hands behind your back, so you did, and she placed some high-tech cuffs on your wrist. Well, you understand why so Dreykov, and the Widows won’t suspect a thing. While the older woman was cuffing you, she slipped a key for the cuffs on your back pocket to help you escape.
Then all of a sudden a bright light from outside surrounded the house, Natasha shot Melina with a Widow’s Bite which knocked the latter out and she placed the mask on her mother, she put on the mask as well then they switched their faces.
You follow Melina outside the room, and Yelena sees you cuffed, Natasha on the ground. “I’m so sorry.” She said before shooting the blonde with the Widow’s Bite, and you saw the Task Master who’s been after your asses for the past few days. “Let’s not keep him waiting, I’m taking Stark with us.” Melina says and the Task Master nodded, and now you follow the two leading you outside the house.
You look behind, seeing Alexei, Yelena, and Natasha, on a stretcher, you pretend to escape from the cuffs yet you only receive chuckles from the soldiers outside. Once all of you have boarded the jet, they injected something on your neck which caused you to feel drowsy, and after that you fell asleep.
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
Someone injecting something inside you wasn’t part of the plan, you slowly open eyes, blinking a few times before registering your surroundings. You were sleeping on a couch, then you see Melina talking to Dreykov, you look at the man who reeks evil within him.
“Did you get a good sleep, Stark?” The man asked with his thick Russian accent, he walked towards you, he held your cheek forcing you to look at him. “Too bad your father can’t save you, huh? What a shame.” He said when you glared at him.
“What do we do with Belova?” Melina asked then Dreykov shifted his eyes on the latter, he let go of your face then you felt disgust crawling in your skin on where he had touched you. “Go open her up again and do something with her brain again.” He said casually as if he’s just talking about something so normal.
“What about Romanoff?” The man looked at you then back at the Widow again, he leaned at his table before speaking once again. “Do the same to her, take her brain out, identify the weakness, and Stark too.” You look at him with wide eyes. “Romanoff is a traitor, I raised her, fed her, and this is how she repays me. We both know how powerful I can be with one- no, wait, two! Avengers under my control.” He proudly spoke, then Melina stayed silent listening to all he was saying.
“Wouldn’t you like to speak to her first?” Melina says, then he chuckled and leaned close to the woman, he touched the side of her head turning off the mask and revealing Natasha’s face behind it. “Welcome home, Natasha.” Dreykov says.
Now that Natasha’s true identity is revealed, you silently listen to their interaction and the Task Master pointed their gun to the redhead. “No, don’t go breaking my new toy.” He said then it immediately placed its gun back. “Is this your plan?” He asked Natasha “My plan is to kill you.” The redhead answered.
He chuckled and stepped away from Natasha, strutting his way towards Task Master. “Because of you, you’ve given me new toy to control.” He says then Nat looks at him confusingly. “What was my mother’s name?” Natasha asked and Dreykov placed a finger on his lips as if he’s thinking of an answer.
“Well, we buried her, there was a tree it’s pink blossoms, then there’s a name… Un… Known.” He said that only pissed Natasha. “Didn’t you feel anything when I killed your daughter?” Nat asked once more, and he scoffed. “I was about to talk about that, is that your haunted past?” He says motioning his hand, then suddenly the Task Master is opening its mask.
Then revealed a woman, half of her face has a scar, and that’s when it clicked to you that it is Dreykov’s daughter. “You find it hard to look at her? Don’t worry I do too.” He continued on explaining that he put a chip on the back of Antonia’s head, only for him to order her around like she’s some toy.
After he was done explaining he ordered his daughter to leave, and investigate about what’s happening outside. “You’re doomed, you sent out the thing that would only keep you alive.” Natasha said, then Dreykov cocked his eyebrows. “Really? Try it, Romanoff.” So Nat did try, she tried to stab him but it seems like something is holding her back. “How about the gun? Try it.” Natasha took her handgun out, and she can’t pull the trigger of the gun.
Dreykov took the gun from Natasha’s grasp, and he shot the ceiling showing that it was loaded. He proceeded on explaining why Natash can’t harm him, which Melina already explained earlier, so you and the redhead acted as if the both of you were defeated.
Then Dreykov tried to slap Natasha with the back of his hand, and you have seen Nat flinch, the thing is you’ve never seen the redhead react that way. Dreykov really made sure the widows aren’t going to harm him, which made you even more pissed off.
You wanted to activate your suit and beat up Dreykov, but you’ll have to stick with the plan. You needed him to show the both of you the key to all his files. “So, this is the plan, huh? Are you all handing me to the authorities?” Dreykov says, taking a drink from the alcohol on his desk.
He sat down finishing the beverage he had on his hand. “What now? You’re going to throw me and Y/N into your pathetic puppeteer act?” When the man was about to speak Natasha cutted him off. “When was the last time you had a conversation with someone who isn’t forced to talk to you?” You saw the redhead’s signature smirk.
You know that Nat is intentionally pissing him off, so you stay silent, loving how cocky Natasha can become. “You ran away fighting in the wrong war, the real war must be fought here! In the shadows.” Dreykov said, his fist curled up in irritation.
“You didn’t fight in the shadows, you hid in the dark.” Dreykov’s attitude is gone, now glaring at the redhead. “No one’s noticed why even do it? You’re nothing, you have nothing.” Natasha said, you watch how she cocks her brow and shit-eating grin plastered on her face as she speaks. “There are 50 widows-” Dreykov tried to defend himself once again, yet immediately interrupted again.
“Oh, stop it-” Dreykov slammed both hands on the table in anger. “Don’t tell me to stop!” The man let out and you heard Natasha chuckle, god, you’ve never wanted to pounce on Natasha as much as you want to right now. “If I don’t tell you to stop, when will you know when to shut up?” As soon as Nat stopped speaking, Dreykov punched the redhead on her face.
“Come on, you think I can’t take a punch?” Natasha says, the cocky smirk still isn’t off her face, and the man landed another punch at Nat's face. “Damn it, you’re weak!” You bit your lip when Natasha spoke once again, Dreykov pissed off then kicked Natasha to the ground. “But it’s easy to be tough in front of defenseless little girls.” Nat spoke once more.
Dreykov turns his back on the latter, getting back on his desk once again, opening his drawer revealing a screen and he swipes the ring across it. “I own this world.” He muttered to himself. “You seem desperate to impress me.” Dreykov scoffed before speaking. “I don’t need to impress you or anyone.”
He showed the map of the world with a lot of dots on it, he says those are networks of widows, explaining how he can take over the world with all the widows he can control. “You control all that from here?” You ask him, then he looks at you. “And with you and Natasha, two Avengers under my control.”
“I can finally come out of the shadows, using natural sources that the world has too much of… girls.” He continued, and then Natasha chuckled once again. “All for that little console?” Natasha says with a smile, Dreykov looked at her questioningly. “Oh, you find this amusing?” Natasha walked towards the man’s desk while shaking her head.
“Don’t take it personal but thank you for your cooperation, you weren’t quite strong enough so I’ll finish it myself.” Dreykov scoffed upon hearing Natasha. “What are you going to do then?” He asked, Natasha looked at him with the smirk still on her face. “Sever the nerve.” Then all of a sudden Nat slammed her face on the desk, you flinched when you heard her nose break, and that’s the signal for you to activate the suit.
You tapped the housing system on your chest, then suddenly the parts of the suit quickly crawled on your body, perfectly fitting you, then you heard FRIDAY’s voice once you got a helmet on. “Hello, FRIDAY, I missed you.” You greeted the AI, all of a sudden Dreykov pressed something on the screen,probably calling all the Widows.
“Y/N? Are you there?” You heard your father’s voice, he must have overridden the system of this suit. “Hi, Dad, I missed you.” You say as you watch Natasha beat the shit out of Dreykov, you walked towards the man, stepping on his chest when he was laying on the ground. “You’ve got no idea how much I want to break your face.” You said as you landed a punch on his face, with the metal on your knuckles it wasn’t hard to make the man bleed.
“I missed you too, kid, but you aren’t saying that to me, right?” Your father asked with worry in his voice, you chuckle before answering. “No, dad, it’s the man who tortured Nat.” You say, then when Natasha was about to strike and kill Dreykov for good.
A Widow pulled Natasha with a hook, Dreykov quickly stood up and about to leave his office. “Nobody leaves this room until they’re both dead.” He says, then you and the redhead faced the widows charging on the both of you. “Dad, I’m with Nat! You’ve got nothing to worry about, and this suit is really cool!” You say as you shoot some blasts towards the Widows.
“Y/N! That’s only a prototype, there’s a high chance that it’ll malfunction, you know that.” Your father warned you, you continued to block and throw punches at the Widows who are fighting the both of you. Just when you’re about to blast another Widow across the room, the suit suddenly stops working.
A warning from FRIDAY popped up saying that the suit is experiencing performance issues. “Nat… Got a little problem here.” You say when the suit is slowly crawling back into its housing. “Well, it’s a prototype you should’ve expected that.” Nat sarcastically spoke while dodging and throwing punches at the widow.
“Yeah, no shit, Nat.” You roll your eyes at her remark, the rest of the suit did come back to its housing except for your whole left arm. “I can work with this.” You say then pointing your palms at the Widows charging towards you, then no blasts or explosive came out, and another Widow tackled you from behind.
You can’t escape from their hold considering that there are three of them holding you back, they were about to remove the tech on your chest until Natasha just landed a kick on the Widow’s body to get them away from you, the two of you are getting outnumbered.
Natasha got tackled and now the two of you were receiving left and right punches on your faces, you try to break off but nothing can budge the women holding you, and all of a sudden you see a grenade with the vials wrapped around it. You close your eyes when the explosion occurred, red mist touching your skin as soon as it blew up.
The Widows slowly lets you go along with Natasha, you head towards the redhead and you cup her cheeks making her look at you. Just when you’re about to kiss Natasha the suit decides to function once again, it was fast when it crawled on your skin and covered your whole body. This time you didn’t hear FRIDAYs booting up message and it was your father already.
“See what I mean? I’ve been hearing explosions before our communication stopped, mind telling me about it?” You hear your father on the other line, heaving a sigh before answering. “I think it’s best for me to tell the whole story once we’ve escaped this exploding sky castle.” You said to your dad, looking at the redhead and the blonde, they were talking to the widows.
“I’m sorry what? Sky Castle? What are you talking about?” Your father sounded so confused, honestly you don’t know how to explain shit anymore. “Well, it’s a building and it’s in the sky. Nat and I took down the villain… and the structures are going down too.” You did your best to explain, and all you hear is a sigh from the other end.
You stood up and the sisters are coming over to your direction. “What about Stark?” Yelena says with concern in her voice. “Just go, we’ll be right behind you.” Nat says when she unlocks the files and starts transferring it into small tech that Melina provided.
Yelena left the room with the other widows and now you’re alone with Nat, then suddenly you heard another crac when Natasha fixed her nose, you cringed and imagined the pain when Natasha did that. “Why are you keeping your helmet on?” the redhead asked. “Cause I don’t want to break my nose.” You teased the latter, the two of you were waiting for the files to finish transferring.
“What’s the plan?” You ask her then the explosions outside are getting louder and stronger, Natasha grabbed the flash drive containing all the files. “To get out of here and hunt down Dreykov.” Natasha says, you grab her by the waist and you cover her head with one of your hands to avoid protecting her from the debris that is falling.
You now fly off the office then once you two were outside in an open area, the suit gives out a warning before it would malfunction again. “Nat, you see a landing spot?” You ask the redhead, she pointed at a space inside the building, you quickly head into the space then the two of you saw Antonia locked in one of the cells.
Natasha walked towards the woman, talking to the latter while you were trying to make the suit work properly once again, you did manage to tweak something in its system then you see Nat freeing Antonia. “Nat, you’re aware that she’s still trying to kill you, right?” Then the redhead looked at you. “I can’t leave her here to die.” She says, then another sudden explosion happened.
You fell with Natasha, while Antonia is nowhere to be found, you now manage to make the suit work again, you appreciate how fast your reflexes were to catch Nat, you hold on to her tight before placing her down where the two of you saw Yelena tailing Dreykov.
Natasha quickly ran after the blonde and shouting her name. “Yelena! Don’t do it!” Nat made sure Yelena could hear her, then later combined her batons and stuck them into the engine causing another explosion. “Shit-” You cursed as you saw Yelena became unconscious from the explosion. “Go after her Y/N, please.” The redhead pleaded.
You nodded, yet before you dive down you got your head out of the suit and left a kiss on Natasha’s lips. “I love you! Say it back when you meet me and Yelena on the ground.” You shouted, now the suit covering your head once again. You ran before taking off and started heading down, looking around then you see the blonde up in the air and still unconscious.
You boosted yourself, avoiding the debris falling and managed to reach Yelena, you have your arm around her shoulder and the other below her knee. Holding her tight and secure, then she slowly gains consciousness and the first thing she sees is your silver colored helmet. “You’re the coolest Avenger.” She mumbles.
The two of you are still up in the air, doing your best to keep Yelena safe. “You think so? I’m not exactly an Avenger-” You spoke honestly, you’re not really an Avenger. Your father did not want you to be in harm, yet being the stubborn you are, you still did missions and would join them when saving the world.
It’s not like you and your dad would fight about it when you’re already in the Quinjet, he can’t throw you out the window or anything. So he just let you join them, and that’s when you and Nat started having small moments together, starting the redhead teasing you about your dad being overprotective.
“Natasha likes you.” Yelena added, the two of you are close to the ground and the suit malfunctions again, the tech crawled its way back to the housing, the blonde fell on her ass while you fell face first. You heard a crack and holy shit, your nose broke. “No shit, Yelena.” You say as the two of you sat down on the grass, watching Red Room falling down.
“And I like you for my sister, I don’t know what she saw in you but you seem actually nice and you’re fun to be around, we should hang out sometimes.” You smile at the thought of Yelena approving you for your sister, then you remove the housing system on your chest. “Really? I mean of course, it’s me Y/N Stark.” You joked, your nose still crooked.
Then suddenly you felt a pair of arms on your shoulder, looking over it you see Natasha who seemed relieved. “I love you too… I’m alive.” She whispered, you face the redhead and crash your lips against hers, sighing into her touch then you peel yourself away from Nat, looking over your shoulder seeing Yelena with her frowned face.
Natasha lets go of you then you move away for a bit to give them space, then attaching the tech on your chest once again, tapping it twice to activate. It crawls to your skin and you hear FRIDAYs startup message once again. “Hey, dad?” You softly spoke.
“What’s up, kid?” You hear your father then you heave a sigh. “I miss you, I’m sorry I disappointed you.” You say then it stayed quiet for a bit. “No, Y/N, I’m sorry I said that… You just did what you think is right, and you’re actually right, you also followed your heart.” Your father reassured you. “I love you, kid, hope we see each other again.” You hear him say before the suit malfunctions again.
“Was that Tony?” Natasha asked, her hand on your shoulder and you answered with a nod. “Yeah, just checking up on me.” You say then Alexei and Melina came up to you three. “Everybody okay?” You ask then Melina chuckled. “I’m clearly injured.” She says while limping as she walks.
Then suddenly you and Natasha see a trail of cars about to head in your direction. “Here comes the cavalry.” Nat says Alexei was about to get ready for a fight. “You guys go.” Then a collection of disagreement from the three, you couldn’t help but smile at the interaction. “Besides, if we manage to fix us, maybe there’s a little hope for our team.” Natasha says as she places her hand on your waist.
“You take care of each other, okay?” Melina says, then the Widows came back for them, and they headed into the aircraft. “Stark! You better marry my daughter, Melina told me about the kiss marks!” Alexei shouted with his thick Russian accent. “Yes, sir!” You shouted back and waved goodbye to them.
Turning your head to Natasha and you see her with a smile on her face. “You got plans on marrying me?” The redhead teased, and you pulled her close to you, pressing your lips on the side of her head. “Only if you become my girlfriend.” You say then the two of you got off each other when Ross and his boys are closing in.
Both of you had your hands at the back of your head. “I’ll gladly be your girlfriend, Stark.” Natasha says, you look at her then she sends you a wink.
“Vision’s going to be my bridesmaid.” Natasha chuckled with your suggestion.
“Clint is going to be my best man then.”
“Yeah, we’ll have to bust them out of jail then.”
☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆☾ ⋆*・゚:⋆*・゚:⠀ *⋆.*:・゚ .: ⋆*・゚: .⋆
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*while they're arguing*
Tony: Steph- *sees him* *flustered* Oh. I see you changed into your ... mock turtleneck.
Stephen, equally flustered: And you into your ... exercise shorts.
Tony and Stephen: *stare at each other*
Tony and Stephen: *start angrily making out*
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sunboyloki · a day ago
does marvel really expect me to believe that tony stark wasnt at a massive vegas party thrown by aliens?
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cyberdelph · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
by @_noirnoir
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